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BDA News
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Bahamas Diabetic Association
Bahamas Diabetic Association
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Nassau, Bahamas


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Diabetes -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Knowles, Cecile Aleth, 1930-2009
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V. 18 no 3 (July 2003) features Nurse Cecile Knowles.

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Hilda Bowen Library
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Hilda Bowen Library
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P 0 Box SS-19932 Nassau, N P., Bahamas Telephone: 1 {242) 356-2349 or 1 (242) 324-4042 Fax: 1 {242) 356-2306 BDANE VOLUME 18 NO. 3 JULY 2003 ._lESS EXERCISE lVI C E What a good slogan for us to go by!! We all need those few words e tched into our brains to give us food for thought, if nothing else! Certainly something to think about when we're reaching for that second helping of macaroni and cheese or yummy pie!! One of our main duties this month is to apologise to our loyal for the errors and / or omissions in the May Newsletter (titled April!). To ].S. Johnson and Super Saver for the incorrect advertisement. To Lowes and Wongs for being too sma ll and t o Bahamas First an d Comm o nwealth Drugs for being omitted altogether. We are ensuring that they are a ll correct this month. We do appreciate your support so much and encourage our members to use your services. MAY MEETING B r a dle y op e ned with a prayer as u s u a l a nd then put the a udience through thetr pace s with som e e asy e xe rci s e s After that Stephanie Lo c khart dia bete s nur s e educator talked about diabete s e ducation in the PMH and then s he and Dr. Cecil B ethe l an s wered C EC ILE KNOWLES ZONTA Living Legend A wa rd Recip ient JUNE MEETING A fter a p r ayer Bradley started thi s meeting with a fun e x erci s e s ession a s usual and got the blood cour s ing through our vein s (the most exercise many of u s get in the month!) He then di s cussed the variou s items that had been brought up at the Executive meeting the previou s Thursday: 1) Our O rig inal L o g o : This wa s de s igned at our inception back in 1986 by a 15-year old diabetic-8 PAGES Alphonso Symonette whilst a pupil at Aquinas College. We voted not to change it. 2) Membe r s hip F e e: The membership fee will have to be increased to $20 00 in September but a h andsome mug with important measurement s will be given free with the card. We regret thi s step but the B DA has had to cope with many unexpected expen s e s recently, not the lea s t being the move to our new premi s es. We are relying on you all to continue s upporting u s more than ever. With the card you will be entitled to discounts on the glucometer s and s trip s at mo s t of the pharmacie s W e w ill g i ve y ou a c ompr e h e nsi ve lis t o f Pharma c ists w ho w ill g i v e a 10 % dis c ount or more in our S epte mb e r issu e 3) N ovember B anquet: Plans for a Banquet in November Ethel Knowles i s heading up this committee and will need a lot of assistance. Pleas e help her! 4) M ore Media Ex po sure : Bradley was on a Ministry of Health committee that ha s a s ked u s to not only continue with our education programme for diabete s but do even more in regard s to using the new s paper and TV media Thi s i s urgent. (Continued on Page 2) I MEETINGS ARE HELD AT 2:30P.M. ON THE THIRD SATURDAY EVERY MONTH EXCEPT IN AUGUST AND DECEMBER I /


