Report of the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice on recodification of Federal criminal law


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Report of the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice on recodification of Federal criminal law
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United States -- Congress. -- House. -- Committee on the Judiciary. -- Subcommittee on Criminal Justice
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Subcommittee on Criminal Justice of the Committee on the Judiciary, House of Representatives. Ninety-fifth Congress, second session.
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Dec. 1978.
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At head of title: 95th Congress, 2d session. Committee print. No. 29.
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In the 95th Congress the Subcommittee on Criminal Justice undertook tho U fi~attsk of recodifj ng and revising federal criminal.
lpeys.. 'Iesubovt under the ale and dedicated leadership of .its
caiarmxan, & rentie Jae .Mnn, and its ranking minority
3 emW esenativa Charles.E. Wigi, conducted numerous
open hrng sessions, hearings, and markup sessions.
!le oikof ah suheiimmitteip in the 95th Congress will surely prove a abl~e, in cankinued etffts to improve our criminal justice sys-.
tem I sepogion -of the ..impaort& of the, Snhecommittee'ls work, -the
C n aen th Judiing dopted the following resolution o O dbr,4,19TS:
suboed, that the Cananittee on the, Judiciaryc1 ommends the'Subcommitteb on Criminal Justice and its
On irman and ranking minority Member for their excellent andt coscientious work on the general revision of the United States
Criminal Code;
(2) recognizes that there is not enough time remaining in the
95th Congress to complete action on the general revision of the
United States Criminal Code, including sentencing reform; and
(3) authorizes and directs the Subcommittee on Criminal Jus-tice to issue as a Committee Document a report on its work, including its findings and recommendations with regard to the general revision of the United States Criminal Code.
PETER W. Romw~o. Jr.. Chairman.



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The Subcommittee on Criminal Justie has judesdictlam over the recodification of federal criminal laws and during the 95t Congne .t.esuomite devoted as maority of itlatime and enryto recodinlgisation. The subcommntteeconsidered theaseed for re
c distio and, the most appropriate method for recodifying, as well as individual recodification bils.
.After a careful and thorough study of the various proposals, the subcommittee drafted its, own bil and unanimously recommended it to the fIull Comimittee on the Judiciary. The ftu committee recognized that it, would be unable to complete action on the subcommittee's bill before the end of the 95th Congress, so it directed the subcommittee to pub)is~h a report sting forth the subcommittee's findngs and recommendaionsabout the recodification of federal criminal laws. This is


17 .1, 41





Chate2-ackgrun 5--Part I: .9
Chapter 3-S8tructuare of'S. 143L7_. 9
Cha npipter 4---Synpi of Comments on the Substantive Offense ProChapter &--Synopsis, of' Comments on the Sentencing Provisions of Part II
Chapter6-Cnlson ------ 35
I-Section-by-Section Analysis of H. R. 139,59 37
1-7List of Witnesses Who Testified- Before -the Subcommittee on
'Criminal Justie. ----- ----- ----- ----- ---- 69
( VI1)

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iomat" that Federal criminal laws should be kePt
It is SM.~ IC ffi
-UP tO dit'
S.m.* ng that ithOyj..a'm)k8jA up to.(14$0 which Cop
shr m with otbsm-mch as tho,Juodoe Department, the Federal Judi.indicate s re Pon "bility
Clary, and the defense bar. The reCOrd s that thi
as bepft ivAperfecti. m rried 011t.
, .. 1. Y. ve thime.substandEa Twqdificaev4iuAnaJ -V S I.M., uAd qp;
jq()q and, most recently m 1948. -,TbRxe C44 jj little Jally, it, viidW of th6, grov ftv in, the: vumberof:Aff &l
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orminAl laws need Prov-1810m; of Federal lam since 1948, thit.
11Wme gre, however, a number of Practicid, Ind pme IOfnwCal Coll an is Amde, #'A. OU
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....1 de*wiaf iL m3oWean -bejsho*D "a IAIP"6 ovfridin F Val
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ir"re* Qertainly, thedeeWm to.,alter the belance fthd ve& MI, P, MSA Mitiirl flifiai* 4ibuld be the I W slmiire, n6var the io L.&A mf chAi*es i*
r utcii '-:'It; to *V"
Ise, th 14614 0& P11
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ift dthn"I U Ws t6. A &
naipent: of laws- -at the expense.. of indivi10A libWY.
bo olft ysi 6f & ft ti aosod. U1,S
i43#t ihA' Wil" r"IriformadI F dergUarimi&]:co& *mId
testi" v id
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gr- -h6" iiW, at
is of
iL ri gult 6f he
keg 14RM
itmetbus have be6i -W"Td. rl

.404VAWO" %KHVi&4f WOk*M A
1 till rt
S. IVT led it to COMM jj&tth6-jk-Vjg h&4ofiOy'ft*AI n f the



most obvious flaws am: overall expanse of Fedwal criminal jurisdiction, enhancement of the power and discretion of the prosecutor, and creation of a new, untested smtencing mechanism.
The bill expands Federal criminal jurisdiction, and it dom so at the expense of State and local law enforcement. Me Solicitor General, Wade H. McCree, has noted thPA;,qWe should reduce the role of the Pederal Government In enforcing the criminal laws ... the constitutlofiWo fewmiftra assexamg.foderal law ought not obscure the fact that in many, cases the investigation and prosecution might be -better J 7A V
mftzal. A4e JiiAiee DePsrtw .
VOAA& A; re&yftf G(yr
1 zlt
Vb&ral Publio i1nd 06mihx"ty Ddmdws 10.wrl- V [141.
,,W an extimt unpmeedented in Am rtckzl jurjsOmd *&' gro WADrk f ei"nsim ktW1ibfi%1 jii etionl T6* I tRmWffi o Ahe
)*erjVv6ufthOMe do6i-'t6 Vwvftce, -of, State" authO114060 V !Uquor,.Ooro.ok swrmarwt for
j *Vje;, will be w bJ04 tp Feder4l IFIqlaepp
Professor Melvin B. Lewis underscored this cgw q I on pa4A- 6f 14W

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An pdeFv l q ction, is 614
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MOA Q v th t ct dejakine", it A
1?4eral, &I me '. xk beeklAle laral Gb+&UMOW '-ftt ebimpo beciise tbciv mcribed conduct- aivaWa-My, *ronc. U04er, 4, 1,447,
tak oyer -thf 4r4k41tjpu 1,ro"'e, M-pe .4 .10110, fi," f W I

The S Ub Wi ey" th#t t4e S64#1
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stAnces 'tI4' pMitc oftse. B7 Ma9kifit, tl-(N 'e'd'iff ereneps,, #ij App rentlY.,,' Plrgclse, tq(tepfles & lthe gi '0(!"ISSIOll m I ight p t qdlwi iilvo I Eltice
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,stances,'one might hio fa-e.t y. will a tlu umotances it
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i ]U PM p . :in qse4 K 1437 iore-Over, wu W- **w Cam ME ': 0 j,,n
f uvt*'jie'r oveMrqjff ding)qf Tef1p.41, eorredioW f acifitivs, a Ma'tt6,r *pnfpqtmclecl yy tbe; WWS, f adefquat ly Ojemphasize blternaret, Wr programs. Adequato
measures irt thAt regqrd are ess
Jl qc -Ve eA io4 pr;ol a W to 0;(*ring for
modoniiza664 A Ot Qpj ',1437:is #awem but
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4( pp M9 Ategvate! ouA interpretations inta
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Iffoarlap, P-

onpaus biU re"to m.a tremmdOU4 PIMWurle
'A IAO VW 41,o M,
thi UA
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cally undertook to work wi it g6dhi.
became 07'
which the)abdohmh M- Ifljhft*thi t not -lead* itiselftb h
t4at f)" j igo
10. Y*1
themIm bem,9do, putdie iftptj4-and, *-hw
P11w f:
An omnibus reform ill that'vAn' ub &,nua
0 1. a P
9 We, in- Ust I e, to *ft" ceftAinty- thAt" IB6 44 0 e
material finpr-cwomeht overthe V'r044' On& The broadig -AA&tftof,6 c6th M 'WA66ft h6w6ver th6vOt6l
PrO nslVe the reforms made irt the leg'
difflouhWit td inalo suthtnlik t.
The, record doet natrefledt thitt tM' hQ::a*hi1010 tW W*heii Of"the inf (Mil
Oftigs an
reomned assewm6fit of the impact of its bill. A thorouzh- 18
of 4hat the bill would do th the preigent Ftderaj ei'lifilRaftly dom not appear to have been miAe., re vm, for Mnt of the bilVsimpict owthe Ad, 4 =1VrhPon papifliti &rtate pasg"'. or thi bill-$ In addWvft7 thoi+ d6ps iibt Ihmn a &nfuYansilysis of the ehj* of th6 oliarp cirtailmtat of judicial ffioerifi6tij nAd what imp inont wonid hvve ai ples bargvinfii nd',on tho po rosedultor. 19"ii tb buftAln at fh6 fin o b 66S
the t 60 f6t WO
is"ed i e Cmi'rmsliofim tud*et f "be*
The. siibwmjnittee b6fi vMfhat thor. hkret*nft1, Sing -a *#ift.. df bilig. eaa" 6f whic Lp i t j
agegin t
cha oo di skr"+
Mo Orming an&vpoatin T', hhicll
Mdhift dii;r6ughtnd caWul in S
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bi-oad 6*nm+.+ qha, 'Atli
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Moroo- Pr tho HWd W! h+eli of Aikr4B fii&h MA Wel
tot C&Jkj
siudy W
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pf whatIA I*Pw on tUe I ertm j Uft WWMI W
It 4

n1a,.Subedinmittee f4i ui? Onqiisly reported to the. full
wmmitt66- st: bill thipvilg p"nusedupon the meremental 'approach
Th b, ii Ue pr6comof MoOrnj
1. 61.1 mm 14, 1A Tt juak, subcaomanal law.,,Other
_4aAW4 tq a, xn atmo'_Fod ral
w tot be. exammed im, detail in
ordiexitq, o what SPAPtew.4ye changeo.are %ppmoopriatt,
I SIA 11 Aeed:W be draftedandieted
% WZ 9 =ge% Wl
es0141tho' CIO-MI. ell "Of Acaow is
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1to, det
rr]wA,. ed,:$tWs-. deloti werO
CA 7 W! n" g 0 Alie i
u ilt StAtlAe 3.40 1v S., 1437 w wh was
Suppli ty e Departnient of A1thoug1j,
W-9f tb e ]no Aw -lip :of 1.131"
00C lorru v
portant re
pftm q -SA
fu i Dopar*vent lisk.revp W, hat: ipWs otily 4bout, I
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rrer "de%18,T1*
4u Pw 410t -iew pm&4 N11 wouldixope-4 somo 8, ewmint
I %fi I wms, Sft A P P e nA3m 06tablialwq a: u6ifortnL and roded flne strt*ture
h, gbor Ana, evejs- T]WO, fibeA wi applicaWot t 6 &11.. titl* 18
A "11"as tovr -, 11, Stat her titles of 4w
; Zan" _44es inot niUd
tates a (with the excelAiall 'Of, title 26 latemal.13ovanue

'RIL 199W akes h h isrd: m A t ok a of sen
4i Ater: f Air A* nY e
T l wii-0 I .. Asdf!
'U orae, tvaidiiit*d tt grpater de; ee of
Ati, driwin4t AcAt&le q tt16 ltv m a 611rrectimgl
title-is iii *A"61F ft+ to.ft
ro eiW prmniAtion.iA Pmw"f*wre0.ruL 91 9
Imb Vitl sit rhn bthoce. titles
7 n6k i
46bLjjWm&d6 14. 0 assed 418 tbi,0 it 6ombolidates Federal: 'Crim-1
lt'.Iiiak W '*V Te
4id os mb
180 w )w '18 th%
goal of inty
d r 1 Js h
JT .74 14*1 4 the
u Of
Wpe of ",(tbe
+I x jit
11*"410 logo ftolruqi; iwji P!!,ft -1,4't j:

Aid 0 4n,
be trucked to the Li* A, wla&v as' t stab llja 6
lan &inplete r ,Uaited $totes for-the-Purp !ffie Con&iii Jepglntion *hkh *00411 sol;1efimihal justiO&I, II T116 Ookml s judgps appointed b th Chief i ehators a
e t reo
Tiigldent of 0 hali%
-the S-*eAN of-the llou M& Wn
if ornia.2 The Brown Comwmml gi6it atlri&d I itgv bik Toloamittee aired ftpii
Y the 19tA 06urt;Jdsti C ,
as, by its sta d-eqn,qftasift
...At its 1*or1k biel t
the start 6t
on drifti4 *tibstint-*ve- fty -t6de 4 Tn j"
fi hed a, ffildy di %ft 'of 'A, 'e' 4t4: iti#Wed'
:twmerifp. lts'Fi ReP6ft9,-*A1bh lfhe 16rin*f V bfift lie*
title 18 of' the rni d States C' iiAi!Min
10 Wi A '81ki 6P A tho re"ial, "0
'Wentgry prq*i d, by tho NintniMn. W Ah I i0f 41ye
Iffial Repoit to, C 61iz M A dlh6 Preeidernt,)ffii rwi f1i g
"Vent Gdtof exi ee.
.(7.ongressiwz aetf"
Feb rua U 0 & 11 1 6r- the, nool
as, k4li t ley,

r AoQjePAn %ncjji 4W- 9P,
le Ia jqmy 4 Seu,4*r MX fl Ww, at
41WA as
C' )Utapwporawl -with the stapt;
rAf. i
'were f9d*_*4
Lig, lp qq r# EL Pjr
I b6l f.
Aet 1 A FA
-W# PAJOLdet, '94, ThOoftstJILW
_s, ftCarter i&4apd
seatatl"q Dan Ed
com ee m!Ubofff le=d.4'
11, RVan7on ; bean' Louis H, Pollack of the YiW Law 8r1 b1* -.1;k4a1-Qr Gen"' R
bvles L. Dee rw th d 4jvoga,111 A
Oer, fo
gr r M" 'k
jr r Ptkj
Aaw other thsa VNI;
hn [, 0*1'a rs
RmnOd v ii c"A () 1e#1 a private way to proceed. In short. the Brown Commi question as to how best to go about r forjulng title 18.
The Brown Commission also did not adequately analyze tM question of the Impact of Its proposals on the scope of federal jurisdiction.,,,

thb logiso
t& tho-JiA tlc Departmmd-reported, itsrwonmeW*
W gr* dttring thefiTit wiaio6 of the 94d..: ess
4146 UOA Cow 1::4JA
4,10- vas introduce
WVWS "Poslat gisWim", 4"Iltho'k ,tq
as-'S' IW '4nd in ihe llotv*,as The Bkown.. ComipaistsiWs
dom*i &66i6 we" ftli o intr6duaod di- 98d
itnmg- the -..R,.
60 vmoi I of thf MIS -got.vut of subcommittee.,
Ji 164 '1975 at, the 9Wrt of 94th' e6s, rm m-d rer
;ionL ihat m6l-U4 d 6 6f NB" Ad--hill and the Nixoa,
trodueab S' ter McQQIla& An vas
I. tither ht,,"ings were held, by SeTator McCl
t6 V in.Al Law& 4ndl: Prmedures subetAIAW
11v n the, second
gAnktor 3 il SU *bjjUjtt4W TO *thout
T dieaia a b66., d: the bjA wi,
fo Oe full Senate, Judi iw*y Committee. The Senate ,)W aary imno fla 06, it !,-
Thejnajofityl, ,Iah ininbrity 140 derg Of.the. Senate.,,., mi 'an eiffortto qove the bill, sugg, .... ested that 4 Senators closdry mvelved. With the. bill[he 'late naf ori C 80 a*hd PIW*,fn Ifirt 'ahd Sonators ffiruska I 46Uf a coinptomia& Negotiations .to this cQn..4 Ujiie &On ufiirhtli e dofffi 94thCbft*rtm.
seo;_- I t1*1 dxf produced
n M60611 an' A migthafi6ri bill was ia dlii4w th l 94h Cci gf w as H.,R.: &047 and. thd Bro*n C Waramlon H.R. SM.In ad&ioi4 three
.M les
ced-: raN&Ifiestiba pslak on that Imy
lff *i 1125 *j 132V in& &RVI,14W)I 11 p C,:.
TU* h6giKisfion ih th4 Sonate W*6rk, but ",,a
OS8,,In,,e&#y M Y or4vt 86ftatff McClellan 1. prv mift batthot-I e4ad na,or,:Kexmedy
t tig"Mnt,
ft .0i assiAanm 6f Adommu Gen
he :&d6u and
.. ... Hl w4s intrb&G8d:,iRthe W i4m: Coheh
fioawc dA4 TIIL23U -the hillbeeosipons&redin the 44thrQmgress
ures, held, 5 da his. W*4)16m
ya of, !p Ttftw Ofi
4:4 Malt WcOkIlanla.4abddininktee the 4ill to the full Smate. Judi%' "Ooli
it Eivdraly, t6 itmksenate ) O: E;Oftta jtW*I* the&W, in l&*-J"uary, of
i L A
0 began
"first Th'
on legislation early In the, SeSS40W e T ki
a-, ng
MUWWg of, tbio w ttce; *'ere spiWVisitobeA. W. -X"teu eier, d; w Senate
t ivpresiOting

IIW h 7t 8
miremlonal Quarterv 2s3 (reb.Ut, 444(t 44f tol n *PJkmu*I.xIII* qJ q A

406 onl* sing, dk1*#r
Un n; the fit NAA
Pr&kdo*t t) ho
3),81*46wy; tki iixe&1AivO&rebWrjDfA)o Crime Commissibn the v"OnfivA dir"towjf, IAW IbTmmmt Zd 4L itse iVe
ebt of the XMertem avff uaiou, 10
Ththe fallof
fift, bf 01 k 16 di domion i4oAiu, at,0 vell. as -the, Ah6r red6dififtti6n p
-hy:Vmvwkm The t$; foodso &the P"Vi Siena,
MI 6ffengeg iA 46r&r how Y;,
representatives of the justice T)epa 4 14
ftnfifis'r with'the legislation attended thowmee14'r, u'
toqk srtinthe-dismsgcvs
Th6 Criminal Jasta* ce Subcommittee 40 1 ie
tembir!.15- 1977 with.. testivaony, from WU Peter W. JR di:66 9;nd Attorney Geoemll,,G wm reftmed om746riy Febr"ry, 1,978,,& e4* I t4o'
23 hearito e More
iAw Ire
Witness, kt A* ,,b
96eti '6f via alaor wd bwlnel"ffl; P z
ganiziti wk
TheSubcommitfteon CAminal: Justi 'bo gisl
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ill: *a NEAY. W* shovdy kfter. 14, omevow Ow t 4
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4W of
by the subcommittee. Finally, on July 28, 9 t9*
s bill -in
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Thi COMMiw be, Judiew 44KAV4 I t4a $0119
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_61ttdifig its and 'ree'OTMendstio,
retis0*1#1ft usle ,V
A It of 'the W'ttnessos testifying bef
,h pre tut su Me'ditte::& *11A
tef11'fled, to found hi Appendix ,,of this Atport.

73 q NF-,::,
ID rin vo Wq* 37 the suk6nvAiftm onf
Crimvnolui 4**pe- receiovc4 ] -d -me inth ..On thd-bM -FwAddW6n
the romlvm diirbh the Silbec6linitwe S t6dn e dis.
cum ns, o' -&kiis QIR and Roi- S Sevelvd Peolb, Ahd
orp tea, th hew
gtiona subn4t #aMnientb 16i't
ps vr to e the ir views.,
OtcS 6tbri* a gr Ot6
I I 4 ov,
OPIC -,.!; ,
This .0 v a e % S&dOA ro d c6do re 4tW;
143 iak 4t SU
eVires orciii,
P ( e sU dijftg of'ithe -64 s it i th
I ge 91
e Oviiiio iiayswof da& chmgv
y. mp.6-rtmpA && tM MOY
is Partimil i SMP
Qns as o jy w- re n- t Ip no t0h
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iifq M-46W wncernm 14 9,0 wigm m mi nf su
m e4 if ... .. d il in report in
;w hi s h, wev6r 116 su
di" e ofth6 changes'"
4y iF m9S uw sfigg .4 6 SCOP
i4,9u" some: 61 th6.
pro, --, 11
wwst i i dr a Ldixmwov," i4*6hanges.'
r aug.., 44 eurroffln is neCM6
'ICU Py- 11- v it
e .1 .,
y to a4(,, Drga,,j,,, 4-t4on of. S. 1,437.
Wax fiiill- 41h
cw IL. 1491
31JO a COM reheusive bin.. thd simencls 42 of ih649L titlbgof th
UA 1c, tles Title
04 ; I A 'FEd.
fimti 6,L con a lw ( fm-bfl Titib.18. 6 II-I'Amendiaehtg
fo O'Crbiffial:
ni e l* UfAtC4 Slots C & -TV Gthefti, Proloij
-94 Avheai6 ilt O Osw
"dOk Ormifig
*rlt e Li the'#. '+isiom ent -19 of
, t ',I to tWe
t ode,-*-hIchiS-I '44Crimes "a'314 Crimmal'Troce an cestj ein with166wvt&Mtr ivehi5w prwWons.
t% I nun&I Vroc6&dre
bbf ItitUIT 'Of the, vin, :i1r.6 C'm rmvIg angek
*ta Se )Aftb6 m6n Of
son qu IMM
004 I I t Od
6f fh6i IT ci Sts 08
-rt*WPkfiki Alt t the Bijmv of
S1 1P --.?, ,
-i l-* j...M IIIIA6r. 66 War
f"Bo&rd to 'title 1% of the bill%
evA im wommmidon Prqgm establishiod
+* m by
FLO Oh t6 4raft s6lite
air &m
4 to -W,4 Ar ujwm.
k 7", t
&I WAWW-otttsido o 19. Thus for
adcd con t
to foir ,, i6ii
t1ex, bu one of them. tifli
Iftwo t1wri a" "lit' t 34, was r ev "tediwItOk ) -Act
of Alft OL 1041 A L'..

