Proprietary surface-active agents of possible use in insecticide preparations


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Proprietary surface-active agents of possible use in insecticide preparations
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Cupples, Homer L ( Homer Leslie ), 1899-1973
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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by H.L. Cupples.
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"October 1943 ; E-607."

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LI- ll I ;I,-1
October 1943 -607

AGRIC'JLTLP.l'-.- 3Z -.CH A:'. I.IST .. C
B.RTZ7 CF E1TTO..OLCGY A:.' PL.-':T -A-.L TI1-


By H. L. Oupples, Division of Insecticide Investig'tions

There are now available a lar.-p number of synthetic d eter-en.ts,
and wetting, dispersing, foar..ii-.n, and emulsifying agents which have
been used or may possibly be of use in the prennration of insecticides.
These newer synthetics, in 1, overcome the orincinal disadvantz-.,r-ez
of the fatty acid soaps, viz, precipitation by. hard water en.' ?cids and
alkaline reaction due to hydrol.sis, Altho-.-h some of these materials
are available under their chemical names, many of t'.err. are protected I,
patents and are sold or-lv under proprietary names.

The present list of such -orcorietary materials is a revision
of Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine publication E-504. It has
been compiled solely from information suoolied !'" the respective manu-
facturers and dealers. The De-partftent of Agriculture assumes no respon-
sibility for the correctness of statements included herein, and it does
not recommend any of the products mentioned. The aim has been to re-
strict the list to proprietary materials that are composed chiefly of
the newer organic synthetics, and to exclude (i) alkali-fatty acid s:-,'s
and rosin soAps, (2) ,,razhing compounds, (3) inorganic compounds, (4)
sulfonated and sulfated vegetable oils and fatty acids exccut when ".rther
modified in chemical composition, (5) bentonite and clays, (6) naturally
occurring materials, (7) "assistant" or "associate" emulsifiers unless
independentl, effective as emulsifiers, (8) mat. rlcls intended to be us,.i
in the absence of. water as surface-active z.Fonts for lubricants, (9)
materials of undisclosed composition, and (10) chu.ic 1 co:. )'.)uL2, L
particular grades thereof, sold by chemical name. n.r., materials listL'.i
in B-504 have been omitted as fvli..- within one or anoth r of thcse classes,
and others because war -:ici.cis ; regular: tions hav : th available,

Excc-t where oth-erwise inrica,-d, S. T. is the s:':'ace tension
at 250 O., in d:' -es oer centimeter, and I.T. is the in.. ':acial tension, t 'ujol at 250 C., in d.'..s ', r centimeter.

ACTIVOL (Burk rt-Schicr Chemicrl Co. [l]

Pro-)orties: Av:.I. ':Ilo as v brown paste or ambcr liquid.
U: .c T.;,yhilu',.
Cormo siti : l'.': AT-I .-rI -Isul fonat o.
C1 so: Wettlr.F- ;'..,nt,



A3CSOL AS (American Oyanamid and Chemical Corp.) [2]

Properties: Brown liquid. Concentrations up to 10 percent in
water give clear solutions; higher concentrations form opaque
solutions or gels. Separates in strong acid solutions; stable
in slightly acid, neutral and slightly alkaline solutions. pH
of 1.0-percent aqueous solution 7.0-7.5.
Composition: Solution of diisopropylnaphthalene sodium
sulfonate in water and a neutral solvent.
Class: Wetting agent.

AROSOL AY (American Cyanamid and Chemical Corp.) [3]

Properties: White, waxy lumps. Solubility in water at room
temper.-ture, 40. gin. per 100 cc. (pH 6.5-7.0); readily soluble
in polar organic solvents, less soluble in nonpolar organic
solvents. Resistant to precipitation by hard waters. Moderately
stable in acid solutions and mild alkalies; decomposed by strong
beses. At 20 C., S. T. for 1.0-percent solution 31.5, for 0110-
percent solution 38.8.
Composition: Diamnyl sodium sulfosuccinate, 99 percent (a mixture
of the 2-methylbutyl and 3-methylbutyl esters)
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.

AEROSOL IB (American Cyanamid and Chemical Corp.) [4]

'Properties:- White, powderlike material, easily grindable.
Solubility in water at 25' C., 76 gm. per 100 cc.; somewhat
soluble in polar org-anic solvents, practically insoluble in
nonpoler organic solvents. S. T. for 1.0-percent aqueous
solution (pH 6.5) 49.1, for 0.l-percent aqueous solution 67.5-
A 1.0-percent aqueous solution has no measurable wetting power
by the Dravos test, but in saturated sodium chloride solution
it is about 28 percent as effective as Aerosol OT.
Composition: Dibutyl sodi-um sulfosuccinato
Class: Wetting agent.

A'RUOSOL MIA (American Cyanamid and Chemical Corp.) [5]
Properties- White, waxlikc lumps. Somewhat hygroscopic.
Solubility in water at 25 C., 34.3 ginm. per 100 cc.; soluble
in polar and.nonpolar organic solvents-(more soluble in polar)
and in electrolytes. Moderately stable in acid solutions and
mild alkalies; decomposed by strong bases. S. T. for 1.0-per-
cent aqu&ous solution (pH 6.5) 27.8, for 0.1-percent aqueous
solution 45.8. Dravos test (30 C.) for 0.3-porcent solution
10 seconds, for 0.125-perccnt solution 84 seconds.
Composition: Dihcxyl sodium sulfosuccinato,.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent|

3 -

A3LRCSOL OS (American Cheicl Corp.) [6]

Properties: Yollo,-brown powder. Somewhat hygroscopic.
Solubility in water at room tomprratuj, 30.0 ;-'. p r
100 co. (pH 6.5-7.)'; readily soluble in pol .r organic
solvents of low mnolecular weight, loss soluble in those
of high r molecular weight, only slightly soluble in non-
polar or:---.fc solvents. Stable in strong acids-and strong
alkali-s. At 20 C., S. T. for 1.0-pocrcecnt solution 34.8,
for 0.10-pcrcent solution 37.5.
Uses: Adjuvant to alkaline_ d:ter-:.ts. -
CorT.position: Sodium salt of an ,rll.--r h.thalenosulfonic acid,
containing approximatl1 5 _ocrcont of sodium sul:fat3. S&mn
as Vatsol OS.
Olass: Wetting agent, d etrgent.

A].OSOL OT 100e'. (American Cyanamid and C..ic. l Corp.) [7]

Properties: Waxliko material in oellot form. y,;roscopic.
Somewhat plastic. Solubility in water at 25 C., 1.5 gm.
per 100 cc.; transparcht gels arc formed at higher concentrations;
solubl, in most organic oolvonts. Modcra.etely stable in acid and
mild alkaline solutions; decomposed by, stro-!: bases. S. T. for
l.O-percent aqueous solution (iC:- 6.5) 26.0, for: 0.I0-percent
aqueous solution 28,7. Droves trt (30 C.) for 0.03-percnt
solution 13 seconds, for O.Ol-smrc& solution 77 seconds.
Conrposition: Dioctyl sodium rulfosuccinoto. Saeo as Vatsol COT.
Class; Wetti:r. rent, emulsifier, 'oetrgcnt.

AEROOL OT A."J_',S (Am..rican Cyananid and ChemicJl Corp.) [s]

Properties: Cloudy, slightly gelatinous dispersion. Solubility
in water at room temperature (10-percent dis rsion), 15 gm.
per 100 cc. (pi 6.5-7.0). Rosistant to precipitation by hard
waters. Moder,.tly stable in acid solutions and mild alkalies;
decomposed b" strong bases. At 20 C., S. T. for a 1,O-pcrcont
solution 26.7, for O.20-percent solution 34.5.
Composition: AT.eous disorsion of diocty' sodium sulfosuccinAtc.
The st-'HL rd product contains 10 ;jrcent of ..rosol OT 00OO;',
a 25-p -rcent dis r -ion may- be obtaij.ed.
Class: Wottir- r.irt, emulsifier, dotergunt.

A -. SOL OT-C (American CynanE.mid a.nd Chemical Corp.) [9]

Properties: White, free-flowing tpodler. Solubility in'wat:r at
room temperature, 11.0 gm. pmr 100 cc. (pH 6.5-7.0). Resistant
to precipitation by hard waters. Moderately stable in acid so-
lutions and in mild alkalies; decomposed by strong bases.
Composition: Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate, 10 percent; inert
organic diluent (Cerelose) 2, 90 percent. Sa-.o as Vatsol OT-C.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.
AROSOL OT CLEAR (American Cyanarnid and- Chemical Corp.) [l0]

Properties: Colorless liquid. Hiscible with water in all con-
centrations (pH 6.5-7.0). Resistant to precipitation by hard
waters. Moderately stable in acid solutions and mild alkalies;
decomposed by strong bases.
Composition: Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinato plus water and a mutual
solvent. Obtainable in 70-, 25-, and 10-percent concentrations.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.

AHCO P31TR.1TT L (Arnold, Hoffnman and Co., Inc.) [ll]

Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: 'Alkylarylsulfonato.
Class: Wetting agent,,-detergent.

AHCOWET SM.'(Arnold, Hoffman and Co., Inc.) [12]

Properties: Light-colbred granular material. Effective in
neutral, acid, and alkaline solutions, and in hard water.
Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: Alkylarylsulfonate.
Class: Wetting agent, detergent.

ALBATEX BD (Ciba Co.,Inc.) [15]

Properties: Light-tan powder.
Uses: Kier-boilingassistant in textile industry.
Composition: Sodium m-nitrobenzenesulfonate.
Class: Wetting agent.

ALTALIiT7 DGA (Michel Export Co., Inc.) [14]

Properties: Yellowish-white, fine powder.
Uses: Textile and laundry industries.
Composition: Alkylamino alcohol sulfate.
Class: Detergent.


ALKALfI:3 W (Ainalg-.mated. Chemical Corp.) [15]

Properties: Light-brown, viscous paste.
Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: SulfonEted. fatty alkanolamine.
Class: Wetting .genlt, detergent.

ALKAIIOl B (E. I. du.Pont cle Jaemours and Co., Inc.) [16]

Properties: Li <'.t-tan pocuwder.
Composition: Sodium alkylnar.hthalenesulfcnate.
Class: Wetting -.jgenrt.

ALKU,;OL S (E. I. du Pont de :cmours and Co., Inc.) [17]

Properties: White pc'..der.
Composition: Sodi-um tetr-rh.ydronaphthalenesulfoni te.
Class: Dispersing agent.

ALKAIOL SA (Z. I. du Pont de Nemoars .rd Co., Inc.) [IS]

Properties: Tan powder.
Composition: Sodium aikylnophth 2.: !eulTonate.
Class: Wetting agent.

ALKAU'COL WXN (E. I. du Pont de eemours and Co., Inc.) [19]

Properties: Light-yellow liquid.
Composition: Scdium hydrocarbon sulfonate.'
Class: Wetting agert.

MIITOSTE-IM'. (Glvco Produets Co., Inc.) [20]

Properties: Light-co1ored, wax, solid. Disoersible in water.
Soluble in hot alcohol and in most oils and solvents. Melting
Point 56 C. Sp. gr. 0.975. pH of 5-percent dispersion in water 9.7.
Composition: Io!.ified amine ester of stearic acid.
Class: Emulsifier.

ARCTIC SYU'T7X A (Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co.) [21]

Properties! Light-tan pow'ler.
Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: Sodium salt of sulfonated et'". 1 oleate
Class: Wetting ent, emulsifier, detergent,

ARCTIC SYITZX K (Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co.)

Properties: White powder.
Uses: Textile, laundCry, paper, and dyestuff industries.
Composition: RCOOCH2CH(OH)CH2.SO03Na, where BOO represents
mixed coconut oil-fatty acid radical. Same asiVel.
Class: Wetting agent, dispersing agent, emulsifier, detergent.

