The history of little Goody Two-Shoes


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The history of little Goody Two-Shoes otherwise called Mrs. Margery Two-Shoes : with the means by which she acquired her learning and wisdom, and, in consequence thereof, her estate : set forth at large for the benefit of all those pretty little boys and girls who wish to be good and happy
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Goody Two-Shoes
Renowned history of little Goody Two-Shoes
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127, 1 p. : ill. ; 11 cm. (24mo).
Goldsmith, Oliver, 1730?-1774
Jones, Giles, fl. 1765
Jones, Griffith, 1722-1786
Newbery, John, 1713-1767
Brynberg, Peter, 1755?-1816
Printed by Peter Brynberg
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Wilmington Del.
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Bldn -- 1796
fiction   ( marcgt )


Rosenbach, A.S.W. Children's books,
Welch, D.A. Amer. children's books,
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Signatures: A-H⁸.
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Caption title: The renowned history of little Goody Two-Shoes.
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Variously attributed to Oliver Goldsmith, Giles Jones, Griffith Jones, and John Newbery.
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Woodcut vignettes.

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University of Florida
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N., M


SI' 0 R Y
0 F

MrS, a Y Two-SHOES.

The n-(-:tns by .vhich ai&acqulreJ I)cr

zr C'i

Scr fonii at b ne 11 0
Pt-t y iiale Buys and aj)A llar3tq. IV I L 411 Al C T 0 Nr.'



I S T 0 R Y

LITT-LB GooDr Tivo-Smoi,,%



P R T 1,


A LL the world nauft allowthat
Tmv-&-fes was not her real iiame. ITo; L-r Fa,!-, -r'g name was Mtfanwell; and he w ,s for many veals a tohf,dn.b!e farmer in the parit-h whep? Alar, -Lry was born -1 but by the w;stm!: cs Which lie met with in buf ncl,-, -,nd Lhc wicked p; A fcc"It:uo ot Sir Timothy 10'ripe,

(1, 1 ke Rze:10-wnd Hiftllry rf

Or ergrowkn fat me r, called GraIp aiI was efte~loaily ruir~ed.
The cafe wps thus. The p~ i Mouldwell, whCe thev lived, had f( many ages been let by th C e Il--rd 3 the manor into twelve dffo ret farm on which the tenanrt liv ed comfort: blv, brought up Iare families, 2n ca'rfeliy luppox ted the poor peop who laboured -or Ohem ;,,until the.ftpte bv marriage an d bv~eath, can into~heliands of Sir T irrothy.
This gentleman, whAo loved bir ftif bitter than his neighbours, tho it ItA trouble to 'rite one receipt fo h4~ tent, than twelve, aid f6rmn Grafpall, Cifered to take all the fari as the leafes expired. Sir Timot agreed with himn ; and in procels time was pofEffed of every farm, I that occupied by little MaTgerv's they; whkch hie alf~o wanted -; for Mr. Meanwell -was a charitable go, jpa n, he ftood'up fur the, poor at

,71r,. m-v-vs,;inO. was unwil'5417N 'be t1jern op prefi, d bv S 'rTirn(,:I, -,
"rd this avaricious farmer. ju'lp-,e,
of' oln kind, humane and coxlrteu, t eafcr der, what a tc-rible situation 'lu p-.ur of J- uft be ill, when this cover"I 11 .') ris, v.,az perpetual overfeed, 4 :d v iv frta- thing for their roamterlance c, Lv-n
and 4,-, mhis hard hea t and c;ui I hin l.
apl ,,t he, was not orilv Perpetu.'I cv( rf-der. but J
Me ard j adgt oh vf- 1, irtia"Is W" lat tc
the church mu-ftbc -M, xvhenfu -- !tilm- ed bv P rugn wHr,.)-at reikrion or ho't tue. He NIFOsIaTO -I'-"- -It for or of the hi;'11 i i'nl t
nwr ff. roads be kept up
[TPIS thofe bc l know. kybo h-iv- ).Al 301-v iaisfo tune to be obligrd to 1!110'
OT that parish.
!'Ut. m-nde, but to wb Turi),)I',- ;i t c( m

who can hllml, c r, ck. f-i,)A w 01
004 rh-z!'Iord r !7ia.lor' Who is idCO
thl iutice of PC,-c;,

b e Rcn&'wvned is!cry of

1The oppofition which little Marg ry's father made to this mans tyrai snv, gave offence to Sir Timothy, wl endeavoar-td. to force him out of h farm ; and to oblige himn to throw v the ledfe, ordered both a brick ki. and a dog kennel to be ere~ftd in i irm er's orchard. This was contr
yto law, and a fait was commence. in which Mlargcry's father got tI better. The fame offcnce was aga:
-committed three different times, ar as many adfions brought, in all whic the farmer had a veriid and cof paid him; but notwithilanding the advantages, the law was fo expentl that he was ruined n the conteft. an obliged to give up A he had to h creditors ; wvI ich efft&ually anfwve ed the pu!pofc 4f Sir TFixiothy, wt erc~cd thoife muances in the fai er rerch ard xid) that intention onil A h! myv de ,T readler,wve brag of lihe t'Y, ant! hoed of our laws : but di bleffiogs of the one, and the proteO,

rgc on of the otl'er, seldom fall to the lot ran of the poor-. and elpecially when a wvh lich man is t heir adverfary. How, in hi the name of goodnels, can a poor v v wretch obtain the redrefs, when hlire kiln ty pounds are lufIcient to try his th cauflc? Where is hie to find money y to Itna fee council, or how casn hi-- plead his. ced own c-aule (even if lhe was permitted)
tI-) when our laws ai e~ 1)obfcure, and fo gaia multiplied. that an. abridgment of them and cannot be contained in lifty volumes in hich folio.
o ft As foon as Mr. -Mearvwell! hadl callb~e, ed together his creditors, Sir TimoIse thy feized for a year's rent, and turn. and ed the farmer, his wife, littl -Mairgc hi ry, and her brother out of doors, w:irhver Out aDV of the neceffaries of lifetofup-j!vh Pont thcm.


Irp 7Ae Renowned Hi-rtory qj

Tl is -I, tl ,,bcart of Mr. Grafi)-' P!I. 0. c-wncd his hopes, and fil I u! t lt of his im qui'v; f(-:r
befi-'Cs ] :s t 173
man's overtlravl!, vave 1-;rn oun"irlon of tl c poor, l"-, C
preffed and a7bufed in a mznncr tua horr'b,,: to mention.
iler fleW irto a-jC-,!jCr pau. t. rfuccoi-,% and all
;[,"!e t) move ltf" Ilfird Snd foupbt cTl)h;v-c-nt astheyfound itv;vuIj bt ':-po.11bic

g Eve under the tyranny (,F two (ovii eope, The old, -!ie %-crv L-ne,
rd tl Und, were obliged to liay ,inj, -,jnd whether they v, Qrc ftaror what became of them, hif (,T y docs not fav ; but the cinr2&er Pfihc great Sir Timot!iv and his ivaric i is tmant, was "0 that F'o La,,,,ould work ior tbcm by ic 6-v, 'lid fc s 1v t: r c -ai t, ) e n '4 e the v !- 'L Pn"7 u:1.
fjr&c;S -.C,-:den-t In, tavt! til" 13aiiviiorcrs ;rt a 11,h"7rp they
jn w tb-v 'r-,,,J rctifh cir,,rb v ; if)
2mat r-ft 'Oftl A, 1,V ulltlilcd I'll f, m.e 'cars, which i ,. d. cmcd p, juit revumi fut fuch e!al o ical -ro.

Butwh-at5faysthc rv -t c2n
fion this? Doypuinterd this forchildr--n ? Whv, Sir, this is w,he bt,(k mentioned in the title, [ 'v tile intror ',u6ion to boA ; ani it is inten

12 Ve Renoctuned Histoq *f
of which as my friend has juftly ieryed, there arc many .ibions t kingdom ; and thele reffle&ion S, S have been rendered n-cceffarv, by t tinaccounuab'e and diabolicaf which many gentlemen now give i to, of laying a number off2u nis in one, and vtry often of a whole parl ir-, to one fa,:,,i; which in the end mu
he com-ion people to a lli
,vc rfethar thatij3der, Irons o' (Od, or the clars in S,-land ; and in time depopla
theking le-n- 13 t as you are t-, ofthe lubj ct I 'halltake'myfi-lf aw t ind you rn-v vifit Little Marge-, So, ir, youl fervent, The EDITOR.

0 lp* Sur,6 is thej'rate of things i Britain. AmERiCANS' P t ze j , 1:11 rty, guard Cver y9ur'p ts ai

00"al 7vjl-shmt. 13


7. ,zv and about Litle Alarger y and
bcr Brother.