fines and termsOf f ftiI fim: aud imprisonvie* Otru&
Vk Uv
ThePrQ PO%4w,w
Ogeq WNW rt
V *441
Part of Ale w
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in woviswns p 4(1
T or Irk
t) dafinwl
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4etige", rn P sitbi*
if 4 .a, h
eee$$ lal '
&fe' ap-LY, speeiafpro:I a Co'
the 6' e n so &n an. s ehu#
ubsecti.mL wiw ua&the
and Anil's
I Ift* I I
defineg'ih,6se situii whio t e'
.a Fe4er to The use
Cem, thereby enW flap, GqTern-ment cute.
iiiDnal ure ourof a separate jufidi& :11i= 6h
t,4,mfti4gpradi .... .... .. ..
preserpt 11 W, Ow )"Ung,44on P
PrQvU1On% WeIA,
I I tA
ewtiou ffenSIP F4 Qxample,
weree a motor a Ss)w J P e
stolen 48,u beI, fix6ed not, mo th th :a ;years.. or 134 Fln hp
dhargeg a vio1A iti6n' f this stotmie* 1-6 iist W, lii jb"
ld")A, tkat vehide ..Was spoftepd i4 intorsWv e, C
Seev)EL DeVI Ve4erul,4 V,
Instruction "'. a17,01,J2 Nded, 19 0'), 41
$1, 497 is Id. C1 on,., tj of th'I
TI ak
urisdictibnq and S. 14,7 g" 6-11:-toprov t o be. deterrnii (Terth
-P j 4r
ether, in k
ia.determme i W4 hi-" 34
14 of
6Ah e, auihorizzvilliemces a U e jt3aay
21n eontia sf, n P
defines the offense as, A, person Is g41MtY,b-f4,44 0
w ': Q b t
ff to, dep t a I f, I
Vtk in, V 164
pi %L to Ak er
6I mon,?,%O sa, 94-'00n, SojstW4.OjX4 fVfj detal j WlaU
q= = lrf* Ott 16* siow
divorced rem the question of,"wr criminal conu e it
4p.roposed 1,8 ,g ec. 20, (e) (Tbe e -enop o f, tion iv "t 'Nst
X it I N .3vrA to


ffor h u e qf o0eps
"d, fkpr P,
1i 18 s w a r $pon! y or,
posed new bi
18 'of
0 d4 4 lion iox juvenu
mllpe w tJOH11WO" NA yty ne;i, fqrth
wmevivu iAions Oust "I va F"Vit m4y Dring
w t; J e off ses e in pro t1a, 187 and
i"A PARr ht, _.CmrTm-. 4

jj st 443T 5
_4113e, .
43 con4m
orm eAt
m biode f s,4 Lr
P Wngqs M., W To e eraI cmunalJAW. goffi6
c.. in 1,4i...,::Pa rt.of tlio s
*ry. a q, s 'M rep, howuW" Oni thoo l t wm hich ther
611M, AiSQ curre4talu tive law w
of 41 rVng 50 h Wrs' )f
Y.I:OA Ond l, I 11 pxae .01
of, 6 -Cii I' 'a.
I 1,
04' taxamp m cur
Ma-,*y I I,
At of, t -,,At
4ate _Y
JAW, W4iaWiqr4-;#4 p R
nesses who appeA, ke ittee ideiitifi
0- e su Ornm
11 vefdl te
A. 4 ;e chaj gep y.
I- rop4u ,!a Whickoth p n. axjq dbilt
r,1[ o di wuss adeqi iatoly
$ toi4 ntijry 0i;pi& a e qnd,
J, Wu e if ;^ 0 ideilti o sobdom
Od t4at is jrr t 8, 4 1 th
at "WO .:. .11
0 at W W 0 t 4boorao"Ma CZA44, A R 4 in Ft, of the, c' ge
4%44 47,4 cup ,Ppwwut su anf v r4,
7ed by blr
W, tmtimcpy well f itt SIR
aw-$ theourreni substanti-fe F.Wefa
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e ngle arp 11
0iif'r 0,Y
64 it teftun M itspvn indeppm m9rit I 8,8,tm
1011, 4 :, o. 4nAT i,
tjiftt Is SePois doubt, W hotter I 'f t 1. A A MW Y.
119ed, ''s rf47* iddlupro V e cigrent. law'. Cfe.9A WP t+ . YY
)public in ut, and le a ive ri view.
1?(ssa i0im liba many. "Pectig "Of I;Sw
S:.14 letall In0 tv
tw Aea ,Oi
p!xvOf,-t4rfTO tir qt 6 ippre si Cap
Dftvi GrWh In W i48T'&ffOcU* xe f bsfi nti im*.
'.arp tim c#p pries
Ab t4 0 WAYS
ivmch im" a cu iiilve'4w; by ri&ca y c angini
rmat of current title 18;, byelianging rqk*w v
Ing OVISIOns not in currOnt is W'. ITTI
T_T bdevo*
Lt Dqentia AV AIAM Iota Wr 1"0 *14 Ilk 'h,
&**to Repmt No. k-s", q6th coni, lot ses pa a

F W i Of biina W *hw4"A z keA 6f thea t& t- IL
0 'tV'I I if r A"
RmiAd *W -MHeC 0
e SOS re citing 667
IiEXI 1)UPS"u.80 Of tbi"
IntroduM intov3sthe Oadl
of to tin' extent n6v& AAL
believe, th4 WAY in some instances hav6 been whbUv ul ended 13r with the traditional requirimMt, bC wivw Imik thW Senate bin win les"a the governmenVa burden of proof In a substantwaskumbfx, of ou"
o6oses thitt i be sffecftd, by
changmg the mew rea element it Reosivin SWM k ,
1437 the. re, mental entlis rec4 I
qtLisite r r theowm;ider
W as A *;L: -6f 'risk th ty 'Vost, Audr g*Med
e ror
lilo r Jq "
usk.11 Accor to tM i t6l 0
tolidites ine curr & 'QZ4 Vnat VE
out is that every cuntht, P 6186 1 f-eq, I *LrM 0113 Pr6ol aw, &I QiUA
ObWn d the to 1 th Wi Aud'b6m,401W.4
property bzbi 411, atthe clifter&ce bet' ."imckl
th change 96cts the lik&re bt the offeas6 by, fipsm*ft44'ha
V burden of Proot'M6ft ft rta fl 'w&,* i chsiiio
gi*ter burden. on citizel" b die"
conduct.. in
Tbe gubcommi anil d'lnanfim* bftb4m mid4ont*ded
thit Chang* the mental element-,6f an '
BV ik ii 0 ,
re 6, %*''ld
the natu the offens6.:Sch chso a h6 Aftle
b' u h tiii to dk
0 under t%;j8 of
*t Ct. The: assurancesg -of01 r 4 stie*
pr6i"o 'S.'143 1116aj WdW poodd6fable iriw to fo that e vwm m ns
confuse area d Tederal fa*' and caiih6 p 'AcMeA %b* 1 vortahtii I' aple-8 MAY Prin flat p.rmouslYhavVWo h*ftAd
report k, s, : satWactory, Ub titi itef6r'thor"O, &ft (*.w
*41 6ther examPI6 of a' wi61_: *hich; S. 143VNj *mIRV& COW
$1dierable impAd on',Fc T icrimm" al IA*i4 f* 4 i4lbibilp6.iVA ". a& 616der'al j urilgdicti6iri Trfidet- tho IPP*s a
rQ ottmw
4-wnber, of curr 6ff en4u i may sswwAt 4imiki,
are a s IbIjejoriow
in6hts oft6n. combined id6 ifivie, ofreh *
clictional bpes listed seriatim.9
any witnesses'and 6t 0 lysftl
.A. h b d6fininj the. smp6 61 F Pro" 0
jurisdi6fion oviii &iiiy d"03 exp sion of Fe&ral M-118Y f""eu*
ress-t?4 con(,e n ih4*, d ue ''to- fim -a 16iiitt!(*s +hW ilAo -to exAM.,
T may, VIbry. in A! S.. -143714
Proposed 18'0. S.C. I aw. 14
3.He&rJngs, p. 103$.
18 U 1,7sa. "C
5 Piop ox d I 8,,U. S.C.
1 Son&te ReWrtiWo 9 at QT7.
qsee 18.ns,.e. OV 662, 922(j), iT 2iFor 'exftmpie iro esed is-tt.s. 111310". tpo, 4,9 -ej
AsdiciiorL Undw eurTent law,- .. tbeie =MLkiorfederai

fqrn iU*AI*qtiOn. Similarly, they.noted that wl ile
f ,tj* W 14, S- (517MA expan. s. era jurig ic:r exa n I S. 1437 ex
ti o ViQUSIQTAe-r Ways arq pryki! btl
py _U- to .1 d nations, -,Ohere
cliv. eir ro ry me u e situ
p&nds,*,_Fqde* UM 6
octi with the ofeven a, 6 crOSSOO a tate 0 in Conn Ion
:sw _e offender must cross a State lifie' more sqb9p e Pe of Federal ittrisdiction rZG
pEpmsion in the scot'.
I"Cr. Aeflity e In
pe, ciirrejit
amaWirce 11 there Fieddrial
WE ijitorstat e by, authorizing"
a local tele
on Ohmp. Wl is madew
41"ThA at Qf 64437,91810:0kV F Jurisdiction by
ne Vnd6r this stem Sbftie
a. 0 a SY-Aem, (if:-o inar sy
i tommitt during the course of
11'ernoos become ederal, offenses H A d
inool b eA Odimatod thai thdor 0 4pril it. 4s res -It of ffi
piggyback Jurisdiction will be the, pot6n' 6a 03 pa f k&feral jur to enc 300450 new
Way 1:4 the fo at of .14 7. *M hiwe an impact on
cwient pubstanti e law ]M by makmg the provisions of proposed titI6
cc I e ly
pyi roa tions under'Any AA01 C 11 U As a res t,
vision of titio I fiffipg "those affecting
pr6pbsed 'Incl
iAl6n d it' licAtion Ild, -hundreds of 6rimintl
An 0
01, xt ide'of 18. T&m hik bWa ve littl r6se h t de
WI, e ,
pact of su0i' h' d fo full a4d:
C44 V particularly. 4yqis i6s obvious one considersthat: pk6
VI 43 the j6r iz kaeftn
Wd % itijoni 16A, the incho-ite offen6eg
S I I ,&: 4 I '
.11 Pic
and lo ciApkbie state OT mjn.(f *ill'be, 1* le to hi irhly tech.-#,
of the law si 08= 1 and i;; PtCYO
rh a o P XI 49
Te Oxampt ,of 'the: I ' in xe qp ,V pages current substantive
# 7
'ifiher at inthe n *46rfqat S. 143
re py POSOS
f6 that I 1W
tee Una 'nrfually e"ry 'Offense in UrreAt k* i
the, UOW forpri uding oss ofrensw -that, tM prQ'PO
3, t Obill argu OiWre -6 g so proponents failed,
D*t a. e e Une _a.Becav th'
tpmeet tt burden of, rovl g ihat urr6zifla* is u'nchan&d by the:
d new fomat hould: be
MITI ) 4 !
'he 0 C OU t. 6 AnU aw
av m.*hi hS tW illt rr
Oyi&iatprovisions 'of curt6ht li k. (a4y*'Itnm es alid
P PU94n
17 were" 6HtjC0 'Of i6 SA46ntlye Niia'km'in current law cott9 X qA r nmo from t
Jticip 'vaAed ng
ch lawl those
W40; Uf, pe ifle angvc *erq,,' rIferiqr to iiii ni
)ioa su pmmitte
4 1A l chaTig is fioe, dd., The
UR ch currin- su: I*W
go JLn f bstailti
Awnber'of *LngWili .417sig.6f
ow il 1, YO, __.
Co equoj the-"be6mbuttee agr T on y e most-isigm
ses p4ed 'Wai I 'it ex: t
changeshave bpm auttlyzed Ojid. fourth, timo Is. #"4o4,tp jd7eiri ahd
anal the lew obvious changes ... .. ... ..
PWM(NK7pRVW an& TV8tfMD1MYOf tb* Iredeml 131ablic an



ow I
Rnalya rAO
pmracy lawj I Ail
tot have t4 i4t ffi
o polik c a io
ith- pyt, V q IT
qonspiro le, one, a9Me
W. to, it 41 001, DOT
: k Pe'm
fund t bo 0 0 axe Vlas
R186 uns*o o a hmehts to, U8
Q#Qme court intorpret4taom Of quurr--' y
int rwetAtions expand' W a Fi Ct in
-u tj& to
,s ih %-ding maGe it"
"Ay 9 _W
e In... 4 ariO
.wide of N OmmonE
0141ad, tp ruct 4r Jp e 0 b
-son 1 4uiring p
dr. Qj Tp roof of 04
and., changing the current vwm *a etL expalf Ciff,
rput: J,#w: tQ. pornuit pwwufioji-,f or.,e#or4'm
tally 064y Fabor dispute in iihi6h'
damig.e, tliereby ri versjng Currentjaw; exb
ability. of aix.,acmpplw e by datingg th A kt a4 .10
Ms or her !wtio-a a M
,Qftense; 7 exPA'AC g current prq4bjtj m, W c ingA
Ulent to 0 fteu 6f in
-mFaent. J
% Y
ivianals and to eprompass any If e4er4 mept unc66;, an&
expaudinz current P bitioR PY eam t
grohi S d ma the
WK ute I 1 4, riot aa 't ail o
qWreMeUt, Of "i' 'to nCAtO o4g P e
Plart.kipate in a'riot and to l*ad a iiot.19
Although thi e are'biA a f ew' of s',* Oke's 'in, CyrT,
hstantive offense ala,
they illustr4to t,4e r fok extea i at, d
thoim 11 '.J I sis .r
LK 1%1 a Y r* amt
of eaqh 4ange tq ensu 144 't';
,pystemm ges no take a st6p backward.,
third way: m. which S. 143 cb I Ut L R'n &VV
1 y enivctiug: -ew RrIQVISIO118. 11 mitte6 id, A ta C
06tiqn.on each cifie new Provi on it 4e OJ 64,
input and anal sis is neededio'-en' rbth*t e uh uaw'pro ision x
Q Rough consideration.:. ITowever! "Ulanv '01f tJ -,FOV1.5 Ons crea
- y S.- 143T-weie highly contr' versial,,Afew
considerablecommeat anA w'nce',prx &ro ihbO aef'LU*? K:'U'*K6q(V
- i 4,
*ten pt statute applicable, to an 4o Use 0 C
soli-Citation.7 under which, the-solkjtox, '4,,on* AteadtNit th' c6nduct ocelir-he need not know that1t, C! TIP&r *h*'
th,( ?soficitqr is guilty even if the cdIp"11 C44'4'uctVt3Ver Omvrs; 21'" offense, prohibit 'disr4tion f AI
ng 1 $ '_ Proce
exe-A if sueh disruption i ontyt i6* iid4iW v SWC 6t"8 *pwhdUet;. 21 ].jig it, P"Sent r iiOafie ik
an, QffeP SP,Pr6h-!b ti qr' p
Vrot)-bsed'18 tT.SX,
'a Proposed IS U.S.C. 1 1.
Proposed IS MR. C. 11 3.
sed- 18 -U.S.C. 115,11.
mvwo Ned, 18*U.-B.C
6Ud I'S R. V94 t" N,
Mpo$ed IRrU., I I
lJosed IS V.S.C. 11003.
12 Proposed,18 U.N.C. 1834.

OSIM91 -M. twlmsticft submitted to the GoVernTeut.i 23
ba qd, n'"Ide varying oomm6ii
ds.M 94q. J
ns,4ftated by 107 ha+e
impact, Upian ffie: d ti 61 r nearly every, eui*nt
W-M0-16 -J' Tr&Wm K Tho first, pMv sica:,.. miruites jurisffictioft as an
ek"waVOK le&rsl. Off-Owes,4r t4w, removing the. Tpsponsibihii 10 ,. deg *ith th
bu=iji FF*40WJuriWIfA ury, a, d it
im ftoA ktjia ji pJa*
Jw Proy1w1k, t-k,$4 1437 to codify
rqst*s t, wren commowlawru e
"'Witru% theii the'Drov on is not.Awes 'fica w Will
,4e common a rule
Mryw PO 4ou ott pre
Tenh::Awthew t- FVA. its Ater by the courts-L-thuq,
changing -,thp law'by halting its developmepL

NAK: ths: sdntmft that, a jodgej:can- impose Ipoa C-0 JIVOWA d'' 6f 6Adwnt:-J6!9hiSr in 'U30,AsWatt AefhAiw .tke off ense-or in
S*6CA- I k:6811 PrD*MOM... -aligg..W-i .. -66V th
OUR offended s danger,
ifid, 'Ply, 9 *&It-IIIOITeJi"* bflen&mt*M uarzotiw:addi4s2: The, st*kt-e der Aedhe*W Stawthe I lerm and M4XIJOUM
fate for the offense 11 d will Amorally authoriia: the I'Lln'Positi on: of: both Vter f iL W ftevofleftw in tAk" IS.'.0I the
40. Worize M*Ximuw: twM -of imprisoawn
'Afe wq tehil of;year% ; anclKmaximum t 11w lieu. of specified fine4a uw
Nr (if SWntes 11y those M-V OAVUW: embezzled nt., permit
nel'ba *d larkm tho skaount obtaihed the-conma' ssixm. of the offense." soh Or W&M I anthoiite imoosiboift- of, either k fine only or'. a term
nt onl ,.
F. 'A' I'udge r"when ftfisfied.. thii: tho eods of 'justice: and the beA in, t6 ,Of the Publk as wefl thedief jr &nt'*fll be, served thereby,"
M yA49Pft4, the
ik"S'PO(i4w 01'. Spatence Qr..,swPwW:its exectitionAnd P14M., iwp4dot on TMbstionI, wlkw 91 offellseis punishable by

a See to f"Jos.
I r is U.S.C. 1112 . ... .....
C. Ch 402 ("'Youth" Mmde" and Ck 314 (""narcotic addicts"); 18 TTAC.
44 a 75 (IliaN offtaft") ..w WAIM
A MAW* is kida
U.S.C. US Wr
A MAI, 351 (a) ik: k) k 944
ww ii wJ),=!%db2h8I
tit of's motwe of de h. T* "Iftqz6 "etUm 1472,(1) ofUtle*49, UnIted ARthorkm impositim of a seli*nc of death. Because the title 18 provides; do ndt e"tain P are topl tItUM U 6DficIML Form",
J4*fttt, v.
Q 74 U.
Male* ^3- M4, OW M11,
1.8 UAIM 3



court doe besL11,5 The judge mAy impose wW, is kno* ao4oalf
iM_ a ibxlinta '0
son -11" -,% I
f t4- JA
Iii'd66ding whether to im'' 3e, a ail
PO (Urm, qt fifte orbotka 4mm
an il 'fae or to end th -, sefitenoNftbp
We is fre 0'* rwha;te"r ft4o" Wor *i cm oi welavsaL
Xpp&l of 4 smtenee '19 authorized(ionly UA&"47 bmit4 binum'
fttoes. The- government or the defeika atoayinifia;t% an 44; _a 7
rM MI settence in, cases inwylvihg thILIB loWtion, wftp ioa or reduezion of a wntewo, i6f a lldangopsuo, Ofiend0r "AOU MVieWj
the, courted appeal d6teirmine ,Ilwh 'm pt -wd- re
a femploy4A, ww
lawful, the 'findings made were -clearly prrfteo" or, the sm*rfting court's discretion was abuse1, q..%
ant who is sentenced to term of ixnp lsoaraent rmftins, in
e expire., on of the Urml,4 imPrismmmtxaww aa y
time" earne& unless rel6aged ftrRier n Pa.role-7GOod dwe is earned if the pemn hw "f aithf ully observed aff the ruWAMdUs -not been sub"* Ct t6 Mildsh, Good fimec",bw. forf4 fqrviqUting"institud xulesv oad forfeited gbQd, time e4wa, be rogt9re 14. person my esm_'Iindusti ial gwd,,fiw an, th
fQr ftch, mo4 p zt4
i mployme tind m' be.
-nt ay awarded igdustrrial
tonally ineritbridds service orperfw n(!*'
mportimce in emnection -with iwtituoona, Oper 4--1 dxV%: 1141, good, t ime, may be forfeited and Ister restored .12
A.. pen=: suwmg a, Prmn torm, in excess of 1 year, p,, e ig Up fo; pm. IN unless theJudge speo4ffies, Rn earlier dOo* a S01M4e Of the term of, finprisonnient.X-A Pewon who is e4giblei is, n-,ot "UWAO
GARy released -pli-parold. T he dww''onas W wWher, the 9 ,
twbe- released is: -the responsibility of the' ,Parole ,, OMIMSSIOP4 U8,diamtion. muA be exer6J'QhmA' 1, pur8u&nt to' Agi,
takes into accouxit.K.the. seventy, of the,, 39k 'pra4 ty
I Raw aAd the'
of future criminal conduct, which is "rmin6d' "marily yrofeire tO st.crimirml: histo",,W s gw* s ma
Ut 4*
g ss M tile.. Paxole 4DWVU%19U 'i; M'd oil Aqt --QT, P A
Ovek*w 61 M or 69 gm ik'Cument _A Afqm8t4- 8. 107, 1.111
sen nei g p Ovisions of S. 1437 pro&641 froat6 Promise M4 a major reform of federal sentencing law is, qwred." The biff
as pas ed by the Senate makes whatitsproponegi0oQU xnaW rMxiis

'*J51t UA.C. 185M,
TA defendant imaytiso- be relew il pursuant Pt I Wfttlo,
O in jtb4t 4660 04
tq AU.S.C. 4254.
fl-is V.s.c. 141 OL SILe, %*31mm ;Lupuat 4 *Os, ftd
5 4%ys per -month, 11,th-6 tem 19, not belogtbw Hai I A'' I A 0" Mlottbjfthe terin 16,0V#Y119,years. f f-, "'4,
MA dave VetV tb 14p7fToe ftt Foar 4,Mla"Ysi PW, LA
$2 C. 18 4205.
*WTtiqaneno oft Mputy,*s4iti 6, &W
1PfowNftanft)th Abs,
See aIgg'Stafewent of'SeiitLtO dward Kenn ng '0.,0)

area :, ilw)&Aumber_of eutap lyzewAeutie
ul **Wly, 4*ing many'. dijR9 'I -WO Mio 1014
eacw:::. papriponmA p
fi*1- b4AW a- of oi&r Of notice to *tij)a axq: t 46;
of rwtitiitioni'll,

ibt Ok Mitli 6, ty p- li of ooffeft felphieig, mii&Meano"
,unff infractions. nere are five classes of fel6hie (A through B.),?ahd three-clamm ef mi demeanors (A. t"gh 0). 1 roamed section,2 01
0 title, Misu0iurjzeOtbO49flpW1ng Ta yp XA
ClowB felouy-r :sa(we, OvK 2Q.yeam,
CIAW 01 fekffi i ilot Moro, than,401
relhwo years...
Y,; Cud&B Mouyt-,xkO more,11 4a 2 yeaxs.
It$$ -A mp mf1ha y
*aAqr%- ,ruqt 11,41)xpe than 0 monthsl-, Class C nusdoineauors-- -not more than 36 days.
w f thq judpf ] &iug to s t IC4
enteape *'defPnOgat, tosem a erm vnPriqGMMdtkrftO7rhban1 '*ri*.tbzj dwignate -the deY10 U, J that
lendant wHl sahgvi r aemqpof, a 45p" porr iiailon: of the tion of the term. A P'eflrson May. be: release prior exp go has stated at ti e. 'of
tw.n!: IMP MOMMt.91uly Jf the jud tile:
6t ore arl
rgutthoppr 10 1W
town i
.4487" rWesitthp PTOV]Lsiaonwewrelitiy O-PP408,7!
ble W A ii a 'S Oew A danger
Ouff specia-1 drug o06n a n =&Mcad or

