The Insect pest survey bulletin


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The Insect pest survey bulletin
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v. : maps ; 26 cm.
United States -- Bureau of Entomology
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Bureau of Entomology, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Washington, D.C.
Publication Date:
monthly, mar-nov. plus annual[1926-]
monthly, apr.-nov.[ former 1922-1925]
monthly, may-nov.[ former 1921]


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Insect pests -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Entomology -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
federal government publication   ( marcgt )


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1921)-
Numbering Peculiarities:
Vol. 14, no.9 issued only as a supplement..
Issuing Body:
Vols. for May 1, 1921-1934, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology; 1935- by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.
General Note:
"A monthly review of entomological conditions throughout the United States" (varies slightly).
General Note:
Includes annual summary starting in 1926.
General Note:
Includes some supplements.

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University of Florida
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A periodical .-viev of ?ntomoogica1 conditions throughout the United 5tates
issued on the first of each month from March to December, inclusive.

Volume 7 July 1, 1927 Number 5








7cl 7 J-2 1 y 1 10 2 7

OU T S T I D I Y G E 17-0 1 D, L 0 G I C J, R. R E I S i I T T HE TJ 17 i T FO-R Ju--.cI ?'_-7

.I.dte-. ru'o dains,-e in the up- Pl a i --- 1 -0- s be n uitc sevzxn, Tarticularly in Io--a and sout--eastern -Yebraska.

Cut-mr.-is -iave be, n ver-- trol-Col e some, i,_ t'_ ('
Plains States. Re-,Dorts ci" ser-Lnus inju--y 1-i-ve be en received fro-,, r a c' ka T-a' i,:Ilo-a, Xansas,
and Hiorth Carolina. in he :'isr is i-rpi Delta Lre -.-ery
siderable damage on the I&-ndsfrom 7hicn the --.-,t-: has rece,_- tilr rec 2. a.

have been attractin,-_ tLe-ntic., in
regions and on a var' ety of c--o-os.. 7,,,t -Ort of _, ,Ive _I,?e_,I
i r o ml ..0-atL171a, Xa-nsa Yebraska, llinncsot& Indianc., r-.h Carolin ,,,, ani 7 -in ia.

The Hes 7ia-n- Cly -itj on remains ",)racti3all-.T unc'_i D..r, ,ed '? e 2- -ception of a'notticeable increase of infostatio-ri in southern Part of Illinois.

The bug has i-eceived a -very decided i7EAbac'c in the 'as' -Cel-ftral
States from the continued -,-;et .,. eather. Cn tho other in parts of ___ebraF ka the destr-c-ctive aLT1_..nddance of insec -, is vor-7 ,-ateriali-- 1_1creas6d, cornfields adjace--rit, to volunteer --i-eat are E.Ijff :J- sever .,I-. _Hea 1-_-;--C
OnS 4 -'-ie eas'cfn hal r,'
have reduced tl-ie serious i-n-:estati n

7. he i 1 a i -, i s f a 1. s e 7,ri r e T o I-, nm i s o -.- g e ner f% 11 y so tlroulblt,Fo O as it
during the lazt fe-j yearz-, alt' _oWh reports o-- Ii, ve bee-- received -FroXansas and YebrLs_ :a. AnotI-I, r c-ecies of f .Ize _rIleoCcs t-icostata., has been found att-ci _ij,,, T cornjaXebra!z-':a. T:iiss is ii-_,parently the first -record of this insect as of coozomic importaxice.

The corn ear -orm i- no-,-: occurring in serio o numbers in the Outh .tlantic and Gulf St,-tes as .*;ell as in souther,i California. This o'no-LAd be the forerunner of success, iv, ear--or- infestatic-.,_s north-ard.

The stali-, borer is gener_ Ily prevalent o,.-er the
Valley. Reports of unusual a-jundEnce of the Inave
from. indiana, 111inois, 1'_ ansai -elbras'ka, and --sot a.

Very cericus damage to corn in the souther-,- -r,Drt of i by tha
lesser corn stalk, borer is reported forth,_ first time in F eT C

Coincident -7ith the cool, --ret -,-jeather of o 1' 7 0
b y t'he seed-corn maggot have been receive froi.- -o--i1Ca--a, _J; sota, Yebrasi-a, Indiana, and '. ar,-land.

The lined stal! : borer has been caucinnrestern ev Yor-k to southeastern Iinne, cta.


this year tha, 'msual and tho-u.- "'. Meji- i' the fields in I-evada anO, "Utaa. it Jone
naa - t i I Y at cutt4n,7
"I to Ie fii st cutti-y--.
u-, DuL:t 0 1 v r e cr- seriz)us to tk'ne C C' 1)

acco-_int of Very to a' f a a s t e
a cra .!C- fly ha ; recclvcd fro.-,

oil de: icuouc -1 r-ait troo, thol:, '_':j i:- I, crted as quit:3 clerious in a num
CIF, a C 'c lot 4, 1 y t
--.,e codl L -oil j10 S'130'-' -' t o "b6 sl tly ::' Ore t' 7"El
r-), 1 3 a t losc t 2 1,10 1 L -,
-rouLle o fro --_ -71-, inois -est-_xd. the
21 ,j t7j, cl 0
,,tior- i ver-;

cl te,-oilj,-r is stjll ve]: e.
--rd the

z,,:- 1- 7.T ys i i t _t t1rie rurc7 .iio --:-ij 0 -no-- r v 1 rt
7", 4 tC
_a-_acnu ctt last -rc_-r.
e o -r,- a __ d i-_a

a r 07n

th,, i- -sect. did seric -T-rt Of i"' is -,Pi-I dcs lruc-ivc

C JL 1 it, -U, at o,-,.L a z L, a!
to L-. 0 f e
-!e -vey
f "Viis occurred C i ecord that rca ,Cr sa v a 0 e
Con' --n, z,-Ia.
U11 0- zf,:- b-i.
L a i c, F e o c c r v a t i cr c m- Ae h 4* h a
j ra n, i c;:% t e
fron 2orz"
".7 1 -iiai records _'av ,' a recei Id _71 Pr
r n.
1-7 0- S, th (I h. e :c e i oh 0 'e De 1

I -L L is ,ererally nou ver, I UII __11. _e zc)t'-cn fields,
a! t'-_ c r :' nu-m* oi-s o'n o'her z:o i! e r..,-ol-tea
f 1C)7 t!Oec 170D v C. a'

rts, of
1 -n v
1 t i :I t I'l

incth is )oLed in

Th ,, _:,zi can bean buckle has bcoa di'ccover6d m. the rovl-rnm:'-. t f"Xm at

The fall cancer -iorm see"ns to be LI e-tidemic abundar ce in the e a
States, Few Jer se--, a,,d va-ji .. 4-he I-ast itate., the ir t:j
reported as the -'orst obser L U
-ved in 'he pat )40

Aplhids On 71aPles are extreriely aliandant in Inclia,-aa., I rc- t _'y
are causinE; consider -a )le aani-Loyance in the cities by lic avy o'
Several cazes 0 tul,-araemia, t7-,Io Of --,:IiC'- tcr -nated 17 r T,
111 LI -fa a 1 be, ,n
reported -fro,- i-irhansas.
Scre,,,II-Tor.,-ii co i t i -,,,e o
iui-Jo-as ,-,.re cc-isiderably -orse than usu,mtl for
the ye ar of 7exas, occas-L heav-- los 7cs o" la:n' ai a
4- o-- -id youn- 17
aI'Its to 'Oe a ser c,-,)s feature +he .11a. --'U--.
i a,- c e o f 7io ( d
structures o-vrer a :,,ido area. -_ retorts -fai .ge 'ro-_i -nd-;ana -c a- d
south- iard to _- ansac.

Azi '-ouse' olc' -pes i-- f or-ct of a -,De zl xT 0 0- 6- or t ed
as (lailz)-in- I)orcIn floojS: Z 7 1 J7
77-7- j- 1327

J. ,, severe outbrcaKs of ::,'1ro-Ofe- e s-u, c"-mr 'ave -:)et-ec-Der-ick and -_'id'--_letoa, Scoti a--,-rd ; 17)0 -: er cc-nt
feasted. I'Lecently, j-, s I nd-sect 7-1 s also oij ce

The gre&n peac'--- apInIls, C
evl- e,- ir
T)e CIcae
e i ar m: l a2: 1 v
the sout'ner-_,) GI:ana,,raI Valle- r3 r 1 t i z:,- 01--" s s_destructive to blooms anC-,s a -,-iaes-oread ).-nd ra'U-hc--- he-av, i__ Ee.,t --i o U hc r
i n s t e r c v a '- c c t i a a f :Cc; c t n F, r o s e s an d

Lar -e -n mbers of ": e cdacio-o.s mite Hemisafco-otes JUs _Iv
found trees in-11"osted -:7i,,h o ;,cter-shell scale, in 'he '; o --- J_ s t, e C 4'hi s 'mi te is believed to be a--i important )r British Columbia. I
trol of the scale in t1ae Olzma,,a-n 17alley.

as: e c
Stra-- Derr- leaf-r.ollers caused considerable +0 t_- -,
bl ass om _' )ud s o -If c tr a-ibe- r J e s i--,-L se c ti on s o f t- he

The 'all ca-kar-orm _-_,as infested 75 per ccnt c' a-,;--'-- a--ch,-a's -j
--n i- L -_,v severe de-Coliaiapolis Valley, and -he ctoa dist-rict Scot.La, ai 11- cl, e 2, s
tion in u-ntreated orc',,), ,rd,,,. T',,,. infestatio-a, I -- -1 -1 as :)3e tensiU-y durin, the I)asu -Le*-, --ears, is no- -,-)_ro',ba.l-Y at i7 s.

The eve-spottel-L Sri.Lonot 11 in', a -71ch
larger area ir the =a-lwlolis Vall3y th--_-intensity of infe ation. is the &reLte ;t _-o e e L

-rrbs ca7asea co-_aside-_- ,' -,Ie ;-j_ -,n 7 t o r c o f
1) _r 7 U
Edge-ood, _3ritiz'_--L Columbia. !hey *.-,ave also ao U=S
rlant in the Ireesbank district, P.,ianitoDa,

The 'tctle :s u curus iMrsh, rrs t-iken early this sprinJ- in roots of re! clover ii; '2h rinlrod district, 3ritish Cruf~~ here it --s c,--usini' severe Iama,7e to clover.

Spittle insects have '.-en reporte-I in m-nusual n"Lun-ance on 7,-rsses nf~ ,.,ar1 en -pla-nts, over a considerable territory in southern Ontario.

ALn arthropo-1, Scuti 7erclla irznaculnta, bl to the class Symphyla,
h~~~~~~~s~~, ~oncui[ eiu :aet unz manj ls in the Victoria. district,, Lritish C~lumbia, here it is 7beciminJ7 a pest of incre, sifl- irmpirtance.

species of ce~ar tip bo,-rer is a7enerlly inf sting Vht ce- ars thr- u>1rh out Noc7 3runs7ick. Tfhe heaviest inf estations rere noted in iZin -s County, Here colors over a considerable area have "been lar,-ely ~~jtr~

Lar,-,c arens of balsam are reported d1ea,! or dyin7- onl.utr a~,nr1
east of EPnra,, --ritish Columbia, as a result of the Attacks of a >rk eetle, Dr:,rcoetes confus'us S-7.

The early aspen leaf curler, Exentera. ,-rec-onanrt 7,7shm., has severely infestm7A the folia-e of poplars, in south-central Snskatcheran, many trees having, 50 per cent of their leaves curie'..

The elrm. b ark louse is relprtea for the first time in out oDrcaiC form -at Porell River, -'itish Columba.


GR A -D ST1OPFES (Acrididae)

e cka Tim e 2' L,, !,,I o o',J -6tin-,
-'Ior--,Ial i-. a-blandance over the State accor".in;-r to o -,1 0
t a, i e d up to this time.

'i nab -aE sim-olex Hall.'
or t 7 ormoi, cric- ets are -.,-,ore abundant
ma (june 17):
they ----e last season. They are aDout three weeks 1- te-- t- ei-devel o p.-nent o7i-nE to the late spri----; L,,-'i t ;- o ns. To date ,,e
Dec!'! a,310 to prot ect- cuItivated ar--C-s, the onl-,7 da,--ia-e so -fo.r bcinE--- to

77H.1 = GHU:3 S PnYl 1 o,,ohacT-a, sipp.

assa=,:.setts (J-,,ine 20') The fi-rst beetle-, i-ei-e ced
to Ihese have 'been -u.-r,usually' sca2lce this

ow a (ju-ne 7 T 11 1 ar v e o t 11-- e b e e tu 1 e s ar c v
evic encc -'-,his and injrry to -7;-u--,n-- corn
z r d e :i s. e r L e a -a I t s av c a Ye o T oba" 4L I LI e r d f r o e m or n, y c o n nu e tf-L c c, o I n i t s The 1 =ITLC al, C f o t" s- zed.

eb r a sica Si:vani, '. .Txil 25-17ay 2- -he en ire 1--)eriod covere(i
Oy t"J ; r u--)o t t h e .- e have bee-a,,-a y co: --plcints of- e
by .-Thi te gru'js i-n gcruthern t 0 i
-ar-d on s -10 s t o.-f o'
)err beds to ,privet L s -,-1 i s sor,
00, ',! a e,oorted as to the -,,est as an .I -- .xnas e F
end is still Ln progress. ay 2 Ju n e 2 3oirp ai ts of da.-P.-- 1 -1 L
a--e --rubs in sout1lern --ebrasl- :a contii-Luad be received
U 10 i 0 7ar a t' 'ie -Iliddle of- !' Ose r Aate c'?, e uo I-1, to stra-- jerry 'Ded ;.

alL-ii2un-,--d s o ew

Y e 7,)r a ska f j_ 7 2 2 : oxili,7 t1he t.-Ard -'ay a-,
:7, 07 7 C C 0 :-L ch cnd u-n'ies. T -, _OUa 0 k- O
saad.s t "---e e 1 -1 1 t3
-r octivc so-'-Ie .t tc, C- -o -,D

"0 'j o,--. 1 (9 ao;,

,C- St3- --- T 0 -,,a thi s 7 1 7
-,,Ot e C- 0 Z,

several species are repre :,,,, nted. :any garder-7, have lbe.en rracticLJIY _--ailnod t',_ SIO "NOI'MIS.

(JunG 10): Cut-. -r--.s,, have rot )eon noticen',,le

j sci-r"pi sed consid- -e 22)
he flooded ::(--c tio,--, c f7 t hc '-D""I fioj ,2 cf cot+-O. Cor-I haxe -c-pi -ven tL=ec ti
'an' ed t .-es in a e,
C Cc, T. v,-_,U i on, s an-,') collection by State Flant -1 o a r d n
4 _, 11
spec 3r F that tilo most abunl ''-,nt and -idelv d stribuled
species iiE 'Uhc --renzy cut-orm, Otis yTjSilQ-_ Rott. 7he, ,,-Ollowstr-;.-rled. ar.-.-y-orm o', cotton -01,1, -rc6onia
se,; re out", ,,K o f as a.L :o ." en f cundI in i-njurious, er 3. r e,thc south ,- rn gracs .--orm, or fall a m La -,:-,-a f ruz-inorda, occlirred in Yazco City, and rrcpar -tt-Lons e .-,ado to
succeedJ-.,:_- "enerat L le or no "oLrasitism -:as

EL 'S ('lateridae'
ir cr,!or, ant iil.s c.eason, ocn7s 'ir i a oi1. nd
c---it ana 0 Ju n e 7 ) : J
sidcr ,bly more co:nplIIin'ZF, havi.r Ibeer, received to date tha,:-, last ye r.

T -,T C' 7 -17, C

('.'.a,,- 0,7is-' stal-6, are
s s our i
C er c 0 ) i -i L4re o f t n c t h a---. p e s -a r e f o o 11 1,z, no cut a s, n
ra -,t ur e s a i i d' f 0-ace L Z t- --',:c s t have ever
noticed the 11 a' -, tI,-is time o f lhs, is because
Of the u-nusuall-%, -,--ct

-7 -,:7 &



J ncrea lcct so ---hat
1. 1 t (Ju n c C, T!"ie I
e-, t I f -atio
th- r r, rt ofthe S t 2 t c n
,a s i- se,
Ll,_Y i:IcLant ill th( '7 or noi t"t i o---- s.

