Legislative history of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977


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Legislative history of the Federal Mine Safety and Health Act of 1977
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Mine safety -- Law and legislation -- United States   ( lcsh )
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prepared for the Subcommittee on Labor of the Committee on Human Resources, United States Senate.
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Issued July 1978.
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At head of title : 95th Congress, 2d session : Committee print.

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iyio4 aongthe osthazrdos of occupations. The Federal Mine Safy~ad .U~ltk..endent .Act of 1977,. Public Law 95-144 whic amed ho Fdwa Mie Sfety and Hesalth Act of 1977 marks
f~i~qn.df..m fhn: deadeof effort on the part of this cm
IMU6: d:.11;e.P~nres tbimpov the worklace safety and health
Publc Lw. W64 nclues:thebest features of the previous mine safty .'halt Ilaw, te Fd*al Metal and Non-metallie Mine Sitfty:^ Jo'the Cal ine Health and Safety Act. The newla~stslism ainge mne afety and health program which is &Fdgedk o reled he esenialdferences between the various segMeAWf te mnmi inusty ad te differing mining operations. Ent, theun~ly~g cnsieraionis hatdespite differences in mining techniqus ad hjard: ivolvd, ur iners are entitled to a unified Federalcomitmnt o teirheath nd safety. This can only occur if

Pubie.-aw9511,6 r~vli'ds asnplified and unified procedure for the eveopmnt md romlgaionof safety and health standards, a umiiedsytemofcivl pnatie ad withdrawal orders to encourage comlinc by n~pe,.. rtor, ewrequir ements for miner safety and heath raiinigand bireaed mpasis on the development and en%vwmnt o heath tandrds.Theact transfers the responsibility for enfotemnt ad. dmiistrtio ofthe national mine safety and health progam m 6 e rtmet ofthe Interior to the Department o Labo snce.the Deartmnt hic is generally responsible for the Welfare 6flth~wokinmen an wmen should also be responsible for
Coniitf~ on umanResores is convinced that there is broad agr~aet pig flnpr mne peators, and the Federal Government tha bete wie aft ad.heathwill improve mine production and
bPA UVLT!MIS ourNlo nere will, however, be many uwwo~n c~cerir th inentofthe Congress and the appropriate intipr~io- ad *Ri lemnob onof this law by the Secretary of T~bo. ni Ie~latvv~hstor ha been prepared -in order to assist thoe erge *wthfte..,din~ilraion and interpretation of the law.
als t th. ponrsin its -oversight responsiiiy
140wU sou W.i ; i mm'eis ad ine operators who will benefit from
FAsow A. Wunnes, Jr.,
f:., jx iAChairman.-

WRO iiii
q-,AF mtrjillfirsseiiiii

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H.R. 2000, text of as int ..roduced..... ....-.-...---tIntreakatory~~. r.m.k of Mr. Wi.xso...1'.-...-- .. 8

.Relbr 428tv -etoaatane -c.a.--- ---- M- 8
ty 18,r 19,77-Hse a?
Housd R00 e o 95As12 .... ..c._---, 7---------- ---- ---- 35
y 16av, 1,. 197Snae: -e

.en texR pt -11,... --.---... .---- 589

May 26, 1977-Seatve:
BAmission of amndeted ---o- ----.-- irsrlMiesft.adHat
A ct -- ..1.. ----- --*----- -- -- 790

.~~I. No. .4 (.b Mr.ch i.) . .....79
No. 349, (b Mr Scmit -74
No. 350 (ev by R eBremitt --- -- --..-. -797
No.~t: 352o (by Mr _",__ Schmit)..------------ ---- ..80
Mey 7, 1977-Benate:...

Ac ---- -Ite eer remarke -b Mr.----- Hem ....9-0
ab7- --,- 197-7nae.
Amlendments lto #. 17:
No 34R (by Mr H9 lmtt ------- 712
Ntrdetr 3emrks (y Mr Mr.itt Hem789 AT K No. 384 (by Mr. Helhmst) 797__ 1
ntodnetor(y rnakb Mr79ld90
No. 35 (by Mr. Thrm on) ..- .------.- ..------ ..-.- .-.-811* 1, 1977---enate: .' ....

No. 89 (by-Mr.iHelms)_- ---------- 817
I .Introd etory remarkO b k Re----...--...-....--.-.- 815
10 18 1977----enate* .-.
Amendments to S. 717 :
-NO. W89 ( by-Mr. Thu---n-nd) ---. . ....1'. .. 819
( .-402. (b~y r. emaks by) Mr. 821
No. 408 (by Mr. Meolore).. .. .. . .... .... .82
No. 404 (by M r. H elo ) ...------ --------- --------- --------- 828
ine 14, 197Bnt : .
No. 407 (by Mr. Thrmond) ------- -------..... __ 825
Additiwnal annnonmewa an Amendiment No. R3LO tonS 71W 8

Jmae m7, .te78, Vngee:
No. 427 (by Mr. Sc'hmitt) -------------------- W...
No. 437 (by Mr. Batch) ---------. --------- -------- 828
June 20, 1977-8enate:
Amendment No. 441 to S. 717 (by Mr. Garn). ------.-----. -------- 902
Additional cosponsors on Amen -" B 717..----------..-- 90
Floor debate on S. 717--o": -L...G.. *. ----------------- 908
Report of the Comptroller General of the United States on S. 717 ------ 018 Analysis by the Department of thalaterior on S. 717 --------. ------ 016
REesponse by Directo~r, Offiee of Maagm nsd BudgeL----- ------- 919
Letter to. the Presdent,: from.Renator WIllAMs an~d Benato Jaztte.:41
Letters of concern from various companies regardiang 11%----- S
Committee Industry Cost Estijmte_...,*4,.k.. ....s..a..:..
Memorandum from the Administrator of MESA to the sashtttcetary of. Energy for Mteas eatetof the Meo4when
closures --------------....... .as...>A-.... 9w8
Comments by W. L. Carter,.presdent, Natioal Oruebe StonelAssociation, with attached comments 1pedtras-- -... OT
Summary Report of. theComptrollerGenereA st theUtatd tte... 9W0
Letter from D. K. Walker, Chief of the Health and OWAa*.

toune 21 t... -- ..e .. .. ... ...
Floor de at onS 14--June 24, 1977-House :V
Copeurrnce of Boaseq requestd Aa S# 71-................18
A 13, 197-House:
Report on Resolution providing for consideration oIR485....18
H. Res, 682, text of, As. reported.........:..;... -------- *-4 1184
House Report 95-99..... -----------------...,...;.... 1187
.July 14, 1977-House:
Consideration of H. Bes. 682 ---------.-----,---w........18

Plear debate on H.R. 428 ----------- ;i-K AM ...... .
Amendment In the nature of a substituteofeeby r.arlso
H.R. 4287-----------------------T ---------- -----a.. 1188
C ons ide raton of 7. ,--...-... .... ...15
S. 717, text of, as paeaed by the House* ..... ------.--.--.--July 18, 1977-Senate :

Submisio areo conference epor, SnaqReok 5 (l 1278

October 3, 1977-House: A04
House Report 91555 to 8. 717n, conference report -October 6, 1977-Sente: 4 ,
OCtonference Repr reed to by. eae- --.
Subision of a cocretrsou;o,4Ca.Sa 714
S. con. 1%es. 57, text of --- --- -- --- --- --- -Geciliar 2, 1 9-Watiget
Conference_ report. agreed to by Hos ..- ..1854
November 1-1, 1977-Daily Digest:
euli Lw 9514 et o1Noehb73,

(Pp. f7-476)

It~J atero
C, ,,o rle X I, pu blie bills and resoutins wre ntr~uce an seerally referred as follows:

H.R 200. bil t amnd he edvJ I tl ndNonmetallie Mine Safety Act c 4O- Ihealh and safety under the edoal oalMin Helric~a'Sy Ac of1909; to the Committee on
Eductio an eo.......



Mr. GAYDOS introduced the following bill; which, yas referred to the -ow
miteb: oh Edatlen aM i14m

To amnd the Federal Metal and Nonmtli me Seey Act
and to tansfer ertain functions relating to coal mine health and safety. under the Federal CoalikAe Ifal- 6ad &A--y
Act of 1969.

2 tives of the United States of America inCongras assmbled a That thi Act may be cited as the "Mine Safety and Halth
4 Act of 1977"
p S8W. 2. The Federal Metal and Nonetalli Wme Safety
6 Act is aeddto read as follows: 7- "aoRx wrLa
.8"Snno 1. This Act may be: cited as te'Federal
9- Metal and Konmetallic Mine safety sad Health Act'.


'first priority- omd:,wneeih of 0 in the meted and nonmetaffic mining industry must be the boaalth .4
r! *e1Y. of its-1-mok preejous resowtoo- the miner;
Ik(2) Agatha and swimo Witirks: from. unsafe and
10 -tumbealthf"I .cond.. itw'w: aad, -prac ti :: w meW, and nolft;I hyl i MWAC, Milow wm gt.W mO.Auffering',to the minds

(3) there is an. t need, to: ijk, more effecthe working
4M praqtices.:in the Nation's meWl.and non'-' serious
physkcal:.harm, and in order to prev ent oocupOonal dis91 P (4 Y .Iha K, A% Idjunsda: and.... Ul cofi400 ) wdW" noni..
.1* m.etaffic min is a serious impedimenta! 4e fatuii
kbe. tolerated;
..... A A..:j
C:.Ib,,* bLSUNIFUDA be assigti
pAm&j7,v*Vaw -ty to 4M IS elwiew*vi si&,ebu"pw.,snd..-pac ces.
14- e 0 ru F LI.A
Alp-1. 0If 4n&pthe loss ef
Miz*xw 4& roWt, of metal And

-44 1 6 Mally causo

8 ftw t havddag

(b4 Bw 46ntrw "Wqft declaft It to'be its pwpw .A : -4drbdIrI!paM _T:, V V in tWr

lhbdth. bazar&! 'Jin ln j" hifid main" &a

ikI&AIIIII&VOWAS illifiblWnewto

9 -to perfmt exk&r =uuu%:4&

toTrevue AL
but aipmwmt iwi&:

amv irlp 1..
15 (3) to. mad'.

M&qrl sa AIR,"

mama 'IMUM:1
. ...... ... "I-* I L j

-V 4 4 4MUth
d Jle" FAwk

21 -10' now PIL


odi6 and appuwhetis, dw&g ,*th mmd
24 1 is ssJoq:.,sW::...,ba" problem;

AD, 4MI"i &mks%

Diseases an4

vot:iw*k6ramathw -M"tioug, &Ad-,VCm4UObRg' o er he41 projgek n, xecqpition of
no., i i .,, thi &W lhlam4me he AWA44* vr"Ut',Problems
tfifierent:- *wJny4ve4.j *ty;
a itmia yvhi y ph ill assure 7" iisofar atpriefic" .Amow PA01 OK'11 trafficc mine

rpm teald P functional paSO _11is Wqrk

'w adviw

F 0 from.. discrimins,
U.1-0 'lo deo or tes" in a; y

'yjolag tf this Act;

i.:,.I Ut. i .,:It ig..,(*..e, .vg*vwb3g..:fox; .:QpiRppioa0l.T,,,ep"ting Pro&O*JMUN to p achieve
describe 4he
in" # W44*4wwwodyl _,"-*ety. pd

f %de,
im-iJIM prp,: tr tro C,



Ing MP
.. . .......... X
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400 lw"4

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5 tbo, 1h"

1044o -. Poiu6t in Ae,,,t*m Stae: bit


10 extrwted in nonfiquid fom or, if in fiquw4orm, we

ex *Ith ww**t Private:
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is, omcaylmvm, widtrtrouud' AW: muldogsp

AMC Imairloil::: "Uip k UwK or o6w

ibs limr VOU in the
16 work of exhwfing sach minersh (6thw 1A&n 6WP.or
..... .. ...

