Report on the programs authorized under the Economic opportunity act of 1964, as amended


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Report on the programs authorized under the Economic opportunity act of 1964, as amended
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xi, 227 p. : ; 24 cm.
Ginsburg, Scott K
Hansen, Lori L
Foley, Lee J
United States -- Congress. -- Senate. -- Committee on Human Resources. -- Subcommittee on Employment, Poverty, and Migratory Labor
U.S. Govt. Print. Off.
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Economic assistance, Domestic -- Law and legislation -- United States   ( lcsh )
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prepared for the Subcommittee on Employment, Poverty, and Migratory Labor of the Committee on Human Resources, United States Senate.
General Note:
At head of title: 95th Congress, 2d session, Committee print.
General Note:
Compiled by Lee J. Foley, Lori L. Hansen, and Scott K. Ginsburg.
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May 1978.
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Appendix A. ROPOA t0the &as* and to dda (Gram) moslq4 o4ow rw
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Tnim tmrvim 34 B. M e omlo Op oftnity Act of 19K an 58
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Appendix D. Communicifion betwom the agoodo 60 c4pow"
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Mayr 1, 1978

ibmbl HOArisr A. Williams, Jr.
Senate Camittee an thann Resources
MasfiiItigM, D.: C. 20518
Pear Mr. Chairm:

j Itring 'the 2nd Sess'e of the 95th Congress, the Subcammittee on
AVploymet Pbet adMgratory Labor will be involved in an extensive
arminaia and isevauation of the_ progmas conducted. %*ter the
N. Ik*nmic Opportni Act of 1964. as amended, with a goal of renewal
of the authointnfo programs due to expirathendotecuen

Becapse of the widespread ineeti hs aious. programs and
deextensive wrk 16 be candacted by tWs Subcomittee, a staff report on
hewprogram.nauthorized under tde Bcaondc Oporuity Act has been
PreaI& The r-epovrt was compiled by Mr. -Lee J. Foley, M. Isri L. Hanse, and
Mr. S~tt K Ginsburg, all ot sixna are present or formt professional
.1j VA -Staff members with the Subcammittee. The report includes a history of and curen sttu othprgrams authorized under the Economic Opportmnity.
Art, a stamry of tle o versight 4M invesigatieW reports canceaing these
am *A.. a review of te taar s se concerning teHasat
. fioma Notip i r thsstf report reflects theviwsoth
k IT Af the Substdishite or the Chatrn

. Ihis-staff report and its reommendatians wUi be est helpful in
Capatthe dlieraios.Acodingl, Ina enclosing herewith a copy
40 he taf spor ad ask authorization that a Comnittee Print be issued.

*Sincerely yours,

NESO, ChairdnA
an)Mgrtory: Labor








eonai M O opportunity, ac of 1oo4 and subsequent amendHimt t. 3 F s a geeaed som of thi Nat*on' s mos successfu

manamnity beime weshimlr nat husesomui
ea iititon, Ieddstart, Follow Thanough Senior Opportunities an&Souvis6 mn, et a Marwrio as ellN as othoes harve sinifiarntly aiiil n.iphasinC. fivescof pear. people and communities. The
0Ppitunty, has ben the Fedalal agency responsible for administerii4 osfof these programs
-Ralasm hav ben made in the "war against powery" updt~is akbc- program initiatives, despite a tumultuous history huluddo attempted dismantlement of -the poverty agency by the~fx adm inisration in 1973. Athe recommendAstion of this coma ndependent ag"ey who created ian an effort to repair the
Ovk t te 4ewyandu its porm.Poer adm insain and coordnatUp-awael "sufaction, and other such problems 'had serion*.Ana Ahebas oeraion ef the agency. During the
opad e Apconwesonal comntees and the Denasi ofchave undeniewred the need to improve
tiheaind maaeetOf, h. Community Services
,Uzden teo Dete fa O1SA 1Ms. Qraciola Oliveres, major
Car"0V-_"~tWUveboek. undertaken to improve and strengthen thentrd eopseasaal sorn tion andpropam and fiscalzaanagenn ~ ~ Ot the these 'corrective actions, must ann041te f f A .... itoeefectively and efficiently combat the multiAUeg mOn fiews and summarizes the history 'and current status hOA progAWMs, authorie undbr the: Economic Opportunity Act,
seelAs the recen reports by goverM~ental agnesrpctg the praiesof the t Copunaity. mSrvces Ad.ministration. The views exame -aphose of thesaofth Subcommittee on Em=.ployment,
overge~ poMigrotory. Labwr, and:ar pulihe fr the iormaion the cmtethe he31OC Cogrss A ".hrineetd citizens.: The
Wlis, sseOp Wi for +eemng MI 4 hat fute actins. must. be
ap 44r th prtofCS~n nbeteagenc~y to bst
M lOaaorp oeiiae h caused and consequences of
r v..... ..p.o.r Wu s Jr.
wn w of ::j~ hirav onste on wuan Repurces

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rlA' the Rst 2 IMAWS: report ,,;md reports
Geiteral AOM have raji6id coritmrris ab6ut
%"UUO &.4ritiolri and M 6f ith6 N the
&rv A :d mini-i. While
c4mmumt7 foriiier
aon ;L V:W.,W, dismantle CSA/()E not OR Of the, toblenis
Ih"W mmught-to t&' StAx attention can be, atN
-tnut d I i 5A, so- A4s a mittei, of fact,
t6 am iq of previ
"iheib Oliarts hiie drawn our itteiffion to n program
tun which have ndt been agkiessively pumwd these 1. .111;11.11:a1W 'iffie
has'. tO addrew b em
ace G 0. V&M
ce DiX CCtA)r
M 1. 116its presOut z the.S boommiuke.
ft 9,2 answ q. ow
bem W, UN31a Ab6ut the ev's
fi Wring
and progk= pastf and continue%%"
iiiua be r qdVea if CSA its. W 1WMh* 16 prominent role as th6 41emguated to advocs" and
garv AUnwkiof
xupltxeir tM by. the F"notoic
P I: .1
41 or
'Wet Of IOU', ended. It. an of
11b%, bil% li;gn Mued D 16
Onal COMMWAKS,24S *en as tbte curro4t if the
re indi that 6'OSA
.P f& ri -er wnw*db-rzU('Mnce& to
.en Of ffire6tioiL of the ageAcye
do --sho'n1d" focim it9ldtuie efforti'iid
IM ILIA'arm on An he' P better ihi 'Of
daft identiil
Oid is... n9w UrjL
bbMIL OSA tLelarly 900
gran I" am-va *P n ly t*ckhirds bf ihi Natich's
of them ahave(%Vd I sophisticated iims
i i0d 6wAi m N W
A Ali) a" iesently all illick
Avv i.Au n- A .. v .:
6b1FSi"1 Progrim vhkh
66A%& 1P and. lii rs
amep the rnptr,,vh -6: f6: OAA
Of 16y"I"a
IF and
%n qt inf&Ma&Ifioil
Mat 401 1 JR I

shown to be duplicable, atid can begin to answer the diffwdt quesfime of how to limit the causes and effects of poverty. This wiH take a strong commitment on the part of CSA and the executive branch of Govemment. Successful innovation is a I and tedious proem reWring extensive research, demonstrate i i Wplication.
For example, a worthwhiW2 UP Afton could be carried out combining the environmental action authority under section 222 (a) (10) of the Economic Opportunity AaWHth the Department of lAbor's
Ali C vice z Ons Or"O au Rup
Emplqyuw 4 positions tQ Sq ibe nUCA a ProgrUPA CM114
q*PIPY,4 ho'.
young peq3!32 I)Y traMn aid
-6 s:: in the envirOnm6atal, SOUMMIL our Nation s e 6- to a
ro Ao, Olt
eavironinent, in m hich SK AmericaMA Vek WAd W, could be integrated with the, *progTamms IM Poft I, I t& Interior... Ot i xwWk
0 f Enpr y' and
sizink the i-elationship betw i 1MPrOVM9 I low,
einpi9yipent oppa;t*tie breslyk U cydp
to be soTi4a
9. PW*AM*D nsi. le, ud*et"ve Ox.
Owple at all lei ,Os of iaina %
agency c Pon iii y for
"rged'withgroeve 'I
..the W4 of low-Mewe Mple. ]NA tun an& the CAA% have tht SaAie respo ib d
local leve* With the 'ble exceptim aih May has not' bem "nnm-lat ;!Jy cviig4 ut A AM" call,
ealieitw Pr CSA to IR P
ifen bs of State OMC68. an4 ir
Althou hav not PrqV!4MO M=nnf
Ric 0 AAX
Pri9T1 es, is, Imfort", Ins and'in some, comin tfv
i;uvidem U essential, m
3 critUil o4trmch sery
Ce ProvidMin,"r.1o a *,efu n:1 p; n be to
ri ep VWe
90 T
Zell V7j8
A1r3iW i n
tt n uable, 4#'
Ms.. IFO
PrP9D 11;
-P V*d edue
t n gfM rvices approxfmaW
on ional an iil se, 19
'Jrl hrAWV.A PrPgr


offer great ytnilfor child development services to be provided earl in a chdsb life which will better equip low-income children to mhae succestaul and positive experiences mn school, family life and Sacid
The Follow Th1rough proga provides simlar preventive and de,vp m I srvou t ran in grades kindergarten thruhte.
Folo Through has generated much parental involvement in comP"mnties where it operates. As a result, many low-income parents have beoe actively involved in their child's education and, at the same
hae endeavored to improve their own education and employsor are many areas of the country, primarily rural, that are not
by a community action agency. Extension of community action tsuilhareas weald provide low-income persons access to health ad eagmpoyent programs, energy and weatherization actiitas, services for seniors, and many other services that local comes determine are needed by its citizens. In addition, low-income
would be trde an opportunity to work together to improve
comunit and the lives of the people living there.
ly yj"lopment orpertns afr the. potential for many
reyeconomicaly disadvantage communities to plan and impletomrehensive 'ebonomic deveopmet programs which will
as ncreswd-jinome, ownership opportunities for comwaity reduce dependenc, and imp rove the living environ0of such communities. A
All of these roras, and others which I have not cited here, offer
atent for assisting the poor and low-income communities to
p improve both their economic and social circumstances.
reis a great need to have this potential realized.
It itherefore, the responsibility of Congress, in conjunction with
adpporof the administration and the Amnerican pubh'c to see that
poverty programs realize the maximu dgeof success possible.
authorization of the poverty programs tis year provides a good
uiyto accomplish this.
Chairman, Suboommittee on Employment, Poveriv. and Mioratore Labor.






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d Tov. 4t S:.l
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..... .....
P__ I" Tfjj D THE AJNTlqF HK OF..
0 ''T..

review, !or, the mioml m of tbw Subcombuftee Abw.hiAary, mW.. development of the anti-povW aL llEmW Mmat to TrOV9116a thb Prmmfly
Now wAhmnze&A)y. the-.)
AperModunder, mv ty.. of: the Econ oport*ty Nthe::.Com"mity Sarvims, Adtidniskratiow (lSdei 1, ll -- V11 V &ad 11X) Of Iie "7 Edu.:..
aid Wdfir*74 6 dn'mniaka6ojm:l9rChikh*n, YdtO, and. F02hilim-fAt's V Dqmrtmmtof Heshk B"Cation, -ancl welfam!5
misitirtifi I
m :. -A &. : lm* tip:
on 'AA egal.
R. d' ow
imimp as&..QUG'mW.jPt x gs in the foxwer
Offmarof A 44DRO) 4 Short re
Of p-lded VejfV:jj t 44
ilia Abe roffams and _,jrW-7.
I PER 4mv4
A4. rev&-mod.
I'D] -'VBUWI vo: THIE, A, 14!0 "WRTY FIR00111" S
to R A by lhosid
Qrl 404N WlW
oQft ky W4W
in 19K pursuant- to Nl *l $" 2 jt be Eco
PMmme, Cqrps
WAjd*V 'i0xWfiDK6& ip A)mvJWd:. was
RM%*4EM^_l0k AV% ALM
Im 4 gbjm vq6c.
-V Qr
Amj ,b7 the p"cipajat M mf Wwftl;.
this *lk"9" ; 4il-y xy* aw144,
in* mQ; fwQ in&pq44enpe;.
_f"W' .4, x pf A4 Fo"al

;A i4l 11
to 4101 AU? 1 1:!

was at the Federal level where, it.was believed, a bighpowered diree tor of an anti-poverty program in the Office of the ProAdmt could exercise the. authority of the President to cut across departnuatal, agency, and p lines within the Federal Governmmt and
to.. toge&er tb# lkwpapouq in Ra Mtegbt* a Se Oi4
his temarks at* swm-r* I n V IM7 the Piiekden StJW ftjJ1e0j (%tj4jj J*d" 4WA&&
"the activities of all e is
teadtive depoftftts aftil
the p

on Eduafim akid.. TAborf m:. tM (H.R. 10440) that the OEO d the M SAWfanow)
President, ft aMe. of euding
ord':oation. "The Pr*Ment wants is autho *yj beesum hAfW"ft tak be:xA &61rfbeif Dmitt -mthmpe(*'to this *e&4 out &bb"qjb1*kkT..
mfiena) . ..
out th6i 4fly: yeaft of MO.. the fft(af!
Adininisftatioir when::.ffie, Jdsfi
OEO Director, Donald RuInsfeld, MD-.110
medlstelyb*nA w"W"MUS im, e OBOAGAVeawt" Awaimm 4AAhe Aohey'on *nning, r6w&r&'4&ii6h I ro*n9fi9e6j ad css6 dfi zti;ne ]En:.hft i b &m tLiAd AA1OWz'PTW& MMrbS Olt i -bf the Himits Cbiranittm OnlEduftfim I
sftW she waa vl mmd ovH* "tha Preddeols &60ilmr twekvzhhb position as Director* OUOBO tO#C*MMt::.i1S11*$b'61:- ,,Aifsk At lends support to the orlipwina belief that we need to have a single WnO Shd a" Aigiep RUIKOA r M V66 activities if we are to solve 09a Very WebmpmblenL" Co Quie expressed similar support and a hope that this elevated status W '04help Rumsfeldwhiev, :coofleLmanwmm 4V*u dwatA 101""AURM1611 *A"agmeflAiredors hAd-failod. #b(l7rI
ldtf inz the obitro4ift" Of 4be Wonb"* O 54 1
Senator Wlsft, ppor.turfity AlheMments. dt 1960, [9.4901 ihdiewWd dft:thia 94naftbiRl w wld. I t.. hi
Be URS 9-h I Vel owrdinaiiig,'
O*Cftee all ., S
n1by ..... . ffio jr, t
A's ihe'Nikoii AdmWArafibnls eii&usiMmAar Ow &verty
a to.,* id Ito.
n, e an u ium"Iy hurried, bosfile !he 1" -for 4! Shisdai C&
or In a -th Fed ra.1 le ml beg, ft to gen, C e JLVIWV the ,
r6koflDEO"nari to Fbdoftladmi OW
unity action finds. j" 'T Ifil
ncyjCSA) .vut AboOffiftof1hePi d6t, *&,cftitled by tkiHbidstaitq Hcbnovfi eOppa t4M q andVow4r n!ii tyftrtftemhiw,-Ai3t. Tho fimc*ion, of this aiiw
P" "Orry, It
W" -W a4mihiAct F,*&ral fundi'forv, anity Programs, and -community economic develop nent. In the ten yea*&, which pr eAM 1he- phssao. 6f-th6 1974, efforts aiiiied at national coordination of anti-poverty activities

md. wwHy=mfinedto modest at"nipU atftprdmiwsd", W" am 46Lte 'e&
in: iSOAPiVO.", gon
hloliwt, I)ttha .1 Sk nuegy
or& tw.490 Fwt coordinafien
,W= 116ezso&n -f A thwlaca level. T he, Bureaa
tpo 0111. t in&6 lanningof
*WAOU-p, o" tty Progrs strej si*ported, -the' ty action
Prow"NO,*bnewt 'in, 00, Msi&nes, Tisk Foreb on Poverty.0964), Th6,,Bure",,.beheWd, based'on As Mp, wncesaid frmtrition with the Vito _ideml pwgr t a local leve4 that the com40". 1. 1 over the. country,
W PrX)gTJM ,Oonc appHeA **&Hy all'
* uid7.,o$ar;-mw .*ppo.rtmmiOmw-n,,, or.ioordinating resourmand would WR*=o F*Atsal i to deal. W"...'s _Mh91e stmeture at: the local
114H." iU -A&S' Shriver regarding Shriver's
P f"IdmtW 14r the anti-pawAy
degaf4bed, his eonm#t of"how, the rogi-am, would develop 4t t4o lopal level.
You VW 006 Tmdertske thewordba"n sp tntwatioi 4 federQ ProgrIams With the iW"Vis of 9*6e od tomi ovioinhMAO afild priTifte p6raons,'including the Foundatioyvq private unions, and civic groups
and*m=izationk I itst that ibu inyfte 4teir close cooperation; that to the extent 4fthour wotk wthe federal,16*61,
..4 enqoiwW jot, I A on".
t #4pnluxt joint Proigimm an( p Aistmtl
Y. -PAM A X Imunity, a4ion, agencies
were, *S+., ]a '011) t6lr
688 en am
WW41 t y. supported
Alth" eaXly. sty04g
444 rl nv Wes, Arp 11UP
'develoWng, t1Wr it*] ar rds.. Pwmes& tow-40,coQrd wsWa i* viten &nt: ui m thei SUIC4
uh, to., at,
and fiUsWnihg Pf t I uni in thi g1praina, . .. .. ... ..
0% 0
iits t ''the"
COMY d ofoopoi ele4ed local,
on 16cal see rj,,ropae
sei ",W i f
ti Wed ML.14
PrO19 t ILI
ent or a Poh& 0+ PrivAb lion, f agency
'hie State or twol g"minignt. Jklthough, t
IQ Z tq 46rta to- thw bane of comT 14M amendunity Wt' _01tht It' "I thi*; iAAi&**t19 did'.*nikb 6A
Micy Way f, &istd
tit Yhk
ffir, T Vt n
at& imd mio k ip& ind" "or "ift tt%6 6# .fhtFft*- The4'
'flo. t6 ni. Tor.:: 'U-rf.

A c 4 Ntl "AVN
04$ IAAW JW if 0 t t,-W iolj xfao '.j lmxl 11K.)

