The Insect pest survey bulletin


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The Insect pest survey bulletin
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v. : maps ; 26 cm.
United States -- Bureau of Entomology
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Bureau of Entomology, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Washington, D.C.
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monthly, mar-nov. plus annual[1926-]
monthly, apr.-nov.[ former 1922-1925]
monthly, may-nov.[ former 1921]


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Insect pests -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Entomology -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
federal government publication   ( marcgt )


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1921)-
Numbering Peculiarities:
Vol. 14, no.9 issued only as a supplement..
Issuing Body:
Vols. for May 1, 1921-1934, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology; 1935- by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.
General Note:
"A monthly review of entomological conditions throughout the United States" (varies slightly).
General Note:
Includes annual summary starting in 1926.
General Note:
Includes some supplements.

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University of Florida
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    Outstanding entomological features in the United States for October, 1925
        Page 377
        Page 378
    Outstanding entomological features in Canada for October, 1925
        Page 379
    Cereal and forage-crop insects
        Page 380
        Page 381
    Fruit insects
        Page 382
        Page 383
        Page 384
        Page 385
    Truck-crop insects
        Page 386
        Page 387
        Page 388
    Southern field-crop insects
        Page 389
        Page 390
        Page 391
    Forest and shade-tree insects
        Page 392
        Page 393
    Insects attacking greenhouse and ornamental plants & insects attacking man and domestic animals
        Page 394
        Page 395
    Insects infesting houses and premises
        Page 396
    Insects injurious to stored products
        Page 397
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A periodical review of entornological C>Iorovxghout 0) Jjnied States, issued on the first cf ea-ch rnont'armA~l to Ncveir,3cr,, inclusive.

Volume 5 Novcm' 1, IS25 Number 8








Vol. Novremb er 1 192 5 ITO. g

The month has -iown as iisua]. the r':,.oid do-cline in in sect C,.epreatioL ever the Northern-St Ltes.

ThiE number of' the Bullet-'1n cCY c. n~ tr ic ~rmr ~ t)-e lleseianfly situation,0 in INebraslka; ilno Iu and,~ ifa*f-1.c~' of tho.
fly seems generally to 'be larger than-ususa, Or- -'%he other hand.,, the false wireworms on winter 7wheat in the T7cctcrn 7a-~c le !,F -u2s~:revaent.

The localized colony of' thie Arcnra'.aa('~~: crkeitalis vlate rh.) in
Connecticut is still flourYishinfg. Oip of th os scris4.rg fILeatures is the very slight ,eneral interest of' no~l~i's~ruhu the country in thne presence of this mott serious past in the Unite -d 3-a-e;

G-rowers in the southern Part of thne *2ejstern-Shore ist-rict of IMaryland and Virginia are suffering an almost c omplate l-,osq of 'Che late potato crop,. due to the work of the potato ttuoer moth,

In Texas and southern California the boll worm seems to ",,e ev-e:n m.ore troublesome than usual, both a-, a corn and as a cotton pest.

The season as a whole has been normal from an entomological point of view. No widespread ser ious grasshopper outbreaks developed despiite the threatening conditions reported in the early paft of the season. The Hessian, fly, as a whrole, was not so serious as usual though Kansas suffered very seriously from infestation by this pest.

In May, June, and July a very wide,: read and serious cut break of
cutwormns took place, extending over practically the entu;re region east of the 100th meridian and also along th e Pa c -'f ic C oa s to, the 'U u nu mza 11v early appearance of the cotton lea:[ worm bat little genc-r! damage wvas done by this pest and in many sections it is evaii provir- be-neficial -in hze:stening the maturing of late bolls,

Except or the localized ou'ubreaks in tne Delta. secltio-ns of Mississippi and Louisiana LcTiinch bug vwas not scr ious.

During the season the Mexic-anx bean beetle vury rmter.'ally increa :ed
its range. It is now known to occur over the greater part of West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania, southern Indiam., and practically all of Ohio, with very little extension of territory to the south and west.

The boll weevil infestation as a -*o le was subnormal.


The codling moth was penerally *nore prevalent than dn'ring the last; three years in the East-Central 'States; op. thi_ cther hLand zho plr curculio was below normal in the .eor-,a fruit belt.The Oriental peach moth has advanced its range of' serious, abundance
southeastward to the Sand.I~li zccti on d' North Carolina and, southrestwvard- to the Firmingham section of Alabama,.

The Giptsy-moth situation was generally favoreole ex.-ept in the Cape Cod section of 1.aszach,.iEz:tts, and th2 IT Jeirsey center wcless ceriouc
-thon at any time si nc e t'he di soov3r y of thirs pest in the S tate. The .brown.'tdil moth remains about the came as last year but ti-B satin moth h~sgreatly, s-pread during the past sea on. The -oest nor extends to Warren, ::.., and aoltonoogh, N. 71, estwvard to Wil,1ton and C)o,~s. nd Jrctr
Ilass., and southrw ard to the eastern thlird of 7hoae Tl.nd..

OTJTSTAITDIN.(-',,- TTATUT177 '11T FOT- CII/rTC3---R'lC-);

In nearly all parts of tho -*r o.n1J-,--1icn of C-:?nr Ia cold. weather has Pre7&2,Ied month accom'!.,In-- y much r -in -and snoi7, and consenuent'y "e,.- rcpr.r-- of irs Dct activity 1--,ve bc cn received.

The European corn borer has been found in 25 additional 'Vo- 7nships in Ontario, in 1.925 in th, territory nor-th o-f Torontto, along the St. ]"Ja17Trence PAve--, in. -j-jCc) Te,,
Addington and, T-cca- count-; .es.