In %m with -wfrker* or

19: m Atiffling of mcho *+*th r6*pct

ag tadil" lboxilu*:" tiorin Aw
aseltIft Alit . .... 22 terW as defined in the At omic'AWp&,A4*( lOk-=
... ..........
23 aineik6
... ........
24 Aar persm, pWrte

*.'UO1*7,8td IDVUi.ng thi right to 2 do so., n4 41044&s aft Y qmt Ithered chargea with
f o SU& Bulk
Oeattswy ,of ;1414): #A "tatm eaetuy:,. maim

-neia -&e Federal 'It
Nooin r Wne tud Hes h -om*m1m sectiowt&

(6) jVIN iainaW -inck&s a Stato of the,. Vnittd
*affiw:Djjtria of Qolumlj*, the, Commomwealth Of

12: G=4., p4 *e 1%ruso. hmtprY. of.. d1m, IIIful

U (7) 'Me teralfuinW means any individual workI" ]a* 111wo 0. i:,
ol. DWA(m *61tilry?
9) i! any, harm ul

*hioh4fin bi determinedd Out
U".4w110",of an eid-nil and (19)

a zkwe, dead,
iinniffi&ce df lei
*Vii, A4 L 41 1.,MV0
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5 be su" to this AeL.:.:.

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I 'Aga: f; or to enlarp:or low

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"'SM. 4, (a) Ea& opomter: of a mhmio t'

16 Joe, AWA, pb",A4 "noik"Mossm:box* at* -AL-i.A-1:0*1 i 0 ii

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"A now.. Mal
*fj itre
24 ph" pw m F

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.'2 T'::::.:::, ,]bke --safely atandaz pro
mad.W I by the Secribtayof
AbolIIAMW Amallw 911101M.. 6, las su.. h. seWon existed immedi
6::..Akwyl..P lor 10 1]"- ao"Ve date,*j.,8WfiQR2oUthe-,Xme Safety of 19:77 4W.be-deOme4, us of the.. effwfive ITKIda* Of X9eOfiw'2kQ1,JJWMJw th. Act oil. 19779
to bo. ho" Aad" Aifiw-kK ..Iranmkatod under, this
WIvsAv.c.I(2) Ui IUMWY $hall.:. estabhsh !AA Oavimoryl cm.
-ii uudor ubbee "oh 1d): whick, ahalmid' ik, months
IZZAWA&W." .: 4AWAOID. of, am& advisory com-,!promalpted
(but rw& osigiated. as
SOO" av 41W stiWactim "exisw? kmeiN-Aidbaly thW*SW" *46 iiil .2
17 at, fiWeby aMMahk kat 04977)wot. thk.- rGeOrLI.

dmM be
..... 1%"Z) sloti Atogy vMdat&.:;IIIIiIIkrOr:. this

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2*&LZ.L AM it
alkliAii9a $It A*f- ap

under ""am"% and affoiA Interes

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ta witwo wtv eom Me

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with or *ith I
n now
dmi &.11"Vet Amon*"vi tm *CA

9 wy de*mAnei dat such a shmdard wM V:ot

M S"

W.,vtioat 2 pfbffid:,Mmie Bdet vsndlfikdth AAilv,:o(,MWW tlW

177, =nOWCW*YM ia-AP Will* .. .... ....
to Memwommy
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1 14.1 Lit 'Ot:. Ui the betath aid

Secreid .682 promulitte by Olt *y-s'. aft r
I a. "had hi P66M
'tle M:..lthb. ebe 4i the 4i4(4Kthe' conihient'4 10
T i s9fit60% tL' smdod"+ 4pm. fltiudikUpubhed
1166i the, 4cali. I& ce 'of ffiig, pathopli and the,: dita
7 and conunents received thereon, tagether*1thlanv :eipaa
-a. 4011;0f, thoi l0eaftfif Swk4tKli&414S PW'M' fla guch miners.
!*IhOdtWs& sifity stindird d6eiwd.'under d* preceding
sdety'Madard pMlhu pted, b. si (:**rrespondiW stand4"
Id, ded #aAj'jmA kbsecti6ji
Act-j.4t.k, ch Ander thd
4i* te" Autdird)
&s;: ial tiaay .. eff6c&wProVv&lffi gtb b6t 4 :.1977) thbi Sicre -rex6 'affropiate for

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f"'ohdoie A Madw ftw'Swetaq," provide such an
Wh*bl+ ftUiMlWft"'Vd* prOpO89k"lDf'higvwji orof the
Iv,s "'Welfare, togethe-with infwn Claped by,, EkNhiytary

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1"04 tO, submit, written is ap
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shwdir& xwAw: Ws secimi4:: -the Secretly, sh&U: give due
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'it iw oA, emetgoW stm&p4d -to Aake, immediate
in the Fedend Register -if. detorits 49drop" pogimtiou ,a .)Mil" xpose gr4v. 4qger ifrQm

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2D one or more represe6iitWim k3D
121 Wish

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'Sim MAn6eir a 6660kiiO expert under section 31-09
f I" gkreihry Aall pay. to
SM64v" U dibr, *16Y& "I'd 1% ti*mlbof 6f -ftch a
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*ates disWcfxowthi, theidistrict 430
R mr ik: jUege- d. Waist or. *evopera1, wl- It1k. PA M6 at or District of.. Cdambia, -for

10 !An order to compel the *cretaxy.to issue such.,an-order and IT f MAY,
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441P peOfift or iff"Sfigalion. of a rhise
M-,,jiiWbj&t W,-."Adt,;;aa,&=om6d remsentafive.:.of
the Ahtwe.'.hfis been,* %ilare to.,.mTebt a
15- vi" g, L for wbich afinal.order isin effect. under. action 13, a under
P&WPO" Od.Vunq*ut ldithLfion
altent of ..'the irea Iligy
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thin W %,..of: such px dqr

6 a written. petition praying that.the order be modifie4.?qr set
,"#jhe, o #4,aside such
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,.pWator.Aa ab IM, part
pok.,bp v f4Wi*wr -an e4titled % P# i, 0% g., Asik'. eof Suoh,
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deemed ;a:.fiiW a -or.. Mid Y,
lot -the SeA reory, .&at Aje
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sq4wj ,4ny a*noir,:or, Topimentative
Af*. Seim alkft lhat the
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,ail 1001&t0y advise th ComwWoa of a& no"mfioik and
Abo -Cona ow for, a Iwaring
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(1) "of "labsecS. i V000por- iiot
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P!'JsM thited- 4he V
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Md.: JIM
Any iadvaksely mi,111em6W lor
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WAw;Commimiop d
issue un*,.subLf section (0) or (d) sectiovii .
Al. may, ohWn ar ,Teview
4 Iur f.VhWed Statee co
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13 affirmed or t id.


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Unked,, atesij as 17 pmvided in seciaon 1254 of title 28 "COe.

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ff., -w owl content



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wwu a0k tow%. '400w*w*w I W
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12 the Secretowy a" *0
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r 19 IL: perm=ent or Aemporax*. .,v P. uwuXJ4


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thi raprawf"ItIVOO
-44. Wan op, iod WeVk* dr
m -ftrT*g:: oat.. ae f*ovk0* ta) rduffow: to affihitsuch es
.....1to, *C 1OPM606tOf *6
A: or refiw *, to Pft*Dit
16 Mime, 'or' Ae mv fion of an accident eewpafi na
ff diseavid'ooluff&g ii,,bt) cow w Oda mme,, or (5):
riport retested by

ar -Sikitkiy af- I-Teatk. lt on md
11U., of: tu *06visiong Of ffig:Aer., or
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lib Oi& a dw:::ige 4t aw ISO tvxy of HedL,,.Bffi2"mO.'
a" We&re Aikog" .. 1B66mawy in auT the:
prov"onis this Aft "kb 806h s]WI have jurisdiction ti)

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-vb&Vto enfore6
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the*4batehmit ree "Vfij'e. operator
&WW *Oft the appuMion Of W req or until the entry of th or&rlif'the
**rf; 'i the! ame Of Wyt*vie* Vireceediies under section 41 Wea9 *df,'% 'Wheftio 'the'voort Odors the
110r1w. 4 tJW AssiWIkV ieqdiftonts 4 Vie tiU666) X18 *R*Otv Wfte ..* mdre $1,10-00

,g for, lqa& d4y d 114:w" such failumor, violation continues.
nano*ta 0 MW Oper9fte vio... tes a safety
la", O Spresar" Iv'(W lmder, tba..Aiotj or aity
_Wfl": malpted. pmunt to -this Adt

rdO*d vr..an-16d'w&t sa&xiolafift shall 0 be M!Ne W*m "nest, UA. -impri",W '01 C4ff Abif fboiiiqiiiro *11to J or rspegtedl tiolites
..or, he#k s"d smi e4 by oir under this Aotp
bw 4"k" than

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MOAII Od"r 1v
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1.1 rvla4 ..'ti h 1 4:. P::I r -f
pop" :.. -WbO #VV


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me**, echybo* ...I aL
49) IWIM"W ]MOV64Y jw" Oyv

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repork Aw wl Ww,. .... .. ... ......
taillw pam"v, W:.:::"l w T i.

a fiae.elaA woo4b"41000% ofbyy..... b"

OY .-Orv w w1w.volow POSW9 ft17 quirpowo MA* 'the )01 40

4b APAD for ak*

1. 'K:af
20::. A*y awaer wbo- vwvvo Tw6w 4th&

V Wd AI aId
A.. k. A 1-:J
22 smoking nabwials iniatches, or:r&tpn sball
t nme tim A.
Aft fw- ea& Awdi-- ah"'VwMMUAnt

. .. ....... 7 7

+ ii** ft& A t6vo" fe6n, shall 9i" due, Mervdi "t ;" fioni. Ahe'..good W-h".of the
'6i Ids tdlir jiDt prefflioq# viom Ons;And the
4 Ptitiift c ged, em wri QfIItheI:pm&y.vith--TWectAa. the sizv-,of the

business of: vvyA&Mi. opmter IdW. charged': Prot) ided, uO A&A-A'4tho See. mm
W* fr I hood "Ok'AIV
114:1m. iorpied, W, moke fimings ids W fi A U, tboib fidWrs;
614 _**M16A Abis Ict'r 1064"Penad it er lpi ptu
16 Treaggri Of *16.:United
nit '8ffttfi8IAhdA4m bg 4t f9rmvgt ''iiallifnivil aaon,.'in ilame:,Of::tu Umted:Btates
5 bro u g :M m the'Vnitbd states nct court for.. 4o As6lot isfR '6.1 a&VI W 414et IU hAve- edWrOd "or YA
17 the: b & I eflesides or inam d beinesc*";
j 41 MW rptevefif a4y
agvp or C4. or" o't*
pttcctAhe jmblic heakh Lfl. j,
allow: r tl
.. .. ... .. .
In flAslc ;AA. 'te f.
sta rm conjunetko

....... . V
"ale I
Ing im 4d



jo the PYimidienCK by anih

am K K All
IT cifieft, ir qarmwi-scall 41'
me VC dki -MOMhM Aif,,46, to
.4:4 1 (131jo-1
161 *9 6A
twakot lt6i K K, A!.-r jp
17 be ArTemi is &4&a
Ok: ,.. 1.

