Collection Development Policy for the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature ( Draft )

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Collection Development Policy for the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature ( Draft )
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Project Meeting Materials: Forging a Collaborative Structure for Sustaining Scholarly Access to the Baldwin Library for Historical Children's Literature
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Meeting materials
Alteri, Suzan
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Meeting materials for June 2014 meeting of the project team for the mini-grant to bring representatives from both the scholarly and library community together for the Baldwin Library of Historical Children's Literature in Gainesville for a two-day meeting. Through the meetings and discussions, the group will develop a fully proposed plan for the Baldwin Scholarly Council for submission to the Deans of the Libraries for their review, discussion, and eventual implementation. As well, the group will be asked for scholarly and library viewpoints regarding a future project for external funding on early American and British Children's Literature and Religious Tracts.

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COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT POLICY BALDWIN LIBRARY OF HISTORICAL CHILDRENS LITERATURE Introduction to the collection : The Baldwin Library of Historical Childrens Literature (hereafter Baldwin Library) contains more than 130,000 books, four related manuscript collections, and assorted ephemera such as board games and puzzles from the United States and the United Kingdom The size of the book collection places the Baldwin Library in the top two Childrens Literature collections in the United States. The Baldwin Library has the largest collection of Early A merican juvenile books (pre 1823 ) of any academic institution. The Ba ldwin Library is also strong in comparative editions, particularly of the following works: Robinson Crusoe Pilgrims Progress Alices Adventures in Wonderland, and Aesops Fables The Baldwin Library began when Ruth M. Baldwin donated her 35,000 item c ollection to the University of Florida in 1980. These materials were primarily from the 17th century through the early 20th century from the United States and the United Kingdom, and were books that were used by children. Since 1980, the collection has gr own to include materials through the p resent day, expanded to include Young Adult Literature, Series books, Nonfiction, and Specialty editions. Collecting Rationale : The Baldwin Library acquires and collects books, original artwork/proofs, and manuscript collections that support the teaching and research at the University of Florida and the Center for Childrens Literature and Culture as well as areas that are the focus of interdisciplinary departments. The Baldwin Library builds o n existing collection st rengths and actively seeks to remain current with the academic climate of the field of Childrens Literature. Since the Baldwin Library is a distinctive and internationally known collection, we are committed to developing a unique collection for the broade r research community and continue to draw visiting scholars to the University of Florida campus. Collecting Methods : Responsibility for collecting materials rests with the Baldwin Library Curator, who may consult with the Rare Books Curator, the Departmen t of English, teaching faculty, and subject specialists. All collection development activities are supervised and coordinated by the curator. Endowment funds and donations are the preferred methods of acquisitions for the Baldwin Library. The curator solic its gift s of materials (in conjunction with the George A. Smathers Libraries Office of De velopment) from individuals and organizations. Acquisitions that are not gifts are purchased through booksellers and dealers either from catalogs or by auction, from p rivate individuals and organizations, from the two book approval vendors, and through the Internet. Purchases are funded by endowment income from the following two endowments: 1. Ruth M. Baldwin Endowed Book Purchase Fund 2. Louise Seaman Bechtel Book Purchase F und


Both endowments support the acquisition of material for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing the Baldwin Library. The Baldwin Library also maintains a relationship with the Alachua County District Library and receives donations of withdrawn material subject to the curators approval. Statement on collaborative collection development efforts : The Baldwin Library collects and acquires certain materials in conjunction with Harold and Mary Jean Hanson Rare Book Collection the Isser & Rae Price Library of Judaica, an d the Latin American Collection Acquisitions are decided between the curators of these collections. Purchases usually involve contributions from each collection, with certain exceptions made by the Baldwin Library curator. Judaica childrens literature in English is purchased and shelved in the Baldwin Library. Childrens literature fr om Latin America in Spanish is referred to the Rare Books Curator. On occasion, a rare book will be purchased for the Baldwin Library but shelved in Rare Books. Current Collecting Priorities : The Baldwin Librarys current collecting activities focus on bu ilding upon existing collection strengths while establishing new collecting areas to expand into in order to maintain the collections distinctive reputation. New priorities include, but are not limited to: Manuscript collections of authors, illustrators, publishers, editors, and literary agents Books on illustration, illustrators, or books featuring work by prominent childrens literature illustrators Books produced from the British colonies Graphic novels As well, the Baldwin Library will continue to remain dominant in Early American and British juvenile literature and religious tracts. In addition, comparative editions of Robinson Crusoe Pilgrims Progress Alices Adventures in Wonderland, and Aesops Fable s not already within the Baldwin Library will b e acquired. Primary Collecting Areas: Early American Juvenile Imprints & Early British Childrens Literature Existing Collection Strengths : Materials for children published in the United States and the United Kingdom from the 17th c entury to 1823 and it ems from A Bibliography of American Childrens Books Printed Prior to 1821 by DAlte Welch Current Collecting Focuses : Non duplicate materials for children published in the United States and the United Kingdom from the 17th century to 1823. Religious Tracts Existing Collection Strengths : Materials from the American Baptist Publication Society, American Sunday School Union, American Tract Society, Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, Methodist Episcopal


