The history and description of the famous Cathedral of St. Paul's, London


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The history and description of the famous Cathedral of St. Paul's, London
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Gigantick histories
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History of St. Paul's, volume the second
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2 v. (125, 3 121, 7 p.) : woodcut ill., port. ; 65 mm.
Boreman, Thomas, active 18th century
Boreman, Thomas, active 18th century ( printer )
Printed for Tho. Boreman Bookseller, near the two giants in Guildhall
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Miniature books -- Specimens   ( lcsh )
Description and travel -- Juvenile literature -- London (England)   ( lcsh )
Publisher's advertisements -- 1741   ( rbgenr )
Miniature books (Printing) -- London -- 1741   ( rbpri )
Bldn -- 1741
Publisher's advertisements   ( rbgenr )
Miniature books (Printing)   ( rbpri )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )


Stone, W.M. Gigantick histories,
Gumuchian et cie. Les livres de l'enfance,
General Note:
Boreman is the probable author of the complete Gigantick histories series, cf. Percy Muir, English children's books, p. 60.
General Note:
T.p. of v. 2: The history of St. Paul's, volume the second, to which is added An account of the monument of the fire of London.
General Note:
Signatures: v. 1. A-H⁸ v. 2. A-H⁸.
General Note:
Price from imprint "4 d."
General Note:
Poem addressed to Thomas Boreman, signed "Jacky Heatherly, Feb. 28, 1741."--P. v-ix, vol. 1.
General Note:
Publisher's ads, v. 1, p. 124-125 and 3 p. at end; v. 2., 4 p. at end.
General Note:
Includes list of subscribers to the history of St. Pauls at the beginning of each volume. List of subscribers omitted at the end of v. 2.
General Note:
"An explanation of some of the hard words made use of in the two volumes of the History of St. Paul's"--P. 109-121, vol. 2.

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P A U 1:3

Of the famous CATHEDRAL

St.PavI's, London,

Printe~Ifor Ok.BV~maf) Bookfetler, near tW giants in Gaildball Leiz da.171 Price~d.

Near the Two Giants in Guildhl LON DON. ISend this greeting, Mafler Tommy, Tho', I believe, youi
may not know me ; To ihew how greatly
I am fmitten
With what fo lately
you have writtea.
A 3 Wile-

---t I
Whether your age, Y
parts and feature
Agtte Nvith mine, Iti
is T"o matter ;
Or ivhet er, Me o!d
bad of jSll'
Yo've drank M dces,
magic baioti
And. xfter fixty
YeArs compleatea,
Begqn rw find, your 2
youth repeated
As on6e;, I now
xcmetn'ber WCH,

----7 TlV-'j---M
rVe jjerd P't '
fro", Ovid tell. Holve'er it ["C'
the Books yot, write C've we IllLchpallinic,
3nd delight K,, filter
(( x lleraowlt,!'' And one af,pok f,,
Su4cribers, 01%11))
Has fiome degree of 'I
wit atid spirit,
And lorej, fim C,-,,
VellcourItgre MeTiA Bobby

Bobbv and Jesnry*
tho' as yet
T1,ev have not learn'
to- read a bit, Tk~q much delight
to heir your wit Add them to your SL
fcribpre number, If 't won't too much
your page incumbr For my part, I ne'er
yet did fee
Wh,4t you deferibe
fo preril-y;

And long to have it
in my power To fee the Giants
and the Tower.
I' th'mean time what
you publish more Mark me fix books,
I'll pay the fcore: And whatever profit
I can make ye Believe me heartily
Yours, JACKY
eb. 8.


SU13,S CR. I R:
To ti-c

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ColchtOvw, Books.

