Divine songs, attempted in easy language for the use of children


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Divine songs, attempted in easy language for the use of children
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32 p. ; 18 cm.
Watts, Isaac, 1674-1748
Coverly, Nathaniel, 1744?-1816
Nathaniel Coverly
Place of Publication:
Medford (Massachusetts)
Publication Date:
94th ed.


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Children's songs   ( lcsh )
Hymns, English   ( lcsh )
Bldn -- 1799
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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United States -- Massachusetts -- Medford


Welch, D. A., Amer. children's books
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By Isaac Watts ...

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University of Florida
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S, 0 N GS- 01
NO .7 ow
A Ir T E Al P412 D,11 Op

io Eafy Languag,, q)p
90 For t& Ufe of;

o. C H I L D R E *14L
'10 9:11 of 1b 1b of Babej
8 'IS, Tbolt
Uclin perfefledpraire
EThe Niaety fourth Edkiai3l I LA;. 90
rv1 D F 0 R 0. .(Alaffachafelfs.)
Ptidbedand fold by NiTHANIZL COVERLY.Og
learning 0, iv ly,
is f0methiag Jo arnuting and etACrLZink?-g in rhymes and metre, that w.11 inclint codiM to

I t

1A or


k lie Vold" L* .. 1-a ry Ile,
w inB

*+ + +
P R E.Fz4 C E,
To at! who are cwerned ip the, Education of
M I L D R I N*
r is an awful and ;m port ant, charke'that is Comm It Cd -to y -0, 1. The wif+jm and w (ellire Ot'tFx [txceedjnj4 generate I oris are intrulled with V'6u Wefdre .aRd, at ld depend much oii'voir c66duer I The Acedii of mift.ry' or happintfs in thk:WoAd, & that t(i COMC, are ottentrm s lown vetyearly, a6d therefore waliever M :Y 'Cunfdbce ti) give the minds of ch-ldicn a relffh Eir virtue and. religion; Oj-hE ia th: firfl: placicp be pr6pofed to you.-,
ViRsik -Was at fir(t, defign'd for the fervree Of GOD,; tho' ic hath bein wretchedly- it i)uIcd reice., rtie ancients among the Yews and the IV;afbens 'taught tlit:le ch-ldfen an4the P' (f cepts 'of moiral.ity'and worfhp iri V _rl'e.. The children of firal wire co'inirnailded.to learn tfieVards of the Son g of Motes,'Deut. '%xkl. 19) !2.0.'And we aredireifled in the New-:TCitAM'CnV, n6t only 'td 660 W46 grate in thL- heart, bot to t feacb and ad6onilh one afiaber by hymm and Songs, Eph. v.'jg' arij thefe arc" thtle'tok r advantages in it.
j. The-e is a greater delight in tfie V.
Irarning of truth and du,I s in this wa TOM, Js fomethilaz in
to amufinry and elitertl
rhyrnes an-(rmetre, that will incline c ttn to

-7-Ir7 1 1


th Vaidie, a
i;f6ilo %, 6f dk

tain', Rv cis 0 ejr nt tMe -be
7 6rbbq6r-Wr t -lUblei

'tliv e "V
PP-M 'I ,
Arnay tittii to keFV

k M.
'0 'Fu t Itbley to thin
vft lav
ind 4
ie5 f w
wl Ilot 'be rc nut

t n at tic C 93.
dg Q*
rmts or go
the er.