The western 7heat-stem sa-xffly is pirasiti::ed b-r cephi Boh., to the extent of 22 Pei, ccnt in t--nc Manit oba.

The pine shoot moth, Rhyacionia. buo3.i-,-:tn;a Seaif-I. has b3en found
at six different points ir. Ontario. it is s-u-,p-posed to hf-,ve bc-en originally imported from Europe and, in one case, possibly from the United Statez,

The foreGt tent cater-pill- r in t1ris ycnr
curedd in the Toodea areas the QutAppelle v-,Iley extenclin'
through tribut-, ry coulees into varr-oundin,.- df.-.tric-'-I's. Tho r' '2t ---E -.7ero
outbreaks occurred in the -7,-Lcinity of Bulyea ar.d &I on lr the of Long LaIm. Me general trend o-F the infect +Iior ii! in northeri-,- direction with a, mrked decrease in soutl--ern o-t.,bre'a"I in t1ric
eastern -sect Iley is ant4c.L U J.
-ion of the qu'App-alle Vq in 192-G, rith
less severe infes"'aticns in e nd, Tri -,n- a neroccur red thi s year from sout h bf Cro-" Unc c Za c to T allzl om the Uinni-peg River.

Recent reports indic7 te +",rt the co .lin,7 not'-- c -usca mudh 1; Liderrorrm injury in apple orcharCl-s bf the ITiag : isl
r -a CA. C r i c t 9 On t z:r

Grape leaf' : hoppers have e--:perienced condition-, favorable to their rapid increase in. the ITiagara dist-ric+, Onterio, they are e.:aOe-tcd to go into winter quarters in 1,ar, e numbers, in Sections,


..... .. .... ..................

.'lorid i F. S.
,D t r y yo-mg
beans -rL

-Tr 77 17v"n
b r, s km t' 0 t 0 e r r .r In
in c -t;'V- f -r .Tr
in young C-". I Dj 'e "71 i 1-7 6 P-1 7. nll ed

I i f rr i a I-, c 7 7 C P: 11 r 3 a I i I ---ot -- -Iat early
in a", -'d 1c
c c,,*,
I I C7, C, s Cr -2s e
(T I-e!' Cal i s C-4c'
c 1-1, 3w, -I'I I d o, t c v Y 8 to 12 -a-- c n t'-a
fcr t---- --f (I i Y I t
Cd 1-Y t h a 'u- t47 C. Iat YA. 7 0 P E 0 S


1 inoi s 7;. P. Flint (\Csto,)-'r 'i I e er i i c c o f e f 11' broorl of the
fly, :-e-cort:-d st 'rtin.!r *on LC tl-t-, I'I s i'zs'-I of the
D jr in, kc- n h,
ccing ?j Urbana 'v C' 6.. -".r:1 V.-Ir -c--."
n 4flics coming out- S r)t mc 2'c,
of th"-' t'r' n)=
g,--n c c i o c on c c ri i c IL at I o frt 11 y c
.All c,)rly-sonrr. ar-2 s 7)r- C'I"
infesteal. of tlhc wl--c at on. ich c- rs ,;c--c c) on
1-3 no- 'r f t]. I c 1-1
nd almos* clail rll in 10>t ,--tin- 'Pbou"- the f- r
-,-hc-t sccain,:, h ,v,3 delny :d thc -'o
bc- oc-m ra-14h,. r Lnt .

"T-4ebras,ca M. Y. SI-cnk (Cctober 3 follo-,-:mg tql-lc c,,m,.Icto
coI.Lnts at st-4tinris 31"oc. 1 m 2 U-0 to r'! 7 cctively.
lh, -c record a--- contin-u-Ti-ri of t1io rcc-rls -,.rinc in tl a
last number off" the Su: vc, r S'l- 1"t-'ar ITO. 1, at llard,

:17, z-bor of of of
Dat c Ft _on --CJC stnfbtle e,- e r,--cd rai on

"'Pt. 4 ILI
2 131 68
27 2 1 C1 2

29 C 2. 7
2-11 2 Ke 77 C 4
30 11.4-1
30 8
Oct. 345
4-S3 0

s J. 7. ("ot-ber 23 -7e ;"Gil.1 'na-,---, -plenty of t1ne JHes :)ian
fly Tvit'l that IAc insect j-iii ca-ase
L,- to ,ne t c -O -j. T'ap tro,.1.ble
seerns t.) bo 1 ca t, 4- 1- 114- of the ta
aL t]aou a the fly is c s c-I t in all c Of tho s o ut:i
wectcrn 7arly-oo n vhc.;;a-L the State no, .-; c o n t ta i nz!
flaxsecdo. Tn 7oun"y many y- 7w ,rn f i el ds h -,_ve be en
plowed -ur, bocau e oil 01, ,Z( -7 7 hc;!:,-. fro,.-. Lanc Oc7=11.y
t- -o tve T:s ago contaiiil-d a lar- cf and this record
extends the eastern s-Oreed c-f --he inccot t-. solne extent.

: LS7 -,IRE70E ,,I 1 7!egd ,s oi-)ace, Sa,7)

ska M,. H. SrTor.L. (Sc-,)tc:pbr-r 9 5 to Oc' -,ober 25): Only cno 3k3riorls r ?pcrt
off inJury to u-A by the nl -,ins frilso --ir ;*70Y.-n ,.-a- recei v-:1 'th is f fT_1 hlt7 t fro-in Co, n ,Y end inw)lv-d 4.
pr c 45ic,-.1 ',r 2CO -crc--:7, of

,PH TMS (17-ec i ca s c-aa -os p 1 r t and _F r, r d:? o I i 7-- c ap, Roh,,-7 t:1 r 'I

Sim M. H. Sl,-Ien : _.,_tember 25 to O...tobDr 95 /: Th-,, rhe,, A -co:)t atlnic'121
wer3 r rcrtcd _,G attacking, yo-ang 7,ncat in r a -0,y o,1-1 t y.
F07 7 T.7 -HC)p7 CiCa u -I
S 1Y T) d 1, Fab.