Mafler AlqM Blarkett. After Witham Bdrew-aN, of Marpte, Kent. Mafler Arrdd MaRet s,'jjj-,*y

T-rrTMifs Polly Beache
of LcaaenhallMatter Yacky Bak Matter 7acky B Mailer Harry RON AIif3 P91y Boulton, Mifs Patty Boalto
Matter Peurr Blu Mifi Polby Bliffint. Mifs Dbkbhy BIvnt Mirs Namy Blue. Mifs Diqli Br,7gn.:,. Mifis Molly Bezor. ',
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c; ond- street, 7 SetsfS Vny Burroughs, of Clerkenwell. ifsBiaynevof Worcefter. lifs.Grar;Balt5, of Elbow-lane. ifs Polly Baker. ifs Lydia-Mirty Bland 4i 7,envy Byrebe. ifs Byrebe.
Braynt, of
Strutton Ground. ifk Diana Braynt, of

Min, maily Bo
Alafter Cbar[ C Alafler
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Matter 7a-,.,'_Cb-,
-11-1y C6
Alafter )obn,(, tMafter Daxny C A f 6 Molly Crefp 1r, .4by Crefpix, ;all of
M21tdr DiclyC
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Acr 71 tky cam, a"ter ya4y Cutbiert.

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Boflor.,'Ne N -E, Mifs Bet,,vDura

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r o,,,YFtt". z r NItty F,,d.
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of Norwich. Matter Yemp, y Master Humti ry

Mager Ain ny Hall, mics J11911Y ykllo WS Mille H411, alld Mifs Bet) Hall, all OfGreat Ormond-ftrect.

Maffcr 7ackp I*atherl
Author of Rom, 6Sets

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fvl acv .7emvyocdther v- Retfy Reatberly
MaRc Tc%xyHayxard, Of

I )-lafter"Bobly Hca&rly. I riLyftrCet.
Bobby Halhed.,
B 3, MAAcr

Smaller Td*m Hx Mafler BoMy Hall.

Ma# r Sammy H"
of New-Inh.
After _7atkl Hakf.", Mafter,7ac H, ?I. Vifs Yennyleat&' Mfs HenRy Hgittb

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Naxffy Hi, evel, blifs Lydia JVif,,mk-,

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after Billy glarolfon. after Neddy yoti.
after Matty Yeforys, Kidderminiter.. if s Nrancy.7911y, of WcftHam.
Nice 7ones.


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Bafinihall-ffi,, mifs ymly Kj,* Mifs Naxv Mifs Pojj em Mifs Sukti v m Mifs Bet mifs 0
Mager "7r
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a&r Cblly Lavgtiy. ey Shphen Leake.
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Maftr Diviel
After Billy
Cheapfide, 3,
Mifs Bqfy
nA-Grccn, 7' ..
Mifs Patty 0 Mifs Bqry N.
'16fter Ymmy,
Mifs a
Ufs nvy Of

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.74'-4 Aroarfe. er Bil EAVid Nw&,j
D0-Y Vewtm of

b4by Newtm.
r Billy Oldb,=.
r B"IIY Oliver. pdtty 07z-ver. PP"'Y Oliver, of Itatoil,
-'IY Oxe.lof

.Ma tier judri

gow, Iflin Nfaffer 1,4.1 Mifrs Deb,""a Mifs Fran,,, M i t-s Pau'liv Alifs Ilary p A

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TOMMY Ri, b4rdfa.1,
Of Whelone er Ri
Rer Arily R; Indr. ,&Ao ""Y Rogem, of
r)' ew-England.

Alafler Dicky RR
for himself, andj

fYSb,-te ofMore
Rielsway, 7 Alafler Hedwirtbb Alifs Petty Rl;, if, Ar'q&&Y p Mifs Molly Al Alifs ca""j'e' R
Norton, Ket.'L A4ifl P1411y Mir Pty Ruyerf': Arlics Sarlib -Ywr4,
Paull, ege.

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Alifs Sah Sellar,.
mif Pol p stracy,
bow-lane. Mirs Almlly A"fif, Patty Alifs Sarab SavAr, Mifs Nanny &rilk Mifs Alartbla ;Vil Mics pf y
ay sav';'g Mifs Francei Sl,,)(IMifs Elizqbetl, M
.vex, 6 Sets.,

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Bet y SedgWick. New of
I I ree r.

cri 4 saerriiTits., 'r'

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ca Ing, Berks.


