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The Insect pest survey bulletin
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v. : maps ; 26 cm.
United States -- Bureau of Entomology
United States -- Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine
Bureau of Entomology, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
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Washington, D.C.
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monthly, mar-nov. plus annual[1926-]
monthly, apr.-nov.[ former 1922-1925]
monthly, may-nov.[ former 1921]


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Insect pests -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
Entomology -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
serial   ( sobekcm )
federal government publication   ( marcgt )


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Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1921)-
Numbering Peculiarities:
Vol. 14, no.9 issued only as a supplement..
Issuing Body:
Vols. for May 1, 1921-1934, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology; 1935- by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.
General Note:
"A monthly review of entomological conditions throughout the United States" (varies slightly).
General Note:
Includes annual summary starting in 1926.
General Note:
Includes some supplements.

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University of Florida
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A periodical review of entomological conditions throughout the United States
issued on the first of each month from March to December, inclusive.

Volume 8 September 1, 1928 Number 7











Ut40-00-0 l J l


vol. : ~ t-.br1 9 e

S- -I S i -- It l.... -"
.- ircvioutly re--or+vd f
:lie:: '*ccten pc t of the >:o :, nd of :' r-t7ic- C^-
c-_.'"-. ^.-.: . -_ thi-" .r'n't;. In ...ot~ 51= -f aotmt "Zs., :.nd in t[.

S.- ,t e ..'v ...... : nti : _l c s. . .. :... c,:

recent sc"h-e: ..i.. ..-. Zc t f e e ee-

'eA. of- ~
t l e i n "-- r t t c r d rid l o.; Ir -... 3c i.r;. ; i i t I.rI .._ I c l .'. c ..r " c r c- ^ 1 7" ""
i"' '.;'.'.;. nOrithcrTZ Z'rr er.&2LO l -;,... ... .i.p. l-c ; ii 6. a le rn

_ -- ,. '1_ wi' .s - c-_> t .-acI, .-d
~Inthi s% }. r. ^ul, cr ofm the "ullretin thc rc ; ,,- i a, -ita ,-.ti, n of

... ... ~ ~ nt ; [r i. I .. ...if
t-,. .cssi,-n "fy -orv o :;. r.o tection :; t. S thi.
t i -- i cs :. .'-;/"rt hi e ..r. *;. ;.. l :..' n:7 i 0 1 e ret "" o .. b r "-'

UO.-.I :tfli r rr S ~ s
hC. C- 1 *y i.fetaio; alr.'- th-; odt'-et n side of th tTz. -' .tr
i- i: :.s 'c rets t f5 pr cent -so ,
the *". ItZt j'.i'o.i; rin ,t.Y ,. cc. -- n i li n i r 'o j n t on *-i

:.":i7ton -*. ut', 3. O.

*I" I ; . .1" "-; *: :: c, .. .. c not so tcriohi's rc:i pI
....s ,. on, tile >;':^ t.. l_ cit,1!': ic crtr 3 n s rio -.Js y 1. -i
"'"- in Hannito::3f Cr .- ., ".i'.
} frjLt ^*c-- I-, ro.ll r n. + th -vpl -: h r 'c.''=
:e dec ide r,",' -or : .)r:v l c Fl. .-.: -;.".: 1 n p- s of *** .o r':. P i .

-'., 7., .( t >';' S;' r.''., ... .. i :; \\.:" ; r Sri 'o.ic i the p.h : iVe
.",ii11 li. :-. *'..; re 1^ *.:-... .....** ":; 0. : p^r ce t of t ro ha s b. en de-
" '.re" .''I this soLson..

nhe oriental peach moth, though not abnormally destructive in
the older infested territory, is now reported from as far north as Jack-
son and Williarmson Counties, Ill., and quite serious in Greene County, 0.

The imported cabbage .vorm is reported as causing very serious
losses in northern Illinois and southern Wis. Less serious injury is re-
ported from western New-, York State and the Birmingham district of Ala.

Ur-*a cabbage maggot is more serious than it has been for many years
in central and western Tcv York.

The velvet bean caterpillar is reported for the first time as a
primary pest of peanuts in Fla. Usually this insect moves into peanuts
from infested velvet bean fields.

Recent inspection in Ala. indicates that the carmaai-n to control
the sweet-potato weevil is promisingly successful.

The newly discovered wireworm Heteroderes laurentii Guer. is re-
corded as showing: what appears to be a preference for certain varieties
of sweet potato in Ala.

The change is doing more darnage than it has in the past several
years in Fla.

A very heavy outbreak of the semitropical armyworm, covering prac-
tically all of the Florida peninsula, has been under ,-ay throughout the
month. In addition to defoliating its native food plant, it has done
much damage to ornamentals and castor beans. This is the heaviest out-
break of this insect that has occ-rred since 1917.

Brood II of the periodical cicada, the first large brood recorded
from the Middle Atlantic States, reappeared this spring. This brood oc-
curs, in general, in the territory immediately east of Brood I. A few
doubtful records have been made in past years from Indiana, Illinois,
and Michigan, but not one of these was confirmed by this ycor's appear-
ance. In general, the brood ';as centered about northern "TCwv Jersey,
southern kJ'.. York, and south-central Connecticut. The records from the
territory southward to North Carolina were very scattering and the col-
onies were comparatively small.

Brood XXVII of the tridecim race, recorded for the first time in
1902 from Fr.-nl:lin County, Miss., and again recorded from that locality
in 1915, in which year it was also recorded from Chicot and Philips
Counties, Ark. appeared this year at a single point and with a si-ngle
specimen at Yasoo City, Miss.

The 'L, -.ry num-ber of the Insect Pest S-i'v:y Bulletin which will
appar in Dccermber will incl-o' c a co.r'-nlete list rnd map of all of the
localities so far r. corded for these vwo broods.

O'.- -T .1.:.^ I -.. _._' .. .. -.-.- ... ._ ,:_T.'-J ^J _- -" .-7 11 .-<.-.- .'. - .-- - --,* i "

r... _e t arny-orr, :p.t.r confi. ., .. .. 4.
out:c:',_- 2 rm in sout-'ern l..berta '.n" in southern i :cn:ob", .f...ti-,
s;eet clover, ftlax, Y rI '...":. -.7 d -irL-.

y -".' r-.t- ,rts .-... ct"orm d c;hve coon rcccivd fro2. of
th, 7 ',,- : io -i orts i: "l..te thzt c t"t-.Tor:fs .rc re, "-vher. su mner -L:2 ly
c1 o1 t.

"n..' the .... -r s Of d .oneOnpr s in u OAit-: .. .. i -h
:hicotin district, ... .luv.Dir, far c:ccc.' mo i1, no :t a -
?-: c ;., n done.

..orts f o sctins ritish t" -i :. t'r io, :i 1
- *:::.VwI[_ indic-te J '. tLthe "-,.rt~c<. ,r' 'b .--fv -:orm .is .. ... i:. .. 'T
thi s se L'.--.

-T'. *ire./orr Lni'io ?]rr iK cnr.i_ Zi .cs c"-,.ed 3,ri,"- ......
in .. Y,.. t, I I"ticr.lar!. on 'c3:..r- i <... '.. I : : .r cis-
tr- ct, ....

it.: corn ear worI a is po:ev ln.t in rorr-fi',' 1. ... ..

--* -C is '*. he.vL in.ect ,tio. o ._c t1'- :,-zr .;>"1- "i- in ore- ".y.
of '-'" r 0. .n:i .* ..... ee", .'-tcih Col ]iaii', princiyaily ,nffc'3; inp.. y ;:::".

T:. pcnr el' i "rev::l* nt on -ar, c'c *, r, n na
out th,'. ! "iv jvor vl Ttil- C r

A .'.'. tL ::" r thr-n 7c't r ..c. cO1, nlure 'i ef thr
is '"...- *t, in the ""-" "rr district, '' .'nj '"r{
.....-- t. -0 n'

C - C

~mirZ in ~. 0107. -. tic. ~'2L:
* *h1 ~

+ ::- 1 "~ r 2

111 2r -e


- ~.ti. .2 LL2..

V -~ V
4 -

" t t.: i .'< 1 ti: t n r i

.4 -, t~ *1


C' Au.

S tr

"uT(. :it


: ie trees in north .t..r.. A...berta. -4-rinas of this species have
been received from points all over the territory infested this spring,

A survey in "Bruns-.ick indicates that the larch s.zfly is
con:orafctivcy scarce in th province this year.

In the ramiloops area and the Chilcotin district, 3ritish Coli-ubia,
biting flies, including t:bani ds, simuliids, and leptids, are r.pcrtc,
as mich more trc-blesoame thcn usu-al.

A.- o;'tbreak of the rainpool mosquito, Akdes vexans "n. occurr%-d
in many sections of Ontario and Quebec as a result of heavy rains in July.


Nebr.,. --

I.-- York

.. S-erk (July l-'.u-.u-t 1): D:z'..-e by -r.. r e- >e] tohl' ivitt _t-u: S-.7, continues to 'c report,& fron
-7estern ^./'r=-:a, Cr--'" are eel:-I.. s- ricusly "l:" -.- in '.ot s
l'-,lf Count a-i o t 'l-t less severely in t.- -lat-e Vall.y
ca-it to D0 'on Counrty, r' re ct only alfalfa "r in fi>L
but also suc.-r beets are bei..-- att-".. .. in C:'l" Cou"t1
reports that his fr-Jt trees are l.i;. stri-'d by -c r.
In eatern : :b :a .1"': -if-.t-Kis c, -.... ..
ing its -ings durin th. last L days in July.

C. Crosby -.r ass .i -tant. ('.:uct 7): Doc consi!: 'r
d;. -e in the extreme stern :..rt of t:.L State. (,bc t ,.. :.

E i t. ,.. nl,.nhc l ..u.u:.t I):
at :LV Crlisic (..i unt)
arc doint cons ... :. fe
'a s in cod Iost 't ;,r.

I fi:.d aste r rJ:..ts in a nur r
.. rct u, bv t..' 'hit a .n b ''
-'.i^ ;'c'lr," '/here p anti^ *?c : : '. ;-

Nc- York

11.. rn-, a

Unit LJ Sta-..:

.F, L, Thlora-s (J''ly 10): Eight hundred and five -. -tles t<.'app
in tv.o hourr. 8:15-10:15 P, .' tip i . on .. .
and C.incse elz trees a Coll, e Station.

QL_? CHA.? (i'c rod :,ctvlus 'b:1.-;u." F )

C. RF Cro 'y,- and asci tants (.,u.; it 7): 7 .o'*-. occa3'o:'.,ll
report.-' doin; co0:crcial racee, as "'hol this insect s not
-1iy aunant this c. ar. (... ct J. A E:.)

:L., .- >v:i.- (July 15-.2 4.t 1): -i last int of i ".ur
t.. rose chafer .: sent in from 1rry .ty Jly

*JA ..."- : L* (ro~ illia .. -: :.* i .)

