The history of little Goody Two-Shoes


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The history of little Goody Two-Shoes otherwise called Mrs. Margery Two-Shoes : with the means by which she acquired her learning and wisdom, and in consequence thereof her estate ... : see the original manuscript in the Vatican at Rome, and the cuts by Michael Angelo : illustrated with the comments of our great modern critics
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Goody Two-Shoes
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Little Goody Two-Shoes
Goody Two Shoes
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159 p. : ill. ; 11 cm.
Goldsmith, Oliver, 1730?-1774
Jones, Giles, fl. 1765
Jones, Griffith, 1722-1786
Newbery, John, 1713-1767
Osborn, W
Griffin, J
Mozley, J
Printed for W. Osborn and J. Griffin, in Holborn :
and J. Mozley, Gainsbrough
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Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature -- Early works to 1800   ( lcsh )
Education -- Juvenile literature -- Early works to 1800   ( lcsh )
Moral tales -- 1786
Bldn -- 1786
Moral tales
fiction   ( marcgt )
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England -- London


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"Price six-pence."
General Note:
Woodcuts: frontispiece, text illustrations.
General Note:
Appendix: pages 141-159.
General Note:
Dedication on title-page verso.
General Note:
Authorship variously attributed to Oliver Goldsmith, Giles and Griffith Jones, or John Newbery; cf. Osborne Coll., p. 889, Rosenbach, A.S.W. Children's books, p. 53, and E. Pearson, Banbury chap books, 1890, p.2-3, and Notes & queries, 4th ser., 8:510; 9:15.
General Note:
UCLA copy imperfect: copy 1: frontispiece wanting; supplied in facsimile. Pages 157-159 wanting.
General Note:
Cf. Osborne Coll, p. 256-257; 889-891.

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C--jo 4-.t

n, udwin Ub:r:arYy of

-7 -IT D Y T.W 0 0 E

I S T 40 R
a F
Little Goody Ttva-Shoes,
Afes. Margrery' TwuoShoes.
Themcans by which (he acqui ed her carmngand 'A" omand incou.
T' ' ifid
sequence thereof Aer r itate.:
Set f0tLh at large for the benefit 4_dioli o
y1ba from aj?4te cfRai j and Cars,
-,f,,d b-,viq Shot, Lut Pai,,
btir Fortant and ibeir Fame qvould.A. '.Adga4top in7th*ir Gavb and Six. Sc the crig ina Manut-cript in the Vaiian at Rome, and the Cuts tv Hi- ckart. -_4m94 ; illuttrated- with, thc commentsof our gteat rooderti Ctjtjc!j.

L '0 N D
"rintc3 or W. Ofboral in ijolb nrn** and




OPt I1~4D TO Be GO

I lS B0 0KR,



In t raul's 4C&urc'bprd.


Little Goody Two-Shoex

INTRODUCTIoN. By the Edita .
L L the World muft allow, that ATLvo Sboej was not her real Naffle. No, her father's Name was, A Iear xell; and he was for many Years' a conficerabic Farmer in the Parifh wheie Margry was, born; btit by 6c N'ji ic.riune which he met. wih i-i Bunnefs, and the wicked i-erltcut-M& ut Sir Timciby Grifit, and ari ovti towa jFarmer cail Grafpall. he wzL51cfica VAIIY piti A W. A

6 TWeRexoeward Hootry Sf
The ipafe was thus. The Parik~ JMduell, where they lived, had forsnany agea been let by the Lord oi.the Mvan~or into twelve different Farms, in which'the Tcqatt lived coxifprzta. bly, brought up large Families, and carefully flipported the poof people who laboured frthem ; untill- ;k Ikaate by rnaag and'by death came
into the hands of 5ir ?zimorhy. -Thbis gentleman who loved himfelf Better than all his neighbours, thought
it lets trouble to write ouc receipt for hi. rent, than twolver, and ''Firmer Graf,pisll nff,-ig to take all the Farais as the Leafes expired, Sir Tfixe ji agreed witi hirn~and in procefs
*ic he was 1,otreffed of everv Farm, bu that occupied by little Margir~y'i fiter; which he alfo wanted, tor as Mr- Mfeawwvel was a chiariqble good
Ia he Iloo4 up for &he Poor at' the
J'ar-At meetings, anad was usnwilling to have thern oppreffed by S'ir Tiisoib, A4-d this avaricious Farmner. Jud e'


oil kind, hurnane-, and- cour teo us re2. 4cr,, what 'k popt,
mud bein, wbcngbisgovVjj)u4,m4rt, was-perpettial' 'Overfc;r.- &ad ejgry, thiq f6t their ta aintcmnce w& draw* from, bis hard hearr, artAfrucl haP4'. Ra,,hz wa3 not QAIY P4j.pct4al,0vcr4 (cer, bot-perpetual Church qy4rdfn, and jujgc oh yv C nAi4vi'j,' w,44t Asq! tile Church molt t1g,41, 'When r4opotto ed by k man without r0igiopoiHe was alfo erpdlual SUTYOYQr 4tbo Highways, "d wbat 0rt* of rQ&45 44 keFrE up for the conveRicace of, T!*'t vellers, thofc beft itaw who bavg h44 the misfi rtvwto W obliged to p4f& tbroug that Pariih--, Qqqt deed wcre made, but to% W44't purp6f; ane complaints, wh;ri'br6pgUi agaiv a man, -who can huni6 Airjqk; 4ad, fmoak with the Lord of the Mmior, who is alfo tho jfajti pp Of Pcgcc
The opposition wh4h, little Afarge? ry's fart'cr made's tyranny, gave v&ncc to $ir.Vtvtkr, who en4-

2 ht Rsewatd THftry of

,deavoured to force him out of his Faring and to oblige him to throw up'tha. Leafe ordered both a grick- kilr. and aDog-kennel to be ere~ted in the -Farmier's Orchard. This was contrary to law, and a fuit was commenced, in which Margery's father got the better. 'The fame offence was committed three 4iifferent times, and as many a&'ions brought, in all of which the F ar mer had a veydi& and coils paid him; -but notwithstanding Ehefe advantages, the Law was fo exrpen five, that he was ruined in the contell, and obliged. to t ive up all hle had to his Crtdixors which effeaually anfwered the purpofe of Sir imothy, who ere&ed thofe v -inifances in the Faurmer's orchard with that 'intention only. Au.,-my dlear Pteader, we brag of Liberty, and boaft of our Laws; but the bleffing of t'ie one, and the proted1ion of the other Seldom fall to th'e lot of the Poor ; and cfpecially when a rich man is their a4~ vatary. fHow, a in ,h name of good-

,rcan a poor Wretch obtain redress, ,hen thirty Pounds are infufficient to try his Caisfe ? Where is he to find' Money to fee Counfel, or how can he plead his caufe himfeif (e "ven if he was permitted) when oiar Laws arc' fo obfcure, and -fo multiplied, that aa' abridgment Of them cannot be coatained in fifty Volum~es in Folio
As foon as Mr. Meanwell had called together his creditors, Sir T7imoiby feized for a year's Rent, and turned the iFarmer, his Wife, little Alargery, and, jer Broither out of Doors, WiLCO~Ut any of the neceffaries of life to fupport


