Basic laws and authorities on housing and community development, revised through January 3, 1978


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Basic laws and authorities on housing and community development, revised through January 3, 1978
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Laws, etc
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United States -- Congress. -- House. -- Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs
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Housing -- Law and legislation -- United States   ( lcsh )
Community development -- Law and legislation -- United States   ( lcsh )
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Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs, House of Representatives, 95th Congress, 2d session.
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95th Congress, 2d Session
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Prne for the use of the

2W4 0 WISINGTON : 1978

Iwe y th Su~rintnde t-o Documents, U.S. Government Printing Offcee
Wahngton, D.C. 20402
O No. 052-070-0452-4

HENRY S, REUSS Wbaeoui, btr
District of Columnbia MILLICENT FENWICK, New Jeracy
STEPHEN L1, NEAL, Worth Carolina JIM: LEACH, Iowa.'
JERRY M. PATTERSON, California NEW'TON I. STEERS, J'a., Maryland
LES AuCOIN, Oregon
PAUL E. TSONGAS, Mnassachuetts
BUTLER DERRICK, South Carolina
MA RK W. HANNAFORD, California
NORMAN E. D'AMOURS, New Hampshire
BRUCE F. VENTO, Minnesota
WES. WATKINS, Oklahoma
PAUL NELSON, Clerk and Staff Director
MERC19B L. JACKSON, Minority Staff Director
GRAN Am T. NORTHUP, Deputiy Minority fitaf Director

THOMAS L. ASHEMJY, Ohio, Chakrmax
WILLIAMS8. MOORHEAD, Pennsylvania GARRY BROWN, Micthigan
District of Columbia CHARLESB IL GRAS8LEY. 19Iow:
JERRY M. PATTERSON, California THOM"8 S. EVANS, JIL, Delaware
LES AuCOIN, Oregon
PAUL E. TSONGAS, Massachutstt
OsRALD R. KMc~anaT, 8taff Director
Rooms, C. FAxoN, Profeasional Staff Mtewkbe
F&Ass T. DzSEPANO, Profes1o*We 8t08# r4**

To: All Members of the Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban
Affair8: ;;;.... i ;

I heeby ransit for the use of the Committee on BanknFnne
adU an Affa; rs a revised Committee Print entitled "Biacwis;
n Housing and Community Deveiiiiiiiiii

complaton f lws and authorities is being updated i epnet
the umeousreqests from Members of Congress andthpulcTe
rnecessary by laws enacted, and numerii

Ordes isuedsine January 3, 1977, the date of our las eiin
The awsExective Orders, and other authorities cotie nti
Commitee Pritare those which authorize the functionsadatvte
of te Dparmen of Housing and Urban Development rwhc r
cloelyraltedto hose, functions and activities. Theyararngdi
accodane wih teir subject matter and are divided int h eea
ii ===~ ~ ~uRii ii IIiii iisii ii i iq;iii~ ; ii ii s ii ii iii~ii iiii i

cateorieofHousng," "Community Development" and

eral Laws Applicable to Housing and Community Development

The o .mmiteehas been assisted in the preparationoftiresd
i ........... ] i~ i ,;;iiii;~i~ls'; ,i l ;,1 ................ ] ==iiiiii!!iii iiiiiii

compilation by the Office of General Counsel in the Department of
Housng ad Uran Development. As in past years, theexlentch
nicl asitane rovided by this Offie has proved invlabe

ChaimanComittee on Banking, Fivance and UrbanAfirUS
"": .......................... ....~ i i; ~r ';ii ,

Home f Represertaive8, W~ashington, D.C.
DEAR.............RMAN: Tra.Smitted herewith for your consr

ii an iaitiisiiiiiiiision of the Committee publication "Basii iia
AuHusing and Community Development.

Dueto he nceased volume and the rapidly changnnaueo
lawsandauthrites relating to housing and communitydvlpet
periodic...r..i......of this compilation of "Basic Laws"isnecs

this revised compilation, I would l-
edgetheexcelltassistance in its preparation we recv

lCounsel, Department of Housing an

Subcommittee on Houting and
Community Deeopet



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Par IBa Lwis and Authorities on Housing Page
Naioa Housing goals and -.--- -. -- 1
Deatet o HUD--General pol icy tvs.*... .. .' 7
Lclhusing assistance plans-fnd allocat iiiii i17
Emlyiiim,,nsrent of lower inome 19sos ... .. 1

Trasfr of certain 22 1(d) (3) and 202 mortgageis to 236 program 22
Sal ofsurplus Federal land for housing -------------- -------- 23
Cogrsional Budget and Impoundment Control Act.. ... 25
Joiiiilunding Simplif ication A ..ii ............ 71
Co n i for U rban 77.l.... =.. iiiii ... iiii.i.. ...
Dprment of Housing and Urban Development Independent
Agnies Apropriation Act;178... L ...... 79
Supplemental Approp iiations iici9i..... 87
Supeental Appropriations- 1975 -- -... -- --- 96
Appropriation Act---1974.. ------- ---------------------------- 99
Agiclure-Environmnental and Consumert Prot'ection Appropria-
ti --one 97 105
Aporiations-ent Supplement---1978---. --- .. ...-- 105
Appropiations-.Disaster Assistance197 i i ... .=... =i5
Appropriations--Revolving 10nd615... .. .... i i .10i
Aprorations A 17 108
Apppiations Act-Emergency Homeowners Rei-197 114

Supeental Appropriations~--1976 123
Micla eou administrative provsiomi---H UD.. 1,.. 128
A vs ry com mittees. -- - - -- - - -- - - '..130
Civii defense-vulnerability to attack ......... 130
Jityfunded roet 131
Byrd..mendment-HUD contracts -------------------------- 132
Prsiet's functions delegated t0 oD .., 133
...... Assistant for Cooperative Housldg .. 135
Stiksby HUD employees --- -- -- --- ---- ----- -- -- 135
Vacanc...y in Of.if~ce of eIii.. 136-

Hniapped--accessibility to buildings... 137
Asinin emergency preparedness functions ----------- 139
FedralCoordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Tech-
nolo .gy- 142
Codnation of Federal urban programs 144
Ntoal- Institute of Building Sciences ------------ 147
Naina ousing Act--HUD __ 153
Hosn renovation and modernia I 153
ansurance-title IL- 164
i ii

Miclaeu-tteV_ -- 286
Wrhuig ttl V'297
race forinvestment i rental housing--tite VII 314
Aredservices housing-title VIII 322
Ntoal defense housing--title IX _ _335
Motage insurance for land development--title X__343
Motage insurance for group practice facilities-title XI ---- 349
uR nd VA interest rts_____ 355
Rehabilitation Act of 1973_ _-- _-_---------- 358
Commission on mortgage interest _361
0of redemigont of ___ 36 I
Bidrs warranty- ----------- 362
Equityskimming____ 363
Coig of military, base-motgage def aults _.. -- 363
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iL owirnti ubli36
GOth er HU ousn g as t nc prrams ------------------------- 425..
m r e c h m o n r r l e -- - --iiii--ii--ii-iiii5iiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
R ehabilitation lo45iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.......
Rent 455ee t .. . . .. .... ..
Urban homesteading .. ...........461
Assistance for hou g Alaska--46
Public housing--territories --- --- --- --- -- --- --- --- --- 46
Research, studies, demonstrations sand solar energy 473
Training and technical assistance ------------- 515
Prototype costs.. 519a... ..a
iInternational 5i23iiii .ii

State housing and development 529ces.
HUD Programps Roeguatin 533xp. __
Fair housing.. ... ---- - - - - - - - - - - 53
Interstate land 551... ---
Real estate 563eet. ....
iiiiiiMobile home construction and safety a ard

Secondary market for mortgage loans.-.. 593
Federal National Mortgage Assoeiation-F-NMA_______ 60
Government National Mortgage Association-GNMA_._. __ 60
Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation--FHLMC- 62
Participation 636. .--a .c.... ..s.
Interest rates--Federal-State cof6i41...a.
Rural, defense and -veterans housing programs 643..
Delpartment of Agriculture--mA 643..
Department of 6ee77. .... -
Veterans' 689
National financial institutions ------------------ 714...
Department of Treasury--home purchase tax credit 714.
Investment 719s., . 4
Federal Home 'Loan 731 a...
Federal savings and loan associations 743 u.
Federal financing 765.. .
National housing p77nrhi3 ..
Federal Reserve--Mortgage 778osr.
Part II-Basie Laws and Authorities on Community Development
Growth policy and planning. ----------------------- 78
New 783ntes....... .
Intergovernmental Cooperation 805.
OMB Circular 817.. .
OMB Circular 843.... .
OMB Circular 847... .
Coastal Zone Management Act ------------- 5
Comprehensive planning--section 881
Clean air amendments--------------- 889
Water Pollution Control ----- 895
Excerpt from Department of Energy Act-90
Excerpts from Enaergy Conservation and P~uto 0
Planned areawide developmaent-- 92944
Urban mrass transportation-planning--- 937
Community development assistance programs 1 4
Community development block grapts._1. 1:x1"Jiw__ 94
National Commission on NeighboFhoods_..,:98
Community 985etmn ....
Small cities study- I" k" ft" W..982
Urban renewal
Public works planning advances- ------ q 03
Public facilities loans---- 1043 ...
ii Public facilities grants--. 1049..

M odel cities 1.......................
Open space and 10......
iiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii ,,,x,,,,,,,, ,

Hiset oric pre0erva71on... i
Tjand-Beakl Paint Poisoning Prtvention Act-18
P o e t iiiiiiiiiililAlim osi----i----- iiii

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Iii i )))HrIII .

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Par on LawnsoomandiAuthori iesnCo"mniy eve opment-Cn Page

nanceion planing 01213
Ruandohrn developnmen prograe- 12163
.......... A ctioniii ii ,i,,,,, and C o, mun,,iic D eve ,,,!,,,=,, / lop ment ---i --- 119

tin A- 1221
CivilU rihs 1251

Disaster a -sn 1303
Particilpatnd nt ioai iiiite 11 Prsienia an ntinacomitesii
Glossary 1399
- - - - - (i)

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[PulicLaw171,8st Congress; 63 Stat.413; 42 .S.C. 14411
iDF NI H O r
2. Te Cngrss ereby declares that the general welfare and
secuityof te Ntionandthe health and living standards of its people
reqirehouingproucton and related community development suffi-
cien to emed the seius housing shortage, the elimination of sub-
stadar an oter nadquate housing through the clearance of slnum
and lighed aeasandthe realization as soon as feasible of the goal
of adecnt omeanda sitable living environment for every Ameriean
famlyhuscotriutig to the development and regadevipmniti of
commnites nd t th adancement of .the growth, wealth., and secu-
rit oftheNaton.TheCogryess futher declares that such produc-
th ing industry to make its full contri-
yof maximum employment, production, and
pureasmi poer. he olicy to be followed in attaining the national
#VUBg, bjeciveherbyb established, shall be:n (1) private
enteprie sallbe ncoraged to serve as large a part of the total need
as i, cn 2) overmenal sistance shall be utilized whers feasible
emlabll~pivae eteparieto serve more of the total need.-, (3) ap-
pmpiat loal ublc bdies shall be encouraged and assisted to un-
doha.,poitie. rorams of encouragingan a- assisting the
doftoprat ofwellplanedy, integrated tresidential asi ghborhoods,
t~wdevlopantand reevelopment of scommunities, and the produc-
*w4 atloer ost, f housing of sound standards of design,
ir n
ad size for adequate family life; (4) govern
mwtl aistnce toeliinate substandard and other inadequate hous- teclerane of slums-and blighted areas, to facilitate
09nm~ty~dvelomentand redevelopment, and to provide adequate
drural nonfarm families with incomes so low
tb#;4. re nt bingdecently housed in new or existing housing exendd t thse localities which estimate their own needs
awddmontrat tht tese needs are not being met throiigh reliance
solly iton prvae eteprise, and without such aid; and (15) govern-
kstane fr dcent, safe, and -sanitary farm dwellings and
relte failtie sallbaextended where the farmowner demonstrates
thtlielas sffciet esources to provide such housing on his own
accont nd s uabl tosecure necessary credit for such houisiing from
athr'so~ms o tepsand conditions which he could reasonably be

expected to fulfill. The Department of Housing and Urban Develop-
ment I and any other departments or agencies of the Federal Govern-
ment having powers, functions, or duties with respect to housing,
shall exercise their powers, functions or duties under this or any
other law, consistentl with the national housing policy declared by
this Act and in such manne r as wi~ll*ad~tate#'sasaned: pro
attaining the niiational housig objective hereby established. adi such
imanner as will encourage and assit 1) e production of housing of

sound standards of design, construction, livability, #nd size for ade-
quate family life;- (2) the trduction of 'the cbstg of housing without
sacrifice of such sound standards; (3) thq use of new designs, mate-
rils techniques, and mnethods in residentiMl constructiob the use of
stnardize dimpensions and methods of assembly of homqe-building
materials anid equipiment, and the increase of edficiency in residential
construction and. maintenance; ()th pdevelopment of weR-platnned,
iintegrated, residential neighborhoods and the development and ree-

elopme mmunitieiisliiIan () the stabilization'of tiiiie housiI

industry at a hih annual volume of residential construction.

Approved July 15, 1949.

iiiiiii, ; iiii iiii

[Public Law 89-174, 79 .tat 667, 5 U-S.Q. 6W
ac heCogres erbydeclares that the general welf re and
iii ii ii;,,, ii

security of the Nation and the health and living sntandards of, oui
people require, as a matter of national purpose,:semid developent
of the Nation's communities and metropolitan areas in whit io vas
maority of its people live and work.
To carry out such purpose, and in recognition of the iner~g
imiportance of housing and urban development in our nittiofIIl.
the Congress finds -that establishment of an. exedautiv6 dePai _1
desirable to achieve the best administration of the prin 6pra pro-rW
of the Federal Government which ptdovide assist~nce'fdr Iftirkan
for the development of the Nationb ~communiti69,1 as99I Pe
dent in achieving maximum coordination-of the variops 76da$ -fv
i iiiiiiiii; i ii........


ities which have a major effect upon orban, commuiti$ subilbn 0
...metropolitan development; encourag the.. so.t..ot .. prob.

housing, urban development, and mass: transpotaion thugh Stae,
cunty, town, village, or other local and private atw.n, i.ud...
promotion of interstate, regional; and metropolietat tooperaton to
encourage the maximum econtributions that may be made! by eWru
private homebuilding and mortgage lending industries: o h 4n,
urban development, and the national eeonomy; and to, Pn ~or
full and appropriate consideration, at the national level,, o Ahw dnt
1)" artmeat of 1Housing and Urban Development" was subetituatod 0o ovweaga ad
Home nance Agency and Its constituent agencies" by Public Law 96-10, approved
May 25, 1967, 81 Stat. 17.
. . . . . . . . .
... .. .............. ,, ,, ,; .... .... .. . .. ....... ......

; i iiiii "" =iiiii,

NAWONAL, n1 ING GOALS 2 and 101

sati inteetb dwo 6Nation's communities and of thepeople who Evte
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i ~ li

ai work ithem.

,.ApoeaSeptember 0, 1965.

ACT.. OF 1968iiii
...... 9"48,,i82 Stat. 476i601; 12 U.S.C. 1701t and 42 J.S.Ci 1441ai
AN ACT T assist in the provision of housing for low and moderate Income
famieslland, extend and amend laws relating to housing and urban develop-

-Be *. nacted, by the 8enate and House of Representatives of the
Vi~ed Sateg of A~merica in Congress assembled, That this Act may
b~bt~das the "Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968".
SEC. 2. The, Congress affirms the national goal, as set forth in sec-
tion 2 of the Housing Act of 1949, of "a decent home and a suitable
living environment for every American family."
Ve 1 ongrs -finds that this goal has not been fuilly realized for
maof the' Nation's lower income families- that this is a matter of
gmv nation-al concern; and that there exist in the public and private
da eqs o the economy the resources and 'capabilities necessaxy to the
flrelization of this goal.
e l~e:Qoness declares that in the administration of those housinig
pregaa authorized by this Act which are designed to assist famnilies
WM.inomes so low that they could not otherwise decently house them-
wiml,:and of -ether. Government programs designed to assist: in the
prwsio. .of. lousink for such families, the highest prioirity and
pl~as sould be given to, meeting the housing needs of those fam-
ilis fr hich the national goal has- not become a reality; and in the
out of such programs there should be the fullest practicable
on on0f the _esources and capabilities of private enterprise and
414vdual self-help techniques.

o.1601. (a) The Congress finds that the supply of: the Nation's
hwig is ot inereagaing. rapidly enough to meet the national housing
goa, stblished in the Housing Act of 194:9, of the "realization as soon
9%,~~ feil'.fhe. goal of a decent hbome, and a suitable living environ-
n~n fo vyArmerican family". The Congress reaffirms this national
houdg'gal and determines that it can be substantially aclhieved,

Bee tot1(1) oaf $easing annd eommuiftlty Develop~ment Act of 19T74, Public Law 93-383,
88 Sftat-1 083, approved Augut 22, 1974, Inserted (a) following sec. 1601.

...... .. ............... ..... ........ ii i i ii ii

iiii iiiii iiiiiiiir~

.I;,,,a ~ liii ;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilii iiiiiiiiliiii ii;iii iii

iiiiiiii ii~iii ii
srr iiiiiili rrrrrrrrrrs

6 1602 NATIONAL HOIIGoa":ij
within the next decade by the constructieson or real~tation of Mb* p
six million housing units, six million of these for low, and meassat
iiiiincome amiiiiiles.

(b) The Congress further finds that policies. designed to contribute
to the achievement of the national housing goalh I ave nt directed
suffiienxt attention and resources to the preservation of existing hous-
in and nieighbor-hoods, that the deterioration and abandonment of
housing for the Nation's lower income famill us seeover

the last decade, and that this acceleration has contributed to neigh-
;i ;9iii iiiliiiiii ii
ahievng th natinhiiiiiiiiiiiiiigiii

al whch hs bee mad
iii i i I
through new housing construction.
(c) The Congress declares that if the national housing goal is
to be achieved, a greater effort must be made to encourage the presemv-
tion of existing -housing and neighborhoods through,. such anmimmes
as housing preservation, moderate rehabilitation, and: improvemnents
in housing management and maintenance, in conjunction with sAh
provision of adequate municipal services. Such an effort should con-
ceintrate, to a greater extent than it has in the past, on housing and
neighborhoods where deterioration is evident but has not yet become
Suc 16 02 No later than Januay 15 19699 the President sh all make
a report to the Congress stoting frh a plan, to be carried out .over
a period of ten years (June 30, 198,8 to June 30, 1978), for the elimi-
nation of all subsitanar hosing Ban the realizaton of the goal
referred to in section 1601. Such plan shall-
(1) indicate the numbern of new or rehabilitated housing unitsa
which it is anticipated will have to be provided with or wihout
Government assistance., during each fiscal year of. the ten-yt
period, in order to achieve the objectives of the plan, showing h
number of such units which it is anticipated -will have tobe prw
vided under each of the various Federal programs designeat'
assist in the provision of housing;
(2) indicate the reduction in the number of Occupied subdtand,:
ard housing units which it is anticipated will havet ccur-durn,.
each fiscal year of the ten-year period in order to achievo.,th
objectives o? the plan;
(3) provide an estimate of the cost of carrying out the plnfor
each of the various Federal programs aud for each fisal nr
during the ten-year period to the-,extent .that such cosits w. e
reflected in the Federal budget;
(4) make recommendatiosuj with respect to the legislativ and
administrative action's necessary or desirale to achieve the oh co-
tives of the plan; and
(5): provide such: o hr peien andh rai ecom-
mendations as the President, deems advisable.
Such report shall', in addition, contain a projection of tele iden l
mortgage market needs "n prospects during the gone9 yer aild-
iiiiiSee. 80iiiiii of Houing and Community Develet Act of 1974, Plic Law 9-

88 stat. M!3 approved August 22, 1974, inserted new subwta"cin ) qI.

Siiii i i
~ii ii~ii; iiii .....

iii iiiiiii iiiiii iii

ili iiiii iii iiiii iii

NAIOA HOSN GOALSiii1603iand ii8
need an flo ofmortagefuns (particularly in declining urban
andrurl aeas duingsuc yar, together with such recommenda-
ate for ncourging the aasilability

11 1970, an. oni each succeeding year

throgh 979 th Prsidnt hal submit to the Congress a report
mrr ;" i;" i" i i~ii "'; ; , iiiiiiiiiiiii =,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

chieved during the preceding fiscal
onew or rehabilitated housing units
'an- te rdutio inoccpid substandard housing with the ob-
jeeive esablshe fo suh ear under the plan;
W if he cmparson roided under clause (1) shows a, fail-
Ureto chivetheobjctiesset for such year, indicate (A) the
peasns:forsuchfaiure (B the steps being taken to achieve the
objcties f he landurngeach of the remaining fiscal years
o f~~ t h t e e r p r o ; a d ( ) a y n c s a r re v s o i n t h o b -
(3)proideanassssmntof developments and progress dur-
M& te peceingfisal earwith respect to the preservation of
detrioatig husig ad nighborhoods and indicate the efforts
to e uderake infutre ears. to encourage such action ; 2
(4 rojctresdetia mrtge market needs and prospects
for e omig caendr er inludng n estimate of the require-
paent withrespet to e ailabilit, need, and .flow of mort-
fund (prticlary i declining urban an rural areas)
u urg~sch erid, n oderto achieve the ob'ectaives of the plan;
..4 5) rovie a anaysi ofthe monetary and fiscal policies of
the ~vermen forthe omig calendar year required to achieve
theIobecive.. f he lanan the impact upon the domestic econ-
y ofachivin theplans ojectives for such period;
x 6)makerecomendtion with respect to any additiontal legis-
44veor aminstraive acto whih is necsseary or desirable to
S4..aciee heobjctve o te lean and
. .. .p ovdesuh th .r erinent data, estimat s and rgeom -

iA u

Law8-17,79Stat. 667,s 670,v 42 U.S.C. 3536
soon as pracicb afterii iiithe end o

... ......... t o
TI~e 4 Hustq andUrba Deelopment Act of 1969, Public Law 91-152,
IA"&ber24,196, 83Sta. 39, 98, substituted "February 15," for "January
Aiee If~s)of Husiir nd CmmuityDevelopment Act of 1974, Public Law 93-383,
88 Sat 33,apprvedAugst 2, 174,redesignated paragraphs (3) through (6) as
(n araraph (3).
.iiiiiiiiiiiii ,i;iiiiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiii iiiiiiii ;;iii iii

J 0 nd. 817. TheN Gnaa rpos$ad
theb3ngDevelopmn theotviiso the PrsdepurAdig1epmf
S .............. .......a r

W 4 .iiiiiiiii iiiii. ..........

mApproved ioSeptebrovd 9 or 196

[Publicn Lawo560,t 8d Cith gresspec tat 59,4,1t...19*
nriuton o rat asben a

SEC. 802b1 a) ThDertr fHlim&ad ra velopment, nldg

programts (intcludin bort not shlmte totearnerarnwl
pubicthoresieng, and rulentsupplemet cero as, ne tejrlit
of the Deartment oufi Houin and Tr

iiiii;;l i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH..
orstrengthenis omin bc p r ot

herdctio 817 The anulreop or maebl heScear-o figg
Urbhan Developmnno.h rsdn o sbiso ote4oi~s

one al eat st prvdd fs


iii .............ii
contriobution omendment ha sec beeHosng maeb h eatmn o
and Urban7 DervedlAumunt1, 1965,i the amuto on, .crbto

(o) the Natousnand Hous ingc Actda mendemiudn norainA
toche amountas paid byk a eprtfar to the Pre
eation re ucin of the u r misittao of theion th Housli1,.]Mru

Appove Aug u sti La2901951.roe MyS

'Pirt mnment byse.111 Housing -and Urban Development Act of16 Pbi
"(a The Hous ing ande Hombetao la the Idiitao hal sso sprclalouf
oir e Housbis d HoW=" =,,on all,,,

See a e. 10b, PulcLanoited Sappoe d Moeay 251eActt.1,2,sbtiue Bee

anmDprmn fH~igadA 1gvnldHm iac
Agnymnodrt!aeti et I hsatcnomt h eat
meto osgTdU=]eelpLn c ut iidal h ueo4o h 08
I@tadHm itaoltte ettayo mn n'ra eeoxet
Se l e.7bUiedSae odgAto

iiJ 4i


E&ublc Lawe 89o174, 79 Sa 6he

Sass That this Act may

sing and Urban Development Act
The ongess erey dclares that the general welfare and
w 44y'ofthe atin an theheath and living standards of our peo-
plei~qreas a.materof atina purpose, sound development of the,
PA',,ciniuniies an- mtroolitan areas inwhich the vast ina-
To'..qrryqutsuc pupos, ad in recognition of the increasing
im~prtace f husin an uranlevelopment in our national lifes,the
J~q~grws.,ind tht etabishentof eai executive department is desir-
jobe-o 4hivoth bet dmiisraion of the principal programs of
W- adeal ovenmet wichproide, assistance -fr housing and
forthodooopmnt f te Ntio's ommnitni4es to assist the Presi-
deni-inachevig mximrn oorination of the various Federal ac-
tivtis W~hhav amajr ffet pon urban comxmunity suburban,
or mtroolian evelpmet; o ecourage the solution of problems of
IM~ag, rbandevlopmntandmass transportation through Stiate,
'ttntyK twnvilage orothr ocal and private action, including
V6Aiew ofintrstteregona, and metropolitan cooperation;: to
ft&Frapthemaxium ohtibuions that may be made by vigorous
iiiiandmrgage lending induiistries housing,ii
tllfh dvelomen an -te n tioal economy; and to provide, for full
*9n ap~rite'conideatin, atthe national level, of the 'needs and
ifior~3 f te Ntio's omiunties and, of the people who. live and
eablished 0 the seat of government
il rtefit o be nowas the Department of Housing
'De616eit 'heeiafter .referred to as the "'Depart-
men'). Tereshal e a th had of the Department a Secretary
i RI Do Dwlorlten (hereinafter referred to as the
who sh~l e' p'p tefd ythe !?resident by and with
leelh-d nsen f Snate. The De'patmqnt shall'be ad-
,xe.,d~, tie~"r~iiq~ ad d~itettion of the Secretary.'
0%& W 1, 9%, 81 Stat. 1915, repealed prvsosof the
"tm t kt riatng t on %M%, th Secretary and other officials. ve 5 U. S.C.
1,V*,i =M4.qJ,,,iisaiia,40()s of thie'se offi)i~iceors.ii.i
Y = iiiiii = iiiiiiiiiiii ..


(b) The Secretary shall, among his responsibilities advise the Peas-
ident with respect to Federal programs and activities relating to hous-
and urban development; develop and recommend to the President
po cies for fostering the orderly growth and development of the
Nation'surban area; exercise lea. rship at th lrection pf,* Presi-
dent in coordinati~ Federal activities aff ifoasni a f rban
development; provid techniedl assisW 6:d Wh h i samat including
a clearinghouse service to aid State, county, town, village, or other
local governments in developing solutions to coinitfamity and metro-
politan deve16pment problems; consult and 'cooperate with State Gov-
ernors and S~tamte agencies, including, when appropriate, holding
informtal public hearings, with respect to Federal and State programs
for assisting communities in developing amblutions- to cormrnunit an
Metropolitan development problems and. for- enepuraginrr Pfeleta p Me
gional cooperation in the planning and conduct of colmuiinannk and
metropolitan development programs and projects; encourage~compre-
hensive planning by the State and local governments with a view to
coordinating ederal, State, and local urban and comnmunity on aop-
ment act es' ; encourage private enterprise to serve as large: par..
of the Nainstotal housing and urban development needs as it can
and develop the fullest cooperation with private enterprise in achiev-
ing the objectives of he Department; and conduct continuing coma-
prehensive studies, and mae~h available findings, with respe to the
problems of housing and urban development.
(c) Nothing in this Act shall be construed to deny or limit the bene-
fits of any program, function, or activity assigned to the Department
by this or any other Act to any commumity on the basis ofitpod
tion or corporate status, except as may be expressly provided byflaw.
Szo. 4. (a) There shall be in the Department an Under Secretary,
eight 11 Assistant Secretaries, and a General Counel, who -shall be ap-
pited by the President by and with the advioe and consent of the
Snte, and who shall peform such functions, powers, and duties Ws
the Secretary shall prescribe from time Oto time. There shall be ithe
Department a Federal IHoui Commissioner who shall be one of
the Assistant Secretaries, wh all head a Federal Heusing Admin-
istration within the Department, who shall have such duties and pow-
ers as may be prescribed by the Secretary, and who shall admnistter,
under the supervision and direction of the Secretary, departmental
programs relating to the private mortgage market.
(b) 2 There shall be in the Department a Director of Urban Pl:I a
Coordination, who shall be designated. by the Secreta Ife. Ie as-
See80 1968 Civil 'Rights Act, Public Law 902, apprqved~e 1, 12 ORstat.
78, 84, po4edthat the Deoartment ahould be provied an Amtt XIGSW l A efttary
san subsitted "ivie" for "four". See. 1708, Housing sad Vrbome Development Act o Im
Public law 90-448, approved Au ,18,8 tat. 476. 60,sbttue"h e
See. SIB (a (1) of Housing and Community Development Aet of 1074, Ptible Ia*68-M8,
88 stat. 3,&poe Aug. 22, 1974 substituted ,,ew" for "di".
sot 81* B ) of Housing and ;bom;nsit Develo et Act of 1974 ftbife Law
93-383. 88 tat. 633, appdrovedfAugust 22, 1974, dee sbetonb)Prot nat
ment this subsection read as fol0Zw : There sball be In the Department: an Assistant
Secretary for Administration, who Phrill be appotated" with the approval of the Preldkkot,
by the Secretary under the claessifed civil Psermie. wto shall ,ertoin seek t-netoUas,
powers, and duties an the Secretary shall prescribe from time to time.
Sec. 818 (a) (8) of Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 Publie Law
93-83.88 Stat. 633, approved August 22, 1974, redesignated subsections (c) and (d) an
s!u3bsectons (b) and (c).

nc sidilit t their, Preideion
gist:. tht'eei twy iin.ntarr ng outehistmro
a;ajorIimactt dvlo met In, oving sc

sistanca'illw:Director shall make s uchr~rrr,studes f rba an cmmuit
datlos~xeltin o theadmiistaiogn oftiFe deral progrm affecting

!iiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii::iiiiiiiiiiiiii n
irii tiiiiii i it ) D e r

Departm t a. 1 Asistantl
such problemsi Dparticlrlentesetto achieving efetoiveia coean
fienamoi he edealStae, und t loalaences ohnerned.h Subecit
ftita:dirctin of.,te Screartihe Direcogr shall, in. carringout
State~ ~ ~ ~~0 loaadrgoa fiiladacosidfer thei r aeom ribmendtion

laerthn .........................
withor respec thol suchplogams
(c) *There shaclln beurin the Deparrent anAssanote Scearyn
dosi#Lated-~ ~ ~ by..n the Sceaywhsalbersponibee frprvding ya
i~~formation ~ ~ an diet opofith orgnztonsctes ciringtieor sposo

in ~ ~ ~ ~~s pn n lsaNtv rograms, who shalbesectionsible for h
coordiating llproramseo the Dearmnt relateing toe Indiearn and
M'ukg~ ~ ~~e of the Hhousing and cmuiydvlpetThoe Speinanl
Asgita forIndan ad A askaNaiveiProramso sall the Publignated
by-Ahe ~ ~ ~~y Sceayntlerhan60day afther theadsate ofhenalctent
of. thigsg Asuoistentitoeth
(2) Th Seretry hal, nt ltiesr tha Deembytaserre 1 tof eah year
a dscipton.of hi ation., dureciong the curreth yederan
-W-a pajecton ofhis ativitesdringcth isueredingepealrd;
(B)~ ~~~~tk .studiaes of the otofrerjetd activitiefor sue
..~.. ..i.iii..iiiiiiiniiis

function andin andam ihi h

4~ ~ ~ Act, oft~ actions Pus Lhe deems8 apprproae..

(4) ~ ~. Xxtp asothrie poiend thioane subsection (b) o ti
'f th Fe~rl. Husin elgopmen't Ictiof and68h Public Law 9-44
0Adiinitrtin~i tatAgnc, ad f heeas, ndoterofiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

eGrnment IfNationalMortgageAssocion, teder
it t wns pwesin utesi hrbytrnferd o h D9

Federal Governmenit, and he shall provide thefong W:ih*tAe: fin&
iiii iiii iii iiii iii iiii iii iiii iiii s H ..................... ......................... .... ....... .................

ings and conlusions of such studies, together wit 16a' reo.asead
tions regarding the transfer of such functions and prograwms. to M. rom:
the Department. Notwithstanding any other provisin of. thi. .Act,
none ofthe functions of the Secretary of the.Interior wathorisedn-ndr~a
the Land and Water Conservation Fund'Act: of .1965 f Y8 :&&t. 807:
or other functions carried out by the .Bureau:: of. Outdoor-4Beoreationi
shall be transfterred from the Department of the: Interiorevo it kany
way be limited geographically unless spec ifically -provided for by reb,
organization plan pursuant to provisions orf-the Reorganisation.;Apt
of 1949 (63 Stat. 203), as amended, or by. statte.
Sac. 6.. (a) Section 19 (d) (1) of title 13 Of the VnitW States C;ode
is hereby amended by strikmn out the period, at th e nd hro
,ii ii:i

0% ii4 1witiii .
inserting a conmma and the 'o owing: 'Secretau of,1 vHealt u
tion and Welfare, Secretary, of Housuing and Developmen-4
(b Section 158 of the Rtevised Statutes (5 US ~1) is adf' ande4

Isrr ,si;:i iiiliiii~iiiiiliiiii;'' I ;, riiiii rsr
by a at the endther
C'Eleventh. ThSe Deprmn of Housing and Urban Developme;*V?

e) The aend mmen mdby subsection (b) .of this sedtinw shallno
be construed to make applicabl to the Department any provision c
law inconsistent it iiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiii
Sxc. 7. (a) The personnel employed in connection with, and thi
assets, liabilities, contracts, property, records, and unexpended bal-

~iiii~ iiii .,i... :,,: ,,,,
ances of appropriations authoritzations, alloc'ations, or other funds
iiiiiiheld used ii froii, or aiilable or to be made available in con-ii
nection with, the funtions, powers, and duties transferred by section
5 oft this Act are hereby transerred with such functions, -powers and
duties, respectively.
(b) No transfer~ of functions powers, and duties shall'at ny time
be made within the Department in connection with the sb6ndary
market operations of the Federal National Mortgage Association un-.
less the Secretary finds thatthe rights and interests of owners of
outstanding common stock issued. under the Federal National Mcft
gage Association Charter Act will not be advers6l 0goe therey
Re eaed." 2
el The Secretary is authorized, "Subject o 'the cii' ev'ean
classIfcation laws, to select, appoinit, lemply an' fix, the, ompen-sation
of such officers and employees, lincluding attornie ys ,as sall e ie*-,
sary to carry out the provisions of this Act' and td. lprskribe t)I al-
aut.ority and duties: Pavided, That any other ptovision f law. to
the contrary notwithstanding, the Secretar a fli the o en -

xSee. 10(b), Public Law W083, app~roved Retpt. fl, 1967. stat. 195.i, 8.rfeqeal:
xec. 0 (b) However in see. 10 (b): W the Departmeat of TraniIsbarfteatn Act, Mitbe sLawe
89-670, approved October 15, 1966, 80 St~t. 931. 948, to Departament of nowlta VIO..
Urban Development was Included In the recoditied section lot of titl. is, tattedilwtatee
Cor e.
s Sec. 807(d), Hous'ng and Urban Development Act of 1068, Pubtlc Law 900-448, tto
proved Aug. 1, 1968, 82 Stat. 476, 544, repealed seedoa I(1t


hual t hr to Ieciotn 1i0n ee fteEeuti

.r~ ald k A
(d)~~~~~~ sh~rt a eergateanofhs fp untionis, bpowrctiond1
cates ~ ~ for ? inivid notto ece
; i iiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"iiiiiiii iiiii

,1$lt6 o sch'oficr ndempoyest ofthe Dor partmen as 1fhe Gmay
'M~~~~~~~o e.tit mhoie uhsuclye 5,UredelStatios. of uc fne
na.~c toIpn hemas dsiabl eh and mokz ay makefn
-,dutiestion or d

such ~ ~ ~ ~~o ofle an euain smyb eesary cto arry ou rthisvnc
'tios~iP0.wersand utie.,rhbleond provinteo s of seon 10(c ofd
(e) he ecrtarymayobtinigsc services as autoie byectio 15pl

*,e~~~~~~ pe~l qiaett h ihstprltes frgad eupeti G1fp theiGen
*ml~~~~~~~e Sceuetdr~eto32of tite 5,Uite States Code. t h
.T ',Seeetay isauthrizd ito stablniesh;okn capital fussnde,

wthufsalttionn for expeins ne mssar
b o~naitennceandopraioe n ofducitimon t admoinitratpioe

iiudin such icas apceintra supplyar
sqrvica:~ ~1 ttonr n t er suppliesalizd equipmentfor wohicho
uatpstcsmaybe.maitainepomeet in whdorlo orrinrpart the
ts, of th ~e Departmetadisgencis cenra mhichsengiesr,
A,~~~~~~~na leave-oe and othe communications sevcsoficfpc;cn
*,Ms;.~~~~ ~ #Ad 'cnrllbaysrie.l In adtonfc to amont mappo- h

iiiiiiii~iii li= iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiil ii i
'atd t Prvi e cpitl Ifo shaid fundowhic appropriationoare
.utorze, hefud hal beer cptlzd b transer to it of
stocs o suplie aneqipmnt of ons hrgatand oronordrcsher
r~tary shalldirect.Suchifnd shlwerimbursuch fromncaval table
I- ,,

% of agenciese upondal officers in the Deatmnovrwhc ervicesntr
*1Vdin-rtwreS'f accrednnarl leaveuand for deypreciation of

phns Ihl be deposte of 'sc cheaki.
h) !:Xcpt g s& athoreav surterwoisthexpriessl provies. in
6thr.-Ac aminstredbytse Seaier orhe fiania thSerearya
-sit e mai floa ns o0-24 proe Apran1 9 .8 tt
c.17(d f the Housing Authoriz(and onAct of
CO-Ve~~~lb* 3.1 1970,ar in cton1n7 aede ection wihsc7iaca (rnsc)
~ ~ ~ ~~. DelUAiladcnlsveluomnt allofcer' of thein
und mae aailhle to:t en Secrtar purs7, ualnt Lto 9-6 anyprViiofe
wih,'t eTreasuhere iderI of thes enitend Stto i'nrea
A indanyreeips nd ssts robtind or0 herlde by the daSyecraentar
641Aogw. ~ ~ ~ nen AcW civi RigtsAc. Public Taw 90-680. approvedAp.1.96,8 t.
,X~t3 197,9010t16, ameded susections 73 o()icuie
11 ]a;jW, 0,iovoA
10 8 11t......o..........................................kin .. "'s..e n"..n d (1
t~~iiH, I................................
Housng ad &b 'Divlopmnt At o 197, Pulic aw 9-609 anpote
v.00 4~at.17. 81.*edp hermidroft~ etnr oIces
UJ ~ p )Aal ocnulat rm$00prdent tedi~ qivn

4A Ad+

0 Id "" nfirba Pub

Iiii iiiii

in connection with such financial transactionsa *aH be avilbe a in
such amounts as may from year to -yearb autherizd *t k ress.,
for the administrative expenses 'f the &Setmar nehagd With
such financial transactions. Notwithstanding the provision oAmy
other law, the Secretary may, with the approval A th6: ler

;iii ii ii iiii i

General, consolidate into one or more Aenesnes for
ing purposes all cash obtained or held in connection wth..ih eimu 1a
transactions, including amouhts appropriated' fo:w atre scume
(i) Except as such authority is otherwise exprgssl prvdd in any
other Act administered by the Secretary, the Sehitriss authoiieda

(1) foreclose on any property -or 'commence. any watioii to
protect or enforce any right conferred upon him by any, law7 CM_-
tract, or other agreement, and bid for and p .urchase at an
Sforeclosure or any other sale any -propety- 0 coni iedi Wit
which he has made a loan or grant. Th the 6vent of any such
acquisition, the Secretary may, notwithstanding any other prodi-
sion of law relating to the acquisition, handling, or disposal of
real property by the United States, complete, admminiter, remodel
and convert, dispose of, lease, and otherwise deal with, s eld prop-
erty: Provded, That any such acquisition of real property shall
not deprive any State or political subdivision, thereof of its civil
or criminal jurisdiction in and over such property or impair the
civil rights under the- State or local laws of the inhabitants an
such property : Provided further, That section. 3709- of the
Revised Statutes shall not apply to any contract for servime or
supplies on account of any property so acquired or owned if the
amount of such contract does not exceed $2,500;
(2) enter into agreements to pay annual sums in lieu of taeas
to any State or local taxing authority with respect to any real
property so acquired or owned;
(3) sell or exchange at public or private sale, or lease, Ie i ato
personal property, and sell or exchange any securities or oa pw
tions, upon such terms as he may fix;
(4) obtain insurance against loss in connection with prqet
and other assets held;
(5), consent to the modification, with respec .t to., the rate, of
interest, time of payment of any installment of principal arjt ietr-
est, security, or any other term of any contract or agimement. to
which he is a partv* or which has been transferred to Mm.;
(6 include in any contract or instrument such other coyewasat,
onor provisions as MrTyden ecsa.
Nowithstanding any other provision..of law.I Sere lar a
authrized to establish fees and charges, chargeabl a gains P ~mM
beineficaries and project participants, which shall be id~qu at tcoer
over the long run, costs of inspection, project revriew and fia
service, audit by Federal or federally authorized auditors, an 6 r
beneficial rights, privileges, licenses, and serviesa, Swh fesnd
charges heretofore or hereafter colkethd sh&U dat
administrative and shall remain available .for, opprating elpenses of
the Department in providing similar services on a conso-lidated basks
(k) (1) The Secretary is authorized to accept anid utillie voluntaty
and uncompensated services and accept,. hold, administer, an&*1ils

;;;;; i ..................

gif S nd equstsofproperty, both zreal and personal, for the pr
o pe o adin o failtating the work of the Department. Giftsan
L' of In~neyan the proceeds from s ales of other prop]t
ifts or bquests 'shall be deposited in the Treasury i
fundal be disbursed upon order of the Secret
Propety aceptedpursant to this paragraph, and the proced
k tsearly !as psible in accordance witht
tq'mi~ofth ft r bqest.
&roe 'of Federal income estate, and gift taxs
reuer paragraph (1) shl be considered as ag
Qktues t'orf or seof the United States.
0) th requet of the Secretary, the'Secretary of the Tres
-A'V, nvet ad rinvest in securities of the United States ori
swujtis garatee asto principal and interest by the United Stte
vTn~n ona ,i edin the fuind pvided for in paragrph (1)
ir romsuch securities and from an ty 6tepropet
h~l b t,6.Secetrypursuxn tparagraph (1) all be? deposie
Lh~r'~i' o th' und and' shall be disbursed up on order of h
autorze t apoint, withouit regard to h
(Wil vic. las, uchadvisory committees as shall be approprit
&r h puroseof onu'ltation with and advice to the Departmenti
foxa~c ofts untions. Members of such committees other ha
r 1.rl eploed by the Federal Government while atted
,,,ering o suh ommittees or otherwise serving at the requs
wybe paid compensation at rates not exceedin
Authrizd fr idividuals under subsection (e) of this secion
4 .wh.Q p ervngaway from their homes or regular placeso
h~es, my b, alowd travel expenses including per diem in ie
o susiknceas uthrized by section 5 08 -of title 5 United Stte
...orperon n heGovernment service employed intermittetly.
Wheneer heshall determine that, because of locationo
.r.conidratons ay rental housing project assisted uinder titl I
Oe to 19 ig Act or title I of the Housing anid Urba
,Pmat ct f 165 could ordinarily be expected suibstantial
t,rv~ ~~ te aiy.osng -eeds of lower income -nmilitary Ypersnel
Hpry on actve uty, ie Secretary is authorized to provide foro
Ap~ie uchp. efeene pr priority of occupancy of such projectb
suchmiliarypersnne as he shall determine is appropriate to assr
tha th prjec wil erve their needs on a continuing basis notwih
stad n th frquecywith which individual members of such pr
sdhrny b'trnsfrre or reassigned to no duty stations.
-4.h) awihstndig any other provision of law the Siecretaryi
rd~hU~ikdIbycnfr'ctor otherwise to establiish, equip anid operat
dg*,'C~. eht~rfailtyfor the purpose of serving children whoar
ltf,*A ofhousehld>f employees of the Department. The Secretr
islail~rizofft etbihot provide for the establishment of approp-
ati fo8'Ad '6hrgs o be chargeable against the Departmento
IT&AIW %ndUrbn Dvelopment employees or others who are be-
"gri-gbteriicesproided by such a day care center.
See-120(c) H~lbg ~d rbain Development A)ct of 1970, Public Law 91-609, approe
Deceber31,197, 9 Stt. 770. 1775, 1776, added subsection (m).
$Rg-21o;,tRO;8n9 tbo~riaio Ac o 617, PublIic Law 94-375. ove:
,d m ne sectio of19 the Department of HousIt=
tins~tg a pew subsection (n)


See. 8. The Secretary shall, as soon as practicble &0 ter -the oan&
of eachiialendar year, miake a. reportOiie Preiident:: for mibmiiion
to the Congress on the activiHtiot Department .d"r th. re
ceding calendar year.
SEC. 9. (a) No cause of action by or againist'any age~ncy w~hoi
functions are transferred by this Acto or oragaiL -any .61e :of

any agency in his official capacity, shall a4ate by re'asott of thin- I
actment. Such causes of action may-be asserted by or against the
United States or such official. of the Department as maiy be appropriate.
(b) No suit, action, or other. proceed~ing comnmenced by: o;--.ins
any agency whose functions, are transferre'd by this Ac.oi b or
against any officer of any such agency in his officia 1aait shall
abate by reason of the enactment of this Act. A court may at any.

"_, ldii ..
time during the pendency of the litigation, on its own motio or that
of any party, order that the same may be maintained by bi agamnk
the nimted States or such official of the Department as Iqay bi

................. .1 .. .

( o)' Excep as mybotherwise expressly provided in thi ct all
powers and authorities conferred by this Act shall be'eainulth e, and:
additionial to and not in derogation of any powers and wAhoritepp
otherwise existing. All rules, regulations, orders, authorizatt m, dele-i
gations, or other actions duly issued, made, or taken by or purs nt
to applicable law, .ri to the effective te ofti At y an agec
oicer, or offiicepertaining to any functios, powers, and ditip trans'
iiiiiiferred by this Act shall iotinue in fui f orce and dect afteri eg -
t ve date of this Act utlmodified or rescinded by the: Secrotaryprr
such other officer or offie of the* Department as, in accordance wx th
applicable law, may be appropriate. With respect to any function,
power, or duty transferred by or under this Act and exercised hero-
after, reference in another Federal law to the Housing and ]Hronl
Finance Aency or to any officer, office, or agency therein, except:the
Federa Ntional Mortgage Association and its officers, shAll be deemecl
to mean the Secretary. The positions and agencies, heretofore estab-
li~shed by law in connection with the functions, powers,: and nutie
tr~ansferred under section 5 (a) of this Act shall lapse. A

;iiiii;i~ R I;iiiiii~iiii i;ii
SEnC. 10. Notwithstanding tiny other evidence of the intent of C6-
gress, ,it is hereby declared to be the intent of ogross tha if any
provision of this Act,: r the application thereof to, any I peron?,g
circumstances,r sall be -adjudged by any court of compedeiburisai
tiea to be invalid, such *udgment shall not affec, uarpear, orinala te
the remainder of this let or its applicatigyn tor other personas, chr
enmstances, but shall be confined in its operation toth Prvo of..
this Act, or the applcaion thereof to the peprseas and a .stA.
'directly involved in the controversy in whidl_sech ligave
been rendered.
SEc. I1 (a) The provisions of this Act shall ofke eed up.. lheox-:
piration of the first period of sixty calendar 'days following. the datw



on wichthisActis aproed by the President,' or on such earlier date
as he resden shll eify by Executive order published in the Fed-
era. Rgiserexcpt atany of the officers jproviided for in sections
3 () 4(a) ad 4(b)ofthis Act may be nominated and appointAd, as
proide insuc setiosat any time after the date this Act is ap-
toe or more oficers required by this Act to be
apponte, b andwit th advice and consent~of the Senate, shall not
haveentred ponoffie o the effective date of this Act' the President
may esinat an pesonwho was an oficker of the Housing and Home
aely prior to said effective date to act in such
offceuntl he ffce s idas provided in this Act or until the expira-
tim f te frstperod f sixty days following said effective date,
whihevr hal fistoccr.While so acting such persons shall receive
cornensaionat te raes rovided by this Act for the respective offices
ApprvedSeptmbe 9,1965.

iiiiiiiii~ ii~ii iiii;iiiiii~ii;iii~i ii; i~ i~ i iiii

NH HHH HHN NHH))))iii~;i
.. . ii i ~ ii ~ i

~li~!j .....~!l~ll

!ii~~l~~ ii iii15
iiii" i~~ii~i~li i iiliii

ii i i ii ii iiii 0 ii ii iiiiii
iiiiii l iii iiii iii iiiif
iiii ==iiiiiiiii iliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ]iiiii.i ii iiiiiiii =i ii ..i ii iiiiii iiii ii
iiiii ;ii ii l i ii ;; ii iiiiiiiii ii iiiiiiiiiiii

iii;li;:;; iiiii iiii iii i!;~i; i~ ;

!I~~ iiii~~~

:isiiiii ii nY;;; 'ili) '; ii iiiiiiiii
~i~;:ii~liii ii~j;ii;; ii iiii s i iiiiim iiiiiiiii

i ...,iiiiii,, ii;lii


l ,;;;;;;;;;;;;s ;;;

s~sii~iiii Ir
@ iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I "' 11 11 ., i ............................
Siaii I .::i
i ~i I i .............................. ... i
i H i iii,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, i mi iiiiii"'!iiii i!iiiii "H "HH .............. ........i
i i ii ................................................

iii l;siliiil u;A i: R'; ; ii;;ii iE;,"'iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

LPublic law 88 61
SF-,2,1. a)(1) 'The Secretary of Houasing and Urban Develop-
,irant,,qon.recevig an application for, housing assistanceuneder the
t~nitd Sttes ousing Act of 1937, section 235 or 236 of the National
Hou setion 101 of the Housin ad Urban Development Act
54'196., orsecin 202 of the Housing Act of 1959, if the unit of gen-
e .r~ 106agoerment .in which the proposed assistance is to be pro-
vi44has-an aproved housing assistance plean, shall--
(A)notlater than ten days .after receipt of the pp ication,
.....notifythchief executive officer of such unit of general local gov-
-ermen tht such application is under consideration; and
(B) ffod. such 'unit of general local government th oppor-
1=7duing. the thirty-day period beginning on the date of
uch notifcton, to object to the approval of the application on
ground that the application is iunconsistent with. its housing
stace lan.
(2) f th um of .general local government objects to the applica-
0* on te grouds that it is inconsistent with its housing assistance
4tr may not approve the application unless he deter
`tht, heapplication is consistent with such housin~g assistance
,Jf the ree ry determines, that such application is consistent
withthe ousig assistance plan, he shall notify the chief executive
pffie o, t e uit. of general local government of his determination
therefor in writing. If the Secretary concurs with14 the
qbnionof theunit of local government, he shall notify the applicant
#44ngthe rasos therefor in writin~g.
If 'te Seretary does nok receive an objection by the close of the
perod efrre~t in paragraph'(1) (B), he may approve the ipp ca-
4 "1ms h fidst it incopsistent with the housing assistance plan. If
t,, ecretJ etermines that an application is inconsistent w ith a
hloomgas~ane d plan, lhe shall notify the applicant stating the rea-
(4) I U cetary. sall makie the determinations referred to in
Ar~faps 2)and (3) within thir-ty days after he receives an objec-
tio puiua -t paragraph (1) (B) or within thirty days after the
CIO*4f tp.perod referred to in paragraph (1) (B) whichever is
M' thi's section, the, term "huig .assisncpln
Q* 40 assistaWWAM plan submitted and approved under section
104: ths 'ct r, in the case of 'a, unit of general local government not
:i ,,, 1 ,1 ii; ii i, ii;; ii~s ,,,,iiii iiiiiiiii ........

i ii .................................................. ii iiiiiii ,;i-iiiiiiiiiii

xriiiiiii- rrrrrr
~ rrrirrrrrrrrrrrrr

ep a ticiatin under il of this Acti ousn plnaprvdb
the rtay as m n to e rements of this

Sc t i n fiioiiiasiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiio sis n iiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

e porojec ordvlpment; e
) applicaiiiiiiii fiir asiiiisistancer

commusnity ev s6 elopm ints appove under tteIVoth usg
:ii! icci;

an n D iioiiiiiiiiiiiiietiiiiin to iiiie
andiiii U rb Dv Ato the


iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;;;ii;;i;, ;;;;I.
merines areqnecssar to meet0 the housing preqieetpu rsc

Sbreay lashorloa guara onitee rm tt or agencya threfqm
uiofgnrllclgvrmninwihthe Assistanee is to bepdieda prunt

provdled objecits in s housicng assisanc
idermated byevn thi paagah. eemnknr
nort applicabe, the Sereary shallnotapoea.pliainfrhu
(g asitac un llessin he nia deter insthatnhee 'sa:nedfosuhait
ac taing intobsconieaion any applbeietbl Stt ouiid:g

abnd, thatlthemnisor lbealable inthes a
serviciest ad equae toeren dthe hosin topprltopoer ob ssse.h
Scretary shallaffodthe general local, mn in w

theMnttsryt assistac ist epoide canrpprtuiyuing au 30da ero

folloringreeipt .of. anedapplicatios dby hi

sinformtion relentothedeberunaiton enomd
(d)oibT Int andofsuch finanial assistanc underthprvsosfla
spcifie insbetin()oftieecin h Secretary, shol farre as pracm
muneitisarelcd in data tas topouation, oery housing ovnd
objectively meas urd viable odtons sbeact hto u dlrn.t'
loern noehosneds ai~~ls described 'in lopal .tte or huin s
sistanc panspsbmited by un Seitsr of genera loatbyeneto
cominaions tof such units assisted inYe sectio 10r():(2 ti
sen~tne.1 The Scearyunhall assuretothes alloi'mm xtnedcia
incarying oto the, neationinafeal hosigand soliayde'lomn
refrre tohin subserctintu (a) heoallb alloctedo esrenncod
ance with goalsdesfcribiaed ihe loalState or te osng.asuc
planhos approv ersons oflow Sceary pusanmo secatin04 dsalb
utiized teeopmeetnees refeed in data refere d to of hi'me
Dselpentec. Teamout of assistance titlocte VI o ofmtoo m

nTh_1 devet~ents approve buHnsnnde tomuite TVofte velgadUra
Deelpen.cto 16 ad ileVI ft~, Ioi 9 14. Y I18 o

Sof o1,190, the Secretary hallreserv h A o
hdemsneessaryorot useinlconnection wi

ntvelopmenxt deveolopments.8,19

-dws pprpratefo us b aStateoragebncy threof.robito

Sm, 17, ssisanceprovdedfnncn for inti cte Nainonnal Housing
thehStaesHouin Actof93ptel Housin of 49,

_u -Tosin. an Uran eveopmeg nt Actsa ofe1965, 196, 1969,
shal bwithhlend or mandesuject t itis orel

wone b r f te tx-eemte sause ofeboders lor other obigationcs ssud t prvidfianig foroceed inv conectin winth


810. TheSe retary of HosigandUban isautored eihal
.fi~ ;iioAto ecue te pymet of anydeie nc arrng tertforechosuim
ortga inured r asivsted undrganderain law where oth mncr
; t aso 'to ve t atm r to t ste nw aproed achesbe for udeali

,W theirp prospect byr the secureaemplo
I App"'p,"e4 August 22,1974.

[Publi La599the Congreasonbysee]et
The Secretary o Laogrisauthoi eithle

or 'ayof onrat o ohe arrangement with peuctin imae
i~~~~~x1 q gnisadpiate servizaicfor togil carryoticipnn
e~l p ri~ n al p og post tseco n ew e uappro nchesinorituaiong
un'e.mplymn roles, ofeluth nd tob xprenabe, eligibelpar
to p~axe or, nhane thior: pospectsnfor, or pssecumpoy-a
m~~~~~~~ ocwpfistrog hchptheyaly 'eduationably-b expectedi
ance o.:Prduptipowor ing lvs. uch programs, shal incluea
,w re.*Ppopcl~e5.oqeraive,>roriat~e. th withe edcrtiryona Com
fio r~vde secil prgras an -srvic fo eliibl pariciant
#W.%ndry shols -osseonar, duatonl nsittin
Chnml nd tadescholsincldin jobexpriene, ounslin

W". and:*1 inokig Xtailablo occpational, educatonal, and train

ing infrmationthroug statewde carer infomation ystems

(2 Incaryingoutor upprtin suh pogrms, he ecrtar
Of Lbor hallconsltas apropiate wit -te Seretay ofCom

ii ii iiiiii

i.- V...i. I.iiii.iii i .

1 3d8 AnaturratWOrS.O D PROGRAMB
merce, the Secretarv of Health, Education,, n Welm te Sceay
,of Housing and: Urban Develovament,7 the Serea qT

iiiiiiiiiiiiiil~i iiiiiiii @
iiiiiiiiiiithe Director of e ACTION Agency, adt o
uni~ty Services Administration.
11(3) Funds available under this section may be traeser0 tohe r
Federal departments and agencies to carry out functions deleate to
them pursuant to agreements with the SereeteryA
"(b) The Secretary and prime sponsors, as the case may be, shall
give special consideration in carrying out innovative ad exprentat
programs assisted under this wsecint comniybae organ za-
tibds which have demonstrated effectiveness in thed delvr ofepo-
menht and training services, such as the Opportunitie Iidtilm-
tioni Centers, the National Ur-ban League, SER-Jb fde Plge5,
Mainstream, Community Action Agencies, union-read ognz-
tions, empgloyer-related nonprofit organiaytions,"and: oter siiar
(c) (1) In carrying out its responsibilities under this suattlot 6
and under section 161 of the Vocational Education Act, the National
Occupational Information Coordinating Committee shall *give sp. la
attention to the problems of unemployed youths. The Coeind"4 .11
also carry out other activities consistent with the purposes othistitl1.,
including but not. limiitedJ to the following:
"(*A) assisting and encouraging local areas to adop mehdsR
oftranslating national aggregate occuipational outloo daait
l ocal terms;
(B) Assisting and encouraging the developmn ofib Stt o-
pational informationi systems, to be used in the mnics.Tiane of
local Job banks and job vacancy reports, accessible to loca scools,
and including pilot programs in the use of computers to failitate
.such access;
"(C) in cooperation with State and local correctional agncies,
encouraging programs of counseling anid empigloymnent services for
youth in correctional initutions;
"(D) providing technical assistance for p rograms obt computer
on-line terminals and other facilities to utilize and implement
occumational and career outlook information and pi-ojections sup-
plied by State, employment service offices and to improve the
match of youth career desires with available and anticipated labor
ii iii


iiiiiiii iiii,, = N rrrrriiiiirrr~

Spresecondar youths; andi
S(F) providing technical assistance for prorkms desigmd to
encouragre public and larivate employers to list all available Job
opportunities for youths wi'th'the approypriate eligible swoplicant
Conducting occupational information and earost eounseling pro-
grams, local public employment services offices and t6*6ncotirdge
cooerwation and contact among sach eligiblersppliesalts,, imhp oye"
and offices.
"(2) All funds available to the National Oceumtilnal Inlbthrea w
Coordinating Comimitte6 under ithiswAct in under setetio 161 6the


9"Tof~~~~ it uiiian eposbltisathrzd ylw

f PblkLaw90-48,82 tat. 476; 12 U.S.C. 701u et seq.]
slt'. .1In he adinstrtin by the Secretary of .Housing an
Urb~n eveloment o progam providing direct financial assistance
iiieu'dng ommuitydevlopent block grants under title I ofth

11oa~li an. Comunty eveopmenit Act of 1974 in aid of housing
71 : annnk, evelpmet, edevelopethei, or reinewal, 'public o
c~rth it failtie, nd~ewcommunity development, the Secretar
(1)~~~ ~ reur, ncnutton with the Secretary of Labor, tha
to te geatst eten fesibe opportunities for training and em
DIO~en arsin inconection with the planninig and carryin
butof ny rojctassste unerany such program be given t
n in the area of such project; andii
.,, H=,, i Hiii. i~i, , ii.. ....... .......

(2), rqureinconulation rf h the Administrator ofthe
BsnsAdi strion, that to lgrrhegreatest extent feii i

blo cotrats or orktobe performted in connection withan
:obsiness concerns icuigbt
limtedto ndiiduls r frms doing busintes inthe field of plan
YT9, onsuling, esign arcitecture, builiding construction, reha
Oitation, =a nteilance o repair, which are located in or owned
ons residing in the area of such proj
-that Federa]. ids to housing haveno
.nt in architectural standards. Thisi
hsi Federal housing leislation since
in~surnrce, througgh th e eeral Housmi

The' Ciigms omend te Department of Housing and Urba
rolomen r: is rcenteffrts to improve architectural stand rd
t~iimae'l prrir t -aienmen b see. 404, 'Housing and Urb4n DevelopmentAc
Of 1P, ojlcLsu 91--52- aprovd ecember 24,1 1969, 83 Stat. 379, 395, the emply
mentandwor oportnites equremnts of thi's section 3 were limited to the admins
,tralon f te setion235homewneship p orm, the section 236 rental 'assistac
proraz te Sctin 21 () () blowmarket-iteest-rate program, public housingan
tU rnt upplmen proram Thi amndment also deleted from the heading of sectin
4 SMILS oi Hosingand Comunty Development .Act of 1974, Public Law 93-83
88 lat183,appovedAugst 2,194, mended this section.


through competitive design awardsd and in othr W ylritte o'ame:
time recognizes that this important objective requires gh pri t, if
Federal aid is to make its full communitywide contribution toward
improving our urban environment.
The' Congress further finds that even within the rtecessary bed'et
limitations on housing for low and moderate income famalies archifed-
tural design could be improved not only to make the housing more
attratv but to make it better aqited to the needs of owiok!,
The Cnresis declares that ini th nadm~insration of hos g1 pro -
grams whic assist in the provision of hopu ag for. low andmdrt
income families, emnphasis should be given to encouragingrgrood: design
as an essential cpomponent of such housn i a : and evlna osn

Usinig Jodevelopihnuiiiiiiig

which will be of such quality as to reflect its important relationship to
the architectural standards of the neighborhood and community mi
which it is situated, consistent with prudent budgeting.

[Public Law 90-448, 82 State 4769 12 If-.C1. 1701u]
; iiiiiiisiiiijH= = ....


PAR A--;-PRteiiiiiiiiiiiii

SE. 201. (a) Title II of the National Housing Act is amendedb
adding after section 235 (as added by section 101 ofthr Act). the
following new section:'

(c) The Secretary of Housing and Urban Developmenti a sor-
ized, upon such terms and conditions as he may. prescribe to transfer
to section 236 (j) of the National Housing Act the insurance of a mort-
gaige which has not been finally endorsed for insurance trinder 6to
221(d),(3) of such Act and which has been approved:1or-thebeo -
market interest rate prescribed in the 'rovisp of .sectiqu 22td,5
of suhAct.
iiiiiii iiiii~

(e'Secretary of ..ousing,and Urban Drelp......
ize, upon such terms and conditions as he may prescr ,.,ah iue
under section 236 (j) of the National Housing ti amo
the requirements of such section which is given to
loan made under section 202 of the Housing Act Of 1959-6pf"
That the application for such insurance is:.fled with the ex
iiiiii iiiiiiiiim

.i ; iiiiiiiiiii iii~iiiiiii iiii

or before the date of project completion, or. witiaah n6n
thereafter as the Secretary may permi
.,,,i~ii, ; ;,; iii ,iiiiii;; iiiiiiiN; iii@

U ql

Approved August 1, 1968.
See see. 236, National Housing Act.


iii i ~i~iiiiiiiiii
ADDMTO AOF HUD 1987 M or 414" taeo
ofHiiRiiiOiii HOUIN AND DevelopEEOMN
[Pubic aw 9-15, 83Sta. 40; 4 U.SC. 84b

&C.: 14. ) Ntwithtandng tes prvsioso the Federal pPgam drop
ii llllll

iiiiho i isetiilad in onei
erty~~~~~~nn Adiitaiv(evcsAct oft 1949, any surplu ralnprop
er wthin-the eanig ofsuch Act e pmryuin tho dscection of01h
A~mft~fstato -o Geera Sevicsmetrnsfre A t of the5 Secretarned
Housing~~~~~ btdUbnDvlp entfat his reqes fotrestale orovieasdb
100-ttt~ ~ ~ ~~1 its: farvlufouei the provi ion l ofHousing tob Acctie
p~l faclitis an forreltecommercioal andsingdActria faciliies
approved~~~ by th ertr.Aysc al p orheaser of lsueohrpu thand
shall be made only toy (h) aopublin body whic wilushhelndi
connctio wit thdevlopmntif ah low-ren housring project asisthid
under ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ rdas.I the United States Hosnpc f137rudraSatedo
loca proram oundby teScrtary to e HosicrgtanUrbsallno Deelop
m t t hae he amegeera pupoe s S ats tthe Fed era pogramquitonde
..ionwit th deelomen ofhosin (A)pithespects tonstrich annual
payent wil e mde o he ousngowner purseuint the sectiion 101
wit a ortag whch ecive th bnefi of theli interestualthe poided
lor.~ ~ ~~ paie Wtepoioi eto 2 d 5 fo the h Natona Hosng Ah rct,
( w ri ntdes r muct ic ips nol e

