Title 7--Agriculture, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 301--Domestic Quarantine Notices


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Title 7--Agriculture, Chapter III--Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine, Part 301--Domestic Quarantine Notices white-fringed beetle administrative instructions modified : treatments authorized
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White-fringed beetle administrative instructions modified treatments authorized
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- United States   ( lcsh )
White-fringed beetles -- Control -- United States   ( lcsh )
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"Effective January 9, 1942."

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L,, 509firh 3iso ffective Januar'y 9, 194+2

Int or n Re.cent invest .Mat ionai work has ahown that it
isPosiletodestroy all stages o-hewite'4ringed beetles (Pantomorus
W"'h ethr crbn dsuphide or methyl bromide applied as
1 iqidp poviedth temperatr of the soil is suf ficiantly igh and~ the
pat-odof xpsur islon eoug. Te amiistrative instructions in this
dii~lar spcifing~he arius uthrized mthods of treatmesnt-of plants in'~ ~ ~ ~ sol-adorefore~herby revised by authorizing
the~~~~~~ abv ramn o olpots* plungin~g beds, and potting soil (see

Alltretmets ppl tothe vaiou species of white-ffringed beetles.

This~~~~~ ciclrspree l ntructions in Circutlars B. E. P& Q
496 4qj ndpreios is"6sof 503Adinstrativ istructions Treatments authorized.
Fur~rr t totettomnlh.hief of the Birexi of Zntomoio., gy~nd lan Quratin by paragraph (a) of 30172-5 Ihater III, Tit'le 7,
:00d b Vaera Realaion [Rguatio 5 of-gotice of Qur~a_,-tiaie Nto 72 on b ie the followi-nx methods of treatment re'erey athoize efectveJanay 9, 194~2, w-Ten carried~out, under the supervision~ ofa-&toie inspector of the. Uhitod States Department. of

(a)t Plant inp1ots or~pri4 inW.bls
Metyl s=ead fuiair in ate atmogation chaubr toe at a

(ii Suh umiaton shl Ip3, &nly'to those plants ini 3-inch pots or ~ ~ ~ ~ I salrorisolblsnt gxter than 3 inches- in diameter when
al cer ~han3 iche "ifnotsphrica, c.dthe plants shall
be taced n 'ack co tat-thegasmitur ca hae, ccss to all sides

(iv) Ahe odt pt
of methyl bromiiide !i shall be volatilized tt ai the air-gas mixture shl b icuaedb-easofafn-ralodi(ruhotth nir)i o hou fumi o pe
(v) .... w

i n. ...... ................ .... ....
.. ..
une ata acu qiaettoetlat2- ineio mecr ms e

don wit a oaeo onso ehlbrmd pr1.0 ui eto

(a) In Oreans Parish, including the ci ty of New Orleans, Saint
rnarPa rish, and regulated parts of Jefferson and Plaquemines Parishes,
,, the treatment shall be applied only to plants in soil balls not greater an 7 inches in diam eter, nor greater than 7 inches in thickness when not
prical. After the required dosage has been applied, the soil balls shall
ai embedded in the sand for a period of 8 hours. The temperature of eoil balls during the treatment shall not- be lower than 650 F.

(b) In all regulated areas other than Orleans Parish, including the by ofNew Orleans, Saint Bernard Parish, and regulated parts of Jefferson d Plaquemines Parishes, La., the treatment ,hall be applied to soil balls t greater than 8 inches in diameter nor gr..-ter than 6 inches in thicks when not spheri-al. After the required Cosage has been applied, the Sballs shall remain embdded in the sand 'or a period of 6 hours. The perature of the soil bals during the treatment shall not be lower than

(b) Potting soil.

(1) Carbon disulhide umigption. (i) Potting soil shall be treated
ina container with carbon dislphide at a dcsage of 2 pounds per cubic yard soil for a period of 48 hours.

(ii) The grade of carbon disulphide shall be comparable to U. S. P.
e having a specific gravty of 1.25 at 6go F,

(iii) The container vaall be tight, p:. ferably lined with sheet
al., and shall have a tight cover or be covered with a tarpaulin immedielafter the fumigant is applied. The container shall not be more than 36inches deep.

(iv) The soil shall be friable, and wet soil shall not be treated this method. The famig= t shall be applied to the soil in holes 3 che deep, the dosag to be evenly divided among holes 1 foot apart over
Surface of the soil, and the fumigant shall be covered with soil as son as it is applied.

(v) The teperature of the soil shall not be lower than 400 F. dur g the entire time of treatment.

(vi) The condition of the soil and th apparatus used and the
thod of application of the fumigant must me t with the approval of an theorized inspector of the United States Department of Agriculture.

(2) Methyl bromide fumigation. (i) Potting soil must be treated in container with methyl bromide in a dosage of 40 cubic centimeters of thyl bromide per cubic yard of soil for a period of 48 hours.

(ii) The sides, bottom, and seams of the container shall be tight, eferably lined with sheet metal, ad shall have a tight cover or be vered with a trpuin immediately after the fumigant is applied.