-4ARE and Ffcont-nt fh7r-crr4
-A the days of little Y "s
ier. He was IE)rced fmnil,7,, A f iz d with a vic)lcnt in a
1-ce 6 Cf '- J no gk-t tlic
ffonce of a

rer T-. d)e 41;
I it a i w da) arLi dle( 'TDart, leaving '.I ari; xv au (I I.t- I tt'c ro-her to the vvide Nv rjd ,, or
man, it would hate
-t to have teen how -cicn l v ihc
icr bead 1. whil- Ch

do III

7 ke ften,- ned Hixtoyly of

They med, poor things, and flie fil ed a,,.,ay her foul; and I hope is py

it wouM bave excited -ciur p an (A ll- Ye dolle ynur ,-;0 J!, 1,%,- feen how fond 0 Iii

,A in L;.-n tcy

Tllevxcr- b -h

ti n P5' to fupT)-)rt
t I cir own
irc in 3 111 '-OT

_jaIi "'O c

S 16 92 he Ren-xned Hjiflory Ili

my. Our rebitions and friends feldo take nui6ce of us when we are, poo but as we grow rich they growth fo) And this will he the cafe when p-, pie love m oney be tter than virtue, better than they do God Almight But fuch wicked folks, V.ho love n thing hut money, and ate proud, a deIfiife the poor, nev-er come to at good in the endas we ffhallifeeby al

C H A P. IT.
Iouw and abot Mr. Smith.

M R. Smith was a very worILclergymian, w~ho lived in
parith v here little Margery a Tomtmy were born' and haviki,,
rtlation come to fee him, whow
charitable good man, he Lentf thefe chi~dr nl to him. The gent!
mua ordered little Margery a q pair of fhoes, gave : Mr. Smith 11 nioneyI to boy hict cigaths ; and A

he 'Would Ae Tcr, ,,,Y ,P,(! ij),&: burn a little f-Jul, tiecord i,,,Iv he had ajacketand trowfcrs ma,-!c f,)rhim, ,ri which he now appears.

A- 'i r O iys the gem1cm-n i:
IJ -,O t () Lordor), ,nd til:p
v. V,! i h im, o f I ri in 0 a fo. xvg


3 The Reno, w--c.,'

-,"fhc patting bctwc n t
little children was very afff-&LingTo-nmv and jvlar -,erv CY1111e4
Pnd th'y Li-- -d cach .)th,,r 'pn hui dred tio"C'. At laft'rommytbtur wil ed (At her tcrs with the ecd c h ackctj and id c'rl 110


k r, i wt

-!c C"', Witll I :M.

Of 0 11cl
11-- tile %k c r,

c IT

Tw( SN ,,

L: p
n 1 f v F) 3 11 7. x:, t -, I
ran A rrT_ n,, dw VX 1, e, c !!(:r orhcr --and -att, r


C, 1:
w., 1


iii, for the c,(' L:r
t )e pieailj e
lt to
f"O- as J
hc, r. gg,, d t! ''S,



g vrith Mr. Pnd Mi" S-n'tli, a lo were verv cllaritab%- a;.J pml t') I cr, and had aRreed t ) brccl ,ap
,jib their farnily; lo it ac; fooil ps tli 4t
-'--t O tile T-"Rr;:", th2t
of her L- i r, g t; applied
M -. S'll i I!), 111 "C
C I is C F h kept hcyo Sir T
1 IVIT. Srnir l 'a pC'7ei'

fo t'la: he
zzearsaprl 'Lurcl hav-Cv on the poor!'
The tc'Dus 1W
11-1wards, ar.d ri acli un f) tile of hcavqn, 2s be iecnin JC fcqu
Mrs. Smith VIas alfo grcat.,y cr ncerned at bciiV tkis cGliged to d;f! card poor fiittl Matgtrv. She kiff.Cd hir and cricd, as ,Ifo did Mr.

The Reno-I.T3


to r

t -ln tin

C Il A 11. li!Ile lVlargei v !. arned fo
an, y degree, taught ( -be' j

L ITTLE M mp-f v faw 11 ) v., go.
anri aw -mife Nir. S,,-,ith a
=d concluded that, this was o,,-, i,, Z t

reqt lear6lug, tbe cfct e
all things to Ic.,-n to
purpefe ihe uLd to wcT U ;
'aldgirls as th4 v c .n, frflo 41, 1 1 (, %v their boot-. nd fit
-,! ,A i cal tiii they retu: Li ,].

By this rneaiis flrc f)(;n rct mord
JeArning than r% of 1,cr
and laid the f,)ho'A,;Ig
ff ru,Iing 14cL ,Iho I ert: III(Ile
xant -ban c at
Qzly tLe fADjlov.,Ip& Luerswcre r :41- -

14 The Renosumd
ed t5 fpclt a!] the wor's i-, 0 world; but 2s fome ofthd, Ic--, are large and form- fmall, 11- w1i h i kn4e, cut out f veral piec- s W woo ter I ts o" cach of thefe

abcdef' hij k I m n,
p q r f s t u v w x y z.,

A D C, C f, fc"s if CIC12

N () -P Q R S TU V
AIV x Y Z.

Ani hai ing got an oil PPelli book, fb made her coii pn 1" ps u,.. all the wcrds they vauntedd f cll, ani Aer' that fhe tau,2 L-, i I to compof fentences. You k

t fentcr cc. 's v);/I
7,,d, is a -,nd Is maC,.
-ou fee, of Lv r, worls.
dual manner of
on dic pm -' tq 11'c cplle'l
as this : Sul: !--I fi! tile -wLrd to bc
Wps plu-nib UW- k-lnv' (anj who iIIiI-"-"I'c a b v -'r) c clllfdl *
cr-- !)IA C1 in a ci cle' anci t -e fiW
G11211t "1-- jc"'Cr 1), 0-'t! PCXT
the T m, ?D'I I) tpe
C w c 3 fp t4 L L
cong letter h : iv is a finc,
ay rn mm-c- ,Pll 'Is th .'r
in d t v r v n i ng u fe(I to
T-oun J to te-in the '-!qI,:ren with
d', rqtOc mips in a Lfk !t. As you
in ti.e priat.
I o r ce went h,. r rc u (s A i i h her, I as higHy cliv-rtcd, as you may
% U pf' J-z "i 1')OL ifito tlle next

2 1, i .

flow liv, TV"") Lra; 7- a
ling Tutol
ber youuE pupil,

T was abont i-civen- i:,'clack in,
morning when we i-t out on' iniportantbuflnefs, andthe fici, li

;we cafne to was farmcrWin.-'s.
't is.

,I -1-c
:i to t' C COT)T. t !" tail. ta '.
C1 Mm 1 Comt

r face, qm Mad to Le N-m, 11,111V ants Wu fadlv, for Lc kmned
1 ,jsleffon. Tbenodtcam :dv-'Ji eboy-. How do, doo(iv yshe, notable to fp !2k -olon. YI-11 'Sji-t!-boy'hadI,a:n,,d i '!!,IslctAil

ttis down the'alp
bet m;x.d tc.,gether thus

bdf h mo qsn-wy facegiInprtv.Nj

an! he piAed thein up, called
bv the lobt narnes, and put t
all in OrdCr LfIUS

b C d e f g h i
tR n o p qx f S t U
x y Z.

'14 She thtn threw down the alp
Ir capl"aj leturs in the mannk:

-xo SAces- 29

F 1-1 K M 0 SU
T Y Z c E GI 1, N
R T V J.

nd i, piclked tl cm ,!I up, arid' hav.
told their T: incs, F!aQea thura

w X Y Z..,

'p.Tow, pray IK---,'c reader, tAic 613 and u, c ii ii t
c letters filon, z d tell hov-, I,, d I2s Weil
next W

Bovi, wow, wow, favs t7nd
he door. Surrab, fa hi
trels, what, do you bark 4 -', i T Vo-ffioes ? Ccme in Mvtdgc- c Sally wants you fidlv, fhe ha: I i ed all ber lefi-on ? Then out cw) ,- i I' So D*Iaeg 1-47-,
IlzV1%- I irfwered the otker, ha,,t !i:a n' A )' Ut I(ft'0'1? Yes, that's I hove, replied the little one iii Country maruer; and irnme&,

ba be bi. u a cc ci C',)
de c 19t cu ra fe fi fi) fu

ar 0 m tlie*r e -,q & fowi,'
11-C c0IY)I'C---'I thcnl-zfier wh: I !L- up t jc loliowing

ac (C cc Uc 0 1 C' i i c I
af ct if o' ut, ag c ;



nd pronounced tIrt, ml i 7 1
hen fi, 9 g the c uzz's ( jj,,. rdS
_IV be t ound i p t i c i i t t; c 1, i t tj e t t-r ,;, v thing) ant', to tiic L Mlc 'lMe to
Ch. it -S there I rAfter is, lllde"fl.vo S n"-s tau t
Cr to fpcli W04-dS 11,4blc, a J4
foon Ifit 111) T), r,
t. I I I P, bal, j
in, pufs, dGi c. J, uck, doe
mb, fhee!' r-11, uuv, bull, cock,
11. and ru iiv ni ,; c
The ncxt poce we caln-, lo was laff-r Cook's co-tagc- e re you
Z it before you.



