MassMine: Using MassMine on UF’s Research Computing Cloud Server

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MassMine: Using MassMine on UF’s Research Computing Cloud Server
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Training or workshop handout
Beveridge, Aaron
Gitzendanner, Matt
Greene, Jake
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Training or workshop handout for MassMine ( for training planned in Nov. 13, 2014 from 12-1pm in LW211 at the University of Florida on using MassMine as hosted by UF Research Computing, with the training by Aaron Beveridge and Jake Greene.
Text for announcement on training: The MassMine open source data mining software enables researchers to collect their own social media data archives and supports data mining, thus providing free access to “big data” for academic inquiry. MassMine further supports researchers in creating and defining methods and measures for analyzing cultural and localized trends, and developing humanities research questions and data mining practices. This session will cover an introduction to MassMine and how it was created in response to a humanities research question, how to use MassMine on UF Research Computing servers, and a larger discussion of developing research questions, project scope, goals for data research, methodological concerns including data acquisition strategies for statistical needs and intellectual goals, data privacy and IRBs, and open discussion of humanities concerns and considerations with data research. Readings: Example Research Projects for Humanities Data Mining with MassMine: Using MassMine on UF’s Research Computing Cloud Server,

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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MassMine: Using MassMine on UF s Research Computing Cloud Server (Training Handout) MassMine : Using MassMine on UFs Research Computing Cloud Server Login and Startup R emote login to the UF cloud server setup specifically for MassMine research through a Linux console on a computer with the Ubuntu OS installed (UF provides training on accessing cloud resources through any operating system .) Startup Screen with basic text interface ; users do not have to understand R code in order to collect data. Handout online, AA00025501/00001 Page 1 of 3


MassMine: Using MassMine on UF s Research Computing Cloud Server (Training Handout) API Connection MassMine checks the last configuration file an d offers to re authenticate API connection to restart a similar data collection Based on the configuration file information, MassMine automatically display s the API account for authentication. A uthent ic ation only needs to happen once; a fter that, users can run the software each new time without re authent ication, as long as the same API credentials are used The API provides an authorization PIN which syncs MassMine with the users API access once the PIN is entered Handout online, AA00025501/00001 Page 2 of 3


MassMine: Using MassMine on UF s Research Computing Cloud Server (Training Handout) Configuration File MassMine collects data based on the directions provided in the configuration file T he screenshot below shows the configuration file opened in a simple text editor. The configuration file is machine readable, and editable i n any basic text editor on any operating system U sers can save and re process multiple configuration files to run different kinds of data collection activities the console application of MassMine. Template s of various basic configuration files are in process for use in trainings and experimentation for console application users. Success Screen MassMine responds to let the user know when a collection fini shed successfully without error, with all data automaticall y saved to the cloud space provided by UFs Research Computing Handout online, AA00025501/00001 Page 3 of 3