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The Insect pest survey bulletin
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Bureau of Entomology, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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monthly, mar-nov. plus annual[1926-]
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1921)-
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Vol. 14, no.9 issued only as a supplement..
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Vols. for May 1, 1921-1934, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology; 1935- by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.
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"A monthly review of entomological conditions throughout the United States" (varies slightly).
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Includes annual summary starting in 1926.
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Includes some supplements.

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A periodical review of entomological conditions throughout the United States
issued on the first of each month from March to December, inclusive.

Volume 9 August 1, 1929 Number 6













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Vol. 9 August 1, 1929 Ho. 6


Th vediterraneen fruit fly as reported last month from southern
Duval, eastern Levy, Hcrn-rndo, Pnd*Pasto Countiers, in addition to the
counties reported in the last number of the. Survey Bulletin. These -re
all contiguous to the counties already reported. `1o infested Florida
fruit vas reported as having been discovered at points outside of the
State during. the month.

The grasshopper situation reported in the last number of the Sur-
vey Bulletin has not materially changed. urin- the month rather intense
though limited outbreaks developed in southern 1Trth Dakota tnd parts of
South Dakota and Nebrarskn. Smnall outbreaks also developed over a .,ide
area in central Texas. Further der&dations b- the eastern lubber ress-
hopper were reported from the Gulf region.

.'ireworm trouble continues to be reported from practically the
entire country extending from Maine to "'ashin,-ton, and southw-ard to North
Carolina and Missouri.

The --ale western cutworm, after a subsidence of several years, is
again appearing in outbreak numbers in ,Torth r,:-.ota and severe depreda-
tions by other species of cutworms have been received from Maine, 1ew
York, and most of the States in the ''isississippi V3alley.

2-e Hessian fly survey for the Stt:t of O'hio has been comr.lted
and shows a decrease of average infest -tion for the area su;rveyed f-om
13.5 per cent in 19121 to 3.4 -oer cent this yc-r. Although the ssirn
fly was subnormally abundant in I>issouri and iKns this year thece are
decided indications of heavy infest- tion on early-planted wheat in these
States this fall.

It ic estimated that the wh.>3t strp-: worm has reduced thC Kan-
sas wheat crop over 10,000,000 bushels.

?r corn e,.:r worrm -ut in its z-o-c'r:-nce in noticeable numbers as
far north as M'assachusetts ar.d South D'1,:otr durin- the last week of this

2.. fall arm'?:orm '-.r,.ce reported in the last Survey --i.'letin
contivuad thlro 7.'t thiz month
-... rr.-orm is de'.elorinu- in very serious r.-'r'-..r over Sroll
r s from e-7 Yor c .rd tro.-'- Ohio to South Dakota and oa.

hu chics 'cuzDe-rin; in souiithern tihhi'-:n this vyear. Cut-
breaks of this insect in ".iChi -n cru r.-orted only at Ion.' intervals.

*Th r'- -'i arhic vubs to neli'.'le r-'rtions throuhont
the Xej- Hnr-l rnd ind h iddlr :tl1ntic states, cut is more nrev--l-t th.n
usual thii yvar in Ohio.

The arnle a;hid is ger. rally abundant thro':-hout the entire north-
eastern section of the- country extcndin; from Urine to nir--ina and
vcst'v. rd to Ohio.

Th%, oriental fruit -oth continues to 'b c ing ccnsider..le r
throughout Fe he- Engandc, ,i1-.le iti i Sc, 2othdrn, -rnd Lst '>nt- .

.-- plum curculio continues to be t'e. most serious -si^ -e fruit
rest over practic',lly the entire covntr- east of the Rocky 'o-jntains.

Te Colorado 1ootto teetle is mor prev7lernt than it has been for
several years in the iddle Atldntic, 1ast Central, and ert "entr2

The ;,exic'-n bean beetle is no.' 'ell snreadI over Conrnecticut. most
of Pennsylvanr.ia, and southern .-.? York State. In ab. and .ississij--
its d--'-e c is much more serious thcn it hls r in ser er.

). pickle wvorm did very serious dmin-e to all cucurbitaceous
plants in 7jssisi-i and Alabama.

Three moths ncv- to our Ilorth 2-.: -rican fauna art recorded in this
nuimer of the `ullctin. Th-- -:re -h.s.ouclista linnedi-a Clerck on lin-
den from ne r < c.' .ork Ci-, a toces S. H"tionas- l. 7:-c. v. in
'ictoria, I. C., nd Cne-hosi lon.Fxnc iawn reared from strav,'berry fruit
in Oregon.

CUT sTA! I:'I 1u::1ciLQ' '.AL P'-7 C'- A ..:y, l101.

The pale .-stern cutworm 'rs 'been d.-str' .-ctive over a large cres
in south central a)nd southwestern kt'n "he infestztion -rs
to b'c the .most crious yet recorded in th: eastern -:rt of tec r.-.-e 'f
this soccier;. Tre v rr dry conditions of "':: ?.-.: June nreco-a: continued
or increased trouble ne:t yevr.

The bertha armyworm, Ba.rathra confirurata dalk., is infesting a
variety of field and garden c-ops and weeds in southeastern British Colum-
bia. There was a general infestation of this species over the interior
of British Columbia last year.

Scattered outbreaks of the red-backed cutworm, Euxoa ochropaster
Ouen,,.have been recorded from southern sections of Ma.nitoba, Saskatchewan,
and Alberta. An unusual absence of cutworm injury this spring is recorded
from the Ckgnaearn Valley, British Columbia. In :I'v; Brunswick the greasy
cutworm,Agrotis v-psilon Rott., attacked potatoes, sunflowers, turnips,
and corn, on farms in ie," Brunswick, along the St. John River, in York
and Sunbury Counties, early in July.

The Colorado potato beetle is reported as more abundant than
usual in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia, and in the Ottawa district,
Ontario. In Manitoba it is said to be scarcer than usual and has been re-
ported in destructive numbers only in a few places.

In southwestern Alberta and southeastern British Columbia, the
onion maggot, Hylemyia antiqua meig. ,and the cabbage maggot, F. brassicae
Bouche, are reported as much less abundant and destructive than in 1922.
The onion maggot is also reported as less abundant than is previous
years in the Ottawa district, Ontario.

Up to mid-July there had been much less by insects in
Nova Scotia orchards than for a considerable number of years.

A severe infestation of the Luro-oan a-ple sucker, PsvlliL Mali
Schmid., has been found a fe'. miles eact and a few miles west of Annapolis,
Nova Scotia. This record indicates the most westerly point
where appreciable numbers are found.

The apple curculio, Tachypterellus quadrigibbus Say, has caused
severe damage to pears in certain orchards in the Salmon Arm district,
British Columbia. This insect had not previously been recorded as a fruit
pest in this section. The apple curculio also has been particularly nu-
merous this year in orchards in the province of Quebec.

The plum curculio has caused more injury in Quebec apple orchards
than in the previous several years.

Considerable numbers of first-generation lnrvac of the apple and
turn skeletonizer have been noticed in the Ann-oolis district, ,ova
4cotia, and an outbreak is anticipated ",hen the second generation appears.

Another heavy infestation of the hemlock looper is indicated in
the Trinity Bay district on the north shore of the St. Lawrence, Quebec,
during this season. A large area of balsam heavily defoliated last year
is expected to die in the Manikuagan River area. The outbreak of this
s-'ecies is in its second year at Indian River and Burrard Inlet, British
Columbia, and probPbly much of the hemlock will be killed. In addition


to hemlock many other coniferi:,.s trees and deciduous plants are affec'.:-d.

Severe outbreaks of the satin moth and tent caterpillars have
resulted in the total defoliation of hundreds of acres of brz'-h and cot-
ton'rood stands in t western half of the lower Eraser Valley, British
Columbia. In the Lloydminster district, 'katchewan the forest tent
caterpillar caused prob-bly totpl defoliation of aspn roplars. .'. out-
break appears to be extendin,- eastward each yecr 2nd r,'rssitcs are r'.u-
ally checklin7 the tent catcr-,ill'rs in older infestations.

In the Barkerville and Stanley region of British Columbia, th-.- in-
festation of the s-ruce bud-rorm has been retarded by cold weather and rain.

The tussock moth He .ero,_'-j nseudotsurata !.c., which in 1?2
vwas reported around a ranch house in the 3. X. district, 5 miles north-
east of Vernon, British Colu-mbia, has spread considerably and is now at-
tac'-:ir,' areas of Dou-las fir on the mountain side.

Adults of the fall vwebr'ormr are unusu-.lly ab- nd-nt in the lover
Fraser Valley, British Columbia, and a severe outbreak of this defoliator
is in prospect lattrtin the ye-r.

Reports from ov- Scotia, Ont-rio, Manitoba, Saskatchean,and
British Columbia indicate thn-t mosquitoes are much less tr oublesome in the
Dominion this year than in 1938. This is probably lar-gely due to sub-
normal rainfall in eerly sumn ur.


G S-. ^-b S

:Torth Carolina

YTorth Dakota

South Dakota




'-T:T r exico


:t. .:tCif (JIf ly .1):
^.s cia!!y on tobaa :o.

J. A. lunro (July ): .r. Shot'el, in a l1tt-r d&t-.d
July 1, r-ortcd that -rass:- -oprs -r v ry lat in -uttiJn
in their ao-,-:-c- in t vicinitji s of Dic--inson and 3-acn
this year, the r.D of3 Tatchin b Lv, r. cmc.d th, first ,
in July. stat..s t.-.A:t th,-. ar. v,:ry t'hick' alon<- th d.
of 0 .at nd" f .'-' filds but t-. t th'ir ,,rvwlnc --:ill not
-tan a vholes]e dstreuction of crocs, .it..o-. it '"ill .ro-
ably an a los; 0o Lro. n0 to L .rr c-lt in som .c....
Ilr. Brua.c ,at S':...ic.on, rc.orts tict iilano lus Pivitta tu *:.y,
..t__._. .; . t an- i .i ... r r r.s nt in
outbrcah; ,n'ab~r;-- in his vicin..ty.

. ev3rin (J,.iy < ): r.,6-' rts 01 da-.,'0;e to a 1 fLf.a,
ciefly," are just beinnin_ to in, bs..s i ci lly front: l-
*ic'n, .ralea, and enuin *ten Counttess.

.. ..enc (June 15-July Ir): c-rasho .:rs contina Ed to
be troublcso o7e trin te oeraiod .-cre covorcd. -ney had
hatc -ed out plentifully in euel Couity; and by June -'ere
causing r-: w, coz,1al ts. During th7 second -ee: in July many
, ro 'e's in Lancacter Cou.,ty, es.occially north nd ast of
Lincoln, co7plain.dof injury to vegetables and flo"-sr -arde:n-.

J. icColloch (July 23):. I'nju y is bein: done to garden
crops at enokec.

L. Tho.mas ;and assistants (Jun(. 2C-): ,'rasshoppcrs have
been reported from San Jacinto, >ilan, Bosque, Jones, Archer,
'cCulloufh, Kend al, nd Tom 7-reen Counties recently.
-T. L. S'eetman (July 1): ,:oderately bundnt .in uir -:i -'atcd

J- R. yer (June 28): sever- outbreak of Lrasshoppers has
been r&:orted by GC. Trotter at Zuni.

Ej:i.S'TZ-^I LUB:-: G T2BP:Z.a (Po--oa lea oIicroptcra 3eauv.)
'in- been n., is still

*. P. Loding (July 15): Th1s insect ... .... n ....isstl
doin- -reat dc-are to veaetation ne'r Mobile. I have rarcl,
seen it mnoi-- plentiful.

3. A. Hinds (July a): The. astern .rnsshopper is
moderately abundant in the vicinity of ,at;n Rouge.

.' a-rd7 c'undant !. vcr thI- StaUt ,


I-I-D C13I1 .".- (y-rl lus assim ilis ab.,

lorth Dakota


1Torth Carolina

J. A. '.unro (July 22): The field cricooet ap-).'.rs to be on
the increase ar1in at 0. ro.

t. L. Seetn:an (july 1.): .cere ic a local outbreak: on
alfalfa *-nl aall ,ra, ino in 1'iobrara Couwty.
*.*Ir" ..3 (,1ateriJL-.e)

C. ....i. Pio (July .,: .r- .ancuz 3-*y is Z.oderately
h.burd ,t on potato seed. -ieces and plants, 21so on c, ba
and corn, in Cuj9>.rland, ano-:, Zinnboec, ; drosco.'in,
iQnobscot, and So.':.rset Counties.

B. H. 7zalden (Jul. 6): IJeinotus sr., iroobly con!unisU
Cyll., is attac1in corn, in i orith Ha-ven in -reater n:.-rs
than usual.

..eekly tr, i. Stite Coiigt of Ar., July
The '"hcat v'ire-'onn, riots 'ancus Say, i& seriously '_ .
in-, cabbage in QComuty, (Cbstract J . )c

2. l.etca lf (July 21): `i'r-'"cr:r.,s arc -ocleratly a-:.d .t
over the State, fs-ci' lly in tobacco fiec1.



I ebras-a

J. J. Davis (Jaly 222:
Shoels; reported June 9.

:re"orns are sc-riouz in corn at

P lir.t (-u-y 20): sx or.. are v-.- abundant.

... '. S:',nk (Jly 19): -erts cf heay, i -:fstations on
corn iere received. u- to about July 1. Th a .- later report E
include .. elanotus criulos-Us Lcc. as o.l as .. fisrilis S: .

South Dakota

: C. Severin (July '. ,;:
eastern South Dakota.

.t rt '' '.i y r ) .t in s uth-
l-. 'tjJ-lv a'O-L i Uul



- is bouri

L. } yen'an' (July '; ): Corn su r,- erac sevoi :-_-::._e: e-lier
in the eo.

C. ,'Rkland. (July 2,): L-rr s rious injury to corn,
otatos, .-r -n and truck crops in southe-'strrn Idaho has Cbeen
:G. orted.

,,HIT GI ..-:;, ( ,,l!. o : '.,,L';-.. s ^...)

ondial- (Jul 13): tt. .c O:- ,tra-berri-s at
-ei Crlisi'.. and Lithropolis is very. severe.

L. ;,osQ.-,n (July 2L2): .-r.its oubs aro r v_ry abucn-.i.t; culti-
vla.ted crop are not seriously da- 'd v. t, :o'cv~r

.e7 York





.ai ne

Nev York

Mi nnesota

I,. . Sworenk (June ilo-July 15): aduoltc contiu ,:d ab-unar:-nt
during the perioda here co.--ru .-e ;rubs -r,, sc c-.

P. P. Loding (July 15): 2 e-r cor,l.-ir.ts have bon rn-
ceivUCd t'--, uvnl. i.. nicns hnoeh dcid. a little dca'e to
younx pecan iroth ry in 'tarch.

