Index to authors with titles of their publications appearing in the documents of the U.S. Department of agriculture, 1841 to 1897

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Index to authors with titles of their publications appearing in the documents of the U.S. Department of agriculture, 1841 to 1897
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Thompson, George Fayette, 1860-1906
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1841 to 18(07'.


Ae88saant in Charge of D~ocumecnt Sc4ctioi., lMvi~iun uof Jublicatione.

GEO. WM. HILL, Chief of LDivi8ion of Puibliea lions.




Washington, D. C., June 27, 1898.
SiR: I have the honor to transmit for publication as Bulletin No. 4 of the Division of Publications an Index to Authors with Titles of their Publications Appearing in the 1)ocuments of the Department of Agriculture from 1841 to 1897, inclusive; the agricultural reports published previous to 1862 as a part of the Patent Office reports being considered for the purposes of this work as agricultural reports. This index was prepared by Mr. George F. Thompson while assistant in charge of the document section of this Division, but it is due to him to say that while it thus appears properly, as the title-page shows, under the direction of the chief of this Division, the greater part of the work was actually done by Mr. Thompson outside of the regular business hours, and both the suggestion and the plan of the work are largely his own.
The difficulties experienced by this Division during the past two years in its effort to answer all inquiries relating to the department publications give assurance of the usefulness of the present publication and invite further effort in the direction of index work.
Very respectfully,
GEe. W1. HILL,
Hon. JAMES WILSON, ( 'hiety.
eeretary of Agriculture.



In the Document Section, where requests for publications receive attention, a constant necessity exists for indexes of all series of the Department publications. This necessity is all the more apparent since the Division of Publications, on taking up the work of the Document Section, determined upon the policy of replying specifically to every communication received. These requests came in all manner of forms-sometimes by the number of the document, sometimes by its title, sometimes by the author's name, and sometimes by vague reference to the subject-matter. This catalogue of authors and their titles is the outgrowth of this necessity, but of course it only partially answers the requirements of complete reference books of the Department publications.
Although a conscientious effort has been made to include every author and his title, except the brief and unimportant letters appearing in the earlier agricultural reports, the hope can hardly be indulged that the catalogue is free from errors of omission; however, the hope is indulged that the errors are so few as not to impair its usefulness. There is in the documents issued by this Department a vast amiouint of literature which bears no signature. There are many such articles in the annual reports and the reports of the Statistician. Of course such articles are not mentioned in an author's catalogue. Neither can proper credit be given here to a large amount of the work done on the Experiment Station Record and the seven volumes of Insect Life. The plan of the work is to give a synopsis only where it is necessary to explain what is not clearly shown in the title. Sometimes such a title could not be framed, and in other instances there evidently was no effort to give the article a proper heading.
Previous to 1862 the agricultural reports were published as a part of the Patent Office Reports, but in this work, as in previous indexes, they are all considered as Agricultural Reports.
A key to) the abbreviations used in the references is given. Articles which are without heads are supplied by myself, and are indicated by being inclosed in brackets.


Ag------------------------ Agriculture, bib------------------------...Library.
AOsN8 ------------------- Agrostology. M Ii se--------------------MNIiseellaneous.
B. A. I.--..--Bureau, of* Animal INdustry. Mo------------------------....Monthly.
Biol. Surv.. DIivision of Biological Surve 'y. Mto. W. R.- Monthly Weather Review. Bot--------------------------Blotany. N. A. Fauna----..North American Fauna.
Chei-- -----Iision of Clmnistry. Nat .....................National,
Cont------------------- Contributions. ni. s-----------------------------nRew series.
Cot-------------------------...Cott oi. 0. E. 8S-- Office of Experiment Stations.
lDis------------------------.... iseases. 0. ati Mt - Di\ isiofl of' Ornitliology and
D~oe----------------------...J)ociinient. WilllnmalogyN.
E~t------- ivsin f ttoinlology Path---------------------...Pathology,
E Tit. Com. -IU. S. E 11toiiiolo-i ca] C1omimis- Pow ........................Porn ioI oyv.
81011. Puibs~ ..........-lji\ision of Publications,
E. Si. It----Ex periment Station Record. Rpt-------------------------.RI Zepo))r t.
F .B--------F'arnler&S Bllcit. s .-.----.----------------------------. .. .... ..series
Fiber- -ffice of' Fiber Iivestigationes. So i18----------------..l)ivislon of Soils.
for------------------------- Forestr. Sp-------------Special.
For. Mkts-. Se ctioii of Foreig-n Mlarkets S t.:it--------------------....Stat-iz4ician.
11I ...........-Iouse fit' Itpe e ta s t. K ......... ...........technlical Series.
II ern,--------------------I...erlari iim t i Tuin--------- nuihrd
1. .......................-Inlsect Life. Veg----------------------.....Vegetable..
1141------------------------- .. .. .Inquiry. W. B-------------, .. .,...Weather Bureau.
Irri ........................---Ig~tilin. W. It..--------------Weather l1'eview
.Joiir. ycol-----....Journal of' Mycilogy. Y. B----------------------..... Yearbook.


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pp. 626-631.
Instrumental, corrections; methods of reduction; resulting accuracy. iRpt. Chief W. B., 1891-92, pp. 37-48.
Determination of the true amount of precipitation and its bearing
on theories of forest inflences. For. Bul. No. 7, pp. 1-65-18G.
The marine nephoscope and its usefulness to the navigator. W. R.
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der-Q uatitity und qjuality-Timt aiw fr sow-in, within restilts-I Iow to) (-lIt,
aud cure.
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Paper reaid hpforv a convenitioni called IN-y the (Co~inissioiuer 4of Agrivuli ore
January 2:), 1X83, to) voiisidevr thic siibjeet o)I agriculttral educin,t'1
The grrange: Its origin, progress, aid purposes Misc. Sid. 1)p
No 2, P f-4 83
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Spraying without a pump. Enit. Bul. No. 2,ui.s&,pp).,,29. 1806. Aldrich, W. B. '
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&review of' recent work on dairying. E. S. R., vol. 5, pp. 943-974
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I'lie feeding of farixi animals. F. 11. No. 22, pp. 32. 1895.
l)airy work at the experiment stations. B. S. R., vol.8, pp. 359-367.
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380. 1893.
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JItemariks 0,' the grape disease of FllroIpe. Ag. lRpt. 1854, pp. 3[11
31 2.
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Impro)vemenit oni native cattle. Agr. lipt. 1866, pp. 294-320, illuls.
'I'lie illt'roduc(tiloll of pure) forvignbed-fmtl-hevleadiprac
of our nieat cat tle-liereast, of* our neat catttIe-Prsont consumption of 1welf cattle inl thei 1aiited States-increase of weight in ouir cattle-ProteIwded lil,,ory of tile othr-AiranSrtos-eradttioii to) Mur Cdirnate nl 'iilm-Not, to be recomnedA every where-] low oulr native ca1ttle r to be0 iniprovedl--how bulls shoufld be kept for breediing pul-pses-Time i an pIrt0Ajuce( of u1siugr tHoroughbredI bulls-Hlow stock Mili d be bredii id eard-Pepain stock for fattening-A comparison o1f lroit--N i feb cows -11w proper selection of bulls fo(r breedfing-Breedintg tli oro ughbredI S Iort IoIr1s-MAnwgemen t of the bull-Econowy IW fattening Cattle.


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453-4741 illus.
(*rowfli of' flic M(bigtr ind coinpoiltion ()I'
iIIr tjI(- collsilillptioll of clivese-Expol'i ti-mle ()I, clicesc-St'illstic", of
fl; 17 i ts of, Calla(LI-I'lie
11 y iiitores III:)I11If';ICtIII'(- of, Sl'iIII c1leeso III A 1114.1-1C.11
Oleomargarim, (-1i;,vse--\VaN-S to illlpro\ e flic 11-:1411. 111 (.11ec"e-Accessit.\ (it'
classifyitig :iii(I 1jr.m (lillig Ive
How toseleel g(x)(1(theese. B. A. 1. Cil.c. No. 11, pp. 11. ilhis. 189G.
Statistics of t1w (lairy. (Colllpile(l fi-onl tile I Tilite(l St'Ites cen"-ols
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Reprhitt d fi-oin Yvai-book foi- IS94.


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ill the Viiited States and Cauada for 1897 B. A. 1. Cire. No. 18,
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I %I) t. 1888. 1) 1) 10 2-11.17 i I I u s.
iised in applyiii- iiisecticides-Field trials of si,)ray Dilt (Ili ines- Local efforts imide to destro\- the hoplollse.
List of hortictilturists of the ap-ricultural experiment stations ill
TTIite(l StateS
the ) 7 witli an otitline of the work in hortictilhire at
Ilie several St.160118. 0. E. S. Bill. No. 4, pp. 27. 1889.
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NVIP(d 111,11 lrcstiv, thc niaterhM aud tli(, md.v ono that ought to I)e used
for hoddill". forall :1-osalld Al ranks-Mode ()I' makiii-a wool mattress11.1111141 111"11111j'Awtill-es of" Nvool-Ilonle 111.11-ket for -\vool. Anderson, E. R.
I Iteporl oil (,otton iiisects.] Cot. fiisects, Ill). 3,52-356. 181.).
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Ctiltivatioll of cillcliolm ill tile Ullited ISO;, p1w.

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Aiiioiiiit (ifsug:it, Ill(] 111411;Ism's Ill-odill-vil ill flit, I'llitc(I st:ltv- Ili ISO$Clillsillilptioll '11 Elivoliv ill fl iv vvti- mliI,:ii- prm itictim i :im l i-4ilii 11M I SlIj,_,.Ir cl ti-it"s Ili E lli-olle ill ISG I --- 1-:111-tope;iii Iw ct siiir:ir 1) 1,( 11111 c i I ii t*,, i
t1i 1-ve \ o l T's (I I I I I I ,, 1 SGG -- N\'It i t, I si I v i.t i I r( -41 t III i Nv ii I t I v., 13 11
top- % 11 i t I, I'll I", --( '.tN( I-Ill Ili I I I,v c I I( INv A 111,11il)l W 1111cc \ 14,1(led
1\-, of 1 1111'"141-All 111,4144%13es of ()[I tilt- 4.1lellih-M collip"SAioll of till' 114-t.t.


