Annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics

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Annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
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March 3 to June 30, 1915: Senate doc. ;
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Report (United States. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics)
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Annual report
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Added title page title:
Annual report of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics ... including technical reports
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Report National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
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Annu. rep. Natl. Advis. Comm. Aeronaut.
United States -- National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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v. : ill. ; 26-29 cm.


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Also available in electronic format.
Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online via the searchable database, NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS).
Additional Physical Form:
Also issued online.
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Began with: 1st (1915); ceased in 1958.
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Report year ends June 30.
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Title varies slightly.
General Note:
Report covering period from March 3 to June 30, 1915, issued as Senate doc. 268, 64th Cong., 1st. session.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Report (United States. National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics)

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Forty-fourth Annual Report
of the
Advisory Committee
for onautics


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(Final Report)


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Letter of Transmittal

To the Congress of the United States:
In compliance with the provisions of the Act of March 3, 19I15, as
amended, which established the National Advisory (C'onmittee for
Aeronautics, I transmit, herewith the Forty-fourth and Final A l nIal:
Report of the Committee for the Fiscal Year 1958. This report
covers the activities of the ('ommittee through the close of business
September 3(0. 1958, when it was superseded by the National Aero-
nautics and Space Administration.
The National Advisory (Conmmittee for Aeronautics is to be co m-
mended for its many contributions to the progress of aeronautical
science in the United States and for the spirit of teamwork in aero-
nautics it has inspired among leaders in science, the military and
industry. I wish also to acknowledge at this time the excellent work
and dedication of the Conmmittee's research staff who, over the years,
have given unstintingly of their talents in a manner which reflects
credit upon them and all other civil service persollel of the llnifted
I)wm(nHT I). ElsI:N1oWEu.
APRIL 27, 1959.

Letter of Submittal

WASHIINGT ON, I).C., S< pt, in, r 30, I/,t;S.
In comnpliance with the act of Congress alpproved March I ). 191I. as
amendled (I.S.(C. title ;O. sec. 151), I submit herewith the Forty-
folrth Annual Report of thle National Advisory (' mmittee for
Aeroniutics for 1958.
At tlie close of business on this date the Nat ionl Advisory ('Commit-
tee for Aeronmautics goes out of existence. U'nder tle terms of the
National Aeronatultics and Space Act of 19 )I8, the proiperty, facilities,
and personmel (other than the members of the ('onmittee) are ab-
sorbed in the establishment of tlhe new National Aeronautics alnd
Space Atministration. This is, therefore, the concluding A.nnual
Report of the National Advisory ('oimmittee for Aeronautics.
Respect fully submit ted.
( /I(in'iUn.
Thtc Wlhit Hloi. l,/n gtonb. l. P'.

INational Advisory (Committee for Aeronautics

]l<,, w/,,mrtrsL, 1JJ? /1 I r< I NWl., lW'.s/dig/ton ~,. D.C.

(Created by Act, of: ('onlgrcss ailpl'prveld Malrclh 3, 1915), for lte sispelrvision ;andl directlion of the scientific
sMlIdy of tiho problems of flilih (it.S. Code, 1.itle 50, sec,. 151 ). Its linemniership was increalsed fromr 12 to
15 ly ;t a ipparoved March 2. 1929'. a nd to 17 y in c approved May 25, 1948. The llleminbers have been appointed
by lte President alnd serve aIs such w it lhot. comipensiation.

JA,\ s II. I )i'rrTLr, Sc. I)., Vice Presidenlt, Shell Oil (Co., (Chairmanll
LiE:oNARu C(x( MI:I.I. I Ph. I)., Secretary, Sm lithsonian Institnution, Vice (hlairinman

A.L;:x V. AsTIN, 'Ph. D.. ]Director. Nati onal Bureau of (C1I{ \.m.:S J. McCA.riTY, S.B., Chliairnian of lhe Board,
St anmdards. Ch(ace Vought Aircraft, Inc.
PIIEST')N Rt. I1ASSErTT, ).Sc. P)o\IO L UTT, IIieutenant (General (retired from
DEITLV W. IRONK 'Ph. D., President. Rockefeller In- I .S. Air Force Julne i, 1958, from service as Deputy
stitute for Medical lRsealrclh. (Chief of Sta ff, Developinent, and NACA membership
FEmmEIciK C. CRlAWFOili), Sc. DI.. (hairman of the telriilated).
Board, Thomipson ProIduicts, Inc. J IAMES T. Pr, A.I., Admin istrator of Civil Aero-
WILLIAM V. DAVIS, Jr., Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy 1iali ics.
(detached May 22, 195S, as Deputy Chief of Naval, FRANCIS \Y. REICI I uELDIERl Sc. I)., Chief, 1T.S. Weather
Operations (Air) iand N.AC'A inetlbership termii- Bureau.
nated). El)v\WArID IRICKENlACKER, Sc. .., Chairman of the
PAUL D). FOOTE, Ph. D)., Assistant Secret'ary of Defense Board, Eastern Air Lines, Inc.
(Research and Engineering). Louis S. ROTriscIIrLD, Ph. B., Under Secretary of
WV;LLIrNGoN T. IITNES, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy. (Commerce for Transportation.
D)eputy and Assistant. Chief of the Bureau of TII ).S D.W I'r. General. l.S. Air Force, Chief of
Aeronaut ics. St ff.
IJEnROM (C. IIrT1.\rnR, Sc. I).. Massac-husetts Institute
of Technology.

IH[Tun L. DYI)u'eN, Ph. D.. lirector JOnN F. VICTORY. LL.D.. ExecllticG ,Secretary
,JoHIx W. C('OWLEY. JTr.. B.S., EDW.AR I-U. CIIAMBrERLIx, E'c.E ctie Officer
AI sociate Director for Ileearch

HEIlNR J. E. RE:I, D). Eng., Director, Langley Aeronautical Laboratory, Langley Field, Va.
SMriTr J. D:EFRAXNCE., D. Eng., Director, Ames Aeronautical Laboratory, Moffett Field, Calif.
EDWARD R. SHARm, Sc. I)., Director, Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory, Cleveland, Ohio
WALrTER C. WI,LTAMls, B.S., Chief, High-Speed Flight Station, Edwards, Calif.

Letter of Transmittal ..... .................. I
Letter of Submittal . ....... ............... v
Forty-fourth Annual Report ........... ... ........ ix
Part I. Technical Activities ..... .............. ....
The NACA --- hat It Is and How It Operates ... 1
Forty Years of Aeronautical Research .......
The Following Years, 1955 58........... .... 29
Aerodynamic Research ............... 31
Power Plants for Aircraft ... ................... 45
Aircraft, Missile, and Spacecraft Construction. ...... 55
Operating Problems .......... .......... . 61
Research Publications ...................... .. 67
Part II. Committee Organization and Membership .... ... 83
Part III. Financial Report ................. .......... .. 94
Part IV. Final Meeting of NACA ........ .............. . 95
National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958,
approved July 29, 1958. ......... ......... 105
Proclamation Making Said Act Effective at Close
of Business September 30. 1958. .............. 115

lllilll.ltHUi ) -u ) "*SI1uU I.)u Si JO .10Tq1I ) 1. tl 01(1 itO.Iq SuI 'So a v.l. S
';i'Ii rll o (i "I!| "1(' -'.1 *I o.1j p!1.(M a, 1.) i i o."I li "U S,)tn! lA[) III d l() Ili
'[.IOAX iV !).loId il A[.I9lOpll.)m [I0.lh O J.l -'lp i '.t10 1 .48 s1 .UiO)tillOS l[.)l8 W 1.Id .11[).
-01, ) i. I AI .,), ..o A Id .I li lT p)i i A0! 'A I 1[ I I 1[ [ ) 8t4[( 0.I1 Oi jod AIp 1148a H!
ij po T fd~ ap pow o"l. l tltlO) .Iil d0(l 1101080 1f I .I" l p) 0813ia101 01 A ll q!s10 0V.1 I[.m X
Ol 010 oiH lOwl .- alp )o.1 o 1 ) m '^id H ... i ('I- 1 '011.1 l
Jo [).10 11$ .lt[ 1 111 'O).,id)l,!Ji.) oi ) 41.101 01 11111110.1 [. l .l.:1t. I .t \I )VX 11 1 .U 1 :t- '"H i "1tl.111(l
p )I )tit i ,

I u\ I \'i 0i [ 1 'I .l11t1 UlIll alt <.i 'a. ls Is' p ll! 'li) l '
,pJo o t o000 Ilt| ) i)) di JO p1. s10 11A \ I u!tl ' Il *>) .Ip \ I
-I ,+ ,! [ l1 !A I[)ti t 01,1. A i s10 tImt )I ii i -f *,

1.18 1 s lo1 .UI.I 11.) 1 nIti s ip 18 i [~ VO.L (a I ) l.I A X O A X u(a l U d 0 t. I)III P o! im i j o tl o a q s u l[ 11 0o 1 p u l8 III ttU p v o 1.f1

ij1 Ak OtI todi .it lsmiltil O^.11q II pt!/lo p [llXX 1. o 1"1o l PUP ;M uoltp LltL.s .o\- "u,([I.)-v "01p
txo.t ,) 1> It i m 1d o ,1)1) ( il pttl ,ill I . .1op0 ill} ill.iX lL \ mI Ij l!l ) 1 0 A.l 1 -10 1 s lli Jil Ha"UI. m l
-l*0; O\ I J Oi o01u oi l 10 ij\i sa l, 1 I I( i iP 'WO l 'o111 ,IP ,11 0 !i i

u A I11 1 Ii U i1 i ll \-p) ila JO 0 uo.1 [)ull t! p i '8 11su t ('00(,i .1i
1.! II 8 .S11 l( .1 .l 0 r .I. \0.'1 )\'%. 11' )t1 t i A.1 [ d 1 -11) l11 01 ) ) 1 I ') [ l 11104I 1 Im dlO
17) 8 aa t1 0 11 l P [ i 10 .I< )1 )it11I .UI[o) la XoI 1I 1 'u po .i (
-alo 'i) 1 0. 1 i ( I .1il,-I, l ) 1 .I t 1 s .ill *I p 1 il,,* .I I!ll .ll H.lV VJNi
AII '!I .1 pi [pu1 i o.108 11! D 0.Am 1 (Coi .! l| 0 pm tr p' 1i1D 'i'M
4( I111(il .)) 0 l ll(, )ttl

I J )d 9. .1 101 o.lI .ll i )l! l) l l l 1O1 [ I 1 II I[ 4 1 1
-1 l lo I p A i* I It, )it) 0.101 )if) )Wu It ll,
.l +1 IA '1 i,) I ( . .. I...)I l l 1 .
,1 1 I I1.lO|.m t d .lI A .l I 1 I 1 11 lII ii .10 .11[ 1 tl l 1 l ..11

t1 t0 tl ja l I 111 t i M 1 00-\11\1\11i) OI 1111 l8 l 0111 S(M !t's'a14 I t
"l|<1111 0.ld A \.ull 0 A) l|t !I[i.|[1 O la 1|1 1 8!u1 1 I r i i 1t0 'j 0 '10V 1 ) J *0 0 !X I).ll, 10a n V I

SsOl ltuO.J1 IolJ lfl I' o11lls p' 1 .I -uotll N
-lfI [) .i p > s M A[ | M- N H0.10 oI I O ,t -v .1
I 0 A 0 I '110 IJ lod 0111 p ill'
s n) i S1) )1t Ji} T 0.i.O'IAOV Uoi X t q li

-; 1[ [i1no e.,ii + id i. \t o V;.) | i \ /d o '( ,i [ .. \ A l 1. l]"

SaO n uoaoV aoj 99o111103 ajOS1ApV I UO!l 1

HOdaa qVfIRV HmanOA-AiHAo



During the 43 years since the Congress founded it as Assisting the (Committee in determining and coordi-
an independent Federal agency, the National Advisory nating research programs are 4 major and 23 subordi-
Committee for Aeronautics has sought to assess the nate technical committees with a total membership of
current stage of development of aircraft, both civil and nearly 500. Members are chosen because of technical
military; to anticipate the research needs of aeronau- ability, experience, and recognized leadership in a
tics; to build the scientific staff and unique research special field. They also serve without pay, in a per-
facilities required for these research needs; and to ac- sonal and professional capacity. They furnish valu-
quire the needed new knowledge as rapidly as the able assistance in considering problems related to their
national interest requires. technological fields, review research in progress at
By discharging its primary responsibility-scientific NACA laboratories and in other establishments, rec-
laboratory research in aeronautics-the NACA serves onmlend nei research to be undertaken. and as-it- in
the needs of all departments of the Government. The coordinating research programs.
President appoints the 17 unpaid members of the Com- Members of the techiniii'a colonmittees an l sbllcnl-
mittee, who report directly to him. They establish mittees and of the Indust y ('onulting ( Couittee are
policy and plan the research to be carried out by the listed in Part II of this report, beginning on page $3.
7,900 scientists, engineers, and other persons who make Research coordination is also accomplished through
up the staff of the agency. frequent discussions by NACA scientists with the staffs
The NACA research programs have both the all- of research organizations of the aircraft industry, edu-
inclusive, long-range objective of acquiring new scien- cational and scientific institutions, and other aeronau-
tific knowledge essential to assure United States leader- tical and space agencies. Through a west coast office
ship in aeronautics and space and the immediate goal of the NACA maintains close liaison with aeronautical re-
solving, as quickly as possible, the most pressing prob- search and engineering staffs in that important avia-
lems. In this way, they effectively support the Nation's tion area.
current aircraft and missile construction program. The first report of aeronautical research published by
Most of the problems to be studied are assigned to the NACA covered a study conducted at the Massa-
the NACA's research centers. The Langley Aeronau- chusetts Institute of Technology under a research con-
tical Laboratory in Virginia works on structural, gen- tract. Throughout its existence, NACA has utilized this
eral aerodynamic, and hydrodynamic problems. The means of obtaining tle benefits of the special talents,
Ames Aeronautical Laboratory in California concen- unique facilities, and fresh points-of-view of scientists
trates on high-speed aerodynamics. The Lewis Flight outside its own laboratories. The resulting inde-
Propulsion Laboratory in Ohio is a center for power- pendent thought and novel attacks upon research prob-
plant studies. At the High-Speed Flight Station in lems are a continuing stimulus to NACA scientists.
California special fully instrumented research aircraft They produce valuable data and theoretical analyses to
probe transonic and supersonic problems in flight. The complement internal NACA research. Fifty-two re-
Pilotless Aircraft Research Station at Wallops Island, ports of sponsored research were published during the
Va., is a branch of the Langley Laboratory where fiscal year 1958. Durinig this period the following in-
rocket-powered free-flight models are used to attack stitutions participated in the program:
aerodynamic problems in the transonic, supersonic, and Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
hypersonic speed ranges. California Institute of Technology
A major task of the NACA since its beginning in University of California
1915 has been coordinating aeronautical research in the Georgia Institute of Technology
United States. Through the members of the Commit- University of Illinois
tee and its 27 technical subcommittees, the NACA links Iowa State College
the military and civil government agencies concerned Johns IIopkins University
with flight. The aviation industry, allied industries, Lightning & Tranisients Research Institute
and scientific institutions are also represented. University of Maryland


lt i-ln ftt In lln 1 c IIImI l,\ I ni op s are ot cla ilie|d I't lili tIary M tl'yl rv as i( i s
Sfiveitx y i- of M lii ;i a lt ari e aviailablet to lhe p)u lih in wii 1alt Ira;islationis
SI vi 1 of M '-l :i -tof imllpolIant lt( ft'o i I p lr h l pl t :s t] a p l'"ar as I't(wl-
.Nt1( ,, k i il l |\iv( iiV ii.j;l Illjci l'o lia lnl i 'I' A i-< prep ll re re-
()l ,i al e I 'Ili v r-il- \ ,-e l( i ie i s co it illi la--iidt i ol il' i lliOl. l' i
1- cIvir 1 d( Wv -lo li(vIsle r-oistii 11lna ilolil -1 irilt tI i-(- i' ive :ls'efill \c ml)-
it \ve.t
S* aI( i t t thi : '1 .r li i Ir )() lt-. i1\' a i- lu i l t (li --
S'il ltli. ll ivlic' -IN \( A.k l)- it al i Is e i~ l il i (Hl'
F ,I 1[ ; Wi t moi A Oflfeitin i a rc ;I l imin ll\ in tl'l
j i i 14) 4-40V i 1-i I dh ie N \ 'e r Llie l NA(t l iel- ai el\c I"f tec-ni-al
l' > l I i I <> ;> 'lm '! t {l il t i lI! itc- il l id r ;,1 il -
l i i, ic NtheA lVi'r -po) in-( Ii rv "-,( li w -i~lf i n- t('1) l'n -i 1, Wili '.)lrc l l ii .- of Il ;iV ; ion ill-
, ) sl s is- il Vi ,-. 1 \idt!i--- uii' -s Hailt i iep tll- ()t th Use- *l -tl '. 1'llcli'tpi(t-1 a i l i iil arY mli Vit'l* )rv -
fI )' - -- tin- plnti I(t [ii X \A ('.\ 4 oIn 1ii :ire (1i- tl"- .ll illva ica : at tll-4 )oinf reletic i- k f t 1ic0 ted
I wio i 1>< I- \ iit,-lv ;- tolher 0\ ( '\ p l I liii -. 1lOicc-" c* wla (It lituatli l k |)" mlol i it tliOw nu )jtvt 1
1N'- of V.\( 'A '-rc-t ircl iinki n ii i)t i i- ti- ritliit, U lalt r (ItIli -Ml'i- | ;M! oi(, AlIX 1i 1o:11- !idli i, io --. T'I ,lit ica dl o(1 te" a d3 l: e- 1-I *m ilic 1 ih i of ii ei -t.

-A'. ior i ,s I1 < .ulw S i l! < I l I l.rl'i j i.!OA 1 I 06. 1lh I M' S"tIii tit ', 0r I.A.* pum Iittnu" ri.*,.I
dIi IHit *.:IS- 1[ "Oi< q,)IlOJI Ho I O l lu.Oq [ !.H 1 Ilillo.Il *-(Ill
II; [pH[ i ]11 0qimoq.iij (14; [ 1: A[. .li. -\t I d [l:.i1A p,.\\ujd .U A[l S pin [, 14 d ,. I[II).M 01 o lltinoj -
jlo ,dIi i ,t jo .o<- p li (l: tlJ Ui.) 01i11 III I!A 1A\pqi s w [to 111 A illu l u i n, I oIi j0j m i i.i .
-i ll.1 A1 ) | pl I\ Ul ) II A' 1!.oI q )| .I0p .ioJ Ul0lOIII JO [11ui 11 4 11io[li ao l uIla| dii
|! )U l Ilioldl O -l .A .II |I *.)l II ill u (AHlli)1 l l (l 1 W O ;U 1T 1 Ili p.l < 1J 0 pl op I 4d 1 11p()l )) .iAl tI

-li 411 ,UI:U d ili ti I tli; di[ i ]olllUII: 'i ll![ I 0 3l IJ0t p.l Ii lldl' idl'1 U '- ddI 'i *11h 1 ,, illtiO' IlX
..I.,ll) dIUo(!1 1i ll.'I|) I dI'I:[ l.ilIS t ai i vAlli tll ,wiiil li j1 ioq) s pl I )Ii lpI "o Aj.I ui4 t., ,'()(;I l j .I O il
i 1 i i .io [ d ll Ij) 01il1 1 0 liii a l([i l!) I.H t I, 0 <1 )I .1 3 [.jiO "' :ii ( llii.S 1 I0 I ".10 i; .II ll^ [ I[ 0I A1
(,]iil i! 1 i. lii l 1 in[ '.1UAV .I Ji )l llhAIi .i lhdliml 1l i. ld 1 l lil d.4 0.p f l|.piO s PIl!(()([ ).,)r1 1 iitL!(i r).liOl
[I l n g l .ip IllA ll! ttl oitt01 sin" s.1 I"[ ( qilA))n.lf !. a l l! q q tl Ito, im lq+t1 oi l ,

- .il:l, a-ld ItUU:IA j01 Jld i tIiinM. 1110A. 1 iht idliiD( 4IIJ"v ml o l p l l14 o llin,(T AU i S ld \\

Xjd -1 ).id 411 -1:11 A u 44 b[1.Hri.-ii[ intii 4-ilO > I!A\ I)I 1DH op p ililiiojpl i 10 1 Ilpn[Avi i0ofo tilAqii
ll il l i -.tH[I. ii0:, !h lii[( "l.ii; ,ti .)I[ ) j1oi .( ) A1 p *,li ,I Itti( i A'ltipi+.\,it 1 Id 1b ) h O :1 t ,I) el ) A .>(, h. 1 A dl[ itl.L

l;ll..1 SIlit H lit ild[O d *pl.)!!.(l dH I l ify .0l4 1) J? a 0 OA.JIS 101[ d -*lap 1um pt 1 1 d .l d-[.1 I I |)III P
-SU I t1 .70. I( O\I Uqi-iM 01 iiI l tl lil l 0I p1 ;" .11 1[ I I |d sl" 1110 | I.o l i 111h "J0 .Idl 1100l 1 0.)O l
Si1p i I d,[ 40.q) i oA. >l ololt ,tI 0i).\ tI d s lll. di iit(| !: i 1. l duuai
x,-. iu -it i i ") i 1o all j! "A sll -h )lit ji ,|).li.l Xi iti, o X d i[ (i J! Ad1 0 ij p x l lloJ ll I!AI

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,I([doiof dlo[q I =-i li. 11 1 ,"tllI.) l [t. I v ,I1ih dolldtl)() (ltO [ q( ql (;d li(; l ll Ptl)tI| S >!p 1 P'\ .OA\ s .wum: d(I ay ) . XI ) "pl.).)ds .j l;A\.1i.o lh.iIi pi [ -(v U.1) \ J

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Oa ni.t .h ip A\ joo ji[AI it I u s >|q i[.a UUIqin ls(nIIo.IOJO( -,)I ) ; ,'qV0 lujo"ily llu tU !,'i i([n Jo oillpn lit ;JT 'iOq(ll!
J.,)Al A ll04 '{ Jo sott![iio aI[[o oqi 'iom-l.,i; o.i( ] toll .10,ti^[ q! U o, l!Oq toa y o |i ,>oqovu otI| alt>[, ol otiq aU!q1t1t!

*) p ;ii.:I auqtipe vll a, kk "nl, i ,s t la .\i p,> ++II / ) .ioJm m ,tOI [ p [A\oi mt' ,ttoqi s !-lA t aLL 'j0I t dol d plin!
lit JlH It, i 0..) 11 p sd1,dlio.t s SIt. llt[,!I 01o X Io oo 41[ > ii m d [V ll' it l 4si [tU 'As.lov I1l lAdOUlJ o.ix|i otvl dj aq( J o,

11:461 1I 0A
j .LIX) IJ I 1\'IX()lS lIl HI.L JOH) IA

UTJJ).IST Ti31TtiOttoJY017IV JO 8J AlO _J


nianic researc at (i otin en l ni er-it ( erinmn. with te lift ing capabilities of kites. With Mrs. Bell he
After 19), \Gern in aeronautial woxrk xa ralpiIly ex- formed the Aerial Experiment Association in 1907 to
palided. irs t a ( itt ingie an later at the overnnient support the airplane experiments of Glenn Curtiss,
establishmenlltt il, AdlershoAf. laner lelilin. Italy Iro- Lt. T. E. Selfridge, F. W. ("Casey") Baldwin, and
vided an aerodlm ics laih, rator for her Specialist J. A. ). AMCurdy. T'heir efforts resulted in the de-
lirigade of En gineers. velopilent of the Curtiss biplanes and the use of ailer-
Great Briiailin a reltixe(1l l:ate in undertaking a ons to repla)ce the Wright's wing warping for lateral
national lrmgami of aeironaautial re-arch. However, coInt rol.
Great Brit ai c dllii r-ecor t f ll c'entiury of experi- Dr. Walcott wals iti) aeronautical scientist; his field
ment. In ite lir-t laIf l' (ie nineteent century, Sir was geology. But I)r. Walcott, as successor to Pro-
G( ioe- (C av ev a:1d 111atl iIiuporrtati cl tribulit ons, and fessor lanigley as Sec'ret ary of the Smithsonian, was
St rianfellow atl I ellsi liald -ticeeile, ed, as eary a detet1illl1ed that the1 Institutiol shlould resume its posi-
1. 4. in lig :I a slteam-ii )\\ered on1loplatne nmlodl a tion as a, leader of aeronautical science in America.
(dit iie 12'! feet. In l ;i; tlthe Aero1naut al Soc(iety How etter 1than to hav te th new aeronautical labora-
tof (real Bri'aitl was folifled; it servxed to stimlllae tory attachedl to l. Sithsonian
rseearl aid exlperillmenl by inliviIdi0uals, and to pro vide Tlie eslablishmentt of ia national aeronautical labora-
a: foli11u for i iteirchnile of ini folriallt i. Wenlmill tory was piressed bv meb111 ers of tlie National Acadelly
(the Societ's first pre-id(enlt and Phlillips were tlie of Scietces, notabllv bv 1 ell and Walcott. The Acad-
first to dlevise a.1d ue wilid ilunels. emyn ad beent created by Congress during the Civil
After tlie pIulic (demiiotslratlo.I of pract ical 111hman ar :nud lad ite dIuty of giving advice to the Govern-
IligYiht by Will br Wrigh on his 190S visit to Franice metit. w\lien as ked. The Academy, as a body, was not
and Bleriot's 9l4)0 cross-chatnnel lliglit. (ihe British askedl for a dvice on this matter, but its members ap-
Primlie \Minister was moved to appoint an Advisory pear to have been influential in persuading President
(C'omnittee for Aeronmtics- with thie great phvysicist Taft to alppoint on Deceimber 19, 1912, a 1-mian corn-
Lord iRayleigh( as chairman. mission to consider sichl a national laboratory and its
D)11rinle t sae i lliUn d tt e e lo t li ited Stat e> no1 110 scope. org'anilzati 1on, an1d cost, and to make a reconm-
Special effort. The Anrm Signal Corps bought a few iendation to the ( Congress.
irplanes to train pilots and the Nav set up a flying Tle President's Conmission was headed by Dr. R. S.
schlool equillpped with G lenn Curtiss seaplanes. Whlen Woodwiard of the National Academy of Sciences and
World War I erupted in 1914 it was reported that thle ('arnegie Int itution of Washington and included
France hlad .100 airplanles. (erniany 1,000, Russia 800, Dr. Walcott. Tlhe Army, Navy, Weather Bureau, and
Great BIritain, 4. and the United States 2u8 Bureau of Standards were represented, as well as in-
terested civilians. The Commission recommended that
DRIVE FOR A NATIONAL LABORATORY the laboratory be established in Washington and ad-
ministered by the regents of the Smithsonian Institu-
The backward position of the United States in the tion. President Maclaurin of the Massachusetts Insti-
application of applied science to this new art was tute of Technology objected to the location at Wash-
real ized by a growing list of prominent Americans who ington, which the majority report favored as "con-
heli eved t1he sit ation was not only a national disgrace, veniently accessible to statesmen of the National Gov-
blit a possilble danger to our security. More Ameri- ernmnet who may wish to witness aeroplane demon-
can-s. includlin tlie leaders in Congress, were strong strations."
for (neutrality, and felt that any special government Unfortunately, the President had appointed the
concern wniti aerornautical developnent might imply Commission without "thlie advice and consent of the
bellierent- inient ions. Senate." Authorizing legislation failed to get unani-
('apt. W. 1. ('hantbers. USN. oflicer-in-charge of mous consent and the Commission's report was buried
nivax a x6itionla experinlets, proposed in 1911 that a in the archives.
national Ieontiiitical research laboratory be set 1p) Probably as a result of his service with the Presi-
ilt ier the Sin ii oninti Iti stitution. Along with objec- dent's Commission, President Maclaurin in May 1913
l ion- b) b t) iw ie r War an1d Navy Departments, the plan persuaded the Corporation of M.I.T. to authorize a
wi- referretd to lPr-ideljt 'Taft's Committee on Econ- graduate course in aeronautical engineering and a wind
,01m a'iAd I;fliciecly. frotlli wx ich it was Ilever returned. tunnel for aerodynamic research in the Department of
Two men l \io were iore infilent iant iin the drive for a Naval Architecture. IHe requested the Secretary of the
wationtal aeronauti:al 1,iabratory were Alexander Navy to detail an officer of the Construction Corps to
Gralha i Bell andI (C ihrlel Doolitle Walcott. The take charge. The writer was so detailed for 3 years.
formier., as a regenti of t11i Siniht lsoniant Institution, At about the same time, the Smithsonian regents de-
had I been (a Iul pporter of L ,tgley a tll :n 1ad exp erintelted cided to reopen Langley's old laboratory, with Dr. Al-


