The most surprising adventures, and wonderful life of Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner


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The most surprising adventures, and wonderful life of Robinson Crusoe, of York, mariner containing a full and particular account how his ship was lost in a storm, and his companions were drowned, and he only was cast upon the shore by the wreck; and how he lived eight and twenty years in an uninhabited island, on the coast of America, &c., with a true relation how he was at last miraculously preserved by pirates, &c. &c. &c
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Robinson Crusoe
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130, 2 p. : ill. ; 16 cm. (12 mo)
Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731
Wait, Thomas Baker, 1762-1830
Printed and sold by Thomas B. Wait
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Portland Me.
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Subjects / Keywords:
Castaways -- Fiction   ( lcsh )
Shipwrecks -- Fiction   ( lcsh )
Survival after airplane accidents, shipwrecks, etc -- Fiction   ( lcsh )
Imaginary voyages -- 1789   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1789
Imaginary voyages   ( rbgenr )
fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Maine -- Portland


Welch, D.A. Amer. children's books,
Brigham, C.S. Robinson Crusoe,
NUC pre-1956,
General Note:
Parts I and II of Robinson Crusoe abridged.
General Note:
A variant(?) of Lovett, R.W. Robinson Crusoe, 78, which records the imprint as Thomas S. Wait and Crusoe's dates on the port. as 1637-1705. The facsimile port. in hand reads: Robinson Crusoe, Born in the year 1632. Died 1705. Aged 73 years.
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Signatures: 1 recto, L6 verso blank.

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University of Florida
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The Baldwin Ubrary of



77, -MREA L-




_0 obinfon Cruloc,

0 F Y 0 RX, M A R I N AL.

I C 0 N T A I N I N G

I 03T IN A
')NS WERE EDAlqDfJE4)N! 'i
U PO N '114 E E B Y I-HE
A IiE I lv; 'I) F A 1) '] Wv t
YL,, IN AN UNIN'l kBll'FD J il AND. 0!'

W 1 7 H

TRU F 1117LATION T10,\ 11" AT IA5zT
kAt:UL0U,3LV PF -i I t,
&c. &c. &c.

,p o R L ,f N
AND So!l fi vll, ;


N tbii new abridgement tf tbt ",vnaerlut lire and ',Aj rpr eg .4venturei rf Rotinion Cruioe, Itb.;nk mye 'obhgrdio aquain, t,,ereader, 11 Ybal allp6gble rare kas kin taken to ve the hillory entire, to corrrd 'Irme i?,Vlzzkci In f.r7ner imprtyt xs, and to add a confidtrall 'er 9r lad, and material o firvationj tbatkrve / 1,2:f f ured, a4 wer- ne-vir puk'. red La chis ediLlon.

T'hr general foccefs a"Y t;, -i,- n'aufe The work
at Imite has me! r I er 'ifor me igj.4y
lw? Y tb*;,,q in its, 7ime,.,dation ; n-r I :he zvea i e vlbat ba- -c ce, r niesWe agal:, # ,e poffibility Cj
de -r e zz'2v
(as j it fizl cn ? 2,., ile i','A n i.,
car oband': a pir ;us

a4 beft 'ivi

L i ;v p r, orm ,nce in s
elt" t ib'lli!
k apologies,





H E that pretends to publifli to the wvorld ar
LIaccount of his own life and, a~ ions, is
cloubrles der the ftrongeft obligations to ton
fine himfeif within the firi~aeft rules of inudef~y and tuth : and this, I can afe the 1niblick, I moft folemnly determine to do in the following narration.
I was born at 'York, in the -year i 63,z, of a reputable family. My father was a mnercha, born at Bremnen 5 his original name was Kreritmuzer, which for the fikeof the Engliflh pvr14 4ii ciation, was afterwards changed into Crkfioe. My mother's name was Robinion, a native of t4& county of York ; and for that reafou, L was cilcd Robinfou, after her maiden name.
I was the youngeft of three brothert,',. tt eldeft was an uflicer, and 'killed in the wx"Win the Low Countries' and the othe-I wu~ld tte. ver learn any thing' of. Mlyfatherlim___nmr for the law, particular care -w4 taken. '"y~ education : but all the pains and t~i to no purpofe ; my inclinations- w~e okw ther way, and nothing would fer'ewsv4 but, at all hazards, I inuft go to f1mi
~My father and mnothepr _wcre oh*k i
', and 'ufcd a akr44, difflade me ; but it was'alito
~vfuohtiin. werO 11'lkrp0l

the intreaties of a moft tender father, nor the tears of anaft'e~ionate mother, could make any imapreffion upon rue.3
I was then about nineteen years old, when ,meetikg with one of my fchoolfellows at Hull, who Was gog with his fath er, wh~o was mailer of a fhip,, to London, I acquainted him with my refolutions, and he readily promifed me I fliould have a free paff&ge, and be provided with all other xieceffaries luitable to the voyage. A c cordiugly, without imploring a bleffing of my parents, I took shipping on the firfi of September, Iif.
Our thip was hardly got clear of the Humber, lwhtn we were overtaken by a violent form; andl Ucing extremely feafick, I began to refle& 'Upon my father's good advice, and the happicfsfa middle flb r of life which he proposed k'7 efolving, if ever I fliould, be fo happy
asb ct my~ feet again upon dry land, that I woiud rtufn to my parcrnts, nd beg their pardo0P4!,krdbid a final aditu to my wandering inTke;: eremy thoughts during the form:
wa~s no fooner over, but my good dcrctfd with the daog~r, particularly vhr nty companion, coming to me, aiked mc
J~~ kta little frighted by the fform, which :i dtptIe it, was only a cap Ut of wind.
~ *ays(fays hIi) Turn out, and fee what fie ar we have now, vod a good bowl of pun~bill drownu.all youir paft focrows."
Sthe punh4was*mdand LgotirI was rou4-

1C R U S 0" l
ed up by another accident, that had very near
put a final end vp my wandering refeotttions.
Upon the fixt day, we came to an anchiar' in
Yarmouth road, where we !ay windbound with feveral other veffelt from Ncwcaftle ; but there
being fafe anch&iage, and our fitip bCn'~t
anid :our cables good, the failors dcfpifed .44angers, and were a merry in this ftarion asif they had been on hore. But on the eighth day these arofe (tich a lIrong gale of wind as prevented our riding up the river, which ~ftill iDereafing, ourjbip rode forecaftie in, having fhipped leverat lhtrgc fcas.
it wasunt lonefr a gneral horrour feiz'.
ed the &aticn ; and I heard the maftr ry
Lord have mervy upon us, we Thall al-e of 1 "
F'or my part, I-kept inycabin, very Cck, ilsMh dreadful apprehenfions of tudden death, made
ire come upon deck, and there I was erf
affrighted indeed.
The fea went mnountains high, and-was to be expefted but unavoidable deftv&O Two of the hips had already cut their snafts
the board ; two more had loft their a and were forced'otito the mercy of the ,
and we, to fa-ve our flveu* we away both our foremnaft andAfp
It is aay to judge the conclitioj-J
heing but a frelh water *ailor, ~ cafe than any of themu. 0RV
firong, but, as I tindrOood laden,, which, madc the i
Wou~ld founder.
3: ~The florm. coopued oxtme

iaynZ uti, That, th 1-h

Ii IV V3U a IV
others, I That here was' four "feet water in t1re hold.' I wats ready to give up the gboft through, 'ifear whn a al fWdn all hands weie called to ;the pump, and I among the reft.

Whltwe were Alth~is 'coftiion 2nd dittt- h naftEr 'happened -to efPY fome. light
#tisandfird agunaafig'al of our inileWy. Avis ot ten sailor good renough to o te eaning of the -gun ; biitI foxin unWF 4e* wn it is ipoffiblceioWjme to
Aaoift I laboured-under.
iii o sta n-h trhte e
gng' our figi

<5' Aad*ihagetdelo ,Y-

ft was not wthou reat ealofda n difficulty that they recovered< their CJhp However, they made a bitft to land sa a 4lc Called, Cromer, niear' Winterton ihhop from~whence we all walked in amolierae drowned condition to Yarmouth. wher hego people furniflhed us with nccei rics either fo London or Hull.
I have often~ thought fnc.,. that~ it ~was very, firange that after thefe great misfortun~es atft ting out I did not (like the prodigal) return to my father, wko havfig heard of the liip's miffortune, had all the realpa in thec wordo think I was loft. But miy ill fate flill pushed e on in fpight of aU~ thle 11rong convi~tious of efu confcience, and experience.
After three dqs fay at Yarmouath, wht-V young man that invitcd Ai to~ go on b "~ his father. I foundHjis face antd his he 'o~ z Yey ,uuch'altered ; .andI found ie h
todhsfehcr who I was, -and that
this voyage only for~ a trial, in ordrt 0644 farther abroad hertr

man, you ought hte o' t any morec; fqr, depend be foperousinaea faring

adprhaps ou-r

:Uaw I pmittec4 thAt IOi

R, 0 B N5 8AT
perate, abandoned wretch into my fhip, that haz brought all xhefe milferies and mnisfortunes upon me V' After his p ,in was a. little abated, he Vroceets-0" Young man, depend upon it, if you 'do, nt return, and fbmit to your parents, wherever you go, the anger of God will certainly pur~fue you, and you will meet with. nothing but ruin and difafter, until your father's words
are futii~led upon you." And fo he left me.
And now again I had tomue notion of returning homec : but that was quickly overruled by a foolith opinion, that if I did, my neighbours and acquaintance would laugh at mue. So firange is th~e nature of youth, that though they often do foolifli things without either thame or remerfe, yet at the fame time they arc afliarned to own,
__their folly, and repent.
In fliort, II made the heft of -my way to Lon~don, being at all hazards refolved upon a voyage;> and b-ing acquainted with the captain of a fhp a voyage I f-Oon heard of to the coaft of Gulaua. Having fome money, and appearing'
a gentleman, I did not go on board like a
ivqmnoq, fai_ but foon got fo far into the captaj_; aor that he told me I fliould be bis
and fbould have full liberty to carry,
Pie what me-rchandife I fhiould think fit, and
to difotc of it to my own advantage.
wasM wonderfully pleafed with this kind ofe,
andconcluded that now I bad an oppot tuni y of m aking my fortune ; and in order to my voya ge I tet to iny friends for tome money to fit m.i out *t; who accord inl'rc in tcd me fortypoundt,
which I laid out ia goods according to his directions. Hie tau,,ht me to keep ajosurnal, atdfcv.
ual of the inof uleful parts of jziaru7

And indeed, by his afifance and my own in.' '44 duftry, in this voyage I become both a fallot and a mnerchat.t Part of this voyage I was cefiveIy ick of a calcnturc, ocesfioned by the heat of the climate,"being in ibl: latitude of atsnOf IS degrees north of the line. Hlowever:I recovered, and managed my little Rtock fo welly, that I breught over with me five pounds an& nine ounces of gold duft, which produced at, London near three hundred pounds fitrling.
Soon after my return, my good friend the' captain died. Although this was a very great Zgnef to me, yet I resolved to go another voyage with his mate, who bad got the command of tbe' Vaip. This voyage proved a very unfuccefifuIl one. I .car, cd with me about one huodred pounds, and left the reft with The captain's wi-dow, and Io to. (ea we went. But as we were. failing towards the Canary iflands, we found we' were chalied by a Ut~e rover, who in fpiecbflt2 the rail we cou.d dike, in a Mhort timt came up~-wii h us ; and now there wall no remedy. but to' fight or betaken.
They had ag gume, and our ihipc
however, about thrte in the afternoon, We c'afe to an engag, wenh. Mlany Wert killed on both' Ules ; but ait length being ove, powered by their ouml'ers, we were foi red to lubinir, and all car.. licd into Sale. Our men were (fM t o the -E xx.' 10 Ptiour's court to be fold ; but th'e cspran of be:, pi,t, t-kinQ a particular iikit g 1o Me$tp gWf, r It owa flav-. 'YC)tm
11 it2a in this miferahle cmxdidon t111t my (Ait, ct- woves came if.ex tAuo, my -enmrne ar Any tfi tag' 8 -wzre cootieut t~oks ake my .ckjie. MY ltatron cAusIA14 I" I&

A- a IN'SO0N
t~#he management of his garden and houre I and indeed I was Dot without hopes but at fia time or other an opportunity might cffcr. The worft r ~of it was, I had no mortal to communicate my
thoughts to ; sad fo for two Yeat so I could find M otbing prailicable.
In length of time, I found my patron was '
grown fo pcor, tbat be could not fit out his flip a. s ufual;, and then he ulicd conftancly once or twice 2 week to go out a filing, taking me and ,,.,borifco boy to row the boat ; and lo much c~lafed was he with my dextcriy in fillirig, that
he would often fend we with a Mcor, his kin(.
atav,'arid the boy. to carch fill for him.
One Morning 3s we were at the [port, there
.asofe (0 tbiE k a IL & that we loil our way, and rowing all night, when it was light we ftunt ourfdvcs at Ilft wo lca~ues in the ocean ; how. tKever we miade a thitt to get on fluore. But, to
Teiathe likC wi~foituzne for ih. futures my
patron ordered a carptncr to build a little flatc.
roomu in the middle of thc long boat, with a place behind to ft-er, and other conveniences
-to keep out the weather,
Iib tis he would often take us out a filing; /) and one tivae p articularly, he invited three or
four persons of diftiotion to go along with him, and made extraordinary preparatior s for their qnteixta tmcnt:- providing a1fn three fuzee$# Wik a fufficient quantity olf powder and thot, that sliCy might have forne (port at fowling, as they pt ffed along the fhore. The next nMntting the boAt being in rcadincfs. on a tuddeD their oniiids sltei-ed. However, my patron ordered us to go aned catch a dili of fill; fir that he, was refol
bii- guef th 3ould fup with him.

C R U S 0E_ 13
And now it was that I began to think of my
deliveran ce; and in order to it, I persuaded the Moor to get foine previfions on board, and alfo fome powder and fhiot to fhoot curlews, which were very plenty in thofe parts. I took care to -provide privately whalteverrelfe I could think was the moft ncccflry for the piefent expedition, rclolving to make my efcape, or perifh i the
Wheni we-were paft the caftle, we fell to fifhiog, and I flood farther into the tea ; and whea.
we were got at left a league, I gave the boy the helm, ,and feized Muley by fu ptrize, and threw him oviboard: t "Multy (fai* I nver defig4.
ed *6 arm, and fck nothiilaut ny redemption ; I know you are ahle to fwim to fllore j but if you offter to follow mpi that very afnomnt I will hoot you, through the head -." u439a whici
he inftantly turned about, and I mzkj, nodob
hut he got fife to fliore.
IThis, a~qion frighted the poor boye*tq~g.
ly ; howcvcr, I foon eafed him of his4 f*i,.y telling him "1if he would be a goo be**4a fvear by Mahomet, and the beard of~ fatitri to ferve me faithfully, I would be vekyioi to
him." The poor child fcemed odrul
pleafed with my promife, and readily cofned L and from that time I began to love him e
We purfued 'our voyage, keeping MI *n~
Blarbary coaft ; but in the dulk of the cyc2*
I changed my courfe, fleering difrefly S.-a
F. that we might always be near i~ie fhone n"
helring a pleafant gale, I found tbz.n*xt 4ay, by three iu the afternoon, we were j o lei b yond t~he dominions of the crmpcrour of Mo*.

cot; yet fill I was under dreadful apprehenfiomi
of being retaken.
I continued failing for five clays together, n7til I concluded that-if any vefft) was in purliti
of me, I was gotio i far to the fouthward that they would not think-proper to follow me any,
fmr ihcr.
After all this fatigue, 1. anchored in the mouth
of a little river ; but where I knew not, neither couWd4 fee any people to make- the discovery, t What I clikily wanted was freth water, which I
refolved to~ g6 on fhore to find out as Coon as it grew dufeih but no fooncr did it begin to grow dark, but we hj tuchi howliugs andj~eilings of wild beafits inooftelrs. that I rnuA~edt
ownt I wW exccedingly terrified.
Poor 4AUry paffionatcly begged mec not to go
an flhort, at night. The boy had a great deal
o-w,4 which, and fome broken Englifh
ii~"Y Jiad learnt among the captives of out'
mami was mightily pleafed with him. NeSthehJowlings and btllowings were fo
ta*, that we had but ile reft that night;
,p~kuaddtoour confiin, we difeovered one

Wbta I Ilit him oi not, I cannot fay-but he

Vii ntiq winning I refolved to go on fhore,
:;ida al &~z~ds gt forne frefli water. The
iis z ;ivit taken one of the jars ane.
imhe foac ;butI jrdufed, telliDA him we 7
would both go rqgethcr, and take the fame fate;nd accord'vgly wle took our arms, and mo Jams
forwater, and away we went.

