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Retirement banquet for Mrs. Theda Godet


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Retirement banquet for Mrs. Theda Godet
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19 p. : ill. ; 29 cm
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Nurses -- Biography -- Bahamas   ( lcsh )
Godet, Theda   ( lcsh )
individual biography   ( marcgt )


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Booklet from a banquet in honour of Nurse Theda Godet, Friday 18 February 2000 at the Sheraton Grand Hotel, Paradise Island. Biographical detail on p. 3

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Hilda Bowen Library
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Hilda Bowen Library
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dl(etite zent ([}Janrtuet Y!;hetJa 2$-otJet &Jrit)((!l l8tl1 2000 [}taN @fottl C}Jflrflt)iw ) 7:3 () I''"


rrH-ROUGH 11-IE YEARS ...... (


MESSAGE FROM THE MlNlSTIR OF HEAlTH !lrs. Theda Godet's employment with the MinistTy of Health began on 17th 1957, when she commenced her training as a Student Nurse. ubsequently, she progressed through the various grades in Nursing to the 1ost of Principal Nursing Officer. >uring the forty two (42) years that she has spent in public service, Mrs. ;odet has untiringly devoted herself to the enhancement of the nursing 1rofession. She has taken pride in the performance of her duties, regardless f the capacity in which she was required to render assistance. She has onsistently displayed a willingness to serve, to train and to lead, houldering all of her responsibilities with efficiency and grace. Her ommitment to her profession has served as an example to members of staff vho have performed their duties under her direction. he Ministry of Health has benefited immensely from Mrs. Godefs ontributions to the further development of the health care system. l extend incere gratitude on behalf of the Government, the Ministry of Health and the of The Bahamas to Mrs. Godet for her tnany years of dedicated ervice l also take this opportunity to extend best wishes to her for the future. Dr. Ronald l. Knowles Minister of Health


Page 2 Message from the Managing Director Public HospitaLs Authority There are leaders in life who seek positions of prominence for the glory that results and for reward. They bask in the limelight and ensure that it bums constantly. There are others who attain positions of leadership as a result of outstanding effort and ability and who would prefer that the limelight never bums. There are yet others who reaching success1 are surprise.d at their own luck but somehow manage to prevail. Theda Walkine Codet fits the second category. She is a tiny giant. Prior to 19931 she was a stranger to mej one who sat across the table at rare meetings1 but one who always made a contribution in her special quiet way. In 1993 when l joined the Management T earn at PMH1 it became immediately evident that her vast knowledge of nursing1 and her ability to reach practical solutions to the many problems which faced us as change agents was an invaluable asset to Administration. Theda's quiet strength and support was a comfort to me during my stint at PMH1 and it was also assuring to know that I could not only depend on her straightforwardness1 but also her commitment to effect decisions of the team1 regardless of her persona[ views! T earn players are the key to any successful enterprise1 and 1 am indeed very happy to have Theda again on board at the PHA !however briefly)1 as we move our agenda forward in this new century. I thank her for her assistance1 l congratulate her on her retirement after more than 40 years in nursing1 and l extend my very best wishes for the future.


Programme Sealing o f Guesls Sealing of Honouree & Head Table Pray e r Mrs. Patricio Bethel Welcome Address Gwen Brice lnlroduclion of Mosler of Ceremonies Stephani e Poilier Mosler of Cerem onie s Mr. V a l enline BLFFET Remarks Ms. Mary J ohnson Oireclor o f ursing, Minislry o f Health Remarks Mr. Herber! Brown llospilal Adminislralor, PMH Remarks Ms. Conslonce Comery Refired Senior Nursing Officer Solo Ms. S andra L ghtbourne Presenlali o n o f Plaque Angela Adderley Response by H onouree Vole o f Thanks