_u cc-, tim, ?d c7c_ er -i c --rvanco ---ro
of 1-)r,-.ctic,. oi a e, i o --ri a "A 1-1--- r ntly Iot
e f ,rci,
YDlo to 7" 0 n_t:. tA
c I t'aE, c",
01 !Ctic'T
this r C t Cd t I.. I o -OLU;

-14i- - I
X, Ln s a s J. 71-. .'.cColloch (June 20): ,'ie have made, a tho. ough survey ti'rou,,hout t'--.e -heat loelt and find the Hessian f 1 s r-? r i o u s i 7 c 0 U 4
ce-.i1,--rLj cou-ities of the State. L'i Ell Jou:-1 L7 4 )er cc---,t o-F'
t*ho stozis were broken over on Tune 9. t.he i ca
o'how 10 to 25 Per cent bro1cen strw,7,.

CHIMH BUS, (31is -,us Say)

Ill inoi S P. Fli ?t (J-,x-o 20): ju-ne. ; ee:-, on t'ie ve!'7
molith, and. the areas 7 d -L i--hich ci-aite heavily inf-ste
inch bu -,-, last season Lxo jio,,-r -,qore neLrly free fro t- i S i c been the case for a number of years. The ii' c'
t 7 CIL tj-.j Se
t'Lie has received a very scvera se La

South J. 0. (J-1ane 10): The infestation of
Carolina Piedmont section is increasing ra-pid"Iv. Sere s
cornField-, 11ftave alre-,ady serio- ,,sly -L jured. The Et J o t T inf estai* ions have started -Pro- L, - L, I I L V C
been har-.,,ested.
7,7 C Cool, 17 e t 2 0 77ed -a-D t1le
Yebrasllm H. S-e-nl: (-7a1,- 2 2-5
progress of tlic first brood of the c1--i-:ic'n 7312.Yebras1--a -nd no doubt a lor,7e ,, D cr c e n t D. 7- c o f t1--Z cumbe0l. to the continued unfavorable Conditions.
theless, tlero rc-ain ple--,ty of c'-i--c--l JU 7 S I D-i.-A ei: -T e a t "'11 t -,,i-Ll -00 c c ( f o e t1l -2 LU-c- ct:A ne-JU ZA o n T:--) to t")is t- -,i C t' the chi-nc1-, bu, has t-ken p!ace i-:1 U
.,.,as -plaLited on ground! that T- ,as i-. t t 7ear heavy -rGvT V-1-- of vclu--ateer ,-iheat -nd jood cover d-ariq,,- the past winter. !--i a zrra-.qb ;r O-f C 1-I
heavily attac.-:ed. -vuang bugs, a:-,L 4L"-,-e -Dlc- --,ft f hL-vo lec-1 n S OM e f i e I d s qui t e 1 :! 11 ea out tl ,- L'tac1-s oyoun 7, aa -S.

"an sa s :'c7olloch (Ju-rie 20): There i s 2 ---- I - U
chinc'.-I over t1ie eastern hal.Lr o' T'-c
pered serious a -fey,, wee -s a ,o,
dant rai-n e.s im-oroved co-i'i-*ionc -a -i t

ebraska -7i -e -"ay 25--j ulne
mag,r o t 17 s r e--)or' ed

ORE M BUG (T oxor. e,-a 1:c

'7adley (June e 'o ver- soa!-7e
gree ilast summe,-- I s outbroal z, o-i- t enemi s,:'-, favo---a-ble --eat'ler It contjr ,j -- -, s e -,--e f cil 1
t.--,ouCh still existing in s ,-ot z 01 P0
7 j 7,
-reen 77ags are. nor present in c-pot ',


iz ve been f3urd thi, -_rxing in any cit-uation.
that rintering here live aphids woulC, be


:.,:cColloch Dune 20): '-dultuc of Lhe false -ire-7orm were
fo,21nd ve-, cj-a:-,aa i -he "ields a- 'Ea-s o-ni jun D S. -3ee-1- 1 es
e a o-, t e a' nda.,,jt at s on ",ay

('C IL 0 iz a, r ot i -,rD C
--:-ay 25): fl- fe sorted last
-)r i e -,aonth,
a resi_)onsi-ble for .erio._-,s da-.-1,_-.ce to
a If a
ifa the Y)--riod co-,-cre,1 10- )or -L
0- C-,:.Cl- 4
-jr 1. cai-2 o r., an a e a exLand '---,e --,e! ;t, to
na S D! C C
t C I .o 4 Co ,je]:,;, r7
"),,).:.i'ies oa U
0- 1', Xc 'I, o ze -rrom ?,1" eacteri7, loc,,,litie- o f injur,, to alf-alfa,
cc 'a tO a'l'falfa t1,1_-.t seedec- !!,c' f,, I i
Al ong 7ii th
t ar -1: o r 0 2)7 1-11L tul' ed ox i c,-,, t -o:- t"In e -^ e occurred also
0 c
or loss, 0- tlv,
--io. of y th e s e
-c--- t o t'-- e a 1 1 f F, --,d e C C! 0-uouc r r).-.
i e C_ c ',c a -,t, fall '-we Dcc2l c' 0 f he jr! -n-I.Tr
L sc e -0-- C s j.'r
_6 J_ ed
C, c e---i t C r o
d -,7,ci co", o- -,-i' i c t it e xt and s to :ier::,- 1'1':
a n d s o"a ILI 1 1 I o e r i T 0
grcsh r, O*i ac--c-7 01,
dvTir..r the pie: iod covered ,-o 0- t .

jun e L' r (-.t ---ea .:
ar i C
0- 1, fairlt
e 0- T,
stct C.

__.ere 'has, a ve::,, infestation
Coll- Cle,, aCrOS7 CC er e
'ct-_-'ai c a,, the
oc-fore TLIC C C. C C
c f Ix nff
0, ou
o t be


APUIYWCIR A (Cir-ohis .i-1T.7ancta

so 1 L. :ase-,-!ian (June 4- Local .--!de-Iics of the ermy-!r ,,- have )een
reported from Jackzon and Scott Counties.
25- _' 0 2-'* : _.C o e'_-!
.17;-" A-a s 1- 'e '
as Iav in),-' bcadi-- ii'_jurelll 30 acres of a f i 0 1- C 0 ',"i I'l t e r in Fillmore County. 0;-;ing to tne abnor.',-lly cucl character of the spring other reports of injury by the arMY'7orm ,re exPected during the next few weeks.

kl.eieucani, albi'-'-inea

Kansas J. ..-. ".6"olloch (June 21): The wheat-head _armyT,-oi'm has c P:a e
ccm' idora-31e damage in many fields over the St ,,te- t the have been heavily parasitised by Ara ite es milit -ris.
I.,o, nties i 71 -ich inf t-_ .fe-%- tac.L-ii.-nids are -aoi:.-- sho,,-7ing up a Oz
t i on i Z oy-n, IR i -1 ey, Sal i -ne ---d7,ard s z,-na' Sed-,.7i c"(H-r,.-olita tritic Fitch)

Tllinois n (Ju n e 2 G S. C. Chanc"_ler reports the ,,71nea.- joint
less abundant in southern 711ir L
.0- thar it has been for
severo,..I. years.

Lid iama J. i. !) ,T:i e 2' caL7so(i severe injury to 7il-_eat

P*halrcrus -)o1itias rel sh.

Ceetle Y,,,ere re,
cci- red A""eabod,,.r -,.-,,ith the that they -t ,ere ver:
+ 4
bu--ada- the bearcls o' -,-'-iea' af,"ecte," -7,,ith smut.

C aR7

C(71:7 EiR 7OR-4-. (HeliotZiis o"L)soleta :a-.",.

S (Ya -11-- 0. ileppi -,,r (:,Tay corn ear -7orm has be;2m doin.- serious
Carolina do--iEe to eal ly rlante& corn in GecrgD'tIo-m County.

-is si Ssi'CI)i T 7 xned June 22): S-oecime-ris of -C"n,; corn e -ar 77o--7, or to-mat,_,
fruit wonn Ii ,.ve ceez- colle-ted -ecc-"- on corn at india-ola, Y SPri-gs. _---re-ntisc, an' -s_-!1.. -I*er-;, scric u'_ cla-f by
,hi, insec'k, to tomatoe-__ -,-ras on t,-:o far-.s at Ccean J -1 reg rd
Srrin, rs during,, the ecirly part ol" a t
injizy '--y this, species to ton atoe re,: eived 11_,ranre
Grolle OYL :aY 27.

2UT1TFRN C0RN STALK BCRE7. (Diatraea zeacolella Dyar)

Ior th J. '1T. Tc- hoit (June 21): Pf ttcat present is approximately
Carolina 50 per cent of a 20-acre field. Dimae at present impossible to
estimate-_, but probably neE.lig7ible. If severe .,inds occur, hoever, before corn is harvested, ia_-jury w,-ill be ve,2y severe.

-1JI -aP (Paaa ne'bris nitela Guen.)

Indiana j. 'J. Davis_ (JuTne 2L[): The stalk e-,rer w.7as first reported from
Edinburg a at'tacking- potr~tocs June 11. Since that date reports have bee-n received from LaPorte, Bu-alington, Amo, :Dan_,ville, Seyracuar L'y et a,-te, Brow:,nsburg, Russlaville, INew Rcss, India-narolis, and Crn'-frds-v.ille, -here it has been repoorted as attackinET corn.
At 7ndianaolis notable *dama,! e to tomatoes f-as reported. App,,ar
ently this 'borer is rather ,,idespread tirwroughouat the State.
The lateness of the corn and small siz-e of the borers at the present tim-ie indicate that considerable damage w7il result. This
'borer is becoming an annual pest and should emphasize the im-portance of better farm practices.

11linois ST P. Flint (Ju -,e T The small larvae of th-is insec t are bei ng cent in :rorn all parts of the State ,ith reports tliat they
7c,,u,!i-.- considerable da.-iage to corn. All 1l-I ,,ae received 1-af 15ve bteni less th,-aa one-third- gro.7n.

,a sa J. :"cColloch (.June 20): There has been a general outbreak of
the stalk borer in Kansas this month. Injury to corn reported from Au'burn, lTorana, .Aar-ysville, .Ianhatta.-, 7.ellington, Strawn, U~dall, and Leavenworth. The worms are taki-nE- the corn in some f ields Ornamentals are infected at !UTev ton, and s,,eet potatoes
at Ki owa.

_.unnosot.- C. E. >'ie;kel (.7june 13): In one: county in the southeastern part
of the Stcte there have b een several reports on the injury to
corn by a larva closely related to Pan-aipemia nitcla. The larva
attack the corn plant whn3 or 14 inches high, bores into the
st.aIlk, and -orks dovx,-nard toward the roots of the plant.

LEZS LR COR::, sr*,Pw::. BOR.E~ (El' s opal'ous lisnosellus Zell.)

1i ss i Gsi pni R. -. ar-ced. (June 22): Serious damag-e by the lesser corn stalk
borer hac been reported from Jackson, Pearl River County, and
from 7Yo'eton, ::onroc, and Lauderdale Counties. Corn is the principal cr~injured, altho1-u-1, in some instances serious damage
,,,,as _report ,d to co--,-cLas and surar caneo.

U' ..0> (roctuidau)

i~er~~a>IM.Swcnk ( 2a ?-June 25,: During, the prosc-at spring there
ha,; been ~oedestruction of yu corn by the several common s,'eciec. of cutw.ortas tYt arc reluctantly re-sponsible for this
,sort of i:rjury than7 durinE, any spring since 1912. The protracted


subnormal temperatures have sloT Ted up botI-. the 7,,ro-7Ah of the corn and of the cutworms so that the latter have continued their dejoredations throu,- -)or t V or y
_;ho t the period covered by t his rcl r e at a-mou-It c f r e 1) la_ n -t- i, i -, ha F,, 1-1a d 1-1 o b e d o n e f o r t h i7: r e a s on t1nis sometimes involvin,,7 the greater part of lage fields and unduabtuedly aggregate_ -Lj tliouoandz; of acres of Cor-n in thO State as a 17 1.iole. The species t1iat have been most rrominen'. are lluxoa vnessoria, Feltia dvcen- and Feltia vg-nerabilit-,. ",h er e
fields of alfalfa wore adjacent to corn t1nrz; e -:Tas a conside-.abl e mi.--ration of cutworms from t:.,e alfalfa to the corn 6urin,7 the
.F ti, -, there hLve be,--z, no com4rst 10 days L.-I June, si---Lce -:-ic" mc plaints of '=t"__er injury in t I -L e a 1 JC_-- 1 f C-z f I c I s Although injury by cut-grorms to --cuI,.g cor-i has been general tl-rouEhout 'he
State, app ,,rentl, the most severe corn cutting by these -pests lias occurred in the northeaster.,- section of the Stat -a' is,
the .:)oytioi: lyij.Ig -north oIf the pl allel. and east of 'he 0)th
.r .-7. ne 20): Tnj- -as been
Xansas -.c'olloch (Ju. _I 7' to corn 'gy cut ,cr s I
IV reported ac er 2'); Ell i -r-ne 2; d J s on
ju-ne ; all h.ave threa t-Imes; ;,;annattan, June 7, has
re-olanted- once.

kc ka.,i s a s J. ibz;or ( !S) I-verl'ic--, -or- is are eati-_.-_ ccrn -)lanted
after over 'ilo---. 7 -:-n e n- + 1, nhe cor ii sprout tnc -,, eat it

T7.'IG BO.-LZR 1-_ icaudatus Say)

e'Or a e-I (,ipr J 1 25--ay 23' 'Lurin-- the --"irst 7-eek -ay,
of corn st.aiks that shoii,,ed heavy Schistoe. o s -,-Tere -Sent in from Doii,--las County. Eo7 t'beetles --jere "o-and in t--e _urrowings. This is -,e first ti7e 17e have- ever -[Viu-id t1nis beetle

SEFD Cal-_,_ cilic.-ura "o-_,ad.

-ar a-.:I d (_'Iay Severall fields of corn -ill to be
.,Uer TI-flio--it c T-)
r epi ant ed L Crn on acco-ant th

South evrin (_Tano, 1' q cz;v er e -to cor-,-. v seed corn
,,,c- f- o -_ er 'r
,-, ct is re rted f"r he
seaso-a is ver- ccol Y : ,a-.,Ie is C
c e n I j ar y t o s o -_-e c or _n f i e, 1 d f: i e a -u r c e cf st CI s e7:

ebras'-Z, &-an'- 25, Ile seed corn E n reI.or t ed a s er i o-a E.I- i :)-as to p!edit ed corn certai--I of
01" 'a-7.
,ie'rr Ct- '01j-'ity d- j- jr- the 2
seecl Cor-_'i -, ofi7,pot, -o.-Yider the inflr.ence of t1ae coci, tin-aed to be injuriuas to &J. 0
7.ore -estern part, of tL State -he Ifir t
O -,Ie of taese reno-Zts -re f-om localities 1--ave

previously ei-merienced attacks 'by this insect, these including instances of serious injury as far 'stas caster-n Cherry County and
viestern Hayoc Cwounty.

..innesota C. E. Mickcl (June IS3) :The seed corn man-got is causi< cosiderable injury to planted corn in tesouthernl :ind nrestern -?arts of
the State. A numb er of fields' L! V had t.b cl~te n hr
are also scattering reowts of inj,_ury by this insect to planted
seed picces of' potatoes.

z::::: 1S (Corcidae and rPe-,-t',tornidae)

Loui siana Cha s. _:. S:i t h f6. om,-n A.lI i (Jun e 11 ): C theo s t i-nk1 bz os -,hi ch
attack ed corn, Eusehistus serves ras the most numerous F-,-cie-_,
fromir J tc 12 on a single tassel being- comon. Icxt ca-me Le7,togioszius whllo-ous L., Tezara viral dJ -'Uschist ,'as ictericus L.,
and tus trustiE~mis Sa,,y va&'. nyrrhocer-as --S. res-pectively.
U~p to this time their attacks has been confined alMosil entirely to
the tassels of' the corn_, some of wihhave b--een k--illed prematur ely, ap-par entl1y. How-ever, a few. were observed feeding on the
stalks below, especially on or near th--e sonk f the ear.

C GI L:EiZ FHII) (Aphis maidis IT:i tch,

a.s~sip . Harnei (Ju ne 22): Anhi s maicus on corn received from Yazoo
City on 1hay 27, and determined by n.L. Km

LI.\ CORS2 3OE::" (Hadena, -Iractilinea rote)

Ye r Yor k E. P. Felt (Juaie 2)4): Injuory by the lined corn -borer was repor ted
June 20 and 21 fr'om localities in Oneida and .en~selaer Counties.