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commercial 1*( rtiliz(,i s-ll()iii(,-iiiix( (I fertilizers-Ashes as a fertilizerField experinicitts ,vith fertillzers--Soil tests by fariners-Differejives in soils :ill([ crops as to i'ooit needed-Potash in. fertilizers-Potash ou the blite-grass soils of' Kentucky-Tests of' and.
Ill swilic fee(lill",-01ttoll-secd litills andineal as feediii- st.iiffs-lietter cows for the (lair.y-Dairying-Butter inaking-Creariie I. i es S e e 4 t te s t i I I I [a r (I y fi, I I i ts -T1 i v d e h o r i i i i i, r o f c a t t le- S t, i t i sti cs o f the 4:01ons-L'ites of work purstie(I at the stations-List of igrividtimil
scll()ols alld colle-es ill the 1)'11ited Stites- k-riciiltural colle,,es recently
01,14,11lize(t-Farmers, institutes-Growth and statlis of the experiment stat i ( )n enterprise iii the 1Tt)itv(t States-Diffictilties and (Lingers-Promise of
snecess ()f* the expet-imeut station eiiterprise.
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dietaries-Dietaiv stan(lants for mcii at muscular \\ork-11o foo(I of people ill busin('8S .11i4l professional life-Dietaries of laboi in- people-F,,ool, Nvoi-k, aml. Nvages iii the 1-nited States mj(t ill Emope-The nuti'llion of the morkiii-iniii and his elevation-Food of p-ople with scanty iiOurishmeiit-Nutritimi mill workilpr povei--The bo(ty of a in;tchitie-Errors ill om, 10ml. economy --Pnrcli:tse of llee(ll(,.Ssl\- expellsivi, kill(Is ot, 1 ()o(1-NVabtu
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(C. It'll-Isli), jolig-tail (feel- (C. lencilrus), (.0111111oll 0 ,ir"111i'l (1ver)
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'LlItC10100 11111fri(wtta), musk ()x (Ovilms moNchatioq). b1ge hol-11
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p'll-ts of, vessels- Descl.ipt i oil ofship timl)er for the vzirious parts of'-t vosSel-Me'lil specific orlvitv, %veight, and shrinli;igo of green North ('arolina White oak, live 0,1k, '11141 yellow pillo cut ill (IM41 illolith of' tile.\ arThe clithill), and 111:1kill" of ship tiniher-The -,v.istv. of wood in inAinr5 t I'Ll. I I I "'. t inj I)e I- recomnien (let I-Tho pr Ice for shi p tim b or"I'lio supply of* ship timber-,rite un(ici-\vritors, riiies iiiiiting. tile soiection.
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\V11at im tile emi'liG .11 44 t1li, hnowli fol' indiitr,\ W liviv :tn, \ mii, inAv 1 el S !- I'lle (.11'ecl S proll lice(I 4)11 \N,()( 1 I)v ),cvpl 11 ot, sllecp )n \\ ;lS1 I I I I, :I ill I
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(A)I'llist HIV HMI m'Hic ;icllon ot'jn()1(1 in Hin pi-oilmati(iii ofcrops-Fronl
%vil'it smil-cv (b, p1:111ts 411.1-i vc Illoistlav III t intes of, (11-oll-lit ?--ljolv 111ol(l I I I., Iv bl"t be restm-ed 1() 111 v so I I --TI it, (I ifYCrent, hin (I s o f corii--Tho propel.
01, s L\ Ing, swv(l 1mp1(mimits-- up-ilaxrowing-Laying oll Ha I It I II-- C I I I tivat') m k ('I It \N ()n I Is - M()Ivs 'I'lli I) I kilig out Harvesting.


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8\-StOIU of rrowiu- tobacco.
I n Zn
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,trbor-vitw (7VIIIJ(I occi (tell tO i8), ever ,revii box (1)'iti-its furzo
(Ulcx ellrojm'I(N), Ellropelli liolly (flex (tqi(ij*o1iitm), American lii)lly
opica), Irisli ivy (11c(ler(t hclix rc!vta), Jimiper or wliite ce(ltr ('itpre,,ils thyoi(les). 1-mirel Ili- ti\veet Nty (Latirits nobilix), latirestimis ribitnium
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1,084 imtry (1.'o8niein nus u.1ficbm lis), sp.11lisli 1);INollet ( Yllcc(f 01f)iff)110),
lock 8im ice (.41tics c(titmicnitiN), Nol-NN-.1y Sill lice fir (_110ic-q I.1 cchS 11 1, t.
( 7lixII8 .10(tectl III ), ti ]:tilt I Is I i I (tit I its 91an (I it lw-i(t ), F tin qw a ii i I (I er ( I I it iii yllitillo8a ), '11t1l;1"t frllte- flibixells Myl- I (I c 11 S 1, 1) ri I. 1 I v I S I I ( /a it 1 /1, 1.1-111 it Ili I k V(v its 81/1fr(ixinciiilo, bem-li pitim ( Priinii8 m(trilim(t), Eni-opl., il bc;icll
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(Milillnis acitictitusi, li-twfliorn w r(off, 1111"t (1.1-YM111101(i
(C(IrpillI18 bo-10 lix), killel-ic.111 1l,)rllb0.kIll (Carpillits a tit till),
Itircli (1mrix eisropi(l). lilitc (,1;yrin!m ritlyoris), limicY Itwnst
iritiva it tht)8 ), Eiin)jivikik tiv.W iiinpiv ( .1ccr c(tnij)txtrc I t It I I : k I I I I i It I I I I I I I Ityperici.1 to till), Nvilito lllllIbvrr 01orits (Ilha), Em-oloe;tit oak (,)it, I*Ctl-14 Ao X.N1 ontil"o ( .1hicinr(i astratillsic(l), pe"ll. trvo ( Pqrism CmIIIIII(ills lmanb.trtly pololar l'opultix filsti0i(II(l), elikk atcol '11141 \\ 11(1 I'vi brier ( Rmm 1.111olyntima), sbw or likckt1ioi-ii ( Pranifs spitimsa i, NV:cs1titi;rton
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Divisioit-The Nhis(,iiiii-The Botallical
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on in% estinents in sbeep-N;itionality of the linnii-rant ffiriners-Getivral
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odn"I.-S-W Hit food Id.111ts-Olfferetices due to tOmi
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of' tlic cane ;[lilt
CIIlti\,atiIjr-Matiii-ity -- Stripliing -T()l)lol1j(r ('11tt 111- slim-1,111", :111d
holisill-l"l-osts Ilid t*le(. zili ,,,--.Nlt(-Iiiiii-r\, and

orators- Interillittelit J)r(wcss t ill llwls pnwvs, Vlltcrlli_ Itilce

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cose- Varleties W, 4-.111o w itil I'vi't-relice t4) alid clilti \,It i-11 -Tillic of harNt"Still'r emic--4,411141 Ing, -Talll s :111d

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u11ga-8-Ath aalyses of siugar cane from Duilorara andil of sorghulim (iEarly amber)-Sugar beets-Peruvian sweet potatoes-Analysis of ani-Beetroot sirutp-Sorghuitn iru;p-Manna or fir suigar-Analyses of tw. siruipsExainillatiols fir blaic acid-Aiialys1 of vauaigre root-Exa1illation of
21713-No. 4-1


CoWer, Peter-Continned.
dock., for tannin-Tbe importance of carefully selected seed-Analyses of maize, peas, and beans-Experiment8 in manufacture of tea-Oil froua tea ,,ee(l-'Fea-see(lbuII8-Exaniinatioii of sophisticated tea-Tea and coffee substitutes-Examination of leaves of ink berry (Ilex glabra)-Examinati oil of leaves of Turicra aphrodi8iaca-Analysis of Florida, moss (Tillapidsia lvaieoide8)-Analysis of the reindeer moss (Cladoptia ra iig iferin a) -Exam nation of"boneset" (Eupatoriiiiii perfoliattiiii)-l-'lt3tijiiation of 8aponin-I'Loco" or poison weed-Bomb ic ac id-Coverin (Y of eggs ofinsects-Bakinty powdersArsenical paper- f' x:i iii inat ion of American and foreign butters and oloomarrarine-Analysis of coim(-obs- Analysis of brewers' grains-Examination of California tobac(-o-l)leiirt)pjieumonia-Analvsis of milk of cowM Inera I- water analysis-Soil analyses-Analyses 4 marls-Analyses of leaclied wood and coal asbes-Bat guanos and cave earths-Slate-diist fertilizer Commercial fertilizers Silicious diatoms -The coal economizer-.Substitute for paris green-Analyses of lime-Analysis of coal froin Shenandoah Valley -Analysis of hydraulic hinestone-Analysis of wine received froni Admiral Aminen-Proximate aualysesof beats, i)arley,
jimize.aii(l corn-Methods of analysis.
Report of the Chemist. Ag. Upt. 1879, pp. 35-1.07, illus.
Experiments in the production of stigar isorghiims and maize-Sugar machinery of the Department of Agriculture-Tlie permangallato process for the estimation of sugars in juice8-6ugar beets-Aualyses of marls, soils, Clays, etc.-:- oil from small inallgrove island off the Florida coast-Unprodlicti \-e, soil-Peaty soil-Leaf' inold-Conimercial fertilizers-Siil)erl)bosl)hat( sValuation of fertilizers-Butter and oleoniargarine-Alcobolic liquorsImproved green coffee berries-An examination (of 'Ituckaboe"-Effect on canc, sti-ar of COOkiDg With fruit-Examination of lignite-Analysis of rock salt-Analysis of salt from evaporation of lake water-Ores aud minexals- Plant s, medical and poisonons-Botanical description of Sopilora 8crecia-Prelim i nary report on the herb of Astragotu8 ntolfissbwis and the herb of Oxyfropi8 to tit bcrti-Examinat ion ot*,IfaIra8tI'II?)I coccineitnt-The iiiiportance of carefully selected seed-Grains-ADalyses of finniattire, sweet corn and cobs-Analysisof Zaiitia i0cgrifolia I'Coontie")-An apparatus for continuous percolation-Analysis of sword bean, (Cailaralia, gladiata, var. eii8ifori)ii. -Veport on grasses and fora-e plants-Tlie calculation of fo(1(1(,I.N alues-('onii)arisouof American all d ermau grasses- I)i (rest i bill ty
of' the constituents of grasses.
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Soi-Imin-Synoptical table of the varieties of sorg-hulal cultivated at the
Department of' Agriculture during the summer of 1880-The analytical processes for the examination of the canes- Analyses of Juices from Sol-glitim-Anal yscs of juices froin cornstalks-A averages ofeach stage of each
y-Exi4aiiation of-raphical plates-Explan.ation of specific gravity
varlet ?_ ?,
taldi-Coinparison of different hydroineters-l".11vcts of fertilizers Oil SUCH)SC. "llicoseand solids in sorgbuin juievs-Effects of fertilizers on the r jnices-Composition ofat4h of canesandjuicesof sorghumash of'soi-glium
Teiiiperatmv and rainfall for Vie value during, t1le
NNIMking period of sorglimn and cornstalks-AnalYses of sirtips and stigars Fecelvcd from abroad-Utilization of waste produets-Aiialyse8 of corn, simit ( I'Nhla-elo 7naidis)-Examination of' t1je, root of Berb(,148 aq0.(()Ihmt, var. repeiis-"Ore-mi -rap, root "-Examinatioii of iiati%,o quiiihie-EstiInAloll of talillilly IIIIbbv1l'H Iamokin Iarin stock powder, and 11aati's hog cliolera reniedy-Analysis of' Pacific, magic cattle
food Nliiwrals, marls, and fertilizi-i-s-Analyses of soils, of' mineral and potabli, WItI.rS-\Vvll %Naters-Analyses of sh;gle spvchnensof grasses froin N,111-iollm local ifies-I low t Ile 11 it rogell is collibliled ill the plant-Analyses
I y waste, ot, "Illcose, waste, and of rice bran-The compoijition
aii(] iltiality of certain American willes-l'ist of' willes analyzed.
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Report ofanalytical and otlier work done, oil sor-huni and cornstallis by flie
Cliciiiii-al Di\ ision in ISSI-S2-Explanatioll of Vie stages of growth or of de\,elopillont as UHed III this rt-port-Analysos of vacli variety of sorgliunt and maize: I-'arly Amber, Eai-ly Goldeij, White Liberian, Black top, African,


