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The Insect pest survey bulletin
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1921)-
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Vol. 14, no.9 issued only as a supplement..
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Vols. for May 1, 1921-1934, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology; 1935- by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.
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"A monthly review of entomological conditions throughout the United States" (varies slightly).
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Includes annual summary starting in 1926.
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Includes some supplements.

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Volumre 15 November 1, 1935 Number 9








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Vol. 15 November 1, 1935 No. 9


The month of October was unusually favorable to grasshopper developmerit. Dam.e e to late cro-s is reported from Iowa to Arizona. Extensive flights are recorded from Kansas.

The 1,ormon cricket was reported as abundant in parts of iTorthi Dakota and Idaho. In Idaho a nematode is infesting those insects in considerable numbers.

During the second and third weeks in Octo'cer there was heavy oviposition by the hessian fly in central Indiana.

The chinch bug was reported as going into hibernation in sufficient numbers to indicate possible damage next year from Indiana to Kansas and Oklahoma.

Although the codlingc moth was report. a generally less abundant in the Eastern States, it was apparently more destructive than usual in the Sacramento Valley of California this year.

The apple mac ot was quite prevalent in Mo.nmouth County, Y. J., with very heavy infestations in neglected orchards.

The rosy apple anhic developed its oviparous generation about 2 weeks earlier than usual in Virginia and is so abundant that an outbreak is expected in that State next year.

THeavy infestations of truck crops by the southern green stink bug were reported from Florida and Alabmaia.

Very heavy infestations of tomatoes by the corn ear worm were reported from the Gulf region to Kansas and westward to California. In some fields in central California as high as 25 percent of the tomatoes were infested. The tomato pinworm was also very abundant on tomatoes in parts of California.

A leaf foyder, Pach~zancla periusalis Walk., was reported as seriously damaging plant-bod tomato plnts on the C-ulf coast of Misc'issio)pi.

5 0t "

3c 6

Re-oorts f rolm the Ilis s Valle,- cot ton Iis trict in -I icr, te thalt:io boll WCOVil WaS less t1la:-FliI i's o" mot.-s of tae cotton leaf v,,Orr were re-,o-j-Cf. CIurin.X,
latter of October in lol,-!a anCL 17liaois anC, d-uring t7je first .7eek
I ,.. an n

Tie fall v.,3bworm ,7ras less abunda-t tu'1,2,n us-,.,--l in 1Te,.,! En ,land and considcrabllT -lore Ln tIle Central St,-,tcs and in ''le Sout,.mest.

A cotto-nwoo,", leaf -.iinerp Prolgi coptora albella Chai-:b., was defoliatinL cottonwoo(:1 t :ecs L-1 Hc r-i Co-ant,- --j Cali-1 7. s is e.,p.parent%, t'he first record for t'---is insect i--,i tII,- ,,, &

_31ack wiaovi s:)iders attra !ted collsiClcr:7 ble attention t-Iroa-hout, the countr-, durill-C Octoberv re--)orts being roccived fro-.ii Illino-Is to Califfornia.

T.,Ie crevr worm has bee-,--, found at a ,nzaber of places L-i Illi--nois, Xentuclcy, Iov7a, Missouri, ano Kansas.



Iowa. H. E. Jaques (October 21): The current summer and fall have been unusually favorable for grasshoppers, and eight or ten species not heretofore recorded for the State hove been collected.

Missouri. L. Haseman (October 28): There has been an unusual abundance of
the red-legged grasshopper (Melanoplus femur-rubrum DeG.) over much of the
State this fall and in spite---- ear- i-TrtosTi continued to be rather
abundant Pt this time.

Arkansas. Transradio Press (October 30): "A flight of grasshoppers has
teken possession of the town of Helena. Soon after dark last night hordes of insects dropped out of the sky. They covered the streets,
buildings, trees, and automobiles. Most of them are more than 2 inches

Kansas. H. R. Bryson (September 25): M. mexicanus Sauss. is the most
numerous species in most sections of the State. Some injury has been caused in a number of localities, making it necessary to apply control
measures. This has been especially true where fall alfalfa and winter wheat have been sown. This species has been very active in flight and
some flights have approximated a migration. Reports of such flights
have been received from Beloit, Mitchell County, and Minneapolis, Ottawa
County. The blue-sten district has a heavy population. M. differentialis Those and M. femur-rubrum also occur in considerable numbers in
some localities@

Oklahoma. C. F. Stiles (October 23): Grasshoppers have been unusually
destructive in Pa-yne and adjoining counties. Much late feed and many
fall gardens have been destroyed.

Arizona. W. A. Stevenson (October 5): A heavy infestation of grasshoppers
developed during the past 10 days in the vicinity of Fresnal on the Papago
Indian Reservation. One small planting of chili pepper has been completeY destroyed. Considerable feeding wcs also noted on many of the range
grasses and weeds, especially pigweed.

V. Le Vildermuth and E. G. Davis (September): In the Salt River Valley
M. mexicanus gave a second hatch of grasshoppers the middle of July. Many
fields showed a high population count. The outbreak was controlled readily,
however, by the use of poisoned-bran masho One field southeast of Tempe was not poisoned, and in this field cornuous observations have been made for the past 3 months. \;e were especially anxious to ascertain the time, place, and er--laying habits of the -ature females. On September 25 many
hoppers were noted ovipositing. They were Flacing their eggs mostly on the raised borders in the field, rather than in the level areas between.
In addition to the hoppers noted ovipositing, many showed distended abdomens. It is interesting to note thtft all stages of hoppers were present
in the field, from newly hatched first-instar nymphs to mature adults.

A',o-ut 80 r(,_-cent of "'ne o-o- ei- -r,,re rrp4 u:.,e. I,, ',one fro-r o'brerv-tlonr- t1--t -e 1-ave Ic-s trou-1,1e 4-n loc-timz .Urtnl7 our fall
r,,arver tii7 .-,,reir t7irn the case in e npct _--jrve:,:.

I 1'n o (Oct,)'-e-. ?7): T ie. r -cqlaon--)er Out t-oViirr's corroTeterl. F, .7p are ver), -c-arce in all, coTTunitle -urve-,e to
Pte and entivelT, a bf7ent in rany.

MORMONT CRTCZET Q-na'-,rus simlex

North Dalmta. J. A.. Yumro (Octo',or ??)-. FounC, in nort' ie!?stern nart of Montrail
Count at tfle rrte of one 7)er 7 square 17arrs 1.n ran.-e Tanrl.

I dr iho. C. 'Veo7elnnd (Ocl-oner 23): We recentl,,r ra0_e tri-) + o t'-I-ie area -' iere
zi-LID-t.1 7osa 1-ac foun,,. infe,7tin&: A. si7rlex la-t July. Valp -nd
ferr, ,le noTatode- -ere fou&. in rrnsp, s un ;'r overhenxin,- ",-r :s plonF, s-r,-Il
strea.T-, .nd a, f e- -ere ooserv-d i.n the -ater. Morron cr,,'c"-et eo, r 7 r e
a'b-L1nd,-nt over Trucl of t"ie qxe- r'lere out orep'.- occurred this year and it
is ).rob, ',_,le t'qvt the infe,,tation in 1936 -ill '-Ie even -repter than in 1935.
More of t'AeTr 'have ovi-ooisite l on a -ricultural land- than heretofore.

PLANT EUGS (PentatoTidae)

California. S. Loc',-T"ood (October 2)-. Cotton, barley, nepclieq, and fi,7s in
the San Joacuin Vnllelr have 'Deen dp-rn.,:re0 ',)y one or all of t'he folio-ing
n T a n t b v.-_ s : Spys -olant bu,- (C'ilorodliron Z2L! Stahl); the red-shouleered, -olant bug (r-VTpnta brevis Van D. ),- and t 7reen sol01e; w-_ (Acrosternizr
hilaris Spy). T'-;e -or!7t ,irra,-e to neadhes 'has been cpuqer, I-):,,- the Freen
soirlier bu,7. The otier Varee species rrentioneO, -ere ressnonsi-Dle for rost
of the daTace to cotton and barley.

FALL ARVY7CIP -fru,-,I-erd,, S. & 211.

California. 1. 4. Kel-for (October ?4)-. 7-ie collection of a Fin. --le adult in a
li, 'at tran nepr Iliul-a 77t!3'.P, Spn DI-ep-o County, on Se--)t.eTber 26 Ine.1c,-,tes t",,,e 7re2ence of this In!:e--t in Vie State for tie tlairO -rep.r. P-Uring the
ot'-tpr 2 c,,r,-- 1771 PmO. V?'14, its.- -oresence -as notp w t- ie iniur- it
CP'U!,Pd t 'corfl. t'
So far -c '-no- there -Ps no corrrer c!,-! O.--),rc--7e to corn in Cr_Iiforri,, In 1975.'ie( In the
7ie snecies Is no
apriculturp.1 eAstrict contiTuous to t1ae Gulf of lo-er Cnllfornta, -',-,ere it can over-1-nter -ind+ -*.nvade C,-),I,-fornin durinT tlie -,qr-r -eat ier. 71-0 s condition, according to ava-ilable rpcor( qs, is r co-m,7ratively recent develo=ent

LESS ]R CO.-RN STALK 1 0= (11,1LPST0'0,'1113Ucz lls7nosellus Zell. )

Al ab arra. J. 1, '10binson (October 27): Irne lesser corn stePc borer ris re-oorted froT Cam tll, Talla-, oosa COWAY, r e- ,e it -as defstro,,, ring kudzu
s e P n,7

711TE, G-_, JES

VerTonlu. -1. T,. 7 ,-tley (October 77)- -_'.enorts cont'rue to arrive of' s-'rlnucs
ur,, to -oot -to tubers, %ite -.rubs. Put I:n nr,, ittenden, Fr,:-. !in,


and Orpmge Counties annear to have most serious infertntions.