Chi o TH. Pe I1__q (June 221) Thslined stalk? borer w7cs sent in, from
Jefe~c'n ~;~+ -it +he state-entA that i csc-. considerabl danag toyou. c~ b boig in the heart"o the stalk an(! causi-n! it to die. Infested fields ,,ere in sod last year.
Haenot had serious daiiage from this borer in corn since 1913, t .ou gh speccimens were received in 1318 &and 1921.

::'innesota C. E. "iokel (June 2)4): The lined stalk boorer has been causing
injury t~o corn in t.he southeastern cou-Ii e s 7L:-e injury seems
to be centered in Fairmont County, altho-uzh reports h'ave been
reccived from a number of cc o.tie, tco the north and west. The
loss ic estimated to be about 10 to 1' per cent of the -planting.
The larvae %it thIe present date are almost full-gro-,n, and, it is co epetc thec injury vill continue ,-,mc longer.

SLCI:B CU33~ -T727 (Diabrotica duodecimruiactata, Fab.'

I di a J. 17 vi s (JuneT? I: Te t -dye-s-Potted corn root rorm beetle
1-as, reported fcediii, J171h( 18.


Tn Jury to corn '-as c,-,,,n reported
ICa- sa s j j 7 I'cColloch JU_-je
frori' ._.aCi-son, Eurekt, ai d SC2,'_,-ion.

i innesota _.dclcel (,u-ne 7. are Oouc ;re to
p 1 a zit e, d c o r n n o r, e c; oa n t 7 i th e e c t e, r,-') i t o-c" tic State.

T yesT)erti.Tas Fa

T ei- !- 6 ,j,2'2 107: -escnt ii l:?,i-,c-e i)ij:_,i'bei,
Cai, ol ina e u GY M
in 1.,_ af sla, aths of cor- -..c u,:_ -ia t o c or r- can 'cc o C e
-i- tobac -o
T i s i s t ho Ca dU 1 t c f t c r 2 ... a- serio _s va
t",e eas caxoijn

_L, Z, at C,

e'bra -or 4 ',C7
tc 7.) o d L o -a r ,,j., s c,-- a c X.
last e7, davs, i-.-, u l in. .-.da ,-s -.ount--, aid_ also
L L I I L L"
to -field- of L-. _d nty
Of, root o t' IDIant
7 7 1
eo es opaca,

7 ') 7
e b r sIm i_-stance o' i n J -ur to -c-.1-.n- ,
or a fal st_ L-e-a-,-:_- c to oar o t c e '7aline
ou 1-1 7 7 n e,: r i "10-2: a 1,u i Ve ,a s-c- n _a7 .

-leDd-es tij coF t-- ta 'Sa-

ebra q.'-ca 6 -rin.=- the second i-ee' in June
e al C -,i -f e Z 1 o d e s t-ricost t, -.-,as 1"" attac";:i-n,4 4- 1, 4 e Qt ti:- ie --,,e have
f o-and s-i')ocios Loinc- L ou z daola, :e o cor-a in tI-Ii S State

i 1 1, D SH70UT (Z-Cic, ,eruc i--ribricatus Sa77)

a co r,- e -__-)o-n 1 e-- t i
S e
C0-1: _at-,- rc--or 'D o f e i -ib r c t e s oil- t
c + s e, s c it n li i -, c oi: e I d_ az c t.- at he
at h top oF as t: ey
cutt'nr offf an ILI e
.-), dcoin,,:7 sericTz

-i'r A:,- A

Ulli]:,_Oi -r si

7', -a,:- 1 u j t e ID 1 n1c.
Y eb r a sTma S, 25"


ful in alfalf-- fields in out'neastern Yebraska during, the
last few dwvs in !11ay and the e,-.rly part of June, and in some
casec 'voung alfalfa, seeded 1--st fall, ---ss attacked sufficiently heavily to 'be destroyed.

--1Cs1SS1"OT)1 _Ha ed (June 22): On vetch received froin Meridian Hay
r_ identi ii cation iy A. 1h: V t C n C" a s st i cu s Gyll.

eTTada G. (June 2): The season is three Teeks later than
normal because of the cold, rainy leatherr. Alfalfa S:iorter thar. usual for this season because of aphid injury and cold
breath er
-ur -e alfalfa v-;eevil ic very abuneLant
(June 5) Th
i*n t',is district, es-pecially in the northern part of Delta.
7he in'e,7'alion e,-:tu:_-ds -7i ely and the most Part ol' alfalfa
fields v-o injured. The to-ps c-:)-pear -ray from a distance.
T )-ne instance 10 or n.11ore 1 7a'v-e -ere found on one ste-r.
_ll larvae ar leaves no-. Cne-hal r o-" the
number size, The '1ia- is not -ro-,,iim7 because of
t'ie delayed wart ---eatll'icr and cxce-_ tilonal albaiidai ce of 7-eevils,
Ll -,d the cror_ rrill be reduce d 4.n a 7reat degree. devilsls are
-.-,ore da-,It t hl ..'i !a st y oax ; al 1 E- r c --ier f.7 say that there is
a. except onal season.

.4Y (, aLlia sangainolenta Prov.)
'Z a' L'av -Ju:ie 2 ,% ai:in, V
a "_ -e first two weeks in
J-,,.nf- t1i,' clover leai-:_-o-oper an6_ other sj_,ecies viere present in i' -Jurious ab,.,,i_,da:-,ce i-n the alfalfa -i"ields of Dawson %,d aeiac i 7
,,-'t counties i-.i cen tlr il

Y T U?_ c'a e

(,7,.an, 2" intore --)r- r--o-t o 7 damage
t o 7)- cr, ),ne fly larvae, Ti-pulidae, cc.-ne from Gos.-.en
_- ni)-:i .)er o-- e' I s er c zei cusly d ,-tt-i7a-cd. The field in --hic1i t1ie rroz, teqt a.,Tount of d- occurred has been in
alfrDlfa continuol 'Sl- for Oix ye"7 rc_ 'hc--e -ras also consider,cattered in th,2 In this field from
to 3 -cr(_ c ,i-nletcl- destroyed .-iiid more or less dal Ll lge do-- c all 'i, ld of 11 ac-,-ec. 1ast year thi-, f-:-riier
and, -)I.o,--, I up about 2 -cres -i-ere ,,,!e-e --a-nd in largc -.ui7,ibers about t1i,_ cro-,'i of 'iC tl-,e both beir,_- irdl ed. The
1_ ft t t _-'Lli d -Cor 7ome ti-no could '.)c r)i lled or.t

C L 0 11 EIR

FE z-F-HID (Illin.oia. -_-iEjL 'Maltu.

no s F. (June 20): The pea aphid is abu-nda-i-It oil clover
th-rou,:I-iout ceiitral and southern illinois, but is 1-.ot c.Iusing any dZ'i"." age.

C. '_' urrili 31 scatterJng fe- of :'acre si nha -I
no-, a--)-oear on leaves of red clover in 'olosso-m, 'but Erhids have le"t he rose nd elder tree.

punctata. Fa6.

Indiana J. J. Da7.ri s 'Jmic- 2): The clover leaf v,-eevil, H,--)gro i-)u.nctata,
re-oorted s-eet clover atu Saratoga cald -tlc--d '-a,,,- 19
d 20

_j D '-_ _'7j_ LJ o- cm S stris Falb. illinois or r e,.) U
1 t c 21 or-s adu"F. c" ,e clover
-c. d -,eevil in 1,: rge Tumibers du r ni, u he vree'_ of June 13.

A i_<



Ne-, York E. P. Felt 'June 24): Various plant lice have been abundant durin- the past two weeks on elms maples, and lindens and the rosy ephid somewhat nunerous upon apple trees in various sections of the ,tate. The woolly elm lea-f aQhid has also been abundant in some localities. Plant lice are very numerous on tea and hybrid perpetual roses at Rochester and other species upon a number of
trees and shrubs (R. E. Horsey).

Indiana J. J. Davis (June 2): Apple aphids have not shown up very abundantly
At Bedford, April 10, stem mothers and a few young of A-his avenae were present on almost every cluster and likewise with every aphid colony rvas an egg or larva of a syrphid, Syrphus americana. When the same orchard mas visited again, May 2 and again M ay 20, the aphids of this species were practically eliminated. On April 10 in the same orchard a single stem mother of the rosy apple aphid ras observed. On M;ay 22 occasional clusters were to be found, and apparently the first winged form appeared that day. (June 24): Probably the most conspicuous outbreak of the .:th is the comeback
by Aphididae. Aphids are exceedingly abundant everywhere and on everything. The rosy apple aphid is spotted according to our observations, but the green apple aphid occurs in large numbers. They are especially destructive to young trees and small trees
which were top-worked following the severe blight damage last year. Cherry is also heavily infested with the black cherry aphid. Shade trees of many kinds are infested and include linden, boxelder, and

:issouri A. C. Burrill (2.ay 31): The brown anhid on grapevines is epidemic,
just as the brown plum aphid, previously reported, continues in quite serious epidemic, also some black aphid on shepherd's-purse. (June 10): Syrnhids and lady beetles are not attacking plant lice generally.


APPLE APHID (Aphis 2pomi DeG.)

Connecticut I. P. Zapoe (June 22): Coccinellid larva- and syrphid larvae are no
present in sufficient numbers to hold aphids in check. It is early in the season and not very many aphids are present but they have be increasing rapidly in the last few reeks.

Tllinois ". P. liat (June 20): The green a-ole aphid is quite abundant in
the southern and central sections of the State. It is causing some damage to nurseries.

ROSY APPLE APHID (An.urarhis roses Thker)

onnecticut L. P. Zappe (June,1927): Those have increased rather fast since
early spring. More abundant than usual -ith coccinfllids and syrphid parasites present.

OOLLY APPLE APHID (Eriosoma lani-erum Hausm.)

ndiana J. T. Davis (June 24): The -oolly apple aphid is very abundant i-n
orchards of southern Indiana. This is especially noticeable in
breaks and cuts on the branches of small trees where injured earlier in the season by hail.

CODLING iMOTH (Carpocausa momonella L.)

hio E. W. Lendenhall (June 17): Codlin:; moth adults are emerging in
large numbers at Columbus. The arsenate of lead spray should be
put on no"-.

Indiana J. J. Davis (June 2): The codling moth situation is again serious.
Winter mortality was apparently negligible. first moths -ere obser-ed at Bedford Iay 2. L. F. Steiner observed the first eggs at Bedford ay Q, but none hatched until May 21, owin-T to cool rainy weather. B. A. Porter observed first larvae at Vincennes, May 20.
The freeze destroyed a large percentage of the apples in south-' ern Indiana and many orchardists are neglecting their regular sprays.
It is a question, therefore, whether the scarcity of fruit will materially lessen the codling moth menace for the next year. (June
24): The codling moth situation is serious in southern Indiana.
B.ercence extended over a long period because of cool weather and
as a result there will be no distinct period between hatching of
first-brood "'orms and those of the second brood.
llinois 7. P. Flint (June 20): Adults of the overwintering brood of the
codlin- moth have practically ceased to emerge in southern and central Illinois. Emergence took place over a long period and comparatively few e.-gs were laid owing to the cool nights. UTp to June 10
it was very difficult to find apples showing entrances. Mr. Chandler took the first larvae under bands in southern Illinois during
the week of June 13. Most commercial orchards are very free from
injury by this insect up to this date.
lissouri A. C. Burrill (June ): There seems to be little codling moth noted in this river valley section.

Cansas R. L. Parker (June 20): About 50 per cent mortality over -inter in
the orchard region near Troy. Better control is expected this -eor
since the weather is not so dry and hot. This pest wintered over
very successfully about T7ichita. It emerged with sli ht mortalit".
At Belle Plaine south of here it is a continuous round of spraying
to partially control this insect.


Montana W. P. Miabee (June 17): On June 3 overwintering larvae and some
pupae were found in the orchard home section near Missoula, Liv ing specimens vere considerably easier to find than usual at this

Washington E. J. New:comer (June 1): First adults of the codling moth were
observed :iay 4. Continued cool w-eather during the latter half of :'ay has prevented oviposition, and this, together with some IrintE mortality, should make the codling moth a less serious pest in tk Pacific Yorthwest this year than for several years past, Unfavor able weather has made it difficult for growers to apply the caly) spray at the right time. The first favorable weather for oviposi
tion of any consequence occurred May 31 and June 1.

APPLE AND THOIT SKELETOIZER (Hemerophila mariana Clerck)

laine J. V. Schaffner r. (June 31): A collection of larvae of the apt
and thorn skeletonizer was sent in June 20 from Glenburn, by
'.uarantine Inspector A. C. Eard.- He reports that they are plenti
ful on apple in this locality.

EASTER TENT CATERPILLaR (:1alacosoma americana Fab.

Yew England J. V. Schaffner Jr. (June 17): Forty-eicht reports received fror
States various localities throughout ew gland seem to indicate that
,ho et England seem t ni aet a
the infestations are spotty. Have noticed in some of the tons
in eastern Massachusetts heavy infestations in one part of the
ton and very light in other parts.

Connecticut M. P. Zappe (June): U:any larvae sho- tachinid eggs. Marny larvaE
also dying of 'ilt disease.

:lassachuasetts A. I. Bourne (June 20): The apple tent caterpillar has been aboj
as abundant as last year. No appreciable increase in abunda-.c has been reported from any section. If anything, there has ee: a slight decrease in their numbers. At the time of our Aoril report, I gave some preliminary figures relative to po'racitism. that time -ie have dra-wn deductions of counts rom about
1,00 eg--cs of this insect and found that the average parasitism
for this number was 7.22 per cent. The egg masses howed a1
avera. natch.of between 85 and 86 per cent. The am.out of parasitism :av found to vary considerably according to'*c masses,
ran.i:.g from 0 up to 27 or 28 per cent. From the average percent age of parasitism, however, it rould not appear that 7e could depend on the natural enemies of this insect to reduCe it material by the next season. The larvae had, by early June, for the mest ,.irt, completed feeding and had begun to cral about. The first
cocoons were noted about the 12th to 14th.

1 wYor. c. 7. Felt (Juo 2;: The apple tent catercillar, alanooscma
a. rican, is reported as numerouss throuThout :o roe Coun.ty, cornm tltely stripped trees being: s n ('. lMis. '~. This insect
is ap r ently more common than ever in this sectio,. (2T..orsey.

1,Tew Jersey D.T7.',')-eb'-) 17): Srinall da,-rla -e to -;ild cl-orr: at
and La-rencevillc L, 7,llicrcer C/ou---ity. 1: i r S t n 0 t i C C, I C-n -pr 11 7.

J. Grra, t 12): ht da:-,a&7e to ap- lc --,d -ild C Lcrry a

T LLJR a c c a'
)r e,, on t h -oll -cted a
"ar (J -e 7) 1 -ve ju t
cc-Trman 3 of tont cat-r-,A11,:-"- in
-Q-o-n ri-ch, liec ---,st
a--C, -lor -h of Fc-.-t Clat sc,,- ---,o.icod i t c
ar -L- uhc o-c' T"
Ou'7 Y e --fc 1 a t i rig ti i e a c

ro -e-.

.assachnset-- e C e o e r v e a- t
t i ac.
t" 17- e 0 VI- d "D, Cl
a, ly t S C n a thosc 0] ---erc zro-ers
or '-,-d -,eglected to J- -lcjudc icDti-7-e t'
7- C -c-Eed, 1--iaJe

co--troll, C:-,diana 7 7
av s r, CC' 2 L

p---,7 7 I-C_ CT I C 0 C 1_ e jj: 7 t

)ssachusetts T. 7 0-L7 le LC)) Co
-e -b re.:)orted t lr e fi:-t cc',
:-,t S on 1-r T O I
I C 0 (1 t -I at th(D -'est -01-11"T -)e
s t at 0 s
su. a a' t
-T 0 7P r _3 7r)

--S (D 0- T C
s ei, a t L )n Ie s t e r -pa r lu o 1 -,3
c 0 e t --I --"' S

LE U.4-;-L 0 s

T 4 Ct C, -,a Cc a Cll i-- 'i
oe a-)- 1 S 71G ISC711'nP a-.-ce. Tl-e coCjj--,- C -s nc- --t
--7fal- to- co- fol


Yorl, -e, +
C "-LL "I e
al: 0,; es
Ccoie2 loc -li L C
t 'n s s c,-- e o n a s trecs

... ....... ........... . ... .... ..... . .. .........


J. Davis (June 2'): The oyst:r-shcll sc le is --ib-undrnt r s usu,tl in tho northern half of the St- tc. Recent reports rxord it
ns occurrin,- -bundantly on popl!-,r, lilac, qualcin-7 as-pen, soft ir--ipl --, !-,,nd apple. E,--js ,-,rero first observed hr tchin-r at L- fayette 1,,I-'?y 31 nnd probably boi n -i d-,y or two before.