Mifs IMA
MifS MVJJY T1717' Mif,; sm y Tha, Mife Betty cri
of St. MATT,A
Mafie, iWy After Tommy ff' Mafkr Iadv 10) Maffer.7r If',Ma(fcrHz;,-rv I Mfrs bizrali

"UY ar
p IS.
Mall'y &i7is.
kivily Aqfi

Ij 41 S Ord, Sets.

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Ttfafler 7a,- y Mallet _7,,irmy,
?Mallcr Yzt. St



dly ffame, of Sacl:(-,Jvirt5 4Sc 3Betty ,ham, Wly We4dm.

T 9 1


T)() RA

p ZU .14

I. Of
T wiA be prQpjcr,
i4form my YOW4
C + Readens

[ 401

fam fpOt of which S t. Stands, th
-a fine old u Ethelber n thi 'Vea-P -our hundred and dtcate4 to.-a'x tle. 'This d1hurt inan"y CIm b fre, and other which v is as o 'Ca". and fuch, p

d !,.y throage, IL b I at laft it
.wh defLroyv i i"the gre at k' Of Undon in 1666, l4d One thousand and fif_at$ Y 7
om its firlt

pr the
19, -dilizwtion sribr
J"It Cbureh.
-ld chu,6 6f St.
having been defiroy'd,

the fir.1 chapAc rains and :riJ, cleared in abe nine years aft r found lo 11 Ito
Stron", the second y ch
th c W40 Jane, 167 5 f x caft corner, fici fide: From w it w4s IIQC Cop

wta'd t h the Ycar 17;4xn b ilalp 'it vea s

III and fin! Id by t e qe 2tchile&' Sir ChrifI cr Wren, aiid by the t, mafon, Mr. St The
of which 4 tO
Immune to wle mMiq pf

*%Ul building & encol
dwithitron ironpa'64z'yorupwards. The wrn'd-

'about five ad hundred in which cofiftea pounds.
This magnf tare, which f the higheft gro city, near to the called Ludgate, 1 CathedrnI inEng according to the' architcehxre. lti of hine Portlad runlic work.T

Na's adorn the. out.
Oeabove the otIe I

h~ne"'n I s of about th e. nl twenty, ir etantrs of he Crand er of as ;n of
,ftor Rorani
twent;. co-te %'ell 1nd four
enand thofe of

'Paces between the
Ot windows and

them6hitmeof 0 ctede are filled M' V riety of CL11 1011 ments, fuch as CTICT feltoons of fli "". at the eaa en,'Pi the
'he cvtIrin
of W R. with n a on which axe the HONI SOIT (ZVI PENSE ; in FnE,' 'lib be to bim that evil tj Is
_" -1 t
and this within a fin apartment of palni-b C
es, and placed till

rial zov n, all
, cat in ftone. Al the parts of this
churclabothwhhin wlt4uutare buili with.' Proportion and artf
eye is Charmed
r of its
w ich support the
C 's, dorne, &c. 'the "Y of their -tapitals Ch cornith wherekhey ate elilbelliffied; ""Imber of fFacious

windows, &c. I the whole fabrik of beauty and In and in bignefs, rr building, figure, n enrichments in flone, iron, L&t. riot fuPeliox' a in Eusrope.

A?. Till
evvh, hruim. "Ikbtb, -xd aber .1i;,. 41ftfi wl of C hiv,"k

T8 length 'Within the
from CA to W4
huRdrrd ficer. The brea th of t end he
tivals a h un4rt4 a;,,i


r so
the north and fou co's, or doors, walls, is two hun forty nine feet.
The breadth of is about a hundred venteen feet.
The circuit of t outwardly is two t two hundred and two feet.
The ground this great church upon, is two acres

ares t%'erty three
Sand onie ;tot
egh wi hin,

fe t.ty
'h OP of the vv,fr Unent ~ under the figure
tfe e Undred and te heghtIf the two

8 t al Ul dred and & ghr the ganen1 I

cupolo, two h eight feet. "
To the uppr two hundredan
-fx feet; and fro to the top of h ky four feet.
The height from the bail, i Lhe d~meter o Aix fret; its ci e ighteen feet; ,cflt in ninety wnd I hav ee

it has~ be=n ~P, f r ne ha. ben drljnkaz ]t at one time; f

hir-ends jj

D3O Qi ,.