2,644,1 0 it 2


areas and categories,, 7q11eduviAfi*""
r"'PoWdiani, 16ymait wo h
ment, ** 1UL-jM*pUvL8tiOft, 006"s
0 jr,
and nutrition 11&X111fMW=kA"Mr cxwx 1w
emergenM7 AM14 nod NOW
co sad otbe IPA
abie rewarch- da* and' ito,
agenciOs about Ahe-4ep& and thitai Mnity. j[t that,
SPIPIM T-9 4ff ftmly imworigffiat
has Suct"ded and continues to work a I
1 iag i", SM"wry.
POUO of DO bill my
the -Canmiluity. -Servicm 0 A *OR "&tft I IN .0f
Health,:: Bducatw l md Welomqew"ofisM -toy, tAlwf Economic Opportunity.&&

'W 0.1 Iv.Tti "MINI"RAWON

a:'6npy *ittdh th6 Fadetff'GoveiAiriiht 16 r overatiur programs to reduce Poverty in the Uni 8 Hei: out i6'rore 9.4 uA *dt"Wi1or th; ltstfohw thd'ussisfan" 'of the "Cfs stA61 sitt& %odd I.bmhw iA a ftrieWof rbi +
d6nibnAiidion, an4'ad*6* e, ti& adve mily affecting 0 6#- A*d Ohifauy_ oe'emr &rei 16*&.
0 to
eliminate )overt- 4# 4e4
y or minimize
Tuf -&M St'K boi8llille thin
A66,bii ,'Sonotih'ib
S tau19COA01Mt
"I ol ."t%
S, C jr 1%7

At the httl art of the Nation's efforts to eliminate povertv is community action. This concept- M''the basic Federal aRpracfi to, local assistance programs fot the pQor. Community action. is pst what the

ftLre hbilitlei
1 0,11
prM6ffl W ftbw I :In A of P 'o d
tff6ltilt iffy" .64rdy.l Wb
'MA tO an 6w
-Yfit benefit froM t16 r &qm'
jM9 '. 1.
6d*$ 'ejj6 4Are
af*AW6 *Ot4ib Iii't7i OAdf al,4
heIAO ij
C, all wig.
f, F iTt am re 0 avel Ir an

Ab Aov 'ne and *U %' 9 Ime PIOYI
16 eall tiIM164 A6"their
i64f 0.
'Ar c rut"
cA .0
eA An
86mor chizens
&-'Uh W citi6ii st to E it the H S rt 4,11M A r assi ance Im
"qu, iew pine
tipiq, pr ma irn* a
p d A,e u;TR dsAorfi h Ca i y service
.1 Yn- th VaTions
ip6irw graj ftv
gini o
av e Tt. *a 'appro.*
I, zo Utive, O the
gon 91*,t2 wj, 10

& M was, create lwi6 M UTfl ty,"XA. This
Iq pr ,i t
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patio ns to $25.8 milton,
CMs currarAly opened vsrlous*4 them are manufacturing plant for toys, aquariums. and midal f a sh
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saving p fof l P 010t afthe thae 61 ONi(*I%
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World uO its net*Orli of x.;4-zk M"rr"w"M
a6d made more energy effidle -4xwtkI in '.6hased':Vasterials, as well as volunteer and'fob
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hl r inflated an energy voucher subsidy bf Rrovid ng the poor,;W"'fi-ionev to bxiy crisis centers lihd eme, f U01 do&i In 1975 Co the agWWY W ZQZ fiftaod
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Provi g onsis reHef Mofioys to the Poor tot ftom the harsh wintp 'thisY"rk. 01
among t em, have problems w ch'q i* k ,41 hou Cal O&A,
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low %00",, of Iodd
stamps and oth6rm'ftior- food pro

FOO are eligible
for fwd atbm W4 0. Nearly half the poor
er-me-half mil j on persons in all-do not A*Y care. program
Of 4.5 million eligible unhKYWAoftess 010"iMId f md". gprogtams. Of thia der the Woen 4nd Codren (WIC) nutrition program), -less
f6 4'or focd n. t& MerICA oo#tihue to: a substafitiald Th6 &a, t f flio o6nllfilllnit K Foo&&A Nutrition' Program-'U PNP-: Wtviceg AffirkinistrA on igtonducelhst gap. It to doithis in", baskvsys b pleni6nting the I
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All Oh4*e-kftmded.4 lithe ZO
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MPMMY NOW 1 7'10fikeG4 Us"lly JQ i*& itAbAi0ffim of
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6D Nin, age=a% P"..
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tunity Act 't
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Ski4e are -mad* 441" eb*lreu.
ft" t, Llt Pser' VIE4 approxUaaiely 32;000 full: Y
6USw4ag;CIMIS'JIeids A prav
To love #8 -ta Only4 q children, but algo- t#e'r,
Ith ana nutxitionALi.mquirmen-,.'.,-,-..
the family in child development, Hea&tartlas pi
SaftAk Jr Uffindw%+AW
Of paxent invol W
to help pla4 an simple t local eadAart pxvgr&mL In nun

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11eaAstart has also launched a series of *PnOVA Ve P-MM;q"*WA'wft__0 _ML
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boalth services to prewhodl; efiiId_&a
tion on -the importance, bf.,p&miM**obmentVzvO AKOM
!IdHftd9tArb childre&sb _"Frorivthe prq#awvin,&rVU mad 1-4
kin, now
the fa*wi ng, I
1. Headstart has heofefkwfivo lln
-PurIMIUMequal to or b4ter than their peers wh 1 41 xiolar *Nia**adt&em
axe fewer grade retentions I i class placements.
2.'.The majority of Andies show improvement in
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ime. Cidi ed c ana'was intend o "follow-through
-a ren t
or s ain,=47494-14;y e. UU14 b children in ReaAstart
ch &,Xrogrwns _. I e4.q ogr the
40r,-. p PrQgram
Pat, S, 6f $12Q it rWv ar..;Wheii the
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r. ro to (I I )"viewed the programm as a ramns by which va i 944, e tested w#h the intent of fmdingpne m be
I V% sev*ml 0 -In i,,..* X*i; W n apnvO4 & v AZINAMANA" 9R4 6e
4J$U( MW,
Ausfo"n'thitt i6 e wa's no' 6nii'a approach to early 61 4Wwauld work uni
Appears In its evaluWon of th lpr, 09"W,
remg i that Volliw Throu asinbmded to be
...chiM prwam MA-Z w6uld f oe s Cia ill a,
d6velopmen i :d. seek, to n" the gais
s6hOol.prO9TM&lffowa-voi, the loeal' MMS el
recogowuze the eqmpreheasivo liallie tj!e. pro Puns, olgimm's emphasis on community an parental invol Ing education of and empl of Parent&
In the Communil ties where a Follow Thkoug-ph Program children partic' ating inthe the pam
W *and the
hive bea;fited-': ignA a ily,=h m"y d.,e**pmqat the prymm provideL..
Nin" P
(IMS istraliork for"Xi6ft A s6 erimris I.W.4 Sorvmg the IA nuillion Amerle" BlAwail"BAS who to li lofilat a
get*i aaw" 4, ttp
on Mait of he&W edup4afiCR4 d' Oem,
The'Nsfive',... n Pr is ur kr
Fj6qnom ic.,.. vPP()Aunitv'Ac& ANA p *,deg' t
Ae, 09'ad 'p" A6
Indianligx* tips 6 4 M thl3ii
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to.. crew e 4n, Sr 16M.
S&Vft as,& aUlyst for nu f4iona
9mms W meet f the needs, 9f the Native A,)wn W8 $38 trillion was provi&
YeAM *d k4 th6 X
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vid 219 rograws were funded 110 !,Too'
buril ast -vir ANA 4kul iid nt4eibf
In its temrbeedij
we," develi: dj iwd ii& abijA y was iuit atecL
tat ANAI Pp6iit61116 ty
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sum Ukull
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D6,w, Wwh ind 2 Thel) d6d'A man' d varied
inelpding:'fo snd nutrition hWth education f axoy i4g, SenleMopmex.1 and t<id*htion,-,aift a&d'eiaft c .
.1 1 1Indi&n-ownedand hoijsi # fikiul fidli M also
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Itual f6hiiia, Q
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'ihibwli iv e baA, ,t6i6munify, action philooip1q Pf helping
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te 0,40, 81110 e1tv a, &ODA In:, in the la.
f TO.Y :
i6es & 10$A SU& U muniff Food
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.D* '110k G M.OM' lp AWUZED

9'= i a5id ifialyias of WS. reports
tiong which h4ve, *a Qie
od or, eo, 4_4 t -obl b _R k remm..I.,
miya*men pi IBMS4 a. Uesi. d
in the C Iblit Ae istra "on C A).
OpporInAstA63. t on to dipma6tla the did h Sul
XvUmWW ot me d tjiq"in, Ssmu x 3, .,=n ced that i _7W Ph I w ai
miggi Milli an
,.psexit s for handlin-9 t 19, wa;% ammu isha It. said,
p4m 'in
tion to 94ther #Ad a legislative counter-strategy."

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And ;ql the Eco ov ,o et.
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The Odober'1977 Repo
Nat 6nal Organitationi Will
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'ne'06tober 197T, TrqRw
Rep6rt oatiaea itoF amtipq 0,11
The the AO
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ri s: detall.ed: a of mw
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"W o Pro- J': I f or j identified 1%1 S"on stim theAnat6t ilhi it *1
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c) Community Economi TILMV
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(a) A4vbcac and
jey C81( Supported Anti- 6veit VA-0-k
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the Dii6itor himself certified.

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ixeports tO the Director and prcwtoes
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'Ic 4hw UkmerO Counsel and thiioffice
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OffiGN-1 is.. 40wffiw.:- Onfilp smith matters of diem-hmaefion-and, RBO Extemal 'MAdw tha, C Hfiw 9f, the OontroMer, con. dqMPMM. AUNAV W1. h**Tky of CSA gmkee fund
n4t Tba,00(w of rwonevo-k ment hur been, V 1 0
34 WIS.. underTWeT Vil ;31011=
Offm Of Inte nev and Exbmmal Affairg has bem M.60101"AAM& to7tihe Diredor nd
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which (0) E*pHfy
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Pr and CXTA Titla 1, 11"IlIf and 1vPL 0 wf;jk
the larpAt progmm ca4wgon e6'wad=nistered OAA
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member on the energy team. necie teams are resppwil& %# ad.:.a*:: x&
i",iaefing CSA.AOwW d wam imd danomfiration
wi aigftuii!i7 Fedeival atim, c ry VO*vais and progmms, joe tdbr 6a rt for overswing the of:wsistance Ao graketi loymant *mLd eoner*y proWnft4 VORSAK 14k.:: _77;
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iPMWDd Oftirto ft eamimAi A an Pngram ia slft 4A budget ammk.-Aha: Aw*Sior. pl-vgrw* Of the ArOUCY4 Inq&04" Teox IM -eew to jdn-xjAister over $265 million in Enerav
0 0 ProgrMkjr
Crivs Intervention ina MQniter* ghmts sndt provWb* tedmiend, for lDrpgrams of. thia,.Size will re*mt ubwer thwr,'-, -*bVU,.CO 'be
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The'mampower t6shu- is dM I I, to 'Wia
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guidmm, _&n4i SUPPOrt 41MV Ak,__ I9TaM&AlthouOk.CSA'iS'mist an6qAwd th, d4ts&# n*At ind Owftim, ummy-0 Als.
Portions of the VWX Prbip_ X_ r ablikto assist abd suPjport1DA*W igkho&
prograkft&T, big
training r"wjv*t1z Pe6, to *&v*
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P1b)=etLt 1"61Q"z&4a*d shb4autioI, appropliatioos graves t)ie Sp-oci SIS th&VSA,*
O!r Cri i Jnt&vm#i*n- -Vrd&m= DepartmeAt 6f E&=M:wKeUh riz*fiO* Pro"-rAw.
tMnv the rolh -the *ft P6*161 te;ms ana'consider pmviding the personnel and resouree&*.**1*W to carry out the empIQYMbhftnd Otgy 5FAgfttW *"nsibilfti havebeen' de_,oribede
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The Mcks"RePort, the first Collins ROPqft E Council '114 _' Wfkoh, diiOuggM t*4ATtWr, h*ve'Aug& omifnuir* Milhiol


for fth of "all grajitees-;66
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f4jmw",a*A to Aox*apfish this for .9.
4ftOS&Of R9 la.rgl grantees 03W,000 or 4M V apn6 PPO
4 uOth idia SOL3f And S 34 e"l. of: *nity
4iWtedlorthi l "YU tile ;11 able to wturn
to 'j* Di t11101AM to, dcl j o ny
.... .. .... gra ; rci w. response
bifity to the 4&rel- 2 "roprlite. This'wOffd .. 1Wp
p 9:1 ingy klv6dlt:in Jn6reriditerAiV6 'review
.,gTvntg,,sw(w.the, tekrions I hsi more, tim6 to devote
r OW ioniiii fik 4USA tmteep 6"an
_., o t# i 1. 1$11,60 iiliL. 6o $100 funding, ippuld, ft ne_- V. n
W be butidenM'and ielll ie h s9ft tA ne. 916-delays whieh quartertv nece a
Ommittoes Maty. %" f*U ftc .:. to this
fiwaVy"Ir W#or
'4tilcill, luj ,J;ha FountainRefiprt th6,1977: AdviKry 11,tbe ,CW! Reportifil, iddutified fisbal prd grmn or r&l"as in ffSA.,'ltsptwamthat ffii&gs d Mmww g of iwthow,. identified.cb Kthe vsiioat: te_U .
WIrm -by the am6ndes
their, rimir

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c cuscip ne in its progrl4ms gTeatoes.
*P ad%"t 'AV 4 Ra program to mrplhem"ve ,; d regionO.. field
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by gA-&utee;"dito" W1 Wzamtltcle report wi*Werod w6kk
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h su itted required au&& ThwArs6:
14 & tILat C$A hire 0 g mutmauditors 4w it
Gen rg's Audit Stanilaxds. ThsfirA 09 Ww
nde4 thaf' sn-ind ndent Pi of Auidito j,
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b estibbahea witbin CSA.,
he&n*zp Olt 1LX 8588 WE to create &a ADfike I'm
Generil in onUin. Executive D"rtmenq and Age"WAb& Haase C6znmittee on'Gover'nment 'Operations, Suboommittee.en.&JJ910%wom"
an& Humsn Rowurw, Imrwd: of Pat
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.116 Fountain Repmt:44mnined that CSA had no AMrMWMTV1PffU zram to, seek out: po wfiaJ abuw and dmt the opway r4W ntirelv upon c6mpla**ts which were not always ciowpWy*kreAi#ateO, Tbe.. rePort also foundtha* int1.powtprogrim manigovibad
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iset:'of the terminal 4ion subewrtan* bwwrom
Te Fountain Report recommended, the paAaga of 1-T.R. ,which wov1d. consolidate existingaudit mid itives6gativ(!v fthc MA and certain other Federal agencies into newly estaNy&ed PMO* of Inspectors General. The iob of dt 0SA Offic r
C., I _1L A.
Gone d would be.t6fuW inform the Director in4tbt
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audio and inspeatimsof agwcy ra"14WO
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speetbe Oenwolmould T% M 4'. _A - Agmet At
and consent of the Smake.
The House Camrmftee,tew: GoitirmnerW f *riti6m, VorW H,,R. 8588 on Augast 5 1977. nobill ;;;gr bir the on 18,
1978i and bit subsequezit ly b*A 60 AM
airs 091nmi
The ffivt ,AOA -Yb'"f f6dn& Wit I ocat I i6w *
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sophisticatioti. During hesemp Md by the' HmtWiig Siybc itbaw. a CmmittW in thatIvhn't "U Arb all My"n isthat the 44' 1, 1i 61- s"'
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in th6 CAA- MU
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Mosit bf thdorobl4fts hndlftost of their*eMin'
Me ? ntionsl,'Advisory Council on 19cohomw 7
Deport fouYid tbat 1oe&Ytegent+h t d,', i nitisted And 1funde4 -bv, lcoiw. CAW& .,ire
or oontrac" *r bY CSA. rh,' the Oot*,Y J) ADRA rWftfth VtnbV*fi*e ef tor& ot
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suchmO H"dsftr1 J6bC6vqhn4,',sM Migrant and i bef delcgi"
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to the single option of Writft Wall, wb*s to,
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travel reggiOuati
The retu"", 66 tit ve
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P"ftrmed directly ft *6 Xter -of
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COA m Omani ft 4edb 1*,*W
A .'"tablioWng
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the' e6dre 'process of ftwIlowing
un&r review: by the (Mee of Legal Aftt *the
time between a cwt beine
determination. jTf--:,v -A -avc-410 rW 0411 a,.*,IWI"

The v ot tbo iW vai D WW.
tois be' InxW
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Dvolved.,eSA shohldt exogirimant 'Mth
.khwuo SWe F"noiac 0ppbftjInAj'
.Th&rempnitzed Office qf-b qn It 006
Mendxtion, of, the-Colbbs, ] *AMr aw
au& inspedi0fts'an4, should be dfterrubi)6 ftS eff edivenm*-intekfp wi r__t *WAIS; pm-m, that, the ivopoco*oW
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-1--&L- f. A I-- a
onal off m hAve an officer responsible ikAffile.)WAII lations. the ,Mpam' "Ilt tQ"qO4tinuOui4..rPviiw thQ names
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I Amidm& I d b; a rovi6d by CSA,?in -die

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ie &f is expoclMlfl'the lp#,m 4thi3 Jr. vt
at be ov6rsig4t hearinIgs'- of
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Itt4 th
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IA 414-11 cl
The GAO found s 6f
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A '86laysis I)v o
*bd IWYM*W' Board. Grunts and Ultivoleaflool be witMeM if 0 management systems are

not satisfwtor /,m'
y audit
is deficient in' submi vbo-l b6m Aft,
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by tU rsf ofts Iq sue UZI L& I T
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gen6y stiff, boa rti rs
rp,.ctqr s h&va their, A P,-ncy iemtIv nu 4be"rshib, NALL

OP m6Aing'of cli ns*
priorities' diseiW
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litfl e ihd p6licY re' krC4 I is f4fidea OT
over $500,600 The
is ma& upof commifiAty aoncy
nc.y staff and
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71*i-e wer'14t 9Q I'll z
Act, ti4i -;W" m4ed'
IWAs Iiil?
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ft "e AMIM 4WIM
fat WTT e board witi6 ti fhe'Directoig
1?(mrd u1so selected an addidohal rqwasentativo f'roon, awk ngion and fin'repremntatives at larga,