10 T'be PerowNed Hil 0;7

TH5 elated the heart of Mr. Crar6471, t I bi cro. 'r ed" hilhop-, d'fili 'd
... C:S, ...
t6 mcaf-wc Of bIs lmqui ; fArbifide'l' ir ofvilp hl rciv5,nge, c is an. pvt rtllrqW ga" fole d"Ini'morr
Of jhe ,()b h nd
r je ed
ib i f ;: I r'I a' m4nn r t cp r i b I c t ci ; I
i!iention '
kurg.try' father flew jrqo m the Parilh for UcCvu., a n 4 all thole h f vv re ab)c to move lcf 01ci 4nd fight ell, p I oy Deut C,,,klercl a 'he' foand
it wbqjd be im Ie t'
po 1)
live Lndcr the Tyranny o'f tvo fac. people. The very old, ihc'vcr and the blind weie obliged"to flav br
hind, and .WbCLher thCY Were ijaYVCJ or what hecante of 40C
not lay but the character ok the gvea Sir isavaricl
j, 4nd h" Otis fei; nt
were fo infamous, that 4ob dy ,v4ui work for them by the day,'j' Serv, nt were afraid to engage. thpmf0ves b the year, left any u efi q acp en Ay u I


Thnuld leave them ptrilhioners iii a

miferably ; fojtat great part of the ]and Jay antille 4 for fbime years, which w'as deemed a julI reward 'for fuC~h
SIdiabolical proceedings.
But what, fays the Reader, can ccr cslioa -all this fDo you 'intend tl~iis~ for'
children,-Mr. OsIBCRtNE? ,Why, do
ayou fuppofe this is written-by Mr.'
Gs~oRNE, Sir? This may come from another hand. This is not the Book, Sir, mentioned in the Title, but the lntrodu,-'ion to that Book ; and is in.
tended, Sir. not for that fort of Chil. I- Jren, hut for Children offix feet high,
of which as my friend has jull ohferved, there are many millions in the kinigdom ; and thee refleftions, Sir, have been rendered neceffiary, by the unaccountable and diabolical Scheme which many gentlemen now-~give into, of' laying a ntimber of Farms into one, and very often of a whole Parih -into one

12' TbO Renoq'wmed HifOrY7 'Of

one F~a rm, wbich in the end muil reduce the common people to a filate of vaifalage, worfe than that under 'the' Baron's of old,. or of' the clans inl Scotlanad; aritfwilt ini time depop ulate' the Kingdomi. But as you a ie rd of the fubje~t, I fhall take yfelf away, and you way v ifit Little agr, bo, 6ir, yqO, $ rvaml,

EOh o xp'~..


C 14 A P. I.

fla'w and alcut Little Margery and A'sr

C_ A RE and di~zntent shortened
Cthe days of Little Marg-try's father.-He was forced from his family,
ndfeized with a violent fever in a place where Dr. 2'amts's Powder was 0., to be had, and where he died niiferabiv. Mlargery's poor mother furvived the lefs of her hufoand but a few days, and died of a broken heart, leaving Margery and her little brother ,to the wide world ; but, poor woman,
-it would have melted your heart to baxr 'feen how frequently fhe heaved
upher head1, while the lay'fpetechlefs,
tlirNev with ian nifhiflg look 44r It ere~hans, As much as to f4, Do

Do 9'onzy, do Makrgery, row with em
They "rcp~iz,~d fue figbc away her foul; and I hope is happy.

It would bot% have excited v pi ,an'd have done your freant gco vok have frer tiow, fond thefte two lit
oncs tvere of- cach other, and hi j band in bhar' they trotted aboiut. P .-fee Lhecmi.


They were- both very ragged, and
T6m7ny jhad tWo Shcs, but Afrgeryp had Nbut cne. They had -nothing, poor Things to Capport themis (not, being in their own parillh) but whbat they picked. r. fr,);i the he dges, or got firm che poor
Fcople, and they lay every night in a barn. Their relat;a-ns took no asolice )r them ; n,?, 'thy wct~f rich, and
44w own f1f -A Poor Elcl

16 Tk Remni~xf ifhlry o
l ragged girl as Margery, asid ruc f! dirty little curly-patea b~oy as To Our relations and friends feldomn Potidc of uIs when we are poor ;b we~ grow rich they grow fond.
this will always be thre cafe,
people lo've money better than vi or better than they do God Almig Buzt fnch wicked folks, who Iav thinFg but vioney, aind are proud
dfiethe poor' pever come to :J j~odIiL he endaswe fhaiU
aad by.

CH A P. It.

Ma-4w and alout Mr. S m; tb

M .Smiib was a very
M Clergyman., who I ved

gmmy were born and having a r lation to come to fee him, who was a charitable good man, he fent for thefd children to himt. The gentleman order.ed Little Margery a new pair of Thoes, gave Mr. Smith fome money to buy her cloaths; and faid he would take
qommy and make him a little Sailor a and accordingly had a jacket and trowfers made for him, in which he
aow appears. Pray look at him.


1 1 PROM

'rbf R-enawxf4f 'WAry Of
After fome dayi the gentlcm intettded to& to tondow, arrd tA4
little Tommy witlr him of whom yal Oiall know more by, and, by for Iallat a proper time vefeut 76U Wi fame part of his hiflory, Ifis tkav, and. adventuresThe parking 5etwerd thefe two Ii t10-children was very deeding, 'You cr;cd, and. Martrtr I y, iried, and ti
each, other an bundmd tim at lah Tomoy thug wiped of her te


wvith the end of his jacket, and bid1
kher cry 'no more, for that he would come to her again, when he irettured
V, from fea. However, as they were f
4 very fonid, the gentleman would nat CIfuffer them to take leave of each ot&
but told Tommy he fhotild ride cut with hita, and come back at nightva When -nigh ame, Little Alargly
grew very uefy *about her bruiner.
and after fitting up as late as r)
Smith would Itt her, Ihe went crying t

C H A P. MI.

IHow Little Margery cbtaq~i. eza
of Goody Two Shoe,, ay br
happeatd ii the Parj ..AS foon as Little~ U

00 TeReno-u,,d FHilory
very early, fhe ran all around tltq ~village, cryng for her brother .nd af ter (ore tiftne rettirnedgteatlydiireffed However, at this Infiant, the Siioema ker very opportunely came in with th, ne Shoes, for which lhe had hei '*wafared by Ohe gentleman's order.
Nothmg could have fupportc Littl Alargrry under the affilIion flst wa i0 for the Us of her brother,: bd! ,teplafiore took in her t~wa Shoei 'Serail ont Mrs. Smith- as foon ai thywere pt- nand~ firoaking dowx
her aE ed pro thus,




peopl fhe et, an that waa
obtanedthename of Goody 7'w"a Shoes.
thogh er lav maescalled her 01

Little Mfargety was verve happy i
being with Mr. and Mrs. Smith %4ho were very charitable and good t'7 her,
and had agreed to breed litr up -t

Oheir family: but as foon as thai tyrant of the 'Pariii, tabit Grep/all l Jeard of her being there, he appiec
fitt to Mr. Smith, and threatened t reduce his tythes if he kept her; an after that he fpoke to Sir 171ohy b h fent Mr. .SornM a peremptory .et ag by his fervant, that he~vumdfend hael Meanwell's girl ta Ae hept by'ber rtlati~ am, ard nct harhour heir in ibe Pari/IThis fodiftreffed Mr. Smitb that hp
fied tzars, and cried, Loi
eigt Poor !
The prayers of the righteous afce,)d I~~ps~vards, un reach unto the throe j eaven, as will be teen in the (eqisel.
Mrs. Smrith *is alto greatly con.
saned~ it being thus obligedtt dif.
rdpoor little Margerry. She kiffed Or ad cried; as alfu did Mr. Smith,




i-,but they were obliged to fen I el. her away; for the people who h4l
i-ruined her father, could at any time if Lave ruined them. ed

T4 $"bs -c4oed H~flay v

C H A P. IV.

