Panama Canal Museum Collection


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Panama Canal Museum Collection
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Mixed Material
Marcetti, Thomas
George A. Smathers Libraries
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Gainesville, FL
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Infographic statistics for 2012 - March 2014

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Grand Reading Room Open to public Where artifacts and rare books can be studied Where some PCMC materials can be accessed by request Where PCMC objects are stored Panama Canal Museum Collection 1 Look for duplicates in Collection 2 Assign, ax accession number 3 Create object record in database 4 Research object 5 Populate metadata and subjects 6 Measure item for housing 7 Place in archival housing 8 Write accession number on housing 9 Place in archival box or le 10 Log object location in database Amherst College Black Studies 452 / English 474 Panama Silver, Asian Gold Migration, Money, and the Making of Modern Caribbean Literature University of Florida LIT 623 Panama Silver, Asian Gold: Migration, Money, and the Making of the Modern Caribbean ARH 6836 Museum Studies Exhibition Seminar University of Miami ENG 360/AAS390 Panama Silver, Asian Gold: Migration, Money, and the Making of Modern Caribbean Literature Volunteers 2,184 hours spent by volunteers processing the Collection (October 2012-June 2014) 36 volunteers and have worked on the Collection (October 2012 June 2014) 79 hours spent training volunteers (October 2012-June 2014) Obj ects 16,478 + objects in the Collection 7,000 + are photographs Collection Usage University courses that use resources from the PCMC Processing and storage Climate controlled Active, changing, re-organizing Processing space for students and volunteers Open to public or researchers Exhibits Showcasing collection Dedicated case in Room 100 Sometimes online component 12 Centennial exhibits Permanent LACC Reading Room Open to public Used by researchers, students Books A museum Dedicated to PCMC What does it take to accession an object into the Collection? 2.5 hours Average time to accession a single object 4 interns