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The Insect pest survey bulletin
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United States -- Bureau of Entomology
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monthly, mar-nov. plus annual[1926-]
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Insect pests -- Periodicals   ( lcsh )
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Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1, 1921)-
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Vol. 14, no.9 issued only as a supplement..
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Vols. for May 1, 1921-1934, issued by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology; 1935- by the U.S. Bureau of Entomology and Plant Quarantine.
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"A monthly review of entomological conditions throughout the United States" (varies slightly).
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Includes annual summary starting in 1926.
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Includes some supplements.

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A r k:; .ie'M of entomological conditions througl.,'--, the United States
o. on the first of each month from March to December, inclusive.

volurna 8

July 1, 1928

Number 5















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Vol. 8 July 1,128 '10.5

I.r: G I *j- -O: .LJGlz C ;.L -T F.S IN ':J. 0 I r U2.. 1C1 -- -,l

Althourhn cut"'orms have not attracted an unu',j amount of atten-
tion throu-''.ut the greater part of th.L country, a rather serious
outbreak dzvelop;d late in the month on tht ovenrloe, c land in
Ar-ansas, occasionin- a call for Fi.i'ra1l aid. The- ple -,stern
cut.-orm is also occurring in threatcnirn nuiib-rs and aoing very
considerable '1cri:,e in parts of north Dakota. RP.:orts of lesser
cutworm trouble were received from South C-rolina, iississippi, --:I

A sev.r., gras-ho-,p.-r outb:-k a .,ears to 'D dwvlopnr.: in
Zansac z'.nd !Tcb:.s:-z, but little; trouble is antici: ted
over the remainder of the country.

Brood A of the white grxus is ap:;j.rinr in destructive numbers
in Iora, 'isconsin, Kansas, and. castuc.r, to Inria .

An unusA-i!ly lar;?- n.Lb-'.r of "iireworm r--ports have been received
this i.-,onth fro.i '.1: rIn-lcinl and the Middle Atlantic States south-
"rd. to Sout' Carolir,- :.r -':eut".ard to ,isconsin an' .:.:. In
Illincis ",..o ,;a'L, lr.:'y occcsicnr aorc d-r .-<, than in ::- ye,.
An uu..- outbrcr:' of the corn and cotton g'ire'7or r'as r- .e-'
about thL mid'.h- of thl month from ,izissisi :i.

The iesii-ly situation has d, v o1. J a r.thlr serious
asp.ct in Ohio ariu -b._:'; .

An unu-Lal outbreak' of t'-- :.. 'lw pl:.nt p'i; devvl1.. early
in the mcnth in Io'a. In o .- ca-! a --a:re field o 'it co-
pl t,-!y &'trnyLd by this ins ct.

\'. '**-:.t stcmn rot is ;p a rir.; in Ibnormally 1 .- n-- -rs

suff,.rin'- a loss of "" Jxr cent of t:.he hat ,.;..

Th. st.l' borer is t . i. Ibuii, rt. :rtcd fro..: I '. i.:. 1t". t

':o ext~Ac:iv. or' Iijr-u. us last


Sod webworms are appearing in destructive numbers over the East
Central and West Central States, These insects have not appeared in
troublesome numbers during the past few years,

Corn billbugs are occurring in unusually large numbers and doing
very considerable damage in parts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa,
and Kansas.

A new species of Coleophora was discovered early in the month
damaging grass in the central part of Indiana*

The lesser clover leaf weevil is very seriously affecting clover
buds in eastern Illinois. Infestations in the first crop run from
30 to 60 per cent of the buds, Thi3 insect is occurring in about the
usual numbers in Ohio.

Aphids continue to be subnormally abundant throughout the eastern
fruit-growing sectiiq= ofthe United States.

The cool, wet weather which has prevailed in the East Central
Middle Atlantic, and I1ew England States is generally conceded to
be adversely affecting the codling moth.

The pear midge appears to be becoming increasingly serious
in the New England States and New York# In the latter State some
orchards will suffer a 50 per cent loss this year.

Throughout the Middle Atlantic States westward to Ohio the
oriental peach moth appears to be generally less prevalent than last
year. Reports of very effective control by parasites have been re-
ceived from Connecticut and New Jersey, The backward season, however,
may have had something to do with this decrease in number.

Although appearing later than last year, the plum curculio is
now7 doing about the average amount of damage in the lixew England,
Middle Atlantic, and northern part of the South Atlantic States.

The walnut caterpillar is reported as more abundant on pecans
in Texas than it has been for the past three years# Many trees
arj already defoliated.

During the month there have been several outbreaks of a
small cistelid beetle, hyivmenorus obscurus Say, attacking young fruits,
blosomrns, and leaves of citrus fruit in Florida. This insect
usually feeds on lichens on the trunks of the trees,

The colorado potato beetle is being reported from the gulf
region and Florida as unusually abundant. A similar report from
Virrinia might indicate that the year is to be one of unusual abun-
dance of the insect.


The caba..e may-^-ct is rnerally serious over the -" -z ,
".'iddle Atlantic, and Central States. In Iow;a this -y.-st has ass-r.d
econon.ic importance only within the last fe7 ",- to bk incr.aring in destructiveness very rapidly,

About the r..idile of the month a rather severe outbre--: of t>.-
diamoni-back moth occurru,. on cabbage in South Carolina. This insect
has also be^n r.?rported fromin Mississippi.

The onion ra.ot is reported as doing consid able d-c-r in
Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and. io-a.

The aspr.raeus bCetle .s destructive in A. -s, Mu-catine, and
Des Moir.-s, Io-.'-a this spring. This insect c-,pears to be moving
west .'ard very rapidly.

The :.:.,iccn bean bec tle -..s discovered at College Pr'-., ... ,
this month arid has made very considerable territorial expansion
in 'orth Carolina. In th. original infested territory in Alacca-;
the ':inter survival was lo' than any season on record,

The lean leaf bectlce has been unusually abund.,t in the t--o
Carolinas this season, in co:., places completely defoliating the

Th- outbreak of Chilo sinrlex Butler rec-.ntly discovered in
the Ha--aiian Islonis n +i-:) is AnoT known to be infestin, btwen
1,500 and 2,0.0 ac acres of rice. ?h. infestation is so intense that
from two rice stools 40 a.,'.. -)
The pine, leaf sc 1e is r-oorted .-s seriously abuni.'-r.t in certain
parts of .-'isconsin and Ilebraska.

A species of N;,oliprion has comoplctely ,-foliit-. pitch pinc-s
in many vlaccs in Connecticut, T:.1- is probably the &,._- s:.:is
that .zs reorted late in June as defoliatinr hitch pines in Clinton
County, i'7 York, inwhih'- State it p0eaz for th first time last
A cuirculionid "-Ltle Tvl3a.'i. iraar'*.s L., !as :cn dis-
cov.r, d ct .-cKng vari r "tC0cie 7 of rr-uczs in eastern asichusCtts
nursi It has also been ffu.r. on mor t of the -incs in these
n'iir i's x .ti:. l *.*',ite .in'. It is record d as fe.din,- on birch
foliei in parts of .: pe .,1&, in ,s ct.,lo;.- as h iavl. "_n
collect--i in .isi'-uri,

A severe out br.. ik of tir east .I tp:-3- betl hih.: is
b'-liev'.1 to have start :** 1t 9.., hA t nun dis verd in
noit'.-c !nt'-l 'lal e,

Th- cor'. o.-j]: mAl;., Fl.,iolj "ij i ,L : ; ,,.id,, '".:*d diecovcr...
for the fir-t time in Los rnules .'-t -".. r, T:ic ir-.sct has bn
takun from San Jose, S..nta Cl-ia, 'in Fianci Lo, and Paszicna, .nd


in every case on the European cork oak, upon which host it was
evidently introduced from Europe.

Many complaints have been received from iississippi of damage
by the pecan -bud moth to young pecan stock.

A serious outbreak of fleas has developed in Atlanta, Ga., which
has attracted considerable attention of the Health Department of that
city. A report of trouble from this ins ect has been received from
Ocala, Fla.

The gnat, Hip-pelates sp. probably flavipes Loew, is proving
extremely troublesome and annoying in the environs of '-.7 Braunfels.,
The us.pal quota of reports on termites ;'as received from the
Central States,

Reports on the em'2rgence of Brood II of the periodical cicada
were received in large numbers throughout the early part of the
month from Connecticut, New York, Nwv; Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
The emergence in Virginia was completed early in the month and the
insects in that State have practically disappeared. A very interest-
ing collection was made at Yazoo City, Miss., on :.1y 29 '.7hcn in-
side a boll weevil cage there emerged a'female periodical cicada,
This belonged to the 13-year Brood XXVII, The only times that this
brood has previously been recorded from any point in the United
Statesjvere in 1902, when it was reported as appearing on May 20
at Suffolk, Franklin County, Miss., Aw thirteen years later, in 1915,
M-i6'1 this brood was seen again at this place.


In the first paragraph of the outstanding features of 'the
last number of the Survey Bulletin (Vol. 8, No.4) the last sentence
should read "Nova Scotia Fruit Growers Association is recommending
early treatment for the red mites **'.


The area at present kno'"n to be infested by the European
corn borer in Ontario and Quebec covers approximately 95,650
square miles. It extLrnds 575 miles from cast to west and 385 miles
from noth to south. Infestations have been found as far west as
St Joseph Island, 15 miles east of Sault Ste. Marie, and as far
east as Batiscan on the St. La"rcnce River, 50 miles west of
Quebec City. The insect has now rL-echLd practically the northern
limit of the corn-growing area in Canada.

An outbreak of the roadside grasshopper, Carnula r.Ulluzi>
Scudder, :-js occurr--. in the Chilcotin ra:. --.r l surroun.din..-
country in British Coluinbi.(. Poisoned' baits are bc..n distributed
at all infested -.points.

Wirevworms have o,.,:r. by far the chief ; of field crops in
southern Saz'atchewan this spri.iv, Recent heavy rains resulted
in a partial recovery of the dared crcps in a-ny fields.

The rtd-backod cutwvorm has infested about 50 ;:,r cent of the
sugar-beet fields in southern Alberta, resulti:>- in from 25 to
100 p.:r cent loss, Th"L. infestation in wheat, -ct clover, and
alfalfa is light, but some field? shown :s i.i.. a loss as 15 per

Cuit'orms have b.-n rather generally troublcsom. in gj.d.jns
in southern Suskatch.-an. This'-artly due to early hatc-.hirn. an
the very dry conditions this spring, Suveral species were ir-.,Jlved,

May beetles appeared in lar.-, numbers over extensive areas
in soutl,-.estmrn Quebec during '..,ry ?.n-' caun';i serious da---e to
the foliage of several species of decijuu-s trees. F-y bsetle flights
were also obser'vAd locally in U. Br uns--i(.': dIurir.- the latter
part of May and early June.

Up to the :r.id2lc of June, no ad'its or larv._.- of the ",-..ican
bean b-ctle hi:d been fcund in Ontario in localities where in-
festations '-cre disco.r. last year,

Overinturing adults of grape leafhoppers are present in
sufficiently large numbers in the 'Tia-ara peninsula, ':-.tario,
to 4iv. rise, under favorable conditions, to local 2':,broas,

Reports from ".'ova Scotia, "..7 brans-Ai'., :'.i nritish Col':.'1a
indicate that ahiLi are not eu..-. t in thtesc p:',vinces this

S.-x"'...,' of .* ho..'.an bech brk louse situati-:n in ;
Brun!:- icl. shows that '" nre is a v,-:, havy infestation -" this
species in .iet:ur -l:n;I County il oni of lIss sve'it: in Albert

_po.-'ts from 3ritish Col- ;-bi:., Alter*.-, '.':,. tc'. '.:., ..t .1io,
Quebec, .v.& t' Bei. r-w 1'. in- .icate that tunt cat' .::' 11 .s of
se'ver::l t-u,-i.c[, [i,,L:,cip,..l1y th1. foreist t.nt cateru'll. r and. the
east'.rti tr.t cater,'liar, aru L.I ,,.. -. val nt ov''r -idcTread
arc-,s in -1. L'o";i.'.ion, A ..)v.. outbr_:2 th forest tent
cat-r.illar dovelop-d ov.r t): "hole stern ...lf of Alb. rtn and
no th ocet'r:: ::.z."*tch '*";i, sz.ri us y :'oli .ti :-..- native -,[.'l rs,

The spruc c-rlwonrm is occurring in outbrek'form in territory
rest and north of Sudbury, Ontario. During 1927 it spread ex-
tensively and the injury rhicb "ill result from its d relations
this sea.n -ill probably be very severe.

A very extensive outbreak of the hemlock looper is occurring
throughout the Muskok1a Lak3 rcion in central Ontario. In the
Thousand Island -, area large numbers of trees have died. and many
thousands more are dying as a result of defoliation by this species
during the past two years. Eggs of the looper have now hatched
and the young caterpillars are feeding.

A very severe outbreak of the larch sawfly is reported
from various sections of Ontario, ever young stands of larch
being affected.

marble flies, Hypoderma bovis DeG., are widespread in southern
Manitoba, affecting cattle, particularly young animals.



Florida Ho B- .r',.-r (June -2): An cxcossivly lar.a; number of w,:r.--
lubbLr cras.:ho, Dictycj. hoh-rus I.- 1icul cL 7'.un''., a.ppoar-
durin- th. Latter part of May in some -suturtan allotr-ents
just -'.'ist of Gainesville. The insects bccj..- so numerous that
pt-oplu, .s.._cially ladies, were annoyed by the insects cra;Il-
Sine upon th.r.:. Followin, an u-unius'-:lly heavy, driving rTsin,
cor-p:ratively few r.r._inod, No injur- to plants was not.-d al-
thou -h the -rasshopp.:rs reported as crawling upon them in lar-
numbers, The source of the infestation was not traced,

Nebraska M, H, S'..nk (May 15-June 15): Durin.- the first half of June
reports of an abundance of rasshoppcrs, .!lan clu Epp,,
in alfalfa fields have befn received from western 1Tbraska,
from Chase County east to Lincoln County,

Kansas J, 7, McColloch (June 20): Erly rLports indicate t:-.:t a
grasshopper outbr-c&k is developing in the State, Between .::,-
24 and Junu 7 reports were received from Bo-ue, Golden, C-r-
lin, Edmond, and Lqrn
CUT'7:OR:.:S (Nloctuidac)

MasSachusetts A.I, Bourne (June -5): Cut-7orrrms have been about as ,'u:-.fnt
as usual.

c.v7 York

Arkan-z ,C


Ncw Mexico


L.2':ly 1..--G Letter, N. Y, State Coll. A.-r. (June 11): Col.::ia
County (A. B, Buchholz): Cutw.-'r:-c prevalent. Ch-:uutcu'u-. County
(Go H& SaliLbury): Cut',jrn-..s are very zcrious )n cad'. -c
cauliflo-.-:'r in some lots,

W, A, Oldfield (June 20): C-ti'-or.-s serious. D.: to all
crops, principally corn on overflow 1'.nl, .''-nt FPd-ral aid
and advice (Tcle,"r:ai.)

R 7. HaL.rn.-d (Jun.e 5): A few co. pl.i.its rc -:rdin- cutoior-.
have been received v.ry day this oprin:. Only three .cies
have been r-cuiv.- durin- June, Th-y are as foll-.'z: .*c. ti.
- r it r. cci1: on corn at Holly >-rin--, Fltia anex
on cotton at Y..z a City, and A*-rutis s. pilon on cotton at Yazoo

J. R, Doul-is (Jun, 11):> rcciv d sv--.ral : rts of
injury to ccrn and JL:in: by cut or.. thrW,,L'-h.ut the :it.ncia

J, J, D.1vis (JunL :'C): Cut'-or s (..o*u- ex) dvt:.0vd U or
4 icr.! of corn at ';in:v .'c ;.c'o;'Ji:, to a r L'o:rt rc iv
Junu 2.

G G- _._1S (Acrididae)



North Dakota

E. Lo Chambers (June 15): Our pest reporters from Winnebago,
Fond du Lac, Racine, Kenosha, Jefferson, Roch, Greene, Grant,
and Monroe Counties have reported cutworms on corn and garden

PALE ;Z:STZR- CUTVV'ORI., (Porosagrotis orthogonia Morr.)

C. N. Ainslie (June 22): This' cutworm seems to be increasing
in numbers this season and its injuries are more apparent
than for the past two or three years. Fields of wheat have
been destroyed near Mott, and serious damrnge to corn has been
reported from different localities. For some reason this
species has not multiplied during the past two or three years
but the check seems to have been removed and the worms are
becoming more numerous.