(Continued from Page 1) 5) IDF Conference: Bradley will be going to an IDF conference in P a ris Augu s t 23-31. Part of it has been s pon s ored and the rest he is working hard to obtain. 6) Fund-raising Cookout: A fund rai s ing cook-out will be held between now and September Andria Reeve i s in charge of thi s and also wants as much help as pos s ible. 7) Blood Sugar Testings: Bra dley spo ke a nd did blood s u gar te st in gs a t three churches more detail s on this pa ge. 8) Hospital Visits : H av in g visi ted severa l diabetic relati ves in ho s pit a l in recent weeks Bradley mentioned h ow v i s itors-out of the kindness of their heart s often brin g in app ropri a t e food a nd drink. Too often G ato r ade, juice s or fruit are th e n co n s umed instead of the ho s pital food thu s causing high blood s u gars a nd making it more difficult a nd t a kin g them longer to go to normal levels. WATER i s s till the BEST drink available. For EVERYONE!! Dr. Rolle then s poke on various ins ulin s a nd so me of the new ways of dis pen s ing it. He answered the m a ny questions th at arose Being BAHAMAS FIRST //n w ra ll('e rfomjm 11 !/ inlier/ The Bahamian-owned General Insurance Company in association with R oya l I nsurance Group Insuring A Better Bahamas! THIRD TERRACE & COLLINS AVENUE P 0 BOX N-1216 NASSAU N P BAHAMAS Tel: 1 (242) 326-5439 Fax: (1 (242) 326-547 1J 1Jf).4. ,_.eW July, 2003 the day before Father's Day, Bra dley surprised the fathers with beautifully wrapped gifts and even had enough for tho se who had not attended!! Very thoughtful indeed. On a s ad note we're s orry to let you know that the BDA's good friend and benefactor -Mr. Pedro Robert s Sr. i s s uffering from diabetic complications as well as other ser iou s conditions. He i s the owner, pharmacist of Commonwealth Dru gs and has kept us well supplied over the years with various diabete s information and materials and helped u s in many ot h er ways. Plea se remember him in your prayer s 16th -Sherry te s ted 463 with 97 having high blood s ugar s We are continuing testing there on Wedne s day afternoon at Mr. McCartney 's request. St. Stephen's Baptist Church, Wulff Road -April 26th -Bradley spoke on diabete s and te s ted 25 -1 high. They donated $100.00 to cover cost of s trip s etc. Wesley Methodist, Malcolm Allotment -Jun e 1st -Bradley s poke and tested 22 6 high. Commonwealth Baptist Church, Elizabeth Estates-Jun e 3rdBradley s poke a nd te s ted 71 -16 high They donated $200.00 to cover costs. .____._N_M_EM_OR_I_A_M ____,I I DOCTORS HOSPITAL WEST I CARLOS JENOURE Carlo s Jenour thirty-two years and Type I diabetic who was briefly involved with the Bahamas Diabetic Youth Club in hi s teens, died from renal complications. DONATIONS Nas sa u Lion 's Club $500.00 Maria O Brien $300.00 Harry L. Weldon $50.00 We have thanked the se generous people. I BLOOD SUGAR TESTINGS I McCartneys -April 28th Jun e The firs t Tue s d ay in June was a lot of fun for the many di a b e tic s who took part in the water aero bic s t a u g ht b y Don a nd organised by Dr. & Nurse Cate s July 1 st was a l so enjoyable as well as being very educational. The evening s tarted with so me tasty Subw ay sa ndwiche s and N. Cates' s ugar free brownies, and then Mrs Roye a drug repre se ntati ve from Aventis demon s tr a ted a n ins ulin pen u s ing IN SUMAN" N. Cates then gave out que s tionaire s concerning "FEET" and everyone removed their shoes and socks, examined their feet and answered the que s tions. A case hi s tory regarding foot care was di sc u sse d by three g roup s and their recommendation s s hared with everyone. A filament u se d by many doctor s to te s t feeling in extremities, was s hown to everyone and demon s trated on a non-diabetic. Everyone is encouraged to attend the se very worthwhile evenings at 6pm on the first Tue s day in the month.