Banle: (Junc 8) ..ord cc on .. l that ti.x'...
serious outbr;1:- of June bu s at Elizabeth. I arrived in
Elizabct Apiril 11 :"nd .'" until the liti, 'nd ,, duri'
_ora ...... s dt a i
that tiiec very fc- bu'_s 'ere s _. .i. Sover, consid.rbi
number of yoan- pcca*,. trees wer.- seriously defoliate, t-h
,ork having ben Jdou on the trce or four nights previou-ly,
7hen great navnbers had been observed feedi .-. Little dL ,, i
hadL b-n donx in the,. mainr. orchard planting thIough tnIc CC"as
considerable evidcc of th. resence of the June bu:s. ci-
mens 7'ere identified by j}.....__ Cnap"in .... follo s..s: . %,rk1
Schaef., p. pract.rmissa horn, mr.icxns Knoeh,
..'.s told that this p:-c.:n orchard, 1,100 acres, "as planted
in 1923 on cutovor pine !and not yet fully ciuared and hae been
defoliated by June buigs each year be.-inning v7ith 19: 6, and .
to this year 'ith the result tht it is f.r behind the ze
that it should have reached for its age. Th marna-,er stated
that last year, 198, a po.ction of the orchard 7as defoliated
three ties and .practically all of it at least t'vice. This
year tho infestation shich started just prior to my trip -as
abIruptl stopped, whether r because of cooler otherhr whichh c,.i
just ?t that time and lasted for a considerable time or because
of a short brood this y-er, I do not -,_L1', but at least the or
chard -ras not d-.foliat ed save for the fe7 trees about thO house
of the mane cr.
Considerable damage .:as ?lso cusc. to young pecan trees in
the vicinity of Srerveport. They acre most plentiful during :
the period from April 7th to 20th, and rFa-. eared again for one
night, iv.iay 6th, in consi-i.erablc number. Species "vere deter-
mined by 1 r.Chai as foillo-s: j. prunina Lee., P. ulkei
Smith, T. tristis Fab. Pno dam .e in all cases 'as caused by
the aaults.

C. R. Phipps (July 20): .-rotis ypsIlon Rott. is very a,'und-
ant on corn, potatoes, and cab:-Je.

"'eckly 'Te7s Letter, 7. t. t.te Coliete of r. Jul-: Cut-
worms have been unusually sevi.r in Ononda-a, Ontario, Suffolk,
Genesee, Orleans, and &onroe Counties,, various cro.s,
*os'.ccially corn and cabbie,. (eostrect J .... h.)

A. G. Ruggles and assiyt:.nts (July): Cutt-orms continued seri-
ously destructive throu;'out the corli..r part of the month.
Considerable d<--ia o to corn ras reported fror.: practicarlly -1.

- ebrasha





of thec southern *;srt of -he tate, '"ile da""Ae to truck
croes "zas ever. more extensive.

". iislie (July 1): r-roc. :-rotis ortnojonir. :.orr. is
a&ain :uiltiplyin- after a subsidence c: several years. zosi-
3iy thu steady cold of the st '-intr has co.-.tributf to its
safe hibernation. .heat fields of hundreds of acres a, en
plo-. od up thi s s--rin: after tho cut',orms had -:akn. the rain.
1n2 100-acre field of ,neat 'as taken :z the l o.s ere t-
ing the flax that had been so-n in plece of the .;heat. ?rn been reoolant'.,i in many cases. The insect s s to be in
,reat abund ;iice in spots.

I.. 'e:k (Ju-i 15-July 15): Denrdttions in s nort r..stern
Iebrasl-a, in an ax-a inclj ... the 3lxhLorn Valle: counties
from C;-ninr to .olt Counties, continued until the e:-.-l of Jue,
although in rothier parts of the State injury t-e" C. esiy i n
tjune. In : .orn Ialley corn '-as cut off an inch or s o -.:r
the ground. The cutnorcts are neither the .-lasc, nor the -ale
-:estern species, whichh indicates a third s-_. cies f:' subterran-
a@i cutting habits. Si.AIlar injury -'as-reportcd from C-.r
County on June 1, but had lsr-oiy sto-:pei in that vicinity
by June 25.

D. Isloy (July 1): Very aund:nt in the vall-:'s of the
i, ,sissippi and St. Francis Rivrs, from ,ississippi
County couth to Phillios Counts.

.. 3B. ,aobe (July 10): Suxoa ochroraster Guen. is -:dcratcly
abundant -in central Iiiontana.

C E 7 E A L A T D ? 0 2 A G E C R 0 I q S CT S


-3sAI: LY (?hvtc' ...a destructor Say)

T. 1-. Parks (July 25): T:,_ annual -heat-inscct surv.-.- has
ben completed and the Hessian fly found to be much less
prevalent thcn uaual. The only county found to have a seri-
ous infestation is Butler, which no has 55 ;,:r cent of the
straws infested. The average infestation for the .- counties
surveyed is 3.4 oer cent c-=,r.o red with 13.5 per ccnt for he
State last year. This is a ,reat reduction for most sections.
In some north-central >.,d north-ycstirn counties not a si-.:le
cpecimen could be found during' the day's search 'hen fraom 9'
to 1,000tr:"s -rc carefully exarnincd.
The follo.-in. arc the percent-,ec of st:;-' c found infested
in the counties s-arv, :

Au-la i ze
Columb iana
Crawf or d
D ar'.:e
Ful ton
Hi land

5. -

.; .0;

rickl- i7ay
: Sc.ndus .y
Tus carawc s
warren n
7. nQ





Average 3.4

J. .XLcColloch (July 12): Kansas Crop Report (released
July 11). "The prEspect declined considerably over June 1,
and part of the decline is attributed to wheat straw -orm an'd
Hessian fly." Personally, I think at least 50 per cent of the
decline is due to these two insects. (July 22): A general
light infestation is to be found over most of the wheat belt
of Kansas. Damage to the 1929 crop was generally light, but
there are enough flax-seed present to indicate an impending

WHEAT MIDGE (Contarinia tritici Kby.)

T. H. Parks (July 25): Tot a single specimen was observed
by the writer during the annual wheat survey.

'71H-T STRA-7 .70M (Harmolita grandis Riley)

J. 1. HcColloch (July 12): Kansas Crop Report (released
July 11). "The prospect declined considerably over June 1,
and part of the d-cline is attributed to the -rheat stra'7-:orm
and the Hessian fly." Personally, I think at least 50 acr
cent of the decline is due to these tv'o insects. In fact, if
all the facts were knov'n the wheat stra' --orm did more d::~- -e
than it has been given credit for. (July 22): The w-heat
str.--: "orm has taken a heavy toll of the 1929 Kansas -wheat
crop. Estimates of loss vary from 10,000,000 to 15,C10,000
bushels. Practically all of the State is

A DAG.iR MOTH (Acronyctinae)

T. L. Guyton (June 26): Report. )f Q-:ae to wheat and oats
in Lancaster County by larvae -as .-3 e June 20. (Determined
by C. Heinrich.)




LI"'P'Kj; Coi:.'. -0.-.; (Pyrausta nubilalis >bor. )

PeC Hampshire

_.niavlvr nia



Co inMcticut

Tew York

P. R. Lo r:., (July 22): Larvae in the fifth inst-r four
in a field at =-cson on July 18.
L. -7L 'dlsaeee~- nEri~e Coa nty.
SL. .Guy-ton (July 20): adults ar emeri. in Cnty.

T. ~t-. P-rks (July 20): The first s-.-:eet corn n
Lucas County nas trucked to Detroit mar::ct today. It has a fe"
larvae in it, but not very serious yet. !>ort U-.- e is ex-
pected to corn th.-t gill be horvested in t7ro n-s. ze early
sv7:eet corn fi-lds nor: have about 50 .-.r cent of the stalK vit
feeding marks on the leaves and larvae from very *'.,:. to '.alf-
-'ro',rn in the tassels and tops of the plrits. A f&- tassels
are already broken. Gro-crs feel th-.t the d.....'--e 'ill be
somewhat heavier than last yecr. Late-plant2d field corn
sho"s no infestation, but in "vay-p!:.ntcd fields so e i:.fQta- visible.

Monthly NIc;s Letter, Bureau of Entomolo:-,', :o. 1IZ, June
Carl HEinrich, specialist in Lpidoptera of the -: Unit of the, 'ho left ,'ashinton on April 9 to investi-
.te. the occurrn.-.ce of the ZuroPean corn borer in Guatemala,
as reported (Informc d- l Lntom. Cficil, Bol. .-r. Guat.,6
p. 1997, 1927), returned June 19. ,Lr. heinrich -as fortunate
tr,.--h to be able to cxa.::ine corn -roi:-,--: in the identical
field in the neighborhood of Antigua, from which P. nubilalis
-vas reported. 'To _-,uropean corn borer was found, but there
:,'as ant injurious abundance of the Central Anmerican corn borer
Diatr.a linuol,.ta '71k. Adult moths 'Eri reared from this
material and accurately deter"in"d as this species.

STAMLK 3C1L. (Papaipoma nebris nitela Gueh. )

. Britton (July 22): Seems to be nore abu.d-nmt than
usual in Liev:. Haven, ;'allingford, r.zdcn, Orange, Fairfield,
and Bethlehein, -here it is att.c:ir: corn, dahlia, and holly-

C. R. Crosby (June 27): In one or two fields of tomatoes
in Nassau County 20 per cent of thi plants 7erc killed.

-. J. Schoene (July 24):
all sections of the State.
said to be conspicuous.

Sarc receiving complaints from
In somc cornfields the injury is

T. H. Parks (July 25): Cc-ozDints of dr-m-ge to corn, holly-
hocks, tomatoes, pjpp3rs, and potatoes are being, received
from many sections of the Stat,.

Vi rginic






:iorth Dcko.ta

South Dakota





Rhodi Island

North Carolina




E. ,T. !Wndfenhall (July 19): Field corn and sweet corn in
the vicinity of Bremen, Fairfield County, is badly infested.

J. J. Davis (July 22): The stalk borer has b e.n quit( )re-
valent, reports coming from :'ny sections of the St-Itc ith
inforrn.tion that v:Lrious host phlnts are being attac l d, th(
principal one. of which h is corn.

P. Flint (July 2) The damc is certainly above that
of normal years.

R. H. Pettit (July 12): Reports received daily from all
parts of the Statt.

J. A.Munro (Julj 22): :oderately abundant on corn, potatoeC,
toma-toes, dahlias, nnd other plants in eastern iorth Dakota.

H. C. Severin (July 20): Spectmens are received every day,
usually 'vith the fear that it is the Europe:,n corn borer.
ivIost of the reports come from the eastern part of the e,
;vhere it attacks corn, potato, tomato, and dahlia.

L. HI-serman (July 22): erly mature "7orrms are vwry abundant.

M. H. S':en- (Jun 15-July 15): Seve ral reports of young
corn plants bcing -ttacked 'er'c rcived from S rpy and 5aund:.i
Counties butTAwen Junoe 24 and July 8. A Da'Json County corre-
spondent reported it as attacking dahlia plants during the
first jre& in July.

J. 7. IAcColloch (July I): Rports of injury to corn ;'re re-
ceived from A:r" on June 25 and from Augusta on Juno 19, and
injury to tomatoes ;ms reported from Cotton-ood Fells June 22.

COI,' E.AGRM (heliothis obsoljta Fab.)

A. I Bourne (July 25): Reoports of moderate abundr,.ce to
very abund,3nt have been rec:ived.

A. E. Stems (July 19): :')derately abundant to very abundant
according to the locality from which reported.

Z. P. Metcalf (July 21): Very abundant on corn and tobacco
generally over the Stt,te.

"7. P. Flint (July 22): ;:odcrately abundaa t.

M. H. S'enl: (July 19): Modcratcely abundai t.

E. Hinds (July 23): The corn carworm is very aburnd1tt


"oui si si n:-,


7c-' Yor,-



R, .7 'trnAd (JA:/ S): "o:Kl- irts -: '-st of corn 'nd
to;.;,' t V ci r:. 1 , of e th-,. t'.ti
'lu r I !I j".i Li~t I i^; -_ c'c s s r o s -".u y *.*-

.' .L;rri.:..,r (July .>): 3'-h. fol .or'.inra a s to :n _fror: r-
iettcr rcccivod. fro. 3.... z.Su.:n- J'tcd "-n 20. "^ the"
r qucst of .sv:'_ i 1 in ti cs crn n rt of c-.C:ch Co unty,
I rnmd a trip v7ith th.; locrL. c1un.ty -"cnt :.,stcr: 7; co invCs-
ti "t n ',' S "" I ,Y r -70. -" tt'
ti _'.tc (-*' inci2 ^tLon of "*orr.s 'tt'cking ;'i.un, corn .. .
v-rv hc:.,7 i.1's tion of r'- fall tr. .cr in th. trn
....-,rtoy .n -n northern o,-rt of 'COOact
County. norn -i. l.Id v,.y car.i p'nt h-. bc;n r~in& This
corn h--d b,. pl--":atcd. i n firld ......rL,.- t n.. btcn turned
,.nd,.r "-ft :r "'.v-il --nd. -ind d:i^_ -,.

0. I. Snp (~.J "); TiI in .. ct ho,' not; sho-n '- j in
..acon c-unty and i., I'- n a ch dam:,-"' to co-:_c- '- :;r."
corn, sp .cill- n_ r ontj. r

-T. P. 7-oa( -.ip 'Oh)l:, 15). .- f,-l! j-;. 1,-or hn-;s J stro':d
r,,ny l:to-n! nt. jt, >_,o"i,. i- 1hbil-;. I b'rcl& z-ved mine > .'
tr ,tT.unt.

". -. Hinds (.ly S): Still 1ahundn.rnt snd d "n.. -rrm a,
corn, -nd ca.n,.

R. ,..". H.-rncd 3u u .. ut th ,- irtt-:r .rt of J r;z
,nd all oi July, comp:li-:'..ts ,,vc been recci. ,ed of ini.---v to
corn. Sfcim.ns bc:: r'c,;iv.d from Z -oo, L-.rdsL,
K, .Ccr, UT?.ion, Llfiur-, r- rky, J ff-rsor, Ciicl- ol..r,
Forrust, -incorln, ouiu., nd Simpson Counties. .hc ccrrc-
fcpo dcnt ifro: LinTcoln Cou:nty st-.tAd -h-.t t;-.s. ins t. h'. A-
ost co,)iplit ly destrvoyAd r-<'rc ficid of corn 'ly 2

.1Y.'G (C ohi "> u .iounct,.". ,

C. _. Crosby (June 27): .. scv-ro outbrcr: on h.-,,7 .nd corn
in certain locititcs in !uff County hU.s b. -n ricOortAd.

72. r-^s (Juiy)' A -ir fron t-i county ---.t 01 :i-ni
County on Junv 1I st7tcd tt c tcr;ill-rs -r dvuri
tirothy on f 4r. in is co.nty. -,Zs ,rc bCi- t..r, off
"'OL: sr :,l d. _:d 1. J. ,-
,,,-:d thw '11-y )L zA '. -r-.tly d!-n ;',- d. *7hc, ---, "'s 1 ..i t d h
,c'inic d,-y ".;,' i.'. ?. ,Jon.,s, :ho fc.,nd the crop, bcint: harrvjst'-.d
to srvo itf. .;.o vc' duCtr.ind .s th tru Crr:y'orm.
-ort -s r'cA.iv&d froa '.irion County t:-t th.- sc "os
dcstroy..d t.h hc Is in 7 fijid of timotl-y thrr. Thi. is
to first s.^rious *)utbr-; ia Ohio since i9lo.

North Diakota


i chi 7an


iUorth Carolina

!-i- souri





II. C. Scverin (July 20): Armyv'orms arc nov leaving :small
r:'ins and going into corn, as reported from Davison, Hanson,
and :cCook Counties.

C. J. Dr-k. (July 17): Tcl.gram "Serious o' break in northwest-rn Iovr."

C. I. Ainslie (July 23): Scv-ral local attach-s arc in progress
in "oodbury County. Th origin of the infesttion seems to bcn oramon green oats, hcr d-ir,-.e has b-en done. The
7',orms arc, novi naly and arc moving into adjoini# corn-
fields that will sf.ffcr som.e loss. Several species of tachi-
nids arc busy layin- c-gs on tY.; larvae r.-,d Apantulcs ar.
also present.

