The New England primer, improved


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The New England primer, improved for the more easy attaining the true reading of English to which is added, the Assembly's Shorter Catechism : also, some short and easy questions for children
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64 p. : ill. ; 11 cm.
Pounder, Jonathan
Westminster Assembly, (1643-1652)
Printed for J. Pounder ...
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Primers (Instructional books) -- 1815   ( rbgenr )
Catechisms -- 1815   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1815
Primers (Instructional books)   ( rbgenr )
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non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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United States -- Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia


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Printed wrappers.
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Not in Shaw & Shoemaker or Heartman.

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University of Florida
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jg w rug



I For the more easy attaining
4 The Assembly's S/zorte rCateckism.; X


I PHIL A'DELPHIAiXPrinted for J. Pounder, North 4th Street, 'vll Ill opposite St. Gcorgels.
III 185U

The 'Small! Letters.
abcdefg h i j k I opqr''&tuvwxyz.



- FBb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh li Jj Kk
a ; 7
Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp qqRr Ss Tt Uu vv Ww Xx Yy ZZ IT-ILIC LETTER&
la Bb Cc Dd -Ee Ff Gg IA L Jj -ffk 11 Jlfm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uit
rv ir-w xx Yy Zz.
a e 1 0 u Y.
1) cd'fghj k I m n p q rs t v wx z.
ft -ffE fl fll 'T Cc.


Easy Lessons fir ChiUren.

Ab eb ib ob ub
ac ec ic OC uc
ad ed id od ud
af ef if of ur
ag eg Ig og ug
A ek ik' ok uk
a el il ol ul
ain em ini om um
an en in on un
ap ep lp op up
Ar cr ir or ur
as es is es us
at et it 'ot ut
av ev iv ov uv
ax c X ix Ox Ux
az cz iz oz uz

be bi bo bu
a de di, do du
a fe fi fo fu
a ge gi go git
a he hi bo hu
a je p jo ju
a ke ki ko ku
a le ii lo lu
a me mi MO mu
a ne ni no Du
a pe pi PO pu
,a re ri ru ru

a se si so su
a te ti to tu
a ve vi vo vu
a we wi wo Wu
a ye yi yo yu
za zo zi zo zu

:~Act bed cup fat hem
add bee Day far hen
age beg den fed her
aim bib dew few bit
air bid did fig his
all big die for him
and bit dig fop hug
ant bur dim fox hot,
ape boy dip fiy hop

ark box 'dog Gay how
are but dry gap Ice
ask bud dug 'get ill
asp Cag Eat god ink
arm cap egg got Jay
awe can end gun joy
Bag cat ear Had jug
bad cow ell has Kid
bar cut eye hat kin
bt cry Fan hay Lad

lap Nap peg rum top
law nag pet run tub
lay net pig Sad Vex
leg new pin sap vow
led nip pit sat Wag
let nod pot set was
lid nor pox sin wax
lie not put sky way
lip now Ram sob web
lot nut ran sod wed

Mad Old rat son who
man one red sot wsig
map own rib sow win
may out rim sup 'wit
men owl rip sun won
met Pad rob Tan woe
mix pan rod tar Yes
mud pay rot ten yet
mug pen rub tin you

'~Back chin deck flax hemp
bank chip dlesk fled help
bark, chop dish fond hell barn clad dock fork hiss bell clap doll fre t buff belt clip dull frog hunt bend clod dung from husk bent club dust Gasp hurl bill cock drag gift hurt bled cork drop gird hung blot cost drug girl Jtck brag crab drum glad jest bran cram duck grim jilt
buck crop F~ast grin jump
buff crumn fell gush j ust
bulk C uff felt Haft Kept burn curb fill hang kick
bush curl firm hand kiss
Cart Darn fish hark Land
cast dart 4lag harp lark chat dash flat held lash