Ho--w Little Margery learned to rear
aizdhb degree laugAc iti go tbers.

L ITTLr- Mfargery faw how~ goo
LAnd how wife M~r. Ses uk was and cotirlu.4ed, that this was owinq to- hs great learning, therefore ic waited of all things to, learn- to iead ~for this purpofe fihe ufed to'nmeet th little bo~ys and Girls as they camq fr~om fchool, borrow their books, an4
Lit 4ow and rpad till they returncd1



this mneant a ie foon got more learn than any of her playmates, ancl
d the following fcheme for inftru'&thocfe who were more ignoraIyt than
,(elf. She found, thaton oftlythe lowing Letters were fufficint to 11 all tire words in the world butftrme of thefe Letters are 1aige "d

osf feveral pieces of wobd ten fets or of thefe~

And flxc fets of the fe


And having got an old.SpelliuR lhe- ro4e her companies fet the words they wanted to ql, after that lhe taught te oc Pentence. Y-om-now what a z i is mydear; I "il hegood, isa
t~e:aid is made up' of fe svords.
-The ufual manner of spelling wrryiztg aim the gamei,- w they

of as this, Sappof the word to be
twas rhsmn _;:di-ng (_aid who 0 fuppofe -a better) the children
e plaJed in I circle, and the fjrft ght the letter P, 'the next 1, the g, the next m~, the next p, and fo Ill the whole was fpeit ; and if N one brought -a 'wrorig letter, he
to pay a -Fine, or play no maore.
swas at their Play ; atpd every ning ffie ufed to go round to teach
children wijh thafe F,4tle ys
i ket, as you fee in the Print.


I once went the rounds with -herl was highly diverted, as you ma if you picafe :o look into the ap ter.

C H A P. V.

LAqqw Little Two Shoes became
fing Tutorefs, aozd be-o &e
ker Pupils.
f was about feven o'Clock Im1ri0p when w4 fet out alp"

-ftint bufinefs, and the lfiof
came to was Farmer Wi//O's.

rMargery flopped, and ran up to door, tap, tap, ft. Who's there? ly little Goody T-wo Shoes answered r come to teach Rily 0n I le Goody, fays, Mrs. Wit/off, w~t afre in her face, I,= glad to fe

yoIu.~~~it you hdly, f~ learned aftI AN Ladbo. Tht came the little boy. 1kP* dil; Two Sbats, faid benq-t able t
plai~i. Yetthis little boy Ead Ia] I hii letters : for the threw dvd

b~ d f h kt n o q s ii v y
I c .C g I n p r t v

andhe picked themn up, called tl
their right name~s, a-Rd puot the
ordir thus~

b cd fk i k I h
p q rfs t a v w x

Sh~e thenr t*'e down the Al
if Carit~I Jittrs 14 the inau h crt fie themD

lhe picked theif all 6p, Ahd hatold their names, Placed them


ow pray, littlei Reader, take thii.
kin, and fee if you can point out letters from thee mixed alphabets, tell how they should be placed is,
has little boy Billy.
he next place w e came to wvis
er imffi's, and here i-.


doo. Sr~rah, fa hi ilef

do yo akaVIialecw ke

cut came ,~y the liteoe o A
faysflIar ;* Ii Sall'wers otIher hae o learned lyr urfin

N6,tht'5 what I have, reply 11tieone In the country manner


ediately taking the letters Ihtt ua*
efc fyllables

ba be Iibo bt, CA CCi toa
da dedi dodu, fa fe fifo f

nd gave them their exa& foundtas (he.
ompofed them ; after which fhe fee,
p the following:

ac to ic c tic, ad e& id Od' U4 af efif of Uf, ageg ig agu~

And pronounced thmlie%iTe. : he then fun ,he 'a z~s c1horu if, which mnay be;found -in the Litfe f ,eguy Play-thing, publiied by Mr. oti 'BORNE) and to the fmne tune too
which it is there fet.
After. this, Little 7-wo Shoe; taught~ ,r er to fpell words of one syllable and


1 4 TeRenowne hlyloly of

1 Pin, Ruf5, Dog, Hog, Fa
Doe,Lanzb,S6icep Ram
11Cock,. Hen, aisd many mr
~The next place we -came to
A, rCak's co'tta&;them you ft
Anf~ore you.

~~eea number of poor child
5 VNI0LtQarj ho al7


ound little Margery at one an. F having pulled out her lckters, 1he aLec
hC little boy next 'her, what he Iihad
)e r dinner ? Who, answered. BrnwJ
the pour cldren in miany pittces live,
f ery hard.) Well then, fays fhe, fet 1
Sfirl: letter. He put up the Jette,~ to which the next adhled r, aiid the
ext e, the next a, the next A, andIt
ood thus,-Bread-i
And what hail you, Polly C,7mb; f
ur dinner ? 4plt ey, afeedi
ittle girl :Upon which the rext in
Kurn fet up a great A, the two ne-,
p each, and fo on till the two o0rds Apple and Pye were unzted
nd flood thus, Apple Pye.
The next had Ptatoesr, the nexc t etf and Iripsl, 'which Nwe~e fpdt,.
tti mainy others, till the P ganic of

rklng lifbrre. She theni the anfr tafik, and we proccede
I jie net place we cane to 1
15~e h1omff7z', where tbere w ; grat many lttle ones, waitingI her.
'So, little Mrs. Goo~ ,& 7W sfays one of dhem, where have you lc Iii long ? I have been teaching, f4 fhe longer than [ intended, and afraid I am~ coie ,tog foon forY ifow No, but indeed yo)-. ate n( replied t~he other.;~ fbr.1 have gotn leffion,. and fo ha3 Salty Th.-w,va fo has Hir9 Wilfon, and fo ha
-weafl; and they capered about as they were ovetjoyed to fee her. W thn faysie ylc ou ar all very go

Ic usbgin our leffons. Tihey badud icand her, auda Lhough, at tI 'fl


n tber place they were empl.byed about lel od and fyllables, ,here we had
W ho dealt only in fentences.
Teltesbeing brought-upon the
able, one of the little ones fe., up -the#
S ollowing Len tences.
be ke Lord bave mercy pn ire, and
,ant Fbat I 'may always be goo9d, and ay my prayers, and love the Lord my
Swit all my heart, vjitb all mw
n, aid'with all my ]irenptb; aozdhonogat le King, amd al/good men in vat Larity
naer him.
Then the next took up the lettiers. a- 0d conipofed the following, fen tejice.
Lord ha,'ve mercy upono me, ane grei
hat 1 mayr love my neigbbour a s myj/~l do unto all men as I --would ha've them 9 unto vie, and tell no lies ; lent he
s neil andjuil in alI my deajrgs

ffemwmrif M/?51-y of

The tbird co4npo" tife follow

VAc Lard b,-oe v7erej rpon me,
ant 117at I ma -ouy- m
y bo) y father,
i'Ilwr, and love my &oIbers andfi rel.aliatis and frund5, and all j*V pi =alLx, aitd e-veg a;;d eirdea,6
s m ke t, elm ha,15,"517.
e fourth cowpofcd tbc Joih

Pr._ God to blefs tLis wbole ezny- and all cur friends, and all amem;es- I ,
To tills lati. Fol, Saller objeig Vh(ffaid, 'traly,'fhc did not know :&c ihould- pray for 4er enemies ? I 'pray, fDr your eviemies, fays Iii Margery ; yes, you mult, Yqu are ichrittian, if- you don't forgive I tnemi.e3, and do good for evil. P .Riil pouted ; upon which little ,,,;ery faid, thougli ffie. was pocir.

