Publications of the national fuels and energy policy study (conducted pursuant to S. Res. 45 (92d-94th Congresses)

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Publications of the national fuels and energy policy study (conducted pursuant to S. Res. 45 (92d-94th Congresses)
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(Conducted Pursuant to S. Res. 45 (92(1-94th Congresses))
Volume 1: merits
President's Energy 92-1
The Evolution and Dynamics of National Goals in the United States_ 92-2
Selected Readings on Economic Growth in Relation to Population
Increase, Natural Resources Availability, Environmental Quality
Control, and Energy Needs (pts. I and 92-3
Considerations in the Formulation of National Energy Policy 92-4
Volume 2:
Review of the Energy Resources of the Public Lands, Based on
Studies Sponsored by the Public Land Law Review Commission--- 9 2
Bibliography of Congressional Publications on Energy f rom 89th
Congress to July 1, 92-6
Bibliography of Non-Technical Literature on Energy 92-7
Studies and Reports Relevant to National Energy Policies 92-8
Goals and Objectives of Federal Agencies in Fuels and Energy ------ 92-9
The Issues Related to Surface Mining A Summary Review, with
Selected Readings ------------------------------------------- 92-10
Volume 3:
National Goals Symposium (pts. 1 and 2) --------- ----------- ____ 92-11
Oil 92-12
Volume 4:
Surface Mining (pts. 1, 2, and 92-13
Volume 5:
Calvert Cliffs Court Decision (pts. 1 and 2) ----------------------- 92-14
Review of the Developments in Coal Gasification 92-15
Volume 6:
A Review of Energy Policy ActivitieQ of the 92d Congress, 1 st Session 92-1 77 Conservation of Energy ---------------------------------------- 92-18
Survey of Energy Consumption Projections------------------------ 92-19
Establish a Department of Natural Resources 92-20
Advanced Power Cycles ---------------------------------------- 92-21
Volume 7:
Natural Gas Policy Issues (pts. 1 and 92-22
Volume 8:
Cornell Workshop on Energy and the Environment 92-23
Problems of Electrical Power Production in the Southwest (Report
No. 92-24
Marine Sanctuaries in 92-25
Deep Water Port Policy 92-26
Volume 9:
,Outer Continental Shelf Policy Issues (pts. 1, 2, and 3) ------------- 92-27
Volume 10:
Effect of Calvert Cliffs and Other Court Decisions Upon Nuclear
Powcr in the United 92-28
A Supplemental Bibliography of Publications on Energy- 92-29
Energy Research Policy 92-30
Geothermal Energy Resources and Research ---------------------- 92-31
Volume 11:
Federal Leasing and Disposal 92-32
Trends in Oil and Gas Exploration (pts. 1 and 2) 92-33

Nu inzbered
Volume 12: series
Toward a Rational Policy for Oil and Gas Imports: A Policy Background Paper-92-34
Federal Resources Funding and Personnel in Energy Related Activities, Fiscal Years 1972 and 1973-....- 92-35
A Review of Energy Policy Activities of the 92d Congress---------- 93-1
Legislative Authority of Federal Agencies with Respect to Fuels and
Energy- -93-2
Oil and Gas Import Issues (pts. 1, 2, and 3)-93-3 Volume 13:
Fuel Shortages (pts. 1, 2, 3, and appendix) 93-4
Volume 14:
Financial Requirements of the Nation's Energy Industries---------- 93-5
Federal Energy Organization----------------------------------- 93-6
Energy Conservation (pts. 1 and 2)-_-93-7 Volume 15:
(oal Surface Mining and Reclamation- 93-8
Factors Affecting the Use of Coal in Present and Future Energy
Markets --------------------------------------------------93-9
The President's Energy Message of 1973 and the Emergency Fuels
and Energy Allocation Act of 1973_-93-10
Strategic Petroleum Reserves-- 93-11
Volume 16:
Coal Policy Issues (pts. 1, 2, and appendix)--93-12 Volume 17:
The National Research and Development Policy Act of 1973 -------93-13 The Gasoline Shortage: A National Perspective 93-14
Preliminary Federal Trade Commission Report on Its Investigation
of the Petroleum Industry-- 93-15
Summary of the Energy Conservation and Development Recommendations Contained in the Final Report of the National Commission on Materials Policy 93-16
Volume 18:
Oil Refinery Capacity-93-17
Department of the Treasury Staff Analysis of the Preliminary Staff
Report on its Investigation of the Petroleum Industry- 93-18
History of Federal Energy Organizations-93-19 Natural Gas Policy Issues and Options-93-20 Energy Research and Development-Problems and Prospects -------93-21 Volume 19:
The National Emergency Energy Act (pts. 1 and 2)-------------- 93-22
Presidential Energy Statements--93-23 Volume 20:
Market Performance and Competition in the Petroleum Industry
(pts. 1, 2, and 3)-93-24 Volume 21:
Market Performance and Competition in the Petroleum Industry
(pts. 4 and 5)-93-24 Volume 22:
An Assessment and Analysis of the Energy Emergency -------------93-25
Estimates and Analysis of Fuel Supply Outlook for 1974 -----------93-26
The National Coal Conversion Act and the National Crude Oil Refinery Development Act (pts. 1 and 2)-- 93-27
The Energy Industry: Organization and Public Policy------------- 93-28
An Analysis of the Federal Tax Treatment of Oil and Gas and Some
Policy Alternatives--93-29
Current Analyses of Petroleum Supplies for First Quarter 1974 ------ 93-30 Oil Price Rollback Legislation_--93-32 Energy Information Needs-Study iy the General Accounting Office. 93-33 Volume 23:
ELnergy Information Act (pts. 1, 2, 3, and appendix) ---------------93-34