lass mast past snab ship
last melt path scum sing
lamp mend peck self skip
left milk pick send skim
lend mill puff spin skin
lent mint pump spit slip
less miss push spot slit
lick mist prop spun stop
list mock Quit spur shod
limb moss Rank snap shop
lisp moth rush smit shot
light much rent soft shun
liuk muff rich song shut
lock must risk sort slut
loft Nest rock swam stuck
long next rump swan stung
loss neck rush swim sick
lost Pack rust slap sift
luck park Sack stab silk
lump part sand step Talk
Mark pass scab shin task


tent West ell dome aim
text when ill does ake
that whip odd tar bay
them whim off bead bread
this will and deaf beam
thus wing apt dead cage
toss wink art bird cake
trap wish ask dirt came
trim wisp ash bard cape
trip With dumb harm armtrot writ debt 'jar -]arms ,thin do-ve lamb, some arch
turf foot herb stir bar
turn sir vast work barn
tusk love well word card
twig; till end worm cart
twin tost ink wort dare
stunk' ass inch wont fare
such add itch ~ one day
wept ebb act once dome
went egg urge age date

e b ay bide mire kite I east heap hire leaf kind
each have hive make cry
face late gave may lice
fane lay gay bind life
same ,case gain bite like
sail save stay die lime
yarn clay safe dice lie
yard name sA dine mice
scar nay save dive tm
farm neat said dry tire
star page seat file try
lord paid sway fine vile
born pave take Bly vice
corn race same fire wide
horn rage tale fry wife
gray rail tea five wine
gale -rake wade ride wipe
gate -rate' whey rise mind gape rare my ripe mildew

gaze day mine ink nigh

nice sky oats show good
nine spy old tone hoop
pint tide own tore hook
pie tie pork told hoof
pike thy post Vote loop
pipe ewe rope wove look
rice foal rose woe tree
blow ford roll worn need hold fold row beef roof
holt goat roar been root both grow moon load poor boat home move loaf soon bone hope Call more soup cold joke Coat most shore
colt wire Coax book took cord wise crow boot tool rise *hy snow cool who
sigh Wild soak crook whom size note soap food wool sign oak goon fool wood
side oath 4cohl gold zeal

feed duke, use daub warp
feel Ja ,ne glue fall wart
feet flew true draw wash
free pure stew hawk wht
fear puke brow halt yawnil
heel few down gall balm
keep news loud gnaw balk
king cure cow malt calf
knee clew gout law calm
near rude gown, jaw talk'
see rule how tall half
seek rue out salt palm
seem grew owl paw stalk'
seen sure nlow war walk
she huge sour was black
seed crew town raw bank
year lewd thou warm blast
the mule awe w arn bless
weep flew bald saw blest
week your call stall blink
brew view chew want blunt

01-1644 44

Words of two Syllabch.

A Aam Con gress E ver
A bel. can dle en ter
ac tor, can not en vy
ad der car ry e vil
af ter cat- tie ei ther
al so chap ter en gine
an ger, cho sea ear ly
an gel cof fin en trance
a my co lour -Fan cy
Ba bel cor ner far mer
ba ker cri er fat vour
bar rel cus tomn fe ver
beg gar Di al flat tor
'bet ter di ed flow cr
bit ter dig ged fin ger
bo dy din, ner fol low
bo, som doc, tor fol ly
bies sed dri ,ver for ty
bro ther-I du ty fur
but ter de vii fir g

4if 16 too#~ -to 000414 ~ (g

Gal lop lat ter new ly
gar den ii ar On ly
gar ret fin ger or der
glo ry li on Pa per
god ly lof ty par don
gos pei lit tie plen ty
gun ner Ma ry pep per
Han dy ma ker pi 'per
hap pen. man $er Pis' tot
hap py man ncr PUP py
har vest ma ny Sad dler
bea vy mar vet san dy
bin der mas ter ser vant
ho ly- mat ter ser pent
hum ble mem ber sil ver
In to mil ler slip per
Lad der mo meat sin ner
]a dy mo ney sis ter
lap pet mut ter so ber
la zy Ne v&r sor row