BDAMEMBER HONOURED Longtime and faithful member of the BDA and executive board member Mrs. Cecile Knowles was honoured on June 14 at The Zonta Club of New Providence's Living Legends Gala Ball. We congratulate you Cecile on your past achievements and thank you for all you've done and are still doing for the BDA. B orn in Saint Andrews, Jamaica in 1930, Cecile ..... i Alleith Knowles began her of health care to Bahamians in January 1968 when she became a Sister Tutor in the Department of Nursing Education in Nassau. After completing her early education and passing the Senior Cambridge Examination in Jamaica, the former Cecile Maragh entered the Registered Nurse programme at Kingston General Hospital. She completed that programme in 1953 and the following year travelled to London England for further nursing studies, with specialisation in Midwifery, and Ophthalmic and Paediatric Nursing. Also obtained a Master of Science in Education degree with honours from the University of Miami. She returned to Jamaica in 1960 and began service as Ward Sister Night Supervisor and Supervisor of the Paediatric Department at the University Hospital of the West Indies. While in London in 1963, Cecile undertook for two years, further studies for the Sister Tutor's Diploma at the Royal College of Nursing, London University, and from 1965 to 1967 she served as Sister Tutor at the University CECILE KNOWLES ZONTA Living Legend Award Recipient Hospital of the West Indies. Later she received the Baccalaurate and Postgraduate degrees from universities in the U S.A. In 1968, having married Bahamian Wilfred Timothy Knowles, she relocated to The Bahamas and worked as Sister Tutor until 1972 when she was assigned to the Princess Margaret Hospital as Senior Nursing Officer, serving with great care and professionalism as head of the Surgical Area and the Department of Child Health. Her most challenging mission came in 1976 when she was Nassau A_gencies (1995) ltd. Your Ouulin Assured Wholesaler Addiiion. Comer of Mi. Plot'Onl & Jerom< A"""' J 1 4li.193-4854 Fl<(14l\3'4-0533 nulphamiftootdn

WATER: Drink Hearty For Summer Health (Tak e n from DIABETIC FORECAST Jul y 2001) L OOK IN mirror, and you may look solid enough. But in fact the human body is more than half water. A 150-pound per s on contains about 42 quarts of water! To stay healthy, it s vital to main tain that level of body water. Doing s o i s extra important during s ummer when dehydration can put you at ris k for heat-related illnesses. How Much Water Do I Need? Water i s constantly leaving your body in your tears, s pit s weat breath urine and fece s Even on a cool day when you may not feel your self per s pire you s till lo s e moi s ture through your s kin typically two to three cup s' worth. Someone exercising heavily in hot weather can s weat off gallon s To s tay in balance, you need to replace the lo s t water. Many foods, e s pecially fruit s and vegetables, are high on water. And when food s are broken down in your body wat e r is on e of the So just by eati ng y o u repl ac e s om e o f yo ur 4 IJf)Jt July 20 0 3 lo ss The re s t you need to replace by drinking liquids. Thir s t i s one s ignal that you need to drink. But you can t rely on thirst alone. As people age s ometimes their sense of thirst weakens. So older people can become quite dehydrated without feeling thir sty. Even in young people thir s t may wane before a per s on ha s complete l y re s tored hi s or her water balance. Urine color i s another guide. If you have enough water your urine will be almo s t clear to pale yellow. Darker urine suggest s that you may be dehydr a ted. Mos t people can get enough water by drinking at least eight cup s of water each day. But some people need to take extra care. E xercis e rs. A good rule of thumb i s that you s hould drink enough water before during and after your exerci s e s o that you do not lo s e weight between the start and end of your exer ci s e session People With Diabetes. It i s vita l f o r p e opl e with di a bet e s to s t ay w ell hydrated Whe n d e hydrated the y hav e le ss blood flowin g through thei r bodies, but it i s c arrying th e same amount o f glucose A s a r e s ult their blood s ugar concentration rises. People Taking Medications People on medicines s hould drink plenty of fluid s Medicine s are pre s cribed a ss uming you have a normal amount of water in your body. If you have too little and your blood volume i s low the concentration of the drug in your blood s tream can climb too high. People who take diuretic s are at extra high ris k for dehydration. Elde r ly Peop le. Older people who lo s e their s en s e of thir s t need to make a deliberate effort to drink water. Al s o older kidney s concentrate urine less well To compen s ate older people may need to drink even more water than younger people. People In Extreme Conditions. When the weather is e s pecially hot or cold you need extra water. The s ame hold s true if you go to altitude s above 3 000 feet. How Do I Get It? Keep a gla ss of water on your de s k and s ip from it often during the day. Carry a water bottle with you when you go places. Limit your consumption of beverage s that boo s t urine pro duction (alcohol and drink s with caffeine s uch a s cola and coffee); many s cienti s t s believe the s e drink s dehydrate you. Drink at lea s t a full gla ss of water or other healthful liquid with your meal s If your mobility i s limited keep a pitcher of fre s h water and a cup near wh e re you will b e e ach day . If you d e pend on a caret a k e r requ e s t th a t a pitcher o f w a t e r b e al wa y s a v ail a ble to you.