T,1. H. S7en_:, 2,E t c 0 c t o r -) 11: 'During thc 4 e ck
in Oc -ober thE six-spotted leafhoprcr rras r enr rtcd as very ni.;=oas
4n tho young v.h _at J"'icls a-cund 1-acon. C-st-r CoiLnty, 4-houth not
doincr an-, -_,reat arnoi)nt- of injury.


CF.J" i- 3i 7 rl z z 7L s I -aco-rpterus SIIY) sk,::L Swer (9eptom*L
TT tobor 25): ,,Oditionai
er 25 to 0.
obtained since my last r e-p c) r t. )-.,^ Sc-pteriber ?5 confill'Is the statement there made that the bug-, are going into hibornatio--n in southeastern Nebialz;Ika in larger rn:m .. ),-rs th,- n they did a yea r ago.

2 2

'013tTe-r York Rodney Cecil t-nru,'- h J. f (Seaptc--mber 13): Thdile collecting
corn eqLr 'xorms for hibernation ,tt- Gme,.%a from 2 of corn
(Goldein Eant,:?m) wc- found -pi:ac--ir,-,,1lY every ct r -rf,..;stc-d 'r--i th f rom
1 to 3

Ind i;! na J. J. Dp:vis (October 203): :Jore abundant than ucual, damaging
late v7ect 6orn apa : ffocting field corn tlhrouZl- out the State.


YELL07-STRIPED AE .11701-dv (Prof :Dnia ornithorilli Guca.

Illinois 17. P. Flint -(October ID : lvfpdcratc f).iShts of this insect occurr0 4 S S t a
d in '7'11ir I I ') -.b -a 11 ar n w
or r C, t _rS
pr&s, nt in s a ch in sme J. n oa tl h n Illinlois as
to causc df-ma-i to cic,-7or.

YA IJL _'11 -c-,1 y,-.,- rJ 3) 3 inlirma j. J. Davis (C"Ict-'- ir
re-o -d r consider.
of is 7,;c "0
able D Lob,: r S.
,7e to --ect ol )v,_r at -F o c m 0 r t CC) i -0 1 y f a 1 r b,, z t -,,[ts to E- t .1;Ccimms for po:;itivc ik-lenti-ficrition.

U rh .

,onnecticut T7. _T'. _5ritton (Cctolnr 2-1): cor. rlaint.'Z !,ave becm recciv;_-1
from o7me-,-s i '.-ven en,! !-,;: -.ny 1,njil-rcd 1,-vms observed but, all
-' 4
r7 re in the section whore the ins _-t 7:ass L_rst folmne hCre.
They --re morc abuncIrnt thf n cv 3:., b, foi-o.


0 IjLY APTILE (7_-i0C0M!! L'ni,-7

Arizona Arizon,- -.---7a LDtt r, Vol. 3, No- (Soptc'mbor 30): Th In wo o y
aph d vas rc-; -rtcl as b-in- s: riouc by a correspondent -,- ho manag a commercial a-onl a orcha-rd nr_-tr Prescott.

,j A. L C,-7 rw -ro n Ila L.

-.-,ach- ;setts A. I. Dourno 22); A considerable. --iiount of sidc-worm
injury by t'h( -Dth h;7 s shC-74n -,ip f or the most part
in thi castr. rn Trtrt of thc ', ta t c- 11h-7, rn-red, a nun, _.r as c.,in d,_,tcr: Linc at this time, 'mainly in .-;hich lould lead us to curposo that it d-Lic to the nctiviti,;s of the sccond-brood

A12PLE -1.1D 1HOMT "KE117T T T 7 4

ma s s chus e t t s A. 1. Bcu=-_ (Cctober 22): As state-1- in my Last rc-port, -t'he a] plr; aiid thoin ske7c'ucni-- r sho7od a vcry incre,- s in t'he brood- %-Ahi ;h non i,:,,Ily iii this St :, te I m .L -a
caused a cons idcrable o. -it of J-,-- f skelet. n__ ns I -,oorchards. It shc-ald be st -.tca. hovievcr, that cur beCt 7owers are in-:,,:;ct so e )sil.y controlled. by t eir !,-t r
spray scle,. _ul c th,-:t j they are not r,, nl :- n- i t as a er-- ou7, :- Dst.

PJA-b (.Rh ,golotis ocmoreilrl 7T,- lsh

ri,- Ssachusetto -1. -. Boi xnc (0-1to-ocr 22): 1 17ant to anT-,-jn.Size ri ;ain tho stateinent I ,-,do in my rej ,D*rt rf 1,ast ,:Ionth abcut the vcry Eeneral 7,nd
considerable 1*)ry 1:ihich h ic bi- n thro7).4o-Lt th, L p-21e- '1 71
-'-i' -:.C -c.rm. Of the, .Dringroi77ing sections of the b, r
ci p l v.. ,riA ics gro,--In in this S-*u-_1,t 4, t1ie Top,! thy, r.-.s mr turlnlly hit the h,7 rdcs-i",. In one archnrd -11ich I the grovrer e3tiifiat, ft
thr t from 20 3C -iDcr c:mt of his su-orosclly m,,,rkcta1-le stocl, w; ;z o rund t I o b e ii 7, -F _:, o t o 0 r a c t i c, a 11 y I C C r c i n t na t la r. 11 y o f h ic! clro ),- shovc a infostr.tion. 7ho trmblc v,,ns so wides-D.-c--id -.rd so serious that nany grc7_ rs fo-md th- mnr1:0t 7as rath r S-11sricious o-f 53-1thies. 'me 7. cintosh did not uo bo b-,dl-- hit, althori in soms c-ises _mne inj ary 7- s notcl]_. fiird t'1-r t some (TC the growers are find-;ng railro,,, 0 shoring up in their 2 -.ld7in2,
-7hich are being harvested at Uhis time Ccto,_r 15 .