StonDy vb ry Ad der
sto ry' .Vir gin at ways
spi rit WkV ter an Swer
sum mer wel fare au thor
Sun day wick ed latist
sup per win ter be infg
seem ly, wit low bi nd ing
Ta ble willing bre thren
tailor win dow bring eth
tern pie- Wor thy Cal led
tern per *is dorn chit dren
ten der wit ness chirn ney
tin der- ho man cloth ed
tor ment won der coni stant
tra der, wor ship crea ture
tra ye! wri ter carve ed
tru by. Von der crirn son
tu. lip youth ful cru el
tu tor your Self cud gelVal IeY' Zeal ous cun fling
va pour zeal ot cus torn


D~ai ly Law yer Be come
deal er last ing be fore
dir ty Ma ker be gin
dis tance man gle be have
Ear ly Na ked be hold
Ca sy Of fer be lief
ei ther Pa rents be lieve
eigh ty Quar rel be love
Fa ther Re fuge be speak
fa vour Teach er be reaVe
fer vent A bout Ca nal.
Gan ful a broad col lect
gui nea ad dress corn plain
Bea yen ad journ corn pel
hea then ad mit coin ply
In ward ad vance corn pose
Je sus af firm con ceit
Jo seph a gainst con duct
jus tice a larm con fine
Ken nel at tack con fuse
kin die a wake con tent

4+040444 lei +W+4i

De bar Fif teen in crease
de ceit fore saw in dulge
de ceive fore seen in sect
de cide fp9re speak in flict
de clare fore think in snare
de crease for get in struct
de fend four teen Mis take
de fence fore sworn mis trust
de light Gal lant mo lest
dis place ga zette Ne glect
Ef fect Hence forth nine teen
em bark here by Ob tain
en close here in of fence
en force here of' op press
en gage him self Par take
en joy Imbrue per form
en large im pair per mit
en tice im press pre serve
ex alt im prove pur suit
ex cise in camp Re ceive
ex claim in cite re ward

89 .- 44'444.4. .t4.444s

4 .*44 4*44.*44 II 4044.'04* 440

Words of three Syllable.

Acti on Dia Mond Galle0ry
ad miral dig ni ty gla zier
al ma nac dif fer ent glo ri fy
ap pe tite dra pe ry glorA oui
as sem ble du rable gra nary
Beg ga ry du ti ful, gra zi et
bit ter ness de ceit ful grid i ron blain a ble, dis or dier gro cc ry.
but ter fly Eat a ble Hear ti ly
be got ten em pe ror hap pi ness
be hold en ennii ty h1ar mony
Ca Ii co even ing hea vi nest
ca pa ble ex eel lent hor ri ble'
car pen ter ex er cise ho si er car A *e Fac to ry In di go
car ri er faith ful ly im pi ous
ca thio lic fo1 lowv or in dus try cau ti ous fool e ry in fan cy,
corn pa ny for Mial ly in flu ence,
cu Ai ous frac ti on in ward ly

Jew el ler Ob Ii gate Ra ri ty jol li ty o4h itnate ras ber ry
jour nal list of fer iag re cre at4e )U U1 er or der ly rec to ry
Lot to ry. or gao ist righ te ous landi la dy, or na ment rose m4 ry lec tu rer' Pub 1i can redeem er Iia ble ps senger re finer
In Ila --y pas i on S!ur ge on Mac ke rat pass o ver sane ti on man ner ly pa ti cy, sneti fy
- mer ci fl pa tri arch scar ci xy migh ti ly pep si on sun si ble
mil li ner pe ri od sen ti nment
mil If on per sr, cute se ri ous
mul ber, ry pet ti coat syl la ble Na ti on pew taer six ti eth
Dec ta rifle plen ri sy ala ve ry nine ti etb pow er fiji sol di er nun bne ry pro di gal sol i tude nur se ry plea ti fll sor row ful,