C R US 0 9
I did not go out of the fight of the boat fop
fear the favagcs should come down the river iW their canoes, and take it away ; but the boy fee* ing a vale a little fairthcr, ventured to it, and- returning with precipitation, I thought that he was either piufuned by the favages -as loam wild beaft; upon khich I ran towards himi, refolviWi to pcrith, or pref'erve him ;,but as he came near-.
er to me, 1 faw a creature hanging at his back,
like on:eo our hares, but fom-ething larger
which proved to be good and wholetome meat, and what added muaR to our joy, the bo~y affured me that thee was plenty of frefli water in tha
very creek wltere'the boat lay.4
In this place I began to confider that the Ca.;
nary Lilainds and Cape de Verd could not be fatr
off but having no inftrum4W Ike io' t
hawit latitude we :were, or when to find o1' tofeafor them. My hopes were to meet 'Core of the Engliflt trading veffl, that would cemfequently take us in, and .relicvc us.
The place I was in- was doublefs that I4 uninhabited country that lies 'between the
our of Morocco's dominions and the negr*;
ic abounds with wild -jeafs of all fort,,- a*1th
Moors ufe it for h unting. From thx1 faw mount Feneo jiff th Canariot_-"
t wc: to fteer my courfe thatwa tW ~ ''
often diriven back, and cehe to '0 ,P
tune along the thor. ,
One mornuisg very early .
aSa (iizat~pOiiat, and the .
we were preparing to go f y
* whxtfe yoqThfiil and penetra
thsan 4Aefird mie to keep out

&ouk&4cvored. ~~.~@* '-

ter (faid he) and fee dat huge monfter fai a1feep on de fid-e ofd e hill :"' he poin ed to the pl ace, and I difcovered a lion of prodigious fize balking himlcif under the fhade of a hill. "I Xury (fAid 1) you fha1l go on fliore and kilfl hi;" the boy looked amazed; Me kill him (faid h(:) he cat me at one mouth," meaning mouthful. Upon which I took my biggeft, guni, and charging it well, fliotat him, and broke one of his legs ; and then with a thot from my other gun, I killcd him.
But the fcfi of this creature not being good for food, I thought this was fpending our amnunat"on in vain ; indeed I thought the fikmr whe.n it was dry, might be of Come ufe, and fo determined to tica it off, which took up a whole
dyto effe&.
From tkence we -went to the fouthward, relolviri to livec fparingly on our provifions, and go on flaire as feldom as pofflble, my defign bein~g to reach Gambia or' any other place about the Cape de Vcrd, in hopes to meet fome Euro~pean $lip ; aali if Providence did not favour mac in this, my next refobutioi was to feek for the iflandas and venture myfelf among the Negroes ; for without one of th~fe, I could have n other profp& but flaiving.
Aswe were i iling pretty near the flaore, we. could uicov r feveial people upon it, looking after us. We c,,uld perceive they were blacks, vsk.ed and uzrirmed, all excec oin-, who had foamthing in his -hand like a tcwih Xury
tol mewasa lance, with which the could kill at a great diflance. I was inclinabl to have gone an lhore, but Xqry cried 11no,no"Hw
cler I4rcw as nearto th e ihoj asLqld n

that we should be all immediately Iut We knew not where we were driven, and what was worle, were certain the fbip could not hold outmanly moments longer.
Whilfi we were looking upon one another, expefing death every moment, the mate, affifted bv de ecrew.hauled out the: long boat, and x of us committed ourselves to the fury of the fea, and God's mercy. We foon fouridthat this, laft effort was- to no purpofe ; for thcu emeft was fo violent, and the fea ran fo veryb hh that it was iznpofible for the boat to live. When we had been driven about a league, comes a prodigious wave aftern, and overfed us in an initant, fo that we had hardly time to call upon Gad to receive our fouls.
Wheimen are firuggting with the pa4ngs of death, t'&y are Commuonly infenk-Ie :but the eafewas quite different with me; for while I was overwhelmed with the water, I had the nioft dreadful apprebenfions, and the joys of Heaven and the tormenats of hell were alternately in my thoughts, and yet ff111 I kept firiting on, while all my companions were loft, tiIl the wave had fpent itfeilf, and, retiring, had thrown me upon the fhore, half dead with the great quantity o~f water I bad taken in during my fir uggling ; however, I got upon my feet as fift as I rclu~d. lcaft another wav.- fhould carry me back but motwithftanding I made all the fpe4 I cou.4,. yet another waive came, which dalhed mue Aainfk a piece of a rock in fuch a furious maar that it made mue fenfelefs however (rc#ddng a* I-tle before the return of the next wa *,u would4o slefs have carried me off) 1,4 hold of the rock tiii the fsaccoe4iag wAVs,

22 NO fI0SPN
Sind then I made ihift: to reach the main lanrd;, where, tired 4and alnoft fpent* I fat down con1se>~plAting-the tuan-ticr of my piefecit prefervAtrIhad returned im thanks to almghty
God for this wonderful prefef'Vatiofl, began to, lok about me, to consider what place .1 was in, and what was next to be done in order to my futrure futifilence. I could nei their Ice IIouCQ nor people; wet and hungry, anid nothing- to Ijelp me,4 not (b, much as a It was day light before I left my apartment in. the tree ; whaen, coming down, and looking roud, I perceived that the temnpift was cead,au that the fbi,p was driven to te rock where I efcaped ; and lockicrg futthcr, I faw the fhip's botlyn ab- tit a milc t the right, where thc waves had c~ h~r tip.
I bioped to have >got to the boat ;, but the wat-~ er bewrn sbat the fhare rendered that inv
e ~i7b~c. SoI -u, neagi toward tedi. in hopes to get fmti&for twtfWM

C R U S0 9
At al hazards I rcfolved to get to the fihip;
and f6, ftrijpping, leaped into the water, and fwimning round her, I had the good fortune to -Cfpy a rope 'hauging fo low down that I coul4 reach it :by the, help of which, with tome dfi
culty, I got into the forecafl'4. Here I found that the ihip was bulged, her head lifted up
againfi a bank, a-nd her Ifern ahuoft in the water ; all htr quarter, and wha t was there, were free and dry ; and I [mo.d the provifions in ,good order, apd wanted nothing but aboat to
carry what I had occ~fion for.
Nec~flhy which is the -Inother-of iniveihtie
,tut a pro Je& into mjy LeAd. There were on board ftvefal Ipare -yards, a fpare tcpmaft or two, and three large Ipars of wood. With theft -t fecI to woik, -ling'Dg aS Many Of theM Uerboard a~s I could manage, and tied th~ns togethec that they -migh t not drive away. Whcft this was done, I tied !hem together in form of a raft, and laid tht cc or fc-ur fhort p~,#ces vf plank
On them croflfways. I f. u,!d it would bcar mr,
'but very little weight b% ide!E; and fo, to frength-en zny -aft, I cut a topiaft i-to throte or fou* lengths, and addcd thf i to i, ; and then I con, fidered what was inoft pioprr to Iouid it with, it
bekig incapable of carr-yirg a olcrabl* wtight.
*At firfl, I laid upon it all the boardi,*Mul gea 'n- ten I lo-rted down threx ot~ fl
renp'schtfls, and -filc~i tlhem with P V~ O
a forts. I fosud cloatbs en'nh but ftod
I took to more than my pre~ ntccatu*&

My concern was chiefly uponwtooi --t*or
-- with, and fire arms and Aannitrgte
cordingly I found in my ftarich, thtit ctft'

chet and in the great cabin fomne fire arms and zmmtiian, all which 1, put on board my raft; ad fo, with two br okenoars, &c. I put to fea.
Though every thing at ~firft feemcd to favour
6 defign, yet, after I had failed about -9 mile, I found on a tuddeP the fore parts of my raft run
aground, f6 that it Fwas withi the greateft difficulty imagiiable I kept my cargo tight together;
and indeed if I had not been extremely diligent ie-nd careful, alihad been 4oft and funk into the
*fca :but after forne time, P,2oyidcnce fo ordered it, that at the rifing of the water my raft floated again, and fo I happily landed my eiff&s.
~Nut far from the place where I landed, which
was at the mouth of a little cave, I difcovercd a v r-y high hill, furrounded with a great many little oines ; and thither rcfb~ved to go and view the country, and fee, what place was prop-, er for me to fix my habitation in ; and accordingly, arming myftlf with a fowling piece, a pif.
tol and fomc ammunition, I afcended the mouataius~-and there found I was in ;10 ifland, beiog furrounded by the lea. It feemted to be a barren uncultivated country and only inhabited by wild beafts.
IRe~uning afterwards to. my raft, T got MTgoods on flhore ; and being very much atiraid of. V he wild beafis, I, made a fort of fence or barricade about it, which I thought might in fon e niafuare fecure me againft the dangers I was p pprehenfive of ; and fo that zight I flept very il comfortably, and the next morning when I
awaked, I resolved to go again to the Ulip to ge: (aich other nectifaries in as I had mnoft occafion for, before another ftormn camne, when
kew Jhc mt be dalhed to pieces.

C RU SO0E. 27
a fort of regular fortificatin-which 1*6&i_1 4ded was in a great aneafure impregnable again1l: any fudden attempts either of ravages or wild bcafts; and, for my b.-tter fecurity, I would hav,- no doors, but came in by the help of a Jadder. which I made for that purpofe.. Into this litl garrition I carried all my ftore ad ammunition, and afterwards continued to work,I not only made me a little cellar, but likcwifie' inade my fortification fironger by the earth and,flones I dug out of tht rock. Oac day ~a hower of -rain facing, atizaded with *icr .*& lightning, I was- under terrible apehenfi*R3 leaftmny~ powder fhotuld taike tire, antd not onl4r hinder t from killing fowlst which were xictftary for my fubfiftence, bt likew'if blow~ me,, v pand my garrir'on atonce ; the quantity I hta by me coniied of x~oib. weight at left. Hvj ing-ibus eflabliffied snyfelf as a king of the' I went every day ivith, my gun to fee wb#*v -, cew'd kiltat was fit to eat, and fooeapeeciier4 there were grzis numbers ofgVats, but t hya wer fhy ; however watching them very nartwly, I happened to thoot a fhe goat as &e was her yo~ug oxic-wi-icJh, no0t tinkinag hem killed,. followed nme home to my euclui i fted the kid over the -pates; and would wil have kept it ae-buvlie poor~ cert flog to cat, I was forco& to killi ars *4W

Thus, entering- intnaa od&M f ver beftl an unfortunate so s, Itlly rceffling upmz'she miufeq VUl at length confidering there''4*i' r~
Io was-obligcd to make ~fliai'k adwithal ic&faIng vjo h4 M~

28 R Off NS I
turns of-VrovidCcc in my particular prefervtion, I grew more sedate and temperate.
It was, by the account- I kept, the 3oth of
September when I firft landed on this ifland. about twelve days after, fearing I fhotild lefe mny reckoning of time, nay even forget the Sab,(Iath, for want of pen, ink and paper, I carved it ;-.with a knife upon a large poft, in large letters,
fetcting it up in the finuilitude of a crofs on the
{ &oe where I landed, viz. 11 came to hore,
Sept. 30s, 05,o." Every day I cut a notch on the fids of this square poii, and that for the Sabbath was as long again~ as the reft, and every fi rft tisy of the month I kept my calendar, in weekly, monhthly sand yearly rck~oning of time. But had
I' made more ftri& fearch (as I afterwards did)
I ned not haefet 0 this smark; for I found among the parcels belonging to the gunner, carpenter, and captain's mate, thofc very thins I wanted, where I got stot eiily pens and inkf but Hikewife fca comnpaffes, and other mathem4wal i,*wucuss; and, above all the-cft,. three
Znglifll Bibles, with several other'good Englifk
*bo vhich I carefully laid upr, in order to
vafta. of them at propet intervals. But here IT I cannot but call to mind ourhavintg adogand
two -cats on board, whom I made inhabitants
v,, ithme in my caftle. But, notwithifanding I
Swas thus plentifully fiapplied, I flill wanted fevee r. at other aecefftries, -as needles and thread, axna p ssici pattikularly a pickaxe and fliovel for -reis mov~'ing tht earth, &C.
S'It was a full year before I had finitlied my lit, icfoi~cation :and after Ilhad done that in the
bell maxiaer the nature of the place and my cir.tumhvs, ould allow, I began to grow a littl

more familiar with my folitude, and to~ confder~ of the beft methods poffible to render my deiblate fiate as eafy as I could. An L it wat I began the following jou~rnal.

8 PEE R 0,j6o, 1 was forced by
LS fipwrck pon hisdeflate ifland, whicii I called the Ifland of Delpair. The oext dy' fpeni in rcfle~ing oni the iniferablenfs, ofmy condition, which prefentIed to menohgbu death~, and the worf of dathsto i' ihrt lbe ftarved for wat of vituals, orobeeoue by~ wild beafts.
O0*obrt. To my great comfort' 4icvrd thle f&ip driven to the fhore, fro' who'c a tome hopes that when thre ftorm was ab~e-. might recover fometbing towards m~y reb iubfifcc fecially confldciing I obfrt h
,ptozeinagrea meue prght, ad ou

mcdiatel towdn vrtefnh and with
great difficulty ansd danger I o onba W ther4th of thmonth p ti mkA4 1
backwards and forwards to and rmtethp the w.-ather ~beiD' all th-wi e
Q&2o. Miy raft wtWwaoft of whichhowever 1 tlw at.r
(i. 25. It blew a fort fii U hardt that-the fhip defid.toPlm

i R i-f B O IN o
06t. 2,6. 1 wandered about to try if I could
Jfind a place proper to fix my aode ; and acceordingly towards the evening, I found out a rock, where I judged I might ere&f a wall and
November t. I placed my tent by the fide of V a rock, and took up my lodging in a hammock,
iwery Contentediy, for that night.
Nov. 2. 1 made a fence about my tent with
Aiusiher, chefs, and boards.
Nov. 3. I fliot two wild fowls, which proved
'C7 good meat ; and ini the afternoon I roade
maea fotofa able.
Nov -4 1 began to live regularly. In the
morning I talked out for an hour or two, aud afterwar ds worked till about two, then ate nay inner~ f~uch provifions as I had. After di2-.
mer I t-omnonly fiepr an hour or two; and the '*eathiet being extremelyhot, I could not go to
work till towards the cvening.
Nov.. I, went -ou with my gun and the
eog I had brought ofit of the .hip. I fhot~a q*vil cat-but her Elch was good for notbingVD prcierved her 1in. I faw-a great flock of
irds ; and was wonderfully terrified at the
F, of tome amonfirous feals which I faw on the

veryhrd: ol rezf ed up~ 4the andJ5 wic

i,7h, bean o i ponthe1 rock, but was preventd fo wan ofproper 3implemetnts : ando
a t~eh18& I found a tcc, thewoofwhichwas
very hard-anzd out of that with the greatef difficulty I made mue a fort of fpadciti-4 doing it, I altuoft fpoiled Fay axec, which might have been
of ill confequ~ence.
Nov. 23. WhenI hgoytool inohe
beft order I could, I f pent all ury time to the isth of December in Oin"Ihing my cave :and lay~ in my tenlt every night, unefs the weather wass fo e wet that I could not lic r~n withalI ha
to well thatched it ovesrwihfai dtelvs
c o~~~f trees, &c. thtIt*4lx1y~ ocal t