Through The Fire: What You Can Gain From Having Diabetes Taken from (DIABETES FORECAST Ma y 2001) T HE NEGATIVES OF HAVING DIABETES are obvious. It's a rare person who does not find diabetes an unwelcome burden financially, physically, socia lly professionally, and most every other way. But like iron which fire can strengthen into steel many people are changed for the better by adversity. They Set Priorities And Live More Fully It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and not question whether your activities are worth the effort. Chronic illness can change that. The realization that you do not have a limitless supply of time and stamina can be a jolt but one that can open your eyes to how precious every moment is. You may then take a hard look at your activities and say "Is this really the best way to spend my time or energy, especially now that I have less if it?" They Forge Stronger Connedions With Others You may grow close to those who support you. Your friends and family may move to center stage in your life. Some people are inspired to reach out to help others such as by organizing support groups or serving as an information resource about their disease. They stop Sweating The Small Stuff A chronic disease brings you face to face with serious threats to yourself lifestyle, and health. On ce you've grappled with these formida ble challenges, most problems in life look pretty puny. They Discover Hidden Strengths Having diabetes forces you to develop character traits and skills that may have been dormant before. You may become more self confident and able to speak up in your own interest. You may come to accept yourself better. You may learn that you can make good decisions. Children also, can find hidden strengths. Children with diabetes may be more mature than their peers because dealing with diabetes encourages a child to become responsible and self sufficient at an earlier age. Their Spiritual Life Is Richer What is the meaning of life? This question often gets shoved aside on the day-to-day drill of earning a living and meeting obligations. Sometimes, a disease gets people to confront important questions. "Why me?" "What did I do to deserve this?" "Why is lif'e unfair?" "What purpose do I serve in the universe? These questions focus people on figuring out their place in the world and coming to term s with the dark side of life. As a result, they rna y feel more in tune with their God or more connected to the universe and society. They may find the courage to be brave to hope and to love despite knowimg sorrow firsthand. Great-tasting nutrition drink for flexibility in diabetes self-management cQJO'iTil F'ORMlJL ATES FOR P A TIENT ACCEPTANCE AND TOL E R ANCE Ta>!e pref erred t o 3 10 over Gltt) cerna I Lact o'e Free Com p l e t e B a l a nced a n d co111 cniem I()()'} of .S. RDA"s f o r vitamin' a n d mineral' in just 1000 Cal D2 fl. 07) 3.-l gram s o f dietary fiber per 8 n 07. Ready t o .;;er\'e IDE A L AS PART OF A MEAL OR AS A SNACK Durin g i llne"" infectio n o r .... of a ppctih.! W h e n p a t i ent i s unable t o cat '"""I die t Whe n s n a c k s o r meal s a r e delayed o r m i"ed B e f o re. during o r afte r act i vity t o h elp prevent o r manage hypoglycemia BROWN'S Boat Basin Ltd. <> MA R INE FUEL S & LUBRICANTS BOAT HAULING SERVICE & REPAIRS OUTBOARD SERVICE & REPAIR Tel (Voice): 1 (242) 393-3331/393-3860 Fax: 1 (242) 393-1868 EAST BAY STREET EAST OF PARADISE ISLAND BRIDGE P. 0 BOX N-716 NASSAU N P., BAHAMAS J uly, 2 00 3 IJVA /llfeW 5


The DIABETES A DVISOR (Taken from DIABETES FORECAST June 2003) Tips For Tip-Top Kidneys K IDNEYS ARE essential to life. These two organs remove waste products from the blood and keep sodium and potassium in balance. Unfortunately, in some people, diabetes attacks the kidneys and destroys their ability to do their job. But you can take steps to lower your risk of getting kidney disease or slow its progress: Keep blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible. The higher your blood sugar levels the greater your risk of getting many kinds of complications and the faster they progress. Keep blood pressure levels below 130/80. Doing so helps not only your kidneys but also your eyes, heart, and blood vessels. Make sure your doctor checks your blood pressure several times a year measures your A 1 C at least twice a year and checks your urine for protein (a sign of QUALITY IN AIR TRANSPORT lATA/CARGO AGENTS Pirufers Customs :Bro!