The Insect pest survey bulletin


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The Insect pest survey bulletin
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v. : maps ; 26 cm.
United States -- Bureau of Entomology
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Bureau of Entomology, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Washington, D.C.
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monthly, mar-nov. plus annual[1926-]
monthly, apr.-nov.[ former 1922-1925]
monthly, may-nov.[ former 1921]


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Insect pests -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Entomology -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1921)-
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Vol. 14, no.9 issued only as a supplement..
Issuing Body:
Vols. for May 1, 1921-1934, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology; 1935- by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.
General Note:
"A monthly review of entomological conditions throughout the United States" (varies slightly).
General Note:
Includes annual summary starting in 1926.
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Includes some supplements.

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A pekIe r~evitw of wnomndwogical canditions throughout the United States, issued antke fivA of each maw; fckmw March to November, inclusive.

Vhlme 6 September 1, 1926 Number 7






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I r S Z C T F S S Z I' U L L 7 72



OUT Tz- IMDIIACT T--, I 7--j 7

'l-IO r --,p or t s of -IV- h e rs ,re 1-10-VI
--.7e :L
Now Yorh survey ,n -'s -- f e C, r1925 to ,6 T.I -I
e -.r
10-r- + ,, as i., IY-f Cent,
In Illinois 4
-he f I y less -or--v. -,lcnt -id
nor th lxe s- t er n c c,i rl 4,- ir s -ne za n ai

n ad t fon, to thc.-, staticc
:7, 7 ;cn in th ) 1! Cu
v-n r 4vc,
ff t h e c r v e y 3 --- 1 - j- + .; f
EUS MaIce s the outbreak co%7 3r th; nuIre v*ri),n I- -nd
Ohio River Walloys,

r'LC joint 70= is rcporte fo.r
area about 12 miles sqilare in -1.d Mariori
r P3 -on 7-je r ,M very heavily infested. LaaznucL a7, stub- -Ie from
examined everTr L
yoar for the Pas"O 9 1.: c )nnoction
ly nel- 0 r k :L
worh this 1-,e st is imndoubte -.Another unusuc j nort-hern C;XtC.n(. I on Ou r 6 a : o f D 1. a -rr, c.!,. 7, 0 -,, C st cted ic.-'on

The -alfalfa. 'wc.e7i! has locen in fo-ox COILIMC IGz in- Co'lora-'O,
Irl Carbon and Go ,-Illen

Tho z r e-, o t,
t h e 11 as b e n tr, A U-1,-I in.
V I~ (F-17P
r C t C e s

c zo-e
ThCI pi".M (17arclu-12.0
in C-Corgin -and inoi, c

The bla el -- vi e -7o 37.7 f )r tl 71
California, ,).nd
A. 'I -, record--'
-Lmc from San Diego /Call 4- tu n.,:, t

c i Ibage M '-'got ill rlcitod as 7, II:- s ji, t-",
w-uesv reports cc-,vinp r;: d G'. n T

"II'. inc-'I'he distribution of- the 7- 'Ile
ari, ne 1-rec 4- year a I t i 2n "I
d- ag t' p. sen, 2 rc-Z.,"orted --Foz +--(:, i- St le
1,4-?..ry1and in C xrett Coun-1-77 he v stl.---' O 0-17
;E; t.,rn L

V in
it h, .s extend,: d LL.o
cover- t1-P. hrlf of tlhf t 7 r
the center o-P the State in Cz.Lq7 e; 0
rd i-n Cn M I Cr, 7.
-1 4. o
the Lake is nor,,. comple-it,e and the insec- in indi, na


C: ianty. T h n r g: e, n s n c f t i i z to be, ir. general
ncrt il.,, ra and nort'110 -A

L; -no-r no7t f-nr,)rtnt 7-,, As in the ner-cerr o,,, r;7 of Crfi-np-o 'is
lp- -r c-,' of c r y t r 0 o
C'C acrc : of ,ers are in t% -.z co-Irly

!,,a r ,ner,?.l the not

The cotton 4.-*e,- ho-p-re- ro-,Dcrte ,,. in th e z n't1a, Der of the
rv, -Y L -,l I-a s nr;%7 t icr ,-7 ,, "rnArl"t

cottrm le!,'L worra J. ,--, nji tp, gener,-'! tl-r, cent al and
'ro ,torn of the b--!-::;,
from moct of Sta' .ec, T ry is -under v.-,j in a
number ul' sc ction,,,

CO-l"ton '*cll Torm i3 z-:nc7t. A
the cotton bclt. Rupor-';,s ha-vo -rcc- ; froai
0110nh.ana. ,,nd Tex!-s,

The re-port of the
-1-i ch apmai cd in the y
rage 128) har, been confirmc 'ft Cy S sr-i)tendecira var.

Tho b-q7rTcr,a i.- q7aivo g, one 7 y Scut'hoastern St,,-Aes.

and 'C 1 arm
7bo hoitlocl: qgm 7orm is
t i h
- L'ir in i i i'u- r e of the c-..'.- f s QC S
rp n o 7 tin '! or o':' t".iu
i -a 'hi3 n, n

v c y n (,, v c r e ou t It, r k c f t h a z: "-'0 i C 17- y 0 C,-- r "a
o 13 %lh nos
b-lt of nc rthora Tuxl!-,,z Ind It i- t
vatbrcr.,k cllnc, ; thQ ni ed
4 7 rj! 7,
i g h o t'!, s c, a tt r r n ;,a i r- o r d r c u C oi, -'rom
to 60 pi ,r cent. F, ,.rm vor. rl, -,t IIIECr) inued 1-11--d
1- o m., r kc t on r c (- o un t of 1. o c of rc
I'a r C'- c t On Cf J
t! C;
b" 7'e't T,Ut-ther which br t 'L:. t io ll, f Vk
otv: r strcks is belio,,7(-a lk-lo bQ for tI is

C over
T!,e Sztem is

1 11( ,,,C cm I-j T
A ":u

in the nxm~Traea in so':th-centr,-_I 1AlbCrta, m;d has c-xicc&. 'xius-a-11_y

rn i ser1~~>r~~r '&-~r c oni tie ir-o i the L~omond.
C: 0mA n 7Y%&f' ~ *~ yerar. Two ye,.rs
aL~o nn ed2j roak 7a s vi-_id out in th--e qar area.

T-he Coorrido pctto beetle is much more n-,m~lrous in southern Q uebec, So-L14-*; o" the St-. Lerrence river, ti-im for -c~ yars.

A h avY infestatin of tho red -I-r n eLle is reported over a cons-id'r. eae ~at~~o ~r kachewan.

~'> betT7bw~t '.~ b?~ r' rc in ~zL numbers in north-eta Sask Achewan and 1'n t I er-,Poer ta,

The onlon otis re)C=r a!f ns severe in the Taskoka district,, Ohtari.

tc- eIL b-ade-1,e h~crin is under investigation in east-central
Brit~ic" C (7c1"jf~ ",l h ar'r~~l itit

The'~ac'Te .rver asbeen taken for the first tim-te i nmeouver,

Tn. 4', h and willor borer is destroying mny trees in the Kelowna
British Columbia.

BTzrQ !-roth larvae are more serious on apple in sots sections of southern
Q~u&c. han*f r mny ear, ad.-hay appeal ,r to be on the increase,

The potato leafhopper is very abun&int on young apple trees in the MaE2)ra district, Ontario,,

7ie plum curculio and the apple curculio ha~fe been responsible for
ir~~Th-uryin southern Qxtebec0, In southern Oirtario. the former species. is s&atmore nm-,evalent on peaches than usual.

Th royahi rd h reen apple ap'his have been of very Mir
impo*rtan.,ce in Ontario orchards this year.

The, currant fruit fly has beEn reported infestin urnsfil
hea~?7in. several sections of southern Sackatchewa, indctngawd

The apple maggot is severe in many sections of southern Cqebec.
~I' backber -efIne is le nt and injurious in the Niagara

Mhe second brood of the codling moth in southern Ontnrio ks a small one.

nosee botf!lv,7 t-li chirfi~ sithe horse botfly have becr, severe pests in
-.- &S sk:.,t chatvan, the first named species ha-ing been 'ric 1rl t r oubIe some .

VS XOI,!ATA (. ncmala oricni-alir, WalUerh.)

Conn ect icut W. E. Britton (An:-ist 24) 11'etIts have now about disappeared
for t.he season at !Tew Haven, and eFZs and young larvae are
f oun& in the soil.

GRASSIHOP7FRS (Acridiidae)

Ohio Be 17. Mendenhall (August 10) : Grasshoppers are in abundance
in all parts of the State, and I find considerable damage
d--,---ie "by them in n1arscriec in southwestern !part of Vaio.

Indiana R, Cle-.reland (August 24): Corsiderable complain-L --a
rec,'Ave.d of grasshoppers becoming increasingly abundant and injarious during the past mor-th. T'-.ey ha73 been especially
Uroublescin to flowers of various kindz, especially dahlias-,
trucl: crops, clover, and alfalfa have aiso been men-tioned
amon, 1.
the list of crops ser4oun-Ty

illinois '7. P. Flint (Aucust 23): Girass::-orpers are abiandant, in few of the
cou-ntieo but a-e --anara-Lly more zi'arnercl18 t1han in the rsar=ner of /-- ) a4- Urbana,

Wi s consign S. 3. (Pu rast 3.7,.': 7he reports cf volunteer observers
inaicata alrnns.t no dama on of a
,e.s r-ith the -possiblo e--cept.L
li-;V- Ie in-*ury to tobacco in Dane

Nebraska Mlo FT. S-:7-'n"k (kiga:zt 16)! Iajurie3 by graszhop-e s no-plus
sp., crintJiyaa to *.e cc-,7cre in the alfalfa fields of Buffalo and
Darson am,!. 4-,-1 leAter cmty a poisoner." cer-paign
uniftcr tho. di-ect.cra cf t i:1, rezurted to d."ing
the% laut r' eh in -',uly,

Missouri 1j. M (-Angnst Follarl.n- the harvest,, grasshoppers
irl 4-11c ',';Zate in.-P;ry to c,,)m along
off 1 3 nJ. -,o ...-Ul trses 'nn-l vlr=yards' H,) 17 ir t --n and comparatively
c". ot grassliop er

Al ab a ma jo !',I*, grubio, have been reported
from Coal as stra- berries.

,,dch-Lran Philip Tini-irbill 1",T'-,.3 VIT 5) Attaci Anp corn at Union City, and
rir 11 -d L
co z;

r0i ccon-A S- -3, Frac' -" r -Latter"71 Grant County,
a5 jltc are attac' -'---, calz tr,)ez*

Iowa C. N. ~Anslie (August 6): Potato 4gers at Sioux City report
many -vite grubs in the prounJ. t'-fijs mm~nmer doing some danage to the
tubers. These grubs are of t!"7o sizes, rbout -full-rown m 7a,.
small, the latter rrolably from eg-s laid this year. Th-.e beetles
were otly moderately numerous in the early sTiring,

ANT AN'OYA.LA (nTMla -flavipennis %hrm.)

Alabama. J. M. fl6binson (Auguist 6): Across the northern part of the State
south of the Tennessee River an approach tollentonophobiaf has been bkrought about in several co=_nuxities because of the fright caused by the activities of Anomala flavinennis. These insects have been so abundant and so noisy with their flight that it h-as frightened
several. cormmuities at nieht.