'd 91 J 'r. lx .
S. 1437 I Sta 's, suigleflpl evej' r e 0* f QA pfiR
ferentisting between, jiAi-vi Is 6ad qrgaW*ZM4Qn%R

60 110: WO

__FT e x
14 VOY
0 34 Uft 47 VrOVII&It 11i #ed
I KMA It bog x*&'CrfMfnfLL pelialO, tut
-cam be beA AV orthen4ve" cr1mUqkj eode 8,J 7, alg
tMnders 4rowfit1v IS te-the, HspionW andss=e Act 4 1054 an orehge egMNng t 1: dekOvpemIty ( IR U.S.C. 6 794 1. MAA QWaulmtlou ts defeat to Meim "A Ugal. entt ather. t1tswa, "vpru awd Includ Tea, qe,,^b.
for ank brpose &;L cool i*
1! 14 il" IOU;
N Our pe 0- Ir "N
an e on W 'o
'H'LeTi Is nv
.4 1

4W ry
dA I or other, los& The aipou4t
t*t6li tby 16 M 'I I*iifl bo zlipliesbU
in nearlyeivery : i4st, awe.
The PropoWl c9de does not... M'ate the altam'stive. T
11' eL t io e
ox4w; 4111,
S. 1437 hani* of e4nt la** $7 than the suspension' of the i1ft" vides for one mandatory c afederal, state or local crime"* hile on'p r6bafift. it eral discretionary conditions, and includes. a cbft& 41) 6 ch other conditions as the co 1 1 k, L
Urt *J"Or
conditions of probation h r S, 143t -reiA twaowr6m"'m a. ft&Oit law, which authorfims'%uch t&hiis and i,- Wgift4ho -r0&*jkeMS best." j4
,I*t eptences are sTwi4c4l1'*"P
SA a Ai6A son t rm 1614, ip 169AU:1
reached tifid& 9."''1437 kn'ree ee thi6 6k& Pau 10kh b((
ii4q7isoftin hft I or" eat 'ri
h lengthh. a t erm'' I 'rb *fl Mi d( pen&',It Afth vo of M
For, a fel the territ car. W.5 upp y6avsr f6rw-wisd4he&n*, u td
P*O.W, PM"t li* M1t.4Rxi1TiUr1W lap to 5'yea" forill 0&iises.
A,16 A 4
Order of oriniml jorpei&re A
Sf th
1437 requires that for owtain offenses, th -Itdv M r
pendant tQ. forfeit putaan, trqp rty to the, United Staum. When, it:
dnntlig, oii icted of !6f thite or, zodl, e 'a
OAM any 0"A
court must order. th6 -Me)%dMrxt.t& i I I ra "A "Va4*a*36
ing syndicate" or "enterprise" izvoly Orderqf notice to victims,
kuthbiii6 f
i %
of ah o&jM. V1.0g om -r ,.Pwllmwor 0
nIzation is found gtu*lty!of any offense to require, tl4at, f no ifyy any Vict.M.W-Df 'the off ense. %The -nctifir, ',Mjjd
&tj6]rj _,of _the L nVi(5r
0414n: co M1 and it*must bp, defiVe
. .... .. ..... V 4
in ref 6r 1b her "oixw moang" to
adv rtisi]V d ot f
'J y
htclhlqs Of T is6ngIorlfhe, '6f t&-'P'jb1jC'
tion or finaifteially interested in t P = ct, P h+s
YMiy,,'bo W
kvl 6
g ng,
(I oc be",
Provo ed 18 U S. rl

I's 0u d
ly 01 J-Vr. prl p6rty- Ao n Lg or other alas)-423 to order the &fendiant to make restitution. to, any viqfin-is, o #hq es he a, u
the offense. 'Fedtral law presently p -t x g .,re it
ti as A:cpndit* proposed o& d' t relAte
Ane OF, existinIx Civ, multi le st t
re, ifut
dgmages r
Sen vr,. ut
in rr6nt senteneig MS iy. 16f tho 101 v6ff ; oi Ch; CIS CU'
SIM Lhed Ib 6ktidnn- all independent:bAmhfn iu'dici3bC) rknPhWbe:6sH0 theUnited.States't 0 24
er"o L; C
WA10,n- The Qo m on wou con Seven
MrVe.:., fil Vik 1-6 wms W WN4, Mllky.... 01 ear and who
M, t4 '16 san*rx us th6 V. SI. C rt43 Of
Pr 4Wnt.. Of tiLe 'ted Aef wn
UW. gtat6s
-:Cb M TJ i tfttes I M'to
Aferenm of : the tod b&g fil+rbi-4 th& -SeniLtWs wdvi-CO
tfudviii 16t hSY udipW DMI md ilot more- then
f 6iti, perlq" aipF biiitkd.,by:,t-.he, ,Pri)gid6tit with the idwm same politi
Aind i6 1
the Sea*to" th
M eS
tit&-ali" o6- io dd re to,
0, 1. Ift

to. be jinj a, ert
'Ca&M (2) general poliq
OiMerds *6,x -d 0 IPplicat" ViW inei; or any other
Ther-4ateming guidellities. PT61nulzito wtocitt Com
iftmibat Jn4st Ody0iz: tfl Gve 40ftiayl (w1iither thl
-ipvp 80n:ue defendwit, ne him or pj qe hio m on probation);
th ti 1) Itg h 0 ft"t6rhl 16f m. or a t4mof
filie;: and (3) whether shoii,14 -bo nizd oligib 14 ,,, -ejjrj
&r Y r&aw,,.and if so',
M*901,41f-otat jq opofqfiov of the w -of
WIIOMAI by Sett" egpries, of
each eate r 6t offense linVOIV Dg ReA **'h ng "guidelifics
nt6nd n w:wwistmt with '&U'
"1*4blish &- o 1 Per,
prq A*01 019,Ait
ktiklihes a im*, apier endtled'"Utdtod St t 14"U0448 of 910 UAW sftt o C
i &g."Of the,
--Uzitsd Wates, the eblef'Judge of eiLeh Judtelai cqreutt,.the Chipf we of -th4r,"matt vr
Patent AVpft%- and a district judge, from OA Chjtdf
N kv
ftax a:

1437, T Wreo the So'ntftd"*
AefindajiflL It zb W&AA
.the ielelylwlqr Of:
U 44 to, 1116#604&4. Ft qe4'i' f
nutiftblfta, oiag, vadne dimmistahto
T he natore'IAA ftt w of theltaAft iftZ6d;; theI, i,&** "ri
14) The cona-munity view of the gmVity "of, tht iibnaw
(5) The public cm cern generated by the offmp ;
M 0 errant aftepi a particW- v sen: ence n
eoirenseb &h !s
(7) The cument inq dence of U4 o#eweJa tj mum a
1he4ablisbing mteggriee of claiiDAiin
F. i 4u
AR "*,I'll At, 9
NOWIPMst considfm 14e, vocational Blasi, Mental afid eni6tional condition, h
&I k"VI I 111 -1 ^rt far%
(a Uy., tiesand PW
= I,
UN4 POP inl:.: offend i 'al histom _d*A*PeP A
enC6 UP039L crinund! activiV for ajivafihoo ir ....The Sentenci4X 00_m= ion '-Z given some
to the. 'IV. - I lines. For example,, theSentepoing
0. 4S'guidolinao' must
ing up J bi "'ju!44by the y.qzM sell
is such, CategOrio*. 40f'.C4 jr 1,00v^
809 priq ta fbe
aud in taws i "vj4 bf term" aialwly Be Vt cesi. term of i
rfad,,11:::.s4 thii that,&
of nnpfisonment -is appropr ate for the crhne en its Lruideline
Or. ,uua, ter4
estabboihed-by:* uWehne cannot exce
9" tho, t4w
than. 12months o1r:25 percen4,whi4wer isgrw z 3 S
.8 1,W du, ds .& 40 WVr rat"f en AMPOSM9
.. ju to. cowl
sentence. The f actors: include the circqmstxnc Adgri C$ of th6, dafon4an4*e 1kind of 4%'V*j1'&b1e tha. *0ed
to avoid unwWanW awte4ft, &q*rAyf'1,, *ud tbo sen*=&gu 4* EnmAfi tTi *%
MV g4(
saw for rure:*wd ex.. t4
ne re j;adio 11toWij:" Ott
lift mnge unk : t.he, fin& Eft, aggjawr6o O P'ib -'aoug fromv Wo ado4bT'gvStance that was mp( adeqn*Wy takea 0"4 'r'
ing ion gef&h
tone *Comin-Wii L' inlormulatingthe sul ja':&)&ffer ut iEj..=t;eia1c&1i k v. A
1437aW. wres.. udge to, sta4jx p"ry, cgse,
the- reasons for imposeb* a pwf &4r jpqa
IMPOSMg a Sentence.'Quiside thj3 'qui p1me ra A Wuf T
Aumement'. is WmndedJ 6 be sati&edi Wurt felt that th&p dMtnn s_&d h6U JAW,
the, XH c4q" ances, of cap 4t
qioqp I 1... 3*

40 mposed 18
posed 8
3"Posed28 UAC. 1 Wtu).
U.S.C L "4 1 1
P Propmed 26 (b) I' tj fed
Proposed 18 U.S.C_ 2003 (a) (i).
*Proposed ISUA.C. 200a(a),(2). P 2003 (b).
13 Ma "A elp'o' rut 9 4 U 5, a t I &

4q, temm, is ay, i4 lq if' the sentence is. Guts
ev ide of th6
i6 Ithii GO d'- th6'd6f#Adant, t6 &ppW
000enc f0i f 616ili Aldtlh s X:im ors that fall outsid6th'
#' MI I 'when -th6 afftenco
S&AMOM9 1011, 4A*,,r-Th6 &46]i -hiav appeal s
of t ess t e 9mtence is, on6 flmt, the
is In exmss OW]aim rah1g*, ftl ffi%
p* a D 0 W !Vg
d6f644it ai*& t6 as 'i.. ft of 1 re6 ment wider r, k 11 ,e)
81) '(13 1. or (0) ..I.-th6'.VecleritlR ,tiles ,ofCriminaJ''Procedure.. Thei
ovet7im&ft b1A jxppeA, tenoes. wheA the *iAence is les s than. th6 kddebKo ii-=& "te fsenfen' 'is ooothit the G agreed
unless' Overninmt,
F0 twcff a* "I ibO er im e or 1(c) Of
6rA Rlif INS '01 f 11
1 seht, -of Cal the.
is. appe ed:'th cli a reviews
I ... ap
ellm)nb I Sem 'unieMbnab e 11 If7 -dpih appeal
646 det ifth 8eig: g
-t th C.Ourt &t6, Vm: high, the
oi "(1efiia'din'' the,:smt6nee is to...
661*f Of 4 11 ev i Osea Imaert iejice.,Or rem=d for further
gs rfp impositi,6]i Of l&s6r 8 ,4tonce if UPOU Ve thWrjjj3jj6jftft jA..
tbj' ka d6tefmineA that a
S tence is too- iow if can h4pose, a. hiaherSentene'e or reinwd 1. for fur41
thet sentencing ptomedings or for position of higher sentence.
P, ii L delte ning the
10 h o' time 'a defejudant actually, serves in prison. 44 Good time ) i's SU t Wpi 'A .0
aIntiftil I redik 14 person earns 3 days per month unless the Bureem of ri d -ee t Ahepersm has not "satisfactorily
0118 determine hat
co: wittL 41sciplinary reg-Lilations, hi h caw the Burean of
ii*fi r duo h I 't
6* W' tfine ogd, Tho: Bureau
'd di dent it al
Uarb 6f the PH* ;d,696a7 e -mitde 2'd' aftu th md.
0d'-t- ji A kt& be reduced or
P, 19 t:
'AAA ag it Okigtg, fmay ig, iW A ersm

ro'et6A6 i6xpil 60A rm o- iMprisonment it tho judge,
Vth6 Vhk 6f im ogfioii gont6ift! &8ignate4that'the I "rgon, M. -a
A_ Vb f6k OeaAy rtlk, (thAis, release :Sfter,
ified portion: of e PC In'.1W 0 12 le
-th term) 43"Hbwevtr ii ri6. ili&bid
early ieleasp, does not accrue any goodtibje.."_",lo: ::...
U-441, fOT ear pele e, do i title the ppwon
j*O, of Th Q
PPA4011, 4e Wma e Pax-le
siste t &h liit'ji4. pzri6n's, re" 4is cop xat, wi*n of
mpq ar:sen
0 40, Ao zon-?
of a pe
early, qrp U14
'A r be =M .'sed -axid a

"af nmeni


class C fekiiie up
class BlelonieS to' I'
*,p ris ea fw'2 or $Por* Won
i4iy Rq dit.4on of par
qle MIX
forppto 90 4yvo OVQA
t ttr* 0 impri to L hl ,iiix
-, UJRW exam Psu4ao 'a 06n ]Pqso:4r-U-,Tx*
.of, 6 YeRn If., that POMn ivf dl all
jeaW afler, 41/2 1BAM PW n am
16'r up tqw 2 li -40, vwstes 4 rvn4i 0 JLMfor ul t*
ffisoup tP 0" days. -1
Verson to a prisoliAef-in 6t 4 wit r,eqwV
after wrvice of 80, per!sn4 jpf his term, *
P assion woul deterranw, iftortbp pars= 4i aw,
iw *6 gT=t early releaa6. If w I1Y re*ft because he" a J Dt serve the OkIl ,6 years, goo
he will be. "'i6ir 40 to lie"
tioliof iiok he.voul ilnpri o foi up' to 90 days"eveA
Rrv fun yeants J';

001AVIEW OF CiRrMAJ6. CO'JJWNTS, W Tjw, $*XTXK= a F-,WYxdWNAi6r A37- : P-4
14 0209EXAL COMMON 17
bef re 191 bwmwittes ou ciimim
divldual 1*1 bm! for the -*14!;
aAl groups su Wag Aafew"O,
genera* OMKW,
di spee c ions in the bill. A- number of wi
gar ing, ift proviso"
Issues in g th
Wrt Seh iwporum- 3&mr 4* Ua Pystill 11 PFA
,e Mu if. Sr Bldst ntly' 'raamd egn ha, biW vnP*Pqt
,40.dil in4ivida
rG$P discretion,
IS]) 4. jn WMI 0 PrWO4-,,o
T.41 #63i, -9f Sonte re $iza _W4f
N) alt ve "to i-ne arcor
latiagand V
(a) Pros'eutmial discv Um 171,
Qr h6 B who d6sd e0.0iU4,
'hi I (I be- f-thi
i t
lMpact,,of 4thw' I woul 21 eX 0
t(Or's Authofity* This''t h Si6n'r W '* xMC u aA
I, tio, di-,f eoda4t1'- I'th SP -1jog*11 41"O'n 1, eliftaed: I" ift Thp
n'thEir -41
Y ,D6fwidei 41 &t
caany witnesses rezardi 'th ] Jjlls, r646W
tj 1h
-di pirlfyaiin ao g corta
ifkvsti 6 e niffifig Inja
Atso In'selitmicium, the -Congregs intends to enciogdUeretion. However, construints upobtbowo, fwd! Wit,"lly
47 18 U. S.C
d 18X-8.0 3844(e).


n-, dieW eonWnents, of,. the GovernMV, *WPRAF tbe- ec& Wh6re seAend defs one 6ffebmtre avigto, tho PrO66efttdr Tmilat e ie t raiwd of Alseretl6n aftUtble4o tht
judgojo Hwlted ** can the sent mee wltbiv
Plaeft MA kweti"dVith; %%P WOWUtor my be severely, clitietzed. be ati 46 Qw vi*biUty.:an notthe
it exendsvd^ 'atE4osphere of I d is generalftj 1b., ed
Of= IAW fftr6i tidsii- Ve huvt is tbat ft has been 4A the
hsmda ()f awkdvoeat* Tfii'fitiisfer 6f Oe itweing-diwxeidm to. the ebarsing suthorfty vk6veW' md., uwayV ia the courtroom "d (pw step
4901;m w
gtowiubmw Ir that:,&, W 7. would grmtly auth6 pwdr lot I the, or, -0 I[jR&r -cwmeat 14wp the
lefigth bt W4shem rmaRK thee ei6rcits v1 diwreOw by the, prOST
13 J vdgej'Wfi t aa its proponW
R: 1497 h cuitw
ag ft. tho di&vdion of the.".. And -eRmifiMA tho di4t*tidu6 6f t& PMOIC CoAnaission in 4 but exeeptioAqj
tfi tb* rvo" .U. &traiW6r &'great deal of 'the Ism, nenW. Clikon
to th6 Piosmutor. S. 1437 has no proemk&es *r gaidaihLwYor .ontr*

4;11;12 11 that
note, that
OCS duies for ensure
d PrC
P" cut** 9W&RDOS ]POr
r tA 4 1 Ay g u( Omes that tili pepart*e4 6 Jo c
''iri ed h t 4 6
TU Department 6f justice as gu t a I &'ALft*rnOYS
staitem!mtsAre E n eff t' vehicle foi DrC
:M nt
-P&CW -Sa t1ft9l
-*r% got J4'no pi i.prosemtorswW. emp y witli Qwxp, JI "Mmid *Ik+beirthe D6p&tp*nt of Justiwi& vM+
ing or V* a6le'othrnWath g 'p'i&dive pfosecuboidifi idtdinb& Aby tN6* G iiv*l Accoun tha& th& qDeti g Offlos. conellfe;i
kimmi ee,,hadfUiled1hpromW91atal Calliform PolidesAad
Stabitim tc) lwo
wUt vi dsfi6hig:vf thoGeviinfinal Prandhai fdiWAd;eA4b1i* moibnitor the. msbof
ied 'J*jjjY t ftnd.'j
UDVqO*fiC*d 'U, th 19 4a PH
4143.0 'Mrhilti I =Aefendstints may revt Y r
4 14,
C** S7L M
16f = Vtko Aeaflftk-J& 2=4 i6,YJjkti4d:8fiktW Dto""
WOO 'W r, E
Otm a p. 144 mec:k
e t t-c
Chapman. "U.9, Rls"Ie 4%wodAden, flesidage, W 2219; Prefesser Melvin
-A jz
es behalf Of the LQ A= Of1k r
fenor Mml Uwt 116. 1 -.V r r), ,
=L 'n t1per
a the
1 3
Jr,= n,.DePntY Direetor, Generga vrmweint Dtvtjdo i A
*Of k. wtme Offlc*, Hearfts, V. 2461. See alto: United
States Gpnerkl Aemuntlux Office.,"U.S. Attorneys Do Not Preseeute Many suspected Vtolators-of Federal Law%" Rftart No. GGD-77-86, February 27, 1978, p. 13.

hammg t1m,13tewor,
ef6cti-Y e sir exwrilo&
saf,,gu Os around the eW
t'I 16,00) ii# Y, M"II ut *ftd,
-Awih4,aveet, lut0
41m,, A'
P6*irurid'specifi- y, mLd,, tbat Saw crimes A state of mind i d. B
0 is mquire
m&e-condupt, t4 b64eclknkaRy' wiMfiUkk dl! tdidh, jjjfI460&MeUf&uthorities *iU I v4
),r j al 0" g i U) Y-,
bfmri.6 Ilyrepli*hewiblebehevior.,I-tis&W' cbu-fts atid jumes5 as a' Pmetical Ms4ter 4, WjI*,RII ftid-fteh,,mor llyreprehensibk behavior SWhoa* 'Olti4 "Ierieo: e if or the vule af law and