Ift cure.!~ ~fpu (~~
inte fu uts~ 4hmndidee *ft nand megIatda o ~t.roublefrI repire it efeualy n

aftr Ihad dnehat o ulIicn ee

das n utin m tigsinoreran hd a

32 ROB I-NSONvery fultry, yet neceflity comnpello mne to go abroad with my gun. In the *wUcys F~ found great numbers of goats ; but they were fo very &hy, I could by no means come at one of them.
Fipan 3, t0 the i 3th, miybufinefs was to
fearch the ifiand, and to finiih my wall. In my fearch I found great numbers of fowls, much like our Englifh pigeons. lI hot feint. of, them, awhichs proved excellent food. And now it was aprovidential thing hapndwihwsthus:
Whil&t I was rummnaging my mnoveables, what
1hQuld fallinto my hands but a bag, which I fupptfe iht e mde ife of to hold corn for the.,fwls in the fi. I~ purpofcd to make irfe of to hold4 ri of the powder,, and fo hook out the d4&rdltf crn upon onefide ofthe
rockmai te- lcft~bdpc&ing the onfeiquence.
The 11,rin grepat qutities a few

genand flourifhbing; and as I came daily to
V_ w iI fan' feveral ears of green-barley of the
m~yfaic fize and fhape of:tboin Egland.
My thoughts were very much Confuted at this
unexpc~ifed fight: and Imuft own I hadthe vanMy to imagine that Providence had ordered this on purpofe for moy fubfiftence. Great were amy acknowleg.mnts and tbenkfulnefs to almighty Go,1,- for his mercies to me in, this defolae place ; which wer* infinitely heightened, when) at tht fame time, Iohl 6 Irice ftalks, F wonderfully green and flov;1,i0Twich-~d it me conclude here muff qucutlyer *
corn in the ifiand ; and accodiqy Ifpefffv->
cral days in fearching the rock ; whens atJenth
itcae ito y id tht Ihad fhakenth ag-

!d on tfte very fpot where thofe blades of conwr
y growing.
it ws about 0.- lafler end of June befar@,
to 5, thefe ears of c-dra grew -ripe ; and then t laid ly them up exceeding carefully, expoffiug f fhould
A one day reap the advantage of this little crop:1, which I uted all my induftry to improve ; and
as yet it wad four years before I could cat any barley bred, and much longer before I had any at beft from my rice. After this, with indefatiI gable care and ind'sftry, I finished my wall, or-r de4ring it Ito that I had no way to go into m~y
fe fortrefs but by a ladder.
'k April 16. 1 finiicd my ladder, and wet up, le ~ it, and pulled it after me, as I always did ;-and, e. in truth, had fa well fortified myll, that I was
W ~as I thought, indiffrently well fecuc aainit
at ~any furprife ; -nevcrtlelefs as I was POO44y fz
ting in my cave, there happenedf6 ud
earthquake,, that the roof of my litfw r$,
that I had finiffhed with fo much labon 4
tumbling clown upon my head ; upon~ vhkh
is ~with the greatet amazement, I ran to my ]ad&?,
1.~~ and got out of -my cave, and faw the tp'~vaftrock fall into the fca, and expc4tecI e,4~ry
Y ~moment the ~bole ifiand would be fwallowec,, P
In this affogiit I remained fow tom ome t,
C ~till I perceived the fury of the motion,, bapa4,
abate ; but it was not loibefo-re I asi ~nj*A mew apprhefosee Aoe of a*.i 1 t~ea.
PC peil -hA~ attended it. This4 Ulf'a ci
tinued for about three hours, ne
fuh~ heavy rain, thatM Tyrg
flwed; upon which I cobl~
Wa~a'i fituattd, and detpni, a-- M
fi o build me oe ina =vc cc

April 29, 3%, were pent in contriving how,an in what tuakoer, I fliould fix my new- abode, and here I was nder the g-eateft concerD. hawing no tools fittdg for fuch an undertaking; however, I fpent feveral days in whetting andI
-grinding my tools.
May t. As I was walking along tht fea fde, I
found a barr el of gu~n powder and divers other pieces of the sip, which the violence of the late floirm had thrown an the raind. I law likewife the remaining part of the 2iip, thrown by the te m peft, very near thefiore, and refolved to get to' ~- her as fon ai Icould ; but atthat timIlfound
iI continued to work utpon the wreck till the 24th, and every day recovered fomnething that would be of ufe to me, and got together fo ma-* ny planks,, and fo much iron, lead, and other
1LCiThsies, that, if I had had tools and fkill, I
right have built me a boat ; which was a thing
I vcry much wanted. adthfe,
Junme 16. As I was ftroling towrd hfa,
.I found a large turtle: The f Ph 1 fjtnt imc okinig it:- I found in her 7o eggs, and the, f1th the tnok delicous meat that. ever I tafted.
The i8th, I didi within the whole day, there,, Being a coninual rain, with ftorins of wind and

F~rom text ote2t of June, I was very lick, anid had g ., a terrible ague,~ which often
held in for nine or ten hours with extre i p cleuzct. Oa i rSmh, I beganto ~orecovers alittdc, i~but. was vecy zeftlels in the night, andi was wozfe;
as often asI laid my eyes togcthcer, I was t r-
mented *1~h.. ideouis dreams ani dreadfri }.parltou. 1'. h itnp4 P1i01C foe ottxe A

1 711

'R U'S 0 -E.
monarch of the fle ; "and,
le, eptly w0, I iefbhed to4ake a four about ific
a- -ifir, inokder io 'Vii w the t*,Cneof,ruy doIniniods', and to wake I&it difc4 fles I
On. the ph -1 *an my, Tburrlcy ;'2hd,',a.
mong other things, I found a little _br66k b(
nning witer,; on'the bihks I '*Bich Vim te many tv 6idows ro4cied *ith grafs I fla'w
fevtMffalksof-tobac o, aod other p xnts
kne% 6othibg of; arnobg the rM 146frtd
follfte fbor-cad", fi "rakpfa- is bf aloe
d &c. With theft difcov, ric; lrcturn d'viill
satisfied to my little cidle, & flvpt t&t
very cornforlta *.
Th e nmudi3r, going the fiffie'val, aid'fir
ther thAn before, Ffound the country ful C4 r wood, '-and cN idihgl* Pleafint abd &11 !ii.
ful. Ile inelons Uy upon 'the grotinditi great qukfififies, cluffers of hung upon -the tretS. You d6y hua-gibe I VF Ls
1. ) I I I Ifi
gld of this difcov''Cry,'yet me very pgrilsgy, kr left I -ffiouid fft 6* hVfclf -into a llu oc

The &jhi #jon, I iliAed up itito ML
tree, knd;h ving Ax6d'jn f lf' s
IDOITINC,, Rept 'VCF'y CO M fo'r4abl y, "thou"h it *as th6'&ft t7i qe I had ever, faln 6ut of ifir
babirAtidn. Wifen fh4LM6rhin 'T
g casnti
&c&d-*ith the'g4at&OIcaiure "'66 6 f:IM ir, m i le fattke r -; 2 rid 'at t h e e n d VP A-VA -, L df excellent w
I reta" to lay in as much 'ofa
fabi th.- 6
IS. Having prepaccd two V-7 rt4r#id thither again, in order to

38 R~~~
home to iny caftic as much of the feverai trts offruits as 1,could, that I tnight have -flock by, me agaici: I fisould want it., Aua4 inow I began to rcflea that this part of iii Wfand was infinitely the heft to inhabit in but then I thought at the fame time, that id r I removed from my percent place of abode I'
:fiould looke the profpcaf of the fca ; and fo if providence Oiould order a ihip on tha coaft, I should lofe all poffiility of deliver,* ance. However the place was fs dcliglstfu3,.
I refo!ved to build me a kind of bower', whica,
took me tip the remainler of July.
Hcre it was that I dried -ny grapes, which;
I fewrscr-c the my t o fdhbtain A for
a wir c arried to my old aitaion, torf
the rain began to fill with great violence,'
-w~hich made m~e jug twspeoper to re-,
tire to umy cafic for tlxlter. The rain conf tinted to fall, more or lefs, till the middle op~
Oaober, and fome:tamcs with that violence,~ that for fevcral days I1 could not ftir out of, jin ~ vcave, til I wasi conftraincet to, it by the
puzre want of ~fo.I went out twice ; :l4a *jirft time I &oat a goat, and the fecund time~ I found another turtle, as large as the former.
September 3o. Cafting up the ncthct,
on the p311 which amnountied to 365, 1 c
eluded this to b.- the anniverfary of wyla.
ing. Arid, after I had rettuned thi1~4sfd my wqndfirful prcicrvation ins this d:wol~1 P ~ifland Iw wc obed and flt vcry#

C R U 3 0 1 39

avc v 7
,it in
:hat i
ad fo


m, foe
to re.
I conldi'e 0
IICQCC Before I proceed furtherin my i;urnal, I
)Ut Of inuff take the liberty to put the reader. in
ly (he; mind of the barley and rice : I hal favA."a"
bout thirty talks of the fqrrncr znd vs At
time Of the latter ; and concluding the fe.a bn a
be pr I oprr, I du-g up fo m, gruuvd witL, my ctchcs,' wooden F,,,)adc, and fowed it ; wYch at o-ht
11 cow proper time gre4i up, ard anfwerf d
is f The' wet weather was no
my, inclinuion U mt again to tVi Pt 4 i
had 1* U on it othi!r i-,dt
1 fQund whole aod entirt Whir 4- "T PM
I I ft a k c s -- I I q r o ioi n,7 rn I I C a ,
'40 'lows, % hich in i1va
no! !C f -nce, as I full have Occafi, Sa tv OErvc 1cofe hF-'eafter,

And now I conceived that the feafans of the year mig-4t, be divided into wet. and dry# avdjtot. into Summra'and Winter, as in Eu* rop a,thus :
March wet, the Sunk niig near..
April 1)the E4linox.
A pril

AB nf un dry, the Sun getting Souh
July.- of the line.

Haf ept. wet, the Sun being come~
Oftober) back.
October November
fla~f Decmwbcr, dry, the Siu running, Jaur J South of the line.

wAnd, as tLC wind continued to blow,, thg-~ ficafom* would -continue either longer,
-ortortcr. After I hadnmdethef.and te. 'like obfervgtions, I always tok c~rc topro -,.
ieneceffiries, that I might y witbkdx!
Ing~ the wetnef, of, the, Wea~%er, aj~d, in that time I took care to make mc fiqa tools as I anofi wanted.
Th-, Iifft thiag I attempted wa 'S so matme a basket, which, after much tabour anrd difficulty, I effea1ed,; but the V hgst moft wanted were uitterly outof my Poor viz- fome ca io hold my liquors, and lImall pots to boil and flew my meat, and alfo a
tobxc jpW bc tltfudIeta

U Is 0 4-E

Aft& the 'iiher grc* fair *'Y farthtt
iefolution of *L wlntr the Wh6l6ifiand took Place ; accoiaingly, taking aly -ddg and rhy, gu1j, and other neceffarits pr6per, I Cct fo.' ward ; and hating paflid the vale *hcre i1jy bbver Ift664. I- came within fight Of thr 1'ek lying to the W. atid when it Was clear day, I could difcovbr land, but could not tell
Id I L, *hcthek it was An island or a continent ; netth r conld I rell *hit plate this night lk, only I thought it was ib Amerita, atkd con.
frequently that pirt of the country that licA between thi: Spanifh tetrhbilcs "d the Bvifits, which a6utiod witih ca 6iba ; vihd ddvour hum"ifitind. la iie*?4 this part of
the islands I faitudlit wat mt h Motcpleafant and frb itfal th3ti white I had pkbcd my 19 ten"'. Heic % ire &eat nutubers of O fr di%
ani *Ith great difficuiiy I got oat of Oewk which I carried hoi66e With me, bilk"it *'Wi a.
v 9 Freat While before I coufd tainie iixi4 b4k,
it O_f takp tien fo M&h Z5 to W1, IAC b ,


L., the-lowgfouinds I fazind 941 lt
Z, r.7 foxes, hiiest lid


44 4 BINS 0rw~bv NW

could WhenI came to~ th 1 a ho
was~aug~ic to fe it ceedintgly lbcautiflI
a t ul o~fexcellent fif. But thug
ths urey was~ to deightful to me, yet M
fertinclination led m~e to myold habiO%inkfor yguide for dl uue IE~ c oud edtoic back by a different waythanI4 came; and4 as I was a~kinig th 1to dmy ~wa my do happened to furprf a kd ~which I reft~ued from him, and4 led it to M bower~, im order to tryif I cou'd ralfe a breed
whchwoldbeofgratuc to m.
Afe had bcen about~ a moth pon this cx;dtiO returned to my 1lecafle, and
ARotd yfclE witb gfreat $lafurc in MY I
hamock an ot'le week with~in to

had left in Jic bowr and rtolved immedilatelyto fech it home#. When I arried there ~ wi i;rance', ftacd bus i1 col ~ind.

Atce, followed mc as natal as my og,

Thwt feafou being iomr kp pf

th ir yoa ofmyabd i ti ll* pidG~ my f ryra acnwegoast o ,5

C R U IS'O A. 43
tut and forracr conditions ; and as I 'as ks IL rning f4dly poadccing upon my
entfiate. I happened to optnim-y Oible, Wbext
fixed my eyes oo theft wordsi twill never, if%!)'# kave tbees nor forfahe thee; which Iz &*Cat,
Wgh ly tookas dirr&ed to myMf ; And I muft
t !RY own, the exprtfliou, gave me a great ckal of
bita- fecfet latisfatliou.
land The beginning of this year It fixed my eali!y
lud- CMP16ymcats as follow: MC mol niL g I rpcut
in my devotions, and paying my dwy tL, GoJ; 'Way aftcrA had don; -that, I went out wi- h irl
kid, gun, t o ieck provision ; which, a(rcr I had
MY Vt it, took me up fome'timci6 dtcfflh g and
reed cooking ; in the middle of i he day I was forc4d to lie by, by rcafonof the cxccilive hem 9 this qnd the raft of !hc time I f0ent mAing and
and conttiving f" neceffirics as I flood mA in
MY 4eed of.
I to But now t hc tima for iny little hi&Itft
coming oo, I had the desirable p pfpe b of 4 d I good crPp, but my Lopes, wei-c fidiy difXP4
-di pointed,,bv the goats and hares ; who haviag
tasted tho wcctucfs of mv corn, had.cropprd it fo ch).(z that it had nGi flrengti t-6 fhpc t ad, ul into a flalk ; To prcvcnt thisj %r,&s 412
r 'tomak.- a htJgr rrut d it; but I fad'"'1 Ov
og, tooncr done this,,4han I w.,s iii -,&d
rds vcfml.a 4146LOOr fortt a-v b:;ck ,w s
sooner turned butwhole- fi,.-cks,,p
and 44ftkopd what thc othtts hA'I 4 4
andIpillTd, th!ec at th Kh,
Von flaktz-as atcrcor fvj