GOODY TW SH6lO 9o lie in -a barn, (he would no keep
,nipany with iich a naughty, proud, erverie girl as Polly ;: and wAs going way: however the,: difference' was ep' ade uip, and flie fet.thuemto.compofe
he following.

For the CON'U'CT of L I F-E.

H le that will thrive,
TWAuf rife by *Five.
v He that hath tbriv'*n,
May lie -till stv etn.
Le Truth may be blaim'd,
13B u t can't be fiiain'd.
Tell me with whaovyoir0- a g
&Aid I'll. tell wfiat yo do yl aCdo

7# 2e Jfemnowed lijiory

.Afriendin your need,
Is a riend indeed.
-They utter can be wife,
Wlho good council dcfpife,

:, wire head makes a clofe rnoptlt.
-Don't buirn your lips'with Ianot;
M a- mibroth.
Wit is no ly, DDIefs a wife man h the keeping of it.
life f:f words and bard argum ets V oney catches more flies than~ vine, ~Toforget a-wrong is the belt revem]
Fatience is a plaifler for all forms Where pride goes, thaine-will-foliOI
When vice enters the room, vengea is neat the door.


ufiry is Fortu tne's right hand, and
fr-ugality her left.'
kce much of i 'hiee-pence, or yo~
I e'er will be worth a groa..

lie~ flands upon one leg, bu; truff1 ok uponl two.
hna man talks much, believe
but half whiat he Fays.
Fair winds butqer no parfnips,, ts a company poifons the min-a. e covetous man is never fatisfied.
bundance, like want ruins warty.
tetinniste b'efi 'IFortune.
a A LESSON in ReligioPji.
eGod, for he is goo;.
r God, for hisu~ ~ a

from him.
Paife, God, for great is his
;ot rds us an4 w er
his works.
Thofe who flrive to-be good, Go 'don teiz f4dc
Thofe wiho have Godf fr 'heirl
Ahlall want nothing.
osiffs- your- fins to God1, a~nd
Tepeht he will 4'rglve you.I Remqnbr that. all you do, is~
infhe Vtefenceof God.
Tetime will come, 'myf
when~ we rntdLgie
Account to Godhw e on ra

A TNToea1 L~ssoNr.
A good boy will make a pod
-Honour your partnts and h
will ;honeu' youI.


e your friends, arnd y~orfrienda
Will love you.
that f-wims in Sin, will fink in
d' to live as you would wilh to
ir yo expect all mien Ihoud deal by
*deal by them and give each ina
his due.

wf s e were returning. hoarie, we
a gentleman, who-was very ill,,
ing under a fhady tree at the endI a s rookery. :Though ill, he Leto joke with little Margery and
d, laiaghing, ,So Gwd~ay Thuo Shoes, car-your arze a cunning little Iag..
e; pray, can you lell. me what f
C do to get-well-? Yes, Sir,. fays,
a to bed wheni your R~ooks. do.

7011 fee they are going to bed at

do you, faikewvire, and get up wi-, 2ni t hvmrimg;. earn asrhey do,: OIay wliat-tm eat, a"~ cat andi d ri jporectLhaa what. you earm ; and V get health and keep it. What ind-i cge th6 Roks to frequent gi xu'ns boafes, only, but ie tow to lead a prgdcn I iiR?,

c OODY TV8'O':SfIGE9. al.
A over cottages or Farm
Lccauf.- they fee, that thefe
1, kilow how to- livc without their

Lr?,alfh and Avtycu M;%Y'i)vjprct-e
tit by The ffnants:ethrr Gruve.
gentleman lau.911irrg gave Marr 3 lix-pence, and jold her flte ",As a
ble huffeY.
C H A P. Vf.

The lzvk-de-PariA aux -fr;ZbteneL
In F1 () do'es imt know Lady
Du;Rington, or who does nav
%V that fhe %vas buri :d 2 t tK&
9 j Ch

llI never fa w fa grand a f all my life; but the monel quaikred awy would have Lv laid out In little boeksfor oin meat, drink, and ,,rh ePow-~
-isia f-ire H'earfe indeed 11cnoJ4igpltimc5 ca the


f very grani: but whatend doeg icy an(Nver, otherwise thau to dlfpl-ay 7e piride of thiliiintor the vamt
tHe dead. Fie unon fuch foliv
and Heaven grant that thofe
want more fenfe may Itave it.
va all the county !Obkd 'cime
r the burying, and --itewa
re Lhe corpife was iAmTr,;d,' Aftxp

which~ h~e nightor rather four o ~in the 4Lopiigp Were hed~to jingle in the which 6ightened the people sofly, who ail thought n Dzaci;7gng's ghoft dan~~ Sell Topes' The people ill Do~bings, the clerk, and JIim to go and fte what it w I~iliAm.faid he was fure it wasa an4 that he would not offer t ihbe door. At length Mt. -Loe Redor, hearing fitch an uproar vllIage, went to the clerk, to 'why -he did not go into theand fee who was there. Ig ;a illiwn, why the gh]f
frgtnMe out of my wits. ~obbins too criedi, and Igai~g,
er bulband (aid he fhojild not 14P by the ghoft. A gholl, -yu 14*6, fa MrLozw, iii:a pe

GODY TWO SHOE. 4ie ther of you everfee a ghoft,'ior know,
body that did ? Yes*' fays the
eri, m v father did ocithe thape
,Windmill, and it walkedIIl round. f e church in a white 1heet, with ja~
~ts on. and -had a gu 'n by his fd
aead of a fworid. ,A line piklure c& ghoft truly, fays Mr. Loftg, give,7m. 'a e key of the church you monkey';
r tell you there 'is no fuch thin* t 0,v, whatever may have been formcrr*M.-Then taking the key -he went to, kr e church; all the people following
I n. As fopn as behadopenedtier C, r, what fort olf ghodft do-you think
9 peared ?IWhy little TWVoej, whD
ring wear Iy had fallen asflecep iki.;nte f the pews during the funeral fervics
h nd was hhur in all night. She ili t ately ailced Mr. Loq's

Tbe Renownnd R ;fiwy rf

the tro* pibe find giren himj' 1,_jmj fhe Iliad been locked up in
u rcb, axhlfaid, fhe (boald not
the bells, but that 04e Wa3 and heuing farmer Roult's
gp,%" chilling 4y Nvith his horfesd vras m 1w"s _be woul d ave gonj
t4e clerk for the key to I et her ou



C HA P. VIras
im ar 'Ufoust of all be

i iE I people % 'ere sf ,amcd to ag: it t I- M_,ig, any, questions beMr. L vAg Iut, as toon as hz "w as
they all got round her to la. & Vri0jityj and defied 11 z
gwewbem particular accOunt
Ua jhe had beard and feen

Her T A L, F.