CoWer, Peter-Continued.
White Mammoth, Oomseeana, refrular sor-ho Link's hybrid, sti-ar canv, Goose neek, Bear tail. Iowa redt.op, new variety, t.ariv orail-e, orany(, caue )'eeazaiiaIN Olt' tail, Graytop, Mastodon, Honduras. sutrar cane N\ illipliev, 11. cewm8, hoiieycane. 1:gyptiaiisn -ar
corn, Lindsay's horse tootb, Illount's prolifif- -, broad white flat (lent, Chestel, County maminotb, IJgylitevn-rowed yellow dent-(; raliMcal charts-0iwot'lieaN-vraitif,-tllat't(-rlollr(Iroiirlit-Effectoft'i-ostiil)oiisoi-(riiiiiii--k\-.iil iger trom stickers-Method ot*an;tivsis-'rhe analytical pt-()cessvs foi, the examinaticiii of* the caues-PolarizAon of"Juices and siriips-11criod of' working the soi-,,-Iiuiii.w,-Exp(-iitiients with the small ill ill- F:xpei-ieiicv of' I )r.
A. Goe."mann xvith sorghuni cut some time before Nvorking-Cmilpal ati\ v
results, mckered and unstickered sor-hums-Invei-sion of sti-ar ill clit caties-Effect oil -iter
to Jitice diii-ing- defecation-1-:xpeiiments in d( fec.ition-Slie(-iii(--,,r i\-itv Juices of sor-litim ind maize-11,elative leii-ths and wc1glits of* the different varieties of sorghum-('omposition of' sor-hum seed-Loss of' stitrar in manut'ictiire-AnaIN-sis of*Juice at different sta_-es-Avallable Juice of limize-1,11(1 1W0Fk of' the large sugar mlll-lkcii)ts [nmi stitrar ill I r, 11
-tylitim ill 1881, worked at lar(,e millanalyses of' thirtN -five varieties of'soi,, n
Tbe causes of failure ill sligar makliltr troin sor(rbuni-A'havacter ;md (-()Ili1)08 JUiCe-('hemical chan -es in sti-ar llIlkilIt,_SoprlIlIl11
ltiOll Of SM'?"'ll Mll
Juice-The acidity of corn. and sorgiiiiiii.iiii(-e-Iiiil)oi-tiii(-e of a -omt millLoss of' sii-ar in the ba-asse-Action of lime upon. the ("hicose atid Sucrose
ii ices d. u riT I during evapol, J 111 cesBiblio-raphy of ,or-buni-General index to the sor-limn and malZt S11(r,11, reports of 1878. 1,S79, 1880, ind 1881-F1'XIlI1ilMtlOT1 Of" 11WHIMIS J01- tliv (Ictermillatioll of pli0spboric acid, in its various forms in fei-tilli/vi-s-1 Ghirose"
811'ral.-Se.1 weeds-Iferock weed (-bicopityllum iiodo8am)-l'i -)xmmt(, malysis of Fuca"; neslefl/0811"I Ind IScop/1.1/1111 lit 110do-sum, ]Ili xcol-soi 1-s- I'vatsI'roximate anal v8is of" Zygadcuut7ved, toddcr, veget;tbles etc.-Analysis of' t*eed stall's-Improved velloweved beans and pmls-Aiialyses ot*,%,eiret;tbICS-NN'llUL.t,-Uo1-11 an4l ,ioy vll ul,,
s fodder plants-l,:nsi1a-c.
Investigation ot' sorghtim :I sug"11--producing platit: sea soll of'
18 8 2. IJ1111till) rpt. pp.1 G's. clitll-ts. ISS3.
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For synopsis, see Geor-e Va8ey.
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ne agriettiture of, morocco. A Rpt. 1862, pp. 499-508.
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I Address befiwe the Convention of, dele.rate-,.; 11-mil
CMIlep-es and Experiment StAioils held at Department iit' A-i-1culturel July S alid 1), 1S85.1 Allst'. Spl. Rpt. No. 11, pp. 5_15.

Objectfi (11' the a-rictiltural kiioNvIvilipe-Tea, 1,111,r
livv 1,4,114'rK
Climatic inflilelices oil plailts-Rotation of* crops-F\perlmeit- NItl, tilt.
cottoll vai'll-ties 1) %I (,I* phillt,
KiloNvIvil-v lleedt-d hv t1le 'NNm-kI ;rvatel. diversIlY tit' cvop.. -Tv\61c fibers iM 1-Fruits mitt platit,,
ftolll Itllssia -- sig.n.11 sel-virt. ill Al"ricultill'al efres.


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Letter transmitting certain papers in response to a resolution of
the House calling for a copy of D1)epartmeniit circular of June 6, 1882; a copy of the award of the committee appointed to carry the provisions of the circular into effect; copies of all correspondence with the Delaware Beet Sugar Company on the subject; and a statementof the awards paid and to whom. 11. Miso.
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rpt., pp. 106. 1888.


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Description of the Italian bee-Tbe queen-T)w droues-Tlie worllvr-ilreedbw-Italianizin- anipiary-]Ze iriw, queeiis-Intro(luchity (Ille.fIlls-Profits
anft iniporttuice of bee culture.
Comes, 0., and Mr. Deperais.
First res-ult obtained from the use of chloride of almahlum and
and proposal of new remedies against the lwrouospora ofthe ville.
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Commissioner of Agricultut-e in pursuance ofan act of Cong-ress
approved Jime 19, ISTS. Cot. Insects, pl). 511, illus. 1879.
Report of the Entomolooist. zkg. Rpt. 184-9, pp. 185-3474,
Vie ariny-w(witi (Ifelioploila (Leucaiiia) iiiiilmncta)-flow to destroy y flit, jw_,;t'I'll(- desn-tietive leaf lioppvr (Cicadula i-xihoa)-The clover sevot illidge (Cecidomyla le!lij iiiiii(-(Ala)-l'.irisites mi die clover-,qve(l inid-e-Tlio clm-erleif inidge (Cccidonsyia tri.t611i)-l'be (.IoN-er-stelli horel. (Lan.ellwia J)l0:a?.dl)'I'lic clover oscii)is trVotii)-'rlie niti'llow oscinis ((),,wini.R nialro
liise-cts in jurimis to oran.(re trees-'Ilie cotton .4tailler oil ontilge (I).11mbrell-I or.iiige-jeat' nothris (-Votloris citrifoliella)-'r1w 01'.111tre C:ISVbearH!- tiiwid (Colewee-hitiffx
ontuge-le.ff notclier (.-irtipus 11o)-ldani(x)-NV1iitv atit, or -wmi(l I[(.(,
Termcm flarlpcs -Two new panisites oil orange insects-'I'lie palinetto-icat'
niiiii-r Larvrna x(ibidella)-'Flie respleiidviit shield bearer (Aspid(SC(I grapeviiie flet-loevtlo (( 'riiplodcra chahlbca)-Asparaglis beeile (0-10cf-ris (Ispellwfil )- iteilledies- 'rile 11161011-wo'lli ( I'll a 4-4.11111-11

(Coryfli oca arcuata)-l1w Iov list s.1w J1Y(
le lf-elvcllia Gclecllia robbei(If
1-1 LIMocollchs oak-leaf inizier ( Lithocolletis fift-lit-11a)J.'etinift. romshickiana-Tlie frustrAiti -retiiiiw
phie retina ( L'chnio riflidana )-Tlie plilf. lv;lf 1111TIOT ( Gelcrhla piiii.foliella)dakriuna
(Dakrama coccidirm-ai-Tile p'lle dakrilln.i (I)aki-11111(i p((I IWO -TI) v wil% coccid blast(lba"is ( BlashAllaxiN cm-cirorcl1a)-1, baxxc1tc11a-.N4)teS of t1le ye'll.-Alle cot toll \\.4 01.111 *1101o ar of Hic
1111ti I ral el willif-H of t 114. cot ti Ill- worli I-Sil Ill 111,11 N-Tlie bol I- Nv onii-'Fliv i tiot Ii.
llei)ort of the I'lltolljolorist. Ag. ]ZIA. 1880, pp. 235-349, illus.
The migar-cano hoetle ( Lifly?'118 Y'llificqw-Tlio 811(r.Lr-4-1-1114- bol-er k /halrer (I
xWTharalix)-'I'lio comst.11k ljorer ( 1). Nuerharall-q!)-11w vorn-lv;it' miter
Muslahi!)-l'Im lim- caterpill,ir of t1w ontu-c (Ptipillo vrcsphma, -The
i-e:tpliis all -11 I'll- w i I) "'i'd kat\41141
r:l r%
oraugo 1).IHIO-t-woriii ( I'latip ccilcus qlorf ril i 1011cf. punclixtrigii-11w cork colorei I orinige tortricid nostraner i -I'lie clovvr-seed caterpillar (Grapholitha I pli 11 r-c(ilortk(I
tortlici(l (7,01-trix 14111(14rcanw-'Hio nimty browii tortricid dare-,
dana)-Strit-m-im insty Wana-'I'lie pale cliwer tortricid Toortrix di-copnow
lana)-Tlic Nariablt, oak-leal" eiklerpillar .Ilcterocampa