ARMY CUTWORM (Cho.rizarotis nuxiliaris Grote)


South Carolina

J. W. McColloch (June l): The moths of the army cutworm
are reported abundant at Abbyville and Eureka.

VARIEGATED CUT7WORM (Lycophotia rairgaritosa saucia
.... Hbn,)
Wo Js Reid,Jr. (May 15): The cutworms were found to have
tunneled their way into the young heads of approximately 5
per cent of the plants in a 22-acre field of spring cabbage
on the J. .i. Harrison farm in the irimcdiate vicinity of
Charleston. The infested plants are rendered unfit for use
as a result of the attack.

LINED CORN BORER (Hadena fractiliMEaGrote)


E. L. Chambers (June 15): Timothy dod land followed by
corn was reported badly attacked in spots by the lined
stalk borer which seems to be worse than last year when
many stalks along the fence rows of fields in that vicinity
were reported damaged.

CCFJI EAR WORM (Heliothis obsoleta Fabo)

North Carolina

We A. Thomas (June 14): A few specimens of this insect
were observed on snap beans on this date. On a near-by tomato
field a rather heavy infestation hid developed and considerable
damage is being done by the larvae boring into the nearly
a.'.1ture fruit, IMost of the injured fruit has developed rot
and is a total loss.









Oliver I. Snapp (June li): Infestation heavy on COI acres
of tomatoes in southrn-Geor.-ia. Growers have cx.:-riencid.
difficulty controllin- the insect. Infestation also heavy,
at Fort Valley.

L, 7. Br'%nncn (June 8): The- first tormato frit -wor e-
of the 1928 season Was found in the field on young; tor-atc-s
at Bir.inh-::., on May 21. This is a month later than the
first e-, "-:s found last season. The moths are not co
,nu'.,rous in the fields as they were last sc-..nn ani d -.&.- to
tomatoes is not expected to be so severe as in the avcra.-e
season, -Some tomatoes on the plants were half grown 7when
the first L o-s were'found, On ".ay 29-s w-.r foun in a
cornfield about 100 yarls from the tof-ato patch. The corn
in this patch was only about 1 foot high and eggys were on the

K. L, CocI-:rha;. (June 9): This i-s.sct conti:.i.:s its d-. --
at Biloxi, attac::.n new corn and tor. atoes. In addition to
its injury to tomato fruits it is doin.- considerable damage
tunneling vines an lar-c st-:..s,

R, Wo, Harned (June 25): Larvae of the corn car oorm ': .lhiS
obsol.ta Fab., were received on June 1 from Dixon, 7'here they
were r.-ported as eatin. the seed 'o'.s of !-airy vetch, Sr.:-i-
icns of this species were also collected on corn at Holly
Sprin.:s, on June 2, and on corn ain at C .rtha -e on June

;HIVH I T.U3S (PFhyl loDha spp,)

J% Jo Davis (June 2.): ',hite-rubs r.,rortd c d* ..-. -ir.
str&-berry at Ellhart '.oy 27 and at :.-ulbcrr, June 5, A,::- ..rntly
the same insects were da;z *in;" ar.n cr,:. at :?isha-.a
Jun,- 18, A-ilid larvi,.: ._r. recertc_ vdiy abundant in soil
in St. Jos._ph County Jur.n 23 where rubs wrc a-u:-.nt last

W, P, Flint (Jun.. LO): A nu. ir of r.L.orts of .. by
bite -:ubs i..w c! : in fro. the nortI. rn third of Illinois,
Mr. Co: oton and Mr. B3,.--r r..c-ntly .. an examination of a
nunbr -.-i.nstcd fiullc in rrt.,r ':nZ northwezt-c Illinois, T.,.y r..port t*'.t t. ::ul-s ar. JLut starting to
.up;:ite zinf ,_. wor'.:i.- .n n ,o' o ..-hn t in th soil, A v :" fw
newly fon:.>2, n :O; s_.ri u d.rMa.'C has occur-.IrL to irl,' corn,

E. L C ... r (Jun. 15): A nral o-:pl-iint i1s l .n
r1L'CivLd fro. our cro[:-p._st r,.orterL t r..u :.ut thu State
to th.. ffect t t ':.- r-. are th-,. t lni.- V? b c as rious
Lr 1l t yLir. In this r -i n they ,.: .to -, .ut mid -u r, .'d
so little dirf,..-. is .ct.-i after that d #.t,



Kan sas



New York




M, He Swenk (May 15-June 15): White-grubs had resumed
activities sufficiently to be the cause of complaints of injury
to bluegrass lawns, privet, hedges, and strawberry plants
by May 22 and 23.

J, Wo McColloch (June 8); A strawberry bed at Alma has been
ruined by grubs,

Carl J. Drake (June 4): White grubs. Brood A, are doing
a considerable amount of damage to early-planted corn in eastern
Iowa, Many fields were seriously injured or even entirely
destroyed by this brood last year.

WIRZVOEMS (Elateridae)

A* Is Bourne (June 25): Wireworms have been very abundant
on a variety of crops, notably on corn and tobacco in the
Connecticut Valley. They have been the cause 6f an unusual
number of complaints from the tobacco growers, who have in
many cases had to reset areas for the second time, and in some
cases the insect has made setting for the third time necessary.
Apparently this is associated with the cold and persistent
wet weather encountered this season. From our personal ob-
servation the lower fields and lower sections of other fields
have been the worst infested. This, I believe, followed out
the observations you have made personally on these insects.

Weekly News Letter N. Yo St. Coll, Agr. June.4,.
Onondaga County (Wo E. Fields): Wireworms are busy in some
corn and potato fields.

G. H. Griswold (June 28): Wireworms are attacking gladioli
at Frankfort. They bore through stalk below ground and eat
up and down tender shoots. Species undetermined.

C, A, Thomas (June 12): The larvae of Pheletes aponus Say
are now at their height and are doing considerable damage to
cabbage and small beets in Philadelphia and Bucks Counties.
Adults first appeared early in May&

J. J, Davis (June 26): Wireworms were destructive to corn
in lor ground at Covington May 26. This field was in corn
in 1925, in oats in 1926,in wheat in 1927, and in corn In
1928. They also darnmacd corn at Salem June 20.
Wo Ps Flint (June 20): Wire,'orms have caused more damage
than has been the case for a numnbr of years. Reports of
severe injury to corn have come in from all parts of the State
with the exception of the extrcn.c southern and northeastern
counties, Damage has been ported on both high and low ground
and to corn on sevcr'il different rotations. Many cases have




North Carolina



been reported where corn was seriously injuc'ed on ,-ro.irn- '--ich sorwn to r.heat last fal and wher-- the winter wheat '.-as

E. L. ChE..bcrs (June 15): In lo-lands wireworris have been
doin- urvnusually serious dad:-e during the past feF weeks.

J McColloch (June 20): Injury to corn ly wir- 'ora .
yes r..ported from Paola on :.ey 23, L..n-:ato on .'ay ', :r Liber-y
June 6.

J ,-. Tcnhlmt (June 15),: Adults of ''onocr-.:iiu: ". r'.Uu
Fab., the tobacco wirewviorm are just b,-inr.inj to emerge. T'..,-
first individual --as collected on a ta,:-lefoot screen Jrun.
12. (June 23); Du.-'e to tobacco by wireworns has been n.-rli-
gible this spring in the Chadbourn territory,. (June "J): A
small elaterid, Y. bellus Say, is bcinr, collected in consider-
able numLbrs fror- the vicinity of strawberry fields at C:-.-:bourn,


i r-.^.h

FZ':IA; 'LY (Ph;topha-::- J:!c rvictor Say)

T. H, Parks (June 24): Examin:timns ade yste:-'Ly couth
of Columbus in the Scioto Valley sho.7 the H',_-sian fly to U
causin.c some i-reen stra'-s to lodc:e and the infestation is -.uch
heavier than e::oLctLd. This is true even though o: ..ctic-.lly
no .'het was so-n before the, safe sorin- date last fall. Th.c
insect infested only about 1 per cent of the str-s l:.-t
year at harvest time in this r-roup of counties bu-t this ,..r
'ill caIuse sor.e -cono:..ic loss, Th, '.ether :s been very r..1:-y
durin- June with heavy 'ers .lmot every ay rt is
1atei in niAtu-inc -n-- vury tLic': on ,. rou.i2 c a result
of winter killing (June ): "pcre :..' .-o fe fields zf
* -.jt that ec:,p-,d the winter freezir.- in U-te Chio t .t
thosu left are for the ;ost T-,rt the earlier zo:.n c:,..s. Fears
o0' rti',.ian fly:, d:-..-u re heldl. T:.iKs i-Ls not to be the
cuSu upon i.- poction -ho'.n'h t'' an:nul "h, .t-inc ct -urv..
ill r-.t sta-t until JuLy, E-.L.initio.. .- at 'o ster, ',
:ho-' o:c i'-n fly pjr.' .nt t-,.n l1.t year -itt om the
tr..".'s loi,-.., .*.'' W'v. had an abund.. :-,c of r.,in uri,.- Lu:.,

M, h. S ._ir: ( ;, !::-Ju:,.. 15): As t' att .L. of thb CO.'
sprin.- (or early -u.,:) brz:,. of' thu ,,.':ca' fly Y... d v i:'.
in tl -It crop, dUurin- Ju.a., it b cc, ,-- .re nt that
in t .. a rp
rv. .l otl.Lr ,,u'br .*hi .'*u:ti. ', in .LJitic.. to u..I rs :u.-.t"y
iiave a ,L-.. r-l, but us .ly rt h a'..', ir.f"stati: ith this
ins-'ct, The most c rio',-. -'.L rt of l i j..r,' ,. in iidl
June- fro::: 2'.rricl: County .r.. 1.:'.-: r ::rt of a .- .r-
* ',oat fild h... b L st.. fallen u. c: the a t of

t 111r AUV

... -19-




this pest. Given a summer vith plenty of rainfall and a
heavy growth of volunteer wheat and the Hessian fly can
easily -build up a menacing abundance in this State by the
time of the appearance of the r'ain fall brood of 1928.

CKIYCr BUG (Blissus leucopterus Say)

J* W. McColloch (June 20): There has been no damage by
the chinch bug in the State to our 1knovledge. Abundant rain-
fall during the past few weeks has destroyed the few bugs
present in the fields.

R. W Harned (June 25): Spc-im.ens of the chinch bug were
received on June 1 from Holly Springs. Only two infested
plants were found in a 10-acre corn-field.

MEADOW PLANT BUG (Miris dolabratus L.)

Carl J., Drake (June 4): The meadow plant bug Miris
dolabratus is doing serious damage in a few wheat fields
in the southeastern portion of the State, One farmer near
Muscatine reports that the insect is migrating from the
adjoining fields and fence rows into a large wheat field,
50 acres, and destroying all the wheat in its path. This
is the first report of serious injury to wheat in the State.

WHEAT STEMI MAGGOT (Meromyza anericana Fitch)





C. N, Ainslie (June 25): White heads are appearing in
many wheat fields in this vicinity (Sioux City) and farmers
generally attribute these to Hessian fly attack. It has been
so reported in the local press, The adults of Meromyza
are numerous everywhere and they; are always taken in every
sweeping of grassed and grains. The loss from their injury
to wheat will be nominal a very small percentage.

M Ho Swenk (May 15-June 15)f During the period from
June 10 to June 15 a number of reports of the wheat stem
maggot .7erc received from different southeastern Nebraska
counties, including Butler, Fillmore, Nuckolls, Kearney
and Merrick Counties, In some cases as high as 30 per cent
of the heads in the fields have been destroyed by this pest,
This season will rank along with 1912, 1916, 1921, and 1927,
as a year of serious losses.

J. W7 McColloch (June 1): The wheat stem maggot is said
to have injured the wheat crop in Harper County about 2
per cent.

GPL'.KLI BUG (To':.ontern o-r-jnminum Rond.)

M:, H. Swenk (May 15-June 15): An infestation by the spring
,-rain aphid or rc.-n bug in the oat fields of southeastern

Holt County was discovered early in June; the first case of
this sort since l.9 It has destroyedd some of the oats it was working, but the trouble 7as neither extensive
or severe.

*.7HET-S-E.ATE GALL JOI:TW7ORY: (H:ar ,ita v-ir.niz1a Doarne)

Ohio To K, Bark-s (June 21): Inspections !-ale last -" in Pi.ka-
way County sho'..ed numerous st-ra-.s elb:.-ed near the joint
and stunted by the wheat sheath aorm. This has been a
in other years in eastern Ohio but I .ave never seen econ:;-ic
damD,-e this far west in the State, .;h-at was quite late in
-etting started this sprin- and many fields were s: cd to
oats. More information -ill be procured by the annual vwheat
insect survey.

A 1.'IRID (Thvrillus pacificus Uhl.)

WashLnston R, L, Webster (June 2): County extension n-ents in ;.2.-s
and Franklin counties report injury to wheat, the insects
moving to that crop from wild -rrasses.


STA-'T -5:0 (Pf-.inE7a ..bric nit Gi t:.)

Indiana J, J, Davis (June 26): The stalk b-rer 7-as r.ort-d as
dawmcin. corn at Stewartsville, !.ay kO; -'clrhi, June 17;
Hopc, June 18; and Fr.-nklin, June 22. Toratoes ani sweet
Scorn were d:m-ia-ed at L',a":-tte_ e early in June, T'.. .. b.::-er
att ic'-ed u1-.c.,:r-y.-. .oots at Gree-field, June 16. T .toes
were seriou:1ly d.. 'ged at Brownstown, June 23.

Iowa C'.rl J, Dca'-e (June 4): TI;. stalk scorer is very r' .:" rit
in th'. State and at the urc' ent time is in ':, fourt-. -
fifth instars. Sr.: cimeno have b _n r.t.'n :u:ii.- the -.t
y.-ar in every county ir t!.1- State c..xL. t t":o. 'h. p i:,_i -1
inj',i-y is done to oats, timote :.', .h..:.t, corn, n_. 1 -."n

Nebraska 1M. H, ('.'. :.', l5-Junic 15): T,- first i-oc.rt of att -c:-
on Lorn by the ut-"k u.-vr for tU .L ason -, rceivL' on
June 15,

Kansas J, ;', ",cColloch (Ju'L 20): Th- borr h:iz c.111.1L. co::.
lo!z to corn : this ...r, ; Lc:tz h;-ivc b-:] r... iv. as
Coel .1;': Olsbu,.-, 2:' y Ld; ..... '^., Jun. ,; P-.cott, J,',
8; Li'-.coln, Juine 11; r 'li 'i tun, Ju:'... 13; f'"rry, June 14;
and t..'-,nhattif, ,JUKiC lb,

UT P : i.Cc,.-.; j I .: (rv'. 'It.. Mioil' li .rbn.)

T, II. PJr-:s (JunL ?L5): S.ev-r.l hui:..,red corn b.rer r-...



collected in northern Ohio in March have been confined in
cages at Columbus. These are noa- pzpating, about 40 per cent
having changed toipupaeto date, No moths have yet emerged
and there is no indication that the insect will be two-
brooded in this latitude. Borers have been kept under out-
door conditions, receiving rainfall and moisture as though
exposed on surface of open field,


Ohio T. H. Parks (June 22): The Hadena stalk borer has been
seriously damaging young corn in fields planted on timothy
sod (spring plo.7ed) in several eastern Ohio counties. The
borers tunnel down the stalk and destroy it. Some fields
have had to be replanted. One farnper-in Carroll County
plowed part of his timothy sod in the fall, a second part
in late winter, and the remainder in late spring. The only
damage that occurred on the part plowed in, the late
spring. Fall and i2inter plowing seemed to control. Damage
has been reported from Carroll, Tuscarawas, Jefferson,
Harrison, and Portage Counties. These are all in eastern Ohio.

HOP VINE BORER (Gortyna immanis Guen.)

Massachusetts A. I, Bourne (June 25): In early June Prof. VWhitcomb of
the substation at Waltham reported finding Lepidopterous larvae
injuring corn in Middlesex County.' He reported that these
larvae were severely damaging about 30 per cent of the corn
on one field. These larvae were identified for us at the
National Museum as species of Gortyna,probably G. imiranis Guen,

SOD .'.7B"VORivIS (Crambus spp.)

Ohio T4 H, Barks (June): Specimens of sod webworms were sent
to this office with statement that they were destroying young
corn plants and causing replanting.

Indiana J3 J, Davis (June 26): Webworms damaged corn in addition
to the reports. sent in last mont from the Following counties
from May 28 to June 1: Grant, May 27; Jasper May 28; Miami,
May 29; Bartholomew and Fountain, May 31; Morgan, June 1;
St. Joseph, May 31. In all cases except St. Joseph County
the insects were injuring c0xn. The report from St. Joseph
County referred to them as feeding on mint. June 21 received
full-,-rown sod web-',orms which were reported damaging corn
in Starks County.

Illinois W. P, Flint (June 20): Sod webworms have been much more
abundant than usual in central Illinois this season. A very
considerable amount of dam-.ipg from these insects has occurred.