jt E F A C IF.
of catechiCing a. very Ueat qq-n5erof childr,:a
-a' u d Iall'kindi, ea ith b' ridlnv'fk ll ;iti, U,
cels. So that yoid WE find Here nothing that favors 'it V;rty. j7hechildren of highland low 'degree, of the church of njlq d or DiMdtfrs
ncy or tog
baptized'in Ln(j ri may' all iota ether'
in thrfe fiori)gs. AM Aq I hive':en'deavou rel to 'fink the lankuige tio the IeVel oN child's
Ing, I .1 (if ; abo'
.fland' and yet to Aeep it I po I t.
contempt, 'fbj :h;fv6 defigud id proftE alf (ifpoffible) and -blYtnd -nc!be. I hope, the m6re general the fenfe:i%_'LkefecompoFures m.A'Y-be of the more uniVer PS
Alife aod-fervice.
en-r-sn attempt; orjwq Of S:n 4)s on Mor4;II-SAjbjeqs f-)r children.,w4h an aie of plelr4ntryl to Pr.OV(?k,! fom'- fitier 4.. to write a little of c qr,,V,,Mv. tAeri; dpth
C1 I
not lie that wiy, aad amin on -the 'bxders, of the grave hattit
M.IV CIAC fi qrkfia,
thi D.;q: C; A T 16 f4
Important wlk ly.
succeed your cares with-hig the n6ng geri; rkt% of, Evgllp j- qlay, bb glory a-noou the ndtl(vs, a patierd oztf V
wxtk and 3 WMICI Oq Eh-. earth.f,

-i,-r 77, 7

'Vllix S **

knit, eav &y
OW glorld H
k Y;
404VIA1, cb*M rdq* Ao. rl lp
t4 Ww gfe* )bwtr' 'it ame cam tC14.
*r think, h0vt larv 'ks U+*Cc, s Not fncn bdow,--qorfa *Ahat dwcU
Oal high befute hu fao.
S-Nde Mob' rharltnd WrA Ake I
40A0,fewich his fo&t*lF,

Yuri to One Qjy CrAIDA4

To hm. tbeir Mighty Maktirlalp"irc
Suun4 (romo feeWe voicol
s 0 NIG 11.
prok or cmatiQn and rrovideneG,
the -AA-WAY-Vow", ofilGOD
imdeAhem()41W*S -fife,

For C*IILDR.Em aI ing the wfdom that ordin.; The fun to rule the day;
The m,) n fit nes full it his comnuid,
And ZI the" flars obey.
3 flag the goodnefs of te Lord,
That fil'd the earth w~h food,
He form'd the creatures WEh~ his word,
And then pronoune'd them good.~
4. Lord how thy wanders are fillAay'd,
Where er I turn- my eye, If I furvey the ground I trad,
Or gaze upon the fiky.
$There's not a plant or flow'r below But makes thy glories; known,
And clouds arife, and ternptft blow,
By order from thy thron.
C, Creatures, (as numerous as they be)
Are fibjeft -othy care~
There'sanot aplace where we can fer,
But God is prefent there.
7In Heaven he Mines withba o oe, With wrath in Hell bfteath~
Tison his erth I Itand orvmove, And 'cishiir Ibrathe.
S. Hisu H-and ismy perpetual gad
He keeps me with his eye;:
Why fhould I then forest the toau 'Who is 6orcm mahi

ttg;W; tS lb

t.,, LEST be the voObMv, *W*6wT

T h at joi b'd i n, ov,,I A
lrtflw!:.A A it
Uf f&thbfAt4tAWbN%*-f"4 A

ad _s ch
vM its IM,M
To dcath 4 -laleft be D 1%k hh,, SW
7" vor,
0 t a kip,
lit. (of

0 jl! j, bw our uns upou ucaf*
Be-hold bim rising fj ilk &

WAOC ill
11-0 _T' ti. Them Cgloti"slffi"

kwo 4F,

I bdbxe
;ClAt joic


may I then with joy appear,
Before the judge's faice,
And with the bleft 4lfembly there, Sing his redeem~ing grce