Webraslka M. H.S-,7enk (S:,,pt, mber 25 to Cctober 25): -A- nevT center of inf,,station of ap--,-)1es iv-'-th tho a )-ple m.7 -got 4 southern aga, Count-y was brought to oar attention -bout the miCdle, o-f Cctolber.

icios-cs Comst.

ndiana J. J. Davis (October 29): Co'-11.1nacs as the major orchard problem
in southern. Indima. This year it is, much morc ab-Und;int nd destruct-ivc throughout cenrtmi

11inois 17. P. Flint (October 19): Rec,_;nt examination of pc, ,eh and a-ople
orchards in sola1thern Tilinois by S. Ch .ndler has shoving an increase in scale in orchards ,7hcrc t1--a pest not brcuq -t thoro-aghly 7jander con .,;ro1_ last sp----.*n,,. In sonic casc: s t vecs infr'ested and a determined effort r, 11 h- ,!'e to 'be raae to control the
insect this w-intor. :or th. D niost part, the sc-ile is 7cll under
control. Pr,.,ctic! .lly all orch ,,rdz in ulais section of the StCte
,7ill be cpnayea with oil eTpul.- ion vCrdn Qnis ye.-!r. 'This ar-lDli-s
to both pe, dh and ample.

1-77 -LA I C RC F.

cl .-az e tt s
'n r e "s
,3 rn c r 77 f^ 4 V,

t'.1 0 C. -1S. Y c -c"&d in

ll C 7 L

r-j cr,-e 'Lo us
U t'r,
in C,
r c 7 1
eq t i7EA 0
h t'-,-Ls i C:- j j ry U
t cc.!l 11D. rl s s
--ar IL n
t y
A- U 117
thic uc y c
ab irr e

T J 77
C, t

Fi_,a T ll-)vc ; :Cc- recei- ,ed -,I'
the ;2t T --) r t I I --y f 1 c r th, r, ac'a --11 fn rca t c tr v j. rrD, 2 t'- rL
y,:r%::,. Tho innrcr- Js In C, C r
Is nat
Z7 c- -ho-a
,.-ere tre,- t-;d b7 Cmu' sion 7 s ',n 'hor
i Taid
Vl"-t S -- 2 c t- ol- 21 in
t'ne San josc i, i in ll --rclonbility
du-- to th,- rr.3 -011flitiOnT
rq)pear to ',,voy- rr-p;, znr.ic, 71,c incrcasc has been
so ra in corc
e 7i t,7 li ty of 'he trocs boing
ard in to 'h d-,An --a t .2
f :)rc the t re,-- 7 d -rt 1

C- o r F_ ir 0. 1 s i 3 t-.z t s 0,;tc cr 15 ':53,3vt n F, rcz-r tionz o-f
-:L L l7i S f", CC,
the nlit' .1-LVE! ir C !,, e c Fort
V,-11,Dy this

labmppt Y F 14,).7 r ()c C'U e r 1 -0 Jllandant cr, 11
troeo to bE notic .!Ible '10 the cvmcr, *r!-.o b ro,_lrh-t 40 the
1,mb 0 r,7-. t c *_' Y. t, "I .P s b c, n co! r t i -7cly scarce

7 c

,Teor SI a r,. 7.
1 n -j i I13

171 M".1c -Liv

j. T. in

T t Pr--q ia ms sc or
very des r- ilr7l r;. ef -) I j

0 -.v,,:.r S 7 t 7 J4- Ii
be - 1. -,
n T! y L -r to C1- S L- 0 V E,
i n f f" c t f. v e Zi"c .-: : I --Ast 1 ".0 octob -- I

77 QT-7 7,-,
A"izona I r4 7_0,1,, 9
C --o 1; c-r, 0 C r 1) The gr,- 7o e
,:7 : 71 -n -enoi-tcu i,-i vineyard re:;ortcd to 1-y the
,T.o77sr tjo c1v-;&.

T 1,7iLA:*:O.-,.,- I) -17 E Ox 7, (7 f- rl,--, r- -d-L

ri zona LriZona -1,Tews Vol. 13 il' .-c,,tomb.Er t'5C 171 o
ic lr-- inz-occt-cr r, -oor-cs nc: -f- o r: s IIT)iir2.nP -mcnth of
tl-r, T, ,-.!Ls D-to Garden wr s -Cor -rit:-L
P e ,T*C7 L- i v e :L c sul 7his ET rd-.n Fitill cle. n
-,rc- hoping ; -e -;-se-tc, lb-or. erridic; -t---d in t-Iios
T jr
-olant4no ic-f r Cnmelbac'-, in the krcadie, ,I-:L:3tr.;c-Lu, i S r nc -.3 r en t I Y e e f r c n Rt r 1 a t c r ir Car-Denter has 1,3 of
t -e 15 sI,!,-ot2 that v7erc rc .,cv!akl- f---o-i the Date &:Lrdon in
1. 24. So al 1 -,:h c- -oal-s planted im 1 -ire
E r