4110:-40 f,_ r twa ;at".,. 9

44 R 0,B'I N SIO N
My corn -,growing ripe and hat*eft e
on, I cut itdown, and tarriedhome the cift:
and, after I had tubbed thein, "d threfthed', them in tht beft manner I could, as nen at, I cocked conjeCturt, ihe produce of the bar1-y was about two bufhels and a half, add
that of the tice about the fitnic quantity
now I plainly faw, ty the providence of Godi I flajuld be f4pplied with corti, though at the &mc time I waited ail mariner of neccffam vies ior making it iato brtad, which with the great61,labor aad difficulty I aftcrogrds fupplied.
My foed bainr thus incireafto- njY dett
care was ta pi tpare inert laud to fow it in and accerdiWy I fixed upon two lsrge pla4 on the back fide of my caffle., iia which I fowed iny feed, and fenced it vntk a go6d hcdZ4
to defend it from the vzrmio.
In fhort mv corn increafed to thAt &&ac,
that I thought Y might nc* v6nrwe t6 oft tome ot it ; but how Jo make invo, b0ca(f vfds ftill the difficUlty ;, and yet ev n this I G tktA thl- aAeans to surmount at laft ; a&d f6s 2% ki Sly 0-thcf emrrgruciev, I foubd a rtidedt b-to
yond M'Y C"C&aAi0o.
After I b ] procured every 6ing necdM for tn king rny i-n:ad, whicif. yob may imaali faLisfaioW the pv*t4l I or"aad which I h -,d feen thl" Othef fi4t
c i van ffi;i in nly '"40 -'- htit h' W
I J come at ii I wz mreeiy at a loji t
kaow; I v)e4 io ,ccow the a'nd,
th--n to bv i ii v aia ; &
heiz 1 c -uld aor fo;,I-t 4!sxIIeAi, j i-i ;hz
folly tif W "' IludrF(Ar
they aic A#F bli; togo

aft fourthh year expiod inecc I had beencaft-ow* (hed thi ioamd,; ner, did I -forget to keep myw n&e A,. jivqirfary wfith that- folcinnity nd 4ue#otion,
bu- thal, I had done t year before ;'I be" t
add think myfcif feparated from the worldi;Aid;-& ~frofual opportunities offitindly -converia. 0,0b tion~. I had, nothing to covet, being, as it:
the wee an. emperor or i king of a whole coun-~
CM4 try, where I hadnbodyto wxotroul ino, nor
L the' antybody;togovce. bu t myf~lf.
fup- Thee thoughts made -me look upou the;~
things of this woridwith afort of religious
dewt cotempt, and. rendered-me tafyin cry defoin; late and metlancholy condition ;~ for, having
made God's !mercies to mnc matters of the raw ligI'tfi conbiatinI rslquifhed all pensive
dgeat thoughts 2nd-difmaL apprehentios,, and rc1fjgned myfelfupentirely to God'sProidece
My ink ~was -qoie gone, and my, Bik*-. ai:
04 ooft, exhauffed ; my Iincri W'a worn ou,Wd's only tome of the failo, checked: Ihrts rcgoat-AIkns, of whcfrl fIirf~ade ;muea
d. hd of a. cap, .and then a sraiftcoat, and, open iiti* kneed brecches with the hair on the osutfdeg
Fpeft and thus being pefeal, at eafrimiy ioan,
I (pet my time in contemplating the tC
w ingsol, heaven, and, was raviag _t IY
st that vqe im. orother I otl
tod' frcwt my peefent msottmoi s~404 -lik1
& of thb a of thm-ft* .'
,ht For five years af -A~

hid finiffied a f'maU! canoe, whIf wbich, art'al hazards, I rcelired to tr~y to.,ifeovcr the circurnsaferepsce of my dominions ; and in or'der~ to it, I put ptoviflons on beard, with amutii~nition, and il other neceffarin fit fdr the exIt 'was the s6th of November, in th~e 9thj
-year of my reigo, that I began this voyage, which was mucIh longer tha I expeftcd, by 11 t realon I had many difficulties to encounter I
did~ not fulpeea; and indeed the 'rocks were fo hiigh, and ran fo far into the fea, that I ofien refolved to turn back, rather than run
the rifque of being driven fo far cut to the fea,
as by no meansto eobe abie to gtt back again.
In this confufion I camne to an anchor as j 'nears tothe Osorc as pofible, j o which I wad-.
ed,-znd? clinibing up to the top of a high
an~t all hazards, refolvedz to Purfiac My J voyage. fI 4 edlkfs to relate wia't dangermny rafhnefs expofed mue to ; I was diven by' the Current fu (ar into the lea, that I had
hardly any pirOft of getting_ back again'
jI~ had made to fupply the place of fculls to
help mue; and now had no profpea but pe.Fifhing -.- fea Wheo my Provifigns were 4fteut, or, if a ftlorm, fihould am-ife, beforee. 'Howcvet, by ihe lucky chance of the Wind, Qr.
rather by th particul-ar provi~me*-sof G0o4
Iwas dIri-ve back atain to the iflagd, a o
--y unfp~eakab e joy, Icswe on hf *C4
7en~*xc iegiy Catigd wi~h t-atchizigan b*Ilaid mcdnewa do

R 1 47

nu- ~to my bow-,r, whr I agi admedw o "
reft ; bu twao ong before I asfrpritcd with avoie which called, oizC
foepoorRbin Crufr,! where have yo ri.




and ca~luig my cycs round, I fa mypro fitting u~ponthe hedg andthn ktwi
was th ta calledme, but~ was fi-augly fr
by -z-dhwth r-auecmetce~n h

ZCit hudfi pnthtpaeabv i'er. 7
n h id c m t ea o nasI cle t

43 R EI O
-My ;nxc~ onfdewaii.Ws miy i~t
-gowing &at what I 1i %k-d to kill tt
,&ats and fowsto live iun: I had~al~ttdaneo coiutrivarces in my to try t, ja he gpi alivr, parvkicuad1 the h;
Zat~ ihyoucg, and at letgrh I had tsvdc
fu for makig pit falls, and baiting ith *4Wd oneof MycorncGne mourning I funding
oe o hem an oldhegfat, -and in the other
three young ones, oe~ mal 2fdtwfenl
Th ld une ws too fng f orme and I V". cotid -not telhw to mter him : but the
kds I m~ade flft toget to myhbitation. It

but aftr-tboy hdfr oe timcween withS out foo, nd I threw tb.i tome frfih corn,
an.gv the oe >water, -their iftomarcba
came to hem. And now my rxt~care ws loid m -par, ud fecuelamfrot
Whxiru. away, aWwhich luitl
c jf~d;and withal, byr myell uflg hfe
por trtues, I -hia4 made them, foMm
=d amiliar, that slity would folodian

fwrd-y ends, I irin~k, in about vighteen %J~th tme,1,ota Oflo a a t twelve;
-*J4fs tha woy*j fie thre ; n

fi~b bu it ik a~tfouo zpe&iws-ntc

m ikin drofto 46d
try t My chkf contemn now v av abultit ml
Cab Vitt
Vdc. ule:G
iherm byiaiid fqlht O acc Vhhl te I kle%'b Uthlovd
ad in
lh-'re Val no WAYV, i,'-lq It CM 101thout ather Tuo-mcg the came T wg 116 tk-.
Wes. rAcd 10$ Which I- 1 6-jg t to-d d-,O
& "44
ind I aad lh rtkR t efdv a,
t the ed upm another gxpedionr, Wi4k
It mAkc archer c*ivoe. nd
feed, nihcr fide of th-, illaud
with- And Mmi- f th ink it m y uq 4
=n, 4,
t6 ;nfnm the rcider t2Wi
lachs T*Wwrin tbe -Mand tllc firff a l4thl
was fort, or calftle, I'had t-p2dOA-c,"4p),*l
that nrGVCMCnj3 ; and the fetond '47; 'j b*("
or COUT14 feav Whert were iny; As
tefe the vaclo-farcs fet my Oki -Ai it
%me orlher 4 e lcicics, that madq It a'Vc
-and fant and
To this plkc it w2t that J'Wedti WO f. :teen ten to view my goats. Anj
IV lat- a rhingthat g:ivc inc thepuff dirquictof
udd Way thingAit I b;td met with fin, e xil)r fiEff,
comii)g into the j&iad.
aher It mly'vell be' fuppokil -that,, aftcr
bi"n f6lqn-gid
cou ld 'hxic beem. =r6 c *a
the, 'to l6kvc, teeii ady humann creatuit,
-Vas tt Wa AS 6f,aj,
ov ; dqjf". going 0. my t
nakpuil T and W 1-let D;46 it I pppflm

soR0B I N S 0 i

could not hive been more terrified. I lok ed round on all fides, but could not bearoi fee aiiy thing ; I obferve-d the tramplin.f andwas convined, from all figns, that foZ f&Ot had been there: and in the drepcft coh f~n I returned back to my habitation.
Tha~night I never clofcd my'eyas, an was full of the moll difmal apprehenfian oeth Ever had in all mzy life. Sometimes I had the folly to think it muft be the devil; a oth ct dmes I thought itvatber- fornt favagr thitecurrent had driven in, and noit IAL iixg the place, was fecretly gone off to fr a gai#a. Happy was 1, io my thoughtst none of the favages had feen me ; and yet, at thc-fatme time, I was exceedingly tctrified, Ieft thecy fh-ould have feen may boat, and. fp 0knm in great nuunbers,,~and 'find meur4 and devour me, and all my little ftock,,rt I had b:!a to fong -gathering. Thcfe, I ho-i zifihiaed meextreaely ; and yet, after tttre confideration, I concluded t swas mny bmt
lito throw inytef upon the Sovereig G Tqec 4tf the World, and to tubsuiztie to hist mercy and providence.
-After a world of fears and apprehenfian',
thrce nigtst and days, I ventured out V mny fortrtfs ; I milked my goats, taud aftte jIfA. pu every thing in order, nt~o within
*geae ft conficynation, I wrent aginl
oflbeto make my farther obfrvatklum
upnthe #lhoI'. cpncludcdl, -thi csath tb4e2 fynd W is inhabhit -d, or ta aA. bad be-en on iuwc, and that' I agfbo P~z4,* was aware.

C R',U S 0, E.

nis pui feve ral f rightful notions iqto my [cat jjead, infornuch that fleep w4. ah'.cntire'
Plin stranger to me -, my whole thdugl tlbcija
t fo t?.J:cn up on nothing but my prefervationl
Co putn4ycaftle into -the beft poffurc of defenc;A
Ion. was able, and p aced all my guns fo that tUy
an ve *cafi-'
Migbt be ferviccable if I fliould ha on
ns tha to make, ufc of them.
I ha I divided my goats into faveral parcels.;
ten 1he goals and two he Onel I put into ond ava Part of the island, and th e other to th
ii 11"iyas
ot Ii Itf o -he oncs, in another ; dnd -ph', R
fea ao-- in fcarch of the latter, which was, on th
th he ifland,.I thought I qpyWcflcrn' Part of
id ye ccvcrcd a boat, but at too great a 41ftancc ta
rrifitd- inakc out wl*t fh,^ was. B-inv corad to tb : ku(L fhorc,,upon the S. W. part of sheifland,,I.
e ou r was conviqccd tha theyw.-re ravages, irciag
the place covered over with the thG&S mangled limbs of human bodies. I
r Ina foa ofa circle,- in, thc',mlift (A
q b, vrhi h I perceived thrrc had ke 4'. a fire
a G ab;Dut thil I cbn tfturcd wra he% far'
) I
ItIrc And u-inaturally faccikiccd and devoured their
fellow CrCQ-UEC;.
i fi 0'r-'T The hDrfor aiid lo?!5fu!ntft vf this dcca4;l-, )Ut 13 ful ftitCracleicoofoundrd ine, fo,,.that,
afue I w.a3 1' Itisfi-dthw'e fav; &i ccv r cam -z i4vo
ithou tiic part oi thc Vaad where I was, yit'444 '
ain t an abh Fr",cc Qi tbc-mL--j (c4zxd-. j-m4::z:
:Ium for -1,16:4--ptars LCDJIAL -d a'Y'Aif in m

;k> d' But I -A
d Is,

JIM,, 4L

dcfry lme of thoMe favages, and fave a,

Maywr my projeas and cotfiv

7, fettled rcfiolto to lie grivatcly in amb
in-o convcnien t place, &let Mfy upon te
V ~ itpmygns lfit ft, and then with. my piftol
an fwvord in hand ; and fo. much did this propfa picafe my fancy, that I fully refoiv
cdt u it in praac th i ppruiy
and acrigly, I foon lound a place conv,
nicn fc mypurpofe;, but at the fame i e I hd evealchecki of confcience, and rva
fioning with mvfclf, conccrningtbe lawfizlne
and uffice of the attempt ;' and, after a ln dcat I concludcd to lay afde the dedlgn
~Wtilft I was cutting down forn wcdod on
dat make charcoal to drels myn meetat
dote family neccdfaies perceived a vey -agcavi~ty; and going. towards, it, I coul pirevc two large eyes fariog upon mc ; up
oj) whithImade hafie oui, extremely ti
f; C~ imagi l what it could be ta
look4 fa fight-fitl#91: However aftcr I 4 rece-vcredfrom mny lurpmrizt, I went again In
-,t i e cavityreoling, at -all hazards, to fe
whatit was ; nd when I camRe. near enoug
to ifirn tperoftywhat hbnld it be, aftr
alta. onfios be goa lying on tS
gr a~pd adafp~ing foEr life, thrugh nr


R U 3 0 E. 53
a J,
a fort of an entrance, but fc, low, as to oblige "iLIC to creep on ray hands aad kno-es to it
o th- 1 had no candle, and the placc was &A, and
buth fo I lufpcrded inyc-aterpriz- till the' ntxt
the day, when I returned with fix large cmes off
ifitol TDV Own making.
I thi; After I had pafil d the firait pafFtge,' I
-rotv found the roof r4c higher up ; and fute,
nity- when I got farther in, bo mortal 04 fiw a
cmvc;. more beut"ifut fight The, walls aL,(t the
timc, roof rCfl1,.,_qCd a thoufand lights from my tw1a
Ma. c2ndL!s ; and indeed, it fe-emcd to me, the
One'ro, aicil dcl;ghtful grotto I had cver hcardof,'
in fhcwt, I could fia4 no fault but in th mn ti'ance, and which I tbLoug )t woij1d be Very,
on ntccffary for my dcfcncc & fecufity thcrtau fore I dctevrnine l to makc tjie place my p6T!hvery cipal m2g,izine ; and accordir:%ly, I arricd
ould' thither, with the uiImoll cxpzd4!on,,
up- arais & arnuni-ionjudgicgit irnpofli fc,,W&41
to be fur- rizc-,' by the favagi s in that faftnifs. tha I think kwas, now in th: 73d year of my
reign, aed tolcrab!y eafy in my coadition.a In- By this tirne my parrot had learnt, to Wit
) feC4 Englifh very well, and many dir zfia& hour?
MU we uled to hav-- together. ,My Oog dicd -of
Iftc o!d age ; and my cats, increaicl fo fat 1, that,
th i wai often forced to dcllroy folne, of'At 1U.I
1:1.11 should b cv-.1 r1la W71h
I always L-pt two bi- thc c
and had f-o-,"ral fowts 4 :P Wlltl
Tt ap .rid abcut ray cafll 'o al;ft amtkz Irm.
could with 13'lit A wk(t forctc events dcffco C,
Y, Ibc
Mcnts-l humad happincfs

It was now Decemuber, the time of my Iigr-,
'eft~, when~, going out un-c morning 8arly4
Iahzrcippered to me from the thore, abopa fro nits diflance from xoi a flaming lih froln that part of the iflandl where I lad be, -fore,6bf,rcd tome favages had beacn on my
fide of, thp water.
~Terrified with this untiflal (p:&acle, aud
latiag under difmal appraiaauiions that thtfa fatages would find mc out, and defiroy me,
J~went dirraly hotne to my caffle, and al
iq~lf p i'tafl*as I could, and put tnyfeff/ intoa podtnre of defcirce ;- and afterwai~ds 1,
golt p tohett the t rock, and vltwimg~
plm rotpe~1ive glaf-!, I could'
lthen n ine naked fav-iges fitig ropnd fiearideating (a-, Ifuppakd) humanflefh'
*htertwo c*ttoes hauled on thorv, waitInfr h tide to carry them back agaia.
W6thig can exercfs my deteftatioii of f,
lori fight; efliecially when I found Obey'
wint gone, and I had been -at the lace ot facrifice and4 taw th~e limbs add flefli of hu'man creatures lie torn and ma6gled U O~
the ground: Ia fiort, my indignation againf a -~~~ti~ r-Ac-to-higI, that let the cniunt
be what it wos Id, I deterinincd to be reveagn
ed po the firf tha t hould edme thithcr"
thoghl1ft my lif: in the attettiptI odaferards that they did o o,
.ee to this: iand. vrj often ;,and asnaA
ab retq-toiler i was a yea.
I faw Any mere. of them. Btfae~rcl'
'f;r 1{bv~nohcw~.w

4 ;q;>die,

C R U S 0 H.
It wa5 the 16,h of May, according to -my
wooden Calender, after a vcry terrible flz;rm lbo wh-n I was alarnied with the noife of a gun
J;gh as firzd from a. fitip in difteefs,; xl on which
d bc- immelliatcly toak my glafs and Wentup to
a Mr thc to-,, of the rock whcrc I had not -btca arllOmint but a!, Aamc *I. fi. c gav.- notice, Qf another gua ; aL- thca I wa; confiriied W h c f-* niy opinion, that it cotAd bc n othi-ig lefs than
me, a thip in diffrefs; which, with my glafs I foon,
.fb'Ut' 6fcovered to be true ; and that the wreck
yrelf was upon thoic hid4en rocks, whtre ( was 4%7 ,
tdS U g.-eat danger of belng loft in my boat.
nd a'
v a-4

)f fo!