CUTWORMS (INoctuidae)

F1orida Pe. S. Chamberlin (Aaust 11): Cutworms (various .species) ere causing
a little trouble at the present time in Gadsden County. No instance has been observed where poisoned. bait applications h-ave been needed.

'Wisconsin S. B3. Fracker (14Eusu 15)- 0-1tv ,or-zs were reocerted as generally
destructive ovEr th3 _.-Kr art of the '2tate, reports nf damage running from 5 to az :_ as 50 1K' Cent of'i truck crotps, They
were the cutstandffng, p3Etz of th~season, but were less serious
than di=-41ng th--e P'c -pre~edi~ng y:ras,

Iowa C. J. Drake (August 20): Out-vorms (several species) have been overabundant in Io-rwa this ycai-. In the early spring the damage was very
extensive in gardens, truck fie" ds, and cornfields.

*7IR7T0R.:fS (M.aterila e)

Wisconsin S. B. Cracker (~-'t15): Some damage hs been done to corn in
Dane and La Fayette Counties in the southern part of the State.

Montana J. R. Parker (kAgust 10): Wle-'7crrns (Limonips sp.)are doing quite
extensive injury -to potatoes at Forles. Thirty acres had to be replanted lai-, sprine bec~rse ol inj-ury ta, the seed pieces, as many
as 10 or 5 hrwr. avinrg been foizl in one piece of potato. They
are still present in the fields one of them now and then having transformed to the


T77 AT

1IBSI~TTh L(to-nha dee truct o-r Say)

New York C. R. Crosby and assistants: The annual Homssian-fl:T survey has
been completed in ITe7, York. The percentage o,-' infez-ta tion is high enough in a number of counties to nake it advisable for growers to


plan to -Mw wheat after he f ,-f ree dat e.
Th~e f ol-o-Ang table ind icatocs the Percenta.e of infestation in
the coiritie-, survcye Thoe snrme caantie-Q su.rveyea3. last~ year anid
in 10,24 again s-z-'vcved_ this year,, IaA 1924 t h 1s .r eg-.on sored
5.9 iPer cent infestaiir-, ~n PL. t I ine'ttion~dopped. to 1.5
per cent, and this year it rose again to 3.6 per cent.


LZivingston ......* 2* .......o -C
Yonroe *.*99.*...*..............e 6
Niagara ...........*............. 9
Onondaga . .9....... *. 52~
Orleans *....,.............. 3,, 2
Cswegv,*) ... . ..... ............ Nn~ recc-.d
Schuyler,., . .. . .. .
Tompkins ............. .... .. 2
Wayne ........................3-2
Wyvoming ~........3
yateT ,.......
Cortland....................... No infestation

Ohio T,, H, Park~ (APc,2t 7. T11- a,:it :il 7 iheat ins, t suzvej covered
29 of the prni~. Ltgo~ couanties, yia~ds were
the highest iin rnan- year s. Th-e 1hcsian f did little damage. Four
counties W.~ less thr.n I per cent of tha infested. The
average infestat.11ion for 11 coitios in nci thern Ohio was 14 per
cent. Thlis rom~nts no incrca~u over 1925, South of' Columbus the insect has decreasoi4. since lasL ye,,,r and the south-era thiod of the
State has less than ~4 per cen~t inf, station.
The most Heozian f1jtjio during-the 1920$ 4urvey were fo-und in a
group of counties starting from Delaware on the eaEt andt extending
westward across the rridrdle of the State to the Indiana line. GO'~nties
having the highest in~'eztation were: )Dlaa'e, p~ er cunt; narIk3,
35 T,-r ceint~ ;h~~~ 20 per cent; ")heiby,~ 25 por cent, and Miami,,
er ccnt. In thce-e counties the estztblished- safe seeding date
held. true. in '1925 and the infestation occur-ringz there seerns to be
largely duc to -%oluntecr r'heat and a few early-sovn fiejids. Control campaigns will be concentrated in this loroup of counties this fall.
The average infestation for the entire State this 'y~ar is 8,8 per
cent comred with 705 per cent in 1925.

Illinois W. 7-. Fl in t (An 7cis t 23) The en ual whea t i ns e ct surv ey ha s j us t b e e
completed. Thic vear e x;-7in-ations wr;e rnada in *wheat stubble fields in some 50 corUnties in the Stt.A 'aei~n flics -'vas noted in
01l counties -ith the ex, c-pion of th ose in the northern Lnd north1westurn yL..ts of the St te. In this area the fly is present in about
the same numrbers as in 1925. thahnnoes'vi1teietAtion Qrauless than 2 -;r cent. it is verve ~~l Very for


fields were found in 7,E-ich no int"-3sted stubble occurred. Volunteer
wheat is just starting to gror; and it is probab].a that n6 damage from the brood arisiJng in voiteer vfhuab will occur this fall.

YdAT~DG,7, (TIhecodi-plozis mosellana Gehii)

Ohio T. 11C 10ark7s (Auigust 17): The wheai midge was very scarce in Ohio
wheat this year,. No cornnplaints were receiveDd and in rn.ny counties
specimens were not fond on the wheat insect survey.

Washington R, L. Webster (Augact 17): There was considerable dinagk, to 'cheat
in Skagit County according to report from county agent 0,_ H, Bergstrom
The insect is said to be getting more common in Whatucm County. More
fhkju~y this year.

GRtN BUM (Toxo-otera g&amnum Rnnd,)

Wisconsin S. Bo Fracker (August 15):4 Present throu, rhout thui State, ITOted in
Floreonce, Racine Clark, Oconoto, and St 6rroix "" ?nti (,s,- i n ur y
severe inl&,st two. In general kept imider control by Coccinccllidae.

Iowa Carl J,, Drake (A,1agjat 20): nlhe green b-g -7a fc-Und in certain
parts of' Poll- and Orax-7f'c:cd Cuantie.o but'V it is not numerous enough
to be of rauch econo.iiic imnprtaice

JOINT- WOR aT-L!n 5 t-j i Fitch)

Ohio T, H. Parks k& ue,-t 1-): ThiS inzc^t is now very scarce in Ohio,,
In anyccnti~ vs~e, ona Ki weat insect survey the insect
was not encountered., It as no-6 seriously infested wheat here for
ei gh-t Years~,

Oregin T. Rb khne2n(ixziist 26) A:1a aro.! e 1A2 rnil-s s,- are in
Clackamas and Aa:n Cnties rith Camby at the nort'%h, Ifllalla at
the east, ILor5Azor at tkhe couth~and. Woodbarn at the west is affected.
Infestation light t aIt the edges of the a ae ni 'heavy near the center rhcvre oneo of the fiids 7, w 9i5. per cent of tha culrns
infested, Th-, Utis field) as ~ha 3 je,-intWz H& rm:'a; C
found infected. tKem f". dismec'id shwan average of 14 larvae
per, joint wiha rra_-%!,mn of l9 A1.1 exanirations were ma~de oZj stubble.
A eupelrrid parasite and what rray -gove to bc 2?iAtrpinotuq
avreoviri~i a have bce-= recovered, No adults of the joint worm itself
have yet been rearedd,
This is the firs. discovery cf the species in thz) northwest al4,though great nirmibers of what stornms have been examined during the lat
eight years t1b_%"auhs':t the Willa-mette Valley in connection with
Hessian+ fly woJ_-, '.2ea-itive3.y determined by W,, J," Rzhilips).

C- i~ 3TJ'T ( 1 1s T -c opt cru s say)

Ohio T* H. Parks (oagust 17): Chinch bugs damaged corn locally in a few

central and woct-central No gencr, ,l dama!-o result-ad and
i,;h to harm riore 'Cohan
the bu-Ts ri-re not a f ew oat siae
rows of the late-plantca curn.

13.1incis 177, P. Flint (PL-list- 2'): rno-a"1i of Aa.,:-ast has bom extremely.'
rel, in all parts of -'u-h,-,, S:AaLe., Uhis has placed a vory distinct ch ,ck cn th, ch inea-bug increase and it is b - V t these
ibs,,,cts will not -b- zv H mo-c ab'Uridant than na.s th, case at the
beginning of the season.

"lilissouri L, Hasoman (Ampast 27): ThO T, has been
unfavorable for the dcvolo-pr.-,ent of the, stpAruwr brood of chinch

COT1ij E R 740'qM (T cliothis obsolota Fbb.

Indiana C. R. Clevelairl, ,\xigust 24): A moderate number of repor t s sho -ing
the proconce of the corn car worra in both sract PrA field corn are
being rcceivea,, 7ais il'nscct Jcc not i,_o-in to be co abund-,..It or
troublesome as in y-ars.

10 wa, C. J. rraha 20) The corn car i7a-m is very comnion in
Amcs and to b: a 6,),,Jant c- rer urt *.re State this season.
At tho Ta--_-_,nt "r e ad -,!tz and layn- thoir eggs

27)"- 17 i- n st more abundant and
v Y at- City. Examination Oi* -at n )arly overy ear harbc1,s
ow-, Of tino ino-1--, th -in_ one., Az- a -1-Ulio enly the tip of the
L f r a L 1 7 j 2 t i di c r d. b -: t m c a -, i s a h i F i c I t 4
O'E' "LOGG r1Zt to ,,,Tcalr of the, otbsoquent deterioration in the crib
-Y-L' tho Tvild inducnd by the worm droppings i-n. 'lie- car-tip., 4- -itcd c_-rn i.!,- iuzt 7".!-,V1 b-iIA7 rcl ly q7a-ite
c," t," d 3 do not CO'.jfirjQ to the
tl *I") k"In.u, oc-i aad occnr in a car.
Gl. 7, T a vl-ry of "no ad-,jits h: ,.vo ".),,on taken this season,

H4. sso Uri L K Ic lato Jij.*.y Lcd early P,7- tlslj s7TOQt
corL7i.l 1:712-1 IC111-Irc'.Li by tl-_ c.- ca-. nc--i% but Clurin "; the lars",
W'o 17"" ; cl ct nbr:,A :,:ssour- tho worms havc bocn

-,N LK DMER Q'latraca Dyar)

z C 0 z) T 4-:1 5, D, Fr,-.)ck(;r (A-a;17%q -# 15)", about half an ,7tcre in one field
no ir 11L, by July 70 af#"cr aeti7cly
wor f or
in C ".712cen--in is oatsido th.i nor=_" rcm.go
of thij

it(A a Vacn.