SO0NG. -1V.
Praife for Mekrcies Spritual and TejoeaI. sa. H FEN we're -I -take my walk6 abroad
W.How many poor I fee 2 What Ihall I tender to rny GOD, For all hts gifts to wue ?
it. Not inoik tihan oqth~ers Ideferve, Yet GOD harJh given more;
For I have food while others ftar're, Or beg from door to door.
~.How many children in the ilreet,
Half naked I 6bchok1 Vh UelIamclooth'd from hedto fee'
2And cover'd from the u.
Wherc they mqly lay theirhed,
I have a home wlhercin to dwil1, And relft upon my bed.
5.While others early learn to [er
*And curie and lit, and tleal
Liqdl Iagi taught thby niame tofq And do thy hol y will. /
Are chefe t hy favours day by dk
To nne above the reft ?
Then IE axe love thee more than~ thm And try cofierve thee 3beft.,



sprow owe* o 4i e

not ie {gl

vt thtMwy l

0 1 9 daarknefs rin
e not they fwn el



or C TYI LD R F .
IThat I was born of chriffian race,
And not an Hett'eQ or a Je w
~What wc11uld, the anclitrt jewifh Kings,
And Jewiai Prciphets once have givi'r,
Could they have h-ard the glorious things,
Which CfizsT reveal'd and 4rodught fromx
n eaven.
l4aw glad the he!athens would have been,
'I hat %YoiTh~p idols, wood ind ftone, If they the Bw~k of .GOI DWad Jeen,
Oz Jfsus anid his gofpel knio*n.
4. Then if this gofpel t refufe,
How halt, I e'er lift up min~e eyes ?
For all ihe Gentiles and the Jews
Against me will in judgement rife.

Tbe E~xcIincy of Ike B I R? F .
1,f PLEAT God .vlth wonder anid wih
O41 All thy W:skq Ilook : B ut ftill cky wifdo)- power adgae
.Shine b-ighter in thy, Book.
2. The Stqrs that in their coirfes ro!J.1
Bav mur-1inftruffinn iJvedi
Blit thy goaid word ~iv im oul
How I may climb to heaveil
3.The fields provide me f A andft
The goocinefs(if tiie Lo
Bttfrusits of life ard

It MvZix4rn S 0Q GS
In thy m~ft holy word.'
*. Hecre are my choiceft tr afires, hid,
-Here mv heft coalforitlies ;Hre. my~diefir4. at latisFy'd,
And'hence my .hopes rife.
LOR bzomake me 'uriderftad thy law,
Show -what my faultshav'e been t And from hiy~ Gofptl let mne draw
Pardon %or all tny tia.
6, Here I woi leArn -how Chrift has dyA STo- lhve my foul from hell a]) the books on earth bdfide
&6h heav'flly wonders tell.
7. Then let' me lo ve m y B Ible Morec. And t4ke a fielh delight,
3Y 'day EO read thofe wonder oer*
Admeditate by night.

t# G- G01ifor ltarbiiig le rga4.
HE aiesof my tonlgue,
T i Y'r t the LORD,
That was learnt- and taught to' young
~To read his holy Word.
f2 That I was brougin to know ~The damyer I was in, Bynatuad by praffice too
A reced flave to fn. 3.That I am ledto fee I Can do nothing, wel

Per C H IL 1)R E N

nd whither fhaill a finner Bee
To fave himrfelf fromnhefl ?
]erLORD, this Bo)ok of thine
lnfofts me where to go,
For grace to pardon all my fias4 And make, i~c holy Eoo.
.Here I ean read and learn
(Hqiv CiiRiT the San of GOD, 1Iias undertook our great concerns,
Our ranfin poft his blood. 6. And now he reigns above,,
lie fends his fpirktdawa,
Tofhew the wonders of his love,
And mike his Gafpel known.
7. 0Omay that, Spirit teach,
SAnd make my, heart receive
Thofetrutlis which all thy fervarnts preach 2And all thy faivkts believe.
~.Then fIhall I praife the LOR D
In a more cheerful Qrajn,
That I was taught to read h4s word,
And have -not leariit in vain.

like V1l iciug~ GOD.
I L hty GOD, thy pier cing Eye
A striithr the iii idea o f n j h And our< ki' ecret aftio s lie
All Open to thiy fio"hC,

2. Theme's nit a in that we q~nitw,
$4or wicked wo-rd we fay, But in thy -dread f, book 'cI sri
Againft the j',maent dy
3. And muff the crlw,- that I have done,
Be read and publ, fbd there, Be all ecpf~'d before tht fun, While men and angels hear?
4.. LOiRP at thy foot alhain'd I lie, Up wrds -I dare not look Pardon mny fins before I dies And blot them from thy book.
~Remember all the dying pains
That my Redeemer felt,
And let his blood watb out my ftajnst And answer for my guilt.
6. 0 May I now frirever fear T' indulge a fiifol thought,
Since the Great GOD) can fee and hear, And, writes down every fault.