10. 1 ..

'20" atm WNW
.. ....... .... ......

K:. K A ..i.- .O. 4 b, l]"A". 15
two yean term,
22 one for k,
"if 1 4, Tk iiio rf. g I ILO lot dA

(TWjj6W L Af Arky, ji=V1rAO64i Dj


fiHi&Eonly for

3i#W',bOerdmOve&:,W the lvvk nW 6asmuce m


AM O*tktfdns of
such em110 of *o:Oovmimon7s fimetions and: to fix,*rrWpens4&ipter. m, IIW UWA, UjiWa Staies iP,.:: -AmU GodsOtWug tw. AMP"tion *44 OnOW pay rates. The Ac lptliAww _0000 w4wavipoilut, SwkAdwing,'txOnIwm' as it
(It"MM.RecemaLry to: carryont, the:: functions of s4c COM.0m d("m pemation of hear-;

C ode.
10KIIIMw T*OAVV ww-i I*t *vw ao a", titute
*.Ik*wwVm iaxk 04* a "O eA vj t 41 rmav
....... ....... ju :
2V baa iknd Milk#49 &ttfAM COM40


J Apoie of'00* theh grwdsp rps 5Wik"i Airt dgys after ibismn apw4kia i A n lM!k et p .. . .... .....
*~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~W 8 1 e* 4144 aepgt

-777P Wp:..

19 ~. Mi afy ad Eath:o.Mntao

21 promoted, or dely o ese, hAft% nhd i;
22 toldheaings## dadnt ohe ny eth 27 placer.* ewv.
tw "'(4 Evr104Ce o.ipu@aM~ i

The Commmion is suthorizW:w'nwjm such 2 M -f6r: the orderly trunacton of, its proOMMI014M his adopted a different rale, 4 itg Proftoding sh&U The iu aecor&mob with the Federal.'Rules
of Civil.Prooedare.
1W C 'nay order. te ony to be taken
7 by deposition in any proceeding pending '.before ik at any S sthge of sa&l prWobding. Any Ptnon may be compelled to
4ppftr esdd dqobe : and to Produce books,: papers, or doeuin th &., ame: mamer,, a witness ses may b e: compeRed
WippO&AW Wetify a" produm liki documentary evidence
1),U bg e ion, 00immiximi Witnesses whose depositions axe
v7takj0n:.... nndev :this *agnpd4 va- -the persom.,,taking such :? Kjt .,.&PWAAowx *&,be. ealidedlo: the same f&s bs are paid for
.IW. *-e striew igs dw.: courts -of tjke Uni" BtStO&(9). Fw the, proceeding before the
jap the.,PMV==I;:of ee&tkm A I ot the NatiousJ

.(29 U.&C, 161),11are.lereby made I.. the Commission.
Apolieftwe td lW". wd power of
J:Ijkj 'ism J,q

af :04 W !,01 the, Assistant Secretvyy. Ior
4: -be f&A, b)r *Ppointmently
g9p Aor4 -15rM OP The
4 TwoecwJ7 alft)k OONS .60069"iWeD

20-OW 0 713 5


... .. .. .. ...

4:41b) Atlet"

.. .. .. .....
pwuvuph q..'

. . . . . . .

n:.!::.: J AjoL


Lt swety SEA.. 'Reath 49twil"

12 by the.. secratuy* fmrvf:,:N" A ...... U..Ibo yo

13 Searetary of ]Ole" .: WeUA**m&,"l;eqW
1.14 %itexrOU&S'Lterior *jthmw:vogw.'KJQ:K": proliAmpopfloe 15 5j UlkitOdSt" CD&p governmgAp"intranwin1w 0ow

p vo wvice r" I*Oracd. Mato.

MA mibe heak in& mw
?Ad profemiong:autl. ot dw-publid.... IR -., aft, of the Pabbee 20: be odected upm dw.hbWol(* 021L ten& iw,,,the SW:4


.... .. ....... I I.AM .-Sc of
go, NV4 M ow Jbjow Alke

6!.J 11[litme or, joil 111sum robding.t4Dthe. administrationof this Act.

ittee'A"-hoUzo fewer than two meetings dur3 ing each calendar year. All. Meetillp of the, Committee shall 4: beCk thw lpub&. Md A transcript shall be kept and
,5 made, h4aibhle fo.r public sectionn.
Of The members of 4he Co ttee shaB be compel

nte&k a6mrdance with the provisions of section 3109 of too (30&,
9 14) The- Sezretary shall furnish t6 the Conmittee -an
andmeh secretaxial, cleriua;l, and other Wo.,.wr;Acbt sa:-: ife.- deemed necessary to the cond" of its 12

4&) ThiviSecre", the Secre"of Health, Wim the:Secretary of the Interior

ad au&46&4 tw.:,iwmpk: *Daly* andpublishi either in 44onn A repwU, or information ob*P i:" A
oor The seftwy, da:: towmank the Congress, ng
-d eo& Year- a report on: the -adminisjr4bi"ka th"4*, .Mvdb&Wlbepregress toward achieving
the purpom,4'AiW Aik As., neia6z" requiremmts in the any ediok relevant
i*g4sdim* heaM a"
WAY 'wa &-summuq

1. of iSpec6ihi::,a".AdD
2 YUS aa -evahation.. of
.3 tions for: &M66W
5 cation, and Welfare,. and the SemeAary? of 6611ok4iw shall 6 ea& prownbe such rules tind regvk4ons 4'0 Afty, dee' op 7 necessary to carry out his reqmnsibilifies, under ig8 clouding rules and regulations of
9 a mine 96* to this Act. 10 (2) Any ruk or regular" presOW- Unam. Pam.
11 -gra*' 4 1) may by resolution of either Ham*'9()O"9fe" 12 be disapproved, in whole or In part., if sueh-res"on'.ef' 13 dimopromml is adopted not. later::: t6n the end of 4be fm.d
*Vhm (I raw: is '12 Beg pe: riod of 60 calendar M)mg
15 (whether or not oonfinuous) whith period begW.om the iis doe sueh rule or regaktion I*S finely &&P4ed y I the Ssc 17 retm7 adoptingg imm The S&Cemi-my' 18 or regulation 9WI transmit such rale or regakdimlo Kem* 19 House of Con&m :immwktdy I
UPIM ag*-fiAd4&Pfidl
2o. Upon adoption of such a Molutionvf4mipproval I)y eit1w 2,i House of Congrem, m& luk Aor rW& )m ..PQ4t.*@nWt
22:, m theam may to%. shull oeam.: to bo ia eft L 294 CongmsiowilinsPOOP
24 6W Of be 400004
4g, SU& Av
25: afW "Al u".' IL010,

A ~: tr. "1"- allinlrArgaWHas

.2"S 1w 22. (a) Th abncions of the Seeary of the
:3 Itadhedr ...* ai Act. (a this Act wmn feclt insed iney

a Healt Act of 197) are:,traered to the Secreary,
...xceptMs- v.,idaeedn..ashmirdesa to,. Onw.....Lad.... otoswa
the.. e.ea.o H..m. Ea..n. .ad Wlfare or..whc.a~a

normin as fucins of the Seetarny of .de Interir undebr b hsi:At (a s mneffc on theefeciv.ate dof setion 2 of
,10 the zei~etyani l slth 4At of 1977).

.14 er ude. he povinseorp ulectn (a of hi psetion5

am -. ...J a.ne.. .. ...he .a e .f me pu..ant 1to... thi ..aa. bsa k. .'a .8 wit.u 1xuto .lisfco or ComOn. ec trand ," fe epsln that the
zbm hae.aatafy aossi essonnel ad

10-Mg v~h-.*n-ya drim n .der, to. efliciently carry oat
.:2 ftuctions tansferred to: him arthis:-section. .Y

4 () Alerdes, dcisins, etenimatorles, regula4 Mnagpeaits setrcts eatifcats;lkicenses and-privileges
A ():Nhice~hre een isned Mae,-grated, :"or'saiowed


transferred'uniwithigwdiwby.* r d*ftiA ''or:Akd*,
;m y I- .......
fil ajla .'im

4 afiaH tontinuivim effect amrdh* *IWIft
5 -fied; terminaWo vapa*ded, K'SeVvak: Ot ydoa&

17. tafion and We&revJby.:.I9y 11 or by opierafimv 4 lzwt-.: P 9 4.
(3) The PrIwisikkis of the Seedon, sW 130t, a1fild afty 10 proceedings pending at-the finid Wk seefim.atAw':bffw 11 before Any department W .*gpj" r filliefibhS or- *Weh: go .12 tmnsfaTed: by this: section; except that -vach AA
13 the extent that: they ivhtel.: fafilnIC6004 iO tr4unrammi.- sbal M continued befowlh : SeaWa dw C iO435 Ordem:ah& Wisseed in: sueh: praeeediagsy,,aVq" ishal .16 be:,Ukes therekm, kA -payments sW U ivA&e #arkintlD 17 such. ardiffs, a. if ibiv Seetim ha& t -*a'*" a*C ar4a .18 ordem ismed: =y suchproomedinp shalli e6fitinlmi, K kw pf Fq 19 antH msdi&q, termimt* mupbftedodk oir

20 Seeretary,-&6 Co Oyoa courtw::4
21 diction, orwbyeperttionWjm,:l' r': .. 22 (4), Thb: d6wAee*kPShaU 'dt idect nxits
-28:.: commenced pimr XW tk- &WAbit amfiabi Jakeg 14 A wh'sAidg ANN: rb64,fia*t4 jyjW& W" qQ
.Z -judgmente zwk&,c*ADqthe:: .4ftmi awdoeftat ase*


secfio*. had-n6t:been-macted;: t that.. if, before the
2 dalb on which this section takes effect, any-department or S. a. iigenvy (4* officerlihermf.1n*Iis officid capacity) is a party.twis in volvim futetionwtinsferred to the,&cretaryi, theh su&I!mt,.,zhaV be emfinued. by the ecreiary. No, cause of
_ft'ajid ao4nk actiefi,:* athor proceeding, by or against
any dj6patmmt:40Jr agency: .-officer Ali of* his official A capacity) functions of which are t=sferred by this. sectiok,
-0 shall ahale NY reasmot.the -enwtnmnt: of this section. Causes
4fibnOWUP keto -or) thek proceeding* may be asserted
v*IaW*e Uniftd States torA.hel Secreta & may be
and,, in IWptim pend when: this wetion WvvqrQPAA* lug
W) UJW ofeck the couft, my, at e any, time' on its, own vaotion enterau a*r which wRL e effect w

N -M, *14OP9 -4 Ot rmiftwb On:., mada 'ft. (3)
*,Ahe loopy" h and mfety

Oftbo Oem onid
AA, 4. 1970-4 iu, -to
ihineraU.::*, ** A

jg ] Ior of qwtion
oomp jem to the,..
.111 *e: :,On

44 reppoat tb-

AWWmd uhty bfuinew st'aw: phim"
. .... .... .... ......