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Special planthi- for honey-clm pIn all lioney plailt-1?ocky Molitit-aill bee
platit-lkape- S' NN vet, clmer -I 'e('H 'IM 1 011i 1iZVrS-EXl)eri111V11tS fil
iii,,--cmisimiption of lioney in tliv sectimi oI' wax-iio worker bees 1*ocil

ing abotit the, 11IN-cs i1i Sl)l-illr
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soil an(i citit] vi tioti I larvestilIg
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(Ambrosla tri ii(let) -Oraiige li.-iwkwee(l ( Mow("I'lfill Order 11ax (Lioiaria canwicnCI III N'(01 V11 1.1 1-cw-clovei- (lo(Wet, (Cn8ciaa h-ifol1i)-()r(1vr HanEntylish 101,111tain (1,1(int(igo lanccolata)-()nler Grainhiew-Itnigniss (Cellclorois Irlbi(loidcli)-Now h)(1dei- grass-onler (h-a-minew-Pead 111illet" cat-tail 11111144Y millet (1-Ynnisettim typhoideunt)- Ortler
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I fit
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(1\1)"rillivilt's J.'Xilel-illiclits w itli So ja of' 41iflcl-clit
-l"Xiow"Illuilt, witil jw:IS-1,:XjwI.iIlwIk1 witil 1w,1114 of (lifferelit (levi-lopillelit W' ))],Ilits fi-olll lloav all(I lilg-lit sov(1-11411,1tioll ()f 1wavN sc('A to Hiv v.11-1), stages of' 111:111t, "I-owtll.
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lilt r'itcs ill the s(oll- 'Stinly (4 411-allintne of resvarch-('oillPOSItlull (4 Up. %%,,iturs ()j* iiiiiiiiiicd itna unwanured soils-Excedd-


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illf, 111.1irlic III Otlicr I Ili I 11,11's- I'lle contatriolls or illfectiolis
_,pn-adill-" its j)r()j1,l1r:lti0Il, aii(l its vitalit Tlio in(irbid
velillow Ti-vatillelit Vacts and obsclV.1tiolih Illustratill", t1lo Ille.11114 1)y uhlch swille Jdagile Is sprv;ld- -swille 111.1".11v llot linlite(I ill itsattacks to ;iii(l c\j)vxiinvnti volatinu to treatniviit and I)I-03velitioliV \ 104"I'l lilvn t s witIl 11v;1111ly 16'rs-Miscroscolne exa nli ila tion-The scllizoillycl-tcs Pcsliltm and conchislOlls,
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Nic!"(111il I pill dmw I --l'arkinsonitt ii,'I'lls
A c kukl m c 4-.ict its Ill v;11111111\\ (1041 1 1",14l/illf-r(I splelsdt-118 (iialit (-Act u- k Cf 1-01N (11 "llb llq I-


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nincew- P;in(latmcea- Lilim-e;v -Jiincacew
Divhsonie;v-()ur flaxan(I livinp supplyI)oIllestic imports .11ill
ture- Ir'it consillerat *Ons -Clilt ivat loll-l"llnic-.1 ute-Mbel, lllacllillery-Tile (.111tivatioll of Ibiildmi ariccitnev in Ncw Jui-sey. \\ltlt lettei- ()f Prof. Sylvestei- Witei-limise-An wt ti) enemit-airl, tilr pi-milit-tion t1l)(1 tre:01114-11t of filwrs ill the st.1te of New Jersey-List ot, llitelits fol. filwi.
inaciiinerY wA provesseti.
A de.swriptive (,.Itajo(1rue of the manufaehires froiii iiative Nvoods,,as
sliown ill t1je exIdbit of f1w. IT. S. Department of Agri(,liltill-calld
4j orlealls,
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I t 1) t. 18913, .5 G T -'5 S I
lnt.rodmt0v.v-',1'1ie h1wr e\1ii1)it or tile I)epartment at ('16cago-'Flie pro(IlIction toljilte-Pr(wress In the rnilliv indil"Iry--Machilies for decol-tivatgreell nlillic -Ralllir 111,1111ICartlin's It':111lio ('111filre ill the I'llitell "-4at-es000iral experimttits Fhx (.111hin. fi)v tilwr -11:1X 111.1chilles-Fla\ cIlltill-A expel-lilleilts-Thc growth ot, 11a,\ for ex p lrt- Pi Ilea 1)1)1 e fibelfor oXtI-:IctiII- the filwi. -PAIIIIAto libel, ill 1111stril's-I'ses of pallm-42to Ivat" st'('Ills' nmt"" ct.c.-The lildi(rellolls haRt fibers.
reimrt mi flie micultivated bast fibei-S ot, t1le United St'ates,
ill(-111(jilig tjjf 11istoyy of I)I-eviolls v\j)('riments \vitll the 14,111t.,; or jihvl s "Llid hricl' shltcmellt.' 1-clilt-ing. to the allie'd Spe6es t-Imt #11.4. pi-mhiccd emn nivrci.i Ily in div 01d World. Fiber Rpt. No. G
pp.54' illus. js!).J.
P"act's colleemling. I."111lie. Y. B. 189 1, pp.4 13-460' Hills.
flist.m. v '11141 descriptim l H)c Indlimtr v ill of railliv
:11141 11,1\ Method's ot, clilt'lln.- Hal-vi'stilig Hill crop -Yield (d' rallilo- r\t ract in-, tile tiller -,\1't(.5r-procvvAvs and
Nelmi't, of' tile 011ice of 1 ibcr hivcstig-Mimis. Ag. li'l)t. 189-11 pp.
1971 19S.


Dodge, Charles Richards-Continue(l.
A report on the cultivation of ramie in the Vnited States. with
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A descrij)tive catalogue of the usefid fiber Iflants of the w(w1d,
including the sti-lictill-al and economic cla,',sitications of Uwrs.
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of improN-ementForest lan(Is climate ---\]tit u(Ic-Tenipci-at 111-c
Surfi-we unol si)il-T.ih1c of* t*;irm- Lin(kan(i Cirm toch ill tilt, vAlcY -mIUties ill 1860-T.Ibleoffial-111 pl-o(Illuts-The Illolliltaill, --The p,11IlI;IlI4lle-Tlic rkei-comitics-I'lie K:111;kwim V.11le \- S4111111cril comitles--I'llo cclltr ll colilltieg- statistics of* (it, th" 111111111cl. aml v.11lic of
(liffelcilt, kil.1418 of, live mtock-stllement c\1ii lilt mg tll(, .111mitit.\ and
()f Hollic (if tile prillcipil itellis W' I'm-111
llients-Ro.lils-1 ill] 11-m-cillent ol'i-ivers -1:,illi-witis -- or ,,.ml/tit'011.
Maize p4alwi. and maize cloth. Ale. Uj)t. ISG3. 1q). 4,36-438.
Birds and NI'd ]aws. Ay. I"
ill kl)t.
Uses of hink- A 11.11"mcc ill :11111ti'll prmlll.-t ion -v ivir I, i ill t v 'Is
itim-ct 4it-stroyeni-False c1mi-es rchitc(1-11 low to prote(:t t lic bi ril, I)l"folst,
of Ili I (I mi(l "MM, 1.1 ws.
Consular cm-n-slimidence. A,,,. RI)t. 1861, 111). 187-501.
('aspi" B.Isill, ( 'alm(la ulst Pit:1 filicl- I ),\ v mid (,:Illlllqt W(mik 01*
114111( t ill Nicani-na- ( 'ot toll :m 4l ot livi ltru l limi lirmln is
'ottoll ill P klm lIIa--( oI (oll ill Pern -- Vallo.\ ol' tilt, I I Im llc l I aill :I Ifoll
anil S11-al. 411, 4 1 1041., iskillils lin.
of Sw i-414-11 V\Jw rts ill' I)cIllicli 1, i I I I s, 1 ;2 llo'cl-c.1s" (4 161,m llict 11M ill Irev\jw lA'4 lit 411, 4.\p41I Is 11,1111 N 11-ii.11
(luring tk e \ears, n-om iSI-oA ti, 1:0;2, inc1wslvc-F,,u.k-,v plant, Ili Ptilshla__