-Icbrnska 1.1'.H. (-1pr. 25 1,17, y 25): -Iblout the usu-1 nui21ber of corrpl,-,ia
relntivc to +.he oyster-shell, zc- ,1,D 7 re received d-arin the Perio7cov 3r--d by this report. (L'av 23 to June 25) The us-a-ii uunbsc!r of com-pl,--iints foi, this insect r-,c, -Jvc'-. d,-Lrin.g this p!ariod.

...ontana 3. Yc bce (June 17): The oystor-shell scale is very abundant,
osp cially where no dorm-ant oil spr-,y has been apple ft.


,Ir rold ..'orrison (June 14): Idantificr :,tion of scurfy scale by
-inrold i.iorrison, collected on bl-ck in Yorth V- rolina and nt ia by P. Me'crilfrroved to be Chionr s-pis s.vlvation Spi)ii lars instead of Chion-s-nis furfarn Fi-L-ch as reported in Te insect Sur-,rey 13111letin, ..irty 1, 1927, p. 63.

ETJI 01'aAO IIED ITE (Parn-tgtrr-inychus -pilosus C-in. ( p,-.Inz.

Z Sri chus Ott S T 3ournc; (june 20): The first r ,,-ports of hptchin' -- rere April 2 3- 2 9. These mites 1-.-v-- boon very abixidant in som, ; orchards in s;?it-- of the fact that oil sprays -ore usu in the spring of 1926 i7ith ,-pqnrently -,,oo.-I results. Evidently rcinfcst-- tion took place on .- considerable scr lc 1-! st fall. This 7.7r s particularly noticO-ble in cor'--tin bioc! :s in the colle,-c orchard which hr I not been
---rivon the sw-imer sprays of lime-sulp'nur.
jonnocticut Zapp nito is very scarce
(Junej'D27): The Europo-- ,n red
-acr,) trees ha a dolayca' dorm-nt spray of misciblo oil. Trees h- :ao -iolayed IorMInt S- --7 1'- 0 Pr, s nt, coa' 1 1 tli' ---'-ld-in vr rioty. of Deir"L-- Stus
us Lee. are jDrosent.

Pa- R

PEAR (Contnrinia -pvrivora Riljy)

Connecticut --ritton (Juac 24: Infc;,c -,tation greater r thnn usual. Fruits
rmAvcd cont,-A,.Iia.-


FE'F, PSYLLA (PsYllia -PVri L.)

Yassachusetts A. I. ourne (J-ane 20): Bec,-),use of the colr! and storc-7 -,-e7ther
the egg-laying period ,-,as unusii,-,lly lonT C' ,r--IT,'7n out, so th,-t -t the time the lime-sulphur applic,--ition at th-- cluster-bu :1 s t -, Z- e was made, many of the adult psyllas had not coi:iplotI, t.ieir layinT. As result, the control Thich gro,.-ers -7ere nble to s,-cure by this application 7as much lo7er than usual, so that thc. pectr -psylla at the present is considerably more abruic1-ant than i, has been for the last few yef rs.


CRI::NTAL PEACH ,!OTH(Laspjvresia moles'r. 3usck)

iConnecticut Philip G- rman (JiLie 24): -,'- bout the s; r-.e infeste-.1vion rs occurraft
last year as rell --)s c ail be ju 1_1-ed by thG Of t7i FI il If estation.

Wiest Vir,-inia L. i%,. Fe,?,irs (June -15' : 1 -i th or
showing -ork of the
th e v
near ormnto,,.,:i and fro -ia 1 Caanly, I", i.-ont.

Georgia 0. 1. Snarp (JiLne 7): Or I p-,--ch moth --r,7!, e in -Qo,-.,ch t7igs
'T,-ere sont to the IE.bo77. 1, f Yl(ri olroha---: of 7, J. ts .4eriT7ether G 10
have of the oriental T-,: mcth in a of
S ta t e.

Ohio 7. !,,!eiadei il-all 0- lln,--, *DE-,)': Tiae orient !- M is ()u .tc iDl ntiful in Col.:--nbus -,nd vicinity. 'er 7 14 .cn, as
for its control.

Indiana J. J. D-tvis (June 2): Mic -ocac'-n-tr. ,e borer is in orcharf.,- nerzD no treatmc-it ,T.- s made la-st fal7. orc-.--r--'-!S thcr,:,
.LC D Cond-*L'tioj-jS 1 'St fall 7 DrC =favorable "ofore 7ell inf--mste sin I
t'he p-lra0ichlorobenzene tr at-,-ient. (june orch- r,3-s
-,hich di not reC -iV _-U- 7DPr-,-1ichloroben7 r 'D 7 ...r hc vily infestec! n07.

Nebraska H. S761-'-'C (A-pril 35 i:ay 25 : ei-)ortDr as peach trees
n--ar Superior, 11-luckoll-, Co-Luity, durin:- th,-, lpSt 73e-',7-, in

FLU: GURCULIC (1./o.notr,-;chelus n, naphar !Tbst. )

Texas F. C. Eishopp (June 25): 7qc -ojum curci-iiio h is c -.,as-l considcrable loss t'-Iis sprin ,- by att,- Ckin- both -plims an-1 some instances about 15 per c -.nt of the- fruit his 7b7 n infested.


7orth Carolina R. 71-. Loiby (June 16): Thc first beetle of the first _,ener ,,tion
cvi, z ,,,,d at the Aberdeem laboratory J-une 12. The curculio has bcon mortD destructive thus far this se-7son than for the last t-o y,:!,irs, o,,71n_- posably 1,-, ;uild '7i,-Iter and lax control methods bcin practiced by our commercial gro 7ers because of low prices.

-L-Tr) (JiLac 19): Scco-,,-' -n-r-tion 1,-)rvnc -ere inote ll in ne, ,ch orcl-nrls today. T11-, .1ilcy crop cscaper-3. secondrntion curcuiio ,:Itt,-c,.- t,-jis yc,r, but Geor,::i-t 3elles and _Elbers -ill 73c subjected to the second broo-1.

(Ly,:- us -,)rr tennis L.)

J. J. : ,7is (.Tb ie 2-A): Tie tfr,,is'.,cJ plo-it bu, 7 is nnI it )n possibly other lbu,- s 'i,, vc loeen rCs-,,o-_--_qiDle for co,!hcs in southern
si'erab"' e knovn -s to T)e c

U GIL, Y Y S T C- -,ERRY (Arc,-i-os c_-r; sivor,1-,,n Fitch)

:Te7 Iorlc 2. A'. 7elt (Junc 2z-): "csts of this spocics cnvolorin,, c1hoke
cherries occur Inero -nrl, V-.ere in sout:__LE rn -S,, :,,to4 Coixity.


RU3TY i1U' 2 1,TID (Hysteroneuxn set! rine Thos.)

i ssouri C. -',ixrrill (Ju:-ic 7): T ie aVIiiI c-)i'--T.Iic continues to incrcnse,
_LU -ln:linir Frb.
(T-Tyal or torus 7ri.11-lecticut ID-P --, (.Tjr 1 _127): Only "uropcan plix- 1- ve inf estation. J- nnn se varieties .-ro rrnctically iz--Luic.


.,Y (11iono-plin,l-noi'es rubi 1;r.rris)

Conaecticut P. Frien," I.T) 15): A small -plot of raspberries defoliated.

(Cerosir"in rabi'ol; i Thos.

Souxi urri'l y 20): T' c -,-p'-iV is .,,Tee- is'h, curli,1,7 t. e er ves,
i headed by Vie tr!,il riat (Crer. ,,sto:,rstgr 7)
slai_-i by syr--)hid larvae.


-70- ( I I
GP,11Z L=-'i

.,ebras!<:a (:.a,-7 25 June The first re-)ort of
tlic -_sTape leaf]'Ior 3r ,s racoivci froii C---,.,-)r County first 1-eellr in June.

Tc-%:as F. C. (June 25): injury ,C,-,a-I UO -C O-ilent
early in jixne an,'L incrc,: sc' co-nsi,,Icrably V. rou-'- the ino--at'thou--,In it is nrol-ably not so ')a-, as normal for this tirne o" the year.

GF-APE LIIL F FOLDER (Desnia f uncralis Hi ',,n.

Texas F. C. !Asl-opp (June 25): The first broo( of this insect Ilas --one
only minor r'PT.2a,:!,e to rapes in the vicinity of some p= .sitisi,i 7as ol-serveO, it -A:.s -DrO7Mble t1lat su.' sa ,uant generations will cause consic enable injury to -raT,,os.


CURRQTT A!--1-iID C ivzus ri"As L.

hio E. 7. 1 endenhall (June 1): Currant pla.its ar3 atfecte,'L as uslj-al -7ith the curra-,t aphid south o f Colu-bas, causing to curl 7ith b1ne t7*Ic leaves.

!,TAT!-JE CUIRRZ172 '.OR:I(G-y-g.nonychus ap7iendiculatur- Harti-2 '

Dhio E. 11,,ond,. nhall (-Jur-e 1): The f irst zene--I. t lon of tha larvae
have appeared south of Colunibus on curran'li 'Eae ase of ustI
ed or sprayed hellebore is safe ar.:-!


THE 7Ar-TUT CATERFILLi P (Eatana inte; 07. &

Ississippi 1, 7. Earned (Jmae 22): T'he rairnit caterpiller has ILI ell e
e! recently from "-""ccan Sprin.'-s, 71'u neio, Senato',,ia, -a u,-: Iia Vista, and Shelb-,r, 1-here it -as inf testing, recent treo". 2.lesa insects Pre also Pbundazit oa -alnut and recan trees on tlle collet Te C lrnC4 1' ge
pus --. Colle

PEC, ,T 2-',j--,-'IOTH (Froteonterrz bollienta SIinj.

ississippi R. 7. Earned 22): S-,Decimens of the r.eca,-I !u !-T- ot h '-,-ava boe-I
received recently -Fascagoula, Clarlcs -aie, : a-tesv"Ilie, an L
C omb.

.. . . .. .. ... ..... .. .. ................... ......


T ITZ U 0 i p

I S C L S F 1:Fz, S


(June -1 20): Cut-;Gi:;ns hav been fully as abunda--t ,s
they ,7ere !as" YCDY attackii,, r 'practically ail c-o,-)S
01 d'*' to the cold weatherr whicl i p-,-,vailed durin oi:.r early sprinL:,
their "!or* has caused consider )! ,, alarm, altlio,, ,zh it is sui, sidir,,n, a %J _L) L C 'I I T
V (,T7,-I 1-10 TIE' W-TioatC 1
observed defoliatin.-, to-iato )lai-ts an l c ti-.- _zls of 3-n an Indianapoli s -r se. Tnose cro- fo
le 't-ace and at the time -of observation (.''av 1-- t1rc
!--ul 1 _j;_ 0,,-, j. ntly mA7:7or,.,i 3 .rc not ,c d e s i -[ e 7+ .-- rf%o f J o or s e s a ye a, -c (J-ane 2141). Cu 1 r: c i- rn qT e -ne -(- a 1 1 troublecomo eL :,l-i, i- t : P_ t abl. e 7ar
J c -n s at El',-hart.

---on (Jun- 1): Cuti-,-cimis ere calozins CUS fro, t, 0
e- Col,

n e ota of injury
c-,: t -C, r oul_, .O-t t'-C st ,+e luri_- t':c las+ -C, t,
o 4-I IQ SCV(3af: in iDrci,, ous

e Cr za ,:L,, of v; cras species are
IL L U J-n "ne asual icunt of d_,mia,,,P i. this sprinTT A- T T -7 IT T7-T --a -_-ft I st r i on 1 _-ahn'

r e ) 0"
t I-- insc cts Ilave bco n e c c i v fr a-_, E elmont U iicn, -'ill i s-:-ill o ,
u, il a _ur- i,) c ,bbo Fc scom to 'C"c -1 !.'1 nal crops
r'll')QU n r,)-ic e s r ""hey
t'-,,.c corr ,)or.-,. _4 stated:
-,,v a -t riiinca -iI7 c: d c-n.

1(3s ,2 017 s Ce- -,U -Is der
e, -,i o,!,--., er ar

0 f: SU s 7,.

,ot ,,to aT, Ilis-ille,
-id -t U'ic- c n jun,_;
C Ila ] ,i O

7 7T 7' i, ricatlas

at t (I injurinric,,ttcd r,--ort 'beotl, 0-110 C. or hi s far'm.

G-iRD" SFRI1,TGTAIL (Sm-int'--mrus 'norteyisi.s F;tr!-1'

Connecticu-; 3. Friend (june 21): There '--ias been more or le E dL,- t
cotyledons of all plans, includinl- meion _-, cquas".i, cucum -_rs,
Ha-d.on. There is a. greater nu-,.ber t_'-ian last, ye.- :.

-L:-'OTATC T1,T.-TC, ,JQ

OC C'J_7eriS

Indiana J. J. Davis (ju--ie 24): Tho iootato fle,,, beetle :ias rc )orterl burda-rit at 17ai-)ranee June 22.

-121 ne so t a E'. _L" I c c 1 ( Ju e L_ -lea 'b, etles have bec, mico--e abun a-t
4* ha- --sual this sprir-, ii:, iuxy ',e m ort 01 o--,,. t omato
and -potato.
"CLOF _"O FCT_ C (Leptinctarsa Oecem14
T n cE ta Say
,ilabarr 13. jo1nnso-n u
(-a- T'' Ie 'c)lora'c potato locetle beEap. to be s er ous abcut -.-a-7 1 but -.-,-a s chcc1,_ed -by ap-,--l yin a co-c-n-.Qe 1 aiicl 'Pa S
,,recn mash.

ca C,
Nebrasl,.a S*,-,e-,i_: ("ay 2 5-.Tu-.e 5): -io, s are t1at the Colora'
potato 'Ceetle is more than usual 4 r, h E exte,Isive potato E-c)-.-1,ino, districts of north-1-1,estern 17e' ras1 a this c=in-, a--a
that L.___ )a a year -,,he! n s-,Drayin o-p cratio--s -,'L need to
be 2esortad to :Ln thatl portion of tI--,e St,-,te-3 "abee bu,! s a--,, e beinp- o'cServed- il,
el d

FCi_,,,TO ,PHID (Illinoi,?, solanif,)lii

Chi o -Parks 'i) n e 2 T',P in,: a---,d. re,:?n Dotatc,
co-_,ie very abunda-nt a n q i s t e a e in t he c f t o 7 s -n
t1le -rounds ;tate Hcz-Oital
atand.: .ntl on potatoes in

(Z' fabac'i

1-0 r t 11- 7. P. (June 1) Hop.per-.Durn is v--,-ry on, erT17
Car o 1 i r- a, irish -potatoes in the district 0-1, pascjuotz '!: t?,is yea :*.

0-FLE LE-jHOPPER (.;I- -ooasca

Indiana J. J. DaVis 24): TLle pot a t o r E;l t "7' da;7,aging, Dotatoes at -Derne June 21.

TIRNISIED FLi-d7T _3UG (LYrlus pratensis L.) June 1): This insect naf, caused serio, .- an sa U -_ -'Gllcch ( L
to potatoes at Junction City.
bris nitel Guen.)
..,,TALY- 3CRER (Papaipema ne -a

nd i an a J. D_-vis (Jv no 2): Tl ,.e ccn.-non stal'.-I borer first reported
t'lis year 1ro,-.1 J-06n e 10, -,.hero it had already deotroyed ene-fifth of the rece itly set tomato plants, in a cc,- izercial field.

H. S-:enk (.Jay 25-T-:I:-1 e 2 5 'he first cases of complaint of i-jui y by the stalk borer -,,are received during the second in June from southeastern Yebraslza, these relating (.hiefl-,,, to attacks onpotato and tomato -olants.

STJ C ITLY (a:,q hus mini mus Uhl.

'Harned 'June 22): 27. P. 'cimer, inspector fl: r e State 7lant 3oard, 11.1oss Point, reported the first L.,ppea ,_rwrice o-' the tomato gackf'i.y, DicLr i -'-t dam.Lhus minimum jl---!..on June 13, a,-e 7,as noted to tomato plants at Foint.

__'L I ST --- _KL fr_- L
-rie 20) e-port f o-- in,-j Li--y t o -)otato-,,, 3
S S C 0 0 11 ) cl Ja
been reDorted from Lon : Islard June 11 and 3 og a e Jun 17.