bert. F. Zahnl in charge. It was arranged by Walcott which questions concerned with the stldy of ltie problems of
anld Maclaurin to send Zahin and Illunsaker abroad. 'eronautics can be experimentally investigated.
armed with personal introductions to scientific friends. The Navy heartily endorsied the idea in a letter dated
Their objective was to visit the principal aeronautical February 12 and signed by F1ranklin I). Roosevelt as
research laboratories and, as far as possible, to learn Acting Secretary.
how to operate the special facilities and equipment in
use there with a view to duplicating them in this E:STAIiSIMEINT OF NwACA
Visits were made to the Royal Aircraft Factory, the The joint reolution establishing the Advi-or (omi-
National Physical Laboratory, and Cambridge Univer- mittee and authorizing ti ie Pre-ident to appoint its 1'
sity in England; to the St. Cyr. Chalais-eundon, and meimbers was given final form in February. The pe
Eiftel Laboratories in France: and to the Deutsche ple of the CUnited States were at iihe tiie generally
Versuchsanstalt fiir Luftfahrt and (iittingen Tniver- anxious to avoid involveenet in what was tlhe called
sity in Germany. In 1913. security restrictions did not the War in Europe. President Wil-on is aid to haxe
apply to scientific and engineering work and the visi- felt that the establishlment of a new aewromautical entier-
tors were cordially received. In fact, the Malssachu- prise might reflect on American neutral it v. Such rea-
setts Institute of Technology later built its wind tutnel soring nmay expllain why tie resolution wua alttaled
from drawings supplied by Sr. Richard (Glazebrook of to the naval appropriation billt perhaps a more likely
the XPL and the NPL aerodynamnic balances dupli- reason was that in tie rush to clear the legislative
cated by Sir Horace Darwin's a('mbridge scientific in- -logjaim" bl March 1. t lie date for adjoiurnlent of the
strmnilent shops. ('ollng esre ierseentative Rolerts, Smihitsniai regentl
Dr. Zahln's report, published by the Smtihsolian in had foundl it simpler to ell'ect its adoption ,x intro-
1914. made clear the width of the gap between Euro- duiiig ite measure, a rider to tlie naval approipria-
penn and American positions in aeronautical science. timon bill. in ti te ( "'Coinittee on Naval A fairs, of wi ilch
This report had an important influence oi tlhe deci- lie was a llmemtler.
sion of the Smithsonian regents in 1915 to menlorialize Following is tlie provision in tle Naval Appropria-
the Congress once again on the subject of a national tions Act. approved March 3, 191.:
aeroiantical laboratory. An Advisory Cominittee for Aeronautics is hereby establisled.
Woodrow Wilson approved the Smithlsonian p]lan of andi tlhe Presidetnt is aurthorized to appoint not to exceed twelve
reopetiig Langley's laboratory witLi represetlltat ives of nmembers, to consist of two m1embiers from the War Depiartment,
tlie War, Navy, Agricultre. andli Colmerce I)epart- from tlite office in charge of military aeronautics; two m0 embers
ies serving ol an Advisory ('omlittee. tIowevel, frolmi the Navy Departienit, fromn the office in cllrge of naval
1ei1ts serving(1 on all AdvisorY ( 1o1mittee. Howeverl ,I
aeronautics; a representative each of the Smiitllhsolian Instiln-
the Comptroller ruled that, under a anct of 19t09, such tion, of the I uied States Weather lureau, and of the I nited
an Advisory (ommittee could not serve without tle States Bureau of Standards: together with Int more than five
aulthority of the Congress. additional persons who shall be ac:quainted with the needs of
O() December 10, 19 the14 ('lhalncellor of thle Slnith- aeronautical science, either civil or military, or slkilled in aero-
solian, Chief Justice White, appointed Dr. Alexander ntu"ticl eniineering or its allield sietnes: I'rocoild. That the
Sn0Ttimembers of the Advisory Commlittee for Aernlautics. as such.
(;raham Bell: Senator Willi am J. Stone of Missouri;: ill serve withmt compensation: Provi'd furthir. That it
Representative Ernest W. Roberts of Massachusetts, shall be tile tdty of the Advisory Commiiittee for Aeronautitcs to
and John B. IHenderson, Jr., regents; and Dr. Walcott, supervise and direct tle nc cicotifi stfd/ of t11 prob nle.s of
Secretary, to consider once again "qllestiolls relative to fligft, 1wi/h 1a rUtii to tfi1ir pwcticail s Nti't, i. f.o to d( ttilinne
tlie Lanillev Aerodynamical Laboratory." O)n eeb- the problhn the ir solution, anl th f ir apUllip/ir tiiot to prtlctical quc(,s-
riary 1, 1915, a "imemorial on the need for a National io In lie eont of h laoraptory or laboratories, either in
Advisoryv Committee for Aeronautics" waas deliveredl vio whole oir in part bein" pilaced under tthe direction of lie con-
to the Speaker of tile Holse. Pertinellt sentences flrom Inittee, the collnittee may direct and conduct research and
tlhe memtorial follow: experiment in aoronautis ic sutch laboratory or laboratories:
Atd proruidcd fturther. That rules and regulations for the con-
This country led in the early development of heavier-than-air duet of the work of the comiittee shall (be formulated by the
machines. Today it is far behind. ... A National Advisory commuittee and apiproved by the President.
Committee for Aeronautics cannot fail to be of inestimable That the saun of 5.o000 a year, or so mtuch thereof as may he
service in the development of the art of aviation in America. lne(essary, for live years is hereby appropiriated, out of any
Such a tcommittee, to be effective, should he permanent antd money in the Treasiury not otherwise appropriated, to he im-
attraict to its membership the most highly trained ment in the il iedia ely a vailable, for experimental work andl investigations
art of aviation. . Through the agency of sutlcommittees, the itlirtak n iy te ciinittee. clericl expens nad supplies, and
main advisory commiittee could avail itself of the advice and
nIe'tSSary expenses iof 1lbOll|)erts of the Conlllllittee ill going to,
suggestions of a large number of technical and prnactical
..r returning frot, and whlile attending meetings of the commnittee:
men. ... .The aeronautical committee should advise in relationf i
to the work of the Government in aeronautics and the coordina- rtalies in this anrd the following quotation supplied by the uthlor
tion of the activities of governmental and private laboratories, in for enmphasis.

d[U.)S [lIllOi l!t.l U 1O '10 I I Uui p.l)d .5 ld "s ,.>.)1< t; -o dai lIIIIt -X\ .IOJ : ,.) ).lS -)lll.)t .Ail, III III I. \|1 : (0 .s I 'a l tiul
-II! O ) ilsa u01 ojq 'O0 11lli1 O1) w1i JO sso 1.)~.) i di. .. .. h!: ta ,dn n 'l t tauia i., [

-U st uIOA d. I OH[A.Id puu i. ltf-)nLt)Is 111'q 1s1 IlUi u ,I l jI: l 00 i : 1, II[l .I '<.l,5i O l ll lh l tUIO J 4 ,sa5 ,)ql 10V 0".!t )nu o.x JO ltuiU-lll, A J u l ,'l l, AI ) I l 1') t, ) 1 X VI )VI,, I l | Aptmls jtl~lU ,H.)s ati~t u ,I .^u dxo ; opuu p,ioAlp ,>A.Hl ,>jnl II.AI.t Ol 4l S0,).i,lii ( ," '1 J( (If-[I(S.aI, lI V )\' <-'llial|
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A-tl pI.i ain.( amq puitt a jt l .[oq *sp p : jPow . al..0 fs)1 .it) [..
0p1a4 11S OAq pOul,' lq s; i. It; i ta Ao H sops .. ^ ,0 4. 1ll 'll1 O.IOAl 011 (. IIII a [l( : ) 1I.i. | | .(
S i ll s 0 1 (' [ i ) sol Ov1U 1Pi l l ,'i m|l ) U l ). l l(I : 1
"1 000 1 1:lunjl ) I is<

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-4 IUtilOJ 81(4p Jo AJU $0.Io0S 41i 4ilU )01( 1 lUA\ 8[ .. %Ud4 m *< 1 014 Jo A dl1 ) 'J.(
l '084l4 IU 01( 04 alpO A 13040 [UO Z iU .lO J 'i11 : A.[., 1I IP I ,UI1( ) *. 1 1 *u sp'ji uv.)ma *l d a a i'li|. )
uj111u 10 t 01 .Id)1 5U00v u.iv A U I ms i A 0 Ali l o 1 A ltd a aa
SSUM 0A[d I 0(1 (1 J) al dUof1111 ~ 1 r0(r H A0 ilU1(0

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-tad .q pI u sooidsin jlU .P.11Tu o) j 1.apu d 1[oq--s V .toiu.tlk po ) ,I!A11 "lu 'XtS A l11u d .1mi( wI <1'<> ) J1")p
plij!.u- ao[l ui m uOtl SUAp i[oji.i a.p lu.mtm ,l p, uoiS.,^ ltomlvtV p...iut)-t-.i9^ii(m) "\ M|.;|

01P P1) 110 11-00. i (.:.1 illy 1 til I.1
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.NI1I.1\ 81(Oto11, -10 )115 U51.J1 '.11 *.. o f :t .df1.111115 0 I ) of 0 a I l vdPII
I0 X11 1. IH1.1 O A,40)O SS A'[ ( 1t qll[!' .0 u*du "[ ['v[(lt i H Idn '"o.s(1[ : 'l"(I. I:. V 't 'p(

-xA 4 -UOX[ 8l1 ri 1g *A'.11111 Io Ia ll. q i[ .11 tA [ I Is t.1 :. A)X q.l l.mIj e l~ lto s .'wttul. 1a4 11 "a l lauial l n u',1 I

-IIIO.d.1 .1 uJ P0IIIIIIO ) I1 ao 1 .) II -as Jolol 115)1 $ t 0111. 'r/il ii W i l. ISI : 5ll lAW/fl siI
-,t m1o a* o A.u .tao ^ sisl patui IU V t "[ ql lx sl! jo a!l [ I "*A. I/ "/ A S l H/ i) "Ia
1(a J)q SVot 111A [dui a I slij 1 (1 -!) [) u Ii [) 'tii u [fliTU o.1 t p ,, j,, (1ai iopI. (I S1 5.5 o, *)pI a (

-01 10) 1 .)1 111 1 )Idi )m)ao to 11! P --s1 I l ssslsl: lasIt l ltt .1 "u! tl" 1.'l (I.
S u' i I I I Imos aad p. 1d ottt- ps I .1:IV a n o I
-(O s I I !)J) sI, x dq (.I.Aaq .1 )'O(.111 .1 ) ( i a'' "sIJiU.ll.I[ p1 mI ,1!I jlda:a Ai0
-i'i f! .II ,m.!([ 'O l ,dI5.l5 '51l-3ij mp "4lu I 1 1 L 1 ''

p1 1 l d [ 1 .11 J tJ V I l 1 (1 OU 'l))Lll< I ; i" Ill p1 ll' A !IIIIll 111 |I A\ I. I'I I I) Irlll(
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O.r!t 'OdX I1. V jo 1 Ii!1 [;0 ( |s1.t 1 i 11 4S \ lo.,[A li \ "1115 -!Sthl;X IO[[0 ;X ( i Il .6 o!o.;ioq q ,A ql ,10 p11.ijlu l.t.\\ )jil s: isV
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'w[! II I1 !jo;, I).IOAl j)(Mu *ri l[ t oll S.Ill 41[S 'IOJ S itM ,)Il II Wt nnttm) A.IOS-!A(>V *,il J liI, i!.i,nt, .,)S i i ,o l. i'l l oIp si ,u
nOAI I't1110 ) aq0 -[(,( \v jIII.IoI 1o ) ",uo t>0i(( 01 s ');)I' F<,'t(I olp ;7 li.idv SU IA o l'|.I +)I1 p aou !s.iI0 1i11 t,!.0 ;'fii[\o[[o! oq1 I "((i "(: \v\" UO sllollillio ) ,joI JOINi oI

-S O UIi'|l i; j o1 (I ST( d iJ,.O 1 ,o SO [SAI( (I III(O .I j o (HOUI,)H.| l)i !t', iUii.> Ils SUiip ni;) '4Utwq is,t. ot O(l t Ivfj ifs n o 01 1 ,ti

S0LL.IVN()H ,IV W)OA pI ll I.lJ1 ,j1 1\l'0l.) A'<(SIA(IV 'IVXOI.L"X J,l l()d:1i1 ))


of American aeronautical research. His comments were The Smithsonian Institution had publlished a bibli-
made before hearings of the President's Aircraft, Board ograplhy of aeronautics, covering the period tlhrough
(often called the Morrow Board). Ile spoke as chair- the middle of 1909. Now the NACA iundertook publl)i-
man of the executive committee, to which position he cation of later bibliographies compiled by Paul Broc-
had been elected when Dr. Walcott became (ommittee kett of the Smitihsonian. The first such voliume covered
chairman in 1919. the period 1909-16; as soon as past years had I een
In part, Dr. Ames said: "caught, up," the bibliograplhy was published amnnually
The organization has an Executive Committee which appoints int( tile early tlirt ies.
a number of technical subcommittees whose function it is to T]le (ouinittee was full v aware that to fulfill its
coordinate the research work throughout the country ... obligations woull require not on0v a well-equilppe(,
The various problems which all the services of the Government uitabl staffed[ labiratorv, btl, also a flight test center
and the people engaged in industry, so far as we know', have inl
mind are brought before these subcommittees. The importance lher: eigie'er could deterille "the foce act ill" oi
of each problem is discussed, and a program is laid out. .... full-sized machiies.' It was felt, however, that "-since
Around our table meet . representatives from all the Gov- the equilplent of slch a ;lboratory as couil he laidI
ernnent services involved... \Ve work for all the depart- downi at this timlie migi't well prove unlsuited to tlhe
ments of the Government. need of the early future, it is elieved that s ch pIovi
Furthermore, there are discussions going on at our table le- t
tween the Army and the Navy and all other people interested sion should be the result of glradal development.
which otherwise would not take place. We are really a co- Il O)ctober 1916 the (Conmmittee erecomninended lthat
ordinating body and that function would be impossible if our the Nar I )epart ient (w\\icll alone had fundll avail-
organization were to be transferred to any executive department able) p!urchase land about 4 miles north of Ilamlptoln.
as such, because if our Committee were to be a part of any a. for use bv the Ari'mv a N.av as ain a ircraft
department it would necessarily follow that the aeronautical
needs of that department would be primarily served. . provillg ground. Namled Lanlgley Field, this site be-
We think, therefore, that in our independent existence we calme the home of NACA's first research center. The
offer a wonderful opportunity for serving all the departments. W\ar D)epartment used it for pilot trailling during
In 1915 one of the first projects undertaken 1b tlie World War I. Aircraft development work of both the
executive committee was a survey of facilities available Army and Navy was centered elsewhere.
"for the carrying on of aeronautic investigations." It Lacking its \own facilities, the NA('CA took )prompt
was determined that "a inuml)er of institutions have steps to contract for research to be performed for it by
available mechanical laboratories and engineering others. The first f annual report included seven reports.
courses capable of application to aeronautics, but only as follows:
the Mfassachusetts Institute of Technology an d tlie No. 1. Report on behavior of eropla les in gusts, by the Massa-
ITniversity of Miclligan so far olfer regular courses (of chusetts Institute of Techllology.
illstructioll and exp)erinellntatio.'ol Note \was mIladle of Plart 1. Experimental analysis of inherenrt longitutlinal
the experimlents with full-scale lproplellers lImolited o1l n stability for a typical biplane, by J.1. C. IH saker.
l Part 2. Theory of ;Im aneropl'a te eicouitllering istst. by
whirling table, being conducted at Worcester PI olyteh- E. B. Wil son.
lic Ilnstitute. No. 2. investigation of pitot tubes, by the I 'ited States Bureau
'"It appears that the interest of colleges is more one of ,o Standards.
curiosity than that of considering the pro)lemn as a true P'art 1. The pitot tube ;ind oilher anclllmomletler for :ero-
ell(gileeril one, requiring development, of egineerillI planes, by W. II. Ilerschlhe
S rel ig 'evelo et ePart 2. The theory of thle pilot a-nd ventmuri tIues. by 'E.
resourI'ces and, therefore, as nott yet of sifficient impor- ttkingl;i .
alice to enigarge their serious attenltiol. the NACA N. { Report on investigations of viatioin \wires anlld cl les.
comenllletted i its first. anual rep)ort. "Ma llfactllli'ers their fastelniins and terminal icoll neltis, by Ji1oli A. Roeb-
are principally interested in tie ldevelopment (of types ling's Sns Co.
\hich will meet (ve tle No. Preliminary reporl on ihe problem of the at imosphere in
whichi will b eet (Toverimell ent i olvrequiree t itlis l ori Prof. e aviti
N 5. I r relation to aera onuti 's. by I 'rot'. i ih i rles F. Marviln.
delimanld, buit willch will not involve too radical or sul- No. 5. nelative worth of im'provemments on ifalrics. by ilte (;,,d(-
(den chaiges from tIheir assumed standard t y) year Tire & Rubber Co.
The C(ommuittee recogniized that conllsiderable \work Nis. G. tnvestiganiols of b, lAh olln all aerolnqlane fabrics, by lite
had already been accomplished with whlich tie gelleral nI'ited States Rubl'ber Co.
public is not acqualinted.' The annulal report said of t 1., alli,, aii aidIlIh:I falbri('. li \Willi- A. ( ill-
S. ions ai 1 (i a r II. Smith.
tiis point: "This covers lines of developmnt andt ill- l'rt 2. Sl firiction o varius surfai'es in air. ib Willis
vestigation which if publlished would save moniey an1 A. ( ibbons.
effort o01 tlie part, of individual investigatl'ors aln ill No. 7. Th'ermodyiin) ic iliiiely of present types of interital-
Venltors wl1() are Hlow dplicatllicalg invest igationls alrl comltustini engiines for aircaftI. byI (Columbla lI iv'iersity.
i by ot . o l' iiart 1. Review of th' devehlopllient of eligio'es suitable for
lmade bv others. Some of' this informalltion is al-. v
,aro allutic service, by (Ciharles E. Lucke.
ready emllibod(ie(l ill relports which lare onlly accessible to I'atl "2. Aeli'o il (ine' analyzed with referencl'e i elemllentl
a fe ilnterested parties who know of its existence." f iro'ess 'or 'intilm. hy 'harles E. ticke.

[apquz doa oq s.iJOUIAU Aiu.tV 4m1 p OPlu.sop A) IP A[1maax ; s uu pill: llq!- 11'J I o.ju i '..p UI! sdinlU[d. !U
S1'.t 1 [ L) ] SOO 1 AJOA S .111! ItAI [ ,I .10 A. uJ i 0 JO A0' [I J{ It IIO \, H o .ii Iiio ([) :S i I.)ilS

p(rI aJI;A alp mq paz!lplu mu!aq ajaA. saAS Lp ii, -tltaSA'S m{!SOd I ,)pll i [}Im ptL 1; p jo A!qtl:[( Ai\; w;i
a11 It s0.U[p A -U a1 1,jli lt r[l ji .u [ lvU1)1u 10 ( tn IG A[ \,q st 1i11) Uo. ,;P[ l .x i .IlI. ,|':.)S-([lij

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S i a. aill pa.itap'sloU ) q ',)uI I I)A I *i H .ll<' Auh s; (j[
-uo) 0o paq!1UlS1iUu4 suAi uoiittdo pa 0uu l s-aAoq I ail i
'J I' i I1 t i i 0p t.1 1 411 .1 (I qu .III I(I I 10Uit JO.. j'l I.i.

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ol s tB tl ans a ai syio!!i .p uo a 84[1 jaAa .taqlA\ a rAi.\aa s S*i r 1
10 I p ;) 0.IOAX SO1 SI.JOXO A. 1041'0l [ 0 ) ( Ii "t 1.l.Ill01 ,) I0OS
il!ipIuaxa ) 1o A4II!quj!sap 114 ouituJtta p o0 TOI). J1 .1ll
put; suoripuoo 9[qioAiOA pt u )[1 tI.IOI jp011 L p0a aIx0 -A. 4 i. i i i )! wv i ) _j\
oq Xql'UHOSUOl XUI 1U [.\/ TlOT.1413.O0(SItU.14 JO !)!p(IuT j AOaLuU-I', 'OuIuu ai i JO IthAo.Idd I HI! 1ai )1)i[Si |I 11|(l)I II
S11014o ) A ii ds 10 Ii 1 lI 1 i 1
1)U' AOHOI"bO;lJ .A0U.Lfl00U 81[ .T~uI1rL10 40 t' ,,'0plot( s p1i,, 'o4- .lp 4101!3- 1 p01,4 A6pIIl mI|l "I 0 1,1 1i
pla, 'Xouta ba.t810 1 AOlU.li11uX ol lo ii0tmla4,}p o4! A.[tA v "t a l -
tII.U,, *salnoa I} lIam. adx a a.oul to ato IIn nos -p d s ) pa l itai li) i . 1 Ip
aOl1O 4so0I a114 '11uo0 uiAU i [ a0pu1u ssaO.'o.jd 41 11ua 1J aI[ jo so Oi 0 I I Ul "11. i. [ iZ .
u I '" 01 t 0< o i)A4 t 1oul o iI .oi J IUi Au. dd( |11:1; i.o-.0u' t1o )
asnuoaq q3uip 'ssaIpIatiou j '41 "papraap p } tuuo) l" *u o Il !. .,
al[4, ';a, ) s.rI` -l) l:U J ppo4n ulol 1 s111t ,1j p alp !l o'Islla uI o A ao o ,t-Io .1 old i I0 uI':ll i I)I] A-lmi ) l 'I 111t ,.ol ;1111)
.iilpatos 0 jo Uo. Sll l0b 1u10ixalodIf 0 t- uicl.ij j !lja. pitl "'il< lid s
Jlap o sli a.l aaa os aa.,a atiO asnaIt i0O,0o S10 silol i l JOl +a .1 .1 Pi t ad
-1l:O 'u113 O"lI ai !soIvd !1 ?S0111 .tllU .IO .) A[l t0 [O ,!J a o1ti:U '. l .n ul lu soi I! t,.lo i t J .j 4:!llUn UI 1' I,) :}uo llstU,
1q 01)O ajapl0S.t tO 1I81I[4 SIX I!? UII;.l\V "p I [l'IjSI 4).0[)lltU; ho!IIIO u OJII tu JO S1.0,1:ts .oi[}1o puDI "s,'! a1..II og.1i1t o4 'op!41i1 o10)
o0! pjojpaT[ AsVOa mo.ij piuu (I 1[ lI aalA.I,}s [ I IiiL/ aOlu o( ssa;.),;; aI;< u l o I .r ?[.I( )AI Ji.) II.I[) uI JjUls atil.lootlu .UO
'a |oo 1} lIls([|l;ISp ) O}l S .I.oJp ) Tit paluj p int '-!ItIt.l/Id `IP jo s.t ll oiilli o014 0.oi [ MlV )l )I "} J! IToIiunno) [I 011 JO 'S.I,}{lId
-aIt a)JOp ) l Iso 0a 1 "I.n q u I.1 U l l1 O, ;H. U1:.) [ U ddil 04 01 lJot ,1.4(a U pa 1Iv l l 'u I 0114O ) aI JJ! 1tU N "lI1,) 4Ull) 111
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iaIo d a1 pa !ltl: XO )! a 11 91 1 Il [\ l!, t l V : "I A t' J I !UloI
111t[ -p1 d.[(IOA\o(I IIp!1.t,).!: jo IOi O 1[o}s A.I())zX ..):1-I|I:SI H pn): I4.> i iuo:t ,t1 tt .^ui pi .) IIJ.UI ,,)p n iiiit Oqt,
-a^. U!}\ cns s ad n .u i>)ua s)IJ.Ilu
-J8 1 u4 SUM all u ,5 Il o.ij j iyua{1 [aioqI "A 1<{J 1pA .1Ullo3 op sPp .A.i.) 0 it O ip.! pIoI s0 .d UlA.1 i t poji o
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"uI'01ostlo a amI it, l I I [Ax .)i .o ,> I), .),! J|1 1.1[ _'I l I l { III1 I ,I}IH III} Il.d I I'N1,o AIl, 110 1,, 1) !
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S\ >I,.L)X l.[ .U}IOSIA IV .:I.[;.lL l I)I, II\.I :IIL 14111 .IJ ]hIYl1 \'6)VX )\ "< [ 21 I m;l )( JI o T1} I p iA

vuj npllu loji! (;:) 14:11 -slIiii ,i.:oIxo [,1 |iiA\ II o 1 o 411 [ |[iio i[fp | |! o1O o )i i[.. io 'u l 111,.0I|h
II KOJ l OI! h, ,(. q i o. (.) : iI, I,>.I ,)I | 'A I S.lJoi sp qf o ||! i| | AO [ sii ,.
[ Ua l l;(n-pu llA\ Iio Iplm q sti liq tt';. uIo.'j I)Ilt'lJUi.,l)l|) -iA\ i{ ) 11i(, A (( [ll!) |I,[ d lo.).)l! I,).)* A|I!. u). I piq P'q^\\,.



and systematically t rained in long-distaiwe tling . field of aeroinaultics. ()f this work te NA.('A later
[and that] it would appear to be to tite aidvatage said. "The great majority of tlie su'est ionsl reived
of the War Department and of the Governi met gein- are obviously of an ii ratitcal iatlure. Several, how-
erally that military airplanes be used to render pra,'- ever. have seemed, worthy of further consideration and
tical and effective service in carrying mail betw\een have been referred to militar or naval elxperts." In
Washington, Philadelphia. and New York. In its 191l a(ldition to this arduous task. the (olm ilttee served as
anlnal report, the NAC( viewedt with satisfaetiioll thie arbit rator ill the settleiilt of disputes inivlviin tech-
manner in which the experimental airmail service lhad nical qluest ions bet weeln pirivate 'arties anld tlie iiili-
been established along the lines recomllelnded, alind t:ar services.
expressed thie opinion it had already "been siufficieil PelrhaIps the most. important of NA('A's advisory
well demonstrated since its inau;Iguratioll to justify its services was tie leadership which the ( oiiiiittee gave
extension geiierally." to tile etfo rts for legislatioln necessar- y to lie orderly
In 1921. the Committee noted in a special report to devehlopment of civil av\iatin. W ith cesat in of hos-
the President that- tilities in 191,. thle Committee nromptly took up the
There are several causes which eare delaying the develop- sic n of w t sli d e 1 a l ie ivil
ment of civil aviation, such as the lack of airways, landing Ilse of a i cr aft. A ltollolgh it wxul li e nearly years
fields. aerological service, and aircraft properly designed for before thie required Federal letgislattion 11 :ls aI,)pted
comnlercial uses. The Air Mail Service stands out as a pioneer ( ilt Air ('omierce Act of 1 ) te re1m2i enIa ioiin
agency, overcoming these handicaps antd hblazing the way, so l e by the Cotilittee ill 11,S elcollipasset wila Iwas
to speak, for the practical develoipment of commllercial a vialtioln.
S.e ,i needed: "Federal leo-islation . o(overnino0 the mari-
As a perimanent proposition, however, thie Post )Office I)ep:rt-'Fed l le
ment, as its functions are now conceived, should no more gatioll of aircraft in the I ited States alnd incllding the
operate directly a special airimail service than it slioulhl operate licellsilg of pilots, inspection of litach illes,o uses of 111and-
a special railroad imail service: but un1til such tilmle as the in1 L fields, et c.. .. desi-ed to . eO llco 'raie tli de-
necessary aids to coimmercial aviation have been est abliished V]pi)e llit of aviatio(ll . ad111 at i t l stlle time to 1
it will be next to impossible for alny private corporation to I
operate under contract an airmail service iin copletition with iI de tile developmlellt . a ig si I lilies as will
the railroads. rend1er iiiimmiedliate anll effective 11ilitary service to tie
r T.1 Nattion inll timie of war."
II Jtaniuary 11917, the War aln Nav\y I)epartmeni): ts l
co a i to OnA April 1, 1921, President 1hartling ldireeted the
complained to the NTAC about prohibitive lrices't f" o
1 (i 'ollmmiittee to meet withll reprlesenlatives of interested
aircraft, said to be due to "the extra item of Iroyallt o
I,, I G.rlover lllt departmenlt)s to dl n ( etermIllne whatI could he
adde(d by each firm in aniticipationl of inl fringemelit io ment de rt ei to etein w t
1 onhee to aclhieve Federal regulatilln f aIir navigation
suits by owners of alleged basic aeronautic Ipatents .itt "
witlhout leio-saiive actioin, and wlhat Inew ltegislaiion
who were then threatening all other airplane alnd sea- I-
platie malfacturers with such sith ll s its, mIrn causilng \l W led. Alril ll ,i, s were -for-
l,1 mr wt c ss tt iulate(]. The ( 'oniitittee was brief: "Feder:al reiula-t-
tIiereby a general demoraliz:ation of tlie eitire inl- nl i (olittel s I if l el-
." tioln of air, nlavigati, ll calllnt ie a comll])lislied under
du r '' t' ,exist6ial laws. It is retcoiiiiielnded that a Bureall of
Th Co ttee( 0m it held meet ings with (overiment olli- erti s b. e I *is t1h1 -
S. 1. Aerolautlics bIe estalisled ill fnie I)dep:tmeliit of Coln-
cials, ownters of patents, and aircraft mainifa11 cturers. Amer t..
It then recommenided oroganization of a, Ma it falct eriie. w ,i ,e
T. .. here were other NA( A Itro),osals in 1._1 1: l'hat the
Aircraft; Association to effect the cross licensing of II i o N1 i ii : I
s i t Post ()Office )e authorized to extend its airmail routes
aeronautic patents and to make thle use otf all such
ri i patents an to make t se i across he colllelit and that naval aviatlion activities
patents available to any 1member firmil at tlie relatively .
ce tlenitered inl a Bureu of Aeronautics witllilt the Navy
small cost of $200 per airplane. This happy solution e t ar i
was Iadopted, and resulted, in the. (C'o ittee's opin- i
IIn its Annual IReport for 19!)21, tlhe N A('A noted the
ion, in "the prevention of the virtual deadlock with .
k a prinl'l ] rpal reason for delav il Iass:il te Ireco mmended
daner of lmonopoly existinil under tlie patelnt situa- h,'i
,. & legisition :
Iln lllmay otlier ways the Commlittee g;-o a:(dvisory The 'CoIlittee is n1ot untmindful of the leal sentiment that
serVice on sh varied at ,s s provisin of i111S'- a constitutional a:11 irelmrent shIould irst hle apted btlefore such
sei'v1ce on suc1 varined matters as p)rovisioni of iii l ii- l n e., i t lt g iit I e
S leislation is eli:nacted, lon thie r(, nd 111:11 offe( tive regulation
a:iice for aviators, namlilg of flying fields '"in co11 1 ,f ir lnavigation as proiosed wmiold othlerwie be iliconstitu-
Illellnoratiol of individuals who iad renldered Cotlltspicil- timial aIs violatiing the righits of property and encroaching upon
oilS service," aerial mapping techlliiques, and selection lte rights of States. To postpone such legislation until a con-
of a site near Walshington for a "landing field" to pro- itioal aenet e e ratiied would h
i i .. ethe effect of greatly ret'arding the developmient of cominercial
vide, "accommodation of transient, aviatorso.
aviation. with no iassurace tlhat sufficient popular interest
A spe'cial sulbcommittee during W~orld War I ex- would ever be aroused to accomiplish such ani amendmlent. The
anlnminedi some 7,000 inventions and suggest ions ill the (omminittee is of the opinion that lie most effective course to be

pl 1 o liOI p l )p O !nI .l > da I l.)a X "'l !' l .)1111, uI JJ ,.I.ll, ,UlloSi d. ll ,"I.II [1I[ .IOIA'1-
"Pal 1U,)0 a.lAV\ S[,Ult ll4 I (1 p .X) [it11) ) o 0(A) | .\.1 1i ill 1.1 p0,1,f | )I \ 1U 1 ~ll1lOA
-l)IIO\, ) +.'ItIqAl\ S aII l>O Ip)0 .Id[oo .10 "JLII "IppH I >[0 ).(Im) Ip o (, I l '.Ipil ql() ') A'.Ffl l p. ')l |[ I)1] [ 'lfII.I,,tl

aq Vpioj jI!I g -n[ al,[.IOA\ alI ".ui iioq ,,j [u, 061i [ [miqt.ii ",,.iwm bnw.m ++,>

qSmU.wI allq4 V, 01( .1lJ4U p),pu,1(1 1d S) !A [..( plulp, g1lllI > O ln1111 ) Sl+ .7l'UIa Sl ill 11 111 Sj I! ):o I\\ I .I idI

VONld .14lolInI .1J Ol) i 'l Oi ld.)XA .u10111 1 A'[pA0 ll[.1. 4l!A V ".I ".1(1 ll+.lp l il,0 01";Oi Na I I ( I 1 )ISl.1A1 I U I l
"M.IA 0' 1 O 1 ti

".1 i-) jPo )i iUo1 ./:U(. l [) s.iiA p'[([ .II[! l. l.,1q j ,n)i1 [ ..)i[ .) \ ,> Ok IIl
([4.11 8i4.l [11,1 4li111 1O.1,11 I[ 4IA\ 4Isis i <>! 4 )IO tI() <1 ) ( +tid4 o.) -it [ iI1 p pl !.>o| SI A\ ,i(l d ![ !.i4lj )UJ 411l1l "m;: I lli liiil

-1[1,tl[ I[[AV >[.IOA.0 .) li) [ s ll[ ,10J. )\ (P i,].l., l [ *HA\01_4 1I[ IS-l ) J 4 XO -dO. So[U I I[' ll A.l( S I ) I ll;11.1i:H |.) 1)l!..),)(j SI IY "IILA .,I 1 1l

-ip(10l l ) Alo. d ) ".i(] ,,+A'olli luA [i. n[.).)n 11- U `) tUlAM l0 j\ "al [ Olq! 01 "1.' ittioip st aluitt l Alt\ "a a<
t!U4)ap o0i V\.)VN! ld" j Pd lU [I' )11111" t 11 UIA jo Aii[iIq>iniAU;+ li[!od1iLiri A'aA.\!.)J!,) I[A\ *si''1V .I .1( ,, ,)! 11iuo11 ) ,4AI!