Massachusetts. L. H. Torthley lOctober 9): Severe darmAl"e to strawberry
roots and sod T ns observed "jy a district inspector at a nursery in
West-ood. Dair-ge to the larm. was first noted ep..rl-!7 in August. Coun t s
sho-ed about 12 erubs -per sm-Are foot In tTie affected T)l o t s.

MOITARMT 2UTTERVELY (D!,naus rreni-p-op Ton.

Kentucky. W. A. Price (October 24): Lar-e numbers rpre observed in migration couth--Ird in Lexi.nrton on October 20.

SWALL07TAILS ( oijio sn-p.

Florida.. J. R. Watson (October 23): Orrnge do -s (P. crp-z-n1,cntes Cram.
have been rore Vnnn usunll ', troublesoTe to nursery stocir.

Iora. H. E. Jacues (October 21): Many caternill rs of the tiger s-allo-tail (P. Elakucu s turns T.. ) hpl!e 'oeen sent In f rot (Tif fervent re, ion2
r;'aere Vacy have aroused interest.



47SSTA'.' FLY (Pliyto, ia,7a destructor r

Indiana. W. 3. Noble (October 19): Abuid .:Int ovilosi t1on 'bv V-1e Ilessian fly
occurred in centr,,),l Indiana on Se-)terber 12 to 15 and on Octo'.Jer 12 to
18. Flies emerT ng fror volunteer -heat T-ere lar, ,el.y resnons.l.ble for the
e,-_ _,s laid durin,7 the latter period. Little, if arv7, -i-nter rhe,-.t -as
sorn in tITe to becorre i-rifested by the flies errerTing., in SenteTT'ber, but
volunteer -heat rece,.ved q he-ivy Infestation. SoT-re infest )tion of the so-n 7,he :!,t -4-11 -orob-)bl-- develop, as a, result of the October eTrerpence.

Illinois. W. P. Flint (October 22): Our e"er!Trental -olots of soT-n r qent
indicate only li 7ht infestation.

APPLE GRAJI; APHID (RhopaTosi-onuirr nrunifolia-e Fitch)

Xebraslm. W1. T1. S-enh (Octol ,er I to 70): On October 4 reports T-ere rece ved
t'lat printer rl iept in County -as bad.l- Infested- -it'n the a-oT)le

F-aTSZ 7ITU701iV (Elmles onncn S.-y)

Kanzas. H. R. 1 ryson (Octooer 5): Fnlqe -ire-or-rs -ere. cnus n injury to
fall--so-n -he- t in the vic-I.nity of Junction Cty, Ge-ii-y County. R. H
Painter also found t1qpt larvae -ere nurcroup in a, fi of voli-inteer
whept nerr Jum-tion Cit,1r. These re-oorts nre si,.-,nificnnt jecpuse Abilene,

Dicl-inr on comsi lered tie eastern 11-it of co-r-rercip!
J!-r,7-e 'j- Tnecies. A rencrt of injur7 to -71ent in Hodperrpn County
v*as also 1'eCI-Aved.


C"'I 1771 7UG (31 i s -- us 1 eu, con t e rus Say

I nd IP np,. C. Benton and A. C. Cole, Jr. (Octo')er 14): 0hinch bu rs have "been
breeJtn -_ Virou'no-it tlae season in foxtnil Fr, ss as -ell as in corn in
the v cin! ty of Tn Fr,-et+e. 7 e ndult-p Pre 7oln z *nto 'hiberntion in lar',7e, nuirbe2s in locally,,:'.

Illinois. W. P. Flint Octo"-;er A suviey of chinch conditions in
Et,-n i, co7-ii mid to soTe extent 1r, '.-iVDernPtin7 ou.P rterF 'hps been carried
on over n out tlrce-fourtis of t'le infested ---e,- of Inois. 7he results of Va!5 7urveT In,' c-,- e 'nn -er of TroOernte ("p-rrp7e in in rost of the arep 4nfo7ted. in 11 ?,75. A-o-)Prentl.y there -111 'be less in
Vie nortIie, Ftern -,)Prt of Vie Prep and a so-re-'apt more serious dama. -_e
along Vie sout' iern 0-: e and es-)e c in! ly in the south-eTtern and -estern
parts of t'ie area infested in 19,5.

Tora. T1. E. Janues (October ?1): 7ae &- inch [Du 7 has Pone Into hibernation
in lar, e nu-r'-ers at -rony -:)Ipces in southern tern

Kansas-. 71. "R. Bryson (Octo*her 5): 7--.e c7Aef injury caused t',A7 fall Triy '- e
found 1,n the c ne and Irl-rifir fields. rp.-7 be found vt ','-n1'
are not n=ero-k-is. 2. G. Xell, re-oortq that ti-ie vcrq Pre -'_-:ndPnt end
causi.nF soTe ln.juxy to the cnae, 7k-.afir, nnd. Sudan q-r.-ss in te follo-ing
counties: Ottplra, : ,ia-nee, Coffe--, Bourbon, 7oodson, Ti!son, Co-ley, and

Vississin-i. D. 7. Gri-res (October 23): A 11,, :ht i.fest,-tion of c7-Anc*_11 bugs
on late corn at Belzoni.

Ok1rhorra. C. F. Stiles (Cctober 27): Chinci 'bu'7:s Pre -oresent in f!iirly
large nurrbers on '.-rain sorc ium in PP -'Tne Pnd Pa-nee Counties.

SPOSTED CUCUMEER BEETLE (DiP',)ro1.ic_- duod-_c!T,-)-vnctata Fa':). )

Indiana. P. Lu7inbill (Octo-er 10): Adult!-- Pre co-r-ron on alfalfa, -oarticu1,grl-- in fields ndjocent to corn. Yost of t:aerr n-o-oear to have recently,-ed. 71,ie lr rw-,,e 'inve 'neen reported as ou-*.te i.n.jurious to corn in
several locplifie Vni.- yenr.


Te7-,s. T1. J. Rel.i-2 ,-rd (Octolle- 13)-. Le-f-foote,,l Dlant bug venr qbund,-nt on
ITTat-ure 7rn1n sorpliurr FeeJ in !101 -on County.


PACIFIC I-RD STDER (TetrarVrchus ,ncif cus Mc G.)

Cal if ornia.. S. Loc"ood (October 2): Tis red q-rnider -as observed doing
considerable dpan~cme to one of' the Frain so~ur n Kern County in
Sept ember.


ALFALFA 77EBYIL (TIL~era ioostica Gyll.)

Calif or nia. A. E. Michelbaclhe: (October 17): Larval populations throughout
the infested area in mridO.le lo-land California remain small. Highest
counts are found- in the Sa~n Framcisco B;7y, area, -ihere at the present timre as manmr Ps 750 haive been tak-en to 100 s"-eens of an insect net. On Se-otemrher 30 in one field 4.n this ar"ep 38 out of 118 1ar~qe larvae -ere found to
be parasitized by Bathy-plectes curculionis Snorms.



CODLI*XG MOTH (Carpoocn-psn porone11a, L.)

Georgia. C. H. Alden (October 21): Thae entire cro-o has been cleaner than
in several years -7caqt and codlin-c moth injUryr i-- considerably reduced.

O'hio0 T. HI. Park- (October 23) Counts mrace in 57 O'aio orchtrdT where the
s,)ray service -n foiloved sho-s tie codli*.na- mothi to be well co-ntrolled
by two0 (In a few orchard-s th,^ree) cover s-Irays a,:OAinst the first brood
and by ore cover P-Drav-, -s~alnst thle second brood. Th-e averpa' e nuber of
stung or 7ror-y -fruitis in the 57 orchar0d i.s 37.2 -percent. 7-11-S is the
lo-es,-t injury since 172%c

Missouri. L. Baseman (October 23): Ohec-ums In exeiatland other orchards during October Indicqte that fewer larvae are sroing into hbra
tion this ye'n' than in the past several.yas

California. S. Lockw:ood (October 2): Dui~the s-TIrer the codlin,? mroth
proved to h~e more serious than juu.l and certainly Thas 'been more injurious
than in,1934 to r-o-les and pears over -muchi of th:e Sacra-.,rlto V-4lley. In
somre areas laivae -eore found in -ne che-7. This '-as -oarticul!hrl-, true In
Sutter County, -here the dn-aFae d-one rtmnged aroundd 1 -)ercent in somre -oe ch

YELLOW-111-CI. CA~rEFTTLLAR (D,-1ten!- mrI ni -,t ra Drury)

MissFouri. L. Ilaseman (October 2'3): Durinc- the nrost 3 '-eek7's there has been a
scourpe of late yello'-7-necked a-l orson "botha biering and -voung annle
trees in central Vis,ouri. I hanve never knorm, this ntest to have n Sente-her and October brood before.