-- -- ------

2 T-, R -rowigd Histcry J r
Here a whole number of poor i &C I V,- e rn t to kan:: .,jLO care rcund little Margery ar.d, 1--! ,, ag pul!icdcu. the a -! the little boy r-: t what t6p &nf cr? Who arif
ed bread voor C11,1"
7 11 C:I I A r,
placts vqd vcry hariJ,.) V-:I fays fhc,' -irfL
fet the
up the hitter b, to A hl-!) thc dcd r, and the r,,,; r C, t
rext d, an IL Llc;td.
And v Li, P !'v C
for your
led the k i,
P ext i a v i:n f- t c, a Qr, at N, h next a C- 01 P. t 1,
worL vIL

vy"s S

Tho next place NVe came to, was hofr vd) -Y-- there wrt c,
'ner T, pfoalgreat rlany little ones waiting for b,,r. Sez what a faug lkt e hu,Z- it is.


So, little Gcody TwjS',,,
ine* ol ther3, vvlitrc hav- % -,i bc, n
.- ? I have btea
7e r than I
I am colii t- f-011 i,;;No, but i.,

i i e. s F alk

The Reno-wiled Xffor y oj

as Harty Wilfon, and fo hav ;3 and thc-v capered about,
tr ovei-;oyed to fee her. 1%1
lays fhe, you are all very g,,-,q
-Tod Airnighiv will love ,,A
"is bcgin our leffions. Th v, Itt,,,(ilelroupdberapdthoucrha,
wr place the-v were employe, I' U Ut xvpr '.s and fyllabIcshere we
oPle of much grcaier. underficaq
who dealc only in ICIRen es
euersbeing brought up ii table,,one ol the little oucs let un
"de Lord have ru, tcy upon zwd ,,t be alwa
y taverns apd lovc
a y P _'i i_ -d 11 rny heart, ix
ul, and rtl all my ft
4 d 6 a goo- nicnaber of t re.,cc
Tl, en the next took the'letterF 'CLOMPOfed th s icnence
Lord ave M-rcy upon Ise
a i t t 1 i t I n -a v I w!r e r- v n c],,,!

Ccr,-I TLUO-Sboes. 3S

,rnVfe.1f, and d,,-. unto all men as
,,,ulj bavt t -m do unto me, pnd tell no ties, but bl-- honest and -juft ia,
11 my dealt, Z.
The third composed the folloj1dZ29
L Y f-,mcnce : I
d 44 TheLord have merev upon me,
and gnint that I may h6nour -my 'atlier a-,id mother, and iove -.-'y brothers and fiftcrs, relations ana r- ru L,
and all my plavinares, ard ,very
4y,,,and endeavor to make them hapPY.
The fourth com pof d the fuilrvving:
I pray God to blets this w' u!,C-DIVPSIIV, and all our friends, 2 J
our enemies." V
To this laf Polly Sullen
-C nd i',hi, tru y, flae clid not kn,-,
ii;- 4houIJ ",ray for h :r er, rc,;
j)r;IV L r our
Nlargerr; yes V-nI
r,, 1:0 0'riflian, if y u
our en-cmies, and do good FI)r

r36 Yhe Reno zwned Ristory qjf

~;Polly fiil pouted; upon -ahichIj l tie Margery faid, tho' ihe was 6
and obliged to lay in a barni,
would not keep company with f(
a naughty, proud, perverfe ir Polly;- and was gcing ,.ava o
ver the difference was madec up, a'n fhe fet theni to compof e the fuilow

L E S S 0 IT S

For the C N:DCCT of, L, T,

L z s s 0 N I

Hie that will thrrrct Mult r ift by FI e.
HC that has thrive,
IMay lie till feven.
Truth may he blamed, !7,or cannot be fhamad.
Tell mne with whom yo'u go.
And ill tell you what you r--"

Goody Twovskoes. 7

& friend in reed, js a riend indeed. They ne'er O~n be wife, Wvho good counfel delpife,

LF-s s oN Ir.

A wiife'hLead makes a ciofe vacuti.. iDn't burn your lips with anoober
mani's broth.
,yit it fo~y, tunlefs a, Wife man hath
the keeping o~f it.
--le fth w~ords and hard arguments. hioney catches more flies thin vintgar.
Patience is plaiffer for a11 fore!:. heree pride goes, fiame will folk. Where vice enters the room, venge.ance is near the door.
odufLtry is fortune's right' hand, and

frugality her left.

38 The Penkalned Hif tory of
Make much of three-pence, or yo
ne'er will bc wortli a groat.

L E S $ 0 N

A Ile Pands np-an one leg, L2 a trnth
upor two.
V.'I:en ani .- talks much, bdieve bull t -L 9f what he i-dvs
F- -r -.-,- rds uter no p irfplipy.

Irq.rl IS never fatsned. '11 ADCt' like "%,art, r orsPiaily.
i, cntmcf-it is chc btft fortunt.
A cemented mind is a continua.

yiqn ir Religion'

Love.Gvd, for he is --ood.
r -"r God, for Y e is J-'ul'
lor4, for ail th'
Iray t, C I goed ingslcom
froni him.
-Piaiic God f orgrea- is his mercy to.


Goody 7'-,V9-Sho6,f.

.vards us,,andwonde f !
his works.
Thofe who strive to he good
on their fi(ie.
Thc)fe who have God for tllt ir frleI16
fhall,.vant nothing. I
confess your firis to 2nj i v
repent he will fk)rQiv YOU.
RCII.CMUC" that all vou do is dj lf
the presence of God,
The dme wl 11 come ni friends,
we inuft give
.kccouat to C-od how we on
did Eve.

4 ArYvi-al L11n.

A good boy kvill niake a good ma,- Honour your parents, ani:l tlw w(,. 1 will honour vou. LovzYOar hinds, and-your fi! IT..
W ill love you,
ne 'hat fivims in fin will f; aiL in ixrow,

40 The P]n ;m.e"Y1j 16~Iry of

Learn tolive as you would wifla to die. As you expect all men ihoiuld deal by you; So deal by them, &give each man his due.
-s We vvere returning henie, wie faw a gentleman, Ntbo -was %-ery ill, fitting under a lhady tree 2t the corner of' 11s rookery. Though ill, 11ie btgan, i, joke w-Ith ltte Tvargcry-, rnd faid, laughingly, So, Coody Tw' o Shoes, they rnl e you are a,
cuomn ~ ~ L ltlbagge; pray,cn yNou tell me ;what fhal to get
Well? Yt s Sir, 1fays flec, go to bed wfen veur rooks do. You fee they ae going -oaz alleadv.

G &dy 41

j)o you fo jikevr'E. ,nd get up vl;,h theni in rporning; earn, as o, N- do, ci-ery day, what you cat; 'Ino eat and drink no more than you earn ; and you will get healLb and I cep it. What fliould induce the 7.jc.ks to frequent gentlemen's boufes,
to tell them hori to ]-,ad a pi, ,%nute life ? They never build over (:c,:t.ges or farm-boufes, because tl cy fee, that tbefe people know how to
-vithout their admoni6on.

Thus health and wit'you mi ay improve,
Tf!ughtby thetenrants oftYi grove.,
The Pcntlerr2n, lpur hirg., '- vMar,7ery C ,- pencil and told lier ILc I 'a L'
,ac hufley.

/ja The Renoivncdllislorsv of

C H1A P. VI.