E. L. Chambers (June 15): Several different ,--i. ern- of :.rn
plants infested ;,'ith one of the soi webworms have been re-
ceived during: the past week.

Carl J4 Drake (June 4): Two species of sod. webworms are very
abundant in the southern portion of Iowa. `-:ports of serious
injury to youn- corn have been received from '.-yne, Page,
Madison, and :.ahaska Counties.

M. H. S'enk (May 15-June 15): Late in .ay a case of injury
to a Fillrrmore County cornfield by the leather-colored sod
web'ormt (Cr-mbus tristctus) was reported to this office,

SUGAP.A 'L E (Diatraea sacch:-ralis ab.)



We E. Hinds (June 20): The first generation of borers
bred this spring is no- b'cominz adult in the earli--- planted
corn especially, and eggs are bc-inrnin; to be c;positei for
the second *enEration. The borer infestation appe-rs to be
unusually liqnt throughout the cane belt of Louisiana.

J. ,T. Rovcy (June 19): Most of the cornfields are now
infested with the sugarcane borer in Liberty Zounty.

COR:I ROOT APHID (AnuraThis maidi-radidis Forbcs)

J. He Bi'er (June 15):,-d abu..hiarnce of the corn root
ahids this year follov.inr a wet season for t,', y' dur-
ing 7-hich we:ds gre' rank in the fields. Corn ,. c seeded v.ry
early in this section in 1928.

CG0IC BILLBUGS (,ohenoohorus spp.)

T, H. Park:s (June 22): The insect S. zLe !, -ed corn
in a belt throut-h the central and 7western cou ir' The first
planting was a 25 to 60 .-.r cent loss in most fieli ,r.fest_.'
Darare al l'-ys follo'.w.ed timot-.y plc. >- for crn In trNc rrir.-,
Not all fields so -.andl ,-re .-.:.- Soil t,',. or
:id not influen d&mIratu. T.u s cond planting ac nc't seri.,-:ly
donmrcd '-here the first pl r-It'r- ,'',not cultivated out. In-
spectirons rrdri by C. HR s iz"'and2 r ard t'.c writer June 1
shoWed that mo-ot of the billbuLs haid tL.:- lift the fie!cl ';.
1 ':i..*e *7. over.

J, J. (Jui.c 2(): ,:.rt, of injury to c:rn by bilLu;-i
SphUn oph,,ruZ ,:;rr' lus .yll., hav been r,. L,-ive3 fr,':: the
foll'.'iri, county,: i:-.: ,toi, ,.May LJ; r" rit, ...ay 27 5cone,
M.vy 2C; Clinton, y .i"; P .rks, '.y ;, .L have co'Iti'. k to
ic'.c.ivu report of injury to corn by billbuf-,; S. -L ti.,
last report btin r-_'.ceivid June 4. During- period the
follov-in-: counties rcLI.orteJ trouble: Grant,.:.y 277; 3U ne, :I.y
2.6; 1;U ck:ford, :i.y 4, 3illb' r, S._ *._.,i.,orus sp., (unr d ntifi, i)









have injured corn. Reports received from Fountain County,
May 61; Carroll County, -June 2, and Madison County, June 4.

Harry F. Dietz (May 31): Reports of severe damage to corn
by billbugs have been received from Rush, Howard., ahd DEIalb
Counties, these reports all coming in since the 20th of the
month. .

Wo. P Flint (June. 20); .Damage by billbugs has been reported
from many of the counties in the northern half of the State.
In all ,cases damage was from some of the smaller species of
billbuge, including the timothy billbug, and occurred to corn
following timothy or blue-grass sod. Most of the reports
of injury came in during the latter part of May and damage
has practically ceased at this time. In a number of ceases
it was necessary,to replant infested fields of corn.

Carl J. Drake (June 4): Corn billbugs seem to be fairly
com-on throughout southern Iowa. Reports of serious injury
have been received from Decatur, Guthrie, Union, Monroe, and
Clarke Countiesa

J. W. McCllb"ch (June 20): Ihjury to corn was reported
from Potwin on May 23 and'from:Ogden'on June 5.

CORN FLEA BEETLE (Chaetocnema pulicaria Melsh.)

J, H. Bigger (May 26): Severe damage was done by adults
of corn flea beetle during the week of May 21, in the western
part of State. The attack was follo,.sd by cool weather which
intensified the damage

SUGARCAITE BETLE (Euetheola ruaiceos Lect)

S. W# Harned (June 25): One rather serious complaint in
regard to the rough-headed corn stalk beetle or sugarcane
beetle Euetheola ra-icepps has been received recently. This
complaint came from Hernando on June 8. The correspondent re-
ported that the corn in one field had been completely destroyed
by the beetles.

FALSE .'IREW4,hRiMS (Eleodes sp.)

New Mexico

J. R. Douglass (June 11): Have received several reports of
injury to corn and beans by the false wireworms throughout
the L--tancia Valley. Observations showi that they are more
abundant than cutworms.

SAID *i/jJ.J7 1 (Horistonotus uhileri Horn,)


R. W. Harned (Juno 25): On June 13 a correspondent at Neshoba
sent to thi; of fice some corn plants, i th the report that

the corn se-rr:ad to be iyirn-7 in spots thro-.y:ut one of ',is
fields. These plants cont_-ined sp-cia-ns of the corn a-.:
cotton wi-reorm ::1.st1' u:.le'ri. Sn June 14 l ::.i;rens
of this species were received from Focjl;;rville with ths
report that the!ts i1ztro.ei ti-.ree acres of corn.

C? _R- PL: (7Ti;p uli. )

J, J. Davis (June 26): Ti-uli-l larvae -,?ere ci:.'-t and
-ported, cuttin-- cff corn at Anderson .":. 26, a9 1 at >lchi
June 2.

A C. C; ^l- ,( ol -o r}.- ce. sp

J. J3 DL-vis (June 26): A peculiar cce-brim 1cpiioptr:ous
1,-:rva was rE.orted from L-iL~el, J.:: 6, feodi:." on I'a2. ~.C
observer r-rortcd t'iat its pr'--cence I as oats
in the v:--,tatioui. T,..-& Uult has not'r-t ":v-rc"r. (..r. -.0
zuzcL r4.ports that this is a n sp .f Co1oc :.:rc.)

T\-j .* -

A "a'- CI-: FLY (:7i bio -l`:-i -. *

Lco -.. )


Yo H. S7enlc (M ay iL'-Juun 15): -ur'..- the pio from- 4
15 to 25, quite :. nuraber of i:1.u.ri) s uere as th e
:can-iinc 6f a -r,-at r.-bu-.i:Z;n(e of -earch flies V1' ic;..if)
t-t /-rc orc-ent in t>.1: l:fa fields ot northern ::... central
'T,-braska, ''here thzy r.c r ;.tly bcveov' d in l-re n
on the old L-.Layinr; roots of "inter-kill alfalfa plnts.

A:7.'7 7. ,._.L (i-. tc. .. uc *:.**. .c ll )




1.onthly :'e--, Lett r, Lc:, Angels Jo Krt, C:.. ., Vol.
10, U:o. 6, Jcim 15,1C1 'C is a1. ci-x ility c:

^*'*ic!. '.'hc:* this juct is .ri; ri to 'b '*' en -".::s is ai
ser-i/us r.^t r.f alfalfa "hich 1os a 1....;LO.:n::t of U.
in Sta*.' s "heru it is :resent L :t. i~s not .resent in soat>e:;
'> tJ- i .

J. J, ua**j* (.TU : );r. L . *rc r p oriL v.-* a'^ ... t :. a: -. -:a fiC1l at ..e

'J* 'r.. :u.1 .-y, -Jr. AL,>*.. ; '. fa '.T o s r
,-urirral OA cO-, i r.: h. i-i- .u .u :- 2, n 'c~ms of :
i. ivc; f111 vn in thu- 1. ct t. n t" 2... :.. t. r il .!, ." cs



i../. j ':. ( n : *j j ^ ; it )


were coccinellids, of first importance, syrphids beginning
to become conspicuous and chrysopids beginning to appear.
Alfalfa swept on the 15th showed 384,00 per 7,500 sq. ft.
l!o. sweeping possible in alfalfa since then on account of rain
and wet foliage. Peas swept on 21st showed 9,400 per 1,900
sq. ft. On alfalfa just in blossom there is a decided scarcity
of alate adults and immature sta-res showing wings. In pears
just coming: into bloom ths-re is a large proportion of the
winged forms.

J. W7. 1cColloch (May 28): This aphid is reported killing
out a field of spring-sown alfalfa at Topeka.


CLOVEq LEAF WE'VIL (Hypera ounctata Fab.)

Jo Je Davis (June 25): The clover leaf weevil is common
on alsike clover at Wa.veland May 28.

LESSER CLOVER LEAF ;,EEVIL (Phf-tonomus nigrirostris Fabk)

T, H, Parks (June 22): The clover bud weevils are present
as usual but the frequent rains of this month have stimulated
growth of the clover, resulting in little dara-e from this
insect. They are now from one-half to full grown larvae
at Columbus.

W. P. Flint (June 20): Examinations made by J, H. Biger
in western Illinois showed that 64 per cent of the clover
buds in first-crop clover were infested by this weevil, and
37.6 per cent of the heads had been destroyed completely.
These figures are based on examinations made in a number of
field in several different counties in western Illinois.
Examinations made on the University Farm at Urbana show
an average of 84 per cent of the heads infested on June
8. At this time many of the weevil larvae were still quite
small, and it is probable that at least as high as one per
cent of the heads would be destroyed in eastern Illinois as
is the case in the western part of the State.




New York

C, R% and assistants, abstract from Weekly Uews
Letter N, Y. St. Coll. A.-r. June 4, and 25. Aphids are generally
exttfcmoly scarce throughout the State' r-ports having been







New York


New York


Ner.' York

received frcn ColCu'-a, CU--.utu-qua, C..ndaga, Clinton, ren
Orar..-e, Dutchess, Genesee, Oz.tario, .onroe and ::ia:3 '- 'tis,

7JrlL APHID (:.._y lr=i DeG,)

Y., P. Zappe (June 25): .;. i-, are very scarce ,-... har.d to
find. A few r'-s present in crir.- but now a-''.Ids are r. Zi l>.-
,-one. Very -uch fe'wer with aver:e-c year.

Harry F. Dietz (!ay 31)- In the .:-:.cock County orchards
retEn apple -.hids are *.-ini'-- to ap-ar. tht nine-
spjtt-.d 1 :y3i rd (C 3 i:.-. 1: n: .'z .: . st,) a-..-.l the si !ott- t

ladybird (Cerit-o .ili- fuscilabris uls.), as -ell as tie
larva of Chrysopa 'ere found.

`T,','.1N APHID oralc irh'"- c :-:!. i"

weekly e.'s Letter :. Y. St, Coll. A-r. June 4. Clinton
County (A. B. 2urroil): Grain aphids s.:oc to be rultipl:--
:ather rapidly are nui.rerous on the terminals in .

:Mo P. Z:.pp (June 25): Fr:.ctical]y nc -t-ds on -.le trees.

C. R. Crosby and assistants, abstract from 7.:- y s Letter
N. Y, St. Coll. A.-r, June 4 ar.I .5. Duri:.- the .iy -rt
of the L-onth the rosy --,ie aphids '.ere found quite :lenti-
fully in Or.':, Greenc, onre, and Ui.. ":::: :::.tie -.
r*^ counties of the fruit :.lit rc-:rti:- the. as till
v r-" sc..rce; by the t'..ri eelk in the month, hr ever, no
really serious -* dvelo.-r.ts had takn .ce

H:-rry F, _'ietz (":'.y ) r. ..'tico ofor.h.rjs in 3ron
County show the presence :" ra ap-le :-s in .1 nu:b.r
The adults of se r l ;pecies 0 1. yird beetles r .'"
in all cluet rs of the Ilant lice. tLo ;'.c';is tet 'er
most conaon re C .*i .1 .... o. __n_ it.t 1n..
bi put.i.'-t,:, t :, L.

D,3n'mzt A. Porter (Jun.e .-): Infestitions have v,-i. froze
li'ht to r:'.erate, r v :. -.tted. : -.d -. rants
inve L n :,i rir. ince early Ju .,

.# R* ~ cl- ) )y
,V !L ,* ^ .I ( _i" _. : ..' *:, \..:n:n .u.:. ",)

C. R Crrxjby ",.i assi . n1!, abstract fr:.: -.e7 ly7 & '
Lo.tter t. Y, St. Coll. L.r. ,TUe 4 ... 1i .Toilly ids
mo r.eth c in. -.,*I nunbe: dW:rinr- the r* ry ta-t f the
month in Ch:i4t .i :'....,0" ,.e, and ntfario ,Ju:.ti.-s,

RCSY ArfL '::!D (.n'.rar.h r -L ^ B -er)


CODLIT'-7 :.:.TH (Carppcarta nomonella L*)

New York


Indi ana

T- braska

United States

C. R, Crosby ind assistants, abstract from i'eekly :Tcrs Letter
No Y, St. Coll. Agr. June 4, 11, and 25: During the first
week in the month thie-earliest 2rjnce of the codling moth
adults were observed in Orange, Greene, and Columbia Counties.
During this '.-k no emergence wa! observed in the Lake counties.
By the third week in the month e-.-s .ere found in Ulster County
and general emer'-znce was observed throughout the fruit belt.

A. I. Bourne (June 25): Our first codling moth emerged in
the breeding cages on May 25. In the orchard they were first
observed on June 5, in the eastern part of the State, by Prof,.
.,hitcomb, and a few days earlier at Amherst.

T. H. Parks (June 13): Emergence is now at its height at
Columbus, and about 50 per cent over. Has been in progress
since May 18 with most individuals emerging from caged material
since June 5. Spraying is being done at Columbus this :eek.
(June 22): The emergence of adult codling moths from a field
cage located at Ironton in southern Ohio as reported by L. A.
Stearns conmmenced May 9, and was over except for a few stragglers
May 24. The emergence from our screen cage out of doors at
Columbus commenced. ,my 23 arnd moths are still emerging June 22;
80 per cent of the moths emerged after June 4 with the highest
emergence June 22. rights( were too cool for e7:g laying until
June 10 since which they have been favorable.
Emergence at Oal: Harbor (near Toledo) commenced June 8
with the maximum June 13 and emergence still going on. Spraying
for central Ohio was advised the week of June 11-16 and for
Lake Erie Counties June 15-25.

Bennet A& Porter (June 20): Eggs started hatching in the
field about June 1, but did not start hatching in numbers
until about June 10. The cool, wet weather which has prevailed
since petal fall has been unfavorable to.the codling moth.
Besides being unusually late, the infestations are unusually
light thus far.

:. H. Swvenk (May 15-June 15): The spring brood of the
codling moth (Caroocaosa pomonella ) began its emergence at
Lincoln, and elsewhere in southeastern ITebraska, on May 23,
and there were periods of' heavy emer' e'ice from May 25 to 30,
and again from June 5 to 15. The first c-5s of the first brood
of 1928 were taken on June 15.

Monthly Letter of the Bure;-u of Entoiimology 1o. 169, May
1928. Of thn 3,000 Ascoraster parasites of the codling moth
collected at i'akimra in 1927, over 4,000 have been distributed
to other States, two lots 2ach having been sent to Colorado
and California, and one each to Oregon, 1Tcw Mexico, and

FRUIT TA .P a ,-13.?- chirs ar- '7 er
FRUIT TFZ2 L":.- ROCLZ- ('s ar- v:-o;tili Walker)

New York

New York

New York

New York

C. Re Crosby and assistants, abstract from 2;e:-:ly _-s Letter
N. Y. St. Coll. A":- June 4, 11, and 25. Leaf rollers were
generally numerous *urinG the first week in the month throu-:-':'t
the entire fr'it--'ro-in,-: sections of the State, :- :, the
middle of the month were doing considerable da_:. -- in Ulster
and Chautaaqua Counties; by the third week in the month tY y
were pupating in considerable numbers, but no seconl--nr,.-.--tion
adults had emerFe-d prior to June 25.

C, RO Crosby and assistants, abstrwut from weekly Tews
Letter, N. Y. St. Coll. A*r. June 4, 11, and 25: .!thou;h
case be-arer- ':re r!Tported quite generally throu''7.cut the
month, but little commercial dawr:.-c 7was done with the c.-:Ct:eti:n
of a few poorly-cared-for orchards.
APPLE A:17' T1!C0.:I .::LLTC:uIz"-. (Ho .. rophila ri .... Clerck)

Weekly :;e-'s Letter, :., Y, St. Coll. A,-r. Jun,_ 4. Tutchess
County (Ray Bender): A few skeletonizers have b"-rP. seen,
Greene County (A. S. Mills): Sk-.letonizer larvae were on 2C7.nV
leaves in oone orchar,.s on May 2.. (Junv 2-): ^n.- ^uuty
(R# C, Coomobs): Skeletonizers are co,-'letin.-: t2 ??ork start.
by the tcrnt caterpillars in n. -lectc.: orc .-rs in the south
of th,- county.

