White-fringed beetle quarantine regulations modified


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White-fringed beetle quarantine regulations modified
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Domestic quarantine notices
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Annand, P. N ( Percy Nicol ), 1898-1950
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Administration, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Washington, D.C
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15th rev.


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"Effective May 22, 1947."
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Signed P.N. Annand, Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.

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TEILf. j -5Di ev. Effective May 22, 1947


Introductory Note

The following administrative instructions lift the certification require-
ments on a number of articles regulated by the quarantine on account of the
white-frired beetle (Quarantine No. 72) when they have been maintained under
conditions that prevent them from becoming infested, and completely exempt
certain other articles from the certification requirements. This action is
considered safe, because present conditions within the infested areas elimi-
nate the danger of spreading infestations by such articles. These adminis-
trative instructions also specify the conditions under which soil and similar
materials may be certified.
1 301.72 Administrative instructions. Modification of certification
requirements for specified articles.--Pursuant to the authority conferred
upon the Chief of the Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine by the second
proviso of the white-fringed beetle quarantine, 7 CFR 1 301.72 as revised
effective March 157 1947, 12 F.R. 1667 [Notice of Quarantine No. 72 on ac-
count of the white-fringed beetleJ the certification requirements of 00
301.72-4 and 301.72-5 of the regulations supplemental to said quarantine, re-
vised effective March 15, 1947 (12 F.R. 1667) are hereby modified as to inter-
state movement of the following articles and materials enumerated in 9 301.72-3
of said regulations:

(a)(1) The following articles are exempt from the certification re-
quirements of 0 301.72-4:

(Wi Cordwood.
(ii) Seed cotton, cottonseed, baled cotton lint and linters.
(iii) Processed clay and crude clay for manufacturing purposes when
handled to the satisfaction of the inspector.
(2) The following articles and materials are exempt from the certifi-
cation requirements of a 301,72-4 when they are free from soil and when they
have not been exposed to infestation or when sanitation practices are main-
tained as prescribed by or to the satisfaction of the inspector:
(i) Hay and straw, except that peanut hay is not exempt.
(ii) Uncleaned grass, grain, and legume seed.
(iii) Scrap metal and junk.
(iv) Forest productL such as stump wood, logs, lumber, timbers, posts,
poles, and cross ties.
(v) Brick, tile, stone, and cinders.
(Vi) Concrete slabs, pipe, and building blocks.
(vii) Implements, machinery, equipment, and containers.
(3) Certification will still be required for the following articles
and materials.
(i) All soil, sand, gravel, clay, peat, or muck, whether moved Inde-
pendently or in connection with, or attached to nursery stock, plants,
products', rtioles, or things.
(ii) Compost, manure, moss, and leafmold.
(iii) Nursery stock.


3 1262 09311 5078
(iv) Grass pod'...1
(v) Plant crcvms o" roots for:-r p gation.
(vi) Potatoes (Iri h), when ef3h
(vii) True bulbs, corms; tut re, a zoma of al pl ants,
when freshly harvested or uncured.
(viii) Peanuts in the sbel1. -
(ix) Peanut hay.
(b)- Certificates or master permits under. 1 301.72-5 may be Issued fox
the interstate moveimnt of the following mater:Lals urder the conditions
.,&OC fa.ed below:
(1) Soil, sand, gravel, -clay, peat, or mck, when taken from a del
of- at least 2 feet below-the existing surface, and when entirely free from
any surface soil to a depth of e-feet.
(2) Sand and gravel, when washed, processed, or otherwise treated
the satisfaction of the inspector.

The purpose of this action Is thus to relieve commerce in the articles
exempted herein from restrictions heretofore imposed. In order to be of
maximum benefit to the public, the relief from these restrictions must be z
effective as soon as possible. Accordigly, compliance with the rule Makin
procedure of Sec. 4 (a) of the Administrative Procedure Act (Public Law 404
79th Cong., 60 Stat. 238) is impracticable and contrary to the public inter
and compliance with the publication requirement of Sec. 4 (c) of that act I

This revision supersedes B.E.P.Q. 485, 14th revision, which became ef-
fective December 12, 1945 (7 CFF 1945 Supp. 301.72a).

These instructions shall be effective upon publication in the Federal
Register and shall remain in effect until further modified or revoked.

(Sec. 8, 37 Stat. 318, 39 Stat. 1165, 44 Stat. 250; T U.S.C. 1940 ed.
161; 7 CP R 301.72, as revised effective March 15, 1947, 12 FR. )667)

Done at Washington, D. C., this 14th :day of May 1947.

P. N. Annand .
Chief, Bureau of Entcmology and
Plant Quarantine