Plit p0- 0 I t,)' S p itV l01 1liAli. p i 1) JO) 41lpl l 1 1411U1A1: 1luI ;[ I I Ul o .11i *l 1 P ,,ll 0t 0lllll 0.1 ( 1 l (!(' ll JOi)
o0i A'i1ui!.)iJ[.1 s1. l p)lnq[.ino.) ',IoPi>L "+A0l O-Ui *\'\I i ll'(l( 1.14l llui.lli1[.i si p.).Ali< |H;i[ OI [AI \ "![O.|[I!4 ".ii A'<( (;[(;! u1
-1o10 ) J1i.l) q i .T.)I[ di[4 |)(1 a ,11 ;,lilu[ li ul. i[ su l(opa,. s I:A\X s ))tl uItiL[ll) ()A lo Ss 11 it 11o
a1[1di! 1s o lo. f .1o4.)11.1 4s o [I!AIX A'q (.I lOAX p SUnX 1I 1 >a) 1 .1 '.(J *6 [ *i; 114 1 11 I (j j |)(>!

I(i.lII oid ,i|JL *p0a)nI\|. 4 0 f ll ,nl) A .i 11'i1)ilA p lt Aillnl, A.! [ K ) Y I4 '/Ul 1i 1 '(Jll ( A 71 J Ir)i [10.Il ) dlj) l: ii'.1 ii | [+

1i1)a( "I d[1datll Sp) 19a6l[1 ,I AQ Q16 1 11144110. t 0 44l 1111 11 ).)
(u!-)I o4 1 i ldalu li. Id[u)U[4 \ sun i 1 l! pu 1 .10IU[llI.IO- V,\')V X 0 11 A).1 m y o )t1 li0 lto ) aq. ( {;J o) <~:Il( [ o)i O1 A'A. ot|
q(jpIA pd(diq ISd i a.idJuu uI q(1A1 pp![aiios!A noAi:u(i AA.1A AI an 1y.ITi.u.1 A\P )VX j1 a",01 ql) umlu sp[ 1 m1 )p

al4 ll iuo p Io[a[ i yui)! o ju 11: 't al A. 11,)l(.1 ,d d. [!i41 i ooJ [ 1 ,.m 1p 1) Vti 4-A 4,| S
1*iX *iuii.qo) 4 I1)AI!111 ,U!4)1IHO<4 (u4[)IIU[ -111p) o .\.ip 141 uod.4 ap[ui!iii,)uo .14p 111o. .WqIIm .")I j
n It o ,Is.lioj 1 'j i l P A! I[IA *Ito Io(il p I 1 .1dI! .)l ()t ) .i I[ s 01([. lip p) :> pu[ll

p-a1jui 1 1wl" )p ti 's.alq1 ud n .JO 11 4. It,>a jo l IS l tj i [. 11,i l l, I'* !!"n lIi ) o' [| ) i' .Ijjlyai I.l a .,p u l ,Ol!Jio( pi
supimnlddi; pado[A aA li n.iodd u Imo.ths |Ip. u"Ni "HIl!i PA 1 j[ 0 .> iion itq .1oj O)q(|I odsom oo.1[ury
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-1i0. li 1(1 r io m) l o s',! I ll !pt) l .il l ().I !., .l l

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u pa i d.. dllo ) .,. 1iU. I.iA .wIA1.pIuj jo ,.i )M ,S 1 1i8 ; ( 'Oi Il , 0I ,,,1spAJo.0d 0 10 Ipp u ( 4 .sIq'm(
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101.1,dl l tl' 011[ l ),1.\ < lf 110 [. )lht !I[l : ) | )> t ll 1 i) A.t0 I l- Ili, pt.llt JJ ll a It.1 1 o1 [dlllll pl IA. l dt A O lll; i) L SA i.Iij
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t. i t o I [ i ij di .llt )ll ,,. II I I 1;'l ll[ Ill U1 ( .! | .I III "ll I I d( d 11i Ii0 .)Ii s di! I)IIlAl 6 1 !.i.).| .) ,! i o i tl tr l
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.( s tl! .| l ip ) iO.l p dill 1s 1 Al)o .d lddi qI .l ls A1 1 .) i l [ AI SllpIu!p!.Io S mA |l jH! jnIn\ j ad "I oJ AOI Hl B Ul l.miX p
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j10 i 1 al I Il ) J.v 11 o l uA I O I' !s op 1 p)! .W I lo .1 a ylpll) I I SIp 0.11 0 A l[ p ;II : u I I 7I')0 1 |l
q.U.ll, AuI JOn 0,.)ll0 tTll)O 10 i !1 lll. 0 (1 A\0|0( lll![ A',n,1 .l, a't ,Ii. .
I.nOA "lllIno.\ 1 o [ Ji.l. i .l;M ii p i; ".lo ll o" II!A\ ,t t! S!s i M IoMt )ll ![ i; (i) A"/ill,! ".\ M[ iil; a i llp[liM1"J.s I|\\
11.lo OI jl jo l.n o *",|[0.l ii, ll ) (l o i).o[ ;.sii al.1,1") i; l[.) ii" ;.niU -c II pos ,aynIull i) i'q jo "\ l i o .vll lin m
s !O( ,il ti| lio q i s! SOi Ai!. Wil O \l Iso d llo ll .- a\ I,' OI< st! u ),l li.s l ! O l s! .ht [|,* I [>\II-'|l! ,p M o m,! .) ,v isi i'l (p,,

1[,III I lO l l U I 1 .p.lllll.I l l!| l|01l, l lli'l.l l D O [O S V. il| i i 1 1 l ti l .i ; 11 l
..,, liodi o .t l) ,t, ill) 'q) llt. i; I po,.1Jl o.).i A0( F G .f I ; I 1! ..)t!U l [i;q l)[qi.:n' mi.'- n ah pI P) iU l s

I1:!11l1101 pOW N saI ;pU ()oI"n lili .I,;l tlw 0.11 .I A\ .1.\\o 0 1 [tli' 'x.".,q i0 o s y,)ilhtA\l-O o "!.k o |(1 1, p s p l i.t)
on1 IIlu.I;| plliiAVO.i Qii SO! ).l 4, l p io"i.)s' I'.. it,\t! po|l((od s. l -i.;11 1,l;-"q> 11 **" "< -! ,*nrid.I!!u joq 11iI .ImN|w.\\lS a wt l

,'."O ,oq.| 1o mq m V :(;I ' .ilOAO ) i( 0[I S < .1<1 ( I[AV O.).I JO H .| S- ]01p (111( 041 t l l o l[OI Od I*I, "! )l0 ) tlI0.10 ) ) 1. A[ lll IOJ

.LJNl) A'pili: [n illi di) |)ao[0([ !s.YO| ,i[ l pi 1ihsOid ,i [anniii sqj, juml aa.odxw
I| .iu, <, [dll oil hw< mill( jo lso. ,aim | A''lq d .i IA\ |101 iixp!, M ATii ,y!iuA'))0.ioi! tn ,;s ,o!a ,pios. .ioJ .\O[[I! pp ilOAu\ li

I I SI3[.l.lV HXOl'.IV HO, t I:'1.l.l.I.I1'IVUJ .HO~ l+( IV TI.\+ .LHAVOdINH


Dr. William F lDuranl, iemher National Alisory I)r. (Charles Ioolilltle alcolt. ee-retfarv Smith-
(onlnittee for Aerollauties 1915-33. 1911-135; onian lInitition 191)7-27: rmehem r National
Chairman, 1916-18. Ad(lisory (Colinittee for Aeronaulies 1915-27;
(Chairiman, Executivt (:iConnmittee, 1915-19; Chair-
man. 1919-27.

Dr. Vannuevar Bush, mienm her National Advisory (Com-
Dr. .Joseph S. Anes, mnember Nalional Advisory iittee for Aeronauties 1938- 8; Vice Chairman.
(:ommi llee for Aeronatics 1915-:39, Executive 1938-39; (hairman, Executive (Committee, 1938-11;
Commilt lee, 1919--37; ( hairman, 1927-39. Clhairman, 1939-11.


Jerome (. Hunsaker, nenlrter Nalional Advisory James Doolittle, imember National Advisory Com-
Committee for Aeronaulics 1922-23, 1938-58; Chair- miltee for kt-roinau I is 1918-58:- ( lairnmai. 1956-58;
mian, 1941-56; Chairman, Executive Co(oniittee, Cairma, (n, E'x 'lirc (Cornmilltee, 1956-58.

Dr. (eorge W. ,Lewis, Director of Aeronautical
Research, National Advisory Commrittee for Aero-
nauiiics, 1919-17.


Application ofl'IN t v ow lit g on AT-5 A Army pursuit training plane increaseed its speed from 118 to 137 rn.p.h. This was equiv-
alent to providing 83 additioinal horsepower.

The NA(A .anigley alaboratory's low-drag wing was first used on the P-51 Mustang fighter, making it the fastest propeller-
dri' en airplane of \World War II.



An engineer in NACA's towing tank at Langley Aeronautical This rocket-powered model, one of a series tested by the
Laboratory prepares a dynamic model equipped with NACA to investigate the flutter characteristics of low aspect
hydro-skis for a test run. ratio wings, shoots skyward toward the Atlantic Ocean
from its launching ramp at the NACA Pilotless Aircraft
Research Station, Wallops Island, Va.

The 14-foot test section of the Ames Unitary Plan wind tunnel. It is capable of operating smoothly from subsonic speeds
through the speed of sound to low supersonic values, a region where conventional wind tunnels are not usable, owing to
choking. The perforated or slotted walls of the tunnel permit flow disturbances to pass through the open parts while
retaining sufficient solid area to guide the air uniformly past the model. Two other test sections operate at speeds up
to Mach No. 3.5.


-- 1

tI unuel i dlesigned for speeds of iMach \os. 2 to 3.3.

Six ,l..u.,,mies eal id uarioi i olion.s .ild itn -e.vral t ypes of seals, rode a serv ice-weary Lodestar transport plane through
a severe crash. one of a series staged by a researlch group of the N AC Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory. Objective of
the c(sh progiram is to galher -data oni pjs-.snger and pilot si problems in aircraft accidents.



Damage was heavy hut fire was prevented in this experimental crash because of a fire-inerting systeml devtiseil by the NACA
Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory. A series of crashes was staged withi worn-out turbojet- and pistoni-poiwered aircraft
to study problems of fire and human survival in crash accidents. The white cloud in t lie pictre is jet fuel issuing from
the ripped tank in the right wing.

Caught in flight by shadowgraph technique, this free-flight research model shoiis the counmplicated pattern of shock waves
and vortexes associated with high-speed flight. Vortexes are left in tlihe wake of the model. The unsiymnetrical shock-
wave pattern shows that the model is turning. The miodel is 7 inches long and hIas just been fired from a 3-inch smooth-
bore Naval gun into still air. Maelach number at the instant of this photograph is 1.6.
n5 /.i


Cagh i figt y haogrphtehnqu, hi re-figt esarh odlsh~stie omli'ae pttrnofshckwae
andwttexs ssoiaedwit hgh-ped ligt.Vorexs re ef inth ae f he odl. heunymmtrcalshck
wavepaternshow tht te moel s trnin. Te mdel s 7inces lng nd as jst eenfirel fon a :;inc smoth

bore Naal guninto sill ai. Maehnumberat theinsl; t of tis hlga_ s16


Infrared photograph of a laboratory experiment simulating aerodynamic heating. At 2,000 miles per hour, sustained flight
could produce temperatures up to 1,200 F. Much additional research is required to permit successful operation under
such conditions.

/ t0

Flying rcgularly at transonic and s.iipcrsonic speeds, these research airplanes are exploring new fields for data needed to design
the military and civil airplancs of the future. In the center is the Douglas X-3; at lower left, the Bell X-1A flown late in
1953. at a record 1,630 nm.p.h. or 2.5 times the speed of sound. Continuing clockwise from the X-1A are the Douglas D-558-I
"Skystreak"; Convair XF-92A; Bell X-5 with variable swcepback wings; Douglas D-558-II "Skyrocket," first piloted
airplane to fly at twice the speed of sound; and the Northrop X-t. The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics.
the Air Force, the Navy, and the aircraft manufacturing industry are joined to design, build, and fly these and other
advanced airplanes in a high-speed flight research program.


Gruninan FlIF-1. Use of the NACA-developed "area rule" concept for decreasing drag rise at transonic speeds gaie this
"Tiger" fighter plane supersonic performance. The "wasp-waisted" Navy carrier plane uses one-third less thrust than
ot her airplanes of equivalent performance.

West Area, LIangley Aeronautical Laboratory, Langley Field, Va.
Wetkra atge AriaiialLbraoyLnle ild a


*;? 1,

Ames Acronatiticall Laboratory, A lotl'ett Field, Calif.

7 p IIk ; -
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jI i -..

h ky
Lf-% is lg t1rpism a or lry lltd ho


duce operating expenditures, these were successfully re- `Somewhat wryly, A. J. Sutton Pippard of the IUni-
sisted, in the main, by such impressive evidence of the versity of London observed in 195,3 "that many of our
money value of the Committee's work as that just cited. nost capable designl staffs prefer to base their technical
On the favorable side was the opportunity for the work upon the results of the American NACA."
NACA to construct at depression costs new research An iimportant effort of the NAC A was to make its
equipment with funds already appropriated, and the research findlings fully available for use. First, there
availability of engineers, from whom many of its future e we el RIepl)ort comiiprehensive presentations expected to
leaders have developed. have lasting value. Then there were Technical Notes,
The 30- by 60-foot, "full-scale" wind tunnel and the preliminiary or narrower in scope. Technical Memo-
2,000-foot towing tank (for study of hydrodynamic randurns were rerintls, or translations, from the aero-
characteristics of water-based aircraft) were completed nautical literature of olher nations. Aircraft Circulars
in 1931. The designer of the $900,000 "full-scale" wind reported information about foreign aircraft and en-
tunnel (then the world's largest) was Smith J. De- gines. In later years Research Mentorandums were
France, who became director of the Committee's sec- added; these were limited in distribution for reasons
ond research center, at Moffett Field, Calif., when it of military security or because they contained pro-
was established in 1941. prietary information.
A somewhat later "depression baby" was the 500- RecognIizing the inmportance of knowing what was
mph., S-foot wind tunnel. For some time after its con- available in the aeronautical literature of the world,
pletion in 1936, it was known, somewhat optimisti- Dr. Ames had been instrumental ill the formation of an
cally, as the "full-speed wind tunnel." Other novel ()ffce of Aeronautical Intelligence as an integral part
research equipment constructed at Langley in these of the ('ononittee's program, and for years lhe served
both as its director and as chairiiiani of tiei NA CA's sub-
years included a free-spinning wind tunnel and a re- bothaitscha oftNACA ub
frigerated wind tunnel (for study of icing problems). i1""nite on publications and itelligence. ginnin
soon after World War 1 and contwinuing (except for a,
In this depression period NACA engineers first dis- son aer orl Wr I al o ( t fo
Sbreak in WVorltd War II) until 1950. thle Committee
closed the ability to use air more than once. Soon in orl War 1) uil 5.
i maintained a technical assistant in Europe. Froin 19-21
after the variable-density tunnel was rebuilt following h J e, who fait y
the post, w-as held bv John Jay Ide, who faithfully and
a fire in 1927, it was suggested that some use shoulld nt nt s European
intelligently served thle NAC(A both as European re-
be made of the air released each time the tunnel was th aeronaui-
porter and in a l in\ison capacity with foreign neronauti-
returned to atmospheric pressure. Why not discharge al research orga izations. It was decided in 1950 to
the pressurized air through an appropriate nozzle and close teli NACA's Eurolpean oice becuse the art and
thus obtain a really high-speed airstream? Thle result science of aeronautics had beconme too complex for re-
was a blowdown device, with a 12-inch test section in portage by a one-man bureau. International exchange
which aerodynamic phenomena could be studied at of information is now handled by other means.
speeds almost that of sound (about 7(60 mph. at 600 F.). Begimnning in 192(, tie (Conllmnittee sponsored an an-
Thus far, the discussion of research by the NACA nual conference at thle Langley Laboratory with repre-
has been largely concerned with aerodynamics where sentatives of the miilitary services and the industry. In
the greatest effort was made. Nevertheless there was addition to thie opportunity to see what the NA.(A was
fruitful work on powerplants, loads, and structuires, doing, guests had an occ asion to criticize and to suggest
which will be noted later. In retrospect, one marvels new research on Ipoblems they felt were especially
that so much could be accomplished. At the begin- pressing. In the first years of the conference, "every-
ning of 1930, for example, the total employment at one" from the ind ustry and the military services at-
the Langley Laboratory was only 181. tended; even so, the guest list numbered little more
By the mid-thirties, the work of tie NACA had be- than 200, and tlie journey to and fromt Langley, via
come internationally known and respected. Somewhat Pot omac River steamer, resulted il many untlloicial but
earlier the British journal Aircraft Engineering had prolitable sessions. After VWorld War II, it becamne
conmmented about the Committee: "They were tle first necessary to provide two types of meet igs: (1) Tech-
to establish, and indeed to visualize, a variable-density nical conferences concerned with a specific subject,
tunnel; they have led again with the construction of usually cla-ssiied for security reasons, e.g., supersonic
tlie 20-foot propeller research tunnel; and . [with] aerodynamics. (2) Inspections. IHeld annually, on a
a 'full-scale' tunnel in which complete aeroplaness up r at each laboratory, tle NACA inspect ions
to 35-foot span can be tested. The present-day Amer- seek to give tie industry and military services a com-
ican position in all branches of aeronautical knowledge prehensive view of technical progress. As many as
can, without doubt, Ie attributed mainly to this far- 1.500 attend these meetings, whicih are not classified.
seeing policy and expenditure on up-to-date laboratory Also of importance from the standpoint of communi-
equipment." cation is a steady traffic of industry and military visitors

jo spuusnoql ai[ 'io ppK I "oiu pi,-p. -no,) ill, illyu.) (Vp\l w)w ai( o .I,( |, hu 011 10, -v. ,)
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    ISOLLAVX0111~~~~~,4 V AA sLVVJ N AN 110 l O


    To increase the utilization of computer systems car- agalinst maneuvering targets. Stludies were also made
    ried on aircraft, it has been thoughlit that some func- of the effects of high closing rates vwith consideration
    tions need not be carried as continuous processes but of the effects of interceptor maneuvernlbility on guid-
    could be handled intermittently on a time-sharing basis. antce systerms desig~ned for interceltion in collision
    Studies of yaw and pitch stabilization have led to lthe course attacks, ain of an automatically controlled in-
    belief that discontinuous control systeims could retdce terceptor using bak-ang le-error fo lateral-control
    complexity and system power requirements of airplane conmands.
    automatic control systems. A study has been Imadle Piloting lproblems in exit anId ietry of manned flight
    of the application of sampled-data theory to an air- fronm the atmosphere of the earth exlpse the pi4lot to
    plane with an altitude control system. A better ndler- an acceleration environmlent beIyol his past experience.
    standing of switching criteria has been obtained and A joint NACA-contrantor-ilitary service i4rogramt in
    should lead to useful design techniqutes. support of the X-15 airplanie lprogramn was (co)ndcted
    ()n future airplane designs it may be necessary to in a centrifuge to determine the effects f typcal exit
    tolerate marginal levels of static and/or dynamic and entry acceleration time histries mo pilots' ability
    stability for reasons of performance improvement alld to conttrol the airplane. Specilic factors coisidlered
    to obtain desire characteristics by stability au et- were irp stability augmentation and flighit data
    tion. The problem of marginal flight control charac- presentation to the pilot. Other studies with hyper-
    teristics when the primary stability augmentation sonic airplane type configurations have involved tihe
    system fails has been studiedl to determine whether the use of a grotund-based flight simulator to investigate
    pilot can cope with the elmergency or whether secondary d*mlping requirements with regard to longitudinal.
    systemr s must be provided. lateral-directional, and roll modes of motion.
    An airplane which can hav e its long(itudinal dynamic Prediction of the dyn vamic behavior of large vehicles
    response and control syiser caractristics varied Ias relresentative of ballistic missiles, hypersonic aircraft.
    been utilized in a study of control systein dynamics. (or spacecraft during boost is complicated by the char-
    Similar studies have been made on a ground-based simi- -nteristic lightweight, flexible structure, and tlie large
    ulator. Insight' has been gained regarding the desired variable internal mass. In or der to understand the
    dynamics of longitudinal control systems for airplanes stability and control problemns of t(his class of vehicle,
    varying from transport types to those proposed for studies were undertaken considering autopilot and
    atmoslpheric entry vehicles. thrust control response, aeirodyamic forces fuel
    Studies of airplane control system's where thle 14ilot sloshing, and structural elasticity. These studies have
    controls thlie airplane through commands to an auto- iven smie insight to tle prolem of automatically
    matic pilot were extended to take into consideration stabilizing conmplete high-performance vehicle systems.
    flight in rough air and flight at negative static stability Also the effects of reaction con trols on tie atutomatic
    margins as may be encountered at subsonic speeds by stability control and orientation of these types of ve-
    hypersonic designs. The systems involving alngular- hices hIave been studied in the flilht regimes where
    rate conilliantd allnd normal-accelerati on o1mma1nd ap- low air density makes conlvelntital aeroldyamic cn-
    pear to be able to cope witli small degrees of lonigi- trols inelective.
    tudinal instability. The flight dynamics of vehicles reenterin g the earth's
    The use of information derived from airborne radar atmospliere must he such that the vehicle does not
    equipment tracking a target at the end of a runway excee, limiting attitude' angles associated with aero-
    to assist in making ani automatically controlled ap- dynamic heating and or other structural considerations.
    proach has bWen studied analytically. Such systemis Stuiies have been conducted to determine the degree
    would eliminate the need for auxiliary ground equip- f inherent aerodynamic or artificial stability required
    iment as employed in present landing control systernls for typical Iodies. Studies have also been imade of tlhe
    and make use of radar equipment already carried on possible utilization of a main aboard a satellite for
    many airplanes for other purposes. A usable airplane piloting 1purposes. Considered were flight-data instru-
    control scheme has been devised. Imentation as well as vehicle stabilization and control
    Flight and analytical research has continued on requiirements.
    tracking control problems of current and projected in- Preliminary consierations indicate that certain
    terceptor airplanes. Studies included consideration of types of satellites will require taccurate placemenlt in
    computer and radar display parameters for manual- orbit and accurate control of attitude. In a getneralized
    mode tracking and study of factors that affect flight investigation of satellite stabilization and control, con-
    path stability and aiming accuracy in attacks with an sideration was given to such matters as the earth's force
    automatically controlled interceptor, including con(- fields, internal power requirements and sources, con-
    sideration of system changes to improve performance trol and sensiing devices, and initinl placement of the

    -O.1J 'J"O( 10.)HI [ ,l [ 0.1do .ld .Z Ill1i1 ) )I[ 1 S l S ![d,} .I'[ ll JO) 11I) Oqi Ja O .ti{ldilq.l.1Ao, iiIl I, h A\ ithA> px "i,-.I.,xI. i- lt;
    - .1ddo '1 illAdi. jo l I. A < ( ulA 0.1 A ) uIO .)[,) |ilIx.o l d [o 11,q 1 p i ll 'l ,) di idIilill i
    -0.1d .oJ "l o .A o[tolt t[, r .JI q .istl).ll I[ ui \ Ix ii t I I

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    lIL ALA . ..[[ l(}Ii I!A p ) '110 l!,. i l l .-A, l )1II>.. *^ 1 1;| ) 'llad ;.ja ,l A0(l ),'-( I 1) l l 0 1.1 110 )1. | [ < I; 1 l I c

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    which will permit satisfactory prediction and reduction A device that supplie signals to t(e p)ilots instrl-
    of helicopter vibrat ions: however, use of the research inents to indicate helie.copter position a1nd rate of chantge
    technique holds promise for the attainment of this goal. of position with respect to a gr(ound referelnce, as well
    as helicopter altitude over thle g-roud, ias I been con-
    Stability and C:ontrol s tructed. 'he lpu'rpose of tlhe device is to plermit hover-
    Stability alnd control studies utilizing a variable- ingon instrumeiltssothat haulling qualities in hoveriln
    stability helicopter have succeeded in determining the may be investigated. An additional device is also being
    degree of improvement attainable by in creased damlping constructed which will provide position a d rate signals
    and control power during instrumenit-flight landi g to the Ipilt in the foril o)f stick forces.
    aipproaclhes. ( 'irreiit efforts asit in t i ll ildillzal ionl of milit ;11ar
    Low airspieed flights, inc(luding efforts to hIver over fly i, qualities spec'iic atioins for helicolpters serve to
    a ground reference, have been conducted under sinu- emphasize both tlie value of tie damping anld conlol-
    lated instrument conditions with a single-rotor leli- power worlk completed a nd tlle lneed for imore inf(ormi:-
    copter having electronic autopilot-type components tio, : for example, Ihow to, alpply tle results establlished
    which permit alteration of the apparent (to the pilot ) for helicopters of tlypical size to size ext remles which can
    stability and( control characteristics of the helicopter. range from 2,'.( to lOt.l00) pilounds gross weight. As
    By means of these colmponlentts, systematic variationis in lie step in learniing Iossible effect, of size. and a1lso thie
    such parameters as control power, dampin g in roll. yaw effects of gross c(lhanges in the rati(o of rotor inertia to
    and pitch, stick force gradient and stabilization about aircrafft inertia, Ibrief tests have recently been con-
    each axis can be evaluated singly or in comibinatioll. pleted with a tip-jet-driven helicopter of far slmaller
    The results confirm earlier work sliowing that inlprove- size but of higher relative rotor inertia than aniy pre-
    meiits in handling qualities result with increases in viously tested. ('ertain beleficial ettects related to i igl
    damping. Also there is a large range of damping values rotor inertia were readily apparenit and led to additiontal
    within which desirable control poxwers are indepenldent comlparative tests with m ore typi(cal designs. Correla-
    of the datmping. Iowever, as the damping is increased, tion of tlese results with those ob)tainied with other
    the allowable maximum control power tends to increase. larger helic(opters is cont inting.

