Handbook of United States grades for grain sorghums

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Handbook of United States grades for grain sorghums (tabulated and abridged)
United States -- Bureau of Agricultural Economics
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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Sorghum -- United States ( lcsh )
Grain -- Grading -- United States ( lcsh )
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Cover title.
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At head of title: U.S.G.S.A.--G.I.--Form No. 142 ; Issued March, 1924 ; U.S. Department of Agriculture. Bureau of Agricultural Economics.
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Recommended by U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Agricultural Economics.

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A I-* A 40 0

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601 of ted, Statew
q Gtt6ih.:,. sorghumsA 1- :. 0 t
hich aonsas* of Vt darsol, freed
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aiid- not,"" than 35 pqr
80q, w other. beri*1
1 *A Mil and
in thege, any 4 1 j "JA tA
-FAel, d6.
?A gen appe* be
Inoist foreign pA

*ernela* AN
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Pereentages.-Percenitages,. ead
in the cas of moisture, shall be ver centages ascertained by weight..
Percentage of moisture.-Percentage of. mo isture in grain sorghumas sallU be that ascertained by the moisture teste and the, method of use thereof for kafir, as described in Circular 72, and supplemeet thereto, issued by the United States Department of Agriculture,. Bureau of Plant Industry, or asc .ertained by any device and. method giving equivalent re,ults.
Test weight per bushel.-The -test weight per .bushel shall be the test weight per Winchester bushel, as deter-mined by the testing apparatus and the method of use thereof as described in Bulletin 472, dated October '30, 1916) issued by the United States Department of Agriculture, or as determined .bY. any device and method. giving equirnlent results.
Other grains.-Other grains shall include wheat, noungrain sorghums, corn, oats., barley, rye, emmer,,spelt, einkorn, rice, cultivated buck heat, and -flaxseed only.
Nongrain sorghums.-Nongrain somrghums shall include the grain of sorgo (commonly called "cane seed ")', broomcorn, Sudan grass, and Johnson


19 of fie, n

'.crtc"d -ker-; i and, emcked
Ali 1 e graim, aud Piem Of gW=- sorghunis, and a'111 matIfian,'grain, sorghuws'whieh
Vltbllgh a N6. 8.sieve,'and all
wateA,f,oxeept other grajns,...
-,.n- such deveafter U
Aier4. aud finel br6kpi'kff. ...
dirto.. UnA 1M.7
fine y' brok
,sha]T be ftely, broken kerneU.,
other nu&rial *hieh will
u& N' 2j sieve and all
..matter remaini on either the
4 No. sie' e, Oter sereeni
No. 24 _AOve14--A meiAl ieve "Vith roumA holes'..2-ff si#yR.
of xn inch in,'Alameter.
NV%. 4 sieve,---7A metal sieve r-, lar pe pra na
tHanignu- A tio
S 'of an
4* uwh, long on; each.,
o r
-Damaged kgr
--be* Sa'I 0* m and plpqei
which., jar6, t, 4

or Ot
na 0,

of grains 4gin eslit ofl
grains which have been-ditnt i
lolotd' or damaged .by xtr e
or asareult of hetngcusd4 fermenain. A

Grain sorghums shall be divided into classes, 'and subclasses as follows!
Class I. K.afir.- This class shall idfclude all VIArieties of. kafir and higiti, except schrock kafir, and may include not more than 10- per cent of -,othilr grain sorghums. This class, shall We* divided into two subclasses., as folldivs: "White kafir.-This subclass' shall include all kafir and hegari, except schrock kafir, consisting of 90 per cent or more of- white kernels, includig other classes and nongrin sorghum. Rted spots or .other natural colorin" upon kernels otherwise white shall noV. affect their classification as white kafi
Kafir.;-This subclass shall includ all kafir Ad hegai, except 'schroe kafir, not c1.omingwithin the classific tion for white kafir.
Class H. ;Milo.- This class shalnlr% nclude all varieties: of milo, and may include not more than' 10 per cent of. '

r "iA


lam-4 -,.Tbis clas l shall
Ai *14 d to
lwIS per mit, of

subelam- sbm fu 7,j
lz of W Per,
wba6k*"nelsi indudin
tatW OD*"'


Class V. Darso.-Thiscl
include all varieties of darsmadel include not more than 1:0 pe, eebt of other grain sorghums.
Class YI. Freed Sorgo.-_IThis. .elaw s shall include all varieties of freed sozgo, and may include not more than 10 per cent of other grain sorghuma.
Class VII. Brown Kaoliang.-This class shall include all varieties of brown knoliang, and may include not::more than 10 per cent of other grain sor" ghums.,
Class VIII. Schrock Kr.Th-is class shall include all varieties -;t schrock kafir, and may include -not more than 10 per cent of other grain sorghums.
Class IX. Shallu.-This class- shall include all 'Varieties of shallu,, and may include not more than 10 per. cenit of other grain sorghums.
NOTE.-Any grain sorghum or grainsorghum hybrid .not mentioned' in' classes I to IX, inclusive, shal be in*cluded in the class which it most nearly resembles.
Mixed grain sorghums.-Mixedgri
sorghums shall be any mixture: of grain sorghum not provided for in the classes I to IX, inclusive.
Mixed grain sorghums shall be: graded

11111I "v I

At OT tale Igr=
'PT I&domi LateI6 o
in the. %bi lm. The
a UOn of Mixed
er -the gT4& wo
of, ovt6, rl*
gmde,-')' -the vmrd Mixed,
the order of its pTcdoml n4m Ow"d apprO=mate pu=utap
.4f two'
At' least d"ses.
grain 'parghUmaw-Weevily, .Orgtpim shall be'-gram gorgh4ms RArp Inftsted e weevfls orlzaect9-Nurlo, tored:, grain.
kil" Solgh Im
andAwumted'.1 ordingl the
g J, ,aec
req4itempnts of Ahe de ap gr -a pli
grWn ROVXuMvif tbi ,j Aot *0evily, and there shaR bo,
a 6A of the gmde,
,Ahe Nord "'Weevfly.
0ain -S MAUMS.-Sbautty'
Wit 6 1 e aR grain sor-havie An. unm takaIfik or captain, an4tAl

gi Of 'the 994.1
4$U F

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r-A r4

co LO
4 40

4-2 4COR
4 0 N ca .
ird Id I u 1* '(D
le &4 :40-8
w ce of-4:6 t b E 5
4% ?2, A, 00 0

z U) a U

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UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 3 1262 08923 4768

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