C. h, "..'.".., (.'.u u. t I1 ): Locatio.;v at Ihich ,ous :nve found
:->*..cimens of t e J..-'".aCs bi &tle this seas.':, inclu. : : '.rtf'_rd
S t' ., Conn. S in f ; i .:or "- -
C',. aje al'e: C'ty, l..r, ZIl:~ n ,rr'vil c .n .. .' .; ,
".',.;", 1 r, D v r, rr: ... -'or., yi" tun '
cr, u To'nstrnd, DoIl,; .': i.i toA, D, C,; Al .. .dr:., .*;.,. :intd
Lci stcn, : .
t, c intur of thr e t d :,.'. the in:s,; :. -. . 1.
..r..) .r. t7 ].i in Eo '... .....r b L L
in- : s._d d -.;tricts t v r .... ,,a i.. nuaorr.

G7-7-- .-L ... 7 _
-. .....-,' _. (A c id :. .)
GRASS. C ..3 (A ri ,,

T I- ., -



R. B. Friend (July 25): Adults have been much more abundant
this year than formerly at I3c; Haven.

A?-J.T0OPA; (Cir-his uniouncta Haw.)


E. L Chambers (A0ust 10): Several small outbreaks of the
almr^orm Tere discovered before more than 20 or 30 acres of
crops were destroyed in Ozeukee and !.:anitowoc Counties, but con-
trol maisure~s were necessary to check them.

FALL ABM.7JORB (La.h,.a fru-iperdn S. & A.)


Re. '7, Harned (August 27): Several complaints in regard to the
southern grassworm have been received recently, although only
slight or medium draage has been caused in each case. Specimens
collected on corn have been received from 'Walnut Grove, 7Lest
Point, Yazoo City, Valley, Kosciusko, and Pascagoula. Specimens
collected on arborvitae and privet were sent in from 1cCorb.



:IE3T-T FLY (Ph:,to poa detim7ctor Say)

W. P. Flint (August 2): The !i-2 f*- urve- which is made
the first of August of each yea+ -;. to!e :r.mol'oists of the
Natural History Survey and the Federal of 2rtomoieoj co-
operating has just been completed. This s-uarey during t1:.;- pre-
sent season covered wheat fields in 53 counties in the principal
wheat-growing areas of the State, involvi.r:.- the examination of
almost 25,000 '7h-at tillers. In moet 2: i -.s of the St;'4o,, the
Hessian fly is less abundant this ne. om -L:in l'Jt. and t'; il-
festation on the whole is light. 'Thir. ic a moderately ho':;-
infestation along bhe southeastern sici of the State in the group
of counties starting with Wabash and Edgar on the south and ex-
tcnding northward to Chs:;;p:-ign and Vermilion counties, '7ith the
heaviest infestation in L:.rcnce, Clark, Coles, Douglas and near-
by counties.
The following table shows the infestation of tillers 'bh- le
Hessian fly in the different counties of the State. TVhil- ihe
Hessian fly is generally present in northern, central, -rid southern
Illinois, it is very sc:ce this year. In a narrow belt across
the south-central counties, as already ":-,ntioned, there is a
r:olL.rately heavy infestation.
In most counties early-sown -.':1L;at will probably not show a
heavy infestation by the fly this fall. General early se-ding
!ill, of course, bring up t'ic infestation next year.

ASIATIC r-E--,l (jioiala oriental is -.aterh.)

Mississisp s


: Ave.
:Per cent:
County : Infested:County

-.r cent:

:cr cent

.". i :*: : >

Ca s
C -..) : i n
Clark :
CI i.ton :
C. --for. :

z ,r
F- Ord

Gall I, a t i n



1-n.j ccock
.%- .- *
SIroquc i s

jeo-rc ie

:Li" inrs'con
: 1.0 :_:".

-:.acou in
:2Madi son
:"' .on


1 5

* sr..-r

Koultrie e
::n:ol:'. :
:Rock I:Lm-:
nS.n -:.^3.'l
:cW :uv;!r :
:-zc11~ :
:er:ili on
:t t sb:-chi
:*hit.side :




- ii- Vcr cvi~cncc that r~c1

ir-'estaticn by the : I-. ;i fly is devciopin. in : u.'eastern
,t .... .. "- s-"r.d durin> July. bout one-.::lil of the fields
in v'etst-cent:-._ Se ard Coun.t -...: .. '-n fc"-,r-. i"."ested, -hile
in cert'-n sections 9i .'-alo Coun:ty soe fields hav bee n d::a
as rc.G as 2 per ccnt. _..;er is a a i:n irf ation a fr
rest as south-central edli-llo" :>ur.ty, Re.orts of d e around
: -n.Xel:> r-., in :'L. Cunty, h.... ot bc n verii d ..-...
-..r* d as r 'o Loubt.

'.THSiAT JO;:., ',*....-.. ({._^'_ tritici .f:tch)

,,". P, _'int (.;.u--:.-t 21): ?*,* co"- rative :.heat- insect :,r
has jutt Le2n cimplet *-. ?h.- folloi.; tabl jivws tIic i ttt

of uint-'orm fe'tagion acertained in t'-i' curv i
cover ,1 5.3 counties.

::* :" n *t
S* I.. t ifAr


* *~'-~- ~:-

:Clint'n : /,.3:" .::, r :

: Crr. 'erd : 1.0: cri *
: :'fI'.: .S-.Tult' :

: h ltt 0 a .11 tin
.* C' 1 C.r; ^ r -n


1.6 :
4 n C




.,'u fl

-. ,..:',


*sa' *


-? r'

. :S-L' 1-: (uly 1F..-.Aast 1):

' c r

:Per cent:

Per cent:

:Per cent

J: ckson
L., r.;r'ce
Log-- .n


:M cou in


:C -l-o


:Rock Island
:S .n -jon

WLAT SHIATiH .OPIM (Ha.rmolita vaginicola Doane)


RB H, Pettit (August 15): The wheat sheath w.7orm has appeared
at Maple City and is reported-to be quite plentiful in individ-
ual fields.

CHT::'}-: BUG (Blissus leucopterus Say)


J, R. >tson (August 20): Chinch buas have been f-i rly as
injurious to St, Augustine grass Ipwns as usual this time of
year. The householders in increasing numbers are substituting
centipede 'riss for St. Au.nstine grrss in their lawns as a result
of thz depred.tions of this insect.

CORN E, (.liothis Obsolet Fb)
CO1 E ;l OEi~ (ifcliothtis obsolete Pab,.)

'' York


I o':? and
South D. j:otr

M* NA Taylor (Auxust 7): Sca.rce to date in Erie County*

PJ? Flint (August 21): There have beLnfe, seasons in the
past ,'he this insect has been as scarce is it is this season,
.;:,';innations in a lar.:e number of cornfields in east-central
Illinois have f iled to ', a single ear of corn infested by this
norm. To da-te no moths ha-ve been t-krn at bait t"-ps or seen in
thu evening" about flov,' r beds, '.'hure they are usually quite .rumr-

CO NO Ainslie (A'ugust 14): Not for many years has there been
leusf d',.in ., done by the corn coar '-orm theii during, the present sea-
son at Sioux City. G rdcn sweet corn ., t rLas planted early o-nas
injured severely by th je larv;ae but field corn here and in
outl .oatcrn South Dakota, is almost entirely free from 'att'c-.




STALK LC-., (Pau-ire-a n:cr:s riit.?la ,ucr..)




Kan sas

South Carolina

U, Z, Britton (July 24): Very destructive to corn in a
small section of ;;ether:'ield, nearly ev.. ry st:.K: ,:-i.r in-
festedi. (Auazust 24): 2-.:,c:'ted from 7:.:-_:-ston, Madison, :.2
M riien.

v. H, S1et/ (July l-Au-st 1): Co::.saits of ir-.j-ry to corn
by the stalk bor.Er continued to come in .u.ri:t^ the last l.!.f
of July. C-.ue report rcl:-.ted to irij"r;. to t.-. toes. The reports
covered the area from Knox and .ocx Counties south to ;ice
and Te'-.ha Counties anl west to Custer and .::rnns Counties,
F. L CCh S-(J..L. B-.): (t,,c::.-hl io:-.p.osellus Zell.

F L. Tho:.a.s (Jul.,'): Attacking7 CO-T^-a at rarllngen,

'AIZL 31LLBU3 (2:rr3rT.o.,h-e c rai i- Cnitt.)

J% Wo McColloch (August 7): The -aize billbuw L<
some loss to corn in a field near Mario'n.

J. IH, T.-nL..t (Auaust ). I :ent to --runson '._ invest atli
.'irc-orms there and in t'... ur3u..,2.T-. erritor:. Most of the
d,_,a,-e seems to be '..u,.- to la"v.:: of ri-tc.cL;s r:.-., alt''o-.'-.
I have r.-,'.on to suspc',t Eo.', injury I:- Yo:.oc .: '.r : -
tjnu Fab,, as I found :.-ults of this -:-r.cies in abuhdar.c'.
Farnmtrs1 estimate of .-:. this ,.r v.-ri' from 10to -0 :-'.-r
cent of all crops in :..jton County, :.- all aay that the
injury is incr.-ti:.i r-ni'ly, and has been do-n 0 r for the list
few years. -1.usinL: :c" t. 1 me th -t virc2orms ..d c 0ed a
depreciation in the value of f:im land, in the la-,t five ,,.r,
that ".:oL!d be plac:-i at one million dollars.
This ,".z ntirely cr.iible aftr the territory. I .:'
field after field -'o.Ti up in eIds d -.. at least five or six
fnrc ich h d b':L.n completely ;- ::oried bl- their o :: rs on
account of '.vi r.- ;ormv, I ::.-.7 1CV -! lar-e farms in an excellent
state of fertility There ...:-'t two-third of all c: o'_..
be a total loss ,,' s eason. T. *.,ority of the i:.tions
ZIid the ,;..-test d.:.;- ..:* ar to be in the lighter, I ii r,
t:,p-sC f soil; cr r l..ost cr p '.e ly dest: "...
All crijpc.S s -.-d to be at :>-,d, alth .:. v vet e :'
r of i .. .t
;.' ,red to hav'i :..o.:. ,.. re e of ii.. ,..i*;'., F e's state that
wLh.'re l-'ni is heavil." in'eustid, th. only s .. s. of relief is to
fallow tihe l...d for at l .ft lu y .,<-,. Kr, .. A, '.. .. in
1910 :,id :'r i., i.
1910 :ird 1,r, i- C, nj,.erton in I,'l1 '7or..d on these :ir&eor z
for the Stat u ." .*oi o s .. ,t :. : .'..: ,
incr. i.;iu,- the soil fertility, a lice zhoz' :..A.
," pr vi Ll: state .!, ho .ver, evral i ... :r note, vey

"WI -*.' 7.Or 3 (Elat eridae)



New York

rich in humus, and heavily fertilized, which were almost
ruined by wireworms,+ and peanuts treated with landplaster were
heavily damaged.

Mo H. Swenk (July 1c-August 1): Corn wirevworms, Melanotus
spp., continued some injury to replanted corn during the second
half of July, One field in Holt County that was planted in
May and destroyed by wireworms had the July replanting also
destroyed. The species in this case was Melanotus pilosus.
Injury to potatoes by wireworms was reported from Thayor

CORN LAIJTERI FI.Y (Peregrinus maidis Ashm.)

R# T1. Harned (August 27): Injury to corn by the corn lantern
fly Peregrinus maidis was reported from Big Point and Pasca-
goula on August 9.

A CI[TTIPED. (Scutigeralla immaculate Newp.)

:Ie io Taylor (August 7): Abundant last year in Erie County,
causing complete loss of the corn crop. This land was then
treated with gas, and none could be found this year.