Tha prorto nysuc sle r eas. or las opurchasero lesse other than
~~~~~~~~~o hna public body, the Secretary salntf h oenn oyo h
Jocaitc whre he andis ocaed of the proposedonl or leasen and
no su aeo...fmlo goverindivu ofy wit

iinetyiof suchinotificationiformallyiadvisesitheiSecretaryitha

nt A ct oiii9iiiiiiiiiiLiiliii60iiiipiioie
it b~ets o he I 1f the UntedrStates paidmn
le consderatio forran such lu land t the Secretary shlot sell

housig fo low or oderte-i come famles horsindiidals, rlthed ubi
rofinntsShll e epaatlyapeypraiseor touthi useandet the puhricae
'*hich such l-and issldsalonlderane-amouernta whic isooprtles
It h =iiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiii

l i" HHH 'iiiiiii

...) ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ....... f-'tniint n aeo laeo upu adudrtiiiiiii

rniiliSee. 919 Housing anidlolv
Dembf 90h igat 77, 81 mede scio 44 oauboiz heAdins
tr~tr of nera cesto dspos oY edeal srplu lan to he Scretry o HU
forth cnsrutio o lw-an moertenemesals ouin ad rlaedpuli
em erii n idutia acltis.Imeiepio t hi meden teauhria
000 for uch disosal wa limite to low an modeate-incme rentl or copirativ

2 3 :;::si~l;;;;i;;~i;;

(414 ADMWMRgigg ar OF HU PROGRA 31Su
..... .. ..n.i. s J .2.. m A 1as.A a.. A a e a iAi L ...a .

such period the property is used for any purpose offher than the pur-
poefor which it was sold or leased it shall revert to the llaited States
(or, in the case of leas property, the lease iiall terminate) unls the
Secrtaryand the Admuinistrator of General Services, after the exmir-
tion of th frst twenty years of such period, have approved the use of
the property for such other purposes. The Secretary shal notif the
Committees on Banidrnf and Charenny andI. the Committees on, Gov-
ernment Opratio.+ns.. of. tl. Senate an 7r,0= of Represe.tat when-,
ever any surplus land is sold or leased by hime, or he and the Admih-.
istrator of General Services approve a chapse in the use of ay surplus.
land theretofore sold or leased by him, pursuant to the authorioof
this section.
Approved December 24, 1969.


iii iiii,,,

~i ~i;;,,;i,; iiii i

iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiii@


iiiiiiiiiii I
;r;iii iiiiii;;, i l ls ,;;; ui; aiiisi;ii

ii i ................
iiilliliiiiiiiliiiilliliili == ,,iii iii .... ==

iiiiiiiiiiiiiii ?8ii11 ............ .....~ ~ ~sE.I ...i...llli~j~lllll .llll~l

iii iii "ii iiiii
.i iiiii;uliiiiiii~iiiliiii

iiii iiiiiiiiiiiis;;oii~ i s
ii i iiii iiiiiiii iiiiii ii i

[Public Law 93444, 88 Stat. i 97, 31 U.iC 1011

ACT To establish a new congressional budget process; to establish Commit-
'to on the Budget in each Hquse; to establish a Congressionlal Budget Office;
'oestablish a procedure prtovdiang congressional control over the im~poundment
of unds by the executive branch; and for other purposes.
e it e~uted by the Senate, and Homse of Representative of the
i ed atesofAmeicainCongre88embled,

enow WAX'' a ts ercioeaasre
may ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~l~~ li ie ste"ogesinlBde c fI1'

eX may be cited'se the "Impoundmnent Control Act of 197V1.
()Tnza or CiONNii&-

10 udget Committee of the Hous9e of Bepresenta,-tives.
10.Budget opminttfte of th en SWM0
20.Dtides and functions.
2&Pabilc abdewidt ddget: data.
30.Adoption of first concurrent mKsputkon.
Ma# tp bpjoint etatemnwt of mana rem pax&


W.a _o of concurrent e;Nolions on
So egsitiaon dealing wit congressional budget must be handled by
WT House committee action on all appropriation J*Ul to bq- cosplete4

22-874,-78-nt. 1--8-

; i ii~iiissl1~
,, ............;



Sec. SM8 Reports, 19 mmarles, and prol eas~n a of --igsid budg8et er
Sec. 3(0g. Completion of action on b8ils provdings new budget authority and
tatn new spending authority.
Sec. 310. Second required cnonrrent resolution and recondlitati process
See. 811. New budget authority, new spending authority, and revenue legislat
. must be within appropriate levels.
rsl~iii i;;;; i iii

ii~ ii;;; iiiiii iiii iiiiii

......... i. ....

iimiiiiliiliiiiil i iir
iiiiiiiiiiiii~ iiiiiii. ....................... ..

See. 401. Bills providing new spending auhorit
Sme 4M8 Reporting of authorising Ieaato
See. 40&. Analyses by Congressiona Budgtd Ofk.
ee.- 40 idition of Appropri on
iiiiiii iiiii ....

iiiiiiiiH iiii ... .... . ..
nTITLE V--CHAoNG OF stntCo ira
See. 501. Fiscal yeartobeginer 1.
Sme. 502. Transition to new cal year.
See. 503. Accounting procedures.
See. 504L Conversion of 4authoralgaons of ppropraptions
See. 505. Repeals.

Isrr:;;;;;; ~ ii ii i i NNH NNNN ...... ii
See.506. Technal amendment :


iiiiiiii i iiii iiiiii iii iiii iiiiiii ii
See. 601. Matters Included in ...ent.s.bug.t.,.
See. 602. Midyear review.
See. 603. Five-year budget projections.
See. 604. Allowances for supplemental budget authorityanda agentrollable on
Isr. ,

Sec. 605. Budget data based on continuation of existing level of MUT
Sec. 606. Study of off-budget agencies.
See. 607. Year-~aheadrquests for -4athorfeation oftnow -buget P W4rity.

iii ii

S iiiii Review and evaluation by ag commit .
See. 702. Review and evaluation by the Comptroller GeneraL
See. 703. Continuigstudy of ggaqdtioa bupt rqfsasge"

Sec. 801. Amendment to Legislative ReorgaWlettwet*A at SA .
See. 802. Changes in functional categories.

Sma. 901. Amkendments to rules of the'lffoft

II~iiiiili iiiiiiiili

iii oiiiiit; amiess to 9ekfi4s Of a h=nt i -ow

r iiiusi~~U ul' ....: "~il
Smc 00OS, Amendments 10 Leiltve Reoto Act of
Sim. 905. dae tes.r g
Sm 906. AppUgatl=" 'of constae,,oajb., i eeag

PART A--GawnZar. Pajs
:Igg,; ,;g, e;ma, r r-

See. 1002 Amendment to Angd Ptene
See. 10$.M Repea of existing Impoundment -gag Fgyggigg

i ii iii iiliiiii~ ii


iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
ssi ili i a i ll;; l ii;, i;i~ ii~ii~ iii ; ,iii1iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iii iiiiiiii
8;:;iii~iiiii iii iiii;,,,,iiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i i i
liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii;; ,;;;;;;;;;

iiii,, iiiiiiii~ii iiiiiiii,,, i;iiiii iiiiii i ii i

e.1011. Definitions.
1012. ,os' ion of budget authority.
e.1013. Disapproval of proposed deferrals of budget authority.
AM.Transmission of- messages; publication.
105Repidb of C mnptrollerzdeneral.
ik dSits by b0 ro' ller General.
PMtBetdeuae in Houase and Senate.

S The Congress declares that it is essential-
(1).,,ra; ective congressionail control drer the budgetary
i))~i iii

t) to provide for the congressional determination each year
1 rof the appropriate level of Federal revenues and expenditures;
^-P ,-() 6 provide a, system of impoundmeiit control;
(4) to. stab1 h national bud et pirities; and

jive b r for 6he furnis' imgof iliformation by the.exeen-
brach in a manner that wiU assist the Congress ini

(1'he teo me hudget. ou 'y and, "outlays" mean, with
h, epee eto any Albee year, xedtrsand net lending of funds
uniier bud&' auth ty du.

th erny+budget autort" means sathority provided by
law to enter Iinto obligations rb will result in- immediate or
Xfa"Jundys hvnolving Government funds, except thatschtr
04M., t inlade) authority toinsure or gugrantqe the pAyment
afffiBtedneis ndurred bY ahother person or government.
I~~ Yha barm '%tax, 6mapenditures" means those revenue losses
(J";LOibtable, to provisiobs of thea Federal tax laws ,which allow a
MI 0&1e lsian, exeitpie,,or deduction, fronivgoss *in come or
_Mdoa spcalcedit, a preferential -rate of tax, or a
Aefftlofta, labliy'.,anid the term "tax expendlitures budget"
i iiii

anmmi a tax aex......
10: o TheleMar abaqur-ren resolution, on the budget" moas
()a. conc rmen~teachttion settingforth the congrssoa]:
budget for the'U~nited States Gbvernmmnt for wfiscal year as
Atr J o4iw a"hurnatiesol~e
emIate reutionr earw- n or revasing the -an-
*IT;;:*, j babgeak for the U14ted States Govemmnzet for a
Vat y-aras provided 'in section 310 satnd i
any qwitvbnrrent~resonkison revMing s o-
if 'trl:j 'bagdetts the6 U04ited, States Governmeut for a fica
'Teterm "appropriation Act" means anAct Nfefrred to in
fteon 05Of title 11 UniswtdS es1004%

; n

Smo. 101. (a).Clause 1 or_k.A u f td qe -
Representatives is amended by redesi n etia" l
(u) as paragraphs (f ) thr ii it

iiiiiiiiiiiiiili iiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiii ilii
(e) Commitee on the Budge 0 ~kotet-he ebrr
iillas follows:i

49(l) fiv Members who am'.a
Appropriations; ;;i0~ii~;ii~~;;~ai:,;


11(3) eleve Mm b 3 ers who *re mans egq
664) won MembeO himn-the'leadors~u
"(5) one Member from the leadership ftew
No Member shall serve as a ofbe theComteon lu
during more than two. Congresses *in anypeidofvee
Congresses begin jalil 1974 (digaMn iiiii .

srv .eie Performed as a member of guch ,cainnfferfrls 7
aseion m 'any Congress). A1l ete~eeumas',fVkbr toSIVWWh
cmmittee shall be made without regad'tor
(b). Rule X of the Rules of the Hlome of Re
b adding at the end thereof Ihe followignew gNS
"6. For carrymig datt the P" rposes set'forth4 ln.i W I
te OComnittee on the Budget or,.an 91ubooteio. i xfir
ied to -9t, and act at sach times adplaces wtiiteUfA
whether the House is in session, has: semesodo-a dui4thl
such hear' mgs, to require the attendince of suhateaiadhpo
diitio n'of such booksp or papers or doeument aee yM~l
or otherwise, and to, take such testimony anso or* s t m
esary. Su ,penas may be issued over the sigtdieoth
the committ or of any'member of the comb

apd'may bes erved by any person designstdy6&.&bino
iemnber. The ch'irma of the conmmittee,, oryzab&teofmy
isti oaths"t *it esses." ...
(c) Rule X1 of the Rules of the H776 o '1iatfv
aneiided byredesignating clkuses 5 through: 3we"1#tr 4
selpectively: aid by inerting after clauset.' 4* a us
*omo the Bud et0
ii 1

; ii ==ii~ ,
I'(%) AlD co"ncrret r tos on, the bud 1as
don 3(&} (4). of the, Co.gesioa Bridg
matters requred to be referred. to the lit and
IV of that Act.

"(b) The committee shaRlmihav thodlqfr-
"(1) to report the Wpatters requirec re
titles UII and IV of %e Congicamat
"(2) to make continuing studies of the oft
of relevant existing and proposed legi
results of such studies to the House on areuin a%


.. ..o,,,,,~~; s; lls; ii l ~;; i(" ""'"
onrrrrsrrrr a recrurrmg basis; andr

(3)toreqo~~ndevlutecingiag ngistudesofdctb taxhxe on-

turs o d-vse 4hdj o coriitkeig o taxexptenditues policeso
and~~~ ~ prgaswtaie t bugth oeGs nd toerepor the rollountsn.
Budt tf shich o ie totheHousll bersa
i i

(4) o rvie, o A onti tg bamdgtetodc bys dthed isCton-
B~detuee fets fuctions 197) ad al oteeat

'I (a) Pragraphitof s rue:mXVofrtheStandin Rules m ofe
byddngat theq en bfte reorta yig undew
*rope is amen dnd to eprtt
asgta co ih s.t. f a
coodin g ax xpe itres p' ,11

40 e onhe udget to which committeeeshrlltbe
ig ~acrret rsoltion on th beurdige (as defined *i eto
)44)..6 0 8 m d e of197 ) ado al oyther mat-
cpgah2ommitte und o tites Illand I
to ~ ~ e beby rrdt thatta kier

ompte shl 4q the duty_7 g 7eso tj Sn
11 Isret4 a to beoe, llobyit under
to t the 1t% PsssOnote nty
f ta -i Ce coI dit Ate of 1974eat i
eoammiitte cWdkse Bdgt on bugte outlates
Xug proposdn meeition to -tond reportnghe
i~sli o. luc.1udis 6 he Senate on ate imutte obasubcom
to),to "ed Vautes by inrecor stote of tax0 moityo
expndiurs, rilicies,

rqmew, pa t mm6Ain bsite conduct bya the Coner
ofth Sae s omnd to beitakn after-hprtoo

rt- *iPii fsifii iiiiihe ais:iiiiii
iizee$ theitiiiiiiiii

.... t" """ Od i dH t o ny
t6 016pubnei fh*: mmit '1ii6 irisubcom...
6 m b4 1btAM

d :i iii iiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
.............. su p ortion.......... or

.......ii2 9iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

iiii102 MGEii AftTii
(1) windisc~lose matters neebwaryl 1*1 Wpret W h inter-
est of national defense or e iiiiiiiii 1iiiireigii
relations of the United States;
(2) will relate solely to matterd.Wom awe or
internaalstat # prinam or pro 88mr~e
(3) will-tend to chrean inididul oI thi
to disgrace or injure te professional stadndg of an indi a"
or otherwise to expose an iiidvi wli:o pitblic contempt or
obloquy, or will repressat a uawarrant & ap o
privacy of an indiividn
(4) will disclose'tlie id tlit bf Ah i&f~4ou
ment agent or will, disclose anT information rpilto h-"g_
stion pr prosecution. of a. eraninal. off ag tir.A
tept secr'et in the interests of e ie I n
(6), will diselose in. ornation
financial or conmmercial mnformautio
given person if-
(A) an Act of Congress requires the infordr4iont6d be &
confidential by -Governmezitofl6icers anid &plo t
.(iB) the hiforiiatio has bei y
on a c6onfidei'itial fbssoher tht rough en daon by
such per'son for a spe6ific mGovpeffite'financialor, bene-.
fit, and is requ'ireto'b we sret len oder top: tadue
in ury to, the competitive position: of such, perso
iiiii(e) Paragrph (b) 'of e XXV 6f A di l of th
Senate a i1
Seaeand section 133A (h) obf the Lgislative Rebera idtin Act of
194 sal rotaplyto th Comittee ori the !Bude 6f 'thi -anate.

Si.. 201. (a) Iw G EAL. ii
(1) Tere is established an office of the Cong st k no
as the Congressional Budget Ofie(ereinafter E'th *W M.
ferred to as the "Office,"}.- The Office shall be headed-by a-iw D ftetait
and there ioboll by4 t De uty Dipector who shl,jerfqrr such
duties as m: Y betassiagel town mby the Directorfm 'T's dhr V% the
absence or incapac'ity oft6Directr or dur'in~g a vacny-

oflca, *hall ,act weDret. ,.. .
(2) T.. .. D irector Sh ojib.p.o..................
HoseofRpresentatives 03dth Presr n~r tepre of
Senate after co6'dering recommendatuos..bivu fr
Coinuitteiiiiiiii oiithe oei
regard to political afiliation and solely onp The- liasia owbh
to Perform his duties.!The Deput iyDiriector
the D irector.iiiiiiiiiiiiiii
(3)Theat rmn -of offIc* q. th4J..irictor,- SMtr ap nt h
exIpire at op,094. Jana 4 199 pandtetrsp. *.tlae
tors SU U'8'l apVme a1leprea okp a v
each~~ year p theeter.,An~ns. *all, aoh ayMn
tor to ak Paac pror to the expwatsom Ati* g


'd prt"e of that term. An individual serv-
3bg he;i ft ft:'&t the'expiration of e, term may continue to serve
unt-higmicaso iiappointed. MAy ,Deputy Director shall serve
until, of the term of offce of the Director who
a ..ppoi"&bn and, until his successor is appointed), unless
sowerxenIbo by the. Director.
(4) Th~. irect6r, may be removed by either House -by
(5) Tbeirewth sh-aD receive compensation at a per annum
"m i~towqual tbthe rate of-,basic pay,, as in effect from time to
tima. fr- ove -111 of the Executive Schedule in section -5314 of
ited States Code. The Deputy Director shall receive
em n Ti t aprnumrosrate equal to the rate of basic
i py,",arA 'n effect, for 1level IV of the Executive Schedule in
swton-M'5 ozuh- title..:
h) P~oxw-LwThe; Dixector shall appoint and fix the compensa-
0_fKs~hp&adnnel as may be necessary to carry out the duties and
the Offce. All personnel of the Offce shall be oppointed
:erdto *S Plitil.d afliation and solely on the -basis of their
taerform, their duities. The Director may prescribe the, duties
repnsibilities of the personnel of the Offce, and delegate to them
'tto perform any of the duties, powers, and functions imposed
t ~erce or on the Director. For purposes of pay (other than ay
the iretor and Deputy Director) and employment benefits, ri tt,
1DA"a a all peltonnel` df the Offce shall be treated:'s if
o of the Hoise of RepresentativW
kPR-AW C6k Mtairmes.--In cryn out the dutie-and
thde Sh Ditctt may procure the tempoay(o
Y y . no t~,i

dh6 Y ori Okinthbbtti ait servies, Of' experts or consultants
afft stherbf'y atract as independent, tontractors, or,
of hiiiu iexers or consultants, by employment. at rates
aynt*e o h diyceuv ent of the hi1 hst rate of basic
6 :dhdf te Gnerl 'cheuleof section 5382 of title 5,
n,,Awcon.-The Director is author-
ru~twi, dt,.St~tes, and statistics directly from
i U c~aeAd astablialuments of th. executive
P4gedie and~cowraissions.
44punet, agencies, -establistnns
stor 49P= AW4 fp auons shall fiurish the Director
Uabla tp&al wh ptrmhe to. be. nemmaary in the
ce f isdutie andfctons (other than m~aterial the
ofi whch. would ,bw violation of law)*: The Director is
Vieuon agreetmet With the, head of any such depart-
,. y, esta,wblisment, or ,re-gulatory kgenVy r commison to
xtries 9A%? c1ilities, and personnel with Iotwithomt reimburse-
adthe head of each such udeartmentys agny!Astablishment,
;1Ken IT T Otifi AGENIES or CON RSB-IM Carrying
444%~ffiN lnd fr te Pup'o of oor

the pertion ofe: Ofic wih tom d oter:congessona

4201 BonaRs AND .saa g ... .

agendes with, &,view to aM4iday31F 4104 on
serevias and Mn Of 91oa 69 &"M 4"apan-0 var
i ess emgnd a* the.
'ttinfrain data, estimates, and --o eey h
Gmerol eatigo es, the e a ad ffceo
Technology A. ssent, and (upon agre'ement :
0or td
their services, facilitiesI and persnednldrth"
ment. The Comptroller General, the Tibrarian ofC h

iiechnology Asisiiieinent Board2 atrized
with the information, data, estsee and the.:serices
facilities, and personnel, referred to as the pr*4
(f ) AWraOPnAnOms.-There are .aitoitt be:it0pradt
the Offie for each fiscal year such sums as ma *necefayWebl

..............l;;;;;i iiiii
it to carry out its duties and fia. ei
ated pursuant to the prece ig sentence, butlm a Pirid*:
12 months following the effective date of Ws suowin Ow ipwe
of the Offie shall be paid from the coniepnt atmd of 41S8tb
accordance with the paragraph relatm to te fud.ofth
iiiiiSenate under the heading "UNDER i
October 1. -1888 (28 Stat. 546; 2 U.S.C. 69), and upon vjcesp
proved by the Director.

ouras o moton

S EC. BO$. (a) Assi8 ANSE: To BUDO;r. 9OW0tbe
duty and function of t!he'Oice to provide to th6d
Budget of both Houses information which VW.t adM OM~e
in the dicharge of all matters withitheiiiiiiiiii
(1) inf ormation with, reqwen to the budgot, apmwA
other bills authorl ag or peroiding bod&getboiy rq i
tures, (2) information with respect to raMe&
future revenues Ca reepa ansagig p
(3) such related *information asa such Conimttees iqiy rpu .A"
MEANS, AxD F=,&wca-,At the req a of theCpite onp ~
ations, of either' Muse, th6. Qnkteon 4anT

aselet it i4 the ishgeof M= =

;ii"iiii ;;" iiriiiiirrr rrii rrr
infoi rm tion .......... k)

such relatod intortnation as the (30li
(c) "Al"VANcz ToO en 0orm" .03i~
(1) At the-e teqest of any 'oter committee of thet House Of
resentative orth Senate. 6r any oit committee af the Congr
the Offce shal provide to such commitoee or. Wait cmit
information .oompiled in carryng out blausw(1 and ()of
sectio '(&); And, to the. extent pfAeticble* e ladditiol inf~W
mation relate to theforeo~u L a mayberqued
()At thei reijuest of wn = a te om or S e
O1?ce shall provide to such MembeoAp inftomation
carrying out. Clamse (1 -n A(2) M-1 -ascto (aR&M X 40
going as may be 17nk 0sdsha Anwenat 1:st&k

44 ~% P 50x r COXXllTX AND JONT
th-ph 'teon the Budget of ete
COKC. ZI 0 sall see gned, on a temporar bais
annittee. At the req oa oe
Jlm* QT asy'.1w int ic mmittee of the' Congress, personnel of the
mae assigd, on 'a temporary. Ass, to assist such c
Mi.' itte mwith. respect to matters directly, related to the
ME pr:onvsions ,of subse'ction-'(b) or (c).
.. 1 The duties, functions. and personnel of the Joint Commit-
joReduction of Federal txpenditures are transferred to the
ceiand the Joi nt Committee -is abolished.
Section 601 of the Revenue Act of 1941 (55 Stat. 726) is
On or before April. of each year, the.Director shall sub-
Mi the Committees on: the Budget of the House of Representa-
,*eand the Senate a report, for the fiscal year commencing on
,bcpibr 1 of that year, with respect to fiscal policy, including (A)
nat~iative levels of total revenues, to .tal new budet authority,
adtoWa outlays (including related suirpluses and dficits), and
M the levels ;-f tax expenditures under existing law, tad into
LCP at rjected economic factors and ay changes in such Tvl
*d onpeOn8as in thes bude submitted by thdPesi for
Jusc e r.Such report shall also. incluide a discussion of
lZ et priori ties, mdn -alternative ways of allocating
4u",_authesi*.,and budget outlays for such fiscal year among
or ... programs or funetonal eategorive, talng ito account
each alternative allocations will meet major national needs
APO ctieae growth and develogpment of the United States.
Th6 Dh tor shall ffe ime tn time submit to th6 Com-
-son the Budget of tJp House of Representatives and the
Seat such further repoith (including reports revising the re-

Priste o provde suchC~mni t;es w6 Miforationda* an
a slys for the performance of their duties and functions.
Ufiz ba<6rb+MMe A" Orawn TECHIawQUEB.-The Dieo may

WA. and 6 IMMM I" Yan Uues and Administration of h
) el 1.bki M lervius of xprt a nd, cnonsutants iin compuere
bloyand develap~dmdquis or the evaluation of bdtr
(a)Rxmr T Crr.Excptas provi ded in subsections
add), the DilrectWr a01l makw all information, data, estimates,
les obaiid Ad eir sections 901 .(d) and 20 1(e) available for
dk ong W`na bsns hours, subject to reasonable
tfions, SAn 1ha 6 :4th extent practicable, at the request
,~ ~ O itrihao f any, stch information, data, estimates
1051t p4ytorh V ftch:persMn of the cost of iiiaditg and
_nhv tatk

(b) IwaRx.-TheDirectr s'h*Vl 6eo'an mAa inAh tanfati~g oi

i a
i n mexing systems that, identifo r to, ii"
and statstics to ch subeti a) ppli iAiiiiiiiiiill
tems available'for public use n
(c) ExaWmNe14.-Subsection (a) shall not ap~ply to nbai
data, etimates, and statistic6---

(1) which are specifically exemnipted. from 1`69 by.

'";;"""""" i
(2) which the Director determiies will disclose-::
(A) matters necessary to bekept, secret in the o eet
national defense or the confidential conduct of th!0orig
lations ofthe United Stateg;
.(B) information relating to trade secrets or financialo
comumercial information pertaining specifically to a gg:i*
person if the information has been 'obtamied by the: Govern
iiiment on a confidential basis, other thanthrough an appli
tion by such person for a -specific financial or othel bne
and is required to be kept secret in order to preet n
injur to the competitive poitio of such personor
()personnel or medical d~at or similar* data :the- discT
sure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted inya
sion of personal privacy;
unless the portions containing such matters, infhrmationl, or da
have been excised.
(d) IWFoaxATI[oN OBTAINED FRo CoxkraM ss Ano IIM S
section. (a). shall apply to. any information, datE& estimatst, a t
tistics obtained at i16 requiest of any committee' Pint coftn e, -
Member 'Unless such committee, joint committe or Membe ha m
structed the Director not to make such informs ion, data,
or statistics available fdr public cPythi' p


'SAO. 300.:The timetable with respet to the congesoalb
process for nyfiscal year is as follow..s..:
On or before: Ato to be eoavgap
November 10,.P ------------- Prp_0det subod eurreikt asei
15th day IafteW Congress meets-, Pxeildent 4lbisWVbuIL
; iiu; iii~iiii iii i

April 15..................... Budget o.mttees "report II I
olution on the budget to thei oue.
iii,,,, i; ii iiii~~ii ii iiiiiiiH

1tiey i s aeii i iii mii aiiiiin
iiiiiiii~i isirrrrrrrrrirr

iig new iiiiiiiiiiiiidget authority.
Kay 15_ -------ngress completes acsod oa.rast '
resolution na e ba t t
7th day after Labor Day ------ Congress cox;G aet' pan n e
tions asvdn e ttatoiya
September .................. e o
concurrsen ratto n 6bde
September M----------- - actia o
required concurrent kdu b. -
October 1 -------------------- Fiscal year begins.
;,;; ;;;I TS'
iiii i

Q.ii.. SOL CD e..MAr.15.--On or before
ay 15 ofec year, the Congress shlLeomplete action on the first
Curentresolution: on the budget for the fiscal year beginning o
Sat ach year.7he! concurrent eslution shall set forth-
()the appropriate level of total budget outlays and of total
wwbudget au49rity
()an I etimate of budget outlays an& an appropriate level of
new budget authority for each major functional category, for
f.contingeoiiees, and for -undistributed intragovernmental transac-
one adedon allocations of the appropriate level of total budge
koulasand of total new budget authority;
.3) the amount, if any, of the surplus or the deficit in the budget
r~hichi appropriate in light of economic conditions and all other
e0vant factors;
j, .7(4.,ffemomimended level of Federal revenues and the amount,
'if I by which the agregateY& lvel of Federal revenues should
be lomso or decreased by bills and resolutions, to be reported
J PhrheaPgacyriate commaittees;
6)te, apropriate level of the public debt, and the amount if
Uyl bywhich the. statutory limit on the puablic debt should be
mceasaedr a dWSearae bybills, and resolutions to be reported by
the appro... committees; and
Of M d offher matters elting to the budget as may be appro-
pn-Atte oarry out the purposes of this Act.
AhpmoxAL -AUrryos iw CowcumaNwr RESOLuTiON.-The first
U, Imt t lutlao on the budget. may also require--
(i 'y(14 Vrodcluer under whikh all or certainbills and, resolutions
providing new budget authority or providing new spending
1.: uthriy-described in section 401 (c) (2) (C) for, such fiscal year
-*11:. abanot o iengo untiI the coneurrent resolution requiired to be
MoA4-!~gr Eption 310 (a) has been agreed to, and, if a recon-
.10j resolution, or both, are required to
ti-io.vootodIg eration 310(p) until tonrs has completed
-I~iPI:,o 6a,,Woryaesolutimn or both;,ad
UN, gr-Pocedure wihis, considered, 'appropriate to
carry out oiprpioses of this Act.
a, Ia~r~t~n~tAqso of. the Ninety-fifth Copgresa, the..Oommittee
adh neseshall repo~rt to its.House on the imple-
ton of p-r~cdes di~sefibed in thi subsection.-
*(IP,,VW#AWDETMAreao OraOIxa QpxxrrrBES:--O0n or before
15 ~e.,,yv~,:e~ach s:6nding co&ipmitt of theHouse of
91 e4 I

r6Wta ~ alSmit to Committee .an t~hp Budget of the
eac siiiin 'committee "of Ithe Senate shall submit to the
at uO ] gto the. Senate,pd- the Joint Economic Com-
....... Int.ri. .e e xation shall su all e set forth
at latesIrsective
jmiieif committee;

WOft, total amouiats, of now budget authority, and budget outlays


reulin thtrmlthe Budgete or: int Hous biI n
resol ton wppropiathino the jurisdiction of s* which
ohrcommittee ointhend tose eo6+ kez
The oin Ecnomc Conmiteeshal sloisbknv 6

on the Budget of its House, and," oti, on omitelf h.
Congress may submit to thed Onmmitteon hlug lbt H ss..

its views and estimates with res
section (a) which relate to matters *ihniswrsidw~rtnto
(d) Hzu.NRLGS AND REPORT.-In deveoii h is rn eo:
lution on the budget referred to in susda a o a iclya
the Committee on the Budget of eachHuesal od shall receive testimony from Member fCnrs n uhapo.
priate representatives of Federal de
ral ubiiiii, and nationiiiil organizs
seirable. On or before April 15 o eac ert&Cbdtee6 h
Budget of each House shall report t t h
resolution on the budget referred to nsbeto 4, b hbfsa
yea beginning on October I of 'such'er h eottlae~ig
such concurrrent resolution shall incue, u l 6lo~ltdt-"
(1) a comparison of revenues etmtdb h-bnte. Wt
those estimated in the budget subitdb h tsonf
(2) a comparison of the appro aelvl O oabt
lays and total 'new budget authoryas'e'mic
concurrent resolution, with totlbude ul NUt:ad
total new budget authority requetedi h ~ns
the President;-
(iii) ith respect to each majiiiiiii

1111ii "iiiiiiii ii
.; ii iiiiii i
of budget outlays and an appropraelvlo e ug4 uhr
ity for all proposed prg andfral

(including renewals tereof), ihteetmt n o
siiiting programs bein diviiei between ...............
and fun&s provide in appropriato cs n w mchdvso
being subdi~vided between conrlabl mut ada te
(4) an allocation of the lae*6 ofFdrlrvnusromn:0
in the concurrent resolution amnmaofxiiiiiiiii
iiiiiii(5) the economic assmptioiiii
..... =iiiiiiiiiiii,,isn

each of the matters set forthi suhinuzra;souii
alternative economic assumptiosandojcieswihtt10*
ii mittee considered;iiiii
(61 projecti~ons, not limited to h ol 1 rti
five fiscal years begi~nnig with sc ~ ,q
levels of total budget outlays, totlnwc
l il iiii iiil iiiii'i'''iiiiiiiiiiiii

budget authority, the estimated
estiiiiiiiiiiiiatiieiiid s lus or deficit if
period, and te intimated Vleveb a xeh*tb a
expenditures budget) by major fntoa


......... .... .............. .... ...... ..... .. i~ iiiii~ i8ii iiiiiiiiil i i~ iiii~ i ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;s;iiiiiiiii
a ~ ~ ~~h Saeet MY shourfi nt 4=gW its, dthe prosed

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite eidite r m in e d ...........
tbiiiia-hliiiget atgiies.ii

ii =a; i ii iI=Ni

at codrhrarE E

Sxc.802 (a AioCA~orToTAss.-The joint explaln try tat
&0Qnea%0jI pnirtion on
Wde-'1_aiiidanbs uiponiicon

'rrn rslui .nasrcomndcinschci apuereot,-f h

awsa;lvd~~f-otlbugt~ulasau oaJe mWbdetau

'00W~~ta buge auhriy

11rs IT Cvjm. &As soon as praeticable. after a con
J*Wltio ontheu,4getis agreed to-,,
mmi on, Apropriations of each House shall, afte
wit th C inmttee. on: Appropriations of the, othe
sei A)subd Weam ng isubcommittees the allocation o
udgt',utlyis an'a~: bdget authbrity allocated to, it in th
z~ ~ ~ ~~~~6 jonepntrysse taocampanying. the conference repot
--, 00M& oubrret resluion, and ,(B) further subdi vide th

limwnt wth espct *t ech such -subcommittee between con
1) AR~k i ad 0-oter amounts; and -<
_i~~~~~~ta --,A :Vr!OhrcmiteOf the HlOuse and Senate to whic
o wasmadein sch joint explanatory stAtemen. t shaI1
*AM4W~ulin..wit~h CM ustee r coammittees--of the -othe
*.K~6B t Whi artof its sanmatiedn was made, (A) sub
RM11g its su~bcommittees or among pro
'oisicton9 and (B) further 'subdivid
A~szbitin to ach subcommittee or program betwee
4" fta. aind all other amounts.
Sha : nptly repor to iftsHouse the subdievi
plp"t to subse6tiOIL
r Reortrios.-n te case of a con
'&Udn 161: he, udgt referred to iin 66ti-on 304 or 310, th
aand the subdiVision-tmdr sufbsection
e eten neessryt tk~e fnto accoun
OW vi -411,hw w~ ently agreed- No doncurrent resolution

su4e .lrtnr trw PE
cr............. mir inii .........

Itshllnet be isodriA 0ithr th
9TVocoqia anD IillwNesolu
ch OWproies-

iiiiii iii iiiiliiiiliiii

'10 BUDG19Tam AMo XOmemamm a TMr A n
(1) iewbudget aiithqd4 im-a
reamiL ..............eb.,0 ct *'O ct v
during a ft!al year; a
(8) an inerems or dwAea a64 the Obom
efcteete during a fisual year, oss

until the first concurrent reoluten an th*ba t for AUh Mwha
been aeetopursusanttosection SOL, i-i:'A r
tioxan- e.-Subsection (a) does not apply toany ilo
(1), proviin new budget authwit whickl," bwoes iun
able ina fiscal. year followm athe- siil year1,t.wich the1 cd
]1 to

current resolution applies;- or
(2) increasin*o dearasn reveanues Wffih first
tive in fiscal year folloing 'h.MlYear ow
current resolution applie
(1) The committee of the Senate which,. reports any ilo iea
olution to which subsection (a) applies may at or afte etm .
eorts such bill or resolution, report a resolution to t eat..
(A) providing for the waiver of subsection (as wi se to.
such -bill or resolution, and (B) statin~g the reason. the
waiver is necessary. The resolution shall then be refrr& the
Committee on the Budget of the Senate.. Tha Mittese 1.
report the resolution to the Senate within 10 days aieth res-
olution is referred to it (not counting- any day the
Senate is not in-session) begi~nnig with the i olwnif dayB
on- which it is so referred, accompanied by ihaticomta~ rer-
omnmendations and ieasons for such recommendatiobaits spot
to the resolution. If the committee does .not aspet th rebaioe
ydtinsuch 10-day period, it shall autowaticialy bege
from further, consideration, of the resolution. and the i Te ico
shall be placed on the calendar.
(2) During the consideration of any end& esa~le Abate
shall be limited to one hour, to be. equally~ r dvded.;bton asd
conroled yg, the: majority leader and. Wxmrity Uand. Wt
desgnees, and the time ou any debatabke motianx or
be lmtdto twenty minutes, to be equally divided and
controlled by the mover and the manager of the "91WLnh
event the xganager of the resolution is so favot of ab -suhp m
or appa the tuame in oppostio theretd shall mie-atlkbth
minority )!r'or his deine Such leaders or #ther K*4m
m ay from, the time under teir control on le pamage t er4
reoution, allot additional time to any Senator durbing the con
sideration of a~ny debatablel motion or appeal. .No Im.d.... .
the resolution is in order.
(8)- If, after the Committee on,,the Budget fhaa.ep red(O
beein discharged from further consideration of) the ioewkfon
the Senate agrees to the resolution, then, subeetion (a. af(
secio shall not. apply with respeet-to6 the bill .4 p i
which the resolution so agreedt tikio a ~


S' .h. rr uret resolution o the
irrfis:drr u r suant:

eor Ia a-s er kgrieodf puru to section 301, and
tp~ heend.of, ;ch. fiscal yea r the two Houses may adopt. a con-
S te bud wic rises the concurrent resolu-
n.lebue4 for such fisal damot recently greed to.
year m 1 s ag

// is

(1) Whn te Conunittee on the Budget of the House has
*reoe' af y concurrrenit resohtiet iofn the budget, it 'is *in order
"';fit-Ah teAftter the tenth d*.y (eichuding Saturdays, Sundays,
holidays) following the day on which the report upon
onhas been available to Afembers of the House (even
thog a. previous motion to the same effect has been disagreed
&Move. to proceed to the consideration of the concurrent reso-
II w~wThe motion is highly privileged and is not debatable. Am
e(Iment to the motion is not 'in order, and it is not in order to
mov ,torec "sder the vote by which thp motion is agreed to or
(2)1ieneil debate on any concurrent resolution on the budget
in'tho Mi of Representatives sall be limnited to not more than
hbu, *hi hl shailBbe divided equally between the majority and
n# p4f 'e.A motion fufther to limit debate is not debat-
abl-..Ambt on' o recommit the concurrent resolution is not in
"O'r~dand it is not in order to move to reconsider the vot,6 by
0 'bdd te mondUurrant resolution is agreed to -or disagreed to.
4 -.osiderse an of any concurrent resolution on the budget
fibylhe asse of Representatives shall be in the Committee of the
V.4,hod,,antel Moluio asahsir hall"b read for* amendmment undere the
five-inute rule in accordance with the applicable provisions of
11-001 XIIoE the: Rules of :the Houae, of Representatives. After
_0( smd reports the resolution back to the House,
Tevi~ V04 Jsp all be Considered as ordered. on the reso-


anO4any:- dmtahrs to final Passage without inter-
: ii

ii 'i= ii ii
'apt. that it* sal be in orderst any time prior
W Ot h1 htaAding any, other rule or provision of
an ssadinnt r eeens~o aendments) chang-
yor fgures in the resolution as so reported to the
oces.-Y to. achieve mobbhematical conaintency.
I~eat:k.the.Rman ad Representatives on the conference

orm rent resolution on the budget shall.he limited
4QA: hours, whl sha e divieded equaly between
'04 sm meity p. ae motion further to limit
betable. Aee a oa si the conference
reprt s nt~n order, and it is not in' order to move to reconsider
dah ~ F00 rh ofaes eport is SgT e4 to or dis-


(5) motions to ospolkee anuS 6 W1IOod s6tangel~ oY
of any concurrent reso-lution on.teb v andmoions to
.................. '~~ iii~iiiii iHHiiHi Hiiiiiiii'

coed to the consideration ofr 6
out debate.
(6) Appeals from the dc talts -o le'hi ltn ib
application of the Rules of Ow. Hose ofRpestaaot,
procedure relating to any 'cncurrent ruoito n th6 bdtv
shall be decided without debate.
(b) PRtOCEDur IN SizxATE Arntk ItPORr 0ff
(1) Debate in the Senate on: any concxrgm resolution on' the
budget, and all amendmnents thereto and d~ ab oton ad.
Nap peals in connection therewitb shal N to no oe'.
tan 50 hours, except that, wiit repc o-h second re red
concurrent resolution referred to in seti 31la0c to
shall be limited to not more thani 15 ournet ~l be
equally divided, between,., and controlled bY:h, 1 ma ~~4.der
and the minority leader or their designees.,
(2) Debate in the Senate on any am Pit to. Tent
resolution on the budget shiall be limnifet1 thou t bpeuly
divided between, and controlled by, the m .ovrean te nm4ger
of the concurrent resolutionand debath on -& an
amendment, debatable motion, or appeal shall be1
ii ,iicCCiiii

to be equally divided between, and controlled by, thean
'' '' '' Hiiii' iiiiiiiHHNi
the manager of the concurrent resolution,' exqpt that inteevent
iiiithe manager of the concurrent resolution is in fAvor iiii
amendment, motion, or appeal, the time 'in opposito rthext
shall be controlled by the minority leader or is deake .. No
amendment that is not germane to the provioions of su on-
current resolution shall be received. Such leaders, or -fihrof
them, may, from the time under their coastal on the pasg of
the concurrent resolution, allot additionalt time to inh Smds
durming the consideration of any amendmeent, deatablek min,
,, ; Iii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii', iii''iiiii~ i

i(8)Ai motion to fiiiirther limi debte is not d A
motion to recommit (exeePt a motion t6omit with ansu
tions to report back within a speciia ed t o frbrof dyS o
exceed 3. not counting any, day on which- the F0aw sno I
session) is not in order. Debate on any such m.on ..
shall be limited to I hour, to bes equally diiedfbfwfln
controlled by, the mover and the manager ofa h odrn
rel ol tion ..............
(4) Notwithstanding any other rule, an amsimn or aere
of amedmients, to a concurrent resolution on tebude pfpsd
in the Senate shall always be in order if such amftdmit w kees
of amenhdments proposes o cheanp any figure 419IV fibu~
tainedn easchcoaneurrant resolution so as to flekhwm en
resolution imathematically consistent or B as to A iae16uh
(c) Armow ex C~oxzRanawa W'.eaede
(1), The conference report on any concurrent resl ftw tip
budget sWIl be "in order in the Senate at any time after the third


;;;; .., io
iiiiiiiiii,,ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

iiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiiiii iii~iiiiiiiii~~~iii i

;,;;.; i
;iiiiiiiiiii~ ~ iii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

,,sss~nl~sii~ sla

WUM- ad" A" LoIO C 0
a rdays, Sundays, and, legal holidays) follow-
w t.i "sh aoference report is reported and is
ilaeatd b'r of 8h eae A motion to proceed to the

of t conference report may be made even though a
previods mbotio to the same effect has been disagreed to.
(2) Dur~ing the consideration in the Senate of the conference
' ~iiiii

"Vort on any concurrent resolution on the budget, debate shall be
limited to 10 hours, to be equally divided between, and controlled
a ajoity leader and minority leader or their designees.
toon any eb"atable motion or appeal related to the confer-
f pe report shall be limited to 1 hour, to be equally divided
. tw : and controlled by, the mover and the manager of the
A.,,,wfw ce report
(3 Bhodud the conference report be defeated, debate on any
requisit for a new conference and the appointment of conferees
sall be limited to 1 hour, to be equally divided between, and
A.''11wtaled. by the manager of the conference report and the
N i! ........... ...

iiiiii~ii~~i,,,,,J iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiii

i n"iisiii iiii~~
anaoityleader or his deslgnee, and sihould any motion be made
to strtthe coerees before the conferees are named, debateiiiiiiiiii
1eWOach -aotio ball. be limited to one-half hour, to be equally
e betwee, and controlled by, the mover and the manageriiiii
III~ ofth onference: report. Debate on any amendment to any such
auctions shall be limited to20 minutes, to be equally divided
,j Wwn and coxxtrolled by the moover and the manager of the con-
P-oience report. lak all case when the manager of the conference
i.~p _j.wris in favor of any motion, appeal, or amendment, the time
inpp e.stion shall be under the control of the minority leader or
1,*y case in which there are amendments in disagree-
nonii time on each amendmnent shall be limited to 30 minutes, to
6 eg ualy divided between, and controlled by, the manager of the
safrere port and. te minority leader or his designee. -NTo-
tbat is not germane to the Proiin of such amend-
v~ataAW1 lereeived.
............ C...N.. the endof
fp t adY4 Sundays6 and legal holidy)at
bbO1 O have been appointed to &.committee of con-
a resolution on the budgetiiithe conferees are
to afp__ent with repect to aln matters in disagreement
Ur:Aatrso hc

we a sea then the conferees shalliashmit to their

a~~~~~~_,rrrrr colkene eprtreomenin tos mttrsonwhc
A ve areed aad: reporting jn: disagreement thos matters on
which they have not agreed:; or
S. .coOWWenc report M,0 isgreement, if the matter in dis-
t isan m eudet which strikes out the entire text of
fief t4 R utreat resolutin and iserts4 a sbstitute text.
Aw-I AORi not be in' order inthe Senate to vote on ths qunestion of


(1) 08 (a) cocrret olmson 9Rh-q the re, the

ioiiiiiiii in T uc E resiiiiioin viiiiiii-iior

i(2)o a coinfere repriopiisoluto to on t
,,, ,,ii: ,,iii i iiii i iii
uthoriss thefigure contanined. ng approp

,iiiiiiii i i iiiiii i
inx suchconferenc reprtafsca eare ith AR...

zr 306. Nton sbill cori resolutionendtn, mndf o ilo
reouion, teDiector owithe aonygrtersinwhBichi~inteJrsito

ii iiiiiii oifiiiii H ou i oi biiiiiiiiii
ofthe Comte hon the nwBudg dere
inta Hueulesi s ilor resolution womich biag benheore
by he ommte on the Budgt ofethatl Hos grath 6ea
tionof hiche such committeeh as beendsch nesi sa
ame~ndmentt suchabloresution.82

SE. (B 307 Priorjoegotion o the frsot rglraporawbl o
each is hsc lcal year, h omte on Apporain ofte.oueo
Represetative shaltoheexed'nt trjlhfle opeesuomnt
forthat ear and submi topterHouse aanmrydprtefpf
outlay and th new budget authority a e ot itemsvdnl
agreed g to cocureront preoluided on theaugt frta er'

Houseia reporstancelltor rsoltionto its Houscrviignwl~

,,~~,, s',iii;;; ~;,,
*"QftAPM W ImgopW rW p, cowagg;, ACT 308o
Ifent -19) y,9 providin new or increased
tax epedt s-
(A ow the new or increased tax expenditures provided in
t binor resolution will affect the levels of tax expenditures
IF =der~einting haw.-as set forth in the report acmayn
thefirt concurreit: resorlution on the budget for suh isa
Year if, ttireport acoompanybag -a subsequently agreedt
'onturao escolutionefor: such, year sets, forth such levels,
ast forth in,,that epart; and
jt)a projection for the Period of fisalyeas
wih such fiscal year of the. tax expenditures which wlresult
'IMA thdt. bill or resdluti on in each fiscal year' *in suhperiod.
X~f*Pr~ktiii ahal be required for a fiscal year under paragraph (1)
BI) :It te commnittee determines that a projection for that


ii"" iiiiii~iiil0iiiii l"iii;,
&6A yat simpraticable andl states in its report the reason for such
The1 bir6r of tie Congressional Budget Offlice shall issue periodic
re Sdetailing and tabulating the progress of congressional action
s.and reasoluti6ns providmig new budget authority and changing
Idthe pubilic 'debt Hidit'for, a fiscal year. Such reports. shall
Ilu 't re not limhited to ---
up-to-ate tabulation comparing the new budget author-
such fie year in bills and 'resolutions on which Congress
eo ltedaction and estitgitddd outlays, associated with such
ew gotauthority, during such fiscal yegr to the new budget
authority and estimated outlays set, forth the most recently
f -JqgeeI to ooncurrent resolution on the budget for such fiscal year
an'ha reports submitted under section 802;
jo)i 4)an, up-to-date status repqrt on all bills and resolutions pro-
l~d~k n'Wbudget authority and'ehanging revenues and the pub-
0,4 tlimt orsuch fisca year in both Housesf;
-aecomp*rison of the'appropriate level of reve-
Inthe mst recently agreed to concurren t resolu-
onif for sah A year with the latest estimate of
ini~ignew revenues anticipated dur-
1- ~~an isc iwwilad tions on which the Congress
4 Ir ae6 f-h

qnaria o appropriate level of the
AP1416 6taj`4ilite most recently agreed to, concurrent

-YPA- Pa amnog Oir onRSSIoNAL BuDGET Aernow.--As
sr beVguIn a of each fiscal year, the Director
ssionalO diad t 6 f: issue a report, projecting for
d cal i~Iiiiwth such fiscal year-
newh~ge auhoit an total budget outlays for
wa tbe reedand the major sources teef n
. . ......... -

1a le MI 646t ifo RRa year in stich period;
eC; tgayarinschprid

m 43

00301AM der AeetiON n r1c A".

(1) provdin new budget athoiyfotd Qyrb
zth onnOctbernt of suhnew4,oh e W-mal
other r tesol cnciiaton bill for suhbeenft b e

potdudr8eto 10. (c) -aa arid
(2) provi Bdignew o es&Hode athoitydsrbd' qoto 0
(e)t (2)soC)wich is tho becomet efecivedr er

Paagap 1) sy hal not aply to anty bMo edulwfeg
auhoizngte natmnto new budget authoritttyb re J

su~() hch biloeouionhs not beoen tielyenaced

SEC 31. () PzmrriG O 00q-
oacomittee 9th Bugtof beachanguedsal reAt S11'eCf
curentresoluion ontebdgtms recenely chn
curren reoltion aounthe; desalast teetn iol,'
(1) specify the total amount ywich
(A)ge new bdiret tat the~t fomrsuh& e
yetarsi;e and rc edh e
resolutions is tccom becom effcte
contained in laws, bills and -reeolut! oniii

ofbl committee, is to &be d 4 anodns to
udietermione an recommend uchiws tcha of
(2) specify the dioect amountmbyiw I to b
ietnnparagrph recomme, nd. chne(ite-rv)-'.la n
rsccouretresolutions toacmpihay chano uh
panying~ an .a diec thed n ite
Huslc eb is tot inbession dh
lPio imrpore
jurisdiction to recommoe nd moco
1 Setembr 15of ech yar, hef
An uhe concurrent roltionon iah e Mir6ad h oo
copnigi a eft nefirMibt1tAa~

1311ir ~ 111~11

dewand ecommnd canges, that committee sball pomnptly
Inal suh etemintio an recommendations and report to its
abil or reconciliati resolution, or both,
*;' cotainng uch ecomenations; or .
(2) mre tin on comittee of the House or the Senate is
di~a~ed.todetrmne ndrecommend-Abaggps, each such com-
miteo odircte sallprmptly make such determination and
rotomenatinswhehersuch changes are to be contained in a
recocilatin bll r rconiliation resolution, and submit such
rtwomenatins: o te Cmmittee on the Budget of its House,
whic upn rceiingallsuch recommendations, shall report to
ifi Hose reoncli~on ill or reconciliation resolution or both,
K'# i f ot al .suc reommndations without anysbsan tive

o, a reconciliation resolution is a con-
wltio diectng heClerk of the House of Representatives
the wetry o th Senteas the case may be, to make specified
gesin ill..andresluton which have not been enrolled.
...... dx--Congress shall com-
vlet acionon ay rconilition bill or reconciliation resolution
Tefift01vihr sbsctin () ot later than September 25 of Meah

(1)aspro din paragtheproviionso
section 3061thetesc oflndrrti insth
lutort *ath bu t ndconferenc reports thereon sall also
WAS eration the Senate of reconciliation bills
AA&MMei~ion eso~tios reported under subwetion (c) and
in te Seat on any reconciliation bill or resolu-
Ir".tion1"0 ndersutson (a), and all amendments thereto
fll& wq intionsandameals in connection therewith, shall
e06qQ1W*1A XO~wuRw UImF-I Acrrox Is CownmmrED-It
the Hous ofRp ettves or the
;4::00a MArertonmviding for teadjournment sine
"t Jm atio his been compldet on the concurrent
won fe h rN irec to be repo .rted under subsection (a)
%A"October I of such year, and, if a
or. m, or both, is required to, be reported
i03 (c fo su fical year, unless the Congress has com-
94: mtbii~orn~qution or both.
-UJI 'W19, "P... if =0I* APPROPRIATE 1XVEL8
T~nr*o l8re rOon-After the
%JVL x~rm booletd'ad.knon the: concturret resolution o31 the

I ir
iiliilliiif a reconeiili tion bill or resolu id d
are required to 1) 'eported under sdtion 3100 ife btil has
been eniacted into law or that resolution has ben aigedi*,Wball
not be "in order in either the HouseOra enat to
consider any billi resolution, or mendment Pro aditional new
budget authority for such fiscal year, p lb*in NW'odigauahor-
ity described in section 401.(.) (9) (0) to be'WB He r....... a iing=s==hi
fiscal year, or reducing revenues for such fiscal-rr o. as aonater-
ence report on any such bilorresolution if-
(1) the enactment of such bill or resolution as reported;.
(2) the adoption and enactment of asuh amendmdentst or
(3) the enactmentiiof :such bill or reolution iiithe fori .ecom-
mended in such conference report;:
would cause the appropriate level of total new budget satbosity Or
total budget outlays set forth'in the most recently agreed to inxoncur-
rent resolution on the budget for such fiscal year to be excdtded, or
would cause revenues to be less than the apprdpriate level of::evenues
set forth in such concurrent resolution.
(b) DrranxxAnioN or OrLArs AND RawmBss-For purpqs of
subsection (a), the budget outlays to be made during aB fsca yea andt
revenues to be received during& a fiscal year shall ba deter aned on the
basis of estimates made by the Committee on the tudget of the House
of Representatives or the Senate, as the case may be.
SiFc. 401. (a) LFaosatrION PROVIDING CobwrRk on owwx Au-
Tnonrrr.-It shall not be: in order in either'tw Hbu ofe Rernta-
tives or the Senate to consider any bill or' resolutiedthth me
new spending authority described in subsection (c)(2!( o (B)
(or any amendment which provides such new spendin ufirt
unless that bill, resolution, or, amendment a 1 provdetlw
new spenclihg authority is to be effective for a~n 8iW yrony to
such extent or in such amounts as are provided ini ,m a Act.
(b) iEniiiAiiow PnovmiiN&ErziaiAti
(1) It shall not be in order in eith r the Houe 6fA-reet
tiveis or the -Senaste to consider any bill or' ii~6uiW'.h
vides new sp'enftig authority dektrilMId isnto fe ) ,C
(or any amendmnent which providdg suali new 9 d0
iiii ig

which 'is to become effective bedfre the fiks d**'t
which bdgina dur~ing the calendar Iy bn Oltfte
olution is reported.
(2) If any committee of the Ftdsa :of Aep'Vi h;l6 r
Senate reports any bill or resolution which provie penw

authority deserlbied in subsection (e),(2) W.lnt eom
effective during a fiscal year and tHi amoun ofb n-detaf
t h o it w c h w il b e r e ihe x 9 s o i l o
iiiii iii sN.

ii;;;ii;;iiiiili liiiioi=

iiiiiiii iil~lslll~ll

qk ion 0 9* a thort;rpre d C undtter on co 302ropr )ionso
*1th ~ ~ 191 the Msrentyarees oluoncufrrent reouioand
froni fairter considertion Strsuc

j 11 1.9 ,!hi a yai suh1il or resolution shall b lcdo then
I'Mth, omiteeVnApropriations 'of that House salhv

6h wiiiii it'iliso riferriiiilfithelCommitteeioniAppropriationsiof

eieil or resolution referred to it under
pararap wihinsuc15dayn, periodiit the omitee samoun
bilor esoutin ad sch~loriresoluion. schabll be plaedluton th
seron ate calendar.pndngan

a. R iommittpoprian of ee sl ohave
%mv: penin such bilcele or resoltion.

pr- puposes.ofthi secio ,th the "nerw spending au-

th~rty"mft autoriy (hether temporary or permanent)-
lkyt6 nt~k ito ontads, under which the United States
14 1ligaW 6 fnk6 utlys4 the budget. authority for which
166, ~ ~ ~ p b' prvddiadppropriation Acts;
(]4)to kir kdebedfess (other -than indebtedness
er"d ibrty Bond Act) for: the repay-
;U i

iii iii

ii Stats is liablthe bdt author-ii
is not I ided in adva~c.y appropriation
Sisi ding1a griiatsii) the

t:'. uthbiity. v
hh hot: ;pro de or inadvancei
apprpritionA t9 t any persq4.or government if, under
theproisins f te aw "contaoanag such authority, the
=. .Staes~s~olig to make such payments to persons
or whQ met the requirements established by
U& rul xie. nt. nclde uthority to insure or guarantee the
repymet o iuqbtdues icurred. by another person or govern-

subsect a): nd b) shall not apply to new spending
14 b athoiity for outlays which will result
411iiwspa autority ls derived-
(A) QM fud established by the Social Security
f 1 1 I. ct::" ine~ctn hedate of. the enactment of -this Act);
fro ~y,tsrtr fund, 90 pecn rmore of the
Wt or wlll consiat of amounts (trans-
fund f the Treasury) equivalent to


amni ftaxes (related to- the pur 9s for whi h, such.

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ iil
iiiiire or wi be made) rece n t teatrynderiiii

;;~ ~sli iiiiiiii:iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliii ';
iiii iii iiiiiiiiii iiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiii~
(2) Subseetims (a) and (b) Ibl noXpplyI to: neW gA.6din

antiieity wh an .mn n to or exteisioii t& Stat

and Loal Fisl ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Aistance Act of 197,r a ottintion of
the of fical assistance to State An od gpvoxveta nt
Prom=d byy that Act, to the extent so proie ini the ill or


,,iii ,;; ,ii i i
resolutin Omidin such auhori1111111!411i
(8)Susecios a) anda (b) shlnot appl. toW qe pdn
autority to the extent that--
(A) the outlays resulting therefrom axeaae by an prga.-
iiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiation which is (i) a nidownership v Corp
ration (as defined in section .0 W o: f the. Go6vqrnmient
Corpor *on Control Act or (ii) a wholly, o.ned overn-

ii,; ii iii
mentra M a e Ieda seetion I0 of such Act)

an or all oiiiiProvisions of th.t A.; or
TB) the* outlays resulting therefrom coansis eseluslvely of
the prodee of Oifts or to he. T.ited States.
for a specific purpose.

San 402. (a) RnwomanRmast DAssh-Emeaept: as ohwiepro-
vided in this section, it shall not-be -in order in: Other 06 Homse of
Representatives or the Senate to consider say afi rrshom wbi*h
directly or indirectly, authorizes the& dnactmOtof nowu sauthor-
ity fo a fiscal year, unless that bUil or nesolutio'n 'azpsie in the
House or the Senate, as the case may- be, on or before 2,5 preced-
the beinn6f'such fiscal year. '1
m',) OEMMMGENOY WAIIV= I M ITH OUSM.-If th anmt Rulesi
of the Ifouse Of- Rpe sentatives detrmaines that't4Ondtin
quire ,e,,,,,,,,,,,,

reure a waiver Of subsection (a) with rsett rrs~-
........iiii i iii iiiii iiiii iiiiiiiiiii,

ii~; iii iiiiiiii:
tion, such committee Tay relnr and tM he 1se ay bbftider mad
adopt, a resolution vaivrpg & ppliestion of subsa (A ) in tha
lcase of such bill or tesiilllti.
(c) WArve 1 TM SmA;rs.;-
(1) The committee of the Senate which 'repors "Y bil ora
resolution may, at or after the time it repot se bill or resolu-
tion, report a resolution to the Senate .(A) m igfor the
waiver of subsection (a) with respect to suchil or if6hto
and (B) stating the reasons why the waiver is hesa 1. Te
resolution shall then be referred to the Committee on th. t m
of the Senate. That committee shall report the reouint W
Senate, within 10 days after the reialulatio Mi (notnT
counftin'g any day ao which the, Sendh kno thseno
with the day floig the day on whc it is-Lu nam
panied by. t] at committee's recommenditions and8 t sor such
'recommendations with respect to the rieeoiton ft1 monmitstee
does not report the resolution within such 10-d W) itsall
automatically, be dischare fro fitsi cna tous of the
resolutio safi the resolufloiln ahWb 8Io on l Wwar.


!iiiiiii iiili~iiiii ;;ii~i~ iiiiii ";0ii0"rrss~rr;
==iiiiiiiiiiiiOiiiii i iii
_g taae o hresoluton ,n dethe
(2)'JQVriU ;e w-&1ertion s fvrof any such m.ou
shal belimidto oe hurtio bhereqousally iie beotwelenad
bythyleader athe mleader or etheir


......................le motion or appeal so n e

limited ton 20mnt...ed betwee nd con


i~iiii iiii lill~iiiiii
i ii;,~ii i ,iiiiiiiiii

lii iiiiiii~i
$rqod. y he mver te manaiderato of ) the resolution. I the
,v ~ ~ ~~~~~* J.fl~ hwaae ftersltion isubnefavor a of antuhmoiseon
or apea, te tme nopostion therto shall be oltontrollred by

".6osid~atio of ny ebaabesoion or -appeal.No (a)me ndment
(40es toa it'eolto isa in inroder.t
ilk :. e(3) IC afer he omitte on the Budget ohathreporte;ad (or
been ischrged rom urthr considerSatio tof thsieresoluion, the
0:, J',Sei agees, t th r souinthenl sbsection (a)e of thisisecti on

shall not: ~ ~ a apply with respect to tabiloreluone r pefe nd t
t4io 401(ch 2) (0

(W.'sbsecio i -isin 0 or nth House oft Rerespentaie to conbug
4&r~~~~~~~I &]M wrglto:o h ouse theeoun itr sallb ny porderion
!M or simiar bill or resolution o h eae alnd provide
ziindef~~~~ ~ tha suiexin t s ndrer itn the Seapplcnideratbill or

'Paia a sni~i~il o te oue of Representatives.o h'Hueo
Y-1)Stibgadi () sall notapply wit respctitoinew spentho-
Mtriy dcrbd ns ection 401e (c) (2)s (C).nwh
(2)~ ~ ~~~4 repcio() hl ot appl with rouspe ito newomdent
ituthbrity ~ ~ 2n Adhduchi abllo pr~oviions.ray rvsino

the eSeich bill or resolution ao prvid
te (d) (Ithse Hused o theapreseiationo
64*At0X8'.--Te 0in mittees on Appropriations of t eachs o

'sios o law effct n the efetive date ofeathis seiction wicht
6~ ~~~~: thlbfh et ie eort the 4itscHouseits olwieng

40suh r

iiEirsiiiiii~i~ iiiiii iiiiiitisriiiiiiii
l f I .0itiii iii
1 404 and 1501 BUDGET DThP CO RO
such fiscal year, together with the basis for esch: such estimate;
ii(2) a comparison of the estimate of costs deiiiibe& iiiiipiiP-iiiiipiii-iiii
graph (1) with any available estimate of costs ma4%et such
com~mittee or by any Federal agency.
The estimate and comparison so submitted shall be inclu~d ih the
report accompanying such bill or resolution if timely abraitted to
such committee before such report is ffled.
jurasDITON OF ArrPoRORAONS COxwanm s
SEc. 404. (a) AMENDsmENT OF HOUsE RYLEB.-luse 2 -of Tule M of
the Rules of the House of Representatives is amended: by redesignatmg
i iiiii~ iii

paragraph (b) as paragrakph (e) and by insertizig fteAr paiagrph (a
the followig new paragraphs:

. iiiiiii~iis i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliii i i ii
"(b) Rescission of appropriations contaimedMi appwq_ riaim Acts.
(referred to in section 105.o title 1 United o.I......
"(c) The amount of new spending authority decrbdM kisaction.
401 (c )(2) (A) and (B) of the Congressional Budget Act of'974
h i's to be effecti for aiscal year.
"(d) New spe dinathority described in section 401 (e) ()M
of the Congressional BugtAct of 1974 provided in bills and resdt
tions referr~ed to the cmiteunder secition 401 (b)(2 of thatA
(but subject to the provisolns of section 401 (b) (3) ofthtAc
(b) A wmommwT op SxKATE Ruzas.--ubparagiaph (c) olea
graph I of rule XXV of the Standing Rules of the Swteia s. ..M.,a
to read as follows:
1() Onualittee on: Appropriations to which Comemittee -A:11 be.
referred all proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memond ], and
other matters rel~ating to the following subiects: .
"1L Except as provided in subparagraph (r,), appropriatiopof the
revenue for the suppr Aof the Government. -. ..
"2. Rescission of -ppropriations contained in, 4 r9.ri49Wo Acts
(referred to in scin105 of title -11 U nited. States 3'.1 e)
43. The amount of new spending authority described i* seoOaAo 401
(0) (2) o (A) and (B) of the Congressional Budge At-J@ 1974 pro
vided in. bils and resolutions referred to. the commnitteaiunder a *edotio
401 (b) (2) of that Act (but, subject to the provi sions: of asedlioa 401
(b) (3) of that Act).
'14. New advance spending authority descriled in 'sectin:401(c)
(2) (C) of the Congressional Budget Act vof 1IOU provided: in WUll
and resolutions referred to themcmmittee under. "etion 4401(bp 9 of
that Act (but subject to the provisions of section 401 (b) (3) ofthat
SEC. 501. Section 287 of the Riev1We Statute's (9 U1.0 Q21(0) i
amended to read as follows:
'SBO. 237. (a) The fiscal year of the Tesro ttb
inall matters of accounts, receipts*exinatre
appropriations-- . ....'


lk Ia e "Af r1j e 5ad3
SJune 0, 1976,commen on July 1 oii eachiiiiiiiiiii
ydft aA 6nb June 30 of the 0o ong year; and
"(2) shall, being on October 1,1976, commence nony Octo-
,b~er I '0each year and end on September 30 of the following year.
. . .. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii,

b)'All;ecounts of receipts and expenditures required by law to
iiiii .i lanhialyi shall be prepared and published for each fiscal
ras established by subsection (a)."

8w~O.;0 (a) As soon as practicable, the President shall prepare
ind~i to the Cong~s-
() after. cosultation with the Committees on Appropriations
othe House of Representatives and the Senate, budget esti-
va~tes: fr -he U nited 6t4tes Government. for the period com-
,menxw Jly! 61, 19-76, and ending on September 30, 196 in such
Sa de 4tall as he madetermie; and
(2) propiosed legislation he considers appropriate wit respect
mwi law necessary to provide authrzto~fapo
for VW perid.
incof. o-the Office of Management and Budget shall
yreguls iol order or otherwise for the orderly transition
1 partments, agencies.: and instrumentalities of the United

iii i iirs
S Government an he goveriment o the District of Columbia
frmthe -ao: of, tA fisceal year ,n effeqt~4 tile date of enactment of
thsAct to the use of the new fiscal year prescribed by section 237
sk () ft:tp Revised Statutes. The, Director shall prepare and, sub-

toiiii acco lis bjectiiiiiiive.-
iiiiiiiii1 1
..............................1 ....... =iiiiiiiii 0 ""
1(t Te. ircto'o heOffepof angemntand Budget and
study, 1nd -fibly Of..submitting the Budget
rp ortin~e f aend enactn nw bdeauthriy or prin
begnwn Ath year I .&the year in which such fiscal year
The irector of Orec0 of Management and Budget and
brector of the Congessianal, Budget Office each shafllsubmit a
zootof tho results of the tud coducted by them, together with
bi on conciddhas and rweeemmndations, to th Congress not later
yes ater t edteace ate Of thissl Ouscion.

,50&.()Sbeto (a) (1) of the first. section :of the Act
4 "An Ac to simplify'cecounting, facilitate the payment of
utions, and'for other purposes"I approved July 25, 1956, as
ded (31 TJ.S.C. 701), is amended to read as follows:
"(1) The obligated Waance shall be transferred, at the time
> e' fed in subsection (b) (1) of this section, to an appropriation
4f1ocunft of te gec or subdivision thereof responsible for the
cladatdstof he'obig -ion, iv hiirch kecount, shall be m~erged

(b) beeeation. (b) of such oet a is tode IMM M Mom
'(b) (1) Any obligated balamet raefered to in:at 1) of
this section shall be transferred as follows:.

=====i "=iii
( A) for any fiscal year or years ending an a leai ~ae 301.
197,on that June 30 which falls in t~he firs ma* OJune
whc occurs twenty-four months aftr-AWead 04
year or years; and .
"KB for the period commencing on July 1, 1976, and ending.
Oil Speber 80, 1976, and for any Asena yiem commencing on or
after Otbr .1, 1976, on Sptember 30 of the second fiscal yearl

'"""""ii ":' t n

Siii ii

i i ..........
(2) The withdrawal required b sMbautica (a) (2) of. Section
shall be made--
A) for any fiscal year endbW k 46: Worte jus, V X, not
later than September 80 of the So wys e OR =dwing.
the fiscal year in, which the pert a af wilabk frOiation.

ii~ ii".....
e riiiiiiiies; and
(B) for the period c en a M d I 19 an'-ding
on, September 30, 1976, and for any Asal year mfedon n or
after October 1, 17,ntlater thnNoemaber 15:c

period or fiscal year, as the cas may I* m whicktt ejdb
availability for obligatio expires-

.,iiliiiiiiii iiiiii i iii
coxvrMoN oP AtrrwearsIows o10 APPROMA TI
S~a 504. Amy law pr~ovids for an authoriziitibu Of aprpr pt tinef
comening on July I of &,year sWIl, if yhtyaei ear alterr
1975, be conisidered as meaningr Octobeir I of Anyt ler aw AmpTOd
ing fo ri anathorization of: ag &Ion ondisa*3n (ral d a

appropriations for the fiwAl year -1977 or any fiies 17ftr-th dther
shal beconstrued as referring to that fisalen ye"-n o
th allesl year number.

a.Q 505. The Mollowing provmsons of law are repO4
(1) the ninth paragraph vmder tho.. ipeF~t
lishment" "Senate", of the Defiency A, a
year 1934 (48 StatL 102212 9IS.Q 66) ;a
(2) the proviso to the second pa h under theo~i
"Houeof Representatives" "Salaies &nil"W
Members", of thegAis lative-Judiciary Appiroprktiatin=.AW5
(68 Stat. 400; 2: U.S.C. 81).
Smc. 506. (a) Section.105 of title 1. Vaited StatesC. e, is mede
by striking out "June mad WI)lt or
()The provisions of suscin(a) 'Of thiVsctin e eeci
Gvrnik mevntk for a anyfsal year. commawrening. on<* orafe = rm 1.9T611

AM~Of fNG 'ACT, 1921
iii H Hi HJ~i.;iiHiiiiiiii iiiixi" iii,;iiii H

ii iiiii iiiii;;i
..udget and Aounting i Act, 1921 (31
11,imdingt tiiiiate end thereof the following newii
.tfla.4 he Buge -twimited pursuant to subsection (a) for each
1,vPar-WW1 t frthsearately the items enumerated in section
4) (446 -O OW ongessional Budget Act of 1974.
e) hetudettrasmited pursuant to subsection (a) for each
Yea Jllse foth helevels: of tax~exp~enditures, under existing
jl.~r u.&.f~cl y ar.(h tax, expenditures budget), takingy into
# prjp~e ecoamicactors, and any changes in such existing such Budget. For purposes o
bietio, m tems tax expenditures' and 'tax expenditureE
t' a~v, ve.menins ven to them, by section 3 (a) (3) of the

Ii d1
f)Theursuant to skietion, (a) for'e t

Jda Year shall contain-ng ne
U. arion, fo the last. com' leted fiscal year, of the
t~ta i65unt'd esla timanated in theBudget transmitted pr
iiinrd1) t~lsy and the to"a amount o eeie
'4,606i adeuzkr anch such maeerprq og eac durin suchl

alfenuestimated in the Buget trn iti
pursnpt, o subetion (a) and the oa amout of revenuesre

'$0 aiotit" o revnue,`etimaofthed Iin thne Budtreens-

amwount of and thesamount Oferevnues
Liweivd durmg suc year;.n
(8) n aal*' sandexpanationi tof the difference betorebeeare
,aimount setar fot' xat sto aatemen of (ll amndm(2)ts theo
fqutlaity r een es kted, th in,* e B udgtlasi antd
uA er tiofi a eprtiu- g fiscit year aitet correspondin
Prth~~ s priaounofed outay. meade of the-veeutie

e~~~hSuh sateent'shall toitaio the Co no~ efoec
TUriion on the14 summary4 dateat.o f amendentitoted
17 ik tMi ll" incid. tnhoisupoti detail andi
onsite ono eoeJ 5p n
en r rvisonsppl~oed om beal f staVp eq wuir o e
uch dui su shyall cotain th udefet ta
ntsbsection (a) ad anydi su frina yetr
JMV 1iiiiddi& n UPP Cw~wa iiiied o ibe
9L~n 7


r ii liiiiiiliiiiii

to efanceal aeny inmu
t (2) BD=ec AMi)io .a... O

or==IIli t s p i da.iihi i 7iiiIii i

., "()bsc rgas
t'o the fiscal yeartin progess made beoetegaeo smsno
suche Budgets.ugtaqess-na
(h Then oBudget ral nsmitedn pusattondeet )fo ah
esposibiitie of ompeentArmes

ram to sagnc d minfonho.
pSr6i.Setions for the net ucedigficlyafo atsor
other. payments umnder any ptrokgra fo hc

ei, ofgappropriatin f c e and inapo
tefisca yea prcein theh fileer nwhrite".i460

terms of-,.-Scin21()o h

to rfSre. all is mme.neds
cc(2) agnc mmirsions; aernsui
49(3n bsi progetosframs.ou f
Tothee enuin prciscable, eachaecr";~unihIfiiini
ii nui0 li rub

support of itsbdertin rfequ estsuin codnewt taasfn'i
in, tersof ectioas for then aour fubf4tw)4s
respnsiblitis o comimin: oraniatios, ad;ahll i:iQ Atsiro

gastoe aensulcyl missons".

Spc. 602. Section 201(a of the Bude n oonig8
1 U .S.C. 11), is......... amendedb...

iisiiiiiiii~~i ii~iiii iii
iiiiiiiiiii'iii~ixii iiiN HH

il ii iiiii i iii
V IC;;I,;;;;,,,,;;i
year, beginning an;iiii
with 1TV d. nsertng inUe.A tereof0# orioofor

(1) b insertmo fter ensuig y;

RVOGIDT AND MW=pM3=ii iiiiiiiiiii i iR kiACi=iii0

(2) by Wiin ou th peMs at the end of paragraph (12)
.......... .. .. .. ..
;i and"; an
3) y adig a th 'end tereof 'the following new paragraph:
(13)an aowane fo aditional estimated expenditures and
"a i ionsfor he ensuing fiscal year, and an allow-
.iprp= ppropriaii
4401nbe fo unntiipaed ncotrollable expenditures for the en-

ym o emra rv.,o snya

a)- n obefoe Nvember, 10 of each year (beginning
Wit 195),thePreidet sallsumit to the Senate'and th House of
lays and proposed bu thority
hic ~ ~ ~ ~ 9 n9 the% Buge tobumte pursuant to
h woul be,, elude

ctin 21 o te Bdge an Acounting Act, 191 for the -ensuing
Nalye~~ifallpr~grms nd'ctvities were carried on during such
fisalye t he am leelasdthe fiscal year in progress and
withut olic chngesin uch rogamsand activities. The estimated
outaysandprposd bdgt athoit submitted pursuant to this
se on h~l beshon b fuctin ana subfunctions (in accordance
inte getmmary table entitled,"Budget
J~dbriya'" dOutaysby'uncio atid Agency"), by major programs
V, agny Acompanymng these esti-
*its 9Al be.hoeonini. nd )>grammatic assumptions underlying
th6 0tiiied -y nd poposd budget authority,, such as the raef
qJ nfltibtth, ateof ealecnoic growth, the unemployment, rat'e
bintEcoomicComittee shall revew the estimated out-
'A d osed d t thoy so submitted, and shall submit to
06&rnltie ontheBudt o bth Houses an economic evaluation
0 b e&re ecemer'1 f each year.
SEC.666, ne~ft ittes nth Budget: of the House of Represent-
41*e~~~~~~ 40.te'eaesalsu onE a eotinuing basis those pro-
*ftiA~f:J~w hic etmptAgecies of the Federal Govornment, or
4nyof her atiitis o otlasfrom inclusioin in the Budget of 'the
b~ig 8t~s ovetimet tansitted by the President under section
SW-f'h d t ndAcoutig'Act, 1921. Each committesal
blii-O6 Wifle, Te~l, t it Huse its recommendations for termi-

SEC 0Y. otwihstadingan ther, provision of law,.. any request
jot&;onctmnt lgi~ltwnauthorising the enactment of new
h!A 40toriy" o. ontn~ea pogram or activity for. a, -fiscal year,
ith~e~fscalyea comencing Octo6ber 1, 1976) shall be
AheZougwsmt lterthaiiMay, 15 of the year preceding;
p *r whih su fi~al earbegins. In the case of a-request for
i"*9wentrof,6 d~ lo i'zigtheenaiiiiiitio

..ux the enatmenh o new budget
"AWOYft A 7 ativity which, is to continue for morel
VWA 4i Y 9 IU& Tq~etali~be submaitted forat, least the first
.4i i i
ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii



ii 70 1 AronwelAMs rr-Womm AM

.;li~ii iiiiixiiiiiii
TITLE VI-PBGRA av"iiAiN Aiiiiiiii
,SEC. 701. Section 136 (a) of the ILe Aat~o

196 :(2 U.S.C. 190d) is amended by addn at t~ jAAh t ow ol

iiiianalysis, aipraisal, and evaluation themselves, or by oiiiiiiiri ii
require a Government agency to do so snd furn"s arpr. Wq
the Congress. Such committees may rely on such techniques aspio
testing, analysis of costs in comarso benefis or proat for
evaluation after a defined period of time."
SWc. 702. (a) Section 204 of the: Legislativ e.r
1970 (31 U.S.C. 1154) is amended- rhead as:61oll :
"'Sw. 204. (a) The Comptrol erGenerl 41A
the results of Government patrogim and activities? oarrm'0
I1iii1ii ...........
existing law when ordered by eiHerowpe Cong
own initiative, or when requesteA- by any commte
Representatives or the Senate,,or an- -pe I"
H~ouses, having 'u'risdiction over such programs audatviis.
"(b) The Comptroller General upon reque .st, of .any.O
ether I-ouse or any Joint committee of the two:Ra
c o ................
"(1) assist such cmmittee or joint comm inf
statement of legislative objectives: amd 20, aid. Pd
assessine and reporting actual progyam perfergummi rqn4 o
such leg'islative objectives -and goali Such 6ttm enssil ib~(
but are not limited to,. recommve-nd-tion as to methods of assess-
ment, information to be'reported, responsibility for reporting
Sfrequeny of reports, and fenability of pilot, tostg; and,
Samist such committee or joint cobmm ittee in isayn'
eassessn prgram reviews or evaluation'. Studies WV"p
for G en er. V..

Conree sal funsor suhre mbe r an cltopy of, aoeny ttmmeno Ooer
mandatteia com rrfed in under I1) 4indlIL
"(d) Inearryi ynt out, pxrpankphilt'e e k
()TeComptroller General ahs auhrs d elo to u Oat-t
Cnres ehd o eview and evaluation Ofhi Goermet, "Me
and activities cendet on aunderise tmap
(d In crmane4 :mpor reonsin
ices7m osatole ysathios 8189~hi setia thes
Comtroler ca e a ae~ ion athoie dal tou slt) tor 40i6Qaal = tOW

nexed that presried, fromt tie &t tm, for lvelYt h de
Sch&edule under section 5316 Of title 5, United States Code&


OACT0; ; $ 703 and. gg


hO clsainnd iaqulrapprt, to
ad o~n*W-aeed for rewiow 4ndoevaluatioxiof Qxovern-
,q d c s U. dr 'ubiectiop c),`

fli taliiat intnthoieali t ii-ended 't readi
204. Review and evaluation."'
Sw. 703. (a The Committees on the Budget of the HTouse of Rep-
esan tisSeiae haleidy fa a ot ing hami proposals

::s iiiielS-iaesalsu -on co -u
ad o'hperbe and facilitate methods of eamagressional budget,-
Th s b to atudied: shall include, butu ae not limfted
0. klifiing te blforination base required for determining'
tho~foctienew of new -programs by such means asp pilot testipg
esearah, ~and other ex euetal and analyticalteh

ymgaanal yikp 1'nd atematie evaluation of the Pf-

onsoipit prgam;
mu .minium ti-Me limitations for

41 mxiu
$1- -4u 0ohipe oflinn'-suc eounting and
AtIWm~qs~a oproviding noneconomic as wel~l as'economic eval-
W~o'comittee on the. Budget of each House shall, from time
-I Pr to its House 'results, of the study carried on by it
Ib~a~ (), togetlher-with its recommendations.
gn sect. seion. ohall preclude studies to improve the
gptay,r6 4yany ether corxniAtee of the House of Represent-
-.4ottor~ngAor. as~ jp W1 copuittee of 'the 06ngress,

"h'11I -If the Lelil ative nergranii
sas precede section 204- thereof is



o -qojt' AUThe*Seaary U: the r ury and the Director of the
fift GiMamagement an.d Budget, in cooperation with the Comaptroller
GailA o4 the United States) shall develop, establish, and maintain,

22-074-7"-t 1-5 4

(b' i i
information systems for fiscal, budgetary, and program-related data
and information. The development, establishment,nd
of such systems shall be carried out so as to meet the needs of the

vaous of the Federal Go i i
ble, of governments at the State and local level.

"S. 2. (a) (1 The Comptll

lish standard terminology, definitions, c

The authority contained in this section shall include, but not be ted
to, data and information pertaining to Federal fiscal policy, revenues,
receipts, expenditures, functions, programs, projec activities.
Such standard terms, definitions, classifications, and codes shall be
used by all Federal agencies in supplying to the Congress fiscal,
budgetary, and program-related data and information.
"2)The Comptroller General shall submit to the Congress, on or
before June 30, 1975, a report containing the initial standard termi-
nology, definitions, classifications, and codes referred to in paragraph
(1), and shall recommend any legislation necessary to implement them.
After June 30, 1975, the Comptroller General shallsu
gress additional reports as he may think advisab, including any
recommendations for any legislation he ay deem necessary to further
the development, establishment, and maintenance, moifi n,
executive implementation of such standard terminology, definitions,
classifications, and codes.
(b) In carrying out this responsibility, the Comptroller General
of the United States all give particular consideration to the needs of
the Committees on the Budget of the House and Se the
tees on Appropriations of the House and Senate, the Committee on
Ways and Means of the House, the Committee on Fe o

continuing program to identify and specify the needs of the c i
tees and Member of the Co ess for fiscal, budetary, and proam-
relate formation to su the objetive of part.
"(d) The Comptroller General shall assist committees in developing
their information needs, including such needs expressed in legislative
re rements, and shall monitor the various recurring reporting
requirements of the ongress and committees and makerecommnda-
tions to Coand co ittees for
in thir reporting requireentsto meet congressional information
needs ascertained by the Comptroller General, to enhance thir use-
fules to e corsional users and to eliminate duplicative or


(e) O or before September 1, 1974, and each year thereafter, the
Comptroller General shall report to the Congress on needs identified
an specified under subsection (c); the relationship of these needs to
te existing reporting requirements; the extent to which the executive
branch reporting presently meets the identified needs; the specification
of changes to standard classifications needed to meet congressional
ds; the activities, progress and results of his activities under sub-
tion (d); and the progress that the executive branch has made
d ng the past year.
"(f) On or before March 1, 1975, and each year thereafter, the
rector of the Office of Management and Budget and the Secretary
if the Treasury shall report to the Congress on their plans for address-
i the needs identified and specified under subsection (c), including
pla for implementing changes to classifications and codes to meet
the information needs of the Congress as well as the status of prior
Ssystem and classification implementations.
"SE. 203. (a) Upon request of any committee of either House, of
any joint committee of the two Houses, of the Comptroller General,
rof the Director of the Congressional Budget Office, the Secretary of
Treasury, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget,
ad the heads of the various executive agencies shall-
"(1) furnish to such committee or joint committee, the Comp-
troller General, or the Director of the Congressional Budget Office
information as to the location and nature of available fiscal,
budgetary, and program-related data and information:
S "(2) to the extent practicable, prepare summary tables of such
S data and information and any related information deemed neces-
sary by such committee or joint committee, the Comptroller Gen-
eral, or the Director of the Congressional Budget Office; and
S "(3) furnish to such committee or joint committee, the Comp-
troller General, or the Director of the Congressional Budget Office
any program evaluations conducted or commissioned by any execu-
tive agency.
"(b) The Comptroller General, in cooperation with the Director
the Congressional Budget Office, the Secretary of the Treasury, and
Director of the Office of Management ad Budget, shall-
"(1) develop, establish, and maintain an up-to-date inventory
and directory of sources and infomation systems containing fis-
cal, budgetary, and program-related data and information and a
brief description of their content;
"(2) ovide, upon request, assistance to commites, joint com-
tts, an emers of Congress in securing Fedel fisca,
budgetary, and program-related data and information from the
sources identified in such inventory and directory; and
"(3) urnish, upon request, assistance to committees and joint
committees of Congress and, to the extent practicable, to Members
of Congress in appraising and analyzing fiscal, budgetary, and


.. ..... ....I.... N i l!
program-reltatd data and *nformation am,.eiro h eat
identified in such inventory and dirto.
"(c) The Comptroller General and: the Direetoi of the:Cqe
eional Budget Meie shall, to the extent they deem, Mel*
establish, and maintain a central file. ot files of the dat&-*nd'*linfo.
miti on required to carry out the purpoese of -this title. Such. Ififa lee cor
files shall be established to meet recurrng: r-equireimets, of theACont.
gress for fiscal, budgetary, and programn-related data and information
and shall include, but not be limited to, data and infetmsd pn, unfi
ing to budget requnests, congressional -ac rs tic t obftatA ead
spend, apportiohnment sand reserve hatierAn-d ohlig e ame
itures. Such file or files and their: indexeashball be A utanIZFAm go& 4
manner as to facilitate their use -by the enemFitium of 4odRt
'oint -committees, and other ona soadw t i iin... .*
data processig and communications tehing qan.
"()The Director -of Ah -Offiee o..f 411w:m e a
cooperation with the Director of the Congressional Budge Ofie
the Comptroller General, and appropriate rpresereatle*4.
and local governments, shall provi& tothee enet practicali.toe
and local governments such fiscal, budgetary, and progrs roaed
data and information as may be necessary for the accurate,.
determinatioa by these governments of the ofy ,
assistance upon their budgets."1
(b) The table of contents of the qisAWI~ve RePT
of 1970 is amended by striking out,
"'See. 201. Btdgetary and fiscal data processing sydAei.
"See. 202. Buqget standtad ****amdlans.w
oSec. 208. Availabfilty to .Congzmsk of badgeait,p RM .Imad MeAsd a&g
and inserting in lieu thereof-
$#Sec. 201. Federal fiscal, budgetary, and program-related data tme:. puation
"Ilee. 202. Standardization of terminoiogy, degawttos les elf aim"e
for fisal, budgetary, and prograp-reit4 tam
"See. 203. Avallability to and use byr the Oon"tt an
ments of Federal fseea,1 budgotaup, and, "rstn eiktW data and
informat iton."
Swc. 802. Any change in the functional categorm;eie stforth in the
'Budget of the United States Govermn trnkitd usatt
section 201 of the Budget and Accounting Act, iM2, shellfbe ade
onyi oslinwt h Cmit nApqet h
i:::a~Ous ..........................

iiiii ;iiiii;iiiii ii~ R~slIII 1111
I5.1 '' 1 :1isl; ;i 4FEICIVE

ofth Rues Rolte, Hos ofh Representatives
Wy eiak~ 10(c)ofthisAct) is ameaonde by(< inseting
,Ogeommittee ontheefoBawigetnewiclause:
ams ofpgisativos.

Paragra ~ ~ gtph (c) of clause 29 of Rule XI f'h ulso h
ouse of Rep~ ~~resentativs (aseeigwedb seton 101ei(ce) oftis
is mened y isering"th Cmmittee on the Budget, immedi-

'q'ubr",aoh"(5' o paagraph (a)} of clause 30 of Rule X1I
f theRpl of he Huse f Reprsettives (as so redesignated) is
Oi& byizhA'jj , t~md th onuniftte on the RudgeO' immedi-
*,Yid at toendthereof.
iiiiiiiii ..........
bpfore the eriodat theend. ereof

P~kgaph ( ) o clum 0 of Roue XI of the Rules of the
,of 6.wresntfti~w(Rss&oesignated) is amended by striking
1qji,*C6~ftdte n Apropiatons maZ appoint" and misetting hi
therqf'.'he Cmmiteeon ppropriations anld the Comistitee oia
iblu~e 32of ~e J o te Rules of the House of Representa-
SQ r&SW~~ted isamened by inserting "the Committee on
immffiJaelyafer th Committee on Appropriations,"
par 1 : o clase 3 of. Rule XI of the Rules of the
OW Peprwattive (a soredesignated) is amended by Insert-

*W'tO: ~ftmt~eOu te Bdget" immnediately After "1theCom-

AYwaV af kd iangn Rules of the

-We"i subparagraph (h) 1 and
umringin ieutheeof"Exept as provided in the Congressional
hein subparagraph (h 2 and inserting
strikilovide in I the Congressional Budget

--Ba ih suparagrph (Q) (1) (A) and
kidpt as provided in the Congressional

iiiii~~~~~~~iiiii iiiiiiii li iiiiiiiiii iiii= iii

: ;iliiiiisiiiiiiii

iiiiiii" "iil iiiiiiiiiil
'rdom~~~~a.... .snxxdoko ie ..

.ixiiiilii"" iii miiii
on ii iiiBiidiiiiiiiit" after "Appropriations.iiiiiii
(b) Sectin 136(e) of 'such Act (2, T.S.C. 190d (c).) seed*eflby
Elgout "Committee on Appropria..tions.,of the S6#atejwd theI
Commnittees on Appropriations,) and'inserting in listeef"Coml-
mitteed ocn Appropriations and the Budget. of 'h eaepdthe
Commiltte's-on A pr'priations, the Budgeti".'

SEC. 904. (a) The provisions of this title: (except Section, 905), 0no
tites 1, 111, and IV and the provisions of sections 606, 70.1,03an
1017 are enacted by the Congress--
(1) as an exercise of, the rulemaking poWier of the House ot
shal becntsidered as par t of the r uleiso eac hos, rep iv ley,
or of that House to which they specifically apply) and such rules
suprsdeotearnrules ony to, the extent thtthey lare-incon.-
(2) with full recog~nition of the constitutional right of either
House to change such rules (so far as reating to su&h House) at
any time, in the same manner, and to the same artant w. in U16
case of any other rule of such House.
(b) Any provision of title III or IV may be waived or su. eude4,
in the Senate by a majority vote of the Member v4thig, a p m
bein present, or b the unanimous consent of the Senate
6 ~~~ inpp s to Senate 1irpm the decisions' f the Chair r
to any provision of title II or IV or section 1617 shall, except as other'
wise provided therein, be limited to 1 hour, to be equally divided
between, and controlled by, the mnover and the manager of the resolui
tion, concurrent resolution, reconciliation bill, or reeission billi As the
case may be.

SEC. 905. (a) Except as provided in this section, the provisons of
this Act shall take effect on the date of its enactmenL ...
(b) Title 11 (except section 201 (a)), section 403, andisection 5(SWs
khall take effect on itIe day on whieh the first Director of-the Congreei-
sional Budget Office ispappoine in section 201 (a).
(c) Except as provided under section 9W0 title IIIand seetift 402
shall apply with respect to the fiscal year begunnig on October11,1976,
and succeeding fiscal years, and section 401shl takeftec on the first
day of the second regular session of the Ninety-fourth Congrees.
(d) The amendments to th Budget and Accounting Act 1921 mado
bysections 601, 603, and 604 shall apply with respect to the fiqual ya
begnug'on July 1,11975, and succe-edmg isl years eqept thtsee-
t~ion "201 g) of such Act (as added by section 60) ihalli apply with
respect to the ficlyear beginning on October 1, 19761 and se
iiiiiiiiiA e A n
iiiiiiii iii~


s l l i e c tfae e noiiii Otb 1.98ii1iil
iiiiii@lr ll


G'vMMA UU*5 W*RO*WRM A4NTROL. ACT 19006 nd J 1002
and omedowdigqsezi yenars T he amendment to such Act mnadeay see-
602 tal4ply with respect to the fiscal year beginnmig onOco

6hiariteogee on the Budget of .the House of Repre-
atives and the Senate both~agrge that it is feasible to report and
se n a: concurrnt resolution on the' budget referred to in section 301
(a, or to apply any provision of .title III or section 401 or 402, for the
ye;pbginnizg o July 1, 1975,' and submit reports of such agree-
thr "Vetive Houses, then to the extent and in the manner
ed in = reportai the provisions so specified and section 202 (f)
*Miy. ith reisppct to such fineal year. If any provision so specified
date, Such reports shall also specify a substitute date.


fOM Nothling contained *in this Act, or Me any amendments
4y'thisAct shall be construed as--
nesse ing or conceding the constitutio nal powers or limita-
ti 6f ither the Congress or the President;
(2)ratifyi'g or approving any impoundment heretofore or
herifgkexecuted or* approved by the President or ayother
o~eeror: employee, except insofar as pursuant to statu-
aut orization te neet

'Or........... effect;

f.~~ Tt ifi q any way the claims or defenses of any party to
onenig any i poundment; or

lft 40i &tin 86 9V(0) (2) ofthe Revised Statutes, as amended
I' V 9. mended to read as follows:
14: ap~i~inkany'appropriation, reserves mnay be estab-
t& provideafrcntm bhes, or to efect savings whenever

th defton to shk ppo kniments
i iii~~~~i,iiiii~iii iiiiii

iiii 1~

that amot so reser willt be requrled
'at dh6Il obj et eaid oe f 66*popito co dn-
din the Budget and Aci iAt, 1r eiiiihates

ons Act oother lasusnton Rpesrves shleestablished prunto ther
1&0W6tJiojr~ sdtothe Congress in accordance with the
-undment Control Acd of 1974.
V 3
: iiii... .


i ii iWiiiiiiiiii i
Sw 10. Section 203 of the Bw sk
of 1950 is repealed.

PA es oN ioiiiii o
amaMVA%0@t AM That oNe4 BeW

adfra h includ

veypeh dith bn tru

()Gerlm tCmrlr ..
Uited at etOr
qspi 1"l Pinu~e thp e or in psdn bu et authority oposed to b
authorpiity, messuauthp toansmitt h v m trathned
vgalvhe of ap Priatiodfls ca-s'plefiai div ziie b law

ofthe Unitd th dteoa wih h es e

prrecns, in wholepor ieteraAo budget auhrt prpsd ob
ros L;e a 1;eca message transmi*tted by the Pr est e 01nde
(5)v61 1011o., and 'u on whic the.Cnrs-MAe

.,,,,, ,iii~ii
ai biuo
the pds ofi wle 6 eniodrIsei o of 46alnar-afonopein
adourfment of more the Cbn;; date to a ty Pre& i allgce
Ist thzeis aetCongress, and* insetin 01sa aasd

tmo resctosouin IS1 an Uw1aik oft louse
of, roe_-a--- es onr tlsetonae a on1 daremg *"S&P-

tinna o oxnesadn
oaso a prpoed er theo 'bu for I in
ed bythe si6' 46 113
ith to sewmsae hl o n tp h
contiea 6 on ofr thenhat Corrsh
tc tol (a) 'olyhyan ad our #uento iraeves0- SRep Md.
Preidunent oftmores than 3l day at of an bdayetua shartll beexlue
e.(13 ) of this a sal ie n Trsection 101 P and: I e25s 9- e>ars
reer4toi scios100an 11 ()(1.X14 S4 pa

*ummr iams= assassua r IAmmW of pauhr
for* d( .~ &m iBt e
btst 6 estfiasi 6t migh bAtayhmw pro-
Wm em i wlart04h91r only
JmffAk is 40, hem spWApM abinaio UMZI 8lA year,
the Preas dat shalI trnsmt toboth Housi*n CAge *44kia mes-
(4,h Al o um of budget Itutlbo" Yb p s t be
..............fa ate lse d

ment to which such budget authority is avaiable for n
ro .e6ddho sp 0 Fpject or movouoe 7` ppt
( the TOemWs Why OWhp-q oi sh"dbeW a ed

extzApqdiapped MaC astmt oRm al,)e
.. c4rcuvWances, jtA consikexatiavs adatiug to or
UPOOg tuse -Sxppwi reWasisioWn or Ohe rwrvation wnd the
deceision to effect the proposed rescission or the reservation, anq to
.the ma*t gAnt a Pxizabl the asg pted-fect of thie pro-
posed reseassion or the reservation upon the ob]etpupss and
o i hubdget uorty is Prvdd
'Wo !w 3&K Av!Amx w OxAny
F003 t of budget xuthwritypprpose to be... dot that is to be
nip,"WI~ds3eW forth in web spedik a MOM -SAl be m8deWeAW ilie for
Withi the pMearke OHday posed,'t 'Abogeress
NWd OWPiWAC0 on a seiiaeWsweingymg Fll oeprt P O the
1"WeO to be rasaivsde or Olat is to be nseared
Ti~xpww Ai or SxiAiam Mxnsam~-Whxezever the
b. Vi ofAd Bud the
hel qJ4 tr a o f the VIT d.Stt or a cer
qm Y-W f ~eV~te Itaes popoma to deter ay bu author-
PMVI ed k urpose or project, the 1Pit9den shall
4SM t the X~u*Pf Aprem~Atieand the Senate a special mes

OU4e a oxitis svaiable for obligation,
= '8pec proects or governtnental functions involved;
(3)~m th P *i b tbo Waget satherity is
the le dforrl, ncluding any legal
tv ~ ~ to pthbe. t defiscal)
pquence, ~40 an 9 trye f 40 proposed deferral; and
(4) ll fctsoircmstncesapdconsiclerationms rat~ing to or
gig~apn te pppo e Q dra and th,,decsontoefec the

Sepembr 3, 178,as ar of aIcal Year Zein JulY 11 197IL

$1013 t A"MWgmsm' TC
inaldid 4W ami
14 aQ sspeeari eland Yoked
40 to S- Dn4 spO89d diBfash andt ois il 1M
extnt nwcabethe estimbee efed btd the -rposd dra

A special mnessage mayy inclde one or more propowdatwa Of
budget fitholity. A deferral may mo liBe proposed: fri afil period of
time extending beyond the end 4f the fiesca year in whc the SPeai
noompg proposing the deferral in: thag Vitted to the Housi and the.
(b) Rirorrunnummirr ToM E at A vanance FM A
amnount of budget authority propose d tob deferd a s 84 th in a
special message transmitted under subsection (a),1afleMd avail-
able for obligation if eitheir:House of Cogrs pses
resolution disapproving such proposed doorl
(C) EXCEPTION.-The provisions of this section dono arml* to any
budgt authority proposeed to be rescinded or tha 1* to te ii Err s
set forth in a special message requiired tobe 58nsm itted ft6 secetion

Sno. 1014. (a) Dnzmarnr Hoiusz no SzwAT&-'Eac &Il mes-
sage treanmi ttd under section 1012 or 1013 shall be trm Adto the
House of Representatives and the Senate on the same da andshaUl
be delivered to the Clerk of the House of Representatives a baseu
isno in session, and to the Secretary of the Senate. if th Swate I's
not insession. Each special message so transmitted %sall b refte to
the approprakte committee of the House of Represnt~al egom the
Senate. Each such message shall be printed as a document of each
(b) Thu2VERY To COxPTROuuma GE=zR----A, copy of v
message transmitted under section 1012 or 1018 shall be imito to
the Comptroller General on the same day 'I" s transmatted

of Representatives and the Senate as propl as pract.igAbl with
respect to--
(1) in the case of a special message trasmnitte4 ide section
1012, the facts surroundinq the. proposed rescissionhr~ rceserva-
tion of budget authority (including the probable efN*q Oef).;
(2) in the case of a special message undsitedw r shotion
1018, (A) the -facts surrounin each proposedd6 budget
authority (including the probable 'efibets thorV 'and(B
whether or not (or to iwhat extent), in his itid Metifbb Vro-
osd deferral is in accordance with exi statutor hoyt
(c) TnA WesMeow oT SVPrZMaNTAtr MiftasM-- Ig Rom
tion contained in a special message tiiansmtted under te2n1031M2 or
1013 is subsequently revised, the President shllteaUtt bt
Houses of. Congress and the Comptollr Gaperal ...A..
M ~sag ftatin and exlinn suich revisio Any oneu


msage hl be delivered, referred, and rinted aspoided in
s~ktin(a). !%e Comptrller Geinralshal 'r mptl notif ithe
4ous pfRe e6"tatives -and the Sen'ate f nychiangesim* the infor
in upite yhim under subsection (b) which may be necessi*-
_ii ,, ,,,iirrrrrrr

siii ieiin.

Pnucam;nf Fananp. RwicsTan.-A--ry'sp-ecilaI me'ssage treas
unde setion 1012 or 1013, and any supplementary messag6
'ttd uder subsection (c), shall be printed in the first issue
of he ederal Register published after such transmittal,.
mmDurannus or BunGETAurrnoarr.-
(1) The, resident shall submit a report to the House of Repre-
v sesaitzivesl and the Senate,.not later than the. 10th day of each
.aniont during a fiscal year, listing all budget authority for that'
fiscal, *w. with respect to which, as of the first day of suchk
(A) he has transmitted a s ecial message under section
)102 with respect to a propose ecisono reservationk;
(B) he has transmitted a special message under sectiont
1013 proposin~g a deferral.
Such repoyt .shall also contain, with respect to each such piro-
Dwedrescission or deferral, or each such reservation, the infor-
,mation Ippquired. to be submitted in the special message with
r~spect tereo under section 1012 or 1013.
.()Each report submitted under paragraph (1) shall N
i.A pm~edin the first issue of the Federal Register published after
it sbmission.
Sc. .1015. (a) FAmupE To TiRAWSMrr SPECIAL MESSAGE.-If the0
Coitroller General finds that the President, the Director of the Office
,3fina emet and -Budget,, the head of any department or agency of
Unif44 thate or any other oficeer or employee of the United
I I to: eM blish a reserve orpooe o defer budget author-
WIM~eiqpect to which the Presidert is required to transmit '
xeial message under section 1012 or 1013; or
) ha ordredermtted, or approved the establishment of
iiiii;:'' l~i

S4 & trvd or a. deferral of budget authority;
vild hin. boPresidenj has failed'to trainsmi t a'special mnessage with
-oa reserve or dleorral. the Comptroller General shall
r o n sa reserve or deferral and any available 'informa-
d~neone~na: it to ot Houses of Congress. The provisions of this
.. h V eset to such reserve or deferral in the same
ii ~~::.........

M91mer and~wiih: thesasme effect as 'if such report of the Comptroller
specia message transmitted by the Preidntune
4on 101 or19t, and, for. purpses of this part, such report shall
0 die *specil inek~ige transm'itted under section 1012 or
t1,MVCCl Y40t Tranetton Att. Phble TAW 04-272, 90 Stat. 3830
121 lw% oie Vo1 -rsmn -a h rato quarter between July 1,
640079 a Dr of a &Wca year beginning Tuly 1, 1975.
6 7iiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

====== ii
ii ii iii;i;;

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii .............. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

srrrrr i sr

dent has trnute a special o
In zecomdlense with actioni 1012 or 104-i h 6proooirf

,,nsit ..........
believes that the President so ta h eli;
acandaime w~h 0"e of those sections whe th oni-
havie been treanmitted in accordance withU Y
the Oomptroler General Shall make a rptt A)O* h
Congress setting fortha his reasons.
su~rr BY cowEBMR BE
Sac. 1016. IR, under section' 10i2 ()Or 1019 b- rity is
required to be made avath~be for obia ion =rit
is not made available for obb tion, is herl r by
expressly empowered, throia itttorneys (if ma own *16ff t ring
aci-vil action in the Unite States District Court for t of
Columbia to require such bud -i sth f tb er~erial o
obligation, and such court 'is hereby irpssly .- ? nte. inJ
such civil action, aggainst any department, aeco er$ oiamployee,
of the United States, any doeree, jud IW9, 0r rdr ec may be
necessary or appropriate to make s4h Mgt auh~ority ava ibe for
Obligation. 11e courts shall give precednene to eirnl uion's brought
under this section, and W uppeails, and wrift from eisorm in .. uch
actions, over all other civil actio's, ap~peals, andI writ .16 dvilabtlon
shall be brought by the Comp .troller General undhfis~~ intil
the expiration of 25 calendar duys of comtfinubu3 so n 'Of t Con-
gress following the date on -which an explanatory -sa~et 'byd the
Comptroller General of the circumstance givmgf liielbth action
contemplated has been filed with the Speaker of h'e. House of 1 epre.
sentatives and the President of the Senate.'

;respect to a special message or impournmein mo
ith respect to a proposed deferral of budy thority$hl
referred to the appropriate committee of tllw 07 lpied as
or the Senate, as the case may be.
(1) If the committee to which a resse on bil o lqudent
resolution has been referred has not rwWi. tO ed4f2
-calendar days of continuous session oft&C-f tsiio
duction, it is in order to move eitho of dish.P
from further considerationo 0fh .il r ix ,,fico
the committee from further cons an
bil with respect to the same special M;=Wa.e Or uPouQ mn
resolution with respect to the samnepopo:e- deferral,4 'otecs
may be, which bas been referred to Whe poolm itte
()A motion to discharge may beip Iaeol byn in ivdl
favoring the bill or resolution, may be ma e only if supported by
oefift Of the Members of the House involved"'(a quorn -ashi4
present) and is highly privileged inthHosn pi
]iiiiiAnd, r:
theieriiiiitmiynot iiiWa1

ha'potdii o esltinwihrepctt teiia qca

assajn ~ ~ 14 Orppc p os tted deerays the ase my be aend

Leir designees.iiiiiiiiimtoi ith
srrrsii ... .. ii" rrrr::iiiii:: H i
z. ,'00 4"lllimitd to. not maorme tha 1mour te torcnimer
ba, or ngee r. ordsgrj o
v id "O iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiioseiiiiiiiiiiiin d


iii .ii,,,,- i iiiiiiiiiiii

A~n to'otsV9. e

Sr resolution, andito beI d t iny t eim

f). re i s.... i Pi:i V% tj s
uq~~~~y woo, anv do byee toMbt ci~e "her cleader-
the oityla~e orthei designeso n ham ee tohl thiege
Inla .inan i"Is otInorer to move to reconsiderte oeb
;th ~le 1Y he oton'is Wedto or d rsag reed to.

XP~~eMM~~~si Fig or impounkment resolutioni shal l tay'tm
re~ter, inorer evrtihogh a previouse mpiosngt the, bil o
gredto to Untt cebat s tlo the ebatable.

tent roi domemVnd0ent to,
SPEO ffiiol The otion sl bin orer. It ll
e 'e rUe noeb hchrsisot. beill
*1d& the otion-is agreed to or d isagreed 'to.
.r Q oa rscisio bil o ipoundment reshltoluan tion shl
_U] fedto t Aan o2 hours whsich sAall be divided
bqttlly etwen thse avrn dcisitonsofhe phairg thebilln tor
.In ~ ~ ~~~ao the casee of anI epnmetresoenioat avesen too
;nodA. Wrecmmit th resolution shall 'b 'or~lr Imondt shllno
U ~~~~~~~1 acoertnsvitdecnidrtervoteo bywhc an rescisi~on bill
sd amrende thereo(rycn
otilons ~1 topspn ae withespect to the cue of the
1110k 14,resssllftbil oricablndento oter buis and meoutions,
oepe the onsidratonofother business,. crmshall'en-cies

cruir relam" t any rescission bill or impoundmentre.
S) Ecep to ~w xteto the Peoarescissiong
IM, 4uafitpesluton and appealsf in necptio ohrewih,Vcn
=oe~ ~ ~ tht thireosThetim shall *-iue bfte
m controied bythemaoiyldr

en anyraedesss tilo recsonbl
(1 Debaanngt on h bl rebate cndant
Unt to -On th cilase ofbares isonan
eimpeu ind conationle bythe muhajorty*leader
IWOWl t6 tiie hoIhut be equallyi~abeweu4

the in o rs tinexcept ia in 456ot*Oa.6 the
hi r esolution is in favor of a .ny sue.
a*4al the time Mi opposition thrt'salIbcnrfWh h
nwaority leader or his designee. Noa edetta sl
to the provisions of a rescission bil9al bef~ie., eds:
or either of them' may, from the timeuder tbi control on the
passage of a rescission till or himpomiddient. resolutionaI Sdi
tional time to any Senator duilthe bonsideration of kiy aind-
ment, debatable motion, or .
(3) A motion to further I~tdebate is not dea tabled In the
case of a rescission bill, a motion to recommit. imtioan to
recommit with instrutions to repoit bac wifli nasefilInum-
ber of days, not to exceed 3, not countmg any day: o ias the
Seniate is not in session) s not in order. &%bate on.sqany hmdo
to recommit shall be limi ted to one 1 our, to be eiily'ifvided
between, and controlled by the movei-and the adans r~f the
concurrent resolution. In the case ofa impoundiment isftiom,
no amendment or motion to recommit is *in order.
(4) The conference report on any rescission bill sall be in
order in the Senate at any time after the third day (exclubi Sat-
urdays, Sundays, and legal holidays) following the day M.ihich
such a conference report is reported and is availabU to Nenbers.
of the Senate. A motion to prceto the consideration ofte. con-
Sference report may be mad even though a prevnious motino the
same effect has been disagreed to.
(5) During the consideration in the LSenate of the can fience
report on any rescission bill, debate shall be limiited to S! hors to
be equally divided between, and controlled by, the majority leader
and minority leader or their designees. Debate. on any deb:ittable
motion or appeal related to the conferenwe report AtlMA blimited
to 30 minutes, to be equally divided betw'een, and controlled by
the mover and the manager of the conference report.
(6) Should th6econference report be defeated, debate an any
request for a new conference and the apponitment of coiferees.
shall be limited to one hour, to be equally divided between2 and.
controlled by, the manager oteconference report anil the mmoinr-
ity leader or his designM e, and should any* motion be made to.
ituct the conferees before the conferees are namned, debt on
such motion shall be limited to 30 minutes, to be equally Alvided
between, and controlled by, the mover and the 'OILr the
-conference report. Debate on any amendment tosu anwaal iniius
tions shall be limited to 20 minutes toibe equilly divided
and controlled by, the mover amnd the. manager of t6e coneI
report. In all cases when the manager -of thw conferefice, !rerts is
In favor of any motion, appealor amedmnt %VW tiei pposi
tio'n shall be under the cotol o.temnoiy 6 idro his
demo ee.
(7T& I any cuse in which there are a~m(Mdmen'to 1W 9Mgre
ment, time on each amnendment shall be limited to to sMa ,tob
:qually divided between aua 6oits lid byte of the.
onferene report and to minrit 'leader or hid, NO
amendment that is not gemi tothWaowondo-
ments shall be received.
Approved July 12,1014.



[Public Law 93-610, 88 Stat.. 16051:
40TW prhriyt egi~te procedures for consideration and ap.
pru, bt.,roects drawing upn more6 than one Federal assistance program, to
-li requrementg for o feation oi those projects, and for other: purposes.
BidA f, wed by the Senate. and Howse of Representatives of e
W4,4:ofA~mer w*es in, Congress assemb ed, That this Act may
citdasthe, Jint Fending aSijpliflwation Act, of 1974".

std* se7 f this Act is to enable $tate and. local govern-
an' ar', uprofit organizatiost s eea assistance
1 ad eicenty ad o a apt that assistance more
r. netgh*eds through the wider 'use of proes
g-up resou.roes available,from. more than one ]Federal agency,
0 or appropriaition. It is the further purpose of this Act to
a Federal-State arrangements under whiich cal governments

d privte, nonprofit organizations may more effectively and effi-
enly, ombine State and Federal resources 'in'support of projects
,,v~WDrkinterest to the governments and organizations concerned,

A&0WT:RXVrX or THEn -nnmeWFr A" naDes OF FWraLat
I t rR

ved at shall promulgate such regulations as may
MIN at to awaure that this Act is applied by all
oxAistconsistentr and in a' odanc with its
.this pupoe require that Fede-ral ftgeneies
_4*rie.,pocdures thatwildl assure'. that applicants for.
f aded pursuant to the provisions of ihis c
TOL 11 to secure the views and r'ecommnendations-
e~~ra maWI be swgnifcantly. affected by such
ioy *f ilie questions 01 common interest to those

er~ ~ ~ ppia lwiofddrlaeucits mby itr
ordr or intlera agreement, may tietefollowinig
(.1 1entificationor a 6dhi programs li ely- to be particularly
a:,..r op p., T mt I rprovidimg j oint support of ot pecif k
1_ f.107 =pmaent. a"-eakjnigatioa of guidelines, .model. or.:
,0 ects or common applicato -aforms, And -other
_d m nd"M0-s" it *be plabning saaim n t
som da~higsuppot fm-different. program&:'

.;, lq

. .iiii ii iii iiiiiiiii i siiiiixisi


(3) Review of administratively established program reqqire-
ments in order to determine which of those Mquirements may
impede joint support of projects thereunder and the emxtent two
which such requirements may be modified, making such mowdifffc&-.
tions where appropriate.
4) AsUIE of110 *0mine ftikor attAt rt18
wihrespect to related programs to assist in the joint use ito1f 9t.d
in the support of "peffic projeects o projects under

.'.,res ordsgaigleact agencies to assume. r espons tis o
pos1i 00Mshamt of it&a gee a' for
&sigsitatin m anltging aece t muersoa~i
for projid diij isioi oA bdhalf-td Wam4Wa 40"t&. -
(c) Thehead of each Federal agency shall. be responsible. for taking
actions, tothe maximum extent -PeVUMiad under applicable law, that
will, further the purpose pf this Act with. respect to Federal isssistanom
"l;iiiii =

prd '=h sadtminidgteed by hig a ettcy.: I Yal edi' I g'bb htAad
i h 6on t 6id Wooe th&hiiiiiiot&di o ila,
ie Iiiin. iirdeiiisimilrly to proIot t p wp

to 9e,8l 1sstance programs 6f differet agkenpies Ttha KayV*ne
joil fit support 6f pro jedts =&ktike by ftatPeor' 1614r gi
metitd br privl Afte opfi orgfthidktioh8. "

.9t c~ ti tth .. .. ..
gwe. 4. Actions takeft b- PFdle-Al -fgeey heti& pfirommn o l c
that relate to the processing of applications or requests for assistance
undet tw6ot ofrotot Federal 'P "intin% 1hu#PPM of nyPA
shall be designed to assure, so far: ms ftonably possible, that. (I)) all
required reviews and approvals are handled ex e tiougly.; (2) fl
tcdoownt I tAk-en of, any special c&I9ttkidktat4IqMa Ithat Ne'tig
known by th itan thdt would ftet OWh$M 16f.'
funded 66 *) h aplicati& btttit~ed el
ii ii iii iiiiii

tubrd & reptsettivs Mahg 6d riAhl Yre et
bout 414-al '( thd qpplidttnt ig pl-ofitfamdd 8ho
with res'pdct to*A SP pli aion& 6n1f n 1 bt
I m "b "ftft

meftg tOat bing 40ac Hth feggsiblIfty if edta &m I'
iiiiiiii iiii

i iiiiiiii
1 n ii ii iiiiii
iii iii! iiiiiiiii,:i
oitiiii b 0 AA iii
is iii iiliiiiii
rliP lll iiii i it.......
i iiiiiiiiii;

tht f Any one Fed ?alagan rppgaqo' iho
assurances concerning the~htladt i tiiso s@ Tdh
agehey that mottl does rpitly be seftftdf Whog it ~
mondftifin AIA~ng lffi6 fvAl ghls idv
Sto. 5. Where approprate. *6 furthtr Ote plapb of ithi AR and
subject to the conditions prescribed in thts. tO anN4'I"
agendeiesmay use tha authealtieg: derbed inmetofivi l 17 n 18
,s i

reuiiremeatt, deligatisft*if lotIIIhb
lishment of jolint mangaatftd)whtaeko
under more than one Federal assistance program. Theme authorities

721 :

I @@ iiiiiii 7 iiii


-Puan t, eipaiwa pescamribe ytePesi-

,V~'te,:a~beidtm. firitd i;ue to problems that coannot berws
-**mW*~~~~~ dat-wt irgotherh ainalo admimitato.tis Act or
tha t aplied isa as edrcilw agonrios

xp~tft toossm of awimfon oeur fedineand effiin amdtmin
46iticifal ~ ~ projuh ects, an htwhehrapienamner consistentr
wit th prtecionof he edeabl tretand wthe projerkas awhpole;
Inoto p1ra M thA w conthrwise


jl~oloilont orem stag Tegaremes -relating to. aiccunt
MmistrationW of, suchkl projet, nluig caykm,1ror trinctr
tkM)* I flFoibil arbl"16 Stwh projectsn where a ongleor
;b- -thdbOle;

,a,,, i,,,,iiiiii
ii iiiiiii
yiiiiiiiiiii t a t a b e
1&, a the-ft'P&ih 1 heorlds prt atyim orsrcues
vt im merwd wth offmalssitim *emepaw commh
I'* 99lbiil tt h .6 Ag kk
IN. or&4ecivtG Pefo g Ofed Vpse~m kf amo daerwit
"d "ry heada sy provide, for eviewet
of~~~~~~~T als. fo prjet ba sin e pael bord or came, a le
M pue oa s ftufeed poeettoth whtent suht
re i"' detrmne tlawfll c
tM:~ am ca efe And efieth tum ofbFedteraol
involey Thiaf utort may wb equiexer-
UU 14that boucrtfie tor be ~natder hi
br "ris, dr-ls~ a prtof the Federal S ateorloal
yr ofik t ooheexen ta
by-ay 1ind litegfttgeched adl
M100 ::,!, arAt k othen rbela ct iveso
thea FedsslTistavdwto r18

iiiiiii i

17 'YOM VVNMS441IM I Maaseass m
arrange for: other sgneits to, Perform:. saht ativ "Aief to
Projects or clamss of projects funded under the 4mmz oil," AdL

iiir; i~ ;; iiiii iii
i iiii iiiiiiiii
as may be appropriate to assure that the awaer and.:ae adde
gated are exernis~ed in fall conformity Z th pplizabl..r
visions and policies, and shall not relieveapeney a
for the proper and efficient management of projects fudd b uter

, iiH~iiii

SEa.c (a) In order to provide forthe more effective asinistration
of fundfs drawn from more than cne Federal -program or appropriation
in support of projects under this Act, there may be establisihed joint
manageent funds .with tespeat to sud r~ojects. There shal betrAns-
fere to the joint management fund f&as each affected o gran.
appropriation, from time to time ito pwportinate-.shamnaO anout
needed for payment to the grasete& aAn uead amoan as~
returned to the joint managemn bys the gEantep: at th 5
tion of the project.
(b) Any account ina joint Iaggmn t Iwdshl e ao
such agre ;ns, not inconsistent wihthis -section. and.Msnapi
labe1w, as may be entered into by the Federal agencies concerned
-with respect to the discharge of the responsib~iiies ofts agoncies

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiand shall assure the iiiiiiiiiavailability of necessary info tothose
agencies and to the Goingress. These agreements shall. aleso roide that-
the agency adlministering .a joint management fund, sh 1 be pepon-
sible and accountable by program and appropriation 9aRpu
eided for the purposes of each account estaise int fad and
shall incxlue. procedures for deternmg from time to to hehr
amounts.a ite account-are in *ern of _de fgensre or
returning that excess, to the psrticipating Federal pgg erdin
age "CIT,,
to the applicable appropriations, subject to fle aaeys
Excess amounts applicable to expired approprisAtiissNae U 10
.from that fund. .. ..
(c) For each Project financed. through ani asoontM, W-]
agement fund establishe pursilant to this: Peetion,, thatipe4o
dlnykirawn from the fund ahall keep such recod enha of
the red l agency responsible for Admfinistos had No-
scribe. Such records shah, as a mainimum., fq1Yillso.h AMa1*in"
disposition by such recipient of Federal assistoanmreceiv4 uo
program andl appropriation, the tota, cot o the project
with which such Federdasasistance was g1phanvi ek th s"4
that portion of the sok th' Us Oia a ed 4y'Ohe *Ic
such other recordd as wifAdhtte. an lStin6*SaU
(d) The head of the Federal 4Vgene repow. '-=
such joint Ine gamageme fund and thbeAN gapare 0,44
United States- or any df their, dul *nth "W"aS
have access for the purpose of audit and. eaiatqo *'y'
documents, papers, and records of such recipients that armst
the moese received fransuech Am&ind I"1'0

as pnle non-Feei Shii be4AA -o ordr 6MFd
share ratoe applo l to'thes *11eaveal IFedera n poga

4 iiiiiii

6vd ani a propo6tf6n Of fuiMi tinsferreddto the project
".01. rim. each-iof thoseiproiii

S0E. 9. Appropriations available -to my Federal, ssistance program
,tor tchnic assistance or the training of personnel may be made
... f .... t.a. isistance and t ii
..... iiiliiiiiic==f tra m=== i

"o o-i th projec s prooh or IMPp ved. for joint funding
pving ithat progrmm and any other Federal assistance pirogramn.

Sc. 10. Subject to such reguain s as the President may prescribe,
edral agencies may enter into agreemients with States as appropriate
extend the benefits of this Act to pro.ects involving assistance from
or more Federal agencies and one or more State agencies. These
amnts may include arranigemients for the processing of requests
.or the adinistration of, assistance to uch projects on a joint

. 11. At least one year por to the expiration of this Act, the

Prsident shall submit a comprehenisive report to the Congress on
acins taken under this Act, and make recommendations for its con-
tnation, modification, or termination. The report shall provide a
Adiled evaluation of the functioning of this Act, including informa-
t~nregarding the benefits and costs of jointly funded projects accru-
Mg to. participating State and local governments and private,
u perof organizations, and to the Federal Government.
8..:. 12. As used in this Ac

(1) the term "Federal assistance programs" means programs
that. provide assistance through greant or contractual arrange-
ii ,
ii==ii i ;,~ ~;ii~=i i=iii iiiiiiii;'== ................... '== ===== ~;R;;ii;::i~ ~

ments, but does not include -assistanes in the form of revenue
haring, loans loan guarantees, or insurance;
(2). the term 1apphcant means any State or local government
orprivate, nonprofit organization acting separately or together
!r I s'eeldng assistance with respect to a smigle project;
(3) the term "project" meians anyl undertaking, whether of a
temporary or continuing naturer thaktincludes components pro-
posed or approved for assistance under more than one Federal
program, or one or more Federal and one or more State programs,
ifeachof those components contributes maeraially to the accom-
plishment of a single purpose or closely related purposes;
.,(4) the term "Federal agency means any agency, department,
corporation, independent esabishment, or other entity of the
rexecutive branch of the Government of the United States;*
.(5) the term "'State" means any of the several States 'of the
7-United States, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of
'Puerto Rico, any territory or possession of the United States,
nir any agency or instrumentality of a State, ,md any tribe as
defined ....
I ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................
............. IN



ii,Uiii';i;biliiiii~i 'i
;IE ," ', ll i


1,,, .


I q ~~~~~~~ ..................

;i i i

;;iiiiiii i* a .............

... ...A 1 4.... iii


nient, malu a cativ, UJW

mn i o
13. Ths Act eQ,V& Sixir ds

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii uiiii; iiiiiiiiii

limt aiiii eiiirp, ve, A 18sii
it iiibiiiiiiiiiciiiiii eiiiiifiiseed w;l~iiiiiil

not dffectthe satus f anyprojet 6*e. prlr td i iu

;iiiiiiii i, iii
...................i"; ii; i iii~;
== !iiiii i
i i iiiii i ............
Bi f A

Executive rder 114

VirM J~f010 ROWrity VeStdin we by the Constitutioa sad
,ftsU! .Ste$, adas Preeaidet of heUnie tts

,,.qv~red ba foll-ow

Es~iikown ofhe Houwa. (a.) Tbare is herby estab-
theCoucil fo Uban Allairs (hereiusater refered -to as "the

... "" "i
ihe nked States sha1 ioer ... iq%

i.e, ident ii pr i t

The Atorne Genral
grzuary of griulture

Secrtaryof eat, Ed4ucation, and Welfare
Secetay f Husng and Urban Development
Secrtar of ranportationa
Charma oftheCoucil of Economic Advisers
d sch the heds f epartments and agencies and others as the
'dentmay rom ime o time direct.
1,Sze 2 Fuictim o th Council. The Council shall advise and assist
Pct to urban affairs and shall perform such
duties ~W as th rsdn ay from time to, time prescribe. In
itin t suh dtie, he Council is directed to:
(1) AsistthePreidnt in the development of a national urban
-ic,. avig rgar bth to immediate and to long-range concerns,
M Prmotethe oorination of Federal programs in urban areas.
(3) ncouage hefllest cooperation between Federal, State, and
govenmens, wth secial concern for the maintenance of local
ivean lca dciio making.
(4) nsue tht plices concerning urban affairs shall extend to
e, elaios o uban sburban, and rural areas, to programs affect-
the, ad t th moement of population between them.
'5)See costat iprovement in the actual delivery of public

A Vwtve. rder 1541of J 1, 1970, 35 Fed. Reg. 10737 terminated the Council
rbanAfffraand rovdedhat the Functions heretofore assigned to that Council
be',erfrme by he ometic Council in the Executive Office of the President.
2 EoeuiveOrdr :150 ofDeember 12. 1969, 34 Fed. Reg. 19701, inserted "and other&"'

(6) Foster the decentralization of government with the object that
program responsibilities will bb vested to the greatest le extet..
in state and local government.
Q7) Encourage the most effective role possible for voluntary or-,

ganitions in deling with urban concerns

civii.......... il .. iiriiiiig hiits....
azc. deinistrative, Arm'fta'ngi (e) A person Meigar, b
the President shall serve as Executive Secretary ofthe Councail. he
Executive Secretary shall perform such duties as hePresident may
from time to time direct. -
(b) In compliance with provisions of applicable law, and as neces-
sary to effectuate the purpdses of thi's orderj (1) the Whit;6 HBose
Offie .hl provide or Arrange for spportung cerical admini strativet
and other staff services for the Council, and (2) each Federal departsw
ame andl agency which: -is 'represented on the Council shall furi ='h
tho'Council such information and other assistance as may bei availabl`
SEC. 4. Constrution. Nothing in this order shall be construed &W,
subjecting any department, establisLent, or other instrumethaklty of
the executive branch of the Federal Government or the head theiimft,
or any function vested by law in or assigned pursuant to law to an-3
such agency or head, to the auithority of any other .such agency or head
or as abrogating, modifying, or restrictink any such fumsition. in any
TuE WE= HOusE, January 23, 1969
... .. ... ...iii..ii. ..ii..... .......
iii i
I; ii

iii iii
@ iiii

iii iii iii ii i .....
i i


,~~nna cXE SFO EATETOFiutos HOSNot ANDrri

,APORATO C eetfr apoe
increlse Law 954991$a.10715,900ofwi
tua~~~~dngb aportin for the Dprmoenntaio of HouingantUranie-

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieidei e e t iv baige t air s obure liiiii
no ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ _i acs y$8,885,00 rokE

prvid exluing fciandiiig r 3%.
I i
00, andl for uoedtoher Purtoees

i" "i
Ifect to PROeGbRAuMi lonh
Thmutrannua tonibutiontrotherwise

deA or, s auh~ri~ed yfsethion5o the United proviso Housing
of 1937, as amended (42 US..her7c,,n Thertnof ore appove
a~ua aprqpra~o acs, s iconrease by, $1,159,995,00 oefr which
iftre han 42,00,00 sallenfrthaees moderninedtion of citing
,-momeouigprjecs:Proidd, Thaut bdgetveltorietyAc obi
undersuchcontactsshal beincrease aove amountes hretofore
vided ~ ~ ~~0 mbenal prprain acded by $3and5600 Provd idedt
hat of hettalherinproided, bexcluding fundsbl for fmod-
notles: tan$20 20 00-sallnces ufsetsdeolyf contractd s
janul mnribuignsto ssist in financing 'the development ora0
e~tin oflow-neone ho sing projects to be owned b public osn
s nrc
I r~abilittion is cmmenced ater the efective dte of thi
%,,X~pt n te cae o amed lntsto xistng ontrcts Proide

2,) ("A of the llotilng ith un
'd~omw DevelpmentAct o

housing agencies other than under section 8 of the above Act
main in effect during fiscal year 1978.
The limitation on e y bemmade
section202 of the Housing t of 959, as ended, from the fun
authori y ct (a (4) of si, is i
for the fiscal year 178 at $750,000,000 in accordance with paragraph
(C) of such subsection, whh funds shl be avible nly to q
nonprofit sponsors for the purpose of providing 100 per c
for the development of housing for the eld or handicapped, with
any cash equity of other financial commitments imposed as a condition
of loan approval to be returned to the sponsor if sustaining occupanc
is achieved in a reasonable period of t : Provided, That the full
amount shall be available for permanent financing (including con-
struction financing) for housing projects for the e or
cappd: Provided further, That the Secretary may brrow from the
Secretay of the Treasury in h mounts as are eear rie
the loans authorized herein: P fther, That, not witt ig
any other provision of law, the receipts and disbursements of the
aforesaid fund shall be included in the totals of the Budget of the
Uited States Government.
For the payment of annual contributions, not otherwise prvided
for. in accordance with section 5 of the United States Housg At
1937. as amended (42 U.S.C. 1437c); for paymnts author
title IV of the Housing Act of 1950, as amended (1 U.S.C
eq.) for rent supplement payments authorized by section01 of th
Housing and Urban Development Act of 196, as amended (12 U.S.C
1701s); for payments as authorized by sections 2
National Housing Act, as amended (12 U.S.C. 1715z, ;
for paments as authorized by section 802 of the oin
munity Development Act of 1974 (88 Stat. 633), $4382
Provided, lThat excess rental charges credited to e See in
aCordance with section 236(g) of the National Housing Act, as
amended, shall available, in addition to amounts apprpr
herein, for the payments on contracts entered into purutto
authorities enumerated above.
For p ents to publi housinggencies for operating subsidi fo
low-income housing projects as authorized by section 9 of the Unit
States Housing Act of 1937, as amended (42 U.S.C. 1437g),
For reibursement to the Federal Housing Administrtion Funds
for los icurred under the urban homesteadi proram (12 U.S.C.
170 ), $15,000000, to remain available until expe d.

to rso t


The agregte amount of commitments for loans made from the
funt esta~lished pursuant to title IV of the Housing Act of 1950, as
anded (12 U.S.C. 1749), for the fiscal year 1978 shall not exceed
the total of loan repayments and other income available during such
period, less operating costs.

The aggregate amount of purchases and commitments authorized
to beade pursuant to section 805 of the National Housing Act, as
amended, out of recaptured Special Assistance Purchase authority
may not exceed $2,000,000,000.
For the payment of such insufficiencies as may be required by the
Government National Mortgage Association, as trustee, on account of
anding beneficial interests or participatins in assets of the De-
partment of Housing and Urban Development (including the Govern-
ment National Mortgage Association) authorized by the Independent
Ofces and Department of Housing and Urban Development Appro-
tion A, 1968 to be issued pursuant to section 302(c) of the
ederal National Mortgage Association Charter Act, as amended,

For grants to States and units of general local government and for
related expenses, not otherwise provided for, necessary for carrying
out a community development grant program as authorized by title I
of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended
(42 U.S.C. chapter 69), $3,500,000,000, to remain available until Sep-
tember 30, 1980.
For grants to units of general local government pursuant to section
103(b) of title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of
1974, as amended, $100,000,000, to remain available until September 30,
For allocations and ants pursuant to section 103(c) of title I of
the Hosig and Community eoment Act of 1974, as amened,
$400,000,000, to remain available September 80, 1980.

For comprehensive planning grants as authorized by section 701 of
f (40 U.S.C. 461), 7,000,000, to
remain avable until expended.


*. -The agrgte -amount of omiments for l"mW .o-the
fund fo isa year, 1978 shall not excoed thatwdoa AM
-and other ineam'e available during such perW ,1" M;
which agrgate: shall be augmee ed, by any P" :*ljs'0
funds which would otherwise become unQa ra
~i liiiiiiiilllilii iiiiii i
iiii;;;iisiiiiii iiii~ii
Famanass Inse;; 4< 5 Aapss;;;orwa ass

For necessary expenses,'not -otherwmis provided for lin carMMon
the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, as amended (41"cv.
chp. 50)., $91,000,000.

For contracts, grants, and other assistance, not otherwise provided
for, of providing counsezling and advice to tenants and homeo-wnerra-,
both current and prospective-with respect to propertymitane
financial me agemen and such other matters as may beappodt
to assist them, in improving their housing conditions and the
responsibilities of tenancy or homeownership, incld prensiont
for tra*nn and for support of voluntary agencies and Cade as.
authorizediiiiy sectioiii (a) (1) (iii) and section 106 a () of the
Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, as amnen ,$5,000,000.


or contracts, ants, and n Wqsary ape;6. of.
;;;i ii;i~i; ;

reserchand studies relating to housing. and urar rw io
otherwise provided for, as authoried by title V of t1
Urban Development Act of 1970, os vomended (12 o'W 8llte
seq.), including carrying out the functions of. the Sortr ne
section I1(a) (1) () of Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1 5,0$9
to remain availabe until September 30, 1979.

MVEMau EN (Mwwmarwr.e Tww wwrdmANs OMMmm. -OF nam FUM
For necessary -administrative anl aoadministrative expenses of
the Department of Housing and Urban Development, not otherwise
iiiii ....iii


. .................................................................... ................... ........ .......

be' provided from the various fuziAb of the Mmsa

iiii ii

~ii iiii ...


I ... ..........

i i iii, ; iiiiii iiii,,iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
;isi~ iiii~ iiiiii;iii iiiiiii
i s ;;ii;;;;; iii iiii
!iI;iiiiiiiiiiiiii .....!;;;;;

E a -E

Housin and Natona -,Develpmentnsrthe Disaster o i Act

at i t ex~ed3 prion 80 of the foreging amd ount h
lable MM


ss~r-expenes t of ptrticiationa Istitue ofnBufildn
t&6 dby excetio 8dminiof rtive expegnde Commnit
bpme Ac Of 074 tsitle:d (12ied ThatC 17hj-2 unob0,0

Vr arnins of mtheDrectloN nrvli

the urfnt iscl ear curent isal guarantyorevolvinsfund

oq~stion, pament of particiationsaolesuchsuffunences

i lg rtaied arings ohfl othbe requilanrevolvn p fund
J~e sv bk .3iringtethe reti ofiscauch, o transfer. o h

guag reolvng und in such ampounitso a or mayhe neesr
ftwide~~~~ fo 'inl andt pesonf "Radjofuchtfund andth
rao tnomiis to pay intserered
.s. -erins atirs, shal not roequired 1 e

liwarxtew and, 1 Vetera b tranisferetio toan
tof 'Meaione appo ia~ons to xcee 10 er cntu
qprix.. butnot,,
4P 1rO~n~*PR o OUIA"WAUVk
AV, pWthe'Veta Adranii sratin : fr th
PaRAW rapss
shall be av_&HO14 for

No par 61 t&8@ gB"" i
istration (exee the appropriations for dn Iaop
iiiiiects" and 0iraiii wws ibk ath
purchase of any site for or toward the construction oan whosial
or home,
;;;;;s;;il ; ii;;; i iiiiiiiiiiii ';;;;
11TCE M--CORJPTWXS 1:,!If,,:iiiiiiiiiii!Ia
si p'ii iii iiiii iiB of.

iDemi lpaii aniii the Fede;A

subject. to the GovernmeiAt Cbrpp111i
are hereby a~uthorisked to make -- 0
of funds and borrowing authorinty a,

section 104 of te Act as may be necessary in carryiff out tepro-
gram se ot. ntebde o h, urn iclya o uhcr

collections ofa ths corporations and agencies may be used for new
loan or mortgage purchase d'onmnitmentg nly to the extent exressly
d fba t in tiAcat (unless such loans a~rei t o *

gage purchases are necessary to piotect the financial'interest of the
Uniited States Government.
ii iiiiiiiii"i



Nott w exced. ao Wal = 00 sha1l1b' availaW-
tihe expwques, of the rl4 raQ1j ank 1l M
preenue services as an rizod. byS V. 3ua"4 u
slynavies one oramizas onyb reniweiu
,r aklewmces theeo Mn fcordance witoi M.

and said, upouitt sall be Are 'tom
iff.. L08i Bank Boar iipud hse kfi..~a'M
Bank Bksrd -revolvn fun and tae
IiVIi .............................. ....
ii ii,,,

 year and pr. years,. an& t'7W 3S.
3 ,iii ....Ciiiiiih a r m

make payment for annices4 and
banks, the *Federal Rese pe baiik the erd iral Savigs ad a
Insurance Corporation,, he Federa1 Home Doan Mortgage Corpra-
tion, and other agencies of thwe Govrnmestt 4including payment for
0ffce space) :Provided, That all necessary expese in connection with
tl* &**sr+atorftp "or? *Ogidgtift of institutitRM natd1 h
Fedorl~ SAvings andV toa 1fwat brpen" ,tqddro-o
1 01i 4 Q ..............................................................
iiiiha!!!!!!ndri 6fiitio o i! !
11I11iloi.. f I

ii iiii

ori.... of Io ali hemi
ii iiisiiii
iiii;; i :~rr i iiiiii i

ii ,,
;s"2~ii~;iiiii lliii ~ tiiii; iii iilil

i iii iiiiiisi~i;; i i
iiii iiiiiiii, iNiiiiii iiiiiiiiii

,,iiiiiiiii iiiii
12i)iith e xcagee -V
mcmn c

408of the NO A48" iWhblSi (including
a.cp#ct- etor fee basis, but not including other
a o 00=ecun t"th lume i dinc the
itrii ;n .-eaL oFedeMiihome
SAi reintt ofo j or ymedt of
or e 'eAwsu Houle= Bank
be coh, rew m fdumitrai vexpeema for
'J~h''Tat -fteenbers and ,iteatn~es

C n BO & as.Er)y. the owd, de trasa-
WeLN 0. t meetings of or eaoembed
unch aAdtdiylbe paid in, eu'of subsietence
the il ctv t f or thi
Sn afpense- 'd4ncfAons, 4 aspervid
C~t: lpldhne loan:yQd'I6e 'in or -exerchm le bythe
cornmm' as nozIic itrafie AexPen~seq: Provifded
not toexw $1,000 shall be available for oiftilwee @p-
ie asp enses,:'?m nedfJ@r ihtb ih
.0 r., -sions of .hils Aid, except %fr the 4imitation
per if iedf ae -n awstmfivt expne and
'60 Ba1ird 'Adl be 14curred, al and paid
r, ,iI,., h F,,a ome Loan Bftnk
192as o,V.S G 14211-1449) : P~wvided
lbLFE empenses (cetsweb paft as
Mnot to "% eliT papenge, ShLdh ppehL be
fed'lf ipenss o supervision sad eswoliuafwn were not as suich
dedT'~i ii nitratrve ey V"'And swtepf'th'se thehded ih
rovisoh sipmervion .and : arnination of
Ia~ftjft tit tions (Other tha.A CIecifil exam-
e eaLbi ''oi &4tob necessary) iwhal not excee'd

*080;O 8.altbe availaWl for adicinistra-et easenses,
kh St a&beWabd shallAecuie6 s6
RMS 1'b exioetlusing et bfieidatio

di proper be properly aocbe t' i
i0V 4 Oeg ratI6 o oa mcin .mg tiiean a m&iiqiake pl
atlf ies of Ohe Meau hm onbns h
.Zs ofe ipte~ral fHoe Lavhdte termination the
,rC% That friowtsadn nyoh oIsin
inuzil~~~h limit aseiof in amure herfitu bifo -ega lpec.ifid,
lidifi *!m'ohr dbigtiosd i oprto

W,. Tanf fdidn' seotab wihtil N Vo the

SameddA(1 U.SC 172130 IV ofth
pidInh rs


ii ii
8=c 401. Where approapriationi "'inttlei6T in&t o li.Atar
expendable for: travel expense Pf .loes n no spec, leimitation'
*Mas -beenpae theireon, the expnitrs -o6iuc S r& el Wxenes nig
not: ex ed the amounts, set Kort there 'fr OW 'tMhe budgtetnse

rnit," 6IS
submitted for the appropriations: Pro ed 'htti eto haR
not apply to travel pp-erformed'b- ,uncompaae *ofcials "of local
boards and appeal boards of the elective sr, c System;t traviel

directly in and ti media
,Av"' a A

beeficiaries of the Veterans t16ikiotytio; orto t inter-

agency motor pools where separa forth in t scheules
.Provided further, That the lim.itations! ,MAY be incresedb the Seer&-
tary when necessary to allow for travel performed bymployees 01,
the Department of Housing and Urban PDevelomn as a -resuflt fof
increaged -Federal Housing Administration iLspeio.Ran aoiraisw
Sn.402. Appropriations and funds available -for the adm'nisrtv
expenses of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.a"4
the Selective Service System shall be, available in -the current: fmini
yearforpurcas.of uiforms, or allowances therefor, as authoizedby
law (5 U.S.C. 590)1-509M); hire of. passenger motor vehiicles; n
Bevcs as authorized by 5 U.S.G. A1090
SEC. 403. Funds of the Department of Housing and Urban Deavelo
ment subject to the Government Corporation Control Act or 8ec066h
402 of the Housing Act of 1950 shall -be available, viithloutregard: to
.the limitations on namiinistrative expenses, for lefal services o
contract or fee basis, and for utilizing and making. p4yeto
servies an facilities of Federal National [ortgage. Ascitioft
Government National Mortgage Association,: Fedleral Home Loa
Mortgage Corporation, Federal Financing Bank, Fiede;7il ROO".v
banks or any member thereof, Federal home loan banks, and, any
insured bank within the meaning of the Federal Deposit:Isinc
.Corporation Act, as amended (125 US.C.. 181-1-1831).
SE~c. 404. None of the funds provided in this Act maay be used for
ppyment, through grants or contracts, to. recipients ttdo, not.: abar
inthe cost of conducting researchL resulting from Proposals for pirojects,
nlot specifically solicited by the, Government: Provided, Tht othe ipitent,
ocost sharing by the recipient shall reflect: the mututality of interest
of the grantee or contractor and the.Government in the rpsearch.
SEc. 405. No part of any appropriation contained in this kdt awl
remain available for obligation beyond the current- Asoal 'year *lss
expressly so provided herein. V
Sxc. 406. No pAr of the funds appropripted under:"hi Act msybe
usdby the Environmental Protection, Agency to'..:inister or
promulgate, directly or indirectly, any pairamt almto 4
mI i r ts-

wise r7egulate parkmng that is not specffcally, required puisuan to
subsequent legx~slationi.
Swc.. 407. Noa funds appropriAte by this Aot. may be expendeai_
(1) pursuant to a certificaion: of ant offi*_or- employee of Op
United Sttes unless-I

(A) suc certificationiis aiomi or is pa
voucher or abstract which- desribe* h payee or pa"eesand

theisoa, or sw vee provided insuchis expndtur is beinseg
moiie ii iiiii

I~~l~~~~l iillB"~~Iiiii ii iii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiX
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii= ;ii ,i; ;il::R; = "i
15 ie ependtiher- retined pusun toe suc ralGovqrn-

iii == ;;liRU
ti,~~~~ tdwthu uhe a aily equvln or: abtat isseiially
WAcll autorze b bylw;
(2) nles schxpeditroied is thubject to audty theGeneral

Nocntracdet authoaprorvidd on this or
..ency ..e 1i Ado sfrAsinite ouigaid -o fuds and h-rpis

nnua op of u ion

ii tl~i. ing bay eeomentsshlb, sujetho, the Federle5
tio dening he cndiios: uneder which twoh ormorepersns
mulgtedbyth'Dea'Denpof ousng and Uban Devlometb

May6, 91 1977. a41
SF~~~. 409. Non of the fud.poie nthsAtmyb sd

irec orthrouh grntstorayt for to nurovide treimbursemnt foro
Ti~~~f' ~ coslat(htepr rtaiednyth Federsgand Govrbn-
or~ ~~~l 4subj t oethntec daily hequivalentions thentaximum
esseificatlhltyl e bde authorizdbylw
g in aindhi Act to herey incepartentb
loyee. ~ ~ ~ rTat$,4939,0 of such dprmnoraecbewehidmcleamondti
ace o emplyment withtheexeptiontl of ithSecretary of ther
artment ~ ~ ~ er of Hosn ancra eeopmntat whomiderible u5d,
6 .""";"

,d` Sates ode'sction101 1is eempte fromsuch imitaions
s c `ft etd sth Deatmn o oumggad ra

[Public Law. 95-26, 91 Stat. 61]i" .

ilopment-Indpendent Agecies Lipropiation Act,1977 (Publi
*94-37), isbereb m~crasedsubjet t6'he liitatins cotaine
0443,00; FrOidedT~iatthettoal ne bud uthor
k I I I .,,,,,
Pr Wder his&adi -1 midActis hreby inreasd b

iii~liiiiiYiiiiii 'Xi

ieW :O f] 3; n e


h ...
subsectioni (a) (4) of such section 19 hereb


Foran04(iioal amout for P, $01 o

p 7!
income housing projects", $0,000,000.,


usmg ......-Ifl
'For in additindI amount for Fedevl HOnis *A
.F 4, $118%s,W-40001 to xemnaftn avlaik~ wanilaspn
That $15,000;000 shall be availaibt ior reimbwraoneist to t edf
llou ig A mimnisitration Feniitle oe 11asks-increa uwme eib
hEvmpsbeqftgg program (2,IS.C t.17066).

For inomgenay anoftuae -Vahat payeaue and fAw 1
authorized by'tite 71Lof ithe ilteresgtoy Housing A#d10 0

FA-mr HOUsINg, *DEPEsz
For an additional amount for Thbilflthousimg 'efense, $60,00:,100
(and an inrier of $3e ,000,000 iiA the, limilatio'n on*Deartmi t o
Defene, operatiace an reiiiiiiiii $1 i
ii .'... oIm:

'limnitation on Construction, Axwar; ajupes o i
limitation on Conistruction, Navy and Marine Cors and an incea
of $10,000,000 in the liraitaks va ouI'.CqpWltion, Ai Force) :Pr
vided, That none of the funds appropriate herein shall be 0biae
until authorime6nIfran4athi.%apprmpriaiins is aa.a
Fiv- wom "ias 1

!a ,i

YEAE 197
17-;i;, mAAiala emrs m n. J .A .ALanl ktw


Dbentf $,55;n0du an in -ream of
Rquss,,iit !lIkfenl,'e, $6 512,000 (a c~ir,,
tVii t% iiiiiitiii oii iimei of i Defisii ope tion,


ii ii

I; i i";;s I.i' i;

MAWMXr ond evane>
ajar e ew.41 erl nt Ufi / ..... O ; UrbanI e i

rF ral iionsing Ad


"Limitation on nonadministrative expenses, Federal Home Loan
skBoard" (increase of $900,000 in the limitation on nonadminis-
atie expenses);


Sac. 301. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall
main available for obligation beyond the current fiscal year unless
presly so provided herein. a
SFc. 302. Except where specifically increased or decreased elsewhere
thi Act, the restrictions contained within appropriations, or provi-
8affecting appropriations or other funds, available during the
alyear 1977, limnitin the amounts which may be expended for
mal -services, or for purposes involving personal services, or
ounts which may be transferred between appropriations or au-

22-074-78-pt. 1-7
N 'N1
ssI iiNli:""::: ,, ,
;is00iiii~ Nliii ,iO" ;iii

s rrrrin:ir!rr~i;;;; r ,,,i,, ,,iiii,
iiiii =rsr
ss:l!rrrrri: rri

creased to the tttW eb ib B an pa asauthorized
by or pursuant to law.,
Sinq. 303. None of -the funids bai& atalilet 'uder Tifla ]a of this
Act shall be avvailable for any purpose other, than increasd pay zasts
authorized b or pursuant to law.,
SW. 304. None of the fnn&ap-pioptiated ottherwise made avaidl-
able in this Act shall be obligat endedor t r a n
or deferral of any prjecit activiy, or wveaponi' sytem api b
U nMI, ercee specific 'projects, ictivities, or weapon sytm or

... i aianr rd
ferred as provided by law.

Approved May 4, 1977.
[Publid Law 93-14, 88 Stat.:10951
AN ACT Makn apprprations for the -Department of. Adij k Urban
Deelopment; for space,, science veterans, and certain other independent
execuitive agencies, boards, commissions, corpo'raltions, and offices for the fiscal
year ending June 30, 1975, and for other purposes.
Be it enacted by the Senate and Homse of, Representatives of the
United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following
sums are appropriated, out of any money in the T1reasur not othferwiti
appropriated, for the Department of, Rousing and Urban Develoji,
ment; for space, science, veterans, and certain other independent 410i
utive agencies, boards, commissions,' corporations, and oflices forthe
fiscal year ending June 30, 1975, and for'other purposes, namely:

""; ';;lllll~n;;;ii s ii~ l iii

iii ....
il;, 11:: ;"""

Full Text

Hoping m ge an& loan ln-la.. flilnn.iwI*S.iB .. g
Cooperative boilng-- UnC:.fta0 'x& C -boe r Ii" 4.: *.i x :. eso, .i tA
bechnical aSd organisationami fhecsw:1* MMW fit
H.oung &.. AMA U.&.APIM fl
D~intItai*1flflti^fr4-Je3OB^ttrNi^ttlW~tj AchS --eww 17)
0rdina o-01rcular A-M. Of-e of. Manage a.-_...... 817
Correcioaf teMt it mitgadoflo'a fi nf 3 .1 3If!M ld law .I
A~t .- -- --.-.. __---1--^ .ja .;L~. .;.M.;:-f.i. ..u: .1t*-asisft, Aa,^ ,q^ 21S
SCost certification:. .. ............ ..... -..... . .. t a o I ws . ....
SNot required nnaa
."--.8. 80, Natioaal Hoe"i ng ft. St.A "20. .: ..W.;I "]"i f 3 82 "
RequIred&,-e. 227, Iaehmesl .eSifM:ttz.. &M,,,.41d4.4L ,, 238U
CoGt of eoopIS*41hSics4aqtjSputmnonftf i^
amount-S-SemO.Qb)4S8) 808B)4(2 WaauX ia Hawr I Sj. Ag340 K
Coulee Dam henuug-Stottga4naniS.raB o .ahiSSl ,v
V +:.tional Housing Act---d 2*
Counseling aaulataae: aw N a A. *lMpr' &tss frhal *iAmvnwoilg
Credit Ioneng-Sae. *12, Eeenmlr^4)wofltuBifhDS&.. lI
**- prR .s Home e-See. 27, N aofjHh .... L...l.. i'- .71
awLo*e intme iilft-: .-. -. ht i ;-. c .. :In F ah :,
S. .287, National Housing Act---i-'.-.awQ-gs ..i4... 271..
Ow'. 1M OlH1usingm, amjibm:fDev.Iotpkhati cA fl3S.&WC. 5_
.- .. Se U.S. Housing A tol. 7-.W-._. .L a'.%.:..... 867
SRural housing-4 J IT.1 .., .: ..':P-..-- SIT A i 1186. .
Sg^oneorf-t^e ib 'floHimhnan&Ti~t|ManX DenlymrAatt isS5
Critical defense ..housing ...area--Sec. 903, NatM aIjl4nA 35 ".j....
Debentures-or nsptme otfI&tafllbneeBM SmkJS-g aAw
207, 213(n) 220(f), Bo(h), S21) 2357 03. U#;Ut4S 'u
(4)i4 7TO5, 808& NabidnslUiouulngf Acc^-i^-^~a4iixl 4K/U3P
Cash payment aof insurance e il
In'nerest rates-Se. 224and 604(), atid l .. :,3'
Purcdaw ot by teatry u.UJD s 51We..a 6.1S ..
...D faults : ... .. - ... ....-. .......... ...... ... .- ..- A :
Acquisition of mortgage to avoid tftre fl (jfc;p :-
.233(f), (.Nationa ..]o uing Art.i Z_._..Ui_n..4250 so
Extenio of time f k aGrt".g.. .2. 24 1, Natiaoa Alm-
HBUD payment of in uranne--4eel 2 mew)aOnW,, SMi Itl&-.:,
tional Housing dit_---5#1S.----f. .i. 2W
XModMatio 'of 'anii af ly ha.u.m6rtgmg6^aekLJetiL3SS -
i- ti oal Housing At- ...--..__. 2..^.2L.L2.. AtA-a ...... 2T4..:.
Mvuln-f~nlytproj.s~ atq~tiuf m*e am ,e Gedstw bui6tt -
".M .. : :.6 NAM111t"..
S cooperative-9Sea 4O Natieal HouaIflrSM-JI.lJU. ,2S
Act -of 1166-------------- n.aij... .j.f W... L..
Def&ts It 14tafM iudlhSS.-SeclLK~~figfti^ 281M1
DefrnmlhoataW : i A- "nw s -i o ........ *.
S1to 2 faatly-Seo. 20sibtIav&3
Multltamily .
* Demonattatie& pMaik wr-ieelhahcetu S4y Wa4tIM I
- AJt ....J _-- 5, -- -=_-2 _.. -._..^ 2^L J .o) .
Disanfer amtII ta*'4( 1 4 r '::v T.T : !PTh Ii' ot.ig4M i. T rz1r5f i ...
Mstc'aceetfelig~is *flbdtmtnMl 11116 hflflW~Mainfl
Hoursing Aet. eu 230t mm,... ,'
Homn replaevemat-mortge u.r. o .4 aVO .Mt
HoRe air AA-l.." .-1 -Lw..M.,- Vol...
Her Ioan- tfc *r WetiflhI-ImtgAsrr 4 MO

Di: logH M Al
:14 ..iA lt I." "tt .H ..L. t. a t*...*an. i.i. MaL'aans:. i p wataK f ... tr .n
'.." .. ....... ... ...-..... -*^ >. .11 (, H .:M ".-^.rt.^ ^ a. 0-: ..... ... ;.; .

2 ". a-o At.' . ,.".I b '. .i sI k- ..": o t I, Ne
rlgT> ::;.il,hi- LL#,1 41^.< ii:. ~ & U. ?'4 ,,a^tg Bi i ait t C1JiCSiigriMwm -n:-ii
;. :. . i. .i-.: *. .,t. l.a.
:,^ ;. ,. i .. i. ,."*)ft. t & .w .^.~^ C. ....a~iB ai!ie ...... I*1
. 7 .. ,o "',*: ....... ...... .. .. .. .. .. . .. . .. ... .. . .. . . .. . .. .. .. . .. ,t ^

li t ,t t .( p raw.


106OD, fl0Dru"qc

Virgin landss and Guam; the limits previAi.. ioluuq j
(i) of this sentence shall be: $5Q 000q grgat. J|
for any sigle-family dwellig, and $C!0W O0Iopa y nes-
dential structure containmingmore than.. ne dwe
(B)1 in the case of business properties which are .owned
or leased and operated by small business oncerns, an aggre-
gate liability with respect to any single rstwure, inclibng
any contents thereof related to premise of ...small business
occupants (as that term is defini e dby the Secretpy) which
shalfbe equal to (i) $100,000 plus (ii) $100,000 m tiplied
by the number of such occupants and shall be allocated among
such occupants (or among the occupant or occupantsa.nd the
owner) under regulations prescribed by the Spcretary; except
.that the aggregate liability for the structure itself may in no
case exceed $100,000; and
(C) in the case of church properties and any other proper-
ties which may, become eligible for flood insurance under
section 1305-
(i) $100,000 aggregate liability for any single struc-
ture, and -
(ii) $100,000 aggregate liability per unit for any eon-
tents related to such unit; and
(2)3 in the case of any residential property for which the risk pre-
mium rate is determined iii accordance with the provisions of section
1307 (a) (1), additional flood insurance in excess of the limits specified
in clause (i) of subparagraph (A) of paragraph (1) shall be made
available to every insured upon renewal and every applicant for in-
surance so as to enable such insured or applicant to receive coverage up
to an amount of $150,000 under the provisions of this clause;
(3)3 in the case of any residential property for which the risk pre-
mium rate is determined in accordance with the provisions of section
1307 (a) (1), additional flood insurance in excess of the limits specified
in clause (ii) of subparagraph (A) of paragraph (1) shall, be made
available to every insured upon renewal and every applicat for insur-
ance so as to enable any such insured or applicantrto receive courage
up to an amount of $50,000 under the provisions of this clauMe;
(4)3 in the case of business property owned, leased, or' operated- by
small business concerns for which the risk pre:nium rate is determined
in accordance with the provisidtls of section 13071a)(1),iadditional
flood insurance in excess of the limits specified in subparagtaph (B)
of paragraph (1) shall be made available to every such owner, lessee,
or operator in respect to ary single structure, including r'iy contents
thereof, related to premises of small business occupiats (as that term
is defined by the Secretary), up to an amount equal to (i) $250,000
plus (ii) $200,000 multiplied by the number of such occupants which
coverage shall be allocated ambng such occuants- (or among the occu-
I See. 101(b) of the Flood Disaster Protection Act Of 197B, Public Law 98-234. 87 Stat.
*75, approved December 31, 1978, substituted "$100,000" for "$80,00"W and ".'15Q..nah
place It appears. "
'See. 101(c) of the flood Disaster Protection Act ofi19Mt, Publiq qaW 9824 i 87 Ktdt
975. approved December 31,.1973, amendedleection 1306(b)(l'C)t trhisU A(!t.
S Sec. 704 of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1977, Pub i IJe* 95JBt2
approved Oetober 12 1977 amended seton lS306(b) breletlng p"A#gph (f amt ifrt,
Ing new paragraphs (a), (8), (4), (5),atd (6). " ..: ,.:




P ., ) o j tqthe result of the actual or pending closing of such
4,, o ys alliton, m whole or in part; there is no present market
\t' sale of suct property upoz resnable terms and condi-
**' ... a O 1 ,., .i . **' s, . :. " . '
Hj: () 0X e to be: Q eligible for the benefits of this section such em-
loyees or *try personnel must be or have been--
....... :.(1 a.igned to or employed at or in connection with the instal-
ationiior activity at the time of public announcement of the
S,..closure action,-
:J (( .transfered from such installation or activity, or terminated
... -w.ppioyees as a result of reduction-in-force, within six months
or to public announcement of the closure tcion, or
S) ransferr...edfrom the installation or activity on an overseas
rt.; to 1 7 m. 9A.ed by dependents within fifteen months prior to
p b O,. P fO C 7O!11t 1of the closure action:
Arcd,'4het, at the time of public announcement of the closure
4.O.4 'or at te time of transfer r o termination as set forth above,
.cl .rsonneo ,,em.plo eers must-
:' iii). hyetadted the owned dwelling as a result of being or-
.' -.V ,"re m on-poet housing during a six-month period prior to the
Pr*4e4 A A^r, That as a consequence of such closure such ew-
pNoy ns.r p'rsortel must-m
'" "(i to relocate because of military transfer or ac-
c ptuia of employment beyond a normal commuting distance
.fr i the awelli g for which compensation is sought, or
S ,ii) be unemploye4, not as a matter of personal choice, and
bto Ademonstrate such financial hardship that they are unable
t"k eet thir mortgage payments and related expense .
: S Mperson as the Secretary of Defense may determine to
l'Ibt under the criteria set forth above shall elet either (1)
to t cash payment as compensation for loses which may be
or hae eMn sustained iti a private sale, in an amount not to exceed
.the difference between. (A) 95 per centum of Eke fair market value
dte% ptety (m such value is determined by th Se$eretary of
J) orto public announcement of intention to close all, or
b't ri-ueltatba&e or insttlaton aad t(B) the fair market
S SuL pi1per- (as SU&h value is s6 detemin ed) at the tIme
S M i*, or (i to receive, as' purchase tric for their jfroperty, an
yjb t rceed 9O peOr 6entum of ppr fair market Value as
eT. 4 .ttrmh.ed bythe Secrbtary of Dense, pr the amount
&"%dot& Ciias ipent ho
^ca~~n~~ef vi arrtsAle1sal ndt'b &%I~in]an0 caSF'iwi
p rty is cumbered by a mortgage loan guaranteed, iured,, or
agecy unless such mort A, o is'paid, assumed
Meof --4ffact ry to surhederaetfl 'orotherwise fully
4bt~*r'rthoy the: time such cashijdtyn ib E in
p on sses, inii eirent 6ld flaure
Sneed on ori after public anoimtnceient of intei-
tin to lo0 all or part of the military base or installation, the
itbi we rpay on a unt of eligibldper-
_4D 9 A 2 I".,
.": | >< : .; *. : ., ..... r ": I
:!; d ~f'Oi~lfte^ Auhot f Ar.t, 1970, P i',::. l if 91
B 2la rut te wolia'at prior
gpFetnqt0e6t, p Ut #A".

'fl f S #Aaw- .K.wmH S33
wIeb*r*Ioter hn i uilae ft rdab ate
tIp^ nt^ "~to 'EIm* int B'merket or through a muitabb

orater n (a) thtamanyte
Auor Augus w eal waft navailability lteie
.or crime insurance then exists in any State and has not been met
through appropriate Stfe aetint, the eetay is authorized to make
S$ T available at affordable rates within such State through
tesfTh lerel (ovenmnt. Such insurance shah be pro-
twuf rmtnd 0*Mttion, ansubectg to such deducting im 4Unitations s the ary deems appro-
pateut no such insurance shall bh made available to a property
which the Secretary determines to be uninsurable or to a pnperty
with aspc to which reasonable protective measures to prevent loss,
consistent with standards establhed by the Secretary, have not been
(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, direct insur-
,e? smua&d f;r Im tem of the policies written prior to
~t'd lsot tarpitati tM Sectayt diriet insurance mntkoritb y
&fVwiag, rwtnj. u m *A *a d insured pays t*e required direct
insurance premiums; except that direct insurance under ths prt for
fldaIM tatini ati at.a aai whenever tiO Secretary de-
aTizt tkWmilxkrd Ie.mimi s of win imarne otr i on
bwm.4nlimbl4 b I priymuty a adordabe raan
I. . .
: O f t,. o..... r GM AM .
SS s.,. g oU, rposhflitios ~~under this part, the
*Y ow l p tu rnhr"
$ ) s1 s eapsais md o ther insurers, insurance ageirts
421i juano adjustment oargazzations, as scal
(U cers and employees of the Department of Housing and
Urban macd such ether effiers ad employees of
any executive agency (as defined in section 105 of title 5 of the
it(fthtw3ide)i a& t eSecreabry and the head of any such
qIMq i. tim e 6 time agm e upon, on a reiubteument
"* h r e&orm*.piur
: $>hix a h mn thvmsncdediP pwrap. (1) end (2),
liJ ~,, .. . -- A-
A IJ A. r:T : I a&=@
Tol"~ ~'... "yl .r:.:' '.' ": tl^ lfflyillI ^ Q p TTR*An

-i.ff.;:.f tftori,,ble vates for the varieus crime
insuran,;, .ih eow t:me to tia uner this patt, the
pew WA4 is author ed to take it con-
mt. M e aise iwowq th0 pr'c .otective
i! o*i anticiated loie,^ .w pnvmaliag rates
.,,xm ftWyheafl 4Z54WoRto pQ1ayf a tfbE afo M terptories,
STWidiidaVarl'oeapB8uand the
'IVFIJ tmmMWd the relative .hklkitia to 4e particular
and typeofd sureds to paythefl eeOts A such



other relief and assistance activities shall be accomplished in. a equi-
table and impartial manner, without discrimination on'the gfrtunds of
race, color, religion, nationality, sex, age, or economic status.
(b) As a condition of participation in the distribution of assistance
or supplies under this Act or of receiving assistance under section 402
or 404 of this Act, governmental bodies and other organizations shall
be required to comply with regulations relating to nondiscrimination
promulgated by the President, and such other regulations applicable
to activities within an area affected by a major disaster or emirgcy
as he deems necessary for the effective coordination of relief effrts.
SEc. 312. (a) In providing relief and assistance under this Act, the
President may utilize, with their consent, the personnel and facilities
of the American National Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Men-
nonite Disaster Service, and other relief or disaster assristaibr
nizations, in the distribution of medicine, food, supplies, or bother
items, and in the restoration, rehabilitation, or reconstruction of com-
munity services housing and essential facilities, whenevertlie Piesi-
dent finds that such utilization is necessary.
(b) The President is authorized to enter into agreements with the
American National Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the Mennonite
Disaster Service, and other relief or disaster assistance orgaizations
under which the disaster relief activities of such organizations may be
coordinated by the Federal coordinating officer whenever sucf organi-
zations are engaged in providing relief during and after a major
disaster or emergency. Any such agreement shall include provisions
assuring that use of Federal facilities, supplies, and services will be
in compliance with regulations prohibiting duplication of benefits and
guaranteeing nondiscrimination promulgated by the President under
this Act, and such other regulation as the President may require.
SEC. 313. (a) In the processing of applications for assistance, pri-
ority and immediate consideration shall be given by the head of the
appropriate Federal agency, during such period as the Presidhnt shall
prescribe, to applications from public bodies situated in areas affe*d,
by major disasters, under the following Acts:
(1) title H of the Housing Amendments of 1955, or any other
Act providing assistance for repair, construction, or exte7ii of
public facilities; ... .. .
(2) the United States Housing Act of 1937 forthe provion.0of
low-rent housing;
(3) section 702 of the Housing Act of 1954 for assistance in
public works planning; .. .
(4) section 702 of the Housing ad Urban Development Act of
1965 providing for grants for p-blc facilities; .. ,
(5) section 306 of the Cmsoldated. F 4 10626 A
trati on A ct; .,. . ,. -...... ..., ..,
(6) the Public Works and Economic Developet*Ac' W
as am ended ; o p. ... . ..



0 (7). thae Appalachian Regional Development Act of 1965, as
S amended; or.
.(8) title II of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as
S(b) In the obligation of discretionary funds or funds which are not
-allocated itong, the ..States or political subdivisions of a State, the
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and the Secretary of
.pOommerce shall. give priority to applications for projects in major
disaster areas in which a Recovery Planning Council has been des-
jignted pursuant to title VIII of the Public Works and Economic
Development Act of 1965.
J-. .. '
, Sio. 314. (a) (1) An applicant for assistance under section 402 or
419 of this Act or section 803 of the Public Works and Economic
Development Act of 1965, shall comply with regulations prescribed by
the President to assure that, with respect to any property to be re-
placed, restored, repaired, or constructed with such assistance, such
-typs and extent of insurance will be obtained and maintained as may
be reasonably available, adequate, and necessary to protect against
future loss to such property.
(2) In maing his determination with respect to such availability,
adequacy and necessity, the President shall not require greater types
and extent of insurance than are certified to him as reasonable by the
appropriate State insurance commissioner responsible for regulation
of such insurance.
S((bl) No applicant for assistance under section 402 or 419 of this Act
o section ,803 of the Public Works and Economic Development Act of
1965, Salil receive such assistance for any property or part thereof for
ych,,ha has previously received assistance under this Act unless all
+mlrac req uired pursuant to this section has been obtained and
maintained with respect to such property.
J. .,A St() .ate may elect to act as a self-insurer with respect to any
all 4ifthe facilities belonging to it. Such an election, if declared in
w rjg at the tifre of accepting assistance under section 402 or 419 of
th..'Act or section 803 of the Public Works and Economic Develop-
ment Act of 1965, or subsequently, and accompanied by a plan for self-
insurance which is satisfactory to the Prsident, shall be deemed
compliance with subsection (a) of this section. No such self-insurer
hU Lr e assistance under such sections for any property or part
rt'AOfte1for which it has previouslyreceivedassistance under this Act,
tb eflnt that insurance for such property or part thereof would
hae been reasonably available.

.H':,~uPECnO t -.S' "~ -ir n Enn
SuE. 815. (a) The President, in consultation with the head of each
-fld.. Igmncy administering any program providing financial assist-
ance t1 persons, business concerns, or other entities suffering losses as
Mthermstltbf a.m.joo disaster, shall assure that ao such person, business
4oncel, or other entity will receive such assistance with respect to any
$jtof ,ith; a easts' which he has received financial assistance under
ty other program..
l;:, ,"!* ..[ i **r :* ', .




S(B) is 4xpended or committed* by such state for any purpose
other:a a purpose set forth in paragraph (4).
Before disbursing the proceeds of any grant under this subsection to
S.any coastal stat, the Secretary shall require such state to provide
i Adequate assurances of being able to return to the United States any
Amounts to Which the preceding sentence may apply.
S(c) The Secretary shall make grants to any coastal state if the
Secretary finds that the coastal zone of such state is being, or is likely
Sto be, significantly affected by the siting, construction, expansion, or
operation of new or expanded energy facilities. Such grants shall be
tsed for thoi study of, and planning for (including, but not limited to,
the application of the planning process included in a management
"rogra ..purstant to section 305 (b) (8)) any economic, social, or en-
vironmehtal consequence which has occurred, is occurring, or is likely
to ocutm in such state's coastal zone as a result of the siting, construc-
tion, expansion, or operation of such new or expanded energy facilities.
The amount of any such grant shall not exceed 80 per centum of the
cost oef suh study and planning.
(d)-(l) The Secretary shall make loans to any coastal state and to
Sandy unit of general purpose local government to assist such state or
un.t. tt provide new or improved public facilities or public services, or
both, which are required as a result of coastal energy activity. Such
loans shill be made solely pursuant to this title, and no such loan shall
f "qure condition thereof that any such state or unit pledge its
f ullfaith and credit to the repayment thereof. No loan shall be made
underthis paragraph after September 30, 1986.
(2) The Secretary shall, subject to the provisions of subsection
(f)'.g.darantee, .or enter into commitments to guarantee, the payment
of interest on, iand.the principal amount of, any bond or other evidence
'.1: indebtedness if it is issued by a coastal state or a unit of gen-
erall purpose local government for the purpose of providing new or
improved public facilities or public services, or both, which are re-
i!q.aredla'sa result of a coastal energy activity.
a:t (3) Ifl the Secretary finds that-.any coastal state or unit of general
purpose local government is unable to meet its obligations pursuant to
.ifCj loan .odr guarantee 'made under paragraph (I) or (2) because the
aotuaincreaises in enmployment.and related population resulting from
..sta. enejy actief and the facilities associated with such activity
i.'.do.. 'noItVde adpqte revenues to enable such state or unit to meet
& uchobf" Atibns in accordance with the appropriate repayment sched-
rItd ths'Seretarye v shMll, after review of the information submitted
tysuck state"or unit Iursuant to subsection (e) (8), take any of the
Io.!owinj actions: cdi "
.i?.:fyr appropraely the terms and conditions of such
. W~isa tgura^ ke .":i **'*'I***
*!: a-r p Ijy wffnianc'sasyu loprn. s:
"r ( ... Make a supplmxnentalkintro suci State or unit the pro-
r I'd .. whih ha baipplie atoth' payment of principal and
: .." "di . such I o.n t guarantee.
H .:'".. js) PMiakc fat g tt to such state or unit the proceeds of which
shall be applied to the payment.of principal and interest due
**htttw&r h I o -O p
htstandigtpreceding sentence, If the Secretary-
ii.;...:... l i. r ; L: :.. -. .:, ,, j :. : .. .. J .: ... .. . '. "
"M ..*
' (: :.
I 867

.0 Sos


3 U62

Vq 91
., *
'i " "" . :. "

*( ,o:
| fi: y ..... "' '";; : ":: * ft
t *101
..,* ...1968
.. . N hPublie Law 90-577, 82 Stat. 4198; 42 U.S.C. 42011]

1 AN LOT To achieve the fullest cooperation and coordination of activities among
I* th..e Jerels o government in to ",prove the operation of our federal sys-
S an increasingly comIex society, to improve the: administration of
S"i .. Stm.i-aa to the States, t' permit revision of timbursable technical
se-. ite i SitOes and local government, to establish coordinated Intergovern-
.,:: mental policy. and administration of development assistance programs, to
.. dov144. (qr the acquisition, use, anddisposition of land within urban areas
U, b .V eral agencleq In cotformlty ith local government programs, to provide
Soperlodle congressional review.'of Federal grants-in-aid, and for -other
p*urposes a: *: ^ ; *-
ffrer n

10 seaqoW by te Senate ,ind Howe of Repreaentatives of the
Vited Stateu of America in .Congreu assembled, That this Act be
ei tas the "Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968".
(W ft!!i'tts Mill WeAct- *1 .'
: 'iso11. 'T "term "Federil agency" means any department, agency,
% V U~rlity in the executive branch of the Government and
I y .... o.n6dW Government corporation.
4 STAft
S... 102. The term "State" means any of the several States of the
aitd Statesth^ District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, any territory
or' pss 'of the. United States,.or ny agency or instrumentality of
& *tate mbut does not include the governments of the political subdivi-
4in of thItae)
A 4m
St "Unitogagror local government"lmeanaytcnt
lt,, eficallyo a county
IkW1^1 Y4 'rto~i fcw Uhi or. a shol r otber special district

r .... G E N.. = .
;,,,,l .. , ^ . ... ., i ... . . .. .. . ^ .... ,^
p. ra. .,,.(1: smrm means any city. county,
to*., p. s,.lage, or other general purpose political subdivision of
"'B~ ...iff *^* &_^ "H *1; 1:;... .: : *4 &P or ot er gen* ..


Penai arP ItfAmE~t^ A~t bSDGlT

Highway Research, Planning, and Construaction.
U zhwa y Beautification--Control of Outdoor Advertising, Control pf
X3iis Landscaping and Scenic Enhancement.
tUrba Mass Transportation Capital Improvement Grants. (Planning
and construction only.)
Urban 4lMass Transportation Capital Improvement Loans. (Planning
and construction only.)
Urban Mass Transportation Technical Studies Grants. (Planning and
construction only.)
Urban Mass Transportation Demonstration Grants.
Urban Mass Transportation Capital and Operating Assistance Formula
Grants. ,
Appalachian Regional Commission
Appalachian Development Highway System.
Appalachian Health Demonstration.
Appalachian Housing Planning Loan Fund
Appalachian Local Access Roads.
Appalachian Mine Area Restpration.
Appalachia State Re. arch, .Tchcal Assistance, and Demonstration
:e n: Vocatiosl Education4 Facilities and Operations.
Appala an Child Development
App ian: HUusinrg Site Development and Office State Improvement
r" G ts.:-
Appalachian Vocational Education and Technical Education Demonstra-
tion Grant.L

(Nont-Except for 28.001, administration of these grants is not in the Com-
mission but in the appropriate program agency-e.g., 23.003 is handled by DOT.
Nor 2&88 Appalachian upiaents to Federal Grants-in-aid, which can pro-
'wide all or any portion of the Federal contribution under certain defined grant-
hn-aid programs, coverage under Part I is determined by the provisions appli-
cable to the basic grant-in-aid program. For 28.008, 88.008, 48.003, 52.008, and
o00os-Regional Commission Supplements to Federal Grants-in-aid--the same
Wule would apply.)
Coastal PlkAs Regional Commission

Coastal Plains Teehnical and Planning Assmstance.
note under Appalachian eional Commission programs.)

Four Corers Rvgional vommiion
< 8 . .. > : .* . *\ *, ,
18.002 Four Corners Technical and Planning Assistance.
(31 hote under Appalachiea Regional CoatMlom pflgmaS)
National Hioe nce ounsdatio
47.086 Intergovernmental Science.
New England Regional Commission



New England Technical and Planning Assistance.
note under Appalachian Regional Commission programs.)
Community Services Adminfsatration
Community Action.
Older Persons Opportunities and Servlces.
Community Economic Development.

Onarka Regional Commission
.o002 Ozarks Technical and Planning Assistance.
tV. (See note -under Appalachian Regional Commission programs.)
:H Upper Great Lakes Regional Commission
a*002 Upper Great Lakes Technical and Planning Assistance.
S(See te under Appalachian Regional Commission programs.)


20 .506


* ton

| .*014
A*.... O

2. ,002

*1 .*
,. .. ..

I .. ".":".
SM [84 Stat. 1680, 42 U.S.C. 1857]

1857e-. State implementation plans for national primary and
secondary ambient air quality standards
-. ()(1) Each State shall, after reasonable notice and public hearings,
adopt and submit to the Administrator, within nine months after the
romulation of a national primary ambient air quality standard (or
w urvision thereof) under section 1857o-4 of this title for any air
pollutant, a plan which provides for implementation, maintenance, and
enforcement of such primary standard in each air quality control re-
ion (or portion thereof) within such State. In addition, such State
shall adopt and submit to the Administrator (either as a part of a plan
submitted under the preceding sentence or separately) within nine
months after the promulgation of a national ambient air quality sec-
ondary standard (or revision thereof)., a plan which provides for
implementation, maintenance, and enforcement of such secondary
standard in each air quality control region (or portion thereof) within
suh State. Unless a separate public hearing is provided each State
shall consider its plan implementing such secondary standard at the
bsmrig required by the first sentence of this paragraph.
(2)The Administrator shall, within four months after the date
iquired for submission of a plan under paragraph (1), approve or
disapprove such plan or each portion thereof. The Administratqr shall
approve such plan, or any portion thereof, if he determines that it was
adopted after reasonable notice and hearing and that-
S i (A) (i) in the case of a plan implementing a national primary
D ambient ir quality standard, it provides for the attainment of
S! 'such primary standard as expeditiously as practicable but (sub-
jet to subsectimon (e) of this section) in no case later than three
years from the date of approval of such plan (or any revision
Sthereof to take account of a revised primary standard); and (ii)
i2i the case of aplan implementing a national secondary ambient
Sair'qnality standard, it specifies a reasonable time at which such
sea : drystandardwill be attained;
t (B) it ihcludee emission liitatiois, schedules, and timetables
fo. r oo mplince with such limitations, and such other measures as
ir-nboay lub. Bsy t itaure attainment and maintenance of such
'P prmyor- s-ndary standard,, including, but not limited to,
Ts -antmlnsportation controls;
(0) it includes provision for establishment and operation of:
... r priat de!ic s, methods, systems, and procedures necessary
... to ( 4r xtot W mNpil, and analyze ddta on ambient air quality
1; a I ( in)poa rseqpet, make stch data available to the Admin-
'i- ( t W |'.: *i. '


IwTRaOVEr NMiNrALz: OOOPERMflOt 109, and .22
jl' jtj tecnica1ml formation, training activities) sunwa
?6 o dOcf~ebti and any other similar service functions which any
Department o? agency of the executive branch of the Federal Govern-,
t is especially eqpped and authorized by law to perform.
S109. "Comprehensive planning" includes the following, to the,
l^ t difiy related to area needs or needs of a unit of general local
:en; (A) preparation, as a guide for governmental policies
I action, I o general plans with respect to (i) the pattern and inten-
ofland use, (ii) the provision of public facilities (including
P1 ortation failities) and other government services, and (iii) the
ives devdipment and utilization of human and natural resources;
74) long-range physical and fiscal plans for such action; (0) pro
ig of capital improvements and other major expenditures, based
on a determination of relative urgency, together with definitive
aplaws for such expenditures in the earlier years of the pro-

X| o avernmentSnd agencies concerned ; and (E, operation
.... a y and adminrative measures in support of the foregoing.
. . .....
I... 1. Th-e term "head of a Federal agency" or "head of a State
i k includes a duly designated delegate of such agency head.
flY :' ": k(lAID TO THE STATES
Y.St. Wt Any department or agency of the United States Govern-
Ment which administers a program of grants-in-aid to any of the State
aw1x1n. of the United States or to their political subdivisions
ioi fluet, notify in writing the Governor, the State legisla-
NAI othe flcial designated by either, of the purpose and amounts
vit i gratswi d-aid to the State or to its political subdivisions. In
Instance, a copy of requested information shall be furnished the
3 legislature or the Governor depending upon the original request
E such data.
_ .. .N. psat4ro tq atate. shall be required by Federal law
W1ntobe d.p6 "ted in a separate bank account
a||>reqna b owtlxsr iuisdsy inisteredVY h sy UState. All Federal grant-
,,,per y scqu,
tesB:::|, avlable to the shall properly acounted
; Fe t in. the:accounft the. State rsh case the Stte
qawm'adi shall rider .e1uhr authenticated report4 to
rpn!" V.1eerl agency VohndMm the status and the app. on of
.....4 the liabilities ,and obligations on hand, A"nd such Iter facts
ay tbe required by said Federal agency. The head of tli federal
,c-y and the Comptroller General of the United States or any of

22-674-T--S--pt. 2--3


_' T ..J 1+pi

lor Federal finaci.l assisanea ap ...... t
Tfioiftrd b~"^^ th %hergyS d* 27L
det.1LT~ wI

l suoh*measreJC e *
,whicbv- r Ia T
wtuchfie 6, aqeq, 11 t t

Such term does dot hclueae "i pures ,,tion of any
appnlnnan w : ... ... .. *..:., A .;f !.. .i ?njJs
.k4 & n j .* . . I . . : r .... ". .. .....

: .. . .... :, : , :; *-. ^ *.f ''.:+'+ : ...... p: s '
oA fia cil |
. .. .. i p.. .

,J^^ftdS~~~~lii~~f^ ..T~jjJ!~ 4J NfJVi Jr X jlr-^ ^ .,..... . .* .o.. yj, \. .*.u i .uii* ..
lof Iwo)P%.OtI* fb'ntuPfli~ne.

vatioAc t ismnend by *Ad ngs 6 NttMotf5 ahn.w

A...., Is,

.7ZZ S ..a
caons At p. i-oansi resec-th enq ptm nwen o*a

andconsider the. recomm
~~~~I I s.'Pbh-Ab At

