Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the colony of Saint Vincent, British West Indies


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Plant-quarantine import restrictions of the colony of Saint Vincent, British West Indies
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Strong, Lee A
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
United States Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
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Washington, D.C
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Plant quarantine -- Law and legislation -- Saint Vincent and the Grenadines -- Saint Vincent   ( lcsh )
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"April 1, 1937."
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Signed Lee A. Strong, Chief, Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.

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;iureau of Entoroic.y and. Plant quarantine
-ashington, D. '.

. P. C.--4J1

A! ril 1, 1....


Bureau of Entomology and Plant quarantine
*ashington, D. C.

3. 1. P. O.---1 April 1, 1937.

OF r:'po Ps3BiCCTIOS


Tlis s-=sroary of the plnt-ou-rantine iLMoort restrictions
of Seit icent, Britishnd est dies, has been _-rerared for tie
information o: nurserymen, flant-quarntine officials, and others
interested In thn exportation of .... rlants and rlant vrodacts to tl-'t

It ,.c. ; reared by :Horry B. Show, Plant -uarantine Insncctor,
in Charge f Forein information Service, Di;ision of i r eign Plant
Q ...... ....., fror the Plant Pr tcct.i'n Ordinance )f 7:ay 1' 19c5,
and the Proclation of Aau #st 1, i915, and reviewed by the Surcrin-
tendent of oriulture of that Colny.

The information contained in this circular is believed to be
correct -d co".olete -a to the tie of preparation, but it is not in-
tended to be vosed independently of, nor os a substitute for, the orig-
inal teots, and it is not to be interpreted vs ie;nlly oathoritative.

Chief, Bureau ,f

)loj 'ad Plan- sourortine.


CO"O. Y OF SA117T VINCET, 3FIT II-, :1,: -ES

Basic Lesico.ation

The Pixnt Cuarartine Odinance, ,,:ay 10, 1935.

This ordinance eoc-'ers the Gcvernor n Council, Vlj nrocla-
mation, to -rohibit absolutely, or to ndmit under orescriibed c ,ndi-
tions, tie irortation into the Coiony of ao; -rlant materials or rach-
oe to have the same ex >ined before tne' are landed and to prohib-
it their lnirn if fond infected by any pest or disease.

Authorized Port of ..ry

Section 6 of the Ordinance ares-,ibes t-at 11l rlant material
shll be landed at the rort of Kingsto untesc rcrrmi.:sion has been
obtained to nri at another -iace.

r"H E Pl.iT PTECTl':T -0DIU15

(Aug. 1, 19, 5j

: rorttt ion Prohibited

Article i. ': he followIng shl not be imported into the Colony:

(a) 7i rid nde containing i

(b) cria .. e- s or oter articles -or
t:-i ,-s th,-t h've stten .n c -,t ,ct o,,th r su2 ,ected
of h,,,vi; br ,n in contact coit1 cottonsoed, seced cotton,
cotton ij.t, or cottollnseec leal.

(r ): Pl,-,nts, ..+r t ,seeds, ca t.-'' ,or other
aarts (but not ;ncludi m iufr ct re or
crocessed oroascts) of:
I r, r od ced TDrodc'
(1) Cotton, including co ttonse d, seed
cotton, cottonseed meal, and cotton
lint (,o-o s ""' p .).

(2) Citrus, provided that the fruit of the orange
and grarefruit may be- imported from the British
Wost pian Islands if the Agriculture! Authority
is satisfied that the fruit is home grown.
(2') S gorcanne (2a~rohcrmm offi Thrm .

(4) )offee (Coffea z~p.) including rawv cof:ce,
baoked or unh.s:ed (except raw ccffee :rrom the
isIands of the British v'est Indie s).

(5) Banana, plantain, or other s-ocir-s of "::usa

(6) Cocoa (Theobro a acao L.).

(7) Coconut (o os rucifera L.).

(8) Sv-eetpotato (ITomoea batatas Poir.).

(J) a:: ., (Ilanihot esculcnt,, L.).

i) Arr')v'roct (MIaranta Fri1ndinac-a L.)

(li1) -r -0 a, -)r).p

(1-2) Nllutmego (! yristir, frs rans HToutt.).

(1:) Groninuts or ocenuts (Arachis io :,aea L.).

(d) Fruits and vegetables, not srccified in p(ragrauh (c),
exce i t fro. t,7 Britizh Iles,-Cnada, Unitcd Stotes,
End British Tlet ndi es*; orovidtd that this ,ronioition
shall not orpy to nuts, dried arits, coned, cndied.
and other processed fr its or vegctabl s, onions, and
po tato e s.

