Inventory of information resources and services for the U.S. House of Representatives


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Inventory of information resources and services for the U.S. House of Representatives
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Printed for the use of the Joint Committee on Congressional Operations.
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Issued Dec. 1976.
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At head of title: 94th Congress, 2d session. Committee print.
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House Commission on Information and Facilities.

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    Appendix 1. An alphabetical listing of multipurpose information sources appearing in section II
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    Appendix 2. Numbers and subjects of active OMB circulars
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    Appendix 3. OMB division assignments
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    Appendix 4. Instructions for use of SCORPIO, GAOR, GAOE, GAOS data bases
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    Appendix 5. Commonly used abbreviations and acronyms
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    Appendix 6. Economic policy board
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COMMITTEE PRINT S91th ('ongress, 2d Session





Printed for the use of the Joint Committee on Congressional Operations

74-O9R WASHINGTON : 1976

Representative JACK BROOKS, TEXAS, Chairman


Wi/ qhin /o. IM( '.. I vetalr J 1, 197. Hon. CARL ALBERT,
Speaker of the U.S. House of Repre8entatives.
DEAR MR. SPEAKER: The House Commission on Information and Facilities was directed by House Resolution 988, 93d Congress, to conduct a study of resources outside the congresss for information and their utilization.
In working toward this directive, the Commission's Task Force on Information Resources with assistance from the General Accounting Office has compiled, and transmits herewith, an annotated inventory of Executive Branch Information Resources.
JACK BROOKS, Chairman.


WVa.shig/o,. 1).C'., I ,i idn *./. 1970 HIon. JACK BRooKs,
Chairman, IHouse Comrn n on on Information and FacilitXe..
DEAR Mr. CLilw rAx : The House Commission on Information and Facilities was established by Section 204, II.R. 988. 93d Congress. The resolution prescribes that the study conducted by the ( Comnmission shall include (among other sources) : resources outside the Congress for information and their utilization."
In working toward this directive, the Commission's Task Force on Information Resources has compiled an annotated inventory of information resources available throughout the Executive Branch.
The present report on Executive Branch Resources is an initial effort at synthesizing major Executive Branch information resources in one document, and as such, can serve as a valuable tool for MAembers and their staff. The completed document is transmitted herewith.
Dox FuQu~x, Chairman.

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in 2013


Letter of transmittal to Hon. Carl Albert ------------------------------- III
Letter of transmittal to Chairman Jack Brooks ------------------------ V
1. Introduction --------------------------------------- ------------ 1.
11. Useful multipurpose information sources -------------------------- 3
A. General information guides and sources ------- ------------ 3
B. Budget and economic documents -------------------------- i
C. Organization and nianagenient publications --- ------------ 9
D. Policy/program publications ------------------------------- 11
E. Statistical documents -------------------------------------- 13
111. The Executive Office of the President ---------------------------- 19
A. The White House Office ------------------------------------ *'>I
B. The Office of Management and Budget --------------------- 22
1. Overview ---------------------------------------- 2 2
2. 0.\IB organizational components and missions ------ 25 9
(a) Office of Federal Procurement Policy ------ A )
(b) Economic Policy Division ------------------ 26
(c) Budget Review Division ------------ ------- A.
(d) Executive Development and Labor Relations Division ------------------------------(e) Legislative Reference Division ------------- 28
(f) Management and Operations --------------- ').9
(g) National Security and International Affairs- 31
(h) Human and Community Affairs ------------ 32
(i) Economics and Government ----------------- 33
(j) Natural Resources, Energy, and Science ---- 34 3. OMB publications and other resources --------------- 36
C. Other components of the Executive Office ----------------- 37
1. Domestic Council ---------------------------------- 37
2. National Security Council and the CIA ------------- 37
3. Council of Economic Advisers ---------------------- 40
4. Council on Environmental Quality ------------------ 41
5. Council on Wage and Price Stability ---------------- 41
6. Special Representative for Trade Negotiations ------ 42.
7. Energy Resources Council -------------------------- 42
8. Office of Science and Technology -------------------- 43
9. Council on International Economic Policy ---------- 43
10. Office of Telecommunications Policy ---------------- 44
11. The Federal Property Council ---------------------- 4 5
IV. Selected departmental and agency information sources -------------- 47
A. Executive departments ------------------------------------ 48
1. Department of Agriculture ------------------------ 48
2. Department of Commerce -------------------------- io
3. Department of Defense ---------------------------- 52
4. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare ------ 55 .5. Department of Housing and Urban Development ---- 57 6. Department of the Interior ------------------------- 60
7. Department of Justice ------------------------------ (32)
S. Department of Labor ------------------------------- 63
(). Department of State ------------------------------- 64
10. Department of Transportation ---------------------- 66
11. Department of Treasury --------------------------- 68


IV. Selected departmental and agency information sources-Continued Page
B. Maljor independent agencies ------------------------------- 70
1. Energy Research and Development Administration-- 70 2. Environmental Protection Agency --------------------71
3. General Services Administration------------------- 72
4. National Aeronautics and Space Administration -------73 5~. U.S. Postal Service -------------------------------- 74
6. Veterans' Administration-------------------------- 74
C. Regulatory boards and commissions ------------------------ 7
1. Civil Aeronautics Board------------------------- 7
2. Civil Service Comimission--------------------------- 76
3. Commodity Futures Trading Commission -------------76
4. Consumer Products Safety Commission ---------------76
5. Federal Commiunications Commission ------------------76
6. Federal Energy Administration--------------------- 77
7. Federal Maritime Commission--------------------- 77
S. Federal Power Commission -------------------------7
9. Federal Trade Commission-------------------------- 77
10. International Trade Conmnission ---------------------7S
11. Interstate Commerce Commission-------------------78 I
12. National Labor Relations Board ---------------------7813. National Transportation Board---------------------- 79
14. Nuclear Regulatory Commission--------------------79P~
15. Occupational Safety and Health Review Commission- 79
16. Securities and Exchange Commission ----------------7
D. Other independent establishmnelts-------------------------- so
1. ACTION ----------------------------------------- so
2., Administrative Coiiferelee of the United States-------so
3. Advisory Commission o inlntergovernmental Relations-------------------------------------------Si1
4. Advisory Committee on Federal Pay ------------------81
5. Arms Control and Disarmament Ag-ency ---------------S1
6. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System_ S 1
7Commission on Civil Rights ------------------------2
S. Commission on Federal Paperwork -------------------82
9. Community Services Administration -----------------2
10. Corporation for Public Broadcasting----------------- 82
11. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission -----------82
12. Eximbank---------------------------------------- 82
13. Farm Credit Administration------------------------ 83
14. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ---------------83
15. Federal Home Loan Bank Board-------------------- 83
16. Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service -----------84
17. Legal Services Corporation-------------------------584
18. National Center for Productivity and Quality of Working Life ---------------------------------------- 84
19. National Commission on Libraries and Information
Science-------------------------------------- 84
20. National Credit Union Administration ----------------84
21. National Foundation -on the Arts and Humanities---_ 84 22. National Mediation Board-------------------------- 84
23. National Science Foundation----------------------- 85
24. Railroad Retirement Board------------------------- 85
25. Selective 'Service System----------------------------8 5
2 6. Small Business Administration----------------------81.16
27. Smithsonian Institution---------------------------- 86
28S. Tennessee, Valley Authority------------------------- 86
29. United 'States Information Agency -------------------87
30. Water Resources Council --------------- -------------87


A'. Lists, of useful contacts organized by service funct ion --------- 89
A. Bupld-tet officeS - - - - - - - - - - - 90)
11. (1ol"IgreSsiunll I liaison offices -- - - - -- - - - I ( i,
C. I it egieienaIrelations ottices-II
1). Policy aind plnning offices 119 --------- --12. Program evaluation otlwe(s -- -- - - -- ---- -- 123
F. Public affairs office-------------------------------------- -12s~
Apiidi x I. All alphabetical listing of inul I ipu u-posc inuformnationl sourccts
a p a i g in section 11- - - -- - - - -- - - -- 18.5
Appiiedix 11. 'Numbers and subjects of active 0MB11 ci rculars ------- 1:'7 Appendix 111. 0,1B1 division asII S8 n11ents ------------- --18
Appendix IV\. Instructions for use of SCORPIO, GAUR1, (;AOF, (A( )S
d ata bases --- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 1 :,;
Appendix 1' List of abbreviations, land acroltynis------------ 115
Appendix VI. Economic Policy Board ----------------- 147

This inventory has been prepared to assist Mei tibei's, con iittees of Congress, and staff employees in identifyiiig information sources within, and acquiring information foin departments and agencies of the Executive Branch, and selected independent establishments. It conplements inventories of information resources published previously by the House Commission on Inforniation and Facilities documenting services available within the ILiouie itself, front other legislative branch offices and agencies, and from tie private sector.
The inventory is subdivided into Sections to facilitate its utility as a reference tool. Section II lists useful information sources which pertain to more than one agency or mission. Section III details the responsibilities and related information resources of the components of the Executive Office of the President, including the Office of Managenient and Budoet. Section IV provides a guide to tlte pIilnci|)al information resources of Executive Branch departments and agencies, and selected independent establishments. And, lastly, Section V contains lists of selected departmental and agency contacts categorized by service function.
The compilation of this inventory was performed by the General Accounting Office working with the Commission staff by utilizing readily available manuals, directories, and other published and unpublished information sources relevant to the Executive Branch and independent establishments. Limited contact was made with agencies to obtain current data and to review the contents. However, time constraints did not allow us to conduct a complete survey and verification of all entries. Having reviewed this inventory, the Commission feels that it should be continued and that future inventories of Executive Branch information resources be conducted on a periodic basis to permit the conduct of formalized surveys and validation. The Commission also recommends that the compilation and maintenance be performed by the General Accounting Office as part of their responsibilities for the development and maintenance of inventories and directories of information sources mandated by Title II of the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970, as amended by Title VIII of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974.

if. U/S11,14FUL Aft' Un ivit, i,,()s I, :f.Ni1,(,,)RMA.,YfWN SM R( S
Tlie. foflowiiw iiifoi-ilintioll -()III.ces pel-taill to lllor( thZill Mle, 11"Vilev or jni- sioii. They are ci o:- -(-iittiiiw or imiltifillictiolial. M 111Y al-e it(.Ills worthyhy of inchision, in a policY111,akeCs "oflice fibnaiy. Othei-.- are works that Afeinbei-. stafl, persoilliel lirl V filld (1111te a]though tlwy- are, not. typically foiiii(t in 1wi--mial 11bi-al-les. A 11111111wl. of the elltl-R s ofler ( -rllidallce (poilltel- ) Oil 1()"l-atioll all(I I'a il Mat toil of Executive BrI-Mcli inforil-latioil, r(,- zoin-cel,-.
With one exception, the varioii---, liz4s ai o alphabetized withiii cfliegories. The 'Tudgflt and 14 "conoinic Doctimeiit'._ i" are or(loi-ed ]. V subject matter importance. and probable, fret1mnicY of referral. Aplw],
dix I for an alpliabefical listimr of the N1ultipm-jw-(, lid' I .
Althouorh most. of the followimy pitl)licatioji- -ire
-illtilltr 011'( -e. Coll yl-e
the U.S. Government III I Ctill 'I'SlIaliv
acquire, single, copies more rapidly throucyll. a(reiwies oi- the Collgre- sional dociinients rooms. Coi-igressiollal liaison officers listed in Section V and/or the preparing offices call often be of service. Information abotit, the private sources may be obtained throucyli correspondence, Usincr the address following "Piiblished by" or if a plione number is criven a call iliav obtain the necessaiw iii fo,,Mnat 1011.

A. GENERAL I_-For,-_Nr.vrio-.- Guiiws;
11. Bi-ownsoii, P.O. Box C-2. Momit Voi-iioii, Va. 22121. Plior(,
Although the Directory emphasizes the Legislative Branch, it is a crood source, on the Executive Branch. Inclu'"*,ded are key personnel of the Execi.itive Departmeiltsand acy(,neies to(-rether
wi fh liaison and inforiliation officers. Two
of key staff may be of lielp to re ,,n
2. Dyt-FN. 4r, T)ocl:-i1ENTkT10-N1101ly-D'A. Pr-,I),11-ed bv a]-ld throl!'01 T 1),
of ColnintNcv. "Natiolia], Teclillical I'll for1118 t
Royal Road. Spl,-iTigfield. Va. 20161.
Abst),(wt: The Directory idei-Itifies land (jes:cl-i1wZ _p(,,,,iaji7.ej
scientific and teclinical inforinatioll If dot"1,10d,
descriptive information oil the scope, and' s;em-ices provided. Arraiialnent is by referral accessioil inillibf-,r -with iiidexe,:
bv a(,tiN-itv,, diilector/coi t act and subject.
3. A biri.CTORY OF Co-NrP-uTFrizEr) RkTA FILES SorTwkRr, AND rZELAT.1)
TECIINICAT, ]REPORTS-1976 Edition. Prepared by and available throii gll F.-S. Departilient of Commerce. -NationaT Teclinical IIIformation Service. 05-2805 Port Royal Road. Sprinafield, Va. 2-2161.


A h, Iraof : A riiide, to mactliiiie-i-eadable data files. data bases,
a111d software. ava7(ilalble to the public froiii nlioit, Federal agencies.
The subject fields coN-er areas III economi11cs, social sciences and
4. ENscyiL LoPiKDIA OF' (i VERNME[FNT1AL ADVISOR ORCYA N-)o NI ZATI0NS-SeCmid( Edition. PUii)lisbied bY Liiijta '. SqillivNan aid Anthony T. Kowgas. Gale ReerhCompany.II Book Tower. Detroit. Micli. 48226.
Abstract: A g)-ilde to Presidential Advisor (Coimmittees. Public
A d-i soiw C omiVHIIttees. I iii eliiei iCy Committees, and other related Boards, mnd similar- bodies, serving~ in an advisor-y or investigrative capacity.
This edition is supplemental b~y aI continuing service pubhlied
semiannu'mally Dv Gale, Resea(rchl Companiy induer the title New
Governmental, Akdvisory x Organizations.
5. F~EDER~AL E( Fu-iVE lEL1,P LONE I )iic-roi~y-11imonthi v. Published
by Carr-oll Publishing Company. 2812 Pennsylvania Avenue, NWA.,
Washington, I).C. 2000 7. Phone: 1202-333-8620.
Almtpfeat. ihe fir-st section contains an alphabetical listing of
allI exectivlNes inII Hie department s, ia jor agencies, and commissions. The second section lists thie offices, divisions, and branches of the F~ederal departments within thle names of thle current execuitives ,nd managers. The military services are not included in the
iN Tim, UNITE!) TTE-eiS Edition : 1974. Library of Con2 rec S. W.a si mutton. D .(C. 20540. Science and Techn )logv Division, -National Referr-al Center. Av-ailable throiiurh the V.S. Government
Printi ng Office. Whinigtoi, I).C. 20402.
;tIb.-tract: All Federal org-anizations were elicrible for inclusion. Those who hav-e (Iuestiolls conicerniing scientific and technical, subjects are dir-ected to organiizations or individuals who specialized knlowlIedge. Pr-ovn lied are names, a,.ddresses, teleph one nmillers. a(111d, brief dec:cri pt ions of resources available.
7i. FEDERAL LIBRARY REsouRcEs: Ak I SER's Gu-IDE TO RESEARCHi COLLEC'loN-S-1978. PUNIbShe0d JA Science Associates, International, In(-.,
0-3 Ealst 2,601 Street,.K Nw Y)ork, IN.Y. 10010.
Abstract: Federal agency libraries are good sources of publiclations. Tis paritic1l~ia Guide can help you determine what is
contained in each collect ioni and wh at services are avail able.
Thlis particular gulide (rvsthe loca-tion and availability of
major sul)ject collections in Federal libraries. Also, provides, tele1)1hoile 1nlilnh)'r~s for c011tacts.
S. INi)EX TO U.VS. G~ENE 'PIRIoDrc~is-Quarterly! Cumulated
annually. Piibl isbie by I xai A Xitters, Jr,'. Infordata, Interiational, Ince.. Suiite 46i02, 175 East D elaware Place. (Ticae-i~o., 1ll. 60611.
..JI mtfia(t 1, cuilulative key alfirds accesss to periodicals prepa r-ed by over 10 ,A cgenc] (-, in) the U .S. Government. The 1)11)I isbier' has attemptedd to select tihe more substantive articles with
r1"eelc and r-eference valu1ie.
01' ( LMiANm II] Edition (097;-). P"u1 1 ished by Amknerican Societ V for DIf or-matio 1(1Sciwne, 115 16thb Street. NW.Suite 210.
Walus1 InI Yton. I D.(C. 2

Abstract: A very good initial guide for uiser-s whjo wish addjitional fiformnationl. X subject index to r'esources kye to cfi ry numbers is inchide(1 as well as cha-ge inl namIles of lihrrij-t-S (cr'oss-refereniced) andI a, nante Index of libi-fa rianllS atnd stall ir m beirs. Also included are dlescrip~tion~s of the collections. Phone nuriibet's of Contacts anld informnat ion coll(iiicrig fll)itationls onl accesS
anid time av-ailable are provided.
Examples of the I n formatlonl provided in this useful x-oluiii
appear- In Section IN' (below).
10. MONTIILY CATALOG OF UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT PUBLICATIONS,-AnnualI~. Semliannultal, and Mlonthly. Prepared by andl a\ all able through SuIpcirlitendcilt Of lDociiiiients, I '-.S. ( hV0eruii iiiit Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 120402.
-4A ,tlract: The M.Nontll Catalog lists between 1,200 to 2,200 ti*tles
each issue. In addition to the publications sold by the Government Printingr Office, the Catalogr also lists all other Government publications that w-ere published IT the various Departments and Agencies and indicates whether t~irly ar,,, available from the issuingr agency or intended for official use only. The Monthly Catalog is an excellent reference guide that is widely available to the
resea rche r.
by and available through U.S. Department of Commerce, National Technical lInformnation. Service, 5285 P~ort Royal Road, Springfield,
Va. 122161.
Abstract: The 'NTTS information collection, exceeds 900.000
titles. Current lists of best selling reports dIescrib~e those most in
Available are snire of interest4 from iio V-om zoiiio 4:YJ0
federally sponsored d I'( ea rel reports ucluljletedl find publislie
froin 1,964 to late. iviniir the agency's on-lin me (01111lter sac
service (" N I Search) or more, th-an 1 .000) publi-lwhd sea rk-lies.
About 60.000 flew siiiiin varies awd reports ai-P added annally. Anl additional 18~0.000 (lescri 1)t ions of ong)ol nig anid recently terniniatedl
i'esearci po jets compiled by the sjnithsonian S~cece Infortiation Exehain re, also are coij)uter ret rievabile.
The foregroing, and mnany more services are described in the
General Catalog.
and annual cumulations Prepa red by and available throughyl Publi'c Affairs Information Serviev. Inc., 11 West 40th Street., New York,
N. Y. 10018 ".
Ab~~ea't:The weekly Bulletin is ai current listing of book~z.
articlJes. government (loolments. p).amphlets. and public affairs
and ecnoic related mater-ial, arr-angced by subjet
13. RUSEARMT -\INORMATT0N Sr~~E OE(NE G AND MATERTALs-1976 edition. Prepared by and available throu,7h 'Smithisoumian Scoienco Tuforwatioii Exebanmive. Inc.. I'Zoom :T0f. 17,') M
Street. NWV.. Waqshing-(ton. D.C. 2(11)'(. Phone: -20-2- ",1-4-?I 1.
Ab.fraet: This booklet decribes, the anbne srw~ l
c-ontains a listin-m of current Smithsconlin7 ScVienee Illform11:1 iwv
Exchanzre (SIET) research information paokar-es. TheS"I data, base covers ononrrsac n e'rhinitiitoeI au(IJc
pleted between July 1974 and the present.


Research information packages are predesigned searches of the
data base on topics of high current interest. Good way to obtain
current descriptions of projects in progress.
14. RESOURCES Ix EDUCATIoX--Monthly. Prepared by U.S. Department of Health, Education. and Welfare, Education Resources Information Center. Available through Superintendent of Documents. 1.S. Government Printing Office. Washington. D.C. 20402.
Abstract: R/E provides up-to-date information about educational research sponsored by the Bureau of Research. Office of Education, designed to keep teachers, administrators, research specialists, others in the educational community, and the public informed about the latest significant findings from educational
To HTEATTI--lonthly. Prepared by I.S. Departprint of Iealth.
Education, and Welfare. National Institutes of Health. Available through Superintendent of Documents. 7.S. Government Printing
Office. Washington. D.C. 20402.
Abst.raet: Contains citations from journal articles covering
aspects of environmental pollution that concerns health.
16. SFLECTED U.S. GOVERNMENT PrnTrcaTows-Prenared by and
available through Superintendent of Documents. U.S. Government
Printing Office. Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: Selected U.S. Government Publications is a booklet
that lists and describes between 125-150 titles each issue. It lists only those publications that are sold by the Printinr Office and is distributed free. If you would like your name added to the mailing list send your request to the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office. ATTN: Mail List-S. L.,
Washin(ton. D.C. 20402.
17. SOCIAL SECURITY BULLETIN-Monthly. Prepared by U.S. Department of Health. Education, and Welfare. Social Security Administration. Available through Superintendent of Doc.ments. U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.
Ab. tract: Reports current data on the operations of the Social
Security Administration, and the results of research and analysis
pertinent to the social security program.
1 SUBJECT BITELTGRAPTTITEs-Prepared by and available through Superintendent of Documents, UT.S. Government Printing Office. Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: The Government Printing Office hs prepared Subject Bibliographies which list publications on a single subiect or field of interest. Over 260 such lists have been produced. If you would like a listing of the Subject Bibliographies. write to the Chief, Inquiries Section, U.S. Government Printing Office. STOP
SSOI, Washington. D.C. 20402.
19. WASTINGTON INFORMATION DirEcTOrY-Annual. Published by Cowrrescional Quarterly Inc.. 1414 22d Street. NWV.. Washington. D.C. 120037.
A b,,tract: The Directory has three major categories: (1) Executive Branch agencies, (2) Congress and. (3) private or non-governmental organizations.

The first I)rga~l of each(-j entry- ive(s the( 11,111p of I l) rganIizat ]i, its telephone nmber I padres. anid thI e n1:1If an ItIiitle. o f the director. Trhe second paraigraph grive's a brief, deseri(ptol of1 i
t he work,- p~erformIled Iby the agenITCY, (,oi 111u it t ce, or or-4r:1 1 1 ,:ti 1011. 20. 'AI1FEWTO ( W I PUl('Prm )NS 1"Pil T[I I' 12] L ( Iuv T I NI I,, I ~~vx

Serxvice, Libra ry o f Conres, Wsh ilI () it, I )(' tL
Ab~ifract: Thec most, appropriate 'place to call to obtain iniformation about or' a copy of a particular execiitiv-e orineedt
a~encypubliation iviNen. If the 19VJi revision is regular-ly illdated this can be a valuable tool.