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    The 9- by 6-foot thermal structures tunnel.
    rep oll e. A bl:-t b~iiilalr ip)l'aniill s i ,eig 1 us-ed to cies of pre-ellt theoretical ]methods altln to formulate
    stItly the Iailure of ultll wel)b biei subjtedIt to vwry liew ~ ell theories. E xperiimental work is also in prog-
    shorlt tile. liil-iintenl-it v llidoiis. ress to determinle tlie strength of longitudinallly
    The pr(lolemil of de-liiiing a structure of millilnumll stiffelled i lrved sliheet and of rilln--tiiftened clilnders.
    weight auind of tlie desir-ed 1strenlgth at roomi alld elevated Fatigule problell cont'llnile to be a mliajor factor in
    teliilmperalres is hIasit to all aircraft anld misile s s the opelration of manli civilian and military aircraft.
    :anld Irequilre- cli tiillled lresewarllh if tlie ,performalnice Recent in ve is atiation of thle fatiguee of structures has
    giol- o> f fitllice vel icles are to be beachieved. Salndwic] leeln Irincipally concernlledl witli tile fail-safe design
    Co-,lillul (ctI l i le li o l t i( probable contigurlation for appro ach. Strlctlles esiled u lliter tills approach
    ehlicient. utilizati 1on of high density andl refractory can tolerate appreciable damagl e by fatigue cracks with-
    Ii1it:al.I iii Ii2 1 -sleetd velle; consllls equetly, resealrc ou1t siiffeliit catastrop ic fail ure. I)uring the past
    o() -sandi.h l cost 11 l- tiomi is continuing and has in- year tests- have been continuted onl opanels and box beanms
    cliuided aln aiical i stuies of tlie local iinstalbility of the to better undertaind the factors atfecting fatigue crack
    e lIlil t ," I li--coi re saiiiches. tests of sanilldwih g.owth i1nd tlie reduction illn static stren1gth resulting
    elelenit. (i- a d hemw liis a roomli te iljperatf'ures and from cracks. Tests of full-scale airplane wings have
    cripplils 1 of s1hell i Iandwich coiistr'lti ionll t teln- been 0contiltlued to provide inforlation on their re-
    pnlit llc- ulp tIo 1.2i) F. witli telniqperatire gradients sistance to fatigue.
    t lr i tll, te iickne--. Inlvestingationis of sanlwich LOADS
    iii;iteii -itaible for use in the 2,o0(o to 2.500 F.
    ri ie1; hale beenl lll ial ed. Tlie efort devoted to various phases of loads research
    ('v1 1 I al: iid colic nl 1 ell struct1ures find extensiv e continules to c(1hange because parameters important to
    ,i1-i ii lii' 2 iie liil- e- a:111d space vehicles, but miay sty ructural design such as airspeed, range, structural
    4o0112f11;t iion- are in a ranilge where theory is inade- flexibilit. ratio of payload to tottal weight heat trans-
    (11;1it14 :I li t atl'e >icatve. The work in thisi area has fer into the structure, and conitrol inputs continue to
    heenll filit-ir-d In (l0t etirile iline the ls of ilie deficien- Vary over wide limits. Accordingly, increasing em-

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    effects of niioits I)rojectiles st1riking aIr ets wlIichli speeds up to 10,000 ft sec. A llworetical (Torrelation
    simnilate full-se;al1 slmtlres. Sph)leres of valiouls inla- lt\i \een ) roperties of thle projectile :*nd larlgt ma-
    terials wvere fired into iarets olf V';riouis imaierials at teriuals ainld the results ol iniml)ti w;is est alishie(d.

    'I'he apparatus showin is being used to explore the erosion that occurs when ionized particles strike metal surfaces at speeds
    of 15,000 m.p.h. or faster.

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    - [c "q)o ) pii B O.(OA\ (j'I o( j'() HIO.l J A)I.)O[OA lllo. ls-,dlj Pl1n i') "ui.l i(J

    J) i. 1V NO(WIV 2Ot I t1* I.I.LIIIO(;)() U [A \(IV 'IV )lOI1,N J. t0l? 1[ 9


    noyance to personnel over a considerable distance from still others are designed to reduce the width of the pat-
    the engine. Noise annoyance alone is a major problem tern of noise distribiution beneath an aircraft so as to
    in the introduction of jet transports and may be an minimnize the numnbet of people annoyed Iy take-offs.
    important factor influencing the operation of such More research is underway to incrieasee ie noise sup-
    transports. pression e lect iveness of tliese nI zzles.
    The NACA has been conducting at its Lewis and Although suppressors do rete tle tle noise level tihey
    Langley 1Research C(enters a broad research program also add weight to thle aircraft, slightly decrease engine
    to determine the mechanisms by which jet noise is pro- performance, anid incrrea-e the drag of the airpilane.
    duced and to find means for reducing jet noise. ( n- The anmouint of toie supplre-ssio desired must lie bal-
    clusive evidence froml this researclh program shows anceed againsllt tile ecol o1mic 1 and performantellll pelllties
    that the major source of noise from a turbojet or rocket imposed by the use of tlese suppress-r. As a result
    engine is the exhaust and that the noise from this of extensive NA(CA windl tllunel lests of supp-,l--eor
    source dominates all other noise during full power op- configurations, the aerodynamic perforiance, of sup-
    erat ions. 'Tle jet exhaust noise is caused by tlhe in- pressors Is a been evaluated[ to help a sses a reasonable
    tense turbulence produced by the mixing of the high balance. Much ahlitional work is required before a
    speed exhaust stream with the surrTounldiung air as well sati factory soluti on can be attained.
    as by oscillating shock wave- withlinl tile jet exhaust With tle advet t of -uApersonic a ivraft a new prob-
    and interaction of tlese lshock waves alnd tiulrileince. lem has entered into flight operations-tlhe sonic boom.
    The major NA('A research effort Ihas been directed to- This boot is the shiock wave produced by an object
    ward reduction of noise created by turbulence since this travelin g thrmogh thlie air at supersolic speeds and is
    is the dominant factor in the production of noise drl- simliar to tie ow wave from a I oat. Tis boom (r
    ing take-of' and climb of jet aircraft which are the wave can eail\ l be of suficielhcnt intensity to crack pla-ster
    operating conditions producing the noie nuisance in and break windlows in builingis beneathl the patlh of
    commuini1ties near airports. IReducilng tile velocity of the ,supersonic aircraft. Tie NA( A a iYnvesigated
    tlie jet exhauist will reduce tlie noise: however. this it- the parameters which allect tlie strenllth o hf this wave
    poses a penalty on the effliciency of tlie engiine. Since when it hits the ground amd las found that pr1imary
    most of tile jet i s i t(podupled witlli tell nIlzzle factors ale thle altitude of tlie aircraft. tlie cliimatic
    diameteers downstream of a conventi(onal circuIlar nozzle. conditions, alid t le size (o tle aircrft. Tlie speed of
    it has been determined that less ni ie wuhld be ) pro- thle airlclraft is n1ot itll),rtanit afier h lie ai.l'cralft is well
    duced if the jet exhaust streamt could lie slowed doImwn into the supersonic reginmle. I)ata are IeiIn o(btained
    as rapidly as possible after leaviing the t< zzle: that is which will allow the estimat ion of Ilie st reth of sonic
    inl les.s distance thanl tile teIn dialeters 1This lias> beetl os for variosl flilht coldit io-, aild imore work is
    accompilished lby tile development of special jet exit being done to -estlbli sh flight proced re to mintimize
    nozzles which rapiidly mix low energyv surrounding air the hoont intensi t. Somte researih lias been accoitm-
    into thie jet exhaust stream and thereby decrease tle plished on aircraft design coMnc pts for tlwe future which
    overall jet velocity and noise. Scores of nozzle con- may reduce the nite of tle htom problem, and
    figurations have been investigated to determine the more work is underway along -uc lines.
    basic design parameters requiredl to prodluce the best Thle eflfect of sonic ioomti fromt one aiircraft on other
    nozzles for given conditions. The corrugtated multiple- neariy airtraft al) have been invetigated, and it ap-
    tuble and shrouded nozzles now being produced (for jet pea rs thlat if tlie aircraft are not l yinlg at tlle am e -peed
    translports are examiples of nozzles devehloped from thisi so that one a1r1rCaft rellains ill- it s 1oclnk wave from
    proglranm. Some tnozzleI are designed to produce sig- the otller air:raft. or if l le :aircraft a;re -spa rated by
    nificant, redluctions in overall noise out1put, othiers are distances of p1proalxiliaely i0 feet o'r mor, tile so501
    designlied to alter tlile mIixinlg process inl such a way as to botm pro Ible t appea:rs to be ,of neli ible importancle to
    change thie amnount of noise in certain frequencies, at l aircraft ii lliit.


    REPORTS 1313. Exploratory Investigation ofI Boundar-Layer Transition
    oil a Iollow Cylinder at at a Mal Number of (;.0. ILy
    1296. A Theoretical Study of the Aerodynamics of Slender Mitchel II. Bertrami.
    Cruciform-Wing Arrangements and Their Wakes. By 1l14. Sunmiary iof Sc:lle-Model Thrust-Iteveser I lnvestigaitio.
    John R. Spreiter and Alvin H. Sacks. IBy John 11. Pooliny Fred W. lelfen, aind Jac-k
    1297. Nonlifting Wing-Body Combinations with Certain Geo- cArdle.
    metric Restraints Having Minimum Wave Drag at 1315. On Slender-Iody Tlieoi at Transonic Speeds. By Keith
    Low Supersonic Speeds. By Harvard Lomax. (. Ilarder and B. Kliinkr.
    1298. An Analysis of the Effects of Aeroelasticity on Stati i tic 1 f. T i l st ss of Thli Walled Shells Having It-
    Longituiinal Stability and Control of a Swept-Wing inforciig Cores aiil Rectanlai. Triangular, or Dlia
    Airplanle. 1By Richard B. Skoog. miod Cross Section. lIy Harvey G. McComb., .r.
    1299. Correlation. Evaluation, and Extension of Linearized 1317. Cloud-Drople' t lngestion in Engiin Inlets With lInet
    Theories for Tire Motion and Wheel Shinliy. By Velocity Iatios of 1.0 and 0.7. BIy inaldo .. Brui.
    Itobert F. Smiley. 131S. Three-liimiesioial Transonic Flow Theory Applied to
    1300. Basic Consideratlions in the Comnbuistion of tlydroiarbon Slender \Wins aind Iodies. B Max. A. I leais aind
    Fuels With Air. By Propulsion Chemistry Division, JIohn R. Spreiter.
    Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory. 1319. Induced Velocitieis 'Ne;r Lifting Rotoir Wiili Nonlni-
    1301. Linealrized Lifting-Surface aind Lifting-Liline Evaluations formi Disk L'iadini. IBy Harry 1I. Ileyson and S.
    of Sidewash Behind Ilolling Triangular Wings at Katzoff.
    Supersonic Speeds. By Percy .1. Bobbitt. 1320. An Evaluation of Four Exllerimntal Methods for Measir
    1302. t)n Panel Flutter and I)ivergencet of Intinitely Lonig Un1- ilg Mlen Pr perties (of a Suipersonic: Turbiulent loulnil-
    stiffenedl alnd IRing-Stiffened Thin-Walled Circular ary Layer. Bly or .1. Notlhwt g.
    Cylinders. By Robert \V. Leonard and Joilhn M. 121.l Theoretical 'Calulation o(f the i'Power Spectra of the
    1ledgeleli. Holling and Yawing Momnents on :a Wing inll ialdlmii
    13(03. Wind-Tunnel Investigation of a umlber' of4 Total-Pres- Turbulence. By John Ad. Egglesliou and Franklin W.
    sure Tubes at High Angles (f Attack-Subllsonic, Tran- Diederich.
    solic. and Supersonic Speeds. By William Gr:aey. 13:22. tl Meod for Calulatinlg the Aerodynamic Laling 4on an
    1304. Flight Investigation of the Effectiveness of an Autl scillating Fin'ite Wing in Subsonic and Sonic Flow.
    nimtic Aileron Trim Control Device for Personal Air- Iy Harry L. RIunyai adll Donald S. Woolstol.
    Ipl)iaes. l[y Williiam H. Phillips, Ileliut A. A Klnen,1 1323. Investigalion of (te Laminar Aerlodynamic Ileat-Transfler
    and Janmes B. \Whitten. 'haracteristics of a Heiisphere-Cylider in the Lang-
    130:5. .Measurement of Aelrodyinamic Forces foir Various Alan ley 11-lich i lYerso(ic Tunnel at a Macl Numbler o
    Angles of Attack on an Airfoil 4(scillating in Pitch 0.8 By Davis II. Crawfor ad :i William D. McCauley.
    and on Two Finite-Span Wings ()scillating in Bendilig 13241. Comparison of Several Methods for Olbtaiing the Time
    With Emphasis on Damping in the Stall. By A. Gerald IResponse 4,o Linear Systemls 1o Either t Unit Impulse
    Rainey. or Arbitray Input Fro11 Frequeney-Response Data.
    1:0t6. Bodies of ltevolution lalving Mlininlmi Drag at Ilighl By JaiesJ 1)oinean and Carl IIluss.
    Supersonic Airspeeds. By A. .J. Eggers, Jr.. IMIeyer 12:;2. Average IProperties o4f Co' llpressiblc La liinar 11lBounidary
    M. Resnikoff. and David 1I. Denlnis. Layer on Fla: Plate With Unsteady Flight Velo(ity.
    1807. Lift and C(enter of Pressure of Wing-IBdy-Tail ('Cobi- By Franlklin K. Moore al Silimoin (sil.
    nations at Subslonic, Transonic. and Supersonic 12;. Flight and Analytial Metiods for Deteriining the
    Speeds. By William C. Pitts. Jack N. Nielsen, and C1oupled Vibra ion ltesponse of Tandemn Helicopters.
    George E. Kaattari. B1y John E. Yealtes. Jlr.., 4(orge' WV. Brooks. alnd Jlohn
    130S. Investigation of tie Compressive Strength and Creel t'. lublolt.
    Lifetime of 2024-T2 Aluminumi-Alloy Plates ait Ele- 1:27 Theoretical a1 d I Experiimenal Investigatiol of the ulb-
    vated Templeraturles. By Eldon E]. Mathaluser and solnic-Flow Fields Blinealh Swept and Unswvept WVinigs
    William I). Ieveikis. With T:AlIes ,o Vortex-Induced Velocities. By Williami
    1309. Aerodynamic Characteristics at IIigh Speeds of Related J. Alford. Jr.
    Full-Sale I'ropellers Having Different Blade-Sectin l 132. A eiilrr ockE si Method Aplicable to
    132. -\ Secolid-( *tder" Sho('k~l- ]lxanlsionli Metliod Apltlicalble to
    Caimbers. By Julian I. Mayna'rd and Lel:and B.
    Bodies of IRtevolutioni i Ne:ar Zero Lift. By Clarence A.
    Salters. Jr.
    yS, Jr. syversoln and David I. Dennis.
    1810. An Investigation of Folu Wings of Squarle Plan Forlm at i
    a Mach Number of 6.9 in the Langley ll-Inch Hyper- F N o il Ai t t lg By
    sonic Tunnel. By Charles AI. IlcLellan, Mitchel II. illd E. C'llagillind Willard D. Coles.
    Bertraml, and John A. Moolre. :130). Ei'xprillental and Predicted Longitudinal and Lateral-
    1811. DeterminationI of Vortex Paths by Series Expaision IDirectional Respol)ise Characteristics of a Large Flex-
    Technique With Application to Cruciformi Wings. By ible 3', Swept-Wing Airplane at an Altitude of 35,000
    Alberta Y. Alksne. Feet. By lHenry A. Cole, Jr., Sttuart C. Brown, a;nd
    1312. Some Effects of Blintness oni Bolundary-Layer Transition Euclid C. HIollenii.
    and Heat Transfer at Supersonic Speeds. By W.E. 1331. Influncie of Alloying Upon Grain-Boundary Creep. By
    Moeckel. F. N. Rhines. W. E. Bond, and M. A. Kissel.


    J:332. Stat D)'signi for C irah Wolrthini'>gess. By I. Irving like. Pr eltlant Vailorization ii a ('riterion f'iir oI{auket Efngine(
    ;:ill Edunidl (;. ltiosenelirg. Design; Calcutlaionlls of Chamber Length To Vaporize
    133:3:. Altnmat ion in 'a Shock Tube l)ue 1to Iitslet:dy-liiuimlary- a sinhgle n leptane Drop. IBy Iti(ch:ard J. Priem.
    l y (e Action. IBy I;nlirv l Mli els. :)sT7. Effeclt ft' Envirolnmentls Iof S)dlium H1yd 1roxiide, Air, a1nd
    1:'31 li alitiotn (of Turlomjel ;ri(dl liatin+ljet Combustion Illicicllncy Argoln (in the Strtess- iupture Prolertie(s (of Nickel at
    t1o Sec' ld O der iReac:tion Kinetics :ind IFuilamei ntal 1.50 l I'F. l',y ll oward T. Mlcllery anid II. B. I 'r)h-st..
    Flame1:i Slpteo. l;y .. lhxm:arld Cild, Th''aine W. e'y- : :Explerim'ilal anld C:alciulated Histoirie's of 'Valporizilng
    nolI's. and Charles (. Graxs. Fuel Dro ps. By RI. J. Priem, G. L. l orman, Al. M. El
    I:;Ni. Miniimuml Waxe )Dr'ag for Ar)it riary Arrangients ii ,of Wakil, .A. I' lyeiara, anuli I. S. Ay.ers.
    W ii s ng sid Biodlies. IBy 1itberl T.s.3)S. :,iD Striengtlh a id DlIctility of lainilic Steels. Ily D)onald
    1:33(;. A ln I ve li aiion ofid, Single- : d l Dual (ol;ation I'Proicllrs 11. 1)sy, ( J Itrillaii: lanid 1. Gest miner.
    ill lo'silive anI Ne'a;lie< Tliruisl, a ll (f 'oiibilation ;i ). '.. l1fT ct of C(ry.'Ia:l (riii talion oiln i li a eti 'r ac1 Ilitiation
    Wiih :i NACA I Series D Type C)ow4liig at M:lch Nuin- i\n 'olc1rystalliine Anliniiitni Alloys. I\y J. C. W\ein-
    l s up I ( l. l|iy 1.0 l+r'l 1W. I nl(ldIs, (uberl I. lrg anld .1. A. I' i Iell.
    Sai in4l4s4m'-, J.a l Jolin 11. W alk'er. i1!ll1. Ilitiel'rIse Ther'linal Co iillndll anct of Twenlity -SevenI Riveted
    1::;;:. DI ctenriiiation of Lon]. it iliial Stalbility and Control Air'raft .loints.. t'y Al iriin i. l'iirzeslay uanl (igorsg
    Ch:iractlri'sti.s 1 From5 Fr''e IF'liight Model Tests W ilhi F. Ill(oltvoay.
    Ihtili's at TriiansiNC Sie''d fir ThreeS Airplai C 30 : \AIn luinveslig:t\ionm of Flow in (Circular andl AIniulhr 90
    ligiiratioiis. IY 4 'larii'ce l l ;illis :1nd .JIs e' 1. lBe ds W itih a Transition iln Cro(ss S.ctionl. Ily Stafford
    Alic(lil. W'. VWiillibur.
    1:;:S. Neir' Noise Field of 41 a .'1t I)Liie Exllal I[y W\V1a (on 441)0 Al :x 'riill(itall Inivestia ition 1of the 'll ffecl t of Various
    I.. lhlwes, J'liinliiil 1:. 'lla limn, W illard I. +Coles, and P:1'araieilters In' lildingu Tilp MAl hi Niiimber on1 the Fluller
    lI444d4 I. Mull(. (f Smolie 1Model 1Hellicoplter 14otor Blades. By George
    1:!:11). A Sumil s!ry :id t .\ alysis o l lhe L \V a Spe(d Lo aiiitludinal \V. lBrook11 s and .John E:. Bltk r.
    ChI r:interistsi's ofi S\1'cipl Wini. al llit Iecynoldls Nili- *1007( A.\ Ini esiti:ilioin of Disluiirge iand Thrust iCharaii ler-
    1ler'. y ;. ( h1 "i'r 'Furloi and James ;. MA ll h. isics oi f F in laIipedl (uile'ts for Stir'ao i Mahli Nuilbers
    1:1(. 1iv'(,estimamIion o'f iiwnvashi Sideh asix !:nd Ml 'ch Numbil r Froim 0.10)to 1.:30. ly Allen It. Viek.
    D)is(rillit ion IL'hliild a lhr(,ringular Wing a a Mac'lh .)11:. ,l.ow-S p l E;xIperiimonil Invieistigation of lthe Maginus
    Nulmber o)f 2.11. Ily lavidl .ani"son atid William Il. Effct:c orn V'lrioius Sec(.tions of ;a Biody of i Ievolution
    Illa tri lit. With andl Withoul A lPr(iopeller. Ily MA. J. Qu-eijo and
    1:11. Inflience o('f Hoot W\ kilm (',oidit ions ()on f li,.h-Telliperna- lleriiant S. ,Fletcher.
    ture Prol)e'ities of a lheat -es'istan Alloy. By J l11 1014. Re(ent Resea'rchl o)n thi Creep of Airframe (Conipo''nis.
    F. Ewing and1 .I. W. Free'n'i. B) I Elfl4o E. lalt hiaiser. Avrahnm Berkovits, and
    I1la111 A. Stein.
    TCII:NICAL NiOTES 401(E'. Somni Facttrs Aff (,-tin'iI the Variation of Pitching Mlo-
    iment With Sideslip Sof Aircraft C(onfigurations. By
    :3-2'S. TIe Minimization of Wave Drag- for Wgings and Bodies Edw\ard CI. Polhainiis.
    Witl Gi iven Blase Area or Vo4lume. By Max A. IIeaslet. 4017. MAloenltum Trlansfer f or Flow )ver a Flat ilale With
    ;;2911. On (hi, Mllininiziil n o)f Airp'lane Reslponses to Random Bhlowing. By 11. S. Alickley anid It. S. )avis.
    us.ts. Bly iMuriray T( bak. 4018. Infl uence of Turbullence on Transf'er of IHeat From
    "'. D),'te'rminaiao (l f Surge nid Stall Limits of an Axial- Cylinders'. By J. Kestin and P. F. Maeder.
    Flow Turlbojef Engine for Control Applications. By 4019. Some )!Observatio4ns on Stress-Corrosion Cracking of
    1Ross D. Sc(l'idt, Georgie Vasu, and Edward W. Single (trystals of AZ61X Magnesium Alloy. By F.
    McA (;raw. Mseller and AX. Alet zger.
    :S7S1. IllIndloo)4k of trui(ctlural Stability. Part I-Buckling of 4020. Investigation of Mininmum Drag and Maxiinum Lift-Drag
    Flat Plates. BIy George (erard and Herbert Becker. Ratio(s of Several Wing-Body 'Conibinations Including
    :;7S2. Iln1db1)ok of Structural Stability. Part IIT- Bukling of a Cambered Trianigular Wing at Low Reynolds Num-
    iCompos t"ite E]lelents. Bly l erlbert Becker. bers and at Supersonic Speeds. By Clinton E. Brown
    ;783. I (lullook of Structural Stability. Part IJII--Buekling and L. K. HIargrave.
    of Cuirved Pllaes and Slells. By George GeraIrd and 4026. Effects of Thermal Relaxation and Specific-Heat Changes
    l'Herbert lIeeker. on Mensu rements With a P i'uimatic-Probe Pyrometer.
    :7S1. 1i1and look of Structural Stability. Part IV--Failure of By P. W. Kuhns.
    Plates alond Cl.omposite Elements. By George Gerard. 4027. Application of Oblisquely Mounted Strain Gage to Meas-
    :!7'5. lisllbooiik of Strluctural SIiability. Part V--Compressive uremient of Residual Stresses in Disks. By M. H.
    StI 'rength o)f Fllat Stiffened Panels. By George Gerard. Hirschberg, R. 1. Kemp, and S. S. Manson.
    :7(;. alil)book iof Structural Stability. Part VI--Strength of 4028. Preliminary Investigation of Propane Combustion in a
    Sliff(enied Curved Phlles and Shells. By Ierbert 3-Inch-Diameter Duct at Inlet-Air Temperatures of
    BI(,'Io' ,r. 1,400 to 1,000 F. By Eriwin A. Lezl)erg.
    :;,1:. 4I' 1aropllant \ 'prization as a Criterion for Rocket-Engine 4029. Turbiulene Measuremints in Multiple Interfering Air
    De-sii ; Calculatioilns of a Chlamber Leingth To Vaporize Jets. By James C. Laurence and Jean M. Benningloff.
    Various Propellants. Bty Richard J. Ir'ienm.
    H im lit. ill s, By 1 Ri chard ri' 4030. Experimenltal Investigation of Cermet Turbine Blades in
    921 l. ischar,.ge ('oficifienis for Combustor-Liner Air-Entry
    an Axial-Flow Turbojet Engine. By William C. Mor-
    IHoles. 11 Fish IRecangular Holes, Step Louvers,
    >-gall iiid George C. Deutscl.
    1and Sc')ops. IBy RIal)ph T. Dittrilch. n nd Ge Deutsh.
    40:31. Stability Limits and Burning Velocities for Some
    I, .. ,,~imt-,.rs in tit, (..ries ,(f Tchrhntcal Notes were re'leased Lanlinar and Turbulent Propane and Hydrogen Flames
    i 1< t t<.r 11(, [i,.rinl verd by1)), this rvo)ort. at Reduuced Pressure. By Burton Fine.


    4032. Reduction of Oxidized Nihre Powders ad ich ers Sintering 4061.i Flight MleasuIrcents of tlunldary-Lyer Temperature
    of Nichrome V Bodies. By Paul Sikora and Philip Profiles on a Body of Revolution (NACA IM 10) at
    Clarkin. Math Niuimbers Friom 1.2 toI 3.5. By Aindrew G. Swan-
    4033. Screen-Type Noise Reduction Devices for Ground Running son, James J. I uglia, and Leo T. hamuvin.
    of Turbojet Engines. By W'illard L Coles and Warren 406i2. Eftect of Sweep on Perforrmance of Compress or : Blade Sec-
    J. North. titos as Inlicated by Swept-Blade Itotor. I'lswept-Blade
    4034. Effect of Fluid-System Parameters on Starting Flow in a rllort, alld 'a scade Tests. By William R. Godwin.
    Liquid Rocket. By Richard I. Krelis. 40l;. Eqluations. Tables, and Figures for l.V s in tHe Analysis
    4035. Impingement of (Cloud Droplets on 36.5-Percent-Thick of Ilelimit Flow at Splersnic and IHypersonic Speeds.
    Jonkowski Airfoil at Zero Angle of Attack anid Discus- By .J;l i N. lMueller.
    sion of Use as C'loud Measuring Instrumnent in Dye- 4064. Review and Investigation of F nsatisfatory Control Char-
    Tracer Technique. By I. J. Brun and Dorothea E. Vogt. a:teristiic Involving Instability of I'ilot-Airplane Com-
    4036. Creep of Aluminum-Colpper Alloys During Age Hardening. binatior aind Metholtd for Predi(ctirng Tihee I)ifliculties
    By E. E. Underwood. L. L. Marsh. and G. K. Manning. From Gou r Grour Tes Willi;am I. Pl'illips. 1t. Porter
    4037. Stability of Laminar Boundary Layer Near a Stagnation Brown, and .James T. 1watthlews, Jr.
    Point Over an Inipermeable l and ll le Wall d a ll led y T Properties of Inrcoiel X Slhet [nder at:1id-Ileat-
    Norrial lluid Injection. By Morris Morduchow, Rich- ing and (C'ostant-Tempcerature (nlilt ins. I1' Ivo M.
    ard G. Grape, and Richard P. Shaw. KurJ .
    4039. Investigation of the Effects of Profile Shape on the Aero- 1066. A Melthod Il ilizing I)ala n t li Spiral. Rtll-Subsidence,
    dynamic and Structural Characteristics of Thin, Two- anid DIut(h Ihll Mtodes for I)terminiinig Latleral Sitaility
    Dimrensional Airfoils at Sulpersonic Speeds. By Elliott IDerivtives IFrom Flight M3eaIsurements. 1By lernard
    D. Katzen, Donald 31. Kucehn, and William A. Iill. .Ir. 1. Klawans and Jack A. White.
    4010. Estimation of Incremental Pitching Mroments Due to Trail- 4068. Effects of llade Plan Forlr on Free-Sljae tscillating
    ing-Edge Flops on Swept and Triangular Wings. Iy Pressures Near Propellers at Fligit Allch Numbers to
    Ilarry A. James and Lytn W. Il unttn. 0.72. By AM;lx C. Kurhjun.
    4041. The Subsonic Static Aerodyn:amic Characteristics of an t006. Effect of Angle of Atlak and Thickness on Aerodynamic
    Airplane Model IIaving a Triangular Wing of Aspect Coellicients of a Rigid Wing Oscillating at Very Low
    Ilatio 3:. I Effects of IIorizonrtal-Tail L.cationl and Fre(quticies in Two- )imensional Slupersonlici Flow. By
    Size on the Longitudinal (haracteristics. By Bruce E. F'runk S. Malvestrto, Jr., and Juli: M. Goodwin.
    Tinling ad Armaldo E. Iopez. 40-70. Flighlt-Test lnvestig;atioln on the LIingley Control-Line
    ..., Act. o .Facility of a Model of a Propeller-Driven Tail-Sitoer-
    4042. The Subsornic Static Aerodlynmic C haracteristics of an
    'Type t Vrtical Take-Off Airplane With Delta Wing 1)Dur-
    Airplane Model IHaving a Triangular Wing of Aspect t
    ing Rapid Transitions. By Robert (). Sclide.
    Ratio 3. II-La:teral and Directional Characteristics.
    4071. A Correlatioln of RIesults of a Fllight Inivestigation With
    lIy HoIward F. Savage anid lBruce E. Tinling. Itesults of an Analyticall Stludy of Elffets otf VWing
    4043. TIhe Subsonic Static Aerodynarmi Characteristics of an Flexibility on Wing Strains IDe to lusts. By C. C.
    Airplane IModel living a Triangular Wing of Aspect Shitllehbarger. Chester B. Payne, and George L. Cailen.
    Ratio 3. Ill ---Effects of Trailing-Edge Flaps. By 4072. Exlperrimenial Investigra ion ofi Attenuatiorn of Strong
    Bruce E. Tinling and A. V. Karpen. Shock Waves in a Sh ock Tuble With Hydrogen and
    4044. Ground Effects on the Loigitudina I Charrcteristics of Two IHelium as Driver Gass. By Jim J. Joeis.
    Models With Wings Harving Low Aspect Ratio and 4073. Talles for the Numerical Deter'iniation of the Fo rier
    Pointed Tips. By D)onial A. Buell and Bruce E.. Tinlig Transform of a Function of Time and the Inverse
    4045. Elliptic C(ones Alone and With Wings at Supersonic Speeds. Fourier' Tr'ansform' off a Fniirtiol of Frequencyi With
    By Leland I. Jorgensen. Sole Applications to Operatironal Calculus Methods.
    ,By Carl R. HIt-, and Jiames J. Fiongm.
    4046. A Conmprative Analysis of the Ierfrmance of L ,ng-Range y rl. uss and J es D .
    4074. (Comlressive Stress-Strain Pro,,er'ties of 17 7 PI'1I and AM
    Hyvpervelocity Vehicles. By Alfred J. Eggers, Jr., .
    :350 Stainless-Steel Slheet at Elevarted TImlper:atures.
    Julian Allen, and Stanford F. Neice.
    4047. A Study of the Motion and Aerodynamric Heating of Mis- ~ Str A Stinr rn A 3
    4075. Teinsile Stress-Stra in Prilterties of 17-7 I'H and AM 350
    siles Entering the E:arth's Atmliisphere at IHigh Super- Stainless-Steel Sh't at ElevatOed Temperatures. By
    sonic Speeds. By 11. Julian Allen and A. J. Eggers, Jr. Ivo M. Kurg.
    404S. Motion of a Ballistic Missile Angularly Misalined With 4076. 'Calculated ; :.i I i.asured Stresses in Simple Panels
    the Flight Path Upon Entering the Atmosphere and Its Subject to Intense It andoi Atcoustic Ladingi Iincluding
    Effect Upon Aeroldynamic Heating. Aerodynamic Loads, ithe Near Noiste ieltd of a Turbojet Engine. By Leslie
    and Miss Distance. By II. Julian Allen. WV. Lassiter and ItRobert W. Hess.
    4050. Studies of Structural Failure Due to Acoustic Loading. 4077. Static Longitudinal and Lateral Stability Characteristics
    By Robert W. Hess, Robert W. Fralich, and Harvey IT. at Liw Sloledl of 45 Sweptback-Midwing Models Having
    Hubbard. Wings With an Aspect Ratio of 2, 4, or 6. By David
    F. Thomas, Jr., and Walter D. Wolhart.
    4055. Effects of Airplane Flexibility on Wing Bending Strains
    i Rug A. B To s L. H y P 4078. A Discussion of (Cone and Flat-Plate Reynolds Numbers
    in Rough Air. By Thomas L. Coleman, arry ress, E l i f e rryar Shear to t ea
    for Equal Rations of the Laminar Shear to thle Shear
    anld (.. C. Shlufflebarger.
    ('. C. Shulebrused by Small Velocity Fluctuations in a Laminar
    405S. Calculated Effect of Soie Airplane HIandling Techniques Boundary Layer. By Neal Tetervin.
    on the Ground-Run Distance in Landing on Slippery 4079. WVind-Tunnel Investigation of External-Flow Jet-Aug-
    Runways. By John A. Zalovcik. mented Double Slotted Flaps on a Rectangular Wing at
    4059. Noise Survey of a Full-Scale Supersonic Turbine-Driven an Angle of Attack of 0 to High Momentum Coefficients.
    Propeller Under Static Conditions. By Max C. Kurbjun. By Edwin E. Davenport.