SALT- ARPSK CAT. :\?ILLAR (l]stigmenc -,crPcn Drury)

C. P.. '-.i'1ps (July <;0): Lnu ually a.bundant on corn '-nd peas

C-::::C:- BUG (Ilissus lIucoDtorus Say)
R. H. iP-ttit (July 20): Th first report of injury ca in
today. It occurr. d in Onsted in Lun',e County. Only at in-
trva,.ls of several years does the. chinch bug rach Michijan
in injurious numbers. This seems to be one of the years.

SP07CT'D CuCUTBe B3EET-z (Diratrotica duodccimpunctata Fab.)

E. N. Cory (July 24): Reported from Harford and Talbot
Counties in June and early in July as ,attackinL- corn.

Z. P. Mltcalf (July 21): Very abundrn t.

L.Hassman (July 22): Vecry abundant; now pupating.

.3. E. Hinds (July 23): Very abundant.

GRBP3 COLASPI3 (Colbspis bru-:.:p Fab.)

J. .7. Davis (July 22): D-irrin,- corn at Salem, reported
July 13. 3eotles reportAd abundant and feeding on corn at cew
Albany: and En7lish,July 8 nd 12 respectively.
SOUTi^, CCT SA Bx:E: (jDitraea zcacolclla Dyar)

E. Y. Cory (July 24): Reportcd from St. Egary's County July
o. s ... (Juno 29).
0 I. Snapp (Jun 29) A hvy infestation -'as found today
in a cornfield no-r'Fort Vnlley. (July 18): DrxnMngc in a number
of cornfields around Fort VT'l.:y *s bcen rcjportod since abovu



*-::.T LEF r,.?L-. (Csrotoca trifurcnta, orZt.)

F J. Chum-rcn (July 2): A 10-rcrc field of soy beans is
so -cavily lnfstd "-A ith C. 7trifurc'-ta a-d Diabrotica dci.-
cL.ixunct'ata th-t th. ro-.-r is cutting the crop prematurely.

LiSSE2 COFJ7 ST.JLK 3OaRL (JcSEl plpus li;noscllus -oll,)

L. H'rid (July 23): On July 2 sjccirmcns mcr- sent from
Pasc.-,oulb, -hor. they ,-:re ott~c-:irw_ soy ban.s. Fully 90O
per ceint of the plants in one field hod bcn injured. Snpci-
m-,ns --'erc also found injuring bean plants at Col-:.u.s,July 12.

CLC .- D *'ALF.

AltF A ''2zju7IL (zytono~nus -)osticus Gyll.)

H S. Sotm.-n (July 17): The alfalfa -:ccvil is moderately
*'bund7nt. 'ITo cvidencc of old infestation at TorrinEton ."as
found. Slight injury at Casper.

C. ,-'1:lnd (July 24): 0If-lf wcvils are unusoilly sCri.u-3
in southv'cstorn and southern Idaho. In a sna.ll area in >adison
County in th_ uDor Sn: :.ivr 7'll-y sprayinap was resorted
to oarly in July.


A LL.F Bi-EZ 3 (Antipus laticlavia Forst.)


R.. ,. Harned (July 23): Specimens were received on July 2
from Sumnit, ''hre they -.cre reported as ab.ndant on clover.
lo-ever, only slis;h.t injury had boon noticed.

J. J. D'vis ( _".y I). I a a ..i-., larvae r.-- i as d.-
s y.... eO-acr. fi-l1 of corn at (dzt-rzined....
C, 14,inrich rs D. -' coilDl.)

CCR? SIL:: S. .7 (.:d..-r:d-s varicornis Lcc.)

. arnud (July 2S): 3B3tuls hive injur*. corn %nd ccttr-,
in sjvjr'?l actionss of the Stat, durir.r" the .ast zonth. A cor-
rcs-oxd.Ant at 3uck`tunna, 7.,". County, sent s:- ci=:-ns on June
26. : "rot- rs follo-s: "Ths 'S ar ati. th l.avs
"nd. squaires of cotton. Th.y are also in corn next to this
field of cotton, a'tin th sir tassels. O r oclitis
from -hich thest b, tles hor, ecn recnived ari Stdcns, Hatties-
bur.i', Brrazton, -,.rford, and -h.nid.

JAP SE S-TL (-o-oilli" g-onic- -.-m.)


Inr:i -:2:.


SBritton (July 24): 'c. only t rd rt, r
it is rodcrrtly ;bun>'nt.

,.,_;kly ITI--:s Lctt.r, Bureu of zntomolojy, :. 13, Ju:
Four lrs shi.nnts o op r.-its of the J:.,;-?M s b.tlIc A v
obn r cziivAd this. i onth foror ."fordn. r, of th :f. ili
Sbar-tory n~t Yokoh";: J-r.,n. *o of th>is. '. *-1:.nt3 con-
!',bor,-,tory -,t J- oh'u!,.,. "--,. oi
vistAd of oti l-rvp' onr-sitizcd by th- dxilis, ?roga
sibcrit; F!'-:. a'nd D _mi- "ldrich. ro ot,'.r c"-.i-
ments cornsiOtJd of TiLi vcrn lis ;lci'. ? shi,:,cnts '-
y2r -rriv2dc in r:r.' rk y ol7 fi '. co.i ition.

2, SCA5~BASiD mE.4T:;; (Strj;odri..r ,r'bcricolc. Fb. )

J. J. Datvis (July <2): Beetles ",-:,'sc rh-Cettyd Jun 24 os
abunda-nt in -n orchnnrd -At Michi -_a City: no st,-.tumcrnt of

CO:TOL: LTj E -.O- (. l / b-+!- rilc-r r 1. c b:.

hz. inds (July 17): 'i. r.- ort first r.'.tit.c
cotton 1onf ;rn... or in L"i-I.";ytt, .f' rin t;d."y. Iitu -tion ind i
c',jt ** idcspr.od. -Ad s-rious stri.oinv r.ry occi.r oon, I -
liv 7x a ind s issiopi ,Iso r..ort vr,.'
This is -*.n ind-c to th; p;osQil. occurrecc of ots i-n
dcstrnctivc numnbu rs in the fruit districts in ti.r nort k-rn
$t-'s c.:rly in S.:t&-b-r (J.

A LSCA :J- (CoP/Vhuc- ."-Ioni- Fitch)


NIev York

I i i sot.

R.... Harncd (July 2): c coirr;si ondmt t ickns nt on
Junc'pocis ""*it< tht- r ourt th-t they virrc injuring one of
his fruit trees.

C. CCrooy (Jly ): ,ruit i', osp. ci-lly the rosy
q'-hid, r -, v ,ry b'-d nd t -i .r-..i '*ip ii is b c irin serious.

'. C. Ru ics '>nd assiz-t-.nts (JaLy): Aohilds re Quite :n-
crally -bundrnt on fruit tres, i-rticuilrly plum.

ii-'!'&I ,Fi .) (=*llhis *^oR'i DoGi. )

C. R. Phipps (July 20):
mouth County mrd AjIs- ch:, re.

.odcr.- -bund nt on rplc in V:on-


APH "D T( T.V.j : ':.1e

r nss-chus mt -s


I'- for'


cr York


Vi rsini".

,. I 3o.rr.c (July7 2- :: ..r-t .-ly '*bundant to v.r'" -c- jn-
ant. hT r_ ?r Lo', b-d in; st- tions, s-'Dcin lc y on
tr, .s. rThic -,-!s lo)t ^ ini dcvlordn-'.

.. .. Britton ( J-j y ...). :; i.rrtl o .

*-. Crosbr y onz, -,sistrnts (July): iltlou.. nur.ou -nou-h
in tl'-- -)-n Hi vr V'..l.1 in cnctiy, lb'ny, c, c.' Cou.ntiis to be ca-usiin so. ., :.rcnsion Znf' t2,
.ro-c-'> rnd fIirr' i1 2c.tttcrd v'r th- sout'.. 2 r
r rt of t" t j t-t s i nsct t ys CIO c
ro:.... 1[1 of 01 i1i-
cidcrab1 d a nic. 3'rom tLh- igtn of tna month r; :rts ci ciJ.i
i'.r coUnditior.s 7r' b-ia r-ci vCd fro- th,. "-st .r, -c.rt of
+ 4. i .-.- '

,. J. cnznc ( y J:i4): 'v ry conspicuous in -; orch- rds.
Injury in Frcdricl Counnty '"s so orocnounc., th"t so rs
used nicotine. It is bjlicv..d t.:nt tbh insect ic most nuj:.,rous
in "-"^1-cc
T. H. Fnr:s (July 25): _n outbreak_ as b -.,..n us this
summer. Te insect vas irost nu:i, rous from th :iidl of
June r-ntil th. midtIo of July. It has no" b-co r&,tly rc-
ducod in.nbrs nd in d in some orc.rids h- 's -.l :1os dis c *r.

C. R. Crosby '.nd .saist'r.ts ( Th'is sct is xtr.xt 1
scre._c, throv:rhout Practicll '1y cntiro St",tj,.

.....3rit ton (July :4): :nod :ratcly rbundznt.

P. J. Ct-.p'in (July '4): A odTrotly .bund'nt in horo orch.ra,.

T H. Parkl, (Ju&ly 25-
than u!uIl.



;', York

OCLLY r--PL- AP.IP (.,', lini cerurmn H{us. )

l. ndonhoil (July 18): fliu incsct is quite rnoticc-ble
in nurseries in Y.lrficld Co.,:t'.'.

P. .lint (Jply 22): :cpirtAd ns viry -bundc-nt in m-n-
of th, young orch-rds in ccnt'I '-nd st-contr:. 7llinois.

C. Crosby and -assistnts (July): r Iry in ti_ month sil---
orb injury -..s quite -r,:v!1icit in th lo--'cr Hudson I'iv. r V-l-
ley ri'n by the_ middle of th- thick ty- of inj"y '-"as bw-
co in. noticeabl in r .strn 17? orl.

.. ..... L .ra.h...s -Ao s .Uc 3'r)

^or. c-r'Y~ hn dv~o :d tV s-*^

COD7- I -G .'"lr (Cr~S a .o:o~lr 0.





South Dakota



'Ij.r Moxico


Rhode Island

1. J. Ch- -n (July 24-): rbund'-nt in hom- orchards
r.u*.,.. JTorfolk.

T. L. Guoto- (Jul, 20): -. odjrx'tcly bunda.nt in cor. rci-l
orc-a.rds around i'.yncsboro.

7. arks (July 25): ;_pplc scab and the codlin. moth hav-
clEici-d :II of the fruit in unsoraycd orch-rds. -Tho sgray for
the second brool vs od-isd for th 'r"^^k of July 15th ot Colul-
bus. Hmraunco o0 this brood coi-cia.ncd bcut July 10th ,nd h-s
be^n incr.asin-z. si-nc-. ThL. ins-'ct is under control in th. or-
chrrds --hc'c the r.;ulkr spraying schkdulo has b,.on folio- cd.

,. P. Flint (July 22): Injury sho-ca on r. little. more th-n
thc norrmal per cent of apli3s st thla *:nd of tho first >rood.
Scco*:d-brood lrvw. "'cre cntrin. the frait .t C'-rbonaA-l July
8. They h-.vo boon dclcyd by cool "c-'th.r. Th c-o, k of hatch
in central Illinois -"ill not occur bofor- July 25tht -rnL f7.
d;ys c-rliur in th.. southern -oart.

H. C. Sovorin (July 2o): Modrat.l y abundr n t in tho 0,cst-
ern third of hc Stato.

L. vs'in (July 22): V-,.ry obund-nt; p.e'eik of socond-brood
roths occurred bout July 18.

,X. n. S'.'cn-: (June 15-July 15): Tho first m.oths of th, first
brood -'ro noted at Li.ncoln on June 30.

D. I-ley (July 1): Lss aindant tn- n usu-!.

-. L. S'cotcan (July 17): b;h codlin:" toth is scarce.

J. R.. jLy..r (July 16): insect is vur; .abundant.
second !0fcnlrrtion is cLcr,-in, in 'r-at numbers.

Mh -
I. ho

C. .>.Lkelnd (July 24): -_r rnco of the second brood is ex-
tremely li:nt and injury shuld be almost neliible.

SASTh_.:-:J TZrT C TZY'^ILI l ('ala.cosoma cmericxns J.b.)

C. R. ?.hipgs (July 20): Vory babudant; moths caught in licht
tr`-s It Orono carly in July.

ES. 3t Stfc (June 25): C"ttrpillirs "ore -!most .ntirly
oabscnt -xcept in one place in the southern, -rt of the- ttat.

lend:.nha.l (July 20): Abund'nt in .ppl orchards in
south"ostcrn Oiio.





Y.-or York



Rhode Isl nd

North Carolina

YELLO,'--. Ci-D C--.:?Y,>-i-Lu (Dataim rainistra DC-rur')

. i.I nd.n -.I (July 19): Sli_-ht di. h-s ben obsxrv.d
in -n rpplc orchard nar L'rc-'ttr.

:L. rsera (July 22): Very abunda-nt; cat.rpilhars ar, h.lf-

-j.D-K'jP.ZD CAT:IRPILAR (Schizura concinna & )

L. E'.scmnLn (July 22): Vory !bundant; catcrpillars r r frcm
on.-third to t7:o-thirds .,ro'7n.

i.,'-SPOTTED :"::;OT--, (Spilonot. oc liana Schiff.)

.. Bakr (JunQ 256): Larvae ;vorc very prcv.-lent in the
Puy'Iiuo VallLy this spring on rpplo, pDar, ,.:d somT other
fruit trees.

FRUIT TRE= I2F R OLL'R (Archis r- -vrosoil- 7ilc..)

C. ". Crosby and assistants (July): re ortcd from
0rang -nd Ulster Counties in south-.stern N7. York, Ir. thz
upocr Hudson Zivr 7a.lloy, tnd ..stcrn K:;.' York, this insect
is doing but little da'6:.e this ycer.

M.H. S73nk (June 15-July 15): Troublesomn in Box Butte
County on roses, pluj-s, choko cherries, cdirrrmts, and loosa-
bcrries during the third *7ck in Juno.

C. R. Phipps (July 20): Apple lc-fhoppcrs (Empoo-ca mali
LeoB, 2. rosac L., and E. unicolor Gill.) arec moderr-ely
abundant in Cumb.rland County.

A. 2. Stone (Jun- 26): 1 \lI icafhopp rs ar2 show-ing up in
considerable nurbors in tho northern section of the State a.nd
some of the larger orchardists arc ma.-_ing vigorous efforts to
suppress them.

Z. P. Metcalf (July 21): V-ry abundant in the mountains.

APPLE MAGGOT (iRhagolctis no-onjill ;;'alsh)

7- 1inf

Mass achus ctts

C. R. Phipps (July 20): Flies c.'er c-mrging in Kcnn:bec
County July 1, and in Pcnobscot County July 5.

A. I. Bourne (July 25): Corm-.ruatively few flies noted to date.
Too early to forecast accur.tcly, but indications lc-d to heoo
that it "ill not bc so seriously abundant vs for th. last
three or four years.

11-cw York

MidcM: l an

Tie, York

Nce York


UTcw York

South Dakota


C. R. Crosby and assistants (July): Th. first fli-s to b
obs.-rv-d this ycir ",-r- s-,n in Cr:r. ".nd bu i-s on".
June 23. By th, end of th iLrst we; in July t'ii i-, .:ct
h!- d reached the, p-!-k ,nd by July 15 th. ..... rncc ... o:tty
well c-)rplctcd and fli.s ero dccrczsiig in numiborz throughout
the lo.;cr Hudson livor V.-li-.y.

R. H. Pcttit (July 12): arpplo, ma -.:ot mc r.:A.- in I,-....
County July 5, at Grand Rr, pids July 8, and at nart in Occana
County July 11. arc excectin& it out in a f days in ,hc
Traverse district. These dates a-rc dotorfidnd by obs.rv tions
in wvrious parts of t hn State knd rings 'r2 :c't to ,ro 0,.'rs.