17-MARILKED 'CUTiORM Agrotis unicolor Walk.)


E& L, Chambers (August 15): A pest, reported as the armyworm
was doing serious damage to crops in Manitowoc County, but
upon investigation it was found to be the W-marked cutworm. It
had completely defoliated some 40 acres of Scotch peas.

YELLOWV WOOLLY BEAR (Diacrisia virginica Fab,)


Rq W. Harned (August 27): Some larvae that were reported as
causing considerable injury to cotton and cowpeas at Yazoo
City on August 8 have been reared. and identified by J. M.
Langston as Diacrisia virginica.

CO'.PEA CURCULIO (Chalcodermus aeneus Boh.)

Iorth Carolina

W, A* Thomas (Augtut l), The cowpea curculio is unusually
abundant in the fieldS at Chadbourn at this time and is serious-
ly injuring cowpeas, which were planted early for table use.
i;ny pods have been observed where every seed contained a wee-
vil egg. The pods are not seriously injured until they are two-
thirds iro-n or over. E-cry field of cowpeas so far cxamir.ed
has shown a more or less heavy infestation.


h a crop ined by thi insect.
f ? ,! -'Af7, crops
: rA .. 1LL +:I ur,,mu --r .'t + oisd .

.Zans a


:i.... (A'A-ur st
poitcu. a~s 'ury Q'j . ;':-. .
p ++.n" tecn C mount i c s

e' r 'aa Jfdf Ci ld.a 1as r
'--severa!l a ,_+rlfalf fields in 5oli'.-r
u.;rl[:. in .'* ]-jst.

- r'T" ': '- T-rT Oiz f( --- .. 4,j. tin S )

,* i.r;:: (,..__ t '..7): ..e t re rd alfalfa ho': r,
.-,-, 'cC: very ab'andi:t &.;ri:- chc on:h o; Ax-.iu:t in cd Urff
~fiels in ,liv r, ,y.hir Y.n, r : .:., Y:oo, 2.:0ibteha,
Lee Cournties

-. .. ( o bu -." _,)


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-r reports >Dfblc-
2stw'n .t of ti e

27): S-rio-js "';..rr, to oroyb.ns '
.. rport -y 0a cot- :s .omnt at -nzi,

+ulivrr -,+;-. '".' -n. to "' -.i tic on .'

~ux: i;z

Ie-.-t York


C9 ... Cr,;- .. cnr ace- : ;rts (.,u.; .t 7): .:-o. ,yut thf.; -
;"ro'"[ lcy, t. t o. x tli iL to e ,. -ion :-no '. s
-"av er valley tl is insect c -artin vjai to bu cxtrc:"c( l-- sc' rc e* .*.rd
of lit.l c l e conomic 'ort~incc. (..* "" t "..
.C.t A..

*Ie id vi r' b1-d

'TATE P Arr -,.

apple stock in nurseries in southwestern Ohio and did consider-
able dc':-e to the leaves,

ROSY ,PLL "AHID (Anur-a-cUis roseus B3.k-er)

C- R. Crosby and assistants (August 7): 2Eoorts from all parts
of the 2tate indicate that this insect is subnormally abunidant;
occ-asional orchardls in M":nroe County, however, sho'7 consider-
able injury. (Abstract J. A HI)

cOL:'LIiG OccT- (Car;ooc~pg rmonalla j3.)

":'e- York


Ne- York

C, .R. Crosby and assi- eants (August 7): About the normal
amount of sidewormn injury is appearing in the main apple-,ro.'-
ing sections of the State, (Abstract J, A. He)

E. Lee ;orshw, (August 27): D-nm-ge to apples is light as
compared with last year.

d'i P. ?lint (Au.Wust 21): The late firstrrood codling moths
are now fairly numerous in orchards in the central part of the
State. They are somewhat less numerous in the southern part of
the State.
According to "r. ChKulerts breeding-ca.-e records, third-
brood larvae -:ould begin hatching in the vicinity of Carbondale
on August 25.

FRUIT TiE3 !ZAF ROLLER (Archips argyrospila Vllck.)

C. R. Crosby and assist:1nts (A'ugust 7): Generally trouble-
some throuiho-at the Hudson River Valley, in many cases causing
considerable injury. In Orleans County it is believed that oil
sprays :ill be necessary in many orchards. In ionroe County
as high as 50 to 'O4 per cent of the picked fruit will be in-
juared. (Abstract J. A. H.)

FD--' _..D_ C7..'.. IIL '{ (Schizura concinna S. & A.)

13D 'W -isndenha.ll (August 13): The red-humped apple caterpillar
is found in an orchard at Columbus and doing some damage.

E AS.... _L C.AT.iP ILlIAI (1ialacosoma -meric-nci Fab.)

A. Co (Au.ust 28): The apple tree tent caterpillar
is absent this year.


..C-7 Yorc



CIGAR CASE -E.:'R (Coleo hora :letchere Ia ?.:r-rn.)

Ne-. York

..e:, York


....7 Yo ri

C. -i. Crorby a:.l assistants (u.ust 7):; h ve- a, at .t
in nelect cards, trhis in ect is r.:1t a :-. -'r.l factor
where sprayln:- is -ru:ticed. (A& tract J. A .)

C. R, Oros- andi a. a ( -'I.-u ) o c -
!'.nt as the ci._".Ir carc 7earcr, t .i .. i.t ae. o
than -:.'.1 in i.'1o elected_ oha pa-.ticlarl I '..
river Valley. (z.tract ., _,, ) J)
-_-.''--' .!"1' 7::'.: O ^. .. ... .. "I... ( c g r p j ""- r "L/
'w.................u.rorhilu " -. -,

C, R, Crosby and asi t:.r t 7): Fro o.orts rc
from Dutchess County' thiL ct :: to c c a:-.. --.
usual in the Hi-.,'n iver Vii In c1rtr- :e Yor:, o- r,
this pzt is do 1:O rmore Jnae than in a:r ...'. 11 .-.
ho'-v:r, is confined, to or .. rzs in whichh un in inc :l t *?rr
schd-je is folo,.'': In :any ccsev -ll of tlc t::.iral t i_
Sar 'o 1oliat. i and in cc-:c, casec the tre -r" tirely dfolio-
ted. (/.i::..tract J, A. H,)

C " "j. : (Au ilJv a of this insect i: very notic,, I on i.c on ro.-
o .,ie trees :rod poorly cpr'y_. o: t;t thr';. :t ;. -' : :
year Zainue Lc:.ericnced h1-i firct o;tbrer: a.: *'i c:.; e
at, ck is ',..Z cv r ,

LYE-SI C7: 7;.. ..C:I q~~o.c1~ o.:~ ~ .2~I. )

C H Cronby '.rd .si ;' nts (.-u.'-t 7): 3 co'nine: itrc'..r-.:.'!;n^-
C. h. Cror:by r1. zt (......~o.. u
ly 1 ".1, lccor.e -n2 in Zo-0 .. LJ7oin. c ;'L.:.,rci:l d1-'1., -
.cially hcri :prra;in. as ..-ccte', .:ported --ri xur.dnt
t, r, usual from Orlca s, ,onro2, r.ia- P" .t -..,a ::Tie
Counties. (Ah:t-, t ct J0 A. ".,)

~J., ...*..:*~'.LKL I~ _____ ::.. -~

1.i :;h

17:c. Yor;:

C, ', Crosb',y :andJ ac:'ic.tantn (,'.- u *t '7); ..... u,'h :?.o:.. :Llu:;-ant
than l.z t year in the lo-: :-:.- -ot is not so .LbU,;., ::t as it *-*r in 1-. (A\. tr ot J.A. I, )


r'I2-;L C;..In .: llI :: I (Coleorhora c livorel!a Riles)

.,L. L ,.); .te or 'd frorrU .'ridtn on .p-l
,iird from natref:-* on **r.


Gi-7: FRUIT -P"L (Graptolitha antennata Jaik,.)

iYe7 York

C. R. Crosby and assistants (August 7): Generally scarce
thrDu.f.out the entire State. abstractt J, ii.),

FALL ".EB;"0?;L (Hyphantria cunea Drury)


e:-.7 York

Ue- York

!,. P. Zappe (August 22): Prscent over entire State but seems
to be more abundant in northeastern :ind southeastern por-
tions of State. Seems to be a little more plentiful compared
with an average year. .

Cb R, Crosby and assistants (August 7): Very few observed-
in any part of the State. (Abstract J. A, l.)

2CU:ID-HI;EAID -APLE 2RJ.E BOCRER (S! r,2 candida Fab.)

C. a. Crosby end assistants (August 7): Though occasior-
ing but little damage throughout the greater part of the State,
this insect has proved troublesome in several orchards in
Orange County. (Abstract J. A, H.)

A B '..TL (Ano;:-n! r_. inuta 3urn..)

Geor -ia

Ie-: Yorz

E. Lee 'orsham (July 28): Anomala ninuta Burm, is attack-
ing ripening apples at Cornelia, and causing the apple grvMers
considerable 2.-orry. The damage is qyiito siL.ilar to that by the
Japanese beetle. (Identification by ,. S. _'isher). (August 27):
Has disappeared from the apple orchards in northern Georgia
after feeding on the maturing fruit for about t,7o weeks*

L." YOivZ ri ,ViL (Ithycerus novebo:accnsis .7ort.)

lh, ,Er..der (July 27): Fifty per cant of the youn.- trees in
a one-year-old planting on nc-y g-round in Dutchess County ;'ere
injured by the beetles eating out holes ".hcre the new shoots
s t a r

APPLE'1 ', _DbUG (Lynide.a RL'L .J leut .)

Ner York

C. R* Crosby and assistants (August 7): Severe injury
has been occasioned in some orchards. in th Hudson River Valley,
This insect I's aboat normally abundant in central I7c, York
and doing practically no dim nu in the western part of the
State. (Abs;tract J. A, II.,)

PPI~E L A~HO.PP';: ~ :ca r~1 i LeB.)

N1.w York

Cs # and asictants (AIu .uI t 7): Bec;rr.- very abundant
lato in July and continued a,-iui]-.L.It throughout the month in the



Nev- York


Ili-.i roi

I.:;.-' York


New York'

riuidson River Vlleyj, bot v.:r/, little l^' .as r f
central 1: York, (Abstract J. A, H,)
"r .. ... -1- (.
...7. .. .. .1 -- ,-ra-tny h Io u C, a ,)

Ct B, i":r-;.c (..u'ust e7); " re _re ...r.'s the Rirst c uri Cs
0 t. -*'. of the ,us r... r. x:ite in ...i..-., c<- orc .... s..
entirely bronzed in color by A'-a- t 1,

Fillip Gar-7.-n (July): on- >-ly scrce r u.ic. JA.l but r -
;.:.rted as abundant in ,-'lor, .*:anforl.

C, m .. Crosb- and assistlc.rtu ('.s-ast 7): -cii=31y Ice .:2;,-
.nt t-r.n last yla ur an. an in" practic'-ly no conT. rcial .. ,
(C'.b'tr'. t J. An nT)
Srt-T JI..-E ) ^ ^i. L (_'. oiliist'us uxiltci::iu:: Co~:L:t.)