e ot" At,
hu 2i


A,*aldc a fire upn'the h4l *,Wayof
vtat M thq raw. it, and 2' ?
gups ac weath--r,
AU&(( f JcoUld J Ot, at T,44't "t w4t, d
cither-at what diftalce th l

p INS 0 N
e wqs but the wcathcr clearing Up, I a fbip caft aw-Ay fome diflancc at fea.
I had federal notion s concervV9 tbeim is pamral in fuch. calcs but considering fe
Tioufly the place whczc th5Y wcre, and 20
other circutnflanceE. I cou)'1nrtcoDce-,'VC an
poMbijiry but th-t thty muft be all loft aul indeed, t,-) tfJc "III 7car Of 'my being in this 'iflind, f atver kncw of any that wcrefaved-.
J),dt of this flaip ; I only f-Aw the body of -a boy which, drive ca e, but i could
not difccvcr by him o. whit t; O, re
on they wcm.
The lea war now ver m, wh-ch tempteld mc tovcqtuic to the wrerk, not Goly in' -op.estog;t something I wa. teJ, but likc."
if tl-mrc was any body left aljv! in the f4ip, to eadeavou. tp favc their livel.
trefoWfion ED far prevailed,-that I wtat hormae, imui'mtdiately and got evi,-ry thing ready for
the V".qage ; and accofdingl 9
y atter a -,eat.
dcal'bf 1-.,)our, h2zard, and difllzulry, I at ltnglh gotto the vrreck which I behcld with J e greatest pity nd concero. By her built J faund the was a Spaniaid, and had cadak0 a tcrribie copfflift Wore lhz wa3 loft.
9 When I wa; zc.)=-, near to her, I f4w x
dog on bvW, who-.op sooner faw M ; but he fCll tO VC!1p!Dg ? n I hOWND9, 4Dd I rO 1000tf called to him, but tht poor creature jumped
into the k-a and fwarn to we and I took hiqi j
1WO the ott almoq fa-miGhtd. lj r Cavu mto the UP, the fifft fight tha held w1s two drowned med in thz 'Arox
P" Uxr ; I found flit Was a rirlriw
ttzixeafou to' bcUcve,'bjund haiiiifi

the Spanfit Weffirjdies, What beccame~ of.
tereft of the Sailers I could nopt 'tell, ebs ,
being n~one of their bodies on hoar, hcfidc
thec two before irnntionitd.
ig As I was r~ummaging about, hert'l fiou~d
Ud ad fzveral things I wanted, viz a fire 1iuovci and ,c any tongs; two brafs ketles, a pot to nake, cho
3and ooate, fomex horns of fine gidzed podx
t t gridiron, and feveral other ncccfflarkt. The.,
I put on board my boar, together with
'A C hefts and a cak of Fum ; and after a raA
:0111d deal of toil and diffiuhly, I got fafe lanh-t
were. the ifland.
I repofed mnytel[ that night in. 4.e botl
lI~ jI? and the nezu day landed my cra, whichk#
carried to my guotto; and having xcxamired my effeifs, I found in fre two ceih fevera4 This" things I wanted, particulariyJ Iosne lhrsaxad
handkerchiefs; I found alto thircc'bapf
for pieces of eight; a0 which I would iliar*y~
great, have given for five or ~xpaivs, of -wn~I~a Iat- ihlors and fluck~ings.
With-~ After 1, had flowed all this necarg
bij into my cave, I made the heft of my way to
zMy caffi and found every thiog agileft i.
to7 that I had. nothing to do bar, to rp
w' yfelf, and totake care o~f miy dome~icsz

fite for tie fupp Ort of-life, I might'
e4 d very quiet, hadi vet ii10 appit -nH4
thcavo'gs-ifurbe-d me; 1P 11
Clnj 4c14*z weas far abzoat; i

04 g~

bead bepg always full of pkojc~s how
mi~ggV from this defolate pla .
As I isj~ed before, though I was tolera*"
bly fi~rc aganift the reach of want and had.
all tfte diverfion -thr- nature of the iiland, woul~d allow, yet the thoughts of my* deliveranc ere flill uppernmoft, as the reader will,
W eafil perceive by the following- relation in whichvkl I fliall give a fhort account of thci
fchsemt a q rj~s I made for my efcapt&.
~AsI lay in my bed one night in March,
the 241h year of my fofltudc, I ran through~ al thec accounts of my life, frorn my very,fir'It remimbfaace to the prefent time, and
Found all along that the providence of God;
had~beca xfceedingly kind anid merciful to ni4, and $whit I condecrcd, more pArritular-.
ly huiv oAuy dangezrs I had paflM, it couldrao buta ke uc devouiytiarL-ful 'to my.
I I" 'defiverer, withot~u whofic a2!ifance I
Ma inltitably h~ve perifed
Aftcr Lhad thus briffly debated with .4Y-<
ffi *d7m PTIC~krt aind farrner scondiliou.
I be~ag nueIt to confidCr thenaue.1(f.
fa~e an~hcuntry that they iphabited,
howfritW' t place fro whbe e they
camel ad what b,3~s they had ti r rin'g thttu
oryhher,f and at 'the fame time~ hatd'fumt., 4 0go ovct to their fi- to fcc what:
vree Iau'd tnike.
ThA j *IPUDOWn, th~at, if yatjaz~ t


death itfelf to m~y flay/n this defolateifa

I had no~( xDotio of any ihig elfebtm
voyage to th c ontint ; and' inded (0
iu was I inflamed with thtit nionta
Iina great meafe forgot my ut t 4-a
and was reducd almoft to a ftate of de4 aa tion ; and aftermn thoughts and fr~the gliugs inI ny mu4ind, I ca= ai length o bi
I had to efcapewst e ~eo hf a
vages ; which I coud findn ohrwyt

'rod, fave him ftonthe jaws of his &vurs.
tudeh to cught muft infpirc i lt,
to- tde tohis pretervc.a Thefe wcr.e my fix-,d 114le~nbut
I d", thitk it was at Icaft a yaran anhlf-6,,
fore I co~ fa an potiyofP,
thrm incxctihp. Toth~e .fofm
ranbc. itwasthe 234 di of

ly n te mrai3 g wc IwsfpizdVt
thePgt0 iccnca -i'he

it 0 B I N S 0 N
jAat me Ohcy, W dieffled-, wtat U w"
c6uld not diMcguA Af;, trvavdo th,,?v, A 4 1ej 114
&ntvd, around -t6c'flameg, uring al=y T
fill tod k4rbaruus G-fill'",
q-4 the
oculd mctrn t4c'.1 Vagw4lg twq, of
k-wm cot 16-c before faw on P of zhc4-0 ,)wn, and th & m foup of thj -ra' der to fl;-L-mr 1.1m At thy T,,'al &i" -the fmr ,-WT*ilft the mhcv 111ifcrable ermulte
fi-oD4 t-4 p ; Ti 1 every tn either t ( "Ic fat". of hil AI, kfplired 'with t1he hop",of 1AN
I rl# Vc if')&;to riart tLem, and rggl



I was- und#r V fiost. tha+C
WMAd fly to m-Y-1 "it, FHO's. t VMS
OaPoIce be, h*d :ot,tftw 4ad from
the fight o6 them, and fan Am lik. Thocooss
a k4kle crCICk jUP4 bo49*41M. WUcre, L wftja frii4 the PDor v0qq-WD*l4 be Ukem RU tooU zkot Orim bik;+ happowd, he fivam very w*VauA, foopt-got overland ran sgaiii "Wob his Two
th-. tJw 4hat. Wowed himfi"m ovee0w.
j but, chr, othcri'tbat could not 1W
Win ine- A
tuvoed- back to hisi companions. I A04 Itowi,
or-never# I thougla it wa t lily tilno to pro.- A C CA favag't foe my companion. Accotd, A
ingly, with :411 04 fPCCA f tould, 1 C3*0
down fcoikxht rocig, took up sny two
rC DlVift tO'IaVC OkC Vi6liaj it pojwe i -iAd I,% OrClAr ta it. 'CROIPazeafervay, "Put
myself between the Purfuers an4L'thc.

You MWI iMagine,-was Wit a Ii"k ivrprind at Me. ThIp W Pacruer I knocked 46*n, wkh 4k& A04-,ofi vay. picce, and. the vilritr,' Who I forxei"4 vasq "g Wis I;j,,w zed, arre'w to, fiwot mci Ust Ay aN *ad kWtA',,
him dra.4, QO tim 40t-7
The pow, friahudla(lias VMS M2"00' &OMAtIew sh!e; noiri of the: figtw to hi coW, wq taei,, ic*
'hic agith he, di4" but -bot"Wouput,
at ftflekab
I- WiO 4- I &Pik lill, hba.too
f ED 4j

xnd'him, tht c o e ad

and put t uonX hi cd which wa en~ it rs of bit re{fauioa to~bc mny l
fo tr; upon~ which~ I took him up,in
rnuh't'in, and ecouaged him, Wu
bitman er I couldBythis tme I(the faage I ha knc

~fright b~y prefttnting mypicexasbii; but 5M favage opofed mnydhooting himi, making
fig t metolend him mpy ford, ww hu 'y yfide, and~no foonr had Igp
cdi& requedt, but away he ran to i edp
advery dctcroiufly, at~ cne. lw q,

its. e togetcr-w kr my fwri'' and k

relpeas the moft beauifu Ind4ianIve law. 'Y ~~Ithink he had not lep above anhor
before came outn~ o~f the cave o, e s
fel atmy eet an pu myothr footupo kno hi~s he ad, as a fate o -ta he itic

M U hat ~ B i g h w A y d i x i h ~ a e
akin t ie and go wit m 'n, haina$e
hi to ndcrflatha his# namwas to bei

tA o hiehs aeaC) L A epfi'yh
place where~ %kh favs weebridit
pinted dire~klyto -te* rvs ad e~a

dig te up and de~vourem, upb wic

A 0 0 T'N'S O'N
teftiob- --Frid4 C Oic to' unde
Ahlat there wcctthree there sacrificed, a
iflhad noi refined hiin, Wbad been tho"
foatth.' -L wdt hith gitther up 'the frMag.
incars djid -bythcm in a heap, and made i,
firevpm them, and bu rnt ibim to'Ahl CS
atid,441-1 found my mAn hqd a hankering aWt6nit of the fle th. which I refin tcd ift h ihe utmoft abhorrence, land made Ihira undt&aad,, thar it' eves"I foijud hiaA -guilty of x-" rtAiuhumanky, I woold;certainly flioat
After this 44e Went to my castle, where I
clothed my )o3au'*s well as the nature of t14- place and my ciricumRances would admi;,,, 1
He Iecm,.4rd** firil: a little uticafy and awkward iwbis nd*drefs ; but after he had worn them four or five "days, he gtc* famiras with, t th4Ctn,,zdd fccmedtxtteaidY well fttiificd.
wdw mf next '.0011ceen 'Was, how I migbaj
JoJge hiin1#60. and ybt bot., cafy myfclf,-- W
in'&,der' to this, I e0aw, hun a little
between my r1ro fortifieitions# tecMired nit
artos every' hightp atil inade cvqy tWR9
Iafe,-tbai it was inipoffibla for to be fur
pfifi d ; though.1 muftat the fsme time ows: t1it" was do need of thefe, cautions ; for.
never m n wits bleffed with a 6:riant t4axln .
ed ao obeyed him -with greifter"te 6fi
-fittlit'y and affedii) -j V klx endcarvd, extrrmelyi,'and to *Ntt,
*OW 1. 1hi-ht beft'acquit i0irilf ip
"Itad not bcci3 above, t'40 or t*"
t 7 fj- aaauob tP
his tarb4feus-luc tiftah -

jkih ;J11 order Unal ,*4 ICWpAIjptiocm;nts ; tiAl tit, tic erpalture who h4 I d a the mcoft dutiful*a srder cegard to CT4JrY
aing I conam xodedhj* ,, & ind,;cd did not waAt good fenk, w ks, pcrfeO y weaned' kom his ,d vicious inclinatim, and had a; d44p v- ,fi'xCd an abhorreRkc of imy (qch bAtbzrb-AI'S, jR'r,_Occcdiapas myself 4c 411 'upon his kaet,,r WHIA m4 xpa4c all figns of W;s aversion IK poilibly
couk4, pronouncifig mvqy thin gx t did not r- of anderftand ; oaly in th- main, I fDi4ad that
his'only apprehensions we I re I firorn.,the fear I fliould fhaot bim,; for tb; t4on4ts of the PC
gun, an4 the mauncr of the execution !Aid were ftil in, I s mind, aO'(1 li .cp uld by: PO means be reconciled torit w-oqt4 p;ver
rk fe much m4 hit
-ouch it W, -fip&r,, fqr fieveral d d L b4cv;. if I had not Urev4pttd it, he would h*vc paid it "a t4o of a444ration he would g
med, and taA:
ckd infewt, of *hich val, -tp d it
I had killed-a kid *hijh w ei or&
(41:k god brXt day I gavc 4iinfim"ne oftht.
'kb _'W and-,ro
fiA, 6of 01 -Acdw4b which be.
was f6 ropch 4clight d thAt It& g4ve qv! fig ns vhixh T j rfr&y he
W." lived Jic- wouldCA two
o f f4 "d h.
*a e- Tl oun 1* 4) a OT d, ba d

'66 R 04 -8 0 N
ine understand tbloic ad more labour.
lands o0his accouce han I had for'
and that hC! WOU161bParc DO PaIDII nor
gience in 3nY thing t fficuld commanI
re& -1" and indeed, I.he fellow's ho, ft;r ao
fimpte integii y grew fo conspicuous, I rea b4ift to love him entirely ; and "or his pa 'Uam well-v.,Tured these wa's no love loft.bad a mind to know if he had any inclIZ
to his own Country ;'2nd having taing
-him as much Engli(h 2t poffible, I zfk d hi federal quefli6m, which he anfwcrcd ve rpertiacnfly ; pasticulatly, t afk-d concerning
thenature aud diftahce of his ccuwrys a
A&ir manner of fighting, &c. The fclloi had a very good natural genius, and woul4,,,
qftcnaufwcr my questions with vciy-qui
and In'tpvifibg turns ; and whes I fpuke A bout'religio:n,,he h,--ard nit with the greater P -revrrerce add attention, and would
;,I me *ith, importint, and t:
qPS ;, nd'in truth, I feared no pains
uft hIUI'acc rding to tht beft Of m I -fkA him who made him afti! world ? As foon as he' Undcaft
-old &Yitm ckre' ; but', me he anfreredt U
chit hc could 'fay, 'of him w ,s, that, he 0
very old,,much older than the fea And I
Ihe moon and flars, and th4t
way b
=ond t1win all.

the bcft f- 041hy k 'bwlc d
J,,-I J be fb e hi fft kvz ii I

C R'_U S 0 E. ,67
w hich it was, grounded ; to which he the grcateft- attcntiGn, and- would pcrtintnt qpcftioas, by way of iDforwa tiLn In fhort I (bon perceived, thispoor a,% creature rvcry day improved by, my.inflrucroall tions ; and wy eadeavours to inftruA, irn
Pa Wero a great help to MYFClf,, 2nd bro
thofe things frcfh isito my metnory w1&h clinda the leogtlh of time had alraoft defaced
lug had the grcatcft rca on to bic-fis providence
hi for fending himto'nle in.this ftatc ofjqlitude.
V6 His ct mpeny allayed th-thoughts of rny rnifc-'
rnin ly, ard mAde my- habitation mote cocnfortand, able zhajQ it had bccn cv er fince my AM rowA

'How to the iflaad. It bronhOwto my taind
r daily "tioas of heaven aad heanal' thing".
and filicd we w4h a fecrctjoy th at, 4 *as Ce Q brought iato this-,p'Acc,,which.lo#roljt'ouot
e3ttfk 1he rnoft-'tnifcra lt vaqof the un*cgrqc ,
Oftit Bv this'xime Frida began to fkAk"Ok
ble cagliffi, though a little bmkru. ve, 'J t verftd wiihgreat fan-kirtarity ; a4adljook,
particular? picafare torclate tob thokircr. im at accijUuts and dvent vis, f my
R fooD made him uad-rftapd-that..i
Ut myftcry, a b-c cQ!hcciv-d it, of the'guopowdrr and ball, and caught w tq,IhOor lihigh,
he foon lcarl4t'- a the. 9TCveft' pcAtaiaw, #-"jkUj'(c' WhiC4 he
gavc'Wh as very
of ;tbt:Jt, ao4 "L t. 44i hC
hung, tu, h*&dk,,, *hit,4 ihe o his

4hc v
iv* he -cat 't;pcu 'a"