to the date of final publicadto of.

aM^ p~dde~im ., m~dlesb I .. ,.. IwK4' %ul" "u ' bi.i" e ii'w'C +
1t~a dabfto r nadIna

tm~intiifnS +.. kte4ff +..i. mmt amtulb ltiW-.tu.^M'^^i .
ifiihui- iipmbiaij~i web^'itit~if~t pfaB^l^l6lC~'f1

elktao w..W.anew.uv.......
conservation plans with respect to th a lur nt f

to the date of final 0ulcto o. s.c .m m .^

- (3) Th, -,drimr. f,...e..
Bob" t u

to whi-- *1*

"(B), 6* plan iikde thttadei w ^^ i,
+* ': : 1 ; ,: + *. >: ? .^ !' i + + +.."?,r ..Yj'y-iir
.+1 E

diniW] 1&NmwAL14

T : ; t" -,,; n 1. ... ,, : . i ..< .* * .. .. .
I 1 r ---t-f
'/c. 14t;l. ( itwiwthstandi ang y other provision of this title, an
-.j renewsyi oect 'may"include the making of payments as pre-
| Bjt .; in thiSf.etion to displaced individuals, families, business con-
S"enis and. onprofit organizations; and any contract for financial
aystance under .this title shall provide that the capital grant other-
^jayixl~~a fcfrilthe project shall be increased by an amount equal to
s @6ia Wenhi and-that no part of the amount of such payments shall
UN contributed as part of the local grant-in-aid. As used
s' o14If diSplaced. refers to displacement from an urban re-
4..!rea, ma .necessary by (1) the acquisition of real property by
ab1o tecy or by any other public body, (2) code enforce-
&Wnt AY.,isee mnIertaken in connection with an urban renewal proj-
et&,o") ,ti am of voluntary rehabilitation of buildings or other
IT vXeUm0 accordance with an urban renewal plan.
'(j~~~A Mbic agency nity pay to any displaced business con-
qrop ont ormization-
( () 4ts reasonable and necessary moving expenses and any ac-
. ,ua direct Jpsses of property except goodwiU or profit (which are
di w.l.r' po .w ic ( C r
g jnrplsl&.on atd after August?7, 1958,and for which reimburse-
ynteor ..compensation is not otherwise made): Provided, That
.s ch payment shall not exceed $3,000 (or, if greater, the total cer-
.4eb actual moving. expenses): '.Provided further That the Sec-
N :...iy. my.yA'authorize .payment o displaced business concerns of
r,., j,'! he determines .that it is impractical for a displaced
,ss, si.6 coarn t9 calculate th a...mount of such expenses; and
| i(. ir.addit'rnal .$2,00 in th W case of a private business con-
Sj.. .y .yar.wl- 4 (A) was doinbusines m a location in the urban
,. ilneaarea on the date o local approval of the urban renewal
-.1it"roOda",a q uiio of real property under the third sentence
,,aced -onor after January 27,1964,
of I an enterprise having establishments outside
rew iarea, ar .e.
1f istmg^ tMmos of clause, flof the preceding sen-
....p__bwich is fnolt being spaced from an urban
yipwsZ pvl.i| be I ble for payments under such clause (1) of
o .iJ pfie itp.respect to its outdoor advertising displays
binIre4rpmqce4 fropz te urban renewal area in the same.manner as
t gsuch. buw concern were bing displaced. id
..;,b*, 1. : b,1 ftency ma pay to any displaced individual
o ~falyis or i rasonable an1 necessary moving expenses and
HnhI. .eH H .,. ,i i..):: k1i j. r , . .. ...- ... i :.: .... "
.,. t 14,ig y added by se. 310(a) Hoing Act of 1964, Public Law
884,S tJmysT September 2 94, 7T Stat. 7.S, 8, am'd- repealed by se.. 220(a) (5)
ft: U.iTftM_ Relocation Assistance and Real ProertA*qiatfle Poleles At of 1970,
uie.f..W f1- 46, approved January 2, 1971, 84I Stat 1894, 19& ,However, this repeal
iiiafvta :al Statea. See soft- :21 .of t: UnifotB Relocation Assistance
ii .iffsoeuisltlo Polties Act of i*O. : .Ac- .:.
i Qi .)jnsI_.g.-tn Utban Development Aet Aof 1970, Public Law 91-602. approved
D beiB 3.90, 74 Stat. 17TO, 1779, Inserted thThlK:8e d proviso; :. i.
M.' 4 Urbut Development Act of 1965, Publ jWa 8-la7, approved
7\,ff&2f9, T9 tat. 481,.48, 'substituted "15" for "$01,500". , aO"
'. i (bJ, Hoising 'aned Urban Development Act of 1970, Public Law 91-609, ap-
poved Dee: 1, 84 Stat. 1770, 1779, deleted at this point the words "certified actual".




regulation. As a further c:nditon. ot.y, lAlMI,$HI
the provisions f this Ad,'the Staite or local government BhaT
that the natural hazards in the. areas in whiuct tha pz j qyof th
grants or 19n aretobe usedsbaubeey ta p4t*pnrdaPni
shall be take to mitigate s.uck b,,jui
construction practices, in Wichrdaw' .stpardareg
approved by the President after dequatd asnasi i ,
pnate elected officials of general purpose local gverpe $the
State shall furnish such. evidence of compliance with4oa
may be required by regulation. I 30
..- .: r r'- -" .-- .' :. i '- .: : :::i". . .
4g z~v r C, ..k, .
...M.. .. C ; '" ..,M A A
S.c. 407. (a) The President is authorWiel ,t provide tol..y in.
vidual unemployed as a result ofa fmjpt aise.ter such b!m :eA t-
ance as he deems appropriate while su% inividiv l is u epq yed.
Such assistance as the Presdent shall, ppovicde slh4i.l b vailabfre to a
individual as long as the' individua'sinploya6mnt oa by. t*
major disaster continues or until the individual is 'ree ,. 4 a
suitable position, but, no longer than ope year, ft4t t1u mitr d[qster
is declared. Such assistance for. a 'we. of u1n.IpF qbalnot
exceed the maximum weidy amount. iutored. n t .er nneflp
ment compensation law, of the Sthe m whiqh .pc,,4j
and the amount of assistance under this ectio tojy i ".hh vib.tal
for a week of unemployment shall be reduced by. Chy amoT i "f$ue-
ployent compensation pr of private income pP tecog$ioraxc
compensation available o such .individual for sn' w.n k pfJf r.. uneu -
ployment. The Prei"dent Is directe-&-to provhdq suc,'aCseta-Or.t ugh
agreements with Stateswhich, in his judgment,, ,hav adqiatei -
tern for administering such assistance through istg = 7fgp es.
(b) The Presi tgt is further authorized for t41he purpop ... is
Act to provide reemployment assistance,services under oter lawsto
individuals who are unemployed as a result of a major disaster.
"* ',I ./ : "'1 i. : '
'* ':. .. [ .r ., . *"',.,. ,- t ;.-.
SEC. 408. (a) The President is authorized t ake tta na, a State
for the ..purpose of, such State makin 'grat tio teet Psrlated
necessary expenses or serious needs ofindilals or fM ies a4versely,
affected by a major disaster in thosa cases wera ,44vMd a or
families are unable to meet sach expenseI or teeds ais"n"
under other povsons of this Act, or frmrn otherjnsg tpien(r
of a State. all adininist&th0, grant 9propam: .Apb$ lythis
section. . g n ..t ..... .. ... .
(b) The Federal share of a grants an u:4&iDU M
this section shall be equal to 75 per centum O the actl cost'of t-"
ing such an expense or nee4 and shall be made. only on 'fjdtion that
the remaining 25 per centumin of suchi cost is paid to suiin.duu2 or
family from funds made available by a State. Where aStat his -.
able immediately to pay its share, t, Pl.sident i.s5 a4-.'J&- top
vance to such State such 125 perc entum shar,.adnt.y sA n.
is to be repaid to the: Uniti tw weMaq .Ai
No ndividutl .and no family tall reoeiveq y giant or grate 'e
*. .. . . *:,:; .. .: ^ < ... 'T( ,+ o.; h .0



S National Housing Partnerships: SfinWoi fe.dermal savings and loan asso-
| W!iatjio~lu^ ti : at ** P -
I' A hual report--See. 908, Housing and Urban Development .Act of Pas
6~ --__.-___....-_-- ...---------..- ----------- 777
Create" of vpeations-Sec. 900&1t, HousIg and Urban Develop-
Sment Act of 1968 .-- --------- 773
Sfascing of corporations-Sec. 905, Housing and Urban Development
Act ot4968-----------.-.-- ___. -.--._ 774
'" National HoUsint Partnmerhip-formation by a corporation-Sec. 907,
Housing and Urban Development Act of 196&_---------- _- 775
PurposE pario 0ef- theerprtions-S4BecO Housing and Urban
S Development Act f 1968--- --- .------- 774
SNationaf lI hetrial PolIttie Conrol Cobncil: SbP Environment
National Institute of Building Sciences-See. 80, Housing and- Gommunity
SDevelpment Acttf 1974._---- ---- -----_- ------------ 147
National:-JVDbvelopmant ACt of 1975--- --------------------.----- ---1113
atio .:ui :rtrbk Poliy-4deveo$ment of--Executive Order 11452--_-_ -77
r*hbekhbd evelopmeut- program: See: Relocation; Urban renewal
Neighberhti ftde.itt. See: Community development
NeWhborhood.. National Commission- on..------------------------- 968
New Coa-t---tir-Aetf 1 ._68. _.-- ----------------- 799
New CommunMitime: fi: Land Oevelopment
Nadiscrimination: See: Diserimination prohibited
Noaproft housing:
Assstance payments for housing for lower income families-Sec. 286,
National Housing Act------------------ 264
S Assistant to Secretary of Housing and Urbta Development-See. 4(c),
SDeafent of HoIing andiUrban .Development Act_..-._L 9
BieW market Interst rate mortgages:
|. i- d .221()(8), National Housing Act.- 215
i Purd e and rehabilitation and resale te lower income families-
0 '?Ifiraborfgages-Bee. "221 (h), National Housing Act.------ 224
R:ral hiousing-loani for rental housing and related facilities-
bfet 315,21, Housing Act of 1 .-------- --- -- 657,865
OoepeaUv mortgage inurance-Sec. 218, National Housing Act;
S See. 515(b), Housing A.t t of194...__-------- 192, 657
:: Domestic fan labor-payments of up to 90 percent of development
cost, of Jow rent housing f6r-See. 516, Housing Act of 1949 659
E,: lrly in rural .aas; Loans for rental hoeing andurllated fclil
aUeei-csa. S tI., Housing Act of 1949--... .._..-- 657,665
S Los-See. 20 Housing Adt of m195---_ _=_- 433
; IntnSt rtdction payments at mortgage insure for housing for
laer tecontut cines-4e. 235 and. 2W Natioena Housing Act. 255,264
Mortgage --h Mancin4ecL.222m(d), 221(e)1 (h), 21kS35, 286,
,Nattioal Housing Act.-..---------. 215,220 22, 248, 255,264
MVava1-uVblp l hoslid -ants, advances and laneiec 523,
kt of 19----------------------- --660
PrB ~ O~fa^i fb 19 *--- 69
claning and financig:
t~C~lteelo~wmtrAtt. ns
.. .o.. AP. t l .a nd rant.fee. 20- Appalachian
"'' ." r u"er. ,t bouiag-4oans-Bee. .106(b),
0"a ....maiung and Urban. evewneint Act of 196&-...__. .. -- 504
.i ..mtneeat free--Sec. 215,. UMfoMIRbe-
o~, Ume d esa Property Aelitim. PUdlieq Act
*1 a ftnd -' t o-4 owet:jatef :Aam -
^iffl~aaceSe. 22~lit'l'lI'"<1n (ill) j- WatUmal SRinisw Actz4.~-- 24
P^^ fil tt-Title I, Houslng and UwbauDehaMnlqactmt
.=.. '. 1| ^ *- nP. .... :: -:"L ,* : ..* :?:. * | ^ ^ ...... " :! ,..T. .: f '..,. -.. : .,n 4 B
71.... ..]i's ---t f ......;..i., .--.-.. .... .
vsst Bttll ....u -advances and mmaneal a.." foe pro- ,
v l. t-Se 52% Housing Act of 1949 ..--.------------------- 667


; BfiT9BIC C iBVA^ION- 212 and S
]i aecdations, testimony, .or :,comments on legislation which it
I s o-~ntQw.tB congress& *.\/
r.& nSmC.I-LTie CoungIl is authorized, to promulgate such rules and
relations as' deems necessary,to govern the implementation of
j section 106401 this Act. .. ,
SSE. 212, (a) ( The Cquncil shall, submit ifts. budget annual as a
related agency od the Dfepaxtnent of the Iterinor. To carry out the
pr4visiops; of this title,, there are authorized' to be appropriated not
paare. than $1,500,000 i Nfical year 1977, $1,750,000 fiscal year1978,
and. $2,00,QO0O in fiscal yer 1979, 't
.(Vi) Wienever theCouncil submits .any budget estimate or request
tV the PTreside.nt. or the Office of Management and Budget, it shall
concurtentlytriansmit copies of that estimate or the House
and Senate Appropriati6ns. Committees and the House Committee on
Xiiterior anf Insular Affairs and the Senate Committee on Interior
diif I..suilar Affairs.
Approved October 15,1966.


[88 Stat. 174]
,. : : : ":* *E
: .. S *
AN ACT To amend the Act of June 27, 1960 (74 Stat. 220), relating to the
,.: Preservation of historical and archeological data
j *it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
Uite4 StSt 8 of Amnaia mn Congres assembled. That the Act entitled
"A Act to provide for the preservation of historical and archeological
data (ihcluditng ielics and specimens) which might otherwise be lost
as-. the result of the construction of a dam", approved June 27, 1960
(74 ,t 220; 16 U.S.C. 469), is amended as follows:
S :. .., .* ,,* .. S .. S .
(.( Add the follawingnew sections:
"SEc. 3. (a) Whenever any Federal agency finds, or is notified, in
wwitiqg, by sn appropriate historical or archeological authority, that
its 'aettltie in connection with any Federal construction project or
ifedutlly licensed project, activity, or program may cause irreparable
loss or destruction of significant scientific, prehistorical, historical, or
archeological data, such agency shall notify the Secretary, in writing
and shall provide the Secretary with appropriate information con-
cerning the project, program, or activity. Such agency may request
the Secretary to undertake the recovery, protection, and preservation
of such data (including preliminary survey, or other investigation
as needed, and analysis and publication of the reports resulting from
such investigation), or it may, with funds appropriated for such
project, program, or activity, undertake such activities. Copies of
reports of any investigations made pursuant to this section shall be
submitted to the Secretary, who shall make them available to the
public for inspection and review.

2"-674-78-pt 2-20 1979




S'Sr. 111. (a) There ar6 authorized to be appropriated, for the pur-
Ie of financial assistance2 under sections 104 and 106, not to exceed
ap2,100,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1967, not to exceed
7O:OO 0for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1968, and not to exceed
S 1%0000O4 !for the fiscal year ending June 30,1969.
S(b),I Them ara rized to be appropriated, for the purpose of
financial assistance2 under sections 105, 106, and 107, not to exceed
$400,000,000 for the fiscal year endingcune 30, 1968, not to exceed
$ 500,000,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1969, not to exceed
$1000,00,000 'for the fiscal year ending June 30; 1970, not to exceed
$100 .PO B00for_ he.fiscalyea ndn Jn-3;170 ott ece
$66,00,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1971, and not to ex-
ced $O20,00,000 for the fiscal yearending June 30,1972. In addition,
there arem authorized to be appropriated for such purpose such sums as
may be necessary for the fiscal year ending June 30,1975. Under reg-
ait prescribed by the Secretary, 10 per centum of the amounts ap-
pIpriated pursuant t6 this subsection for the fiscal year ending June
3I0, 1970, and for any fiscal year thereafter shall be used for assistance
tUeity dmons n agencies in' cities or counties having a population
| z' 1 7 : ... .. " J u r : .. . : *
IThe Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1967. Public Law 8a-U?. approved October 27.
1I6, 80 Stat. 1057T, 1068, approprIated $11,000,000 for financial assistance to planning
n s ElV omp!eheve dRty demonstration programs, and $750,000 for administra-
tivR= W'r Te.agp.eroipriation. remain available. untl June 30,1968.
T he i .indepead.nt O. e mand Depatment of Housing and Urban Development Appro-
ti At, 1568, Public Law 90-121, approved November % 1967, 81 Stat 341, 355,
appopr.ated for the fiscal year 1968, to remain available until June 30. 1969, $12 million
fo uanctl assistance to planning and developing comprehensive city demonstration
program, and $200 million for: supplemental grants for the programs. The act also
appropriated $100 million for urban renewal projects within approved city demonstration
programs, but did not make 'these funds available until June a0, 1969.
b Independent Omffices and Department of Housing and Urban Development Appro-
h F ,aun Act, 1969, Public Law 90-550 approved Oct. 4. 1968, 82 Stat 937, appropriated
fBtl-cal Year 1969, 312.5 million for planning and carrying out model cities programs.
id-31t5 million f..or urban renewal projects windu approved model cities programs,
ih pw tbstth woyfllona for other than urban renewal programs should
ta tJbdi biS i a04 nd Deprt nt of Homing and Urban Development Appro-
pstiOnA^ 1970, Public Law 91-126, approved November 26. 1969, 83 Stat. 221, 237,
snirolateO for isal year 1970 to remain available until June 30, 1971, $575 million
fW financial assistance and admiistratlve expenses In carrying out comprehensive city
emostration program. as authorized by title I of the Demonstratlon Cities and Metro-
politan Development Act of 1966.
S. The nde dent Offl and Department Of Housing and Urban Development Appro-
r i97. P Zs5, aw-ved December 17 1970 84. Stat 1442. 1458,
t* r 'ltV lysrlV to remain talable untl.. June 30, 1972, $575 million
M at"ne a~.'f.iMtftHt expen ses n- yng out comprehensive city
dewsjJ pl ujt ed iby title I of tw Demonsia ttton Cities and Metro-
eDqre Dvopment Act of 1970. Public Law 91-609, approved
1 70 170180, deleted at ti point the words "and administrative
ritftia). Ho(4p1g ndi. UwbBn Dsvelopyent ,ot of 1968i Public Law 90-44M&
a &Att& 1 f16&,wS. tO"t 6, dd5te0authorization of $12 million for the
eisa:s. U.4 0. d~ h
';lTOJ^), ondS And :rban Develosment Act of 1968, Public Law 90-448.
A i 968,-81, .teat. 47o, 0. add, d te atthoriatlon of $1 billion for the
0.... o~s ande Urban Development Act of 1989, Public Law 91-152,
rI'e 'e'4.1&U m$ s88.tat., 879, 391 added the authorization of -$600 million for
ES~slyMagn umi9.1973.
m uS i (EakHoulntand Urban Development Act of 1970, Public Law 91-609. approved
Deeberb 31. 1970 84 Stat 1779, 1780, added the authorization of $200 million for the
is n ye eding 'June 530. 1972 The sentence that Immediately follows was added by
e 3Qmsb Houin and tUriban veiopment Act of 1969, Public Law 91-152, approved
Dember 4. 19,28 Stat. 379.391.
stee. 110(d)i) of Honusing and Community Development Act of 1974, Public Law 93-
388, 88 .tat. 633, approved August 22, 1974, added this sentence.


< " | "' g . . r.m :.
ara. Such service w1i1 provide transport.tiontdFwoveimilntnroffi6em
supply centers, Stores, post offices, schools, mujor employencea
and such'oter pl hced is may be necessary in order to. enalaeothe etm
munity tp resume its normal pattern of hlife as soon as possible -t 7 '
-i + *: 0 :*/ '. f ; 1 .. .<,,' : .. .- 'i T:"f
SEC. 224. (a) The President, whenever he determines it to be in the
public interest, is authorized-
(1) through the use 'of 'Federal departments, agencies
instrumentalities, to cler debris and ,wreckage resulting fra(M:
n major disaster from publicly and privately owned.landstand
waters .. :
(2) to make grants ti any State or local govermenmatfor the
purpose of removing' debris or wreckage:resulting from tajier
disaster from publicly or privately owned lands -mnd waters::
(b) No authority under this section shall be exercised itniesa thw
affected State Or local'government shall first arrange an unconditional
authorization for removal of such debris or wreckage from public ail
private property, and, inthe case of removal of debris cr wrecka
from private property, shall first agree to indemnify the Federaloair-4
ernmeit against afiy claim arising from such removal. ; :
.* .. . r *: I .'.,': ., ",
I,.' ; .:. ..".7; : ., ...
SEC. 225. The President is authorized to provide assistance, includ-
ing grants, to aniy State for the suppression of any fire bi puhliely-or
privately owned forest ot grassland which threatens such deitructin
as would'constitute a nfajor disaster. t' .- ,&W
** ' '* *' .. " i "s ... ''. ' ,.. ./ ( : : o '. ..% .,: .
SEC. 226:'(a) toe Director id authorized to rnide ted+eiy
housing or othir' eh'mergen6r ghelfter, including, but not"fiffiited to,
mobile homes or other readily fabricated dwellings for hose a
result of such major disaster, require temporary housing or other
emergency shelter, exckta fort .first -twelve months of occu-
pancy no rentals shall be 'established' for 'ainy'such accommodations,
thereaffer .,rentals shall be. established, based i-po f*ion U qrIetytue
of the accommodations being furnished, adjusted to tak iIito 4OP ip
nation the financial ability of the occupant. Notwithsta.digig :...g ..p
provision of law, any such emergency',housing a*" .oqur by4pua
may be sold directly to individuals and families who are occupants
thereof at prices that are fair ,and equiiable. Any mobile home or
readily fabricated dwelling shall be placed on a site complete with
utilities, provided by Stateor local government, "r6bythd wnetr
bccupant df the site who was displaced by thie major disaterwithot
Charge to 6he United States. HtweVer, the Director may elect ti-
vide othernmore economical and 'accessible sites at federal expeash.
when he determines such action to be in the public. i*nterfLth ''..
(b) The President is authorized to provide assistance on a tern-
porary basis in the form of mortgage rrental: payments to or on
behalf of individuals and families who, as. a result pI fijmdil ha-
nhip cauEbdrb^ ajdts diststet, haive *ceive ttdhotioW dxfflh-
, iip : c.a us d .. b ..,", :, -.... ***:; ;.. .: .O ..-.i ..?3


j* *j?*.~

,. ..


! . .' .. *

", 1

.. .. .. , .? ,"





i 1 :
.," ; : i , i; /

I t.

.; .:. : .. i' :: i. l ; l : a


I'. .4+
, ..
+ s --***: i l- "*: ; ,** ,

". : ;* r, + ::. :. '( .

,, .

*',. ,. .... r : a j;

.. ..- .

'' ~ i :'? 1 + ," : q + +


* *, 4

I ** 1)4

'4 ~qE

* .. &

4 I



'~ I


17 f



EIJGIBL?. W O ...po rDTD ;r:
SC. 404. .No guarates r comm mtt t garate y ad
under this title unless the Secretary has detenrmied that-
(1) the proposed new community (A) will be cbnmically
feasible in terms oft. economic be or poteti for growth, ad
(B) will contribute to the orderly growth and development of
area of which it is a part; .
(2) there is a practicable plan (including appropriate time
schedules) for financing the land acquisition atd land ielop-
ment costs of the proposed new community and for impnvii and
marketing the land which, giving due consideration to the public
purposes of this title and the special problems invqled in fi c-
ing new communities, represents an acceptable fiat cialrsto
the United States: ; ,;'
(3) there is a sound internal development plan for the i$ecom--
munity which (A) has received all .. governmental approvals
:, I ....II.. o a
required by State or local law or by the Secretary; andi (B) is
acceptable to the Secretary as providing reasonable assrmncpi that
the development will contribute to good living? conioid m the
area being developed, will be characterized by sound a ns4 pat-
terns, will include a proper balance of housing for families of low
and moderate income, and will include or be served by Suc shop-
ping, school, recreational, transportation, and other facilities as
the Secretary deems satisfactory: and'
(4) the internal development plan is consistent with a icomnpre-
hensive plan which covers, or with comprehensive planning being
carried on for, the area in which the land is situated, and 4hich
meets criteria established by the Secretary for .suchcomprehensive
plans or planning. ,
SwE. 405. (a) Any bond, debenture, note 6r other oBliga'iort par-
anteed under this title shall- ..
(1) be issued by a new community developerothoertth&spub-
lie body, approved by the Secretary on the basis of 'ffic0il,
technical and administrative ability whidh dbtmontr hi C a-
pacity to carry out the proposed project; "r ..
(2) be issued to and held by investors approved by, or meeting
requirements prescribed by, the Secretry, nr ifan o 9ff9 n to
the public is contemplated be qnfrwritMtenuo -
ditions approved by the Secretary;., i.. t,, ... i ,
(3) be issued to finance a gram of land e-'lI(
eluding acquisition or use of land) approved ly tbeteKag:
Provided, That the Secretaty shali, through cost
procedures, escrow or trusteeship reuitmexjts, or:oThUrin^
insure that all pr&eeds from the salbf os d nations gua pp
under this title are expended pursuant tobsJ4 program.;I,
(4) involve e pr iti
the .eieo (OA) B0 :per centum i fei Seretary' .
the vOlue of tM property upon cqmpletioun of tI 6 i
mnut it (D) w sum ofTl per ctmt ouf the Ser't.%o.





sons such sums as may* be paid or be ottibrsise du e 14U4n*nt such
persons as the result of such foreclosure, lnclud kg (Wt.iou0 f"ting
the generality of the foregoing) direct costs of judiEial forelosId, ex-
penses and liabilities enforceable according to the terms f the j rt-
gages or promissory notes, and the amount of debtsif al4V 9stalid
against such persons by a Federal agenc in the c&4e of loans ma$d
guaranteed, or insured by such agency folowing lqi in of the
security for such loans. W th
(d) There shall be in the Treasury a fund1 which shall be available
to the Secretary of Defense for the purpose of extendhighd financial
assistance provided above. The capital of such fund Sall cont of
such sums as may, from time to time, be Ippropriated theti&4 and
shall consist also of receipts from the management, reta4, or sale of
properties acquired under this section, which receips shall Le credited
to the fund and shall be available, together wih funds appropriated
therefore, for purchase or reimbursement purposes as provided above,
as well as to defray expenses arising in cOnetion with the cqisitoit
Y .Pen e aiig .....n.(. 4. ..:..
management, and disposal of such properties, including' payment of
principal, interest and expenses of mortgages or oh`r indeledass
thereon, and including the cost of staff services and contract se vces,
costs of insurance, and other indemnity. Any pa4' bf 'ch receipts
not required for such expenses shall be covered intO t-T'TraWsury as
miscellaneous receipts. Properties acquired under this dsxiOi hA Sa
be conveyed to, and acquired in the name of, the United" Sts.' Th'n6
Secretary of Defense shall have the power to deal with, reitrenqvate,
and dispose of, whether by sales for cash or credit or otgrawie, any
properties so acquired i Provided, however, That nocontraetfot cqim-
sition, or acquisition, shall be deemed to costittis 6titiitacti.Itic r ac-
quisition of family housing units in support of military s ions
or activities within thQ meanig.of section 406(a) of the Actof s gu.
30, 1957 (42 U.S.C. 1594i), nor shall it be. deemed a.transc witw in
the contemplation of section 2662 of .title 10, united Statespip;4^^x%
vided further, That no properties in foreigi ountnes11!.
acquired under this section, .
S(e) Payments from the fund created. by this sectionn e.L
in lieu of taxes to any. State or political suibdivisnuw, rJ
respect to real property, 'including improents thereon,
and held under this section. The amount so paid o any y.y afl4
such property shall not exceed the taxes which would b 'td
State or subdivision, as the case may hb, upoa,.uch &proiy
were not exempt from taxation, and shali reflect s8chm0 4IlJw M
may be considered appropriate for expen xtures,i taj.IyT tb
Government for streets, utilities, or other public erva.ces to,0le.q.b.
property( r u
(f) The title to any property acquiredunder eti ".
eligibility for, and the amounts of, as payable, and te dm R
tion of the preceding provisions of this section, shall onfformO l
requirements, and shall be administered under such oquditizms xi 4
regulations, as the Secretary of Defense may p.escrik Shco"gu
I The Military Construction Appropriation Act, 1968, PubIc La. 10. apv.
December 8 1967, 81 tat. 550, 552, appropriated m#abW ui iib.
Assistance Fund established pursuant to thi3 authority. ...... .... --
The Milit ary Comatruption Appropruato At, 4 .1 Pj9 *. Lw: G-95at .n1wd,
Sept. 26. 1968 82 Stat 864,86 a prlatd e .%o'o f0r .,Z"7YAe-"
proved December 5, 196, 83 Stat. 29to, 313, admd thi proviso. l""
proved December 5, 1969, 88 Stat. 298, 313, added this proviso.



their jurisdiction and control _s may be needed by the1,Coux to rry
out it dutie.q, toAthe extent.that sue. f.yds, r_..l ^ i .
services adre, requested, by the Coqilan AvarabV4 r r
that purpose. Tq the extent of aiaTlab appr-pato -, 1ti. c
may obtain, by purchase, rental, -dontion, p0r,Qeies,,a
tipnal property, .acilitie* and peryicesAs may bej
its duties. ..... ... ,,
SEC. 206.1 (a) The participation o the UnPiiStast s aiamIJer
in the International Centre for the Study of: the Pre rti'.d
Restoration of Cultural' Property is hereby aiuthorifd, *i
(b) The Council shall recommend to' the Secret-ry 'of St t Aft&
consultation with the Smithsonian Institution &inu4 otier' ub$W s"d
privatA organizations 'ct concerned with the technibl p fsbl'ens %tebeiv
ration, the meniberA 'of the official delegation .which :*ill tiatan
in the activities of the Centre on behalf of'the United tJ. The
Secretary of State shall appoint the members of the official d6lgatiton
from the persons recommended to him by'the Council. . '
(c) 2 For the purposes of this section there are authorized to be
appropriated nbt more than $175,000 per year for fiscal years 1927,
1978, and 1979: Provided, That no appropriation is authorized aild b
payment shall be made to the Centre in excess of 25 per centum of the
total annual assessment of such organization. "
Sec. 207.3 So much of the personnel, property, records, andfrnex-
pended balances of appropriations, allocations, and other funds' r-
ployed, held, used, programmed, or available or to be made available
by the Department of the Interior in connection with the fuictlbns of
the Council, as the Director of the Office of Management andf Budget
shall determine, shall be transferred from the Department to the
Council within 60 days of the effective date of this Act.
SEC. 208. Any employee in the competitive service of the United
States transferred to the Council under the provisions of this section
shall retain all the rights, benefits, and privileges pertaining thereto
held prior to such transfer. .9 ..
SEc. 209. The Council is exempt from the provisions of the Federal
Advisory Committee Act (86 Stat. 770), and the provisions of the
Administrative Procedure Act (80 Stat. 881) shall govern the opera-
tions of the Council. .. *
SEc. 210. Whenever the Council transmits any legislative recom-
mendations, or testimony, or comments on legislation to the President
or the Office of Management and Budget, it shall concurrently trans-
mit copies thereof to the House Committee on Interior and nsular
Affairs and the Senate Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs. 'No
officer or agency of the United States shall have any authority to
require the Council to submit its legislative recommendations, or testi-
mony, or comments on legislation to -any officer or agerw of;the United
States for approval, comments, or review, prior to the 'ubmission
of such recommendations, testimony, or comments to the. ress
In instances in which the Council voluntarily seeks to."obtaM the a"m-
minents or review of any officer or agency of the United- States,
Council shall include a description of such actions in its legislatLive
iee. S of Public Law 91-243, aproved may9,197 3J04 Stst 20 addsdsoothe
am. 2lJ ofPublicLaw94-422,90Stat 134, ap ptb
m seded eeo @u 2e) to ned au met forth In the t:,"tP'5-
ec. eOl201(9) of Public Law 94-422-. 90 St i t.. ., Sept.m, af'r
added seccions SO? through Si2. tW? %1jW



iS==w= ... .w.. iMAL fo

:'I ltwi l4ig any ^otHer. jisiion of this subsection, except1
*t4' ebni ieC c^ of this paragraph) no donation or provision of
Htipwehiet or pibhic .facility of a type falling within the
u-r~ th~~issbe-6ion sh11 be deemed to' be ineligible as a local
tot on enl
I.: E '1i any project slely 6hthe basis that the construction
a'ement or facility: was commienced without notification
*, ffh" e 6t &'priorto Federal recognition of such project, if
ookfl 6h, w s *s commenced not m6-re thai three years prior to
tiwU atinbythe Seretay ofia contract for loan or capital
gM ft'Iik pr ed0 indo neotin :wit any project for which an
aipficari fied it ]a4ter than the date of the enactment of the
Lf jflg a nd TirbwanY Td_ pkh'ent Act of 1969 and which has not
itfeitr Federal recognition (other than a project to which clause
St'-hne speond-sentence 'of section 133 (a) applies), the three-year
id Aferref d to above shall be extended to a period of four years
.. ,-'the authbrization by the Secretary of a contract for loan or
rcd# tlottheprdjset
' W .'W ia. prbject nm any municipality includes an area affected by
d. idfrgratn mi Ire or by a coal inuesubsidence and where it is
'.k in Auchi project to remove any underlying coal deposits in
Q"'&rWtbilfe the soil or to control the underground mine fire, then
M*. 4iLMI T received by the project from the removal and sale of
'.a 'iOts.shall be credited to the project as a local grant-in-
i1inadd bcstih municipality.
( e).. "GrsN project cost" shall comprise (1) the amount of the ex-
MdituCby the 1&al public agency with respect to any and all under-
r tm# t a.try out the proje16ct (including. the payment of
V esty && ,,but totd beyond the point where the project is com-
M 4); amdu (& ) the amount of such local grants-in-aid as are fur-
t nishif, f s otler than cash There may be included as part of the
b.. S jwa-13E:t-flbIiJmd Urban Developmebt Act of 1969. Public Law 91-152, ap-
,rrTed4:faecner i24, 1R6 83 ,Zt, 379,-386. wited this pPrenthetical phrase and also
S6dlt is panrwti first sentence of this paragraph was
tO 4~de lyjmscMa4Ij^outz Let orf li9, W!$tle Law 8"-872, approved September 23.
o atC.34 Nf-lf rbanp DevelotMeLM Act of 1965, Public Law 89-117, ap-
..... ,, ,e Auipt 10,969St. 451. 479 added & paragraph. .
".:. "fb) o"'HIsgIand UbaA DeVelopment Act of 1968' aztborized urban
ri ttheaV enactment of that Act (August 10, 1965)
.1 alee a = & creditig coal royalties received by an urban renewal
*jti. ii .. .4 i .
as' X^l6Ua1 grsuiaq-:5 '6 g Act of 1959, Public Law 86-372,
1,9 lately Am W LAntby2,
.!eve.pte ,p 2 n, 4 e lhh r.tne first sentence in this section read as
A~~~ ~S Iti ;6
,, o i ~ t 1''n "'.I 0*: . ; 'i .!' *'fi. *" '" .' ".. :. ; t'I
.f Qoas proSjeet :' t.6, prlse (i)'the amount of the expenditures by the local
public auewith respect to any and all undertakings necessary to carry out the project
S|t, t ..pmet ,,,, -charg6 lW, t not beyond the point where the project Is
:. c e nd 3' the amount ofsuch roamgnts4naiod as are furnished in forms other
ntha m ah P:vrovie, That with respect to a project for which a contract for capital grant
be bees qeutetd on athree-fourthe basis rsuant fto the proviso in the second sentence
dti/l1(U.) .Wross pwdet coat ihalltlqde, in lieu of the amount specified in clause
h. wS etj ..epqditurn by theslo pubi. agency with respect to the following
..ZAn:gosd a .e*ullese uw.ary to can tnuaeh proaect:
^eN i ^.z^sltUofgn of 1aa4 (but ofitnl :he e'&tnt of the'eonsideratton paid to the
,QM.N w h ,6 title, .pisal, lea or any other expenditures of the
,, .,s cy.cdal. tsa ti, au ,and), disposition of land, demolition and
*:, ,* ~ rBa me igs and improvements, and site preparation and improvementa, all as
la s. (1);,.). ,t. .f, asUdiO of( eciof 110 (c) ande
'. '' "__ sayment.of carrying charge. related to .t. undertakngM in clause (I).
~,M|t ..: fand pqmenta in Jifem f.~traea,. liut not beyond the 1otit where such
ul hhntr .rths u cJta~,MeO b atia etlvitiee taedudlng, but Withou being
~ti .__, piSSsy l a..tat*d :srve of at y'kind, and alladmlnistra.ive
S a a expense s o f e local pu b10 agency) with respect 'to u ch project. "


. ..T.

rial, entrepreneurial, planning, and other technical and drgaiizdional
skills which will contribute to the effectiveness of programs assisted
under this subchapter. i *
.. ** .. ** )
"SEC. 742. (a) (1) Funds granted under this part which are invested
directly or indirectly, in a small business Minvestment company or a
local development company, limited small business investment, com-
pany shall be included as "private paid-in capital and paid-n sur-
plus," "combined paid-in capital and paid-in surplus," aind paid-in
capital" for purposes of sections 802, 303, and 502, .respectively, of
the Small Business Investment Act of 1958.
"(2) Within ninety days of the enactment of this title, the Admin.
istrator of the Small Business Administration, after consultation with
the Secretary, shall prescribe such regulations as maybe necessary and
appropriate to insure the availability to community development cor-
porations of such programs as shall further the purposes of this part.
"(b) (1) Areas selected for assistance under this title shall be deemed
redevelopment areas' within the meaning of section 401 of the Public
Works and Economic Development Act of 1965, shall qualify for
assistance under the provisions of title I and title II of that Act, and
shall be deemed to have met the overall economic development pro-
gram requirements of section 202 (b) (10) of such Act.
"(2) Within ninety days of the enactment of this title, the Secre-
tary shall prescribe regulations which will insure that community de-
velopment corporations and cooperatives shall qualify for assistance
and shall be eligible to receive such assistance under all suh pro-
grams of the Economic Development Administration as shall further
the purposes of this title.
"SEc. 743. The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, after
consultation with the Director, shall take all necessary steps to assist
community development corporations and local cooperative associa-
tions to qualify for and receive (1) such assistance in connection with
technical assistance, counseling to tenants and homeowners, and loaz4
to sponsors of low- and moderate-income housing under section 106"
of the Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 as amended by
section 811 of the Housing and Community Development Act f 19741
(2) such land for housing and business location and expansion under
title I of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1074, and
(3) such funds for comprehensive planning under section 701 of the
Housing Act of 1954 as amended by section 401 of the Houi4 And.
Community Development Act of 1974, as shall further the p oses
of this Act.
"Sso. 744. (a) The Secretary of Agrieulturt or,whoere appropriate,
t)e Administrator of the Farmers Home Adminiatrao, aftte%' ,i
sulation with the Director, shall take all necessary stps to isure that


it .. . ":-r : ... .. ..: *

.: ... *: : "/ * ~

4 V t* *




e i iy _ _ __.
,re", -" ;- : .. ..

n *;: ....


,c..A .i r *: .; 4
ri a 95th Congress, 2d Session
:l~ c i ": '' "**:
I:!. 1 : : ,

c oF: pi*::,, .. ...: ..; "
fi p : *. ,. .. ... : --. :,/
|: ,r',llr -,, :,, ,

: . ..... .

..............W ... ,jb, ..:

f :k, .i... ... .. m ..
... .

... : .. : .... . .

*7! :1'::: ** '"Printed for the use of the
"r.." *r: : : i s ... i -".': :"^ : .. .. ' .. *

IaA o m/.\ ; .*i- ; Urban Affairs
.i : ext, r: ":" *"" "<^ :; '-' -i """ -:.. s "*F
.A M -h^?': :.!'. ..: : '.' " ,*;:. *: :.. :" .... . .. . .. ,.
. .I+- M -:, # +: '.+ : ", *' .' o : " ., ....

k. ,0
i;;",i t :,. : l:- .:. ., L *.,.., ** ^ ***l ... "-:f '*

"b theup tedont of Dmen U.S. Government Printing Office
a iakingn, Fa. e Urban Affairs20402
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|. 1|. *iii .f .l .': H fe U '9 V iiiii .. .:.. .. *- .:',...**
IF -'m o* :'"': ;: f :;.. .Niii O .*- .. i.-:"s .r*

||il .... M tor the Superntendent of Doemen U.S. Government Printin Office
|Illllli"" Wahl~ntn D.. 20402


4IZiit*IIltamflUmmbaitdpaullsrf on
H|B" u within tijw Iaic tion of single agency;
1-(b) Identify matters which reqIh..e. dnt.d .otiaMU by. two or
pK 4jmgg_ a uism^ta u sca- irra meneats tor 1int
x-eoordnated action, imlodlnt, a lwfplir e, conferences, JoMit,
i, ies and the development of recommendations to the President,
|ti(c) PrwWStelisharkauad 0 tiwvat infr at n the
df the agi and policies and programs relating to the aging,
SiUi aUbqBI S asi and .. twia or a tate,

SPrse t m idth pcricItSd :yport to th.i Praidsmt cou.
#g a., ie thfitfn te *=uIaF l depart

: Sic" #" "< "s"n :r ,I I V "ad "j>rn " '
. .* U .
dtb oncil aall4 as ne*otne o nw, for the effctu-tion-
^tlfrp tttinmlrertuaitli &UsIUWAIWM tl C~etafi Eii. ilace
^ih 8Mnffeoai14obftheArt-AZ Mfisty),WA9 ti ifit (31
|a4, (WBir FInite aIiatfntiad Mgeows iare also aa~ithaizd
Directed to the extent not inconsistent with law, to opeste
yith ls Omaf Mid te futnish it mu1h infrmtim andRS
sIflnd iQi the ptfnuskof ib fusrtion&
e* tct.tTka(ABra4 Council on iheaiby. aitter -from
the President to the Secretary o felthE atia, ani Wialfame
at' T.,1W5, is hereby aboliabd and that letter is hereby

.... .. .. .

W "^ It '- !* ". .: "'" '" '. : : .. ,.* ; : ** ::*

'... ."..r " '- ..- ... .. : . .
'I~ IUetutt redrderl1"30

J . . . . .

ts.~ I -. 'a, [i o og P lf ". . -.,,.., ....
V Kthef tun strength d t U-ted ttes i our

eed or youth M) tiu the. thne tU
)tie. *rol ive ait prendMtZe sS*

'n imsrI7 tler vws.g 4
rvices for yoah need to be e
I~ottee^1M Ftdevali depactiwatw ate&'Mtfasre
UjI I it Bi g m firi... 1 1 A -1 gA L


W : :_! ill!_! .........-7771 7k 17 j _--- m,



r ^... (D)IA proposed repayment schedule.
The prqqqures required by thi? paragraph shall also provide for
.T ~in ppqi(^c^vprification, renew, .and modification (if necessary)
"ii' iJy ttr; relftry of the formation or other material required
cin *op hewiunitted pursuant tothis paragraph.
:. i(4i l,: ; ,v4equiram fents, terms, and conditions (which may include
V! tipomg of security) which shall be imposed by the Secretary,
t,.; /i coppcftion with loans and guarantees made under subsections
N a..d(-o (2), in order to assure repayment within the time
ltJh .oif 'to assure that the proceeds thereof may not be used to pro-
ws public services for unreasonable length of time, and other-
^. wiw to protect the financial interests of the United States.
., .)1. Criteria under which the Secretary shall establish rates
,^ I 4stono fnadeu zrders ubsectibf (d) (1) and (3). Such
.... ..on .. .. d o o t
Si rate shall not exceed the current average market yield on out-
.I.1 T... Mni 1arkeable obligations of the United States with re-
-i 06 1ii riods to maturity comparable to the maturity of such
WI b'g ulehs and glations under this subsection the Secre-
toythti. extent practicable, request the views of, or consult
'| h %it person regarding impacts resulting from coastal
I^- t .v-i "tt :; : t'*F' .. ; ...
... .. on. or other evidences of indebtedness guaranteed under
S (dcio (B) 2 shall be guaranteed on such terms and conditions
%te S eayh IM prescri, except xthat-
(A)tiaO nteea s bemade unless the indebtedness involved
i'ilm be armpletely amortized within a reasonable period, not to
fexieed 30 years;
'f ( nogtaraitee-aabemadeunless the Secretary determmes
of BaT-k b or ether evidences of indebtedness will-
fi.: .Trr (i;) ble Ise obnAly to investors who meet the requirements
iHI W:Jpsribe yd by the Secretary, or, if an offering to the public
is contemplated, be underwritten upon terms and conditions
i' .......... roited bytM iSetwrey;
.. m (i) bar intere at a ate found not to be excessive by the

tk ,. !mmr m : mmmm m Umnitatmg"um4mm m matu
Swntt... 'a bsubjecto, rpivyment marity, and
,,A Wtf provis thich ore satisfactory to the Secretary
^4r P OO a.the Seeta ate Treasury shall be re-
fii h t roaayv souch guarantee, unless te sSecretary
..... approvev
4) guarantee shll be made biter September 80,1986.
M(*u frithkrnd credit of the United States is pledged to
A h A tJUfdetpahgmaph (5), of ye dealt on any indcbted-
u|der huemmcti (d)^~ ( Any such guarantee made
t beti i eotp1 lt of the
l ted for sudl uactee, amd thM liity of any such
enhw shalise iutsstbl holder of
fW tUitsgo exzep$ for fraud or maten4 misrepre-
tXti tep of thehoir,orknowntothe bode at the time
pemoriberBaltoiec fqqs in connection
J113LIMi .,^ .. .,. .; .^ . .. _Cn e t o
amoms (4 8.Toefe y. not

Ii. W

W./. P: &si balaoe ofth.. l
.E^= vcoara&toAs a UtjO M5t m"uk pajymnsit
c tj. t he ComntspvatQ ttt aVe pitr n time oitm the aean

I % t' th oirnission de~termined toau
dl.j k "AOw t .sn hi t" tiwo s thee Conm mission cmao
iflbo 4 n w. aim tlt M
;faitf a^m a iAMDA"w thW, COra s d= i u o termindw to
.44iiata dauiwance of a -IS p without exceive

apcos~ts; an to mee ', mid *:th mid
c. the Comn SO l- givms snuth prior neti of the sale and

c. t. iya the Comuty
such opportunity to become a purchaser as it shall describe.
UMthes aMl in --I th t COMMifo iasxreby ath zedto pur-
Ite tIiaw A .Ay, thai piummt to this section and payment by
.t,. JVatl.. SM. ant, if abyL as ltitog put at to SO&
'tk61' e v fl W skull end 4ho obligtw. at the O mift undat
4S tkmugh f6W with. respect tS that pnpewty.

,,* :" "; /' .:. ,': "v i. of m! pro
b9^ 71.4 T^ro W N.~TOTRAWU R~a^d3r-Th Cenisei.
iit~win4 tW iv to em or a .1t d ii this
Sui rI lan prouicdure fIetaiW the Contaission wan be
a propiw ,I thq 00tie 9 Mto maeet the nnd* f -s. hepjyeoats
Q -.-=- -jeI"p addqcate utility Oervie i4 tiW kip i to be
gS^T^ *01tW TRANHBO.r--TaMiif of SUBii":shl "to W ade $0S
Sti t in q ,aot later tan five yews fte th
to AMt ia the eass of Oak Ridge and. M014"hd,
or, in the case or La Alamos, not later thaa iwo yews after the dot's

Avi-n"S or wse of the Flowing, if tM
t tiq latltoaity to re.i mint operate. the uiiU6y:
1) Le city at the community;
2) the State in which. tfrniwmmity is u ated
tsubdivasion or atgeBy Qi that Atati^jer
fc 1^thttruatnw to any utility1 l Coimzifision
ow n i p a.4 the comparahl, utilities in the
Stat m whTuo community is located;
A. tW trawfree to operate of
r -lu^^lolf~l^al the sods of the. Rtltth lt of
t amsfr0to pay that price, and any probab Spes,
;*) tb& dwi fa eligible voters of the colamunity as
t _tWor in anp oftioinfly recognized pro-
e o$an7 prcere by the Comzisonj and
ibott~t the, United States iz5 reducig pouuible re-
-I :, ~EPaI B Si aaiatawae as anitkariad i chapters & =ad 9

O ItMiS ACt. .
_,:,Aa WLWWx3t=.rMp-AD utilities are authorized to
be transferred tmr this chaptr but shall not include property
which the Commission determines to be needed for its own use.


:V .., ,. -,n.i a w. IM a

T'23srsB giqfwra
(b) Emergency work perf% e4 v 4qds^qection (a)(4) of this
section shall not preclude Federal assistance under any other section
,ofthisl, t' Aa., **' *l4 f ^ 'v %,k^ 1 o, ^ A~yi watt -vz- -
(&)' Fedhral agencies may be atemn ferd .1orievw ,u
this Akt kfrrirfinds appropriated dor thAmrjnes $tlM
'fiidis received -by Federal, agenbiesaias. reimniurm. nt _4.o80
supplies furnished 'nder the authority of this rntctio rAl J*
posited t the credit"of. the approprihtirn orbppopriathwi enty
available ifor such services -or euppWieal *( :. .,1 i n. S. ,70- k ;'.
S(d) '.The FPederal 4Governmet s nll.-not W ..lhibtl W ,W sum
based: upon the' exercise or performan or ,the!i "ailurtos e.mi ieqr
perform, a discretionary tiention. on. duty n' tl pa4 if s _
agency or an employee of the Federal GovernmatiBoa csyiag QIulft
provisions of this section.
(e) In carryiig out'the purpwsegof this Act-nyFedeMl agency is
authorized to accept anid tititethn-eri sa'r facilities of any State
or local government, or of any agency, office, or employee thereof, with
'theconsent of tdich govArnment. Anli Fwleral *dricyh .4flemdng
any activities nder'his' section s Ut'o1 itozed t p.oft-S S t
compensation 6aP such tenpbrary pesonn! as ra9b tes with-
outregaird totlieprovisiAnsof ti- Thdtt& tttd odept*,V4ning
appointments in th'e 9nApetitiv service;hd''itibut reakiidlo the
,provisions of chapter ,51 and subchaptFi.T Of sbl' title tblaItig to
classification and G6neral Schedule pay tttes,-tp' tpyi6 exerts and
consultants in accordance withth4 p'ovioi6b s O! secti6'W169 4 such
title, and to incur tligationsoiibeh.ifit the Unihd'B&tk 1fcon-
tradt dr otherwise for the acqui'dition, rrnta'1 `Or dire of le. i*Ment,
services, materials, and supplies for shipping, drayarptrS1.I4 and
communication, ani4 for thle suervision and aJminirtratioi'of such
activities. Such obligations, including' dblig&tioins ari.ilf ot Of the
temporary employment of addltio rialpersonnel; meTy betcdi b y an
agency in. such'amount as may be iade aviilabl to itby ftek e dent.
(f) In the interest. of providing maximum mobilizatiobn vlderal
assistance under this Act, the President 'is authorized to '.6bdrdnate in
such minanner as he may determine the activities Federl ag.enries in
providing disaster assistance. The President' may dirxi4'M -Fleral
agency, with or without reimbursement, to itilze ?t u.4ailable per-
sonnel, equipment, supplies, facilities, and otnIr'i"s' s*-e: In accord-
ance with t:ie authority, herein contained. The Pftside4t may pre-
scribe such rules and regulations as may be:nCtesry ,pad roper to
carry out .any of the provisions 6bf this Act, and ie a rise any
power or authority conferred on him by a seti6ai thi t either
(g) Th'1ederPaliafm y ma'ti y tch eiate.
fi' tly.or through such Fedeeai! 4ageney.i^Jihiaya
"(g) The Pesident,'acting thror, t& ofi e Skl acy Pre-
paredness, shall conduct', ppriodicyrev-eWs (bt l.iia t anni&Y) of the
activities, of Federal and 'State dejrmahtW or a providingg
disaster assistance, in order to'asaufev *ixbnum" crd !in of such
'programs, and to evaluate progress b"diig'tnXeointlii dejoment of
.Federal, State, and local preparedtess copeditisasters
(. ) The Dti6torpf the OCio. of .!-SK'n.M. d.ess is au-
Thorized and dirtctedtd 6 i&e 1h oopbration withW4i,: of other
affected Federal and State agencies, a full and s'omti investiga-
tion and study for the purpose of determining what additional or


o nUNI Y tELOPMrr E~~LCt uAuqTs 104
r and loderate-iaibme or aiding in the prevention or elimination
P ... o taluIOr blight or meeting other community development needs
having a particular urgency1 or other applicable law or proposes
1:{. aictivtes which are ineligible under this title.
S. (d) Prtoltr to the begiing of fiscal year 1977 and each fiscal year
S.brea fte;r, tch grantee shall submit to the Secretary a performance
11pmt cOatONing the activities carried out pursuant to this title.
.ie.ther with an assessment by the grantee of the relationship of
N h Aed#ites to the objectives of this title and the needs and
.bjfaetive identified in the grantee's statement submitted pursuant
t .o subsection (a). The.. performance report shall include any citizen
ti ienti. submitted pursuant to subsection (a) (6) (D) and the
Secretary shall considerr such comments, together with the views of
.hr fitcnzes and such other information as may be available, in
eaty i^ out the provisions of this subsection.' The Secretaryshall, at
ieab tm $ aamnal basis, make such reviews and audits as may be
iaiestry btr- appropriate to determine whether the grantee has carried
Nit t tpfgnnai substantially as described in its application, whether
t't. troras fcfefled to the requirements of this title and other
J.a4IiNae ha* amd whether the applicant has a continuing capacity
6 nc' at.i a timenwy mariner the approved Community Develop-
n tPtsfgri T Se Seretary may make appropriate adjustments in
he amoun. t of the annual grants in accordance with his findings
S tAn t to th subsection. Wit respect to grants made pursuant to
Mttf.t1W b.(2) and 106(f)(1)(B), the Secretary may adjust,
"e ic,0 1anW grant funds, or take other action as appropriate
i pooidates with suth reviews and audits, except that funds already
XzIrnddt ont eligible activities under this title shall not be recaptured
oJ'r fsanet from future grants nmde to the recipient.8
"u ^.tkgmtt may be made -nder this title unless the application
i fOlNi. ibmitted for review and comment to an areawide
mdet promedures established by the Pre'sident pursuant to
.U* t6tht e Dmonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development
Act'6f 1Ss tklsde tIVof the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act
g1961I. n addition, the Secretary may provide an opportunity for
.9ie Sae,1i *VIA graht is to be nmde to a unit of general local gov-
ernment under section 106(d) (2) or 106(f) (1) (B), to participate in
Sthe selection process for funding such grants. Such] participation may
t ntift&, flternhed practicable by the Secretary, the incorporation
S .t"rowth ad resurAe coordinationt policies in funding deci-
St't* grants, or such other arrangements, excluding adminis-
i f the grt referred to in the preceding sentence, as the Secre-

A &p titm subject to snbssctio ,i submitted after any
oi. ed e S" secretary for consideration of applications,
.." .. .. "- ;:..." ** ** m
.ii*04"&W f.t.e. l fud Clemnty Deveiopment ALA of 1977, Public Law
Si..r.?.. ^ ,Orion A W&7T, .mtwmld ia$e1,on 1" (e) (a) to red .as set forth in the
WA R _, !iMWa) fh. A$1 t ftbd coiB mntl Development Act of 1977, Public Law
th f-t, qMtflr 1W.._cTU.. .;eaact 104(d) by Inserting this last sentence.
"_ .1"1" Itt nrxw aftmd- t;m= tm Devdlopmtzt Actf 1977. Public Law
9-.,vMed..October 12, 1977, amended section 104(d) by adding the4a-Ut.a-ataee
Olkf 1i )Devexrtrent Aet .t 1977? PublO L w
f6-12&. n041 e) by add~tg this Beatehee.

: .A .


moves his personal property from real property, as a result of the
acquisition of such real property, in whole or in part, or as the result
of the written order of the acquiring agency to vacate real property,
for a program or project undertaken by a Federal agency, or with
Federal financial assistance; and solely for the purposes of sections
202 (a) and (b) and 205 of this title, asa result of the uicqupn of
or as the result of the written 'order of the acquii agency ftvnt
other real property, on which tuch p0pson' Id ac b4i iOt or farm
operation, for such program or project. J,,
(7) The term "business" means any l;-wful activity, excepting a
farm operation, conducted primarily-
(A) for the purchase, sale, lease and teital of personal and
real property, and for the manufacture, processig, or marketing
of products, commodities, or any other personal property;
(B) for the sale of services to the public; . :r :::
(C) by a nonprofit organization; or..
the premises on which any of the above activities are conducted.
(D) solely for the purposes of section 202 (a) of this title, for
assisting in the purchase, sale, resale, manufacture, processit, or
marketing of products, commodities, personal property, or services
by the erection and maintenance of an outdoor advertising display
or displays, whether or not such display or displays arb located on
(8) The term "farm operation" means any activity conducted solely
or primarily for the production of one or more agricultural products or
commodities, including timber, for sale or home use, and customarily
producing such products or commodities in sufficient quantity to be
capable of contributing materially to the operator's support. -
(9) The term "mortgage" means such classes of liens as are com-
monly given to secure advances 'on, or the unpaid purchase price of,
real property, under the laws of the State in which the real property
is located, together with the credit instruments, if any, secured thereby.
i *. .* ,^ ... .-
SEC. 102. (a) The provisions of section 301 of title III of this Act ;
create no rights or liabilities and shall not affect the validity of amay
property acquisitions by purchase or condemnation. *
(b) Nothing in this Act shall be construed as creatinmeg in any con-
demnation proceedings brought under the power of eminent domain,
any element of value or of damage not in existence immediately prior
to the date of enactment of this Act. i ,
: -. =: i .. ,.* i
I '* .iji t .K
SEC. 201. The purpose of this title is to establiaha a Ur U y
for the fair and equitable treatment of persons displaMed r t
of Federal and f eerally listed progamSin ,order thLat sut
shall not suffer disproportionate injuries as a-" rsult t p
designed for the benefit of the public as a whole. ,,,,'
ea ~ I' f l. : ". l .K., f I *.,. l t
909,, .(a) --1-0'"J- "fr
S. 202,,. (a) Whenever the acquisition of ral pro eQrty or a pro-
gram or project undertaken by a Federal, ,ayenoy iw. 3 .t r w


1 102 and 202





ar mi: ( *) ihiat a displaced person who makes proper applicatioA
i+ foQr a Kpayment authorized for such person by this title shall be
n r id promptly after a move or, in hardship cases, be paid 'in
I advance; and
; .. thlt any person aggrieved by a determination as to eligibil-
ity lfore-a payment authorized by this Act, or the amount of a
payment, may have his application reviewed by the head of the
S Federal agency having authority over the applicable program
S' or project, or in the case of a program or project receiving Federal
f ifniancial assistance, by the head of the State agency.
(&) The head of each Federal agency may prescribe such other reg-
Iulationstud procedures, consistent with the provisions of this Act, as
Khe" d6eeis necessary-or appropriate to carry outt this Act.
SEC. 214._ The head of each Federal agency shall prepare and submit
an annual tepnort to. the President on the activities of such agency
with respect to the programs and policies established -or authorized
by this Act, and the President shall submit such reports to the Cont
Stress not lat#W than January 15 of each year, beginning January 15,
J97,2, a.,nd ending, January 15, 1975, together with his comments ,or
rco .nmp4ations. Such reports shall give special attention to : (1)
St.. .ff.eeness of the provisions of this Act assuring the availability
f o0-nipata 'le replacement housing, which is decent, safe, and sanitary,
dr dispIacd homeowners and tenants; (2) actions taken by the
agency to achieve the objectives of the policies of Congress, declared
x this MtA to provide uniform and equal treatment, to the greatest
;ertnt practicabIle, for all persons displaced by, or having real prop
erty taken for; Federal or federally assisted programs; (3) the views
t 14P 'egl agency head on the progress made to achieve such objec-
_T4ye%.m.Kt r1^1 programs conducted or administered by such
..g...., and aimog the Federal agencies; (4) any indicated effects of
? jI4pogram and policies on the public; and (5) any recommenda-
Itib4wh ]ave 4fr further improvements in relocation asqistanie
I9 l+n acquisitions programs, policies, and implementing laws and
.* .. .g j.,ation i. 4 ."' :. *': .+ .: <: '+
Smc. 215. In order to encourage and facilitate the construction or
rehabilitation of housing to meet the needs of displaced persons who
ate di 1ai from dwellings because of any Federal or Federal finan-
i .felr assisted project, the head of the Federal agency adminis.
tiriag c project is authorized to make loans as a part of the cost
of aynisuh hPiejemt, or to approve loans as a part of the cost of any
dsbpj+e@t receiving Federal financial assistance, to nonprofit, limited
dividnd,"orcbOG6 tive organizations or to public bodies, for neces-
sry. abd reoaonIble expenses, prior to construction, for planning and
obtaining Mrally insured mortgage financing for the rehabilitation
ort e tonotrtion of housing for such displaced persons. Notwithstand-;
itF the prpediapg petence, or any other law, such loans shall bhavail,
able for not to exceed 80 per centum of the reasonable costs expected




ildy iwa4Wijellll fhun a public park, recreation area, or wildlife and
Water fotl o ad tional, Stat, or local signifcnce as determined
4iflWbdnd ,&ae i 'or local officials baying jurisdiction thereof, *
Shxiataisrin ite of national State, or local significance
S^ itetrmniusd by .-me officials .ess (1). there is no feasible and
u |dWat ,unalmative to th se. suh and, and (2) such program
includes all .possible planning to minimze harm to such park, recrea-
aa wildi.:.S and wteriwl refuge, or historic site resulting
r.ot ek e sut .... ,!.... f nu . .. .n g

AL Tii2Secia y is' authorized in his discretioni to engage in re-
.... ' of. way instruction, modernization, develop-
S.uateae, tety7, financing, and traffic enitions, in-
thnre6n of State las an- is authorized to test, de-
& i5t the testing and edti tff aeranvto,
fdn h %-o fhw, mtnterial invention,
I".. ici prcet&. The Secrtay may blih the results of
6tkectetary may cay out i authority grted
ee in.ependenU_, or ih coo eattion with any other rach
r .'t.State agency, au. .r4. association, institutions,
,o fiL or hoiptrt), or any other organizatit, or person.
M l also authomled, ctting hndependently or m .o-
Other Federtl departments, sgesries, or mnstruent&.-
S sitomakejrnts for research fellowships for any purpose for which
. reach: is Olerwise athorised by this scti!. nA f unds required.
to. carry .out the provisions of this subsectim shall be taken out of
si#AiW1nfutide ti rseac .h t s thored by section 104 of
11mamtitis hnuhttborise to carry out section *S of Ot s title, and
ful& deposited iaspWcia1 account with tie Sscretaq
6f the Treasuty for such p wyupsbya.y cooperating o iton or
Fea Thai provisions 'of seqtwou 3706 of thG Revised Statutes, as
a ii 81 4 4, shall at be applicabl, to contract or agree-
fibts yeunr the authority of thfis als.mectn.
SnS&,~~-.. .wBle ia tin e )ighway research program
b aekttria4 tetries structures,
dteairtMeaiusmnai.irpu blie
t~~l~rtA. &a Sespett to au tadardsad .e sIl aot from time to time
... ... Pt.b.c WorWs of t. Sent and of the House
uasd Singe with to such
depram .ethorZZsali also
,,,.Audies to. idef a.,mepure, quantitatively and quaita-
t. :. Jntoto wo$ noma, oca, environmental,
^|^ fL11|fJ I .. 1 ,a,
-:- fl^ ta."" " thw..t INSums tppti.onad for
Swith fiscl year 14 to ny State undr sec-
eAyvar .a.... expture euest of
Prt ego nd
P"10 __ __f

LItaDIe taxaaon tnereor;
in connection with the



(c) The court *ah.
Administratot drtp set it amdo fn'f^ floM hat
of the court shall bW" be t ine
United States ori o s ...
1254 of title 8,T niid8t 'Cod... .,jji
:'!: f- : J l! ;J i: : *: + -- .,-i .; -J ; 5. .... *: o :;'(,||q ^ ( l t J KIJ t
vaONaagCcasss ATtOm " "'; "'" "
** A .
SaC. 420, (a) Wo peMp in the Thihe& Statsshafl,eS pgrnd
of race, color, national drig6`, or s.. or f&... :&-i
factor specified in any Federal law phibitiwg illiatm
excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be sub-
jected to discrimination "tinder any program" projet,6or"Sitfp
ported in whole or in patr* h financial mst detn art.
.( $.Whenever the: Admni.4tor 4et6n...
financial assiatanpe imder tt4r4pa~rt| has aed1.^ ^^
section (a) or any applicable. pi tOne. 4 tb m
thereof in order. to. o ob_ qi' a
of time thereafter, wach ripapt fails to complykt1A
s i m i i l "".. .. : { ' ^ ^ ^ ^ r: ^ .
i ~ ; .. ,- ,: _. .. ..i ., r ; ,, : + . .' j / ...t +. ,. ,
(1) referthe matter t%;teAttxn3 M
mendaion thpt an apprnpiate civil action. ts ( -.
^(2) exeieise tht.1ppwer dlctospo
CiOvil Iighta Aotro6 4:96 AM *ayotyi' 'Ax 4
; noin acriiiunatu .aw .w;or P I *V : .. .,, .. *. ..- .
. .". . ...t~ "Las ... "<" ....l.Ls "a..r a tt.. YA '.L m .a..Ik]i.s .
(8) v'^snv^noare-ar~iref#i4nMa^t^l^
; ''- ' 4: i''4 4* '^ I m ^' 1 In t '
ta. ... .. t..m :, a:a. -[ia,,. .. ,

SE. 421. The Aihninistrktot andf (with isj tyiMu
effectiveness of aotivities carried out throun '66"

out under this part or any 6otherrovfbn af 1W0?IM,)&IM
of the periodic evaluationq,ah .4. oMnQU4 activities
tion 416. Cs...I t s'a?.
* 42M. g TA e aZ9 u Oi iA h.....
.i.M Prqte~fm rw
VIAsyg oWt tAq,^tirzto pcrmup ri| fftI
xe 5l (g.a ndPnr
So~o ,oo0 he.
a xnoteid e"ord1O $,OarA.o.
1979, such nigms "jrMaaaio II4 MU t
*' **S- .~ ** *-- r*- -. I ii w a 5.L s a.l

p A R T ", -^ _i .. " *-1- -* .. r *** "- .. .i l n I : ; imk s% I f *.. l 1.1! :: i I I r-V- .fj. IMS
,"LA. i, m" -ARM...+T", ..
1 i ; ..s; 1 ,;- -il . i ** v :l +,.>,, t o T+.' lfcf"l/.,.+ i' .e^ !T N .)
: A-- I +f ~ a W ..... ^Mr t
S 4 : '- i*. . .. .'I k a 4. p:-b.l..r.!...e

# :. .r"
F. 4 I +^t h i airt t .:no 1, W*- f,
,' >i m *!?t) In rifT tj a rwm / in h ri ?


... ........r ... .2.A. 6 .16 _ .; = y .
a" *. Ito shi &bx wednr the 1an* tptr t b*by
/a. Identification of relationships w the plan
the applicant and that of the areawide agency and of stlkr a klted[
activities that will require coordination; .".j. tF .; I
b. The organizational and procedural arrangements f6r coord ting
such activities, such as: Overlapping board memnberspip'dedur
for joint reviews of projected activities and policies, int Ktioa
exchange, etc.; ...
c. Cooperative arrangements for sharing planning resources (. nds,
personnel, facilities, and services) ; : i
d. Agreed upon base data, statistics, and projections (social, eco-
nomic, demographic) on the basis of which planning in thie area .Will
Where an applicant has been unable to effectuate such an agreerniit,
he will submit a statement indicating the efforts he h s made to secure
agreement and the issues that have prevented it. In such case, the
funding agency, in consultation with the Federal Regional' Council
and the State clearinghouse designated under Part I, will undertake,
within a 30 days period after receipt of the application, resolution of
the issues before approving the application, if it is otherwise in good
4. Joint funding. Where it will enhance the quality, comprehensive
scope, and coordination of planning in multijurisdictional area Fed-
eral agencies will, to the extent practicable, provide for joint f.idi.g
of planning activities being carried on therein. H
5. Coordination of agency procedures and regulations. With respect
to the steps called for in paragraphs 2 and 3 of this Part, departmentss
and agencies will develop for relevant programs appropi&' draft
procedures and regulations which will be published in the FEDURAL
REGISTER pursuant to paragraph 7 of this Circular. Copies bf such
drafts will be furnished to the Director of the Office of Management
and Budget and to the heads of departments and agencies administer1-
ing related programs. The Office, in consultation with the agencies,
will review the draft procedures and regulations to assure thb
maximum obtainable consistency among them.
Term used in this Circular will have following meanings: *
1. Federal agency-any department, agency, or instrumentality l
the executive branch of the Government and any. whlly bwned
Government corporation.
2. State-any of the several States of the United States, the District
of Columbia, Puerto Rico, any territory or posseesioa of the United
States, or any agency or instrumentality of a State, but doesitineludb
the governments of the political subdivisions of the Statec''1! '1
3. Unit of gnera local governent-any city, county toni h
village, or other general purpose political sbdivision ofpaSt.e.
Special purpose nwit of local: gvnnmmet-ays 1d i
4. o!a
public purpose corporation, or other striliy limited. pose ti
subdivision of a State, but shall not imdelrde eol d4 .it ..
5. Federal auiutaetce, Federal fhrnewW ^ t 4wh-
GnRO program or federally aieted pgnfL g Iip
vide assistance through grant or contractual arrangements. They




Sis made; and in no case shall the total Federal contributions to the cost
of such project be more than 80 per centum.
S hb(b) in.1.thyming out 'his authority under this section, the Secretary
I F.'lo,, 'witai py'coronny. mnew'm iiby- assistance project assisted
'bg gauutavdmimtisad by a Federal department or agency other than
4 r Vd pt b Housingand Urban Development, consult with
"Suc iiartmqnt or agency concerning the project; and he shall, for
-tZiMpupase&et osibsectioi -(a), decept the.'cetification of such depart-
=imet ow the costof such project. :
-i (w4 ;PFtl*;pup enofea.o thiB section, a "new community assistance
W in rojet iassistea by grants under section 3 of the Urban
AI ap I spvrtation Act of 1964; section 120(a of title 23, United
States Code; section 19 of the Airport and Airway Development Act
*hl 4,titleVI of-;the Public Health Service Act; title II of the
t ry "Services 1and Construction Act; section &5 of the Land and
,aj rC oftyervation Fund Act of 1964; title VII of the Housing Act
t 6i; section 702 or 703 of the Housing and Urban Development
Ao& of 1965# section 8 of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act;
ditO 306(a) (2) of the Consolidated Farmers Home Administration
0it netn 3 or 104 of the Higher Education Facilities Act of 1963;
urn t014) () of the Publio Works and Economic Development
A4tt ..IM5 'with respect to projects of a type eligible for: assistance
4e. anjy of therothe& provisions of law listed in tWP subsection, or a
lroabtr .portio-of a project consisting of the purchase, renovation,
n toiton of facilities, the purchase of land, or the acquisition
of equipment, or. works of art assisted by contracts or grants under
*hio o j therNational Foundation on the Arts and the Humanities
r: 6 1 g* authorized to be appriated for supplementary
C tse undet this section not to exceed $36,000,000 for the fiscal year
ming June 80, 1971, not to exceed $66,000,000 for each of the fiscal
earsending June 30, 197f, and June 30,1973, and not to exceed such
SMS maT be necessary for any fiscal year commencing after June 30,
"[t iAatj ltbunt' so: appropriated shall remain, available until ex-
&tdindyrnmytxounits adt trizedfor any fiscal year but not appro-
riamay. be'appropriated for 'any succeeding fiscal year. In
u tdii& e amounts authorized tobe appropriated for grants under
n `o&412 tc ifoising and Urban Development Act of 1968 and
!Atmlidt lppfriftid theteunder shall be available for carrying
W ht' seon d d shall remain -ailtble until appropriated and
9:' w,71 ?dntCAL ASOWFA#dc
Sm. 719.M The Secretary is authorized to provide, either directly or
by contract or othearranganments, technical assistance to private new
pfUL 0Y1Per and State land develop nt agencies, or State
... T-'lfT ;'iB[ "rf '. .;r : _ ..' ." i ^ .aS ^ r .'. '. .* .." ,-T i ..:" ^ ."* la*:** "
..$ t-o assjs them in eohnection with
*^.l ifef ;iMty 0mntS program
... ". .......... JsdtZ.: ,t"a.
i'M wd *fMi K ta' Cowsmswty lt elopatet Aet a 1974, PuAblc Law 93-383,
388: 6 938, sppfoved AunsUt 1974 Oamended section 718 (e).
B A .o . i 3 : :'; ..... t 1 : : *: r. ; : ,*< '' ** : : ., ,. .. . . ** ,
1:, ]. ,. i tiiT l:N |. & ,. *,,*, ,, u.. y. :.j '. ; :. ... .. .u... .. *., . ... .
',.r' J f l:*1 : *'='. ^ *:!" !; S: .:!:. .. : * ;?: -* ** It ..... ";.r-* ..* o :* .. .
,. t.urh.4:. T; *.' i :Q i .. ., L.->.o;::.:* '.=., .=., di=, K J..:: .... = *, r .. .
|i i:" f"t .T T s ~l'? .: ..; .?. : ... :.... ,*",!.i .= :. ;i: .. : : ,
Ill ':.:." '** ", ..- i : .:*: .... ...
i 793
vi i.A ........ .

g iatu flOOD 'TSiIILISbtc
A OF 198 .-' .'7
[Pubi Law n9-4,48, 82 Stat 476]
Szc. 1301. This title may be cited as the "National Flood Insurance
Act of 1968".
* N OF 1 !'
SEC. 1302. (a) The Congress finds that (1) from time to time flood
disasters have created personal hardships .and economic distress which
have required unforeseen disaster relief measures and have placed
-an increasing burden on the Nation's resources; (2) despite the in-
stallation of preventive and protective works and the adoption of
,other public programs designed to reduce losses caused by flood
damage, these methods have not been sufficient to protect adequately
against growing exposure to future flood losses; (3) as a matter of
national policy, a reasonable method of sharing the risk of flood losses
is through a program of flood insurance which can complement and
encourage preventive and protective measures; and .(4) if such a pro-
gram is initiated and carried out gradually, it can be expanded as
knowledge is gained and experience is appraised, thus eventually
making flood insurance coverage available on reasonable terms and
conditions to persons who have need for such protection.
(b) The Congress also finds that (1) many factors have made it
uneconomic for the private insurance industry alone to make flood
insurance available to those in need of such protection on reasonable
terms and conditions; but (2) a program of flood insurance with
large-scale participation of the Federal Government and carried out
to the maximum extent practicable by the private insurance industry is
feasible and can be initiated.
(c) The Congress further finds that (1) a program of flood insur-
ance can promote the public interest by providing appropriate protec-
tion against the perils of flood losses and encouraging sound land use
by minimizing exposure of property to flood losses; and (2) the objec-
tives of a flood insurance program should be integrally related to a
unified national program for flood plain management and, to this end,
.it is the sense of Congress that within two years following the effective
date of this title the President should transmit to the Congress for its
consideration any further proposals necessary for such a unified pro-
gram, including proposals for the allocation of costs among bene-
ficiaries of flood protection.
(d) It is therefore the purpose of this title to (1) authorize a flood
insurance program by means of which flood insurance, over a& period of
time, can be made available on a nationwide basis coopera-
tive efforts of the Federal Governmenit and the private inunce
industry, and (2) provide flexibility in the program so thatsihlrood
insurance may be based on workable methods of poolingrisks, mini-



the economic and social development of the Nation, the proper con-
servation of our energy and other natural resources, and the achieve-
ment of satisfactory living standards depend upon the sound, orderly,
and more balanced development of all areas of the Nation.
(b)1 The Congress further finds that Federal programs affect the
loeatioiA of populati caW..c gro .n$i.l acl V Wa
development; that s .cl prgpps requntly anIict ..d result mn
undesirable and costly patterns e urbaH develOpenetd ehfr velop-
ment which adversely affect the environment and wastefully use
energy and other natural resnr& ;in thai.t listing and future pro-
grams must be interrelated and coordinated within a system of orderly
development and established priorities couitent wit U.A nai
urban policy.
(c) To promote the general welfare hn t popetly apply the re-
sources qf the Federal Governmentin strenghening the economic and
social health of all areas of the Nation a.nd, ore adequately protect
the physical environment and conserve energy and other natural re-
sources, the Congress declares that the Federal Government, consistent
with the responsibilities of State and local govermentfand the private
sector, must assume responsibility for the development of a national
urban policy which shall incorporate social, econoraic, anid other appro-
priate factors. Such policy shall serve as a guide in ang specific
decisions at the national level which affect the pattern of iiufbaa devel-
opment and redevelopment and shall provide & `ramdwork for devI-
opment of interstate, State, and local urban policy.2
(d)3 The Congress further declares that the, national urban." policy.
(1) favor patterns of urbanization and economic dtlop _ent
and stabilization which offer a range of alternative locations and
encourage the wise and balanced use of physical and huan -
sources m metropolitan and urban region as,well .as in t" r
urban laces which have a potential for accelerated growth'
(2) foster the continued economic strength of Ill part o t
United States, including central cities, suburbs, male ot-
munities, local neighborhoods, and rural areas;I, . .
(3)3 encourage patterns of development and redevelopment
which minimize disparities among States,. regions, and cities;
(4) treat comprehensively the problems of poverty and am-
ployment (including the erosion of tax baes, 4adthtaeedlr
better community services and job oppbrtunitep) wic.: a 4-
ciated with disorderly urbanization and rural d e.. ,,
(5) develop means to encourage good J.ousi Mow..,4
cans without regard to race or creed; , ig i i,
(6) refine the role of the Federal Government in rtzng
existing communities and encouraging plan-e, ars aaa
and new community development ,4i i''.. :..:.
(7) strengthen th. capacity ..1 g.. g! .:I. isi
tions to contribute to b la ,nc1FRedua. d
and .. ..... '
.. .. ** : iM -:,,"* '.-aj iftfl u.i w.. ..*ill ** -v r" -m :.:'.....
" *. .* .. ". **- ,i .T .N ?-.t .. ( ,. r i" i r -i ^ .. ,, i : .....*i::,,,
"" 11 .. .- : :.. *-. .., ? i. *;,if' l ,. h-, t. El : : Hi : '," l .i .. ,,! .,, ,. .W

Sec. 601 (b) of the ousimn and Cc
95-128, Dpproved Octobe 127117. UWW
See. 601i () (3) of the Honuih edc
October 12. 1977 amended section 702(i
SSee. 601(b)(4) of the Housing and
95-128, approved October 12, 1977, am
read as set forth In the text

k la the text. --
mat Act of 1TT. fat Ue Iaw
(4), (d)(8),(a)a (a)(8) to




'I i

* 4, 4

j : : ... '' ,' .. t,. ,, : . 4 .. .. ,.