Indi -. na J, J, Pav i s 7iQ rom-ron stall: barer has b,-!Cn tho subj--ct

of many more inquiries siric, 1-iot roportA- in the Bull-tin, D,-Lnlias
hzaw c b,: on rc:)art,-J c 'uc inl ,- a 1 r,
r.-or,,, often c3rr-, bol"! f-lill" ;,, j. U C;
La Aijd( rson.
rp -crui-be-T of
.37" Zin S, B. F cl-cr (2.
ie of
COMi, C)l 1, C ri 0

-7 'a D r a i o z: 2 0 -b .,ovcr the ent.Zrc 7t has done a) Lrl
oats. It has also inj-ared many ,rarlen and tru!:Ilz
The adults arc nc- z

Nebraska M. H. 57enlc (Am"Tist
of injury to co-,-n lby c c-nn-c-n d L oij CA Ollt
July 20, -0atterin- rc-ort ol' -njury- c,)nl. tc; bc- rocci.vo" froinC) ? '0 --L J ,
c ou n t i c s 1. y 1:,-, f v u, C tll 1- J 7 e. r C a 2 1. 7 f r t: r-,,
Gage ,nd o- t t i os up 7 o

New York 0, P, r',2,-,-?cby ar,' Tas

v 1,VD I
ZL 0.;:, ft-cm e v 1 S-1
'r ;Tjc'r s of 13cim-o'
en S. oh -1 -o'f zar U -v 7,

C, 7 4 -f -v r 1
IT ciGe t A"
Car eil ina Onl";, a t.L., -Ly C'Zi t
C t 'I U C ar,:

LI n-,
I th--r e
7 -- rl c 1-,D -,-cs, i--,

-1 ab a,. n a S,"O )rt +hc
t a s
cug, 1 0 L .4 o J

1', 71 C,
al,-i-l I cl

C OP'7
t Ij I aiL d is VO-Y COM-10
I'Ova C', j. Dr, !- 3 .1-1 .1 11.1
County and 11rcrilcil- Ccunty -nd in a f c -7

fields a con!;iderable Imount cr or-mmetcial a--Zna 7e has bcon done.

11, br, s k-- Tz, :I. S'nml-- 1 S) Th,-, corn lenf nr 7,id in
many Nebras'll C :(--..: ng t1hc 1rst in -",--,1y !-nd first
week in Ar,-cmst, --.nd in so-A did serious to the corn

__ji s o s t i c,-- s Gyl 1 .

Utah & Geo. L, Reeve- Gx-fa--, 0: As the scouting so,-Lson for the alfalfa
Wyomin_g rccvil -Ls probably f--nl shcd 'his year, I arn giving you a brief
statomont of thp roi ufts of our i-ork, N.Tr. Snow 'has found the -%eevil
in fcur new cojnti ---s in Colorado, -,,n-ncl,-, 14offat, Rio Manco,
Routt, and Curay. and in one county, Carbon. in Wyoming, Vhich is adjacent to -1-he last nmed. 'Ye. Re- ,-ell '. emr.loyee of our Buram,
has fowd reevils at Tcrringgton- Gce'.-.--n County, T;yo.

GRF74N r.,'LCV-z1 WORM :,cabri F-ib.

Mizsissippl .2. W. Earned of th,3 grcen clmx were
rcccivcd On st 7 Mo,' -In 'onrce (oarty,. They rore
ro-oort od as --. ct di n ot, a',Lfa'i Ta.

G. Or71 77 =70,-MA sird! Guen.

14issouri L. Hase=nn (,Ii*,;-.u---'- 2'T) .,, Thil p- E;t haz contiruod to attract attention
throughoc.f tl-ia month par+1 -iculot-1,1y on corn arnd alfal-fa in the north;:.rn
1valf Of the St'ate"

Indiana C,, P. ( 11--clrl a-t (':"4): of t1l.e loilo Cnd Cro-cs
--In rr put-tq o- hurdrodz of .crGs of alfalfa in thf: nc, --.,n --f the bad- frm y01147.1wing
ani aZ-c hcV.:7Y

M.", 0 174: tl -L'Uz 11,irsham)

I nd, i an R, concicxrabll- injury
,j.' of T, d C.LC17-elV this A in the vicinity of

le -, :l mirod stmes) -10'rS

T,, H. Parkc (A-,---,xct 'E,! !ct and d .
received from ti- 3 : :,c-7,* t,,2 that t.1,G insect
,ras de! ,trcyin- a f ioll. cf U-L!rrq,:dcn County. TTam-e
nct bc m a' ic to 1 izlt the

. ........ .

C L 0 721, R F L 9 7) 1M, 1) G7 a I e r^ c a i r t

Washington 1-L, L. 7ebste- D, E ,, L
at Kelso, re-portts t!-ia1*- cn' t.' &rz, a-op-,,azing
large numbers Li C -)'771-1'142 "OLInty in fie-ld,,; o-F clover t1nat are to
be harvested for se,7 d.

SOIRC-1-11A 7 T ontarini

Mississippi R. W. 1 turned (ku.5-tis' p o c e n z' o f C ar t 7 r n a 7 r,7h i o a
were,- coll6ctea on sqrl ,-nip at 7 a s h i -n,7 t or orr y

--T BE 'iiTF- I c r -,*1 a, at 11 s n,,,
V TE C -1, F 1 LL TL

Plorida J R. Watscn (Ausl s 30) The velveiLf 1)ean caterpillar i:- doino
considerable damage to beans from Caines7illes s-O'.th,

F 4R Tj I T I N.S E C 7 -S

kpp 7t;

Utall ru P. 77 3'0 ,Lr h i d s i er. e r F I arr- m-,c1n le, G
this year thar. z t althou.-h+ a" fe,,7 of Vle+ comrxn as
cabbage pcae"-- and' che.7ry V- ria -al3aut as niz-. Iar')usas usual.
Connec-ticut 7i F, 4--on --r- --am

7 z t T 7) 11 ; ;-,Y. ca, e la*- f, 'n e. E; a 7- uL i but at LO+yn d T-a inc v,
-re f, 6
this season.
C 0:aw I 1 50, r sa L.

New Jersey C, IT" 11ran' t 7 1 ,rles-zere sori-v. am are d by th i s j. n se o t
a J. OIN
t Gla s,:zb-ro,

South J. 0 Pe-o Az o C t 11 e larvae &,.-A pnrz-e of
Carolina a r e a I),% A r- c 1,- r., t i -i Or-c=-ee' Coun ,; i h i s y E? i a c s 1 ; r t t i e F o w c er
the z p+ray has been f followed cut --1o--,e1Y

Indiana 8-, Bennet A. Porter (M2, -ast 21' 5 1' 11 una,'I'lally in so-Lithnrn
Kentucky Indiana and '- western Xentucky,,

Illinois in. P. Flint C n, j i MO+
CD 'n c aed to increa!:e
in all soct-ions of the Sta' e., i "; th-- pres--nt :-i -? a in.
+ gestation exist.z in s:r,,-ye--' aL-d -ansprayed orcha2dic than Inlis* been
the case in' 1--i- t6m or,! halre 10'en prayed
S11 c 0 e chexds'

as many as nine times, 30 to 40 per cent of the fruit was

Wisconsin S. B. Fracker (August 15):.Apparently less troublesome than usual,
but infestation has been running as high as 20 per cent in
Winnebago, and in Manitowoc 35 per cent.

Missouri L. Baseman (August 27): The second brood of the codling moth
began to emerge at about its normal time,namely,July 7 to
15 for central Missouri but the brood continued to emerge until
early August.
Second-brood side worms are unusually abundant therefore
where only one July spray was applied early. The prolonged emergence
has made it difficult for Missouri Spple growers to control the
pest this year.

APPLE AND THORN SKELETONIZER (Hemerophila -ariana Clerck)

Massachusetts A. I. Bourne (August 19): Within the last few days we have begun
to note full-grown larvae in scattering numbers here and there it :this vicinity (Amherst). The scarcity of this insect this
season may be accounted for by the fact that fruit growers have
been giving more attention to their spraying and have been spraying later in the season than has been their custom up to this time. The
first of the second-brood moths were observed flying August 19.
FALL WEBWCRM (Hphantria cunea Drury)

Massachusetts A. I. Bourne (August 19): The fall webworm has been for the last
two weeks making itself apparent. As near as we could determine from our observations, the pest is present in about normal abundance. There has been a very wide range in the development of
the larvae. It has been possible to find, in a comparatively small
area, larvae which were two-thirds or more grown, and also, on almost adjoining trees, others which had emerged within a week.

Connecticut J. L. Rogers (August 24): Many more tents were observed in nurseries
this month than usual in Fairfield and Hartford Counties. There
has been a slight increase over last year.

RUIT TREE LEAF ROIER (rchip- ar~rospila Walk.)

Missouri L. Baseman (August 27): The apple trees in the nursery row and
young trees in the orchard have been quite severely attacked
by the leaf roller though the epidemics have not been so severe
in central Missouri this year as they were last year.

ELLOW-NECID CA~TPILLAR (Datana mini stra Drury)

Indiana C0. R. Cleveland (August 24): Report from Indianapolis as
completely defoliating a considerable number of trees in a twoyear-old orchard.

2-, 1 n'1 Some -.vncc1%ed caterpillar Ohio F., yello
in Mi -=L Covtn, y o-_1 appl,:; ezpccially in nursery steck.

r-L7, ID 'I' S_ a

Mass acho.sot to A. 1. Bcjrne (_,mguct 19); The re !.-'_q=-pcd catcrjpill! r in thic
section G-Inerst! is in abundance th,3n I hav'e
noted. it fcr ce,;icral -nrs the hatch c'L V-_E-sc insects
ot -eriod, so th--,-, iv h,,.,1Fe
in ,hic-11 t'-a-- larlac had r: z',.Urity and lof't -'Che trocs, -and uk,-herv in -,hich the larvae had not
for m ore than abo-L.t a y7ock.

Indiana Bennet A, Portur3r P-4): occasional colonies arc scen in
you'n6 ap-ole orch:,.,rds at Vincennes which 11ave received litle or
no sj:r,,v:P ma4-(;rja"

(Z,,auzera ryrina L.)

New Jersey C,, J. Srnnt (All-7--t 7" At tackin- apple at Glassboro, there be-ing
slight d,-magc dcno

APHS Yll,.GGOT (RhaTolctig romonella Walsl.)

Massachusetts A. 1. Bourne 19): Durfing the -firist -,,.reek in Aug7ist in
orchards in County,, re began to note the appearance of
considera7Yle of t"he aTrole mt--f,,gct. _Last year apples
;uffcrea from a vcry he&vy infestatlen of th-s insect. n7e flies
have been ncted in 1,ar, e numbers. We ha-"* been able to C61T )ct at leas,% t '7o or V'Aroe hundred aault flics from one tree, rhich
re*pvasentt ,,nly -re 7ere ab",.P to reach, collecting y h d
Om tlne' ha e beei- otnarved r:nd collected to dInte,
on ap- o f ciur sta-nd!ird trarie-Cies of applet-s. During
thiz prc'- qnt w; n'_'ic t he na,,: n _" G c e em, t o har e f Uen of f some-.1hat
4- are ztill nr, ,Oent. A7-,,-arently the pe ak of their
dun-Inx- the weel': of i% 1 st 9 to 14. We have alread-y raTUre r.n r-f-,--octs to ha-re beggirn to leavt-. such
Y Alcsw 'Tr,nspare'_,1ts and to form their pup.-ria.


Indiana Bennet A, Po':ter (A-ax,,Ust 24): Apple lecafho-prc-L-3 es)
ext:,,em=1y in --all aprle orcharas in s(yathern Indiana. Foliage
i:: dovilla-.i.ved as a resaJ.t of the n7Imeroas feeding .mnctures.
"ruit 'ior ,G cc.-_--,dc-,b'b1e sneckin'F: an'd Come lear streak'Ing as a ul _'_C Slz of excremo-t.

SA jOSD Sl', L_7, CQmTt.