APTILE MAGGOT (7 h,--oletis po-ronell,-, 'alsh)

Ne- Jersev. M. Jr. (October 7-ie rp.-,7ot is Pn-oP:rentl,.'
cuite -enerall, T eAstributed in ',,or.-routh Oo unty. Arnl-e,, froT ne _-lected
yard -olantin,,7s Pnd orchprds are renerally Infested, the infestation
so.Tetirres a-onrorei ing 100 percent. CoT-,ercip! Pnd ho-re orcharrl-s that
are sorpyed re7a PL-ly sho- -lue'i less inf, st -tion. It has been noted
that qo-reti7CV tnej..e are -ore flie notice, -.'ble I-- Senter'Der than in July,
a -oos-ible ir.-2-icption tlipt there Pre t-o ;rener, tlons a. --e,--r, or that
there is a very long period of erer-ence.

aOSY P?!!E APH'i"D (An1)_r-?-)_-As roseuq 3a rer)

Vir 7inia. W. S. TTouF.-i (October 28): Fall rri _,rant-s and ovinarous fe, TPles
are alounriant in Pll orcl-iarIs. Tlae ov -oarouss Tener,tion is develo-Diniz
about 12 -ee' :s earlier Chnn usv-.'. The unusual aloundOnce of the ovi n__-Lrous
fo::Tr leads us to e.---)ect P general outbreak in the s-,)rin,,-, of 7934..

,0=71= 7UG (Lentocoris trlvittptus, S ,,y)

Utah. G. F. Knoriton (SenteTrber ?6)- Boxelder burs Pre clusterinp- in great
numbers on -prunes and a -les Pt Tlig:h Cree",_ in Cache County. The -orunes
before shriveleO and the outer ou-rter inch of anDles bec,,,TGF cor'----, oring
to these heavy rttrcl-c. In one more t'--ipn one '-undree -ere
massed around t.-e outFid-e of a -nrune.

U S!3ALZ (Asridiotus perrAciosus Cc-rst.)

Georpia- 0. 1. Snann (Octooer 1 ): T ie in-re7tetion Pt Fort VP11-ey increPsed
rapidly last rronth and n nu-be-.- of nerci orchards in t'-As locality are
nor heavily infe -ted. 7ie general infest !,tl.on Is heavier than that of an
avera. Cre year. 7,ie vcr-,v dr, r-ealf"ier durin r Se--)4errber PnJ Oc'o' er has
favored re-oro duct Ion.

C. 1. ATden (Oc obcr ',',I The Snn Jose sc-ITe lips been, increasing
since Se-,-Ae7ber an(! rran Incrust, a Peaq '-iave ",,een found, on both T)epch
PnO- nn-le,, trees. 7-ie scale ",_,s -!,,o -ettIn,<7 on the P-)le fruit and in
rranz, ni tPnces P-o les t.-.Pt ot'ier--LFe q-r.,ee P s -r!,nc7 hPve been reduced to culls.

Tennessee. G. M. Bentlev (Oc ,-ober -, 12): Tlie S ,n Jnse is
'prevalent in t'lie P-onle orcli,-- ,s of coT-,erci,-l -nd ho,,re -,r.d on
scrttereO. tree-, in t'Ae -e -tern -rt of tie St-te.


30,21EM _exltios! Say)

Al ab-n-P. J. 1. (Octo'-,er '-"7): 71-,e tree borer it Troderately
abun&,nt. Cr,,n"-rol re ,sur, 7 nrp e I n -1 11. e d.


,Georpia. 0. T. Snp-mo (Senteirber 25): Adult erner 7ence -Ps -0ra'cticnl1'v CoTrrleted In the field at Fort Valley by Senterber 25, 1-hich is earlier tl P-n
usual. 1rhe -gener,1 Infe ,tntton in 193-1, roder,,,te or n little liphter
t h Pn us u-i 1 Te attribute tiis to nreO.ntors nn(9- to the better an--)lication
of control mel-! !ures by -rore 5-rov-ers than formerly.

C. TT. Alden (October l): Annual treptrent at Cornelia has kent
the lprvnl In1jury on nbout 4-Ie lopsis Ps for severnT years -oast. A
f e- untre- ted. o- -c"i,,rrI., qre inf ested.

LES.12R PE;,C11 30RER (Ae,7eriq- -Qicti-oes G. R.

Mississi-o-oi. JPck 1111ton (Ortober 2.7): Injury b-' the lesser -oe,-)ch tree borer
to -oe,-ches In Scott County wes noticed on October 1-.

ORTENTZ FRUIT MOT74 (Grn-o"llolitha rrolestn Buscl-,)

Georgia. 0. TT. Alden (October 21): Moths continued. corrin., to the bait traps
-t Cornelia -o-o to October 1, mostly fro-, an adjacent -o ,1ch orchard. Larval -oi: c in an-)Iles r.,,s very

0. Lyle (October 2,7), Gener.ql inlury to t-,i:Ts been renorted fror various sections of the St.-te durlri,, t1ae rronth.

PLM11 CURCULTO (ConotrPchelus nenunhar H7-)st. )

Georgia. 0. 1. Sn--o-o (Se, ,terrber ?6): Considerable jarrl-n7, of -peach trees on
this ante s ,io!-ed that at Fort Valley t',-e nlu-r, curculio had left for hibernution places.

StICTAHOLE BORER (.q t -qs r_ -osu,- Ratz.

Georg-in.. 0. 1. (October 19): Tn-fectetion has increaFed in central
GeorL ia durin- recent montlnv, and is now heFvier than that of an averrlr ,e
year* The increased infeqtption by the San Jose scrle (As-oidiotus
rorniciosus Corrst. ) ''las contributed to Vae incre.-'se in s"lot-11ole borers,
as secondpi-y pests atteckin, 7 the more or le,- -, devital*Lzerl trees.


GR.&PE LR*'70PPZR (Eryt1ironeul-,,, core Sn:,,

Xebr;!iska. M. 71. Sr-ei* (Seoteir',)er 15): A Mer-):-ic"'' Count-y corres-oordent renorted his rxaoevines as being infe -te ". on Au.' ',-ust ?7 and a Da-qon Cou.nt-,,
corres-oorclent TLde P slrilp.r con,,I,-),,-nt his 1-ool',-)in(-, vines on
Se-ct,:,rr',)er 1.4.

Utnh. G. F. Kno7lton. (Sentorrlber 1.0): Grnne lenll o-)- ers re seriously
F,,ra-o.e foliage at Tua-rlcpme anO, Vl.rgi.n ,nd Vir.'7-inia cr,, e-Der folia,-e at Ric"]field, Leeds, La Verkin, and Saint ^eo.,,p


Cplifornta. 3. L. Fox (Se-oterrber F): 7ie -rane leafhonner is doing a roderrte 7 ,-rov.nt of Injury to ,c,,rpT)evinep locally in Kern County, but the injury is not sufficient to -arr,,nt control .e, 7-crep this late In the
s e r*,.,s o 7'..

I L-,soeyrosi,
71TCK,0.3Y T7JCK TYCR7 1 (T c, -ry,-ni, Fitch)

Mi s r I s s iT)n i C. Llyle (October 2.7): 17"lie -oecpn shucI: -or-r is reported by
incT)ector 7. Gl,(Tne ,, of Oce-n S!)r'Ln---,, as ciusinp, sore dara re, but on account of the c-_.-on of -o(,cprs "he injur,., seerrs liFlater thin last
ye r. Anot,ae.: re-oort recei-ved fr,,)7 _'Ricit,)n and injury -fs -also noticed at- SLPte 00110,-e.

T17IG G'_1FD-.1JZR (gncideres cir. _ulatus Say)

Missipsinni. 0. Tyle (October 23): Serious injury to -oecpn trees -is observed by ins-oector G. L. F5cii(I neEr Avera. on October 10. Inspector Jack
Vilton -A Jr-c :son hap ob -:ervecl several ca7es of de-rage, vhich does not
seer to be Ps serious a 7 1-q-t yer-r.


D-A-MMIM BEE."ILES (Tenebrionidae)

California. TT. C. Dono',Ioe (Se-terrber 30): Adults of Blanstinus rufi-oes
Csy., nrid EuTobts ruft-oes Ese"i. did considerable d,?-ra-Te to CaliTYrna figs In the Fresno prep, during the early -onrt of the harvept. 7ie first tic]-cIng (late Au,7,upt and enrly Se-oterrber) -as heavily infe-ted, the d -r-p, 7e
consisting of -enernl surface feeding and, es-oecially, of internal f _edIng in the larpe, fruits -ith open eyes, r'liich afforded entrance to the central cavities.


V.EGETAELE 7E]771IJ (IListrodere-s ohlicnuus Gyl ).