Ci1m?22RY RG? ';..: (lihrMbdont ,rus picipcs 'liiv.)

C. 2. Crosby and assistants (July): This insect has b-cn r-
port.d from "7aync, Monroe, anel Ontario Counti 2s in r-athnr do-
structivc nu.cbcrs on apples.

%. R. Crosby and assistants (July): This insect semrns to bc
quite prevalent in the lo er Hudson River Valley in Ora-nge,
Ulst .r, and Columbia Counties, here it is doing considerable
dmgr-c to apoles

URZOPEAN RED LITE (?- r t r:v ilo!sus Can. Fanz.)

SP. G-rrnan (July 24);: bu.dnt in som,) orchards in Ne- Have
and art-ford Counties, ,h ro it is att-cking 'olis If ny-
thin-, less abund-nt thn usu:-l.

C. 2. Crosby and assist-nts (July): fri i:_-s..ct as gn:rilly
below normal throughout th( lo-'r Hudson jiv.r V--lly, but by
nhc e.nd of thn month :acs ., in numb-rs.

CYS:"R-SPE.LL SCALE (L-oidosaphos u-l:ai L.)

H. C. Scverin (July 20): This insect is mod-rately "bu:nd:nt
in the eastern part of the State.

H. Sw-enk (Juno 15-,uly 15): In addition to those reports
of infestations of appl, orchards mentioned in rcoort of ay
i1, durn- heh.-xocriod ho-rc cov red similar reports have been
r.ce, 7.v: rom nrox and Colfax Counties, ,7hcr.. this scal. sees
to be unusually troublesome this year.

PEteR ,L, (psyllia p~vricola Fors t.)

P. Garr-an (July 24): This insect is reported in average


ROSE SAF BFT : 7 ( [odonota. -ouncticolli,, Say)


:"rirfi d Countit .

0. -. Crosbv -nd ;! t!ts (July); 7-,, r-' r %-S 1 I,-'-
.; -j in m'r,:.t-nin ; rrj.:'3.-rs i s ul^^r nm 'r, n- Counti-s,
nid ic I so s.'riour; In -',atc' s *s d n nc S Cou.-i ..s .
-id.1 of ,hc ronth t?, situ-tion looked r -thr br.d in ina rio
"nd n. oi ti s c3 1 s o J_ :, t -:_1. 7 -r district.

L I IS ( i .ri *to

J. J. D-vis (July 22):

.coortjd iro: MishrY:-c: on July 5.

,:c York

3. ,. Cros y "id ;'ss st:-ntc (J ) : _n p;-r ;_d^ "*- s r -
portd -,s v, ry serious throughout ColCu..'ia County d-:
s b 01 ro in so>: orc:' rdn J:i Ulzt or County.

_ hi

YTcbr '- -sl,.

-.. .. ;'.;.ndenh" 11 (July 5)7 'h:' pi` r s! :-: hr's b'o cn nuit abund.-
t.nci- 1-1r rid/
-i 'r stock: in on. of t". nurt ris i' c.ntco:. rV Co.Inty

1 -r: (Juo 15-July 1b) Froi:i July 4 to the 15, thr
hx.v: b_.'n 'nny ri--,orts of serious foli-.o injury to cherry :
z- r t r:s in :rstcrn S '.or.-aslw, *'cs t to 3uf:-lIo Cou'tvy.

1 L. .22~. ~ ~..LtiOP 3'-'

C._ o


iNorth C-roiinr


... .. .'. -'. l: .ll (July 1- 0): P: 'ch tr es in small orchr-rds
.n. in homen orcr.rds in soutn-cstern niio n.rc considcrcbly

I. Hlint (July 22): iodr :;..n t" first -cJ. in July 't C-rbon.&..

R. L..iby (July 2): u2:I.n cxud.tions .^r co.:zcn n con-
mrrcil orch-. rds "7rc .s I7. v- not b.>n m".-.. "r t'"o y

P rJ11y L4- ( f,,,c
... =,'T .... .'.,LI" ;.'-.-J- ....^ L.^J n": o!.:st" 3usc'k

.. rin .. (July !);: -'hie inC.ct is ioo' -bunint t:.-n 4"'. 1
in pi" s in '-!rt-.ord -nd -:. .-van ?2unti s. 5' rnsitisrn in
.'cst is vly inf..t.d orch' rds is under .3 r c .-t.

,. 3 ritto n (July .-` rai- b.: t rl,
v, r b ..,nt in ore. c rc^d?.


i ndi~nrn

71. I _1 (Contarini r-. -,rivori ?il-'

}Li~~~i~~i 4 Lic


Bhode Island

New York




A. E. Stone (June 26)! Peaches in severalorchards examined
are badly infested. There is likely to be considerable
trouble again this year, probably more than last.

C. R. Crosby and assistants (July): Oriental fruit moth in-
jury began to show up in Orange County during the last week
in June and by the first neck in July was observed in Dutchess,
Ulster, and Chautauqua Counties and by the middle of the month
in Niagara County.

E. N. Cory (July 24): Moderately abundant; varies in dif-
ferent localities.

i-. H. Schoene (July 24): Peaches in the Crozct and Roanoke
sections are being damaged. It is reported that 20 per cent
of the varieties now being harvested. in the Roanoke section
have been damaged.

T. L. Guyton (July 20): Very abundant. TwTig injury to
peach trees scattered over all the orchards where the insect
is known to occur.

North Carolina

Z. P. Metcalf (July 21):
the whole State.

This insect is very abundant over

0. I. Snapp (July 19): Infestations have become heavier
during the last month nea Fort Valley, although little dam-
age has been done.

E. ,7. ^,ndenhall (July 2): Considerable damage to peach
trees in Miami County and apparently in southwestern Ohio is
being noticed. Larvae were found in plum also in this sec-
tion. (July 18): Very bad on peach in Fairfield County;
the dying back of twigs is quite noticeable.

T. H. Parks (July 25): The oriental fruit moth is more
abundant than last yc-r in most counties. Peaches arriving on
the market are wormy and trees show much twig injury.
Otta7q County, where the insect was v-ry scarce last year,
has no fruit this year, but the insect is common in the twigs
there now, according to Mr. Stearns of the Ohio experiment

J. J. Davis (July 22):: The oriental fruit moth is increas-
ing in former infested areas and in addition to previous re-
cords it has been found at Bedford and Terre Haute, whers. it
was very abundant in peach twigs in a back yard.

W. P. Flint (July 22): Moth of the third brood began emrg-
ing July 27 in southern Illinois. The infestation is light.
There has been a general increase of twig infestation over
last year in the peach sections which had practically no in-







New Hampshire



Rhode Island

1ew7 York



jury in 1928. In the original infested territory, Pulaski
County, there has bcun no increase over last year as yet.

R. H. PFttit (July 12): Second--tncration larvae have ap-
peered in .azhtenaw County.

R. WV. Harned (July 23): Peach twigs that have evidently
been injured by the larvae have been received during the past
month from Lauderdale, Quitman, Hinds, Chickasaw, Clay, Pike,
Bolivar, and Prentiss Counties.

PLU.' CURCULIO (Conotrachclus ncnuph..r Hbrt.)

C. R.' Phipps (July 20): Moderately abundant on ap;ple through-
out the fruit districts.

P. R. Lowry (July 22): SeverL injury to apples has been re-
ported from several localities in central and southeastern
YTew Hampshire.

A. I. Bourne (July 25): Moderately abundant to very Fbur.n-
ant. Fully As severe generally ovcr the State as ever.

W.` Britton (July 24): Modcrately abundidant.

A. E. Stene (June 2C): Continues to raise havoc 7ith the
fruit in many sections of the State and sm.ll growers especi-
ally are finiri: it a difficult pest to control.

C. C. Crosby rnd assistants (July): The plum curculio is
quite prevalent and in m'n-.y cases unusually destructive in
the lower Hudson River Valley, damage boing very noticeable
on cherry. In the N'Tiagara district peaches se. med to have
been more seriously d'-a .d than in many yc-rs.

T. L. 3uyton (July 20): Very abundant. It is scattered
over oll orchards in the infested territory.

P. J. Chapman (July 24): Modcrateiy al.Lid:nt in home or-
chards near i4orfolk.

7. J. Schocne (July 24): T-i plum curcullo has caused more
damnge to -orles and peach-s ii the fruit cc:cti6ns than for
many Ho'<-ver, much of .iis '-ill be rcuoved in thin-
ning the fruit.

North Carolina

Z. P. :.:ctclf (July 21 Vry abndat.
.. I ) Ve.ry abund~int.

R. 7. Lciby (J-ly J): C-.: rcinl pcr'ch orcJ-rds are suf-
fering from rc '.o i>,;- ;'ly or qut as b d as in 1921.
The severe nr< C io' ripsrning peaches is duc to a general of orchards; of economic conditions in the



South Dokota

Mi s s ouri


Arkans s


e'V, York


*l', York

fruit industry during the past two years, mrkinr it difficult
to pick up drops, and to mild winter, permitting survival of
adult curculios.

0. I. Snapp (July 19): Second-generation larvae caused much
damage to the SElberta crop. Other varieties escaped s econd-
brood attack. The infestation in the Georgia peach belt vas
heavier this year than at any time since 1921, and many com-
plaints of !,ormy fruit were heard. Again the curculio is a
serious problem in Georgia.

'7P. P. Flint (July 22): he plum curculio is still moder-
ately abundant and still found in almost as large numbers as
at any time this season. Curculios from drop-peach cages have
bezm emerging since June 25, with a peak on July 3, which will
be about one month before Elberta harvest. Considerable feed-
ing had been done -hen put in cages on peach trees.

H. C. Scvcrin (July 12): There is v.;ry severe damaogo to
plum every year, and this ycar is no exception.

L.Haseman (July 82): i'odrately abundant; pupation observed
July 13 and the first adult observed July 22. 7orms are still
in plums.

M. H. Swenk (July 19): This insect is moderately abundant.

D. Isloy (July I): The plum curculio is vdry abundant.
"'" /T u ra t.
E. Hinds (July 23): Very abundant.

SAY'S BLISTER 3EETLE (Poumphopoa sayi Luc.)

C. R. Crosby (June 20): Specimens on peach have been re-
ceived from Greene County and on from Ithaca.

FJ.iGUS ANT (Trrachynvrmcx se-otcntrionalis obscurior seo-inolh
R. ,7. Harned (July 23): This insect has been reported to
have removed lots of foliage from peach trees on a farm 7 miles
south of Meridian. This is the first instance of injury of
this sort that has come to our attention.


BLACK CHERRY AIPHID (2:/zus cerasi Fab.)

C. R. Crosby and assistants (July): The cherry aphid Was
very serious on s-ec,t cherry in Dutchess County, where the
crop was ruined in some orchards. It was also present in
considerable in Orange, Ulster, and Greene Counties.




7, Yorkn

' 1 'i ""

IT07 Hmpshire

C. A. 7-ol-:s (July i): In lI'to i,.y -nd early June this
aphid ",as aoundcnt on the terminal leaves of cultivated
chr.ri..s rhich they curled stuntd.

3. 7. Lindcnhall (July 10): Th, y.,rn shoots and tcnder
gro-th on seet and sour cherr" in iiami County are badly in-

C. 11. Crosby and assistants (July): The cherry r..,,ts ap-
to be :bout normally ,bundant throughout the State.

R. H. Pettit (July 12): On June 21, cinjculata Loew
e..rged at !ran-d !-.rids, on the 25th t :'--rt, on the 27th at
Trrvursc City, and four days later out on the LeJlanau Penin-
sula. R. fausta 0. S. emerged on the 19th at Gobles.

UGLY-.ST CATZ3PILLiAF (Cacoccia ccrasivorana Fitch)

P. P. ...o-y 'July 22): *.uit cor.-on on choke cherry in the
soutncmstor:: oart of ,he Statet. Pupating bc.-:an the latter
hn.lf of Juy.'
03S-.7. 3_ STBA,73SF. RY L-." ROL_-. (C0acoecia
o'. olta 1 s 1-:.)

-. -. Pcttit (July 12): T."h-t '-:crs to b- krc-s obsole-
tc, .-I'., c1 of th- stra:-ber-7 .leaf rolle-rs, ns t' -cc -tly
-... 7 1 --" h rries ..t Travferse City. The fruit has been
"* -.. .- ':-. c zes :.n; the pulp eaten do'w to the pit.
!'Ij o P- ( t Io r i-ncovns t .o rt. )

FLU1 ""E3SP.-"^'jSA'""'Y(^0^^icnpct 'r.


K. h. Swenk (June 15-July 13):
the foliage of some cherry trees
dent at Exeter, 2il1xmori County,

.-.s ..-'ly severely injured
in th3 yard of a corrteson-
late in 'unf.

2outh D-kota

H. C. Scverir (jualy 2): incect i al--,ys a s.Ycere
_.-.Cmy of the luwn tree in eastern Suuth Dkota. This yzar is
no exception.

i.T'x PIL,,. AVHID (4-st roncurr. sctariae Thos.)


M. H. Senr (Jun'- 15-Juiy 15): Duri-: this entire period this
.nxhid 1ws troublesome: on olum,.

C I -R}0.Y IGGOTS spp.(

. ?lr~t

-v .c P-..C : :.:-r---.' (Seia, pi ti "s .- -*:'" R.)


Rn.Sr?3iJ'! F7{UIT QR.TO (Bytiu.rus urijejor S~y)

Mich iz.n

.. I. Pettit (July 25): This insect has been found in the
south'-,.-sturn part of tim State doing coniiercial dSmngo. Sam-
ples h-vc boen sent in from Bcrri'n Pnd Van Buron Counties and
reports of *apprecia.blc losses have been made.

OBSCURE .-.'IL (Sciopithos obscures Horn)


S. :. Crurub (June 25): S. obscurus. often accompanied by
Brachyrhinus ov;tus L. and !. sulcatus Fao., is causing severe
injury in r?.spbrry fields around Fuyailup. I hvc observed
sv.ral. infcstations in loganberry picnts in the Mont :sano dis-

A CU LCULI0T.ID (codcrccs mrelanothrix Kby.v)




Baker (July 2-): I have tikcn this insect in s-vcr'l
raspberry fields in th:, vicinities of PuyAllup and Sumner.

P-A"SPB3Ry C.- y BORE (0bRre. bimaculata 01-iv.)

iE. ". cndenh-ir (July 12): Young raspbcrry canes are af-
f ctad at Brandt, Y'ias;i 'Couity.

ROSE ST: GTU (Agrilus viridis L.)

3. 7.. lnd.aha1l (July 2): In so,-L of the raspberry planta-
tions et Brandt he ro s tem_-irdler is doing' sme da ag
and causing te tips to ...ilt.

P.ASPBEP-Y CA AG2O: ( rubivorra Coq.)

A. H. Frick (July): I encountered one faCirly severe infes-
tation near Grrnd Hnid ,


ROSM L' T ZS]HCP??R (:-m.oa rose L.)

S. E. Crumb (June 25): A loafho.. per, an,.arently E. rosae,
is abundant on blackberry at Puyallup -nd hau caused consid-
erable injury to the older leaves.

S'crodactlus subsnosus Fab.)
ROSE CKAY2i (C'Irod.actylus subs-,inosus Fa-b.)

A. I. Bourne (July 25): This insect has b.en very abundant.



Michi n


Ponnsylv nia


- rizonao

It attacked cr*,.c other than -r-.-o -.I rosc more than usual.