C C 17

17 "7 t T, t i t"- tly cl c
n r,,r c 7r)- r, o n, ni 3 i n- Jcl-l-on
A r. Cttc
c e n -is
1 o: h i:!
r Y
1, t o r

-7-" -'n i

7 7 1

E. 11T. Ccrv
C n 1.7ill

r. 17'
-L n-t t r s z on
h CL C:, t r


an -n 'r, 2 ir c G of c
C 1-n in 2: tn


corl'" t'o C,-Ib"), -,-, by t-,io
rDrt cr lt---!- r
t 7,, ,j r r t i.-- r of t 5 )

S r r,

0' wis cutbrc- k c% +,ni 1 --r -,ns It
rn r th- c
not -T, rv,

-3 F7Massachus et ts .4% 1. Pounw 0 c t ob C :0 2 '1'h r' f C h S c o r S i frb I C' '% Oun
l-,tc rc -f tl I c C! r b y t n i,- r v e f C' t.- r

r'-. 0 4- On _74 e
r"'t t? C) J_ 1
thare T-- S nn r- t' 27, ur C
Of. t"ne

r 37 ,", 'Izj)T c'

IN. r 'I
cf l i f 0 --n vi Ro y E. -"be I
p 4* a 1 y i nf S t i'
c the vturt ir-_ rf n--11to -,cthcr wi -,,h t S 6 *D I n 'I C c 'L (11 171 (-7 >f_'LLCCd
the An i n. t Or C S t 1 3 _r' e r t I is "I(,,
cx er in, en ta! -C -j t s e -C) 1 4 n
'n _,-he-,d
.i, ve be:.r. r 4 n*- I e d on i si-_,cc T 1 Z)
plots ;- r.-, -ni,,q c a-;, -1 ly f c fn_ ,',--, ,- 'n 1 1 s n2px-' )y J pi;-Iated in the ovcn rl_-ad. '.7 :7c
Z p. is hie'O, b- t it,
L U I i
less 7EA--r nrid !eFs _1131 ig jo
growth, -,.-.Py rict cn. .cic the

33 f 7

South Cavolina W. J. 'Reia, J--. 7.7): C,_ L bn_ ',e
bg ulciri -r.-n-'e to colln.rIf"Lo -n,-t y,)-c.n,-- t".rni-ps
scve.n-l gard-lers 4r the H 6::- -nt s s-, i -) n ti- -3 t t Thest Injury coiasi ..t'_f. t---*,? On 1; V r-nd 'buds
O-L :' the bat 'n f
7 c. zr- r S 6 rL c S 1,r i r 1,
4- t-7nc 7c-:-e fc-una ir, 11C 'S731nc of,

A.4FL"IT 70JR_'

Fl or ida 7. S. (Oc-Cober F): S --ap. sia nlrn u arca rati.,-r he.-vi'-y
ir-dested 7rit'a 'on ;! t the tinc.; Ou ncy.

y, f r) T .

0. G. Brit Co c t o bc-lr S -C 0 t c t Is S 0 C.U'r'd 0' ti, C,
iroccry V"Ore fo-u-na .r Inc- Miic% b y th 0
Dotato -ce-.,ii. OnD S,)ecinien 7".S Th: Se 's-_-t
rcre brought in from S.-n _' ntonio. it- becn -['ym'! 1, tlln'.
iiafcst xi '37'-frot -wtatoes in sonor'- Storres -ro g-uito co-zo-n.

LIT c r --ar tr,

1.7orth Cpx-,lina R.
t1lis jnz -O-,
of 10
7.11ile'S vcnr o-i c"Pe Of ti-10 Sl."Ita
5c S ',-:7 o- n
5. T'i Ortirc
pn rt

in ir n J. j.
z"prar! UT ther
It 0 so ,fuc- ns
aCll r 'inf c;z4 ,_.d

(,-Tvr. n,

N. F. It
-c.r cus 0-1 '077 !c !- of +"Ie 7,iii7 n I., r '7 0-1 s e:7,.t ell"I t rjjd, f
rro%7er suffer-.
of I
-l"c Is S-ious cn I-ects
icr in ,-, v, tl I ; 3- "
3 Or- Oc' b-- 9 o- -hs were
innt oa .a -, ficl of rc!!iL
tile ---h-i-'n : Trr.yc-l a- c o_ -s th- -'lan- *s
v.e:. -u+t of t c a rs- o- niD t i z -i id I C

....... .