God send me never to 1IIv*"tM-Orffie L&* Co DI
t 6,19oldier tmdxa ee Sit ou one Beao the speak iuWe&tratnmter-HaMw:.
hl'dit hid ioh 6f 64046?k", --P
IV* was aJs6, criticized on
e I evitibly, destructive 'Of fi a ro 1
Mlito6nceoi3.11 It This: I -red" M%
strlctJud:gefor'thaDisttict.6fC re#6ii.1t N t" ffi. beft" the.:qnbcommi#ee,.J4dge Burns stated that the,entenci*
wMeombine, toftma; widevread reality of end 4 f att
rety U th- cktegory,4f offense and es(teg h dilht'- IC44 -6f
It'hy (yr,,a df tX Partl6la+'earrounding ctrimmtka;*Wtorth WWd denir lndfvldual! Ow Ot tmtment and A sopOom timate, vi" and inhuman'! of, thq,,senteneing a' o divW alizattoj ,w#1 t p yu-tually cQm et-e Once 71h 14'
P ppo le
A, nts, o f themntencing proceduim pr 8
i d. fhat Ow lose of JMdivQualizataioi(L.iii sen FI I bo
wkiighed hyAhe TeducUoain. unw=;anted-,4entwiing,,,, fppari y 0mg 9- P *9
at Fir ntto
thi re z
'argume 04,4
tencPS, are.: K Iimwmft mte& I lentirlelly $jj4olemi'
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defendants in. artificial not Ourcoraoe :heod.- r0evowarranted disp
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Reid V., Cove" .454 S.A 41 (1957)A
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ilhi IM. ft'hWd and situationss Oaii? be Wegrized. At eastpne. NViWess. 'United States Circuit, Judge David
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!b A ir M'W%;.Le *b6Mentified as c6t
-W fiihw Ot. 6itabiple 'Prof.
to ltd a F
vi 46 of tlie:: aeiAer f, Sri in CrIlhill
20 tjf6 I[Til ;#bg!&ig6 ]FA* Chio = 44t S. 1437

nTt y(
le gaffon of power from the IQ k, ifii' lii, i I iomtezic
a" P0_APa:ut;h to, d! ges.
If the guidelifi0a n116* LbondderttlAki Uiway for wedding the _I'nattd* ura on of Ptwishment at particular offenders indftj r, m W*R -play ;L
'40, inant role the c=re4k#ystejA because ipar I ole power will be
io;&' IS61 ite*It vdII obted' tf eikend* guldellnes.. are spe*M104tftj jWjtftfte4VL4MtIy devilte from the kvfderim %ad are not IijoroUily j *C" 4I)*A"nr(x Offt"*LU #er these e;fmmkWiwj Wypult4j)q popsiWe Sqr the j*Wkta6t;iM N&eme to Iftdto more, 41noxfty'In 1' 4 , a" I, Re it: dK"Oahinea the pewer to "i4ukt "e oeived or MOO OVA o it6unpris
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Oak, ''IM R V
44" MW,(i3Mn***Ii" ritysbj r ev'
whit "I kg'k.. i 3 1 P..0 J. 11 1 If T
ow W i bn
'al of concemwas. e med that., S. I
mme Presi
ioiwl fco" R lot
kat, Of $,143P sentenemg provisions
Mr. Rebtor 'b,0116V th
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ton6az stem IWh*.P' b A bed,,'&s, "unt "e d
Y's, I n3l,,whieh he de6an nd an
rolee of ivi
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-PtepAA& for a; )00 Pim
Ahq6 SUb OmT1*teel40a W A9 49
impact of S. 1487 upon I eral P Is
C mjs iauaj, Rej arch Semm

a* prialontbim, twA by bet*em, S an&$", *ML
ffidiA th6
to -that 10 Sennt6 juditi CbthAd*' I
Criminal Lla'wis_ 'kiid Proceduros W mlj m
y mquested, ma, e OR.,
.qNs-,were pendoif*
ju con4ulding the research and aulia
Istudy tho Sens' t1A 8ub 6mjli S A fw
1, ... 1 1 "
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U Y Male& It ibl le' & creme e se .
C an 911.7 pewleut., -4e value of the tw" studied o L... ..l 11 C*60
isilll 'opt""
Aftdrttdtiodi to Alemol, aw:Mo 1.:.,.31.1:JD, m';q V
Min wiii* rW kclf
*nt iicenti 16rimpodfion. ofsenteoms -thim"
lft....l how Vr' e mpk. that "otm he s4d4mt _29 ,ts i dfAhis
of It
OOPO dd:.,,q4de. WAS i6hanft
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011 Pr4%O11,,%
it. mems clear 140 iTo sboA*,net bp MWqg. piii b"v on,
cA 6 ts rehaVillia" Ill
PpPrectly a Or
t4 *Atp Vfi(ire 06OAt td bi In 40mw iL
alt ative penal-i to,
ern "leg*#ea WU be asal
Tesoft. Alternativewowk as: weekend mtermliallculli ]IOM r=46ta, ftu m"i
service, fines, irestitidim to vicUm shotdd: be ayaflWOew4!
io'statement OtT Praddentkatt al& Rim "'C7 '4W
,,4,.,4,, 1h,', =Or116,,-,f AW11 ,=stwv. Pirdi th Amrk4n," Civil
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kf11tr*Om111i 6 CQJI C me iij CKl C'" aLrole
OU7. See, Odso, filii of Rep,
z peets of tills all
P11 Plynn bwT:9.01,1PAM i"V55"TA*7 42. C'.
f,%fifetence, Hearin' E p'7%2!
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le Refoi-In T. klattolk of. rieliwi coggregg" I Tt ste" "T.
-Uie a 00". W* 4 Sftft,**4*& 400
L ravillitionfi of rMAjor, C al 0111 e
lRomible ao"V$ah; Sbihiten" LO.
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naredb Ba t,*eQ1ur*
V Tym n, elk
Robert R: t.
Eftli lt F1 f lessor C! %T t'

omas Er n on t e
ReIr. -Pt 'W. Lynni, 4 do
VV _V mu i n I e,
Representative Kevin M.,
and Milton G. Rmtor, 4= *'" tj t6d, 5il, ill

M 1IT-Own ft:.,6f S,
1437'indita"'that they intend to, exchan 'the . a I. ge
-4ihde6 rMfi*eI"..OMk6nCW (A.Curivnt, law for.0re, 16determinate 7) sen. fiM4&4*J1h awgtteMot tO A&LeV.e greater determanancy, S.. JQ7 makes sweeping 6&ngii 'M' Procedure& A: member of Peoig and Ormmnafww: objecOono, tq the 4ill)s epeal ef some current smtencing PrOVIMOAS davellJss -its n .. j6r OXHIMP19 Senior. P adge J. Zirpo speakOC4:4U, Alfonso
mronbeha" thoJudicial V.4. the UnitedStatest, exiticized
I. the.
A0719 YOuthco.. e in&ca that: the
OcWeibenee', befieTep.'.- .. ... t V to scrap: the
PI Ovmons 'Youth Cqoci :, AA in their enti
I IIVM 4 Ihe I .. I .. rety.
Cresised 'fiae TW[8 were generally Pupported; the new
autl orlzed fmel %on 6-5 wO shar cue on

PW Y 1!71 WO$AJ50M.,ticized. It was
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up 44 o3intiop tbat: has
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X4d totmwarrant&"dttkaft ft: lsei&biittft bobitim ard# Or Miteria to gidde the: em 1here. NiiUM, be no istandrts In tIMPOsIng the sanction. Evenhanded applicaA of the '41on 's AJxP-=AdftAMwP41t bemuse some organizaUbna rely to a 01 ch gTftter extentpn p 49c ae"t1ince.or goodmdll than do Others.w
#Nhai xar5ta, of, faia MW R"tAU660 Pmaity VOW-6 imQaxly quesot, gmwds.,Fjirst- dveisary proceed404 is,*wibed iffir d0to ij I- t&W 011at QWs low
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Orgin ldws'efforts to piiii&j
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,t, foundidiOrAxW SOC"tit. u3do 'S", a" 6ther &md& 1,011
Umbooed ft R. 00.

to dM lop procedures Wiw,,, arswii* Ing by
aiad determine loss.
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the p t

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the &#dlbikliy i0f tbj
'1hird tW6 +owtiltioh
Ow *Vi9w ; 106fj*' inf th6 Abu
those Xpe 61 Ig 10sa"S
Madetyin Isw
(3t re ro*ht 1*
,to-VItChiag" &nd AeAifttw QU
to iftft M, 6 s8*1 18%ce the I I4djo i floe&llow
OA r
'bat aft. vv Ilea kr
6t0itions of probatim "is Ulac Althoiigb '14n
alich, (A AW
q 4 Im O
the court nj y 6%w-,ftadbag of Aho'
0 vlaIAA A118 I
the bill.sti, b aftd all _V141,
r Iffight OX4 &YVIht!4xtch iV*
Oil G. ::. .I. byl& UK"oof 11 tht probation... PftVWIIDA-ITiWO )OeZ4ti iaudwrized
-jai "P *f,$Otn*flt Cita I 'y
Pr y, men, ionin
()f 74,13: A, kgthem'fa dI Mgiw
OID4 P410fto 'n
penalties S. 1437, the probation '4wni
j?;e Udo :
4heother:. ties as-iomiditiom

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gen*vw Y;
morningg -ourrial wwtM4Uw, prazdt*
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agr t ethat. ... 4ivWopt)w&&7t.
13 Wj bNSeS
is 4 gOQ. OWCWr Iw
worthwh y
S. 1437 concluded that its p posed,.:WjjwiwIIig
Th J, dical Confemnee, orex 11
!,P_ e 11 ; L amp-e, qu,
4# ink 4 OR ON 4#
ent, vith (11. Ce *8A" t
Q On9ent
of 4110" withAlf I
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rs d list

A I ore 'i
Proposed 2 O 3 (tl 1% j- 4 ve 41
"PMo6ed 28 U. .1 99110'a

-it 4ouldi violate: the

Phylig)Skloot, Ba i"'Sadety of.New York... Mi h
The effect of the senten wh e of B..1437 is an improzi delegation of What is eft ilij VV6 1 The sentencing
PO in the hands of an indepoudeat bodX, the Commission, which is
to, .spt*--mandatory
'Old" Lin" -*b Pr Cominission. n ed nbt include a.
'SQA*MML wared
range between a maximum and wi Even where a ra ge between a
,,ft-x-j-"*vand;L 4nimumisineJiuded $Lffflildel!4eitis.expecte&thiteventialIY.I
'ANO 0 XftIt&*M44xWOMd by' tM Oow*sP(Orvbu)O*,wa7:I4e TAIrts. exkkelse Uxeim Power
aPP04itzaiait, OfXomwMion.: mwAbm
boReve(ithe 0oaLudssim "Qd I*&poHtiqaL Their YT IW
lie wid.. Community. Defenders:

2*6009rdmdf that witb%* i 040144kpf I, a"ini4tradoA :(and therefore political philosophy) "we may see,.,a ShIA.In squi.
'tjv igU4ued 4y the CjoqpA* sJq# We sq mit t e.=ddeUjaO.4 'houl 66In
F6 q aAd: d au ted" &1
no functions aild duties of the:96 &
I* 'edr' I*M to: e9t*bIiI& w new
Ss wh6 estA E
b ehu4v
,',,1 0 fII J11
;4 _6
taAked-the -OOMMISSWR"!,as- 71. sive
bei ag performed exwtivo and efacieudy by the Administrative Office C&tKOV*St AG M F

creitted vonnnission, should perform the functions assign.61 i -W senku iA JS- xv -1 11 as
WAb4wpOib4d put'Ist onfwonw*% titoWlyt4burizedby sutt*e tO cmd4c% _"MWtA*4e*4djoint g -ibe-iho
c6uit ft 6A: it, ti, .11 "0" iq1Stft#t*g,*nd, OQMxRVOI* th Id'"M
'u n 1f6iFAk g6WA re)( thd *f" t PUT

Pf "Okimes And.
thiv 4q f, the;Upited) W
1437 fibership
iow with compOnsation 4t the- ssm. rate qalmeived J1 "o o:.
lip MOW :6 t12
1139M t U] it
the U.1 I a 0 the Stateme'to sub, to the
01 UK b
of lph Skloot ]weft, "
KX i w( kj xa*fvl

ly.yerforra xnanv of the fumd*on's

PO 99
should only be.compensated for th t4q! Oqt
TtxSt' obi
IMtd by'S.4*3 fbeti li siofts
a] ?Pettis, aita, s il ftrkitlo
$yS mo
plarole 4'
Ammadto Revktr of i
Wbb addi4gedtht
-had t kieffienvi
)p late review of sentences. ,Most, however s ron C,
to Ahe -4penae reiiew 16stsblisW im 0j"
bl section gemirally centered-,d& AV06, issues: 11w,

l 1 b, th Secution Aad the imitation PIROW"'Ou'o
YETpea r
086 WjtAMO& WbJAD objected, tp ecution ,q re es
bas4 their, 4()bjedjonS UP03nL aonqtk 4&417 AS, WC114W QVIQ
S 0 e
O.objeratioll'' r
thi right to appeal sentifices were 9u P pjpremu* D4yid, W., -Denni
such 4a 40oh on -tbe part -of t4p gpy,, rnmeut 1
-used,'bD nd ht bOal his coii
opmt#e,,or. 4an b t#e 4pfe antlp rig, WAp
on its merItL gipcond, I be 'e;; this prorisfou is yeri t #
Rig 'V 161attng' the'doUble Ay,**hie.,6f'die the impodifiAretam w-fidy Ja&&sOC;,a*d, heavier P4tAit*env'j*,

The ,chill"" of, tbb pr""fion?S rigjAt6,V*"ia
poi, oiit y the Federsl PubH6Uid._O=kimujiity Ddeh&m wt4,4his

Amsupaft deten4atfiles a: motiou, to s qpj)ress on IoV)rth sotmifi6t in n, abd SO jj
The, tenceg "fte'def4ftutito
Web is-, nde* **&u
sM of riisko* 4 gxmter
able po ou Aen ou a a%.Owr

ftpreselatafi+6, of, the Leg&l, Aid ismiety w; gvv ,, Y Vi, 0
6rmkt ftg the, "PW W110Q& tif k wppo l
n1oromrcion of a dc aA-to,,s4rrfjw14
to vr -,tho so4eWe)rate
The essence of the institutional ar gument,- as set f 6t ths
-_O" 91 VIP'
t Jr. Joe, *" 11 414
u n !eidal Colp eres,00, o t
"aowten !Www
at statement, Of"'Rg
Service Unit, lsebl W. *6 1


*ithim fu]6 rpm( .bf the doihk *eo b1a,11.%:
td Y 6v tijachiig b" rcvepting. the 0;kmMmi
1 he'. Uoun&abl
*X pA t Lan
Im, 74-) feW Ri -Na h "d H", v. P6arnk 13,95. US. 711,
18710 9) t1l 1.
all pd &TIA4 eal itl
tiv xng
PAY, Ok juxispru e
%W f I I'' p6ilA for, Ops Imue offefii*. An
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th A -'AbUbt of ftiels], tn d eadApIPA6'.proteetton
4 puiii" Cut Im the saime equ#,, onthe
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I lh6)pi*vi ift S. 43T TW64ndi*- appeal Of, 404texice wilch tbo
thvr -was
6tthtivf! s 10rovIsma.
Robtp j-F* -Dring21 noted tbst dii Tor isible.reallabuse M iudkiv*-djscr d(w1-Wher1
sw6w*,19 th& gw* Mine& Jt is 6nimeausla. think -that no
with, rested. tiwisimtem ea taotp ot#:,wit1h.41 the aiatm,"dL lh(iliihi .91M,
&Z4 af AO leifte- stod d hp& tko ehOW6. A -4 'tat hrs to 'challeng*--the
hae no: wow", =dek, the: pro' kof th6 v ddiftat ffad! h6 v
SjO*06ftitjj 149 $*POSed &I ift 1437.! :
*10#0 *itnmew5 pwho ed removing S 1437?s testrile
66" chi tho Mendant w ap 04 believed thit daimk V c
u eln!lv .i ic ap. Ike Taitl nik for,.
010 'Conclmon "WSW hvirized Ihstrict immio-mcnis.. E,
AR1 _4
iftlii *,W kwi4at grxntw Wead4n ih a, Will
*bur&,n, *on tho, Oebrt f, Ap -1 do b"eve thig w&,bAm, Mrsq ftM OkWa b jt4 st4 1, meAonoo, wltblo tb& WiWoftenbo al t are tbe,,Appellate, ts-sbould decide.
M"aa+ au& 14, t
n itsdi I led
i6 the, couvwu o 1. .. appea. ..a $f tfi ,Senteli*' *M 144, ,Prh ity CLe Mly idgreng1ly to, th6 ,
bW" 401 .. ...
Te pil'.416 T xi on sw
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pan "s
ulft vsd ition
)k i bal -m t ch of Ifut ge rs umversh ah of fhe
for: deteripOnste senate iticizpd S. f48n:::
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&dk 'to
bn ij' Whither or -not
ih&N llyfii6d
01 1
n6es K,

of ROR. Roberrigaihsuallig
rofossor An Tevv v It K #e tat ro ll ]Pp.

ir =
Viggo-" ANNA"
4" 17T -714
toll! -I

Werover duration of actual confinement asy &. IeRr- v # concem tbjt
ho by*. t4a m. W
tp the 9CU
ttal. I W9
qk b, 7 givft the 0014p," 0IM010- 6 6, t-, Up m 4 cat m mA* It
I U gC" May vrell regwd the otlll
'_itfmWinddpendsn6L- gorpo"r ,,PWOSW
tftd RC
it. n4dsto p6ktmk *hums &I437%&ppmw4 -MZIW
tho dbmfim) *! vW*M woi&. be more, I 44AWO r*l
i ThwStibe6mm tee:-owOrbnihd Justm
GWt f redaot Deah of tha, Schook of xjfi 411itialtr"
of -New YY
an& aidod'in6o'damllopment Of"the Parole i P e It
Im'e& Jean Gicittiredmia iWdimted tbmit -*ith a jwa*
]UdgeS sitting individu&4 and i"ketm ildirablwlbe4n tar-di diciAL 440 WOUK MW
f,:4 Pw*j

T. ar-AL ae$ IvQrmm%
Owrftfiqnw Boaid;-and, Ira w
Bb4id) I b Od
': dejinip,, s -C 0 ii f
94 1 . a,
40ted that a sentencing commission or t V.S.
Would -be [PW0

d to"
arole, &%on is 110

as-NI ff aive CAQQ 11
J.,b. 71v% ew
shined, b Otlw4

Px b(" :'b
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A Ktatemmt of Dem Dm m_,QO

pe][Wo courts
OPOWWW pmw"* q. OAF I*e# "Vism of a p] n.
PRO Prde, or von'Mrseli wso, idled
Ution pf CA to. Courts
sild tile f4d.thai Fe7 9. A'f of theS16 rotr CA3M M ied that I i it* rqviov. to
dbw ic14 themore AL
W. as OMPWbjectAo:
LLY contain
W Mver,
So 1437 Ltexwd Wguide tyarolaC iru" n:l pamlepiqeunes.:-&pui-ely:i6ii chm.' iML appjIc**io4 is, an apIplicatio
_g awdaun
seatqupp n
of to..indi
7,W y visual. factors. csffi gjor
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-unde the provLons
..... .. r Of
9- 40AUnes
S. 1437. bo y contrasf .the U.S. arole C missioii7s interno ouch Purely me A hL
more fiffiidbl ..... pp MOM i0fth4p 9 rLuod S thus
p9iAt@4 -to what 19.1callod, a basic S,14 4m -to limit. 6 rda -n of apP" Jeourts.p4VWp ig tba
3Tf:Aie de
TOWeAV*same 4m*MMrm_& t"t &e, ap u
ing authority adequate to cmirol unwarranted disparities.
AVY 'Oodb mu
AU4critilah0wof &1419,,, po., to adve reason rhy the re
kohnifto ority Parolf 00MMis14, the, U.S
... . .... ... "low decision. on congressionaRy
IP*Wj]*G 4".-:..: V *tw MMW 400":. qarly in the w" jbe 06. -that
*Wring refGrM of th
CM rocem IWOUIA. Nve. rwd s, ThJs
ppaft view ed
00erwise paxVIO
to 1W L74ven WitAmmeo 7W=es
P"MmAt lampl4ed ,by tha kqi example,
Fe&r4.1 Ddendas af SP4 ]Piego ..who Qabeha fffotthp )(stion41*g*t:ALA Ad Do: ai .Ap w a
it Madind degaftume fx6ii the
tT*Aft*QMP'ohooks: sods exerewof power
ijhg Itpopf" loxclud-mly
(by Ato litidlem
'y x0ooka,004W. ixotAmd. *M the
(pow 4maiag'V 0.
er Wlk POP, lwho
or -to, impo"B
-the Porale OW paver to release within
itati f-whitch hss: the, tq effect 1:.and, the, iasU on -Powfimr.
...-the prmner's release date tht-ough tj* Awapd iqf 414good timer 0 Credits
-the "out I ig.&Mlhe vf fI%.tosfimony ok" this line
k 974 M ko e, 0oWmaismm -and
19764*d 4e A0 *bate
446 *&tIllif'60 MMA in thaj wwpraherW" Mat& Ju'.'U. S.
Ibx9lelluidelinme,46 m*weV*W: n9exd9d. as an
each Mi;UWWr'TA rBo
MY)of Pevins-Ovanis Law &hool, viewed the retmuon ed
1 ;Ilk !11 1.
400 -Sim*
0 1 dh" h 0, *Wn I 7n
B*MUWAt of John.T. (AVWY, Uearings, I*. 1242-z&


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-Pooie'co, 226"
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gs'lon a Agqcde'ssf ully
Ne i4aijied as PaA, of &4 ,overafl r Ckint (by, Sottingpxequmpfiv e mleko6 '"UbutgO,6f
N i0ft
t6f, 4nd -reductibiipf -, t granted in 04
df Auii6on'al zmdeliueO 7
was state, of the, W ro 08t;(sttm 4
T16 '&e sub
0' expregi dst clear prefer n)dglRb r i-vi
&611 "W"ut" respori ibilit' the
0 from
I b fc&,Aecidink adaa duration, ftifl tfiow 41&Th
performance wi -ard *t6, th6 lift out
found to.1 stif a shiftipg of the t spdoiWit t r Pi-6fo s -oft, r 40
clgion! mh "that
11b y. h uxl*)
*opId f initially alterth trial judgolaAut bribytf6 sei* e 'thu* mid itia!6bftura tOrmg. within which the UA, Pa 46 Oomrniomow -,O*#Od -:operate. J
bf PCI-parpl- in '66 Seen U
R g&tw r4',ivig b t mmb r....
oj.:*i.b effi4: (SUWIaSTr6feaor von- Hipkfi,-,C kmaw f)
thelmiiihesoi, Qorr6dions Boaod; -ft'nA, Ch6 rit*h MOCRO 01 diruok Arole CbmiAigsi6fi)z z vmth k Et n*ft"r of ath#r "aftd-od
wdiv;Infit& beyond that of i*11o- ableto achieve a aore eWeeiiva
0 Hnjustifieddis
j atol(y'authokit anpfoyi&a, rta$sdei
Aho' n,6cetsity for.;incxivioratic ft,' As 6*616abud
Mttldibofie this is not* aq, 64ioin of 11e* prtisp b44f #n11,0
aity fd lea m to -_SA-IIapprOpjfit6 at-, Qp
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mit4wb!ly to 'a,
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Ro Wim riffle, O Vftt tu rtmited, &I w A tr"km Ckf for,
14c the Syste
author yj y- umw of -h indi
MAtie 4&jj 'W 6f I *h on th
,OOunt lor *# Stolno
A&; t h murtA
.Chairmag McCall noted i at since ju are huiii*, b
-tter Yi6m Vrof i
Vs ftW S tID
T Vat#4 I '1'071t:
t Rkhar&,T.'' Corr6etions Do"
p. 2011.
4ftm"t OWU, mom jX*%ftmW,
i", 'm ih
JffqeMa ..2012-13.