I itl",Pdveriv 61A Zdi waig
blitt ARAM 6ibd'Mh- low, pelf 6wvli yle g ww of tht c &M Ad-Oiob Pik ym 1978, 'Was onW abOt
0 g Z! ons --&t 11*14*ribhb *iliti6ftl W, A*il 6 r' u*hi ati "W'
]ASS, rflmlArlaioils Off
"ICY, 0. q j, 41A q: U.
Pot SubIN" tbdoft 6*8 "qg" MOW
HOW bm:CmnAU56' and the
lint 8 equept "OdAbw IM ADON06 Report)
A -Supportod.
OOhnb Klisswi-atiolaw" idel tifiea
subsMnt l travel and enMeMt allon preddents, sncl ioppamnt didis
BS ti-&V bli' M641 I
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fouhd that iL "It, CSA, &re&V* tits vwl at*OC k AwilitiegAnd rtymg
i0diffill, V ekiAed ftwx Owl Ofttw: =q Awm"Mit bolftseven b&
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hdd all
NOAAEDik, Prt% gA&4ve Forum (tlW*CAAJWk Prtpidtnt imp"fintg Vie 'Of thf -Wsrd A.Alke"Nut* Ow 06M

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7 AV
V1:6a iheir rm not. The Subm associations and wusl *mmA
the original duowittke to paw'Pubt

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.... .....
it;6'W was
1000 Sp"
e terta *mows rfi.IIIIIIIIIIi
1i I 177-77Fa:
A* Yea
P Im, = VMS I
.48 t*rOe4,0Xiw&i1"!wprk director of a lomi C()Mmu Y"
m 00001
q"'44fiSOwbGbARvQf Avow:
MWOU'va 4i MAQV' M aet 44VIA.
116 Pw3t presidmiI expense voucher mwe rok~
f *f lgm,4
-04 *' a AL__ -- -r4; .51w
md 0*40"MMOROU I ;"ived 41 1*1164 P"itumw va,
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tion'board. #
*1 *rvp w tjyv4wfe&.
AMR- to Coordin
AS Qeisikqn _(t1w'Aswai6A wJ%*
r wit WWI UPP IiQCOOOP Poi AY4WAssw A44 P&A -hadi ito
6tRA4OreSj**t qSt*wQ" a-so
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I 1410,7114
JAl!"dwAnd.W 1PAWa
of truvrli cowo*nt f4m, wute ALAI*
a P 09111zjOd national fin a.'Tht
hiSfADrV of Problems by votipir
to hold t t- AIL



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aai AA r IM Su and his 4FWA
ACD -beardL- His IIID- WILS.i-tryi,4 to expose antims theq: Ivoidd not, normally Fi,

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a a all" 01" A;A6f" iM' WA- -40 AL4 v -iowl"f
I (I A: Er ... .... ...
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in the Arst sixteen MMthg Of fiew tb*,NCATF, sanounted o spprw ) t appeved
tb#A""Only:- I]$
*ft-A "0 It
mmm -w- warw I
did'wp Uw*
14 t A" T
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amts to Atj
N40A-" f-%in&'CAme*-qm iiderawysalvw-low 00UM4 "WW TV M
*qtive Oolatml Ov", the of 3 UV
moved Ufthkd -fomatkm

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rimmarch, t minjr- and w
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ire to
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ally 0 by
seven Tuonth.,% A eaH to NCATF the
Imffii I )r
&e NCOA move haA o y be immedi that the on a
first woek of March 1977.

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NO # i- J

deel OSA Director Gme wAiple 1% al
ml OliVgrlBZ

34 'Al OCA; "1100a;
J6&LUft'3.. A41
jjjvlaft: Ther M redors 'x s m .11 IrIIIIIII
pof www v9ca4
.whidm reIst&,tq.,tbe:prqp m.N employees, and s supporters
-pov*rty, prqgmm'Ro mv.Vr, the past Proliferation obs, 'whm leadmhip *nd control had fallen to a few y proigrwnl .. eftt* INAODP. had a; bit
-as va
Axid as
an fm MCAARDA was frleapboWd iprofm
*%iWfte*ndt fe&mfad adsistr k dwam
h.; izatbm =rgmu

W*bi *K'Ith I hs p*6fesgiaml or sm-' "" Wt&g,-,. .116*6ver;.
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VLA kffizhfibn gifted I ft tI Oftnlisabvi '
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entaftainment aJwQd im -3lhq 1* ct

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..*The C" BWort and oth" Hea&taft comments Uk" be feuM tm Appamdft 1L.

lisne b ethe rtalyreucn allstmtes over the hold4 .chedw what the effective holdid hrix tho u gh the statutory f ormula specficaly, Awal..Yer 175 as the hol-harmless level, the Appropris s-~~~ voiiftN~ wiWbar 19T6, fiscal year 1977, and fiscl yer '1 ',,ad Ic" I-:.p olaguag 'that ik ll existing ffratms homl re., cat-o-liinerea. Inaddition, the quesi~io ofwhkhStam 4wld eceie fiscal year 1978 cost-of -living inemas wails 9As~fi *hch dd ot be settled. Member ~~ux 0,. Hos nlabr Economic Opportunity Subcmm~e J~l, r*66agrw~nton what they believed to be the corrct pplcaton o th fomul, te hold-harmless level, and cost-of livany'Oblif4,no datedNoVemlber 30, 197thathHeadstart fuds should be

beti ditrbue onth bss f h

hanise'- repetinentte asl Ofa noe Statfiscto be alocte less

a- 1978 en.titlemeent iStpone
T a propMaly' ten be197erveloicaetionr funding fOmfh e~~~1 be fsed tolhl brin tuc Statesibue

relatives tov w m bed thie every State
in~~ff res, pect to14 tqhlfos e as ose
the~ ~ ~ ~ fiscm w ibr oal ye 1978 eti ttle e is
V's "K&- te, an imutsqa to 6 poerclent aha be dde to them fisca year5197

ForAWAZtaes hos, fse~l e did, non icat t HEW its thbifi~ugtoca distribution, fmula Althg *114J ~pet agreementy, dt itgsh ttHos
oica year 1978 Hedtatfud
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7 ~ ~ on wi 4.-,~c othoste-livig ncrases an mni a equa to6 peom f ter hisch be 9enitlmnt acta be aded. ith eswtto al ote dhara mss peent theete of the fir~~~l -theyrould7i allocto fund wer deaddt his- r17


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Gmclela (Grac4) 011 va rex:., DiT*ct6r A% wA': -f: : &6o
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.. ....... ..... .....


On September 20, 1977, in response to ihe House'Government Operations
Committee Report "Major Reforms Needed in the Community Services Administration"
_(H. Rpt. 95-583), CSA Director.Graciela (Grace) Olivarez observed
S4W 4fttAiii4tIt6 *&ties" at Di tot- bf tmtomwHtY "N-c4i LW*s6W*WIdIWnistvt4bn, (MA): 6h A77 ruve
6een0ft-eftly s
4'. 16 'the Federol
4970s:41044IMP'-'Ours i's vlti on Mique
WO *'goverroWl ' I Wen id" thepatchidrk i
C ift"catil '14erwo raT
.4 Fe V. Js t temp
4P, OuWr. tVrfft a M116dallet, ts
,May I*fth "e
U#Iehhfp 40d dfrOdtift ar6 FI= 41SIUS to' fevfoi
"qkjs; of
.':of tfie4 ricy
iWi ewi nq the operatIdAt pft er roleKat
this challeggi-ng tim*.4a ourhistory has been a constructive...
ex"r-Wr". tfie Comfttete"fs':Ino d6d& c4arO!
4egati W4ylwlthe'Cafter Admi9t+AIonMiLIn a A ftvse:, Was aiftd to 'undertake a Y WOW: of
IWW a, a sessftqt dwd ree nd*ti6ns z K::: me geOit gard F assei*l td
,,J -AtWa VkM *Y6#vi*w'df 'the, i*ncy-46d thO -fixft6wrk for a mo
tite"i it WW sfVe-T6dk**tJttI strengths a vmakndsses.
Hand in hand with this assessment went a :toll evaluation of the
s 11'a _46ssli tW.
1_*6eft; W tqW40IJV6fPtYd6*JV tti ;-Vi tddr nq
ti -,CaAwntly Vr6s*nts. 64 the* 'assissmenft
irplift4tivNift *ndl" b*#-4triddy made Importaitt-66htri but ions
..IKtP:Avr% 4ni-Val diree 9 CSA ts day-a
and decisions f6r improve to-day effectiveness, as well as its overall'. impaq thepoverty
net,. *q r, J:" x"o 4:03.
V J . ...
J. -A hy
11 fti, A:Ij
44* tw'*St tk_ iinAeation hari0tat Y
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40041 iokwtfi r di: q:%6K for:
t1wowt. part,, iwtiwvast .,Thb eqt apd fpt re I.,jobgs to'a. new &inistraUss w ich is f irWy cawmitte& toS:WtAVe*y,4s miMg-of spearheading the war on poverty in America.
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4 at t-O!s ap- A .a 040 we 4
This agencV ba .bequAto Mi tal i zq s rch aad Pac I ty
and is seeking tfie 4op"*i wof goer, 11 Tai K. ei,, jxwt of
resources to iqwiitiv* pnWpm
0Ad4F"*Jn "94,41 the
poor. CSA h 44 b*044,*4?04Waj A9fKY Mkic the
national labbitoj' for 10iOWWW4. hmiwwservice4w"r4op, I, of the poor J S- h #" ss 14wthe r***
gra qqi itirt, go Corp* Lepl Suc qpAcq** 4pd Ikow
Weather za ilon, were. tesW 440, deXjl 404'at M#w -CM-43, on the de el t, f I rniQV4 4ic4s t qw4v hjA espMsis
and 0
w4r 0 e
institution- 'or sustained and expandeanpe;#Unn U444A Of WS
r be ng p. oted at CSA,
approach is the weatherization program whi 'Me I I
is being tal ji:, Vsx
. .... 4 3 .
CM i6,o:. 14
,bY on -Aki*w fit Werj4twrlm rO t'
with flex t4aaw
Ax 04 *49 "t on. SO# It4is
external rePurr to urtag .*M t6lt", has begun to wvq vi ously to jwke,,tJ1*,,Va VAt I
i nc reas i njly aviam. aIF. t I I OQUS
Mite Qf Poli% Q'Ey4 #11 s IPMOOC"tw
i Itof the,!-':: in V veto -14
DO y the 04"rtment
t "Va; A "M
of Hous g a t= In Devilopment isjust one example Of such action.
4 Q, A jp%A* 4
42. uor
T11ppe, rfr4j* V. s
iw qtww ,,,
avaiJable +es'ourrAs 004 4w TWO" these
grants.:.7he Ufw=itUw,*,q = organi4tioisf, G1
A V 6h I
a ncy S::itio rec O:zed the i rtance incv*ir i4 kokipation' by the poverty community in decisions affft ing their lives and commwdOeso To emphasize this commitment and to ta"O be in this ontgoi Rg Proces S
the Agency recently hel d a series of ten. public policy forums., one in eoch Federal, R gyp. Nejarloy-snv NM wid,*St w loor yjpp Ow
Th'Iestim WN J* n "S1 *K #q4-464,* -rr QfA top 4A 4
A t u 'i p"re4, f4* c04 tim Oy."
he I h 14
The priorities identified and the concerns expre .by the poor ifiiiie ve!r
wi 1 1,,; eryjas thek:.bots is f r.- 4. nq( 4 14--R.O U40"01 4ft-*I *V*. 91T it, 1 qtl ni 1-" Sol
t .J: WON" :-.
Mow a. V I ,:-, 1 z
.. .... .... wwoj in
The most consistent cri titism of: the IM-4 years has ceet-9d
around the agency's ability to efficiently and effectively direct arAmanage the resources available to it for combatting poverty. A primary concern of Congress has been the agency's repeated failure toimplement an adequate internal reorganization and higher standards of performance.

ST -

iv* hmA. -A, 0AW Z
r*kbak 4 INiC, MOO vtzi;I 0,--,
Wi Jdly 7 76,
been approved by the Off ice of Management'andITU't, a's was required by*the Comulwi t3t-%WV*M A0W O"W: iewof W .Atriwt A
Aetw' kied that ft*her, c) y 1* ren
awkgewlt- Staridwilris, tin 'orities of t C
Pri new. Administration. t-e t0
reyiW.of tbeexik jnq structure and finktion-Af:,Meoagpwyo -off Wwte jt##I _t wqen 4 '4,49RI rs

e 1W ordw to, rAWI ew thm mAters a detai I ed asses sme6f: Orocess was b yun
*k.)Pe,"4P* Jew yery_ "4 e, in
s ?Joye
Me IbWox@l Off icesaW most. i:n H0p44y#WI.I i Ces a, W.
m July 4 at .:v =.:.series of, agestcy Ans',, ti AM be4ak'Ao be 11
se tti 69b f arth i the- new Needw rXers.; r##) i 9""P a tTuC ne A N funct*" 4. TM 144,(
t6k. dew vel 9a *Ul.,tl
AW, moomwowtiWASAS Oace StrRCtUraIIYI-:,. I 4a 4R
W-Fa 0414411 7
iile s aA s
CSA W Wfzatie rov
A (T ly the Off ice
Marl fie!L lkhe role: Of Vle ce4i Cuiwifty k ion orner
W 01 h W No* 'TPWW")W WbWX 0 AN j 11i N e0iua fym ded
.... .. .... p A
guiding tPd*w*ftrjnSj$iw 'I, ro

IWO414 6" iAatpd eol, Nc, 4 If S
*vO As '4te Dfri c Re4 o
ft Abe- Arilh"%O Uirs afi -qa
EcorWai c epperhafty Act: arf ACi .as now, -a6d* candtIRS)geficy TM
10 ::
*tLzr0ow pe fo 0
0#Awtstq"" r*4 4*4ff :qif rt"4"tmki r W-rulAiri "_1 R C4 gd Ifi tf
JKUW OCIMS100eWAmewets, laft"o 'Lab

fe"pqWi WV f
him %04044-,44001 lw*t C 40 dW sfqeawpifhte Kom# V .
to the Office of Management and to HIPT ON
personnel administration and equal eWlayment poli es; iuman 0 to


which formerly stood as an office is absoiiiid ekitil# and deals with ratters of djscri*in*,tjVn 14 "'1 t* affirobtive fttivo a AMC
Ch (fo P!"n nd EO; EAlurf
IF 4
Divis on wti Idlerl 'mtft& tw of f Ito 111AP 91W1W ods W400AV
appr t" ttlo ffnatictal 111UWftV of -cm **ntft ft* **"*%t
strer4th"W the 'Off Ice tif Vft
; esporqilioes up&r Iftle Ytt' fti*mily feefteme v*ft1P1 0+
Created a mw Office of lvitewftp"ey and External Affe"S 1**0h
io the Dfrectbr 0ol I c i ei "plkft a"f pmWam to e6ordt"te -or, 4riftwWo 00 activities and resources of Fedem% St&**M:4*caT: vpavwl 006MOM se;por i n co*m tt !n
.... Po"
4 A IK mT
Im. Y.
More sha. I defined alhd ow
i' Tie'~
iffairt and the 0"1 "cc of Le 0stive Afftft
r to"o or "tit" J4y*
40 Timn ova re "W!" mot, the imt vmw
employ"S A"' WOHO i n jbW tmt fiftt to be' dw*, at PerIvIt WININ I "Ose, JOW
in: an Wiciik und cceptabT* wfw4r. It tMt'Mdj3 Uo",&9efty received,, special aKhority ft= the"U. -4. CiAt Sii~ vwwlssui omek'140143:j a I 1W M.A: to aw"s V pro
fg:: g P4 KA 01
ex I
It Kl a f tlii V*s W, 1,1 -Ovauft hPWr
had suffired firm istntf 'w*,ftfte. TtimhOww 4Vfa*:: f4ftel 0#36
key agency officialsvas estibli~ oind: ardetied t*,frudWx-a,~4StQf 20,0t 'W procedures addressing the question of performance evaluation and supervisory accountabilityty. Sihce'that'tfiii, kt* 496fty he&, tra i "J r.19 pro Ift a Atch *a're a a clotg0wifq A tore ft in ftov i4boo the Aft p sals tkii pOrforMonce ev1aTtWtiW vis *lT A*technicl ,A$'s ttancq fT41 10irs"MI Sobcul ists 40itw tor 0" 1" cd
As a continuing Part of the effort., the agency %ftituted series 9f airingg programs for key oplpy"s. espectliyl the fiela repreWtativei at 06'varfou* fteglonal W&CM00tw)
Action'. ip coliq0tration wiih the ftadquArteft 14iftfto 0ffftej *aS*1WWWP!qt4bA multi'l' Al U inimg of field r0rresentatt*s, Le.i Aeft i"
ma er 0-t .... s0iibr i"dividualt'ind moti basIcIdOeftwAftet or less sbnior field Pepri_-sentiti*eSil To dat* ', half-,Wthe Negieftl*effftw:.: J have conducted this training. It is x
Offices will conduct this training over the next.few months. Also, it is :ant"ipated', that Iniediatell foll*inq thecomplet4on of, the -redtqowfzotion, 'a s 90y wi I -te, madi'bf tte *ork of thL* I i el & rep ftstotnti Yet ise]NA4 affi task ihallysiis' td'44entify critical-4fvAs of trainfiv needi for future aP+iodxj on-1ping nitionwi e traininqi ,":. v JA K'4yj:.. 19
t z 0 1 k..:TFj n:n 4K
Training for agency managers and supervisors on the topic of LaborManagement Relations has been conducted beginning in October 1977. These

t"adqp sor
train 4rtw
I Ma! 114 n@a naqerr 4pd ervisqp:,,'
t ad 0, session

As- e dul eii the
re ;:N c,
Wre S An _wL -end
abilities fecui*nq -pal icles-.' aria.. pi;6 s. t is anficipat6
that this training will be conducted f r6mi Mar h through May 1978. Specific e] p I
areasoot"Psmatrat4ow are ftpw A*i 14in, -,tiv ee ing cessin
41W C1QWeW carrespor*me. 4.aA a4ju 't to tfie
0c letter, the Tra.1vang.
Off 4e, ba*Aoiti4ed *%cowl Oprevisico. Acif'updating of VW 4%ncy I s 'jupli f i :'ta-nJI: iziDq corre 44w*wwaoroal *jth the yA.Vw towards.,si ying,..A and
P044Cie$( aW
,pr%&tre, fAr receiv- q,- r ,tina process int correspw4eme at Sk. is e'W manual wn t serve as a
ta9lfor unradift;.Aerpretarial and clerical capability and effectiveness.'',
t"W ak.-agreemen
*Ut 100 114"
with 4be 4ftjjAWi pe #SiQP AM 10*rd, Moi 1-i tytxa-tni Rg tn_".
" ""i" %W"Uto A .0o Tra*! _%,Qff Uekas,,,cc ', cied ,,Je'advjj ,
a rtpe Katent!
Mug __,CQWWAWjqAt, 0 11 S 4aliftw to M h k of
as 9%M pm 14S.. pe
U" KC 'Par V"P.01beekt. an toe na Adm 'n
is of this b istratlowv:to de op
i F41 St' UIPM ibW hi*st:. standuds. employees the
ab"e-Writioned specify 11st S
IF$ arM tep it eV ifforts
Ivj TIft, roi 14 it;
I tow AAW
o 4 r 420 1:0 fy
rep"441SO Mra 4 L4 t ',mpi or'.1)1
%_ 4riori yc
and mw)Wt6n offt
res ponse to thise concerns, .4 114S r0 t ev I dft 're"14" Ilan togy. key....
W, "0 i jjThe
of JWS, Ur are (4): eVaTuati on
Ap-.&ite av4p f t ,Go' 4,"e-40qf 00 44r"Ir _04 9 Gratl
C 1410"13 '17 cement in fran;qe.lreportin 4nd seTf-,#p1.TRt1on
!4%t or a1w Interagency stories,
it i

re,,&rAon .rgaingevaiuation$,..()T t Ural QoW lepiir Pr6qrio.. rw i6f ikbeln p6odUcted fo'r
14S, PR tip!0 of t0f 14ti onil
'04 W! 04134 IP
4 ,
tV ie
wo !iw
A #tW"
fj' N 4
QUIcas are wWq swe
CS."dA** MV",q-fAgencjg*.:,, apOito-onP..