L -4 -T S C T 'S



B, P d t
OL 1 72j, SY T Te: as thcre wa,-- mi- re tl i= n,"-,
injury ras reno-tod 7_ L Tcyac
weather 7' 71
the occt on al tn.- and ne!, r y
Vqraa n_-nt tha ,-_, son cc-ncLJ c- In 13
section 'heing 7noro. for of ,xnevils.
In wecivil- -src; ncld ;n Cne."z.
by dry -n,,1 T t c C
in any t,-Cn-r E rl-'Erat4 on p-4-r cd,
In lj:)ll 4i-jury t i,3 li-4U,. -r tha-i in
in ccmrariror. !-7 u
1924. Ti te)n el.-,.L-- ---ri- c-" "'0 r-r t i 7 r e c, C
and inju---y -r e "n F i 1v C_' r "i _-,I 4u- t C, r
th e mi d d',', e o JC ;,l:. n"
y O"L?" g b o 7. 1 s dry cx cc.. u f or a
rainy c'
injtiry La rn ?,n.y e C'_ !7 1 J t, C c o n j Y
-7,as rapo:" ed,, ].Yj ,J'Ury 3's 3 z c i, r e d i -,I t T7,i C er
condi'u---' onc e xc ,pt f o.r a f, -7;*!e
for weevil mul1rirt- 4 C 4 C11-1- -i i ons
ivere more favorable for
emerged from Ln .nj
Many loc,,! areac and e-,rorj 4-y -i er
r i n nortl
In Mississip-pi weevil ;Lnj-u-r-,,r t -L-ou, hoj.t t-,Ip + reLcrted
as exceedin,71Y light, I:ne eater -n t h -a
r 1*77 C("C01"M
and northeastern section. r either c
On li t 07 7, 771 ,c-"J c.- ly
out the state have beon ,mf::, vo" ble t n
In the extreme v.Testerij po".:-:Cqc, 0-., see Or, e rec- 74_1.
InjurY in local arees r,,as reported, In the ce-rtX al -=d easte- n
portions practically no injury Occurred clue to ex-1- m, e -Y weather
cond i t i ons.
In the northern portion of Ala_ )am% V, e ree-741 "n urv -,7as
reported. In the southern ioortf on nf o s t,,-, v i on s ve--'e re-, -tcd
in certain locA are!.-.z with consilero:b1. ijj*jj-,,. T-n-U-7 genFrelly
was !ruch greater t1nan in the nort'nern port-_,cn, of the
The northern portion of Georgia -. perJenc-d, one of ti-c C.ri C! L,
seas-,-,as in its s, or -:7., there hLv_;.,,-.q been no 7E;-L
L .- rains a.Li- the
first of April. Under these thO c,- ,,u-ed ver-T,
little damage and at 'he prose-rit tirn -nero a-0 cm i-7, y -PO-7
weevils in the -Cie".1 d. 111" the .1 0ut'-ne-i-P notion of tne F1tate becarre abundant after the July rairs, inur-- being :potted,
in smme. area-'s and- several in many.

3S 9 -

In t1ie 2iel-on, c-:' '77-r-n Crciin a r ortc! inj-,crtc-1
"7 ""V; 4- jj ; o_ t7 in
s c c t i o n -a n u, 7 1, 0 e er- cx, ,d from
hibernatic -,nd in t7 in." c, C 7 e L .1.nj-=y
o c r F-C"m J 1 r r t ne
cation c
lacic af r 4-4,r. U!%70 ar. -ng
AuCruct. In _r P U n
than in 1T.,
In t,-,o an _- o-- rt_ Car -:-;na e e
x e r o r: a nt i n L c LLI- r 17
k4 T)l f% Ili- 7C11 t r C, :7 C, r 3 "1 i,,, i on c o
_Lj pl.;
St t d a c o n C1 i i i o n di7s i the
S CZ I a r d c o--_ s i d 1-1 r 1,
n C l C, C, -,
rort i on o4 t 1, 1,', J c n a n' 7c st f-,r -I


Georgia Sra-P7, Vcr,- on cc, ton pll;nts
in o- port er

Touisiana TI. c 0 td t 0111 1 61 C, 't,a s Tu e u F,,
out the bc I t h ov, c v e r 0 n 1 1)een

ac a n

r TFr. PIT, Coad. 7-he o r L v C I r a i. r L 10 i t c d t r -r-v7f c-, t
XE 11, -C i c o T u x, a s G k 1 a -h o.,: D 2. o u, i ?t i a T r, e u F C, o
,,Ii SO i s s i PrA, ,,Lrd Alubama. 1 n e --ac, th cotu- t )n -.7a c s tr d gener ally
-.,roin ccntr,,! Texl-c sc- ,,th. in 'Local areas consid-,;
injur-r -as reT nrtcd. Ve.-:- t in s.
ir Txuiciaraf is, al-os- ccm*p 0 X O., .
I n rortherr, tl-,e firF.t aurin,7
in J-uly. lincc; tLc -- ha-ve t', r e. k,
of mct' s. I t 12e C-xt.:,eTe -pcrt;,_-,n of Ti rnc 7 -,ce
s 0 1 i_ ir,-,ury -spc rG!Dorte ,-i 1-h Tirht i n
of t!- G Stat ,. In defo-ia-Lion th
10 S
o7clr*i, 31_ man-,, mc,,%? ; of ZJ-atn. Tn snot t t- n
t rlLv-, coz u,7:- !:d th-:,, _17ho-_-.t the a t .t e

n 0;- -z 7' -it Qctot- r 19) cf---J- mot'- Jr, cunlrai
I I I I oi s I,, t ,,r c,Jisti7 Ir
C- t _L o i t t o7l d:7 acc, )-d*n.- '-c C, J.
I~ t t 1,- i ._, or, to -ooti-on (,,ccur as 'ho -n4. 4- i c r v c"' o, c: d oc t c mcq+-, o7 c-or ha-in: p; r'

To x c ',: ctob-.r 0): laily or,, fie.IC'_ ebs ,xvcd -1n the v, -ot ,jrtly
CT D"'1, v 3 t" as r 0 or ertirelv
bry t*,1f,1

_7 CII
Ari zona Arizcna Ne,-s !, Vol. 70
11 The follo-vin,:7
was reloorted by "he d-LG.-.-.'-ct in-,re:;tci- f2o,.- ,i 'Sp_- Lord and vi, inity:
11 ,:he cotton loaf "vol-M Z ,as itsel-f w )11 mror the
entire valley. TI-lis is concidere0 zcod. ar-, -rirz l of the cotton
is rank and the defoliation z; ,idirg in tho matur4m- of the
late cotton."

BOT.11, 70R -x Cn-'Feliot Iis ob-c)I-ta Fab.)

Texas E. IN. J,:aako (October 20;) ?13cent courts made in local fields
and ix rkcts of late field corn sho,. 100 -oer cent inf station.
"I L. Q I.1any of 'he ears are 3amage to such an extent that thcy are
iirmarketLJolc -Pcr roa-E tinF cars.