1. TH1E BUixET F- TriLE, UNITED STATEi-S Go1NET-nuI repared by Office of -Management and Biudget. Av-ailable thirough Superintendent of Docimients, U.S. Gove rnment Printingo Oflic(e,
Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: Tie Budget contains the information that mtost iusers
of the budget would normally need, including the Budg(l~et Message of the President. The Budget presents an ox-erxvieNN of the President's budget proposals and includes explanation.' of >pend-ing programs and estimated receipts. This document also contailis a description of the budget systein and various stunniary tables
on the budget as a whole.
2. Tim BUDGET OF THE U-NITED STATES GOVER-NMENT: APPENI)X-Anlnual. Prepared lby Office of Management and Budget. Av-alable through Suiperintenldent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing-f~
Office. Washington, D.C. 20402.
A abstract: The Appendix contains more detailed in forii iat ionl
than any of the other budget documents. It incluides, for each agency: the proposed text of appropriation LamLua 'gre. )1 b(1lg_-et schedules for each account, explanations of the work to be pe Vrformed and the funds needed, proposed general p~rovisions tl)licable to the appropri at ions of entire agencies or grrouips of agrenicies,. anTd schedules of permanent positions. Suipplen t al 1)11 dg"nt amendments, and rescissions for the current yNear tand new Il! :lative proposals are presented separately. Informal ion is4 al-o J)1'ovided on certain activities, whose outlays are not part, of the
budget totals.

Annual. PreparedI by Office of' MNaniagemeiit and i iIe. ai a through Superintendent of 1)ocimmiets. 1.S.(ivjmutPn mv
Offic. Wahingon, ..120402.
A b~ractContains special a nal vses t'if :'cr des-I_(ruwd tov
light, sl-pecifiel rii'nuu areas, or lprov'ide other .sifgnlicjanft h~
tations of Federal budgl~et (lata.
This (locuiment includes analvt ical in formations om t:(ocment finances. and ope rations as- a whol()e Ilnd1 how they : afl c1 the
econioy; Go(vernmenW1t-wide program, a11d lnnili ua
for Federal ediucat ion, traii ig and eil~met ia .iiomi

79 -988--76--2


SCICIritY. ci vil i rlirts. and cri '1W redllltion, pr(r ls t rendls and( (levelo nents inl thie ireas of Federal aid to State and local governments, research and development. andl environmental protection.
-'. IT NITED TTSBUDGE'T IN IEF-Annual1. PreparedI by Office of Manafrement and Buidget. Avail able thrwigh Suplerinltendent of Documnents, IT.S. Government Printing Office. XWashington, D.C.
;1 h.'graot: Tbe Bi~ucet in Brief p)rovidles a m-ore concise, less
technical overviewv of the Biiclyet. Summary avnd historical tables on the Federal budget and debt are also provided, together with
graphiic displays.
5. \ID-SSSONREVIEw-Annuall v-on or before July 15 of each year.
Prepared by Office of Managrement and 13iidoret Review IDivision.
A-ailable throu-rh Office of Maniagement and Biudget, Cong~ressional
RPelat ions Office. Phone:- 202_'-3-4G57.
Abstract: tidI-Session Review updates the President's budget
bvY Setting forth reestirnates, bac-ed onl more current data. incluldingr Snewv economic forecast, and by reflecting), new or changed Presidential proposals during the intervening six-mi~onth period.
6. SEVENTy IES: F"ISCAxi XEAR 1977 Bu'){ET-IIPiepa red by Office of
Man agen ient and B~udget and th e TDonmest ic Council. Available through Superintendent, of Documents. 1U.S. Government Printing~r
Office. Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: Seventy Issiies was developed to give the user P broad
understanding of issues of general interest. The, objective of Issues is to provide somewhat more information than is in the Budget in Brief, or the,1 Budget. andl either r satisfy the general reader's needs
or stimulate pursuit of the subject in greater depth.
Fiscal year 1977 is a firs;,t effort -with Seventy Issues an(1 the pref csuoo~esfs that. it may be continued as an annual publication. 7. ECo-_',0IuTC REPORT OF THlE PRESIwm-X\nniial. Prepared Iwv Coniucil
of Economic Advisers. Available thi-ough S iiperintendentof Documients. U.S. Gov ernmient Printing Office. Ashincrton, D).C.1 20402.
4b.wroct: The E"conomic Report of the President (together
with the _Annuial lReport. of the. (TA) analyzes economic 1)rolleis, interprets trends, projects economic outlooks and dliscusses econoinic 1)01lcy. The latter includes discussion. not only of fiscal
and monetary policy lbut, other econom-ic issues as w ell.
8. IN.mirR.NTTIoxNAL2EcoNo03fIiC REPORT OF TIlIE I RS[DENT-Anal. Prepared by Council, on. International Ecoiovinic PoljcY. Availalble throu:(hl Superintendent of IDocinenits. 1.S. (Toverumeu01t P1rinting
Office. Washington, D).C. 20402.
A1 bstra(.t: T his Peport. provides analyses. informat ion and statist ics relati ve to ctIii('nt. world economic atctivity a-lnd describes initiatives taken to ca rry out 17.S. international economic 1)01icy olbjectivyes. The Report also provides a comnparat ive dIescription and analysis of fundamental. TJ.S. economic problems and issues,, with particular att en tion to relations with the European Community, Japan, the Soviet Union and other Comminunist Countries. 9. BVD(;']r OPTIO NS FOR Viscmi YmEmR-Autall Prepared by the
Conm gressional Budgret Office. Available thrloughl Office of Inter-

r( C V I I I I It I I I Z 11 W atiml-4, I 'ooln x No. sev(flld
1111d D Streets. D.C. 21)51.-) (Phone -22--) 1116)
and GPO.
-tbstruct: On or bet'(we April 1, tile Din-ctor (of tile
-1011(11 Budiret Oflice) ,111)lllits to t1w Btldgct ('0111111itives *it rtpwt.
for t 11 c I isc: I I N-k,; I I. c0I I I I I 10 1) C i I I ()I I ( )ct (0 W 1, 1 t I lit I N. va 1% \\ It It IT'Spect to tiscal poll(W. 111CIlt(l] II-o. ( A ) I Iternatl ve lvvel. of tw al reventles, total ilew hudo-vt autilorltv. a1vt totat ouflavs Includmcr reltltv d Sill-plIV-41S allot (4-ficits) ;111(1 ( B ) t Ile levels of tlx expenditures luldel. existing taking into account projeI.-te(l,
(14,011011lic factors 111(1 111N challo-es it -11ch levels hn-od oil pr()posals ill the hlld1L,:et- <11hillitted bY I iw Presidvilt I'm- such fi-- cat year. Such lvport.,-s al,-;o include a (4 11:11imial hild(ret
priorities. ilicludill(r .111ternal)VO NVaVS Of "Illocatill",
authority and budget ontlav, for sitch fiscill vear allmil". major
01- filletioll,,j I into acl-mult 1 0\v ,uch
-literilative, aljocatloll, will liwet major national jwcds and ailcct
balanced urrowth and development of tit(' United ,tates.
10. 111-1,cFT SCORE'KE.E1-ING I)Y tit('
I I I L 111 -SIOIM I
Scol-ekeepill(r I'llit W, tile Bildcret Allalv- is D, .-* Joll. 0,11
Budget Othee. Avall-ible t4) Menil)er allot -St-tiff through the Oific( of Intergovernillental Rkelat Im's. Con (rre -,- Iona I Bu, 11!(,t ( Mlico. 11,00111
:4-2, I foii- e Anuwx 2, 'Se'.011d allot 1)
D.C. 20 1-) 1 ,-) ( Phone 225-4416 ) .
Al)stracf: In addition to prox-i(lintr scorekeepincr dU i t -, i
each Week to the Blldlzet ('011111-litteos ( which is trill-:111itted hY
the Coll i i i i it tees to A fc, mbers of ( "oil crre. ,s t I w, M I les pe 11 1 (")d
reports oil tit(, status of Bud. -rct -wtjw1. reI)ol.t,: inelilde, preselltaL-ions of f ]w current -,,tt lis of
lon by major ittee 1111-Isdictioll.
acti t- f1w-tirms and bv -(wml'
11VDW,-,T PROJECTION: Ai)jmal (o)
be is- uc(l as soon pnictlealfle after the beo-innino, of (,,wh fi zcal
yetr). Prepared 1,N wid available throitt-rh the Cojitrre ;Iolltli jlud -(Yot 6flice. Office of interorovernmental Rkelilt-ions. Rkoom llou: e
X1,11ex NO. Second and 1) strvvt 4. 'S'IN', D.C. 2051Phone 22-5-4416).
--ti)stwrt: ni,, ryort i)v tile Coll yl-eS jolla I I'111(l(ret
A-i(JPS I h,J,- ejille W iejj tit(,, C( )lj(rl-e, all (,011- Idev potential chan(re, durincr its deliberations f1bout the llext allmlill bild')-et.
The lonurer term framework i. belpfill ill lllaklncr lmldcret
illip'Ict 11)()r lgrtlificalltlv Oil (relative) bild(ret prioritie- over-tim,".
A )a ri to Sumn.i.,. i F.-\--r oN- '1*'.Nx
bv 1, ,; I I c I

1. Am-isoRy Co-mmiszio-\- oN-- RTLATJONN Z: PUBLTc.vrio-- -,;-Availithle throtio-rh U.S. Government 11rilitill"r Office.
lVashin.crton, D.C. 204W).
.-I ,,s lwct : I'lle t(l-,I, of the Collulli-:-Ion Is, to 111mlitor the Ft dornl
system of government and lll;lke re(-mmnendatloii- for improveMent. The CominIS-Inn has two inijor concerns: %-4tructure and
function of gymermtwnt z. and their fi eal relationship.


Advisory Commission publications reflect Commission research
and policy over a wide range of intergovernmental issues. The Monthly Catalog Index will list the Commission's publications.
Single copies may be obtained without charge from the Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations, Washington, D.C.
by Financial and General Manacement Studies D)ivision. U.S. Genera] Accounting Office. Available through Financial and General Management Studies Division, U.S. General Accounting Office, 441
G Street. NW., Washington, D.C. 20548.
Abstract: The intent of this Directory is to aid in the development of intergovernmental cooperation by facilitating the interchange of information among audit groups. Included are those audit groups directly involved in the audit of Federal funds.
This encompassed all agency internal audit groups, as well as those external audit groups assigned to audit Federal assistance programs. Not included are external audit groups whose primary
mission is to determine compliance with laws and regulations.
PRESIDENT-Annual report. Prepared by Office of Management and Budget. Available through Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: This is the fourth annual report to the Congress as
required by the Federal Advisory Committee Act (Public Law 92-463. October 6, 1972). The report summarizes information on the activities, status, and changes in the composition of advisory committees in existence during calendar year 1975. The detailed information required by section 6(C) of the Act, on which this summary was based, is forwarded separately to the Congress and to the Library of Congress, and is available on microfilm through
the National Archives and Records service.
by and available through Joint Financial Management Improvemnent Program, Suite 705, 666 11th Street, NW.. Washington, D.C.
Abstract: This Directory is intended to facilitate the interchance of finan ial management information among agency officials in the Federal Government and thus aid in the development of intergovernmental cooperation among officials engaged in financial management activities.
(Carrol Publishing Company. 1976. Washington, D.C. Available through Federal Organization and Personnel Service. 2812 Pennsylvania Avenue, N~V., WVashington, D.C. 20007. Phone: 202333-8620.
A bsfract: Three-part subscription service combining directory
and complete research capability. The Directory contains over 200 Federal organization charts, which contain names, titles, and room and telephone numbers. One third of the charts are updated
each month and entries are verified.


. EI)E".\T REms'r enlJ E(T I oEx-Monthlly. Available tb rougl
Sulperintendent of Documients. I .S. Government Printing Ofie
Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: A monthly itemizat ion of material publislied in t lie
daily F1ederal Register. The quarterly issues are cumulative, and
the annual issue is cunmulative for an entire year.
The Federal Register gives Executive Orders, Iresi(lential
Proclamations, and announceinwnts of important rules and regulitions of the Government.
7. PwPEs tRELING TO 'F I lI'sINT II )ARrMzENTAL -II \NIZI-11N PuRGRa -1971. P1rep)are(d by Office of lanagenent and Budget Available tlirough Sulerintendlent of 1)oeininents, 1.S. Go%ernment Printing Office. Washington, ID).C. 20402.
Abstract: This reference compilation includes major docuiiment
relevant to the recurring issue of Executive Branch reorganization.
Part I is the President's Message to Congress. Part II contains
general background information. Parts III-IV contain the documents transmitted to the Congress calling for the creation of four new departments: Department of Community Development, Department of Human Resources. Department of Natural Resources,
and Department of Economic Affairs.
8. 1 NrT:D STATES GOVERNMENT M1ANUAL-Annual. Prepared by Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Service. (General Services Adhninistration. Avaliable through Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington. D.C. 20402.
Abstract: The United States Government Manual is the official
handbook of the Federal Government. It describes the purposes and programs of most Government agencies and lists top personnel. Briefer statements are included for selected boards, commissions, and committees, the quasi-official agencies, and certain ininternational organizations.
The department and agency descriptions emphasize activities.
not internal agency structure.

1. CATALxo OF FEDERAL DO.rESrIC ASSISTANCE-Annually with semiannual updates, Prepared by Office of Management and Budget. Available through U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington. D.C. 20402.
Abstract: Annual comprehensive listings and description of
Federal progrIUns and activities which provide aEsistance or beiiefits to the public. Each program is described in terms of assistance provided, eligibility requirements, purpose for which it is available, and instruction for applying. It also identifies further
sources of information related to a particular program.
Directory for the Congress. Prepared by General Account ing Ofliee
Program Analysis Division. Available through General Accounting Office. ashington, D.C. 20548.


Abstract: The Directory describes approximately 1,000 Federal sources and information systems maintained by 63 executive agencies, which contain fiscal, budgetary, and program-related data. Information sources and systems is one of three volumes comprising the 1976 Congressional Sourcebook, published by
General Accounting Office.
For representative examples of information available in this
sourcebook, see section IV.
3. FEDERAL OUTLAYs-Annual. Prepared by Community Services Administration, Federal Information Exchange, Robin Building, Room 301, 7981 Eastern Avenue, Silver Springs, Md. 20910. Phone:
Abstract: Reports the dollar outlays of the Executive Branch
of the Federal Government, by agency, program, and influence activities for every county of the United States and for each city where the population exceeds 25,000. Additionally, the data are summarized at State and National levels by agency, program, Federal influence activities and budget function. State summaries are provided. A highlight of the summaries are tables, which provide State rankings in terms of Federal Outlays received by organizational unit, demographic characteristics and major functional classification. A separate volume, titled Federal Outlays in
Summary, contains data at the National and State levels only.
4. FEDERAL PROGRA-M EVALUATIONS: A DIRECTORY FOR THE CONGRESSOPA 76-22. 1976. Prepared by General Accounting Office/Program Analysis Division. Available through General Accounting Office, Washington, D.C. 20548.
Abstract: The Directory contains an inventory of approximately 1,700 evaluation reports produced by and for 18 selected Federal agencies, including General Accounting Office evaluation reports that relate to the programs of those agencies. Program Evaluations is one of three volumes comprising the 1976 Congressional Sourcebook published by General Accounting Office. 5. TiLE PoLIcy ANALYSIS SOURCE BOOK FOR SOCIAL PROGRArs-1976.
Prepared by The National Planning Association, Washington, D.C.
20009. Available through Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: The two-volume Source Book contains about 3,750
abstracts of significant books, articles, and reports concerned with policy issues and the analysis and evaluation of social policy/ program alternatives. The Source Book also includes a list of about 775 titles recommended by experts as additional sources for
valuable policy information.
INFORMATION FOR TILE CONGREss-Third annual report. Prepared by General Accounting Office, Program Analysis Division. Available through IT.S. General Accounting Office, Distribution Section, Room 4522, 441 G Street. NIV., Washington., D.C. 20548.
A btsract: This report describes the initial stages of helping the
Congress obtain the information it needs to better evaluate Federal programs and thus to improve its ability to assess resources requirements as they relate to national priorities and to recognize
those opportunities to best achieve desired program results.


1976. Prepared by ( eneral Accounting (OliceiProgran Analysis Division. Available through General Accounting Ollice, Wasllinigton, D.C. 20548.
Abstract: The Directory deals with recurring reports to the
Congress and describes nearly 800 rel)orts required of 89 executive branch agencies by the Congress on a recurring basis. Recurring Reports is one of three volumes comprising tlhe 1976 ( 'ongressional
Sourcebook published by General Accounting Office.
Prepared by General Services Adininistration. Availal)le through Superintendent of Documents, U.S. (Government Printing Office,
Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: Makes available transcripts of the President's news
conferences, messages to Congress, public speeches and statements, and other presidential materials released by the V hite House. The Compilation carries a Monday dateline and covers materials released during the preceding week. Each issue carries an index of contents and a cumulative index to prior issues. Separate indexes are published quarterly and annually. Other finding aids include lists of laws approved by the President and of nominations submitted to the Senate, and a checklist of White House releases. 9. WHITE HOUSE PUBLIc FORUMS ON DOMESTIC POLICYr-1975. Prepared by Domestic Council, Executive Office of the President.
Available through Superintendent of I)ocunents, U.S. Government
Printing Office, WlVashington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: This volume contains a sununarv of the sulbnitted
oral and written statements, organized by subject matter for each of the forums, together with a summary of findings which sets forth the most frequently expressed concerns and recoimmendations.
The volume represents an unbiased effort to document the views
of all the participants, quoting extensively from them where such quotes distill their views or recommendations. Included in the summaries are appendices which contain Forum agendas and
participants lists.

1. AfMERICA-N STATISTICS INDEX (ASI)-Published by Congressional
Information Service, Inc., 7101 Wisconsin Ave., Suite 900, Washington, D.C. 20014.
Abstract: A very comprehensive and excellent guide and index
to statistical publications of the U.S. Government. The publications included in the index cover a diverse range of subject areas: demographic, natural resources data, social, economic, and
wide ranges of publications with scientific and technical data.
Included is an excellent section on publications of the Executive Office of the President broken down by components.
2. BUREAU OF THE CENSUS CATALOG--Quarterly and cumulated annually. Prepared by: T.S. Department of (ommerce, Bureau of the Census. Available through Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

A hstract: An annotated bibliography of publications issued by
the Bureau of Census, divided into two parts--publications and unplblicshe(l materials. ((ntais detailed descriptions of the contents of the reports issued during the period covered; describes the contents of computer tape files and punch card decks available for further utilization; and lists selected special tabulations prepared on a cost basis during the interval covered by the Catalog.
Subscription service includes four consecutive issues which are
cumulative and monthly supplements which are not sold individually. The hist isue of the year is an annual cumulation.
Bureau of the Census. Available through U.S. Department of Commerce., National Technical Information Service, 5285 Port
Royal Road, Springfield, Va. 22161.
Abstract: Computer Profiles is a series of separate compilations which present data from the 1970 Census of Population and
Housing for districts of the 93d Congress.
Data for the Congressional District and the State include:
(1) Population by race, age, sex, income, education, employment, etc., (2) Housing characteristics-tenure, plumbing, value, rent, overcrowding, etc., (3) State maps and text showing Congressional district boundaries.
4. CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT DATA BooK-Updated through Congressional District Data Reports. Prepared by U.S. Bureau of the Census. Available through: Su)erintendent of Documents, U.S.
Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: A valuable reference source on the districts of the
93d Congress.
More than 300 items of information for each district are shown
including the vote cast in the district for several elections, total population, and such characteristics of the population as sex, race, nativity, relationship to head of household, marital status, education, income, occupation, employment, migration. Housing data include figures on total occupied and rented and owner occupied units, race of household heads, value and gross monthly rent. Election data, State maps., and much more.
5. COUNTY AND CITY DATA BooK 1972-UTpda ted ever five years. Prepared by U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Available through Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washingoton, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: Excellent quick reference tool for a wide variety of
economic and social facts on counties, cities, metropolitan areas, urbanized areas, and unincorporated places of 25.000 inhabitants
or more in the United States.
Subjects covered in the report include: agriculture, bank deposits, birth and death rates, business firms, climate, crime, education, employmentt. c-overnmental revenue and expenditures,
home equipment, housing, income of families, ini ration, mineral industries, presidential voting, public assistance, savings, and
social security.

CRIM11 IN THE, VN H I'D Ir( 01"'m 1:1 m
P I-t-p'l Tv, I 11v F c(1(1IA1 11111v l I] o 1 111 trt I
S111wrilitendent, of I )ocull wl it W11, (11
Washill 'M oil', I W. -21) 10.).
bs nw : Ulli f01,11 I Crime Repol-t pI.oN id(. a llallollwitlle
oI* cl-1111c based Oil o-f police, 41-ati ztici 1)v (.It v.
colliltv. and State law enfoi-cenwnf a(reiwi(- tliroucrholif tli(4
cmillt I.N..

(0, off"!l-e-z which Nveie Selected of l1wil.
fre(I Iw ]"cV 1111(1 hl1\_(1ill(w I of 1) ( "(,I) to
police. These known as) the CI-inle I'lidex
ImIrdcl.. I..m e. 1-ohl)(11W. tt _(r,* IlVatkd
-zlid 111of"ol. vellicle dieft.
FF.IWIZAT, Prepnre(l 1 y f
"tild A-:Iihlble w
I I I I W] it t ovel-11 I lient I )I.i I I t ill I I on.
'The Federal Stati-41cal J)*1-(,--, I ILW'V is
(-I ri to filcilitat( communication all Fedcral
(Oices woflk ill fy oa -1:16stical p1*O11i't11lll1_:.alld 1 :Itl
to Of the A ;tw rhWOO. I t
bv orrnmizitional imits ivi-thill (a(relicv. Ille 11mile-. oWce ,td(111(117 141 'Illo telephone nul ,Jwrs of ke v pe rsoll- 1,1-: 1 11 St :1 t i'.:
i(,-Il and lqj, t Of ;l(relicie"a; Of the (-Necutive
bi-,meh of the Fe( Grovermnent.
To Edition. Pivpzlred by I Pepartilwilt of'
Commerce. Available tlirou _(-rh Suprintendent of I)wuments,
iovel-11111ent 1-31-ilitincr Office. Wa hincrton. D.C. 2040 .
5.,,,hwet: The obj(,etive of the 1-Tisforical Stati, tie z
to provide a collvenie"it 1'eferellev Q0111-ce -which 11tis two 'fillIcI1011'. .
collectincr and i-efei-rincr. The collectimy function collsi,-,ts of as ('111Millcr. zelecting. and arranrriii(r data from himdre(l-; of zourc(:md making them tivailable -within a zii)gle source. 'i"he referring _()fjIlletioll coIjSiStS Of t( Xf anlofi
%, ( itions to the data which a(-t :i- a ,guide to sources of cri-eater detail.
Subjects covered iiichide : population. vital stati4i(ls and heall 11
aT)d inedleal eare. mil(ri-ation, lal oi% 1160VS, national ineolm, ,111(1 wealf-1). eonsinner income and expenditures, social c4ati-4ici,-. ouergry. miuvral--. manufacturers: biisiness eiiterpi-i ze. and coilinumications. Data am aorcrre(rated oil a national
For 1970 zeom-apliie ai-eti bi-eakdowns t1le CoIllit-v and ("Itv
T),i tl Book, Stati4. -,tical A11Qtraet, and otlier nwltipurpo 4(, Soillv(:',
cited Ilere.
9. TN-r)yx TO SELIECTED P"I'M CEN-sT-s Ri,-joirrs;--1974. Prei)-tred 1)y I
Depai-twelit of Commorce. Burpan of the (- en zu- Avall,11)'C, tllrou Lrll
Supprint(,ndei-lt of U.S. ("'01,C111 M I (lilt
1VaszhiT-1rrtoi). D.C. 2040-2.
Ah 4?tvarf: The Tndex it; dpQi1_rt-l(,d to facilitate IlQe of report,fi-om the 19710 census of Popul2tion snd TToi-is;nCr. The Tndex .1im is to increase, tbe, lvzpi- s under- tmdincr of ti-le. Scope of eeii"4u,;
t.-J-ulations available in piint.