(iii) The temperature of the soil shall not be lower than 400 7 dring the entire time of tr.3atment.

pipes a The odton oftesifn h pprtsue'nd"h

methodo appeto b oid e n mgant mus metthhproaif''n

(3) Het roamide, (i) Lv tem unde prsueo40pud

ipesto at the rte of the seilizigbxolrctod otiigt
tperatsure f of ol F.fce

(ii) Th t g it shll nob e orce off, ic ie, efrtd

sendto aidit which may beeam isnininoduied*
aboie 6 ~The solayet fsi in thet stee4frilzn bo hl otb oe

than 2 ft 63 ichsUdep
be) Mor it lomi at ca rbndslhds(e ntutosi

or1e tohy iroise ei Inetth iud etlermd it h
.so e btieils at a di of 6i s byii.iiofiaihollowineedle.or otherisuitable i njector at h ratei of. 4 7i m per ............................r4 f t or .

in down s t i t ill i
f ~ !! 77!!ii7i 111(11117 ii i ) Th e soff !!! ~!i ii i!i ~ i !i ~i iii!i i l mu st b e at ai temp era turei no low erii th a 4 5 !F a t aii 71 iii !fiiiiiif~ii iii iiiii!iiiii i ~~iiiiii iii7 iiiiiiii~
d e p thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii oiifi 6i i iiiiiiiiiii i n c h e s w h e n t h e t r e a t m e n t i siiiiiiiiii ap p l i e d iiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii A t iiiiiiii t e m p e r -a tuiiiii iiiirii e siiiii i f r omii i 4 5o77iiiiifiiii fiii f7 fiii iii !f!7!!iii!!!! iifif7 iiiiii!f~i !iiiiiii~~iiiiiiiii!!iiiiiiiii iiii
to6'icusv h oliutb ep oee orapro o ast
i r c o m l e t m o r t al i~ii i t o f a l l eg g s l a r a e p u a a ndi a du l t s o f th e i n- i iiiiiiii i i iiiiiii iiiiii ii
sec whic may 7 be7777 preen in! the oi l underiiiiiiiiiiiiii treament Ati te rperaturesiiiiii iii~
abv 62 the sil mus be kepti so covre for!iiiilii!iiiii~ii!i a per iii ofi not less than
d a y s .. .. iiiii iiiii iiiiiiiiiii~ iiii iii i i i
i (2 C,-xbonii ...........dl~ i7i ul hi deiiii 7 iiii)7 The~ii~iiii77!iiiiiiiiiii~iiiiii7 in ci cid sh l beiiiiiiiiiii~i applie at

iiJ (jiil Afe ap ica i thl o shul becoerdJit 1-o 5
pon bidngll c
i~iii i~ff 7 f p e r w h i a s h a l l r e m a i n i n p o s i t i o n f o r iiiiii ii aiiit i l e a stiiiiii i4 d a y s i ni7iiffiiiiiiiiii~ifiiii 7 i iii iiil ii!ii~ ............................................................................
order to insurefL copee otltyo nyeglave ppe
lii~~~~~~n o r7 a d u l tsi o f77ii77 ii li7iiiiiiiiiiii7iii li7i77 !!i iii7 ii iiiliiliii ii7i iiiii liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliIliiiiliiiM iiiiiiil7iliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimi iTiiiiii~~iiiii~ii miiiim~iliiii~~~iimmmimmimiimm iiiiaim iii
whi e-f inge bee le that mayi bie present..! i iif il i i ii iiiiiii~iiiiiiiiii iiiiii::iiiii: iiiii
iiii~fiiii i if f i i ( ii iiii ) T hei t r a t e n s h a l iiiiiiii a p p i e t oi s o i l w h i c i si b e o ii! iiii i 9 0i0i! iiii iilii i ii!iiii iiiii iiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiif ~~~ ~ fff 7 ~ ~~ff7 ff 7ffff iiiiiifiiiiiiii iiiiiii iiiiiii i iii ii 'ii
Y ei i nii ii ii i t e m p eriaitiiuiiriieiii iiiiii iliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii a tliiiii a idieiiiiiiipiiiitiiiihii ii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilii!iii! o f 6 i n c h e s,

r hat be opportunity to test these treatments ir e of plants and in author'.zing the movement opotnrt or soil treated according to the re aire M@At stted bov, itis ndestood that no liability shall attach either
-totheUnte States Dearmet of -Ariculture or to any of its employees to eiter -plants o" operators

C(bomide () Methyl bromide is a gas at orr at It is colorless and practically odorless in cone. traios uedfor fmgtion of plants or potting soil, It is a poison and
gs proved by the United States Bureau of exosed to the gas in concentrations use infumgatonor hil prpaing the solution. The plants in the fumi.
aated by blowing air through them, and the fre it is entered. After fmigating the potingsoi bymetyl romde hecover should be removed and the soil al.

loe to beom aerated. rb fwe
(ii Th mtho fo applcatonof mthyl bromide described in para.
,p )as in ich the operator is not exosed to provide there is no leakage in any expose-potionof he euipent.3xteme care should be exercised to keep
alljoits f sch ppaatu tiht replace any defective parts to preventaccdens Te opratr soul avoid getting any liquid methyl bromide

W Te vporof cabndisulphide is inflammable and explosive. At
&-trpra-ue f 27'F.itma take fire spontaneously and in the presence of~catain etals priuarly copper, it may ignite at. considerably lower
temeraure. t mst e kptawa from fire, anid fro2- hot objects such as
eletri liht ulb, uproectd brush-type motors, steam pipes, etc#
:*1ghtd egar, cgartts, or pipes must never be brought near carbon cli.

(ii)Caron dsulhideis blood poison, but poisoning by this
ehemclis rre.Expoure t tevpr ma case giddiness and headache,
Wkwn~~~~~ ths4y~osdvlp, he idvida should~ get into the open air.

(7'0F,,~t 01-7-5;see 8, 39Sat, 11651 44t Stat, 250; 7 U.S.C,

Doii m a Wsigo D ,. *vti 6th dyof January 1942.

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