'Jice 6f my vativiq; abo" all the reft, t'
-0 gavc. hipan account my being
wrock?#j';k carried him and 1hewcd the rpmsof the thip's boat, which he it w;o a4moft ronen and fallen to pieces (ICU ar t
1. cv,014 percicivc he tz)* oar *0 r v oich madt me atk him the reason w Y, pop4efcd fo much, 0 mailer (faid-be-)
IN JAW, boat 'agms to Place at my, notion.
prekatly came into my mixW, that this to We fome Etwopean bpat that was forccd.-. flk-,rc by ikcfs of w other, after the Us the 4hip, which put mr upon coquiry" fort of a boat k wa% and what, came in. it
Friday replied, with great WaTrath and dour, 0,1=aAer, -we /,av&. white mavs dMus :. Upqn which, I a*ed ,Jaim, if I mtre any white, ruaqx (as-b caUe# thein), tiic beat.? 'r... .. (f4id hx) Oe boo fail, faU d(-wWr in low, wny,, Friday P fai
-1 Whercupoa, hx immbered bis-fingors, c6uufcd kTep'tCCn',', Mcn. I alked himi.w wcamp of them 4,,aid whMitr tbey 1i Gk Dot, HC impiw, yts mwiert th *. a a a
*7 he live 'MWg my nation. Upon it tMIC i016 my thought% that thcfc MA$, the crew that heiongedia the, fbip, that : ; ft away upon my iflaad ;. who, rather 4 'be devoured jntht thernifivas io 0avidc oce., thace among iht witall'u'diaU'S7 'rh4,-,nf)4
-1 had of thoik qseltiCF MSAC, Mc came-to Oafs thqr dj ,60t k* avj them, No, no, f4id Fr ft, mq' ftt

11im, mom

ttation, --IWV4t Mato, fit tA Want
-6 As muth lw% 6y,, that
Ofdkf war gkt.
1jejEher his norany 41ther wtion
fcHow creatures,, btit fur-b as thckwTbf i inv allowed to be devoured, and they Wortbaly, tholle whofe m isfdrwav it wat to bb ji e) priforriers of war.
W. Sowc time-aftitr-,thii upon -a very eleardifi'l5 M By man a ad 7u '7't o-the too af'a, vety
hill, on th eaft 4dc
high of -the ifliand, frbth
,Wbenct-I had oaft'before'tecatheiGontinodt ia. America ; I could not: dire&Y tell- whit
Ot wus thematter, 4oe Fk" felt to jUt"piiVg

1 d add danckdg as if he were lafd ; 14&4him:
1 thc reaf0a Of'bit,_ 01. Ojq 'ffid$c, i4a
4kre fre my ewwtry, Orre my' h0ion, ihe,4
Itu) lirtf wbite Maas all gather. Uph-whith- 1
could not hclp thinking, but that, Whe tourd 4y- any meant get home, he would forget ill
rs, l1ad dozic for him, mid, pcrhAp's briag hit.
rwetrymen into iny ifland-to dfft-oy dacit.
liv But, to my lhnnc I ipeak it, iny'".alauty V;
very ill gmunded, for the poor k1t6w 44s
W-W ite different dlifpofiiian iud, az (di
,therwards, would h- rl* ,
freely have lok: is
'rtthcr than have left mebc &Udthetikka

VA* An
be, Mr Mueb 0 glad. fa-br a:
pk,-g*- 0e nVP

0010 *rli
good, you ak chie 4* the '43
;aMC t&M A4*r, h Ir

tokowd, an pray Go.r Ma porr
day fidf, ha'sout f my power, nit'i
will I vtottureamong thcm : No, you go~ an kve me alone, as I was before 1

R er, was any creature more thuni
fitik than Friday was at tbief words, efi ri
7 ly hen I told him he would be at liberty
tapas fo as the boa wa red o ca
Al hi ; h putA one of his hatchets into m I and, (aigol kill Fiday ; Friday care'

(fai L) A drrpa4r, atmde Von dayfaeftem eat ame tip~ fo eng F1d
m $akrdy lov Goddt lov fna
kt- adnw IFriday fendi awy never,
F~iaymoe !Whn e Sht t"
randon o itiull, tht hd much a 4t rfrin fromq wep~ my~c4f Jcomfor
ed imin bL, bftmanerI couH ; e
h~n ifhew ilin to ftay with me wol
rie par wih him as tonig as~ Iivd

ofmy i-alauty, aud te bec

tneut, andjoifl ti~f, hC mnFsa

iAed itmg tbh ne
rneM~ f I

w h yn w hi ch F i a j u a a g e i .-h ga t D :. lh large, enoughb to carry'*
16 poperg he was rady t~ o ehtu.
I liked the fellow's hooepT~of tbut, Ind ~~athe fame times I thought if I col cr P~cia a mail and fail, t koudbe etter w xc
w~ ~ ith the gteatet difitky imaginable in
car ~ bout thre zmoothtime u I made ~a bift t

re' inuan Frid 7 U I I was nowne inj th wny ee
~ndk~ttdaii ivdrC ,er ~greater folernnity than eehii eevd
td ~~ich repeated figa's of thedvn fvui

mind Wa flili intent'-uponm,1'u vrac

One morniag, as I was bury in takla
parations for ipy voyage, Friday whom. Ih fcpt to the fearic to look for a turtle, ca
runraing ini a terrible fright : tays he, 14
Aa es-rne are three or four canoes
on the coaf, and they come to look for poor F
dayadwll ea! you .as welI as me ; and thep
firewe misfi riloive to figh fo l~riwg
ay; Friday, tremnbling, me will figh-t as'
as ran but I ar afraid they aretoopm for ut ; idu I tvW Xh cby ou orddrs,. and
the la2 drop of my b1odfior you.
Withut fath~er ditputes, we. fellto loading
ou'r artus,. and making every thing rcady o* the ownr: Whben w'c had doubIe loadc thm ianda~ put every -thing in the. beft pofum
thtcudbe, I took my profpceivc glah
ad wn u o opfa hil, Lo tryw*
I could difcovrr ; aad I foria perceived hi were pcnee lavags an~d three. priocp
which coq~uded, by their mawicr ofa~
ing wereto be dcQalrcd.
Th4 dismal and inhauman fpe~bacd fiicmeiih~ the uAtoft horror andi dctcftati%
a-dte,#orc fa, as I faw- a. wh~jte man, ".'
4y their akiosg an prep;atios, I fun % as to be 'the next facrifoc This made a .
ma~ke all th ipecd I could, hving fully g,
t ermined to deliver him or pqrii in theat
tep ;, o I gave Friday orkr tofl
me waisd to 4doevery tbiog he faw me do

covered, I gae #thewordtoFr~ytof
a3 1 dIid the vey,4q nmt- e

our am fo VCIIYt7il

l ~~ 3t 0 0 E.
C USO. 73
four, and wounded three or four more.a No man can imagine the conflernation and
confusion there favages were in upon this unexpefed accident : However, not to give them any refpite we took up fome other arms, and let fly a'fecond time, killed two more, and wounded feveral others, which added fo to their confufion, that they rat yelling and howling about like mad creatures.
Friday (faid I) take a charged muf#ts and follow me : So, chewing ourfelves to them, iand at the fame time giving a great fhout, we .wentdirc~aly to the viaim, and immediately cut the bands from his hands and legs, and lifting him up, I aiked him, in thePortuguefe language, what he was : He told me, in Lat.
in, he was a Spaniard and a Chrifian ; and after returning the belt acknowledgments he could for his deliverance, he was about to
give an account of his misfortunes, but, I
prevented ~i, telling him, That 'would be betir at another time ; and further faid,
S Signior, we will talk afterwards, but now
S ear bufinefs is fighting. I gave him a dram
and a piece of bread to refreh him, and then
In gave him a word and piLol, and bade hi S do what he could; and to give the man his
S due, no one could behave himself with greatat cr courage. In thort, we fo managed the
Smatter, that of twenty two favages, ist above
three or four got into one of their canoes, & thofe I refolved to deftroy too if poflible; accordingly, I leaped idto one of their ea.
noes, and ordered Friday to follow me ; but I was no fooacr got is, than I faw anoth r

'74 R'O-s IN e-0 '2V
Uiid'aad foot fdr ,
flaughter. I pnfently helped him up,, he was'fo faint-and-we;ak,-that be could rt thcr flaad 'nor fpcak, but 'grolndd thinking he, was now ra be fac if I b .4 Fiida fpcak to him -and a4rurc him of livetance. When he 'was a little recovie "asud fit tip in the b6at, and 1ad lo6ked-' j)n him more fully, Ybu. c2f nor itnagine poor'fellow's tranfPort : ,at 'had little recovered himfeff,'he (ol&zne it this father; andia trn b;be, gave futh commbri Wtimonies orhis- duty and afFeft 'that I rn ft riceds own.'Uvas vcrywtrch
Intort, with a, great- deal"oVdifficOVA. we got both my new guefts"horfie to my tle, *heiicc I made them a baridfinne It and treated th6min rhe-beg alAfijiee aty curnflanies would allow. I And tfibs,' fike.ifti a13(dlu'te King, 1-t6ve ed my li ttle dbn W 6ns ;, idT findift thii
_weik, I or&eed A
day, tokill bfie of my kldsi'and-,fti*ed bbiledth6:11 fh idd inside Vh6rn '-forne *i ftodd broth, Arid dined' whh. ihem' -14felf-' AfteO-Ainn", I 6fd d lWday to to, to -tfk field of battle,- i6d_-'fet6h'h6tfie the 'atllll and thft fbade.,Frid y alk bis fathte*httH he flimight it poffibl foe the Avi&s tdleu* ride Ithefterm, or if thefgot h&ne,_1*Ti0i he th6tght they *huld fi-6t ienin nutnb rs, and en&a ourI65 3 I
deffroy 'U1.
40wer', *is, that 1fAtdy'd;d1- acfi tfiFir:.

C R U S -1 0- E. 75

yet, the ftirargenefs of tl cir biking attacked WO.Uld certainly m2ke tbep, tell, the, pi:oplr-, th4t they were de[Uoycd, by- thunder and light)aIngo and 14a whoever went into (hr.
would certainly be-deffroyed, by-tho f (he Godsand not ofinexx ; and that
the WADd wAs cn'4 4ot d ; andthat thr,Gads fear fire from above to, deftcoy aU thofr that.
fhovjd'pfc[u;Dr w land in it.n, _Vhis accop"t-havipg.frced me from m3r,
',pprCbpnfions, a;)d ino, canoes appearing, I i to p rfue, myJaended voyage, Friday'llat.her ba'6ngatfuccd mpthat I might
depend upon. goQ(I ufagefrom. the people of.: his country. A,$ to the Spaniard, I iafked, i him his opinion i he to'd we ihol were fourreen that were caft away upon the island.
and that thtyhad agoaJ tin0cvftanding with thc 10dianp, bpt, wcce.jowant of iocccifaries for the fuppor of ibon'4P lifc, ; 2nd that if I thouglik, propc7, ho aud the old favagre, would go over firft, aod, fettle matters, in, q, O.rdc:' fqx'Opr xccc.ption,; andat the fame
I time hc told i4e, they would all fvvczr fidelity
to me, and OWP,;ne, is leader.
Upon thAf; P411raicts, I rctolved to fiend t6 themoyer ; but,. wbcu, every thirig Yas rea-ey,-tbc Spaniaid- flwnd, this ri-taterial t)bj;zction : i64 kacw, Sir, f ilj he, I know the. Irngth U of Youy fl"k, aria. thoVh you m y hxvr.. e0ftpk
1cr ul lbat arf pow w;tb.y&u, yet -WhWo"A"r-4
"4rg JINM fqMiij., I a w fqfp"o it,: O'not 0 'C ' 'b

a ViCf jS4 & Wit. 4Noker,hjrv-I, ind k t,4*
weaq:,timgprop;; as A Ghfpzwd at pcj

weeywe may have provifions fujicrent carry on our defin. This advice I liked extreniely, and from that moment I always ef'teemed the Spaniard and made him my privy, Counfeilor on all occasions.
We all four went to work, and prepared~ as much ground as would low twenty two buffcls of barley and -fixteen of rice, whicb, ,. was all the feed we had to fparc : And at the-, fame timec I took all the -care imaginable to., increase and preferve my goats by shooting k, the wild dams, and taking the young kids,~ putting them into the enclofutcs, and took,,fitch meafures, that, by the bleffing of God*4." and our induftby, after harveft, we ha d pr o 11
-vifions to vifhial a Ihip for any part of Ame:
The principle occasion being thus anfwer-,,'
ed,. I gave my two am b~afiadors a muket e ach, with charges of powdtr and ball1 ;- with proviflons fit for the expedition, and away 1, feat them; they had ntoVr becn gone a fortnight, but I began to b,6impatient for their return. Whilfi my thoughts wore pewpetu-,.4 aly taken, up with the expeffation of them, i a very ftrange accident happened, which was firft difcovtred by my Auft Friday ; who one morning came running unto me, crying out,,.~ they are come, they are coe. Vpop which Ijumped from my bed, and look~d towards. the fca. I perceived a boat aotaleague,,, 2nd a half diftance, flanding dir~ in 'f(c the fheorc. I Loon found sta thtc wier4s-' nore of the comtpanty that I expc~cd ; for,, by the help of miy glaft I found ,that -this.:


X_ boat muft belong to fornt ihip, which by
cafting my eyes about, I plainly difcov&
lying at anchor at fomne diftance at fea ; v
by the fashion of her long boat, &c. I~coacladed muft be an Engliiih vff1l
Great were my tranfports' upon this uneo xpe&ed fight; which brought into my mnd JC frefh notions of deliveance ; and yet I had
fotne cautionary thoughts, which I coiifefs, wee of ufe to me afterwards. It was not tg long before'I faw the boat approach the flie,
and then I was fully convinced that they were Fnglifh. I faw four of them leap upon the thore, and take, three out with' them, that' looked like prisoners, who, I obferired, madc pafflonate 'gefto tes of intreaty ; and not"
'knowing what tht meaning might be, I beckoned to F~idqy to go to the top of the mountain, and make what 'difcovzries he could; when in a little 'while returning back, 0 maf1 r ((aid he) you fee Engi j mansj eat p44jon.
trs as suetI as fav*,,:mantu! But of this I foon convinced hi'nAo the contrary ; and
yet I coutl not help thinking but there muft
be frniething very-, barbarous in handle. I could not perceive ialt they had any- fire arms, but rather thiiOcy were preparing to kill their three companions with t heir wordss.
and now it,*s~l lamented my want of powprt refeseve them,~ 'Iieev.r om ra
ltisfaffiou, I foud that they turned thein up itt the defiolate island, as they thought, to be elf~er fiarvtd or devoured by wild be-afts, 130, them, rambled about the wood to
mtake -oblrvations, Aill tlie tide was oc,
-and the boat was agroiand,'2

In ho.,, I' coig eftd*hxt fort of mey
ha nw to deal wi0i h 4 rheirefor'e rcfa cd to'a with ll ion hagina
and fo concluded i be 'not toyimake attempt till it jrcw darki :but the day bdi cxc,,flvelV hot, I coInclude the Wa~rs we of courfe laid in the fhadelto flep ; uand-p celving the three poor difibtnfolate creatu flittig under a tree, at fomc hinall difla from m~e, I made no more to do, but we UPto them, 511c*& them, in ,thct tongue, what they were ? At WJh fla rtzd uip and, beisig furpriezed at the'oid of try drefi, thty began to, sivoWome; called to them in E1tgliO&f i Doot b;' aft' fors o kv afriond rwa#rrr om b