J w at to the churcW, f-i hc, i3
,; did la.1 night, to ke rha
y b,,n, verv wcar '

!52 eo'fe I~'Dyb

and fell faft aflee .At eleven od cluck I awoke ; which I believe in iomie ~II'earute' occafi.5ne b clock's llriking, for I heard it. I cd pb andl could not at Ailf tell whv I ~Was ~ but after fome time I recolN
edti.funal, and foon fount
,w3 hut inthe church. 1t was5k21 dark, anid I could fee nothii
h~twhile Ik was flanding in thep -Ioe afigJumped up upon me, id and laid, as f thought, I ts ha
v wy flhoulders.-I- owl', I w ittic afraid at firil ; howaever, I-cn 'ered that I haid alwa s been Co prayerss and4 ac church, and I'I 'kd lne nobody 'any harmi, but Fieavoured to do what good I coi id then tbought 1,. wihat have 1 rIr ? et I kneed ddown toflay
yeS. As f-,octas I was on
ee~ omet~ng erycold, as CO
plalbe ave, as ~Celd as icv, tou


of y neck, which made me ftart; howe ter, I continue&- fly prayers, arnd
aving begged proteaion from AlIt ighty God, I found my fpirits comie, ,h d I was fenfible that I had nothing Alt fear ; for God Almighty pTovzeds ha ot only thofe who are good, hut la
.shofe who endeavour to be Vo-1i othing can wichiland the power, and
xceed the goddnefs of God Alnighsy. re Armed with the confidence of his i. ha teftion, I walked dowa the chtsrchkit 1'
w when, I heard fomething Fit pat, pit Co pat, pit pat, -come after me; arnd fompe10, thing touched my hand, whkh eib i h as cold as a marble tnuwnei-,-.
t ould not think What this kwas, yet I
~ nwi old- not hotrt me-, ad thcre11fore 1 madie-my'feif eafy, bot hii y very cold, and the Ourch being pati
vvith flone, which Was var p
)I ol t my way as wellI as i cco Id~i 4od
1 pulpit, in doing %hichj ethii
ruffled by me, an4 d I~i

V),- tT 6) 1-1;170ry
down ; holvVer I was r o t fr ghtcn for I kncv 6at God Alviighty wo
fuR7cr nothing to hurt m e.
At lail I foand out the Pu
bpav'.n" fhut to the door, f ], d
'he mat and cuChion to-Ile
n fonieLlijug thrull and pul 101
as I thought for. admit r ch-preve-nted my_ Qfng to 0
At4all it cried DO--v, zvOz-,v,1LVO W:

Jo ', Vhoicb had followed Inc from EL
ip ,qfe to thict church ; 40 1 opeacd .,'iioc)rand Silip, Snip, alRd -tiv e,1 11]ired upon me imaltdtately. A i &Is, -Fnip and I lay down toget ;W had a moR comfo rtble nap 1, whcn i awokc, gaul it was alli
11 11 r. I I -!let] v"Ilked up and d
ti ie "11-S of lic church to k
aT- though I went] Ztl MU;Wts, and trod on Lu,3y DUC41i 's, COF P3 gkoill. and- 1,
Ho, I fe
iL WaS Q-Wkflg to. k1-1U

en cghas given you, namely, that there vo no fuch thing to be teen. As to my
art, I would as foon lip all night in,
be church, as in any other place ; "and,
S am fure that any boy or'girl, who i4 c od an~d loves God Almighty, and, 3 e Cps his cow mndouen'ts,, may. as
an afel y lie in the church, 'or r s n whre elfie, if they -taLe~p
care not to get Cold, for I am furF there are no ghoals, either to hurt or
t Lighten thep ;toih any srepotfeffied of fear mnight bve taken igf
~bour Saar d2_/"'s 00og Wito hisCAj
s uofe for a ghoft ,ap if they had n ot il eens in-deceived, .as I was, wouJ never b avp t ho -ught' otherwvife .Aft the company 'acknowledged the jui l
cc Tefs of the obfervation, and thanked~
Lite no 61,ces for her advice.
1)4... REF E-

?$ 7e Renewmed ilt7ory


'After this, my dear children. I you wito beive any'o~l
iJa gnotant, weak, or di pe ople mnay tell 'you aboi* Gh ;r thofe romantic tales of G J'itcbe: and Faiies, are th6 frolic
--I iflempered braini No wife'I icvr faw either of thm LItale~l gery you fee was not afraid.; no; 'ha goodfei~fe and a good confJc .,vichis ~a cure for all chef.- irhag


A methiffg 'which happened to Ltl
wo Shoes in a barn,'more dreadful j nte g19f in the church; qxd how e rejizrdgood for evil to her enemy
g Timothy.
'h 0 M E days aftjr this, a mrnore
d dreadful 'accident befell little
ie.She happened to be c'oin
,from teaching, when it rained'
ndered and lightened, and there..
ilje Look Ihelter in a farner's barn. ie

'i i[aie fom th4 Y'kilp

tr tpcmeft*drove in fo~~

m oufe girl as Two Siwes. layd
j hay next to her, and began over their exploits, and to fettl for future robberies. LittceJ iun hearing them, covered 1herfel firaw. To be fw~e fue W >frjghtened, but her' good feric herthat the only fecurity Theh

C) 0 D Y TW () S H 0 E S. 5
ffle laid very fill-I and breathecl ,
foftl y. About four o'clock thefe ,j pcolple -came 6 a jefolution'tq
both Sir WXiAm Pmels hou'le,
Sir Tixotby Grltpe?,s, and by farce,
to carry off ail the MoDey, and jewelz;.'but, as it was
lit then-too late, they -agreed to
r it till next,. night. After lavinZ fcherae, they all frmout ti.pon flicii: ks, which greatly rejoiced lWaras It %wou13 any otber little 61A
er fituatiOll. Ez rly in thp morn7 rc went to Sir 4-i'd C'114
la 'the whole of tht ir conveffailOn.
or, which he a4Led her 11ame, I Ave. I farn.ething, apd.Ud her call at jli
fe the day follo irg. She alf-o
t to Sir Timat y, ncrmit ftandipl -d vfed her I'll ; for ffie knew it 5 her d u tyto J& good, / r evif, A s n a3 he was informed ..Who rae wa ;
tookno notice Ofh -, 'Upon ji
ki ,rcd to fiicak with L' i ;,,l I, r and

i&o Th en'wnd FP~j1 ry

znd having informed her Lady the affair, fhe went her way. Lady had more fenfe than herbh which indeed is not a fingula for instead of dcfpifing LittleI 'and her information, flue private people to guard the houife.~ robbers divided themnfelves, am about the time mentioned t, houfles d$ were furprized guards. ,d taken. Upon exa! : thefe wrtt6CS, -one of which evideic -'i~lh Sir li~aw at Ticij fiu dn that they- uwe lives to the difcovery made b
adthe fi-fl too
node of er, nd would nloti let her lie ina barn; but Sir9 only faid, that he was afhamved ijsg Ilk t6 the daughter of onew
ci nemiy; fa-trute it is, that
j /erdm fo',ve :of "h


h C HA P. IX.

ji~tje Margery 'wai made Principal
of a Country College.
P' S. Williams, of whom I havel to given a particular account -tit
2ea '~ Gtf2t, and who kept a a ege for inflruffing little'gentlemert
ladies i the ffience of A, B,In as atthig time very old andinfirm,
wanted to decline thiis important 1.This being told to Sir Williav* w~ ~ho lived in the parish, he
for Mrs. Wilwiaml; and defired fhe Id ezaniine little Two Shbes, and whether fhe was qualified for the r,.---This was done, 2nd Mrs.
ilianis made the following report iri favour, namelv, that liftl* MargC7~
jte beft Icholar, and bad ihe
and the be;,' heart i,axasoe

bad et4wined. All the ccoun
a great opiuioh of Mrs.
this charaaer gave thein allo
mpinion of Mrs. AJargery, for,
rnuft now call her.
This Mrs. A arg, ry tboug
happiest Wicd ot heir life ;
ha oihcfs Was in flope for h Almighty, heaps u-p b1cifFings thofe w love him, and thcu
Umche may fuffer th= to
aF d dillrc&d, and hide hjA gQQ'I pofes fTom human fight, yet end they are. generally crowned 0 happiness here, and no one can
4f-t4eirbeing fo fiertafter.
this occaflon the fol
hyah, or rather a tranflatioa
twenty third pfalm, is faid been wriucn, and was fiaon a
lithed in the Spee7atv .