C,, B. Cx-os and '2 1 sic tin (..'-.* u.;" ':*): Thi l:-.ct,ic r-
.rrt,:i from pr.acticlly aL counties & bLi, of :i -onrc i1
i r":'taucci cprayf dd. (o'" tri t A

F& P lint (A-aut ): A- is to .....ctd, f.hl oi .- the
sever: !inter .i'iinr o: t*c ccn Jo:ce Scae, this ins ct is 1
ab'.-.n- t than us-..l, a" r'.orted. by the ;ur:'" ir r ct: r! in
the State this f:'.-'.r.,

C, R* C oby and .,i2 :.,t:; (.u0mrut 7): Thi insect, -h
.-u' ." a occurri'. t '.' :,ut all county i oi :cti-
cally no i.: in ,.'r *'.d orch. 'e ;. (Ab trxct J, i .)

Philip 3. r' .r. (July); .ene r 1 U :..roe e iun c ]ieh lec a d
U.:,. l: t v. ar t.t this ti., (A,; u't ): ..ry :u lh :1 a: ur.-
v-nt t;an .u.o.
--:t tnn b.u.L, mu tjl 7. Lit tli o: n .* :' .n t .e
.I'. crop) this; year in i }{ v >r au" ,un "

C, .', C:'o by ".i.2 .. -; i. ..,t (A,,u.- t 7): 1Much > *- r ,t
tJ.a:. in !):i:. .,,.:., thr. :' al1 ; .r' of the S tat Ahctract
JW ,- H.)

I ~a*..* I

. .*. (hi,- .,. n, ",v i p.- t .)

C, 1:. Crosby iI -.: 't nt:" (.:u '. t 7): .i little oI no ir, -
port.-', cc throw, '..,ut t},. tire k tate. (Aj' tract Jt .1, h.)

Rew Yor:


Ner York

C. E, Crosby-and assistants (Au.ust 7): Causing serious in-
jury in y->.rts of Dutchess ond Counties. (Alstract J.A.,H.)

P.A" T, .UIPS (Tae:".iothri-rs inconsequens Uzel)

C, R. Crosby and assistants (Au.'u:t 7): Though ge!'-rally
prevalent in the eastern part of the State, this insect did but
little daaag :'t in parts of Ulster County. (Abtract JAH,)

PAR ZL 1MIDG (Contarinia pyrivora Riley)

:7 Y ork:

C& HR Crosby aind. asoistnts (August 7): This insect is :ro,'in
very serious in the Hudson River VU!iey, Reports of severe
damage have been received from'Orangc, Ulster, Dutcess, and
Colui bi:: Counties *,here as high as 50:per cent of the cr' -p has
been destroyed in some places. In western NTe:. York infeo'.tions
are unimportant. (Abstract J. A..L I)

T-':I.KilD P.LIA_ .Uq2 (Lfus ?ratensis L.)

ITNeur York

C Ri, Crosby and assistants (August 7): Did considerable
damage to Seckjel pears in County.'(Abstra.ct J. A. 71.)

PL../ SLUG (7riocanoi.J linmacina lcetz.)

NI.7 York

C. P. Crosby and assistants (Auzust 7): Riather ;carce, doinR
but little -,-i.,e in the Hudson River Vallc re. Hore serious
than in many years in central and. -,7tstern T'.. York in 'hoiiroe
and ,:7i,:a ra Counties. (Abstract J, A. h.)

Q CCULIO (Cootaclus craEaei alsh)
QUT'C1!* CC, CU JO (Coiotr-Iac:I,us cratacaii ;;' sh)


II.- Yorkt

Io1 York

E# Britton (Aurust 24): F'its shol'ed characteristic
injuries c,;us.d by this insect at Branfiord,

C., B Crosby and assistants (August 7): Doing vlijht dm-e
in :rts of Dutc.css and Ulster Countics, (Abstr:)ct J, A, H.)

P7U C!1

( *..1*ir ,A P" o.-;rsicao Sulz.)

C. R. Crosby and assitants (.'.-,uct 7): Gcnsrally scarce
th rioulhout the State. (-(Abstract J. A. H,)

71: L PU` T" : ... ...... .. \
.m EAT T_: .A<'ius sin::t,- t, ,i .

Ie-,7 York

P':'.ACH -, .- (:--. e: tios Say)

He; York


HT York

C* '-.. Crosby :. G-u a:sist-nt+ (u:-,'.t 7):' About nort:_ll' ",b-y.-
dant t'Oro-...' c,.L, the ,tate (At'-tI .c.St J, .1)

W. P. u1int (Auut '): A'dults of the ch tr: bor-r
bean e 7raing v,,in tn ":'cel of July 16. .-'rence i ...
tinuing. It is t-2.. rcntly, 1 ccornli to n .0r. ... r-r ob.r-
vaionc, 1. in. lit4lc behind the i.,c of l'ct y

C, - Cros',"' an. s ( .': t 7): A m.'. to bc
the incr o e in n a';.- ct: t':' Yor:. (Sb,-. "t A. .)
the inc,eese in n -:.-c~cnt:l -.1 Yo-:. !-o- ;t J. i )

2. /J

Con..,- ccticut

!e'" York

Geo r ia



Philip Gn .':: (July dl): The .s.cjnd broo "a. co;s ic-ou
in tin;, duvri:-.. July. 2?--ly as dunai.t as lst year inL ..t
1, llin2 ord, :..utll -.-'-ton, Jl to..b :ry, accor-i,'v to r-
;.ortL and obt-er'vations. (2Asugt ""): P.:,racituG a-parently n.'t
aou. .n t in Hartfordi n. L'.ddlscx Cz-L-,tic .-e ::oth niy
ac abundant cs last ycar -.o _.. r
thro1,:,*"..,aut ". eStat&*.-

C, 14 Grocby and asfi Tantc (,u t 7): .._
Ulster Cotu-ity .-r it' occ,. ri.- in n-.l n' .... (A t":'
J. A, .)'.

"., LiG ",?orshai ( .u.> t ':-2): T.'s i.;:,ct !' v .*;'_ v i-.,- c iouc
c,,.. ;o- to :. ches in north no t-i-inf.station 7' o..:+.

0* It...r:.: and4 m S 1n ; (u -" t 17): 2 *i "" h. rd .
off. Io fresh :or, ifoct tn in OP, c...-d :'t inc .
hzavy', llist y&r, ., *. as z ;-".c t.c i .ic ;tati .n -:" li,,I t r
*in the ,3ecr;'ii? l.tch jh-it no:; thr'n it '\.t r *'r o.:o

h, 'T, n'n .. (. July : eutz'-'t.r: of th) ori.::t;'
:, .ch roth is quitc ".," 1 in Gr ,,i ".nn' ,,ilo "in.I it q;itc
bad on o. ... .I. t', ._.l r

I" .lint (AY..u. 21): :.. ori ntal .: i t
11L Col ac o l"i t
fa u:,i i1 Illiaoi iii Dac.ber n 1. ," .*. ..*: on it. i' c c:2:-
iiV cot :.'id)u" b !c d.:u. i' to 1 r ', tl.roui -'.-" t'i suuth r ... -t
of t h
of h1 ta bult too,'._ .: icul:rl. in the L.. r.. : o trn

ibet fo'md, O-uVur, in -.,, u;'::.-d ac far north U'. Jtichroon
a:i d ,iillia:;.son ,C j'.;..tiu ., In .;o nu ;.. o rc h a< r ds t- i s t * a i "
.a c 'il- .*- .j to c5: p;er c.nt, ;;:u. in a f," orcha:r c f'ih: .

inF" u, to /;:', or *.i,'.' LD ^n,r cent.

C.:, L. T P (Ir eo


OAK PLA'? BUG (Lygus quercalba Knight)


Philip C-arman (July 24): Observed in two different localities
in Ne" Haven, both near large oa] trees from which the bugs
:ere apparently oil. All fruits e::ai:cd on trees -were
punctured,and Worthless.

A T-=REE CRICiTT (Oecanthus californicup Sauss.)


T Do Urbahns (August 10): Tree crickets, Oecanthus sp.,
probably californicus, are migrating from prune orchards, where
they have been,-1 and probably feeding upon aphids or
other forms of insect life. They attack the peaches by feeding
and making small holes in the fruit just prior to ripening.
-ihile the actual amount of injury is not severe, the very strict
grading enforced by the canners requires gro':ers to throw out
practically all of this fruit and many thou-and of tons of
fruit are being lost to the growers. This is the first experience
growers have had in this district with the Oecanthus sp.,
although, to my kno'-:ledfe, trse crickets destroyed approxi-:iately
125 tons of f-ruit in an orchard about* 3 years ago.

, -1.', T.'r FRUIT 1CLZl',1 (Lecanium corni Bouche)

.e,;. York

C. R. Crosby and assistants (August 7): Generally prevalent
throughout the State but only seriously abundant in the western
part of the State, where infestations are reported as rather
.c3vy in lliag',ra County, (Abstract J. A, H.)

S .T J0OE SCAJE (As oidiotus perniciosus Comst.)


0. I. Snna.-p (Au,:ust 20): The general infestation in the
Georgia Peach Belt has not yet started to show the usual annual
increase. A dry, hot, lc.te sunmer is usually conducive to scale
increase. The season so far h.s been very rainy, with rodcrate
t cre mratur,- s.

WHITE PEACH OA]L" ('..ulacazpis pentaonri TarE.)

Geor ;ia

New York

0. I, Snapp (August 3): Very heavy infestation on peach
trees in a hore orchard at Macon.

COTT01Y PEACH SCALi (P-il vini ri a m:.avd. i i Ckll.)

Co R. Crosby and assistants (August 7): Very scarce throuj-,h-
out the State. (Abstract J. A. H.)

C.L'J:C1 APHID (::u ccrasi Fab.)

C. R. Crosby and as istants (August 7): Grnerally subnorrually

Ho-1e York


'Te, York


abundant throughout the State. (Abstract J.A.-.)

P&J, SLG- ("rioc-G 1idz li- 'c,.^ Retz.)

M, H. S-cn: (Ju.y 15-Au:u:t !): 7as ur-..alliy -i-jurious
on cherry trees in Scotts }uff County during the period here
cover'. .

C, T, Cro,'by -ri as'ist'nts (August 7): These insects appe. r'
to have b'~rin rmo-e .um .. .t than t.: .l throw. -.ut te St
in many c:,,,s dIo*nt' v:'-r-.- considerable cor;aercial -.
(Ab troct J. A. H.)