5ibhrsan GOD anid Dea!L'.
I ONHERE is a GOD that reigns abov!
-Lord of the hea' & earth anid

ForC BI L D RE~.
My foul to his commands, fubmit, Far they arre holy juft and true.
3. There is a gOfPel of rich grace Whence finners all their comforts draw, !Lo~u I repent, and feek thy face, For I have often broke thy law. 4- there is an hour when I mutt die, Nor do I know how loon 'E wil ICOMe;j A thousand childrenyoung as 1. At; calld by death to hear their doom. ~.Let me im prove the hours I have., Before tht day of grace is fl 'ed; Theres no repentance in the grave,
No prdon offer'd to the dead.
6or. Juas a tree cut dow n that Cell
To Nrthor Southward, there it lies;.So man departs toheav'n or bell, Fix'd in the flte wherein bdIes.

SO0N G i.
HAVEN and HELL.' V EpHRE is beyond the fky
1.A heaven of joy, and love,And holy children when they die,
Go to that world above.
1. There is a dreadful hell,
Anl everlaig pains,
There 5fi-neis muft with devils dwell, 4a dark nefs,'firc Aad chains.

Divine wS 0 N G
3. Can fuch a wretch as
Efcape this cuifed end ?
ndmay 'l iope ,whene'er I die,
I hall to heaven ascend.
Then Will I read Md rY
While I havi; life and breath, Leftjl fhould, be cut off to day,
And fenrt t'eternial death.

SO0N G X1 1.
Ibe .4dvt~iae; f lry Religioni
z. iAPP Y's the child wbfale youngeft years
H7,Receive inifrufftion well,;
W ho hates the inner's path, and fear
The road that leads to helf.
6. When we devote otir youth to GOD;
is pleafing in his eyes ;
A flower when ofterd in the bud'
Is no vain facrifice4.
3. 'Tii eAer ivotk ivhen Ire begir
To fear the Lo'rd betimnes;
Whilefinners that grow old in fin,
Are hardened in their crimes.
4' 'Twill f~ve us from a tlioufand fares,
To mind religion young:z
Grace will prelerve our following years
4nd ma~ke our virtue ftrong.
S. To i hee, Almighty GOD, to thee
Our childhood w reflgn;.
Twill pl~fe vs c o look back and fee

For (CHILDREN., t7
That our witole ivei were chine.
6.Let the fweet work of prayer and praik,.
Employ mn youngell breach
T-hus, I'm prepar'd -for longer days
Or, fit -for early, death.-.

Tbe Danger of ]?elay.
I.r HJ IY- fIhould- I f'ay,.1Thj yet too foe1
fTs f[ek for beqven or tblnk of dealk
A Bower may fade before 'is no9on, Antd I this day may lofe my breath.
2. If this r bellius heart of mfine,, 'DefpifC the gracious call of.heaven i
I may be har~dn'd in my fb
Ap~nver have, rep .rance given.,
W What if the Lordi grow wfqth and wearr. S While I refufe to read and pray,
That he'll refutfe to lend an~ ear To almy groa is another 'ay-..
4. What if'fhis dt'd~ nebr)
While. I refiehi, offr'dr,race.,
Aad all~ his love~ tofury turnL,
An tIke me dead 'ipant~t fa
S. 'Tis dang-,rqutto provoke aGO

Shall fenid younrig fianers juik to heft. S6. Thien 'Pvl forever be in vain.
Td cry for pirdon, and for gace,