ARCTIC SYNTTX M LIQUID (Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co.) [23]

Uses: Rug cleaning, shampoos, toilet articles.
Comoosition: RCOO.CH2CH(OH)CH ^OSO031TH, where RCOO represents
mixed coconut oil-fatty acid radical;
Class: Wetting agent, detergent.

ARCTIC SYFTTEX T (Colgate-Palmolive-,eet Co.) [24]

Properties: White powder.
Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: Sodium salt of sulfonated ethylmethyloleylamide.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent. ..

ARESKAP (Monsanto Chemical Co.) [25]

Properties: Tan-colored, fine oorwder. So01uble in water and
in organic solvents such as acetone, alcohol, pine oil and
oleic acid. Somewhat hygroscopic. Unaffected by hardness
of water uo to 60 grains of Cac'CO per U. S. gallon.
Composition; Sodium monosulfonate of butylphenylphenol.
Class: Wetting agent.

AR3-.T (Monsanto Chemical Co.) [26]

Properties: Tan-colored, fine powder. Soluble in water and alcohol,
but not in acetone. Less hygroscopic than Ireskap. Not precipi-
tated in water of 25 grains of CaC03 hardness per U. S. gallon.
Composition: Sodium monosulfonate of mrnobut;ldiphenyl.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier.

ARESKL-'E (Monsanto Chemical Co.) [27]

Properties: Tan-colored, fine powder. Slightly aromatic odor.
Soluble in water, alcohol, and acetone; insoluble in carbon
tetrachloride and petroleum products. Not precipitated in
water of 25 grains of CaCO3 hardness per U. S. gallon
Composition: Sodium disulfonate of dibutylphenylphenol.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier.


"- 7 -

ARLAC3 A (Atlas Po',dor Co.) [2S]
Prooerties: Light-amber, nonhy-rosccpic liquid. -Oily taste;
slight; pleasant odor. Sets at -5' to 0' C. Refractive
index 1.475 at 25 C. Density 8.5 lb,. per gallon. Yiscosity
300-500 cp. at 25 C0. Acid number 4-6. Soluble in most
organic solvents; slightly soluble in cth(r, glycols, and
:certain vegetable and -nim:, oils; insoluble in glycerol,
water, anl sorbitol. Stable in dilute mineral acids and
dilute alkalies at room temperature. Saponified by concentrated
alkalies, and slowly hydroly7.d lr. mincral acids at 95 C.
Darkens when heated to 100 C. Produces water-in-oil emulsions
that are stable to salts, acids, freezing, and Plevated temper-
atures (100 F.).'
Composition: imc iji'e monooleate.
Class: Err.ulsifier.

AFLACEL B (Atlas Powder Co.) [29]

Properties: Light-amber, oily liquid. Sets at ll0-140 C.
Refractive index 1.460 at 25 C. Aci6. number 4-6. Viscosity
2,500-3,500 cp. at 25 C. Insoluble in water, soluble in oils.
Produces water-in-oil emulsions.
Composition: "lannitan monocleate.
'Class: Emulsifier.

ARLACEL C (Atlas Powder Co.) [30]

Propn rties: Lirht-a;ibcr, norzhv.-r.'socopic, oily liquid. Slight,
pleasant odor. Viscosity 800-.,j200 co. at 25 C. Acid number
less than 7. Soluble in most organic solvents; slightly water-
disporsible. Produces water-in-oil emulsions that are stable at
freezing and clevwted temperetures,
Composition: Sorbitan monooleatc.
Class: mrulsifier.
AROI4Ii. PM (Buri rt-Schier C-,.,mic. 1 Co.) [31]

Properti-s: Trar.rsparent, amnb.r liquid.
Composition: Alk-laryl sulfonate plus i6 percent of solvent and 6
percent of inorgri.ic salts.
Class: Wetifng 'g.-it, detergent

ARYLEITE (Hart Products Corp.) [32]

Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: Sulfonated i*ror e I.-naphthtlenc.
Class: Wetting a:-:t.

ATLAS C-650 (Atlas Powder Co.) :-[33

Properties: Viscous, oily, nonhygroscopic liquid. Odor and
taste similar to castor oil. Freezing point about -15 C.
Refractive index 1.4801 at 25 C. Density 8 lb. per gallon.
Viscosity 1l700-2,100l cp. at 25 0. Acid number less than
15. Soluble in coal-tar hydrocarbons, ketones, ethers, ether
alcohols, chlorinated solvents, alcohols, esters,, vegetable
and animal oils, and amines; moderately soluble in hydrocarbons,
forming turbid solutions; insoluble in water and polyhydric
alcohols. Discolors in air above 100 C.; clouds in diluted
or concentrated alkali solutions. Most effective as an emul-
sifier in pH range 4-8. For 1.0-percent solution, S.T. 35,
I.T. 1.6.'
ComTposition: Sorbitan triricinoleate, technical..
Class: Emulsifier.

ATLAS G-904 (Atlas Powder Co.) [3]

Properties: Viscous liquid. Slight fatty odor and characteristic
lauric ester taste. Setting point 15'-20 C. Refractive index
1.475 at 25'C. Density about 8.5 lb. per gallon. Viscosity
2,000-4,000 cp. at 25 C. Acid number less than 6. Soluble
in coal-tar hydrocarbons, mineral oil, ethier alcohols,- chlor-
inated solvents, ketones, and alcohols; insoluble in dilute:
acid and salt solutions; dis)ersible in water. Stable in
solutions of pH range 0.5-12.0 at ordinary temperatures.
Uses: Emulsification of oils and fats.
Composition: Mannitan monolaurate, technical.
Class: Emul s'ifier.

ATLASOG-908 (Atlas Powder Co.) [35]

Properties: Synthetic wax. Nonhygroscopic. Mild fatty odor;
practically tasteless. Setting point 45-55 C. Acid
number less than 6. Density 8.2 lb. per gallon. Soluble
in the lower alcohols and alcohol ethers; sparingly soluble
in warm esters, hydrocarbons, and chlorinated solvents;
insoluble in water and polyhydric alcohols. Self-emulsifiable
in hot water. At ordinary tem-oeratawes not a,.ot-ciaily attacked
by aqueous solutions of pH range 0.5-12.0. S.T. for 1.25-per-
cent solution 20.9.
Uses: -nulsification of vegetable oils and waxes.
Composition: :l ririit.-n monoste.r-.te, technical.
Class: Emulsifier.

ATLAS G-954 (Atlas Powder Co.) [36]

Properties: Viscous liquid. Slight fatty odor; bitter taste.
Setting point 10-15' C. Refr.ctive index 1.4'.5 at 25 C,
Density about 8.5 lb. per gallon. Acid number less than 6-
Viscosity 2,500-4,500 cp. at 25 C. Soluble in hydrocarbons,
kctoncs, other alcohols, chlorinated solvents, and alcohols;
slightly soluble in vegetable and animal oils, others, methyl
alcohol, esters, and amines; insolouble in water and polyhydric
alcohols. Stable in pH range 0.5-12.0 at 25 C. Saponifid.
by strong alkalies; hydrolyzed by acids at 100 C.
Uses: Emulsifier for vegetablD oils.
Comnosition: I :.'nnit-n monooleatv, technical.
Class, S:liusificr.

ATLAS G-2000 (Atlas Powder Co.) [37]

Properties: Li.-'-,ht-yellow, semisolid, nonvolatile, nonhygroscopic,
Disnorsible in warm water and in warm oils or waxes.
SSetting point 33-360 C. Acid number 2-3. Density 8.5 lb.
per gallon. Stable to acidic electrolytes. Produces oil-in-
watrer emulsions.
Composition: Uixed polycthor mannitan monopalmitate.
Class: Er.iulsifier.

ATL-A.S G-2800 (Atlas ?owder Co.) 1[331

Properties: Amber liquii.. Faint oily odor; slightly bitter tastc.
Acid number less than 7. Refractive index 1.471 at 250 C. Darkens
in air at 150 C. Gives clcc-r solutions in vegetable oils. Sclf-
dispersiblc in wa;tcr. For 1.0-ocrcent conccntr tion in water, S. T.
32, I. T. 0.5.
Composition: Polyalcohol other oleato.
Class Emulsifier.

3ETLASOL OT-A (Ameirican Cyanonid and Chemical Cor-o.) [39]
Uscs: Le, thar i:J.ustry.
Composition: Sulfonatcd. ester of a dicarboxylic acid.
Class: Wetting rent.

CATIOFIC AG'T C (Victor Chemic-lc ',-rks) [4O]

Properties: Fatlik', tati prstc, which softens -:.'i i-elts to .n
ember-colored oil upon, wrrming. Soluble in mii rri 'nd v .: tabi)
oils, h-droc rbons, ?nd rost common o.011.ic solvents. Diserscs
in we.rm i-.rter to give white, gellike solutions. At 5-Percent con-
centr tion the solution is thick .nd gelrtinous. Aqueus solutions
ero neutral in reaction ad discharge upon cotton, silk, r'aon :'
Uses: Te::tilc a;i dyei'," industries., ore flotation.
Composition: Lour-lamino s-lt of la.ur'lamidocth'lphospioric ncid.
C 1...s: Cationic surfacc-rctiv, r wtti-: et, ulifir.

- 10 -

CATIOCIC A&rrrTT D (Victor Chemical Works) [41]

Properties: Tan paste similar to Cationic Agent C, except that
it is less active as a cationic surf -ce-active agent and more
active as an emulsifying agent.
Uses: Textile industry, dyeing, ore "flotation.
Composition: Stcarylamino salt of stoarylamidoethylphosphoric acid.
Cla-ss: Cationic surface-active agent, gettingg agent, emulsifier.

CATYL0.' D (Hart Products Corp.) [42]

Uses: Cationic softener in finishing textiles. :
Comoosition: Formate o'f condensation -roduct of stoarica acid
and hrydroxyoth-lcthylonediaminne, mixed with a fatty acid amnfdc.
Class: Cationic surface-active agent.

CL3APLATE (W. A. Cleary Corp.) .[31

Prqoperties: Light-amber to reddish-broim, soft, plastic mass.
Soluble in vegetable and mineral oils and in most organic solvents,
insolubl; in acetone. A surfaco-tension depressant, viscosity
depressant, and antioxidant for fats and oils.
Composition; Phosphatidc obtainicd from soybeans; contains approximately
65 percent of acetone-insolublo lecithin and cephalin p)osphatides.
Class: Emulsifier.

QOLLORP.SIiV DKN (General Dyestuff Corp.) [441

Properties: White, fibrous powder.
Composition: Water-solublo cellulose othor.
Class: Emulsifier.

COhIWOL (Common,,wealth Color and Chemical Co.) [451

Properties: Light-colored, fine powder.
Uses: Textile industry. ....
Composition: Salt of a sulfonated hig-ier frtt amide.
Class: Wetting agent, detergent.

COSmTOL N [Eimulsol Corn.) .46]

Properties: Water-white, clear, viscous liquid. Faint, pleasant odor.
S. T. for 1.0-percent solution (pH 5.45) 36.
Uses: Soaplcss shampoos, brushless shaving creams, bubble baths.
Composition: Alhanolamino salt of a sulfoacoto.micldo derivative.
Class: Wetting rrnt, fom ing agent, detergent.

-11 ,-i

DARKVV TO. 1 (R. T. Vandcrbilt Cc.,) r 47]

Properties: T.-. powder. Soluble in watcr. Negligible ri- action
of surface tension of wat er.
Uses: Dispersion of pigrmnts, curing agents, aitioxidcnts, andI
accelerators in the cctnpounding of natural and synthetic rubber
laticos, and for the dispersion of pigments in paper and le-.thr
Composition: Polymorizcd sodium. salts of 'Wl!r;Asulfonic acids.
Class: Dispersing agent.

