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Cooperation the policies of cooperation between federal and state food and drug officials recommended and adopted by the American Association of Dairy, Food, and Drug officials
Abbott, J. S
United States -- Bureau of Chemistry
Abbot, John Stevens, 1807-1881
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Washington, D.C.
U.S. G.P.O.
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At head of title: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture. Bureau of Chemistry.
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[J.S. Abbott].

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Yoursttntin i repecfuly clle to the specific of copeatin btwen Sateand Federal food and~rugoffcias whch avebee adpted from year to yew y te Amricn Asocitio ofDairy, Food, and V ft.1fics upn th recmmenao of its members
nd f, i comitte oncooeraton.The last report of
adoped t Potlad, e., in July, 1914,
an utlneof he utes f he United Statee
of griultreon he nehand and of the
dair, fodand rugdeprtmnts on the other IU crryng ut o thse stalished policies of don equ-in coninuus~orkhas been the first
andefortoftheOficeofState Cooperative 6d aa.'Drg Cotrolof te De artet of Agriculture.


!ii i iii~ll i L2
3.i That the Secretary of A griculture invite and encour-~iiiii~~i~~i~iiiiiiiii iii~i~iiii~~i~iiiiiiiiiiiii~iiiii~~iiiiiii~i age State officials to ask for informatiwin and advice whichi
th eyi n eediiiiiiiiiiii in theiiiii iiiiiifiiiiiiiiciieimiieiiiiti ofiiii th eiiii aiiiiii ..... T h at thei Se re ar of A g i u t t ap p oiniiiiti oiniiieii ori==iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~ iii~iiiii~ii===ii = =iiii
moeproscnece ihteDpateto gi
culur to== meet= and. ac ihtecmiteo oprto
of te rica soito fDiy od--n-Du
5.Ta hr ecetdji ntcmiteo eii
tii~iiion andiiili sta da ds con is in -of~~l thre mem er ofiii theiiiii ~ i ii iiiii i i iliiii i~i ll~i-ii U nii~ii!ili~iii ted. Statesi~i D ep artm enti ofi~iii A= icuiiiitiiiime...............iii iiii th reei i m e m beirsiiiiii=== i= ==iiii =iiiiiii iii='ii=iiii=iiiiiii !i= ......
iiiofiiliiiiiiiiil! th A m eriiii iiii iiiiii i can Aiisiiociiitiiion ofiiiii~ii iiiiiryiii iFiioodiiiiiiiii aindiiii iDriiuiigii...
ici a s and.................... th e m e m b ers........ ofi th A ssociation.................... ofii~i O f..........................i cial= = ................. = =i =........ ..
Agricultura .......... toaotSitbedfniinnn
stndrd of fodaddu rdcs
6. ThtteDprteto icluespySte

ofiiliihnwmtoso nlm hc aebe
aprvd yteSertryo giclue
7.Ta heDpm etoAgiuur rnhSae
ofi ial wihifra iono iltoso h eeaa

orgntn nterrsetv tts
8. ThtUntd .tte..o..ddugispcor.epr
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coin unde thiberain
i 9i.ii T h atiii~iiiiiiiiiiii th e iiipirimiii oifiiii A giiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiciiu ltu re a ndii theiiiiii fo odi! a ndi~iiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~iiiiiiii ........................................


the wththe invetgioa andescientific data in the poweionof the bureau as fast as it can be collated. Loter rceved frm many Stt ofias concerning this workindiatethat they consider it to be of very great value tothm ndthtit is mothighly apeitdb hm

offiial inma additions to this sort of -information frm shilrdaain their pseio. If te work is carried out

tinof violations of the law as sonasit ispossible to o o ftr uc volations arepse upon by the proper wdhoiie.Th crulr giving notice of seizures, which goto our owIabortories, are als going to the State
6ffciae. hes ciculrs re repredas soon as the ce we assd uonby the eatet
Infrmaio of this nature may be iven to State officia thrughthechifsof the threeditcsofhebrawil Wil p eidene cnceringapparent violations of the aw n teirStates. This, however, is a matter of detal w& wi hae tobe orke ou thrughthe chiefs

8. ur nsectrshave been notified to inform State offcias o wht appear to them to be violations of State laws A ormletter for use in making such reports has beenprepredfor the use of our inspectors. Our inspector ar crryngout the spirit of this recommendation. Twosuh eter received by mewhenlIwas in office in Texa coneyedto me valuable information concerning vioatinsof the State law, which were thereupon stopped. Suchin rmaionis alo furnished to State officials by our insectrs nsn
9 ad 0.It ]* not knw to what extent requests for suchamitanebhve been made to offiia of the Bureaui of hemstr coceringthese two phases of cooperation.
It s fe o seuehowever, from the gene attitudb of suc oficaltowrdthis cooperative movement that these recmm datonswil be complied with as occasions aris.


officials sould doin this conetoarasflw:
1. ThtState oficalsgive teBueuoChmsrin

2. That State officials give the.ue oChmsral new infrmtion which they scr etiin oofca work and invesigtions.
3. That State ofial makefatrinpcosadohe

Chemistry when called upon fo uhsrie
4. That State officials plaeteriseto ocsa the service of the Bureau ofChmsrfosuhaitnc as may be desirable.
5. That Stateofiilprprciclrofondeta

them to other State officialsantoheFdrlficls

1. This recommendationcorsndtoeom na
tion 8 concerning the duties of th~eDeatntoAgi culture. The faithfulness with wihteercmeda dions are carred out will in alagmesrrfecth value of the effort to etblish awoknsytmfcopr ation. Each set of officials~ is cniuul erigo violations of laws with which other setsofficasreon cerned. This is right where cooperatomabefeci. Such information will enable the citSaeanFdrl organizations to enforce their own rsetv aswt h least expense of time and money.Coprtndesnt mean that oneoraiainsalefrelwfraotr organization. This may be doehwvritgea advantage and propriety whe qucatinsimetv, aswhen anillea Iproduct is shppditraeanfod by a State organization in oiia akgsi h ad of the original conie. noSaeognzto a
then perform the functions of the Fdrlognzto and secure the evidence necsayt tr prpit

proeedjw gaistthe goods and even against the shipper
outsde is Sate inepenenty o theFedralorganithecolectonof saple will be reduced largely to product knwnto e llealrather thnto products supposed to e ilegl. hisis where city and State officials can ama te edealofial as well as each other. This wil meanthatwhen one of these organizations finds an illegal prouctitwill say to the manufacturer or producer of that prodct,"You ca not sell your product here or anywhere elmunilit complies with the laws."
2. TUisarcommendation that State officials give the
Burau f Cemitryall new information which they secure perniinc t oficalwork and investigations corresponds to rcommndation 6 concerning the work of the Depart. men ofAgrcuture. Such information should come to ths ffceand be distributed among the city, State, and Fedraloficilsand offers a big opportunity to such officias fr scurngvaluable information. A considerable amout valuable information of this sort is now passng
thrughthi oficeto food and drug officials.
3 and4. The State officials whom I have visited have expeseda willingness to comply with these two recommenatinswhenever called upon by this department,
The hae pace thir nspctin forces at the service

5. Ths reommedation that confidential information
conernng lleuldrug preparations be sent to other State offcilsand to the Federal officials is in substance the,

estblsha continuous compliance with the recoinmendfr,
tios hatoficilssupply each other through this office wit al ne inormtion which they secure pertarning to


Foo and DrgCnrl


UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 3 1262 09227 1466

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