Church, Religious Tract Society, Society for Prom oting Christian Knowledge, Sunday Schoo l Union, materials from the 19th century with a geographic focus of the United States and United Kingdom. Current Collecting Focuses : Manuscript materials related to religious societies from the 19th century, publica tions from the British colonies in English. Illustration Existing Collection Strengths : Illustrated editions by N. C. Wyeth, Jessie Willcox Smith, Kate Greenaway, Tasha Tudor, and Edward Ardizzone. Current Collecting Focuses : American and British Illustrated editions by prominent childrens literature illustrators (see appendix A for list ) and books on illustration. Fairy Tales Existing Collection Strengths : Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, Hans Christian Andersen, Arabian Nights international fairy tales, fairy tale anthologies, comparative editions, and illustrated fairy tales. Current Collecting Focuses : International fairy tale collections, contemporary retellings of classic fairy tales, illustrated fairy tales Multiculturalism and Diversit y Existing Collection Strengths : African American interest (including historical works), translations of international works, Hans Christian Andersen Awards, Pura Belpre Awards, LGBT/queer childrens literature, and Latin American works published in Englis h. Current Collecting Focuses : Translations of international works, LGBT/queer childrens literature, Latin American works published in English, books from the British colonies in English, Judaica, and the Amelia Bloomer Project. Graphic novels Existing Collection Strengths : None Current Collecting Focuses : Retellings of classic childrens literature and fairy tales, award winners, books that appear on Y oung A dult L ibrary S ervices A ssociation and the A ssociation of L ibrary S ervices to Children lists. *NOTE: The Baldwin Library does not collect Manga of any kind Original Materials Existing Collection Strengths : Manuscript Collections of Margaret Sidney, Louise Seaman Bechtel, and Ruth M. Baldwin


Current Collecting Focuses : Original artwork from artists that are representative of illustration in the field of childrens literature, manuscript collecti ons from contemporary authors, p ublisher s correspondence and archives, and manuscript collections from editors and literary agents. *NOTE: Although some original artwork may be purchased, manuscript collections are accepted on a donation basis only. The Baldwin Library does not purchase manuscript collections. Trends in Childrens Literature Existing Collection Strengths : American and British childrens literature from the 17th century to the present, c hapbooks, Little Golden Books, s eries books, Newbery & Caldecott winners & h onors, alphabet books, and moveable and pop up books. Current Collecting Focuses : Newbery & Caldecott winners & honors, moveable and pop up books, and beginning readers Nonfiction Existing Collection Strengths : Nonfiction series books, biographies from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, books on trades, courtesy and etiquette books, and science. Current Collecting Focuses : Award winners and selected contemporary nonfiction that complements the existing collection strengths. Secondary Collecting A reas : Boys series books Existing Collection Strengths : Boys series books from the 19th and 20th centuries. Current Collecting Focuses : Filling in gaps in s eries books already in the collection and contemporary series books. Juvenile Periodicals Existing Collection Strengths : 19th century journals for children. Current Collecting Focuses : Filling in gaps in the periodical collection.


APPENDIX A: AUTHORS OF ILLUSTRATED EDITIONS COLLECTED BY THE BALDWIN LIBRARY Anne Anderson Edward Ardizzone Quentin Blake Randolph Caldecott Walter Crane George Cruikshank Dalziel Brothers Edmund Detmold Gustav Dore Edmund Dulac Harrison Fisher Theodor Seuss Geisel Kate Greenaway Berta & Elmer Hader Clare Turlay Newberry Peter Newell Kay Nielson Maxfield Parrish Miska Petersham Willy Pogany Beatrix Potter Howard Pyle Arthur Rackham Louis Rhead Charles Robinson W. H. R obinson Maurice Sendak Ernest H. Shepard Jessie Willcox Smith Virginia Sterrett John Tenniel Tasha Tudor Kurt Wiese N.C. Wyeth