D2LRVAT NO. 2 (R. T. Vpn-derbilt Co.) [48]

Properties: Dark-brown powder. Soluble in wat.r. Slight reduction
in surface tension of watcr.
Uses: Co,:,icsition, and cl 'ss: Same as given for Darvan -". 1.

DAXAD NO. 11 (Dowey rand Almy Chc:icl Co.) [491

Properties: T"r. powder. Soluble in water, .za-;'.. concentration
recommended at 70" F., 3S-4O percent. pH of l-percent solution
7.0-9.5. Reduction of surface tension ngligible, and no terdAency
to foam. Strblo in the presence of mild aikies and vcids. Largo
quantities of casciin may cause ,.:]ling. 'Effective onl, 1,horln ex-
ternal phase is -,atcr.
Uses: Dispersing pig". ts, especiaey carbon black; manufacture of
synthetic rubber, viscose r-vcon, and. dyestuffs,
Cor onition: Sodium salt of Polynerizc1 allylarylsulfonic acids.
Class: Dispersing p.g t.

DAXAD ITO. 21 (Dewey nnd Alrmy Chonicl-, Co.) [0]

Properties: Dark-brown powder. Cox'letcly soluble in water to form
a cle.r solution. Mxi-inu. concentration rccor..: ndid et 70 F., 25
percent. pH of l-percoct solution 7.0-~.5. Sli,:t reduction of
surface tension with mild tondnc'; to foajn. Vcr-r little vetting
cap)acitv. i y be used as an cnulsifyinr tgcnt only -'rhen colloid
mill or homo--.",ior is used.. Stt.blc in the )resonco of mild alkalies
.and nCids. 1"ot suitable in eIrocnece of or calciuiln saits.
Uses. ..p.n, plas,-t r, end. ;i'i.., industries.
Cor.0pcit on; siconocvlciun salt of pol.c ri" ryl- '-:lsulforic acids.
rp a or.ulsifier.

DAXAD ,'c., 23 (D-end A6!- Ai.,y Chenical1 Co.) [ 7]

Propert-ics: as give, for Daxa ",. 21, omittir.:- statement of. suitabil-
ity. i ."* of a or calci uO salts.
Uses T r "' ot ti ,ni d'.-eost zff industries.
C^.-p :ntoicn; Hc,;.,cxnu.l. dr of po!ymenrizcd aryl, !1:"!sulfonic acilds.
Clos: Di...rsi t, .ulsijiir.
Cl-ss Di3o,,rsi~iL ..t, emulsifier.

12 -

23AXAD :0,. 27 (Dewey and Almy Chemical Co.) [52]

Properties: Light-gray powder. Partially solub61e'in.-'ater' : ; "
to 'form: a highly colloidal-; .turbid suspension... Liaximum
concentration recommended at 70 F. 20.Percent. pH .'of :
l-percent solution 7,5-.,5. Very ,slight reduction of surface
; tension with:-little tendency:.;-o Toam. Very little wetting .,
capacity, 'but may be, used' ag ,an,.eemulsifying agent. Stable.
in the presence of mild alkalies; unstable in the presence
*of acids. "' ,
Uses: Dispersion of very finely divided sulfur and.other fungicides
and insecticides in water.
..Composition: Mixture of a monosodium salt of polymerized aryl- .
alkylsulfonic acids and an inorganic suspending agent.
*Class:: Dispersing agent, emulsifier. .

DECE3KSSOL'OT (American Cyanamid and Chemical Corp. [5.33

'Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: Dioctvl sodium sulfosuccinate.
Clas's-: Wetting agent.... ,

DETA2TOL i(Commonwealth, Oolor and Chemical Co.)' [54]

...Propert-ies: Light-colored, granular solid.... ..
Uses: Textile industry..
Composition: Salt of a.sulfonated higher' fatty amide. ,
Class: Wetting agent, detergent. ,, .

DILEi (Horn-Kemp Corp.) 553

Uses: Dispersion of pigments, accelerators, and other insoluble...
compounding ingredients in the latex industry.' ..
Composition: Highly purified sulfolignin.
-Glass-. Dispersing agent. '

DF"T (Procter and Gan'ble Co.) [561

Properties: -White powder. Soluble in water. No precipitation
Sor separat'ion in the hardest natural water at normal temperatures.
Unaffected by many metallic salt solutions. Stable and effective
in neutral, alkaline., and moderate strength acid solution. Neutiall,
and does not hydrolyze in' water.
Uses: Household detergent.-
Composition: Sodium laurel sulfate, technical.
Class: Detergent. '

- 13 -

DTOI'GTOL 80 E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc.) [C57]

Properties: Yellow, transparent, mobile liquid.
Composition: Sodium octyl sulfate, technical.
Class: Wetting agent.

DTJPOITOL D PASTE (E. I. du Pont de ".eours r CO., Inc.) [5,]

Properties: Amber-colored paste.
Composit on: Long-chain alcohol sulfates.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.

DTPOI'OL ES PASTE (E. I. du Pont de Iemours and Cc., Inc.) [59]

Data same as givo.i for Duponol D Paste.

DUPONOL L-142 (E. I. du Pont de -'.emours and o., Inc.) [o60]

Properties: ight-cream-colorcd pr'der.
Composition: Sodium cetyl sulfate, technical.
Class: Emulsifier.

DTJPO-OL L-l44-WD (E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc.) [61]

Properties: Brownish-red, mobile liquid.
Composition: Long-chain alcohol sulfate.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier.

DUPOI'OL LS [POWDER, PASTE] (E. I. duPont de ::cmours Co., Inc.) [62]

Properties: Ppwder or paste.
Composition: Sodium olc"! sulfate, technical.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.

DTJPONOL ME [DRY] (E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc.) [63]

Properties: White Powder,
Composition: Sodium alk'1 sulfates, principally lauryl.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.

D2POi'OL OS (E. I. du Pont de NcrcxLrs and Co., Inc.) [64]

Properties: Light-brown, mobile liquid.
Composition: Lor,:o-chain alcohol sulfate.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier.

DTO:T jOL WA [PCOWDER, PASTZ] (E. I. du Pont de "-mnurs and C0., Inc.) 1653

Properties: White po'.-rdr, or paste.
Composition and class: Sane as given for r',?OC1:L EE'.

- 14 -

DU POUT FETAR.DER LA (3; I. du Pint de crmours and Co., Inc.) [66]

Properties: Gray paste.
Composition: Stearyltrimethyl ammonium bromide, technical. Same as
Product Q Paste.
Class: Cationic surface-active agent.

DYlTESOL D50 (Amalgamated Chemical 'Corp.) [67]

Properties: Light-amber liquid.
Uses. Textile industry.
Composition: Salt of a naphthalenesulfonic acid.
Class: Wetting agent.

-1COL 12 (Emulsol Corp.). [68]

Properties: Amber-colored, clear, viscous liquid. Slight
caramellike odor. Disperses easily. pH of l.0-percent
disopersion 7.05. Sp. gr. 1.01. Nonionic.
Uses: Pharmaceuticjl, cosmetic, and food emulsions.
Composition: Fettjy acid ester of a polyhydroxy alcohol, containing
three fr(e hydroxy groups. Free frtty acid, as oleic acid, 4-5
percent. Contains no soap.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.

EMCOL l4'- (Zmulsol Corp.) [69]

Properties; Amber-colored, clear, viscous liquid. Slight
coramellike odor. Disperses readily. S. T. for 1.,0-percent
dispersion (pH g.3) 32.7. Sp. gr. 0.99.
Uses: Food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical emulsions.
Composition: Fatty acid ester of a polyhydroxy alcohol, con-
taining esters with more than three unesterified hydroxy groups.
Class: Emulsifi'er.

Z3 COL 1 (Emulsol Corp.) [70]

Properties: Cream-colored, waxlike solid. Slignt caramollike odor.
Disoperses easily. pH of 1.0-percent dispersion 7.5-9.0.
Uses: Food, cosmetic, and pherm:ccutical emulsions.
Composition: Palmitic and stearic esters of a polyhydroxy
alcohol. Free fatty acid, as oleic acid, 2-3 percent. Contains
no soap.
Class: Emulsifier.

- 15 -

EhCOL CA (Emlnsol Corp.) [71]

Properties: Crean-colorcd,, lwc.x,, hard solid. Faint, pleas z.nt
odor. Dispceres easily-in water and is salf-emulsifying.
S. T. for 1.O-pnorcent disopersion (pH 8.9)' 43.9. Sp. gr. 1.02.
Titer 57'-59' C. 2ro&f.ces oil-in-water type emulsions.
Uses: Pharmaceutic-al and cosmetic emulsions.
Composition: Glyceride of palmitic and stearic acids with fr.e
hydroxy groups. Free ftty acic, as oleic acid, 10 to 11 percent;
iodine value of fatty acid constituent 3; contins 10-
12 percent of potassium stearate as an integral component of rctction.
Class: Emulsifier.

Z.COL CD, (Emulsol Coro.) L72]

SProperties: Cre,-n-colored to almost white, waxy, soft solid.
Practically odorless. Disp'rsos with ease in wv ter a.nd
is self-emulsify-ng. S. T. for 1.0-percent dispersion
(pH 5.9-9.0) 41. So. gr. 1.01. Titcr 520-53' C. Produces
oil-in-water typc emulsions.
Uses: Pharmaceutical ar d cosmetic emulsions.
Composition: Q16 1nd O1g fatty acid esters of polyglycol.
Iodine value of fatty acid constituent less than 3; free
fatty, acid expressed 7s olcic acid, 10-11 percent; contains
10-12 percent of -ootassium steoar t as Fn i;ntr 1,l componcnt
of the reaction.
Class: Emulsifier.

3,COL CE (Ermulsol Corp.) [73]

Properties: Almost w.hito, waxy, soft solid. F-int, pleasant odor.
Disoperses in water. S. T. for l.0-porcent dis-porsion (pH 8.5-9.0)
42.1. So. gr. 1.04. Titr 51-52* C. Produces oil-in-water type
emu1 sions.
Uses: Pharmaceutical and cosmetic emulsions.
Compoosition: Gb-'col ester of high-molecular-weight fatty- acids.
Cla'.ss: snulsifier.

.:.COL DS (2 ,ulsol Corp.) [74]

Properties: White, .r,-.cticefly odorless, wa'::", soft solid.
Diseorses easily in water. pH of 1.0-percent dispersion 7.1.
Sp. gr. 0.99. Titor 430-44c C. Produces oil-in-at'.tr ty-fc :mulsions.
Composition: Pol:/gl-col stfrtc. Fr,:'. f tt,, accid, as ol,'ic
acid, 0.2-0.5 percent.
.Class: i..ulsifior.

- 16 -

,iCOL L (Enulsol Corp.) [751

.Properties: Almost whitc to cream-colored, medium, hard, waxy
solid. Slight stearinlike odor. pH of 1.0-percont disp-rsilon
'6.3. Sp. gr. 1.02. Titer 530-54 C..
Uses: Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food omulsions.
Composition: C12 fatty acic. monoglyceride.. Fr.-c fatty acid.
as oleic acid, 2-3 percent. Contains no soap or amnines.
Class: Emulsifier.

2;COL 0 (Emulsol Cor?.) [76]

Properties: Amber to light-brown, clear, viscous liquid.
Pleasant, carmellike odor. pH of 1.0-percent dispersion. 8.7.
Uses; Food and cosmetic emulsions.
Composition: MIono-and. di-glyrcerides of Clg liquid .fatty acids.
Frec fatty acid, as olcic acid, 2-3 percent. Con tains no soap.
Class* Emulsifier.

WCOL PL ('mulsol Corp.) [77]

Properties: Pale-yellow, clear, rnobil., liquid. Fraint odor.
Disperses easily in cold water. S. T. for 1.0-percent dispersion
(pH 5.9) 26.9. Sp. gr'., 0.94. Strong hydrophilic properties.
Uses: Food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical emulsions.
Composition: A polyhydroxy lvurate. FrQee fatty acid, as oleic
acid, 0.1-0.5 percent. Contains no soap,
Class' Wetting agent, emulsifier.