    40SO. Sole EffIcts it'f Vanets ;Inl of' Tilurhbllence in Two-iliel- 10 e se Pur1.e whe is of 'riFe Tist for Drag Iteductionl on Arroi,
    siomil Wide-Ang'le Subsonic ) iffitsers. By ;'arl A. Wings With Subsonic Leading Elles. PBy Frederick C.
    Mooire. .Jr.. ;nld Stephen .J. Kline. 401S1. Effecl of lxeriiatine ll c1 eelp Itupti I lroperties of 4110. A Method of 'oiliputing the Transieit. Temperatlure of
    S Sill Alloy 1ai 1 .0 F. BIy .ohlm 1'. Itoe and .. AW. Thick \V;lls From Arlitrary Variation of Adiaiati'-
    recenai. \Vail Tempieratlure ald Heat-Transfer (oellicient. By

    Alloys. ly RI. F'. )_ eker. A. 1. Rush. A. A ;. l)ino, :am l II0 II mcl-Lo iads Illvestig: linll of a lChline- lminersed Model
    ,1. \V'. lFreeman. IHaving a Lntgitudiially C('urved Blow and a V-lBottonm
    40(N:. Eflfe'c of I verheal inl on 'relep Ituplure IProlerties of Wi\Vi a I leal-ltise Angle of 30. BI'y Philip M. Edge, Jr.,
    11S :;1 lo,, at l.7,'l F. Ioy JFli)n I'. Itlwe :ani .1. WV. and .John S.. Mixin.
    F'roiniil. 1107. Ef 4os> 1. tAlilrimIl (Grin G;ri,\ tl ill .2 232 ;antl sliG Alloys. IBy Air alt 5.(000 Feel s DIloetermiined iby Flight Test's of :1
    lt. F. 1 lecker, A. 1. Ru hli. A. (. DI I and .1. W. Freemt i n.;e S\ve l.\V Wing Airplane. BIy Iticliartl II. Rhyline
    40(s.. lMet'old of Splilt iiCidlitis ani It s AIplialionl to V;iri :anid lharolh N. MAlrrow.
    oils I 'licklin; P'oll', ems. Iy P1. l'. I.ijla;:lrd. ll)s. A Thermal Syslc m for Conlilillllls .loli ilorin' of L Iaiuiniar
    10.s6. Discreto Poilniial The,)ory f'or T'o\\ lw imli'sional LIaplarce :1d 'll'rll lllent I',o/lltdary-l.a er F'lows I)nrinl Itoutinie
    :an1 1 'isso DilT t'rele Eq all iilons. 1y ( lharles Saltzer. Fli.hlt. I'y N lor'll;lia It. Itichliardsonl anlil Elmer A.
    40s,7. ro, p Siz lDislril tioni fotr S 'rosscii rreni It reakip of Liqitidl llortin.
    tels in Airstrai s. ly I<,ltlrl l). IRn' Dli lge o anil ln iiilpli l0 l. l,4W-Sl0'ed Yaw d-ltollin ( Cl:ihru; leristics and O(ther
    II. Foster. Ilhtiic Properties of a Pair of 10-In h-I ialnetler, Hl-Ply- P'ratctircl Solution of Pl:istic iDeformation Prol'ems in Iating, Type VII Aircraft Tir's. BIy \\'alter I>. Hlorne
    Elas-slic- Pllsic Rainge. lBy A. .\hmhldson :anl S. S. :and Rolertl Somiley.
    Maln Ison. 41110. AM clianeical l'Pro i prties of l''llel at ic Tlires Wilth Special
    40SI!>. 'IThe' Mltcanism ol' ThwIral l r:ailiiit MIass 'Trln'-fr illn cIfeoreie to lMdern Aircrafl Tires. Boy Ioberlit F.
    tlih S)dliui llHydirxide-Nir kel Sy stei. I!y iChiiarls E. Smiley aldi \Valler PI. l iiorne.
    Ma;1. -11ll. lnTveslticalliln ot'f ltle Conmprssive Strlengtlih anI1 Cree'p .f
    41(ll0. Analysis iof Sli(ck Alftioi in Inl lt's Ihlrin I )isl trltat.cces 7075 T'; Aluiinnm- Alloy PAlates at Elevaled T' eimiera-
    in Doilnstre:an Pressure. I.By I Ih rlirl b G. lurrell. tures. I1,y \Villiami I lDeveikis.
    40191. l]Experimental Investtigalioin of T'r:anlspiratlion Cooling fior 4112. Gine'ralized Master Cu1rvfeis for Creep anll Itlulture. Ely
    a 'I'll't iirblil ,iiludlar.v Layer ill Slublsonic Flow I'sing (Georgle .1. Iliimerl Ia d ArtiIhur J. McE( vily, Jr.
    Air :Is a Cookilant. IBy WVilliam I'C4. E runk,. 41318. St1ldy of Presslure Distributions on Simple Sharp-Nosed
    4092. Experimental Dropletr Impingement fo Four IBodies of Models a;It Malch Numbers From 1 to Is ill Helium
    Itev lution. By Jamnes P. .ew\is atnd Iieli'rt S. R ri.tgeri. Flhow. BIy Wayne 1). Erick'son.
    4(lio:. Investiaion of IHeat Transfer Frim a Stattilnary al 4111 Weight-S rengtlh Stuldies of Strictulres lletpresent;rive of
    lital ing Conical l"Foreiody. Bly Itoiert S. Rus eri and Fuselage (strction. By Janes I'. Peterson.
    Jamies P. Lewis. 411.-. Theory of Aircraft Structural Models Subject to Aero-
    4094.. Effeits of Exitrelme Slurtf:e (Cootling o Iltuldalry-Layer dyllnamlie Heatinii and Ixternal Loads. I'y illiam J.
    T'ransitioi. y John It. h k. Jack. iclhard J Wisniewski. O'Sullivan. Jr.
    aml N. S. Diacoimis. 411;. Windl-Tuiinnel Invest igation at Lo,\ Spleeds TIto Ietermineil
    4(1405. \An Analysis of the Eftfect of Several 1Par;llleters onl tlie Flow-Fiehl charac'teristics; anid Grolund Influence ion a
    Stability v f an Air-lbricated Ilydrostatic Thrust Bear Model With Jet-Aug-mented Flaps. LBy Ra:ymind I.
    ing. Iy WVilliaml I1. iRoiudelhus. Vo ler and Thomas iR. Turner.
    409;6. Flow-Turning Losses Ass, oiated With Zero-Drng Exter- 4117. Experimental Investigation of Lift. Drag. and Pit.ching
    nal-Co'mnressioi Superlsonie I nlets. IBy Ru dolph C. Moment of Five Annular Ai rfoils. By IHermni S.
    AlMeyver. Fletcher.
    4017. Investigatioin of Sime Mechanical Properties of Ther- 4118. Low-Teinmerature, Vapor-Phase (lxidation of Fuel-Rich
    imnold (miliressor Blades. By Donald F. Johnison. Hydrocarbon AMixtures. By William T. House and
    409s1. Propella nt Va orization as a Criterion for Rocket-Enlgine Milton rclhiin.
    I esi-gn : Co'aulictions I sing Various I.og-Pirohliility 4119). Wind-Tunnel Investigation of Effects of Ground Proximity
    Dist ributions of Ileptane Drolps. By Richard J. Prieni. and of Split Flaps on the Lateral Stability Derivatives
    409. Hi,;ut 'Tralnsfer a1nd Boundary-Layer Transition on Tw'o of a 60 Delta-Wing Model Oscillating in Yaw. By
    Bl1untt iBodies at Mach Number 3.12. By N. S. Din Byrnnir A. Byron M. Jaquet.
    Rict-hard J.. W isniewski, and John It. Jack. 4120. Theoretical Calculations of Supersonic Wave IDrag at Zero
    S11I10. Vibration Survey of Four Representative Types of Air Lift for a Particular Store Arrangement. By Kenneth
    Cooled Turbilne Blades. BIy Howard F. Calvert and Margolis. Fran k S. Malvestuto, Jr., and Peter J.
    ,,-t ll 'T'. ill it M axie, Jr.
    11 4121. Theory and Apparatus for Measurement of Eniissivity
    4101. Effect of Lubri.anl Viscosity on Rolling-Contact Fatigne .
    for RIadioactive Cooling of IHypersonic Aircraft With
    ife. Iy 'omas .Ca-rter. Data for Inconel antd Inconel X. By William J. O'Sul-
    4tl2. Vela.ilty :unl Friction Characteristics of Laninar Viscous li'i. Jr. and William R. Wade.
    Iitounda ry layer and Clhannel Flow Over Surfaces \Vith -122. External Interference Effects of Flow Through Static-
    l'jiio iln ,or Suction. By E I. (;. Eckert, Patrick L. Pressure Orifices of an NACA Airspeed Head at a
    Inmuhe. and IBetty Jo liMoore. Mach Number of 3. By Norman S. Silshy.
    t10:. Inlp;i-t I.,ads Inves'liation of Chine-tImmersed Model 4123. Rough-Water Imipact-Load Investigation of a Chime-Im-
    Haina Circ'ular-Are Transverse Shape. lBy Philip .M. inersed V-Bottom Model Having a Dead-Rise Angle of
    EIAdg'. -Ir 10. By Melvin F. Markey and Thomas 1). C(arpini.


    4124. Effect of Ground Proximity oni the Aerodynamic Charac- 41i (Contributlion of the Wing 'aniels to Ihe 'Forces and Mo-
    teristics of a 'Four-Engine Vertical-Ta:ke-()ff-and-Land- ments of Siupersonic Winlg-Ilody 4('bii lions sat Corn-
    ing Transport-Airplane Model With Tilting Wing aindl tine Angles. ly .J. Richarad Spalr.
    'Propellers. By William A. Newsom, Jr. 4117. Aeiasured amnd Pr dicteld Dvl;amic liesponse ('1Cha1rat:er-
    4125. Heat Transfer and Recovery Tenperratures (oi a Slphere istics of a Flexible Airplane to El'evator (Control Over
    With ]Lantinllar, Transitiollal. and Tu'lrbulent. lHoulndaraFpy a Freqir(ry lvanell' Including T'hree Sr inIct ;Irl idel's.
    Layers at Mach Numbers of 2.00 and 4.15,. By Ivan E. Iy IIen'ry A. (Cle. .Jr., and Euclid C Hollemanl.
    Beckwithl and Jaimeis J. Gallagher. 41 .s Th'leoretical Pressure istributions for Several lielated
    4126. Experimental Investigation of the Effects of S Soe Shroud Noliftinug Airfoil at High Subsonic Sl'eds. lyv Jolhn
    Design Variables oni the Static Thrust Ch'racteristics I. Sreiter, Alherta Y. Alksie. anid I. Jeanie lyett.
    of a Smiall-Scale Sh1rouded Propeiller Sllitllergel d ill a 41 19. An Analysis of thi( Turbulnt I'rt midary La yer 'lrarau-
    Wing. By Robert T. Taylor. teristics oni a Flal Plate With Iistribiited Light-Gas
    4127. The Aleasurement of Pressure Altitude lion Aircraft. lvy Injection. ILy Morris W. lilbesinl anrii ('Cist.litine C.
    William ( racey. IPaplil s.
    412S. A Thermociouple Subcarrier Oscillator for Telemetering 411i. AlpproximaitionS ftlorl the T('lerodynili,( 1a TrIlnslpor
    Temperatures Frolmi Pilotless Aircraft. Iy C(lifford L. Properties onf High-Tei4pe' Air. IBy C. IFrederick
    Fricke. IIansen.
    4129. Analysis of Operational Airline DlIta To Show thlie Ef- 1151. Correlations Among Ice M31easirenis, Impingemnent
    fects of Airborne Weather Radar on tlie (iGst Loads Rates, Icing Colditions, :nd rai Co'licintis for n
    and iOerating Practices of Twin-Eligine Short-Hlaul swelept NACA GSA004 Airfoil. lyv Verlon 11. Gray.
    Transliort Airpllanes. By Martin R. Copp ami Walter 4152. L.iainar Boundary Iayier With Ileat Transfer on a ('onec
    (. Walker. ;t Angle of Atlack in a Siuilrsomic' Stream. Iy Eli
    41(30. NACA 65 -Series Compressor Rotor Performancie Wihll Iteshotko.
    Varying Anniiulus-Area Ratio. Solidity. 1'lade Anlgle. and 415O. Ef'u',(t of Wall Cooling aon Inlet Paranleters of a Scoopl
    Reynolds Number and Comp)arison Witlh Cascadeil Re- ,Operatiing in a Turbullenlllit u1milary La iyer oni a Flat
    silts. Iy Wallace M. Schulze. JIohn lI Erwini. and o' 'Ollical Sur face for Machl Numbers 2 to 10. ly
    (George '. Ashby. Jr. Andrew Bkle.
    4131. Transition-Flight Investigation of a Four-Engine-Trans- t154. Alpproximate Calculation of the Cop rIessible Tlrllenllt
    port' Vertical-Take-Off Airplane Model Utiliziig a Lrige ,oiundiary Layer With Heat Transler and Arbitrrary
    Flap and Extensible Vanes for Rediriectuing the Propel- P'ressure Gradiiient. By Eli Ishllotkj anid lMaurice
    ler Slipstream. IBy Louis PI. Tosli. Tucker.
    4132. Fatigue Investigation of Full-S'ale Tr;ansportl-Airplane 1. Aerodyiamic Effects Causedl by Ilcig of ain U'nswept
    Wings. Variable-Amplitude Tests With Ia Gust-Loads -NAA 65A41l Ailfoil. Iy ''IoIr II. (Liy trrl 1'we
    Spectlrum'. By Riichard E. Whialey. II. von (G;lhn.
    4133. lBoundary-Layer I )is)lacenienl Effects in Air at Mhaclti h156. El'tt of Initial Mixtu re'-Telierat ure olrl irrning Veloc-
    Nuimbers of i.St and 9.(t. IBy Mitchel II. lerlram, it of IHydr 'ig-Air-Mixl ies Witi PrIeh'lleig and
    -41::1. Stall Propiagation in a Cascade of Airfoils. B'y Anthoniy Simulated Prelurniiig. 1By Siheldn lheinel.
    R. Kriebel, Ilarry S. Seidel. andl Ricl'hrd (. Schvind. 1157. Corrosion liResistiane of Nickel Alloys inl M.ollten Sodiumi
    4135. nfliiuence iof Solid-Blody Itotation on Screenu-Produ-ed IIydroxide. IBy II. B. lrolst, C. E. .May. and Illoward
    Turbule'nce. Ily Stephien C. Traugott andl IIsurl Yell. T. McIllnry.
    413(;. Theoretical Investigatioln of Subsonic ()scillatory l1lade- t41.5. Accelerations i Tral allsport-AirplIane C'rashes. Iy. G. MAlr-
    Itlo Aerodynamics. IBy Frank Lanld :ld Malred ritt Presto n and erard .I. PI'ia n.
    Friedman. 41. 415 xperimental Investig;ationl of Turbojet-lEngine Multiple-
    4137. Fatigue Behavior of Aircraft Structural BasIl By Loop Controls for NIon Aft erlllburningi alnd A 'fterburninllrr
    W. S. Hyler, 11. Popp, 1). N. Gideon, S. A. (ordoi Mlod(es of Engine (Iperat ion. By Ihmild B. Kirsch,
    and II. J. Grover. Ieoll l. Wenzel, lad Clint E. HIIrt.
    413C. Creep Ileforniation Patternrs of Joints inder leaarilg and 4160. Thermal Fatigue of Iucrtile Malterials. I Effect of Vmri-
    Tensile Loads. By E. (. Bodine, R. L. Car(lsonl, anl atils in the Te''lerature Cycle (l trle Th'Irmal-
    G. K. Manning. Fatigue Life of S ;ro an lntonel 55,0. Bly Francis J.
    4130. Wall Pressure Fluctuations in a Tirbullent IBouiary Cahuss amil -James W. Fre(emain.
    Layer. By William WV. Willniarth. 4101. Effe(t of Iubricant IBrase Stock on IRolli gr-(Contact Fatigrue
    4140. Turbulent Sh Shearing Stress in the Boundary Layer of ,ife. T'lmas L. (ar'r.
    Yawed Flat Plates. By Harry Ashkenas. 2 Study of Some urner'Cross-Sction Changes That In-
    4141. The Useful Heat Capacity of Several Materials for BIal- crease Spai-Ilc tinig Rites. By Donald R. Boldilan
    listic Nose-Cone Construction. By Jackson It. Stalder.y L. sl
    and Perry L. Blackshear, Jr.
    4142. Effects of Leading-Edge Bluntiig on the Local 1Heatt of Teiper on oll. F
    *11;3;. Et1ect of Temperalture on IRolling-Conlnlat Faligue Life
    Transfer and Pressure Iistributimos Over Flat P'laltes
    With Liquid and I)ry 1'iwder Luricants. Bvy Thliomas
    in Supersonic Flow. By Malarcus (. Creager.
    i,. C'urter.
    4143. Development of a Piston-Complressor Type Light-(Gas G lin
    S411;. Tvo-Di)imensional IlTusion lTheory Analysis of IRenctivity
    for tle Launching of Free-Flight Mlodels at Iilh Velc- -
    ity. By A. C. Charters, B. Pat DeIrdo, a V Effects f a Fu el-Plhte-lenroval Exierimelt. By Ed-
    JT IRossow. ward R. Gotsky. Jaiimes P. Cusick, and Donald Bogart.
    4141. Effei t of Oxygen Reconibination on (nle-D)imensional 4110(,.-. Thernmal Fatigu'e of Ductile Materials. II-Effect of Cyclic
    Flow at High Mach Nunibers. By Steve P. Heinis. Therlmral Stressing on lihe Stress-IRulpture Life and Due-
    4145. An Analysis of the Optimization of a B1eali Rider Missile tility of S-S ; and Incoiiel 50. By Francis J. Clauss
    Systelmi. By IMarvinl Shillbrot anld (Grace (' C 'ar lielter. anid Jamoes V'. Freeman.


    tt410. A.n Expeirimentlial 1ad lTheorel ical St (uy ol hei E1fect of Melhodi of Estimating the Rolling l)erivatives. By
    Fuel on Pil'ling-Trilnslalion liutter. i~y Jolhn i. .aimes W. Wiggins.
    Sewall. 41.8. Ilel Trlnsfer in Isotropic Turlbulence MIuring the Final
    41(7. A Ralpid Method for Prcdictinig Altached-Shoctiok Shape. Period of Decay. By 1). W. D1)unn and \V. II. Reid.
    Ily Eugene S. Love an(l Ioid l11. Lonlg. 4187. Iligh-Speed llydrodynami i( Characteristics of a Flat
    411is. A AMethod fo(r C ilciul;latio of l Ilydro(d.yli n ic Lift for Sill)- Plate and 20" Dead-Rise Surface in Unsyinnmetrical
    Imerge(I and Planing I clitlan;ular Ifltinig Surfaes. By Ilan4ing Condlitions. By Danliel Savitsky, It. E. Prowse,
    Kenlneth l. \Walii all(l Kennel W. Christopher. and I). II. Luleders.
    4169. AImllospliheric Telmpelraliur e ()tservatl is to 100,000 Feet 4188. Clhrts Itelatin g the Collmpressive and Shear Buckling
    tfo Seveiral liialological Regions of the Northern S'tresses of Lonlgitudinally Supported Plates Ito the
    l mllisiplire. Iy v 1'. T',lefso. Effective ellectional Stiffllness of the Supports. By
    1170. A IleeNxat m nl ion olf ti, 1 se of Simpll e ('iicetlpis for Pre- Aldie I. Jolison, Jr.
    dicliong the Slhape lI1 a LocaIion of IDetached Shock 41S Liflt 11 11i Nilllt oni Thin Arrowhead Wings With1 Super-
    \Wales. 1I I.Egene S. Lovei sonic IEdges (scillating in Sylllnetric Flaplping and
    1171. SomIe (ronil Alias'ireimetils of tHie 'Forces Applied by Roll aind Aipplieation to thle Flutter of an All-Movable
    Pilots to a Side-locIlted Aircraift Co1tilroller. Iy RIty (Control Surflae. IBy II. J. Cunningham.
    F. I1risschilel. 41190. l'xperimienltal InIvestigation of thle Lateral Trim of a
    1172. Noise Survey Ilner Stalic C(imdlitions (of a Tu'lrbine- W\ingr-Propeller (ColIl)ination iat Angles of Attack up to
    Sri vein I ll-Sia Ie Aldilied Supelrsonic I'ropieller \Vitlh 9' Willi All lPropellers Turning in the Same Direction.
    all Ad\ance I i ali of :3.2. I1y Max (. Kurl);jun. liy William A. Newsomn. Jr.
    4173. An Analytica:l llIvestiliion oof 1th G(lst-Atleviat il Prop- 411)1. Analysis if llorizoItal-Tail I. (s inl Pitchinlg Mlaneuvers
    ert ies of a Sillle litlch I)llliper.). y Noran L. r- on a I'llexible SXvlet-Wing Jet Iomllber. By William
    bill. S. Aiken, .Jr.
    4171. \Wind-Tunnel Investigaitiion of lhe Static L ateral1 Stalility 192. Thrvee )egir-olhf-Freedot lvalation of the Longitudinal
    C'thara(i'tristics of Wing-'Flselage (C linat ios at lligh Tran.sfer llllFnctions of a Supersonic Canard Missile
    Subslonic Slpelds. Taler- Iallit Seriets. I ,liies W\. Conitigration Includinig Changes in Forward Speed.
    Wigg;ins ail Paul (. Fourniier. By 1lrnest C. Seaberg.
    4175.i Investigation of Ielleclors as (uist Alleviators on a (0.09- 41i)3. Sublsoic Fliglt Investigation of1 Methods To Improve the
    Scale Model of llhe Bell X s Airplane \Vitli Varitous DI)illping of LIateral Oscillations by Meanss of a Vis-
    Wi gn Swleep Angles From 20 to 60" ait Macil Numbers clls Di):lmper ill the ludder Systene in Conjunction
    FromFn 0.10 to 0.0). Iy IDelwin It. Croomn and Jarrett Willi Adjusted Hinge-Monient Parameters. By IIar-
    K. IHlfman. old. (Cranie, GeoJrge J. lurt, Jr., and John MI. Elliott.
    417l;. Effect of Flow\ Inicidelce anlld Ieynolds Numlber on Low- 1194. (Conmprison of ldrollynaic-lpact Acceleration and
    Speed Aerodynamic (hImlteristics of Several Nonl- les pose for Systems With Single and With Multiple
    circular Cylinders Witl Applicatiions to Directionial Sta- Elastic Modes. By Robert W. Miller.
    hility and Spinning. By Eldward C. Polhanlus. 4195). Slhape of Initial Portion of Boundary of Supersonic Axi-
    4177. \VWil-Tlunnel Investigation of the Static Longitudinal sym.met ri Free Jets at Large Jet Pressure Ratios. By
    Stability Iad Trim Ci harcterist ics of a Sweptback- Eugene S. Love aInd Louise P. Lee.
    \Ving JetTransirt Model Equiiipped With an External- 419G. A Method for the 'Calculation of the Lateral Response of
    Flow Jet-Augmented Flap. lBy Joseph 1. Johnson, Jr. Airplalnes to Randlom Turlulence. By John M. Eggle-
    417S. Iow-Speed CIascade Investigation of C'ompressor Blades ston and William II. Phillips.
    Having Loaded leadling Edges. By Jamles C. Emery. 4197. Sunnllnary of Flutter Experiences as a Guide to the Pre-
    417!. Analytical Investigation of Acceleration Restriction ill a liminary )esign of Lifting Surfaces on Missiles. By
    Fighter Airplane With an Automa tic Control Systeml. Dennis J. Martin.
    By .Jiaes T. Mltthlews, Jr. 4198. Effects of Airplane Flexibility on Wing Strains in Rough
    Itl0. Invesiigation of Spoilers at a Macli Number of 1.913 to Air at 35,000 Feet as Determined by a Flight Investiga-
    Ietlerinie the Effects of Height and Chordwvise Loca- tion of a Large Swept-Wing Airplane. By Richard H.
    tion on the Section Aerodynamic Characteristics of a Rhyne.
    TwIo-Dimensional Wing. By Jimes N. Mueller. 4199. A Flight Investigation of the Effects of Varied Lateral
    11S1. Inves'tigation of the Effects of Propeller Diameter on the Dampi on ton te Effectiveness of a Fighter Airplane as
    Ability of a Flapped Wing. With and Without Bound- a Gun Platform. By IIelut A. Kuehnel, Arnold R.
    :ry-Layer Control, To Deflect a Propeller SlipstreamI Beckhardtt. and Robert A. Champine.
    Ilown\ward for Vertical Take-Off. By Kenneth P. 4200. Effectiveness of Boundary-Layer Control, Obtained by
    Spreelllm i. Blowing Over a Plain Rear Flap in Combination With
    11S2. I'hysical (Ch'racteristics and Test Conditions of an a Forward Slotted Flap, in Deflecting A Slipstream
    lEityleie-ltelted High-Templerature Jet. By Roland D. Downward for Vertical Take-Off. By Kenneth P.
    Englgisli. Abraham Spiniak and Eldred H1. Helton. Spreeinann.
    lls:. Invesltigntion of Effects of Distributed Surface Rough- 4201. Collection of Zero-Lift Drag Data on Bodies of Revolu-
    S(t It t f t ie Sra tion From Free-Flight Investigations. By William E.
    ines on a Turbulent lioundary Layer Over a Body of
    Stoney, Jr.
    I(evo(lution iat, : Mach Number of 2.01. By John R.
    4202. Qualitative Simulator Study of Longitudinal Stick Forces
    Sevier. .Ir.. and K. R. Czarnecki. .
    Sexier ... n K. It. (zarneki. and Displacements Desirable During Tracking. By
    II(t. I,1ea urliement of Stat ic Pressure on Aircraft. By William Stanley Faber.
    II. 4(;i.,. 4203. Flight Investigation of Effects of Atmospherie Turbulence
    415. WVindl-'l'Tunel Invesligation of Elfeet of Sweep on Rolling and Moderate Maneuvers on Bending and Torsional
    Derivaltivs at Angles of Al tak up to 13: 0 and at High Moments Encountered by a Helicopter Rotor Blade. By
    Slub-lonic M1ac Numlers. Including a Seinienmirieda LeRoy II. Ludi.