{:grage IMPORT/EXPORT & FORWARDING AGENTS TRUCKING FORKLIFT HIR E PACKING MOVING & STO R AGE Specializing in: The use of Mechanical Handling Equipment MACKEY ST REE T & ROOSEVELT AVENUE P 0 BOX N 3714 NASSAU N P., BAHAMA S TEL: 1 (242) 393-3795 FAX: 1 (242) 393-0227 IJ IJf)Jt !'tteW July 2003 kidney damage) at least once a year. If you think you have a bladder or kidney infection, see a doctor right away. If you already have kidney disease some additional steps are useful: Follow a low-protein diet if your doctor advises it. Some studies suggest that doing so can slow kidney disease progression. Your doctor may also want you to lower the amount of fat, cholesterol, alcohol, or salt you Super Saver PHARMACY MADEIRA STREET MARATHON MALL VILLAGE ROAD SHOPPING CENTRE Tel: 1 (242) 323-8309 323-2393 393-4293 P. 0. Box N-7547, Nassau, N .P., Bahamas OPEN EVERYDAY INCLUDIG HOLIDAYS & SUNDAYS 9:00am-10:00pm REGISTERED PHARMACIST : ultilte Proprietor OVER 30 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE-"WE ARE THERE WHEN YOU NEED US!" consume. A dietitian can help you make these changes while ensuring that you still get all the nutrients you need. Ask your doctor whether a blood pressure drug might help you. Certain ones, such as ACE inhibitors and ARBs, have been proven to slow kidney disease progression, even in people with out high blood pressure. Other blood pressure drugs may also help. If you need an X-ray test that uses an injected contrast agent (dye), talk to your doctor about steps you can take to protect your kidneys from further damage. Tell ..__ y our doctor if y ou are taking any medicatien that contains me tfo rmi o (Glucophage ). It may also be possible to have a different test instead. If you must have a test that uses a contrast agent in an emergency, be sure to tell the health care personnel that you have diabetic kidney disease. Some prescription and non prescription drugs including many painkillers, can harm kidneys. Before taking a new drug ask your doctor or pharmacist about its effects on kidneys. TH DRUG & SUPPLI E S CC>. L T O The hearl.beat o r your vve/1-being TM Tel: 322-3256 FOR All YOUR DIABETES MANAGEMENT: lite Touch 30g Syringe Novopen System Prestige Glucose Monitoring System Novolin : N, R, l, & 70/30 NOVOLIN Dosage Time Action Guidelines


(TakenfrO!n DIABETES FORECAST Jun e 2003) Ei ghty-seven -y ear-old Karl Smith of Jamestown, R.I. ha s been taking in s ulin for more th a n 80 years. That may s et the record. And Smith thinks he knows what he's been doing right. Years ago I put myself on what I called intensive therapy. I take four shots of insulin a day unless I need more, and check my blood s ugar at least eight times a day. It was my own idea because I kept outliving my doctors ," he explains. Downside Smith i s quick to add that inten s ive therapy has a downside. It can cause hypo glycemia (low blood s ugar) every once in a while ," he sa y s So I m a ke up a bot tle of s ugar and carry it around with me. I can u s ually feel when my s u ga r goes down a nd I drink so me of my s ugar water. But s ometimes, especially at night, it 's my wife who recognizes it. And there have been occa s ion s when she's had to call the emergency s quad who would give me glucagon. But I s tick with my inten s ive therapy becau se it 's worked for me all these years," he adds. Smith also s tick s with a low-fat diet but enjoys other foods, too on occasion. Taking good care of his diabetes has helped Karl Smith stay in good health for the 81 years he's been on insulin. Revving Up A s for exerci s e Smith 's nei g hbor s ( or their parent s) ha v e often heard him rev up hi s motorcycl e mo s t warm day s s ince 193 2. ( He 's been riding a maroon 1982 Hond a CB 650 s ince it came in the market. ) Smith also enjoy s golf as well a s tenni s with friend s or with hi s wife Diana. ( Karl and Dian a w e r e married on 1973. Hi s f ir s t wife Barbara Conger pass ed away in 1967.) Early Insulin Smith was diagno se d with diabete s in Augu s t 1922. The dia g no s i s meant that the s ix-year-old had only a year or two to live-if he followed a s tarvation diet. But Karl Smith was lucky. He lived in Wes tchester County N.Y. and his doctor Henry Rawle Geyelin wa s a friend of Drs B a ntin g and Be s t the men who di scove red in s ulin. Dr. Geyelin procured ins ulin for me directly from Bantin g and Bes t in Toronto That saved my life ," Smith explains. It 's hard when diabete s i s diagno se d at a young age. But people like my self, diagno s ed at age six, don t know a ny other way to (Continued on Page 8) THE PARTS STORE Wulff RoadTel: 1 (242) 393-7481 Blue Hill RoadTel: 1 (242 ) 323-1719 / 20 and throughout The Bahamas May 2001 IJVA ,__,ews[!