e I"d my pallare filial pr Mith a jjIcph -- vrdi'


S prefence (hall my wants fuipplyi
a~guard we with a watchful eye
nondy walks~ he ihafl Attend,
r all MY midnight hotirs defend;
i, I
g enl in the fvltry glebe I faint.
othe thirfly nuuntaifis pane
fertile vales aud dewy ineaiis' ,ceary wandering fleps he leads; u ere peaceful rivers, foft and flow
id the verdant lan dikip flow.
~in the paths of death I tread,
th gloomy horrors overfpread, ri~ fedfall heart IhalI fear no ill,
r thou, 0 Lord, art with me gill
friendly crook (hail give me ad
d guide nit through- the dreadfutl
o' in a bare and ragged way, ro' devious loaf-y wilds I Iry
by bounty fhall mv painsbeguile;
lie barren wildcmnefs lalfie

;;,1 A V Renozum'd' Hr/7ry
*ich fudden greens& &erbagecr Arid fireams fliall murmur all a
Hiere ends' the hillory of Iitti 8hgts. Thofe who would kno l~he behaved after 'h camet Mfrargery- Tv"e Se, zTuettr. fecond part of this work, in w account of the remainder of hs her marriage and death are fetf large, according to AO of Pari


ir 4
ttt, tttttftttttttttt#t, I-tltfft +4 tl 44 44444444 4 4 44444 *

S T 0,R- Y

pq. MARcepy TWO $14 0 E S'

P A R T I I.
the firft part of this wotk;-the
younLy Stueent has re d, an8l hope
ith plca ure and. improvementthehify of chi s Lady N-hllc fhe was knowrc d diflinguiChed by the name of Pittle
we are row cor.,c to a
r od of her life when that name wa3
rfcaTeled, and a mo-e eminent onc bcftowcd

66 Thir Rivviilwid y 0
heil-lowed -u.pov her, I mean 'Mrs. Alargey 17,zuc Vces : for IW2S now preiidva of the A, college, it became necel-Tiaty t her in title ;4 WO as itr pl -ice
No crooner, was the fettled
aidi*mrypoffible AID promwne welfare and ha of all her neighbors and efpcc her little Cries, In VAOM fhe to( delight ; and all tbofe whofe Couldn't akA t- or I
catign, fhe taught for "thin rhk 'pleafute lhe hiidI6 their coi for Y qu Are to -ob(erve. that t very gooid.. ormvere foqn


Cr CH A P. I.

heAr S,4001o, her UA~erx, or fans ie. a)ad her manner of teaching.
C E have alyeady informed the
a reader, that the fchool where
C, e then taught, was that which wa
before kept by Mrs. William;, whiofe
iaraaer vou max' find in my ~t
,er" G~t. The room was large, n d as fhe knew that Nature intended in hildrenfl hould be always in aalion,
e pa-ced her different Letters- dr lpiiabets, all round the fchool, fa pa every one was obliged to get v?
rd fctch a letter, or to fpell awod
hcn it caMe to their turn ; which ncy rie kept them in beal~h but fixed the etters and fii~s rnly in their

69 7 Ae R,owaed Ifory er.

Slse had the following afrild uihers to help her, and I will te )bowfhe came by them. Mrs.11 voa know was very humane ani paflionate: and her tendernefsex,, niot only to ll mankind, but e all aniinais, that were not noxio:o yours ought to. do, if you wo 11appy here, and go to heaven
ter. Thefe are G d A]n c. e aflreS s well as we. Hie both them and us ; and for wif rofecs, befi known to him felf,p thein in this world t'n live amon I- that they are our fellow tenl
*hglObe. JTpw then can peop] io torcizre axn4 wantonly defirey Almnighity's creatures r They as'' zi You- are c ~pable of feelingI zPnd of receivin pie foire, and h -, You, Whqt tva t to be made: Yjousidfj anli-jAt in atYaig y

&jkftcERY TvVo SfioEs. 6_q.

Ila creaturc3 miferablt Do yc -i
ti ink the poor birds whofe neft an;[ On, ones that wicked boy D-ici rid If, ran away with yefterdjy, Aia WC feel as m.uch pain as vour father
ev d al-ther Iculul have f--I(, had aay 0 pullcd down their hcufi- -and r-aa
0 ay with Vou ? To be fu c thev o;
"7-:wo boex ufed to fpeak oi'didt a r '
i6gs, and oF flaughty boys th
P codks, torturing flies,-and whip'-illg
;fcsallcl dogs, with tears in her el- :"
would never fuF-r any OCIC tO
to her khool who did io
0. e day, as fhe was gbint! tkrf)7 ilhe de xt villinge, )he mcr with fame wiLked )y who had got a young rave L D.
s AlCh they were going to -throw u
"a,-i-ed to get the poor crcAzwt o t rual hadds, anfl therefoic
I, ave tn., ni a per. ny for n7 in -i)AC. 'S Called hils, ua)"Ic
-P he
a, b, and a fine birdie is. Do pck

70 T4V Regowsid Mfor

an rerneni cr what Solmox fays 'i dyt tbat q"rfp vrtb A4rjather and rt tAr W d)_e r "0 his'mDther Ra-vemf Pf -tbe 'Valry jhall pec.4 i
WN60heyouig- -,7gles 'fat zt. N
bicl Jhe tau ,,,ht ioi cak, to ipelf
to read ; ani as I particta
lie was
ji fetid of playing with Oe large le,
the c ildreu ufed to call thi& R

f~ r.MARG~tL-i Two SHOts. 71

BC D E F G 111 j KL
Op Q R S 'rV U W X^Y Z.,]~ways fat at. her low-i yol
C in [he fizi piflure, and tvhefl-an
the children were wrong, ibe ufed
ca)) out, Put them right Ralph
Solne days after had Scc 'Witih Raven, as ffie,%Vas walking in'the cIds, the faw fome naughtij boys,
~had taken a pigeon, and tied t
ring to I LS leg, in ordcr ti9 let it Aly, nd dta~v it back again when they leafed ; and by 11ftis, means they ters ured -the poor animal with the hopes ,e f lbtfy and repeated diIfappointmenit. ?r This Pigeon fhe alfo bought, and (..taught him how to fpell, and read, 6V though not to talk, and he performed
all thofe extraordinary things Whic*i are recorded of he famous bird, th at %was fome time fince advertized ini the .j1tLYm.*.&xr, and Tffed by moil f

7; & m~wwg ifry of
ahe~ great peOPle, in the kin 'This pigeort was a very Pretty anid fie called hjflxxTbu.

An Mias the raven Ralpb was l he large Jetters, Tom the pigeon care of the fmall Pnes, of wh~' npofzd 'this Alph~abet.

tt Mii'r. MARGER'r Two SHOE9. 71 n c dcfg9h ij k Im no p q
y r f t u v w x y z.

The neighbours knowing tisat Mrs.
srgfry Tzwo Shoei was very good, as be fare nobody was better, wadi!
r prefent of a little Sky-lar41 and a
Sbird he is.