Alabarm. J. M. Robinson (October 23) Th-e vegetable "'ccvil hns Pr,-onred In
turni-Ps end lettuce in fpll gardens.

mississinni. M. V. Highn (October 21): 'Ihle veg7etnble weevil for the -past 30
days has been un suall1y scarce and hard to findl in Gulf-oort, o-ing to the
extremely dr-y -eather. Weevils '-ere in aesttvetion ounrters until about
October 15, whien small. collections w-ere zrmlce bout turnips, but only
slight, feediAng was in evidence.

3ANDED OUMUTLER BRETLE (Diabrotica halt eata tec.)

Georgia. T. L. Bicssell (October 9): Scattered aOdults ha1ve been found since
Se'nterrber 1 in various -Diaces, including- da-hlia blossoms. I do not recall haavingq seen this s-eecies nt Exneriment before this year.

Alabama. J. M. Robinson (October 23): The banded bean beetle is moderately
abundant in aarde ne.

Mississi). M. M. Tligh (October 21): The belted cucumb'er beetle is fairly
abundant on young turnips and cabbage at Bilo-ri and- Long Beech on the

FALSE CHITOH1n BUG (jqsiu s e riJcpe. Sci.)

Mississi-opi* M. L1. Grimocs (October 23): The false chinch bug- r'as observed
on turni-os at MI'erdiar.

Texs.H.J.Renhrc (ctbe 2):Sent in rith_ corrolaint of severe damage
to turnips at Valley Junction on October 14.

TAMTTSHED ?L-LT 3UC- (LL,-s -nratens ~ L.)

Missouri. L. TIPserrn (October 28): Th1-e sumer and fall. hlve been ir~eal for
growth of EIr~ieirn ca-nadenpis nd the "'eed has been fairly teprring rith tarnished -olant bug-,s In all stagesp of develo-mrent during October. This
pest is sure to cause trouble in 1936.

SOUTMEM GREENT ST11T1K BUG (Nezarr. viridula L.)

Florida. F. S. Charrborlin (October 23): 11urrerous corrplints received this
month rner:arding severe damage to "he'ns and other truck cro-ps.

Alabamp. J. V. Robinson (October 23): W. fl. Tho'roso:n, county ag ent at O7a-rk,
reported that tie ,,rcen stink bug7 develoned in lar-e numbers in the tr-ct
of lpnd devoted to truck- ci'o-s. As the crons were destroyed bty drou--ht in
August, the stinkc bug,,,s sorerd to the rad.jacent fields- of cotton. Thea' so

severely Pttac!:ed the boils that only, one-half bale rns nicked fro~r 12
acres. Otlier adjacent fields -ere as severel-y attacked.

SWM'riOTATO HOR:ORY (Tierse cnutaFab. )

Alabarra. J. M. Robinson (October 23): J. D. Sarr7ford, of Montgomery, reloorteci 40 acres of s-ee~tnotrto folia-re destroled. The larvae, in Tigrating frOT the fieTCi-, rvccu.-rueted in a ditchi barrier to the extent of
a vagon load..

CTLYG.A (Scm-Oteriscus vici-nus Scudd.)

Florida. J. P. 7,-tson (October 23): Mole crickets, chiefly the changa, are
troublesore in p-ardens nnd seed beds in Trrrj sections, including the
celery seed beds ,round Sanford and, gardens over the southern part of
the State.


COEN EAR TOIN (Heliot'his obsoleta, Fab.)

Misiss i--i. C. Lyle (October 23): Late tomatoes are being seriously datmaged
in several localities, re-oorts being received fromr Meridian, Dossville,
and State Colleg7e. Tt -Ps also renorte .' as injuring7 late corn at Belzoni
and Senatobia..

K~ansas. T. R~. Bryson (Senterr'ber 18): The corn oar w'orrns -ere very -olentifl'J
in alfalfa al1ll The,- v-eie also -present in truck patches, causing
somre injury, to bea-ns and tomatoes. Probably the mrost serious injury has
been in alfalfa- fields end in sorghuir heads, where the darirage cannot be
readily mreasureed.

Texas. HI. J. Relrnh,?r (October 22): Uo to the !riddle of October this insect
had caused considerable dnxra,-e to late grain-sorhur cro-os in Bu~rl es on,
Brazos, and Mr-dison Counties.

California. A. E. Michelbacher (October 17): In somre fields in central Californi. qq. hig-h as25 nercent of the tomatoes are Infested -Ith the corn
ear -~orrrs. A survey just cormleted showed tha-t In general from~ about 5
to 25 noercent of the fruit T-a infested.
J. C.. El.rore (Se-nterrbea' 30): Sever-'l tom-to fields at El Cajon,
San Diep-o County, shlro'ed tha,-t 23 percent of the fruit was infested.

TOMNaTO PINM7ORM (Gnorirosche-ra lyco-oersicella Bur-ck)

California. S. Lockwood (Octohn-r ):On Se-oterrber 10 of this yea-r the tomato
pin-~orn- "7ns found In the hIll nortlhe !t of Felton, Sa-nta- Cruz County.
The infe-ted nlant n native eltnm, ier S. xnnti or S. iz'belliferur.


J. C. Elmore (October 18): The tomato ninwTorm has built up to
injurious numbers at San Juan Caoistrano, where 69 percent of the fruit
was infested on Seotexber 25. Near Santa Ana, Orange County, on the same date, 70 percent of the ripe fruit was infested. In summer growing areas
pinworms are either absent or the infestation is not more than 2 or 3 percent.

A LEAF FOLDER (Pachyzancla periusalis Walk.)

MississimPi. M. M. High (October 21): The tobacco leaf folder was found at
Long Beach in a tomato seed bed on August 27, -here it caused serious
damage by folding and devouring the leaves. This is the second record of
the pest injuring tomatoes in Mississiovi.

A BUMBLE FLOWER BEETLE (Eunhoria serulchralis Fab.)

Mississippi. C. Lyle (October 23): A correspondent at Oldenburg reports
that this insect is damaging tomatoes. This is the first time such damage
has been recorded here.


MEXICAN BEAN BEETLE (Eilachna corrunta, Muls.)

South Carolina. F. Sherman (October 27): Anmarently normal adults emerging
from pupae exposed to killing frost on October 14.

Georgia. C. q. Alden (October 21): Fall crop of beans at Cornelia seriously

T. L. Bissell (October 8): A large number of adults of the Mexican
bean beetle are feeding on a fe- Itma been plots at Exueriment.

LEaFOPPERS (0i colellI iae )

Florida. J. R. Watson (October 23): Bean jassids worse than during an average year and are damrraging beans over Alachu, Marion, Orange, and other

MisTisiponi. M. M. High (October 21): The bean lenfho-oer (Emnosca mali ?
LeB. ) has caused serious damage to all varieties of beans and covmeas in
southern Mississit.

GREEN STITK BUG (Acrosternum hilaris Say)

North Carolina. L. W. Leiby (September 20): Completely destroyed a crop of
lima beans at Brevard.

BEA N LFAT ROLLER (Goniurus proteus L.)

Florida. J. R. Watson(October 23): The bean leaf roller is common, doing
considerable damage to beans.


D1:A" 7-TRIPS (Hel lot'-r rjr f nscint -,s Per -. 0a 1 f o r n,;, S. Loc!.-nod (Octo' ,er ?): For nnst 4 -ee! :s the benn thri-os
har, been re-oorsible for con!71dera-b"I e cilver'.n'rr of beln le, ves over Tuch of the SacraxcarJo V, Jjp y. -oe!;t h,,).s nl,,!o be n -ore -ent, but far lpsi-j-urious. on printer oe7s in tlo c,a-rc A 7

HAMLIEW717 0;,B '-'TEE 3UG hiFtrionica, 74a'hn)

y I r n d. C(,Ir.-,- (October 10): 7- e h,-rleruin c bbrge bu, --- 1 s -- t 7a c 3. 1 n,.?,,,-ale rrae t,,,r(i :r t s :; 1. icott Clt,

Tennc -sce. G. V Z 2 n t "L e, (Octclber)- Tl-.e 'herlectii. bu 7 hn:1 bpen unusu -Ily
null'eroar or c,-,'c-,)n'ne, cul-Iflor-e,, rn-oe, -nd t-LriAns in different narts of
t1re St,)te.

Al. ab,- rrn J. MI. Robl,-son 'Oci-.ober T.-le hprlecpain bue -;7F veri,
ctive on r,;n,,-iT) -e.-ns nnd be,-.n,, at AW,)ur, Pnd in .,ont roTerv d-izrinF the first 2 -eeT:s o-r' Senterr'ber. Attnclcin-T turni- s at LuNrerne or. SonteTber '-15.

1% 1,'. Hi 7h (October 21-): Observed injurin- collards rt Cedpr

ICA33AGE LOOPER (A-utopTar.-ia. br, solcne Riley)

MiF51ssi,)-oi. Y. D. -Peets (Octo"3-r ?3): n-.e cnb4l ?-Te loo--)er Ls cruising serious
injury to rut ,b,- ,-as in Lincoln rnd Con!,,'-i Counties.