(d) 986M4.0.04.4 110 ii I
4 4m POMW S" AltYv:-.4wd-:.. .9
5 at lowod AW-4966syl: w do.
6 headvi. a a. I 11,11,11,11cilli, ft
7 M&W. U& hmlllm&&. m by': aW.
a Cor of =a agency or

Of XLVUlthi Bkt* ,
and WeNsm and: the do Lium4w, 4s
WU7 Of ppropliew
12 shW oemshadm. Vi* 60 and vnth odkor ApPor;
13 prison Fed" d"wtments or Mmmiss, &A OobdloA W
14 :rudy or by -Vmb or eoubsoft) roar* eqaios^,.,u&
15. demmtmtiom rekdng to: afety ud h &Wlu niiiswfil
It tolhis-Aot il lituffiew 17 sn& mmimogsaiw. iiboanwis6 aA ikAft. vf 16 .M:to imiOntim laetim&1Z ils&' 19 miqiie% sod I& deoft WoV::vjW md&l
20. problebw swudOA *I& adned stbj&t to.l& keL:' . .........
lk f;
Of The a W I ooorffifii4e, as dbemi

2t tii*, ta we iia: dte lmfti6v*.

b Atifivffiea under subawtion the-fleld of mine
msemvk- Yelated tolhe develqpment.,of per4wA:: tective equipment, A lbe:, %med out byA 81116& 4 RI and: Welfan, and aedvities
in the, fieldvf mine safety shall he out by. thesomtWOLUM, 14tefior.::
Within tw6 afterthe date of ebwWegt of the
gdot :im4 Heahk Act.. of .1977- ..:&" annually. thereAV ..... 'd
afRvOth,'.Education; aud. Welfare shaU 10 Con&et :and pUbbIsh indUStr I YWide studies of the fleet 'A. 9r:Ivw49*4i"PO"ve to mine: materials. processes,
disease or JwS. of.

IR Ming
He9thylRdimtion, andWeline AtqAliw wi* v fihw, liv.- CORMIt with Ow secretary fOr:,SOa.M.MrCh,..&Mo.UNOW Ao produce U61
.44 444iuwk wmtifyiw.: toxic'.. MWOMMS

Atfi Abilw WI86wvtwrI.X M"t it-V for
.10 bet this
Z46 -46iiiMb" "of 96fity "d Ith statmkrds under

xCh. Ant t% 6f -Rmw :. and Welfare,
w4,eneriJftvaiabU Ae hims, sball figg"%m- Ila.
"wvqXr4P _Vill

),;The Welfam,
SaiwAono df resear*.::
and my o&w.,
4' 66" daidift VAII; bm In Pbyoqal
. . . .... tha t
6 WeAfe for varim. 06*4 C"O
zo* inO*4 v rat
_41" so 'Jobw *M =Gw:

APIM Odenvy-Aw Of* w0j
10. '1 c 'mmi.tv.) .0A'

12. -ab*404"
13 stmfione relating twftfety
Act so am-_ -J::: W-t*X*e x
db ee amte& by now, IM." a
&:i.e!jjJjj" a(" 4111111" 1 AnIdjor.st RVO_ & t" )PY90d" dwt".. Wwh 11. is OdwWwom rovi" for ilk:. W % P rw.i R f
in AaL The Secretar. ;at:
imiftr& into.! tb P *v9fiO#, b
2D IaCtOrB'4VbA"4QAhO ANU Qf 2t "19YATikelymm"" hf Ie#We.
Wvm&w: to 000C *Iwitb1W.

(44 aul, 4WWAO doxfJov. D"" Pr4mg
Potew 64y
URio. QqP"v *P.V
25 prescribe regulations


f. miners .Ao Sub9ances or
Heakh, RdwAfion,
,3: aod Walfa" rownably baevesmay the health or
A 'ok*:4. 151dinoW., fAe Semvtoy of, H*th,.Edumtioik, aid
WeVare: Abb, ig authorized to establuh such., programs of and tesis as -may, be necessary fiar. IT: once of oempational-46tormljili* -the: in*A Wnesses and the
&am. Nodlin
4!Mineig to SU&Il this or
gt. oth&h. previgwof this Act sha he &eMed to outhorke 16.3; & I-equin jlllk ifiiolk 'fiou or Uvatment
IT,- &r ;11116 thwato on refigiou ground except

*e Protection of the health'or Vf Aws.' Upw any operator who is
141:19 r6qttdr& t6, MUM md record: -exposure of miners to subi"bft 44ph tgmta as provided undw Ack the
*. &Mady ef lRaft; lgdnmtioa wid'Velfaft shaU::furnish W!fw tol:hstieh employer for the
4A d*** an a"fienal expend keurrW by him

;iIIIIi,1114 reourding: as provided? lin

1.4 Rea* ...'Bdfiwe6n iind Welfire .......... *A.* =466bft the enaeftmM of the
4WetYii&'HWffi'kft 61 i9t7gahd th"Odw as heeded

KAAAg i' I Oil sw *rlo da

Act br geseric-finfly or V4w
ventrifims"":l Which 4%&A01&**VA4mwlW.wwwow

:4 or safimm"'d "Pitm
5 Nuaw.perficamty fb8-:grOwt&::VR::::W":..:..
m&&,.whedw: any: Mor
Smad in
the mine W:p-oWufi&4, task: Wheft iu.: sttchxr
so =ed: ar,
9 40:.Qpera6m fad. 10 reque4 of sny.iu&v!du&l:f9r Owk SO t 6A
n subm"oubiwnam 12 rafwred to in s" nquot i. q".appmj 04 MY cord
13 *bfisiwd,. releamdor m4& -undeu:
14 the SQWVt"7 of. -Healtk'
that any u*Stance-is POWRO 4-Ae Ofttwl yomic :Qr baqm 16, Vgmtmfious in vhieh::it. is usedw fguud:** a mk qp :'=A M* 17 substarmlis mt. covered.. by.,.,$:: gr
is prowulglAod-wider Motion:., tbs:Slc ...
eo aud W44fam
2o nation to the Secret&ryq-toge&er:witjL 21. 061.)
..22 is anthoozed tp:: Mak, & -imq"6gs#M, AP4 .4
mad.. mm!ers.. .. .. pmvj k;p:w b-m .,tin
4 ;Opgw& pa
..25 '"AA4

so. h et and pMhazards in aisahe miahto this Act, in videsp cry out his functions sAk respronsibilities under this
ab, resuas of each medlca eahdtions shall, be ahMoo teher othisaudiadized repsentatipre.

'The. Secrtary is anutoised to estat into contracts,
agreements -or. other arrangements with appropsiste public
ge d we p aeOrganisedea. for there purpose of conla do ma suies relating tos esoosbilities unlar this Act.
9 Jn cw~rwaou his respoasibilities. under this subsection, the io &retay shall cooperate with the Secrethry of.,isalth, Edu'Kit -Qw~l Malace dhe: -Seetary of the Interior, and ae
TOasR ii ve had .of any agency, of the

is Ju. a ner to avoid say .duplication of efforts

In cn~mg. at hits eosibilities: under this Act,

31 viththe4isenmtra amy Federal agency,
J:Kf.: J'J3f liats.rAnS paounelt enak agency 'mn'thou d adairment iad with the eonseat of 20 or'pfifiw::ubmfdbon tbesel, mceptand use
21 the services failties -aand personnel of any agey Of an~' 0sac SArk lrsbiiinith reimbursemenUt; and
a < (@ eplo experts nd, consultants or Worgeaa see~k"


atkar of ioro;ftkfou aa ts

iwmieftbae and-A&w *o#i::, &*or tow, their bowas
rVdLr+lacw.:af.rbuip6@w, dip

15108 Of 'fitk: V &deS owe)

L On: obtakea lby. *6 Issipadam
12 rebry of RWlh, bomfian and Weftoj wo.Ahw CMWY
is, of hMrior under Ais wciimci" 'bo a#":
14 by the Becretary to opembors of A4.
15 andmmm:snd organ= 16 (m) Ile functions 446.
17.. tion "I WeNom vmdwd&:' .
811A.U the extent hidwil titutei., for
1 Wa
OeeqmtkoW flsfity. Aind- Hadth *ftbrmbed Y : seefion 2. 20 ocoupft&nd sdiijua" no!&. d 197
21 jllll A.
22i 24, M
..:At&:-"wdsr knod are'i as a
24. raW bt so&, ordot my 6 ;"4 iifiliek t06
... .... .... ...

of I e 6tezg "rtusnt ta such an
2 M 'qA ei the' opt*torlails 4 refuset- to comply
.3 with sach order; :shan be (except at p: ovidedm sec4 o n' 1 '12 V. 1w;M!" compensationn by the
eirre9diAZ bf f6i the', they
t lari :[ d2 but f6rtiot more thim bile, Wea
8. 6 fion repor
250 "All W ted -to or otherwise
9 Wil by thit ta;f y or -his reptese ve in connection
t.. n Or derthis 'Act which conwl anY pwee &g un
itla, ins or Wtiet ] v si* fij tn& seerd referred to M sec6 M54 Ufttes 'Oode shO: be
e6i derea' oi&dihtW f& the'-purpose of that swtion, except Lit:
Yth" sa b 'be disclosed to o*6r 'officers or
7 is SJII I Iii-IT4 I
*ith:. oiit- thii Ad. w when
1& 11 'Jjr46e&t:: der A49, In any such
n. vm ill" any, 'Un
&B'CO Soup '01.. 6ourt shall
Ime' as, 4i*%e appr4AW th ed the oon
t 4 ii I

v." 6'ItiArnbW OF A MINN

to this Act
22k .5 *6rt.:;
any e0biI i '7aI4'0 W&CA AitM4MhW lba Mw
ot 1.0t- "of 40h mi
26V oa'.SILIILbeo J.Xj INUIA



74 ..Act
IlaV. i 6360)): is amended

4 4 the(i) by, ar'Wig 9 0* of Isf.a5 P., r 4 Alp,
(2) 17 apbL
$W peop
7 fou.m.n:
to MA4wjw& iosw .9 OqOpMtw4 with bJWJW 9r.. .0 dinr
kp___w ptiwtions 10 through-agreement;B: tID "rpMp t4" on. an immokta. or
Aderred baifw) so dw .. A d minisWioq. sy: deterxn.wg to 12 Recessfir Ate:40:"W
or pprepr A4y wn.WI: bwinm
u oopoem, whkh is su opmtor qf a jm* V med:: in #e
14 Federal ap -onme Xw WsfT. Act and
JZ Wlki& iS ffilb eld W thXt:,M ; &44isions to or
3.6. alterstiow in tbe: Or.. met#04. Pf
imL order ti "tk #L
17 Oompbrvi..
18 r i 5
19 of the Federal Metal and. XpF pe 4fty
if. the.
Hkely to so* a*;ftj.' Qmjz INM W, 4Omt &S*t?22- 71
44 )ell
JA -0 T,

25 out W (8) 4&d M 11".