117:Zhe whleud PariArevcfrig~lene1

HO does not know Lady Duel
-ington, or who docs not kno j that fhe was buified at this Parif I( church? t



Well, I never faw fo grand a f d 'noral in all my life; but the moun

Good Tw3ShoeJ. 44

ev fquandered away, would have been better laid out in little books for children, or in meat, drink & cloaths for tle poor.
This is a line here indeed, and the nodding plumes on the horfes 0ok very grand, but what end does that anf;ver, otherwife than to display t e pride of the living, or the vanity o the dead. Fie upon fuch folly, v 1, and heaven grant that thofe who want more fente, may have it. Bat all the country round came to ,e the burying, and it was late before the corpfe were interred. After which in the night, or rather about four o'clock in the morning, the bells were heard to jingle in the fleeple, which frightened the people prodigiouflv, who all thought it was Lady Ducklington's ghoft dancing asong the hell-ropes. The people flocked to Will Dobbin's, the clerk, and wanted him to go and fee what it

44 The Ren rzvned Hi;for. c F
vas ;_but William faid, lie was fu it was a glic-0, and that lie Nvcu':J n Offer po open the door. At I nP Mr. Long, the Re&or, hearin'17fu
an uproar in the villRge, Nvert to
clerk, to knovr why the did n, t fi into the church, and fee who v 11
7 there. I go, favs Willim, v 6
the ghoft would frighten ine riiv
my yit.q. Mrs.' Pobbirs tco
M'I irll' 71T hold of her buffiand,
he ffic J 41 not be Lat up by the Ch, f
A Ghoff, you b!ocklicads, fa, i
Lon-,, in a pet, c id fii er of
ver fee a ,hoft, Pr know rry b,-thatx!id ? Yes, favs the CJcT,, j-, father did orce' in the P-_-, oF windma 11, and it walked aii roun the church ;n a white kxe wl 3ack-bonts on, and had a gmin bl- ]I lide, irftmad of a fuotd A fj
p7aure of a phoft, trulv, fa,
Lonp, give ine the kcv (d the cbv
munkev; for I t ll you there
t2o fuch thing IIONV, whatever rm

G~e~yTo~S9Cf. 45

h~2been formerly. Then taking the
he went to the church, all the People following him. As foon as he hat' opened the door, what fort cf a
to!do you think appeared ? Why
JtTwD-Shoes, who being weary, hAfallen asleep in one of the pew-S ,,tmg the funp-ral fervice, an~dkwa ihut ,fnalinight. She immediately aiked MIVr. Loj'g's pardon for the troubl- fihe LaJ

g~ehimi,told him, P-he had been lock
CA 1 tl~e ChUrch, anili k

4,The I io-ned flit ry ef

should not have rung the bells,
tha he was very cold, and heai~ farmer Boult's-man go whifliing witO hi s horfes, the was in hopes wold have went to the Clerk fOr ,key to let her out.


tientaining an] account of a!
gihaJIr or fpirits fie Jawe ii.
cccu -ch.

r'THE people were afhanied to C I lifde 'Margery 'any que. I i hefore Air. Long, but as foon a s wvas gone, they all got round her fat sfv their curiobity, and dtfire I Veuld give 'hemi a -particular counit of all, that fie had he; rJI leen.


1, went to the cfiairch, faid fhe, moft of you did, laft night, to f"e

Goray Tetw,-S/oesr.

borying, and being weary, I fat Fue down in Mr. Jones's pew, and fell faft afleep. Af eleven of the clock awoke ; which I believe was in fome meafure occafioned by the clock's -liriking, for I heard 'It. I farted up and could not at firft teil where I xvas ; but after fiome rimze, I rccolc6'ed the funeral, and foon found that I was fhat in the church. jt was 4fifmnal -dark, and I could Ice noth-ing ; but -while I was in tile pew, 1omethling jumped op upion mie behind, and laid, as I thought, its hands upon my fioulders I owin I was a little' afaid at firfi; however, I confidered that I had always been conftant at prayers and at cho-1ch, and that I ha d done r.eobo iv any harmn, but endeavoured to d' vil at good I could ; And then thought 1, what 1iave I to fear 'yet I knecl ,ed down to fay ry prayera. As loon as I was on my Prts fon'etblinp very
c- as cold as nurb~, 'ayc, 'IS c-T

43 Tic
as ic2 touched my n cc!,, Which MI 111c Itart ho-wever, I continued i-i prayersand lhvingg begged prot- ,t on from Almighty God, I found iii Iplifts co-rie, and I was feniibje t i I 'I.-id nothing t,) fear; for G(, I A Inighty protetIs not on] v thoft % ii, are good, but all thof-- wl o endeav -i to bo -ood.-Njthi-n.- cqn %&- i 1 lta-ad the power, or excepd-the go d ne s of God Almighty. Armedlwl tht confi&nce of his protc tio. wafkcd down the church avie, wh I c-',rd famething, pit pat, p,.t pa pit pat, come after me, and i'oinethia touched my hand, which Lemed cold as a niarbl- monument. f cou not thin;, what it,.vasand yet I kr it couldlot f urt rn2, and thereft! madet-nvfe f -A*Y, but being very cut and, th-, church being paved w it flone, wh:CI-I was V --ry d' inpl I left 1 way a3 wc!l as I Leudd to the pid i in doing which "Onq-thinZ brufh--d Li me, z.-.d almcft tllir v mz doan.

Goody Tzvo Sh--r. 4 1

howeverr I was not fr-ighte-,e3, for I
_Oew that God ahnig tv wuuld ii.f.-r nothing to hurr me.
At laft I fourd out t'-C pulpit and jj vlng fhut to the door, I la-d c:e woathematandcufhiontofl p
Ivviien something pt-,Ped and v"'Iruft at he door, as I thGuk-latfor admitt-ir.ce
,V'iicb reverted my going i ilrep A- laft it c-icd, boxv, vrow, w6l v; and I c9acluded it tauft be Mr. Sa,.TderI Ibn's dog, which hal fi5llawtd me
troa-, the botife to church, 6 1 ope -i'-" 'he',door, and called Si-ip, Snip, "TId the dogiumped up upoN v-, i-'it nle iiatelv. After this, Sn:-P ;i.d I
!,v do-vn together) and hae. a
c mfcnablt rqp for When i K c
ngain it was aloft light. 1 ii-to % alked up ana down all 6e a)L s of th .
church to keep rnyfclf waral ; and though I went into the -vauli and trod onLa,--y Ducklington's Coffir" I
%v no gi.oft, and I be'i- Ye it wan
'Awving to the reason Mr. Long liji

given you, namely, that there isno fuch thing to b-- feen. As to mypart, I would as foon Jay all nig~h! inth church, as in any other place ; and am fure that any I :ttl boy or giirl, who is good and loves God A imig], ty, and, keeps Lis comnundnns, may as faiely lie in-. cim.chi or the church yard, as aiiy whs r eife if the_, take care not to get, cold; Imr f ar

fur'hr ar ognfse th to isr

All frtheona e theuhayo poffie of hea hri)"h hav dken cod li Tfo s erc an .i

itftcero thie my f e-rv -oi 0 thank-,

hopc you. will noct ba ohh t-

Gqqdy Tqo-shfoes.

yies, that ignorant, weak or defigning people may tell you about gtlofts ; for the tales 'of ghofts, witches, and fairies, are the frolics of a diftemper. ed brain. No wife man e-xer fav. either of them. Little Margtry yo~u fee w,-ts not afraid ; no, fhie hiad good fenfe, and a good corsIi ence, which a ctre fir all dthtA- iniapinar v

C-1 A P. -V IIP

Ofj~xethbsg toic han i h ttla

ht 'j J u icc r vvi ':


The Re;i6rw.ed Hiqory,;j'

late fforn teaching when it rained, rhurdercd, and IiLhtened, and th,- tt

fore fhejeo' fhQ tcr in a tat nier's barn at a distance from the village. Soun a -ertfhe tempest drovcin lourtbieves who rot ic6rg fueb a little crcc )moufc virl as Two-Shoes, I-Ay dov. it on t e hav Lext to !.er, and began (o talk over their exooits, and to fett ie plans fOr their future robberies; littic 7,1.rgery ca hcaiing this, covered hi;v-

Good 'r-m-Shoer.

1,,--fw;0i fl-raw. To be ftire fhe -I-s
v fr; gh-ened, Uut Iler oad fcrl,.
t, muht h v, thAt the oDly fvcurity fhe La %vas in kcc-,m-- he-fc1-,'CGNcpaled ; theref-Orc f1fle 1-,aid vety 1 iil, and, breatbcd Vdry foltly. Abwut fo,, i (Alock thei w *ck-8 peopla reelolunou to lbrcA lcr th S'r rove's boufe, and Sir Gipe's, ar,,l by force to e-
ry off at' thtiroiont- p' :f!, 2r efs ; bw'as it was t-, the
late, thcya_=2 .! to It' 611 T!A,
next night I a-6 r
th-v all out
which, rci liccd J-de ,,,,cu!d a; ,, indt gi: i n tu,it'on. 1 pr'v e:c mor-mrg fhe ,%X-nt to Si: am P-e tolcl L I tl, c whole of t -C 'r converfittior. up ri w -.ich he afked her Tlaale. gave er f0methizv ancl bij her cali at h7--houre tt 0 av folio-Qivg. Sl,- al"'D went to Sir Tiruu+y ing Le had uled li, i: io ill; ft, fh

'Was her duty to eo coocl fz evil. A- J'Cml ps fi Was 'in !-m hc-- ftie wpsj; took -no notic'- of ,
v celf=d to lj-'an'l iqfbrh3ed
T" C"'
Clh:s laly ad more tenf 'i n
-'Ohi-11 indeed Is not a
cafe ; f, nf-ca" oFde" :f
zi rv ncl her inform ;-,
t guard tht
1-01 0:'-idc- tl-,c
'ind 20 t"Mc Menard -vere furrti ,anJ zkcr. U' '

"ich u Tr'eTll-,ldcnc-'S7,
V -w it

7 T t" 'ft toc'! 't
anQ flot -r
In I barp bu.t Sir Timothy f, i
IV fai -he vias P. iamc(i to c^v e life to the &ught4,r of one W", ', ) ,
cn- f') t r lie s t I i a t a o i d V is that a

6',Ky -7,wo-Shoeir.

