Legislation on foreign relations through 1977


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Legislation on foreign relations through 1977
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Nowels, Larry
United States -- Congress. -- Senate. -- Committee on Foreign Relations
United States -- Congress. -- House. -- Committee on International Relations
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Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
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At head of title: Committee on International Relations, Committee on Foreign Relations.
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Prepared by Larry Nowels.
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"Joint committee print."
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Issued Feb. 1978.
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U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate.

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WARIONu~ :0r 1978I..

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CIAMUNT J. ZAXW L. IL FOUNTAIN, North C *11M DANTE B. FASCM33L M. CHARLESV. 4XGGb; Jra,., Midtt#dm r AUVV& M ROBERT N. C. $M, Pe",sylvaVa' DONALD M FRASKA, 104nesots 1. a
BENTAKIN S. ROSENtft$o ** Y*or*, CV9 A LEE, H. HAMMTONO Indiam LESTER L. WOL", New Tork 4k.

JOHN SpAj9KKA Al&btiml VAGO"'da

DICK CAM Iowa aum H.
10SEPH R. BIDEN, JiL, Delgw*re-. ROOMT XQ JOHN OLENNi Ohio Irw

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TIS volume of Iegislstion and related material is part of a three n unk et Of tawe and related material frequently referred to by the Cmitee an 16ternationkl Relations of the Bouse of Represenatie anR Eoreign Relations of the Senate, amended to date and annotae to show gy bient history or cross refernes. olumes. I and II contain legislation and related material and will za repblisht widi amendments and additions at the end of each andi laelfion of Congress. Volume III. which contains treaties and related ateri wil b e rev Mse only as neoessary. Interim changes or adAdiies involving treaties and relsted mteasl will be included in volume II, during those years when volume III is not revised and republished,
Thns yerte compilation was prepared by Larry Novels of the ForignA~arsand National Defense Division of the Congressional
Resrh Service of the Library of Congress.
Chairman, Commite on International Relaione JOHN SPARKEAN,
CairmaN Committee on Foreign Relation

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will. "141901
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Q 11, tit!

All" public laws included in this volume, except as noted below, are codiiedand in force. through the end of the first seesion of the 95th Congam.The texts of the public laws in, this volume are printed as theyv appear in the. United States Statutes at Lare rthe than the 'Uhited States Code. Amenrwn a re incorporated into there text and ditnuse -ya nt. Ie Ulowiag public law remains in the
k~oilin..Glfesolation (ol. II)
ordinare codified and in force as of Januaryl1, 1978
iiiiiiiii M

?= iiiiiiiii

Bevans ---------- .- Treaties-and Other International Agreements of the Unie Statesj of &Ia
tibni of Cdi ~ d~ :bna
CFR Code of tiel dT arc'
EAS .. "Executives A 9Wi
FR ----------Fedei~al A
L--- S-- eiktte of, ti%14 TiBa ri '
I Malloy, II Malloy .-- Treatibs, Obitvenfil 1 Fk *1
Protcols And< Btween
hA4 ut tae#Age r
Poweys, 1776-190, compared un er te direction of the United States Senate by William M. Malloy. Stat ------------------ United States Statutes at Large.
TIA$ -----..--------- Treaties and Other International Acts
TS, ---------- Treaty Series.
UNTS ---------United Nations Treaty Sries. US.C ---------- United States Code. yS
UST ---------- United States Treaties and Other International Agreements.

.. . . ....... .. 158 Pa
.a.e.... .... .a .. . 159
ABBREVIATIONd -od---a--a L- --------- -------1------ 17

2.'Tr~e EpanionActof 962 a amended (Publi Law 794 ). 181 Am ne (Publimpin Lawgis171tio19
5.,.TradingadA Pubte tsw 860)--------------- ....-- 21
Johson. ct-iuacx Aaaton WitgFreemnt Adt (Pubte (Public~~A La007)3ia e - 10 (prta tes---------- 148
ed NatioaA- nelo
I J% .CollectioAct asd Pulctoafoe om endd ulc a 4
Actbli asw nedd(Pb7La66

A1WExortImortBak ct f 945 aunended (Public Law 89-136) 231 'V retton grement Ac, a amended (Public Law 9-32) -- 9


.7. Foeign CrreneyRepoet (Public Law 9 -163) (partialte)21 218
inter-American- Deiefpen sac, a eded (bli LaY6 307
1$. Aia Dveopen, an: ct s mede (ubic i~yvI)3

T IO N S ............- ...- ............. ......................- .....3
1 %. TThe Unied Ntions Participation Acts re 19415, as aend fPubli. Taw
2 TT Uied N~aions Headqurt. es A a ue Ac (+PIubli LaT Wm5er 0th22i
3. Appropran Liaio oCnlbf nrnatoa i rai
4. Rhodesia Reouio..2.6.. .
5.. United Nations Peacekeeping For 11 -the Mdl at.E
6. Response -to United Nations Resolution- on ZionislM.
94th Congress).. - - - - - - - -*44 -s
7. United Nations Environment Program PrhiainAto
(Public Law 93-188) ... .., -....,..
8. Privileges and Immunities-__. ... ....... ...4


1. War Powers-. ......
2. Cuban Resolution (PublicLw8-78..... ....
8. Middle East Resolutions.._ ....... .......'
4. Berlin Resolution (K. Con. Rtes. '674j 81tW stpe~e..
5. Indochina Resolutions- ...-..a.. ; .....
6. National Commitment (8. Res. 85, 9145 Obhgrkmb 3..6..'. ".
7. Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation b~g" Oaedw Wated a
Spain-Implementaton for: Fisua Yar 1977 (PbI ler96 ST7) .. s
1. Law of the Seas____2. Oil Pollution-.. 41.8.. a .. ... ...a... ... .
3.North Pacific Fisheries Act of 1954, as Amended (Public lew.88-5719),.. 3 4. Tuna Conventions.- ...-- 4.... .J...a.....0....
5. Whaling Convention Act of 1949 (Public law, ,1AA7...--... 6. Bilateral Inter-American Fishing Agreement* With the M .ed Statab.1 _; 6 7. Fisherman's Protective Act of 1987,.as. smnded .(Pub~e Law,84-6--8. 2
8. Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended, (Public. Idow :.9ts-205p
(partial text).-., _. .. - -. .... .. .......:e-.'....
9. Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972, as amne 4Pbi.Iw .k
92-522) (partial text). 490... .... ... ..
M. AVIATION AND SPACE...- ..- ....---- ......- ......- ..-...
1. Antihijacking Act of 1974 (Public Law 03-366) (partial te6)
2. International Cooperagni.eenil eege,....... .:.
N. OITHER LEGISL6ATION-,.......,.....v..m..
1. Provisionas of Law Rtelatin to* Tlravel Outside~t YJated'
2. egislation Authorizing U.. Partciatioqin laParliamet
3. International Claims Settlement Acts ..7 ...:.
4. Registratio6nof. Foreign Agents3Logan Act-Private rrespondence Wit oeg lic Law 8077).
6. Nentutriy A ct ot lo39e as amenditd .Pubedh ReA46dr-it JQA E' iV 't"r



1. TIaie Reg of 1974 and Relad Dcmns............
a. Trade Act of 1974 (Pubie Law 93-418) (parial tex).... 8
b. Executive Order 11888 (Implementing the GeneraLse System
of Pieee c s . . . . . . . . . . 82
e. >Executive Order 11854 (Waiver Under the Trade Act of 1974
Wth appeak to the Sociallst Republic of Romania)..--.---- 89
d.-Executive Order 11848 (Adiniastration of the Trade Agreements
2.. woLL*ni rude oif6, as-amended (Public Law 87-794).--..-- 95
2Antists T Lgstan 18
a. % liiigAct, 1921, as amended (Public Law 67-10) (partial. ., . . .. . . .. . . 108
b.a a. Adiiation of.. .t.heniumigAt 02 Pbi a 904. Export Adittain121
a. Expor .dhibistration Act of 1969, as amended (Public Law
St9 -14 ) .. . ------ ------ ------ ----- ------ ------ --- .- 121
b. Export Admindstration Asedments of 1977 (Public Law 95X I ) (partial text).., ..--.---------.. .. .. .. .. 144
e antive Order 12002 (Administration of the Export Adminisraion Act of 1969, ats amne)...147
d.:Ead e Order 11758 (Esabhlishing the President's Export

a..~~ Trdig Wit th nemy Act of 1917, as amended (Public Law
? 65 -91) i l text) ----------------------------------- 151
b. Trdn *M W I he Enemy Act Ieform Legislation (Public Law
6. Johnson Ate- iail Transactions With Foreign Governments (Public LAW 80372) (partial tet .. 158
7. Foreign Investment in the United Sae..__ 159
I. For gnt Investme~nt Study Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-479) 159
b. Executive. Orde 11858 (Foreign Investment in the United
Stats). .... ... .164
c. International Investment Survey -Act .of 1966 (Puici Law 94-472).. 166-dExecutve Order 110 Amnsrto fteInternational Investment Survey Act of 17) _172
e.% Eqetv re 1,1962 (Estb"ising the President's Advisory
Board on Internationavestment)... 173
8. Intion With Itespect to the World Food Situation .174
9.eation and Pt~Ubintion of Foreign Commerce. and Trade Statistics
T._ .. ........... ..m..


Nj f- + ~ o e.

OA i f

c t A.

v tvv t z *23
04~~~~ OAT vv \0AiAV

14. Trade' Act of 1074, aA Related vocuiments
a. Trade Act of 194, as amended
Partial tM extble Law 98-81 [II.R 107101t 88 SBtat. 1978, approved Janu.
-wy 3k 197: as amended b.abic law. A65 f1.. 106123, 90$tat.: 152 at 173 apard October 4, 19"8 x
A"t AW? 7o prooote the: 46tpment 6t ana open, nondiscriminatory, and fair
wxtaeememi system, to' stimulate. fair and free competition between the Elttet States: and 4 toreign n#ios toteter, the economic growth of, and fall
employment In, the United States,'sand for other purposes.,
Beit enated -by the, Seate and ,Hous~e o f Representaives of th e Unsifd MOWe of America disCongress assembled, That this Act, with the following table of contents, may be cited as the "Trade Act of

t4.2p. Statemnt of N Parpss.
,Te upoWss of this Act are, through: trade agreements affording
(1) to foster the economic growth of and full employment in
.. the.United States and f oreign conie thogh: open and nondisrbainaoryworld trade;i
()to harmonize, reduce, adeliminate barrirtoraena
4. aswhcas esubtnily..equivalent, competitive oppor. 4antemo h omnme of the United Statep;
4*8) to .astablish- fi*rness an1d equity in.: ntra Ia trading relationsincdngreor of teGnral: Agreem~ent on Tarits
and Trade; .
'* &)*t pawie dequate ,procedur-es to safeguard American
in... tr an ao gis nar or injurious import competition,
an oasitidsr1s im workers,4 and communities to adjust
to changes in i4ternational taefos
.~ ~~I (5-oeen saktopportunities for United States Comimercan ran eoouie and
( to prvide Aad: reasonable access to products of less
docountris in the.U ited States market.,

Seo1.I a Andhorityltor de Agements.
(k)Whenevr the IPresient determinsta any existing duties or
oth ~ ~ ~ ~4r1 in:ksarcin ayfrincutyor the United States
are madu hardening and restricting the foreign trade of the United iii

States and tha the purposes of this Act will be prmoe thereby, the President(1) during the 5-year period 'beginning onth date of the
enactment of this Act, may enter into tr-d =toWith
to........od. o f U y
existing duty, see cotipaceg.wi or excise
treatment, or such additional duties, as het b e

(b) (1) E9xespKa provided ihi pavariA ('ngr suant to subsection (a) (2) shall be made "dbr4 ta
to, -a rate: below 40-perentfof -the rate exit'n-A,7
(2)'' Paragrah -(1) shall rnot apply in the* aeo isoor
which te raedf Ai"t eist'ig'e anuary IW *.M to than0 .5 percent ad valorem.'
(c) No proclodnation $.hall be.'magde purswantI~O.wsIo (a)) increasing In' rate of duty sorivy a igi
of the following: *'' b.4.
(1) the rate which is 50 percent above the raestf-th i r tif
column numbered 2 of the TarijT.& 4ft
na mneffect on.Janiuary1.1975, .or
(2) the rate which is 20 -percenit ad valorn. o raite eAIng On Jainuary;L195
Sea 102. Nontariff- Barriers: to and OtherIN-Tae
(a) The- Con1gress finds that rbarriers t hw wto". (aamn of) international trade are reducing the growth of 'si fo h
products of Uytited States greniture, idus'-andcom mieree,::diminishing the intendedintabmbeefisC lBM Ahtae concessions, adversely -affecting It United& te OnoIfmwenting fair and equitableb access to supplies, andlp 4hedeovelopmnent of open antd, -nonisrimiatr trade amA' oPei dent is urged. to take all appropriate and feased ---hin his power (including the full exercise, of tIWhe tao w Ait States under international agireethents)A. toshmm hroenate such barriers to (anrd other disortions of).6 -nentiit Se.The President is further urged to stld teaufith sunebsecwtion (b) to niegotiate trade Agreenients with other ionris nstrumentalities providing on a bade-of naftuality* -hh Fisation, reductition, ore intion of snfh~bstrieis to ( Ad it thtons of) international trade. Nothing in'~thigfaubeaioin. "A -feAdd as prior approval -ofany legi*slIon hich bay I to implement an agreement concernn b~t~e tr(f.-ons of) international trade. "
(b) Whepeyer the Presid.ent determine thAt A- U- frq40 (or other distortions of) internaional trade of any oia ryorth United States undity rde v'dwis ktwte '4ftt
United: St ates or adversely affect- their United Sftse-nm. *r that the, Im position of *suc hrier :i likey-t emeaa restrictions effect kand that prpsso.pe moted thereby, the President., du ring the 5-yearpeidbaIm"gO

manistin xedntion or CAliminaion of such barriers (or other distNortos) or rodigfor the prohibition, ofo hiitions on the imnpositso f such barrbr: auer ther distortions).
(fe) Before the President entersinto any trade agreement under this seetleuprovdiagfor thbeharmniastion."reduction. or elimination of a hba.rier to (or. other dlisortion of1 international trade, he shall comn. .sl wit.h the ommittee** on Ways and Means of the House of Reprentatives,. the Comm ttee, on Finance of the Senate. and with each obtnumittee of the HRouse anid the Senate and each Jjoint committee of the Congress which has jurisdiction over legislation involving subject matters which would::be Affected boy such trade agreement. Such consaltaton shall includeall matters relating: to the implementation of such trade: 'areement as provided in subsections (d) and (e). If it is proposed to implement such trade. agreement, together with one or More .'other trade ag reements exiitered into under this section, in a inglo implunenting blsuch consultation shall include the desirabilit.y and feasibility ofsch proposed implementation.
('4) Wenever. the President enters into a trade agreement under tlis section'i providing fori theb harmonisation,: reduction, or elimination of a hardier to (or other distortion of) international trade, he shall adubmit Suich agawanxent., togeher' with a: draft of an. implementing bill (desrlbed ini secti 1151(&)) 'and a statement of any administrative action proposed to implemenUhchagreement to the Congress as prorided in subosection (eand such agreement shall. enter into force with repect: to the United States only if the provisions of subsection (e.) aft ecompied, with. and -the implementing bill submitted by the President is natedinto law-.
(6) ahtaagrement submitted: tothCnress under this subeache* shal eqte into: force with respect to te United States if
.. 1)tePresia% noIevstn9 a before the day on which
he enesinto such trade agemnnotifies the Houseof. Repre.ntaivs.n .the Sente" ohiineton, to~ entrinto such an
as yd 8 aafter pblishesnotice of sc n

(S)aftr eterngipto the, ageement, the President transmits
aV thmannt tothIRAse-of Representatives and to the Senate
(,&) draftof nuneetin ill and. a saentOf any adiitaie Ioprosdt impl&zeet such agreement, and an: explanation as to how the implementn bil and p9 *dadisraIvaton. change or affect casting
(B) ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 7 a ttmeto isrsas st ow theagemn
peres he nteeatof nited. Sta4tesW commerce and as to why
Who Agdomsti~g biL an proosedadmiistrative acto
Ais rmpitd or *?m.pprrttoaryuthegemn; and.
48)* teppeetnbieted in111t law.4ellnt4
()To ideatteht a ewg atyo ntuentality whic
receives Jetftdh 4trd gemn entered into :.under ti
"Oetism As embject tWtl obliotions, imposed by such agreement,. te fiMpde4' ]g gomn. ogeti~h mlmnigbill. and
taeetof .diitair-ato Mnmte-mhrsec4osc

the na JW
recommend.wiffi rm"dA.610khr.. obligAtidna 4 Iwh'. 'I V t Oot4 kfP UUjfQMW y t*A& to#* P such agrciemiifit if .
such MIK
(g) For purp&ms 6f thia LAJ i, .1111;
thii torm barrier includes the,
"S of noobil w defined in::-V&Qf".*&*W4&4)& 41
Oki Tiifift'Apt 6f 1"0 XAS SPPV)Pri'8i*;' ookd.':O. -g t 'C AV ffiSb3iffOA" 'includia tt'dAsidVrOwad 9) the, Okiii
V 111
and 4-vi tt' V i
See. 10& J 1 ti
Overa g.:
The overaH Vxfted SWes negotiating 9 jeqtlve and 102 shall be to obtain Anpre 9PeU' the- haTnionizationxedvai 1104 'y4qS
traAe or cOmmeree %Mfg t
tion, reducOan, or: elimint f
Aign Oj aW"1tjqaltr4 aWm
portions shall undertakea MC66W y6th thi hEL
reduction, er'eliminstion.. of. in4p4ri4l. t;,&, pp rraqj.: I Sec. 104. 'Secth N g., jwt,
(a). A liri4cipid nibvtia6fig Obj" vmdo# soctitiff
10 ind i 4k lj be to obtain to the '' axi ;; Q :rbl sibla vdthi respect to appropriaCo product s6ct6rs 0 tuiihg) WAh
respect to the Ag-ricultural-sectorI(MMwitive OP Z I*, f6f Sta As* t* t1* (10yeto 66i.BA t'to
t Id H4 bt
the competitive opportum ies affdrd6d in Iffniied S&tks k4ftt*
the, importation of I*e or similar prod t taking inth ficd6wftivo barriers (includiil M I 6th:T 3- Zibni f-t itifet-hiLtiorml
trade affbaing that sed6r. 1%
(b) AsJit ta" 6f adii ig ]it 9dr-Iftth in
ns, vin tf &IM* dbj#66v*
subsection (i), to the eixte'a cbtisistmA with'the (*Oj!?t W&rAO9xhnlzlug, overall. qonomi
.. .... f, benefit to the'TTfiiW StAW, Mt6u#h Mhwn ing and 6nia f6iei#n iritrli*ts, 16r^' Odi bfIAAiC States
ni*tr h-iinmelp ',and 4;CO,'Ar6ftA Ai -46"16pment of fair and e4uifabM Xii 460pdf i ftiel
andA 6d M' iiitt6r ojl& ttid6) _y w bpodOib64 4M] 4a the extent
feasible b6'coihiducted on-. tl4e bg ij df jjo t6pj ffjt6 prMtewwctors of man
t Pull(e Mor h 6f 'i 6 the Pee i....
Representative for'Trade Negotiations.togeth6r withitho 846ti4 bf
C'e Agrlfi ukut e r T, AbOU-after consultuti bty IWr 1* I
cft' Wwth th Advis !Odin for, 61140 estahlished. und &410* 185 AMO itfur t*606
A li3te ..O
9=tl d"M r PpMp lat Mtdutt*Mto .3,6f WiMActurine.
If the PresideAt, &*npeWvji 16# *tfilties in
one or Oft Pf _4 4ir, Seett)" *M, be Ah 1- "
Congress with rt" ,stieh &"mentfth' iWifys af th6,*j*w*6M the n6gotiating ob'&i'Oe k* MMA h0s on guth 1" Ibent ea&
19 U-S.C_ 1401a, 1402.

If t etdefratines tat bilateral trade agemnswill
more effctve prmote the economic growth of, and full employment in, the U--,dir then, in each eases, a negotiating objective under
nam6m M An10 al a t eners 4in hilater.al trade agremens
Each .. enent Shall provide for mutually advantageous

S41O. 1to Wtk Deveoping Countries .A AUnie tW negotiating objective: under sections 101 and 102 shal b- in-to trade agreements whc romote the economic
growt ovaloping. :.countries adte Unite States and the rqutua -2market opruities.
Se&. 107 Intrntinal Safeguard Procedures.
(a) ne nntdSa eotiating objective under section
102 ab*.: be t6. --wmin international~ agreed upon rules and procedures In the onext of the, harmonization, -reduction, or elimiation of bai to,7 mother distorin of. international trade,' which permit th use temporary measures to ease adjustment to change odeurrfinh Co ::itive conditions in the domestic markets of the parties~t an -grement resulting from such negotiations due to the expansio Of interational trade.
(by) Ai a et entered into under section 102 may include
preOvas M-tbl .g prceures for-,
not-fcaton of affected exporting countries,
international vonsultations,
ht- onal riew of changes in trade flows,
adjustment in trade" flows: as the result of such
in 'Ianal mediation.
Such a remns may also include provisionswhich(c Jude. under specified conditions, th ates
to ffi compensation obligations. and retaliation, and
(B5) pemit domestic publie procedures through which inested prties have the right to participate.

Ma), latal Stae ngtiating objective under section
102 shal b to etr into tradeA streemelnt w"t foreion: countries and
astau--t a;sur -the Unitedsteso fair and equitable accom Urce to o1ONsuppliesof Articles of commerce which
*iseeconomic requirements. of the United States and
'W ho States does; notave, r cannot easily develop,
OW tic produtv caact to supply its own
requie o t xi. ......
(btAntre into under -section 102 may include
a""M Wthe, Uinitd States the continued availability of
in -~sat reasonale prices, anad
rrqa d gcsaoso comparable trad obligdue Ute ISytes. ...........

rerrld= inlheeatetn and Badtin whh Atheity

day pursuant to a trade a-idese 914ta~ktd
the aggrateredtio ,w hap bea ia & ag

one-tenth of the total re qhdem 344@
effect on: flte effective -4 Ofk 0iePtwe~ pMAlWi RPWl4A p suant to section 101( ) to -arry out such ag entp joth&
Spect to such a tpk44
(2) .4 reduction pq m M, &Ia
(r:D'1) 'had takeat~B~ tt-- eritwIsaeth t e
Uate of such first reduet~.
This sibsection shal not asp iAlhe'h adi
in the rate of duty does not eceed 1feifiaflth rME'lkf6rt th reduction. Ulk U v1s o w
i(b) :If the President: deeres a ts such action,,wjll singlifyt he computation of the .amunt~ 4d.jpoe4with to, an 4#il0
he, may exceed the limitti oA by qqeiiqu pr stabsecyQrgs
(a)ofthis section by not woauwhichever of e. l U9pg
lesser: .. .!X.
(1) the difference beteen. h limitations th it4
whole number, or
(2) one-half of 1 perce-t ad vlomea...
(c) (1) No reduction. in tbs Wea= duyo any article prpuwt$ t trade agreement unde e-io shal9 take ellect 49g h>1
years after the effective date ?f the &4 reduction, prcaedt carry out such trade agreement with respec to such artist.
(2) If any part of a, redu-tion tae effect, then any timaethereaftr during which, such part. of 4 h red tion is ntieecbyesO f legislation of the United States fraction thereunder, the 4Aet of which is to maintain or inea se. o *ft dut on an artiee shal be excluded in determining- e.. ,
(A) the 1-year inter-il refered to in- subsectio (a) (0,and (B) the expiration the 10-year, period reerdto. in
paragraph (1 this sr setioo0.Ah "l 9
CHAPTER 2- a~m Avrnarr T,
See. 121. StepsTo' Be Taker Towr 4 GATT (a) -The President- shall,"A son practicabletgke Web adtin d mayT be necessary to bring trade sgeenots heretf6ch eetd- inlto, and the application there of, int confomity withpiepe poatig the developme nt of an open lr irnitatafy,- aifd f air' wedd? e nomic system.. The action A pr -e lesreeedtinhyebig sentence include, but are not i ted t, the follOwing,
(1) th -rerviiion of d& isic ikirig vrooddtresitt the Cyweiral
Agreement .on:Tariffs md Trad 3 (hereinaftter ifi this allbseed
referred to a GT to dn ee tea,'*ffect ther be ktnee of
economic inerests,
()the raidsiah of iie Xd -16f G6AT'it"!
international safeguard ~o 1 ticites frithi =it
forms: of imper rltlt 11 01111p1alst
coaptiioorthea o 1 ettk***th*,908 4 a

of GAT atcles to Of US& not
v cxdw.Jo:Iwve toward. mmon fair.trade
0 N
O:Kl .... J10.) ."A lpf intSM&tiQMI fair ]AbOr standards and of M.4-oonfrontation dures in thi OATr,
Vf GA-Tr.... Ah.respeet to the treatment
revM01k O&W
or, s0justmants-for internal taxes to redrm the disa4v#&*p -ta.WwAfios .91 primmily on direct rather than
roVMo M, the
go the balance-ot-paymemu p A,
GATT artioW. oo,:,aw to MIXKWUM import aurelmrgw as the proMAsstd&+ 0.&1, countries, may le ba]AnceJwrA inow : bw. ch
defidO: r. as import restraint Measures are

CT i M.Prowmat a4d,4rongthening Of th ons of
governing access
to supplies of food, raw materials, d m ufactured: or semi.-UN ured iDroducta4 including Tales and Drocedurps.governI xPO
ing, the imposition of: e.* A M, aefilil (0 fair said
*qw*t&bU aftem to 8**,auWksI and effective' consultdibre proe ure? Aot
d on Problems ofsu y -thge's
th6 istomen rovisions:'f OATT or other inter
nation agreements to authorize multilateraT protedtires by coni-tr4ding partW with'resWt to member cir nonmember countries which dony fair And. equitst& ac-ceag to. supplies of food, raw
7 ''Mito _M
rW mtd inanubotut*d ousemi manufactured products, and
the"by *tikoislly injure' thd international community
to establishprocedures for re lar consultation animg aftn&ieis And instrumentalities with respect M *iAthiliatit6al titadt and.. pwceddresto Ad-Wicate commercial
sni6fig guch. countries or: instrumentalities,
(I any revisi-oni 'nO tO )ly the pp cllples of
oaity wA nondiwnmination, bick ing the elimination of
refermeft Pffeferences tii all aspects of interN -the, forms of subsidy
I.A any ry
to n ries producing products for export and the forms
Iftftidy to tract foftign 1.4nomKInelit wWich are consistent With bud fair of international
J"% tmii t with the ovovisioiig of v6dion. 10. any, revisions
rvlo eMAbIJWwMin theGATT aw.internitia'aal. agree foot*ftr::.:ificIudtng tke creation ot "Atk1w mechavifts, for the settlement of
ajtA3Od* tionaliied.
ftd iof )a 4 r-4007 Xbodylt6immitor all international
shipments in suehalt"I'licies,
enter eIbAd*ft !6VIiia thtaliti Wablmh the
do~ sAieefian (a)' wM reqw to international
tb*, Vni W_ &ates apO, ouch colontries..,11CW Ii
10 %A P a tmde a whlrl e 6bfishee
ltl AY
Wr PT Jdrth bkwd '(a t ,ptow
IU..I:.#T..P A v