California Maite C. "D ,-bcr .Aumst 21): This ln, ,ect is rorkinj on 50
acres o-f cotton in Xern County and tho dama:-u is less than onehalf of 1 p ,x cent so -Iar.

F. -. Braun 23): Attacknd yawrig bo"Is last -,-:f7 el: in
A:U, 7ust; old _r bolls t-*.hrcu-I-_out S, -Ptcm_,.),- r. apparently all
pipatiIn,-,:, by CcJ1-oI%.r 1.

T. D., Urbahnc C-_-pt 3mer The 'coll 70rT. If proving to be
a ccCton recit in n(--i co -ton of the 'Sacramc.-_ato Valley.

-er" Sa-Te', Vol. Cc
Arizona Ari=,M L 7)S lk t t r # (' 30): The fc1lo-7ing,
V;aS repo-rt ed b-y the district i-spec- or from Saffcrd and vicinity.
"T'he brorm cctt.c-n tug ,,a,_- *k- a -ficld near 'Safford. 'By an
actual count o a n amber o+ _ntz it r7Ls fonnd t-l,,,t mcre
F-O per c,7 ,nt of th bbil-D hr, d -Fai7-(,-,,J. to mature propezl,-."

0 a h. -1 _t cr mlz

Calif crnia 7, 1..' rril (Se -o- ember 19 1 c-Tn .:en,!i rv_- vm e r or,
parasite breC. from Bi-iccii"at-rix f mrbriclL pa, 11he larva -,av*,n,7
bem- collected on cotton ot Horrrr) ;il-lo, (Soiiora. I a m, p e r
as ;uming too much in sa.-in- that this -,jas bred from a Pupa. The
larva spran up and th ; para-:-dte appeared f-_,c. th--, cocoon.

CrT-TCIq 1.,-EaT 2772 'Pi '77KH ( cula+ri.- t-ur" +erjella +usck)

California T. D. Urbahns (Sc-,-o m"L)cr 11:, ) -H. -F. C1,-rI.:, ML+ma, !sr of M-C
and Mexico Colorado Ri;-_r Land C'o. .,iexicali2 I reports i,,crlous losses
to Ah3ir cotton crois in Ir .--xicc and C,! Iif ornia. by this spucies.

COTTO7 RM a 'T-,- tranvchus telari-ar,. L.)
t fle
GEI]ER PL L. R. Coaa: An. outbr, ak o / reCl s-,oid,-,r occurred dtT ing the- latter
vart oi june -and t1ie -IIrst davs of July in Azrkansas
Georgia, eastern Soi-Ah, C ,trolin7;. a-nd. eeztern Nort'n Carolina,
disappearing, ho1-av,_-.-, durinE the latter part of July.

.... . ..... ................. .

C U S t

?77,7 o
t C-2 -C t t o n i n c rt r -al n 17
'; rn r"ortin-S
ic in u r,-,r C 7, C,,I y ',11 pioin-l-c. and. cv-n
72 outh S c 0 -1 tF- t -n Jn ic)-24.

0 P T D '3 7- ,T S 1! T

FL, ^jJTT 7 '7" Cn4- rCO, iS t- I -j4 t t tU 'ay

J. :Davi s in-ac to r u c,--, i e rcocrt- 0
abund,-lCe f7 ()I C -C" + 1, Th' -ps Tj- en, z J
__;ra -"lly
Li n:1 ic a real nuisar.ce
or, ).:' it 7 gra-a' -.--Id Its ef-l"orts to
fn'o for rarmtn.

i J r, pt,- m* -,-; r L. C t o r 17-C lccx --Idcr plant loug
h:-1,,; 'b,--en j Diit ennc.-,-.- darinp, "lie period

C rp ma=m 'Riley)

N r a T T T,*, j7. Pl---Octo' 3r 25) Cor --p- aucus def ormat ion
of 1--voF 'by th,:, -psylii(! ; ac IZR a --l t a -Mamma'
drr i f i s t f o t o be r f cm 1 c c-a i t i p- s

c, r" c t o1z r 2 A infs- Aion

_ia t 0 7"'r t,
Hal! County, -75 'Ile scale of -rr,' tr,,C1 7 in Gnana I lanal t, I'l L
w-s ibc-at the middle

5 (,"- -pt cmber A 400-acr;'- po,;t,, oa]k grove in tho
completely ,
ou --le, -,r-PLxen'l77 a s ci of
A cc: tt- rcd (-lr ,rd lcsuct- in t7he grove

I-,IT, JV A7 S!-j e T'i -fl Ch

rine. I r. a f sc -,Ie i- ; (.-,:i-e
n culj hate -pray

1 ,'j S:,ITT !- Y

Jj C;, + r 1. T)a Doi Cd.

Indiana J, J, Davi s (OCto-be27 29) C-- talpa vorms not fcl- a7bundant as
u-ual 10-at. a fC17 f"O', lrdiayna,

(IC7-1 C, -77 0,11,7,700-- T,EA7 TfJ71747 'Suff.

7 t er V,,)" IT C' 1 Otton_0od
Ari zona Arizona 'I, C
lp., rf mine-r c-usoC a Icl- -;lcc Of 11, ("
o this
J. I e t b C, c C 1,,D 1, Y n'n o 7j, Cn b c; s c t lh- c. y s u p e -n L t h m s ir e s
fr om the trecs on 1 or Ei* A ni.nlber of inquiries

ortholobis Comst.)

Nebraslm Sv7enk PI:7): 77rom Holt County du-ring
'210 first In 3cto-r a-r c,- mc r Drort of tlre of
somz; val-aer! .v4.11-c,,v 'ty the ccale.