A-'- ,. C ULiO ("-1'..'pt-: rcluc cu ri- y)

2. Lee Torsham (July C2): h-: -.plc curculio has fo.
on wild ,-,. 'ics, D-jtermiL.-.tion r- L" "a) 3 l fisher ,


R, HE Pcttit (August 11): ,i,: b(;=n seriorsly "--jurin.- sever-
al youn cherry orc:.Sri in Oc <.a County and. t rort?.-rt
in ..I .u County. I have ju-.t r turn d from e:.i._i.:.r *, e
orchar(.- and found in onc c.ce that v attack .. ro
a ,.1in L ':..aci, o01chc.rd adj acent to the i1nj. .'ed tr-'_, and in
tne othi r c :-e to a nr ,rly p ..p. o a.IA. I b.
there .erre '_,orio-.i3 piles o- b:uth ri '.t in or close by the
cherry orchards, -d this bou.'h szu -.d the 2orkirV of n .. beet-
le I:. h s ,recent in cro-'our mou-bf r,, .,c inj-,,r ."1s caused
by the bectl .3 l vyi. r; rom the :'in., tree '.: -u.'h 'ilcs1
and fo di,,7- in the axils o" b,' zi of cc h.-.r,- chrr ti I .:
ti..rcby .:ir.inj .ny of th t'i..- : *,.; ';.anch s,

V L'.2.
rT b.,, C;- CULIO (:.^. cti-':'-icl^: ". "" n *r Y."-'-t,)


N e.- York

Philip '1 .-7'n (July 24): F-.-, ite Tri' .: .. L :culi::.i_
-itch fou 1 .rauitizin ...froxi:aty 10 to ". :xnr cent of
the cureulio larv.. in ?e -'l .. Co-unty. .'-.*.,.,.: of i: K'.:y
;ibo)it the -*. s 1 st v r.,

C, o . Cro:.b., and ari;;t .t: (.u' -st 7): Thiu i, nct Tas
nr ,. '.. : .Yv Vt .ll y .nd v -, r'c -
in ccnt.rl '... st.ri, tit ;or,. (Ab;t' ,t J. A. K.)

C'.L:" -Y F.?"IT .- 1 _.1 (...- -(l t i- Epp.)

"- OL-- :.'...;;.. '(Scolytus r7ug losu -atz.)


Ne,7 Yoft

Ne,., York

:T, ,York

:T.-:- York

1T.i77 York


1Jrw York


". York


RASPFR-...RY FRUIT WBM (Byturus unicolor Say)

C, RB Crosby and assistants (August 7): Thoujh troublesome
in several plantings, this insect is decidedly less abundant
than was the case last year, (Abstract Jo A. H.)

A.T ArHID (Arn-horor-.hor, rubi Kalt.)

M Nt Taylor (August 7): Very abundant in Erie County on

A:4 APHID (Aphis rubiphila Patch)

M X. Taylor (August 7): Less abundant than usual in Erie
County, on raspberry.

RAGFER:'.Y C;-Ej B-Riz (Oberea bimaculata Oliv.)

M, N4 Taylor (August 7): In one planting 36 per cehnt of the
tips are girdled. In general the injury is negligible in
Erie County.

RASPI.R.Y S,,V'iFLY (rtnoiW..2.oi, rubi Harris)

C, R* Crosby and assistants (August 7): Occasionjil outbreaks
reported from Monroe, Chautauqu,, and Erie Counties. (Abstract
J, A. H.)


BLACKBERRY TZAF MIFZR (MM tnllus rubi Forbes)

0, I, Snapp (July 30): Infestation rather heavy this year
at Fort Valley. L.,v:!e are nor nearly full gro.,'n.

EITGHTSPOTT3PD .'-...-T "-R (Alypli octomaculata Fab.)

F. Eb Gladwin (August 2): More abutld-nt than u.zual# No commer-
cial injury at Fredonia,

B H. TO"lden (July 13): Grcpevines and Virginia crcencrs
nearly stripped in i-o sections of the city. More abundant
compared with aver'e year,

Gi'tPE I-'LUi'K ..',' (Oxyptilus m.ri'.&ilidactvJus Fitch)

C, Re Crosby and assistants (August 7): Reported as generally
more abund:int than usual in the Hudson River Valley but did


little co.-,ercial cj ... (Ab.-Lct J, A, H:)

C"-'S ITOC: "* (Pi"i vi tic ida .:.)

Hew York

C, Eo Cro.': and .:iztant (..u.:3t 7): ... _cntl on the
increase in ct :r e York. ( trct J. A H.)


:TeT York

TT' Yo k

', 1, Flint (k -'-t .): I' .r J. K. i.:-r r .-or- t Z in-
sect fairly *.a ...-t in fi i.d in T st-ce-j1 IllinriE. 1urinz the
rcek of August I.
-., asl Y-; trc ( :_"-:. ili,)

a :*'. ',nt th: ~': out the gtuJe. A strct J, A /..)

.'.J3B~ -^;I .r". (C ont rinia.. J.nn^' in Sl,.

C, ., Crosby anl acsi- tits (.'- u .-.t 7): 7re i-i.t bnt not
serCious in cent -. at wester. :. YozC:.(Ab;tr'ct J, A ,)

G R .- .. . ... ( . .. ... )

NJ." York

C. O Crorby ano asci tnn-c (u1l-uct 7): r
ic quite b in t',1c State ,n i :c i.'- con:v.Crd1

; p ..' (: O.~21 ~i. V. 17 ~. ~.:

District of

CL; .

c York

Vt C. .'.* ~. lb. ~. )

C. ... Cro.'by .. 7i t t: (- i. 7); C rail,,' t tc but 1c *u li !i d'1 : tr ct ,;
".. )
.. ...

C, t, Croc by ..

dI, t out t., :t ,,
c .-.". ti . ( .r '; J i, .)

4- r -4t (*


: Y S ",. -L;L (S C . .'__

'Tcortii -



i.'.-, York

-A ~02 .11 ~

Gb..-5: ,Or.- F;S (c_ ol' i b-,'nt- ? -, I)

t c .' icc *o l; n .. .. ;* .Cu. t : h fruit of
at 'Il K -t., Ua ...

T, L, ,ir.^!l (.- :ur:t 21):
.:'rr Il.'ir .'c h' a *on: <-o;-.; i.i

ville, particularly to those of the Schley variety. Nuts when
attacked before the shell has begun to harden usually drop.

Florida J# R. ;Tatson (August 20): Th'- shuck norm has been less in-
jurious this year than last year,

P.C IT UT CASE 3::- ,c (Acroboasis hebescelIa Hulst )

Florida J. R, Watzon (August 20): The nut case bearer has been more
injurious this year than last.

PECAYT BUD :.GTH (Pr,-..- . olliana F -)

iTorth Carolina 7, A* Thomas (August lI): This insect seems to be doing con-
siderable damage to young pecan trees in the vicinity of Chad-
bourn. Some trees have been observed ;-here every bud is in-
jured. In many insba-nces supplementary buds have developed and
these are now being _tacked,

PECA ,' ,EIE!VIL (Balaninus caryae Horn)

Georgia T* L. Bissell (August 24): Balaninus caryae Horn has begun
its activities in pecans in the vicinity of Barnesville, Adults
have been collected at one locality on several datscz since
July 14 and an isolated orchard in another locality is severely
infested, whereas the insect has barely made its appearance
in the main orchards at Barbesville. All punctures to date
have resulttJ1 in the dropping of the nuts. Apparently no eggs
have yet been laid.


SPIRAEA APHID (A-phi_ spiraecola Patch)

Florida J* R, Watson (AuguLt 20): The unusually large number of
the citrus aphids,,phis" spiraecola noted in June greatly
diminished during July, and the m-inut uas practically ex-
tuiliiiated by the heavy rains whichac:cnjarisd the pa,.sage
of the hurricane across the peninsula during August,

T Ln-B, ]J '

Cf:i.iTr,. 37 -C'"'"D c-;u;.1:i.']]. (Cin,cilia -7i Drury)

liaine C, Ii,' (.,u,'.ust 27): This looper whichms present in
very dest.'-Dtivc niunbcrs last season is ag'cin active (August
15) in blueherry fields in L-inuocl County but is not causing
.io Much d.:ji ,,;c oa in 1927.



TRUCK-0 0P I 1S1 C T S

3LISER3 ZEET-; (:eloi I e)


R. :-:*-.rned (August 27)"
species E-ic .t- lernisc:ta
plants at Holly Spri:-.:, on
to the species E. i.zrI'nata
plants at ". i_ ns. on August

Listerr beetles ";lo::.ri-. to
.er,-- r'-:rted as .:. ',ri:. toj ato
jt 17 -- bee s elon:
_"-:*. y,,ere if:"n:i i.-.-urir< pe-cper ,

C*:-.I'SA (--:.terij^1" vicinus "" '" )

3. E. Watson (.u: st ..): *he Tet Indian .ol cri.-- t or
c'.n-.:, ..h.i-h is present in a considerable .*-'-- of loclities
in the State, seems to bc doing; more i -e t'.-.n in prerV1ious
ye:- ;

CC'LCA0 F'TA'-" :--:LiL (Let tjotarsa deck" lin :.ta -v)

C. -. Crosby and assistants .- t 7 This i ct is
about nor- :ll: 1v b- ...-it 6n th eastern .t of the State .
causing, consid-rable d to zotatoes in t}.. extreme : 'est-
ern counties. (Abstract J.A..)

A. C. organ (CA-uast ..): oolora:' potato beetle hs
not been injurious except in o.i.o.. I:1 ..ctIe t

POTA'"' -. :;:" .' (JDi t r. cuc r cr H rr.

C ... r:,sby and as ictants (Auwu.t 7):
ing- ome .l.-,' "-e tr o. .-}oit t State, but abound. nt. (... tract J. A. H)

2 .r~nt1v ~' not

"."... ( :)toparce sext- Jcran.)

Sn. -*' r (."- 't ): ..L so'th,'n r, ornaor' h -
ti.or.tiuz cexta oohan. is cor-.on and 3ect:ra'tive on to: ''tc,-s
in the vicinity" of 0 ttcville, .. coons of te sie
A :!t i,.c cj.i,--',. t. t. y r : ottd on ont ore vor' .. date.

N -TI York

''T. "-. -,":* s~ ( .* u .; t 14 ):;
ln'va. of the nort'.. :'n vri' ty,
h,' ob ,n noted.

--~i ..--~
-- .~ _________ ....:: - -

M. Ki n '.ylor (;.,i-.t 7): c fi d of t tIn'.
County "',C s, ri.*,'.' '. .u.. .. .". .i in.vct.

New Yu'rk


New York


ie,': York

Tew York


IMPC'RTFD CABBAGE WOF:. (Pieris ra-e L.)

'e" York




North Carolina

M. N. Taylor (Auiust 7): This insect did considerable dam-
:;e in early plantings of cabbage in Erie County.

W. P. Fliht (August 21): This pest of cabbage is extremely
abundant throughout central and northern Illinois. Some re-
cent examinations by Mr. Compton show as high as upwards of
400 eggs on a single cabbage plant in the vicinity of Chicago.
A number of plants which wdre examined in a commercial field
gave an average of 111 eggs per plant.

E. L. Chambers (August 15): While cabbage and cauliflower
were hard hit by this pest, unusually heavy losses of nastur-
tiums growing in the yards and gardens were reported generally
over the southern part of the State.

L. '. BrEnnon (August 16): The imported cabbage worm is
causing considerable injury to cabbage in the vicinity of

CROSS-STRIPED CA2BAGE '70Ri (Evergestis rimosalis Guc-n.)

W. A. ThoaiLs (August 15): This insect is unusually abund-
ant on collards in the home gardens in the Chadbourn section.
Its attack seems to be confined to the tender buds of the
plants, which are so completely destroyed that cro'th is
stopped until supplementary buds are formed on the stalk near
the injured area. These buds are usually formed after the
larvae have stopped feeding.

CAFBAGE MAGGOT (Hylemyia brassicae Bouche)

New York

C. R. Crocb,- and assistants (Auguist 7): This insect is
more serious than in many years in centrij1 :'nd western ITew
York, where the infestations in late cabbage seed-beds were
very severe. (Abstract J.A.H.)