Page 5


Pase 7 Message from the Hospital Administrator Princess Margaret Hospital Mr. Herbert Brown he profession of Nursing is indeed a most honourable one, with many unsung heroes. Mrs. Theda Godet is one of those unsung heroes who has provided years of outstanding leadership in Nursing, with her focal point of service being Princess Margaret Hospital. Truly it is a sad day when a valuable member of our health care family retires. However, Mrs. Godet has earned a well deserved retirement. She has given unselfish service over the years and has made a positive contribution to the development of Princess Margaret Hospital as an active member of the Executive Management Committee. Mrs. Godet, as you close this chapter of your life and venture into new and exciting beginnings, you are indeed a distinguished lady worthy of praise. I salute you and extend best wishes on behalf of the Executive Management Committee and entire family of Princess Margaret Hospital, for a Blessed Retirement.


7o !JJG.s. 7.eda 9odel On fler !J?eliremenl as !J1-.incipa!Xu.rsin!l Officer !J1-.incess !JJ(ar!larel Jfosp1laf 'Jfle Xursin!l and YJ(et:fi<:af slaJ! ex/end sincere lflan.ks and con!lralufalions Ia you. 'Jflanhs and con!lralufa!t"ons for many years of dechcaled andj::Z.tlfljufserwce lo lfle people oj'Jfle 7Jaflamas, and!Jle :Princess !JJ(ar!larel JfospJiafYamify. Your serwce as a nursin!lleader was one of respecl and professionalism. Yor lfle julure, Ide 9ocfs louin!lfland, and always remain Jfts obet:henl cflJfd 9od2Jfess 'Jfle Xursin!l and !JJ(echcaldlaJ! 7Jeparl men!/ YJaet:ha! ncs !J1-.incess !JJ(ar!larel JfospJiaf C":qgratulati":qs a:qd Best Wislres Cf" Mrs.

Page 10 Congratufations eZ CBest Wislies to :Mrs. %etfa qotfet, q?j:N, SC:M. for rYears of Va{ua6{e and r.Dedicated Nursing Services Cf'rom !Ernestine J. CDougfas (CDougie) Witfi Love, qotf 03fess BEST WISHES FROM THE MI6HIT EAGLES OF THE SENIOR PROGRAMME APIDL-AUGUST 1997 W LOVE"! A THEDA!


Page II To Mrs. Theda Godet A Lady of Poise Quiet, Determined, Unassuming Character We Salute You for the Invaluable Contribution You Have Made to Nursing and the Overall Development of Princess Margaret Hospital Best Wishes, And May God Bless You On Your Retirement From the Staff Of Princess Margaret Hospital


Page 12 MRS. THEDA GODET The Senior Nursing staff of the Princess Margaret Hospital salutes Mrs. Theda Godet on her retirement as Principal Nursing Officer. We extend special thanks for her able guidance these many years. May the gift of the Holy Spirit continue to cover her always. Rosemarie, Julieth, Emily, sandra, Nellie, Stephanie, Barbara and Patsy


rche cfanulp cfthe 12ubbc deospztals Authontp cYongratulates pou on over lfO cquears cf CWe thank pou fir leav!it behzitd a leg-acp OJfJupportiveness ewe extend ur Wap c2>est CWuhes fir the cfuture


P age 1 4 A114. 1hetk IJ. (}rdet, 1<./v. Wife, ij()U a/le tlte wil1d OU4 To Mrs. Theda Godet Principal Nursing Officer Princess Margaret Hospital Congratulations and Best Wishes on your Retirement from the Public Service after 40 plus years of dedicated and Exemplary service in Nursing Leadership. We pray that your golden years be filled with good Health, Happiness and Prosperity The Department of Public Health is extremely grateful for the support and partnership fostered during your tenure as Principal Nursing Officer at Princess Margaret Hospital. May God Richly Bless you and your family always. Staff, Department of Public Health ff-