11 A P. IV.
'Of tb, fir4ytge concePtionr ftur lArdian Kingr bad af 'tfthis grea, building ;,ard bb w they imagin'd it at fifirfl to be one gre4! rock that grtw in tba place.
-1 Ga 2ean Ofm Ralh
Tr,4,, one of the f ur lrd ari Kings who were in 41s v)untry ab ut thirtyl two Yzars ago, amon.O: other

other curious which he Made was in Engnd, kind him the f concerning t church.
There flands, on the mot rifing the town a huge big enough to c whole nation of am king. Our good brother 0 Koa, king

tfe (571
is of opinion it
TsMade by the hands of geat God to whom
Onerted (meazimiu Jlkand of Granathc Six NaLs elieve that it %vas
with the eatth,and lrd~ced o ~i a
fl'- and mo~on.
1, 1fays he, for my

t art, and from the e a f r i n th a t I e a i

get of this mattr apt to think- that temple waks fifW the Ihape it now feveral tools an mients, of Wik hiave a wonderfc. in this cointry.
Imagine i only an huge rock that grew top of the hill; the natives of the after having cut it

41sd of regular figure, borCd alld hollowed with incredible pains anid induf!Y. till they had wrought 4'it all thofe beautif"l Vasilts and caverns into 'Which it is divided at this 4t.
As foon as this rock was AIhuscurioufly fcooped to tcIir likiog, then a prodi91QrIs number of hands )l111 haye been employ'd Shipping the outfide of it$

[6o I
it, a~nd frooot'hing face ; w hich is i places hewn out

trunkS of fo ]-m bound about the t g~rland,,of ees
It is pro~able, fa Indian mon arch, when this great w begun, which moil been many Ithu ,dre ago, there wa, fbm gion among this

rt1hey give it the nam a Temple, and ha-ve a Idtosn that it Was deVed for men to pay thdr devotions in.
ARAd indeed, there are fevcral reafons which
1keus think that the r~ie of this country had formterly among thelti aae fort of worship ; for the Y fet apart every fe,koth day as facred, But Thu y poin& iawt on* of

of thofe holy ho that day, I could, ferve any circumnl' devotion in their our: There NaS i min in black wo ed above there, to utter fometliig great vehemence; for thofe undernet

worfh ip to the Di the plce, they CT

Of themn bowina

ab to one another;

Whether therelee h al ROughts of thofe royt tern geat w n o t
bt PRIe to an cr.
t yt onder is it fu ch falaekn, I kngs ei
'nd thicket, fhol A:" 'ch il~d no; o


when we Ourfe) fee it daily, are 61, aftoniffiment at M tude and grander
s bjj ld
d g

'ch a w "g glorious bui di


'r'4ed by, how filch a orde
u or
be performed bYj ))and$ I

W x fhafl now. to exan iin ther curi0fitics of this


H A P. V. tfief" fatIe o
'ae A-,N E.
fVore he Weft front or this grand Cathedral, a fipacious yard; inl
licupon a lofty PCi, iards the CfLgy Of 'ltequeen Anne ; W,'th Nrfpters, reprefenttliuft dominion in her

E She


Tis her crown upoij
tfi-' feepter it h-Md 2nd the i's, her her dre'
,erj r !S
1-h Y
the wori-,It exceedil-,-hard ;3
a v
ery 1-cly and
has acrojy ntenance: fl.e Ler n 0 laurel upol, 0 d
; I ia her
Lind' e r i
and her left
2 rea&4000 .