on i te O Sto ftt4~j ~60**41"Wo an I
May. 'All'61 St' Vill" I* 01 Voummm" rsy IL
Colwatims has been evaluated over Itht-PWv IWWqFmm=FmPPV FW VW
party coptra ctpr.. Those flnOin mjunction with a study of the
comuntv tcor 0416 r7jj rrV '%049T ulow *" W*VWI Se
the basti'l I ON* %*V'I
Fisca) Yi4r,
$Vu 4.. IHW i1o ft; 4 AW
To lassi st-$r antft* i N *bt" rAl wit on pftoeSi bvi
P, 90
the- agemy's leg t= SIW48 tf e, rSCMW Plb"NAC
on grantee repor fn be Lih *Wl*d to"ei pWfte rWt*
local of Of idd fociA tm' _S 4 hdl Ire, 14 V it WNW'14 TT
i ss u9s.
R" t plmWMM eneroted 6"MYLS. V 4 am"Ok
on evawittbh as a "Pul t *r:
Block 'Crafft
1 "00
recel ne IA fe, ovi *ftd tattoi6v
tho 14 [on, *W' in Py**to'ley
and imp-bw access; i toffity%6 p*Ik:.Pl*tWI: popull&VQ '-..
g..'N 014u" .. -At I tit. 144, KNdk ro CM4: ma" lta*lift t bAs
Essential to the &chi'ev e" of theCSAO:s tqmmitF attift Jlftsft" is the fulfillment of the:-& dwilli-st At4ft,
I gra e &&-see i tA nte's and inswe tWel-fectim& ioxpmditm eof 4.0dwal th ro ugh I*_ I
fmVi slftmiw
tIctm I
and review.' incrivs6d *Itti Apm,_ mc
coordi:na *, art aroAgspection function*,
Upon WiC441 ktivatIoWofA* Tri -1** WX M q F
blOston tn *M,*dfft6e se"'4aV4Wet*f,,:, -sw,,4
a ct i vitie 9 wtl I -be' *l we 04, 04& a 04tte*je
*. .- K'.
u& *..- :. .
assistance stra
Regional Office personnel will prW de.: a., regal ar -Pnow* of',tr&% ing for graRt, '' Cm .. rA IWmft
-avifltors *Ill Wa-Tft"T- ?A
(T ),*ses ion for""dit6rs *o ttr*, VA ail
61 so, conduct &.t Alail CA* b #h H&:q, vtisW: A
members!' Thi e lsotOWsindivi duals,'bkvea iwio sma"kimWI ven*3
in the- *t'." 'Theite will Offi ees iin pro"rty management. personnel and accounting systeaWla
The effort epd throughout FY 1978.
1, e xt
4 104 Awl F ...4L:PD !MT
tw wq, 4 1 4. 1 I-ttItftop 40 i Ix.'Lj Aunw.)

4WCWAAYt0I~eW-AW*Ai6RkW study of WAtsional Off fte %Joe
recommended plan for regional off icereorganization was submitted in Octoer,"', (F. t e from I the
1977 001h: ti 1"' 116ti: Office of'Man.agempht all
61 i0ft w1bik" 00WOM W1 I I betidwVrow bme: llwiii!w. St"act .14os
OW, Proted&4A id* ,the Y, rasewtp tfves..
i Mthe"P4*14 Wfth grob6el ,. TW. retratni ng 6ftbnLbI9WcPAM W s*r0MVK*S Ard Wito tmrd#q for11"Veli onal -vfflpe
staff. An VW'ah ioRxWVMt 44r$- cWths ut T I amerkbedp1syr;,....,
y r "!0 A
ii Atw6ftfi* fVr,*APAts WFWqsdev*, be activationon
6tr aAtitat -pT4*irq brAhd *w tmt amd- c*Aimlag, withr.s tmm*65-1, wrilvvaftw, 118 -.the_4xiStj *.'*%,,' ffec ve lip As if % W 4 rM ag e t i
oeaftbt- *h& kjraotft 16 baft& VerfbwWncA.,A!ndc. lancee: Automated.
data s Tegforkoj
th, a Inal
ysjtm4Pe',W-tW*sI-9* ~ orvd4,ki teavd.. U.each
off ici; tho -eel tcM*Ute..-:P CTe*- assf rtt'
i step vf the 0r*nts_4fiW
proeeiffMiAeft *estr*WAW thl 00sand other relned st"tegyj aperA.
'S 9 lo
Aft i M FI M&rreotsm Self-eV41 vati4o rv
&*Cfl.. kipmft* iov" Oft okh wtmlpi) '4tw1my. owl way: ff nftT)W*04 i%,.' reported (b) tie reported information to the grantee's prograig.goals and the CSArstodards bf effectl0ftets (cr.N8WduU.. ~ iM, reporting to coincide Thelte tteps'shotild veke program progress reporting
*W*rU : fat,-abt**, I= bdthk*ft#j*wtqe a" *c'M Aegion4,1, Offl Awl 0 4CSA,1404 ftz
Z.4 -40ertffyift ,thatt y a meet 09.
0SAzttk&*ft,',df Vffeftivemess xefundin
t4 SvMJ*- 't I MA 11 1 0
TWIP1.41riA lziooik .: ot I
kpOrtso that CSA NAd more than $291millioh in unresolved.quetioned costs
- "-ftAMA I-L.- ,
-M M k _tb ism .,I*&40it46w-t66eT9at*,ng: wthe bacUoq.,
4a i c6mWttei_&, ftiombedW, the 4cm-of,.,&u V'.
*1*" Uliftleft ivi*M rAivwogvam4Dr,.both'aqW y IWK.
fr*ntecTinwial Personnelo A s we 11 a s CPA f i rms hi red to conduC*,,.:: 7-40X.. ,4,
t w6t *ls6 recoWw"&dr:tMt::,tM agen;Wdeve Ic va pftgram to
W"oW. 6ft"e'101101116114 N 1 tC4ttW"A#W 0302)
aranteeo "kg*F MWII tW toW ttW mPeede4AMI_,C$&,deweIop-k

e0f, r4p t 4!*1
LejaTVf&i0*:aWd.'Gd#I V 'C 6r s
jcrxry ift thc *4fMi er o e
is now headeV W i0irt% 9ftKM Iy.vppWhte0Anft"K eftLmtoyt)VhfhdW Ppen
eA 6 IW j*jAwttW-*hU fAAj now 4pitt, rM JjWtAWsr sjWAkj,


religiously followed by CSA employees and grantees. The new office has :received svbsWitial -4npresses ft vWfjaW4* wow::ft
;.V '4
41il tW. dmWes alrea* a=bW4*ed G"WAVr*ft1YwMM4WW r*eW Off i ce of I*gd* Aff aIrs wwttW aorvf fleoft I a vM v#-V*rt4 1k). reflotding W. Y*ensiaW, fukb ,Mftj tj" 4 iwf* W 496#04& thk#,J"j* op" W temiftati" al I fWWOV I,. W** tv aw &AP461% *iMMVr* awv* was at times in the past likect. At, *a, z2ck#w.fdr dw4 IM0189bt Amos Mk t all appropriate bank accounts both CA and private,, will bi assured by ei V*-r requTh0m vr ~ -- 1 Nwim Mt W"a expe" tMV 40
CSA fundsbv a grantee "mulft tMANN-14i" 4MOTWOS 1110"W riwov" such finifts Ifty itill be IMM, AK tivilf )#"Wts- 144
by tW agemy -aga tmt the, iindMdamblo ragm than by jors4 -M rim a grantee expenditures.
proposed by 'the, Adwftistrs 0w 'whi ch AJI cliwtfy VW s logisjativo sd authority low tft. -control' of ftnd.v.Aar*4.*w.:gx oriawft corpoMttoas.: Title It- fwWi ny of economic dwela~ As under control. Conflict of Intemt- Mion ore betq streV01001ed,6.
New', more F-Vapeff-MOble tmwt r*gOttlam *W llplairi"114 I i t I
have been published. 7be::repl*
politicirl boo ft"waiy N11.111"T

Each of the
Division 4s reviewed vmftr:eurrerrt #mticalp OkskwK.& bNodl*-or qpw, a udi U 4re pePforiwdAthmeC,0y::!W:-tM st&f9i0f.:::.EwbP%&T-~. ui a ti ms ind reqwstt btsw *a* thesevewiRSIRM4W 4wo ow ON doo oe wtj
the responsible CSA program official for actielt.;: Tba. U& Offit* 91 Affairs is now responsible fbr
reCOMMIendations and is establisMtV a systavatit PMCOU: -for *j"Wft#WW'* responsibility:ahd '46ttablishii* deadtiftw4fbr. wrespow 406140*ono, -i in
The .iottire:rptvcess :,df,-Ais"lowt" cost qM09"0* to 0"M 0 rxis under revisit by" th&,Officcof Legal Waimw*W t1wmal of, the tU* between a cost beftg: questioned. and t*1 "me auw" r "'

.'.CSA cafttfted. i a -t3w . . . . an that4WwWtAt.$wtU*-;*9vi4 to
paid to -tnwbl'and consul Costs TAW, 1S.1al 0
6 'W4"W1*#W rewvf 1,
submission: af a budget, -'shoWi,*W*m detailed eApensW 1404404;
categwies :-by, reducing the percentage of allame
31 bta i wwo
between cWt categeries,.-by requiring -thA avOID rqwrft "ot* 00MV wts incurred with bbd eted aimmAs so, that ar4rdi I- te Uk
andby t*atly restrittin9, reNrwrtimappreak .6. Jacwrbd Air
whe rei Prr M a0praftl 4s rewi ra#, i AW- !'.
%rthb* tiqhiberL-the. .: 04:lv 'Df
wice :.qvAM&'0e41 qw*..*
ExtehiaY'.AWt Uvi sift wlqlAbe dfbrgedv*" tl* Ift* GC


on a quarterly basis a statistical sampling of the actions taken by program officials to allow questioned
MW 0'WI Dirmto irai Of ce heAds-are now giving priority
attenti-Si" IrecorOs"110 Tre a eveit1fif thbea
t? so Ved: Rofts.
outstandift 1971i Diricthr*sOf f tc' hds O1!r,&f*d
Speci fi c a, AM Heads t6ttcompIfth
PMT.:......,:,i*&d9krte s
this task.
if Or, is no., subm1tW an acceptable aydit report for the latest
ful I P le4 A"gr 'o r-i!TundiWj ittibri", alfeilcy policy *ii I bi:
mi ao n6c epttbhs to ttrri PID .1 n 1 a 70"

To qain...Ofj jw t .1 VIM the advantages and the costs of direct
a fne ri*.
contra J a tit U "St, progrim,'I i area
h cbntm
in whicit tpwt t ivldlivr
CM OY Witiv i mes! to audit
the grant* W fevaluite tktS- aW m' ckkd'dete J m 'its
feasibility 0040W, scale.- -"In thi' the Oxpanded..proOram f
vali d te I' tt*tor U the :: fficieficy
Th 1A lt' 40 tok*f:bf CSAft:
C*Nils I iii
contracting directly with CPA.firms. A statewentof work to be perforried n the S4 o rsej has been
under d' C" th W f J f
draf AU t ..!wii* =1U11 Nise!k
to 1, f lj:hu i --set iije'-~ an for'
162 = Ak
arty A- ct-"
Nadi n i i I loci-easing kCSA _prbcw*NaWt
Staff and CSA Is. ads a
71* ExteM "AWIt Divi-09a i4m ioriftly reports to all jpar ag t
offices s f 4r*Au p a 4jts s, wnthly reports are
to be P1V as "TWfAi ftt
SAPPioa4ii-IraViev"athe L-Aei* "Ext6-ml AWW,
the 4kYWAjr UCTC 16' at;idi ft: "ftmeti oW df %AtkUq:::
with a priority biose audits jowe tkan one year oveMidt' 4xP6ditLift*o%tions.
of aq
M a
OCa ec* 10'pefi_4 t
saw of 19V T8 bot-fieen seTected.
Thi eVel -6f 'Poi 611 il o ift eval eating
CPA a tam
i ik, r r t "'
A .3 0

.. ........ ..... v, *msr tm66 *1 $up 6 no
WA h,: .4 r- ato", j k to further de M ng the acceOWM4:0
fl V a It jrw: : :,
Tf IMMV ts N !M, 0
for graikii -fj W are jm* 1cip#irq
and iep6oding to q eA of
and their CPAts. .. ... .... ..

*sis or
q r T IJ
(FK 73044ithich,,r* enter into trq&"*OvU* of single audits of multi- s MO..
more tMn one federal A A hat bpam* ... ... .. ....

reg *Ir 1 .5- t
been a to prov
This inf6miati wi 11 Ic
2! IJ.
audit 41ti to Y
major Wificu ty in estab is unlike many other federal deparbwnts,, t conduct armm ts
grantees wherewoopil. feA" Y
of grante.m., d A:" r4 4 A::4j
er pWl4sli
External, A4dit O now wk aq.,*iPtly t#
-77747 t, ; ia . :I
Review. An
... .......

Inspm'tions, Are roviOwly iWi=77General qjqn!$e1- Opcp y UM a def or, 1,740
Pol jL1 I Com has n
proaesM 'v ha "
OffiCeS.ACjmoSSt*souq r A a OW
moreover, 'Off ice 601 Ifta atINWR 110m il 4hr I
initiate its first civil fraud suit in an effort -to 011ectju that -Q illegallyexponde4 t4e
Departmtmt -*th*4f1Japjf Cega fjfis 1 -1 Q
for the Mal, V1 *,sai &*
Se rv i ces,: A4i n i s fia CIA, ;Rec s h
im tjnqjn,- j fvl or
pact, r"Y) Ow n
grahtees on eatico, th-#_ n 10%e e,1nAP Xpe
Oonaei t wD ropri
ture of funds'ano 'will take strong'ictioh' oup- tWte,4 km

Inspections In Oe be 0 CO s1Pffi'U:,.aW.band1ed as follows:

t efribe Vf ia ctlbht.# v, FT r RAry fl 0
CAW OW tftpetti6WOkOm-Itil-1; ,,recciomwoa. 00 ta" At ii4cU&4Vr Ugd Affaim sO fawn

460" *9b n k: k.A
4) Insp tibn is co .. nductq!d and draft repo rt is prepared.
5) DrOt, rej*rt is jo Th tl y analyzed ind'i 6
inspbctor and attorney froM-General Counsel'sv Mfte d that reSpgn;i V i ty..
ow ss ;7

7) N a' cordanci'with'tSkStaf 9,:: k
,ffice hi re on
IMM6en dayi in which to 50' d"

N 4 tow a Aok mt.,v eqAidF*i this bm week
Periad, *rector sends a-mummadw-jiting f6M eight
hours i" which to respond. 61mera.1 Counsel analyzes Afithet oo-vwt,'O" Vctjon
r paged
6* '6t the 1i i tiftttGa ad bytogsgrantee In' Mance-with 04-regulations 'a6d federal low.
ro se -4ctT'O n' 1 '-Adc ui(ie, Utiera 6iunse
9) If d' iT
cliot6s Ole bj 1or"w': ardfhg -tO jiid4ram oiff ice
Memn nAP of Agreement on proposed course of

&*; *K aCtic'W tw
be* ta tph ciequi., WIF Moto" brftl
AssIstarit/AsOciate.Director of the app I ropriate
program offfte to work out wtually agrv 'We,, .. 1:- A
b f. 16 its co, t latin 4wammatic needs and'--7mi's ;; 4 1 a
?A 1-10 1 7
With regard, tA I nspiectigos, cq0triO:topr1or adoinistratibnS Of
CSA, as reflected, ih *tft, ftu #, Goyerament 00 reelrt,
ons cowitti!;6 4
inspections have b"n"initlaW W44,ry cate.Wi46 compoytenere6doo6ndations have been. made tky tl*, Ch! ief of Inspection.