Norir as many people, even a tim Ie, had learned to lic i 'n bed Io the morning, fhe thought the might beofafe toIheraoid her ad tell, them when to, get up.

per '69 that is fond of bi;r We,a
*ullfoox, live, bt~t hilf 1'ijdqys, I
Lu 9?kj in A.-~p qwhirb is a

Somne time afte' ~ths, a Poo hiad loft its dam, and theifarmrn
aotto kill it, flue bought it o and brdighit home with herxt with the children, -and teach whuen to gotobed; for it was with the wifc men of that age vd~ry good one. let mec tellyu yoi

rMkGEity Two S'HOEs. 7M
I J ,~~bt~be Larkf, and lie dowa witb the; the Lawb.

Thi jamb flue called Will, and a
try fellow he is ,do look at him.



o (bon-r was .7ip" -the lark *a *11 th, ha lamb brought i- co the
honl, but that fenfible rogue Ralpit,
C raven, Cornpole4 the following

j" '6 TIs ied" YViry

verfe, whichvvery Ikt] e- good
girl ihuu d get by- heAri.

y iv W and earlyto, rtj,-,
J$ The zvay to te health
Ofid azdz,

A flyro[ruc; butlti3trucew
for thei-e who do not go to bel cannot 2ife eaily ; and c cfc 11 not rife early cann-ot do inuch h Pray let this be told at tHe courq to the Feop:e Ii-lat have rouu
Soon afer this a present wa3
to M rs jlfarzego f a I I L 1-1 e d a
an a _p rCLLy jd4gls-he.


r.MARretty Two SHOES. 77


jvr ~ err, jernper Heia-
~ in a good hurnLur, and playing
d rp-n'g about, Pud (heeoe h_ v as scle /ri.The place afrugnfor Yvnp~r wa tnat of k-eeing the 10 r, at he- may be called lhe rtrr of a coleecr he, .v,-uld Ir t
boy o o ut, or any 0o'C Com- Wn, Chotive 01 6hs mlrf% see how

Pil~y the ba-iamb was ac
feal~j4nl 'the childrenw of him, wherefore Mrs. 9T made it a rule, that to1,:, wh~o

at night to carry their fa L-akexat his hack, and bring inorning. secetIrha a fine fel1 15 and how he trUdgea along.

C HA P. 11.

T h apnened one day, when T IIo %%as diverting the citn after d;ier, as the ufual
thfone itsnocrnt garnes, or, ta n(,g artd inflru~tve ffris Js~an a-rjiv-d with -the ml kfi w (if ziaiy .70rw'3 father

0 I,,, MAaG ry Two siop 7

I c ,n from his horfe, and thought W f all recovery ; nay, the metrenger
;wv d,' that he was feemingly dying
en he cameC 4ay! Poor Sally was i 0aty difreffd, asindeed were C 1 ia 11C fehool, for flue, de-arly lovedl her r t diet, and Mrn. Twg- Shsecr and alU the fel ildren dearly', 'lovedh.i: his ge.
ralYfaid, that -we driver know the
aI value of our parents and friends 11 ve have loft. Ebem :but poor Sally it thi3 by affeajon, and her miltrels
0,, it by experience. All the
*hoql were in tears, and the inefrfenger 0?. obliged to return ; but before he
,(, Mirs. 7T'wo Shw,, unknown to the en ,ijdrzn, orderded T-m pi-geon to g
C one viith the moan, and bring a etr
Inform her 'bow Mr. 7cnes di3.
e y kt out together and the pigernr

S The Renbwid H;dry

Xode onl the man's head, as Jtisre, for ~zhe -man was able

the pigeon, 6nwuh the plgeon
cab~rytoca man ; if he haq
old have been there mnuch for 7cm vigeon was, vry go river ita)dof an errand.
Snafier the man --as g

0 rMARtty Two S1io~i. qj

Is o a lofl, and the concern the C idren were under for Mr,. 7oves and
Icsaly was in forne meafure divert...
and part of their attention tiarneit er vxu, who was a great- favou rite, confequiently inuch bewailed,~ rs. Margery who knew the great and neceIlItY of reaching children fabnit chearfully to the will of vidence, bid them wipe away theirrs, and then killing Satly, you Mult a good girl, fay flue, anid depend. on God Almighty for hblel, dproteali1l, ; for be, is a !father 2D Iather!efA, and dtfendetkL al ebofej 0 put their tru/2 in Jbim Sile iher Id Enew a, flory, which I i all relate: as few words as pollible.


Thefl Remewymi !1~ffrj

The Hiflory of Mr. Lo'r'f'wdl,
to Lady Lucy.Mr La'7veweII was born at P apprenticed 4o a laborious tr, Lonazdqt, which being too hard a l~e parted with his miaier byca and hired himncelf as a common vo a merchant' in the city. l fj~ent his leirare hours, not as e toa, frequendv- do, in dijokiag chelmes tor pleafure, but in iM p lis mind ; and among other a itnents he made himifelf a co xnailer of accompts. H-is fo4 Ioncfly, and the regard he paid nailer's intereft, gicatly recoin L~im in the whole family, andh fevexal offices of truff commit
~4~charg~e, in whiih hc c

Mr.MAP CRty Two SHiOEs. 8;

'Ifelt fo well, that the merchar~t
W 1'oCd him from the flable to the
hnin ou c.
h-e efoon made himfelfnwafter of
ebule fs, andi became fo ufeful to,
a ercont that in regard to his tr ;thful f-ervices, and the affeftion he I d f,. him, he married him to -his

a y ad gave him a Lhare in the
tliWj- See what hontily and in~s e fl, wi o for us. IHaif te great An iii Lendaij I am told, have made np nsclr e bv th 3 means ,; and who ac 1,Id but be hcneft and induflrious, Qo hen it i o much tu our intereft and fo r Jury.
After fme years the merchant died,
rm d left IMVr. LovmeweI1 poffT'ireu of d any one hips at, fea, and iuch
[it Ollyand he washapinaw Ic
c ho had brought him a fon and tzoa
h 2 4~j

S4 Tht Reno'wszed W07 0r
ftrs, all dutiful an# obedienit.-. treafures; and goodl things, howe this life are fo uncertain, that can never- be happy, unlefs he ] foundation for it in his own So true is -that copy in our ~books, which tells us, that a ,a il~i~irj a sontirnualfea]?.Atter foine years fuccefifuV i~e thought his circumifances f to infure his own hips, -or, in words., to fend his hips and g ~fia withoost being infisred byo zs it is collomary among mecc vwhen unfortunately for him thmrichly laden~ were lofta '11hi3 ke foppIrted with bec, reboluti:on; but the next mail b~ birn advice, th~t nine others taken~ by the Frenrd', with whnt VWere then. at war: and thisto

;lfrs, MARGERY Tfwo SHOES. ~
;.ji the failure of three-foreign ierants whomn he had trufled, completed.
jorin. He was then obliged to call Creditors togezher, who took hs a fts and being angry with him for j~imprudent flep of not infuring his
iplefc him deflitute of all fuiagence. Nor did the fiatterers of hisw fortune, thofe who had lived by his t ,1ty when in his prcfperity, pay ta ,ail, regard either to him or his faily.
o true is another COPY, that you wil, ld in your writing book, which favs j ju/rrie tik, esoar friends. AUi thcote
ights of his preten~ded fri ends, an4 bhe ill ufage of his creditors,, both he It nd his family bore with chfiitiaa fortitude but other calau;zmikie le piow upon him, which he fct moic fenfibiy.
In Lhi5 diflreh, one of hi: reltirr Av3