DICOL PO (Bmulsol Corp.) [78]

Properties: Amnber-colored, clear, mobile liquid. Slight odor.
S. T. for 1.0-percent difs-oersion (pH 6.3) 34.3. .Sp. gr. 0.93.
Uses: Food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical 'emilsions.
Composition: Oleic acid ester of a pplyhydroxy alcohol Free
fatty acid, as oleic acid, 7-9 percent. Contains no soap.
Class: Zmulsifier.

EMCOL PS (Emulsol Corp.) [79]

Properties: White, waxlike solid. Practically odorless.
Uses: Food, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical emulsions,
Composition: Stearic acid. ester of a po lyhydroxy alcohol.
Class: Emulsifier.

- 17 -

MF GO?. A (Glyeo Products Co., Inc.) [SO]

Properties: Tan to brown, waxlike material. Sp. g 1,0I4-
1.06 at 252/25 C. Melting range 440-53e C. Dis4rsible in
hot water, giving milky emulsions. pH if 5-perc?.-?' dispersion
2.6-2.S nt 25 C. Effective as an emilsifier in solutions con-
taining- aids, salts, and other electretytes.
Composition: Condens-ed glycol ester of high-inleculitr-weight
fatty aids.
Class: Emulsifier.

3MULPHOR AG OIL SOLT!3LE (General Dyestuff Corp.) [jl]

Properties: Yellow, oily liquid., ;iscible with most ails.
Stable in hard water. Neutral. T7 emulsify oils add the oil
to the water.
Comc)osition: Condensation product of et-i"lene oxide or.nd an aqid, commercially pure.
Class: dmullsifier.

B.ZjULHOR ETA (Gen-eral Dyestuff Corp.) [82]

Properties: Greenish-yellow, viscous, oily liquid. >iscible with
most oils. Neutral, and free from seaps. Stable ti hard water.
Emulsifies best in presence of elein.
CAmnosition: Condensation product of ethylene oxide and a fatty
Class: 3-aulsifier.

E!LPHOR 0': (Uneral Dyestuff Cor-o.) [83]

Properties: Li't--bro,rm trar rent, waxlike s-lid. Melting point
110 F. Soluble in water -n.d olein. Resists acids, alkalies, and
electrolktes. Does'-not saprnify.
Composition: PolyeticvlenrLelyrcol
Class: Emulsifier.

MULSIFIR W-763-,A (Jacques '*/lf and Co.) [4]

Properties: Derk-brown, slig. tl' viscous liquid. Effective as an
emulsifier for oils and solvents.
Comprosition: SoPijmn naphtlh,.ic sulf-nate.
Class: Eznulsifier.

GARD7NOL LS (Procter and Gariblo Co,) [85]

Properties: White flake a;d paste forms. ..: precipitation r
separation in the hardest 1 water at normal tcmnpertures.
Unaffected "ob,, many metallic salt solutions. St-.'le n:.& effective
in neutral, alkaline, and irdcrate strength a.cid soluti... H.eutrl1,
and does not hyirolyze in w-ater.
Cmoosition: Sodium salt of tech-ical ole.l sulfatc.
Class: Weottir.g .gent, m'ul sifter, detcr.- unt.

- is -

GARDI-OL WA (Procter ana Gamble Co.) [s6]
piro-oerties: Same as given for GARDI'hOL LS'" Y '
Composition: Sodium salt of technical lauryl sulfate.
Class: Wetting agent, eomul-i-fder,.detergont.

GLYCOSZRI:' (Glyco Products Co., Inc.) ..., [87]

Properties: White, waxi' mat-erial. Dispersible in-hot water.
Soluble in hot alcohol, oils, waxes, and organic solvents.
Melting point 53 C.
Composition: Diglycol stearate, highly refined.
Class: D.JI sifier.

GRASSELLI (SPAIRDER-STICT- (. I. du Pont de Temours and Co.'"Inc.) ['g8]

Properties: Broc', transparent, slir=tly viscous liquid.,
Uses: Insecticidal sprays, -
Composition: Sodium oleyl sulfate aiid a synthetic resinous, sticker.
Class: Wetting agent.

HIGH FOAMU ("1Iulsol Corp.) g[9]

Properties: .White crystals., Odorless, One percent in water gives
a water-white solution at, 30 C. Draves test for'0.1-percent solution
26, seconds'S. T. for 1.0-percent .solution '(pH 5.0-5.5) 36.7.
'Uses: Cosmetic and phar:.aceutica2!. ndustrics.
Composition: Pure crystalline sulfoacetsm'.nide derivative.,
Class: Wetting agent, foaming agent, detergent. ..

MCRIT.; 1 (Horn-Kernm Coro.) [90]
Properties: -,Slution,- not i.iscible with oil or organic solvents.
Slightly 'acid reaction, but cano be modified -to neutral or alkaline.
Stable and heat-resistcnt in acid, and al_-aline solutions. Produces
only a slight lowering of .surface, tension. Effective ,as dispersing
agent for hydrophobic particles in'aqueous medium.
Composition: A solution of purified sulfolignin..
Class: Dis er ing agent.i

HORK:,4 101 (Horn-Kc, <.rp.. ; .913

Properties: A dry powder. Yet soluble in oil or organic solvents.
Other properties as given for H'RITh:rK 1-.
Composition: Purifi'd sulfolignin.
Class: Dispersing agent. ..

H':T2.GE- (Hartf Produccts .Corp.-) [92]

Uses: .Textile industry.
Composition: Sulfated fatty..acid amide. .
Class: .

- 19 -

IGEPAL CA (General Dyestiff Corp.) [93]

Properties: Slightly viscous, yellow liquid. Stable in solutions
of acids, alkalies, and mctallic salts.
Composition: Condensation _roi.ct of eth:.-lene oxide r.. an alkylted
Class; Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent,

IGEPAL CA HIGH CO:-C'TF..'.T:D (General Dyestuff Corp.) [9]

Properties: Viscous, brown liquid. Stable in solutions of
acids, alk'.lies, and metallic salts.
Uses: Textile industry.
Composition and class: Saie as given for IG-2AL CA.

IGIPAL CTA (General Dyestuff C6rp.) [E]

Properties: Clear, viscous, amber liouid. V-)nelectrolyte.
Stable to acids and allalies.
Composition: Samne as -iven for IG'2AL CA.
Class: Wetting agent, detergent.

IG3POI A. .P. ?-RA (General Dyretuff Coro.) f6]

Properties: Li-ht-ten powder.
Composition: Sodiurn salt of suilfonr'ted ethl1 oleate.
Class: Wetting agent, eiulsifier, detergent.

IGIO0.1 T [GEL-4A3iZ-POWDR] (General Dyvestuff Corp.) [97]

Properties: Thin gel, yellowis'. paste, or y;ellowish powder.
Soluble in water. L,.thtir3 stro ;g1-. St ble to alkrlies,
acids, hard water, .and electrolytes.
Composition: Sodium salt of silfonat-d' eth.-lmethyloleylamiCe.
Class: Wettir'g Pgent, emulsifier, detergent.

I''lERSOL TX POWDER (Chei.ical i:',nufactu-ring Co., Inc.) [9]

Properties: Slightly hygroscopic oo-'dcr. i'utra, stable in
moderate concentrations of al'sli.
Composition: An alkylnaohthl enesulfoihiate.
Class: Wetting agent,

IN-S81 (B. I. du Pont de :7emour2 End Co., Inc.) [99]

Properties: A white ?owder.
Composition: Sodium alkyl sulfate, :ri;cill ir- n1
class: Wetting agent,

- 20 -

Ii-1g1-P (E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co.; Inc.) [looG

Properties: White, fine powder.
Composition and class: Same as given for IT-lS11.

In-43S (E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc.) E101]

Properties: Dark-brown liquid, slightly viscous.
Composition: Sodium oleyl sulfate.
Class: Wetting agent.

INI-3622 (E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Co., Inc.) [102]

Composition: Hydrocarbon sodium sulfonate. game as MP-1S9.
Uses: Wetting agent for insecticides.
Class: Wetting agent.

IITTRACOL (Synthetic Chemicals, Inc.) 103]

Properties: Tan paste. Readily soluble in water. Effective
in solutions of Glauber's salt, calcium chloride, magnesium
chloride, sodium chloride, aluminum chloride, and aluminum
acetate. Effective as an emulsifier for fatty acids.
Composition: Long-chain fatty acid amide containing multiple
amino groups.
Class: Cationic surface-active agent; emulsifier.

ITTRAL 222 (Synthetic Chemicals, Inc.) [l04]

Properties: Viscous, straw-colored liquid, Soluble in water.
Nonionic and neutral. Suitable where electrolytes or organic
salts are undesirable; active in highly alkaline solutions.
Composition: Saturated long-chain fatty acid ester containing
multiple ether linkages; very high molecular weight.
Class: Wetting agent, dispersing agent, emulsifier.

I1TTRAL 231 (Synthetic Chemicals, Inc.) [105]

Properties: Viscous, amber liquid. Soluble in water. Nonionic
and neutral. Active in highly alkaline solutions.
Composition: Unsaturated long-chain fatty acid ester containing
multiple ether linkages.
Class: Wetting agent, dispersing agent, emulsifier.

IHTRAL 233 (Synthetic Chemicals, Inc..) i o106]

Data same as given for IYTRAL 231.

- 21 -

IVTR.k,,I:rE (Synthetic Chemicals, Inc.) [1071

Properties: White to light-tan powder. Soluble in water,
Composition: Stated by manufacturer to be the "s-.Xium salt
of sulfated lauryl and !:yristyl collaxAide."
Class: Wettin.- ag-rt, dis-ersing agert, emulsifier, detergent.

-I:TV7ADIrE 3 (Ciba Co., Inc.) [0]

Properties: White powder. Stoblc in 'v--,ochlorite solutions.
Co positionn: Alkylnaphth.lenesulfonate derivative.
.Class: Wetting 'tcrit.

IYVADT-I C (Ciba Co., Inc.) [10]1

Properties: Light-tan povdeor. Stable in acid solutions.
Composition: Alkylnaphthalenesulfonic acid.
Class: Wetting agent.

ITVAD,1-E N (Ciba Co., Inc. [,10]

Properties: Light-tan powder.
Compositionr: Sodium al' .lnapt.thalenes-lfon-it e.
Class: Wetting agent.

J.ik'SOL (Synthetic Chemicals, Inc.) [ii]

Properties: Tan Lpaste. Readily soluble in water. effective
under certain conditions as anionic or cationic surfcce-c-ctive
agent. Stable in highly alkaline solutions, p_.:'xide solutions,
and hypochlorite solutions.
Composition: Mixture of lauryl and nyristyl esters contai:.i..- Icth
primary minoro and sulfated groups.
Clats: Wetting agent, dispersing Lgent (anionic and cationic).

LEONIL SA (General Dyestuff Corp.) [112j

Uses: Dye leveler in textile industry .
Composition: Nahthalenesulfonic acid deriw-Vtive.
Class: Wetting agent.

LI13HTI. G P.-.s2TRATOR X (Commonwealth Color ro.i :.emical Co.) [.3]

Properties: Str,'.,-colcred, mobile liquid.
Uses: Textile industr'-.
Composition: Salt of a sulf.,ted 1'.,h.:r alcohol.
Class: WJtting Agent.
LITJID ALKA:I.IT C30 (A' :Ig.-teod Ch<- ical Ocrp.) [114]
Properties: Light-brown, viscous liquid.
Uses: Textile i.iu:-try.
0cmr.prsition: Condensation product cf fatty acid rnd ..karljainoc.
Class: Wetting .jnnt. LjBRARY
err,& A oro V.