Indiam Ben-net A,, PCrtcr 24): F' oft,-z artsd fru*-t is occ,7.sionally
seen, but ir gcnerl tczAe is nol; -particlilarly abundant at the
present ,ritin6.

.............. . -- ........................... .... . .. ........

-2 1;4(),. 7u ;t rt-2ocIurea on c,,.s- ,,-rn nux very
on i! in
o t t c .2- 0
IC Yo I e,, 71 S, n
sc,1-10 'nas h ,17c b6r--i o');,--,crvOd this Se-ISO-1.

i C l 0 Ll:: i 'L. -T-sem zn 01.7- rIzit to little
V;h ch L J c prac ic-1 y
im.nossible to fii ,d n;y of the frait at i s t


c c n 7, in 17): Ls encle inj-.-Icus tran
to -per ccn infest-Aion, IR 7-c-ttO th(,rc is 15 and n-t Fierce 5 T)- -,r

J, (T,: chL-rt or r-qj r.j -i S y

'-C", : The a-T-1.3 c ;rcul 7.r) 'hns be m very in the orc'n rds in ti-,LE, vi-inity of DE;s 11cines.

A GRE2Y 1-1 'BEFTIF TT C', S3.

ic ou r i L. Hasc=.n (kue-ust 2 7) juTping lenf possibly
n flen beetle h ).s be,:m rittenition daring,
the pr-st tvo montlis as r-, p ;s-t of r pple foliage ir the narcery and o- 'o,,trd tr,2c-,,.
ycung o-rc.aPPIZ S771) C, jAT yr -ru- ru
,CTD tQ: J p, m Boh.
_I-et 4- 0 the to the l0t7h of AuiNst
A. I. Boane
re beFpn to note 'he n "arvae of the np-le sced
c hz l c Id in the nrj)lc ceeds. Pr-ctically all c, t'le cr, ,b P.-o-oles in the collq e o 4-1 S &naracteristdc
inji-ry 0 10 thiz

Oh i f) T. IIO (AU,7uc 17" Tic red 7n.t- rrat i- its
C -17 Or TIT,in i n j u -, ing- t e f o 1 i g e
on -,pnle trr --z in r-orct
found on --i h a' a r -,nd
o" t".,L


E. Tendajnlhall -w-us *; --u,Aly b7d
in nrch .rdz and Li -*-uecir*; :. in the cortv-1 tMd p-,.rtz of the S-L -Ac- this ,r.

Z -, resi,- wolesta Bu2clc)

Connccti cut Fniliij Garman NOW Tlell Gt'l- !. ItOd "Ghr0IIj7rI
north ,long the
Cormectiou" Vn? C, ne. Apparcn-Uy
more ab-und, .,t

Georgia 015 3 r 1 S rL,- t -_' C,,,,g3neration eg rs are no,,u
being in Ie in ;ect-,.ry at Fo-t Valley,, The infezl-r tion
here is Very I

F.L12-1 new)-bhar Mist.
,ast 19): Mr. TPhitc; i n d. dl e s ex 0 ount
MassacIracetts A, 1. -n
r o o r t s t",,- F. I- I i e the fir-lu rcm Ule
A, !,Izt 3, -.".bout tl-e 7th t*h0Y --ere crr.r.-,n,, cut in 'Inrge ,ImbL r s.

Nev Jersey 0, J, Gra Y"' Attacl,in& arcd -p-,ple at Glassbcro,
the dan-;ago belng
Georgia Oliver I. Snapp verient of Georgia
(kumgt ;t 20),, The total mc
peaches this year was nearly 1.9,000 v-,.rloa -Is, the l",.rge6,t on rccorl, Tot- a si.r,< Ie c., of 7,'VS
heard. J. : rr2mg pea-h ox-cl-,-z-As -in this loc, Ilty r af er s1io -,od 'Uhat t1ier-_ are very fe,,7 adults lef%# for
hib ,,rnLtion.

111inois 17, P. Flint 2*) T)epch invastiFat-Ion is no7, in full
s 7 n in t!-ia I.__n P -9 by the ciwcullo
A of
nerir 0 OU C cl. e s -i c A -hx,,,el 3 curculio
.111j. +I Ihe d, Y Six of _c accns have
az),P r en 1., '11, y 'been. Iirg, J.y res-ponsJble :Ccr the decrease in this i n c

SAN JOSE SCALE (Agridictus ern_ icio,7 is Comsu,

Geor?,ia Oliver I. Snapp (August 20): a7he q.!- n Joce has increl-sed
rapidly during the manth Pt Fort condItions
r ere frivorLble for reproOluction. Mhs: -e leen !- m YI,_sd eV e -I T ,
increase in sornre orc"hC-.rd.), t7_C 7
for the scale 1, st winter. 11 ore albunndc* n -, ai2; corn-parel.L' 7ith last -nonth.


Nebraslm 11, H. S-enk: Rpports of severe injury to vires
houses nnd to grn-- ;%vines, 'I iy the gr, pe 1 3 n..- contin-od to be received during the period co-,,7cred by this report (JUlY '5-Auzust 15)- Vie Ugust complaint,,; i7ere not only received from central and western Nebraska (though the pest


UNV il X, r-rr(r, t Cryir' ir 11)." ow, ard
zn fl Ta

t c

and -C, 1 e rv, I t i P n pra-pevines
a n,!

-rilLA-f-I 2 T i c

o c i n S. 7. F-f;:tc-t,7cr on, leaves 521 Jefferson,
r L e v

31,', ;K '17i in Californiag
California Z,, 0. (rulr- 15" F i r-t c o 11 e c t on

7 T -:-, -3 --.-3, 'a

Ms z s cllu- A'. I 7 ,croLx rercrt!, =dcr Jte. Of
t t 0 Y .)fiTi C 71 z7
norma t7 y tc
In h:-3 c;'
that the r cN,
u-r- c, r e 3 r than
0 x c c t PC c L 0.


r T 7.,
T ,T
17 .-W Late i n f
Of in
very a -.ew L: S.

.4 --s of t h,3
-,j w a1 nu o c- c V,,-' c)lj e
a t Star'; I o 0 it' Se
!-,,a v c a, 0

T)l i Rov.

Alabama j li. F OL l t 71 c cot-' -13n aphid has bazri sent in on

sat ;Urfla twi-s from 1110bic'.


R W a t s on CAU,7-a outstand-i-ap e n t0-1 011 P: L c :q
t!7e month. of Of
citrus na- t mites E1-i,r;7ic,:-. "Imof t iin-'I.-i--i c-a 11 cr t Cd 0 r
F 0: 1
thc ru t mi te h a 7, C. t dvc l- t c
ol! shar"V- I Y a f 'Cer ; 1, s ,. ar it 'na,-, -p, , 3 a thD
entire svirmer, For xryr, unaccountl,! .ble rc-a on the r Li e Ir i!7 :r"10. -7
has not been as ef festive as -,: sual,

7 R U 0 r, C R 0 P I X S 7nj 0 T S
JT 7 (' TI


Alabarm_, J Rolb;-Tv,-on One of the blister bcet! ,-s,
unicolor K Lrby, Cl- to worl- o- butns,;.rjP- consid rable
dama.7e in 2mall al-eas.

011 i 0 T. H, Parks ( 26) B1. i st er b c c t". e dar,-_ -e c o nt i rx.e3 t o c c7le
in. The pest is mz;ach n-v.j ,E7jj oijz tjjaj I-,zual tL-r,, stand,-,.rdstrength arsenate-cf-lead un potatoes a ie of little valut, .

Indiana J. J. Davis (A keust Fllstei beetles haw bcen the nost
conspicuous pests the pastf ifronth"

C. R,,, Cleveland (Avj --ct 2 es s7z e r nu I. e r o f c a s e s cf blistcr
beetle infestation and 1)eing recei,!ed ot Vhli.,7- t-i-me t*_',-1a,_1
ras true a month ago, FI'ne bij t )r beetles dli)i ing Juy -cre unuTually
troublesome,, but the sevc-"itY Of the iiifestation secmz to be
sidin,, at this time,

N eb r a s!7 K, H. %Gne _ak 16) RC'_P0T'ts of injury by the lar,(ie bro-,-n
'blister bee-%-,ie Zipy and related sv::cies to
Potatoes tcm--toes, an,, .L other pl, ntz were received di l-in, the' fi rst
winek in ."agust from Franklin Cownty.
Y7 man (Avu7ust 27) Sevpra)_ Compiaiut,, ste
regarding, bli
beret"Los have be: n received drrin 4 the
intensity t:)f the irSestaticiis 'has beeii less severe !-i ,, -,,ore
last year,


Wisconsin S. B. Yracker Defclir: t- on of Canada th-' stle attra U att nti n
in Ac-hland, Dane, ana L CO OT L t i e

CGLOR 00 POTATO BEETIS decemlineat", S ay)
_4 n p.DtaAoQS
Connecticut ri. E, Britton _RePCrte(j
thrcfaf_,1,'_1- out the


State. Les-- abundant as cx-17ired with cm average y-,;ar 4

r CTIVE J. n S,, B, :,u-4 Yx(;h. less num:- rouz than usual in the
State as a. whole.

--i J-,, P. T-, 1'Jr-1t cr-!:)2ai: t c,'I t'-,c
'0 0 o
of this in V, i",eE:'7ablis'-1-iod in 1-23.

eugnr-riv F av r.

I C, r a ,kz III. H. S-.,, nk ( ,w-u2 t I r.) Scr icus to, tomatoes by the
potato flea be,-Ale' ras rc-oortcd from -,,and, rs Cuunty during the
Ia :t 17e6l : in

C RIT 1 1, U1111",T

Chi o T 11. Par-ts 1-7' el fvom e
mr- -ot,- -7-; ch infe 7",. ed S E 0 t -n a -f r: n County,
T- s 2ed ro', I in the t7 a!7 a r c m of the 7,
0 n T, I y 8 7 7 o co!-i-.I--n oa Vic sur.',-',-c a --nd the
0 we c n t of t') ,e ----0 pieces
hae d i a i o r

Lf07 Htrris)

S. B. Fr --ckcr t I Cjn, -Ldoir blp in zouthc -n and
c a r d n -P r c f tI 10 n t 11 C r -I I
'L r t c f S a
Irp no,-, I L*7, s' r-i T, ;J

o a'#.

J. crick--t- zas reportedd- - -i,- 1 ng
14-at; tu or. 'LII

r I.An7-a 7 t 10 as cau Jng severe injury in

ch', 7. T -)ma t o -a-2 c 'vtru ,Val 1 1 d
--'-, Ia -t of the i
C,-rnlina -in;" of Zv-,te.


J:, G -,f bc by :.I. H;,' our

rep."esentative at Gulfpcrt, under date of Aw-vust 4, that the
tomato sucitfly has been found at Ocean Sprin-s for the first
EG7GPLZ T ZBA 11ITER (F",th or ima ea P1 nc7, nI a Z el1~

Cal if or nia A. 7. 'Morr ill(Uv 10): L arvae cor-on' o-1 loaves, 5 to 10
specimens found. on so.- 1.ients in San CZoFre, T jie. o Cointy.
I n f est at io c*_icf f i-v i~ Lr~ b -1 a bout 5 o ru r AaL thie crop
is beinggrorm for zec-1 and the -vrorms conf-.; a- tck to1t1
ends of fruits there is no appreciable daiaa~e at present. ConsiderablF
damage to shi!pning tomatoes later in the season is indicated. This
appears to be a new,- locality record for this species.