Dodge, J. R.-Continued.
,rob:iceo ill Ttaly-Wine crop of France-The wbeat crop of France'I'lli'llil)-rioote(l. eiiervil-Grape8 and other pro(Iticts of Malaga-Exports froiii BriD(Iisi ', Italy-Pro(bicts of the IoDian Isles-Coctlineal in TeneriffelTradc of''Fripoli-Cotton iii.Nfoi-()cco-l)let.iro-I)iieumonia-Grapevines from
Chin,-i ()Ta -,s. A(r. Rpt. 1865, pp. 347-352.
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Madder. Ag.
Z-. H'Pt. 1865, pp. 339-346.
Pr4ipertie,; aml itses-Iniports-Cliiiinte an(l soil-Cultart, in Zea1&n(1-Cn1ture ill Fr.ince.
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11 Nt or v ot'the illse:tse-Ttie (lispase ill Gre;it Britain-Cattleplague in In(liaN;Itllre of, the disvIS(-SVllIj)t0iiis-.k of prevention-British ("Ittle-ph-iie act-Laws of' continental nations-Anieri(..III cattle ill (1,111ger.
Report of the St(afl.stician. Ag. Pipt. 1865, pop. 5"7.
'I'lie. cropsof 18(;5-.A veraz-e val tie of* crops pericre-The farni stock of 18651';[)d(, SlIoNvilig the total value, of live stocl -Farni stock of the United
s.-Illd E'llrolw-sheel) killed by (lo-s-Pro(Itictionand constiniption of
\vool-Agricultural e-_,q)orts-New York cattle supply for 1865-Wool prodlicts Of, the Pacific coast-Iminigr.ition at New York.
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Wby and w1tere mutton sbeep are profitable. Ag. Rpt. 1866, pp.
:41-:) 1 illus.
Wei,-llt of ileeces-Pree(lilig to gre.ise-Ilai,(Iiiiesi;-Protliietioii of inutton.
Report of' the Statisticiaii. A(),,. Rpt. 186(3), pp. 151-96.
The crops of* 1,1 61;-The cotton vrol)-A-ricultural statistics of Great Brit-kill pro(Ificts lild 41olliestic I Ili iiials ill Eiirol)e-Farni stock ill 186611c:11til :411(l eml(litiml of, fiarin stock-Discases ot* eattle-Spanish feverflolsrists of horses Oise;ises of slicel)-Diseases of' hogs-Depredotions of (1o._'S-\VI!Ycs of' fi11-111 labor- Boir(I of' t 11,111 xvith V.iiropean laboi-Imports of wools atid Nvot)1ens-Agricultural exportslk( C(111)ts ,it ',\c\v Yor'k c:ittle market Ili 1866.
'Report of' the Shitistieiaii. Ag. Rpt. 1867,pp. 77-128.
Crops (it' 181;T-Variti stock-Coialitioll ot' fi-11,111 stoclz-cattle-slleoppr4oduction ill Loidsiatia-Pelative valiteof lamls ill tho I'llit('(1 '. hteS-(1IIllgv ill f.-all) \ahivs--Valtiv of tininiproved landsWmd :111d exports.
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Will-A -Corll -Cott 1.4 op, ol'I 868-Coml i tJ oi ia n(l numbcroffarmgtoel ot, cattle --The 1-1):11lish
())m' -- Ka lls:ts- 018c"I'st S 4) 1' horses Oise;lsvs of, H\v i tie- 1)oisvases of Sheep:111,1 d,-p1.vd;Itlol1S 11 (10.11-S--FAIMI-ts 0[ NOW.It :11141 ('01711--EX1101"IS Of C(li'll _11111mvis
S11,1:11, 111.4'(11101(oll ill 1JOHISINIM-1,114, ".1-vat stocl lllarl ets-Bostoll live
,Io(-I\ 1willo ts 1"i-ccipts (4 cat-tiv Ili Chleago, 1867-6s-Privem of

Report (& Hit, vdifor. Ag. Ik)l)t,. 18697 pp. 157, 1.58.
Pepol (d the )hltlstieiall. Ag. Rpt. 18691 pp. 20-19.
Cmps (of, 18119 \,11111joel. :111d collditioll (11, 1*4,11-111 stoch-Diseases of (.:IttloJ)isvascs (d, Iml-se.4--Discames t)t' slivi-p-Oiseases of' s\vhiv-Niniibvr atk(l pi-H-4. fd, '116111AS Live sim-L lliarkets-Porh packilig ill the WestAll-A lao4hictiml Ill (11' fal'Ill pro(] Ilcts- I it) 11orts of Wcol and
WO(III'lls --.Vjlc.t1lbira1 exp(als-Caiie stigar pro(lucticiii-livinp ail(I 11ax-


Dodge, Y. R.-Continued.
Report of the Statistician. g. Rpt. 1870. pp. 2"4.
Crops of 1870-Number and condition of farm stock-Discases of cattleDiseases of borses-Diseases of sbeep-Diseases ()f sNvine-Live ,tock markets-South western Virginia cattle trade-Wool production auil (-oilsillmption-Prodnetion of other coiintries-Cotton consumption-Markot
prices of farm products for 1870-Iiiiiiii(,,-ratioD-.:kgrl(-iiltitriI exports.
I-Zeport of' the editor. Ag. Rpt. 1870, pp. 1-53-155.
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and results of the Texas cattle disease. Dis. Cattle pp. 175-202.

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The crops of 1871-The crop esthwites of 1871-Condition of fal-11i .1nimal-;The wool business-l'Zice pro(fiictlion-Censiis of 1870-Statcuieut of the nninber of' acres of' iniproved and iinimprove(l hands III farilis In tile States and Territorivs, and of the valtie of farnis wid farm iInplcnieiits-,Statement showiii- 0W diStfiblltiOD of fitrin animals in proliortioll to tilo.
population ill the States in 1860 aii(l IS70--'Market prices ()t* f.arui
products for 1871-Live stock inarl ets-l'ork packiii(Ir ill the West.

Report of the Statistician. Ag. Elpt. 1872, pp. 9-112. illus.
Tbe crop of 1872-Coudition of" farm aiiinials-Con4lition of stoul ill the
spring-Nseases of farin animals-l'riccsof,
the estimated total mniiber and total vahie ()f vat-11 killd of live stock, :m(l

culttiral export8-Distribution of agricultural exporls-'Stateillent 1) v countries, showing the vaNeof ag-rictiltm-al prodiwis exptirt(A froi)i tilt, United States to 1'()rei(rll cotintrics 41111,11ig tilt- fisu;ll yvar-StalellIvIlt by silo",illy the ex-port of lyricnittiral iinpleineias dtiriw, tilt, countries, P111
year-Market of' firm products during 1872-Live stocl niarkt-tPork packing ill the West.

Agriculture of the Old Wo0d. No. PIpt. 187). pp. 557-562.

French se-hools of agriculture. Ito. Upt. 18714, 111). 212-2120.

Practical limits fi-om a(rrictiltural statistics. Mo. Ikl)t. 187-1.
l,sef4 of:1,rricultunil statistics-the 1)roa(Ith of ()ill, st.,itisticA fi(,h1-,st;it1stiP,
ca] test of vill-relit practico's- W e'11%, pollit ill Ell-1:11141 a."riclillill.t. -A
Wi-stern fallacy-Foliv of foreign (14-pendenci-Thc Cri-or of the
Smithern ;I1,11111fitetilrilig-the collection ()I* t;ttistit-s-('()Ti(-Iiisioiis.

Report of tile Statistichin. Ag. Rpt. 1874. pp. 15-121.
The vrops of 1874-Coi)(11tion of farin,v6maI,-T:ibl,- -,ho\vliqr tbe estitm,11-4--(I
total 11111IIII)CY 311d VLlUt',ofeach kill(] of hvv stoch mid jjjt ill-14141
The tobacco vrop-The tilliall crop ot, 1 S71 -\'.I r WtIcs all4l loll Culturv :111(l 1-111-illy-Marketill" -1,111, eX11411-1.1timi \V licIt-(11.1 Ill w- vs.
broadcast I I) g- I'll 1) 1 i v Illids )I t Iw I'llitcol -- t:ltvs A.-jivilltill'.11 v\1 (,rts
Exports of' cereals--Flmir ind graill 1110%,011WIlts 1%,ccallitillAilill- JJA*v stock niarket8-Pork pacI\iw-Smjimvr rickin,', -Porl\ p;Io-j jIjr 4111 T110
Vacific Klope-hlrl pavl lllg ill the sealmani vit It's lllllllij ratioll
prices of farin proilticts for 1874-The Ilen4millel and prolif of mir :w-rit-111
ti I re.

Report, of* the Stltistici:m. Ag. E14. 1875, pl). 1--114,
Crop emfiinites for tho year-Niiinbers atid emi4litloi, )f fitrii, ;mIma1s-(,vn
tellillal statistics Map's -- I )iagr:1111s 11arts t(,h:1cf-() cv()p F I') I I v alld graill -16-vapitill;itim l 1,1\4- slocl, 111111,
kets- Pork Ijao-IijII.r-h)rI pacing ill the East 1'4)rl, p:tvkiii (ill lht
I'acific mh)pe -.-Ag-ricithiiral exporls -Marlvt prices ()f 1'.Irllk pli'41111-Is 6111875-Live-stock niarkets.


Dodge, J. R.-COntinned.
The sheep and wool of the World. Ag. Rpt. 181,51 pp. 207-244,
Proffress of the century in sbeep raising-Effect of circumstance ill modifying breeds-(;rowth of demand for wool and of supply-The interiiation al, show of sheep-Receut improvements and present status of sheep busba nd ry-1 it crease of production and inantifiact tire.
Is production declining? .1.1o. Rpt. 1876, pp. 457, 458.
Exti act from an address on cereM production.
Dige.4 of' mmitlily [crop] rettirils. ,Nlo. 14). 1876,1)1). 3-31.

Digest of April [crol)l returns Mo. Ppt. 1876, pp. '5-1-03.
Willter wheat pi-o-SI)ects-condition of' of' farni animals-Wool clip of 1875-The tobacco crop.

Report of' the Stathstician. A". Ppt. 187961 pi). 87-228_24 illus.
Crop estimates of the year-Crops of the past year-Numbers and condition
of' fai-ni animals-Ctr4ton iiiNesti(ritioii-Tll(,'cottoii area-Acreage in corn, and cotton-l 'et tiliz( rs-Cli.iii-es in modes of cult tire -Decrease in size ot, farms-Labor-White Itl)oi- ill cotton growing.-Freednien land-ownersCost anol priee-Instances of large yields-Varieties of' seed-Increase of area ill supply proobicts-,Summary of results-,Sugar prod n ct ion-Su trar production ill the United States-llcet Sugar("Yrape sirtip-Sitgar front exports-Recapitulatioll -]-,]our and -r.iiii movenieuts -1)oniestiv ti-ade-Live-stock marketsPork packilig in the West; oil the Pavific Slope; Canada-Pork product of winter packill".-E,\ports of hoo- products-Coniparative exports--Market price,,; of' firm products for 1876-1,ive-sto(-k niaikets-Internatiorial statistics-Population and areas-Averatre quantity of seed sown per
aci-e-Relatiow, -,vith Soutli America.