- 22 -

"LOROL" A!I-IT9 (E. I. du Pont de Demours and Go., Inc.) [115]

Properties: Clear red to brownish-orange oily liquid. Slight
ammoniacal odor. Insoluble in water, soluble in most organic
solvents and in organic and inorganic acids. Forms water-
soluble salts with hydrochloric and acetic acids; the sul-
furic acid salt is water-insoluble. The amine is stable to
heat and alkali. Average molecular weight 1g0.0. Boiling
range 65'-l60 C. at S mm. Sp. gr. 0.81 at 15.6o/15.60 C.
Flash point, open cup, 205 F. Weight per gallon 6.75 lb.
at 60 F.
Uses: In the form of its salts, as cationic agent for flotation
separation of negatively charged minerals, such as silica, talc,
and carbonates.
Composition: R:;TH2, where R is the alkyl group from "Lorol,"
a mixture Af primary straight-chain alcohols containing about
18 percent of Cg alcohols, 10 -oercent of C010 alcohols, 55 per-
cent of C12 alcohols, and 17 percent of Cl4'alcohols. Secondary
amines are present to the extent of about 5 percent, along with
traces of tertiary amines.
Class: Cationic surface-active agent.

LUPOMIT (Jacques Wolf and Co.) [116]

Properties: Light-colored powder. Effective as an emulsifier for
oils, fats, waxes.
Composition: Fatty acid amide.
Class: Enuilsifier.

i'ODI-A.L D (Procter and Gamble Co.) [117]

Properties: Paste. No precipitation or separation in the
hardest natural water at normal temperatures. Unaffected by
many metallic salt solutions. Stable and effective in neutral,
alkaline, and moderate-strength acid solutions.
Comp-oosition: Sodium salt of technical lauryl and oleyl sulfates.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.

MODI AL ES (Procter and Gamble Co.) N [ll]

Data sane as given for iO0DI1i.AL D.

MO]IOSTEARIiJ (Glyco Products Co., Inc.) [119]

Properties: Cream-colored wax. Sp. gr. 0.97. Acid value less
than 7. Free fatty acid less than 4 percent. Saponification
value 177-183. Iodine value 3-4. Titer 55-570 C. Notdis-
persible in water; miscible in all proportions ri methanol, ethanol,
toluene, naphtha, mineral oil, and cottonseed oil. Soluble (with-
out residue) in certain prop-oortions in, aoetohn; pattly solubl6'[@rh:
residue),-im cert&iti prQportions in hot ethyl acetate. Produces water-

eompositionj. ,lyeryl monostearate.
Class: Emulsifier.

23 -

MP-19 (E. I. du Pont de or..ours and Co., Inc.) [129L

Properties: White flakes. Water-soluble. Stable in strong
mineral acids and alkalies.
Composition: H0J'rocarbon sodium sulfona.te. SaoLe as IL,-3o2.
Class: Jetting -gent, mulsifii r, detorcjnt.

MP-189-S (Z .I. du Pont d.e Nemours and Co., Inc.) [121]

Properties: Aqueous ambir-colored so,!uticn.
Composition: Aqueous solution -f hydrocarbon sodium. lufo t i..
Contains limited amounts of inor;--.ic- lectrolytes.
Class: Wotting agent, ;tu-lsifior, detrg-nt.

MULSOR (Synthetic Ch rricels, Inc.) [122]

Properties: Pale amber-colored liquid. St blc to hoat ani light;
neutral. Solubl-- in all-prooortions in pctrolr.m oils.
Uses: Preparation of "solubleo!' oils.
Composition: Long-chain fP'tty acid -st r contviniln' rmulti.l3
eth r linkagrs,
Class: Eu,:lsifier.

I3:EAL A (General Dyostuff Corp.) [123]

Properties: Light-color d _owdc.r.
Conrposition: Sodium alkylnaphthalans lfoae t.
Class: Wetting gcnt, disporsing rgent.

rK'AL AFMA (General Dyostuff Corp.) [l24]

Properties: Light-tan powder. Soluble in wLt r.
Composition; Sodium alkylr.a-hthilenosulfonate plus a protective collcid,
Class: Disprsinrg agont, emulsifier.

1TMKAL BX (G'ncral Dyestuff Core.) [12]

Pror,-rtins: Light-ta, fin powder.
Uses: Dycing assista.t in textile i.e..try.
Composition: Sodium el'vlnapht. 1 nsuifon. t.
Class: Wetting agent.

VEI;AL BX SALT 7R.- (GOn.-rl D'-ostuff Cor).) [E2;]

Pro-operties: YTe.-rly ,hite :;o"cr. R1odil> volutl- ir. hot
watir, slo,,-ly solubl.; in cold wter. 1eutr,' l
Conmosition: Sodium al':yln'phtclcl nesulfont- t ith r lew
inor-r.nic salt co.t nt.
Class: Dis-orsir.r gent, emulsificr.

NNO (Atlas Powder Co.)

Properties: Viscous, amber liquid. Setting point 15-16 C.
Self-emulsifiable in water above 60' F. Soluble in most organic
solvents. S. T. for 1.0-percent concentration in water 26, I. T. 2.8.
Uses: Insecticide manufacture.
Composition: Mannitan monolaurate, technical.
Class: Wetting agent.

ORAITAP (Jacques Wolf and Co.) [12g]

Properties: Brown paste.
Composition: Sodium alkylnaphthalenesulfonate.
Class: Wetting agent, detergent.

ORATOL (Jacques Wolf and Co.) [129]

Properties: Brown, viscous liquid.
Composition: Sulfonc-ted amide.
Class: Wetting agent, detergent.

ORTHOC3N (American Aniline and Extract Co., Inc.) [l30]

Uses: Wetting agent, mildew retardant, and dyeing assistant
for textile industry.
Composition: Sulfonated higher phenol.
Class: Wetting agent.

ORVUS WA (Procter and Gamble Co.) [131]

Properties: White flake and paste forms. No precipitation or
sep-aration in the hardest natural water at normal temperatures.
Unaffected by many metallic salt solutions. Stable and effective
in neutral, alkaline, and moderate-strength acid solutions. Neutral,
and does not hydrolyze in water.
Composition: Sodium salt of technical lauryl sulfate.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier,detergent.

PE'.TRAP'T M-7X (Burkart-Schier Chemical Co.) [132]

Properties: Transparent, amber liquid.
Uses: Textile, metal-processing, and agricultural industries.
Composition: Alkylarylsulfonate plus 20 percent of solvents.
Class: Wetting agent.

PRODUCT Q PASTE (E. I. du Pont de iTemours and Co., Inc.) [133]

Properties: Gray Paste.
CoTposition: Stesryltri-ethylammonium bromide, technical. Same as
Du Pont Retarder LA.
Class: Cationic surface-active agent.


PRODUCT QB3 (E, I. du Pont de '-er-ours and Co., Inc.) [134]

Properties: Paste.
Composition:L rylltrimethylamnmonium bromide technical.
Class: Cationic surf'ce-active ag.ent.

PROLAUMIN (Glyco Products Co., Inc.)* [135]

Properties: Li~"t-orange oil. Sp. gr. 0.95. Acid value less tha.n
9. Free fatt'- acid less thia. 4 percent. Saponification: value 17-
188.Iodine value 6-8.pH (25C0.) of a 5-gercent dispersion ".7.
Titer l40-15 C. Disoersible in water; miscible in all proportions
with methanol, ethanol, toluene, naphtha,rmineral oil, and cotton-
seed oil; soluble (without residue) in certain proportions in acetone
and ethyl acetate.
Composition: Propylene glycol monolaurate.
Class: Ermulsifier.

PROLEIM (Glyco Products Co., Inc.) [136]

Properties: Orange oil. Sp. gr. 0.95. Acid value less than 7. Free
fatty acid less than 4 perce::t. Saponification value l42-148. Iodine
value 82-97..pH (25 C.) of 5-percent dispersion 9.5-9.7. liter 6-
7 C. Dispersible in water; miscible in all proportions in -t l,
toluene, naphtha, mineral oil, and cottonseed, oil; soluble (without
residue) in certain proportions in methanol, acetone, o eth.-'l acet te.
Composition: Propylene glycol monooleate.
Class: Emulsifier.

PROSTEARIT.T (1Glyco Products Co., Inc.) [157]

Properties: Cream-colored wax. Sp. gr. 0.93. Acid value 50-60.
Free fatty acid 25-30 percent. Saponification vclue 145-155.
Iodine value less than 4"5.pH (25 C.) of 3-percent dispersion 7.(-7.3.
Titer 44-450 C. Dis-persible i-i hot water; miscible in all. :r-portions
in hot methanol, hot ethanol, hot toluene, hot na'phtha, r.i hot cotton-
seed oil; soluble (without residue) in ce:t>L: proporti. :in ct-. 1
acetate; partly soluble (with residue), in certi.i-. oro-portions in mineral
oil; insoluble in hot acet6ne, -
Composition: Pro*slcne glycol nonostezrate.
Class: s,:.ilsifier.

RAMOL P. W. (Jacques ..-, If -nd Co.) [13"]

Properties: yello ,-amber *'c','er. Soluble in w,
Uses-: Disersing pl- rts in aqueo,,s solutions.
Composition: Condensation product of p sulfon. ted ..>.thlene.
Class: Dispersin ,- t

SA:TOL 1 (Charlotte Chemical Labs., Inc.) C139]

Pro-oerties: Brown- liquid. Sp. gr. 1.05-1.06 -at 25 C.
Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: Substituted aromatic sulfonic acid plus soluble terpenes.
Class: Wetting agent.

SA:TTOL S (Charlotte Chemical Labs., Inc.) [14o]

Properties: Brown liquid. Sp. gr. 1.06 at 25 C.
Uses: Textile.industry.
-Composition: Solution of a substituted aromatic sulfonic acid.
Class: Wetting agent.

SAL-TOL T (Charlotte Chemical.Labs., Inc.) t4[ll]

Properties: Brown liquid. Sp. gr. 1.04 at 25 C.
Composition: Same as Santol S, but 80 percent of its strength.
Class: Wetting agent.

SANT0ME-RSE NO. 1 (Monsanto Chemical Co-.) [142]

Properties: White flakes. Slightly aromatic odor. iviMoisture content
about 2 percent. Apparent sp. gr. 0.35-0.45., pH of l-percent solution
in distilled water 7.5-8.5 at 30 C. A cold' stock solution may con-
tain 20-30 percent of wetting agent; a paste may be'made with greater
than 35 percent. NTo turbidity? in water'up to 50$ p.p.m. hardness.
Aqueous solutions stable at boiling temperatures.' Salted out by
alkalies but otherwise cheTIically stable to them. Stable to 10-percen
sulfuric acid.
Concn. (percent) 0.5 0.25 0.125 0.0625 0.03125
S. T. 32.4 32.6 32.5 31.8 34.4
Cofiposition: Salt of a substituted aromatic sulfonic acid plus an
inorganic salt.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.
SAITC'I.;, S3 NO. 2 (:,onsr.arito Chemical Co.) [l43]

Properties: Whi-tc flakes. Slihtly aromatic odor. Moisture content
about 2 percent. koApparent sp. gr. 0.4-0.5. pH of 1-percent solution
in distilled water, 10..2-10-.5 at 30' C. A cold stock solution may
contain 10-20 percent; a .)aste may be made with more than 30 percent,
7T, turbidity in water up to 576 p.p.m. hardness. Aqueous solutions
stable at boiling temperatures. Salted out by alkalies ..but otherwise
chemiically stable to them.
Concn. (percent) 0.5 0.25 0.125 0.0625 .0.03125
S. T, 33.1 33.5 34.2 34.3 35.7 .
Composition: Salt of a substituted aromatic sulfonic acid plus an
alkaline inorganic salt.
Class; Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.