A 11IRID (qCt2Zltis vaians Dist, (Fr~ztatu~ enclau Reut.)
Calif or nia A. W# Mrrill (Augu!3t 10): Mcoaic disease vas very general and loss
from this source rzill probably arnount to at least 1.5 imr cent at San Onofre, San Diego Cou~nty. Cnly tvro species o.' insects present
which might have acted as carriers, an a Lid an-d the mirid. In no place were inre( ts of either ;'7o-p abeanJlnt en~hto cc use
direct damage. if mosaic was insect, borne this ctive miid is more
likely to lave been principal factor. E tmted 5 S'Pec' ens oper
plant, nymphs and."dults in proportion of )4to 1.

llARL-7Wi I BUTG (f'ir,;nr. ti a hi' --tri-onica Hahn)

Alabama L. 17. Brannon (Auist 20): patches of collarls and cabbage seriously
damage -y ths nsc a Brm D-nca varies from 0 to 95
per cent. Also attaclikng rmu ,tard and turnips

1t-;!7 C.WcG ';C:- (Pieris ranae L.)

Massachusetts 11. 1. 2oirne ("1agiu7t 19): Dr-ng the firPst week in August we
were notirng here at the CoLlege and immediate vicinity a few,
specimens of the c~uzmer genera*i ion of cabbage butterflies hovering over the fields. Thiring the next riesk they out in considerable

Wisconsin S. 3. Fracker kti\ThIzust 15): tnnm damage throughout the State, eb out
as wual. :03:n= estirnatced i.n BayfitId C- nty 10 to 15 -er cen t,
Crawford Cotuntv 5 Per cent, Oconto 0,ounty 6 per ce.1t, Pepin County
2 ~r cent, and Winnfta-o vcoun.tY 5 per cent.

Misseuri L. Hasetnon (Ao.,T~ -.0 : r nt- ~rl -r of sum-mer the imported
cab bage wrru was very s~rethlih cezAtwal izr but airing
the forepar-Z of Agas' vilu uly hcoawy 8v-n'aims of this pest appeared.

CA 313iGE 15lrG0 >Thr1mv~a bs seBouche)

Indiana J, J. Davis (Anigust 1)4): 0:he_ cabbage mag.-ot ras reported as a
pest of ccb bags at Modor on July 2,9.

Azcon- Ln S, 3" is d-,Yn-p to cc bbage
;t 15) L )Us da
in c .Pac-lne,
_5 to 80 rz cent. C"j t,icr of
the SV,,-, -,e.

cont*I -, ,,-- -'.Cl L J in the
vicini1--y ol D 3 L; 71nJ fcl;- t'l. a f 10

SIR E.77"

i 'Lor n i a E 0 -a t OeGtrac-'lcn of rmal arvis in
patches o-f ct-ra-4')ei-r ez n San and
-b i .'. -L t- n f -n C i D y R ez i )-,I r;!l 1 m s b
e,! i d- n t i n ti a n i,,, i-l i c t

(7 ri
ll CIL

o u r P') C
du r 5. n m :1 lkl IS G I o:. borer.
There J- a it it lu -:,,o-c qse 7ere
th .n Du ,L7

I sc C'n Si 11 S. 3, y i r c- or t c -f n j,,w y
Al t h 0 i-I D -", 1 73(3 r.u(*h F-.c-.rccr than
usual in th,-, Liz a -,holu,

'110 ar I.: t 71(! 7, 7
rl ity
-'-' -1, 4 -'

yu -3 Cl e at A m r tat
Y 1910
ow ) to do n, c al d

.Jl 3-2 12 B- C',-- C, 0 n s

lie F. C 2"' -te-ortel frcm. Garrett Cotui y.
I T jj0-,,-,j7,j
Vif-A.nia t L7,7,
a 1? 1 ::L i n a n d P, r i Z'k Cun t i e s

11c,%le F. lio-a--d i-,;,,,or-ccd from. County.

Sauth Carolina J. 0, -Pepper (- 6u .,ust Vl)%) .- E-gs, 1,,,rv-'Lu and pupae larg--ly
killed out by he-ALI -,-7avc; i.1 -July. L-rvue ar,-,iln becoming
common Ln infustt ,d

Indiana J. J. D' x i s (4-1u u s t 1 ETc further s-oread of the Eexic;- .n
bec-n beetle 1-vas bc-in not, -, d

Tea"c, ff. Hor;ard (August 25): Reported from Clinton County.
,ust 25): Repor-ed fror. Hbron, Eric, nd Ohio 1101-le F. Eloward (Aug U
S ',nduslw Co=ties.

I;E SER COM7 IT 7' B07),T- lignoscllu.s ZC-11.

North Carolina V. Thomas '(.:X1gust 24): T'he rork of this insect vas observed
cr. v.bout one-qurrter acre of 2nLp bc-ins or. a farm near the .aborp.tor,,r (Ghcadbo.i.rno). 50 'r c ent of th
plants i-ere -*n.J-'-*LLrc-3, m,?ny of t:ies-, h-vinc ,,lrcady died, some
dying, and others sho ,dng little sign of growth. The larva
enters the stalk at; or re-r the surface cf the soil and tunnels
both, up and do- 7--. the plm-l throughout its entire length. The 1ri:W -le migrate from one pl.,' nt to another, c,*.n'g
several d, as. they go. -T-,AtP- a nu-mber of specimens 7.7ern
found feedin- 7jithin the st,-,lk -ahilo somr, observed resting
--*thin the s-111ccn t1abc; a, t"-io 'Lxaso of t1ie pl!int. The larvao
vary greatly in size, but the !- ,rgor percentr.',.go are p-proxirntely

ap !,,,roM,. 4 few dead specimens :erc observed in the st,-,-dks, patently having be. 3n killed- by some disease.

CORN EAP OCRIIA (14--cliothis obsolete

South Carolina J. O.'Pepper (Augus't 13)'.- 'I"he injury c'iusod by this insect
to beans is decreasii*j,
,7 in the Piedmont section of this St(

BRO ii-N COLI- S-)Is (Colaspis brunnclj. FAb.)

New York C. R Crosby and assistants (July 22): In Genesee County one
field of beans was rather sericasly injured by the adult beetles.

PE ,PHI D 1. linoia -Disi Zztlt.)

Alabama J. ',.4 Robinson (August 6): At 11aplesville- thu nea Lplhid has
been causing considerable dataig--*'

Wisconsin S* B. -rP.oker Ua,!Ust 15): D m ago and dir, t-ibution spotted
nnd irregull--.7 very scr rce at Columbus; injurious -it oc,
Zona du Lac, 11ili7, akee. Dc.-.n.


STRIPED CUCUMM.R METIE (Diabrotica vittata Fdt.

Connecticut 17. Z* Britton (Aurast 24): Beetles apptaredin numbers very


late In the srasdr. at 11emJln. 11r-y vinos had the mriin root ipunctured
by larvae and ceoon ,lw nd died. A hea-vy dusting of calcium fluosilica'tc, cl.ened the v-inaz of adults, but probably the eggs
had been laid,.

Wicrconsin S B. Frac'4ker (,Ias 15): is a w~iole there seems to be less
damage than umsual ii the Sta'Ue. Abo-ut W~innebago, Pepin,, and Manitowoc,
damage iz runnin,5z from a to 25 per cent*

SQULSH BUG (A-iasa tristis IDeG.) Connecticut V1, E,. Britton (A'I~ust 24). Extremely abundant on squash vines in
Hamdien;, also recorded at Ledyard. Seemingly more abundant as
compared with an a-7era,,:e year.

South J. 0. Pepper (":"ast 9): This insect I-s been abundant on melons
Carolina and cucumbers in the Piedmont section of the State this year. l.abarna *'M. Robinson Gu-,ust 6): The sotrash bug has been reported very
General ovrer the State, att acting associated host plants.

SQOUASH LADYB-?RD (7Rnllachna, borea1is. Fab.) Connecticut Vi. E. Britton (Auut 17): In one 7,arden at Ledyard n-grly. aU. squash
vines shored Injurr by larvae. Adults also were present.

MELON '~~("iarhania hvalinataL.) Nor th W. A. Thorrps ( i{- st 17'): The damage by this insect is nearly
Carolina a -nonth late th-s cepacon in the C-:-ad1)o-urne locality. Most of the
late surimer qqu.'.sh vines ha-m been complet-ely defoliated within the
past week and. the larvae are nor, attacking late melons.
PT CI *.;0 (D~ -hna n it i dal is Fl or ida F. S. Ohamberlin (Aug-ust 5): One field of croo'k-neckad summer
squashes was found heavily infested with the pickle worm on August
5 in Gadsden County. T-he damage caused by this insect was estimated
at PO p-ercent of the crops.

SqU~-iI BOTRY (Plelittia s,-tyriniformis Rbn.) Indiana J. J. Dav)is (A, ug-ust 1~4): The squash vine borer was reported damaging
squash at Alexandria or. July 28.


ONION 16.iCGGT (Hiylemyia antinua Mleig.) Acconsin S. 13. Cracker (A~u-, ct 15): Apparently caused less damagre than usual
in commrcial districts.

-25-71S7Tf"') -1-,7.7*)


Al --bama, L, W, 7:1 --,-,fflon '17 r-r b-:, truc'7cr-, in this
V i r n ijir LC

L s ,711 and 6,


aba rm- T-1, RLobinson (Av r-,s:t P r cm, J f f c arL that one
of th i lar-e-hol--c-1 lb ,,:;tles, 7,-, s :-'ailty C
-about 2 fc-" Dt tnc cp of 4 -,jj-n4-, T r C ,) -C. r cn d rt
attcm-,ting to rair-e the -c af,


Utah G c o r Xn o -,71 tj o n AT,. -1 i z t 2 7-1-3 ap7-Ad i.s (Ioin-,
con iderable n (3t t 4, -n rcld.
damp soi1. There are .c- Ln tL i e r e s s
doing mch damage this ye! r,

BEET ,,.Tc,-. oste ro

C -rl J. Drahe (Av.,-,us. 21-1,, 'fie --,Par-'beet ic doino.
C 0 il S i d c r ab I n d a r nn c) ,. 1 -C, 1 d c, r -1 i -i o no-y-tions of
Sioux and Plymuu Vi c o '4-y 7,, J3 7 f.arrei-, re-port
that th!a worms h?,vo. 'tccr sr-1 ilk,,-Cf cCTn,w
V-ny o-' io.zle c.D-,.-n 11--n -r r 7 C C" c S,
hevL caten off all of t1--ic Sc, -o ol- -,7. e r6por11- -Cather
e7d.-ensivc d. r- ,a,-e --d D--e in ", e c

Nebraska 11. H. S-enk lt--) J, 11-e F- -11 t"10
s-, r,--b ec u r; elb G ii r s d -ri
of Boyd County, C,
111 --v v-1C I Z t'--, i s 1 0 'b u- t al so
doing come -. G o c r) --r.L I

UC:!7h G F M o -a t o n Ju 1:7 0 7, c e -7 r cr I oi i b r o f 4-he su; r-rbeet webrorm arou--10. Cdcrr-i 77 *nd- ti

LT j C

California J. 0. Elmore P-D): Th, 7, r to
cally all prts of Yi ,
a--,ea :-n Cou, ty ana
has become of Trnjor 7ar y f i dz otr, e-r,-jt e
larae Yields should -o,-- O-Ot'JI.Der;. 3 0 r 0 s c d a 0 t 0 5
per cent of the crop. It se cmis tha, 11i th 0 fir !t zc-'-ting, h; S


reached maturilk0y ii all that mil cc-Cape dama_-u, All varieties
-Oc V- e c1ili variety
are ef cV-rl a! tho iez are rn-0 ezbily
dror-oca', v,,"1-'.cn t'-a:,, arf, t, or pi.en'o
vari c t i c s "C! ne 9,
._j 9j,") acres arn in, t ,.e _.:)a rs this year. The iz; nore aba-dart as coni7-)arf1,d ,,7ith last month.