C, R, Crosby .n 1 asistaints, abstract from .'iy :.s
Letter, N. Y. St. Coll. ',-r. June 4, 11, L-. '. i no*.-
,'-ere rtr.ort.I from pijctically evt-ry county in the frit belt
.nd w;r. Liraily estimated as .ein. more r'-...rous than s- ..j-l,
Vy thei rmi.'Jle of the month t.. '. ere ::'.ti. ? .* the end
of the mornt,. adults wre eXc r i..-- in entr Ne- e1 Yur':.


New York


New York

C. r. Crosby, :hir as-ristant ..tCL'ly !
Letter Ij. Y, St.te C)11, Agr June 4, 11, -.-.i .". T n
fruit *.or.. ; -. rvalent thr. I .t the :t-:n.n in C' ,....
Ulster, nnl .lu 1 '" : .ti' .

E ,.^ .S ? :. : ?" . 1 .' ,T I: . r ".; . . . :., .. . F a t )

H, 3. F';er-on (Jun, 1): G .. r l .... .' St te. I:.:-ct tion
hea.y as cu:.. '. ith av r:-,... a* .

C, R, Cro7by ,i, nss is'. .nt>, abst: t fro;'. eLcki:y
Letter N. Y. St, Coll A r Ju. 4, 1A, 4, L.,| T'.. -rtet:-,.

C;,SZ 3C .7.r:. (Ccl P h.r ,r-)

-. -159-




New York

T.e- York

tent caterpillars, though abundant in Dutchess and Chautauq3i.
Counties, were not recorded as doing any commercial damage.

T, L, Guyton (June 21): The species is coLduon in Wyoming and
Lacawanna Countieso

M, H. Swenk (May 15-June 15): In an orchard in Dawson County
during the first wedr in June the apple tree tent caterpillars
stripped a number of the trees of their leaves.

FALL CANMER IOREM (Alsophila pometaria Harr.)

B, H. W&lden (June 22): Between 50 and 100 acres of wood-
land, largely black oak sprouts, nearly stripped. Also locally
more abundant than in average season throughout the southern
part of the State,

C, R. Crosby and assistants, abstract from weeklyy News
Letter, N, Y. State Coll. Agr. June 11 and 25: The latter
half of the month cahkerworms were recorded from Ulster,
Chautauqua, and Monroe Counties, mostly in neglected orchards.

WHITE-i.!R:ED TUSSOCK MOTH (Hemerocampa leucostigma S.& A.)

Weekly News Letter, N. Yo St Coll. Agr, June 4: Chautauqua
County (G, H. Salisbury): Tussock moth larvae are small
and few in numbers,

SAN JOSE SCALE (Aspidiotus oerniciosus Comst.)




Bennet A. Porter (June 20): The first crawlers were observed
June 15, abnormally late. On account of the abnormally high
winter mortality very few first brood crawlers are to be

E. L, Chambers (June 15): While the San Jose scale has become
established in only a few towns it is spreading slowly each
year where no effort has been put forth to control it. Seems
worse compared with last month.

0YSTER-SHELL SCALE (Lepidosaphes ulmi Lb)

A. I, Bourne (June 25): The oyster-shell scale began hatching
June 13-14. On the latter date they were appearing in large This is somewhat later than the corresponding date last

APPLE REDBUG (Lygidea mendax Rout.)

New York

C. Re Crosby and assistants, abstract from Weekly News
Letter N. Y* St. Coll. Agr., June 4, 11 and 25: The apple redbug


New York

has been reported t u::?horjut the month as doing more or less
serious danmae in ona&ss, Chautauqua, Genesee, Dutchess,
and Columbia Counties.

ROLTj'D-AD7D AFPL. T E B3RS (Saoerda candiJa Tab.)

Weekly News Letter, IT, Y, St, Coll. A-r. June 11. Orange
County (Sidney Jones): Round-headed apple tree borers found
on June 8.

A PO:LD-.R POST BE UT2 (Lyctus sp.)




liew York

lew York

lcw York

lew York

E# L. Chambers (June 15): Specimens of Lyctus sp. infesting
yoing apple trees recently purchased from an out-:-f-state
nursery vere sent in by a farmer in Polk County.

I!BRICATED SNOUT BE.LTLE (Epica-rus imbrica.t's Say)

M, Ho S-.-cnk (May 15-June 15): On June 1 an abundance of the
imbricated shout beetle '-as found in a young apple orchard
in Lancaster County, south of Lincoln, where thEy :ere att"-.c':-:--i
the foliage of the trees.

EU-,OPFANI RED I.T'j (P':ratetranv.-chus oiloDus C. & F3)

Philip Garman (June 25): Reporte! as beinr aburni...nt in the
northern part of the State, in 7.-, Haven County.

C, R, Crosby and assistants, abstract from ',ie.:ly T:e7
Letter. N, Y, St. Coll. Air. June 4, 11, .nri 2d T.e u-- u-..-
red mitu 7:as frencrally scarce thrcui,:h.ut the State Jurinw.

ROSE L-J- ,.,.TLr (&?o n. ta "*ur.ctico!!iz Say)

4deukly Ne-s Letter, :. Y, St. Coll. .. :r. June 2 : Rose
leaf beetles are doin.- come ffc in on 3.-rtlett pe-r.

C, R, Crosby an ai assiB : -ts, ai..-trict from '.ecLiy Jc.-s Letter
1I. Y, Stv Coll. A,-r. Jue 4, n.:d 11: P iar thrips arc rcPorted
from Clyde an 1 Ciaut ... Counti- E.

P Ati PSYL.LA (IF vlli: p-L ol.O -uerst.)

C. R. rind u'sistants, ,'.tract from "'ce-klv ':L 3
Letter Ii. Y, St. Coll. Ar. Junec 4, 11, .n,: .'"5: By the fi;% t


ITer York

week in the month practically all psylla eggs had hatched.
The insect is generally distributedd over the southeastern
fruit section ard appears to be about normally abundant.

PZEAR i;A BLISTIR M.F (Erio-hyes pvri Pgst.)

C, RE Crosby and assistants, abstract from weeklyy News
Letter 'T, Y. St. Coil, Agr. June 4 and 11;: Reports of damage
by this insect were received during the first half of the
month from Clyde and Chautauqua Counties.

PEAR MIDGE (Contarinia pyrivora Riley)



New York

NTew York

As I, Bourne (June 25): Pro-f. Whitcomb repottd a record
of the pear midge from Norfolk County. Just how serious
and widespread this damage is he has not yet been able to
determine but he intends to procure this information later.

W. E, Britton (June 25): The fruit of pears from Wallingford
and New Wilford has been submitted with these maco-ts.

C. Re Crosby and assistants, abstract from Weekly ie-s
Letter N. Y. St. Coll.Agt. June 4 and 11; In the southeastern
fruit counties, pear midge, is becoming increasingly serious,
In some orchards over 50 per cent of the pears ;ere destroyed
by this insect,


QUTICE CURCULI0 (Conotrachelus crataegi '.-Islh)

C. R, Crosby and assistants, abstract from N'oe&:ly News
Letter N, Y. St, Coll. Agr. June 11 and 25: This insect
was first observed in Orange and Ulster Counties during the
first week and in Ontario County during the third week in

F.5.ACH BORER (Aegeria exitiosa Say)

New York

Weekly Ncvs Letter N. Y. St. Coll. A:-r. June 11: The
peach borer has been reported as injurious in Ulster County.

OTL Li;ITAL FRUIT HOTI (LasTcyrcssi molecta Buf.c!:)


Philip Gr.rman (June 25): The insect is showing up on peach
more in the north-central part of the State, If anything it
is less abundant than last year. It is being parasitized by
T}4icho.nrrniij- iinatum Riley.

New Jersdy








A, P-terson(June): In the vicinity of :.'coresto--n the ::'i:-
twigs in peach orchards, particularly on young. trees, -:ere
heavily infested with oriental ncach moth larvae the first
two weeks in June. Fo-tunately *O to 60 :-r cent or :'ore
have been p. rsitized by ;ro .-_t= arnc.' i' a This
parasite is pocvi-- to 'c c very efficient .-cent in :":*--.2.,
the ir-"estations in the southern half of the Sta-r. It is
probable that th-. second-brood larvae -:ill be --rasitizc
from 75 to 96 per c-nt as in ,c-vious seasons.

0. I. Snapp (Ju.rE 16): A rather heavy infestation as
found today in a home orchard in the tc-.-n of rc-r.nville, :-e
infestation in the peach as a whole is much ibhtcr than
it wvas last year,

., 17. "'-.ndcnhall (June 12): A sli'-t' outbr-ah of the oient
peach moth in Clark County has occurred. On account of the
b-c-.'erd season the moth in later in i.-':int its appoar.nce.

0ZLr'.- JE-BA rLD L::-2-F ..*-... ..coec r .. ......

J4 J. Davis (June 26): The obli -u.-banded 1 .%f roller *,s
reported as eating in thE fruit of p.cch act *, itchell June
22. This is -n uncommon report,

?...-XC- C..D PLTh. .L'J (k:: o_.-..: ... : .-.. .... :" ..h- er)

R e, Yvirned (June 25): Larvae teat iv id : ti y
M.,r. J. :. LaLnn ton as t-i' foeach -... plu sl-r.- liro.
&ry,-dA1ii.a rere collect.-.d on pnech trces at BIzoni recently,
Thy ha. c.-_,C d ooly sli. .t i:.i:.-y.

G ;_ ru..c: ,-:j (:'":: "- .- Suis.)

3. ', *......n.'= ,, .I_ (June 8); ', i n
quite .b rd_.,t in the vicinity of Colf._L'Ju ..d2 l.-
co e j L-i-.'. :

Ci T-;[CL., >
J, J3 Davis (Jurit -6): The rhot-eo" 'brer ""a" .,-: r.tly
responsible for the i,.th ol ,, le a .t 'c ats by. Isrin.-'
i n a t t' .. "t[, e o th e I'o l ,. a rn i- f r iit *L TS a t -.: .- .:. -' n
t:tT:.1c. b-.,

:.-YS ,r_.,"

, ". Jritton ( ;u:- ): ; '.. Li .i! t c:.z b .2, z' --.ort .
.i, d.vouriii- the foli. ,: of at C n..C

' (' i ',o Ltc.)


COTTOfNY PTACH SCALa- (Pulvinaria agiygdali Ckl1.)

New York

Weekly ITe-s Letter, :I. Y. St. Coll. Agr, June 1: The cottony
peach scale has developed egg masses in Tiagara County.

CHEERY FRUIT FLY (Rhaaoletis- cingulata Loew)

Te,7 York

C, Rs Crosby and assistants, abstract from Weekly NJers
Letter N. Y. StZ Coll. Pgr. June 4, 11, and 25s Adult flies
began to emerge the first week in June in the southern part
of the State though general emergence not observed over
this region until about the middle of the month, the peak
having been reached in Ul-ster County on the 20th. ITNo serious
damage has yet been reported,!

DARK CHERRY FRUIT FLY (Rbhasoletis fausta 0.S,)

:Te, York


'1e.' York


C. Ro Crosby and assistants, abstract from Weekly News
Letter, N. Y. St. Coll. Agr. June 11 and 25: The first flies
of this species were observed in Ulster County June 6 and
by the end of the month they were present in large numbers
throughout the State.

R. H. Pettit (June 26): This is to notify you that this
morning our field man, Mr. G-. S. Tolles, reported the emergence
of large numbers of the cherry fruit fly, R. fausta, at the
town of Gobles in Allegan County. The cherries in the southern
part of the State are beginning to color up how, but apparently
it will be about 7 to 10 days before picking begins with the
Early Richmonds. The canning associations and the county
agents in the districts controlled by this cage have been
notified by wire, in order that the final spray for the pest
may be put on in time to eatch the adults before they lay their

BLC.?: CHIRY APHID (Myzus cerasi 2lb.))

Weekly Ne7ws Letter N. Y, St* Coll. Avr, June 25: The cherry
aphid. are multiplying on both sweet and sour cherries in
Ulster County.

E. W# Mendenhall (June 8): The black cherry louse is quite
bad in cherry leaves in the vicinity of Columbus. They are
found on the under side of "the leaves.,


RUSTY PLI2 APHID (Ilyzteroneura setariae Thos.)

Mr Ra C- enk (lay 15-June 15): The period from May 25 to June

Ilfebroa .:



New7 York

North Carolina


New York:

15.1-has been attnr.led with a great abun.d_-nce of a:'is of :."...
kind:., Tlc one that hs been most cor lairn.-, of hs been the
rusty plum aphid, R, setariae, on plum and p. trees, es-
pecially the foTrmer. The area of greatest trouble seems to
be in hall, Ad-j.:s, tebster, anid Y-arnoy Counties, tlhc'-h
reports have been receive'- from much of t:-= South l1atte area
in Lebras:'a.

PLU.; C'LCULIO (Conotrchelus ne. -rbst.)

Philip Garman (June 25): The plur cwrculio .',as late in
getting started this year but is fully as to apple
as in an ordinary season in :-- Haven County.

C, R, Crosby and assistants, rjb:tract from 'eeklcly .."s
Letter :', Y, St. Coll. A--r,, June 4-;11, -z ... .. first
adults bTgan appearing late in 'f-y inlthe southeastern -.rt
of the State and by the mid-le of June serious injury as
reported from all of the sout'-,:- tern counties, and ", t':e end
of the month reports of similar d.Le; were V.::.- receiv-J
from central IIe.' York.

R, "o Leiby (June 23): The first-brood -d..lts
June 15 according to J. A, r.-rris. Tir-. -.k o. emergence 'nil
probably be rach-,cd ab.ut June 25. Ab:iut 15 : r cent the
larvae have been destroy--d by Tri- .=- rc 1: -.-,

0, I, SnIpp (Junr- 18): 71T. first c-.-iult of the :... --.n. r..ti.-
emercd from the soil o-""y. This is a v.:y late first emer::-.c-:
iate and only one is anticis jdL. Last : the
first ,i(ult :.-r *:d on. ay .a ,

R -. :Pr.;..;.Y.....IT ,C .; t( : "-f ..:: Lr.i_' : 3r ,.y)

C. Cr . -n.-'. assi tant t :t.L:.t fro ,';,: .
Letter ;. Y. St. Coll. A *r. June 11: T:. ican
beetle is cau'in .!H .. in r ..-, rries .:!.1 Kt.K ,. rri,. in
Cclu..t.i.C C -uuty .-r3 is :,'-.t in I.-. *- z>-. rs in ovt
b-rry p'an' in.r in 0y'.. County,

*1. .'*~J
~ I -.

-Y Q riji '-d ~ r'..cq H~.rriz)

Ini na

J# J0, i 'i s (Ju ,. t, T .. . : v t, nrfly (- ,t f:-., -
foli.' -., inj'jr .), .*... .,' ..:,$.:r.t at ". .rth j. n '- s. ter, Ju:.,." 9,



GPAPE TOL.TO GALL (Lasioptera vitis 0. S.)

iTe- York

Weekly Neis Letter TQ Y. St.. Coll. AAg. Junc 26,i Oall 'insects
which were found on grapes two weeks ago in Orange County
have been identified as the grape tomato gall.

GRAPE BERRY i'OTH (Polvchrosis viteana Clem.)

:Te-7 York

Weekly News Letter N, Y. St. Coll, Agr., June 25: A grape
berry moth was caught in Chautauqua County recently*

ROSE CHJ-'-R (Macmodactylus subsDinosus Fab*)

Ner Jersey


New York

D# W. Webb (June 10): This insect was numerous and had
completely eaten the white blooms.of roses, peonies, and
grapes at Pennington.

ETIGHT-SFC-_TED FORESTER (Alypia octomaculata Fab.)

J. W, McColloch (May 28): Larvae of this species are
reported as injuring grape foliage at Brookville,

GRAPE PLUME KCTH (Oxyptilus eriscelidactylus Fitch)

C. R. Crosby and assistants, abstract from Weekly News
Letter IT, Y. St. Coll. Agr., June 4 and 11: Larvae of this
insect are doing considerable injury to the foliage of
grape in Ulster and Orange counties,

CGRAPE LEAFHOPPER (Erythroneura comes Say)

ITeb raska

M. H. S-vienrk (May 15-June 15): The grape leafhopper was
reported injuring woodbine vines and grapes from various
localities beginning il:y 25 and continuing to June 10.

GRAPE ROOT WOT ,i (Fidia viticida ;;alsh)

e'," York


Weekly Ile-73 Letter N. Y. St. Coil. Agr, June 25: The grape
root worm is mostly in the grub state though some have begun
to pupate (Chautauqua County).