Tan ta lize un ac tive An tho ny te x1i ous un bro ken Ben j',,i min tein, po ral un bo sorn Chris ti an teil ri ble un co ver Da ni el tO rify utterly E phra ta
thi fi eth un cer tain Fre de rick tot ard Iv un ea sy Ga bri el
tract a bfe nn e ven Him ga ry
tweii fi eth u, ni form Is ra. el to bac co un god ly Jo shu a es fy un law ful Ket ter ing
Aic to ry un luc ky Lan cas ter
ver bAl -Ty un mon ly Mi cba cl
ver si on un (111i et Ni colas vic tu als tin s(Cry) ly Sa 11111 el vi o lence un Wil ling Ti mo thy vir w ous up right I Y Va len tine
va Ii znt War ri or 'Wil 1i arn
va nity wag gon er Ze be Ion
ve !i ty -vvut ri ed Za cha ry
Ti sit ed wea ri sonic Zo di ac

A In An)A,4s fall
We shied all

Tby life to mend B This BooK attend.

The CA-r doth play, C And after slay.

A Dowill bite D [he Tjbief at uigV

Ant EAGLE'S fligI Is out of sight.

F Tne idle Foot.
-is whipt at sch

~NiQrTtNiGALES Sing N In time of Spring.
The Royal OAKi It was the Tree
0 That sav'd his
Royal Majesty.

PETRw* denies 1P His Lord, and cries.

Qu,, sthier comes

Q rb ave te Jew

H JHmy dear, lie stil I and slIumber,
I oly angels guard thyN bed ; Heay'nly btessing6 without number,
Gently falling an thy head.
Slep, my babe, thy food an d raiment,
House and home thy, friends pride, And without thy care or payment,
All thy wants are well supply'd. Now much better thou'rt attended,
Than the Son of G~odl could be, WVhen from heaven hie descended,
And became a child like thee. Soft and easy is thy cradle,
Coare and hard thy Saviour lay, When his birth-place was a stable,
And his softestb haas hay,
Blessed babe! what lorious features,
Spotless fair, divinely brightly
Must he itwell with brutal creatur~es
How could angels bear the sight'? Was there nothng bt mantr
Cursed sinnhers cudjI6d
To receive the bea'nysamngper
Could they thus afliont4Aheir Lord? Soft, my child, I Aid not chide thee,
Though my sorig might sound too hard, 'Tis thy mother-sits beside thee,
And her arms shall be thy guard:

The oung Child's Pious Resolution.
V HOUGH I am young, a little one, As I can speak and go alone: T en I must learn to know the Lord, Ard learn to read his holy word. "'TCis time to seek to God and pray, For what I want for every day: I have a precious soul to save,. And I a mortal body have. Though I am young, I yet may die, And hasten to eternity. There is a dreadlut fiery hell, Where wicked ones must always dwell; There is a heaven full of joy, Where godly ones must always stay! To one of these my soul will fly, As in a moment when I die. When God that made me calls me home, I must not stay, I must be gone He gave me life, he gave me breath, And he can save my soul from death, By Jesus Christ my only Lord, According to his ioly word. He clothes my back, and makes me warm, He saves my flesh and bones from harm; He gives me bread. and milk, and meat, And allI have that's good to eat.

Then I am sick, he, if he please, Can make me well, and give me case, 1ie gives me sleep and quiet rest, VX'hereby my body is refresh'd; TIe Lord is good and kind to me, And very thankful I must be. I must obey, and love, and-fear him, By faith in Christ, I must draw near him. I must not sin as others do, Lest I lie down in sorrows too. For God is angry every day, With wicked ones vwho go astray: All sinful words I must refrain, I must not take God's name in vain; I must not work, I must not play, Upon God's holy Sabbath day, And if my prents speak the word, I must obey tIhem in the Lord, Nor steal nor lie, nor waste my days In idle tales or foolish plays. I must obey my Lord's commands; Do something with my little hands: Remember my Creator now, In youth, while time will it allow. Young Samuel, that little child, Ile serv'd the Lord, liv'd undefild; Him in his service God employed