C R _U S '0 E,

ejvpOR fell me your' condition, and ;f it b rny power, 1,will'jerve youflitbj 9
(flia one of thArn) rbeflory is tog laqg at pre. f ent I was rnafler of 1b-t'AiP Wit ties yonder at ancLr ; my 7nen brvmg mutinied, it is afavour th:y &2vi put thij pajevger, my rmae, and J, on [bore 'on this Vi j-id witboue inu4o ilIg 11f, though j 7 h 6 no PeqfP!R but to pit ilh here, for wint of 16 n rcjarits of lile jqlvt they a?.yflrz arms ? faid 1. on r two fzlze i, rcplicd he, and o,- e of Mem is now'tefl ij the boat ; ard. i ike tivq de,1p.r_-,1e rogaes thit are -with- P15;rn c o!A, be tckm, 1 am pretf-Y Weil aff,,red the refl tv ;uld rearn to tbtzr duty. WcH, -fiid 1, let u rcilre a little farther uar Jcr the cuV-_rinf1 -, f th, wood, and we, will talk larthcr ; and there it was I rnyconditionswith fhtm, which they Vir,# 1grate.fullk and -hdneftly performed.
It was not, long'bzfo-c v c came to a refo. fution to go and, attack fhe villains ; the two men fired on them' tid kNed oac of the captain's greatest enemi :!, and wounded another ; the reft c:icd out for mercy, which was p,rantcd them, upan condition they would fwear to be true to him, in htiping him to recover his Up w-Lich. they ail prornifed to do in a FAemn- maan-r ; however, I advifed-thecaptain to keep thcru bound, and then 'our next care wa-, to secure the 'boat, without td reach
fo lhwte-i the rcla!, 3 at vauch im poffible, we concertzA all our zu .af, fes io -461
-that u laffohe fh.p wi; rce yvcrcd acc r 11':'

to, our wifh ; and now there renmained 1,, thiii but the clifpofal of bhe prifonierso t mnow dangerous of which we refolvedt leave on thec island. I gave them arms all the ricceffaries I had in my Cafi an telling them all my whole flory, I charge them to be kin J to the Spaniards that I ha fern for over. They promifed. mc very fai and fo I inform med thcrn of every thing acce fary- for their lubfiftarct:; fo, taking with MO man Friday, my money, my parrot, &C. went on board wher-e the Ciptain Ire"Cd M If as his deliverer and behaved hialf to with the uirmoft gratitnde and civility. Upoij 'I the 12 h of Decembegr, j686, we fet fail, an landed in England the i i th of June. 168 after Ihad been abfent fromnnay native co .try upwards of thirty five years.
After my arrival, and I; had a little r a! ireflied m~yfelf. I titgan to enquire into th' It fate bt uyafisIfond myfirft Captain' t
widow~ alive, btinvry mcan circutnffarices Soon after I went into York~hre, whee, o found my family in gencral either dead t
loft, fo that I knew noit where to find t 'he e I found that there was no provision made -f ai mce; upon which I took my man Friday a a went roLlfbon in order to fiad the Portuga -I Oapt-aia, Who took M- OU hsa7d on the ca 4 of Afica ; -and to learn, f r him, what w, becomec of mny plaaqrtion at the B3rafil. 2. cording to my wiffh, after fonac little learcr t found him out, and he-gave me- a veryIA !
fa~ory accottot of all mats, ore parK 11
Jatly of my Plautation in tia; Bgakis" .

C fRU S 0E.

hjad been fo honefl'y managed in my absence, that beyond my expeftation, I found inyfelf t worth 4000. 1- flirling ; with which, as foon,
ia ag poffibie, I resolved topInake the beft of my [1a way to England ; and by the advice -of the
Captain, I was perfuaded-to go by land,
ia which had Eike to have proved fatal to me li and a14 that were in my company ; for the
.0 foow's being fallen, the wolves and bears
m6 were driven out of the woods, and though.
there were more than 20 Of Us together, they
up fetvpotrus many times, and indeed, it was
not wibout the greateft ha-zard aud difficulty
4 we pxeficrvcd ourfelvcs -from being devoured, sn he partiular relation of which would be too
long to ttouble the reader with.
In our farther pailhge, through France,
we met with nothing uncommon or remnarkfe able; we got fafe to Paris1 and after a fiort
ha flay there, went to Calais and landed at Dover ti the J4-h of janu,.ry in a very cold fcifoz.
cIS When I came to London, I found my biils
C of eicharge all arrived. and the moncy ready
tar be paid at fight, which when I had recelired, it came into my Mind to ret urn to Lifbou
F and from thence to the Brafils, to look after
my Plantation ; but upon. second thoughts,
rf. concluded it heft to fell it, and on this acA count I thoughtit proper to wr ite to my cor41pondent at Lifban, and ddfirc his advice and
alflftance, who readily gave me- his promite to do allhecouildfor mc and in truas I 'afterwrds found he-acquitted hinfc4 16 mie

in every particular viih the gvcatcft jnffice

-ar irittgrityJ

82 R 0R-1I V 3,O -N
In fihort he _old. my cftit' efor mle to t heft jdvantag 'and remitt,'4,O to me for
blsfor thrce hundred azod twenty pieces eight., afup mch greater thjjsP, I.cxpeded And Aqwjl began i~o' thinkr it high time t' fettle aiyllcf, providence bavi~iig mi~efickplentiful provifion for~ mc that I wanted ,l thing t aem~Ua~ap sIcp

Having caft my anchor, and for tbep%&, fen d adieu toall, forcigo dctrs had n~o other care or concern upon Me ~t the education of my-4rotbfcr's two. IOns., Q of them I bred a Gent1pi~a, and thr, oth, I bred an able faior ; arq, foon afterward;married a virtuous young, genlewom~an, a.gojod I amily, by~whoi) I bad. tawo foms ar'
daughter i bp he11 dying, I grewdifco.1 folate and melancholy, and at. the, iufig tiono m ay arphew, reovcd I, I Id more make a vqyage to the F~affirpizas, .0,vC I did in th~e year j689, ap inamy paff

couat of which iuntend 11aalbe the fubj;A of the fi4*quenr parts of m aircative.

rx IV,


0 F


Containing a All account f bis travels an4
remarkable tranfaffions, botb by fes and iand.
Y new kingdom ran Contitruilly in rny a M I mind'and- took- up my thonghts day
and night, infomuch -that iny -wife took noti" of it,_-a[ld' would often zE- riie, the rtafon of my extraordinary thoughtfulnefs, fuop6lin ing MY-012riiagc-vith her might he the caiife.
Her teirderand cadcaritig t xiprrfflovs, to gather wivtr kfic'con6drb: I had for the prefer, ovation of my Jamily at length brought -ine to IC a-refolutioll-IoJett'le myfelfin Come fircd wfiy
-of liviiDg -i"ordin 'iy, I b=ght'a little f-Arm ac -v, aL Ptovided me a
in Bedfordthit -d 'foon
,4 "-fiock iwith4ail-other impkments'fit to mana C
itto the befixdvantAke. ITthie rural retire11 rnent I b:gan to'thimk.myfrIf us happy as-I
4 could with , when on' a sudden, all my hap!Defs was de'firoycd by the unexpected death
my wife.
Her death gave me a fort -of temptt of
the world, a d filled me full of different thenhts and inclinations. My county life ,gcw burthenfeme to me and in 1hort, I left my farm, left f h ufc keeping,, and in
a fcw toonths after, returned to London

bu there I could fiad nothing to enter
ieaddiycr-t my melancholy. it was
begining ofthe year 1693, whcn ipynephe
whom I had bred tip to toqe fea, was retu from his voyage, Captain of the flip he out in ; who coining to me onae morn
4 t~ldme, it was propofed to him by 0o
mnerchants to make a voyage to the Eaftind and if I would go, he would undertake
iand me upon my island, thatI might
an opportunity to enquire into the flate
xmy new kingdom.
Jufl before he came to me, itcame into
thoughts to get a patent, and fill my Ifla'
with inhabitants. What devil, laid 1/n
hit her 'with this me/jrge ? And though liked the motion, yet I would not Icthi
,know it at fir-ft; however, after a little a
;I told him if he would let me down andc for me at his return, I would certain ly~ With him. As to calling for me as heca'
back he told me it, was, imprafficalale.
faid he, I 'wilt tell you 'what wie can d
mray have afloop ready framed on beard, -w 'we may eafijy put together at any time,a
yen may. return at your plea/grt.
I was not long in forming my refolutibut contrary to the advice of all my frien I fully determined to undertake~ the voyage and, in order to it, I made my Will, a n P
all my affairs in the beft -pofture I C poffibly, and 19 with my trufly fervent Fr
in the beginning ot-JaiuarV, 1694, 1 weiti
bord nd took with mec feicra! artili

A.C U S E 8 ;rh b t er f o k n
wth a good cargo, fo Ch ete id
St .of my ifiand.
,he We bad not been long out at fea, but wil
41 ,were overtaken bv a florns, which drove'us
upon the coaft of Ireland, as far as GalWay,
nj where we wtre obliged to fly t wen ty days fofor a witid. On -the ;h or F-bmuiry, the nd 'wind prefented, an~d we hal a very good
Le gale for, feveral days. On the 2'oh in the
.eve! ing, the mate called out, that he faw a
tC .flafl of fire, and heard a gun ; upon which~
wr, all ran to the quarter d~c, fo whncet 00 -t a diflance we faw a terui bic -fire, whicb,
fla -from our reckoning, we concluded cu d be
t vo other tian a lhp that had taken fire at
gh ea, and irtat it could not be far off by the r 'eport of the gun, which we head fc'ycrat
'au jms. We made to it with all our fail, and I f c ;o perceived it was a great thip burni~ g in *y b-mid le of the tea ; I immediately ordctca cd five guns to be fired, that the poor peopit might-perccive that there was dctivereoce at bard; who confiquently might rdfk their o li,s in Oi'ir boats ; nor Wiis it long before
a the (hip blew up.
We hung out our Isothorns, and about 'jo eight in the morning, *hen it began, to be
tnlight, we taw two boats making towards uis, 'a and we made a fignal, for them to come on
Board and roA- them, 4ll up, Ibirg mn, wodu mm. and c id! en, ?a all fixty four. It wa ri a F ench 4(hip Of 300 tons, bound ffsom Cait nadA, and, by the negligence of the 11cerlman ie it was fet o,1 fi-e in the fieerage ; fo that
in all probabilityi if jp ovidene had not fcait

as tp- their aljflagcz, they bad every foul rilhed.
Never were -people, certainlyj~wr
as thce popr creatjpres were. Antont paffngrfs there were Itwo prieR.s, an oldo and a young one; the old one, was A flup fellow, but the young one was a FMrymod fine gentleman. After their furprize pretty well oycr~and they had been reftrc& in the beft mxannir'sour fixip would allow, t captain and'one, of the prieft idefired to fPe with me, and offered us thec moc in d j els they had fiived, Which I rcfufed, toef them, our bufinefs was to fave thein, and to plunder them. They told us, 'what th bad to defirr of us was, to fet them on I
fom whre n or pffie s o landing iodies, we could not do that, without cha f ing our c~uite, and that we could n ot ju fy ; but we Would carry them till we
Vtha Ihp bound either2 to England; Fiance, that wo uld take them on boardhowever, our provfiocns beginning to40 fhort, we rcfolved to land them at Newfour, land, Which was not niuch~put I our way
-*n4 accordingly, as we proposed, in about Vwrek's time we came to the banks of Nf; foundiand, where they h~ired a bark to car, them to France, all but the young pritil tw'o or thilm'6f ;be fa Hors, Who chofe top #pith us.
>Now diire&ig our courfe to the S. S& About twenty days after we miet wi h a oth
4vznturc, !Ihat gay; us a fr4fl qports~q

C E., 8E
I4 ,
to ciercife our humnaijty. In ladtude of t7~ )y Vic faV a fail beat ing towards u's that had logt
r ilir -als firing a gu in token of diiefs; 1 the wind being N. we fodo came up tofpeak
11P o her,*aad found her to 6 a flip of-Wiilbl, d bound home fromp Elarbadoes, that had bteti
Oiven onut of the t oad' by A fut-ioafl hfit. 1h Cdrie. They had been tc~d aIutt for fcv&~
t jai dayi, and were atmoft ftarved for want of
x P ovi ins, baving cen. raothihq for cleve%
c days.,
fi-In this 01~p were thtee pfvafhbrs, a gen.
I tlgwoman, her ion and a htaid ftrv ar ; theft th we found in a moft mxiftrable tCOclbtiofl that I cart be imagined. The woteia died, and it
was with the greitift di&~iiy that we pre.a fervcd the young miti atsd~ixaid, wtiou&i at IItheir intriaty, after %#-e had ft plied the fh4~ ix with what we coukd 19afe, we took OD board
Our own firip. We were now in latiud
x;but paffing by tomne little incideat, I
ihall relate what is rno1 remarikable redatitg to soy little kingdomh, to which I was Sov
i+ drawing nigh. It waswith no fmall trouble ray that wc g8,t to the fouth fiAC of My ifod;
ut~ however, at laft we caflie to an anchor at the
I ; mouth of the little crtek, and tbrin I foon ar faw moy old'caffic, and kne w perfe611y where
a wai
When T was cf-rtaia of thxe pla-ce, I called
to Friday, and Akl himn1 a hi
be was ? But when he looked a lte-, he clapped his hrands, crying Oje~ & rle
art yes!0 Oere Me fe!- Ale/te! 7Ah~s i&c.
Men and tercs,'afid fell to jumpiw* and
dancing as if he were Viad.

'89 f 6B INS* I

Whnte tgliff patient was I'ea', it
we werti friends, I hung (ut the white fl, and fo wiIi the y-ung prieft, and my nai Fiday, I wint on ihf-c. And wha lcu4 be the firft man I faw, but the Spaniard, whofe life I had fav .d and Friday, whofa his father at a diflaace, ran to him with the joy imagginable, aiad embraced him wit4 extreme tendernel..11
'I zwas the loth of April that I Vet my foot on fhore tbc second time, when my faithful
Sairaccompanied by one more1 came
-to me ; he did not know me at firflibut. when I had binqted to him who I was, no manculd expr efs or behave himifeif wils greater. gwtUde. He took me by the hand, and~ afk-d me if I would not go and take polPe-f. fion of -my old'habitation, where I found,, tshy had made coofiderable improvements. I2 alk ,d him fevcral queftions. and he as readi1~ ani~wered me, telling me withal what firange, cofufiun they had with lhe Engtimen. who dfignedt to hsve murdered tbtm : W11i we were talking, the man whom he had rent ictuired witb eleven more. Thce,,faid he, are fo me of thoIfe that owe their Iivzs to your. goodness. Atud alter be had made them ftn fible who I was, they all faluted me in aWr. g-ateful and handfume zraa aer.
Before I relate what happened in the ifl. and, as it was related by the Spaniard, at~ G vernor, I muff riot -omit a JI -Y which omitted in my former at tat ye J uft b. f rt we wibdauchor, thiece happcned a quar-

C A U 29aS.
In. el on board,' which by the care of the cap.
D~ taum, was Utimely prevented, though not withOW out fome difficulty: and indeed, fa far it A Proceeded, that two fello ws, that had beens 31" he ring leaders, found meant in the night3 rd, to get Comne arms, ,and the thip's boat, and
I V grit away to the island, and jained their broal ther rogues; f6 that now there were five Engiiih in the iflandt which; as the Spaniard repts in the following narration, wasth
ca eo ra diIarder and confufion amon~f

me The Spanliard'srhiation of what b/ippened iit: )et I adg My departure till my frcond'
ter You may remember, Sir, you-lent me on
a Voyage:; and indeed, I was n,,* a litU, Prize to find, at my return, that you had -left U'. We had a v. zy good p~fFagc ; 3and -ndc:d, my countrme were overjoycd, to
fi" nd I had f6 mifaculoufly efeaped ; ?nd ig when-I had chewed the arms an~d ammu ri]on ho, which I had brought, tbey were tr-anfliorted
we to the hiheft degree. After a little flay, we
got what -we could frnm the, favagri, made
c bold with two of'their canoes, and t o ca4me
all of us'over to the ifland -, where we hadi no
foone landed, but we found the Englimen
r had quarrelled with- one, another, andt had & attempted to murder and deftro-y their f !
lows, and were often vety near putting theicwicked Praftices in ex-cution.
-, One day it h~ippened, that 2s two Of Irf
re Spauiards wzre in the wouds, one tithe 16ii

eret of the, Thg1A~ieV Ca23C Up to tbIq andi miade heavy complaints how cruel y tc were uf~d by their countrymn, and that we did~ not take them under our rtfi ziad give them ,,iflane, they uti mvita bly he %,ied and ulxone. Whep they caut to (upper, one of tIhc Spaniards, in a gent ap friendly vnanricr, belan to reprint, the mutinous EagiHflmen that it was a ge Pity their counitywcn should perih, ano therefore intreated 'them to fuffir thli countrymen to procuretheir fubififtence witl; o~ut farther diflurbapc; ; o which they re plicd, let tkemflarve atd h ant o he
Jain4 is ours, and !f they ii rot work for ur tf.y Iba/i bave ino iare in if. Come 7ach (fai At1~ins) Whv4ioli1 dart ta k4ild-in #ur domnif& oejr~wtout our Confenv? And as we afterwards found cut, they Iiad? crtaiaily murder ;Atlth, if they had not been prevented However, they pulled dowyn their huts, a did themi all the damage thty poffibly could When they had doxie tbi; viliary, they cam back to thxe caflle, boaffing of what ;heyh done ; when one taking hold of a Spaniard hat, twirled it round, laying, andyau. Sig ior 7ach Spaniard, fiati h.ave rkam fuce. 7ob do not mewdynr mannrs.T hisqar in a 0whor time grew f6 high, thu if we rot timelyiptcrpoted and take away q arms, in all probability there bi bcepn der,
Thefe wicked iellows, perceigpthatt had made all of us- their enemies, b~pnt ;4ctj and to bqgfor their arnp buE