CA-AG' APHID (Brevicoryne brassicae L.)

New York

C. R. Crosby and assistants (August 7): This insect is re-
ported subnormally abundant throuhoijt the State.
(Abstract J.A.H.)

IL,-T'..,'. IIT BTTG ('urzlntic. histrionica Hahn)


A. C. Miorgan (A2i. u:,t 28): TLh. harlequin biugwhich was so
numerous last ycor, has not cau::.ud any complaints thus far
this u, :,.- .


Ne'.7 York

New York

L. '.7, Brrnr:n (k"--u't 10): Adults of the harlequin _.' ar
relatively scarce on collards :-n calu-e, but the n'.-r.hz are
relatively abundant and are causin-- soae injury. Adults -=3
nymphs are not so ab'-nLrant as t..r-: were -his tine !.st season
and are not causi-'." the dy ---. that yl were t.:m.

....-- ..-:I

ST.-'(" AR;Y T;.' :.:L (.-::ylis co- tana -h .)

C. -.. Crusby .". avssic:tants (.'-..'ust 7): -':-s insect is n-
cr:liy sc:-rce ti.r:'hut the State. (.'::tract A. .)

C. R, Cr.sby an assistants (A-'1".--,t 7): Aparently not so
abundant as usual in the Hudson River '.i--y, but doir. consid-
erable *l-..-e to ever-bearin varieties of st:brry in the
western r.rt of the St-te. (7."-tr-ct J.A.H.)

*-APE ._:LY.:- iPscudococcus nariti.-.C hrh.)

North Ca-'rolina

Ne vi Yo rk:


,7. A. :", s (Jul .): In Oo of the a e s ro.:'. --d-
bourn, whcre stravbe:-"es are "L it 'r.s been o: rv( tht
.lny, of the plnts are heavily i- .at with hi insect.
'h,-y occur '.rinci. .ly on th. u. er root creas and 'ust elo
the crown of the plant ... -. er:. ,pncaranc of :n -.-: st,'
plant is vcry similar to that -i, on. attic. i "..- thL str -
D-r.ry root '-..'id r,: the Lr.n umv to th i:.-vid.' 1 lant p 1m-
to be .ju:t as severe.

-.ylor (A' t 7): 1'. l.teic n ban '.* ,tie
abuii,-";.t this ',,_ r than lact iu ie "runty. '.. L f, tions
:J'e spotted.

',onthl tt#r :.; au of .t'.o LI,.'v, i 1 Julyv,
U. ?, o" ic, Col ., .i : ,i) i t d B. *:- s'.'.,'', L> nchbur>-,
Danvill, i-.' .nd, :": ou'' r ointc in Vir'-:.., July lC and
18, in .o :;y .it. ,_f. a huin of thL . ri:-ent st rtic
at B! c"'-''. .- an ,;,r. ",.,>re c .: t y nt, to dote ;:e <
inte:,ity o. the infestatton by thr 2t:icn .
C, .t. i~te
whichh Lad been r.. orted to V. sorij ly I'. uric.. be ..: :c. 2' t
. action. Lr. '*.*'.. di nleo visited '. Li -ton to 3ir .. *e for
:..',., rimental 0: 1 n t v .
t :*.. rimnta :i on th beetle, to '" c ted
,t tl ,-- A l i.r:ton Y r" in Vi. ini. .


3.'.:R.AY,.?-k ': ..'IL (Ant:'.-,nomus sirnatus : y)

.:.',IC : ".."A.. rT L.-i ac- :-.: c-r. : ', ulr ,


North Carolina




W. A. Thomas (August 15): Pole lima beans in the vicinity of
Chadbourn are now being seriously injured by this insect, All
summer snap beans are now over and the beetles have transferred
to the limas in great numbers. This insect first appeared in
the Chadbourn area durinrc the past spring, where it was found
in small numbers on early snap beans on just a few farms. At
this time the infestation seems to be rather widespread, the
insect occurring on nearly every farm in the territory.

A. C. Morgan (August 28): The Mexican bean beetle has done
but very little damage and is just now showing up on late beans.

L. 17. Brannon (Aagust 16): In most instances the second
crop of beans in the Bir-.-min-ha.m locality was completely de-
stroyed by the Mexican bean beetle. Several patches under
observation were plowed up before time for picking. Bean-
beetle de&r,'e to the second crop of beans was much '.v:orse than
was expected. On August 4 a patch of young beans under obser-
vation was very heavily infested with adult bean beetles and
egg masses were numerous. Second-generation beetles began
emerging in the life-history experiments on July 21 and
shortly after that were found in the fields in large numbers.

R. W. Harned (August 27): Serious injury to garden beans
by the Mexican bean beetle was reported on August 8 from Ken-
drick, and a few days later from Fulton and Smithville.


PEA APHID (Illinoia pisi Kalt.)

New York



R. G. Palmer (August 7): There has been no commercial loss
to peas in Orleans County.

M. N. Taylor (August 7): This insect caused considerable
injury to early plantings of peas in Erie County.


POTATO IZAFHOF-ER (mpoavca fabae Harr.)

J. 'R. Watson (Augiust 70): Peanuts in the Everglades section
have been severely d-amj-ed by the bean lefhoppEr, Empoasca

VELVLT BEAIT CATERPILLAR (Anticarsia aemmatilis Hbn.)

J. PR. ,7atson (Aui.uzt 20): In July the velvet bean cater-
pillar heavily infested peanuts in the Everg.ladcs. This is the
first instance that has come to our attention of moths laying

their c-- s on !:-np-ts, J.IthL.ouI it hs !one ":er. o: ..erve tkrt
pn' ;F.ts '.vill be attcka ii r:.. :.- in close orczirity c
fieli of velvet heans whichh ",-,n defoliated. ?his ncw
4.-v- c'. .*-", is-)ro': "sl, due c t:r- fr'ct that there n -ere r-.:ti-
c.-lv i-j vevt "beanc a'-'.e in the Sr d z

.riC ... ^. .-- (T ri --:.. i

,z' .. .. -. S (i a! I t ci

e.. ku i (!t ): t o.i i '..' beU i ri l nt
er~o,,? to X'u e coi-''~il los> to c...:-'- ber2 .r i QV e r1*.!nt

-------.-.~ ~,..

Ne' Yr~

i -r N
d, u tc "" v "r c tj 1' 1..^ A
!*.. '. ; r < (Jiil-v lC-'Aa^,.st I)": o" la:i~":c rj~y

c,'c'rbitE '".v*, this insect ";ontin'iu d 10 'be r<3.iwcc in c-i ".*-L.?r: d'or-:- the ?eb od civerpc bT this r... c-"tt.

r t1

nc. I ..'-.>"r *. 'iny re :rio] r 2 *

1t 1.. .
-- .' .A': J .. ^-r^~ ^ ______*.-* .

OMO bt& .. et -.i tin .U f ic o0 ; rc -:c i* ir t t1*
nor:.. 1 :'xL-r: d':in' thr r b r
noj'.'. nunbe r: duirin h. p'rioi he-re ri -ortcd.

..... :.. (_ ) i. ,Lu s t K
L t
t,} ir,"'.' .s of. th,_ *,ic' Ie roran on li-te c"-'.' r: ,
"'U '- r z' d V m L'i^ "

,i, in7. -.. r n
*ii'i:in L.* rur. r~t

t :- *, r is I. .
" *-- .." + 1 "

I."- York

:e.' Yjr'-


Mi. N. T-ylor (Auiust 7): This insect is causing serious dam-
age to onions in 2rie County, as high as 40 per cent in some
plant inigs.


SJCTTZD _ZLP ",',TEU.'PjL (EyHienia oers-oectalis Hbn.)

L. 17. Brannon (August 16): The first spotted beet webworm
larva of the season was fcund on Swviss chard at Birnriinzhain on
July 18. ,he- larva was about half grown and died 24 hours
after collection. On July 31 the first moth of the season was
found on grass near Sw.iss chard. On August 2, 30 or 40 moths
were seen when sweeping in a patch of weeds near the 3v,.iss
chard patch. Only a very few e:gs and one or two l:;vae have
,;:n seen on Swiss chard and no damage of economic importance
has been seen in the district.


SPTI::ACH LEAF, MI "2 (Fc-,ta-,'nC.aMli Tpnz i)

iTE',, York

Mi. N. Taylor (August 7): hc midseason crops are heavily
infested in Erie County, as high as 90 per cent loss having

CGEEE- PXACH APHID (,Iyzus persicae Sulz.)


J. C. Elmore (August 2:3): 7nc- aphids have been very numerous
on peppers in this section (Orange Co-nty) during the latter
part of July until the present. Control has been difficult be-
cause of cool weather and the prevalence of v.indy days. The
aver: ce temperature for this period has been about 70 F. i i'th a
minimum of 49 and a maximum of 85. Leaves and pods have be-
gun to drop from the pep-oer plants where the heaviest infesta-
tions have not been controlled and in many fields the late
settings have been retarded.


CARROT RULST FLY (Psila rose Fub.)

:;.','_ York

M. N. Taylor (Au.-um t 7): 'his insect has caused 30 per cent
injury to carrots in some fields in 1Erie County.




Al ab,-

S1. Coc'erhar (July c1): After Lhi1inr-s'-.d ins :ti
at Foley, ldir -'.unty, of rcn 7 crs of ealy osv-et
tatoes and a corre--udi '-'ount of inspections in fields
here early -ot;-toas ave been .rves.: i, ao sv;eet-'0-to ,ee-
vils .'.-v: thus far -en fuond this er. l._s is
~encouri.. : since all 4.. fe --ot"toes have been and Eio:-.
fr:m an area pr- fiou:l very 'esvily r.fes.-.

F'-m D Cn ~ :-- .':-ZZ~ -- .....l ( i :roticp. ofl~eteaz Lee,)
T "^ ror '(**';1 ( *~ t 3 "^* ' ce "- .+ 1 a < rT- n un r l vV .- ,
c L. cke'aw? (..-: t :< ..t e V -
a&'ncant on the o:is:is;ippi cotS dur:;",. th s'ier :.: frly
fcll, att ,- i.." v rious croi-s " soec fly s.eet .:tctoeo,
but .. 'r they occur in fewer i..-.'crs tlin f:- several
season around ?iox. :ov: one> fi...a n occsional adult
v;here It v : r hundr :ds oc-.,crr- d.

A **... (Yet rcCc r* z 1cur~zitii 2~-& r.)

,.. A. C2c/:erhr (sluly -1): ibis insect is rsI orted i.
less i-..,.'.ous to sWet potat~st this ..r than it ,;a la-;t
season near 2o!.' 3.. oin;-hed insL',ction. of fro-. to
"L7 carloaCs of sre t pot to.s h ve substantial-t. '' ftct.
It has n noted thCt the cn is ore on ?o to 1ico or
red-ckin hot'toes ti.n on -.-i :.s or "hite tot es. I c.
not '" ther not r ot this is a s cific vriety rrfererce
or whetherr it i due to he fat tt these r ottces :ere
plant *U on i..fest, oil,

*"r \ t /

(: Ot)K2C~ )

A, 2. C Ior '-'n (A2 *u t 3 : -:.* tobacco l '.,r:. b en
;n;cer . t any tie drin- the 2 ye: rt 0 y r.sdece
in "cmn~ wes.e o.:.oc no cioni.." as been neces ::ry.

