Foot-operated punch


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Foot-operated punch
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Bradley, W. G
Berndt, O. E
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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The equipment herein described is a foot-operated device for punching out discs of paper or other thin material. It was designed for stamping discs from sheets of paraffin paper on which egg masses of the European corn borer had been laid.
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"July 1941."
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by W.G. Bradley and O.E. Berndt.

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l.;:':. "RY

ET-175 July 1941

United States Dei:a -i' eiat of Agriculture
Bureau of Entomolc-y and Plant Quarantinc


By W. G. BC.-.-'ley and O. E. Eerndt,
Division of Ce.r:;-c and Fora.-e insect investigations

The equipment herein de:crbd is c foo.--operte d or
punch:; g out disc r othr
at the Euro :. corn borer 'research ) oao Tolo Ohio for
stiamp:,.:g J:':,cs fro sheets. of ai'fin er or which egg masses
of the Europan corn borer een laid leering t.e size
and shape of the soud be useful for o r poses.

The 'le built ab ps 72" x
30". It is lare o ony for e prs f _rt. the
work be':-,, ..,.C. but io hold ac q .. a .a erial
and to provi' wo y o a cod o. atr vho handles
the staop-d-out discs.

The surface over which ai eets are moved mea-
sures 39" x 12" and is inclined at a nge to facilitate
observation of the -. sse and for Case i handle the work.

The table stands 2,", hi, ad s oted o a framework
made of 1" angle iron 1" x 1 x joints of which are welded.
C.,, l iro -i d .

Since (for the work for wic the corn borer egg :ses are
utilized) it is necessary that the paper be mounted on pins
for attachment to corn ts a r s provided coi s _
of a strip of cheesecloth 3-3/4" ed o bo ees and
actuated b, a hand-operated crank and cylinder mvin as an endless
belt throuj.i- a groove 4" wide This J c.. be s 3rted
throui hc,'it half its outward t ..verse d s rec e "
As oil r ci sbispse
copper screen, which supports the disc _i a pi b pushed

Ti-.e details of the punching mechanism are shown Ii figure i,
which is drawn to scale.

The stri-ping member (fig 1-\) of the punch consists of a
30" pi ece of cha_:,. '1 iron, 2" x 1" x This is welde o the-
bolster member (fig. 1-B) throughout 11 inches of its l-:-.:th, leav-
ing a spaze (fig. 1-?') 1/4" wide and 7" long at its lower end


-':'_ugh which the wo:-l is moved. In order to obtain the nec-:sary
etrem r idity of the bolster, it is made of T-iron, 2" x -"x -X
Deai.s of the foot-,perated treadle (fig. 1-L) and the spri.c re-
turn mec,-:. (fig. 1-H)- are shown in tI-, diagram.

Accu-.-te r iil.;.-. of the shearing punch (fig. l-J) .- its
die is essential for forming clean-cut discs. PFi.,--e 2 shows the
machine .:: '.j for operation.

In uing -te , the operator mo"',: the sheet over the
inclined rt of the -ble through the slot until an is
centered ove -.e -aring p.o"ch. T.- posi- ionr is de&e .ed .y
io,:b _:.. hro: the die, the egg masses, which are lai on Y._ J
one ourface of he ,- per, being on the ii-:-r surface ..... the
punchig o, aion :: visible to the .-,-.rator en '- tr'; e
is the. .. .re the disc with it. attached :..mass is t out
and forced an. rd, and is removed with tweezer- Jrc.i the "..p of
the she-'. ch and placed on the conveyor. A tally (fj-,. 1-C),
fast-_eed to the ,i-._r end of the T-iron and actuatet3 as sh.- j. in the
dirram, ke. count of the number of e-. masses pu:-.cccJ out.

The use of this device greatly increased the output of
pinned discs. .',-rec operators, one punch,,:,r out the discs, and
the others pinning Ihcr;., can produce 10,000 pin!,,ed discs ;:,.r :'ay.

gure 19--Diauam showing @peratng mooe@num of fot-O.per ,od
punohl A, Otrppor. 8, Uoletz, C, T3ally. D, Lovor
opematng tlly, Punwh lever. F# Piach levem pivoa.
0, Blattd lever guide. H, Meumn @pring. I, lhlokle.
Jp Gbeowtng r un h. 1, Blot through which work to moved.
Li# Tr@adl@. X; Tre@d@ omecLting rods

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Figure 2.--Foot-operated punch for cutting out egg masses of the

European corn borer on discs of waxed paper.


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