i4pareoratior a so.,become a.burden some misapplix
prefimfe ic subject* of: 06 p
d on tI proposed
rPfle44 a ared concern that the' proe q:sreorpni d, in, 1976) ecou erw 0 oicial prose. ctitionttl dis-,
sensus wa ago t at Judges' a A achieving
ShQWA )DO pvw J? Uc* 1, P Ct AW. ce, SyOssiJile i .9
ey, 7,ith6a. nd u y impix*i
a COAP ws" PAR Pop on their tra
diU 4
M jai.
Awe of -its hear'
U 104 t e res
tt 1119SI
t aT roe" d=i9cU f615 ,, g. and.' hat&tipsj hvis reached
t pio
16n Ift it S O'h dss6uoil, iiqi desirable or 8 ar t ice
Is n*Q 04, e vor sis, Ojriinpendmg
I Ulm h4tliji C'oi'n gres -reAriietur( .in
re F0 C inil U- S CIO r", silure top
C Is. At r SON Zo logi,Ialon" will hii;Aflrdimb
wi4, ot end-anger the citizen In fpr Pe4eral law puforceiripilt ry,
Oils- is i6fesse tAl.
of i -&giralbi S, 141t7 is, an- omnibix%
Th en:), ,tmejat s a inot C.
In 0 weeping,
% ijei 466s u6, any
Chsnges as proviou ropo 19 Of'the, 0:1 '6i6:044 Contq aAt, o A 1437 yv 9tantially alter oent
Id sub,
Y On R 114 bsih e, tq'draft a.
APr Fe'', siii4e !ilit
,a, eig, Ven ex r4t 'a S, o: a.
We dra#e-* q --14 pw, e er,: -at
Y de, several *x pr 4ng iA ipVor b n tioT Tmn* '
-*Rmg, and
'4 aj4g th6 I.aeanM9..Qt6 cu'r-.
re coliAt
jua t,4, U r N
tx CoqRf
ty t A*, bill's
Qv 11 Qf the, 6axicrop th...4W er i taixdally ksent
Wo t -,belo* a -t'
P v 4P
act I the
re Wm
re p
t,,,P;, r t
t kumt
ul r a4t.

v 55 H

thig ftmt
bl of 't4' Fe#ew e Mina I U
vi, S t v I
th ibiis 16 )q'12tg jj I iil %e deaqft with
del a- ore' ni in, the, opanAbug 'a ticuTia 6ange'itiitUtheentiiv*i,6
Clearly, strict. adherence to ae oipnib apVii6h'16 i irAMAY
blocked many hinges. As oibviks &i+A I is &t often-cited'r6pW of the curr6ut offenses Olt detain, 9, IG CaTrier (18
U.S.C. 45) and seductidk 'di 'a,= ei ii passengor..(:!mus.c. 21_98 .'Thm d4etl6ns, am siiv ilar lpq l t emk
co be acem4ij
have XT
Si of,.:a.,c
gwa go criminal code refbiiii pbdki
room d Y,
j- 7W,
199591 jS upo th' a 141,
'Ee' b w s s 'a d
de iti u
sub fi e ch' "th ILM I at 010
.0 deaft I a1 FZ
b6 6 rs *;4&M b
swoc. W W1 An% 441 &0
0 or.detaued Coo, e se, It
1urifig t'ne 'Course 'work m6 &c adit &d
Implaftic lar who I Wn ye aption i's veq Nfi senteic' t,7 orriativ* '' to'incai&raltio
b4g proc'e s apAalt es
t ee rec, m AS
law bh, 1A fot ve *helr Purreni, nal law vw ii rnite ma
ht'to tdiL*
sWUte,,,0,,,e:ia _Je *611141bq, e W reff 00
I -, o '',
raoro,$ 0 IN th draftqd i' 6otAd i)i Ta
-he Styie 4,41, r","bee
t c re4, fthi g &f the micide Ahtytki 64'
r, ar6, S*m in t4
Which' &4v t1hriely eonire TWti on th ,i* 'Proble is I' ever is f", aye e e to
()'T;w *f 0;7n eff," at' Th %if)66 lneiAl
]VM6,'mi7Ati6A th*6 r6deM-C, nal" u
in ic &IRAMO
1,91. 10t il 0 S mi'A t 1 or d ou''*i
tifig 'fN
S! A oblems iridivi,
p4cant Pr 'd
gal he eS
I" 4s4r

1 7 ............

A V,
rAll *4

on- July 9,81 1K% the, &,xb6bam'nkteok Justice, "voted
unamm 4 to ordor 4.
A fi"- bi-R: lnr 139597 i strqcda tbLq Juffid T I
lili& prMbilt tiai 18 of I" ztmwd Sweacode in.6rder to limproVe its p*mactinent
In tha.cowm, fof the.. the bill makbEi some
Substana rtgmt Qvtmodod andiruninecesaa btatat IV MRA lua atnicture, is. es
and. some in mmmum o" ma&in: ordei to a hkve
S.VW44.4egm of canfi%"ey Aukft tide 18, ofiensei Fma4y
60 i i .... 1 I.. W,
'01 a ;Md -rfi,,,,L
xnnsibns art tLddedw pr rbaw, eJi
18969 is di4idcd ottitle 18,11
titw 19 of tba UniteNtAtm- 11 6*t iw '*Tech(WAITLE: I&
Of opnizationA stmeftrot shd ca Those changes are not intendedlo,
anA ijri tim ..... .Wnot buWsubsUative &amges
pro 4 . .... K k
Rwak6l*to.. 10, tmmhw Prow. so&" -IV- "Correidieus. A.DDftdbr II outlines the provisimix of rprised We 18 andindicates
-11 0
M im* MAW6 ftibmmawtjam -OfUtle I& thAtit-raplaft&
46 of.: GUTWLI titk 1& wWch aim
clot WI(d 4QkW

Mjlqhl eel) i t4"de&* p 53 lanav WnumUred abis tan
M.- iAe &aptepq wmo kAw, at air, bj
lum Ift subiUut i've The
1[)*W1m*N OJI-Ol! t
Aht Mjv. atb9*iw4 4610tion
ir;."t "' I dhhIng"

Up ZeUtad iofimsw18.U.S.C. 14-Applicability to &nal Zo::6c-Defiftition.


18 U.S.C. 4 ap uruw or V46o
18V.S.C. 439-=1fidian
18 IY.S.C..592r --Troops at, Polls. .. ...
'18 U.S.C. 593-inteiferehe . ....
U.S. '00. 596 PoUing VPAC
18 US.C. 6(4 li onF n Per46ns on Uefief.:
18 U.S.C. On
18 luos'- Ue OfE,_'y 4) i
18 US.C. 92 LH
IS 7US.C. 96 Ckrr lan
i i. 18 IJV $69"Exportation Q, f'Arpa& TA M T, TC111 11.d .. ...
4S.JR:. JIM,' 00
11 ".
ISTT&C 1155-"7-I to MCI
ILS U-SPA 11'56-71-NtAMCant g
A ID 1
PC ;y 444 4
748V.S.CL.4161- A 114 q. *1:
18 U.S.C. 1682-r-,768sels f or+91p. ". rllrsw* f (It,
.18 U.S.C. 16R!--,--1AVWSGWernip %VWgR.,
n Divorm lon asN
18 U.S.C. 1904-Diselosure of In or S
ties AlTecting Rewnstruction .. ..... ... ...
18 U.S.C. 190" isdo amof Cb miLA6mow..
tural Cndit Co E r.
18 URG 12157. T Fxwagons..Vt FnerkMCYROWre fV4tiniiafion Act.) J:i t f; t
-S.C.'2198-- $educing of FemaJs P mr. d
18 U.S.C. 2385 Advocating Overthrom of
2801-Teiii Of
U 8:601-242t- 19&k Aawaj.. AlUm Fn
9 tv ]L--. m *
harb6red. m-purpbgw. of PrWw"WIL CY 4 *r
R4 Ahrei:...
vm.*d titku
18 sbeitims, 64".1461 (a 1462,
552. Officers aiding impartatiott. 06ftiio t twMs
:and articles
MR '6i
Whoever be- an TO of
emp Yee At V iiW
54 a.ds W, pe* a.
w. a -w ga -d la
-of th6 p f law go
irovisiom i
xhibitfft '0jr, sendi-a hy, A
g5 g or D41i
POE maiom, or, roprowntatio0w, or books 'Pow
'S -Piptvm (W
advertisements eirtuJars -Pfmt
Vifted SWes 10ift fo ID xwiistvam' to*At IT
or. conta' t -VioJiu-0 sw'
t* M-n in, hlb
0 . ........
Or 16t tOwntvrl Asmot *,A",
fined nbt more, than $B 000 or'lmppsoned Rot an n
or both. 3.,,,r r


#l Them. qqr spending, P pt,pn:,,qf revised title, 18 Feads:..
(g25,4 Meets, aidlj g inipwtation -of :obscene ortreasonousbooks rul Aftd,,ax*Iewe
il&et a gent, or omp oye United.,.-States
'6o I' azly aids, Ok'abas- a0l p6rsm enga an atioiL 0 any
,IaAr ;@wa, porting ad:P0Aim*ngr4d&]1.n.g in, eAibifingi. or
-gen or 11VM by' maid obscene oi-lindodeiit 1blications or repropa;4Pwet% pap rtf, advertisements,
-circulars ts pictilfet Or'drawi w ning: an:y matteradvo'Catink it' gr treason r lhaurredion 6 guinst the 'United 'States or f 6rcible, red4ance W 9" IsW.of tho U_ nited States, or C ontab ng ';f Jf I- tboffi.l ha
ny i t"to-Aiki'th-6 ilfo _bi ib w itft upon any erson
ted w or w' J g aA We abortion.', or
in the Uni St MA i -i's gd"
otherarticles, of indecei&br iffiiAoral ii8e dr t6ndendy, shanbe im.pr1soned not mor*,tbg.wrteayWwor-:ftq prbah A 16.
Thua,,:::the subcommittee changed current law to requj*re proof ihat prop, ii illegal
,ai uripg, ai
:rdon if it is conaboru I s bo 'I's
to,#ip Jwwa of -the t$tW' wbich.,'thei,; L formed. It
th m'wruor per
ttee S 3 tb In 0 i6 b. C011V an er this
Aw i, # ' ia, 0. i0ed d
provio wl A bl both, the,q atent of
on a defendazi ikuA have kn6i lie gei the material %nd its, ftten#4 pwpow

Tf.1"W(Maw*1:AOC"e er tnzwqncfting =aftbr
tyery obscene vi us indeblent Ofilth vik article, matIn& 001- or
Article, atthing desig*Aed, :,Or, Intended for, producing
.a Amin, or for: a ny indecent or ILM use, and
d= ii thintwme&
A: RV- Ir ikArqhae&jwbgt"ce T =kwdi=ey.Or:.
or.. Aes'ba&* ., sthwtmr U lead., another: to
awor ropp 'bt' 4boaNioni or.16jr::any indecent ar im.J106MI pnripew; an&:: N, oe7wi.
'151 twwTwfilked 1111"er, cirwihkaN. b66k ikdWet st&
.. ... .. gtt&mnation rM
4iv t or ixAic&Q&MrX
r ho# ow:fivm:wkbm%,4*.by4bAt means: 4A Sit&
y1wobftke& or '11 or
*Ile"_0ir by-iwhcm my actiler 6 ,arifim 6tway1dind for the procurIng .6 h how
I*d wi&d be
gad jA:-Xwk : Cw
1Ev&*rp&V64- wr tin that'
..... 11" Y
article,, st. &vg i*l&*kn*Irf Olt, cnn
bw .......
*8d*w71%pPHed, i0irl, indeceAt or
an If
6*144-94 6r4oh by sbl fiis
01 i on,
axt ,Bnqx 444W ej hi all Ow
is deo*ated: U. nbonaaih
3n ffi__Q,,X"ik.Or Pea 16MOD Ovby y letter eirrier.

't ova
Whoever 6 AMha
3001(e) Of title 39 noninLiflable, or knowO ft to be de41W C knoaow at
it to 6t I 'OL&
per= U,
ver _V1 PWWA
ied x tCAAWYA
9r A
of tir" I ffi

laot w th#A five yBats, or
mad s4g, 1*, Ono& nyptma e Xlpm $ 01000 W Apt ]:Rq i R
%tf h ye&rs, -or, both, for, paich such off-,
Th fev4t c5adema r JDf A
Cy used b,
eharaktor teitdjmg., bp indto romn Wurdar, or 44t WOVIM4QU tP ros4; Al
670L Mailing oWeene';6i..rlnte-46tltft
-W! A6
eo Iowa IVIOUE Vndo&ht pr Ort*1*
thlig evioe sub4mce* a
'(21 (A) drdg, kftie% or tblfizr, fhten&d' 1W
fe of,
an-M pal i
(B) written or. n 6T #
(i) respect a drug,
by the afthdor -,,under-. *on cth' ',w -46OWC to IU
U abo.vbqn pr- r
(ii) intended by the-ai
Section tw J44W&. :.Ar iw4hvxv to, P dU00
abortion; A: V) R
,declared toxb&,Uonnw. loble=aktar *ut ab a3i, not b( emveyed 4*the 3nadAlbri dd1ii*rsd:fro6aL, -affice cr;by, anyle" vsiv n
(b) i owmglyusw th*1nm& fi rthe msi*ip
dehvery red by t1ijS SeetiM"
the mails, or n ir. decla Or
so title 80 )d ox*hovm usm, to ix,,dWvor b" Plaftii*h Wiff directed tobe deliver it is
*d by umperson tv
, q WmgjLy t ahy'SUA W-fig, fro'', 0"
plating qr disposing 1, hereof, orcd aidigniftthi ,x=cul rd*XVW fibn thereof, eNtH bel Ded "not Ifibm Wbilfi*t Saw or find, -or
both9,, for ffwJirt .,Sach,646ne and'ah411 be-, &rt4,jnQTeA. %K* '"W"M iwpii -h
ten years" or f% Ined or both for. eaah su& q thermfter.
1.60 A US64. ikk thisTlection the, tarit

Vhus U'nder cuiftbb Ahb%
e"r he mo winglk", mails any of 'the gnwkd Avk6wwo
Siqr6o"n 6701 of tide Wreqii iptv6f4haW4*
really iatbn&&tbat' f3h6f1ThFL" JJ]AP[AV&i JeM % 4 a 4jak 0-d 10
aboi+io'h. An' abortion is'. 614i if it is cahtrary to thi Is W hbate; in vhichoftf fist 4o


C*k(Mt- ]W,: UA 1462:tx
hS rfiitbki : of: obomne iftfters er ]J W:Ue
brinp "ITM Wace sub ect to the
iij- =-_661 on ther of W, 1 -'tn exprc s company or"other
CODWOP cairier for c4a EK, ItLtorW6 vr reign 4.
R b ok;
_w IVIOMIor It paiiiphlet,
]Ack re MOWOU-Pictu I writi t bth
ng, prin or er
*a te ftd e m -0 t or
Obsc filth 'ph J4 aph record'U Or o'
Ingi, C16C, frilbal traw;CA oj 4'other articT6 or thing capable of
Trodueing,s or, .
4Y, me(ticine sm" hin
bi t gA da ted or
PIP 11( a P
44mldea for, b6rtloli, fbr,&n t or i moral
lilatend; for
0 uciin.g
ifse; or any Writton card' lbtt&l ddrculaf, 'book,
)bJet, advertisement, or notice of anyIrind givig informawhere or
orlhdiredii h or of Vliom by what
Means any Of gIA: mez ;ion d articles,, or, tbinp may
obt S
b orinade or
6S exprm any or
evei 16iowinkly h cobip other
who. 'Ll *
tte lk' Ihe da: f:'hi h herein
a o4 earner ny Wa rv. rPAgC!D C is
indde vfilawfulhall be fmcd not more than $5 000 ed'' t than
141 1 f vrv4on no more.
b4- f I o; and, shiLILI be fthed not
000 or
4 both,
fliqn. $10 da ild woM A rs. or
im 13 O amena, fhat ro on to i&& v
6702w rtaiUon or, trai"p afters,
MPO axta#m of obqceue ra
WhoaVrer--4: O.K
iap:. ikxW OW Uxi -StOWS -subject to the
4 )A94 itted,
vmgly. iuw any oxpresa,companyj or
r rlqawiw..' ., Antomd ,of 10
v Met)
J*) any, 0150-mae, lowk Issei ious ,or filthYb P733 p.
P1cture, natiao-Picture, film, pap letter, writing,: pr n4 or
any obscene, lewd, lawlviaqw, Or. T P graph
(B) fdth bano
I 4 :...YSXGOO 101 WtriC&Ytra,v*npdoa,.*r. &AWe or thing
ucing sound; or
apable. of prod
'thing vith the
intent that such aiug, medic* article 'thin lb useA4 to
(ii) any *ritc 'or printed n4loe of anyl6n 'p
W&, OmNick, or thingmUh inteoth# Snell 91
medicine, nrUcle, or- thing be used to produce an i1UP9111 abc i_XP -qx"W4 1K prmwi ROM of with
(W) __T 84-T Wma the
itt ni to e
iii"M or in
Y, or 6iffier
40PUPDOIJ rrj j' an
vuwfd Uhdor s s6ction;


shall be imprisoned not more than fiv6 ymrg, Of BAM; be t* ihe first suohoffax e1A. &W.. 11, not
PmM or b66 4r,- 'h
114' t
revhed title la'dhdr 'es'c r*
the iel t teria Qibbjf, i tOW6 if ia f o
t,& 4endetspedfi &HyOntended 4L.4
the f*6pr6#ibus s" -C a if it is
6ontraryI6 the law' ol'the te in *hkh- t4
The subcommittee.0so.examined a n r
*. of'
Outsicle title 1$ and determined that'six pf, 'ed* into
fitle 18:
1. .21 Icr.aQ.-. 675. (14Assau" st J ektain
Otsons; er, probktibn or such p 'wried . . . . . .
m rev* -biised
forward' m 18 i
48 V.S.C. O'UN -7 C
21 V.S.O. 1041 P n It, Mara. 1"; SCOI 1
orwar ise Ofn re
rW f d in rty d. 7011,,Partly
vi ed 18 V.S.C. 304)
EM 'k4i f 6 n..61
3.22 VS C. 1191. .. Iment of' ftes 6T 0
P".C rM !N34)
10 4 ills.
.2 IW3 ("Depositions axid notari0i
(rpvfi ed 18U.S.C. .23
io I A
bodi 7 T
tif@111)_ revi.se4 C. 13071) and
6.49 U.S.C. 1472. (n) (:'AircraftpnAq o
jurisdiction of the -United States")' (re'16sed
ubcownit, e, in' der toa f 4 t',
The 9. te '0 ttain a greater demwcd cd
among fid" 18-- _.
number of offenses. The following chan ims were made:
1. 18 UIS.C. 3 18 y.f Mr(
aii''MIri.. niAibk ''en, 1wison
0 so Pt! -by-life O..'Wigoilft, t 4 knit
tkld of. ln 10r6: than YOSTS. &6'
yeftrs (A
for an to a capital offense) 6, VOY,
;VR.C... 10t lftjdMIXM 440ged from 3 'to rs
-4.18 U.S.C.114 (revi :M::18 U.S.C. 704y.,ihu t hssged from
110 10 v6Ar
..... 4 S.C* 286. ised.. vm d from
11) years to 5 S
TT. mwdmii6if 6)4n from
00*1 12"
t ., I
1$ IT.S.-C. P2 (iTvisej 18 Amaxittuhk 4wWed from
to a
141 e d..T Oqq) tA&M4,tIived from,
Ib yi rs P Ja y'arg.;
S U S.C. 844 revi ed 1$ U.$.C. 3710 (f Thathnoty0for basic
910 trfo"h
Oftiso d' 16'201 A"""
yb"- jwnonAl
18 -U.S.C. 8" (i) (relvised is T-T.S.C. "I viWi for basic.
1w "Sul,
I i Io

0. is TT 'kim 0&1 T.&C-4901) o"maximum w'6 -' there ili'ftfdon warftntissuedehangedfrom-5yearsto3yeats
11.7,18 Usqit maxu'nwn changed
A. U
-688 revisedd 18 U T307) rnmihnum.:: changed
.3.1 ti.S.C@ 2114 ( eviqed 18 U.S.C. 9504),: 'notmore thah"'is a
:is U ange4
1 viged 17S 0. 1101,02)1.:. maximum ch
-INW6 lif flo iWie
,j qdtqw-' o Pro' m UV Be
onq at ng to O imind Procedum
yjsjoji ,Uelating to. i al Pro M.1ure') conta-lus.14 uneven numbered chapters 201 through 227. This
oubt Uler oarfiae, forwod-tptavisiom Of eup?,eaAl title- IBg:scept for prom6w1Y of, a or, s jvtereowcto he federal Rules rMwaa 'Promdure, or whiph ww outtlatedand unnecessary. The into the latter, categ h] owmt sections of . ... Or
o:18 U.SC 3005---.CQUDBel:. and. 21i -, C&Pit4al CUM e0d k t versus ii3k GiistodY. A8 U.Si(JoA abe Ov"W14 Vw*t S4 ::
).I$ U.&C. 3047=MultipleWarra v ojar
Presp Ndian:
-40 5- rsTowersto'-,V. iquor Traffic.
18 US .311 JJep o J044i lndiAjr CmIntry'.

on Vewml OU4 w tates14M-1 xujabe"f rexr,4441 I Additional
0 Mg
IL8 'IV.& 44. Prope-it Tr*b fore 'or

V, *c M; IM
W&o it I j
A14 giow, current, la 18 TJ.S-C
%UAU**Aimi4qO 1. eii4ed ,f' W=
revised 18V.S.C.217Cr7)-,U'- 8 C. 314
nder 1 U.S -9, 6 ..i;x'indit t
W04. re *at
66&rged With-eg, Prio
2,11 Wr rmits dkxisl V Y w
V Offento Pup. -able y.
00 t I vj
4-j 7
n MeA Ift) 6111rlivev
pto( e
$en erkibe; Tertain id'' Lf h44 )6siblo f
*i ia 'ehdedi
r 6vWft ni
n 0 Lit
nevV io IiA
_14b IoAhe
jr 64af 4 1 ic A* f 4 4e
KPO'Of-IMA the" td WIWIA

1W.& 0. &564r----7-PiU@.ry and wbipp ng, IT Y NA
18 UIS.C. 8567--r-Death Smtencp way P w...ribOiss Aim