S 0 N G 9
To *ifh I had rny time 4zain, Or hope to fee my MakWs face.,

0 N -1G., XIV,
i a6of ia;ty Piety.
i. W H'A.T bleft-eitampf s do I 6n'd
V rit ib the word Of EFUifi 'Of 6 ;Idrein that beg an to mind
Religion in their ydbth.
jasus, who reigns abo"ve*'t I e fky
A0 keeps the world in awe, Was once a child as younq !. u
Aad kept hes Father's law.
j. .4Lt tvvl )ve years old h; tal 'd'wlth -r Wj,
I he Jews J1 w6d"ring ftand) 4fet he obeyed his rriather ifien,
And caiiie at h r corhma ndi.
chjfdre ii 6reet A o fan q4 funk,
AnA blek their Sav',iour's 'name
And gAve hirok hon:)ur wit' h their r6h gut'
W.4ile Scribet and Priefts blafphemc.
Tvnuel the hitd! was weaned and brought
To wait upon the LORA
foung rimothy betimes 'Was 416ght
To know his 461Y %iord.
6. Then why fli)ulA I fo long delay
What others leun fo (0Qn I w,-)uld not paCs another dat,
Wuhuut thla. woik begtin


4a $Lying

z. T7isa lovely thing for Youth ToWlkb)lt in -wifdom's way; To fear a lie, to fpeak the truth,That we may, truft ih1 all tfiey lay.
~.But liars we can never tru%~ Tho"they fh,)ld fpeatc the thingr that's true,, And he that does one faul~t at tirf tI
And li tq h ide it, makes it two.
3. Have we not known, nor heard, nor read, kAow GOD 1ahbors dec~it and ~wrong ? How Aniianias wais'-ftruck dead, Catch'd with a-lie upon his. toftgue?,
SSo did Wis %xife S4pphiir, die, When the came in arid grew fo'bold, As to canifirm -that wicked lie, That juft'bl-fore her heit sd told.

s.The iLor i delig hts in them that fjieak, T he w ords Of Eruth; but-every" ligr Nitft have his portion in -the like That burns Wicrbimlane aol with fi-e.,
6 ;" hen'let'me always' watch~ my lips, U11l be ft~tick to death and li161 Sinct: G,,)[ 4 b-)-k of rcco.i ii- keeps, Fo~r every lie wtia children tell.

Divine SON GS S-0-N G "XVI. 4AkiJ~/i quarrelIn,qud Fighting.
I- T ET dogs delght to bark a.nd bife4
Uj ]For GOD) hath riiade them to,-.
Let-bears and liens growl and fight,
For 'is their nature too.
a. But children, you should never let
S>uch angry patrions rife.; 7-,'
'Your little hand& were never inade
STo tear-each other's eyes.
3.Let love'thro' all Your a&ions roni
SAnd all, your woks be mild,
Live Ike the bleLfcl VIrgin's Son,
-That Sweet and lovely child 1
4- His foi~l wat' gendl Aw lia~
And 8s his future grew,
Ie g e w i n favour -bothdi wih man,
And GOD his father tocy.
s, Now Lord of all he reigns abooe,,
And from his hcavenly throne,
le fees what children dwell in Ioyt
Arnd marks them for h'is own.

Love bftws'en Brothers and Siflters,.
1 W HTEE ',rvz brawls diftturbtthe ftretts
-There fiould be peace at home~
Where fifters dwell, and brothers meet
Qurrtels should 'never come.
a. Birds in their little nefts agree
And 'us a Ib ameful figh t,
LWhen childrens of one family p