Page 15 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO MRS. THEDA GODET ON HER RETIREMENT from Mrs. Juliann Aranha Mrs. Ivy Wilson MUCKAMUCKS 11WE'RE GONNA MAKE YOU A STAR11 Locations Telephone Fax BAY STREET 328-0711 325-0588 BERNARD ROAD 394-1044 394-8041 BLUE HILL ROAD 326-3094 326-3094 GEORGE TOWN, EXUMA 326-2858 L.M.R MINI MALL FREEPORT, GRAND BAHAMA 351-2203 351-2203


Pase 16 'The. <)'Yta,rta.LJe.rrtnt CA9mmitlu 'The. pcta.e. xte.n.& 8i1Lwte. {3Jt0ii.tu.&,e,, 0-n.d ButWuhu (), Ou tuuatAUhed emu. crhtda, C?edtt C\J<9WL 8vwi.u. Vi1>i.11n. o.,rtd Ul, the. Ul, the, 4flt Bo.,h.a.m.ru. o.,n&. m,(9M, o:t PlLin.w>l> wiM MJWe-ru o.,n, e.xo.mptle, t9th.e1ri> w 'mrua-0t9ct '\1t9u. aA 'lJ t9u. oe.nfwte ilttB cnew


ulloif!f tuith/ JlffljJIIJe-,nbers) /J.x:tend grea,._w CJmwratulations. and


Page 18 Cong ratu lc:1tions And Best Wis:hes To Mrs. Theda Godet From The Director of Nursing And Members of the Nursing Advisory Committee Congratulations and Best Wishes on Your Retirement May God Bless You Always Dr. Earle Farrington Dr. Cecil Bethel


Page J9 Son 'Voyage "rs. 'Theda Codet cBest 'Wishes on your 9'Jay Of ou ceontinue to be cBlessed with 'ood 9fealth, Cj>rosperity and 'fulfillment as you enter 'fhis phase of your 'Life 'From the 91ursing 6fficer:; and Staff .9\rea 'Princess Siospital "What Love we've given, we'll have forever What love we fail to give, will be lost for all eternity" Leo Buscaglia haiJ

Page 20 Tlie Priest and Peoy{e Of St. 13arnahas Parish Congratu{ates :Mrs. Tliecfa On tlie occasion of J-fer 'Retirement from lier many years of Service to tlie Nursing Profession


PAge 21 Acknowledgements Sen The Hon. Dr. Ronald Knowles, Minister of Health Mrs. Michaela Storr, Managing Director, Public Hospitals Authority Ms. Mary Johnson, Director of Nursing Dr. Glen Beneby, Medtcal Advisor, Public Hospitals Authority Mrs. Gloria Okpuno, Nurse Advisor, Public Hospitals Authority Mr. Herbert Brown, Hospital Administrator, Princess Margaret Hospital Executive Management Committee, Princess Margaret Hospital Staff of Princess Margaret Hospital Staff of the Ministry of Health The Godet Family Ms. Ernestine Douglas Ms. Ivy Wilson, Principal Nursing Officer, Sandilands Ms. Juliann Aranha, Nursing Officer Sandilands Mrs. lronaca Morris-Baker St. Barnabas Parish DPS Mavis Holmes Hanek Nurses' Association of The Bahamas StaffMedical Area, Princess Margaret Hospital StaffSpecialty Clinics, Princess Margaret Hospital Department of Paediatrics, Pnncess Margaret Hospital Senior Nursing Officers, Princess Margaret Hospital Ms. Veronica Pottter, Ag Principal Nursing Officer, Rand Ms. Anna Hall, Senior Nursing Officer, Rand Ms. Paula Neymour, Senior Nursing Officer, Rand Mrs. Lois Symonette, Consultant, Public Hospitals Authority Community 1\Jursing Services Dr. Earl Farrington Dr. Cecil Bethel Staff, Accident & Emergency Department, Princess Margaret Hospital Committee Members: Stephanie Poitier, Chairperson Sharon T urnquest Carimenda Bain Barbara Lloyd Roslyn Taylor Carolyn Seymour Vmac's Printing

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