- 2b -

- 27 -

SAyTTO'7S- IT0.O 3 CPO'D-.n, PASTS] (:?-.santo Chc.iicol. Co.) l144]

Properties: 'Thite, h;'roscooic polidrr (or oate). Sli-':-tly aromatic
odor. Moisture content of powder 1 pxrc nt; of o.std 25 percent.
Ao'.arent sn. gr. (powder) 0.5-0.6. pH of 1--ercent solution in
distilled water 7.5-8.5 at 30 0. A cold stock solution ...', ccntrin
20-430 percent of wetting -goret; a pJaste ::.- -be made with more than
45 percent. "'o turbidity in water up to 423 p..m. hardness.
solutions stable at boiling temperatur'-s. Salt,'- out b-" al'alies but
otherwise chemically stable to them. Stable to 10-nercont sulfuric
acid. Solubility characteristics similar to those 6f Santo. crso D.
Concn. (percent) 0.5 0.25 0.125 0.0625 .0.03125
S.T. 35.9 36.0 36.0 37.2 41.9
Composition: Essentially dodecylbenzono sodium sulfcnate, purifi'._.
with alcohol to 99.5 percent.
Class' Wetting agent, ei.mulsifier, doter.-.;;:t.

SAITT0i.lRS3 D (iionsanto Chemical Co.) [145]

Properties: White, hygroscopic powder. Slightly aromatic o..or.
Moisture content about 1 percent. Apparont sp. gr.. abcut. 0.5.
pH of 1-percent solution in distilled wator 7-3 at 30 C. A coid
stock solution Tri,' contain 30-40 pircer.t of wettr.j "agent; a aste
may be made with more than 50 percent. 1r, turbidity in water of
1,000 p.p.m. harf.ness. Aqueous solutions stable at boiling
temperatures. Salted out by alkalies b.ut otherwise c-c.iicacfly
stable to them. Stable to 10 percent sulfuric .'cid. Readily
soluble in ethyl-alcohol, o-dichlorobeonzene, toluene, and. b..izcne;
moderatol-r soluble in carbon- totrac*loridc, glycerol, kerosene,
pine oil, naphtha, oleic acid, -id turoentin.; insoluble in a.c tone,
'ethylene dichloride, an. linseed oil.
Concn. (percent) 0.5 0.25 0.125 0.0525 0.03125
S. T. 37.4 37.7 3-.5 143.S 47.9
Conrmposition: Essentiely declben^7n,, toiiuim sulf'nmte, purified with
alcohol to 99.5 percent.
Clask: Wertting o.cent, emulsifier, det-rgent.

SAYTOIERSE S (1oi-nsanto Chcr.ical Co.) [146]

Properties: Aqueous solution. Sp. gr. l.C, -1.00O at 25 C.
Conmposition: A 30-rorccent aqueous solution of 3: D.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detcr-.. t.

SAPA.' 1: A (Cib;- Co., Inc.) [147]

Uses: Leveling agent in t -t il. industry.
Composition: Dithliot..'lollai ctt.
Class: -Wetting agont.

- 2S -

SAPA1,IiCE CH (Ciba Co., Inc.) [14g]

Composition: Diethylamino othyloleylapide hydrochloride, 16.3
percent amny drous.
Class: Detergent.

SAPAI l! MS (Ciba Co., Inc.) [149]

Composition: Diethylaminooethyloleylamidemethyl sulfate.
Class: Detergent.

SOAPOTOL (Commonwrealth Color and Chemical Co;) [150]

Properties: Lig'ht-colored, granular solid.
Uses: Textile industry'.'
Composition: Salt of a sulfonated higher fatty amide.
Clas : Wetting agent, detergent.

SOLVDI `-C (Ciba Co., Inc.) [151]

Properties: Mobile, amber-colored liquid.
Uses: Textile industry.
Co:nosition: An ahlkylarylsulfonate.
Class: Jetting agent.

SOLVIT A (-hulsol Corp.) [152]

Properties: Amber-colored, clear,' viscous liquid. Acetic acid
odor. Excellent dispersion in watcr. Sp. gr. 0.96. S. T. for
a l.0-percent dispersion (pH 3.7) 34.s8.
Uses: Food and pharmaceutical emulsions.
Composition: Fatty -,,cid ester of polyhydroxyc-rboxylic acids;
acidity, as acetic acid, 4.3 percent. Contains no soap.
Class: 1mulsifier.

SPAIT 20 (Atlas Powder Co.) [153]

Pro-erties: Slightly hygroscopic, viscous liquid. Faint caramellike
odor; bitter aftertaste of laurie acid. Setting point 14o-160 C.
Refractive index 1.472 at 25 C. Acid number 5-7. pH o.0-7.0.
Viscosity 3,500o5,000 op. at 250'C.Density abozt 8.5 lb. per gallon.
Flash point 400 F. Dise roses in hot or cold w1Uter; soluble in
lower alcohols, chlorinated solvents, eth..r alcohlols, 'and amines;
i.oderatcly soluble in aromtic hydrocarbons, ethers, kotones, esters,
and vegetable and minimal oils; insoluble in polyhydric alcohols and
in dilute alkaline solutions. Stable in dilute mineral acid end
alkali solutions, pH 2-12 at ordinary temperatures. Hydrolyzed
by concentrated mineral acids -and saponificd b'r conc:ntrpted alkalies.
For a l.0-9orccnt concentration in watcr, S. T. 28, I. T. 3.5.
Uses: 0 ilsifi~ r for mineral oils, vegetable oils, and fats.
ComDosition: Sorbitan, technical.
Class: Emulsifier.

- 29 -

SPAT" 40 (Atlas Po-di r Co.) [l1,4]

Properties: Synthetic, pale-yello wax. Titer 43-450 C.
Sp. gr. 1.00-1.05. Insoluble in colb water, dilute acids,
dilute alkalies, methanol, ethanol, er. polyhydric alcohols;
dis-orsible in hot wat.r and toluene; soluble in hot mineral
oils, hot veg.tAble oils, and most organic solvents. Attacked
b" concentrated acids and alkalies, particularly alcoholic
alkalies. For 1.0-percent concentration in water, S. T. 56,
I. T. 5.0.
Composition: Sorbitan mono' ,-l:.itate, technicall.
Class: mulsifier.

SAT 60 (Atlas Po,'Tder Co.) [155]

Properties: Synthetic wax, nonhyr-roscopic. Practically tasteless;
mild fPtt, odor. Titor 49'-520 C. Acid number less than 5.
Density 8.2 lb. per gallon. Flash point 4500 F. Soluble in warr.m
arom-tic hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, and alcohols; sparingly
soluble in esters, ketones, eth rs, petroleum solvents, .nd ether
alcohols; insoluble in water arnd polyhK:Iric alcohols. Self-emulsi-
fiable in hot 'Tatcr. Slowly ,hydrolyu'd by hot dilute uin reLdily saponified by alcoholic solutions of alali.s; not attacked
apprecitbly in water at ordl..r-' tem.neratures in r-:.,g pH 0.5-12.0.
U3oa; "Emulfifior for v.cgctablo'oils '.md waxes.: t '
Composition: Sorbitan monostoarato.
Class: EMnulsifior.

SAT SO (Atlhs Powdor Co.) [1563

Prooerties: '-,nhyg.rosco)ic, oily- liquid. Bland oily tAsto and
faint caramel odor. Viscosity 1,000-1,300 c-. ct 25 C. IM lti.
point 50-6' C. Acid numb-:r loss than 10. Density 8.5 lb. per
gallon. pH 6.0-7.0.Flash point 410 F. Self-erul ifiable in hot
water. Soluibl in mcst organic solvents and oils; 5--,rri._l: soli:le
in esters; insoluble in Jolyh:.ric -Icohols. Stbl in dilute
mineral acidcs nnd in dilute ala lies at ordin-ry t" poratures,
pH 2-12; hydrolyzcd b-" stronger alc:'licv and by wvr.rm concentrated
mineral icids. For 1.0-sercont concentr tion in water, S. T. --,
I. T. 2.5.
Uses: r-.ul sifior for mineral oils (,* narall, ,tcr-in-oil t:;')
an for veg .t blo and e. i ,.l oils (-'norlly, oil-in-,ur'tcr t-pe).
Composition: Sorbitan monol te, technic' 1.
Class: D..l;. ifier.

- 30 -

SPAl 75 .(Atlas Pow ,.r Co.) [157]

Properties Semiviscous, ambor, oily liquid. Taste and odor
similar to olive oil, i.i1ting point below -10 C. Viscosity
150-250 cp. at 25' C. Disporsible in water and in 5-percont
sodiun hydroxide solution; soluble in oils and in most organic
solvents; insoluble in Lqmthanol and ethylene glycol. For 1,0-
porcont concentration in w.te} S. T. 32, I. T. 3.0.
Composition: Sorbitan trioleate, technical.
Class Emulsifior.

STA3L7X A (Hevoatox. Cor?.) [15]

Properties' Light podor.
Compositio-.: A naohthalonosulfon tc.
C1" ss: Jetting agent.

STABL 3IX B (Hovottex Corp.) [159]

Proo'ortios: Brown, gran-Alar solid.
Usc: Dispersing agent for solids in water.
omaoositio!,: Sodium salt of a sulfonic acid.
Class: Dis-iersing agont.

STABL3X C (Hcvo,-tox- Corp.) [1l0]

Propcrtios: Liquid. .
Compoosit ion: T1ht I.1inosulfonic acid.
Class: VWOtt oin r agent.

STABLK (Hcvotex Coro.) [161l

Cornmpo-sition: Sulfon-to of *etrolemo h'1.rocarbons.
CPas: Wetting ag~mt.

SULFA2-OL, -: (71rrick Cheinic.l Co.) [1162]

Properties: Soft, croam-colored pasto. Slightlr alkaline in
ComDosition: Sulf.tJd f,.tty vaidc plus organic solvent.
Class: ., Li ifiLr, dctergont

SULFAIM0LE PB "9 r,,ic' Cho-r.licil Co.,) [163]

Propcrtic.;: Sj't, cram-coloreod 'pstc. Slogit y alkaliio in reaction.
Composition' Sulfstf'r f-tty riC.O
Cla,-ss: S s,.i sifi r det urgent.

- 31 -

SUL]ATT (G!-co Products Co.., Inc.) [15]

Properties: Light-brown liquid. *iscible with water and with
dilute alcohol; insoluble in oils and hrc'rocarbo.Is. Sp. gr.
1.152 at 22/220 C. pH of a 5-Pcrcont solution in atr 9.2-9.4.
Effective in acids, salt, hard water, and. alkalies, Stable on
rcfluxing for several hours at pH of 2-11.
Uses: Textile scouring, leather and pap r ir-Tr:.. tion, cosnctics,
Cor-osition: H- '.rocarbon sulfonate.
Cl'ss: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.

S70LFO TURK S (Glyco Products Co., Inc.) [165]

Proncrtics: Orange-brown, viscous oil. Pleasant, s 'icr odor.
ITor.h-groscoyic nondrying, nonvoltil. ;-n-h:-'rous. Soluble in
hydrocarbons, emulsifies in wat r. Will not turn rancid. Will
not crystallize or prCcipitatc on freezing. pH of a 5-)orccnt
disersion 9.6.
Conmposition: Sodi-.m salt of a sulfonated hd6.rocarbon.
lass W getting agent, dispersing agent, onulsifior.

TTGACID (Goldschmidt Cheoiical Corp.) [16o]

Properties: Gives emulsions with pH below 7. Withsta nds aci2s and
acid-reacting substances.
Composition: Glycerrl monostocrate.
Class: -:r.-.ulsifier.

TEGO; (Goldschniidt Chcnical Corp.) [167]

Properties: White, waxliko flakes. .'lting point 50 C. Not stable
to acids, aV1alies, and elcctroylytcs. Requires r prcsrrvativc to
prevent mold. Produces oil-in-water type eoulsicns ',ich do not
.break at freezing temperatures. Effective as emulsion stabilizer
at reduced tonraturcs.
Composition: Gy ccryl monoste r-,te.
Class' E.. 1 sifi-r.