-I s si ssip-)l Hai-ncd (Ji).ne '2): S e r i o,., s d a, 7na, 7 e o 1 r i i r)otatoeE b
uta ,,as reported fra.-In

3 7-TEIE1-- (:Ipica- ,ta cL-erca .or,.t.

ar o 1 na 7 AeS 1---77C )E+,2- r:
dcstroyi-,,- % or,:, 'Uo A, -'L i'lle !f U. I i ni s ter

7. (3une ''): E j- i 0110 to 1 4 sh polatooc ',y
t I-iis 'Aister beetle, at --c)tchc7:, to b e, - a t 3rooks,,rillewaz, :)C)I.. 1v ed.
37 _E (.:a c_- o ba si s uni c olor -, irby)

'A. Harned (:une Serio-as da:onre by '_.-crol)as ,s unicolcr
to Iricli pototoc c -a- reported fro,-i C, v Smi .. hvi 11 G.

(-O+,Oi(! .,, and Fentat ) Tiidae)

r tl -11 1.
0,112+ 13 i Ch&z ;.III --I _P j/ Consiclerablc to
t1le fr-aits of toi-.iato ---ere fields in .e vicinit

of Baton --'Oa"-e. This dama,"Te -as bein;c, dol--e 1,117,; Cl-c' '3,,7 s-oecies. Th e 1 eaf -foot ed pl an t b uS 1 e -pt og o c sl 7 -p11171 i o -,: j L., ,j.-as -,the -or incinal o"ender, ---hile : jschistuq, serv-_, f Sz-i'y e,: 7e,:7 v i r i dial a L. -!e r e p r e s c -c, t i n j u r i cu S 17.a F E; .
--EGRO 3UCT -xilicarius C;.-recoccris

:,Lis Si ssil- i _R rn e d ( Ju ,,. e 2 2 'e--_ o ', ags h,: ve been received f"ror, T!Ji,.; ,Inde-peridel-.ce, and --,'-,)-ere they -ere 1-e-portca,
injur ish potato plants.

C,33ACC Mj- a'Clr O*U

_Hvlem,,-i,,- brassicae 3 chp ..assaclusetts --e na morted b., .r.
h -:,cu 'ne -J,-,ne 2C Cabba., :.:7ots were rc,
U c o o -f t h e r az ke -;U F r d en d i s t r i c t i d d I e 0 e: 7 ount Y a- s about average aoa-_-i6_e-_,ice, a id their ap-,,ea--ance -as just -7 ,bout ncr 5: eport fror..i 3ristc.l Count-, hc-.Teve,: 'ro-.-.Q a reg-c-n
armind sho,,_ ed the 'li--st e.,c,,Ts f,:-Ily t--To 7ee'-s earlier
than in i02j, and somewhat earlier t1ian is nc-_--mal for -this s-:-)ecie!i:. iiar yl and I C ,): D
(DI-ide "!,'ay 2- brassicae is causin- consiclera',le
loss and necessitating mich

C, A33 _GE API-a-D (3 revico-_-XP bras-sicae

Indiana 7. J. -La,,is (JuI'Le 24): The ca.')bal-_- -e ar*aid ,-7ps ab-Lindaz)t -Lid
a,27ine, caDba.f7e at Ter--e H---.ute JunFT7

c-.-Ji2 com-pt,,rie. -.'ohl.

Kan sa s i 'C 2 0 110 c'--! J'a -a c 1 --report of inju 'y to stra-iberry '0ncvlis com-otari, _'-iac '- een received froi, Ca to c el1
a-_._ Iac. 7ab

Alabanz. 3. john..;,on (1'ay) In a. stra- -, -Derr-T bed af j-'-C -pla-. .ts -: lic-I'l
-,ere set out this several
year in the of -;_ LrYr4mfhLi-_,
plant--- shriveled and died. in-,,-esti.--aticn reveal t n e or k
C t'ne strawberry root bor e--.- .

_=hipas ovatr-s !I.

o r, t, n a 3. '_ abee (Ju .e 1.7 The st--a-.-!,)erry root weevil t
season a-o1)eai-s to ,e no more aJundant t'_=

7a'T STR I P 'D -7 -A 3- sinuat'st

Indiana J. J. Davis 24): --e7)orte,-' june, L, La's
t 1.0rion.


SI.!;CS 7c'n-er
-T 1 F .',"Culata I-Orton)

3 r s _-z Itrai-iberry slugs i,--ere more
usually trc--j!)Iesc' durin, --;er-od covered by this report. Th -_ early c'Z'r&7,,'DE;rrr slu.z, be,-an tc be .rach
cc-,-71ained of the last fe- days in '_ay, reports being refro-. Dll paits of eastern I-e*traska. .ese injuries were '.-,'-rose Of the late, stra-berry slvg, Etrnria Orton, -'hic-7'. species is still cti ,;,e in the stra-IDerry beds at OIL t'-is r-nort.


_s (June 2): Thousa-,-id-leg,7-ed riorms we--e re-ported from 1:r1*11-1ceton, catin- i-,-ito the fruits of ct-ra,,:'berry and
ca:asi_ i; ar-precipble losc.

.ST C'3__ ;Uls

(Cricceris as-,Da5:a 7i

-as z a C,--- -Is : t t 2 beetles, of both s.pEcies a-0i 'r 4 ocer i s i-as reported as

"a L J'
at He,,-.dersor_,.

(Hyl e-,yia cili crura -Rord ..ont.ana a'j e e (J a r e C2 1 1I-Le see corn _' t is doing daTage to
Ha r :i.

ru c s

(71iy 21 -june 2') Tne bea., a- 111 has been ver T)lent 1 1 iil';- tI-ie -po st two weeks.

77j' 7 11 71 O-ot
ota Der,-,ra-tiaiis Ils'

'7 S v) 'J Hai': eI 2 2 S-L:)ecimens of the 1 i:1 beai vinc borer,
O :io-) t-'ilpta i- 1 ol 1, a. :.cve be .n received fro-I -,?here jur beai-,s ".ay 2-,

(: Pilacllna Corr-apta :uls.

ort!- 7. Leiby- Jun e S :'oro cc, plaint- o' i-njurios than usual
n-e received. The first date of their
'0 27. s %r- ca i--.. _.inly fra-,, the aorther.-I


Piedmont section. Forty-six cm:n--Jes of the St ,,tr
are no,7,, infested.

South 0. C. Eddy (June 20.1 Sla n,:7 emer,-rence of, -i ber nat in- bee+' e 2
Carolina about over. Damage bad locally t L,,1ro,_,Ehou' the F; ed:-,iont scctio -_.
Infestation not gener;--i.1 Yet.

Indiana J. J. Davis (June 24): The '1e-,.icon bcan beetle i 3 vcrv a1 _-.nd,,,.nt
and destructive in the scut.-_ea-te_-n cluarter o'l t7--e

abam. o- so n 'a 2 2, 7 Eir, t
the -c-ican bean 'Jec'--le vras fD-cr,,z c ei:icusly injur'n-:r be _,,-,
leave-.. All stages o-L 'u-he be--tle -; er e. -,-,r e v a I e n t .

1U11T'7,7-- 'icc. hs.1'ea-- -7 O.
3 E L Z 3E!jT 0 e r o t o r i --['ur c a t a 7 o e r t .

Hi ssi ssip- i K L (Ju-_ae 13): --,,era fourd attac
bea s in nu---ijers as to n, c e s s i o e,-j -- t n,.;, cr t,,e-r con'-o'
The leaves s'_-o-.rer2 concidera7,10 a-lid t_'-1C b06-t-1 -Zl,3-:T
in considerable iu -bers t1-le were d i st -af e CL .

-,.S 7-71

C C TT 0 7 J'_ PH TI) fjiS -01.1 SS1 Ssi-OT)i 2-7. Hax-ned June (22): s _,,_.:0 S S-1,ni on at _.-eole
and "Oss 17oint -ia7, repo--ted J,:Lne 1.

S-ED, CIT7 'T -,j kGCC,T (T-d.

Indiana j. J. Da7,is (Jime L Larvae to be seed cc---r.
go', ,-,7ere re--Iorted secd ot 7L-i7- O-ath
Tune _L

S-<,U H 27j'-* (1, a s a r t i s D e

Georgia C. I. S,mp- Juzie 1 4) bu, ;c have beer. un-aTo.alljr
yea-,-. T"ney Zre cmcum,.erc and
on sider abi e da:na,,-e to 'f_ .e s ., e
Z:D ,ia cr sr-It Od
t'lis year fro.m squash bu.. attacks. -lairly also very
heavily in-ILested.

Oi sc i7D-,?i L. 7. Ha _-ned (Jane 22): of injo-ry accom--pan- ed by
s-oeci:7e-nE, 'have 'De _-n rec-eived frc _-,i S-cm De zl' D, tlie common s lua'sh 'ou,-D on

S PZ71 CTj 7 7 -1
TEL I _L.LLabi-otica- vittata

-:i s,---i S, L-07 i X. i.;. Co c1ce,-rh,_ r, (-Juzi,, 1 s 017- C_attaclced by -insect and ;' o-ed ratr= severe
plants .,,ere dusted -Eor co ,trol of" tlc bee cs.


-Ka., -i s a s J. 717. (J-c-nc 20) _,-"-riped cucu--_,ber beetle hI a c- o e e
very prevalent this year or and clacumber in t1ne co-anties
of Srahar,-, Je-,-ell, Ells,,vorth, Lyon, Joliizon, -d raf ord.

(; ka ,rc)tica C._:c Fab.

J 7. Co 11 o ch (Jun e 2 2 C n the tlc ---cre reported
injurinl-,- melons at TanEano- n June 1- injury. ca-ta
Iou-pes at 'S-pring 'Hill.


1_)4 ,U ASH B OR 7EH (&*.*el i t t i -rin i f" c. rr-i

K. L. 'ock erham (june UL atyrinifc_-.-.i., ccntl mies t,and be one of the most Serious of trjCI<_Cro!D pec-7 ",-is I t
1-ilas been fouiid injuring, squash in Lincoln, I'c, 2:1 E ivOl-,
_aI'Icock,__-arriscn, and jacX-son Cou,'ities, IiEZI. _1 --o-"ile I., ou: tv, Ii ri-ncinal cro-), "."Pt
d a. ',Iiile sluasl is not, pera-)s, aar y) come art-, found in ever-, -arden. nd I C 'Per
cases "u-I arcU
c e nt i iff e s t a t i o n.

i -nclv i i J v i ne 2L) hac t,- en reT)orted as
da.ra'-ing onions t'-ie -aa t :--.on4v-h fror-7. E11 ..-rt nd Ashle:v.

BE-7 S

STtZI'P!I 3LISTEH 7Z7T-LJE (__-,-oicauta 7ittata Fab.

ou t Fe,, Pi)er (May 2, -,jec L-,.-- of lh z erc received
Carolina f Y, cm t -ender_ in L
tnd rci:,ortcd as seri ously j1ari,.-_F, the of


ina. C

f tortois- bc ti- 1,,r,.-ae r -'r r and no, r, r t Od r

il )Ilo-., ni- tor-1-oise

C, _:I L7 at
Cdi-.r. June

3ANTDED CUCUM(B.BB 3EETLE (Diabrotica talte, ta Lec.~) Mississippi X. L. Cockerha. (June 18): ConsidLerable numbers of these beetles
are seen in fields of sweet potatoes an(! injury to the leaves can be noticed.

SI"IEET-POTATO FJJBX BEETLE (Chaetocnema confinis Cr..) 1isiisissippi R. 7. Harnedl (June 22): Specimens of the sw7eet-potato flea beetle collected on sw.eet-potato plants have been received from Kendr ick.


RHU-2APL CLJCULIO (Lixus concavus Say) Indiana J. J. Davis (June 2): Th-e rhubarb curculio -~as reported injuring rhubarb at Rochester and, Spencerville the past month.

OA31-AGE ',AGOT(lfitWmyi brassic.-. Douche) Indliana, J. J. Davis (June 24): The cabbaTe or radish ma,7!ot damaged radishes at Sheridan June 14.

FALSE CHiINCH BUG~ (Ny.sius cr5 cae Schill.) Kansas J. '7. McColloch (Jun_- 5): Severe daw-na,-e to radish andl turnips

reported, from a truck gari en -at Hays.


TOMTO TTOBM (Proto-oarce sexta Johns.) Louisiana T. B. H--olloway andl 7. B, Haley (M,.ay 25): Horn w7orms, probably
Phle.,othontiuas saxta, wvere f ound1 injuri ng ppepLsna New Orleans.

'JELLO-STRIPED A"BM'.Y77OR (Prodenia orni tho--alli G-uen.) ina T. E. :oln -y od : m- (- 5) h cotto-n cut-orii,
Froklenia ornithoenlli, -a-s foundc aLtta-cin:g .)-pT~er plants near New Orl eans. Various larval stri.';es uw to last-instar larvae rere -present. As Iama, e from, cut-orms is feared follow,ing the floods, in the TMississi Poi Valley, these records may be of interest. M. IA. High iden_-tified Trodenia ontoml in its various stages.

_',L CK CUT77 _-'JArrotis ,;--)silon'Rott.

L ouis, iana. T, 7, -:_-ollo,7,,ay an-7, 7. 7. -,T -177 25): The --re,- sy ciA--.)r-.,
A,-rotis. version, --as foun'. DIltaclun -, pepper plants nef ,r Orleans, T-xious st- 1-s u-r) to last -instar larvzac ,'7ere prcsein t. s from cut-orms is feared follo7ir -_ the fl oIc
in thc i iississippi Valley, t"-_-se recor, s --,,-y be of interest.

California (June Dr I i f or n i a
fields tl-ir. T-- ) to
is e:,trci7ely late i-n apj. e,: ri-,, i,, thc ti- O pr C s- n t t i 7, e pr a c t i c -, 11,, 1 0 D( Ult 7Ce",TilS i served in t-e plantings.

S 0 U 7 E R Y 7' 1 L D 0 F I S S


CIL ,,:EEVjT -Ono7- -ran(IiC

3 R. 0 oa- d (C o o ,o er a v e T-, or t 'records this
ye ,r 1--i -h t'nose of 192S, ---ill "De noted t"."Is
77unx at -ilorence, S. C. Coll- Statio-_-, _tbordee-,
C., Ray,.icnd, C.
ss. Poc':y '"ciant --. I'. Po-olarville, -nd' H c 1 ly S -,or i
'E -ton
greater survi-ral -,as r,3corded in 192,, ) at
a:--d, 72 xiDor i -


Nocth Carolina R. 7. Leiby (June 8): winter survival has been unusually heavy
according to winter care records. J. A. Harris reports finding his first weevils in the field on cotton on June 6 in a locality where cotton shows tiny squares. (June 16): First
punctured squares found by J. A. Harris June 14. First -eevil
taken on cotton on June 6, in Scotland County. On June 14,
3,865 plants in 10 fields averaged one weevil per 100 plants,
the maximum being 5 weevils per 100 plants.
3outh Carolina C. 0. Eddy (June 20): No activities in the Pienmont section reportel or observed.

ississippi R. 7. Harned (June 22): High teevil infestations are being reported in nearly all sections of the State except the Delta. During the week ending June 18, State Plant Board inspectors exaniin
146 farms in 40 counties, findcling weevils on 97 of them. Several
infestations of 15 per cent, 16 per cent, 17 per cent, and 20
per cent were found, in sharp contrast with 3 per cent, the
highest infestation on the same date last year. General rains have fallen and showery weather is prevailing over most of the
State. A high percentage of the first-generation weevils are
reaching maturity and heavy infestations are expected during the
next week or two.

FLEA HOPPER (Psallus seriatus Reut.)
orth Carolina R. 7. Leiby (June 16): Noted by J. A. Harris as abundant in Red
Spring to Laurinburg section and present in adjacent counties.
here cotton was squaring, blasted squares were commonly found June 14. Reported from Edgecombe County June 8 and from Cleveland County June 6.

south Carolina C. 0. Eddy (June 20): Cotton flea hopper on cotton in very small
numbers. Abundant on evening primrose. Primrose is now maturing and cotton beginning to wro- ropily and cotton flea hoppers
Repositing some ees on pl nts no~-.

ississippi R. Herned (June 22): Cotton fla hoonners arc abundant on
horsemint and croton and are present in some cotton fields. Yo
injury has been observe' to Tht.

COTTON LEAF "-OR, (Alabama areillacea Htbn.)

ennessee R. Harnel (June 22): Specimens of what is believed to be
the cotton leaf worm were received from Somerville, on June 16.
They were almost full-aro-n and are bein: rearc: t,,- turity f-r
definite Ietermination.

COTTON APHID (Zhis cassypii Glorv.)

outh J. 0. Fepoer (hay ): Y-uno cotton has been infested lIc~ly by
this insect in the Fie .mont section.

