List of entomological (E-series) publications 739 to 781


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List of entomological (E-series) publications 739 to 781
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine. -- Division of Insect Pest Survey and Information
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August 1949 E-784

United States Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Research Administration
Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine


Compiled by Division of Insect Survey and Information

This list includes the E publications that were issued from January 1948
through June 1949, and any revision of earlier publications. E-752 is the
only previous list for this series.

E-276. Information About Bee Culture. Revised, September 1948.

E-739. Carbon Dioxide as a Propellent for Insecticide Solutions.
R. A. Fulton. January 1948.

E-740. Field Experiments With DDT for the Control of the Pea Weevil--
Progress Report. Ralph Schopp, Frank G. Hinman, and T. A.
Brindley. January 1948.

E-741. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine Articles Published
in 1946. Compiled by Division of Insect Pest Survey and
Information. January 1948.

E-742. A Review of DDT Formulations. R. D. Chisholm. February 1948.

E-743. Investigations of Sprays for Control of the European Corn Borer,
Toledo, Ohio, 1945-1946. D. D. Questel and R. V. Connin.
February 1948.

E-744. Preliminary Tests of Synthetic Organic Compounds as Insecti-
cides. Part V. G. T. Bottger and A. P. Yerington.
March 1948.

E-745. Corn Earworm Resistance in Sweet Corn Inbreds and Hybrids.
E. V. Walter. April 1948.

E-746. Tests With DDT for Control of the Pecan Nut Casebearer in the
Southeastern States. Arthur M. Phillips. April 1948.


E-747. Tests of Certain Synthetic Organic Compounds Against the Two-
Spotted and Related Mites. A. P. Yerington and S. I. Gertler.
April 1948.

E-748. Laboratory and Field Tests of Additional Organic Compounds
Against the European Corn Borer. D. D. Questel and S. I.
Gertler. May 1948.

E-749. Bee-Gathered Pollen in Various Localities on the Pacific Coast.
George H. Vansell and Frank E. Todd. July 1948.

E-750. Soil Treatments With DDT To Control the White-Fringed
Beetle. H. C. Young and J. B. Gill. July 1948.

E-751. Tests With Mist Blowers To Control Various Insects. F. W.
Poos, S. F. Potts, L. D. Anderson, and J. W. Brooks.
July 1948.

E-752. Entomological (E-Series) Publications 495 to 738. Compiled by
Division of Insect Pest Survey and Information. July 1948.

E-753. Report on Experiments With Methyl Bromide as a Fumigant for
Stored Tobacco. W. H. White. August 1948.

E-754. A Chronological List of Publications on Liquefied-Gas Aerosols.
R. A. Fulton. August 1948.

E-755. A Second List of Publications on Benzene Hexachloride. C. V.
Bowen. September 1948.

E-756. Adhesives for Dilute and Concentrated Cryolite Sprays Used in
White-Fringed Beetle Control Operations. Chas. F. Henderson
and Irving Keiser. October 1948.

E-757. Ethylene Dibromide-Chlordane Dip for Treating Plant Balls
Infested With Various Stages of the Japanese Beetle. R. D.
Chisholm and A. C. Mason. October 1948.

E-758. Storage Tests on Conditioned and Wettable Powders Containing
90 Percent of DDT. E. L. Gooden and R. L. Updike, Jr.
October 1948.

E-759. Parathion in Aerosols for the Control of Pests on Greenhouse
Ornamentals. Floyd F. Smith, P. H. Lung, and R. A. Fulton,
October 1948.


E-760. DDT as a Prehatching Treatment for Control of Snow-Water
Mosquitoes. A. W. Lindquist, A. R. Roth, and W. W. Yates.
October 1948.

E-761. A Review of the Literature on Sprays To Destroy Overwintering
Codling Moth Larvae. M. A. Others. October 1948.

E-762. The New Insecticides for Controlling External Parasites of
Livestock. Division of Insects Affecting Man and Animals.
December 1948.

E-763. Tests With DDT on Honey Bees in Small Cages. A. W. Woodrow.
December 1948.

E-764. Preliminary Tests on N-Substituted p-Nitrobenzamides as
Insecticides. G. T. Bottger, A. P. Yerington, and S. I.
Gertler. December 1948.

E-765. Studies With DDT as a Control for Wireworms in Irrigated
Lands--Progress Report. M. C. Lane, M. W. Stone, H. P.
Lanchester, E. W. Jones, and K. E. Gibson. December 1948.

E-766. Residual Sprays for Use Against the Confused Flour Beetle.
R. T. Cotton, J. C. Frankenfeld, and Norman M. Dennis.
December 1948.

E-767. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine Articles Published
in 1947. Division of Insect Pest Survey and Information.
December 1948.

E-768. Nicotine Insecticides, Part V.--Search for Synergists. E. L.
Mayer, E. R. McGovran, Florence B. Talley, C. R. Smith,
D. H. Saunders, and C. F. Woodward. March 1949.

E-769. Preliminary Tests of Certain Phenylhydrazides as Insecticides.
G. T. Bottger, A. P. Yerington, and S. I. Gertler.
March 1949.

E-770. Laboratory Tests of New Compounds as Insecticides Against the
Sweetpotato Weevil. P. K. Harrison. March 1949.

E-771. The Comparative Effectiveness of Poisoned Bait and Sprays for
Grasshopper Control in Lyman County, S. Dak., 1947. R. L.
Shotwell. March 1949.

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E-772. Experiments in Early-Season Application of Insecticides for
Cotton-Insect Control in Wharton County, Tex., During 1948.
SK. P. Ewing and C. R. Parencia, Jr. March 1949.

E-773. Preliminary Tests on N-Substituted'm-Nitrobenzamides as
Insecticides. G. T. Bottger and S. I. Gertler. March 1949.

E-774. Tests of Insecticides for Grasshopper Control, 1947.
J. R. Parker. March 1949.

E-775. Screening Tests for Materials To Increase the Effectiveness
of a DDT-Pyrethrum Formula. (Supplement to E-733.)
Arthur W. Lindquist, Fred R. Shillcutt, A. H. Madden, and
John E. Williams. April 1949.

E-776. Development of Insect Resistance to Insecticides. Frank H.
Babers. May 1949.

E-777. Preliminary Tests on N-Substituted Phthalimides as Insecti-
cides. G. T. Bottger and S. I. Gertler. May 1949.

E-778. Laboratory Tests of Toxicity of Some Organic Compounds to
the European Corn Borer, 1940 to 1948. D. D. Questel and
S. I. Gertler. June 1949.

E-779. White-Fringed Beetle--Distribution, Survey, and Control.
C. F. Henderson and L. J. Padget. June 1949.

E-780. DDT Sprays for Control of the Corn Earworm and Budworm in
Sweet Corn. R. A. Blanchard, W. A. Douglas, and G. P. Wene.
June 1949.

E-781. Laboratory Tests on Toxicity of Some Phenylhydrazides to the
European Corn Borer. S. I. Gertler, D. D. Questel, and
R. V. Connin. June 1949.