Texas. J. ILelnn-rd (October 22): S. W. CInrl-, 7esl :ico, reports that t'-Ils
insect i-cs ext-r,rrely nbu-ndant in early cabb2f,--- seedbeds on October 20 -nd rns
also attockinp Iotuce nnd Chinese cabba,,7e.

CA37AIGE W=770M., (Hellulp, unrl,-liq Fab. Yississi-o-ol. D. W. Grtres (October 23): Serious to tlarni-os rt Kosciusko,

1,10 Fi, --'-h (October 21, Vic cab)a-e T-eb-orrr is rrore
a7b-,.)ndnnt or cruciferous cronc i- sout' ern Vaan -1:'or several

I LT ()RP7::, 7- .C- 3 7011Y (.P r c I -) r,-A-o 7 e I

Cal if ornin, E. C,-T-)b 0 c t ob er "ie i.-r-n-rted -orm is still
pr, wlent in 7-)st of tile c,--)u7.if1o-I-r field-, of southern Cplifornia. ij-tln 7 bf-ni to it control. kttho"l-n t t' h-r r7,- -L-o lw ners ,r- rslcne Ril ey)
thnn T-01 7s' V e 1 ")t ter Pr,: Vic, cauqe o 'I inj-ary.


01TIO. THRIPS (T1hri-n,,--! tabnci Lind. YebrasI-?. IA. T.T. ST-erf- (October 8): A Nemahn County correF-oondent reT)orted
that the onion thri-os r- s (IestroTinr his late cpbba, 7e cron.


SqUILS-1 BUG (Anpsp DeG.

Kansas. H. R. Bryson (October 5): Scfupi h bugs are ouite abundant in
and soucish -ol,- nti.n'-s. Orinp to the dry 7,eather durin, the sumer,
snuashes and -ourr ]:Ins -are coT-orrativel,-7 fe-er tqan in -past years, but those Vapt survived 'aave a hl- n nopuintion of bugs. Many of the bu-s
are still, iT.mature.

Ut ah. G. F. Knorlton (October 15)- Souasn bulps liave caused serious dazag e
to souasl in infePted earns of the State,. A fe- a.--ricultural sections
have not a-, yet becoTe infe -ted.

TMON hyn1Jnptp L.

South Caroli n P,. W. 0. Nettles (October 23): The Trelon 1-orrr is unusually
destructive to steTrs of late solaasa ne,-ir Beaufort.

7 JR IT' r p

TURNIP APHID (RInonalosinqur loseurlobr(t s9licee Davis)

Mississi-oni. 0. Lyle (October 23): Injury to turnips is re-oorted as li' -'ht
at Ocean Sorlngs and severe at Grenada, Jackson, Meri ian, and Kosciusko.


A C--E(Y,.TT:7.ID (Orthona--ra obsti-oata Fp,* ).

Wississi-o-oi. M. TY. High (October 21)? A sin; 71e tmecirren r-as rented from
car.oot at Biloxi. (Det. by F. H. Benjririn.) S-E7TP0TATO

S7L"ETF0T1i.TO =VIL (Cyl,-q f orrrlc,--iriu Fab.

Miss i G. L. Eond (October 2Z): S-eet-ootl-to -eevils Pre rather --bundent alon the coast of Jpcl..-,;on Court,/- east of the Pascaooula, River.

SMA'77 =

JERA7112--'121Y LZAF TLOLT,El' (Lncyli- co--mtemr Froel.

On i 0 E. W. llendenhll (October 1F): Tie st --- berr, le. ,f roller is very injurious to strp-;berr,, -olants, in Clf-rk, Miami, -nd Mont7o.rery Counties
this f all. There see-rs to be a late brood !-'h-,.c1i is very abu-ndnnt.


G2EEIT P:!' ACHI '(:,!y .us nersicae Sulz.)

Mo r 1!, rid. 2. 1". Cory (October 2?)- Info-tl-tion r-eneral throu,-hout ?PtAisco
IT, c 1 -,.


3OLT, =P TIL (AnthcnoTrus

South C-,rol4n?. F. F. 7ond ,7 (Se-t. 3): o s t co 'u- t o n ar ound F1 o r e nc e h p s
lu:xurinnt second -ro-t'i anrl. V-.ei-e to %e -rore boll --eevils th,,.n
duxrln 7 nny fnll 71 ncc U.09. (October Inr,7e r=bers of *'Doll
in thF fiel ,,,-rore I.,-i.-n -n.v, -.4relr ri,.xe 1.92'7'.

Al J. V. Robinson (October 23): Vie boll --eevil is .,roder,-,tely v:bunda n t .

V1, I s s i ss in,- T,3 I e ( 0 c t o 'I, e r 2 Becnuse of tlie 7ener .,T dpfoll,-t on of
cotton by or.qll.Tpce. Fbn. ove rro7" -f t'-le Stote, to,:-ct,-er -ith
the e,rly rr,?, t ur i ty of -)1ents (- n,-l slie0-1in- of lo-ve!z, boll 7-eevlls ore not
enerelly Ir cotton fiel.ds. a in s just -r iy .)ro.rote
"I',e t -,)een illed by frost,
_vo-t',-i of -Qlnrts in sections -here t'iey -,,-v '")
but in -licitions ore t mt the nu.Yoer of -eevil -,- enterin,(7 hibornotion rill
be lo-er norTr,-)' .

LouisinnD. R. C. (Octobe-- 1 ?): Collections of 1-1011 on fll"7 lt
screens in VnClv m Pqrisi on i-rllnr JI-Pte- for several. vr, rp
ferer boll i-eevlls in the fielrl s- this fall durinl- t-ie 3 yenrs.

Ok1 ahorm.. F. A. Feiiten (October 19): Renorts indic,- tc fe-er boll reevils
prr' ,ent in t'ie fields t ian at tMe ti7e lp -t y,,?r, des-lite the f-ct that
the ro.irfall V is yc ,r -,-32 --re! iter than last,

Texas. R. T. lforel.,,nd ond A. B. Be,-vers (Se-.)terbor. 21): In 37 nzos and
Burleson Cc-untieF- -eevil info ztntiors ore bu!!1'in--,, un in field.:z rhere snores ore plentiful. (Ocl ober 19): 7eev4L1_. ore abundpnt In fields.
rhere soi2!-res -)nd- -Youn',z 'Dolls ,,re Coiiected 10,"'00 -ecvtls on
October 1.4, for hibernation -,-!.t1)out aw7 trouble.

K. P. E ... In,,7 ond R. 1. 4cG!7rr (Sent,5rrb, r ?.I): In C?Iho-m Coizity dn,,rage
continues in rr3-,t fio! Lq -uno-oncd -r ,, T) e nt.

THTMBEaTA _77 .,".'IL (Ant_-inno--a tliurbori -e pif-rce)

Arizonn. 7. A. 7. V'. on 0--tol-)er 15 n 0.6--oerc(.mt of coftor 'ool7r -ecl-vIl. In n 5?-ncre
f i c I d o f r 0 t f o n t TV 1,4,v 1 e in t'l S 1 7 "U 7 outh of Tiic 7on. Thi,,z, ir t .o f'ir-:t rec rd of tic -- -.-vil in co7--erciql
'Dlrntin,7, of cot-ton ila tie T iclon Jistrict th15 s(*-son,

PI1K BOLL 'ORM (Pectinonhore os~srielle Sound.)

Texas. A. J. Chaumran end associates (October 17): In 11 fields of the Big
Bend of Texas examined on October 11 to 17 the boll infestation was 96.2 percent. All of these fields but 2 were infested 100 percent, the other
2 having 76 and 80-nercent infestations.

Puerto Rico. L. C. Fife (October 2): The lo- infestation i Sea Island
cotton on the northern coast is probably due to: (1) No cotton has been
grown commercially in Puerto Rico during the past three years; (2) wild
cotton trees were almost eradicated from the island in 1934 end 1935;
(3) no other favorable host plants occur in sufficient numbers to maintain a hieh nonulation of this pest in the absence of cotton. Of 1,791
cotton bolls examined betw-een August 28 and SeQtember 18 only 46, or 2.56 percent, -ere found to be infested. These included 1 infested boll arong
798 examined at Isabels, 1 amon7 200 examined at Quebredillas, end 44
among 793 bolls at Carruy. The heaviest infestations so far found are at
Camuy. Three fields examined there sho-ed no pink boll rorms, but the
other two fields showed 5 percent and 12.3 percent infestations on Sented4
ber 18. Five -ild cotton trees (about 10 feet hish) bearing green and open bolls -ere found about 6 miles from Corozal (toward Orocovis). An examination of 21 7reenr and 75 open boils on Aurust 22 revealed no pink boll worms, but an exit hole from a green boll, an empty pupa case, and some feeding signs in open bolls indicated the presence of this insect.
Inspections of other mialvaceous nlnnts for the pinkc boll worm have so far
been negative.

COTTON LEF TThM (Alabama argillacea Hbon.)

Illinois. W. P. Flint (October 22): There -as a moderate flight of adults
during the week of October 15.

Michigan. R. Hutson (October 2): The moth appeared much earlier than usual
this year. Repeated repori-s of damage to peaches and everbearing strawberries have come from Hillsdale, Jackson, Berrien, and Ottawa Counties.
The damage has riot been so severe as in many other yeprs.