[Public Law 89-754,80 Stat. 1255, 1261; 42 U.S.C. 3331]

'" 4. 4. 4.. .. .. .... .. .. :.
iNrnmGS An n aiN or FUarOsE
i .,"[ ? ., t .. ;- '" '[ ..
,. SzC.IO (.) The .Congress -hereby finds,,that the welfare of the
Xatiowand....of its people is directly dependent upon the sound and
orderly development and the effective org a nation and functioning of
mr Statend local goYemments.
- It f.tther finds that it is essential that our State and. local govern-
puts prepare, keep current, and carry out comprehensive plans and
programs for their orderly physical development with a view to meet-
g ciontly a1ll their economic and social needs. .
. kIItuS' r flub that our. State and local governments areespeciahly
kmlicappa .in this task by the complexity and scope of governmental
rvices required, the multiplicity of political jurisdictions and agen7
cies involved, and the inadequacy of the operational and administra-
ive.. arrnemmAts available fr cooperation among them.
''I j*a .l j' ql .

S-s that present requirements or areawrne pianninmg
l in ico6tnectioh with various Federal programs have
sited in the solution of areawide problems, but that
ination of Federal programs. and additidfial participation
io a.renesded from the States and localities in perfecting
'out O bdfforts, --

of thiS title to
transt anrd thn

3 through greater coor-
rTolementarv grants for

.iideMly assisted de.eit paje dditional ecourage-
ind a.ittanceto States and localities fotir amldng comprehensive
$epabbing in& programnin effective;
i . .. '] . : .I. . 1 . 1 .
-n-i I tA^ i~r~iositi'ttrn.t FEDERAL -AGCXaETnS *:
M~a a CiC-hrT
, .* .,j i o . ) I .-.,' :: ; .... :; .. .. ..... ,. ..:. : . . -
Sn 20. In order to insure that allederal.-programs related to
areawide development are carried out in a coordinated manner-
.o !th ,*.re.1a *,t.:b..e to cI' upon other Federal
'1 .... pp s". reports, and
M77 lU, OT.. k a rts,
*.;... .. ,- .... . . . .. .. ... ..
......~~~ e...,l.m. ._ ,... ...

- W.* IC' '*A fl1* ~ I.~S4'4 4~ *~
4 ~ .4444.4 ~ .II~ ~,.* .. ...
I 44 lrtribv ~ A K...1 *


Lg t PBkE AT *tAL Ak!) *2 tt~xit^

$i, advice, and tecomnendations tW the#ord fin cot MY
hfh.ntios.l .> . . !. *.... *. -... ". "',t" T if lf B.
1 T() It thall b6ethe function of tie Board o: (14 ins.M cumHaw.
with the- standards prescribed by the IGeneral Serties kdwkdutfl-
tion, the Department of Defense, and the Dejpartmt aad
Uban Denelopnent pursuant to the Architectural eiarnes At of
-1968 (Public Law 90-480), as amended by the Actt.of Marc &5j19W
'(Pfblic Law 91-205); (2) investigate and expminebaIteraWibr
proachew to the architectural, tran station, -*natd, tit bam
riers confronting handicapped individual, ptim la!- twx&pet
to public buildings and montnatparh d pkl^ t s-
Vortation (including air, water, and surface tranrt t whetherr
interstate, foreign, intrastate, or local), *nd :nuidtAlI an.ii
tional housing; (3),determine what measures are beni taken d
i6 t1;State, and Ideal govermentt and -- Iier 'Pube ho nonpnluftt
agenciesto eliminate te barriers "Scribhw r i Sai (34 dfthiuth
inin;l (4) promdfltiMeUse'of'thesIni&qnA 1A ssibiitrSM i
in all Public frailties h rii mpliance with the standards
scribed by the;Administrator of the General Services Administration,
the Secretary of Defense, and the Serstaj of H.- siRg, M4"
Development pursuant to the Architectural Bariers A.t o 968; (5)
make to the President and to Congress reports which sl dserib in
detail the results to its investigation under clauss4.4 a (3) of
this subsection; and (6) make to the President aM Wi the Conern.
suchtrecommendations for legislation and administration as it 4ER
necessary or desirable to eliminate the barriers described in clause (2)
of this subsection. ;-"- : ,J ... A h..d... h 6S
(c) The Board shall also (1) (A) determine how and to what ex-
tent transportation barriers impede thtaobiht aof hn4iN$ wpAn-
dividuals and aged handicapped individuals and consider ways iM.
Wlii travell expenses .in confetioai with traasphnMitU s t4 tltd Aw m
*ork for handicapped individuals can be met orelir' diedW wheisud
individuals are 'unable to "use mass transit systems or 6'apuei4L
4quipattnt in private ttans-rtation, and (B) consrnhe.hoieo
needs of handicapped, ihiivSualis; (29) 4etenrmn -meIrt
being taken, espeeaally by public and other napofites and
groups having an interest, ifr*nd a capaiacty lO ptob-dl
(emsA o ellihititte bairiera from pxb)c :tnupnhicti systems|
(including vehicles used in such steins) nd tta eir I
corporation in new or expand transpottibL (B)to
make housing available and accessible t' hi dia Y- i 4 ls or
to meet sheltered housing needs 5 and (3) pi()T pI and
for such further actions: as- ay 'b. nees artb Se o I
trahlsportatipf and housing for hidige 1C
-p oael for bringing togetherU .i a ..
gthnhations, and troup already WozkiwtgboaM suhrga r l
coorieratiob is essential to efetiv and' oarehensi at l
ir 5 f .. ..'* .: . . . * !- ,,. .. .* .....r ( '. i s :.. K. .* j ,... rt .*. Id i|.. ,,
SBee. Ill(n)(2) of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1974. Publlta.X 641
Be Stat. 2- approved Nonember 21, 1974, added the last adetese n meUa 5S(i)I
.- :- " " * "' : J :4. :1 ; . . : :" .*, * *i t ., ,";....S .k,,*.. |
..4 .. ... . ........ ., c',,: .I I
I - **' .. ,* *.* ': ,< :" ... *. , : .: ,-is : ^ t:.,! :; ,. if*' rfy t h .
* '' . .. ;*' : *'*; & ^,'.t< *'/'i:.:; i: , i. l. Y $*..' f ...Nil l
1 :R
"43 N. 3- ..K
-!v 13aW


i sse-sido Pi0W(ction from a residence by Teason of foreclosure of any
fp.attkSS lienW',dchnellatAon-af anyjcontract of sale, or .termination
lfa ea. s, eixe. d' i prior tothZdisaste: Such assistance shall be
dMdead ]tro1 period of not to exceed one year or for the duration of
ti4'perid 6of:ialcial hardship, whichever is thedlesser. The President
Ig uthor i fe 'I# -the purposes of this subsection and.. in furtherance of
the dl 6 stti6n 240 of this Act, topiovide reeinployment assist-
ince. svwcps under other laws to individuals who: are unemployed as a
rzstlt of a tajbr d'isster. -: U :-[:" u
L% r .: i .' ,.. ,:.. :^ T' : .. : ; *. :' ** .... ,* : ,:; ; ,
r : ... *
.- ^ .'-" *, . : ,* ,. .. '- .. , .. .*.. "
"'Se 28.1'. n' the administration of the disaster loan program under
seetinT7b} tti)-' (2), and (4) of the Small Businei'Act, as amended
(15 U%..C. 636.(b)), in the ease of property loss or damage or injury
rsnulMI fg lrI- m a miior disaster as determined by the President or a
dsAjt 9as ddttmined by' the Administrator, the Small Business
-itratin-.' "
VIA6 YI, toiGle extent such loss or damage or injury is not compen-
.!s ted^Mor 'by insurance or otherwise, (A)j sh`ll, on that part of
Lb' ; a l baa in exceh of $500, cancel the principal of the loan;,ecept
l,'tlttt4h& Io lif amount so canceled shall not exceed $2,500, except
that this clause (A)- shall apply' only -to loans made to cover
losses and damage and injury resulting from major disasters as
determined by the -Predidhnt,- and (B) may dfer.-interest pay-
,ments or ..principal. payments,, or, both, in whole or ir, part, on
t iny hiiafiad mder this section dliring th, firs t thted yarsaif the
term of the loan except that.any such defe&Nri pat merits'h b'llW
oj H40tt t h'e' rate determiinedundde section 234,of this- AaL.,
U ill d.6t
t rn. (2) to~thA -Ztent1 such iinjury.,losi, adr damage is n6E coipen-
T'UsIafld"'. by -iiisurance or otherwise, may grAit anyloaI for
S"rl.. fkir, irehabiliationi, or replacentmnt of. property damaged, or
'- 'dburtot&, ,'Withctlfr regatid to -whether the iquited finaniM assist-
ance is otherwise available from private Sdurcs. "" : .
(V Q- S (W)^Wy,^ihthe e& ofthe t6tal detrction or 4ubstantial prdp-
erty damage of a home or business concern, refinance any m ndi.
**lla^^ith i .. outstandingg against the dietr yed' dr dama ed
r6" pbt t iuchh property :W*s to' be rep.aiied' rehabilittfited6 or
4-Mpi .e,, ithat the flfttfit re fianCed.ihall n l edi ceed6 the
,/-^H ln o. therphygicl loss gusained& Aliy 9&.h fi)ritcin gltin l]
je# th- provisions f 'clausi,( ,I' ia ( )-of(this section:.)
I L i, " 4. (f 4' :' : 1 i., ; -.. .. . r . . . :.
1 ."- ,^ ^ ( [i^ .. .... ' .. ., ,^ ;- ;' .. . T \. ^ .. .. ; : : i . .
A.. iBij Thn4 Iminiuiration. Oilthe emeinpmy; loant program
' wifritM;<*^ oj Ab C spdate&I~aSnners flome^Adfniizistratwont
kAct, gtIRP -en3aw0ne4 (2 U.SF. tiOS) midiths turali housing:
'ln program under section 502 of title V of .the ,utising Act of 1949,
ts tmneaded, (4Q U.S.C. 1472), in the case of loss or damage, resulting
Sa major disa4ap tae !emilned: ,by the-President, or a natural
dhaster as determined by the Secretary of Agriculture- .2
A WL t o 4&40 ." Jt; jrr',v,^ Werm i).n 24iot.:;. ,[ .t< ,
4Art4'O,4Jf I~~'9dl ,iS~I.u
........1"44efl #t^* RtioltA^t"" ....


I peation 0or the real property acquired and for damages to remain-
in4: real property shall be separately stated.
;|< 4'.(N) No 0o er shall be required to surrender possession of real
I property before the head of the Federal agency concerned paysthe
i agreed purchase price, or deposits with the court in accordance Ivith
Ic eon 1 of the Act of February 26, 1931 (46 Stat: 1421; 40 U.S.C.
258a), for the benefit of the owner, an amount not less than the
i agency's approved appraisal of the fair market value of such property,
or the amount of the award of compensation in the condemnation
I proceeding for such property.
(5) The construction or development of a public improvement shall
be so scheduled that, to the greatest extent practicable, no person
lswfully occupying real property shall be required to move from a
dwelling (assuming a replacement dwelling as required by title II will
be available) or to move his business or farm operation, without
at least ninety days' written notice from the head of the Federal
agency concerned, of the date by which such move is required.
(6) If the head of a Federal agency permits an owner or tenant to
occupy the real property acquired on a rental basis for a short term
or for a period subject to termination by the Governmpent on short
notice, the amount of rent required shall not exceed the fair rental
vain of the property to a short-tern occupier. ,
(7); In no event shall the head of a Federal agency either advance
the time of condemnation, or defer negotiations or condemnation and
thewdeposit of funds in court for the use of the owner, or take any other
action coercive in nature, in order to compel an agreement on the price
tbe epaidfor the property.
(113) If. ny interest in real property is to be acquired by exercise
of the power of eminent domain, the head of the Federal agency con-
rE d' shall institute formal condemnation proceedings. No Federal
Iugem.y hpad shall intentionally make it necessary for an owner to
imitute legal proceedings to prove ;the fact of the taking of his real
S(9) If the acquisition of only part of a property would leave its
owner with an uneconomic remnant, the head of the Federal agency
concerned shall offer to acquire the entire property.
-; t :' . i*" *' ". : .; :
98:odO2Z (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, if ,the
head4*a Federal agency acquires any interest in real property in any
St.t, shall acquire at least an equal interest in all buildings, struc-
tur%, or tther improvements located upon the real property so
RPWhRdA and whioh he requires to be removed from such real property
or Which he determines will be adversely affected by the use to which
such. real.aropeiiy will be put.
o tbD Ori ot h purpose of determining the jbt compensation to be
*pgfl|pixy ^bgknmg, structure, or other improvement required to be
a 4fea by subsetion (a) .f thig section,.su4,, building, structure, or
e N, pnwemznnt shall be deemed to be a partof the real property to
iejquired no4ftbtaiiding the rjght Ord ligation of. a tenant, as
M tie thonpr.of oany other intetpes in, .fIe real property, to remo e
m4 bi.1dmig,struptaure, or improvem.enat)the expiration of his term,


S:o ow 1. if uneions of the Secretary of Commerce. (a) The Secre-
tary of Commerce (hereinafter referred to as "the Secretary") shall-
(1) Coordinate as consistent with law the plans, programs, and
operations of the Federal Government which affect or may contribute
to the establishment, preservation, and strengthening of minority
business enterprise.
S(2) Promote the mobilization of activities and resources of State and
local 'governments, businesses and trade associations, universities, foun-
dations, professional organizations, and volunteer and other groups
toward the growth of minority business enterprises, and facilitate the
coordination of the efforts of these groups with those of Federal depart-
ments and agencies.
(3) Establish a center for the development, collection, summariza-
tion, and dissemination of information that will be helpful to persons
and organizations throughout the Nation in undertaking or promoting
thefstablishment and successful operation of minority business enter-
(4) Within constraints of law and appropriations therefore, and
according to his discretion, provide financial assistance to public and
private organizations so that they may render technical and manage-
ment assistance to minority business enterprises, and defray all or part
ofithe costs of pilot or demonstration projects conducted by public or
private agencies or organizations which are designed to overcome the
special problems of minority business enterprises or otherwise to fur-
the the purposes of this order.
r( b) .The Secretary, as he deems necessary or appropriate to enable
him to better fulfill the responsibilities vested in him by subsection
(a), may-
(1) With the participation of other Federal departments and agen-
cies as appropriate, develop comprehensive plans and specific program
goals for the minority enterprise program; establish regular perform-
anceQ monitoring and reporting systems to assure that goals are being
achieved; and evaluate the impact of Federal support in achieving the
objectives established by this order.
(2) RIequire a coordinated review of all proposed Federal training
and .technical assistance activities in direct support of the minority
enterprise program to assure consistency with program goals and to
avoid duplication.
(3) Convene, for purposes of coordination, meetings of the heads of
such departments and agencies, or their designees, whose programs and
activities may affect or contribute to the purposes of this order.
(4) Convene business leaders, educators, and other representatives
of the private sector who are engaged in assisting the development of
minority business enterprise or who could contribute to its develop-
ment, for the purpose of proposing, evaluating and coordinating gov-
ernmental and private activities in furtherance of the objectives of this
(5) Confer with and advise officials of State and local governments.
(6) Provide the managerial and organizational framework through
which joint or collaborative undertakings with Federal departments
or agencies or private organizations can be planned and implemented.
(7) Recommend appropriate legislative or executive actions.
* B


Public Houing Administration: Transfer to Departiient of Housing and *
Ulban Devopment-Sec. 5, Depatt odfIheusgund Urban DeVelop -
Plleheudag: BHe@oeke: Relocation at n "
AeujSul efmtt-Se. I, U.S.Ho*IuAkct-of 19W37, Sec. 2(8),E old
.i. U ). d UHsg Act of i93s3v.. 8--_____367, 390
Adoa.tra.-.(), en- ec.. t(6,old U.S. Housing Act of 1987 389
Ata;af nta4Ikeca 2. 4;u-n 9, S .aouintA oft idl Sye 100(f,
t, a(g). r old U.S. Housing Act of 1937-. o tf19-__ 97,398
Alaska nativs-Sec. et(b) US. Houztng Act of 3- _.M 871
S living and maintaining low-income character of housing-Sees.
.. oprto a4U.Sflmint Aet 6f 9f37; Sees. 10, 14 old U.S. Housing Act
.. of 1987....ymts----f-- -------------- .- 74SU,405
xJh&StJonal amounts for Rousing oespied by elderly br handl-
S'ejp1md, lafie fa.milI&, faumles of unusually low in.omi. dis-
placed f"mlies-Sec. 10(a), old U.S. Housing Act iof 1I8-.- 394
mndma to assure low-rent character of housing and adequoater
operation and mainto nce-aSeIs 10,, Vold U.S. Housing Act
+": .. 97 .- ..._:___ ._ __ -1 __ _---' ----" - -- L.. 1-_?, 09 405
Assietance payments for loretiitecene &siliS-see. 8, U.S. Hous
Ifhlt Adt of I -..- --------- --,..-- 3-78
S D.btS@.cVe--Secs. 5, 6U.S. RHou ngAetof 193 e. 10,old UAS
-Wouisin Actot387- 471; 874 394
iDefaultsb publc housingagendiee-Be&6(g) U.S. Housing Act
S of- B; 13, old U.S. Hous"int Act of 1973.S.19, 405, 406
Detii oaU4n of income Umil. Bee 2(h) of Housing Athoriza-
a 8 am of 17-6a------ 38-5------ -___-__ ---
U...lfglhoug-cq td ffltatlon, 6r lta wAs-ee U_. 9
SHousing et of 167 SIes. 10(c), 2S, oldTU.S. Housing A. t of
----------- --- -- --------- .. _395,415
SMedifatntm of obsolete projects-Bee. 6(f), U.S. Housing Act
------------------ ----- --------------- --- 376
-etli- of--. -'.HAct 1987------- ------382
edt'(*)aincome eses-Se 6(), U.S. Housing Act of
olt.S. Hoisg Act of 1987-. ----- 383
-tautreaens-TArst Independent Qffiles A tion Acte19654- 422
Auhual'#sprt to bteongress-See. 7(b); old US. Housing Act of
. ". ..': .. .... ,.. ". ." .--- ----
sistane "ymetn for lower Income families to public housing.
1% Ief' Hoing Act or M7- 378
MAut jtebdge
8e itfl.S. '~e~Act o197 ______ 383
1 :0:, T"Ift.A.., f +.*I" M I ." 1.. At of '" .-. ------ 401.
.. Q(),"t I .e N;o
r1D .f 'Offes Approrialions Act, I' 4io
M~ftp A&420
I:.^-^lB~gsl AjopaioActld A&t,-1-4....---------42
"*~------------------- teSk la~-eco 11----_--_-----------I-' 183

: i:: IJ, i'l:l & ltii Iiri +14~ft l~ -'i l i~t^' t +, :-' : ,', ,........ "** >* : i : "'. .. f *'. +" *: i, .
I5(eAnc) U_. Housing Aft of 1%87; S&.
""TC^.l^W 'alall^fi offiS--- ,_-------- 3719396
qyuassdn Act
ri- .. fl'Sa.SflDIP^fl' HouSitigAct

Pap. ouaing 057"' 401
VBPt uo kt t *OOi7WDL.t J L 7.406
M..m"etanae=8(l), U.S. Housin# Actj 4K
v All.: a.see. 1fe)40o
...... :.j: A.iif~t^NlicQc^ f~i t^cFo
A-0 s Aaft. lnti ; See.0,OldU t.tWih
------------------------- 1(,412




open space program, shall have responsibility pri l orii
in the acquisition of lands or interests therein of utility pimrily to
the urbanized area in which they are located, such as squares, mal
and playgrounds, and parks, recreation areas, historic sits, and open
spaces for scenic purposes.
(2) Land and wafer conservation fwnd program. In addition to
responsibilities with respect to outdoor recreation reourcesof tat.-
wide and nationwide utility, the Secretary, through the Cnervation
Act program, shall have responsibility primarily for listing in tihe
acquisition of lands for larger regional parks, historic sites, and rec-
reational and scenic areas to serve residents of urban and other local
SEC. 3. Land and water conservation fund grants min urbanied areas
and other urban places. Grants made by the Secretary for the acquisi-
tion of land in urbanized areas and other urban places for outdoor
recreation under the Conservation Act shall be for projects which:
(1) are consistent with the comprehensive statewide outdoor recrea-
tion plan for the State or States in which the project is to be located:
Provided, That the portions of such plan relating to urbanized areas
shall have been reviewed by the Administrator as to their consistency
with comprehensive planning for such areas;
(2) when located in whole or in part in urbanized areas, meet the
same requirements with respect to planning and programming as shall
have been prescribed by the Administrator with respect to projects
under title VII; and
(3) when located in urban places according to the most recent de-
cennial census (other than those included in urbanized areas), reflect
consideration of comprehensive urban planning being carried on for
such urban places.
SEC. 4. Open space grants outside of urbanized areas. Grants made
by the Administrator for acquisition of land or interests therein for
recreational purposes under title VII in areas outside of urbanized
areas shall be for projects which:
(1) are consistent with planning and programming required under
Title VII: Provided, That relevant aspects of such planning and pro-
gramminig shall have been reviewed by the Secretary as to their con-
sistency, insofar as they are related to the achievement of recreationalm
objectives, with the comprehensive statewide outdoor recreation plan;
(2) meet the same requirements with respect to planning and pro-
gramming as shall have been prescribed by the Secretary with respect
to p ects under the Conservation A&
Sc. 5. Review. (a) The Administrator, in reviewing plans under
Section 3 of this Order, shall transmit his comments to the Secretary
within thirty days, or such other period as may be agreed upa er
receipt of such plans. The Secretary shall tafs p, oswt
consideration before approving such plans nnd programs. If the Se-
rotary disagrees with a recommendation of the Adminitrator,be
shall so notify the Administrator and provide him, m writing, wit hi
reasons therefore.
(b) The Secretary, in rviewinpls aMnd prgus uerSic
4 of this Order, shall transt is comments to tihe Admint"I apr
within thirty days, or such other peoda may be aupf
1:8 ,.
Ii er-21d aamay e agee& pGR


1 502 caf~li~t. U ~flb '4w!inafi^Ispqsui 11

A Iffi
Sdtioki tb) 'f *ee aioI. l Bp'

9.= V i a,.. "M
eththld Iof t namaw
viduals00&4w 1thr 'gudh ^ncs its I1tt rtM *@

botrnisgne4 ,tf Namlica iaid:,hdbh. Dint ca( i,
thai ^S^er 'tO, 19Th,1 eBtiibWit-^hiBhi~ ttk flu

... . ... b' w
rebomDifldutionS, 't theWP^di'^herii^ Hha ri

' ,fc .-' : ;r '* ., *" ^ -l~' ,.". ,', -Iu :" '.H :: '. .b *"" :./*,',, ', M m'^it

-g) Thee are 'adithSI& tt&)mW ai&Sr
?aztyh* oit the dutaina fItnuots=Zth=ai3
0eh fn fofl di",grte St 1
976 i"$1,500$,0D0thr^hs Laos i ,t >d i 1 llW ;,ai,

Sber 30,1978.'* . .. .. : .

I *.* ^ ; ;; -^ ": '. ""^E$ P .. ".. t:.; .'. .m ,b ...i .., i,:"r ..;.. r ...: i.,..I .i .*: .! ... ..
A. .. : . S. ... t.I, x, e .. i it J..L. ..,: '.-,= ":. i :.. &^

-* *. : ,'. .-.: . .. ..*.; "-.. :i */ .. ", *. *O ** ".,: ; *,. '. ..t .,.* i ,b .' s ".x.,,l" .i .^ rf -. 1 .
S. . ,* *' : 1, . ,. : *. .*.* ,- .* .,'. . .... ... m.
Executivia Order '10894 ,

. ... .: i, :.; ,' '^ ;. '! ^ ^ ** ^ t i *". : p "" s..... I ^ "
j' iflflS:D:l"'3 C i t ZUh!, ., 4U..' 1 ". ..." . 1(1 ii
Wfterews 'niaory latbor ']*3'~flu esset7 tiMlftWxi1i!ltYt

'n __. l* r ." .fl. .." .. 1. 1.t.

l itl .i ,^ r i ... ,. : J . ' J *, : i ,'* ?3 t ; '* *" ^ r :1 ... .I^ ^ ; : "
,t^l 1! .... ...^ eri ..... ;ki ,'l^ %b^2^ | ,i ? ','
WerttrH&l& Sni-tflebeNi *blrI- 1-*kn-B*i -i*:.*hn,!l^ fli.

kI ^rce*tti st Mvipkrw(^Mswl 'f ^ 'sit! t" ifliilI ~jil -iil~^^>xU
4e imnt, vtON* in iltyii a


di ate a dfka SJ .-Ja...
Y nttt.M... tI .:iv #,,jte:ht" .....I I i ;".. ...:41..i...h'",,lk
S.t .e .Br . -

:tS WO-4. LOtE11: iT.t #R.Air~f lew 35, "S, ,
'Sec. 110 of the Rohab~ltatio e

ut(.uuhl; 119va
* k--a *out "and"'.i.4 tel a
.4 Iw.: vsi l -* N
,' .,z.,., A., W., k-W 0
:r, q i"-U 1 dX.1
90. S > . : .*h . .. , ... : .* * : : *' ,j. :r,', t' : u,' : 'ji, l ttt. .i "tb4; I
E .I Y')I

,A?."..f I
4A Nil.i

Oman tr MAN TAM R

11. Reports and. Atiesi te Director oftt O
agement and Budget may require rort, from en toto on 0h
implementation of this Part. .
b. The Office of Mtnagement ad Budget will maintain a s
tribute to appropriate Federal agencies directory o State and area-,
wide clearinghouses. .- j .. .
c. The Office of M.anagement awnd B mill nwotify.edeW.
gional Councils, clearinghouses, and Federal agencies of ahy coeped.
categories'of projects under covered programs. ; .. ;*o,
: ; ';;'' j,;.^ s'. hi r .!u:. ",.[, ,;
.- r ** | ^ :i "* r ,
1. Purpose. The purpose of this Part ise: .
a. Provide State and local government with information CP pro-
jected Federal development so as to facilitate coordination with 8tate,
areawide, and local plans and programsL I :
b. Provide Federal agencies with information .rela.isn.ip.-
of proposed direct Federal development projects andrsetivities to
State, areawide, and local plans and programs; and to aur.n maxi-
mum feasible consistency of Federal developments with State, areami
wide, and local plans and programs. '
c. Provide Federal agencies with information on utV possible impact
on the environment of proposed Federal development. .
2. Coordination of direct Federal development pu#je.ts with State:
areawide, and local development, a. Federal agmcieg having respond'
ability for the planning and construction of Federal buildings aic:`ha
stallations or other Federal public works 'or development or fr the
acquisition, use, and disposal of-Federal land and rea! property wi f
establish procedures for: ."'
(1) Consulting with Governors, State and' areawide claringhousesy
and local elected officials at the earliest practicable stage in project Ot
development planning on the relationship of anyfIlap or prejeet to the
development plans and programs of the State, rear, or locality in
which the project is to be located. In the case of prbjbts in thef Wg
tional Capital Region, such consultation should be undertaken iw5- ;
operation with the National Capital Planning COoiinni6n. i ,'K
(2) Assuring that any such Federal plan orv.tyiect is dsnist6it or
compatible with State, areawide, aid local .db kpmeittl'svtd
programs identified in the course of 'suichn- -n titwi10s.
will be made only where there is clear jrtilftlb i 1on. 6 B
any necessary inconsistency or incompatibility will ,bePiH dcd,
writing, to the approprate c.earinghbuses'. .'
(3) Providing State, areawide. Ind ':l'at "U"t4 iW1 t t
thorized to develop anA enforce bnIt~nmhlsn*sf
adequate opportunity to review such FeT ?$a.T al.aed"pu flti
ant to section 102(2) (C) of tnbtC'atio atjn oh ,tct4itt
of 1969. Any comments of seich ''pie hti
mental impact Lstatement submitted t ... .......
i -i _k i"s : ." '. ; :f': i :.: ^A!.i* ( f y ^ *:~i'fS t :::,,:w%' 3"'
(4) Providing, In the case of projeetQ in, Oft
the State agency responsible for admim anioth
gram for the enc f I mSIent brfhi:
reviewth'r' O h e "
its consistent r .. r; lii yI.r : i:L -ml Js~br4

'Bl oil Aff

;~~~~~~K T-ITAT!u*"! ^., ^;;s
bit Io0 I 77
l C ? b T l B f .+ ** I f .7? '.* .*. : - . . ],..,.

I2fr bIN.. .. <. ,.
i k A ,! f, h t Z *.' ** "" ' ; .. ":'"* "** -* .- .M ;" T . ". ..
: *,:;[ o q0 ( b n.! :<,-) ... +L . "<.. *-

' w 870,80 Stat. 934; 49 U.S 653
''<(**'. '~ 7 ! ji 'ji '.,' .. *.. ,.' ,! ..'i ... ,,... ' -
7: .... Vt QE$4I4.I.ALE P OVISIO US
.. .. *i ^.F .. .....N\ ; : **- v ,j :*- ? , . . .. .. .* . : -.
e;,' ft ohrno^ <;. + : .^..( $ + 'i; ,,i ** -.*. . *
s(iA a

(f) The Secretary shall cooperate and consult with the Secretarihs
dttvintArera, Hiwning and UrbanDevelopment, and Agriculture,
and wit& tihe rntwia developing transportation plans and programs
tiat cludennaumemmA ,l maintain ou.enhance the natural beauty of the
lladgltrimTscd. Aluter the effective data of this Ac the. Secretary,
atfitppromff.y.,pxogram; or project which requires. the use of
s Ll from-aubsip c park, ricrstion area, wildlife and waterfowl
b i--l a m d .h -Iri t a :.m.. .Ie x 'P "% w "il d if'
idn ar &iatrOsie unless (1) three ii no feasible and prideit alter-
tiatxb themuse oftyuclh- and! (2) such1 program inclues al1 pas-
e:, pannng t mn ,mie lwrm. to such park, recreational area, wild-
life sgdStt wl ref4g ox historic site resulting frm such use,.
(g) Thecr4zaxd wnthe $Seretariy of Housing and TJrban Deval-.
cncakr hq1 cwsalt ,d exchange information regarding their re-.
tm~iEflxwnpo Sah e ot& e' vittes d:_d m ae astwnce for local tran-
pbtA* pron eqs ey phaUl joQitly sudy how6. Feder4 poies and
39. Ma04.0tfectively
pr^BlS ~JfW canM- aietaturban twprtationi stems, mot.eftvl
WOW ~ t~^A 11# ajidj.; 562comprebe Aivel. I
plwiati 14yearTagter htaa t.,sal, ttwith nyear after
tae- v do o4rAlote an4. nu.y tir erea ifter, report to th.
b-nfor c ofi o~wp otpr~uianMdohr
~ibQ~tpfl awaJogilti ve re 4m) ka
jsfilrp 4besra SeQretacy and the
Secretary of ositg ad LrbwmDP7v1opipn shall study and nepoit:
thun 1 year after the effective di"t of t A.s 4ct to ,ep President and.
the congress on the local and eeiitergt 4Mk' ahdlocntiokx of
ona MmstraIs oZtaPi te eut2ive b ,rah -.
b r'..u / It I. W "/" ," "' "" .3.... a "1t .,* : .. ". t, -;
.^te;JaI r r.... aJ i Ii V . .v ... . . I +. ... * .. ....
i iua wa 401 *'
W b L D 1 ,r ... T",-.". ,

IV :.: +- ..AJ:1..-
r,..fIi9 J"A',, 4,I ..A.
U . + f. ... .. . . + .: .

*134$ Tra 4i.wt mAU PktzbIS inS:t'tuba temk^
vii i. ,, .
q 7. -T:o

t ths developed ob thansiation bsterms, ecbrag ad prno-
mote the development of transportation systems, *embracing various

I|'0* inaT:,ia-nxinin- ,
agency of teuMt of Srlpua t eri
in such paragraph. which has authority- t- ap-
Spr.oval ,prss, if .uoh ; scon, i.ln l bt aite
sach approal patos0a) Jd"
()third; if;ix no IM 00aziiiiitp
*(I4 ?s wuimn nd Zbrto dmifiatterudiAprvltiwsinv
agency of the State in which cmwi etiBtbp.qp I whiFha
has authority to -.B apjronlpordiftulch
is willA"g aWd ablk t ad e Nip.
'( ) The President shall fIn Ii
newuildings to both Eons0eA
tioof such standards pursuant to s-tiao 3OH(a>),:ot renaw by the
Congress under this subsetnt ,eta!mia whether u ie set
forth in the intrxodi AI to subseetion (a)i-;,%-npioar and
appropriate to assure that such standards are in fa atel a w
.appr prate t sue li e
hiuldings. Suh M aceion rb shabll 1 ie dtmd ., "flf "for,
mch purpose (and shalUlRtfreaMfterbenfoee a'Midade
by oath applicable persn and guveruMS=B0ale
action is approved by a resiuieu of each Honi Oer-l.s in
ardae with the procedures specified in secton h:oftsttg0, y
Policy and Conservatifn Act; except that if pOrpounwft:'1 cion
the 60 calendar days described nsect imS a4l(o)( obeh I
Act shall be lengthened, toO 90 aleudar dry 'i i

s..- ... -. -. **. *+ :., *-^* ...,i ..:,:* ... ri .
Sw. 808. The head of each FedeaJ agency reoansl bIth &aco
struction of any Federal building shall adopt suli ipu
be necessary to assure that any such ccneltrqctia neet Mw .rdiow the'
rcablB final performaac- standards promulpntbLM$4
u ~ *~~~~ ~~~~~ ~ '' .. '**. .' .h ..' ': .j .. ;.-" Hl',,i
SEC.BAOt. (a) The Secretary maykme gOhtanto".! Wepatatfi
general purpose local government to Laidt 6npm"'n xtt bgt|^of
adopting and implementing perf.imances '....
ing State certification procebures or any app.NOVE-M
to-aniout the provision ofseon M. ..
S(b) There is authorized to be ap propriated .".i.
ing out this ,ectionh .ot to e xe n5,o00. .. the .y
September, 197M. Any amoflt.&jo'.iS
section ghan remain available untilezpendsA4 A If {'7 'l,'" WSfl
':"L "u' I"ii jH +IF
....................... ... .... .. ....-. .. . r
....~ ~ ; f".' .. :+ + i l"'U+ l:'+ : 1 '; Z] ^ ^ "+ +.
S .. T h e a l b y +t. .+t:Iol ::. y
provide: t mi .s'mrtanm, to lat.; .n^ .aite f ni. o
lalgovernment: to assist.thom JU tb XbtIWIO^ t.N~
t*' i+ + ** **: ...'^.- r^, 'ki -5 + + i "f ..

: QO UlVT.ATION w n n E A m ..... ... ..... . .. ... ..... .. ..*...--
SBum .I09.ndeveInd"lopg and p j......
and caring out other funtns uer ths tis k$tbe. i
+." 7" .I" tIr + T- "o ( (If .
: 1 r.:. "i'H"..P. t ri .. ., ...i

'P i

JK JJ v '*
WEBi;iv. *i^:r^"oj-/io ;. .^/. ECONOMI

'* '4 1

1 T11 I vhfymN4.
'ir-.:/I; Hr.^.ecutive iOrder 11386 *'
!":.'r ,' v ,' 0 '*) : 1* ; ^[3 F, ed.'Reg^-5J, ;:" ;.
(Whereas te iieprqper discharge 6f Federal responsibilities under~the
App&I&chian Regionilr Deva'opzjtient Actt of 1fl" ('9 Stwt., 51, 40
,J4 .Ap and the PTbhi'Wt&ks and EconaIAic'DevelopmbntAct.
i$)165Q9St~t. 52, 42 IY.$.C.' 312i et 8eq.), ad ameiided by Public
^A 103 81 Stat. 257, requires that 'the participation of the Fed-
evSpinent 4 regional de&velbp t act.vitfes be effectiiely

V4%ras ePresid~en^f requited ky theAp alachian Kegionalfle-
velopment Act" of1965 to proyjide effective arid continuing liaison be-
teA.n he. Federal 9oyenrnt we the Appalaclian Regional

^ %r s iepretarj -Comimerce has responsibility under th&
4V ] orkscan.d &.onoic Dtvelqcinent Act of 1965 for Federal
ec nbmic development q-tivitie&,' 'alleviate co3ditipns of
xbptjntial and peIsteuielYne yep ptd underemployment in
pmidpl1& disti'"id awat *d;eg ? en( of1 th Nation
ereas th6 Sectetary p1poninwcrce i diiectd bhe Public Worksr
au E omir Dqvelopme4t4t pf 19a 6to coordinate the- Federal, Co-
chairmen appointed to regional Qoinmisipns established before or after
t)rdrtQf,tlAatAct;-; ," p *v.:
4(Srw~flE Sre4fy ot Commerce i^ req~idby the4Public Works
and Economic Development Artr ft 1R.6to'prqvi.,de effective %Ad -con-9
tiguig oipfl w between. the Fvdgraj? Qovemmext and each1regional
Cbwpa4^^Biqeutiab~shed under TitleY: oftht Act; and,' .
iliWjNaoi thfe SwreieVmry of ( nmwene- -has, beenC of the
Committeeifor)oele nntPlanning, ii AlAa
640 toprdvfld general diftdtionnand guidance'to tIfe Fedenal
Pieic Cumaiiittee fdr Dbvelopmieat Planing in AItka; 1'tabflihed
btixftdiuitfd O.lrde ibN. 111182,- Uated& October 32, 1964: Vi
[r pIbr thirtor&; b svirttu4 eflthe~fiitliority *veted in mebyrt Ap-
paciU 'Sagitai.l iDeveloprnf)ACt V &ci 19 I0i the {Palbllk Works "an)?
E& w' emien Acst >of e165J 1wa section 301obf TithlS f the
Ufin k01 jo j 5 t U* ,iT J%'.T '. .! I,
1Execu B deF~16881 f July1' I iett'k^st i-
ttvcup Order. 1186 tauOtM' W
orLWAImWnAto ItrtaEns to etEblJ'ied 06mursttes-
yMaSW M atan n s bP uwghsA i 1P. *i 1 W



IH et Aftiithie'Administrator of the Energy Research and Devel-
j t A.&naifttiou, the Adinistrator of General Services, and
? Itads osf wch other Executive agencies as he deems appropriate,
: dhrpluan for.ene rgy conservaionwith respect to Government
lt fassprwidd by section 391 (a) (2) of the Energy Policy and
O(^ienati a..Act (42 U.S.C. 6361 (a) ()).
I J T -te)Thega'1s.established in subsection, (b) shall apply to the fol-
Si atgoes. of Federaly-wned buildins: (i) office buildings,
i) NQo*I (ii i)e rhools, (iv) prison facilities, (v) multi-famly
S4welligs, (i)" storage facilities, and (vii) such other categories of
Sbidjo $or ,which the Administrator determines the. establishment
of energy-efficiency performance goals is feasible.
',b) iT ,Adhnimistrator shall establish requirements and proce-
4Mrjich, ball1 be observed by each agency unless a waiver is
r'tet4(, ytbe Admiinistrator,. designed to ensure that each agency to
ziim imum eztenit practicable aims to achieve the following goals:
: (1~0~rthe total.of all Federally-owned existing buildings the goal
4 le a redirtiwi of 20 percent in the average annual energy use
pjr~gS' sqiate foot of floor area in 1985 from the average energy use
~r gyO^ square foot of floor area in 1975. This goal shall apply to all
b!iJd. ..AoT r which ; construction was or design specifications were
copleted P"r h ti ith. date of promulgation of the guidelines pur-
uant to subetion (d) of this Section.
i^ rBtW the tota 6f all Federally-owned new buildings the goal
l[ 'reduction txf 45 percent in the average annual energy require-
iitp pet gqM 'square foot of floor area iii 1985 from the average an-
il energjr*se er gross square foot of floor area in 1975. This goal
&i V',p1 to: aS new buildings for which design specifications are
completed after the date of promulgation of .the guidelines pursuant to
fubsMtiot (d) ofhisSection.
'i" 1fl .eAlit wttoywith the concurrence of the Director of the
#ffteMmanag~~~ient aid DBudget, in consultation with the heads of
the Executive agencieusp&eified in subsectioi (a) and the Director
%t Ae'IStit6M Eftfreu of Standards, shall establish, for purposes of
tdlt+pb..gxhtiiti'-pysr plan, a practical and effective method f 6r
Sand c i life cycle capital and Operating costs for
Federal buildings, ding sentia commercial, and industrial
lwW e"teMd ituch m6thot hall -be comsistent with the Office' of
M m nglm.ntb I Budget Circular No. A-44, and shall be adopted and
flBAtx.y lal agnxoies oideteewllil their 'plhhs pursuant to subsection
'4o)4Plmntkap rtodsntt subsectiw, (W)-, and budget estimates
pursuant to su ti (h). For u rpos of this paragraph, the term
'qoy... .totl osts.e.of o wa operating, and main-
4i n -|ignitg cmi ieicuding its- fuel and energy
cp^,4^9p T .(O.thib_.aisi of a systematic evaluation and conu
pnsaf naltmtiTahbuidipq systemps4 U
:(1~, 10 1 977,;the Adminirxater, with the
Ato1 t e oM gemsntand Budget,
an r consultation th the AdminiMstrator of ,General ServWe
vgd. .eas iim subsection (a)
N+ L4mtt. piwp"ant s t u

an new, bc nha 3 itn
-43fl~t~rti it~ v gef.s~ any i '' '...'**. '^- .. .; .**



b f t he :vain of the land before development and 90 per centum
of .his estimate of the actual cost of the land development;
(6) bea interest -at a rate satisfactory to the Secretary, such
a iWitetl'to be exclusive of any service charges and fees that may tppiwed by the Secretary;
4 !(ft) c in repayment and maturity provisions satisfactory to
te Secretary;and
4 i7) contain provisions which the Secretary shall prescribe with
respect to the protection of the security interests of the United
SStatms (including subrogation provisions), liens and releases of
ln ie. payment of taxes, and such other matters as the Secretary
lmy, in his discretion, prescribe. u
S"() The outstanding principal obligations guaranteed under this
AtiXt. with respect .to a ngle new community development project shall
at no time exceed $50,000,000.
.. .. .* .. .*, : I
SQ404. The Secretary is authorized to establish and collect fees
for guarantees mad. under this title and may make such charges as
he considers reasonable for the analysis of development and financing
plans and for appraisals and inspections related to new community
develoPment projects. On or before January 1, 1970, the Secretary
shall Tske a report to the Congress concerning the fees and other
.charges under this title that he estimates will be adequate to provide
wome c -ient for a self-supporting program.
SBu. 407. (a) To provide for the payment of any liabilities incurred
as result of guarantees made under this title, the Secretary is author-
idto establish a revolving fund which shall be comprised of (1)
neitafrom fees and charges; (2) recoveries under security or sub-
ogaian rights or other rights, and any other receipts obtained in
connection with such guarantees; and (3) such sums, which are hereby
authorized to be appropriated, as may be required for program op-
erations and nopadmimstrative' expenses and to make any and all
Oarauhtedl under this title. The1 Secretary may issue ob-
osato tffI Ser.tary Of the Treasury in an amount outstanding
bfl titu sue ieMat to enable the Secttary to carry out his
wbfuwit re tt Wt) the guarantees authorized by this title. The
1iOM1 Oisud uwindtr thigsilbeedion shall have such maturities and
Ste 6r mt~~f interest as shaill be determined by the See-
....ths.rtsn The S&ie~try of the Treasury is authorized
94r Vurdhksb hy obligations of the Secretary issued under
tIm ntn, and for e upqoe the Secretary of the Treasury is
Wi)a t g &is bisuble debt tranmottion the proceeds from the
fl dftuseourifies iued derthe:Second Liberty Bond Act, as
e W 'h.. nW* iii L'Ote, and the purposes for w ieh securities may
be.aepw mch Act are tended to include purchase of the
herundsi. :
^ ^. ^',.. .':'::. *H? :,. : m. -- *::-'" .* .. ... o t: i : .. .... . .. ,w -.. ;** ", t. . .. ** :
-MkOaad* L ett 49 w a. Psue -isi. approved Jfj 24,
S* t^ flemtfl~^ baiigmaie th ts gmxbtonw (a) beglnl(a
'*H.'1, 3.. :, A. Ift R:f Up i' :.*<: .




Disaster relief-Continued, .
Debris rem oval: : ., 1, i .............aft t .:
Grants and assistanie-Seao 408, Lsas+ r Belef Aetqp* 19L_. 1314
Sec. 224, Disaster Relief Act of 070`-_------'.....m 13832
-Declaratie. Of ma6or .disasterrS .01, Dis0ter BelieE act of i
'1974 .-----...... -------------... ----. .. -----. .------ ..3.6
Displacees eligible for-- . .
Sec. 221 housing mortgageg trane&-_"Sec. ., MLittIMM B ,S -
.,ing1 Act:..12 ...---s-.-..-.e-L-- -- *r ,2
Bent ..supplements-See 101(eM BOudastg ai U- U n*IQ lop-
ment Act. of. 196d.,4-- -_-:- -1,-r -.-,_... 457
Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program, Excerpts from..Ie UBaUqcaWee
Hazards ReductionKAct of o177_---- ------. l-_* ';1357
Economic recovery :r ,,. ,.., ", 7fr. .*:. rIP A
Title VIII, Publie Works and acoSom. eo tit Aet.iJ.*
1.965 --...---. ----------_I--M--a ...a.-a .... __y.a .
Loans to businesses to aid employmenati-See. 27ti.MsatBdelC
SAct of. 1970-. ."- ... ., u.- ,,- 3 -::"i 335
Emergency assistance: ., .. ..- ..,- .:
Title-ni, Disaster Relief Act of 1974-l,.. __.iL g- s. 1830
Sec. 208, Disaster Relief Act of 1970 ,_..._a,_.. 182
Federal grant-in-aid programs-waiver of conditions imposalw- be.*
cause of disaster-Seca 205, Disaster RelieIAct ot'IO97 _a.'...L 10
Federal loan adjustments-Sec. 286, Disaster Relief A*t itWk_... 1885
Flood habards-location of Federal prbperty-EukecuVtiv Ordar 112W_ 134T
Funds-Transfers from appropriations or funobtykte.sottUDfor
disaster relief-Sec. 406, Department of Housing anL U-ba1UeWL".
opment . .Appropriation Act,, '/ 1973-- ------,--- .- 105
Grants-to Individuals a id famtlHes e6e. 4 08,DIetar ..e
a n s "t- "' .. .i+ *! -}e ':'' :
of 197& .;.--------- ..... "ll + + i.
Housing: .. *w i. iil
Outlying areas-mortgage lnsurance--4ee. 8,,9 Ntiearafl 4
Act ..--- -L... _-_.-- a.._ -- ;. .' 161
Public housing-prioritUlftt* dtHSter MltOaskh ..eS3JIJ?&4t
Relief Act of 1974------ --,_--*-,' i. :-t* & SI,.P!:.tSi.
'Rural housnk--- Lc. tg2, Dlitst* 'keHef Act -----7---.-.,
Temporary-provision of-: .I... V .i..
Sec. 404, Disaster Belief Aet'o.'W4.2.__....--z-._" ..... ,
SSee. 226, Disaster Relief'At o" lBt2 J :-,-^ I
Veterans-Sec. 2 8 8,DlastbT Be1e# Ict of l-...lL2z4___ 'sm
Insurance req firements-4et. 814, lDisaster Rtellef Act bft1rt u311
Interest payments bjB Sina Bushn A
Sec. 7(b), Small BuMess At.--------..--------Il
Loans tK. I.:. k*.r 1tA.M 3W
Homes or buiessSe. 7 tSmall BtthneekuiJJ.,.W.---.---..
Local governments-Sec. 414, Disaster ..i
Rural-7 T196.C 19&; Sc. 2324 Jif .. E ..ft
Suspension or cancellatlon-See.-,(b).,. 0 ^J^^.q
SmUM buHuesh-Sec. 231,r Disatr e t of 1 'l
Local governments: ....* 4 .. ; *: .& lWiII
SLoa-ft-ir. 414; f'llater ReItE Act : e" l 11
Grants-Sec. 241, Disateer Reltef Act -----------,
Med.al1* fa. nk ,. .'
Sec. 402, Disaster Relief Act of 1 .-
See.faS '051, Dlflte TRie~f Ap'l8f1Wf Tf 4P*WW^*nT.,lrJrOiQIS'WF*1
National Oouncil aM,':,eIeders! Pt-Iater t W:f4
11UA526 I) 7..W 1 5 1 $ ... i ..+1, f i Ifllr-ii
... +., .....*. -.i - .* .. ..- .*.* I ;.-- J++:.-.hto -- -, +.. -i .+i~ , .aga=
Nondlsrlmlnatlon: .,
See. t1., rlnmtw k0alte A- ttiw'z...., .'..s:A. .'I i mJJ"rirAd't1O
't "e.0, Illefi Act of lff0 2r rta.:.':7- r+ 11
P ^Vi . .. i_ ... : ..
OpuVpdeakZ_ ~is "SS S
Prepare inaewa o--grt.-. ...... .. ...... . S..... t. ft i
Title II, Disaster Relief #ct qf .4.....t...... r.. r
Se.a20E..DisasteWBRet MALAot
Priorities to disaster arane tfeelV
Me fCil A!! ? fl
"O *'* %rue .. u --"Z. ~ -M ." at:.j:i.t: '+U

(at) a :inhM6

at mzarak usAhmImt.6efls.
u fi u' t pi U Q ; 4 ...* : *. I ...,.j.: ., ,;.*, ... ;. ,i. ,.t.. .| ... ::. :.. ; ;,0 *.
W _"~? I ,J ,! ... 1 M iL j _A .... ..... A ... ... .......
(8) theI ue n f .ciiVa M. .A.t6i
anuthrity maIur to the 8westg, eptn', tpt th
i.rstoedUuu-dr .tihina,&e miuaifjv ta lM p ith no
of rie, awiaitaoinatAy iwfq .*..14h.W.ia*I
er risks de.lied, snmohtr
anoe authey artici atin; g ,
(9) notice ml wi e i to algIIai. time"
Pcinr to the cnclato or e ow rAd,
f. ..7..
the plnM (sxept in est ofia)^ut pue' u r mr o
of -MdiM i). $to IAM whAt. 6er au applntor a new
coivera toine mmed and ,u p tehicoy t ewx4t ,, n
and the insurer shall, in writing, explain t the p.l mr the
procedures Jor b*aimimg *a n iptio uar t la in the no-
tbceof eancellasitenor mnareu:w1;Ma
(10) a eetiaai4 public edmaicoa pwpasi i ll w iune
taken by the participating insurers, agents, awl inka UreG
that the.p atn pemives adeqsAte puiq 'ateatea
StE. 1212. flypha wtdr thi part sisli 6tichiw tua U Wdustry
placement facility doing le weith envey inst" rt4b g m
the plan in the State, a "l) pwidte thu thu taeiciy ihael p teiorm
certain fwictions inchding, -butno 4h nmiteo fotolls*Itg:
(1) seeking, upon request by or on behalf of t ny erty
owners reieitmI=a g an inpe.etIW n der th b pla, toe idte
risks involved eqaitably among the irhe vam wit .. aMb 0 isHtaig
business; and
(2) seeking to plaw kmutmes up to -ha niMe
of the risk to be insured with ie or mstnmaii wit.-whkch it
is doing business, eerpt to the dflat IMt Adtibhs, percent-
age participation a and 6 therwT wrmrlj 4ices are
employed to meet pecialproblem, of iksrbiljt ,

in m urrm do h pa : : -. . ,. : :.. t .
A~waomB cogtavasimnim
SEC. 1213. (a) EIach insurwer seeking hs ude this t6U
shall ]a statement with the Stateo insun a t 1 each .State
in which it is pl0M A dU tbi-.0 tpW;uMI full
participation and coopep!ion inm arrymg out i lan imd'ial l file
Scopy Of such statement with the Secretary o
(b) No insurer acquiring ret;ins"can wdt tI
any agent or broker or other producer mat-to. so dt buwhxems t01, g4
such aLn, nor shall any agent,.broker.r other roruarbeM
*by su nsinsr i any way for s tppl tionp WnJ~aLCe
to an insurer under theplan. 41
Sic. 1214. (a) In accordance with sabni rxas and wgudutbms an
the Secretary may preaeribsq each Stat. Mma authorpIuhuf-
(1) transmit to the Secretary any proposed or adopted pi80
or amendments thereto; and


SEC. 303. (a) Immediately upon his declaration of a major disaster,
the President shall appoint a Federal coordinating officer to operate
in the affected area.
i. (b) In order to effectuate the purposes of this Act, the Federal
coordinatnoffoicer, within the affected area, shall-
(1) make an initial appraisal of the types of relief mostur-
gently needed;
(2) -establish such field offices as he deems necessary and as are
authorized by the President;
(3) coordinate the administration of relief, including activities
i of the State and local governments, the American National Red
Cross, the Salvation Army, the Mennonite Disaster Service, and
i theirr relief or disaster assistance organizations, which, agree to
operate under his advice or direction, except that nothing con-
tained in this Act shall limit or in any Way affect the responsi-
bilities of the American Natianal Red Cross under the Act of
Jaifiary h; 1905, as'amended (33'Stat M99) ; and
"- .(4) take such other action, consistent ,with authority delegated
to him by the President, and consistent with the provisions of this
: Act 'as he may deem necessary 'to assist'local citizens and public
officials in promptly obtaining assistance to which they are
ttl eted.t
.':(e) iWhen the President determines assistance under this Act is
neessaryghe shall request that the Governor of the affected State des-
iiate a State coordinating officer for the purpose of coordinating
State and local disaster assistance efforts' with those of the Federal
'* ,rr i *A *
I S 8 304. The President shall form emergency support teams of Fed-
el persNe: to be deployed in an area affected by a major disaster
Aor Such emergency support teams shall assist the Federal
.coonhnat officer in carrying out his responsibilities pursuant to
this Act. ).pon request of the President, the head of any Federal
Sagey is directed to detail to temporary duty with the emergency
support teas on either a reimbursable or nonreimbursable basis, as
is diterniined cessary by the President, such personnel within the
d t'. native jurisdiction of the head of the Federal agency as the
Psnt Iemayneed or believe .. tobe usdWful.for ca.rng out th func-
tMS of the .me.genyy support teams, each such. detail to be without
1W 0seiority, pay, or other employee status.

Y *d
ai s..., .t ..n l .. y a, .. and.
I flfflflflflV ASSISTAJCEc
Iii .rj' 1.E:.tft. .. ..K.,t.
". ^ r i r ? *.: ** ** .. _: .. r
I SO. 05(,,s )sjji ..eanriency, tbd w..povi. mist-,
ance to save lives and protect property and publ health and safety.
The President may provide such V agency assistance by direct-
ingedU agencies to provide techniiical assistance and advisory per-
il on othe uff~cted Stat. to asist the State locaitgovetnments
i i '-." o'A .y ^ r": r " .. . **j f' I ', .,..... :.1
<1... irihpeifo~~itai"ne of essential community services; warning
of further risks and hazards; public information and assistance

I i~ff011



rrest averat market yield on outstanding marketable obligations
at the United States wi remaining periods to maturiny comparable
t tZ average maturities of such loans, adjusted to the neat omeo
*khthofl pI 0atum, less 1 per centum per iiUm.
:!i(e) Fmneial assistance under this title shall not be extended to
ast establishments relocating from one area to another or to amist
beontractors whose pupose is to divest, or whose economic success
is dependent upon divesting, other contractor or subcontractors of
contracts therefore customarily performed by them. Such limitations
shall not be construed to prohibit assistance for. the expansion of an
existing business entity through the establishment of a new branch,
affiliate, or subsidiary of such entity if the Secrefry of Commerce
finds that the establishment of such branch, affiliate, or subsidiary
will not result in an increase in unemployment of the area of original
location or in any other area where such entity conducts business
operations, unless the Secretary has reason to believe that such branch,
affiliate, or subsidiary is being established with the intention of clos-
Fpg dwn the operations of the existing business entity in the area of
-ori Ial location or in any other area where it conducts such
"Sic. 804. The President is authorized to provide funds to Recovery
Plamiing Councils to guarantee loans made to private borrowers by
private lending institutions (1) to aid in financing any project within
an area affected by a major disaster for the purchase or development
of lan4 and facilities (including machinery and equipment) for indus-
tal or commercial usage including the construction of new buildings,
. zahiltaioni of abandoned or unoccupied buildings, and t
it n ~~onversion, or enlargement of existing buildings; and (2)
or toing apitsa in connection with projects in areas assisted under
paragraph (1). upon application of such institution and upon such
terms and conditions as the President may prescribe. No such guaran-
tee shall at any time exceed 90 per centum of the amount of the out-
anding unpaid balam of such loan.
'"* h
"S.c. 805. (a) In carrying out the purposes of this title the Presi-
dent is authorized to provide technical assistance which would be
useful in facilitating economic recovery in areas affected by major dis-
a fleastance shall include project pla ing and feaibility
studies, management and operational assistance, and studies eksha-
ting the needs of, and developing potentialities for, economic recovery
of such areas. Suffh assistance may be provided by the President di-
ltetythrMu* the payment of funds authorized for this title to other
n agencies of the Fedaxal GoyernmeAt, through tbe
eQ pplo'mes ofjpnvat. individuss pals,.i.s. fitnS cozporatioaw,
or suitable institutions, under contracts entered into for suc puposes,
or through grants-in-aid to appropriate pbli or pfit
State, area, district, or local organizations.
:*(b) T. P sident is authorized to make grants to defray not to
Oee 75 per tfitum of the administtie of recovery




L*~7t7 qIhUIettobm^tt :. ox tMkW^vitofmnat-Ltizas Adi Pub
teimiployent opportunity Ln the Federal Govern-P..
"-. .f.lbih. e 1 "anidn functions to the De -,
hUM,, kt qlK v^^r': *Irl^ i ;f { "i i ,, ,.* 4" "11 ^\
k! lE ili ..S ^H m JL ... ,.i ..-.> .. m m.w..i..m~ i- *- ,a i "-B- tj ^_ .i "i -" .LU
Ir8-Cowi! fbr u Affairs ------ 1384
llA' lan htelImut p etoV cltol and iabate-
I .. .. .. .it~ it~e ~ ^ *' *i. .. I1"- ,.'f,. *. "* i ; ,"j !.: .* : .-, .:,...'."**"* 1 8
--- n286
OJ d=V "'s~ i-,D~etauhci^ea o *-. Management Jinmjve *
s" ." .. f d " .:d u iby :.i "i : H -.. .. -- .n..-^ 'I137
.... ^Mam eHj^ and~ ii~~ manmw gnfcL .139

----------------------- '---., [O;ft
14-tI- tirbmnent--prot&*ens an entdehzement iof environ-
S ";:"'" i L ,-"ii"" *-"-" .." T' -... 1276
20imonwlSon-L'FederalnktDhmster 'AasibMcn:e. .-- 1345
fl^-~s Meter Relief Act of 1970-admizistratlon br-l.Ua' 1344
57--Oh&"Bier .Bautn OommisaiMLnL----i---t..t-I-_' 1298
^8|^0na~ntion ZBIstnatbilla^^ oin mmfttseL..-2 1376

i~ff-Ad]^ ( Jqnndil onrJntsrsuveramiestal Personnel Pot~yi. 1396
44 I^ oattnotiosrby heB ureideituL -^-_- ASS
i [ 'at 6lf Living Oouncil-stabillzation of prices, rennt.

Ot W WaY i jaADO --. .-.-4a-. -1391

il4"*'b9s1Ut 01 ousser rolWff 1366
LvtRp: cainallstitutions damaged by sHrieqne

.:.S... ... ..... ... .. ..... ..... ..... .. 11353
tan eastoed to the

S^S. pEpa^sa. - 1801

... .". .. .,. ..T.. . .. .. A M... ii '.
l;ju 4e9!ng4Ly M a in 1267
I~fz~fiAge, Iqu# r 1380
eqtalht -Oatr ei f .ctio. .-- .184

to~~~ ~ -o ai Itthjjle

S--age t-r-r --"--'---~r 1361

.r. H tr4 o U W-*; .i .t .. .. M


- A .46 -.

n Act, of 44., 6
J.Tk S t, j,. ~t. V *k :;.,. r *' t '";'.":,*.." rt i111g

N .T -r ... T. ,
fc W w 'vzfl-rrr--T 1(1163


": ..' L T ", '.
VW.. .. .- 7j


S. .-rw w_.,- -- r --- o r.j iy w

I. RtlNaoMI dng-4 o', Housing and Om-unity Deviop-
t- A-t o 4 ------ --- ------------ -------- 4O


n8s.TR :SIS .- L i

4lhpa?6vS iiteIe 4ro -toi,- pro^
* Sw4ved. 'plane,t<; lro~edcujts, ap4. ciwilities, i rp , p royide
: immediate eiffe&re action to prevent or minimize losses, of publcly
or prirstely .M ed property and personal .s.jwis or deats which
c ould iesuItjrom .fi-res (forest and grass), earthqutafs1 tornadoes,
a gizes'a1idifroasts tsulnamin, attorn surge and tides, mnd, floods, wmi4h
A re or threaten to become major disasters. Not later thlian mne year
iftlr th&e date of enactmdpent of this.. subsection, iand,,frpn tmto tine,
" t Dixaectbrino. the Office f Emergency Prepred6s. silh.1 repo4rtQ
Congress fthie, findings. of. this study .and ihwestigptipn together with
his recommendations with respect thert&m.7;. ,- .....,f
i'.. SC.. .O In 'thb expenditure of Federal funds, for dbris clearance,
Witribution qf supplies, reconstruction, and 'ter ;a r-disaster
lawittn& mtiviti-es which may be carried, out y coaontract with private
zgs 'atfionu3firmsi or individuals, preference sha.. }z given, to. tie
-yienfenasible and praticable, to those organizations, finms,and mdin-
., whO.res~de :ot'-do business primarily in the 4isaster area. :.
r ..I V .; . . .,0 . . ... ; -. .. -*

A'" R ShiY jederai agency charge W it e. litrto 0a
gqeral grit-7in-id program is authorized, it S remuesio by
qpptlica State or local authorities to modiy or waiv4 for the durd-
...... . ., .. .,.9 .i '6.,)
40n of a. major disaster proclamation, such adxinptrative proc durl
d1t0i.o .fSr assistance as would otherwise prevent t0i g" irg 6.
4siscv1e-uner cih programs if the ihabilitytQ meet such cgnditiosi
;.' ITf'p< "s"." .~ I .. .. f.o'" " " *. '. "" .
1if1re. uiit:a. o i d.s a ter. -'. -; ..
. .. : : : -; 1 . . ,;.I
( S . ,. S TATE D ISASTER Pt ;NS ; .. ".... ,.
-t f.. .*. # 1 l .. .. .. . "* t f t t " It i' ,, .
SEC. 206. (a) The President is authoiized to pride assistance tb
-the States in developing comprehensive plans and practicable pro-
:grams for preparation against major disastrs, and for relief and
". stance for individuals, businesses, and local governmnnts fllowQing
suahit e 'Such. pIns should lncluc e long-range recovety and
O aq. ,. Suc -_,46' .: .- r.....
Eisrpe o. assistance plans for seriouTy damaged or destroyed
).iiLDS facilities .
ii^Pr)i4i&derit is authorized Wto mak grants ofnt re na
SAo to State, upon applicationxthere or, .'or.. .tO exed
,,lbO4 u "h '"'r"': ii '"~
it cenltinrof the cost of developiingsuch tahs an.t programs.I
c) Any .State desiring assistance under "Iec"n 'an sig a
,__brel an a yenc which is specially qualife to pTtan andxdeinister
l aiidsa er relief f p program, and sal,.thr e shbmf
:the President, which shla-.-
I. f[c'afe^. ,*i, .:... .. ,., :. :, : ..:. ,.-, ,,., > '. .
^n I~t ^ fo-rtha &onpijrelienpive a#d 4ciied t riraxh t6~r
h"pQ&txin int an4 1eleffoowmir s a
r -'li^8isdr fot dlnergectoflc~a naiferm~ j-~I
ni rim aneel -to 4
Jtt",rtaand 166sses, -&naa - --


: .: !



. WhereaiA --thtfit of these; anpower and related service
grams requires extensiya participation of State and local govern-
Iexts and nongovernment agencies; arid
SWhereas experience has demonstrated that close coordination of
9p0 tfran programs at the local, State, and Federal levels is essen-
T6their successful, effective, and economical implementation:
S' w,. therere,.b. byirtue of the authority vested in me by section
Ef'4O it nity Act of 1964, as anended (42 U.S.C.
POr" of nnit is: ordered follows:
b) ,iid ai s Presdent of the United States, it is ordered as follows:
|^8 mlfc, olywy. (a) Cooperative planning and execution of man-
power tiNW g ana supportive mapower Service programs is hereby
Ia6liShed as the policy of the Federal Government.
A, () 4ph Federal executive department or agency administering
U jiir f t *I t *'< .T y "s. ' " " * --'. " .' ."
L^npq0r tramg'g .r supportive manpower service programs shall,
.. h6tent eonsitent with law, carry out its programs and exer-
ise its tu"nctio. to further the policy herein enunciated.
SZc. tt 0 rV 6oative Area Manpower Planning System. (a)
"ih Coope6rative Atea Manpower Planning System (hereinafter
erest t as, CAMPS) is hereby recognized as a primary instrument
"^ ^ Uley in section above.
b(B) e ifepartthents of Labor; Health, Education, and Welfare;
'Commerce Housing and jUrban Development; Agriculture; and the
interior; the Office of Economic Opportunity; and the Civil Service
Commission, together with their affiliated organizations and such
additional Federal executive departments and agencies as may be
r'mtially agreed upon by them, shall participate in CAMPS for the
purposes of cooperatively planning and executing manpower programs
and supportive man power service programs in urban and rural areas.
(c) Each department and agency included in CAMPS shall par-
ticipate in manpower coordinating committees at the national and
regional levels. The Secretary of Labor shall designate the chairmen
of such committees. To the extent practical and necessary each such
^earmjnt and agency shall also participate, either directly or
*troilijffiiatdd State, local, or nongovernmental organizations with
which it ma4inta's grant-in-aid or contractual relationships, in cooper-
f'OlA nning at State and area levels.
.. ~ J ., f".i,,., .... .
teitn&ns onistent with law, each dOpartment or agency
^6B"": CAMPS shall carry out its responsibilities with respect
'6 N i M sthnce, State and local planning, and utilization of
sources so as to further the purposes of this order.
"I.. Adminiatratie Services. In compliance with provisions of
ljpfkN *lb a, and as necessary to effectuate the purposes of this order,
the DepSftinnntf 6!lhr shall provide or arrange for administrative
a ri pLmJ for all CAMPS coordiatig committees
if t Imora i '"r artmenit or agency pirtieipating ii CAM
hall ih9ration idoh asSbace y be Teces-
S .

any Federal department or agency or Sead thieft, or
llYiS^^SS1 : by lw m or ^^ epursauntoto law tto iwffh
*.. iB" -. -'. ".... ".. l _>.. L r i ..... .. ..... i :..
5n...........$. &6 law i1 oJ any oile prset

glbrtLYa ro B. JOHNSON.
TM Wmnr Housz, August 15, 1968.

22-674-78--pt. 2----39


V .. 7 "1
il "h f( 0 ;;*: : "I^' '"
t. .! ( ," .i ,,: .. *r' Vi, ,..' "* ,* ,
?: .. .*. .. . a

Dr n
[Circular No. A-]
.... AuGusT 29,1969.
'M ft& heads of executive departments and establishments
z.d rguiaestinspermittingFed. agencies to provide
I ^ pMwze doI tec1~.uieal servicesto State and JocaL units of govern-
ment under Title TI of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act
of 1968 .
f oe.-hib's Circulai, promulgates te rules and regulations
wlxJhihBe Director of the Bureau ofthe Budget is authorized to issue
S r.rsuant to section 302 of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of
$648 (1 .g-907Z; 82 Stat, 1102). It also provides for the coordination
of the action of Federal departments and agencies (hereinafter re-
:e as "Federaol agenies") in exercising the authority contained
With II"Uiaof said Act as directed by the President's Memorandum
SN0ovember 8%1908 (3 F.R. 16487).
2. BPackground.-a TitZle III of the Intergovernmental Coopera-
tion Act of L9Q8 i tended to:
:, 1. ) R.n..couagoe intergovernmental cooperation in the conduct
0'( )S p ........ i e O. _: i_. .. ...
... of speciaized or technical services and provisions of facilities
L essential o the administration of State or local governmental
f .ativi~tis., : .
",. (2) .1Enble State and local governments to avoid unnecessary
dII i p Jdtiiin o'f special service functions. ;
Sr* X.3) A Autborize Fqderal agencies which do not have such au-
4 .; ority to pupv. rewhubrsable specialized and technical services
Staand aqvrents.
B .-.Ti^t;e 711 t1.Avt ,autharizes theMhad of any Federal agency,
mMac irsiioR anud upon written request from a State or political
1bdivisioon thereof, to provide specialized or technical services, upon
s"4ent to thp1idgral agency by the unit of government making the
upqrgst^ oi sala:es.and: all other identifiable direct or indirect costs
,fltIe QfIthe Act requires that:
(1) Any services provided pursuant to Title III shall include
Sthols... a. which- the Director .oI the Bureau of the Budget
iih rowh rules aand regulati a determipmes Febderal agencies have
t,0ily et to p Cid. shl
es Prgiations -shall be consistent with,
4:A:,i&.J.1 ifuheraac* o the. Oqevnment's policy of relying on the
: i :.ripat, enterprnsee sa rWn: tP priW those services which are
1:`F f 1aly e4 ,Vitiousy lvaable through ordinary business
4o wy ..v ed. bay, a Federal agency in payment of wciazkec oem alsrvi under Title III of the
Sepited ,to the creditof the principal appropriation
... fich the cost prodding :ch services has been paid or
S ito b charg.d.


pomation, serving as its chief exeutiv officer under the IBoard's
general direction, and shall receive compensation at the rae pr
vided for positions at level II of .tie Executive Shedu4.5
U .S.C..5815); and. ". : : : i .
(3) five persons,1 to be appoiitn 4 the hSecnitax% maJ
serve at his pleasure, but not moe tha psne puch eusbc .h .e.I
selected from among officers or employees of the Department f
Housing and Urban Development. "
Members of the Board who are reg6uar, full-time offidhrsm or employees
of the Federal Government shall receive no additional compensaton
for their services as Board members: Othere`iember shall reco "for
their services as members, when engaged in the performance of their
duties, the per diem equivalentlto the rate evel ITV of the Fed I el
Executive Salary Schedule under section 5315 of title 5 of thtUnited
States Code. Each member of the Board shall be allowed "travel.
expenses, including per diem in lieu oi subsistence, as authorized by
section 5703 of such title for persons in the Government service
employed intermittently. ,
(c) The functions of the Secretary with respect to guarantee. and
loans in aid of new community development under this pt sal be
administered through the Community Developmient Corporation, and
the Corporation shall perform such additional functions, powers, and
duties as the Secretary may prescribe from time to time. .. ..
"' : : *A "
SEC. 7352 .. 4*
< :: f * *.:i ** , ,i .: : ':
PCuPOSE A k..* .,
SEc. 740. It is the purpose of this part to provide our cities, w
urgently need to augment their inventories of hWusing 4ICU.
housing for low and moderate income families) and to fhdj ts fo
essential public facilities and additional sources of employment, t t
have virtually no vacant land upon which to bild, with a program
which will make possible the more rational uSe of urban land and
space that is currently occupied by industrial 'or commercial uses
which though not physically blighted are functionally hobsolt. ot.
uneconomic, or of land and space that is not uble in its present stat
because of natural hazards or inadequate development, so that. in
appropriate cases major rebuilding project includingg newoknftami-
ties in town) may be undertaken without major residential l ee
activities and with minimal displacement.
S' *5 ". i: :
Szc. 741. .. .
Approved December 81,1970. u ... ..:.
IS,. 08(b)(2) of Housnton aud Commaunttv DeTelAttA AtW of I014,A1..... Hl"
Sw8n8."SSB tot 68.. approved Auust 22, 1974, substmated wlve .mr..r..
*ee n. 701 (J), .Hoauid Act of 1954. '"' '" :
See sees. 108(a) (1), 110(e) (1). and 110(e) (7), Housing Act of 1949.
i 1 798



(d) The President, when he determines it tobe in the public inter-!
est, and acting through the Director of Emergency Prepredneu, is
authorized to make grants to any State or ooa g. e masntotr the
purpose of removing from privately owned leads timber damg. 4
a result of a major disaster, and such Sateor ioca govmmts a
thorized upon application, to make payments out of suach gt*
any person for reimbursement of expenses actually ineuneibys
person in the removal of damaged timber, not to exceed the atzn Io
that such expenses exceed the salvage value .ofsuch timber.
SEc. 243. No loan or grant made by any relief organization oer+t-
ing under the supervision of the Director, for the rpair, restorntio,
reconstruction, or replacement of any residential structure lodate4 la
a major disaster area shall be made unless such structure will ere-
paired, restored, reconstructed, or replaced in ameordanee wit appli-
cable standards of safety, decency, and sanitation and in Ndormiay
with applicable building codes and specification !;
S S S* '-

SEc. 251. The President may authorize any Federal agency to,
reconstruct, restore, or replace any facility owned by the United States
and under the jurisdietton of such agency which is damgd or de-
stroyed by any major disaster if he determines that such.repairrecon-
struction, restoration, or replacement is of such importance and
urgency that it cannot reasonably be deferred pending the enactm ent of
specific authorizing legislation or the making of an appropriatl 'or
such purposes. In order to carry out the provisions of tit section, such
repair, reconstruction, restoration, or replacement may i .:egu am not-
withstanding a lack. or. an insufficincy o funds appror0_t tfor s
purpose, where such lack or iasuflciency can ia teiy 1
fer, in acrdace with law, of funds appropriated to that agency fof
another pepaoe
Sic. 252. (a) The President is authorized to make contribution o
State or local governments to repair, restore, reconstruct, or tepaOsB.
public facilities belonging to such State or local govemenS warhic
were damaged or destroyed-by a major disaster, ezpt tIat the 1F4
eral contribution therefore shall not exceed 100 per centuwA $rtb net
cost of repairing, restoring econtructip or .rep i a s
facility on the basis of th desin of such facility as it e
distel prior to sucmh disaster andin confomity withli9 A: .
specz.ficata, and standards .
(b): I th case of any such public facitiea which w in the
e ,eof construction when damaged or ds'strod b .t'
Madia tele Federal wontributina shahl not exceed 50 per cstima f
net costs of restoring such facilit"essbal yfia o fthaipi.. p
tion 1 to such disaster condition and of completing construction not
performed prior to the major disaster to the extent the incias of
The word "condition" was Inadvertently left out of Public Law S1-OtL


1 243 and 252


acteristics qf*sch industries and to take proper account of other
plevant factors.
*- .8- :' : * ** *
SEc. 7.(a)' "The Administration is empowered to make loans to
enable smnl-business concerns to finance plant construction, conver-
sitn, or expansion, including the acquisition of land; or to finance the
acquisition of equipment, facilities, machinery, supplies, or materials;
or to sttpply such concerns with working capital to be used in the manu-
fabtre of, articles, equipment, supplies, or materials for war, defense,
or civilian:production or as may be necessary to insure a well-balanced
tation$l economy; and such loans may be made or effected either di-
rectly br in cooperation with banks or other lending institutions
throufi agreements to participate on an immediate or deferred basis.
The fregoming powers shall be subject, however, to the following re-
strictions and limitations:
1(1) N( o financial assistance shall be extended pursuant to this
subsection unless the financial assistance applied for is not other-
S1 Wise available on reasonable terms from non-Federal sources.1
S (2) No immediate participation may be purchased unless it is
shown: tlat a deferred participation is not available; and no loan
may be made unless it is shown that a participation is not avail-
able. .
(8)' In agreements to participate in loans on a deferred basis
Siuder this% subsection, such participation by the Administration
shall not be in excess of 90 per centum of the balance of the loan
outstanding at the time of disbursement.
S I4) Except as provided in paragraph (5), (A) no loan trder
thi subsection shall be made if the total amount outstanding and
committed :"(by participation or otherwise) to the borrower from
s 0hae reolvin'fund established by this Act would exceed $500,000: 2
S Pr& ed, That no such loan made or effected either directly or
in cooperation with banks or other lending institutions through
'agreements to participate on an immediate basis shall exceed $850,-
S000; (B) theater of interest for the Administration's share of any
/ such loan shall be the average annual interest rate on all interest-
bearin obligations of the United States then forming a part of
Sthe public debt as computed at the end of the fiscal year preced-
S ing the date of the loan and adjusted to the nearest one-eighth of
Jper centum-plus one-quarter of 1 per centum;, and (C) no such
loan,. including renewals or extensions thereof, may be made for
*., period or periods exceeding ten years except that such portion
ot loan made for the purpose of constructing facilities may
8e6. 61(i ke) of the Small Business Act and Small BuSiness InVestmient Act of 1958,
Amendments, Public Law 94-305, 90 Stat 663, approved June 4, 1976, added the words
"&from aoP-Feda s u= '=e" immediately before the period at the end of para. 7(a) (1).
-*EKo. -of.0 .1h S.hal Bmui heus Act and Small Bubinsa Investment Act of 1958,
Amedmaents, Publi w 94-305, 90 Stat. 663, a proved June 4, 197. amended para.
7 (a) (4) (A) of theO aQl Buitness Act by deleting "as50.000" and inserting th lien thereof
"$300000: Freied, That no such loan made or effected either directly or in ceeperatia
ltO!^^1' inej. f^,stInitutions through agreements to participate on an immedil-
;;n.51 Marm'in8 endments of 1974, Ptblie Law 93-386. approved August *3,.




flnted on the- Council under section 2(b) of this order, the Chairman
may consult with the heads of such departments and agencies and may
Invite them taparticipate in meetings and deliberations of the Council.
- (d) The Couwi shall meet at the call of the Chairman.
Src. 3. Functions of the Counwil. The Council shall assist the Secre-
tary of Commerce in carrying out the functions set forth in section 1 of
this order, and shall, as requested by the Secretary of Commerce-
(a) Review proposed long-range economic development plans pre-
pared by the regional commissions and the Field Committee.
(b) Recommend desirable development objectives and programs for
Such regions and Alaska.
(c) Review proposed designations of additional economic develop-
ment regions under Title V of the Public Works and Economic
Development Act of 1965.
(d) Review Federal programs relating to regional economic devel-
opment, develop basic policies and priorities with respect to such
programs, and recommend administrative or legislative action needed
to stimulate and further regional economic development.
S(e) Review proposed department or agency regional economic
development plans.
(f) Recommend surveys and studies needed to assist the Secretary
of Commerce and the Council in carrying out their functions.
SEc. 4, Responibilities of Participating Federal Agencies. (a)
Each Federal department and agency the head of which is referred to
in section 2(b) of this order shall, as may be necessary, furnish assist-
ance to the Council in accordance with the provisions of section 214
of the Act of May 3,1945 (59 Stat. 134,31 U.S.C. 691).
(b) The head of each such Federal department or agency shall
designate an Assistant Secretary or equivalent level official who shall
have primary and continuing responsibility for the participation and
cooperation of that department or agency in regional economic devel-
opment as required by this order.
(c) The head of each such Federal department or agency shall keep
the Secretary of Commerce and the Council informed of all proposed
regional economic development plans of his department or agency.
S(d) The head of each such Federal department or agency shall,
consonant with law and within the limits of available funds, cooperate
with the Council and with the Secretary of Commerce in carrying out
their functions under this order. Such cooperation shall include, as
maybe appropriate, (1) furnishing relevant available information,
(2) making studies and preparing reports, (3) in connection with the
development of programs, priorities, and operations of the depart-
ment or agency, giving full consideration to any plans and recom-
mendations for the economic development of the various regions,
including recommendations made by the Council, and (4) advising on
the work of the Council as the Chairman may from time to time request.
$C. 5. Responuibilitisa of the Federal Cochairmen and the Chair-
tma of tie'Field VrOIo attee. The Federal Cochairmen, and the Chair-
manot the Jield Committee as appropriate, shall-
i (a) Mainta continuing liaison xwith the Secretary of Commerce
with respect to the activities of the regional commissions and the Field
(,0 Adher. to general., Federal policies affecting regional economic
development that are established by the Secretary of Commerce.





(D) it includes a procedure, meeting the requirements of para"
graph (4), for review (prior to construction or modification) of
theJ location of new sources to which a standard of performance-
wil l apply;
(E) it contains ad uite,P QVWsP for intergovernmental
cooperation, including a6duxSIfsmdry to insure that emissions
of air pollutants from sources located in any air quality control
region will tdtiir & IUbl 6SihiWWfnaintenance of
such primary or seqao ,. sudg$, in vz portion of such region
outside of such State d t y'ottaity control region;
^ ". -" ". .?, / *. ", l ". "9 s' A .. '# '. . H"
htva &. de:q3u i persoim 6 t r fl
implementation plan," (i requ M ibmetnidfl n.hat 1 P--
b y 6 . ," ; "" # : .. ... ,It, .. .. .
m eitby ownerskot bpe"aktme^ht~tltfl'afi&Q
sions from suchore (fi) lo-'tS'
and amounts nf suchd em0M h's (##^ h 6pwht4 (fbW d
coeate'la by tete agency -with aany smiaish. 1MlItI#MM KSW
standards established; ptursuant fr -tith ^6l4W ^er itieh e$t
shall be avainA e at reasonttblte times % pnbsie inifm r" itn
(v) for Aomort y comparabW1to-thait'iAsetsim.A h40 "i oft
title, and' adeqte coiitihgeney plans. 44 Iinpsvtusr wfrie
ity . ,.* :' "- ** *. '** *;* '. .. ...: .."'.- f ft {t~ i dri i .
i i t prvtes, to thentent neAry tn ivtM bit 1
pertofic inspection and testing of morlh"oilesi f*c itm
1inee with a:Plicale emission standtrdum,,md .,.,. ,I:.,,
(H) it provides for reriion, alter putiitbeSl .h*,*e)s4
'(I) from time to time as may be neoeatato'tMttxMttt.
visionS of such nationaIl primary e' seea 7 w tlbrietAtfrqbaily
standard or te availablity of i'wrIibA'Y n"c"
melhod of 6adhie#ing. such primary or' ...i..rty",taabrdor
S(ii) whenever :the Admirilstratot finds on th& ba6s o int io
avilabihe to him that the plat is. 'iwads ,to-
aehieve the national ,minttir. .qua . ary or 1o,.1 .911
standard which it implmentic...' .' ": ". ", r:
(I) (A) The Admimnstrator t bll approve amy iwsioa 61 an im-.
ntatto 'Pplat applieableto an asir quitd co;ntrdt r "fT if he
nds" that it reets th qirm0eitts paragzph 2) id has
ben ad.oied*fby the State after sableonel.taf aadpblbaelieeDpI
(BY As Boon as practicablethi Admrinisratmor W l. eoalsthmbwth
the purpoes ca1 this chapter kad til 3nexSup pId ad m*fikron
menwti Coordmation Actat of a144 review sdrfttd'b ww^ itbkims
plementaitonplmns and reporUQt the Stake aniwhIIhIthr 9 #wk can
be revised in relation to fuel harmingaimfi ushrytuin .n
supplying fhel to such sounrs) witkot iwit) tht kttain-
ment and maintenares df tnMy national atnhenit muis:amhy't uarcd
with th. period permitted itth metisadd ltha Ux.BB i
mines that any suih plea cain be riesad- he shaILRuoityi h sI that
a plan revision may be submitb theb Styatwt, biM I
*hi& is submit hd the Stats aterpmb. b poib a*ppor-
tm'tyfow public hearing, be qpprnedbb Ag, re-edl
viparlasr tes o( o t thi fuet Stimn. nuvj #a.ito sourcu odp tr
p1y0" 'fuel to subh sources), sd the pisat erimi motpt with
paragraph (2) of this subsection. The Administrator shall IvMN or




H "if

JOSEPH 0. FINISH, New Jersey
District of Columbia
STEPHEN L NEALb North Carolima.
LES AuCOIN, Oregon
PAUL E. TSONGAS, Massachusetts
BUTLER DERRICK, South Carolina
BRUCE F. VENTO, Minneota
WS WATKINS, Oklahoma

I. 1)


1. tc t

PAUL NELSON, GClerkf and SLt f Director
GAsT Cw ws II, Gouusel.
MECi L.I JACKsON, Minority Sta Director
GRAHAM T. NoRTHuPr, Deputy Minority Staff Dlfrtor

WILLIAM S. MOORHEAD, Pennsylvania .: tiaY BROWN, Mlehlan
District of Columbia CH ARLBES GRAULY.X mw I He
LE8 AuCOIN, Oregon
JAMES J. BLANCHARD, Michigan 1! .
CARROLL HUBBARD, JAm., Kentucky : ilm:m:.
PAUL ). TSONGAS, Masachusetts a '.* m i
MARK W. HANNAFORD, Callfornia .."'" : '
DAVID W. EVANS, Indiana .. .:: ..; '' ..
STANLEY N. LUNDINE, New York*II m mmri. :' m .... mm F:.: m: :: m

S. ... .... .... ...

. .... .. ,,.r.b ... ...

GnALD w. McMtuMiaq1
Bo. C.. FaToom, lhw. Prtot# 1
raA. t blS., 89..f
*T x* muiimi jl:: *I t il imildl:"..: lE~~E m

1 "IH. ...
Ain .mo, ......
.. . 1..
* ( m* ::mR










~A *1 *-~

. : . ......." ....

' : u ,-

..:H ." .:.: *.:. 'I-."'!*.
." : .. *..i..**"* :. :: :. :i::' *:* .!. ::Ei: .:
: .* .... .. ......

HOUS ,OMMITTZE ON BAN': -,I N:o: ... .

S.4A35j- EWW M ek .,ma*
1, "l~ it i "h....a ":" ::"-

I"" .::^.. M.........: .. ., ::. :.
STUWAXT B. McKsiIUYp hmuflet
GnOne HANSEN, Idaho
HERY HYDE, Dhnoim :|

NWll TSBh.Ei l, lfarylm~
TH&M4S B. EVANL, Jm-, Paw., a
.. :f ** " ..) : :-' i T" ..: *:



1981 COiNsc'tiifkb tirf iin '..

of August 31, 1954; a amended iMl their pow tmdandi-ai $f Aw
Secretary under any other Act authozing agricultural credit, tlhe
Secretary may assign and transfer such powers, duties, and assets,
to the Farmers Home Administration, to be headed by an Adminis-
trator, appointed by the President, by and with the advice and. con-
sent of the :Senate, without regard to-the civil service laws or chapter
51 and subchapter IM of chapter 53 of Title 5, who shall receive basic
compensation as provided by law for that office. .
The Secretary may- .
(a) administer his powers and duties through such national,:
area, State, or local offices and employees in the United States
and in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands as he determines to
be necessary and may authorize an office to serve the area corn-
p osed of two or more States if he determines that the volume of'
business in the area is not sufficient to justify separate State
offices, and until January 1,1975, make contracts for services inci-
dent to making, insurmng, collecting, and servicing loans and
property as determined by the Secretary to be necessary for
carrying out the purposes of this chapter; (and the Secretary.
shall prior to June 30, 1974, report to the Congress through the
President on the experience in using such contracts, together with
recommendations for such legislation as he may see fit) ;
(b) accept and utilize voluntary and uncompensated services,
and, with the consent of the agency concerned, utilize the officers,
employees, equipment, and information of any agency of the
Federal Government, or of any State, territory, or political
(c) within the limits of appropriations made therefore, make
necessary expenditures for purchase' or hire of passenger vehicles,
and such other facilities and services as he may from time to time
find necessary for the proper administration of this Act1
(d) compromise, adjust, or reduce claims, and adjust and
modify the terms of mortgages, leases, contracts, and agreements
entered into or administered by the Farmers Home Administra-
tion under any of its programs, as circumstances may require, but'
compromises, adjustments, or reductions of claims of $15,000 or
more shall not be made without the approval of the Admiitra-
tor: Provided, however,. That-,
(1) compromise, adjustment, or reductj6n of laims shall
be based on'the value of the security and a determination
by the Secretary of the debtor's reasonable ability to pay,
considering his other assets' and income at the time of the
action and with or without the payment of ay considera-
tion at the time of such adjustment or rqductio;
(2) releases from.... personal liability may also be made
with or without payment of any consideration at the time
of adjustment of claims aas
(A) borrowers who ave transferred the secux!y prop-
erty to approved applicants uder agreement assuming
the outstanding secured indebtednWs; ,
(B) borrowers who have transfe4eLA the se utity prop-
erty to approved applicants under aemata s.swm ng
that portion of the secured indebtedness equal t the Cur-


'6I EUDVXSyW Ta$B O1 n31

(.c) In form the appropriate Federal deparktw ih&- &gehie 'of
programs and projects to be considered thby thed domiesibwtan&t ,st
tempt to obtai & i consensus within. the Federal:GoenWTn61ent throur
consultation with appropriate Federalfagency ep iesntativei before
casting a vteon any suchmatter n: v .4'.
(d) Represent the participating Federal Oepartments atid agencies.
in connection with the activities of the regional eommi fSions&1.&. t. .
(e) Submit to the Secretary of Commern& regional economic devel-
opment plans. and programS of thetregionhl co!imissionu, budgetary
recommendations, legislative recommendations,- and progress reports,.
as requested by the Secretary of Commerce, '1entihettiviti$" f' the
regional commissions. 7 '\ i i i
(f) Submiit reports required by section' 604 of"the Appalachian
Regional Development Act of 1965 and by section 510 of the Public
Works and Econiomic Developmimt Act' #f 1965 to the Secetrary' of
Commerce for review prior to transmittaltto'the President er the-
Congress. "4
SEC. 6. Appalachian Proqqrm. (a) Funds appropHtited 'purstant-
to section 201 and 401 of the Appalachian egional Development
Act of 1965 shall be available to the Federal Cochairnani'ofthe :AP.-
palachian Regional Commission for tle purposes of-carryirig 0utthat
Act.. .. . . .: '
(b) The Federal Cochainr'in of the AppalachianXRegional Comnrfiis-
sion is delegated the functions conferred upon the Pftesident by sections
214(a), 802 (a), and.302 (c)i of the Aipalachian Regional Devtilof nt
Act of 1965, which shall be exercised by him in accordance with the
provisions of this order. .
SEC. 7. Construction. Nothing :in this order shall be construed as
subjecting any function vested by law in,' or ssgined purstiant tolaw
to, any Federal department or agency,, to the authority of the Council
or the Secretaryof Commeree, or asabrogating or restricting any'such
function in any manner. ,'
SEC. 8. Defi tion. Except as thecontext may othir wise require, any
reference herein, to any Act, or to any provisIon of any Act, shall be
deemed to be a reference thereto as amended frot time to time.
SEc. 9. Prior Ewecutive Orders. (a) Execrtive Ordr No. 1i1182, as
amended, is hereby further amended as follows '" '' !'"
(1) By changing the heading of the order so as to read as follows:
(2) By striking the words "the Hotinsg dhd Honie Finenmce Admm-
istrator" from section l(b) and by Insetting in Etu theeof the words
"the Secretary of Hopsing and Urban Devel6oinmet, te 6 rqctiort
the Office of Economic Opportumny 7 %.*
S(8) Bstfubstituting the folowmf0 oksubsefeioa (a'. of Sdtio&'
"(a)' Subject to the ginert*l ditwin*S ai#d guidance 61 46 Sei6tar
of Commercehthe Field Conhmiittee shill afirtt at tze'rij4dl P.'l inr-
mentality ifor developing &iordinateidpht6s'%Uer1tv
which contribute tor econemic- ad resources dove apm^At in A#ak6
and for recommending approl% te action by the PtdetMO64erniMnt
to'cairty u&tsaudihpltki.hY9 I. "I I- Jw14 2: '
(4) By striking from sectionp 8(e) and (f) the words.'.R. W
Com(titt" atnd rby inmeit oni ier their .thie flrds. i&t a of
cCormers'; 3i J i J 'ii "


4Vib.eoa; _the eional l.,eadars of labor. and, management .in the con-
qnid :intcry a.v ind Cate since t&e suspension of thf Davis
At -that unkr sch an order they will participate with the
ranwH wt fk measures to achieve greater wage and price t&
gt unaltoa 'gee on afiy voluntary arrangement and--
AW, 4zition of wages and prices is most effectively
^w 'i : ied by p.ositive action of labor and managerp
[ lr | .'f~ d .-1^ o : ,- ,-. .... *
.Wherar, this or.ader is required'to establish an arrangement for the
ie ibyan crity^ operating structure with a minii
i.iof (*ovsnrn.enth 0- ip.leiniti aid sanctions' within. whieh dabor
rna~agn ent may aW .to effecuate the stabilization of wages and
rices consistent with and in furtherance o effective collective bIr-
ng Rn the.industry, .
lW r, there, by virtue of thle authority vested in me by the Eco-
p Stiilization Act of 1970 (84 Stat. 799 as amended) and as
president of the United States, it is ordered as follows: .
CndVi. ;1W (ao), A. Construction Industry Stabilizatioi Committee
cr fr retaerred to as "'Coimmittee') is hereby established to assure
c..foru wqt. any increase" in any' wge Or salary in the
nstrudion indnatr' fo the provisions of this order.
pj (b^NTha Committee phall lbe composed of twelve members appointed
Secretary of Labor anld selected as follows: four of the members
1, prent of labor prgnizations in the 'construction in-
ir f members shall -be representative of employers in
,e;onstrictibnu ji^strjy; and; four of the members shall be repre-
aIveof. the plibich .Thd Secretary of Labor shall appoint one of
members as chairman of the committee.
E. 2 association 6f contractors and national and international
ppifos shal .ijintly establish craft dispute boards (hereinafter re&
.-".. ..,oar., determire whether wages and slaries are
4, 1iyiim.nacbor aone with the criteria established in section 6. Eaclh
oard shall be composed 6of appropriate labor and management repre,
z qn b t4 V.e...C. ,:. .
,^a e .f .,. .. "" "* "* ."" -" ; ** " " '**- ' .
; 3, (a),JZ shall.tbe the it6o6s5baity of tach board, in relation to
W.fJCt.or x,?!aah over vwhcih it :has jurisdiction, t provide adiwe
$ :b .,2 2, i.;Aeh ove "h I "d ad"
k4atssitance ia ajieffort to resolve any unresOlved collective bargain-
Ing disputes involving wage' andL salaries anid to promptly examinee
0 nEl ectiye bagu agreement iegrtiated on or aftrth: date
Ir lec t e bg .u'"'g: 'gree.nt .i.. .. d: "" ""
jjt(is.r Pnd to AUternine, hi aceordagee with the criteria estab;
rIj# .i^,tj ioa (E, i.hetehr wage and salary increases inthe akremieht
uc01 (hue be approved.'Tle board shall mnketdh2
.......a ...... ... . ....a k..... .. L i l A.
on withifl .resoftablo time anXd shall ndtily the prties
-Ca~ ura.taenrWin:r':s dt~m ci., bA r
bt R1e boara 9 all 'ilso
0*lTO iultts 1hi
.w .d A .. o n A :e t

q. .......1.
e t h a o rt h q a 4 t 6 id1
ctf~s oh

San, AInc es reasbabfi
'Itor enuAnn zpj,

*1N a "

Powic hWuusg-Continued
UEq uivaent elimlziatlon of 0nmeaf' or lna. tafl bousi unit .e- ,
qired-Sc. 10(a), old U.S. Housing Act of 19877- 394
EIittiaa housing: US Sr .-' .
Beabilitat8oa-Se3, U.S. Aouvfi Akf 1937- --------- 367
Bp s5( b),,,u.S. "Ho0fidin Act of 1fM7- -_-_...---- 371
''Federal orrotoing to Lflee lof i-Sed 4:, U.S.rousing Act of 197;
Sec. *OM UIS. Housing Act hJ1QB57- _-_-- ------ 370,412
4S FS, UU.S. Housing Act f 1937; Sees. 9,10, l2 old
U. Housing Act 1937---__._...t O --I B-O 393-413
Hearing on refusal to admit tenants-See. 6(c), U.S. Hning Act
of BI;ae. 10(9)", old U.a HEbu qAet if 1987- __ _--. 375,398
High-Sae pshIbited except where 4mLridUcal oa for sldeij-4ec. 6
(a), U.S. in cto 17; Sc. 15(11), d U.S. Hoing l t
4Of 4 M3 374,411
S' Of 1.93..18..................----_--.-------_-------- .. ---_". :_34 1
IncobmMn t-e., 6(c), U.S. Housing At of 127; Seet. 210(g)-.
d. < Md.US Housing Act of .1937 . ---- -_---.- 367,37, -7, 398
Inas-SAwee 5(e), U.tHousimg Act of T._?----- _---_-. 371
",*:: Interest mates-confliett between Federal and State law-See. 702,
Emegtency U~p.e TmnaUc6 Act of 1970---_-.__ _._._--------.. 641
- Labor tandard-Sec. 12, U.S Housaing Act of 1987; See. 16, old U.B.
Ho tsing AJt of 1937 .--.------- .< ___--- -.3_ .83,411
Leased hoesing-Sem. 10(c), 10(g), 28, old U.S. Housing Act of 1987;
Sec. 208,.Housng and Communlty Development Act of 3974...- 384,
+. + ; '9 ,, 5,398,415
T Loan fOr-acqulitiO, development of, and operation-Sec. 4, U.S.
Huat Act of 197; Sect 9. old U.S. Houeing-Act of 1937t_.... 370,
X; ........ ..... .. .... ... ....... .... 3 9 3 40 6
on for lannin or obtaining finand g for-See. 106(b), Hbusing 0
- and :UrbIa DeVelopqmet Act t 1968'-. .._ -- 504
.oopMMation agreement requlrede..6e (e) ,.U.' Homusing Act of
S... Se. 15(7)., old 0U.S. Housing Ate of d..t.------..-- 373,408
.i oTcal goavernln body approval required .
A.." Ph :Ui. Rouung Actof 1987-l--.---.------ 373
~IW jrtaefl7)oMA flU ml-&H sig Act of 1=37- --- 408
adepedent O enApropraion Act, 1 .62 a._____.... 419
Ipdepsdeat Oftces Approprlation Act, =9S3 420
.M b eaent9Offis Appreoprjationa et, 3D5......---.----- 422
ilimetal M.Ig.OpraemBn Act, 194...._--.----. --- 421
f9Ja5ti vq at settle. or facsltles provided-See. 10(khlold U.S.
&C A d Ac_ 0t J M.1ST4.* A-.4 rL r-.-.-....auw ...q.- 400
o boI assistance plan-Sea 213(a) (5), HousIng& and Com-
N. m 'ntgTh.velQp"t At q9 W11; Sec.. 8 U.S. Howsig Act at 4M-7 17,378
1o0 Acau*f IlORRIrdt Se 8 E UeS. Actjf 19K 367
U Houslpg-cfhp fvqea : SW o.10( Hold Act
O l!!l .... ++ .:: 887 A- -6.1-88

S-R ^. 4I8
I fl t..f a. 1 U

vow"'ALSAR 397,413
4 A .: .

14:1 4675~T3 413

I ,.. : : o v 388

. 4 .. .. J


c *-i^f^D$ATELOpflWTTSIcir'OttWM'riSa 104.
(4)Tg-^t~iu i~reitt^ tpO)?tiobC rot n4

.mig :dwelling u ,t, Xii) the sizes and. types of housing
k: i, ,^-,ats ait assistance best suited'to the needs of lower-
t e ,.., .. ..ersbsr in the community, and (iii) in the case of :
` subsidizsd'"ihabilitation, adequate provisions to assure that
S. *'. 'pr ponderance of pert6ns assisted should be of low- and
^J~i~lrbderateneral~ l6^in of**,
'(C) indictes the, general loctiotns of proposed housing
*~ ~ '* :-frfourthcmeering it t
S f lweinome persons, with the objective of (i)furthering
tht'. e i t izationof the community, including the restoration
-. ". andi rehabilitation of stable neiglhbrhoods to the maximum
S"'*i "e~ f*ient pdssible, and the ;reclamation of the housing stock
where, feasible through the use of a broad range of techniques
"* - tr itiinifg te.storatofi by* local government, the private sec-
i..(5, ot iammnitty .organizations, including- provision of a
16 t oreants- displaced as a result of
'"';, bad Y aetivites t r--elocate in their immediate neighborhood,
'r., ..:. promoting gredterr choice of housing opportunities and
' .. W'. avoiinr undue.'eoncentrations of assistd persons in areas
01) c a 1. a 0high proportion of low-income persons, and
#1 ()-B~'heAvailabilit i
',.6f" pulblic facilities 'and services
31 1 P'adg4uaf e ssrtevtpposed housig projects;
Ix (( prOtides ~tisfaetbor assurances that the program will be"
Vj IddAteA ^ fddmi et with Tiibilc Law"
W3452 WhaeflPti.Mic Law9O-28 and 90-
(6)1 provides satisfactory assurances that, prior to submission
LWtMw ptibn, itia&' (A) prepared and followed a written .zp' iptiion.lan '"heh provides citizens an opportunity
to .participate in the development of the application, encourages
*1,A. Mbni*n [of views aid: proposals, particularly by residents
^ 'utlt1~%d',ighbbthods: and citizens of .ow- and moderate-
ineome, provides for timely responses to the proposals submitted,
i da ied0i4 le h9tn. at t.t iand odatiom'n.which permit broad
!'^'^ikrteitaiet 1) prcnitled citizens with acdequate information
'.kr & t1a~~06iount 6f ftnds available for proposed commu-
.tIt$d o ...n mctti hi "housing activities, the range of
tttivities that may be undertaken, and other important require-
r t0 C(O)J:1 hltiubliP hearings .to obtain the yi*es of citizens on
i* eitit delpmetandOusini eds; atAd (D) provided
.et *erne .with ah op6otuntity to6 submit comments concerning the
i. c6iimunity development performance& 6f the applicant; 'but noth-
: in.i this. pia groph shall bei onstried to restrict the responsi-
I sudbdtity of the applicant for the development of the
i ftfltt .ereto of it c6mmurhnity development
.. -' i *1r a.m .
Sbtr(lN morsthan 10 per eenitsm of the estimated costs referred
toe' subsection (a) (2) which are to be incurred during any contract
pd4 .~rihgymtWeorgt inp ed lodl option activities which
. a. *1....tS....*.. beetinon iO5Aa) pfor a continijgy
t uat Wousn$' aA CMdauuMlfflr Dwelobmat Act of 1.977, Apread
&- i ti

0 t x t i .*.


zJ nrc.

I 8

(c (?i The amiiitration may. ufirt e.rxtend the maturity of
or renew any loanih made pursuant to this section, 6r any loan trans-
ferred to the Administration pursuanttc Reorganization Plan Num-
Sbeared 2. of 1,. or Reorganization Plan Numbered 1 of 1957, for
Sadditionalupeibds not to exceed ten eears' beyond the period stated
...'. =...... .. rl : ""," oI & ea li "fld., a tion"
Therein, if such extension oP renewal wil aii $ide orderly liqUidation
Sof such loan.
(2) During any period in which principal and interest charges are
Ssuspendec6oh the de deral share of any loan, as provided in subsection
(b) of this section, the Administrator shall, upon the request of any
person, firm, or corporation having a participation in such loan, pur-
chase -suich participation, or assume the obligation of the borrower,
h, the J pznce of such period, io make principal and interest payments
Qfn the nqx-Fedexal shkre of such loan: Proided, That no such pay-
ets shall be 'made by the Administrator in behalf of any borrower
unless '(i), the Adminfiisttat6r determines that such 4etion is necessary
in'order to e voida default and (ii) the borrower agrees to make pay-
ments to the 'Administiati'on in an aggregate amount equal to the
41oiit pid in its behilf'by the Administrator, in such manner and at
sudch times (during or after the term' of the loan) as the' Administra-
tor shall determine having due regard td' the purposes sought to be
achieved by this paragraph.
(d) * *
(f) In the administration of the disaster loan program under sub-
section (b) (1) of this section, in the case of property loss or damage
a .reult f a disaster which is a "major daster" as defined in sec-
tion 2(a) of the Act of September30, 1956(42 U.S.C. 1855a(a)), the
Small Business Administration, to the-extent such gss or damage is
not compensated for by insurance or otherwise, may lend to a privately
owned r-ilwd 'or university without regard to whether the required
financial assistance is otherwise available from private sources, and
may .waive interest payments and defer principal payments on such a
loan for the first three years of the term of the loan.
SEC. 8. * *
(i^fb) !wlaJi ale be the duty of the Administration and it is em-
pjowered,*htrlevtt determines such action is necessary-
"'1 < .
(14) to provide at the earliest practicable time such informa-
tion nd assisted ais may be appropriate, including information
cdnctid eligibility' for loans under section 7 (b)(8), to local
public nien e(as defined in sectinlO.110 (h) 'of the Housing Act
't" 1849) and to small-business concerns to be displaced by fed-
erqly aided urban renewal projects in order: to assist such small-
I bwias 'corn.rus inreestablishingtheiw operations'; and
.a .ib. tow -diaemnt rwgahout rdd o 'the prhvisionsof 39
..8.0. 4154 data and information, in such' otmnai it shall deem
W p lipc agency I,0 private. organization., a the
"'/. : -.: n (+n ij ^ :. .0 .^j ;': -. ; *. ;, :... + ;. .+ ',' '.... .. ^ ": /, :
.4 *'1 S".; + '. : .I, .. 1.3 ,< ,
,, 4 .
LU. bTA zI xiA ~ ~ 1~~

Approved July 18,1958. .. .!. '
-+ '+...+'. +i ". ,t + ....< r .- ;, ,+ ; ,.+. . + ,^ ,;.,
I ~ ~- '1I:^1,"<., **' : i-, ** J i f t *



; istentet 4 Congress that the Yederal assistance made available
under this title not be utilized to reduce substantially the amount of
ei St iaI l.aL 'vppert for community development activities below
e' lb el0ft! suth 'support prior to the availability of such assistance.
.lJAo(dR) It is alsothe purpose of this title to further the development
-t intioenal -urban growth policy by consolidating a number of
klex and overlapping programs of financial assistance to com-
(ittiqs: of rarying sizes aind needs intG a consistent system of Federal
s ... ) provides assistance on an annual basis, with maximum cer-
o i- f t y and minimum delay, upon which communities can rely in
-'! hwir~plneming;
"-M .enomerages .icnamity development activities which are
S consistent with comprehensive local and areawide development
- j3)}utnther achievement of the national housing goal of a
- hdni home and a suitable living environment for every Ameri-
S: .(4) fosters the undertaking of housing and community develop-
m ent activities in a coordinated and mutually supportive manner
by:- Federtl agencies and programs, as well as by communities.
? .,, : ; i ". '* / .': . .

r BSto.' 12a) A used in this title--
S (1) The term 'S"unit of general local government" means any
i 1 "6ity, corfnty, town, township, parish, village, or other general
M: t rpn. political sabdivisibn of a State; Guam, the Virgin
A"RiRads, and American Samoa, or a general purpose political sub-
." diviai 'nthereof; a combination of such political subdivisions rec-
*E yiad by the Secretary; the District of Columbia; and the Trust
Ttefto- of the Pacific Islands? Such term also includes a State
t` 041Wi bdy-oLi
Ik localcl public bodyor agency (as definedtin section 711 of the
iis;H ng ind Urban Development Act of 1970), community asso-
ciatiaow nt oithr entity, which is approved by the Secretary for
!i 4. thie purpose of riding public facilities or services to a new
' r o..Jittit 1. t art of a program meeting the eligibility standards
q t.4 skstlwn 1of the Housing and Urbanbevelopment Act of 1970
i ^' titl TV of the Houliing and Urban Development Act of 1968.
7; <) ( Tlie term' "StIAte" means any State of the United States,
"(!c Cr a1ny iitftmentalfity thereof approved by the Governor; and
tH.. theOlam moiiAwealthoof Puerto Rico.
(8) The term "metropolitan area" means a standard metropoli-
qilJ fU stiti fik a n t S established by the Office of Management
h l~ ^ ~ ~ e s' .'. *11- -.. * * ". ,,- *.. ) _
(4 mepas a city within a
"1 metropolitan ari which is ti central city of such area, as defined
^n byiid-tiidyhe Office of Mgagement and Budget, or (B) any
-'r I4 r u3t1 w4&nia anetropelitaa area, which has. a population of
;..i... tih .uaw4 oQr o.0re; except that any city which:1acSrbemn
.. cla esifd is rss.tropolitan ky 'under clause (B) o" ah. par-
S....sph.hall cotinueta. be o0 classified until the decennial census
'. Il .11 !.. ^ ....1 ':. -i ( .* ,: : : *... . : .. r i : .* ,. :' "
2Atiddby section IO3w L..a ,.12%, awivouedntobe. 12, 1977, 91 -Stat 1111, to read Aes set fotth in
t Aendeed by section 102(a) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 10TT
Public Law 95-128, approved October 12, 1977, 91 Stat. 1111, to read as set forth in
the test.