J, W& McColloch (June 12): Beetles of this species are
injuring the foliage of grapes at WLthena,

APHLE TdIG BORER (Amnhic,'r2s bicnudr-tug Say)

M, H. Swenk (May 15-June 15): Another report of an abundance
of the grapo cane borer SchistocroS lorjamtuc, in grapevines
was received from Saline County Wuring the third week in


IYPC:.T7. CLT.-. :.- (?t ronio i-':si Scop,)

He-,-- York


Ne'.~ York


C. R# Crosby ano assistants, -:,b'tract fro .s2 ly _"s
Letter -. Y' St. Co..l A-.. Jurn-e 4 ani' 11: 7 io4rt
currant 7orm is present in .7.ost currant *-.tcY ; in Chtauqi-
County, and an 'd]ult of this cn-'cies wac found on c'ur-.rts
at FostertovTn Junr 8.

H F. Diotz (;.':y 31): ;e have had reports of crriant worms
doin; serious ... to currants and *-csecerries in the
vicinity of In.i;ur'ao:'lis on '-y 2..

Co '., Crossry and assistants, .ytract from :..eekly 's
Letter i, Y, St. Coll '.r. June 4; currant i
is present in variable r:t'.b--. in Ulst'r Count:- r-sent
in L-.ot currant p'.tches in Chautn.q-. County.

;.j. .' .'Y

GO5T:rj'-R. ,; -' I '? ...... ":__ *r:; '2- .ri-- ::i .v)

R ,rn' d (Jni. ''O/1): uurin; th. l- tt.r .:. of t:T
larvae r .ort.-i as 'ca:'u-: injury to 3iuebrrY l oa1nts E're
sent to this o! fice from Ocea.n Sorin sn! u: 'i T7'.-se
larvae .'er tentatively id-:ntifid .:, r. J. K, I LIston
as the -cocb rry firit C:orm. t' J 1 :tior.l larvae
'.':ere iLC1ivd fro,4 '.re t!>y ero rc rt. as in-
jurin bluebe rry plaints.

P1C. :'

L-L. CA .... . __,. l -:t ... : "i G.

Mi. s3i sip pi

F. S, A(7
1, ,*'*' !T .-;: ( .v L -. ) : '- . . :. I n s p ce c t o r T .. ' : c g'. c h e o
S-.nt to this a:' ico .>.. can le2v. ; from Victo' :., th:.t
" r intl. c.-..i '. t . ;'. .. .. th' .*lnut ci Lt03illnr,
Inspector ,. I. nort in t :i spnt o us -2r Ju'an 1. fron
.. :. "'old so..o i;rn of t k I .' t h1 ill,,- 1th the
i'llO' :. ofln that t2 ... ,' th. first .. S ;i i e this
y .. r .
;'. S ,,-h.'r J n ..l t 7..-... 1nut care. illar is :.orc
;,y..,l., ,t i,. t '.:, section (3i- .. ud)at %' ii: %1 i than it
has; b. .n in ^i : t h:c y. :' ..r-" t:' c I.', r I :" y

T c:.- ;


Mi ssipippi

defoliated and the larvae of the first generation are still
feeding. This pest is not often present in this section in
sufficient numbers to attract attention. Where much damage
occurs it is usually due to second or third generation larvae
and the present infestation is considered somewhat unusual
for this section.

PECATI BUD ,MOTH (Proteopteryx bollianc. Sling.)

Ro Wi Earned (June 25): During the month of June many com-
plaints have been received at this office regarding injury
to pecan trees by the pecan bud-moth Proteopteryx bollianae
In almost every case these complaints rere accompanied by speci-
mens of this species. They have been received from the follow-
ing counties: Tippah, Sunflowver, Lee, Clay, Jackson, Hinds,
Bolivar, and .7ashington. Inspector G. I. Worthington of Cleveland
in Bolivar County wrote on June 20 as follow's: "The most
noticeable injury is to young grafted trees set last winter and
the winter before. The worms are, however, attacking seedlings
as I noticed infestations on nearly every pecan bush examined.
Earge trees show injury, but seem to suffer no noticeable set

GALLS (Phylloxera spp.)


R. W. Harned (June 25): Galls caused by Phjlloxera seem to
be abundant on pecan trees at various places in the State.
Among the species recently received and identified by Mrv
A, L. Hamner are Phylloxera caryaecaulis from Grace, Belzoni,
and Cleveland, Phylloxera devastatrix from Satartia, Phylloxera
notabilis from Collins, and a species that is probably new from
Holly Springs, Raymond, Yazoo City, Shelby, and Natchez."


MEXICAN F1uIT 'iYOR;. (Anastrenha ludens Loew)



Monthly Letter of the Bureeu of Entomology, No. 159, May
1928; F, H. BEnja-riin collected spccimcns of Anastrepha ludens
in a sour orange which he picked from a tree in I.,'tamroros,
Tm-ulipas, opposite Bro'7nsville, Tex,, on May 3,1928, A
thorough search during the growth of the crop of 1927-1928
failed to reveal any infestation in the fruit growing on the
Ti".is side of the lo',!er Rio Grandc Valley,

A T2LibL.IO1ID (Hymenorus obscurus Say)

J. R. m,.jtson (June 18): During, the L7 st month there has been
several outbrch.:v of a small elaterid beetle Hymenorus
pb;uurus, This beetle has a habit of collecting in colonies



often composed of -ver:_ thousand indlvi?.us it -..reily
feeds on the lichens on the tr,unks of trees, ..tic :y
on citrus an!i 2a2nolia trees, but sometimes it does not con-
tent itself with this rather beneficial '.-vi-r but attacks
the blossoms and young fruit .-r.. 1 eaves cf citrus, -as
been an unusual r... ".r of "A.l..ints this y -'" aid in some
sections the '-etle sees b e o -c usually ab-..i-rt andi is
found not only on t.-. pl:-.-.ts enuerated above bat on el ..r
a3 well,

.cIT^r'oF7LUS !r.L?'C (pcu' Lo'- -- : --i Jrocn)

.:on-thly '"-s Letter,.Los Ar.ele s Co. Hort. Comrn.., Vol.
10, ::o. 6, June 15; :r, H, ,. r.-itc.-e, L:-. rtic.--t.r. .
Co.-issioner in char,-e of Los ;:.-eles County Inscctarins,
this past month received a shiment one of the nr el. -
parLites from Aurtralia. Pro..:. .-tion in Count In. a
of the TtrLcc.-Cus -_pecies has boen carried on froo : hr chit-
rment and the pro.tny b-en rel-. in citr: lus : y-
b';.r- infested -rove_ in an att.-rt to secure their rs: .-. t
in as many areas as :csile. -' June 16 the first .rrat;in
of ar,.-Zites h-di been produce r.I- libcrated and ore
are to follo-,

I' "--s Letter Los An.-elcs CQ. Short. Co:i. Vol. 2
No. 6, June !5,1i -: '-. seasons hat" black -al..
accor2in,- to 1-, H, :i "il.:ob, .puty 1iorticultu-J Co: iio:
in Los .n'.,eles Cournt- in char-. :r f'J.,..tin nd in,
h-.s been decidedly tet.. >.1d du- i. t >, last *ees f I '.. .. ::
first -.:rt of June, lthc te ::.: .r. t,-... r o
r.u.'-" ,";rlier than last t asCn, es ccilly in the .. o,
Clar,..1.; .i- .'+ ona, an' River_. -',R ttti r sections, theL c Ich
seamed to bo practically at ; st : -cill, in the .'Ter rt
of ;'n-, duri..,- th cool "pather at thrat tin e, r~o".'c'/r, it is
felt that as foon tLs the athir c.;. t onm change to m
continue 'us 'cra l..,s, the rr :rniu:." .'. scale -ill to;
very "* *i !y in a short tixie,
T",- *.r' isi*isra ." black't *' e for this ":. t seoacon *:.
at v -:,, :r.. lo -r lbb than i:st r ait'....-, t.. t o
could be fcr -n nll -ts t- c*.
f tivwness .r~ll ,:-. less t .n for !;* 1
v, : .' ^t,

i-lc _-

3BL.'.Cl. SC;L2 ( Z? i: .sseti.a oleae -:rn.)



-( GADw FLEA BEETL3 (PhyllotretaT r1s'll -Horn)

H. Swenk (:.y 15-June 15 ): During June reports of contin-
ued injury to garden truck by this flea beetle were received
from Holt and Harlan Counties.

C.rF.OT BEETLE (Lizyrus gibbosus DeG.)


J.W7. McColloch (May 26 ): Adults of this species have in-
jured tomato and sweet-Dotato plants at Moscow.

BLISTER 5FETLE3 (Meloidae )


J. W. ,IcColloch (June 4 ): Injury to potatoes is reported
from Logan.

STRIPED BLISTER FKiTLE (Epicauba vittata FTb.)


F. L. Thomans (June 7 ): This beetle destroyed all of the tops
on a half acre of sugar beets ne.r Beaumont. Also attacked to-


New York




Conn c ticut

COLORADO POTATO BEETLE(Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say)

C. R. Crosby and assistants, abstract from -eekly I.jls Let-
ter, N. Y. St. Coll. Agr., June 25: The Colorado potato beetle
has been reported in abundance from Genesee County and as ap-
pearing in Onondaga, Elba, and Ontario Counties.

W. S. Abbott (June : The Colorqdo potato beetle has been
more qb:ndant at Vienn. this season than for the past six or
eight years.

H. W. Berger (June 22): In April a small but r-ther severe
infestation was reported from just outside of Jacksonville.
Another infest-.tion on a farm at Dinsmore (about 10 miles north-
west of Jacksonville) rns sprrycd. (Rcported by ',a. Gonmic.)

L. W7. Brannon (Juno I): The Colorado rotate beetle is doing
considerable d-;m-: e to potatoes, egrplants, and tom-'toes in the
district of Bir.miniham. Some truckers in this locality harve
been forced to s-or-iy tomatoes to control this insect.

FC'PTO FLEA 53kPTLE (.;pitrix cucumcris Harr.)

T. E. Britton (June 25): 'The potato flea beetle is very,.
nbundnnt in the following counties: 3h:.-lton, Bridgeport, D-n-
'i..ry, Litchfield, Hartford, Holland, and .Tc'" London.

New York


NTebr' ska



Ini n',

7ly ;=-s Lett-r, Y. St.. ,l i. J. ...
County (H, T. Cook): -ot'to fl beetles -re vr-.' active.

H. Dietz ('-37 31): Pot to :e t I Stles havc '- -n reort-
fro0i ":.rion County as seriously destructive to pot%,toe s -- to-
n4 t o0 CZ.>.
1,'-. H. S',en_ (u', 15-Jvl 15): -urinal June reports of contin-

"-cd injury to g-rdcn truck by this flee beetle 'Ze: rec5 2 .
from -D it an 'i l' -.- a't Co -ti s.t

7. ?. Kno-Itoi (Jimn3 S). '-,-c- flen *- is, nhv, b "
a'b:I -, nt 4]rrou -hout the pri.-ciwrl c"._7r-b:et s.ctig::- of Ut-^
during tr. srri.i. In ry:. costs v-hcn th bects r v :ry -:.;l
their dvolo--r. .t As hinder "-" th tics. et hd to be
replant -:d in fr fields boc"use of thin ,. "t. t soon as
beets attain f'ir size the dmra .. is a '1.iilc.

-.--"::L" FL.':.-- :--E'L (Svs" :.n. taioniatn"':.y)

J. J. Drvis (Jt'.i ): A stri c btl, cbl -
,-troy -! 13 acres of recent trns !" t : to-
matoes at Torthini i:-in iccordin.-- to r...-.rt r cjiv d on J'..". 15,

'T..TO gT. : (Ttrrc'` b ris trinot ,t v)

J. J. -vis (*.,no 23): A st3:r borer 'r":nirin the d cri-
tion of th p potato st-ilk 'borer "s d-. *i.- otatos -t -. "-"
onl Junh 'J-.
.. .. .... ..... (":o'szc fc.* Harr. )

T. P rk (Junr, 21): Ir' '- '-.: r. h tc'.T in -o-
ly :a..'ber: on votnto l:;'v.. -t Col'!"1bs. -.'ic tir.s -re th't
soe p tti", ,: t vtillMr hav t a h. ,vy infi. station -i'. i "rnoth r
three ek. Ti:; contain to th serious tto in-
sect in Ohio.

J. J. rrviG (,:2
at ..

South C'rollin-

J. Jr .1 ; ,,"
of t'c l 'rv-c tn :-..:.: : bb'
it !1 fi C1 i this r,--:on.

". I potato lt' >.voi- r d . t' to

c"* htiv ly srrat] nI rz"
m h n ticed in

G-orgi a

C'. !. S 'pp (,'".ie 15) ,' is a h ivy ir." -t-ti .... of ".
i: ,,ort_.J c-bV^,..--. '*rm ",t :.(,rt "" ley, c'' ';i".. I.EtA to early y
cabb-, -..

. -17C_

'".*-" ( ,r r L.)


CAP BAGE 'AGGC'I (Hylenyia brassicae Bouche)

New York






C.R.Crosby and assistants, abstract from 7ekly News Letter,
N. Y. St. Coll. Agri., June 11: The cabbage magzgot is appea.r-
ing in abuLnda-nce in Onondaga, Chautauqua, Erie, and Monroe

C. A. T hoc.G, (June 12): Larvae have done much drma-ge to cab-
bage in southeastern Pennsylvania this spring. Pupation is now

17. E. Britton (June :25): The cabbage maggot has been reported
as attacking cabbage in about the average abundance from the
following places: Hamden, Enst Haven, Bridgeport, Norwich,
Southington, Thompsonville, and Litchfield.

T. H. Parks (June): More damage than usual has been reported
from the cabbage maggot.

C. J. Drake (June 4): Serious injury by the .cabbige maggot
has occurred at Mason City, Clear Lake, C3-.r RF-ipids, and ,usca-
tine. This insect is a comparatively new pest In Iowa and seems
to be increasing in numbers very rapidly.

J. J. Davis (June 26): This insect was reported d.q-rrmagin! rad-
ish at Logansport May 29 and Morocco, May 26. It was seriously
damaging cabbage at South Bend ?y 31.

E. L. Chm3bers(June 15): ,7 have received more complaints
concerning the injury of cabbage and cauliflower by the cabbage
maggot this year than we have fo a number of years. It seems
to be very generally distributed.

DIAiO!TD-PACK MOTH (Plutella maculipennis Curt. )

South Carolina


W. J. Reid. Jr. (May 15): "7orms were found to be attacking
and seriously injuring one-third of the plants in a 22-acre
field of spring cabbago on the J. M. Harrison farm in the imme-
diate vicinity of Charleston. An average of three worms wvAs
found on each plant. Thu young heads of the plants are being
riddled by the formss the plants suffering most being the
younger ones which were set in the field to replace those
killed by the winter freezes. Larvae of all sizes can be found
on the plants. The moths are very n,'.c-irous at this time. Re-
ports of similar infestation of cabbage on other fqxms in the
vicinity have come to the writer during the past few days.

R. '7. Harned (June 25): On June 9 Insp,.ctors Glndney and
Kisl!-io sent to us sor,: tiny pupae that wore collcctcd on tur-
nip plants at Bilo:.i. )j pupae proved to be those of the
dirir.on -back moth.


.T I 2 +etr ict Hrr.)





J. J. E-vis (Jue 2): -..' zebra caterpillar i r..rt. -
conspicuous, on_-corn at 1>.rion, -..-,c 16. S-.- im- v'S r Io
sent in on t'.. d,-mc -'to fr:- .;cCoyt' :r-. In th l-ct:r
...t thr, 7-s ,o st-temnt of th_ cro7 dm?. d but p,- fo-lie'
occ -.''.-ni, the l rv'c. : .-.. larva da :. c._- t corn -t
Rockvillo ;---! 23 -nl field corn at Fr-nrfin or Jun- .:,

H. H. Scnk (77y 15-Junc 15): ... zacr" catcrpillr "--s f
inju.'x-u'y ntt -c :..n.- c-1ulif~loer at Lincoln on Jun 4.

:-> '. ?' (:ir.-nti- histrionics Hihn)

C J. -r ',-c (Jun, 4): L-- .- of the o ..rlcouin ": _r found
on cabba.- plants shirr .: fr.-- T ;.:-s to -*r-nn l, loa 7--
'*r quit., a numiL.r of ..-.' s -r".'L r;st of th m se:u d to ; for-

L. '7. ,r.rnron (June o); '*rlq-in--i dn-. to turn's 'Lnd
cb-'be in the district of Birsin-Y-* is v r' cli+ht in cornyri-
son to '-t it wr s this ti': last sz:"n. ..uits I tr cry sc-rce.
,T-C.\:\','JZ +.;7.C'"^ 10 ('_ t.*-.r?,'-r.c'".u- ra^>iac "'11.)