.. ... ....
18 lEr. S' C. 3614-Fine f (W W Wtaon. r, il
i U.S. 0. 3619-Disposition of Cbirv:Cya'nW8 udian
Minor changes in the 1611 wing ICA
1. 18 U.S.C. M53 authorizes "the court for, t6 d1#43".4, VRW, IPA, U4&-r Sa to, issue awarrwA forthe
ati who is. noo"I'monger under supemsion. R vilppmq 4
provi,%on. to authorize "the court of I Wlle
th :Warrajit. -TIns is'-m*tomded to f facilitate the & ''eA'of&' r. IOHMJ( j in'6: gtatO'40th6rfhaa.. the sta& i Mi Whieh, 4rder
201.18 UIS a Curren y provides that the murO'May'bbi Us
disintion romoo" sprobatioxi officer swTixg -Im gu&, courL 18 U.S.C. 30304 pr )vides thati "the. court may 'fbr ckb,e, renWOe a probdfift officerr pointed I to* Berve vAth competwakon m4 ."y iA..
't. a,; to
the discretiot'of e cour remove
W, d in the disci-otipn e 6(m
serve with Cobkpensation: n TR move a probation offwer'aPPowLI,, to, s&m wfthbut.' This amendment wds adoptedtod upon the T"MIMendagon 6f Ahe, Ad-., Migstr9fi#er: Office, of the:',Uuited Stgtes CodrtaL.AM-1.1 t *8i) I by the Judida;I:N)nfmnoeof the United Stxtai.
3. 18 U.S.C. 3655 HSU a number of dii6o 4T robAoh 0&
y1sed ORGO anas, thofo dutioa to, i6L do tv6D gAdl&hal
duties;, : r first is: that the rolwtlon offlftrmfist -Ih iA presentence report required to be submitted to: thei 3
_tolm "Albation 6f s ._ til fivel to
risonment and a statement concarni .. ... %
tion of ; qy, applicable advisory seotenobig, gnAdMih der 4ioh loft 4OP't4J" *ncourage probation. officers to explore a yoliar df 1*4&4 ftst6w to Incarceration:9nd to.assistsenteAeingj d iwzet dwni Oul"'115
The ejpond ne* duty is that probation kj .Mttgt U ft
tto h" ibO4
Of't a rn r al N lis in
Zgne r
h&cdstody of the th e,
of,'persow geheraj, WX Od
are on work release, furlough, or other authorized releme Ir6m their regular,:place of confinement. 7rf-s'amend-tnavLt,,WP' dopPo(Ivttttj*;.-II revest of the Administrati- me Office of the, VrniteAlst" courts d
,m apj 4 by the. Judicial Conhweam at, it44 t
A in pqt.MaV Ojfir t M
Amord m tp the
-the ad' ivo iut Qri- tool"P,
ty to tLd
c :Iave,been perfw tI
ers ms, duty forso ae tIM03'-,.
I& U.S.C. 150.6 rM17 werO s4 W
(2),7 A164 (3)
and law rcenvat,timt- urts.,
-for juvenile rwi)r4s ',, wn 4!309 amqut
mrre JAD
ctin vTiting" requirement -i M Is atIll
of a tmstmen4 a W 'OrI4d*y emitted b t cou 4:

....1h:49fietidii th& sube6mmittee madow',ehang" in -turrent 41A* ib tho
.tmrni of probate probation is' nu, a sentence Under current law C4160
4W & ir,4 I k
O*Ing a Of-ei hbt thei impsitioh. oir the
suave it ex ecu0 A ce Thi &ange is ifterely a: change in nomewhiture and
+es not substaxitivOy alter a j u'dgelspi m- or.'
Revised, 18 U.S.C- 30312 k&q &$Iconditions of probation'turrently
impossible xmder 8::-U.S.C. 36k- Hovviever, th6i maximum rison com0 fago 'tencle increased frolli 6 months to
-Isionsnat current law. The first
i;ubfitle HI contains fiv PrOv in
W6 -to awist oderal d-es to eliminate
Alspitftks UnOA Ikvised',18 V.S.C. 30.101 direc'E'S the Judicial Conference to gather and anaJyze data con:&rbL qh6' ten Cou in
s6n'' M i*Osed by: F6&ral rts criininal cases. and the
turp and, circiimstAncei of the 6&nseghnd the relevant-Est and
chara teristies of defended In ose: cis6sll (revised '18 11360.
30,10i. .a) The Jddicial Coiif6i; Ace'Is to"di aemmate'this data 66 a
c0latinuing asj .
301,0... W to
on ce d6veM
W fihuin a advisoryy emt6nk 0111
'I li ".4 Is th
ing Pil e Ines P s4bc
.9 It a
ptteels intent Oi xt th d6hne84s ist tb 6. court "M determining a
cc f6i a'ly artic'u'rair, &iei daht.'IM6 A.
e ines are. not man,y And the" ten de: 6utsi& the gin4elines not
Oator Unposition. of, a, sen is
basis for an appeal of:064AAnce.
., '!, xi
a(liv! guiWines are,16 b i aide ivaibMe' at least annually
Po t&ra MtdestPA isot,4, It is J'courts and other jjjjftee
!attl t t "other: i1afkrestect ersonsi), intorpretfid
t, ) ,titin lud represent tiv'e, soyow '6 cu ii ddene W 'heademic
UI-UL itlep. I... I .
04 -q- -m i IM
Tri or' to issuance" of 4dvisorY tho... Judi "al
ten dnjg guidellnes, ci
. C16fiference is requiied t hold'hemannings andtak6 telstim ',-y 41i-d to
Se6kfoh6 lapIniom ancl pafticip!A 01 of a' bir, OAdly Ti Pe -ative ro e
Y, W a 34 conce, i ith e MsOns W40 CWI ZPAY
topresent the concerns of the defqnse'bir', proswirtors, ajail *the acaiS anpi, PPTL the4 tbL jjjdjcjfLj epl4DAU ed
,den -- i e
Lity Cpi4elrpjace N n
i Ih K 0 :..
fWfa theie dvtie s thro11Wh 'I'Foramittee W os meb r '.are lbro, 4py
i.V6 of tlie Veler4i crul"INil )U$6081 60Minunity,
iori 30 a C
4 61 (A onfer
?A e spveV, 5e;tr #p tj, Jtj ,Ps: section
jo gT on its ae es under
NOA F1I P)r fu rtyy Ugiatatio] #
Ovisl M title I 3010a:
is see
't 'sts -conjour, OX
IIWsW 44 The ODUIA Inust
r the,j-44 e AD We, Qn 0
OsMg a parfi ulir sentence.
T40 Urp, q f-W
to0 t
44,p judgei
11 -rty vs
.0 ry

acterist*s of thAoAefen4at
and'' bb.nourp Q
es, ti"
A01" tl* sa Jud
Ing J 41T
toAc Y x WT P
PQ"* -coP40s4 t1ae ri
purposes sentemingiT : :
lje DU t colpmeaA*i
OVI( tte
crimin AAA to promq axesp
the: i;y*gp k 20A
kS "I adeqr mincee,
P P he
roteet t r etim
iTO rom fuA& es d1he aeOiPli
(4) a with xPprqV ;ax;c4i r
Wianal. tr u "qa
kir q xa
thirst. factor the %mm 11APPSing SOUU11CO't 18
prii0hii1e.4.11 By'speciilcally-ref rri*u o. aliar'j. ativ6s to g jot
sube .. tee enqqur. g .: cp4.stqIBr*,VAx1
of ives anct to e4p,=4 their uisa p.
lie final factor theiudge)mwt-consider
pp liable aclvlsqry seut;eneing ne M'f'
U 'T I i,9
Oa Ka under, 6dion 010gefi) of thi title. hiq P vision, reI iikline 0
ges: to' el' Rsult 1 ,idv' 0'. 40
Juires J ud isory gm ..... S r %
jAges t6 amtence, within the' kuidebnes. Revi,%d 18 TIS.C'30102I requilies that at t4 me, 0
6,01i T OWi6W
Ow judge must state onthe record the Specific A Ior 6p i
particular sentence. m* vawt c a s e s tho #Atoment wi4l briq"
a, some,*4t detailed irwould bee'gpprq]prlate whena.
deviates trPm the typkal sentene.6 sim' ar rwe
-y Me theI" c, gWilai m'ses Ir
can eas"I: al 'elitenceilqdsedsea viso;7 guideA J!66*41 Con:2
ten, m d t. and ad nes i *ued y th(
on nee,
te VW
ffice the ju gvo W
paxticularI n rtant in dotermmigg wh th" f 6t etice
unreasonable apI ,: aii, appi)1106, x A voold b t fifkd U' m
a sentel cj-na iuft'
Ormng a case to e for ft'stafA21ik 16, re
f&iW to M ke the 9tatemesit t6 time, t
-Subtiwe _T11 sect
7ho-INril ne*; iiiito
Ppoal of 'a sentence. Under -this se4ida' Pqen4,nt mayappeoma
SeAtences unless: ( 1) Mhe !gkitence iv S'Part 614 pie,* a Anw *AC
AM. M.i'ndke and **s nq gTestev th-an,'t& son
81 ev ,f6r vernment fecomme -or iot t6 4
fi t e Go' d to
Agre pose
under the/ Fed r,,il'Ruiles of -Crimiti4l Ptockdure""4'r -01 A vo
to by the attorney for the' Govern aeiit an4 th ddeUfl U'i Jr It rim bi 1W
M eral ][Wles of, i al Procedo t 61e 6f
av aflable' under 's otion ''30902 (ieltitiug tp", 4t4eivtls",
6-I Jors) J
is 'Ski6n, q1go 6g"w RA s the 1>foexidnro f Ji
nfmce, iticluding anth "M the AeOld OP tm
or SIP Ole
thi tecoid oft "a e
W in Uld onl fb
sho a& after" 11i
kJ Jii

odaU:teievwA h cW)% ,,*,,thtea$ei.-Vith particular regard f Ge. th
-ot the offense 4.nd the history and ch PP0 distriqt, cQurt tq
i4kaeof AhW-&- endint.1 9) the rwnit Ow
'find 'S wbieh the sentence
Y M91- 'Upon"
bas, re, W.
Wm+*9ed PW A 0 q r, ction 3010!4
statement : f rfts red unde se the,
"riet emmmtl I brrfu father amtemjn, g; Upoiii rem and, the di strict couft
-n the.: seutehm o finally inow, seveko tb* rig

Fimifly,, sections 30501 and,30502*isions-rolittingto Ai*siK SmUpnv 30W "bstibli8hesl firte k levels: 4PPNOable tG:',all criminal OR 0mmthmghquJt thel UK nited States Code except as otherwise pro- '
T)m ne* fme levels are

-------- ------------------- $25500
at --------------- 55000
ear 44 ---------- '15 000
ye 6 00()
4 Ars,,jmd a, ars--', ----------000
niza I
Oki .. ... V
Thr6ughO fii fit 8 -----100 000
7-77-77-7-77 7---n.
- - - - - - - - - --- - 506, 00o
It re-,
'" r.k. f
%tU* red A Jw rsind oidlrw whqtbpr to
WPm9F-,V..&4W*. wnd.tbo. m4 z income,
otrumig tapm*y and: fttaxio*t rkwa;m.; 2)-them',ture, of the burden Niin aos*, m th AwIflue 3, 0, defqdantant ton any, ,r 6mnc;'^J, ;43), MY.
Persm i ho relies upon the def e'n' an: t fq .' supp"
... Bed-I, 1 the x1ofdodamt, to M4 ion, to ako restitut
nse ,-, -an q: other
qf. s44)oaa peitinmt equitable
o9q0d*tati n,.,
'1 ibthk, IV, (ieCorriptjonsl) te'61'i"ftet$ provilsioi 0 f C, 18th del *, foui proyii i6i% 'ih polreiA tid 197 AnA
aly prqv4slo,,ns vaiolath6 Xd O:g Cd 668
C 'dW
1 0
v 4
gub ,o*iiii e, hks' 16:: th 96*1 L ur
aN w f6mid-to be: 4utdat d
ar7nN e arole r91O
0CL 6rs

Cu Pa 0 Proyisloils,

18 UAMA205W 1 18 V *01W -4

hpr8mer, Oliglblw -ta; "6
Tfiisamendwtnt will insurer that.thO5 -Phr6le C emmis&an &-atom&* reftivesabompideeopyof-th P* Or 1who is to bec Onsi&re pamle
0 rfor MAI wilt-beftwi:61" 'Ahe
Parole Commission to carry Out its duties under the Parole ORM"IK Rolm aikd Reform Aet
:..OY:18 U-.S.C I 4205 (f) is 'U.&C. 41305M) Was'ludended topimiwde t-hat prison serving sentenoei; df Odday rtoTy released -at expiration of their term Minurgmdlffmw i Vadfi, kutr nt law such release is available for prisoners whose term is & "n I year. This subsection was further amended to delpte i4,ourreiit exception to the general rule of release for pr' 00 da 8
.o one year -when "the court *hkh-ir posedthe seideii&'51 SM9 at time of senteficm*g,: provide for the prisoner's -releasoas it -,Oil ', role after service of one-third of such fe or terniq xiotwithstindw the' prqvjs ons of section414," This provWon, wis'delotedbe6ause the provisions for relbasie 8i if on Parole under 18 4 subUwtiall y oveklap W-1'fh and are operationally less Mee than'the present provesi(nis of: 18'V.S.C. 3651 (rtvised i81YA.C., Tl
"after one-third" is interpreted to mean "at one third, i6a 61d
ubsedion adds nothing to the: sentencing alikqrnati ady ittiflable 6 the courtunde'r p7sm: se im.3 Mpt t olve a
o rin ses. age
fervent kip ory agency, in a io'" sh. A te "Oil7i If tl V-ro
is interpreted to mean"at 'one ih rA or any time thereaft T Coinfine 1 1 Aent peri9d approachfilLY10 months fii: actual tiYh6, 14 ra;A'h more than und nt sedion 3661) ima 'bb, )os4, I at *bikf'the'gap*orea Ina eqnrj. Furthennt)TIO thie )SUbOD-ti '10 vision Penod li om 'j d Col.
arqendffiezxt'of the, P-rovisions of riresonf-ig m6ft6 aW* 90 apft sentencePwith ti C'ftfinemi6ht poftfofi of tin 98* More effli"* accomplishes the inte4ofPresentsecfiqrAI42M i'T t
doquatep ri. od ::f sapervif4m"
181T.S.C. 4205 (g) (reir'siad'18 &O.641*0eq, *hq:*t*MdMIO iftbi ize th Pa. L
'0aihnA onreduce any minimum term to time serviad OrfLnYothex f)8 Under current law such, a motion y %& h
.3'. nm 1 1 -be
ad t, Vto
risou pi h%,sentef sy -red
q M ( Y
spwved.,Thi zmeOmg t 0 0,
Y I,(,
lmduqpIg 1 ajustifle (Ii In, pig
q], SIPa,
of an nfisually ion'gl Tn in, =-urn, -tO rm'.'Su--6h -9,4 OP M3
0 raer, 0-perulit to, J)e
)t eft, sbviliily sitilate( :PTIOners are do
(4:)' 18,TT-S-d 4208 T'8'I t.S "FA
olloviugthg eA to
ta proviAe f4at 'I e; Maumi
fol oTnn n A p4
t1i pi 8 -C ussiq hill set ptive, -the
presume, 01 -44 0 -111 'r 9.
Pfirole COUMISsloh "With a M tqy w, adiep in
f g
6, e deterW# qII V 4 1

wmwwasmkry. uncertaintV.Snallidetermiln y, while at the;samo time oMM&sWie rpspqjid:to sigm, cant
Pri, n or '.()Q L w pi-Lopmu even
omwn were so made t6three sectioAg in 1 on to
t4a pa"le proivmons. Premnt 18 U.S.C.: 43,51 (revised 18 U.S.C. 40303) vA4 *mendpd. to make the Chief of the Division of Probation of the-A iniAmtivew offip& of 4bb UnitedStates C ourts an, exoffkio mendbeit of-the AAvisory Bopxd of the National Iustitute cvf CometionL Present 18 U.S.O. AW2 (revised 1 19 U.S.,C. '4011 3). was amended to ',iddb*1 tho.'Maira, visiojil fTom the Advisory
mm df t1A "YouW'Di Councd -M 40-A div*sim no1onger. exists, Finally, 18 I W &sl amended to. make gp d of) days, available J;G prisoners %ming90 days
ear ielligibk for good time under cur
fo 1. terms. The m tum
apt ISO.&
Section 201 of the Hai tha4. e3mept to tho, extent that'the
bilb4kesa mb4artiva. 141 prevwoa of U e t legas. ation
&es not &ffwt any provis' of titl 18 as that provision. emsted prior so pro es V44 the 16p.isla"W* WL S OR 12401 Ad
YJ 4 .0 jo any: judicial
U0 Q owe
p hp
i4rative oterpreta on a any Prow Man lufle M

i n 202 the:,bffi the oi&6 date of
A Jaj uauo 1AJ90,:aS

203 ftough. M of the WU amend . . . . . . . . SWIACA M* titles
t6or tbxp:fit1w18 in,4D Wt& omform.faw leveb& established larevised. 1A V.S.C. 30,501. Offenses -iiiiffi m )jpcobio"r than the
Various statutess, which curriantly, ref ev an, -offenas ''as, 'Werei alto animdodAa: SpeftwjrY M, prison terms.,,,
( $ectipn W 3 T 7 tad pertds tit1q,# th s tesC6& to conf"i fme
nne provi ons 6sta ed-i revis
49 PW M110US
The, W1 Opde

1 SO statut s .0
gm6n& + 6 ve6ra Reir;&tion of
09,(4) nd, wc4on 319kb) 'SA

limp: 1-1 a 0.,$
.1 JI JA
.. ... .. . .

'44 U
e,4 P 1,
40 ;w 0.1 W,
.-:.S60fifflL "amionds *itlb Z, of tbeUxi Provisions t6 the fine provisions inriviia& VcUi&Q. 300(tv
205: (a) (1). awwds.'Skftibn 46 (z
K A 114, t'V 3w
S-ki 13b) of the PommodiqN4h, vte "r, )k
sec., 206 Y.- *R-Mud's I$Wfldfi: llbi(pok AU40
andin, vtgtibse4i -li-i K.
) id
Sec. 9,05 (a) (3) amends Section 1952 (k) of the U*t6d..J$t*t"tODOW Futures Act (7U.S.C. 15B (k)).
See. 205'e, (b) (1),t amends Soak V td tlkw* l ftitbd -Swes Cotton Standards Act (7 U.S.C 60).
See. 205 (b) (2 amends Section,14(a) of the United t-0 6 'Walfil. Stalidards Act, Or......
SWAN,, KannOiW9S&6ow.6:d# Ni"l Aotei -Ad, 17- VAC
paragraph (9) if rhAl &Dh4la):. ..
See. 205 (e) (2) a N; 9 74iPW108 of the Fedeml PI&At Pp4 AA:
'Slee'.::269 Ci am6fi& -S A6 10 -01, the'PlIsht (7 U.S.C. 163).
sec. 05 (d) (i amends Section,205 of the V e Act: 1921 (7,US
205 (2):'AmMiNdi SedfiOn.,:,.3%(,b4, cd-.1hp, Nekets aad Ste&e
yards Act.-IM17 Usic W7(fi )4 w 4v
Sm* 205 amends thie *t sevite.. nimi of Rwtioft, 502 (a,)*, Od Ot.
Packers and Stwkyarda A.6t' 1 21 (T- U.S.C.,,218a,(a)) 4
See., 205 ds SeetioniWl of,,thqPack
.6 amen
1921 (7 U S 1). -st
A, ..22 J.W
"'gee. 205 (d) (5) amends Section.30 of the'lTnited: stals Act (7 U.S.C. 270).:
'h ':i4 92R.
s6b. WS (d) aj ai 61 t -v
See.. 20 ,(e), pmnds 1 3 Tq 7'
le Ad 'of lmii o biown R,41
tho'Cofth atisnes an 1: -tstirnatek"11A 411 W' p
(1) in the second senWixpe 91wetion 9 (7 U's 444w)
4 1?
4"dn ge-2 (717AP. 473fc-8).
m 205 (f) amends the first sw6on qfAlve,,kq of-g
ASS,Qk 491
S. AMends sealldh 44,(V)"of :14 A:g-V
-Comml. A U.S,C. 4 n(
oddities t
JJ hd' Srw -of, x, e
1 amends, Ti
Sm 265:-( Section' 12 of the Talw co, Irmpectioo
TT.SX 511k)

96466 e 6. set an 4fthe
205( iop 15 of t46A01 dltural AdjUstfilent
6T parag (2) and,
ir para
f"61k)-tW ",*h a edi o4i 2 0 iA the A, gri ciAba r 91 A dji Am ent
t 0 A
th AA f
gotten. e 6 -:s et'd 3, bf W 60 IkV th lv* I n e 0
June 9%, 19 XD:5&)A
See. 206(k) (5) amends the Agricultural Adjustment Actof: 193
Q) 0 ''.Ct: m p59 (7

awn sen4uft of cfl n 'A Qi) of t4e Agri
*2 0
e of '1946 '(7
CAU *Pr s6hed Aot
WOM th=.. i PYje#r..o; Aped,,qrt1)Oh1?i.
.336 ''of tbj6 C6n205 o) h 41 seqntenrze, of, Asee
4LB. AZI kr! Dexqlppm m Vic 4
prison4not more ffian two yea' or ed, 9r O
p) xmmdst DOOWIPA4, 010
n f SNIC. "AB (b). lpvpsol ed u more
*Z1 I YeATI or, Bale b 9
Irt each (T. V-Sqc-:,=q M (4) 00
'(T U.S.C. 20i (b)(4)( and 7 (d) (0 6. Q "U. 20* (d) (5
Onednob m e th;tn 197ewp r
1 3 ti
on kc) 7 Ti. mpTisoned not more
sect 11 (2): S.C. 2 '1 Y(2))-l
Inwtio n'l (d) 2) imprisoned iiot more:th 11 ror fined"
T 'ea0h -of, Tsqctms,
(13 417 US Co V )(4 (8T), and (d q ec, 9016
J1 )t morethan 1 yqar or fifi d'
l: soeti6n 14 in h 0 U section (b). and?(O) (7, U*S.C.,2028 (b) sad (c) "imprisoned not more than 5 years or'fined";
n h Of subsections (b a nd-( c) (7 U.S.C. 2023 (b), and 0) "imhlot U10r6 than 1 yeo&,or
Aop.- 20w(q) iff m-td,,gSeotiohA--,-9. 6f the,. Faim IAbm Coaraiat Regis' lioatioii Aa6f IM (71MS.4C.'204-8.
iubgedi (it) Allmpmlh dan 1: fined, or
both, for a first offense under this subsection, and for 'i second 6r .in*tism wore thAn three
ars or fine" .... .
in Wb**6in (10 q MPriS40ed: 8 years or. fined.".
See, 205 (r) muends the AnimalWelfare A LAI
. ... .. aJ1 be imprisoned not more4han 3 'oi -jfined bokh"
in the, first sentence of section 1 (d) (71T.SGU. 2149) "be imprisdue, d
1 r or fined"
not morethap yea
teY VK po ; PqiAore' han
se Ai'o* n- 31 d i 6
xt4 lkegmrW md. Promptioh (eyfo, 180i 6d
ot A V.S-Q,26,
vot more than I year or fined".

swer 01 t!
llifor=6 I i.,
dA4 I yj
W, 0
04 (7 U.S.C. 2807) 1' mpiisoned Aot mor'e''th' an yearo 1L'h
ect494 Vi l: oftlw e f h
tioh Act (T U.S.0- 2W -) risoiiea nodtnwre
Act. M-S&C.1598) S1111sfituting in
Swte 206,*ends fid, Of et ; t4" t ii tP
f1he provisions to thehiB 16vids The _TOlIpw g provisions are amended:
960.2b6(tL), amends(Seetion,910(. ) oft e gr iou 4pa xitionilitix6t 0,1J.S.C. 1185
&ce 2061b) amends Soction M .. V46i:, iod 0AU01 1
.,It -S 611 0)
at, Aa (8 rz C. 1252yin ectWh
mbs A d) fiJT ifi'ubsi
iiiia 43,Se t 952f 6) thd- igrkt on
see.'2 6f
ality Act (8 ..S.C. 1282 (e
See. 200(d)'&iji nd S 264 JIU I ioift tuid
iffit Act (8U.S.Q -1304 L J A:.A.x
Wee. 20 the Tmyffi OQ amends Section 266. of HWOn ind W icentrAy
CA"". K 1300y. ifi 46 6fs affimetipts
and' (3) iii gub wtion (d).
See. 206 (f) an-mfids Sedion 21-+( ,qf tiotial.ity Act (8 R. S.C,,. 1 24
_sec. 066 Auiends Sectibii 275 'of the JUIMIgrPool- odxkdomt it AA'(S:: 0.43qn.
'6'(h), u*ends Se i ::,276 J fioi%' i#
See. 206 (1.