10. POCKET DATA Blooi-iennial. Prepared by U.S. Bureau of the
Census. Available through Superintendent of Documents, U.S.
Government Prntin Office. Iashington, D.C. 20402.
Ab.stract: Pocket Data Book is a graphic and tabular presentation of summary statistics on a wide variety of subjects. Designed
for quick and easy reference.
Subject areas covered: Population, vital statistics, immigration,
land and environment, government, elections, national defense and veterans, law enforcement, labor, health, education, science,
welfare, income, prices, and much more.
11. SOCIAL INDICATORS-1976. Prepared by Statistical Policy Division,
Office of Managenent and Budget. Available through Superintendent of I)ocuments, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington,
D.C. 20402.
Abstract: Very attractive graphic presentation of selected statistics on social conditions and trends in the United States. Although there is limited geographic detail there is considerable disaggregation by age, sex, color, and other variables. The summary information on a variety of problems and issue areas is presented in a uniform manner. It may help refine perceptions of
and approaches to public problems.
The subjects covered in Socal J'dicators, 1976 include: population, the family; housing; social security and welfare; health and nutrition; public safety; education and training; work; income. wealth and expenditures; cultural activities; and social
mobility and participation.
by Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census. Available through Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing
Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: This one-volume basic reference source is the standard summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States. It presents a comprehensive selection of statistics from the publications and records of governmental and private agencies.
Statistical abstract contains tables and charts and an extensive
guide to sources of additional data. Although emphasis is given primarily to national data, many tables present data for regions and a smaller number for cities. Comprehensive data is presented for States and for standard metropolitan statistical areas having
200.000 inhabitants or more in 1970.
13. STATrSTICAL REPoRrER-Monthly. Prepared by Statistical Policy
Division, Office of Management and Budget. Available through Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.
Abstract: Statistical Reporter is prepared primarily for the
interchange of information among Government employees engaged in statistical research activities.
Sources are cited and availability of each publication is indicated.
14. STATISTICAL SERVICES OF THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT-Revised Edition: 1975. Prepared by Statistical Policy Division, Office


of .1r:1?1:1 -'rellIvIlt. alld 1111(l-(ret. A vailable [111-w -'rll 11. lit of
D ocilm el t- 'I lll(rj()jl,
U.S. GoVe1*11111(lilt 1)1.illtlll(j, Oill, Wash, D.C.
A Statistictil Svrvice ; is de zi mied to serve a- a refC1,011CP doctillit'lit, oil tile stati-;G-al pn)-Irl"1111s Of f1w F('dcl'al Govcrilm elit. :111d de'll'-: w illi e(.4,11(m liv alld st'Ll
Part I desoi-ibc'- the stall-tical System of the Fedel-al GovernIllelit.
Part IT prc- eiit-4 hi-ief dvsvril)tiOYi-- of ill(,, pi-ii-icipal ecotiomic
and social Part Ill contains a brief '4attllnellt of the, .JatiAical re- poii-- !bilities of each agency and a list of its pi-nicipal statl-tit al Imblictatiou z.
TRENDS -- -Mollthlv. PI-epare(l by 1--.S. Buivall of tile. Celislu Avlailable through Subscriber Sem:ice Section, Bureau of the Celisils,
Wasliliicrtoii. D.C. 202-*)3.
Abstlvct: Status is a nionthly chartbook of social and economic ti onds. 'I"he it-c of graphics to present current statistical information oil major .social and economic conditions within the 1711ited States is well (Joiie. Statii-; is talitied at (tee isioii ill -like 1-z and polievinakers in till fields. But. the macrazine is not inten(led Oxclusively for professional statistician or economist, it can be
used bv the creneral public as, well.
In each edition niftjor subdivisions will relate, to people, community. economy. and other fields such as science or environment

Section III includes the following: (A) a listing of White Ilouse functions and useful phone contacts; (B) a much more detailed identification of Office of Management and Budget functions, structure, publications and other resources, and (C) a description of eleven other components of the Executive Office of the President.








[1600 IknnlvN-INa IIi: Ave.. IN w Ii. I tigh I D.C 20--)00.
IH1low: 4.-)(; 14]1
Assistant to the Pre-idlent, for Public Liason Pone: 45G6-4113
Assistant to the Presidenit for Legislative Affairs. Phone: 4623
Deputy Assis tanit to the President for Legislative Affairs (Senate).
Phone: 45.6)-2711
Deputy Ass:-istant to the P~resident for Leg' (islative Affairs (Ifouse:().
Phone: 14-2140
Press Office. Phone: 456-2100
This Office serves the President in the performance of the many detailed activities incident to his immediate office.
The staff of the President facilitates and maintains communication with the Congress, the individual MNembers of the Congress, the heads of executive departments and agencies, the press and other informnation mnedial, and the general public.
"I'he var"'Is AcsSISt anlts to thle President are pi'>,,nonatl aides awl a-sid thle President in such matters as he may direct.
Press release es are available from "Press Releases Office" 456-2692.,
The two intelligence Boards listed under the White House in the preceding organization chart hav-e the followinr responsibilities:

Presidcid~t's Foreign hItdrligiwre Ad?'Th ory Board
[340 Executive Office B'uilding. Waishington. D.C. 20500: Phone: 456-270]
The Boardl advises the President. concerning the various activities mak111ing upl the overall national initelligrence effortt 'onlduicts a co11t iniii!_ review andlssssen of foreign itelligrence anid related ai ivit ies in w,-hich the Cenitral Intelligence, Agrency and other Government. departmnents and a~reIic 1ies are, engagredl aild reports to) tile PlvQ;idel!t coTnelllrng the B~oard> finldingsr anid ajpIraisals. anid iiakesaciopi ate recommendations for actions to achieve inc reasedl e fleet ivenles;s of thle GON*(1'nnWl1lts friti lte]i(relj('il effoift III iiietttijl~ flatl j1iflhl illtelligence iieeds .

[Thie White House, Wasingitton,. D.C. 205'00: Plione: A.' Q))-,.& 1The Intell1ige(nce Oversi~zht B3oard (componsed of three p-rivaite cit17*ll(11 p)oIMte(l hy the I President ) assists tl( Pelresifleut ill 0xoeeng the, ;IctiVitles, of the TinteIhi~reice ('oinuinnity. Thie Bioard receives. and coiislders- r-eports by !heads o (4neitS ilnI)ectoi-s general amt I w neral

nsel of h Intelligence Comnunity concerning activities that raise
q u~stio)Ils of legality or proprietyv reviews periodically with each memh er arencyv of the Intelligence Community its internal guidelines, and its pr8ectices and procedures designed to discover the existence of notivities raising questions of legality or propriety reports in a timely manner to the President and Attorney General any activities that raise serious questions of legality; and, reports in a timely manner to the President activities that raise serious questions of propriety.


[ELxecutive Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20503. Phone: 395-3000]

Assistant to the Director for Congressional Relations. Phone: 395-4657

Assistant to the Director for Public Affairs. Phone: 395-4747

Assistant to the Director for Administration. Phone: 395-4790

a. OMB's functions include the following:
To aid the President to bring about more efficient and economical conduct of Government service;
To assist in developing efficient coordinating mechanisms to impleinent Government activities and to expand interagency cooperation;
To assist the President in the preparation of the budget and the formulation of the fiscal program of the Government;
To supervise and control the administration of the budget;
To conduct research and promote the development of improved plans of administrative management, and to advise the executive departments and agencies of the Government with respect to improved administrative organization and practice;
To assist the President by clearing and coordinating departmental advice on proposed legislation and by minaking recommendations as to Presidential action on legislative enactments, in accordance with past practice;
To assist in the consideration and clearance and, where necessary, in the preparation of proposed Executive orders and proclamations;
To plan and promote the improvement, development, and coordination of Federal and other statistical services;
To plan and develop information systems to provide the President with program performance data;
To plan, conduct, and promote evaluation efforts to assist the President in the assessment of program objectives, performance, and efficiency;
To plan and develop programs to recruit, train, motivate, deploy, and evaluate career personnel; and


"I"o vp fl I v Preside I It i I Ifo 1.111 ed of t I w lv-- of act ivlt I b N, 11 '"lliCic." of t he GONTT*11111(,llt NvIt,11 lv% pvct to N\ MA, pr(q)osed, and work completed, to(,-(.tll(,,. Nviti, t1j, tillillff"Of work between t1w -Ill. -111 to
r" ?- TOV01111M
the cli(I thatthe Nvork prograillsof the several ap'licies of the (.XvcIIt1V(, bralich of the lit Illav be coordillited and that t1w limm-N's
appropriated by flie Congress 11111N be expended ill the Illost 1111,1111101, With the lell,4, possible overhappimr and duld Icat ion of ("ll'ort.
1). O j-(rjjjiZt-jtiolj StI-II(-tIII-(

79-9SS-76 3



Office of Federal
Adniinis- Publ ic Congressional GckrlDEPUTY DIRECTOR Procurement
trat ion Affairs Relations CPulicy

A3fiatant Dirctr fo3 sct ~istat Dirctor ret A-:.istn director Associlate Director for

Lvalatio InormaionInterrovernmenand Progran yscm tal Pelat ions
ImlmettonDvsion and Feg~iona.

and Upecial Policy

Associpte Director for Associate D~ire~ctor for Associa~te Director for Associate Director for

Ineratonl rfir Afar Gcu overnm otttral eryad Science

Inter- Hondnp Lnrg Analysisurl neg
n at ion, ~ M ulJurem(.tnt Resources Vet erans, Ranugement andllomn Resources and Fx4d
Affairsj .Jiviion Divisiun and Labor Division CovernmczL uIivIsion Division Division TenooyUd
Afiviso Divibion Division Dvso



c. Director's Oflice:
The Directors ()ficte provides executive d(irectionll andi (ordilnat ion for all Office of ManagemlIlient and BlHuget activit ies. It is ( compel )(sed of the Director ald I)epulty 1D)irector and their principal assi ants. Staff and special assistance is provided to the Oflice of le I )irector and the entire Olice of Managelent and Budget by the following:
General Counsel.-The General Counsel is the legal advisor to the Director, Deputy I)irector, anid the (flice's -tail'. In this regarded tihe General Counsel provides a similar type of clearance and proclamations that is performed by the Legislative Reference Division with respect to legislation. In addition, hlie participates in the development, of legislative proposals to be sponsored by the Office or which affect the performance of Office functions.
Asista0nt to the DLi'ector for 'o n re;oal 'elat on..-T he Assistant to the Director for Congressional Relations is responsible for coordinating all Oflice activities that relate to the Senate or House of Representatives. Specifically, he coordinates responses to congressional requests for information, maintains working relationships with the Members, colnnittees and staff of the ('oii.ress, keeps the I)irector and Deputy Director informed on current legislative matters, and maintains liaison with the White HIouse congressional r(Ilationlls stall.
Assistant to the Director for Public Affairs.-The Assistant to the Director for Public Affairs is responsible for the Office's relations with the press and other information media, prepares news releases, and provides clearance for speeches and articles originating within the Office. In addition, he serves as liaison between the Office and the White House press office.
A ssistant to the Director for Administration .-The Assistant to the Director for Administration is responsible for the management and service activities required for the effective operation of the Oflice of Management and Budget. These activities consist of support operations for the Office's higher management and the conduct of general administrative services.

a. Office of Federal Procurelient Policy
[Administrator, IIugh E. Witt, Room 900()1 N EOB. Phone: 395-3436]
OFPP responsibilities include acting on all policy matters concerning procurement and related activities of executive agencies; providing overall direction of procurement policy for the executive agencies and recipients of Federal assistance, and p rescr ibing related procurement policies, regulations, procedures, and forms; and establishing a system of coordinated, and to the extent feasible, uniform procurement regulations for the executive agencies.
The functions of the office are performed by the Administrator and staff organized into six areas: (1) Contract Administration, (2) Logistics, (3) Regulations, (4) Systems Acquisition, (5) Procurement Law, and (6) Procurement Personnel and Training.


b. Economic t'olcy DivJcs;ion

Assistant I)irector for EconoliC( policy Room 24, EOBl, Phone: 305-6190]
The Assistant Director for Economic Policy is the Director's prinC pal economic adviser.
The D)ivision participates in the economic forecasting activities which are carried on for the use of the Economic Policy Board, analyzes the effects of changes in economic policies, and provides information about the economic outlook and the state of the economy. The Division is also responsible for the review and evaluation of Federal credit and tax policies. In particular, the Budget Control Act of 1974 has required greater emphasis on the analysis of tax expenditure programs.
The Division frequently prepares longer-term studies of a variety of economic issues. In addition, the Division is responsible for analyzing policies relating to discount rates used in evaluating Federal Government programs.
c. Budget Review Division
A Asi ,ant ID)irector. D)ale R. McOnblcr. Room 258 EOB, Phone: 3953-46,0]
This Division has the lead staff role in the exercise of the Office's responsibilities for the Federal budget. Its activities include the recomnmendation of general budget and fiscal policies, coordination of the entire budget and apportionment processes for the Federal Government, participation in the review of budget requests and recommendations, determination of appropriate levels of funding for the Government's programs, implementation of the requirements of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act of 1974 (Public Law 93-344). and fiscal aspects of the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1970, as amended. The Division assists in the presentation of budget recommendations to the President and maintains liaison with the Appropriations and Budget Committees and the Congressional Bu(let Oflice. It also assists in presenting information on the budget outlook to the committees of Congress having cognizance over revenue and public debt matters and to the, Joint Economic Committee, as required.
Economic and fiscal analyses are a vitl part of the budget task. The economic situation and( the Government sector of the economy aIre reviewed every month by this Division and the Economic Policy Division (in cooperation with Treasury at times, with staff of the FRB13). The Division prepares projections and reviews, monitors )a(lgetary trends, assists in developing economic assumptions for budgetary use, and makes special analyses related to fiscal policy. It reviews the. estimates of receipts. and encourages agencies to impose appropriate levels of user clha rges for activities for which such charges would be appropriate.


T he D ivi., ioll iN hh. for 11,:11111a 11 Iltr the
(r Fe'kl.,11 debt lilt[ for c:1TTVlI1_1v* Wtit
data police 1.11111,
"Issoc I a t c( t Nv I I I 1 1. ro NN. i 11 1111 t
I'lle Dlvl -Mli P111)VIde< It"l(ler-hip ill d(.vvb)piI1,r ro
to 11111dell w ilt t I w P- 1011"4 1 11:1t .1 IV v, 1.( 1 1 I ve
bralich budget and exectitiVe hi-:11w!l (.111plo
-v:-tclli- re(JIll"(1 the 1W.
I-(-qjjt ililty' 1'(,( ()jljhW !1(h t lm l- a- *1 t I -ector ill ch(ms!ncr amony compet;IlL delllalld-. Tllc Dlvl Iml also r,a 1 1 A 0I It t I t
t c( -11 it Ica I Nv( I lece. -sa 1-v to rccor(l tho Alocatiml of G0VCI,;Ij1wl1t-xvId em plovillelit alld 111ritatiOll. faild to Illallitaill -llrvcillallcc ov(.1.
I ll(,i r ()perat ion.
With the "Issistalice ()f [he othel. WN11 divisiolls. the 1311(1 -ct IZ(,vI(.\V Divi.-Zioll allal.vze.that have broa(l blidt-ret lid fkca 1 '11111)"10 11 le -t 111' dt vc kq)- P"'O''(1durei; alld ilifol-Illatiml to iI1Ipr()v(l the alkwat:Wll (4 lv-wllv(- '11111WILI: diffelvilt prograill-4 lild 111"llor cate,(rorw of t!le hudg(,t. It oil
of the avalhlbility taml of rc -wlivcv 4 mid
prov I d c 4 :ulalvtic ,Ilpport for the Office*s colicerli with Statc tall(I finaiwial Wi(I fi- zcal problem z.
The Divl, Zioll pro )II wt(- the 11-ze ()f co'.n t allal v- I.-; ;Ill (I effic ;WTIcY c( mis B eratioll ill the examillation of bild(rct It cmwdliiatt, the IlPplication of poltc*(- 4 requirincr the (rrcat( 4 p()- ,Ihle 111),-,01,ptil l ( f t.()-l
suc-Ii ,I,-: those cause(I by pay legi,- Iatl()Il.
I lie Division plains. sc -he(Jilles. controls, compilc- aild edits t1w Budget. Btidg(lt Appeil(tix. Special Aiial.vses. Bwlgvt ill Brief. alld related budget documents (See 11. 11 above). It, is, 1-c-poll me -zsarres require(I by Title V1. It prepaiv- updates of tho lmd(rct that are publi The receiiAly ambled Fiiiancial Mallwrillelit Prallch (of 11RD) phills. develop-Z, Mid linai--tcial maiia"." 11w.'It policies. procedill-es. illidertaka"i ttidies and special projv(-' ;. rvview- ajI,1
Diollitors a(rencies" iiiiancial maiiacrement activities, all directed to the gnal of acliicvliig mid illailit"11111111-r etfe -tive fillancial mamagvineia v--Itiiiii the ol-;vcutive braiwh : provldv. letadvl-zl lp ill the cXeclitive 1wanch in deveb)pin(r p(dicles alld prm-i(fill(f r;Ol. tl (,
opillent of effectivkl fillalwial S.vstclll.- alld puact we- (*,Ipahle of ill(r timely mid fill a ncl al data : particill','A- N% ith 1!I*V.
G01101,111 Accoulitill(r Oflic, -. 'll'A the Civi] Joint Financial ManagemeiJ Prolavall), aLd Nvith wllf, r
Federal agencies Improviiig cludit (w%-cl()ps taild a- I!IVS liltplenientation of simplified mid'ovin administratimi prillciple!4 for deterillinill(f co -t-, -411 q)N(-ab1v, to UrIalits Avidt State aild local L governments and educati(m-al iii--t it utioil,:, -.


d. Exeutler Derelopmen t and Labor Relations
[Assistant Director, Edward F. Preston, Room 238 EOB, Phone: 395-4704]
This Division is responsible for providing coordination and direction for the development of more effective personnel systems with the Federal Government. In cooperation with the Civil Service Commission, the Division is responsible for assessing existing programs and developing policy alternatives and new programs to recruit, allocate, develop, and evaluate personnel who comprise the top ranks of the career civil service. It is also responsible for reviewing and developing policy alternatives in the area of employment, compensation, benefits, and status of Federal personnel.
In accordance with the Federal Pay Comparability Act of 1970, the Division works with the Civil Service Commission and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine pay comparability.
The Division assists in the evaluation and formulation of policies concerning union-management relations in the Federal Government. The Division works closely with the Civil Service Commission in admninistering the Federal Iabor Relations Program. It assists departments and agencies in developing sound union-management structures and advises in contract negotiations, training, and other labor relations related programs as required.

e. Legi.datice Reference Dv'ision
[Assistant Director for Legislative Reference, James XI. Frey, Room 22 E1OB, Phone: 395-4864]
This Division coordinates the review by the Office of agency legislative proposals, agency reports on pending legislation, and enrolled bills; participates in the development of the President's legislative programi: informs Congressional committees and the agencies of the relationship of proposed or pending legislation to the program of the President: and makes recommendations to the President on legislative loposals and enrolled bills.
Submission by the agencies of proposed le!zislative programs in connection with their annual budget submissions makes it possible for the Director and the President to consider with the budget, the financial
-and other relevant data for all Presidentially approved proposals.
T ivdal proposals for new legislation are sent by the agencies to the ()fliQe prior to slubmission to the Congress so that (a) they may boe analyzed for their budgetary implications, (b) they may be referred to other interested agencies to prevent conflictinIg recommendations, and (c) their relationship) to the President's general program may be dete( milled. I11co1s14encies and onflits onceW n i particular proposals are worked out by such means as inteVragency conferences or by re ferral to the White House staff or thle President.
The Legislative Reference D)ivision reviews antd coordinates agency reports on pending legislation. and furnishes advice on their relationship to thle pro(ram of the President. This advice relates to the content of thle bills and does not cont rol or prevent tie elmxpression of whatever

VW WS the 'lIrelic I di'(1111 T he ()I11V X(, I I I( I It :i I I I I I I Ile
(-1 (,S rt, I* t., Illellide theadvice rec(, 1\-(.(l frmll III(, 0111ce. WIwIL the t Ill le Ill J(, () f I (.-Olltr I-(, )II a )III III It t ce Ik w ))w I I I 'I 11-L e I I rr v t W POSS 11) 1 C. all It (I I I CY i I lit I I I -Ized t I I. s I I I, 1--z w I i I I o t I t I I I

Ellrolie(l 1); 11- are )1,111(14,41 Ali a Itlillar fil-h oil. The Oflic(
tho Pn'sidelit with the N-Jews of flit (111(1_ t ed 1(relwie -, to-(rether Nvid I allah-ses of tile bi Its aild allv (tra ft dot.-tillwilts I hat ll) Iv be

[Aszsociate. Diiectoi- fol., N1amatrciiwit taiid Opei.atl'011:- .
Room 2:)- E,011. Phoiw : *'!),-)-34-2,')]
The A- -()c*_It( Diret-tol. provides execiltivo dlr(, ctioli alid cof)rd"llation for the activities Perfornied bv the followinl_(r five divi. ,,iow0 Evaluation aiid Prwrl.iaill 1111pleillelit:I[Ioll
(2) ()1wrat:wi:I ii l'orintation Sy-:teins
I C11
(4) ( )I- grmizzition and z!q)ecial Studies
( 15 ) Statistical Policy
(1) Etw7wition aiul Proglwm, Implem,(Oat;on Dit-lsl'on
[Deputy _Asso6ate Director. Toney Head. Jr. (Actincr) Room
_NEOB, Plione: 3.95-4960]
Tlw Ilmior plirpo-- ('s of the progi-alti evaluatimi fulletioll, is to ill),rrade mid strengthen the overall quality and relevallce, of the evaluatimi activi6es of the various Fe leral acreii(--ies. and to that
evaluation results are utilized ill manac,-em(,nt, pollev decisioli makimr. Ill pill-S11111-4r this Obje(Jive, the Divisioll 1vol-kS With tllp OMB, prourram (livi'sioiis and the Federal agencies to Illlpmve evalliatioll ])I'()I
L-gramsand projects.
'Specifically. the Division must, p(,rform crosscutt:mz ai-ia1A-'-z of 1r(1)WV OVII i tl;i 1 1011 proorranis and Nidr(A- : reviev,- prolm-ed I e_,r .J 'tion to cwi- Idera-tioii of future evalmat *1011 ll(, (A,: assi-t I 1w 0-MB
Oil VIN-almatloll aild provide. mana(Tt.,nileiJ and
reclimcal ,I- i- tance to a(reiicie,- for iniprovin(r their evalitation proThe I liv.1--Zioll Nvill c()lItinup to
lil:tll _rellwilt improveiiwiit micems. Tt N\ Ill the Pre'ZI(b," it's
Malln-(remelit 1111provellielit
-(T(, M (11 it vz,- t eill i I I I D) V( I I I I I t Nv I I I I t I e I _-e I I eVi :1011 I'll-0 c,11-riec, out I]"(, Wl lwli, tt(,d t o 0 -11 B
for the 111,111,-ILrelll( Ilt "ITI(I ovei- I-ht of advi. :Orv Coillmittees ill the ox(, -utive hi-micli of the Goveriimpiit pursuant to the Fe(leral Conmilttce Act of 1972.
(2) 10L,17
[T)t plit v A--(wlale Dlivcf -ell
o-, -ili( t a I 10.