(0) Bootioul 4 (e): (1) of dwSimaRtusiness Act (15
"U'S'a 4w 'by kwrting, '7 (b) (9)..'

4 after;'Tjb) (8)
.4 (d) Lomas -mmy ebo he made or, gawanteed -for the
th section 7 (b) (9) -of' the Small Butiness U*090'80t. for M,
Aev': (as, mWed by the _J W m e by subsection (a)
to -of the IWic Works
the of mw6m 202
omit Aid'of 1906
A_: fw 280 (a Y. There Arehereby andwrized tobe appr'oII.- piated to the Secretary oad the Commission for any fiscal to-caM 6atAhe provx&OI:4_ '.A&
(b). Then are hereby."thorizbd lo he, appropriated Wjk'4w.,Aw:..:8e&etwy of: HeaW.iditoatiou.: and Vdfire and to 'Aa Bterier for anyAwAl -year sd& sii 17 an maylw.sooe w CWY out f undidw under this: Acto"di
811IM: 30... ja). Men -are: leriby, I ''CrIndembd to and vested 1A.kT*.the:.8#weWj; of JAbw.,aR fundiow 4? the flaretary of the vml afxtn of th& Department.: 2!kq AA:*b bftiorie*dw V. 40d0 IL ifle Ju.iaaso wUQh
(AIM. V4814dOOP wfxVW!=Mw he&]& ftw:
WW't"Ped, therew')V'40 tba,
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3 b-andured :to md vated:, in an
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&hty MA 112"A A 1 sill
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8 persomel, pro' f5peasift( -"b __UU
9 WhWWa. U4: IwMi* nqmdv loy fe"On, UwaW *vred, andw tbm & 4 (t) & Ims "di"
U, tolhe FU i 11 1 )wA W Ithe
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13 pangraph shaH be without mdueflon in

25 A r bibor.A" bwmkavummux;v
16 ad Juring m& one-yew Vmie& 17 oatfmmfions moderAbw
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19', fiou,4 .permiwimimm* awl :,AWWW bik

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A: 'Vhfik# i06U 0*0ft*AW &M 4W i t"

terissd'!,a r 8 atiside, or repea b teSe

re~q I1b4 by uay. court of competent juidiction,. or

A (3'OS pres sions of M ssection shall not affect any
P dings pogag a the: time this section takes effect
Ud apY departeot or aten97E,, functions of. which are
e;Aastenred y i seenecpt that each proce ,i
S asM: oM that they reeto fucthsions so transferred, shall 9be continue 'before the Bednetaryof Iabor Qtters shall be '4" And ise 14 proqPeedings,: appeals stail be taken therefrom,
sadSYa en shaab wsa pursuant to-such orders, as if
M2tis, eowad t 5*4u Oatt4;, and ordert issup4 in any
procedivagltl owt ha is eot anti qde r
4.or repeled-b the Sepretar of Lbr, 15by a court of competent 4uimithoA or by. a nation of lw.
M rs *is PFO a p nstala asfet sits
weuo 4o,* o wA&thiwieon tass V a n in l
1 nppags q had,,appgsk taken, ad 4 ~ ~ ~ W o dsneu r 44 effect asif
e a tif beore the
MM A a deppent or
22 agency. (r ceinhsoial capacity) is a party
AR w asui ispiingkneios -reatpredto the. Secretary: of 10% 90,ggAb rpo .quit shaJbe, sptne byteeretary
25 Of Labor. No ceaseQ e(,ann and #o sit, acir other


3 enactment of this section. Caum 4, Or::k.6&6r prbft6dh* *Aylo:1witt b V 904pino.:*e 5: u States or the JW&I Jw *F.p.ropriate imd,:in bily whei ft,:s"" tAes
thetourt tab& "as
Inlylvaw Gal Ow*vMwfiMvr &at
9 4:anyTim *nt& an &Cer::VrbA Will
9 provWOU of Aii of 4hil,
10 (b) Tor, rK
.11 tion"' indudes poww gad:.Myp the -Intliaw. Ot a

12 funb&n. ,uMer any v Ol kwo 'efan agftdy mlhe
it irtimnt. sh A&M bt tralilluldw. 13::::Uad of dep
14 unda,"ch I wbich m exertindAy "y oJMwbwiwodWr
mxh nq or &joiuft
16 (d) Beefioh:&(* of: the F moid
q Ad of 1969 u ajow&d by fiAdy
18 bd6re th,6 lelnioologle 19*4k
19 and didis veMed --inK the &&elary oulhw luk ANIAMW NinglIS kw T
Act are. M
21 naerlitWon 3 of thelfine' &bq Od 126M&Aa44977
Zi nr 14426M
23:: 'Sw. 441 (ij E6*
--24 &046"!) Of


1IA .(1)m any Aopedn or duty under this Act
2 or the Federa Coal ine Realth and Bafety Act of
asad. the Yeteral Metal adNonmdIA~lie Mine
4 Btak s hieh are sanded by this Act; and
..5 (2) has any know financial interest (A) in any
a operator or adap subject to suck Acts or (B) in any Personwhild gglies or on receives any grat. contract, 8 eor other form of. Ainancial assistane pursuant-'to such a9 dq5sW.bginn on, Februaxy 1, 1.978, annally
~dheppeopriate-:Secretar. a written statement

eoncmin al suke interests held by such officer, or ep12 ~ployee during the speeding calenar year. Such -stat13mantehall be avail"g lo tpe p.o
() 'Me approadat& decretsyg dg-7-(.A ah ithi aie ggydys,,afte the dat eactmeal wi. dat -o.

7_ ~ (A) to defmne the terrp "know fiacal inteme! der PP palpapgsa of this. section;
19 and
(B) o e~blih th metodsby w hich the. re21~~W qurmetto .ritn tanents specifed in
embeeie (),of t*i setinwill be mnitored and

Allin bysbh a~cersAndeploye of such state

ineW-1 and '66 40iW Iwo.
:3 PIN
rfoort to die Onpiss Aix Ou" t".4 ea&. as 4 en&r ym ihe'*
5 fion takei: M the TremOW adan yeu. '
7 -(c)' InAw rdoupfudged 1*:.wabwtiw of
Wtion, ewh BewtWy n": Wen* V"fiv Owfons witma 9 ewh: agency whi& aft. ofs nomg0ktoryLlor J161"Heyma'10 ustm and pmvWftt Ko%3m-,*rAs*I9yes4
u such positions shid:be euvqA frM ibe-: aheowt-s of Ws

13 (d) Any o&w or 'Who i8.:..f!"*4 too And
14 knowiney violates,, wd(ms ::da be.. fised net more tUn
or imprisowd notmoft d= Ono YeVor both. 16 5. Sections 2 and 3 of &6: AA :..," Aaks
.17 July 11 197siand4n aftHh" 6f ffindtiow Under the amerA18 ment: mn& bf isefitmi:-2 laim" a sw be: OciajLq pleated not later thu September 30, 1978. 10 '8w. C--Nothiug in 1"i A t any amend21 ine&' 334s&. fq:Ahi# A be MuAr"d to redupe -dke 22: uttmbet of 4qV4* ib 01rA.,
23' iho, P OWAWMI Hft*ia: W*44'.0 14.. sd6 Act-milftsU ifii&4
25 of section: 3 W Apt) x" the..-Fe4eisl Metal and Non-


m etalfiip Mi e Safety Act (4s such Act was in elect immedim

y W9reJ4e:p0ec#,ve, date p seWola 2 vC Act), or

toredu6elhe:: owner 4f- ews, ftpgedeinthe enforce

4 ment of the Gocupational Safety and. Health Act of 1970. 'P ly

J A:


J 4

J' j


fN tv 4 u.

[From the Conrentenal Record-4enate, Feb 11, 1977]
(Pp. 26h-2667)

TheA folwnVil adjn elinweei eeerd the
first time and, by umanimous monsent, the. second time, and referred as indieted ... &Q.
By Mr. Wtaunms (for himmalf, Mr. anopMr. Javita, Mr. Aboureak,
Mr. Anderson, Mr.. Bayh, Mr. Brooke, Mr. One&, Mr.Chas, Mrt.: Clark, Mr. Cranston, Mr. Eagleton, Mr. Ford, Mr Stevensan, Mr. Haddleston, Mr. Humphrey, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Magnuson, Mr. McGovern, Mr. Metcalf, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Pell, Mr. Rtiegle, Mr. Behweter, Mr. S1tateod, and
Mr. Heins) :
S. 717. A bill to promote sately ad health. In the abla in try, tagrevent referring disasters in the mining industry, and for other purpose; to the Commtttee on Human Resources.

[Introutory remarks by Senator Wik aad atset fa 717

By Mr. Williams (for himself, Mr. itandolph, Mr. Javits, Mr.
Aboureak, Mr. Anderson, Mr. Bayh, Mr. Broke, Mr. Case, Mr. Church, Mr. Clark, Mr. Cranston, Mr. Eagleton, Mr.
Ford, Mr. Stevenson, Mr. Haddleston, Mr. -Hu phvy, Mr.
Kennedy, Mr. Ma neon, Mr. McGovern, Mr. MWetedlf, Mr.
Nelson, Mr. Pell, s.Rg ,M.Shnta ord,
and Mr. Heinz):
8. 717. A bill to promote safety and health in them g industry, to prevent recurring disasters in the mining industry, and for other purposes; to the Committee on Human Bewurmsa
FrAts MxwE sAYrr AsD-JUT as A amDZ onme an9a7s
Mr. WIAMS.-Mr. President, I am today introducing corppphensive, omnibus legislation which is designed to overhaul our Nation's mine safety and health program and establish a Federal mechanism which will effectively and eficiently assure safe and healthy workplaces for our country's most important mining resqurea, tbweniners.
The Human Resources Committee has been overseeing the metal and nonmetallic mine safety program for more than 10. yearsead thacoal mine health and safety program for more than 6 years. This oversight has included literally weeks of hearings, commte ivsgaion of four major mining disasters, full scale investigations done at the committee's behest by the General Acounting 00teei, and nearly: daily contact between members of the committee and the committee staff on the one hand, and oficials of the Interior Departnmt on the v.ther.