Section 207 amends tiftle'lo ot tho Uokod. States Gode -au(t laws' vonformfoo.-pro ", kt blisb od,
tit% 18 U.S.C. 30501. The following provisims 4ro ... 0 .4 1.10,1 fj"t 'g. ed sbell i 207.r (8YAMOnds Seedola.227. j t il
Stat WA
XtY aM- )-M- le*i X, 1: VIA
hiw 94-406 (10 U.S.C 230 note)
See. 207 (e) amenft's lbn 816 &) 196 1
U.S.C. 2304'note). I tj
See. 20t (d) amends Sod. iow VAC
2K; t 2MM&I- (Riioli 146 4. ufuf&o JOf the -Uviw
CO&." AA
09 am en _CA 411
I I Rt 4 ih'
ro'Yquyns to. the, ProviiPIP,
_1gyrovis 4refaen
ul elkllivj, rv 1'11 K+:.1

(i) iihA ihee: 6niezic6 4 bn:: I Tij of'thty Act
of i ptembpr 20, 1962 Q2 U.5,,C. 92a (h) of it Mqn 4 of thI64d...'a MArch-.9, 1983 (12 U.S.C. 95).
Sec. 2W amends- Section 5 (b) (3) of the Trading;with-. th!&
knewyA to &C. 95a(.A) I
2 0 to'.. fo lm 211 '4 M: e 3*ik
rv 1 6ii.
Oonse, at, ct.
"tie on the A6t joe: 16' 1933 ('12
Sec. f wwids, the, lUhyq of 25 (a)
2 '.-S.'(jo6*17)
oral R* c c (1 U
(A Y
QAR, (g) ampAds Uxe 24th p wrwip ot.the
Federal Rwrv'e A 11S.C.'630)
25th pOX4, 9raph (00 of the
_ampn..Aq,,wtion,15,,.of 1$p ultu al -Max, e g A i
lil" *W#9u s4bwti
amews sect blil
(D 0 8 of F60 LO Mort-:
S -4 ... e rat
94 CO r jtionAqt
Fee ame#( si c, t 5 1 a., %W:R l oan AA of
ORJ 0" 0 S
1940 1464) in su (d) 12)(4
O e
amp ds 912,o J)eve
n S ctiou aa Url 4j I'
e t (if 1,970 (1, CIR7
-8 17907-2
4a 4( W a*
Sen n_08 _o "04 U2
.1c Mtn M th 6 last' te A 2(
u D (2
eYederal, ot .Sqq Cl
Gredw. .. 4.4 i-A t4
Ise, P1.
telice 7- "k
66,ctiaii 202(d 3), and M: S2 1
federal' ce, e M'Secelaa
M 200 (P), S3116h sectioA 8 aft g, C6ippany Act.
,- 2 Z i
9' Oct .P 2
'of e
0 -A4
f 104 azlfs 6t
J: fl:.:: 0.7 kA q F
amnds chapter 7 of title 13 dc
-4, and 'n sedion, 'to, th6
mctiO4 21 conf rina fli,43 P v S Ons
t t1'

_P W tq tl4e, A40
ti 184 4,C Wi Pror w
station 431 (c) of title 14 of TT
th ulaifed:-States

' e United fti s r ii,$;'
4-sl df4A i all
United 4P
States C (03. ; (I .
X JAi Aft
f "i
ft eptiqA 12 4mendstatle 15 of the Uiiited, $i&tJ1eft*11_dO* 04 I 'to '-nf 1D,1,6V 0 ese abt
ip -'e.pW title 18.,t e f 01jowing prQvIsions itre %=da!
212'' (a) amends t 7'socond gen w-iAWilspn Tarig Act (15 U.S.C.
Act qf Jvne .19' 1936 (15 U.S.C. 13'a).. .,.::.., .:. -14
Act (15 U.S.C. 20). Att,
(l)-iii6idi: didbA4 64' *theclgywlll IM dct
044 212.- 6) am6iids the tfiae
ap YedeiMl,
ardglr 1,0 llii:-Fo d p
sectipp,10 (15 U.SC 50), t e last paragraph: of section M
]Lon A k
4(a) (159
Spc. 212 (b). amends theArst ara of sedti6, tO of 0 W061
#Q Ctit,,6eling Act (1'' M68b l On 11(AX,011' q
Pfbd&t ij being Act.
See. 212. (c) :amends the, Act of Septen ber .18, 19 9 *Copd
'. I i :a 6t iA. '( "(
Jqjrag : ph so IP
p, on 901 (15 72) 'septio#'IM
and in. the, second. parwaphof secti'n'806 (ib U.S-C. e
pai agr A Ow th, ird
,%Won 805 T-T."S.Ce 17T.Y..
-Sec. 212 (d) (f) ini6fids S Won 4 crf th M4
,LT.S.C. 71X
(d) RMCA4 86ctidn W 6ft
See. .(d) (3) Tends Section 8 (c) of the Forcip lu
Act of 11974 (151TACIS.b note).'-'
seeft 2.12 -e ur; .14,Eiction,
(4), mendsl
Aw M (d (5.), Mends Section 18 of the -Pu-41ja rtfl OG. inny Ad of 1 5 (16 r-S C. 790 iria S6 fWl 9 6f
rfilit;, Holding Com..Pany Act *of IM W, S.. 2V
ec. (G afti the 14&4 Ait of ''I
tion 42(.0 (15 IT.S.C. 80&4i (OY I' Etnd sectimi 4,9'(15 IT3 96 _Sec. 2112, (d) (7) amends section,217 of the investment A44"4 of1
-CMfia- Tr,'&deA41022,%' *a, 40h w**
(e), amefftdo the: M Ubti t&
C secoonJ8,(.15u;& .115.8).".
Sec. 212 :(f (1) armids '00u. 2; of the Abtro_ I&Y U.S.C..235).
Sec. 212 (f) section t p Act of 'Feb 21
86& 212 8) aid '8006on S oo, 6f the Act of JlWi
lj.S.0'298(11 1..
I 'P 4 4. A. ; 'k I
.qj tol

T "61
se cfi6i section
mkbo W,00 )!i,
(i) amends the Commo&ty Credit c6r or itim I
ee 714M
se on 14 (c) an s6cilon 15 05 ''Ti.s..;
(j) amends, secil6n otth"e ict,6f Fcbrtt-;
20 mw
a selon 21-(a) 6 Gas'Axt
lilt 41)
s r
U2* ciion 3 o, Act
AM Actaf #*F 2A' s swtion 6:: o 'Uo Anusr
rthe( -let rSf x 1,1951
kq, C, ,I I ;f
amen& sedi6n o the'Vlaj=a vabri &.4et
2 910
4a-) tion
fAa A*pw, rma
&lwOt.*t6tT* I j i
.4 A.:
se P IOLS. S.G1
th ... .. ... 3 .4 v
-(.P),amen s $Ubstances Aid J$ jj Z.
4 2 dn, k t
Ah I
!42 d r 9
Im Act A
qq4 S404W 16 jq and
E., A t e ;Zir Creak 1ft4oftM g ACL
2 fjt4
kr 0 If
9 0 S-C.J 26(a)) 11 Mtraf"O
re.4 .', 2 OWT 4 9A la)t
TVs) M'ftmends'" 'i 14 d) of f e To x- ic ubstances '&U.
alue tion 1 ot the, oxic
-n ss
T. cc r on14
ends 4c;aion.

feet" TY
Iftotostea,4e 46 Oft&=
rovls' td established in.f6vise&fitli
e -e OVISIO Jfn o: t
gi, Aq of A gm TR

1, of iheA4 4qM*&M'i'tft"

J ......
,pnends section 5 of" the I&Ct of, MAI
'US.C. 45e)
Ste. 219 i i6As seetiozi 4,of tho;Ao
C* 9
u. 4 of the Act 9f June See,213 a) (6) amoib sqc
'G. G.Ij 0,
1T; R. 114
See. 213 (a) (7) amends.,#ec on 4 of the Act of Ap ii 26jk, Ib2w 7U.S'C. 1170
13 (,8), xtion 3 of the Act of Ma 2
US J.: j,
Sec. 213 ih loii 4! bf ih b
'gee. 213 (10) amends sertiop of the Act of. J'sKm "t. 10018 'ji J
See- 2134a) (11) A lends the.woond.paxagrapli of A 't b:
3 P2) amensis section, 4 e Act of Au St 4 1 atd
Swe. 21:
tib64 of 6i At P. to&)
ion A It'A til 4A.
&%..218 (a) (1. ) w of th6 tAA A' JLV
F p
the:_A&C;f 'Mafth 6, 1942, (16 *T S sodloir of
U.S.C. 27 t6b
'Sm 21 (9' Ntipn P of i6 Aa of Vi6tti
14 "1
_See. 213 b amen(d4u s OActof sot 2 f, 8: (1 s6e & 4: dthp'AA 6f. iv
USO 395c sept qi 3 the Apt of AugTst 19 1937', U. !
1 942
W2 U
.213 (e amend
o Aqt of
OSOCO 403h:48 i d jlio C
bdtion: a bf t e
Sed" 18(610) lame, I _190d,01T.: U.S.C.,413).
$eC& 219 (d) (1) amen& section 2..X'thC_ il
"' 't 'Oe hteO -*q
Act of June M, fft (16 V.8.6.430v (b) 4
See. 213 (6) aplen I of theAct
- glee. 213 (f),(1) amends eciion, 4 of -tbj6 of D
(16 U.&C. 460d:).
See. '213 (f ) (2) amends wetiolu. of the Aid qf S" (16 trS.P. 46OK-.3.)'.
See. M M (a) Amends: section 6 of the..Aktt bf OaOber J "4 tlf U.S.C. 460n-5).
13 ends section, 9 v U$4ck 606)
Se 60 213 (f) (5)- amends s agm,,T 6f t
.. S 213(f) -amends 4d* otthe J Iie' 8
ec. ion Act
U.S*C. 668)..

R Ilife Refup

See. 219'(Y) (8) a 'eh
S e c. 2fi. n, Act X&11 2 -VD
I;C. 69
213, (16) e Juirto 19 i933. (16
Of, 4w Bitrd'Tteaty
See. 2 a (g 1 amencts M Act
914A i4gr
(16. U.S.C.70711 subsee -i in subset 'rfi
.1 SSIPP1, Ivel
'6n 11 of the Upper Missi 218 2) amends sed -Ri
i (to USC ,.;T30
ud W. it Act of swtiol, 13 Wj e
1956 ('16 Ut *C* W S, SwtiM.:4):*..-I'
antd&dE ioquon 6f tb& N Ahe -fie, 14alibut
Act of 1937 (16 T-T.S,,CL 1112 ( S.w of the Soe,4yo SwImon or
Pit& Salmon FisMngvAat 419*T; (.16 U.&C 77fic (a.) V9. p111 r A t, W60o (16
V.S.C. 825F9C) und in wtion 316 (a) (16 U.S.C. 825o (&)J.
mend -ectipp 9,1 0-the Tenxrs ( Vall A hopty
841 -6, ibn "ba.
boo ft 'b) l4i 04i
'6 Xet"bI MqI i 6 s t 01"th 1926
6 A6 4M
is f Act.
2. 19 (b) of the No .7!est AtIafitk
0. Ones A9 0 M6 6 s 9 g)..
11 4 Of -t
I.I .J1.1.4 j I.A. ..... f .
61 11 W, ffi P
hme, Ivu
IR jo :') , ": 1,.: 10 C?
(7i 13 1404 bif thk Fb[rtf 941 Aaof 4966
,11 u
A-4etho TY 6f the Mic Ma 'nuo
I th, A b* 6f: lilo 17
ATM 06 (b ...of -W&m
A 76

10640 tot nowform "*"064 to*b IP **ALbI6SbiQdA* i**%Sed id
*t I t, 14 IT
Tin i t
Alt ;Ot
O stull, 09lufs-C.
.... AM
#f[bioriA# awamfta 5n, O"tioA,) a" ('ey7( 19

to e, tj
k V "IM
on 1. 04 0",
*tionAof Oe Ant' Sw 2140 ) T 1- u Ot 4 v
08 (b)). 10 Sa
2A sectioom ; 9: the Trade ExpV*
IU.18 io-loy IAI
214 (e #jmp 5 thq Trade Act of 1974 in 2iii6 aild ij t9'(19
Sedion 215 a mendi litle 2& a t 140 lgAte4l &At4 $ 'OOCIO pO
&OVI it keo ,, obv*1 eadwa
Thle fO]RO. x1atloondAc, u, t n i ( I .l CS
-($Ry of, taw
Educatibii Act of 1958 (20U.S.C. 5u (B
(4 Y
AS e .
thiB llig"hearr of 1965 iU s
440(a) (20 Vsfficef 10874 dtSubowtious (b) t, i (o),
a) of 440: (20,ajid iweectibn-,449f e).-R(.20 U.S.C. ID8 -4-4 (p),)
tim ate
Section tit, e: RI-pa S tes ec,6, W
I . lb
s ffitabl' 6d
to *ptewM&proVlSlqp., in
10110-iffuig Provisions axeameuded: vqf
... f lax
Sm 216"(b) 'ame'ds' t1lie: last.: (if
-4vgust so,, 1890- (21 c
216 C AD 4
-1903 USX
Y.: ..
section 64 ffie.A4.6f 11505 (.21'.
A k., tb 6t 0
.U.S.C. 140'.
SM 0140) dddinp
ipenses:. ureau of Anima lf 'Fff
g) auwnds
Sec. 9lYt ih4 P I V ;Od ']Drtik
.2 38
353 (b) Tu" "M I "TUJ.
.AryIv io4u u on
1 2Al a (it an --66tiolli iNc) UIOUt
W, 21-6(i) amends, Swtiou 4,06(a) ofthef-L..... It*
Act (21 US.a 676)..
M, parag, Moh
1 gr h (2), and in paral
eCA' 2, rl j Q,,q4txp
A ct. (21 .. ... ...


amends SiDdign 12(a) of the Kgg Products Inspection .Aet (21 U.S. 1041 (a)
Section .217
Secti n 217 aIM& laws c odifiod in title 21 of the United States COO
,to cOqfOrrqrfm -3 to. the se L e Leii gprovisionsestablished "n
-p provision 1,
-to 0 'The follo*4 mg pr vuponsireameMed.
SM 217 (jL),.;W1M4 section 4064o:tWe Reiised Statutes (22U.S.C.
Sec. 217 b) amends' edion 5dt'h ActofA-pri129 1964 (22V.S.C.
SeWon,8(c), of -the AA, of July 31, 1945:(22 A:
the Participa
SM 217 (d) amends SecOon: 5 ( h) of: U Nations
M Aet of IM
A &e il7r (e)!z*wds_ the Aot -of $oveuiW% 1939 in ectiqn',15 (22 mimds Section 8 of the Fored .i gn gent ion
Of 19M, (22 UA.C.
4 P&m.,. 217(g swends, t*on 3,(c) of t11O,,4ct of J"e'
USA 743I Q
4h1 don 24the 301 '00 (22 U.S.C.
M $eol!47. wwm
.w Pf 22: 1176S.Ce
U 82 . ..... ...
+ 21 a Sw 11M t4e Pwvised gtat4te-9 (22 T-TS.C.
S,(22 U.S.CL
-1631,n). 1, in oxi 317 1 Ix a in(
a tio A14 22
ILS.C. 10001. sect4on,512 (22 1643k).
See. 217 (n) amends'Section 19(b)(2). of the Peace Corps Act (92

Sectl n am6nds_ eeti6n:: 4 0 tfie"Ac ',ii Miwr& I
U.S.C. -154), to conform fine provisions to the sentencTg p vis!lrillris
4 41
2 fil 4 j
in ti 4.0 lth
0 prqVisik)US to santi.D 11 g, RrG
Ma 2 tic D O i 0) 0 Au S
04. 1 9
qAk 4. L4. I..
-, tWO

... ... .. ..... :j :.: :'.' K x :
4 1 0


in A
gkil6in26 amend "U i4l
tion Aet (271f .C. 2W(O to confonn fine P sk
e$oti I P .. 'A r Ilk -R.,o,
Se6tioii 221,am a*ds
iw*Own 18,66 (9) i kA t
-go 0 1 ', 04t
M the second paragra h'bf wtion 26-1[81fo MOArm ,
tons K
thaxfte PrOV-1s h 4
Sed, ion M
86 fibn 4 2-: ghiendi: I's Co
Code to conform fine provisions'to theiine es abllghedlt l tits.
OvIngpro sionsareamended:
Sm 222. (a) amends The
Wskioii 12 29 V.*S.C 11V21 84(
See, 222. (b) aniend.s Section 6 the, Fair Labor -StOW47
1988 (29 us. CA16(-A)i.r
Sec..222. (e) kmetidg The Labor-Man -1%eh6Jb0A _iijA D
tlos firi Act 6f.1959 in' A ,cfixon,20W (20 rW,Ow 430) 'itestb46idofts OM4.(.d of:wtionao (29U.S.C 4-61
V- C
00 2 M (2 9 TJ. P502 (b)) in.wtiq i 500 (e) ( 9 U.S.Ce 603 41 Isectio n 504 (b) t-T.S.C. 504 b J)'J i sP666bri Oft(b), (jo: I I
,(b) ), a iten nd in the last sentence ot section 610 (29 U.S.C.1530).
,:,M(d) ime ndsASedian' 06ftild'Ag6 NW: .,
r r
plocxw* -62.9
qf 1W7 (29 U.S.C,
Ifiends get A -of thei.
Hea4h Act of 1970 (29 U.S. C. 601 g
%6000 2 Mr 1 116 ird* _t
'(f)'Imends Th6 E Rn Lift M)y*ai 1:6
Aet ol 11974 i station 411 (b), ( 9 U.S. U1 -1 60L
(&etion W IT
Section 223 amends section 9 of the Act of 1
V.S.10. 689) in subsection (AY and bi kibsectiou to R nrlsiqns to th DnS eStS lisfied: in
A 4,
224 amei ds laws.codifitdin title I
the 7PA4,
to.oonform fine provisions W the, fim-PrOVIMOAS establish', d 'r 0 h:
16 Ox
title 18. Thelollo7mg pF "-qp
224. in6fi& SectiQA.
Ij I
(tit. gos (b)),.
S*wn 4 ti '.'bf 1he 4e seA $6t
k 4*, 41
j) (1)
20 8 eetion 750 of, the Act of Sept ts A
9 A irk- a _a _1:
200, Of T_ ,

_1 1, e604 niitea siates
'A li*4 I w .A, ti,
e to conflo. ev V1siQ&,tQ_ ell r" :long,' 'bfishPA M TeVISOd e i U'r6flowingprovis are ahlon&Q.
d, _nw, R 91 rcq" 4; t Axt ."of
Pie ii, the- sepon
U&MS sh,
SL h Act of
f "ct
see ion 0 A f J
8_eZ d* se 9 tt 41 1890 (33
11 %44-ds: ction
-U.S.C.. 368
6ee SMett&' Beet4M'00441 'C.
:&&RwviWa StaLutesil (33 US,
SM (f axajen&t1wftrst,,senWu &o4sw, tim 12of t1v6 Ad of Mairch 3, IMO (34 ts-G,406y.
S r) amends the last sentence of., section 2 of the Act, of May 9,
Sec, (h am6uds the first sentence of section 16 ot*a Actof Mtrch 3, U92 ..6 411) 1
Sec. (i) da thi, Acti-0 (33 U.S.C
f- juixe 29 1EM aseetion
44-) ln swtion3
See. 225: (il amends the second. paragraphof section 2 of the Adt of
amends sgctiqn:5,otth Act of August,18, 18941-(33 'Ut _J
Not of. thadast sentence
Sep. 2M (1) Ameu4s the. A469**91 Jms
-Of: wtion 4 -.(,M U.S.C. 5 tion 5,(33 U SA- 507)
x. 11 06)'. and.: in,- gec. I .. I I .:
See. (m) ameii& section 510 of the Act of Au, st 2 ,1946 (33,
eT Cu Ct 91 (33
*Q 1M. 18.
Se ,.226. (o) amends the second paragraph of section
-ol. September 22,1922 (33 U.S.C. 555).
2064, (t, ) pAwWa. the:uoWide bwAaMMILRAXILALAULaw p"$W) M

zwoMaroh 4.1803. (33 JIIJ:
uo .o. gahoremen's VA. 1U Jxw.:.WorkcW Seefion 28 (a) (0& Tj,.S C. -028 i
'Ms Aion 38 ('83 U.&C. 938),
aec iw, to -K aiwwo i"o Of (Ow AAja auly 1134 11M, (38, U. 990 sdbsii3tion- inSubow

1 dT
1 4) IGI fT(>iJ:1)91R rii. 4016yip* Orr, I n[t
temb r 21,1950.(36 U.S.C. 379) to co nform fine provisions to the fine
a a
Provisions established in -revised title 18.