The -Divizlw" a prilICII)n] ivlo ill (' 1lTV;1,-- our t1w
dii-ectIVO to 11i'like the Fe(kral Goveimll(_Illt ITI m:imiiclve, to .---;tate
and loc;il tro -Oriiment concerns. The Division is IV7--poiisible for im-


orovement of working relationships among the levels of government by systematically communicating and coordinating with State, county, and municipal governments and their representatives.
The Division has the OMB lead to ensure that intergovernmental impacts of various potential actions are understood and weighed as a part of the OMB decisionmaking process; to develop and maintain effective working relationships with State, county, and municipal officials and the public interest groups that represent them nationally and regionally, and serve as the chief OMB staff resource on the intergovernmental aspects of Federal agency activities having specific intergovernmental impact.
The role of the Division includes service, support, and coordination of Federal Regional Councils (FRC) and Federal Executive Boards (FEB) and other interagency coordinating mechanisms; providing staff assistance and interagency leadership to support the Under Secretaries Group, chaired by the OMB Deputy Director; monitor and provide operational support to the FRCs and FEBs; test and implement interagency and intergovernmental field coordinating systems; develop improved methods and procedures for the administration of Federal assistance programs; assist in the resolution of selected interagency and intergovernmental disputes; serve as OMB lead in crisis management including monitoring Federal assistance in disaster situations; and assure that the President's policies of decentralization, devolution, and increasing reliance on State and local governments are being effectively implemented.
(3) Lnformation Systems Div ision
[Deputy Associate Director, Walter W. Haase; Room 9002 NEOB,
Phone: 395-4745]
This Division is responsible for assuring that the benefits of modern information technology are applied throughout the executive branch in an efficient, effective, and economical manner. It carries out this mission through four general areas of activity:
(a) Congressional budget and fiscal Information.-The development of executive branch plans, policies, and systems for responding to congressional information requirements as required by the Legislative( Reorganization Act of 1970 and the Conglessional Budget Reform Act of 1974.
(b) Information and computer polcy.-The formulation of Federal policies pertainin to information systems and the use of computers; imlementation of the Privacy Act of 1974: and review of agency ADP management practices, ADP research. ADP budget and fiscal proposa ls.
(c) OMR sy.ftem de ,elopment.-The development and refinement of compiterized system and models used 1)y OMB to formulate the President's Budget. to review agency policy and program proposals. to track and coordinate executive branch response to the legislative process.
((l Tie opcrat~on of the 031R cornpiiter renter.-The operation of a larae scale third generation computer center which provides the Executive Office of the President a tool for ineeting its data processing needs.

LDCplltY -k :";oclate I )II-ector, Jalnv- 0. Gal-i-isoll (.ketill(Y) ; 1"Zoolli 6) ( J ]
102:101 NE10B, Pholle: 095-1119:)1
The Divisioll 1'ecollilliclids talld irliplellielits il1lPf10V(1111wl1t.s ill tlleol-(rlll*Z,-It*()Il of the executive bi-alicli allot combicts -Iw(-,al Oldltll W' 10la-IN-'e" of (rovel-11111clit ol. 11.1alia(relliclit. lllattel-- .
T flis 11IN-OINTS 1( ilicat,* r- lent 1011 Of j-eoj-(rajliZat*ojj I I I I I ( I I (],,I
tlmls to the I'l-csi(telit or the Dil-ector. developi-liellt of orgallizatioll I'll
(1p j,(r1j.,z. (11- ftili(r of Executive Orders or legislatimi, (leveloplilelit of pl,111111 Illid (,'Xplallatory materials alld colidilef of lv ristive iiegotlations to sectire pa< Studies incluo.le planning. immia(rement. or orcrai-lizatimi mncept< md pi-ohlems, amali-sis of leori-Iatioii, and research.
(7) Sb1ti8tiCa7p07;(,.q Diei-lion.
[Deputy Associate Director, Joseph 11'. Dmicail ; Room 10:202 M"'011.
Phone: 0395-3 74301
This Division is respom iblp- for plam-iiiicr luid pi-omotiiig the iniprovement, development, and coordinatimi of Federal statistical activities.
The Division formulatec.; an iiitegrated overall st.atisfical prograrn for the. Federal Governmeiit. reviews the budget submissions of the indiN-idmal agencies with respect to statistical activities, and prepares a proposed coordinated statistical budget.
Tit addition, t-he Division. exercisimx responsibility given to the Office, by the 'Federal Reports Act of 1942, iitust act to insure that the Fe(leral costs and flie burdens imposed upon t1le public by statistical and ileportiiicr programs are held to a, minimum. In this regard the Division reviews and clears annually more than 3.000 statistical reports ai-id other requests for information proposed b'v Federtil, ageiiie 4fit performing the, statistical coordinatilig function within the Fed(TOVerIlMellt, tlliS Division develops and promotes the use, by all a"eiicies. of standard definit*oiis and classificatiojis in compiliiia statisfical (lata, and of improved teelmique-z for collecting. proo-c-,simr, and (11-:semima.fing statistics. Tlw 1)i6siou imaiiittaills SlIrlcillaiwe over the pill.)] Wation of stafistics by :-ill Federal .1 (r i -orkiiig toward more prompt collipilatioll alid release of data.. It also serves a-, the focal poiiit for Vilited State-, participation in the sttatistical (activities of iliter11ational orl(r(allizatimis. i 11(-.1 it (till ur the provi!- Mii of itiformatioil ou tli(,11,nd appropriate ,,-, of Vnited States statistical data, for purposes of i lite matimial comparisons.

iate Director for N-atiomal Secilrit-.N I-Mid I iitei-wat lowal i 1,1koolil .246 EOB.
The -Au-sociate Dir(,(Jor provides executive( (Iii-ection aml cooi-(Iiiiation, for the activities< pei-fonliell by the fol1mvill.g t1iree divisiolls:
(1) -Natimial Security
(2) TIAOT'll.1tiOll.t] Affairq
(3) 'Natiomal Security awl International -kffairs 'Mallatrement


(1) A'ata;oi 8ee trity Dihision
[I)eputy Associate Director, David Sitrin, Room 10001 NEOB, Phone:
This Division is responsible for examination of budget requests, programs, operating methods, and legislative proposals of the Department of I)efense and the Intelligence Community, including the Office of the Secretary of Defense, defense agencies such as the Defense Supply Agency and the Defense Communications Agency, and the Departments of the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
The Division reviews long-range programs, participates in the development of a long-range programming process, and prepares fiscal projections based on these programs. It conducts special analyses relating to problem areas of these agencies, emphasizing areas of common interest among them with a view toward improvements in coordination, program effectiveness, economy of operation, and utilization of resources.
Division staff are assigned to parallel the organizational structure of the agencies.
(2) International Affairs Division
[Deputy Associate Director, Edward G. Sanders, Room 8201, NEOB,
Phone: 395-4770]
This Division is responsible, on a continuing basis, for review and examination of policies, programs, operations, and budgetary issues regarding foreign military and economic assistance, U.S. governmental transactions entering into the balance of payments; international trade and finance; and U.S. procurement abroad. The Division participates in the analysis of such matters with staff of the National Secity Council, the Counsel on International Security Council, the Council on International Economic Policy, and other interagency 1,odies such as the Undersecretaries' Committee and interdeparimental groups of the National Security Council.
(3) National Security and International Affairs Management Division
[Deputy Associate Director, Vacant, Room 10007 NEOB, Phone: 3953285]
The Division is responsile for the direction of major policy and evaluation studies or analyses of program, economic or management issues. The Division participates with the National Security and International Affairs Divisions to provide assistance to those Federal agencies with international or national security responsibilities. Particular emphasis is placed on evaluation of major program and management problem areas. The Division also assists these agencies in the development of management systems, such as management by objectives.

h. Human and Comiun&ity Affairs Divisiaiis
[Associate Director for fihinnti and Cowmmnity Affairs,
Rooi 6i L( )B. Phone: 895-4844]
The Associate Director is responsible for executive direction and coordination for the activities performed by the following three divisions:


Human Re ottrcvs
2 Housing, Veteraiis- aud Tdal)oi(3 Human Cominmilty AJTair faiiafremeiit

1)irector' 1)(mahl, k. ],Zoom 702.)*')
11101le "1195,"13t2 I
'Fhis Division is respcmsible for flie ext-imination of bmlget re(ple., 1s, prourraills, Operatim). methods, mid legislative propo :als of tlie 1)epart111011t; of Healt,111 Educatioji, mid Welfare; aiid tlie ('-'01111111111ity sel-vWes Administration,- as well as flie food aiid nutrition pro,(rrams of flie Departineilt of Agrictilttire. Iii additioti, immeroits smaller ap,.ii,-i(-. With related functions are also the responsibility y of tlie DiviSioii. (Draft)
(2) Hwmiitg, Veteratis aml Labor Piv;x;ov,
[Deputy Associate Director, William G. Hamm, Room 7025 -N'EO13,
Phone:: 395-3971]
The Housing, Veteran,.-, and Labor Division is responsible for analyzing the Fe&ral effort in such program areas as hotising and. community develome'lit, veterans beiiefits and sei-vices, eninlovillent train-in and standards, voliiiite, er services (ACTION), the Nalio'nal Capit()F.Region, civil rights activities of the executive branch, and Bicentennial program coordination. In addition, activities of several independent agencies also fall Nvithii-i the Division's responsibilities. Analyses -v recommendations of these, programs are concerned with. resource allocation pi-otri-aii i-iiiaiia(reii ieiit, and lecrislation. (Draft.)
(3) Hunmn and Coldmunity AffaIrs ilfavage jrn-ent Divi8ion
[Deputy Asso -iato Director, Barbara Selfrid(re. (Actin(r), P00111 "M
NEOB, Phone: 395-3844]
Vie Human and Comimmity Ufairs Maiiacr0ment Divi! ioii is resjmjiz ible for condtictimr special progr, m analyses mid manacrellielit Atidies and for Nvorkiii(r, Oil a contilluin(y basis with several a0rencies to develop and monitor goals and objectives that emphasize end r(ISUIts. M
1,"colto-m;(-8 aittl Xci. ions
_k< Tlie late Director provides (' xeciiti\-(, diro(--tioil and coot-diiI.ttioll for t1w activities perforillect bv t1le follmN-111(r two
(1) IdConoillic'i alld G(M'(11111ilelit tr)
(2) Economic and Gov-riiment Mallagvl ,Iejit
(m l Governmei t D;t*,'s;oo,
[Depilty Associ( Ictol
'I.1 (' Mrc Joyce J. AValker, Room NE013
Phone : ") 9 --) -4 S")
"I'llis DiN-isloa is responsible for t1w and eYqMiT1,'I.ti0il Of
btidget, progi am mamivement operations, aiv'l le(ri-lative propo afs of the departmeiit,4 of ComiIierce, 111 -hce- "Frai),,poi-t-ition aiid Treasury: of major in(f(j)(,maicitt '11( (, ('
I 1 1 : i(T Coil IGenei-al Scn-lce- Admini 0:41d (q 1
B iisliiess A dm ini


cIld(ing the Civil Aeronautics Board. Federal Communications Cornmission, Federal Maritime Commission, Federal Trade Commission. Interstate Comnerce Commission, and Securities and Exchange Commission: and some 40 other independent agencies and Presidential staff offices.
On( a continuing basis, tle I)ivision gives oversight to policy. p)iOgraIli, budgetary, anlld legislative issiles regarding wide ranging matters including economic and fiscal policy, community economic adjustment, domestic and international trade, general law enforcement, the interdiction and control of illicit drugs criminal justice, as well as national transportation policies.
(2) Economics and Governmwent Management Division
[Deputy Associate Director, Stanley E. Morris, Room 9201 NEOB,
Phone: 395-6176]
This Division is responsible for analyzing the efficiency and effectiveness of government programs assigned to Economics and Government. It conducts or participates in evaluations of selected programs and assists agencies in improving their management evaluation capabilities. In addition, the Division provides support to the Associate Director by conducting special economic and policy analysis on priority issues.
On a continuing basis, the Division is responsible for the administration of Executive Order 11821 and OMB Circular A-107 requiring the preparation of inflation impact analyses. In addition, the Division is also working to develop a better understanding of the economic cost of governmental activities. This involves the application of economic analysis and management evaluation techniques to develop a systematic method of measuring economic costs.
The Division supports the Associate Director's lead responsibility within OMB for policy coordination of regulatory matters and for assuring proper implementation of the President's program of regulatory reform. These efforts include the development and clearance of legislation and congressional testimony on regulatory issues, the performance of in-depth analytical studies of selected regulatory problems and policy formulation in connection with budget decisions.

j. Natviral Resources, Energy a(d li c;ence

[Ausociate D)irector, Room 260 EO1, Phone: 395-3184]
Tie Associate Director provides executive direction and coordinat ion for the activities performed by the following three divisions:
(1) Natural Resources (2) Eniergyv lnd Food
(3) Science and Energy Technology
(4) Anm lsis
(1) Natural Resources Divion
[1)epity Associate l)i Dre(tor, Donald E. Crabill, Room 8202 NEOB,
Phone: 095-4586]
'lh( Natural Res(ourccs D)ivision is responsible for the examination of bIudlget re(til4ts, p1)romis, operating iwthods and legislative pro-

po -,IN of the Depart l1wilt of the Interiol., tit(- I, j It\. I r flit( lital Pl-wo'ctioll Agclwy, t he ( (Irp- () f E'll !-"Ilwer the V;, H.,- v Aul 11(wit 011d severall a4relic 1 I'S With related iow- 1 1 1 It, 1)ivi ,1011 :11
anal \-ze" thc 11111),wt ()f tlw-o pro) ()It t1w private (wtor and (Alicl. Fedel..'I I pl-wrl-all 1 -Z. 14,1 ft J III v 3o. 1,.17(*)
(.2) t0fi
1,11 e Dilvi..'(w. K('lilwth ('I. Glozvn, IILomil (Tl NE(M.
Phone : I
"nie (ry aild 1 00d Division i lv -pollslldo for the
of nild recoliIIII(IlidatiOll-Z 1*4.14rall(lillir p(dicV, pI-w,-,I-:II11 (q)"I"ll iml.--, 111"tIlp(r(,jjj(qIt all(I blidLwtarv i,,, Ilv, of the eII(T-1r\"
(it, ve I ()pmentprog-raili< oft I w 1 -n it ed state (A'-() vcl.jil I Iv I It. T I (-D ivi-i() I I
I'Cview- the prwrraiw4. bml(r(4 reylirellwilts. tmd le(rlslativ(t rvports wI(I
-k tilt I I 1-( .
Prop()- ,IIS Of t1w I )epaI-tIjj(qIt Of 14 Al I-f N k lilt 11
istration. Department of IntcrioCs Burvall of Milw.-- Feder.11 P(mel. Conmi*L<- ioii. Commodity Ftitures Trading Commis- Ion. and 'It'avin (",redit A (1111 In I'st rat loll. "I'lle Division al o participates ill the of polley and related prograin inattvrs 'with the A(r]-iculture Poh(*V Committee, Energy Resoiiive- Council. ("ouiwil of 1'.conomic Advl-4)1*- ., Coullell oil lilt e I'll.-itional Edconomic 1)olivy. Council oii and PrICV Stable Ity, and other interagency bodies. (Draft)
A, Cj( (1/1(1 7'('Cjjj 0j0yy
[Depilty Associate Dii-cc-tor, Hugh F. Lowetli, Room S001 "NE40B,
Phone: 395-,34041
Th I s Divi,,lon has three primary substantive areas of af--tivity, in which it is responsible for review and analysis of programs. budgets, k(fislation tuid manacrenient problems. Tlie program aivas are:
(a) Energy research and d( velopinent and related 'i'llis
Divi"lon. Is the h'ad Organization in 0.1111 for coordination and iitt( gratiml of Fode.ral energy reserve r It and development Worts. The Division Is also re zponsible for 1)1-04rrams of the Enel-gy, Rese.,11-ch and Development Administrationand the Nilclear It'ecralatory Cominis,.Z1011.
(b) Space research and technology. This functional. aiva
National Aeronautics and Space Administration pr( )(rrams includintr manned space flight. space science and applications. .-pace technol r and aeronautical technology.
(c) General science. This Divi,,ion is the lead oro-aiiization in OMB for intearatincr the Government-wide bud(retarv. and
a(rellivnt aspect,- (4 rellel,,11 scientitie and hzt- 'C proorrarns. Assimied a(relle' the 'National Scieiice Foundation and the
Smithq0nian Institution.
(4) Tile Aiwlysl'8 Unit izi i-c-poi)sIbb-1 for 1wi-forn-ting pro(train tind
Is in support, of the and tile
polic analyst IL dixisions t
agencies on matters of prior'
?I- itv 111terc-4 to tile ()Ili(
,Niana;(-Ireniont and Bw-icret. rite Antilvsi- V, lilt al,:() provides tll A -()ciate Dlvctol. NRES, Nvith all t(I Imc ral"ahility for I)OII(..\The Issues addvs,,,e,,j I)otl
lint's throll-(rholit those, activists ilild(li* tile reView ()f t1w Pliector, NRES.
(OMB Division Asssigninents are listed in Jetail ill Appendix 111.)



a. Publications (and location in Section II above)
Publication num ber
Budget of the United States Government. The -------------------------B- 1
Budget of the United States Government, The : Appendix ---------------LB- 2
Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistaiice ------------------------------- D- 1
Federal Advisory Committees Fourth Annual Report of the President_. C- 3 Federal Statistical Directory ----------------------------------------- E- 7
Mlid-Session Review -------------------------------------------------- A- 9
S,-eventy Issues: Fiscal Year 1977 Budget -------------------------------B- 6
Social Indicators ----------------------------------------------------- E-1
.Special Analyses, Budget of the United States Government ---------------B- 3
Statistical Reporter -------------------------------------------------- E-13
Statistical Services of the United States Government -------------------E-14
Status: A monthly Charthook of Social and Economic Trends_-----------E-15
United States Budget in Brief, The -------- --------------------------- B- 4
0MB Circulars are described in detail in Appendix 11. Numbers and subjects of active 0MB circulars.

b. 0MIB Library

[NEOB (17th and H-enter from 17th), 726 Jackson Place NW.,
Washington, D.C. 20503. Phone: 395-3654]
Areas of Intcrest.-Public administration; budgeting; accounting; fiscal policy; financial management; economics; political science; Federa], state, and local government organization and management; intergovernmental relations; automatic data. processing; management sciences; statistical coordination.
Jloldings.-Approximately 127,000 volumes. In addition to books, documents, bound journals, and association proceedings and conference papers, the Library maintains files of approximately 700 current periodical titles and complete files of congressional hearings, reports, and documents for the current Congress. Special collections include: National Resources Planning Board and predecessor agency publications; legislative histories of all Federal appropriation bills,'1922 to date; legislative histories of all executive branch reorganization acts, plans, and special reorganization studies; and complete files of budget documents and Presidential executive orders.
Pub lications.-"Public Management Sources, a monthly annotated list of current journal articles, books, and other monographic materials; bibliographies.
Information Services.-The collections are accessible for onsite use by Federal employees and advanced researchers. Prior arrangements may be made by telephoning the Library Reference Section. Materials n a.1y be b orr'owed on interl ibria ry loan.


[1600 Penlnsvl vania Avenue, Va1i lgton, I).('. 20., o.
Phone: 456-1414]
(a) Function of Domestic Council
The purpose of the Council is to formulate and coordinate domestic policy reconuiendations to the President. The C(ouncil assesses niational needs and coordinates the establishment of national priorities; reconmmnends integrated sets of policy choices; provides a rapid response to Presidential needs for policy advice on pressing domestic issues; and maintains a (continuous review of ongoing programs from a policy standpoint.
(b) Organization of Domestic Council
The Domestic Council is composed of the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States. the Attorney General, the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Health, Education, and Welfare, Housing, and Urban Development, the Interior, Labor, Transportation, and the Treasury, Director, Office of Management and Budget, Chairman, Council of Economic Advisers, Administrator of Veterans Affairs, Administrator, Environmental Quality, Director of ACTION, Executive I)rector, Economic Policy Board, Executive Director, Energy Resources Council, and such other individuals as the President may designate.
The Council sometimes operates through ad hoc project committees set up to deal with either broad program areas or specific problems. The ('onyttees nay draw for staff support on del)artment and agency experts, suI)pplemented by the Council's own staff and that of the Office of Management and Budget. The Council staff operates under an Executive I)irector who is also one of the President's assistants.
The( council l statf also operates as a staff arm of the White House. fulilling such functions as:
Preparing decisionn memoranda for the President: collecting
and report in the views of agency heads oni mjor issues: preparing )riefin material for the President; and generally providing an internal source of knowledge about the President's views on
domestic issues.
(c) Publications of the Domestic Council
"White House Public Forums on Domestic Policy" (See Section II, D, 9).
"Report on National Growth."
[Executive Office Building, 17th and Pennsylvania Aveniue, Washington. D.C. 2050C. Phone: 395-3000; Staff Secretary 395-3440]

(a) NSC Function
The Statutory function of the Council is to advise the President with respect to the integration of domestic, foreign and military policies relating to the national security. Subject to direction by the. President, it is the responsibility of the Council to assess and appraise the objectives, commitments and risks of the United States in relation to actual and potential military power, to consider policies on matters of common interest to the departments and agencies of the Government, and to make such recommendations and such other reports to the President as it deems appropriate or as the President may require. The National Security Council is the principal forum through which major issues of national security policy are brought to the President for decision. The Council itself is not a decision-making body. It serves as the mechanism for identifying and analyzing national security issues, definingr U.S. objectives, developing viable alternative courses of action, obtaining the views and recommendations of the departments involved in the national security process, presenting them to the President for decision, and ensuring implementation of those decisions.
(b) NSC Organization
The National Security Council is chaired by the President. Its statutory members are the Vice President and the Secretaries of State and Defense. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is the statutory military adviser to the Council and the Director of Central Intelligence is its intelligence adviser. The Director of the Arms Control and Disarmament Agency is an adviser to the. Council on arms control matters. The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs is the chief supervisory officer of the NSC system. The President mav invite whomever he wishes to attend NSC meetings, and other Cabinet officers or Agency heads are often invited when issues of concern to them are to be discussed. The staff work for the President and his Assistant for National Security Affairs is performed by the NSC staff.
There are three sets of sub-groups under the Council:
Interdepartm mental Groups
A series of six groups, one for each geo.raphic area, chaired by the appropriate Assistant Secretary of State., and a politico-military group, chaired by a representative of the Secretary of Defense, form th foundation stone of the system.
These groups, containing representatives of all appropriate arencieq, prepare the basic papers defining the issues for decision, the U.S. obie.tives. and the options with the advantages and disadvantages of ealb which serve as the basis for subsequent discussion of the issue.
Intermediate Groups
Five senior-level groups which review the work of the Interdenartme,,t Grouns and consider issues which cut across geographic lines:
Senior Revew Group.-A policy-oriented group chaired by the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. It reviews the work of the Interdepartmental Groups to be sure that the issues. options and agency views are presented fully and fairly.
Verification Panel.-Deals with important strategic issues, including arms limitations, the capabilities of potential adversaries and the


means of verifying compliance with possible agreement in the area. It is chaired by the Secretary of State.
Defense Review PanCl.-Chaired by the Secretary of Defense, the Panel reviews major defense policy and program issues which have strategic, political, diplomatic and economic implications in relation to overall national priorities.
Committee on Foreign Intelligence.-This groul), chaired by the Director of Central Intelligence. controls 1b)udget preparation and resource allocation for the U.S. foreign intelligence program, establishes policy for the management of the program, including priorities for collection and production of national intelligence, and provides continuing guidance to the Intelligence Community in order to ensure compliance with the policy direction of the NSC.
Operations Advisory Group.-Chaired by the Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, the OAG considers and makes recommendations to the President on special sensitive activities in support of U.S. national foreign policy objectives and conducts periodic reviews of these activities.
Operational Groups
Two groups which operate within the framework of policy decisions made by the President with the advice of the Council:
Washingtan Special Actiom Group.-This group is a high-level crisis management group responsible for coordination of U.S. activity in crisis situations. It is chaired by the Secretary of State.
Under Secretaries Committee.--Chaired by the Deputy Secretary of State, this group'is charged with the responsibility for overseeing implementation of the President's decisions and developing operational programs and recommendations.
Central Intelligence Agency

[Washington, D.C. 20505. Phone: 351-1100]
[Legislative Council, phone: 351-6121: Legislative inquiries, phone: 351-6136]
For the purpose of coordinating the intelligence activities of the several Government departments and agencies in the interest of national security, the Central Intelligence Agency, under the direction of the National Security Council:
Advises the National Security Council in matters concerning
such intelligency activities of the Government departments and
agencies as relate to the national security:;
Correlates and evaluates intelligence relating to the national
security, and provides for the appropriate dissemination of such intelligence within the Government using, where appropriate,
existing agencies and facilities:
Performs, for the benefit of the existing intelligence agencies,
such additional services of common concern as the National Securitv Council determines mines can be more efficiently accomplished centrally:
Has no police subpena. or law enforcement powers or internal
security functions; and


Performs such other functions and duties related to intelligence
affecting the national security as the National Security Council
may from time to time direct.
The Director and Deputy Director are appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate.
(c) Publcatio'ns
Unclassified publications on political and economic affairs published from time to time by the Central Intelligence Agency are available through the I)ocument Exchange Service, Exchange and Gift Division, Library of Congress. Such publications are available through the Government Printing Office and are listed in the GPO catalogue.
The Foreign Broadcast Information Service produces a summary of significant stories in the international print and electronic media. These summaries are arranged by geographic area and are published Monday through Friday. Congressional office subscriptions may be secured through the Office of Legislative Counsel, CIA.