.Thisi overight has We 4as-inexorably to, the conclusion that our Nation's mine safety: and health program 'is seriously deficient. In some reaecsthe statutory authority- is strong, but-the implementation and enforment isweak. On the~wholo,: this situation has resulted in a dismAl. national effort to protect, the lives and health of our Nation's miners. The mining and energy industry are the Insers in thigh scheme. ad our. Nation as a whole is the loser in this 'scheme. It J9s clear that: there has been great progress over the last decade in improving safey and health. conditions inour mines, when compared toth aon that existed prior inrthe nactment of onr current Mine safety laws., But this progress has--been far less than we would have expected, given the comprehensiveness of our laws and the vast aspenditure of time and effort in improving these cnditions. Tndleed,
apalinly high, and according to: MSA figures,' the number of senus njuzeslaour Nation's mmnes sagmon the increase.,
Minig isa dngerous business, -and no one pretends othrwse. In 1974, the last year, for which we have comprehensive comparative data about 1l out: of every- 115,00 mine workers was killed on the job or died 'from work. r elated inuries or illnesses, compared with: one in 2*00 railrod workers ,one in 4-,000 construction workers, and one in 12,400 workers in all industries covered by OSHA. On the average, eaumner is killed and:6OS miners -suffer serious injury i our Naton' Mine on. every working day.
IU Aanchof .1976, when-the) Labor and Public Welfare Committee was preparing.. .for hearings on mine safety legislation,, two gas explosions rocked the Scotia Coal Mine in eastern *Ientuky, and took the1ivs6f 28 rainers: anid three Federal mine inspectors< On: Septemalaudar, waiting, for, considerattion by this body,-an explosion in a

45 miness trappedin that mine were dead.:

-- tAod health pra E's my intention, Mr. President, to give
sfty* and hea ;le ionJ( a :high priority within, the Labor
le Welfare cfitT&I i4 MYfrrn hope that this Con$tMcn ent a1i hc~il sals truly meaningMine safiiiiiiii hiiIviliiesiiliii

NI a ffetve6 progan n that. we can do. this before the next. raii*tragedy uidescrse rea 4 eed.6A Mr. Presidentlthe h am introducingiis designed to do
jutt AV I hitav it ompthirehensiv'e mine'saft and health ffil hich draws ftm th et of our current programs hadlearns he~rtof tni qa'ete!periences.:T I's a bill which', ifenacted
tihhl nby an administration truly: bommitted; t 0kmt6bt'Wor4 hkiih d'Afety, sh,6uld fatly reduce the
AmbtAfIf italitiblA I nj'f ijA dur mies nitshquld make, miing*

disasters the gre" vathiw q1thm the 1" bfife
for our. Nstion!s munra an 'tb"r I mg NOT; P 11(p,
Currandy, the rotectka of -tbWAShAy Ail& 414itbk of xmi Nkdft% Miners is Pmdj by two zepsmte'9hkataO-4hb Im 36ta ab+N; *W Metallic Mine. Safe tyi Acti odithe I#* Fed4drjj 0&4j'MjtW kejhl and Safety Act. Enf 6reament-of-boffi love hat bfta'dw mwp Wnadlm1w of the Department of th*:Jzserkr but tho.4aftablomt Of, b6th skatok has been I laddW hm. affOativexemeThe Motil &M 'Moixie,
TICt is. a: weak w1i
Mine.sobity I I
The Coal Aftm H A =Sd af ety Ai*k: on:: the othat com rehonsivz:aad wnsidombly..AtroaM Isow. Akhoufh been g.kring, defidencim.im 4he e6fteempW: cd:-.&* Oftl 44 $6 UVO itself is a kood and.:" w*::*hich..h if' properly, enfOMA Ila** r esult in real huprovement in the health and islity Oftaftm, Tor reasojl repea, A& alglkhw;i: and, x*&. Ow ft"Aw
features of Coma .the A w the j6V:*a*W eox l V*
mine safety and hestlth law wh h -is appli(sbi e to, the *nti re I khOon industry. In addition, this bill adepts the st fttvAsl Occupaiiaw Safeq axid E6 kh: Act md:. i rporW:tbaw*4OO*1 truly,::efficient, mechanism fw providing: safe and! 4walthful conditions. and efficient enforcement to the ultisdate, benefitcOf"4Z miners. al N4 Ili r
Mr. President, I believe this bill also provides. ed, Ikyr -0 W who may not be miners but who may be. %= = Mi= Vi
hour 818d tkW
such as the V idims of the terrM* f tood at BU&16464k. i-h llift4msAy. a tomprehensive nke.Aafet.y:progftm must proteetadc. T lrbm hazards *s9c6atedPwi&MM1n94. W j
This, bill, Mr. : Fresidenl has an wv ft*or featut"Olft 4!6 hlbs
health and safety Progrsms fw inof our Naflm)g MHN641*6 *4 9% uniform kw It tranderathe mponsilvlit-y for exi law ft om the Interior Deparbnent to thd:.Labor A
vaistly kreantlined every aipeet of the:enfsmnwatVVAkhftAMAOOAU* the system is truly respatisive toi. 1he. do il d-mfetY .1h%&hk1tk: deficiencies in our mines and: the needs.: of our! NAODR% 1,111ke"61i 41 G r ..Mr. President this Ulpmvidess standards would be gomu pte. and,: a unifbm pr"dura, h Whkk the law would be on it does not OontenwjaW that 3AW01
ards P unUerml., to. &.11 t of raining. I fnlly .veoog
that, wbare there SO fftndfi*U.OW afiffereno@6 Ux the zi of thi 40M, or -being extowWd tho zeed.16 prowulp" se ratev
standards for one.oWnfWtof ther bAdustry m&y be inoicate&wsbw; however, fully contemplates broe4 4POication of A4n"r6,ViWfi 1*1 .giVeRs(Wnent,.Of.t4Jndustry *W provides Ttehftve' is P cedurps for:adjnstme nt':qf 4aw4rds, based o4t 00,,partioulu
rAe bill aecGrwnodates this xwd a. number of rayw th ex Ory,
-at listing mandate staoudg Prolnuagoo(I V010'r ICAX pLw4jlic'Uine S4fity Aq pjj4 over. a Oada ppli( J* to,MAW r oWWWWWA1stand, iils un er e Mine I Llit
Yoderal Coal e h and Safety Act axe to
be carried over as standards applicable to coal mines after enactment The bill also amends the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act to make applicable to all mines only those interim health standards of title, 11

bf*jxat: sct- ch as dust frovi drilling rwk quartz dust, andnoise Which tlearly aA3 applieAble to as welft: as coal 'Mining.
Thoul,401,atego4jolitlus pr id the maxunum. amount of
4M*"9n for u3LJj*, irt cases pt,-doubt,, bbt4 in enforcement and in
Wms* .-VO 4 beyieflt-of broadest Pog@t",dar-diJa,&kiAg;'mi uld the
JVb ting st dli a prAplga
Je interprOa#Pn,,*n4ap Ii tion. QWjPI7 'or, inpr an
Y.. w4 Ja be en urged to
In 0.0 rqw OtWI th Secretar co
maintain an essenti I pditkrent nature 6f some seg
a awakeoess Qf th
W.ullii vy, "0 r -segments of the industry.
x4 7s,,mar. chanisin for enforcement
On tho. 00w hAn A_ fbat ibe4ne
93" res ve 0 'hich standards ap d what
I% '... *r tw
type, Of- rm nllw operation is be'mg jn peded. Miners die in noncoal mines as sur6ly as they ie in coal'mines. Miners. sufferterrible. and
atiniin' surfam w i gs as regularly they.do in undergropnd, winm. If we: VO to haveS tw4rdp applicable to these mines,
raust with vpkularity 4a(Ifrequency inspect a to m, su
11 mines a.ke TO
Aot sta rds tm -being, ;net, My, ill provides for regular and
Hnspectiowt.all mines.
041wstandards am found, our ystem should e indummept for Ope M_ tor Winp.11ance, irrespective of he typo mines.-'My bill, ii!iAect$ thovivi as the mechanism for,, eno 6 1 Wice.. W1th safety and-health standaraglag* OPer**rZQMPb
and,=nclate e Imposl civil penalties for violations
sth ition of such,
This hiWS mech ism: for insurmg the safety and health of miners
two, ap 4 re* 111owever. Not, only is there- a civit penaRy system Whicu tbA Pp6ratom sm to. be. encouraged too effed lasting compliWe, wi tht:aPplip 10, stana butte inine safety and healt h
Ad'winistratioAiboald "-Omploy a'broa... ranga of closum orders 4Fhich, sire intm, ded 4 identify y, unusually hazardoua condition, s "and
late mi0ers from theso.conditions until they're corrected. This k .. .
Okeure order promdure IS Present. in both,*f the current mine safety W --developed milthe Goal Mine Act, and it iolthefl _*edux% *of that law *hich servesas thebasis for the, closure I I
Q_ er dum iR44NIL .1
Tbebill f torries forward the danger Sowe order from
Oxistin aW,,6ontsins a I to: close
.9 1 *tYAocts and authority
f&W Oakf
mines for toi abAte jWati*-qnsjW t -, biological inubil-ity to
#APN a"Ak invATrantAle failure totomply with the requtrenlWs inine leal th iind
4043W aot- ,'11 smatidn'swhicho currently exist, 6 cQal. ni
C latiom .-J I
'TWs;WU -Aleo Omfj&s additions-Y 410dum order: authority. not presT t.sug ts is
current. law but which the committees OAVMVrMSI ffm
4 I'R*IYInedWs&rY't 61&de"atejY miners.! The.c.bill prov;a RU-0
iil&4f Pr*A x
b"OW, *imini %Itogetk, forperiods.of up to I rnorAhl whei*
V( *Qes record of compliance *ith theadt,4ndit... s.r"uirements 'it domon4rate's neeigence" willfvIneis,
A Ewndty elosuTe otderds-ek Jy intended abe reislarmd
Oe jea j3T $eejon vil C fla
g this Va 'pimalty, WRI
Revkw.,CWnW-aln' ta they-will 4nottiolerate
t7uq'.94 710d 6- tfT _tiy)i ii-mf I id -jo I A.

COnStArA:.raluctand6 to. 346&
the, ACOS
miners reftndh: po" th seiibvir Na
This is: an extraotdinar,- MIM F lisideldlanditiklUnly for the mat s6ri vw,"
atter AW op vqM Zvr 1*' 1&1 mia alone and Oilly Vur""T*
Agno 411kAd, __,
afforded the To irapos, this, %GUM AMMUMMUn
find thatthe afio
the con I i d serfdv6 to lfflimft .. ...
hi U*
VCU4"SL4UU1- --ALA hxs
arsenal e*w: thotto, its 161* 1 U IiAL %at Mft
'61ft deinoristratied flist the . ....
emply inimfficient; to enico Y.. 'the
..A TC'43:
and itar reqwremeint&
-Anothei, si m ificant ww rrnely enables the, Be& etary to Odition the Fe&ml 66urts: for an Mijunefive-type ismedy to dam MMA.bat have: been in habitual ah& chronic A 66OW14W TWO Isfidatiew A that an operstot who coinpike Vw6d* #066
minor ones, demonstrates that he has: R#U:. 1*1 thev r lbiments of the law and, the safety, and healthy othisk ain6MK: Tt& iknetion t6Ain
well the letter.
U'dielo 0 6M G. 'U
with tMe Spiruit*aS lalled:is int"IWf tb, ltwi
The eammitteMs investigation. Ot the: 860tia min6
clearly dmmmotrated the need fbr so& reptedye N"St:dW UUM 1 found at that mine was a pattern of violationswhich promptly abated when dimovered by inVectum: But th Ad:::1thst atmilar Violatioits Wouldrecur, UM Ofter thne4 dmiy I the operz or found it easier-and perhaps ehftper::t6 oontinUle t4b.0 0 the mine m violation of theJaw and format defidenda onl *hinAwlcovered, WhemBU40ha Pattem hatbeen:dvr Oed, the ftim i*'ZROM probably than not, retWnely being (qx"Aed in violation 4d the for when arenot thc4e to dto violations.Such operadkwpaw
necessaffly exposes mmers W d which tbe aeC 4id.!
them to have to Confront 11ais is S "d: 1?1Of:V .. .... .. .. .. ...
which the- &OWYeadmain SIL
cognizmim of and which the cou shouJA bw:aW* rna Jfy:: W zaneaoof SOW.Tiodatace.K. ilE ind requires the spney to take VOL
providetbe Mans by which: courts can fasbiow.47 remedy which
is Propriate to swum the health:,and aafetyof minem
Th ::second major featumof m.v bd1b "braw Of au. JW" MJ*
and health enforcement bifitka t1w Deparbnmt of the
Interior to the D"rtment of Labor. I feel. that the fnms;Fer diflU"o responsibilities to the Labor.De artment- is 40.8lutay eswftaxl it this Nation: is to have a mean*9W.And: 6ff Mme-safety and he4th
program.. Ourcurrent program has,: suffer4AR Kat thelnteri4c
Dep. artment. That PepartnmA has wbasialomflict.ai Mimnwins. Omiht one hand ,itis charmed with the-dutyof:. MHMMI ZMAT the expkA4ion ot-our Nation'smi7rwmi "d energy rVftrV"& tlp-otherhani i is charged with, theduty.of protecting the w4faxe,-of theokuplo a aged in the extraetioA, of them mmrceg. Thqo, autlej, 9ften, 4 fliat,. and we. should'riet, be, put**g the hoath, of *orker in a I posto"..,when any.* ,&dr m iAkatailve., agowy -amW4,havo to think twimbefam it sct&to Wulmthe XPOtodwa, Of .Orkem So would not be Prewa at t4e =-'r: De