,-an seldom forgives thofe he has injured.

C 11 A P. IX.

filthy Margery --xasmadeprincip a I qJ'a co &ge.

M RS. Williams, of wbom'I have
given you a particular accxnt in my New Year's Gift, and who Jept a college for in*ru,'T'mg ittle gentleni ci in the kien c t c f A, 11, C,
'Vas at tf is fimc verv cl "i7;I 'vLri-n, arI -vanted to decline tl'a truq. This beirig told ',;r Dove, ExQ i, t thep-ifli, lie f'nt
for Mrs, ',Villiams, and defied. fti Urculd exa- T, littic Two-S'3, es, ,rd fee W etl,.'r ihe wps qua'!'fied tor tle olEce. This 'wai done, and Mrs. All'illiaMS rnaje the f3llOV.'jng repo, t in er favour, namely, 11 T1hat little Margery Ivas the b"Ift fC110IRT, and 'iad the heft head and the beft heart,

S6 j1-Ren,,-v7,e?Histcryof
,,Of 2rV ore fhe had examined." Ali
t:,ecc untl v ilad a great opinion of and this charade

g,_ for lo we muft n&-,v call her.
'hoi,1-ht the ha ,)-t J,(-, i cr life; but mole hppl I- j
t-l" _q !n -Lox e for her. God A[-' i,,,; y I _qps up blefliQgs for all thc, ,, ) I in). Pnd though for a tic t
I i, frb&r them to be poor and (;ikl,,Ie his good p-rp
lig' lt, yet, ir tlc end th, ale PC- C-OW ed with happInt is
Ec re, and o one can doubt of thf, IF bemg if.) t cre.3fter.
On th s ccc ,fion the
_nn, ur rathCT atranflation of the:: en vthirdpfalm, is fidd to h,,.vz,.
n and wasfoon-f',cr ruh-,
;-I'd i-TIALIC pe-Jaxr.

,rbe Lord my pasture Fhall pricparc, ju d f-e d m c w i th a fhc p cr d's care r1is presence fhall iny "VaDES f-apply, nd guard me with' -. .VatclIful_CYC 1,1V nOOD-kiPy wa!ks he fhall attend, 'I'd ail my midnig ht hcui s de fe r. d.

VN'hen in -he fultry

I glebe I Iaint, or on the t irfty mountain pant To fertile vales and (!cwy meads, vlly wearv wandering ft ps he leads Wbe-e pea P-3d flow
cetul tivL rs
Amid theverdant landfcapt flow.

Tho' in tl ,e path of death I tread, W uh gl"- my horrors overfpreaa, imy ftedfift heart fhall feel ro ill, r or, thou, 0 Lord, artwith me flill. Thy friendly crook fhall ive me aid,

The Reno zvned lTflq,-y of

And guide ire 'throng]) the dread


T 110, in a ;-I I ugged way, Thro' dexiou- iw,.elv wilds I firaY,
Thy bounty il n)v T-;ns beguile. The bari-tri w'lcicin65 iliall fmde, With Iiidderi giecos'and herba
And ilrearns'lliall murmur a!l

TT--c ends tlic lin'Lory oflittle-Tkv )
F' Thof- who know J-)
-ei, af er Phe cani e to be r.ii mu i read t4,f'cconcl, part of this in wl);--l- 2q account of tile I ,In.- r of hEr ;i her 7.-n- arria-c, wa4 ,',-th, P c

T 0 R Y

P AR T 11.

i r T P o r. u c T 0

wor:, dic ho;-"
i- punmfCU6 V le

kno-,Vl an(I the r:,,

6o TVo Re uouned fHivk y rf

of little Two-Shoes ; Yve are now rived at a period of Pier life whett na 2me wa s 6ifc ard ed,end a mnorce flent one bAEfowed upon her, I ni dhat of Mrs. Margery Two -Ot S For as (hie was now Prefident o~f A, B, C, college, it became Pece Ty to e):aft her in tide as well a place.
No fooner was (he fettled inlt of-'ice, btt (he laid every po,0 feheinPe to prom-ote the welfare happinefs of all her-neighbours', a efpcciplly of her little ones, in wt Ine took great delight ; and all t vkliofe parents could not affodto fortheir education,f(bettaught fo' o Thing hut the pleafure flit had I th company; for Vou are to obfetve,t n they were very good or were I cntdef u y her good maniagent,

,Jrs. -PrTargery Two-ShL?,,jr. 61


Q '!rj:nbr cl, her al.birs, or ZL flaws,
aiid ker xai rrer of teach;lng.

E have a!rcady informed tL2
reader, that the 1 1 ool xvhev -taught, was that wh;ch was before
pt byMrs. Williams, whofe &ayou may find in niy New- Ycars The ro ni was large, and as ih
at nature I -e-I chil
Mtend 'drea
)t,.Id be a6ion, fhe placed
diff-rent IeLtCVS, or alphabets, all nd the school, lothat every on-, ,,as obliged to getup tofetch a letter, Of to fpcll a word, wl ca it caine to t ,eir turn ; whic' I no, ); ly kept them in health but fr ed tlie letttis and po nts ffim in 6ir m;nds.
'ilt had t'he following affifitants, or L'IlL- rs to i J her, and I vill tell y(;u hjv 'ic by them. XIrs. Marg ry, ioLi r-ult know, was very I

6z !Zhe y

,none and compallionate, and her d 'errefs extended-pot only to all ri kipd, 'but cv --n to all animals thai vot Lexious ; as yours Ought t' i"you be happy here, ard
to heaven hereafter. Thefe are
creatures as .veA as He made 3n j them and us ; and
-%vifie -)ui be-- k ..... vn to hi, plpced in diis
mong us ; fo tha- they are cut tenants of the globe. How peol-Ile dar to torlure ;at, dOlrov God AlmiL .hty's creat !-,s TheV ;-'s well as vou ayt capa''-'! pain, and'of receix'13 fure at-A i1c", car yQ'j' to be tna-, 1 i.-i -,y vuur'P"' mAing ycui w crtau i nf'e
.'k tj f
ble ? Do V_' u th- te Pj-1 Cf whofe ;7,,e',! ag- oung ones I --I ed bov Dick 11ful. ran aNv, vefterlay, do not feel as lnuc l as Your atherandtnothet u 'ot : J Ifelt, had c= pulled down t 6--

Mrs. Y 63
Irld ran awav with yotz ? To be fure hl'y do. Mrs.'Two-Shoes ufed to ieak Of tbole things, and ofnauglity
- oys throwing at -cocks jils, and.whipping horses and &)gs,
ILO rS in her eyes, and -vould aeI-. torturing
er faffer any on-. to cOme to her
",hoof who did fa one day, as flie was hoing through oext village, lhe met with lome icked boys, who had got a young which they ivere going -c,
-Ow at ; flie wantedtogetthepor Lla!vrt out of lheirctuel hands, and t, ercfoie gave them a penny fur rd 11 1 rjiight him home. he Ca Ieo ;iisrarneRalpl and a line E, aj o
Do lov at him, and ren ,Iiat Women

64ys t2he Reye at de H ith 1--C

It ;

thes am dot o th., Ad t
1-Smocr, th e raVSo- t~v flnall peck it oui, and te3on gics Cat it." -No thi bi taugh t to peak, to fpeif 1 and to j r ;Ad as he was -particularly t playing With the large lte children ofcd to altiRah


He c Wqv- fat 11cr cl,-mv, a"T youf2e in 1): Iurc, and "A.,cp aliv
'Of tl c cl-nHrca lvtn- vq- !h- ule(I to C 01 CL" rut them I i"Ilt
Ralph 'I
Som e da v s a f tcr flic was wa!! fields, f I h-- L11:1f f'OTPz naught-,, boys vbo had taken ,t pigc )r), d cf icd a ftring to its lec", in oidcr to 1, t -I- Ily, ,an(I draw it ba,-' ain .vLeij Oicy .pleated ; and. bv this nicans [thev ort,,red thi pa,-,;- a :!M! \V ,-H kw)e3 6f Bervv ,,Irt F,c ltec d1l'appui51ien t. Thk PivL on br)ugit,
And taug t himi tj frcii nd (fad,tho' not to talh, and lic all
extro ordinary wi.;ch arc r cor,,cd Af the famou i tii;i was fonic

(5 7Le lZen, ,u;-ed Llijt ry of

v c ice, adv ,rtifed in -!ic llay-Mar, y .1 the PyC 1:)-' 1-C In We kingdoni. This pigeo v,,is a vL:ry prutTv fc1low, and fhr- cadl cd hin- To;D. hert 3s.