C ln to t1le roy, the' On 'Crt


-,J ii ith 115

L u9 I
warrIor's cap,

the queen
With her har- in
lo' -) Ks all'c
ard pleafant.
Ph f OL!"th is Amer ci,
hc habit c I ,
f icr counher
flic hal UI)Oil
ClIld t
a crown or cuQathers a br-,%v in
left hnd" d a qai"'Orarr',"on her back:

file 11a, tile head ofan, ro eanund -Y herfool, ,n arrow flicking fupp! .d to have bectl P--A, fi arn Ler bov. T is an jDC
, -cpir., fro:"I beneath je-t ; bclng -I a irnaj' common in f, nc par,

Eodh on the bn] the water.
Aricrica, -,ind lhic i

The queen's, an8

tile other f Urcs' 2

an, flatuarv trarp,-Laal o vcInin c r v. all cut Of cn- fol 6 yough
N -hicii
e. of o,,- r ..... (-UrIrg the ni

g y

ca vcr v;as the late
E 4

The foot ofth is encircled wiht marble fleps ;an* whole encom.-pfrdW beautiful, firong rf lil-ades.I
This roy -1al uo account of i-, porters, fine pdlf & curious world ,n eqeemed fuperio others in Europe

173 1
Ofthe -crfl firot of
to St. Paul's.
M$. young readers hav* lg fatisfy'd their cu~Fities in examining the "Iee's flatue, &c from
tk!llct they have a full 1"WVof this grand church,
Wrethey may behold
t4 beauty and majellY Of
whole, and the juft fy m-

f74 -:
1f'mmetry of all t.
Obferv'e firfi th large pillars whi the portico, each. t thick, arnd eight a in height, of th thian order.
Second,the eight
which fupport the ment, of the CO or Roman order; three feet and a hal and i! ut thirty fou in height.

See in the large triaflipediment a livelyre Pf6cration of St. Paul's '"erfion in his Journey tODamafcw cavd t
relie0, cved i
wtheo ingenoU
-d of th' Late Mr. Bird;
-ht'ry of which, my Yngreaders will fee

Over the pitch or top 'this rcdirncnt, is the t_ re of 1,t. Paul with a ord in his hand. O4

1iis right hand is vvitha cock; ad left, St. jamnes.
In the fro t aft lofty and be-uifu are the four YE In the north, St. N with an angel,-araSt with a lion.' In St. Luke tvith an4 St. John with an
There t-wo -d each adorn'd ivith bi ranges of coluus:

Ml-,;,in orJer, with ioi Qnt e tlpp r part, MO In t'ie top of each a

I,c "uth tower i3
large clockthc
0" NT ic'a v,-eig rIS four toa,'Ild four hun reJ and
,nd its found
he'! at fivc or fix,
k-Ancc The Nvor'K
th s clock is I-arge and
"-S: it is Cpt in eyCVIQ'It good order, and ge.

['79 3
iverally carries the the day very ex~ilf skilful person in pointed to look afw K that purpofe. I
Obferve liK'CIefeA carvings~, and othe embelliiments, ow whole front ofthsa flrua ure.
And lfly, yol 4

ty four fpacious Rteps; the Ii ria ten ofCs

[ 79 1
d in width above fortyards each, and the or fourteen full thirty Yards.
Thedoor-care is white urble: and over the entrace is cut in relievo the hIOry of St. Paul preachg to the Bereans. It Ififts of a group of ae figures befides that of St. Paul, with books, &r. hefe Bereans were a fort People ingenuous and mild,
: "A......

mild, and who Cpl part of tl-,--ir tione in ing the Scriptzircs, o ing -Nhethe,- "liat taught was i what the Scripri:C5 the MeTas - rd M whom, from hi, '
U r the ;;rch right hand, i;i a i1sr.pauPs imp ifon and on the left It-Ind i

At is praching t IheAthniaswith famne
*het feripture flories, all thV carved in flone, by e 'nie hand as the conreders will
-dt--IiforyofSt. aul's
-Oi~nment in the fixtih chapter of th Yi
At~h i prachngto the
n~rsin the fevenkth chapter, both beauIQy related.