While Eli's wicked children died. When -wicked children mocking said, To a good man, Go up, bald head; God was displeas'd with them, and sent Two she-bears, which them in pieces rent; I must not, like these children vile, Displease my God, myself defile. Like young' Abijah, I must see That some good thing be found in me. Young king Josiah, that blest youth, He sought the beord, and lov'd the truth: He, like a king did act his part, And follow'd God with all his heart. The little children they did sing Hosannas to their heavenly king. That blessed child, young Timothy, Did learn God's word most heedfully. It seem'd to be his recreation, Which made him wise unto salvation: By faith in Christ, which he bad gain'd, With prayers and tears that faith unfeign4d, These good examples were for me: Like these good children I must be. Give me true faith in Christ, my Lord, Obedience to his holy word ; No word is in the world like thine, There's none so pure, sweet and divine:

From thence let me thy will behold, And love thy law above fine gold" 11ake my heart in thy statutes sound, And make my faith and love abound. Lord, circumcise my heart to love thee, And nothing in this world above thee: Iet me behold thy blessed face, And make my soul to grow in grace, And in the knowledge of my Lord And Saviour Christ, and of his word.
Summary of the Commandments.
"iTH all thy soul love God above: V And as thyelf thy neighbour love.
Good children's WiFshes and Prayers.
O R D, if thou lengthen out my dayt,
hen may my heart so fixed be, That I may lengthen out thy praise,
And never turn aside from thee. So in my end I shall rejoice,
In thy salvation joyful be;
My soub shall say witoud glad voice,
JHlVAu, who is like to e ?
Who takes the lambs into thine arms,
And gently leadest those with young, Who savest children from all harms,
Lord, I will praise thee with my songZ. And when my days oii ekrth shall end,
And I go hence, and be no more,

Gie rme eternity to spend,
My Gold to praise; for evermeore.

I N the burying place m~ay see
Gr.Uiaves shorter Eir than I:
Fronft death's arrest no age is free, hYoung children too may dlie : My God, may such an awful sight A wakening be to me!
0! that by early grace I might For death prepared be,

NI pray the Lord mrou to keep;

I pra -th Lord muy soul to take.
Ji~rciotf#,r Children.
FIRST in the morning when thou dost wak
To rod for ac thy prayer mak4e: Some hevenlyiinuse dailyto say, WThat God in hi mcy~zidy bless the ulway.
Go. Cildren MUat
tear God all 'ay, Love Christ away
Parents ob~ey.Insce ry
.No false thing say, Mn little play, BEy no sin stray, Make no "y

A -- Thy life a leaf, thy breath a blast: At night lay down prepared to have fThy sleep thy death, thy bed thy grave.
Duty to GOD and our 2eighbour.
-fOVE God with all your soul and stength;
With all your heart and mind; And love your neighbour as yourself, Be faithful, just, and kind.
Deal with another as you'd have
Another deal with you.:
What you're unwilling to receive,
Be sure you never do,
Our Sariour's Golden Rute.
BE you to others kind and true,
As you'd have others. be to you: And neither do nor say to men, Whate'er you would not take again.
Remember thy Creator r Me day, of thy Tauth.
O W in the heat of youthful blood,
- Remember thv Creator God: Behold, the months come hastening on, When thou shalt say, My joys are gone.
Behold, the aged sinner goes, Laden with guilt and heavy woes, Down to the regions of the dead, With endless nurses on his head:-