From health insurance to pension plans, the J S Johnson Ufe D e p artment is a one-stop shop for advice on .. pension plans sent a blood sample to the .laboratory, but by the time he got the reading back it was meaningless. "Today, self-monitoring of blood sugar lets you know your blood sugar the instant you take it and without all the fuss. It gives you control," Smith says. Pearl Harbor Karl Smith was newly married when Pearl Harbor was attacked in December 1941. & insurance longest survivor No official records exist. But odds are that 87-year-old Karl Smith of Jamestin, R.J., has been on insulin longer than any other per son in the world. His record: 80 years last December. Smith has had no major diabetic complications. live ," Smith adds. The Best Thing After insulin Smith feels that the greatest advancement for people with diabetes i s the home blood glucose monitor. It has made all the difference ," he sa y s "Before that, urine testing was the only control we had. We used to have to put eight drops of urine into a tes t tube with an inch of Benedict 's solution then heat the tube over a can of s terno If the s olution changed colors, there was s ugar in the urine. About every s ix weeks, the doctor 8 IJf)Jt /'llfew July, 2003 "It was very scary. No one knew what was happening ," he recall s Like so many other young men he rushed to enlist in the military, but his diabetes closed that door. So the recent Princeton engineering graduate signed on as a cvivilian technician with the Navy "I never saw active duty, but I did get to sail on Navy ships into the Pacific ," he adds. Smith continued his engineering career after the war and still designs and builds small engine s as a hobby. Karl Smith and his first wife had three children none of whom has diabetes. Smith now has five grandTAYlOR'S INDUSTRIES lTD. DISTRIBUTORS FOR MAJOR APPLIANCES AMANA Refrigerators, Air Condition e r s Wash e r s Dryers MAYTAG Washers, Drye r s Dishwashers, Gas, Electric Ranges STATE Water Heaters OASIS Water Coolers SMALL APPLIANCES auASAR Television s Stereo Systems DAZEY H air Dryers OSTER Hair Clippers Sets TOASTMASTER Toasters, Overn Broilers HAMILTON BEACH Blenders, Mixers LASKO Portable F a n s PROCTORSILEX Iron s Can Open e r s WINDERMERE Personal Appliances REGAL Coffee Makers HOOVER Vacuum Cleaners children, two of whom have type 2 diabetes. "I don't know why. They are thin and very athletic and eat sensibly," Smith says. He also has one great-grandchild who does not have the disease. "But everyone is doing fine," he adds. Good Luck Karl Smith was featured in the October 1993 issue of Diabetes Forecast, and still gives the same advice. "Don't ignore your diabetes. And remember how lucky you are to be able to monitor your own blood sugar. Do so frequently. It's very important. It will help you stay in control. "And, of course ," he adds, "I wish you all the same good luck I've had for more than 80 years." Lemon Tea Cooler 2 cups diet lemon-flavoured tea, chilled 1 cup unsweetened pineapple juice, chilled 8 ice cubes 1. In a pitcher combine the tea, juice and ice cubes. Garnish with a thun kemon wedge of a small s prig of mint leaves. Nutrition Facts: Servings 4 Serving Size 3 / 4 cup Preparation Time 2 minutes Fruit Exchanges 0 5 Calories 36 Calories From Fat 0 Total Fat 0 gram Saturated Fat 0 grqm Cholesterol 0 milligram Sodium 4 milligrams Carbohydrate 9 grams Dietary Fiber 0 gram Sugars 8 grams Protein 0 gram

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