[Executive Office Building. 17th Street and Pennsylvania Ave., NW.,
Washington, D.C. 20506. Phone: 395-5084]
a. Funwtioi, of CEA
The principal directive of the Employment Act is that the Federal Government "use all practicable means consistent with its needs and oblihgations . for the purpose of creating and maintaining . conditions . to promote maximum employment, production, and purchasillng power.
The, basic responsibility of the Council of Economic Advisers is the analysis of economic problems and the interpretation of trends and changes in the economy to assist the President in the development and evalu ation of national economic policies. The Council prepares regular reports on current economic conditions and forecasts of future economic developments, and its recommendations are considered in the formulation of economic policy.
Thi Council also performs a direct advisory role both within the Executive Office of the President and through participation in interagency groups in which representatives of various departments, agencies and offices in the executive branch evaluate current programs and consi(lder a.d develop1) new ones. The scope of its efforts covers a wide ranile of cconomic problems which come before the Office of the Pr evident.
b. (EA Co oi os1ton
T1e (omnil consists of three members appoilited by the President )V anml with the advice and consent of the Senate. One of the members is desiz ated ',) the i, 'resident as chairman. CE. ('A Pli'ations
(1) 'Elcownic I eport of tile President" (see A abstract II. B, 7) A vailalble throu h IHouse and Senate ID)ocuments Rooms.
(2) e ~unI( Indi(cators available thro rwh JEC.


4. COUNCIL ON ENN*lR().\)1EN*TA1, QL-. I j

[72-2 Jack-on Place, N-W.. S2-1415]

[Inforliltatioll Office, plione: "')S-2-12,)')

CEQ Ftej (I;on
The Council develop.,-, I'llid recoiimwn(] ; to flie natimial
policies to 1)1'01110te the improvement of the (Ittalify ol'tlw (Aivirotmwnt. The Council performs a, coiftinimicr aiialysis of or trcnd,- in
the national em-ironment, administers t1w einviromiwittal impact -;tatenient, procc --. provides, an migoilig of the, Natioll's. cilerLy
researcli alid developmelit, from an ('11vit-millielit'al and conset-vatioll staiidpoint, and as<*sts the Presideiit in the prepai- tion. of flie amiual environMeTItal (111-flitX report, to the COIILn)-1-0-4. b. CEQ Orgwilo'Zation
The Council consists of t1iree members appointed I)N- the Pre- ideiit by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. Oiie of the inembers is desi gated by the President as Cliairmaii.
The, Office of Environmental Quality provides staff for the Council. c. CEQ Pa7VWitiom
(1 441Q.), Monitor" (montlily)
(2 "Annual Report of the CEQ-Envirmimental Quality"
(3) Special Environmental Studies (CEQ Publications List Available)
(a) CEQ Studies
(9 Contract Studies
(e) Miscellaneous

Ir ,, < 1)06. Plione: 45G-67, -)-]
[7216 Jac],...-on Place 11 Iiiiierton. D.C. 2W

o. Thr of the C("?11w;7
The of the Colincil is to monitor Ole C-cow)"11 v as a whole
with re! zjwct to key Bidicator< varcs, C(),.:l -tllctlvitv profits, and prices. It al, ';o*lias tlie, re-pon- ability to ".1111(i lappraise the various, pro !ram policies. an(I activities, of tit(, dk-partnwiit z artd aixencie : of tlle I
Fed(,ral Goverjimeiit for the purp()- o of (1cfeviiiinin'r tiie extent to Nvhicli these programs and activities contribute to inflatiOll.

Tli(, Coitnr,-11 con-,-!i, k of el-(dlt. '1111 four
'Pie ()f t1w U(--,!I-*] ibN-tj1e ])I- and withtlie a(lvi(v an([ cwi- (,nt of, t1w Tht,)
1- Director pe rfo I'll Is Q11ch ftlrctloll- a-z t1w Pre Ident or the Clin*1'111,111 of the Ccujil- I maY prc s.,ribe. The Peputy Director I torlllwz Zll 11 fmictionz a,: dic Chairman or Director of the Coun( il inlay 1)1,0 Cribe. c. of 7'1 e C,- Ii(-i7 on 11'age (ind 1'i ict
"Quartcrly Ewport."


[1800 G Street, NW., Washington, D.C. 20506. Phone: 395-3395]
[Congressional an( Public Affairis. phone : 395-4647]
The Special Representative for Trade Negotiations is responsible for supervising and coordinating the trade agreements program and he directs U.S. participation in trade negotiations with other countries.
The Office is headed by the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations, a Cabinet-level official with the rank of ambassador, who is directly responsible to the President. In addition, the Office consists of two Deputy Special Representatives for Trade Negotiations, also with the rank of ambassador, and a professional staff.
Established by, and under the direction and control of, the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations are three interagency cornmittees: The Trade Executive Committee, the Trade Policy Staff Committee, and the Trade Information Committee.
The Annual Report of the President on the Trade Agreements Program and other materials on international trade are available.
[Executive Office Building, Washington. D.C. 20500. Phone : 961-60811
a. Function.
The, purpose of the Council is to provide a means for the coordination of energy policy matters at the Presidential level. Through its role of facilitating interagency communi cation, the Council assures the presentation of consistent policy recommendations to the President. The Council focuses on broad policy formulation and the development of an overall energy policy framework in order to provide an integral context for the development and implementation of Federal policy toward the management of energy resources and initiatives.
7. ERiC Organization
The Council consists of the Secretaries of State, Treasury and Defense, the Attorney General; the Secretary of the Interior; Agriculture; Commerce; Health, Education, and Welfare, Housing and Urban Development, and Transportation, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, the Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, the Administrator of the Federal Energy Administration, the Administrator of the Energy Research and Development Administration, the Chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, the Chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality, the Director of the National Science Foundation, the. Administrator of General Services, the Chairman of the Federal Power Commission, the Assistant to the President for National security affairs, the Assistant to the President for Economic Affairs, the Assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs, the Special Assistant to the President for Consumer Affairs, and such other members as the President may, from time to time, designate. The Chairman shall be designated by the President.

4 3

'I"he 14".11C izz; not aII but rat1wi. ;,?,I
Ilism for c oor(l i Ilat ioll Of 1'.S. vm rgv vofir.N, at I ho 11):11vt
I I I (INV I I it t a Ila Io crOt is to t I I v N at io I I a I S(,(. I I I'itv ('M I I I C I
I fie EIIk)(' li-Liq no permmeiit stall'. 'Noriiial staff Nvorll. 111(1 is perfol'Ille(I I)v tite arrelicy with primary respow'iblilly ill Ow p'.11-ticulai.
at'v:( if is a co.11 m illillf). 1,1- 11c. I)ep2iftmei-It, of the Interior Nvill tako flie le"Id : i f it 1-, 4.111 Oil ) --4110.
F E N Nv I I I do f I I e alm I N-"-i : ef (.. ) A I so. "- i lice t] le E M Is t*1 COOI'd H'lat loll 111 ec I I'a I I i S I I I, it (I oes not I la ve a. Il offic i a I o 1.,va Il i za t i0l 1 (.11, 11 -t .


FExectifive Office Buil(Iiiicy. Wasliiiigjon, D.C. 2() -)00. I"ImIle:

The Offlce sem-es in the. Executive 01live of the Pre. ;idvjit. as ,I -,4ourco Of scientific, oncrincerin(r, and teclinolo(rical. analysis a1id judgmeift fol, the Pre;sident witli respect to major policies. plans, and program' ; of t)ie Federal, Government. III carrvin(r out this mission, t.he act A-ides that the, Office sliall advise tile President of scielitifie Ild tvelillolocrical considerations involved in areas of national coiicern, includiii(r the. economy, national security, health, forelcm relatiolls, and flie (']Ivironment; evaluate the scale, quality, and effectiveness of tile. 1"("(leral effort in science and t.eclinolog ; provide. advice and assistance to tli(-T'resident, the Office of Manag(linent and Budcret, and Federal ao-k-ncie-z throu0iout. the. Federal budget. development, I)roce.,-,s; and the President in providing leadership and coordination of the research and development programs in the Feder.Il. (1overninent. b. Composition
'National Science and Tecliuolog7 Policy, Orgallizatioli, and Priorit ies Act of 19 76, approved Alay 11. 19 76 provides that t1w Offiec slial I 1,,v headed by a Director and not more, than four .IL soeiate, Director- appointed by the President by and with the advice an(I eoii. ,Nit Of tile Seiiate.

1. .) -21 7]
20500.Phone:456 )t3j
The CIET and its staff are responsilAo for improvii-ig t1w cool.diliation of tile U.S. GrONT I'll InC.] it aCrellCU's xvith respollsibilitics Ill the Cold of foreign economic affaills.
CIAT Fouv.,r-tion
The Council anditS St,'Ifl' ZIT-0 U-j)ollsible for provi(litig a elf-ar, toplovel focus for the full I.:I 111-(re of iiiternatimial emimmic issuf- z f r) onsu'l*e consistencyt)(Aween .111(l forelCril ("(10 1101111(,, polic.y. CIF]Pseeks
to ensur(, that :dl fiwtoj- atl"'ctill(r i4ernatiom11 vcollol )ic polic.v are fully an(l flmt polik-N, d'vci'-:'O11--: '11111 1),1<(A Oil lv'tll- tilments Of V.S. forei(Til ecmmIlIl*_.' llite?-sts. It fill-flier policy c1loi(Ts 1,11*0 Coll.- I(Ir".(A ill t1le colitext oI, hotil d()I1)('


b. CIEP Organizatio-n
Members of the Council include the Secretaries of the Treasury, State. I)efense. Agriculture, Commerce, Labor and Transportation, the Director of OMB; the Special Representative for Trade Negotiations; tlhe Chairman of the Council of Economics Advisers and the Executive Director (CIEP).
The Council is served hv a small staff under the direction of its Executive Director. Thel CIEP staff assists in the coordination of tlhe activities of individual agencies and in the reconciliation of sometimes divergent recommendations affecting current issues and the lon g range developmentt of international economic policy. The CIEP and its staff work closely with the Economic Policy Board in advising the President on aspects of international economic affairs affecting national economic policy.
Full Council meetings are held when necessary and appropriate. Some of the Council's work necessarily is conducted by subcommittees; principally, the Executive Committee, at Cabinet level is chaired by the Executive Director. Attendance at meetings of subcommittees is determined by the topics to be considered. The CIEP also uses ad hoc interagency groups to handle specific problems and issues. Such groups are chaired by the Department having the primary interest. c. Publication
"International Economic Report of the President."


[1800 G Street. NW., Washington, D.C. 20504. Phone: 395-5800]
[Assistant to the Director for Congressional and Media Relations, phone: 395-5174]
a. Functions
The Office of Telecommunications Policy is the executive agency responsible for overall supervision of national communications matters. Its functions may generally be divided into four areas:
It establishes the executive branch's policies and programs pertaining to communications matters and seeks to implement them through various means, including the proposal of legislation. This area of activity includes such matters as structure of the commInunications indutistry, communications goals to be sought in international negotiations, desirable regulatory policies for established broadcasting and common carrie services, and regulatory approach to new technologies su'h "Is s.Itellites, cal)le television, and interconnected computer

It coordinates the planning and evaluates the operation of communications activities of the executive branch. This includes the establishinent of policies and the setting of standards for Federal research and developmentt efforts.
It is responsible for the allocation and management of that portion of the radio spectrum (approximately one-half) used by the Federal ( Government.
It develops 11o1)iliat ion plans for the Nations communications resI) 110OIs. al 1 i) i respo)onsi)l1e for administering those resources in an


(111RAW(IMIN This inelli(les responsibilitv fol, VX(1lci,,4* Of tit(, hvidellf'-,
POWN-, ill the comill till icat ions fiel(f.

'I'lle DII-ectm. of the Ollice is appointed hY the PI-esi(IcIA will, t1le q(1vice alid coll-wilt, of tit(, sellate. Ile i-4 the I'l-esidelit", pl-1114.1pal :1(1N-Por and execlifiN-e branch spokesman (-)it communications matten The Deplit N. Director is likewise (appoilited by the Pl.(- i(lvllt with t1w adviCt, t'llid coll-"clit of tIlk, ,- cl at-c'. Tlm e full( :tion-, of the Offire which
pertain to flvq1lellcN 111.,111.1gellielit. for Federtal user' are (11w 1111Illediate supetwisioll of the Xssist zin t Dil-ectorl Fl-e(jilellcy 111vilt. Respmlsibility for othvr functions is diN-4led aniong other A -sistallt Directors, the Chief of the. Office, of Sbi(fies and Analysis, and
010 C'hiCf S,,'i( TltiSt recimical slipport is pro6ded by the Department of COTI'llilerCe.
Advisory holies which assi,-t, t1w Director ill the performance of his fmirtiom are the Electromagnetic Eadiatioii Afanagemeiit Nd\-isory Council, composed of experts in radiation all([ health; the FrequencN '\f,-jjll(r(1jtient Advisory Council. composed of col 111111111 ie,(,It i oils expel-fs from the private sector: and the Intei-department Radio Ad6sory Committee, composed of representatives of Federal acmncies which make use of the. radio spectrum. The Director is ,ilso ti(16sed by the Council for Government Communications Poliev and Platillin(r. composed of representatives frwrll Federal acr(I'll(lies-With signifiCant, coinmunications. responsibilities.
c. Pvblicatiom
taff research papers, press, releases, '%IXel)oi-t of t1w TiAordep-irtnient Radio Advisory, ( 'on-in-littee" (every fl) months), PZadio Froquency Spectrum: United States Use. and ALM(aLrement" (occasion.-II).

[Executive Office Buildincr, Washinwtoi). DA"'. 20,503. Plimle: 254-8940]
The F(,tleral Property Council wtis credited to foster the de -Plopnielit of I'lore effective national polj( j( ,,- r(wal-(fing lt e of propeitie". IThe Colincil is specifically clitm-(red with rcX-icNN-i1ifr all Fedenal 1-cal pi-opelAv policies with respect to their coll.,iistellcy with the overall objectiv(Is Of the GoN-el-11111011t., "Ind revollill-11011dillf), to flic. Presi(lolit ii(,cv- 4arv reforms, mo(Jifications or initiatix-es.
The Cmmcil is al o charred With r(-q)o1lsibilit.N1 for rc ()]N-ili(r ''wifliCtiTl(r FedenA claims for use of cci-h-tin Federzil properties. (All(Ted fl, w'l !his rc v '.1"v cwiflic(s ()N-el. use of the puldii. domain -, with(Irawn, or re'-", 1-vod flom tit(, ImUic (Imilai'l which al-o
W-NI I)Y Fed( rfl a(Irclicie", for 11-tition-til folvst matiollal (.)I.
11111 all ofli(,l. ](111(is r(,SerN-(.d ol de(fic:lted liati(olal
for(, -t or 11"It P)II:11 pal'k Tit -Iddition. thO C(!".IT!,-i1 w I ', t, t-lio Li,_,rency (4 Ptirll:-z pi-ograni.
Collllvil 4 mclllhel- inclilde flie Director. 0'.Nfl': CAlail,111.111.
CEA; anil the Clitii-man, C1 4
Coulloll and structill-es Amv 1111der IvN-iew Ill t1r, Extclll lve
Offic-c of the Presi(lent.

This section provides a guide to the principalml information resources of selected departments. agencies, boards, commissions, and independent establishments of the Executive Branch. It is not all-inclusive. Rather, its purpose' is to() ildeltify l)ertinent organizational informia n sources. systems, and activities for the purpose of facilitating the acquisition of information.
Three categories of information sources are identified for most agencies selected for inclusion in this section of the document.
First, an umbrella information contact office for the department or agency at large is designated.
Second, under Subsection a-.Major Program Services-for eacll agency, contact offices for the major components or bureaus have been designated. The program management responsibilities and funct ions aligned organizationally with these offices are described in the United States Governwment Manmual 1976/77. Also, unique centralized information sources, such as specialized libraries and document collection centers, are included selectively under respective parent organizations within this subsection of the document.
Third, under Subsection b-Represe ntatire Data Sources and Systems-for each agency, significant Federal sources and information systems are identified by title. acronym (if applicable) and the Accession Number appearing in the United States Gene.ral Aceountinq Offee (GAO ) publication. Federal Information Sources and Systems: A Director; for the Congress, OPA 76-23, June 1976. Members have received distribution of this publication.
This Directory is one of three volumes in the 1976 series of the Congressional Sourcebook, each of which addresses a different area of program-related information as heretofore described in Section II. It is designed to serve the user as a handy reference to major sources and information svsteis in the Federal Executive Brancb. Tie 8-digit Accession Number uniquely identifies each citation entry a'ppearing within the Directory in numerical sequence. A citation constitutes the complete record for each entry in the Directory. Each entry includes the following information elements: (1) 'Issuing Agency, (2) Accession Number, (3) Title and Acronym, (4) Budget Function/Subfunction. (5) Agency Contact, and (6) Abstract.
The Directory is also accessible to Congressional users via the GAOS data base in SCORPIO (Subject Content Oriented Retrieval for Processing Information on Line) automated system operated by the Library of CongrIess. Instructions for the use of SCORPIO to display entries by Accession Number are included in Appendix IV.


1. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE [Wasliington, I).C. 120250. Office of Commiunication, phone: 202-447-2791]
a. Major Pro gramv Services
Roiral lb ,;e(]lpmnt
'a rmners H-omne Admninistration ToinPIation Staff IPlione 202-447-4323 Rural D evelopment Service .Administ rator Phone 202-447-7595 lRural Electrification Adiniist ration INfornmation Services Division
Phone A2012-447-5606 A/a, keteKfig and Comnsme r Se rvices
Agrricultural MNarketinto Service I nfoimation Division Phone 420,2-477-6766 Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service I formation Division P'ione 1202-447-3977 IFood anid -Nutrition Service Inforination Officer MIhoiie -002-477-8138 Packers and Stockyards Admninist ration. Information Officer I'lhone. 202-447-7415 AI~( (it(iw al Aiffairs a o d C7' w.modity Frograins
A ri-ieult ural Stab~ilization and Conservation Service Information D~ivision Phioine 202-447-5237 Corn iiodity Cr(edit Corporation OlIK-e of the S{eretary Phioie 202-447-8'415 edera il crop Insurance Corporation Office of thie M.anager 1lhoic -002-447-67915 A 5rricultural SerVice

Office of (";enieil Sales Mfaia~rel' I lholle ''~--1-,0 -

4 9

C'071. ( reat;on R
Agricultural St'rvIce
Information I hvi,- Mll

Ivo Sime Re-4c.-tIvIl Servic(I Dlvl -Zlml of III furill'it 1041

Information :- o1wic(-: -;ulff Pi ii)1w 21 1 T-C2 ,,) Forest Sel-vic(I 111fol-111"ition Offico Phone 20-2-t-17-:1)760

Rc:. mirces of 1.5 indlion voltmw,. Bibl'(prl -Iphic data is stored III CAUN (C.italo(rimr-Indexiii(r) SYstem. Outputs froin this sv-4cin inchl(le two 111011611y Publications: Bibliograpli.y of Agriculture and the -Nitional A crrictilt tire Library Catalo(r. both commercially published. The Librarv is a key participant ill the .Xgricultural Sciences Information -Network.

Econonih, 1 '(,,-:earch Service inform,-ition Division
I I c

Tn format imi Statr Plione -202-447-5450'
., c7joo7, 0 .1
Plion( -i 2-447 -1419

b. Data Sy, rnt.,z
U.'4DA Jlu(hret Stfitll< Solirce Data-$ 002 00-002).
A Prwrl-,1111 petriev(11 Sv--Zt('j11 (FAPPS)-SO20.2-001
1011"'11 E1(-cti-11i(,atioji and T( Ieplione Data Files-SOO-22o.1-001
1 ("rop Pro(luct Mn (Data
AL .I I."X])()It all(l Import Data Systeni-SO0212-401
)F(" I *but *oil of _krI.i(_.tI1ttira1 Commodities (Data

ExPort Clvdit Pro'-,,nnin i I ()11 14-001
\,It M 11"11 -t 01).
)IG-001 A_,rricultiln, (Dzlta BI Ze oo.No 'F.1,111 Ilww1w 0,7


Exports of Agricultural ('oninodities Under (Goveirnment Financed
Programs (D)ata Base) -So2l 9-011
International Prices for Commodities Competing with United States
(Data Base)-S00219-013

[Washington, D.C. 20230. Office of Communications, phone: 202-377-4901]
a. Major Program Services
Domestic and International Business Administration
International Economic Policy and Research
International Commerce
Domestic Commerce
East-West Trade
Office of Public Affairs Phone 202-377-3808 Publication-Commerce Business Daily Economic Development Administration
Office of Public Affairs Phone 202-377-5113 Publications:
Economic Development-IUSA. periodically,
Research Review, periodically.
Directory of Approved Projects. pe riodically,
1975 Annual Report, Special Economic Development, and
Adjustment Assistant Proogram (Title IX). annually. Maritime Administration
Office of Public Affairs Phone 202-377-2746 Office of Minority Business Enterprise
Public and Congressional Affairs Division Phone 202-377-3024 National Bureau of Standards
Headquarters: Gaithersburg, Md. Mailing Address: Washington, D.C. 20234 Office of Technical Publications Phone 301-921-2318 The NBS Library (phone 301-921-3451) collection includes works in the fields of metrology and standardization, spectroscopy, electron microscopy, engineering materials, properties and tests, sound and related vibrations, as well as extensive holdings in the fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics and technology. There are approximately 125.000 monographs, bound volumes of journals, and publications of scientific and technical institutions throughout the world.