Section 928
to V011 in
r6vised tidil'
ec,22&, (4). 'A
qyo& in sixbwj: 1 ubsowtiqrr' 'b)
228. '(d) i C, 'a fW6a8
Sm 228. (d) -Ain wtion 350106
A -.A "4 A
-: Motion M92 of title 38, uiiit a I" Section 229 Y
...&ction 229o ammds Iaws A)difiea tifle 4 1 Code to conform fine prorvisions to the fine provisimsestablishe.Ozi r Atodl Mfle: Mr,' TA
See. 229.' a) amends section 8 of the Act of
'See. 299. (b) the second sentence of section 15 Of t4o Aztvx ittly, 204. IM2 (404,L&O. 1011).'o I : -*'. t, i.0 'Aw
Sec* 229. (c) amends section 8 of the Act of July 4QIJ,, SA--r
a U a ind hL subsection,
j9aec. 229. (d) amenz) section a of, the:.kot of Octoi*r',24y W1.1 W..
see. 229. (e) amends section. 4 of the, Act. ot Jww... 1#0& Q TJ j"
See. 221D., (f amends section of the Contriad W, oik, 'filiorsJI" szfety. St Act' 40 UA0,4M ):) 1 ").L ,I,. t,:..:
Sec. 2M.1(g.)I-:'. AA Oit411*1&1

8"on.2W -amends, Oection 4 !4 the A 4 t
4). b )nf& mi 'Ane r6iigi nsi to: 03A reypsed title 18.
section 23-1
Nz 3.1. 4menas liw' kdified- in,:, fifle:42 t)tAko, U i!WW_- takes
Cdde'.to conform. fin' Misions t >'" fme-pro 6h Wis jiw
M ise4 ItW6 190 ahe If Oliovving-i promions iare aik a
See. '231. (a) amends the Public Health Servioe Act Iff _86&i6d 346 a) ('42 MG(b) tte, UT S, 0.
e '346 ( )- (42 -T.S,0. (di 10,11-851 (f), _- (42
U.Soce 11 (a)).
se@. 41 (b of 6 ,Fapfify'Plunnii* apd.POM
nation ReseareL Actof 197, (42 ,300w-_ 8 .
Seed, 231. (,c amen& the. Vv r Haz Cbmpensation Acti4 sR.
203 42'U*Sv 1713) ap4in, sectic% 2,04, M "S k IT
ea. a
(C'aweA see on 4
Fonftdiitlaii Act 'O''f* 1960 AT
&c. 23-1. (6) amen& fhe,'Votinglkighfs Act -of 1965 in sec
(12 tT.&C. 1973i) in section 12 (42 U.S.C., -1973j in'sedi6WU6 *,'"Z

Spq.* . . . . 4, of w V00Ag
1 1 hts A4. 10t' 3 d
Of 'hts A,6t
XIS i. Rig
gee R7. pppb thv QiA.
OLI a'd
W. 23L g the &a Of 1957
0, Vsx I 75a g))sm., zi ends,:Qvil RightsAct. of the
bqx!givAk, Aky PeiwAv bi *ectioh: 706 -42 UmS4,, b) I in
(b) wo"
tfilihLA*" tenooetiectiq 09( ) (42V6ac.wpol. thel *
septenaB of sdetiQu 7 14,(42 U.S.C. 2000 13):, d -senteneq
XW3 -(42,U-$." 20ft 2
Sm 291, Alomic. Ewgy Act !of 1954 in section
S amawxds the
k9 (.4 (42 G 2,274a ,o) ,4 UlWl in wtioR:230,,(42 TJ.S.C. 227 b).
SON 2a... (k) amends section 6 (g) of the Act of November, 1871969
(49, U A
1.8covo 231.. (1) amew. section 626 of ffi 'Rcqnomuq,6pportunity Act
,ot 19" (42,1U.S.C0 2971f in subw ti-Lon (b )
'1 ( n_(1) amends swtion 008,0f ithe Pubfic Works and Econowe ]Delmalqi Meut, A.4 af 1965 C.-,Z 188),ja, th Jast sentence'
p%. Isubsediou (a), and in the last Rmtencg fSuh6epu9A,(e).V
Sw. 241. (m) (2) amm& C*7
0 X Pliblic Worksan4,E J)eveJW aut Apip U.S.C. 3220).-,
_Rlt 2310 rq (AY, iili & Ad of A-Anl 11 1W8 in: th6 la A sentence SIO(& -j 42 19.8. al. M1( 811 (fy (4 US 0.
361k(f)) and m4ecdon-901 (4 TJ.9.0.13,63I)4,.:. .Se-,., 23L f6) amends sMtion 651 of tha ntred and
0"A is Oriiiaty Co
,afe Streets Act,(42 U.S.O. 3791).
seod4ORI& 1.0 Mpft SILVO
61 th 02 6, Ale.&ol
Abuse and Alwhaligm Pnvend& and lt, h&Yffitation Act
Sw. 281. (4) amends section 317(a) Of the Di aster 11 rief Act of IW*,(42 IU, AQ'rv 5 IST( M g, Oaa CO AV
T"the Housm ent
Wa -of IflrT4 in sedion, 611 (b) (42 U&C. 541CO r,621
(42 U.S.C. 5420) CT
En6r ConsorIvIatim Act (42 U.S.C., 6392 (d) Sge*i Asp
Sohid, A A'Di Osal .*pt (42 -6'906 (d)
J e, 43 (4 Od **es
Maeu c6n&,hn fftne provisions f6te- pro My, lar*r RcifkC
(a) t pu '*h
amends th6'secOn 4,4f
,JRO 14 -4
4, $ectlou 4, t
X64*1 1K
of rY.2:. 18 4
(41 M)

4t ke) ame
10;06 emit tlit T
r ge qy A f I I KOki VMM
00. a, 'W, M
And in s&ti6h
if 4)
tj_ 'IT Ui7l j e 6,
Sedibil I&W s 6xHfied 4ot) titli 4 6 ,of, t ,a Vnitid S*fiw
,Wiy W ou fdrfii, Ono' p1tovis''bV3, bo tbo fmei
-r6-ii6dALWI* 19. T he Sec.230 nm ends thefirst td
A I iff 22 4W K4bfU.,Ac. i 'Ghl I uil U
'(b) apip w6m 4: Att of'&O r 47
45'-U*&Cpm 0
Sec. 233. (c amends the Is, A ptence, of section

6eoc 233, (d), ainen& ffliegocond',pAragroph of ls&tiofil 15;1 6fYtbb Ai3f'ot July 2 1864 (46-U.S.,C. 83,1,0, P ) 9 tj ecti4n 9*(b) R fh#)R&iIrbsc&fT'*aftp)o tit T 'H tu i kj.
In .urance Act" 0511 49151#( l'ir k V44 N
Oti rvi .
A e 24 .1; 1 ,
e -%Ue
Section 4 i 'd Ii
Code ItQ corl^rln. pfflavwxop % 00 APA. pfqVIFIQw Ta
revised title 18. The foll6witit
-See. 2, Uad
34., (A)'*men& wtiqot It
Line Act of 1973 (46 U.,S.C. 86i) aria but sip'_ 23C
46 VoSA04
Set. 234. amends the last sentence 3"W.
(46111-8-04" ) :,. i". .::. W,, V : t lllv v4oSece 234. (d) wnends the.: Pqs sen- ger Act ofjW W 4"
4of ',the:., lut leaboul-4446 US.C. 150, *.1tbwbwt,)Oenof-sidiou.8 (46:U,,&G,,,WA)_,4,n the.firsti:fle"UMM Of-sectiml (46, U.S.C. 157), and in section 12 (46 U.S.C. 161) Sq4 ,231, (e5 amendl swtm'n:'2.*f &,A.* T,
th '91jr i
TT4 C. 16g)' dK
-&e -493C (f amends tedtioit 447 -tht Rewi edStatntm '(46
U. S.C. 170 (15)
See. 234. (g), amends thelast paragraph, of s on 5 o e _&A
May, 12., 1M (46 U.S.C. 2ri imendi O e 1"C', i thl
K . . . . . .
Sec.- (h) 2) wAphdsIth6 e ot
ae' jS'ed jSkjtjjtjAL (46 TT.S' 3 (i) .-f:, Ij_ A
See. 234 (i) a;.Lnionds t4 seroA4 4f
?R51G (49'V8, C .
j 4 ti$, tio'n
"t ( ) M See
ec en 401Q of the Revised St Id
See. 234, -,AytIen&:fMCflOn 5fe o h Act 6f No 3t
Se 40V
IT.S.C. 4o3)

A-u 0

*41 14
Woo .,Of.: tbje.. J;gxjsad iat#ptes1 t -Seo4 7
_k4 pii ph 0 s n 44?.
utes(46 U S Q, 45900the ItAvised Stat (4 ofthe'lRevi e fStatAtes
2.34o, (1) (6) Smenas (46'US.C. 481 (al I getond p"gri h f s&tibn
-(40 UA C' "W) 234. Of bf thb
A'O df

Aik f6f Jiine 24' 1 W34
se'6! the I de h6

'45 5 11 6f Aufiiul
0 'hip
ragra. In the se cl ragra.p
(46,'LT.S Q 643 he first pa h an4
smte.. I t*
,In On 4 U RV,
-the 066"d- p 1,8 d), 6
Of March JR15 46 *S-.Ce' 2
blon 469 the 'h
701) In the fourth graph, in e fifth parWph, 'M' gl 2h li thr) am, e CT
nds the #rst kA, xh .. ....
Siq, 234 (t) amen -kit' ra oi
Ppi t1 9r
W, ise 4,0D
er 10 '4
wilie Q,

2 (w) amends Otis 40
I vfM
I rv
on, 5 amen g the VAiQ

0 Ow P
Ow ,
J1 Tt47

4 wtv t "x 1;
; Y c VM MIOWW 20 t6bt

4e),, (fT U.S. g2O e)), in se tion 223 (4T U.S.C. 223)-q;A*1-94;foW (,thl) ilf *6tiow
Code to con: orm their fini 0, SO ft4o Ow, wCkywom 0% WO
(a) a ends Pi- t I of, the Ix" #tft: 4QQ
4?4 w* wkotWA404 rt -, 1 1
IJ KC41A 07V 0,
kI 4 4",
Viso of section 10 1). in sectjq4,0( ),, (0 ,TtT,411 190
49 -a
236.'(b) amends sectim 2Q (I U&rtj
WPM 4*d A
1" (40 *0 6)) z Jw:sjiwj, voio,4 4 b) 'im
QA 01, 1,10
p& t4p, *t, sont
I ftl ta
ta Ommer(T Act op 4
th Ot 4.4

O i 3
eiids section I
CqpanTTT.&U& 4PV- 9117(l W V e)A psbl t.
See'. 236 b (f q I ini6nds ecffiin 42f the Inte
45 .021
ft 'Ia, i ) 'oft
ii4tioo w' iti Ik 'G I I q (Ali I.,
,2 A (h)
0.14 10i46
ftu-s -(40
in s ecii6ii (f)'
n 4
6 14; 4.4
Su secti 149 TiTU,!tI47T2 i) (1) and
OV, y *40"
A 44844
See, Ado ibn 902 t, Federal,
amen sekA' (1) of he
IV t
5 (411 Ow
sbc 236. 10.1n
me: ds sect' 9,02(m); of the rNe al of 1058 (49 V.;,SCO 147W m i Uli:o'
parakrftph (1): an
Sop. 236. Vk) 8,Mends seqtj n P02(p ofthe Vederal
8 k4 N
0 & Akloh, 25, 6f, -thiy
nient Act of 197 J(V W
I A *44646 v 4RW4 it
lgazdwdous Mitteria% Tralispor" A 1009AOI TAI
Ith TVA44 fth, L

and ny
V! ge '51 sitwa6tugeia&adlyordaigdr.:ou$
A li4 'ar anyiermaf Years, or bo., fined; or

Section 2J7
11i! sktidn) OT faitm We lwws modified Title 60. iqih, Vpit es
Codew.cor owt, _&P 6stkbfi fiqd
11 .WOWOPrQywonsto fin rovi, % Ons.
"proyisipas, are ameA'ded Se 237. (a). amends section 13 of the H4iu'rn
Sec '2311, i(bt), iinw-nds Oh* 01 Utcrf Jqne 14 191
192):iztthoundes*l#nated:piiragmplw,,.-md..ilisi ion a N (A. I rst
d*thefi sentonce w 5306 of.
vise-Statutes (50 U.S.C. 210)*
(I wAtenew of, section 5313 o". e lpvised,$tatute's (150 US.C. 217).
M Xid)(twends sektion40Y.of-- the: Subveisive Aqfivities, Control Adlof 1950 1.J
10 07" 41ey xwM& tho 6rk 3) of" Ihe
Subversive Activities Control Act pf poo (50, IT.
*, 4 ..
M: W*Oudwoc 5UbV' VI jes 0
Actof: 1950 (50 TI&Q, . ....
Sw.,237. (9) awen& s q1 (a) of the Subvoersive AAivitiesk Consdp. 37., Wf fl*.AfbVdAngft917' 50
*646iiiWfIg :1969
--Smw 2-31: 46 d6-4w(g), of fhe Ad of
Oqu. S.Y.14
h olio W 238
.'S"*ipd 238 "#Ws JA -.tit t5o
wis "Ji fled 1* pen X 9f. t d
p p 4i,
.'Code to conform their fine, provisiolfts jp:Ihq jg#o
A Ok
(a)' A;ne4cjs the Traffing withthe, Enemy ct invil ]e Rd ih I Pllp 0
Pi in i se0ona
On, Jt(b
96Wuma tl fourth Dar4graph of section 12, SO
Iw4wji sexpon
4e A gir.a
19 oors. 9 #A: p 4.
OwUwaeo4pm OCw4iGvT Ac of
Much9i (50 U.SC. AIpp. f p.-' .. ......
M'( ) ara'ends wtion, 1 of the Military
O T Sqrview Ad
4 2 ip tbe"Ar A
qT ..tts r e,, of-subsertion 86 e;Af4fi J VT ..0! f 14 4 ir

P ... .. Oj j
2W e) amends the $gld*
iem and Sailors' Civil Reliet ctQf Sg 450
NO, 2 in
o4 4'1 'M S e 0 (p
A P_ 54( in swfion 305 ( OJJ.S.C. A 535:0)).
p p
f) (1),=Wndathe last sentguee of sc CCOUJW2 of the Act of
1 2 (4 S O '. 4p, 040a).,

ApV. 83).
238. (h) amends the 1"t: sentenm of sect=:,2,(q6). of 0116 )4 of June 1 40 (5Q U S.C
28, p, 1152 a) (4)
;6 t" To (Aip 4a,
'A p W C 41 K, (ic)
3( :): a th# A t, 61 Mh 211 IN& <
Se tw
,f Uly 2,1048 (50 .0.'App* (I j zmelnu the fw&wd:: Vfvw"
P 8 (50 U. -C AVD. 2009 ,jai= Act 3n& 214 Of-tM wo ICIRS"Ad Of
8 6.2-M (no ame tht bkbt
5-0 TT. P;- 2017m)
laid 6f -04 Midro-4mlds, t&, list seutmce ftetim ing n 1ai4L.40 of 197J (50 U.S.C' A
1.- 1, 111:. A.
,,p '
of 1950 OW S. APP*215,5,(0 T'?. i ld
ixee 299 "the'latt "e f'ftbt'10ftI2ft0":tN "WORL
Ci DefenE 3.Actof:19PO.(,50TT.S.C4. pp.'Ia!R"'* JA. 4,j r Vk
o9eation Ma

oves into revised title 18. The f8ll ging provisions am
and 1282).
See. 239 (b) amends section 405 of the Fedei%114
Ip tT
W@ fel.: afiiefi& soot" bf the Oft, Im
Aef (qI U-&c 10ti (e)
41 2.:.
IVXV 10 )A
seile.: 230-" VAOMW *066, tilt

058 49
J161 Mhon& swti ft* 9 03 t& VA d A ia" A 'a of
8 (49 U.S.0
1-19 subsection
t, "T 'j
Section 240 a eTds title, 'IT"
CMIM4, pf 4p wwpo --T7ce of the United States Courts. t .N "At
V44 4xi
i 'A 4
nn eA
*, I & T Pt
ett Ill. V


Iff- 4
U*ff, M- WryXis I ml. WHo, ZaaVnw, BEPoRE SUBGO ON
CUDUNAL XUM X 61q RW.0DMCAT10N OF FEDERAL CkUUWAL L&W8Advmiry Corrections Council, Ron.. Harold Tyler, Jr., Chaiirwan.
oqnha1g4.,. Chairpef American RarAssmiation, LWilliam Or
*0 CO& -Uevision 6mii lt* Cri Jad Section,
: Im, nwm ce
'd py-AurieRobi
American :Civil IA rtiei..:: on Joh 11T.F. Shattuck, Director
Wwhl" A O*e Maiied by David E. IA_4au, Esq.
American Insurance Association, Wilfma.-.4 Perry') Jksastant Vice President, ClwinWAdministr fioij,.
,k4n,]K""per PuWishqq Assop W: F 'edheim
A40er 01 746 ri.
'Vice Pie4dent and Geji ral IA
Executive anWr, acc&npanled by ArCO
QVner #,U"4j
American Society of lowspaper Editors, Ajobuy 1j&Y,.Qbairnian, Fieiod4,Q )* Qf bd0rA*j0A 001Q njttee6.
Americs ns for Democratic Xcation, I rof. t6i is B. Schwartz, -Uni-Verylvu* Sohoplo,
Anderson, Rep. Glenn Kj 32d:uongrem District, Calffqrnia.
AasociWd i.Builders and Qwtraqtorr Jgwp4 ]F apf 4 General Counsell accom]DAMCd IV Hon. J **wtq ,2 i Governmental
-,Oijs iated Press Manra g Editors Amodation Ak J"804)
Freedom of I or]
4, ormatiao Committlqev, Association' of American PUb oii!i;iii* Uii
... .. iry- AAA Legal
Association of ihe Bar of. the 'of i iw pe
ity York, Murray Mog, d,
11aiAon, Hon. David, 'United States CirmAw: M 0
i v I ul nW4CAN*vof Appeals.,
Bennett Rep. Charles E.,, 3d ona I
Congress strict ori
A.. Blalock, Ira, Chairi4an (* Ift T"arole Uoar&
Burke, *assachuset4 .'swo. tep" xvyia accQmPanied Mawa-'Rov"'Paul vexm", .
on. James M., ua 4 4 uAr]L t D- rict of

4Z -floxd. See -NAt G
Service Bftrd for Consci ous Ob'*tors. t 4 "N. C 21rj1w
14.11t., L080 coo
A- IMOA Amm "-I
panieA,4Y Kathlem WiltF, Clark-,Sheldon
weland, Ohio. J'A

Commission of Social Action of Reform Judaism, I&bbi- DiuM Saperstein,.Director, Religious Action Center.
Communist Party U.S.A., Simon W. Gerson, accompauiwby John J. Abt., General Counsel.
Community Services Soci9ty of Now York, Harold BserJr., E64.; Chairman Committee on GAnifiiiI di4Jii0nile Justice. Con erg, Rep. John Jr., Ist Congressional DiArict, Michigan. K 5 -Es ', w,
l '= Alteriiafivegto Piism, Ira.bbwe,, q. mpmaiej
Dwinis', Hon. David W.,. Penn Reinke &'Yertesh, Richmond.,
VIWt S Rinff Association, Neil It. Offen, idtnt I ILI al Vistiidt
Drinan, lto.chobert, F' 4th Conkr ssibn 14'
-n ames,,,-Federal Public Defender, Coitril iDL*f 14, ,of
un,, i 4: t,
Federall: Bar Associadon, r L. BnrIWft,'
,Cf6oal Lawcomi ittee. Yederal.. Bureau of Prisons, Norman Varbon, Direct6r., ,if -UnitedIS tat Att-orney, Sduthe'rn Di ,,'Of
Viske, Robert B.- Jr'
X. York.
Frankel, Hon. Marvin E., United 'States.:Oistriet Judge -$oObktrti' Ixarict of New York
Freed, Prof! Daniel J., Yale Lavschool, awompaniedby Wtthe*
Freeman, David, Federal Publie'Defende
-Frien Comli'tteeon NAtionAI'Legislatidn H FkeeProt. je WP
man"; Cornell 11j;iw S6h6ol
Georgetown Juvenile Justice Clinic, Ramona Powell an& V Mlyni Director.
General Acco1pting'Office Willighn ergon,)Dep tyDirbd6r,
General Govern aent Division.
Gottfredson, Don M., Dean, Rutgers University School of Orimillil
.Grand.Jury, Projeqt of the National Lawyers Guildl see c0alijoi f6-:Brfd i ,Jury Abu se.
Halperin, Morton 9, Director, Studies.:
.::.Hill Rev. Xorton: A., SOJ4 New, -0
ii; SI ; Hort. Romein- L', Omnh&,- N a.
International Assooiation of Chiefs 6fTolice Glen, 'ii]Lt t6r Bureau bf Governmenf4l Relati4fig
Judicial Conference of the Vnited States Hon 'Alf ODSO J. 24
United States District.judge,'NoAAern Rilict" 6f*ICalIf6rAi --$inW: U61L 6erald'-A.,'TjofIat, United.States Cimpit Judge,,,FifthUIjik4UA Court of Appeal&
%r"" ont WiehWTOmdt9 Bsq j Chtirma n
jIstioe 1 t.10no FF
,.Sen. Ed M11.
r nizers -I)tf*e Fund Rt)Aatd K6kiidda.T'.
Lasket ited"'StAtts DisttlictrJtdge &UtAVA
District of New York.


q4x wrYd cit, 14,p
'64u 'Pe4er--4 Defend sgvi
1 DOI, U rm; ,
Marsh' w 001m
L, S-widlerjAP dkin, Kohl,&

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= rsitywf -111ino Co 0ge of, I4W.
P6 0&r N ort, e District, Of,

rd, thifr= n % il6sc&a ipps Bmirde,
-uC al.
B4aas lusti* Prof.. G. La
ai -of cl ,, st Olg
A* Ow, imp, 110,
to Hind&IM5, u & ti ld
"0 'PrIessive I* Vr Thomas
st fe ij '-sla ivsA most
Omm'Ittee ?QT de, Union kction, '44, De'604" W 'S Tu6ker,
luVeMey,14 t*A ReOt1Dr,,Pms1-'



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forumtion mittea

Ulm' U 4 Electridal,
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lee Be*
Barbdft S S- AAL
Ind al A
10100*4341 0 ant I
Jr. Presi st2 low edeml

,#vultan sj id John,,Rfsn rxe
Uqpe' 6711 vivi*
Uini Stat" piiva
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