Iowa, H. E. Joaaues (October 21): Adults of the cotton leaf worm have been
fairly abundant, causing the usual damage to fall fruit.

Oklahoma. C. F. Stiles (October 23): Adults are being caught in large nuTbers in flytrees on the college carous at Stilvater. Re-orts from Tiliman County state that they are still doing considerable damage.

Puerto Rico. L. C. Fife (October 2): Observations made Sentember 27 showed
that mature larvae and noune -'ere ouite numerous on cotton plantings at
Aguad~ile (Barrio Son Antonio). Miwy of the farmers on the northern coast
found it neccessary to snray fro:r t-o to four times during the season.
This insect has been the most important cotton nest observed during the
past 2 months and the only one for rich artificial! control methods have
been used by the 7ro-ers.

-) 12COTTC-17. I17SECTS (T e-ri,-)tera)

Arizonn and Cn1iforn1-n- L. D. C7,rI7tenpon (October Geor 7e J.
4,ronoTist of tle Bure,iu of Plint Indu!-,.tr-,, in chr r!7p. of t'hr cotton inL, ,atlons --,t 5hpfter, C!-l if. rho v1site,', th ,-. f I-eld Stntinn qt BuC7 :oye, Ari.z. Vint in S-n Jor-cuin Till ey o.-I' California t"is
s-!ason JA r!'--ost, t-ro-!zl'ole to conduct -or'- in cotton-oreeT : r- -olots bec-r.sp- of vni;-ru T of L ju- sn-o. nnrl -opnt-torids. -'e thir2,,:s
that the cotton In C,,Itfnrnl-,?, -'-n the S'nnfter and
Spn Jo,,,niiin r-111 be very jorej- t'-iiiq z-e,,-L-on becrrose of these
I n -, e c ts After vie-Jjrv, cr.n-1 -tion z in t-ne vicln,.ty of Puci :eye, Yr.
-7 '1
-rri'son r:-s! of '-he oo*nic n that t' e cot'or insect condit-ons there and
in C,- ,Aifornin re -e vcr

Puerto Rico. L. C. 'Pife. (Octoloer A n,, -,rbcr of Fti:- 71- b,,;, -s have been collectued on cotto,i, ol,7ra, -nCl, '-Ti bi+-c-,; ,,z. A.)o-ct 10 recent of t,--e cotton
"jolls s,,o,- vore -njir-,r b-,r -nent, o-ridT.


Puerto Rico. L. 0. Fife (Octobor ?): T7 1-s insect occurs t':1rour4iout t'he
northe:,n cotton -lantin gs -nd, the rooul,-tion dei-.L,--i-'Uy vp-ries conividerabl-7
in dif-ferert field.--. Tt -ns found to -r.e rrost n-crrero,;q in cotton fields
at 12- beln, bvt nnrpqite,-- ?n, T)-e(!,-,torr -ere nlso nuTerous.

F 0 R E S T A 17, D SiADE-TREE 1 17 S E C T S

FALIJ =7 TIRV (,4yrhsntr-*a cunea Drur i )

Verront. HT. 1, (Octo-ber Fall webr-orTs hnve be,. n -ruch less plent1frl thar ^nr se-%Tpr.-1 ye,-,r- T)nst.

Connecticut. 17. E. Fritter, (October 27): Rest's of the fn.11 rebroryr ?re rrach
less ab- ,ndfnt t- ,iis C-n for several qe-.sons nert.

P. Fli.r.-A (Octo'-cr ', 2): "11-he fall -eb,-orT -?Q -rore -.7------,--7rt than
has beE-,n the ci-!e for n =,ber of bleedingg be4n,,, ver- over
,11 the control Pnd nort,-iern -p:, ,rts of t' c St,:te.

Y. 7. Sror1 : (Sc-teToer lr to V)): 7ie f ,,11. -eb-or-r i--s -oV-ing on
el;r trees in --1Itc"icoc*r County oT. Se-nt, +-rbor 17.

T exa s. H. J. R(-.!-n'nnrd (00to* er 22): Trrc f-11 -Cb-( rT -,Ir rrore aband,-int thon
uFu, jl in lr-,zos, Grixcr, t:!n Y-C.I-,on Cnizirtles. 7he rests rere
most com-orl note(! on noc -n.

G'.'? T: l!' 71 (- c r t' f, t i, 1 -) 0 1 T'.

Verront. 'I. L. '17): 'INe- infest-tions rore reported nt 2 7sex
In Uhltt,- nd.(7-n Coint ,,, -T-,l nt in Orlonns Coiintv. 7-iese localities


Pre far rf--Toved. froTr the genernlIz, Infested area, in the Connecticut
River Vn1l ey.

B.A.GWORY (7_11-i ,ridonter, erherrernefor-ris Haw.)

Vir,-inla. N. R. Hunt (October BnR-orrs eee-r to be rrore abundant than
um:l around Clrrendon, -)erh-.i-os because ever,, reens ire rettinp_ more
numerous in hoTe nlintin--s.

Alabarra. J. M. RoJinson (October 27): Bagrorrs continued to be active generalll), over Alab, imcne

PIGE01T (Trene- coluTba L.

Ohio T. H. Pnrks (October 17): AdultS r ere received dur!.n,,_- October from
Knox Pnd Wont; oirery Co-mlties, -it' i t' Ae statement that they -ere taken on
rpp-ole treet and v-ere so coir-ron on hicko- tre(,s as to cause their death.
It is our belief that t' ie.7f T-ere nttacl- InF hicl.or., trees already Injured. Nebraska. M. H. S-e.rik (October 30): A sneci-er -as vent in on October 11
fror, Lincoln County, rliere they rere attac', :Lap elr trees.

LOIG-'qORNED 31"ETLES (Cerombycidl-e) South Dakot-., and Nebras'K-). IT. D. 11,Y-' -nt (Se-terber): A snecles of Prionus
'ras found killi-n,,17 ouite a fe- .-reen P-sh and honeylocust seed,
lin7s In the Plains Shelterbelt .Tursery at Pierre, S. Dak., early in Se-otember. T,,rl o no tus blrmculptus T4,nld. Is cluilte corrron and abundant in the
old 7reen ash tree claiTrs and far-stead -olantin,,rs froTr 40 to 50 years
old in centrp.1 Nebr,?ska and Sout.-i D-,)1-ota. Tlio trees attPcIred by this insect die branch by brpnen, st-nrtlng at the too.


BEE n, SCATE ( L,Lot o coccus Lag aer. Maine. H. B. Pierson (October)- A lip ,,t outbre:-k of the felted- beec!'i -scale
has been found on Mount Desert Islar.d.


CATALPA LEAF 'iWT.TER (ALroLrrzr4 citrel.frons Mall.)

Ohio. J. S. Houser (Aue-ust 31), Catall)a lef -ves sUrritted by r), correspondent
show as rruch as one-t7li.rd of the le,,f occuLied by the 'mines of the Catal'pa
leaf TArer.


AN APHID (Dreyfuri,--), picene Ratz.

Ner, York. '.q. J. VacAloney (October): This rmhtJ "Ips been found in JTe- York


Stpte rmuth of a line fro-r M4
,.nerva to Poland (about 12 -riles north of Ut I c,- TI-Js Is sozerhnt in line -it'.i the northern 11,rit of infestation'
In Ver-ront an-l 'No- '-Hi-rielaire. 7he infestation has been nre -ent in soire
rrers for se,7er,?,l ye:,,.r-.i rind in s0Te 10CalitiCS it is heavier this year
than last.

GR=-NSTRIPED ITA:ME 1,0-1111 (- risota rubicundp. Fnb.

South Cerolina. T. 0. Yetl-le- (Octobor 27): ne -reen-strined rra-ole -rom. has
defoliated silver mr-oles for the third ti:re t"As season near Easley.

GLOOMY SCALE ( hr,,!-,o-mhnli)s tenebr-4-cor-,j..s Co.,rst.

South Carolina. F. Sher-rar (October 27): 711,e !71oo7y scple reported as killing
men, Trcj,,o-le trees in Greenville.

OLSOM SIALE obscu:rus CoT,,--t.

Tennessee. G. 11. 3ontlev (October ?E3): C. ob-curus on rrn-ole trees are at this
tirre -oroducInp ltvir- 7 youns, -nd it been 0-3qer-red t1hrit a very heavy inwasion is boin- Tmde on tlrts -c,-Ie by three snocies of the lad,--bird beetle-bI-n1),,ict,,tp, '4*L-n,)oanTIa converc7ens Guor., -nd CerntorreFilla
fuscil,-bris Yul 7.


OR ,M-STRTPED OA: 70RM (Anirotn, senn"oria, S. &- A.)

Maryl-,-,nd. E. 17. Cory (Se-- te7rber 26): A larva found on scarlet oak at

OAT,' 77 1 G P RTI TER (7zo e r rr 1, u s v i 11 o r. u, s Fnb.

Connecticut. 17. E. Brit'= (Octobr r insect, has an-n-n-rently been
ri.ther sc,-rce this yepr on onk Pn, ot'ie- trees. It is TUCII less COTrTon
t 1,nn U:V,-1.