National Oceanic and Iitmospl herie Administration
6010 Execut ive I Blvd., Rockville, Md. 20852 Office of Public Affairs
Phone 301-143-8243
National Technical Informatian. Service
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, Va. 22161
Ph lone 703-321-8500
Information and Sales Center
425 Thirteenth Street, NW., Room 620 Phone 202-967-4349
The NTIS is the central source for the public dissemination of Government-sponsored research and development reports and other Government analyses prepared by Federal agencies, their contractors or grantees. The'NTIS information collection exceeds 900,000 titles, with additions of approximately 60.000 new reports annually to the data base. NTIS offers a computer generated custom bibliographic searchll service of the more than 420,000 abstracts of Federally sponsored documents published since 1964. Current abstracts in various categories of interest are published and separately indexed in a subscription series of journals.
Patent and Trademark Office
2021 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, Va. 20231
Mailing Address: Washington, D.C. 20231 Office of the Commissioner
Phone 703-557-3158
SBuireau of the Census
Headquarters: Suitland, Md.
MLailing Address: Washington, D.C. 20233 Public Information Office
Phone 301-763-7273
The Social and Economic Statistics Administration Library (phone 301-763-)042) houses over 300,000 items on demography, economics, political science, mathematical statistics, business, education, public health, public administration and data processing. Emphasis is given to methological studies and statistical reports. About 85 percent of the holdings are government documents from Federal. State and local agencies of the United States and national agencies of foreign countries. Municipal series include places with populations of 10.000 and over with retention generally limited to the five most recent years. Also included are censuses, yearbooks. and statistical bulletins from most countries of the world, with some of the material dating back to the nineteenth century. The historical collection of the united States census publications dates from 1907. There are also over 3.000 journal and periodical titles (exclusive of about 20,000 annual reports and other serial titles not counted as periodicals). The librarv's monthly accession list, Library Notes, is available for distribution.


Bureau of Economic Analysis
Office of the Director
Phone 202-523-0693
Office of Telecommunications
1325 G Street, NW.
Washington, D.C. 20005 Public Information Officer Phone 202-377-5578
United States Travel Service
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Tourism Phone 202-377-3811
National Fire Prevention and Control Administration
Office of Public Information Phone 202-634-7663
b. Representative Data Sources and Systems
Foreign Mrket Report Service-8S00301-012 American International Traders Index Register-S00301-013 EDA Socioeconomic Data System-S00302-006 Composite Mapping System-S00302-007 Maritime Forecasting System-S00303-003 National Standard Reference Data System-S00305-003 Environmental Science Information Center-S00306-002 National Climatic Center (NCC)-S00306-003 National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC)-S00306-004 National Geophysical and Solar-Terrestrial Data Center (NGSDA)800306-005
NOOA Marine and Earth Sciences Library-S00306-006 NOOA Atmospheric Sciences Library-S00306-007 Environmental Data Index (ENDEX) -S00306-008 Oceanic and Atmospheric Scientific Information System (OASIS)S00306-009
National Technical Information Service (NTIS) Bibliographic and Information Services-S00307-001 Bureau of Census Catalog-S00309-004 Census Data Users Service Office-S00309-008 International Statistics Program Center-S00309-021 Economic Accounts of the United States-S00309-023 Current Business Analysis Programs and Data Files-S00309-030 Federal, State, and Local Government Level Estimates of National
Income and Product-S00309-031
National Fire Data Center-S00313-001
[The Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20301. Office of the Assistant Secretary (Legislative Affairs). Phone (Senate Affairs) 202-695-1868; (House Affairs) 202-697-2536]


a. Ma(ijor Progr(ant Scrcics,
Department of the Air' 'occ
The Pentagon. Washington, D.C. 20330 Office of Legislative Liaison Phone (Senate Afflairs) 202-693-7438
(House Affairs) 202-693-7580 Department of the Ainrmy
The Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20310 Office of the Chief of Legislative Liaison Phone (Senate Affairs) 202-693-7446
(House Affairs) 202-693-7580
Office of the Assistant Secretary (Civil Works) Phone 202-697-6985
Army Library
The Pentagon. Room 1A518 Phone 202-697-4301
The Army Library has an estimated 275,000 volumes, 1,000,000 documents and subscribes to some 2,000 periodicals of which 265 are in foreign languages. Emphasis is on military art and science, geography, political and social science, foreign affairs, government, economics, administration, and law. Special collections are maintained for military documents, legislative histories, Army studies, military unit histories, and thesis prepared by Army personnel assigned to civilian universities and colleges. Department of the Navy
The Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20350 Office of Legislative Affairs Phone (Senate Liaison) 202-693-7338
(House Liaison) 202-693-7244
United States Mfarine Corps
Navy Department, Washington, D.C. 20380 Division of Information Phone 202-694-2958
Department of the Nary Library
Washington Navy Yard. Building 220 S11th and M Streets. SE. Washington, D.C. 20374 Phone 202-433-4131
The Navy library has some 150.000 volumes in the array of su)jects of interest to the Navy. In addition, some 10.000 rolls of mierotilll cover a variety of forms of material. published and unpbl)lishedl. Approximately 300 periodicals are received annually. ThIere is a raie book collection of approximately 10,000 volumes. The earliest imprlint is 1424. There are numerous titles printed in the 16th and 17th centuries. The bulk of the collection contains 18th century or later imprints.

Defense Civil Prepardness Agency
The Pentagon, Washington, D.C. 20301 Information Services Office Phone 202-695-9441 Defense Communicatiomn Agency
Eighth Street and South Courthouse Road Arlington, Va. 20305
()Office of the Director Phone 202-692-0018 Defense Mapping Agency
U .S. Naval Observatory, Building 56 Washington, D.C. 20305 Public Affairs Officer Phone 202-254-4532 Defense Nuclear Agency
Washington, D.C. 20305 Public Affairs Office Phone 202-325-7095 Defense Supply Agency
Cameron Station, Alexandria, Va. 22314 Executive Officer
Phone 202-274-6115
Defense Documentation Center
(ameron Station (Bldg. 5), Alexandria, Va. 22314 Document Information Phone 703-274-7633
IThle Defense Documentation (enter (DDC) is the central repository for the Defense Department's collection of research and development in virtually all fields of science and technology, involving subject categories ranging from Aeronautics to Zoology. Defense and associated contractor researchers are required to deposit information (both unclhassified and classified including Secret and Restricted Data) into various data banks collected by DDC for subsequent retrieval by eligible users. The principal data banks available in the DDC are the Researelh and Development Planning (R&DPP) consisting of
)planned research: the Research and Technology Work Unit Information System (WETS) containing the current research being performned: and the Teclhnical Report (TR) Program which is a formally documented collection of completed research. A sr's Guide provides information on the subject categories of the DDC report collection. the by-products of the data banks, the services offered, and the registration procedures.

b. Refpresentatir'e Data SouPcCes and Sy?/stenms
Automated Data Processi ng Systems Cata 1loe-rn0(400-002 Corp, of Enineers-Civil Works Information Systems (C IS)
S()0 103-006
Corps of En eers-T o c Enneering Center (ITEC)

Corps of Encrineeis-Inland Na-vil,-,Mion System Analysis (1\ S:A)S00410,3-011
('ol-ps (.) f 1."n gri nc-e rs-Inventory of T)-,i ii is Syst ni s-S(')() W-'-012 Coi-ps of En(r'neers-Coastal Eii(rineel-Incr lZesearch enter (CERC)- 1 11-1) tn
S 00403-017 rain (G'-'IDEP)-S()0401Government-Industry Data Excliancre Prow
[Washington, D.C. 90201. In,"(-)nIIatioII C

a. Major Piwgram Se-mices
01 ceof TImmDevelopmeitt
Room,318 F oiitli Portal 200 Indepen(leiice Avenue, SIV. Washiiigton, D.C. 20201 Pitbli( Information Plione,202-245-1810 E Jtrat on De'c;., ;on
room 3016,
-!( ) 3IIA"vIa!I"I IV'ISlI1II-(rtoIIj 1).C. --)0202 Office o Policy Communications PlIone
.'V(7tiO??07 Of F
1-200 11)tli.Sti eet. NAV. Was]-iin ztoii. D.C. 90.2W08 Office of Public Information Phone --)(-) -254-0800 Public llfwlth Service
R.00111 50 -(.')
HEW -North Buildincr "10 Independence Avenue, SIV. Wa hiiigrton. D.C. 06ice of Public A fl'airs Phone '-)O--)-243--6SGT apd tjeq7th Jdln iiiistration
Room 1695
-.00 U, i.-zhor Lane Parklawn Buildin cr rZookville. M(I. 20' 50 CST Of Comimmiration. and Public Affairs

1(')00 Ch fton Road, N-E. At I La n t a. G a. Office of Infoi'mation P I i (-) i i e 4 0 4-(') 11. e x t e i i o i i


Food and Drug Administration
Room 15B42 5600 Fishers Lane Parklawn Building Rockville, Md. 20852 Office of Public Information Phone 301-443-4177 Health Resources Administration
Room 10A31 5600 Fishers Lane Parklawn Building Rockville, Md. 20852 Office of Public Information Phone 301-443-1620 Health Ser,;ces Administration
Room 14A55 5600 Fishers Lane Parklawn Building Rockville, Md. 20852 Office of Public Affairs Phone 301-443-2086 National Institutes of Health
Room 309
Building I 9000 Rockville Pike Bethesda. Md. 20014 Office of Public Affairs Phone 301-496-4461 Social and Rehabilitation Service
Room 5218 Mary E. Switzer Building 330 C Street. SVW. Washington. D.C. 20201 Office of Public Information Phone 202-245-0381 Social Security Administration
Room 944
6401 Security Boulevard Baltimore, Md. 21235 Press Office Phone 301-245-1272 Health. Education, and Welfare Department Library
330 Independence Avenue, SAW. Washington, D.C. 20201 Phone: 202-245-6791
The library, estimated to have over 600,000 items and receiving approximately 5,000 current periodicals and serials, has one of the country's outstanding collections in social sciences, public welfare, and the health sciences. There are strong collections in all areas of social in-

sural 100 T'(111abilitat loll. alid ellild welf.lrc. _(r(-I*w1t(dwry .111d tr(q- jjtl-ics, rctirellielit, voolloill '111d w.*111 stati-4* (w-tjI w ill IIIIA I- I I I CS. I I
ea] ecoiionil(-;, pill)] W bealt I I ad 111111 1 -( ra t ioll. nil I.Qillg, 1.().- j ) I t :I n Titoi-natle data processing adinitil'-tration. library cwfw( hw :111d It tive material's (docullient dep()- Itorv). Cwllplvlwll ,1\4 101wl ot the De J)a rt Ine I it's puldication< "1114 all active vcutical of materials in scope.
b. flejwcseiital;c Data Sourc( s aid -1Zys1(,ms
Department-Wide Contract Liforniation Sy- tciu
Yttional Library of Me(licine: -Nationil Atidiov*-. ual CciilevSOO,500-004
Projoctz-;. Prodiict an(I Scrvi(,(- of t1w 'National ('Oliter for Educ:Ll J401

Office of E(bication, 1"lliallcial Maimo-ement Tnfoi-matlon
Librarles-Gnuit A-,vanls System-S(io)(A-01r Accreditation and I list it lit'loll J,'ji(rIbilitv System
St it dent I'liiancial Air Man.-i cement Information Systell-I
(SF.VMIS) -S000501-024
lEducatiotial Research in Pro7ess File-SO0502-002 .Ast roA Dru(r Information Systeni-S00305-001 \Iedical Literature, Aiialysis and Evetrieval System I 'DL..1RS)S0050115-001
Medical Literature Amalysis On-Line System
Vital Event and Fami1v Growth Statistics System-S00508-007 Health Resources and Vtilization, Stati-tics Sv'stem-S0050S-010 ,Master Beneficiary Record System-SO(),510-1)().) Supplemental Security Record Systeni-SM510-005 Continuous Work History Sample--S00510-006 Pletirenient, History Study-S003510-007 Healt1i Insurance Ma.Aer Record System-S00510-009 Graiits.Data Systein (GDS)-S0051"012 The biforinatfon for IManageiiient, Planning, Ana1N--,is and Coordination SyStem (LNIPAC) -600319403


[Wasliijigton, D.C. 20410. Prou-n-,im Information. Center, plione: )O-)_,- __ ')01
.0 4 3,) (4

a. Major Ploylvm. AF -,rvic(s
New C0?1?,mwoWC.3
Community Develoj)ment Corporation (CDC) New Coniinwiltie- Administration (XCA) Office of the Adi i I I I I i Arator Pholie 290-2-7 55-79-2o


Community Planning and Development
Community Development Block Grant Assistance Comprehensive Planning Assistance Relocation
Rehabilitation Loans and Grants Categorical Grant Assistance Bicentennial and Special Events Growth and Development Study Urban Program Coordination Office of the Assistant Secretary Phone 202-755-6270 Housing Production and Mortgage Credit
Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Office of the Commissioner Phone 202-755-6522 Government National Mortgage Association (GNMA) Office of the President Phone 202-755-5926 Housing Management
Office of the Assistant Secretary Phone 202-755-6600 Fair Housingand Equal Opportunity
Office of the Assistant Secretary Phone 202-755-7252 Pol;cy Development and Research
Office of the Assistant Secretary Phone 202-755-5600 Federal Disaster Assistance
Office of the Administrator Phone 202-634-7820 Federal Insurance
Flood Insurance Riot Insurance Crime Insurance Office of the Administrator Phone 202-755-6770 Consumer Affairs and Regulatory Functions
Mobile Home Standards Interstate Land Sales Registration Office of the Assistant Secretary Phone 202-755-0950 Field Operations
Office of the I)eputy Tinder Secretary for Field Operations l'ione 202-755-6960


HUD Li*brary
4.51 Sevemh zstl-eot. SW., Room S141 Phoile 202455-63710
The appi-oxiiiiately 4,50.00 itciii- iii the libi-ai-y in(Iide (r(.jjk j-jl,,jjj(j leoal books, palllphlet<, perjodh.:Ils (ak)m I'S00 till(celved), iiial)s and re -carch rcjwrt- h -Mcip'd S111)11 IVA a I,(Alliel-W.,111 aIId folvio-11 developments ill hwl -Jmr, Citv "111(l ('01111111111ity
illetropolitan aiva prohl('111s, urball 1vj1CN% al. co1111111111,1 v 1'aCilitiCs. MICillk"Ctiliv, bulldiii(r cuiistruction wid and coii-;tructioji fimmee, nio(l(,l citiv!z. TINIS, : 1,!11d
iise, Stato awl re(rloiial plaimmg. ( (,()Iwrv an(l envii-omtwiit, gew-ti-al,
eC01101111C. and i-e-1011al dat,,i. This library li ; .1 (*011:701idation
i i i 11) GS' () f t I i k, 1*onuer llbnii-i(-. of Cw Fo(l( nll llousljigr A(Iniiiii.4i'ation, PuNic Ilotisiiia Adiiiinisti,otion aiidl the Office of ilie Se(-ietary Librai-les of HUD.

1). R ?ttative Data sources 0/ d /a.
Aiiwi,,il Conti-ibution Sy stem- S 00600-00 T Iiidex of Open Coiiti-acts System-S00600-011 Mortcragee M;ister'_Nfaintenance Systpm-S00600-019 Title I Systeiii-S00600-021 110111e _Moilcracre Lending Survey-SO0600-022 Prooraia AC C(2n nuiting System (PAS)-SO0600-029 PD&R Contnict -Monitoring System-S00600-0'),3 Community Developrneiit Block Gnant (CDBU) Erititl( ment DeterMHU16011 S v-- t(,tn-S()()(;02-001
Population and Facility Type Svstem- ()002-00-1 T-i-han Reiiewal Directorv ,-Vste m-S0()61j2-00,5 Comprehensive Plannin,'"'Fulld A.1location System-S0002-006 Open Space System-S00602-007 Public Facilit-v Loans System--, 00 60-2-008 Pedevelopment Suppkiiieiital Reportinlcr SyFlom- SR eh a 1) 11 i station Loa ns and Grant s S ysteni-S00602411

Wateran(l Sewer S v-t(,m--S f)t)Co i--2-113)
..I P011111cr I-S00601-001
zi I I I t .I Tid 'Ferumiation Si-:7t(l, iii- '-- c)(-, ',():",)-( ()--) T.ow Director-v.'SN
1fultifamily Hoii- Mrr Pi-ocrrarn MaTi,,i!2enwn

Occupaitev (.%SJ1M_'O)Aludernizition Prorr-,mirkepoitirrr --vstem-. -014 I loo l lii ui-azice S v- tem-.SM6A-2-00 7-1-, V T'-:' t t t I I S .Ilos
S(2cui-'t1(-_-- Pool Pal :1 -()ol


[Washington, D.C. 20240. Office of Public Affairs, phone: 202-343-3171]

a. Major Program Services OFce of WVater Research and Technology
Public Information Phone 202-343-5881 United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Director of Public Affairs Phone 202-343-5634 National Parkc Serv ice
Director of Public Affairs Phone 202-343-7394 Buieat of the Mines
2401 E Street, NW. Washington, D.C. 20241 Office of Mineral Information 'Phone 202-634-1004 aeolog;cal Survey
National Center 2201 Sunrise Valley Drive Reston, Va. 22092 Information Officer Phone 703-860-7444 Bureau of Indian Affairs
1951 Constitution Avenue, NW. W.ashington, D.C. 20245 Office of Public Information Phone 202-343-7435 Burei au of Land Manaqem.nt
Office of Public Affairs Phone 202-343-5717 Bureau of Outdoor Recreation
Di)ivision of Personnel and Management Phone 202-343-4805 B'ycaur of Reclamation
Office of Public Affairs lPhone 202-343-4662 Miom5 Enforcement and Safety Administration Room 516
415 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, Va. 22203 In formation Oflice Phone 703--3-1452


wr deie, Power A di7mn xthirat ior
P.0. Box '3621
P'ortland, Oreg. 97208 1tiblic Information Office Phone 503-2314-3361 A 1aska Power.A dm in ;st iafon
P.O. Box 50
Juneawm, Alaskat 99802QPhione 907-586S-7405 Ya utlo astemi~ Po wer A din bdist rat ion
lbertoni, Ga. 30635 Adinistrator
Phione -104-28:)3-261 S1onth we. ern Power A dzn i st ation
P.O. i~rawer 1619 Tuils, Okla. 714101 AdIimn ist rato r
Phone 918-581-7427 NVatural Nesotirce. Libiwiry (NRL) C Street between 18th and 19th Streets NW. Washiington, D.C. 20240 Phone 202-343-5815
In the library ar-e approximately 775.000 volumes including 4,000 current periodicals 'and 8.000 other serial titles. The collection is devoted primar-ily to conservation. of natural resources, energy and p~ower. land use and reclamation, parks and outdoor recreation. fish and wildIlife, welfare. of native races, mines and minerals, and law.
b. Representative Data Sowrces and System
Directory of Libraries in the Department of Interior-S00700-005 WAN'ter lieSour-ceS Scientific Information Center (WVRSIC ) -00704001
Water Fowl Survey Systems-00709-001 Minerals and Alateiials Supplvi Demand Analysis (MMNSD1)
8 00711-001
Petroleum Energy Pr-edicting Simulator (PEPSI"M )-SO711-002 Naitionial Cfartographic Informjation C enter (NCTC)-.'-00712-OO2 Eathfl Resour-ces Obs-er-vation 8VIsteni (EROS) Data CenteSOO7i 2-003
R'ock Analvsis Storage Steml (11ASS) -S00712-005 World IData ('enter -iailgv5,1-1 National Water D at a System ( NW I)S )-S0071P2-Oi1
Out e-( >)tineltaseff (0(',.-) Post-Salde Systemi-S00714-001

$KYCO'M ( Weathier Modificat ion IE*Xpernhleli1t al ':itppor-t S~v4tei i)800716-002


Conlora dlo River System Power/Production Model (CRSP)-S00716003
Power-Ecological Balance Model-S00718-002
[Washington, D.C. 20530. Public Information Office, phone: 202-739-2014]
a. Major Program Services Antitrust Division
Public Information Officer Phone 202-739-2014 Civil Division
Public Information Officer Phone 202-739-2014 Civil Rights Division
Public Information Officer Phone 202-739-2014 Criminal Division
Public Information Officer Phone 202-739-2014 Land and Natural Resources Division
Public Information Officer
Phone 202-739-2014 Tax Division
Public Information Officer Phone 202-739-2014 Federal Bureau of Investigation
Ninth Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, N W. Washington, D.C. 20535 Public Information Officer (Press Office) Phonle 202-324-3691 Bureau of Prisons 120 First Street., NW. Washington, D.C. 20534 Public Information Officer Phone 202-724-3198 T'nited States Marshals Service
X21 Twelfth Street. NW. Washinrton. D.C. 20530 Office of Public Information Phone 202-739-5118 Inmnigraton and Naturalization Scrvice
--25 T Street,. NV. Washington, D.C. 20536

Office of IIIformation Phone 2U12)--;, 149"
Drug Enforct ci~t Adin ii i). rationi
11 .- 1 S t et, _NW. Washington, I).C. -20,5371 Office of Public Affairs

Law En forces ent A ssista ne. Adi in ist ration
633 1Idian eneNW WashIingicton) 1.C 2 053 1 Office of Puiblic Informnation Phone 202~-17640S20

b. 1?peciaieData Sources and System2)s
Justice Retrieval and Inquiry System (JFRIS )-00800 -001 National Crime Information Center System (NCIC) /Computerized
Criminal History (CCII) File System-S0807-O1 Uniform Crime Reports-S00807-002 Automated Identification IDivision System (AIDS) -S00807 -003 Profile Data Reports Systein-S00808-O01 Research Follow-tip Study Projects Data Bases-00808-O05 Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Systemt-S00808-006 Community Services Population system- (COSPOS ) -S00806-01)-4 Noninuigrant Control System-S0809-001 Master Index (immigrants, students, and illegal aliens) -S0809-U(02 Alien Address Report System-S00809-005 Controlled Substances A ct Systemi-SOS1O-002 Drug Label Systeii-SO8lO-GOS Grant MNanagremen,1t Information System (GMIS )-S00811-001 National Crimninal Justice Reference Service System (NCJRS)S00811-004

[WXas hin gton, D.C. 20210. Office of Information, phone: 202-521)34

a. Major Program Services
inte r)nat7ioiual A ffairs
Publlic Information Officer Phone 223665

Public Information Officer Phone 2)2-:)76)-G TO

Publ4ic Informiat ion Officer

PhIio ne --()-- 2-5)2:1- 748


Bureau of Labor Statistics
Public Information Officer Phone 202-523-1913 Occupationa/ Safety and Health Administration
Public Information Officer Phone 202-523-8148 Labor Department Library
200 Constitution Avenue, NW. Washing-ton. 1).C. 20210 Phone 202-523-6992
The library of approximately 535.000 books. bound periodicals and pamphlets has one of the most extensive collections in the country on labor and economics. It. includes proceedings, constitutions, reports and official journals of American labor unions, American labor newspapers, and a considerable collection of foreign labor union material. It also has foreign. Federal and State official documents, and publications of the International Labor Organization. The library receives approximately 3.200 current periodicals including the more important journals on labor, economics. statistics and related fields. The collection also includes Congressional documents relating to the Department's areas of responsibility.