EC6M*K11 n4j
Ift 0,tber 04 w WV 0 Zk ft tw, -Wit Dwlopmeft
(06b). bED aftinisters the, Titlx W11 SperAki, 'P" I Aith me
36 operation cominity development corj*ratiow (6rA wMing VWft
are. funded,, CEO hu M 9 sevwe management, Wobl em in, thqt p*t so WW hi ghl i ghted. in tWikow Vmwmw*:: qwattom 4Sv tgew (JE4114W I rt as:
(1) absence of a. prrapt design; (2) inadequate data base *w a surim. ,program performance-,' (3) pro r am and fwWine decisions on the uijs of subJective aed 0WW'Vk1r;:1w&,v.4W 4,41 Its
the past eight month& 349"iftant s*sw howb"F WOW deficiencle planned or undemmy.
c; aRd others are
Mence of Pr29M Cesion
E. 144:
%s iives to" tsc ffrwe4
Prow rposL aind -obJec
iNtre., no,. SW l*AWff1q4tUWwt*WMa""
acttvfties cou14,.**
unsusceptible to evaluation. IKI:
be Act io" S"jm 1:
I OED has developed a series of: defi Mld swasurab it
and quantif-tabU..pogno'iwWt#,&4&i4t v* ch all,
CDU WIT be entuoWe...
2. GEDAe& rqvtowt:.1 A 4"ifi4ed
AQc6wivs:KA& tbe4ri: Iev*] ef.,4mlapmebt A71"Pertlivi
2 .. ... ... .... .... ..
a,, "I ein
OED *a. s not col1ecting'sufficient o;rqtm io e oau on
program performance. Data available were %6*lete or
unrel i ab) 4 and ock af wh4t WS A000. ta, #;V41M4* P4 mt milabligAt
be ki
Act i art, Sbos v,
1. Despite their Shortcomings, i?O ront ted of
COCs can. provide nuo use T &I I*b is' hW Worcino
4'40V 2



A;ii"ly:.::CowUam# witk reporting requirements, wa Cto An preparing
s1pprGVa S
a cO4rQWnSj*JO4gePWjL.,.J-nfO tiOn
2. Ofa deVelOpin rma
system (01 S), wntnct.. has 6e nh A ii to d6si il gn and
topleowt suph a system atAW,,th Um OP ta4,%WWjavels.
Tba-avai-Uble data base ft beIng corrected4nd atal ed.
3. To ensure early and effective development of management
Y new OED has, let a
1 4x a6;ejR;prcVide tech ica sjst
~developing personnel, fiscal, and planning syst ms. The
c6ftractor will also assist grantees to deve17 adequate
A:: W..Aa- nt information systems by the end of Re pl anni ng

Yl 'r
m a t*
4kistems we basts 6 incoolete or
I .. A, 4, -4
non-m 'form standards,,: rt '-4jecitv,
t NMI* w e ts played
a maJor role.
'.'6 ENV
4 15-? 5
I Pid L.
aw in Ue process of W'I awati 6& an. Internal
-gunization that will pi int ac6 otintabiTity, Vw- Jhawk afthe,
=T,.-. nd
ww *ir fwu4g, a
wecesswW d6brU And: kg -afices4 4* q
1, A toy -featwe S -tho, V444'04 pf storing
lwlw -S ;e an4 ftmding function.
D'Msp Wttt,, i f4or,-W reg t toaiOCO assistance
4exONAag AqO *a aa.netw6rk of outside JS ,Wjanjzat*w4 and I ,,f
sport, 69, anikIMonaging grants
OW-44day. ?ragrami Assistance
on. j gr
and Support Oivisi 1 1 n, ro am Development
93 ku Ows awsft"tfttiew. Vill 04 OWe for new
i ry close
qw4r& i" waots pquft ve
jqa ive Services,
Avon 2s be
zot, SAY 'W
S;1 I ct

'd Ak


i0el"' ot* *40tOt tI*_1*401* vtev%_4 Me furAH"g/
refunds S."IMS SOV40.loll
i4nd completely uniform basis for,.4odWon-jaking and.
r o ..... ... .
i A M- KV
71 L .. ... .....
... .... .....
e m . ..... ... ..
ha th s Of i4tiot !OtW. ta*ffect 10
_J rfw
*4ft skil.W.,V Oe functiAw
b. t
P Xw- 10 ;:4.::',
I OED staff ceilings under the reorganizat6w.bave been
increased by a net of 4 positions (from 38 to 42).
00 Oft;4 1 ed ----- ZPI.
RoOuction of 41044iL tIO 4vwlwm on
of clerical sWert into a ceatral woli4 roco"N'dhit
using highly sopbfstic4ted equjpw'tj,..wJI permit an actual
increase of six professional positions,, al1iw4oMtrp4ed
tnto specialized,. technically skIlIed Jobs .-I&I-6ding
In* j a er tow Stuft-4 JWA an
S ytt*9 SYS
i SOM*1
2. The greater 4jvisi:on%.. oflabor a" exist,4 staf under
the now orpniution wl I 'significantly.,-ft /accApntabi I i ty enable a need assessment of avArraFreF staff Sw
.4. U"M
Sp#cift t ifni g V*ii ImWw 6ekm)&wUqmdNo 11:114. major
-IraiMhO,*?fbft ts.41mi* wukvwdytsjV jWbyees
rtprividtly gen" ISt teen onrol I ed in spetiidil I 44A wwmA* latmAqctory
Accounting. Conducted by George Washington Universitys
1 /2 h rk' "Ch 400ft 21, 1 t Is Mw _f"
MIMS ezbw eatively
Itylew *worts.
a -been enrolled
Od cost &unlihj. Bus4ftis anabmts ibwm
n 0 iWa
'b pi el col _geIC w2i on$? of. ewrAffbawOw f*Awwoo
I# rdViali'ce, 46 UAWW technical-migtor4p, and support.
-tww o6jor;t9rorawts ft al dy:
Ote cf pVi V*Wyp am rea be a
etN ProvfeebfrkOMVi*vm ige*rW:Ah&lmdoicaI assistance
to the new planning grants and to assist GED in the design



r aW i.WIeme*ntatt4w-,af 4 contracts have
4. Alia: tow. I et br., AM P jvnn d I;a.:Prov ide s pecii al i zed I n tens i ve
UwMrY,:a*dItrmiPtI'on*I CDCs in meeting e-tl:.,ifidt.*i*wf .w4oontWt,,fyrabl:oms. All-existing kmp wWiqt,.&w**cesnto CDGs legal -. program baA &Iazwoke.:ftd ...,.)assut ot&.:and staff/board
training--ha d." #rovpeoj*ndwoone OED division where a bOng developed. to
OM za.ti _0"x StOg veswrces to eliminate
-Amp 3t&tlohi of ef f off t.,a nddla f indenti f ied qaps VW
Pirobtew 4 1 19VIt 1)
AP $A-7i T rt,,v..*
x K:. 4 1.. Tim. absence mf'a ful I ritage of objective andquantifie
.---jj*rfi:Iorm;m tmsuv coupled,: with 4 lack of constant application 94tiveeaffqpt ow-.She program. !X:410" ppw v:-.1 0 ...jetz -1. Ajo#o j ist :: Y%, kI I,

AVMFTW* -VO*t :V,. w..4JQWW"qqAn:-,iOjj iK eptqd
V#!rv -.*tc 't 1W 'qdaIs'_ind-obJ'&&tiv4s -Whi-ch are
Wess Wrii ireW11
Ors I*WwwMJ*ithe,-b44A$.f
I&J; v_.Osed
by OIED must contain similaAy4F3hwj' U&
........... foreaaw measures.
iI&,%pA& b4trst step t6iav4 -4-0erforma ..: n e'- O ated ifppfdach,
i!-,tff&"c6v CE&f Jiw cujrrmWyv%,beipg f devel oped

vow Me Ao., F ".12 .f

Y Status
tr I i% J 'N''
.... ..... ...... .....
V-s xk L "Systems "eivafk+uty -A4 n s.

It ATW*w V -4 1 1 wo oft yfttwwaa ~ Ilqx** to rW
-T Isool 7,Iqv- o '94. fl-j j&UfTOnd.,%..:::. Ij

-bpOvolt AL policy
*W *I*M"6W i I i grouped

f new.06: ftitowi" 'five *Vft AF

~Myi.: saOdlal
14104 VOMM ty-4WWISPM
SoCiAl EMOM11110MV 1 1Aq:.~ 1fty social OW
ign x,
and: a 0OWCK.
As a I:aWftftry &W incub&UW, Ti "IV.
approaches to economic MEMO FUPWM OED:b" alrso been by Congress for failing to *take the 1ea4 in developing nw-Amp""*" to dealing with.the Problim of pay" ,, similar to Oune developpeCin the ... ... ... ..
earlier yawsof WD., o. x.5 4:
J . .. ... ....
four MW poor "1"WrU*VWMettMS idallemp, offering
exciting alternativn to nss4v&.:we*1ajdw* abd- to ruval amd Ube. *ovkiiic development.
1. The fttfbftl ROMI: 9629!9M" ,MW.
...Viopil Oconam C
devel opmWt OEDI". iMv 643,*Olt=-~ to the National
Roftl Developomtatfleence'twl",Wtiwm. a limalftion, Pf oVW
50 organizations with rn 6 MO-1herx"Ap Of '001M 5 W"IfoofTural
poor Peoplev to gr6ma If. as* Mwitsi've'. i6stiomf4ar U; RUW.
rural ecohWc: denlopmea, I V1 1 xx: q9n PW
2. Smial Indian DevelqFMVP
Tribal OweemAtp anit nifftive toad tV*A,,vft in dwdl4ct: idth starAard
business ownership pwttefts sod Ust6tationg. lwat4ftr to a
Indian neeck and to eacomge, -mther thm i*Ve&,& eemmic development on reservationsit,4a I Iadf&W Po"I WS art nm bet* coosel dated
into a special AM, Wit-TWOO"'Prool vhia Will
attempt to merge hu&tafts:.:"w&: witk Indian ftp of owev.
3. National Center. for. O ...... .. ...
The reve" cU&ih%:*f theneel will-le ampOHOS the tow's
largest employer will mean that about SM workers will 1% their joibs-7 Qwun Seed'ObIM7 COMWItttbAhe ft"O&V center
for Ecwwmic Alternatives ( tMW to *"lop 4, plan
and to Work wi th a toal i ti 66. of ftligiout wW* civic leadm* to -find
prfvatft: vtater MdO14We!ral'1Unft: t6l vfvwkl the- MOM Ifty',
t" kMqVta11q"A* ftcL*: Md Opftw i zo,

-A are preoarit" a nationsteel plant. and.'"ve the Jobs XCUL, an
-Wi. Ck progrla forocait job losses :by region and by industry.
't* 41 Olp, to tecome Wt 1. 41 low lO;AIcaWu",0i&s4 -th
aw4re 0 . theltop a Mo
eaOipg cri s i s wl t 'PI e' y7 'f time to bilize local, vesowg es Or -'t s -ve. 1 nt with all W, Oate i aa+ fv4rA t V vven mks i Un" oyme
the 4ttendik t social: Icq#s. Um Jis Mopma
The Departmeht of Housifig andlUrbo Wvelbpment has been intrigued
enough by the i4pa to.jidd a $3'W,000 grant to the initial CSA money.
,,NCtA, i a1soi::-#egotlArtiag vn and other federal departments
T v
toL444:... '"s,tIIAM4
4., V"th EmO NMqt J* tW Pt WA tt SOt tor

Ip res ponsO t6 i thg Pr*,&i deWs con-cem, that poor an i rity:youths
rkeiverapi,4.issistanc. f ts federal:'agencies in. protat-Uge
lament .rded $2,,4 million in-grants to 6 CDCs for jobs
pe*elv' 1y *ovembet-4: 1877j'. 350, youths had beetv-placed.
i n.: pri Ute.:,sector'.. J obt, wi W car.,, puUnti a 1 'The success of -this
effort.,:: encouragetl the, DeparVmt.. of.,, LaUr and the.% Department a f
ftft*dglemd Uvb m41bvelepwnt, nto, negoti atimy wi th'.. OED
ion -pr -,usinq :CDC as the: prime..
fev,49ddit aI:y*uth,,emp.Iqywt pgras a rd W at::
dtli,*eky, vev Up lecaT.Aevel*
heogniziaq.,the ee d 'for the impact onspeeifit target areas
t a, wre rstfo4l::- 04)wof 11 ve"int .-OEDhIs',a)A9: initiated.t4ose:
TO*l aU*vA4Ps,4-*iU the. ftilowW agetWes, I n gel acted areas,.of common terestr..I..

uOt'.Ent prise DeveloPOW~
Special EcoiioiHIC Stimulus Program-Migrants
i DeportmeaVof. A *i cal t' 6 -.,
60p tj beto,90011"t,
qn ve

Access to Loan and Grant Progrms...
'Lc, w,4
,%Mighboi ,,rev'italilaticm,4nd ptase"atioh.


351-VI 0 is 6,


IkX V .olk
Joist. fum"No 4M., &+Wt4*:WOVP of =Mom i trt6ft6dh(wq#W uti ons
Access to loansq*qv6qft, MW :VrPoWnp: oronz. tap-ji-t 5, s
-o sl m sr. "411
k% i
J -CSA bad bewutge4:1to omjft- JncAftsed. support ,fw. Regle"I'Offites withrespect to proper staffing and annual review. lwvesporm CSA4,s,, Office of -Community Action sent a management analysis team to each Regional Office. :Based an thetr eftwvatieft) developed for reorganizing those Offices so1hat-ihey-4ght be r serve the: interests, &U tht:Qov9r0wAwit&4jVmteift:: SectionJ114 A**f --M I I Report detai is the:%tatus of :: tW, Morgot ZatitfL.
0 R
CSA'sr effbrtSkYi sa*rv1saft~ M"oft aft: Oftign44960
the wadtorinq:arA:K technical 7:&ss,4sftncwva#WW1.1t1" 1.1 afothosetfffflm.: :: In this lunner*,,effeetfte granIxe& jobs better--. others wiltj-, haft tWt deft ciewies-#a0ressed lasgbtfaft
they begin impacting negatively: swtMi S Apdoffi P i w4ho"
h HaactAWst"4Y
instances where this assistance is to., wavall4OXWVA to uphoU its statutory and administrative resomMlittes"

As of Febtlary: I$ ]Mj, a,?ftSionaJ 0owqd*nt1HwiwWiM*n: *as istablidleOW1! in the Office of Regiml::t"tvt*omo "..;* :T.Im.'D ittolo*4s WmePiSpw14#bffitWr! is to support Regional Offices in meting their responSitt I I ties:*"'. MwK:FI:. 4j,11 of communication which have long been dormant have been reopened This Is particularly important with regard to Regional foll*q,*!ok-C3A-,- n reports or other iadications of defective operation's "at t gra r r"e-iVel
I RT,::, Al
On December 15, 1977, CSA published a.. regalatim overall the:: payment of membership dues and related: p _At* i
This regulation prohibits the vse of CSA funds: te"pay fdr a6y Moinwishio dues or organizational fees withovt sqecif Jk:vpr4wt1SkApprVW4' [S.M"Ition the regulation provides review criteria for use W04.-AdmMistertniqMices in determining relevancy or acceptability of orqWqJ*U*hs .%6,ir* Im"frant funds for membership-related expenses *-',,Kuo t'Q 0
For those organization ,whiCJr-r4keiV*11s Off .... ....
CSA-related rant funds such as the National Avsociati6nf6 n ty t:
Development ?NACD) and the
Directors Ass oci atJOWOCAAW), CS-kvi: acceptability based not only an the- ftlmncy, *f tJMrW. amwitUs Ift ",the objectives of tl*,EOA;itbut.. aisot".wchfaet6ft:.*,&S:veir ra*rdwo-..-.Www

0 1 rt_



ement and fiscal systems, availability and acceptability of audits,
_ftr #04,csoickft ot el ew ztieps i #Mt fekil"W!,acicessnft, records. date CSA has fowd Ift, ba.04milkwift- swA atfon _f*r :CwmYd,,ty SewJopment D) to be unacceptable te,*eceive the CSA.'fwuls. in payment of memberip detiffmnaMlea a4swa. precl udes" expend i
res of7qrairt fowft- Wch-,vo. Wt*pert directly or- indirectly, activities this: *rVpig*jj#w,* Tkiis0 i m I ides.- Uwyal,- to. ,meeti n9s or traiving- seminars onsored by:NACD.Tayment of registration fees,:at suck:evenft. etc.

FwMws*iPt*4*ssf*W,?Orwanizations such.: as.rthe-, NatiWal Leaguecf,funded membership 'i
upw proqraafttit-relevancem -,
in addition CSA has published a regulation to control the u e'of CSA
fmoctions. This reguiAtioh, requires ior f4k#ppj*y#j for travel.. ovt, .of- the,,geographicalilimits,,,of the Federal: i on i n wh i ch, the..- gra wtw A s 1 ow ted. and Z 1 ne 1: udes c ri teri a for rev i ew :of to expendgrant funds forpurposes of travel.,

The most ftmdamental.: recommendation by Congressional, overnight in recent ars has been thatAM Agency actively resume its role as representative of
As Direcur Mi Yam Itatedo. I aecepted,1he'responsibil i ties and the 11 enges; the. P4ke4de ffeftdl me. witbfthis opaintment *th -thw. ful I undernding and cw*J tM*xV*t*- tkjs:: Agenqy:,4:. ptimary.- role wim tbat.of advocate r the poor and that role had to be reactive ted at a1l levels ftt ,us to use effectively wagingthe war on poverty."