F -Appi R. W. Earned (June 22): Cn cotton at Indianola on-June 0; and on cotton at 7'.ichi,an City on June 18. 'The infestations at ichigan City seemed to be hea7l-,.7 eho,;.gh to demand control measures.. identification by

Carolina 'D R 7% Leilby (June 1"'): The cotto: le&f louse is about as abundant as in average years.

A Ch-RYSU.:ELID Cu-oerodes sp,.)

S1 Sp R. "i. Earned (june 22): Insects identified by J. ". Langston
as Lupe-rodes sp. have.been :eceivcd fror., Jackooza an 3- Clinton.
They vTere reported as dama, rin F il

I=,, -:_-CCFRffrM::D F,'!FA -HOP.FER (Stictoce-phala f'ectina Say)

.-Ississippi R. ".7. Harner1 (June 22): Specimens -.-7ere collected on cotton at
Lena on 1ay 27.

TMIPS (Thysanura)

South 0. 0. EEddy (June 22): TI:,-rips ln 7Vqe abun ,.ant on yol:-_ag cot0
C,arolina to*n -plants 111-Lrouzfiout the entire section ur to t"llis
ti :ie. infestation, -:io-! decree! -_-.-.


TOBAC(-0 F E. i t r i Y -par vu ln F ab

Vir-inia J. U. Gilmore (."ay 2,,,)): pLa Ja is very seriously ne,,71y set tobacco and tom :Ito -olantc.

71IRE7,7CM1 3 (Elateridae

J. U. Giimere (** y 2S): Indications are that thi wil be th ,,-,,orst :dre,,-!orn yt ar of the past four.

(Cramtrus cali 7inosellus Clt2m.)

C-, J. U. "ilr:ic ro 2S): is 1107, cau s ing
heavy to 'Lobacco set a 7.e(:;1,1 a-o.
S077 I) T 3TJG
o r i d a 11 Tu-,-i o f s ou t h er T1 r c rl ant
bu, ar r t 1 i,_r -v), i5 at t h s,-. nt t i mi e. A is bein..7 dol-10 to -ronc of tebacc,I p Ii-iiella fusc

Florida F. S. Cl-,-I- Icrlii-l (J"Ir, .obacc.c t*r2-ij_-s ed practically --,Lo of ex-

ceedingly dry :eather. It is believed that the frequent applications of Paris green made during the early part of the gro-7ing
season for flea beetle control exert a strong controlling influence over the tobacco thrips.


SMJGARC'\TE BEETLE (Euetheola rugiceps Lec.)

Mississippi R. U. Harned (June 22): Complaints accompanied by specimens of
the insects continue to be received at this office in regard to
the rough-headed cornstalk beetle or sugarcane beetle. Corn and sugarcane are the crops bein, injured in most cases, although in one or t'-o instances cotton stalks have been attacked. One man reported that 75 per cent of his sugarcane had been injured by
these beetles.



FERIODICL CICADA (Tibicina sentendecim L.)

Test A.D. Hopkins (iay 2S): The periodical cicade is here (anawha
Virginia Farms, I:ineral': ell) in limited numbers. The only record 'we
have for its appearance in est Virginia is for 1395 in GCrant, Hardy, Pendeltcn, and Randolph Counties. It was predicted in
my "77 '1, Bu0'i '7 "
my Va. Bulletin DS, p. 279 for 1910 in all of Rest v7irginia
counties bordering Tirginia.

L. :.. Peairs (June 15): I got some specimens from a hitherto
unrecorded locality for this brood at RPeedsville, Preston County.
Mr. Rumsey later visited the locality and did not find any of
the insects so it is apparent that they are scarce. There is no
doubt about the occurrence, thou,h, as I have two specimens.

HITE- D 7JSSOCK ::C10TH (oaemerocama leucosti ma S.& a.)

Tew York Felt (June '4) 7hite-n-:arked tussock maoth caterpillars
are just hatchin- in buffalo and relatively fe-, compared it
earlier years (-. T. Clark, City Forester, June 15). This insect -,as reported as hatching at Rochester at the end of -ay
and it has developed very slo-ly, partly owing to the cool
weather anud more likely to the early thorough spraying (R. 7.

)hio E. -,. Iendenhall (June 2): The nhite-marked tussock moth began
to show its work on the sycamore and elm trees along the streets
in Springfield. The partly grown caterpillars can readily be
be destroyed by arsenical poisons.

k 2 2 Th, e elms
a,-d ot'ller trees in C(l-jl-_- 'arr -,-RLch incre t
this ,ear and h, ve re uirer- to control.
Indiana -3. J. Lavis (June c): Tu s c o c g E I
X 'i e, -s are vei-y a -.--da:-.t thrc ha c n an Dreci
out ceitr,,, l Indiana, ana" inac-7 uc'-. a7, i .erc I lbee- inan-Z -lclerablr troi-ible from the c-"terrAllars is
inter mortality, consallticip- -ltcd. (june 241 =th cater-C.ill bee-an 1-.atclh-.1 7
Fayette Ju-zie R o t s o f d e l'o 1 -1 c t n r e c e i T c d fr om
C7r cens.-zir L,Fa,,ette Te --fu and Tog-'Is-cor'

C o -,-all ec t i cu -0 Tune 1 S) afe attack-nF,
a-r)-ple, ctc 4- in cal,- F.-rove ne, -r t1re of Lyme a ----foliated.
Plosom. Fc-atator ao f e e d i n o-- 1 r v a e i ch al so dvin,'j
5-f a

A ll CAY= C711 (' j o,.-lij;:a _on _t_ ia
e77 Z ngl an d S- c-n- to lb er ce-nic-n in miany
\T. scllaffner J:.-. (Jun c, 17)'
"ates a-L loc, ).litiosq in 7 c En,-,land- ,L- d J(rsey,
nd -e, no !:E--: L C,-ls d ef o
Jersey lc -lvc lbce- re,,=tcd.
on-. ecticut ri 'toi (jui
-3 -ie 1 Larv ,,,c C 77 L OU, T
cn 7- le trecr, a -7 -'r-ait t i e, s. It co a- : ea-- ed in onc oi-c-,- rd ?t 1 ci7iej o- ently
none around Dalnbary.
... .. ni a J. ::c'-Tover., W
t' .'r c u -h 7, T,. 7-u-+ or. J-ne tl-ie -,-,,oods for more t.= )-,C yc,-.r-., and -1,ilt. 1 h- ,ve
t"iern I ever s )-- tlenq in roles ---e a' T)resent
t i mc li,* tho -,. -,-.7cel.s I ha-vc bcen in f
c c,,). n t i c --learfield, Clinton, Cc-ntrc, and 1 find th ,rn c-er:l C. i-terTination n

:ontana ViT 3. :,:abce (J-c--n e 21 The -ll -,-,orm ic L t'; Ill
st Ttin-- to defolil--,tu f hclt= i: tlne nei:-r',-I ;r -ocd o--'

I (Q7,1,2cr-l-a ver-na"n Z'

Y Y C) 1"7 Z, L4
1iic'zory i-.1 --tchestcy, Ou'Int-T lnr-,-!.iti, 1 ,.Crc lc defc1 i a t i 0. thi insect sb o t t 1:"o -,t 1,v e 1 in, n cu t h cr n -.7a j t c n or t h er n
RenFselaer C ,, nj-ory boill-, Ci-ai',c rcf7 ,-4ctcd.
E-:,) J-C,71' 4 y
i 71 cu, Ul
i rIx n cd. (Ji.,
Si ppi f"ll 2-rnnee
ot2ctlion 'of tll, Stc te.

Arkansas '.7. J. 3aerg (june 1 The first eF-s of Hy-phantria cianea. --- a,:1 171
found on shade trees at, Fayettevillc June lb.

7U01"lly -US SO ALE ( Chi on a -Pi s e,., on-yT-,i 0 cm t New, York Z. P. Felt (Jume 24 TIle scale obzer-vcd cl C, i,
June S, and in one section ther: is a serious. ir-fe t 4 o-,,
,uon1117as on a large factory being Irialf dead. very
unsi,. -'rhtiy (R. E. Horse, .

3- 30aV-TAZ

LOYG SHUCE COf7 GALI (Chermes coole-,Ti
-iden* all 7 -1 1 pr-c -,,e:7 e 'ui' e .u.
Ohio 3, -ce -all aphids 7 rn a.
ous on 1-iota (Ar'borvitae) and -.!ere doin,- Ualnat-_e, 72at -DI-eoil soap seemed to control the7.


0-T.Y 3 7ECH LE aEID :7hylla,- hi faEi L. eTv York E. P. Felt (June 24): 71- e 170011y beec'_- lcaf a-- '-:id is so, -.-e-.-hat
0*mTon at Rochester on a va-rie,,:,,ated Euro-p&,-,.,L-n beco-',-, but les _:, abundant tha--. uzual (22.. E. Horse.-/.); P C _-H

31-RCH LEiJ (7cyrasa --)ur.;-Ia vJ

1.,assachusetts J. V. S c ha f :"n er J-- LT-c.n e 2 1 T'_ i i s I e af i n i n 7 7, a - F1 s v er y abundant a, _aii;. this, year on Eray bIrcIr-, t_-ro-_-;-h,3- It Caster-_I --as _-.

7MEEST TE:-T 11 1 : :RP7LLZR disstria

ssourl -ur f i 11. une 21 -L.-.e 'if st --i _st noticed
a s t e e'-<: i s t t o f t1h e fo r s c t e r a 1, Xansas c o 11 o CI1 .5 on, bo:,

'boxelde. b-a, i, a
elder at Lacrosse is also c -2 n ou C 16.



'Kansas J. *, 7. ". 'c Colloch (J-ume 20) T__,_ e only re- ;ort o-f rcceivcL
this mo-nth came from :,a'gurn t- uy r, To -t,,- 1 C I'_- nt
on cedars. )ARP



ARHID (Erio -c, lanic erum Hausm.

z! our i A-C-3urrill (i'w 30): So thL t the lo7,er leaves ---ho,,'' ,
sticky of hcnc-,-de-7 as ii t'-ey had been sprayed. This is
t::Ic usual leaf-urlinE z-pecies althouE'In I 'rave not determined it b-,- rnicroscop.%.

'er i caiia Ri I e,,
-ebraska '-7- S--e k 25
"I !a clim leaf c,,,rl -od-aced by
-.:une 25 T'
iS qons'-ur-a americona-has beeii complained of the
State, since the second in jure.
E : -, C FE JT I --y-oaria si)u--ia 7'oduc-;
EL': SCIa ( ,os,,
en' Y or 1- Felt (Jur-o ar
-' '4) : The elm b- : louse J s more abundant than
-ual 'hou,7' -'(,chect, ,r
U ,h no young ha-;-e been observed at Ii Z. Horsey).

ELI I 13AF 15E.- T.LE (rlaic-iuceila --,-a --q o -n e 1:7 S : ',Ir 'I I I

yor! : Th- el- le,--f 11-cotle "a n,:,t 'heen i-e-ported
at Rochestcr to --,,hich is rather -L nus---al unless t
",Dein, a!-,Aarded b., cool z cDnd'.'tio-n and --icil-it,.T LI
t;t:: V-1
Yer',-- F. Felt (,June 21") lho elm leaf min r i r t on
Oms on 'ast 'Rochester, ai-,('. ( Ytrt---( l- t oZ 0,7, e t r e e i n t In e c nT ir o ms o f T r o v.

S gj-. Y C 0:1( ;-2 s r

r a'-7 17
i7 r e I t i 7.r e t o t'-:0 t e curin-, the
ID(-f'iod covered tI is

Lnc-luc t1 zA S -")r re7ort of ca
:1 1, v infestation
tr i t rcc,,i- rcd Fillmore

--Irof nus I I,- r i s c Or.

I ca- n t C
'gre insect ii-, J,-


(Phylloxera Riley)

S s our i : urrill (june 7): 1 enclose sori-,e 1-.e'7 0-J! zhL-, ,DLX'
hickory found south of Jefferson Cit,%% (2-ete : -,ine,,,. -) v


CASEE 3EO3R (Coleo-!DI,-ora laricella !--Tu lbn.

..aine Ve_.-Ino-.--t .3. V. ScIlaf-Cner -Jr. (June 17): Rc-ported as. v ry alb-and -L-it in vi-I
cinit- y of 3a-ngor Orq;jo and Dover-Foxci:c-ft -aJ C', and C- sachusett s -ass. T.,i,-- -feecL -,Ie.*., is C
f ol ia:,-- turn bro -,i on the lar--'.- tre D loca 4 ies ra-,,ned (J"'ne re-port received toda- tI-iat a17 Lstrc i-, Vici--,II Tll;
Of 3ristol, VU., are -,Dad'L,,;, bro--,-ne '.

17erT YorL- E. F. .c-',t (June 2 -, -Larch -Foliage very genera-l,- bru-'e" b-I
the off the iarch case bear:Dr --!as reported fr 0,111 Rochester
june S, the material containirig rec-Dntly issued mlo-uhz. The in
sect occurr d ul)o-.--, several varieties Of la---c-.i and- hc.d r.ct been
observed unt-il .-'--ie present Teason E. -HorseY).

7 C C, Yalt.':

Te-.7 York Lj. P. Felt (June '2 ') h -- -iooll- laxc'-,-i a-ohid -,-jac ciuite acun an
as us aal on DaropeD- a-,- T e s e larch --lorsey).

7,1-,07 T

LO(7JST T 7-Ta <L ( cdyt,)lgnha i-nsit ciana '7ell I

IPlease- find e-nclosed ---:!T)2 a o o cu
1 arrill 31 ): -1
t--ee 7jith -.-:ith molts, stM
ggall t-,7igs of unkn o -jrn ,, a 11 i -(I
attached to base of t77i.-- The last three da-s adults have e,-,ier,-ed (cast sKins in exit 'aole sent here,.-,'t'h. (Dete-rrrinLtion by 3reene..

APLI C -C)PrJ-O'IJS _erigh-,7-11us aceri cz L.
These a-o,.-,ids a- ve- abuln&)-nt 3.-,- d c -UsChi o H. Parks (J1+-Ie 22 e f
6 C1. f ,, t 4 O,,j
ing the 1 or-.-:a-7 :7-.a-ples to loo covered -,-ith sticky CLhoneyde-,,-7. Have 1-iad co,ny)1ai--'.s from Coiumb-u-s, Cli -,--cin- a -L, Ha .-.;14C
Leba-,on, and S7-rinl ---fielL

iil, AFEID (Dre-pana-ohic acerifolil TI-Ic 'Is.

I- D
Ohi o 2. 'Tei:Ldenhall (June 14) : TI--e m a Dle L-c'--.*L--l S 7 7er7,maple in Col-a-mbus and aoiii---,7e 7 Is, Ole

The le -Vec
c c t ire --a' ha t e i s a
control spra,7,-.

__TC ,7,'i Y -, 2LE :_-;-__'TD (Teri-phyllus Xess' er

Ohi o E. 1'e-nicIanhall (J-ane 1) Yor 7ay rrkarle -ixee,,,- in _D, ,yton xa
quite badly Lifested with Yor-inay maple aphids.

I -nd i ana J. J. Da-As (June 24): Hard
or -,a,y ma-,-)_Les have a hea-vy infestatio11 of Periphy1jus 1,1, ro-icta and the u- ,per surf -,ces of thE leaves are heavily coated o--leyde.7. Reports of specieE
have bee-n ca.7,JnE and definite iD Iuir4es ve
in sin -e June 2,
b een received fro"i t-he follo-in, ; counties: Jo" nsc 7'.1 i t 1 e ..adi-on, -_F 'aii t
o u n t i, Cass, 'Irant, H -- ar H-il 0 oh 1 ?' 0 _-1 11. U
-az Dela,!are, .14,n e, and Decatur. Shxubs suc'- as slDira .a, and Viburnxn are heavily infested as arc! a'so various r!: odz e,-nd cultivated flor,.Ters.