b. Representatife Data Sources and Systems
Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT) -S00902-002 Employment Security Automated Reporting System-National Office
(ESARS) -S0)902-003
Immigration Reports-S00902-004 Manpower Automated Reporting Systems (MARS) -S0902-005 V S yst ems (MARS)902 00 0-0 WIN II -ystmn (Interim WIN Svstem)-S00.02-008 State Accounting Systems: Statuis of Obligation Authority Program
(SOAP) Federal Interface XFI-S()00902-()10 Wa(e Trend Proiections-S0904-004 Welfare Pension Reporting Svstem-S 00905-001 Employer Information SvAsteni-Establishnent File-S00905-003 Characteris tics of Insured uJTiemploved (ES-2)3) -S00906-003 Employment Wage and C(ontributions-S090(-0()4 Produ ti vity System-S0090)6-010

[Washington, D.C. 20510. Office of Media Services, phone: 2)02-632-1394] a. Major Program Services A fr,;(an Pu7)7i( A ffabis
Puilie i fa irs Advisor P)lhone V 202- 6.2-0332 rcireau of In terNomerica A ff airs
Public Affairs Advisor Phonne 202-632-3048


1/1,cm/ of AWOI(wtiololl awl ("OhInd Iffill"rs PublicAil"I Irs AdvisOr Phone 2021-632-2360 Dil-erfol. (.-,( lu;r(d 0 Forc;qn SCI-1-ire Public -k t1airs -UN, isor Phone 202-632-1648 1)"?Ire(m o f L,-'co-iiom;c a li (I B itsi) (-,. s Affairs Pub] P, -k 11'a irs Advisor Phone 202-6-32-16824
0 intelligence (1)id Rf, t-urch ("Mice () f t I ie Execut ive Director Plione 202-632-1080 1) P/ Pett U 0-f Ell) 1014 (1 n A ffa irs Public Affairs Advisor Phone 2)02-0';)'2-0850 Ei m t A s ian P u b lic A affairs
Pu bl ic A ff a i rs A advisor I'lione 202-63-22-25:1),S R ij 1,etm of Tn.ternationo7 Organization Affairs
Public AfTairs Advisor Phone -202-6312-0462)
A"I'"'(1,1, Swilb kian -Iffa;1's Pub] i c A ifn i A d v i5or Phone 202-632-0440 S(- c il 1 ily Co lin, e7or A ffa;7,s Public A ff i i rs Advisor Phone 202-G;?-2-14SS
0 11",cc 0 f ch;e f o f Protocol Pu H i e k fTa i rs A d v i so r Phone 202-6,320-06,s.i

320 Twentv-first Street.'NW. 11"IsIlin-tton. D.C.205-23 Office of Public.;k tIR irs
2 -2 63 G

221 1 C net.N-AN'. Washin 2 i on. D.C. )O-)90 Phone
Tlw I' hriry maintains and services tbe DepartmenCs central (-oll('(-tion. of inforrmition an(] reference materials to
of the ivorbl and flicir peoples. The onl](wiion 1 : p"11-1 I
stron(r on cultural. social. and politic,,d sul)w,,t- lincIlidincr
internation-11 1:1w. diplom,,ttio history. political and ,-orial Qoien(,(, ;. dome4ic and forelffn law, and othei: subjects relate(] to the, Nvork of the Department of State.


b. Representative Data So'urce and System,8
Country F act Sheets--SO1000-001 Department of State Fiscal and Budget Data System-SO1000--002 Real Property Inventory: Gove rnm-ient -Own-ted and Long-Term, Leased
IReal Properties Overseas-SO1000-01 I
Foreign Service Retirement and Disability Fund-SO1000-014 AID Economic Data System-0101 7-001 AID Research Information Svstern-S1O1Z-002 UT.S. Flag Shipment Data-S1017-003 AID Reference Center-S01017-0041


[IVashington, D.C. 20-590. Office of Public Affairs (Informationi
Center), phone: 202-426-2144]

a. Ifajor Piogram Ser'iCe8 United Sfa te. Coast Guard
Office of Public andl Internal Affairs Phone A 02-426-2267 Federalu Av 'ation A4cbinistrato n
800 Independence Avenue, SXV. W1ashington, D.C. 20501 P~ubl ications and Graphics Systems_ B ranch Phone 202-426-8032 Federal High wayq Administration
Office of -Management Systems Phone 202-426-0632 Federal Ra d~roaci A drninistra tian
Public Aff airs Officer Phone 202-426-0881 Natio na l H?*g hway Traffi Safety A diinis tra tion
Office of IPubbic Affairs and Consumer Services Phone 202-426-9550 fir7) an 31a. s Trans p ortation
Office of Public Affairs Phioie A20 24It2 6 -4 043 .Mla /t'rals Tramy ort at on Bure~a u
.100 Secondl Street, SW. Waihiuzl~ton, I).C. 20590 Ollicoe of the Director PhJonie 202-755-9260
Sam LamreiweSeaway Dc rclopfl?.flt Coi-poration
Seaw ay Circle
.Massena. N.Y. 13662 Public Information Offlicer Phione 315-764-0271

6 7

Main Library
_N a ssi f I i ii i I d I ngr, R oom 2-200 400 "treet, Sw.
D.C. -_101590
I none 202-426-1792d I 1"''idL

vi'vs. mjj(-,j
"oil. 1.,LI11 wads. Ill'tIII lie el 1 L I I I Fill (r alld I fe N% ;-]I j p z ,jjl(j I I HlL. ll IN W IN t 1011
_V a ii og- r:i 1) 1 V.
(citv S'tlltf :I 1, ]I'll) (I fi I(, of I it I., It t I I I 't vzz "I TI d 1 1.1 ),t I I T 1 ) 1 )w ", ;I:I a ]I (,V 1,111 I\'(, I't, f*(1 11 1 1 t I I -f H H

"lot analyzed ill r.".)TIm-wreial or not in(Vx( 1 iwi,,-r I
"I' -ed stibject to 11*L"liv,-,tv 111.1'all
1).1"Mich. FOB-10A (Air Tran-1)(,7--_,-Jion)
111(I"'pe:tIonce Av( iwe. LSAV.. R()():ii (Ot'O pj _10110n ', 2-112.6-3611
(1 1 11,wi czafet N ciN-il tv'atioii. cycm(I icine. air
t-1 a] a\ control. aviation me
iaton stiti-tivs, 11(1 airline indur4ries. aviation hiso-Y. meteorology, ehctronics, c( ilji)iullcations and comioiniications A 1 pf r;(,,l (-.077(o
Ti-tfOrDl('ltiOT1 PlIbliC; 60TIS (de-,Orilw ,(), a ,ronauti(.-al fa(,-*I;t* i tv( -hnlcal a '-iaMl ill])', I (:at ions standt a ixt I t i o ns. ma i i I 1,'I I s. techn ical orde rs I ure, cards, etc.) ill, froin the A
F -A. AeademD(!4(1 Sow, i y, t,
(es (11 17
Co-f!-2-t Information ((T 4 -SO1100-ooj
Activil (-- 1-iformJioii System (TRAI
-:1)W1, 011 S)

"M i, Zpo rtat ion Safetv Tii SYstem-SO11OO-()(1(4
Ai!- lii(fiistrv Data P.i-ze ti
DOT, TSC Atitomotive MaiiA actijiin,- Sv-zteln-SO1100013
Y-timated Freiobf and Peveiiiie 'St,,itistics Systeitl_:,-; 11100-014 Lailr()a(l Industry Pata liase-';01100-018 TF:l T1 S, I Operatimis and Planning Status ]Retrieval SystemA100-019
ILizardmis Afaterials Tneident Reporting System-SOjjoO_()20 Boat Administration and "Mana reiiient ]Report System-Soliol-Oo,_1 A V
Ve<- (A Documentatioll S01101-fOOT


Motorboat Accident Statistics System (MB~-)A) -01101-008 Poll ut ion Incident Report in~y System IT (PIR1S)-S111-O10 Nat joiial Aviation System Plau-01102-001 Nati~onal Airport System Plan (NASP) -S01102-002 A airport GUrant-in-.Aid Programn System-S01102-006 TIi rb Wa V~j Re! ea rch Inform at ion Service-S0l 10:3-02 Nat ona] HIigh wav 'Needs System-SOI 103-004 Ra 11 rowt J Research In formation Service (RRIS) -01102-005 Motor Vehicle Import In format ion/Certification Investigation Systelt-S 01107-005

[Washington, D.C. 20220. Special Assistant for Public Affairs, phone: 202-393-6400]
a. MLajor Pr~ogram~ Services
Ofro P of the Comnptroller of the Currency
.490 L'Enfant Plaza East, SWV. Washington, D).C. 20219 Office of the Special Assistant to the Comptroller Phone 202-449-17 98 [nduld States C us foms Service
1 301 Constitution Avenue, NWI. Washiington, D.C. 20229 Director of Public Information Division Phone 202-1964-8195 Ih'raa of Engraring and Printing
14th and C Streets, SAV. W1ashingrton, D.C. 20228 .Management Services Division Phone 202-964-7244 Fiscal Serices
Bureau of Governmnent Financial Operations Pennsyl1vani a Avenue and Madison Place, NI. Washingzton, I).C. 20226 Comptroller's Office Phone 202-47-1798 Bureau of Public ]Debt I epartinent of reasur Washingvton, 1.C. 20226 O ffice of the Comimissioner Phone, 2)02-964-2276
Request for iinform-ation relating to holdings of all series of savings bond> ;lndlsavino2S notes should be addressed to:
Buiraii of the 1)tib ebt

P~iikeibii'i- .411. Va. 26101
Photi 304( )-422-6274


Inteimal ?, Ite Se rcrie
1111 Coist itultlonl Avenue, NWT. Waishing-(onl, D.C. 202_124 Office of P~ublic A 11 a1IrS Phonle20-(-21
Rfj"jreauj~ of thle Mf'int
I )epazirt inie nt of the Treasl-ury Assistant to the D~irector (Public Akffairs) Phone 202-9G4-,-)(11 [UelitedI S'tdte8 Sariq J'ndS [)J';,;On
1111 Twentieth Street. NW. Waishington, D.C. 20-226 Office of Public Affairs Ph ione 20-2-634-537 7 United Statc8 Secret Sere ice
1800)( G Street, MVr. Was-i-hington. D.C. 20-223 Office of the Assistant to the D~irector (Public Affairs) Phone 202-63-1-5708 R?treau of AlVcohol, Tobacc'o. oid Fbcu(riiis
1200 Pennsyl vania Avenuer4 NW. Washingaton. D.C. 202-06 Director
Phone 202-961-7111 Federal Law Enforcernent Training Center
(4lynco, Ga. 31520O Office of the Director Phone 91.2-1265-6611 Treasu,?ry lieparfmeant Liibrarq
.Main Treasurv Building. Room 5030 15th and IPennsvlvan ia. Avenue, XXTV. Washington, D.('. 20220 Phone 2029 -777
The library has a comprehensive collection in the fields of economics and law. empbasiziing taxation and public finance, money and ban1kinc, international law, international ecoflomBics and domeStic economy conditions. The library has been a dleposiitorv since the' es-tablishmenit of the Government altd contafli>- Cmig-ressimal Records and Congressionail reports and documents dlating f,-rromr 1789. I~lnerw fle 'er eSvie Libra)71
Internal Revenue uidg.Room 43,24
1 111 Constitut ion Akvenule,NW Washington. D.C. 20224
This isz a law librar-,ry speci1aliziing in tax law. The collection -on- izts of Federal and S tate statutes_, COdes, reports. etc.; tax s-ervices; Gireat Britain income tax laws and ca:ses: iniernal revenue records, -rgula-1 tions, and Treas ury Decis ionis: 1e~saiereference materTial on the


revenue act s: financal material; and legal periodicals. The library has a card index of all internal revenue cases showing judicial history of each case. There are appproximately 60,000 books and pamphlets.
b. Representative Data Sowwcs and Systen.9
Gcnenal Revenue Sharing Reporting System-S01200-002 General Revenue Sharing Allocation System-S01200-004 Personal Income Tax Simulation Mlodel-S1200-00S Legal Precedenit Retrieval System-S1202-0O1 Revenue Accounting System (Customis) -S01202-003 Treasury Bulfletin-S1204-002 Cash "Nanacrement Svstem-S01'04-004 Treasury Central Accountingr System-S01204-005 Federal Reserve Bank Reimbursable Cost Analysis SystemS012-05-0u1
Public Debt Accounting Systern-S01205-002 Revenue Accounting System (IRS) -S01206-001 Taxpayer Service Trendex System-S-01206-005 Statistics of Income (SOJ)-S1206-012 Internal Revenue Service Tax Mlodel-S1206-013 Exempt Organizations Determination Letter Reporting SystemS01206-019
Area, Sales of U.S. Savings Bonds System-01208-002
[Washington, D.C., 20545. Office of Public Aff airs, plione: 202-376-4070]
a. Major Pio qrc'rn &?-'ices Fossil Erergqy
iiblic Information Officer Phone 202-376-4064 3?/(iear Energy
1'iiblic I-nformation Officer Phone 301-353-5660 La ? PQlkiic fIn station Officer Phone 202-376-4064 i'lai. (;reothecrrnal. and A dv a aced l~Evro Systemns
Public Information Officer Phone 202-376-4058 Natilola? S/eourdy
P iblic(- TInformation Officer II i o ii e r")1- 37-) 3 ''3P'~bic Iformation Officer P1 cme 2()2 -9)7 6 -4 06 4

Geri iantown. M(1.
Mail'11(r 1_ A(Idr(- s: Washin1gton, D.C. 20-45 Phom,:101-:153-1,169
The bcH)11-L ati(I jom nal col1c,-tioll cwlflills wt !,
'lv related to wiclearniarl I(III(le "M d
physics, e1willisti-Y, I 1,'I
Jiledicille. ('11itl T hj, coil(whOll ('011i "JI11- ot, tAe
ma, CoV(
jor ab-4i-actin and i i i d I'lle
technolo_(rie '. Tht o t, ( N cl
T*(' 0o I I C(dlectioll roil
and unc.l.wzsified r( ports of t1w Atomic, ")I.! I 11- !Oll. N'It W 'I) i
Aeronaiitic.- and -;pace Administnation, awl 1)(,partilew i)f p i.;111"11-11Y Ill W iHat. It ftl -:o (0111 1 '"' ;1' 1-1 1 ,11_'T i IlLr ;,I-,
j11d( X1'T1(_r 'SCTVI('(" 1-01,ate-l to 1vPf)!*! <. 'I'lle 1, t J a I I v(, ecT I collsist(; of ()N-(,J Federal lez,,- 1,111(w .
iceo, and various 1)1N1c)LnIp!l1(.
primmily, lecrimzla t of d' rect inte to t I le A 1! 11' 11' -4 1", 11 i I includes viatcrifl related to a(,t*-N-ifi0S of r(,jl(,yZjj jjj[(.I,( _t to 11 Gw-ernment atrencies.

Data Sailrecs and Sy.qfcno
FRDN Tecli-rical Tnf01'JIifqti0T1 (TTC)
Fnerl_(ry Abstract,:; for Policy A A(,(,(Ilt-l ,Itor Ill '1'(); ]r'll ir,71 Center,, Oak R*1(1-e N(aft-ioNtil Laboato-.,
0, 1 k I T,
ETIN-2TV JZ(- -enrch and D(welopinent Tnveiitory. Ri(]-(re Na
Laboratory. Oak R.*(1 ze. E n v 1'0 1-1 T1 1 (9 Ital Tvforlmaf 1w) v4enl 0'.1k
oratory. Oak, R-iJ ffo. Tenn(-. S06001-011
R:)diatioz) Clwiiii<-T, ('(,wor, University of Notre Da,:,O!
ot re D zi ni (,. TT-i cl iai I a IS, () 60 ('1 0 2 0
Pare-Earth Information Cci,,for. Ener-y I T1 J "Minerals Pe-earch Institute. Jowi Sr;ttp Viiiven itv. A i. 10 --. I 1, j
ERI)AFinancial Manageiiient if

[Wa zhinggton. D.C. 2046i 1. Office of Public phone : '202, 705 55-0 70 71
a. Major Program,
(70(1 TtTq l_ 1[0;i,7t7 _Hj0jt
Office of Public Affairs Plione 2012-75 5470 "1
1 Ta tv r a7- d Hazardous MatcrlaT?
Office of Public Affairs Plione 120,2455-0707 F'o.forooment
Of7we of Pul)llr AfTnirs Phone 202-7 55-0701'
7) r,


o'vhand Devcelopmne'nt
Office of Public Affairs ])~hone 202-7,55-07 07
l Ja n g andi ifanagem nent
( )!ire Of the A dms~iltA}iiinistrator' iPIione 202-755-2900

b. Represe ntativ DaJicta. So irecs and Sys tems?
G i~ide to EPA Libraries-02300-002 G rants In formation and Control System (GI( ? ) -02301-001 .Sandards and RegulIations Information System (SRIS)-S2301003
Contracts Information System (CIS ) -02301-004 Pesticides Enfor-cemrenitMoniitoring~Svstem (PEMIS)-S02302-001 Compliance Data System-S02302-003 Pestici des Registraiioin System-S02303-002 Technical Assistance Data System-S02303-004 Air P~oll ution Technical, Informnation Center (APTTC) -02304-004 St ratecric Environmental Assessment System (SEAS ) -S02305-0olI


[Washing-ton, D.C. 20405. Director of Public Affairs, phone: 202-566-1222]
a. Major Pro gramn Services
Federal Preparedniess Agency
Office of the Director Phone 202-566-0854
-T?/ tonated Data and Tf-iecommunicationm Service
Office, of the Commissioner PhoneP 202-566-1000 Federal Supply Servi~c
19,1] Jefferson Davis H-i grhway Arl in gton, Va. )Tailin~t Address: Washing-ton, D.C. 120406 Office of the Commissioner Phone 7103-557-1139 JP,;7,Ve JhI;7lng Service
Office of the., Commissioner Phone 202-566-1100 >ff;O~al Arheb. and, R eeordR qSrrweP
TFi cht h Street a fl(1 Penn sylvania Aveim e. NIV. Wa; i. in ( ton, I). C. 20408 (Nive, of thle Archivist of tile I 1i1ed Sttfes P~hoine 20,2-52)3-3130 (Yvdirail Peferenee TDivision(NC P 11 in e 20 2-5 2)3 3220

Ff J0 1.(17 Inform tit *0?1 CrOCr
Pliom, 21()2-13,-)--S(;G0

b. Doto Swin-es atd Ysl(,ms
ATW Informatioll sv.,4'em: "XID1, Iteportillcr ProMnster Reference alld M;111,14,( llleut D4.1ta S\-st-cm ('N1RNfDS)702-00 1
Propel-tv 11,111,1!romelit and Disposd Sto(. kpile Inventory Sys;tem

Tr-.m.q)(-)rtnti0n fiiquiry wid Payment System Ile.11 1,1.()PeltN- Invelitol-v-,S0.34 03-004 Tho'Natiolml 1"el-sonliel ("Oliter-so"04-004
I rt(,(riStel- '111( JeX SN- tell 0.)'04-007
T]CM1011lic SN'Stellis Data
Apa(A,.Nna,1N-SiS systent (IzLks) -so:,) '105-008

[Was1iington, D.C. 0.0546. Ifeadquarters Itiformation Center. phone: 202-1755-232.0]
a. Majar Program Services F7;.qAt
Ptild*o kiTairs Oflicer Phone -202-755-2354

Pid d le X affairs Offiepr Phone, 202-7,55-3680
w.'re A pp licat iom
14 1 J)l i fT:i i rq 0 flice r T" i o r i e -2 1 ---) 75 -) S, 4 8 4' A r ronau f?"cs and. Space Tech 7 o7ogy
Pul lic Affair Officer

Affa;r,,? apd Tcobi7o7ogy
Public Xffairs; officer
Phone 20-2-1 55-qf)4,5 Inforwitiona.1 I ffa;iw
Public Affairs, OM(-or
a 0
Phone 120.2-7 5-397

b. Pt ep7'e-Q('71
Office of University Affairs 'Nlzimigmement Information SystemS04100-001.2
Finimei,,il and Cmitrat-tual (FA -S01101-not
Work Unit Sy-fem (WUS) 04 1 n,-)-t)02


IT 4

Bi-k lt Tiifnrni,-it*r)n Zv tom (N_-BIS)-SC410S-001 NAS-IL %**ubcontraot SyStem 4116-0- j
Natior-A Space Science Data Center (.-SSDC)-S04119-G01
_kero aq)ace Safety Research and Data Institute (ASRDI)-SO4119.NASk Information Rin'_'- -S04119-003
.-VO. Public and Employee Con-imunica f Coi- _1*e: -1(111 '

a. f'_Jor Program
UJ P(-)Zta1 Service Librarv
'7) T,'E--f-int Plaza West. SW.
D.C. 20260
Pho-n'- _45-4023
This li'_,)rary contains 117.000 items. In addition to a working co'"
off niterials in law. t').e social zeien-esz, and tecl-inology., it cw)v-Ll.ns a co t- tion of po; tal matermIzz: legislative filec from
71A Con zres:' to d,-,.te. reports. pamphlets. clippings, ni'-T_- 1) 11 c) t 4r poz:tal histories. periodicals of Cie -national po -*,' organizations. -Universal Postal Union studies, and the r ro-.,t;z of foreign postal administrations.
b. fl, -ot-f ive DO
Poz:tal Service-wide Contract Data -_"vstem (CSD)-S06-300-()03 Custonier Coi.iplaint Analysis Pn,,crl-am System (CCAP)-:Sw.
P I;- L-_tatosties, City and Rural (DLV)-S00900-006
7- -Y)-S06300-(0"Z
V Ro ; zter S-7Qtem (117 I F _"
Afall Fnaiil and Proliii)-Ited'Mailincr Z System P)- 0630 11
C f-r'n-D( zztinafinn In'.ormation 'v;ztem (0D1S)-S(_)G300-013
e I e C ost Arali--is, !; ;vstein (RCA)_ Z06300_019
..,,)ap(,r Treatn-ient System (S.NT)C., o -'.2 0 0 o
Facilitie.-_ Marazement Svstem
-Natlonal B,, i' k "-Nfail Svstem (NB-'\l

-1, Lton. of Information Service, phone
-22 7 4 1
Ljti -oji 202-fl(S9-2601. Hou, ze.
a. Ma)'or Program )Ferct -,-R
I 0 ,'V-e L:brary
z !() V ,rlnio!it A -( nue, -N'W., Room 976