14 M

And as the Taven Ralph was- fo of the lAr ae letters, Tom the Pige tx k cart- of the frnl) oner., of whi Lecompofedthisalphabct.

bdf 1i kmoqsuwy fa'c eg i In prtv x -

The ricighLc)- = Mrs.
Two-Shc -S V.'as goOd, as to be
ftire no hudy v.Ls made her a
picicti t of a I and it 1111C
birl thc is,


Nwv q,; -mziny people, even it time, lutd le-tm d to kc in bed in tht mornmv, fhe t!IOU'7h. th-- Lirk might be ofuft-' to her and her pupi' and tell them when to gtt up ,
For e that is or h; bcd.
ad Jies till noon, k s L ,- h-Jf his

68 Tih Reno'wned fIiory cf

davs, the reff being loft in Peec
which is a kind of death'
Sor.-etirne after this, a poor, Iam b
had l oA its d am, and The far mer beijn g
a beu -do !0 L* it, hek bought it of im
anid brought it hote withhlirr to. play uitja the children, and tea,-ch them when to go bcd ;for it was a rule With the %viie men of that age (and a very
good one', let me tell you) to
"z Rli with the la.rk, and lay down
ui h the Jamb."
This lanib fie ca;.ed Will, and a ~, Pretty fellow he is d ~o look at Erm.

Mrs. 21frrgry T-x -Sl5oes. 69

j To fooner was Tippy the lark, and VvIi,11 t1w bd-lamb brouglit i9to tha Rhool, but tna, f n' I b1c r3pu-- RalPh the raven, cornp2d the foo0wing verf vihich eveiy littlegood boy znd girl should get by heart. .Faf Ii, 5 earh rl Ir',
fb: ':-ay t' ZA fly regu-- but it is true enouPn, for tjjoj w ,o (1c) r,. )t to kcd tafly cL-nno! rAc eal! ,
110t rll cari C'111o'-'t ( o ruacliblillotfs. Ict be told q t t!le
court, ti peop!,-, who hav.- rou's
and ]- ;Ck(2rs'Soon ahel this a prcfe2t W Ls
to Mrs. LL;F 'Crv of littic (Iog JUT-11pcr, and a petty dog he i1% Plwf luok at Lin),



Ile is

c c Tile ulace.,A !
"gr 0:1t of 1'ecl-mg
Imly be CAM tile l- 'or h vqtdd
let y nne
I v"11-0, 11 e I of h;-, miftrcfs.See 11-w f,- fi!F I f"Ucy ro" !e. PiPY 11 U b crfid and
V01 c16!J!C11 vCl-- f ri(l J
TMIS. Two Shoes m.,de iv-,

rAc 0hat tlnef wlh l 'behav -1, 1' :ft Qld have TAF homc N"A Ova rt. ,light to c irry tlitiv c; at his bac uE br-ing i in t l' LaornC H A P. 11.

A sc 'no Cf !""'e

T bappcned onc (lay, w!ien -Mrs.
Two-Wes was dVA7qthecKIdren nf:cr dinflcr' as 1q)c u u-iy Jid' with for-c innocent or cit rtaining and imtiu-- ive ftor-v tIv- a man arrivtdwit i the rnclaxholy n s ot Sally Jones's fatter n
fr,---n his hortc, and p '-J
recovery; nav, th.that
Canic Pv"Ay Pour S-11i V wis cliaw&j ald A was ad Te &M, for Cit2 (Icariv li)v,:A h r iathn-, apd 3&s, Two-S!,ccs, a.-,-,I df tle Cl irun Lv,d er. it is Zencra-1.

IL*,Orj af

Iv rqter know ilie re, V
, al,,' cui r fti-ml b
poror ialiy ic! tl this by p6t 'iou, nd her knew 't by 9
fehool'-were in t eai i, and the mci,!'- 0
-as cbli rn-! ut
ger Nv ge to
Icte he vent, ,: Two-Shoes. un F
'-rx-. '_, chii, i ren crdereki To rn
o horne with hc iiian A
acd b-'rg er a 1, ,er tn 7'ncrnz he c
C);- al-ld. _n- 'I, 't to- t c4 o -I t

rl,,n was ab!c to carrv the pi- con, but tile PI-Con ;'Z; 11, I -r '
-)t to Cai
tre wan I.e liad, Oic v v. oulcl liae
been ther iruch sooner, & r Tom. pigeon Nvas vel Y good" aIII-I 1)tN r Itaid
an errmci.
Soon aft-2r !,.c man w as gone, the

P geon w, s fo,",, tinct tne concern ie: chikiren vuere un cr for Mr. jones and little S Ifly "vas in forne Facaffire diverted, and pRrt of their Ptten-ion turneA after Tom, w io was a vreat fav4 unte, and coq Cqu,--ntiv mucl) L 2wailed. Mrs. Marwc.y, vlio knew the gjeat ul,- and ncctlfity o -' teaching children to I ubmit cheerfa I'V to the will of -Vrovidcnc,, bid th-n) v. ipe awa thtir tears, and then kiffn- Sal. ly, you muff be a good gid, bvs 11-te, and depef d upon God Almight- or 1:iis bitifing and pro-,cLqion ; for Ee is o f4t.ber to the f- thcricfs, ind defendcth all thof w1io put tieir trult in h I n). She then told t,)cm a flory, UNch I fliall relate in as 4w words as pofilbic.


';4 Thc-- Renowned Mftery J
Y&: /v iory of Mr. Lovewell, fat t
to Lady Lucy- t
Mr. Lovewell was born at Ba. and dpprcwiced to a b.1),W101's t in.Loridoil, which beinp too ard birn, lie parted Vit% J IS mzflcr content, and hired himfi lf as a co
ot to a merchant in tI A
mon Icrva I Ae I
ty. 111-re.he fpent his Icifure bo .0 rot as fcrvants too fmquently do,,' '-, drinking, and fche-mes of j.
Tj'.;- in improving his rninc-- nd Plongy otLcr vcquirem .nts, he m3 himi'df a counplc, t jn iltr of Comets. Hisfobrietv, hon, flv k
revari he P?i'A to I a I Cr S. Int
'I's """
iT!v, and Ez liad .....
vv L t I crJ
fic .S of tTuff Comm I tted w 111 Chq, in Which hC acquitti-Id hiinfcIf
that the nier,: ,Lnt rem I;in; ftura thc fLab!c into thc countii huufc.
Hue lie, fccma made hiIIII-11"m

the buhnefs, anA becamc- fi ufehO the merchant, t1lit ::) to
faith, d 4-c- viccs' ; nd t'le aF if1iI t Ldd for him, h marr'--d. him
5 own niece, a prud,=t. as rceayoung 1, (iv ; and gav him a Ae in t!-'ebU1wCfi;. See what hor 41Y anta Induftry will do for us.
a, 1, e great nien in London, I qj told, h ve 11.1ade theirife1qes hy 0,;S rutanl Pid who would not be neft and indultri- us, when it is fo jch our I utvi t1ft and our cluty. After fc -,e vears the m-wrchant d -ind le(t "Ar. LoveweLl poffJfa,, "' finc lhip at fea, and much

la be was 1,app v in a w, 'h. J"S brongl t him a ton and two d2aghtf"n. all dutiful ind obedient. Tb c trf-,afurps and goa things, howtver, of dhis life are fo uncertain,
a n can nevur be h ,pqy, ure y' -the foundation for it in b;' 3 111 d. so true is that copy in ("Ir writing-books, ivhich tclis us,

,6 2 he Remxned Hoory (_f

that 11 a contented mind is'a Con it
al feaft."
After forne years fuc-efiful hc thought his circumfttanccs kfit to in,ure his ow, otherwords, to'fendlfif, ill", p goo( s tofea without. 5 ing in by otl;er-, as I t is c :'Tc)TT1Arv a m-rcliprIts ; when unfcllrnjim el C
theni I la'dcn
j"R at k; L. 71JS he 111 I)OItCd i-'ec'.-ming but lite
Mail 11rOLI-!It I' III c!dVICC, t t thers were tJ,!n by the v liorn ,,;e w,-jw th fri ,t V"qr tilis, together vVidl the filL U tl,-ce foreign mcicliants %V flpd trufttd, compleattd Iiis I'le .wis fl)en obli is
6irorg to-'edler,
and' beinc, ;m. ,rv vvitfi him f6r i( imprudent ilq3 of not iii firingg v fhips, Jcft him deffitute olf all fu ence. Ncr d!J the flat-LcTcrs ol fortune, thoL liad I'vcd by -n