7T Lj CF, 7-U,,, TJ35 d,

Alabarrz J, 11. 7o'ci.n- on ,--plants at ,,"cxa- City have
been f' ,Z- -royed by flae action of the ep' ,Innt lace
b ug

North W, A. T'horras (Ai ,7-j zt 2 Al' Chadbourne these small -*nsc-.cts have
Car ol ina juct anw ared on the fc of
-1 plaill- but no' doing
soriouri The of tl'n fruit is already harvested.

7' !ro .P 3a

'Tal if or nia E. C. Essig (Aiivust A ,ult and larvae --ttacki., yc',ung
c I cr, plan-s c r'"o o c) f c -c--tions of i Jo, juin
'and Sacr'-_,mento CO-untiesd.01r

S 0 U T H E 2 N F 1 3 L D -C R 0 F I N S E C T S


E711FS (Hol iqt"-i-; rs

C ico A" ;. !13rr-111 *0), Thripn --ith litt'_e doi,'-t the
'-T 1 4 0
conrror, ocan thriD ( ' -" 1, 1 -, '. -1! t s. r 1,y a
cazrc,-oondcnt coo-j or. Ainc cot-,,on ex'q,7,r I L-,-ntc os cau,:,inc a
I c,: c of 50 p r c cnt o 1' t h e folia-e ir a -1'c7 cqows in expcrimentdl
f ield".
BOZI ',;_,-,771L -r ar6i- 3! h.
tc*ct on cc,,-ton ins,_ ctz (Ai)j ust
Co r-rativ! rc- in 'Texas
'T -zi-e ri .'portc -' t!-onghout the central and castcrn portions
t', 7."iJoly sc;tt Ir- Ok a ,a 7s;evil
in th e s',A-A'-_, ,stilorn portion. ln Arkansas is J one by -; t (,-,r i I S i n I C, -ir e- s in zcm'o
of -6 11 C UV C 1 (,IS, I n I ou- zi cna, 're (_ i Tra.- -eported
t ,rou_ ,iout the Stste. In rer'_)rted as
on thr-, ":ith ;lilo in ".r In
A .orc i-, rc.- il s :ith
com- in tLe 7-1
hats b _', n rrrcr t in I t,,,c sca ,rn )or t i on. in
"I I r tl'k
U,,orgi-i a ic-7 ri:--, '.7 jr, 13 C in
n--,rtho-.n -)ortion TY, SC)II -,I- t
;s in


local areas. In North Carolina general light ::eevil infestation
is reported, with heavy infestations in restricted areas.

Alabama J. M. Robinson (August 6): Boll weevils in the northern part of
the State hav-e done a-proximately no damage but they are quite abundant in restricted territaies in the southern and central
parts ,

Mississippi R. W~. Harned (Atgust Ig)! With rainy, cloudy weather prevailing
in many sections since the first of the month, boll weevils have
multiplied rapidly, causing heavy damage in many counties. An
average infestation of about 10 pe r cent was found on all farms
examined by the State Plant Board inspectors during the past week, with many infestations running from 25 to 50 per cent. The extreme
northern counties still report very few weevils.

Louisiana V. F. Hinds (August 24): Boll weevils are increasing rapidly throughout the State, come heav-y infestations now being reported from the
northern section - in territory that has been nearly free from
weevils during 1924 and 1925, These ree-ils will be in time to
reduce the yields considerably unless prcp applications of poison pe ap e~ations of poison
are made,

Texas F. C. Bishopp (August 27): The b1Al weevil is causing heavy damage
to irrigated cotton in this section (Christoval). Practically all
squares and many bolls frcm small to nearly full grown are infested.
At Mason, on August 23, the weevil was causing heavy damage to
irrigated cotton. Practically all squares and many bolls from small
to nearly full grown were infested. Considerable boll weevil damage
at Brownwood on August 24. Many half grown bolls and practically
all squares punctured. Fields in this section (Stephenville) show
from 10 to 80 per cent of the squares to be infested with boll weevils and some fields have many of the small bolls punctured,

COTTON FLEA HOPPER (Psallus seriatus Reut.)

GENE 71.L Cooperative report on cotton insects (August 16): Reports indicate STATEmIENT that flea hoppers are no longer active on cotton in most sections
but in a few localities they are still present and doing damage.
Hopper damage, varying from light to heavy, has been reported in
practically all portions of the cotton belt. Normal fruiting after
hoppers ceased iork on cotton has been extremely variable. In some cases recovery wars prompt whereas in others it has been vei.y slow.

North Z. P. Metcalf (July 29): The cotton lee_ hopper situation seems
Carolina to be graually clearing up in this State although it is still bad
in some sections. This insect produces a characteristic stunted
appearance of the cctton plants.

South J. 0. Pepper (Angast !;): Cotton flea infestations and damage
Carolina increased during August in the Piedmont Section.


Alabama J. 'I Sobinson (1uust 6): Eari cus sT cies of cotton flea
hopper have been very active on cotton.

ississippi Re We Hrned (August 1S): At this date it is very difficult to
find cotton hcopers in iolds in this locality (A. & M. College) that were heavily infested all through July. The hoppers are now
very abundant on c2oton, but none can be found on horsemint,
;hich is practically all dead at this time. Hoppers were very
abundant on horsemint during June and July.

Louisiana U E, Hinds (August 24): The cotton flea hoppers have ceased
their -ork upon cotton in most sections, but many of the infested
fields have not recovered normal fruiting, The rork of these
insects delayed the setting of fruit very greatly in many cases;
and large -reas in northern Louisiana were seriously ffected.
Fields dusted with sulphur early in the season for flen-hopper
control came into fruiting generally some weeks earlier than
undusted fields, But it takes at least 10 days longer for blooming
to be resumed generally in the flea-hopper infested fields than
where "co:c-late infestation" by the boll weevil is controlled
by poison.

Texas F. Co 3ishopo (August 27): Cotton fle- hoppers were observed on
cotton in Nol .n, Tom Green, and Menird Counties. Apparently the damage caused by these insects rwas not so great as that in many
sections of the eastern part of the State,

COTTON LEAF ORM ( Albamn ar~rillacea Hbn.)

GEiTRAL Copperative report on cotton insects (August 16): The leaf worm
STaTEMENT has defoliated precticl ly all cotton in south-central Texas
that has not been poisoned, and defoliction is common in the north-central and northeastern portions although much poison
is being applied in these sections, In Oklahoma leaf worms
are reported in the southeastern portions, with some defoliation.
In Arkansas leaf worms are reported as destructive in some
eastern and central count .es. In Louisiana defoliation is reported
as common in scattered areas throughout the State where poison has not been applied. In Mississipoi worms are reported present in nearly all sections of the State, Some defoliation has been reported in southwestern Tennessee. In Alabaa worms have been
reported in scattered are-s in the northern and western portions,
with come defoliction. In nost of the infested area the Forrs are now in the Dupal stage with a few; moths emerging. The next
ge.nerl'ticn of worms is expected to appear about September 1.

Alabama L. W.. 3rsnon (August 23)t This insect is seriously damaging
cotton in a 10-acre field near the City limits of Birmingham,

Mississiori R, W. Hr-rned (August 1g): Aoout August 10, the cotton worm
appeared in practically every county in northern Mississippi
and in several spots in the southern part of the State. The supply

C) CalcilM
r e -1 .
c o at

4- so :o cott

Arkansas D, --i t cl y m cb ;rirvedl on "rly
C; tJ 0 L! 'c '77,-_'I (3'-- rI 1,. r h n 1
2 a T'niz io t,
1 3 cur ecirlicst record :c f 7, r

L oui s 4ana
cecti-on', of t, S 4- r i n7 i n,-- 4- s c,7, o n J n t n r n
h _I f 0 c i -_ 11 y, L -', r nuf- -n I- i t i c s of c I cium
-ur c e c! b,7 -1, n t e rs JL n c t i on c- To con f or 1 e -ormc
OC 7-,C4 I CC .i SILITD-Dli DS Of oiZon 7,1 n 1 71 i nr t
c7i -;I I -n n.o-e
to -:hi2.c it s o1-Ie-_Jn-- -rd
co4 o_ Z .of =-'de of t-Inc lint t-.0 -0-r-7
b-r t I o- 7 :

Texas Bi :7hop'- t 27 Co-, t cc.-,tc-j
Ji s c c rv ed, b w,_, en U,.-,,,,l d: -3 n
ntonio rn-_d 'Do-rn- same fields t7h o -E; a '-ic-n blot vor,
little de-I t i on 77! s ob 7-cr77ed, 3, t-nen d Linfest,' tion r-s ver77 snctted, czc7i_ f ioldc b --in hr 1-.L' de-f'o1I--.t-_'3.
ana c th C _I G U _I 3'd d Lit-Ae evidei-...ce C"L 1 _.
in %-nd C 0'a-n t C- ; In. CCUr, _':7
de fCj 4 CNcr t h 7, j 1) y G _-uzt 2): 1"cre tn,,-.n h," IE11011 C_C a: 7 0 1.1 r a to by -Ule boll -orm in t*-,-- cct4.'cn --ection c-.f t-e
1. ab a m, has bc-,, n -r'n
Ux. _71ast P: Tne boll att4-- rn Z' -Qc.- -1 i on o f t"- c c
u z c7lit"l- i'n

0 t 7 h m n a Cf R if" 0 --7a t 2 b( i I I T,-; 0 0 )a n t y e r 0 r t 7, c 0 i': 17 1 e L'
fron '0011 7'cr-"'Z.

0 x::I s F. I, cli -7o rm,'! are r i -'o-+
in 20


,'c cd 1- 7 t r Y
3Y 2' d.-,TeI',: 1 1,:! c r e o 4
.7c s n, ed at "1--henville. I cnic f Ids o C. c -s o t hc
pre encc of boll v.,or.-,is lbiit t"ic damv g:D h-s

h o been f elt in riv _r-lbot ,.om r r s near Dr lla o 1arge fields
I) -ov .ctlc","Lly ru-._nc'7.- Jr t7ni.-- -'r iion :- re
for toll and

Frq ,inerdrt S. & A.)