    4204. Compilation, of Information on tie Transonic Attach- 4228. Elecis of Fixing lBiounary-Layer Transitio for an Iln-
    inent of Flows at the Leading Edges of Airfoils. By swept-Wing Model and an Evaluation of Porous lTn-
    Walter F. Lindsey and Emnina Jean Larndruin. el-\Wall IntIerference for MAach Nillber's Front 0.(;i to
    4205. Transient Ileating Effects on the Bending Strength of 1.10. y Louis S. Slivers, Jr., and (arth W. Lippmamn.
    Integral Aluminnum-Alloy Box Bears. By Rihard A. 4229. Stagnation-Pi'nt Heall Tr ansfer to Blunt Sl:ties in Iy-
    Pride and John B. Hall, Jr. peIrsonic Flight, including Effelts of Yaw. By A. J.
    4206. Mensurements of Total IHemispherical Enissivity of Vari- Eggers, Jr., Frederick lla sen, and iBernard E. C(n-
    ous Oxidized Metals at High Temperature. By William niniliham
    R. Wade. 1230 IPr'ndtl-.1leer lExp'ansion of (CImicallt y 'Reacting Gases
    4207. Effect of a Stringer on the Stress Concentration Diue to a in Lcal h 'l'ic;al and T l'iermodylnamic Equilibrium.
    Crack in a Thin Sheet. By J. lyell Sanders, Jr. Ify Steve PI. l'ims.
    4208. Turbulent Boundary Layer on a Yawed Cone in a Super- 42-31. Skin Fricti o Meas'ur.'emnis in Incompressible Floiw By
    sonic Stream. By Willis HI. Braunn. Doald W. Smith and John II. Walker.
    4209. Experimental Thermal Conductivities of the NA ,=2No 4 21232. A Method for tlie Cahulat ion of Wave Drag on Super-
    Systemi. By Kenneth P. ('oflin and Cleveland O'Neal, sonic-EI'dged Wings ;indl Biplanes. By Hlarvard Lomax
    Jr. and l I m Sluder.
    4210. Stability of Proplne-Air Flames in Vortex Flow. By 4233. Experimental Study of tie Equivalence of Transonic
    A. E. Potter, Jr., E. LI. Wong, and A. L. Berlad. Flow About Sender iCone-Cylinders of C(ircular And
    4211. Friction Studies of Various Matlerials in Liquid Nitrogen. Elliptic Cross Siction. By William A. Iage.
    By I). W. Wisander, W. F. Ilady, and R. L. Johnson. -1234. Pressure Distrilmlions at Transonic Sipeeds for Paraholic-
    4212. Central Automratic IDta Processing Systen. By the Staff Arc Bodies of Rlevolution Iaving FiinenIss Ratios of 10,
    of the Lewis Laboratory. 12, and 14. Bly Robert A. Taylor aid John B. MAc-
    4213. Recovery Temperatures and Ileat Transfer Near Two- Devilt.
    IDimenrsional Rouglhtess Elements at M.aclh 3.1. By -12:5. Observations of Turibulenlt-IBurst (Geometry an1d Growth
    Paul F. Brinich. in Supersonic Flowt. By C('arlton S. Jamies.
    4214. Boundary-Layer Transition on an Open-Nose Cone at 4236. Eff'cts of Mach Number and Wall-Temjperature Ratio on
    Mach 3.1. By Paul F. Brinich. Tulrlltent 1eat Tranisfer at Malih N umbiers Flromt 3 to
    4215. Application of a Iligh-Tenmperatre Static Strain Gage *. BIy Thorval 'endeland.
    to tlhe Measurement of Thermal Stresses in a Turbine 4237. Gemeral Instability of Stiffened Cylinders. IBy Herbert
    Stator Vane. By R. II. Kenmp, C. 1. orse, a ndA. II. lecker.
    ii rselhberg. 4238. Normal Component of Inuced X'elocity for Enlire Field
    4216. Effect of Fiber Orientation in Races and Balls Inder of a 'Uniformly Loaded Lifting Rotor With lighly
    Rolling-C(ontat Fatigue Condlitions. By Thomas L. Swept Wake as Dletermined by Electronmagnetic Ana-
    Carter. log. By XWalter Castles, Jr., HIoward L. Duriham, Jr.,
    4217. Effect of Jet Temperature on Jet-Noise Generation. By and .iira Kevorkian.
    Vern G. Rollin. 4239. Experimental Investigation of lte Drag of Flat Plates
    4218. Analysis of Stresses arn Deflections in a I)isk Subjected ai C(ylitnders in the Slipstre'am of :a Iovering Rotor.
    to Gyroscopic Forces. By M. II. Hirsilhberg and A. BIy Joln W. MtcKee and RIodger L. Naeseth.
    MRendelson. -420. Snom Measurements of Aerodynamic Forces and Moients
    4219. Propellant Vaporization as a Criterion for Rocket Engine at Subsolni Splees or a Rectla:ngular Wing of Aspect
    lalio 2 Oscillating About the MAlidchord. By Edward
    IDesign: Relation Bletw'een Percentage of 'Propellant i
    Waidtmiaer, Jr., Sherlaini A. (Clevenson, anid Sirinerr A.
    Valporized and Engine Pl'erformlance. By Marcus 'F.
    LeadIbet er.
    Ileidian and Richard J. Priem. 4241. An Approximate Method for esign or Analysis of Two-
    4220. A Flight Evaluation and Analysis of the Effectt of Icing )imen sional Slsonic-Flow P assages. Ity E. Floyd
    Conditions on the ZPG-2 Airship. By Williamn Lewis Valentine.
    and Porter J. Perkins, Jr. 4242. General Solutions for Flow Past Slender Cambered Wings
    4221. Turbulent Flow Through Poirous Resistances Slightly In- With Swept Trailing E1dges and Ca lulation of Addi-
    clined to the Flow Direction. By Albert L. Loeftler, tional Laiding Due to Control Surfaeis. By E. 1B.
    Jr., and Morris Perlnutter. Klunker aml Keith C. Harder.
    4222. D)roi,-Size I)istributions for Impringing-Jet Breakup in 1243. An Experiment al Stuly iof the Turbtulent Bontdary ,ayer
    Airstream Simulating the Velocity Conditions in Rocket on a Sock-Tube Wall. By Paul I. Gioodlerum.
    Combustors. By Ro bert D. Ingebo. 421t. On Solutins flor the Transient Response of Beans. By
    Itolbert W. l cameoa r
    4223. Relation of Journal Bearing Performance to Minimtumolrt V. I
    il-FilnThickness. y 4245. Flutter Analysis of It'ct liangular Winrgs of Very Low As-
    O()il-Film Thickness. By F. WV. Ocvirk and G. B. IDuBois.
    pee Ralio. tly Iobert W. Fruliclh and John M1. IHedge-
    4224. Effect of Overheating on Creep-IRupture Properties of
    AM 252 Alloy. By John P. Rowe and J. V. Freeman. 421. Further Investigation of Fatigue-Crak Propagation in
    4225. Internal-Friction Study of Aluminum Alloy Containing Al\uminim-Alloy IBox Beais. By Ierbert F. IHrdrath
    4 Weight Percent CoppIer. By B. S. Berry and A. S. and Iterbert A. Leylold.
    Nowick. 4127. Stuly tof Groundtl-Reatio Forces Measured )uring Land-
    4226. Analysis of Harmonic Forces Produced at Hut) by Ir- ing Imputls of a Large Airplane. By Albert WV. Hail,
    balance in Helicopter Rotor Blades. By AM. lMrdu- Richard II. Sawvyer, aind James M. McKay.
    choow and A. Muzyka. .1218. Surnmmry of ExIp)erimental Hi:eat-Transfer Measurements
    4227. Drag Minimization for Wings in Supersonic Flow, With in Turbulent Flow for a Mach Number Range From
    Various Constraints. By Max A. IHeaslet and Frank- 0.87 to 5.05. By ;Maurice J. Brevoort and Barbara D.
    lyn B. Fuller. Arabian.


    424l!. A Theoretical Ainalysis of thle Effect of Engine Anguilar 1271. M:lximumn Theoretical Taulngeliial \elocity ('Copoill lit
    Momientum on Iongitudinal and 1)irectioat l Slability Possible From Straigh-lBaclk Coniverging anid Conlverg-
    ill Steady Rolling Maneuvers. By O)rd\vay 1. Gales, ing- Iiverging Staltors, at Supercritical l'ressure Ratios.
    ,Jr., ;and ('. II. \\ooilingl Iy Tlhomas 1'. lMotiitt.
    4250. Effect of the lProxirmily of lie Wing Firsi Ilenlding Ere- 4272. I se of tihe Coalda 1 ffect for ( ihtaininjg Jet Deflection
    (lueicv :iaid thle Short l'Period Freiquency on the Air- aid Lift Wit i a Single Flat-Pl'te DIehlection Surface.
    Iplane Dyniaic-lesponse F'lor. Iy C(arl It. IIu-s ;aidl i I we 11. von Iliahn
    Jaimes .1. IDoille-gali. 127:. (iOn Pairs of Soliutions of a (las of I nternal Viscois Flow
    42.)1. Aln Experiimeital Invesi ig li ion o(f \Wak;e E ffctls il lHydro- Pl'reoleis With Body Forces. s. y Silon slrach and
    Skis. I ly Elli' E. Mcllride aiiil Iloyd .1. Fisher. LyviI I'. Albers.
    41252. Experimental Inves'tigal ion of an Impulse-Type Slper 1271. M;istireiment of the Effect of an Axial MIaglietlic Field on
    onic Coirllir'ssor iot'r lHaving a 'lTurnRiig of 7 at lle( lieyllds .Nmn1iler of Tranlisitioni ill lercury Flow-
    Ithe Ml an alidis It li y I lai. Is I. Sterrlti. inli Th'IriroiughI (i ss Tillie. I"y Miclih l Bailer and Wil-
    t12.:7 DIesini aid Test-s f : Six Si kc \xiail Flow Co'ilipressor lian (\. A. 'Carlson.
    livitgm a Tipl Speed of .570 Feel per Senil ;idll a 127,.. I)Dyniic Stalilily of Velihicles Tl'ra(vrsiiig Ascending or
    Fl;at I )leri inx g ('lia erii i( at Co itnt S:peed. Iy l )escendingd PI al ls Tliroiigli Ilie Altmosiesl re. IBy Muir-
    \Vill:Irl tl. W\estp'i lll and .Jolii \ \Il. a11nal.l', .Jr. ra y Tobll lilk and II. .J li an .Allen.
    12'1. Flight liivstigailiii of IlKffc('ls of l i re aling- ilali( Saltl t 127;. Approxi ApIr xil ite Aniialyti l lMetliod for Studlyinig E:ntry
    oin Ilien iing i aiid Torsioi l liomenll s ii l- i ic red y a liilo I'lin ary At iiospileres. Ivy leiin R1. (h'llapiiai.
    llelico)l r lItolor I laild lty Le(I(oy II. I1i. i277. A I. ody lodlificaition To Itedui.e I)rIg It e to Wedge
    t275). \Wimi Tiuniel lnivsli;tgtiioii ai Lo Speeds of IFlighlt ('lar- Agle of Wiing Witllh liswtet T'Irailiig Eidge. By Wil-
    ;Icleristics of ia S\epllthacl{ W inol i .-let -Tralnsporl Airplane li;im i '. litis ai ld ,la k N. NielsOn.
    Mlodel lEq']ipiilpel \With ;illan xerlna;lFlo\i .et-AigiitnmiIted 27S. Applihatlion of Slattistial Tuiieory to lI -aiii idelr Guid-
    Slotted F all. Ily.ios h 1.. I hlnson.. al e i ln tie Preselnce- oft Noise. II Miodilled Wienier
    42"-(. V Water-Iulipat Tliteory for Airc-raft lEquiipled Willi Non- Filter Thlory. iy lviwoiod ('. Stela rt.
    trimmlingii lytr -Skis Mounted ion Slick StirIst. l'>y 427,. E ffecls of Fixinlg T'ransilioln oin thli Traisonulic Aerody-
    Ei- aimiu el Sclinitzer. naiiii C(haraiterist ics of a WVil i-l>tody C'oniligura ioni at
    -25.7. Results of an ExperiniinItI al Inivestigatiion of Sluall Vis- Rleynolds Numbers From 2.1 to 12 Million. lBy Lyin W.
    ucons lalipers. BIy MIiltoln A. Silveira, Dollenieic J. Migl- ltinlton.
    lieri, all G;eorge W. IBrooks. 12(. LPressure Distribulliouns at Tranisonii Speeds for Slender
    4125', A Niumierical 1Met hiod for Evaluatinig Wave Drag. By Blodies Having Various Axial Lioeatiouns of Maxinllunil
    Alaurice S. C;in aid Walter IB. (Olstad. Dianieter. By lJohn B. Mc)Devitt and Robert A. Taylor.
    4259. Telerat ure-Pressure-Tille elatiols in a Closed Cryo- 42.,1. ISeconud-Order Slenider-Body Thieory-Axisyiniietric Flow.
    .genie Coultainler. B Sidney (C. iH[uitle. By Milton D. Valn Dyke.
    4260. Ground lellection of Jet Noise. By Walton L. IHowes. 42X2. Boiumdary-Layer Stability Di)i iagraslli for Electrically
    4261. Acolustic. Thrust, and Dratg Ctharacteristics of Several (on duciting Fluids in tile Presence of a Magnetic Field.
    Full-Scale Noise Siuppressors for Turlojet EJngines. By By Vernon J Rossow.
    C'arl C. (Cieluch, Warren J. North, Willard D. Coles, 42.S'. lFull-Scale Wind-Tunnel Tests of a 35 Sweptback-Wing
    anid R obert J.. Antl. Airilane With Blowing From the Shroud Ahead of the
    12(2. Analysis of Turbulent Flow and Heat Transfer on a Flat Trailing-Edge Flaps. By William H. Tolhurst, Jr.
    Plate at High Machl Numbers With Variable Fluid 42S4. Cumulative Fatigue Damage at Elevated Temperature.
    Propert ies. By R. G. Deissler and A. L. Loeffler, Jr. By William K. Rey.
    1263. Effect of Prior Air Force Overteniperature Operation on 42s5. Transgranular and Intergranular Fracture of Ingot Iron
    Life of J17 Buc-kets Evaluated in a Sea-Level Cyclie During Creep. By L. A. Shepard and W. II. Giedt.
    Engine Test. By Robert A. Signiorelli. James R. John- 428t.i. Mechanism of Beneficial Effects of Boron and Zirconium
    ston, amld Floyd B. Garrett. on Creep-Rupture Properties of a Complex Heat-
    4204. Internal Characteristics and Performan(ee of Several Jet Resistant Alloy. By R. F. Decker and J. W. Freeman.
    lDelectors at Priimary-Nozzle Pressure Ratios up to 3.0. 4. 42 Relationship of Metal Surfaces to Heat-Aging Properties
    By Jlack G. 'McArdle. of Adhesive Bonds. By J. M. Black and R. F. Blomquist.
    412(;5. (Comipoition and Thermodynamic Properties of Air in 428S. Turbulence and Temperature Fluctuations Behind a
    (Chemiical Equilibrium. By W. 1. Moeckel and Ken- Heated Grid. By R. R. Mills, Jr., A. L. Kistler, V.
    nelt ] C. West on. O'Brien, and S. Corrsin.
    1266. St iudies of ()il, (O?, CH. and (Cl Radiation From Lamninar 4289. Boundary-Induced Downwash Due to Lift in a Two-
    uian Turbulenit Propane-Air and Ethylene-Air Flames. Dimensional Slotted Wind Tunnel. By S. Katzoff and
    lty Thomias P. Clark. Raymond L. Barger.
    42(;7. 'Preliminary Survey of Propulsion sing Chemical En- 4290. A Fuselage Addition to Increase Drag-Rise Mach Number
    ergy Storedl inl the lppler Atmosiphiere. By Lionel Y. of Subsonic Airplanes at Lifting Conditions. By
    Batuwin and Perry L. llackshear. Richard T. Whitcomb.
    42 D. IDroplet lii iligenomeit alnd Ingestion by Supersonic Nose 4291. An Evaluation of Effects of Flexibility on Wing Strains
    Inlet in Subsonic Tiunnel Conditions. By Thomas F. in Rough Air for a Large Swept-Wing Airplane by
    G(;l(ler. Means of Experimentally Determined Frequency-
    12(I). Tranisnic I rag of Several Je(-Noise Suppressors. By Response Functions With an Assessment of Random-
    Warrel .J. North. Process Techniques Employed. By Thomas L. Coleman,
    4270. A Performiance Analysis of M1letlhods for ltandling Excess Harry Press, and May T. Meadows.
    Inlet Flow at Supersolnic Slpeeds. By Donalld IP. Iearth 4292. Local Instability of the Elements of a Truss-Core Sand-
    anIl( .1anies F. Colrnnors. wieh Plate. By Melvin S. Anderson.


    421). Splecial Bodies Added oni a \Ving To Ileduet Shock- 4313. Effect of Favorable lPressture r;i:dienits on Tra;nsition for
    Induced InBodary-Layer Separation at HIigh Slbmtil Several Bodies of Revolution at Matih 3.12. IBy John
    Speeds. By Richard T. Whitcomb. R. Jack.
    1294. Effects of Nose Shape and Spray Control Strips on 4:1-1. Icing F'reiquencies Experienced )Dring Clinit and Descent
    Emergence and Planing S!pray of Hydro-Ski 1Models. Iy Fighter-Intereptor Aircraft. IBy Porter J. 'erkins.
    By John R. McGehee. 4315. An Estimate of lth Flicttatitig Surface Pressures En-
    4293. Reflection andi Trannsmission of Smd bly a Slotted VtWall coumnteredi in the ItReentry of a Ballistic Missile. ly
    Separating Two Moving Fluid Streams. IBy Raymond Edmund E. (allaghai.
    L. Barger. 4:11. Friction aid Wear Will t eactive (;ases at Temperatures
    4290(. Compressive Strength andt Creep( of 17 7 I'1 Stainless- up to 12M00 F. By (ordotn I'. Allen, ontall II. IBuck-
    Steel Plates at Elevated Temellatures. By Blandt A. ley, ald Robert L. Johnson.
    Stein. t:;17. Tulrbojet Engine Noise Reduction With Mixing Nozzle-
    42T7. Flight Investigation of thie Ae'eptability of a Sitall Side- Ejectir ComNilnations. By Willard 1). Coles, John A.
    Located C'ontroller Usedl Witlh an Irreversible lvydraulie .Miiltali el anl Edmtntlid E. ('allaghan.
    Control System. By Iclmut A. KIelinl aid Robert 41:Is. Analytial Rl-iatiol for Wake Motme(ntmll-Thickness and
    \V. llllller. I)itffusion tRatio for Low'-Slpeed CoIllltres'sor C(:asc:lde
    42.'s. Exploratory VWind-Tuinel Investigation To l)eItvrinite Bll!des. Bfy Sey mour t Lieblein.
    the Lift Effects' of Blowing Over Flaps From Nwaelles 13!i. (in Fully )eeloped (Channel Flows: Some Solutions and
    Alouhnted Above the Wing. By .John lM. Riebe and Ed- Limitatiions, and Effeivlts of Coimpressibility, Variable
    win E. I)avenliort. Properties, an Biody Forces. IBy Steplhen II. 3Maslen.
    42.!. Efftlcts of Fabhricationll-Type ougness on Turbulenli Skinll 1:120. Compressibhle Laminar Flow and Hlleat Trasfer About a
    Friction at Suplersonmic Speeds. By K. It. (Czarnmcki,. lbtal intg lilherwmil Disk. BIy Siion Ostrach and
    .lohn It. So ier, Jr.. ai:d Melvin MI. C a el. IPhilip IR. Thornton.
    4T3100. HeIl-Transfer Int P'ressure Measuremnmnts on FIat-Face,1 1321. An Analytical Stinly of Turbulent and Molecular .Mixing
    Cylitwlers at a lMach Ntumbr of 2. Iy illia in R tckt tcomlust ion. By DavidA. Iittker.
    Stoney, Jr.. amd J. Thoms M:arkley. -I':'. ()ldillels an11 Thllrelical Pressure-Distribution I):at for
    -301. E.'ifects of Boundary-Liayer D)isplac('mentit and Leading- NACA 6;- ail G;A-S'ries Airfoil Sections With Thick-
    Ed'ge Blunitness onll PrssIlre Distribution, Skin Fricition, noeses F1no 2 it 21 and 2 to 1 P'ercent Chord, lRespec-
    itl H eat TrIansfer of Ildlies at lHyliersuoic SIpeeds lively. 1By ElizaethlI W. l'atterson and Albert L.
    By Mitchtel II. Bert ra L ail ArthIr I it(ler'-snii Jr l 'ralow.
    4-1302. Analytical a ld t Expel)rilm tal I\nvestigatlion f Aeri ly'r t- 4:..2:. Natural (onvec'tioli Insiile a Flat Rtotating Container.
    naicl Forceis a:di Mimients on IAo-Asiecit-liiat(i \Vings Bly Sion OtIrllch and Willis II. Birain.
    Uml'ergoinii Flapiin-t O('illalionIs. I y I)onalld S. :121l. Metliod for IJticlrmining the Neied To RI(\\,ork ior Rplalce
    \Woolston, Sh 'eriwni A. C'\leve so Nil Siunier A on'l'(presor it ll Ior Blades 1;alma(d y : lreign (ibj.cts.
    L:adhletter. By Albert Kaufman.
    430::. leasureentts and Povwer Spnetra of Runway RIoughness 12l25. A A;It 4 lb( (t-I'olver\ d Supersonic TunneI l UTsing, Am-
    at Airports in Cot;llllries of the Nrth Atlatlii T'Fratiy onia-Oxygl :s Working Fluid. By Itiert WV. Gra-
    Organ izxation. PBy Wilbur E. Thompson, lian, Eleanor Costilow (;uentlert, and Vearl N. Huff.
    13014. Matrix Method for il)taining Splniise AMomnent and t:i2G. LItlininag liazards to A\ircraft Fuel Tanks. By .1. 1).
    I)elleo tionus iof Torsio allly Rigid RIttor Blades W' itli RoI IE. 1L. H1ill, Al. Newm iti, and J. I l. Sl: miantn.
    Arbitrary I aditiirgs. By Alton P. Mayo. 1.T Hype'rsonii Viscous Flow Over Slehdir Cones. By Law-
    4:05. \Vind-Tunnel Investigalioin of Effels of Spoiler Loca- retic( TIall'1, T'l'oyoki Koga. and Pauline M. Sheriman.
    tion. Spoiler Size, land uselage Nose Sliapo ol D)irec- 4:2S. Studily of IHydrogen Embrittlleliint of Iron by Internal-
    limonal ('arat:teristics of a a Model of a Tament Iotitor Friction MAetliids. Qy II. IE. Alringer, E. It. Swetnan,
    Helicoplter Fuselage. By 1James L. Williams. 1.. L. 1Ma rsh, and (. K. Mllllaiing.
    4::006. Temilperature and Thermial-Stir s Distribultions in Soine 1:'129. Irnlien( of leal Treaillienlt onMicrsirc re and HIigll-
    Structural Elements leaied at a Coinstalnt Rate. By Telmpeuratlure I'Properties of a Nickel-Bas(, Precipiitation-
    WVilliam A. Brook<, Jr. Hlardening Alloy. y I. t. lDecker. John P. RInwe,
    4:(17. Explerimenltal Aleasurllents of the Effects of Airplaie W. C. ligelow amn J Freeman.
    Motions oni Wiig and Tail Angles of Attack of a Swept- 4:::;:. 4 Flow IIndiled by a ItRtor ill Power-onl Vertical 1)itstlet.
    Wing lBoimler inl Rough Air. By Jerome N. Eligel. B'y Walter Castles, Jr.
    43u<. Transient Teloperature D)istributMion in a Two-Comtloent 4;:;11. AnL Invest igalion ol he IloEffects of Atmoslieric terrosion

    Subjected to Aerodynamllic HIIting Will a Disco(llu- A. Lyb1hld. Herbert F. llardralh, andl Rolbrt L. Moore.
    oius Cl aing in Equilibrium Temperature or Ilea-Trans- 1:;t2. An Appro.\ ah I" ite Probleim of Estimllating Severe and
    for C oefil'iient. By 'iobert L. Trilpi land Rolert A. ltRepted (!st Loadis for Missile )Operations. By Iarry
    Jres. Pres and IRoy Sieinr.
    4.0!. I'se of Shorlt Flat Vanes for Prodlucing Efficient Wide- 48:; CIEffot of Simi' Exlteirnal (rosswisei Stiffll('nrs )tnt the Helat
    Angle Two-I)imtesional Slubsonic Diifusers. B L. T'ralfeo andi PIressurte IDistrilbutin on a Flat Plate at
    Colirn and S. J. Kline. .\I;ach Numbers of 0.77. 1.:'!, and I.!WS. By Hloward
    4:3110. Measurementss of ithe MIotions of a Large Swept-Wing S. Carter.
    Airplatne in Roulgh Air. By itichard II. Ithyne. 1:884. Lag in Press'ure Systems at Ext'remely Iow Pre'ssutres.
    4:11. Pr;ndtlt Number Effet'(s lon Unsteady F('rd-(Convetioin BIy William T. IDvis.
    Ileat 'Transfer. By E. \M. Sparrow and J. L. (Gregg. 1::::5. Pirocedure for C'alculating Flutter at iigh Supersonic
    4312. Internal Ch'aracteristi(cs mad Performance of an Aerody- Speed Including ('amber I)electios. and Coimparison
    nantically Controlled, Variable-Discharge Convergent With Experimental Results. By Houter G. Morgan,
    Nozzle. By Jack G. MIcArdle. Vera I likel. tnd I arry T. Riavyan.


    4:3:G. Experiniental Investligation oif Axial ;andl Normal Force 1:55'. Low Tip Aich Nuiiher Siall (Caravleristi's a11nd igh
    Chalr:ateristics of Skewved Nozzles. HBy Ilavid J. Tip M.\Iac Nilumber (Compressibilily Iffects oil a Illi-
    Carter, Jr., andI Allen i. Vick. oplter 1Rttor Having :ai NACA 00091 Tip Airfoil Section.
    41.37. All InlvestigaHli nl of Soile Phlnoment'ita Ihelating Auiral Bly Hoberi 1I. Powell, .Jr., al Paul J. Carpoenllter.
    IDeteion of Airplanee. Ily Harvey II. Ihibbard and l;i,(l5. Effeels of omipreissibility on Rlolor Iovering Perfornim-
    I Komlnlicv J. Mlgliori. 1incel :a dl S lynthesized l;adeI-Seclion C(ha rate ristics
    4.33I'. Gralphs of Redl edl Variables fir 'limput lillg llio1ries of lerived From e'Asurslld Itlor P'erforimance of Blades
    Vaporizining Fuel DI riops, :anl Drop Ilistories Under IIaving NACA HI)M15 Airfoil Tip Sctlions. ILy Jaies P'.
    Presi'sure. I' y ;. L. B iianl, 11. Al. IE Wakil, A. Shiv( rsi :anlld l.a l (';arlp enter.
    yI yelra, anid P. S.My' A rs. 1;37. Lift anid jrolile-1)raug ('lara'lteri4sics of an NAC(A 0012
    4:,t>. IlyIdri(lynaimi Iipati Lcoads ofr a o-211 Dead-)1 ise In- Airfoil S4c-ioin as Derived From Al(esured Ielicopter-
    verted --A Mhodel a:idl C('pariisons Wih ll ad s of a iotior IIoverilig 'Performani, ly' Paul .1. Carpenter.
    Fllat-otilii MIodl. Iy Philip AlM. 1g Jr. 1:35S'. 'Supersolnic Wave Inilrfi'ermnce Affctling Stability. Bly
    4:;-10. A\iilli-T innell Ivii sl ini'tioll n f tlhe Ililh SRilbsoni( Slta ic El' gene i Love.
    ,(,oin itlllimal Stallility C'liaratr'- istlis of S \e'ral Wing- 1', A\ Ite\viow 4of t111 Thr'lni(dynal micii Trainslort, land( Ch'lle i-
    Iody Co( itiia natr;tions I,<'signi'd for lliN li lift- ra'g ;tl ltictiio Ri ate Priperties of High-T opii erature Air.
    Itatis a:1t a Alacl i Nuim l'r ()o' 1.1. Iy I': l (jG. i'ournier. Ily C'. Frederick Iai son andl Sti ve 1'. lhitins.
    1-'41. .L(, -Slpeed L]lEx riniilint;l D)'lc'riiiailion o(i f the El'ff'Ils' of 1:I l. Alasu.rm, '> of l( 1 :f of 1 Wa'ill Oitlhlow ail I'orosily
    Lailini.g-Ede Idins anil 1rolilh Thi ''liiknr on Stat ic on Wave Atternainal inll a: Transionic \\indl Tunnel With
    anil (I illatory Lateral Staibility l,'iiva ives for a 1'erfior;itlI Walls. BIy .1osen h Al. Spiegel. 'lhillips J.
    Ielia W ing with i l I of I.lAdi Ed;i ih- l S (1. Iy Tin ll( anI \\';l'arl(ln S. \\W ilson.
    Ilerniaii S, Fl1h 'hher. 4:1(il. iholiz \Vil m V s ;lnd \\M inX-Iiolldie( at a Mlilh NunmI er of
    4:1 2. Flighlt Aleia' nm'rin'its of 1li i Vilralunory li'(ili" i t aidld Tor- 83. It I:llioltt I). Kailtz'i.
    sionail Stres1' s (11 : M11loilced Sllei'crsfiiii[c P'roplllr for 1:2. I-'oroe and Ir'ossur'e M surnineni at Trans liri Speeds
    Fiorwardil r ali N iiiliers it to1 ,14 0.5. Ity Tl'ioinia/s C( for Sev'eal It ldiecs aivinl- IElliptical Cross Seotilns.
    ()' Ilry ii. Ily Joihi II. AMl vi lt it lI and Ithbert A. Taylor.
    4;11. A ('muiipalriso of Two Altliols for (';illillating Tra'r sienimt -411;. SimplifietId Aethod fior Il terinilnation of Critial Height
    Te rlli 'at!res for Thick Walls y .;iiames ,J. Itglia of i)istrilmitedi Ito sl4glles I'art ic(h for i nlllary-Layer
    aid Helen Brill .til lerfoniii;i e at I.o S|i p) o(i of (Com'llir r It tors, Il vin I rt r. L;rals m a d4i d -ll u ene (. Q Knolix.
    Io\a (':ilereid NA'CA (; -Serie>s lll:Ide With Ilig Inlet 43(11. An Investigantion of StlIeroniciI Turlhtilet Bouindiary
    Anigls a4l Io~w solidiies. PIy Jamies C. e'lliiry and Liayers ti1l Sleinder ollhie's 4of IRevolution in Free Flight
    Pau1 \V. llo \\irl. hy I 'e oIf a Mih-Zelinider I terferoen'ter aInd Shldow-
    Tl1. Similiar l Solutliis r e lieO ( m ressible liinll iar' La yer gra; ilis. ly AIlvin S iff l u l IriI l arla J. Short.
    (1 a Yailwx Cyli iher Wiih l'Tran-lSpir;ation Coolinr. By 11. Igare-S(-ale \Wiml-T'lnnel Tests of in Airplane AModel
    Ian ;. 'liNekwitl Withi ili I U"nswe Aspct-littio-10 Wing, Two Propel-
    1;11;. Approxiimaote Alethodl for Cailculatin g Mlotions in Angles rs''. :nilt Ar'e;-Sitiion IFlips. PBy James A. Weilberg,
    of Atilack ;ini Sielip Due to ) tep Pitc'hiil- and Yaw- ltyV N. (Grilin J. nd (Gorge L. Flormilan.
    iiig-Miiint Iritrs )Duirinig Ste:iady Roll. TLy Martin T. 413;. The lET-is of lan Inverws-Ta per Levaing-ldgEl Flap oni l the
    Moil al T'eresa It. BI'en i. Aero(dy1linai Cha'ra:nteristics in Pitchl of a Wling-Body
    -:1IT. A Nonlinear Theory for Predictinig Ite Eff's of Un- Cominaiition 1Hvin"g ian Asli Itatio of 3 and 41 of
    st(ady Laiminar. Turbuliit, or Traniitionial Lonundary Sweepihatk at AMlah Nuiimbers to 0,. 02. By Fred A.
    Layers (i' the11 At ation of Shock Waves inl a Shock D ele and K. Il arw'iio Powell.
    Tubie Willh Experimioenal (lopalriion. By 1 ort L. 43:17. Wind-Tuniol Tests of a: Full-Sa1le Helicopter Itotor With
    'rimpi andl Nathaniel I. (ohein. Syminrietrical and With (Cam lred Ilade Sections at
    4:31. Eet (of Tnilli'iratre ion Iyilmie Moduhlus of Elasticity Advan'ce Ittitos From ii .1 o 0.4. By .John L. Ale-
    of S')ine Sri iitulral Alloys'. By Louis F. Vosteenll. Cl(oud1 I II1 and (,lGeorge' MCllough.
    11:lt). Hlet Transfer ilind Thermal Stresses in Sanlwich 4:;8i. A Study of Several Theoretical Methods for Co(mputilng
    Panels'. Iy Itobert T. Swalli. tlhe Zero-Lift WavIe Drai g of ia Famiily of O)penl-Nosed
    1:50. Th4liorliial Dist ributiion of Llilnr-Iloundary-Layer Bodie(s of Revolution in the MacAh Niu er Range of
    Thicknessl Bonilary-Layer eIyno4lds Number a;ind Sta- 2.0 to 4.0. By Lrqiy L. Presley anld Einiet A.
    ailiTy LiItit, andl oughneiiss Reynolds Number for a Mosmilin.
    Spihere arid Disk iln Inioilpressible Flow. By Neal 4:6(,). Slip-Flow Heat Transfer From1 Cylirnders in Subsonic
    T4'',rini. Airstreiiis. By Lionel V. lBaldwin.
    I::)L ASumm1:1ary of Methods of Aleasuring Angle of Atack on
    1. riiil.1' l, li (; 'iiik 4I370. So1ine Nunieriail Soltionis of Similarity Equations for