Report of' the Statistician. Ag. Rpt. 1877, pp. 149-228, illus.
0-op estimates of IS77-Western movcnient of wheat and corn growingNimiliers and prices of' liorses .111d 1111ile's -Nullibers and prices of cattleNiiinibcrs aml prices of slievp wid smviiie-Hice-Flax mid flax products in the ('11ited a(,riciiltural e\ports-Recapititlation-l"Xports of folir years (it' bread, 111cat" and cottoll-Quantity and v,1111v ofchevs(. ( XI)ol.tltloii-I)isti-il)iitl()ii of' mir atrvivultural productsPrives of' farm pro(bicts-Weights per husliel in the several States-Distribution of' faviii products-11our harrels-'M:irket pHees of farm products ill IS77-Live stock niavhvts-Poi-] imeMiig in the West; in the East; ou
the Pacific slojw; ill

T'I'eport oI' the Statistician. Ag. Ept. 1881, pp. 577-667.
The crops of'
toes-Ci-op estimates Im- 1881-Cattle export s-Ad \,;ill ce in prive of' beeves--Val-Ill :111illials A Chica-o-Wititer feedim, of fitrin ariima,18of the cottoll i I ld list ry-A c i ea (re-l it crease of' production (if vere-it -oportion of* drilled and,
ak --A vci-age vi(I(I 1)V St:kte.S S('Vdill l of \NAje, -Pi
of (11-HI'll-Rates (it' wares of' farm lalwovers ill the Viiited, 'l1o-- Tl,:1llHiv1lt Nva-es in of' the United

:1.-Hcultill-al ex1lort.A-Market jorices of firm products foi- 1881Live stock markets-kailroad Imilifing-I'liv Division mid its worli.

Relmi't of the Stitisfician. A g. I tpt. I S82, p)). 667-676.
("i-olls ()f tilt- yeal. 1882
S I I (r, -ll- prodlictoll SelAill" of Nvilltel. gnlin.

lkeport of' the St:itislician. Ag. R I)t. 188:1, pp. 251-4243.
Ci ,)ji est Himies of 1882 -Nimibers :in(] varies of' lioi-seA, mules, milch cows,
OX011 41114 1 otlicl c"Ittle, SliclJ), all(I 11or,,4-\Viittvrim,, of' farm animalsr, ?
Recent lillpl-ovellivill ill cA lle -Stock st-at'istics- p"111111o violent, of tho pooplo -Velatioll oI' .1"ri-if-111till-v to otho.l. i 11(1 list rivs- Value of' lailds-111conle, of* 010 fial-1114.1-Wages of labor-0m, wlivat exports-Exports of corn-


Dodge, 1. R.-Continued.
Rank of States in grain prodnetio-n-Constimption and distribution of corn and wheat-Corn-surplus States -Ili crease of' farins-Sorglium-1-al tie of the sorghum crop-American competition with European agriculture-A crisis in German atrricultnre-Transmarine competition in food pro4llictsGatellier on cheap fertilization-Exports of agriculture-Dairy statisticsFreight rates-Market prices of farm products-Europeau statistics.
Agricultural production for American consumption. Rpt. Stat..
Sept., 1884 pp. 41-4'.
Farm prices of the crop of 1884. Rpt. Stat.7 Dec., 18,S4, pp. 11-1 -1.
Report of the Statistician. Ag. Rpt. 1884, pp. 419-565, ilIns.
Methods of crop rel)orts-Crop estinintes of 18s3-Meteovological inflnent-es
of the season -Nuniber and values of horses, jimles, Inilt-11 CMA's, oxen aml other cattle, sheep, and bogs by 'States-Con(litions. diseases and losses of farm aninials-Pereentage of hi-b-grade cattle-Iniprovement by brerdiDg-Live-stock distrilintion-Proportion of bree& iTnported-I)oIllestic cousumptionof corn-I)ropoi-tii)iiot*mereliiiitil)leeorit-Aiiioiiiitot' on band ill March -Weiulit of x1leat-Proportlon of land iii fiarnis-Farin valuesof proluctsof agricul t ure- M her industries i increase fiarni valnesAverage %vap-(-s per inoutli-Value of farni aninials-Increase offarin animals Ili thirty years-Prorpress of wheat production ill thirty vearsYield per acre of wheat -Prod uct of wheat per head-fxportatioll of wheat in fif"tv-eiglit Year8-11roduct per head of the ivbeat of 1,urol)v and tbe I'nited States-Yield of corn in 1879 and 18S3 Ili groups of StatesADMial variation ill yield ot* corn-Yield per aere of covii-Prothict per head of corn-Proaress of corn pi-()(Iii(-tioii-1-:xl)()rt;ttioiI of' corn in fiftyeight years -11" ffect of the varying product on price of' corn-Productil Ili of cereals Ili thirty years-Production and export of corn ind \V11vatProduct and export of eereals-Product per head of all cervals-Progrcss
of cotton production-Area of cotton-Sii,1rir conwiniliti(I]i anit
duction-Railway facilities of' the \vorld- krni valnes-F;irin mid f0rvst areas- Forest lands in farnis-A gri cult ural production for American con.
anniption-A(rricnItural exports of' 1883-K4-()jitari0 statistics-A-ricultnral statistics of' Crreat statistics-Lailroa(I aii(I
telegraph Illilel(re-Productioll of' Wille ill 11'r'llice-Wheat proillictioll ill India-Yield of' field crops ill Russia-Alarket price,, of farin products for 1894 -Li ve -stock niarkets-Freight rntes of IS84-CrOI)s 4)t* tlic yeir 1,sS IMeteorological vonditions-Farni price,, of the vrop of IS84.
AplAied science as a factor of rural production. RIA. Stat., July,
1885 pp. 31-35.

fAddress before the National Swine Breeders" Association at.
Chicago, November 11, 1885.1 Upt. Stat., Dec., 188-5, pl). 21;-32.
Extent of' hoijiv cotisiiinl)tioii- l' ss of pro(Itirtioll- 4 )Ile \\.I\ to
inervase consunipt ion -11 history of
tion-Libelino, the American 1I()(rNVh:it shall be done?

A report ot' exhibits illustrating a agricultural statistics at the
World's Indiustrial and Cotton EXI)oSition at New Orlean"I
Louisian.a. Unmun. rpt., I)p. 42, diag. 1885.

Report of the Statistician. Acr. Upt. 18857 pp. 34,--130, illus.
Vahiv and prodtiction. of oats, wlie:lt, (.01-11, rye, barlev, 11141 1 llck %\Aw:It f"r
a Cries of years- A.r,,r(-,r-,jtt of pot. Lttit.,,, 11AY, t1k 11 (i 10 1 W.1 C c I I -CroI) 4-4 1 inmates for ISSI- Farill dill i 111:11s- Market prices fit' breedillin America-Tliv wheat distrib-it ion-Prmhictiim anil c\jmrtation -1.'tlects
of' protinct, oil privc-Invi-vase of \vheat. yiv](1-The potat(les of I Ill. \vorhl
Agricultural exports and finports-Wages of' farni
iniplellielits-The Illonvy \A11v (4 Scientific agrivilltilve Tl-,111,114111AIMI ratem-Cereal stiloply of Fmrope-The cr-,ps of the vvar 311d
rainfa I I-( 'orn- \VI ivat-( )ufs-( Mier cerva Is -Potatoes --(It) t It I I I W i nter wbeat.-Farni prievs-Flax-Parin aninials-Like stowk ill i'orvi,,ti comitrio-m-Intuniational dairy st.atistics-Foreign custonis-linports-Collclusion.


Dodge, J. R.-Contimied.
Report of the Statistician. Acr. 11pt. 1886), pp. 359-458.
Slp, cnlatioti an(I crop reporting-What does 100 mean -'Fhe old-fashione(I
plait of crop reporthig-I)omestic distribiitionand emistimption of coruProportion of utereliant able corii-Valne of COM (TOP-Q11all tit y and vahie of' corn exportation fiom 1881 to 1886-Cmisimiption ati(I distributioii of' wheat from ISSI to 1887-Vahie of the wheat crop from 1875 to 1886-Exportttion of' wlicat-Value aiid production of oats, rye. barle,\y Imckwheat, hay, tol)a(-(-o, :in(] cotton-Nemarks oil the cotton crolwFaviii anim.ils-Estim:iteil miml)er and value oI* liorses, 111111e, 11111ch co".8, o\eii azid otlier cattle, Hlicep, aml. lio,,,-s-Stipply aiid demmid of A1.11e:1 t .11101 Coril 1,01. live p"Irs -1)vhts of farmers by Statcs-Fraiids upon fdarmersA.-rivultural exports vs. rates-Foreign tradv of'
olith Alliel -11, ica dlromls-Varm minials of' thi, worl(I-Forei-ii farm

Report, of the Stati..-,fician. Ag. Rpt. 1887, pp. .523-601, illus.
Clil'i-elit crop statistics-Pi-oducticiii aii(I value of com, wheat, oats, cotton,
Irish pot'Itoes, 'Illd JLIX for I series of years-("rop estimates for 1886V;irm atiiiimls. titeir member ,iml value-. wine products and exports-The w4)rl(l's Nvfie:it Amerieiii a-grictilture-Wacres
of fiarm lahor-Rcnt of fiirms-hiternatimial Statistical Instittite-Tran.",port.ition rates -,rr.tns. t I., I uti e ii-ates-Couclusion.

Report ofthe Statisticiau. Ag. Rpt. 1888, pp. -105-476.
Current crop statistics-Crops of the y(,,tr-(.'oi-ii-l\'heit-Oats-i'ye-Barlvy-lhicl NNheat-All estimates
foi- ISS7-Farm -,tijiiiiils-Niiiiil)ei -,-I',,tliies-Coii(lltl()ii of farm aninialsI 1()rses-Cattle-Sheep-l loo-s-Commercial movemeitt, of farm aiiiiiials1"Ites-Ti'mis;ttlan tic rates-Agricuittual Cxports alld mipi)rIs-S0tlsti(-s of Jil),,tii-l'ol)iilatioii-,rt- rritori,,tI areaFm.m pro(biction-Production oftea-Protluction ofmiigarWa ports 111(1 i III port8__j)a'lroa(ls, telegraphs, a-ri(.111tiln-Fullit trees and viiies-Virm aidmals-E.xports aiid avenge price of cot toll Pl-mllictioll fnmi siig -:ir caiie in the Dalra Sanieli-Agrivulhii-e ill Allstr:1lia-1 )istriblitioll of, 1:md ill Frmice-Numher :iji(I size offirms\Vfiv:tt cn)p of hidia--fl(q) pro(hictlon of E'urojoe-Comparative rates, of
yiel(1-1)ivisioll -%vio'k 'llid Illetilods.