Inotm-g the dev*1 MT:
economic. systaft aM if thel' change any provision of Fe eral in anldmird8ftfi 4.sueh
to the TJhitad Stib6s onl If thta isenac t bythg:Congress 14 bf
is effected 'Pursuant to authority, delegated, trade
agreement mity be.'. subntitte4to thle';Congress for la'"IbIL ..0oul' ilfloftordance with the procedures of.. section' 161. Nothing, ifiz' We. 19wfi& be conatrued as prkoe appyb- Al of- uany 1*skfion -AOettftty, ment & trade.-Ag-Teetnent eutexedi"Oto xmder this section.
(d) There 'are. imt1wrized-to, boAppropiated'%uhnotHy utth"tams may b: 6'Mecedlhry forVIM V'... _ynftvby thie Vked &MeN dtiti share of the expenses of Contracting Paities to the General Agt4*1nent
on Tariffs knd Trade. This authorization does mtintily ilpvMva l' Or di'sapprIoVal by the:Coa of all articles "of th6 Ge I A&"w,
on Tariffs and Trade..
Sec. 122. 13,iflanceoofa mehlig::AO ri
(a) Wj epever- fun4mentAl iAtematio# I I r
quire special import measures, to restrict import4-t
(1) to deal with: large and 'riow.:TJuited:$4t".:bs,);mce-ofpayments deficits,
(2) 4o.prevent. an. *Mminent.,a d:,si 6 fics 4qpre4qWj,' of
the dollar in, foreign e I. markets, or....
to. 600 ot, ar countries, iog..Au
ver4te. w 4nter
W i4:40Wrect
nationaJ balance-of-paymeuts:disequilibrium
the President hall im for a riod not :e i ug. 150 days
a procla Pe mooed
(unless such period,16,::extended by-Act of. Con-grew
(A) temporary import surchar t to expee
valorem, in the) form: of duties (M %idwitio'n to khO$e:.VkhWWY imposed, if: any) on-axticles imparted into the-V nited stat'".;
(B) temporary limitations through, the,. use, eof quotawon the
imp..ortationofart.irles.in4o.thp.United$tstes$ _J.: %P
(C) both a temporary import surcharge deKn'W siU4aragraph (A) and.temporvy jimitatiog*dwTjW in subj*,ragraph
Tile authorit-y delegated un .h M
A a bparw P.. 10, 4 !-rooeh' of I ph '(.] 'Y'
subparagraph (C) as relatwtb mftera 'MAT e exercised
(i) only if international trade or monetary agreements4o ih _,*.'Ahs
party.perAiitthei poOifi*iiofquqta9a&'&b&lanm United. States. is a un
of-payments weasureand (10 only to theextei# that the fundamentO imba&nm, cannotl*dealt.with.eiTeot' ybya-sure rp kvej ha prodwMO
pursuant to subpar'*graph,,(ik)i or tewporAry.- i sur-u W t,
.harge proe. l,,aim-ed.:.pursoant-W.,s 1. 11 be
mgrapU... (A).,w WDY sha
treated as a regrul ar customs duty. jb): If thaPresidmt deter, -;tba, jmnp6s1fiPn- 4 i6 port m.
strictlonsunder .subw tion,4i w ill U ccm.tr 4 ry, to the n4tapoi 8A Of, the'Vnitea States t1mw he in4y,, refrain frow'..,P restrictions aud 'V
(1) immediately inform CongTess of his determination,, 'I..
tJ p gi q gi lllineqdiatef vouveji I P 4 X
vwrs ilk a) an
to ihe reasons for''such detei nomination :

imporlm sures to inorew
i) toldw WWM'fgwAndpeM United Statee:balsuoe-of,#
ry) iW d6temind& on the basis of the cost-insurancekthe ]Bureau of the Census, OtIQ* atimpor" as:*p6ttedby.
-the doHar foreign appreciation of In
e*ch& inatiuft"
iadd*f ig*fithoAmd torp4clair,14:16r k Of.150.dep (un.
.1.2 J
J= i U bitokdod UY Act vtCo K 4
a teml reduction (of not more than 5:
perant, Ikd
.4 F I f U zi iA t1i rat oo duty og im article; and in Zei value or:-MMItity of articles D Udlunder! arty unport restriction,, or a temM'AnY import-reatzietwn, to this subsection &M tomifonn.apphmftm with mpect to product 6% 0 ftaident shall not prodaim memurw under
to theag.
Al (Awo6 or', oontribixte, to migUrial intury.lto Arms or
y.4oziftdc industryi-ine uding. .. ag-ricultuwre, munha
9 AshICf..irnPwrmeqtt of 1th(!vmtionAI mcurity, or will to -the, imflwiai ihterest.
atinit actions pkwlsiwed ta; subsec.
P6 0
"I be,4owflod) capostently wi
ith, the p... CIP 4, of no, U,41scriminatpry treatment.In addition, any quota proclaimed pursuant to s bpa h ox E;
_(B) of subsection 4 1.4 s which
rag T. NlW6 H::.K
blul trp wiffi the. ni t I roach in i
z , A 6, ..
)4 0 Wlikh various' c6hntrieA.m*jht:hdve
e that Mel
.0. ,
in i theAsenceo L.Uch
aph (1), if the President determines P, wdibedm best'be::giiOvid:. action' against VIniz lil* or:, rsismm W hve&o

he Mq t al Aer ries frofil sudh ictiO114
when'lUre' nt rs ibto lorci for fhe'Uffited Cakiofi of, sur c i art APS C tu bA -Z8 as J) of a
ee ion t AW'eofi #d ps (2) Ohall
W1 .414 rTueesEL
0 iAntertiatipip ms V' hit the modifie'sik Allo, the use of Sur,at ag ee ;dift a VVIhg
r ,qu rfAtn'c d rbv%4 ng ry*
VV n
1a!ancreU-,paymentsRdWof a ents for an equif-able'
eut Vol I mon IM-1
to SA Oi
Sn top rod
TP lea u(M
datermiues, = tly vnth &e'
f4 -artides* sh!O V not be pbj ect. *-to otthe' needs 6f the 'Unifeid Stato CA ShAlft I* limited to &6 Maftfla Of
11 Q16 Of

raw Materisda,
pods tind aher similar $a0tom1a addition, fmlbe made where 'import restricting actions virill be u rT
festive tn.. it 6at
in, rry tbB rp, VOS of WA11S"4id%1 M4 R
td: Uticlesalready, sub 111:0 Otriwon 4
goo-& un&r binding cc6t=,( of Impm
ect, oZmt er tke *U01Kii*t 4,
restricting -actions nor the determffi'ation of exceptions with' to,' Diroduct icoverialoishall be ma& for t1w.l. zO*tM9 7
Vidual domestic industries from finiport compete y q
(f faintiti
grap (B or (C) of-subsftion-, thtqq&ntj4yqr yallqa, or,
(if i1i Artibk
shall permit. the importation of -,a ity or, mhw wMeh
n6t lewthairtbei quimfityar value of.suoh,&AK bAO
the -United States from the foreign countries to whkh vim* 4imitation applies during.:: tber nwd:,: reem. -4XWM whiqh the
det6rmines is representafihre 4 imporUof vwck Ioan
'(2) ii hall itiake int& gvwe s nca tUL 0
representative W
iMilai L Urtieleja:: of dOMeStjo Mannf&OtVM f)rI P"
like: or- z ru'r* i4w.
(g) The President may: at any time Onsistent, with ihe 1OWSAMS
of :this sect' suspend modify for terminus
ion, o-5 in whole or iA.pirt
proclamation undir this: section either,. during the ipitiAl 15,0-dak Re,riodof effectiveness or as extended by'su uentActot
prov". tiont of, tariff con(h) Nib 1810A of law. authorizing the te
cessions shall: 1* used to impose aawcharm Importsin th 1, states,
&C, 12& COMPen"fien Au&orltye
(a) Whenever any Action: has.: bem, takew.,.under:.. Odibh increase or impose auy or othe r npo rt:.restricti i jbp
(1). mwv.enter into tr*de V#h reign COUhtr;8:
instrum n'talities' f orthe,.' : m 'of gr ant4ng new* concessiqhs:V
compensation in. order. to. im the general lev l ofici 4
and mutuallv advantageous COUC ] s and.
Y 'Proaaim such 1-fi $t
(2) m4 .. mocu c ion or continuance of laty
exist duty,,':o-r',q -fre r ek6
treatment.,.m.he d*r k oi aA. '1W P -M td.i
out any suck'agreeme...,
b) f46 oc n,*al lirsufutt to 1941) Octioo a
deereasinL aiiy rat ty th,
at 0, *'h is les's an
qC11, To tercezt, of.
ti 0
ih e efl; At iany -Uune i wi IAto
fhp 'rate f duty f, f W"
stage. undqrse6tion 1109, the proebijilation Thaje 09a (a) ra Ly WOvide for the reduction o1r elaoll'i, Ut;* *at eit6v
such stage proclahneAu'Inder section 161 by 96 eiO 0
of smh rate of. dutyo. and may..prrovide P, ity *141&
is.. 4 less than O.!)erce4tA# rate 'q di Pj
4 4,
44 PO qr 0 V1
sbwe under ecpon 101.
If f4d, PreMdent determihesthd, 19% W P
c OMP ioiri of the aingunt of du iti;4utaf t W a r6s
Zl F
Jfd R 0 o.... r 0 '4to JkHr 0 11

W 8"M aXaod.tM liniAtAws -PvUFvAIAx-M by (1) and (9) -of
Ji &6rewe bat*eft..: wok AinitatWa and the next lower
number or
Comn I!e Of I IIN111110ent, ad,:
(IB -h&H
J. r shall be
0 too subetwiltially the. timescliedWe for..... 044. Vwt -import. relie under sopHon,
mdudima soplic"
rmma to -this iiiiiiii lt

M kiffi t&H the Praddexit shiffl ooner 06untry dr" bM violated trade ew.
'bfteft- Wtm Vid ang'sli6vidlation has bt
be# of tie Ujii Mates or by such
'(OY Xd*Absftnding pr6vWtow of submwdon (a), the authaity
...... '101 -&Wl,'bo tied forte -pbrpbw of gmntthg...... . . . . . .
DdW, 4 "am withinn thw, nkeaninor of this section
unwAuch % Ohonty.
E 04 AU*6 '14 16gotiate Dutim
the &.0 .tfmt any biting dtaes
restrictions. any ..-fPMW country.. or the, United theloringn#Wfe Of the t4*t thi. b : promoted,
Ontei iitI6 IMTAW onts wM foreign
talities therela"I
Way P C.AOQU or &jAinummee of
k I May
)ntinm. f s" 44y-fivi or exe=
41 Or e UM to be
IC tP yr... I "Y
P"Pr" 04entered inbc tuider t b:sadion in SAY I-IF"r pe nod a anuan ce of
-Po!v 6, for the re4oction of duties.Kior the.
or WOW trestment,10 arfielm which account for more than of the value f the United States finports for the -most recent Pu "P. I ab ant to sub w.. Wixon (a) a," rate Of K X. Which is leis than 90,pavent
mte 46f d*yo
jn" kbe voo
ta' k ratelfhich *15 kwer or Whi I.Vou]A, have. resulted if the AA such. article LOOK 74K.Telve'd to I y loact]
( 9IJ
efiec* At "Y tim is an inbe=ediate lade pu1"" to qubmetm x4e of 111 4 G&C-h such ih so Ofiuch
orle n= Permt il "to the Ott in, par 'P4 May
IR63 ths 40 (d:
P 4 B dage tin&rIWOrII..._.. . ...........
Pr_ "nee that
wdent dgW
11_1 tip. id A


and (2) of t4)z subs,eetim4Y5G41"j[jh614= Rese.
(A) dM mWiftnitz6aff Md
whole number, ot
(B) one-half of% I Tciwrcent
(d), Ag'reements -In* bta intow*&'intk iftftr d& mditiii op)
2- emir tlm of f Ot
du whia igiftmeag afty, be d* 4066=1470 tu
Sec-, 125. Terno4AUqg and, W!t#draw.sJ,, pt# 'I ""
_71_T 7
jed to term*#Oon iu.:vhqk or in p"k or wit dqo
atthe etd-of w eriod ed iu -the Agroepla U* P
not, lum than 3 -Yeare f rom thet date ou w* ch the A,-9T M60 effective. If the agr event is not termin9,W,'_,px,,_wAh"vM,r the end of tb*,pe=ocJaQzped4@4 it shallbq subject. to 4qp ftt q with rz
(b) T Le. 1? i GPMO
res deu4tmay At yAWw, wr."
any proclamation made under this Act.:.,:b: 14 ifll:"V. A.Z::R ;
(c) Wheiiever the Uni*d,,S f
t4 to
rights or cibligaticilis "' nd i an'y tr, e I gtooi eit I =n & ,,to Onli.A. ct, ction wt.. *&'&R df t)* Tr q*"oA Ad of
350 Of the:Tariff Act ol 1930 withdraws', suspen&, 6r'b1b&*8 obligatibii *ith respect to he'tri& (if _Sny'fo init 4' T
meatality" there 'of; fh6: Prisident is"aiithotiied't Prb6 duties or other import restrictions to: eQdept -k kwh 3&d
such periods"R91 de einis ti aiij- 6r'. '0 'rop. t6 In brdert6,0xercise the rights or fulfill the obl iga.tiops:'6f ihe TJ Atai6s,. N6prdekMation shall b6."UM de.. der 6is ubsedio' hicrei ng ... a fty i ki duty to' rate hi6ie then 50 AM' 0
4i& va"tlmri set fo 'aT numbered 2 of the Tariff S h duleg of, iM Vnitdd ststte as in e&ct on January 1, 19757. ot 20:.p'ei6nt::ad vtlo'rem- A; the on Jan' UtLnr 1, 19.753'*hi 6heVet is hig hef.
Whenever iny"falml gn country, or Bistrumentality
Suspends, ofvodiflea'the application'.of. agreed iil,: t 611P
of beneflfto t 'United-StAtes v6thoutgranting adegnite therefor the Prebidtiat 1h Tsuance, of -ri'Ots' d state de..
tin r a y ra almement and to'
016 .).the e4nn'tt h1we ry 0 prote6tUnited States ec6nook interests: (i cldai g St tk'IN064
of payments), ma AAL Y
Jthiiiffaw: spend, oetnodi the tp I bon 6f-641wwilr
tally equi'alaftt trade agreement obifiatiblis (if beMlf t s ,di:
foreign country or in rb ity, and'
4.. .,. i0l,
ann, wider Lsubseet C fiiowa! d d tiei
-other import restrictions as ,re appropriate W' 4
rorn f 'om su6h fbr ign couikri or 0frutheYiii1ity.
.J ,)'Piiti& or otter import iestfieti6ns'rtqy ft or ap! 6' iat I
ftnlv trit& agreed entef6d, inici*iAufi 4 t6 t 9 !*-cin @ * I & Joft 4 'ge ff*6n 6# k
tion"201:".6fihe Trade -E*pansion Att-o 6i l
Tariff A4 6f -1930's shikn not beaff6etM b-* any teryfin ti I
if, of U'ih 'Lq M nt'o bV the'N l a
1621. see 0.1"14611*t
nv NO
J4 ij u A; % -if,

do0a of
term"ficaror nib&WJWNW: Sk AW %J6 JO" P W. by
voWld'b ha t)jr am JIM ADOUL Within, 60 doys after the
b IZII-M-- -.- temingaiAsvtot,*Gd a-'WiJI AheFOtiwidkmt sballtrans-' bij tolthe'-sopro rates
OU twxH *hickwaWafiected.. b the'terminatiah or WM= 1()r would have bewso affected but 7rthe prece sentenced :
takin (b) (c) or
(f) Before amy action to..
(d)ktbzi Vzovi&fwapubbe cour8e
(dW]WICIantwe" paw" *tv
shall be giv n opportum-, to
bW pvmiw to praftm be hwa%4. unless he, de*nnines
that surnb prior IMM -A- A-M. will be contra to the national: interest Ide. jet*
in which cam he'dalU pftvidi fur* public hoarjbi -proMotly &Iterpuebwti(in.
fir .W wvma miad" 4n i" Ad or 344 W 0other prolig 90t t
cl otlwr *Poxt r0r*...*0 du five treatIn 9"TP eq r this title
8hdI &P Iy t4 rof.AW W
directly or(b) -The President U Kdetermine, ifter the conclumi6n of all
Ons entered intoi :underthfia Act or it the end of the 5-ye r Period, lbegiv qw 00,34ite'Of is
ear er whether-any igmajor industrial country has failed to make concomons xmnder tftw enured idol' vader tkis
own tjy,*, % tWiy qijjv:. -to tile 0111)" 'tive
*AJL_ ns =ad
UPOOVMAWROV VAN, -IT;voticessio -q. by 4]w UniWd: I Wa4m
ubddrizukagftmeats 11111- 1 ? Md'into UA&W &*A'A': for the Commerce
AL nw AV
Mv In MW Unfted Sitatm.
P"M*4MtI' on.. (4) that a m*jor,
iMOWN! hw ide "neemdoimt AWder tr*dewtvements
Ack 10.biah-vrovide.spbstauWly.4ibquivsklent of the UsAid Stateaq he WAS",respect tojOU4 ecuztry.er;bq Arfidepro

Of the
A-L 'into.. undw t1is
URM Mal 1-34' 4 *6 d
--t.:4LA- _.Z &.L A_...k:
sp, I Adty or o4her impbrt restrictions
W P_44 OAL
12fire" trade.
ry SAY
x Atsts, 4'_ L I_&L*
4% 0 0
am -flia midividualj3xw4L&uojF
C 0% 1 if t m, f4
RIPOOlid of t1is
AMolmf or Natawl: K4 vii'may tr O&9hr ......... .... .. .. ...... ... ...
4 _-7 7
---A -A.2 _IL _22 IL
M insdax: Of
(W irmUng the duty or other impek redHetim

pir go* aftleWit Aht 47LMAiftt M S
A .*..... .....
to, 14
takto uMer v6 n: M : M this- AwLk.4w seetioh mr W1 JT"
Att of IM- (19 USR,, I or, 194),,--thd t
create Back aroide 'front aetkn un&i vwfiaa 11%dMAkfi old i-of. Atit. 40
impose wider i"whakn .C)..Amy otiler import
to lin&rmirm the effect of, thf
pangmph( OW
rh:aMitior4ihePnsidant he detezTaines tom 111"11W r t
tion and advice available tj
Ale to t9
covered by sections 131, 1321Mrl I
11ii President shill submit -t6 the an anntftl on
so didn 232 of 'the Tftde Act of 'IM. With* 00 Aftw
US tzaftany ikctlon:'idnikit &'Jiecti(in "2jltlh r PkesZdwt to t140-. grew the ae6m: Wted and,66 teamn. therefo*.
(d) [A AeN sec. 232 of the Trade Ex t
p"on AA of

SM IM kal VMM& AM91WISift -Ad 4m'
Ir nn# paob&
prl tra& sgree-ft" ut4ar
ftr Ior section., "A or 124,"th'- is Ideatabraff f roiim to
gBeVion referred io, sit thb "ONMAlission") Wiffi lists of WrOCIM v" t may be considered for ModificatioviOr 6oiaflnuan& Ot UhitBd ftst4 dufiee4 cmtkuanm of UMW l &Awl A
L the ith,
.IL 11111;11 io 'WabobERS WSW
AW be, gi ""d.. %tots
f Smkjf Y the VA-MMvisimn1w
A16 -title P 1 1 1
such. 114MIM IM gpok.
(bj 'Withins 6 moidffis after: rftdpt "of imch Fist or.) in
list submitted in connection vftw fi-i& I aaia4amt ivthwlied UM49;r section 1123 I*Aohew 00 &YS *f W418twpc*f auch lisk hI& sh&M advisetbib Preddmt vitknopsid' tk),each ligrficlWatits jud$*ent W to th .6. ...econande CfiBdK. of, raodifiettions of duties an U0011tries producing IiI m. or idimfly competitbre articiew %".MWast0.40 the PtestdTflA ift an as
impact which whofIe caused by mwh nNnufacapring, Wicullum., ki]w UAW,
Su&- advim'msy inclWe in the -CM of WRau"Ahe,
ckft as to4ketIMW any M&AGUOU M- Aft- lttwfd Am*.
I k
tak0 place. 69W..", a. longer period -thaa Miotimod P**" %A;PPPW

Is VAq- A W. SRO P- OR *I**exjh4 If (I hrii:.T 'A 11;
(T i a till f ,

11.411 ths Pvi6dent in his
W&S to mist
0 'whetbe
f r to enter into pay agreement hWw sectim 10% theDow
sh&U make inv po..4 as may be
r.oques" by inci borehNi as to the
T- nO+;,%Vk]m
Of P*y b "or to (or other inklm indu"eff and urchmsq C), ROL tic
the V ited Stites* tw
P MaAr th
M.4 I P'd., 0 6eti tmg to Covass
breum r0ducin -the 'in
Ped g iitides
theHim or directly .. .. .. .. .. .. .....
sti, ': 4 ption of each
W bm. COMI&A"
pi duc <, -sde and: into- 4onsideration Hlve ., rtiple .... talripg into
III IIAG cme=4 and ench'othee,00CO
4) immmm *w*m =6 ed relevant inclu
m d
77 04.1 Of
(8) describe Me probable uldumandiextent, of AIW
A. - A" um 0 Prodicois facm.
bw JL
CEMPM-lymmmmi F!?Mkve*
and so& *her bcaftion as it dmm xelevaut in the domestic IAI ifidiLl. 4
Ot 1viellimmrod WIA&:. it beasm"m suab Inom"ou. Woum
AM&; A":
33211" special Audies (including studies of real W&906.P
gwunt6es)l whomever Asomed: to: be TmX4 ZM EV..
1pr6posed itoMqmuons a0eding:. United SWO agmd"Itum fisbin labmw, pac!
TngtFmlm taffitific"low the Affieft extent prwOcable United
stfto 6 -.14WOIRmt .11 il* Imilities. abroad ind personnel
cot tb
rmg 1W X04hvPreddent under Ode m4on, the
hold public
44 .. ...... X .
a Ownwnt, atto or secfim= or the 'Sri seek advice with
-AL Ailtu* CWaIs ryl, frovi 'the
us may Awm appmpriat&..
TO . ...... ..
lfli4 i" men Or dI&P,Or Piiid&nt shall afford an opportun
"I mficelidng an
'V vp WP
Rrtic 91
Je which dhId be bythi United ftf* trii& sg ror
h nm
P&MINNING11",161--hot 'M no go
oa -1


Thalwomi=fim MiU iaw4,1wiwjda&R furiajsh.th, Presidfttwith Wx ry
Sec UwUiA for, Offftia
In any ,WW3tIGhB $6ek Mg 84 a itil
123" Vr.' 19A the Presideht 'kh ?f r t
continuaAC6, f I Ahj d t_ 4611 *ff baMers
W. (or.:oth6i'dist6rtidiw Qf)
V. 4*0
States duty-free or a 4
tiqual, duties. import restricfi n or, hi6 ise r' to 4*,-Other *860i 4 tign: Pf ) in4rnational tr'44 apy *ft elt eAly 4f ter he
has removed a summary f at *Wh iy oppowbiulty to be
heard with respect to*sU"'ch article haW6_ 06 ded unmr *dko 103. In 04itionl: the Tresidmt may make: an offer',for-Ahi xh dififtdon or continuanm of any Utited 94tesduty th@, contittuibhe d-Uni" 4aJ A -free, o'r "cis Am -of, OW ion
8 Oy e treatment, or
duties :.wifh r.Apect ito any Aiae included in, h pwwod d
famished undei iection 131 (a),,6* after he hi& reeoW x. ad e concerning swh article from'the'" M9*66W Tr;tde uader
SWfion 131 or after tho. c*Piration of t O tvion y of 90 Ity period
provided for m' that section 'ks' a to, whkN6ver, 1 4 V
See. M Advicei from Mvatex: tS*CWr,,:,. IJ
(a) The' Pr esideht, iii aceorda' nft vith:#io: pirvwiv w of thisseetion', ahill seek information and'advicefrom represmtofive: eleroents.of the pAvate sector withreiqwt.to negatiatiuk: 'Objective$, And barga ining positions. before entering into a trade agreement referred, to, ion
o r ... ..
(b)...(.1) Th4B:. -Pregident shidl establish, an Advipory tee for T I rade'Negutiations. to provide overall volley,' ad*ice on 'anXjiide 4grbern,6nt refoited to k inaction 101 'or Ift, The O.piAm Oe gwl'be composed of not more than 45 iudividuab, a iuouqo Mpresenttdives of go"rn.nient,' labor ihdmtry' agricWture, sMOI W$Uiew service industries, retailers, consumer interests, aaad the *Ipublic.
(2) The Oom mittee shiHI: w04 the call ,ic ral1*41al,
sentative1or Trade Negotiab=4 who.0shall beithe Committee.:" ermmat4 it .0
A t submWiOll: : f its re _oU
under subsection mbe of t]4e Cbin AAIT'b a
bY, the President for a perio anW, 'be intdd for
one or: more additional periods.:.
The Specia I.Iftepresmtsti* 4 f 6 T&A6. WC*bd*tiOiI*%)ItIt make 4'va tO 'the CbnllnittLie A& 'f 6 atiou) tu d. d
administiati*e'wrviewand assigtantet s'itt mis -leftannably :0 ,Car Y out its activities. IP
The President may, on his own iWO;
J tof or tions rep I;
ganIza nting industry, Ix*bo ) Iwr e ib
general 'Policy ad-vmry Committees for iMiiAr 6"r kAd'' A
t*re, respectively, to provide,genm J Policy adylee 96 a' e & ment referred to in section 101 orjo2. 94 'h commj, as' practicable berppreseir tl ve'of 6t
o1wiUdi aebusin qss
At sm
be. I by th6*Vresident ma f
organize( ing thrmigh'i& S we
Uve fo T' de Xogptiatim n'd ra U s.a th $ I"t&rks!D
1, A, IIJ I
and Agncul App -late

ut ildfladve or at: the request of
b% stryj IjAw, or
sectot dvzM 88, he detwminft to, be nem-tAde Ilegotiahms refirrod tb M 'kvfion 101 or 102. Such
I J, ntbiberipnm*ntativeof&UinduotryI
ng small --businm *tereoW in isi. r conft U6 6oidmittee& theTresidentl
ti, I" thi Piti,1111mitutive for Trade5egotiatione and
4 Al
IAbarorl k$6FU#Urel as appropriPri WO tionji4 and
A shalf,66' vats rganiza
lfike in '*CbOP* iwl : as: patterns of : actual and
United. fttes- irAndry and: agriculture chaxacter-of the
I fo
e AiWktibw Uffeeting sii6h i competition, fli Ihniia.'bu 'thw: number., of awh product
Aedx* d tht:*TAmmmty- that each" ocnmnlttee. be
dat ihol pro&et -baw co*ered..byx each

rittee bk"asonablv relatedlo:.
Bhau meet
At t vwmts&vwfor-Trade.'.N: ti tions,
" ie xW 41(kr4 & Ue to Prwidiathe Yollowing:
poHey advio& on,
V&a advico ulorwatibm on MptiAtious (w ParxbDth
14 lidviba teft4thorladtM Tekyant to, United
yXv*Wtte6, for,Vra&Wegvtiatiqw Aa& ap-4 w m.i and ch ftetor aodow
rig volley sdvi!I ry.col ry cqu-x aft* *e rePresentg is xffec"d sball
Iftabiki Muft
Wwv(4U*A1hk Ax* -t%.V"ii* iothOTIMIddouk. Itol C0bgreNO4.. "to report lqkji Ottph
44 Awi&d*ieeryIC9in lar Trade N agotiar ali a4dj: owach oprigto po adviw.tyxonmittee....Pball,.,iiielu& Aa 4 tb. agreement
iv; af Uhked, Stotesand the r pprt of t'hoiLpproprio4o)etorco]Amittee:shall Indude an DAvisory, opwan as dy, yl.within
the **Ct4a rlrwif V- .vl
All Tb
advisQry shallissue.
r,".,aud. of the
itlnwAOw The
otixdonp and each
WNW Oita
of tbo I;OtQ aatq&
AnLn A& Comm ittee phR *Judmkau Advuqxy
peteredd intounder
RL by, esah s" MMA*4
rov] rl
Nmftlv" PU c


JiL) to: thim A&
"z adt. i1slo, a '1561"
pursuall mctio4 r" 'j; ex*0t,
Ca! ]"Muirements of i u
Mention It of tk, Fede ald" re
Open ,'meetings, public Rq
AVs, Abidity of docunionts), whegaver tq e
mined::by the President orjxisflesWOO
be conceived wkh matters-tbe, diselosuropt W
compromm tha.-Gevernment"s nego 0;
iNnitiobs, on the npgotiatiotv of any tr.acle. agT, eut
mere 111TOrn
A) -.Tradt seer6U and mu APJ, or
whkh is privAegea. or. coW enti 41, stibmided, Na- coiifi t private t1le. sedw to c4cers orAmnployem o mif 4,8t* 00,1g Q
i ....withtrade negotiati*mjsh ion -all uot bo."closed to, wj pMv,:..
thantooffiders andemplo -of-66 UjftitM'&ate0
.the S edial; Rep;a UWNI Tm
pec lor de NPOM*04
01 way,
members of fhe...Cd I
House of Representatives, tndthe, CommitW .On'Finftnoe of the
Senate who, are: accredite&as effi isl &dviseM:uwJw!8P44mn
(a) or are des*ated by the ChairmaiL of Vither.::sHeh -000rhittee under seetian 161 (b) (2.)l VIM' 3AWS"Of the, *her such
committee designated by the chairntm uv&r-.K6eWoW. 100 (2)9 tw&:in connectionmith iiegotiation :of.& trade-,& ..."t refort*d . .... .. ...
to in section.101 or.M... X%... UN.
tj an that ia*
A(B) 106-rmation, other dese9W rammnn' ;(AY;'
and ,sdviee submitted in confidence.: by the-priimtenotor to employees of the United States, totl* A MAtbe Mir T ftdoi
N6gotiatlDnsor to: any adv2w Witt" *sftbh ed iijidw
olose d to ty paragon other than-I
(i) the: indiVi'dualgAeklibedi 1::subp&rW*phri(*)!-kA+
(ii) the: appr6pAs",4d gory: 4%ft-Mi 6siti &rthia
(2) Informatioh sub in:ioml-idenoo'byvs mwdr$"#A .e
the United States to the Advisory Commi#ee for Trade Negatiatio a itt
r.46 : an' so, Wbgikidn shill
y aAvi c6miftit""'tlillw4ektstblighed -undet
not be disclosed. othor thati in accoM I 2ttice with rqle8 '-isgued I by,,,* thii Spkitl Representativ .e.fvr:Trade Negoti4ionaoAd th*'See *&Ty bf Commoteei T-Abor wrA0*turej g; tooptioe titer ftmItatiow
with thiD:: *k*ant amsol. co ift"'ostablWhiffd inid
(0). st'ch ftles.-s define the M,te'- i es of g6ri -hifowmvttion *hi
lie 1restri or confi&htial bandI16'a6:by kith eoiaimitto t6# i&i* ut the extentT6 which ] ubl ditie
Ile, 16sivi of inch itifo
t Msoilitblv be,-e:x*" te&to preijudice UnitMStatee tivt g. Su h rules" Ohvill-; to the- hf ximum ft, tenf, fbMle ingful
a ff &te-d by -prapdsed fr'q&"Agre6tn6iA&-' 'Ad ffie
(h)" ne
seMt SIP
of Clomm6rfti rAbbr or Agricu 46
"A 'TJ a

PTUV U ve so
1 W4 4 Pummt to subSuch-M In XWOSOMM require tob (Hit
&I ]RIM t I iw
sW be 616 6ftm !P!M loewll
Obabms, in eml witik d* Sw rdary i of CdhwmV%4
Labbt or as ipp. Jo dures for conw ^ 1. 1 :1 7il _pt
n and *dv.
Una ioe from: the advi;_'.
-L I I F A.&_!ML'S_I IL
ied C(c) on a contlinuina
'Ior;u kmswid &dual Itation "M includethe p of inIbrmi
bomi itbee Owto (f) -Sigtkificant I.Sm" and deve!*Rihe m of-so nbaotIVAIU31151 pgm P ,IW &
menta JTOV or m cou
41 .11 1 1 1 f
2=1 (2) QVft-xU on d via Pagi )OM o dw.Vnited
iad o r 'atiom The reWative f0i '194frotiations A *4 W bbimd'by "ce or
uUmThittem but: the SpeciaJ Repreanou" for Trade Semobat" AM]: infam Oe advispry.computtem
_41*%6ftio tow, Pt lia I a d ft
01 iuc io i66( nM6idx' Iio: rml an
sun 'Whis -W t to, t1li kAMAg"MM. Mquired section 163,
U" for Ti*h
".W-rt 4y the Smemal 96prer"t a on bn conS Ufibu CwTi involved mmucl ,Oxwuhstwon,
for, ad Ot rtcommendati
Im-V AVIUK'*'boihinittee, established pursuant to 86idtll flie shall ide ade" finely and con
ppo ity forte on WfOrmal an(
unicler tu subsection (g),
y 0_r 'Ymte '.. W.%: Im MP
ltuime* imilai bft"eei imM466: indusidffl Con ttereets, othem of Stafis6m d GrAra
entwe to he
to m 6eiflim101,4W Ift .,IV, .:4.1.,
AbIll, Construe. ... ......
to I W of
b 101 or, 1OL: ......
.1 4 jt_, 17 AL4 IiLuo I

Tie the
=a the ad And f the Ai an rem
IrI% Ai *1 1 m
I UJUP406f S*W Be
& A_ I.K. P
W14MH FU4M 14P the fq n* Ibr amAIR
I* rr**& I!egoe

Oreeelvt. e$azm,,,
entiq t eAll Fr AM WO Ik
rank Of
urq-,..4 R in t
for a A egouii 'h -Do
who.s ill wa
and with the advice and, conaant of t* 8
inn a I", I%'"'
rO ,pqwer.ofthASwmte_an'
R prumeu Ive aIII)Pait" t6 6es
OOIUM b-11 b6 11: erred,
o ittoe, sha
specix tj7 q
OfficeA the. j 144ure., Arabais d 6r.
(3) (A) K, Section 5312 of tw *W stakes 6 e
adding it the en' Lhereof 61 folj wplg npNK pa
Sp eialReoresen iv for' Pus""
M)- Sectipn,531 of sue4 "fitaq is, fhipre6f the Ulowing W a a"Pa
spec de, NQ
prl for
4 6ia mpreftntfLfl
M& ilekog ionu
(B) reportdire'eily1ot1w ia i jd, theto
responsible to the President au the o grq s f I I
tison -Of trade agreements programs "undpr
n,. 1962,10..4 oi
se iegilenf am W# res Id.to"ITwata
to INW4
M atlopaltra e.r Ag
=4 Wh
4 n iW .. 4Y el.'AwMi
MIA.% programs.* 4'. ip
(D),,.be riesiponsibje formakin upngr v ith X,
g repo __q, M
:to Ole' matterset forth iii subparagra 6 (A) .,,apa A I
(E) q, pbahTa&u to 4Ae WWag
',x, i tpa e
XaW TU:rsuan to 3XIM
(F) be responsible: for h 6th- I xueuous.
2)'RIWO uty Special iVP M
bi ul ftin'tioh the 6onduct shall have as his Prine C Of, trade, tM-2
s1rhAer. Coons
for Trade 146g6tiations may direct'. Vj4) Jbpq 4 04 R p pm. putative for '7) Negaiatiow p",
(.M-44 Cxr ng 0# his fuxicuona er
s CI service An
... .. jnWqy,_,IF nd,'j6xJhe co

J, Ste. t:
(2 explo 'if "''f&m
Y yffpOrm and Cowl 4n"-Ck F42
)f t1li t*,a Stat es 06d i., anci PO
so eT f9r eich dw,( WiTw trftv*
J. TPAXITnilm tok
; .... ..... ......
19 U. B.C. 1801. 666 P. 95 -for Ukt.
19 U. S.C. 1872. See p. 97 for text.