    U5.,-., Two, ilsii ,ml n, Hyer Three-Dimensional Laininar Inc(mpressible Boundary-
    4.,.,. IT lhhilc sul a d (iplh of Normal-SI o k(4Y P raii ieters at IHyper- ,i"i ,. ,, ) .. r i i ,.
    S' ti( a dr i 4 4 ria l,- I I a a le' Layer Flows. By Peggy L. Yohiner and Arthur G.
    44ii n .Maili \iilihers' :i1ad Selecte'd Altiltules. By Paul
    W. 11UiNbr. HIansen.
    1:8-:2. Expl:\ rl:i.ry \Vin :11an 'l'r:ais lif Sl' eds of Jet Flalls (ion l nsawxlpt Rec- tion Dur)'illn'g F tiguie( (of Alulllilni lum. By S. I. Valluri.
    :iniotlar \\'inzs. I;t V'iirnard ]V. 1Lokwo()1od and Ray- 4:172. El'ft of Proeipitate Particles on ('reep of Aluminmin -
    1nii I| \'Ile. (%Copper Alloys During Age Hardening. By E'. I. inder-
    1351. \l'-iiriiif n a Si 1oc] T iilb (f 1He l '11'ransfer Rates woo(, L. L. Marshi ill (] K. A lanl ing.
    at the St;ianti.ion Point o(f :1a LO INih i liaieter Sphere 17T1. Thore'ial and Expleriilental Anilysis of (lie Reduction
    for 1 ,al G(;;) T'iwIrn t nres up to 7.M(0( IR. IBy of Iotor' Blade Vilbraltion in Turhoallhinery Through
    Al\exale r 1'. S;Ialil. li1e Use f Moi(dillied Stltor Viane Spacing. By Richard


    II. Keiup, Marvin II. Hirschberg, a:id William C. 4394. The te of Fatigue-Cra lk Popagation inI To Aluminuml
    Morgan. Alloys. By Arthur J. AMcvily, Jr., and Walter Illg.
    4374. Rate of Reaction of Gaseons Fluorine With Wa ter Vaor 4315. 1se o f the Kernel Fmiution in a Three-Diiensional
    at 35' (. IBy Vernon A. Slal by and Edward A. Flutter Analysis With Application to a Fhltter-Tested
    Fletcher. Delta-Wing Model. Iy lonald S. Woolstoi and Jo.n I.
    4375. Approximate Soluttions of a Chlass of Similarity Eqluationls Sewell.
    for Three-Dinmensional, Lailiniar, Incompressible 4-391(. A Phellnoenlr ical Theory for the Transierint C'reep of
    Jloundaliry-Layer Flows. IPy Arthur G;. llansn arid Metals at Elevated T'emperatures. By Elbridge Z.
    Ioward Z. Ilerzig. Stowell.
    4376. Analytical and Exprimental Investigatio n of Temlpera- 4397. Static Longitudinal and Lteral Stability Charactristics
    ture Recovery Factors for Fully Developed Flow of Air at. Low S~peed If G( Swepltbaclk-Midwing Models Hav-
    ill a Tube. By It. G. Deissler, W. F. Weilail, and W. in_ W\ings WVith an Aspectt Ratio o' 2, 4. otr ;. IBy Walter
    II. Lowdermilk. I). Wolhart iaii David F. Thomas, Jr.
    4377. Use of the Coanda Effect for Jet )Dellection aind Vertical 4398. Ainalysis of the Creep lBehluvior of : Square Plale Loaded
    Lift With Multiple-Flat-Plate and ( 'urved-Pilale De- in Edge Coimlpression. By Harvey G'. McComb), J.r.
    flection Surfaces. By I'we 11. von G:hnl a'nld Thomas 1099. Relative Motion in the TerminaIl Phlase of Interception
    F. Gelder. oif a Satellite or a Blallistic -Missile. Bx Ric:lurd A.
    43'78. Preliminary 1Henat-Transfier Studies on Two IBodie's of IHorId.
    Revolution at Angilk of Attack at a M:ach Numbeir if 4t00. Measurements of Grould-leactill Forcs and Verti(al
    3.12. By Norman Sands and John R. Jack. Center-of-Giravity A'celirations of a I Bomber Airplane
    4379. Tor'que-Speed Characiterist is 'for ighi-Speciic-Work TTaxiing >Iver listahles. By JaimIs M. McKay, Richiard
    Turbines. Bfy Warner I. Stewart. 1f. Sawyer. and Albert W. Hall.
    4380. Approximate Methold for ('alculation of Lailinla r Bound- io 01. HIldrodyl:miici Ilmp lct Lolads on 30' alid G0 V-Step Pla:n-
    ary Layer With i Heat Tra.insfer on a C(one at Large IFrm Models With iad Withiout Ded Rise. By PIhilip
    Angle of Attack inl Suer.sonic Flow. Iy William E. E. dge. .r.. :d .n PI. MNsoln.
    lBrunk. 110I2.I Masurements it Ae\rodylnamic' Forc'es arid Mol Inients :at
    4381. EIffect of IPressure and Duct G(ometrV on BlluffT ody Stubsoic(i Speeds oln a Simplified T-Tail )scillating in
    Flamnie Stabilization. By Andrew E. Potter. Jr., andl Yaw Abount t1 Fin MidMclord. Iy Shlermam A. ('leven-
    Edgar L Wollng'. s"li alnd Siiiner A. Loadbltter.
    4382. Investigation of IBoiling lurnIut aml Flow Stabilit for' 141 Tets f I ti -',St iftened Cir ular CVlinders Subiited to a

    t'jn'i'ti htrrl I:'alsstg e~s. By Illert CS. I ) li atl( (lIIna r Ig R. Pet'i i
    433. A l tr for in h-Tm rur -ts of roller Position al Overlap o the Slip-
    (Gs Streamis. By Llod N. Krause, lRoert C. Johnson, t:It li rierisis of a Wii-P er
    anld George Glawe. i,-liuration Equituped Witlh i Slidingu and Fowler'
    andi i at d Sa Pi i ii F i)lli. Ily \W illiamt C. Ha es, Jr., Richard I Kutin, and
    4181. Analysis of Turbilent. Flw i:ld l Heat. Trailsfer in N01n-
    i i Ir ina I Sherinain.
    (circular Passages. TIy RIobert G. Deissler and Maynard
    Pt. Taylor. I1o'. Free-Flih't Ines sli;itioi To) Defnt eine the Drag of Flat-
    43S5. Comparison of Shoak-Expansion Thleory Withn Experiment )111 Vi -Wiidslild C'anopies on a Parabolic Fusetage
    for 1he L ift, Dragn, a il itching-Moment Ch:l:te- with i ithot Trlnric Ien:tion Itw
    istics of Two Wing-llody C(omllbinationsl at M- 50. .By M:oh Nuiiiers of 0.75 ,(nd 1.:5. By Walter L.
    arviyioind C. Savin. TK'yum.iin adl Sh'lewood1d ,fm:aaln.
    432S. An Analysis of Itamj(t Enginets sing Slupers(oic Con- 11 Law Tir Fric tion and Cornering IFo ces io a Wet Sur-
    Iustion. Ir y Richard J.. Weber and Johin S. .MwKay. fr'ce. Bs Exislav N 8. Ilarrin.
    43S7. SExxprimentall Evalation of Low-Hl1 '-Pss Lm ing-Gear 1 fes of Groun Proximily on the Thrust oof a Simfple
    Shock Absorber for Pulse Loadings. By manllel lDownl:rd-lirected Jet lineath :1 Flat SurfaeO. By
    Shelllitzer. Kenneth P. Spre(,liliin and Irving It. iSheriman.
    438. Effe.ts of Nose Anle mdi 1 Mach Number on Transition 4108. The Theory aof I ift'sioi in Strainl-e Systems. y Louis
    on Cones at Supersoni, Speeds. By K. I. Czarnelcki A. Girifalo :ml a Hubert It. Grimes.
    mil M1ary W. Jackson. .10. Flight .Measurelllints of the Vibratiolln Expelrience(d 1by :t
    43V.). Effect, of Adv:ance Ialio on Flight Performallce of :a T:Iandemt Helicpter in Transition. Vortex-Rling State.
    Modified Supers"onic Propeller. By Jerome B. Ham l,:anling Approm-ch. a;m Yawed Flight. IBy John E.
    mack and Thomas C. O'BIry;n-. Y..ts.
    4390. Erffects of Frequency and Amplitude on the Yawing De- o ,. r
    4410. Flight: Measuremnents olf 1he : ibratorv Stresses on a Pro-
    rivItives of Triangular, Swept, anid Unswept Wingsl- .,
    peller D)esigned for an Advance Ratio of 4.0 and a
    and of a Tri nng ular-Wi g-Fuselage Combin|ation With
    "In of, a Coinh i *o Mauh Numlier of O.s2. IBy Thomas C. O'Brvyol.
    and Without :a Triangular Tail IPerforming" Sinusoidal
    Yaiwing Osci)llations. Iy1 William Letko and IHerman
    43,91. Mass Trans.fer Cooling Near the Stagnation Point. By
    Leolnard Roberts. 1404. Investigation o(f Aperiodic Time Processes With Autoomr-
    4392. A Theoretical Study of Stagnation-Point Ablation. By relation and Fourier Analysis. By Marie Luise Exner.
    Leonard Robert's. From Acustic:, v. 4. no. :. 1954. p. 365-379.
    4393. Some Statie Lolngitudinal Stahility (Chara.ctristics of an
    Overlapped-Type Tandom-Rotor Heolicopter at Low Air- i The missinm mnum,,rs in the series of Technical Mi-rioral'iiiis wenI
    speeds. BIy IRobert J. T:laps(coft. released efore or after the poeriod envered by lhis report.


    1407. Free (Conlivection l( I Ider the 0 ('idid jillS (iof thle Illernal I 1:1. Alppliealtion of the Melhod of ( oordinate Pt o ertl urba Iion to
    Problem. By (. A. ( Ost ron1unov. F'roiim Russian Book, Illnsteady I )lct Flow. By Sey IIIoIll (. HIillel, Case
    1!.,2. Instit1tile of Technology.
    1-40t. The Principles of Turbuleilnt Ht Transifer. Iy II. 1tHlt. The TurIullent Houndary Layer on a louglh Curvilinear
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    Wave. BIy .1. Brillohin. Frmni Acslicti'a, v. 5.. In1. 3. I11. The Eff(cl, of Free-Strean TurbIulehie o I feat T'raInsfer
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    d('ltid(,s 0 do (Iwhelrche' A\'rolIantI Il'S. \(Noe T'''l 1%, 115:', 1. Is 25.
    niquii' i). :. 11, I ;.
    1-ll. Stild of 4 the Micro Noi niniforinity of (h1 P'l:astic Dl) ,.r -
    inafiiin of1 Ste(. liv y 1. ( hl.(.huiuin. Irim lizika OTHIER TECHNIC(AL PAPERS BY STAFF
    MAl:tllo) i Al. tall'ovdenieii. v. 1, no. 2, I., 15 2I, 1 1 210(. M EMBERS
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    sl sS. 217 2:'0).
    141:1. Impae l ar n i Comiprssilile Fliil. IAy 1.. I'. E i Fr n And rson, lo r A. : Wei'ghit-Elliciency Analysis o* Thiui-Wing
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    1111. A rmlyiali i(. eso rli on Fisi l:-i e s Witlh l :il (Cros. Selioni. liy K. .M:irhin. From JA.Ihrlbliuh 1912 'arel Airplanies. Presenlted at the IFiftlh Aleetlini of the
    der dehti slcien Il.ifl irt l'or-s'eliiiiu, ip. 2(;1: 279!. Hl -(tllres a;iid Materials Pal ell ('Copenhillgenl, l)eil ark,
    1417. ( In Siiie ,tru of Natiural l ()s illat ion)s o( f Tw i\-li ii Apri 2') Maly 3, 1957)i..\ A visor\y (Group for Ae\rona ia t iial I e-
    sio,:) l L:im inor Flows. Bly I). r(;,ine. From Zeit- s(,arc.h a;lnl 1eveloplmeli l {epirt 10).
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    1411S. 'The Ilnteractio)n of :ia Ile(,leI l Sii'h k \Wave Witih tl Hilt'" Ma(I h Nill)ers. Presented ait tlie Ninth I M1 etinil of the
    l,'iundary L:iyer in a Shok T lube. ly IlerIanl Mark. Filiht 'Test l'anel l ruis.el-., Belgiumn. Aug. 27 :,1. 11.56().
    14:11. Ont (te i ltisti:ial Theory of Turbulence. y WV. Hen- Adviory (iroup for Aeronautical Rllse(archl alnd Developlment

    1188Stibjlj Oill t' s ljlt*A'IilllliYlof ('111100vilc,1 liVl W. of I 'iiibiil 11elle.l Friik -lhl 1'lUJht llll 1'e iilise(1 hse. Ad-
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    62.S (;657. Itelles. Frank, anl O'7Neal, Cleve laind Jr.: Effcl s of Ilialoge-
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    Two-lim sioiial :id Rotationally Svmmet rical Lami- ei<';l Interpre'ta tionl if 4 Their A(clioln. Sixth Symposium
    lir Imul ldary-Layer Fl liy Nils Fri;sslint. From I In terial inal on (')tm u istiln Yale nivi., .New IHaveln,

    Nat li yeLayer Flowe ie lbs Nls u ;s lh'ilal- Iie1
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    Surfices. 'Presented at tle Fifth .Meeting of the Structures 171 : Discussion, pp. 171-174.


    The National Advisory Conomittee for Aeronautics sor to (Gelneral Putt on the 'ommittee. In the interiim,
    was established by act of Congress approved March 3, Lt. Gen. Roscoe C. Wilson, ISAF, General Putt's suc-
    1915 (U.S. Code, title 50, sec. 151). The organic act cessor as Deputy Chief of Staff, Development, served
    as amended provided that the Committee be composed as actingll member of NACA.
    of 17 members appointed by the President, including Becau se of his detachment as Deputy ('hief of Naval
    two relresentatives each of the Department of the Air Operations (Air) and tranlsfer to duty with the At-
    Force, the Department of the Navy, and the Civil Aero- lalntic Fleet, tlie ienemership of Vice Adni. William V.
    nautics Authority; one representative each of the Davis, I SN, on the NA(A was terminated May 22,
    Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. Weather Bureau, and 1958. As in the case of (General Putt, tle President
    the National Bureau of Standards: and "one Depart- did not appoint a. successor on t tile (o mmittee, andl in
    ment of Defense representative who is acquainted with the meantime Vice Adml. Robert B. Pirie, CSN, Ad-
    the needs of aeronautical research and development." iiiral Davis' successor in his Navy post. served as act-
    The law further provided that tlie membershilp include ing NAA member.
    seven members alppointed for five-year terms from per- eference was made in tlie opening statement of this
    sons "acquainted with the needs of aeronautical scienlce, report to tlie National Aeronautics and Space Act, of
    either civil or military, or skilled in aeronautical en- l!5s (Public Law S5-56(s), approved July 2, 1958.
    gineeringor its allied sciences." The representatives of In ancrdance with that act, and by proclamation of
    the Government organizations were appointed without tie Adm inistrator of the National Aeronaut ics and
    definite terms, and all members served as such without Space Administration which lie has indicated he will
    conmpensat ion. plublis in the Federal Register of September 30, 1958.
    In accordance w ithl the regulations of the ('olnittee tile National Advisory ('Conmittee for Aeronautics will
    as approved by the President, tlie chaiarmian and vice cease to, exist at te cloe lo of business September 30,
    chairman and the chairmaln and vice chairman of the 195's. At that timne all its functions, powers, duties,
    Executive Comuittee were elected manuall Tihe ofli- ad obligations, and all real and personal pro perty,
    cers now serving, reelected at, the annual meetini i of the personnel (otler than nmemberls of tlie Conmittee),
    Committee October 10. 1957, aire: Ir. .lames 11. Io- funds, and recordls will le tiransferred to the National
    little, Chairman of thie NACA. and Chairman of lte Aeronautics and Space Adninistration. All member-
    Executive Commnittee: Dr. Leonard C(arichael, Vice ships on tle NACA will tlen be termiatated.
    Chairman of tile NA(CA: andl )Dr. I)etlev W. 1rolnk. The inembers of tlie National Advisory (Cnnittee
    Vice Chairman of the Executive (Conmittee. o,. Aeroinautics at the end of its existencme, September
    The following changes in inembership have taken :o ), 1 9), ae as follows:
    lace during the ast year ames II. 1little. S. 1).. Vice President. Shell Oil Co.,
    On ( tober 22, 1957, President Eisenhower ap- ciai Ian.
    pointed l on. Paul I). Foote, Assistant Secretary of Leomnaird arniiihluel, I'h. )., Secretary, Smithsonian Institu-
    D)efenlse (Research and Engineering), as tile Depart- tion, Vice (ihirlmlan.
    Illellt of I)efenlse represel tative on tie ('Commiittee an- Allen V. Astin Ph I)., irector, National Bureau of Standards.
    thorized in the law. HIe slcceelded Hon. Clifford (C. Preston RI. 1;asset I). So.
    D etlev mV. Brionk. Ph. li., 'President. Rocckefeller Institute for
    F1iinas, wh ose mnemerll)eshii) on N A(A was ternllinateld Medica Research1.
    Felruarl'y 15 1957, as a result. of his resignation as Frederick C. Crawford, Sc. D., 'hairman of lhe Board, Thomp-
    Assistant Secretary of Iefense (Research land Devel- son Products. inle.
    oinlelit). Paul D. Foote. Ph. I)., Assistant Secretary of Defense (Re-
    The NA( A memanership of IA. Gen. IDoald L. Putt. ,earch and Engin eeri ng
    .Wellington T. Ilines. Rear Admiral. U.S. Navy. Deputy andn
    who had been serving as IDeputy C'hief of Staff, Devel- Assistant Chief of the Bureau of Aeronautics.
    opiment, of tlie Air Force, was automlatically terni- Jerome C. Tunsaker. Sc. I)., Massachusetts Institute of Tech-
    nated June 30, 1958, on his retiremelnt from the Air nology.
    Force. Tie 1~had been a mlembler of NACA more than (harles J. McCarthy. S.., Cha.irman of the Board, Chalce
    nine years, hvin been apoinitel March 2, 1949. Be- Vounht Aircraft. Inc.
    SJames T. Pyle, A.B., Administrator of Civil Aeronautics.
    cause of tlhe legislation then pending in the Congress Francis W. Reichelderfer. Sc. D.. Chief. U.S. Weather Bureau.
    which would result in the termination of the existence Edward V. Rickenhacker, Sc. )., Chairman of the Board, East-
    of the NACA, the President did not appoint a succes- ern Air Lines, Inc.


    Louiis S. Iothslhild. I'h. IL. Ilnder Secretary of ('oimmiere for Conimimittee on Space Technlology will be complleleed in
    Trans rtat ion. t (li nII ea r fuitur 'e.
    Thomas 1. \W\hit. General. I'.S. Air Force. Chief (of Sklff. ,'l NA('A li aim) been assiled ine 1945 by ill
    Inl its coodliltion of aeroinaitica el re:Il Iduis hy ('an oIllti ( 'oainittee. whose fillictlion liis
    for'tlilllion oft it',s ret :rch prorallls, tihe1 NA('A has ,1lell to advise the NA(A a1 s o foeneral research] policy
    )eeil :atI-i-Iled l i a 11" iniber of veas Iby foull' lii il1 tech1- InI pro)l'ai(L pecill y wil igillearl to tlie needs of
    nita1 l tc0 i illec--s. ( iirl' l Pach of it ese cOllmlllit ee indus i 'ry.
    sehave ee o ize4I Varying il iniber At t ie linal meetinug of tie- National Advisory (,onii-
    frolit three It IIh. the lot1' ni1beir in l!9s beingy 23. IIlltte for .\rolaulicn ol Aigust 21, 1i .8, the llem lle
    ( )i Fe cbray ;. 2 : >S. t lile na es (if e Ifo)ll litlil ie( of ti.h ( ( o nm itte eLx ''pr se the firlm o()illioll thiat t1ie
    ic'll coilmiltlitees, .s well :a thlose of cerliit lcni o 'll- adlvice ani iooq c'al ion of NA.\CA\ 'comiiitltee(s iiinl sib-
    ilitltesl \\ r'e chalilil 1 to i111ica:tie ior'i e ld lilitel V Il ieir co iim itt s hiav\e eeln : Ilii lily i1ilij:llcant factor in the
    co(lniiance of )'ro)les applicable to iissiles and sm eeclt ive dlischlarge of I lie (lit its of NA('A.
    ciaft a well :ias iircraft. The folln lilailn itcill i 'l Tle Adiiiiis lrator of lie National Aeroinaill ics and
    c(miiiillttees nl\\ are: (C liiiittee lo Aircaitt, AMitsie, Slpce Amlinlistirationl, on. T. Keith Glenlini, hlas
    ai Spaierallt Aerl'dyilailcs friielIv ('lillitltie oll ilidicalted tal:1f the proc)'lliatiol which lie will issue for
    Aerml Ilynaliics): ('Om ittee on Air'r'ft. lissrile, amli public:tion in tile Federal Regiiter of Seplemiiber i)
    p1ice'rilt l 'Propulsillo ( forl'liiel ( lili ee ol o er l' will includ1 e a pr'oviion that, lihe coI li ittees an10 d 1-
    1laints for Air'raft) : 'oniiittee 1on Aircraft. Mis--sile. cmimittees of lihe NA('A are being r'ecionstitted ad-
    aill Spa:cecra f (Col stlrlclionl (I f1mlerl'y ( olliiiiittee (l viory coillitt 'eet to tlie NAS for the purpols of
    Airilcraif (Co.lst l'ct ioi) : andl (Olm littee 1 t A ircraft blriilnng titli ctlirrenf l orkl to orderly comipletion.
    ()Olertingi Prob l leliis> (lilerll ((irell t'lil'illee ()p per- Tlie, ielllllber lshi' of lhe ,C(o)iillttet'S adll their sub-
    atil- IProblelis). Elheclive Jlanliary 1. 9)S, tile Sii- mlliiitteesall workiling giout is a follows:
    co1iiiitltee oil Ici) Ig Problents, ftorliier l' V or'galilzedl
    llItler the ()mlliee l l () 1 rating Problems)l' wv:s, dli- COMMITTEE ON AIRCRAFT, MISSILE,AND
    conti iued. silce it wals 1 lh opinioi of tie NA('A that SPACECI AIT AEROI)YNAMICS
    thl dlemands for relear'c il this field had ldecreased to
    suchl anll extent lth th lie la:ilintelalce of ai, separate tub- MIr. rst R. Biassett, Chairman.
    r Theodore I'. ,Wri'iglit. Vice President f" or Research, Cornell
    'co mlmllittee was not jusl tilied. and s utc reii search :is w a s i vs-. ie W h i ce
    UniverMty, Vice (hIirlnan.
    leeyled iln this Hlid cold be cotndlcted illder' tlhe co- Malj. (en. Ralph P. Swofford, Jr., I.SA F, Assistant )elputy Chief
    Ilizllce oIf tile S imlll, llittee oil Flighllt Safety all tlie of Staff, .Developmient, 1.S. Air Force.
    Slllb miniititee oil .eteol)rolo-ica11 Prllobleils. Col. Handall D. Keator, UISAF, Chief, Aircraft Laboratory,
    The XNA(CA at its iieeting <' )1Novelher 21, 107 .- Wright Air Development (enter.
    SRear Admn. L. 1. Cotites. ISN, Assistant Chief of the Bureau
    au:liorized lhe estallislinient of :a Special ( omillittee aTll
    n Ii zell ( f Aeronautic s for Research and Development, Department
    Splce Techllnlogy, to be comnposedl of experts especially of the Navy.
    Iqualifietl in tile field, t o )IsurveyV the whole prob1len of Mr. Abrahaln Ilyatt. Bureau of Aeronautics, Department of the
    space tecihiolog(y flromt tlie l)Oil o iew f nvie eeded re- Navy.
    se; rcIl1 levelopment, aind to Iliake recomllelldat ions Calt. Robert L. Townsend, USN, Assistant Director, Research
    S.and Developlment DIivision, Bureau of Ordnance, Department
    to tile NA('A. It was )(pointed out that, while the t
    of the Navy.
    NA( A alrieady had :a >stalntial elflt on prblei of 1 Maj. Gen. H. N. Toftyr. USA, Conumanding General, Aberdeen
    fli, lit 1e yn id tlie earth' aimiosp>lhere, as exenlplified 1b Proving Ground.
    tlhe X. 1. res(I'arch airipl)llne beio co(ll Stl-1'ted Ictv by lorth Col. George P. Seneff, Jr., USA, Office of the Chief of Research
    A1e'rican Aviation. Inc.. a:1 a, joint Air For'e-Navv- and Development. 1 epartment of the Army.
    \ ( jt, ii r i l l ir IIarold D. IIoekstra, Civil Aeronautics Administration.
    XA 'A proiJect, a4d bv its researchl prolra'n oi1 bil is- A A i t
    S. Dr. Hugh L. Dryden (ex officio).
    1i ic i--sile probllletims, tihere was iteed for a review of the Ir. Floyd L. Thompson, NACA Langley Aeronautical Labora-
    wl1ole prob'lell of spate( tec'liholo)gy. The Splecial Coill- tory.
    iiiittee on Sp) ace' 'ecno iloloy was organized in *Tanitary Mr. Russell G. Robinson, NACA Anies Aeronautical Laboratory.
    1958 Iluler t lie (lairtilstislip of Dr. T1. Gulyford Stev(er, Dr. Milton U. Clauser, Director, Aeronautical Research Labora-
    A 4' it l( I)eaI of IEngiillneer'in~g" f lihe MAi;Isstit'diisetts tl'tory, The Ramo-Wooldridge Corp.
    s a eCapt. W. S. Diehl, USN" (Ret.).
    Fi-ilite o t 'chnolo(),, and hi:ls been elagled in a Mr. Clarence L. Johnson, Vice President, Research and De-
    sliurve of l t entil ie Ieb ild. wiit thlie aid of seven workini vetlopmnt, Lockheed Aircraft Corp.
    group-l )~(1:tabli1sh foIr 1stIl of tile following areas: Dr. A. Kartveli, Vice President, Research and Development,
    Spjce.( lIreaircih ()h jective: Vellicular Progral' : IRe- Republic Aviation Corp.
    eItry Iii: g'. al ad Ta1ii Faciliti es: I Mr. Schuyler Kleinhans, Assistant Chief Engineer, Santa Monica
    S' ,Division, Douglas Aircraft Co., Inc.
    st.'entalion ll:t : Splice Surveillance; and 1 luai Dr. Clark B. Millikan, Director, Daniel Guggenheim Aeronauti-
    Factors :land Trainlli nl. T'e Irelort of tle Special cal Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.