iN-141nb?,re d
Volume 24: (erits
Oversight-Mandatory Petroleum Allocation Programs (pts. 1, 2,
and appendix)-93-35
Implications of Recent Organization of Petroleum Exporting Comtries (OPEC) Oil Price Increases---93-36
Federal Charters for Energy Corporations-Selecte I Materials------93-37 Highlights of Energy Legislation in the 93d Congress, 1st ses-_ -93-38 Measurement of Corporate Profits--93-39 Volume 25:
U.S. Energy Resources; a Review as of 1972-93-40 The Prospects for Gasoline Availability- 93-41
l)eepwater Port Policy Issue--93-42 Energy Policy Papers--93-43
Major Energy-Related Legislation Pending or Acted on y)y the 93d
Congress_ -93-44
Electric Utility Policy Issues--93-45 Volume 26:
Standby Energy Emergency Authorities Act-_- 93-46
Solar Energy Research Act of 1974-93-47 Energy Materials and Equipment Allocation Act 93-48
Volume 27:
Emergency Petroleum Allocation Extension Act of 1974 93-49
Financial Prol)lems of the Nation's Electric Utilities- ----93-50
The Trans Alaska Pipeline and West Coast Petroleum Supply, 19771982---93-51 Volume 28:
Water and Energy Self-sufficiency_-93-52 Agreement on an International Energy Program-...........-93-53
Volume 29:
Project Independence--93-54 International Energy Program--93-55 Readings on Energy Conservation -------------------------------94-1
A Study of the Relationships Between the Government and the
Petroleum Industry in Selected Foreign Countries, United Kingdom-- 94-2 Volume 30:
Highlights of Energy Legislation in the 93d Congress- 94-3
Economic Analysis of President Ford's Energy Program- 94-4
A Study of the Relationships Between the Government and the
Petroleum Industry in Selected Foreign Countries, Italy__ 94-5
Economic Impact of President Ford's Energy Program ------------- 94-6
Volume 31:
Standby Energy Authorities Legislation_ 94-7
A Study of the Relationships Between the Government and the
Petroleum Industry in Selected Foreign Countries, The Netherlands--94-8
Small Refiners Exemption Act of 1975_-94-9
A Study of the Relationships Between the Government and the
Petroleum Industry in Selected Foreign Countries, Japan- 94-10
Petroleum Price Increase Limitation Act of 1975--94-11 Selected Materials-Strategic Energy Reserves_-94-12 Naval Petroleum and Strategic Energy Reserves 94-13
Volume 32:
O.C.S. Lands Act Amendments and Coastal Zone Management Act
Amendments (pts. 1 and 2) 94-14
Volume 33:
National Independent Refinery development Act of 1975 ......... 94-15 Oversight-Federal Energy Administration Programs --------------- 94-16
Factors Affecting Coal Substitition for Other Fossil Fuels in Electric
Power Production and Industrial Uses------------------------. 94-17
Volume 34:
Greater Coal Utilization, and National Petroleum and Natural (1a,
Conservation and Coal Substitution Act of 1975 (pts. 1, 2, and 3) - 9)4-18

IlI 111 II III IfIIII II 0 111Il l11iiiI 1illIllIII11111 Il/ill

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Voluie 33: series
Ifighlights of Energy Legislation in the 94th Congress 94-19
An Analysis of the Propose(d Standard-Occidental Merger -------------94-20
A Study of the Relationships Between the Government and the Petroleum Industry in Selected Foreign Countries, The Federal Republic of Germany 94-21
Executive Energy Messages -------------------------------------94-22
Oil Price l)econtrol ----------------------- 94-23
A Stu(dyv of the Relationships Between the Government and the Petroleum Industry in Selected Foreign Countries, France -----94-24 Volume 36:
United States-OPEC Relations 94-25
A Study of the Relationships Between the Government and the
Petroleum Industry in Selected Foreign Countries, Indonesia ------94-26
Estimates of the Economic Cost of Producing Crude Oil ------94-27 Volume 37:
Report to the Federal Trade Commission on Federal Land Policy;
Efficiency, Revenue, and Competition 94-28
Volume 38:
The Transportation of Alaskan Natural Gas (pts. 1, 2, 3, and
appendix) --------------------------------------------------- 94-29
Volume 39:
The 94th Congress and the Energy Record- 94-30
The Energy Information Act (pts. 1 and 2) 94-31
Volume 40:
The Energy Conservation Act of 1976 --------- -- 94-32
Status and Ostacles to Commercialization of Coal Liquefaction and
Gasification . . . 94-33
Early Storage Reserve Plan by the Federal Energy Administration 94-34 Middle l)istill-te Deeontrol-FEA proposal ............ 94-35
Energy Actions No. 3 and( 4, Middle Distillate Decontrol--------- -- 94-36
Yolume 41:
The Structure of the U.S. Petroleum Industi y-Summary of Survey
Data -------------------------------------------- 94-37
Energy Action No. 2-Small Refiners Entitlements- 94-38
Crude Oil Owned by State and Local Governments-__ .......94-39
Joint Bidding for Federal Onshore Oil and Gas Lands, and Coal and
Oil Shale Lands-------------------------------------------- _94-40
Volume 42:
Oversight-Construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline---------- 94-41
Problems in Transporting Alaskan North Slope Oil to Domestic Markets (pts. I and( 2)----- ._94-42
Summary of Reponses to Joint Committee Questionnaire on Potential
Problems Associated With the Delivery of Crude Oil From Alaska's
North Slope--_- 94-43
Petroleum Marketing Withdrawals ----94-44
Energy Legislation in the 94th Congress -------------94-45
Volune 43:
Federal Energy Reorganization: Historical Perspective-__ 94-46
Alternative Long-Range Energy Strategies 94-47

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