Adribdois or tb 1*v
r Of i OF employees tmvel
Onto Who lyrd A by
ifi 0.6i
d of
... .... ..
such rules ankl, lie Ji
1. T I E 7
le"lojimelf and faoR
91. j
ibr tile in the
Ul=l=q ii.
bf the'
1Tegvt*ib", ma deem
f! 0 tgaity WWW "
or the lued Z2bri A"
TWA bile *Or pe"014 firjn ::
Vol i kbotandQ wdon V. .. 86 (bb) of d ::101sioised Statutes
*A; *M&Iohan ber udieM. Y.Ikotilwa..
lot dw
A tM& "' i :.
d& 191 "
tb "d Aideftl mcies in
L r
A. Jk
to No *opp-p OW-08W Spe.
tb Of
be ;e","L f"r the of tax iw- 14
is .111pr4fla
the Ate of go] enactment of this AcL
Umsolvw Unizor Ordei- 146. 11MV 6f
re cords and Woox author l arm" to
4' a F 7 Md" for
df Beeflon.
'p6wfiort 4 ]Repreor
ISM -A dit thb 49' T Of
bm *vpdint6d W*nd *ith the

AMINO* %Wpm on
tv ab the
'Ail ., A- -A


dom fsW, jf vil 4MYOH qd-i nt

.. .. .. .... ..
'1.i mn
Aifto k r I

i A 7.
Rurm ot, Hbrm0 O]P

as an exercise o
natives imd the,
dognm4z, Part of the,
-cable P
only with .eOPOO to
,,House.* the eum ot ion
101 1), ..b41ementm
2) reve4ve
1(b): ghmpnw
described in- su, low 152
PO"" 90OW, ralwo b
tb.6 With and
,Vriffi full- JJ
(2) ion a c
Tewgmt* of th
tO C11ARO tb6 W, 11, j, f Ure or
any- -OM03
ewaf any VAer-', 0&
Unn] Ug; eans -y
House of Con tin
Apr T1
=qv e
018,H-Oum t
Andr Wh
1 cl),, ,I
-ro W)O-ki f tv v v. J

ae0oi. (14 any): Prm 030-tP w j wl
or agreements, and
(10Y. if, 2V"W al"10
09 4 4 'agree 4
re4, "Op Wm
I ProVisiom.4-mocomaryi,o1z pp p
;E, eW'R# orv ag ",wnts; e#hoM W
ing Ism, or p "Fu new, #W
M JAg- lu SIT,
(2) Tba- ber leumn T111 Am
11V Tiff
.ITAWM, ofwbiph it viast gri
e epm" 10,
"m Wravall
Az i Utip4 Of, the two,
I %U of
i"t, 4
a le to, ifie ducig of

0 Doerr
on t ig
'PrIT on.
110 Ite 4f 4 SentnfiV" ",d
*th reaw, -to Sileb imp emenfipg bill Submitted by 0% President. 0
trade agree -mishall be introduced (by request) in the Houme by

"PIT WM". it *AW"
Oro: w by Memben of the. Ouse dw*n" b
I ty.
%r4he.: MAL. r '6
TMUM0 evAer Of the Aouse; imd shall
be M U (bvremmoo, in the SM, 4 1 leoder Of
ate 110 MA ri.=
-01 f, 111,4 40. do:
rainoriq = Of or
by 'Momborb got the Ssuoe:designated by the MaJ9rity leader an
i it, lead r of the Senate. If eithir. House is::
mmon Zky ea.e t in sewdon
ovUe 4 whieh: such a.. US& agreement issubmittedtheim.
pleinentin W1 A411 U.Yintroducid: 'in that. RQUW'..as provided in
Mutonce, on. Uie first thereafter: on which that
ch bills.shall refe by the.
4moen Of the r "..ecbV)P1::Hoiisqs to the appro rate committpN or, bi .0 V# 0
provisions with
"",Caft' IL 11.40"Wm n# inthe jurudiction
such committees for corad *d
of thow Provisions, wi hin their respective. jurisdictions.
...on."i h,..abilitteral:commerdaI agreement,
*fttemd i4to.Awder: ti0w,1W pUthis Act after the:date of the enis-trazwmitted. to the House of Represents
%V" Aud WwSMAej au withzespect to such
Zd rqqv CU Ho by the
Mqq sv), in use
Aft ffi 0 t I der
(n b mathe, lorl-bi Wxo "of the OU90 .... .
ie*yt 4 he U
1* mwr.,o lqjw be intro
1*uest in the Senate 16y: the majiiiF ty IeWq of the
Amd the minority leader'of the SenatAN orb
Ofavib 'at4 011t sona the maj w. AY lea&r.
marity. leadea- of the Senati, If either ouse is not m season on
.,the 4Y on which such an: a tra unnitt4 the a roval
ign With -V" Rect M is A
Ito such.. beJx#:2UCAd in
qrmetopnt. in
As ra ded in the, Prece4i it i qn: t4 fli st day "h tht,'11. 1W. Ile
Uft isia MOMM, The r6vil resoluU e4' ip shall bme ireferred to9tTle:.Committee
all ae
An and the 'W't
approved me lu ion
a be'refin-ed to the':UN!!mT1ift6io'n Finance.to &U.2
J 4.-A-VPM.
_ioii4in 1)6 in r in either'thi R6 ol A'L#" xte,; and na': to suveUd the
QN; I . pp4catioik 1A an shall b w6r&r either Muse, nor 1"11 it
er H0qM for 0Mter to entertain a
be ia'wd9a; ia, eith tbap: Presi
qn. ':..: a am UTMectiolk by nammoll
r"""l tuaplo#,* appji #k. 6f 19: U
a PIMOD $F(M CoNsfi M"TW4--o
ao lorpnded iw if tile m mi or
r 11oww', bill or
t0 *Voean( in
AOPMV* re '114 himi 1"n shw* have not. imported it at the
W000 Uo 4-6th__f4y sn* committee or
cAy dlm,4!tr fr zn brother conima ik ihill.. be, phzed ou the
oe "a' Ot *I vote at a flie, bM:.or row
90 W'takw M- ewh qi-, or 1 fb tho ;1w..d the
ted b We
y t 00MMI
AMt .""hPonlarepor be
a* K W oto, J
Montt I or after
'JrT! t Of- NOw to which it wom i Nrrad
sdi VvWoXnm*W mmfflmvq#oeq!Wq: been.J;ft"hA Amin further

10 Mfcw at
'Romel ft
resolution fffid a"ikhe*lw M th N;
finplijAe I -11, V f
f+om the r1ffdig**- 'tOt t
ht vote ft
(P) f OWthe biipki 44ing
bill or appro
rAN the
zi The prr6vfi&ns cyt 1*1%giVpht (11.
Se 'Pto ah imploin re- ;6 A*, ve*11 4&
Mut bill -iw ed froin the Muse'Aal W Priate'6oMmittee or,6n=ittek 6f 016 Seno ff
or commit. have not rep6ite 'smeh bitt attl* dd* Oth
-day aftr iti t "Smike (6r, if
receir y thp bef6ia' of
thi 4 fh 4& dfteir thi eorrepondigg hfiP1(_*WtA1ftd,f was ihtro6t (l 10'the Se ate)f' S
shall befuWUHMMUMIL dis dh Is f iVIA f nAhor i)iiti. Of such bill'hnd I ghil7be- A oWt 0* tealendo, 0%
6, 40' the
Pima of ffnew bilf 010611 4
+be 15th day dft ''it
Clbft bf er, a h M1111
oi OonirMtt6es 6f ihe $A t, to r
mmmitt66bir, 1iAttees1mV6'beehd'Whmfgd r ''farthaptonsiderstio'n of a bilL'
rpos" cl 'A rovohs- 1)'*nd- _ji inti QW 0,
of asys in -eit .: i h r ]! n%_' her* shall b4 Iudod
.nmrft r ",Y W
ion which t Mt Ho-dw'is not in semom f F ,ooit CbwsmmubN- Tx imm Hotet.the. ti t6 piw O*d to
A: m, ion in Ff 6f W Ved
th edn'siderntion"6fah hnp1ei1*nti'Ojz or 'lip, rbvwl il ,' ion shall be highly privileged and not fe WuqA4,ftm*tJo
the motion shall ot b in order 'nib 'f Aill 0* to
to mconsi&r the vote b the iitot- lb dell dis,agreed too :':
(2) Debut6 Iiithe: 61,
Ing i pr appirovit ivmlution shallbe*hmiti&ta bet, t
26 rs' *hich sli ivid6d
and th osing the bif? -X-jt -Nfq)mr W
lh* hall not bp debatole. Uthall nottip im; or, d1ar to
move10.: re6ommit",tn implemmiti SAT 6i
im P e eutms *
or to move to reconsider the vote by which a I m
or approveil resobition is mgree4 t6 or disitgt.oed to.
(g) motions to Postp"t, lomdeAn th6-FTOL Okatives with respect to, b6 copsicj wion of 4in ita br app ovnl resoluti6fi, and th Oltkqi t< pro-CA erg
tion 6f 'other liliam-ess d6cide d W ith it
A.11 ippeal 10 the
(4), s, fro fi the decisl' hig of, the OwmM
appli oft ofthe Rules 40,
rdi 'Iffouse of Pvdj* Om
Procedure relAtlag ro Itzi ivyiRlei biR dr on
shall be delci&(l W* d
RXC Pt ddd IV i
*of t1his Mb6di6n,'6*4
fl6n* Aalt4W UVIUMIUCU
or AppivVS] Tt6qlm 9
Y it ::rlii . ... .......
.. .. ... .. ...

asaspl.sl to: other hils an8 toolations

1) A in the Senate tolpoedtotecnidrtmo
iml tin bill or approval resolution shall be privileged
ad W Anamedentto the motion ball not be in '01 'rer, a'it be, in order' to: move to reconsider the vote by
aIc tJ ,r. in gre to or disagreed to.
(21) ebt -in the Snate on an implementing bill or approval -biko 4 nd all debatable motions and appeals in connection
1wi s 1 lbe limited to not mnorel than SO hours. The time
be I Zilided beween,4 and cotoldbthe majort
-wa --- ority leader or their designee.
)IS the Senate on any debatable motion or appeal in
ean an, implementing bill or approval resolution shall site "-ore than 1 hour, to be equally -divided betwen,
con" y, temver and the manager: of the bill or resoe -**in the event- the manager of the: bill or resoluis::-fan nhmtono pel the time in
rt shl ecnrle ytemnrity leader or
esi em uh leaders, or either of them, may, from time under
ion the ssae.of:an implementing bill or approval
"Mit addimal0ie to.-any Senstor during the cOW
iieato deofbl mion or appeal.
(4) iA ifoin the Senate to6 furtherlimit: debate is not debatae. A mointo recommit an implementingo bill or approval
'ath~ iworder

of hi eagon, them "resolution" means

'curtreotinoth two Houses of the Omare natte3r ftbhersovn clause of. which is as
foll- S' at the, W.nte osnt prv .
tysawuit- to the Congresonl.... ." the first blank Spac 6 ellged in accordanc6e with paragraph (2) and the
saw apacebeing, file itbte appropriate date; : htipn of. either House of th ongress, the mareolen Alueo hc s s ollows: "That
dos nt aprov -1.. .transmitted as n -:,......., ." w th the: firs blank space Ahbte name of the rpsolving House, the second
and tet blaUkeOpos being filed Wit -the: aprrit
ra nk sA0p meerd.oi paragrph (1) (A)
as reoltie reered to i section 908(e),
"the actIOn-takeh by. orfthe determination: of,

(JR) Ulm
with the bram, Mtim
Sectum ::, .0 ji
-.0 4MMIwMkA
YI: id nk PI (1) (B)
ohall 1 *F
..25. fwknogt-w
X-O I rego
with dwjohriiie fthe deteinkmtion of the Sect*tary!, of :tbe,,-TpeamjFy-AmmIW aeetWa,-;OW
of the TaziffAvtvof,19w
B) hi tlwew.:4 to kiuIAwofiw40;U
vp lawphrWAA
U ..... . .........
this b iink.
VO .M I L py:
(C) ini the Caft tw I ilk
under 9*jen Qf
witted the TIS& AAI)aAOT41
with twes ALW (VAIL tkm
pied, to.
being Alle#. vith "40Kb) "....pO490 t propostR4.
Od tbip
couatry il VeW t
theaou fthrrod Arp
09 lwpm iW w 4,C
Ways and geans an"d All reWutieos A*Od%4*4 in. Itbe aloe%
be.referrqd:tc)thaCg-mvvottmoji Fjn"o&.: nk. ,."Jtlk (4 '#
(or) D olp A00MMaTTI, A.1 S
(1) It the committee of eitber HmwAa:.wJuOd&wxQMA has
been referred has, P4 r -,O ft
qpqrtO4 it C Of-, 80 da, 10 MiV
introduction'lot Connfiz* any** rx di
tion 158(b), it is in order tamo ve,
'436328me 0 Ttwrumn Or P.
the committee from further cousi'deration of any_ othey t KIAK
introduced" WtW in ib ae,Rtile excopt
to IM. : In wfier: tfw vi* I iij qrted IL
rge: shall be" 6 (Idi
resolution: wM respect to thcommi tnau- er.
(2) A motion to dkwh&rge under ps nmap
only by an:. individual ftvoTf ag the 'Its6%fi 4*h!y.
privi in the 14646 -16 il F tivikgpd
thereon shall be limited tonot more than IK' thw to
divided in: the and, th
opposing the resolution: and to'blev divided nE Seao a
and controlled by. fh&li* Iksder it4 ail
.. I 1 2. .. I ority
W ar or, their Aesl An 13 n pt..
in i ardor ond it is'not 6rdei th
*hich a;;wotilift is ap"d to or di4i gr6 d*o.
(d)" Fum Comummotoit 1w
0 the I wi= Oof IP
(1) motion M
of A. rdw be
ableo amwdmmt to tim
not 4146at An
nor A&II it- be in or6w to NWV6 t( -Mvuaumtw w
to or Ad
IM p r fe

shal belimited to not more than 20 hours, which shall be divided
abet" UM thn e favring.. and those oppoin the resolumon. farthe r to limit debate shall not be beal.NO
at oren motion to.rcmmt the resolution shall be in
ewer.t el- s act. be in order to6 move to reconsder the vote
byw4. aeolstion is agreed to or dare'to.
Mation to postpone, made InI thOus of Representatives -wrt te consideration of a resolution, and motions to
prad.t *-onsideration -of other bsnsshall be decided
Leb ...
All mi frm the decisions of the Chair relating to
=uat f h Rules of the House of Re ettvst
Ahe 'a'dusrelating to a reslution shall be decded without
"reeto the extent specifically provided in the preceding
4 -- -s o .is subscin cnideration of a resolution in the
os f Pres.entative shall be goendby the Rules of the .. ITs of Re- :amtatives applicable to other resolutions in similar
(e) aw Cox TMa~o za sea antra.
A~~~~~~~~ meq...h Snt t rcedt the consiaderatinoa
r- =ti shl bepIilgd Anmnmn to the motion shall i ein o6rd r sal it be inorderto move to reconsider the
Y.- whith motioAi Us agreed to or disa greed to.
Deb ~at in 'the Senate on a rslution, sand all, debatable ao .= 4 appeals in connection, therewith. shall be. limited to -ant= d. W s ob qalydvddbten and conythv majority ledr an th ioiy lae or their
CAe .- ... (sSatotAny 'd4ebatabbi motion or appeal in
on wii A e6nishll: be lim31ited. to. not more than 1
he be ally Aivided betwen ancd controlled by the mover
th oaJn Irwtteeolution, except that in te event the
r g eqlaia l~infaor~i nysuch motion oaPeal,
a ,txatheret, phallYb!conrolled by the minority
r spej$uii Teders, or either of them, may, from
nort rconIol Apssag of a reso-lton, Allot addi1tmq" b n Sei urin th osideratio of aydebat400 *- m e1 Weite tp futerlmit, debate ion A resoluV* 1o7ion, or appeal i not debafable. No amendment ist" it festlo sin order i h eae
Ro R.eo rKoe.I 'the case of a
rt in If ti (1;prioT tio the passage by one
ona tdia4Roue, receive a resolution
a ~~the ohrHue hn
eIn' guse shl ithe same asIfn resoS4a0 ot fouse I but
pa atalllieon'the resolution of the

15& FOX
Q3 Reb9ft
Uudtr 1 4...
'wo 14ibe me ly Ir I V,
vM da'
tW waner i0tor tbb"MO Use a
"That the Pongress' 08
ialfiid iiiei!doi 402f c I)-4*of 'the Tra& Att al W4 dea
by the Y rm deAt to a
blank Ooa *ith
a .t
appropriate date andthe second blaz kv_ MA with
the nimes of t CO, egs th -TMOO sad,
hoie totri t' if *1
extension of adthprity is'not a _tImth6vokbo PtAtLuEle
ing Owitted if there: 13"U6 sitch cmjhtry;i(2) resolution of either House of the Conzmg,,, -,440ei
tf tor the. resbilvhng 61aus6. ..,VhIch A %ffdmgf li, the
id Ia app Iho,
oes n to i the'titolsion or CO*
tainted in se fi(in 4(9 (q) a V.e tr & r
th Presi& A to: the Co-tIL 601,41dis
------------ with the first blank space be- 6 the
name of.. the resolve g M6 t.ht qiOqfidbI*jftk't gftk6del filled n thi appropriate datA ft A the, ffirld, hli ak*SVMM Wed
with the names of thpie c6um"tnift if ifty; *Ith-I 'It' OQM im&:ekUnsion of atitholity is not 6 *ithMspect-to clituft omitted it LOJLIU U4 noi -'of th is
n Appro ..*ith respect to N." A
(b) oF Rtri w cw SwAdw 152
Except as provided in this sed on iitions ese
tidn sha 1: Apply to re" d In
(2) In a I section .152 (c): [MIC18jr,
be counted iLS.1 k ihe i4 Of KAI, .. ... .. .. .. ..
W.: calendar days A I be subdituteo f6r, W of seilioi IM (d) (2y 4IMi Pro"d
(a) That Pa or v3d
is Dr. hsn n Y* apy ILMen.
Of Imeor more: camtHes r a
usq, m e case.of a resdhdibfi &96Pb0 BiY
a *ilth_ i case of a
M Era) 6n (i). (21 Debib Mthi of
,tn ainkadraeut to a- reso t
OUr *hAMWI be equa 'bet'
qw e As amendment. A ion i) e'
I t d to on an, t 0 04' 1010
(4) nat P.A o O*ion 1*0 v
amendment is in order, a* IJT AM I
4 T WO
resotutionwWA is"firoated to
one or more emm ries
except -MM, "f) a,, ri M
r r MP64-to, OU Pf i
linut on
a resolution in'the Senate ;ii der section 152 (e)
all amendments to a resolution. Debate mi the Senate on any, amendment to a resolution shall 'be limited to not 'more then I

V wii
$e Apevine" 46
(a), As won as prv#c#mbJp b
under Auq"r I or awdQ4 -A"
mpwea to the Unit6d.
oulaly done so, Boo
of the CQU W%
grew 0
of the InternaOona Tra& OxwW&A6ik i Owdo- n of b*and. of other b*_ A-0
b N4uiber the 109pi
The PpWdent.shidl t to raw
a summary of the on requ rod to bo t
House under.. subwtion Yor Pu'"X SC Of su
term kem1)6r:?) luclud(4. Nlei*a 2E
Sec. M Rw .1. '. :...
:1 A Al,
A 1 1 A C:
.(a) The: Pzeskk -submis.. kq. OW qd
pt shaff ttv
onlbetraod agnmumato gad:::
P11119 im
assis. for. WMkp
report WW findja& ijp d1,MTRO* 7- 11TWm M9S1Y1r
made in duties and nontariff trlrs "im othq Am$ 0 tsuA
of the 1,UMW& rwipro* Aouepa*Dw ob"Um chAn 0 M
for hnport relief and compensation provided 66rofor i, ex**skm or wiWdiawaLof nond mftwory treatamt by. th*Vwked Statas
with respecto.to theprO&CM OL Ovi J 6"W 4waftuyf; "P&fication w withdrawal, sus pension or ,I-itation ofpr Al.
to "'exports of Aevelopm oe4w t*kew. to
g oowitmies. 'tho result, Qf Obtain removal of foreign tr Y
a 4-a4estkidions- (indudiog 4 restrictions) af-rainst, United States exports sod the rewvil: 61 fomip Practiceswhi. discriminateagainst-UuibA--StattsowviWjjidu#wa includingn transportation and tourism): and investnmi- atd..
4z .4. #404ft
measuresLing taken, 'the f*661*1 -.4,
importrestrictious sAdotlier-ii m r&tm- t6*otndoaivw ments program An& tAw the.. Sgrememu enwqd wo 4.eisatlpr.! report shalLalso elude: infoiwmti ,Te ditgthwftwober v4aOjMm 0964AS; filed -for ad' Moogju sssils A*Mwdwrx RW 0* cities, the number of:such the ex*tent1awhkh ad,7twtrmmt nsdWA nM
ap p 11 .... . .......
mch approved: licib" .49
(b) ne Tn"M OttionalTM& cmnmi& Aail 0*wft to .04 flow grP : At OTM a TM714 F faleAlift] 'repeft, on thw 4pe" t&* -vf 4he tra&io"n*wts JFT,


380of thaTsrifiAAm1VWJu ixrmaniWA#QWW _mAdwiL
U 19 U.S.C. 13W.

VnitedState3, or in &V order, r or atherqxuwnwbt to thwUnited States Tarfiff ComT%ri#-4Dommimg&) shaH be considered to refer to the Sts" Intemational Tra& Commission.
-poll M torm ligation 6f Oe Commbdon,
(a) Subsections (a) and (b), of: sectign:330 of the TarIff Act of 1"Q (19, U.S.C.. 1880) are -whencled to Ir"d 89 follows: United States Intemation.al Trade Comrred to *in this title as the "Commission") shall be com?7d .1 six 1181810ners.rwho-shill be aptainted: the Presi ent,
an K
and: ** th tbb advice wid p6mnt of the pemon shot I be
0 for a eft as 9; commimoner unless is a dtizen of
Vaited lmd, in the judgmentt of the President. is
bf tins] ficatiblis I r"Alisite for developing expert IWu 7wQ .. Of intertrade PyOlems and efficiency in administering the duties sud fhnctibns 6f tbe...OwpmiqO;on. A who has served: as a
1 r, Morelhan.5 Yom serric0 as a COMM=Sianer h a RA f :, A. TradeAct, of 1974)
trrie t e at6 o t e enactment of the
'notbe eligi4le:for res ppo tment as a commissioner. Not more tbawthr" Of the ihall. b6 inembersof the stone itiad
I CoMmMIGners I pois
par 7, and in Maldng a ointments inembers of. diftko nt Hit cal be KD idternatelv As nea;qv: In a- be precticabIL
Ffb) Wwms or Orn M ha- terms. 0 office Of M
WdiiiiUOffice on tbq date 4 the enactment of the Trade Act of '1974
1016 &r tW4 would ex a re
imtow pi on'tTune 16, 1975, June: 10,
1 6. June 16,. 1977, June 19., 1918, Nfi6 6 fift W#Tune 16 1
-Mbel une 6. m 1:6, 1979
Me V.Dec er
"M76 ANTI. ftbe fibi* yi.
,e of office of ezwh commissioner appointed after iweb :.date
ate: of the ex0iration. of tho term Ior apfou!wt extOt that-Anly commWoner. Isp to M) -,Uw. PrIorK .
W 016 tion of the
appointed shall be appointed for
left n ,am mand insert'i
J t*n
10 : Tit ... ... M" ... .1 .. Ing
vsprovide&in paftgraph:: (2):,., thel!; and
W 4MM (St6wnTIM6 171): 19754 the tom,"M81"
It tw expi re,40d*hO h"KaLwast 18 months remaI nipg in.1is term shall serve az chairman. during the laA 18monthaVOW"F Or, iti the, 4AWOf "TIT.:%XwMdMdOI*r A 41Potatad to. AR o:
-I-L2tw ?&Oq6I.-Mnw* Ma".. 4w"P -Awaaa ... .. has::,
rw Who at, least
80me mvy wvh ulr]
ti fill;A PWWCY owUjIwhJ3K.A ch; 8 month. wi4
1 W*11*101*41 IAN F sta* OW" by
Ire... ?',,(I t t
V w States AMernational 'Tride (;om-


(24 th w
MI Su=
(8 section .5316 of such 'w
I., P ".! -, ,, ". j 3 ,
Ml i 149e
see. IM Vvili"
(9 Of
0 Twiff AAAA

(2,) by'.4vortmg bebwe the t
by coninumen
the durI W ho yw
Vding i*Lthe affmotivs 4n4,
vots: andAmec DPMJK4 v0ing,
reasons for not, . .. ... ...
""tatien in'
elL C6urt
Section 833 (c) 6f the Act df MbbLstrailiff otit &V ... ...
CrAl 6f UnIQ Statei'l a it it.
I u lere "A + l Sid
p A-&W. 1- 1.,
(2) by addinjif ih jil i f e 45 h#*,
ltzil32&19 ATIO x nr COURT:, ...represented i all judicial p
ot the IM.111:14.111:1113w6n or, alhe b7
mp'o e='
the Atyto y. q nepm iW S 44m
!,,qf.,:the Un
Seiml: IM, aul .44stAoftet ap4 A
8. -0
(a) fl 19ffeefi": lvrWles p w, q pU4 0
ped. -to the lfib"I.Aj w
1 for,PUII*90 -00he Budgetpad.. USA I
tiO64 or thoe
transmitted to the President on orbefc&w 4b6
precede the begminift19totSX&SOWIR I PNW SbA taw
Budget wiImA "d cGedw"Oft
be canal&radAo,4bw* such Act.