j/Fall out and clude- a nd fi
J.'aird n'atres at ft and titaIia ~vs
Ttiac~0mn' Viebuon4'brsi,.
Midy grow to clubs and nakc~d 1#ords,
To murder an)d to death.
4. The deV-1 temppts one rmoihei'i- Lou, To rage against another
So wicked Cain wis btirry'd on,
Till he had kuii'd his b~rother.
5.The wife i' ll mnake their arigercoi1
*At leaft befce'Lis night;
But In the bofom of a fool
It burns 'till morning light .
~,Pardon, 0 Lord, our clltclih rage.
SOur little brawvl rierpove; T hat as we gro w to riper age,
Our hearts may be all love.
AgaifS cffing and caIfi Nrames.
1. (f1J$K tnngutes :w(:e Made tp blefs the
tJ Lord,'A~nd not fpeak Jil of mt-n
When otes'v' railing' w -rd,
'~We mnot till again.
a. Crofs words and aagry namns require
T7o be chaffiz'di at (chool,
And he's In dang erofhell fire,
'Ihat calls his brother. fool.
,3. But lips that dare be foprohane,
To muck arid jeer and 1c. ,f

at I)Ivke S 0 N G 3
Atholy thinarci or Miy fnen
The Lord. Pall cut the nocifFl.
-4, Wlaenchi!Jr n ih'their.WanIt0,rrpI4Y Ij
qcr'v'd old El i:ffi a fo,
And. bid the Prop et go his w-ly, Go up ilix bald head Go."
S. GOD quickly ft,:)pt their Ylcke *cth And lent. twy raging, bews,
That torc them Rnb frorn li,-n5 w a With ,b ood w-A groaris and Icars. 6. Great GOD howterrible art thou To (iiiners c'er fo Y-)lj-)g
Grant rn thy grict.,ind teach me hdw To lannz: anilrule my toncroc.

S 0, N' G ]p X.
ApV Svpc4ringy and Caring, and taking
G 0 D's Nam-- in Vain.

A NGELS t hAr h;gh'in glory d vell.
Adore thy n'Ime alcri4hEYWD, J And devils treinl: e d9xn in hell, Beneath the, terrors 'of thy rod. a. And yet h.)vr w7cke i clAdren dare Abufc ihy drt:Eidful glorious na-n-And whea they're an,-,ry how thev fwear, Aad curfe: their (Alow'i anJ blalph--t-rit. 4; How will they Itand beore thy face, Whoitreated Ehe;W[Eh fuch difdiin, While Eh'oti fhall d)om thcm zo the Oace Of evellaffirigfire and pain


14. Then never fhall Ove cwllnig 4rOP To qu~tch their bu~iugytcr-ues L e But I will ptaile ite heit, a'd hC Pe T Thbus to emnpkv n.my zwmgie in 'Heav'r. Is, My heart fhiall be in pain to'hear Wretches zffront the Lord above; 'Tis that tejt GC D vwhofe power I kiar, That heav'rily Vat eir iwhcm Hovwe.
6.If~ry ompanicin s, gro*w pmfan,
i' eve th e ir friendtbhip- kwben I hear' Young inners take thy-namte in Vain, And learn to cur fe arid learn -to wear.

t 0N G XXI.
W Agan Ev it company.'
W T-1Y fould~ljoin with .thufc in, play,

- Who cfe and fwear, Vut iivier pay
Who &all ill narnts, ind fight.
2. 1 hate to hear a wanton folig, Their words -offend~my ears :
I should not dare defile my' tongut With language fuch as theirs
3., Away from fools III turn my eyes, Nor with the fccofter's go;~
would be walking With'the wi fr~o
That wircr I )may grow.i
F; romj one rude boy that'.,"u\ to mzo;,
Ten learn& the %-icked jtft ~
b~rie fickly flieep Iinfeffs thet fl,)ck, And p~lfoas 4.1 dte 10ft,

24 ND i~e O G S.
S. My GOD, I hate to~valk- or.dwe.UI
*tch ihiful cI -hdren 'here~ Then tEc m~e vq be fent to hell
Where nonewbtu 6iners are.