H A P. V, P/',L, nort,", Po

T H fc -- n .
I,o,-tii portlCO twelve. circulir lalac' ma blc
Of tllc F rt'co 's ed and adorn'cl very fi-acious col. the Corinthiai A bcve the doorIpI8p n,-)rticofl

is a

t c .1 A F.,

C It A P.

YOU afcend
fouth porticoby on this fide ofth being lower tha n t the north : The 1 fupported with fx lofty columns, lik the *veil and not

is in moft OtIrel relike the latter.14 the pediment over it the figure of a phcen x,, h her wings expanded,
9 out of the ffams Ich emblem fignifics, a-,

T 85
churcharifiDg-out of O d one ;.undcr wWtdt
jj( rjj" apin.
-. I

thtviotd RESVIZGAM;, P 3 OJt"ih



Onl the t"P (,f the pejlh ftIs tecf o ,f St. m e, and thofe of two C~ faints on each hand

Th4 fxe 1>2tsres, wilth
i ontW )rth and rrns etorelent the
tand the
-ft 1-e AvI~J They iii their hand s the fietruments whereby
fufFer'd deeth ; or remar'kabie enfigns as
F allude

allude to fome i incident of their li
There images a about eleven feet their pedeftals al feet: they were by the late Mr. B fore mention'd, reckon'd to be we

OfWbat is remarkable ill going up the cupola, ortofref St-. Pauils.
R{AVing examin'd, what,
Is moft curious on the Outfide of St. Pauls' 0,1
next endeavour to af'eud the cupola; and in 11)YjOurney to the top of it take notice of what I '1eeCt with muoi worthy of,

my ycung readm, tion.
To go tip St.' you muflenter aa

the f3uth ficic fla!-Z open 211 theh for that PrFofe.
After you h--n-e a few fleps, y ou cd door which vjll 60, till earb jerfo)7 il
ce. I.e.
The whole num 4ep to the uppere


Lurl-,-! and thi-tv 'IF 1 a,h the firil "I hun6rc.l fixty are
Xce-6irg ea7y, that a
go lip "llem
'c,,j u, f'jur
iixEcs deep.
'F"ie other two hundred ld seventy FoLjr fieps are
fleep, and in many P' Qesfrora the large Jone 9 'lcry to the upper gallelf,'Ver dark ; fo that one
r Qn can farce dij ern In

In this place we glimmering fight of prodigious works in flone, and timber, hold together their cupola, &c. that it poflible to convey a of it to my readers: though there works are very cun fee, yet my young r and miffes muff any means venture I felves here without a

The iron gallery on the op of the cupola, is the higheR any one is fuffer'd to go; above that are the Intern, ball and crof ; to thetop of which, from the tllery juft mention'd, is yxty four feet; and the P Sfage thither by ladders, very difficult and dangerous to afcend.
From this gallery, in e clear weather, we may geeably observe the vail

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round the Ottom large circle Wt
infide of the do"14' Sbout an hundred aaO' ty three feet in 'i;'06 or crofs tile widea PIA -tis rail'd in with v-OR

i"Ory fine workman I;ilt Ilili old. 'he all around ar paintcJ gilded %vith gyc;it b I'M' but the greatest CLrlorr of all is dle whirprT4
place; wherejeaniml

ag-ainfl the wall you Yeafily hear all tha~t is though it he ever f V, and at the moll dilf. "Ilace from y'ou in c~ ley xx hvich affordIs "! Mater of furprize i'atocent div~vfin to young persons who 11e to ansufe themnferes h1 this curiofity. elre you have the heft' of the eight pieces of
Ir onteilde of the
G dome,.

dome, painted by ffif Sir James Thorniiii), I inimitable art and, bCAq.
The firft reprefeut3l" conversion of St. .48.f ix. 4.
The kcond, EIYW the sorcerer ftruck WO blindness. le?j yi
Third, the priA Jupiter, offeriDg fa to, Pauland Barnibasxiv. I -.
Fourth, the %NIODO averted. -4as X-V'i.'30,