One very W 44t Lraswitq., tbe: r9IA')9#4dvociU-ha* been the
establishment of ,;The mission
this Office, fS-t*::cooT4Uate. for the, *Wr t4d, IantitpeveriW. efforts of r Federal agencies, state and local governments,, and private sector
as they %- eb I* r4SA4 4,6
Specific activjti 11110#4011 f
A at x irk ;

u"la" ,.nd.-tprovrams.,.-to. wdrdinate state
te) :*"t4"al."m4"liWt4odpkbe4po*udaitecto ".nftwbating
0Y w

1161 evels W
a#W, the: private sWteYo,*.wwj0njj** aj tj V*wtpActtwiti es;


6 A t.




these 4md lefty offitei ::MW antim': W 4K
AA 1
Coordtwtio* otagency'particioation in active
Fed0al-coordinatift#., c.J1s:,.*mc'h4s the tMertkretarior"
Group, Federil RWoM140VkilV&M.t
gove"umntal Work.. _:irouO. V
InAhe pasto CSAI& WortV to Work..WW dther'FeftnVagm elv "M
private Wtor-and OWic settoft.'haiterlbetit hiAM*&kY. the lack a A Workins- reU& ps
and focus by the'leadershiO Ot the', seky oil with thesegroupsCSA realized1hat it does nothe0o all-the resources: netessiry*w ett:::,i the needs of the pwr aivd that without. the Cooperattan of aad re%96*4ms,':6f -t other agencies and: orlani ratieft., theWneeds will: notbe mete
Examples of CSA efforts to mobilize resowm and advocate for the poor include:
Interagency a9ftboent vftVt1ki'0"V Cof L4kb*::
for Supportedftrk to Wdi oojolwt tot 1bW
P 191"
income, =rg!Aa11iy:wWC K
Interagency agreement with the Social Seturity
q qft
Administratfoh fKW) to i Wien, and ftrate-outrwWw" M
to individuals eliqfble fop- su*tdonte: 77f% f"k
Income (S31). (Signed14/7S)., W"n
Interagency agreement with tM Department1of VAftertevi,1 4
Office of Education (HEW), Law Enfortement Assistance.
Administration (Justice)' and the nt ina*
0 1 dy"
Training Administrition (D*L)::f6ra'vice InteVatift
Project, .'1%tsliprOftt. coomdinatole*ducit$ol)sl,.#Ob",'IdciaI
serviedswdisa4van Vy6utWaod theWINMIles,
through the pubTices= systemtei W*t-ttoo allodianapolio,"
and'NewYork. (signed 9/77: 10177). It
An,-agreement withthe Public Health Servtcel tflMqWbeing....
negotiated tovrovide %creaved immkation td pwtfidol
children-utiltzing CAAs for outreacftir
-ft agreii!mift, with tfte ftwdl DeV#UPftftServtce ture
ts b6tqg- Vegoti ated ft 0#qmo* o(WrelwsiVe ij: ntv and
human resourcesdevelop0ent fn rural areas.


AhWT60d-fohd DOug Ad*N.istrativi (HEW) is ii -a ted to D ro'v6d: consuMer' health
= tj frovide imp
1,nfbftaii6%to LvO*Wr&ttOAbt' Otiltz" 'CM for rat" Progra efforts.
didf an&'' to teviloplJotif(t and
l(hite'lio.use :lntergovemmentaI VGR) Work GrOup
1. tA
f ef !)X Vftst6l
WO I f FRCvj

.01EA provides adviWand assistance to FKs in developing
. .... j 0 tn V-', I i h a nd i-oi fts 'Migionil
P, Onn, OaWrig'-iffot M
vljevel A f760 d" V thit will-'Aearly
P. eil" -Nd!Pftt 4nd,-,.utM!Tng
4joticulljlte %:", Mo jectty,
*,,s t re, ft**!" federal'. 'VtO 44ka 1: doop"tion *64

mM, A(ft9ion 1) aW provides substantiali 4UWf appok-inaffl. ten, % rtqftns.
f0b I i t In tem t Grmog
*O*Itef *Vttft 1W Rinft:
f tWW*tfdn1
Wf6ft!fAnAMMO A" A" roglpaM '14M 4etOitik m j 21781
IA "00*ev Mom i %eid wf!ttt ftheir"As Wd*% stfift andV1640 :;r
M6n t es
with other Public Interest Groups such as the National
Conference of State Legislatures,, the National League of
Cities,, the Ubs. Contoieke,'04 to d&e1op, 'Cooperative efforts on behall.of the low-income.
Zmh LY, u Ac r
WAA11 1% rev 60mr, Mkoffices
11U A"'Iffettivdly- Zi11ArAnd'tb&Mi Mte'stW;e and.
local resources with CSA resmftts antmPlOtg"Ift, I

CSA serves as the'lead agency for'the compilation'and
distribution of the"'Citizen -Participation" booklet. To


date,* 4O.&M copiqpF of the',booklethave been distribute
CM will.
4 fj P:.:.
be v*1 4,4 t
tMlvement in tedq I programs that it1te*c4irtit
Private Sector
J! X1 MC
Is developing a astiontl stral e aio bpera 16
to incre4s*Apid JqmW6, I 'ito t4w.An I'
.."Rec Vol ON
activities and programs."Ms st4%tow W, 11.
11-11 t1ti on
in close coordination with the Office of '10own Y
and the Office of 'Moo PrWr
goslsofld needs of their tem
The Utmetorvd A" 'Y $W havo. 4 I th such
T4 .. 0 TOM WtJ4
Word *0 1 *
=Jor-fomn4atfon to::000. %U* 1WW -to ii W
davej.W iorki... realti#*A ., O$fA ;I follow
up with meetings with interested'fo tfo i.' i o"l
Off ices and grantam to develap, mechanisms that allow
the resporm 01-Mim" d&MMMftdk1& Af Ato*' ti. "s...jta be
A"AY4 "vw . ....
wst'effocti"Iy wsed.44

A Grantee
a gency i n i ts advor*cyl k marAm Tvnwp Uti
and track infwmajjon ojk *IYW sai -44tJWr piwron, tpe#et basic
legislative and zero-based budgeting data requirements as well as provide
planning," SVAURM MIRdOU tlys,
gempm W= ?PFd
the feas i b 11 fty s tudy: q4 inhouse with assistance from the National i ve;S aA e
(KARS). It is,&ivti:,cip*te4,,tbat-tj*4yq4q&y i'r
4rj I 0 '_'fpopf OY
February 1979c.
P7 A A i.,
E: REWMIN AW, bWST.4t*1"!i ..4
CSA is funding a number of innovative aemDnstra ton programis"with
strong res*#rchgaijd:. evadtWtj9r ,.ca"p@q a ka t njAjWcess rates but the. -potent' f Ir
.Jml f ,4ptnq
VV f4n4'jVP1 .199 W wle
gat. i. ^ # W.
following the period-of.114FAW.. rat A.

As President Carter hat stated, CSA should.-W t4 topojlabcTatcyry for poverty related research and demonstration.

tic -

AD the pormdemonstrations with potential for replication or
nftoaoer Iee~ aec are theigatiqu~ ] einonstration Water ,ec iA:~ a ."eI*et 1tA. Araebgie Elderly iiiiiiation Prevention and A

Tese ure oto demonstratient in the 'areas of rural housing, heal th, tio -ad ecman As11pbe Mrms Afnsatwi m.444a+nes either
ma.0nidwred or recently begun Include energy conservation for lowd-.IMistrict schools* a statWeutd computerized information and referral
(in Mi chig9an).,, and ass istance to -orgaizations deal ing wi th
uented workers ("illegal aliens*). 'CSA's broad mandate to assist
tion's Poor perith Tt not only to Undertake specific program
rationss but to examine how different types of programs relate to
choher in making up a: total support system for the poor.

.m Report of House and Government Operations Comittee on Management fiiecies in CMR first called for. a reorganization of CSA in January of
7.Lfttle progres's".1s made in implementing the reorganization until
- + Gradela- (Grace01-varez sumed her duties in, Apri of 1977.
dVhe ,reorganization of the Agency is nearly completed, remedial actions ve. ta ken. to correct and prevent past abuses and deficiencies and initiatives are being undertaken in planning, program development, at ;ion gfsrantee administration and. monitoring and management systems.
ands init1th Past eight years of. the :Agency's history have frequently
ngld~at a a retxtfor the shotcomings, of CSA. No doubt this
e But: At woul d betwrngq to rely on the past as an excuse: for,
a re in t present. By the same token, it would be in error to rest
It*'accmpishments. Thef'.new administration at CSA ill;do neither,
1 stt I o vericom vestfges oyf past problems, seek to expand
; achievements :and yantine- to pursue: new and better ways to serve
A a ror tt
i ......

I L:0


LA t TiNy 4(.



lion. US BCMMM Am (w, 4*4.1 .... ....
I j k. ..AS:: AWM :
f 06 *os:v t 'T *% t.

. .. ......






'24 ..... M4 4


4,j 10. KIV4 g,4

o bn v tw ....


12, t
i 41 *? 'Irv. K

... .. .. .... .


L ink

(Excerpt from Compilatico.,,of Selected Federal Laws Relating to Employment and Training) .3 -A .. .. .. .. ....
AN 4M 'To mob-'.4a the humaift md. ciar xbsouroee of the
y in the Unit
Nation to combat ad Statw,
ou" "%Mtahtw 61 Me Uniud
Sta W = ,in goWoRq twombW, That this Act may be cited
&A t& 0 0=c op "n"Y Act
Sic. 2., *4Whou 0MIC ii, P,
gh, th6'econ d h of the
'Utiited States have, t6 A e 431 S P1 achieved
thoughh: Am' bene are *i4 e., ared
iiif* *0im and Y sb .' ad
'%r01ighiAtth9&tion, Poverty con 10 6fa, SUIL ta ntial
numberofour peoDlei, 'Me United States can 4chieve its full economic and social pote tha'kal:a ::na- tion. 61 'if over 6 the oppor
to contribute to thet full extent. of his capabilities and to particiihe wor Of W. Y. Iv or4o, 6 POU4 of.. tj1e
tA Me inste Me 'p X A- t t t f
nt tbis Nkti by'oipen a; to evexy6ne the o fxtuuity for, ed-4ti tbA PPPOPO an vpportuniot' to
_0 1:
ty. it is e purpose of tr0Dg
pment, qnd or ina efforts in furtheran.6.of that policy,
50 0, ]a
is t gress tout 4. i O-V
highly 6 to e pl
sector of, th 'eecaopay k of the ates
,the policy of this AqU,
-A "0 11 1
1i hima'. Ad wavIe cited as the IvOoxnF 14
cmAoto"f W74".

t Siw CiAwtsodia; Aksw
W. thp bem; ,state; raeam,& Ute,,th# District of. Colurabia)
ftMm0ftv%1dth of.PwA6 Rico Gaam, A-meilcin Samoa,' the
; sA&th6t-Trti6VTerStory*of theTacifie Islanft
the term "Vinit &AWt vbot 40d in!A gr hiW 16eiis
ragraph 7cs section
the, jv6#4 4.
dict6t, 61 K
(3) 'the "teft I TmAA**ck1 assistaneqPP w1hen u'sed m title It part
%-B of 'thle IM, &nA4AWVT1 AMIudes *&%sistabce advanced. by
t M ract, but doospoiinclu
rluvz ij.lrv.
v ".4 vr r4 .,v 1H1:.:::-4A:-. V

(4) the term "Secretary" mans the Searetay of Healthdu
Radiation; and ALA t **
(6) the term "DireP meas the Director of the Communt
SevcsAdmiitai J.e M *, : J: Ill I

Szc. 101. The purpoe of the title is to stimulate. a. better tocuigO all available lcSta, priae and FIeeral rAsources u t
goal. of enabln lowI-mcome f =4 low0-ineqpe indir
all ags incldn petsoni of lmite abilml rq
and urban wras to attain the skills ow the
secure the o*Portunities niiekled 4r ey a xoe el

Se. 102. (a): The Diibetor may nvienid tan
grants or contracts for reearc, demootratida 4 t4 datted: by public or pivati atencies which dp assist in the developthent ofnwao'aches, orf gid. in o erco spea problem or,. othbrW
The Dirctor sAll establish an16 'Ovara 4ha
approval of, research, demonstration, andM1t Of llresearch atuthorityrundte tids title. Sizef an' objectives to be acieved and priritl'es'am'in sit-o o ves. mulating the plan, the Tirector shall cnsnlt with other IamM for the purpose of minimlising dupli-cation among similar activin so projects and detrmnig whether MS ul ; y h
projects may be incorporated into6 one orino 4cme.o those agenexes are responsible.
(c) No Oproject shall be cmeedunder this section unless a pa setting forth such propose(! Project has been submitted to theche executive officer Of the -State in which the profot*Arkbe4och'd~ such plan has not been disapproved bUy hif withaW*stlay of sc
adfoundbUy~im to be. full dositntw t.etep 1nd a
furtherance of thepurposs* hs itr.. I:: *a
4 In makigigant or qtr aane title t0e Ditedba
g~~e=due conidrto oqets ..or hasbAPpp#rieimi
financial assistance under section 221ss 086.0AtisAU act,wn


moka,# puW Annouumment,

idontity of to tPoseavop"i any groA'or 0011tpwt wiw 4,povao AK
9r,p"ect title;
(21 or
ve pnwwta*ion-,,, or pilot
(b) We pU-Dn'c a*nnouneeinenta MQjjjre4 b baftbon:(&),- Of this VpQfie SW jW=&:_Wiffiin tMrq aW of making.. any su& gmnt
inquired Uysubsection (b) an*qfflneemepts i t pf such
99 thlIrty 4& $.of receap
iim, sUR be Ma* YO Of Aft

t"t fm
ond dat& rodumd Oj4"dpW .-wjtIa-Yode-rsI funds
pa ww14 Of tho United
.0 K A .
re ltsof activities IrIiA.Uw tjjW IXety 11 "ys after "VLI Onr "JAPPROprWA&
1,71 PA A AM* fftmid*
4-in '&4

tru, do
the. 'tad irolovert e C.Uror or
Aw 4
ts 0,47


Its: Lisk

Mvj lq t .W
I doe" Ib*


r T


efforts of.local officafids Mani tions, and oterested an ftt6d
0 4
be 46 low 0OW4
Citimago Can: ,,lend
00, the beullli
:. ... e: 66M04 44Aeo tq.
)that *Aes6 ebMbW 'm ija0vie
whe 11111wa f 66 ooj so
t skimping t111111111111MM aw rzVMwx wbvw10 Y that tokew ueoat I and,
come P&rfiCUlAr'PV* a wa
supports their Progress in overeo related problehii
(3) the-,& us% sab of now
types of servicesAnd bmeja e approach489 M tt &USes
of poverty, so as to devel9p increasingly: effective.. m."
playing avefl able it .1F
the development : tM I&:'
a 4, serve the.pot.lorloww
Tro*U daijgz" ift e Ste" *ith the
perudp&Uft of n9dents bi Q* www,4ttid members of the groups *Mir l 06. Aw::the beaj4dMw*w, *0 )IIAS fO advantage dUcapibdities. for i Wi4d a" &owre
that thow. wqd*.V!!*** SM. otheftiow.
and, widely utflixed by thek intended bawficu-mes; utd'.
(5) the broad of the resource.. bow of
to pr, go, b euftf
-the efinikat1 P6* the
serviceA and wth"niee 6f pubhCoftiats, pjj4*jLtW t4eqUS thk* taW ,And nifthbdthood or oind hmHAMA144tit"
a more Mtiv And
able to provide employment pportuafiTsorotherwise enoe
the quantiV4zd':qu9fi *f:*&*it0* W t6t cwntq the
(b) It is further declared to be: the Dwvost of
POli4' Of ODMMUAit Y t6
education, he4th care VocAtimial litnd
tunities M''rural AinWl to ensWe the Mndin Iiii 'such iai6as and _biec self be the purpose of this title:OrK the Administration to eneoFW the rund t6 -*n
inMmuth aA it: is the fih les gue
din 6tUbngr0798 Uat
migration is, frequently'not fihh64!Wt4ni&eiU of, thi d to Further' congest the already overawdled 6111086: An&J" Of 014 Nation'-s cities.

I*ZMI ATION c6MJjUXjTr. kdrijolq

A cowmti am t3 4-c tim tagme
4 subdiv'Wou of, IL Stste giving eli6twd or, du] ,: hinted 9' 6
Ma =Visiro
'm officialsl) or,& oowbinatien.,,oV sue*- pojit"iw it", lw Ara ublic -or privatD n6nprofic agine5t or org ignatOA 1JJkYA"_$tAt0'4'Aij0V &+0h$jMj ot such
(1) has the-vower and and will porfwwn thwlan,,6
iwt forth ifi 8-6 *a fte T &r(ioto 00ntrwts w2thr JM&Ptiv "..aNk
PR 'Au
tions to as mt in fulfilling the purposes Of title, 8,13A


a :p
imn tea g a4 OVA IP
tiou a --by. the
wq]Rrr_"Qy Am%na 0 gency..'
M Vt tjie...:, IIAKC
proffpm is a, commum, base: 4. aadx operMed A.0 4
1) W, U t Oudfs Qv* 40140* Ac
I#o^ -or pqmppx w4s Ac wavidejA SUM,.a reage. seyvmes
Vi wb*Vip&7 _:I 0" AM P
'ki 41"finjP* 4 dv Bity io _4 k
x w"A" JY 11KO AMAA' 44,
t* p
_Wva4d whi PFgPiw .'8Pd vq mA2)to, biaril bei4 devviop w a
al OL,
Au emontaryorite astlpe ttj, pjx, IdIvAhe pwposm Aad pro U..
am., may A4inia X- OQUI ,o jyv w I i i twit th,
Ym Aipble h* as#
00 Oy be, prqjocts.,a:. -r. A410 Pm...
j*ss6ted ftam ripther P or pnv&te 8'0 be they &y be
4,11y, d let wmI w d pursu ant to
IL r
L""'edivitwity -Stan exidsl a. S.taw or k akwai Progr4m providing AA ;Pdach. fin
M 9

hr Sri U&aw ieservatioq;, tor &,.. hhcie
MiAvictiv& Pflimud sub, divi
a sotsbht o xW*diwial -baw::' M 4' of jiw m4eam; OOf=uR4y""&ctiI6m Pwgram
a ACOU6*a, awm, milolik4,'. e4ackion' health,'.ind
to, oura
Tu -T7 ;A
Iwo o A 0, w1w pi
'*PaaY- as kq
;Afthmp M 04
w under subsecti

ty, to,
'N WCO M aow *8
I -ASO Mlwft


W44MOW 7_1

ax ibffi Wa&
Officiok-of ado
Such V& dad opp...
4w. deAgnated by ky; ihiR 11 Z bIwf4W
Nation a a as
a c? Munit 'tioq if"My on the same buis 48
(f). In wrying out.
and," fin jvProVvI of P*nu a& to *1304*
Sato Vith M &.A .:A. domm
it#; Imept &at A* *Ia dejokatim jhan
t 6 60MMUnity ietiow. 10906" wItAt adeh 8t&Wff t.har xOVI4VBUc!fi: t Slick
VP e*tmd
delegawftmatkm" Autbofi to r0*30*Ithw
such State the Dit c ov "
to an: Amount Aot hw thm the A*OWA folf S &Abe.. uD&rf"CfiOe
year an amount in each fiscal jear equ!d to *wk 060
det4min4d b Ah*14ataula *4 4& in the Wid 235 (a)) Of the wwMWk6
4.06"04 Of
political subdivision fflm%=We. or a of & tates
diVWM' shan =in W1".1 LithroNO a,
6sOd -WhiChahan IneetAhe: 113MINEM to '6f, IOU
ity -agjenffy a
Ire. a lip-L-2Qrg=zatlwm dowgMtOXI b1r'& 9&4 VMUf a. rmmmwwr
111601LLtim Of... .. -L -t- 3. 0 js 'Aat 'z
Ma te, or COM .1 -4- Mftmrfty
4JM6ajjQ&tedb thelDirector... ftcfietojb(ft Ing board which sh&WmeeL the ts Mi
JR (b).FA& board SUM Asul, IROMM
not imdre Ahm fifty-oae.-man b= *ad is bi so'c diaw *W
(1) One-thw of ther 11, Mr.- 4 the load xn46d44 WMAII i
... .. .... ...
OW: heitk 06&
J;itwes 9 WAML
MM to 'that ff &O- "m f 4ft reasonably avaRable and WMM'9 to serve is lea than aiw baka q = thm bea0b 61 41' I)III& IAC" MUY,'IW ObUIA45d'k M"tingj FE
hwt am
91gom. Wi& Aeivo = .0 *owdum AMA ViAht
amj* P Vf 4. flo
&=try AA h8k""r. -.0Z
+ T7
tw "C"Is WOO"
ION, N -7fit maore th" lip,
(0) Y&M IL Conmagoty ; if
0 ZOL 4...-A-49It M I Ir
646004 Mid tome
z4b CM

ch.. -Pard: ft.m to
low-_ Jor
Ity Wtw
use ood-* mA. 4)rgan,,mtiomnomposed of resi eiiiso iWe
't h a wwvyin Ian'PfM:i ."tmv components :the corhmulkiii action
4 4
WF4gak Pick. stabdsrds ,gor, -es Al- L
A" 4'.qum=i f.(which
4a fab4
Members*),!proft"tewas IM May
-Poo '46 Vbichuswsuh ect to, subwetio;
AFM lidev and