.1~ -

Tennes see

less nu e t:. ;: I t .-, -... t tlc '- .r.

-g D-

T" _-.I-p:TA:": -7VI7IL (CaTas fr--'c: -"us Fab.)

C.REL, JUIT ETLEL (Cotinis nitida L.)



I;e:' Jersey


A, C. "organ (August 28): In a tobacco field of 45 acres
the first and second stands of plants were almost completely
ruined. by the green June beetle larvae. This was the most
severe infestation of this species that has tome to our atten-


i-:iODICAL CICADA (Tibicina septendecim L.)

7. E. Britton (Jiiy' 24) All adults had disappeared from
New Haven, H-rtnford, and i:iiddlesex Counties by July 15. In some
places the ground is covered with wings where the bodies had
been eaten by birds. Farmers note that crows do not pull corn
in a year when 17-year locusts are abundant. These insects were
somewhat less abundant than in 1911.

Miss iM. G. Norton (August 4): Specimens of pupal skins were
sent in from Princeton for determination. (Identified by
J. A. Hv:lop.)

A DOG DAY CICADA (Tibicina sayi S. & G.)

7. P. 1'lint (August 21) T!h:- dog-day cicada is more abund-
ant than usual in the vicinity of Chsmpain this season.

BAG'.T'' (Thyridooteryx erphemeraeformis Haw,)



E. W. Mendenhall (-August 7): The bagv-orm is beginning to
show upo again in central and southern Ohio. I also find some
outbreaks in nurseries.

R. '. Harned (August 27): :Ygworms have been very abundant
during the past few weeks. Specimens collected on cedar at
Columbus, on arborvi-tae at Holly Springs, and Cleveland, on
evergreen at Tunica, and on Italia at Jackson, (Iden-
tification by J. I,. La L-',ton.)

L-:CPARD MOTH (Zeuzera pyrina L.)


B. H. W;alden (July 24): During a storm with high wind on
July 23 at New Haven many branches were broken from street
trees (elms and maples). Tlie breaks in many cases were -.Lere
the branch was injured by the leopard moth several years pre-
viously. An examination of considerable material showed but
little recent or fresh work.

- p8o-


ITew York

N cbraska

V.!ichi '-!. n


C. P'. -' ..s (.'-'.' ast r7): *- e.. z3ses ,:; no '.. quite con-
spicuous (August ~-") n ?..'.-Ior -r.\ el'_ '.t-re, the firC- out-
b; t- in t. nbcr of ye :-. Attack' inr. cl--, epx.'le, etc.

C. R. Cros'-" a-n cssistants (Luost 7) : Sunorrmlly abund-nt
throuvT-ho'ut the State. (Alstract A. H.)

Y.L SPID.Ti (_ t.:.c. -: telarius L.

3 "*. nenitn ll (*'--ust 11)'. -:.. red =.-id~r, "':..* .. ... t '--:.^.
bir-culatti hri,-rvey, is very .d on ,illov", 71,ney locust and
riM lavez and is causijr,- them to tu:-:. brovnm and die in .a:t
Co I. (-.;. I .

4A!;D -:D ASH ,.--:. ( c~raea Say)

MI. H. Sv.enl: (July l[<- .1.***u.'t 1) '. in ct h s. b :- fr--
. ur-ntly r tc.,--rted as t' ite last t.O C. -

b, PCt tit (.'2:'-u.i t Ii): I h:ve Jt trn tr to
CCf'a~m iOUwnty,. .dari:- ih I f-ir.i that u.. t .",'crcs of
r il- ro .n 'L c' tir' r.T '*L^. en t 'n ctvC defoliz'te.. -:,
S~ei ondt_ bil nt~;. T ie ~ V 1 '.o I i L.c-n *-< *:. c*~ .. -i.. r. -
cover the tr..:^:k of : .ny tr~eR r Ithey t'. i-.^v. i_ lie at. t'-..
isez of lhe.e tr s by tir c rt. -r .arv-.i2 at t' is -, ri._
arc fu 1- ro,,vn nn r: .1;." of ti m arv zt:rvi .-'Thil' .r scm
to be sufferi nri fror. disea se.

Hi 7 rr,' r (.'.u- 2Mc^ : Sxc~li~n ;" th> c-.: I"t z -
verc, r. r.orted r, c itly f, cim-lc t v r,.fli t4 r e
at t.r,,n',,ille .tC ... nt.

T 0 -LI1E -'r .. .. ..: '.... ". .linfcata ?ac/.)


T~.::r7CD :-C'-': (Plectrodera slatorI Fab,)


... H. Sve,: ( l5-Aauc't 1): Tlhis insect has been fre-
cu.nt1y re-orted attackin-, cotton'.-ood darinc the last tvo eek'cs.

EL.I C:i.'-TR (Saperda tridentata 01 iv.)




-J. n:r.,1nhnll (August 10): I find jn outbreak of the elm
borer at Dayton on American elms and some damage is being done.

.I. H Sv-enk (July !O-A-.uust 1): 'This insect ihas been fre-
quently reported att:cl-i:.; els during the period covered by
this report.

BiJ O CCKSC:' 3 GALL (Colopha 'imicoa Pitch)

F. ?. Flint (August 21): The cockscomb :lI of elm is beinf
received in a little more then normal n'.bc-',:.

:..C.::L': IPPI GAjL (PacL yl] a celtidis,-mnne .i ley)

. Svenl-: (July l,-Aumu-,t 1): Du,'in t- the third vieek in
July e bg n to receive co-",ml.ints of unusual infestation of
I.:-I-berry trc's with the hr-ckbe.rry nipple gall, -".se reports
were sent in from Oolf -x, Ha&ll, and 3Biffalo Counti, s.


HICKORY T7TIG 3r,. (ChI-.7.esus hicoriae Lec.)

!'I io


E. "7. iendenhal! (August :): I find an outbreak of the -ick-
ory tv;`i horer at ILinort], Jravlin County. ''.I.c dead tv;i.s
are quite co:spicuouo,


LA-RH 5A.,'. ",Y (iEmiatus erichisonii a:irti, ;)

R. B. Friend (A:.i-,ust 24): A plantation of ;.-.rooean larch
was partly stripped by Lyr,{adoonematus erichsonii at ,,iddleburj-
thi2 ye-:r. Larvae are now in cocoons in the ground.

.t 16) LTrge tr-.cts of ",i i
the vicinity of 'Q-.d m Lac -orthcast .r.:: prt of the Strtc,
verc ;tczksd b: tlin f>.

~* 1r' ^"' -

C : .o -. st 11) -esez ins cts re .. 3i.. r
locust trees % een 'eer. ..'ii:.r;. c-< -t. an." H~irrisbu:r,-< to n.^e'r
"': fror a short distance.

.- ,'. aenden-ll (I t 7): -e locust trees in cntr:i o,.'d
sou-vhenn Ohio n fbr'ly .. f.ffct .h. locu;t


rc'-'.es '."ere c -..ll.. .
,.nt IA c:r th.--r


o~':c r'--" ~ Vii ~;uz -~.,


in" t.ton cA2'1 t ; T.i
fr"on_ i>'y;:tic, ",'rtrrt-".n, II'.:- ..::, nc. 1 :" .i'v-n -;tt."c-irn c:;l

titto (A' "
n ,:ct rn: 'tt ,_ frot :.

att4cA:i C i.

cc ; c v .. t in-
l-ce=: in :'-'.::;d !t" l;v n

"is: i.:.:- ..i

tivel y i .-nti;i d :o; odi rin <' t v.c:. ':- i vo. d i'ro::t.
Eroo!';j .J :' r .. u...' ,:i"-. ti-'. 3 i: .:. t v i ;; i;; y'.



CCI:? L ; G (.lvinaria 1/it7s 4 t


',jn oecticut

.'. -- .* (". i" :cci t.ns Eji: I.



2UEOPEAIT 7TK.: ,c MTOTE (?y.ioniL baoliaina I "7

:.. P. zappe (July 2.4): ..rk of this insnct is seen in nur-
seri3es and. it appears to 1:-- quite abundant, more being noted
than over before on pines at Stanford nd H-rmden.

P -0-p L (a s l r S

POPLA:P U2.S (fer calcarata Say)

Ne'br .s.

... I. *''euk (July 15-Aug"st .): 'This insect has been frc-
qen.rttly reported attacking poplars during the last two wecl:s.

JCE .TUC- (Parateranychus i is Jcobi)
SPQJJCE :2lIT^ (Porat e t~ranycbus unir.n~ui s Jacobi)

Connect icY.t

S. Britton (A'ust ,24): This pest is a,:-. .rently on the
increase, as it has been reported froom: Clinton, FoP''ret,
Green,,ich, l.llingford, Stratford, .::id.-leIton, Ch.eshire, lMan-
chester, :'e Can-'an, Nor.alk, Kidqefield, Faiifield, Wood-
mount, 'nd East Hartford.

r^IJy CAT. MILJA (Dotana inte.-crxira Gr. & C .)


Connect cut

A C. r.'ran (j'krmt 28): .Te valut datana which defoli-
ated nearly all of the v:..inut trees in the Clarksville sec-
tion last year has not been observed this year except in rare


LUROP2.,i WI7LLOU B2LTLC (il j.iodera vorsicolora lJich.)

vl E. Pritton (July 24): This import trd insect has now
sprcad all over Connecticut, having been reported recently
on v.'illov' at Coleboook and Test H1:vei.

i. P. Z'ppe (Au.'uct 23): This ir.:-ect bu spread from the
-'outh,iestern corner of the Stte to the Ehode Island line in
the southern part of the State and to Thormisonville in the
northern p'rt. It is more plentiful in J-" London --nd
Hartford Co-untics, complcte].y defoliatinv wvillowc,.

0 2 kJ A H E I L F T 3 D L T .: S

( -;l-i i(d. -c)

A. 2. Lrorgan (Aoyust 2c;: 1K .ru]^l r, v .' -.:.. --,- tI. n zf
!Il nt "'.ict on nse ... o .... i .s
n e7 on,
".-^.-.01 _' vrr ccgrc 'i cA:1 r"" :'.)
.2. ~<. C'-'jr .r ( *J ,,"-- ( :r : rc e u! cco-r- i:' "c *r ce. -d
To r ne rn J(;' -v-,":n i s t x

J f- t:,c t th t cor si',
o^.o., a ther n 3. .,rS so -vcr l' tt' c'<, o cc--

CI tn."it co. for hy tro nu sc, red. In o:lt in-y
rt'-nc s nl'nts *,.crc cor.^!< t...l, ... .ec t: '--t,'h
is nun-suajl for t!:ln !oc :lity.