Report ()t* the Statistieian. Ag. Rpt. 1889, pp. 2201-27!21.
Cm-reiii crop pi-mbictitm --- C'oril-\V1Iv.,It-();Its-All cereals-Ttd):wco- -l'otit-ocs--11:iV-Cn)p estimates for 18,S,8-Farin 1111111111"lls-I)iStri I'll I ]om (d cattle, shc(:p, allot swiiie-Vorvitm agricultural the I'll'b'd States-11olm, pro(IlIctioll of WOW-W10(d l1l111oitS-S4)-v;Illeql carpet w(mis-Clie-,ilmess emitrols impor.
tatioll mln;) rv (11, the tra(le aiid the
Alliel-le'lli Hill-p] lis- W Ile:lt- ('()tt,()Tl possil6litie's ol
:I expoi-t.i t i0ii-I)ktri hut ioii of' cm-ii aml wbeat-The ari(I
ill fill-ei-11 nltvm.

Alhum of "urrieultm."d graphics of the United States. Charts.

Report W* 1he 'Statistleian. Ag. Ppt. 1890, pp. .1278-:360, illus.
Cr) 1), 4d, t I I c N I I ci-ops of t I iv vva r i it dct:i 1 I-Corn-W licat -( Iiatm[,m ill m illw il-, !)IStriblitioll of dollicstic
I I Pro)" 1'ess I' A I I it- I'l (.,I 1) (1.1 i I- v i I 1 11 le (I m ilt-'t ic foo(I sil I 1pl N- NV'atres
ol, fill-111 1:111ol. \V;I-4.S 1wr lllolltli hy tho VIlict'llatioll ofagi-icultilm l 1) 1 I c I The Id, col.ll WIlf"It pl-We.,-Cilicago priceR of' cerealsCW tml pl-1)(1110iml ;md It-ade ()I* t1le \vorl(l- -Prodlictioli of t1le 1vor](1ipj' thc \vmld ,-; t,: I I Ist iv:i I ,,rapliies -- A] him i of ag-ricultill.,11 gra ph Ics I I It p() I t :11111 v \ Im I- 1 1, a -ri 4. ill t 11 ra I prod 11 ctq Forv i gll) 4 1 imbil I i'm d' sm"ll, pl-mllictimi hi Viirope-Agrictillum in
Nh,\ici, Smitli Amoricaii stat isticm -A rpeiiti tie
Itepliblic V f. I I f. / I iv I:i I '(dolllhia I'mi-AmeTiciii trativ Ti-ailisporlation 1, :1 m I m I I N1 I s"(11 I I- I I : i ve i- poi I I ts -- ]?(,(I it utim i i it :I I I -ra i I ua tesMoutlily rntcs 1'i-imi (lilcagi) 1,.Ik(. :11141 callal 1-:1tes-TI-alls'W alitic rates.


Dodge, 1. R.-Continued.
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Crops of the year-Aleteorology-Effect of' thi-se con(litioijs on the crops-A
briefof crop records- 1'he in-.tin cereal crops-Wheat-Distri but ion and consumption of of a-ricitItiiral
production-Europenearl\_ selt*-supl)ortiii,,,,-Oiirr(-soiirc(,siiot vxh,1nst(,dThe surplus not linifted-I'he wheat surplus not fininediati-ly exhnistible-Nor is wh(-,tt-(rrowiij(r (ieclinin(r in Europe-'Flie 1nqli;1n scare-Coll, eltisions-Ofticial returns of Russian cereAs-Gnt(luil fle\-elopinent of crop statistics-Officiil record of Russi.iii cereals-Nuinhet-s and ,-aliws 4
farin aniinals-Coininercial ino%'ementof
Agricultunil exportsind imports-Foreign t-,triffs onfarin pro(hicts-1hitlk's under reciprocity treitties-Trauspurtation rates-Trausittlan tic ratesThe 11'rio Canal.

Album of agricultural graphics. Charts. 1891.

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Crops of tlic y(-,ii--.leteorolo-,-,--('i-oli Iiistory of' the year-'Fhe inain cer(,al
crops-C on i-Wheat- Oat s-- Wi it ter wheat -- F1.ixs,-(-d V;trni pi-ict's
Priniar y prices of' farin products-PrICes oil priltlary 111.k1-ket-,-NV1icA growill.-iij Intlia-I'liegniiii siirphis-Farin V,11LICSDiBtril)ution tiid cons it i n ption- Corn-V; i lue of the
cultimil products of' the wool of tile
tiou rates-Lake aud canal rates-Transatlantic rates. Dodge, Miss L. C.
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National ideas in etluc.ttion-A ritnil i(lcal-.Kental traiiiin--Nforal culturePhy8icd de\,elopnient-Dornestic ecolloillY. Dodge, Martin.
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'Ihll first ostrielh fiariii in Anixrca-Tht, secnd farni-l)iflicuities iii aclinmtizaAt IQU -0t1isi III it W~ly-( )Str'iChei anl attrac-tion-MNore fiaris-lncubatos8- and obtrich cggs-A glinipse of ostriu1h farming in Africa-The


Duncan, T. C.-Continued.
ostrich family-Pectiliar anatomy of the Stridhio camc1U8-Disea8eS and defects-What ostriches eat-_kgv,, (list ill-liji hin- fc;ttlires Ind maim-ement-Roval plumes, plucking Ind l)ro11t.,;-()strIch errors an(] Ineat as Choice food-General utility of the ostrich-Ostrich fiarmill(r at other points-Invitationiii from Mexico and Guatewala-Preseut I)rices of
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steam iflow-The rotary spader-Trial of inildements-The I)lo\%-, or t%\
horse cultivator-The dotiWe-shovel 1)low-The roller and the liarrowThe iron roller-Broadcist seed sowers and drills--)l.tchines for the
meailmv-llay rakes-Baling ind
with wire twentyacres-To harvest I)v hand t\%-(.]ItN- :iCres-Thrashill -;Ind clemnim-Thc thra.shin,,, of njill'sSoro'llum mills.
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Soil and",tocl raising-Dairy I)ro(InctsHone Owes-Green fritits-Seinitroj)lcal frults-I)rjed friiits-Nitt friiitsBerry .111(t other Small
"w"'s, teay and l)el)lwrs-'riml)er trecs ;md their j)ro(hwts-\Vint-s Ind drawl)acl sof a-ric itli tire'rhe great %vants of California.

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State Weather Service Division. Ag% IL I
lit troduction- Pti W ica t i ()I is-Thil Ii. I c I-St"rills- N, ol 1111 t:I 1, St;1tIoI1s- LIj1 4118lilays at 1'. S. Cal)Itol-hnl)vo\('IIwIIt ()t' thu "veather service-Rolit HIC
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Diversified intci-cits all'Ccted b.\ directlY 114.114.1itt'(1 bv
forecasts-The, storing of' March 27 is!m)-Tho Island.,- :111d ic"Ll" 8torms-sa ving, of '111d Ill'u-Extracts fi'mil .11111lial
of various statimls.
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Th'iv ~~ ffr~sTi~rwsePerainUot-h plais anid


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11tarmi-an (Laqopits leacarits)-Willow ptarmi-an (L. a1bits)--P;1rt1-1d-es partridge (Ortgx ?,b, blift11118)-Texan partridge (Ortyx texen.0s)-Phimed partri(I-e (Oreortyx pich18)-Ca1if*or1ji;1 pal-trid-c (Lophortyx ca lij'orn icwi) -G'am b(Ts partridge (L.
!jambc1i0-.Sca1y p;irtrid1,,-c (Collipepla Npiam0a)-.1hissena partridge (Cyrtongx massenei)-Woodcock (PhIlolicla mhior)-Wilsou's, or English, suipe
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I" P,
(1011HIII M I) t i(In C'I ilitm ill I )I loll all d S I I 1110 of filrest jorml ii vt s I ii t I I(- I' n It vi stntes- Extellf of forest: Iti-cas of, flin'st t4111))0lit's t I: I. I I I i ty
-it Ill va I im of fortA I) i-i it I m +N- 1"01-4-St 1-Y 41\ Ili I it. ill t I I \\ () t- I I ]-"I I I' __ Advauco of forestry interest thiiing flie forest managt-



Femow, B. E.-Contintied.
ment-Map work and forest districting-Stirvey of the fovest districtPrinciples bf management- Forest regnlation-Progress of work required to bring areas nuder rational forest mauagement-Methods of forest regulation-Vahiation. work-Arranoeinent of aoe classes-Yield calenlatiousIn in
Fellino, budget-Statistics of forest d istri bti ti on -Methods of barvestino, and transportation-Price of wood in the forest-Price of manufactured lumber-Good roads-Forest protect on -Forest crop production or sylviciilttire-Pl,,intincr-Introduction of exotics-White-pine yields-COPPiCe rnana(rement-St.indard, coppice-Tbe timber forest-Regeneration niethods-linprovernent cuttings and thiunings-1-Triderplanting -Forestry vdneation mid forestry literature Literiture -Forestry associations-Forest experiment stations.
Report of the Chief of Division of Forestry- Ag. Rpt. 1894, pp.
Functions of the Division of I forestry in general- Office work-Ptiblications-Botanieil and A.1iiseum work-Seed awl plant distribution-Col lection ofulaterials-Physical laboratory-Tree measurements and acre-yield
deter ni nations.
Description of the various methods of impregnation as practiced
for the Prussian -railways. For. Bul. No. 9, pp. 286-291. 1894.
Forestry for farmers. Y. B. 1894, pp. 461-500, illus.
How trees grow-Food materialsand conditions of growth-Soil conditionsLight conditions-Physiology of tree growth-" Sap up and sap down "Process of development-Crowth in len,,th and in
thickness-Form, development-lWe of growth-Reproduction-11ow to plant a forest-What trees to plint-Methods of planting-How to treat the wood lot-Improvement ctittin ,s-!Nlethods of reproducing tile wood vroj)-Sizo, of openings-Wind mantle-Coppice-Plan of nuanagenient]low to cultivate the wood crop-Effect of light on Nvood prodnetionsNuinber of trees per acre-Weeding and 0011 lillg the crop-Methods of
thinniiig ' trees to remove.

Report of the Chief of Division of Forestry. Ag. Rpt. 1895, pp.
Ptiblicitions-Timber iiiv(,,stifr,,itions-Ttirpentitic orcliarding-l"ree, ineasnrements-Forest plantin- experiiiients-llrop,,i,(,aii(l-,t work.