. ,,Tndcnhll (July 16): Reported v-ry bad in some of
the sections of eastern Ohio, There it is doi-ng considerable
a T to r s

H. H. Pet-it (July 1L): 7h- rose ch-fcr h-s bcn wrc:rse th-n
usual, perhaps, all over thl State.

I. J. S-cnlk (Jun- 15-July 15): The 1,st reports of injury
-ecrc received from Lincoln County on June 17 and. Custer County
on Juno 23.

,7r- :7K. 7 (Lrvthroncura. comns Say)

C. Tbomas (July C;): LU-fhopocrs have not been important
on theC grapevines in southeastern FPc.: r.--:lvnir. so far this sea-
son. M1"ny vines can be found "-hich &cho7 ncno of thesc ins.-cts
and no results of their feeding.

T. T. .'.rz (July 12): -. r f..cppr is ve-ry abund-
ant in maony viney-rds of Clvc!ni in -.shtabuK n Lakc
Counties. :he inf station is hmn for several y-crs,
some leaves already showing injury.

I--': GC-R: LAF 7 T.I2TQ0IZ'L (-crrisin% brilli ns 5. 5 :cD.)

B. arn.s (July 24): Th:r vOS s-vere injury to on, small
vincyrird at 3lend,:-.le as reported July 5.


-.:. 1--rn d (uly e):
at Stoi:villL on Jun. 27.

Spoc4.:.ns iucry collected o-n rrs
I^Q^.U.. injury reported.

T bras ka

ic7 York

K. H7. Senk (Juno 15-July 5): renort of serious injury
to a, vincyrard ci=.e in Ir t in June cs f:ar '-st as Frontier

.. .. rn (Jul 2): cimns of th. gr'apzvine sr-fly
-ere found a'ound.,nt on 'raos at Colr2bus on Jucno 15.

i.r:?OE, C.U.Hi"T 7C-L. (Ptcronidao rib!sii Scop.)

C. 2. Crosb, and. assistants (July): This insect "was serious
in the. looer Hudson River Vall`y .hre not treated.

eI<. 'L ..OCT ',. (Fidi viticida ",aish)



South Dakota

H. C. Sevcrin (July 12): This insect is causing mor severe
damage to currant and goos-bnriy thin usual in osturn South
Da kota.

OUR-.^sT: FrUIT FLY (p.ochra c adrnsiz Lo-,)


S. L. Cru_'mb (Jan, 25): One swall planting of about 60 goos-
berry plants in Sumner 7as so heavily infested th't it ''.'s
difficult to find any uninfosted fruits. In gneroal, through-
out the Puyallup Voallcy there s.2 to be only light infes-

CU ,T'2,T APHID (.. 1iu'r ribis L.)

NeC7 York







C. Ri. Crosby and. assistants (July): The current aphid has
been rcportcd as seriously infcstinz curruat in arts of
Crange and Ulster Counties.

GOO,-. ... ":ITCH-RwQni APHID (3v"-u5. hou-'ztoncnsis Troop)

.-. Mendcnh-ll (July 35): e'rk of P ouhton's goosCbrry
aphid is quite noticeable o.- Houghton gooseberry bushes at
;'.7 Carlisl,.

J. J. Davis (July 22): Reported front Sherid- n July 1.

FALL "P C....

,FALL 7 B,0" (H'":hant-i- cunea Drury)

L.HTsmucn (July 22): Fall :i.bworms began to attract atten-
tion the middle of July.

"' E. Hinds (July 22'): This insect is increasing in dance and damaging pecan.

R. ". Arned (July 23): Inf '-sttions have becn more tcrious
this year then for several years. Thous rinds of pecan and
porsirmmon, -s "Tell as other tres, have b.- n co,: .>'tcly do-

P. X. H'rrison (June 24): The. first specimens ,*;cre col-
lected Aoril 16, and it is mcre abua-.Pnt at Pic;,;--,e than I
hv ever seen it before. It first began to attack persim on,
mnd nor; is vr.y abundant on that pl)nt and pecan.

PECk! :17JT CASE BE.-.-'. (Acrobpsi_ carve Crote)
? Hiinds (July 23): Very serious injury is being done
to yo-. pcc-n nuts throughout the State.


1C'Z1~Mfl2$- 17~

h :. HrnAd (July 23j: Injir._, iaturc occ,-ns h'.vc b'ccn
received recently from ncan Spric:. ;, ioss Point, sc-.-oula,
"-nd P1ss Chiristian. In euch c-s.. the correspondents rcpott-0d
that th3 insects -ere causing their tr.-c to sh~d many of
their nuts.

--EC '' SESIA (3csia scitula :-irr.)


R. ",. Harncd (July 23): Eather severe injury to a pcan
tree at Shorrard reported on July 5.

A DASCYLLID Z'LTLE (Scirtes Guer.)


R. 7.. Harmned (July 23): Beetles ecrc re-ported as vry abnm-
dLat on p>ecpn trees at Ocean Sprii-.-s on '.:y 22. Little if ,iy
injury had been caused.

PlYLi,2_;A ( -illoxera spp.)


Mi s is sippi


7. B. Hinds (July 23): core coi-Llaints this year than
usual of phylloxcra arind other gall-forming s: cies on pecan,
especially from southern Louisiana.

R. '. earned (July 23): Phylloxera galls continue to attract
much attention on pecan trees in various sections of the State.
Soccime.ns have recently been received from Adas, -.-...
Bolivar, Harrison, and P-e-rl River Counties. P. devastatrix
Perg. and P. notabilis P-cr-'. seem to be the most *:.ur.'nt
GIAhiT APiID (ion-istic-mr caryae Harr.)

E. '. Har-._d (July 23): Ahids er collected on pecan
trees at Holly Springs -and XcT-nee recently. The correspond r t
at K, ancc stated that only one limb of hi~ pecan trees 7as in-
fested, but that the aphids d comoletly dfoliated that 1 "ib.

j AI-. -D (Moncllia costalis F-ib.)

'. 7'". HErned (July 23): A'ohids identified by A. L. 7..nmr
viwre found abundant on pecan trees 1t 9asc- ioula on Ju-- 17,
and at ,7i,' ir.s on June 15. 7"is species 's also an'
on pecan trcLz at Lac>d-le on July 12. 7.. corresoond.nt at
Lucedale stated th-t tr'e have a varnished apppearancc
due to the hon.y.icw every year, bat th' t :arently no dan-
age is caused.

Jl AlJID (1yzvacllc s _..r..-_ :-itch)

B. '". Harned ( J): Severe injury to pecan tro.. at
:ig-ins -a[ reported on June 15 by J. P. '.slarno.

S.I '. S.,-,C-- S - T O\i C v. r r i!, .* aprv I- i t ch)

-341- "


:.2DITEMA IEAJN FW'IT FLY (Ceratitis capitata -eid.)

Florida Plant quarantine and Control Administration (July 31):
In addition to the counties reported last month, the fruit
fly has been found in southern Duvrl County and in the
eastern parts of Levy, Hernando, and Pasco aountizs, re-
snectively. ThE6 total number of infested properties (in-
cluding to"'n lots) is now about 1,000. No infested Florida
fruit was reported as having been discovered at points out-
side that State during the month.
A poison bait spray is being applied at weekly intervals
throughout the infested zones, that is, the area included
within one mile of infested premises. Progress has been
made in bringing about the total elimination of host fruits
and vegetables in the infested zones and in making the pro-
tective zones host free for the sunrmer. A most important -o ;
of the work under way is that which consists of the elimi-
nation of wild -nd escaped host fruits on uncultivated land.
No host fruits or vegetables were shiiped from Florida
during July except a limited number of cars of host vegeta-
bles (largely pepp-ers and ego-plants) from those parts of
the State outside infested and protective zones, and a fe.':
cars of oranges from cold storage.

AN ANT (Solenopsijs saevissima richteri Forel)

Alabama H. P Loding (July 15): This ant has for several years
done considerable damage to young sats'i-.a orchrds and
nursery stock by girdiinr the trees just abovee the union
of stock and graft, evidently to get the oozing sfp.

GIRDLED CICADA (Tibictn cinctifera T'hI.)

Arizona 0.L. Parnes (July 24): This species is abundant near
phoenix this smmrer and doing drmage to younf citrus trees.

ORANGE3 THIPS (Scirtothrips citri Moulton)

California E. A. 'cCGreor (July): The citrus thrips has been con-
siderably more severe in central California this season
than usual. Unprotected orchards will no doubt have a very
considerable portion of their crop of oranges badly scarred.

BEET Ai!7.. .... ( hn exiua KHubn.)

Arizona 0. L. Barnes (July 25): The beet armyworm has d&mg-ed
young citrus seedlings in a nursery nenr Perryville.

V ansas



V in


. :r, .......(i )

... .. (-:Loxost similalis '_-..)

J. "*. 1cColloch (July 21): '..- grr-n cb-orm is occurrir.n
in outbreak numbers in x.-n-ny -:rts of the State. Th State
Board of A..ricultur. reports dJ.-.a to alfalfa throughout
southeas torn Kansas.

D. Isl-y (July 1): Abundant in central and :astern Arkansas.

R. 7. HarnAd (July 22`): pcl.... havi bc.n rbccivi ddr-
ini the past month from 3eulah, Pacu, Yazoo City, and 3jlzor.i
on cotton and alfalfa. Slight injury -ras rc-ortcd in jvcry
casj except at -l--oni, "-here the correspondent stat-.i that
the entire field of alfalfa "'as practically stri:_--d.

Z7.35A CA :,?J:L---:.. (.amcstra -7ct.: Harr.)

C. R. Phipps (July 2) This insect is unusually abundant
on clover, pea, str'-:borry, and raspberry.

A. I. Bourne (July 25): M.orc abundant than usual on cab-
bag'-., cauliflo'-er, and allied garden crops. One case "herc
the leaves of rhubarb 'ore b.-in.r riddldA was repnortod.

SU_-.:2 L GFJ_:J STI:". 3UG (.:.7ara viridula .)
R. Harnod (July 2-): S.rious injury to tomatoes at
Zscata-7pa v.-as re orted on July 2D.

E. E. Hinds (July 23): Appears to be increasing in abun-
dance and damaging a variety of host plants over last year.

South Dakota

H. C. Scv.rin (July 20): Sev.ral species of blister beetles
arc severely damaging alfalfa, potato, bean, pea, and cara-
gana in many localities in central South Da:ota.

_,%3L-D .BLI5I 7 B&T`L (2oicauta mart-inrita Fab.)


R. 3. Friend (July ?Z): Aore abundant than usual locally in
Hamdrran, wher: it is attac':in-. S3iss chard.

A B3L!S2", D-iLT- (ipicauta sp.)

1'Torth Dnkota


J. A. Awunro (July 22): A blister beetle is rz-corted to be
causing damage to carogana hedges, beans, potatoes, and al-
falfa in "'ard County.

J. '7. KcColloch (July 18): Injury to gardens by an undfter-
mined blister beetle ras roportcd from ()rland.


.LISTE -Z:1 (l.,:eloidae)






STrF1D BLISTER _-T.. (Epicauts vittata Fab.)

J. '7. McColloch (July 18): This be-tle has caused consid-
erable damage to gardens at Rcxford and Dclphos,
;~ctrns "by an un, tcrmind c'.s
TOBACCO FLEA BEZTL! (&-^itrix I)arvula Fab.)

A. H. Frick (July 15): Very abundant in Polk County.

A. C. Davis (July 18): Leaves of _- -plant arc p.rforatcd
-Tith holes. Ho over, plants are tbo large for serious injury.

A- TE --- .. .... (Phyllotrcta ,sinuata Stelh)h.
R. Harnd (July 23): Betles belonging to this species
"ere reported as abundatit on mustard plIants at Tupeclo on June

-STRIPED ._ BEETLE (Phyilotrcta vittata Fab.)

H. L. S-,ctman (July 17): k striped flea beetic, probably
this species, destroyed s.ven or eight acres of field beans
in Sheridan County.

FLEA :L-LES (Systena spp.)


R. 7. HarPned (July 23): S. frontalis Fab. -was -cnt in from
iayorsville on Jun, 15, -ith the following statement: "v^ry
nure.rous on iste plantings and sms to be causing the loss
of stands in many sections. Th- betles feed on both the top
and under surfaces of the leaves." S. elona.ta Fab. '-as found
eating the shuck around cotton squares at Pace on June 27 and also abundant on mustard at Tupelo on June 24.

D SPTDER (T/tranychus telarius L.)


P. J. Chapman (July 12): Snap beans of all ages -:erc found
badly infested in gardens at :Torfolk during the recent dry
spell. Soy beans arc commonly infested and small areas in
some fields show commercial damage. At Onlky lima beans arc
infested, causing stunting and even death of the plants in
small areas of a field -undar observation.


No- York

COLORADO POTATO BEETLE (Lcp-tinotarsa deccmlincata Say)

C. R. Crosby and assistants (July): In o-arts of Suffolk
County the Colorado potato beetle w'as so abundant that the
usual sorayings 7cre not sufficient to control the outbreak.

P ennsylvania


T Guyvton (July c): ,.or plentiful this year than it
nas bcen for s,,vral yea

E. ". I':cncLnhall (July 10): Potato vines are catchn up in
so.uth':estcrn Ohio.

A. -. Ru,,-glcs and assistants ( July): insect stcms to
b- more pr-,valcnt than usual over the entire _tatc- ring
sections. Rep-orts of unusual abundance 7,ere recCived from
Crow 7Ting, Clay, Hcnn-pin, *Ronvillc, Chiz--o, Bro'on, ".otr,
and 23lue 7arth Counties.

POTATO FIl BEBTLE (Eoitrix cucum-cris Harr.)

NTc York


-orth Dakota

"- York

P ennsylvania

".. in

7c"; York


C. E. Crosby and assistants (July): Apparently more abun-
dbnt than.last yer in the lower >.-u,-.son ?..v.r Vailly and Long

C. A. Thomas (July 20): Beetles of ths second generation
arc no',7 v-,ry abu:-.da.t in couthcastern Pennsylvania. -ariy
varieties arc heavily infested. Accordin.- to 3. F. ce.
2xt.nsion Entomologist, many fields of cobbl rs have died
prematurely from their attacks. ;,'ith the death of th.e earlyy
vines, the insects arc -iiqr rtin.- to late potato fields.

J. A.uunro (July 22): --is insect appears to be causing
serious injury t pootatoes at Fargo.

POTATO APHID (Illinoia sclanifolii _i-shm.)

C. R. Crosby. and assistants (July): Late in June potato
aphids be-an to increase on Long Island and by the end of the
r-onth had severely injured many plantings.

C. A. Thomas (July 20): Potjto a:hics arc very numerous
in som.r fields, except ':nere sll sT)" -.d. In other fields
very if'-" aphids can to fond. .'..u-. f'r parasites are not

POTATO -A .- (_nrpoasca fabae Lo.)

C. R. Phnipp (July 20): 3oaeratly abundant in Kennebec

C. R. Crosby and assiste'nts (July): Considerable dC..
3as don to potatoes during the first t-,o 7e.ks in July in
Cr;-. County and on Lonr- Islaed.

C. A. Thomas (July 20): Very common and injarious on -3tato
leaves, especially on those fields -.hilch have not had a r.- u-
l.r spray schedule.




South Dakota


northh Dakota



IT7 York


l7ew York

ITorth Carolina


1!1c7 York



W. ?. Flint (July 22): Very aburirnt.

A. G. Ruggles and assistants (July); The potato lcafhopper
became quite prevalent during July. It is reported as very
abundant in ,;inona anda .o7r Counties and moderately abundant
over practically the entire southern quarter of the State.

H. C. Sevcrin (July 20): This insect is very abundant.


!'I: TD CABBAGE -,02',-' (Pieris ra-oae L.)