;nty, when in %is profipcrity, P Y leaft regard ei htr to him or his ,lily. 'So true is anot er copy, that Will find in your wfiting-book,
ich fax- 11 M-istortunc tries our Cilds." All the flights of his pie,ded friends, and thc ill ubge (,,f
creditors, both lie and his L4ndy wirl) clir, ftian fortitude ; but b. cj calomities felt Opua him which ;jelt inore ftnfibly. In this diltrefs, one of his relat;. !5, who lived at Floicnce, offered to
L I s fon ; an,! --otlicr who lived 6arbakioes, fent for one of his Oghters.
'rhe illip which his fon fd led in,
CAA 2wav, and It tile crew fup-d to bt 'lult.; andA the fl)ip in i,:h his daughter went a raffenge -, 5 ta en by pirarps, and one poll w lht the m;fcrable father 2n IcDL of the lots of his two ch I,n.
I'llis was the fi'VC1 Cit flroke of all

it made hini COMp 1-tL;Y yi,
he Knew it niLft have a dre2uliul upon his wife and Lliaughtcr ; he t ,ore endeavourcd to ConQeal it' t4 theni. But the -nx ;et 1i
was in, together wif:i the lols appetite, ani W 4nt ol rd" foon ed fiig wli ',2. She found fonic fl w-s labouring 'In his bieaCt, Nv ls conce'IfA from tier ; and Figh tving cliffiobcd in a dr I with what vv,s ever in his thou and chilling npon his &2r chil
avokc hirn, aTid infilfft d knowlDg the C, Ul- (,f Lis _nquie Nothing, my dcar, f iys be, I-lie
_ave, at,,(,' lbe Lord hath taken a I Jefi-d 11 : tile nPlue of the This f efficient to Au-ni the,
voman ; the lay 61f his f iiits, compoicd, and as Mie thought, then flealing out of bed, got. keys, and opti-,ed his bureau, ffir found die fatal account, height of bcr diflri6on, the fl .

Mr.r._Vaegory Two-Sl""-I.

her daughter's room, ar. d,,vaking h(ilWith her Ihneks, put the Itutys into ,er hand& The youn ,, la v, unabl(
to support the lo id of m Jiry, fell iu io a fit, fern -% Ilicll' it w is tEOUI Klht' I'le nevr could have bocn wcct Crtd. lJOWCVer, at LAA ille rCVIV, !d ; hUt the jhoCl;. w ls 10 great, ILLA it Mlre]7 depriv--d her of her fpecclh. Tl us, loaded with rn Iery, an(i unblV I
Lo btar the flights and
of thol- e who had fornitrly profc1 5W thernfCIVeS friends, this unlVppy faInily retired into a country,,wieic they werc unknown, in, or er to hiek zhelri lves from thc World ; when, to support their indepep ('Cncy' thc fatlcr laboured, at well as lic could, At ljufbandry, and the moLher arici daughter, fornetitrics gc,t ftllr'T Ing and knitting-work, to help to furnifh the wears of fubfiftenct-- ; which, however, was fo precarious, and uncertain, that thcy ofteri, for marty V,-eA5 together, fivcd. on nuuiing

so T he Rcnoquned Hif tory of

but calobage, nnd bread bo4d vvatcr. But Gold never iorfik the.lighte(jus, nor fuflrt relh thete 1) It it, Ili'
crifli, who put their trAt this time a lady vilio wa-3 it, clime to 1---nt tq tke a pl
fant feat ready farniffiedin that rici bourhood, auJ thc ptif-on who employed for that purpcie, was dercd to deliver a bank-nGtc of 3,
hunched pounds to M r- L. anot4cr hundvd to hi-"L"c C, ilfty to the (1niglitet, dai.i.!,! 'I, to tAke poTlIllon of the houl-l-, get it well aired igqinft 11he ca down, which i:vou d be in two three days at moll. This, to pcop uLo were almo l. wa$,
fwcet afld ftafona',)IL rthel, weic all lblicitous to know their De fa& F efS, OUt Of tll .L tile Meffen hionfelf tco ignorant to infor
them. I
However, fhe cppne down fbo than was cxp,;&ed, and With te

,wb--10 2d th,m a ain ard igain ; ,f,,r IhL tuld the, fat cr ard mo,j,,r Ale liad heard fyom daugn-'Xas hLr acquaint-Ince, 1hat
was vvell and un li, r rtt u-m to E iThis was t ,- agre-cNc iubof thcir convc-f-mofi, till ,f cr jinr.r, when drinking thcIr hcAths
Igam vildi tcas fainted 'htm' 'qJ Uling upoa 'hu knL!es' aiked. Clc3r

I 1A)j)0fT'iI0'Q: to eK,)-.efs t hc -Thuat io, which thi oc( -'f lllhtcOom c on wasfa, I df-' 'UP of

Are c,,i:e rs aj,d c,Ai:e t'Vel', for at Z CIV t A

f -t to c(,


p!xn r d'

ai- EOM covcl

p*wp. r


a pioper idea of the goodncfs
GO;I, aqe. his gracious Provi'cnc v ll iforl tl,.is, as well is 0of !)Is ind
mlm-, a ]A
v wdrio-n Afid powur, who
!;c ilghacous, %nd deThole wh- -Cat tkclr truft

s yo.-I, n-.; dc ir ch Wen way bc
t ; ,31wvj, Low dils tiAppy inu', :u,'1 7-, 1 Y,)LI, Or
Ole lllip ,rAc$ed, 1, j 'jilt!)

J 'I i p iiv a !41" A[ ftl ,,
I CAFrTc ', tO Ore
m-aLc a tl,-iwl.,o t;.(,k iii%

c; ,JIu"- hv'r "-A

:4 T ho. RenvtvncdEistol y Of
gen-rofity, hc camc hCr klCfl-ndantS ltlqcll witch a quarry irole betweezt cm ; aiid the captaic, v"ll" vorfl of 6te gang, kill"I" t r, cl 1 11 c, : r c w carri :d de illip in
a pot-, (,f' It: Alamlla iflands, belon ipg u) Spanlrds ; whcre, wh'
h,_x Jory was kniwn, ;h(f v,,as ure' td, with grcdt rei-Pcel. L youn., vvl o w4s t iken i
of a f vci-, iid ( a:d b -iocc die marr qge wris ;I grcc to, Lut lctt lier
'ou lcc, my ck r Sa'I'Y, 1,ow w

1 r_( r ij : I "'llio I

L _Jl 1111,1-r 01 gICA'tll 11

-PI'rs. Mai-Zery

inffanV was heaid to flap
at thf window, wow, vvow, lays
jumj (,t, ard attempted to I eqp up rd op- n th- i1our, at wh-ch the
chil lrtm .wcre I'Ucpr17-28. [ a Mrs. D4,,rgerN, kro,,mg %vh,,t, it v;i, -,, cpe"ed w.ethe-cafernent, as T"r .Vindo.v of IF eark, and dicw 1,) 'F,- nj 1);geon with a lett:', ;mct icc h'-:1;

27 -n-:

As form as fie w is pl or
t2b1c;, lie walked Lu, to sa! V,

,Coe.., Coo. :1 aS .3 4
rtad it. Nowdiis pooi p;vj- -'c -I ll traveli'- fiftV iilcs in abautc 11

!-:t us zead the lt=er.