The dust returns to dust again,
'The soul in agonies of pain,
j( Ascends to God not there to idwell,
~!But hears her (loom, andi sinks to hell
Eternal King, I fear thy name, lp Tachl me to know how frail I mJT, An wlh n ny soul must hence remove, i V ea nansion in thy'llove.
SI1 HILDREN, #Jhr'reat Creator fear,
~JTo him your ljom~gc pay;
Whilst vain enjoymennts fire your blqd.
And lead your thuhts astray.
The due menmbrn*i of his nameA
YNogur first reg~ard requires:
'Till your breast g_!ws with sacre love,
Indu Ige no menerwfires,
Secure his favour and be wise
Before those chles cl ays,
When age conics on, when mirth's DO mar
And health n streng~l decays.
.dguoz~'& Pr~'er ov. xxx. 7, 8, 9.~
V1 WO things haeIrequired of thee; de
JLme them not before I die.: Remove
from me vanity and lies; give me neither p erty nor riches; feed niewith food conveiii for me ; Lest I be Full and deny thee, and Who is the Lord? or lest I be poor,a steal, and take the name of muy God in v

R. JOHN ROGERS, minister of the
jGospel in London, was the first martyr in Queen Mary's reign an was burnt at Smithfield, February 14 $4. His wife, with nine small children, one at her breast, followed him to the stake; with which sorrow. ful sight he was not in the leaI daunted, but with wonderful patiene, died courageously for the Gospel If Jesus Christ.

.4 few~ days. beform hM. Death he wrote the
l owing AIdvice to hi. chidren.
Gf IVE ear, my children to my words,
Whom God huith dearly bought, Lay-up his laws within your heart,
And print theniin your thought. I leave you here a little book
'For you, to look upon~,
That you may see your, atei's face,
When he is dead ndj goneC.
Who for the bope oi heavily thngs
While he (loth here remain, Ovrall his golden eas

Where 1, among m~rnbns
Enclosed in the dark,
'Not many d&ys befomm dah

And for cxamptdir yoth
To wom iih l od

And seal it wit 'm oo.
toyou, my heirs o~ ea" things, Which I do leave b.Tht
Tht you may readt anundrv
Apd keep itiin your mind';
That ais you have betn heirs of that
-IVhich onc se shait wr away,

You also may possess that part
\\ hich never shall decay.
Keep always God before your eyes,
With all your whole intent, Commit no sin in any wise,
Keep his commandment.
Abhor the arrant whore of Rome.
And all her blasphemies.
And drink not of her cursed cup,
obey nother decrees
Give honour to your another dear,
Remember well her pain,
And recompense her min her age,
With the like love again Be always ready former help,
Aod 1t her not decay;
Remember well your father all,
Who would have been your stRy. Give of your portion to th poor,
As riches do0 arise,
And from the needy na Isoul
Turn not away your eyes
For he that doth a r the ry
Of those that stand in need,
Shall cry him self, and not be heard,
When he does hope to speed. If God hath given you increase, And blessed well your store,

Kememoer you are put m trust,
And should relieve the poor. Beware of foul and filthy lusts,
Let such things have no place;
Keep clean your vessels in the Lqrd,
That he may youembrace. Ye are the temples of the Lord,
For you are dearly bought,
And they that do defile the same,
Shall surely come to nought. Be never proud by any means:
Build not your hoise too high, But always have before your eyes,
That you were born to die. Defraud not him that hired is
Your labour to sustain,
But pay him still without delay
His wages for his pain;
And as you would that other men
Against you should proceed, Do you the same ttihem again
When they do sta n need. Impart your portion toqihe r,
In money and in ~et,
And send the feebleWisting soul
Of that which you do eat.
Ask counsel always of the wise;
Give ear unto the end ,

And ne'er refuse the sweet rebuke,
Of him that is thy friend.
Be always thankful to the Lord,
Vith prayer and with praise,
Begging of him to bless your work,
And to direct your ways.
Seek first, I say, the living God,
And always him adore, *
And then be sure that he will bless
Your basket and your store. And I beseech AlmightyGod,
Replenish you ith grace,
That I may meet you all in heaven,
And see you face to face.
And though the fire my body burns
Contrary to my kind,
That I cannot enjoy your love
According to my mind:
Yet, I do hope that when the heavens
Shall vanish like a scroll, I shall see you in persfctshape,
In body and in soukl.
And that I ni-y enjqy your love,
And you enjoy the land,
I do beseech the living Lord,
To hotd you ind his hand.
Though here my body be adjudged
In flaming fire to fry,