J. J. Davis (July 22): at Dyer; reported July I2.

J.A. Munrc (July 22): Very abundant in gardens.

L. Hasoman (July 22): This insect is v:ry abundant.

M. H. Srernk (July 19): 'oderately abundLant, the usual num-
ber of reports being received.

CA--,C-L LCOOPR (Autogranha brassicae Rily)

C. R. Crosby and assistants (July): This insect is much
more numerous than usual in Ontario County and reports of dam-
a-: have also becn received from Lionros and Suffolk Counties.

L.Hascoan (July 22): Very abundant the last of July.

CAIBAGL 'J&T (IjACyie brassicac Bouchc)

R. Crosby and assistants (July): This insect has caused
severe damage to radish and cabbage in !Tossau County. In gon-
oral, the cauliflo-cr crop of Suffolk County doos not seCM to
be suffering. It -as also troublesomec in Ontario County.

Z. ?. Metcalf (July 21): Very abundant in the mountains.

A. H. Frick (July): A considerable number of radish Foi-:ots
has bcn observed in Itasca County.

CAE.P.AC APHID (Brovicoryne, brassicae L.)

C. R. Crosby and assistants (July): Durir;.:- the last -ee in
Juno the cabbage aphid put in its appearances on cauliflo'.,cr on
Lonz Island andby the middle of the had caused con-
sidrable trroubol. It o's also on cabbage in
Ontario County.

J. J. Davis (July 22): Abundant on cabb. ._ at Bristol; re-
ported July 11.

South D)lcota







I. C. Svcrin (July 12); Lorc ab-..a:r.t than usual an&d is
causing scvre injury.

-I3 C-_L_-.U (PolYphylla snpp.)

71. ,t. kcr (Jun- 25): Ther has bccn consid.r---bl. d--ac
to stra7b,-rry plants around Rochcct.r and in 3i- Harbor .v
Palw_'hylla larvae. SomeQ acrea-e -las so badly :a-..d that it
:'as ploscd up last year and planted in grain.

ST -AT _.-:..Y' I7A? T -.LL'a.. -( ncvlis coimtana Frol.)

J. J. Davis (July L2): VTry abw;.l.-t at LaFavcttc late in
Juno and at iisha"aka July 2.

. Baker (Jun-: 25): f fc- of these larva h; vO be;n
found on strawberry plants in the Grand ,iount district. .he
injury this season has baen slijht.

,A lOTH (-.biabia (Cnprhasia) linzj:na Haw.)

D. C. Miote (July 10): The larvae of this E-zuro -"ere found frc.din._-' in thc fruit of strawberry at i-r:gon City.
Adults 7oerc reared and sent to 'fashinc-ton for d-':trmination.
(DtcrmninAd by Dr. A. rusck)

TT,:B RE.Y CEC'T-J BO3ER (Tylodc.rma fra -ar:ac Ril.!v)

J. J. Davis(July 22): F--.ortcd on July 2 a J.i--ic straw-
brry at LeLw .'.lJEny.

ST,,BE-IE7.I ROOT APHID (iphis forbesi Teed)

M.H. Swcnk (June 15-July 15): Reported as troublesome on
strawberry during the latter half of June.

LATE STR'.'.:3B:R_:.Y SLUG (monria maculata Nort.)

::. H. Scenic (June 15-July 15): Th:. late stra--berry z'.:
-"as injurious to the leaves of strawberry plants late in June
in 7'ashin;ton and Holt Counti-.s.

A LEA BET-. (Ti'::.rc intricate d.)


7. Baker (June 25): Larvae have been found fc dirn- in
strawberry plants around Montczano and GrQK, "ound. T-,".
ar. not present in very large. numbers.







D-7 York


zLPF tb

-.ij-E~P .'LLVL (Arjrholoiw-s. eugcrli C .;;)

A. 1. Flttchcr (July 18): Reported as practically estoy-
ing lare patches of s''et poprs at 1ouston.
in~~... --n a o ston .to s i ,T-

P. C. Ti. (July 18): Tour very light inf stations in pep-
pers hcvc been found in Orange County, tw7o at Irvinc, a:,, to70
at -:.bcrt. ,s y. t th- -'eevils arc not numerous enough to be
O5 any commercial importance.

S7"0? CD cuCCU,.R BLifL? (Diabrotica soror L,.)

SC. Davis (Jun.. 27): Th.>e b,_tl: sr a )p-,'ring in nm-.-
bcrs from 1 to 5 per pepr olant and hav- riddled nerly
every plant (7,000 -iants pcr acre). Th .3 at up m-ny young
plants, but those re ainin: ar. too old to be severely dira.->cd.

P. C. Ting (July 18): Fhe leaves of chili pepper are rid-
dled by Syst2na taeniata Say and D. soror. Plants arc large
enough so that no comn.ercial da.;e is being done.

7L. -

l._'.C J L B IJ BEE2TLE (Epilachna coi'rupta i.uls. )

T.7. Felt (July 24): There- is a generac.l and apparently
'idely scattered. infestation in sternn Connecticut, since
it has been tak..n at Stamford, -T7. Canaan, Ridgcfield, .ilton,
7cstport, Broc-&:ficld, andi "'ashin-ton. i.ost of the infestations
observed arc in small "Ai'ily scattered bean patches and in
many cases the infestation is limited d to a few plants or grouTs
of plants and. th>y are apparently of very recent origin.

2 Felt (Jul- 24): The Mexican bean .etlc has be
ts7cn at ITortlh Sal.m.

eely I.em L tr, .Y. Stat Colg of gr., July 22:
.cxican bean b-oetle grubs "mere found on beans near .:iddlcto-.-.n,
,.rang--. County, this ".

T. L. Guyton (July 20): Very ff:u, 't in thi. vicinity of
rarrisburg, and in fact in most of Pennsylvania, particularly
in t h; southern h'lf.

C. A',. Thomas (July 20): Probably .rrived in south east:rn
?;nnsylv=. nT, i.n 199 7; a fi "-"re fou.d in 1C2. It is abund nt
and. doing da .na-_ in the follovini corities: Chester, Pela.ora,
Philadelphia, Bucks, and tIont ornery, and pro ably others. The
late larval and. -Duoal staDes rcdominate no-:.


Virgin a

northh C-r a lina







E 2. Cory (July24): .'der ely abundant; betw-n .--n-ra-

P. J. Chapman (July 15): This insct has ext..-i: its rsrn>-e
over last yv-or. -- early daemeg aasvrobably morr important
than last yar, but dry -ath.r r:tard its develop nt in
carly July and at .-cr s t it do .s not :.,r to bc so iro.rt-
ant as at this tinm last year. ^t 'T.:-:.rton a :7-.1 r- lima
bean planting is not so curiously inf.stcd as last :':r. 2,500 acres of lima bs.ns are zro-n for c n..-,.. -r Cheri-
ton and thu report is that these plantings have not nLeded -sro-
t-ction from the post thus far this yEar.

C. H. Brannon (July 25): The bean beetle is rOc- causing:
serious injury down to tr'y v ry coast. Onslow, Ca-rtcret, "C;-'
}anovcr, Pasquotank, and Currituck Counties all report .ride-
spread injury.

R. T. Da-niel (July 20): il visitL-..7 in .ashi.-i-ton County
I found a number of betles in the :rardcns, 'rhicr t'.y 7crc
doing about 50 per cent d.-.-.

0. I. Snapp (July 16): LiLa beans in home gardens near Fort
Valley arc being ruined.

E. 17. Mendcnhall (July 18): Reported quite bad in 7-irfield
County, and beans arc totally dcstr',',d at Dayton.

R. F. Sazama (June 27): I believe this is the first ti.-c
this insect has been found at Vincennes. Last year it had
reached ""ashinrton, Thich is 20 .ilas cast of here.

!. 1I. r-7,'nk (July 19): iot present in June in "'7starn
'.T-briska, v;herc it -as present a year ago.

J. M. Robinson (July 3): The Mexican oban beetle is very
abundant at Auburn and Piedmont, and in northeastern Alabama.
StiretTus anchiora _o .prsonatus >-ra. -as reported froi 7est
Blockton as fc. i on the larvae.

R. Harned (July 23): -,..' c caused more injury to bans in
several counties in northeastern :Kisrissi.-.i this *var than
for several years. It .az. beern reported from Benton >onty
rccntly for the first time.

IL. L. $ (July 17): This insect is scarce.

J. iR. L'er (June 2-): >: }exican oean beetle is vcr-,
abundant throughout th lo-:;cr Grrnndc Vcll,_y.







BEAN LFAF I -FLE (Ccroto-a trifurc::ta For st.)

S. .7. M..,_nhall (July 2): tuitO abundant on beans at 3randt.

R. 7. Harn:d (July 23): RepDorted as moderately abundat on
beans at Cruager on Junc 27.

LIi, BE~2 VITE BORER (Monontilota -prgratialis Hulst )

I. Cory (July 24): Rcportd on July 9 from Salisbury.

R. 7:'. Harned (July 23): Specimens -;erc found seriously in-
juring lima beana at 1,eridian July 1.

A QOTH (Lpidoptera)

E. C. Smith (July 2): oe hav2 observed for th- first timr.
a lpidoptcrous larva boxing into the branches of s vera-l
varieties of beans, beginning at the tips and v, 'oriing -Lc"n.
Severest dazna;e -,:as done to the common r'd beans of Haiti
and a largo bean called "elWs majocl:." This darage stops
gro?-th and either stunts the plant or spoils the contour.
The larvae also boro into the Tods. The identity of this in-
sect is not kao-n.

,UCL. .Z S -. .: L-7LO7S

iL'T -PHID (A2ohis ;-, ossy-oii Glov. )

Newv York

'ekly N .7s Letter, 7. Y. State Coli'gc of Agr., July 22:
':.lon aphids ore appcaring in largo numbers in somr plantings
of melons in Chautauqua County and are doing considerable in-

PICKLLZ .;'-: (Diaohania nitidalis Stoll)




P. 1. Harrison (July 6): This insect is doing svcre damagjc
to squash at 2ico'pwic and Carricrc.

5. Harned (July 23): Caus :d much injury this season
tIhrou.:hout kississippi to s1.c., cantouo, and cucurwr.

J. :. Robinson (July 27): Cant-loupc *7'orms have abcut com-
pleted tho destruction of the late July cante.loup3s in central

SQJUASH -.,,:- (lTlittia 'sat -,,,, iformJs KbOn.)

C. B3urrll (July 24): About 95 por cent of the Hubbard
sG~u.-h in a -arden near Jefferson City is ruin.d.

is cissipi

Co -. ,ctlicut

OMIC$. TH.IPS (Thrips tabaci L.)

Iew7 York




(. 2. Crosby and assista-ts (July): This insect put in its
appearance on Lon4 Island during the last '7cck in Jun- and by
the first of July -as attracting v-ry considerable attention
amorc- the growers.

P. TJ. Chapman (July 10): Some cucu.mbcr fields near -:erfolk
became heavily infested with this thrirs, rcsultir,-s in a re-
duction in yield .stimated at from 10 to 35 per cent of the
crop. In one fizld of relatively late cucum-bers the infestea-
tion was severe at th.e .:blinning of harvest and here the de-
crease in yield ->ould reach 35 per cent.

A. 7. Frick (July): Considerable damage has been f und in
Itasca County.

OI.011 ;..-.I.CT (iv. ..:-.',i: ant iqua 'ei )

J Davs (July 22): Weported denaa-i:,- onions at Culve.r,
Hclmsr, nd,'Tianamac the last of June. %, oorts and obs-rvatigns
to date, ho-evr, shot decidedly less trouble. than in 1925.


:. Pcttit (July 12):
i'ichi an in many fields.

The onion =aj ot is wor.-in- in

orthinn eksota
T orth Dakota

A. H. Frick (July): Considceablc n.umu:rs been f'-und
in Itasca County.

J. A. Munro (July 22): First i:..--e reported July 15 and
since that time reports have b-en received from a number of
places in ,olette, Rams. r;,.ill, eandr '.is Co-antics.

S. '<. -:rn,-d (July 25.- : 2.rious 1i."y -"v rport.i on
JunJ17 from Gulfpoit, on ,:". 25 fro.: .ridian, and on July
1 from Fondr-n.

R. 3. Fri,-d (July 23): .'int-r squash appear coro hcaiiy
infCsted than us!, and adults and _--.; ', ,rc abundant this
month at Hazdon.

SQUASH _-3:-;.F- (Hpilachna borealis Fab.)

". Harncd (July 23); Injury to squash as r-oortcd on
Juno 26 and 27 from several proprti s invickscr. a.,- onr
July 4 from ?clzoni and Yazoo City. Tis spzcics -as also
colloctcd on squash at Pic:, jr. oni July 6.


-2 :,-





Torth Carolina



I'orth Carolina



TORTOISE :.E -,T. (Cassidinac)

J. J. Davis (July 22): Larvae, w;ere reported attacking
sweet potatoes at Shoals July 18.

W. E. Hinds (July 23): ThIc too-strip.d sweet-potato bcotlK,
Metriona bivittata Say, is common on leaves, but not requiring
control measures as a rule.
R. J. Harned (July 27): U triona bivittata Say vas r.-ortcd
abundant on sweet potato plants at Philadelphia on June 30,
at Lodi on July 6, and at Lena on July 11.

S #:.T-POTAhTO 53AWFLY (Schizocerus ebcnus 'Tort.)
T. B. Mitchell (July 5): -n outbreak would possibly >vc
boon serious in Currituck County but for dusting .-oprations.
A high perccntace of parasitism by tachinids is indicated by
a fcw cpecimens v7e bred -.ut.

P. J. Chapman (July 10): LMnae nccDssitating control
measures was observed in five. sv',ot potato fields, ohi at
Hickory and the others at Pungo. 'any larva- "'er parasitisad.


TOPAOCO L.:. :.9I, (L itrix prv=.. nab. )

:T. Turner (July 17): Lo:er leacs of fiV!d tobacco ar.
damaged s.v.roly and tobacco is slightly injured at
1i nds o r.

Z.P. Metcalf (July 21): Thi, insect is v:ry abundant.

3)AFRCA, 3B0F-': (Diatraoc. saccherolis Fao.,

-. jiinds (July 23): The third generation is now start-
ing but is less abundant than usual at this time of year.
Colonization of Tri .zc_. :..a mainutum Riley on second-:cnera-
tion e.qs is now showTing a ve:ry encours control.


-:t irginia



C iforni?

r R F S T A D H AI 2D E I R rT 7 S

PPICODICAL CICADA (ibbicina. scotendcci- L.)

u7. R .usy (July 1): I did not s-, or ar :',' 7-y-ar
cicadas in the vicinity of :.ornt"n ti yar t rf.
Stra'-sb~auh declars thrt h- h-ard th.. 17-yar cicada n-l r
mh eling during June.
T. Pers (July 8): I put th. question of th- periodical
cic:;da to our county ag-nt in C,.'-^.._i n Co'..-tv and h. :-; -
inquiry c.nd I thinr inclad-d the question in tne. c aty .. r.
Hc -rot. recently that all of his inquiries -err ans*-rcd in
th; negative. On Jun. 17 I put the samn question to our
,ntono Iogic t s. Cono had heard of any cicadLs.

". Flint (July 26): In add tion to th. records sct in
for the apoe ,lso h7ve authentic reccrds from Knoxville, Tnox County,
Xacomb, A2cDonouWh County, and Canton, Iultor C-c....