My Dear Sat'!,-,

GO T Alip7" t-v Ver, ilic

fiL Ll .

vcr iorqct to z! L-c i
bis pretty and 1!,.i
,,S-1.1.rhat .1 fad thin&f It have -ble", ;f your faftit r nd 1 ftboch vou and A
IOMTRY in 0ifficrS, a-' Hei)d Your faz,)Cr fei-"-,7 'xith -God, 1 lk'
, -lcl Gpd Ahnight-7 viP Jifo bf

.V 11, whoi bl,-F, -)g is above all

de ar

2-0711. ?vtA:r,

R T j O'N E S,

C 11 A P. TH.

a PZ
t ze d

SOQN a cYrrp-7full VcciVa s 0 n -,I M rfl:rll
xvtIl re-incinl)(r, whell III(-- cIrl"l-La ila% ng !,ffms, f on. ( x
had Oven 01'.1" t-ave to pliy, A n-J ,hey ,vere Ai rupnin, ,-Ibout ,c ficjtool, and 6ivei tiug Oicml- ivc ", tli tbc hirds and the lamb t diis tl mc
tvic dog; all cf Ldd,,in 1,- ;d ho!'] (if

bis Mill refs' & aproin, a d r CRVC
7 e c
ed to pull her out of dhe lCho"..
r Ovi- vt r,
Vlas at Ink fUTPrikd; hovvvtr, 10 owed him, to fee what b, n! tecl. No sooner had he lei !.cri tl e p2rden, but he ran back, Icel I ne C f the children in the
LIP06 -WMCh fhC Ut IC tl-,t I'l !l to leave the school in-m gck- Arcl thev bad-not been out Trivio c bc or the top-of the lie $dl Jr. -Maz s mimfulous &li rarc2 .tas Lic Ilow grac;cus, h 5 col nas Ccl& Almif+ly, tolave tl1c!c c1ildrcn from ai

!'Tclc !;5

tl m ,s lcorl ,s Tolcv 'IV all the t',,c C Gg car'e lci
z -rd Cmi to C-,,Vl cis 1 is J V, A, I cl-I t"Ic h-]1c V,; s i Lllcn, kill h'
""on cijictty!Cl-yll:,-,il-iifirQf3.

Mrs Arar -ry Sb5 ,

stve. of- tl c ncig"Ib"TF, -who fiw the fc11001 f-fl, qna -who wet it', qrcat

f ain for Alar crv' and Itr 11-ule oncs, oon J'j re-4cl the r.ews tluough the vil! a e, a)id -d! the parents, tt-ri'fico foT their 6ilcircn, CAMC m"NvcIrg in
Lhunhnct ; --hey had howtcr "be jatiF t&'-" to fincl tbtrn aii "Ind
"'." ticit knecs with tieir wiflrcfis rj% jng GO(I th-dr:IS 'cr Limr 11 ,ppy tUiverencc.

Aj)Vwcr -r"'vl i/c yl-' N ill I/,- MooN'.

jnmll '-r, Jumper, jumper' wil'it a PTCtt)- I'C IS, 2116 OW
Uad Inankind half tl c fdg-' .;ty of jilrnper, they would ,u-iid accidents ef this fort, by having P P111,,lic survey occoficmilly ot'
all 0 c 1;-uIcs in cvcrv prifi, ("-jrc-cially cf t1iofi ,'kvh'1ch me old Pnd caNud ) and not fii ',crthcm to f-CnIaM in I a crazy flate till they fi, 11 dokvn on tbe 11cads of the paur

9c, The rcmwxed Yi'&!- if

and crufh them to dep,,11- Whv, i was but yefterlav. thqta wholc7lioiij' Id! Jown in 'Gracc chu ch-flcrcet, oi
-ui( titer in Z rd an hurl
mote ar to ti-,IYc, bc frc tit-Iit tlpl twdvc :nouth ; 10 fri"'n "S, ta ''

n ; o c i!? c t r e s ? N1 o il 6 v) u r c,, ii .-C fro-i,, c;irc!c.1* a

f i n Fortune ;S :1110 V o
V., c r 0 p v 11 c S w; t 1 o'


The ',.A\ in Ll c Mlno,,

You are pct to Yron(ler, my (ka rr- k'r, that this little (log fl-IOL14113 more .. ctIfc do?" Von, or V0,Lj Lthc, or your

T-6 01,

oj-L! f 111tf
cllc ff'Vtd 11 lj %-"i"n reason. in ma!-ounti o io cux' rcs C21 ni,
of OIc fc'J s ut odicr !j a I c voo I e ac I q : "in olirf, LS
fno bv a ly


Ills tl l 3t-j r
US With I'Cr

9z 7heReno-xret 11ikrytf

P11 the spring ancl bred up her ]it,!'. cnes, flies into a foreign U I'Try e and finds Ler wav over -hi- -i je !v without ny of the initrw"t 11 and helps which men are ublig, make uf of for ili;4t purpose. AV,, c 'Y')If q wife 2S Nightingale. v f, might makc all the failors happ3. ot V liavc tiventy tI)c,,hrA pounds f f teaching t'ICIII t "de.
You xvoidd not thint"Rialph th" f
Tavcn ,J! fo xifc -tnd fo good 2s h i iS thOUgh VOLI fee 11im here reading hisbook. Yctv-bentbeprop etEl1 ;,il,, was obhWed to fly from 4- !-.a idng of Iffracl, and hide biiuf,-f iq
--Tave, the, i2vens, at the comAi)an of God A i Lnighty, fed him eve", and preferred h; life.
And the word of the T.",
unto Elijah saying, Hide thvitif b the brook Cherith, tha, is btfori Jordon, andl have ravens to feed theethere. Ar( -,hcr ,vvns brought him bread an f c il i I u th'

Mrs. 2rLirgety Y-xo-Sboei. 93

Ignoring, and bread and Lih in the evt:ning, and he drank of the book." gi It g s, B. i. C. 17.
And thc j-,T'c tty p1gcon when the wodd was drowncd, 'and he wa s Collfined with No di iti the ark, was fela forth by hin, w f, e whether the I;VaLers were 11 An-d he 1-c i t
fol-Lh a duvf frorn hitil, to ice if the Waters vVere alautcd fvom off the face of the ground. ,in,, tC.c dove came In. to 11 1 In i,, the eNtning, and to III
.vasall olive lcaf pluckccl of : So Noan kuf\v tl it vie waters v ie abat d ho-'u off the earth." G 2n- -,iii. S, I '.
As tbOe and whtr 2n'lmals,
renfible and lind to us, we oug'It :0 be tenderatldl w-oci to qrld not beat tlleaval-wut and tl em, and
Lake awav thci WLIJ l 013CS, as Illany %v ickt--d L-A)ys do. DL ics not th lhurle PlId ai's carry you and your
6cn't the OK plow Ouigrou'Lid" t -,-, Cuw w-, yu u 11111k, til-

I: iii, tory f

11 vour L?C1"' tl-.C! (i

to -'vra':
lot in v for ytwr a
A;d tl- : c';cI:c'l1 v 'u
v+t:ll 11 '1 C. IZN' a. jl"-( to 1"11 ourf j"'
oi,_- io, c,'n y
al-j I --, 6,
A u-n i vil y's 1100d ?
bov. 0 ; b try f(j,
Nu h ve do!'t io nc)
God forvjv -"d
Amtnf-,i,;s 1, ig ifi d r. 4 z4, a; ri. 06
-,0! b ets'- ',-U bU' nO VOUa
IM T-CIfUl oo-1.
Thc downt'll! o' "'oe khool Vl as p-cat wisfwturl'- to for the ni)t ,Il 1--cr b.)c
but W' S f"' -Ite oi :1 place to t l in hilt SiT-VV1111 'm Dove, beiir I f,)Fned of this, os dercd the ioufi be I bu I it at his own cxpnc !. till zt. t Could bc daiie, Farmcr Gr


ly s 1-0 -lnd, as to Ict her have his r yc hatt to tL!2 cl- in. jie houle built by Sir William lind th -, of'
Ratue cru tcd over e &)ol
boy sliding on ll,.e ice, ;.rd under it vcfe flic-fe 110,2s wriacil hy Mrs.
and togravecl at htx e--,I)Cnce.

Oil S I N. A si;)iik.

As a poor urchin on the ice, When lie has turriblCd o,:icc or %Vlih cautious Acp and tr, iIJoliiig,
Thc, drop NII pcrllarit on his nofe, Anc t- ud ,cs or, to f C-k t -,e
t j C
'01VC(i -,C) I- Ll a the- iCl-- M3
V11-) cfcn us d t-) flldt md 1-CaI-C
,Ii-,l is into danger lk ,,
P C! fillies again 2nd bzeAAtls I-xd .
SSo youth -whcri ficft di-awa

96 ThcRCnqexr-dHi4,2ry cf'

Would glaffly quit the thorny way, And think it is unsafe to ilay; But meeting with their wicked trdn Return with them to fin again With them the paths of vice explvr--' with them, ate ruined evez more.


What be? at, Farmer Csv-,'s
avd / O-w JL, ratifiedd hhzz tor 1.idll
Yr, fhif

'JI'i ILE at Mr. Cro,,-Cs, v.,hi4
U,;,S ill t!)c ht!a t of 111C vilkge,, lhc not. Clll U;Ulghl 1.11t clkildrtn i the day time, but the flirflicr 'S vants; an-i a11 the 'IC,
-read an'i vvlit, M the -'Cnlog it -,s her pra",11cu L,,
tbey -went, away, to iiiake tl--ii to i:711, -s a4id"'nF -Aaln;s.
'-vei t i' ,
wc,,ns, the pcopic gicov -Ktrcratl,, Itgular, his ferva-n"s ajlva.Ys at
kunn, ialtpkd Ui 6 k)z tilt: all'