10 Jar
Oot Pj* gd, ,; any;,-each. bQ-Ard br,;Ai b*'T AMR, all
Wx cwa M which
Awl 'Ot,:*OibOatdp-,,lto':transaAW-,,the W&Ws.
tkM n*: bd. Jew. tbAn.:.60,:Lper" ..ofAhe

4al mdikh,: o6mm.xiai and refwemtnufilr
presimted MI I or
ev ageMy jg: 0*6jLnl4
RIP SP4 i9m, ItOr7fpo-Silions, to
,,,,A- =M4%nur ajft%,
001i i to's rove with
fibA6cW:APsiS4Anw.: under
'A' 0 A, t0'JUvOW *OM-00tence
04 )JOU
1.44%k4! Ldfttlo, dmigrod. to Paz,
Simi, -tit, q f-If
Id gag they

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ta& ,


,(kY-The: Mect(w sb* vaivwtW tb
'(b) & pVr# t'1t6,d619w '(2y* n dofi.,
SabbAth, Ds w" I"W obseii4 ai yar 4F"* zh& i0l"W"M
rosidetita Uk the Ma, 44V4
K 4. I -M f lot ** 4'T
A #ftM6kA be. C6 'M
Sze. 212. (a) In ordw to: earry outite
dinM.10taw a MAU", *dwinh t Sw e0*M bitV
icam programA.
fiS.- (birtAr or apph1daw iJSW k *
AA 11L
Sourew wl&h -vipay:, bqrmwd*in: Itfu IANA STN gnm, -wd fundw: un&w P-U- nw MA td:Which pubfie or pwaft % : .. .
ilk: UMrdMM-VV* twie
11 Jh
twmity gvm. A.-,ao-V'dM-Ht dew
*MPOW #40
I M2
'qu-bibettO dwim -----0 01
Overes powor .'spa*a6a* Ida&* -tud
indu& the pow -rW ini" -A.
ga ns covemig compbhmt tribute to 4ffkienay land... :ff= wwm::or Od""iw M
'b 1111ft low
abd J
Ability ho, a o=wanity sotift agrdm, 'St It 111 111
shafl have, subject to ihe Purpoeft of this tW U U6W

1.11k,31=9 .SYSUIALqc -w- 'i
W u actions d wel6pk infM"Oft
fttfti -.Of P(M. bfty in mr coaitnuba"41
Iow,, effectively assistanceltiba Ow "Ad *W hwe
problems and CaUSM3 and es a UOS
Se"ties ftd'are" 9Wti4*&d:f6r 4W Mae
of resources. . -10-10
En tiw
Owaqing IF
community actlxA r am tOE1 plan tor, 091e 61 No; Aj;'P O r
distancee lwai6bto 'M et" tus tftk Ot- on a
ef)MMoft or Coopoftfive bmi4; '
4 sigtance tor dipae agandek
bombium"',- agenevs AAdb 0* KIM
WoXtb iftw1f
Coll ca-don, Clos'Mg ser"ke
41- # 1, ik At- still
tud Ming M
-j, A orAgW&
gmms or iedvkies- fo
'41, "" 1 ,
_ph f6m
owl and

u. b mnd
y 1whiW: the
xeddents b(aceftied to WIUM& ter
ed "Ev heir
J 16 JL and prokpow3it iteadedi bmmW& and
wnuuu I& EMUM FIUNKW new-&dr: "a, b&sff ivaffid&
pivvAevourow joining letth ii1malmmo 1 16 lab* wd othw
.1,1d v W4 lum W the 4mi& MOU tilb,
TestAt in Ithi 4"fisbAl. Use Of ourm mind C&P1LbMfiw...'with &'view to such thinp as
uq w ampmyj mus uppurm"Infisiv sm invesiV
t' wM hav" a measuriaile.unpact in _m" Poverty
.7 a
a at" Ot 66diAlAimed poiefty, "and widbag '*Wbh iWdemu of thcoo wtiwi cm iWr 'mr te
sul 'i t 10 AL _W 'iolu vto =bf
_A8*. 2M JU&P. shall 4bow" and
at 4"OnS&
40660, abbeii" swbdsr& of
Mo.. "sure, so
fox. 77!f vowl ftted
of ".fidwsM: the &jmctiv6 Niff y!*Ad:*w: of dar -taint
ib *
rtdw*6:dK17P0u* this
Iftibs, totp
to .2"66k lumuUmg I ut tkot fituited to pubficb h at the
ML ibis
ie bddim- in
or mvblvm*g the. or
ARM. mftwjw w 46don %pney
2 to. S Iish tftv6l *od
as"" only

vmd*16 )3ebAof
Of I Action

P1 Poo, or

gob a
-A---rurvAl t, 4066i Theme "W4M*
jkpplicabilAy JOW,

*Ong th
the be&& of other FedwQ PARWW" et'' 1,
W-AWWtim W" -------- Mon
!M .... ....
Mas or rMoss' p WO&W -MW:1
pmorib" 4dT* Mv*;'.A 0, Vri
N". IT K .
&I it X tot

""N 4+ alum A

incaviduals. OrMstmtivet tawd fimnd*j:: ftnee ..... AW
families and indivX U 1%p and which 0
is rea

appr%)Eia* gem
ineut P 111 NO
of., andw:. exbtijug.l. VOMMM"M
but under w, eirawwtisj*a
or duO"to tbA, -longWtks, "their
gy 'SOO&A *0 A MA4 vader *1*OvHff'q( ws'"06M Abe 11 J* I


4 12i
so Oes 10 "MM th
Jwd, 64l'isti6n 6UPO U
f ''t -- .
.COMP(Mep ve ilk AhA


a IT (4

(f), or'-grants
II.,ILI 1111,411 2 a t4B -ent, udividuQ and family n bd in-4Lutrifibidklood, housing, and wantedd tance;
iia "ime P''O ksg 0_11
t6 ement of* S'
"' t in the 'ffalralf&e
er:pxib! d 'private th&ji b"Planni f6r the r4amlb J.I
.PUrPIM.0ro" i&&F this
#0 1 1 1 eTot I LtW0fid ina! ifias M A
&At$ tdfl 210, 4 wh44't" 00hihiujift ao
Vil 7, #oin
ro -W a
a elk ".Qw za*,tw,-nl MAV
pro ae We
& 649 'Carkyikk out the
isteil vfth:ih i I PUV
S Ons
god 6PL '.Ilto

jw4ws of:owWation and ible: duplication -prior to its
AA c sh-; require -a a COTV
V4 46 1 A W.
awment of t4qjUr 0 tbi$ We
41(red, ad t "is' 'bi sand tign




exis community so: agency,


he "-I
$w. (a) % ,otdw to %mama m4mm"Y t4
y CrWCA Jol" lot,
a number.9f on
lundoor 1%6 ou
wum 6=1bw
tivel' 46d thl )l i 6
cnnm skmaD ol
inolu to to r
o0d 4n. prom*' Tn- it h "Raj'
to prowmm *M& Vol ve
into or be. clsWy ooordimated with klrOke zo
tii e lloillllir ora 4 4
limits d thip of ?
ietb to
fictions 1016
istmtion, the lpsj rpmov,
,PH tie nonpont to MM -0
sucr ap"al program 04 lzkwnur
t he anal 46 44
"Ova TAP~
commumv wtion Aromml 1 ith a., bi
PM ammma cati6n &ud RMW". 4ffi w*ic* better mqUAw P *, ox ahd io Wo Pft
lun "Otidn
;4-4 low
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of $8,700iperzmun and (2), any Ophiant fo* I#Wvided ihall Uirw! to Mmmit at,
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other supportive. services m emergency casw; aud prQ9L%=..-ia4 aptivi" xi &r thkTjMgrVhJ34Adh e
*Dvided asJ ksup&ment twiw AMMiAAMe
DrOVIPMla dU-", oirun&.rAher Z' Isamu] M blreebwo..Aftbr Consulta6w with the U*6*11 bf tw
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the ar a and mernbars of the groups served dmH
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20 oent-M 10,111how Simm 'Vw t
with OU cater* -b* *0#
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fine im.whstau as, to Staft-Yor P*rP 0 npya' jin .
swtion,'tha Diroctor. U 66
-Burebuof the CensuaA ITW
Directoi.vheR inswe t for & SW yw, juw
for Owh Succeeding, year Ito io
undev section "I ("I Ielao
amount received for um witUh im" for *wr
such Swdow 4iurm- Jum 30, 19241ka
-- g' y4w
of xfiy'state's a3lo&miii which t1w Dh*itog a"needed may be re"otted, at such dates oil yy
An- !- .4 'k- -&1-- 0 A"
Uw flotmentso but with
Director mayuA, a" IM-Up""nu IW "M i
appropriate i4justments to mom AUV amount so made *4aUble
to any State W ezMw of itw mods is:
Other Stat,40*
--- '--2(b) The Diviotor =AY for tile
Iwo 60 mini
for tPecial VqPUM rdenvd to in mo may be...Made secordonee WM the uwmw;w
(a), or itway 1* made, in *ecordswevith determines wM assure an equitable diibribution of h
the relative incidence mewk Stedt of the wo& or problem 04-14 the program is direetad, except that in no oymt -UXOre,'' 2% yra be
per-centum'oftbefUA&fOrwM' ro 'J-d
(a) un w pv"ded id thii W0, 1 4= 'L 11
tended to a Of'ospa 'Swey
dons 2n2l 222(a ibr the end *
ezeeed 80 per oentumvf the
0 = I d 64
activities with r"Mt to fu ism
costs With rwPe4' to %"t Y*Ar tam Of Swh to"S V"' Tftpj to fi*
Suhnay of $w ow,& J fti SU MM"I fpaqis
75: w, eentwn'af eush:bosW with 4 '.' 1 11 not exceed." w o"IA-EM 4( The Diree
POWs of tI& ti :NO]*-FOde* Pur We*
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in, such $tstolpuftu antt I -a *su&. motions meets the-per centum
I this Sub
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unlospVie Virectqr S*USAV& (1) that the lffV-L
Alsto be* vided undersuch proqum wiU bein addid to
not M Kub titutioafior, ""I).revwusly licovided without Federal asdstaAce, 94d (2) that funds or other resources devoted to programs
4 to oet tiwoems of tlw Poor, wkhiht& tommunit Wal flpt triNti. d'.
jii loijor to fwv ide'aAy Con dfts, *qtr e trader
*MTWL^I6etiM (e). -;IU,,t*qifirerk&t iha.PoM- by le 'preoedcag sentence shofirbe subjea to kh, rogulatiow Wthel Direetor-may, adopvtiuid POMIUINW a"- obj&tivei criteria, for doarminatidns covering
4. ki il"ll-.WhOre% st.rieA apphcation of th.4 requiretneitt would res*lt
pwy beiUCAMMAMtwith the Ourp6se
: 'Mllnk =IWWOF ulkiwed. k
06 Diredkkbfin e into.cobArActs
or eitioiA.
isAistanAte for thd'oporalhn 'ex g peAsim of' irogralms lity-b sed j4j s arA pl ........ of -amzitibn&,tO
id. Anctlpiof6wioriii Srei turalaiio-.Telated
*,til* to hjp hborhood UpffiOes, trw oyfati&
dm)uuuit* pown etolopinent. to Persons,
ittiolls 0 PS not 0 kv r Oqu the nw able to a0bril:
Sa fi ''Am 8hO b6 M ith use
PrOIR cbndi6qt wi pamm
pmfessionaland c ;mmuxxity per onnel,:Iii this seotibn, the' DIrector Wffoia
.,Ok rV qv*' ty*rea'; ithsubsii id'ardan al' I
64, .aud generaRy Y te&
gurvicx* to be provW&d by a ch.,90shO
*t r i4nTx

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bold of Au9h

ca ID&O"
-d.. d&diOoAunder%.FA Manz
few for arekitecturAl or Other ServIleffi.

authorize to ma
Tha-Directer ia -amam-441110 a
neea3siwy to continue pilot or demons Ax- 4-kojaoik! effectiveness, of the t4w doictibed ift this-860"m RTWMR under section, 232 0 Axt-durimig this 49cil yftr Jim"
111 227. W:- in tF!Pre"..
fitness JasUva Oomfkbd" f)
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"'tie, and s NWM. ib P 106wrvie" Onclu h*040tionw-OMOWSOU
*U8%. job awli Awth wkd N Amd
Opp". tu M- M"On I I R . mm" anw* edwation) through.'rWar4800M and, OWeteaaad 4Qposuwt in 10"SO&
othei re'ereafionaff the DineW th&U'
I ma i
intocontracts for the conduct of an annUal aaflonaryou* Pr%"m coAmMabs"d Ingm "hdmad
ae6vities t rouOqUt the o is 1W
m jwj
H wia a inral "14 urt PQ'V
uc -6 ati(fti and edu kfional
'h 1 &0 ba6tru
saWto arti olo m such 001a ti
asastance moy be
.(b). No. PrIG-114AW jmdd MIS "CUO.
amuranogs, we iecdv6d tha '(1) not law 1 b of the youths porticipatiug In Wh prbgmm to U
section are fkobi families vnth inebm" WOW, deteadhed by t'ho Directorp and such
othor nei ib4d resid private c6nmunity acOon 0
on m ~ AM pi asadd
c ant 4gmtnts 6f fh low-meome served will be served on an itab ba* m. youthi Ond Ingiruki0fild 0- support
under wtion s uW
tarlhZou 1grg. 'nts oiKcoiitk6ti-*itjt Lof

wWch he.shall rese Fakeksuch tor Om A-- -A t
*IthA pait!Fiptic rs;tuefti: Ot U
r =ations setive im the 11eld sh $4w
Dre 0 -don
e pr6gram PrIC
r6ash 'or f6- EhA) of-nQjeas 4z, 20'gea (
nbcessary'U Carq out. the j*griim. 2w," te subcontract sha Joel Jo p Visiona f es, 0 4,
An Mm 6pofto, d,


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MIN: "n
"reqWRO" JOeictievi kV f ft section;
n' i1b) oAtractor azid ms 5, 6 6r
Ic titudons'. educa,7
j. fim or Other qu*Wed tkv in the field located
TV: con"veniebtly such areas of ip'over y andthe students and peri') kftmbd .-Of -BiClAmfitatiottirovo mizi603116 Utiie.k *6 fieM Ao
POU" ta ma* fally in: law k y fifeand in,:: solutiom "Of
teo problems; and
leffet1mg te vpolifan ft tiri of.Ahe'.Vickked"Btates and
vitbinthe Am lamd
enteriutQ epntraets provi e- lor
M"t) UK
iafY-and coWrative P7M pro
"AW t4b&;r-y 0" e0sAW aBS4 Aitd jwpwde
'04 Pr
7a 'WROM., to. tor to IMPIP TO oodp
T4f !A a Serv
e 614Y or are4it At rea.-.s
p Or
-41 Wnsupw
low-invme persons ; .ti respPO, fq v W '4VA w'' lem th
49Ut 'thwoo 'y *6494,80My

mianqq* Whate
v aim are

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-which Ae 6 vita pertains to the