T. ii. Parks (v'y 26): Ti..:so b-ctls ve re pr: snt on c.:'-g;
in La-"rcnc_- County r!: h-.d fdi *.- ih 1: vcs "hilc f r'r
rcrc foun: in t. st .,:. ',s is the firt ycr that hv
reccivAd r-.ortc of J3-' -.- in ".-.o.

J. J. --iz (Jus:c 2 ): Th.. c-,bb" o curculio dc:, cbb-
at Battle 'rund ".. '.

* -- ".S *'A~S

'( rioc' -i "r. ? i )

Massnchuc -tts


New York

I. .--urno (junm, r- ): :: A" in
ficl'"1 -.2 :'7 -::-i "-. '., y r a'--,ut a-, -.1 in n > cr.' c. c *Lis

"t t+.C tl- for 'i
in' -.rrn L'" in about th u a- '... .c in tr fol'n'
pIC. o r --rrin/ ton, .. .It c rtstol, fr o-nfi il.

,. ':. Cr' ,-.,, -,nd ns;uistpnts, '**bs'r ct fro" ,co':Iv :- :. .. t r,
b Y St. r. oil. ,-Ti ."nt. in C" ,' u': :' .... b...-. t c
been r,.port,_d as na t in Ch"ut~u, :*', nond., .. .. ... ..


Iowa chusetts

Yew York


C. J. Drake (June 4): Large numbers of the asparagus beetle
have been found :t Ames, u,,ascatino, and Des : oinos. The bee-'
tie is mig'ating 7westward very rapidly and is doing a consider-
able .T.ouiit of damage to young asparagus beds in the eastern
part of the State.

SP0ITLD ASPAjFk.;US B.,TLE (Crioceris duodecimpunctata L.)

A. I. Bourne (Juno 25): The spotted asparagus beetle was
found in the fields on June 1 and 2. There is about the nor-
mral abundance this season.

C. R. Crosby and assistants, abstract from Weekly Ncs Letter,
T. Y. St. Coll. Agri., June 25: The spotted asparagus beetle
has been reported as quite plentiful in Ch-ut-.uqua County.

3B ]TS

PA,,T APHID (Aphis rumicis L.)

1,. H. S'venk (:.'.r lE-June 15): Aphids that h-ve been com-
plained of during the period covered by this rp.-jrt include
the bean aphid.

G:.?EN CLO'T7. '7071 (Flathy-ena scabr' FRb. )

NJorth OCarolina

7. A. Thomas (June 14): A light infestation of this insect
ir developing on snip bans in the vicinity of Chadbourn, but
no appreciable damage is being done at this time. However,
the early appearance of the larvae may prcsage serious injury
to the coming soy-bean crop, the bulk of which is just being

.,iEXICAN I'EAI1 FETLE (Eiril-chna corrupta Muls.)


North Ca rolina.

W. T. Henry (June 25): First record for this locality
(College Park About 20 larvae were found on two plants.
There were both first and second instar larvae present, but
all were evidently from the snme egg group. They .were found
on the pl-ic of 7. A. 7hite, attacking bush beans.

'7. A. Thorns (June 14): The Mexican bean beetle hs just
macde its apr-j-ronce in Columbus County and is doing consider-
ible d-amne in some fields in tht vicinity of Chqdbourn, Few
'rults are in evidence, while both larvaec and pupae are very
abundant in som, fields,

R. W'. Lciby (June 23): This pnt is now very seriously dnm-
aing folirn'e of s'ip bea-ns. It is just as it was last year
but cov.yrs a much greater arec.



:T. : ... TL (C roto72 trifurcut, '*r3t)

northh end
South Carolina.

*- -:. Tn,.C-h (Jun: -5)-: T... bc l^f b7ettlo h-s been lTu-
Cu'nll ~,.rQfant in tr.c -o "rc1i:... this cIc-on -- in G
places has a-lrmost co:E"Ictely d-folilt : thj rl-,.r re-
sent outbreak b. .. orly in A y rnd incrn.ccd in severity up
to about tY. firstt of June, ".rn thi -tl arr-r.-tly b nn
trrncfcrrin{ to oun- co-.cz3 rly n y b thna
a dozen b:eetles hv frD C rnt]"1 ".cn i-rr' d fro'' sinIe bx-.:.
of bc'ns. Serious i:.j -y -*s oserve t Colrubia Su'itr
-: " S~~- C.a : '-.- o
Dalzc]7 71or n yc:, rion ... ullir ,-. ...
7hit'evill7, A,: :--c 'r. .-.i. rtoi, H ..l! t, :7T rston, ILC

-.:^ ( *'" r itt t b.

n-sFachusc tts


A.~~,= I. 1 5 .- s;t ri-,** e .- r I i : irs t
b:i,-n to a-, *.-.r in na L r' -s on -.. co -sh c :-
17 r'?. 18. v.u ru n' "'. inn L-. L- rs A.. c s-
ir-- cbnr i ;r '.c i.j', to -nrotcct d vin:s. ic vl .
to d tc, I cho"Tid j1 .hcy r- 1:,t nor I: .- nt,

b s t 1tvi th'^ (* t t ... 3" ,t .ic *t
,:.or :b".. -t t~tr -. y r o.-. c .ur i
; 2' e n .



; -uc' b. r b tl .. v "
-'-I ;' it r.ort n-
S' :' "" l C-in cvr

J ?;. [ tll ",', 'r. ( ,; .' ): ctic ill"" ao b: tlc. ;
been f.un,- in th fi 'i Li ;.-..n onty to th 1 lt of
Juu.r1 6 to 8 o in- fT "' ..'c. '.ill o1 cx:irbi r. tl c r
1t. in ruttiia- th ui r 1' r-'. C -


-. H--.rnJI (June 2-): h. first :>xican :.n : tl!. to
c- received during= 1928 w.--re received on Juno 0 from :-;nc-
ville, where: they 7re rc-rrted. s c-usi:r_- serious "in"ry to
garden Thoe r'-ceiie. were in -h puDa stn.

L. 7 r,.':.-n (Juno 8): _r. cr ._ in r. district of f :-' -
ham -cre pi i-icn bcans fr,: the first crc'c on on y 29 ,
beetle d-mage to the first crop wIc so sli'it t'nt it --s h--
ly notici-b1:. VT.r little -.-- could bc secn :-:c::t in stets
in the field -`hcru fourt.-instar 1lrv-e wore fedlin.
t>cre'd bzeties still sesn in th'.- fi !d n., -.u'.o re fairly
n'_.:rO'l-. Fi rst- n.- r isr b...i....- .T- ~ ~ '
n-: r o -.1 -- n srtti-- nb;ctlcs rila -t" -r-: in bt t I- C 1,-.7
Only 4.5 _r c,-at -.-,vc cm:r-.- d in the hib: "nation c-C,
* ^ of emrn-r nc- as =3t-n ":--' 17 2n 67 74 wint r -urvi-
v.l -z the lowest of m-. eason.

j J " v i e ( + '. ) : -" ct r i
c" 2 on c-Ic 1".- t nr r t 7- r.. 1
t~rin .;... t iii n tif






:**. H. Swenk (ay 15-June 15): Complaints of the striped cu-
cumber beetle attacking cucumber, melon, and pumpkin plants
began to be received on .:'y 24 and 25 and have continued com-
ing in at about the normal numbers throughout the period cov-
ered by this report.

R. W. Earned (June 25): Specimens of the striped cucumber
beetle were received on June 6 from Mieridian, where they were
reported as injuring c-nta.loupe plants.

:ELOiJ APHID (Aohis aossypii Glov.)

". H. Swenk (May 15- June 15): Aphids that have been com-
plained of during the period covered by this report include
the melon aphid.

SQUASH.BUG (Anasa tristis DeG.)

R. 7. Harned (June. 25): Injury to carntaloupe plants by the
squash bug was reported from 'e-ridian on June 6.
i s_____S_

SQUASH BOEER (.:Zlittia satyriniformis Hbn.)

K. L. Cockerham (June 9): This insect is now doing heavy
damage to the early.'squash crop. Full-grown larvae are found
in the stalks and adults are frequently seen flying about the

SQUASH BEETLE (Epilachna borealis Fab.)

North Carolina



J. I.. Tenhet (June 15): The squash ladybird is appearing
earlier than usual on cucurbits in the vicinity of Chadbourn
this spring and in considerably greater numbers.

PICKLEtVOPM (Di.nph-nini nitidalis Stoll)

0. I. Snapp (June'i,6):. Infestations by the pickle worm are
very heavy on squash at Fort Valley, considerable damage being

K. L.Cockerham (June 9): These insects are now doing rather
serious doma.-o to squash and cucumber, being especially serious
on squish.


OIUION ;',GO0T (Hylemyia nrintiqua Meig. )

C. R. Crosby and assistants, abstract from Weekly News Letter

TT,7w York


7. Y. St. Coll. AIri,, June 25: Inr-.jury by the onion :-.--t is
evid- .at in Mbi -and Wr-.-nc Counties.

Ohio E .'. i':,._nhll (June 20): The onion rrn -it is quit bad
this year in th onion plantations in ..rdin Cou'nt7.

Indiana J. J. vis (Jue 26): onion oa.m t Ias been apprently
more abundant :nd destructive tha-n usu7l. r rts of dc -.
hav-e been received as folio .: 'orocco, :".y (-' rcid
Rensselner, Juno 3; Pl-.'th, Junc 6; i':T-.rt, riuc 6; ?rs,
.Jurc 8; and An;-ola, Juno 11.

Wisconsin J. 2. Dudley, jr. (June 16): Infzstntions on onions h3
been unusually hate in dc.v&lopinr rn:i the -Th-_ts rD roe--
much dcepoer in the soil t'-" : .-,.:.,u- the mnjorit b-o: D;-: t fr:-
4 to 6 inch: r round. In on. count of 3 fot of culls
thrc were 7'0 pup.ri'1 rn.d 80 larve '-. r" curCd.

B. L. Chambers (Jun:l5): :n-' ci-dlfint: h-ivc boon rcciv.-
from vwrioui s-ctions of thei ?t to th, _ffcct t.t this t
is doing ror. injury than usu'-l to th3 :.!ion crops r-rts
have b',-.n received from -.>cinc, ,.-dsha, *.iV'aukje, and -oc:
County es.

Iowa C. J. Dr;-'- (June, ):I T1,e onion mr --it i-s ",..on r..-7ted
from P]e.e. ->atvillc Val! and Clr Lake buit ocs not 0c:n to
occur in destructive num.,rs.

I C 7- V i
"_ _,,_ ... c"_ '-
[,..'P..,: ^i-:-;! ( '%.-op losi2 h'xrn - .r" -- c. avis)

Nebrnshi t'. :. 3 cnk (:'y i ",L.n 15): Ar- ids of this s'..c -t-,-
in, t'urnip h,,vc bo c> Vi .1 of darin "' .iJ covil
by this r, r )rt.

"' -r,-.-. i,.2 : ..-'J.*' ( ....*.*''l tr. ._ t vi tt-t Tab .)

Alanb'.m- L "'. rran*.?n (T,: c): .is insect is contiz.': to do con-
-.i .r-blQ o to tuni" .- y.v.-. coltr'r. in th,- vicinitv
of .i i--::i. .' n. In ''. . th. 2 T -. to t.r-i-s i o s<-
v._-r' n to rr.-. -.. -:. r" t bl I ob -.,r-.i tch of g
collrds ju.t n r ,ti:, .h t i r dv .- rso s6v rl'l th t r -
!pla-rting ".".r ncc ".. ry.

Ztrh G F r" T -, ', (): .i :\. .;' ) i

Utnh G, F. "nor-!tn. (.;"nj 6): ::.\\ ,'J_ i "1J. *' ." is oin


New York


North Carolina


North Carolina

considerable damage in some fields at Hooper, The affected
beets wilt ba-dly during the heat of the day and the more seri-
ously affected ones die. Many of the beets are dead, leaving
noticeable skips in the rows. At Hooper many of the maggots
are half to full grown. At Cornish the flies are abundant and

SPI:'TA:H LEAF MII'ER (Peaomry hyoscyami Panz.)

7eckly News Letter, N. Y. St. Coll. Agri., June 11: Erie
County (N. N. Taylor): The spiInach leaf miner has started to
work on spinach, and jro-ers carrying out the screening experi-
ments hsve applied the cheesecloth,

G. F. Knowlton (June 6): The beet leaf miner is encountered
in fields throughout the beet-growing areas of Utah but in
such small numbers as to be cnousing practically no damage.


S7EET-FOTATO FLA BEETLE (Chaetocnema confinis Cr.)

R. W. Harnod (June 25): Flea beetles that were injuring
sweet-pot-:to plants at ]Ticholson on June 1, were received at
this office and identified by Mr. .T. :. Langston as Ch-etoc-
nema confinis.



TOBACCO BUD'.701Oi (Heliothis virescens Fab.)

R. W. Leiby (June 23): The tob-cco bud'torm seems to be unu-
sually destructive this season. More tobacco has bc.:n poisoned
than ever before.

POTATO TUBER 70PM, (Phthorimagn operculellr Zell.)

F. S. ChL'mberlin (June 6): Very few tobacco splitworms have
beea observed on tobacco in Cds.dcn County this season.

!!iRi; WOiS (Pilegcthontius spp.)

R. W. Leiby (June 23): Horn wornms are urnusu-lly destructive
this season in the tobacco section of the Coastal Plain.


.A :Y3-.J oK (C>o simpzlx Butler)
A~~~ ~~ S:l~~ iT M ....



Ne-t York

?. 1-;. .;. -/lurenbur,- (May 21). Ca Narch 1 i the t-
tention of :;,r. 2. T. J-lap",,_ ,as called to the i:.festrtion
of rice plants near Honolulu ','" larv!e of a ryralid borer,
since determined es 1 Jlo simplx t:tler. ?et'--.i ,5C'O and
2,-3 acres of rice are no"w -y;'n to be infested, all con-
fined to the Isl.-nl of Or.-. insect ,as first not.i "
Chinese zro-ers in -cto-.:r, 197, but :'.':- fi".ls to bri..-- it
to the attention of any of 1":-.= entn-.- lo-. ts. .::lts, larvae,
nd Ipae were found.m iarin^- ,rc., 2, th e olCest rice in
'n.y one district bein,- the most heavily infestr!. .. April,
adults were co:...on ron- th -pla1nt in the fi:Z'I. e -
are laid in sm-.ll overlaT.cin-- clusters eith.-r on the 1:-: or hidden between the lcnf she-th and the st'lh.
An idea of the severity of i.i'estation of rice in so-e fields
by April c-an be -otten frol. the record of between 4 7.r.- 50
idult moths r,..ared fro., t'7o stools br'v-ht in from he-.vily
infested rljdy. alf-,rTO'a l'arvae in the insect-ry attac-
sua.-rcane and corn re-'ily, eventuall>" causin- the de-th of
the young plants. EEm.i n-tion- of cane ni r-rss ls -s iae-
diately -j'j-cent to heavily infested. rice vdfi*-:z hve, to
date, failcl! to ho- infestation this in 'r-.: *e
or .7ild Traissis.

0 R ES T AIND S HA 7- R 2E I': S CT S

F7210'ICAL CIC....\ (Tbicin' sept,.niecim L,)

W, T. 7rittorn (Cu. ,e ;): ); he .eri-2icil cic-.a h*as ,.-er--':
slo'"ly owiw,- to cool, -.'ist yet. The insects nr chief!" on rcc:' r -: in the sou'-
eentr-,.l -ortion of t: t-te, ing reta rt': from "'. -
~~ ~~ in"'' "' -f~ri, ':orlth _-r or
H-amd,:n, .,ovibrid,--.., .... ..' c 're, '" _.1in .:'nr o th ..r _.'o -,
.-.'iort, *'7 rit in, Guilfo::, !., riden, '-..d 3out.-.i:-it-,n.

J. : ...:r ( :n. ): I rm overr .n ith the 17-year lo-
cust at n.y rl ce i te court .' in rr-, :.ty.

J. N ( )
.rune 21,

Stern & "Tinutein (J'iu 16): "e -ve a lar',' tr-ct '" .-. ':
in V-ll'y Cotta.-,_- nr. it is ... i t loc u'ts.

0. F. Rocklein TJne I ): } is i: i "'ect is "-,.ru rin,.- i .-r' .t
nixt-n ers at *Ire-it 'ills, St-,ten ISI N.-3

..^l : r "..':; t at *-r.-. : L-ice


C. R. Crosby and assistants, abstract from weekly News Let-
ter N. Y. St. Coll. Agri., June 4, 11, and 25; This insect
has been reported from the following counties: Dutchess, :
Orange, Greene, Ulster, and Columbia.

E. Kostal & W. H. Freeman (June$3): A single emerged speci-
man was found in the vicinity of -Tottenville, Richmond County,
on >-qy 30, several more on June 2, and a larger number on June
7. .