ith the ability -of protecting our. Nation's
is, "ged w. i response
worker$4,std the administration of 'ihe mifiessfety and health laws
by th Wdep4rUnput, woulid'be fm of'any conflict which is apt. to jeopardize.tbowelfare of AM
.4 d health of miners *s a
ze. that the fety an
Still,! WW MU sa
feld WAh its.own.W., de, 616ped technology and specific problems. my, batim s Mine Saf .t ministration will
x and Health Adin
it itl the I-Aber D*
maintain: its separate, and distinct idefiti y wi An eyartrwnt..The a4miatistradopand exiforconent of the I aw will be. assigned
1* op Mine'SAfety a0d, Health Adm*istra I
tion which wi 1 be.
ded:_ T a strati e review
isep stant Secreta ao:lmini
tommisism, separAte fmm the. OSAA commission, 'is established to
-v kwenfowenwnt and vaine. di nomination cases. The 1)i p ovides for com ;wpAt4tiqu of the mine safety and health and ihe occupafety hexlt p f Labor.
rOR=M within the De artment. P,
t of is, in my view the best of. b3oth
The affee ot worlds. The Mine
Wety and Health Adpainil3tration is pexmitt m intain its own
-and its not i iderable, expertise an
Wntit* ni conm d technological k'o I
C. el its ov&*11 administration and guidance ill come from the
*MtAry. of Labor wW*. res s]bilitj'esare to secure the rights of
*qvkOnj not ffideximummineral production and who will not be placed ween alternative and
in the position of having to select bet often
n UW W,( bls* possibilities.
Fm&Ry, M;APresi bill vatly streamlines ne4rilyevery asPo4, of tho enfobeewamt and admm'istration. of the. mine safety. and
4"kkh program The committees long yq ars ;f overseeing the current
mWams, has led it to understand the weWmesses which are inherent in
*o4 everv se of the.'eurrent adtoinistration of tbe mlne safety
JAws. 'nis bill address" these w eaknew and proposes an overall
Lt system which should be effi "ent, fl 6xible,
cl I and able.. to
OOCOVOY.regpohd to dew. onstrated problems in our mines., T o kayst*e of a en
.-ay toremeri scheie. is the I -ration of
Asndar&j and -this process, under t4e enrrejit laws,.. has been a pq4nfulily slow and diffwult one often marked y '. exce and unconspionoWo del*YvL AAer 91 miners died qf'6 arb6n monoxide poisoning in a mine firb iw the, $Umhine Silv'er m ine in Idaho' in early 1972, it took
4aaa 0 ; n g : a miners Provi ..
ho. bdot* a, standard req4. th t b6 ded selfrwasmwaspromulgated n1wer, tu'Uetal. and Non-MetallilaMine, the, coRapse, of dmejlt
N W&qpwWTA& FoxtY,-0q, thA an impound
a standard dealing with suoldams was
''JW41r" e ._Q.4 -Xige Heilth and S90fety A,& DOPP" the for
ftc4 forstan&rds dealing W safet ning mineral
10011"roOd b Na.
_,,Tt, 6elgilROisasterat'Sunshineana lacksville W Pl
hi oi )D"rtmentdid ''o propose such, a standard until after tho L sub6ia ', L W V.49M, whic
qbor, ittm"s heaxln,,os on Scot a earl
tb use-. of the*f-re scuer &vice. R44
"W mflnely, "t Wow ground: it the most Olew Ut: 4 .ven
_0 Ot t6 h;t ard .,:: Wth.their
Interior D 'ngs -o
epartuienVsheari mthesejoag.awaited-

V thes inorfii;ak *RWWIS O'iia 145ML Mw M" F.MPMW MW4qW
064~0 ffor
inau& health sa& safty The
'4 "A;nty
Promulgit standards undor iay *M, Cbs'
Labor and me bill grants, him a bnxtO ZiO An IA
whether txndvds are'nee&d and wbolllei'l
ted. Once the Socretar eff
Ydecid "Uhst
audstaats the ati aurt 'I
that a, re comes t 'Itiw0ftb)e- ?M4 aft
gIvW t.he Se6retary the optiOA of rdi 0 4AVX K"
eworanuttee, -which may be espwis, UUM
fly 'Purpo"N
the proposal. is subiiiitted to tb public for ODUMc- Tb#
procem vides flar the efficient ofisideraUon of tbia vievvsA *OfteWd V tR glw,
workers, industry groups, and Publie oir izafionf bydt is kee the nxed g to a natural and tiiudy, ipWd" '
'A I ure runnITY
;Fhe bI also makes provinon for **hdar& to deo, *A fttvsovdiniry eircumstanem The bill authorizes the 0104
gency temporary standards in situationsof v em
withoutfirst a6ing thiough'statutory rtde_ proco4u
provwqn, *hs' ell
'tak hvm Ocettostiom]
Act, to allow the Secretary to r *ot quieMy
Wrs whic threaten emplov*ees before those dangtm IftanifeA.
ulnes 4r
selves in p;eriotid: ot f" inj 0:
The bill abo perm4a the Secretary to grau "ISAM swaa
ards. in situitions: which ivill insure tile protection 4A WIUM lfiis varianeffi'are sible where' an M Y,
Ply *with a reqcuremient fori technoIggicafressons, wheft &, *60
43d 0
pro] in connection with safety, or health matters is b6* conftwA nd
-by t he operator, or where an operator can demonstrate, th# h6, provide' ::: aq
xn equal tm of p vtectiw td while USM, a "erdd
A&; standard& an in plxqe *y va -enfe. MVbM
Provides f6r.- It vaAly' greased d Federal Prelselice in lie Pi"M to fiks& OW 0 are 6o nii nual1v meetb* their obRawfians uadet
wine _.Ioe".. Ana Hftlth Act. tpder this bill76 M 14KIM of fout 14; Sections per year is re 'red of ill mines, and addition il U pr;mx= are n=d or Pa, rIf hazardous Eftl am lo Xqutilobw
Lis, ions under mv Mll re intended to inmm 6 6W
ance *iththe req the se 7 a6d the
thpiwpositi nifln 49 r OL4 Or,
PPI iate 6*vil periijtyj. 'each- V30 Of the 9A s.tandartt rept ii not a now one. InJe6d;
b*1 emmal m rWties haveb6an 2L' f extute ofthif lfoieihiont 6f # 6
Inl. th and Safety I Ce 31
A(* sm 1970 itbd'many 41,tho Inents in mine safetyana i*aith n&h hiveUen n4ed nadhr Can be attributed to this scheme of mandatory Illies-,,
Despite this, certain knessesin the admitiLstrittioli of thk* 64 penalty system -under -the Coal Act have feasted theurAyvN -*d.
ni*'bill attempts to correct these *eaknewe L To tnty pliance with the act"s req6,irementg, a 6VR'*%' Mutc I*% WO pronijkly. Tha.eatr k 13Are ibAw
pe a6w via d6 W%
Of It
assewments are generaRy too low., and, ther6 axe long
..... ..... 03 A I

t Of the "alties..A
r is, the extrowor in c1ty that the
W49 Enfow*m"t 8414 SafetyAAminj.- oinlas -had i.n.collecting
41 IMI:pwmltie JUnwd:tp scare paymmt -by owurt order, often after
A**tiialon a Re L aAmillistrative.deternu
th L $0110, fiiII-blOWE
1-ons pf, -S of civ pe WWrjpft 14ten Y: .0 ii IWty assessments
uncollected. Other pens JeS are Compiomised at pennies on th dollar.
rpd i iiEd wi dels s between
T o altj" comb n with Ole long
iW e Assessment', and collection hasseriously weakenelthe'effecy a ag. incjuqewe nt, to meaiii t a. 0i'v4perwIt ngful compli"'Ate, "ith the v aw" of the law.
bill -via cokrw t proced'r for assessment of penalties
ajW te nut P. of cri whi h the penalty
h Ob4 terik upon
isy d fb Opefttor reUCeC be pr&edkft r rmlning
sponsibilit* -ana' fiaMility I enod io &: truly independent Mine in -the process i streamlined
114 alth IN id is
.... A with,
64it op 6ratorg provide a.. fiir method of d6ntkHng liability, but are.not encouraged to delay f&46tfindI=nxnd the admitii8trative
proc6 orto mek duplical 've fa4finding *n r forums. Uncontested
citations'and assessments': u nde r*) thisbill b"me final orders of the
vobiliissiori,'and ui* entitled tai pro forma .enforcemientin the. Federal
dourtUft rtuthWc(Alw 6w aedons.Contested:,eitations and Asmssments
ein with e lcienq and the final orders of '*0 CqOMI dii fa d subject to
PQ.%.. I ve
vmw the Federal circuit Courts of appeals without oufor6 _A or. re in
the, need for itional and duplicative fa J W. "Tile independent
#Iso has, a MAY to rev : iew t& propriety of clo6itandardalof'revv4w W1 I Mentprevak
*de.1 an- JvWnpt
#qkdoh of this sthem6 is to provi fair d adminfibb q1the liaijities of th jA brd6r to W(A
an ive
e Ism of 014 got into erect
to confinued'wx& hance with
Ime"M Operator oomp
their Workers;
i4m t 'a 000 &.1 Me.nfety
ldp, ti, #S
ep SiMail
Wrbomitepofted foorablyththe. Seziate by the Labor and Public 6. 'Vii tht.. nmk. of 19st minute donumds
Vo fort
this b.6dy tb-conside, th! 1 1
*Oa it impoWble f6r r -e egi aour MWeS
is b*b;a 4indIssid:
J* *"4 go. Pu anyp. r we
it is UW ev b 04; ire c= mallv Di 04"r, qw Ara, OMMWOW avA .01 ft and for
4w i04 heafth. fw.vui aW 'w"s miners
*A6kIW*_ Ala
riee& i itill: grbat77
hill W" ip, bwa in SIC' A ih
Kf pe, F..
Wbich I SM& t6 labor and Public Wel# Okir.
ial Ithe &R*n fint?