-or Ow District of -lWidnbis" im*f in jaw
tj jj
se6fiobs (A) and'(k
(b), &ction 3W of tba. nVill *4 Of
Amended sa4ing at AlWond, thomf Ow Miw..
"'(e) AUT rovuzAnowovAYvfto
Odober 1, 19769 and.ft& himil thwmfb*

(d) 0)Paragmi en
P y rtf W*and *MAI-t1w.
lhe Sen recogm
rig4 of the Seo"to cham' ft- its M061, 0160L.

.(Kiq 4d IM& XVI of tin --- JL %SSWAW of the
Sinaft U &Zs" by..Mding at the: and of the table thwein
the Mowing:
woo-On ruijke For the Utavatlow T*&ft conAolmdotO.

T .... .. ... ..
SM 20L A=V I IINI__ bY Trwk Connuissiono
.. .. ......
III:)IIWd'M ::Iw elir it ir im
00 ly. A .... fo
y port relief for the 12
ugmefit competition may I* filed
6f idi to, iMPOR
v Ahthe InteriaLti:3 Tmde CommWon (habdiaf ter in thii daptier
as the
Ahn, C"W MR of W which
me Ve ol an Ie petition include a Stsument
d4e;1%_I -t-he HIO AXPP".10r, which im Muef UW
*k Ifig Mch itati the or4wV
MxJV loc- Mg
xlcipwi lt OtWafive Ow- &nA otur means of adjustW no* condition of it peb
(2) Whenever a petition is filed under sAsection, the
Won'shklj tr pw th6ield 10 the 8:1)6 resentetive for
T ow ft
qk oti i hd the PP
(b1111 bnh tlie requwt 0 the. oilffiaspeeialikeprmMur
tiatious resolution of eitlier'the ODmmittee
d4 jbvt x0go 'qPM.
on o the Ito". of Repreftntaraves or the Committee
Jh&Senqeu* its own motion, or upon the of a
pder V
(A j, :Qhte CommW6n Wian jP !OMP
w or
lermine anartick isbem Im
_g. payted into
Sikes M stt6h sneriia6d Awtntities as to. gi substantial
prodyqMg Ard 10.0 16 or direcd yy ipetifive iiiM the imomdad
. .... In ims ti &t tlon M the ComV IM%
t aw factors *hic'h it considers
i Pludi(but not JijaxitW to.),
t ithe vj
with, Of
^j IAIU17-A
iwtbe.: be inability
ft; j&;r of firMS to f.: P
qpemte at MDJA
10 to '4Per.wUs M-PIM a decline in nks,
0Win a.. trend M" proad growling .. .. .. .. .. ..
g1*4, or
Alm CO
with roped tx Idglanj au'la'. M imvorts
deelfiie in.
in d4,qrx4 a g. the dol ,w ..
UM"'MR. or directly O=PSUUTGVith.-M
the Commimion. . .. .. ... ....

C )..:MY 7OMPWL%%MqP% Low
Jr- YT,
004 as put =".MCA. *"#ix sm. 4bMMW*
In COM.'Of d,
M,%Yt a qj estic proffi qei I'Virlbi
that W au or:,9ubdiv=ojlOir thepmclucer w v ;,A. P",
like -03r dii! cdy coml 2a,
(C) may in the _css6 6 one of ymeWc, produom, who
produce a Uie dirwtly coppeti r le, in a ifix" i 00C
graphic areaof VnItej States h
in bber action Caw.
in wh area for sue, AWN,
tic the
;iiies M in
nuirket in such are4, Iiiia W, ch cl,
sm& arm, tre*&i*aS*J:ru
...... .. .....
the produ tion locaNl in
1(4) PUrposEo Of tyb se tibn, e on, 811 twc
cause Which is important and r
1(5).. U. the O.Ourps of Y
a 0 6,1
64.'for thePurpo.! 6
minatioiii'mid6r: w tions, 20
on efforta AA6 Pb ,rLj= i" dii o
effec#*y wiffi import& IU 1, 1"i i .4)
..the 'coui* of anyP:rOlqOed mig uni r sulk
4. "VjQc 014
Mission ahall ln estient ,iinv factors'which s
Mitriba6ng to incrE a ed illiport6 thi it ele &Ad2 in the'O*,OU17SO of its t
i "
eve' that the incrossed so gttiib
reaspulo beli )d
reumstaAMS Which coj4e v i th i w the An,
A4, 211"t I section 30 gr 337 a tli igid
remedial.p 0 ih, iODIn
aplol w Ageng such, action h *'y
aixthoiimd b such visio46f iaw.
In Procee 6r b- Aqu
(c) In 6, courS6,6f (111T iilA
mission' 1119 reasonaW'ndtiee, hold" ublic'
afford a pit an ortuni
a klem it mch hen
Mlssioll sfialf the Pttid
under subsection (b), and the ba,4% thete116i -arA ghsAf ropo h ingor seps f t4e with
respect t6'any arficle is tL result 6twa i6i gi tq tlltb ury.
.. o hreiLE thereof dekiribed in su
p vi, , po
(A). find'thie amoimf -of the' m M**,_'6r iM 6fi
dui Wi im ortrestiaietio'lft, on' u&': Artkid *hicli heO6 R!7 to Jlll
prevent or remedy sucNinjift
(B) ilf k&tzrinffiiii A Sit a t "MIS SIM
21 31 and 4 can effectivlbly, retde
on 0f gdofi hwA A& "m "r
alid'shall inchile eucY ft, J16j, agil ikAwi ltg Ila Pit" tif. The 0 'issi Al ftinAishl6the of the hearmgs and any briefs wlUch *ertsu emitted N tjdft
With I
IV*. nl ?S P-M
19 U.S.C. 160-171.'Sw p. 108 for text. .... 4
ftck:w j 14-Al .,r fftll bShnqnv
w 19 U.S.C. 1303, 1337.

The.. report of the..Commimsion of. its determination under sub
.11 (b) shal be made at the earliest practicable time, but not later
mounthe after the dateen which the petition is Ailed (or the date on whch the request or resolution is received or the motion is adoptedA so the may te ).- Upon mAking eaich report to the Preidenti the C m n 1h.l aa prmtly Makepbiluhrpr (with the
excpton of ifda.t. wluch the Commission determines to be confidm~t)% and.. shalt. ae a:a summary thereof to be published in the Register.i
() Except for good cause determined by the Commission to exist, n-inaigation for the purposes of this section shall be made with rewets6 the same subject matter as a previous investigation under
- .Oi11..nke I year has elapsed since the Commission made ite .pf to the President of the results of such previous ivsgaion.
J)(14) Any, investigation by the Commission under section 801 (b) .f OTade-Eltpaso Act o f 1962 9 (as in effect before the date of
-h enatment pt this Act) which is in progress immediately before
manner as if the investigation had been instituted originally tne he prvsosof this section. For purposes of subsection (d)
-apeiton fo anynestigation to which the preceding sentence aples shall be treatda having been filed, or the request or resolutio haSving been received or the motion having benadopted, as the cm! mabe, on the date of the enactmt of this Act.
It, .0on te ate of the enatmient of this Act, the President has .o .Luen any ation with: respect to amnym ot the (''mmicin GOWW'ng aen oarmnative determination. resuting.. from an investigadmor metion 301,(b): of the. Trade Expasio Act -of. 19N2 (as in e~o.before the date of the: enactment of this Act), such report shall
ad b thePresident as -a report received by him tuder this nefollon the date of the enactment of this Act. 9663WPresidential Acton After Investigatons..
'After recevin A potoM te. Commission containing an
Tex' ndogunde eto 0()ta increased imports have bmsoalidiitk caine of sierlbits iury' or the threat: theeof with toaptditstrythePresdent-....... .
(1) LA) shall poie import reiefr such industry pursuant
eto iofs 03uness he determined that provision of sucele
.4.snot in 'nakional economic interest ofthe.United.States, and
(B)evilst tfid. extent'Ito: which adjustment assstance
is 'been ftade availphle (or can IMl made :vial)under
-0 2 8,thd4 6thistife t th wokers sad firm in such
stry_ and to the cmuiies in h such workers and firms lo.ate.., and, 0ftee disch eraua ion, mairect the Secretary
"a i#ldS rir of Obmerce that expeditions conad B#1 18thefudiltions for adjusftment Assistance; or
2 if thy mmiiin, under section 201 (d),rcmed the
'f aisneslldiret the Secretaries of
to wibibe in piaragraph (1)(B)
Wthn 00ay(3dayi the case of a supplemental rprt teafn ()) fe echigarp'rt::from the Comission.
062 WL M: ~ed4 y M@ "0) r hisAe

containing an idst-ioffobll ft V!ir
tinder'seefi6n W1 (b) hei ddtitw tp
bjr refiWif Of secti6n'300 (d)' 61 the 'Taliff W tldf 1930,II*'v0thii
or, 30- dAy) pi&W') I 6 6 P deAtib*11.
*hat method afid
W1 vrovide, or det&Thke, tfiar the, ithidffio& ro6dlg 'u&
Inth6 national, eccalo"M d.
he *iH:dibwt:. diti cft9idefttipn,4df'6dTuA*t i4istw*i petitions, and pub h in, ithe Federal Register that- iwfiak inide
6uth &t&M mihtion or '' Oft
the 'P
lassistRnCei DIAH& "' Ih ra
in "'6 F6db I Regiigte hniWder t;D ftry of. Labiji iihd' Secretary, of Cominerce. for ei ed*itfug' OM0. ... rj Ci i Awl
sideration 6f 'P tition&
(c) In determming whetherk to rovidie:'irnpoft ftlisf, "d, what
mthlii:d and Mount of iMP6ft reliefhe viH prdvide"P drqa'kntii ;e tion 203, the President smh take into-Iacboiiiat in addition* taisuA, other coziaiderations: at he debit reUvantin-fonfistiok and adywo from th Labor,
the ckMot -to wM& 10AWICers ift1the"indti4ry MWAT
Teceaving or are IikelyA:16 receive tdjtm&At& Aliaki6W P- ir
chap 2 Dr::benefits froni other manpower rogr&mj
(2) in forwation A14 advice f irom &e 9;4tA7 a' Cowlnor&..
on the extent td which! fift" in the industry hav# atpfitd 16, r aiie RMY. ii ulfder
receivmgj orare T46ceivb adjustment amstl
B .. r 3.
and 4
(8) the probible:eftt!O" "kf impbft r6fief IMIg I
di gtrnent the eff, rtsbein9

f4) t effed. of.:-W"* r4o 1 JIPA 41
Me and. availability.: ofthe Mppc& urtklo And t
girectly coinpe itive Ara."Cle C4 M i
on.(*MPetiti6fi J'U the d
V xltl 41
the I#tq &I Qcw!'4f-T
a .... IPA
0 IM
interest"f the UniteA. +Abu a ... .. . I I..
the h
IMPact on and im
consequence o f "'i t1i
f any possible modificiOou q, AT4 -;0
-ile iiolis wmeli 'i 4 rj *itb
ingyresultfroin uteern i
TOSP64 to colnpewwfion;
7 Aba: gaDij "Pti
IkObBd t4q U4te4 Statm;
(8 the extenttAQW $PC
fi ch
PO "5ulph article Ke
.or e"Or o xw' V
of sueh'art 4 t4 firv
Pr on iwwts
markets; and vo ..I..
%nd. *d A ir
taxpayers, eq !tAMC lf) Rr
IFqM not PrOVI(IO& IT ner i f) )
TIM "deB the
rem, k'nmw with'A.. 4 0. -A% YVI
he receive an affirmative Mading of th e Commission under-wwdooL.
-311. t'C "fi!t brif xw .. I -'M*1 ... Z I

s= ., tW espct o a inustyrequest addidtn lnormation
f. ~ ~ ~ ~ the 'omIa.TeComsinaal as soon as practicable but n event more than 80 days after the date on which it receives
<.. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Owiatsrqusfuns adii n infrmtion with respect
tP, qh industry in a supplemna report. S8c 208. Import Relet
:YIf the President deemnsto provide import relief under seeti Ma) 1),he shall to the exen thaad for such time(nto
-1 years as he determines neesr takn into account the e- ration speted in aection.W08(a) to prevent or remedy serious
or 4the threatberof to the industry in question and to facilitate
tl :darly adjsmetonw compeitve conditions by the industry
proclaim anices n ripston~of, anly. duty on the
malesusmg or, threatening to cause serious injury to such
(8)prolz'Sim atar-rate quota on such article;
(8) proclam a, modittention of, or imnposition of anY quantitaOft:Triction on th*ipr nto -the United Sttsof such
(4) Ane111o tiatoderly marketing agreements with foreign couneW limEingtheib export. from foreign countries and the import

Stake any combination of such ations.
(b 1)On th**dao which the. President proclaims import relief .b~ Ann4se bffduane. annieri *in rtention to negontina one o mnore
-- marketing meant, te President shall transit to ConKs.a document setting forth the action he is taking under this seef the -aties than -by. the President differs, from the action A511-ami twhimkbYthe.Conmmission under setion 201(b) (1) (A), he xhl state the reason for such difference.
rhf& eday :on whichothe -Preident determines -that the provifhpa soid J1s not in the.1national, economic interest of the UnitedSides,. the: .President shall transmit to Congress a document fOtnh dtrisonadthe reasons .why, in terms of the
I econo i iteriy h s o prvidin imprt relief and also
W a her step he is ta mbeyod adjustment assitance programs
tal avilale-o hlp heindusry toovercome serious m4312Y' Aidh& %A* to Sn rd cemploymnen1t 1)M the s reo under subsectin (b) that he is
ston wig dxe frth atli on recommended..by the Cm
wadr eotin@1b) 1)(A),for thathe will not provide import.
Ad'si paagap (S)uo lsaoto ybothouses Of
a (M 1th h Zdy>pro floin h date onwhcte
a treerd oiDsbetin()) is transitte to teConrs)
Aranatv vQ& et. a-aostyofth Mmbr of each House
Anddtibtolavmconcuet reolution disappoving the acton
f te* aihodorhisdetrmiatonwno to; provide port
desi deSsec *tbihp (1) (Aopio of stc .olto

do Ve. dLM:A WMMOMF4
iF twvj ;_under wed'one M (b) ij4 i k V AA
a Mte OF AULT,
'W---jr k 77i
percent. alo
more than 50. . "a
ad v A 41WP
thetimo of the r9d
P. amatum
(a) or (c and... any orderly marketing AqPOW;ed,# _,"I
to iubsectiqn (t) hall p* ermit the importathm C4 a quenitAty or*, of the article -Yihich is not less than thi qu Wtity or Vxb** i!nport ed. mW the Uidted States d thev most-reewt petio& Wulak thiPreiddentdeted sisrel .1
(e) (1, Import relief =der this section shOOU 1;e PTOclalbned"auko effbd within 15 days aft r the im A relkf bMdb1,zO%1&,4W unless
the Prom* dent AnAounbes on meh Asto his A;o *9ne or
more orderly Tarketing undwsubsecd6n 4)io
... -.140 11 14 4
in which cam nn rt rw shiR:W Me&MiQlAakev Mt WIAM
90 days aft"the' relidf debmrrdM1At3MftAak&::
(2) If tb&:P t provi"
(1) 1 (2) 7 (8) Qr he may, after iuch relieftakes ate
orderly. Maritet" with. I x q, after
sudh agreements &bW4ftet; mis d. or AM, IM or, iwpwn
Such IOMDO relief.
(3) ff the PresidenV: negotiatm4A m4W4 "Ment
un&r. subsection (a 4) or. (5). and suavapeama U4 fVQ A. qW tinue to'be effeeti LlTjty JM Abe
in ftbsection (h), ro do.mportTe W wwj MA
(3) or s)
0(4) OrIPUMOOM of this sabseeti the'tem hapork root de W
011 dile.. nwans, the date of the:_Prw d mt &w% section 2o2 (b). 14
(1) For purposes of 5absecti bm
of itern 806-80 or W7.00 of., the Tariff Sche&iai t ,
rM t to an article: shall betr"ted wownwrem 1A
r znTew: of subsectibah i i M&%(
deAM on, of W. article -as aa eL NO.. 11W OU
10; 1. rva W
vdiin 204 ... ..
be treated: as, an increaii6'
viding..' i a sus e on-ra '(9) ND proclawz6m I pro p_=
paragmph, (1). WA4 reSPe&1to,4UT.artiJC1e s in 4ddifion, -to" *14bg, an
tetion (a) or (d),uft1bwAbe-Ooimmissjon,4 lot
affirmative dedeermination witb .respect to'% meh- *rd*,,UUdkr 0_4
2 01 b determines the, ,Courft:. of. its M*est]gz#=4, 201 that the serio'a n tbitsWMmmf),
by imports to the domedde ind pduci a 9r CU
p titive article mults from th ifttlofil 40M,80M
ion for'
prockumt V P IWdy
0 a
) F
reh to M Pitir h (2) -with to, am,
under subsectic or (c) unlewfha, Conuaisdm 'b
49 4wom
maldng rnmfive determinaticad''v"
un&r: aw b"VW- of uwt

. otwion-01() bthA he arious injury (or threat theeo) eb*
Ibt imoA-t hdmsi industry produang
copetiavearticle recent from the dagtinof the
W'e a m Jatol for. the pa Of title V.
I 1)Te. shall by re tion provide.for the allaint
AMr admainistton of any quantitative'restriction proclaimed
I odrto carry out an areement concluded under subsection
4) t (s)46), or(.04,th rsdn is authorized to prescribe ingu-tions governing te entry or withdrawal from warehouse of Of4104covere by: such agement. In: addition, in order to cryOut
"Y 19"G m~oladed undersubsection (a) (4) t (a) (5) or (e)(2)
*thfor more countries accunting for a major part of mnted stw ~ports ,of the article covered by such ageeens including importsjo gegaho rao teTme States, the Preeadent se~hMtto*-iene reuations governingthe entry or withdrawal Irhouse of like: artcles which are the product of countries not paresto such agement
nanniOMnw. annodha ..4.+t.hisbec.i4n shall to the ex+ten* P41W. Mad.. **w~n ith efficie mand firs administetionius uel sgiia nequible sharing of imparts by a relatively small number of
) Aeytaptreifpoid pursuant to this section shall, enee posat oprarp (8), termiate no later than
I ledawichi JA yers aftr teday on which import

Tote extent feasbe any imPort relief provided pursuant to:: aee tion for:a period of more than 3 years shall be phased down 014U tbs pord, of such telef .)with: the first reduction of :relief tak--6no later than the c lose of the da which is 8 years after the ?0-9da such relief Airs took effent.
af import relief providled parsnant to, this section or section .3 W 59 atotheTrade ExpaSnsinAt of 199 myb xedd by
&nt, h a ee ;f Irelief no greater than telvli lc
tely before such extension, for one 3 ya prodi the Presietdetermines after taking ,it coutteavirce received f rom whiontader sbeion (i) (2) and, after tam'into account
blonierations deribe in- setoeSmethtsc extension is
tional interet.that
Ap y m7 dt salief proided pareaant to this section may be
or by the Piesidenit whnh determines, after
-adn int ao ount .the advice received from the Commission under su(1) JS ai after seeking advice of the Secretar ofCmeatthe meraryo *Wibe, tha imeh reduction, ortemnio
r-()For ot te dcion 10d subsection (i),q the imor
ulrrvI ke the es of an orderly mAeing ageeetsalb

30-50O 0 7O 4

M eff"t'-the TOO
me.utilvdith rested" theiuduki.1504.. '""1 '0
and Spect.
effalft. Xhs& by.. &W.0firms i
adjust to import cowpetlitiaa) d upon v6qvok of, ih mak & ats to the..?r"sident eonwming sueh
Ppon: request rof :.the..: President or upon; %E "Mcft
Commission shall advise the President 6f lits Judgmfttas W ITOb.
Cho! V
able economiceffeet, m thalmdustr rmnftrf*dOtow, Oxt6naioli rb&ef tion,:or terminafion:.of the import relief provl4d, pit ltnt- 66 G&
I .... W T. A
(a Von behalf af the indust Oor*Witwd": 1% 40:
U petition on
tb Ommission.-not. earlier thanthe d*e whi&i 9' : later. thaxt the dute wbich 1 :6 months, be&re'tM date 111YY i npoot 1716rid provided pumomt to this sectiontr section, 351 at 352 of th,6 T-r*&
on, ct.af 1962, isto' terminxtebyrewgon of the 6xpifttiofil df the initial period therefor, -thaCbmmimion 8ball advise tke P#e6&At of its judgment as to the probable econ6mic'effed on::suehJJj&nstrY ot such termination.
Rising the. *d 10imim0h (RYK,
(4) In ad Presi. 'ehtl
to the probable: economic effect, on: thah, iftclitst", vofmtni d mission shall :take into account:x:41 econoiftk JiOtorsV) it
considers relevant, including the consideratlonsgot forthin'tWO41 202 (c) and the progressand specific effortsifttck by the ividuAfty k6n cemedtoadju.stto.importcompetitign K
Ad-vice by the Commissiian:.tvoder pi-mg. miph,'(S).1de be i given on the basis of '. an investigation kdurilw: the Commission shall hold a hearing at which iiiterested1J*r8fts sho11 be given a reasonable., oppmtunityth -be prs d e:: ovidbiieei
and to be1eard.
1 Investigation for'th.e: purposes of sectloh):201 ISWI b
with respect to an article which has received import IkOlWo AIA W on psen Sin day on .-Whichr M "l
section unless 2 years have ela cc the: latt:.'
artiela-urs nt to thie Se&on. relief was provided with respect to. su&.e p t1a &nt, lbwlthis section nity. be
(k) (1) Actions by the Presil 1),immant
taken without n6.rard to.the:pro*isi4ons: ot:sectim 1W of thi4 ALd bat only after Consideration: of. the.:.t .im to, tM
international obligationsof tbevUhitedStste
1.6 .. uAry jp Mft
.(2) If the Commiss
locate ma, hi of Ow, 17nited StsitPA &
din a ier::. I '
201 (b) (3) (C) then the President shalltake into a6cmint the grftphic concentration of 4omesh-ciptoduetioIi. .igLnd)Df im orw, hi that iding JMDO -mz)riudU& 1X660s
area. in provi A xeliefi if i:: ATIV.
authorizedunder Paragraph M, ::: I.:...:.. A
1. OuAPT= 2wADxvsTmmxT-- Asftwm
Api A:a
SUBCHAPTER. 4,--PET7TW1,qS- .A"tan
221 P.e ik& A
eci ..
it 4,pligibijjty tO DlY4OrM
ped, WiR is:, 0
dmlptawl MAY be Med,,VW OW n a this chapter referred -to as the
of 'Labor (herei fte 1M. ,ftrti IM M "or
by a group of workers or by their: fta,:40r TWOgniNd' i


Aft' "'A h tift TFpdn
At d A7 LL 4'TjrrvWn receipt of the Petic
in the thmt
Q UA shan - ish n6" Federal RqjWm
on d initiated tit inivAigation, pm=.
Yff the i** miy other person: foufid by the wry
w-4 intereg tbt 1P din
tve A subeftntial rocee gs, summm not later than
!i j"4qmf Pkemi-r" fah K f1ft9w
1040h. .: 1 i tba*% of 4W Somiary's Puklicatim under sub.m et,.,iw..n
1L 11
(1) 'KAVqUat.ft S.:hftrm.. 4, the I SOCri"ry SA-amm Providief"A.Public hearing iLnd aford such i personwan opporbWty to be
Sm 2MG;mp. ZUgibfUtyJtequftvment&
The Sw4o y Sh a of workers as ellriblA to &PPIY
er t r;S C r if he determf7ftes-(1) that a of the wbrkete
member .'L kF
re'sa firm or subdiv* of the fim
Wb6b6m an a roprlite 18.1
I" a sepa bad or are threatened to
b I iotiLuy orpartia
(2) that sa Uctw'ni Or both of such fim or subdivihavo imd
9N thRt mereams. of im rts Of articles like or diredly com
A- i ;gfi&
vim OU worimw firm or an
POW" p;.7veed
Pn f co: ntrHobute ortantly to, mueh
Appre '646 SUMM" theibo IMT
ot, pait i so it pam on, or threat and to such decline
m Aides Or CHGA.:.
ph (8)9 term. ibuted finportandy"
but o
meiali xftoft. vdach. voilt at noC rp more bn
: w6 : of Ubor.
blo. after: the date: ift which a .potb-tion iw$led, Ind(WORCOMMOU 1140111U.... merevoutmet.1a t t or that.
w.. bsu Wdays:.aft
meow amball, "How a cer ti
on M- mmy:" group *hi&: Avmft snqb rupmunents. Emb certification Awl the Zate on which the to W or partial separation bqgan
or mitened to. begiwi N.: qqj--4' .1 h K
(b) A. certificaMim under W.s.section shall i ot apply to any worker
wb i& lawlt botaLlor, PRAW *tAiW" Ili 160,.appropriate
Oubdiwikem. Of M&O action 281
6dore hia application under
4he A6W a:-the petition on
W Bach Certification'.
(2) more than 6 th A.eeodive:: date of this
ail *K
'n a mitition the Seereta umj'*h X..! 4d I.& i the ;S7
*w h de iuqion.
& '6
UWn 6Ajhe
bu Y, Mf -the. *04w", of farm"Or, *vm of
JKQ rm or, OU ga..
PbA449M fr&O.: 81i0i IA. 9a:
-#,Ulmd 22% 1*
.. ... ... ..
19 UAQ 2m. J1.4 #Ae"' IV


41 such. Oe#ifMtiOft 40, "PrOMP
"OOn ublw ed34.08 M*,Aawst
onsf'oi:i .
amayMM respect to total, Or Palt'jal seki4i terinimdowdato sped6ad by the, Swe4 w4o "I

Begins Wherv-- hav
Affirma UW"ftdirtZ,,
(a) Whenever the lnterita'66 A T&&:(Jbiit'i l ,Mibii*,Ifi&ihif-ttfei4-ferred to in this chapter aa.Ahe 14CoqnaissiOnT!)-,,;W gib, iliv i9n ioa-201 with respect, to an iudustu the, Comm*
shin WE& Y 1140tifj the 8 etio Of iqol ivgstl t" 2, aat*
Secretary shall. ira ,tely begin a study ofy Pr d''
(1) t6. num of workers in the domestic m ustr io Ucing
the like or mpetaitive article who,4ave bpen e Meli
tob certifii=aseKign7ilble for aAjustment-assistanm 'd
(2) the...extent to which the adjuitmexit of suehw w orkii the
&:,? I. m be I t f ist:Import competition ay *ili alld. ip
ing. programs.
The report of tho SocretA of r, s.A e fion"N
M ry stuqv unde'
sh&U be m the President not later. 10 44ys after tL (I)
iwch, t0 do. to 4 kes repo an dOy
CemIniossion ma A::uuder seeffPnOl'. Vjon,.ma
Mg his, re ort to the.President the Secretary sh&U also pmimotlj r6ake
e 1 0 'he SecretA
it. ...withtheexception of jnf rm&tio4.wIuch t cle
to Ae fiil sum
mfl and shall: hav mary ol i pq
in A eiid':Rerister.
c Whenever the Commission makes an affirmative OA Ing under section 201 (b) that: iticreased imports arw abiltahtial cause of, 964c out; mirror threat, thereof *ith irt : eet an U industrnlhe--Se ret
shall inake, xvii1able, lo the exbmt7has$1e, information to tfi wvrkemin, smeh indim-try about pipgrams 'hi& nmy f flitate fl)A
to iport'compatiti of-'sucit *orlwrs, 4 he shatl,,PTovi&- assi ce in -the PTeiparation and- ro" Ingkdd Vioimlaidi
applications of mehworlmrs forprogram, Lnefits...
[Secfims,.231- 288:# I-WIT
r) rj

[Sections..239-250119 U-O. C !!IWX'Li8 11
See.'24& ftansitiongll Pmvisio*& len
141 Tl (R
(&).'!Vh6t6'tLgtou'- ofworkei-ahkg b dek certified aA-611giWto:
for"'PA *ugtramt amistan diYunder swtion 3M(b) ( ),qi (e Y:jof tW VI !r Hxpam lbn:,Act ()f,,l a Workei go ny 'whohas'noth'I'd sm ta""phoadw,
fof_, tMde", readjust anowinces, un&r; seedott, "W2 6f tMiAdf 0 deiipd before: tlil ftaWo date, of Ir 00Repealedes of April 3, IOT5 ii section 602 te! ouOu Acc

Actasif the cetWainudr hc ecam
hand anbdsphr A of this hater.
so as ere i a grop o okr or their certie or rcg her uthoisedrewrsentative has filed a ptto I of the Trae Exason Act of 1964" more eletiv dae6f thschaptean I t(e oannion has not rejected anch petition before the
do fthis spead
(2 ttPrmildst o r hi elgt has not isued a aertiectiom
-ea S (C). of'that: Act 90to the petitioning group before
As." repmatatve tereomay 81e a new petition under eotion or = Wnt later than 90gay after the effective dat of
this w'~r. or purseof mimn Z8(b) (1), the date on which
and repretaiv Aled the pation under the Trade Exp 10~M aalapy Section SM(b) (2) a bll not apply to
by crtalmdton imaed parnant to a petition meetemlomet asdefted inthe TraeExnso Act of befre he lecivedae of this. chapter,. or covCein so aimweeks ofamemplomme bgnig oGn orafe the -"V o1"f thi abapter.
( eein osenspaann to this section shall
1~~~J wehn eiGYamat (to de~aed. in the Trade Exofc19of)it before the etctv date of this
-mb, tim ihts pri 'espovddin chapter 8q il
saltsW oWpmlyEn bn or afte the et'ee!MumpS ha the number of weeks of unnemwhtI&a adversiely dekted wokr'seligible -for eadfdanet alowaces wer payal une0ta delasd ros hetotl sabe oaweks ofhnem

"t whchas *.mvmyxfftdd w~re i6 eligible for
-detn daltake vaiable to the -Secretary on: re. 9 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Ia asue4Aoeune ete01 of the
eI' r~ etatI ** echd d iti the 2Yesr period
a activeasts ofti agr whih id not reveal in
Paim~er otion 80() 8)or 30(ci) 2* of that Act.