LT. asornman (July 22): A special survey rin to dt rin
th^. distribution of Breod III of the 2eriodical cicada, duc
to -,)ocar in the northcr-.rn part of I'hiscouri this sri:-
'ho'.d it to b ipres nt in abudanc or in sccattering numbers
in t- follo-in.:, counties: Clrk, -. ,'!olph, Iitr;, LdLr,
'olt, sar.ison, :'je- I:.rctr, and oo"....

B__. B1 SIN :TITT CA7'T ILL R- (,:alacosom fra ilis Strctch)

S. ccln-ood (,July 9): TheI -r--t b sin tent ce-tA--illar
has _.n so nurntrous around "t. Shs City this --r tt
lo,; iA- trains have .xcri.c 'd considerable difficulty and
even trains on the main 'in- of thi Scuthern .cific Iv
b un detain2d for t7o or thr. hours because of the "cras on
the rails. This Cornp'nyl 2 officials havc :-quiu ed an en-ine
'-ith secan jets 7hich th.,y run ahead of the r regular pass- and freiht trains and -lo- the "c off te tr': in
order not to delay thi com;:1;rci-l trains.

7`_.3T T,. CAT`U2IL':..iR (.:alacosonra -lisstria tbn.)
E. T,1-> 7.'T CAD A: ILLf ( 0. oluvialis -Dvr.)

",a ;.'hin -ton

,7 ,1_r (June 25): / Th tent caterpillars scor to be
inorco numerous thick spring tn.- at any ti:Lc 1-urin.' tn- last
several years. The devastation has becn quite serious in most
parts of 7wcstern ..shi -. -t. any tr-s in ho=. orchards ave
been completely defoliated as wcll as ::,' shrubs a:: shade
trces. Ther. are nunerous inf-stations in alder in '..'ii: ..1.
It is not unusual to finid as ma.. as 15 n-sts in a small trce.
Scattlc and vicinity s m to b,, the :' 3;v:,rcly 1: ... n

i- 53ra -







Rhode Island


one instance the caterpillars wore so numerous ontthc rails
that a street car in Seattlc rac, unable to stop and suffurcd a
slight crash as a consequence.
BAG'.iORM, (Thyridopt3ryx :rh.mcr3formis Haw.)

E. "V. :.'3ndcnhall (July 25): Dai:-e is noticed at Dayton
and Lancaster.

J. J. Davis (July 22): Dagrori.s *pl dcfoliatin 1 plum at
Braxil, rz.ported July 9. and shade trees at .v:iniville, r-
ported July 12.

7. Harned (July 23): Much attention has b'2CII attracted
during the month in various sections of the State. 7-on,- the
evergreens on which this insect has been found abu-l!J t are
arborvitae, Ccdrus deodara, juniper, and Colorado spruce.

.FITT-iiJ- TUSSOCT' IIOTH (Hecerocampa 1 ucoti.:a S. .)

T. H. Parks (July 26): The elm trees on the Fort Haves
Army Reservation grounds at Columnbus have bccn partially
defoliated. Trees in the remainder of the city have not
suffered seriously.

J. J. Davis (July 22): Caterpillars &re abundant on 7raQpe
at ,Thiting July .12, and reported on July 17 from Mvarion,
v.hro the adults ere issuing from cocoons.

7,. P. Flint (July 22): Very abundant throughout the north-
ern two-thirds of the State. First-brood larvae are now "
practically all in cocoons. It has been at least 10 years
since the insect was as generally abundant in Illinois.

SATlD I:OTH (Stilpnotia salicis L.)

C. R. Phipps (July 2): The satin moth larvae are abundant
on >poplars in LZOTiston.

A. E. Stene (July 19): Thi insect is less abundant than
last year.

C. 1. Doucette (June 24): Larvae have been very abundant
this veir in localities here this insect has become estab-
lished. During June, 1928, a search for larvae in Puyallup
reveled but three or foir localities where any larvae v:ere
located and their feeding -.?s hardly noticeable. This spring
cottonwood and o.b-rdy po-olars generally all over the city are
almostt completely defoliated. In 1928, in a park in Tacc.ia,
which includes several varieties of noplrs in its plantinrs,
damage showed only on cottonwood. Several Lombordy popl-rs
in this park were fed on but slightly. This year every popl-r
in the Dark is almost completely defoliated.

A SA'5.FLY (Tn-asa lohrnii Tirch.)


.. 7. ak.r (June L-): The alder z.o fly is not z it, so
nuwmcrous os it w7as at this timlce year. It has c..----.i
considerable defoliation in scattered localities on ':.r
-ing below elAvations of 0C to I,0.' f-t. Th3 larvae
of the first br,)d are nearly full-_ror..


L'..--,- APHID (ri-riphyllus neundinis Thos.)

ITorth Dakota

C. '. Ainslio (July 1): The boxelder trees in ":..-inn are
beinF; severely injured by this aphid, many of their, nearly
dead from the attack. The aphids arc being attac'.-d by ;.-r-
ohid flies and several specie of coccinllids, but not much
impression has yet been iade .in th perst.

C' C.S (.y-.thriDs florid sis atson)
C :PH.OR THB.IFS (Crypt othrios flo ridcns is "Jat son)


7.. 7. Harnrd (July 23): Camphor leaves showing injury were
recently received from several properties at Carriere, Pearl
River County.


C-.LPA_ S; :'_...'. (COratomiaa catalpa- B, isd.)

E. :'endenhhll (July 3): The catalpa trees at -ayton and
vicinity aro infested. A report of July 2, says the catalpa
trees at 3r,-:ndt are badly infested.

L. Hascmnr. (July `?): 2.ort-d as very abundant at Jo.lin,
.but cncrally parasitiscAd.

C..T.-LEA MDGE (Itonida cataleae Comst.)

J. J. >avis (July 22): The catalpa -idie is :.bu,-.a:;t at
:dinburc as report-d July 1 nrid at 7l',ood July 6.


E2',i LLA.2 E _--i. (Galcrucclla xanthol... laecna Schr.)

S. 7. Mendenhall (July 12): Fc-din has bcen observed in
some of the elms at Dayton, and a yry severe outbreak is und.r
Sy at NTc Corlisl..


hi o

A LEAF :2''TLE (C'onoccsta coryli Say)


E. 'Y. Cory (July 24): t7 ortc i fro: t-.dyvi f- c. d

A LEA2' -:.T' (Calliarapha scalaris Lcc.)


H. S'7nk (Jrune 15-July 15): During t th third w .- in
Juna r ports cai. to us of serious dm.a-g to lim trhes ,n 1he
vicinity of Oxford. During th past spring this pp,.: cic 7as
found abundantly in the vicinity of Tilden, but no reports of
injury by the larvae wvrc later received from that locality.
Larvae of this species '-ere de.structive to i.lm at Chadron in
August, 1914, Trhich indicates a probable. double-brood-d
spe.cics in this St-te.

*.O3LLY ELM APHID (Xriosomaa americana -Rilcy)



1,. H. Swenk (June 15-July 15): during tisi

*00LLY APFPL A'PHID (Eriosoma lanigerum Hausm..)

F. T. Boyd (July 12): Very. common on elm in eastern -Ty sin.

EUROPEAN :z_.; SCALE (Gossyparia s-ouria Modeer)





J. '7. McColloch (June 22): A-. infestation was found in a
part of the t own of Goodland.

-. H. Swenk (June 15-July 15): A new locality of infesta-
tion ,7as reported late in June from -Hebron, T-'ayr County.

H. L. S-,Tetman (July 5): All the trees in Cheyenne in-
fested and some are s-riously infested

IMiC1'.:B? ..Y

H 3CBER2,Y TIPPLE G.-7I. (_pchpsyla celtidis ..:. ly)

M. H. Swenk (June 15-July 15): On. of the ,ost fr -" .. ntly
r,-co'rted glls during the period here covered -as t h ci-n -
berry nipple gall which became c onsoicuous in several locali-
ties early inr July.

A :,OTH (Chrysoclista linnclla Clirck)

'NeW York

Busck (July 29): This Europeon moth '7as first 'is-
covered in the United States, near T%;, York City,in Septjmber,
1928. Its larvae burro'- in the wocdy parts of the linden tr .


NeTw York



Nc- York



Ch. io


LOCUST LEAF l'i:-. (cA il dorsalis -hunb.)

E. ",*. lf.Indnhall (July 25)- '.Ltc destructive to th. locst
leaves in central and south7.-.t.rn. Chio.


NOT1 AY lALiY APHID (P1riohyllus lyro-pictus :>zs.)

Jckly ws Letter, :;. Y. State Colloge of Agr., July 1:
1lant lice hav caused a considerabcle loss of foliage on the
lTor/7ay maples in Suffolk County.

C. A. Thomas (July 20): :;orx ,Ty mal. u.'_hids, which nore
so numerous in southeastern Pennsylvania in June, arc nom
quite scarce.

J. J. Davis (July 42): ,:i aphids were re:orted abundant
from Pierceton, Edinburf, M.Irooco, Torte Haute, Salem, and
rortland, from June 21 to July 1.

I.APLZE "TEPTICULA (Nepticula scricopeza Zell.)

E. P. FRit (July 24): The 1Torway rI:c leaf stalk borer
is 7ecll established in Stamford, Conn., and zpecimens were re-
ceived last year from 1,Te& ..amburg and `Thite Plains, ::.Y.
There are reports of probable infestations from other locali-
ties. It may cause 10 per cent of the leaves to dr.-: in June.
(Determined by Dr. A. 3usck, Who states thet it is recorded
as minin, the youn.- fruit of Acir in X]roe.)

:_PLE 3LADDES_ G-_LL (Pnh7llocoptes quadri;.:_s Shi-.)

J. J. Davis (July 22): The maple bladder 7ail is ab..dar-nt
on :ryie at J,7olcottville as reported July 15.

A MT-CUTTER BL- (:e-achil: brevis Say)

7 4. .* eindcnhall (July 18): Th._ z:ork of this leaf-cutter
is quite prominent in Columbus, on maple and rose.

O)K' TWIG 7,U __- ('-'; r:..aIlu L villosus Frab )

L7. .'.:..-nd -hall (July 10): The soft mapl-s in one of the
nurseries in _Da-ton are badly affected.

CC "f,...L'- SC.'- (Fulvinaria vitis c .$

J. J. Davis (July 22): "otLd at Tipton, :.7 ichbond,
I:orocco, and Anderson.

i febraska

:,.as aechusetts

i,. H. S'wnk (Jun 15-July 1i): UnnsuUly troublesome this
year in central and western 7-braska. It -as reported between
Juno 17 and 27 as injuring soft maolu trees (and a fn w bther
plants at Valentin;, Chappoll, 0rd, and Pridgeport.


OA. UGLY IT-ST TORTRICID (Cacoecia fervidana Clem.)

J. Schaffner, jr. (July 25): This insect unusually
abundant in eastern Massachusetts, cslccially on Cape Cod.
Feeding was confined to scrub oak and sprout-grorth scarlet
and bl&ck oaks.

SSCARABAEID BEZT-; (Phytalus sp.)



H. P. Loding (July 15): This insect is yearly becoming more
plentiful. In June this year it was here in great numbers,
especially on young oak branches.

A LEA l.:TI*: (Lithoccletis con-lomeratella Zell.)

R. Harn:d (July 23): Live oak leaves injured were re-
ceived on May 30 frorc:Fazelhurst and Natchez.

I AITTUCICET P2I7 AOTH (Rhyacionia frustrana Comst.)

"Teb raska

BR. 7 Harned (July 23): Serious injury to young; pine trees
was reported from Jinona on July 11.

FIR 3..5SY (1o22-rus abietis Harr.)

.. :. S 'enk (Junec 15-July 15): A sawfly larva rather seri-
ously injured a planting of western yellow pine in ?:imball
County during the last half of Jun,.

A PIIE SA.tFLY (Noodiprion dyari Rohw.)

Vorth Carolina

R. A. St. George (July 24): The pine sawfly which caused
consid-rable injury to pines in this section (Pisgah national
Forest) pupated ar-und June 1. >,iany smell trees were completely
:defoliated, rhile the needles on the lower. branches of the
larger, mature ones were eaten. This is the second consecu-
tive season they have been abundant in this section.

-25D --

1.orth Carolina

A .iY PEETLE (DcErn.Iroctonus sp.)

". E. Hinds (July 23): A s-Tecies of :ndroctonus is re-
ported as att-c'.'ir. between 10 .. 15 per cent of 1the lone-
leaf pines on about 1,7%." acres nc:r 7c...-.r. Some trees
hyve died recently.

SC"T:'T" PIF ?--::.: (I-7rndro-tonus frontalis Zirj.)

A. A, t. Gcorje (July 24): He'evy broods over::rwinter---,
but they sudd:.nly di sape red. durirL the earl- C"ring, fol-
lo'wing n excess of ra7infall. zield observations .u-st
that excess precipitation just as the adults were m.turi..r,,a.nd attackin: vas lar-ely rezcro-ible for this
su ,den check in nuiTbhers. luring the letter L-rt c nue
and the early part of July, the excess -orecipitation. ac-
cu-...l.-ted since January 1, r:as ,7rcatly reduced, and
therefore, the insect ie- 'einc noted in jncre-si-.-.'- rs
lately in certa-in localities.

CHA7-'A (c br t ri ri scus vicinus Scud.)

I"orth Carolina

R. A. St. George (Jil- 24): r.Tis insect is quite active
in the eastern -art of the State, inJ.uring y'un- pine seed-
lings in the nursery of the State Department of Conserva-
tion and LevLloprment, nc.'r 2lei-h. This is believed to be
c new host record.


A" -APHID (Chaitoohorus rop'1-1h G. & P.)

Uorth Dakota

". L. Sweetman (Julv 17): Tery ,'Ju-.d-nt at Laramie. The
m"l .-uforms aepp-2i re the fi-st ,-eek in July.

SPiC3 :. ..' (P.r'nmo'c f riferann nlem.)

S "-.nro (July c2); Jamestown and An.ta during the week of .un- 24. In -eneral,
this insect is scarce.

LO:'CT, SU2^E COn GAdI, (Cf.errmes cool-cvi Gill.)

:~ ichi~an

R. H. Pettit (July 25): A sin,-le infestation has been
found near Detroit on blue s.-ruce. Zvidently this was from
a v'estern nurscrv.

-. 59-


GIANT APHID (Loncistij.o cary.e Herr.)



C. A. fho-.s (July 20): A number of lar this aphid have 'been found recently on the trunks and
larger branches of grlaucous or pussy illow ,lix discolor
Vuhl., growing in a yard near Kcnnett Souare.

POPLA :IOC}A-STO.T :c:* (ich.u jnclusn Fl=.)

7. '*. endenh.l! (July 3): illow stock' in nurser.,y t
Brookville is badly infested with lrv'e.

-TT %; SA .TLY (Cimbex arm.ericana Leach',







E. W. ]"cndenhall (July 3): Outbreaks on villow in some
sections of lontgomery County have been reported.

YELLOWZSPOTTSD JILLO SLUG (Pteronus ventralis Say)

E. W. Mendenholl (July 24): Quite abundant on pussy wil-
low in one of the nurseries in Springfield.



Correction ... note on ecas inornta ttckin
sunflower in oississippi on pae 205 of thi-, vol,-u. of the
Survey Bulletin should h'avz read K. saturnine Lee.
(Later determined by "7. S, Fisher.)

F SD SPIDER (Tctranychus telarius L.)

B. N. Cory (July 24:'" On ever-reens all over the State.

B. V. Nendenhall (July 24): suite abundant on 'illo-'u
in Springfield and on evergreens in one of the nurseries
at Columbus.

?. P. Flint (July 2): Injury is on the increase in cen-
tral Illinois. Evergreens are suffering most and many oth-r
plants are being dmarecd.