OAX R0S7t, AIT7, GALL ( -,rninj frcmdosri Bass.

Ygryl-2nd. E. Cory (& -ntwrbcr '-17)- T -e oak rosette ras attacking o,--k
at Coile, ,e

GCIDEN Mr, SCALE y,-,rio!oTr,--r Rntz.

Ne- YoTI-- -)nl J rvcy. E. P. Folt (Cotohor Golden o,11 7 scale 1IRS been
rer,)orted nq occv.rrIjAx- -brrd--t",-,; nn onlks at, Great Neck, N. Y.
and in northern jersey.


ALT Z NTG.-IkV.ER BEETLE (1-os c,-1111,a,-r)hus GerT.

Mtilne. TI. B. Person (Eenterrber 29): A Tarxre vihite nine at FryeburF, is
pr,-4ctic,-11,, de -)d and he.pvil.T infested -ith these bark beetle. Goodsized -oitc tubes rere ab-andnnt on the trun:r, hence beetles T-ere an iT.rortant factor in cau .zin- Vae deqta of the tree.

TNTRODUCED P117, SL7FLY (DI-orlon sirrile ',qt.,-.

Ohio. E. 77. Mendenhall (Octooer 2): Pine i !n7-flies are injuring rine trees on
private pronertics at

TMITEE-PINE AP"-IID (Cinara strobi F-Itch)

Connecticut, ITe- Yorlr-, -nd Penn-; -lvani-,,. E. P. Felt (October _23): The rh-itelined plant lous(- (Di1rchrut, strobi) has been unusually abundant and is
de-positinF its ro-s of shiny," e,,,--Ps on r;IiIte -oine needles in the vicinity of Stamford, Conn., Lon.- Island, INT. Y., and in the Phil adel-01hia, Pa.,
ar eca

AN AP'--ITD Q,_ac inus torentoq-us Villers)

Connecticut anO Penn,-,jlvania. E. P. Felt (October 23): A serious nlant louse
infestation on !! p ho ntine OC.Clir.ed on a fe- -olants at Yortl i Stamford, Conn.*
the insect bein,, tent.!itivel-'7 identified )s Sciizolachrus tomentosus. AD-parently this insect occurs in the PhiladelYniq area.

.A. SCA12 I'MCT Wntsucoccus r,-)tsuTurne Xurana)

Connecticut. G. H. Plumb (Sentember 1811: The current se,,son's gro-th of -oitch
-oine at M,a.-olin is from thickly to s-pprsely covered -Ith young larval skins.
Many t-i-s have been killed. Lpst year's pro-th e-Chibits similar inju:r7.

A TREE '."TDG-V., (CecidoTyiidae)

Idaho. J. 0. 2 tendon Se--)temlber An unidentified tree rrid 7e is killinF a
large percentage of -oorderosp nine tins in northern The adult midg-e
denosits her at the bases of needle fascicles by forcin,7 them into the
soft tissiie of the current season's gro-th and, unon batc"Iln' _',, the larvae
excavate t7rraTl nit-,, in r4a4.c-, they fe,?d. As rr y as 35 TridFe larvae rere
found in a 4-Inch 1,-iterql tin. Usi),all- only I larva, found at the base
of each fasclcle, bvt sometimes 2 or .7 rere -present tn one -oit.


A NOTODON,.D (Cer-urr-). cincrea

Ohio. J. S. Houser (Sentember 5): Tlis stri.kinp caternillir, both in form and
color, is darragir.-, the -foltn,-e of Ponulus sirroni on ornl--Trental planting's at


T, ir,? It -Jso fo,-nd In nrnr Li!r,. on P. rironi ; ne on 126
_i*,-licn. One le-rvn T,-,7.s found on Splix v-o. at MCG CffeY. I- e larvae
rt Ll a r: -n-ed in si7e fro-r v, ,ij to fu!'1-.,7ro-n lnclivid-crls. ri a
1,a- e:.- 1.nrvr ,e -ere ho-vily -o-,.nsiti7.e(! by tpchinidsCOMOY-700D LEA2 MINMP (Ze-u7o-,)iorp scutell'aris S-Iff fr.

Nebr; si a. M. 7-I. S-e--fl- (SeoteiTber 15 to 70): On Sp-oterbe.r 70 q re-oort ras
received fro.T Sioux Cou--,-.ty, stqtin th,,t the le,- ves of csore cottonTood
troes there -ere 'badly inf --sted..

A LE Z M11722 (Proleuconter ?!bpll,1 Ch! ,rrb.

Cnlifornip. S. Locl, --ood.- (Octo')er ?.): 1, ,f Tiner hpq been res-)onsible
for -, delollp"on of cotton-ood trees in Kern
,erk ur.,, coT,---)Ief'e, J J. .1 J.
Cou.nty. 'he fii-!:-t record of t--ii-q ioest in 'P' if ornia.


W-HTTZ SPRUCE S-A-7FLY (Yeorli-orion polyto.f,;-,r lqtm.

Ver-ront. 'q. L. E, ile,,,, (October ?.7 ): Serious iff -Ft,-tion of the E-L,-ronen.
spruce rn--fly Pt 17ilrrin; 'ton, in 711ndhirr Coant,,.

Connecticut. R. 3. Friend. (Oc* ober ?2 To (, -te this insect 'hps been found
on Nor-al spruce in the follo 7e Hnrtford,
Y -inr localities: Kent. -t
Or,-n re, 7.7cst Hartlrnd, and 11,41U IleDury. In on17 one -prep, Kent,
hnve the trees been co-r-oletel-, defoli-ted, alld. t' .eve only a fer trees
rere involved. 7qis dr folir-tion occ-uri-ed in 1934.


7ALITUT C.L'.TET-ZPTLTA-R (I),ntanr, integerrimn-, G. : R.

NeIrr Lq rVn 'T S-ein, (Se-)teTber 15 to 70): Tlae -alnat c,-ter-oill,r rrs re-ocrtcd -s defoliat.U.F -,ninut trees in Dou.:7 1,-)s. Co-,.L-,1t,7 on Sente7,'ber 25.

T, I LTJ 0*,7

A L 7.4F E E -, IL ('!, o r o c (, ss t c o r y I i S nj

Al ab -rrn J. V. Robin!--on (Octolr)e 97): T-'As lepf bcetl.e -s very .ctive at
Lnn,-d.-le, "In !-,-mherr Covaity, causing cons ider,97)1 e (1-7n.- to the foliage
of -ee- ir,,7 -IT, ol-r.




CUBAN-LA =~ TITRIPS (Gynaikothllrips uzelt Zi=n.)

Florida. Jl. R. Watson (October 23): Cuban-laurel thrips were sent in from
Sarasota where they mere a serious nest of Ficus.

XT~ AUTT (Lasius clavirer Roger) IKentucky. W. A. Price (Octo'ber 24): Swrred out of lawns in Louisville in
great numbers early in October.

COTT ONY- CUSH ION SCALE (Icerya, nurchasi Mask.)

MississinrA. H. Ciadney (October 23): Six kno-n infestations on mimosa-,
citrus, and -ittosporun at Ocean Spnrlng. Ladybird beetles have been
established at all of the infestations.


CITRUS ALYBUG (Pseudococcu!7 citr,. Risso)

Mississipoio. C. Lyle (October 23): Mealybw-s rcrenorted numerous on
chrysnntherus at Grenada by ins-oector Y. L. Douplnss,and inspector F. A.
Smith reports light infestations at Oxford and T~iysirin-s.


D'L"JODAR WM1VIT, (Pisspdaes deocarae. Topk.)

Alabama. J. M. Robinson (October 23): The ornaeentpl cedar deodlarna is beinp,
attacked by what see-rs to be this weevil. The trees in Aubourn nnd at
tUrlah and ot-her 7olaces in the State are seriously affected.


CRPETMI~TLE AF11ID (1 %yocnllis kaliawavluoka-lani Kirk.)

Mississinni. C. Lyle and assistants (October 213): Anhids on cra-perrrtle are
reported to be abundant and general througThout Bolivnr, Washlin,-ton, and
Sunflo'rer Counties. Light to medilum injury in central Mississinni.


EUO'iTYMtTS SCALE (Chlona Erni cun -r Corrst.)

Mississip -i. Jack Milton (October 23): The euoinyrmus scale is very abundant
at Canton and Jackson, here manmy -olants have 'been seriously injured.


EUC I 1 s r- o I f ruc t nc, ea r

r2 : I t C, c t ob,,-- Seed o-- -a r c l-,- ia f
receive,-'- Lo-.;-: Islrl il--, that mozt of
t'-'ie seeds -7ere t-Ac 2


A I R: 10 7) 10 's n7,mol-L-a c E, e L Wj rp S S ,ierk (Sonte,.IlDcr 1- '-c 3-)): Tie .-iatcrlil- n-i-iif, ,as Com-:n. !.,:. rl I (I
-ol ined o-L:' as worldn- o-n lil7.- in )ool L-i Li-coln Co-- :I---, o-. C-C- temb 2

I IT S E C T. S A T TL A C ZL' I N 3T : I A IT A N D



AITTS (Formicidoe)

2n,71an... J. V. Sc- Ia--T-fnor, Jr. (Octilobc-- 1"): Cn.- Dentc-- a--its have Caused
-re,-,t of worr-., to -DroDort- OVI.IE;rc; t'iis yeir a:-Z re--oits ineicEte
considerr, ,'ble ( arm,,-c) cs--.)cci.7,11- L-i a xlli:-, I'louses cam-)s.