& ~ ~~P litlttoapYfo adjuster mayq be fit wit thL ertr of
e o ste Scetr"

by 4 fi
ta..v shall Tro blW n i d 91
,r *i 7
riddVed ifie petition. hn& Woe& i
1-1b) If the petiO.,
h d hAvek
ir submits not lAer tham 10 4;ays *ftw f edre i1s
Miation under subsection (1k) a, M,#94 shall d 1 for a public hearirig
provi e and s&04 owlav,
f Ln M. rtubity to be present, to-*Wum evidepe%
ppo A4 1#
(d)J The. Seottary Wall 6ntify tk Em 0
ment assistance under this chapteriflh wo 14 1
(1) thA* sr'4ml: t.*Mber Ok
-fliih Imm beeo' Utifll* or *r4sWeep
uch: Me
imed.t6become tvUllYOr-::Pal iffiy:S6 a"Aeo,
(2y that ftIes or 443ductkn *elk fww ho,
di ibgolutely,4
thkV increases Of impar tsof Affidw HIM. or
petiti.ve with arti prodhie.. ad-,by such fitm '.6outiribuW. im 7
th tl to. dh tADtSl OU plfttiidlk ian -er Ab
-to s ih decline sin sales toductiai, % C.J.. 11 4.1 f. 4 Fok plarpa'Mg lilt
par& t,,: br Imp
theirs a cause 1ftp(*tW but fibt.. &Omaftportaimt
than an other cause. *1.1
1.0 d6terminatiow-AhO wwft.by A i ks
possible after. the date on which the pe.ti tion: is filed underthis,'ambdoni bulit in: Any ev6nt hot liter thiii 60, &3* tut, (1216L
d CTA*
Sec.' 243. tmiWfion6f j 'rovil"n r. 1A I
zir agy cam wh has.fid P'emian
_e Ore i% ?PP q" R,
with the.. International, Tim&ACkq irawl-jOg 0 r.* t referred to as-the compli"On the
Trade.. Expansion Aid of 196%, apdthw C Mda its
determination under section 401 *(t)rft 01 ly
pe.. Of
date vf-Aip chapter ,f tw.. Prov
sedion- 251,of, this Act. In order tovaiO 0* Secretary w J his determination undm.,s4Ph1K:1Oect;iW2R Withl"W"* to'.. the
Commission: SWI, make s*ajlable to the SOqre.t*V-,. vnfr""O, 40a, it., has.acquir*d.. wi JM w
W 11.1, on the effectivev.&W ofthis P11"W
doleg4e) has not taken: actimlonder-sod'.. V 3W.(c):401; fl.W.... %_wdwBM1_1 pwisim Act of 1962 "with Am* It' to :f& th*
otmml it repOrt
tainiug an affirmative findinLy under section 401 (c) of that Act "tor a report with respect to whiSan equal number of Commissioners are evenly divided, the-Sepretax 'h "Poq Sert
pr ay treat sue.. 4 ifitiation
it eun ersection2 0 i0c on we date
of eligible' t mad MT f th tT
of this chapter.
(p) Any certfficajaon 4f -. eli, 41 114 G1 the Tra& Ex J*
Pamion 1,00M. JU effOV0,480
6fthis chapter shall be re* qw, under section 251 of thi's Act 46A of te enactment Cc.:
e=ept that any fi whose adjustmej*


section 811 of the: Trade Expamion Act of 1962 before the effective b_,*pter, pq y,.p*wve,,&djuxtment level

i Vf merce When International
k Ek9ift Miro"gation.; Action Where There

06mihission begms investigation under section
Sol-, irith re,806d to aw hidust-jr, the Commission shall immediately. notify the LcreUry of such investigation, and the Secretary sha at Mn.a
be study of
tbo er 6f firm in the dop *i in p qducing
Dmpetim e. Cle Whic have been or are
0 Ve ard
ment. assistance,
to be las eligible for adjust and
to w-M bkderV 4adjustment, of such firms to
import c p be f imitated the- US& of
MpeM O _. May through'
)ONMMg progi so
The,r e Sp 6retary. of the study under sub" on (a)
44bermua -to t6 Presi* dent not later thawIt days after the day on tiiwion rnaka its.report u nder section 201. TJDQn Mak.
2wr its: ''"rt,-!)j the Presidwt, t4e Secie.tary, shall also promitly make
which the S!rnO
I ub wiih. the ex*eepti'on of. informati6u,:: de
terminus to'be: c6nfldemVal) and shall have a. summary of it pabHshed in the Federal
_h Commmion. makes wi affirmative findi section 201 (b) that increased imports a substanti 1: cause o or thmat theieot with "respe ct to an industry, the Secretary Aidl'makeavowei to the exie& a full information to the
in such indust abotit pro in f6dilitate the or4 Jill W. tomn ti on, fty
y, mAjigment to iij of aftch firms, and he shall
prw deasfiftnm k the idn and p-w*sming of petitions and
applicitions of such firms for program benefits..
1 4

FT1170"TT report,
la U 0aimi*01jer General oftherUnited States shall conduct a
vf Aw p4ishnent:. ietont* established: under ch
NOT "d Z "" results of au StuT
Congress no later than January 31, 1 Such. report I ineludemin ovaliatio*!ofA11L
all Ing WO IL
id rkers, firm87
0:1:,giwWziJo fieWtowditisii lthenged 66 on mif, conditionstesultM: the.,., a.: international trade and he Oorri of A4. inistrotion of: such. prograras
WA* pt6videunemplo mbnt cbmPensationvA refid to depremed area&
lby twtg" U#, out msfft bllitk d 'this sedion, the
Pot"fi i un er:
C.OW-A-, !At Paw0f calwmil bim.wtof the
an om arm.. ecreries Of,;LWx* )Cbmmerce shalYmake &vailabU NMP_464vow":
t150V ..C.
ry 6etive evaluatioit of
the adj ustment programs established undek 1his title '

C IV i q
See. 281 ij
shed t e di, Oil ssiAllle 'Ir fiii8nicl0M. mittee to consist 'of a Deputy 4.-ai ni i-_ Iq
Chal*iimmKtndthabfficia:s,-a7xivod-*itt ,*MstwI sibRities ; the DeplwW;6 6H Business A ration. It shall be* the ftm MX)
COMA a4thea4justment 4xixce police Moll
_s Awli and
am e#
the vairiow.agencies involvW and to promotethpeffiewat V141liaift delivery pf Adjustment assistanVA benefits. Sec. 282. Trade Monit.oring System* Ae "Mid th
i7, e 6S&
lish andmainta' I
in a. proaram to thoxxitor ithp6fts, e arti6le id& tbi UniW States whichwill'reflect chang a In the *61=66f suictL' 7qnports,
relationbf such imports to*changes iii doixlestil V r,6 dudioir; e n,,ea
oy7n wi I Ang arti'de's e or
in em- I ebt 'thin domestic 'ndustrids Pr6dfi direct y competitive with such ninports, and the eWm7*t1t6*1Mitu6h changes in production.. and ein' I axe C0PC16n&itW, in spWine
reeons ofthe: surflin TI rM
geographlu, ity of tho &
tion gatheredunder this-sectioifshaTl be: U hed regulirly'dnd PO. vided W the Adjustment Ai*kitnct..
Comiaftte6 J t%
International Trade. Commissibit, a A6 t.
See, 283. Rrms Aekcatfiig th Fbrei 614itrllqiii
.Before moving productive faeWties.1zem... the UnibA S. ftweign country every firm.should . ....
(1) provide notice. of the. move. to its era Playees..:wke are
to be totally. or
AV rtially separated as a. result- of theni
60 days before the date of swh move and
(2) -provide notice of th& Movo to the 86cretary 6fuLkbtm: iffa
the8wretary of Commerce on the..sanw 4iit notifieg
under paragraph (1) .,
(b) It is the sense of the Congress that every such firrn sh, .'Ict(1) a I f and use all idjustmenf -assistancef6r: which it
is eligible tmder!: title,
2) offer employment oppor unities in the -Unfteq t
exi i, to its employeelg*ho Aret6tall orpard sl4zil, ul ,
era as it result: of: the vnn*e,, And
f3) assist -in refoeatiiftg! 0, tog::: -to dthb ib t6 iif!: YIM es xigt
United Stat es wlwo: mplo bnt 6"*Unil
&co: 284. effective hit lb
f 4NOR t.:
Chapters.2 3 and 4 of t4is title 4 % Off 0A "Oth
da f he &teof Plame t, e.t., 'Aawinate
on September. 30,
f14,F ROM U$FAJ*U0rAf.rA
PirAprT A J-FRpqjj: A
elm M- 8_3 .
n" rade, IttiqeV of ,qtww
A r ft m e n r61),
one Mr,
A f 0_4 r. A q;r -qjpp..


or wmmisonable tariff or other IMP_".t restrictiqwjvd6 6pair the value of trade comantments
tbe ijj .,A .&"Wor which burden, restrict or
L mate united *19tes
or other acts or policies which 103ju&I Ib unreasonableand which burden or restrict

(8) provides, sdoidies. (or other incentives having the effect on its 4apotft of one or more products to the United 1111911141" 111ir to other:%migh, markdo which Cvs the effect of sub.
gtontiOly1reducinr inles of the competiMve United States product
roduets Mi the nited Statm or ih those other foreign markets,
(4) IMP400 )ustifi" orunre*Aonable restrictions on access
t6 18u, PPI of fbekmw.. material* or manufactured or semimanupr6di1c%::Which btirdeh or restrict United States comffie.'PrWdent IdmU tsbeall: Vpr o. iate and fimudble steps within his P6*IWWiiriibWn)th6eIintinb tuch'reaftictions or subsidies, and
I fta saspendi withdraw, or present the appUmtion of, or .I n ay refrikink fixxn piwlaimft benefits of'trade agreement conCeSSIOAS to carry,,.. a tri& "Ment with such country or
or. amer, rest "etions on the
.(B)* unport n..
"PridtMI" Of:.Su igA. uii o iiistrumentality, and'way
fee6or re$trictions on the se'ces of such foreign cou
stkurdenttlity'f .h Wim' 'he de6mi appropriate.
this 01M includes semees
tht am -commerce
iCA6di6d WiWthe'horiiational tr"
eiernunine, *hit action' (i), the
Ae', I
Aill coasicYer the miati.on upof'suchacti to the..P
'A Acd4t #hall be tiki' ulider: 86wtlon a). against the WU=4 r finbuinentalitj involved h subiect to
iiWIM04 a cflon SM thy such adion'm be. iakei on a nontreatment basis.
(C) Ui,,odent in maidwx determination under this section bwm* "Va 9
pect to
Of 1tOD U;Iited st4iteei b qxPunurly. :initru.. ... .. ...
hU ftwid thA su,& country
WOMWW Prqx44WObW;W:(ft:9&er ibeentiveshavinge
the Wlmiftio hRa. foundthat: anch
III; MprW40&U4ited -8ft avethe eft& of subfftantially reduei sales of ths competitive United
Pg Stated produd: or-. products
(P M1404, rMAS ihat thw AntidympingAet MLO and L OVOWWAO t* TArW Acto4AI9W :z&* fiudeq"ta to deter such
(it PrOVW .. the
restricti*;U4. acts, policieI4 or

Practiew mforred %4Ph&J(1)*40,v WroAdrON of subk2). UPCO M- plaiAt JW4 b 44
4h, WmAp4.party with 1heSpwial ReI'presentative f6r Traae Neg,36 '0M;%1j094* 1-11 ";.4
84 poli r practice, tl)p *X1,
U. I Q! *M
review of: the Yea
areg d PoUq, or mAAca, 4 =4 ad; the
request of t6'omplainant, shall conduct public Ie4rinw4" The SOacial: Aeprowntative,,64&# have a mpytof iatdii ,
this paragmph pybfished in the Feder4tJ4 Vi 7 *W under
W .. S M., Itepresentative.shall issue r gqkfigA%"Acern'Ag"i g q1 em*ints
and.the conduct:,.of:.:reV1V".4 owings under this.-Plirw4ph, and ii fl iiiiiami .. epoO tq the ]gotwof Repr es -if
Ax .e tat4ves a44 thA 1 onate
semi-annually summarizing the reviews and hear* du,C;11, 'by it
Under this paragrtk& duriiig the prw -ja9pt1ipexjod.
(e). Bef& a the PresideiAtaliwo r
Wi1h. respect4othe i rt t1matmajP0
MP9 W 1. duet
ment. of any service-e shall, provi, p an,! $6 Of
ak Vra
views Concero nj t6, ta, kmg 3"W r WM4
1'. T.:. R_ .. .... ..
or service
(2) Upon request inWr*e4.4-PeMt,::J1e A184,
.for,:appropri public hei r" mpec W of
action witfi respect to. ro&ct or servipe,,.,&4d
(3) he may request the Inter ationai t" .COMIDI Sloj for
its views as to the probabJe iinpact th )f thv United
_93R O K 0 011910Y
Stat of thetaJ6ig: o:: action wfth .. Te# or
If the President determines: tha4, because'of the need for. e xp6 IOUs action under sulm.ction (a) li 'ith Dar
C014P iance wi 0 w
would be contrary to the nut' al.intere 1,
ion A, then so 11
not apply with respect to mxch action, but he'-Aall thereafter p L;y proV Me an opporttmitl ..for'the presentation of views eoneempg4gpe by o 6, h&J1
action taken and WDOR re st av interested pem s
pprooria"L public h earnings with rps eet *to th' a tion
AM . j . .... T C ,- , t, 'Me P;wi nt shall: provide for th0jSSUa n-Ceof "'e laftolls 00110( Mlu the film*g of 'requests for, And the 6ondtid Carb im4ei, th
. .......
See. 3.02. ]Procedure., for -,,CongressionalL,,D4apWmvm4i. of Cer t iw
Actions T-AUn U der SegWn 3014"
(a) Whenever the President takes any action under ou
or (B)
mentality otherthawthe country 'or *0MW14Mtk Mon
act, policy, or practice was:-tha% evns6 for. fiikihg sn ..16 "hall piwiptly.:Iransrhit- to tbeis-House of,4UpreMaatives tnd fAAU F"ate a d&awnont'setting f6rth -the gefim *hich:lhe has'so. taken $6g*her with his reasojis therefw.
(b) If, before the close of the 90-d io& thoi day
.Alw:. .,dl i K A: *j
on which !i.V&A#&ed to
tof 4 OW386efia (MY
the Hous6 of, R*p. npwK.ntatires'andAf^:tht Se..... by.an affirxnative ote of am:k3*0rity of thee esent in
ATCOn e6QUflan bf ffiSgp
curreiA r tA4 V D

tu& AcWm under notion 801 (a)
wift A* 4904MOW
ha" Ma fo 4 'IT the 44 &ftw the date
tw& "AMMUTO o Won:. of approval except
y or instrtma"fl i mtricdon, aet,
or pftbdbo wasiM cam lkwtaldav in
C9A"1dt:K 2-401"vwrEw DvT=
1%7jp (.41 (0) 110d
apiW Act ol, 1921, to .
1 7:- .
'6"OU 16 Of of 1940 (1W.USIC. 151.0)
I and (g
an ;v'r'wPecu Y,
304 S. OuAr*. F tho.
an 201-6f the An ad=plmg .1 1 (19
or,: f 03twellm Ava^ Ah inA 102 gift 1*1 is
r to. be., sold In. Ow Ij teditAes: -at less its
un wetion 30 of Act that a bounty or grant is not
idlar baft'w4
a& Mmenean manufteturer, producer or w iolesplerofmer&andise tc May
or k+nd as in Mch, determination
*k VM *e Sem"qf'& written vw of a desire to contest siichdater1"Nupt vt S04 i notice the Secretaq WWI cause pubUPOO
ficifion, to bi-nuide. tli6reof azidAef su& nufacture-rN r- Or '014,61awier's dit :to'lit the determination. Within, 30 days alter
SWA( INWIVIU! I" M, r6ducervr wholesaler may com* I K'15 I
on lv;li CUOOMP PouO.r s4ch..
'Section Ml b) f titleS, United ftites Codel is am6ded by old U::,: li& d th lt: C*M. of an
*doi 516(d).of such Azt, flk"M th; IZ 0 publication t, '14J
of ItAtle 1S. allnendedon d
go Of w
'the' fo art may ooiiiek I
u4&i'9ed*CQ'l' o f 94 arliff Act d it, 01 reUry of 0 e l4rc niAde NO ; ("t q# 016 ry
4464 A t 6f 1930t as amellded or (3), a
the, e er lllliooil wl
,so, imende4d% chm or kma I* sold Ion the United.
e It t a section 308:'of the Ta *0
or or bestomeq;
in sub"on my
-M "ir
(2)*.; and
Mtarw of
IOU a 9 '-th6' S C ry

Uni(M -awtion 20L4 itberAMLIW. dabs vk: ldjutof h va 4*Y 4i #WJoeinzi rA,w,, to
in *10 uniw StARS Rt low, fair,
as t 'he official record of Qw oilk PRA*)P4,,* c0a" vopy p, t4o(! scriptof Any:: hearing held byr tle &*retaxy in the p ular rant A
dumping proceeding Wi, A)43 Yof the AntidulhP
ing Act 1921 as a-mende(f, and certified copies of all notices; deteriiii w dw irnatters which tho Sedmtsm ftaW UU
listed in the Pb&ml Re&tert dumping proceeding. Upon service* of theswmrnow on. tho. of the Treasury or his designee in a a tiou contliting the deien'niatidn under sectiou 303 61 th6'Tatiff Act i6f ihgt-.&
q or grant is not bai p4ld or tWtoWM'Ao $ad ty, #'k h%
designft shilt forth*Ah trkwipit to the Zt6s ,Outtniy rN
as the official record of th Mt, ac tion w certiflbd copy of Oi6 tw ealln". h the Ce
script of Fill eld the Se yin hich
resulted in UCL dbt6rm i I, of 'ot. lo be
Lna ions hot mattfts, I bh th &o wy *W catu'"d
published ih the'Vedeial Reg r Irl, conji&ti n'With such pro peed
ing- K..
0,T110'am Ad w t RdP slWl ply wi
Y.. zobeecOoit U) ap *Jri *
Spect: to deterMin4lipm unclear. Aj*Adumping.AAJ
1921, resulting. from qp QD8 'di o jMPMg'XR or Pv%;W Owb.
after tbeda te,of the enacOnent of ths AA,- K X

k A
f- in,
See*: 331. Ajheindinenta U) Sections gaid iif Ava
of 193k
$ectio& 3W o t e, 0, Id:o 11MW
amended as
to 1. It- 4vko
"See. 303. Countervailing Duties. 44
cc (a) OF C IYPT tir
ln.;-41Y WN n'' l _ai$
de'' rt& I odo p0j i dali
,pc, ney, co:ony.. provMM, 01 6 Tp
meat person, Partrier#to, aswciatkni. cartel'-"' *e *") ti -a
6 .POP 0 _on. Pay
or bestow directly or mairee y bounty or, gl 44 u nufacture or p' diijVion or expo iiy *Ai l or w6r4 P
factufed or ProdU'ced1ns-uqh epuotry ,. epen4c colbi o*r
other political -sn'bdivisi'04 of t )veriiin t jz( _gnt b o uppn'
of sucharticle or merchandigie.'Wo t6 Unit64 Cther the
sUall'U imporW aifecti fY6m,,_t11C LOU Of PIP? 4;
vise, and' Ybethei*r "c'b article or mere, a% da ifil vA th64ame c6nditioii as ivhpja exported from ib country o' 'Od*fi, 1"41
.t ,a]H be
cbangec in:. condition 'by mvu n rW1 so
l'Vi6d''and lii L 'ill'' chw i iofi
Pal. AP SU Ad
U kposed, a'dutY e0al tq e up amOkO tow
evii'the s4'm'e 6e Paid *6rberjA6i4ed(2) fin tlk ca,6 odr an im, dft d a4i* of viei-6jim
f fii 6 (sf d nty,: dttiegintLy Ve iinpposbd, ui der ihis' seAloli'ohtj ifiie'4 is


jAZ- -- 2- : AIL A
Uommmmon un&r Mbsection
t(*;,1V00 tfiat 000h wi on AW1 rwt:be reqWred unlem
InSmoft Cif tnjwry is. by the
Vnited Sfttft .. .... .. ...
OW=Po.,rbed. aftiele or Merchandise as to whieb ry...0 It
fter sectionreferred to as
ql) hm
ON ed r oraganyx:bounty or grant
d or 6wed--:...
A tipan th6 filing. of is Oetition by any: person setting forth a bo"V dr: t is being *d or besbow4 and
tj eftsom therefor or
7 cone] from
"(B) whenever iVe Seeretar udm infonnat pre.:
him 0 -whord authority m this Me.
Piricni to yu
W bet n d I*M a fotMal investigation is warranted
*hethei a, bothq or grant is being paid or
61hall inifutte i id: investigation to determine
.6r hot Anv bouift 6i being paidor bestowed and zh&H
"the.. vlia bwee (if the.hdOstion Of OU&
Alt K .. K...
fi6& i6AAtp on *Mch.t pedtidA, is Med
r ph (A.) or.on: whiab kin published of An inveskde* t '-h 8 )3)F me
UX Secretav! "Itmake
Sk P u lelr* lin m tion *A4 t*b1VP61fii6nthS Mith mich d*W
fhial determinati6O tomheth r or fiot
as e D"ty or
10 A, or ed
C, i-e i a all' fr6m fitne, 6:
-tmdfi stiid doterithine, amount ot e&* ik& abd WW11
6,* so 46to . .. ..... 916W
r finat6d
40 e Wations hB, demo nwesar
jk V, ae andis 'suA]'&I' &fieii
W 0
m.MWdeTth4. for the to
mm, ent4md 611eiction of siaeh. &ti s.
14 f;b'e
it ms qr y iin4r this 9 660n ind' detert4i Com numm subpedio;i (b
"11 be pub1m. ter
e Regm
4A D6Tr-F t=
Vlw ever thesec0., hit..
de subsedi t
ith *ny article or- mer6 duty anct's
f* terM104t mission
tbo -U#*, ii io shall
.4 Tn,
-7 COM
GU thi therm Ar.. and 0ter* such in4esti
S, Ifteceswry.. WhetherN an 16dustry in the United S )-k* W boreventemA from
7 1(511 OT g4dh SAkle.
W64 he CIOmmim3lon. shaO nkxjtjqA; and.
4$ PMRV-D cHbe, .4 rea
Oyk t icl of m 4andise entered,
WftrehOnSe Mr consumptioift on or4ftr 46 of the pub on in the ?'Zml Register of his final &ter-

n n of.. 1 tion
n6 r
40 Ex" 1
he]! buds, publjr:: an: or4ep. asprow
(2) For the purposes '01 this subs6etion, ( Pox
X j too haveAm mrz *P# J
ydnw:Rn ""a
shot" -be,
I'M If the determination" Of om
the 9,Sr4aative, he 41kk
Mrecting theaswSsment. aiJ. P4104pn of d' n' of such
bounty or grant as is Jkb t6time
or estiniated,
444) APrL-AW- ON. OR PE rma' Yfibe Secietia'x' _A;'ebt!drfj "Eh
ns, I it
five.: final,... d et Fm nati on p,
mMt t& Imy iW Peet
kK W1 q, tip e 0 mer6h idiw shg
to article withdraw se or On
ent d, or n &i. iehou' f 4RIO
or, iafterAhe4ate. of th publjmptiq4ip the, ]Fedm l er- 6
minati 66h 0
deter thi C :: of Wn im )4qd tiple of,
W14VI -is ftealof qut7, so "T: k Uire
international a 1 P, S
ons a 8 fed tei die pn
shall apply only i the.Co z j,%n,;hrmaiive
0 SU S .. M..
A ffXPAAgY, WYISWN Tr()4 A wi
i A ".
Em-fil-1, -,he r Pfe
I flie smke of -e Cd"g ess th t t si en extent pii&i6b t:
e an Pnsis erit'with Tin i tM
Ahrovgb negotiations the 6dablishmen-it Qt ifitertgtiphally'iNreod rtil6g
".1d Prope4ures goyer*gt1r urse of subsidy (" t o66610 brt inc,
tives) and th p4i ,cati IM mt
av 049f rvaili'rig duties.,
(2)'If, a r see'k#xg $ f6rmaiion'dnc a&1ce
ap. he. may de ejhq'Secret ar 16f t4e &'Wr
t e d 4ing
a. ,b-Yeajr Pen% e 4 th
"Y. tirmi. urinf the fou:l- bli
eaKi aent of the" .'r:'W6.Wk of 197,f Aha t__
(A). aaequate 's a
'te ihwyp peei Aako kredu ce 964Aji : 111
r elimiina Iduring such period thi adV614A 0
i j .. I i ,
or grant wha h I h I "dr bMto' 8,W]U
et 'in d is b n a 0. e 9z orm me.. J el Oct aw or me fidis6
resp t6 article, Vlfl
If (B) ther i A reaj qiiab # ospecf ttiat, U' S t
Tiade Act 01 19)71 Iicee fid tra&'agree lell S w! hio
w foreigm countries oi 'm"Ar talit14pi(;v0iU- fo'M
M#iq q, o 'b 'e 66 = i
-,,or erl d '64* Of
internati6hal.trade; Ad
the. iw it,
Mon' at: theadAiMonla
Pom dtu YAM er
respect o'such-artiele or morehandige vVould 'm I
script ly je9pardizelhe sati ,xctor*- 'tetiwo
I Iv
ons, .....
14PP Aio ih6 a4 ona 4ut mi e'rihis, ser, wi e*k
0 Twtbe i:Leqi4re Ah l ";"the -61
T il
dbt of uch four-year, period 'This., par4gv, t
s, -aph 4q I I a& Ap, ,v 'wi
rf@ case invojyq ig ia.on-ru 6r f iw." ar tl e
,peo.to 41 y pe 49,
(I e, ot'6e'inac -,t ot,07 I'' 'i I less
quient" otthe Tride
moments 1 0 e ome
pokm imp'A s 6f noi
e c Va. eq' 4
'I&A, Cht" q4AIrr Arl


wof ft Sea*ary amder amomph (2) mV
at &AV tium : OW am
JAMfijwtis "Awrotiout..... pydetermiUuder Owa, pwigi-40 moke.d whimevw the
kr ab Ao longer ejEio& IIe additionid
pi vwd dprAhls., -absil apply w.Ah respect to any
rwwmw A*.,qF withdrawn from warsad wti9w or Morch"4*6 M*M
fQw I on "0r:..,.& tba 4ita of publication of any
P looatim, um7n r. is q*bp*m in.the Fedieral Rejjider.9 he Secretary makes
W CC (1) Whenever,
_q rt toAnT aft"als
=rj TOOF a & MOW the lo;i"o R pm
*7 Semteft idepimot a wng forth the deteminatimo4
'a Y t after the document In POMLgr_ph
40',wedto the Jlo of Ropfesentati*ep and. SeiAe, iMer
orthe Senatwaclbpts, 1w. an te vote Of a nugority of
4t voting:.A.-... HOuse, a resolution: of dw'Approval ....Awta tk Ut 15% theq sufah
(4) 1!,
such.. wacier or merchan
*ft the dw after the .840POOn OI_$U&,*eiAdoJM.6f dMIp.prOV4 anct the
t*n*j lty*prpvided ,-unde ...this.:.wction wM.Tespect to Mwh
fin %J):..,I&tg.1y.. with respect to: articles or
*Ot or witbdravixtrVM wzmhouse,, for conmunption
ewtim $16 of the'Tariff -Act of: I UAQ
as fim
toubo"ou d): wk W I I Wriad Ows:
bi A*i k iftdur Producfff!6, or

upon *tittko ....Amerl"COM
prod" whM ler
tht du* dese
*fefted as if
ON Aim
j4fti tb' -IIdut. t UMPM
X, described in iii64i6p.. of a. tw' .. '...
lklt t.iu this wdion reforred-to as
pot mport..edmerchindig of a
pk4iler!4w sold
I.: eturod lefid b* hum
or or at who
00 *vft4urer, praduoe or wholemler befievo.. that, the
us 0 To*,#, Mif sti n, M*:'n4, tdrliwt' that gepproper
wedibr 6xt couno mg du" or afitip he may I n with the
x dewription me
or 4e ra, oIr ..Of duty. thal"It for W'bjO M approlef inch,
Ut coun rvaii*
f4f Ibia, brief. t tetqaFOwg ditim
-i V
ip iftO Witwu fMd... by an
iii, produce rT
r, or w 1 *Ui, flie'SwretaTyAle*".1owp. the

.. ... ......
rect. too
-he:vhiR*t&mx* ""the
6014. of. ditt 'A w-gum]
vallmi. duty -ahtiA
twe& r o6houinption or more. than thht.* da &w date 9"
ished.:ihl;hw YICU$W IguiletiA A60ib r
in Aeo&dft&
or -m to iAtirof duty dft&
deterikinstiow.-Sor 40Uhtv&rftjlj#Ki'4 a4y jpurlt '
p -d
Ar itnttt d
Procedures set forth in section 201 of)ft .4 shall L..
Mary 66 .... ddeg Owl Of 0
tion of thes artides, 0 r tho t** of duty witb i 0 1 Vwfiled arguant to::4absedian bbrred!. or thAt
dufiwer.. damedshotiJ Awtb6 imm s M fiW
thetetitioner., JR 'dfiisatisffed'Vith 0 iW&66W616 Of pdtitionwIngy fil6 theiseftw;kxviiocutor thq&
the date of the decision, notice: that-, he Awfirm-to. e6httiW, Law a value or Con "Wbfthel
assess w=tervailingiduti6a'ar av0duin' dufimi 4#01 the *
dim- Upon remIA of notice f aift the Pei 11on the S .Muse publication to be made of his decision as to v4lue or::1lassilfication:* ftitw 6f,-&ty or that vtkMtA=,,1n antidumpingAutiesshouMh beo.stgipwtdan'a*f--A*. to egntest... nnd:shall ffier"ftr h t4o pe4liowi v matibn as" to the eiitries and consWees SU41 M after the; publication of thi decision of tb, o Swretar-Y, entry desi pi fite'& by th e ii one r in hi I lcqq e i ioner aDgT % Or,,'
i1U enable the *t* Ah wn& 8t ISle oalu
or "d e Op
tion. of rat R duty1;iipose upo or deities "a i u t4 *' defies u n, such inerchan ,m e of one such enb Wsuch port.'I'fie Se6retA*Y'%U 4
A at odch port to notift.gko pet th fi cL
di 8&h eiMe llq Td *1 r
vme iatelyvihon 6. rst of S t 19
(6):811 dilw..51. '6f the T 1,31
Is: .. .. 6 (dX' lAto'd Of I
is ametid6d b Ttm bx to 'the '641" at
im positionn .. of ouliterv &ap' g, duties undef edion d) (1 A i by rion, ta
The amendments m. e this se6
date the enactment of tliml'Act.
I I 11 -T
t Al f
(2) For purposes Of [LlDp g t e prd*isions 01 wp Of the Tariff Act of 1930 4mended, by 9ub1s6ct1*oii' il *i At"- MAIMA h te of
,any investigation *hi -was AM' before't 'e ths,
*ent of this Act Un N 4 0
d ), such investigation the hy'after su'*date k)f i6agfiiikit imder sectilC
(8)"Any a aef*vk IS' e te
v 're or
of dutyiwa m.ulfof wtion taken under title V of thia Act-VbMft f jjjj 8ft '01 f,
Considered a nondutiable article for purposm 0. Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (19 UMS.C.'-sec. INS).