22-674-78--pt. 2- 12


National banks-oAtinted tl
Home impovemeat loans-See. 24 Fed*al reMRos Atsi*2
.. ..." '"AOj, .17 . .
la Inted real-state lo1ne-IS Ojikt'5fl&ljw4L aLfkdtaiL.. I
Investments i housiurban deveb.,mttrflhSo S rebd
6blijsasiSs-a2 iLS.C. 24- -.-^"----"SM _.._.J.tflU7
Public hoMur obligatiofs-InvSuedaet i-W & T igiaaL19 U_.Alt&1 li t
Mled l vp e l : .. ...... ., ..... ... .. ...... ..... ...... 1
eal tate loans: .- .. . .. ... .
Aut horitr-Sec. 243 Pedea! MRemerv A .;...a......i'lJqj 724
ihmits on: Isa .. r-. :.. : *:.U.[.:: '.httir 4a 1
Exceptions wben loans lao llare^flhumit sflflhtefb,
Aedra oStatet 1wmrsrt-^ 2"1Fde11K~t
Act"bl ....s n.......-..n-- -- n.i... a. a..._.-_ ..._.._ c.ii._..i.iu~a i, ._ ,: .. . ... :, 4, : a .aie..ii. .kj j...:za: t a!i.....l- .7*W
Act ----^J^i^^--.^- -7*f
HTTUD-insuredIl loans gitei-Sc,
Act al 17
Guaranteed obligation EI State hbuaii tnd: ..o....'i :
algecie exptdfo-e.821.Bnnf r t
iv i -et Act' *
Rural housing or bCildin2gs--laon -e&& 34/Vek4
State houslug agenci.obltgaU6hstf-in In)LB12tSIa2t5S 710
National Commissftononn irb Pretventimn inand)t._ tt4,egttz
a membet -Title XI, Fire Reserch nd fSutrAt 500ttR
National ommlssion o"'n FedS Diss "er :
I J 0 Jnib. .u e
National Commiasin on Neighbbfhood.kt.`4-_L -l--__ -..< 986
National Environmental Pocy Act .I ----., .4.;.7,.Ji.fl/l"
National FloodI:suane :Act op ..eL.itl .a :
National UomeowneUshlx, Flnuidatio nb BjflhdeitM d tosiag fr* Io1el4.t SC
families; Rural housing .. .... .
Audit-See. 1W7(g), jout d r&uwi' Dbpme.etWEti At 94Sw 9
Creation and 'fnctilonfe-.Sec;107, Housing tAd UltiiA DdflIphin ..
Act of 1 8.e....7^ dhkfcd~-------------- S9
Grants andp loans to oqgpbfztlons prosotin* homeoWrnliV r
housing opportunities fa o weri"*e efamIessb. ::S9j
and Urban fDevelopmet' Aet of W$6.^.' 1'q Z1t 505
National Housing Act: ' "- . ....j
Title 1-Hoainiit Renovation and Mod r-oiato,._V..* .."1
Title II -Mortgag e Insurance--.;. .... .= 164
Sees. 2"5 ( 25 (E)-Oounsefn--------.---------,-AI 25, d
Title Ill-National Mortgage.. Aseeiatio sW (Fteodil.tPi* 4' .
gage Association nrar AM1 us
n iittvin ** --- .16 .-- 7.. i,..
Title IV-,nurance of :avlngranf 1. .....-... .. 2S
TTitle .... i 2M6
Title VI-War Hou sing i tRit. --., 297
Title VII-Insural r Iner nte intl uAin. I. S I .,
of KModintterateds ...i-.neLeal.......suZ 2Iet' S
Title VUJI-Armed Services. Houlin IMo prae.-,,--,
0 A to". I... ,l".,A.
Title IX-Nationbal De iteHouinlg.'-^
Title X-Mortgage Insurance for Land DetS k
Title XI-Mortgage Insurance fbor Group Ptrac.t f--- Ba:'_1 ,,,
CuTitle X!-Nati; t 81. ..."I! .

Deiolaattla ofSeVoi 4 )ti h
II~ l. i~l i,, .. k "." l,.:'7 W. .... ......v

NtnationaolHoalu1 M 1,
url n De n and-repofts ,...

5064,>,, Rouing hct 0o 194L.arqamaesaa,,,: ,11 up. u wt..1 hNM*I.a S
A 4 9 ,0 Sm 3 _N...S C L cL_.._ .. .. .......
... l o r nA W - 3. . .Mi -x. A" -- . .4 A -- . ... ...,

,e& V"t : f= ." 1 .". .... ..


11 6.1,Mo '0 MI15o-mums .40
o.k" ,,4 ..ea_ wt t1edta *. fithe Wmtilieta district 0aut4 oA
", 4 tt' jf si Mtatebiwwtty oar ridedy fsrejeition the uwigt
__ ---A-i-A--A
A4 "o -d" WzW,MUW
II *MiitS&8 iffi^^aiWVD^0t wj-an ide fioing Q -ot

. . . .. e, . Al 04t a _. .,A
p4 ;: p 4ttiltjaWow m7' ay rqipmcR Y Iparauait to sections 81 an4
4 flt. . whenos'e txf -n frs..benrf-nrseaminge toh.
11thSA .(0 .9 biae& aoWiund ti nsad fety, 4a. the. Com-
is fsionis aurye den sppcute, wich .estn tIAons ad. require-
.i Bri^bly vpd ..imeh .-year aftorite incorporation
!| f.. h^or'Str 0am1066.- in the cae of
.:A,'. X,. tw*i and . a W .do
'..', ny rq.uie h "at ny pymt minBR in lieu of property taxes or

a ,i. x 7.r t tY
* .tozor lc impruavenents mnade by the (Commission with be pqataIptomted.

to-wsetna with reslpettotyhos os
S afl (Waw amr Ir 11 Bwrmaa TUnANBr-lpon application by
iny wn psta t inglB or -dplem huse ade within the period of
& ew fita p..ri. y hen .s; ,. uchou r first ob"red for sale under this
Ate tb mi me rsha-l, a troted aleae toasich occupant for a period
not t. pseid cn fr thei teAet p owhioh. sudach property is first;
e&xsdf..itrmmty.t ifors0.. pwy .. tdi) 1 smami a& projeaesonamlectde
B ,TtUiwhmlm r o iAtiM. il:idllAingt mwrihouse with respect .to
thi'hn asml .Wenll ad tieoo leittlbmsmtioaied is i ect, the Gomiissioil
pwi^v {t*t ikei pn'b asrsbuaf e W ay or all obligations gf
rt~f~fl~jhn ti<] iwk~dfsi h~Ahl gflusatottj&teIssue's prwfennanee
if4 ^lmarfh~tj. a .

r n^ LgateMOiiii mission is& authorized, i'% sraauis upoin padal 'th Ais Act omr
on imaad y Wain th wiano of tbe eommuiity within the
D ic L a waffbIr ffltr al. to the lessees siuvl rem-
ntaii~ iqtswhich wftr Wad e)flompetitive -bid and whh do
I Vl -i a GovenwmismaUwtiwdl building thwC9eon, at a price equal
I1 JIM"ii W"ualwmAian.of tilelanA6awsdbeheina th
H.. t-ili Iam io uutkqthriuec tw offer for sal, as soon a
i*m, L o cr lh a t iudkviu u& amere, upsm- which single
!r iduptw lkolsm may be arocted& taikg into conuideratiea
m iligfn~B misrwtnniatlu dyi lkl t~otat with respect
Uiti 2om tt- u q strietion to be taken into account
:I ift *.A lwaq atul& 1hosm whkitithe local government is likely
to euact with respect to those lots.
diBKhfiRlBOxXb -Eft o^Jr a &r.t HoumaB.-
"Wi Sm ' a l 0-:suthoriat at Las Alamo txo grat tot oeu-
a6e MMwsand peacss residing in the cctnmur
.1t ij 'of Publ e L air 87-719, approved SepteMbW. 28% 1 74 (T& it, 6@6,, h eMteA "w
8A.lP"inO1.the aseofLois Man
U. bW& IS= low1 OZ tbuIl 23 IU6, .76Stt S65 4%nefted. this
Wifir t aeauSI t9et~ 4 1 .f Nfbile Law S9-l approved Deeber
3 fItY' gntnt to eboperatives, the entie tnPbI
Il of ~lohS Is wesricted to project-connected persona, such priorities 1bo t. e .
sha S apmat btI iAf mtuin dennp fair and reasonable. The
p'zu.wt. M _4aOtl XaiLhLer te Ift within such time as the Comn-
mmoma te the cooperative has not obtained one hundred per centum initiala




* ":&4 'I

4 ; -.;j&: *,,
lif ^ ^ i. ", if..s : ,.I --,

I : ?

": :!, t'F ** ''* .. ", ** ; ^ .. -*'*, ..
E { T-C :' - .4. <, .. '. ,".
|.(|etreial, ms and References Used in Connection with Housing and Community
i ... iDevelopment' ActiviWties tnder Laws in This Compilation)

! JL A..


-Annual Contributions Cottrcts-public housing.
:Envi6ronmental Jrotecftion Agency.
iP-Fainerts Home Administrtioh. :
tF' ederal Home Lokn Baxlk Board.
dfdt:il Homb Loi Morigage Corporation (FreddieMac).
-Federal Housing Administration. ac
T-Fe4iral' ation0li Mortgage Ahsociation (Fannie Mae).
F edeal SavInWs and Loai Insurance Corporation.
-(?overhm~l Nat~~al Mortgage Association' (GinriieMae).
-Department of Housing and Urban Develobment."
-Local'Housing Authority.
- cal Public Agency.
t 'hborhAod Developiment Prograi (urban renewal).
'oni Hounsirig Partnemrgbip.y"
Ivae r gage nsuranceinsurance o mortaes by pri-
....A .
rr hf6d'UVit ID~veloprneft.
SbEsate Inwestui Trust.'
7e6e1.s, Administration.
I-Blopk grant program fQr community development (Hous.
Ifiyfi Develpment-ct Of 1974.)
tr hafrn renewal' prgram-being terminated by Housing
Imntut P inggrmat&y:: sn
iityDevelopmeht Act of 1974 (Housing Act of 1949).
TLtoans insurance programs, HUD-p q rimrly property
recent lpans (NatibnaTlosing Act).
-"A stance j ments" to owners or prospective owners of
ibpbing to eoer padrt. of rent of 6low-income tenants (Housing
Rpnxn~4t&Dtvlpn-6nt kct of 1974")..
f-Lbw-rent housing provided, by public lihousing agencies
'ig, leased from private owner (US., H sing'Act Adf 137
g ,mcit by tht Housin and Conmmnity Develkprnent

'20O'-T 6nsf UDT for rental housirg for" the" derly and
'^h mo4~a~rt inswtnce for 1- to 4-fMiiily homes,
;thkfirtalTHA pibgram :? 'such h isingv" f 1`
tta" mola rtga insurahet for ffufifaiatil. housing,
koitiunti traditional FHA proAm forin ueh housing.
.. . *" ,:: .. .* .. .. f,' ; ( h i g... :


damaged or destroyed in the March 1964 tart&hquae and tbs-t
seismic waves, the President is authorized1 to make additionalm n
to the State of Alaska in an amount not to exceed a total of $5,500$
to match, on a fifty-fifty basis, any funds provided brthe Stuip t'pay
the costs of retiring or adjusting such mortgage obligtion lEn rd
to be approved, a State application for a grant carrying out the pur-
pose of this section must: (1) be in accordance with a plan submitted
by the State, to be approved by the President2 for the implementation
of the purpose of this section; (2) designate the State agency for
retiring or adjusting said mortgage obligationms;- (8) provide that
the mortgagor shall be required to absorb the da+maMge lam, to the
entire extent of his equity interest in the property and also agree to
pay at least $1,000 of the outstanding mortgage balance& (4) pro-
vide that no payments for retiring or adjusting mortgage obligations
on a single pperty shall exceed $80,0f; (5) b
to assure equitable treatment among homeowners and to prevent fl
justified payments or gains to the State, mortgagees or mortgagorm;
and (6) provide that the State agency will make such reports, in
such form and containing such information as the President2 may
from time to time require, and give the President, upon demand,
access to the records on which such reports are based."
SEC. 5. There is authorized to be appropriated such sums as may Sb
necessary to carry out the provisions of this Act, which shall be ai l
able for obligation until June 30,1967, excepts that any sums so appro
printed to carry out section 53 of the Alaska Omnibus Act .9hMl be
available after such date for obligation in connection with one or more
of the following urban renewal projects authorized for executiMpri
to June 30, 1967: Alaska R-8, Westchester; Alaska I-19, -- ia;
Alaska R-20, downtown Anchorage; Alaska R-21, Seward Aha
R-22, Valdez; A Haska H-25, Mineral Creek; Alaska E16, Sdnia.
Alaska R-28, Cordova. There is also authorized to be appropite
such sums as may be necessary for the expenses of such advisory M a
missions or committees as the President may establish in olnmt
with the reconstruction and development planning of the State of
Alaska. The total amount authorized to be appropriated pursuant to
this section shall not exceed $55,650,000.
Szc. 6. The authority contained in this Act shall expire on Jtme 80,
1967, except that such expiration shall not affect (1)' the authority
conferred by section 53 of the Alaska Omnibus Act until tit eam-
pletion of the following urban renewal projects authorized for exeam-
tion prior to June 30, 1967: Alaska R-8, Westhastr; A BI
: .. i ."
Executive Order 11196t empowered the Housngand aoins FnaemS Admahnterjt4
perform this function without the approval, ratIficatIOn or other aetton ofthke P
Executive Order 11196 empowered the Housing and Home Finance Adminlstratotrto
perform this function without the approval ratlcaton t er ot ateon of te
'Sec. I of Public Law 97-367, approved July 81, 1970. 84 ott 61 extn s*
line for the use of funds on the 8 designated urban renewal projects in. t.p .sqBc
,'Se. 2 of Public Law 91-367. sub tltuted claumeg] ad (for the MblW*h
"the payment of expenditure s for any obligation or comtmen eered Into amtr:a
Act prior to June 80, 7.. l. ,.'
*.? K


5204 PETEU.A ^~A^ M B

amprovement iI urvowiOfatsfl7
ence shall anpresentati.o er jfs,9
other;A ciwis; and ;pr tJ
togotfl ftab ed national.. o
(?>-&~fI %ropl PRO,^ieJ
National Growth and Economic omevl op1mW
Pxteident rist later than onwe )n
dat^on which the conference x c 4ed.
tijas indlUied therein shall be lumx iatqly madeaJlb1
lic. The President shall, within ninety days aiftr te
such final report, transmit to the' Congres hjs 4Clh
tho adrninistrative action .and Jdin1astimpznes L ")
recommendations contained in .such br .po
* p ** t q .. 1
.. .. * :'^ \ l (. : : : ; : .
. .* *
.-.. :l ; ,. .! '.. 2. ; a: ,

st~'n .j nine 'a
h *.

* 42. .'
,~: 212 14

SEC. 20M The President is' autiw.j& curd: 4]irtdtod A obsiiul
AdvisQ ry Committee ,to thE.:!White Bquse aQon n Btnwd
National Growth and Economic DevWopwt omp c wt l t
members) of Whoni no4 less'thaa fiveysi irYepiwep
private sector, and -the Secretaries otatl;epartafl& Pt
Agrieltuie, touinmg aad Urban Deyelqpment1 a4: *lsy
prograkm manag~psN ? ; . :. WX
a . g, r, !. l ". ..,
*- : .... '. .. i..; *, N. W .. ., .v r ...i r e" ") i "
U'. 'S *I.. 'tj;r *,[ [,
I f.t.. V' S l,
Approved 'October 12, 1976.
1Y. N IhT 1 4


"-. : :..., .. k. :; l X .T

: executivee Qrder 11588,
[36 FM. J4, GU9]
Whereas, the stabilization of wages and pi
industry lis essential to theinmanteni& asI
M.. . '
Wliereas, wages and prices in tie cotistrii&5i
in recent years to increase at a rvte ar
isa-wh lfe;and '.,= .
SWhereas, the Congress has expresse.4
!trained m in wages and prices g07 Qi




I personnell tinihgy' apprenticeship, membership, grievance and rep-
Siieentation, upgrading, and other practices and policies of the labor
tznion aor other agency conform to the purposes and provisions of this
t &.; 214. Any Certificate of Merit may at any time be suspended
or revokd.. by the Secretary of Labor if the holder thereof, in the
udgmeut, of the Secretary, has failed to comply with the provisions
of this Order.
SSEC. 215. The Secretary of Labor may provide for the exemption
of any'employer, labor union, or other agency from any reporting
iequirements imposed under or pursuant to this Order if such em-
loyer, labor union, or other agency has been awarded a Certificate
of Merit which has not been suspended or revoked.


SSEc., 301. Each executive department and agency which administers
a program involving Federal financial assistance shall require as a
condition for the approval of any grant, contract, loan, insurance, or
Guarantee thereunder, which may involve a construction contract, that
the applicant for Federal assistance undertake and agree to incorpo-
rat, or cause to be incorporated, into all construction contracts paid
for min whole or in part with funds obtained from the Federal Govern-
ment or borrowed on the credit of the Federal Government pursuant
tA such grant, contract, loan, insurance, or guarantee, or undertaken
puTeuant to any Federal program involving such grant, contract, loan,
insurance, or guarantee, the provisions prescribed for Government
contracts by Section 208 of this Order or such modification thereof,
reserving in substance the contractor's obligations thereunder, as may
I1 Approved by the Secretary of Labor, together with such additional
provisions as the Secretary deems appropriate to establish and pro-
tect tthe interest of the United States in the enforcement of those obli-
g t ions. Each such applicant shall also undertake and agree (1) to
asist 'an4 cooperate actively with the administering department or
agqney and the Secretary of Labor in obtaining the compliance of con-
tractors ana4 subcontractors with those contract provisions, and -with
the u .as, regulations, and relevant orders of the Scretary, () o
ttain a. to furnish to the administering department or agency aind
to ae Secretary of Labor such information as they may require for
the supervision of such compliance, (3) to carry out sanctions and
peNalties for violation of such obligations imposed upon contractors
and 4hbcontrators by the Secretary of Labor or the administering
department or agency pursuant to Part II, Subpart D,.of this Order,
and (4) to refrain from entering into any contract subject to this
Order, or extension or other modification of such a contract with a
contractor debarred from Government contracts under Part II, Sub-
part D, of this Order.
"BS' m. 802. (a) "Construction contract" as used in this Order means
ny contract for the construction, rehabilitation; alteration, conver-
'in; extension, or repair of buildings, highway, or other improve-
ments to real property. '



P L,' 1 1-1 A -

funds, tof rniah such inomiioat tAM .h
( o3 m)u issio.. a ;* ..:1 l.I : i i: .. l. i l J
4b) Eacb bpaitmeut or agency the bwdt wbIAf m ;ki
Seetiwn. 1 (lb) of thisl ardor shalt, as woy 1wi nuumuafry,t immoi^ fa~
to t.e Q mnktee or the OM.on nbithwprie.j s

OOd OWine UP. P.. VV t +.
of Section. hofte Act oi Mao f 105 (0h 8t., IS; S fl.
691), or as otherwise permitted bI Jaw. .
OP) The Department of Agriculture iasheby dij4 a
agency which shall provide -mi

W S S SO u ' ,, i:'1 '(> f i,':;- ^ ;"
*Suat &Cmwnstrc5ion. Nethinag in this order Rbal ha1nwrda

2bN mry Federal agmny or any tse ad.w; .by. l ,
e r .t to law to, ..y Federl -nmyAt.4. w of.
the Committee or of the Commimniui m or -on
any much funetioth ayi aa. . .:. ,; a: ..
SECo. 7. Termination of the Committee and9 the wfym11,1kr'1tei
Committee ad the- ,omimsim, shakl iwrN e w dks ter the Ut ritna wepet od tw CowuaiotmitmsIt4

S o f 2 .: -. . .. .. .. .: .... .. n :.: ....
__ W . . .". .w A... . : Jw w g ,x-
hereof; . *

". ~~~~Luun I. JDIUUPN.aBOT,0N(O

Tnouuive Rrpkhf 11622G
IVesLs h 4S3 J,, ,

SECTION. 1. (a) There is herelq'e4 .. arQftuaci

EduWtieF mdO Wlftr. wl* sMwh.tch amu ,W 1tIof I
UrbMuIM lopwimt, thwtSeer ta!f 4bcr4M &mtqALIr44 -
ortation, the Secretary of the asury the
AAImo.poAdo fV the
Cm or rw 4~4*MI aaWmtqo 1W
Feea e pabtmeflt4o apawY toc XLMtMUW

Sm.c.2. The&auwAIa.Th. *L ni t).


6 aMa-usn s


under this paragraph for planning assistance to counties having a
population of 50,000 or more, according to the latest decennial
census, which are within metropolitan areas, only if (i) the Secre-
tary finds that planning and plans for such county wia be coordi.
n%, wh. program of, m... nig which
na cam n i:afln t
is b gXM Mi for (heiueFty
is a part, awd (ii) f gf t M mount of the grants made sub-
jeci ttJh4y
pject to isrovi ,edbiot t 1AAft the aggregate
of this eion, ny group aent com either
incorporated or duucoot4 a ttal population of less
than 50,000 according the decennial census and having

ScommaM p related urhapiag wbtWVMf! P ,.t (0 ct., o.'r

acteu andr(wd ortan 0 Seratio in t-ay m. t.rft
(2) Stats for St&te M 1t MPS eriiers 4titt1 9
regional activities wbwb tMy 1* etp. Aay
(3) cties ( inc.ding t at t Cf i t9
lataona of at] kalit 6lO*0 colDiag to L. lienht ewyent!
for activity wh Wi Emy be ui.w1' fljt
(+) uitsu ocbuntae U &dxis4iUE4\tatl IL**JiAa PIPIW^A4
CommnunityIoDovelopme4 (5) the areawide organization in any metripnitst arw kwhj4
is fonnaly chargaifitht.avqiagoet the proviM oI seckoon
2O4 of the ratiozt Cities ad: MCropdthtsn vsuurnPlent
Act of 1986 and sectiOn 401 of t60'. erwv~nuiml Coqera-
tion Act of 196] : Pnd A, T tatry wamrwiduWamtion,
to the extent practicable, shall be composed of or respiabIa to
the elated oeitats c tt)n ijotcior uuitpt rla ftfLOJ-
ment tbr the jurisdionl off Ii they re ow i
.~t~r^^m~s^AewA t..... ',. ..
..Out tbe ProtblOM eOtmi*k#V; -
(4) IndiBa tribal roxyaorbIdi;aSan 1
(1) odr fltn& wiito ~ILo' A *Ia
plaimfin, h~iiffiadf tiMi'ubthin vwfKAo'fe.Bi^fj^
but not nmte& to interstate regi6iial Panmntin 1
fB. raecis u Basr ara*iftjg.ipaif H
and alocaf fbit dismer t x f
ot er is tead qu te y ~fi' .... ***. ''* *:';:" '* :' ,.: '. r i,1 r.' ,,.. 'r n?
Aetietk Ier eideta eif abt 0 fl4,4-I
feasible, cover entire are'ts havjpg eowmon oX

sabgoivi S. uibd ficie andMt oter M iert

Act of B194, Publi Law



BKa 1253flHRBBFf

o ert. original construction cost is attributable to changed
itions resulting from a major disaster.
Fot tfie purposes of this section public facility" includes any
a Montr' navigation, irrigation, recamation, public power, sew-
'ttelt and collection, water supply and distribution, water-
dereopment, or airport facility, any non-Federal-aid street, road,
i aghwy, and any other public building, structure, or system, other
a -us texclnsively for recreation purposes.
S tmt en theppmcessing of applications for sista priority
'41IWOs tio may be givmn, dutag such !od, not
cee m tits, as the President shall prescribe by,
S licatio from public bodies situated m ajor r
duder the following Acts:
(1) title II of the Housing Amendments of 1955, or any other
Act providing assistance for repair, construction, or extension of
public facilities;
(2), the United States Housing Act of 1937 for the provision
of low-rent housing;
I .. section 702 of the Housing Act of 1954 for assistance in
^ -~ imwors planmn-,g
1 A'4) pbtiond702 i of tfe Housi and Urban Development Act of
(4) rciid for grants for facilities; or
-, i(5 seetiot 306 of the Consolidated Farmers [tome Admixa
..1 7-0

SSE. 254. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, no person
%eJrwism eligible for any kind of relocation assistance payment
iond-.Wier section 114 of the Housing Act ofm 1t9 shall be
M.hiedsuch eligibility as a result of his being unable, because of a
.jor sisterr as determined by the President, to reoccupy property
Arom which he was displaced by such disaster.
Sic. 255.1 (a) The President is authorized to make grants for the
repair, reconstruction, or replacement of any medical care facility
whiih iotbiW by an orga&nizaio-i exempt from taxation under section
501 (o), (d) or (e) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 and is
operated to carry out the exempt purposes of such organization, and
*Mih Is damg ed or destroyed by a major disaster. Such assistance
fl#_be SlMa railable only on application, and subject to such rules
and regulations as the President may prescribe.
tz i (1) 10Y per centum of the net cost of repairing, metoringi
MRctmg or replacing any such -facility an th baus of the
lil deigs 'of &s facility as it existed immediately prior to such
^^: '*" ^ **"*. : .. .
'4fJA~ed byY& Ii t fNtsid Law f2-2W6, aprovedsb 18, 1971, B Statt 742, 745.
bfe. 2 of Public UW 92-209, provides that the amendment adding sec. 255 Is retroactive
to January 1., 1971.




Now, thereftby v ix*n of the
of the United SSateS, it is ordered a
SEonION 1. Eatab liskRet of 0.
The Nitional Council on Indian
to as the o: nil"). The CounC4i
The Vice President of the Unite4
the Council, the Attorney.

* IP 4Px1i!t U

r; N

of Labor, the Secretary of 1Iealh, EduatlpQa and Wolwethde
too of Hop rg and dUrban. 4i W1 WMSWlprZW
Eono Oprtunity, a.d t an .lad api.....
President of the United Statqs for t o, a:,
SEC. 2. FuncMoti oft d 70 Tlh ... r .,
(a) Encourage full use of Federial programs to b 0k 4e
population, adapting them wherp necessary to bei fb to ....
on reservations in .a meaningful way. : ... .. 'A,. ,
(b) Encourage .intragen'crycpe.dqaton; a qOper44j 1 w
ing out Federal programs as Mey relate to Z.n '1 !X-wrJt.If
(c) Appraise the iw4pgct,.aud pogreaptr4WzM q1
IndianSm'.". : ,,:. : : ,,: ,o;, -;..,
.i -: i .-*', : -: :.; ,, :'^ r. ,.:. ^ ^,
S~wst wai~toia~roveAhthair"$s ...I u1
(d) 'S U-` wimlo iaHrveOupilpi all^^all
officers of the Ftederal government Shall receive 6io .ddk...t
nation by reason pf jis. order,..Other members o pf, t:h.
be entitled to receive 'ompensatiou asnd ettivel x zpiWi
diem in lieu of smiusistene) U au ze lba*o rrsti
government service employed interriitteynlT iS 1% Si, ,
SEc. 4. Assistance to the Owon-l
an Agelc repre isented io ;n ta^Sobtfnl'ac eesr
assistance to the Concil as AY be ted
Act of M1t65b WtaL I. 194
Depattttrt ie teAtor'shan f1 nx di
services for the Coundt. ', .
(b) Thafstf of the- fntiwl san t Al
who shall be appoited the ehaiiiMa f tthe Ob6a' &tg
employees as may be S i7, vhQ A :es
ments and agei.e reersenttedit onI9:h TiT :1 pl E
SEC. 5. ^Mai ..T Ccwic&ITb^meet mWMU &'*Waa&

^_' ^^ ^.. ^ ^^ . ... ** < ,, .,...
Tn^^1^^^~^ War ha en Mec 6, 198* .. :." .. .**
* 4 1" : f*
-. a r .. i* .0 .I..i ,.. ,v .* .*
Executive Order ii1S 1 '
4k" k. ,V. ".) J:. "I q:.

fimimeTm .R ... .
Whereas Nederail lbgistatic^eaceinr t aBIW N

Attorney General aud0o provide eight, rather than ds la
President for terms of two years.


,1 ::

^--Wif~~fFi 440My1 JW14I l*sw BPWF '1 ~rBrt

4708 Oflhl BPACE

Stat. 1267; 5 U.S.C. 133z-15), and section 2 of the Act of June 13,
1934, as amended (48 Stat. 948; 40 U..C. 276c).
-*. ;
SRc. 708. There are authorized to be appropriated for purposes of
making grants under this title not to exceed $660,00000Ao prior to
September 30, 1972, plus not to exceed $63,000,000 fdr the fiscal year
beginning July 1,1973.2 Any amounts appropriated under thiszsectirn
shall remain available until expended. .,

r . *
SEC. 709. As used in this title-
(1) The term "open-space land" means any land located in an
urban area which has value for (A) park and recreational purposes,
(B) conservation of land and other natural resources, or (C) historic,
architectural, or scenic purposes.
(2) The term "urban area" means any area which is urban in
character, including those surrounding areas which, in the judgment
of the Secretary, form an economic and socially related region, taking
into consideration such factors as present and future population trends
and patterns of urban growth, location of transportation facilities
and systems, and distribution of industrial, commercial, residential,
governmental, institutional, and other activities.
(3) The term "State" means any of the several States, the District
of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the territories and
possessions of the United States.
(4) The term "local public body" means any public body (includ-
ing a political subdivision) created by or under the laws of a State or
two or more States, or a combination of such bodies, and includes
Indian tribes, bands, groups, and nations (including Alaska Indians,
Aleuts, and Eskimos) of the United States.
(5) The term "open-space uses" means any use of open-space land for
(A) park and recreational purposes, (B) conservation of land and
other natural resources, or (C) historic, architectural or scenic
Approved December 31, 1970.
Executive Order 11237
[U Fed. Reg. 9l433]
eGRAM O3 TH Housmo AD HoM F=*NAcm Aomor ._. ,
Whereas the losing and Home Finance Admiiistrat, herem-
after referred to as e Administrator," is authorized: tier tit'.
i Sec. 8(b) of Public Law 92-2183 approved Decembe 22,vM191. sUttt Y7,BTS, sBb-
stltuted *$60,000,000 tot 'ss060, do,0". t. .. ., .
5 See. 5 o Public Law 92-885, a proved JIuly 1, 1972, 86 Stat. 405, substituted "Septem-
ber 30. 1972" for "uly 1. 1972' See. 7 of Pblic Law 93-11. 87 tate -l21 ,-&
authorization by $68 million for fldeal year beginning July 1, 1978.


FLOOD magiuwcu

(b) After such: notificatio, ach tentattively iidentmffd cobtunity
shall either (1) promptly make proper application to participate in
the national flood insurance program or (2) within six months submit
technical data sufficient tA estabfishto the satisfaction of the Secretary
that the community either is not seriously flood prone or that such flood
hazards as may iave existed have been corrected by floodworks or
other flood control methods. The Secretary may, in his discretion,
grant a public hearing to any community with respect to which con-,
flicting data exist as to the nature and extent of a flood hazard. If
the Secretary decides not to hold a hearing, the community shall be
given an opportunity to submit written and documentary evidence.
Whether or not such hearing is granted, the Secretary's final deter-
mination as to the existence or extent of a flood hazard area in a par-
ticular community shall be deemed conclusive for the purposes of this
Act if supported by substantial evidence in the record considered as
a whole.
(c) As information becomes available to the Secretary concerning
the existence of flood hazards in communities not known to be flood
prone at the time of the initial notification provided for by subsection
(a) of this section he shall provide similar notifications to the chief
executive officers of such additional communities, which shall then be
subject to the requirements of subsection (b) of this section.
(d) Formally identified flood-prone communities that do not qualify
for the national flood insurance program within one year after such
notification or by the date specified in section 202, whichever is later,
shall thereafter be subject to the provisions of that section relating to
flood-prone communities which are not participating in the program.
(e)1 The Secretary is authorized to establish 'administrative proce-
dures whereby the identification under this section of one or more
areas in the community as having special flood hazards may be
appealed to the Secretary by the community Or any ownor or lessee
of real property within the community who believes his property has
been inadvertently included in a special flood hazard area by the
identification. When, incident to any appeal under this subsection, the
owner or lessee of real property or the community as the case may
be, incurs expense in connection with the services ol surveyors, engi-
neers, or similar services, but not including legal services, in the eftect-
ing of an appeal which is successful in whole or part, the Secretary
shall reimburse such individual or communiity to an extent measured
by the ratio of the successful portion of the appeal as compared to
the entire appeal and applying such ratio to the reasonable value of
all such services, but no reimbursement shall be made by the Secretaty
in respect to any fee or expense payment, the payment of whicht was
agreed to be contingent upon the result of the appeal. There is author-
ized to be appropriated for purposes bf implementing this subsection
not to exceed $250,000.
SzeC. 202. (a) No Federal officer or agency shafl approve any Miaii
assistance for acquisition or construction purposes on and4 tr July
The Housing and Community Development Act of 1977 Public Law 9-128,
October 12,1977, added a new mube.ettin Ie).
1 ** ..::: *, i 1 l : >.. ^ ^ T **



the sound growth and guiudare otYO yof th *idfii 3
W ,t : 14halthe r tirI
N cw tbtkefan byvirte wof thseatIrit s mi
ot'M.tjmltedBttese ord ue oatlI .s-41:1fl .rii Frr & v'J
..: : '.*- i ,, *J .l *.. *; -: 4f i- ,* . -" : i. ^ i," n f j ""::. ^ tf .r ::
| r .M mi. R + Ph ..
,,. ... ..... .: ..+. :.. "... *...: ...,.n q+ b ,+, ...a.. +.'" f ^*,.,,. .c^ B ,id.r o -.^ ,'n a -.
PSETON 10. vi ~ r5j a^ *'tfny~ffwrm G.L4 ^
stiblish%4 the. Pri~denit'af(bunciLu !nYrouthr Oppoutaaiyr 4beie
.... .,+ r .J1I 94 I.....

after referred to as.the "GMSTic!,) Ti r ,doni dil l...
the Vis.oe'. ldent, who dtiull srf' r (hkiuma h Mt a ft
St ,the Sebreit.ary of eelib s .&wttbrC G E b lMMte
General, the .Secta of '.tth ioIterior, thtq. x
the Sectetary of:Co mmnerce4thS ..emflry l-ftab ob t6 sr
Health Education, sad Welfareq the'Sent&ry 4 housing xAa
vewlopment, the' Sosetn.,r @. Prau tioz+tnonthtfinQ 7*l
Ohcic& ofd Ewnbni$ 'Op.xutttity; thew iaN9 Jnot i AJI4SWO
Commission, and such other Federal officials as the Preside-tta)aY'4.
ignitil hgah osthe 1r gcbg ray ajpobta-dinkat&bimI'I
in J o tii.ffairs. ,' -,I., ; -- :. . '.. 1:,t.,
S(b) .When inatters which affect the interests .of.J'edarl .eni
not represented on the Council areto bey emnsiderxL*t4ihrJoel
the -Chaiman shall invite the ew a-s of such af ive6tfet ici+te-
in the bisminewss of the councill ..,r; :,:" Ifi
Sz&l 102- Fuaiost of tA. t~ '+awcii (4 The CotmOiLuaZKlrs'
sponsible for (1) assuring effective program planning forwinur
and. oi.yquth prog,.ams of the Federal Government, (2) strengthen-
ing the coordination of youth programs.aid ativjtiea.orF$al
departments and agencies, (3) evaluatinig the over i-iffcUv'ess-
of Federal youth opportunity programs, (4) encouraging State, loc
nonprofit and other private organizations to participate flly in effort
to enhance opportunities fpr youtk, and :.(5}) rept. 9)g IN1.
P resident, .. : .. ..... ,;r ::.. -: .
(b) The scope of subsection (a) of this section ext-.i t, 'is not
limited to, (1) programs.fa, imjzQ TM inngful employment for
youth in cooperation with employers anid agencies of Federal, State.
and local governments, and-rwit1. mlt4wis on types of employment
leading to the acquisition of skilltwhiich will increase the emplyabil-.
ityof partic ants'as members of the tb fq. ; 4.'to*
strengthen the educational achievements oP youth through suct "n
ps preparatory courses' ocdted'through. 1
.e ouage youth o ti ..o .e.e toao pt. o; r mjh
tutorial programs conducted in the comrntZibyY,
alega theiseofd semof mer ai par ma',e
(m3) pr-grmi to eno, o4ust att ronht
in improving their home neighboiihood; 4) Pog**y A
i~nteif,:Aipg ,id trE-nt the athiOSral^h
of youth who participate in theae.summer ,p31- :A
arranged t'IArugh wmmunitidemad prva4e or
Ri k je : " ...LM "
snzEqjrtl to add to the Presldent's Con xkuYMt ..
master Geaoeral, ad the SleeMNI of -tlpOo tt jii I i
from 11 to 14 Federal officials.


one-half of the States within which p..ipns 6fth. t Ck1h fi'rb4n
concerned S located, and in the avent the Coluwbf W 1*.hi
involved, ..)y at least three of the 1four .Sttes tf t%' ojf
Oregon, and Wahington; and .. ., ., .
Whereas the Council, by resolution" aAopt4N d:t ,
concurred in the requests of the, GoyeroQs o the kteii repd,
Washington, Idaho, Montana, and, Wynpig; and 4$d ita ieueq.t
that the President declare the establislwient of th" Paclfe IGthWC
River Basins Commnssion undar dthe-p.pwiwons iwi VQ oftlie
.Act; and t h 5 .cfW... 6
Whereas the requests of the Governors o. the:8tof,
Washington, Idaho, Montan and Wyoming, a$ "t&e mott'" of
the Council of November 14 196, foilreq*u f
section, 201of the Act: and ,' , r i . .1
Whereas. the Governors of the States o.fCilifornae .v.4
Utah have been consulted in regard to sm 41 h.azlwiter. areaii tiee
respective States that contribute small quantties .of water to orse
small quantities of water from the area. of jurisdiction p* .he, 'oinm-
mission; and -
Whereas: it appears that it wo 4 d be in the, public inti"re aL .
keeping with the intent of Congress to declare the es tUl Ii .en4 of
such a Commission: *. : ,,
Now, therefore, by virtue of the authorityy ,vested in tr:bY se-tion
201 of the, Act,, and as President of the UitedStates, s&.oridei.r
as follow s: .. ,* .h4 .. ,,;. , . . ', .tjp
,SECTION ., 91--R othes~iver BflsinmCwm^^ij~
by declared, thlat the Pacific Northwest kitver BasinsCQxPissiM
established under the provisions of Title II ot the Act.
SEC. 2. Jurisdiction of the:!QommWssie. It i liciby determined
-that the jurisdiction of the Pacific Northwest River: Basineg
sion0 referred to in section 1 of this order (hereinaftgr nmered to as
the Commission) shall extend toIthe e'atire areo of t4, SN i.f r
ington; theb entire area of the State of Oregon, except tat draind by
the Klamath River system, the Smith RiveA .ysten, e.nd: ktb.ra
draining into Goose Lake; and those portions of the States of Idaho,
Montana, and Wyoming lying within, theoplumbiv BiwPi drsir ge,
in accordance with the requests of the Governors of Oregon, Washing-
ton, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming, and in accordance with the reso-
lution of the CounciL ,. ,', 5 r 7 :T !5,":.
SEC. 3 Member8l hip of the Commsion. It is hereby determined
that, in accordance with section 202 of the Act, the Commission shall
consist of the following: :' .,/
(1) a Chairman to be appoiateKy by te President,
(2) one member from each of the followjjig Federal departments
and agencies: Depattfn9At of AgrOltt-i*frt inf.It of thiAifny,
Department of Comixerce, Depart.ent; Lf a teIth., Ed6cW6.1tand
Welfare, Deptrtment of Houbingi tUadPfbiiD^fllyb t-
ment of the Interior, Deartiient dt'iTt lirtatic, Edtalt
Protection Agency,1 and tbe F eral Po -.tJt ipmntdwar bnw ,
, Executive Order 11613 of ts. I4,, Bq14R 0 9,.al'sff `V
dpfmmnate a representative of t BftVli4W trnefl&tlrituiimiiilMi
P7cLtfIc Northwept. River p -asins Cominlue~n. tlr2[o VsWPV h I#MS maIS
that the Admnirstrator of the Environmental Pro econ Agenc'y shall appaIat umeatnr
to each river basin commission to serve as the representative of that Agency as oon as
practicable after August 2. 1971.


such catastrophe us or thrtsillto the need for
Federal disaster assistance under this Act and gives asmurancem of
the expenuibtu. off 1 reammonab moawn i.r rfuncls of such
State, its local governments, or other aniea for
the ''ge, Ioss- bardahip 9r szffedu rl n ma
( c) "United Ste" aemama the. Ity S taof
Columbia, Puerto Rico, the r.o IslaWdaai
Samoa, and the Trust Trrito4ry othPcic Iarin A r n
(3) "State" means any State of the United States, tlie lstrict
of Columbia, Putrto Rioo th cViri, Islands, Guam, American
Samoa, or the Trust Territory of the7Pacific Islandse
(4) "Governor'mieasthel chief exwuitivet anBF .
(5) "local government" means any county, city, village, town,
district, or other political bdivis of wy Slate, aM ikcts
any rural (omDnYy or unincorporated town or vlag ftr which
an application for ssace a& made by. State or pilitifPub-
division thereof; '....
(6) "Federal agency" means my department, adent
establishment, Government corporation, or other aoqf the
ezxective branch of the Fedim Govrsmentsrnpt hca
National Red (Cro.; and
(7) "Director" means the Director of the o B l gcy
Prp .d~s .!.: :
Sue. 20L (a) Immediately upon his desigiws of s wa0 r 4
area, the President shall appoint a Federal coordinating officer to oper-
ate under the Office of Emergecy Preparedness in suk rea.
(b) In order to effectuate the purposes of this Act1 the con n
officer, with in Oed 4ai 0stll--.
(1) make an initial appraisal of the types of zlif most rg ly
(2) establish such field offices as he deems neceary and- are
authorized by the Director;
(3) coordinate the administration of relief, including activities
of the American National Red Cross, the Salvation Army, the
Mennonite Disaster Service, and other relief or disaster istae
organizations which agree to operate undrlhi_ advise or dinction,
except that nothing.cotained in this At shall lim or i .ay way
affect the responsibilities of the Ameri st National .ed ,row
under the Act of January 5,1905, as amoded (33Set 59); and
(4) take such other action, eonisen ith aathoritr dblated
to him by the Diretor, ad consistent wi the o this
Act, as he may deem necessary to ait local iti S a Md public
offisik in promptly obtainingM ai e to w h ...are
Sem. 202. The Director is authorized to form emergency support
teams of Federal personnel to be deployed insa ar s aler S.


MaY 1978.
To: All Members of the Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban
I hereby transmit for the use of the Committeeon Banking, Finance,
and Urban Affairs a revised Committee Print entitled, "Basic Laws
and Authorities on Housing and Community Development." This
compilation of laws and authorities is being updated in response to
the numerous requests from Members of Congress and the public. The
revision is made necessary by laws enacted, and numerous Executive
Orders issued, since January 3,1977, the date of our last revision.
The laws, Executive Orders, and other authorities contained in this
Committee Print are those which authorize the functions and activities
of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or which are
closely related to those functions and activities. They are arranged in
accordance with their subject matter and are divided into the general
categories of "Housing," "Community Development" and other "Gen-
eral Laws Applicable to Housing and Community Development
The Committee has been assisted in the preparation of this revised
compilation by the Office of General Counsel in the Department of
Housing and Urban Development. As in past years, the excellent tech-
nical assistance provided by this Office has proved invaluable.
H -NRY S. Rauss, Chairman.

MAY 1978.
Hon. HkwxY S. REUss,
Chai Odrman, Gomittee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, U.S.
HoWe of Repreentaties, Washington, D.C.
DAR Mu. CnAx&AN: Transmitted herewith for your consideration
i an extensive revision of the Committee publication "Basic Laws and
Authorities on Housing and Community Development."
Due to the increase volume and the rapidly changing nature of
laws and authorities relating to housing and community development,
periodic revisions of this compilation of "Basic Laws" is necessary.
Jn t this revise compilation, I would like to acknowl-
stg the exclent assistance in its preparation we received from the
Mice of General Cousl, Department of Housing and Urban Devel-
q nnt.
Sincerely, ... 19
.. '7. THoxMs L. ASHLEY, Chairman
Subcommittee on Housing and
Oo. i :.w.nity Development.

".t 4 10

S .. .: .
: ; . *,* 9* 1. *
.; 701

.:. .. : ." .
,..,'ii. i .' '" ,

0* [Public Lw 91-09, "4 Stat. 1791; 42 U.S.C. 4501]
.,. **, CO M N T . *>* *

4 .3E6 "Q1. t() This title may be cited as "National Urban Policy2
i4 New Community Development Act of 1970".
tJi6,)?XIt i the policy of the Congress and the purpose of this title to
provide for the development of a national urban policy and to encour-
age the rational,"orderly, efficient, and economic growth, development,
and, redevelopment of our States, metropolitan areas, cities, counties,
towns, and communities in predominantly rural areas which demon- potential for accelerated growth; to encourage the
p en.. 'use and conservation of energy and our natural resources;
9h.tIcburage anid support development which will assure our
pn tiesitd ad their residentA of adequate tax bases, community
sw4 j'Qob ogportnifties, and good hotising ini well-balanced neigh-
s, socially, economically, and physically attractive living
; ,..,ti. "( : '. .,* ', ". .. .. Y ".,


... ,4, . ." ... f .. ,,, ,," iN OF P O LI .
'Szc''. (a')' TheiCengress fiids that rapid changes in patterns of
*b ettlement, including change in population distribution and eco-
hmc basb iurb. 'areas, have :eieated anl imbalance between the
Nti's 'needs and Tresources aMd seriously threaten our physical and
soaul environment, and the financial viability of our cities; and that
;! : ': ..i 'tr --; .- . ... ..* .. : .. .. . ;... .
h," 6614 4)f -the Horhagf and onihublty bjevelopment Act .of 1977. Public Law
... S.. approved October 12, 1977. amended Title VII bvy deleting "URBAN GROWTH"
rtogn lieu thereof "NATIONAL URBAN POLICY"'.
i'..BOl k6'f i tbe ousin g and ommtruattY Development Act of 1977, Public Law
^HB f..IS October.12 197,7. aeeSed sbhseqtlou (a) by striking out "Urban
a 'll.'^tad laer~tin la leui..tlere.f,.*atlenftlt..rban Policy". .
... 01(a) of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1977, Public Law
S-SSforayed Ocoerl i.2 9T7, amended subsection (b) as set forth in the text.
WB 1 W (e) of the 1Houasne and Community DeveloDment Act of 1977, Public Law
4msuPet7. pCart A. by deepting "Growth"
.....'u..... Co.r.w. t. Development Act of 1977, Public Law
~ .ot ,, Zt :'."-o
,......,,.s Oomer. e, ja;.s .... d section 702 (t) a set forth in the text..

li .:" .
4, 783

Houding.. israge an 1ii lozn Isia NTX
SFire s afety equlpment-loan ....i.... :...
-" ..Act, --- :....n ,... r n rs :i. a Y d ,.
*Flood lnstifantqitumansafe t--fll^l^ ket agjB-. 1131
'*. F o e o n e l ... . .. ......... .. ... .. .. ......... .............. .... ,
Acquisition of mortgss to aTvC-#ee i troW
Koittn Aet.. .... g 3.. .1
A l ament In. lieu of-Sac Z23, Nat b uing taIL.... 296
Costs Inelnied is ETLA dflrttuS-tf. 3 Qh.0,itmtn|i
*oto ine OMVtU
ntg Act..-.. ----L
P44wtponeti~ of*"retraaa9"i.l|W* R
in c- ---,,~l~ f'^ff,4 'l ^-atf~t- 300
Temporary and Urban .. eai at as
Greenbelt townsi-mortgage Itnsurau bhior aiW MhISW
400, NtAIUaI Hdsing A" ... .... iij u ...US.. 2.,3.1
Guarantee of General Insrnwt.z *e.1Vq. d : .. '.
lossas mBrtemeauas hanuinugS4'e.tfltitWIb(2Patfl3SiItoisng
Act _____ n..........i..Jsi..... .JA.2l- .--_ 323
G I ... ...
Gu m . :4A i t.. . ..

Act -------- ----....-i,_ "
Ha~rdapjp tmeu-is-referrS*oe to-,-flecstl~) w<,^ litft' al *.
Housing Ac ac .
H a'wni ;I : ". ." *.1p .,1:..: ;.:; *',. ..... ;..; j i i" n m 5y ,
government or. agen.of mifI. for:- gmeM,.
214, National Housing Act-K_-3._ '0.;S
Higher nroitgage amomnts-4Ste.~ 214$) aiionul-HoffndaO t:-.- 0
Homes-1 to 4 faily-maxttm. ttbiwb *&e~zIW45ba'K
220, ,221, 22. 223S,800,5r) OftNI
SHome Mortgage Discolsure;,excerpts from Pltdf- 4 T8
Home Mortgage Diselourr in Ra t to State W of
Home Mortgage Di stelw mus It t.975 --ti Z.i_ 780
Home Mortgage Dscolsure At '4 195, IftatodlUEmn_ T
Improvement or rehabilitation of housing S.' t-t .1 -
.a.S tance paym e t .. .neb ..khrf..f us.t ....a.. .......
sa sfi .- -, ** .... .*' ,J .,:; x'^ .,f^R ..A.. ... "..
S/.. See f(), US. Houuit .itt-- -f7' 8
; See. 236(f), National Rousing Act.......--,_-: 205
Below market intefet rate mortgages for to-te--:..
Be...... -Z,.lffatimolfl o uiL ng AoL.'f's. .... ..
Interest reduction payments and nw.tgage :.
Income faIIean-Sea 23azd 23 tga2 6
... mproemuent loans for- h1o11-s. aS and-.A '
f.:. 'al. Ho LAct ; 15"4 1, 1..
auuau..-_n '-..--__.. _. _=_._.. ..s,-n-..,
Open-end mortages-Se. 225 Ntonal Hoe_ 23_
See. 221(h), National 11to0 4 M isea.cLu__ ...1..
~esume. mt rfabmtatkti 1 hl"-%
for lower income families-Soc. 223(eal*.
.Suppinental loan-Instrualee-4e. 1, flf t la 276
S Urb anrmewad fons
d* *tonal HnhgAt:j^*^ 6
Ur n.. .fle ', .. ..
tlowS Hoif Act--
Insurance benefits: See: hhsunco paTom=bs nv
Insure e funds: ... .. ,... 'km
&W. h, . ..
228( ), .241(eNtlob '
A .7-17 AM 2
.... .. q".
]?l **i' ^'. *i:. * *" ', ': I s'i <* -* -- : *-, ** -
..... ; ... . .. .. ........... ... ..... u.... i"A .
... ... .. ... ,. ... ... ....- :-i. -. u.. Isw o


(d) that, although the major burdens of historic preservation
have been borne and major efforts initiated by private agencies
and individuals, and both should continue to play a vital role, it is
nevertheless necessary and appropriate for the Federal Govern-
ment to accelerate its historic preservation programs and activi-
ties, to give maximum encouragement to agencies and individuals
undertaking preservation by private means, and to assist State
and local governments and the National Trust for Historic Pres-
ervation in the United States to expand and accelerate their his-
toric preservation programs and activities.
SEC. 101. (a) The Secretary of the Interior is authorized-
(1) to expand and maintain a national register of districts,
sites, buildings, structures, and objects significant in American
history, architecture, archeology, and culture, hereinafter referred
to as the National Register, and to grant funds to States for the
purpose of preparing comprehensive statewide historic surveys
and plans, in accordance with criteria established by the Secre-
tary, for the preservation, acquisition, and development of such
(2) to establish a program of matching grants-in-aid to States
for projects having as their purpose the preservation for public
benefit of properties that are significant in American history,
architecture, archeology, and culture; and
(3) to establish a program of matching grant-mi-aid to thr
National Trust for Historic Preservation in the United States,.
chartered by act of Congress approved October 26, 1949 (63 Stat.
927), as amended, for the purpose of carrying out the responsibili-
ties of the National Trust.
b) As used in this Act-
1) The term "State" includes, in addition to the several States
of the Union, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of
Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa.
(2) The term "project" means programs of State and local gov-
ernments and other public bodies and private organizations and
individuals for the acquisition of title or interests in, and for the
development of, any district, site, building, structure, or object
that is significant in American history, architecture, archeoogy,.
and culture, or property used in connection therewith, and for its
development in order to assure the preservation for public benefit
of any such historical properties.
(3) The term "historic preservation" includes the protection,
rehabilitation, restoration, and reconstruction aof distri-tisites,
buildings, structures, and objects significant in America ory,
architecture, archeology, or culture.
(4) The term "Secretary" means the Secretary of the Interior.
Sm 102.1 (a) No grant may be made under tsAc-
(1) unless application therefore is submitted to the Serety in
acoordance with regulations and procedures preribed by him;
See. 201(1) of Public Law 94-422, 90 Stat 1818, approved 5ptemdb S, ITS,
mended we. 102 to read asu set forth In the text



1308 COASTAL iTiMMrMinW^ '.
-of this parazatph), such.ouixipMalf qrih. bbIsb
of the principles of delimitatiqn ysd ato A delflM qr^9j1Q;
such compact, agreement, ordsion.- ;. .
(ii) If no lateral seaward bo Aarine, or.any .pt eie-
have been clearly defined or filejy an inmtet4q Pk .gt *
meant, or judicial decision, latwal seaward .niiiiaas hlj be
determined according to thas&pJ!jcable principIes of Jw idl d-
ing the principles of the Conveion on the Toeri.risal Sa iand
the Contiguous Zone, and extended on thebasis of ucprOixiples.
(iii) If, after the date of enactment of this pa; '.ph, two or
more coastal states enter into or amend an inte opct or
agreement in order to clearly define or. fix lateral se$01t*:::' und-
g~r. y .. .. .4. 6... of.
aries, such boundaries shall thereafter be extended o;the.bisis of
the principles of delimitation used to so define or fix themIn such
Scompact or agreement. :
(C) For purposes of making calcmlatio'bas under this subsection, 9the
transitional quarter beginiing.july 1,1976, ad ending September 30,
1976 shall be included within the fiscal year ending June 30,1976.
(4) Each coastal state shall use the proceeds of' grant receivedd by
it under this subsection for the following purpses (kept that
priority shall be given to the use of such proceeds for the,. purpose set
forth in subparagraph (A)): ,;
(A) The retirement of state and local bonds i any, liare
guaranteed under subsection (d).(2); except tt, if the aunt
of such grants is insufficient to retire bbth state and Iocil bonds,
priority shall be given to retiring local bounds. "'
(B) The study of, planning for, development of, and the
carrying out of projects and programs in such state which are-
(i) necessary, because of the unavailability of adequate
financing under any other subsection, to provide n`ew or
improved public facilities and public services which are re
quired as a direct result of new or expanded outer Ontinftdl
Shelf energy activity; and : ,
(ii) of a type approved by the Secreary as eligible for
grants under this paragraph, except that the Secretary may
not disapprove any project or program for "highways.and
secondary roads, docks, navigation aids, fire andff police pro-
tection, water supply, waste collection and treatment
(including drainage), school and education, and hospit.
and .health care.' *, -. :. I
(C) The prevention, reduction, or ameliorati of ay i.a.
avoidable loss in such state's coastal zone of Aiy "valutblntirour
mental or recreational resource if such, loIresulta f.ta .fl..
energy activity. : *
(5) The Secretary, in a timely mannr shall determiln. t h
coastal state has expended or committed, aw may det in tht ich
state will expend or commit, nts iw utt civd
under. this subsection in accoran-ce ynu-the" nrpospu nrjvrtlz ifl
paragraph (4). The United States, s eaentte to reQq. 1f4p11
any coastal state ,a amount equal tqu azy portwin of a C0 "g4 eant4
received bvy such state under thins s tion; lnw-.- s rffl
(A) is not expended or co.mi.#W A.':.-... a' .AJ 0
of thi grant was disbursed, or iat ,: 31 t'' ..' I i.dKI
.(te gantWas, disbursed, 'or ',;:^,^ p, :*;:^:*; .iy^


;Farmers Home."Farmers Home& Ad.4ni:atink,,.: WI' 41.
Firm Commitment-See "Oemmitaient". I- i 'LAD u
Flexible Interest Rate Authority.--utorWit0 of ,thi'$ ewM
HUD to set the maximum -interest ru f0 ...-insfhd..aru: .
guaranteed mortgages at rates he finds ecsaryto .Rfl*bmraB
gage market (Public Law 940O, 1as extended)4.. .: .. : ..r
Forbearanee-The act of postpoi'ngj orrmfraininrA*omt.;iq
lega1 nation against a mortgagor even though mortgagee opyiaf
in arrears .(the term is often used in connection with motgqifli
ance provisions on the subject). ". '. .: ".. V',.-? :I
Freddie Mac--Federal Home Lban Mortgage Corperatiinwt .::i.
(Ginne Mae-Government'National Mortgage Corperu .""icit... 'i
Hold Harmless-cities and counties w-hic' had t.een .badua
higher level of funding under 6Federal assistance programv pr to
the new community development block rant program will, 1
generally to receive the higher level.. duringtbhe first & lyempot M
new program (Title I, iHousing and Odmmufity',Deelopmnw:tAS
of 1974). -r ..... t ." : r0
Housing Allowance Payments-payments by. HID. to asMist:te
lilies in meeting rental or homeownership exfenses--epdueta o
gram (Sec. 504, Housing Act of 1970). : 4 :r:..
Housing Assistance Plan-local plahi which assesses hiuakya' B
of the community, specifies annual goal for the number of .nitiaor
persons -to be assisted, and indicates general locationol puapmsi
housing for lower income persons-a-which is an essmitial elemezfi-ofIlam
application for community development-block gramtsSeea 1i4 IHold-
ing and Community Development Act of 4974), ...4 -> '. ":
Interest Reduction Payments-periodic, assistance .ymmntsty
HUD to mortgagees to permit lowdr interest rate payments byrl
income families, (varying with fluctuations in iKcomes). JI.H itli
sured mortgages financing homes, rental homing, or eooperatiBm
ing (Sees. 235,236, National Housing Act). s .: Lt .' . j
.Leasing Program-'Low-rent housing provided by pubm houei
agencies in hosing leased from private owners (Sc;2 0&Po1d 6
Housing Act of'1937). :s ;a *,,. .t'.ig,
Loan-To-Value Ratio-;The relationship between tie amot.fatet
mortgage loan and the appraised value of the property inioivedoa-
pressed as a percentage of the appraised value. It is uneM o the tradil
tional limitations on a mortgage eligible .for mor ..-
Mortgage-Backed Securities-obligations issued by'unrgaimti
which has held and set aside mortgages as security for pay=oment
the obligations. FNMA, GNMA, and-FHLM aswell as priha oi
nizations, issue such obligations. Cj o ..
National Housing Partnership-A private limited pafurt 4ip
established under statutory' provisions for the purpose'of'.sinig i
out the building, maintenance, or rehabilitation of housingng and relat
facilities for lower or moderate incoamnfamilieW 'It C.a=&:r eemutO
partnerships or joi#t ventures, condw eearq. prnid4 tehca
asstance, and mak_: loans, ot grants o PjtipIh itsprfls ((h
IX, Housing ad Urban Development Atota 1968).u -3 aiti.. .
National Institute of Building Sciences-a nonprofit oong -fl
mental organization to .make findings and to advirpublidS pdVate


8 ." S B" i "M. .i
procedure tidrt~e dt~
i<-~~ ~~ -A^t^11^' ?


mlitadhg of, k apdhility w9th
earthquakes, plannii gto p.vetits4 diisuangtmkxn*
*ingat of eartihqutls, 'orjgan zihgairgmey ueries pakd Ttnnng
for reconstruction and redevelopment *l&er autdmplake
(5) the edutif of tdhen publien, dndig Stt dI al is-
cials, as to earthquake phenomena, the idatiMiadiEt4dlit
aM tntmdea wtich specially Asaulmptibl* emKhquk.
daang. wtayt to7 nueduos thw Mv4* (stSaheSVt tixtrk-
!r)L Ri-i-te as
quake, and relbtledmattews; 1 ; ... : ":.:" .P'A ".
(6) the development of resertw.. a ."-. '". S,
(A) wat tdKnreaatheisef%
th ,knoowledge -o fig a t,,,
(B) te h--ciA, economic,- poit MI
of earthquake prediction; and i. .i. :,t
(C) W&y#s t active the analWflity of ewrta~flkt ineur-
thklnfor Yuie IIItIhI& su rbsttte ; iflj: II IJ! ,f:tV ,i,-C &
(7) the deveIpment of bnhl* ad sppt 4ied hlkg to
a better undnta&ndiwk of 4Ge m ftol or 'altepSw if 'seismic
p P A, Me FAi a I. i : : ,. ik! ;' -*"., A .
y l IJe~aiex w .... . ...... ..A2.,- .. JJ
eral depairtmewts, ageAfitelA, snd eitie d ietbese<)ti () (B),
the President shall, where appropiate, a1h-de, the Jdd States.
Goloiecal 8unS y, the Na &,l Sciece rF6it thi Department
of Defense, the Depart.ahbnt of Hn ad ba 2t the
National Ae.sutics and ee he Abnal Oc
anic and Atmospheric AdtlnistratlM, tU* Nait*tal B1rafu of Stand-
ards, the Energy Research and Pevoeloin tA theI
Nulear Regultoy owmissien, omd the Ntw Ii F PWreventio1
aid Ocn troF A'miratiMon. "" E
(e) RESnABn Eiazn'rs. The reasearh delntin oftht puogfram
shall include-- : 0 ..'e .".. -.: "
(1) research into the basic causes and of earth-
quakes; .retin*s t o .
(2) development of Methods to prdi te tie e d
(deofutur earthakes ...: .
li- -* e ai. r if ~L t ,_ ,, ,.^l~ .:- 1_ '1- t. *1, -' ^.^iJr~e ~ J'lijijlj .:t 1.i ''il|f^ S' i n~~it i
xnatmtude o ynpajbs mith~t be aritcifrer .allce: g uefl~rpon
of fluids in deep widst bythe .M6 onM-0o iLelttAL:47 or by
at ..b W

in light of mio risk .in.ll.. otB :.. th. .... ad
*ti-slo Ask setct' fir
itupt SfC '" " r~aK B .,(i; 1k


. 7,


(b) IIn any such proceeding the Attone Gehera a flWt 't
clerk of such court a request that a court o tiridge N bor-d
to hear and determine ithe case. Such''by the Atm,
eral shall be accompanied by a iitificfa6tht, p hf i oi
case is of general public importance. A copy 2fthecerta4&'t*d
request for a three-judge court shall be im dataed fua iad b*
such clerk to the chief judge of the cir rt: 0,nhrMIm;i.tb
presiding circuit judge of the circuit) in whIh te h 'be n.i
Updn receipt of the copy of such request-it shall b&he l dyof the
chief judge of the circuit or the presidi4" circuifjudie, as the c' a
may be, to designate immediately three judges mnsuc ci -flt of
whom at least one shall be a circuit judge and a another of who0' ihaU
be a district judge of the court in which thi t-&ehin^L awssilf-
tuted, to hear and determine such case, and "t shall d11 $f
the judges so designated to assign the case for hearing tt the eie
prctiecable date, to participate in the hearing andi deke:mn11,atio
thereof, and to cause the case to be in every way expedited Ai
appeal from the final judgment of such court will lie to t i6e S9uvpi
Court. ":.
In the event the Attorney General fails to file.uch a request in
any-, such proceeding, it shall be the duty of the chief judge of te6
district (or in his absence, the acting chief judge) 'in which the cam I
pending immediately to designate a judge in such distiiet to hear and
determine the case. In the eventthat no judge in the distfirt1i ;il-
able to hear and determine the case, the chief judge of the 4dict,
or the acting chief judge, as the case may be, shalttertify ithi-fact
to the chief judge of the circuit (or in his absece, the i e
judge) who shall then designate a district ot Sirc$i j1dge- of e
circuit to hear and determine the case. :
It shall be the duty of the judge designated pursuant tb this sectn
to assign the case for hearing at the earliest practicabledate and to
cause the case to be in. every way expedited. '
Sic. 207. (a) The district courts of the United State shall ave
jurisdiction of proceedings instituted pursuant to this title nd 4phdll
exercise the same without regard to whether the aggrieved party shall
have exhausted any administrative or other remedies that ma)yb
provided by law...
(b) The remedies provided in this title shall be th9 excluive Wpa
of enforcing the rights based on this title, but not,,ngis tbis'"e
shall preclude any individual or any State or local agency, fr assert
ing any right based on any other Federal or Statelaw not co"istent
with this title, including any state or ordiiancereq ng n i
crimination in public establishments or acomsodatioa, ,r
pursuing any remedy, civil or criminal, which may be .ilabk .
the vindication or enforcement of such right. : J 0 ; :F. .
SEC.'801. (a) -Whenever th'eAttoruey Generd
in writing signed by (in individual to bie fectffe
proved of or threatened 4&h ihe los of his t. ta,
section of te laws, on account of is race, color, rilipg w pou


1 301



t, ., (4) 66par enAtum. shall be. allocte& tp. ch State, as follows:
0i Oz alca 4j ain amount which bears the same ratio to the total
.,p amoip ,to e allotted,as the rural population of the State bears
to fiw total;rural population. of, all the States as determined by
1 'thplah t preceling decennial cepas. current at the time each such
.d&citipnql sum is first appropriated; and one-half in an amount
which bears the same ratio to the, total amount to be allotted as
the farm population of the State bears to the total farm popula-
tion9 pta the States as determinediby the lapt preceding decen-
nial census current at the time such additional sum is first
approprpiated.. "
@)' ,l re are, hereby authorized to be. appropriated to carry out
the purposes of subsections (c) and (d) of section 502 of this title
not to: exceed $20,000,000 for each of the fiscal years ending Septem-
ber. 30, 1978, anad September 30, 1979.
(d)1 Such sums as Congress shall appropriate to carry out the
purposes of thiis title pursuant to subsection (c) of this section shall
be distributed by the Secretary as follows:
"(1) 4 per centum to be used by the Secretary for Federal
"(2) 19 per centum to be allocated among the several States
Sto carry out the programs authorized in subsection (c) of section
S502 of this title in such amounts as determined by the Secretary;
"(3) 77 per centum to be allocated among the several States to
carry out the programs authorized in subsection (d) of section
502 of this title in such amounts as determined by the Secretary.";
i and .
(e) Funds appropriated under this title may be used to pay salaries
and other expenses of personnel employed to carry out the functions
authorized by this title, to obtain necessary supplies, equipment, serv-
ices, and rent, repair, and maintenance of other facilities needed, but
may not be used to purchase or construct buildings.
E)t Payment of funds to any State for programs authorized under
sectior5O2 (e)S;(I), (c), and (d) shall be contingent upon the Secre-
tary's approval of an annual plan and budget for programs conducted
under .each part and compliance with such regulations as the Secretary
ma y -JsuB; under this title.i Funds shall be available for use by the
State in the fiscal year for which appropriated and the next fiscal year
follinYg the year for which appropriated. Funds shall be budgeted
and aceountd for on such formB and at such times as the Secretary
fih llpre~ribe ; ,. : 'o 0 I .
!( r ..jnds provided to each State under this title may be used to
finance programs through or at private and publicly supported col-
1u4M tdaunaverties other than. the university responsible for admih-
i~sangitbtprcagrams authorize by thi titl1:;
.#$ :4Q&C~oo adn COaroGs AND UThvEsns.-(a) Each of
tkeppq amu authorized bythiustitleshsll be organized and conducted
|h Ormoxre tohgsonrfiiversies fft State so as: to provide a
|coinatod.p.kf6 ahi:.i .ech St.
~P11:'wfnlj i; il'. : ^*i .n ^g;( Vt'. Vt :a. t-*Tit n i *J 2 ***;' **:.
litt3uze t Atof.,1*Z .PuabIq 4w .6-118 approaTd
ir I e iaredstn submectons c) (d),(el
0Sns how aand ton (hewJI6O4n 4 ("4

22-074-78-pt 2--2T UPI


regarding any programs under their respective respnswlitie which
are related to, or would be affected by, such authority. i:.

SE.. 503. (a)' There are authorized to be appropriated to carry out
this Act $10,000,000 for the fiscal year 1976, $12,000,000 for the fiscal
year 1977, and $14,000,000 for the fiscal year 1978. :-
(b)2 Any amounts appropriated under this section shall remain
available until expended when so provided in appropriation-Acts; and
any amounts authorized for one fiscal year but not appropriated may
be appropriated for the succeeding fiscal year.3

SEzo. 504. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, grants
.authorized under sections 101 and 201 of this Act may be made to an
-agency of State government in any case where State government pro-
vides direct services to citizens in local communities or where. units of
.general local government within the State are prevented by State law
from implementing or receiving such grants or from expending such
grants in accordance with their intended purpose.

SEC. 505. (a) The Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, in
consultation with the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development,
is authorized to establish a National Childhood Lead-Based Paint
Poisoning Advisory Board to advise the Secretary on policy relating
to the administration of this Act. Members of the BoardI shall include
residents of communities and neighborhoods affected by lead-based
paint poisoning. Each member of the National Advisory Board who
is not an officer of the Federal Government is authorized to receive an
amount equal to the minimum daily rate prescribed for GS-18, under
section 5332 of title 5, United States Code for each day he is engaged
in the actual performance of his duties (including traveltit'ie) as a
member of the Board. All members shall be reimbursed for travel, sub-
-sistence, and necessary expenses incurred in the performance of their
(b) The Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, 1i consulta-
tion with the Secretary of Housing and Urban DeveloJment shall
promulgate regulations for establishment of an advisory board for
each local program assisted under this Act to assistin carryIgo t this
program. Two-thirds of the members of the board shall be residents of
communities and neighborhoods affected by lead-based pint poison-
ing. A majority of the board shall be appointed from among parents,
who, when appointed, have at, least one child under six years oL age.
Each member of a local advisory board shall only be rmm irs4 r
necessary expenses incurred in the actual perforMance of his du t,:i
a member of the board. .... _r
(* s .. ," .l f: t f'. ,fi8^.l: .
Sem. 204(e)(1l) of Title U, Disease Control Amendimwents o1P78, Publcf 2w 993417,
90 Stat. 700, approved June 23, 1976 amended neethoe 603(a,.: to read s set Erth.* Ie
text. .
wee. 204(e)(2) of Title II. Disease Control Amendments of 1976. Publi W 4-17,
*0 ftat 7 0 9 aIppo sed Juno.3 1076, red te for .I.
*see. 204(8) of e Fiscal Year Transition At, Publd Law 27C SO 383.
.aIpproved April 21, 1976, provides for treatment of the transition quarter eod between
July 1, 1976 through September 80, 1976, as a fiscal year.



.. ,., ,.. i. i co tuibute to tUep .eJfsfaB of the entire area which will
kp.^*J4Mat~y .iftec^ed41ji the Program, and of which theland
..,.: .ri ^ e h.... :*..:: f.**: .. . .... .... ; _>*., .. .. '... ...+ .. .. i h g a n f.wh c l,! n
,ri I,,s(qpnsistent w.b co., prehensive planning, physical and
W ;, uhteqni u94 by,thagecretary to provide an adequate basis
,o #./QI, r yvjjaI g, tfl4 new eomupmnity development program in
relation. to other plans (including State3oca1,. and private plans)
aI,4 aiesi inwvalyg area -population, housing and develop-
*r ....zn1t ren g ;Andtsfportaiton,: atqjr, swerarge, open space,
.,rpcry oatiALAn4 other reretnt fac4iities; ..
.,..."#)' j..s- rv a ll .g ver ntal. reviewS apd approvals
.. i'. i bSate or loca..l Jaw, or $y.the Secretary;
Ad | r etoo livbngwpndoions in the community,
t 84.S oo) W immunity willb c iharacteized by. well balanced
tRtteaID hnd wil include or be servedby
tI M*iC c1mnunty, and commerc.dal facilities (including 4ucatzoi, health and social services, recrea-
o in, an .transportati6) deemed satisfactory y.the Secretary;
'u t dZ) su uIt,,tial,.yisiQYn for hoipig wtbin the means
s -I .IF. gwt
a-Arna 44 a nQL ferate iOicome and thatauch .housing will appropriate proportion vf the Qopmmulity's housing
: iffli, .B'g ,.: .-,,.;^ *Ag .., ,, ,. ... ...- ,: _..... .. : ,, ,_
iN. kcaaae nw uin dsin and teeb-
noloy .ii, respej* to rl(id.utilizatjn, materials and methods
of construction, and the provision of community facilities and
4h) A new community development program approved for assist-
jaqr~~Al tjipart aJl b.. undertaken by a private new community
I pW iS .. atte 1a4 development agency approved by the Secre-
I.P..btsims. of, tinmial, teehnical. and administrative ability
.. d otrates capacity to carry out the program with reasonable
psf it$ cowpletiqn.
.$ ;-' ".i :!tQ A !t .t ,, G AJ RANTSES .
" 4AW.4. .. T.. '" " t " ".. through h the New Community" "
tM .3,n -a.i Th, Sertry (acting through the New Community

j~pfpqtm9 R).IS utuhosedrto guarantee, and enter into
gj Atwtee,the bonds, dbentures, notes, and other
B MY # F3Ul behalf of privatee new community de-
.',a.d ..developme..nt agencies for the purpose of
Property aqtisition and land development and to com-
iutepf. real property removal of liens or encum-
.i..pi. er. vpuruan t to the new community develop-
3 approved bY.w ..Seretary., The Secretar. may make
* nd iiter Into such comnlitment upon such terms
A.e. ay presbe onsiitent with thelimitations and
Ie .4ion, ..except that no, obligation of any
Dn astll be guaranteed under this section
Me^n" h gl .is exemptfrom .Federal taxation.
la4utlizm to mtn gnts to any State lad develop-
...hl p c.f hid. are guannteed undor this sec-
q,3tf t to 80 pft notum of the-interest paid on such
L' .Y t* i .... .. L;. ;I ":: ..... "'*
.- . .. ...

huaaqt mtinu blis91
Att#aa kLw 0-383,





Sc. 1346. (a) :In .administration of the flood insurance program and in order to facilitate
ehe expeditious payxpent of any Federal funds under such program,
the Secretary may enter into contracts with a pool formed or other-
wise created under section 1331, or any insurance company or other
private organization, for the purpose of securing performance by such
pool, company, or organization of any or all of the following
(1) estimating and later determining any amounts of payments
S to be made;
(2) receiving from the Secretary, disbursing, and accounting
for funds in making such payments;
(3) making such audits of the records of any insurance com-
Spany or other insurer, insurance agent or broker, or insurance
adjustment organization as may be necessary to assure that proper
payments are made; and
(4) otherwise assisting in such manner as the contract may
provide to further the purposes of this title.
(b) Any contract with the pool or an insurance company or other
private organization under this section may contain such terms and
conditions as the Secretary finds necessary or appropriate for carry-
ing out responsibilities under subsection (a), and may provide for
payment To any costs which the Secretary determines are incidental
to carrying out such responsibilities which are covered by the contract.
(c) Any contract entered into under subsection (a) may be entered
ixto without regard to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U.S.C.
5) or any other provision of law requiring competitive bidding.
(d) No contract may be entered into under this section unless the
Secretary finds that the pool, company,,or organization will perform
its obligations under the: contract efficiently and effectively, and will
meet such requirements as to financial responsibility, legal authority,
nmd other matters as he finds pertinent.
(e) (1) Any such contract may require the pool, company, or orga-
nization or any of its officers or employees certifying payments or dis-
ursgfndsn pursuant to the contract, or otherwise participating in
anyig out the contract, to give surety- bond to the United States in
such amount as the Secretary may deem appropriate.
(2) No individual designated pursuant to a contract under this sec-
tion to certify payments shall, in the absence of gross negligence or
intent to defraud the United States, be liable with respect to any pay-
(st.ertifed by him under this section.
; :.(S.q.fficer disbusing funds shall in the absence of gross negli-
V'Ree or intent toQdefraud the United States, be liable with respect to
ny; l3pay t by h1 inder this section if it was based upon a voucher
nei by an, niviMual designated to certify payments as provided
parapaph. (2) of~this subsection.
N'(f) Any contract entered into under this section shall be for a term
.ne$ yw, and my be, made automatically renewable from term to
tpx in t1e, absenceofl notice by either party *f an intention to termi-



O AL zoNi MWAAiaimE 309
'" .i.;:.:.:* ,. .. ... ...... < ; .) .. . ... .. ...' A. "" cO ta -on p l* i g p ii. T
(1) to coordinating state coastal Zone planning, policies, and
pi?6o`grais 4th respect to contiguous areas of such states; and
2r) ( stig'ing, planning, and implementing unified coastal
i on 62e ,568iesith respect to such areas.
f =h cordiiiatini ,study, planning, and implementation may be con-
Jfcted purant to interstate agreements or compacts. The Secretary
xMymtake grants annually, in amounts not to exceed 90 per centum of
;tlW cost of sudi 0ordinaflon, study, planning, or implementation, if
.e Secretry finds that the proceeds of such grants will be used for
hfposes consistent with sections 305 and 306.
"(b) The consent of the Congress is hereby given to two or more
dOMal states to negotiate, and to enter into, agreements or compacts,
whichh do not conflict with any law or treaty of the United States, for-
S(1) developing and administering coordinated coastal zone
N aplnm, policies, and programs pursuant to sections 805 and
) establishing executive instrumentalities or agencies which
4 sh states deem desirable for the effective implementation of such
agreements, or compacts.
Sich greeniments or compacts shall be binding and obligatory upon
ay state or party thereto without further approval by the Congress.
>(c) Each executive instirumentality or agency which is established
by an .interstate agreement or compact pursuant to this section is
I eindouiraged to adopt a Federal-State consultation procedure for the
identification, examination, and cooperative resolution of mutual prob-
Ilemswith respect to the marine and coastal areas which affect, directly
or indirectly, the applicable coastal zone. The Secretary, the Secretary
opthe.fInteor, the Chairman of the Council on Environmental Qual-
iy, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the
Scetr of ti department in which the Coast Guard is operating,
az4M t l dm tor of the Federal Energy Administration, or their
deIgnte4 mp r atives, shall participate ex officio oh behalf of the
Federal overnmentwhenever any such Federal-State consultation is
requested by sut an instumientality or agency.
(d) If no applicable interstate agreement or compact exists, the
Secretary may coordinate coastal zone activities described in sub-
section (a) and may make grants to assist any group of two or more
coastal stats to create anid maintain a temporary planning and
cwiMfiagenity o
-,. At ) qwft|4Miw t44tteo,coatal zone planning, policies, and pro-
grams with respect to contiguous areas of the states involved;
*i *)istu i id implement iaqie coastal zope policies
with respect to duich areas; and
aeofmehas.anadopt a Federal-
-hEWS Oeml Oicfm procedure, for the identification, examination,
"laioi r i to4problems h respect
-mttheiarinu afnd eaptet areas whish aileect, directly or indirectly,
S tie pplicaSl coastal zone.
ha aall-r* exeed 90pr'centium of the cost
*tnsetioft (^)or thbir designated representatrrea, haU
p p onMLe..lf.o.ti Foderai Government,4Tpon the request of'
of ft~6**
A. k. : 4 I .'V
Ali- 1W -



~pil.1t"tT Fntet ed...States Bureau of the Census and referable to
,IHb ba" lie Oiet: or period in time.
ido. A 46' (t-l-:e-:"etntof growth lag" means the number of
pr 6'i..h*h nO w od have bei residents in a metropolitan city or
...':T-"' io ..u all -:b `C "X ,,
|.B uiAbau nO.t, -i excess of the current population of such metr9-
ittoflih %tV 'or. urban county, if such metropolitan city or urban
InMV: "Ta had[a population growth rate between 1960 and the
*1 wi datk df the most: recent population count referable to the same
p'. noint or period in time eqtal to the population growth rate for
hi4griodrd iJ mettopolittn cities.
.4 1 :' ("'Th tei "housing stock" means the number of existing
m i ^tidh based on data-compiled by the United States Bureau
'; :bft nstis iand referable to the same point or period in time.
1 i:'-H.,:' ):The: teril "adjustmnnt factor" means the ratio between
N t .age tf hiWAsi k in- th& metropolitan city or urban county and

.. b$pred ted- ageof hipuing in such city or county.
'("1-' t helierffi ",pidicted age of housing" means the arith-
\ n tic pr dfict of the housing stock in the metropolitan city or
w 'or1khfi tCitj niifltiplied times the rato between the age of hous-
ing in all metropolitan areas and the housiitg stock in all metro-
S: politan areas.
W (15)1 Thet'eftii"adjusted age of 'hoUsinhg"means the arithmetic
I, OpF jpdF.uqj tb age. of housing in the metropolitan city or urban
unty4.rltipia ges the aidustment factor.
|........ (I6). 1Thp Mindian tribes mnans any Indian tribe, band,
Group, and nation including Alaska Indians, Aleuts, and Eski-
|o n,,os anay Native Village, of the United States, which
.-- ffl" "cns,.dered ,an egi.ble recipent under the. Indian Self-Deter-
**,tP ,f A4 Zducation AsSistance Ati (Public Law 93-638) or
^U jLtae @tte a Laoqal Fisoal Assistance Act of 19T2 (Public
T [ term -"Federal grant-m-aM program 'eans a pro-
zru..a". ofF., nciaq assistance other than loans and other
ass 3 tanc R4ovided by this titloer
"(lff' 'Tp prgram
.| 'I ... i '*'*^ S~j -... ",( ,., ':: ; . ** : I ' ~ ,, j .. :, ; .* .>
td iii ni ersl'
| (1S)1 Whe term program period" means the period beginning
| 1y l9745,^ and ending June 30,1975, and the period cover-
S .! eh'M!,alyear' thereafter. nremeans
J`::-1k f 9L1.3 The term Community Development Propsm" means
,:'-^^pr~am elon^^ a)t} *':: -, .
,9j ,,2.1 TM I tlftA "Secretary" means the Secretary of Housing
t jrbsn D ,velop"ent .
W 4pt t te defntioxs in subsection (a) shall be
wit is -er ntcn
I &,I :'rt0, sal year, on. th0 e moot recent data com-
i d Sta~otes Bureau of t14 Census and'the latest pub-
tpp4S 4tI l o~f O-Aft gemit d Budgetavalable ninety
" " 0 :.. -**.; ., : ." . 2 6 1. ,. I ".e.
Ilkp Aa 19T7; hRq'A 9-128, approved
Ot4ober l.mreqealgn,.(fl),ai*C1" OluuraLraphs (17),
IiJMU 0P.,UP B(1), (11), (12),
M^wMtIR, At Pubtc Ulmw 94--274v 9 Stat 383,
'.pva fiv ? 'tMir ti toitmb quarter period between
kl^ ^ t^ ^ rt ? f.o
;'it *^ N 1' W ,r' ^ fl i 4 t *t: -"'^:a f 24;: <*-.i .r-, *.1 .;* - ,



abilities for areawide development, and to mist the President in
coordinating the areawide development efforts of all Federal
Agencies; and
(2) all Federal agencies which are engaged in admn ri

practicable, consult with and seek advice from all other sigmifi-
..1. V. FFag "..-0 V L=`kZ ... ..AL
assure fully coo&ited rogft, M -./l.1,

r~~-d 1 4 11]fisor 11v Rai-ph
SEC. 2W. Upo aaerroqaetdt rIho &lr *r.,-a ,~oral nof
the central city in any metropolitan area, and after consultti with
local governmtubantluietiatnutiwatam poitan area with
respect to whether or not the Secretary should make an app tain t
xh;le? this seiotio (ad*fwith-reapecttbthksiadihdalewhomhab o
appointed), the Secreta my ay p*t atlita e9 ;j.t (
section. The metropolitan expediter tll provi& tt
and assistance to leb6d aunonties nd prints iatildiadL-mad tiies
within the metropolitan area, ad toaC rlinSht Fehmd twm -ofts
and agencies,.l &, i'flpeet 1 a.1 b.gra d uitti eabtali
within such metropolitan ae. bY'tyteDepftrzm itf md
hrba Devlopant, awd with esped _tot otwertI p_ at
beiviim ,and nees within Oeuliemropolitami as whidhftu tttt
pr asaid ttiwitus 4t 2leptr t:*:M u t. iA r.ipr t iv t
"' **" ;' ).y v; .i r a
cool~yTm ioir OF E:zIRmn i* tmn 911 iltepose"tcierf ,i :i
-."O D. IN v O :' :: .O i-L A t W AL" I, ,iI x1 iA -ri t 'x ,
ta Sua.20' (t) All 4 pcaiioni4 e Tjj^jH .3te;t
orallq' oarg' o a 0 a..., . o .. :... .
orfa or ;

treatment works, highways, traS nsportnatzj,..AA
-ciIjtj*V. ai4 water. d.yeoojt wla-

- (iU) to~n~y sazeawide4p e agaqb. $ffj, lf
.Ay metrc roliau 0 X amQUMl

assistance tobe is te s tot
extent, composed of or responsibe to t the
of areawid gvaisto .t *oaits4 gpcoven-
ment witiinA whose ]urisiction such agency' is auoried ton-
, .lsreIRSiMf,3l3, i,*Ztid:.- .i,.t ,,,i tIf: o, f, nr. .OVf .:nt
*- -:; : = ": ; : : * i : ,.. -..: i l, :,. i ; .I 'T ,.. 1 A ,'. ,3 .:.: -... n~ i; i p- T *i? I .: rw jg a
ti _I t II a ai.a rir

me pt.ohibitolo '
SThe Ind nep nt Of mud P ant of JW a nl-IA

l t "t fl "b. I . ... ;.r S .... I.
Vet.Ct. ane6 miwja fipafl' t 3p t
. impa,.. an, ; ria 7 '..a,. q, .: ...

e Sw5 O EM Control a o Safe Strtet o-ba
approved June 19. 1,68. 82 Stat. 197. 208. added '*law freme t'mfeilti".



1102 fln


(B) to p es verify, and pwy is Jiu i d

connection thereni y;and ::. :.....: .......... .
(c) to oomplebt the liquiadao :ia:Br-
ance and direct insrancepa na. r .
(2) On September 30, W9"S or w aun M ( ifter pafibl, the
Secretary shall submit to -theCongmmi, hr Ii.approvMtl, t&lea artin
liquidation and termination of the asinsaaram .Ws iw 2wnt afustmn
programs., ,
SEC. 1202. (a).(1) There is etahlishsd an Adboq Beard (here-
inafter called the "Board") consisting of nIme "lM memrw a 0
by the Secretary. Members of the Board shall be selected from among
representatives of the general pubic, tV m i mnac. idWns' %Stlate
and local governments including Stat insurance authorities, and the
Federal Government. Of these members of the Board, not more than
six shall be regular full-time employees of the Federal Government,
and not less than four shall be representatives of the private insurance
industry and not less than tfar shall. be rprntLativ of State
insurance authorities. t. C. ha
(2) The Secretary shal designate & Chairman = a i a r-
man of the B].ard. .' .
(3) Each member shall serve for a term of two years, of utt lhis
successor has been appointed, ezeq ti t b o 2persO foa aobtte
while a fill-time employee ot a rSte the Fideml Qfouvm1nat shall
serve in such position itaerbe ase to be so "N'i
reappointed. . .
(4) Any member ppoiMed .i asanmn ..oma qpn.. te 4
expiration of the trm n r ft WOk, hti p w!
be appointed for th emainder of- that l.m. .
(b) The Chlirman shall pramwi at all m Muij .4'2flt4
Chairman shall preside in the Abseno atd tm
In the absence of both the Chairman una, a. Slao
tary may in1a t any maste to act at aitna.
Board haL mteet at Wch times arnd places 'W "
fix and determine, but shall hold at loast
meetings a year. Special meetings my baIAatth
ma or any three member oftthe. BcTdt. TA ..N
(c) The Board shall review age jAL iseaa lin
Secietary withi respect thereto, fl4 piroratzztL4SStAe, iO4Mnsa
are secified in this title .... '
(VThe members of the beaw! *a1
berl be deemed to be empl Tees e t
mxembersxcaept thoes who ae regular tipA -
1 ^ l l L-' I : . ,: :. J. ,, ,'' :. .. : . .. . < ,.: ,* ':.*.;
lAmended by the Supplemental Housing Authorisation Act of ib77. PAuTl. naM
"WMrn April 30 1S bS dLetting "Ayfft O* 19 wa IaueutoM-wUtbstqe p-
. .. ? , *..: ; .' .s "' ... .r iW ";>.
** .. i ," ".. ", . ... ,.; _f


A ILTB 4W AL 110
ia e 4Th.i l s anUdputtan4in advances to any local public agency
.tuis fauth.orlzatiio ol this sentence shall not excee 21/2
iPA-. ctH "othe estimated, gross project costs of the projects under-
ez.u imde' other contracts with such local public agency pursuaiit
[-a by~ci a State, mu-
al. 'grants-in-aid" sha1 mean assistance, by a State, mu-
M! .f. Orother public body,'or (in the base of cash grants or dona-
..or .., qther real property) any other entity, n connection
..iiw.arect qnwhich a contract for capital grant has been made
i. M .tM .in the form of .(1) cash grants tb2 defray expendi-
tt rs ws i ti.epurview of section 110(e) (1) hereof; (2) donations,
.,a value, of land or other real property (exclusive of land in
j4.4 AW,*eys6, and other public rights-of-way which may be vacated in
couieimon with the project,3 or air rights over streets, alleys, and
S[otherpublic rights-of-way) in the urban renewal area, and demolition,
.re A0l, or other work or improvements in the urban renewal area, at
the coat thereof, of the types described in clauses (2), (3), (7), (9),
.andIXO) i of the second sentence of section 110(c); and (3) the pro-
I.. v .iqsat their cost, of public buildings or other public facilities (other
tJd publicly owned housing5 and revenue producing public utilities
A R*pital cpst of which is wholly financed with local bonds or obli-
,sii s pay .le solely out of revenues derived from Service charges)
W1j are essary for carrying out in the area the, urban renewal
1D0 yves .of this, title in accordance with the urban renewal plan:
..',x ed,.That in any case where, in the determination of the Secre-
; E any park layground, public building, or other public facility is
of irectbenefbotlj to the urban renewal area and to other areas, and
.t h rban.reno al o:
thapproximat. degree of the benefit to such other areas is estimated
t hx/It.. rttqry at 20 per centum or more of the total benefits, the Sec
.., #*tall p.povide that, for the purpose of coinputing the amount
4... grants-in-aid for the project, there shall be included only
.chiprtfi6n o.f the cost of such facility as the Secretary estimates
,t : r,|g]oporiQnate to the approximate degree of the benefit of such
.Jg ty o t."he urban renewal area: Provided further,s That any
.ily., owned I.facility, the construction of which was begun not
.e i^^r4h: n three years prior to the date of enactment of the Demion-
^ |iies i and Metropolitan Developwent Act of 1966, shall be
Sec. 414(b), Housing Act of 1959, Public Law 86-872, approved September 23, 1699,
73 Stat. 654, 675, provided as follows:
M ..r.,q .e.u.rp&nut i section .110(d) of the Housing Act of 1949 that the assistance
pro;0ed':by & State, muiialty, or Other public body under that section, in order to
qu:. ..a..,lpocal aajntald, shall be In connection with a Project on which a contract
fo a~~.j .rant has .ea. madO under title I of that Act, shall not apply to assistance
pr ei1d Curing the periodfrom July 1, 1957, through December 31, 1957, In conubnection
.witbpbuate al .actutWa which were extended Federal recognition within stIyt days
attheI pro-ison of such assistance was :itiated."
war4i. ijh,.Vd .z'to defray epnditures within, .tie purview of section 110(e) (1) hereof."
A.Pee.6S12(3), ahiAg At f 9I$T, PhbleI Law 85-104, approved July 12, 1957,
,'HoeABng Act o :i64. Puttlic Law 88-Bo0, proved September 2. 1964,
^X, .in, 78 sested the remainder d- f this parenthetical phrase.
D em* on stratlon Cities and Metropolit4.n Development Act of 1966, Public
r imp rored November 3,'19686, 80 Stat 1255, 1278, added clauses (9) and (10).
t phrase '", public facltties financed by special assessment against land in the
prot area" was deleted at this .point by see. 3802(c) Housin AAt of 1956, Public Law
"TO2'Stbh CNauresu, approved August 7.196, 70 Stat. 191,-1091.
S,.r Doemonstration Cites and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966, kiblle
l f, a poved ,1V.a WOember 3.1966, 80 Sta. 1255, 1280. Inserted this proviso.
Apro b"": e

22-674--78-pt. 2- 16

i '1015


SEC. 506. It is hereby expressly declared that it is the intent of the
Congress to supersede any and all laws of the States and units of local
government insofar as they may now or hereafter provide for a
requirement, prohibition, or standard relating to the lead content in
paints or other similar surface-coating materials which differs from
the provisions of this Act or regulations issued pursuant to this Act.
Any law, regulation, or ordinance purporting to establish such dif-
ferent requirement, prohibition, or standard shall be null and void.
Approved January 13,1971.



S1632 and '1713 lSi N S 1
high-speed ground transportation a ornrl
station, including, but not limited to, components uch i..I.-
aerodynamics, vehicle p to*c ctson, ef cotr, comi
and guideways. .. *. ..
1632. Deonstttiosu ..
The Secretary is authorized to contract or MdattiQi t tw
mine the contribution UU. t hiqhespeed pond
door-to-door ground transportation could maim to moe oft mae
and economical interoityt.mporttion .ysteua Such d ntntioe
shall be designed to sne. and evaluate ch a w the puli
response to n+w equipnnt higher qpeds flg j. fj_1 im-
proved comfort and convenience, and more frequent service. In coS
neetion with contracts for demonstrations under this scticc, the Sec-
retary shall provide for financial particiption by private. udust
to the maximum extent practicall,
1639, Consultation and cooq'Perkton with other deWpartments anl
agencies, Inptitutonsi and private industry
In exercising the authority granted under this chapterthe Secretary
shall consult and cooperate, as he deems appropriate, with the Sec-
retary of Housing and Urban Development and other dcpartlMnts
and agencies, Federal, State, and locaL The Secretary sbd further.
consult and cooperate, as he deems appropriate, wih wnstititotemsnd
private industry.

*. "' E i ..
1713. Planning grantsoAutherizatiou to makegrants
(a) Din order to promote &e effective location" and development of
airports and the development of an adequate Aiational airport sste
plan, the Secretary may make grants of funds to planning ancies
for airport system planning, and to ubic agencies for airport master
planning. A MON T ADp ,
", f ': . : :
(b) The award of grants under subsection (a) of this section is sub-
ject to the following limitations: ,:
(1) The total funds obligated for grants under tGl tbbion may
not exceed $75,000,000 and the amount qipaled in nyowe fiscal year
may not exceed $15,000,000. y
(2) No grant under this section may eeeed twp4is tlwcos#
incurred m the accomplishment of the project ,
(3) No more than T& per centum of the ftds made availab e
this section in any fiscal year may be d Or pro.jeYta w$ a
single State, the Commonwealth o.t PUt0'.P theI (4' fl
American Samoa, the Trust Territory'f t' h Paific Isado Guam.
Grants for projects encompaing an are located in two mo states
shall be charged to each te in the vroportia wi tefl
.. .;: ,.. .. ..:.. :!:": t : .


... <4... ."4....'.i. .#. F N. B i 0
I U ..,t..t;i:,1.. ....

* '1

'4 *j'~4 *

I -

4 1-

'-'4. *1*'

I. -
4 '4 .4 .4',1\

4., ., iYi

11 .1 *

44 1
.4 /


.4.... 14"

1e4 4



I ~ ~ *4.
4- ~. I

*" ,,,I.

.r4, C4"J j.w'm
4. .. 4.-. .4 .&


1:V rTe) t

-.4 1'.*

,Quality, through the Chairman, shall advise and assist the President
v.4wjtading this national effort.
Sf.!C.O.* 2. RPsponsibilities of Federal agencies. Consonant with Title I
of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, hereafter referred
to-as the "Act",,the heads of Federal agencies shall;
,; (a) Monitor, evaluate, and control on a continuing basis their agen-
cies' activities so as to protect and enhance the quality of the environ-
rment., Such activities shall include those directed to controlling
pollution and enhancing the environment and those designed to ac-
Sc qmplisli other program objectives which may affect the quality of the
environment. Agencies shall develop programs and measures to pro-
tect and enhance environmental quality and shall assess progress in
,meeting the specific objectives of such activities. Heads of agencies
shall. consult with appropriate Federal, State and local agencies in
carrying out their activities as they affect the quality of the
(b) Develop procedures to ensure the fullest practicable provision
,of timely public information and understanding of Federal plans and
programs with environmental impact in order to obtain the views of
interested parties. These procedures shall include, whenever appro-
priate, provision for public hearings, and shall provide the public
with relevant information, including information on alternative
courses of action. Federal agencies shall also encourage State and
local agencies to adopt similar procedures for informing the public
concerning their activities affecting the quality of the environment.
S(c) Insure that information regarding existing or potential envi-
ronmental problems and control methods developed as part of re-
i search, development, demonstration, test, or evaluation activities is
made available to Federal agencies, States, counties, municipalities,
institutions and other entities, as appropriate.
(4) Review their agencies' statutory authority, administrative regu-
lations, policies, and procedures, including those relating, to loans,
grants, contracts, leases, licenses, or permits, in order to identify any
deficiencies or inconsistencies therein which prohibit or limit full
compliaRce with the purposes and provisions of the Act. A report on
this review and the corrective actions taken or planned, including
suvoh measures to be proposed to the President as may be necessary to
bring their authority and policies into conformance with the intent,
purposes, and procedures of the Act, shall be provided to the Council
on Environmental Quality not later than September 1,1970.
S (e) Engage in exchange of data and research results, and cooperate
with agencies of other governments to foster the purposes of the Act.
fi?'Proceed,. in coordination with other agencies, with actions
eqpwd by section 102 of the Act.
Sip M Re ponsibilitie of (oncil on Environmental Quality. The
Council on Environmental Quality shall:
(a) Evaluate existing and proposed policies and activities of the
,drl .rnment directed to the control of pollution and the en-
hsn efat of the environment and to the accomplishment of other
objectives which affect the quality of the environment. This slbll in-
clude continuing review of procedures employed in the development
and Mtlformtpeinc if Federal standards affecting environmental qual-
ty. Based upon such evaluations the CouncHI shall. where appro-



mawi tot a "_".ppl.blinte t n regional planning andcoordi
nation ,a developed by the .coastal ..states; (11) a summary
and evaluti of the research, studies, and training conducted in sup-
pof toop zteu management; and (12). such other information as
ans be apro ate..
h -;(l iork requred by subsection (a) shall contain such recom-
tiosZ additional legislation as the Secretaxy deems necessary
S Whim, vteh objectivesof this title and enhance its effective operation.
.. h ; *" .*
r ?: /'s T r ,., ,.:." " .. . . .. "
*4x. 31 The Secretary shall develop and promulgate, pursuant
...ti. 58 of. title 5. United States Code, after notice and oppor for lull participation by relevant Federal agencies, state
agencies, local governments, regional organizations, port authorities,
and other interested parties, both public and private, such rules and
gulatiou. as may be necessary to carry out the provisions, of this
title. .... .....
SEC. 318.1 (a) There are authorized to be appropriated to the
(1) such sums, not to exceed $20,000,000 for each of the fiscal
years ending September 30,1977, September 30,1978, and Septem-
ber 30, 1979, respectively, as may be necessary for grants under
section 305, to remain available until expended;
"( C2). kch bums, not to exceed $50,000,000 for each of the fiscal
-1w1J.' nding September 30, 1977, September 30, 1978, Septem-
"erb"8%2.J1979, a'd September 30, 1980, respectively, as may be
i neoeStyo for grants under section 306, to remain available until
873) such 8ums2 not to exceed $50,000o0 for ech of the 8
S t..seal years ourrnmg during the period beginning October 1,1976,
Srtenitnff Sepeber) 0, 1984, as may be necessai for grants
.:fltdr rs7-7toeI308(b)J;8
(4) such sums, not to exceed $5,000,000 for each of the fiscal
I.:i jwsd. igteptember 30, 1977, September 30, 1978, Septem-
ber 80, 197. and September 30,1980, respectively, as may be neces-
-.oesr e. f !nidts:,dwer section 809,% to remain available until
ai fte S -: "-^ *.. '- . *; .. **** ./
-" ni"r(:) susms;n t to exceed $10,O00000: for each of the fiscal
IJO eas ending 8tmber 30, 1977, September 30, 1978, Septem"
a be 8erO 3 97%, and Sptenber 30,1980, respectively, as may be neces-
mS:y f riBanal_ _.u.nxder stion 810, of which 50 per
1:etu sha.l be. for. fa l .sisan underr section 810(a)s and
9 i rntam hl -11b for fiani assistance under section
SDavailable until sqpuwdedn
) s sums not to exceed,$*,000,0 for each of the fiscal
.. t. m .. $O, 19Z 7, 8.Ptew r .30., 1o.." s.p--.,
ber -. aXsr 30,198, reppeotinly, as ma be neon-
i' S ,t& e n a ie until
:::: # '": b : ite t |t ift 1::^ ^ ^ ',' ." : '" >; ** :* .. :. : -.'*:-
. . . ..jIn b . . .. .
m n ft. Attsa of 197C, Nblo sv 94-
amStat" ltO8s maMe Seffon 818 so rswdbsatsd by
tWAg t rdan set za Ithe tat



'1103 COMKU32T iMEWaa.-
days prior to the beginning of such a l W.WThe may
by regulation change or otherwise modify e i terms
defined in subsection (a) in order to ieflct ay me&i A te or
modification thereof made subsequent o su .date. by t...eji ited
States Bureau of the Census or the Office of Mngemeutp4&dgt
(c) One or more public agencies, indudig eni smg l ca public
agencies1 may be designated .by the chief executive es i% State
or a unit of general local government to upedeamakea f!ottrunit!
Development Program in w eor inpart, .
(d) An urban county designated under subs.ctin (i)() ) (i)
of this section shall notify, prier to & date set by th SeetMary for
each year, all incorporated e-t of general loa govrte1maeatt the
populations of which areA inhlded in the population of su tUrban
county for purposes of this aectioa of their opporti`ity tp. exclude
their population from such urban county. Any unit of geneVl lokai
government which has noi elected to have its population a excluded
shall have its population included within the po pulativa of such urban
county for purposes of this section until it, on its .own iimitiative, elects
to exclude its population by notifyng the urban couptyon or before
a date set by tle Secretr.1 ,
Szc. 103. (a) (1) The Secretary is authorized to make grxiftts4to
States and units of general local government and Indian trilMs 2to
help finance Community Development Programs approved in accord-
ance with the provisions of this title. "
There are authorized to be appropriated for thtee ptrpedst iot to
exceed $3,500,000,000 tor the fiscal year 1978, n&t to exceed $8fs,000%-
000 for te fiscal year 1979, and not to exceed $ ",800$)00,O for the
fiscal year 1980. Any amount authorized for any fiEn year titider this
section but not appropriated for such year may be a6tited for
any succeedng fiscal year. '
(2) Of the amounts approved in appropriations Acts infant to
paragraph (1),,$50,000,00 for each of the fiscal years.19I a4t 1916,
'tre touish and Community Development Act of 1977, Pblbh te6-48& prov
October 12, 1977, amended section 102 of the H no aiB ad VCltsv Pereo~went of
1974 by adding pararaph (d)... rI .M us. & ,
*Te H6ualigan-CbMty Devetment Act, 0Cag 17 P a 92appraved
October 12, 1977, amended section 103(a) <) of thme Houinmg Coma m.unity I |fpment
Act of 1974. to Include Indian tribes being k*ible to "ecee. a SC i M em-
nut7ty development progas. .
SSec. 103 (a)(1) of the Housing and Community Developmeiet MAc eft 1W7, ablie LaW
95-128, amended section 103(a) (1) striking everything mfter tie at alnt ia lewhleh read
as follows: "The Secretary Is anthoriuzed to Incur oblUgatonA on behalf of the Uited States
In the form o grant agreem.est or otherwise in mnent aaaofatIng seh ura ,not to
exceed $8.400.00.000, as may be approved inn a appnoprltaop A Tb. a nt a m atobm
shall become available for obligation on January1L 19.5, tat Stll. llltd I !
obligated. There are atttorsed to be appnprats Eor ilutid'tibt .el&.b l
u.der tl8s subsection not to exceed 50,.OOOOOAWrlor to.
whamount may be increased to not to exceed an 'agreg WUVBwt OR4'0,
close of the fiscal year 1976, and to not to exceed an aggregate of $8,400,,1o-t
the lole of the fhcal .ear- 1077, SubJect. to .th au.xifM6 ^ e f th .r.
ants under wea{ts -T Wt tt a fttr an $ t
_(Ci mvppmaeataiy wnimUnder te IoU t&e 4ad itt.4*
Development Aet of Of,
may be used to the extent not otherwise tifltt *t o to an "'t fit "1
liquidation ofi contracts entered into pursuant to this section"; aund Insertn Imn ien thereof
the material as nset forth In the text.
q ".*


SitaaGo cormmEwavHox '
hi _+. (^ tkithm should be designed and administered to
Ssuppl t 9, and not to supplant or in any other way conflict with
4 "tafe CO~"iaI"tIOn prog:amiunder part C of title III O
*a Y!fe^ t'l1^Y aac} Conservation Act; the eegnyeeg
;e emergency energy
W-^i|; r kBpropam carried out 1y community action agencies
(..Wt to. serto. t222(a) 12) of the Economic Opportunity
Act o19 and other forimdof assistants and encouragement for
-UiM. l r.e, the purpose &C this title to encouage and facili-
tt e i M..oentati of energy conservation' measure and renew-
&b e gy measuresm in dwelling units, nonresidential build-
ings, and idustrial plants, through-
,81D.:<( V(1biipljmental State energy conservation plans; and
' : 8) ".NpFedra naxciai incentives and assistance.

;I. j.. i .. :1 . +: .. prgg...q.'.o, MI. ru.o.z . < .
.....M ': at7 Ga)' ;'+ + +
S*f -n ,;-**.,' ... -. *.-.. i. *:. .. ." M M m a i*I: AND P OBP S *'*:-. ..
'. .+ + ..,i~ ~ w ,.+..,, .' .t .; < j+.*... .-.. : ,. "' ,* *-: .-.' - -' ; 0 + , . +. .
S t + + < tJ++:.+ .). +. ..+ ++ ; . ..
A:,0wped +.or occupied by low-uoowme p.ets6s fre-
: +++K ). +: ;n-by( y ,. "M,= .0 _
().ow-income persons particularly elderly and hMndi.pped
^low.:iom -peWsn 09.can boa: afford-to -maki the inoOfifiations
A necesry.. to provide for adequate minsulation.In s. 4s lngs
prwseitJpdrqsi^sntialeenq^y use; /:,
t..jag1t,. q, sRwh dwelhxg would low*r utility ex-
siobl I i lp^4wnpowners -oras.we at save
Af.dylow d ne.a, Savel;ed.
47 ~.. lyr .m conqziunity action agenciqa establshed
SE mic OpPartty At qf 1964 and injts of general
a, iups government, should be encouraged, with Federal
Sand tel a uistae, to devop and support coor-
t.w.tbrzatibn programs designed to ameliorate the
+......a .+ ..... .P
iey cos on sth low-income Vpersns,
. ..uoh perso, and
%J* '- puWrrowe. .f th part to develop .and imple-
p|p1*lt^^ we~h~riati istancn program to, assist in
Apresr#e Weel ot insti-on. in. the. dwni ,gstf 1wlw,
a lderly ad hpndizpped loW4npoMe
.....th0 eroa eat gble to afford higher
s-, ," duerg,.. ai %Y "
%t :i t |',n w r i. : .. .. .- ..r.. ... . .. .

sat t'. :* 49' "i *>P : 'Z' I N*
*W 5 P
Vi ataoiora Of the~

ws~' r4~M I~! su chAdmin-
a a .... "rq J J ) 0 j .. :, i-.:.;4 V : I ) ". .. ..
.;..... ..
:+~~~Su cc: ...::.:... ..
I:I .: + +"I + .! O,,: ,,:, ... k,

:: a .J.