H. E. Gamgee (June 19): 'Te are having quite an epidemic of
the 17-year locusts on Staten Island.,

Lucy Upton (June ll): The.17-year locust is found in enor-
mous numbers at the Baltusrol Golf Club, Springfield.

New Jersey : -. H. Ballou (U:ay 30): Indications of the 17-year locust
are noticed-at Alpine Road.
!rs. C. J. Sourbier (June 3 ): The 17-year locusts are emerg-
ing at 7estfield. .

D. '7. Webb (June 10): I have noted the.insect in the fol-
lowing places: Bargaintoy7n, Glassboro, iplewood, Plainfield,
Scotch Plains, Cqrteret, and 2Tew Brunsvick.'

C. A. Thomas (June 12): I drove across T.Te7 Jersey to the
ocean and returned via Lakehurst and Bro-.ns Mill June 10 and
did not see any specimens of this insect, although they '-ere
reported a week ago from near Vineland, and earlier from Con-
necticut. .

Pennsylvania J. lN. Knull (June 21): Adults are present at Windgap, s
were first. observed June 14 at Dauphin, C.arks Valley.

H. i. Cyr (June 20): This year there are numerous swarms of'
locusts on the outskirts of Falmerton and elsewhere in Carbon
County. At the present date there are a few str-gglJers still
issuing from the ground, although for the past ".'eek mating has
been numerous and scours from egg-laying have already .arne-red
on the trees.

C. A. Thomas (June 12): I have not seen a sinle specimen
at 77ustleton, -lthough it q about two weeks overdue. I have
not seen any in ..-.ter Couxty.

Virginia 7. S. Abbott (Junme 12): The pup".l case of a cic-da was
found in a ,rove tit Fairfax on May 27.

Mississippi R. W. Harned (June 25), A very interesting collection was
made at Yagoo City, on 1iiy 2'3, by Inzpector Chesley Hines,
vhcn inside one of his boll weevil c'-e,- there emerged a fe-



1c.bra r.a

male of the 13-year poriodical ci r:-. ? h. s :olo:. t ro d
-"VII of the pcriodical cicada. -: -:.. tir.s that ':i brood
has, --.viouwly :"n rccordzd from ny point ir- thr Unit.
States, ;,rc in 1?-., .:. it var. a. r y
20 s~t Suf fo0l.2, F -- J ... S
30 at S ffc Pr...-_..n County,, an:d. th it-. n y.. : -':- li-. r,
in 1]15, 7hon this brood "as scrx, a-i-n -,at this pao.

B Af -qF ( _-"--,r i -.:- : .'v .-,"..- ..r : f -:_ _.. "* '- ". )

J. J. Da-is (Juno 26): DC. 1.7.0ior "- rcortci frc.. rc
.-.uc on JiLro 15.

J. ;. ':cC,:lloch (::-y 15-Junc 15): 3 --orrc arc r....7 -
Cc,.-,"-*:-.t on cedar trcos at -cstror:. ad .:r ;.

APHI "- -

7:. H. S.'.:;-2 (:',-y 15-Jurc 15): ;- ri-- l:ere covered hc as
boon onc r .. ..:*'." thc ab'.-c oC f ao S.

IlTZS (Z.'"_ ..*/."..' : .- )

'. ': "" ( ,ay !5-J..:-. 15): erc cov r d
L .cn onfe 2a .. .. ,:. !..... .cc of 7. oitcs.
7'A I T, '.7"" 1":-;.:: (.'" "_ ..-t-'. ... a ,r .

H. 7. H r o (J r.j o 2 : .: fall "*cb:oru is ... '. to
mhou ,--, in v' rts of the Stat-. T- firct Vci;.:
r:,':eivcd at this office '...rc front ILo- Poin.t, cent in r. J.
6. -'.cctly occi.i0?s h ve 'bc~n rocj'lvcd fru;::: :olti, 3_'ri:'t:s,
'-.'o City, v.. C cv 'la'nd. In c' cc the s)cci s c .:r
fro. : can trc. cctor 7. .. c- cf E l ....
ortcd: c.. J ic hat t i... *. ..o.!:: :" d.., ir. C:.. ...
]" ^1*sQ v '" ] ^ / ^ **"'"- <}S C 'e^ i" i ;" O^ r' *^ <.|1 / ' : .>
L ^ AaJLJ t h o .....1 L ~ J1^ w .... <: ,... .. "J *.... .^
tr ..... "il ho ;. .......*. a n t, r :' i k /. r -c : r
foumd. i "ifcstcd.

I'cbr&E .,

f i i .;C.;
fi. ti:n i.":
this 1.;.

'7icoT'-.i n

r" ..
Gci"; of Sl
'L. l.,_ ",here t.-i
". *foliate:d *v
i.'. L l.c it: *f^^ <^

-. ( 2

:OL>>:.j~. tLi C


r -
V 14.

.~v ~.

a 1. j

4>)~ ~

:'i c'-is sio: -i



breaksks' .


7orth Dakota

reported serious in the extreme northern p"mrt of the State.
Specimens have been taken on raspoberry ?nd. currant bushes where
complete defolition 7as reported. These beetles aooeared in
such large numbers at Green Bay and Sturgeon Ihy that the
County Board of Door County appeal1- for aid -ith an airplane
such q.s a-.c used by this depart,-..--it t-o years ao against the
hemlock s-oanorm.

OYSTER-SIELL SCALE (Lepidosaphes ulmi L.)

J. J. D.-.vis (June 26): The oyster-shell scale bec^n hatching
on lilac at LFa.yette June 2, and *-as reported as killing ash
at Aurora June 16.


ARBOEVITAE LEAF :-T3? (Ar "7ez thij thuiella Rick.)

7. E. Britton (June 25): Tis insect has not been very de-
structive since 1921 but is now c-, injury to arborvitae
in the locality of Union City south of WaTterbury. The trees
are brown.


FLAT-HEAD.D ArPL T -..:E :C_-L-R, (Chrysobothris femorata Oliv.)

Y. H. Swe-nk (7," 1June I5): The borers most complained of
during the period covered by this report included Chrysobothris
femorata on ash trees.

TED ASH FC-':- (z.eoclytus capraea S-v)

M. H. S'enk: (.fy 15-June 15): Neoclytus c.,a-cea h-is been re-
ported as attacking ash trees during the period covered by this

ASH Fr.i1T3. (Podosesib fraxini Lu,.r)

C. N. Ainclie (June 22): The y:un..; ash trees set for shade
in to,.n yards arnd strc.ts in Feach, Mott, and Dick-inson are be-
ing attached, and in some cases killed, by this ",est. 4s many
as twenty emer:* ices of moths from one s,:,1ll tree have been
noticed. Yo tr.ce of attack'- can be found in trees .,,ro-ing wild
in ravies. This injury has been apparently increasing in re-
cent .rs.


--,v'i-: G ( 12 t-.c.cris trivitt tus Sr.-)

Nebra ska

'. H.. Sek (7 15-June 15): Pere s reviv-l of :. -
plaints frcc.7 housekeer'rs concerning the boxel"er u- -bout
the middle of Ji:^e.

C.-. (Ce. to"i
C. .'T.n-. A S HI.'"'' (Ceratomi0, c-ta!p~e Boi '.,)

New Jersey

D. 1. itio'b (June 18): te hnve hpd a r:-oort c- lete rde-
foliation of c'.-talpa. trees ,at P.trlinton,

GIAT A: (lo.-i'.i -. c r- rr. )
GIATT A.'AL D on .-i ,-- c'- r.. -r r.)





I D ` y7 .-: > > rI .- ':,

.S"enk 1:i o" --".-.e 1t5l.
complain ;of recently.

3 lY .i, (~rio~a:ni~ ~et.c iT

:1 )

s)':'. .1


4:. S'renk,- (. y, I-.:'u- -):
co:..lain of this .octh,

H. Sr (.r 1 -:c 15) borr hF s r
,*I of '*.'ir'. th r-,mi c, vcr ?', *. this report.

Y (C1T'h.~ )

:, cnun.etts


Nebrn sk-)

J. J. i-vis (June 25): .-,.3 lor-.- aphid Longci1ti- !-,- i-
stimra "-ans re-)rted a..L-.A7ant on chestnut at r,'nsto-. .uie E

:7A? CC ?'-". ..... ( -'

J. J. Da'is (..,:!eo '.):

-'":, cl,,. coc''- ;o~b3 1 "' r" -rtor

co;:r.on at y'rl'fO-ort ,1- 13.

..: *- A. t fC,--I r In t r il ] t1 *' iv.)

," :'" el;-- s- '"; *' ir.t *To.'e- r
*' < r.- rt lcul' r!."* .:'-,'r,| r-.s on;

do ,.I. .T on th-' c n?'AS -t ,'. ' .


M.r:'T ELM! SCJi, (Gossyoyria spuria 2'oyeer)

New York


Tiscon sirn




Weekly News Letter N. Y. St. Coll. Agri., June 4: Orange
County (P. J. Pirrott): The Europe.n elm scale is daracgini'
elm at "onroe.

J. J. Davis (June 26): The European elm scale was reported
as abundant on elm at :'rion June 23.

E. L. Chambers (June 15): Solid blocks of elm trees in Madi-
son and Milwa'ukee streets are heavily infested rith this scale,
and many show serious injury, some being killed where no con-
trol measures have been applied. This insect is more abundant
this month than last, and more abundant than last year.


COTTCY MAPLE SCALE (Pulvinnria vitis Rathv.)

E. 17. Mendenhall (June 26): The soft maple sh-de trees in
Springfield are infested somevhnt with the cottony sc.le.
These are bad in certain localities at Springfield.

H. F. Diet7 (:v!-y 31): The cottony maple scale has been re-
ported as unusually abundant in the southern part of Indianap-
olis and also from Noblesville. The formation of the egg
masses is just beginning to take place.

J. J. Davis (June 26): The cottony maple scale wns reported
showing up at Treherne June 14, -t Larion, Elwood, and Sedalia
June 18, and at Gary June 22. So far no hatching has been ob-


CORK OAK i TDCF (Plagiotrochus suberi Weld )

monthly :Tc--'s Letter Los Angeles Co. Hort. Conmm. Vol. 10,"o.
6, June 15, 1928: T',rly in 1927 a severe injury to s.v. ral
fine cork oaks on private estate in Los Angeles *'-s found to
be c'-used by n smnill midge which lays its e.. 7s in the new t''ig
,ro"-th, c-i'1.^; n s,';elIi'cig and dying of the twigs. Specimens
''ere taken by HMr. Hrold J. Ryan, Los Angeles County Horticul-
tural] Corniz-ioner, rnd sent to Dr. Alfrcd C. Kinsey of Indiana
diversityy, a specialist on this type of insect. Dr. Kinsey
determined the specimens as the cork oak midge, Li. 'iottochus
suberi Weld. He stated that the insect was undoubt+.31y in-
ported from Europe, and had b':,-n taken from San Jose, Santa
Ciara, San Fr-ancizco, and Pasadena in every case on the Euro-
pe -n cork or!:. Since that time inspections made by :,*. L. E.




>,'err, Horticultural. Ins--_-ctor for the county office, haz dis-
closed other i.-fest-tions at rather wdiespr?i localities. A-
r.-rently the intect- '*-. occurr-d for a r-c'r of ye:rs in 7-li-
fornia but has spread r-th.;r slo1,l-:., as it seems to atti-: o-:'
the cork or-l, which h has been wantedd in a n-'-.:cr o- .rnt
locr.-lities 'ct does not occur -e.-,erally. m.e native o-- do
not seem to be att-=-kd by this insect, .n! it is Dr. iey'
opinion that there is no reason to su-rose it Till att--.-: them.
There are, ho-'.ev-.r, a number of n-tive inc-cts that 2: c:e
da:rage similar to this upon the native o-.:s, .r.i "-hich ay be
controlled -hen the trees are rt too 1-ar-e or too n--ro.


77-T,.: _l FI::E OT I.-----O T :. (-7-.. cion I- bl0liana 3chill.)

'. E. Britton (J,,'. 2): This r:dt is s5r n- C'
over the State attac.:i%- "cotch pine, (H0rtford. iven as lo-
cality. )

R. W. H.rned (Jince : ) On .rl! 24 Ins-c. ctor J. F. :is- sent to this office E-I:- : l-rv e h tht were :o -.. in:'
the ti-c of pine tvies at 7cean Spri-.. >.c adult Soth s
rear-1 7-hich has 1Leen idc.-,tifici by 'r. A'i-::t -c1: of tn..
U. o, -..,tion-', .*useual as ?*.",: i.i, 1 f ".'trana. <-. 19
In T-r.-ctor 7 . Colmr sent to so -i.. t -: fr- :S
Point that -oecd. ni.ilar i: ij'r" Ilthio'. :io i.:- cts coul be
found in the t i:..

17. L 7. Sz .- ( ,.ioaasris -.: .. t

?' s s.- chus etts




A. I. ,..rne (June 257: The first yo'- of the cf
scale were .rrin," on :'" and .

...." L, bers (June 15)c '.lister-rust .-.ut_. :-ve t-.rned
in -. specimens of this rin L7n :s 7 r sect.f thi inonroe t :
S&u. Counties ahere it s r,"- to a r'ri:. rre ple.tul
on jrAine j r th3 past f." J.:- rs.

.. ... .y in*. 15.:ve r 1 r'laints of i r,'
to STr'-c-, tr- -in' c scale ',:-*. rrc iv d d.ri:
the r.riod coy r '. by .s r t.
... " *',Y ([;,_J r!, _wl "' ** )

M. P *'"- (r'... 1): ;hi ect is : -ir ,,:.... t t
se-v>rol yc-r '' I h i7. t.. re C:. letc : li

....... -.:._ PI ;" ,, ....-. *y-cionia frustrCnn *-,' .





io ine

ated but l-rge trees still have some leaves left. It has been
reported from Unionville, Plainville, and Branford.


SPRUCE F,-,17JJ (Harmoloea fumiferana Clem.)

J. J. DCvis (June 26): The spruce budworm was reported as
damaging blue spruce and, to, some extent, Norwegian pine at
Cambridge City Miqy 31.

A CURCULIONID (Thylacites incanus L.)

A. I. Bourne (June 25): There was brought to out attention
in early June a report of beetles occurring in considerable
numbers in a nursery in the eastern part of the State. Evi-
dently the beetles were reported as causing considerable in-
jury to blue spruce. -itrtber examination brought out the fact
that the beetles were working on practically all of the spruces
as well as on most of the pines, except white pine. Specimens
of these beetles -;ere identified by H. S. Barber as Thylacites
inconus L., apparently a new species to the country.

EAS dTR SPRUCE BE3TLS (Dendroctonus piceaperda Hopk.)

H. B. Person (June 1): A large outbreak started about 1922
in the north-central part of the State, but has just been lo-
cated. The insects occur in the inaccessible large spruces.

01 Olethreutidae

H. B. Peirson (June I): A species of Olethreutidae is at-
tbcking red spruce at Booth Bay and south along the coast.

SFTjRUC SATLY (-odinrion .abietis Harr.)

T'ew York

wJeekly '^-'s Letter N. Y. St. Coll. Agri., June 25: Clinton
County (A. B. Burrell): A sai'fly larva that defoliated most
of the pitch pines of this section lost year is busily at work
,gain this season. It was identified last year as a species
not hitherto reported from New York St.te. OccasioiL-lly it at-
tacks white pine Tt,;,dirj near pitch pinss.

SPUCE GALL APHID (Pdeles a.bietis L.)

\Ve! York

T7o1ly ITyows Letter 7. Y. St. Coll. Agri., June 11: Orange
County (Sidney Jones): The sinice gall aphid is doin- injury
to spruce near ";onroe.

New York


Weekly .:ws Letter T. Y. St. Co]lI. :.-ri., i L.' 4: 2-...e
County (Sidney Jones): ;--.vernl c-r-ce tres in iiet1,n re
quite badly infestc rith the mite and some of the trees -r
turning 5 brown.

3. L. C":.f bcrs (June 15): -:-: inner "r-nches e blue -n
,or' .,v spruce show unusually hen..'; is:- -ctr-tions of thi, est.

B. L. C r.'ob.r- (June 15): All junirs -:- spruce tr'?s in
cert,-in solid blocks hove been attc'" "* iht i-t tti n
which h is *-T-.';:Zl.i -rcr'in-r '*oree.

H. B. Peirson (J--ie 15):
attrc..'iir, ropl-,rs nd i.llo"
more trio.n normal u:' -. c<.

.'.as ins:ct has "--en e-rt s
s r r'- r i. in

.i "* .... L,' ( r Ej. t x ro i c Lcc.
I' : }:rson -In~ 15): C: t t
.. ( 'ns.ct h'-s been r rt
tt-.c'iig laurel-lef 'illo .. : nni -ufJ < 1j cc .A
O:n :' found on C:l"strus scnd It is ore O t
ftst /c' r.