1A-o*VXYA=:-L"OW PBAM(M .... .. .. ..
of tk*.Tadff AcCof ISW L.77:
.U." Att of 1980:09 UAC 1887) in svo i read bAkmo;:

ODS Or OD U141AWir M
of Com titi013 iind unfair in the importation of V ted -states; or. in their sale by the owner unportar, c Q* agent of either the efwt or teridancy of: AIA is to
in *ure an induAryAciently and economically M64'm the ul-tiZa Rates, or w1prevent the establishment R
WU4 to rq*am or mo lize trade and commerce in
Sta alre Ct"ivd UnT when found by. tho
bp d6alt::.wil$ "additi to any to Mast In on dher
viamm 6 Uw. as pro i on.
POPo, stof vidxN1 in th
(b) IXVZMGA'TIONG Or VWLAnowe BY . . . . . . ..... . . .
MWISSil igate, !L.ny O ged violation of this
OA mv nt under or.:,.Upon n com'COMPI its ifaiitivee.
axky- #Uch '14ved the ArAl -. mlwoa shaA blish notice I Vu. include apy
146'Fe4eml asion shal ea
0 1 .' I ... .6 +;
Mderthiie mention, at AC4 Igtor than, one vear.: (18 montba of j tion of notice Of
Fk MPV .6
in the Vedera
"T r, a.. m ion. as a, mo v COMg ALny Wvp figat..
tipa.:... For. purposim of the one-year and,19-mouth Ops E bmwtion tiero. be excluded any prmg* ;uohjayp#i* ionxs;swpanded beemm 4f
oat matter of. suRli investiptiom, 60.10.000 CO&IST under this sectioE4 the
g!o MAI 'bofiftfflw
It smilawk advice and infennation fromg
apartment, UTZO Education, and Welfare, the Deptrtmmt OnW M-R",law OR& awar, deportinebts
*4 6PAsidm appropriaw.
_-MV04 10 theiaourso of 44 W ffloption under this section"
to:*U"base4 oninfoftation before it, Af sedion V3 or of the: PWWZem he Seeretarv: of the
ba W)IS authorized

b C ": Bad
On-vow ided: by ion,
wlpobw Or to* ow Aoidelinfien
*&W hk n)a&.: ortiboxecord, after notice and, U., IL hejtji g in withithe promims of

20-"4 0 To 5


subwdon (d) bf., OYAI*y IJAWY
States C of Custow.,
Jul ia I 4evie,00

d e t e r mw' P a a a, nemswg au,
ere is vi
th f,
corned, ini otedby wiy pers be gxcl u ded f ro M- 61dry iiitQ tivi 04, ing the e0ect of smJi'ojtqJm L, tho,
competitive conditions bi V Uv t
of I ike or directly com tifiv 6
I -S
States consumers, it C t6& w h A I' P.3
fromeTitry.T6 06bmi4io& .41
(if :its 066*0 i tulder thig'sil eA4.
entry, and upon receiptof **11. the r6 o&e
fel) I rs
CLUSION or AxTictEg'FRam,
0' aftinlig
'im lti bf Uji, ifi*
Ale r
that= 4 Violation of this'sidion., 361
COUMMO, hnp6rted b '*fi"VvIt h 4t
sort.. to, bdi6vi5 that such peron is V i0ho i 14 1 is, ilki6lbo W* j A from OgfiT into the Uni" Ststvs, unlttii'a Iffk
swh: eibr,-Iusimt 'upon th lie b6ghVit we editions in the United Stittes eqononwj j tbd io4i mupetitiveartieleain the Uhitm-%tes, vM 8
it. finds that auth ft'-Aicle hcmldmct I* *ejudidt 'fttfi,NmndMion AN&H. the Sftviiftry-t$f'tfi6 INmti 61", (0
r: m subsiact g
et AAIIAfhi d
110Y '0*
mfiist -such entkyj excqA.. that Onch" RI15c16 WO be, undei bond 1A ii*d.- b 4)4-cowmib ioyi'
tV 'IT
_Jff) 'OrAOR A"'Dourf. OnDmmim --41= lift submetion (d) or (e), the Canviflwiom i im-y 100* Nm
W& -thwftw "OfivioOft
Weis. aftrvon ido e 0141iih..,
nd. welftre, mi v 'GIDMUR-fi* n vig irr the'r
pi-odilet on of like or directly vompetitivi artw
I.::imue& The Com#Aissionmay at
mt:iw aq& bmum*, so.. itde6yiig pr6 tmho&grort
A& 96'. 0
ovmri am;,... 111 lftw-dfa, revomti664 ft*Oakevam ti 414 f -1, 1*4 77sr (G I or, (6)qm th,6 cdlwmv
g) "Riviniiz 1w 6
of *dwedion IS
tiong it shall- ..... .. .....

PON .2 eh t] Reg*w,
he Federal wd
"Mmit riv lime
_OAbW:Pr : detirin
co 0 guch
AcUWtaIMM:UD*-SUWectiO TA), W, or (f),,with re
thus er with i6 rewrd upon iihich i & dater.. .. .... .. ...
of., &e 60.&y peHod pnoung on the
tay ofter the v-zoa be: receives a copy of on
P*06 W ch 111e
*8, Sut, Mr Rfic Mm on
Y Oiliapprove.0 such detiemi
WS pproyal, then, effaitive on the daft .004"k Reti . ...... iidthala0k4 taken under subew
z wpect thereto shaU have force or efie& QVISIOM Of ps 'h
..Pr p
.4o jmgmDh I
=W for zboaction (C b; effective upou
;it Ite 11W. action taken under
V. r and thi
d) li: W or respect EereW shall be effective as
A mwept that articles directed to be am%Iliader
adeection (d or 9U to a cease imid
;W- 0
"4.6r&r: under suDSMUOn (f) be entit to enL... 'under
bon determined by the Co n and prescribed the
erm na on p w
tion finaL
sapprov su
4t Nii i&nt d kk d i e ch"deterininntion
such 6 notifies the Conunission before the
ithi period, or if he
4M6 Of, SUA ppmes-,*uch: determination, then, for
of A (a ruia, tdbk4ttion (c.) such deNrmination
after tht elose: of smh: pmod or the day
WIXMU WV K the: isdonof ..his -approval, as
4he CAN npay-% be.
(h) Pntjotm..: xqept ided ip subsection
.. ...... "W PT
W A C on f ruin vntry oi der.11ader' this section
L -qa 64 untifthi ..Cornmiss: ion finds
And:in the cam of
getiry.). a ury,,..Vmt the
ffi6 e ol the
"4US10,R fr'6m try or q... rl.nq onger
N. 'ALU'. laxdusim
or orx, una d), (6) based..on
;P-;u IM er subse i CW' UI
Stateslettem, abd Ohidl any.
P Y to Ajrti
na &P 4
xnd'fO tlie tt eo..Ihe l(Tn' CL b, es, or, !niparted foT,
P :ivitlh the aut o tion or consent
ie Whene*ve-r any a excluded
G6verwnefit rtwe *OUI& liav, *0 .
wopId nothave-bien enter e4. pura=t. to the pro'vudons
ut for ttw, ope ra t i oA:. of Ws subiecti
sJ4 be.. entifled to. reasonable and entilm
con R on in an ndioii befor lhe. Conrt..qf,,:.(I t to the
pr res of 011,1,4949f tWeR8,.1(Jnjte. t4 UQC e
PV PMA of t
TAirm-r-"Yor ip section
ink n an 'Statei
338 d *'.*tZ ra ,;Tni MWS tha customs
0$ M ilge4ew Ote
A11114 'S Of the
e Apt 09 49.C-jWIW))
thkimp the fo o Mew S.Ot of all cO: Aled
T fxw which 8 eing nutde,

e n. tb b staot *H In 45
t& kbwmili
sion tfndef: 4*--ftaIcd,&AnkWhe all 6ke.
90ti Clay after the **,aflfte AA
6f 0 11 4 1,
92W sn d** de- th&I 76f ILIILttet&A0t
t V4 Purpows
Ad *6f IM de& W A
iw" Us"? Wn i! b
section 337 of the IVriff #6n Nd-*y tb'
date of thi eniftm O:. of this
bebi :: on
0 A
T DO '1111titr4f: f,.
Sees.. 40L Rx;ep#on. of ift 110, .4
.... ... ... ..
iR, a Od"
B=Opt SO-Othemm-provicM. t a A60 Pmo
ec"mtry, the ...01:W]" won
it, rata. umbwod-l 4of the T iff 8t6od
on the date of the 'Of. $448
d 41
(a) T6 amre continued deAft 4W
04 0 UW
ftuidame WImm:&.L hts, &4d not Lffing any vth
of law, on the ite of ihiftictin ^CU UARN
a nv COUMn 3 i
OF hohmar emnloIny *Ahgn n Nb A N
discriminatory treatmq4t vormed-n fion treatment) -h e 41
ihal no
participate env he 6 i1h
Irnited States *hich dQi' or eradit gfif or, eSL
guarantees, &Iedi the' %tiWA4 6f
Rates shall, ilA-00 nclude C," racial a nt, ",,Wi
countr dunrkg
_y 4
Pftsident deterhiines f1tat -6 Uv- PIN
,Aies cA Wj%)u.J3
xe iti, e t Aii 'Opportiih16 fbimposes more than a qmf
14 n on 6
VIS" or either, Jckiq eni, *&i"
or cattle whatsa6vor; ar um 7$ i $- : ; 71, it
Meon ny R OM eq deof '4 "dm
t6 th,' "tryd
'emi grate to 6 coun 66 : a
64' Afiig -A fhe'ldate'(iii vh!
tio 'o
is nolonger in viola n"0
fb theAfter '66 datO Of efastot 104t
of a nonmirket 76&q om' W t *4'7*,b
ey" 4,.
COUJIIUVY MaY partidpath in uny twogram, r 'a t"VerMuelm Ox


UWW*States. whiekw*mds credits or credit Puarantees or investment tim Flrmdaa may ude a commercial agreeMI WVft.-. such mi ntrry, ady after the President has submitted to the CO nakaung such count is not Mi violation of
or (S) spbmtio# (a): ch report with respect s&Ww&VU9Mtq shaff imln& ihformatli6n as to the nature and ini Pie
i2Ok%" kCdORARA5JL laws and.policies and restrictions or discrim.... ........
I to or agniftst 1permns whin toemigrate. The repoq
A" be stinfitted
*GU*rod by iritis Iv as provided
d. tith or before each June 30 and
beivin information, on
&sjreaf Ibfm W long as such treatment is received, such are :extended. or ffQch agreement is in effect.
(C) ng-Ahe.18-mwithpff2od beginning on the date of the
OfthisAct the President is. authorized to waive by ExecuAtuapplicsition of subsection (a) fmd (b) with respect to reportslo t1le 40offl9ressthat-abstantially
(A) he has determined that such waiver will s proW 111 6A wdion; and
(B) 116..hAStt4*iVSd -IRL4 emirratiOR Practices
44 t *M henceforth lead substantially to the achievement of the objectives of this section.
peviod'submquentto 18-Manth.. ipariod referred
ha 11,,,. the Pvd dent::is authorized to waive by Execuxp "tim of subaktions and (b). with respect to
y botmtry, if thbwhiver authority granted : y this subsection con
to t6 ;U& p =at t6 subsection (d) and if he
Vem thit-UCVWrJIII2IWU Jorm substantially prohas that, wemig Of
OT received assurances th. rmfion vkn
*M4Mmd4& Itind ffbbdxnflally to the achimment
Ithe oblloedhft Of Ibis SOW0frL.I.N.,
V) AL Y...Im Ehall ternfinate, on the
V"t with r0sped..
_: r t itla
it' IIOMJLL A y this
VrF hoki aubsft6oft ceases to be
0,111 Vd li,0180194 t;6 f;," 466i pursuant to ubmeAion (d). The
M St sih.y fin*i terrab6te, by ExeciAive or&r my Walver
Tf the Preeident, that the ektansion of the
'2_1 'A .. . ...... A.
W (j ) (1[)' -ally A%"
"v )m Fr-M WT(1 Ijb9ftflo 11 mbgtanti A W"Mun-MOV the
of fhw tha such
be V Mmcnum fbeK& ,J*Hbd of 2 inddthk Any such reconimen. ... ....
*)'bo, Mi& *A Utkethin. 80 of
Uffiarl W_be rhAl. iW fths iitted.to th6 House of ]RepreIItkfi*iii4mdIhe Whifto iftfifir finth IMIJ: Mw6ns for reemnmendthe ftt III bf gtff&KMlb;r A1311
ii*lhd* f6r "elb b1V:VkII a *Siver
(1) To lhtaegecL a deterinination that I*f the w*iver xptfiftW. to 1hat cothtrr will': sub0
the this wefton'and A
= i TeOWMI*W 8*hAotirmilft ... .... .. .
VO 84m%4A A--, .. ... .. .. ..

(2) If th T 1541
sibn:W the waiv,,er xxithorit 5
thorit shafl 6imfinue'ih"
of: 12 months f611o*i Ahw kV Jm
in0 Abi i0i"
House Of ndoot
of a m *t f the Mek1b#ft1,,pftimint 4" ,+v ",i, under the' proceditrds 8iBtllf&kht mtmmwr4a. U* approving" thio e'ktengion, o:U ftah, ititbmwity4i k"WW"
t Uft
no name '61 mlboft exb1u&d:4rvft Ojak.
authority: diall eeaAa *6 be ftch Coiwujrikeftt thM611(tim an tji6 Vf
If befom t".1111111F." Ame"8 carkent:: k -I.htlm ipproviAgAhe AmemmiftoUswhA"mt nnL
a a6pted'by th6 Hbu and, thefgsm* but both th6 1011"" voteo4 the question of flikI pmmmovt sueh &,ooneumbtxt v VF. 2. 4A 4
(A) both the House mid.-the Sem" 1RA,49 poulwsi" $kPWmrrmt r tdon theauthority br
(Maw to be effe Um -vdth
18-month period; jo A. r fe
both, tho Hotm almd tba, Seugeo 1 )h,, -,ao "Llp
rosoWtion -which nmes smh country W"T
authority, such ;authority shall cesOo4.qbeiefi*
to -such country.at the, ev4 of, suair P0410*1
(C) bfiw-HOWWARs to POM
the other House pasm such a concurrffl#, ,"Gim,40*
Comtr "'be' f,*m1*&d.*
ity shall cease to be e"Yomkk
i WMRMWIA 4. 'the
(a) M (the-Preoidw&."1eO*P"W.4t OPUM P11
sion of the waiver author '.Ayzubplvt
end of thalBtma" Pe CUPTI
d eat
Of reamtstives.And:41w &gate h"en lut on,.ap r tansiou:19f 4xicj* gut
p *V.mg the ew
9t 49M Pot 4FOYly $u 4, A* AV
in effect fo Of 60 Idw 1 110
r a period.. 10 WpAj
penod wRk imep any,,
reopect, to TO $44
)p1iftboom.: Of
in e eat.., r 14qn
of such 18-month Perl ith respect to -.An.
90-d Ouse, Jh
such, r the-- e
_por e;
Senate by an affirmat ve vote of Ority.04.
to 00 _Ord
1M, 4PPr9Vmg 4 00 -such
Rut J
hority, anck- sue resol 4amldo

Ove *0 t4 r"Pect to, arm '00 t U d m on* oQue 010. the date: of the,,adopi si c]4 c ion
6OW the
tensi m uchh,
but both the Ho and'. nate Vo on- e qu io such a concurrent resolution and-


A) both.4w How and the Senate fRAI to paw such &.concur
Nve tu.i by subsietioA (c) (1)
INghority SM*..
.U We of the
c6usAwbo efWbo wWresped to all countries on'the
by whi&..Vot s
the no.
...Vo"An.the question O1:.jfiUi4 use
Alw: Hem the Sam" X)Oss.. such a concurawt
NOMOO such.49untry b6ng exclu fromsuch
anthont 11 con to be iffective with respect
I* no& Cou r, ot1be:= 4qfsu4 60-day, period; or
0 fails, to passouch a. concurrentresol tion and
-HMO$ P.Wo.suck a:. c resolution which names
AII Y') s4ch author
,fty-WaH "m to be ecOve. wO. XORP"t t4():SU4:. WgDtEy.at the
... .. ....
X.23iW emb 60-,4Yper1odL
qn L) the exten4)5-.VAhe.1 PrWd=V recommencle-under per h (I
Aini w*iv6r,,*dhwity granted by subift, n f c; (1 and at the
TO the, 60_dsyj re of
9,d refer to
Mrz a.. grap.l. (8) Rouse
n tatiVMS Senate Uve not a dA concurrent resO
"11"Vllw ft of Okh Autho nW ph
rity andaub _Vra
I prox.,
-yi amh authority sha emi
3.) dowot appl ti6ye
6 &M to end of the 12.10month period follo the and of the
refen to in subsection (c) (t) It to SPY
1- A. any country Vikh t6 ;whkhKs=ueAUthO t
x ~ ...Mt Umded by mam of the application of subparagriph (B
%jyd P1LT*LMti1,(9YW9A h it P) of paragraph
11911)ng BUC th thi t 4my petiod:foll
b6foW t eM'd:t o 17o
od either the House of: Re esentatives or tha Senate Odoptel y
sn' Armadve v 4;e 4 a wo, of: the Members p; resent and Vote
U thAi r-tili roceduretset forth in se fion resolution disitoprOvi" the extension of suck authority go e or with Cs I Y. AS. 000 to be
rMect to ii16 a n M
. . . W uht
V.. f the adoption by
ith' ries on: the datd o
eithe Ouse theend
T of such 45-day period of a rindlition disappruv= t1* 6Xtermon id 'such 'ft UA10- 'd shall c&se to: be effec'to an' t of the' ado 6it)"r
coun ry on, ption by'
the date
th end t4 sueh45- da od of a re6lution disipprov
e n of stA autho etffih m6hpouldry.
5) If the WOLIVat ilith" Emted by subse tion hatbeen exdountr IS-month
-to r the
A) ADr (4) r any- y fo
6d iifetioCR- ik phs," and the Pibsideht determines
furthel- eg 6f Oach avihori y W stibda idly ProAObj&.UV",of thb mwtior he p y recommend Nrther exten*Wk ftcd6ssive: -Miuonth jpe6ods. j"Y: such
biini4b not Utei, thail sot ..befoi !i. the: expiration of
A Lll
(B) be m;Ye in: toompnent Iftlimitud to the lqcnn of ;tei)re!or '111010='
ildl, ,,Abr _4 WO&ML .,,Ath reov ... to.. wlli&.:.
(C) is in effect, a determination that
Continuation of the waiver applicable to that co itry will: sab.
stanti-all promote the oMectives of this section, and a statement
eeUing rth his reasons rr such date nation.

L 1140 "A-kj,. -A
If tli : Pluid6nt "WWWWWOftAh such huthority shill, V 'w *A.&.AA_.LA*MdAg4k*
rwpect'W tzky c6ui4ly VY W#M
such auth9rit has not utlder:thissu
b eforo the eN of the 1011vt
'her th' R _6
21 nsi* elt 61
Aif lJiTftRtiVB Vtft Of a frL*"*' "Pthe
that House und
rimoliti6 fi "& apptpvingl WdAb 161 or
with resp&t to kt hcountty fi'&P toy' A680AS
to 6"effedift. *Ah b aftl,6r Hdwo bef6ri t-tk&- a I atI disapjprq the ext" Ou of OUFh au&qr* M&
e ff ecCi*e
Oithei beNr,6. the end twh
up.piobvifig the eltet Wdn of such sidthwity Witk rapookitdiusht&trA .
4&&X-W'411 fflvm
11 01 tila Tatw. *dlotth iftrftw
of thi Tatiff'ge "N*d 86MxW-* aw flW,
ment Ofthlis' AqL J 1)1 1,
Ai &
(a),. NotwitbsOnding any otbpr prov=o"f W"!" int
detmnme*s that A nonmarket 'C
the:Unl'w Sta" #430'iil IUA
tq a=eve a CPMP e 0.
sou east
SuOiper* U(I
forepatriate sonnel *U'Ar x4h**
to return ihe ppnaln'i q, 8 300 ge IVA
q States
ihi*j J4*!6 I
"ring th :: P:
e- b"io_ eg= t
t' .4 ending he'-Aate or w e regad
is cooper 'd
ling with theI lwd% A-1.4m
A) the products of such r v
MOo treatmeht'..4
ull::& country may n6t Platt,
jn- fmy program yd w4icll llz
CTedit guaranty 4 br invesiin nt guiro,4t 0
(C)'no c 41t dWred
between such country a. t
ad., 'e D *fa
ion shalt."A pl t any
This sect n 'RP CQU
..whl' i-m forth, iu rate
are I ble forth n I
e rates sqt
the TAriW Seliedl les, "Of "thle Vnif States o'n* RP ,Ot4i Ww
404.Extenslowtof 440setiraillOVOMW t7tedOPMel*i:
(a) Subject to the pro-iisifts Df' 9Y
by:prwlwnation exte,,,M,-nondiscrktiimatety,-treakneattwilm pro&dEs t4c
,40 V &C. 1209.

of Ariz fteth4how entered into a commermal
ferredU ift h I d 0,11. 11 050
WTI) t ,ftphtaxldw, shall be limited
a bf effftuv.06m, of :the.. obligation s of the.United States
---. --A,
,h cormtry undo* #fth bilateW emmercial In additM61 nondisc
.. ... Ow ftre4p aountxy. nminatory
pursuant to this, effle Which hasenterews into an-agreement
ihe Viliw fttoo the saftlemeutof lend-lease reciprocal
aid itud. the applicadon.of such nondiscriminatory treatment
I be Hinited to peri ring which such, country is not in arrears 6i ito bb1jk*tkMuadar m& agreement
(c) Tlit President in' sy, at Oy time suspend or withdraw any extenOf dimaminiLtory treatment to any country pursuant to subsec*xil 'a' Omd thetob Cause all prqdaeta. of such countGtTosbre a le rates s6t'%rth, in rate column numbered 2,of
tht UniW &ate0
so, 401 A*hPO to )BIlter Into COMMOreW AgreejoevbL
91 b cod' pro .0 aubmwtions(b) and (c) d We we667 the ident 1he entry. inio fome of bilateral
dkijr remebta hiding nondiscriminatory treatment to the
nroduds of it;untxies Re"A"Mr" 4MMIOUsuch treatment. whenever he
8, adh ith SM
rMftft t1w M h countries will promote the
P bf thA mA a ia Aitoflonal. intereoL
be I fi ni "cilfied
t4ki tb AW ag
+ initi penlod: in, the agreement
116111 be no more than &Years f roin, the dtte the R9rO8MM!.
'into except that 'it may be rene*able for ditichal
each not to exerted 3 years; Ofa satisfactory balftnee of concessions in trade and servbeen Mainiained during the: lifoof smobagreement,

Oi4ilip i &Iormines. that. ROUR] Or, iffs an P rners to:
twDO in UPW Statestar 4. 6ntariff ba
rmilt* f rova mu1ti46i0.:.AeOfiMjpns W is
ski-, ra iprocate r Y: term
-A 4Y.- Ithe P4

f4r n f SUBMW
IP rovi t it M. to Ron artiermination As
ro_, 4 1
4q" Ityreosobs.0r:. that t 6010 Provisions
T fu Ovi any:
Any n pr i0i i
io the u ec ,
(A) prOidixig nVal
V 41 PjP 440t M:.
Al FO ia4,or pr tau""
or threaten to cause,) Or signifierintly contributetoj:'"M Cdi
441 "MMTW 004: woo frestrio..hUP4W11W..4 MW im"
Aq!- V .Piqb mar)wt disruption;, it bas
01M joynot,
"M t
4M otecoft adnatrial Proprespod. to.
1: Patwtz 1".. -vowitry not less than the AjOift
"fiedjA M.4 90AV4MUOU;

t4D tAie Tjniveml Dupy-n -ht, C
Count 1"..IWO 0 Opp
V T A il
1 4*f O.A
the tho 94
I r
prov Vw
f"Al k A
Islid umqns Z.:.d-4*A"
(8) jw am Of A^J. Nor',
the daw of the Abo, Acti,
ISm kronwam-Of Irsdle ., wh", mav
lis. mmtar nown,
Ocibution GLAWOvibee Ot. T prr w se
mis6ons, a" for fWhtagon of.
ofopmmpreW r entaU 404.. A
mptovi& ftr o
peisbon Of th1w
twom !he United" wm, a ad,, t h a, oth- -a v
10 ptvvide sm& *&w'wm
promote the.purpwo of
(r,) An ftbwed toA th,
referred to in section 4" (w), ivw%%e;4 m i Owh, take effect only it (1) sppxvvvu py %$Am %A'wmKswWDY' a
P m Ilk to in OW60054 ar
enteW. h" befw *w d4e 4, the Rmactment
an.: SgTftnxmt this
Act =4 a prml d refe to in 152 w 4E
m pprovxl
New" by mectiolm,407
period (a) (S) A, n:
1 T. Y tpff Pro,. Seca, 4K MaAk ArAmupbap
(1) U the filing of a. petition b tit 15m Im
tion 201 t'U r*111est.: 6f A* PtiA& lalWvreatiom', in re*61fifioh Iff if dn 'ft":4 of th, um or the
NmniitteelDh r"need the Sent* r olt'i6i )OP4
national Trade Commimion (herea this ret .6 t6is,
thb "Co 11 i i e,
pr6rh -1 !zPaR
,h 4 ffi
p 'a,
unpo 4, e
f an pstiz
f= hdh6r Im-rimb UW- WIOP an
ry, w
ard roducedb 41
C domestic in
6 pr6#bipm of sd !Df gibeshill My vith n
"jI 9 4 Crt)It 14
6al j
with i ta Aeh I s 1qn uhdo Pa