~ g~tP'ridekin C loath hes.
i I W HYihould our garrmenrs,,(nn'dr

Our patient liarre) Provo k-e our' pride > The a~r, of dircis did ne'er begin, 2Iii~!eour mother learnit todo
2. When fl fhe put he cov';incyon,. Her robe of Innoc'ence wi gone:
In die fad mwrk4 (f glory loft.,
3. Ijow proud we are haw fandtofiw Our c6oaths, and call them rich and~newg When the poor fheep and filk-worm wore$ That very cloathing long befoe.,
SThe Tulip.and the Buutei fy, Appear infgayer oats than 1, Let mec be dreft fine as I will, Ekiesi wo~f,' u d flwers exceed m~e f1M. S, ThenWil114 fet my heart to' find, Inwaid adornIngs of, the miad ; 1, ,nwlegeandi virtue, tr uth and grac&;
I~~fe ih robcs -of richeft~lre ,.
6. No mo~ureh worms with nke com~are, T his ivthe raiipcnt angels wear;

For CHILDREN., The Son of Gad, when here below," P'ut on this bleft apparel too.
7. It never fades, it ne'er grbws old, Nor rears the rain, nor morth nor'nmold It takes no fpot, but Rill I're fi i'es ; T he more 'tis worn,' the more it shines.
8 In this .on' earth I would appear, Then~ go to heaven, and wear, it there; GOD will 'approve it inh his fight; 'Tis his own work, and his dclight.

SO0N -G XXtiI.
A4gaii Idlenes and Mifchief.
TJOW death the little bu Fy bee
I- improve each fhiningr hour. And gather harney all the (lay
Fromi ev'ry opeiiing (13ower!
!2. HOW 11fkiUly Ch-- builds he-r cell I
flow neat (he: fpreads h-tr wax, And labiours hard to flare It well
Wit5 the [Weet fooij fll.maes
3. In works oiFlabour oro~f1,611,
I would b-- bufy too:
Fjr facan fls 1-1),nl. mifchieftililf
For idle hands to do.
~.In flooks- or work, or healhful play
Let my firft years be paft, That I mlay give f or every day.
SQome good ac'counc t 4 hik.

6 Divine S 0 N G S
Obedience to Parents.

L E childten that would fear the Lord,
Hear what their teachers fay,
With reverence meet their parents word,
And with delight obey.
2. Have we not heard what dreadful plagues
Are threatened by the Lord,
To him that breaks his father's law,
Or mocks his mother's word ?
3. What heavy guilt upon him lies!
How cured is his name !
The ravens hall pick out his eyes,
And eagles eat the fame.
4. But thole that worfhip GOD, and give
Their parents honor due,
here on this earth they long thall live,
And live hereafter too.

7be Child's Complaint.
I. I HI Thould I love my (port to well,
So constant at my play ?
And le the thoughts ef heaven and hell ?
And then forget to pray?
a. What do I read my Bible for.
But, Lo R to learn thy will ? And hall I daily know thee more,
And lefs obey the fill

rr IQCH IL D R EN. 2
3, I-lw feinfelets irs my heart, and wild ?
Ho ai are alli-nt thoughts
Pity heek nf bucid,
And pardon all my faults.
4. Make rue thy heavenly voice to he'ir,
And let me love to pray,
Since GiOD will lend a gracious ear, To what a childl can fay.

.4 Morning Song.
IM JjY GO D w ho M'ak'fI the fu n to know,
HiVIIis proper hourfto rife, LAnd to give light co'all below,
Doft fztn him round the Wkes.
2. When from the chatrnbers of the eat .His morning race begins,
He never tires nor (lops to refl,
But round the world he ffitnes. 3. S o like th e fus nWould I fulfillI The bufinels of the day
Begin my work betimes, anod ftill March on my heavenly way.
4.. Give tie, 0 LOi D, thine early grace, Nor let my foul cornplaiio,
Th-at the young, morning of my days, is all been. fpent in vain.