Sw, 221. (4) luimreeter. may Prom Imiskum tate
tedl, lofth 16wi E to go" tho"
in -no- -8
agenciesxA.l NA41) to palMe te6niia am" t4uCe to W IOW
12MOMEN3 4ev4opio& pu varrymg out:: -77
title to aepistinowdimtwig Stam activities A i4 1. 0 t6.: Joe
to. advin and assist the Director in dev
lp Q tion rVSgl4 ace
and M rams to promote ,tbe ci dr top
-let Xv
grlt7j*, ma uii tit
agmabs lh A i U;
(4): to assist, iew tkk the, I
tuni Cousul mt&bHW'by seir. i0i 6 abd
.4,otar Foderal iden
0 0 tridive
-Y, or t WL
We State. YOM *'C00rdm*Oddn of
and dd*elopipg..
In gihy- ttuno
151ba Oft AA1; O&M
91 ereAda W. Add*i"
or wordinaw by the a A AWd p4*iAt
do** ped iihdl V ot'WhichlAve Men e 0
Of th i Apncies.
(c) In order to prMote:::b6& ik M4, the vie bf
A4 and fods 'dedbr" 'Wb &*U,
e n ur ikw.-agl *wents* ZEstoft 60
W& '010y -WiH I" is 9 agents of the w todd tiol VjA4"" VkicwA
agai tauce to eo OMW4 t&lfloi)
*ith i;p6e&I *ts* the COTMon or joint use of State fuucra un4or
d) 'If anje *66bibeP of, o'. DOArd t6 vWh b16 fileg "an h", I "o th DisAor
wssistanclil un&6 tMs wfilonis 'ia bt bbw Sis Ac ,, tw'any r Dire(-for ithdbr, tbii 'Aetl 'thq,* .*uch'Allepfi6ft* aiid shqR- consider, it; it ind consideration he- : i!&ds 'teMon,&Sle legat, e Of
wns are. trupb- sh&U hold he
wbich bA M &tr ihwib t6at ;= f
t -L
*i a; tl %C. the allo iops U)* a
reasonable o t y t 0 )1.1 % to
prf tod -41 4eul
ade, t(y 4 "Pmev has
un4r, s lj lbA

t 130


fiiorlitIte6ng thb-...PUrPJDS6SJ(,),!: e J-1 "'wilk, I I
or proiiae Pero.
ti govern "apfto-,,
tA p Af oWttv -a
6on projwti #6il the res6u&
aTII iiiider this isot fedh. Spec*q
PU i0an a-Mbject wo"
to Wa ed and
ev Priorities among such objectiy es. In formulating
*o1q, 6*R,- result 4kbotb#r,:.NdeM,
the A av viol Vencies fd
VV.W, OSeOf 'li 6
the pui'p Ose minj iiing du I ca on jJar activities or
iih t% or'.Iho' fi6hn any
ffiidi nulUbg
jectsr aty. Aw, incorporated, int&t c" 6km6rePro-.
't 46f th
080 oftsiblejAs POr -e snnu al'
rw"t r"if-h-ed -by Zzn'. parAW &An ual'r6 6;kt the,
Mentor *all Skibioitl a AweApOw.- for each f6c al. Year. bf t&,,cSt& ent: p4a ybqiiwedb Ah6 *eUdn 6,etivitl i 64bject totfiJB "ka 6nd 6f
de]iv d froni togeth A dt"eidient
b4o nj#jM& M *hich
tga how
(c) If4more thanT5 per centum of the ums Appropriated'bri 0" loftlte& jwsii Y4 Us*d lot es
y,&w 3S&-swthis titiowal.'b'& the ft
'Oft -sums so A wtypiioe. ok all.66ated'...11
w4w iiqW On e;thir& of thir Pf d
4,.* nallicold or laiathorize
ect undor this s6efibh sliall''be t44)rAwftOMtr,%ti6 proi Aifical I
A_ i At y# taimt or other major, pa svbdivi4,6h,:
(sirthpropmed, piloiloi d6mohAft tge
OrlIf thew a6, s&h 01614ftal' V
Us iLot b*an dis O*Odby j4peft Y1 b6f
body, As the iwse ot '01via 1 7, hu:by the hini Ow Stth thoi ansiaWinfortheran' of the.:Pw bf titlw
i iditarry dilt
ne. UY &vejop nb w
ticad ipts or (4) axe, des' d to encourage We Q (r,
-Tan)s undV7 'tie.
W t1*610
6** Of "Irok
f VO: 14
AA i? U "d &VI Oifil ic
;r ;;ilttli hkder: lihe
D' P j t-,"

*VV WW,,*r vmvlli k agewiks wInkh" an des*w&
-,Jr a d t (4.1 7


I cam iddivi whoize-iog"
oiberripregrwM: imdwAbis iwaAfn -ML --secti6n, the Director shall sivip sP&mLV'
vdwAo not re&" lo*-in wow aW whb, ww bei
swmdby4thjir i_.' Undow wii ti,* 4
i 150 03
.. ... *A ll ti
S3 D-b*o4or uw vide f
pro weatlel:
funds d*Aed t4q* e&M out tbiw section W UMFOINAM4 r"40.i
a1pno" or: pubbe Ot.. PCiVM# '"refic sirtion 21.0 for Pro-grapo, **h(jfi$46& eoongtor oppgrtuility oMce% for roww"
0,21 Ka. VQX MWJIWWI :
action.'agww 0 PUTOGant to twali"O&JUAY
U . .... ... ..
for now programp..or'to....... ROAL"Ming vrograws SUA
-exceed, 50 60t OfA MW W MIA
(b MNUg.. N. aad 644.'. fun& mppb ad vader Ab& 9*diq*) I
Shall lie ocash: 4wd pbolli 6 reprewat State': .-Io4wa kifixtivisi jiW :) ob)jg4t*d wUWn tho"Pr0io"s yw :to o(
ported activity; and no shall 1 4 approved
under:," seetim oblew 4 h sJDke"I.Sad" i WhIMM
"U U'ft. a&
activities be qOW out uudwAU& Md-rxpt i" t, im: SOU
Fedwia-: &9&tanoe 0) tbat UmAs or Otheritew, gTa= demo as
4M44 to Meetrtba 4066 Of the P WIWI
IkLM, 4X'Stite wI#,wtb#::-d1"1mini*6d ititarder to vi&
A.'L I*Akft 1 4 4*
tions re"Ouired,6d4lMs m*,6 The kt imqw"
preoding smtew I)ii..Isubj-84 tID BUC tww AV,
tor may adopt aW, pron%*ate Labbsbijil ab
deWmizL4fiojiseovermgsitu&tio= wiwm a IoWa --M
requirement wodd.:"Wt in lary hamah, or
ux aasis nt.with tba purpoew.sought "46
-W, The PQtOVMOnS..OUWAa'ou .2,42 4&*W;AAt &&J] itWkpM*q* i U amis-tano w1midedundor4bn* sesbm
1NT*1WOVRjR""NTAjr,.::: 4ipftb"T OOUNAM a 11 09 V1-rW M
$zq.- 2 There. Up,. estab Wi Offu
-a"titm an' In*OV
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QW UM1 Sorvic raierrw
a Coo i,44'
URC be CQ'
d) a

ad pas hkh rej'Xeaw*, Oxgi Csft
sm eq li;ll 'WOU 1, ind P
ommendatioil7s made b the Nation' M
-it vern Nii mze' ted $Otes Confww" o0ftyms 19ALtional AwociaWm -of I=,, Itims and si
I k 414miir

01 W .UeAppemted from, among reprewntaon ncies and other granteesunder this :.tiv Of commmity Wfi 4ge 41
9 And bes
taomft-sis'slur conofthe

0"';' 4ik uT uMmo AAW-be appoWmd from g *Pregeh"
.A A"* s 40f Wlor,: hith h"edemivWeft 4w- mwmiinit y,*' ILaimi 4Ad- atitip"erty Al couTW theJorbufiwiW eoflih3%Adtyp*r th& Agreejd) 40 ship
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T.(2) i iW 016, subiUnte, df suc 111M OVA 'Ry,
SUA agreism-16ntw hi-in-eeting the

(4) vmdfdctou continuing survey throughout the Njition on the d pn.'Mte
0 m
kbIoIbr4uebL:.: "tivi ties an(f,
"don A6
196113 ,T*w ."Md, AheCbn9Tef% peot W W3
-tweh rkwinwenifitiorg. for
J84d) 7Aw,,-Dire6tondwdI, dod thei-Coftudl-vith Vftihi- j]jf6rm'&tjOu

this section anA sh&bfuraLAi-d*CauveW*vM bf. all. IVS*t' 001 KIfiu, *6a: idsi3rso4zOmi X
1-14: Af t isr. .7.4.
*IVA, Wtho4we(] tojowapproP&MAmpt to' b=Md

&MPURWheused, in wW qwfitawtv
I Arid s -qItq6Iw r P)r t S
two proW U01" the
10 ce to... programs
e adA. Tb e other U

rd Iwjuwa'iAu 14414M.:') LAVAC:q


(&)Jn' *on* ty Vadw thi& At* the.
shal takelpAgepwy OOPS W fur*W t6 IM XPUZIMUVWN "aAealsvi rural Vith tbwwtomt M& "Mity *overt
aniong mral raddents, and to swwap higk hmiwd W and
dMIC&I commtepoe M Progmmq oudaUk4fti in Them
Stef*,Ao 666", W, th m ipp a qt under..wti 0. 'PAw#CUWV- to
spe ial needs of rurd areas- esiFAbyis M umill:, W W
Ot iwmjM
section: 2329 of a program and PC Kk &4UTMOS
*b#* fbmmd'upm the pm km of peffedy;' (a) tho
Sion of't6chnical assistance so as to affolza'priority t ) W40MAINAMAW In rural &A I tq., ,, Wi tbKft Agenual itlwou& nangementa w be oppro tei t% owuniftmom MEW
pria =)der od=
J6XMIIPNII= Ve related tg> Wt w" em"Wt to W-qy
u in. rural.. &r"$; ^2& (4) the or
fied wv edures, forms, eli6ms' modil
pro W fe! we in, Xrew::
efitai*, d At an
The Dim, ter eds"d
eqWi4ble Amftlibution of "Ostance wder ti& wfthi6 tbe $tites
W in* aress. In 4ev4oping such Ob AD
Consider the relative numt*r in the Swm or Mas th alf.
-101, ( ^%
,2) -. .J .A
low4neome famOv ,,pwrtieulwV those with %"A ) N IND L0
perso pwwx p "'Vms"'Msk or other wdstswAW iiib&
from ]PUbualmeno" or PnTaU.Qrg#Wza'4OW;'
(5) atfults with less than &a (4,deOM& rejected for mukary.SOMCe; aMA a*fin
compared to *e living m PkM uift46a
by e lv*teit, Of, the Bureau'of ibe OensoiL
(c) Notwithst"MmLy F)Other Pr"Mon 44
is authorized to _;;;le Mancial assistance in roul 4"" to Policor Private noiwofit agepoies for, 807 t 'for which Py hai itis' not
community action agencies M authorized,. rhii'&terx ai s Mtsist"ge to feuible to estabbih & ommn-iftnity action Arefty *ifti- Ii, b, period of time. IU assigtaaeb so, i mnW iiohs:Ag the Director deem U't& 'tMoW adhfteftoI540 At
purYoses of thi& tkk And tbeplup P.
f: J '' I._ f, t
:. I ..
action !gency.m Arts:
(d)::.' he Director sh&U encourap the d LMS
for the interchange of. per9oftnPL hit the related projects, and other methods of cwp et lur an
'M ps rti Ar''
and. rural e6m '&s7- "th 'MAr oper ,fiop in, *"tia a t
P es airid tm wea woq:
UOns of an

442. In f
-1- eQ, A- _2 "A"
State or'
16r."x M on e
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posed COUtraCtl agreement, gr

bimftl'", to, th&! i4!66iW the ft& knd: h
su an h4s not be6n
dbveitnoi vidlihiii thirty-4 ....'such submission,
-if, digappolvedy has bomf6cmisidered, by DI tor And found
-to bo fuRy cow6stentviththe provisiop4 aiid in fw therance
the:purpoM of this titW. Fut&,to Ilh6'bbsts of proposed
11 w A as 'h& be obfi aI
ig ddrftnt st, the tfine'the -plan is sub item4a Qovettwr Tbis'-sea4an shaUA(Ailowever, tipply to conacts, agreementss grahts,,1o&i%'or othe&:4.ssistame to any Imfit'i"WRM existence on the date of the approval of this
4 ,JI V V
SEc. 243. No-funds shalT bb released'to I apno 1 9'
n 0 the D1a4fatelilent Cotfityingthat the as* m** i ted agency and'. itA.
(i*,subQmtr*tWm for. ptwformarim of mN or, rrtion
aj*Uftd fpvtWatO have estiblishod, wi
4* 66A th6 acc
1C'6V" 4&& 114W uracy
of h*'actoufmfing era*ing'
protaoW Op *ffidiency
AC th i im 't s and
hi, hi op on P9 de
ands wootinting ,rEi events as
-f.'.-- Aktaiiiftt' U furmished"by a f ,dW, S6 d pu-bhk a0606 tant or 4&6 46t 11 a Ubfip, 4gp4idy, the a. fisto fbnW f inaiicial'bfficer p & *dq*#dd
OV fia.OcW gerv*es to
w thr66 Idith lot Etailt too or
1_" A-L I _VX age
W'Lch_ With ney, njrector
ON& 6V fttM Wbia. baideiv *0imih*ky sludlt'survq to'tevi6w
gal,4em maditIl con11222AWOU thWe*W&, t6 matt 14he Mandar& get f 6rth: fn the Mkirid t6UfsA)UoM46n (0.- N4& I fly after Oobompletion mome DViWr hAAtevtl vnpCho baAs of fiti, gs
A606 41tWAth*ey* w4etW flit, iebounting &ygteras
al; _k& __ d, if mt)t., wbethet to susV*1*4ew"U*d. 6446tbf the &I ed

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4% io Oijqji i& e"nt of
11. I the *Mtr d::b
rm, s y
GS, o '41 h% f41,436ultra i jWl eff ct, or wbich
a ""Ootance.
bntk 1hW take

26-371 b is 7



ACCOU* ObWt)r Ppd 4he o4aOiV Om%"WVWL4b9$Vf)
Pre (rams aaawod *V&r $40 n"d L
.and action A*Jnc1ud& (Oqum U-New 00" 10 "o" qj..eXP 4urs . . . .. .....
Jim 111 11)
IL rmate
MWOO.. M line 1"1% ,ujWer tbia4flat frovwql N
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Szc. 244. The wm spel". ta,,"
to progrfin* muder tMom KA -51
Fin 1. 1 tmoo.. undim W8,401W isow&
Prp 0 age an=
for a NOW
4-00 0004 .-
SWA#N^.n agency AMR"
.90-ve-raing boaidi ot qommitte%'As jppropnit* to, wows 4a4.
Muna fevsiblo rticilmum at uwmbm. of
of: ares.w.-Servu: aC,6wda4CO woh t4ol"IrPOSW tw .ft D"iW
to provide reiio OksctuAi d
ineetinp- buOhose
.uncw (or
not !Om"dW pay. &11vwuw^,iu t4e of,
a Reder ii
eMP10j", 40
Of a r2-mekift vs Ab OwCmm21kAbj&
Auy individ
mont4. aw I
#V M. ,t
(2) The. Diwt,41, How .*Now
t4ot : p- em
ti m Ulm
title is compe sted from. fuR&,K
ms V404 OAM4
$10,000 per 04U tbAt4uy a
A rute m exom$15,004, per"
40tumiAeg whether the
covering, firtkulaxly, *A
I.Ale boqawq- of, UA neeA- 13spec. ''I
T -.7 W
vw*ng 1o4j4,sQuU1qv.e1 jpp4p t ak
gm,80Y MV. w, pr. AM.. effeq la
w 40w,w
Con-siste e purpow so.ugh
ont with th, t to, 1) aelai
W, uw I., th9 QW.4-04
'Isha4serve,.aa -- 4
PYOU Ogeluey UrVIM91 w9ra t.. CoMwAii ith Pr
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qw tio
Luy n
t 44 1 # ;:i up. !4Y

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ST -

y teria 44 i6figriffityI or W SUtgniee U6derIffis -title Vbkh h ave- beeii: "estiobfishedly 'Assisiid, 69e;1cY1-_1"1o4ho d6ske MA ,infem&.'
flon is fistanc 2, sup'li! Tht Difector shall require, in con- -% A .
e 'wtht 'M
M adi vn OArry- Such" fthfilla. -a" ce; UiLV4. .
I --no indivift4*M' &d with any information,
loedical supervision br Etp ies whichthat *individual *dicates are4wShMktbn%, d& -.bib4 he'-n1 philosophical, or
eakio elieN and
(B), no indivI&M ro4i&d *ith medical superZy
?r SU a. Vo t d
Pe ux#ess he jcuF,.P1te A" oix or,
5er'VICe's ti e
e r'O ihefecelpt of services 60M or particii atibn M t wider this Aet
anyi 0.. er VTP
e" kll,:b extended under this title No Jlna=4 --bFCM
104- V
Pr. Tiit Oki., VO
At 4@t'VK"
4-OP0 Plinitr "f cpnt es, apd,
ti UrIng ,&re,M Jh lor heliprijoary
at assistance loxtended, kmder this
_tff-MUPe theicoqu of
'is 6
Of th Vr 4MIS OSOBIbed C91, Abe IS11 0 Otany COMEWNtly
t9bal.,, Mwl bulu The
J0. '006ta shl+, PiogrAWS
Ir after consultsition with the Director 'of the Bui mw of
oxWiAh *it"i*1or die. ininop
"Oe t4* cm su prcgraxns, In any case JA th-e04 r1al er sue programs ,ing kut-bi IM ,Rot6ntu=,,'of su6h tot.aJ costs
ao" or, ow Action 4gend ot-4,
The Director may 49 19T specific IL

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ti 71
ff-1PWV*'A%01r XUV xfjuvv.;wz- MUOU U LW U tj U1 JUU t 5 1 WE :1 . . . . .
Ps tide during the fimal Year June 30y I
WwwN md "DbeeW ed the Ofikm of Mawxment and Budset".


sWx*edjqg fw.&I yms. For each su& fise TMr Avon MAV
be &Woo Wmrw
&ted sa the Ooj*rw w&y,
IXAMAL ARNO .. .. ......
......... x a
jZj;)jff][= PIC
-S IM: IM' of this art
Pu we
AIft I R Aa
needs of low-wome nLr anAi to!- assist in mang main n* z %elk con"
Ir&iiii 2P IPA3Man
-ThA DfiwAoi is I outhorind to
znwdniu h waut*-y of 15 9M 40t an
r%%U-P-=tiP&Uwebteda6w of mom *M, A&
to any low come ru;al fami1v whewe,, in thA ju Of Ofth- 1oAns%,SVeAL
N0918ein the "in of such Aunumi wffl cmfwib ute fw lr IMWOVsmentf of, Ar"
tion by &misting: Dermittibr Ux" to 0 1A..
F T .
prove relar
acquire or estate or reduce Oulcum
te or improve the 0 "tioa ON OM fazia#y dzed inclu but notlGits& W-Ahe fertilizer'li'vestock p6altry, Ghd
,C) .Partid A tiv *hiah..wW6n6b1e
'M 0 : ? I .... 11A their COM
-(b) Loam %iider :this edition sh-11 be'mA& &b&vVio
quali*4 ..;abtWn sock by- kmw,==
'4-0# JU AJsxc-, 30a.- 71W Dirw4or is, awtbadzed to M
tive associaaons f P
An wx y1ces, -64P -JaMwgs xodo

'3 N
this 'at t ujAew the eCtor det =t
e providing of su&'i 'wM ha 6QY P WKS mrt, a4d,
hi OJ6
SEc. 305. loons PU hfi-d 303 sh*# 4"
;If 4JO F P"
71 T,