TEGINT P (Goldschnidt Chmenicpl Corp.) [L1]

Proocrti-s: "s:,liko solid. "ltin point 71' C. tr.1
Produces oil-in-w,,ter t.ope culsion'.
Cornpositooni Pr-i'llcne -gly1col nonostc': r- t.
Class: ifir.

TZ'SOL (Synthetic Chomenicls, Inc.) [15]

Propertics: Tan paste. Soluclc in t,*pt(r. Urn-ffcct.'3 b- hard b.t rr,
mineral acids, organic Kcids, caustic al:l e i ', '.. 'bl- .:'.. ..; 2,.!
mordanting .g-nts.
Uses: Vottable sulfur and textilc industries.
Co:.position: A sulfon-ted alkylnr; .t;alcne oth r,
Class*. Wetting agent, dispersing a.-..1t, cmulsifier.

- 32 -

TITADIi1- T'. A. (Titan Chemical Products, Inc.) [170]

Pronocrties: Brown liquid. Resistant to acids and elkalies.
Composition: Alninphthalonosu1fo-ic acid ester and sulfated
.ConOI. :,
Class: Wetting agent.

MTAFI: KT (Titan Chemical Products, Inc.) [1711]

Properties: In 2-percent caustic soda solution aids detergent action
and conditions the material.; Cation-active.
Uses: Kior boiling assistant in textile industry.
Composition: Di ethylariino othylol eyla.nido hydroxyac etat o.
Class: Cationic surface-act'i-ve agent, emulsifier, detergent.

TITA-ITl TCP (Titan Chcical Products, Inc.) [172]

Properties" Wh1ite powder.
Uses: Textile industry.
CorTposition: Derivative of a sulfatcd, alcohol.
Class: Wetting agent, enulsifior, detergent.

TITA& DECiTREi-TS (Titan Chemical Products, Inc.) [173]-

Properties: Brown, transparent liquid.
Uses: Tcxtile industry.
Composition: Alklylated aromatic sulfonatos..
Closs: Wetting agent.

TIT-AOL3E RiA (Titanr. Chemical Products, Inc.) [lI7]

Proeoorties: Amber liquid.
Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: Sodium alkylarylsulfonat e.
Class Wetting agent.

TITASCOUJR (Titan Chemical Products, Inc.) [175]

Properties: Transparcnt paste.
Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: Sodium salt of a sulfonic acid, plus solvents.
Class: Wetting agent.

TIT'ZC7LZ S. A. (Titan Cher-ical Products, Inc.) C176]

Properties: Brown liquid. Resistant to acids and alkalies.
Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: Sodium alky4lnaphthalcno sulfonato.
Class: Wetting agent.

- 33 -

TITAZCL. T'I (Titan Chc: -cal Proeducts, Inc)1 [l77]

Properties: Brown pr'sto.
Uses: Textile industry.
Cor-oosition: Alcohol sulfeatcs, plus solvents.
Class: Wettir-g gent, detergent.

TRIG..-'-I' (Glyco Products Co., Inc.) [l

Properties Fairly viscous, light-colored liquid. Pleasant
odor. Soluble in water, gl--coroi, the gly-cos, ,cnr 50-
percent alcohol; irnisciblo with oils and h':-..rocrrL 3n solvents.
Sp. gr.-1.17 at 25/25* C. pH of 10-?ercont aqueous solution
9.7. Practicall- no:-.hgroscopic at ordinwr,' humiditioe. On
heating loses a sm&.ll axrount of r:-oloculrly combined wrt-r and
its ncutraliNation equivalent rises.
Coimoosition: Co.plex borated aiinc.
Class: -mulsifier.

TIc-:::- ST -.AT (Glrco Products Co., Inc.) [1793

Properties: Li'hrt-colorod, odorless, i,!axlikc solid. Melti.r.g
point 49 C. Does not oxidize or discolor with ago. Melts
to thin liquid which is 'a,:' to mix.
Comnposition: Stearic acid ester of comoleo borrtod anincs.
Class: : .uI sificr.

TRITO"' 720 (RohIn and Haas Co.) [l-O].

Proportices: Jhite, aqueous paste containing 3'O
percent of solids. Anion -ctive; effective in acid, nzutral,
-Ad alkaline solutions, and -.n h.rd or soft wa.tcr; co=r-tible
with anion-activ- materials such as sulfated or sulfon-ated
products or soaps. Insoluble in oil, soluble in water. Detorc ..t
activityT increased in the presence of an electrolyte.
Uses* -Eulsificr for oil,, --.d solid soil.
Cor-position: Sodium salt of an arel-,:lpol:'ether sulfonate.
Class W:oti.g egont, emulsifier, detergent.

TRITCV- 770 (Rohvl and Haas Co.) lSl]

Properties: White, aqu ous paste, contairni.g ,-:,.'r: :-tol' 20
percent of solids. Anion active; ,.ost effective in neutral and
sliL-.tly acid solutions. Insol.ible in oil, soluble in w.t-r,
Corm-tible wit'-. oth-r anion-:*cti-c mntcrials. Unfaffect.-l by hard
water. Detcr'-.-t properties .are incrok-d in th'- prosonce of
builders, but builders arc not necessar".
Composition: Sciium slt of n -'-lheno".ltr sulf:te.
Class' Wetting r .t, o 4ulsifi 'r, do t r1.e:it.

- 34-

TRITOC E--79 (Rolh. and Haars Co.) [192]

Properties: Viscous, amnber liquid, containing 35 pocrcent of solids.
Anion-active. Soluble in oil and in water. Stable in neutral
and alkaline solutions. CompatibLe with. soaps and. synthetic detergents.
Uses: Emulsifier for chlorinrtod and aromatic hydrocarbons.
Composition: kJ:.onium salt of a alkylsulfonated ethor alcohol.
Class: Wetting agent, onulsifier.

TPIKTOr K-60 (Rohr and. Haas Co.) [183]

Properties: Ycllo,r, opalescent, aqueous paste, containing 25
percent of solids. Cation active. Stable in neutral, alkaline,
and acid solutions. Precipitates! anion-nctivq materials such as
sulfated or sulfonated products or ordinary soaps. Substantive to
all fibers, particularly wool and silk. Effective as wetting an .:Lt
in acid solutions.
Coro.position: Aqueous diseocrsion of cetyldiiethIbbonzylacrunoniun chloride.
Class: Cc-tionic surface-active egont, wet-ting agent.

TRITO": 1TI (Rohj.ui and Haas Co.) [l8s4]

Properties: Straw-colored liquid, containing approximcately
35 percent of solids. 1,onionic. Stable in acid, neutral,
and alkaline solutions. Compatible with anion- and cction-
active materials. Frce froi7 salts and electrolytes.
Composition: nigh-nolocular-weight complex p-ri-r;T onobasic
alcohol; an aralkyl polyether alcohol. Contains no nitrogen or
sulfur, and leaves no ash.
Class: Wetting agent, detergent.

TRPTOT W-30 (Rohn end Haas Co.) [IS5]

Properties: Straw-colored liquid, containing about 20 percent
of solids. Anion active. Effective in neutral, mildly acid,
and mildly alkaline solutions. Compatible with anion-active
materialss such as sulfated or sulfonatod products or ordinary soaps.
Soluble in water, ir-soluble in oil.
Composition: $odium salt of an ar-.lky 1ether sulfate.
Class: Wetting agent.

TIJ:7 20 (Atlas Powder Co.) [l16]

Properties: Amber-colored, nor-hygroscopic, oily liquid. Slightly sweet
odor; sharp bitter taste. Soluble in water, dilute acids, dilute
alkKlies, alcohol, ether, aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents,
ketones, gl'-cols, -.nd pyridine; insoluble in mineral, vogetablo, and
eni ,r oils. Refractive index 1.472. Density 8.5 lb. -eOr gallon.
Viscosity 250-400 cp. at 25 C. Acid number 0.5-1,0. Flash point
610 F. Heat-stable to 150 C. Stable to acidic clectrolytes. Sa:--
ponified by dilute alklies on continued exposure, Produces emulsions
of oil-in-water type. For a 1.0-percent solution, S.T. 36, I.T. 6.0.
Suitable for use with Sp-n 20.
Co-nposition: A odificd sorbitan onolaurate.
Class Z .'olsificr.

- 35 -

TV 40 (Atla s-Powder Co.) [187]

Properties: Sermigelatinous, amber, oily liquid. Slightly sweet
odor. Refractive index 1.470. Sp. gr, 1.05-1.10. Viscosity
400O-600 cp. ft 25 C. Acid number less than 1.0. Soluble in
uater, dilute alkalies, dilute acids, alcohols, chlorinated
solvents, and coal-tar hydrocarbons; insoluble in animal,
vegetable, and mineral oils, diethyl ether, and sorbitol.
Stable to hot, dilute mtiheral acids.. Saponified slowly in
presence of dilute alkalies. Produces emulsions of oil-in
water type. Effective in presence of acids. For a 1.0-per-
cent solution, S. T. 40, I. T. 9. Suitable for use with Span 40.
Composition: Polyoxyalkylene ether of sorbitan monopalnitate.
Class Emulsifier.

TWN_ o 60 (Atlas Pbwder Co.) [188]

Properties: Seuiaelatinous, amber, oil.- liquid. Viscosit:' 4o00-
*600o cp. at 25 0. Sp. gr. 1.05-1.10, Acid number less than
1.0. Soluble in.:hard or distilled water, dilute acids, dilute
alkalies, and most organic solvents; insoluble it mineral oils,
vegetable oils, and eth-lene glycol, Stable to hot m-nineral
acids; slowly saponified by alkalies. Produces emulsions of
mil-in-water type, For a 10-p1rcent solution, S. T. 43, I. T.
10. Suitable for use with Span 0O.
COmposition: Polyoxyalk.yl-:ne ether of sorbitan mionostearate.
Uses: Emriulsifier for oils and waxes, particu!'rl.rin the presence
of acids and salts.
Class: Emulsifier.

TWSJN 61 (Atlas Powder Co.) E189]

Properties; Yellow wax. Titer 33-37 C. Sp. gr. 0.q-1.03.
Insoluble in cold water, dilute sulfuric acid, .-i:dJ. dilute soii in
hirdroxide; diisoersible in .re-enbe of certain salts such as
aluminum chloride, and in hot water; soluble in most organic
solvents. l.uch more effective in reducing interracial tension
when dissolved in the oil 1hivse t'V.-ai in water phase; e. g., for
0-rl-percent concentration I. T. is 1,0 in oil and 10.5 in water.
For a 1.0-percent aqueous solution, S. T.'38, I, T. 7.5.
Comoosition andC class: Sanoe as TW33T 60.

TWEN 80 (Atlas Powder Co.) C190]

Properties: Semiviecous, amber, oily li i-aid. Viscosit;' 6.00-
800 cp. at 250 C. sp. ,r, 1.C5-1.10. Soluble in distilledd
or hard. water, dilute acid's, dilute alk.lies, -... most orgmilc
solvents; insoluble in .r:neral and v.n etlble oils. Stable to
inineraJ. acids. Slowly s'.oonified by alkalies. Suitrle for
"-use in combination with Span 'O; the Tween is dissolved in the
water phase and the S.;on in the oil ;.bhase. For a l,0-purcent
solution, S.T. 38, I. T. 5.
Composition: Polyoxyalkyleno ether of sorbit. nr. monooleate.
Class: Dnuls'ifior.