71 1,1 74

SC-7,RF" cS'1 L' 17, a:-., ez icana Joh.-is.

Indiana J. j. Davil s NOctober 29): Zlm cr,-,r'.7 scale de,7tructive to
yoang G1--s ait-, aY.d ct'.klcr places in cottral Indiana.

7,-, f T 77 1

Schl; 7,ura concinna S. A. Calif or ni a T. A., -TvAlis (-W ptember 25): (>i black and Ei.glieh walrpats in
Colusa County.

T, D. Urbahns (Septern, cr 30) '"his species has b3on -=aslaally
abundant t"qc month off Sept,-,-Mbor ut Gri,11e-7 on Fnplish
walnut. Api:a-rently -,. is the t1aird gereratien for tho sea-son.

YU-1,11"UT C- aC,JLIO (Lnotraerjolus ju! landis Lec.) Nebraska M, H. SIT ank (September 2q-Octo'ber 25): A heavy inf ost,:. ft ion
of the wairrats. %7ith ther walnut L-arculio vas reported early
in October from Piatto County.


73,, 7 . ....

nd i cza J, j.. V"nla'l n t
c I'a caro a rid

Y S 0 7 P. A C 7 1 N G G R E Z N H 0 U S7- IV,

.1. Cl j;. p A IT T S

'A j

S IRA*, = Y '71;', ica izj- T11
'17 t wL A- h 4 .0
0 gre
,.I Tylar.a C ry en
1'_-7C_ --y 41, q: n -if'- f 7 -7,Cll S a an


Nebrasl a i -c n of in .ryl
bv r(J. c- ill" i,

'R 0 S7 1, 1 D C, -L'-. c-1 C 0 1
1. c z s o f C e y 'his
Illinois W P,, F j i n t (0 c -, o r S, e-,, b
TGE rt 'hav, conto -o ct co dining tlie -,past feT i %Teeks.

G var. fp, -lat

ConnectiClat 1. Zr ,.I-tcn C* I- s 11 in c. t
Joins Darien,
it Tra- --c-ocr+ -d on s' month.

I TT A, P, C 1 *11 Yl IL Y. A N D


lf, Ock,-QTTITO

71 0 Severcl renoi-ts of innoyanc by the
to t"'li- offin0 diri-,- the R- -.r t1n.ilo '-,as not bccn -0 this
f onrer, two of t se 17" k )I and one this month, have been
r c p t u. b y he D:ill ,s '71 14-

r!: 77 .'T,7


J-1 cn
ScIne an -7 f o
-' t in vj 4- r. C C -r' c
h-, t


Tonnessee D, 1 r -h-Alle


2 31 c! 7
T e 7- E, s



',JY (11 C

Tame t -e e f'I'T is ""' _-ry 2= ely ooqerv' d.
7''5 c e
7 i as ma-y as 2- cn some

Texas E. 77" -becn rather sc ce

C, C-.7LI7 a they
h,-ja v -'r y o 'h fact V-4, caj,
C -'s I a r c. alb C. n t
a" 'I a% I: 1-a- e o thes
C"' 01- r
%TYCr4 j_'DL",C "T -"t 1
Y (7 rUI,

D, 7,-(-"-6 C) 0 7 177 C oyl 7tock
i7a the Dy-y -anz-;_n -avc bern
n :'-J'; to I c ,'t Ila Ei-) C-TI'l, 1
a" rf ._ Ie y 40
a :,a-y in the Dr- Vr 0_1
77 r-y elLnrin, 7.L

Texas 1) C pa-Lrni, s rr-ra- tc 'i-d -,-cr cares at '-h-' s
d a; e Z: r c acc s .-av cascd ccmc ir. t he
a toi t I p r
c t e 1 -' 1-cci ca-cut 10 lays ago have
ha'.1 a7 hich az 1-1 c,:)nt wo-_,ra cas-s.

?7 very dtundant
-L U o-l" -11 flies

Tc-as Y'a th-I r!-Iir.rvrc. ,,:ere f Z of
S date
is r'rv v J- n t e v c iz- )D a c- on


T r" XD S 2")'! bl&: 7- 'n7 c bcem talmn
% r n e
i 1 e ar a wa -7 the,

s Jj
S 7 -,7 1 i or, Of
Texas D,, C. I -v the
F'! b-,. t tl crc

t (7 ni
ar h,:;n! tn U 4- en &ays
L -j c of ctoc has bocn
orc h-avi ly
0 'C" t C, !.C):

77- 7- '2"r-Tczas I Tr,), To 7 C2 i,,, t c,c bc rm not i ceably
th 10 C k s I bu t
11 or T.:' ---I the infestations arc e r u-:v,,1

5 C T 1 ';,T '-S S 77 0 11 U S S A IT ID R F, 14 1 S E S

I n,. ia n t J. J.. to r---,o-'s f-om
s, 1- r. "by -C'as

7 0 r- OV
T C C r -mmo.vance
r I th-s
y CaSC injiiry to vall


L 0

7. i

0 Ll

'L- 71

ol CC-1011TF 7- 77"0

Cj 7 Li 1' 12 C D !7, S

jr) c, ha-.- c N c 1) --a s ima M.
,nd injur o-,a i r 6 st,,--tti en CX I n. -Iontla O.L. c

r c L T to bc the
1 --d i +

Knn ta s J. 7, e

IC .7, L.

un n za s tj C00,- !re reir recei-ved
to t 0 or 0d 3 r:

n; a Y2.n JL) n', f LyLln
cu Lt Of 4! tjl
Tncy ac, n,, 7

UNIVERSITY OF FLORIDA 3 1262 09244 5401