... "IA^ " o ^A Cfi(
i.:- r-i . *.- ; 'r.s.. .... . .. .-:.r (' ,~~,r4- :

...." ... '4 .9 4, 4: i J a..; ; "
: ^ .... .. a [37 R ".. 166671 i*. a.s . "* r.. rr't
theO1 UcStates Copde Fendeis r Id 8 og th o r
LgIoyemniG Fln i.tuexFA. R Awf., ,g j-y N r V
EWTnONa. INfTiflOWB .fflDMAGED IS vwCAn ...W94

/' fl U **-": ' ' -S-I l** 'r>- ?*t '"* ( ,1 . *? ,* bI
m the onubof the authority vesteriaz xaqyss
the United States Codn, and ast President of stM on of oro
Pirector of the Office of Emierganc Preparyddna, ast .,
ferred to as the Director, is hreby empowered to .tqe hf A
ity conferred upon. me by- section 4 of the Act enatto'
authorize for a limited period additional loan assatan&e tidr h
Small Business Act for disater victims; to.rovi a studnjyho repot.
to the Congress by the President setting forth tzmendatios.f
a comprehensive revision of disaster relict legislation, and for ot1(u
purposes" without the approval, ratifich gr other action by tidi
President. TheL Director pay. delegate or assign toa the head o ai
agency of the executiveM branch of the Governuept, subject to 4
consent of the agency head concerned in each case, amy.W MY .ym
function, delegated -or assigned to tie Director by the prov ngs 0

or function so delegated or assigned, to him by the Director to mny
officer or employee subordinate to such head-of agency whose appoi*-
ment is required -to be made, by and with -thea advice and consent 4
the Seriatte. -:* -. ;/ ; ;. -- :' <*.-1 ;* : i*<- ,' ?t :'K^,-,,

T W....n HousE, August 1,8 1.7., *. N.
*.. V _________________*/ < ** **: ..r ;.'*'
. .. ... : .. ,.. .* .-. .. . J,; .. . . ...: 3 L ,...:. ..

OrPROVDINGTeR(g. 16563]' A'
AC T.etOAsAMEBD' .. .. X
*> : 1 : * .. ; : J ; .; ** * :*: ;. .* . ,: ; ; l l

By virtue of the authority vested inmin bythe Disier l 4d dt
1970, as amended, Section 801 of title. 8 of the ',ttd ttited
and as President of the United States, .Executive qnier Nb &;1t'tW-
December 31, 1970, is amended b stibstitdtingk DiStr.:Reliefc61
1970, as amended" for "Disaster Relief Act of 1970." Any7fer~bcbI
any -other order to the Disaster Relief Actf 6f 19"70 h"iallhe 4=te
o1f this b~der, be deemed to refer to the Diaster Relie! Act of W.1970,
amended.. " ' :' ::" ". ". .:i r o
.Th Wxxr Hos a VIO "** ; : ,g' ..-'.. , i". ,* CN O .
... .^ m M< W~9. ; '1 "; ipq ; '''"
17. tI^Tr f FE
:. : .*' "*" :: .i : .:;. * ""^ "." ..... .. "* F -T.-' ^ H J | i f.. :J
J.. *.. " p ... .. ' '"" io
,*1 1 . r... '.. .. .
..-9 -- a Tte
r ..- rrisr1J TITi'


BBAN .BVl WAL 820 and 5 2

Mrtof f. qpproptiatioa in this Act shall be used for administrative
pae~ c0annection with commitments for grants aggregating more
tr tbe to0ta.l of .amounts available in the current year from the
j wu.I$ authozed for making such commitments through June 30,
.196, plus the additional amounts appropriated therefore.
7 ; 4pproyed Novembr 3, !96Z.
.. y jj *. "" t? .... A' ... .. ." .. . : :
rft r,": :" " ""* ; ;h ', : : -, t ., .
S: .. [Public Lair w-06,82 Stat. 937]
"f' ^ J Z .1 I .\ '" ;; LJDA BALII'*: * ** tt. rm i t*-.*,..s 1' iL I ** i ; *:' *'*
1.. ,L POG.AMS
&Ca -a91grantsn forituran
or gnts for urban renewal, fiscal year 1970, as an additional
iM t or rban enewal pgrams, as authorizd,.by tit-t I of The
HAAt of- 949, as i ( 42 U.S.07 1450 eteq) a;nd section
31 of. the Hosing Act of 154, as amended (42... U ... 14.52a),
$T5h O,00, to remain available Until expended: IPiw.d4 That no
part of any appopriation in this Act shall be used for administrative
expense m convention with- commitments for'grants aggregating more
than the total of amounts, available. in the current year .from. the
amounts authorized for making such cmmitm ents .through June 30,
1968, plus the additional amounts ,appbpriated therefore.
Approved October 4, 1968. .... .

OF 1974
... "- "'". r .. ,t b . .,
[Public Law 93-383 88 Stat. 633]
S -. . . .1 .,
" ,- .* * . . . ,. ; . ,' . *
.$a 820. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 133(b) of the
Houig Act of t1949_ or of any other law, local expenditures made in
&nnection with the Broad and Front Street Garage in Trenton, New
Ierssy, shall, to the extent otherwise eligible, be counted as a local
gtt-n-ad to the first two action-years of the Trenton Neighborhood
Nvmlop.nht Pngram (N.J. A-l) in accordance with the provisions
6ofife of the HousingAct of 1949.
A 1974.
Approved Augu' 22, 1974.

',: ... "l ': s st r .o ? '
["189 Stat. 1013]
Satiiamkend setiott 2 ofth4National fouwin Act tr increase 'the
* 'i, 9 f" tim t loan- amounts for the purchase of. mobile. homes-
I 1
.> 4... . : $ *, .. .... :.. S *-
., .. *:. ... .*. 1. , .S b . Sb
:" 'a:, a W~l ndig.the pitvisions of section 103(a) (2) and
(3): and section 104 of the Housing Act of 1949 or of any other law



Water Resources Council have requested, or concurtedin, the estabish-
ment of such a Commission. i :
Now, therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by Section
201 of the Water Resources Planning Act (42 U.S.C. 1962b), and as
President .of the United States, it is ordered as follows: ., .
SCTiON 1. Missuri River Ban ssnCOWVACIiwO. It is hereby deolased
that the Missouri River Basin Commission is established under the pro-
visions of Title IX of the Water Resources Plauing Act (42 U.S.C.
1962b eteg). ,
Siac. 2. Juriedietion of the Come&mssn. It is hereby determined that
the jurisdiction of the Missouri River Basin Commissionreurred to in
Section 1 of this order shall extend to the Stateof Nebrakia andithose
portions of the States of Colorado, Iowa, Kmansas, Minnesota, Missouri,
Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyomingthatare toted
within the Missouri River drainage basin, defined as the drainage basin
of the Missouri River above a point immediately below the mouth of
the Gasconade River. *n
SEC. 3. Membership of the Commission. It is hereby determined that,
in accordance with Section 202 of the Act (42 U.S.C. 1962b-1), the
Commission shall consist of the following members: -
(1) a Chairman to be appointed by the President,
(2) one member from each .of the following Federal depart-
ments and agencies: Department of Agriculture; Department of the
Army; Department of Commerce; Department of Health, Education,
and Welfare; Department of Housing and Urban Development; De-
partment of the Interior; Department of Transportation; Federal
Power Commnission; Atomic Energy Commission; and the Environ-
mental Protection Agency; such member to be appointed by the head
of the department or independent agency he represents.
(3) one member from each of the following States: Colorado, Iowa,
Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North Dakota,
South Dakota, and Wyoming.
(4) one member from each interstate agency created by an inter-
state compact to which the consent of the Congress has been given and
whose jurisdiction extends to the waters of the area specified in
Section 2. A
SEc. 4. Functiona, Powers, ad Duties. The Commissimon and its
officers, members, and employees shall perform and exercise, with re-
spect to the area specified in Section 2 of this order, their respective
functions, powers, and duties as set out in Title II of the Water Re-
sources Plannimng Act.
SEc. 5. International Coordination. The Chairman of the Commis-
sion is hereby authorized and directed to refer to the Water Resources
Council any matters under consideration by the Commisiq which
relate to areas of interest or jurisdiction of the Internmatioial Joint
Commission, United States and Canada. The Council shall consult on
these matters as appropriate with the Department of State and the
International Joint Commission thr6oqhits United States Section for
the purpose of enhancing international-coordination. .
SEc. 6. Reporting o thoe President. The Chairman of the mmis-
sion shall report to the Piesident through the Wase RSource
Council L..
THE WHrE Hous, Mardi ,'1978.


a'Swv *


mrplus Feder4_A.+p. q prUrtqse j.&-a '9aoo-_--^iWW

u~~A14-1 .. ,,& r.tOS.. iW i4+ r .,,",W,.. .++ 481
bitr Reqj p*Ii 9t d.Xr
K .4%. 945) J-!1pCtWt*PA40.-*--'-..- 109,143
mdih -fl~i~l ZpM~Itsw) lq tcBiv 4af~ouauua-fg tqBr~er iuwfoqpR;t"

'g; 28
:... 3e 3l..... <7 l ..fS- -" "S I'W L-"" p "J .... v*+ ; 5<1 "t'** -.: : .+U 1*^* "^ 7 + ..... @ '. "* f.a-'f'.
itppd C tperatiop Act *I.96qLe--AtiVI'4 +-+ 811
ee alto LijB m r---re*~,-*nI* 1*, 11

tiaa stt oBec. 306, Coa.ul (gm 41nagt At

lowv 'M104a4 otr,
MB|| .a m-177,01 Svn a 4^ft w.

dintergdvernu 7ntal polcr-tle IV, Thtergswpraq,
a l l I tt Zi ... ">-.r ,.,+ +. .CI44*r P&. -... /, 8
,,,,r.%...,g+ ,....-f .,.., *. -"' __r ., + + .'.T.m_.liri *~ +',.* .,. ^JI'" jT*. ^ ^ ^'".. y -" -- -? < ^ <^ 0 +



W -.,'". .- ,- . 811
1 ni ]svd^lGe .lwle* an4 Urap 1*....
," ........ *-g --^.. .... .. ... .. .13 1147
ActN atI *wtuan~ te v ileVI
BE.. 4' I ". I I
I~dS -Man
i." "*day - l^^^ ^^^Mg'" lll mijft p m m l !:Pj^,", a'y^^^**"^^^ ^^*^^** : S v tj i. :.- ...W*^w<-

A on. [,,4 .. ., .- 11.8

) SaI-S iis uM(tBt-4+.... 11, 504 Lea. d-based- Point: .tn1on-

-J I- L j. .- ...s r^ 4 ,
At_1 10386
44ai-43Uh4df~pJ4. 1q82 1096

r44i~r4~flA.~4 1081
..: ... .. .... 1 0,

;:-':.P 1218

~~ A-
"M .. j a il m m .+.. .. . .. . ... .. .. ... ... .t l 1 8

..+ . ...... .. .... . .. ... ..... . w ", ,

... .., .... .
A l. .e.
+ - + + . .. .. . .. . .. ... . " " + .... ... .. . . ... . ..O N, +J .S

..+R+ +.. .956

.fA .1H.10 ---m! '. ... il.t .0 a
(3M ..-1 1o1A ij"r".++.q-bns oia hnrrti K) i ... .f.:


:-, 0_=~


,.* (4) .Encourage the business and industrial community to improve
Aihe-.quiity of6 the environment.
S,. ,(5) Advise On plans and actions of Federal, State, and local agen-
!cies involving environmental quality policies affecting industry which
wp yereferred-to it by the Secretary, or by the Chairman of the Council
. 6'Euvironential Quality through the Secretary. -
,S]Ec. 4 tubordinate Committee. The Industrial Council may estab-
ist, withl the concurrence of the Secretary, such subordinate com-
.i nitteeAs i t' may deem appropriate to assist in the performance of its
' 'functions. Each subordinate committee shall be headed by a chairman
appointed by the Chairman of the Industrial Council with the con-
"xurrence "f the Secretary.
S c. .4tA8sistance for the Indutrial Council. In compliance with
applicable law, and as necessary to serve the purposes of this order,
the Secretary shall provide or arrange for administrative and staff
Services support, and facilities for the Industrial Council and any
of its subordinate committees.
Szc. 5. Expenses. Members of the Industrial Council or any of its
'sAbordinate committees shall receive no compensation from the United
States by reason of their services hereunder, but may be allowed travel
;expenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, as authorized by
lw (5 U.S.C. 5703) for persons in the Government service employed
intermittently. To
: SEC. 6.. Regulations. The provisions of Executive Order No. 11007
of February 26, 1962 (3 CFR 573), prescribing regulations for the
formation and use of advisory committees, are hereby made applicable
to the Industrial Council and each of its subordinate committees. The
Secretary may exercise the discretionary powers set' forth.. in that
order. .
"ScT. Construction. Nothing in this order shall be construed as
sft9beting any Federal agency, or any function vested by law in, or
assigned prrsuant to law to, any Federal agency to the authority of
uaiy -ether .Fdeal agency or of the Industrial Courtdil or of any of
itsgltbordiiaie committees, or as abrogating or restricting any such
Jft, cx'in any manner.
SA nWnrm: Hous;, April 9 1970.
.. : 1 *. ; *. . . .' ,

t :, *: \ COMMISSION
Executive Order 11331
[32 Fed. Reg. 38751
.?;:: '", i, : [ ; ., " .V* * : *.-< ... ,.
"*NWstsw the Water Resources Planning Act (hereinafter referred
Sof. ba Act, 79 Stat. 244, 42 U.S.C. 1962 et se.) authorizes the
Pidlfnt. tw4csa0ei te establishmet of a river basin water and
ii .tla414 rsouttrce commission when a request for such a commis-
Miai$dxmNed4^ writing to the Water Resources Council (herein-
i :: referred to as the Council) by the Governor of a State within
'i alor pat. of 0 babi or basins concerned are located and when
'.llft'puept -is concurred in by the Council and by not less than
I r ".. .. "




Atomic Energy Community Act of 1955
[Public Law 221, 84th Congress; 69 Stat. 471; 42 U.S.C. 2301]
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the
United States of America in Congrn assembled, That this Act may
be cited as the "Atomic Energy Community Act of 1955".
Sz. 11. DELAAON Or POxuo.-It is hereby declared to be the
policy of the United States of America that Government ownership
and management of the communities owned by the Atomic Energy
Commission shall be terminated in an expeditious manner which is
consistent with and will not impede the accomplishment of the pur-
poses and programs established by the Atomic Energy Act of 1954.
To that end, it is desired at each community to-
a. facilitate the establishment of local self-government;
b. provide for the orderly transfer to local entities of municipal
functions, municipal installations, and utilities; and
c, provide for the orderly sale to private purchasers of prop-
erty within those communities with a minimum of dislocation.
SzE. 12. Fnmriws.--The Congress of the United States hereby
makes the following findings concerning the communities owned by
the Atomic Energy Commission:
a. The continued morale of project-connected persons is essen-
tial to the common defense and security of the United States.
b. In issuing rules and regulations required or permitted under
this Act for the disposal of the communities and in disposing of
the communities in accordance with the provisions of this Act and
in accordance with the rules and regulamons required or permitted
by this Act, the Commission is acting under authority delegated
toitbythe Congress.
aC Funds of the United States may be provided for the disposal
oftecommunitie and for assistance in the operation of the com-
munities thereafter under conditions which will provide for the
common W anse md pr ote the general welfare.
Sm. 18. PI POhue-It is the purpose of this Act to effectuate the
poiciesatiorth above by providing for-
S. the maintenance of conditims which will not impede the
.6itm mt and rtentio of personnel essential to the atomic
b. the obligation of the United States to contribute to the sup-
port of m i ralfr unctio s in a manner commensurate with-
(1) the fiscal problems peculiar to the communities by rea-
son of their construction as national defense installations, and



(1) systematic and sustained action by Federal, State, and local
governments to eliminate blight, to conserve and renew older
urban areas, to improve the living environment of low- and mod-
erate-income families, and to develop new centers of population
growth and economic activity;
(2) s*ttatid epsi of and greater twtiiilty in the
scope and lavel o Fd eral assistance,.together with ..ncreaed
private investment in support of community development activ-
ities; and
(35 coutimikug uefft tat all leveI of govnrzest to streamline
.programs and improve the functioning of agencies responsible
for planning, implementing, and evaluating community develop-
ment Ott. a. i
(c) The primary objective of this title is the development of viable
urban communities, by providing decent housing and a suitable living
environment and expanding eceOmic opportunities, principally for
persons of low and moderate income. Consistent with this primary
bJstiwe, the Federaliassisince prsided in th is.titis ibr tih support
of community development activities which are directed tward the
following specific objectives-
(1) the elimination of slmns and blight and the prevention of
blighting influences and the deterioration of property and ieigh-
borhood and community facilities of importance to the welfare of
the cmanunity, principally persons of low andemoderate imxoe;
(2) the elimination of conditions which are detrimental to
health, safety, and public welfare, through code enforcement,
demolition, interim rehabilitation assistance, and related
-set"vities; .
(a) the consatvation, anmd expansion of the ..N'atiom housing
stock in order to provide a decent home and a suitable living
environment for all persons, but principally, those of low and
moderate income;
(4) theexpansion and improvement of the quantity and quality
of community services, principally for persons of low ad n6dbr-
ate income which are esential. for.soundcomWmunity. development
and for the development of viable urbmcommunifties;
(5) a more rational utilization of land and other natural
resources and the better arrangement Of residential, commercial,
industrial, 2ecreatiaual,. and other needed tIvity ,ceatms; :
(8) the redu tion of the isolation ao mncoM grouIV within
conirun.ies and peopaphical areas and the prcnamei on.. o
increase in the diversity and vitality of neighborhoods th gh
the Opatial d,.ee atwon.o hlaing fpiorte for persons of
tow4r tuoqge and the rvitaat(i teng deterio-
rated neighborhoods to attract persons of higher ie.wia;
(7) the restoitior ad prasemvit ofpropertiad special
.alue for bistcwio, arcbWatwtailouotbttlc muasonsad
At)- the allevistion .i physical awketa e dis wough
,. imul!tion of. priste uiuetmentiut^ *xznmity uuvitz-
tionin areas with population outmipti a ta aIag or
1j 1! j~b
.. ..__ __ __ *rr ... : '" 1, : t' :
** de..,,, ng ta a e1. ;: I ..:.. ..:::v |:'1/ .* i, r i..'!T ; ,.
s (oftothe Hou n4 ty. e west St P*Ibrew
M V ;s n .Oe tobe ;1 ir, Wi t 1 lnse*dd et n l l 'f l1 "I!A
" :" [ "" 6".. for '


. . ,.f. = It ":' rit: y.-'t '= ^. .-- ..
11 -;'. :** ]:;- f ,. 1", J -L '.: "T' ,. ** '-" .. ... .. * '" .... . .* :
..O.r ., . : .. t

t* **,::.- ," .., ........ un :- .. 80 1


.:7 [Public Law 95-128, 91 Stat. .1147; 42 U.&.C 5301]

i* "" ***** .*

i, SE,'801. This title may be cited as the "Community Reinvestment
!Act of1977".1
SE. 802. (a). The Congress finds that-
"( (l),regulated finanial: institutions are required by law to
r' i demonstrate that their deposit facilities serve the convenience and
needs of the communities in which they are chartered to do
bus-inem s; , -..".
*.._ (2),ae.conevenience and needdsi of communities include the need
m credit services as well as deposit services; and
S (8). re ated -financial institutions. have continuing and
Saffirmative ablgation to help meet the credit needs of the local
communities in which they are chartered.
,(b) f i purpose of this title ,to require each appropriate Fed-
er financial Iupe rvisory -agency to use its authority when examining
,% ( inarestigtuans, to encourage such institutions to help .meet the
t needs of the local communities in which they are chartered
I(s2)tei the ou e ande soundoea oration of such institutions.
; a: Sifp',dtr cthe purpose s of this title-rie;a
();. rthe term appropriate Federal financial supervisory
.' *We" m na- ,M
'(. (A)'the Comptroller of the Currency witx ;respect to
national banks;
f f* (I ) the Board ofi Governors of the Federal Reserve Sys-
tem with respect to State chartered Banks which are members
Prl of the Fie.ral Eeperve System Us nd bank holding companies;
.$janiqij tleittous toencoragDeposit Insitutine Cr pration with
i; ce... n, 4 o.f. the loca cStm mar itered- in w vingsc kh a which are
"cnise~xh ~e ae n sudioeato thf suc intttons.

1. :. *...' W'. iemb 'of tfli.federa l serve System and the deposits
i of which are insured by the Coiporation; and
'i (D) ithe.FCmiirl Home Loi tBCnrk Ba6cl with respect to
Institutions the deposits :of which re insured by the Federal
S. Savings Eand Loan Insur.ce .ororatiop andr savings and
laotH h cMH i coo mpam sU 8 . ...... .... .'i l-
:. (2) the term regulated fiaaliWAsution means an in sure
as defined in section 3 of thetFederal Deposit Insurance Act
or an insured institution as defied in section 401 of the National
HousigAct; and a .
lOlihei cr ioanir' 9orP91k ati9Ppe
bsipk~P as dfndnseto3ofteFerlDposit ThuacAt
or a insredinsttutoxr s~dFiuedina secio 40 oteNaioa
aeIxpliatioa ppicatidn for' taposit nFacinty'1iieana Ln
application to the appropriate Federal financial Mtpetvoiry
*r agency otherwise required under Federal law or regulations
thereunder for-

731SCO*6&k& nEvBx~LIMWS

"(2) adequate tb.echnical ssisai i adt6etilable and coinm-
mitted to the programs being supported ., t
"(3) such financial assistance will nterially further the pur-
poses of this pta ; o + .T r .- ,
~~~.. + ", ... .. .', "k .r .
(4) the applicant isfulIgfiog99FWW ipabj MdWIiIAe s
supplies, or facilities which i pothirwape n0t be,,ink yt' .1
"(b) The level of financial sistan for reted p**eeieSbd
this Act to the area served by A progim unri't -k.h Aldt
" . .. i j T '* i <.. w ....*A .c .: A + .fJ iL Lt+ .' ..' :.
diminished in order to substitute futd, aUOiz lts:.
. .. .. . .:.
"Six. 731. (a) The Director is#uhorbrized o inake or giarkiatee
loans (either directly or.m in cooperation ith bxnks or#her organiza-
tions through agreements to participate on an immuediA4 or defered
basis) to community development corporations, and families and fil'
cooperatives, eligible for financial assistancpd uhdelr this iM e, for btsi-
ness, housing, and community, developmn-it .proje.cts.whi'chth D
rector determines will carry out the purpps s of this pai No ldaA
guarantees, or other. financial assistant, shal b ve id.ided indeitthlis
section unless the Director determines at-a ', "
"(1) there is reasonable, assurance 0 repay nt A tthbeiban;
"(2) the loan. is not otherwise, available on refionable terms
from private sources, or other Federal, Stite, or local programs;
and :'
"(3) the amount of- the loan, tether with tfer fdids avail-
able, is adequate to assure completion of ie project 'a.hieve-
meat of the purposes for which the loan is made. '
Loans made by the -Director pursuant:.t tohis sa6ctioii'hall beai ,..the
interest at a rate not less than a rate, determined. by tlie, Scretay' of
the Treasury taking into consideration the average market jlB"i
outstanding Treasury obligations of1Comparableie iat'Irifty, plbuh
additional charge if ay, tboWard cov'trin other of te pra4m
as the Director may determine to'tti asl t iwh it 'tlroles
except that, for the five years following thd "* In which Timds d
initially available to the' borrower, the ratieof'inlte W t anlg:tube
at a rate considered appropriate bythe Difree*i i light 61 thie par-
ticular needs of the borrower whicl rite shail"' not b16 lower than 1 per
centum.. All .such loans shairbe l eptyrile witbii a peti" orn6t more
than thirty years. : : :
t(b) The Director iksauthori*ed to adjust iitdrnt franora-
toriums on repayment of principal id iitelrestb
any obligations held by him, and to take such oter actions in respect
to such loans as he shal'letetmf tebeI& 6 sairy or appropriate,
onsistent withthe purposesof p "ssection . ,,, ,
"(c) (1) To carry outthe 4eMI ,
sized uder tbis part, ere re 4 ^ e ia
Filnd consisting of t accotim, aw be iAi
revolvi4Tn r called the RuralDeve"opiiei o the
other of which shall be a revolving fund call1-ed
opment Loan Fund. The capital of each such revolving fund shall
remain available until expended.



727 NEW IUB10wtIl
tary for the protection of the seult7it ftt. lnihed
States; and an *pet '''
(38. have the power toi foreclose 't.y. nt
any adis to protect or enforce any ,INi.-iItO ? JAy
law, contract, or other agreement, and bid Vr udutuio
foreclosure or other sale any property in onnetion witwhich
"B Y ;: :, ', : W. ..I
he has provided assistance pursuant to this ptrLii the:eventof
any such acquisition, the Se ret.t.y inq, aotwxh daig Mij
other provision of law relating to the acquitioay..Xt iBd
disposal ef real property by the.,United Sx.tates,
administer, ..remodel and convert, dispose. of, 1maw, and othrw$
deal with, such property. Notwithstanding any othqr pw 0sof
law, the Secretary shall also have power to prsue to, at l*
election by way of compromise or otherwise all claims acquire hs
him in connection with any security, subrogation, ,r otherrightTs
obtained by him in administering this part.
SEc. 727. (a) No bonds, debentures, notes, or other obigsti
shall be guaranteed under title IV of the Housing and Urbit Denlc
merit Act of 1968 after the effective datW' of this part eteeptp uflrt
to an offer or commitment to guarantee, or a project approval, tm&
before that date: Provided, That a new tomnunitym developer whos
new community development project has, as of the efive date of this
part, been approved by the Secretary'under title IVshall 'el le
with respect to obligations thereafter issued by hitor guara-tt.
assistance as authorized either by title V or by thi part 'anddul
guarantee assistance may be given without a further detrrnmiiatiblby
the Secretary under sections ,12 and 716(a) of this SarlL Tfbth S&eW
tary finds that an applicant for title IV assistance gaubmitd c
plete financial and internal development plans arid reatedinteiml s
pursuant to section 4040 of such title iV,1'0di ini xrt dnetsn r bit&ie
plans or materials, the Secretary may accept sucIll:as oi&iSrAa
or major elements, respectively, as fully or partially satisfying the
requirement under this part for the submission of a new community
development program. All receipts, funds, or other assets all liabil-
ities of the revolving fund established pursuant to section 407 f :the
Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 gnhdi!!)a4Mi(ti
arising under guarantees made pursuant touch title I q m i
section) shall become and be assets.and liabilities of the revolving fund
established pursuant to this part, as if such assets and liabilities had
been received or incurred pursuant to this pat, and shall b. paid
over, held, and accounted For accordingly. ,
,* '.* *If ,*:.
*** a 1 -
(f) All laborers and mechanics employed by contractorn o sub
contractors in land development assisted under this ppt Mll be
paid wages at rates not less than those prevailing-o0t similar cic-
tion in the locality as determined by the Secritaryf ott N C
cordanee with the Davis-Bacon Act, as amend& ( .0 UST
276a-5). No assistance shall bezextended under4tis pa.r U %:ad
. :'i : .: *... y:r : :.
'Deemeber 81. 1970.




paint poisoning with respect to any eiig bouig wih may pre-
sent such hazards and which is covered by an applioation Iormortgage
insurance or housing assistance paymients ?under a,=&ogrnmin-
istered by the Secretary. Such procedures shall apply to all i hous-
ing constructed prior to 1950 and shall as a minimum provide. or (1)
appropriate measures to elimhinate as far as practicable mediate
hazards due to the presence of paint which may contain led and to
which children may be exposed, and (2) assured notiication to pur-
chasers and tenants of such housing of the hazards of lead-based paint,
of the symptoms and treatment of lead-based paint poisoning, and of
the importance and availability of maintenance and removal tech-
niques for eliminating such hazards. Such procedures may apply to
housing constructed during or after 1950 if the Secretary determines,
in his discretion, that such housing presents hazards of lead-based
paint. The Secretary may establish such other procedures as may be
appropriate to carry out the purposes of this section. Further, the
Secretary shall establish and implement procedures to eliminate the
hazards of lead-based paint poisoning in all federally owned properties
prior to the sale of such properties when their use is intended for resi-
dential habitation.
SEC. 401.1 (a) The Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare
shall take such steps and impose such conditions as may be necessary
or appropriate to prohibit the application of lead-based paint to any
cooking utensil, drinking utensil, or eating utensil manufactured and
distributed after the date of enactment of this Act.
(b) The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development shall
take steps and impose such conditions as may be necessary or appro-
priate to prohibit the use of lead-based paint in residential struc-
tures constructed or rehabilitated by the Federal Government, or with
Federal assistance in any form after the date of enactment of this
(c) The Consumer Product Safety Commission shall take such
steps and impose such conditions as may be necessary or appropriate
to prohibit the application of lead-based paint to any toy or furniture
Suc. 501. As used in this Act-
(1) The term2 "State" means the several States the District of
Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the territories
and possessions of the United States.2
11- ec 204 b) of Title II, Disease Control Ameadmts of 19S, l.P4. Uw 4.3IT,
O Stat 70 approved June 28, 1976, umaded settlo 401 a te L U-s Pint
Polsoninr Act to read au set forth Itn the text. ..
*S ee. 204() (2) of Title 1. Plueaue Control Amendments of 1976, Public Law 4-817.
OStt. 700, approved June 28, 1976. amended seetion 501 Wb biletin the weds 'the
term" and lsNt. u. In lieu thereof "The tern" In anni ( -(2)_ b hikl
outthe mo ealcolon at the end of paragraph (1) and InS rsIn u tlea od 0_bg
strikin out 1; and" at the end of paraefph (2) and lnirtw in lieuthereoa


a, i h a e6, d' atit6, welfare, or recreation needs of persons residing
h siat" aitin, 2and (B) coordinating public and private develop;
miext ^t~g~foaa.. and if such services have not been provided by
I "~.~ntl iunt' Of g&eeral local government (through funds raised by
I such unit, or received by such unit from the State in which it is
located) during any part of the twelve-month period immedi-
ately preceding the date of application submission for funds
whic- are to be made available under this title, and which are
t6 be utlized for such services, unless the Secretary finds that the
Y is.7 -.nt1aotio of such, services was the. results of evenzits not
t W'iti tke control If theapplicaxt.1
'" 9 .&) payment of the non-Federal share required in connection
ithha Fedal grant-ln-aid program undertakenu as part of the
6mriiity Development Program;
p .iymenit of the co0t of completing a project funded under
P 4thef 6fnthe'glctofW
,) brelo&tio payipents and assistance fjr individuals, fam-
"lies, businesses, organizations, and farm operations displaced by
activities assisted under this title,;
": abtiL Atives" 'necessai y (A) to develop a comprehensive com-
m'w"m dty velopif P .t.a and (B) to develop a policy-planning-
"i inaement capacity so that the recipient of assistance under
this title may more rationally and effectively (i) determine its
zd i (ii) set long-term goals and short-term objections, (iii)
& Amiv'progrms and activities to meet these goals and objectives,
(iv) evaluate the progress of such programs in accomplishing
ih'f'gMlsand objectives, and (v) carry out management, coordi-
', natioit anid monitopng of activities necessary for effective plan-
... . .il .
:'y'" ."i^n of Tresonable administrative costs and carrying
charges related to the planning and execution of community de-
ki"n 741t and lo.usin'g tivitmes, including the provision of in-
'1 Itrbon'wnd resources to residents of areas m which community
1, 49xllomLent ancdhwsii i ac ities are .to be concentrated with
T m .t. ..tot e planng mad execution of suih activities; and1
*.41)." p4tivities wic' arm carried out by public or private non-
... itt.tihes when:uch acti.vie a.e necessary or appropriate
eetit. he,. npeep a.,d objectives of the community develop-
V .,..:... ". :.!.. ,10 a o. .0, m .p
ptlon W4(a)(t);ncluding (A) acqui-
...... ...."i: ... ":: l ,, ;CDB) sition construction, recon-
V.sfritt (i) public facilities,
ym t. ;ies,.. nd. (if .commercial or indus-
-iN& ltne .6d g -e other coimercia or industrial
iw w.vw&zentA^an^^t (Q) plannng zud
5) tonpro1t organizations
4rd i'i. ""l" t t 4:"r. #tMies rpgise under sec-
b'S.Tttad f the Smali Husinass Th1estn1 Asof. 1958 to
h,,: rlg out p neighborh oQ tt oo. ty enomic
o ." ... .,,de opment project C d of tthe Wbject tiono
i1S,."^i f V ** a' b-** - *
^ M amii f^ r,-"i.4 i ,'*, .*** "n I ., ,..t:,..!"',,.* :.... . : ," .. ". .. ",. . .. ,,.: ; ........
Iib*s"d ofe S. fl tt ou~Blg9 and Community Devifli-int Act f 1977 PUble Law
Ilu-1 tpvd October 1T l7v %mended section 105 (a) to read as set forth in the text.
s f~lq. ) ef the Houslng and Community Development Act of 1977, Public Law
1.-18 approved October 12, 1977, amended section 105 (a) by adding new paragraphs
(14) and (15).



Island River Basins Commission under the provisions of section 201
I of the Act; and
Whereas the request of the Governor of the State of Maine and the
resolution of the Council of October 14, 1965, together with written
Sconcurrences by the Governors of the States of Maine, New Hamp-
shire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New
York, satisfy the formal requirements of section 201 of the Act; and
Whereas it appears that it would be in the public interest and in
keeping with the intent of Congress to declare the establishment of
such a Commission:
Now, therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by section
201 of the Act, and as President of the United States, it is ordered as
S..i.eq 1. New England River Bastins Commission. It is hereby
declared' that the New England River Basins Commission is estab-
]ished under the provisions of Title II of the Act.
SEc.,2. Jurisdiction of Commission. (a) It is hereby determined
that the jurisdiction of the New England River Basins Commission
referred to in section 1 of this order (hereinafter referred to as the
Co0nn isn) shall extend to an area composed as follows:
(1) The State of Maine,
(2) The State of New Hampshire,
() The State of Vermont, excluding that portion thereof which is
within the drainage area of the Hudson River and excluding also that
portion thereof which is within the drainage area of Lake Champlain,
(4) The State of Massachusetts, excluding that portion thereof
which is within the-drainage area of the Hudson River,
(5) The State of Connecticut,
(6) The State of Rhode Island,
(7) (i) That portion of the State of New York which is within the
drainagmarba of the Housatonic River, and (ii) that portion of Long
Island 1 (excluding New York City) in the State of New York which
is within the drainage area of Long Island Sound, and
(8) Long Island Sound1 except the portion thereof which lies west
of a line extended from the Connecticut-New York boundary at the
northera bhbre bf the Sound to the New York City-Nassau County
boundary at the southern shore of the Sound.
(b)" Thei determination set forth in subsection (a) of this section is
made in aMccordance with the request of the Commission, and is con-
cui*e&ih by the Water Resources Council and by the Governors of the
Stamp within the jurisdiction of the Commission.
SAc. 8. Membership of Co mission. It is hereby determined, in
accordance with section 202 of the Act, that the Commission shall con-
sist of $f 1folowing
1) a CharmaUn to be appointed by the President,
2 one member from each of the following Federal departments
sanpnd chi: Department of Agriculture; Department of the Army
.Depk.ta. t of Coutimerce; Department .of Health, Eduation, ad
Welfare; Department of Housing and Urban DedoZnment; Depart-
mept If tp Interior; Department of Transportation; Environmental
"' 5 J .:ij IT* :'', : 11 'T .... : :-' ..... '' : >...
....M....4...lf. .6 .. rap a4. e&. .ended m I to Iclue de
_swlwh.t ho of Weermm etaln portlm t Lopn land and Loa 1iWad
.t t? ... .1..
"* .'"~~ :. '. 's

'mss PIID EAmWiWg- U

(l)'compr nswlsBamxinp gkApnR adea
quate basis icr .vahaitfijA Sihei4 f a
scheduling of individual public ability p e.ts ;(*iud but
not limited to, hospitals and lihrai&e; sewer water A inaewage
treatment facilities; high* a, imaas.tmnit4 pdAi
transportation facilities;. anl mreeation and; hhe1 qpen
areas) whether" or not federallysisietaI; ahd 4B*4jeprqoqt
land development or uses, iets r
size, density, typeIer locatioM nw puic aid* triN*r
jurisdictional sgnfeanbe; ,: .,.. ,
(2) adequate areawide institutional or other arrangE-mentB i.t
for coordinating, onli the basis of such areawide ecopfEh ive
planning and programing, local public'pilies ait sita
affecting the development of the area; and i .
(8) public facility projects and other landm demlopmaidtot..eW
Which have a major impact on the development of the anuwm
fact, being carried out in accord with such areawideeomprpheia
planning and programing. .
(c) (1) Where the applicant for a grant under this section
of general local government, it must demonstrate to the satisfactio
of the Secretary that, taking into consideration the scope of its: author
ity and responsibilities, it is adequately assuringthat public fsii
projects and other land development or ises of public.areawid& ermi-
terjurisdictional significance are being, and will be, carried but n
accord with areawide planning and programing meeting the require
ments of subsection (b). In making this determination the.Shecetry
shall give special consideration to whether the applicant is effectively
assisting in, and conforming to, areawide planning and prpgraming
through (A) the location and scheduling of public facility prjects,
whether or not federally assisted; and (B) where appropriate, .the
establishment and consistent administration of zomg codes, Subdivi
sion regulations, and similar land-use and density controlas
(2) Where the applicant for a -grant under this section is not a unit
of general local government, both it and the unit of generadi local 'gdd-
eminent having jurisdiction over the location of the projedtamustnib
the requirements of this subsection. I *.
(d) In making the determinations required undertthidswectiba.t
Secretary shall obtain and give full consideration to1 the c Amn..
of the body or bodies (State or local) responsible .i4br.cCMpe
planning and programing for the area.
(e) No grant shall be'made under this sectionL with urspeut to an
areawide development project for which a Federal grant be
made, or a contract of assista&h'as been eited fite,, er e
legislation referred to in panragph (2) of section 208, pro to Feb
ruary 21; 1966, or more than one year pri* to the datb owbi,. tb
Seretary has made the determinations eun P x^
wN' respect to the applicant and to the area' *hiq S l a,"
located: Pronded, That in the case of W pr"jector
of assistance under the legislation refermnd .o* sfk .7t#Phtf
section 20.8 s been enr.d into after Jwuw 80..19p o
m d ae.h, da.4 o=ffIA 4A...

* 44
* '*~. 4



PR I[fl @RfKYhB-1SSUANCN 51211

Sa9quire s heinsdrstaablihing and carrying out statewide
lan to asu repair access to insurance requirements (FAIR plans).
:D1.0 ...) plSn must'be approved by, and administered under the
trisiioir ofi ' the S.tate insurance authority, or be authorized or
SMUnind by State law, and shall be designed to make essential property
SinuaAce more 'redily available in but not necessarily limited to,
'ttan areatL Such plans may vary in detail from State to State because
of local conditions, but all plans shall contain provisions that--
S,(j) no risk shall be written at surcharged rates or be denied
insurance coverage for essential property insurance unless there
S. has first been an inspection of the risk, without cost to the owner,
S by an inspection facility and a determination by the insurer, based
S '.O'n information in the inspection report and other sources, that the
k .'does not meet reasonable underwriting standards at the appli-
;'a ei premium rate;
( 2) inspection under the plan may be requested by the prop-
erty owner or his representative, the insurer, or the insurance
agent, broker or other producer, and such requests need not be
rbade in writing;
(3) the absence of a building owner or his representative dur-
ing an inspection shall not preclude a tenant seeking insurance
from obtaining an inspection under the plan;
: (4) following th inspect on, copy of the inspection report
i shall be promptly sent by the inspection facility to the insurer Or
a .. urse, or to an all-industry placement facility referred to under
section 1212, as may be designated by -the person requesting the
:.A.': -(5) after, the inspection report is received by an insurer, it
S..ha l promptly determine if the risk meets reasonable underwrit-
ing standards at the applicable premium rate, and shall promptly
Sretun to the inspection facility the inspection report and provide
j-tl, aebtont .6orbtlttingf .. ,
S.. :(A)(i) the amount of coverage it agrees to write; and if
1:. a. thu insurer agrees to write the coverage with a surcharge (if
such a purcharge is authorized by the State insurance au-
thority), :'the improvements necessary before it will provide
coverage at an unsurcharged premium rate; and
;. (ii) the amount of coverage it agrees to write if certain
improvements specified in the action report are made; or
"". "' (B the Specific reasons it declines to write coverage;
m"l. (6) the ina;rek: declies the risk, or agrees to write the
c." E 'coverage sought on condition that the. property will be improved,
I, t shall also promptly send a copy of both the inspection and action
,p reports to tie property power and the State insurance authority,
47a.adkni at the time the Insurer sends such reports to the property
;'' owner;it ilall also explain his right, under applicable State laws,
... t appu..the dediit of the insurer to the State insurance au-
thorit, setting forth the procedures to be followed for such
V pea ; .. .
IT) all policies written pursuant to the plan shall be promptly
i 0 3 ionoerreinspection and shall be separately
... 1 cdediv ap propriate records may be compiled for purpose
" ...-.3.; ": '.. E*" ..- '. .
i- V: V : .....* . '



"During the performance of this contract, the contractor agrees as
"(1) The contractor will not discriminate against any empl oyeeor
applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, .Ior
national origin. The contractor will take affirmative action to ensure
that applicants are employed, and that employees are treatedkdurin
employment, without regard to their race, color, religion, sex, or
national origin. Such action shall include, but not be limited to the
following: employment, upgrading, demotion, or transfer; recruit-
ment or recruitment advertising; layoff or termination; rates of pay
or other forms of compensation; and selection for training, including
apprenticeship. The contractor agrees to post in conspicuous places,
available to employees and applicants for employment, notices to be
provided by the contracting officer setting forth the provisions of this
nondiscrimination clause.
"(2) The contractor will, in all solicitations or advertisements for"
employees placed by or on behalf of the contractor, state that all quali-
fied applicants will receive consideration for employment without re&
gard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. '
"(3) The contractor will send to each labor union or representative
of workers with which he has a collective bargaining agreement or
other contract or understanding, a notice, to be provided by the agency
contracting officer, advising the labor union or workers' representative
of the contractors' commitment under Section 202 of Executive Order
No. 11246 of September 24, 1965, and shall post copies of the notice in
conspicuous places available to employees and applicants for emp1oy-
"(4) The contractor will comply with all provisions of Executive
Order No. 11246 of September 24, 1965, and of the rules, regulations,
and relevant orders of the Secretary of Labor.
"(5) The contractor will furnish all information and reports re-
quired by Executive Order No. 11246 of September 24,1966, and by the
rules, regulations, and orders of the Secretary of Labor, or pursuant
thereto, and will permit access to his books, records, and accounts by
the contracting agency and the Secretary of Labor for purposes of
investigating to ascertain compliance with such rules, regulations, and
"(6) In the event of the contractor's noncompliance with the nne-
discrimination clauses of this contract or with any of such rules,
regulations, or orders, this contract may be cancelled, terminated or
suspended in whole or in part and the contractor may be declared
ineligible for further Government contracts in accordance with pro-
cedures authorized in Executive Order No. 11246 ofSeptember 24,
1965, and such other sanctions may be imposed and remedies invokd
as provided in Executive Order No. 11246 of September 24,1965, or by
rule. regulation, or order of the Secretary of Labor, or as otherwi
provided by law.
"(7) The contractor will include the provisions of Paragraphs (1)
through (7) in every subcontract or purchase order unless ezxempld
by rules, regulations, or orders of the Secretary of Labor isued pr-
suant to Section 204 of Executive Order No. 11246 of Septber,24,
1965, so that such provisions will be binding upon each subjtr.: tor




permanent loan made to finance such project, and no such grant shall
be made to an organization established for profit.
(2) 1 The Secretary is authorized to make grants and commitments
for grants, and may advance funds under such terms and conditions
as he- may require, to nonprofit, !iited dividend, or cooperative or-
ganizations an'ypUblihc odies foraiokbIsib dltL-i aosts
and necessary ojffsite improvements, such as sewer and water line ex-
tensions, whenever such a grant, bmf.itmettbr adv. a. tul.sential
to the economic feasibility o6 pay honu.gsm ic r,#ion or rehabilita-
tion project for low- and moderate-income families and individuals
which otherwise meets the requirements for *.is4t0nc under this
section, except that no such grant for the construction of housing,
shall exceed 10 per centbm of the cost of such project, and no-such
grant for the rehabilitation of housing shal exceed 10 per centum of
the reasonable value of such rehabilfftation houmsitnguasdeterniiaed
by the Secretary. ..
S(d) All ,funds allocated to the Secretqxry.,or -the purposes of this
section shall be deposited in a fund which, shall be known.,a.,the
Appalachian Housing Fund and shall be used as a revolvng fbnd by
the Secretary for carrying out such purposes,. General.'eplxsea n fg
administration of this section may be charged to Wtefund. Money-.t
the fund not needed for current operation may t 4o114s
-or other obligations guaranteed astp principal and inxte't' by the
United States. ... "
(e) The Secretary or .tb oComnission may provideN or wndrauKc
with public or private organizations, to provide,: lntorn.ahI, aafi&
and technical assistance. with respect to the construction ieyhabilfV
tion, and operation by .nonprofit organizations of housg f lOilow- i
moderate-income families in siuch Areas of the region. and xtt
provide funjs to the States for, making grantA and lonsi '$non 1p,
limited dividend, or cooperative.orgamzations tnd publciQ <>i or
the purposes for. which the Secretary pro00
under this. section. .. ,
(f)4 Programs and projects assisted tnder thIuiseption sha t'i"'b-
*jct to the provisions cited in section 402 of the :Act4 not.ith4isi
such section, to the extent provided in the laws authoriztCg assi
for low- and moderate-income housing., ... ... .
,' 1 < *' 1l, ." ...(/
.'"i f
'i I" " "" "::"a ? 'i 'r(m sf
Approved March 9,1965. .. r i r, ,
ISec. 113(2) of the Appalachian Regional Deveilup( it Wct AuiuinftseI 'ioyd,
ubile. Law 94-188, 89 Stat. 1079, approved December l, 7in nde4 sube
7(c).(tkof the Appalachian Zeional Development :t o I 6c toeSas sAet 46rt
'In the tex < r , ^r- *" .'i.) To fi
9 BSee., 208. Appalachian. Re _tl e Derelopmet. Act, .Aeandtats of l-9,, PubRij.Lw
92-6, approved ugast 1971 85 Stt. 10,' inserted "orthe Oomh2iitonm*"
_ l3o(8) of the, Appalachian ota D eloDhupmeat I bt tnesdqeplftmtuit
Public I w 94-188, 89 S.tat. 1079, proved Det 31, .aend. bubpf;
4e) of the Appalachian Regional Ib opateat APdA 1nmil55y Im
the peredsw aet lorth Lntbqtext.. .
11Sht. 113(4) tf the AVpalhch Inr R~tonfl ioiNiQ u'iAct "'6 Fr
('hblle Law 94-188, 89 Sfat. 107f,. approved Decemthr31-* 197o, :amwa*d-e MCR0/
of the Appalachia Regional Development Avt of 190 b, add &nqw _4a0euiet ,
" .. .. y !" : *: :<* r 7rr. 7 ^Is 9 >
: i ' ** : 'S .I n l ,^ g (I *' *. ^t" l?

.. . .. i 1, : ,.*f **$i5 *A rrt9 'rr .k.,,.ljI
*tia ,, ) ,, q.1 I', r.". '[ C ', '" tt, wq'ot,'-n(! ip.uot3j'{ .tuh~aqqtj





SC. 209.. Grants made under section 205 for projects in any one
State shall not exceed in the aggregate 15 per centum of the aggregate
pmonnt of funds authorized to be appropriated pursuant to section

Approved November 8,1966.



r/* I

aa-4n7-78--pt. 2- 11



i : '


Surplus' I tedesl rel pro m-.Ionnued rua eh ..-; .. b.... : g s .aA
7plo o t l : U.... :U L. .. .. . :..:. ...

T u.M .0. I M ..--- -- ... .. ...... .., ._ aw
Interest Incom:e from -nsure&d flhal -B b S :..f- l
to income tax- U.a. 1929a4(h),.-.-_4..:jXi, 1168
Land acquired undermortgag inmwae proi br atdr eve* .v.
opnietnot to be taexeinpt--ee. axusa uj 34.
New eonuitin-tla-o uSai pmopeflyWit eein$'-8Uq 411. Ha~.fl^ 3q
Iu and g Urban Developantt Act t.1.t .. 4" J.42. 1 806
PaymeutsIn lieu of tamesst" I *.f. .. ,: .
HUPDacqired armed .aeshm -"" Bi. t. lef
Housing ~ -~ Aet--..-.!^s-' 994
HUDfl 'qbired property-See. 7(1), *Npaztmflt-S fudq B
and Urban Devel6phment Act_...,,,_--a.. 4 -... _
Public honiing-Sec. p(4d), U.S. fLpoing"Act 4t IfTI 3S
10(h), old U.S. Housing Aehti9W Ar K .-.' tJ..,^'a 0
Urban 11o(e>, Housing Aatf 1O49 .h q017
Pufbliec housing-oblgitoin of public 6bslfgt
empt-See. 11, U.tS HousiL Act oY 199 Se. 1. O t :3d '.
Housing Act of 1987 .------._- -._,.- 36,O n
Relocation payments tax freet-Seei. 216,: tltIfDea e"la^s 1' -A uL
siltance and Real Property AcqtslUh FPod. Act oflA 2
Rental housing assisted' by interest reductiPYIon pAyf im i..ft1i .,.
taxes paid-See. 36(f), NafUeationa,-l 5Is ,Act-_-:. M
Tax xemptlons .
BUD debentures (with certain e-eeptli)seLs. l 8(Sg)tfS.. '
2907, 604(d), Nato.tal' Hosing Aet--..--..1-302
Federal Home Loa Banks-obliga.tions of-I-t.8.. 2S 739
Federal Soene Loan Mortgage Oorporathon-Sem. 901(d4, F1B-''}
eral Home Iean- IMortip OCrpoati AtU.. a;.Lt. i t29A
National Inmrance Devfllopment PUUM -Set -1280,ltamin
Housing. Aet__. __.- ..__ I. 112
Public housing agency obligations tax .exe a-4e n1, 9. '.
Housing Act of 19W7; See. 5(d), d U.t-.Heus&tgitt
....7 :--'-_-"------.,-J' -=-- = --=-_'.--i- I j 888,39
Tax exempt status of bonds or 4bflgatioRs et to pnIbt4lt M
Ing or withholding Federal assstanee under ernW t 'pra-
grams-Secw.81T, ousifng and Oommunlty Derlopmiet At 1
of 1974-- -.-------- -*. L -... 19
Taation of property subject to a Henheld b4 tilgWJ. '
States or acquired or held bh the Seeretar';See 5. SON ti.
Ing-Act of s----.L..-- .74
Tax Reductdon Act of l9T5--eredit for ad 'of new
resld~eh .. n -14
Taxes, Study of payMnent In at, ;u. alU$(4 of t
United States Houing Act of 19W, Sec. 1 S2..1W1IM e
Housing and Commnity Developmt At, of 1077.ff, 38
Teh i au sisumnce: ._ .h **'^:"-- ' *..-J^aacri tA-A"r
Contractor-byHUD to 4maU contractors whom bnds ar
by the Rnan 'Business Afo.i!trafot, sfp
Urban Zts.elop.e. A ofOT..-_-.s.aJi-.aeIhn mi32
Dhudb o~-we 'a". k
Dtestr e~f~ec-2n.2(t.30,mcsstertxerfSt dfS1Wf St.~
805OPul Works and Uc oomlDe d1)676tMAC3tIot 18a

aa'6f- 5 t-aw 1 6 0
R 08, NMI% 4 A ]tMl;' :t* '.' [.
CP~cfxe eilpeib~oRiO~ sib-isCM8'*^a6
Nasnac a-d s--mect- Act of't9W-- 12i1o

Nad~eIbnat:ac Isli u0iNatb
ent Ad of and: a
me mc1 1 CMI to RO WA
*H j__ _. jfc _- ri ni *111' i Jf t Owllii = T!M -jd Ml^ij M~~jBW


'BAR' AS~I9~4WO~

h..b.. to pthe Pra.idt; th) autko4 vste..
resident by section 210 of the Act'concerning the utilizat,
JI*lity Offth civil defense communnlaoxS systexa fzsthe u
sasqr 1vvAnp whic1 the Secretary of idQfeq
e..ia bj ts. order ;u a4 () te atouity .i:., t.v
Sar the Act cGoncepiiig fo[
f l amig ,u 4

l^1b^ ^ l1o^ |i ,. ...-.'' ;-. .; * ** .: < ; ,,.*. ""> ..*,
(er |ie w,'exerciutihe ap p rov4e tproaP 1$h
ao4 of tE a.uthoijdy conterre' s.0&8D Rti ac. en utitled 04rr Aepo^~ izjq I Anfg
Sis under Act
a prvi or sd an report t %pe.
ltu Ittn~eommeid stud,
oo n anuto the 0*ci&r, tax

* d9 i,1gtso w$) Vw e ssr
piiaona spvtwr kw y such pqatiie
ilegfata any authority or functwun scdel!it54 asS^
q r 1YflY O W ee OstarJ~ IN Ja~f~

Rnate I-''A.rn
ga fl0p ant5 u4v TI e44

: ::, ...i, I. .- .. .. F!
a e tpweid toexercise, without ap provaIiteJi4y

0- .-
F ^ ("*^VA*f* '* (S A tm ih.?*J

T FwF64 1 1.,A


Wi ~tme A

2a4Th-h7I-pt 2--3T v


WVOLVflNGY WP. el4'.. e4b : r.
,+ .. :+. .....T^..t*^ :*. ,++++: | .p^i +++tr
SEC.1it. (a) TheaSebetary ila a or& 1pI4t
fund to prove for (1) the timely pamxt pf any
as the result of guarantees.or grants.uner sAtcpnT
loans authorizd under this .part; (.) p4ai ymeiti ot4k
to the Sretary othe athetre:ry wider ;bsein ( ....
and (4) any other program expenditures, Tckdina
and nonadministrative expen .. ch evplyving fund sh be om-
prised of (1) receipts fro i iefs and charge; (2) recoveries under
security, barogatiLn, anUdthqr Wri.ts, ;qmt
income and. aiy qkpr rc^p pbtu.ioin czg w
mop, m< d y .4 r, r! m +j-G
o'r loans wade under this part ;(44 propwdsE theo
to the, Secretary of tf Theawrpqrpu ant tj- sscltoa4
section; and (5) such sums which ae hersby yt i to Ji.p
priated, as may be require1 for the paaymentr of theo.ifLkn-
to the Secretary of the Treasury for thp e pu.rpoeqgacia
State land development agencies ,under section :7 fi 9A
purposes under this part. Money in the ravolyingi wd+pt
needed for the purpose of this part shall be kept in'
on deposit, or invested inm obljgatiqns of the Uited Sateo g -
anteed thereby, or in obligations, participins, thp .
which are lawful investments for fiduciary, tnzw4.Qr,;1 ,-
(b) The Secretary may issue obligations to tlhe Secre o o
Treasury in an amount sufficient to enable the Secretary to carry out
the functions authorized by this part. The obligations issued under
this subsection shall have such maturities and bear such ras::or+-tes
of interest as shall be determined by the Secretaryi dth. rewtxy.
The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directS tqr
any obligations so issued, and for that pupe he is p u-... |sM4
use as a public debt transaction the proceeds fm.n the se.. i a t
securities issued under the. Second Liberty Bond Act, asA t1M.ep
for which securities may be issued under: that Act a ,we4l to
include purchases of the.obligations, hereunder. 4F n7Y ?., r"d*
(c) Notwithstanding any other provision of law soifg t
acquisition, handling, improvement, or dispose of real,.I
property bfy the Unted States, the Secretary sall a p w
the protection of the interests of the fund ahoris under thd e
tion, to pay out of such fund al expenses. gr ltg9BR .Q ath.
the acquition, handling, improvement, or .dsp9,al o4-y
real or personal, acquired by hmuns a resultef CwvW PJPs Sr
curity, subrogation or othir rights. ;. : ... *
..: .; r : b "" :
Sw. 718. (a) The Secretary is authorized to ".i* '..i
grants to any State, local public body or agency, orsHT
carrying out a new community assistance project, as a
section (c), if the Secretary determines that such pro. ry
or desirable for carrying out a new community develop .':
In no case shall any grant under this section exceed f
the cost of the new community assistance project fo r *+
The wov du 'state. tod ipublico or avusey, or w etfher .1st1t1"! MIeII kbImte
the woriM l Stett, orle il M body or asgne by e,, ob me.. ..._M
Decmber 22. 1971. 85 Stat 77776.




Nursing homes: See: do4A. Health eue facdlties r .. ,id1 MS.J
Fire safety equipment-loan insurance, FHA-Sec. 2, 241 NaUt.oaI
Housing AetL..--.- .---w.._*.__..+_,. ._. .... .r 2 76
Mortgage insurance-7Sec. 232 NatlUt ho At#C...... 2
Supplemental loam-ns-luxnce, V54A-equipmemnt a flWpc.q^
provements-Sn. 241, National HwzusAinr ACtr Aje-0-3.1-61.1 2...
Offlee of Management and Budget: .- , ., :,, :, I:
Established-Reorganization Plan, No. S of 1970 ..-- ,-- -85
Open-end mortgages--HUD--nsured--See. 225 Natienal pwl.AP g4 .. 238
Open space land: See al: Relocation :. t : :fi
Acquisition and. deelopmeugrauts te VIt Sniw ;,
1961 ..- --...-.-. ---u- r.__ -.w 1_. ._ r._*Sf_4 +1068
Termination of grant pr.grama--Set 11j Stiug ald (Jmuqi.ty oi
Development Act of.Jl9T4. --. --..--...4 .i.8
Circular A-46, Office of Management and .Budgt-w-L-,.q-_.7. 817
Condemnees compensation-.Jltle IV, u.. Itegpud M.r.. ..., ..p
meont Act of 1965W....----.-- -.,- +-.. --.-- -.,.
Conversions to other 7@4,707, la,. g Aeto 19U&.. f
Coordination-with outdbor recreatioaiogn--euattn *deMr .
11287 ---a---------I------------.D-* :Ii
Disaster areas-loans and supplementary Krant*-8e. O8, Pulic
Works and Economic Development Act of e1065Ina.... . L3
Planning requirement-Sec. 708, Housing Act of 1961- ,-, .::.
Parldn.--lean Air Act -----------..--- .- 8-
Partllp.ittton sales: .. ..; .
Authority for: + ...: A
See. 302(c) (2), Nationatl Housidng Act ._ . ^ ... 58
SDepartment of A rllture and Related Ac Aatti
Act. 198 ----- 37
Departments of Labor, and Health, EdBeatloBs. a iWStwip-
propriationAct, 1968_O% .---_....n .--4,J .__ 689
Departments of State, Juntice, an.& Commerce, ..the .ilaz and
related Agencles Appropriation Act, 1I68S A.^_ ^^.. 840
Independent Offiese and Department.of Hosing and Ueban lDevel-
opment, l968-a...-..s ... hu -- -..----. ,. 638
Independent Offices Appropriatliso Act, 196L.._.-. 63
Participation Sales Act of 19-6am----... --,- .as.,._ '4 686
Veterans Admlnistrationa-88 U.S.C. 12-..- __ 689
Participation SalesActof 1"4.:966__..__-- -....... 636
Payments of Insufficiolencies: . ., ., ,
Agriculture-Environmental and Consumer Pro&se ti Ap So .
tion Act. 1974 .A.. ..-. 1-..Ay ta.L- 105
Agriculture andbRelated Ancles Anpromilatlsp ALtr 1-9M6.a.c S 637T
Deprtn1aat of Housing ad JUrban Del6Vpmet; usree ee,'
Veterans* and other Indepenident Ahfde9eApprogplatao,?titV t
1978,19TM. 1974 and 197- --8 --------- .J- 9;W :105
Departments of Law e and Health, Udueatl ad Wea4A." a'
propriation Act. 1968,....... .. ..d. 63
Departments of State, Justl, and Commere t ftmfdw a
Related Agencies Appropriation Act 196twILw _...a.- 640
lnderendpnt Ofllees Anproirl*dnit lAct Wri- -- 636
Jndependent Offices and Departmeht oflouBtp is'UubuM He
velopment Apnrnrlalle Acrt. UI M..-.__ ;......J.-.. 638
Department of Labor nnd Health, Uduatifna ad :Wkh h0o
e : priatiod Aet, 9T -- a- : -+ 640
Study of direct loans. Sle. 8. Particilpatio Sale. Act of MI.t.. 490
Penalte.--violatlau of Nationaml Bowlnst:A tAe
justment Act of 1944. ad other Federal hMusing lav ora w_.uMtbuu- -,r
See. 512, Natlonal Nousing A2t--._.-- a a.- J._s saMana 286
Planned area-wide development-T-itle II, Demomuttloca QUl Wand MO
poltan .Devebk S Aet of 6 .. ..-rlJ-----t-4&L'fl 89
'* .: *L ... *. .1 : ;.::* u.. ,. / .i -+,, : l ,: . wTv *' .
:, : '. :1 'd net," ... -
:: : .
1.* V *aw U.- ^

... .. ... . : :...:.." ::

; : ... t .. ..: + ."* :r

..p *, : .. . .' ., : . . .. ..0 "

. ......i *0ft a : .. ^ .M.... :Y !:<:, '. :? '... i .. . . r .*, ;

." ,"". "I : ..- . *^
.. ; * mi.4 ) i ... ..) [Rev. Circular. A-95] .:
ai andFederally Assisted Programs and Projects
.:is :: er- I" a . K. 4. : I '. *: "
,* tj : -p .... r. :- I .... . .. .. -
S..N r: fJ<.:; .. JANUART 2, 1976.
!: Paqseo. This Circular furnishes guidance to Federal agencies
i l t hi State and local governments in the evaluation,
Review, ana coordination of lederdil and fede:tally assisted programs
aid.rojeetsfTe Circular promulgates regulations (Attachment A)
k llrop4 Pjt. f t for:
Al ltOfEL te establishment pf a project notification and re-
tiew sym to cilitate coordinated plvinning on an intergovern-
. mntal. basis for certain Federal assistance programs in furtherance
ofSect6oh Oof tlie Demonstraitin'Cities and Metropolitan Develop-
r tn Ar t.f,66,.nd Tit! IV pf the Intergovernmental Cooperation
S8' .. .(Attachmient B).,, ,
b."r.atiqan f direct Federal development programs and proj-
irea we "...i i pl, manning and programs pursuant
~~~ ~ p ... nnin.g ,
SntergoverImental Cooperation Act of 1968.
,b.iecurng the' coniments and views of Statq and local agencies
lcha r autJxrizd ato. jieelov .l enforce :.environmental standards
p W.e.ta o fedqa y aMsiste pt6rojects, affecting me envi.
k" i.".purnant ,to.'sect -n61Q2^2) C). f the National Envi ron-
6l600j.AIet:4 I
W.U.pEollcY ($t,1909 (Attachment (C)) :and regulations ofthe
l fie Tie .of titlee VI of the Civil Rights Act of
L'[J K I .-..... t-Fl : .. *. * I :: ,:. .. . :. ,. .. ,.. :; :*,
rid ,uqPqqrse d Circular No.AtD.5. (Revsed), datk N*, -
II F..1 i" RsISiIS1 Vol. 38, No. 228, pp,
P. 2... ... 23, 1.... t will" .eomey ffecti.e F.bipary
Iteitt.i-"? -"' ;e i. .g ,i i .! '** r .' *.>..*.* "* .: : ,
2. jas.. 4This Circular has been prepared purnuant.W: ,
j #4iJ Th4Qo( h$erof siig*~ernantaj 4 plalo At "I
MekaP'tNldraM Sajkt W # establish iseg and redulationu govnenig the' fa-
6lllA~l4( vtkowI audtiMtWioof Feral progralftns and projtf4V clayikg a
PW~~yP=Lja C Rmwfildelopmeu,. ,^
SI P11"iUk*s Memorandum tfNovenber 8, 1968:, to thl Director
o:ti~. m si rtttli&e Budget 4FD-EAC RG V 33, o 221,
NomTCbtd4ia16 wS* c proruide4 L j: U' J l t.2.
flB tfrtda of tIeiuathaity 7estl in m 1by7 tion O1 of title 3 8f the fOnited
BS taAJOkwimdt Bl~laflak44 *)pga) *Sm &1WtJi.M^ Act of
typ the thAeted in t.p
I t
-l m e41


I -ii flY 7 OolBOM AfOSXor..

SUO. 205. (a) Members of the Commission who are Members of
Congress or full-time officers or employees of the United States shall
Ssrive without additional compensation, but shall be reimbursed for
travel, subsistence, and other necessary expenses incurred in the per-
finane. of the duties vested in the Commission.
(ib)Y Mewbers of the Commission, other than-those referred to in
subsectio (a), shall receive compensation at the rate of $100 per day
for each day they are engaged in the actual performance of the duties
vested in the Commission and shall be entitled to reimbursement for
travel, subsistence, and other necessary expenses incurred in the per-
fprmance of such duties.
SEC. 206. (a) The Commission shall have the power to appoint and
fix the compensation of such personnel as it deems advisable, without
r31ga1t the roisions 6f title 5, United States Code, governing ap-
pointments in the competitive service, and the provisions of chapter
51 and subchapter III of chapter 53 of such title, relating to classifica-
tion and General Schedule pay rates, but at rates not in excess of a
maximum rate for GS-18 of the General Schedule under section 5332
of such title.
(b) The Commission may procure, in accordance with the provisions
of section 8109 of title 5, United States Code, the temporary or inter-
mittent services of experts or consultants. Persons so employed shall
receive compensation at a rate to be fixed by the Commission but not
in excess of $100 per day, including traveltime. While away from his
or her home or regular place of business in the performance of serv-
ices for the Commission, any such person may be allowed travel ex-
penses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, as authorized by
section 5703 (b) of title 5, United States Code, for persons in the Gov-
ernment service employed intermittently.
(c) Each department, agency, and instrumentality of the United
Staes is authorized and directed to furnish to the Commission, upon
request made by the Chairman or Vice Chairman, on a reimbursable
bats or otherwise, such statistical data, reports, and other informa-
tion asa the Commission deems necessary to carry out its functions
under this title. The Chairman is further authorized to call upon the
departments, agencies, and other offices of the several States to furnish,
on a reimbursable basis or otherwise, such statistical data, reports, and
other information as the Commission deems necessary to carry out
its functions under this title.
(d) The Commission may award contracts and grants for the pur-
poses.of evaluating existing neighborhood revitalization programs and
th&p. 0tof- existing laws on neighborhoods. Awards under this sub-
sNio may be made to-
(1) representatives of legally chartered neighborhood orga-

Di,,1 interest organizations which have a demonstrated
? c b nkty the area of concern; and



I SaSes: i d in thet Coastal zone to assure the full participation
hof u hloc governments and agencies in carrying out the pur-
poses of .thtitle; except1 that the Secretary shall not find any
S mechanism to be effective for purposes of this subparagraph un-
I fii less it includes each of the following requirements:
(i). Such management agency is required, before imple-
meeting any management program decision which would
.onfikct with any local zoning ordinance, decision, or other
I action, to send a notice of such management program decision
r to. any local government whose zoning authority is affected
. (ii) Any such notice shall provide that such local govern-
Sr ; ment may, within the 80-day period commencing on the date
O..f receipt of such notice, submit to the management agency
S, ~-,written comments on such management program decision, and
"" any recommendation for alternatives thereto, if no action is
; taken during such' period which would conflict or interfere
with such management program decision, unless such local
S government waives its right to comment.
(iii) Such management agency, if any such comments are
.submitted to it, with such 30-day period, by any local
^ government-
'.. (1) is required to consider ay such comments,
(II) is authorized, in its discretion, to hold a public
hearing on such comments, and
(" (i) may not take any action within such 30-day
., period to implement the management program decision,
'. whether or not modified on the basis of such comments.
'".(8) The state has held public hearings in the development of the
i.'.() The management program and 'any changes thereto have been
k ievewedtd .approved by the Governor.
.) The Goveitnor of the state has'designated a single agency to
.ree and administer the grants for implementing the management
p, a .vam required imunder paragraph (1) of this subsection.
(6) The, state is organized to implement the management program
U.iredtinder paragraph (1) of this subsection.
i.n) OTe te has the authorities necessary to implement the pro-
'Ai A..I rfthe authority required under subsection (d) of this
***a y j '^ : .. ... . T .. *. .* . v.. . . . . .. '
i~{Clm lgu m program provides for adequate consideration
xinttrest mvo v planning fdr, andh in the sitin of,
j k" i .lndink energy facilities in, or whic sigifcantly affect,
tStafzc n)~z whidh meet requiremnts
,wbict a Ze at ir6 than local in nature. In the ease of sh energy facili-
,i&.. ketary shall findthat the state has given.such considers-
.rtoay a-pplicable' interstate energy or program.
" ii^,l~ T^ .. *'. '-. ""- -, T ..., ; "** '*
H.tbtcIiiMalWemze Man&guatM e eeudmat of i9U Pubtc Law
J|."an""JU:" W 1906: Stat 1013. am.diAubibu= (e) (2)(Bf) ..r.wd as
Wp OS ZO -, sne Manegnt AIt. d:S 176 Public law
Is, .ly 1976, 90 Stat 1018, eorreeted n bectlon (c) (8) to read aa set
J. 'rtJ iN .r. .. -- *.. *. r .H. .:t.[ *.
.: 'i ... i a"', t'. rA *".: i," ,: ;i. * :" .. " .r :: '' .. :. 'i : .' .. . .-: "'; *:. ..... *- . -

,itss~a asixBGsssANT

et seq.),- the National Historic Preservation Act of ,W19 (80( .&t4915,
16 U.s.C. 40o et seq.), the Historic Sites Aetiof 198 49 83t 1066,
16 U.S.C. 461 et seq.), and the Antiquities Act of 190& (bStWM 225,
16 US.C. 431 et seq.), it is ordered as follows: :
SEoCTN. 1. Policy. The Federal Government shall provide leidbrship:
in preserving, restoring and maintaining the historic and ctltuxal on-.
vironment of the Nation. Agencies of the executive -branch oftthe Gov-
emment (hereinafter referred to as "Federal agencies") shall 1,)
administer the cultural properties under their control in a 4piritiof
stewardship and trusteeship for future generations, (2) initiate mfas-
ures necessary to direct their policies, plans and programs in suh a
way that federally owned sites2 structures, and objects of historical
architectural or archaeological significance are preserved, restored and
maintained for the inspiration and benefit of the p8'ple, ad (83, in
consultation with the Advisory Council 'on Historic Presevationi (16
U.S.C. 470i), institute procedures W assure that Federal plans and
programs contribute to the preservatioAn and enhancement. of noned-
erally owned sites, structures and objects of historical, arcitbetural
or archaeological significance.
SEC. 2. Responsibilities of Federal agencies. Consonant with the pro-
visions of the acts cited in the firstparagraph of this order, the heads
of Federal agencies shall:
(a) no later than July 1, 1973, with )theradviceof the Secretary of
the Interior, and in cooperation with the liaison office for historic
preservation for the State or territory involved, locate1 inveit6ry,nd
nominate to the Secretary of the IThteiorallsites,'buildings.districts,
and objects under their jurisdiction or control that appear to qualify
for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. 1 1 .
(b) exercise caution during the interim period until inventories M.and
evaluations required by subsection (a) are -oampleted tasvre'sm that
any federally owned property that might qualify for nominsationds
not inadvertently transferred, sold,'deiolished- or s'iibsMantiall y l-
tered.' The agency haid shall refer' ny qtforabl& ction to the
Secretary of the Interior flr un opinion r tspe tin4b property"
eligibility for inclusion on the National Register of Histnri Pisow
The Secretary shall consult wittRhe htion ffir frhitor i o pitr-
vation for the State o* tbrritoy i-i*aolved in'arAvigttbhis opbn.
Where, after a reasfxabl& prL in wib-h tirevie anidtevlfiatthe
property, the Secptary determines that the property is likely to meet
the criteria prescribed for listing own the Nutioni Rgtetr pftric
Places, the Federal agency head shall reconsider the proposal in light
of national environmental and preservation policy. Where, after such
reconsideration, the Federal ency7 hed,'pP4Pr... ttrj tQJ
demolish or substAiitilyalteythe property 1"eP lT hotd w*-
spect to the property until the Advisory,gxQuncil on Historic Preserva-
tion shall have been provided n op"potunity to comment on the
proposal. .
(c) initiate measures to assure that where as a result of Federal
action or assistance a property listed 'on the Natiotal RegsterwTof
Historic' Places is t6 be ftV*MWifaltered ordnemdlished tmly
steps be taken to make or have made records, including mee"uni dra.w
ings, photographs and maps, of the property, uad tht copy of puch
records then be deposited in the Library ofCn gress as part of the


. f ". "

"" "i

* : o **


*cS r;r4 ..j, my-Z al pups. unit of local government, to
i dii $ eralecal ou. t with authority to
qfaritb imth atex withirt hic* h the project is to be located.,
.fy(l xcsapv~~.xcsbi asprovid i paaph (2) of this subsection,
.Sea whaM be acmpanied ( by the. comments and rec-
,tw i rond vrirth respect to the poj.c involved by the areawide
c 6nraalta ~ihw bodies of tire umitb of general local government
hhthmmiteton has been submitted for review, and (B) y a
bat~~t brth Onpplicant that suc comments and recommendations
have been considered prior to formal sbmision of the application.
Sch ammfls hal include information concerning the extent to
w h ttpjoeet is osistatwith nomprehensive planning devel-
ed .vin the prces of development for the metropolitan rea or the
unit of neral local go*mmen as the ease may bei, and the extent to
* Mpboj oatbutn sto the .fuflleat of such planning. The
a m-t-mm dia!andthe AItmreferred to inrthis
shmU m except the carefrn toin p aph (2) of
this section, be reviewed by the agency of the Federal Government
bu i isnu itted f tbso.le. purpose of assists
U i*tammin wether the application s: in accordance with the
preUniso d Federal .w which govern the making of the loans or
: :ra t,, ; !:^ : :s '.* .. ***-; .
; (^ t oM cti for a Federal loaa or grant need not be.acom-
'.:l _cintmmnts and recommdations mad the statements re-
d tz vapaapapehl (1) of this subsoctin, if thie apphcant certifies
f,m or .bmqiem.of the project, meeting the requirements of
:.eik wl and regulations may be prescribed under subsection (c),
Sareh spplibation, hams lain. be an appropriate areawide agency
I p NyOh ri~t nf general loca government for a period
of sixtd without commexta or recommendations thereon being
utIft aueytr itrumemiality.
~ (3) th njw awnPtaeBiof aph. (1) ad (2) shall also apply to
'cities apa ofithe purposes of
~~titi mo fo t a, change in the project covered by the ap-
jtda pitosu& Samendment.
S'' "'T fue B tuiiof the Budget or michether agency as may be des-
ia herebly authorized to prescribe such rules
ti onat dedptopmit for the effective adminis-
o -'. f .. ".' j .
...M.. ioi,.rit iad to make supplementary
tpubl bodies and agency. carryinMg
ut ara widevekpm et:w projects met-

.... . : .. ..., ..

Hb .4 ..s.


!: .7"W F:.. 7': -E .. *:..: .. : ".i -T .. 0

; .: i : :"r : :"*. *
,. i,,..'.1."'
7. ,* *.. .. ... t. ;"
I f
. . ; .. .. : : : " ''i : * .
. 4 ..' i.. ,
.7:1 r f &


..... ... ;... O gn
OF 1977
[fPublic Law 95-128, 91 Stit 1111, 42 USC. u01]
I- :it! : S * ** S *


t. .*. ,
( ; "r I -:" '
Sm S i.4. The amendments made by this title shall become effective
OctoblI, 1?7. '
.* ..* *
Ap proved October 12,1977.

.... OF 1974l
I **
. [(nPuiblic Law 93-"43 88 Stat. 633]

AN ACT To establish a program of community development block grants, to
madmend aetnd& laws relating to housing and urban development, and for
,other !purposes.

Be bt enacted'by the Renate and House of Represewntativea of the
,.United saite of America i Congres soembled, That this Act may
,4 cited a the "fouing and Community Development Act of 1974".
/i ? ", .: . " :. .: '. ,- ' "* "* "^ '
1 1 irfljfi !-,)fOTUNfTyDEVELOMEN
o'*. *t r .' . : ., ... "
;, h! .. IT n o A N. 3P BF S ,." ,
. h .. t . . , .r .... *.
.',; rnwnwei ::: ; MW ruzo
-A g.

SE. 101. (a) The Congress finds and declares that the Nation's
cities twnuaad smaller urban commuiitis face critical social, eco-
aomidc, aM environmental problems atising m significant measure
:.' ; H .". . .. . "" A .
i o i, (1) the growth ot population in metropolitan and other urban
-I. a.n.tecoi riadetratld itOWn oi persons of lower income in central
S citwi iand i'-"'"" : *"J ':; "
.... )saivf investment and reinvestment
w dinicurn *Ad ph. pBil A ii tes, and related public and
V al st mte roth and persistence of urban
.i ht d she6ms deteriomration of the quality of
:'o' ^itbB i5|ltt envio n K i : *a '' "*" .. : :::
b) The Congress further finds and declared thatthe future Welfare
of the Nation and the well-being of its citizens depend on the etaish-
San 2 Un a omunikea as social, eco60nomio,
And polite ialeities, &nd requre-

... wi


by theFederal agency until the state or its:es i
curred with the applicant's cei.tiflation or unJt, he Yttifl
to act, the concurrence is conclusiely resumed iy
on his own initiative or upon appeal the applicant, hd fttr p
hiding a reasonable opportunity f3rdetailed comments fro tW flda
eral agency involved and from the .tate that the ativi "ty l Soitbna
with the objectives of this title ot i otherwise xiee"aa fMRhe'intem
of national security. :, t ;
(B)1 After the management pro"rum of any coast l tte been
approved by the Secretary under sectiiont 306, any plorToI ,submit
to the Secretary of, the Interior any plan for the exploration or devel-
opment of, or production from, any hitWhi- 'hWbeen leased under
the Outer Continental Shelf Lands Act (48 U.S.C 1331 etseq.) and
regulations under such Act Shall, wit regpect to ahy explotation,ieii
development, or production described iM such plah andIffectiig any
land use or water use in thlicoastal zont of such tfatp,.attach to such
plan a certification that each activity whit is.d9&.JbBd ei ,detii&
such plan complies with such state's approved mahagemenft program
and will be carried out in a manner consistent with .sthc rgan. Nd
Federal official or agency shall grant such person any license br permit
for any activity described in detail in such plan until such State orits'
designated agency receives a copy of such certifieati.ft and! pan,
together with any other necessary data and infdnnation, Ahd nitiL-'
(i) such state or its designated asgncy, in acc6rtance wii
the procedures required to be established by uch sbte _tsuzntk
to subparagraph (A), concurs with suchprntthk certiffcaFionrand
notifies the Secretary and the Secretary of th'j.e -Thi.W of sfwh
;' .. : ,*" * ') . *= ". ,- i i ; *: ,1
(ii), concurrence by such state with such ceiifition is con-
clusively presumed, as provided for in subhO.agrigxh, A) or
(ii) the Secretary finds, pursuant to subpv1r ttgrt
each activity which is described in detail in sch ian consste
with the objectives of thisietle. or is othrwi e ne#gsathtii9
interest of national security. ....," ''
If a state concurs or is conclusively presumed to concur, :obt ife.
Secretary makes such a finding;-d the provisions bf subparagph C)
are not applicable with respect to such pWrSbnsu Federal license or permit which is required to conduct cti
affecting land uses or water uses in .the coastal zone of tate
is described in detail in the plan to whichsuch .borttr ezib
ing applies. If such state objects to ,tW'cerfibadt ad
Secretary fails to make a finding under c:ise i:,i( )."i
such certification, or if such person faiist. ibstall?
such plan as submitted, such pero shall bidt aflntto
such plan, or a new plan, to the Secretary .f the Mr4i4, S4ft
to any amendment or new plan subt... to:1
Interior pursuant to the preceding senteeie appetite
for purposes of concurrence by conclusive prowx q e'pk
graph (A) is 8 months. ,*" .... .'i
(d) State and local :vermenta" MEAGRg c i 'fr
ral assistance under other Fede, r
.. .: o .* -. i ^... : r v: p-sp r' r. ti ~ w o
P Of MM*1 01 X
r 1 4 '- . ., : !. **' *. ' :fl .'!fl ;-": n rfit l
Be&. 64(8) of the Cosatal Zone Management Act AmlaentWi V.*flW&,iac.i
44-STo0 approved July 26, 1976, 90 Btat. 1013. Inserted a. new paunaph "(B)".

P .: r Z O!-; i" I .::M ~




*! iiiri ,
S "SEz. 72me It is the purpose of this part to meet the special economic
Needs of rural communities or areas with concentrations or substantial
Snaumbers Of low-income persons by providing support to self-help
I programs Which promote economic development and independence, as
| a supplement to existing similar programs conducted by other depart-
: ments and agencies of the Federal Government. Such programs should
Encourage low-income families to pool their talents and resources so
Sas to create and expand rural economic enterprise.

I "SEC. 722. (a) The Director is authorized to provide financial assist-
ance, including loans having a maximum maturity of 15 years and in
Amounts not resulting in an aggregate principal indebtedness of more
than $3,500 at any one time, to any low-income rural family where,
in the judgment of the Director, such financial assistance has a reason-
able possibility of effecting a permanent increase in the income of such,
families, or will contribute to the improvement of their living or hous-
Sing conditions, by assisting or permitting them to-
"(I) acquire or improve real estate or reduce encumbrances or
erect improvements thereon;
"(2) operate or improve the operation of farms not larger than
family sized, including but not limited to the purchase of feed,
seed fertilizer, livestock, poultry, and equipment; or
I"(a) participate in cooperative associations, or to finance non-
agricultural enterprises which will enable such families to supple-
ment their income.
"(b) The Director is authorized to provide financial assistance to
local cooperative associations in rural areas containing concentrations
or substantial numbers of low-income persons for the purpose of de-
frayi. g all or part of the costs of establishing and operating coopera-
tive programs for farming, purchasing, marketing, processing, and to
improve their income as producers and their purchasing power as con-
sumers, and to provide such essentials as credit and health services.
Costs which may be defrayed shall include but not be limited to-
f (1) administrative costs of staff and overhead;
."(2) costs of planning and developing new enterprises;
3 ^W cots of acyuring technical assistance; and
initial capital where it is determined by the Director that
the. poverty of the.families participating in the program and the
S.-: social conditions of the rural, area require such assistance.
.... -' .... *A 1 a -O* . '
5 710 ,( No, financial assistance shall be provided under this
d2'esu re% d. thit-
00y0peyaQve association receiving assistance has a mlii-
S..m.t.of.fteB active members majority of which are low-
S' .: r ,: ....
"*. ; n M
K t''.





: "J" VVM"
-. support K i coiiplenient conunityi development programs
S financed under this part, including; without limitation, activities
.-. such asf those described In the Comiprehensive Employment and
Sif Training Act of1.73;-and .
.j (4) ,social service programs which support and complement
community economic development programs financed under this
.. !aort, ilb.dbg but not limited to tlil.d .are, educational services,
Svihelh I setvices, credit counseling, ener.ey conservation, and pro-
1' grams for the maintenahce of housing facilities.
"(b) Th Djreetor shall conduct programs assisted under this part
SeaS to contribute, on an equitable basig' between urban and rural
aseas, ti Ut elimintia of poverty anid the. establishment of perma-
Pnent economic and social benefits in such a&Teda '.: r ,
7, "- _i F
"SEC.,713. (a) The Director, under such regulations as he may estab-
*lish,'. dalHn^t'. prbtide 'fin ancial assistance fot nyy community eco-
nomici development .program, under this part unless he deterrines
t l; ^ f1 *. : .: .I*". : : .... .. ,. .
(!) "-such1 community development corporation is responsible
.. 'to resdeiS 'of the area served (i) through a governing body not
Less than 50 per centum of the members of whichh aare ake residents
':: anc ii ') in. accordance with such other guidelines as may be 6tab-
lish4d: 'r the IDirector,%except that the composition of the govern-
.i.. g biies of'organizations owned or controlled by.the community
Development corporation need not be subject to such residency
T i re .n.. ..
j, y the program Will beappropriately coordinated with local
Spl!hif4 under this title, with housing arid community develop-
ment programs, with employment and training programs, and
with other relevant planning for physical and human resources
in the areas served;
.i. #.,(); fdeqnate technical assistance is made available and com-
-'n1Wld to the pfOgams being supported "
h*(44 .;i each fiancialF assistance will materially further the pur-
...:^li f -ai 'c *)* -~ *. ..
i ": 5,theiappMlent isfualfilling or will fulfill named for series,
,. t4l0, *r ( tilitit-whiih is otherwise not being met;
I..iW(6 flll.prOjestB 'and related facilities .ill4 to the maximum
-1'f .%*eb nt located In tho-,areasserved ;i'. .,
', $_() ",p $eet -Is t where fasiblf .promoteAteli development
a '4 titprenieurial, and manarnerenti skills and the ownership or
Sl)lit (tr i'Wvierip'[pV asited businesses and :housing,
k')p tl~e o. the area served; ,
".$ '(8p tojeet.i ll'b. planned: Andarr'ked rhit With 'thee fullest'
Oe^ qp fflaoftlAhl~lfiedfl
4P lW ttib MAt 1 of' nesildht'oraslol busiAi.nbri and rep'
itWd-bf. uanaial' instittititns,! including phrticipation
tt^ tihc~tj^i veattiro; y dAership or
Wnhberehtp 6a t16 gflening board 6idt kdMiory dcxic bfsof eih
"(9) no participant will be employed tW pmjets twblving
political parties, or the construction, operation, or maintenance of


..W...i.S2&xB ns :- fle )AMINISTRATION 1988
nder any. su~ch ien may be acquired for highway purposes by any
State or political subdivision thereof in condemnation proceedings
.under State law by service by certified mail upon the United States
attorney for the district, the State Director of the Farmers Home Ad-
ministration for the State in which the farm is located, and the Attor-
ney General of the United States: Provided, however, That the United
States shall not be required to appear, answer, or respond to any notice
or writ sooner than ninety days from the time such notice or writ is
returnable or purports to be effective, and the taking or vesting of title
to the interest of the United States shall not become final under any
proceeding, order, or decree until adequate compensation and damages
have been finally determined andpaid to the United States or into the
registry of the court.
1986.:, Conflicts of interests
No bffieer, attorney, or other employee of the Secretary shall, di-
rectly or indirectly, be the beneficiary of or receive any fee, com-
mission, gift, or other consideration for or in connection with any
transaction or business under this chapter other than such' salary,
fee, or other compensation as he may receive as such officer, attorney,
or employee. No member of a county committee shall knowingly
make or Join in making any certification with respect to a loan to
purchase any land in which he or any person related to him within
the second degree of consanguinity or affinity has or may acquire any
interest or with respect to any applicant related to him within the
,second degree of consanguinity or affinity. Any persons violating any
provision of this section shall, upon conviction thereof be punished
by a fine of.not more than $2,000 or imprisonment for not more than
two years, or both.
1987. Debt adjustment and credit counseling
The Secretary may provide voluntary debt adjustment assistance
between farmers and their creditors and may cooperate with State,
territorial, and local agencies and committees engaged in such debt
adjustment, and may give credit counseling.
19K. Appropriations-Authorization
(a), Tihee is authiorized Jo be appropriated to the Secretary such
sims AS tie congress may from time to time determine to be neces-
tr.,yto enable the Secretary to carry-out the purposes of this chap-
ter ad for the administration of assets transferred to the Farmers
; : :! "- ; '" *"i **. -. . .. *.
... ".. i .
NOTEr7; .ronA *Df zrE TNATiows; tATuRrrEs; TERMS ANt CONDITIONS;
S(b) When ..authorized by Congress, the Secretary is authorized to
makes and issue notes tothe Secretary of the Treasury for the pur-
poe. of obtaining funds in. such amounts as the Congress may ap-
ii' ir in=ninly in appropriation Actrfor maldkig direct loans under
:this 4htapr Suchl notes shall be in such form) and denominations
'sa..liava1du in fturitsieg>t be subject to nueh terms and condi-
tios s ye ba bpreibribed'by the Secretaryf with the approval of
.e S~atsty otthe Treasu.y'Snei notedihall bear interest at a
t4 fi1-e byi thJ -8cz*ar ,of; the, T. aaurytaldng into considera-


s 119 oMMUNTYT DDEu,9R9^bU7
.." .. . .. : :.... ,.-. p..
m.* + .. N : """ O"F +. .. .A
Sro. ItZ. (a) Section 3689 of the Stib tsia 131
U.S.C. 711), is amended by -addi' h .f .I(
by section 108 (f) of thipAct) the f 6W6Wngaf*pa
S"(2a)` For paymeftk tequired6 frIPth&to t4rS uu tkoitracts
entered into pursuant tb Setion (b)-( :0f.thet !iouuMinrktfl1049
Switch respect to projuita or prorms 1ftWhich f ih-Atn
committed on or lbforeDecember 81, 1974; and *orwhith tods
.have not previously beefi appropriate" 1: 1. s .,..
(b) The Secretary is- atibn'rzed'tdtranster the atsi amid liilitins
of any program which is Miberseded or inactive by adonaths
title to the revolving fund fr liqtfidatitg pfgram estlihd Mr-
suant tb title II of the Indeperdent Offices Aapoprpationu At t'T 0465
(Public Law 81-428; 68 Stat. 272,295) .;. it .
". .. -' *. < : ': " ,. i J
+.' ' < * + * i'. .. '* '* : "' ++* * \. *' m;-- ,"n n +
!- " :" *1.. : ."* *. *. " ; "/ *- "" v ": '. i f Lt ', -,' ,
.... 4 h ".. t ." I + +'
SMB. 119. (a) In .order to promote tha. pnaary obectivq .o4s
title of the development of viable urbum- epw i..i-+ otjt tot
amount of authority approved in. appropriaoU0...w &.rn
103 (c), the Secretary is authorized to make utaa dv.'*lpo.n....4ao.
grants to severely distressed cities -and urban counties ta hel i-
ate physical and economic deterioration through rela..n. igh-r
borhoods having excessive housing .a .m._t. d r .
through community revitalization in areas with population.. outmigra-
tion or a stagatin or declining tax badmme.ntoraI. d Pr.ib q.m
s etion shall befor the support of severely ^10tfss8d 1t^t
counties that require increased public an t.d riVt s .,
tion to the assistance otherwise made availubl' undet
,other forms of Federal assistance. a ...
S(b) Urban development action vantssal1 %wma4, & y.,
and urban counties that have, Iin t et rn ,
demonstrated, results in providing hot igzp f0pBMW.
moderate-inco and m providing equal opp ortunlisjsp4l
Employment for low' and moderate-mcome pe ..p..azd q ofa
inority, groups. -e Scretary shal ispueig i ,14.
criteria in accord~ne with the preeedug mert n 4
mminimum standards for, dtermfn ing. the lq.wl -
,nomic distress of cities and uibpw c'untie* feb
grants, which standardsshall take into account
and condition of housing stock, including snia ia;
averagee lcnme; pr'+Arn p t Iaw
4flg taxbs. ... ^:e^ s :li^ 'tn-y^fn~
., .s(1)a mclude onoe WO ,
mia.0a `

1oThee Is & atechJ eror r. In t .ublBeauobf le tssaevfl1 Mr e ftV f
the Independet .40cr Apprpritio APdw 109 =.b~rr< AEW tin: ~ ~ ~ .4 ArDD laa S uf~ltf:t-
the StatutB Zat aPrSe is eorIMT 41* 0t 1i flbb n :', r I a a 0C.. .E--da.- r
2See. 110(b) of the Houning and Community Development Act of 197T7, Publie Law
95-128, approved October 12, 1977, amended title I of the Houasing and Communityw De-
velopment Act of 1974 by adding a new section 119, to read as set forth in the texLt.

1 1981


1964. Liability of borrowers; interest rate; maturity; security
The Secretary shall make all loans under this subchapter at a rate
of interest not in excess of 5 per centum per annum repayable at
such times as the Secretary may determine, taking into account the
purpose of the loan and the nature and effect of the emergency, but
not later than provided for loans for similar purposes under sub-
chapters I and II of this chapter, and upon the full personal liability
of the borrower and upon such security as the Secretary may prescribe.
1965. Persons suffering isolated production losses and indebted
borrowers eligible for loans
SThe Secretary may make loans without regard to the designation of
emergency areas under section 1961(a) of this title to persons or
corporations (1) who have suffered severe production losses not gen-
eral to the area or (2) who are indebted to the Secretary for loans
under the Act of April 6, 1949, as amended, or the Act of August 31,
1954, as amended, to the extent necessary to permit the orderly repay-
ment or liquidation of said prior indebtedness.
1966. Emergency Credit Revolving Fund utilization
The Secretary is authorized to utilize the revolving fund created
by section 1148a of Title 12 (hereinafter in this subchapter referred
to as the "Emergency Credit Revolving Fund") for carrying out the
purposes of this subchapter.
1967. Emergency Credit Revolving Fund appropriations
(a) All sums received by the Secretary from the liquidation of
loans made under the provisions of this sutchapter or under the Act
of April 6, 1949, as amended, or the Act of August 31, 1954, and
from the liquidation of any other assets acquired with money from
the Emergency Credit Revolving Fund shall be added to and become
a part of such fund.
S(b) There are authorized to be appropriated to the Emergency
Credit Revolving Fund such additional sums as the Congress shall
from time to time determine to be necessary.
1968. Insurance of loans
Loans meeting the requirements of this subchapter and any
amendatory or supplementary Act may be insured, or made to be sold
ad insured, in accordance with and subject to sections 1928 and 1929
atd the last sentence of section 1927 of this title: Provided, That loans
made under this section shall not be included in applying the $500,-
000,000 liMitation in section 1929 (f) (1) of this title.
1969. Repealed.
1981. Farmers Home Administration; appdint'ment and com-
pensation of Administrator; transfer' of powers, duties
and assets pertaning to agricultural credit; powers of
Secretary of Agriculttxe .
rti. 4 0ses "" :" "" "";"" " "
F& the' purposes of this 'haptertand 1for the adnniptration of as-
i sets under the jurisdiction of the Seretary of Agicultre pursuant
Sto the Farmers Home Admistratio Act of 1946, !as amended the
Slanikh d-JonesF Fr Tenant Act, aSI 'amended theAct of August 28,
iolf ; t m u. fded, C jj iq .lt$ 94% .S 'menied, theLB Act
. .. ,* ,* ./ .. .+.., ... + .++.. .- +.. .n : . t h.e



K.k !,

t~.s (2)L Th usreevdb teAmm tha~ IoTt^
Sdetat"t atloaf 'L"" tils s"ubsectio"' alia"" L .. '''"i"" ... i. i
i w-noein r hr-6yboi
.has bw mM e6o"2 poVlt~it*)1r
deLT~. intb&dittisby the AM xin'~ itcnf ~ l
Clie niat63!'t6 fi'subsection' WH IbM aut U.%ttitb
organization servmpg t individuals for whom such'" ISRt1n
has beeutiiR.ake- or,.. w ere there is no trial gf zadi b oth er
entity's ae detertntiaes has the capseiftj86Wotide.snft
*i _, j i ''-*' -i v. '- .. ***-" ;- '" ; " ; .' *".* "* " .. .. , "*'?* '* -*. .y .. if
o % i. orders for ..a tribal organization orothet ftitq I ible
Sa :rant for;a fiscal ybar under this "'bhectioit "i t to
the 'Alrlnmin.stratotran application meeting .the trt. ii' tin(7orth
Ppiliix hTAtiIl he
1% .1" ion 4146 li -"- *^ ^ *:*t *^ ^
S(e) Nbtwithstandihg thay other law,,tile Al&itatoth
may transfer to the Director sumns appropriated indi be
utlized inMorder ti6,rry out prog under ^s&tioV22*^ ) of
the ECdnq1nie Opportunty Act of 1f4, 'wich tftibr the pu s of
tMhispart.: .'
L ; ..,.. .. : . 7 .. ^ ] ,.! .i .) ; .^
Swc. 414 (a) ..,The Administrator shall provide i nanci u amiaftance,
from sums appropriated for any s l cearrlzmdertitpl.roifyu _
annual apphlcatiin. Eaclnuch applicaton :shall dsibee. tnted
number and characteristics of the low-income pes. an t. anub
of dwelling units to be, assisted and the criteria andtkikbs iusi
*ka the applicant in.roviding weathrization .assts
ases. The application shall also contain suchthez .
eluding information needed fotlevatidMW purm)rpidA wus
as may be teqiired (1) in the ngsltkms proehmlg!uI,$ ta to
ston 418 ad (2) to carry out iI etih The Adiitr shai
a~loa fa cinal aseft toneaqh: Stats on:thtNf tt
noted for weatherization assistance among loWW-inco pews $tmoqk-
out the States, takimnto accou nt the fUiwmg A.EoB:s C):,
'.(A-) The number of dwelling imits IBbs; U"t V
.(B) Te climatic condaitions in. te Sttt
: nOrvaton, which :may ineludbe cosideronwt
a .) I^ r*t. 1'4rdZII q
S -? a :* ettaxugs: 3, ;1v^"fi* /*** ;1*i iv:i: ; t (.^"''"Id)T5C EdILnsruynIii
S(D) Such t otIp fa s as* f
Snecesary in order to c rr ot tJ os d. prqvin ft
part. ,. .. ,", 1. 'no .h ...pQ q
(b)TheAditxnistratok'shall uot rji~md inaca aaat ei r
thiz part unl. she
( ) ie:.( established piyadsis rdoM ilriit@&

.. qualrica, tions 4ityi-in. thr eit-oiij -
-* ~~~~ ~ ~ ~ 1 ;:1. IA. 0bsgvto IpoMm.C.-ailfgtM
prob balan l uhwa~$

usentattyw t orgamzmtaoms kiormgaSa
4l*servie~s la suh penons&, thes~ts^ rugoapioawci i
ti6=4 and (0) is reponible .ai tMAdU

mire-N 'sam. SWaoAGUNT 4*8

(i) is in compliance with the rules and regulations promul-
gated to carry outsubsection (b), but
-1 ; (ii) his not yet been approved by the Secretary under sec-
tion 306;
(B) specifically identified, after consultation with the Secre-
tary, any deficiency inesuch :-program which makes it ineligible
for approval by the Secretary pursuant to ,section 306, and has
established a reasonable time schedule during which it can remedy
any sAuh de ciency; '
:. (C) ~Specified the purposes for which any such grant will be
ui u'ed *. .
^r j(D) taken or is taking adequate steps to meet any require-
ment under section 306 or 307 which involves any Federal official
-OG or agency; and
1.9" E) complied with-any other requirement which the Secre-
O: ttry, by rules and regulations, prescribes as being necessary and
appropriate to carry ot the purposes of this subsection.
: (3) No management program itor which grants are made under
thi W9bsetion sall be considered'an approved program for purposes
i isedio 0t ;
OF' (e)' 'Grat. under this section shall be made to, and allocated among,
he cotal st!ts pursuant to rules and regulations promulgated by
he Seretatjr except that-:
C ('l)' no grant siall be iiade under this section in an amount
S"iwhih'is more than 10 per centum o0f the total amount apppropri-
Sated to carry out the purposes of this section, but th Secretary
S' may aive this limitation in the case of any coastal state which is
eligible for rants under subsection (d); and
i n, Jo grant shall be made under this section in an amount
:: '*~~A Idsis less than 1 per centum of the total amount appropriated
S: to dit0y outf the purposes of this section, but the Secretary shall
^'ivthisi h station in the case of any coastal state which re-
'"^ n "estssuch awaiver.
I ^(f Thi~nacuit of any grant (or portion thereof) made under this
: tt which is tiitbbligated by the coastal state concerned during the
Fiscal year for which it was first authorized to be obligated by such
e, r durn the fiscal .year immediately following, hall revert to
iW de&a y jh hd suchh 'amount to the funds available for
l :pte h ,:r'I-,c ap p r ov a. l' .
^, t Wi; the afrmnval Of the Secretary, any coastal state may allo-
) tl arnment, td Any areawide an'y des ated under
t~ ~t if !feoonytrstiomCitiesdan
f it aon c ts and Metropolitan Develop-
e:'a y .rein age tay interstate agency,
MAnofny at reved -tundAr this section for the pur-
I 9 Uaig Qout the p fl so thi sQction.
i ,1' ^IW^" C'w Abt"ih hU completed the development of its
E'iprkrra "a]l.. subnbi, ,u, program"to the Seeretary for
I t rV awantt to section 306. Whenever t'ie Secretary
| n~~~agment program of any coastal state under section
,i e u ,c h . ,. .
''wi ~ ~ ~ ~ gr^Wt~U^ ant~sUdr this setio;ercept
S^ill ^ *t Wr reepi, V grants uwder subsection (c) noa-er
.0!J.2 JST ei "' i...:a..+. . .
.... et 1?^, : WV M a... '[;.::- ^^t. : ,,. .: .*.',.. "* **.:; : . .* :^ .. .. . "" '*** .


bemutuig AL*
OFT1E O 0laAN JWlllWT'T :wJBTQfr^

"(5) Protection of arem otfIuM1 luMalO
scientific interest; . .t .. &.. J! ,.' +t.+Cj :'
"(6) Properly planned commdni4hcli.tis, inClu"d""I
the supply of power, water, and conmumications, fo r
posal of wastes, and for other 'PULP ; I d g: th Ia,
"(7) Concern for high standard of design. . r....q.
"(b) All viewpoints-national, reioii State aind IQMl a&4t
the extent possible, be fully considered ad taken into ac tinpiau
ning Federal or federally assisted denlopment prograuzsandD ...c.4
State and local government objeeiees`, together with the oI. e
of regional organizations shall be: aidened and: eid.a80, iW .
in a framework of national public:tjectives, as expressed t Y-eA...I
law, and available projections of future national conditions ad nl.dsi .
of regions, States, and localities shall be considered in pia 1= rmla-
tion, evaluation, and review. .:....... ..i ,
"(c) To the maximum extent possible, consistent with national ob
jectives, all Federal aid for development purposes shall be consitet
with and further the objectives pf State, regional, and local compre-
hensive planning. ConsidMiti6n hall be given to al devtehpmliMj
aspects of our total national community including but not limited tl.
housing, transportation, economic developments natural and lhumlmA
resources development, community facilities, and the general improve-
ment of living envitonments. ", : rrn
"(d) Each Federal department and agency administering a develop-.
ment assistance program shall, to the maximum extent practicable,
consult with and seek advice from all other significantly affe aeM6.A
eral departments and agencies in an effort to assure fulycoordmated
"(e) Insofar as possible, systematic planniujqire by jidiviijal
Federal programs (such as highway construction, urbi .pene.wal. ad
open space) shall be coordinated with and, to the exet at 1^ ed..
law, made part of comprehensive local and. wi. i
p la n n in g ." " ? ': >" + ;++ ""
& .. *. *. * -., .. ... . ", .
"Favmring its of general local government"
"Sec. 402. Where Federal law provides tath both tpA'tpu
units of local government and units of ges M gttre j OMnt'I#
eliginble to receive loans or grants-in-aid, heads &f Fderal d rnet
and agencies shall, in the absence ot sdb tiireasons &te r
trary, make such loans or grants-in-aid to tibtfs ktneo
ernment rather than to special-purpose units of locF ,.etnit
"Rulaes amd regulations" i. i . ..
(, o rr * ", . .. ** ; :+ i'+ ii h ., ,,ir<,:
"Sec. 403. The Bureau of the Budget, or such oMVer .sta wi
be designated by the President is hereby authox4satop or0 M ,
rules and regulations as are deemed appropriate for the effect
minstraftion of this title.. i . .. ;,i"A (4f."
ATAC ENA -CIONALas ao M M W 1O ..P i-

1909 (83 STAT. 853) t 7. j .
'. +*. + '^'r Y : ::* +.*'::' : :. ../ i + .. +..^ii!i^' s to fi + PP
"Sec. 102. The Congress authorizes
extent possible: (1) ffie ies


..H S .... ." ..... *.......~X:. e io .Vn DI..a_ .ir. "W "G a7O1
i public fficials representative of the political juris-l
aeii the metropolitan area, region, or district involved for,
la.isetin such organizations to undertake studies, collect
4e* 4 mkto~pi a reglopenal1 a district flans and programs
an.cmm suh er0 activities oft estu no siof nch
1 iti t aro nd necessgaiy ur aemirable for the solution

A !,.:A jchar dea e b is ppopat athriie t
_aXo areinalo r district woblems in such s es,
.. a o. istis..o the maximum extent feasible, al grants under
Sbe for activities relating to all the developmental
A:of thoetal metropolitan area, region, or district including,
di limited to, land use, transportation, hou economic dveo-
i .et, natu resources development, community facilities, and the
I wpr1vesent of liingenvironmentl
zi) I4additionto the oteri grants authorized by this section, the
creta is authorized to make grants to assist any city, other munici-
pai)y, r county i making a survey of the structures and sites in
the lochty winch are determined b its appropriate authorities to
b7oo historical or architectural value. Any such survey shall be
4signd to identify the historic structures and sites in the locality,
*i|termum e^^ co of their rehabilitation or restoration, and provide

the' ..counAynvoled.
4.o.rfit.enfo as may be necessary or appro rate to serve
Iunaon r balanced and effective program of historic pres-
ervation m such locality. The aspects of any such survey which relate
Seietifiatio of historic and architectural values shall be con-
adin a64hoance with criteria found by the Secretary to be corn-
Mile td those used in establishing the national register maintained
.the $e e-tary of the Interior under other provisions of lawr and
M P-esip of. each such survey shall be made available to the decre-
o1t terror. A grant under this subsection shall be made to
Sropriate agency or entity specified in paragraphs (1) through
q: sc (a) or, if there is no such agency or entity which is
^.4.M~d willing to receive the grant and provide for its utiliza-
iiviith this subsection, directly to the city, other
S f- prqcounty involved.
:, Qwit^ zp^de under this section may be used, subject to regu-
..,n4 conditions prescribed.r by the Secretary, for any activities
e elgibeby the provisions of this section; but such regulations
; p Vide that grant assistance shall not be used to defray the
P| qumtonsruction, repair, or rehabilitation of, or the
ftA'. i odraw s or similar detailed specifications

v. le ud ,, F~edril ms program
AftjWjjji9mg Capitl facilities, or public works projects.
-df )feJ^l$eqrtary shall consult with the heads of other Federal
'artmerta and agencies having responsibilities related to the pur-
pt thi satikm, including On, abilities connected with the
powio dedrlopdmepnt of ruoa,. adppressed areas and the pro-
& enhancement of the Nations natural envioment, with
Sspezu standards, policies, ald procedure. to be fol-
loWedin the administration of this section1 and (2) particular grant
qrPprovlai which the Secretary be'eves 0of special inter-
o o cr more of such departments and ancis
wi Fala~undera Federal ;astpwe program
Itp projects driavities, approved a! part of or in furthpjsoce of a
rg pr ao related management actintie assistedund4r this



(3) universities inter atdw'p dt edutia o
(e) The n Comnidm or, on the authotizatie f tinofb Cf.fia
any subcommittee. or member t e y, ...o my lest
ing out the prcwiions of this tiJe, k"id hearig.tWotetiUfy, wIA
aluimster(ftsor O maulks to witness ppenmg &rnt*)t
Commission or any subooior me r eO iii Hldt .e
Commission wilB bdlbeld in neighborhoods fikt t4tim.y .
from citizen leader and pbc a.ak who are enfsd sikbvu
hood revitalizationVi . :.N :.t


* .; ,.. I.
- *. .~

SEc. 207. There are authorized to be appropriated 'it t4 ei&ed
$1,000,000 to carry out this title. .

zEXPIKRrdr'ol..OOCE,,;KK x]i 1 ..

SE. 208. The Commission sh es to exist thir da t th.
submission of its report under section. 204.
Approved April 80,1977.

A .1


. .'.,

* . *f1


A 4~, 3 hi


I: .. I.,.

4 4
~.4 11~

p I
1*414 44, 4'

~~ ..f * : ' : .': :"? .':.-
....... : ". ,* .. .
i: .. .: .: ... . *. ;. ,. ,<. : *. .( ; 1: T ;* *
.: , .!..:.i
: ": :..; "i .i., ;. ** 'L .,. .t "ir J,2 -
"* *', ',, !- :r i !i t [ ".;

... .:.. -..f ,u '.:; '"*: : l- ",.f. + ^ t f

........^ t -rh r:":'. q.4 Tm-n-re *riil0?-
.. .. .. ...