- 36 -

TJ.z: 'l (Atlas Powder Co.) [191]

Properties: Amber, oily liquid. Viscosity 400-600 cp. at 25 C.
Sp. gr. 1.00-1.05. Flash point 550' F. Fire point 600 F. -
Dispersible in hard or distilled water, dilute alkalies, dilute
acids, and in preseice of salts; soluble in most organic sol-
vents and oils. Effective as an emulsifier for oils, fats, !
and waxes, especially in the presence of acids and salts. For
1.0-percent, solution,S.T-. 35, I.T. 8.5.
Composition and class: Same as TWVET SO.

TWVIl" 5 (Atlas Powder Co.) [19'2]

Properties: Semigelatinous, amber,. oily liquid. Viscosity 200-
400 cp. at 25 C. Sp. gr. 1.00-1.05. Dispersible in distilled
water, hard water, dilute acids, and dilute alkalies; soluble
in most organic solvents and oils; insoluble in acetone and in
ethylene glycol. Like other Spans and Tr3,,e.ns it is essentially
nonvolatile and heat resistant to about 200 C.' For a lO-per-
cent solution, S.T. 42, I.T. 10. Produces water-in-oil emulsions.
Composition: Polyoxyalkylene ether of sorbitan trioleate.
Class: Emulsifier.

ULTRA-C1: K (Ciba Co., Inc.) 1[193]

Properties: Light-tan, fine po,,jder.
Uses: Textile industry.
Composition: Sulfonate of a complex stearylalkyl compound.
Class: Detergent. *

ULTRAVO0'T W (Ciba Co., Inc.) Zl94]

Data same as given for ULPAV0OT K.

L%:PV.-RXTT (Atlantic Refining Co.) C195]

Properties: Pale-yellow flakes. Solubility in. distilled water,
100 gin. per 100 ml. at 77 F. pH of 0.5-percent (by weight)
Solution 7-8. YSot precipitated by 500 p.p.m. of calcium, mag-
nesium, or iron.
Com-osition: Water-s6luble-sodinm sulfonate of petroleum hydro-
carbons averageb of 16 carbon atoms in the hyrdrocrbon.molecule)A
Class: Wetting agent. .

UITITX (Commonwealth Color and Chemicjl Co.) [196]

Properties: Almost white, coarse powder. Readily soluble in hot
water up to about 10 percent. Tot affected by calcium and mag-
nesiuw. salts. Resistant to boiling 10-percent caustic soda and
15-percent sulfuric acicd;'also resistant to oxidation by hypo-
chlorite or oroxide bleachin: liquors. Rinses easily and improves
the rinsibility of soap. Does not hydrolyze in solution. Solutions
are neutral in re;'ction.
Uses: Adjuvant to soaps and in textile industry.
Composition: Sodiu-am of alkyltS. arom:tic sulfonate.
Class: Wetting :.,: -t, detergent.

- 37 -

VATSCL CS (Azirican Cyanamid .nd Chemical Corp.) [C197]

Properties: Yellow-brown pordcer, somewhat hygroscopic.
Composition: Sodium salt of an allkylnaphthalenesulfonic acid.,
containing approximately 5 percent of sodium sulfate. Same
as Aerosol OS.
JClass: Wetting agent, detergent.

VATSOL OT (Amcrican Cyanamnid and Chemical Corp.) [l98]

Properties: '-!axlike material in pellet form.
Composition: Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate. a i4 Aerosol OT IC'-,
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent. c ... /i%;

VATSOL OT-C (American Cyanriiid and. Chemical Corp.) C1993
Properties: .White, free-flowing po-der.
Composition: Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate, 10 percent;
inert organic diluent (Cerelose), 90 percent. Sor.ce as Aerosol OT-C.
Class; Wetting agent, emulsifier, detergent.
VEL (Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co.) [200]

Properties: White towde"r.
Comrposition: RCOO.CH2CH(OH)CH2.OSO3Na, where RCOO represents
mixed coconut oil-fatty acid radicals.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier, detercr.t.

VICTOR W2TTI"G AG71'T 35B (Victor Chenical .'orks) [201]

Properties: Tan paste containing 70. percent of active material
and 30 percent of water. Rcadil- y soluble in water; insoluble
in most common organic solvents (ethy!l alcohol is an exception)
Forms a precipitate in hard wat.r, which is r,-dissolved by ah
excess. ,Its wetting-out effect is greatly enhanced by inorg-.nic
builders such as' sodium sulfateo, sodium chloride, sodium bicr.rbon-
ate, rn, disodii um phosphate. L'*derately stable in acids and
alkalies. Solutions arc substantially neutral with little tend-
erLc. to foam. $. T. for 1.0-percent solution 24.7, for 0.10-
percent solution 30.0.
Composition Soodium salt of octyl acic-' tripolphosphate.
Class; Wetting agent.

VICTOR GTTI.' AG?:'T 5,3 (Victor Chemical Works) [2]

Properties: ;,iite paste cont ininr 70 po'rTcont- of active nimatcrial
and 30 percent of water. S.T. for 1.0-percent solution 23.5, for
0.10-percent solution 26.0. Other properties similar to those of
Victor W*ott-i*r A4:.rt 35B.
Composition: Sodium slt of c: :c"l acid tripol:-phosph te.
Class: WCttit'C- agent.

VIRIFOAM A (Glyco Products Co. Inc.)

Properties: Light-colored powder. Completely:soluble in water.
Produces stable foam in aqueous solutions.
Uses: Manufacture of shampoos, shaving creams, and dentrifices. -
Composition: Alkylnaphthalenesulfonic acid derivative.
Class: Wetting agent, foaming agent.

WARCOSOL PASTE (Warwick Chemical Co.) [204]

Properties: Light-tan paste.
Comp-oosition: 'Sodium alkylnaphthalenesulfonate.
Class: Wetting agent, emulsifier.

WETSIT (Jacques Wolf and Co.) [205]

Properties: Brown, mobile liquid.
Uses: Textile and paoer industries.
Composition: Alkylated aromatic sulfonate.
Class: Wetting agent.


Alkanolamine derivatives: 15, 6, 14."
Alkylamide derivatives: 24, 40, 41, 45, 46, 54, 89, 92, 97, 103,
116, 129, 147, 148, 149, 150, 162, 163, 171.
SAlkylamine derivatives: 115.
Alkyl sulfate derivatives: 14, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63,
64, 65, 85, 86, 88, 99, 100, 101, 113, 117,- 118, 131, 172,
177,; 181, 1I5.
Alkyl sulfonate derivatives: 19, 102, 120, 121, 161, 164, 165, 193,
194, 195.
Arylsulfonic acid derivatives; 1, 2, 6, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18,
25, 26, 27, 31, 32, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 67, 94, 98, 108-110,
112, 123, 124, 125, 126, 128, 130, 132, 138, 139, 14o, 141,
142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 151, 158, 159, 160, 169, 173, 174,
176, 180, 196, 197, 203, 204, 205.
Borated amine derivatives: 178, 179.
Butyldiohenyl, sodium monosulfonate: 26.
Butylphenyl phenol, sodium monosulfonate: 25.
Capryl acid tripolyphos-;hote, sodium salt: 202.
Cationic agents: 40, 41, 42, 66, 103, 115, 133, 134, 171, 183.
Cellulose ethers: 44.
Cephalin: 43,
Cetyldimethylbenzylammonium chloride: 183.
Cotyl sodium sulfate: 60.
Decylbenzene sodium sulfonate: 145, 146.
Diamyl sodium sulfosuccina.te: 3.
Dibutylphenylphenol, sodium disulfonate: 27.
Dibutyl sodium sulfosuccin.-te: 4.
Diethylaminoethyloleylainic.ce acetc te: 147.
Diethylaminoethyloleylamidc hydrochloride: 148.
Diethylaminoothyloleylamide hydroxyacetate: 171.
Diethylaminoethyloleylamidemethyrl sulfate: 149.


- 39 -

Diglycol stearate; 87.
Dihexyl sodium sulfosuccinste: 5.
Dihy.dric and trihydric alcohol derivatives: 22, 23, 71, 72, 73, 74,
,r 135, 171, 17,26,
75, 76, 80, 83, 87, 119, 135, 136, 137, 166, 167, loc, 200.
Diiscpropylnaphthalene sodium sulfonate: 2.
Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate: 7, 8, 9, 10, 53, 198, 199.
Dodccylbenzeno sodium 144.
Eth.-r alcohol derivatives: 38, 122, 182, 184, 185.
3th'?l oleate, sodium sulfonate: 21, 96.
Ethylene oxide derivatives: 81, 82, 83, 93, 94, 95.
Patty acid ester derivatives: 20, 21, 28, 29, 30, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37,
38, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75., 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 96, 10O4,
105, 106, ill, 119, 122, 135, 136, 137, 152, 153, 154, 155, 155,
157, 166, 167, 16g, 179, 186, 187, 188, 189, 190, 191, 192, 200.
Glcer"'l monostecarpte: 119, 166, 167.
I sopropr'lnaphthal ene, sulfonated: 32.
Lauryl amin e: 115.
Laurylamine laurylaridoethylphosphate: 40.
Lauryl sodium sulfate: 56, 63, 65, 86, 99, 100, 117, 118, 131.
Lauryltrimethylammonium bromide.o: 134.
Lecithin: 43.
Mannide monooleate: 28.
Mannitan monolaur-te: 314, 127.
Mannitan monooleate: 29, 36.
Mannitan monopalmitate: 37.
Mannitan 35.
!annitol derivatives: 28, 29, 34, 35, 36, 37, 127.
Methylethyloleylamide, sodium sulfonate: 24, 97.
Monobut-ldiphenyl, sodium monosulfoncate: 26.
17cohthclene derivitives: 2, 6, 16, 17, 18, 32, 84, 98, 108, 109, 110,
112, 123, 124, 125, 126, 128, 138, 158, 160, 169, 170, 176, 197,
203, 204.
m-Nitrobenzene, sodium sulfonate: 13.
Octyl acid tripelyphosphate, sodixun salt: 201.
Octyl sodium sulf&to: 57.
Oleyl sodium, sulfate: 62, 85, 8S, 101, 117, 118.
Phosphp.tides: 43.
Phosphoric acid derivatives 4O, 41, 201, 202.
Pol:'.>:.ric alcohol deriv,-tives: 22, 23, 6;-.0, 83, 7, 119, 135, 136,
137, 166, 167, l37, 200.
Propylene gl,,col monooleate: 136.
Propylene glycol monosto-.rate: 137, 168.
%uatcrn-ry ammonium derivatives: 40, 1l, 66, 115, 133, 13i, 171, 183.
Sodium cot:'l sulf.te: 60.
Sodium laure. sulfate: 56, 63, 65, g6, 99, 100o, 117, 118, 131.
Sodium octyl sulfoto: 57.
Sodium oleyl u]te: 62, 65, ,, 101, 117, 118-


3 1262 09227 9909
Sorbitan monolaurctel 153. 0 9 2
Sorbitan monolaurato derivative: 186.
Sorbitan monooleate: 30, 156.
Sorbitan monooleate, polyoxyalkyleno other o:; 190, 191
Sorbitan monopalmitr.te 154. '
Sorbitan monopalmitato, -pol- ox-T.lkyrlene ethor: 187.
Sorbitan monosteQrate: 155. '
Sorbitan monostearate, polyoxyalkyleno ethor: 188, 189.
Sorbitan trioloate: 157.
Sorbit.n trioleate,.polyoxyalkylcone ether: 192.
Sorbitan triricinoleate: 33}
Sorbitol derivatives: 30, 33, 153, 154) 155, 156, 157, 1S6, 187, 188,
189, 190, 191, 192.
Stoearylamine stearylamidoethylphosphato: 41.
Stearyltrimethylammonium bromide; 66, 133.
Succinic acid derivatives' 3, 4,-5, 7, S, 9, 10, 53, 19S, 199.
Sulfolignins: 55, 90, 91.
Sulfonic acid, sodium salt: 175.'
Tetrahydronaphthalene sodium sulfonate, 17.
Unclassified: 39, 42, 107,

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