Sc S si -0-ri
vere rc-_',1 t,
0:1 z tD. 71v-,r rero reported
7 s caus '-- Z '0 cof On'

Te--' S (k)-,,--a2t Cor-A' :17'rom thic insect
,7, s ob :,zvt d in co-1-nf_,:;_'ds in thic (T'r-th County). Sobe
vei-c in-fe-tcd f rom one to fi-rre

'P D

Couth Coo 0. Eddy lQ: fc 77 minute :zo bcinf, found -at
C,-.rolina JIMISorj. "'k)lle -c-. of tlnesc '---e on 'plants,

o a i s i, na Ti. E. Hind! Co'l-ton p1rnt licc abundant early
-.1 I L_1_ 11y Co
i2-1 X U --t -' 71 "1 2 -- I~ 2. ,l -ir n t he
av -a-c-n c C e,: 4.
P,, r c d o h'-L.1.T,' -,1_4 Ch-7,"CO,.zred -cref,?lly
the mil.' le -If tl-le Cf-,,; control rork _nTr
ap:)licaticns of tB C u S t S

2414 7LI11-alahs the fiel,,1z in
cotton 127c -" C.%- 'r,- are bc M- dusted
repeat -_-:,1y fo--, ex ;) :f --arpozes.

e MD, CS F '7icl-orn Oot -,)n "ice are nna-rlly abundant
on f i e -1. d 1 -.L n7- 'y 0 : 'v a r v c 7-, 0 0 7-1 0 S e
w d h h a,,- e b e c n 0 d o r bol'i -7covJ;.ls ar,21 'coil -;:orrmsoo

F, L. Tliomlaz Lice are ruprrtc as doing, injury in
Seven c0-0

rp. 01- T '7
_T4T T J' a on

2111 ab amm J. 1% 'Pobinf on T, -,-:-nivclied plar 14 bup,,c ir. the northern
part of E !'ate ].avc t --,n vil -.ry num ,,rcu 7 on ccttom.

.W:tui 7iana Wo. E. Hin _s 7-1c., t-i-niched pl,', 7:1 bi:t,- -n--tonris L
and. tho rl- ni 'o(_ L ".,_ :n
unu,1-yaly r on
larly ,,ind J Y -,-o 1-10 C en ly a! co
to ti10 -ivcad of n cr o,- E, or ro ,; ill -on,

Cal if or nia 2. kG' i- plant --s reported,- -otton. bvilc in

N 01'E auen.
(Jnj 77 are X
hav I hg serious
!7 -1,7.1 the garden i.-cb7orm,
first real ap,)earjLz
t 1 '1 a t 4,
mississi-Q-0i I% Harned -er part of July and
C-7, C -:1 o f 7ebw6rm on cotton
oc e e oahma Bolivar, and
j. -q r 1-1, t d lo this insect damaging complaint in
b -7 thc 7_',rdcn .-,eb_.7or-,-'1 to alfalfa was _,- ceived f r 0 n C, Y

T -:1
CC71' ;'I. L _3 T oi c s d a' T, ng)

Alabama j I I I L C j _" r -') n M) s t Th e C 0 r 1 0 1 .: i D e t 1 -_ c 0 n u 3 s t o
f lelas near re,7j y cle,-,-_ ,d ground and T,--ar +.he of 1 70cd7 7m.i- insect devours nearly all. porti=- of the Cotton Plant,

mississip-c-L R. '.-;. Earned 1_0 Incects identified as belonging to
-.7 ,-c collier l-lclk on ctton at Mendenhall count,'-"' County) during the
pa-rt ozi J-oi:r. Compl-_ -,it,:; i'_- r 7%-d to injury to corrby those Ln-,cct.; ---are also rec, ?v,,d Con iah and Jefferson C oun t i c S.
T C C (7,

Florida 'ZI (:I;ly ul. h e 4-c6acco aomwo-m,Pro to-rar ce
7C7 Z-4 at the present 'ime. A fe,: of the
c, very abund-nt
Ha-,7.4 have bom obs--rved this season,
T' Y i. gvphu s- m' r _j) Jh 1 e r

F1 or i da F,, Chamberlin (AU-7.ast 5): Latc, Ito"bacco and suc'--ers arc
rat'-er infr'c 7'U6d -;:it'--I t'.ie srckfly at rre-. ,,nt
4n 7Tadzd,7n r"O'UMV, "ne rrain portion of' the crop harvostod bafcre resulted f-,om th-_'s T;est'

S U r ri,A C 7

.SUG 3.C_-,NE BM ,;R (Di!.,t-rnca sac(-.haralis F-)"-,,) V gi_,st 24,; Sur7arcane
Louisiana IT, F, Hinds ", up e-- infeita i on in
corn the f ir,;t 1--o F;, meratlions has bc,-_ri c,Ulte extensive,
bu'- ap- xzently not equ!-,,l to that o'L' '-,emeration.
of borers is no7- davoloping prin J ,'-:_-11y in cane, which is


showing a mach higher infestation than has been found in cane
earlier in the season, .A ~-ill not apparently be nearly as
severe as the unprecedented infestation of 1925. Arrangements
are being perfected for e-tensive applications of sodium
-are ili*n- perfecte u b-t -We
fluosiliets t, by .e of airplanes for the third and
fourth getions of th ,rers. It is expected that anplidatdOns to more than 1,500 acrcz ill be 7iven in this cooperative experlmental work shared in by the cane grower, the firm manufacturing airplane dusters, ana the Louisiana Exeriment Station. This will be the first extensive use of insecticides for cane-borer control.


PERIODICAL CICADA (Tibicina seeotendecim var.cannini Fisher)
Kansas J. W7. M cColloch (July 26): Specimens of the 17-year cicada
were taken on June 9, at Wathena, by Mr. L, M. Gates, nursery
inspector for the Kansas Entomological Commission, but owing
to the fact that Mr. Gates is in the field most of the time the specimen-was not brought to my attention until some weeks later.
Mr. Gates stated that these cicadas were quite numerous in certain
areas around Wathena. (Determination made by W. L. McAtee).

71EHITE-MAFR1ED TUSSCCK MOTHi (Hmerocampa leucostiama S.&.A.)

Ohio E, W. Mendenhall (August 27): I find the white-marked tussock moth
feeding on the leaves of the shade trees in Piqua.

Wisconsin S, B. Fracker (August 15): An active campaign of creosoting egg
masses and spraying the trees for five years has nearly wiped out
these insects at Milwaukee. A similar campaign about 1921 at
La Crosse was sudCessful but after a lapse of four years the
larvae are again appearing,

BAG*.1RM (Thyridont ervx enhemeraeformis Haw.)

South Carolina J. 0. Pepper (July 20): Specimens of this insect have been
received from St. Geor-e and reported as feeding on arborvitae

Alabama J. Mo Robinson (August 6): The bagworm on cedars and arborvitae
has been reported from Guntersville and Tuscaloosa as very

Ohio E. Mundernhall (August 10): The bagworms are riddling the foliage
of many kinds of shade trees in Dayton and vicinity, Hples,
boxelders, plane, trees, etc., are being attacked,

Indiana J. J. Davis (Auguast 14): The bag-orm has been reported injuring
vhade trees, everrreens, and apele in the southern end of the State.

Bennet A.. Porter (August 241 orms Pre FC)vnd- many
o -u r- t- 1 e o r cl -,f j 1 c L, t V n 11 sr v 'n 0 0 4 ved little or lao zpray material, trecs are d(_-,icAiatE-.d,,

C. 12, 01 ,,veland P4" o TI'ie been. --portcd
rith increasi.n,7, in the

di S sour 1-17 12C-'M, In LC 2'T" gr eat roany complain nt s re,7ar4
'11a-ve boon received. tarinC ,r,gnzt. The17 ha%,:! cgre from va r i cla u- thr' tat e though appDr entl y ba,:,,-,- h v
bc,-.-- dest .7ua tivu thann las,'V year,

7-ALL c-anca Drurly)

isqowi L, Has-nen the I no,'. t7o 7eeks of t
tilis pest -,, Jc i T, s appelar 2,.nce and --s cz-acially abundant on boy.eidei- a:'Id MO' cerrv.

irgihia S. I c. r. k to yels, ornan.,en'Ual e-,,crgreens
Of !roaz- r spccie! in nu: -, -,,- 0-:' :tc;n -,Tc-:v ser-ic,nisly in:"..clr in c c this red si idcr. P ant s had
"be En b-,- drouent.,
F7 1.7 1-7 "D a7;'
z ORM li,;othr s tq 01 iv,

e raska T7
r e bc-_-er as
coniplainea of ac doing seric-as injury asIi trees in TIIayer
County -iid 4 -Io elm 16---eez in-,. R,dwiIjo.)T7, '^IT 7

.1 S.4 _;FLY (Zen-o-'a runi,! KI I L' 7 )

nnecticut R. 3. Friend (August 24): 71 _is insect att.-ac! :s gray and 7hi te
birches and c n Ibe four o-: &I-' of t7
in nurseries and grovdin : w--.d,,

DEL 1-7 7- DC),q-77 _Cr,,

York Fnstm-2n ("-12-aEt C' I i C c
considler b'_!,:. &L-"m ge to birc'n t-_-eco pl, nte( in. "he
residential of

C "-!77-, 1" ta

.'.j A2; ZL c -r)

th Carolina rim. .Tiddleton (August 6): G-n July 25 11r. J. A. B eal. As Si s t an t
Entomologict, of fhe Bent Creek D_:- .or-tory, nejr left


I'or (,Yanberry, N. it reported, the chestnut'
t -- e C s n T -x-, t i al. 2 o i r C"I t e I Y i 0 r t C. ro us
larva uo a "t er
a ---,2 cut mg of
t'.- 0 t ; ,;'b C -r A, f -r C) f 0 --o-portc;,I to have
be --,-Al defoliated inju-fy 4-0 the
chcstnat ( ue t,-, ci of canker-.'-.-o rm,
X -C 4- -7
7'1: n, n'- c,-.,

E., 17, 11 :rtdc-, ,11 e Catalpa t -f Ce s a t Sidney, a-elby
County, arc iff c tcd -:ith the -.L',-Ai-a sp*-,i:n7 and suffering come

ZL*:J Schr")

, .a--acus,--ft-ts 1, 1,, Bourne :;'7zcYoJ,-, uj-id-r date of July
e)m Teaf becti.e, are, v-gry abundant in Te a-2 ch!,Ml 0J- at
r -ain
h, I t t c as t e t in c r
)cari ons i n :n n-tLy fhere -.,,a c considerable
brw-,n-;Lr,,,, of tlio f7oliag7c
t I a v c - r qui
-10 F L., -Im leaf bp e 1, C 1 0
71 Pi v -,cc: d brz- d

ia. n a j J, Da!i-, Tlne c',,m, bectle v-az re-portc;d on
J,,Iy 26 ns and dcstz-,, ,(-tive at ,Vinona Lake.

E Iorn thi- insect t7tt c r g

F,,, "nother pect t1lat mach ,- c -T)",,: ined of
t!"Is 2 -,-t 15)
3 t p 1-7 im. These
o cc


0 ra c of t,) C a l -rip c r d ow n
to our
in Aligusto
al't rIA01', Tl


;P2a m-nP paurI'R ~H~a~sviilcmiu Fubo.) New York C,. P. Cro,7bv and asi-'tants (Agu t 2): Hickory trees areinfested and~ small branches ,tre,.- th3 ground at Afton. Specimens


GL~T SIP ( fezi3 titvrus Fab.)