A-176MR iir at
JOY, a
mar, JWL wd bw *A
I'm 0 .04 lq
6 UST 2731.
26 ILA rl

I iestic UW47t And the amcwtof the 2- 0,2nq or impogtj=,tj&fj.1&y ifty or:vthw import restriction on such article which is
"XIM"at or remedyv:=: market disruption and shall in its,,repott tolhe- President. The Commission dog kfarsb* ft thii tr pt of =the hearing and any
bwv* been .. wbwi In
]Mqxwb Q MRM Ation
Ofthe of its
h,(1): eb:Wl bo, mad at the eamea tj =--.-a butVA4 9 MOV lifter:. t1ke.. d1l" an WIU&
1W.111;M it ]s
P ekstlon is: on '11 w request or
or the motiqA I's Wo &AS can Ma be 0 Upon
to dw PitAdent, Commission shidFalso promptly mag
ch rt' (with the exp ption ofinlbrmation, which this ComOIL*, ---Lam' 'be mflde-n 62-Iny 'ind shall cause a tbb6 obfished W* the Federal er,
Nr- (if lOctioneM &ft, an affirmativedetermins%,,Pn*r orabsection (.&) shall be-treated as an tion of, the *a
0 under seedon 2.01 (b) except that30i,4 94 t en "y take action ;W;r sections M and M 04 WMI:... im rts., from the un ry or countries in.... . .. ...
vo *64 of 66.;Vticle 12 res wt to'whi& the affirmative determinsfion "d
-was i6ade,
UIL, ur includes, an orderly marketing
oil 1, 1-AL to Wj+.
I tudh Adf:b6'entered in 60 days
d6t t6 ip rt eterailnitiont.dite.
""L - 0 -Tk.
at 1-remawt finds.dW thbre'isre reasmable
,OUAT& to sh*&e* r" of an article which I'$ the
.0f.i I ** :.
VOW& th t
1W I& Siticle rodulii b a] Wit
to fikitime khJ91vewptionUnd d a If
L., ., r ftvditr de that emerawev "on O'he6im r-Y, he F!$Y
"ki Unde ftcti
,.I.r Ono 2NAA4 M :Wolf in, iffirmative 4
R an of Comm 6 er su
-by' the ng watence
determine on MA,
t6 dy (1)'If a n ii & 'b7 the Com-Su tika a) vAth rvq eqt to bon rts:,of such arti,
ta'& Tf= Ur ve determination is
h pect
er itdb6edtion. wit r" to Mon
IolaUlm lp the
Pura On efffttive.
Tj t -,
1)6 Med *ith the Pbeaiden 'by an'entity IF "fingt the President'to biitiabB
lw feofti-d: ifta ents OfAnySM O e'D .into, urt section 405 w4h respect tbrimports 61
t d" the whi6fi ii the othiwparty

'At Of such Article, that market disan kr0c e Prod a domestic indus
h with
With one re" t.6
14 Wf to

ILA-- _r4
(_GYFcw pannum TI
12 IdIatiobt: JAM a
ever knoorts of' like ar'MINUM
M ___ A
d J I
0 gal
ia UWY bfftimi"Iyi so #A be it v
Y? viAlit t All fl,
of ':ExtenA6n of Nabd. :j
'"' Menever the F 4W a
rem ent iwa
vu ev nondiscriminatory,, to
gn country h4.prcpnWy 1*1
e y, lie s]
fives "d to tfie Senate A.:: lie
his reasons tharefoi,
The Preside4t shaX. U to 6i -Ho M
and tb.a. SenAtA a document,
43liaw, 9"on 4ft(b) Or 409 (b) wM
OMY Counir On dibefore Nc6nibe6r imwh r, t
sWi'tran' smit to tbi mwt the rOD94 reqgir44,by
Met J4
cam MW 'w 04 or be om'
(C) (1) ifie case of doeux'ne4tre, IM
(otherthaw* document to w]4w*h 2)
xwgen sk, torCh therein i1aay ve
forth theivin may enter i4D AW
RepresentaCves' azid the t,&doK,,* .11. kj
majority (if f presm r6sWintaJ 6ii of, approval ke der the wo 4p r, M, wt
If I 'i 0 4. 1
of Ihi l Vift VIM a& CMVwwT
t e c o = t rr,
case umbut
ts librth a:n em ent'e PC ... A atered i befp
affn 0 the.
i p iw lit M-a tion,
eroclamflowmay, &Ppnw elective force and effect after the close a t6 44Y -on- which suc)i docum nt, is4471 I the Se4at_ VrIl
Uves SA, 0 _N unless 404, s L*
IIOUS 6f .. Representitivesor*'SgUab RCII ,^ of x major# th an V 149 a a
.,y of ow pi "t "a ote
QI-disapprok*1 (un&i *ey m I lax,
extension og 6n. A
,tr L
In aoi O's oemen, rgf
ra 4, .'
contames: a report subi itted b the Pre& I I unaer A(b) tto at,
61 of the A-&y,,periqd inn X91'
Miput. is -delivered -to th6 tof vRa
ea r(;he. ITOUSe, of'Rep" Ives or e e I
ftfi'ie vote of a majority of 6116 P gin V ITT In

4- sian r dmpparal(anksbr the procedures set forth in section
C o te ubmttd y e President with repcto such
L -t, thn, with heay athe date of adoption at As~outln o A ). nondis iiatory treatment
** a M n fneewit reeatto he rodctsof such country, and dw prat of anah country saall be dutiable at the rate aet forth in
( iah eatArmy not partalpate in aypormOf the GovernIam ofr th nted States whichi extends credit or credit garate or neeme4ntb guarantes and (C) no commercial ar ae ww MaY
thth coloded -with such country under this tale.
8 dM tbyCzecoslovala of Amnounts Owed United
3.~~~~~~ Thqsamn iiitdo uly 5, 1974 with res"ntt the
e- entof the caim of: citizens adntinl of the mted States a~~~ 4-h oeuet of Osehoslovakia shall be renegotiated and sh in submite to the Cogrew as part of any agreement entered int ader this titlewiththeebalovakia.
'Ieli. Unie tt olnt. release any god belamwm to l *. ........ & 1 .r a WT 1 at* a I sa 1
8 paanat t th proviaians of tePrsepaions Agreet atf January" 9629t, or otherw11isae, until such agreement has

8* 09 Freedom to Emigat to Join a: Very Close Relative In
tUIldted State.
Tb) amr th..knedddctOf the United States to the tt- M .mpsa agtsand welfare of its own cItizns and not~~~w'::. awadnes .any dier prvsmo aon or after the dae f tim M as of the As enmre econmconr shall 'cfiiFW MR aWap hooeato the Uited Staew' exto p atguaate rivsmntgaatedrcl or to Ay, astthePikadt Of the Unrited States shall not concude at gapementwhany such country, during the pro
Ir ing wihtedt which the Presien dtrmines that suc
enesityci therih or au poaniy to joi pr
as0"l through- emgrWin a e6 clsMeative in the Umited
to, iraka eae pet dK brother, orsitr
4mp78es an tha AC noial tax An the isa or othero4V n aycitize as consequence of the desire of such
ar~~~~~~~ qld tpt tedtinhihtenteernes that such
y is ad la violationiof, Pargapi1,-Bor()
After~~L qftoeat 0to this Act, (A) a nonmarket
ib nyprora o the Governimt
eieso et guaanee or
i mnt ;,(d B) the Ptw Idnmy conicludea 0com-


twtb& cons"gis *out . . . . . .
With, iA
mpowt zwe *Yl
ilk 0
Mpplisk4a cr
to the.-Uniftd4ft"Wtu su oil
rlurrmA into
r,#G W
ment iff in
C) This mdion iAA M noC-apply t*T.aft,,
Are.el lumn
for the Iritgamet 01wohel Tariff of the
90 41na t y
fionmu';et 'eemonly oxmttyli ] Aggsubiedlcm ... .. an W lm
Sm 410* kiit-Wek Timde:
The IntemaUmal Tracle:x Ocum*%ftl
W roosm-to mobitor Aoialw-W Ike
States to. Ail im Ah extau ,
Commission shaD coordinate SM& PAY
any info mmt* which, ixk tbm
niii!! ,. ii i !y to tltrr t Otis gie T-W, a detailed summ& y of the datiL 06II&W stafia. S ho
&r A& alld. S t& k[m &iw tw tli
Fore*n a andt0:10&! M9,
oh 6 'the
ts e bfilid of *dh ImPorvh any, 4W
cdmpehpfive articlow it, the'unw shd on' joum4p
QW: indust
ji.iJ LAI, at) 13 -Ij arWmmi th6 United StWbm Se, 411 Ram!tpW"t.:jr- $Fxrjwu BparL Board r referred to W ilke
0 1; 1 -#.
between persons sn4 nonmarket economy, co 'or'
to uwum
An tecihnol
rpon expoo*
*tereo of the instminontality Of Asguc colmtry, *ny ap,
*h o provides' credits6 rl 4 M, .,Or
iva& in'obrt tolty in aA I 77Z
Calendar -year, shall We a 41W
n r,:.a* the Board
r" Mir ll
.. .. .. .....

(1) v -if the: total amcytmt of: credi* F.T.0lities
or 4MM
WU RR Mpv: runm M Kew
amount, du 80th year I be reported to the Board underAlm
(c) The aWsub it to Congress a quarterly. report on trade
between1he United States:,&ud-nonmarket economy countries and G Such ort shall mclude'a review
of the status of nqpbatiow Ofbilateral trade agreements. between the United Statis and swJx.--countries under this title, the activities of oint trade commissions c*ted.ipmuant to such agrftmeluo, the reso ution of ,P "MeTew between' the United States and such
countries, any exports f oqch countries. which have caused dipruption of 96 i:vwkets, and recommendatioxw for the promotion of ...... Ude:::. Mi tb .-Uational interest of the United States.

T . . . . V7_QFNFiA= D SYSTEM OF PREFFMENCES See. SOLAuthority to ExtendIWerenem
K..-, AD L2 L &J
Jr- remuclael** K f6vi& duty-frw tnatment: foray eligible ird86 V01M il'I"T, VC=rAAx;-11&Vj d lopog Country in accordance *ith
pro of 106b tit IFL',&. action, the President
AWT have due
ketionvill"have: far leering the tho, d&i on 0
#felopment of develo Inv
40 extent to whic (A Or =jor develop d countries am
on& -assixt developing eountri b
a opifipirible etort to es
.. ...... ..
VAIMA; i -. i h.::'
i t4wctitr --I *ft' ports of P:2
e ego K
ted of IW6:action United States
cid -lu ()f di colu A
xA:AW*..titJ*O term 14beawficlary developIng country: MOM M it rempeet to.w.hich: theis Is: effect
OR ord4w the, KV=d=t.qf the United States designatiTur,
unl-e ve lo g.couxitr
'no a ficiWY de for.purposes; of tbi's
nt diisiguates omintry, as a beneficiary INS%" Anry wtiY,:he"11nodfy-the House
4 1 -WVw MdtU1$WMOW his intention to make su& desig-AffWA the elitemginbo diec
*#e PrMWinC ha"soigvited ,sny ooln t a:.: beneficiary
d jAr ..: :1 6 nocter Rinate
=4 de"si ow either WMg an Exe -tive order, for thatPur
Wag, an ardeiAwk huthteff6d of terminatx4m, g mwmy tMko.-Itt.iskst$Odiv"boforeimeh, ,tennination,
MaMbOmMe Mosims vt1t4 ewkftti, w xnd Ahe &nate and has
cWMAAW Of )a 'WinomIto tznninate =6V ignition,
together Witb thecon demotionss entering into such-decis'1011.
means any foreve spool" or liege of a forI Ot t 71:.

__A: -A-2--z. ML__!Jb_ M-1- AWMW
ego of
MUM U"Ork .0"_ 0*5 **MdU"biArMtd& PON a.Vf
(b) Wo dem"gaameon..da-U..ba'ama&..un&mr %64CM

I I ". F I VW
1hunny I Re i
k ......... .
.4 1 u1i ko J....
flungtry 10
C810*4 Ila
lift addifionthe Presideit sw itot defigtots anyCA utility a deVeloping country q ON
y under thise&ft'
such comtry iw ithe
products Of such Vountry p"M
Oa aveb epuntry. a A ew # to Otte,
0 e M.4 vows a'
on Tariffsand trade and a M 46
Fun mud: (C ich ccoun"
international. COMMU11=;
:(2). if such, wintry is a member of ihe Orp=gfjbn
JeUML ] Xpofting Colintrieol, gr A pw ty_of 'such, edon
Pursuant to such Armngemerfit th
suppues: Of. Vital COMMO tride
resources tupp
the e P. I
ortorame IM
and to cause serious aisruptaon 0 e w4ld epono T4, wi, Id
supplies of vital COMW t M6*b Igitatt&iMan
ralift-6a.. r2m ofsuch t&c=i-unpm9on*bId Uvel
which. causw serious disruptiobiof 1.1w w.orl#!1wenow
.43) W;
if 'gueh badntr'y, affords piefere4tial
tetsof a dew1oped- country, other thm &,
fiagi 44ikely to have, 'a a] tMIAt WAMMMaf-ffi1,V,*Heq*,t&
States commerce; unleos the plr "M h",
factory. -to lim that mz& profa, t
bef)M'JanUftry'l, lgworfflmt aafiolt Wd"I bdIalon, bdote
January, 1976, to *ssvftAhat tbore- b o
gdvers6 effect, and hWreportg th 0
v (4) if'sach cotatr
haif nationalized, expropvj*", jar, 4)
owporship or, -control af-'properw Omod
Ozon orby,x corpe M4 D,
AsM pereentor,.more

coatmet r
POrILti-ON'Partne ip, or Association which is 94

y,, United Okisms the effect
r in q. stow
or otherwise Odme ownit .01
ONE: 00# Of Propec 0 i
or emmeed taxes or, 9ther.
.'9r PFOftQOW or other
A V effect of
is to naLf.401, Me, mpirop or otherwise amme owner4W.'P .gr 09A W. of844 qmper L Vi
J.A has
. .. ..... .. : PIMMI Pt, aqilptel
to itimm put
71, pvlomp At
aion* to. Pro IGP4, ansfoL 1!kD&r 08, Atb e
avln.. in orsuch
dle]p tQdimlarge, ite JA Z V.KTI fj* U..x .9 (Ountry IR i obligsional l4w.wmt re@ped to imch(itiz*
m4p, r-. 6miatim, or
M. --djapute involiring such citvqn coronation,
.... ...... or apwmation over coin nsabon &r such a
Wforlwo1v on to undairthe pro
.... .. ..... O u t .
..T.N 'Of Immest,
U. w ow agreed upon
rn'1016 AfAW atim to tho Seast
OBA (MI d mah

Wuptry-:l dqia*q' n*oi bike, Ikde ate steps to operate and othir con
.. .. .. ...... In the schedules in section 202 of the
a. Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of IM U.94, 812).) in inch
fmm on ited:States a y
re m. -mmn
to ad obod faith: in 9. g as .1yri 111uru im *wtr& ih: favor of IUnited Stkm
to W. m*Pociation.mbidi is 50
byrTT ZZ Stat6scitimne, which
-Av lfaft& ..b
for, Me or: _y
MIMI* invnlvid hwe subXWON i7A itkftl bodibi vi t-M *d*
gftnpng and
M&4 y:byl uary from
I*iet il"Ibeft
tc( gh4 ittdiViduftY.0 1. jr*hich has committed an
P&4 (41;Or7 4y,+ (T) 41%11 Atit provefit fh6 designation
A" m i +Yft Y4
*K* Ake ar civel6ping e6mitry dir&r thi swtion
"Wift *d pt determ%6ftb4.f0i h de ioufion villlw in the ins'P
States a-hd *ports mt& detere&IOi* Ids v4s0fia+ tht"f biw,
*&e6tt to, d y &ME"He ary
twidowiffiv X tr 'F deit 6WI. 'ohike into

-0 VI ot"i At"
10 bjV++,f" ft v *vf Ift *mIm ta) be so

iii : lift at Publie tAii
30-s" 0 76 6


(fg) -the: U*44f indk&]
ib P!;..A
._W gVW
Inhabiwn* *sad- towtthae Allii""9 wi
O.L aj

Hj"VP -4516
(4) the extimt, to whM 11VM1i dountry hVii aftdied tke United
States it will provide esuitAble seasonson ble
keW and: basic comiftoffirtyla"VERMr Wd
(d) General.'headhota, 3 tdltbt TAiTiff ale' f the United
states: (19 U.&C. liona)*
.1202 Ing pro'dudlb 1A= POSSM
is. amended by adding at the end 6f o*3rtttkhv paragraph
iii Subject t6 the HfAftsfi ns V.ofidd tnd& sections, 503 (b)
an&504 :if the. Trade A;Wbf 197C; rticlks, ated eli6ble
under section 'jog 6f s'nelt Aet- NW&r6linported Yrom
an iumflar po" dn of.theUtfited redeve duty.-treat'.
men t rummmWiffordod such articles
-1 ft A
impor boftink c6ftt nder title V
of Tk
App;l Ion: Cjf pft
(6) ThelPkWd e Mp tM H t h
(2):. of 'subsection, (b) Ooldit)*,Ift h Vth
Y Pem6it during
sueh, country A a part 'to: a: bftt ftl biir &Hftt' tm e7ft to if io*h agreement
m -which le Units( fr is
fplfills the negotiating be Aives get forth 6kcO,6A,, loq Df t6 ...go ]v assuring
Wr c d goitable midsonstlik'Vii6m
supplies of articles of ti fhe'ecqnq ,z*quirementS of fhe: VIA63d 8 it, -&nd s'ii6t, ih ation of 9A .
Staes* $a e
deiik theViIifted
gre6ment act, on ying access.
A ..... .. ... ... ...
F6C 509. Efigible, Arflelm
(a) The President sha% from 6m.to,.ti
the haternational. Trade CommiWou with '14
Ongt thw.;
e: deredAlor deqign9s14W:. JW
title. Before. any'Su* list isrfumiAwd to," Comm $,004
be Mi effoeV anExceutive- order undeilsection 5Mdesigna4mg J;Mnefil
Wv. ii n act,
elop g-countx!! ,,: : mviskm Ot wxtmn, lu- "A
= 11K this Aiet AlLnder
.-"Vb6loompw WiWas section 501 were action Under seefion 101 of, this-Act to, vAr out trade enteredrinto vodRr aeotiou 4L#*r removing. thev
advice of the Commission with respect ix the UsW-4-K dent shall designate those- articles he- considow op el *2 'articles for purpose f this title 1by ExoeVtive 9rde
b ne duty-free treatment provided un&r
respect to &W eligible article shall 4Lpplyonly"7 f
-M to an a which is importeddimAly hwa
de elopingn into the enstow, i"riw, 17. Of A11WVA

duced in the beneficiary developir cowltry 0 us'
ir -proceeff _g
developing country is nbt less than 35 pere ht-4thqa
of such: article at the time of its W"viftthe a
the:.United Sta6m; or-

iW4 ormorwoompeavbich *re membersof, the mune, issocountries wWqbm treeW woni-muntry uWar section t diveatooft o Cqnradons perd... AMWO is, JkOt IMI th"', so PWOW Iof tile
i cle- at Oke ef M'W
ack, arta
*v 4thwUnited Ofttm For purposes-of paragraph (2) (A) s the tw= "country" do" not Ja xmn n Win a ftwa4d:as, one, COURUY Iut doos include a pountr .. .. .... y which is, a Mambir
MALLAS MI! Irv Ile'Secrstau of....the Trewary.shall reseribe
4 0" ...... .....
sum m ry. to carry out." ion,
PIvOAJW W:M$I7 not designate an artide as em sH
it sm& avticle is within one of the followIng.
(.11Y4 $A4,,:#ppL*d. sAida-which an: subject:. to textile

r. strtWkw, items,7WO54hrough 700.27,

1 to spedhz i's
ii ... .. through 700.55,71 and. 700660
A. NF At Schedulm of tho W ted States,
"tivb red and. manufactured
tzbj,4044 PrOutte,. aIA 1;1v h, ho: reo ium to::be
01 8;k t I ident detenn
of.: lClenemlized System.of

be: in -plig o e for pur poses of this titk . . . ..... -is he subjectof any adion
AA.'Or '282 or au of
Aot 4 20
.(i) The Pt*646nt ay vvithdraw suspend, or limit the ILVP% on of the d 111WAW, Aawr" ,imad& sedianMIvith iisPectto
agy Acountryi, that, no,,Tato:, of
lab a ti Ilia
M. ran* anv- a lea rmaut to
rate which'woWd WPPIY bu or this fitle in 041. W. '*dir
a, uadar 4mUmcti th President shall. mw
and 02(e)
W4.it 'roqpma0ft of AM Afft) (2) e esignati of CO
as btme4MA ion,
dete. circumtanoes su
d *% rrea f i-om actionon as a, benefici A"61 awan fty
d ti o O(b) Such'eftfiftY Shan
un pe Nam Y
*4eL imies an
qo=tty. ,pnder
I i I.A.
TAI kiCle having an
Owl'. e 0 4 fi
*Opp 6 o iMA 14A th sa ne -ratio
to as the gross national product of the United States

OCO be6WdA&,ths&1:? Vr6diWk2.Yd the
'JWF kj"
Unt" Statm. hoir Or. 2.: F.- n.153C21
d*ible -srtidw 4* ftN
value of the total ijftpftWof akkh, Atfk* iftt& th*, Aates
the* ii7fa& id611
"Matry Shall not:be trostedm b6ndfiella Y. *ith
i iimpt.tkSt H befooeC
1% Yt*
dlmtdie md -tE-* Vbi
spett th Mehl . .....
I -hlitori6al, Oft reftw riftfi")At
between the United EStatolmd swhcowi"
(AAR). theit-iwa trefttY:..ortrx& q t ta &ro* tbvemg Wonomic relations between such country and, the United,*"d% and
(iii) such country does not discrHnmilte tiinA; tt u n
justifiable or unreasonable, bitrrim.'ta
O.SWI ry as
then he may de-%ignate. or continuelh6 desigmtift -of li6 lnt beneficiary developing roux*ry with: r ""-" st 12 AeountryWhi-i 1s[noz1mwbr*OLWUi1k m behi P1.
*. L! 'ry A" -bg
IM W 0 tior,
country vilihtespect. to an eligil" ardiele by .'Rbft f 6WAUdbSk Maybe redeg. mated Sub66ct:to the proviskona-of wtiOn,5*-* bevefi6 1 -of
c*ry developing country with respect to such article 1 impart 6ftauch article from such c6tmtry did .not em*ed:the:'Wito'doho"i- ....'bi sgrviph
(1) of 'this sfibeectionAun'ne. the *ded'
(d),Subwdion (c) (1) (B) does not apply 1!4 rM6tW,4W:, 00000 b16 article 'if a like or diri3ed ebtive
c A
the daite of enactnkent of 2cut: the UnitedStatm r a
501 may,:;F tA
(e) Wd fittion pv1suant to:seaibn riff
unposed by the Iegislature: of Piiert6lik'& pursuantthe Tariff kct of W .- (14 aw. 1319)''04, CPSAO OQ*O.jj*
Puerto: Riqp,:
Tiive:Lintit. on Title,;
(a)-wo dUtv-:J1FrirW undik 'this W16 'AhAll ket"b!" M *004
sftrAhe date. whkhis'10yehrt: aftet tho dute 6f
b):: On or befibre the date is 6 6RA afWr:::0A
actment -of.. this Act the Preident shall suW t to t&- Ot t r- a 1414
re Irt oporation 'of thii-i tie.
TITLEVf-OENEIRAL. ROV"WN11 1. .. ......
.:n !iiu xg
Ism.. Sm, Definiden& :: :.111N.
lip CA
or pu'rpow of -this AA-- L
(1) The term I'duty"'fiibb! rite and formof &I 4t4,
dutyj Andm butnotliThited ri
The term er iT red6c Oudes,
port titm M1,
prohibits C1fsL1-k*g*o',,* And ekkedon
t 't.
linp (,)W a, 1Qn (I *p 'Pd for 1 6
tern A* C
j ,Jt ik

valorem equivalent.
iTT by *hich or to *hich anv
is. 41 mo, ibm sod or in4mkoied. puiSuantto a trade
Ift OP. ad volorem. e, the
=-O"M t =tO7
intq for puq oseq
AmWbw i"Imed! by th dMINA
1xi s Tprm--- on the'basis of
IMIA" Midw of -017theAMOrb during the most
1 110 Clio DeriaL
.l ITTW.Zhe to iI'Iad: vitlorem: swavelopt" means the ad valorem
eq 'Of Aspecific ratoim, -M* the, cam of a combination of
MOO Qmg a ra 44. valorqm equiva
of the, anal ofthe. ad.. va Oftm rate. : rim,
vaWkrem _qwvalent diall"bedettradfied by die F r dent on the bom 0 6f the Value f As pf the stticl d (luring the
11PPO, ju
d & the: 4 e of
*k*. rownt lkewentaidv6 pmod- Tn.', rMining
umn ident 1*
impo Aall Uti to 11he maxinim extent
pixnd&r&'v1f uatibno'contiked in section 402 a t th val
T-i 402
or 40ft 1980 0 V-S C. me. 1401a or
W. apitcomed duii su& Tep
wwo :.dO, ring resentative
45) Ax :1111W Ofidlo is, qlv 669Y COMIpetitive with" it domesarticle at an earner 009ter ahge'a wria domestic
8i qwted article at an of-P rewesmg. if the importation of: the !Lh:vww*CkbMxSw= MwN tw.pm..&cwvf the.donustic article
New. to ther-Offeak 4 ofartielm in the -same
tor I t,11111111;1111w4 IMMA domeow.. article...-For purpose of this urti(je. It jo an
term nw ation P iej- i6 ditty or:othbr
-*-A v
rmGition of say duty or other ion.,
7% used-10ithord the
J w=U
di werft ftspOct to any. ]tatter relath*., to eft" Clato. or go nmtt or P&W action
1. ..... 1TWh. such trade
on 11.& taken d P,
%j pre.eren#49% rate
Lad, iv 0.
en dly susM-pom
'or-P 'act ort C61umn
AfT the. Tirfff Schedules I of
d pr uo spec
oil t6
of a or rft IFA all w hich is
Uwe d6raL
tam treatment" In On
pis 140.q*
I W AftW
Pon g/AA
tl."*Ugh (a)
T"ON ?Of the Trade. RD Actof

...... . . .
Adt W '1962 i6d- ih Tbidt A 49*Wh" v-Ad in
46-Seetwir di Lei* 6uthit it t4tfwt,
Ur th 0 Of 4e 350
of the Tariff AbCof 1 M-I 6MMM a An*"Wa to
"An Act to dm.'elk .1 tht T611i ff Act, O"MVVd, *ago, IajllkW o
that Act AswIlMded ot4td!th&.-Tr*&,MWMVw tMetmr orto
agreementi: e nterid or setiwuVIsiow
under an. h ons, shall prey:: of Pue prov= .,
eluded by the:: -c 060" *d
tbutnA rO!6#*bwto4hk A t* M4 stim
int6or A amtiomorordeft FA 41.
S e, ternation at 11hide COn" I jc
V- &A
order to expe the erip 13,o
rmane this
(.a) in I f ag i" io elp
OirnmLssian may cpm
AA,61 Lite' rnatiox,41 TV LIM 119kry
e d ons, deterji4
RV Ona jw the scope,.",d r of its all
P r9CP 1%+1
Apirocce t fore L
OmsoiZt dings
(b): I$ "Perf9l. 19 1 s IM = A
may exercm,.,,wiy authority gruiatad, ti) it wider a4y other A.#.,
(c) The 1j)g the
I _61ilmission d, 11 tall tWies e6p inform d Concey-w
operation an eireet of Provisions relating W duties or dlipi- po rt Ie Aw q404, raqq '1' nts interest]
restrictipw of the Uni (I St
into undor the tr4; e: agreement
See. 604. Co tial '0123mew51w tha.. ff
'r]Me PregiBetiVshall fr6mtiftm twthm- ratmaw Iwibod in
Oi o Tariff-Schodul4of: nai Vfthp. Moving
provislicds 0 f this Aetl: ftAd- of
and actions thercum r ine 0 Impfixons"i or
iMp6giti6yeaf smy tvAe of dvty orxWidi
Sec, 6.05. Sepap4bijityAi
If any,: P Qv4sloi of', th A orrit any 6,vjsipn
to any circumstances or persons shall bRw n alid. I O'qf
the reinainder this;:Aqt- awtv. Vwspp *PAtion 0 tO qa4elj wwunstaneea or.persons, ihali n4rbe
See 606. Intentati6nal'. Drug control*,.. I,. Ci. A.:
The President shall s4binitPL
called ar 11sting gn eduntries in, 44 ieli Aii6Ak'-'drugs
ar ye 0E;C _rb
.6th d othei Cont I substh'n '% (t loted underr :,Awi if -2021, 4 the Coln'. )rehl XnsiOe Abuse'. Pr e mention, and'' Contrb)" Ac
fh T
U-S 812) ) -M PrIPI processed, crr transrujftt L& f& -tin ;NV
entry into the TTifited. States, Suchrepo'rt haiw "Melti(Fe"i diikripkii 'to _ntsp6hM;6d6ction of t6 measures such countries am ta Mve
tioxi, processing,.gr transport.
p _1ited
Sec. 607.Yolunfaulimfiation's ontx- ortsof 6
States. VI
No person shall be liable for daniages :111111111i ,W,
4 C
under. thei. Feder*IA Trade -Colfim's6m or the
Antitrust Acts (as defined in section 4 of.thsiFo&ral T
mission, Act-, (M".U.S.C 44).Y,
count Of ....hiamegaiatint eqA 0a g 1, Vr-Mple
meeting an arrangement providing for the, volnit.. inn ''Oil
fftTY I kftfiill,
.. ... ......