:- S ~ : "O (p.c l_ Mx-c ^

...-. Yo
- *.

he '. inf-,:s tior. in i -.r t A t- :nt, f.;-b
A'omty. -",'; t]. *:c of 'tC' "r c


J. i, '.7c t-,,n .' s;t .-' CV: Oy" o t "e C IstCndi- Kn t l!L
.c-ri. 2ivent. cf .PL y 'nd, ;.". t in .F oria- *,c. h,"rvv o'.:tbr... '"
* "1 '-h u cer 2i n t" "1'.c ,. 2. covcri:;>, '.,"ctic 11, tl< :- itire'
"oeninsui. It. u .i 3li :c~d r;. ct ',c _, v n]Il of %: e ; :c ........:""--,-''n in
pl!'.ces, "nj, in th '/r' l *::; .h *l *:;l r l....: k- e-.^
In *"d itior %o C" :t'f._ "' s ,t otr cr *>*,'. c,. ii dcofol''i:;,cd

eonrtiV 1 ble int'"' to ,r; .s, bI:t in L st .Lcti ns of the
-:'w-i.. ;.th :r cultiv t' 'i *ro: /* :,' t ir..f' '.* rar d. :i r :ic i
the lr ;rre :;-t '-t r ): t'it -.,, ec r :d i c< 1 1 .

Io 1-

. : .n*lic ( ui:t It )' ; r,'
n *. o c i ic p ri
c" C. :- I'v" .'u t 1 f r
cl-r, S t c-; o"" r i ." l" i 7 ;i('* ..

'i, I (. : ,- rr. : o fl'r
"nd dry: inl-''rv rV %'.. ,.:*.f tO r w .... ,V
t' *(.'," (.r( m 'r.' ro'i;. on1 1'n'liU '*Iyo th!:

(1 *T .*. fSro:: n *;i .. ..^; '.r h^s
: .i -, tl.. for .I ,'..
r-d' : "b < n r :'- "... .-. d

. i'::. A ]" :rr. x."it d to
!^.(. th, ir m:O l t. ipl;;ticn,
e ire. s :-nd *?o .':. i'. :,

MIzL *irv~i

'*ir ,:n irn

1. ". 'rrn 1 ('A -:-41t 27) :


Ma ryland

Connec ticut

ant during the .'j.r'.er in ell parts of the St.te, especially
on ornamental plants of various kinds. Injury to shade trees
end cotton has also been reported from a few localities.


A SAWFLY (Macremphytus sp.)

J. A. Hyslop (August 23): Full-grown larvae of this insect
are rapidly defoliating Cornus stolonifera near Silver Spring.

RiCDOrEIDR0T LACE3UG (Stephanitis rhododendri Horv.)

B. E. Britton (Augui t 24): Icotob:,'-rs- rhododendri Horv, oc-
curs throughout the State and is apparently increasing, as it
has been reported from Wilton, Norwalk, Darien, New Cmnaan,
Statnford, Greenv,-ich, '.'.al,.ingford, -'.-.nchester, Pomfret, Cromwell,
Enfield, East Heartford, T.rorvich, *",';terford, Rockfall, W'ood:ont,
and '.'ztic. It wa-s attacking rhododendron and --1.mia.




FLEAS (Ctenoccphalus spp.)


E. L. (Au ust 114): Six complaints have been re-
ceived during the past ;v-&: concerning cat and dog fleas which
were a nuisance in homes and yards where pets were kept.

CHEIOGG:. (Trombicula irrit-ns Riley)


2. L. Chambers (August 15): Severnl severe cases of infesta-
tion from cb ,-_rs have been brought to th. attention of this
.office, two of which have been of several '- eks duration and
did not yield to sulphur and salt bath treatment.

OAT TIHPPS ('\nnrhothrin stiratus Ort.)


F. C0. Bishop (July 23): Anioynce from the oat thrips at
Allentown was reported by the Thermolator Corporation.

Maryland and


MK r,! and

F4 C, Bishopp (,August): B3:db.-.- i,.iestations of chicken
houses h:m-ve been reprt&-: from Marylan ";... 7irgir.i,.

?. C. 3ishorp (.u-ust): House flies have been rt..r nore
bun-. nt n annc<,-:.: In I.lryland, Vi_- i:.i ., % Ji7- Y'r?:, than

.?... (c n: or :1 i r Sv y)

-. C, Bichopp (July): wvcra! r crt ha: ben received
of .o.- tick anno ,ce to ..: and ai :is, en- _ially in the

- - (-.-. ..,;,.
- .-.j...-.~.--,-... ____ k.-.- P.c:.)

District of

H, "i7 Harned ( st Il); Several "o. -,laints ha/e reached
the State Fl.-int 3O .:- ofi-ice duri the east fe -- that
child .'n have been e vrely Eur-.- 1 so i "-l.".. rs.
bThe 'orns vary in ize fro:. 1/2. to 1 idch Iz):.-, :. CoverLd
'ith soft bromn hair, *an Lavu a rid e alor.- th, o- c i
t:. *o h cap -f or. 7h. u top. T 1- rla t .c. r".sy tha
this is the. !_rv..l sta:;e of the crin:led flannel :oth, .-.2 is
most abu'.. i.t in 1 te uujr and f.. 1. Lh ar iUo1ous spines
i er t. oft brc':n 'r :-..- it ve- .:. r .. . in o
c .-2, Ph ,i'l .r.t have ben ca!!id to trLe:'t the e case
i'; : or "..-re a fi'i r rtif.'e;.d for s>ver.l years ,y the
ntin., of this i.:. ct,

'KIC,.: C;. .. ?I ( . r ; . "i . :.. er

F. C, Bisho (..u-u't i): -. r ct froi the ton
office, !r, ..., C. "' ollKcteQd Kp i n'as of it, : (" ..'
and adults) fro :,i. .i :o in thic ,ici'. t -.'-r *"a
.,*:ort b tri miter d ro n ;. i 11 .
evi' nee innicate t t t hCles is s t:i.... ii. r t : r
.n" its r j;;ente raa" '-1 cation sine'. this v-iri r1'" h,!.; auc 'i ; rfstrtctc~d }oet rela-
tion:-; than ur co o:.n for:r,.

A -'i ( _i _ I L y..


F anno. Bicho:'; (July a n ;t):;
anno,'., 11.,_ f rom r. ;and fli, ; u ivu bu e .

k 1./ ,

BUDBUG (Cieig.. loctularis L,)

.L'Ty, FLY (L.uScn donc:tica L.)

n'I ssissip_.)i

A PODURID (Tod-ura acuatica L.)

Nebr1- ski

H. S&enk (.July 15-Auiust 1): In Lincoln County a well
heavily infested with the spring tail, Podura auatica, so that
the woter in the horse tank and also the drinking water for the
house is more or less contaminated with these insects, was re-
ported late in Jrly.



TEL:i-'3S (Reticulitermes spp.)


J. ,J. Ic~olloch (August 12): Termite injury to woodworm in
a dwelling at Pratt was reported August 10, and two houses at
1'ianhattan were found infested August 12.

lI. H. Swen.k (July i-A-u,.ust 1): A report of injury by our
cormmon termite, -Reiculitcrmes tibiajis Banks., in a flower
Parden was received from Doulas. County Juiy 20, and the in-
festation of a houe'_HolJrege, Phelps; County, was reported on
July 31.

.-'iTSAi, >AR/'I IG (?orficula auricularia L.)

R. L. r!:,'r (July 20): 1 wish to advise you of the activi-
tiec of the European earv-ig, rhich has become a dreadful pest
on the Pacific Coast. It has been found in shil-iLnts of orange,
tomatoes, and lettuce from California, so un-
doubtedly it will soon be spread all over the United States,
It seems to have gained a foothold on this coast less than 10
years ago and. now spreads from California tnto British Columbia.


I'IR ]'9 (Solenor'sis 'eminata Fab.)

T. ,"; H-ned (Ai -st 27): Probably no species of ant, ex-
cept the Aa ,--rntine ant, s r, ses the fire ant as a -eneral
pest in this Strate, receive dozens of complaints every year
in regard to its depredations. As an example of the ant's de-
strudtiveness, we should like to quote a letter from Mr, L.J.
Gooa'inme, one of our field inspectors, who writes as follows:
'T.. fire ants arc ruining the town, I can show you house af-
ter house where ladies will chow you all kinds of clothes that
have been ruined by the ants. In several places I have seen
expensive dresses that have been bitten full of small holes,
The women have proved to me that the ants attack clean clothes
as ,e'i os soiled ones. '.hcse ants are also ruining uphol-
stery in furniture, and even attack people while they are sit-
tin,, in chairs."
During the Mississippi flood the city of Greenville was under

-"n:ny, feet of 'ter. ..:ter the fl0 only fe: 0li c
the Ar-en;ine rt could e ford, bt str" to ., the -o.
did not at' "' -f:t t_ r. .t .r .y re ly
nmr-erouz thrrc nor .rna. "y f r th: rr.u.r..., t sit:". ; i-
scoutn in Gr{ .:",':li I t. ,ic^'-".e cncountered cc.r of the
]i tle 1' rc tic s;idK f .h h I:er rrC~in. L -ir
it. L ..... -'. .nlloh C ho cet7 r-
nind the fl.s c il2... nt: rn
tin, "-l -ck -nts 0';cr fo' to be c ':-. rnd i:-ll
trcublesore in so.c of the h zcss t ha'.

A- -_ (717Er- :l :

.. .. :d .?t ,): I Af,:t t
h'tv< ^-con .^".^nA r(ceitly -t Hoily c 1n
fr r t t .... s V :, co 1
2'r:.ton, which h t:' c' iced -by 1 I "
ornf ..t'!, 1l nts froj"r.*, irf:stci .r'
ini : 't" 1 *rr'. Rec ent i nv' Vti -"tW .. V
rnt hb' '... 'rentlv *'n c, e- t-x "< r

lo n :t t V th
:- iJ n st; tion :t

. in th t t1 .n to '1 n n-
,.*t 5 : r i .-t t.
die tc ...* c. th t t c ..

hj?'T: (l~orr~ic id.e)

j__s ___ *, :nr y .*.... t b: r t' F s ..... c \II :tri t1.
troj ,,oQL the; Ct te. *t Gr,-n-.C., >r ;e' "c F :nd v-y
o~her to""ns it i ar-c coi L.:.o2!l beer:n fc Ut if'f ".* .,<-: on the< sr::*- '-lock or on i* .~ cin.i LOCA., '.' *.. r'.: -;(- .l ; -.' -ntin. ,nt in itc -tncr 1 h- .itr. It AIea rt r---r!hli-
th ir : -,c i'ci ;;o "'u'a h in : : i ncro '.h t. r'. c;n >:r :. .. i'. :e
it for the : -f r ir.-. ri%, -"he th ... nt ;.. t ;o'- -only. n;<-"tc :. of
thori i th, carf cc c:>il i*- t th c.; r. h .... 1 oi, r

Sebri r ;C rr '. .- t t An : L cci "x ns o : _
V"" ".ci- ; u:I:"; f or i, fie" ticc' "ith the r. Art
th..t they ".'*re .^ivin:r tr.- o '' ir tn i-. r.i,. c cf :v. r:. f;
1ivir." in tn::t vi in : t -1-.. r, sci,- t. f r -: .,AI c'- rv-
tion o 's, :ices r:,t _. F -c: r to tc t..." 1 : ,- to h -u,'- or'j
li.' : in te Vns.

1h ... . ?h i d *.7*__ .. iJ orll^1!! -( )

.- : i:k ( i T-.,' t ): T" it
"* h .ir n t( of :' r it i "* ti; t ';-" '. ** t r t< *. t
f or !<(f<:rr'on Co'n~t*'' i-i t]~ m'id 1c0 f .Ut-.'

.2 1 i. __



:" t t*r

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