SREEiT: FIRTUIT (.: vlina ai7tannata 7111-Chi o (June 2' zl*.f-ht infestat-2c.i c,-- the -reeZnaple ,,,orm was found a,,- C- -li,le. 7ir( s ",id na _'a tes usually hold t1na-I ii,
cc aath-,,-.

o Z. 7-. .,elldenhali ('J-:Lic s) cottc scale is- 'e -in-_.1inS
UL this weeir or- t2,_e oft -1,_ trae in Col--. T'-,,cy are ',iu it -z- a7),,,,.-_ L-.1a11t

i -_-ma .7.
I J. :)a,,7i,3 (j,.,._-ie 'he -le :7c.,7 le c-ntinues as an
important shaae-tree -o 11 t,
s i n h c n o r t h e r 1 If o h S t e Tun e 2 41 Ti e o il-.t- o .1 -rja r 1 c- a 1 e h a s 1 1i 3 G -a r, hx ou ,h
out he northern hZ111 01 U-"!- State, especial! ce-_,,trL f C -il indiana,
in conspicuous aj.,id destructive a7tundance. D--iCinito ro-ports rrere rec ived fro.-a the follo-,-dn, .: co-ontie ;: De(:at-C.r, li-oton, 3500,10,
-._ayne. Grant, ..',,-idi-or 7a"_ette, -,-ar 1 on, ,
Ti,)pecanoe, H-endric, :s, ti", Ru sh
a-. a 1 !,:h ar t To date ar,7 s have not s zzted '-_tc- -,t Fayett

_7CU_ Y VEL- Fl-lti

:issouri A. .3ur.r J, 1 closee ar Ma nl e 1 E'_.' T C i
for detcrt-,,Jnai ion. (_D,,,ter-i_.ed 1)y "rrocIr-2.

JC_7 Y75 C Cs

r i 3urrill lo-er
and I --s and diif-rc. fro i -or' c r i, o
2 per ea-: c -. L
..ei-tioned in el-G "U- ill,

CR E'ST T E I\ 7 T C. T E R P I L L A R .a 1 a c o S c m a I i s -L 'I ^ 1 a 7 I

'7ia s a hu 5 e t c Sc*a n er Jr (Jul-le 17): o, i -, i o n a o d 1. a n
tl.,_rou ;h casthern Hassach-,_zsetts. I T o s e r i o u s ou t I, r a -c t C -I .

'T C,- j
APHID ----ia car-ae Harr I

S 01,14- 1. 0. re- -e- n"
U_ 0 Gi :mt hic-11 ai-Iii r c s t _)resei t 4-a
,arolina la--e nu ,-_.Ib e c* o 7;L; tj :c oatic in the Fiedmc--it sect i n.
L iZ -=, ( Sp e c ies
_L -umd,

ou tI-j. c-,7-er (juno 1 1 ;hite oai-- leaves -rfeste, o. sriEl_ -cth
\s-.7 ecies undetea'mined have 'c en recei-,re6. fro,,M. Saluda e-por t ed as Feriousll i-Ij the f(,-Jia,7-e on a lar.-e w) i t C o

rai he Do -,i ar o ctonr'c -alc-ns i 17,

'le nol-e on
is2ue o' the 1 5
0 the o-F 17 o. 27, s Ou d av D
_ee-n unde_- -endroctonas frcnt. ,_lis_ Ii

S -.7 L -.7 (-F 0 t hr e d i n i d a c

ou i s ia--,-ia nt', _I y Tet t er of tie _2,;ur eau o f Ent c--noi or-,- 1-_ C;c27)
i 1'Dr a,-, o t-1-1 e L ou i s i --,a a L e p a i-_e. nt o f o n, er- at i on t tionedl -at reported an extens-.-v-e ou--brca. of' sal-r-pl- e
"n -oi't'eaf pine this year. !M-e lai-vae a-opeared L Sabiile ;- :- -IJ
about C
LI pril 2 S, attac ii,, more t' Of_ VC7,212E FrO'7th from to feet It --as s4--..ated that the
I-arvae are plentiful at 'I -, i s t i e a n t ,,ere ,,,de for t-ei 7 control. These 1 ,rwc -er e -,-:' rst r c -a or t e a as defoliating -,,,ines in June, lQ2D. 3ilbrL..77 rl ;o rc-po_:teJ'or o, r e e s
uzie cf f3liage of arT)are-ntl-i trxifty
ext&-di-ig, over tle sa,-c- axeas these t-ro paris'-es.

(I'godi-orior a ietis

V'. Schaf'=-er J---. (june 17) Lar vae o un"S 11Y
CO'.=G---, 0__1 Finus ri_ -ida T)ine' 27a-iy 2 oports o-I7' its occurrence ha7: e 'bee-_ f
( ay 7. .11 e ct or f ua_--id t dama -i n; I-D'. a (ro"I P")

7 7o rl: t a e 2 b, _,Izect tO sc,77- _'i


ported frorn thc Valley. Pr -asumably this inscc' reportcd at having defoliated Lnarna about 12 miles Oquareesvil., e -nd F'lattcburf-.

-H__- LEAF i.1=5, (Faralechi -pinifoliell.- C'na mb.,.ass;,c.iusetts J. Sc liaffner Jr. (Jun -:',is lea" miner is very auatindant
o a Finus zi,---ida (-pitch pine') "',rouFh ea-,tern :ass. T,- e ends of the needles, of last year's are ba _1- mined : hich drivess
t 11 C treec, a brownish appeL-.'-_.c,_ .

_L "'_,leon (June 24): er Dr. CraiF,'.-lead -.-as Bedford, in tlle e )rly part of june he coliectued -a needl e -iner in --Atch '011qC. -Lne ilisect ,,,as common a=-I causing seriorLs inj- T- in that "'r. Hoinrich ideiitifiea it a--, I:--IaIecI-_ia -Anifoliella Cliam."j.

LE. SCj7 '\Chionas-pis pirifolj&e F tch) 17 e York z e 1 t (ju I e 2L '- Youn.-- ,--ere RocI ester Ju-1e 11
not nearly so nu,.-nerous az in T ast o-'-in z_- to -oersistent c,)rayin,: TT
7eb r a sI :a .- __ II')71e__':
r rna--: --- 3f rela tiva to the pine lea-f scale ,,crc received d-_-rin:V the period covered' bY this re- Dort.



I ndiana T J. Davi s (June 24): i.-ottl(;d i o-)I ar borer --as r, noted
very destructive to oplar at Ji_t ,' i e 1

Yl 1. L'i L 0747 S F 0 T I-D I I., T C) S 1,Y- t e r o: I --, s y er t r S a

-, denhal I (June 2' "Iucl,: rs of e:T,-s c -' L -elic t+E slup- are Chiite ni-imerous on tre- _,s in t.,--, nursery at
ut no iaoticca- Ic :-EtS7.'Z

C. _Our
.:i S ; our i 14)
s e o, r -iaea- mite
.iork o-._ ,,, rojnatic ,-c, i c -'-D, S looks
,i,-It like I 1-ave -leeo- cn roi, or Iv,- lcav-z Tl-ie -,- --o- redi' ty of Zlyllocc-'--

S h T-T C E

STIUCE BUD70RI.11 Q frmifPr,--na Clem,) )hio 1. demall (May 31):
e n n: 'he blue spruce in a nu-se-, in t.
Vel-non badly infested -,-Ath spruce l'icotire salp'--mte
seem s to 'be ver, valua')l e for ureatuiiiF t 1- .e pest.

RED SPIDEP (T, tra-nvchus tziarius L.)

,ansas _Colloc l ( J'an e 1 S Th red spider is causing seve:-e -Ia-,-,ia, e t ) s;)ruce at Leavenworth.

12 7T,Lj7 CAT-RPILIAR (Datana -r-te.f-errima. G. R.)

.rkansas J. Ba er (Jun e 1 rb) Catcr,)illars be a:,i on J ane 11.
aging Oy the number of eggs :L'oumd, i-ju-.y by caterpillars ---ill b quite severe.
7 1
,,ILJ_,Q-.72 ,ATO FLEA 3EITI E c-c-L:.-er4 s TT rr

innesota E. (June 2 of t'-Ie most severe cases of injur,-,T
in a field of ,-iillovf cutt ,ngs pla-fted by a marsexy in the sout her, n part of the State. This fie!d contained F.everal inill-igns t i ng s. and a large percentage of the plants -,-;ere almost
6. atixe!)Y- dofolio 'U-ed.

'_ 7 D 0 111 E -_7 T L T1 L Y



nnesota C. E. "icl _el (June 1S\ '7lLnt lice are ust bo,5 -i-nn -_ tc ap-near
in some, n7ambers and are attacking a variety of p -_,-It- inci&in,plixia, -Uc- :thorn, boxelder, rose, and sno,,-!ball. 4 -o:r i,'- s
continue to be more and more abundant, es-rccially o--i
plart s. At the present tirre ,-,,e are i'eceiV 4A. T11,_- r ou s r e o r t ss r
garding- injury on buc! -thorn hedges and boxelde r.

A BE.ITLE (Blenharida rhois Forst-)

insas R. L. Parker (June 20): Larvae are def Dliat_'---,- e pi, ,,r t s.
are es-,-,ecA.-lly destructive to the-smoketree CC Cc t ii _iV Uscd
for ornamental -planting.


A 7,- 77

r i t i F h rh

.7- (3d (Jun e 22) Mealyhw-s identified. b-,- ss Gladys .e Esc!'uccQC- s maritimus -.-;ere cc llec ed on :'ay '71 at Troc' zrv _-. ic Irjost I)la-it was ;-Ithaea. Is first time this zjDeCies
-as heen rc-,=tec! fra-.1 -is si -7i.


!2=-1-C0D LE,2 :onarthror,3l-,-_)us bUXi T ID 31:

I./onnecticut 'he b o x 1 ea mi n er a ta, n- bcx at
Britton JIj, I e 1
11ner it u o r i n n i n,-,
-Ort courted by as r e ,du

(D zlt 1 Y L e tt -, r o f ILI h e Bu r eTj o -1' Eli i t 0 m o o g Y 0 7 a, y 27):
--Idstrict of off the z-pecii-icn lbox bushes bordering the rive on the north
Coli'l-lbia 7ide of" 7 ite ----'Ouse been very heavily infested b-i the 00 1 caf miner, and of this office, I-as been
_-cti,!P in m,-ikin! reco=cndationc and c-'ICferinf, advice to -..r.
,, e D the -7cuFe, in ca- _tin- t-e insec

'YLTE: -L..:j
-3 'IT_s si s s i 1 _1. 'Hiarner (junc (22') Speci, cns o--F the m.a -c-ueritc fly --:ere coll-ted on c nryzanthe-,-Tam -,_,la-nts at Yazoo Cit-, on June 2, and on v cle--. at
,ol an

D 'L i A

jIC:_A:,A (_-,nomala undulatssi ssin I Harned (June 22' dmomala undulate -as, reported as c(---,, sing,
).rj, -e to (Lx'-,-ilia ?A Ccn,,- ay c-n Junc 17

i IT

S.t!_7-WTY ---threclinidae"

s F our I 3-trril 1. (Ju-ne 10) Sa-,fl- larvae have -cared or, Japanese


IRT S BORM c-_aucta Grcte)

"I'li 0 -, imdcnh,,_,lI June 7 11 lc iris borer i! q, ite -7,-evrilent- at
Col-,i--bus vicinity, nt



Ma s s a c1ms e t t s
ourne (Jane 20): Gystercie1j s c,,,_1 An P::a. naion "-s
closed the fact that the young lilac _,) y' June 12-14, three or '!CC-s
ponding record for apple.
r -:7a 1 1 ST, r 101711
HILA llftA'" _'Y' BU Q h

Texas C. --isho-op (4T-,ril 11S): An ins-cy1ce -77, s observed, in -,,hJr-',ent in lilacs in great =.,bers and cai--se' t"-.e Of ell bloc,-_q) before the -Cully opened

ju, la: s-regiae Co Mst.) Ohio i I -Dianto .L' a
nati infe ,ted_ vit-_q is, idio as I

n c lu
ALF TCD_, (T -.. e -_)saci

ClaiO _enC.ei- -ail (Ilay 31): 1.'c,'uid sc -2,e to, a
uiplaus, ai-id Iua fro-.1_1 t-Ie
'her in,, -)ecticn -7!i- 1, be e fal y

RED S P! DEP, (T et r azi _17c'-a-a s eia r -. i s j-.

Indiana J. j. Davis (June 2) T]h c r ed sr, i--:, er hac b -en abo-.1-nda on -,-hl C) x
a' !. a Fayette t'he past mant'_'i.

7',jHC:)07-' 7 C)',7

RH0DGDE1_-_DRC- 1ACE :2UG (Stephanitic r--r)do,_'Le.dri

YeW Y.Ork E. P. Felt (Jlu-i'ie 24): lace u,--, r
are no, very numerous at Rochester c, ,rir_'Cr o -,c, er _-istent s- Y(R. E. Horsey.) R OSE

1 'CSE LPTHTID (: scrosi-Ph.-am rosac 1.

Chi 0 17. '.7. :'.endenhall Uonelt The rose L'rh -Cls ar'
Yea- over all the State. The,,, atutacf- ros:,, 'pli*_-.i. 'n t_-' tel-ninal s1,=ct s.

. ........... ........


RCSE CHi=,, (.:acrcd xtylus subsninosus Fab.)

I idiana, j. J. Davis (June 24): Rose beetles reported da-maging rose and
v k, grape -4 r 3 ng:
a-orle at Crc-,-in Point June 19, and attacki-n,- at T
June 20.

7n br a sIm (April 25-;ay 21-- rose onafer -7as reported for
the firzt t ime ti,.,.s c-orinz fror- rant County on : ,y 20. :Ie-oorts indicc te t',-at the beE,tl; s are to e ve-,-y numerous in central '7 -'- s e a:,: .
_eb-acka tl 1)

DRTSTLY ROSE STIUG (Cladius isomerus Nort.

Ch i C E. _iendenhall (June 14' The br st'! y rose slug, 'lad u,,s
isc'.merus, is ;Iuite bad on roses this spring. Spra.ving, -,7ith arsei'Late oi lead is effective.

SU- 7 L

-07 L07 APIHI.-D (Macrosipl-mm rudbeckiae Fitc' "i s sour I-lae is increasing in
A. :3-1,:xrill (-., I,-Y -zl'): :.acro r-adbec',' =Si LLM
great numbers on ,-ii-idl- ammal -,inflo-ers, tut no' on t7--- cultivated.

577iri i EACI

AP i 1 11 D i L

.itl abama -1 ohn son '11 Ilant 14 -n, arc -,cr4 on I,-7ec' c?as
CaUsin..,_ the 'blooms 4 Z,
-o have tllne appearance of baimr st-mt ed.

7,- T 7'

D I C 7T I

irritants 7Mey)
--ers 'o -,)-.,-x in ti v' c ini
T,-, x a 3i sho,.,, ) t
0 f D'allas Z1,1_Ij(-,,.t --d -ve bee,,_ str adil,, increacia,- th- Dill-_, t,,__e

G U I'l C E (Culicidae)

Indiana j. J. Davis (Junc I-iave ",Deea r ,ported az very anat :Ul-icie Ind'i-na-poliF.

: Intana B.. 1:1ae (June 17): Mlosquitoes, AlGdes dcslsand others,
are beginnin, to emerge in large niujgtrs practically all over the
St at e. The control cripaign at Chinook ard 1:alta is being r endered considerably more difficult by the high w7&ter of the fMilk
River which has covered practically the 7-'h ol.e v a 1 l- and -,ill1 delay control operations. Indications are that znosqluitoes wilbe
considerably more of' an economic v-roblem this year than ever
b efor e.

FUSS CA2TILLX9_ (Ee-aioov e eiercularis ..

r e -a. s C. -Oishonp (!,,ay 15): The first adults of this species noted
in this vicinity (Dallas) emerged on the above date. Th-ere is
some indication that there ~-llbe a &greater number of these
sti in caterpillars than n6rmal this season.

A TICK (Dermacentbor andersoni 7

airkansas Fn : cardt (Juane 15): Seven oases of* Tularaei-ia, tvo of wh1-ich
te-1minated fatally, haave bee._- reported in these tw+-o countiLes
'1B3ent on and VFaIshin~ton) Odurinz the p-s t-,7c months. Two-i cases weecaused by tick bites, and the others 7by handling rabbits.


1,MSE 3OT FLY (Gastro-ohilus intestinalis DeG.)

Dexas F. C. Bishopp (M:ay 20'): A few flies of this species have been
active for several w-,eeks, but the average inettono
per aniL.mal -probably does not exceed TO

TIMCAT 3OT FLY (Gastrophnilus nasalis L.)

rexas F.C. 13ishoj:p (w. ay 2S): This insect has beei; aernacying horses in
thnis -v-_cJntiy (Dallas) for some tm.On thne a-'-ove date animals
s41o7ed an infestation of several thocusa-nd e-4gs c1ca.