Ohio E, W;" M!ondenhail (A~i-Tst 19): Thir; pest haps been general over
c ,ntral and southern Ohio7 where '-ocust (Robinia) is found.
They have given the leaves a brownri appear "ce wkjfrj s-poiled
the Jheauty of the treec.

LOGUST LEh, F MIlE (ChaLenuje Corscais 7Thuhb.) Indiana J. J. Davis (August 114) : The lo-o.:st lecif miner was- destructive
to honey locust at R~ichmnond accor2Lg,., to a report received on
AU 7,st 7.

Maryland Perez Simmons (July 29): rollo-i:-. Cxtensiv3 blotchirig of
locust leave-, by larval mines earl ier in the season, large numbers, of adults a-re now,, skeleto!.izin-g the lea-ves. These
vere first observed July 26, 2vos-; severE, damage in at least
3 years in Montgomery County,,

COTTON~Y MAPI2C SCALE (Thflvinaria vitis L.)

Indiana J. J. Davis (.ugust 14): Reports of the cottony maple scale
abundance continue to reach our cffice, Localities include
Alba-ny, Alexandria, Ander son, An~ola, L~tlanta,, Decatur, Greensbur,
Indianapolis, La Fayette.* Lebanon, Portland, Shelbyville, and
7inche s-t- er.

SIL77ER MAPLE LFaF MITE (Finlloco-oten qudie Shim.)

Indiana J. J., Davis (Auguist 14): Another report of abundance of the
bladder mite gall on soft maple -was received from Atlanta
on July 2&,

PUBE-S-CE1UT O,,X KEPD.S (:-rmes -pubc 'cens Bogue)

Maryland Perez Simmons and Georg:e W. El.lington (-August 6):. Several oak
trees in the vicinity of 'Waldorf, St;. Ma'1 y Ts County, vere conspicuously damaged by- the rpubc1cent oak kermes, Kernes,
pu escens Bogue (Det-ermined by -1,7. Mfiddleton),

STENOMA SP., POSSI3LY S. schlaeoeri Zcll.)

Maryland Perez Simmons and George W. Ellington (August 6): Several oak


"'t" 11-7,YTs County, conStenorna
(.d: !-c-,, Aned by Carl Heinrich)

C"', e t e defoliation of a large oj oa! a,7

fl.r- i:-Iiae Fitch C G r s n 1 7 1 )^ Said to be causing serious injury
ri e.a,15). Ono rc-ort of receiired froM

1" -7 r 7- 7'

3 Y C _k C, 7 L] L-61i,-.7 (T+,C-!Iono.rvcter felinella Hein. Cal if orni 2"" 0. Fcci p (L"jAy 3- __,io is a :;(.,ricus post of ornamental
street tr( ez at 1.03 atl6acking European Sycamore.

L, CH ICA' 771L:Y
Prichscnii Hartig) T sc on,: n .3 Y- t F er, e r th, during last t,,:7o years, at
lc;atJ( in nort'I Wicconsin,

L"Ar*.OoR:,I CTIlorriq fiscallaria Guen.) c n c -!.n S. 2,, 1,31. Nurnbors about the sarne as during last
Peninsula State J'ark. They r, to thc., average G-foot brmch* Balsam

k4llf, d by diisting v.ith calcium i an airplane vcn hundred

7 TT ---7 71 1-7 5 E C T S T 1 T .T G

1) 0 L P T,

-)coc -us mari t rm 7 L 'n

Cal if or ni a 7 1- C Z-S 7i7 (JU17 2 SCri oucly n- the
root's of clanr-a a u, 4S,-,,n Diego.

V T T M.

c i s --)-, i Sj c-i-ens c f 4 1 y an
7Ore colle ct (-.,d on JulY 30 on c" -L, -thc'm-cm pl ,nts
a-'- Ture- o.

i": eding or, the

r, t x,

YEE LT,,O*-- 7-TOCLLY 377AR (Diacric-lLa vir,'-inic-9. F jo,

7, i,, con -in S, 1 t 1 7, -7
in 1-o gladlo'lus blossoms at

Conn c c i cut- H. l--l-(---,-'-:-a ; around 70C hcuscs
07-nc'a "o- 7. -.n Ccun t," id ar Tyr- y
.Ln flc- v,.;-7
a' to -e,) ,,o
to :,:c- ; a-:)v-nd!-,,n7 as cDr -l"tied with an L v 0 -2


t-V --,con 73.r- S, B 1 Ic
Chi :-li

I IT S Z C T S lei T T Z I N G 17 N A, '_T D

D 0 M 7, S T I C N ivl

C" 1. i. r i d

L, 1ta,',cmj'jn C'271 Durin 7 ti-e las- h,' f of Sjeust tile
of c no cf (1--j(_,7. mcsqj:..itoos
and t11Xcra1_sh species h ,G b ,cn vr--ry annoying,,,

Texas Tne '/cllcT:-fevcr mosquito is very
abundant in

C-'.1 rD DOG "T'"EAS ca-is Ourtic and
s 3 ou ch c

hopp t 2'7 Cat anO. do,-,, f ea- s contirrue to give
S T,'TE' "0 annoyance i-n -,* rdc. and in northern Tc::,s,,
havu also b-".1 reCc:1111-1, A 6f floa troubles in Floriaal, Guorg1a,, .11 .. I -r nor Sl-a'Lcs, an- clso
r a r, ".:1(" z *; 21; anrl o'ho from J rc3y, :Lhodc Island, Oor.iecticut and
p (_ nn

N b r a s 7/ a 1.1, H, YO IV .4 tcut the normal number of co-f.iplaints
of +.he inf_-t '4;.'Dn o: fazm 'L, .rns Lnd 'hcds 'ri h the do&- flea or the c,-t -j"I 7 ro L-,,ed ui=in,:z t'-'-ie --ocriod co-vercd b,-r this
r(, -rcrt 115Y,

L Du- ,4 7j- tlie S crst half of house
flius 7"or3 1 J,T annuy- I%., lat Tith tho coolcr "h-.r of the
LAter p:7zt c-' C-cq have not been so ni,,niorouc.

-L s DcGecr

Phil -Ls intestinal

i"bot horses in central rrstc'rn of -t hi!- z7-, -', :7., Sorle
st-,t( t1.e flies hav,-, bt3cn pr,. -(.nt for

F. C, 75i ,!)c-rvp ',-c l s in th'ir s c c' '

-so -ion (Central
,i'c ev,--s of th throat bet. The flies C -Jc o "v rncr,: nuricrous a rncnth ago than

C, 'MO:-' 7LY (IT- ru' c-,ccn- 73cl"Lardi

V, C. B.Lclc-p-, 7,1 A- 27): Buring A-ugust the c=yon horse fly

n .

contimied to be a pes-, of corre imortanse to hors-e an'l cvttlo
in the e scarpmo nt oi i tho p] at cau r j. -- n o cr n Tc-. ac, i'd
they also extonCled [ .-j a of 0
and to sorou th,- lana,.
occurrence of an t *-,,.I- ax in a -7,nbcr of herds Ias been atti-i' ,uted
to the horse fliec,

t r

Mis souri L. Hazezmap. 27) -This rest has ablane;-Int than
d,,,rinC rlionth Y!-!j_*r th(ru7.,h Tr:,,ny call, ,.!a f or a
fu,7rn,,-,Ia for fly

Texas F. C, Dis7hopp 27): Dv ring the C Nly 17 to
Oklahoma 15 a very severe o-atbrca! : of thc; stable -f.,--T OCC-U-21Cd t h _, 0 a 0 U t
the grain bell'. of rc---- t.hern and 1,
onrinion of rr;- ny stoclza--n, 5nI f. -,rmers, the vatT-)reak
17, LC- M-3-e yn-::,I,- ,'-n a t y sl-nec j-nrrCcc.r:nted
D, i tn- '- A -hl of the condlf Aion v
5 + 0 -pe r
cCn,j Ir be-101-T in :L
ca ttle on ecd to lozo and v,,er-- to and
ther(; a lozereld. of all li- 7e, tocl,-- in the
hea-,,ily area, 7L' 7-jo-Ir6Z. Of dee-th 17,Xiiz; to the flies
eit i(,r dA -h ra'- lancommor,
and --nd hor
Tic v-J :P to the r:wlbrea? of r
i-a Tnrevic;-s outlbraaks, ie. cr large grai. --a c-.- o ., 1:11-n 7, or. cf a gr -,at (!---F A e, s t r a-,,
an d i,-- oC c -a t c of -bnw-,.-r,-'I of --ain duriII not
c e c i n a:a-nd tho.
r e -'IC f ::,:L!l
has b,! cn- a rarkf%d sub ,idence in thc flico, are still c-,.-": fic-Iently n.0i:mdant to

Ewar i 4: i
ha,, e ca.-L or a
f 0 r aL f

T e xas flies 17, ca, 7, e b P n o:F -vory lit-!-)e
r T
t.; ,-Y and
of nol-,"t- 4n
LIS northern
re.s ,te.-r-- -nd indica! ,th- rather
less Pc,--tions of the S 0 t h a n 4 s


2, C,, :3 y
c tie
in this vicin't-r C ,t the
in7Lctc 1;7 t re vi Y ri-,. i h
SOCIMC) to 'bo about, i,-nc f or the n
Tc.xaf:. Grabc n:, t i- 'I-,, to ru ch '.-hp ba,-ks of at
Stermenvilic no,,T o:za s C,,, 73-1sho-,2-p n------r of case- ofscreW
vornnz arc and cattle
in -C st cr In i s ppa r on

.7 7
-Zs ,

!Lb ra s'-m

w C c': n


cut t

n J- 1-1


i a -i a R. 77,71 T
Of -,-"t, d -:7h- c i
7a p p 0 C Ciy "hat O"L' c'.ts 71(-; rr 0 0
7, It of t'

A. I -Cct P,!- t cu to "O a


C I C,2:E7TE s eiri c -n Fab

Mis sbur i L Ha s c U --'t s t 27 A. nrnall ee'le Ln (I i t P_,rub --Thi ch
I 4-1
c 11 -'vt,,, .c -ing concide-able
attention f ;,,--d-".n- irl tI-),:) if -,--tuffed furniture.

S -2 C R E D G h I -T T N E T S

d, ;s mau-r-1tanicus L.)

Nobraska M,,, 1---. S-v ex. k s t 1 G Se -,- e ra I r o T = t s of a h o avy i nf e s t a t i on
of C.'),= in stur- ige 'by stored- 7rain rcsts vTere received
d'u'ri tl-ie cov, -ed by this rc.,)ort (J .ly 21; August 15
re-.ocrt 3 '-Iiefly 4-nvc1vcd the calelle. It may also be observed. 'C'ere 4511,7',t thrj 1,arva -- o-f t'-,-.e cad Mo r7ere present, along r.,'Lth Lnciiia rr-a --p:ots, in the crop of chicxcen that had died of limbcr-ne !: diocas-D.
G21-UJ Oiff ,'E-717TL
-- ( alt ndra gran,,iin L.)

Nebraska 1 H. S,.::-qk U ugust 16) Sev--ral re of a. 11E avy inf esta-tion
of f3helled corn Jn -.tor,,-,gj by stor-dr-gTain posts Tero- received tho -troriod covered 1,Y th-i- rc.port (July 25-August 15)Those reports claicfly involve( the comr-on zran-ary 7eevil.

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