Imi-,ortation Restricted

Cortificate of Origin Reqired

(e) Frits rnd -vegetables not specified in pnrograh (c) from
thc British ;7c ,t Indi es* Canada, Ujni ted S,tcsz, ond the
British isles, except on production of a certificate of
origin station to the satisfaction of the Agricultural
Authority, that ouch r)roducts re hose gre c; :ro idcd
that tihis' rzronhb? tion shall not apoly to nuts, dried
fruits-, canned, candied, or other processed frui t, or vegc-

tables. onions, and otnts.

Citrus fruits, ....v bc imrorted from the British C~st
indies if the "-f'i -j t1ral Auti rity is tislied
t-at the fruit is h grc1.-...... t .... (c))

Fhyto it r-,-, Cfrtifica e Re q-ired

Plnts ni rt; f l n t e cc .. ied ty 1:< beos b-itary

certificate a; resc: i n ia S r:,eu .. I. (Sce r_, t .

7m.TrZor Drti I;nres tricteo

.:t ,drie-d fr-_.its, carn.- c-.__di-i, and othe--r ....cease-d
frukt in e et s on o s, an' ,:cta'- < 2,:e
art. 1, 7rz. (d anl (i .)

A. r ~1t~r'-l ~ ty~w :-ocrt an- Plp nt : tr

0 1 rrct ) _n ty -I nt t ,; t

..... ..... f .r ...... i. t C f t 'P r, ln t cL',, c n11 -
ti")n in. Trlnldar .

P yft :nitar C:rti f tu 1nred

Art. 3. All1 I)rint, n. ~t z TL-_t- (no-t r u
I>.fctured or nr,-c; ed 7 r-) ct.,, in t, dried fr it: 1
and other ,c z < , 0C c: ur4 n theO of o rl> r wfit) ,K s L h X- t I I
cort, d into the Cr4* n c v i- o d cr th r I'; t c
s i ( r to ;t t. L
tr'l Authorit ,y jy v' t mY or atij .r such p]lontz )r C7rts
of riants n, ha { dr :m "ro;'(r.

D_: c," lid t -Lc: E_", r o L In ie -
no' I'u-jaro .- (4) nad (or) ta E:rc ,. r
not :inc-l ide Bermudia, J'ii 1 o,, tse .'la' ..... -, or ?ri iK ,2 "'.r


!-Ld-rot disease of Cocos nucifera (Phytophthora jLirr.vora lutler).
Red-ring disease of Cocos nacifera (Aohel1nchoides coco;hila (Cobb)
Go o dey).
Jittle-leaf disease of Cocos nucifer, (undertermined).
iposaic disease of Saecharim officinam L.,'ht and vIthertio of the lime tree (Colletotriccm
limetticolurp R.F. Clausen).
Panama disease of Lvusa soc. (usarium cubense E. F. Sm.).
1:oko disease of T.Iuso' 3op. (Bacterium solanacearrm E. F. Sm.).
u-rning disease of 1aranta arundinacecae (Rosellina bunodes B. & Br.).
Mistletoe (Phoradendron flavescens Dutt.).
Do dier (Ccita nd Cass.ytha sp.).
Cocoa beetle (Steirastima depressun. L.).
beetle, plmei (Rhyncorhorus palmanm L.)
Rhinoceros beetle (3tratesus aloeus L.).
Banana root borer (Cosmo9opolites sordidus Germ.).
Arrowroot leaf roller (Catlnodes ethiius Cram.).
Sugarcone borers- (Diatraea seccoralis Fab. and D. canella Hampson).
Cotton 'sorm, cotton leaf uoro, ( arrillacea Hbn.).
Cotton stainer (Dysdercus delune, Leth.)
Pink bollox,%rm ((plrtyedrgc.) Pectinopnora gosvypiell, Saund.).

Prescribed Type of Certificate

This is to certify thit the living olants or olaouit products
a re-oreoent-tive sample C-" the living
plants or pnlant pro'itcts
included in the consianme-nt, of ,:hich articularl- are -iven below was/
were thoroughly ex-a ined (date)
by (name of inspector) a duly authori ed official
of the (name of insv.ection service)
-ind found to be healthy, no evidence of the -oresence of any injurious
insect, nest, or diaea c detructive to vegetation/destru-ctive to agri-
cuiltural or horticultural crops!havin; been found in/on the:, and
that the consignment (including the racking) covered by this certif-
cate ha/ has not been troe'ted in the following manner (e.g. fumigated
-;ith or disinfected by
prior/ immediately subsequent to inspection).

- 4 -

Inspected/ not insvoected in the field by a duly authorized
ins ector on (1ate)


Official title:

Yo. rnd descriotlon of ackag;s
Di stinu{'ishin- -rrs
Desc;iption of the Livi,: plants s or lant products
Place h ere
sorteded by
LTeme and address )I ne-
Tome of vessel or oarticuirs of route
D>te of shipment
Fort or place of cntry
Additional ccrtificteo attaceP (i.f ey)

(Strikc out wordss "hot ere cot 7)pplic, le)


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