I ~ ; '; L .CTS A :J .? 5 H0US7

'"Th, .'Ii -

':c A):

~' l tnt .*t A*'' -. *. 11.''a

** i \ 1T ,* f ,.*,
:. J . ; , .-'.lU j .

- .0. .c'r~.)

-i ~ in to ti.
t ~n

I' so:: L

Iebr- skr

I- ine

2, 12

S..r'.C. :'177 (7.r)'.t is JMco C )

?Ir:--] LZL? [::.:-?. (F r lechi- L. folie!'. C-.-b,)

":: _, C.-J-^ ([ ..... .... oice-e Schronk)


S-,':l: I:: "*- (Stilrnoti'i sc licis L.)

I'. ,H. V' (.'y 1 ." IP 1 ): ti e the first "T
'*n '.l. florist rt be "y i t'tiTn nf ".
< ..*::;. m id i .- '.,i e r ,;h: 'u ."


- ebraska

CHRYSVTThUT M --; APHID (;:acrosiDhoniella sanborni Gyll.)

M. H. Svwenk (M:ay 15-June 15): The chrysanthemum aphid has
been complained of during the period covered by this report.

TiRIPS (Thysanoptera)

"T 7 York

Weekly :Te-'s Letter N. Y. St. Coll. Agri., June 4: Orange
County (Sidney Jones ): Thrips have been doing damage to chry-
santhemums in a greenhouse in IUiddleton.

CO'CO _U 1' 1
CCLJM3I[E LIA MINER (Phytomyza aguilegiae Hardy)


J. J. Davis (June 26): The aquilegia leaf miner was very de-
structive to commercial plantings of aquilegia at Whiting June 19.

CYCLIAiUT MITE (Tarsonemus pallidus Banks)

Tew7 York

G. H. Griswold (June 28): A mite, probably the cyclamen mite,
has been sent to this office. Infestation appears to be serious
judging from material sent in. These mites are attacking lark-
spur at Franklfort.

SPIDLE M (Achatodes zeae Harr.)LR
SPIVrDLE UTOP (Achat odes zeae Harr.,)


E. L. Chambers (June 15): Ornamental varieties of elder grow-
ing in parks and nurseries in various sections of the State have
been badly infested with this borer this spring, i.,ore than a
dozen complaints have been received during the past week.

A MITE (Eriophyes sp.)


MI. H. Swenk (1,L y 15-June 15): Witches broom on blackberry has
been especially cc-"plained of.


IRIS BO':I-,! (,i:,cronoctua onusta Grote)


H. F. Dietz (May 31): The ej^s of the iris root borer began
to hatch at Indianapolis on April 30, and hatching has continued
until the 25th of May. Reports from Indianapolis indicate that
this pest is as abundant this year as it was last,




J. J. Davis (June 26): e iris borer --a- ras:.rti aE i.-.uri:uc
to iris at CGecen Castle June 25.

L. Cha ibers (June 15): A planti:- of iris in S-..rta "'as
found. infested. .ith the iris borer last ad'..: n.n several other
infestations have been reported by our -ect reporters.


IVY A: ID (>i! hederae rKalt.)

R. W. Harned (..ay 29): ',is w.'iil vas r-.cort- on ivy at
Greenwood on May S.

PZ D SPD^ (T-:trari'.,.nhus tel-:-ius L.)

J. J. Davis (June 26): .-,c -:.l sp'J, r ... r- ort. d '.. *-i -:
phlox at Hanovar June 22.

r :- .-

,:* L'L-^r"' -,C^^ (C._.COC.coi-:' '- ,' L. )

'. ,. Sritton (Jcrie '): This insct has been ".ort.- as at-
tac1-.," pri',-:t h.-d at .--' ::i v n. it see2 s to :.. Eore abO.....-
":nt 2-:.. usual.


,n. f. Lfictz ("''y l): -.^ rose "..'"'11 '.;. '. :, o: -'.'"; e
.crt.. 1 from r'.'.i:.r i olis since .'
.A. ,'ort r (JI.- ...T): ... .: .r,-ne r th Vl' c-nn.: l o-
ratory *'.re .rti: lly ,.fol I :tu.. by t} e fi!'-.t br-o., ,2.,2 'ts of
t'.t bor ocd .r c r, -.. -rat n Jiu: i.- 15.

J. J. ':vis (Ju-ne s. ): .c r .. sl ', r. ,rt.. :c i
r. cc, at Connr. rU".l e ,u 1' .

J. d. 2.cC:'lloch ('j:1. ") ",. r s Sli L bZ i ,.I :
at ,:;:i'...jttar ;::. ,::. n : .. .?'ri t]. t "


.":A .*- .2 (Caliroa .,. i -


ROSE LEAF E';TLL (Nod4onota muncticollis Say)


J. A. Hyslop (June 12): This flea beetle is in every flower
in my rose garden near -Silver Spring attacking hybrid tea and
hybrid perpetual roses, disfiguring the petals. There are from
one to six beetles in every blossom.

ROSE CHAFER (Macrodactylus subspinosus Fab.)


J. J. Davis (June 26): This rose bug was reported as damaging
iris and the foliage and fruit of apple at Michigan City June 9
and roses at South Bend June 12. On June 18 these beetles were
causing the death of yo-ng chickens at Medaryville. Green peaches
were being damaged by these beetles at Goshen June 25.

FL0,iR THRIPS (Frankliniellatritici Fitch)


R. W. Harned (June 25): Many complaints have been received
during the past few months regarding the injury by thrips to
roses, Specimens identified as Franklinella tritici have recent-
ly been received from Drew, y.azoo City, and Scoby.

GALL WASPS (Rhodites spp.)


M. H. Swenk (May 15-June 15): The present spring has been one
favorable to gall wasps as well as to aphids and gall mites.
From Kearney County west to Red-illow County reports of unusu-
ally common infestations of roses by the galls of Rhodites
nebulosus were received, while in eastern Nebraska similar reports
were received of an unusual abundance of the spiny rose gall,
Rhodites bicolor.

SSPPIRAEA APHID (Ahis spiraecola Patch)A
SPIRAEA APHID (Aphis spiraccola Patch)


Il;ebra.s ka

J. J. Davis (June 26): Spiraea aphids were very abundant at
Cory June 12.

H. F. Dietz (May 31): The spiraea aphid is very abundant on
Sniraea vanhouttei.


SNOWBALL APHID (Aphis viburnicola Gill.)

M. H. Swenk (May 15-June 15): The snowball aphid has been com-
plained of during the period covered by this report.


S :.--rus fullerA Horn)
:=;u:.-. nC2ELLkT:2 (rantozorus fulieri horn)

ITorth Carolina

J. N. Tenrict (June 10): ller's roee .tle is .s.:-..
zinni'.z in F:.rdns in the. locality of,.rn. It -as re-
coriedi here last spri.:,a- as 1 ...-.-in. soy c-, rs. It would see]
that there is a *?-j-:ibility cf its develo:in;*,- into an economic

A *.-i .:. .' L 3 (: .,. 'I. -..-i cr) -'-:. Lec.)


t. L. 1Th (Jung 11)i i co.-rK.t:ndent at .- Sri-. rerti
this insect destry,,ing zinnia--'.ts.




J. J. Davis (June 26): Ants in l:-.z a. ".rdn "-:,n
very abundr.nt t1-ror.,hout the State. .ri: -.j t'.'- past -ont e
have rezeivu:d r-, -rts from .:runcie, _y, 1 ..-....:fort, .w.:t,
South -.:nd,'_r olis, L.aj ette Saler, i- : ., th
Ft. :'..a:",c, n~l Ev'jrnc~ville. ?:.-.vy ""*."-e report-d act._.-!ly destr'..'-
inc strL-.'berry and o -:1nts in ever C-.

E. L. Chn'-.bers (June 15): :'..', have bcc-,.', or:- c..:.laints
from ants 'rncerin:' houses c;. "or*in in la'.ns t-is ". ," than .
have rLceiv-1 for vcr-. ., rz.

1,. H. v.r..."-: (;ia-y 15-June 15): All over eastern .'r.. r .., f
the latter part of '", to t'c middle of -"-r -, '-il-i:et.:- t
havc been provin to be a -rc-t nuis.nce in t::- ..rass .":.
and flo' .:r a. -:d d have ,_:, the c.;: of ..:. ...-ri s ..
to control.

[I'- .-'C b.'*- -..T (]onpn: ri un '..- : : ..;.'r)

... :.'ende '1 (.'ui.. 8): I fi, th b! -c': anta which a e a
i-.rbat r,'uica:ic3, jrL',V' .,i,: t in ,*.ri i-:, .... la:ns.

l iL. ,', H a r r.. d ( J \ -.i ..) : L r ,, .* : t h r .r t '- t ? -.t d u r i -
the reriod1 fr.:. .. .. 1 to J 6 i. ir.
rr.nlc of the tiny b-' ?nt, b'-n oi : U : -... *"'rL oL ,v .d
i::.ti..' on thc r...0 or .. ,..-2. in t vic:itiy of the arcntal
n,^t;. ?hcs-. oj irvatic' _.:.,: ': .: a ;i.-. tril fli>-'t for n -
is not abzcl.'-tcly :'.r s -" i!' t : ci- i iL... t
t'. r 1c le ca-ir +'.it t,:Q r :i t, r-. s 0o'i :l .: ci c
have bccn thc sourcUL of c,..'l.isL fr '': '.,Lp, r. In Co1 :
We*-t Foi.nt, Stl.r':vile, ;.nd t, "..

,_-"TS (l.rnici-_c )


CUTWOR-:S (Noctuidae)

Nebraska MIA. H. S-rs: (":ay 15-June 15): Toward the middle of June in-
formation was received that many of the lawns of Vernango, Per-
kins County, were being destroyed by whitish brown-headed cut-
worms, resembling very much the pale western cutworm that we have
not, been able to identify specifically.



FLEAS (Siphonaptera)

Indiana H. F. Dietz (May 31): The first report of fleas in dwellings
was received on May 26.

Georgia Department of Health, Atlanta(June 21): We are receiving nu-
merous calls and complaints about fleas throughout the City of
Atlanta. These insects do not seem to come from animals of any
sort, as they appear in great numbers under and in the houses
where no dogs, cats, or other animals are kept or have been kept
for quite a period.

Florida F. C. Bishop (June 7): Report of an outbreak of fleas at

CLOVER IITE (Bryobia praetiosa Koch)

Ohio T. H. Parks (June 12): Specimens were sent to this office with
the statement that these mites were making life miserable for
occupants of a house in London, rooms having been infested for
some time.


Indiana J. J. Davis.(June 26): An ichneumon fly was sent in from Red
Key May 26, where it was reported as stinging a baby and causing
much suffering.

A GIUT (HiJp elates flavipes Loew)

Texas D. C. Parman (June 3): On Jun( 3, lunch was had under shade
trees along the creek just out of Round Rock and Hippelates were
quite annoying;; a dozen or more were about the face most of the
ti,'&. At 4 p.m.Landa Park at I'1-- Braunfels was visited for about
an hour. Hippelates were generally observed and many of The
thousands of people were constantly brushing the face with the




hands to keep them from the eyes. There -r:-- usually from one
to eight or ten about the face. (This stc-cics is -roU::'ly

H 0 U S H 0O L D A : D S ? 0 E- D-

P R ODUC S_ I S 7 C 7 S

'_:T7--3 (neticuliterrnes sp.)

T. F. Par-s (June s-): Th.itcs c-: to be ;:tt-r, more ": a
nuisance each year as -c Let mo;- complaints of t'.--ir work in
buildings. I visited a placc tod-y *;here h.->y built pass:..-
'-ays up the cement wall of a 'azcent to reach the .ojd'r .r:.

r. F. Dietz (:.':y :1): Since the middle of l:'-rch a r... r of
ri-ports on termites inf-ti.n,- buildings in Ir.ii^r.:-olis have
been r-ceiv.:,_. In thr.. cases ".:hre severe d: ,- as done the
Zs.;ciiz proved to be E v-.I .c1 3-:Ls. In three ot'....r
.lich ".-:re ...xir-Ad the s .,cics *"_s 1. flvi:es Koi.

i. H. S1ii: (.::.y i-Jun I:): A.itionai reports of "-..
by our cro.'moL ter.-ite tibia is 3- s -: '`cre received du:i the
period cov-red by this r.,:ort. -e :- ..,It r.civ. I.ay 16 rc-
lath- to injury to the roots of corn shoots in thL field in
uc -ols County, and another Junc 4 related to t.. destruction of
ash trees in Lincacter Count.'.

J. ;. 'cC:'.lloch (Jun "..):; the at onth to
d 'c, lines :s b r, i.^ rt.d froi. ,'t -cott, ..voib.-
City, Solomon, ::couth, *..-.,. A te:' ison, Vorilio., : 1tts ..-,
anld ;2.dLn'_. A store b'.i ir.; at :.inrl -- b n .. -d. In-
jury to orn_ --ntals --as re:crtd fro; ., .

... (1o7 ici o)

-. :'-,r:- .l (June 25): .o, *ers of VI.. t'. v: re foun
inf,'ctin.: a house at Jest ,-int by .r. ;i. li ra o.
that the a:ts ".:crc observed c... 'll. C, thi citchn t. .re
they sou ht, out f ' of a r-. nature. .-.t:-'.. .' th an.t. co-
".'.ey nest in thu. b:-ck f. r.! .tior.'z. of ho. L-" or G~cstit~s in
rtter l, this i. tie irt ti the sa to is
att.,'.ti.-,: as i hoisc .* .t. 'r, ..' th r ,rts that the .1
si.> ..r ant, __rjnole- is s p. :- ; -en obsr .:v, to i:."-st a :
and several h... ^..eB in this 3ity. *.-.. -"ts ,.:v., also b_-^n r-
port,.! fro:; a n :. r o. o0 r t, .. ..- y a< es cc :ll. on
of su-r, U .' iY l' of . tc.

.'~. I (:.

1,' 'r ,.:.. -

Mi ssissippi

. *. ,.- '.r n 1 ( j ,, , . ) : C n L ,', t9 ". ,* 1 o b c r ', .; :2 m : .
.i'!-. m oleu of7 tihe r. r itnc ant in a n...t at lbus. .
were the first wir.- U S i'. of '. this C hc '. o'



this year. The Ar--ntine ant has recently been found at Star
for the first time..

PIRE AFT (Solenopsis geminata Fab.)

R. W17. Harned (June 25): On June 9 Dr. Smith found many winged
males and winged females of the fire ant in several nests in
Columbus. He also noticed pupae of the sexed forms. These are
the first sexed forms seen this year.

CA.L2.EITiR ANT (Camponotus herculeanus L.)


H. F. Dietz (Lay 31): The carpenter ant has been reported
several times as quite abundant in residences in Indianapolis.

CAiF-iITTER BEE (Xylocopa virginica Drury)


J. W. -'.cColloch (June 15): Injury to farm buildings by this
insect was reported from :Jadison May 25 and Fort Scott June 1.






J. J. Davis (June 26): rBo'-der post beetles were destructive
at Edinburg Juhte 16.

J. W.:'icColloch (Lny 29): The powder post beetles ruined an
oak flooring in a house at Red '.Uing.

R. E. Campbell (June 1): Two complaints have recently been
received of powder post beetles damaging oak flooring in houses
in the vicinity'of Alhambra. The houses were 2 and 4 year old,
Single boards, here and there, in several rooms, contained nu-
merous exit holes and indications that the insects were still
working. A few adults could be collected each day.

A SPRIITGTAIL (Isotoma quadrioculata Tullb.)

M. H. Swcnk (:iay 15-'.iun. 15): A housekeeper in Otoe County
reported such an abundance of springtails, Isotoma quadrioculata,
in her new refrigerator that milk, cream, and cheese in it be-
came badly infested. .They proved difficult to eradicate.

FALSE SCORPIGITS (Pseudoscorpions)


M. H. Swenk (Lly 15-June 15): False scorpions were found in
lar-, numbers along the walls and ceiling of the rooms in a
house in Colfax County during the latter part of b'ay.




"H'D H-^A- ... c (?lci r tiaract -7 )

JJ.J.DavIs (June P-): indian-'. ,--- .:'a. report as -a
a-in-r shell*i corn at Albion .y -,
--_..-'" ,.,'-.L;..7I (icylabris o ~t~ctaz ?'. "')

J. J. Davis (June 26): : an -:eevil ,-as reported as &-
c-i,'; bean s.,-l at ..iarion June L-

-L'A .... Cr...-^ : :T:-{C (Tinca -ranella L.)

R. '. Pettit (June 14): .e rcceiv. tod../ a !.. srA.wi. of
the Zu:,-.a r, 'rairn moth from a corncrib in the vicinity of
East As this is not a ve..-. common in tho State, I
senflin._- you a record of its occurrence.

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