Tberel-,ttioiiof'foi-eststof,,trms. Y.B.1895,pp.333-340,illus.
The waters the fiarni-The forest tempers the farm-The forest protects the 1'.,irin-Tbe forest snpplics the firm with useful materials.

Rej)ort of the Chief of Divisioii of Forestry. Ag. Rpt. 1896 pp.

Appropriations and expenditareg-l'orsonal and Divisional force-Correslmn(lenve-Tiniber ineasnremeiits-Experimental lbrest plantin-8-AtLinta l jxl)ositioii-('oiitiiiiiittion ol' timber of a snitiblo laboratory-Canvags of forest conditions.

Facts and fi(rures re(rar(ling our forest resources briefly F;tated.
F,(Jr. Cire. No. 11, pl). S. 1896.
SoWliern pine.: Mechanical and pby sdcal properties. For. Circ.
No. 12, 1)1). 12, ilins. 1896.

in thelTnite(l States. For.Circ.No.13,pp.8.

Ti in her 1) i i i vs ()f t I i v 84) 11 t I i v r i i I I iii te(I S states. I n troductioii.] For.
I I i 11. 1-mo. 13, 11). 11 -25, i I I i i s. 189 6.

Is protection ,tgainst fire s practicablef For. Cire. No. 14, pp. 4.


F>enow, B. E.-Contiuued.
Summary of mechanical tests on thirty-two species of Amnerica i
wood. For. Circ. No. 15, pp. 12. 1896.
Report of the probable amount of white pine and other coniiferous
timber standing, and its consumption in the United States. 83.
Doc. No. 40, pp. 21. 1897.
Report of the Chief of Division of Forestry. Ag. Ept. 1897. pp.
Chief lines of invest igation-Tree-pta uting ex perimiwlt8-Timb er pjllysic8Biologrical iiquiry-nvestiation18 of' forest condit il 8-Timiber trees f ()r the arid regionis-Puiblications-I~ersonuel-Correspondencee-Prolpa gal 1da,.
Note on adhesion of spikes. For. Bul. No. 1, pp. 62-65. 1887.
[Notes on wood preservatives.] For. Bul. No. 1, pp. 104, 105. 1887.
Aunul charges for ties. For. Bul. No. 1, pp 105-127, illus. 1887., Age of trees and time of blazig determined by annual brings,
For. Cire. No. 16, pp. 11, illus. 18976.
The Government timber tests. For. Circ. -No. 7, pp. 4. [No date.] Effect of turpentine gathering on the timuber of longlcea f pine.
For. Circ. -No. 9, p). 1. [No (late.J
Strength of boxede" or turpentinen" timber. For. Cire. No. S,
pp. 3. [.No date.]
Suggestions to the lumbermen of the United States iii behalf (of
more rational forest management. For. Cire. No. 10, pp. 8. 1 No
Ferrouilat, P.
Apparatus for combatig mildew. Rot. Bul. -No. 5, pp. 91-110,1
ill us. 1888.
Flnk, Canada.
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Certain climatic conditions of the two 1)ak'otais. W. BI. tunumt.
rpt., pp. 206, illus. 1893.
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fU,%epott oni farmi crops, etc., ini Virginia.J Ag. IS-4$, ppl.

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Report oii cheese to the New York -State k--ricultural Suwiet y.
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A himtoloticil 1iivetigA1tizi of, Iwo vasto'i of ;11 v(j116 hy1'4.s with ;Ii,
tojrical aLCCounlt Of a mupposed biuihla iaea-calf-led burrna.ttov,, oCCHIrriisg"
iIn idia~.
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and 13th Rpts. B. A. L, pp. 267-2S21 illus. 1897. Fisher, A. K.
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Exp~eriments in poisoning. Ag. Rpt. 18867 pp. 123.- L6G.


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Iowa and southern Minnesota in the fall of 1887. Ag. Rpt. 1887,
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174-178. 1889.
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Cause of the prejudice against birds of prey--Soime characteristics of rapacious birds-Food habits of the principal birds of prey-Harmless species of Ihawks and owls-Wholly beneficial hawks-Hawks and owls mostly
beneticial-Iarmful hawks and owls. Fisher, D.
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Preservation of wooden ties. For. Bul. No. 9, pp. 257-185. 1894. Flather, J. 3.
Mechanical drawing in technical schools. O. E. S. Bul. No. 20,
pp. 81-88. 1894.


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ACCOUDt Of Wool ill GerLuaijy. -. kg. Rpt. 1845, pl). 1017-109.00.
Result of observations inade during a visit to Germany in 1844-45.
Ag. Rpt. 1847, pp. 239-349.
An account of the ineetino, of Gei-man agriculturists at Breslati, ill 1)riissian
Silesia-111stoi-ical sketch of Silesian wool ctilture-()n the inanagen-lent of the Merino flocks oil till- ftirin of the vicerov of 11iiii-alv-011 the improve(I Mei ino sliced, with illustrations-0n the foi-illation 111)41 gj'owth of wool, with illustrations-()n iiiai-kiij- sheep, with Mustrations-111sti-11inents to ineasui-e till, de,4ree of fineness ot'\Nool, Nvith illusti-atiolis-\\'oot shears, inipi-oved one.,, with illustrations-Sheep )-,ti-d and staldes, with illustrations-General rule foi- pastm-1 ng sheep-Dinien-sloi.s to be obsei-ved in purchasing sheell, with 111tistrati(ins and table-Descriptiou of' 1he appai-atus foi- washing sheep, with convention and wool inai'kets-\Vool trmle of G'ei-many md aniount of* ekl)lttl
eugmn-d in the wool trade of Gerni'lliv-011 till- expol-t of' wool fvoni
YnanY to other countries, atid futtire pi.ospects (ifthe German wool tralvRequisite 41tudities of Nvool foi- inanufac-birin- purposes-0n. tg-ncultitnil
schools-Biennial and thi-ce ti(-141 eln of, )n wilcat)
sN-st tobacco,
and spelt, as cidtivated on the Rhi IC-Mode of fcc(lillr Cattle at Ah-slithDesci-iption of an appai'atils fol, stcandug food, with the Illode of feediag
steamed chaffand its advantalres'.
Relative to the sug-ar planters of' the United states'. Ag. Upt.
18487 pp. 274-277.
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8 pp. 91, 9". 1896.
1 .d

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1). 247. 1891.

[hiatigural addi-ess as pt-('Sidellt of tile ASSOciatioll ()I* l"'colmillic
Elitoillolwristsd 1. 1.1., Vol. -1, pl). -1-16. 189t.

Notes oit iiijitHous insects in Canada hi 1892. 1. L., Vol. -1, 1)1).
124- 126. 1892.

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Tile horses of -New En(yhmd. Air. l"pt. 1861, 1q). -')S'-'-102j Hills.
A 111111dred yeAl'.,;' progi-ess. A-,-. Upt. LS12, pp. 2-4 1-'30-1.

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[14,. port on farm ciol)s, etc., iii Maine.j Air. Upt. 1)1). 226-231.

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Gral)o culture in the Viiited States. Air. lZI)t. 1863, pl). 117-155.
Influence and vahio of ait 11114-1-4-liall"t, of, fliv vitw., of tho vilitill-i-s I'lit,
isothermal an(l mi-tt-orological i-efli6renit-tits of' thii gi-:ilievine
of villeyant sites ill the Atlantic Mtafes :11111 prelmratiollot, till' Sill] S, lf-1tions of vizivy;ird sites iii Calit",I)m a and pi-eirii-atioij oftho soil Phttitilig till, villes-The grape harvvtit in Califoniia-\Vitiv inakilllr in


Flint, Wilson-CoOlimed.
Textile fiber of the Pacific States. Ag. Rpt. 1864, pp. 471-48'.
'rhe area Of tervitory and popithition consideie(I-Cotton growing in the
I'acitle states a failure froin ineteorolo-ical causes-Flax and heinp in the 1',telfie st(ites-Anhiml textile tigers in the Micific statesaud territories1'i-eseiit condition ot'Nvool--rowimr-All farmers shotild be 8heep-(rroNversSlicej) stirv;ttion in tlie 1)acifie ini-rakion of sheep benetiCial-I'lie (rreit (-( ntral Imsiu. for sheep grazing-Silk vulture in the 11acific Stites-Inti-oduction Of tile silkworin of' recent dite in CaliforniaSuccess hi silk vitltm-e a question of climate-The climate of California
ptculiai.-IN, fitvt)rable to silk culture.
rlorey, H. M.
[Report oii the coinineree of Amherstbarg, Ontario.] For. Mkts.
B al. L\o. 4, pp. 40,41. 1693.
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Cottoii culture iii E(rypt. 0. E. S. Bul. No. 41, pp. 34, ills. 1897.
Present condition of (.Otto]) Culture in Egypt-Crops gi-own iii Egypt-Cliulatic ot, 1.'irN-ptjjU cotton on the fei-tility of tbe
Sol of triv Soil iud,-N'.trieties- Nanting, irri1(ratill-7 ind cultivatmg-Insect of, the ProductGiII11111--co6t of -rowill- cotton in E- ,pt-Exports of cotton from
Po,6x G.
Practical treatitient-g for the prevention of mildew. Bot. Bul. No.
), pp. 113-115. 1886.

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Culture of root crops. Ag. Rpt. 1849, pp. 265_269.
Tm-itips and atid su,, ar bvet-Carrot6 Md IMI-13P M --N
niPs-AmilYsis Of flic ash Of roots-Comp.trative value a8 food.
.Clicinical In-operties of milk and bitter. Ag. Rpt. 1849, Pp.
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14. 2, 1)1). 96, 97. 1 S9 2.
Relml-t oil Rved Itiver artesiail basia. 8. Due. No. 41, pt. PPFolsetter, William.
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I'). A. I., pp. :193-398. ISIJI.

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FJ\P(11AmeiHs oii clihich bt114's. Elit. B111. No. 27 m). 23-.205. 1883.
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1, 2 19. 1889.
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1q). 3-7. I'S"S9.
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A summai-y liisttwy oftliv (-orii n)(4, al)his. 1. L., Vol.,3, pl).2,33-238.
I IS9 1.
Oil Hie life hi.stol-y ot, III(-, whltv ".1-Libs. 1. L, Vol. 3 pp. 239-245.

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