90 W W4 tothe jUq#0 Staboh or any modify
t, sq&-,RrFsagejn(mt or
Mort [WItol t4 Of this
SW6 1xis, d1el, And
tidn 484(e) of:* Toriff Act of 1980 (19 U.S.C. 1484(e))
to 1ft&aq foil
ffrox,_The Se&%ts rv of the Tremu",
t Of: CWWnuae, and the UWW Staties At iiiational Tri&
.conimm-012: me: *4,athorizw:.iknd diredAd, to embablish from time to
d,616 16r Obitiatical. Plin"es an. enuuxg kfion.of aitieles *n such detail
ASK ia.:.&Oir bb ml COMForehent1ing an womb
. b" d hm the.United
Abal. *to 'Aaw... -ad
&4t* 0910upetiol, witbj tistiw P" 11 for
ir Jiere4)f with such
bp CqM -Ability
Ahm wafflah-1 -and. .0claratiolm
M CIOL iiiort d
.4 xR "I
14 ...... ......
Or VO a t t statemapt specify
of s u,61 enumcLeration,'the" kinds
OKA rted And ex orted' v lie 0.f the total
0 0
out the 'Under -0ection 484 6), Tskii ff
36 &hd r nt statu 'the seemt&17 of eras
,, M4onal I tot
uhlited I'all n' Cmdud
joukuy a,0 stu4z Ing co Wiffi a
%W tOM if ing the ent i p to principles and: concepts -which
4"Ide the orpmation and development of: an enumeration 4M 4umbiH
h'v"m1d resuk' 'w m ty9f United States im
a 6e United
A: na .
on": A re
COMM= Ao both
'9 PV M K WO ]F to
Cn VUrAW11
;41 u8i ant to sub
b) t8b% d"M I I AM V% i M
Saw 14Ktake 44,; investiontion:. uni6rpecticp, 399,(g) of the
A .4, W pwlii 4the forIL report on thqAppxqpTULteC9jNqPts mid pr4wiples which
tl* 4 Fmul tion of an intemationa, common ty
41; k= T.*Wn attire. purpodew. and
nid reporting o tranact4dup in Sams
9. 11" h a code
Asia 'a MIL 7Xi UP 'adca how:.... sue
a trAte(I 8titits jimad F .,countries, gTid to
to ROOPWO of Cou 'he
*b 1 0 mo later than
n4, ,TeW *K 4Ayj:kjwqp4
une I ;':iiind
0 Vnited.: States
OXT 41 in n States cmtribu-

i ider the cus l
of t tsbAl VvApd Stedw, -F toftwWit W1hWdWV
A141- IL Of
Valopmentof a i-11 raN
tificatioli -ad
a d,
n.. a" U9 OW& _W the A UM OaRAPOW.
to both Hofisei of C*ngrm:aud to the Pre6den4 a& Wx -IwftcK:
deat is requested to wrax the
to Mqparste, fully with the of Commi4 ^ad
states Trade Commi "on m
bilir un 4, U ,j and
(a) The ameMment au (a) ii sofiwr as it :Jialgtes
3 -on iiw=r
tako e 19
"Port. declarations 60
See, 6090::Su #a I* OEM WN9 6
(S) Sedion 301 Cif tifle 13 'V '& tes 11 ;
inserang 99 (s C 11a *r tary-" and
b i to k) before,
(2) 'b zdding al the ehd ther af the folt6wifignew
"(b) The S bmit to the Committee an
Meini 6f 06 11puf k6l Of Veff and thd -C== an T7
Of the Sehate4 on qu:i- 41* gind cmulxlinboseii '. A&Odica 6 States imports for consumption and United fttiig e X-N fts
dolil, Ir t Y
RnI V : *M
goduct. &atisfics on United Stftt si Doiti shiff 'be sobmi hiiwcb: ance:with the Tar:iff Schedules of T"ne Iftnited Sta6s and general stitis ical'headnote I thereof, Mi detail as follow's
I not quantity;
10(nited States cistoms. value Purchstse Price orils equi*al
MIM 0 A 4h Taite
iq lefit f rM a k4.
5 aggregate: cost trbm poft of exp6i otbn U. trlliw stifio, .. .. .. ....
Po. of nt
a nited 8it port oft&fi P 4
plus 4), if &P e,. or,
Plica if not w hcab* "n us ,
ithsale .. tift 9 ..iiiAere
(7 for, e 4 :01. R
value of such t transactions.
kmph 'be AiidThe dau forpars; (5) and (6 Aall
noiirelided. Axid related pi
Be )&TaUly for tmi sid. ib*
x9be reported as t total: 6f ill t
"(6): In submidlling Any h0brinatijon "Idef:v ''L"(wrWith:
resoodt: to '10r s e ecre aryc t Sh ,Y it&&
Vifne expo ROO
A) 'the viduO Of i0ri6ifttil, 0 Onlyhodi tis i6i" ldh d er
ffib Agricult ftlTradek'De I md AAaoidiAceA Ct O&JW4i
o ::. _.i ".: .... - : 14
as amended; and
(B) the totalamatnt' of *11 export AuWdles-Paid'16 eXP9",
by ilteViiited#SRAAbs under su&_ f6i th
pommo& ies; and.
44(2) the 1*1ue of ox"iteff WA&rl 76 ign AAWstance:
d) To assist the Secretary. to carry out tba prqv, W*M .99400pr sections (b) and (e)

NO the Wow WWI fwmh& inf Ita"On to
tv vWw..gf a0cubmul commodities ib m olf the'Agricultural Tmde *Mopam AA of .19K.as intended., wW the toW of sJl export nbsidies paiid to exporters by the United
Ob"'undlw owh:: Att for the siportsfion of such (Onmoames;
IMO the: SewetU7 of Steft diall fornishiNkfOrM86ORto. the Ofgoo& exported under the pro M 6f the Foral&tAndeftace K4 Of 19619 as amended."
Oftmade by I A oxtka (a) shaH a&& effect an
of ths E Act of Im U S.C.
"United tjle
cm !Farticles sent bona fide gifts fl on"
kdAmwican SRWOXY. MOWS mlmvd
Gpla Ike*y a&=" 4W Wfth
or. wi drown fmin ivarehota* fiw am.... ... . . . 0
8@i6'4lL:Revivw:et: VNIONIN! In Inewt &j"WAAM qvi! CassiL
4.1:011 _.
ofsecdon-515 (a).. of the. Tarif Act 41 ft (19 U.&d. in a Ll any pnfttundei sk"
11 the i1nowtion of an fth A In we
to: XI 1:11 PtwfinAtlm
torm of a -OWN"
liw repritto vind al or
idw tka iIEllidu fi lownu
exprm tbAi
X F:
..... .. ...
limll 14of d*44ft".0 4W Ahe UWAM I&Aw shWd enter o cum& Wbi& WM gOW=tee a
IWO& QLMW i Pill faf tJW UJOW 484 and: lll)mskoii Th ciAer
.416'Aa, a & a
.. 1 11 all-AlWhAN wilp .
WPORM"W"swilt "Saw AL a 0497Fy
vwi b-CWWA twestablMi.a. frm trade am
U%6440M at
w. 4bimg in lbis awn
bad ORindo-, X "dion
maw-. %nommong Mew. MIR of Ow May be neew
.. ........
t Trade Act of 1974, no REMMY of 91 the usiw:n stonl 4dW.'d=..tlkG- cofiimoaity IMF 3 may loans, Awlinteen, btsurawmn, or =_'PtX;"UU W"a expums to M. eXeM Olf
laws onal appmral as
. .. ......
0 or 'k_. j..
21- r :v....q.
14 IfirlD

. ...... fwkl,
.k 041]Prdl 118W:Novmbft 24,
K- . .. r IMF#

The Tra& Act of: j974&;u&orws tke e#41j hnmn4pj
System.of Prefem. ces for eligible articles.: ia ported from
:eve OPM witness,
The Prw and ive or ,A,sig
0denV.hss:,designaW :: i 'dor
nate ftrtain courd i as t eneficiary developing pzmtriepalUr 4ving
deternhened, that siwA..,,des nation are ju accor4w wi, 440P Msions of the Trade Act of 1974 and after having Provided th, I I Pq
information to the Congress ursuant tho Tr de
7 to Section 502
T I terih 'ions hav,6
Act of 1974. The. necessai V been mi
ILP ropriate Mateo, hisbeen'ft t
96president may, b Exec4vel d&) desi fiat6 qi Wbih on
for duty-frte tre 10' M't"
ncies, PU ic the Iftwiioml
bl comment, iniI.the ad*iP6
minissibn. That ad-vice hzgbben. rfte& ed, as'req'uested; by iefiit6ce
to': item numbers knd kal dW ions thereof canikilaied ih thb
Tariff Schedules of the United State8; thereafter sometimes, referred
to as TSUM jx.
K V91 j vA jjl) jk
Sinm not every article tbop gin repF.MMW b V., BA, bem
,number of ths: Tariff sew ules of' 'thi United States "is 1or
dub un Mer 4yr-free treatment a 2P Systemof Pre
ode eathi. 0 ti ....
10W sarYto-subdivi. som =is ing item n=bem
Tz order to simple ent the.G6neralized Sy*m 4 tpr nce% #nA.
,0 : a- a A 0..
remove expiTe provisions of the TS7US, reWing to'tbp,Phi1 pP.ine
Reputlic d thal'i rr "Olp s, eges
an wt To itoryvf t4o Pq qiflc I X4. !41 ptry
to amend the Tariff Schedules of: the 1 ited Si tes thu ei b ,Qdying
the substance of relevant provisions of thb!Ttk& Aclt:..D419TC tin&-a
Metionis'taken thunder, into *W Uided
cf 'the uthorkrVesbadmu:
Constitution: -mid statutes, office 1LTAiW- st Of.. inokiMng
Title V and Swtioii-,604: of C : 91)rit& Ad vAl"1074.AwstaL.,
V-S a M i Wseq I, NS&8tatV 2073 19 Us c and U lfteswwd
of, Ee7 United. SWes...:
beneficiary "I : 9
y devel: Ping countritw&ft&%V*ib1e,, sirticlaap4wd46 ment a. Generaliz System Of
ed fefore4 st-ic 0=
'Supers ded 10 (Yr6r
xecu '11044, Xdieiin 24, 191 1464 i. 1182 5: -Amiet 'I niMd'
'In this RxecatIve 0rder.,,;n&7:befNu.nd W40, P.R. 55284. PurthmapenAnwm", to "AAVwK,
.may be foundlu 41 PM 376 96. ecul ;e 01,r 1"11..1 elug, 17 IDT". 4 8751.
ain hded AnnctieA it and 111 1!ttjojk n , Nxecu ive er.
II, see 41 F-K 8762 Annexes, 11 a9d LU wore I oPde#,, by Umetotivo
IN'T04x Angust 30, 197( 4fF.R. 37684, E*,KefttlveOr .3611 lry 9 OTT, 42 4M7 faub uettlyr evoked, on February 2.5, 19N). lir r b
25. 1977, T IM 1', ,
11230A, and Exe utive Order 12032, IM6. P4 I 11 e LM 4:
For new text of Annex III, see 42 F.B, 112MG. Executive Prder 1,1906. provided that the provisions In that Order: "shall become efte-tive With respe& to artibles that are entered for consumption, or withdrawn from warebo.use for cansumDtldn, on or after Yebruary 29, 1976.1',..The amendmPnts madq to linexes LJI, and III by ExeciMve_ Ordtw 110U be= '40 "w1th respect U.Alrtk air
m# eettte, Peg
after Jani aw o VareMs"efor
)ary 1,, 1976. and entered for consumption,, or wither
consumptl6n, on or after October 1 1979.11 Executive Order 11974 provided that awkendments made by it, sW1 be tff"tiv '*jtb reMwt ta.4rti4es b 1),,Wpoite& ;bvL or after January 1 1976 and (2) entered. or Withdrawn1frolia vi4tehouse, for e6hsumptlon on or::after MWv h 1 p' 1977." Executive Order 12032 Orovided that amendments made by it shall be effective "with respect to articles that are both : (1) Imported on or after January 1, 1976, and (2) entered or withdrawn from warehouse forconsumption, on or
after January 1, 1978.11

X 1..........td heaotes. and items for the
dut of the.Mffi ndf the Tfnst Trerritory of the
(5ass fromthe Tarit Schiedule of the United

K.:Genmlheadnote 8(e);
mdotes 8 and and 4, part 18, soole 1;
es t,2, and 8, part 14 seoale l;
Head2, subpart 34ggW 14, othedbe l;
-40not %T art 2, sobedule 8; an&
&8. subpart A, part 7, schedte 7.
170.871:0,A7 170.68 176.07
-T. 170.42 170.70 176.08
170A2ii....... 170.74 178.00
1- 170a4" 170.75 176.10
-e027 170AT J 170.76 176.11
17020:K170A8 175.10 178.12
1 170.49 .175.11 178.1
5 170.02 17.2 745.21
M4 170-086 176.05 745.22
-70 170.04 ~ ..176.0 6
S.I The arbioe'descriptians incuding superior headings, for TBS itens 175.00 andiA 16 are amended to read, respectivly, "Copa" and "CTocontut Oil"
St. A colman entitled 4GSP is added to the left of, and adjacent
un enttld Itero*on each pag of achedue 1 througrho
The de atios "A' or ladnw(i) ohf the 'Sas added by Aection 9 of this Order, shal be pla in the column entitled "GSP" opposite the TSUS itemi
of achartclewhidb'has been designated as an eligible article
for purowof the Generalbodk(stem of Preferences.
.mL In order to satxtivid4. Amsting items fr purposes of the (lenen~edSTem of .Preferencew 'the Tariff Schedules of the Uited are aneddas provde in Annex I, attached hereto and, made
8.The rticles, identifie by item numbers of the Tarll SchedIlsO the Uni1ted States,*Medified by this Order, set forth in A e- II and. AnneX III," atteehedhereto and made a part.-hereof, AM ;atd darpat to &etion 508 of the Trade Act of 1974. (88
NW, 9 T.E.. St8 p'.eigible articles for'purposes of the
ise~ird System ofPe.*'and shall be given duty-free. treatMotas s) ort inGna ote 3(c) of the TSUS, as added
by br Seto 0,f this I <-ebe inserted in thec n entitled GS of the by this Order, opposite the TSUS
btes setm fo1hi4 'I fti Order.
SmT. The designation "A*R shall be inserted in the colunin entitled "GSP"of 'the TSUS, as modified by this Order, opposite the TSUS
besat forthin Annex Il otthis Order.
S 8. The countries set forth in GeneralI Headnoe8()()fth
,as added by Section 9 of this Order, are hereby designated as
benfiiay developmg countries.
S~-9. A new General Headnote 8 (c) of the TSUS is hereby added as folow:
8ft fOO04* 1 or cittions o Anneesiiii III I theiFdiial eiiiir

e) Predscls smlo"ROF or
Purposes qfths GowaA=4 Ws WSP)
*Arf4* aATW,.;6rj,6g life M8 The rolloWing fb gn4k a
74 A
developingeountries Ak purposes of -Ui6 :dineralbit& 8yi0ela60VIr feritift".i
provided fbr In Title. V of the Trade Ad of 1IW4:,(%, StaL 2Mj w4h
2461 et seq.)
"(a) Isdepmelent 0"ptries
Afighantstall AA,
Angola Y
Argentina 4
Bahamas MWA, s.. MA,
... ....... .
.Bahrain 'A'
Bangladesh UsInAta"Is
Birbados Msurttl=..
Benin. MOKWO
Bhutan 'i A
Bolivia Mozamblquv.
Brazil Nepal
Burma Nicaragua
Burundi Niger . ......
Camernon Oman
Chj3e Verde:
Central African Republic C h a d ..... .. .. ... .. ..
Chile. Parat"y
10mbla Pem kJ T
.. ... Y .4 1
cofigo (Bray= vi Ile) Philippi4es:. K: V

Ot.-. W"
4141epubu lch..40:
))oMinte". it Ro aul AJ,
gypt Rwanda
I Saws&r gao'Tom ndo
Vquatoijal Gutntw .*enega
11thlopilk .... .. .... Sierra iow" k 'D
Fiji sin
Guinea Swastlan& cr: .,.Ilfl ''REV .....
Guinea RIMsat Ayria,
GnYans Tanzania
d Trip] dad. Anil Tq 49*
Wory CoWd TnAlMa
-A7 A
J tabica
tu6oer; Volta I I
Kenya Urugua.V j i
Xores:j:]F pubjj of ,W A ,
Lebandn on Arab Row
_"otbo J
Liberia L ftire ... ..
Malagaw RoUbIle: Zambi

General Headnote 3 (e),44 1, egg AMMAed by seii Tov-w"-fto O*r
1*934., August.30,1976,44 P.R. nol .
17 X 4 J.
DA. A.

V 0

deas,10rench Iritor oft~ Mon Itea
-too a Netheriadsg AEtIl
T TV.9New Categea 2- New Hebrde anadmenes. DrtibIndian Ocean Territory Nine
Britsolmo Island0M Nordolk Idagd
-"n Piteatrn Idand
Myn-- Islandas Portuguese Timor
S -ida Island (Australls) Saint Chtletopher-NevtsAnguffia
Cbo (Keeling) Islands! Saint Helena
.andsSaint Luscia
Ck dsft Saint Vincent
Doaft ftSeychelles
ads Mavine)and Spanish Sahara
salesTokelan Islands
ptihPolyneela Trust Territory of the Padifi Tslands
-iratr Turks and Calcos Islands
MbrtIslands Tuvalu
-1ar Islan and McDonald Islando Virgin Islands, British
-a jog Wallis and Futuna Isanah

"(11) Articles for. w ichte ai n*"All or "0A** appear la the
coun entitled P"of the scheus are those designated by the Prsadet to be stiible articles forporpoe of the G8P pursuant to Seation 508 of teTrade .Act. The designation "A!" signifies that all beneficlary developlag
...coentrie el:igible for preferential treatment wthl. ragepent to all artilees
-at~de for In the designated-TSUS Item, while the dagignation "A*' ladi.thta~t certain beneficlory developing countries, specificalip: engumerated Insudivialon (c) (0l1) of this headnote, are not eligible for such preferential Wemealt with regard to any artice provided for In the designted TOUS ItmWhenever an. eligible article Is Imported late the customs territor of
KteUntd States directly from a country or territory listed la sabdivislea.
a (1)et tle hednot, it hallreceve duty-fee, tratment,: ualeseene
fr= am*h treatment by embdivision (e) (Ill) of this bapnote, provided thath ecrdnc wihrgltospougted by the Secsetary at the Tras

l(A) The sumv of (1 te ceost or value ot the materials produced Ia
the benedelary developing eatry, pls(2) the direct costs of processing
opeatinsperoraedin such country Is not Ion than 85paret at tie
appraleed value of each artlet at the time ol Atogautrp Wtat-te-coatoms
territory of the 'Unite Statea: or
(B). The set (11) th easot or value of the amaterial:produced in two
.o.r t .db" .Ratopn con.ie whc ar mebe of th s &ame
se0aio 661 ofa toontesis which Is treated as one cnantry -under Seathma 502m #48) fof thei Urae Act, plus (2) the direct ewtb or procesaing wp eratta atemdiiamenrs is aot legw than. 50 pereat at the
a. nonained value of sudh artilee at the time of ts entry in thesoms

"aa ptde tth@ htifr' the purpose of ()above, the term "ceeadostab I I 'an, sttlon of: i~ont e whchIn ?trted an one
twntyry under Section SM a) (8) -of the Trade Act, but does include a counwhic is a membervts athsoctin

X4. e c
b-*. NA".
(41 L i:40:. t:iii

411 .A A ti 4.

N !

46(iii)4 Thelo4wxiW
TSUS item numben: 49 A .#91
from a benefit d6welop -voun ry
numbers IlistA 1 64 th
provided for in subdIVM'' tw a k dutyow (c): of diis headnote:
or t6r*4I**I L ci axt I t- i
C 1 P'l V4
107.20-Argentina. 15LM-Dominican RepubUelio I
T '
Asir -1.1
107.45---trazil Vi 9.VY C: i
107-48---Argentina, Brazil 107-70-Haiti
Chim!, Col.ombin,
110.46--Argentina M Salvador, Guatemala, GuAnK
111.92-Philippine Republic 4 Naludglaw:A; wk Pat*
Peru, PhIlipqjnw_. .. 'XMePMwC. 12LUra-India and Thailand
130.Z-Brazil, 155.35--Barbados
13OL40-Mexico 15635-1vory Coast
131.3ra,-Hong Kong
161-15-Republic of China 132.55-Mexic6 161.5" yria .. ... .. ...
135.30-Mexico MAO-Mexico
M80--N.. Iragqa 16K
135.9( -Wxieo T 2
136-00-Dondntean Republic t
136.98-Dominican Republic co
M99-Itepublic otChIna xq.
192. Mexlco
137.71 -Nexico: 200-91-Hondurals
188.05--Me3deo 203 2( ta IN&
140.0W--Thaila6& 206.41 bric 4 China
140.10-4Chile 20(LOO--Mexk"

140.W-Peru 220-20-7POftUgILI
141.35--Tunrkey 220.35 PortaW
141.56-Dominican Republic 141-70-Bepubtle of China 220.41
145-09-Dominlean Republic 220t50L-P6rhWM.
=10-Mbw lioug....:
145.53-Turkey 2=34-PhIHIMpine, Repabne..
14S.W-Republie of China Philippinb Retablie
14CL12-Argentian M W-Phillipplw RepubHtI-1::.
146.44-Philippine Republic M 12
.147.3" anisIm 200
147.36--Republic of China Of jKorm
147-86--Philippine...111, lk 256J30-Me dco Ak:
148.72--Chile 274LOO--Mexi
M.77-Republic of Korea 3DC04-Philippine Republic
149.15-Dominican Republic 304.40-Thalland
149ZOD--Chile W4.49-Brazil
1=43-Dominican Republic 30C58-AIndia.
15Z54-Brazil _305.20-11ndia
IM72-Hondurns 305.22-India

4General Headnote 3 (c) (111), as added by this Executive Order, was amended by Ser- I of Executive Order 11906, February 27, 1976' 41 F.R. 875& Further amended by Executive Order 11934, August 30, 1976, 4 P.R, 37084, Rxecutive Order IL1960, January 19, 1977, 42 F.R. 4317, Executive Order 11974, 25, 1977, 42 F.R. 11230A, and Executive Order 12032, December 27, 1977, 42 P.R.

or tOM*Nwy--Oont1nww
SM28--Indta 540.21-Mexico
W5.30-Republie of 540.47-Mexico
3W40-Philipplne RopuWe: 544.11-Republic of OWna.
SOOM-Peru 545.31-Republic of China
308.30-Republ 50.53-Mexico
316.50,11,11imift its
546.23--Republic of China
L 319.07-Indta ON-06-Singapore
335.50-11ndia. 610.71-Republic of Korea
347-90-4inft . .... 6=02-Mexteo,
..A 612.03----Chlle
612.06--Chile, Peru, Yugoslav* Zambia MOS2-Rong It 612.15-Mexteo
37417-ortugla 612.70--Chile
.-DOM .. .... 6M72-Chile
407.08.. R 'p"VVTOP%
407A2-Romania M.08--Mexico
417-90--Malay"' 6=35-Hong Kong
418.78-Chile 624.02-Mexico,
41&W--Me3de(X 624.42-Mexico
420.82-lomel 624.50-Republic of China
422.76--Meidoo 626.42--Costa Rica
425.00-Republie of Chlfii' M.05--Mexico
42&M-Netherlands .... M.10-Mexica
425,86-Brasit 628.40-Singapore
42664&-Mexic '): 640.10-Mexico
437.16--Indbi --Hong Kong
437.64---Brazil 646.04-Republic of40hina
400.35-RepuNm of U 646.86-Hong Kong
46O.OD-11ndia. 646.98-Melico
46u5--Berwua 649.71-RepubHe of China
4Q&70-ArVmti=.. 65O..79-India
650,87-Hong: Kong
47L= 6U.08-Hong Kong
4M 0 6M.49-Aeoublic Of Korea
652.Sit- Mexko

490.44---Hong Kong =03-Mexico
4OUIL-Republic of China 653-47-Republic of Korea
49L82--Mexieo 653.49-Republie of China
494-40--Cayman 653.85-Republic of China
511.31-Mexico 65&93-Republic of China
5U.51---gyria 656.20-Hong Kong
512-44---Mexico 657.90-Mexieo
UL84--Republie of China 660.44-Mexteo
514.11-Mminican Republic 672.10-Hong Kong
514M-Meidco 674.56-Mexieo
51&11-lndia 67&52-j Hong Kong
516.24-11ndia Mexico
516.n-India W&W-Republic of China
SX73-India 683.70-Hong Kong
51&74-Indta M.80-Hong Kong
51&76-lndia 684-50-Hong Kong
51&94 685.24-RepubHe of China, Hong Kong,
517.24-Malana Republic Republic of Korea and Singa51&41-Me3doo pore
520.35-Tballmd 6ffi.28-Republic of China
52KL51-Brazil 685.90--Mexleo
53126-Romanta 698.30-Republie of China
.535-31-Mexico 687.30-Malaysia
68&10-Republlc of China

740. L*4' A Ir
692.27-Mexim 241. A:j 04b"
69(L35-Republte 41MI", A !'
-700.54-Hong Kong.
702.08--Hong Kong
702.20-Hong Kong 14.."
702.45--Mexico ..A ...........
7 Pu6u bhina
703.65-Mexico 750.0--Rm
703.75-Mexico 751.0&--j!eVtd*W jot ()hjua A
704.34-Republic of Chiaa 751 .. ..... ....
706.40-Hong Kong, 7
711-30-Republic of China 760.65-Republic:at Chimx-::O"L
71&07-Israel 771,M-Fte bhe -of Ching
713.15-Mexteo 771.45-XtepubUe. of Chin*
713.19-Me3deo 772-03---Hong Kont.
724.35-Hong Kong 772,86--Bapubuc of Chinx
72&70--Mexico 772.9T---Hmg Mai*
730.27-Brazil 773.10-HoWK009
730.29,-Brazil M20-Republic of J[orej
7X41-Brazil 774.60--HoU ]Kong
731.10-Republic of China 796-39 itepubiie or clbjm
734-10-Republic & China MW-Republic of ChinA""
734L25--Hong K*ng 790;70--R*PuW c of Korea
734-80-11ong Kong K:..I.::::
7 7
734.34--Hong Kong 791.20--Brax
734.51-Repu-blic of China ..... 79.125-11i
734.54-Republic of Korea KH
RepubHe of Mna:,
791.76734.56-Haiti lRepublic of Korft'
734.87-Republic of China M.W-Republic of China,
7;5.11-RepubBe of China 792.22-11nd.ila
737.40-Hong Kong
737.80-Hong Kong 792.60-Hong Kong
737.95-Hong Kong 792.75-Hong Komeg
740.10-Hong Kong
Sm. 10. The provisions of this: Order shall be eflecti-i Nnaix
to articles that are. both (1) imported, and (2) (a) entered,46r:0D6;-s::
..I V. -..
gumption or (b) ithdrawXi fic m, warehouse for con I i r
after the effective date of. this Order.
Sm. 11. Executive Order No- 11844 of March 24r, 19757 is S-zc. 12. This'Order shall be effective on January 1. 1976so..............
'.AJ i iv jr tiv
....... ...


44ii!:At 141:::

-.4mmetative: -Orddt: 118K. Aptil 2A) 197k: 40 F.1L 18391

xOr Fh*tBijo OpRoxAwxA

*eetea in me'by section 402 (c) (1) of the 19T4 'Public L&W 19" 1% Januaxy 8, 1975; 88 Stat.
A d hay. 9:"de the repoTt to the Conalmms re"rod by t if, slori -T h6lmb *ftitb: the, application of sufiw4i6m (a) atid
-8 islist'Republic of MC616h 409 4 i0im Aot vith raqwt to the, oem

xj L: 1 ,

I..: kvk: vA u.sl

t:, 13
..Af t" 11

71 TO
,LV : ....... .... . 4 i r
tCA 1 1 CN


W.Waj-t .31 riINK
it 4.. x

... ....... 1 iM ,
.... . ....
lAx. 1 iJ J. t 'i 1-. ij, 0 14:r 2... P:: 4K

... .. .. ...
Jqf A

20-594 0 79 7

d. Executive Order. "118446, c WfI~s4,14. as
amended by Executive Order 11894 Jamestuy 8, 197C, 41 FOI 1041
Annuernerox r ru Tue A ns Vrs iMOGRA
By virtue,.f the-authority etdn ab,4 heremafter reerdto as: thie:Act (,b''
theTrdeExpaninAct of 92a
tion 850 of the Tarf Act of 1980, was d 1 .
Scion 801g of Title-3 of thie.XPnitatStt .4, s the Unted Stts tihrb ordered as fdllows: 9
Szmoow 1. The Trade Agreemenge Plrogram Theftrade a et program" includes all activities onsistin of, or -related to, t tiation or administration of international'areetswihp concern trade and which are concluded pursuant to the authr in the President by the Constitution, Secton 8W of the Tari oct of 1980, as amended, the Trade Expansion -Act of 1962, as. ame ned, or the At
Sac. 2. The 8pecia Representative ftor.: Trade Ne 4defatiow=
(a) The Special Representative for Trade Neoitns he -after
referred to as the Special Representative, in addition to the functions conferred upon him by the Act, inluin Sectiont 14 thereof- ad in addition to the functions and reposbiite set forth in t)his Order, shall be responsible for such oteI nations as the President may direct.
(b) The Special Representative, excpt wheee p- eal provided by statute, Executive order, or instructions of-the. ?ent shall be the chief representative of the United States for each otiation under the trade: agements progrant and. shall partic tq~ in other negotiations whic may have a direct an d sgian ston
(c) The Special Representative shall prpae fo --en'stransmission to Congress, the annual report on the trade a-met program required by Section 163 (a) of the Act. At the request of the Special Repreentative, other agencies shall assist in the prepmtion of that report.
(d) The Special Representative, except where expressly ct :rwise provided or prohibited- by statute, Execuitive order, or instructi-ns of the President, shall be responsible for the proper administration of the trade ageements prgaand may, as he deems necessary, asgnt to the head of any E~xecutiMve agency or body th efrmane of his duties which are incidental to the adminisratio of the trad ageements program.
(e) The Special Representative shall consult with the Trade Polic