as Divine SO0NG S
SO0N G .
An Fveningvet'9
SA ND now another day is gone,
IIl fiag my Maker's praife:
My comfo~s every hour ma~ke known,
1-jis providence and grc6
a. 'But how my childhood runs to 'wafic!
My fins how great their (urn!
LORD give me pardori for the paflf,,
And fleength for days to come*
.3. 1 Jay my body down to fleep,
Let angels guard my head;
An~d thro' the hours of darkne(f keep
Their watch'about my bed.
4. With chert ful heart I clofe my vys
Since thou will not remove;
And in the morning let- rn&rife,
Rejoicing in thy love..-'
V. d .S'ng for the LoRD'S DA&Y Alo6rning.
B. r--~ S is the day when CHFnuIr aroft
5 So eatly fomi the dead
Why fhould- I keItep my eye-lids clos'd,
And wafte my'hours on bed?
a. This is the- day when Jefus broke
The po-w'rs of death and hell,
Ard4 flial I (till wear fatan's yoke,
And love my fins fto well.
3.Tody with pleafure chrifzians m"et,
To ~pray and hear thy word;
An,-d I wouki go with cheerful [cet,
Ifo Icara thy will. 0 Lvrd.

SI'dl leave my Fpog read and pray,/
And fo prepare fWheaven may I love this blefed day
The befi of all the feven.
S 0N G'XXI;X-.
For tbe LoIsDAY Evening.
T ORDIT, how delightful 'cis to Le
0 A Whole affembly woj fhip thee;
rt once thty fiag, at once they pray,
hey hear of heaven and learn the way.
2. 1 have been there,and (tllH would go: :#Tis like a little heaven below' Ntall my pleafures and my play V Shall tempt mec to forget this'day., i3.0 wri t upon mny inern'ry, Lord,, T he text and doarines of thy word j ThaE I may break thy laws no morr,
Bu--t love the better than before.
.With thoughts 6f Chril and things divine I
Fitl up this fozolifh hear[ of mine:
That h-opIng, pardon thro-),h his bload,
I May Ilie 'down, and wake witth God.
Our S.AvLcua's Golden Rul'e.
B ~E you to others kirtand true,
13As you'd bave others be to you,
And neitberdo nor fay to mtn,
'Whate'cr you would niot t~ke again.
Thec ten Comrmandmrents out of ,be old 7 efawzent, Tut z mt. rhynie for children.
LI-g~ UU fhalt have no ochter gods
j~ but me.
~Before no idols bow the ktire.
3.- T ake not t he nae of Goad in, vin.

oDivine SO0N GS
4. Nor dare the fabb~th day propane.
Give bbrh thy par ensW'ou due.
-6 Take heed that thou d murder do.
't-7. AM=tlain m words anid deeds~ unclean.
S. Not (leal, tho' thou art poor and .mean.
9. Nor make a, wilful lie nor love it.
iie What Is thy neighbour's dare not covet.
9ibe Sum tf the Commandm~ents ou.' of tbe Xz ,w
5Teflament. 'Mattheiw xx! 1, 37,, W I I all thy foul love God -above,
Adasl Lhyfeif thy neighbour love.
Duty to GOD and cur Neighbour.
L VE Go wvith all yo rfoul and strength,,
OW With all your heart And rin rd,
Arid lo~e your neighbour as your felf
Be falrbful juft and kind.
i. Deal with another as you'd have
A another deal w ith you,
-"What you're unwilling to receive
BeC fre Y'Du nevtr do.
j Out of my Bock of 1-yams, I have here cod~4
the Holanna and (dory to the Fmahtr, &C.
to be fiozg a t he end qf eny of 1&ef e %Songs,
6~ccerding to ihebrdicx of Parents, &c.
9'be kfwi; or.5alvation qyirib'S to Cmii r .
Long Mitre.
t. T4os NNA toKong David's So)n,
L~Who teigns CID I fkptriir throne ;
We btt1 tie Privice of heiv'nly birth,
Who bniimgi f~vaticn &owr to eiirih.
2, Let CV'4V ia~in, ery Rge,7
Iii'hs~lihzti w r ge AP;
O~d men andJ bjb~s pin ali jg
T~he grwirig giorie. of hler .'g.

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