MLT F12A (Pule: Irritans L. )

Geor,:, ia. 0. 1. Sna-pp (Scnt--n bcr 26): The :-nl-7--,n flea ,7ac- -f.f-lirly comnion at
Fort Valle7r t- iis s=..mer an'., t',.e cst -fleas, was involvel71 in L-ifestr.,,V -on o. I lcas re- Orte,! ;7,or 'L,--,.is loc ,litY
Urin u

PLEAS (Ctonoceplialides sD.-).

ITor'v'_i Croli-ia. Z. P. Metc?,lf (October ll' ): Re-oort of a, 1 ttle t"leatre in
A-Yl-le-n 1 i nf e -, t e ;. rit -'-i c,-, t 15l c,7 s ( C f e 1 i s 3 o fleas (13.
calls C-,).rt. ), ai7.' (Cii-i(-,x le -,';ularius L. ), t',c ir-'- -c--)ort ol
t:ij.s kind I ha ,e ovc- recei veC..

VRIC=TS Gryllidae

Maryl.-?n-',. 2 :T. Cor-y (October 9): Crickets are -orosent i-i a -t La
: lata.

Vir,-ini- J. L. ', 761b'v-, 1): In. outbre-ik of Gryllus domestics L.
occ- l.rred at L,,-o-.i i-.,i ancl. continue 41 lnto October. 7r
b c 'b a Invaded :rcs ,'onzcs for a rar3ius of two
-um r s -- c cl 1. L L) I.- L


or three bloc7,s. Considerable dnrra,1e !,as done to qsilk rnyon-jand v'oolen
clothing. Hoise'rives re-oortecl that it -'as not unusual to sreen um as
Truch as a cuart of' crickets ner day rit!-in a house.

A DBEE2 FLY (Chrpsos discalis '7iii.)

UJt ah. E. C. Cushing-_ (October 24): George Bagley, National Park Service,
WasingonD. .,states that re-oorts reaching hirr fromr a C. C. C. carro
at Corinne, UtUah (Loco-rotive SOrings), indicate that 33 cases of tularemria have resulted fromr the bites of this snecies. There -ere no fatal

BLACK 'VTDOWT SPIIDER (Latrodectus maPcta-ns Fab.)

Illinois. W. J. Sn-i*cer (October 4): There hsbcen a, sligh-kt infestation of
black rido 7 t-oders near Ptcfa@tiis0. slimmer. One "-o-an -"as bitten
and another kiAlled, according to re-ports. Pinoe-line T-orlkers in this area re-norted seein.7 about 50 of these s;Oiders 17hen layingT npi-e fro-r
Springfield, Ill., to the Mississi-'o-A River, -,ccordin,'- to a local drug,7gist, vh-.o has one of th-e spiders onl exhibition in his -indo-. The school
-princinpal at Barry had 4 of these s)Id-ers broup'ht in to him.

K~entuckyj. W7. A. Price (October 24)7Te blacks r ido7~ snider continues to be
an object of much concern in the St~ite. They are abundant and widely
distributed. M any _"neci-.erns have been received from all sections of the

Tennessee. G. M. Yentley (October): The 'black '-!dol- snlders continue to be
very common in all -nerts of the Staqte. Ma.iy -ei-sons ha-ve been bitten arid hospital attention has been necessary. NTo fatalities, ho-ever, have been

North Dakota. J. A. Munro (October 22): On October 8 Ross Coo-, county Pgriculturn! adJust-rent a,-rent at Fort Yates repoorted the black taido-' snider as,
beine, in th2e base-ments of 'houses.

Utah. G. F. Know-Iton (October 14-): Several black -"idoT- s-oiders, collected
in basements at Loga-,n, have been brou.ghTt -Into the Station laboratory this
sun~er. :-c-oorts relative to Its occurrence in baemzents and ba-rns have
'been received f::om various sections of Utah.

California. A. F. Torlrnd (Sf,-tember 21):- Eighty-three blackz -idov' saciders
(both sexes ) w-erc killed in the play ,'ard of a -orivate nursery school at
Alhnarb r a.

PAJAROEJTJO (Ornltho~oros corl.cous Koch)

California. 0. G. -E'cock (Octolrer ?A'. Thli-e tlcl-s -'ei-e reported to be
present all surfer fron,, 'Monterey to "-iuenecma.

CA T 71 E,

SIR]7 WOR!"S (-Co-qliorrylp 'snn.

Cj,s' in,7 (Sr ntf-r'oor)- As a t Of 7"nin-rents of Infe7ted ,)n 1, -or. f I y
r 71 s f ro.T t, e Sout'-i into 4-Iie- 1-jo-thorn Stn t e n scre
(C. ?,-tton) a foothold in zouth-eF tern lililmiv
-nd lo- i. anrl n e!- .-tern Missouri. (October 26): Ne- records of the
occurrr.mco of Vits s-o ,ctes '-ir-ve been receive, fror California, Kentucio:y,
ITe- Mexico, rind k,-1zona.

Illinoi-s. T7. P. Flint 'Octobcr 22), 1.7. 1. S-01cer, of tne Bureau of 'EntoTolo-7 ,nd Plant Q-u,-,r,-nti--e, rrd J. 'IT. BIr.-er, fiel(i_ entorrolo-c-iFt, Stnte
17,?tural T_,',,-tory Sui-vey, Urbina, h ,ve loc,?.ted several scattered infe7tations In S ,n, ;,-Yron, Pi''Ce, Vorfmn, AdST!Z, Fulton, and -1probably sorzre other

Wiscouri. L. HaqCTnn (October 28): Scre- T-orTr larvae -ere collected by
T.- J. S-oicer durin'- October, both in northeast Pnd in south-est Missouri.

01:lphoTca. Ir. A. Fenton (Octo.)er 19): rne rate of s-oread of Vie screr- -orm
Pc7-oTs Vie St-te ha, slo-ed (1-o-n, o-inp to cooler r-eather, 'oj.t nevertheless t"le nest snre-d .o_- ,e :'lorthe1-n counties ,nd there r s an increase
in the n-U71-)er of cr ses rol-)oi-te,!, es-oeci7nll .r vround SI-111-pter and Payne

0 al I f or nia. 0. G. 3,-bcoc" (Octooer 04): 0. aTpric,-rp Is cnusii-4- a number of
m e s *V-,,, IV- I o n q -1n th e v i c I n. t v o f 74 a 7- c o n --1 En ke -_ F f 4- e 1 d. Coc'-.lio-ryia TWO.
nxe -oreFent and active also In t1l.e vicinltv of Paso Robles.

STA31'21 FLY (Stor.o_- ys crIcitrnns

TJ t G. F. Kro-Iton (Cctoberr 15): T-ie rtr,"Dl fl- his een roderately abund, iit V,)rou, -,nout northern Utq'n t'.-i!,s ven!zor.,

Florida. W. G. Bruce 'Octo'C;cr ?4): St,-ble fieT re ob-erved as being peqtiferous, but not a-,nzn ,- nt, In the nort'l-i-centrn! counties.

Kqn7ns. TT. *R. Bryson (Sc-oter'-,pa St-ble flies --: re excentionally abun0._ ,nt verT t,) little. and -ork horses In
t'-% e f I r' I d. '01'. belie-ve, Vriq increpseO i,',)un(3nnce j- (lue In -oart to
the -i zllcl u-) in, rllcs b,,, the flcodi (Lrrin I",~ in June.

,jlo FLY lrr tnns L.

i. E. 7. - ,r rril G. .. Yerril! 'Octob, r ?1): An i=,rently unusual
of 0---. fl", no,.cl on little on t','le enster-n outs!'Art- of' -1-he
city on O.- to' er 17.

i,- r o rv ur nt 1 -11
orn illep ve ib _d ,r -n ,
cnunti_(' .-oat r-oro in Tn,-.-loi*, 'A7j,-f-ye'te, Un!( n, -Sr7dford,
Al,?chu,, Tcv-"-, nd D17ie Colultics.

-7 Z 77

-7- 7


it 17.

-Y 0;: OR DA

3 1262 09244'6730

RICE 7'-E71T, (Sito-rhilus oryzae L. Al q baT -i. J. !1. Rob*npon (October ?7): T he rice. --eevi! is moderately -b-unrnt in fif-.Idz-.

Yi. S s i t!- S i .0 0 C. Lyle nrid Af7rl! t-nts (October 27): 7.e(--,Ylls ore veT7 nILTerous
in corn, j-,;st br.-Inrr 7nrl still in the. ield.

PEA (3ruequ, nl.sorurr L.

South C-rolin,-. 7. C. (October ?"7): Cor-olnints have been received
fror p.3rts of tno Stnt-e.