SOR7 :o::(Cochlioigyia -aacellaria Tab.

e,.a s iz-hopp (::ay 2-5): Thring, ::iay many comw-lair.-ts of' an urxcsual
Tj mober of screw-.,.-orm cases have come to thi s o ffi'c e. I ncr
that the scre-- wo7rm, conditions are considerably v~rethnan th e
av erage for this time of the year. !, ch interest is manife-ted in,,
fiytra-p-,in, campaignn, and several of the cou nty -a,:CntcN, are ?idting stoc1--zen in this directions (June 25): The- sore-,- '-' ---11
)ieca unusually bad throughout souther-n anid western Texas this year.
ThIere has been heavy-,. loss among lambs an! young calves 1- a0 r1um:ber of areas. In some localities springer cov,-s we-e shiiv.pel before
calv-in;- in order to avoid losses from t2'-esc-w-o. L iibers of ne-t cases appeared throup-h'ou:t Juine, and the '

U S 1 1 c t i n T that scr i-1 tr au bI c-s; ---i 11 ii ,to the zummer.

ST 0 13 F L (Stomoxvs calcitrans i, a 7. C. flies -,7ere ob erv6d biting
A IC, y L: A f e-,-,a, ttle L1 thC vJ ci-.,Iity of Lees-trai-7. As yet they =e causing ,7er- little anrDyance.

C'ay This i s cau-in,,7 so-me annoyance to
doil-" C t 1 e the --rc-mbor per he!a from to 75. There
L, s nc material c1-.anF Jr U_ t e
e i abur.darce o- t'-e -.ta--Ie fl ,durin- th last u,-i e 2 il -ble flies ar aboat normal
'J.'- Cj_ C C e. Somo herds are -;'ery little, others
considerable red-action in ril! fro., the attack o-f' e s c um-', i n o d -,-d t I -i h o r n c

HORZ FLIFS (!:af-_r, _a+Ic;_, ja_ irritants 1.

-,is' or)-,, (..a,-,- 4): Hor-1 flie- are ov, rresen+ in conc-iderable on dairy herdo in tlie vic_=1-7 of Lecsl uf,- -.T)z)ear to rlipia -7. 7'2 e rac'-ec ircm 10 to per head.
exa s a y -a
flees n t bccn co abundant on
cattle in the vicilli z.,- of Dallas as : ,ould ')e cxTect2d from tne c6n'it-io-n:-.!. The ii=baL to
i t r a.7L -(
the avera,-7e is at
r + 1"n of t'-16
ye& % -i ar c u. si ,Ys.
Only a f dai::Nn-e
'j -J, e arly in Ju-na hicr-n fli.-s -,rer-,- in this
C -.L-1 4 -a- -. 1 ses to the dairymen. (:Dallas/' and caused b1c OS
7'-hc,-- dc-c:oeased sli,- loxd tl' e of 'n -nonth, and on this ,,,htly to-,-, ,-,e
( atc the number per co,,; -'ro n 20C- to 1hCy
ari also cau sin .': -reat annoyance tc re.n -c cattle in t.-.e vicinity
0 _&_-"ar 1hey arc especially r a*!c-_n_-I the rivcr, "rhere
c 'tie arekeerd-rw up a COY!St_;I'It fi,7ht a, r-.inst them.

Vi2,-inia 10 A nui LI) r o-L of i Ounds
4L h ,3r dcl o:f cattle ilt-,r de'.-'.ornin -' OcCurred in the vici-7' ,

IJ nu_b er o-i -1 ,rds o" cL'+-Ic i 7' 10-:!
a n ,v_,raje inf D -;tatvior of 'L1- i r,--.,b Of abult 0 -_c -,C,ol' the f.7,rubc r ,, n,_tu-: e, but so.-G Li ill i--i

1MOS- UTTES (Culicidae)

T exa s F. C. BiF~honf (1-ay 28): ~sute have beena causcinc- 7reat 7'orry
to livestock iL the -vatt.6m lands this spring. In some instances it ",ias necessary to remove the cattle from the bottoms on account
of the abundance of mosquitoes.

:UIM BUG~S (Canthon sp.)
Texas .C a om(ue2) Tmlebsar present in the section
of Menard in tr-emendous nua.-rilbrs. They are comletely brea-in up the manure on the range, and in some instances they entered
flYtrars in cereat numbers.


CHICn~j IVITE (Dermanyssus -allinae Redi) Texas F. C. 3ishopp (11.ay 2L): Chicken mites have baused abo'.t the usual
amount of ann -oyance and loss d-aring, the brooding sea son this ycrar.
They have been -7iorce than notrmal -ere activ-e control :oeasui-res
'-7ere not -put into effLect.

]VRa GNATS (Simulium rneridionale Eii-6y) Kanas 7'. o~oloc (M y 2 ): Turk ey gnats ,,ere sent i- from DeirDhos

-7crere they '.7ere said to be caasi hag some loss to chickens. The
trouble ,7las confCined to farms on river bottom lands.



HOTIJSFB FLY (MIucca dorestica L.) Texas F. 0. 5ish.-opp (Mar '27)') This fly has continued abundant throughout th e spring, and. has caused considerable annoyance about
dairies and farm dwellin-,s.

-EE73 '-G CLOT=" ILom (Tineola beselliela 'Mum.) Nebrska H.S'~ink (pril25-ay 2 ') F ore than th-e number of
comu,,laints of injury by ebbn- cloth-es moths have been received
during late April and La.

FLEEAS (Siphonaptera)

IlaaJ. J). Davis (June 2) Several reioorts o- fleas infesting- farms
and other outbuildings .-ere received- the pcat month from the
southern half of the State.


xa 3. : ()rP i bout. the usual number of caces of house
hold an", i.afcstc tions of dog and cat f1cas have
Jurie 1 25) Flaa inf e stati a---d occurred. in7About +he usual num!"er of

7E.. TLE ( ,ttaremis ]2Lieus Oliv.)

17e br a ska
U.T il __,- :ay 25): '.'O--e tha-n the umial =7_-_'Der of com ,7 4 V e,'
injury by 'he carpet be 't'e, At'-,- ,-e: s h.-v t ,e- rec U
al" i late ,_pril a nd 11

11j,2 LZ-R B E TT, (Dermestes lardarius L.

ebraslka ( nril ')5-:-av 25): The larder beetle, rmeF 1 rd,
'71 1 the last ,teek in April as ol, -nni ng thi
1 :,: t ci- e-,a and 7 ,ant r y o f a home at Utica in Severd Count,

POCL-1 '-i POST F"LE5 (Lyetus sp.
lndiana J. J. Da-, i s (-,T-Ln r 2) : -owder po st be et 1 e s, :,yctu s sP 2ave been
Uct e 'tuilding- timbers fr "o om Seym ur, Fzrtford, O I 1-1,&j S.

SI sp.
I--C' iana Camaging rugs,
S (,jU4 S.Lverfish ienortecd severe ,
e a: d ot r CoilJec at 'lnora.
7 (- i '0,) 1 ill Co-, Ujj DUV.) C'-_j,'1SZD ri -1 -4-' n

-0 ',Tutzi 6, 2 7) A -r.umber of ca plai- s of this insect
-qEtvP Co)--c' to th(,- f e-,-Ii T,,S. They have also caus(
z; i d ca:, I e infe3tinz:77 floar prod-LIcts in
t 01 C 1,!aVe OPCII e ,-oced for an-, length of time.

OLCI;ZR '.'ITZ ( =.bia ti( -- och)

J-11 2 re-- ort o-f a ver-,- :,n-_D- in : infest a 0 1 J. C 2 c e i n C 'C11 e c 2 c 2 rn t e. ro IC i a
re-_( ived -criry t'-,,,, first 4n 7ay.

D L-- (7j SH, (1 7 t -d i1i: i t d 11

C i A Pirnber ol re, ofts of book lice infestf-arr t-a:- avo boor receivcC, at the laboratory d-,:.ring JuLe.

-Pilif-rils Dritto- 11)

L'S F. C. I u, c is said to be cLuite common in
t v i i_; Jl t c '-prin'- i onerous cases are reof t,hi s ci t -,-.


11 S solar I (ju-e 14, -:a-,, e
da- Iz frol-.- June C2 t c 1 -- y a c -ce ar c d t
)e-so: s sitti- _- t__ m L
of noCtural ye llo7 an t s cS ius c a
r c ;h is tl-_-_ first of:' t'-1--e :-_C_1 -,---er
ctituted a h use'-old s I I
o f t e 17 i e sc e c-- ce cr e

or 1 2 -f--r UC ir el C, 7 C C Z"--s an'---eeks, C -_ev_e r oa t 0 i z a s
cZ_-_-_ zec' 7,11 iere t--.e-zLr 1-io--ae is !nad_- under a st_-:-_e
z xe !a-4*-d in ce7! a_.t on' sa:1d a-fter s are I P 'nches c-F t-,e level of
___o7ne so t11at- t__-.eY could s--.-a::-.7 Oll ali c I
-: -here -ec-le pass a----d n,-eve-. t t"--eir usi.-_- th-ceri cd t 0 8 TI e --ke-Lid -IC-1Z a CC:-- -1 71 e d a- v e711
s si ssi-c-A 2 ed J u--, e 22 in-_ C, -u

ar i f--c cu s c :e c n e-- s t
o-, ec se

-i S 3i Ssi 17A e -ce-+-: z
Tr -Z

hcu se s s7- ,
L -as I 1 1:1 a
:--t 1,-. 1 '7e _,IT, S 2 e 1'
c c rr e zr7c d -ot s-7r sn .

J,:i s si S z i P-i r ,,ej 7' f
C;:,a,- s --r- --ctc
7 'r t 1 st c, r c f e ca
_,ie 3 e d f' E, 7: ia 1 c S C S C 17 e
er e fr= tl- .eir -_-.e!at7 LI.L

S's 1, S S i 3D i
-erc; se-_,it to t*-,-' C-7 ice spEcie,3 I'l-'s ece'

111W .. ....

T Z EY IT E S (Reticuleterraeg spp.

T n a ir J.J.DnIvis Jj-no 2): Termitds sho- the same activity r-nl P -un,-Ir nce
,s Ln f Y--,-r3 aa7l rep,- rts of Innage to rTblic ,ail in,:7s, -,n-l eo nh-jiises h-re come froni rnany 1-c."Iitics in t"Ie

ur J 11 Jixn 9): A* -,ut one-thirt of frame7orl; nf h-)use
7hey seem to be in the he!, rt 7f the

e' ra ska (A-oril 215--p-y 5): Last month reports of by
to, 'r--Pticuliterries t.ilji,71is 3pnks from Douz7 Lis, -ha,
-Ities rere recor-leL. 11 c e !'-7oril 25, more ,e ',DuilAin.-s have been receive f r,, Julipn Nemalha Cowity, Fr lls City in Richar-ls-)n O)unty,
-is County.
n'-I i in Ii rank-lin County, an*,T Beaver City in F-arn, L at Franklin are reported as bally injure,., rhile
an:! --r- varies are heavily infeste"I- in the 3ep. n i y. (:'ay 2,15-June 25): Durin ther-0eric-1, covered'
-Y rcoort, a-I'Ational instances of lnma -,e 'ty ter,11ites have
-ee- a Tcceivel fr, m Gmaha, rhere they were seri-usly injuring -,,;.fr-im Franklin, Franklin County, T-ihere they v7ore also an killin,- the elr- sha-I.e trees a7t,-)ut it, County, -7here they 7ero illin.- tha tr,- &s -)n sever,7- section of the tD--n.
pr')p, rti es in one,

J. '!c', llcch (J ine 20): ter.r.iites t' n usun.l an-I injuring 7, 1 t F,')o",7,)rk in oxic, the hi,7h sch,)A
is infcste-1. D-eliin,- s have IJeen injire-. rat L,'- Sza, 7 11efiei"% Lorrrdne, Fran zf-rt, :ilr nhnttan (til"Iree houses). Dail' inE s rej:orteIL infested at -7--I'cI,-,I )I Fre-7j rick, L-)rraine, an-7 Larnerl. Frui t tr-: s C-ra '-ein.-- kill&! at Fre'erick.

T. :41. Sny-,c,,r (June 30): :"-x-.'2cr of C ,,ses of Ter-itle Dp7m7i -e to "- y Su:--terrr nerin Srecies of Reticllliter- -es, J'aly 1, 1926, t- "71 7 11 ; I 1 -1-127, in tine -Unitcd States (,-!-id U. S. Insu1;7 r Posscssir)IIS) nrl ne.-ir.:y TroTics.
+ IT7XI'-,-r of --S-' S:
3 tn t e :,T-lx f, e r f c-ses

.......................... 2 Ind iana .......................... 20
..r i z 3 na .......................... .............................
-Y ns,-ls ......................... 5 .........................
f,= ...........................
159 OnAuc'-V ......................... 11
Z c r e ......................... ........................ 0
7 i s t r i C t o 'L C 11 unl'3 i ri ............. r yl a n ......................... 26
71,-)ri .............................. C ',! -ss,7chuscVts .................... 3
r .......................... Ox i C r) ...........................
.............. ........ ................
Tllin, is ......................... cz, i -- s i -o i ......................
FC -:.r i . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 7
r ,. sk . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47

( 7
State -.-un be r of case-, Z ta t e Ya e r -o c

ITO w IT-L-t mn sli i r e ........... D ..........
e r s e y ............. Rho-le ............
Co .. . .. .. . . . . . .. .. .
Cr., ......... T c nne s se 0 ...............
_orth Car olina ......... 13 T e xa s ................... 17
Ohio ..... 25 Vir,,-ini ................
....... est inl4es
ina, t i 0 ub e t c ........
Canal Zone Fa 'm 4 (Haj
'7., est Vir, JnL ..........


I -nd i ana J. J. Lavis (Ju-ne 2): Crickets ,7cre rc-pcrted A-pril C-:2 fro:ii
Fa, Otte as in I- ou se s.

CAFIPE'_"= 3-E (Z Ly.LcLco-ra vi-- -i-.ica Drury)

Han sa s J. 7% ''.cCollocn (JU-ne 20): i report of ii-ijury to the ---oo&-,crI -in a ho-o.ce -as received from 'j.-iiontc--.,n on june 11 froln Szaffor,: ville on June 17.

,i C'URCULIC77D H__TLZ (Hexarthrur-,al!- i

District of (-'IorVhly Latter of of -0. 1 57, -7
': ddle on cnd T.
lu- b i a u S -er ii7srected conifero-,_i7, r c
ly re-ioved f-potm t1ie roof of the 771lite lousc. rocf --7 s so 7 0 at ly i-Te .Ikened that it !--)ad to be replaced. it --:als t -t 7171-.71 C,-, c- o
bers of th 3 roof had been i-)o-der-ooztccI e r t"-r i s
1j.11',ei 7his i---isect ha caused 2dinilar J i-uYy to
Yorzc a-_ad s1-ii:,--gton, d '2as also da:naf--ed floor---ri n 7.7 a c-h i --ig t c

(St4 -o' ---er)

s s s Si p-fD i Karned 'Ju-e 7 2 11rejo-n4d iu
is doing con ., d-_,,,-Ia, c to t.- e ?i-,-lzza floor of a
Starkville. T 11- e -,,a s,-) constructs small hole-, alcout tl-i7 size head of a pii in the 'hich it to 'be
X. e; of specime-ns --( re noted to -e carryi--.--, _J s i t "Is evidently the for t1--eir n C r a
cohi d s ta' en from tne wasps or o oi t
7 6 -r e i tu s c i e s o n e o f i h I e r tUf ou, It s s i c,-. e is t1ie second huaso kno--i to 'be Altacll e 7asps a-:id so !:or as the N-.Titer !- :i-io-s tlne --as -.iever roool-ted to be of economic i: -,portL-.Icc 'bcfo-cz- thiL7- 7C U

ebraska S,, e n y 21 ): Re-ro-Its of -,Dy ,-01hav(,- 'bean -_-a-ich fc----r the.,-.- u! ual d,,Tri_.- t


31262 09244Il/I5I/lll

reo rt Ths ht ivDee~n received relate mostly to the 'several C'Y.2-- species of' .-,rain Th-letles.

LT:TZ : ::Aj2- :;T 111 a?~ nt er un c te IIa :iubn.) 2ra s1,7v~ (April 25 : h hiin meal moth continues
to be of.2 cx~1~i~'&

712 FLO'L ro 7 U :I (Phi,,,s forinae DeGeer)

~,: crsk .Senk (14 ,?y 25 -Jime 25): Id~ Scottsbluff County a potato
c li ,,- 'i th a ruof ',-uilt of alfalfat, sweet clover hay, and "jarley stra,7 lec 7me bo heavily infest .te4l with the flour ;.ite, Tyvr(ojyFhus -fLrin~e, that these creatures s,,7arineI1 over the whole
ixitzrior and formedf a layer on the floor an inch or two deep in