Th 7e .Rriowme iftr

vwho 'lived at FA sromee, iffreade h~it fort, and another, who live IRadlwdc,,, tent ft one of his d ters The fbip which his fan fai was caft away, and all th--er ?ofedco'e lof: and thethip, in the daughter went a paiehnue. taken by pirates, and one poia bn the nsi~erable father an accounts lotsb of7 his two children. This the ftves-efi dlrake Of 2l it ma completely wretched a.dh snuft have a dreadfur effe on hs and daughter ; he therefore Vogred to ,conceal it fi-o-, them. the perpetual anxiety he was in, t th or %vitLh the lofs of his apperie want of reff, fooni alarmed hisSh,- found fumething was laboet itt his breaid, which was conc~jed t her; awl One cigfu sing didgrbcd

t de3', with what was ever in IFg
",rgrt and ,calling upon his dear da bidfn ; flie awoke him, and infiikd ai nnowinge the caute 'of his inu jidC. NVOthinf, Jathiftg, mY dear, I he, i t Lordga've andtbe ordhaAb
vwa~ry, ifpd it 1i, same of the
'r eas. Thibs was fufficient so alarms
j~ ODT wom an ; fhe lay till his fi~i
i w ere COxnPOfed, and as The thought
flethen flealing out of bed, got the )e kce 's and opened his bureau, where she
Sfognd the, fatal account. In the
hcItight of her diflraaion, &e flew to~ ,.r daughter's room, and wakiisg her~ t wich h q fliriek p ut the letters intoh~er hands. The young lady, unable
W o fupport the load of miferv, fel11 into if a fit, fro which it %vas thought flze I nvc could have bccn recovered.
_jF 4 OCe

8 Ekes Res-nved Hiflorl

]However at ]alt Ihe revived j1Owtk was fa great, that it en ,deprived them of her fpeecb.
Thus loaded with mifery, an lIble to bear the lights an, 1if thofe who had formerly ipr: themfelves friends, this unhappy ly retired into a country wher were unknown, in order to hide elves from the world, when, to Itheir inatep~udency, the- father iI ed as well asbe could at husbandr
m other and daughter fonic
fpot1inning and knitting wcT fielp to fuurnil thce means I(,
-ftiei~ce;.which, however, was lo, carious and uncertain, that they kor, wany .weeks together, hrve nath-,rg buxt cabbage and bread L ins wate. But.Go4 ntwver forfaket i ig h tigr f(ff rcth Lhok it)

r.MA~tGERiY Two SHOES. ~
their trufl: in him. At this
ell lady, who was juft come to an nd, fent to take a pleafant feat Cd1 ), fojrniffied in that neighbourhood,
Pro the perfon who was employed! for P ~purpofe-, was ordered to-deliver a P ."V nk~note of an hundred pounds to
re LovgzellI another hundred to his feet and fifty to the daughter, defir*d a themdto take pcffe-lion of the
-] f, n get it well aired againfi fhe dr c down, which would be in two 1p three days at mofi. This to peoor t hat were almofi flarving, was a' of ~t and comfortable relief, and -they
fo re all folicitous to know their bene, y ors, but of that the meffnger himye if-was too ignorant to inform them.
). wever {hie came down footer than. et c xpe~qed, and with tears embrac)P thein again And agaia After

go ez~ne ~1r

which~he told the father and The had heard from their da wvho was her acquaintance, a The was well, and'on her re h
4Enghvn. T11is was the ag j fubjed tof their convierfation it dinner, when drinking their the again with tears falu ted th, falling upon her knees, afk bleffiings. d

ITis impffible o Wciprfs the

1M AGER Two SitEts. 92

,hich' this occaioned. Their j,erfatiofl was made up uf the moft eating ex~ared-ioiIs, intermingled h cars and careffes. Their to, rent
howe ver, was for a moment eru eby a cnarioc which flop,,the gae, and which brought Es thouznt a very unfeaunabie tor and theref ore the fent to he eXcd from fecing company.

qz Tb Rexprwzed THijor

-But this had no efFeal, for 'man richly dreffed jumnped chariot, and purfaing the fer the Parlour. faluted them ro were- all aflonihfed at his be But when the tears tricklcedf cheeks, the daughter, who h fome years dumb, immediate
*out, my Irother my krotbr hrotber and from that IM vxered. her fpeech. The rn. whifh this occafioeis bett expreffed. Thofe whofiew proper 1entiments of human tud and filial piety, will r the event; and thofe who a per idea of the goodness of bis gracious providenOwe. this, as well as other inflac goodnefs and mercy, glori~fy iiame, and- magnify his wif JOwcr, wi14 is -a Iteld to hl

r ERa Y Two Suots. 9g

and defendeth all thofe who put
v r tr in him.
u s you my dear children, mnay be
citcas to know how this happy t was brought about, I muf inform b that Mr. Lovell's [on, when fhip foundered, had, with fome
e ers got into the long-boat, and was La en up by a thip at fea, and carried ut the Eajl Indis,, where in a little r c he made a large fortune; and the
W ites who took his daughter, at pted to rob her of her chaftity ;
r finding her inflexible, and deteraV ed to die rather than to fubmit,
e of them behaved to her in a very
v Jel manner ; but others who had
re honour and generosity, became r defendants ; upon which a quarrel fe between them, and the captain e was the worf of the gang, bei killed

Tb ',e kP'tend TH Rvr'

killed, the reft of the crew ca Ihfiip into a port of the Manill bejonting to the Sparriara:, when he-r flory was known,
-prwaed with great refpedl, andi by a voung gentleman, who -: ill of a tever, and died Ec
maraewas agreed on, butI his whole fortuav.
You fee, moy dear Sally, 11 d'erfully thefe Feuple v~ere pr and trade happy a~ter tuche dltrefs- we are therefore dcfpair, even un ~er the greater tvnes, for God Almnighty isa erful, and can e.eliver us at a Remember 7eb, but I th in k isoc read fo far ;take the bi" Jonmer, and fead'the hiflory of L and patient moan. At this iznflan thing was heard to flap at the V

j?V'TAGpity Two SHOES. 95 Wow, fays 7ump~r, and attempt. t o Ileap up and open the door, at
bich the children were furprifed ;
Ars. Margery knowing what it C 5 opened the cafernentt, as Na
'the window of the ark, aiid drew, g' qg pigeon with a letter, and fee

As(o as bie was placed on the ta blt w'valked up to little .Salljr.
G and

96 Te Re nod r ed 18tory
and dropping the letter, cri Coo. Coo ; as mtsth as tofay, ti it. Now this poor pigeon had led fifty miles in about an hd bring Sally this letter, and who defiroy fuch pretty creatures.But let us read the lettet,

My diar Sally,
God Almighty has been ve eiful, and restored your Papa again, who is now fo well as able to fit rp. I hear you are girl, my dear, and I hope yo never forget to praife the Lord his great goodnefs and mercy t What a fad thing would it hav if your father had died, and le you and me, and little T~ommy trefs, and without a friend: father fends his bleffing with

Jr,,j, MARaERT Two Stiors. 97

good, my dear child, and Go ne t Imigh(Y will alfo blefs ypu, whofe
jcgig is above all things:
1 am, my dear Sally,
7-vur mol affidionate Mctker,


a IC ii A P. I I f.

0 a anazizgJagarity and i; Iinff r"
a little Do.w.
V OON after this, a dreadful accident happened in the school. -it oa a T Urjday morning, I rer r
CA rernefflb,:r, when the Chii'd-en avln'g heart their leffiGns foon, C, ieavc to Plav, 'I"I':