Washington, D.C. 20420
Phone .202--308.5
TIhe library, which serv-es the staff of the Veterans' Administration contains two collections -. "ihle medical collection cons-ism of aipI'(oximnately 25,000 volumes in the fields of mnedicine surgery, deniti-t r%, pharmiacy, physical mdcn, rehabilitation, iuir1% ingr d jetet its. > Z+ervice, and hospital administration. Three hundred thirty inkwdical periodicals are regurtlarly rec(jeive. Thel( general re fereiice co1 I et iOn consists of approximiately 25,000 Volumes in such fields, as ve'teran1s ffIrs, personnel administration,daarOeinpli u iirtion, accounting, insurance, statistics. Two litind red twenty-live ge II--al periodicals are regularly received. TIhe collection includes Microfilm and microfiche. The library provides suppleineiP ary rcfkereniice anld bibliographic service, and interlibrary loans to lilrarics i~n lbU
\~Iras~Adinimistral ion bo-jp t:il IS anti ofices General Counsel's Office-Law Library 0l Vermont Avenue, NW., Room 10.35 Washington, D.C. 20420
P hone 202-389-2139
This library of approximately 23,500 volumes contains a generall law collection with emphasis on Veterans' laws, both Federal and(. tate. In addition, the library maintains for the use of the AdiiN-1111 is-tration a digest of legal opinions by the General Counsel on veterans-' c~ss.The digest is arranged by subject and serves as a key to the1 oMplete texts of opinions.

b. Representative Data So?,roers and S yptecns
Automated Mfanagement Information System (AMTN1S)-SG-5O1-00I I/)xanT Guaranty- Portfol io Loan System (PLACE) -S06506-000 Financial Benefits System-Com'pensat ion and Pension-S06500-003 ]Financial Benefits Syst--em-Edcation-O50f--004 Insurance System-Underwriting and Accounting (UAW)-S06570Bnl'Ieficiary Identification and Records Loc-ator System (BJ1RL 1).-06506-'006


[Wasihington, D.C. 204.23. Office of Information, phone: 22.~-4i
MannT-.,gement Information System (Internal,1 Dtita) -SOISO(0 CA-B Libra rv-SO1 800-00n2
-A'r Carrier Traffic Stqti. -tics "eot-r 01-003 Air Freigh Satistc R~ ot-SO; 0I ~01 -($ Quarterly Airline Indntrv Ec(onomic- Ie'l -080-~ Air Carrier Financial Sttsis(Thle Yell~ow ok S 1v1-Ol ne rim Report. of Sl e iri n rdr~o~A ,rraft Operating~ Cost alk, PePr1.eltot TeBd os~


Operating Results of Scheduled All-Cargo Service-S01801-024 Handbook of Airline Statistics-S01801-036
[Washington, D.C. 20415. Office of Public Affairs, phone: 202-632-4588]
CSC Special Library Data Collections-S05900-001 Labor Agreement Information Retrieval System-S05904-001 Retiree Annuitant System-S05909-001 Agency Evaluation Statistics-S05911-001 Executive Assignment System-S05912-001 Central Personnel Data File (CPDF)-S05915-002 Merit System Review of State and Local Agencies-S05917-001
[Washington, D.C. 20581. Office of Public Information, phone: 202-254-8630]
[Washington, D.C. 20207. Director. Public Affairs, phone: 202-634-7780]
National Electronic Injury Surveillance Systemn (NEISS)-S02100001
National Injury Information Clearinghouse-S02100-003 Technical Information for Product Safety Libraryv-S02100-005

[Washington, D.C. 20554. Consumer Assistance Office, phone: 202-632-6999]
a. Major Program Services
1919 M Street. NW.. Room 639 Washington, D.C. 20554 Phone 202-632-7100
The Library contains 30.000 volumes and over 7.000 pamphlets relating to wire 1(and ridio co munications. Its collection includes highly technical texts and repo-rts in the field of electronics: general texts in t1e communications field. legislative histories and other legislative material : law reports and (loverniment publications.

b. Represcntative Data Soureer and Systems
Broadcast R d(lio Servi'e )'ata Base-S0 704-004 Cable Television Iaster File- O 0.-00l Coinion Carrier (Fixed Public) Iadlio Service Data Base-S02706002

izens R., I (I*() Service T):it a I as(--S'l W 74W) Im )4
x J)el' 111(111tifl U,1(110 S(TN-i(T I),11a 11),1-0--.

[Wa.shington, D.C. --'()4(;l. Mice of Conlimillication., :111d Publie AtTairs, phone: 2022-961-600f")]
Federal Ener(y Tnformation Locator S stvin National Eii(,i,,(-ri, Aceounts- o2(900-4)02 Iloiu-:ehold E.neray Expenditure Model-,,-;() 900-004 EcOllonletric 1"or(wasting Allocation Procrram Data System-S02900-00", Export and Import Data, Sy tem-*-;02900-01(11 ..National Energy Information Center-S02! 0 0 0 1 --2

[Washington, D.C. 20,5)73. Public information Office, Phone : 204-2-,52-23-5 764]
Maritime Tndustry Information System-S03100-001

[Washington, D.C. 204226. Office of Public Liformation, pholle: 202-27,54006]
FPC Corporate, Fillancial and Economic Data File-S%02300-00-2 FPC Environmental Nfornlation File-S02300-002) 1)
FPC T,11)1-al-r-,1,;03300-00' 900
FPC Rwconfq and Dockets Section-So", -006 Natural Gas Tndustry Evaluation Electric Power
MAro, and Electric Recurrin(Ir Data

[Washingrton, D.C. 205P-0. Director. Office of PuMic Tnformation, Phone:
a. Major Pro(vwm
Ptl) m(4 Pennsylvanin Armup, 'NAV.

The Federal Trade Comrnis( ion Library is a Ifirrre
tion eonta i nincr a pprox I i i i:t i (,]-N- 150.000 hoiind volmne z antl:'(11.000 0-mJomlmonr,- 'I'lle Collection is fail-IV ex-vill-v divide(l betw")ell
law aw l com io" lic, :. ,Ilitltl,ll,;t w )L.
re frills t iw). consumer anl consumer credit.


b. Representative Data Sources and Systems
Statistical Report on Mergers and Acquisitions-S03501-001 (Corporate Patterns Report (CPR) -S3501-003 Line of Business Program-S03501-004 Quarterly Financial Report System (QFR)-S03501-005

[Washington, D.C. 20436. Public Information Office, phone: 202-523-0161]
Tariff Schedules of the United States Annotated (TSUSA)S06400-001
[Washington, D.C. 20423. Public Information Office, phone: 202-275-7252]
a. Major Program Services
Lirary, 12th and Constitution Avenue, NW., Room 3392, Washington, D.C. 20423, phone: 202-375-7328
The collection of approximately 80,000 volumes, emphasizes those books and publications concerned with administrative law, transportation law, economics and history, related subjects such as statistics, accounting, valuation, finance, and safety; files of Congressional materials including legislative histories pertaining to government regulation of transportation agencies; reports of the regulatory commissions of the United States and Canada.

b. Representative Data Sources and Systems
Fixed and Variable Cost Computations System-S04000-001 Economic Projection Through Modeling System-S04000-002 Master Regulated Carrier Inventory System-S04000-003 Rail Investment Base Computation System-Depreciation AnalysisS04000-005
Claims and Damag e Information for All Carriers-S04000-006 TanTsnortation Movement Information for All Rail ShipmentsSo04 000-008
[Washington. D.C. 20570. Division of Information, phone: 202-254-9033]
a. Ya1 ;or Program Servies
Lil' raryV, 1717 Penn vlvania Avenue, NW., Washington, D.C. 20570,
p hone: 202-254-9056
"I'll( 1!1W9rV contains about 35,000 books. panlhlets. and periodicals in 1 fic-4 .Is of laNw. labor law and economics with particualr reference

to labor relations. It includes nearly everything published by or about the Na-tionlal Lahor Ret'latiollis BoardI tle ~ oI'al l.jlO ERA.ati01fAct, the Labor NManagemnt Elat ionis Act of 194 7, and the LandrumnG riffin Actl t it le VII1.

b. IReprce-sevatcce Ib'fa Sources and Sy8tcms
Case Processing Svszt en -0440()-003 Legal Research Svstem-S04400-005

[Washington, D.C. 20594. Office of Publ ic Affairs, phone: 202-426-87 87 ]

[Washington, D.C. 205,55. Office of Public Affairs, phlone: 301-492-7 715]
NRC Inspection. Jnvesticration and Inquiry Systern-S6200-002 Likcnse Inuformat ion Systems-S06200-003 Radiation Exposure Inrformation and Reports Systenm (REIRS)S06200-004
NRC Public Document Room-S06200-005 Nuclear Safety Information Center-S6200-006


[Washington, D.C. 20006. Director of Information and Publications, phone: 202-634-7943]
MNanagemennt Information System: Tracking Systemi ReporS041-00-001


[Washington, D.C. 20549. Office of Public Information,, phone: 2~c)-Librarva. Major Pro gram Scrv iics .'00 North Capitol Street. NWV., Room 150 Wa-shington. D.C. 20549 Phone 2-02-75 ')'5-1464
The collection currently consists of approximately 60.000 volumes, in the fielt ()of law. corp~oraie and 2rener:1l fihanee, econ1omies. a1ccMun1>Z publIc -tilitiefs- !ztock. market activif ieq and control. Ove(-r 200 periodlicbare received regularly and the librar mintin legislative 11istories of va-rioii(z statiutes ftdmini ereJ byv or aftigtheur]l and Ecag omsin


b. Representative Data Sources and Systems
Statistical Bulletin, Monthly-S05300-002 Broker-Dealer, Investment Adviser Directory System (BDA)S05300-005
Complaint Processing System (CMP) -S05300-008 Investment Company Data File System (IVT)-S05300-010 Over-the-Counter Market Surveillance System (OTC)--S05300-016 Securities Violations Bulletin System (SVB)-S05300-020 Corporate Pension Fund System (CPF)-S05300-025 Investment Statistical Laboratory System (ISL)---SO05300-026


[Washington, D.C. 20525. Office of Communications, phone: 202-2547526]
a. Major Program Services
ACTION Library
1717 H Street, NW., Room 345
Washington, D.C. 20006
Phone 202-254-3329
The collection of 30,000 books and documents, 300 periodicals and 4,000 vertical file/technical folders contains social, agricultural, economic, health and language materials on the various developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America in which Peace Corps works. Other subject areas are: voluntarism, minorities and ethnic groups, U.S. domestic and urban affairs materials needed to serve VISTA, Foster Grandparents Program, Retired Senior Volunteer Program, Senior Corps of Retired Executives, National Student Volunteer Program and other ACTION programs. The former Peace Corps Library formed the backbone of ACTION Library which today serves both international and domestic U.S. Government voluntary programs.

b. Representative Data Sources and Systems
Domestic Programs Fact Book-S01300-001 ID)omestic Operations Project Profile System-S01300-003 International Operations Project Profile System-S01300-004


[Washington, D.C. 20037. Executive Secretary, phone: 202-254-7020]
Recommendations and Reports of Administrative Conference of
United States (January 8, 1968-June 30, 1974)-S01400-001


[Washington, D.C. 2057-5. Public Informaztion Officer, phone: 20-23)8-2-2-)114]

a. Major' Pro yrllr' &~ruce8r
ACIR Library
726 acsnPlace. NV. IVai:inrton. D.C. O0 P~hone2()-2-11
The library of applroxim-natel.y 0.000 voluimes contains many Federal, state. and local g(ovk'rn]II)en t 1)lbliocat ioui in areas of public finance, 11e(t rupolitan areasI- an1d grovernmllent At ruct nre andt fun1TCtions ; vertical files. andl. subscribes to about 2251 periodiceals_-. Publishes AIcceS--11nSjist4 an1d Periodical Index. Ipublicat ionls:
ACI E' Publications, pain phiet Intergovernmental Perspective, quarterly Information Bulletin, monthly

b. Thplr snat~re Data SouC(8 and Systems
ACRM aiin List-S06600-001


[Washington, D.C. 20006. Executive Director, phone: 202-653-6193]


[Wasizhington, D.C. 20,520. Public Affairs Advisor, phone: 202-6:126192]
Annmual Survey of Federal FundIs for Research, Development and
other S-cientific Activities-'OSSOO-01


[Washington, D.C. 20551. Office of Public A.ffairs, phone: 1202-4523204]

a. 11 jarProy rulfu Ser' e WC8
Re;sea rch Library of the Board of Governors F ed eral ,- R ese rve B u ildJig, Room 85 7
WasingonD.C. 20551 Phone 0A -32
The library has, aipproximiately 86'Z.(00 volumies- in the field of hankrng'L. nonietry Policy and economic condition in the V.. andl abroa);d.


Over 2.300 periodicals are received currently. Special collections: lezislative and historical record of the Federal Reserve System; Congre-sional hearings, reports and laws concerning monetary, credit, and hfseal policy and economic conditions in the U.S. since 1913; State bank reports; foreign monetary and central banking laws; annual reports, balance sheets and other publications of foreign central )banks: economic and official statistical publications of over 100 foreign coHntries.
b. Representative Data Sources and Systems
Financial Management System-S03400-001

[Washington, D.C. 20425. Public Affairs Office, phone: 202-254-6697] Catalog of Publications-S1900-001

[Washington, D.C. 20582. Public Information Officer, phone: 202653-5400]
Washington, D.C. 20506. Office of Public Affairs, phone: 202-25r-5840]
Washington, D.C. 20036. Public Information Officer, phone: 202293-6160]
[Washington, D.C. 20506. Office of Public Affairs, phone: 202-63-6030]
U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Library-S02400002
Employer Information Report System-S02400-003 Annrentieshlip Information Report System-S02400-004 OPA In formtion Clearinghouse-S02403-001 (o mphaint Statistical and Reporting Systemn-S02404-001

Washington, D.C. 20571. Office of the Vice President-Administration, phone: 202-3S2-1168]

a. ifo~or Pror"am. S'rr"Ces T, irv e
! 11, Vernont A venue,"N11'.


":--ilingtoD. D.C. 20,571
() I W 2112 : 1) -) - 15
The Library collectioll ('011--lists of bm)1*1:1-- palliphlet.:, (rovel,1111"iT
.1-1111clits., liewspapei mi i --- ion:tl hem
illi Ic hINN s pert aill III to the 1'alll- 111,1 pol illchidi
,(A lect loll Vit'W< Of the
of QuarterlY 11intelli"(111ce Unit. 'Smile of the IlIzIliv ,Ilh jccts covered are kmkill-(r.
e(IOTIO11lies Immice, fovel(ni ivlatv)lls Jatistics, arA tma(lo.

b. Representative 1411(1 sow-es a ild
Litin Guarantee System-SO-.2.7010-001

13. FARN[ CREDIT AD1rTN--T- 7TR-kT10-T
'AN-ashiiiaton, D.C. 0.05"S. hiformatimi I)ivi.4on, phone: 1 0 -7:

[Wazzhingtoii, D.(7. 20429. InformaG)zi Office, phone:

a. Yajor Pro,70T. 171 r V
S Ck venteentli Street, LAV. AV(,tshington, D.C. -204,29 i -one 202-389-4314
The library contains approxim ito'y '0.000 volumps in the fiel(ls o*
finance, e conomirs and h v. It al-lo has current State !(A ,-.
1 State bank commission annual reports.

b. Representative Dato S.,mrcc.3 wid S'ystcms
Ilk, Structure Tnf ormat ion System-.S1)--1,, 1),)-001
R(,port of Condition and Income S,,-6' i i- 1%,", -)2SO5-002

[Wa-4iincrton, D.C. 20-5),-)2. Wil-o of Conaw,,iiicatio:1S.

(I. Major Pmyj- 7??)
v T,4ibi 11 'W., -Room
14 irst Sti-(,(,t,

..0ne 12')02
hk- is primarIlY a law P)r"YY _,,i
iion witil 1,1W It,, it

all F cd I- 11 :1111 'i
111;Itt"11 0 11 :1 ill -I,- -trative law, Fei.1,, r,.i z"nt p-o,
text mid N-t-,rious mil 1 c(wipil'a" loll-l of (I c
I- IIII'les.
'L .(-, library (,()An, allls -- 1.! 90 vo i


b. Representative Data Sources and Systems
FHLBB Dockets-S03000-001 Savings and Loan Information System-S03000-005
[Washington, D.C. 20427. Office of Information, phone : 202-653-5290] Mediation Case Load Statistics System-S03201-001 Arbitration Case Tracking System (ARBlT)-S03203-001

[Washington, D.C. 20005. Public Affairs Advisor, phone: 202-376-5700]

[Washington, D.C. 20036. Office of the Executive Director, phone: 202-254-9890]
Public Sector Publications On Productivity-S07100-001 19. NATIONAL COMMISSION ON LIBRARIES AND INFORMATION SCIENCE
[Washington, D.C. 20036. Office of the Executive Director, phone: 202-382-6595]
[Washington, D.C. 20456. Office of the Administrator, phone: 202-254-9800]
Credit Union Data System-S04200-001
[Washington, D.C. 20506. National Endowment for the Arts, Director
Program Information, phone: 202-634-6369]
[National Endowment for the Humanities, Public Information Officer, phone: 202-382-5721]
Cultural Directory.-Guide to Federal funds and services for cultural activities-S04301-001

[Washington, D.C. 20572. Office of the Executive Secretary, phone: 202-523-5920]


[Washngton D.C 2055. Pulic biforma-tion Blranchj. phon:

a. Ifa.;or TPro gra'mSccc

1I S G Street. NW.Room 421(0 Washing-ttoniD. 0550 Phone -102-6,')2-14070
The -Nationil SIinc mFondation, Librarv. estaldli-hed in P.70, contains about 17,000 voums.rceives, over 800 JO prlodical, and itn~wAZin a small v-ertical file. The collection Includes gleeral works a11d r0cenit research devNelopments in the fields of enlvironmenjltal 1biolog0tical and social science policy, and energy policy. It miaintains II collection of current college and uiIversit N- cit alogs. annual reports of colleger( presidents and Collegre hnanl~cil reports. Emphasis is placed on developing~ thle Collection in fields of histoi-v and philos---ophy of :cience. at lmmnist rat ion of scientific research. education and teci~in the sciences, national and international science policy, the envlironmiental
scincsand energy policy and re-earch.

b. Rlepi'esentative Data Sources and Systemns
Description of the .National Science Foundation's Comprehensive
.Managrement Information Systemn-S04600-001
Chicago, Ill. 60611
Chief Executive Officer Phone 3124 51-4930
W1ashingcton Liaison Officer Phone 2024382-4791
RRB Accounting Systemi-S05100-001 Quarterly and Annual Operations Siystem-S3100-002 Financial Interchange Systemn-S05100-005 Actuarial Valuation System-S51iGO-OS Protective Payment Recovery System-S05100-14

[Washington, D.C. 20435. Office of R~egistrant Relations, phone: 120*2-343-71504]
The Registrant Information Bank System (RIB) -,05400-4)02 SSS Reszerve and National Guard Records and Related Files SysteS05404-001 V


[Washington, D.C. 20416. Office of Information, phone: 202-382-1891]
SBA Management Information Summary Report-S05500-001 SBA Procurement Activities-S05500-003 SBIC and MESBIC Financial Data-S05500-004
[Washington, D.C. 20560. Office of Public Affairs, phone: 202 -381-6218]
a. Major Program Services
Smithsonian Institution Libraries-General Library Natural History Building 10th and Constitution Avenue, NW. Washington, D.C. 20560 Phone 202-381-5382
The Smithsonian Libraries collections include, in all, over 1,400,000 publications, over 500,000 of which are deposited in the Library of Congress. The 900.000 volumes kept at the Smithsonian Institution cover all subjects pertinent to the work of the Institution itself and tihe bureaus which it administers. Subjects are broadly: aeronautics, astronautics, American biography, anthropology (including archaeolofy and enthnology). art, astrophysics, botany, engineering, history, industries, geology, museology, oceanography, zoology, ecology, travel, and exploration.

b. Representative Data Sources and Systems
Natural IHistory Information Retrieval System-S05600-001 Smithsonian Science Information Exchange, Inc.-S05600-003 Increase and Diffusion: A brief introduction to the Smithsonian Institution-S05600-004
Commercial Realty Management Building Knoxville, Tenn. 37902 Public Information Office Phone 615-632-3257
Washington Representative PLone 202-343-457
Fiscal and Budgeting Accounting Svstem-S05700 -OOl Electric Sales Statistics -S05700-o002.

8 7

--lo'-dT. 0ji'Wo of Puldic 111f(WIll.If ion, pholle
-202 Co: 1)2 1 1961"

a. Jbyw I /,O(#,l ((m St r -'

velillsvIvallia Avenue' NAV.. ]Zoom 1011 AVIII-diingrton. D.C. 20547 Pholle 202-6")2-119SO
Tll(, -k(T(,ll(*V Libl-tal-V vsteni contail)-: lbout 7,-).()()f) voluilles III the field-, of Aillencoant-14 lilt ('I'll'ItIonal relations. talva stlldl(- 4 and political
-CWIWO. Two larcro
*111 A YCIWV Ark-l"ve and .1 Conli-IIIIIII-4 prop"
UTI.Illda sectioll, IMV tltL o
maintaint.A. "I'livre is one branch reference library.

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Members of Congress and their staffs are increasingly interested in crosscutting perspectives. It is not unusual for a "survey" to run across many departmental lines. The need to contact similar offices in diverse agencies calls for lists of addresses and phone numbers developed primarily in terms of 'service function" rather than departmilents.
Although there is no clear precedent for a list of "policy planning" or "policy analysis and development" (PAD) offices, the responsibilities are of such importance as to warrant inclusion of such a list. The Office of Management and Budget, the General Accounting Office, and Members of Congress have previously done (crosscutting) surveys of agency evaluation programs. The "policy/program evaluation office" list overlaps with the "policy planning or PAD" list because organizations such as HEW have "planning and evaluation offices".
For a detailed list of Federal offices working on statistical proramns, see the Federal Stat;stical Dicetor~U (Abstracted in Section II. E,7.).
Users should note that if the agency's area code is other than 202 (Washington, DC), it is listed. If the agency's mailing address is other than Washington. D.C., the city and State are listed.
In each of the following lists the relevant contacts in Exer-utive Drpartments appear first (in alphabetical order) and the contacts in other agencies appear second (in alphabetical order).
The lists of contacts appear in the following order:
A. Budget Offices:
1. Executive Departments
2. Other Agencies
B. Congressional Liaison Offices:
1. Executive Departments
2. Other Agencies
C. Intergovernmental Relations Offices:
1. Executive Departments
2. Other Agencies
D. Policy and Planning Offices:
1. Executive Departments
2. Other Agencies
E. Program Evaluation Offices:
1. Executive Departments
2. Other Agencies
F. Public Affairs Offices:
1. Executive Departmnmts
2. Other Agencies


Department of Agriculture
Office of Management and Finance
Director-Jerome A. Miles
Room 102A
14th and Independence Avenue, NW.
Administration Building 20250
Telephone: 447-3323
Agriculture Research Service:
Budget Finance Division Director-John B. Victor
Room 3143
14th and Independence Avenue, NW.
South Building 20250
Telephone: 447-4422
Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service:
Budget Division
Director-Lloyd Holmes
Room 3096
14th and Independence Avenue, NW.
South Building 20250
Telephone: 447-3674 Soil Conservation Service:
Budget and Finance Division
Director-Paul Newcomnibe
Room 6242
14th and I nd(leenplenc Avenue, NVW.
South Building 20250
Telephone: 447-5904
Federal Crop Insurance Corporation:
Admfinistrative Finmance )ivision
Budget Officer-Joseph Kandra
Room 4611
14th and Id41cenhdel(nc Avenue, NW.
South Building 20250
Telephone: 447-6738
Foreign Agricultural Service:
Budget and Analysis Division Director-Richard J. Cannon
Room 5704
14th (l I(l)elndewnce Avenue, NW.
South Building 20250
Telephone: 447-7457