    Mr. Kendall Perkins, Vice President, Engineering, McDonnell Air. C. J. Koch, Chief of Staff, Advanced Design, The Martin
    Aircraft Corlp. Co.
    Mr. George S. Sclhairer, Director of Research, Seattle Division, Mr. John G. Lee, I)irector of Researcl, United Aircraft (Corp.
    Boeing Airplane Co. Dr. Albert E. Lombard, Jr., Director of Research, McDonnell
    Prof. William Ri. Sears, Cornell Iniversity. Aircraft Corp.
    Mr. R. C. Sebold, Vice President, Engineering, Convair, Divi- Mr. Iarlolwe J. Lonigfelder, System s Engineering )irector,
    sion of General Dynamtics Corp. IBoeing Airplane Co.
    Mr. IT. A. Storms, Jr., Chief Engineer, Los Angeles Division. Prof. John R. Markha in, Professor of Aerona tial Engineering.
    North American Aviation, Inc. Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
    Mr. George S. Trimible Jr., Vice President-Chief Engineer, The Mr. \V. F. Radcliffe, 'hlief of Aeropliysic, Convair, Iiv ision of
    Martin Co. General Dynamics Corlp.
    Mr. Milton BI. Ames, Jr.. Secretary Mr. Ronald Smelt, Director, New Design Office, Missile Systlems
    Division, Lockheed Aircraft Corp.
    Subcommittee on Fluid Mechanics Mr. Albert J. Eva is, Secretary

    Prof. William R. Sears, Cornell University. Chairman. Subcommittee on Aerodynamic Stability and Control
    Lt. Col.. I. W. Marschner, USAF, Air Force Missile Develop-
    ment Center. Capt. W. S. Diehl,. USN (Ret.). (Chairman.
    Mr. E. IIaynes, Air Force f)fice of Scientific Research. Mr. Melvin Slorr, Wright Air Develolpment Center.
    Dr. Frederick S. Sherman, Office of Naval Research, Depart- Mr. Jerome Teplitz, Bureau of Aeronautics, Department of the
    nient of the Navy. Navy.
    Mr. John 1). Nicolaides, Bureau of ()rdnance. Department of Mr. Joseph E. LI ng, Bureau of hrdanice. D)epartment of the
    the Navy. Navy.
    Dr. Joseph Sternberg. Ballistic Research Laboratories, Aber- Trans sportation Research and Engineering
    deeln Proving Groulndl. (Co tllallItll.
    Dr. G. B. Schulauer, Chief, Fluid AlMchallnics Section, National Mr. L. l:Baker. Civil Aeronautics Admiliistration.
    Burenu of Standards. Mr. Charles J. Donlan, NACA lngley Aeronautical LNbora-
    Dr. Adolf iuseiann. NACA Langley Aeronautical Laboratory. toiry.
    iMr. Clinton E. Brownii. NA(A Langley Aeronluitical Lalbortory. Mr. Charles 1F. Ill. NAC(A A.\es Aeroniautical Labhoratory.
    Dr. D. . hapman, NACA Ames Aeronautical Laboratory. Mr. lHubertI Drake. NACA Ilighi-Speed Flight Station.
    Mr. Robert T. Jones, NACA Ames Aeroinatical Laboratory. AMr. E A. oA. ne,. Allpplied Physics Laboratory, The Johns Hop-
    Ir. John C(. Evvard, NACA Lewis Flight I'ropulsion Laboratory. kinis tUniversity.
    Dr. J. V. Charyk, Aeronutronic Systems, Inc. Mr. W. i. Brenhaus. Cornell Aerona iia Laboratory, Inc.
    Prof. Wallace ). Ilayes, Princeton I'niviersity. Mr. Paul C. EIliions. Manager. levelopment Analysis, Bell
    Prof. (Otto Laolrte, University of Michigan. Aircraft Corp.
    'Prof. Lester Lees, (California Institute of Technology. Alr. J. IE. Goode, Jr.. Convir. Division of General lynnies
    Prof. HIans \V. Lieilmann, (California Instiltue of Te'hnology. 'orl)., Fort VWorth.
    Prof. C. C'. ,in, lMissac:hustts Institute of Tecihnology. Ir. William T. lnmilton. (Chielf Aerlodyaniics Engaineer, Boe-
    Prof. E. L. Resler. Jr., CIornell University. ing Airplane (o.
    Mr. Ernest erson, J., Secretary ir. laxlwell W. IHuterI *Cief Mlissiles )eign Engineer, Iolg-
    las Aircraft Co., Inc.
    Sulcommittee on HIig.h-Speed Aerodynamics Ir R. Ka ov. Northrop Aircraft, Inc.
    Prof. E. E. Larraiee. Mlassachiiusells Institute of Technology.
    Dr. Clark BI. Millikan, Director, I)Daniel Guggenheim Aero- Mr. (Conrad A. Lai, Ch'ine, Vought Aircraft, Inc.
    nautical Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, lMr. Jack ID. IBrew\\er Secretary

    Mr. Rolert F. Rohinson, Air Research and Devehlopment Subcommittee on Automatic Stabilization and( (()Cntrol
    Mr. Oscar Seidman, BIureau of Aeroniutiis, Department of the iMr. x'arren E. Sxwansn. North Amerie'an Aviation, Inc., Chair-
    Navy. ill In.
    Dr. H. II. Kurzweg, Associate Techniial Iirecitor for Aero- iMr. (eorgce L. Yingling, Wright Air ID)evelopiment Center.
    Iallistic Research, Naval (rdnance Laboratory. IDr. G''h(ard Brauin, Air Fiorce .Missile )evelollpment Center.
    Mr. C. L. Poor, Chief, Exterior Ballistics Laboratory, iallistie JIr. Willists am Koven. Bureau of Aeronmaic's, )Depart ent of
    Research Laboratories. Aberdeen Proving Ground. the Navy.
    Mr. John Stack, NAC A Langley Aeronutical Laboratory. AMr. J. Lee. Iturau of (' rdance, Department of ihe Navy.
    Mr. II. Julian Allen, NACA Aimes Aeronautieal Laboratory. Mr. Karl L. Kocnionek, Signal Corps Engineering Laboratories.
    I)r. Abe Silverstein, NACA Lewis Flight Pr'opulsion Lalboratory. r rls l NAA La Aeronatial r-
    hItr. Walter C. Williams, NACA High-Speed Flight Station. is Aer aical L ra
    Mr. Harry J. Goett. NACA Ames Aeronautical Laloratory.
    Mi. John R. C lark, Assistant (hief IEngiineer, Chance oiiught ir. A. S. Itokseonit NA( A Lewis Flight Propulsion Labora-
    Aircraft, Inc. tory.
    Mr. Aelexander I. Flax, Vice President and Assistant Dirnctor, AMr. Jiosephi Weil, NACA Iligh-Speed Flight Station.
    Technical, Cornell l Aeronontical Laboratory, Inc. \Mr. Frank Andrix, Iirector of Engineering, Avionics Division.
    Mr. L. I. Greene, Chief Aerodynamicist, North American Avia- Bell Aircraft (orp.
    tion, Inc. Ar. Frank A. Gaynor. Aeronautical and Ordnance Syst ('s IDi-
    Mr. It. P. Jackson, General Manager, Tactical Weapon Systems vision, General Electric Co.
    Division, Aeronutronic Systems, Inc. Dr. William J. Jacobi, The Ramo-Wooldridge (orp.


    -Mr. Floyd E. Nixon, MA:niaer, Systems Analysis Iemparlnteit. Ar. .James I,. lEdwards, Iougils Aircanft Co., Inc.
    The .MArtin i'o. iMr. lobert A. Fulhrinaii. Missile Systems Divisionl, Lockheed
    Mr. Io~tis A. PIayne. (Iinvair, I i. isiion (if, Geeral DyI namiics Aircraft Corp.
    irp. Mr. Itoberlt Il. Glusti fsol, Cliief of Aerldynamins, Grtuninan Air-
    Mlr. Iincai Plitinm 1Misihles Division, Douglas Aircraft Cio., rral'tf Engineering l''rp.
    Inc. AMr ). I I. Ja.obson. Aeroproducts Iperal ions, Allison Division.
    ir. Allien I. P1i lel. .\Aso -i;le i lirnc|r, Systems IDvelopeiment General Motors (Corp.
    Laborato'ries,. tlihes Aircraft (. AlMr. Frank WV. Kolk. Ainerican Airlines, Inc.
    Mir. i. H. SchmIck, MAineapolis- lHneyeli Regulator Co. .M1r. .J. AM. MeI'rgn, Director of Enigineering, Propeller Division,
    I r'. lRoert CI. Seainiis. Jr.. I(A Airbortne Systents Laboratory. Curliss-Wright Corp.
    Mr. Biernard AlMgin, Secretary Mr. .IJaIs A. O'I1Maley, .Ir.. Chief. A.\erdyllmic it al Prolpl-
    sionll Design D |epart Ilent. Bell Aircrafl iCorp.
    Sublommittee on Inlernal Flo" I:all Kennetlh lIazI:.k, Dea;, Schlool of Engiiielrinl University

    Alr. ,VWillitm .I. I' loniell, C 4hi if. Eniinieering a:lii Aircra ift M A 1. Z. Stp4l niclski. Chief. Rlese.ai1 l and lievlolmeint. Ver-
    Mlissiles Iivision. Republic Aviation Corp., ICh iri4ll'. tl1 Aircraft Corp.
    Mr. Frdetric'k T. 8Ril, .TJr., Wriht (Air Iev lofpmintI Conler. Mr. 11 lph\ W. May.Ia Secreta;ry
    Mr. RIobert E. It(oy. \riuIlt Air D tevelopiii' l (Co uter.
    M r. It. T. Miller. Iurell 'ie of A, roinl IIl ie I t rl incilt of Ihe So I ui con itle on Seapla
    lo. Th'im ;s \ MV.'. W\ illiii s, >i<'c of ONaval lrs Airlth. ltp.liri- R ar A'din. Iit. ltlcher, I'SN i I et.), Aierojet-' ;ene raI i rp,
    ii nt' of tlh Navy. aitril'll; an.
    Mr. V'. S. Knp \IMr. I.Jo n V, i ckir. NAt'A I lian ly Aerol II.tnltil Il l, orIni'or o nCo m ntld.
    Mr. Iichlinil Sclirhe r NACI'A .\lm es Aeronima liiail Laboralory. Mr. uigene 11. IH Indller, I'>lr<'e;al of AeronomlI i(s. e)pl)irtient
    .IM Iwe>Ml ri lu is I>. Wylntl. NAC.'t ,Le\is Flihlt Proput lsion I:'1i oef tlh Navy.
    omI atry. lrI'. .. tr F. W. S. Locke. Ir., I, urea of Aero4r'a ii s, I )el, lp rtmet ent of
    iMr. Ioiald HR. Itllninn. NACA lilh-tSpaed Flight Stationl. the Navy.
    .i.Mr. i. I. S. lford. AirrifN ( s T'rhine Division. (;Wiral El: c- Mrt. 'Phillip Eiseniherl, Ia lie of Naval IleseariTf. te p'rti nt
    iric (' o1f the N la y.
    Mr. lrnalmir F. lHcikelman. Ino'in irpluane Co. Mr. M. St. Denis, David W. Talalor t lModel l Isin.
    .Mr. John A. Dratke. Direltr of I.O I; ne IPlaning aml lie- Conlr.. E. MaUlrer. ISN. Naval Air 'Test C'nter. I'lux-x.'lt.
    sea'rcih I'rogrlms. Ma;rqii/irdt Aircraft (it 'ptl l. 1R. 1. Johnson. USAC, Western Area, I.Si Coans (GlUald.
    Mr. Iilarry Dlrell. I'roanlsion I pHrt mi il M;na r, l.oeklhed .I Mr. William J.. 1lusi (. C'ivil Aeronma is Adininistrat ion.
    Aircraft Corp. r Joint I'airkinmon, NA.\CA LAnbley Aetlrnaiti'al
    4 )r. .\ oni Fl rriL IldeI. I hp a llrtinl of Ae ronaut ical I:n ineor- Li lorator'y.
    inl'. 'Lolytechnic Institute of B'rooklyn. Mr. II. I. Brooke, Chief f HIydlrodlynamics. Collvair. Division
    Mr. I oMad J. Jordani, I'at & Whitney Aircraft. I' .\ir- of General Dynamnics Corp.
    (raft (I. p.l Mr. V'. L. Fetin. Chief Erilinteer, 'Ed"o Co1ii.
    Mr. lirr(el HI. 1'rke. McDonnclli AircrIaftl C'oi. Mlr. Grover L.oq iiCng.
    Mr. .1. A. Sulkin. (TChief Theirn,,lylmicist. North Aimericall MAr. J. I). I'ierson, Thlp Martin Co.
    Aviatioh. Inc. AIr. Daniel Savilsky. Stevens Institute of TeeChnology.
    Mr. Stafford W. Willhr. S Mr. Italph W. May. Secretary
    Subcomnmittee on Low-Speed Aerodynamice
    Subcommittee on Helicopters
    Mr. I. Iihlrd lleppe. ,mAlannaer. Advanced AeroldyonaIii's lie- Aircraft Corp.. ('hlairman. Mr. L. L. Doiglasn, Vice President. Engineering, Vertol Aircraft
    ;l.I. E. It. iOwens. I'SAF. Air Itesarch andl Ilevelopmwnt Coln- Cori., Chairmn
    mainl M. r ]Hnard Lindenihaulmn. \Wrihlit Air Development Center.
    Mr. IlaIr\y I_. Anderson, \Wrighlt Air Developiment Center. Mr. Piaul A. Sminons, Jr.. Wright Air Developmlnt Center.
    Mr. Gerald 1,. I,,smond. lnreau of AeronmuIties. Department of 'olihlr. J. D1. Kuser, l'SN. Bureau of Aerornlaties, DepIimrtment
    l he Navy. of thie Navy.
    Ma1. ]nlrell 1.. Hitler. 1SM'. Oflice of Naval Research, `Fe- Mr. L. Wilson, Office of Naval Research. Department of the
    pI rlinriil of the Navy. Navy.
    1,. '.I. T E. Hllaynes. USA. Mtie of the Chief of Research Lt. Col. Harry L. Hlush, USA. Office of the Chief of Research
    :and Devlopmenllt, Departmient of the Arnly. awl I evelopnwLt. Departmlent of lie Armly.
    Mr. .,h IJt e1,l. Ollice of the Chief of Transportilation, Delmpart- Mr. L. J. Borges. Office of the Chief of Transporlation, Depart-
    me1 nf I ho Alrmy. Inent of the ArnIly.
    Mr. (. \\. Viam loenlher. Chief. Flight Test Branch. Civil Capt. W. W. Volnel. USC(G. IIeandqtuarters, U.S. Coast Guard.
    .\Aerollanlll i(s.- Administ ration. Mr. HerertI MA. Tooney. (Civil Aeronauties Administration.
    Mr. CIharloes 11 Zimiieriman, N.\ACA Langley Aeronaulial lTa- Mr. Richard C. Dingeldlein. NACA Langley Aeronautical
    or;lowry. Labortury.
    Mr. Clarle.- \. irl|er. NACA\ Ames Aeronautical Laboratory. Mr. F. BI. Glustafson, NACA Langley Aeronautical Laboratory. nrk ishhl. \ A\CA Ilihii-Speid Flight Station. Mr. lDonald II. Wood. NACA Allies Aeronautical Laboratory.
    Mr. M. MA. iair. Norli Amenrican Aviation. Inc.. Columbus. Mr. Friehrich L. V. Doblhoff, Chief Engineer, Helicopter
    Ohio. .Engineering Division. McDonnell Aircraft Corp.


    .Mr. J. O. Eininerson, Vice President and Chief Engineer, The Mr. lien i. Vilkes, D)irectorlae of loesearch and (,llopment,
    Kainln Aircraft Corp. U.S. Air Force.
    Mr. Jack E. Gallagher, Vice President, Operations, New York Mr. M re 1'. Dtunniai, WVright Air lDevelopment Center.
    Airways, Inc. CIimdr. John C. Bangert, I'SN, iureau of Aeronautits, Depart-
    Mr. Bartrami Kelley, Vice President, Engineering, Bell ieli- mienit of the Navy.
    copter Corp. Mr. N. L. Klein, Office of the Chief of (rdnance, D)(partiient
    Mlr. Ralph II. Lightfooti Clhief Engineer, Sikorsky Aireraft, of the Army.
    United Aircraft Corp. Mr. Ralph S. White, Civil Aer(onautics Administration.
    Prof. It. II. Miller, Massachuset ts Institute of Technology. Mr. llenry CI. l:arnett, NAC(A eI.\is I'lighlt 'Prlopulsion Ialora-
    .Mr. Charles M. Seibel, Chief Engineer, Helicopter Division, tIory.
    CessIIna Aircraft Co. Mr. A. J. Pllackwood. Esso Research & Engineering Co.
    Mr. Robert Wagner, Chief Engineer, Hiller IIelic1pt)'rs. Mr. C'. S. BrandIt. C'ovir. DIivi sin of General Iyiilics Corp.
    MIr. P. 1. ,Lovell, .Ir., Secretary Mr. .1. L. Cooley, Vice Plre-sident, Califorlnia hRe arch (',orp.
    Dr. Alleni It. Deschere'. lol(iii & llaas C o.
    COMMITTEE ON AIRCRAFT, MISSILE, AND Mr. ,. I Doighert y Allison Division. ;Geeral I Mtors Corp.
    SPACECRAFT PROPULSION Mr. E. A. Droegemueller, Pratt & \Vhitley Aircraft, I nited
    Aircraft Corp.
    Dr. Frederick C. C'rawford, Chairian of the Board, Thiomlison MrI. Joh1ln B. DI)ulckwoirth. Itesea:rchl (Coordinator, Staidard (Otil
    Products, Inc., Chairman. Co. (Indiana).
    Dean C. R. Sodterlerg. Dean of Elngineering. MIlsschuisetts M r. It. N. Harris, Shell (il (Co.
    Institute of Tec'Ihncology. Vice Chairman NIr. \'. I. IlIladay. Direltor of Guidedi Mlissiles, Departilment
    Col. Donald II. Ileaitn, USAF, Directorate of Research and of Defense.
    Developmilelit. Dr. I Bernard AM. Sturgis, Director, let rolemn La boratrtory, E. I.
    'ol. John J. B. 'Calderhaitk, USAF, Wrighit Air Developmeint du Pont de Nem oirs & Co.
    Celnter. Dr. It. J. Thlompson, Itock(elyne IDivision, North America
    Calpt. Willoughby MAle(.rve, USN, iiureau of Aeroniautics, De- Aviation, Inc.
    partinent of the Navy. Mr. Harold F. Ilipsher, Secretary
    .IMr. WV. R. Slivka. Aeroniiatical Turbine Laboratory, Naval
    Air Turbine Test Satlion l. Sullconmilttee on iColmbustion
    Col. Chester W. (Clark, USA, otficc oif the Chief of Ordnanoce,
    Department of the Army. D)r. Alfred G. Cattaneo, Shell Development Co., Chairman.
    Mr. IDonald D. Weidhimer, (ific o(f thle (Chief of Transporta- Mr IIHoward P. arti(eld. \Vriglht Air Develoinment Cen ter.
    lion, Departilment of the Army. .Mr. Karl Scheller, Wrighlt Air Develolpment Center.
    Mr. Stephen IH. Rolle, Cliief, lPowe'r Plant Braich, Aircraft Mr. Nelslon F. Itekos, Bureau of Aeronautics, Department of
    Engineering Division, Civil Aeroniiautieis Adinist ration i. the Navy.
    Dr. Hugh L. Dryden t(x officio). Mr. Alfred G. Lumnduist, Olffice of Naval Itesearch, Department
    lDr. Abe Silverstein. NACA Lewis Fl"ight Prop'ulsioni ;Lboratoryf. "f le Navy.
    Mr. J. P. Butterfield, Chief Engineer, Missile O()p.rationis ivi- l)r. Martin Schilling, Itedstuone Arsiinal.
    sion, Chrysler Corpt. Mr. F. It. Caldwell, National Itireiu of Standards.
    I Dr. Alfred G. Cattaneo, Shlell Develop menit Co. Dr. XValter T. Olsnui, NACA Lewis Flighti Propulsioln Laboru-
    Mr. Allan Chilton, Director, 'eapon Systems Planning Group, lory.
    Westinghouse Electric Corp. Dr. W. II. Avery, Aplied Physics Laboratory, 'Te (Johms iop-
    Mr. D. Cochran, General Manager, Fliglt Propulsion Labora- kins UIniversity.
    tory Dei'partmeiti, G.'neral Electric Co. Mr. WilliIam J. Belnnet, Mallrq ia rdtl Aircraft Co.
    Dr. C. Stark Draper, Head, )epartment of Aeronautical Engi- Mr. ('harles II. King, Jr.. 1'nited Airecraft Corp.
    neering, :Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Mr. Yuan C. Lee, Director of Rlesealirch, Aerojet-Genleral (orp.
    Mr. Dnimitrius (Grdan l Director of Engineeriing, Allison Dlr. Robert S. Levine, Ilocketltyne Division, North American
    Divisioln. Gieneral Motors Corp. Aviation, Inc.
    Mr. S. K. Iloffman, General Manager, Rocketdyne Division. I)r. Bernard Lewis, (ombustion & lExplosives Researchl, Ine.
    North American Aviation, Inc. Dr. John I. Longwell, Esso Itiesearch & Enginieering Co.
    Mr. Wright A. Iarkins, Vice Presidelnt, Engineering, U'nited Dr. S. S. Penner. C(alifornia Ilstitute of Technology.
    Aircraft Corp. 'Pof. 1lenn C. W\illia is\, 1< ss;iachillsetts Institute of Technlology.
    TMr. L,. L. Znulko, General Elclric Co.
    Mr. James A. Reid, Execullive Vice President and (;enler:al
    IMr. Harold F. Ilipsher, Secret a r
    Manager, Astrodyne, Inc.
    Mr. (I. C. Ross, Vice Presiident, Engineering, Aerojet-General
    Cor,. Subcommittee on Lurication and Wear
    Mr. Rudolf H. Thielemann, Senior Metallurgist, Stanford Alr Frank WV. Wellons, Assistant Chief Engineer, SK In-
    Research Institute. dustries, Inc.. Chairman.
    Mr. Don L. Walter, Vice President, Engineering, Malrquardt NIr. Bernard Rnubin. Wright Air Developmiente. Center.
    Aircraft Co. Mr. I. C. Sheard, Wright Air Developmeint enter.
    Mr. William HI. Woodlward, Secretary : Mr. Sidney MA. Collegemiian. llBureau of Aeronllticts, I epart lent
    of the Navy.
    Subcommittee on Fuels Mr. R. E. Streets. Office of tlhe C(hief of Ordinan ce, Department
    of the Army.
    Mr. James A. Reid, Executive Vice President and General Mr. Edmond E. Bisson, NA(A lewis Flight Propulsion Labora-
    .Manager, Rocketdyne, Inc., Chairman, tory.
    493956--59- 7


    Mr. G. .1. Ainlrinii Pi ll & Whitiiney Aircraf. I nied Aircnaft .Mir. 1 G(). kle.r Vice I'resident, Solid iocket Plant, Aerojet-
    ('Iorp. (Genera;l ( 'irp.
    Sr.. lerrell It. rF,i ke.l Iiricior. Pet'rolel m HIti llling ;iliora- Mir. Elliott V.. lock. lBl eing Airplane Co.
    (ry. School of Cliisi lry ;aind Physics. Thell Pennsylvania Mr. 1Perry \V. Pralt, Vice Pr'esideint and C(hief Scientistl, U'nited
    Sl;lt I ni iit Airc raft C'or .
    M.1r. A. S. lr ini.l irec1or of I~-search. M;rlin-lRckwell ('orp. r. l IJo F. Tomney, )irei4ctlr of Iweloiment, .strodyne, Inc.
    ]Iir. I. ;i '.;ksiII. S i!ll Aircrall Illngine Departme(' nt. General Mr. Geolre Trimble. j.r., Vice President, Engineering, The
    Ile ( riic I'. M.%arlil Co.
    I i-l. llb i Lari Slihtl l 1. o(if (leneral IDylmilliC.s Corl)p, Fortl Worth.
    I .ll M. Ig,'ii NiI rchrilaii. ('iiiciniinili .%illinii. Machine ii .Mri. 1E. W\ ll. Manuiger. Eniginielring. Siniall Aircraft Elnlginie D)-
    lD r. \'. II. Milhll. (':ir lle & ir'all. ii ('"iliinials ('o. partliiieit. G(eneral Elc'(rie C'o.
    M r. I II. irl \ ()i. o nD l;is Aircrf;f Co. .11ri. It. Wooilwortlh, Propulsion Reseairc Mr. I;lrh, A. ltydcr. .Mr. ,>iinles La;izar. Secreta i ry
    A Mr. J. M. SitokiT y. 4 ('liforiNia R sseari r i (i)orp.
    AlMr. G ioe'o P1'. Townsenid. .r., Maniagler ol Eligiiierin,. Sild- Su'iom) itttiee on Power Plant Controls
    1'trand 'll'Trlo.

    A\i;tllo Inc. giliecrinit", M.%1ssacilisi tts Institi eI 1 ofI Tellhnology, Chairmian.
    Mr. I larhl I isiii. S creitary .1r... . icrrelt W right Air l)Dev('lielo it C( (ntier.
    M.i'. r 'llert 1{. I lro\iit ilre;a of Aeronautics, Depiarlt ient of
    Snuloitoniittee on Conmpressors and Tnrlbines th i Na'.
    IDr'.'. FV. Bjork. ledstonm Arsenal.
    I)r. ;torg- F. Wislicns. i lrdinanc(, tResearch laoraory. The M. .Inliti ('. Snalnrs. NACA Lewis Flight Propullsion
    Penlsylvania State Iniversiy, (Chairmian. Laboratory.
    A.r. l:irmt I'. Sinipsonl. Wright .Air ilopliiimint 'lnter. Dr. ,otlin L. Iarniies. Priesidnit. Systels Coirp. of Amierica.
    Mr. 11. D. Hocihen, lnurenl o' Aeroianliis, 1 epartlmnt of Hle .1Mr. Itnudolph loderniullcr. Hlindix Prodiucts Division, Bpendix
    Navy A.\iat ion 'orpi.
    Lt. 'Coindr'. Frank T. 1linle(r, lUSN, Otlice of Naval Itsearch, .Mr. I'. T. D)llgig.a l Mairquardt Airer'aft Co.
    1) partiiilnt of lli( Navy. .Mr. Ilirold EI. Francis. Chief Project Engineer, Chaldler-
    Mr.. Aiibrose Ginslirg'. NACA L is Flihlit P1ropulsion L.abora- Eva ins Division,. PIratt & Whit ley ('o.. Inc.
    I"ry. Dr. Ians RI. Friedrichl. Conv;iir. Astroian tics. Division of Gen-
    r. do. Mordoii Ilnerian. Manager. Turbo-MlachinQery Division. eal Dynamics Co
    Aerojet-Gelneral Corp. 1Dr. E. I. amible,. (leneral Electrie (o.
    Mr. William (I. Cmrnell. (GeIneral ;lectric Co.
    M. iai Gl E Mr. William II. Hand, North Anmericain Aviation. Inc.
    Prof. Howard W. Enliosii. Harvard I'niversity.
    ., ro.. Itowar, 1 la id I'll l. I liraa. d Gel. 4orge F. Kiiigorn. .Missile Systeiis Division, Lockheed
    Mr. Joh.lni II. Foley. Prat & Wlhitney Aircraft. I nited Aircralft
    SAircraft C 'or.

    Mr. .lihn Ei. Sandiers. l'rtiss-Wriliht Corpi. Mri. I'ruce N. To'rell. Pratt & Whitni.e Airc'raft, nited Aircraft
    IDr. Alan II. Steniiiinl. Assistant Professoir of Mechanical En- Corp.
    gineering. Mlassachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr .laiies W'. Wheeler. Director, Instrument Engineering,
    Mr. A.1. A. Sulkin. Chief Thierinidnalicist. North American Sperry .yroscpe Co., Division of Sperry Rand Corp.
    Aviation. Ini. M r. D.ivid Novik, Secretary
    Mr. iPaul R. Yogt. Assistant Director of Enlgineering. Rocket-
    dyn Division. North Anierican Aviation, Iinc. Subroniniitlee on Power Plant Materials
    .ADr. David Novik, Secretary
    Mr. Rudolf II. Thielenann, Senior Metallurgist, Stanford Re-

    Suobconliiittee on Engine Perforniance and Operation search Institute. Clitairman.
    Lt. I'ol. R. W. Coni ers, USAF, Air Research and Developmnent
    Mr. Dini L. Walter, Vice P'resident. Engineering. Marquardt Coinnmand.
    liricraft Co.. Chlairmian. IMr. J. B. Johnsomn. Wright Air Developinent Center.
    1.1. C'. II. 11 Itoliins, USAF. Air Research andi Developmient Mr. Nathan I-:. Proniisel. Bureau of Aeronauticcs, Department
    4 'iinaiidl. of the Navy.
    lMr. I: ll C. P'hillips. Wrighlt Air Developmlent Center. Mr. J. J. IIarwood, O(fli-e of Naval Research, Departmnent of
    M, .. S.\ ikjini ii. uireau of Aeronautics, Department of the the Navy.
    N;i xy. Mr'. Noriman L. Reed. Waterto'wn Arsenal.
    ol. 1 ii i A 'l. T'ecli Division of Reactor Development, Mr. S. S. Manson, NACA Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory.
    A.iit i,. Vn ,y C5 ',,iiiloiissi Ion. Mr. \V. L. Badger, Manager, Thomson Laboratory, Small Air-
    M r. I:. I l-i;!. ci il Aroii utics Administration. craft Engine Department, General Electric Co.
    Mr. I ,ru I'.T Iiluiiin NACA Lewis Flight Propulsion Lab- Mr. Lee S. Busch, Mallory-Sharon Titaniunm Corp.
    oriory,. Dr. F. N. Darminaa, Utica Metals Division, Kelsey-Hayes 'io.
    Mr. IRldolph I,. lli.nllr. Iinidix Plroducts Division, Bendix Mr. Glenn A. Fritzlen, Technical Director, Development and
    A viaion lCorp. Techninl I Services, Haynes Stellite Co.
    Mr'. Ruissell S. H Ild. Alli-oni lI)i\isini. General Motors Corp. Mr. L. L. Gilbert, Head, Materials Department, Azusa Opera-
    IDr. K ralTt .. lEhricv. 'iolivn;i i..\ A ro iialllt ic.. Division of Gen- tionis, Aerojet-General CorIp.
    erail iia llllics Corp. Prof. Nicholas ,J. Griant, Massachusetts Institute of. Technology.

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