.. i-.. ': ': *o : *:. : ,*.-.. : . * ::i
.. ...::d .a
" ,. *. : "t:I ; I -: 1:.: *l .: ".,7 .....' " .
,,, . . ... .
"'. ,. ..p.j i .): t ,. MtJJ~

9Is -


E *OIOB 4 tlOO,


i 4

af _ ^' _


hdtllsnih$l1 -ii Public 'Law 9 2
educational falitie-Asc. 404) Housing Act of 1950-.-
ducationa, instltutio--e e 44 .(b), Act of 195O
iitadnds-e .4O tt Hou sg Act4 9 ... ._...
f, ea .i tanam.Anee- ,, r, u ...a.. 2.36 ( .T, -h~
gagm. by am-proflt- ational in,
i.. 517 National HoIa A... ------
A ntarublosseu, Uepattgaex*41 N Labor ab^s
h, Ibducatiob, and Welftae Appropriation .7t -
tlea .ed: Bee ia.4o; umstw q ,iwer .*ons1: famines;
otgage ad loan lm nnce; Pubic h op ag; i vuial houng.
fll eonfsera'.fiunaned builn to-PUZll .J w9.. BO-.
hr .. a*' #*oviwi fqtbo Sl~e2104, Housing
r.'ia ~a ":". ** *'* "" ., -* U*

^u7W fer*ieat on flaed1I *;'f-lced' ..*i ;* *,s,'r
_sftereu.-ce on"lBalaced Natiolml Growth and economic
1 2.P, i^~e"6"worb id Econemic Development-
" &rIMMtauatsssed tr interest refdection pay-
WiM 1ai utrakeo-8ec.236(j), National Housing Act-----
|ftt lt-to 19O#-T'ftl Vii,OGmainity eonnomie devel-
ii lasj . .r:. :. *o.. <:. ,.^- *- ': : f

..- ..atnia cane becnomnicajty .)uwC-,ec. 621,
am. -Etb t-t o'f .-.i-----,--.-
' eaqon of wages and prices in constretio, .E0. 11588-.
Itifitlo Ae uluoilegrk+onusig . ., .
121 ,.b.ts-Be..221(f). National Uouslng AetLA--,-
io fl r6L g v t ... M..n..: -. ..* :al-. ... .
lorztf+n-Title IV, Housing Act ..50---.--
4ia ..-- ._---.--_.......__i...---






*r lowF mer mee- ec. -em. R.,I Uc.. Hot 6 c 1t of
tf) l ll oilW --u-b- '789 265,9267
'cit rate--insured li mae Jb ousr incomes- ;
23M4)1V(fI oatoonal WtIgAct 21k217,220
ftl'^s to accessible to 44&

PO$r~,~f JpWouta c.A s 167

mutA uner Bee. .8. Rousing let ot I tho '
It~WOW),.Bou~trab. sa C4FWit~t~ilOP,

WAct ofi1969 -W 433

Sati~ Mr.. v
anoa ^p a
'-****--*-- -- ""*^ lig~ite" A-! m 8" -g i!la.Liii.f

." ....ii. ....i... 487-
sP*TSi~eC?* 1W$igeQ4$



.lOilltalh Mtl~ el fiqa ~ O~ ?a w f b~r b .l f ea.
.aottd~~~~~~~~~~qumO~~~2 48 d'qaIn egs iu 9rru ~u errtiA

.UM4 0 1 aV.-4





*1 ~t3WU RUMWSWL10

iwditin:s a he may preribe. The Secretary is authorized, notwith-
t landing' the provisiMons df section 8648 of the Revised Statutes, as
liiifndedNto make advanror progress payments on account of any
t w tstd. to, be mde pursuant to this section. The faith of the
UnitedS t;ats iso.enly pledged to the payment of all grants con-
terate.d. .Mr undqir this title and there are hereby authorized to be ap-
.pTOpnate -Qout ef, any money in the Treasury: not otherwise appro-
priated, the amounts necessary to provide for such payments: Pro-
ided, That any amounts so appropriated shall also be available for
repaying to the Secretary of the Treasury, for application to notes of
the Secretary, the principal amounts of any funds advanced to local
i.p tgnie nmder this title which the Secretary determines to be
.abollectble because of the termination of activities for which such ad-
ilces wremade, together: with the interest paid or accrued to the
'?: i.Seetairrtthe Treasury (as determined by him) attributable to notes
n!gi e 'by td: Secretary m wonnection with such advances, but all such
*4mnwts shall constitute a charge against the authorization to
?*aj .dmtraots for grants contained in this section .Provided further,
tAn$g sgj determination of the Secretary shall be construed to
ljatigideithe igte of the United States- with respect to any such
advance. "
(c)1 Notwithstanding any other provision of this or any other
Act, if financial assistance authorized by this title to be made available
to, a0 ; local public agency may be made available to any local-
*uecy Within the limitations provided in sections
03 IO(b);ad 106(e), and the second paragraph following the
uberd' (6) of section 110(c), the amount of such finan-
made -available to any locality or local public agency
Advnnt processing of proper application therefore shall
n. restricted except on the basis of (1) urgency of need,
rA qas determined by the Secretary.
'r may "contract to make grants for the prep-
V(Q1p_ of community renewal programs, which may in-
t b imited to, (1 tfie identification of slum areas or
454 Oq.r deteriorating areas in tIe community, (2)
'dtef the wntj'er and degteof b Aght d'blighting
s.f (o) 4tmxi the financial, reloca-
tb... .U .n e ded and available to renew such areas,
r\yttPArA potnt~al project ateas and, where feasible,
a ,..% action contemplated, within sueh areas, and
,Mvg ." of urban renewal activities. Such
S ..d.. etei"mnnt.. of. the governing body
g tiraipan of the locality as a whole. The
.*wi^a..t k rq aoaablp requirements respecting the scope
.gi,^ ...No,_oan contract for a grant pursuant to
4A nahB maiuna e the governing body of the locality

74 PP*Y0AL^. pX'epRntin, "or completion of the commu-
8 %avte~~B gm ni byI'" the ocal public agency
-, 'rma. gatN.ihandinxtg section 1. 10(h)
%iA*' bth ilioi iitlt ofm the-ori term "local.p,.lie

7If.OIIWS aJc^I^^fl^ A of ht i^ubie rn S-.n; apen September
0& rWSE Utie n! -the commu
S. H *4. of



: ::. "" :: :. :: ",

(b) Upon thek rcqaesstofo the recipientA ot #p-trmi~ r tJwjAi,
th Secretary mayl agreeit, perform admiaiuti4ttt 9
bursable basis on behalf of such Weaipient izi 4QwA&+Ln-.$ or
grants-for theehieittioa&rofppispRwwq.!fip qu-
section (a) (4). -,. . ... ... T .r i ,1I... "'I "Ti i ,..
.... i' 't *) ^ **;V t ""; "" + .. ' i-L q i.," '..; .. *-." ., ., (i *. : -:!':.,(
**.. ; i-I, :1 ; ~ *~ ." "
", r+. / .'4." < -: : *' i 11 i. : ^ '" *-'" *^ +" "" < ... + <+" W "
ON Or .J . . . ....A ., .
SEP. 1106. (a) Of the Aciu .Approve.m4n.anpprti .
section 103 ( a) for grants-e. y year (ooidait ; amrAied
'4 '" *H I+ ,. '.i ". .; "\ -^ ". .t .,c ,' ^-Mtr."i : : '' "* .
for use in accordance with sections 103 (a) 2 ,ala 7, 8UtpeIMea
shall be allocated by the Se.reary tb ea s. E ;Pt as
provided in subsections (Ce and. (p eoh mseb pPli tj b
county S ail. subject to tne rpiv.sions of ec.ion h6lC ; I as
S.i _ r '11. .*i *** .i' r~ i '.;''*f ," :- .''.- 11:l I*l*
otherwise specifically authorize:d, be etled ulfm
such allocation in an aggregate foiut nopt 1,ed f
its basic amount computed, pursuant to paran' I O('. ub
section Q(b) or its h6ld irmiiss amount ,putd
tion (g) ; : ,;; .. ..
(b) (1) The Secretary sallr determine php Roui toA a t to
each metropolitan city bhckno ,shall be fe ,Q.of ar{ w
bears the same ratio to, t ..411.ocation, fQ4 ,Pmtll
either-7- ._ t .. .
(A) the average oth ratios between--. . ,.
(i) the popuIaion of that cty an' th e ^o..9ih n..i all
Smetropolitan a4rew ... ,..... ,..,. .'
(ii) hFie extent of poety,im t cif M tot
pove ty in all me p@oitiOaneas; ani
(m) the extent of housing oveUrcrowdig M +.4' 4f Yand
the extent of housg inovercrowdJgJj 4"mOR
.. ,i: +*^ - * *^ - : ": I *: .. R \ i / .t. .- u" R r"-..>
or ... ,
(B) the average of the t10io betwee--..:... ,,'r
j_' _S j.I + -, w .: + t ,.+ <' * .+ ",,k J -'(.., ,+' t 1 ,,., +.+.,s 'i. < ( '. *.
(i) the extejt of griwth a nt.ir4iiVk fI4 IWt1 of
growth lagia flmmtroolitait ., ,.r,,--
'" !" 1 "** **'e *, ." : ,i :^ ^ : 'i ::A : "-... .} Ti .ll i+ : .". ; .'l[ H '
(ii) the e0ent of poverty in,,tt a d th4 $ eof
povelty mIHm pOP",ar".; ,.r,
*. (m) the a ofus.g
ni lmetropo tan area. , ,, ,
(2) Thp Secr...eta .hal deterrmine the m. ..
urban c16uay wk s~11be the 1 6 gf~r~ i~i~4 h
j :. __ f' '' 1 1 .*"* j|:..., ... *(3 : i.,f ,' l.l.:k:'.'i ** ', 1. "* .s f k Tl lQ 'J i f"..
same ratio to the aliqeationjot1 meilple f p lpp ..a
(A) the average q h rtos
ii: '.,... ,, + + ;,J.. .: 1, T i F J A+P," P
(5)nteopoplatinM* thtk
tionof all metpolitaa ne" gee p 14
(ii) the exnttf verty 4W
ext ent of oertyn m metro r
J w..M tA.ti B' Qr 89 } o.r" .'.iv s. i ifl . ...* n
ftf^Jf&&R.... -& ,,..~ A. vJ ++ f '
__________ *;;^^ ;~ll iO;VVIJ .:,^ F1
a sg 6ee(a) od the Houin-n and Community Developmeut Ao oft 1, .,TPtI SLw
L5-28 approvd Ootobcr s217.amnded intlon 1W l') 1by t.Uetig "(I) o- i
i"n fv M -W
.. P .C..,' ) t, 4 :a s ..I, ..;.,+ H j .. .
... .. ' ,'.,; ,: ; .... :'. ~ HI+ < s ,r'I sv r ,21 H:....1 'ii). Fn',,+,.t:rqqs. 'Ct +
xtipj)" ,0i ,,, "
s .9().,o.,lm,,el m tt5of,51,4T-704i + +&W
9512, proedOeter12 1979amnedsedo "().6rdlebg" iIUU

WB~f-flS ^W^Bffi^ S3 nd j516.31
WW .4~rFx9~ s .a .. 18. ,.
|MW di, ., redelegations of such
-2^^ ^ rA&M f.t, O9..Li' (a) There is
h ereby established within the Department of Transportation an
Urban Mass Transportation Administration.
(b) The Urban Mass Transportation Administration shall be
.htiRdy.- anUtbas Mass Tr tatibn. idnitrator, who shall
ppomtdbythd Piiresdni, by andiwith the advice and consent of
,eha e b be cmiptod at, the rate now or hereafter
*iwvide-ttfl:v.l ,tofthe EeenisjehedulePay Rates (5 U.S.C.
314 ). Tf b A rator shall perfbrm sueh duties .as the Secretary
oTraSporCtatkoniShfltl presetbs and shall nport directly to the
S f t a l ry -. "1/ ^ '* :- t "': '^ I :. ** = ;* *-:
-* Sit'14.-I-Uer Adi sfrtntn l President may authorize any
p mh iiue ieditelyr pridr tot4 effective 'date of this reorganiza-
tion plan holds a position in the executive branch of the government
psp4,tiqrbo. 4dntto wxtd the office
ofA istraxt4'tiI.rt tirs& te opwau4 to the provisions
Tr nspo9 a b)* this reoWganization plan Or by irec appointment,
asDe se Ct* bp, 11in frrson so desn atee ball be entitled to the
vo~jratb~etb~ be om~anl~reglary 1holds.
_A % ^ ers.e No of: thet personnel, prop-
toofe T- C .4UCU c G Jo c.LeeV C l "pi=. t. at s allcaions_.
AW h 1'ed, j. held, 'av~alla or to. Ibe made avail-
able in connection with the functions transferred to the Secretary of
Transportation by this reorganization plan as the Director of the
^ taUnsferrod from the
Department of Housing and Urban Development to the Department
of Transp4ii tcjt prtiwgo -aDirtorshall direct.
(b) Sulffarthier 'measures nd dispositions as the Director of the
Bureau of ?tAge r f shalL ien to .benesmary in ordir to effec-
*uj eprp$w1od fdo in subMe&tion (a) of this section shall
Somannetr aS heshall dject and by such agencies
j. #2-eFr24 p roqsns ofthis reorganization plan
atake effect a h o une A0,1968, or at the time determined
under the proiopR oe pti 9.906(a)of title 5 of the United States
Code, whichever is later.
., ,a : nfTc i t': ^ .: :! *. ..

fISSII68 ResearchI'IkI1 ende~opmiene
I C onsiateut with the oi~tiva 9t protOtiotgnfasfaeuteo
d wasitha..fe, adequate, eco-
efM81 ift .uspoitationytem secretary
(hti is chaptertona the "Se6-
tU44e r ar nd. development in
Glk9fb"t V.O......jj,=,.e p6ctne. p4 Sftatitt xii. ..1. provides that
s T ettttwwasrbfwfaam:JTnaapota6
3 The Plan war effective June 80, 1968.


39ld1 or ha.n.iapped- thnuned .r1u1:zLf. 0r1.......... -ftitjqotfT3b .tt a
lei s! -n1fo boosing-4Catt lmuu w .- A J
e r s a .,.2&2_ > y. ......... .... -. lfB... .
Room" Ad 0rS, If o;I **** *pMIlll'i^
ISU w eealMinaw ant 4ostn smoSittn#1mInIMJSrC ^
12 U .Li L 1464 (e) ...111. i-a... i..e. ,.. .. ... ..a. ...a .. ,. ,,
Interest reduction ayme, mrgg I i
S M 948j . ... e_.: 264l
Sailing A.o tL tLzaiAw1/t4Zr aat.
SNeed for housing for-4df. .2, -BeIo.tetpB
.. P red'deA t'A; C SRefinandng ofb hoping; r t t .. it / Vt "" " : .... '
federal loan reject *' In t 'em sM ftu* r i i!
luf ro ce-Aee. 2014d). Hoqat-g "at tbaai PmS>ts t |
oe 1OS&'-...- ..4-is.. na r___ _t:. ;- 3, t^ ", .- : j f
Sec. 231 mortgage Insurance proje
:- H0&ou1 Ato : e, a.. a ir ..n_ 4'
RegugIoJIS whfl ptovldw for COOrdIUSRBig oMmuSu~dtkSSUPWtca
Stions under Sec. 202 of the-flouuing AtofL. and C- ef
United Stetembg Act 19P7i Sfe.2(t .f EiiMCt

of .-o
Of 1959-----------------------------a- a4d.
^ Bhabflttion faeltaeg-OLILrtgage 'Iniace NO .: ^
SRM. 803, flehitat c.s A t eIt& 3ISa
-See. 202(d) rr Wc Acntf 1flflsc jat^ia-1t4
Benifval' of buZniL7eeamunitrdwv*11sden a o 4Ut 1
10M, Hontn.,g and community Deeopment4 ct1f g.i.t

Kunrt I titatee--ftl. VV dHomtfl A*UI 3Sl bff' rItaJdi '"
rar p 4 q(vj tt 01J ifntJWT.. W41iJt*H

Rmflsrefltl Umreting nee dBat9-23 ThS.O.C <2-^ -9
pact]koIN dalidrenM

elementary ted eondarq Ideation $nednents ol SO:irrt^
Dediv t-rbzr is fltehoflgr-e42fliL:V.

.... kii
pact or children lnving ln pubc 1h ` iftoSec ttt'.----- 49
Emergency HtneVInuineeAct of1UIO9' W!!; '.-riirtl 1"jigc woik
Sfli.e T'-pMnedM~eua u InteiwqP CSHESM-V$$fBHlU***iH ::,B~| Title flI'iedealm OW_
sec. YOi-Settlemevt 4"^-::-l-:-~:-.Ut^ 67|____
See. TO2-Interest rate i'bflfrtn Wf#eeI Itdehid*ff
UmereuCy Homeowners ReUef
Kmergae7c Wont PtreaibA AnsiA~cvnt lT4 -s-s-Zi .-- *6a
weUr FawingE Art .of 197YO-4itle I-nmere b ieL: 42..
t(TItl6n oklwI^A~rl~tpe

the Nnkersflhuy DbS Vukefli'Mggg'M,^ i^SL^^
ondary inkarc* or bpusl*Alo4Ia: :kfh
AgbodeS b Mel io M


*Beelo~nm mt Detof iamuded ether hum er te net appear 1a Ms 0ba~tif i|
la"do In: Oe MMA W *o*r*-"


pant or aoapantB and the owner) in accordance with the regulations
prescribetby theSecretary pursuant to such subparagrapih. (B), except
that the aggregate liability for the structure itself may in no case ex-
Qeed $250,OOQ;: .
.r(5) 3 any flood insurance coverage which may be made available in
excess: of tha limits specified in subparagraph (A), (B), or (C) of
paragraph (1), shall be based only on chargeable premium rates under
section 1308 which are not less than the estimated premium rates under
section 1307 (a)(1), and the amount of such excess coverage shall not
in any case exceed an amount equal to the applicable limit so specified
(or allocated) under paragraph (1) (C), (2), (3), or (4), as applica-
ble; and
(6) the flood insurance purchase requirements of section 102 of the
Flood Disaster Protection Act of 1973 do not apply to the additional
flood insurance limits made available in excess of twice the limits made,
available under paragraph (1).
SncM 1307. (a) The Secretary is authorized to undertake and carry
out suchstudies and investigations and receive or exchange such infor-
mation as may be necessary to estimate, and shall from time to time
estimate, on an area, subdivision, or other appropriate basis-
(1) the risk premium rates for flood insurance which- '
*(A) based on consideration of the risk involved and
accepted actuarial principles, and
(B)' including-
(i) the applicable operating costs and allowances set
S forth in the schedules prescribed under section 1311 and
Reflected in such rates, and
I (ii) any administrative expenses (or portion of such
Siexpenses) of carrying out the flood insurance program
which, in his discretion, should properly be reflected in
such rates ...
would be required in order to make such insurance available on
,i an actuarial basis for any types and, classes of properties for
;, which insurance coverage is available under section 1305 (a) (or
Jia recommended to the Congress under section 1305(b));
(2)thei rates,j if less than the rates estimated under paragraph
." 4),I which woicld be reasonable, would .encourage prospective
Snmureds to purpose flood insurance, and would be consistent with
th6 purposes of this title; and .
.(3)|.the extt i.f any, to whioh federally assisted or other
'.o itite.z e. , '
d ....i-piproteciorn measures initiated after, the date of the enact-
n ;aiie ofthistitle ffectsuch rates.
(b) *n carrying otit subsection (a), the Se6retary shall, to the
ma tnt, feasible, and on a reimbursement basis, utilize the
se iu fthefj Dpartment of the Army, the Department of, the Inte-
rioer e JDepartment of .Agriculture, the Department of Commerce,
and e Tennessee Valley Authority, and, as appropriate, other Fed-
W :' 1^[- l>' '' ... ** ;. -. .'. *..: '*'" ' if "." ; '" "t ': "<
We.. 704 of the Housing and Comtnnunityv Derelo1meh Acft 1277, P MAblde iW 95-128
a dl.n V. n .. 1e3096 "it pea4h S | i t
lung new patagrapha (2),, (4)Y, (4%' (5), a~ld (6),". .'... p. t .(. a' nser-



;: s~p'M\ r- .- % ^ > *- 5 I ^ -. . .
.:tvelopmernt without first obtaining adequate assurance that these
Siiborltndar's will be maintained upon the construction work in-
volved in- such program. The Secretary of Labor shall have, with
e~~pect to the- laborz standards specified in this section, the authority
add aifcti. set forth in Reorganization Plan Numbered 14 of 1950
(14 St-St1267.), and section 2 qf the Act:of June 13, 1934 (40 U.S.C.
S..(g) With respect to an obligation issued by or on behalf of any
State ind diveopment agency, for which the issuer has elected to
reeeiv*.the benefits of the guarantees provided under this part, the
iterest paid 9onuch obligation and received by the purchaser thereof
(i hisucessor in interest) shall be included gross income for the
p es of chapter 1 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.
.'s i .-'.-. . .. ,
'S k 728d 78Fuads madd available under any Federal assistance pro-
ram for projects or activities approved as part of, or pursuant to, a
14 emuniit y development program may be used jointly with funds
lIU6 avaBable for such projects or activities under any other Federal
Winssisah p hh reu&tlons may include provisions for common technical or
administrative requirements where varying or conflicting provisions
of law would otherwise apply, for establishing joint management
fuit".hd' cdmofioi'" hon-Federal shares, and for special agreements,
or delegations of authority, among different Federal agencies in con-
nection with the supervision or administration of assistance. Such
regulations shall in any case include appropriate criteria and pro-
cedures to aspp that any special authorities conferred, which are not
otherwise provided for by law, shall be employed only as necessary to
promote effective and efficient administration and in a manner con-
tWith the protection of the Federal interest and program pur-
..r ..i~~t~re mets of a substantive nature. For purposes
: sEclonttr "'tzer& "Federal assistance program" has the same
A \sn&(dr. theT Ihtrgovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968.
a'l;l- ,. .' 1 : -- L. .O,- ^T
bvo *f .. .. J: .4
A4EO .729 (a) There s .hereby created within the Department of
SRousfig and Urban Development a body corporate to be known as
CMniM ty -ity Deeleopment Corporation which shall carry out its
mlwini subjectu M direction and supervisioit of the Secretary.
TCeT )7tion shall ..ave a Ba7rd of Directors (hereinafter
htifrlm BerdP). which shall consist of seven members2
Si:, I'(l) The Secretary; who shall be Chairman of the Board;
'F _, advie: permo to be appointed by the Prmident by and with
W : tie advice and consent of the Senate, who shall serve at the pleas-
tu'jAre Iof the President, shall be the General Manager of the Cor-
. -1i ii- - . ... . N ..... .. .
0S10.oK f l_.. 'bISad Coammnity Development Act of 1974. Public Law
4 6 74=. !ere "W" before "COMMUNITY"
an Community Developmnpt Aci of 1974o Public Law 93-388
I tMpprond AugAust 22, 1974, substitute "evea maemaberu' for "'fm members".
S.*: / *... -.
It Q

Rural housing-Continued i,.; t.a.... 74r. I
Labor standards-low rat houi r ti fr
Hoping Act ot .. a.........o. ._..-.s.4.- 168
1942-------- ..4 s. .bj ..4.. .. le*1 f 1188
Leas.hold owners-e -for 5
of 1AW- ----------
Lessees of assisted houfiug-protqem4-See. WQ9) ,T#O cW
194. -P -- ----4
Loan insurance: II. le( ,Iis.....ut4,7#. 5; -, ,
SAg4ltural Credit Insuraune f,-qe.s aa iw--
Assistance payments' to owners of nretal coperutiw rugag "
fianced by insured los. to-make .:ataWe sinJa! #A. In-
come occupants at rentals Sommtto hem. ii1
(a) (2) Housing Act Qf. 1949; Sec. 236. NattonlU
Act ----- ---- --------------.___-_-ML 2
Authorization: ; : :... . '. ... i.i.?..
7 U.S.C. 122; Sees. 51O, 5h5,17' wAat of
1949 ------.----- ..41.ji. 63, 655673
Time limits; Sees. 515(b), 17 (a), HouuIng. Aceat lfW 657, 681
Condominiums: *<
Blanket loans for multifan lyp:rojectsilobrzW, mtte
liencome-See. 526(c), Housing Aet of 16497_-8.
Insurance of loans to persons or faudilihes of l1w utaosddtet
incomes.-See. 52, Housing Act of 149__49 ..-: __
Interest reduction payments and Lnsted loans, f-. ondo-
minium units for persons and families t low ti dertte
income-Sec. 521(a) (1), Housing Act. of-t9 9Sec. P0,
iWational Housing A ---------- -- U Ke 665,255
Low interest rate loans to persons or families oS tllerand o,
.moderate- Income tot "purehase m t uuiats1 u TIM4"
SHousing Act of 1949 .---------.- 41t., AL'IA-&M .63
Domestic farm labor: -:Low, interfi est rate taus for. .uS. dp -
related facilities-See. 5146 Housing Act of6 190..a-n4'._. 655
Homes and condominium unita&cs "517; i2, lubl g' lrTo ,w
1949 ..1% he;
Housing loans sold to be insurd-1Sec65(b), AI Aet
Of 1949 7 U.SLO. 1929(f)X .... ._. .5-:-4Mtlf
Interest reduction payments and insured loans for homes an ifir;'
rental or cooperative housing and related flttteWr, hab
and families of low Income-See. B2 (U), *tr.. :,
Sees. 235, 286, National Housing Act------- -------- 255,84
Lenders other than US.-See. 511(d), Housin At o 194n 62
Rental or cooperative housing aiW rtlated'kiivB tot*
persons or other persons and families otm nl.. t6.-ek ,
Se. 515( 5(1, Housing Aet of .....__._,.._ 6 f576
Rtral Development Insqtlnce lPuhh U.S.I. tLS. Bfn...i_ 1168
ural Housing Insufreaftund-ees. pORBO... 19,1b2
SAct6f 19*'7--------L------_.-";.y-q 65,08
Authofliztonhst.' f.S.C.192S; Beair. B15~fa) 51,ltiznAiti
,9i 4 .... ... ..... ........e.a..... ... Zo 1I . ,e 6. 1 ,-.t .
'Caneelatin of interest in extreme k shis* Sa mE;B ,
DoXj lusng.. .. Act o ,.f 19*. .-a..4 .0 ..8
Cu O ndomilhutlBs -** it sTn *:m"l:*-**^ ^ f;^ *-
Blanketfees for mutffuAiy pftjeESVW b*
za** minoums-Sec. 56,a BM Aez o- 67
Thans TrokuicnBSS orumcsby *e pBt pTmla~gI'~nS~ "
moderatee ineomnes1a1 Seein. 621, 53^'r^^ jl^
r.aat..e SP e
m': Ini_ ge5. t11,)'E s,i~i i ,7
wmesIn tbraV mnt'be

H ~zoung abd btriPdlgB naeqaes4m B^^r
i ,
S..... .. .. .. 4 W N
.h i..f _fi. -
49--- 4U 7
....-. ,.. .. .---.. ---.. ..-- 644Z -.::.!:



S(c) The Director is authorized to employ such officers and employees
including experts and consultants) as may be necessary to enable the
ce to carry out its functions under this title and Public Law
7_190, except that he may employ no more than ten specialists and
6 their experts without regard to the provisions of title 5, United States
O cde, governing appointments in the competitive service, and pay
1 such specialists and experts without regard to the provisions of chap-
ter 51 and subchapter III of chapter 53 of such title relating to classifi-
S=ati6n and General Schedule pay rates, but no such specialist or expert
slall be paid at a rate in excess of the maximum rate for GS-18 of the
G General Schedule under section 5332 of title 5.
S" (d) In carrying out his functions the Director shall assist and advise
Sthe President on policies and programs of the Federal Government
Affecting environmental quality by-
Is (1) providing the professional and administrative staff and
r support for the Council on Environmental Quality established by
Public Law 91-190;
r(2) assisting the Federal agencies and departments in apprais-
ing the effectiveness of existing and proposed facilities, programs,
policies, and activities i Federal Government, and those
S specific major projects designated by the President which do not
i ^ require individual project authorization by Congress, which affect
* environmental quality;
; (3) reviewing the adequacy of existing systems for monitoring
Sand predicting environmental changes in order to achieve effective
S- coverage and efficient use of research facilities and other resources;
.(4) promoting the advancement of scientific knowledge of the
effects of actions and technology on the environment and encour-
S asge the development of the means to prevent or reduce adverse
e' effects that endanger the health and well-being of man;
(5) assisting in coordinating among the Federal departments
.. and agencies those programs and activities which affect, protect,
Sr.and improve environmental quality;
... .86) assisting the Federal departments and agencies in the
S developmentt and interrelationship of environmental quality cri-
Ir,* teria and standards established through the Federal Government;
(7) collecting, collating, analyzing, and interpreting data and
rnin#lformation on environmental quality, ecological research, 'and
d evpuation.
(M) The Director is authorized to contract with public or private
agencies, institutions, and organizations and with individuals without
regard to sections 8648 and 3709 of the Revised Statutes (31 U.S.C.
50.; 41IU.S.C. 5) in carrying out his functions.
,. ; s : :;EPORT
!$W. 2L4 Each Environmental Quality Report required by Public
L : 97-r490 shall, upon transmittal to Congress, be referred to each
sta4 .g committee having jurisdiction over any part of the subject
matter of aeweprt.
: ,* '* 9

*taccessibld sites when he determines such action to be in the public
I(b) The President is authorized to provide assistance on a temporary
Iimss in the form of mortgage or rental payments to or on behalf of
individuals iand families who, as a result of financial hardship caused
Ii a major disaster, have received written notice of dispossession or
eviction from a residence by reason of foreclosure of any mortgage or
lien, cancellation of any contract of sale, or termination of any lease,
altered into'prior to such disaster. Such assistance shall be provided
for a period of not to exceed one year or for the duration of the period
of financial hardship, whichever is the lesser.
(c) In lieu of providing other types of temporary housing after a
major disaster, the President is authorized to make expenditures for
the purpose of repairing or restoring to a habitable condition owner-
occupied private residential structures made uninhabitable by a major
disaster *hich are capable of being restored quickly to a habitable
cofditiot with minimal repairs. No assistance provided under this:
sition may 'be used for major reconstruction or rehabilitation of
S(d)(1) Notwitnstanding any other provision of law, any temporary
housing acquiyd by purchase may be sold directly to individuals and
families who are oc. pants of temporary housing at prices that are
bir and equitable a determined by the President.
S() 'Tne Presi&dent may sell or otherwise make available temporary
hloSing units directly to States, other governmental entities, and
vbunixat organizations. The President shall impose as a condition of
transfer under, this paragraph a covenant to comply with the
provisions of 9s6ction 311 of this Act requiring nondiscrimination in
oddupanoy of such temporary housing units. Such disposition shall be
limited to units purchased under the provisions of subsection (a) of
thts section and to the purposes of providing temporary housing for
disaster victims in emergencies or in major disasters.
.SEG. 405. No action taken or assistance provided pursuant to sec-
tons 305, 306, or 403 of this Act, or any assistance provided pursuant
t# section 402 or 419 of this Act that has the effect of restoring facili-
tibsMnftially as they existed prior to the disaster, shall bedeemed
m or Federal Action significantly affecting'the quality of the human
ent within the meaning of the National Environmental Pol-
0i At fi 1969 ]"(`83 Stat. 852). Nothing in this section Shall alter or
et the appiability of the National Environmental Policy Act of
19q ( 88 at. 852) to other Federal actions taken under this Act or
Ulit 1z:t ovjr vision of law. an. R SU U
.P ft'.'- : if ** ...!' I "'** .. .
*'.... :: :' ";' .
.0, .... *".,.r ; .. .::.* .. : "* ^ *. f.. '. . ;< -
i;St 4p06: A a condition of any disaster loan or grant made under
thA2 motslo soft-his:Act, the recipient shall agree that ay repair or
a tios .tteWfin&A.ced therewith shall be in accordance with appli-
e wa 'hdkci ai&aety,' decency, tnd sanitation and in conformity
i ppieablcodS,4speeifications&,'and stadards,i and4shall furnish
such evidence of compliance with this section as may be required by



IPa6?rn md6 e thi aafl' sda fr
speciall uudnsinposed on the local W!iwtl*"Wi~i elf~III Ul mOcord
dance with tHiu smrd mtelMoe otf eJtioa 6 tf tb i AAth
of fli. Payoaqst may be macis UNdr &t athw i
the provisions of the Act of qtmbm N, LOS) (Fifh
Eite.Id.sost Coagses4, as amends.. :. t ,. ..,j.
With respect to any entity not less than six months p W ike
1So -of the tin-yew pod tooftot
Sth six moths' pri to Ja mA 94A In tin aet4s(iM
of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, aod i-hvaa W. hi 4a, mnab de Sth-
land School District), the Commissioahuloawnt &wIU.l tu-
mittee on Atomic Energy its recommendations as to the need for any
further assistanw.paymetto cltiAML etty. ,
e.2 In exercising the authority of subsection P91a. the QoMmiision
shall nnurb kelfthat the goWermmtafl or Set fe$s ie*vig
assistance hereunder utilize all reasonable, available meam iA ve
fineidt self-suffieieny to the ead that paymepfs by'the
T"me. .. .. .. . .. , .... ...
mmasinay b:Ibendiad tor tii~da lwfs
time. *.
Sme. 9g. COMMISSIOr t.ans.-Any payme itt b keele
due tUnder section 91 pert to 'the tr91tpk do afl iniilpd bmIls&-
titme alt the comwnuelfl may be niduesd by suth aknw~itas bwtOnb
mission detennines to be equitable based on the eLMV
then being gpeerfmed. by the SCqmhtio 'Add t...I- &... ,..
thenbeing perfried by Bumge gnaeualertity.
Smi. St. Amaa or Snns-ra<. eh paymensrA mkdr~ufatt-w
tion 91 to tr ntfree of mumidiil install to st is _i_-- _
that the respective recipient of those j f lhVe ftr-
ishBed, ffo the sonwuaty, the acho h
ri;es it respect wMh tm rehe.. K At
may be wIChdhd, in wwo1 o b-riap Ifm to $e ARfii min that
the rwipient i ot mdfKii I ai or a'sny pa Mbf the areas
so4igagjted. H .
SEC. 94.3 CoxxiISsioN CONTRACT.--4-hI C in -.atborized
witlut Tgad" wetwkdo 69 of S td6 RidadSta tms, tot eer into a
conetamt wlth aay garveromal or entit oMWaynwt are
required or .uturie t Iis b ptobearant I4m04 eaws
the Comm~aisntm m nte 6o mah aitidty the imymeSa 144te or mu-
thoziWed to be made by escths Si c wdcdnwiv Se ^ tam
of such contracts, in tIe aM of tia Cities of Omakn.e
ad R alyd, WsMngt, e d the Bihlmt ,ui. s,,t., shall
not e"d" beyond J=6 3% fl,,"ti e.
.H. *..i. *i . t "

i&aof Tf"b~e gotpM .ino pw AWNfi'R^K Ss
'3.ff. U .1 rabbi "a 9.1W, e.awrOdP.. .u.S,
parenthetical cluse an deete4 th second eumne o
"If It recommends further ab4)_n fIt 4 .ia M .f4Wl

ithdr ton =h W. 2 of Pdu c aw 9U-o$0, qflP. tp ups Wr o.p
Immediately prior to amendment by see. 8 of Public Law 9Or-SI9& Pr
14 6T,81mtt 56 see. 94 ad asfolulows:4 *1.: J a"l*
w w. o4. =00 te OZ R m .. I.

,x ,,

*it ; " 't .. :::' :'
? I -1 " .. f : i "..; :,' "" ;"
i. . :**]t ..: :: * ,, :: !.: ..: ..i f L

I to
i or


5 103 PfljRElnlEtsRLArbM tlK^O^- itr^E
(b) The offices of Director of the Bureau n 4 heB. t p
Director of the Bureau of the Budget, and the a ii
Directors of the Bureau of the Budget which are .. 1
(31 U.S.C. 16a and 16c), are hereby dgnte 4 )ir fp O
of Management and Budget, Deputy iabrectOrf thb Ou
ment and Budget, and Assistant Die Otl0e )|i I .-
and Budget, respectively. .. .
(c) There shall be within the OW of Manfat'a 6 4i UJ
more than six additional officers, as det61rmne4 ftW ud
the Director of the Office of Manag eent a
referred to as the Director). Each such officer sh
the Director, subject to the approval of the President, under r. e -
fled civil service, shall have such title as the Director shll f Ami
to time determine, and shall receive compensaion at th i t4 w 1
hereafter prescribed for offices and positions ait-vel VYof T l Jec
tire Schedule (5 U.S.C. 5316). ,
(d) The Office of Managembnt and Budrtpand the i:rctor .a .
perform such functions as the President may fromtie mto tie
gate or assign thereto. The Director, under tee direction tth& Pa-
dent, shall supervise and direct the administration of the O*i of
Management and Budget.' '
(e) The Deputy Director of the Office of Mnagement and Bu1g,
the Assistant Directors of the Office f ianagenent and Thdjt
ignited3 by this reorganization jla, and the officers rovid
subsecti6o (c) of this section shall perform su'ch CiSia'
Director may from time to time direct.
(f) Th6D]ptty Director (or during the absence or diality of
the Deputy Director or in the event of a vacancy in the office f Deputy
Director, such other officials of the Office of Management and Budget
in such order as the President may from time to time designate) shall
act as Director during the absah& or aib*" lNitt4f Ite Director or in
the event of a vacancy in the office of Director.
SEc. 103. Records, property, personnel, and fund. The records, pro
erty, personnel, and unexpended balances, avHble or to be
avilable, of appropriations, alloaatiobs and other fthnds of the B:4au
of the Budget shall, upon' the. ftfthehe pUKightofh p .or.f
reorganization plan, become records, property, person nnel, and-
pended balances of the Office of Management and Budp .. ..
SEo. 201. Establishment of the O w (a) Thr is
lished in the Executive Office of the President a Domesti Counil,
hereinafter referred to as the Council. '
Q ~4:
S(b) The' Council shall be composed of the fowibi": I 'J :
The President of the United SS ";, ,
The Vice Prebidett of the IU itedStA .," t ;. -::,. !i:,'h t:
The AttA**.jGoeet.ala t 4 j mj:fl : 1 I
s A'eortayof Ag uu m. *e ... .
Secretary of Commerce :A Mj: to? A- M lo )I:;
Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfr .. s i' 7p7
Secretary of H6ufti dIt7kbi^ .s.... "


SE. 102. As used in this Act-
(1) "Emergency" means any hurricane, tornado, storm, flood, high
water, wind-driven water, tidal wave, tsunami, earthquake, volcanic
eruption, landslide, mudslide snoW NStWrm .u.lgit, firjpI. ...n, or
other catastrophe in any part of the United States which requires
Federal emergency assistance to supplement State and local efforts to
save lives and protect property, public health and safety or to avert
or lessen the threat of a disaster. saeyo. o av e
(2) "Major disaster" means anfty huricae, tornado, trm, od,
high water, wind-driven water, tidalwaVe, tsunami, eathqk, vol-
canic eruption, landslide, mudslide, snowstorm, drought firxpD-
sion, or other catastrophe in any part of the United States which, in
the determination of the President, causes damage of sidffibiet severity
and magnitude to warrant major. disate assistance under this Act,
above and beyond emergency services by the Federal Government, to
supplement the efforts and available resources of States, local govern-
ments, and disaster relief organizations in alleviating the damage, loss,
hardship, or suffering caused thereby ...
(3) "United States" means the fifty States, :the District of Colum-
bia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the
Canal Zone, and the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands..
(4) "State" means any State of the United States, the District of
Columbia, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, Amerieai- Samoa,
the Canal Zone, or the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands.. 'L
(5) "Governor" means the chief executive of anyjr State..
(6) "Local government" means (A) any 'county, city, village, tow,
district, or other political subdivision of any State, any Inditn tribb
or authorized tribal organization, or Alaska N"tite vfllaketr'orga-
nization, and (B) includes any rural eoimm ity or tntor tM
town or village or any other public entity for which an appHiatio ftr
assistance is made by a State or political Subdivis-oi their &t .... 0;
(7) "Federal agency" means any department, hidepeid st aSb-
lishment, Government corporatior4tn o other agency -a tfh d ecutive
branch of the Federal Government, including the United 'Stib6i postal
Service, but shall not, include the American Nakiohal. (d C3ss.
., ... .. : ,.. *. ... ... ,, .. p, ^q^:..
Sac. 201. (a) The President is authoried to:. tablisha p of
disaster preparedness that utilizes services of sW6appteprHO
(including the Defense Civil PrepatedneAgen) and hM) a
(1) preparationof peejandi plam*tkito,
warning, emergencyy opefationrJ tawhbiit-tion, n..,tI.
2 training and exercises; ti. -
8 pestdisaster critiques and im iuations; '
annual reviewcvf g aEt I 1k ii]
A coordinationn .4f Federal; re; and' oIAald 'pr4 pedness
programs; .,:.. *
(6) application of science and technology;
(7) research.


* I I. 7

102 and 201

any actual direct losses of p property (which rr.incurred on and4after
August 7, 1956, and for which reimbursement br compensationh:s 1 not
otherwise made) : Provided, That such -payment ilrnoJ eOWeE $..Q9:
And provided further, That the Secretary may..a..4l e jo.zdP
to individuals and families: of fixed amounts (noit 4ed.
any case) in lieu of their respective reasonable nhecaryM Em.
expenses and actual direct losses of prpqfty, y .. -..
(2) Inl addition to any amount under paragraph (L Ilocap -il
lie agency may pay to or o behalf of any ds.laced. fa ly3 wpIa
individual sixty-two years of age or over,, o;, 4is 6dk. ed
individual, monthly payme over a period not to e eedtwextxw IW
months in an amount ,not o. exceed $500, in the mirsIW vwpnlq..h.
and $500 in the second twelve months to assist suc4 ki.pIf6tf
or individual to secure g.Aeont, safeand entari.')w
The additional payment shial'l be an ammouni ewhic 'enaedto
20 per centum of the annual "icom6 of the. displia Vindua r
family at the time of displacement, equals the'averag serw6atreu.uirqd,
for a 12-month period, for such a decent, safe, amd sWi. dlS
of modest standards ad equate in size to accommoda rte d wpleg
individual or family (in th. urban .renewal area or in oth"r area not
generally less desirable in regakdto public utilities andi.piblid Qm-
mercial facilities): Prov 4de, That such payment shall bei&ne ..iily
). I ..J,. m ... i ,!,j .., .. .
to an individual or family who is unable to secure a dwelling iil t in
a low-rent housing project assisted under the United States 1 uing
Act of 1937 r or under a State or local program found by tl-e ofcire-
tary to have th& same general purposes as iheFeenil pi&4it under
such Act, or a dwelling unit assisted under stecion'1Q of t-s Tt6.ting
and Urban Development Act of I96S::'Ptiedfule#, tatfdd-
tional payments under this pargraph may be paip on a himrn stih or
other than monthly,"in w:ich the snivt lsize ftiep.Fy-
ments that would othef*wise be required do not warrant a umBer. of
separate payments or in other cases in Which other than moithiliay-
ments are determined w granted by, the Secretary 'd eAna Pt
tier, That no payment received under this kpa t iah spBirb 011tn,
sidered as income for the purpose of determ.ningdte eht th
extent of eligibiity of any person for assistishFI e&' r Se-
curity Act or any other Federal Act. 'IL..., .... -
(3) 5 In addition to any amount undet para hia. (Y IBMct pi1
agency may make a payment to a displaced f IIG tY AI .hO
does not receive the additional payment ar rgiipben-
(2) and who is the owner of real property WIh"k ..s.. .re tc
ec asite utrlt
project assisted under this title and which is improved B k 1sin '-
two-family dwelling occupied' by the owner for a .?Aef hoafti'f!is
than one year prior to the initiation of negotl0tions fbettkeac mp
.'- < ... ." . :. "*: .. .*... i." "**;* -*', "* ]. I ;
SSec. 516(1) Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 Publie LTaw -90458s"
Aufg. 1I,168. 82 Stat 476, 528, amended \his. sente to ha a,,i totitis "jlst
Prior to amendment thtis sentence authorized a $500 payment ova x SL-mita ...
SLow-Inebme public housaug law.. W I" -9fl .0 It
'Rent msupleinent program. > ... !-"i
'Sec. 516 (). B tasig and DUban Devilopment Aht of Ie8. N1sae. @041 'ai,"
proved Aug. 1, 1968. 82 Stat. 476, 526 8aed thts puOvitO an8ad s lo i 1tn
limited paymenul under this paragraph to families ot #lldtio Z::-ry Oet, Ware
and displaced on or after January 37,1964. ... '
* Sec. 516(4), HoulIng and Urban Development Alt ef 1068. 'ilblIc Ltw 9i0448
approved Aug. 1,1908. 82 Stat. 476, 526. added this ptih. .... t.

= 6. : I .. :" : :i:



and provide technical assistance, a provided by this title, to enable
city demonstration agencies (as defined in section 112(2) ) to plan, de-
velop, and carry out comprehensive city demonsltin pnogkms in
accordance with the purposes of thi tit.. '
fl rI
SEC. 108. ,(a) A comprehei e uicitpe nosei-
gible for assistance under aek--107 nly q -:" "..
(1) physical and4 sca robems thearaof covered
by the program re sch.tat comprensive fiy dmm-
-.prog ram is necessary to carry out. the I, yof the Cong as x-
i remr4-ine section. 10....... ..,,-.-,, '.. ,. ..I ..
(2) the program is of pcient manitudeto mkeai bsantial
impact on the physical and social problem and to remove or rest
blight and decay m entire seto.ns or neiphbqrhoods; to coptnIt
to the sound development f the entire etyjtoane marked pr
ressi reducing social .d 4 uatiial4 atg mlalt,
underemployment, and enforced idlene; and to p uw-
tional, health, and soc.ijg i :e 0 n.cessa.y to e MIl
disadvantaged inm the area, wid.2prad c etea priC" nti
program, maximum% .ortunzkea ffr lfl$Ifip}IA1)
area in all phases goe ie prTr, e g opp
work-andtraupI', .. ot . .
(8) the program, mn ddix buigno s ot a _-
._IP.... IA A ,,rL Q.1 1
tribute to a well-balanced city with .s substat 4mc
supply of .ta.d rd. h.o:g; of low io.... .. A(.MUM
0 opportunities .in the. che 0fhuigs mn
citizens of income levels ,
those .needed for,., dcation, helth and social ,erIces,
tion, and recreation), commercial fadlites ecryqtetl*
residential armas, and. ease .of access betweetztbe
Sandcenters ofemployment, .", ..,,;r.-j".,- ..
(4) any pyogra m *Whch jncludes a
\ / ~ j -.. *. _.. Y +! .= ..' ^ ~.= , ^.. a, as project or actmtto be u@.,tsenm x it.b.
.(of section 3(e) o* the Ilrbqn Mass Tnpr Q
(5) the various piject ani d t ac ... '..
nation with such programs se .v,,w
a reasonably short period of time; adequate )pqml
or will be available ,or the completion oil the.p.g_.".
ruled, and, in the carrying out ofthe prog e -u '-
tion posible will W Ma pny.t. iutxat
administrative machinery is avaIab44t e11v o.
ing out iPrflj ramP.; cslt
substantive loalW4, regltnsan herquemta.a
or can be epcd h be g u .
program; there exit a octionplan mkeetiu .
Of e regulations, t Me. lO ......
body has approved the program and;W, wpopfl, ..a
cations for assistance u r the prqgr ; agencies *.hoe....
9f-0., s88 stat. 169, 9.Wiv wu,"'u S.s t tAo
Demonustrioa Cities a DOiset e Wb iw
sraph. (4) and (5) u prnph (0) and (f) and (a).
S. H
p '"9



!jj+':=:.;. OllEN SilA! E 1

iOidfth.MCosing Act of 1961 (42 U.S.C. 1500-1500e), hereinafter
iir feidio a titlaVII," to conduct a.rogram for making grants to
tates and local public bodies for acquiring lands for recreational and
Sothr purpoes; and
SWhereas title VII provides for consultation by the Administrator
With thi Secretay of the Interior, hereinafter referred to as "the Sec-
retary,' 11ith .regard to -general policies to be followed in reviewing
applications for grants for land acquisitions under the program pro-
vided fon in titleVTL, hereinafter referred to as the "open space pro-
ram.,'a4 provides for the furnishing of information by the Secretary
dnthcBtatus of recreational planning for areas to be served by the
open space land acquired with grants made by the Administrator; and
Whereas the Secretary is authorized under the Land and Water
Consprvation Fund Act oft 1965. (16 U.S.C. 4601-4--460O-11), herein-
after referred to as ,'the Conservation Act," to provide financial as-.
sistanw to States for planning for outdoor recreation purposes and
acquiring and developing lands therefore under a program hereinafter
Srefeeredto'askthe "outdoor recreation program"; and
Wheireasthe Secretary has been- given certain responsibilities under
the AetALtf May .28, 1963 (16 U.S.C. 4601-4601) and Executive
Order No. 11017, for promoting the coordination of Federal plans and
activities generally relating to outdoor recreation; and
SWhereas the .programs authorized by title VII and the Conserva-
tion Act can be of special help in creating areas of recreation and
beauty for the citizens of our urban areas; and
Whereas 'priority is being given to the needs of our growing urban
population by the Secretary in the administration of programs under
the Conservation Act; and
Whereas the primary purpose of the open space program is to help
acquire and preserve open space land which is essential to the proper
ltig-2ange. development ..and welfare of the Nation's: urban areas, in
accordance with plans for the allocation of such land for open space
purposes; and
SWheinas, to asSur. the most economic and efficient utilization of
title VII and the Conservation Act and funds provided in connection
theftwith, it is neeessary to provide standards for the guidance of the
Adftbistrator and the Secretary in the administration of these pro-
grams ss they relate to the acquisition of land for recreational
purposes: .
'IfW'. tlteoreir by virtue o# the ,authority vested in me by section
5(g}d th&Crnsbrvation AAt 416!U.S.C. 460"-8(g)), and as President
of the United States, it is hereby ordered as follows:
';Stcr 'I. .UrbanidS aeam.- As used im this order, urbanized
ar1k eanAxha1 area which is an urbanized area according to the most
iett dedMiial etensut together with such 'additional adjacent areas
thiSecttt 'strd the'Administrator jointly determine to be appr0-
StWiV th&fmpfhmet bfthepurpsesof title VII and the
e rnM Aetm.n a toCer 4onsisten with cowprehepsve planing
f nIr'hflrofelitth deveiopm:,e.... .
Szc, 2. 4reas of program concern.. In the acquisition. of land, for
re6rmi U ite; redpeetivd rs-6nsibilities of the Administra-
Iel theAlb a* folowi: I
'O iW .~ 'e~qrt ,oymww. With: respect to the provisionA 6fpei
space land for recreational purposes, the Administrator, through the


-,C. 20S(.s)saTrhe Council may employ such officers and employees
s nmay be necessary to carry out its functions under this Act. In addi-
Stion, the Cunil may employ and fix the compensation of such experts
'and consultants as may be necessary for the carrying out of its func-
,.tions under this Act, in accordance with section 3109 of title 5, United
States Code (but without regard to the last sentence thereof). ,
(b) Notwithstanding section 3679(b) of the Revised Statutites (31
OU.SC. 665(b)), the Council may accept and employ voluntary and
*ueompensated services in furtherance of the purposes of the Council.
SSzc. $044It shall be the duty and function of the Council-
(1) to assist and advise the President in the preparation of the
Environmental Quality Report required by section 201;
(2) to gather timely and authoritative information concerning
the conditions.and trends in the quality of the environment both
E current and prospective, to analyze and interpret such informa-
tion for the purpose of determining whether such conditionsand
P2 trends are interfering, or are likely to interfere, with the achieve-
..ment of the policy set forth in title I of this Act, and to compile
and submit to. the President studies relating to such conditions
*.. iand trends; '*,
(). to review and appraise tije various programs and activities
of the Federal Government in the light of the policy set forth in
S .title I 0oi this Act for the purpose of determining the extent to
| which such programs and activities are contributing to the
S* 'achievement of such policy, and to make recommendations to the
Pra.ident with respect thereto; '
';: (4) to develop and recommend to the President national poli-
S' cles to foster and promote the improvement of environmental
Quality to meet the conservation, social, economic, health, and
I [tIr" requirements and goals of the Nation;
i 'i T(5) eo -onduct investigations, studies, surveys, research, and
S. analyses elating to ecologlea. systems and environmental quality;
(6) to document and define changes in the natural environment,
Including the plant and animal systems, and to accumulate neces-
ary data and other information for a continuing analysis of these
Changes or trends and an interpretation of their underlying
't( to report at least once each year to the President on the
state and condition of the ennroment; and
S(8) to make and furnish such studies, reports thereon, and
recommendations with respect to: matters of policy and legisla-
.. f tiop asthe President may request. .
z.f.054[,ip excising its powers, fuwtions, and duties under this
A (1) consult with the Citizens. Advisory Committee on Envirqn-
..., e tal Qualty established by, Expcutive Order numbered 11472,
A.iate4* d$., 1969, and. with s4h representatives. o science,
d i..k, agriculture, labor, observation organizations. State
sOng, gp0.vepmnu ts and other groups, s it depms- advisable;
;.r .. : 1 . .." . ; . : . .
*.... ...: ? .. .' *:**- * . ,** *' *."*,
. iM SfKL 22! ., --,s i, rwMBAyt 1975. an..aisaton 203
... the_ a<3_.fl.p oriei PoCY- Act af V,,- r Anserti.* M(a): ,medlakely before
Con'u ading k& 'new nubsection (b)'. .. .. C ,:m.. e ... .:. b. ,


:!:*. r+ ,
* ht ns shall aisciprescribe the terms and conditions under which pay-
rments may be iade and instruments accepted under this section, and
Sall the detrinations and decisions made pursuant to such regula-
s ti&s"by th.e'Secretarr of Defense regarding ,tch payments and con-
.3 Yants es td the terms and conditions under which they are approved
or disapproved, shall be final and conclusive aid shall not be subject
tqjudiciali revieW.
S.(g) The .Secretary of Defense is authorized to enter into such
agreement with the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
as may be'ppropriate for the purposes of economy and efficiency of
admm ration of this section. Such agreementmay provide author-
ity to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and his
designee to make any or all of the determinations and take any or
all of the actions which the Secretary of Defense is authorized to
undertake pursuant to the preceding provisions of this section. Any
such determinations shall be entitled to finality to the same extent as
if made by the Secretary of Defense, and in event the Secretaries of
Defense and Housing and Urban Development so elect, the fund
established pursuant to subsection (d) of this section shall be avail-
able to the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to carry out
the purposes thereof.
(i) No funds may be appropriated for the acquisition of any prop-
erty under authority of this section unless such funds have been specif-
ically authorized for such purpose in a military construction author-
ization act, and no moneys in the fund created pursuant to subsection
(d) of this section may be expended for any purpose except as may
be provided in appropriation Acts.
*: S
Approved November 3,1966.

[Public Law 88-365, 78 Stat. 302; 49 U.S.C. 1601]
SEc. 7. (a) No financial assistance shall be extended to any project
Sunder section 3 unless the Secretary determines that an adequate
relocation program is being carried on for families displaced by the
project and that there are being or will be provided (in the same area
or in other areas generally not less desirable in regard to public
utilities and public and commercial facilities and at rents or prices
within the financial means of the displaced families) an equal number
of decent, safe, and sanitary dwellings available to those displaced
families and reasonably accessible to their places of employment.
(b) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, financial
assistance extended to any project under section 3 may include grants
Sfor relocation payments, as herein defined. Such grants may be in
addition to other financial assistance for the project under section 3,
and no part of the amount of such relocation payments shall be
required to be contributed as a local grant. The term "relocation pay-
ments" means payments by the applicant to individuals, families,
business concerns, and nonprofit organizations for their reasonable
: Subsec. (h) amended sec. 223(a) (8), National Housing Act.


.S** ?.E&UT S CONTROL '102
ii wk i d grmund watrs and improving the sanitary con-
liioa .,. am a and underground waters. In the development of
ueh comprehensive programs due regard shall be given to the im-
Btaihih are necessary to conserve such waters for the protec-
Rd.apwpwgato of fish and aquatic life and wildlife, recreational
.s, and tie withdrawal of such waters for public water supply,
ltural, industrial, and other purposes. For the purpose of this
n,| the Admintrtor is authorized to make joint investigations
sy such agencies of the condition of any waters in any State or
tmii and of the discharges of any sewage, industrial wastes, or sub-
:M.which may adversely affect such waters.
hlb)(1) In the survey or planning of any reservoir by the Corps
engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, or other Federal agency, con-
iattie shall be given to inclusion of storage for regulation of
_wp, except that any such storage and water releases shall
obe.:rvided as a substitute for adequate treatment or other
methods of controlling waste at the source.
(3) The. need for and the value of storage for regulation of
1awn(other. tha-n kor water quality) including but not lim-
Ji d to1 vigation, salt water intrusion, recreation, esthetics, and
d wildlife, shall be determined by the Corps of Engineers,
Sueau of Reclamation, or other Federal agencies.
fi() The need for, the value of, and the impact of, storage for
i|r quality control shall be determined by the Administrator, and
W.d|n ansB these matters shall be set forth in any report or pres-
ltion to Congress proposing authorization or construction of
hlla reservoir including such storage.
S(4). T^he value of such storage shall be taken into account in de-
Srntmig the economic value of the entire project of which it is a
gand costs shall be allocated to the purpose of regulation of
tsamfnie in a manner which will insure that all project purposes,
Sabo eqifably in the benefits of multiple-purpose construction.
0i;115) .Cat of rguplstion of streamflow features incorporated in
I *edalrservoi or others impoundment under the provisions of
Act shall be determined and the beneficiaries identified and if
benefits are widepmead or national in scope, the costs of such
res shall be nonreimbursable.
81() No license granted by the Federal Power Commission for a
Ay4e3Jctric power project shall include storage for regulation of
A 0nfow for the purpose of water quality control unless the Ad-
iiitrator shall recommend its inclusion and such reservoir storage
a hl t eased such proportion of the total storage re-
t rtt' water quay control plan as the drainage area of
Rna rvh basis to,, the drainage area of the river basin or
.9.u m-" quality control plan.
ji ^^^ ,T A^^o shallat the request of the Governor
u r o .ajorityof the Governors when more than one State
.a grat to pay not to exceed 50 per centum of the
MmMiirtivX of a planning agency for a period ,not to ex-
XI ep af.t.r the date o-1f enact-
l s Control Act Amendments of
n ;Wisa igbcy provides for adequate representation of ipto-
slt tate interstate, local, or (when appropriate) international


ON 40RcW

this Circular; no ptppose would be serredbx creatjag
Jelay. Judgzhent mus lbe exercised*|y te i~np%
and local governments in applyingtO W _'_________
needed in dermte ning whih substn iv ad a-
tions and organitational changes are kiga Ac ,engi.i
through tbs consultation ar. However,
This'Circdular is addressed primarily tone eufdot^
of existing Federal regulations. However,. agen4pe ^ ,
ration to requests from heads of State.and local gon .f...
and revise regulations already .n 4e.t ..d to cp .....4N"
nations with such officials on request .
8. Effective date.-The provisions of this CircTlAi boeti

.. .. [" : ... ,f*..: ,i f l .... i,
H .. .i~

~. .. "* *: : :; :l :::i^ **. : -:
.. ..I
... .. ... .. .. :
. .. .. .. . . :: l i.: :r : .
-. : ,. *T *. ^...
* : **: ; : ,. ::::. :;i( : t '.. i f i


i .I
. :

:[ i .. i ... :..J?,
** ..I "

r :. *23 it : .' i
f LUX ) .:.". : :* ..: :
,ah .' 1 '. : b ..: ..1:. '...' .:.

** .1. .' 4 "*A^ T- i
. .T.1. .r ... J ..i

... .. 4a' l's, U I

j i 0,
.. .I... . ..

t .. I i
S : ...... :: ... .. .
:.: "y ... ,- *tiuijn [
-*r ; .. "i- i '. ...

..! - - i : ....* i i c i:
. ' .. ..... . * . .:'I T .
-o] ,,*" m .*. XT.,;!
': i' ^' :- .. i .i i o '. c": "i"

.: a ] a ..
E : .: , 4 .

.. i ...!

S....!.L .. ... ...... ... .....i
S* ::. # : ":. 1"" .. : : '" ". : : a : l .* ; '

.: -'p *** : ; f ** t x i .;
*: ""* ... .. ^ i' ... s ^ '. -J : LI:: ;' .

-, .., f * ( ..
r r .. ;.. a?, ,,, L i, '*, \ r.. ;, ,,i :i, " '.J i ii'- J q:'ll
. . ^ ^ *" .. : :i :r : i. :::: ''Hf.

. ., ..... ,, i. ., i auf 1in
P S tLJt ...... I .a. .


.. ....... '
..:... : .... I'- ^
a a'-" i .

'. p.:*

. ...................


:* :



be permitted to cooperate with the po0ol s fisc agel n torpter-
wise, on other than a risk-sharing basis, to the maxi xte
practicable. ,
- : .. . ,**' .. .. r
SEC. 133883. The insurance companies and other insutrp which jorm,
associate, or otherwise join together in the pool nd4 tis part may
adjust and pay all claims for proVed and approved losses covered by
flood insurance in accordance with the provisions of this title and,
upon the disallowance by any such company or other insurer of any
such claim, or upon the refusal of the claimant to accept the amount
allowed upon any such claim, the claimant, within one year after the
date of mailing of notice of disallowance or partial disallowancb of the
claim, may institute an action on such claim against such company
or other insurer in the United States district court for the district in
which the insured property or the major part thereof shall have been
situated, and jurisdiction is hereby conferred upon such court to
hear and determine such action without regard to the amount in
SEC. 1334. (a) The Secretary, on such terms and conditions as he
may from time to time prescribe, shall make periodic payments to the
pool formed or otherwise created under section 1331, in recognition of
such reductions in chargeable premium rates under section 1308 below
estimated premium rates under section 1307 (a) (1) as are required in
order to make flood insurance available on reasonable terms and
(b)1 Designated periods under this section and the methods for
determining the sum of premiums paid or payable during such periods
shall be established by the Secretary.
SEC. 1335. (a) The Secretary is authorized to take such adtiox as may
be necessary in order to make available, to the pool formed or otherwise
created under section 1331, reinsurance for losses :(due to claims for
proved and approved losses covered by flood insurafi cd) which are in
excess of losses assumed by such pool in accordance with" the excess
loss agreement entered into under subsection (c).
(b) Such reinsurance shall be made available pursuant to contract,
agreement, or any other arrangement, in consideration of such" pay;
ment of a premium, fee, or other charge as the Secretary finds neces-
sary to cover anticipated losses and other costs of proiding such
reinsurance. :.. .: i
(c) The Secretary is authorized to negotiate au e oesos Iogspee-
ment, from time to time, under which the amount of floBqd ipm ae re-
tained by the pool, after ceding reinsurance, shr, b- ad Ji)tto fur-
ther the purposes of this title, consistet withj the objective of am-
tamining appropriate financial participation ad .ha .9 the
.. ..^"^ ^ ^ .. ,. .... ... .i. ,.:( '
1 See. 111 of the IIdod Dlseater Ptotectto&Aetof.t @ 1..tat.8
approved Decembe 81, 1873, delete :snbseetloa (b). and Mi t a ftoL () m
subaeCtion (b).



5703 of title 5, United States Code, for indi a theG-
p ~o t ...... ...
ment service employed intermittently. .
*' .* u *: : . ' . .: . .X .. :..
... J .. .. A .. f *i .. .. "
] O'H C~I .,'
S" ** ... .. -.... "":, ": .
SE.. 815.1 The Secretary may, in tacordance with this section md
in apeordance with such riles and regulations as the Secretary hall
promulgate, make grantn to any coastal state for t1iSputpos df-
(1) acquiring, developing, or operating estuasinsanctuares,
to serve as natural field laboratories m which to study and gather
data on the natural and human processes onuing w*ithm the
estuaries of the; and
(2) acquiring lands to provide for access to pubhi beaches and
other public coastal areas of environmental, recreational historic
cal, esthetic, ecological or cultural value, and for ithe preservation
of islands. : y
The amount of any such grant shall not exceed 50 per eentmn of the
cost of the project involved; except that, in the case of acquisition of
any estuarine actuaryr, the Federal share. of the cost therefstiall not
exceed $2,000,0'. .
**. i, ;. :

SEc. 316. (a) The Secretary shall prepare and submit to the Presi-
dent for transmittal to the Congress not later than November 1 of each
year a report on the administration of this title forth. preceding fiscal
year. The report shall include but not be restricted to (1) an...ntifi-
cation of 'the state programs approved pursuant to this title during
the preceding Federal fiscal year and a description of those programs;
(2) a listing of the states participating in the provisions oIf this title
and a description of the status of each state's program d itsaccom-
plishments during the preceding Federal'fiscal year; (38) an itemiza-
tion of the allocation of funds to the various coastal states and a
breakdown of the major projects and areas on which the funds" were
expended; (4) an identification of any State pras which have been
reviewed and disapproved or with respect to w'bch graib havebe
terminated under this title, and a statement of the reasons for such
action; (5) a listing of all activities and projects whih, pursan it to
the provisions of subsection (c) or subsection (d) of section 0, are
,not consistent with an applicable approved State manamet pr
gram; (6) a summary of the regulations issued by the Senet Or
effect during the preceding Federal fiscal year; (7) a sarof a
coordinated national strategy and program for the Nstion's oosl
zone including identification and ditu7kon a f .e4 tal
and local reponsibilities and f'unctions 'hr 8): ::ns
outstahdihg problems arising in the adiflinistatin of
order Of priority; (9a description of the6eonomi6ke: iRimta,
and social consequences of energytycs fA!thffe in oatal zone
and an evaluation of the efftieneMs of hands aattas t rn'e-
tion 308 in dealing with, such conuqamens; (10 a decritc and
S 5:: e. IS ... f.the "C"" stS Use" : ."".:..:"....................,......:....:.............
1 -- ': o-.. t** *. ._ .. .. :.: ..... "", oo',,a
Se&. 12 of the Coastal SZone Mauageenjuut AjLjute0lpt 19.,
O~lO~jI IS221WWe'.vao iw ar
adon.g neWth it rt as MeHatt
sI. o&Is, wofy he oas iw W me Rn.- Lf .mO mB
o m w e ,-- 1I" ... .. ..."..

Protection Agency;1 Atomic Energy Coimmisson; !F0.Si
Power Caumismon; each such memboir to b appp`
each department or independent agency he represents, "1. !
(3) one member from each of the 4ollownga States -I
Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode J.I iad
New York, and I
(4) one member from each iZterstatp agency c6wsfr4 byaie
.state compact to which the consent of %Jgquges 4h tgApd
whose jurisdiction extends to the waters of the Fra isieafkd in
section 2.
SEC. 4. Functiona to be performed. The Commission and its'"Chair-
man, members, and employees are hereby authorized to per amd
Texercise, with respect to the jurisdiction specified in 02ection 4ofjthis
order, the functions, powers, and duties of such a Commisou ad
of such Chairman, members, and employees, respectivdly, asse. out
'nTinte II of the Act.
r SrC 5. international coordination. The Chairman of 4w Commis-
sion is hereby authorized and directed-to, refer to thQ Qomuil any
matters under consideration by the Commission which relate to the
areas of interest or jurisdiction of the Interuations, Joint j1Yommis-
sion, United States and Canada. The Council shall oosult on these
matters as appropriate with the Department of States pa the TInter-
national Joint Commission through its United States Section for the
purpose of enhancing international coordination..
SEc. 6. Reporting to the President The Chairman of Uthe Comini-
sion shall report to the President through the Cowicil.
LnnxroM 13. tJornoN.
THE WnInE HOuS, September 6, 1967.
trEecutive Order 11659 .:
[37 Fd. Reg. 0471 i
The Water Resources Planning At (79 Stat. 244; 4- U&0A 1M62
et 8eq.) provides for the establishment ofriver basin water. ans rehidd
land resources commission& In conformity with the requirements of
that act the Governors of the States of the Upper Mismisppi Rier
drainage basin, as defined in Section 2 -of this aerde; ndt i&Wuter
Resources Council have requested; 'or concurred in, the sstkblishmst
of such a Commission. . . .. q
Now, therefore, by virtue of the atthority voted in meby Seion
201 of the Water Resources Planning Act (42 ThSCi 19M26)yand as
President of the Unitkd States, it ib ordered as fbllown: r j
Swnow1. UpperAfiairippiRiverRaiwn Ootminios. U isbarby
declared that the Upper Mississippi R vbv Basin eaoaitiuion isitab-
lished under the provisions of The U klof the Watsr Bean Pan-
ning Act (42 U.S.C. 1962b et eg.). -1 Ij tr 1 ,1 oil ;q A. (
1 .i .f ;. .. ,. .g s 1 9 (jf. 14299, :au':lrItt!f -u I6 i t o
'Executive Order 11613 of Aguat 21971, 36AFed.bteC. 14299. amen to
designate a representative of the Euvljoynq MVl Prptect syWT W the
aihtihravetr *lm$ Conisuleds. erel* niathat
Unw Aatilsmor fl the Qbvirmes att -PrtMtIo*TiR-aIal t
each river basin commission to serve as the representatives' bUit 1fe.in1aVdtr. w&-
ticable after Augast 2,.1971.
2 Executive Order 1152S. amended nec. 3(2) to designate a representative of the Atomic
Energy Commission as a member of the New England River Basins Commission.
j i. 't I


4. Oon7itlatwt e-nd.4 WrW. State. and arwild cal.s; rf
may have a pDiod of 80 days after receipt of a projct n i
in which to inXorm State and .rlutjtate.- afd loa Orl,
governments or agencies (mdchW.aimes an diolt
grps 9c,4 :dad e, above) that e red p4kp6
-affstedWth. pcpopoJt
and arrange, as may be necessary, to consult with the appt, 4 thre-
on. The review may be completed thi,- period mad my
be submitted to the applicant. \
b. If the view is not completeW i 4ig this period, t dlang-
house may work with the applicant.nie resolution of SlMs
raised by the proposed project during tihe.period in which. te apli-
tion is being completed.
c. In cases where no project notificatin has been submitted an t
clearinghouse receives only a completed application, it may biavA.O
days to review the completed application. If a completed application
is submitted during the first 80 days after notification habeenb-
mitted, the clearinghouse may have .30 days plus thenumber of dayp
remaining in the initial 30 day notification period to complete its re-
view. In all other cases, the clearinghouse may have 30 days to renew
a completed application. Where clearinghouses haes not completed
their reviews during the 30 day notification period, they. ae stoVngly
urged to give the applicant formal notice to that effect Whearerews
have been completed prior to completion of an application, a in1or-
mation copy will be supplied to the clearinghouse, upon requtSwlw
the application is submitted tothe funding gency.
d. Written comments submitted to the areawide cli by
other jurisdictions, agencies, or parties will be included as ttaheits
to the comments of areawide clearinghouses, when they are at variance
with the clearinghouse comments; and others from whom cmnt
were solicited and received should be listed.c K: '
e. Under some programs, applicants-primarily negove0nnentel."-
are required to submit confidential information to the fMnding agency.
Such information may relate to the applicant's financial tatus or
structure (, overall investment program or holdings); to perar
nel (e.g., personal histories of project officers) or may invox rprprh-
tary information (e.g., industrial processes, research idea. Suah cm-.
fidential information need not be included with appcations minted
to learinghoues for review. -
f. Applimcants will include with the completed applictin a sab-
mitted to the Federal agency (or to the State agpey in th M.of
projects for which the State, under certain programs has fial
a(1) Aneoommtsndneoommendia tionm maciLbya ti
ighouse, aong with etaement that Atch mma.enis hpw bWn
considered prior tobWiassonof theappncaftion;tore
(2) Where no comments ave beeu Piwd -ae tu
a atemIt thut the procedures outined in tiIs etioudnI e
followed sad that no :ome.ts eeona.i. e
received. . ..
o. A2rIlqZt: for rein)fI or caaotin.satib gra.nt. ctrapjaeu ET
fta ssd ilovr acmed o by the AI menoY wit'"
after completion *f clearingh& 01L h2 sbjektto Zl
upon request oftlsdeauIngboms. ' ,; aili '(pst;


s-sm-vBBG-iizrr*.AL COOPwATiONM

^Ik zMuth Ka'fOiW fpitfesive local and' aretwide development
:naaig,}Vil) : ;c,. ^ * i" i* i:,- *;
-c $"21PV : &)."K,;ii. t
bu;L : i 7 .... *.; j . ... b . .. ..
$+ i D.., "t+ P ".. .... .
lSC%. Where Federal law provides that both special-purpose
A I wrr oapeqnt and un-4& qf general local government are
i..M k1*4nsM or gra.ta-mWd, heads of Federal depart-
ien an agencies sahll, in the absence of substantial sons to, the
at ri n.eS:wa IJo or grants-in-aid to units of general local
I 4 n arnh to special-purpose units of local government.
::. ~h i +. li ,.J l. ., 7 .. :: *" "+ -. . '+ ..* ", * .. ..
4io,,.". tiThe Bureau of the Budget or such other agenvy)as may
be designated by the President is hereby authorized to prescribe such
rules :egtaulatin s are deemed appropriate for the effective
admnitraion of this'title.
4" ?: .. .
a#....]. ,w '** i .r; i ,.; .. ": * :... .* -
ef' A 'ir ' **'
%.S- 5QL,',Tht Eederal. Property and AdmniistratiVe Services Act
,if940,"d* pt ed (40 U.S.C. 4-1 et seq.), is amended by adding
wunv, :fheredht new title as folRows:
.rfi t7") ji* l . o n T 1' r i
-B -.) Iil +
i SxO. 80L This title may be cited as the 'Federal Urban Land-Use
i;^|y~ iyI*t RrI u tL**'*?f ^*ri.r: -* ** '*
-1 s r f T Rllixi X orrvKPOSa A"l ?OLTCY
L a n r i j j" .." o + ' : * ., ,. .. ,; *} i .: ,'* -. .

W w, 8Qljt .w f r ose of this title to ptromnote more harmomnious
Watib and encourage sound planning, zoning,
prs a uandtprocedures
erbbya XAiMstrator shall acquire, use. and dispose of land in
Pbaro areas rder that urimlan d transactions entered into for the
neral Services Adm'inistration or on behalf of other federall agen-
dies p ,*6 the greatest extt practi be, be onsistent with zoing
4ise p~actii^WI ald shall be i made 416 th greatest extent
gIovem en ts plaimianM re atojetives
.of tl al governments and local planning agencies concerned.
++;'h . .. .. ... *. -.. ** : '. f

sa jtu t-TQ&-a1us 190tie dYOi-
situatedor o w rithin anyurban arj tll tqincy of kany real Property
'within an urban area, he shall, pnor to offering such land for
+,: ; J : .. : .... . . : . +
it~i;:. == I ,""" :` .' = ." -- d l a, a x l -

402 and 5 6011


I ,
.1 I

1- ,P. .i.

l.. .: ...CONTENTS


Part I---Basic Laws and Authorities on Housing
National Housing goals and reports...
SDepartment of HUD-General policy directives -----------
.. Local housing assistance plans-fund allocation ...
Employment of lower income persons
.:i., T transfer of certain 221(d)(3) and 202 mortgages to 236 program--
.-. Sale of surplus Federal land for housing
; : Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act---------
{.v Joint Funding Simplification Act__
<.d Council for Urban Affairs----------------------------
Department of Housing and Urban Development Independent
Agencies Appropriation Act, 1978-------
"; Supplemental Appropriations Act, 1977.-----------
Appropriation Act-1975-------------------------------
Supplemental Appropriations-1975 ----------------,------
Appropriation Act-1974
; Agriculture-Environmental and Consumer Protection Appropria-
*" tion Act-Excerpts--1974_
+ Appropriations-Rent Supplement-1973 ...
,' Appropriations-Disaster Assistance--1973-----------------
^ Appropriations-Revolving Fund-1955 --------------
.. Appropriations Act-1977-----------------
: Appropriations Act-Emergency Homeowners Relief-1976-----
f Supplemental Appropriations-1976_..........
SMiscellaneous administrative provisions-HUD----- ---------
It! Advisory committees--------------- -------------
S." Civil defense-vulnerability to attack--- ---------------
.1 Jointly funded projects.------------------------------
S .. Byrd amendment-HUD contracts............
r' President's functions delegated to HUD-------------------
Special Assistant for Cooperative Housing---------
Strikes by HUD employees----------------------------
j . Vacancy in Office of Secretary---------------------------
P, Handicapped-accessibility to buildings ---------------
S' Assigning emergency preparedness functions----------------
+ Federal Coordinating Council for Science, Engineering, and Tech-
,: +, nology-----------------------------
S .: .. Delegation of Presidential functions ..-----------------
Coordination of Federal urban programs --
National Institute of Building Sciences- ---------------
SNational Housing Act-HUD---------- -----.-----------------
: .i! .. Housing renovation and .modernization-title I-------------
t, Mortgage insurance-title II_,l.
Miscellaneous-title V-------------------------------------
War housing insurance-title VI--------------------
Insurance for investment in rental housing-title VII -------
*. .... Armed services housing-title VIII------- ------------
|. |! ~National defense housing-title IX -,..:.-..._
I.. .. Mortgage insurance for land development-title X---------
I .+ Mortgage insurance for group practice facilitiesa-title XI-----
i,'. FHA and VA interest rates----------------------------
I j??.p Rehabilitation Act of 1973___.-.___ -----
1, Commission on mortgage interest rates -----------
.40 Righto
|0il Ri~ h of redemption----------------------------------
MO: Builders warranty .--..
L om tasEquity skimmming-td -------
.... Closing of military bases-mortgage defauts._--.. --------
"iiiiiii.. .L ...X
3 )TO I. ..1. .. ...






I Treasury, but any interest payments sodeferred shall themselves bear
interest. If at any time the Secretary determines that moneys in the
Fund exceed present and any reasonably prospective future require-
I., ments of the fund, such excess may be transferred to the general fund
of the Treasury.
. (h) The Secretary may provide financial assistance to borrowers
S for purposes provided in this chapter by guaranteeing loans made by
any Federal or State chartered bank, savings and loan association,
cooperative lending agency, or other legally organized lending agency.
S 1929a. Rural Development Insurance Fund-Creation; revolv-
in mg fund; rural development loans
(a) There is hereby created the Rural Development Insurance
Fund (hereinafter in this section referred to as the "Insurance
Fund") which shall be used by the Secretary as a revolving fund
for the discharge of the obligations of the Secretary under contracts
guaranteeing or insuring rural development loans. For the purpose
of this section "rural development loans" shall be those provided for
by sections :1924(b), 1926(a) (1), 1932, and 1942(b) of this title, ex-
cept loans (other than for water systems and waste disposal facilities)
of a type authorized by section 1926(a) (1) of this title prior to its
amendment by the Rural Development Act of 1972.

(b) The assets and liabilities of the Agricultural Credit Insurance
Fund referred to in section 1929 (a) of this title applicable to loans
for Water systems and waste disposal facilities under section 1926 (a)
(1) of this title are hereby transferred to the Insurance Fund. Such
assets (including the proceeds thereof) and liabilities and rural de-
velopment loans guaranteed or insured pursuant to this subchapter
shall be subject to the provisions of this section and section 1928 of
this title.

S(c) Moneys in the Insurance Fund not needed for current opera-
tions shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States to the
credit of the Insurance Fund or invested in direct obligations of the
United Staks or obligations guaranteed by the United States. The
aref7ry mAY'purchase with money in the Insurance Fund any notes
Stied 3the.rsterdetary to the Secretary of the Treasury for the pur-
pdebf obtaining money for the Insurance Fund.
(4 The'Sretary is authorized to make and issue notes to the
Secretary of the Treasury for the purpose of obtaining fun& neces-

Ir r



SEC. 205.1 There are hereby authorized to be appropriated for tle
operations of the Office of Enviromental Quality and, te O til
on Environmental Quality not to exceed th foowing. sums for e
following fiscal years which sums are in addition to those ctaid
in Public Law 91-190:. ,
(a) $2,000,000 for the fiscal year ending June 30, 19768.
(b) $500,000 for the transition period (July 1,.1976, to $ep-
tember 30,1976).
(c) $3,000,000 for the fiscal year ending September 30,r97ti
(d) $3,000,000 for the fiscal year ending Septemb er 30, 978.
Approved April 3,1970.

Executive Order 11507
[35 Fed. Reg. 2573]
By virtue of ,the authority vested in me as President of the United
States and in furtherance of the purpose and policy of the Clean Air
Act, as amended (42 U.S.C. 1857), the Federal Water Pollution Con-
trol Act, as amended (33 U.S.C. 466), and the National Environmental
Policy Act of 1969 (Public Law No. 91-190, approved January 1,
1970), it is ordered as follows: :
SECTnoN 1. Policy. It is the intent of this order that the 1%deral
Government in the design, operation, and maintenance of its facilities
shall provide leadership in the nationwide effort to protect aA en-
hance the quality of our air and water resources.
SEc. 2. Defnitions. As used earlier in this order: '.. ,
(a) The term "respective Secretary" .shall mean the S&crtairy of
Health, Education, and Welfare in matters pert iig..po pllu-
tion control and the Secretary of the Interior min matters p rmg to
water pollution control. s m t .a
(b) The term "agencies" sha mean the departments, agencies and
establishments of the executive branch.
(c) The term "facilities" shall mean th6F buildings, instantios,
structures, public works, equipment, aircraft, vessels, an. 1 ofh. tehi-
cles and property, owned by or consttkuted or maniifactlurd tor the
purpose of leasing to the Federal Governm.nt. ;h
'(d) The term "air and water quality standard hall meax Ipeo
tively the quality standards and eifed plans of implemtittat
including emission standards, adopted pursuant to the Clean Air Act,
as amended, and the Federal Water Pollution Control Act, as
amended,, or as prescribed pursuant, to section 4(b) of.thi4 order.
l(e) The term performancee specifrtitis" hal1 eap p fle
lite of emissidn, discharges, or oth. viades plii ble4 tpt a tibt$
lar Federal facility that woid, as g iiinirni prond rIbt
ance with air and water quality standards as deidii tBOi ... ...n
1 See. 205 of the Environmental Quality Improvement Act of 1970 wa amended to mad
a. set forth In the text by Public Law M-298, approved May 29, 1976. 90 Stat 587.



7 -(: 6 )1 iacitta increased coordination in the administration of
SFedelahpograms sq as to encourage desirable patterns of urban
7 M r develpma t and redevelopment, encourage the prudent use. of
S r energy and other natural resources, and protect.-the physical
& . -: .A, 2 "
SEGP., 7013,0 (a) The 4President shall tranmnit to the Congress during
BtiU 197Br, and during February of every even-numbered year
tfheieafr, a Report on National Urban Policy which shall contribute
il ntipn of such .a policy and in, addition shall include-
^.*m :, informationi, statistics, *nd significant trends relating to the
j4I#Ern0t1 uru a uveYiopment tor tne preceding two years
*,,WITf a summary significant problems facing the United States
: iaIlu.p resu4 of .urban trends and developments affecting. the well-
,jeiagpof urbanarea 4 ,
,*,& (jB) an. examination of the housing and related community
J:; ^enlopmept problems experienced )y cities undergoing a growth
-iati whiehequs or exceeds ie nations average;
,wr a^ .a evaluation of thie progress ancL.effeciveness of-Federal
,s4ffprtka igned.,-to meet such problems and to carry out the
ifat lonP. wb4 policy; .
4 45 X. .p assues-nant.of the policies and structure of existing and
1y p osinrstate planning and developments affecting such
,jphy;.: ,psy^. ,
V^ i"'}5. review of State, local, and private policies, plans, and
1t .: PXrhrams miervantto sapch,.plicy;
,i; ( 'wtlwtt and pforeseeable.needs in tlhe areas served by poll-
Si pj e plesj mad programs designed to carry out such policy, and
.:A.4aps vei ,ng taken to neet such needs; and
.rrv A8)" woumendations for programs and policies for carrying
A11,,i.4inwh Ol.7 lod iii olidgsuch legislation and administrative
;),eo n a may be deemed necessary and desirable.
h i ~~EPmtcWit may transmit from time to time to the Congress
supplezetary reports on urban growth which shall include such sup-
enary *xd meisd recommendations at may be appropriate.
*- 11111t1iithin preparation oftth& National Urban Policy Re-
S ilftyS may supplementary reports, the, President may establish an
wyM hoard,:or seek tlm advice fomtime to time of temporary ad-
iierI' boards, the members el holn' shall be drawn from among

0)i046f @ 1) ofe k tthe. i Rudnu and: CoikNtv DTevelopmebt Adt of I77;. Public Law
M. 9;s (8) 'TP(8) to
SBS'^^ro~~~y~l ~t13, ^W' a hi-:0p\bs .o l7 (d),<)? and. (d)8)t
MW. nm'4ou WA( lo) brbet itim the section hedfnie which read
wTfiSoW ~and inserting in lieu tiereof "NATIONAL URBAN
I R 9:9 aai also -by deltint t'he1 material prceddIng parwtraph (1) of sub-
B. .. ISM$ts Wla^Vi s et fofhb ;4he tmxt. '
11e' eil ^K f Ai Public Law
' TO l)t I em6 f arnet forth In
R:= :",roo Han Y I -to ed as set.forth In
t "tlittnmttid iCmiinttyj Development Act of 197-. PUblic Law
.... ....,et Ad wth" a o the t Mbsn WM. ...,and inserted,
btoe thp psmicolon tt the 'nd of paragraph (2).
Iro.:: ue nt *Att<1f 417.' Publc-:. liw
II ..... QA ireeftton 708(a) by Inserting a new para-
i ree gnating paragraphs (3) through (7) as paragraphs (4) through
Ill. ,' s f ft r a t i s 'Z ::"+ +, +'.* ... ** + +'s :ii > <;,.+ : ;" .i .., .. : "".
1+t::.. +::::::'. ::.::... '. . + j' ....
S t r ii|:::t: r: 1 i :. '+ f" inO Cv. L
tttttt s::::: .: F J l
...EEEE .. .. :....

5 70s

15111 OOMMUN1'W RVWOTW ,T^^ SB O )^pN||, 1
torney General "with a 0oommendat.on tiat an, ;ppyopr~tq
l~~~~~m~E V:er ~v '

action be instituted; (9) exercise thepower ptdr ..::r*.
by title VI of the (Cights A.U F4 (r aOg 1,.
exercise the powers and functions provided Yfor It 6iiinia WFVI
this Act; or (4) take sM h.other action awzny beprqxjgl b
(c) When a matter i:xeferred to the AWopiw G# UN a
subsection (b), or whenever he.u E t b ....Qet
government or unit of general local governMint-isengage m a
or practice in violation of the provisions qf ti sectiS e Attbnmey
General may brug a civil action in anq appropriate United States
district court for such relief as may be appropriate, iicI udji in4M
junctive relief.
SC. 110, All laborers and mechanics employed y:' contractor: ar
subcontractors in the performance of construction, work tlhiaMd,'
whole or in part with grants received under this title shba15b,11 4.
w4ges at rates not less than those prevailing on similar instructionn m
the locality as determined by the Secretary of'Labor in. ackrdazie
with the Davis-Bacon Act, as amended (40 U.S.C. 2?-W.%.y4
Provided, That this section shall apply to the rehabilitation of -..
dential property only if such property is designed for residential 4e
for eight or more families. The Secretary of Labor shall have, with
respect to such labor standards, the authority and functions set- forth
in Reorganization Plan Numbered 14 of 1950 (15 FI. 31I.; 6 Sat
1267) and section 2 of the Act of June 13,1984, as mend& (48St
948; 40 U.S.C. 276(c)). .A:
SiC. li1. (a) If the Secretary finds after reasoable ndticaid op(-
portunity for hearing tht a recipient of assistance under this tide-
hasf ailed to comply substantially with any proiion of'this titfe. t
Secretary, lmtil he is satisfied that there is no longer any such tuare:
to comply, shall- "
(1) terminate payments to the icipient under ti tita ., &..
(2) reduce payments to the recipient :ider this tfs b *W
amount equal to the amoinit of such payments *hic^ wererit
expended mh. accordance with this title, o ...' r .) .. ""
(3) limit the availability of payments ndr t... .o-
grams, projects, or activitiesnot affeded biiy ti ti-iu :
com rply i" if ... .*.*.'..."..i. '' ....
(b)(IJ In lieu of,or In addition to, any action utvn AObt
section (a), tht Secretary may, if he has reason to ei that rei -
ent has failed to comnply substantiay with anu prov iaion f
refer the matter tote tAttdrney General oftheUnited Stte w
recommendation that ani aroprate civil. '*4 I
(2) pon such- a&rf err theAtry(Iiw q
act n any..U.i. &.4ats.t i .ct' cut a.x a- v, o
suc4 eief ^asay^ 1e atpprpripe, uddn n^ no ^
amountat of the amistance furmhed der tn tie. W Hll
elpendedJ'iait da witb it or fori ma~dtorj:
(c) (1I) Any recipient which receives notice under Wibse ita
of the termination, reduction, or limitation of payments under s


V .ahtt
S=C. 8. The Secretary of Agriculture is designated "nd empowtiet to
exercise, without the approval, ratification, or other action othie'Ptes-
ident, all of the authority vested in the President by section 409 of the
act concerning food coupons and ditributien ...
SEC. 4. This order shall be effective as of May 22,1974, and all actions
taken by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development pursuant
to the act prior to the date of this order areto the extent such actions
would be authorized and under this order, ratified.

Executive Order 11794
[.. Fei. ago WMI

Under and by virtue of the author vetedn mbyeorganizaton
Plan No. 1 of 1958.and as Presiinft of t United 6S tf6fAne .6a"
Executive Order o. 10958 of Augu st 14,1961 s herby irevbkeh
Nothing in this order shall be deemed tod modify or dnm ishsietf
defense and emeor^&ey preparedepittin u nMignedt ti
Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of Health, Eduscation and
Welfare by Executive Ord'r No. 11490 of Otober 2 1969, T6hose -
signed to the4Sectetnfy f Defense by that eder andi irecUtive Okder
No. 10952 of July 20, 1961, or those signed to the Adinmtrat of
General Services by Executive Order .095, r10 f Stm
ber 27, 1982,14, -or 1172 of ,uae271978, "
THE Wmnlu, Jt 11,g197$. :
.- * ; ..' *'* **

Elta.Siw. Od.iftS 179.
-m .

[38 Ied. Reg. 3U177]s
:: ** .mm I

By virtue of the authority vested in me by tmeorgmniztton Plan 12 i
of 1973, the Disaster Relief Act of 1970, as aitiendehd (42 I SS.C, 5 401
et seq.), and section 301 of title 3 of t Urited& Sttt wCo mmdm d4
President of the United States of Ameriqa, it is hereby orderS
follows: I
SECTION 1. (a) The Secretary of lwsg aend UrbIanDe*WwiettIob
designated and empowered to rercseritihtout the zp6r4 r
tion, or other action of the President, ll of the aithoity eske ii
President by the Disaster Belief Act of 1970, as amended ert
referred to as the "Act", except (1) the authorities thRs-
dent by section 102 (1) of the Act to le &a a ma-or dl SF6b
251 of the Act to provide for the restortiou o. ed l t .
by section 25 of th Act to presribe tidbe limit fr grant ii
for certain public facilities and certain public& housing psIde Ohi



2204. GeneraL duties of Secretary; advisory fu 11tio'ls m ttional
rural development program1 report' t Co. n SS *,
(a)1 The Seretary of Agriculture'shall pidb&W`and-presefvall
information concerning agriculture anid rural development whichh he
can obtain by fieans of books iand c trepondetce, 'anid b- pfaOctical
and scientific experiments, accurate records of which dperin"rts shall
be kept in his office, b the collection of statistic, asd byxany othef
appropriate means within his power; he shall collect new and valuable
seeds and plants; shall test, by cultivation, the valib of huch of them
as may require such tests; :shall propagate such as may be, worthy of
propagation; and shall distribute them amonagriculturists; and he
shall advise the President, other members of his Cabinet, and the Con-
tress on policies and programs designed to improve the quality of life
or people living in the rural arnid nonmetropolitan regions of the
(b)2 The Secretary of Agriculture 'is authorized and dclrected to
provide leadership and coordination within the executive branch and
shall assume responsibility for coordinating a nationwide rural do7
velopment program utilizing the services of executive branch depart-
ments and agencies and the agencies, bureaus, offices and services of the
Department of Agriculture in coordination with rural; development
programs of State and local governments. In carrying out this respon-
sibility the Secretary of Agriculture shall establish employment, in-
come, population, housing, and quality of community services and
facilities goals for rural development and report annually prior to
December3 to Congress on progress in attaining such goals. The Secr:
retary is authorized to initiate or expand research and development
efforts related to solution of problems of rural water supply, rural
sewage and solid waste management, rural housing, and rural
(c) (1) The Secretary of Agriculture shall utilize to the maximum
extent practicable State, regional, district, county, local, or other
Department of Agriculture offices to enhance rural development, and
shall to the maximum extent practicable provide directly, or in the
case of agencies outside of the Department of Agriculture, through
arrangements with the heads of such agencies, for-- ,- ..
(A) the location of all field units of the Federal Government
concerned with rural development in the appropriate Department
of Agriculture offices covering the geographicallareas most.imilar
to those covered by such field umts, and .
(B) the interchange of personnel and facilities in each such
office to the extent necessary or desirable to achieve the most
efficient utilization of such personnel and facilities and.provide
---- *: ,* ,' .' ." .f
1 See. 6083(b)(1) of Rural Development Act of 1972, Public Law 9213, approve
August 80 1972 86 StaL 657, amended this section by Inserting "(a)" before the first
sentence. Aec. 663(b)(2, of this Act also amended this section by igseUrtln the words
"and rural development' after the words "concerning agriculture'". Sec. 603(b)(3) of
this Act further amended this section by adding the following at the end thereof: 'an.
he shall advise the Preqident, other Jmembers of Is CabInet. and the Congres on po.ljee
and programs designeds to improve fve qualt of 8ift Ed p ip0 aWt its t u ta
812 Stat. 657,adddhanew L on P cL..a...W6*o
Asefl 708)(4)o6fied Yarl DeelAoustnt _lAVble La, fl-STe orW'I#P9v~d
April 21, 1976, substituted "December' or epGtember." .to


123204 :

S^i: .: ... ... ........
PTi' /

r 603


[Public Law 89-754, 80 Stat. 1255,1278; 16 U.S.C. 470b-1]

SwE. 603. (a) The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development
is authorized to make grants to the National Trust for Historic Preser-
vation, on such terms and conditions and in such amounts (not exceed-
ing $90,000 with respect to anyone structure) as he deems appropriate,
to cover the costs incurred by such Trust in renovating or restoring
structures which it considers to be of historic or architectural value and
which it has accepted and will maintain (after such renovation or
restoration) for historic purposes.
(b) There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as may be
necessary for the grants to be made under subsection (a)
Approved November 3, 1966.

[Public Law 89-665, 80 Stat. 915; 16 U.S.C. 470]
AN AOT To establish a program for the preservation of additional historic
properties throughout the Nation, and for other purposes
SBe it enacted by the. Senate and House of Representatives of the
ItrWd States of America in Congress assembled,
The Congress finds and declares-
(a) that the spirit and direction of the Nation are founded
u Upon and r-eflected in its historic past;
(b) that the historical and cultural foundations of the Nation
?'Should be preserved as a living part of our community life and
S-deftlopment in order to give a sense of orientation to the Ameri-
S:A diApeople; .. ..- f -S .* .'
(c) that, in the face of ever-increasing extensions of urban cen-
(... tat, highwaysand residential, commercial; and industrial devel-
opments, tld present Igovernmental and nongovernmental historic
. R'eservhtiio programs and activities are inadequate to insure
rni futukerl nations a:genuine opportunity to appreciate and enjoy
t ih heritage of owr Nation;and .
.4 -.. ; .*lr P:.,.* *,. ': '

mASEB AS,,TANQ ,,,anCd

n, 9t(M cfiPn of. the President, a-of the authority vested in
Pxe@aitm4yiiAct. :
hc}jhe: Seecreary of Defense is designated and empowered to exer-
Jwthi9tthapp oval ratification, or other action of the President,
Sofihe authority vested in the President by section 210 6f the Act
g.,the utilization and -availability of the civil defense com-
10ti .asrsvysten fpr .-the purpose of disaster .warnings.
44.d).WJ. Seietsty .of Agriculture is 'designated and empowered to
1rswitqlut tie approval, ratification, or other.action of the Presi-
t, al of the authority vested in the President by section 238 of the
erring food coupons and surplus commodities.,
ji[ Sw. The Director of the Office of Emergency Preparednwss MayY
+: +.. .. . .. ..... g e Y. P Y+
delegate or assign to- the head of any agency of the executive branch of
te Governent, subject to the consent of the agency. head concerned in
'ach case, any authority or function delegated or assigned to the Di-
w|toi. bythe provisions of this order. Any suei head of agency may
rdeleg'ate any authority or function so delegated or assigned to him
y tthi Director 0Q any officer or employee subordinate to such head of
ge=ny whoe appointment is required to be niade by and with the
Yice a id consepta of'the Senate..
e Szr 3. Rules, regulations, procedures, and documents issued under
itibepiithority.of te Act of September 30, 1950 (64 Stat. 1109) the
!t W4#. ',f+++dto I.. I ". ( a. 119 the
DisasterRelhef Act pf 1966 (80 Stat. 1316); and theDisdster iltief
t q*,19p69, (83 tat., 125) shall remain in effect for pUr: se of the
4(^kifl1e otherwise modified; superseded, tr revoked by the appro-
ptixat Federal official, and, unless inappropriate, all refeireies in
tiose rilds, regulations, procedures, and documents or in any Exee.-
tive orr or other document tr the Act':of September 30, 1950, the
DWa,4r lie; Actof 196;,6.r the Disater keief .Act of "969shall be aie references to the Act. .
7 'SEr6. 4: Th oider to assure the most effe&Iive utiization of6 theper-
spnnel, equipment,. supplies, facilities, and other resources of Federal
agencies pursuant tothe Actagencies shal mak& and maintain suit-
a lip pi., and preparations in anticipation Pt theit re:pon ibhities
'n the, ventdof a major disasterr. The Diretorzof the Ofike of Emer-
ry rfar^ slitill coo6kdinate, on b'ehlf df the President, such
j6T ahd prepkiations.
'^rac' Ex~tutive Order No. 1047' of. Sanuar 16, 1953, Exeutidve
Ordr No. 10737 of October 29, 1957, and Execuve Order No. 11495
sofr o118et8; 1k69, ate h6reby revoked. Unles iapprpriate, any
reference to those Execative" orders in any rule, regulations, procedure,
btuxieist,'ox 6theit Executive order, shlall be deemed be reference
tui e fzecnfl vCorder. .. .... -
.' .- E RAAD NixON.
Tna WHrm HousE, December 31, 1970. '* *
T J"
...r O U SE L f- e : 1 '' '" ; .'- : .1 ' T "' < .-. +; .... **r *
W f ' ......* '< ^ .': ':' < ^ .l ": ****' :+ ; "- : ** :'. :* *:
::W l^ ,;![" :: ",: .... ":^^ ""+*56" ""' .....r :"+
.ir. tune e .... * . **,a ,- -j. b.e ,r, : .te d i .
i 2** ". [ -T q E5S Fed. Rer6 ] *j: "r '*.* 71 -
1VT~ieas he congrs x1as a~&tctda1 rn Er 6f atutoir~ iryisviaTnx
..... r "i . "" tance tdi aWas dest t& by larfsdle dis-
s; u t e r s ; .h!a m B+ t .I II, V, + + . . . . . .. .* : . *': . ..


2 and 5



:T i (4)( 11or exchange at public or private sale, or lease, real or
personal property, and sell or exchange any securities or obliga-
tiow,: upon suchAerms as he mayfix;
(5}). obtain insurance against loss in connection with property
Sand other assets held;
(6) subject to the specific limitations in this title, consent to
the modification, with respect toyrate of interest, time of payment
4 of any installment of principal or interest, security, amount of
grant, or any other term, of any contract or agreement to which
he is a party or which has been transferred to him pursuant to
this title;
(7) inp.lude in any contract or instrument made pursuant to
t this title such other covenants, conditions, or provisions (including
isuc covenants, conditions, or provisions as, in the determination
of.the Secretary, are necessary or desirable to prevent the pay-
.qnt of excessive prices for the acquisition of land in connection
with projects assisted under this title) as he may deem necessary
.to assure that the purposes of this title will be achieved. No pro-
vision. of this title shall be construed or administered to permit
speculation in land holding; and
(8)1. make advance or progress payments on account of any
gant contracted to be made pursuant to this title, notwithstand-
Sing the provisions of section 3648 of the Revised Statutes, as
amended, or any other provisions of this title.
S(e) Not more than 12 per centum of the grant funds provided
foIJ in this tige shall be expended in any one State: Provided, That the
Secretly, without regard to such limitation, may enter into contracts
for grants aggregating not to exceed $100,000000r (subject to the total
authorization provided in section 103(b) of this title) with local
ptbl*ageneies in States where more than two-thirds.of the maximum
grants permitted in the respective State under this subsection has
been obligated.
(:eg) No provision permitting the new construction of hotels or other
housing for transient use in the redevelopment of any urban renewal
ar d" td this tile shall be included in the urban renewal plan, unless
tin acmmwaity in, which, the project is located, under regulations
prscribed by the Secretary, has caused to be made i competent inde-
| t"a.a.ys1. qf the local supply of transient housing and as a
result thereof has determined that there exists in the area a need for
aWtional units of uich housing.

aI added by Pubjie Iw 37s0, 824d Congres, approved June 8, 1952, 66 Stat 98,
p iu tot this title if the amu04 of msuch contra does not esteed '$1,000.'
S Sec. 41(1), Hous4ng 50Actor f, Public Lavi 86-372, approved September 23, 1959,
TM"t. 654A1), 6 linsubstutd' t"^ t proio to MedTtr ec. 1020(aC),f emonstration 0tiean and Metropolitan
4Act atI' 166, Pnb IcLaw 89-754M EapjrQVed November 3 1966, 80 Stat. 1255,
1:94, mube,. (d) re: as f61lo.: "Section 8o709 as aamended, of the Revised Statutes shall
not .iiy to az contract oto srvieds ot supplies on account of any property acquired."
'IDmedately prlor to :aiendtment by sec. 408, Housing Act of 1959, Public Law 8M-372
a p. Bl Septeiber .3, 169, 7'3 Stat. 654.: 73, the language preceding the proviso read. as
're- t 12 per ee ntuna of the funds provIded for in this title, either in the form
W5bei expended In any one State".
0Au t*r paym 4et0 ornaly authorized by this subsection was incor-
:. I8 gnw ee. 114 by see. 810(a), Housing. Act of 1964,
4* 6.t, negvefl ,er 2, 1964.. 78 .Stat. 769, 788. 23,
191 irA-.b1. oSIMn f i99, Public LaW 86-372, approved Sepfemer 23:
tg i s t 6J. 834, .... - .. ." ",


I&TbvflrMtnwii e6IRATION'


. ..... . ,. .
1 I hI .. * 1
,.** ., EXECUTIVE ORDER 11455
.j" ....... *' ....... .. ... . Ln r wua.'a
e 1 -- *.. <.::i : ,,. *..*,., [34 lede Ref.2299] 9
iMBy irtuef of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and
Ai statute. of ite United States, and President .of the United States, fhlows:
rfrmo 1. .lstail~zhent of the Offloe. (a) There is hereby estab-
l6hed the Of&fof Intergovemmental Relations (hereinafter referred
.ton.s "the Oce") The Office phI be under the immediate supervision
oite Vice President of the Umted States.
S(b) In addition to his other duties, the Vice President shall act
as the President's liaison with executive and legislative officials of
...ttte and local ...governments; encourage and assist in facilitating
aimismum cooperation between and among the various Federal agen-
ieW and :such other governments; help to make the Federal executive
branch, especially those sectors thereof having a direct impact on
itergovernmental relations, more sensitive, receptive and responsive
t thi views of State and local officials; serve as the focal point of
$ortsbhy Federal departments, agencies, and interagency councils and
11mmittees to resolve specific difficulties that arise in their relationships
t BalchctiIAs; work closely with and encourage the work of the
Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations; and inform
the Council for Urban Affairs on general intergovernmental issues
I ,? *mftriha kli0l, administrative, or program nature so that the
Council may more effectively advise and assist the President with
Sje Mt urban a airs.
r 2. Ftnwtions of the Olot. The Qifice Aal advise en4 pusist the
Vce President with respect to (1) intergovernmental relations gen-
1 y4 and (2) the responsibilities assigned to the Vice President spe-
fesiHy under section 1 (b). In addition, the Office shall:
S (a) serve as the clearinghouse for the prompt handling and solution
of Federal-State-local problems brought to the attention of the Presi-
1tt or Vice President by executive and legislative officers of State
'id local governments;
*(b) idenxitify and report to the Vice President on recurring inter-
go~ernmental problems of a Federal interdepartmental and inter-
pworam nature;
(e) explore and report to the Vice President on ways and means
of strengthening the headquarters and interagency relationships of
federal field offices as they relate to intergovernmental activities;
(d) maintain continuing liaison with intergovernmental units in
Feral departments and agencies and with the staff of the Council
Ar Urban Affairs, and provide the staff of the Council with infor-
hatiam and maktance regarding issues arising in Federal-State-local
relatio s,;and ,
"(a) .view procedures utilized by Federal executive agencies for
affording State ad local officials an opportunity to confer and corn-
ft; on. redeir assistance programs and other intergovernmental
ue, and propose methods of strengthening such procedures.



in health and safety9mu.TtIvice on maament
and control; and reduction of immediate threats to public health
.and safety; and r . ry ... * ...: F .:: 2 -
(9) the distribution of medbifndj andf'bher, D8xblI*
supplies, or emergency assistance. 4' b i ,i'
(c) In addition, in any emergencyiths Pesdent is nth zed to
provide such other disistanee dndert'iAct Is thetPhsideatdbrn
appropriate.. ., ."
** ,. [ ,, .,., ".-: *i ,...
SrC. 306. (a) In any majbr disaster or emergency, Federal agencies
are hereby authorized, on the direction, of the Presidamt, to provide
assistance by- + : .
S(1) utilizing or lending, with or without compbnatioa there-
for, to States and local governments, their eqlmment4 supplies,
facilities, personnel, and other resoures, othet tha theeteision
of credit under the authority of any Act; *- -
(2) distributing or tmndering, tit ongh, the Aner ica Nati'onal
Red- Cross, the Salvation Army, the Mennonite Diui Service,
tad other relief asd disaster assistance organization, or' other-
wise, medicine, food and other consumable su pplis, or*ner-
gency assistance U N .n ,
3) donating or lending equipment and supplies, indnAC that
determined in accordance with applicab la s to -be tuilf to
the needs anTlresp6nsibilities of the Federal -Governmediitto Stte
and local governments for use or. distribution by them -for the
purposesof this Act; and E -
(4) Performing on public or private lands or waters anyiemeo-
gency work or services essential to save ives and to protect and
preserve property, public health and safety, including but not
limited to :search and rescue, emergency nedilcalcar em'gsy
mass care, emergency heltr smd .prbiibi of ;fo#*flwutr, t~a b
taie, anid other essential need.'fi.hdirazg roveuitntn ;ies
'ar perspns; clearance of roads anCd .eostrmctionf' bf MpCwry
bridges necessawx.y to the' peirfoitnan& dfof eiergerny ti:: ds sAd1 "%&
sential community services; pzrvisin of t-emriyi r acifitietr
schools and; other essential commu itv servlcds; alitni of -
safe structures that endanger the public; wrm ogfwf terHw tiks
and hazards-; public hifomtion' and' smtan o ui id
fty mneasuresMtec ical advice to State andAoflam gwanmatV
i6n dissr msnagemdnt and control;: uedttv of iitAhmecSW
threats to life, property, anrd public beath and qattywsdak4%
ing contributions to State or local governments for the purpose
of carrying out the p sionsof thisraph. .
(b) Work performed, undq r this section sall not prjludp adfi-
tio.. ;Fdera7 assitpibe nudet hhy other setio of N... N
"r *U c ~ : ^ r "** s -n *i. ";-/**: -
1 0
t .. I J-rIft7S t ** t.. .t: ..*.:i .. .' .N N. .

Sn.i 802.,"iedeial agencies may bs e flm b* bsOn4i
under this Act from funds appropriated for the purposes of this A
Any funds received by Fede.ralaan ei s ....a..r-eoif services
.i ;n .N J . t L ,:i



Man. LeContlnued' .n :*- a "3<0 l&.l.a.iw-
Cordination: "" ": ..