Itew 6iremil iLnd
W14prehmsive ener" policy. That policy is going to include the


Orient Oftition of our
t6 set thiscourft,
our nui*rs that we have th6r mfit AM
min& OtherwU e th W be odonng W )vtge
to go ino an MLAi hiia'*dow *04,
no" t6l ex zt me g zni ers
line o work.
Inue time has pompil tho tine'has long AM6 whM thwo vdfth
This legislation wffl romou a fair AAA O&ka nl ***doq
A.'L -,-Jeo
UU6 "Utmd
wd hWth program When h4on
h-A- v vid6m '"Our
law, our,, Kagan7s nimers wiU woA a
Nation will b torits to WMM 6
P greater
Mr. 1Vrwi&nt, I ask couseet ta 9w"
anslysisof the billbe printed M* the Rawrd.
Then bsiqgxo:-,obf d'x4 the secfim-by-secdon wW *sp o red
to be priuW in the Ueeo4vx fWkwa
400*pvvm AWAV M
Section 191-TbU sedlon amends Aoction I of:thi
and Safety Aet of 190 such that It Is Aw-OWd ts.: thO, "Toftftl Xho and Health Aet of IM.W.
Beet" 10X--DeflWU*W as* s"Uc"tvSection 102(a) M-Provides that Seedon 2 of the Federd Mftv Aafetf sAd Iffftlth Ad Ot IM to amendO& by stAkftC out "eml" Whertiv*4taWaim rk
bKoon: 10 (a) (1)-*- Ytdee tW the ftnetiom of the setwWrim.7 V& 44"
*veloplug *ad propulgating improved mandakwy *aO apA
InAl ids
are transferred to tho? iGi hm oflAbor. Section 102(b) (l)-thangies the diftlflim'af rets" In' Secretary of the Inteflok to Omevetary of Labor.
Section 102(b) (2) clarifies the definition of to bidWde cmtmctors KTrieft:or eqnstrucoon *t
Section 102(b) (3)--ealargee tj* *AMUon of 01 3(h
thoOk.mines eo"itd W: the Federal Idliftl am WOO-MOW"
SafeO Act. Thin. di Itioia-isab6-expandedt6ixwlndei*dtiUmlorOWMe JAtion OUCOA. except tbat the Socretary to to slvq due COARld sentence ot: giving one Aadstant Secretary'all authort *ftl t b
and a-afety of miners ennftFed at one phy e "at, M1 1AM"k 14 'geefion 102(b) (4)--e3vanft the deftltkwm and 'Imminent danger, in sections 3 (4),, .90Y tOAM mines now covered by the Act.
Section '102 (b) (5) seetka S to "d bo* &Wjbfi a(UrAeffibg
"Adndhistriffim"', vim& livesno die 102* safty 4", He*" U WvAh.."established under Bectidn W of We Act ji*fffa new*LheKoj&,1q minion" which meitim the Federal MJ BaA* *W Wii1th which isestablIshedfn the KieL
W e)- -vaemW sOFfien 41 0391ws 0 ftW1
to coal miue% m1aft newl* cov*ed b* two A&
Spetion 102 (d) fl) the to
the new defthition of "Seeretexr.", b4it &e meaulft, is 1-t Ofr I (I
,t*8 atwev-440 VCkzp r IMAM
uewtv eo"rtld by. this Act 'iino;;'No4 &at- may iuk e
Panel for a public hearing uqder Swo4m 5 (r) 9 and WW Aim gediiOft tO eftft= tO 01640* *MUM UiM tkW-"JWOCW

Amendment to-M I
8peton hissecionamendsTitle J of i9 so: that it inclu des : Section 101-Datie
Section 10(a)--etaiblises the duxty of eahmine operator to comply with ithe health and safety standards, al ues, ations, and orders promulgated Sh~er this'*Act" and to furnish a place of, em~y t free from recognized hazardsdaugt o likely to cause death oraplha-m.
i$ebtion 101 (b) --etablishes the duty of eah ier to comply with the health AM-safety. standards, aR rules, regulation, e orders promulgated under, this A4 igh amaplible to t"sow conduct.

Section 101 (a)M lse that the' Sg- ty may prom.ulgate, modify or teaoke Any heat r safety attndard by ta ---acordance with the provisions of Gecton 50,6f At ile 5 of the United StatesCd (without regard to any refer*iee therein to Sections: 556 anhd 557 of such til) and the following provisions. bt, Geetlen, 102(a) (1) A-prvides that the Setary may request. the recommendaftask of an advisory committee appointed .me section 103 whenever he deter:mineb from information submitted. to himii wrting or on the basis of his own Liberation that a role should be prom ed exeptta hntercm
dithdatidn comes from the National Insttute for Occupational. Safety and 1Ebatht, the Seeretary must within :sixty after receipt thereof either. comminnc rulbe shaking or publish in the ifedex a ister his decision not to-do so.
Where a advisry committee is appoi-te- -h Secretary must provide such 0bm*itt&e ith any proposal of his own -r dte Secretary of Health, Educath*iand 'Welre as well as any factual informtion that has been .developed. 13*k advise y ceommttee must submit: to te $wretary its recommendation 19109240 ilays from the date of ..its 'apl Oi tnii or a longer or shorter period
6# tIpeseIted by -the Secretary, liut -olnger than 180 days after the
n (a (2-reuirs tb Sdrekpubisha popoed uleIn the

aon-tep's recomm13endations or the expiraio of the period prescribed by the
ry forthose recommendations, ir he, deie to pblish such recommendah W ind If he decides not to publish suc commendations, he shall publish
tasnfor hier etermination not to.
1(()--permits any intereie eson to ile with the Secretary
#tions to the -Proposed rule an eqet a public hearing before the on ot'the comm~elit Deriod providedfri section 102(a) (2). .Within 30 I fthe last day for filing such ,betos the Secretary shall publish
Wal1 Regite a ibtee specityin b standard. ottiected 'to and 'the
see for" a hemang,
h(!nrtk~tlin shall be 'held prompy, sh be Informal in nature, and
-cod ted in accordance with a vedual rules or rulings which the rFahllmake ln order to avehi4 =-ecsry costs dr delay,. A verbatim
or "Ch ieh twog shall be maean available to. the public.
10h.(as)44)--pistdes that wit dasatrepiratilon of the
1ared sectiona 142(a) (2) 6rwtin 60 days a fter completion
kef 162(A) (8) te Sertry shall issue a rule or deterale Sould mut be isued. ftInot insure that affected emploYers
gRop ar formed :of 1te exstne of -the standard ad its at fgheds ay Mnain inivon delaying its effective date ift th 4 secdretary, lo 4 longer than 90 days.
-7'W ery H.in promulgting standards, t0 otmon the bests of the best avaItWime t Mil*helth or functional
to a thre out their working 18 t e resktch Opnonstration, eT'(Wig 6~th ieerit 411s NA r4

PI at, anAd other .j4 Inkr aMWatw Mo
the kdtset dete oc eat he1"Yth prcionf for the ta COOsiatons shall be the latest sysftiesa data toIse hed SWem bif at the standrds and experee gaU Uwr this Akd
Wheeve pre0tle0b19 Me stama be "IIn
term of objective criteria and performance desired.
Seton 102 (a) (5) (B)-require the 't adf 0
and 4 within: three Yeas after Mciet fS te-~f bass thetter, deteradnia whether thMOWr threa to miners In the coentrttu a Whib the a
a BSOh deterabatia together With anproriate (
Witted to the M veeitr m w oil" withis daty da fo
all ae-nts or substances not already tomee hf t 4856
co eneformal standard. premwalINaAlo Uades. 1111tlew CG~)
or 12(a) (2),. or ball pubtlhis ott do *apQ. a
as10(* ()-rpidsthat sa_ +ue seeIe"
1 ) must Dreserlbe the use of labels or ot0e waralap ageneste Appww tt-i miners are apprised of all hasards to wh tey awe wtvleea symp-t-ms and appropriate emeru t wetet at AProipe P- ,Mand
p. utions of eat ase or exoue tadrwha~apps ase alkpW
scieProtete eqim ent Control* or tecnolgial prcdzpto be agedn sh-l provide for monitoring or mesring adnese exo Or as a beatar for -he protetidn'of the mtaers Where apprteechstanAirktsall peseI~ axte type and trqecy of medical examinatio or tests which the o--erator aM provide, at his Ost, %.In order to determine whether .the 01 -3 to auc hsards to Oadey allted by such exoMe Sach pro
vietat where a determination is made that a alae may MaA lat
pI a~t of health or tueinlcapacity as & result at expse p+ 3)a*sad coea by the standioal ulaers abki be resitred ftrol "pok sP-osna apdMr e.Any miner tranaerred due to, such expear shall M6ecelve~nffML ti> a not lSs tha the rate for alaer in th clasdention behl4el prio to his transfe.
mhiedical ex-aminaon may be enriabe at the expense of theRTOCOGW of Tl ,tk Education an Welfare if be deteratthee them to be In the nature a fere The reslts Of such mhtion or tests shall te +ise only to the Secre-ry, the Secretar of Edaetin ad 'We9i0re, ,a ttepNs
requet to his deinae hystem. ,
cton 102(a)0(())---requiresu that In premalaftin or reo tag st1a e laI p ing any: rate under Title 1 the Secretar shall no4 reduce' the sytqh aK red miners below that of any standard Ineyst
Ston 102(b) (1)-provides that whoe e Setaaqdtemie
are A tGedaerroexsuet substAn or a &
to betoxic or phridatl harmful and that toInnrgog to proet the miners -he may 1premua a emergephyauu qf*
pi -tion In the FedierA Beagltruiho rev"r toMh of h Admini strative Proedure Act.
Beeon 102(b) (2)-provides that an ergenmy tporary
tfec- ve until auperseded by a: standard prsagt4I' the pme^dures prescribed In section 102 (b) (8)..S
Section 102 (b) (8)-requires the Secrear to tea a prosed.a.to.
p= at s standard In accordance with section litW (a) Wpa naeto faepr
IF temporary stAndard. TheetreeMpadr
propse rule In eaeb a proceeding and the Sdepyshl A5 wann standard no. later than nine mbada after pubilefe of the7 te- orry standard.
or secretary of Heath, E0ductats, a welfare etdsthat Sol* is ne-essary for the operator to phtisto a% of teSecretaries designed toimry.Wagr safet of the work. Vaisrantes +nh th + no.S the $cretare detrde that giha valance ri Ir* and saf ety of the afeg#dgoe t e +sn I, In thFederal Register.
Section 102 (d) (1) -provides that any operator may apply tothSerarfo
atemporary order permitting limited noncompliance with a standard or any of its prvisions prnmulgntel under nection 102. Sweb it temnerary Oder shall be