C U JR. 91

We peffitively redfufe, which made them to
h, ad and dciperatc, that they idet u~s in the Lt geateft pafin imaginable. They were'
ha4r dly 'gone but teir tWO coantrycuCo CaMC ita. tou with, their complaints, telling us they
wM ere, ruined; and truly fir, we could not fit help thi Inking it very hard, that nineteen- of
-ts iould, from.time to ;inme be bullied #pd cc# D0futted by thr;,e fuch notoriou~s villains.
ana it was with &oMe -difficulty We pprfuaded
hi, their two couteryMrn 40om Puttingi aD.
il 'killing them with -their fi re arms, hut u p a re; our pramifting that they fhouId bave jaftice
Y done them, they detifted. About five days
Uro after, being almouff fkarved, they, came to us
fa n a -very fubiniffive mapperand begged liii, heartilly to have th -ir arms 'reftored, which te r upon certain conditions we at taff granted, tic But to great-was teir villainy thaztt&e-e
dhad not P-Aft above three deys, but they beal SAn strow itrawag tat n aein I apen
u gAnd thinow itwas ta ana o apn
a ;d, that pot only obliged us to lay alide all
h- private_ animofities, but provided
LI, for c~ur mutual o provideCu'-De night, as I lazy in umy bo was dir.
turbcd wi It unufual reavs and apprehenTioas.
re I got u2, and related the maatter to one
ot my Spanithi friends, %bo anfWered, fach $hints were not t4o I'ejiiged ; and advited rue aI to look outt cai-cfully ; ad~fiig. thiat certainly
Ohat -was Jo-ne naijchieJ wvpon I*e~qhs. Accordicgly, we went~ up to, the top o4 the
m mountain. where we (ilcoyved a ih n
Ihcald the voice% 4 fqcF4 spon wj'

/ &d us exceedingly. We could not tel! i wh
to conjeaure, and therefore feat out old Fi day as a (pv, to try if he could learn wI'.
and from whbence they werec; he rcturno in a very 1hort time, and brought us wot that they were two a577'rnt parties. of d* tf
ent nations : and that after a bRoody battle, th had landed there by mere chance, in order to your their prifoners ; and that he believed joon ax it was light, a 'bloody battle wou~lde
fJ~e. 0,'d Friday had hardly ened his rc14'i tion, but an unufual noife gave us to underfland that the engagement was begun ; an
nothing could be more bloody and obffinatc,
nor men of more invincible fpirits, nor mor
a&vc and ready in thcir way of fighting.
We were undoubtedly, fic, in a great con
flernation, left they should run into on ij grove, aad deifroy what we had, and fo re3
folvtd, to put outfelves upon our defence and Ihoot the flift that should approach, and as we apprehended, fo it happened ; foi
three of the army-that was vaziqulfH ca
-direly to the place for fhcilter ; i
would not fuffcr to be flain, buttad the
fu-rptized and taken alive :and ina trudth
-they all proved very excellent te~vants, a were of greatufe to us afterwards. The t
parties being gone off, -and th~e coaft cleat'
we went to the place-,of battle, where
-fond two and thirty dead upon the fpdi
with federal bows and arrs, and other fonti
of weapons, which I ordered to be carefulH
-picked up and carried into our armouru y.
Ilais "im al ip"Eaclc had that offl.dt u

C RV .o 0

the three tuublefome Engtifmen, that mut 6 of their tus bulent tempzr beg-n, to abate, god they b-gan to be go:od friends, andl to think unanimouily whatt was beft-to-be done for our mutual -1ccurity and, And, accordingly, all hannd, were at work to Ijftegthefl the fortifications of our Catle,
I aad provide a proper Cecurity for all ourpren T vdkns; and, iadeed, we did both with all
the c -u'ion that dhe patu-c of our circuml faoc's uld allow. A 0 d thus for twt671ars an we lived iQ a very comfortable retirement, ate~ having Veii her keen or heard aiuy thing of iek
tor SVages for all.-that tim-.
But now there bippened another quarrel,
which might, have provtd, of very bad confeOn- quence, if it had n at been prevented in tione.
'The three wicked 110girnlen- being the agOe grff~irs, I ordered them to he -difarmed, and ch. lfrt the cafe to be determined by the, other
fotwo Eng!'ifhuenn, who sentenced them to bae
hanged, -alledging. among; other things, that, fe they had a~dtfign to murder --us. and only
le deferred it-till a proper opportunity; upon it- which I a& -d Ittkins, who was the ring lea.
an derwhat we had done to them to defev to
-be murdered~ or what hq had to fay~ for him .
Alf, wby we fh 'uld not immediately kill him,
who had fat med fuidi a willainotis d -fignto e murder us ? In truth, the Englfitnm picffiM ed vef y hard to hang one of them for an ex13 ample to the others ibut-this.1 wou'd by no mtats confrat to,, upon the *.onfderaticta
tbat I owed my life to an E glifhaian, to you fit, my onLy prefery-er ,however, to put

")0 h f-N & 0'- N
itcutof.thc* power to do twao ithevt' saircbief. we determ1hedi thatIttr the fuiturri'; they ffibuld bave q6 arnis of 9by fdrt ; an4 1 that if thcy did agald attetalw4o jive the stl "' ,ritty any manda,'of difttith'ance, then w&' would immcdIatdyIk6dItI*tn likewi1d beafti. After this I ordered thetfiforne provition fb tWir pteftnt ftibfiflence, and appo "' 'h a place in a remote part of the iffj!: .'whe thq might p!ant and make what Imptot ment, they thought prqcr
had Iive&fii motiths In th;s PpArmt, ftatior, and had "An'thvir firft h ? rI t ff"" j"
t"all '41
wh ich, that feafon, *ts but very fawl. they wEf c nmurftf!y tdt only very idic, bl' haj cvti y t hit, g to begin anew, and what worfe, were but vcry -ndi&rent workmen ,the beft. Thcfe fellows growing defpcrdt '2Dd we2 ry of working, took a new whirn i their h-cads, whieh might have Ixen of fa confiquercc. Norbing wduld fetve th-c but they muff nceds make a voyage to t cdtytinatt, to try if they could feize tome thofe'S avagts, and make theft flatcs to d their ifeudgiry and indeed the Projelft not fo prep6flerous, if they had n!o tbeen' a tuated by %*Rked notion and d4 ns.
Om morning they caine to their litnivis' fring tn (pf ak with ut ; ,which being grant they told ut they were tired of that flAte Jife, and if we wou d give them one of o ca..,)oes, thev would go acd feek thpir fors "' Rbrktad, and never trouble "s m"t-gla snay be fute. fir, we were not a lit', e be frced from fuch troubI6amccompzuIou

cJU S 0, 9

however, -we repre frnt'd$ tile danger of it; hut finding upthisng would c-hainge the ir Refltnwe cpaofented tbzy thoiuId have oat
of ojar anoes, and at the iaze time give them fame Jirec arms, araunitioai and prp vji n; _atd as(qt avs they had fiked opst
t heir bazr, they merrily failed away, the panlards at the-lamie time cAlirig ,after them and wilhing them a good voyage. And iia truth,
-fl pothing rould he farther fiol our thoughts,
than tit; poffibility of [fecing thetr any msore; let fcarcely a rnon~h had pa4We4, but one of ti iaur Englifitrn, abraad at wo, k, (aw
1ijee men -well ar~n.-d comag towards him ;
sjpon whicb away he flits to arhtg us ii-i
fe gncc, telling us, we uwere all lpndp-4, Inr thzre
V 'W~e An upon fbs ji-ind 0#at 'Weto not $4a7gtgrs While wre were c cofidcriag the event,
came the tbrc~e F5gliolnen, ) whoju we
prefeatly kncw~ by their voices; and then our wooicer ceafd. Our next enquiry was into the nature and maanner oft heir vDY'age, and the reafop of, their fo fpeedy return ; 4f all vhich oo of them gave the following rclaiioz:
After two daYs tail, we reached land; -,ut
finding the in habitt favages, and coming widi their bow; and atroats to give ins Inu a.
welcomeO reception, we thought it proper to ;nake the heft af our way'fteriog poT thward.
In our paffage we difcovered feveral -litil
Jflands which -fee med to be inhabited ; at one of which we ref olved toigo ond1hore at all hazards; whjedh accof divgiy we did, at on. that; lay pioft to the weft ; here. we found the nativqs wcr1' courleouts 1P In, gvikij us whpt hey

4CODld procure. Am-)ng thefe- befp~tableI
dians we ftaid frvetal days, erqui, ing by fi, what naiOnS lAY near 'hem, and were infor ed -hat there were ikveral Natioes that I igh to-them, that wce accuftomed to e snar kind. but for 'their parts. thr' w ere no accuflomed to -cat fuch fort of eitt, cx'e fu~h as' bey took in battle. We erq; a, hcw 1mig it was fince they bad hid a baitzl
and whether thy had anv'p.ifioners ;t which they mnade answer, by their fitnF -h that it was about two months. Ind their K o had r'ow two bhu-d'ed pAI'en, rs, which h irefervcd for the flitghter. Mighty defirod
we were to fee thoic piifaners ; W;Ach the-~
tva ftock, and tht'ught we wanted forme f s&ur own -ufe, and made fists, tha! at the ne
Y~fleg of the Sun, we fliould have fmc-, an,
accuvdii g'y, at the ye y dine, they broug
us ek"ven men a04 five- womeo, juft AS, C w
and, exen aft brought. to a lea port town ~
fight* tht gave us all a great deal of horror, aBud "'at to do we cruld not tell ; to rcfufc them we knew would be an uoepardotabl off, ont, and to difpofe of thtm we knew not bow. However, we refoived to 4cc-pt of
them, and gave them in return a few fiffhl that we had, in the canoe; -,o taking ou
leave, we (ailed to the next iflao d. where wS
ftet eight of the men at liberty ; wi-b r he ret we made the beft of our way, to our iflandj
an.* though we treated them all al: well as vw
cou'd, we could by no means conv'nce theii bus that they were to be killed and devou; ed
TXhus, Sir, cnded the nai asiVe Ofth I

C 4U 3 a S 97'

three defperadoep; whereup~on I failed him where their Pew family Vast chufIng to fee
them ; they told me, they were a40eir huts;
ib we all went to fee them.
C When we cam; to the huts, we found three
n well proportioned men, and five V90)c, all
nAed & boqi)0, four of then might betroni C. twenty four to forty, but the other W-s comely Maid eu of about fiventezn ; thxey
h wer all ery aree"we, and their behavipuo
ficemned to be very modeft. Their nake4 appearaw~, with the wifery of their C~ondit'jon*
was 'no very agreeable fight.
hc~ Btt now's Sir, having Womnep among us1 2
which I thought right fomn;tia= ocsaflon -Quarrels, I ftkcd the three Englifhmen, how they pr.9pofd to~ d4pofe of their families j on~ adding, thakt [ was n Iot going to lay-I any -relg. lraint on them ; only I would defre, that
thy would wajx take one;- an. ferte
had chofen which they had a riid to. no
f" other man fh uld pre;(0rpe tot tot her.flWell to thi tl~ey all1 pgroecd; and to, they abi concluded t o draw lots for the choice.
nt And now, jr, I lay before youi a cp
of quite di~erent fropm any tIhi .ng that ha; been
Related. One xnoraing, very. early, t 'hre4
Came fivc canoes ofE Indiaus on flio~re, Opt
re their old account of devouring their prifune all that we could do was to lie concealed d till their bloody ceremony was over~, and
to take proper meafures to defend ourfeves eis i rcafo ned..Bjit, notwithilauviig all ourcatinsthrehappened an unhappy,
di taaer, that had like to have occafioucil ;be

utter defolation of the ifland ; for, after t favages were gone off, my Spaniards and looking out, to make observations, we fouo three favages that had gorged themfely lying fal asleep upon the ground.
What to do with them we could not tell to murder them we thought would not be juftifiable according to the law of Chriftiaab ty, having no previous quarrel with them; at laft we thought it advifeable to fecurt them alive, and ft them about fome work or other, till we could difpofe of them ; and accordingly we took them prifoners, and car tried them firft to our caffile, and then t the two Englifh, who foon found them em, ployment; but for want of keeping a fri guard over them, one of them got away into the woods, and was not heard of for fo time.
This lucky accident gave us great ap. prehenfions that, by fome way or other, this savage would 6nd Means to get into his own country, and inform his countrymen how weak we were, and confequently that they would come over and detfiroy us all; nor indeed wire our notions ill grounded ; for, in eight months after, there came fix canoes with ten men in each, and landed within lels than a mile of the Englilhman's habi ati who, with the greatcft terror imaginable, I their milch goats loofe into the wood,, a ran to their f:cret cave,- refolving to def themicives till we could come to their afi ance.
It was not long before they could fee thci

CR U SO0E. 99

habitations in 02ameS, and the favages in pitirfui of them in feveral (M211 parties ; Upon nd,, which they took their Rland at a convenient
:Iv place, and determined to defend therniclvT.S
:l4 o thc very lafk extremity.
While thva eyere thus expeaing them, the
t j avaes cme n ;one of them was the sunaways who had been the caufe of this mi C. ani. chief ; and he they refoived fliould be the
.M rft that fuffcred, let what would be the corf:r: fequence ; and accordingly, as was conLCet. !rr ed, the firft let fly; and indeed he took his
ano aim ifo well that he killed'the *forceft outCa~ right, fhot the r un- away through the body,
a ad wounded the thi rd.
eu Bad and dreadful was the out cry the IN wounded Indians made, being quite infenfible
!t -from whene their fudden deftru&ion 'camue, 0 M and as we were informed, believed that they
were deftroyed by thun der and lightning, ap- having never before heard or teen any thing
this like a gun.- Whilft rhiy were in this conown fitrnation, the foglifhman had time to new
hJ load their guns, andi fir-iog both together upthey on another party of five, who were ftod
r in- by the two they had wounded, they iell to
ri the grouzid as if they haid been killed ; up~n ioe which the two Eng~tiinen went totem
1d wthout charging their guns, which, was a
very wrong ftcp ; for, wheu they weeco ue
aup, they foued four of themt ali-v, tric fligh*which they were forced to take the but e nds of their, mufkets, aud kn'ock themcr oLn (he head, and took hinm that was norz wouudced the

and bound him at the foot of a tree hard and then made all the hafte they could wards the cave to fee if all was well thet and, finding every thing fate, they camet to the tree where they left the Indian bou and found, to their great furprife, hew gone. Now they were in greater fear A confusion than before; but while they confidering what was proper to do, f' Spaniards came up to them, bringing u them that very indian the Englifhmen left bound uqder the tree, whom the Spd lards had released in their way.
This great reinforcement fo much enc~ raged the two Engliftmen, and fo great their indignation for the lofs of their hut that they could flay no longer ; but taki the Spaniards with them, all well armed away they went in ?urfuit of the reft of t favages ; but, from a rifing ground they p ceived that they were got on board of th canoes, and were gone out to fea, too far be come at, which gave them a new mat for fear and apprehenfion, left they fhoul go hbdm dire&ly, and inform their brethre of all that had happened, and incite them come ov:r with greater power, and defir the whole island. And as we judged, lo happened ; for in lets than even mont they came over with twenty five canoes, an landed upon us wih two hudred and fift men, all well armed with bows and arrows and other formidable weapons.
You may imagine, Sir, we were in is fmall coiaficruation. upon the approach