T. J. D'vis (July 22): ReportEd as destructivE from
many points on the usual evergreen hosts and from Ja spr
where it is att c' injr an unknown Tl2ant.

M. H. Zwenk (June iS-July 15): Continued tr-u*lesorme
attacks on spruce and cedar. during this entire period. -i..



comnlnints rr-.d fIom o,:' z countyy west to Nance, north
J W. 1cOolloch (July 5): 3euinw d.-,'e to foliage of
shade trees and shrubs at Ir-t ls.

7PACIFIC T D P:ID:R (T:t r:vchus racificus Yc-reror,

2. A. "':c-rz:or (Julv-:: h) annual outbreak is "'ell under
,;ay. I,, -lmost unnrectdented hot '::ave of l-te and
early July accelerated the dtvelor-_-nt of this red slider,
vhich is one of the m-aior nc ,ts of central Calif crnia, ec-
>ecially of dcciduo-a fruit trees and ornamentals.

A LEAF .L-.iE (Colaspis favosa Say)


:assachuse tts

H. P. Lodir- (July 15): "any complaints of defoliation
of ericaceous -nlants such as azalc-as, and fluer'ries. In
one nursery in BalL. In County the inspector noticed tat
they were attacking ;cig7elias and broad-leaved evergreens.

CHAIIY-T- T-ED C-:':EBPR (Cin-ilia catenaria 7rury

J. V. Schaffner, jr. (July 25): A severe local outbreak
found in pasture land at Lancaster July 19. .u. various
plants and shrubs vere present, I swet tern, -._rLca
asplenifolia L., seemed to be the favored food.

ASIATIC BEETLE (Anomala orientalis 7aterh.)


V'riend (July s): infestation is bzc,- s r.C
more widely spread in I .-.. :ven nd a ne,' infestation wes
found this year in Bridgeport.

A MILLIV-' (Scutifcrelia I4 ..-culata 7 -.)



..... 1'-. .s (Jul" 20): Sb -nilids h cben v.ry arun-
dant and injurious in stvcr-! zrnh..s at ~tletcn -"z
KennettSquaro duri.~ the past year. -' have destro--cd :
thy roots of a number of plants, including; Calla lilies,
sweet peas, Centaurea secdlinms, small aster plants, carna-
tion cuttin-L,, ectc. In all cases the in. r.' has >crn to
the root c.'.tem. 1:ost of the dL'---e has been in b"ds on
the ground, tut they have also entered -ots and fed on the
root ball, thus being transferred to r:.sed beds, where
they thrive as lonr as moisture in present.

A' FC .1TAE PL'. 27h (iachnus ht I-f-2's Del G.)

Menden.; 11 (July 19): ;-i infe station on nrborvitne
vwas found on a priv-ate estate in Dayton.

-.30 -

TERPAFIN SCALE (LEcanium nigrofasciatum Perg.)






E. `. Mcndenhall (July 29)" The terrapin scale is quite
bad on arborvitae at Dayton and vicinity.

EUROPLAi7 FRUIT LEC..IIi- (Lecanium corni Bouche)

E. ;7. Mendenhlall (July 12)- Found on arborvitae trees in
nurseries in Cl.rk, .'Tntgomery, and Hamilton Counties.


APHITS (Aphiidae)

E. r. Mendenhall (July 20): Root aphids,. inura-phis ma-idi-
radicis Forbes and Tr :* ,i. ro-*:-1 Thos. are quite bad
on aster roots, causing themrn to wilt and die.

M. H. $Sewnk' (June 15-July 15): ir. aster root aphid,
Ahi__s rriadletonii Thos., w'", reported troublesome during
the latter half of June.

CA &

LESSER C.' : LEAA hOLIjR (&sshna cannalis Quaint.)

.. ".. Tarned (July 23): Quite abundant throughout
'.'ississippi during t ,e L-.sU fev: ,:elks. In many instances
Cannas were comnpletcly Yuined.

XRCGE; CXn'X Lf. ?,.LE, (>C1.T:- ethlius Cram.)

F. a' Harned (Jul v 2',; : -,i ,art thrc-i.=-out the
State during the pat few I :s. in -any cases cannas were
comDletely destroyed.



C*-RyS'.:'L-'7,,,xI GALL DL K1,D2"L 7 : *o 'a-ia hro.a-i-cr Loew)

W. RHarer2 (July 23): wcecir-;! were fond on chrysan-
themurm at r r_;n'-pcd on June ;. The inrfestation was cleaned
up immediately.

A iJLGORID (Ormenis sertentrionis Spin.)

H. P. Lodinr (July!l5): A fulgorid has been doin- con-



c .ton

siderable darrge to young growth of crce-e myrtle and other
ornamentals in Mobile. T-..y have come in great nurm.bers. I
counted as r-ny as 50 adults on a single creoe myrtle- br-n'ch
3 feet Ion:-. An interesting thing is that En-lisb somrro. s
v:ere eatin. therm by the thousands.


HOLLY WJ.-C2M (Rhorobota naevana Kearfoot)

7. 7. Baker (July 25): This insect seems to be general in
western 7.'ashineton and is very serious in several localities.
Some trees have been seen with a larva in every y-ur:- shoot.


IRIS BOnRR (Iocronoctua onusta Grote)


New Hampshire

} assachusetts

E, I. W. endenll (July 16): Dam-rife in :ont-j'-cry and
Greene Counties is very severe.

P. R. Lowry (July 22): Flints b-dly infested in E>st
Kingston, Durham, and Dover as reported July 16.


EIGHT-SPOTTED FORE3STER (Alypia octomEculata Fab.)

J. V. Schaffner, jr. (July 22): Th7re are s-vere local
outbreaks in the suburbs .f o,-stcn. bcztcn ivy on the
brick Talls of a largo r nufacturin7 pl..t fed on
severely. The sections of vines on the w'alls
of the third story snd 2rounc some of th. rin,2's of the
first -nd second stories aere entirely s'tri :red of foli..~e.
joodbire on the vWals of on: of th; builcis of Harvrrd
University- was defoliated.


ILAC A ....... (Grrclbria svrin ello -b.)

Shin ton

C. F. Doucette (Junk 25): U'rv-, of the first brood
ape-ocr to be pr-cticilly full-gro'.n. It atprears ti.Lt some
unkno'vn factor has destro,-.d about 75 per cent of the l]r-
vae of this brood.

TI FLY redonee cstri SSSb.)
I'J-J-.'Ii2J; BULB FLY (Meradon eQuestris Fa~b,)


C. F. Doucette (June 25): The first rsdt ts" :cri o'c,'r';-c
in the fields 2.round Sn ner -n .yv 13. 1on,-, 7 v -
served flyin,- since Juine 19. The flies appeared to be
t'bout normal in ab'nrdanc .

5ULB ZLITS (FuLIrus s .

7, shi ng-ton

-'. sb i n t n

3. F. Doucette (June 25) : Adults a:rc -t the rpr; t tU.
scarce in the n-.rcissuo fields, indic- tin: t- ttl fiLst-
brood flies h pr7 -cctic ily disappe-red. 0ho second Lrood
of adults is expected to be at its peak tov;ard the end of

BULB KITE (Tarsoncr:-s a proxi ...tus narcissi in)

C. F. Docucetto (Jun- 25): Infe:2tetion. hv., tn found
in fou-r o1Pntin .s of n'rcis:.s in western n ,`_shnjr ton this
orprin 7.

A PYPJA'LK (ilh .nia dris;ii.';liv Guh:n.)


'i. arned (July 22): Or JunI 6 a corr-snondent at
7erona informed us that an insect lad caused serious injury
to P privet hedge. (Petet rnmnd by- S us.)

S T-1 BE T ( oC7t- l

A LEA B3EEBTT (o7donot5 clmoe-liz Horn)

. HrrneId (July 9): On Juni 10 a corres-ondent at
Carrollton p'.iled to us a n-:Lb, r of flea bbetls tl- t he
stated v;ere eating holes in th+ laves of unmflo,..r.

us 3OKCALE (Ihion's is ctruscr -con.l


0. L. 3arnes. (July 24) : rish scale ic knr~ I ly
abunda7nt on tt ori"k tre in te" vicinity of .hoenix. .].-
thouh 7 receive. r.'ny :reorts of b nc-r.i of thi< s cl
and requests for aid in control, only s.-a! 2. *''cnt:. :2.t
of t1he total infested trees h-ve bcee r,:crtd. Tbh t'o-
stab. d a .l'bird beetle is usua-lly lv nd 't*:. the in-
festation is heavy.



vIOLET SA'.:FLY (EmphytinaJ .. c_.-.,d-:n-Ji Kt .,.)

;7sr 'hinTton

a. l3kcr (June 25.):, h* vy infestct tin cc;s o-.?r,-d-
on violets .nd -r:nsies in bcerdeen.


A LONG-HORITED 3BET: (Liorus cr 7ssulus Lcc.)

X: ,brask'

*. H. Sv,.enk (Jun( 15-July 15): Lrvae of crssu_ s
v-hich is ordin-rily re,-^rdcd ;is a borer of the :. :-rry,
were rciorted on v'istcri' about mid-June.

A 0 ( Ytodcs ustinna .
A MOTH (R;atodcs a-n.rustiona-naH?".

O da

iTew Hamposhire



usck (July): Tis European rmoth vwzs first collected
in ,orth America at Victoria, 3ritish Columnbim, cSrt..-c'Lr
18, 1928. It wr-s re-red from larvae found on v-" (--.s

1 ..>J 0 ' .n.TTACi I I 1 G !

OS;UTITC:, (Culicid,-e)

SR. Lowry (July 22): :.edes sollicitans ,ilk. is auch
less abundant than 1!'st year in the coast towns, ori n- to
the dry season.

Hinds (July 23): Anohelin, o rqitots aT=r to be
more. abundant than usual at this season of :hc year -r.n
cases of malari. are' very -uc. more common at Nev: Orleans
anri -t 3aton -u.-e than thny hlv. 'been for several seasons.

I* C.Ltmi!h (June 15-25) T h-ve fl sn S o fl 20
ocqiitowS _(A' s, t*r-iorh.:-!-nch us ""icd.) in both cluit and
rn:-.,in w-a-ter- as occurred in the >-atte Lath n district
the !atter roart of Tune. T.. tduot, ar. d&y bit:rs and
made v'or1ti:.- in tht re cion -Irnmot irpos-ible. he '..-
inm ; of .ret n-,mbcrs of 1 < i:to black *ysves nd the
habit of mnyv larvae holci... to r:'G 'l-des in running.
v;ater wcre n>.' observations to :e,.








FLEAS (Ctenocephalus spp.)

F. C. Bishopp (July 29): ',>ny retorts of house and yard
infestations by C. felis Bouche and C, cans Curt. have
been received, during July. 'hese htve come from the follow-
ing States: Pennsylvania, .`ryland, Virginia, lTew York, .
Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts, itRhode Island, Ohio.
Illinois, and Iowa.

CHIGGERS (Trombicula irritans Riley)

F. C. Bishopp (July 29): Sevc-. reports of severe an-
noyance from chiggers have been received from the Central
States, particularly Ohio, Illinois, and Iissouri. About
the usual number of complPints have come in from various
southern States.

E. '. Mendenhall (July 16): Chiggers are very trouble-
some to people in z'Dntgomery County.

J. J. Davis (July 32): Reported abundant in lawns at
Terre Haute July 16.

L. Haseman (July 22): Beginning to attract serious at-
tention July 20.

SADDLE-BACK CATERPILLAR (Sibine stimulea Clem.)

R. W. Harned (July 7): On June 17 a citizen of Natchez
handed a specimen to N. L. Gray with the statement: "It
occurred on flowering bush,stung my wife and caused fever."


COMAON CATTLE GRUB (Hvpoderma lineatum DeVill.)


New York

J. L. `--ebb and H. S. Peters (July 6): Out of 230 lar-
vae extracted near Burlirn-ton, three df this species were
found. This is an unusually late occurrence of this species
in this locality.

:IC'0:ThTRi CATTLE GRUB (C.-ooder-ra bovis DeG.)

J. L, 7ebb and H. S. Peters (July 15): Practically all
of the grubs had dropped from the backs of the cattle in
the Plattsburg and H-erkimer districts b this date. This
is from four to six weeks earlier than in 1928.

H'RI FLY (Haematobia irritans L.)

17. G. Bruce (June 5-July 3): The horn fly was very much

North Dakota

in evidence arund Lisbo.n -n. east to .(.hceton. An 'veB;e
of O.-1r -i':l "'s estimated. Iney were fours to be
v;ry nrz(-rauc at "?ilton. on Juy 3, bei.n from I0
to. 12 per animal

3T-'32 7-Y (Zto o.Ts cslcitrcrs L.)

hio A. 3. shop (July ." T: u:.:c flies wYer re-orted to
b nusu'llrdy nbndnAt c^ y4nnyin: to t:;s in a ar-e --r.-
ncl at Tickliff on 7uly 17.

t'cth ricot ce (- --): Stanli flies --ere noted to -:-
S.IM. t "ro3--. Lcson -.: h.-retcn. n ro I0 to 15 flies
":re fo-und on ny -ni '!s. hYe :"ies *:erc not so notice-
-.Ie -rojnad J-r.n r, a7e, linford, 7mi Co---rsto7n.

EL-',"- 3 7LO~7L7 (1 -or7ia regina :.ei_--.)

.........s.a .. H. S.. .nl< (June !5-f-f.'. 15): _;n-iy K o,'=ty corre-
spor..-nt on u-19 re-ortd that after dehorr.i-r:- a herd
too !ate, rs cattle_ "ere seriously CotherE- 77'7- t'-.' r_::-
ots of 7, Dro"b-vy this scscies.

.-7: ._S (-Ta-bani s)

:missouri -. Hnsea-m (Cuy 22): Horse flies are- more abur.:-r.t
than I h7ve- ever sen :he-. ,ro cr.cies of r.-:nheads,
the large black horse fly, the medium sized brown species,
and one n:-.zcieF of dAeer fly, have :--n especially ab.-t
no d-cubt o-:i.: ;o s-_rir.- and fnvora:le breediA
weather -.e-se flies have attracted special attention in
central Zissouri dcurirn Julv.

110 3 OsY (st roi'hilaus >.e...or r:. idalis L.)

northh arko: -. A-unro uly 2: .e nooe sotfly put in its ap-
rance& iurin-r- t-: last two teeks in the Tea R-iver Valieyi

T...: (_l--j- -eridionale Riley)

>szisssi i ". Earned ( ur.- 25 : 2ecimnens snt in on 1F'.*. IB.
-'z-se -.ts occ, rr-d in "' ..."- 's ir ....oliv- .'r, 7rc'. -
ton, .-.:ow'er, -.: o.hom Counties. :ckens were
bothered bcut no deaths hai n reported.


n='ters it -.:r.v lces in t'F c .l- r .

rc- -' r vrc "' oz ir E
s:.- ... r. -._ ,. ,n ,rm T l -. e -- .

e c, 7i7 o ,* nz-
--i ii
-- n .. -
Cliin ton.

74- -

-Ihart, l: -. i--rt : en i

"4+.- -Z r-

Kt -ali-: -n3 -r-i n i lv-.Jtcr Ws ":*:,: c ~.- ." lc: ssson .

At Pittsb.u-I r,-ach injury has ber : one tz electric !ight poles.

- c'izm "= rh t- -'- - -".. ..

vi:c" to tnke :s to -re-,tert further loss.

CL'-._--. _" _-..--. _I_ (lo-.oT: v.-cr_.__a Dr-rv}
-o -'7 7 ':7

Sseioas s: + - t. ansas 7. -t -ec1rr Cc-- -.-- at rsts,:--. .r:



-? .7-



3 1262 09244 6003