F eed 606 PublctiiisS 746,l and ]tomie..DnvOp .~~~~~~ .. .eloa ToniqlIM,. 1ad 1,f IFielfneifMitttEe 111
*to1of ..-1--.---.---.--.--.-----.-.--- u

Demonstrationa-. . "P *s..t- .-.* -
See. 5O5, Public Works and Economic .Development ArsCfraqtamll2.
:Department of Housing au5 rb 1.
St. 743, Economic Opportunity AAt at Wf UW. h2W I
imxaster arsa-Title VII, PatWots nEnmaaeafUrtt
Act of I=65 ICE-- .-- ,a-L..,j2..q,-. k ThpzzllD20
Economic development reglon-'-See, 500t: NrL Irie Trn-lxWCWarmnir p3
Development Act of MM- 4 A I "Wi "1US7
Farmers Home Adminitration--amultdaaee Iyt-fi0 74,.,4MouSW
Opporn ta. Act of. 196 P--. -. *..,n .-ai2rtU, g Bli
Federal Adylery Coatuil an iegisaX lMalemeL wBqtatl-&Uigg .
five Order 1188....... ..__ : l-um. -j- .-.iui -I:A"Lka42
Housing: ,.. . 1.. 7 10.
O W N "-,:- ... j. ;, . .
Housing aet1vities-grnts-Sec. 71it EeonoSOlmtSW4Sdr p^jj
of? 1964_. ........-_-- ^. ^ .. ':..^. .. .*i Jf n Lji:fL^-H |
Housing and .o.nnmay derpamaB..t tpud 4--.ilt.1 ..j.. .*::.
economic development pnwams uith-"Bft-Bs1,S..ats 5 ;'
Sportunlty Act of i96L--,a4.- 4L-JA uLsL~ae12&=.'1199
Loan and loan guarantees-low inte set rat^Se rt8Bw.) '
nOeile Oic potnltd Aeb ot 1964a. ...l a.a.... ta. *4
Loans to low income rural famelieet-Sa2fiflhB mSlflS'
tunity Aqt 96 at4---- ^aang&.-Jilaaw45fl% 1U?.!
Preliminary ezxpese.-gruats and loans-Sec. W4 hiln-hd.
Regional tevdehpoent Act of 186LB ..>-. atRf i jA~at.- ?(213
Loans-low-income rural famflies-improvement of living ovloug.Siwa.a i i: 1
,Sec. 722, Economple Opjor-*nty A-.t 10- j9zf .1.& zta 1201
Model Oommunity Ecopn.mic Development Finance OpatIdB
732, Economic Opportunity Act of 19014------- ... ,'.1 127.
SNondiscrimination-Se-. 7488 Ecoaomic Oppoftunity A.t Participation loans-housin iubness aflpcambXi ltP.........t- .i
Sec. 731, EconomIc Development Act of 190C.-i1
Planning of program: . .;.. ,,I'A i o .3
Grants-Sec. 747, lonemlc Ow.o.tualty Act V |BMS 3aB. ...1U6
See. 6506tPube -Works antld oemic Dev~opmattcbat 3$PhlneSlO
Program s: ....................... ...
LA aud lam mrantesS BE apVAmWiettN..
1W _of 1964--- ow.--.W.6_t.c. ,_. .: f, 1.. S
GrantesrSecs. .7, 71i14, Ioiw qpk)ofttt At Sf If,,
Redevelopment areas-Sec. 742, Economic Opportunity 4* T*J..tSA
Regional Action Planning kqpmslsdtonc-Tta Vir, IM li S). 1f
Economic t o: W. S
Repearch-grt ... -. r. ,.
Sec. 74% Eciongme b .p-I tl A t:frn ... ...
Ru ra l:! : *, -" 'i:.. ,, .* .: ..j :=.*i ,.. *...: *.. ".",i ivf ', : i !.qff! ?' _. i'ro ,ff3
R r l.I',- -r LO,
~ .. ....._
Ptogram- .1%ZSloono iE W i aom;e
.. r -1 .... .. .. ... ..... .... i I,|.

a... incaic pR tif .
'Pedalr ,JR; ip A T&M

s F See1,"7 Economic At 4336:r i jlOl t-U
W. k di
**^.* s? V -f 1r^ .-i sj'^s ***f sF -al '~'~~iRonaS ha^^^ ^^-~ F Pt^KfpttM ^ ^ a*':l^


F, 7U" ... l. ,


. ... ... t. .. .. .. ........ -. ... A V i i f i ) I.. S.d t:.w

A -6

allocation requirement an s zisy *sM q lPp
S if the Gov#ror al of Stat p i- n in
cila~9=U uder tzB OTtlt^'i w~i~~iB An
Sthe bampoe tbe pb hamiei n chIrsbybr a I)
tis subactou4 -r if tsw-
tion, on the basis of a pubi hrig paam 3 e0 413
(c), that the emaerg agency enmr ytosv u .Uwgpi.. d
out by such agency Thas been fInieffecti7n mmin fr0f
of this part or is clearly not of sufficient sihe and tb t in
timely fauhiondeveop thiOs.dhZie ap. a ry Cosupih twap of
*the project to be 1 arried oumt aW1) p ds bra rwi V udS mder
this p rt aAd :. : .. . :4 'J i :i

'A, .U ..
(CY)d4 considerfittn will be gfln t&4 nsikdio pei-
odic evaluations of the pjects wsaiediS imtlirp
in light ot available information As-ardiug (hi tiS and
anticipated earp tint weitmsrintuin nab of IetWitome
persons within the State;an* i V A
(3) be terminated or disontine during the pplcatM*io
only in accordance with polTies and ptttedtrss vcnuldfwltb
Wthe pw, me a4ndt pVeduI s set foirth.d HI s B 4 : V' I -
(c) The cost of the weatherization nta-ialw pottMi m wi&j banf
ciai assistance under this part shall not exceed $400 in the case of any
dwelling unit unless .the State policy advisory council, established

S ..r 3 n -. .ij p i Aw *: ... . .n... .. ..r "

":a jp. :.or a d ^y-'.., tir^: .liw -^^ p] ) ::)i:" i, .
assistance under tins part through meth
toball ucctow adeaut
6174&),. thwngki onsita wnspeetious- oQE~ul ftf ifais sior
to nawse tin eiiectiye .aqnisipit dw hiztoLjvitnf a h
dweliugU nita of LwTPtIwqcGEMp&
carry out periodic evoluatkus l thei
ta t -ar proviA4 tf& fit )L V
bdJhW M& IPffl^ ^Aa fa_ ^t _c

faeft2veness ot6e pfloisio of witfiza 1
4wtfling yt@f of Jow-aW perJsOE U UIX
Se 10perc to tqa4 a .p .. ..

SawA .91t ....
(a, ll ln
ft m"* W o N ). 2U Aqw. ..^ .;.j,$.-*-. ? w d4 ^ ri t' .... ....



-'fOO I J" 11 1~f


a$,i(wgency laison officers gpn. matters of national
scale related to the requireautso thp Circular.:
ar jTrq" ?p ntM *ooedures and regulations. Ageri-
s l, ternpc luresan d regulations implementing the
....ii"e"iet~pf this Circular revision which will become effective on
ibnM ,y %$ &.9 het4hrUres wnd reg!.ations will be
puWsh tMi4h n. Rww ROGI[ornT no later than February 27, 1976.
AgeI w lwtpomlgate final implementing procedures and reg-
waM n thuan :April 29, 1916. 0MB will assist and cooperate
with agencies in developing such procedures and regulations.
r:; a^squiwe lTquirie concerning this Circular may be addressed to
tbi laLA495 Coordinator for tho appropriate Federal Regional
CGounl to rtlIe Ofic of Mknagement and Budget, Washington, D.C.
RE50O.fblepbon& (202)4M-3Q5803.
I du o JAMEM T. LYNN, Director.
. r : ; * . . '
Ain :nnr;nr Aa mrMT, z.A-r-CioUAR No. A-95 RzVsED
ruetib rse S w of the. Demonstration Cities and Metro-
7xbtitiM^h dopient Adf of 1,96, TitlU IV of the /itergorernmental
Qoqjerati Act. of 1968, and Section 102(2) (C) of the National
* : :c --'* iY.- , --. :; *'* ., T : s *."-S> ".:,.., | ," : w ,- = : .
A, r : PROJECT NOT'CAltr -AND ))fliMW SarSM
.t ... }. ...^ ^ .. ., .... ," = *: : *
- .Anp. o.r-Th. ppppoe of this Part is to:
o teftSrtheith, .ieids;s and directives of Title IV of the Intergovern-
tM*AatbaCei'bpah Act of 1968 by encourging t4e establishment of
af nt*Ork of State and areawide planning and development clearing
h nehi x ,Wniid inthe coordintion of Federal or federally as-
.:'d d gpm with State, areawid% and local plan-
I idrbbthid development.
:i5" brid te; Iments or ? section 204e of the Demomstration
& If lhpolima Development Act of 1966 for metropolitan
"=ft wiihiathsttii=etwark >. = =. -*%m=: "= .. :,::
.." qurtments of section 102 (2 (C. of, the Na-
l Act of 19 which require that State,
| "o~ b#1ima"es wtich are authorized to developam
Wi OLs eenvirottanl standards be given an opportunity ta comment
a Mt, aA at" a Pedbral or federally assisted projects.
9W.. WI4W Itlslie ashele- chted, with enforing or furthring the
^ttte ^nd local ci tt laws with opportunity to
artiae#wniew process e tablshed under this Part.
AbBPub of wolyconte3t- betwstI applicants for
d ta d lo2l government and agencies, an
'ot irgenenof tilco-ordirntion and review of

os( .

- (b)) Ti. PM bltdknt shall provide tecinical assistance to the States
livideVeloai ebmprehensive plans and raeticable programs-for PrPe-
iration a"inst4ikaSters, including hazar& reduction, avoidance, and
H itirgtiba;" qf distancee to individuals, b-uginesses, and State ahd
l lel g1eTEfbVVI.t following such disasters; and for recovery of dam-
*g deitelyd P-tblic and private fkdi H 9
":.(4J]pbfi4aplcation by a State, the presidentt is authorized to
make grants1 not to exceed inthetaggrega":teo suichState $250,000, for
th, ddteIpkaei t of plans, programs, ani hpabil ties for disaster pre-
^ffliit s.d1 .thdrpl~e#ion. Such grantA ihalj be applied for within
0hs h ear-rni aM 'f date of enactnmedlt of tfiis Act. Any State desiring
i fihariial "ssistaice under this section shall deiguate or create' an
kgenm t& plan and administer such a disaster preparedness program,
*ard sIlfb 6j h such agency, submit a State plan to the Presiden,
: ii: w Tl a L l"'. *" + ; * . ; - : *: * .
:. >(1!')9 s9 fortIa a* comprehensivee and detiledState program
|r p reparstidn against and assistance llowigimrgecies and
sd dc' ;g orjnmnd$ including provisionifoi atitance to individuals,
I mlWifieSeAW-adlcl goermeIts rAjide- i sj ~dil
0" inlfndd$: ro.islons for appointment and training of appro-
tafti uation of necssary'regulatios and procedures
;*t procedures i
I otd~~cP~ t~qiredexercises'.
'6)"rTrle Pt6 e&t is authorized tomak1 grats not to exceed 50 per
Cehtu11 th*eost-othmproving, maintaining 'and updating State dis-
asteist air*e plans,;exwept that lin puch grant shall exceed $25,000
per annum to any State. :
; '* ^ .:: .. + .' .
SSzo. 202. ,(a) The President shall insure that all appropriate Federal
ng&n.iMs itpipared to issde wsrnlgse f disasters to Stats and local
g M&ffIdnA~)~ oo; *t ,, 14... .r. *- '.... .*T' .. 4.5 .*. ,
24W 'Pteeidnt s hall rect ap ropriate Fededl ageni6Ws-to pro-
-id e Aisia sistane t a o d gbt-ve mMats to I:i re that
zmletraatfaffective disaster Vtriingis provided[ I
IPAfl :i&'tsiMi f U thAri%6d, to ltitmle 6i'to make available to
tLSta4ia d O46, jgen tibst f ttoL the civil defense
iftm. .. ... Ilied a Aihntaiedi pursuant t- seo-
the rocidie? Civil Nfi~nte AWMf .195% as6 amended 1(50
*B&'OWJ'< *SS'. glfyy ( WG"+'"sr~i Federal ti tmirieatiofs syte
a loai to goyt6 ental authneitis-and
*v~ ~ ;Lio n wmvv en4anAptdimfp
_eh ciilanpuulatiortn+ , atl f in areas ,en~angre i ,sf disfts" + -> ,< 8 ;'++h
.2 ~f ThB~l Je^ t A W aluthki*&&feit ioh'tgi^emento with the
rivtte-t' its ojpnteii oo ifuxun mmmnicatioM 8y&
2M4 1tht use 61 t"jfi )~ haWIetl^ t reiirbutcsabhe or
fore the Itirqse bf prTi6votg wanting bey g6v-
es a.nd tihe; ciiai oR tien endangered by
... ..te r '." .n .; i ". : "** u .j n ^ +^ -.+.., .?: +., ;. :. i .. *.+ : ,.j..
.. T ~q a^ Y% ,7 j;h .' : " *- ... . til .... .. ". A ;
,:+ :m^ 'Y++ f>l w qO*J^ +? +.: *t r "ior^+.;-. '.+ % + +,f: ..,-- .. :.s 1.. ,,,, ..
.I )Jfu a4r'9k"1i strtiiir.V 1 -rom iisi) '' tI 'V?1 3P
+T'X O1) Vil "3 ,'1 ,.-... r44,! fl F t jqI thrtt. .r :,f
Sac S01.. (a) All requests for a detrmination by tj.hPrsietta
an emergency exists shall be made by the Governor o the afi ted
State. Such request shall be based upon the Governor's finding that the


1 rogrliwhieJ ludesthe uriban-trnewl area which is benefited by
the expendims for which credit iscaimed. In connection with any,
ih ,A d..vekipment program for which an application is filed
rit later thn the, date of the enactment of the Housing and Urban
Development Adt of 1969 and for which no contract for financial assist-
ahe ~uider the program has been authorized by the Secretary, the
three-year and seven-year periods referred to above shall be. extended
to periods of four and eight years, respectively, prior to authorization
of (1) the first c ntraet for financial assistance under the program
w*itinduIdeS the urban renewal area benefited by the public improve-
meint oftfflity (or the expenditures) for which credit is claimed, or
(2) a contract for a loan or capital grant for an urban renewal project
authorized after the date of the enactment of the Housing and Urban
Development Act of 1969 in an area which is benefited by the public
improvement or facility (or the expenditures) for which credit'is
claimed and .which was included in the neighborhood development
program.*application. .
(b) ho portion of the cost of a& public improvement or public facil-
ity (to the extent otherwise eligible) may be included as a local
grant-r-aid in omputiu the grss project cost of an approved pro-
gram for any twelve-month period--
(i) #iidr to commencement of construction of the improvement
S.Or facilityM .r
S, (9) excess of the amount actually expended or obligated by
..'*'e-^ ntri a .t ;, '" ...
S,(6) Thmprovision, of section 104 with respect to the pooling of
loal antsin-lid among the various projects undertaken by a local
lbU eny. sha.l not be applicable with respect to any excess local
W*a$A 4.esulting from the .urban renewal projects contained in
a neighborhood development program.
n,... .. .b Lb ".. . '. L ,
fltcS^ !LSM.(a).Forpnpoesof thids rv
1; (1) the workable proram requirement in section 101(c) shall
'Apply to the authoriation, rather than the execution, of any con-
tract foiloa or capital grants;
.(2) apitaP grtan o a threfourths basis may only be made
UP:e 3P). ) ...
....nar r Wr.e ie ci field in section 105(c) shall
W6 46 y0 t1 ii.cnqeet of an approved program;
":.' "ection io 106 (relating to transient housing) shall apply
-'Maarlfi k rllat uken widerapproved programs, except that
7'-thle d&tmiatipn a&s nped for traisienthou shall be made
S*with it & t6 Iny'sIe'or lease of land for consruction of such
,,. r,4oaup eh ale ,or IeM ; a$i .
: P . : : . ,, .. .
I eoncermng demolition" .and removal of
l',.A-. i tate. i clause (A) of the sentence
h. 1 9 (1.) of .section 110 (c) shall apply to eachL
::.d16 "aved program. .
4 l MW ye Sra f acialf assistance for one
ot moe tnntal ncrements of a. neighborhood development program





investment of such amounts as he deems advisable by thS---tary of
the Treasury in obligations issued orfglaranteed by the Uniied States.
(d) An annual business-type, budget for the VWd,.I&I b. re-
pared, transmitted to the Congress, conidered, and Menacted in the
manner prescribed by law (sections 102,103, and 104 of the Govemrn
ment Corporation Control Act (31 U.S.C. 847-849)) for wholly-owned
Government corporations.
Sw. 1244. (a) Any insurer, pool,; or, property, owner acquiring
reinsurance or direct insurance under this title shall funish the
Secretary' with such, summaries and. analyses of information in its
records as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of this title, in
such form as the Secretary, in cooperation with the State insurance
authority, shall, by rules and regulations, prescribe. The Secretary
shall make use of State insurance authority examination reports and
facilities to the maximum extent feasible.
(b) Any insurer or pool acquiring reinsurance under this title shall
file with the Secretary a true and correct copy of any annual statement,
or amendment thereof, filed with the State insurance authority of its
domiciliary State, at the time it files such statement or amendment
with such State insurance authority.
(c) Any insurer or ether person executing any contract, agreement,
or other appropriate arrangement with the Secretary under section
1222 or section 1242 shall keep reasonable records which fully disclose
the total costs of the programs undertaken or the: services being ren-
dered, and such other records as will facilitate an effective audit of
liability for reinsurance or direct -insurance payments by the Secretary.
(d) The Secretary and' the Comptroller General-of the United
States, or any of their duly authorized representatives, shall have ac-
cess for the purpose of investigation, audit, and examination tb any
books, documents, papers, and records of any insurer or other person
that are pertinent to the costs of any program undertaken for, or 'serv-
ices rendered to, the Secretary. Such audits shall be conducted to the
maximum extent feasible in cooperation with the State insurance
authorities and through the use of their examining facilities.

SzC. 1245. (a) The Secretary is authorized and directed to: conduct
a study of reinsurance and other means to help assure-- : ....
(1) an adequate market for burglary'anditheft and other prop-
ert insurance' in urban areas; and '
(2) adequate availability of surety'bonds fo co&ktricton con-
Stractors in urban areas. .
(b,) The Secretary shall submit the results of this sfidy t er
with appropriate recommendations, to the Presdent and (Cnress .no
later than June 30,1970.1 .
:* .. I -- ,* ^ ,'^ -
:. see. 407. HourIuiana Urban Dewelopmet A&be S iV. PNib LVaw -b,
December 19 l,69^83Sst. 879, 398, Anzteded iwu Aukna 1, It., to S an ,W^
.e date t whiec tcN Secretary of HUD 63 queon twhbwlti .U:

2esp ,to j r a


ly~fritw AflfruTtM Awssiitant to the Preoidout for Economic Affir, Ux
distant to the President for Domestic Affairs, the Special Asat
h Preaidak for Consumer Affairs,, and such other members 4t6e
",=-edent, &y frox time to time designate The Chairman sha.l be
:ia t tPresident. P ..e -i
2 SE. S& e g Resources Council shall perform such fu.otiu. red to ity section 108 of the Energy Reorganizatio Act
4" 19TZ.ld..dvelp a single national energy policy and pivgma,
mBd ial1 psrfbrrn sncb other functions as may beassgaed to it1 bwa
1;cto.&tiusejs y U I iridw
re and agencies shall operate with the Cou-
"ci. and a to tt t e .xtent permitted by law, provide it wtb. suc
. ...... ..... d information as the Chairman of the Qouncil .-ay
94.# 5.Tbe, Cbomumitt" on Energy, the establisja enlt of which w
emouJuno, 14s, 19,V b b aboli
I-~t& 7bte GnU^ shall tarinuate in accordancW witI th he pro4
dl.t i tion 103 of the Energy Reorganization Aoct atI.t4 .
jQ' p t'); .:- .- GZ *'*- BKALD It Foerit.
(VT4 IfW ni.n4,tbe i 94

Nub 4,M4
FtMORO fllAtTATI'Otq ACT Or iMs',
ji, 2. 2:1 b ',P vpL A L o .. j ,v : # " .". .
^ i, ^.. { ,' W "- "; ... o .* ,.. . .. .. .. ,, .- . J:', ,
( . i r. T i ./ .. , !.. :**'., , .- ** ^ .^ ; .. . . ,,* .. $., .^

!. ^ .. .-n.' ";[1 !} . .. ... . - -* .: .. ..! .." ^ .
' a . U . 9 ..9 .
S>9 .' IPubiHc Law 93-112,87 Stat. 355] '
,;..:Iw -...-. ... : 0. *. . . B ai
J ; ..:: '.|;^ .'!" :.:.,!.: h'. r ].,. ,:... <: ; *.. t ij ,,h -' ., *. : : i i '. v." ; ": "-. *
2 (a) The s ntablislwdF wikin F
A. Anbi.tst w& < trawsporteuion ,BaTrrter. Cqhmq~iaa. Ihmd
tfli^Rtm &ewdto satto"Board") whiohbmhaUl bet cqmupowl .f
:yittftfM^l~of tba follving dpttj~s ~< 0 ~i
r 1 teitlsaatkRduetiou^m4dWe arzt; ,
M';tC' 3m-en Sf1Wussg addrUrba d)evmlop,,t4,

.fqiil4, i^ 4 /,:-*
~~-ITI~TM 116hstaqt*~t

6. lh m atq esoet4li i "kwip} 9 .4.99 "9
"~g 0 "I *"" "' &'''
9. 4 ., .9 ,, -

i-otwb shal be handicapped individuals, to prmodsguid-
.- q . i" ". E: .: i* ...ttI^'.: .!' ... .1 *: ..':. -.; : t .J ::.'*. ..{ J .. .L . ;:".... i*-o ,: :-* ,. :. r .( , .. ,..-
Hr Uste. 111(nt~) (1) f the fehabilltatlon Act Aaendmsnt. of 1974, Pctliu Law 93-fiL.
M 8ttt_-.&ftp~tivd N~emer 2, 174,amened ecton502 (a) qf the Rehaifi~tailim
.. ...... i l ,'" : (s n 4 (T)a (8h"( lows: ..:, (7." *18 ') do
1`44r 01 ^~y^ afereitwo() anw eaneuollo: W (8 the S-
*sIANWOR&iMd OH ^M^l A^k

9: : ":.; .- :
'I .
:E" : S 6
E ..":i" : .. : ....


Sices of .1d4 M a d'all adminis6afve and overhead expenses of the
l piuW aeNcy #~~ih respect to such project. Where' real prop-
.ii th&V ire, carea is aired and? v owned as part of the project
bythe local public agency and such property is not subject to ad
S"thr'm1taxes by reason of its ownersU p by the local public agency
d.payinents Pin lieu of taxes are not made on account of such prop-
ytImthee mn#y (with respect to any project for which a contract of
fldOralisgistauce under this title is in force or is hereafter executed,
deliertiian a o t ot on which a contract for capital grant is made on
W. K.1 b C)beinlued
S wthkee-tt basis pursust to section I a) (2() be included,
af tie: di .bition of the Secrety', ii' gt project cost an amount
equalto the Ad valorem tates whicW would have been levied upon such
proet if 1it tiad been subject ta ad valotem t xes, but in all cases
pror.aff: l or the period dupig which such property is owned by the
local pt bl 0 agency as part of the project, and such amount shall also
be cdfiidred a cash local grant-m-aid within the purview of section
fIlO($ Threof. Such'3 amount, and the amount of taxes or payments
14 h"tt ~f taxes included in gross project cost, shall be subject to the
apPibto 0of thd Secretary and such rules, regulations, limitations,
and coi:idiitansi as he may prescribe.
lWh!ei iproiect includes the acquisition of property which has
beeA dtagei3 t uce e of the collapse or subsidence of underlying coal
iibes, r: unEikrud mine fires, and the property is to be acquired
foa*anm 1idividua13 family, business concern, or nonprofit organization
'ie*'ts thecown-er of such property at the time the damage first
occurred, the amount otherwise allbwable as the acquisition price of
such pfliOerty may be increased& by an amountequal to so much of any
dim.utifk in the vaine of such property as is determined to be reason-
ably "ttributable to such damage i :d to represent an otherwise uncom-
pensqted d (but for such e6fsition) uncompensable loss actually
stamed4by suchowner. *
: : !4i Nb p~ cost" shall mean the difference between the gross
f ei and the aggregte of (14 the total sales prices of all land
or other property sold, and (2) the total capital values (i) imputed,
oh ba4 sppfbved by the SecretTy, to all. land or other property
r.daaa, ud (_ usbd as 3a basis for .determiining the amounts to be
trafred to the prtjeet from other fmds of the local public agency
tb b -dpthsate for anyi land or otlier property retained by it for use in
accordance with the urban renewal plan.5
j).4) "Qing Federal rate" means (with respect to any contract for
a oan qr advance ctered into after the first annual rate has been
?. .!i* *1; ... i .
2)qJg4, 9Mb}: ,t the H... t At of 194t Drovided that any contract under title I of the
Jiedg &c 19UI executed prior to the date of enactment ef the Housing Act of 1964
WaqW .-,&04 ) 41 e ameneuded ...t payment of the Increased amounts
autori ned under subsec. (a) of sec. 311 "with respect to any uncompleted project
If the project includes acquisitions which, under any State or local law in effect on such
d.i.eendit.res.b.a locales pubMlic agency that could- not otherwise be
Sat' suci lp jeci
"^ a? 42t f"e.panenthesis aiter "or Is hereafter executed" inserted by see. 302(5),
et a 19.7, Public gLiaw 85-404 proved July 12i, 1957, 71 Stat6 294 300.
SThis seiteece added by sec. 3 02(d), Housing Act of 1956, Public Law 1020, 84th
Co agreuapproved August 7, 1956, 70 Stat. 109 1099.
ie *e.11() a.ousing Aqt of 1964, Public Law 88-560, approved September 2, 1064,
78 Stat 769. 790. added this paragraph.
Sec. 218(b), Housing and Urban Development Act of 1970, Public Law 91-609, approved
December 31, 1970, 84 Stat. 1770, 1779, deleted at this point the balance of this sentence
which read: "or for subsequent disposition or retention as provided under section 106(1).".


. : P, ,'_' t. ..:-

San X A n]iu o!
to the CaiWr i eRzd tp AILdmw
tion 1uof IA4O ajk

...or but

(5 USC, F,,,'?,, ( U.J. t..,irfnsit
E WwnFusVsxtSjprJ o't r w *h. 'b i gjr
rH> 1. . .*. .........

: THWaOT HornS, KMcvk f'f'f. --*i: 'I++ ; ^M~.O: ;. l"l4^
,, EM DaHN m n. .;s :a 0:r f ,..r. ".. ".;, :T .-" ,I i..'.
*: . .. : .. - ..... :.. . :.", d 3 .('D --; ........... .

,, , ... ,'.'' ,, , :
r :: .... .. .,
: ..: E :: i' :! i +" :.-: :^ i. : -; .. " : ~ .B :"
: -. ,2 : ... : ... : : dJ a-, *1%I U j
E- SH I 31 .; ; 'hr-;., f^.: .j I

ciencygim the executcivetrwh nmeets ift4 w* .dathumBiug tHdjritl
Where, it is eeswtial that the r of tMe iewtiut~eKub
which are devoted to the fulfillment of our intern~jitn.Lw. hul
tieaSZdthB needsOT ou r dxtzmB e hmanntgod~adtafei A at
a . t .; m-an nerias p os s.ibe..;
Wbreas, the baest management practise. fIn d.,,ni...S dsnl..sySb
by individual Government agencies aiMa by _i "..
should be utilized in all Government agencies whenever alb;
a n d '* . -' .*.* 1. -. ::':. : .. '* r ";
Whereas, there is a need to review the progrsaof the Qovnwen t's
management improvement program and to upA .the
advicethereon and' i *.,, & .... 4 ;;
L I .. " I I'[ .
Whereas, it is desirable to ,ivs increased ~tattilbp tnfiiap^e
ment of the. management of eecutiv. agAci4. idDi tWM:
Now, therefore, bM. i.tue ofthe, itt ty vetMtd
of the United State, it is ordered as o* on .
Srnw 1. establsahnen* qf the CuwMIl'% IlV C he*d a
tablished the President's Adviso Coicfi t^Iff~~fl
meant (here -after referee to .ie.Cotil..- ... .,
(b) The Council sha be con m e 0 m, of agecie
shail be appointed .0the Pneklrk nx U.
Government and who enall G er* t the mntagWiesIwhe
The. President shall designate ope.of the e. i t
m m ,lpAa s ..,, tan. LM,,,., . " .. I' ,.
m cht of euctiera of the CoutiiL 4eaB reqnl WtIS
the Dieretor f theBueuof ffhe Qui
eoflthe UitfedStitt~r is ordre as ^ : ".'i.ll.^^1^ 'b~
SEC. 1. Fwitaioshvof the OowK srqf- ~l'i ~atM
the thretPresidet's Adui , efteB0e itf onclsalpfo

time to time:
(a) Piwidt edvicei audiatflan ci a ot Qbn.Ir*4t-w dtetJ4W
S. s : :: .!: i :" r *
'n o ....i" s" b.....



Iff oear- Re AOdeboa ....

Ma W.SB L"! M
* t Act aa..W r a." .. ..

Mfa-ftl".eb t ____---O'_ B 49'.N!B ... .
'~~~ ~ . . i w"n g .At _ t f~o i ~ :'~....- J ^. ~r M ............
Ps H..Ovp l, A t. ;-_, i. ... si
: Mdbke homes: -wall.
oilVP ,S
M4 =: A *5. WA iUQ S 1

t ,4.-Purojkihe-of-9p ... %ng.i..fl.wa.LH.. .. ..j
;'T- -Ddfrlopment Aet of *.- '...3..-i- as6
Multifamily housing: dWtMiBn"S S. 6 ttb.' .a/io q n IT0
Natfbnal Atonaut e S'daM Aa i,, .W.1
-~ ~ ~ ~ h eeo~~eN!i~~l^flea tfla
*. t- Ttent. 2 Ith)gj, N a1ioml Stn ?tu-S-.._.----.. 1.
Neceary curnflt cout-Imit on-mortgage aMnt ?Ob.44t 'I .1L-r,::
manufacturee of housing-Sec. 609(b) (4) National.. MUEKIA M-,g 8
Veterfl' honjynrhSetV414) NItkaaS'htitanatiJ. 296
Nflbodwofto eoeervattm~osoim..fftas^izum45iW *LtfI
R Housing Ac_..t]tow. .-s, S&.4U,.Z..... fl..., am iia 20)
Nokdilaflc astmtaD: ^1Swi'zdwfllt*tnaBhibats ^ Q*
1- Nonprofit hofft 4gk Y' nA: j, k3 M *.*hlr L 9 H zanatxn
iot-marke iet J~ atfitml., n.att.* )4) ...
National Sfln int&7auLz&-tzsa.tzr =aiza,4a tn f25
Pmlkihe utihCL eiltittios B sa let1*9^'c!*at" gnfr ttltlrl- *
Se-. 221 (-), NatIonal oon -Ac - -'
oBdofiniflBaJ.iWBfflert ilfl *'*''.I& In 6 e 1.4~i iI L.~oa "H nia AC! -t fv>a im 11r.'A ro vtll. %4 t, It"' 1z.1 Igw MHj -
Below .-azp Inlrate ianrzaw'm uw-Igac^ t(J,
V w Natfsal HfonstAcalAa---a wg '. "ameiah ..29.
4c -A-i-p-bIo--AM s Y r220
Mortgage JnsurancL-zec. 233. Nfnttqaata--- 192
Eldoy o ey or, b"cen ect 31 D Waft- pede 21 M.3.o-al- .

... .. .A .not .-.u-ft : :h
~.- Inteest relation pymea-ts aM "a -tn..m.-.a. 236 2

,,,"' Ut aI W SE 25
purcb as Mm __010 Naationa.% -qaltMm 21
Public housing-mortgtgeu for purchas6U-e2mL i:A fwnV p
ing Act4-a ZJ4wnL~a.IqM0,i-];44S fidba*. 2m3
*~Public hogdug agcndv&-inqq wq=1ap,1 m
*from tlMSia^fl4'9 fl WB bvwf'jl ofl4jiif^.f^ -.''
A~t4w-l4s~r(-4m~-?&d gadt~Wp
Public Dladosure or number jttftl'&iarmo un ff
purchased by deposltol h&lititioh% be. SOC&I -'
Disclosure Act **91_1bM j ?TO
rReawonblyaliifcry Iriuwrw~f-8eqgBfniilyp^^a a
u-.nfu a rfrnmwkssAfoe2

*" i- J t : *** 1 -** * .. .. .... .... ... ..... .... .. ... ..... . . . . . . 3A
1 ~ 4K fli m~ p w ~ ~ pyr
4... kqm


Training-0ontinued 3 St -' j/.- artM Atru Iw'rJd&X
Mo.ile homs.-constre.tion and safety standards-See. e.f-_l..f..ltM
Mobile Rote WiItrUetteatt Sdsg^Sr~maad~Iw ASf 4 WSatss- Til9
State and local bodie-asuistance by. N D--4arqwftl.r. l in I n .,..
housing, and 'o mtit dedmc.fl4 fl' g !A V
StOte and edu4atonal institonls for tralmhag n4dmmuuh IS AS.
ing, planning, community de-sopmnt etpgelft- Ia.:fl..
Transportation: s Be .LUrMRa m.s trmsut ie ..1 :WO.:..-is ... ..
Air quality standards, maintenance of-C-lea. Air A4t.-._..- 889
Comprehensive planAingr8-grasts-Beprffql, Ait 4| 14.P 881
Urban renewal-Sec. 110(b), H:ueig 4pt ml J -,,- fl10
Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property RaeqNSe*tR n .aAA.
of 9oT t-- .... -!1.....4--__ ..-__ ._-. -....... 122.... ...
United States Coast Gard: See: M ltarrywbqug V" : .,.:. ..-..
United States Housing Act of 1937, as amended--,.
Sec. 201, Housifg and Community :.Deve-ow- ActeO- A4t11._-..- 8
Prior to rewriting by. Sec. 201, JHoualng and C(-mun-it
Act of =l"__.:.-'._ __.?__ -, ':, ::.?, 384
United States Housing Authority: Bee: Administration.-Depat of
Housing and Urban Development Act; Public housing . ;.r -i,, ^
Urban beaufitionc. .n: .. ....
Program-Title VII. Housing Act of 1961-.----.. 1068
Ter-ination of program-Se. g11, outing and A ommunl tevlev-
ment Act of 1074.l ,_.a._. a i r. .-_ 98
Urban development: 'ae ek: Owumuity arm:R| dew
ciUties; Land devemneat; Model citie; Urban Reewul,, .
Block grants-Title I, Housing and. 'uCo imunt Yev#
197 ._____-- ___.^7A'f_'"'^--'--_,_. ..-':1 'j'^; Ali^,,
Coordination ot-Title Y, IntV, rg.verumuebl 'nope 4 ".
Coordination of Federal urban programs-Executive Order 2 4
DeDevtopqient. Act
Department of Housing and. Uban Dev* .elopment. A'
Environmental stan.fdard.-OUcS .. Mzanam t L ....
lar A495--loll-O
Federal acquisition of land-Title I IntergOem a i ,
Act of 1968-..---..,..- ... t j .,: i. 0"
Federal disposal of laud-U0tle V. ImSgO.Ier'mwatsl Q...ap -
of 1968 (Federal Urban Land US. A *
Grants--Title II, Demonstration Cities and Meto.,,lqaJ,.
Act of. 99t20-~~-~
Grants-to severely distressed cities and urban counties, S lp, of
Housing and Co innty Development At of lf. .. . ,... .
Inner city areas-See. 740, Housing and Urban Divelopument e .. ..
1970 (National Urba Policy and. New Community Develq.. et "
of 1970). -4-j... .: ,798
Model cities program: ..... ,A ..
Grantsf and tsekdurica assvum.-Ttt IDtzmtttonCo
..,.mu mc.. t,. m ..l.
and Metropoltun ,Develo neInt Act of -- 10B
Tera inaloio t prgrm-Se, Ho, d sa B,-
vdosmtAto. wt978l.fS"~4~fl. PI
National Uran Pollq N :d: New pmuaitunt. DexFeMAL ........
1970 (Title VII, R .ousding ud Utbsa$a ,ti.Z
Policy-See. I Housing Act of 194% ..4: .... _. i..
Trai.ning mpG.ow wt puaog.s. .. I* . . :j h.t^ j .
uellowahtps- fse. 453, HoshhtAct -at ... .--. 65.
GraS-U SUB, 804b osing Act of 8 1 B 17
Urban to I end tathiceal aft tA
ropoUltan Develomet Act oW 1966&4..@ 5 .-.
Urban land util'ation-Ttle V. I -I,*eL: L Sr,

of Isroau Mhi4miM 11h46
1un0 m-- -6. ua.. a,. ,n ___ .

RBeablttation iaa-Sec. 812, i. A ........ I.


NEW 'O1w mosufMS

(b) The fMll faith and credit of the Unite4 Ktkte iblektothe
payment. of all guarantees made umbr'ti't. t -,q*to
principal, interest, and any redemption iitlpit Ay.'....
tee made by the Secretary shall besiveo tel-
bility of the obligation for ih guarmtet th* vli t AnY
arantee. so. made shall be incontestable min e oW&ff i .,i..ek 40
the guaranteed obligatin . "'* i".4
(c) The outstanding bonds debentures, iotsw or th*
gaanteed under this section with rape to a single mu-
nity development programshall involve a principal oblitio: in an
amount (1) i` the case of a State land development apntynot exceed-
in 100 per centum of the sum of the Secrta estdimuateof the
value of the real property before development, and his estimate of the
actual cost of the land development, or (2) in: the ea of
new community developer, .otexceed the sum.8G n pennrt
of the Secretary's estimate of the value t the real pro1W before
development and 90 per centum of his estimate of the atua Sat of
the land development. .......
(d) The outstanding principal obligations guaranteed m dr this
section with respect to a single new community developma:program
shall at no time exceed $.50,000000 S. ; .
(e) The agregate of the outstanding principal oblgati. trsn-
teed under this section shAll at 0oe time exceed $QQc)iOO%. which
amount shall be increased by $195;500$000 on July 1,19. ? ..
... ... .. '. ..... . .. ... ... : ..; +,.:. : ... 1 5 .. ..
SEc. 714. (a) The Secretary (acting through the New Comsnmntl y
Development Cbrporporation) is authorized, su b .o'toC 'ti
and conditions contained in section 716, to make and enterW
ments to make loans to or on behalf of private new' common ity de-
velopers and State land development agencies for the p+fla *
assisting them to make interest payments on indebtedness incurred by
them to finance new community development programs approved by
him. Loans under this section shall be in amounts which do not =ed
the amount of interest the Secretary estimates l i yaiie n" iebte&-
ness attributable to land acquisition or land"dAeve enteid $haWt
made only with respect to interest payments on indebtatt aSlid
ing during an initial development period (not to eresdAfst mR)
which the Sere-tary estimates to be prior to tt ti Nhet Tad
.................. .7.. -f...
marketing activity is of sufficient volume to pemdt ecuutix &
meant under the new community develotpm t prettam fluu
benefit of further loans under this section. i. : +
(b) The Secretary shall require that loans under thfr uib
be repaid, with interest and on terms and eonditionls.. .. .
him, commencing at such time as development a
ing under the new community developmmnt' ..ogpi .
repayment, but not later than fifteen years after .the . l
is made. Such loan. shall bear interest atnaera peJS
Mary which shall no.t be leas than a ntdtflJ ...iaeW
of the Treasury taking into consideration th e iS
yield on outstanding marketable ob o .ft
:: :! :E "iiEE 4" i"" H: ." " ..
Sftaot OfPuble T Law9.-Y, 9 -11, S.II ...
uaaaoa wb sissoe noeo n I ,V179, 0


T; 7 qisix

vtirts .by tbtaASw 4 P 791-
:at,~ thle authwrisi riby ao
t b ~forjt*h4a A
Seretarv shall estimate those uai aantijfoUfit WM i ,
Wermwed fanfTraly ^ t "1
respect" Man lw id .A
IurrfNfwo th" Fr-f0?rytf anL on i ith
SaUbe iM such topa.... ......
and be subettsuch 6w. MtosOd
by th1 Seacetswty, itt. !tP Iof.the. V&L
ury. Such notes or other
deterituedr6bl tkh4 YOth
the current averap ra on :i ^,^ ......
United States as of the lst ay oetoaioh b iSo
such note or other obligatiot& I$ $
authorized and directed to purcM aV4y no. e l s[ N
of the Secr0ie4 issued under A .tle aid X^ Sn40 nfl
au&orized to useas a p-uic deb .... din ie ple*...
sale of any seetiritims issued
amended, and ths upose for ti& may.
thA poses ,
such Act, as amedd, are exte-ed t Ih 'des
notes and other 0b]ljtion$.'TUh- Sdentxy time *eI any of theTh dt ot4 obligations .
this teldtion. All rFfmi p at., 5; !t;
of the tIeasmy ,of J idt Ger ,obiptwns- tSin
puiMedbttrannctknrfti,,. til V ..t.
(g) Obligttnas, M41 f mn ....
sgtend~s for proJfrta cptiunaa4 to~itt
bag es from trh r
i t ?ri rh 4l b- ., ..... ....
: ^ ^ * *- ^ 1 ? < : * s .... if ..* ; : .': *
0, ... . *" -' ,i "r *.* VIk'\:* ,.'*1"f. "lr *:*
" ,a ,t. ..., .;.. ..: .. : ....... ft' ..^T. : h'-.. "* 4d
:. .. .. ...'4{ #. ...h ; .:.; |; t .d.:... ,, 7

Sma:108j()() The Seet vtl ff2a f
FOiM fit of ft- With the
urban renewal projects: Provided Tht6l

nfl^ t^^-^ semi J t o4'M^ft JS M tI^^^AR^ AS^ti*f fi'i

azy laod diBpd SW ptnuit itesdcn-Ii
1=1 w~eotrmdtlh me

mA ct of. ?ist
0 @".
l nik a
& M 9fUMBIMf~ca 'SBP^ -5

i '

.1 J t, t i ? .".4
4* i j .. :.. Ii .% *...
ru t t M '. ;9
.. :' ." Ei" :...y *. / : r if
., .... ; ,, :,^. r .)f. ;*. .% ,.' i
i ) i t f, r :. 0- : *
,, :. ^ ";* ... -{ : .-> t -1* t 5. *::.,:'.
i .. : 'J ....,. .. s?' .,I'
i""~:E. ". *" .. .;, ^ .p f^
,. I :i -%
*4 f '' r


specified as provided in thisestep)h W j*4
which the.. Secretary of the Treasury MIp14l ppic
the six-month peso4 (bqgung wtfr th. 4?7. sar
December 31, 1953) during wlich thq contract .or 1oa0, o taie
under this:, title is i.uthiorized Sy the Seerptry, wi" api t .nfr
for each six-mznth period 4shall be determined ,
the Treasury by estimrtning the average yield to Inturitj on t&pn
of daily cla"ng market bid quotatiasor prices .4r..g t.z. wn q
May or the month of November, as the case mry be, .nAt recdidg
such six-month period on al outstandngmuretablobgat o q
United St4es having, a maturity dae | fifteen or fo"y 4pPp
the first day of such monOth pf May or,,ve Jer, and iaduptg sueh
estimated average annual yield to the nea4t oeoigPhLl oa emn-
turn. Aiy2 contract for a loan or advanq !uthoriz by .h e$re
tary after the date of enactment of the MP insg Act of 1PV ushll
provide for a single interest rate which salJ ei appliablq, also to
future amendments of the contract which provide additional Md4
thereunder, and shall further provide for. a periodic revision o ti
interest rate on the balance outstanding or to be outstanding such
loan or advance based on the going Federal rate.on 14aW of such
revision: Provided, That any contract for loan or advance authri d
prior to the date of enactment of the Housing Act.of g,11:-beall -i
amended (with the first .amendment to such contract autiorwI afte
the date of enactment of such Act) to provide for sUoh a single Aier-j
est rate (based on the going Federal, rate at the time such ameadent
is authorized) and for period revision thereof. ,- :J. ,.i
(h) "Local public agency" means, an.y State, county1 mnicipality,
or other governmental entity, or plic. body, or .tw..or rao..ew
entities or bodies, authorized to undertake the project or which asaist-
ance is sought. The term "State" qlu"'s0 the se $rja Shts, Di-
trict of Cohlumbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto 'lico, t.. t
tory of the Pacific Islands, the territories and possessions :01
States, and Indian tribes, bands, groups, and nations, incwlu'd"g A
Indians, Aleuts, and Eskinos, .O* the United. State. m .m m
.(i) "Land" means any real property, including inJ rpu r u l
proved land, structures, improve .euts, eaemeatq, nicoPor p kl4
aments, estates, and other, righIin land, legal or equitabi . m
() "Semreta" means tha, Secretary of Housing .' aaIr .
Development. n d
S Sec. 800(b). HaOsing Act of 1964 Publf T aw 88-5 60, ap .Iroed September 2 i94
78 Stat.V789, 785,-deleted at thlbjolntiwso tlerorany pioef
SSee.. 309, Housing Act of 1964, Public Law 88-560, approved September 3, 1964, 78
Stat. 769, 788. substituted this sentence for the following:
"Any such contract for loan m ts may be revised or pramded mba latm 'oftuaeta m
that the going Federal rate. onw the basin of which the Ihtetett rate o th-16ml b 9bUd
shall mean the golnr Federail ra. helmn defined, ef otm dkte LAd at thtb M4t1"aemmt
is authorized." r . *
S September 2, 1964. .. "' .
See. 202(a), Housing and Urban Developmuet Att o IS96 files .0 M 5
proved December 24, 1969, 83 Stat 379, 38.Oamendi, teh ata iE.#t'l-tIW U c1n U
Trout Territory of the *amtei Islands, mad INdIx*IulbSB OspCgtflP
Inmd udingal AlUaska, Indlan@,iAlat, and Lskimoa, of te it ktatee. ii 'i ; i i ii
. .. : r ; f".. .;@ ,. *. ,: ,. *.: .* . .. K *... :*r ; *,
:' *: .* / .. .: *: .,.. 1 ,. ,- . :... ..
: '* :i t : mill I. m:
*E :. *. -E : .
.. i *




Counselinff-Continued :"..19 i v..:" i.. eti .:"',)
...l+ 4 r .. + i .
CJredit coinasIeinta a tt*-*--***if **- i3.:- v*UCA. "sIS *$.W L-..Ie
Rural-?7 U.1S.. n .-Aa i.akL ... .185
o9i1al service economic devepIment iprogris- 4se. nMt
nomic Opportunity Act of 1964-_ i.oLa.-. t_ _A.l2 1198
LowfInome f Idies--'housing: i, j I 11 41!.
Sec. 236(e) and 237, ruNaoaaounA iJd A1.2, 351,271
"lee. 3(4) 'O.S. Bouslng'Ati of4.I -_A if".. ..I... ..
See. 106, Housing and Urban De ipflient'Act ol..i f 96._lZ.a 503
Sponsors of low and moderate-incomahousing-See. 108, Tn'iJ nf..
Urban Development Act of 19t&..... .__- --j._i___ 4__ "_t3
Credit Control Act-Title II, Authority tor reeit teont b .2. ., T_7V
Crim e insurance: AA . -.. .. ..,.ui*:. : ,, ,
Audits--Pec. 12441 National 1H1ulng Aet:-. ... tLJ_. :_ _.' 1128
Burglajry and theft-insurance against-Prtc., TOitle.XtI; Natla l. "
-Housing Act_.... .....---- ----.-----.-_."- -- 1124
Fair plans--BSec. 1211, National Housing Actz.-z "' "_ .._:z,-_L/ */11181
Federal sInsurance Administratot-.Sec. 11O 0Hbtsitlg ati tt,.pw
Development Act of 1968-.' .. .' ""!: 11301
National Insurance Development Fund-Sec. #3,Natii albHotl ig .*.
Act -------i-----i -__--i. --.,--- ii-I--__ .L
National Insurance Development program: .- ",' ..
Authority-Title XII, National Housing Aet. >:..-_n%_ .:>i._' ... fl1
Continuation-Sec. 1,- National surface DevelopmenrAt of
1975 -.------- ---'-.. -1113-
Reinsurance of losses from riotsor eivil dlsorders-Part, BA THl T'
National Housing Act----.---------- -----------.--_ 1121
R e p o r t s : .'" < ;*' " '' `* r +r 1 ?-v ; " + .. .....
.Studies of Reinsurance and other programs by, SWe. of H.D tnd
report-Sec. 1245, 1246, National Housing Act ..._ 1"28, 1129
Termination of-reinsurance and direct insurance ...*ograi-s ?"
1201, National Housing Act ----........ ._ .L- -". 1115
Debentures: See 'Housing mortgage and loan insurance ,' ( f :..
Defects in housing-correction of-See. 518; National Housing Actg-,.Li.. 291
Defense planning...: See master relief;.Em;mengeypaingif ....
Demolition: See Urban renewal -- . X .
Demonstration cities: See Model cities. .L a:+i
Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of. W .. I ,
Title I-Comprehensive city demonstration prograML--'-- ---- lOEjl
Title II-Planned Areawide denelopmentlL ..lL4 ... ..1
Sec. 60&-Grants--histore preiervation.......... ..... IiW
Title IX-T-rban information and technical asslebtic- sherleL-L-_2e 519
Sec. 1004-Assistance for housing in Alaska&---."..--0--+ .... ; .
Sec. 1006-FNMA special assistaJnce-' ---- "ir..... 7
Sec. 1010-Applying advances in: technology to housmhr tnd Sbdt_
development------------------------------.Z--_.- .
Sec. 1011-Urban environmental -stue-----s.." --iL..- I: 496
Sec. 101&-Acquiisltion of certain properties situatM at enearWSi-
tary bases ordered closed----------- .4--6
Demonstrations: Bee also: Model cities; Research ; TechshcIgy St1pits,
surveys and reports : J &I _
Abandoned structures ,nd housing--grants ftw +'
for alleviation and .preventten-See. 506, blaBMegIld' nqFWlnih e
opment Act of 1970---...------- ---. I
Coinsurance of housing loanA-Siee. 4&. MmtIMa sR8' s SMt
Community development-See. 107, Housing and Cbmmnf.l.. DN4Er"'
mebt Act of 1974-_ _.-_---s^^-- -- .------ ..+
metat Act fI9 4.-,,q~...a.- ., ... ...&.4aLsne._S .. ...." 0$+
Depsrtmaikt at flpuuhwf and rbau Devecflflet' rnmtn"4ttlt ra
loitlngand Urban Development Act$ lA .I.. %"
SEconomli development projects-S-e. WoPbc rtle WW OT
Devel et Act .of ,.,. ... ....-
Energy. Oosemvt lp n ...d..R.n#WbI4RI _inbstpSJ tU1BIUSI r,
Houelon and Urban evelopmentet Od:.i"A'U ....:aZ ....
Housing: ji' ntsu
Allowance payments--ect.e4..., 54Housing tuB Urk 9
Aet of 1970.......-..-------...--....-...--------
Coinsurance of housing loans--Sec. 24 NatiemMilHO .lte--- st.,
-Sections not luited asmoeed euluff tISgw whic 1$ Inuced a di'ttO mu ttto Wt*.


i, ) I$tibeu. J atig. on. .sha authorize the Secretary to require
Slm equdjtjma the .availabity or: amount of financial assistance u-
ri .... obeprovided uder this title upon) the adoption by .any
i O$nk... ot 4 W Ortogra t isehieve a racial balance or to eliminate
.E..y..M..i..b..a..a..c.. withinschooldistricts.
..: r, ;:: ,l, V* .* A .
`i.C.420. (p) A grant under section 205 shall not exceed (1) 20
per c itm of the cost of the project for which the granMt is made; nor
1,) Me Fqderl grant made with respect to the project under the leg-
i n rered to in paragraph (2) of section 208. In no case shall
otasfrdera :contributions to the cost of such project be more than
per centun. Notwitihanding any other provision of law, includ-
H eq. iremants with, respect to non-Federal contributions, grants
d 2tion 205 shall be pLble. for inclusion (directly or through
WEUw4 or cdlts) as part bof financing for such projects: Provided,
That projects or activities on the basis of which assistance is provided
ud motion 1056 (c)1 shall not be eligible for assistance under section
s ,o .i. : ,i 'i ...- / ". : .
(,,OTherarp, ,th1rZed to be appropriated for grants under sec-
t._.... _PC x"ibeed $25,000,000 for the .fiscal year ending June 30,
wt ta6ee t $50,o000,000 for the fiscal year end. June 30,
^,Rn 'pugs appropriated under this section shall remain
av i......Nt.expendP and any amounts, authorized for asy fiscal
year U t aks. tion but1 not appropriated' may be appropriated
OR ay seeding f year commencing prior to July 1,1970.
g t- tr t. -T **:*i : '.. '. . .
S'SCdiY; f out his authority under section 205, including
Ifl i. I?'eI "ltons, the Secretary shall consult with the Depart-
uiixt;& tne ; .Teo the department of Health, Education, and Wel-
Thpa traftit of Coimmirce; and the Federal Aviation Agency
oet td metopindlopment projects assisted, by those
d artMnt n d agencies; aAd he shall, for the purpose of section 206,
accqt their respective certifications as to the cost of those projects and
tW.t H' t4 the non-FAeidral contribution paid or to be paid to that
"( g"T---- -..Tr *:;*> : :: *:"o 'T*.:.', ,o l a n . . I '-jI O "
-temS0M. A UsNd in this title-
f) $Anawdde development. means all, projects or programs for
udbnlo,, cpu nkv 0ent of open-space land; and the plan-,
M an etlf hospital libraries airports, water supply and
distribution facilities, sewerage facilities and waste treatment works,
lie Wh dI.lbiM khnwar Water'development and land con-
flrvtM, nd(r l'publi .. wo "6facltie :.., ..: .* ..
(k) aidfle t project", means a project assisted or,
to asistd ndee to 70 of the Housing and Urban Develop-
a# :.4'tt .. .., .i..., '. j* I ;1 ; *:** . : ,. ,' -, ;. .. "*'
I MoIde P"rI
.....1'sbq horgnt.,uuo r this programstpa o f rq queWted for,
.jLe '. _tn)u.f lting .l T.rrban Oevelnpment Act of IRftf. Public YAw 90-44&8. apfoved
Aug. 1, 10968, 82 Stat. 476, 532, contInued until 3uly 1, 1970, the availability of unappro-
priated authorlatloam


1419 and 801

SSuE. 419 Inp:ay case i- which t.eI Fedlelestaei otbtia&t ost
$1): repah=ing, storing, reoonstnroting, ar' repliacgtadir ,cm
402, k ftalldamaged'orwdestronedwlto'fttie wS s
4r l"oca e t within its (ui ?4)47"W"&cW&cx
tance Aer seein- 80f and debri axemoveam u& d ey4!ss
than $B6,.00, then on appoiatika e: .Sbatn loes y-alsgotvexbp
President is authorized to make a contribution to such State or local
government under the-pxnrsiosmcof Oti seation in lieu of any con-
tribution to such SMtte or local government under section 306, 402,
* 403. -Subh contribution thill be WSi ed onh')106) &faitiidi of 6ich
'total estimated cost, AwhMh&ttay -be exr jbi edithertorepair; isto,
reconstruct, Ou replace all 'ueh damiged on dwstx pbioa s
t6otrejfair, retore,1redbnstrtiit n iePlac certain' aiveted damiragedd or
destroyed public facilities, to construct new public facilitiewshickh
the State or local govMMliettdetrminelrt be necessary to meet its
needs for governmental services and. functions in 0w4 diaster:affected
area, or to undertake disaster work as authored ,in sect4"n 806 or 4o.
The cost of reprig,, restoring, reco stricting, or replacig dd
or destroyed uptblic failities shall be estimt-ted. otjth ba" oflh
design of each. sudh facility as it existed immiedi te f 1ri*W*%e
disaster anc in cnt1f'mity current applicabc ?do, ieci4c
tionsanad s ah a. . a u.. ... -. ,-
.. ... .. .. .." , {* ^ v :' ; **.t-; : .*" ; .>i^ . ..* 1 .: .. ..
9i^ 9^^ XrM *^ N9
.. . J-- ,IC S.,
,,; :* .::,:.;'- .- *- :.; '. . r i; : ".~ '' : ; .;"- ': *n'T, '. */:n n. -
fl. : *^* -' *-- O S S E a K- '*': m .... B"*n* *l
D"'-1 ( 'i ." -: . 9'. "
** a *i ^ A~!DM nOy B B IWmK -,l .i9i ;'9 .' 4')
'* rr C ,,
S. 50. 'Th6T Phblie WtHOnas anI Ebthomiitie D M m Aetf
1965, as uamebded, is a-Mi;""nd& -by .addivgk t the ,d ti erf thefol,
i-"ngnewt le.: 3. T 'h "V : 1 ": ri :.Tr,:: .r ,'
;." .; t. 1 F .
. . .. , . . ..i... ....
*.' i \ "{ : ** ; *i; : "*n AI .'i .A : :" ..^ ^.. ",q ,,'* "r '.,.; "* ,f.b
.." I I L T ., i io ,h , '",
,. .: .. .'.A.. : .
S: 1 . t
jt .i e r u ,, 1 .s "(
S"Sid. 801w. (a) It is the' putpone of. tis tit.l t provide
forthe economic reconry~ia1Lr-te pnod of !mtrgekwy aidiuv
replacement of easentiai facilities ad meriens, 4fsayrmaato deastr
area which has suffered a dislocation of it&xoemyct u0 isewA
ashisttnce inI V ''fbirdetvbl
m the major dihUeter; lq(CW) U5nd hhW..
ace available under Fedrl-aidvpngsam; sn (8) .eti t'ddi
nce toward .thae restoration ofthehm b ebbn *: -W .e as
', "(b) Afl used in think title, the te jor e N
diaseri declared ty the PniuddnIt i aceordu 1 Wtith hS Dfwt'a
"ielisfActo519'& *- l .. / .... 1 in r. >'. .
.I*A -o 'f9c .. .. s. ... I' r'r ?,
t k,-....., P , .


'H ., ~ .~ l i -- I;:! ;:e-;* , "*5 -. : *
Hosig otggeajfl ngiaaef CHtnIS4 nSedffl -.; S
eItal bauf -Contilnued l- I '
..r .... L i-. tie-Sec .._2234). Natian. Housing A _t.--..-
-, J. ..M.G(SfPNti.onal Housinga AAt_
f, .of i.tiang under any HUD mortgage ins.... pro-
.. .. -- 2'- (--- Nati-al Housing iA-L-.___.
Supplseuxal Ue 2Ii. Natifual uubk Ad4i..
:::i.; UuSitatafbhIxa~. B tiafll ,- (evaina os



1 l_ OS-MceTlt.. VI, aa HouMs, Af _n.nSoa. 314
0 |!~ia n ~ c b a e s .3.* :. :* .- -: i-: -- .i-. * .. *.* .
2Y2 Brua practice 223(e), Housing Act_ 236
." Hog-Se.i28ek --atlona. Housing At -..--- 236
Oen... -mortgages-Sec. 225, National Housing AcL _-.,. 238
W OiTC in. ,tU -"00 al-00 -a48,.- : :. < .. .
.iT^ ,Ab 4 oufllzii g hyo lower- Icme
07S ams f g.Ml tufftalkh MngAdo-_-.r_. 265
7S uA m tasm I I 2iyft ta-rSec- S(d-), Natiotal
S.. X U WI ; L ; a 4,.,_- 236
t '" Outlyiaatfl--htllowmnamlmateauftSqiw4eS& 8
..m w:t*at A- XMU). atoasig -b" L-LE1,165
'PiMLwf so Eaooa Ho onMlgAt luanu insuranueprovi.
'l^61 JMja Aahl BMacixig Asifl *-_ -.-; 286
.,I P dwu z ie tl Irements-Secs. 220(d), 221(f), 236(J)
ma btmI. uiui a ...__ .- --_.-....... -C 0, 0 268
Puaw MauNp m h 221 (f) Natiotal Housing
S1 Act-^ ------_____- _L1,L._ 220
P. reigmuit of. insured moetgages-e. 517; National Hasing At_,- 290
p Ia t i I I Hi ^ w asIfI s .^ *:. ,.. : : ,.. r j .,3 ..T -. .!... .^ .
I4 :. U ba*a-M hIouIng-Sec. 284 Nationl HuiangiAct-L 243
.:, ~~~re~t; .o.. .,m01i0ilil"li. owe i ome bogr-
a, tie r...,. 2fleS.( 235 ()t National Housing Act!-X- .-.d... 261
">.li*."oti ctfl .~li l .- K^ :n*.-.^ ; ;.:* **** "* -; w,^ i- :-* i. '
a.',, '|&t S h f~~ a..A ', ..... V...... ... .
. Go..:.aearalt pw)gratr- eas 207,220,..221(i) (3), Naftlsionlioui-
Stf ..... :::....'... B, lg j 3.. --. ...... .2----..-.- -. _-.-_-.--LL. 186,202, 215
E.. .. .. :...ief liMo sf eltl and ortgage insurfice for rental
... *..I...,-. kuu fot lowet Jnfamie-S-e8t 286, National Hous-
.. .r.. ti :. ltr*.. j *-.- ._.1 __ .-bLL4. _L.__t.__*_._ t_ S =_ 264
ac1 .j~actwaoflnghUting-Sec. 223(a), National Housing Act- 233
ad:,Depaemmt: est--lmit on mortgage amount-Sau.:2074 vr (b),
M,..., 2 2fl!:..t(cS4d 8*83"221 4 (4, 8128, (1;-'S.(d),
w".a (314S)08, mibflbkM a ): atnama;slnrii__ -- 188-323
Dealer 'of HUD-financed housing-motgzproviMon-Sec. 508, T
,,. ,,'... a~ia^Acf.lo 85ea^ -- .._L 1h._..i.-J ._.--T_:&- ...--- 362
*ft i"I
WC to. reimpfla n. c of. sbsate bb-Se. B0M Housing
aa:.' i* a. '^' zatz l n 361
W i B:,,k~ ai ~ r ,,,,,.... .. .. .. ... ... : '.., ,, .....- .... ... ... .... .. .... ,, ,

CAMDm 28W) P-National Nonesg '
1' - AU t- _.r_ ..tL JVUIij ^t....'1 r; f.4Lj aZ^ jZ-s-i *.a 265
>*- .. l .. Mrtggefairaee-geuE 0ai);a03(bh National Mousing
r:- Aft -- ----------.-1-------------a:-i19,38
AM.:: J1-,11W! ftytgtalMdMO Vai iitantai~hex~vI-pe wl..Istuo^

-as f*itleufa~ujbw^^3Bmime^uataf^u iiehutisiM~flw44es.
~t ;3SB*fl2W) 263,270
afa d9hahar bvflg Esdeua4 SSflgB local onaumeutm-.atage
23 National tung t------.L- 233
Srl a1 .171
SODW ,tt5 Xf8h~Md~ h

MlnuunaesweeL 3g2( 369 ra Hosing
Imatal housing-Sec. 810, National Housing Act---- -- 331



whether as a tax bh the instrument, the privilege O cod vingr trans-
ferring or the recordation thereof; nor shall the failure tO pay or
.collect any such tax be a ground for refusal to record or file sAuch in-
struments, or for failure to impart notice, or prevent tOn enorcement
of its provisions in any'State or Federal court
1985. Security servicing;' operation or lease of realty; dispoqsi-
tion of surplus property; conveyance of complete in-
terest of United States; easements; condemnations
S(a) The Secretary is authorized an d'empowered to diake advances,
without regard to any loan ortotal indebtedness limitation to psrve
and protect the security for or the lien or priority of the lien scurmg
any loan or other indebtedness wing to, insured by, or tccured
by the Secretary under this chapter or under -any other programs ad-
-xinistered by the Farmers Home Administration; to bid for and pur-
chase at any execution, foreclosure-, or other sale or otherwise to
acquire property upon which the United States has a lien by reason of
a judgment or execution arising from, or which is pledged, mortgaged
conveyed, attached, or levied upon to secure the payment of, any. such
indebtedness whether or not such property is subject to other lies, to
accept title to any property so purchased or acquired; and to sell, man-
age, or otherwise dispose of sucl property as hereinafter. provyided.
(b) Real property administered under the- provisions, o! tis chap-
ter may be operated or leased by the Secretary for such period or
periods as the Secretary may deem necessary to protect the Goyern-
ment's investment therein.
(c) The Secretary may determine .whether real property adminis-
tered under this chapter is suitable for disposition to.persons eligi-
ble for assistance under the provisions of any law adinitered by
the Farmers Home Administration. Any property which the Secre-
tary determines to be suitable for such purposes,. shall, whoever
practicable, be sold by the Secretary as expeditiously as possible to
such eligible persons in a manner consistent with such provisions.
Real property which is not determined suitable for sale to such eli-
gible persons or which has not been purchased , such .persons
within a period of three years from the date of acquisition, shall be
sold by the Secretary after public notice at public sale and if ano ac-
ceptable bid is received then by negotiated sale, at the bestpricp .b-
tainable for cash or on secured credit without regard, to the lIaM
governing the disposition o0 excess or surplus property of the United
States. The terms of such sale shall require an initial downpaymet
and the remainder of the sales price payable in instalmnt with inh
terest on unpaid balance at the rate determined by the cei, but
not in any event at rates and terms. more favorable than telega4ily
permissible for eligible borrowers. Any conveyances under this ee
shall include all of the interest of the Uited Statsjncludinqnnen
rights. ,
(d) With respect to any real property administered underthiskehap-
ter, the Secretary is authorized to grant or nll easements rOr.ihtf-
'way for roads, utilities2 and other appurtenanoesA bt ini with
the public interest. With respect to any rights-way Ipm d on
*which the United States has lien amdMIt Wiu under tis chapter,
the Secretary may release said lien upon payment to the ,t adM tea
-of adequate consideration, and the interest of the United States arising



having a shignfcant impact on area and community devdoiEmmtMlflbgt p.-
grams providing Federal assistance to the States and .caUans, p 04 thbat
they shall most effectively serve these basic objectives. .,:
In addition, I expect the Bureau of the Budget to generally o&rdtiibat t6
actions of the d ients and agencies in exercising the new authorizations
aProvided byons ofoermn Joopjpt 6. 14* W100E at
dlatent and uniform action by the Federal Government. :-
b. Title IV, section 403, of the Intetgovernmental Cooperation Act
of 1968 which provides that: ,a ,.
j.r ". L& "
The Burau of the Budget or such other agent U th
President, is hereby authorized to prescribe such rules and eA As ae
deemed appropriate for the effective adminlratta t09 SS ... ., ,.
c. Section W04(c) of the Demonstration Cities and Metropoliftan De-
velopmentApt of 1966 which provides that: 1. II. I a.. ,.
The Bureau of the Budget, or such otoer agency as be:
the President, phalI.prescribe such rules and regulations as ie deaiipdaiit.i
ate for the effective adminnstrdtlon of this section. '. .' .* I 4 4 '
d. Reorganization Pln. No. 2 of 1970 and Exe.utive w. .t i
of July 1, 1970Zwhich vest all functi..s of the Biren oi the't dM
or the Director of the B qureai of th Budget in the: t-iptl*Wt
Officeof Management a4d Budget i'
3. Coverage. The relations pr...u iUated by this Oirculn :C tt*. :
mentA ) wiihaveappleabilia .y: ,. L.....,, ,
a. tlnde Part i, to all prorectd and activities (69 s" ^^
stantive changes therrto) for which Federal assistance is us ft"
uwder the programs listed hi Attachment D or A tdit .' ft"
Catalog nof F iera2 o tkAwite te whichev erStaV iat*id't
Limitations and provisions for exceptions are noted t1e9in or upd&
paragraph 8 of PartI. i..' L *L ,
b. Under Part TI, to all direct Fderal' detlojpientt 'ivt.M na
eluding the acquisition, use, ana disposftl of Fedesal'el a1 in
addition, agencies responsible forw grating Fcenases Si& pryi t Wf"
developments or activities slkiificantly affectih aMe am4d cdth t"x
development or the physical environment are strptI01l? ',rked o eatb
with clearinghouses on applications for such litese0r tt e *..
c..Under Part III, to all Federal programsas listed in ppndiAR
of the Catalog of Federal aDomekA so teftw, 'r tirflh:t'a .&te
or administrative regulation, a State plan as a eeditio..orf a ide
d. Under Part IV, to all Federal programs prodint et&
State, areawide, or local agencies or oirganiza"tions for tIJtij
tlonloor areawide planning. 1 a i d i a ..
4. "A-U.Sf What It Ie--7owN fWo A Nfle qBseusli~of oke
background, purposes, and objectives ul the oCreblts otthe.
qjuimmeats promulgated thereunder maydbe feund iai liea bwiochure.
"A-95:.What It I-I-How It Works," obtainabler frobi the O( (o4
Management and Budget or from Federil Region! tho'M".Sf% Wti :-
5. A4596 Ad.MAJstritwe iNotW' Fraur time totim niBStilhlhm
"A,5 Adlministrative Notes" providing in tain
terpretations on matters of national fimop sucth ii liT
th e PkSc1lar.I4 9jT ay. 4jyl a '^ g*a's*o i n
ofd Ped alo Reo mdaJ Oe.O. Enl ed sItegicM iafl~madkx=
sible frm oeOrdinstine the'nimpl u tn W trats
d.Under-" Part M,-- to..a.l W..e. .

tioncs ortivnawi pa4..
B.udge :,T hat ep it[*Hmorp hlic on ghtA'ot rsumu W



-sng chsrw-&& =.'Be Pqe
:::. BL bfilcax^Bapuislon om, ti^o p-*

I -.B a trfleet' omBMduf--Se. 52, HouMi. Aet of 19 .-...-- 6.7
S'tlloranmmnities--grants to States to provide urban I.formation and
ten1cal assistance to-Sec. 902, Demomstration it 1M an Metro-.
R... tak Deverpent Act of l966- . .-w.----.---. 520
s *e-ma tractors--rwhose bonds are guaranteed by tf Basll Bulinels
Administration-by HUD-Se. %11, Houswlngi nd -Urban Deveolop-....
ei mnt Aet of 1970L-...------------- ._.. 22
Mtmat-grafl to States to provide to small cmnnmuitie--Se, .902,
'. Dem.netation Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966- 520
p tmPt ind elgovemmtsm : -.
Federal -provision of-Circular A-97, OfMee of Management and
Budget; Title IIIH, tergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1968..
-UU privlimn of technical a tance-Se. 806, ong Act of,
S194 samendd_______-_ .------ 518
Water quality control-Federal Water Control Act Amements of
S S ." .**' : 1 ":- :" L+ -. ** ..l...
S30 __9W_ _... . . .__-- ..............----a->..--- -- --- -- -- -- -..... .. ... 8 U
Technology: See also: Tmonstrafioa ; Housing mortge and loan in-
Ssurance, FHA-manufacture of housing; Research; StudIes, Smrveys
and repqrta; TeebDical assistanSe ; '
Mo .'del d.c ii...Bw... ulofnew-ec. 10 (b), Demonstratio
Cites and Metropolitan Development Act of .19 ------- 1057
.e.u til for Sdeic e.nlIneering and Tec
MR.... ..e. fl of WiihmalSife ald Tsehlmng OPolicyt, Ot..
. 1. ad :Prlorities Ait .of l 7.....,--------------- 142
lu't "tute of Building Scic es 80, ousing and Com-
w g J)Deieopment Amt of 3OT ___._,.-- 147
of U..e..ot new eneouraged-Se101 (a) Housing Act :of
... ___ _-,._._ ____,_ ....---_.-"-'-"-_------ ------------------ 99


Valp A


LUthOrity'BjIfg-Nortgage insurance or sale Of-SBee.
li m ~ it. .: ::. ..' -I -iI ~ l I i il i l - - - i - - - -l
olang *rw SP.l,- oiz-.----l- 233
ig Act of B------------- 465
mmm s:| J,. : t : :. 4. .-m": -, * : - . .-
-ubli law 6M5;8stong4es
i, SLon S01 (,e otinofe UnitS Statte Ae&-
GK Pub4 o5rtJ '-_-----47

meftt: *.. .' .. _ ..--
ft-ile Z16 igan omnt Devehonmet Act
-. - . - - - -
a renewid-Vnbli Law 615 818t Oftgreff- ----- 465

;," j'I~: : ", *' ^ : *:. .. :f .^- -T * :.' .
Mht&U'Istance-s-ec. 9( (dyt, 2ia i:onl Houslig Aet- 164
,.. i.ehouslug-Sec. 713(q), mUa_
1 8----.a..j-- -22
isdii E -v7 rIblbjm- i. ct of t. 9 ----- 529
Maflmn r-aowe oa745re 408
dew .Mlotanca tide-, ot Act 0f19Mt40- J- 643
Iaa. tcmzz. \-,......: :. ':**t..*.f' -... -------------6
ithority to Issue for public wts iur houst urban
4ter.*tP IIO ?k* 41&,"8w W. grtL-- .iL-- 469
0a8d maD"OAnent Art.: 0.74 529
enewl-p~ichoulg-iteltn Ac-Loblfm saw 65
u~ ^ __:* :;*::;, in A <*T:*m 1'*-*-*.-."T **Tf .A tRM


c".", "


E 1E?

I 7.7, J'-7l

: i:<: w u r 3

Rural housing- ontlnued nbuq t.,..O..n.uJ. I4p..
Nonprofit organizsations-Contlnued A* if.. I-#.4 '.
becdniual and saperIrsory sIrbinbr hwlaesmsn ftsr- i Poe
grants to.-See. 2..5, Housiong Acto at. -9 .of 1...9.A...e 72
Partlelpation loan U.S.CLO. 1945_...k.: -g.TO... 117
Poli-Se 2, Housing Act of 194&t---..-.A,'-, t: -. 1
RMnanuing-Sa 501, 2 (b).. Housing At .:of ,194i9 7i US. A. S
Ito2 raennean.. aeana.4 --aaaa:43M$, 11w, 1176
Rental oing: h o- -- .g ... A..
> Advances and technical aiustner Sw paflvf rp. hulitoulwtor
rural traiees-Se. 5-22, Eo.sing Act t. 9- a.a_. 6A7
Assistance payments to owner of rental or ope e irg bto
provide housing for low acme o*paotat eS coutue-
surats with ineome-4e. 1(a) (2)sHdfinghtl AL t f. 9f aSeew
236(f), National Housing A 666 264
Domestic farm labor: .-. ..,
.' Grants for housing for-ec. Act otf.4..__ 66
Low Interest rate loans and Inbasne c 4 o1ila lberM lat
and related faciities---See. 514, Housing! Actt*14f _.... 656
SLow interest rate insund loaM for houifEsni relW bOil-
..ites-bc4. 514, Housing Act of 19R- -..__90,._ 655
Payments of up Po 90 percent ::of d- elpme1. woto &rnt
housing and related facilithlelsoz-4en. j1%6 U flg AtS
of 1949--.....-----------------. .--,-_ .----- 659
Improvements or repairs of existing bous..--emnq a. lngq..nce
of loans for rental or cooperative housing fwor eliedy:::p pam-
ilies of moderate income-Sec 515 fa ..., 1_Hu.4i t .of
1949. .... ...." 657 665
S 99 --*-- ^-- --,---ai-ea .he .4 h<" 705
Insured loans for rental or cooperative hosing -ft relat bil.'
ties for elderly, persons or families, r other persons and
of moderate incomes-aSes, 15 (b.h 521b)HUdsitpgp?,, .. 665
Interest reduction payments ad Insured* .Is..
o ousingorrental housingotperson i
rate income or elderly-Sec. 5..21, .t ........
*SB Nat al-Ho- ng-Act4. -., a...w's.j.,, 204
Interest reduction payments and Insured. mort5e; w;c . "
Farmers Home Admnlistration--See. 521,; win 4tas
flaua n. _a.l_,_i__r_.__a._-'...Sa ,-ft k -=oa1Wn

-g A-t--___--------...--------------.. .... --o .,-....-. 2
Lomns--fr rentaL:cgopmmelvp hoqlfng fi
"moderate ingme ox pero"AQsor amiMes of la oIicmr-c.
515, 521, Housing Aqt of If949.pnanqinapsss
Research ad technical studies authorlsqd-Se5
Rural are...e.l.on of,.Se& 62Q HOusig A*t 9 Wr7t,
1926--- --------- a-71nw*...
R Rural Housing Insuranceq Pj -fecs. Opt
of 1949 --------------------- -- --------.s s. OB
Rural lneesr inalad"fl
staa ofhoudlpg ,l^je.520Bald~J af OBTl , f~c~- 8
Sale of housing loans-Sec. 15 (b), 517, E.ou.inght f
h9h9(e)~ jtn&..-..- -^. ec^.qs,. nw.eisini.i;^t, ^i^j| 6U18li
Self-help housing: .: ..'. I-,... ..
Authoaaion-timernd a:Ug. .jg'*
of ... :iV"e.'
S Grants for;te1Snica stanee, MadIa.b **,-,

.... ea... a.... . f.f.. :.:..:;.:....

state e901.)0 ie to far t o"anwwal nrnrnlrrt V
** ~ j j *** Mr '& l a& jijir m *****1" **** ***" ***** *'- -: -* .;^t" '.ii '5- ," .AMU

it- ; .i '" A -- .. S tt


and neerssahy tova epusnes on41 g 46ne f
bruy, except gondwjfl profit, for n FI, ,,,
tion is not otierwis ma~LWW- Otiggce
the ject. $whS pMaut Owha b4p :sUi4sa,
rem ations D may.e prespribudby b.S8e sefaiy^ or a
exceed $2001 in"ths ase 01 an indior *gy, r

greater, the total certified actual moving expenses) 4i tbe cam of- a
busiesI concpn or nonprofit orgauuzatzqn. Su.h. rJ. MnArIgL*a
tions may include provisons athnrizimgpaynzsnt to i )v.Mu4 aMd
families .of fixed amounts (not to qeed $200 .wj ,y c-.oinfn

their respective reasonable and necesmpy .povMmg plm % aadatu
direct losses of property ,,. ,,: v, ;
4 C <.1 *, "' fir: 4 d (I i"i:
.. | .

... S. "' ") l !. r ". .I I '

: '' *: i; ; ; -:. ;, j ( -; i ; .r 1 il i '^ i. -r
S.r *f

.. : .: : ;. ', *; .

4 .. : j, . .' ..
14. If
4.' 'r( A

4 .. ~'~'**~ r
5 11
1 ~

4~ 44~S S. .
5 ,. 4

* 5 4

.4 bS,...LLF:.
- S.

r'~ a

4| 515

i i

* 5 1'$

* it

j *4.~ 4

*f1 4
~ ~1

112 ~ *
II '~


. 4 ... .4 4 5" ')
.-' ,4"4 i t *

,, , ,. ,: i : i I' U :, ^ i : .',:
: : r f '! : l J

: ; : '. .. ..: '. i.. "'" !
1-. 1"T 4: .
"XI ., :: :.i.i" .: . '. 44.,?
S' . t : .. I

*H ; i,. J l 4 4.:. .



*',~:~ i.

.4 5~~. 4

* 1.' ,



I,>. : ~


**; ** 1

* ; i



private citizens familiar with the problems of urban aeid frmn
among Federal officials, Governmors ob States, mayors, ouiy tis,
members of State and local legislative .wbiEandothes a to
assist in the preparation of such reports.: X : "
SEC. 710. (a) The Congtess finds that thil Ntion is lke eperi-
ence during the remaming years of this ttIry a ppution cream
of about seventy-five million persons. i
(b) The Congress further finds that eofitinuationi'of e6blibaed
patterns of urban development, together with the anticipated increase
in population, will result in (1) inefficient and. wastefl bse of 1d rI -
sources which are of national economic and environmental importance;
(2) destruction of irreplaceable natural and recreational 'itrees
and increasing pollution of air and water; (3) diminished opportunity
for the private homebuilding industry to operate at its highest
potential capacity in providing good housing needed to serve the ex-
panding population and to replace substandard housing; (4)' costly
and inefficient public facilities and services at all levels of govern-
ment; (5) unduly limited options for many of Our:pe.gkiB s Ito *here
they may live, and the types of housing and envirtnibM'it ir which
they may live; (6) failure to make the most ecnmiic ile of i6` esent
and potential resources of many of the Nation's Atnaller 'dties and
towns, including those in rural and economically depressed areas,
and decreasing employment and business and opportunities for their
residents; (7) further lessening of employment and' :b uwo'fl por-
tunities for the residents of central cities and of the' ability of Msuch
cities to retain a tax base adequate to support vital eriewfir a their
citizens, particularly the poor and disadvantagedlr(8) furthlppir a-
tion of people within the metropolitan areas by incomensld by race;
(9) further increases in the distances between the places wheeptople
live and where they work and find recreation; and (10) itentfd cost
and decreased effectiveness of public and private facilities for irban
transportation. 3 -,
(c) The Congress further finds that better patterns ofttbftnev::m1
opment and revitalization are essential to accommodate ftr ppula-
tion growth; to prevent further deterioration of the Nastio'nS ydl
and social environment; and:to make positivecontribuati todwtr-
ing the overall quality of life within thd Nation. .*= ..... .. ....."
(d) The Congress further finds that the national welfas wules
the encouragement of well-planned, diversified, and ecomily
sound new communities, including major additibaMIt..
munities, as one of several essential elennts ofts.|.
program for bettering patterns of develokmiezit iha
(e) The Congress further finds thtt desirablf.lf.i. '.
opment on a significant national scale hewbem pTOvc
in (1) obtaining adequate financing at moderate.acox r
which involve large initial capital inivest"meit; ,
investment can be returned, and irregular jatr
,, ..... .. ....
'Sv. 601(c) of the HonMAIinr nnd Community DevpiopmeatA 1t 4* Plrv
95-128. approved October 12, 1977, amsaded aeeta 70r to mred B:tStt& tWit S




(5) Cancel, terminate, suspend, or cause to be, canceled, t-"
or suspended, any contract, or any portion or poaions .tbM for
failure Of the contractor or subcontractor to comply with 2ltm.-
discruimination provisions of the contract. Contracts may be c..wqiad,
terminated, or suspended absolutely or continuance of coptractamay
be conditioned upon a program for future compliance apprpndby
the contracting agency.
(6) Provide that any contracting agency shall refrain froi enter-
ing into further contracts, or extensions or other modification p of
existing contracts, with any noncomplying contractor, until such con-
tractor has satisfied the Secretary of Labor that suc4 contractor has
established and will carry out personnel and employment policiesin
compliance with the provisions of this Order.
(b) Under rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretary of
Labor, each contracting agency shall make reasonable efforts within
a reasonable time limitation to secure compliance with the contractI
provisions of this Order by methods of c-4erence, conciliatio, medi-
ation, and persuasion before proceedings shall be instituted under
Subsection (a) (2) of this Section, or before a contract shall be can-
celed or terminated in whole or in part under Subsection (a) (5) of
this Section for failure of a contractor or subcontractor to comply
with the contract provisions of this Order.
SEc. 210. Any contracting agency taking any action authorized by
this Subpart, whether on its own motion, or as directed by the Secre-
tary of Labor, or under the rules and regulations of the Secretary,
shall promptly notify the Secretary of such action. Whenever the
Secretary of Labor makes a determination under this section, he shill
promptly notify the appropriate contracting agency of the action
recommended. The agency shall take such action and shall report
the results thereof to the Secretary of Labor within such time as the
Secretary shall specify.
SEC. 211. If the Secretary shall so direct, contracting agencies tall
not enter into contracts with any bidder or prospective conrctor
unless the bidder or prospective contractor has satisfactorily compiled
with the _provisions of this Order or submits a program for compliance
acceptable to the Secretary of Labor or, if the Secretary so authorizes,
to the contracting agency. ,
SEc. 212. Whenever a contracting agency cancels or terminate a
contract, or whenever a contractor has been debarred fr. m Iuither
Government contracts, under Section 209 (a) (6) because ofo nocm-
pliance with the contract provisions with regard to nondisefmiatiw,
the Secretary of Labor, or the contract agency involved
promptly notify the Comptroller General of th? e Uniited es sy
such debarment may be rescinded by the Secretary of br orby
the contracting agency which imposed the sanction. ,
A *. *t *V
SEC. 218. The Secretary of Labor may provide for issaN. Of a
United States Government Certificate of Merit to emplorus ia bor
unions, or other agencies which are or may hereafter be wag iin
work under Government contracts, if the Secretary is atised btt
the personnel and employment practices of the employer, or tatte


* 11U4 UfSLL^u*^4 Ubfll
shall be deemed approved vyithn 75N 4ays after resit the Sec-
rety informs dhe. 8a li ofmay
sequent tol m a.pp roval o mayep M ,.
-be adjusted m accordpce with the i re, skoisf ,tN titla
(g) Insofar as they relate to fundW rovid ddide itle, the
financial transactions of recipients of s funds ma be audited b the
General Accounting Offic under such ieb an "eglttin be
prescribed by the Comtroller General d the lmsideiSMtslwr
resentatives of the General AccountimgOffice us lbhan. mofta .ml
books, accounts, records, reports, filesAnd ether paZfl i Jinw iqr
property belonging to or-in use by sucj wpieits pprtiNpeag tohrN I
financial transactions and .cilitate the adit- ; w ,
(h)(1) In.order to assure that the policies ft h NI4io l
Environmental Policy Act of 1969 are most effectivelyiAple4e n
connection with the expenditure of funds under thi_" ,lef awto. we
to the public undiwninished protection of the environment, twpfp-
tary, in lieu of the-,environmental protection procedur o-herwe
applicable, may under regulations provide for ,e reeae fpr
rirticular projects to applicants who Apszne MQ of the reqpnsiU'
or environmental review, dec nnSkig, 1!, v ,O
such Act that would apply to 4he.. Sereta were to wS ertA
projects as Federal projects4 The Sqwptary; shall ,isMur.r
to carry out this subsection only after aronsultataqn wthv4%1:
on.Environmental:Quality. : : ; i
(2) The Secretar shall approve; to release fu_0ffnds or p ets
subject to the procedures authorized by this subse$iopipy if, 41i
*fifteen days prior to such approval and prior o y...j.t i .f
funds to such projects other than. for purposes aut4rtho bj
10 (a)(12) or for environmental studies, the applicant Iw#it:.4
to the Secretary a request for such release accpw]paned 1 oc-
tion which meets the requirements of par"agrap- (3). 7 t p as
.approval of any such cer" ficatiopshall bedened to sa7ss, p-
sibilities- under the ZNational Eavironmental, &oilicy P#i.xso ,8
those responsibilities elate tp the applications and rewpq& s
for projects to be 4..ed out purnuant theeta wlci SiJ
such certification. ,r ,
(3) A certification under the.ocdnro aut4i jjM,1&0
. . ' '- ... . :. . : i r '.* ; ... ;" -, ,: r. )
section Ishall.-. ,. 14 t ...
b me in at.orm acceptable t.o 4 p!$eqrt ,, -,,:. -
() be executed byte chief eaxecutie Je.o".4) 49r ff
the applicant qualified, under egrlatn of t-.frnrt.
(C) specify that the applicant has'f0ycariotsYPJdXpw-
bilities as described under paragraph, (3) Q i t bysectip," 1d
(D) specify that the certifying officer (it q.IBM.
the status of a responsible Federal 9ffieial uder ten
v. ironmental Policy Atof 1969 M fqar p tt6'iodP
Act apply pursuant to paragraph (1) bof this suibsection, andti)
is authorized and consents on. behalf .f the &f] a p"...
s elf to accept the jurisdiction of the Fedel:o e-rtr ttlp i
of enforcement of ..his responsibilities su. h anofficiak ,
(1) () The Secretary shTe gl, in S
*. . ..."" ii I'l. *: : * '-: .* :* .. ", ; '. "' : o: *L : :,,:- *!.../ 0 :1 .T *^^ : t .l
ge.4(g). of the, Homy e and Communt Ire ltiwAct A6t'ifptv
954m approv October 12, 1n771 smale .4pII Stb# ...k



.vale, give ieasoaable notice to the head of 4acgo*ertg
unit of general local government having jurisdiction over
land-use regulation in the geographical area within whi
lands are located in orderto aford:.the riuntltS"
zoning for the use of such land in accordance wit !OcaL_.
c Splan .L Is 0 Ar

complete' hiforrmation con
"(I) current zoniltl|
ments and objectives for
"(2) current availabilil
sewers, water, street, l'h
spective availability of si
ni comprehensive planni4

A roery whe it is finzond al
to such property of streets, sidqwal,
tad o6ter service facilities and'pro-
.serrica Vsuch, property 4 iuled

S 804.. '' ,T ,o.t he extent: "
"Sc. 804. (a pTo the extent practicable, prior to a comrnitmolttp
acquire any real property situated in an urban area; the Adminitrtor
shall notify the ubit. of general local government exieriA*iifnd
land-use jurisdiction over theland proposed to be.w;kpl Ihib
intent to acquire such land aid the proposed use# the propt flJIn
the event that the Administrator determines that su fch advance notice
would have an adverse impact on the proposed purchase,4e sh4,uon
conclusion of the acquisition, immediately notify such lo0al g,4 overn-
ment of the acquisition and the proposed use of thprope rty( :
(b) In the acquisition or change of use of any real pier ty situated
in an urban area as a site for public building,
to the extent he determines practicable- '
"(1) consider all objections made to sny Mach vqgpisition or
change of use by such unit of government upon he. ground that
the proposed acquisition or change of use conflicts or would con-
flict with the zoning regulations or planning objectives of such
unit; and . :*. -
"(2) comply with and conform to such regulations of the MVt
of general local government having juriediiton1 with respect to
the area within which such property is situated and the planning
and development objectives of such localg erAMent4 .' rL
"SEC. 805. The procedures prescribed in sections 803 aatOd M y li
waived during any period of national emergency prnaaimei b1r lb
P resident.?' ** '...; ...':" If ,i .h : w !+ ..ri! nr
a a +* ... ,DF ". : .. .. :,...+ i tr, 4 v i .t
A'Sm 806.L dZAA Me.6.
*"s c. 806. Caused in is title r, r n .. + ,* ot .a' ui
goveainment'IWD a tr.t
"(a) '0m -o gn 16a lcal governet en n iv >~y
town, .paris4 Vilage,.,or other general-purpo1 Suoar fia. 1
a Ster L l.+ * .... . .. +, r, k. q +. r- +' e. ,,: ja+ I jl l-
"(b) 'UTrban area' means- :
"(1) any geogrphical area withiWmth.*risdiction of any in-
corporated city, town, borough, village, otuOthetunit of-e
.lowal ,e xbptoitteOQSIx41 IC4fjS)
,,tea.houuiaaUnotSiMoreinhabitat; q toj I0 r
A. : .:.. I it' ": 'j ": t " i'" i bI$Of"" ")


104 and 202

rent policies and procedures f6. the purpose of detetmning whether
there are any deficiencies 6b injtistitencies there which Iprobbit
full compliance with the purposes nd pronvions df this At .ndshal
propose to the President not ltetr than July 1, 1971, sUChsmeasurs as
may be necessary to bring their authority and policies into confOqrm-
ity with the intent, purposes, and procedures set iorthin thibiAct.
Sw. 104. Nothing in Section 102 or 103 shall in anyway affect the
specific statutory obligations of any Federal agency (1) to comply
with criteria or standards of enviromnental quahlty (2)' to:coordinate
or consult with any other Federal or State agency, or (3) to act, or
refrain from acting contingent ,upon the reeommebdaftidns or certifi-
cation of any other Federal or Stateagtcy. V plmn
SEC. 105. The policies and goals set foh inthis Act arersupplemen-
tary to those set forth in existing authorizations;of Federal.: agencies.
, . ,.* r .i ; '. '*' ( . ; .
. ".. ',* , "i > *
: : ., ,. ,".* ..., .
SEC. 201. The Presidea4:shall transit to the C6ngresa ''annually
beginning July 1, 19Q70, i un vionpentaI Quality R eport (herein-
after referred to as the '."report-"), which shall set forth (1) the status
and condition of the major natural, manmade, oX alteirp environ-
mental classes of their Nation, including, but not Junited to, the air,
the aquatic, including marine, estua-ne, and fxyshwater, and the
terrestrial environment, including,,but not limited to, he forest; dry-
land, wetland, range, urban suburb an4sawrai ennvinnient; (2)
current and foreseeable trends in. thew quality mangpment 4 utaliza-
tion of such environments and the eects pf tpose trends n..n the social
economic, and other requirements of the Nation. (3) the.adeqay of0
available natural resources or fulfiUinmg humnand economic quire-
ments of the Nation m the light qf expectedpopulation .pressures;- (4
a review of the programs and activities, (including rMegulatoy ac-
tivities) of the Federal Government, the State and local governments,
and nongovernmental entits'or individuals, with particular refrence
to their effect on the environment and o- the conservation, develop-
ment and utilization of natural resources;: and (5),a program: for
remedying the deficiencies of existing programs sad aeivities,* to-
gether with recommendations foq legislation. .
SEC. 202. There is createdin the Exedutive Officb of the :President
a Council on Environmential Quality, (her ei.after.refe dto as the
"Council"). The Council shall be composed of three members who shall
be appointed by the President to serve at hi_ plasuze, by.and with
the advice and consent of the Senate.1The President Sa ds ignate
one of the members of the Coungil to serve as Chairman. Each mem-
ber shall be a person who, a9.a result o his training, ep'itdce, and
attainments, is exceptionally well qualified to analyzrepid interflet
environmental trends and information :of all kinds; t.appisempr
grams and activities ,of tlhe Federal, Gove0rnment iath&ht'th9e.
policy set fdrth hi title I of this Act; to be conscious of and respouive
to the scientific, economic, social, ..esthetic, and cultral.eds ad in.-.
terests of the Nation; and to formulate and rneomme national
policies to promote the improvement of the quality of the environment.


cerns title or other interest of any bWiA 'e h as t oraia strf
value without notice of lack of.. su compiRncOk, and his :s
in title.h . '. .. . "
Sw. 115. 4DmisntsmATIYE Rvn..-fletermiatioit autrIp # 1 |
this Act to be made by the (CJomiepn as to. clasfcatio, oMtdiM,
prices, and terms and coaditiuns of sate of prop rtydisposed tt dt MW
Act shall be subject to review onyj accordance withsasohprayi i!
for administrative review or reAonsideration as the QsM .may
prescribe. I W
SEC. 116. RErOssSSIO.-The omsio s athi*t
sess any property sold by it in accordpA e with the te'rme1 n iy
contract to purchase, mortgage or other istn ent, and to sell drn*ke
any other disposition of any property so re ossesedand any prdprt0 y
purchased by it pursuant to.. section fi?. Notwithstanding any tthe
provision of law relating to the acquisition, handling, or dismdp.t t
real property by the United States, the Commission shall have pmrer
to deal with, complete, operate, rent, renovatq, modernize, insure, or
sell for cash or credit, in its discretion, any properties acquired pursu-
ant to this Act, and to pursue to final collection, by way of compromise
or otherwise, all claims arising pursuant to this section: ProVided,
That expenses authorized by this section shall be eonsidered:niinad-
ministrative expenses: Provided further, That se6tion $3709 of the
Revised Statutes shall not apply to any contract entded into pur isuant
to this section if the amount thereof does not exceed $1,000. / .
Soe. 117 .1 a.-There is hereby established as of June 30, 1956' a C'
unity Disposal Operations Fund, and the Commission (or thneo iead
of such agency as may be carrying out the sales and financing functii
of the Commission pursuant to a delegation by. the President der
section 101 of this Act) is authorized to credit said fund irui.'CI
moneys hereafter obtained or now held by it and to account unPr. iaid!
fund for all assets and liabilities held or acquired by it in onnejtlo0
with its sales and financing functions under this Act, and toma
temporary advances to such fund, from any other funds available *f0t
expenses of operations of such Commission or agency, ae may be.te-
quired to carry out such, functions pending the, realization 6f siideit
proceeds under the provisions of tiss Act: Pr6:vided, ThiL ah sc&I h
advances shall be repaid to the source appropriation or ftd,t the
extent of any unobligated balances avaiable in the Comnwit ?'
posal Operations Fund, prior to the close of tthe ,fiscal yeq g Ar
which such advances are made. .. "
b. The Community Disposal Operations Fund shall tie avaaaibJ
pay for all necessary costs, expenses (including administrative e
penses), losses or obligations incurred in connection with the. aozsd
functions, including expenses incident to sale, or other tra r.
any financing under section 62, indemnitie. under atioz6z.. tIs 6 "3
Thin sentence added by see. 8 of Public L4W 80, 84th Couf, a...tI. rt'
INS TO Stat e. ODLJ8 C
19 t 70 B ut 058 m E m m, .m mm . m . ~m "mI imm ymmm ** ml *** i'-T i "; ^ i pid t jl E i
sec. 117 amended to read as set forth in the text by see,4 4of PublMe Law a
Congress, approved July 25, 1956, 70 Stat. 653, 654. rior to a4.n$e t eC lT rai
follosV: e net proceeds derived by thne nommlunWt fta th 3lflouj3pg
inant to this Act- after defraging &amm i5ntduto9ipflMSh^e
any financing unher seetlon o2, mhal be eovwemd:. 1tkibjsar l tq fu
of the Commimmion, there shall be transferred t&i"eom r^tegu!t
much portion of much net proceeds as meay no longer be d to met -
obligations provided ftor In subsection 118c.'



and (7) of section 508 (a) of this Act to the activities of Qth9$edenrI,
State, local, and sub-State (including economic development districts).
planning agencies in the region.

: : .:


rrWW9# PVV. YW'ter~fa-off

14.106 Interest Subsidy-Homes for w ernme Famii ,.
14.112 Mortgage InsurafncOe-Coulp*-
Projects. L .* 9kL A:!A *
14.115 Mortgage nmunr9Xce-IDeve1o* Sa T e p i $ s.
14.116 Mortgage Insurance-Group Pzfl IfPtP-AAes. .....
14.117 Mortgage Insurance-Homes, r I
14.11& Mortgage Insurane--Hnomes fbterifted Veterans. A'
14.119 Mortgage Insuraaqe-Hqp- e D eEt r Victim. s ... .
14.120 Mortgage Insurance-Hbnmes fla L iw Mode
14.121 Mortgage Insurance-Homes Areas. .
14.122 Mortgage Insurance-Homes S Renewal A sea.' ;
14.124 Mortgage Inmurance-Investor Is0 otd Cooperatit$.
14.125 Mortgage Insurance--n t asid New Cdmt i
14 2 Mortgae saeMo O ie ve .

14129 atditgagW .nsur .nce-
14.134 Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing. .,..
14.185 Mortgage Insurance-Rental using for Modeat Income a
14.137 Mortgage Insurance-Rental, Housingm for Low aM Modeate tsae
Families, Market Interest fate. " '.
14.18 Mortgage, Imsurance-Rental Housing for the ]dtgf., :
14.139 Mortgage Insurance-Rental Housing In Urban Rnewi Areas. .
14.141 Nonprofit Housing Sponsor Loans-Planning PrQect.,s fIl* l
Moderate Income Wamilies. ... ......
14.146 Public Housing-Acquisition. (Turnkey and C nv a ?rof bn
Methods.) (New construction only.) ..... "
14.149 Rent Supplements-Rental Housing for Lower Income Fam ,ies.
14.154 Mortgage Insurance-Experimental Rental ROguig. .; o,
14.156 Lower Income Housing Assistance Program. .
14.203 Comprehensive Planning Assistance. m ;:
14.207 New Communities-Loan Guartntees. .
14.218 Community Development Blpck Grants- tite a rat ;
14.219 Community Development Blo4k 4nts-D, oi ."
14.702 State Disaster Prepredness 1Gats. i r ., a
:. . .. : 8 ... ':.





Xanare*Mf ntE f ta Tafaadan.

.. 1

* i , u..ww .w *ww ..L a .,,, ,w ,uaw .. .. ... .
Coal Mine Health and Safety Grants. .
Outdoor, R .eaftion-Aequtft., felapa- and '. ..ig
Irrigation Distribution System Loans. :
Small Reclamation Projects. : .;,
Anadromous Fish Conservation. r .f
Fish Restoration. ; i <
Wildlife Restoration ... .r
Historic Preservation. t
:. "-
Depsflmtm. of J, .., .:,I+.
Law Enforcement Aste CompfliuiI P1MnIn iI4^ '[
Law Enforcement AMlstaiice-YA I5S
Law Enforcement Assisfaki OpflfO^tut .
foreemient t Cdrimntal lisei. g 4 L
Criminal Justice Sytms D veA.a. t :". i ,
Law Enforceoent Abi"uUa-4e4Tfll6 ,,t n. *. *.
Law EnforPementS SP- iofT ..
Prevention and Treatment. W _iu g
, '.. , .. :.;. Z .,otm K o/,,> .'* '. + "i. T .j"g i{
J o b ~o e B : .. :" 7 : '- '** ~ ; +,: ** ." : :
,Woic Inc ves P ga 2)p i4 r *' *I '0 &k.
4rrrm Worke(. (ProINd.ur Laj, T:.A,, i .,' *
Comprehensive Employment and Taining Prorm -
4, *~ Dpj- ** 1jtblPnsra.tnh1 -0 -

Airport Delopm
Airport Planzbbg x.a

If,, :' ,i*. .i q A 'q i ,: t,: 4 : b.1 5f.
: l.!': T.,..'i rin .: ,. V .l'P kj1


4 840

,- ..... I- .4 7 ....-



S SEC. 1376, Any administrative expenses which may be sustained'
by the Fderal (Government in carrying out the flood insurance pro-
am authorized under this title may be paid out of appropriated

Szc; 186. (a) There are hereby authorized to be appropriated
such sums as may from time to time be necessary to carry out this title,
Including sums-
(1) to cover administrative expenses authorized under section
(2) to reimburse the National Flood Insurance Fund estab-
lished under section 1310 for-
(A) premium equalization payments under section 1334
which have been made from such fund; and
(B) reinsurance claims paid under the excess loss rein-
surance coverage provided under section 1335; and
(3) to make such other payments as may be necessary to carry
out the purposes of this title.
(b) All such funds shall be available without fiscal year limitation.
(c)1 There are authorized to be appropriated for studies under this
title not to exceed $100,000,000 for the fiscal year 1977 and not to
exceed $108,000,000 for the fiscal year 1978.
SEC. 1377. This title shall take effect one hundred and twenty days
following the date of its enactment, except that the Secretary,2 on the
basis of a finding that conditions exist necessitating the prescribing
of an additional period, may prescribe a later effective date which in
no event shall be more than one hundred and eighty days following
such date of enactment.
Approved August 1,1968.
[79 Stat. 1078]

SE. 15.***
(e)3 The Secretary is authorized to issue to the Secretary of the
Treasury from time to time and have outstanding at any one time, in
tSee. 14(e) of the Housing Authorization Act of 1976. Public Law 94-375, approved
August 3, 1976. 90 Stat. 1067, amended section 1376 of the National Flood Insurance Act
of I968 by adding a new subsection "a" at the end thereof. Sec. 702 of the Housing and
Community Development Act of 1977, Public Law 95-128, approved October 12, 1977,
amended action 1876(c) by inserting before the period at the end thereof "and not to
exceed $108,000,000 for the fiscal year 1978".
SOn November 27 1968, the Secretary gave notice that the effective date would be Tana-
ary 8199 (88 Fed. R. 17804).
Sec. 1808, Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968, Public Law 90-448, approved
August 1, 1968, 82 Stat. 476, 573, repealed all of the Federal Flood InsuranceAct of
flIQ, -oept section 1I (e). Se. 1a03 also amended section 15(e) to read as set forth
6tag otewtl


1377 and 15


.grant may be in the amount which does not exceed the lesser of (1) the
actual (id approved) cost of the replkirs and improvements involved,
'8 (). O. In the income of the individual or family exceeds
VI. f ter, a .grant may be made under this section, subject to the
I I tAfn t ipe ed in clauses (1) and (2) of the preceding sentence,
..A oy .(' an -amount hot to exceed that portion of the cost of the
reptirs a4 improvements which cannot be paid for with any available
la nM thattcai. be. amortized as part of such individual's or family's
SWnty'housingexpense without requiring such monthly housing
~~~~~ W'1. t i ', "
pense e~~x 2b6d 5 per centum of such individual's or family's
*'> T., : f .l " ; * .
SSw: 116.3 (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this title,
the Sertary is authorized to enter into contracts to make, and to
mak8*J grnats as provided in this section (payable from any grant
f nun& provided ,under section 103(b)) to cities, other municipalities,
Scountie% and$ Indian tribes, bands, groups, and nations, including
Aiska..Indians, Aleuts, and Eskimos, of the United States to assist
in financing the cost of demolishing structures which under State or
local law have been determined to be structurally unsound, a har-
traorg or potential harborage of rats, or unfit for human habitation,
'udvhich'uSich city, municipality, or county has authority to demolish.
STht amount of any grant wider this section shall not exceed two-thirds
f thecost o the demolition of such structures.
S..b) No grant shall be made under this section unless the structures
t. bt e demolished are located in an urban renewal area, or in the case
of' sttuetumes outside an urban renewal area, (1) the locality involved
ahan.. apprbved'.workable; program for community improvement in
socbrdance with the requirements of section 101 (c), as determined by
.the Secretary, .(2) the demolition to be assisted will be on a planned
*neighborhood basis and will further the over-all renewal objectives
of :lity.or will, be consistent with.. a systematic rodent control
program being undertaken in the neighborhood, (3) there is in such
locality a proTgram. enforcement of existing local housing and related
cpdes, (4) the structures to be demolished constitute a public nuisance
't.d a" Aed iis hard to the public health or welfare, and (5) the
..g rinr body of such loealty ,has determined that other available
le|mfobeduresa havebeen usted to secu re remedial action by the
C!Vlptroke sttuettienvolved d that demolition by governmental
aeiNeIA B .required. Jt/
j1fi^^la "td, trua, ubdt Aot f "9 oPublic Law 91-152, approved
'Mer iSm.1 aStatt37 b tfor."61 O.0.
.:.' aJi(r nag atl rba Development Act of 1965, Public Law
9-litT aproved August 10,1965, 79 Stat. 451,477.
s stan Urban
a d Uban Delp j Act of 1969, Public Law 91-152, ap-
anA nejatl e8lp J 4 l69, S.:tat" 374- 3" Iner te0d "ad xtflan tribes, bands, groups,
aft r Alapk Indians, A-1uti and Ei6s, -of United States".
..,' ,Ur an,:-,:
a xd "ohan DepmntAt p O, Pubic ,Law 90-448.
Sk.-. ..i... 8 | Btat. 4TB. 524, Insdrted "a haborage or potential harborage
ei g'a Urban Development Ac 4* 196. Public Lw P0-448 ap-
ItIrteitwith,. systematc-
;^ M *^ t .y ** "^ ,': ..' : ^ ;, ': :" ." ,***,' .i( .:. .."
,.J l I:.|., ,.... b l. **, ; ... T l3:., .. ( t: .. i h - **, : *,-. "' : *,< *: .' :* ; .*
t a'jh40 ..*! !N .. I v, f i...i ...:: : * :. .. ; :: .. . ., ," :



-0JIB kmB -Bl-..D


~(t) MrW 'flfl o
4' ": ''l "l E ^B tl Utfj .'f^ Mit UKr f^ .f/ '' .."Mt .^t ffti~lfr '^ ..f^ >jdju ^iie. h':: ^
"Wfry ftt'gswnt uinsr ntkmn itaH
expended' and aq
4)> ewh soms, in6c ^ nfl*O11_(bf^lMItw as?& fe
yea ati~r ~ia~i~~tar.
W X 1', sn .ftJed:b. aei ly/ -m y

necessary for administrative expenses incident to the admni-
tration of this titleV :... .'t ; ; a* r11-
, (b) There are authorized to be arpriated untIl Octr. 116
cThr2 i, Sne sww, not tb xex ,O(RZ totWsrn]N
.ft the pr xrnmrtbf s ads.6i f thertlSar
of niCu if beoed $5CV,OOOWX shslltjD fir pntir esds ifsntteid^
(e) anid (d) (4) U-1 chsebn.,-
(e) Wedera funds received fron other s!res htl tot l-i "IT
to psy' & sI tal state's dhare mf costs under etion 805, g 0o, t-, *
310. :
[Public Law 94-370, 90 Stat. 1013] ........ "
., :. : j-'. .*:. 2'.... .' .
$* ,$ -** ... ...* $ *< ;.. ,.. ... *'.:i,:.. .:
SEC. MI. AMfr4MItBATION, R e i .
&I we OwM1l bea in ,tE Ntiosl Qo iA A .&iMopher
AmLntrativp s AMsodis Ate IIiBlwr&Lv for Coast Zw4Man-
a wht, .wwhl appo"te4 by the 2ka]dt, by n bwt" the
iaS.o Aoasent .1 the Set tq Sh hsaeit AdatiAntwSiall
be an individual who is, by reason of background and wqance,
t. the isemuntsoja 4" Mmmiutration
oZ ManMp9met9At4 1907A2(X th.04*W4Meq)
S.h Aaeocip4e AMikniittator.,bat e nipnsbo* at tbca. now
or hereafter provided for level V of the ExecMA.W keahm P3 Py]ates
(0 UISA] 156).
W $eethw 51& tite 5,United Siate Oc:eu m0k &o. by
aiding at tAhe Ad tkern bke foMlowing aw rW
"(10) Asmate Adiainisttmr fo e ta o Maage-
ment, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin' bAf
(e) The Suatary mst4,Wnry out th. usviuiomS .h:'admend-
l~ahiS (bbdft this Act, Sltebli8?,MandAZ $b*V245Swainca SmWy our
inw pusitiam witikat regard .to t* prohiaBont otOIhr E^ t 6e5