Iay soul, I trust, will straight ascefna
To live with God on high.
What though this carcass smart awhile,
What though this life decay,
My soul, I hope, will be with God, fAnd live with him for aye. Itknow I am a sinner born
Fromn the original,
And that I doeserve to die,
By my forefathers fall.
But by our Saviour'srecious blood
Which on the cross was spilt Who freely offer'd up hi life,
To save our souls from guilt. I hope redemption I shall have,
And all who in him trust,
When I shall see hini face to face,
And live among the just.
Why should I then fear death's grim look,
Since Christ for me did die;
For King and Cesar, rich and poor, The force of death must try. When I am chained to the stake,
And faggots gird me round,
Then pray the Lord my soul in heaven
May, be with gloryicrown'd
Come, welcome death, the end of fears
I am prepared to die,.

*j nose earuAy smAUICs wis tWest assy c
Up to the Lord on high.
Farewell, my children, to the world,
There you must yet remain,
The Lord of Hosts be your defence,
'Till we do meet again.
Farewell my dear and loving wifk,
My children, and my friends,
I hope in heaven to see you all,
When all things have their ends.
If you go on to serve the Lord,
As you have now begun,
You shall walk safely all your days,
Until your life be done.
God grant you so to end your days,
As be shall think it best;
That I may see you in the heavens,
Where I do hope to rest.
The Duty of Toung Persos. Leave sinning, or sinning O. UR days begin with willmakeus leave praying.
trouble here, 2. Our weakness and inaOur life is but a span, biity break not the bond And cruel death is always of our duties. near, I What we are afraid to
So frail a thing is man. speak, before men, we Then sow the seeds of should be afraid to think grace whilstyoung,[die, before God, That when thou com'st to Learn these four Lines by Thou may'st sing forth ktart.
that triumph song, Have communion with Peath,where'sthyvictory! Be intimate withone,[few,
Choice Sentences. DeaI justly with all,
Praying will make us Soeak vil of Hour.

A. Our firt parents, being left to the fredom Aeir own wilt, fell fromz 'the estate wherein Wvere created by s"nning against God.'
* ~. 14.What ii sin?
A. .Sin is any want of conformity unto, or tr Sgression of. the~ lam of God.
.14.' What wna the sin whkereb'y ovr first par fili from the estate uskereix they were created?
A. JFhe sin whereby our first parents fell fr the~ estate wherein they were created, -wast eatIng theforbidden fruit.
3 16. Bid all maa.&ind fall in Jdanzs Jfirst Ir( gression?
A. Tfhe covenanit being made with Adami, onily Fur liimseI, buit for his posterity; all mank descending frorn bin, by ordinary generation, ned in him, and fell with him, in his first transg siqn.
17. Into uhat mjaeddte af~gvankt

an misery. o
J .Weei or* the znfidneaa of that est whtAeiwzo mwsfjell?
A. The sinfulness of tha~t estate whereinto fell, consists in the Ipilt of Adam's frst sin,I #sant of original rigtt ines, and the corruipt I opf his whole nature, whih is comty cal OP~ijal Sin? togete wi all actual trnsgr asons which proceed omit.
V19. What a1 teM yo tha eA~ar vgerg

A. All mankind by their fall lost communion with God, are under his wrath and curse, and so made liable to all the miseries of this life, to death itself, and to the pains of hell for ever.
Z 20. Did God leave all mankind to perish in the estate of sin and misery?
A. God having, out of his mere good pleasure, from all eternity, elected some to everlasting life, did enter into a covenant of grace, to deliver them out of the estate of sin and misery, and to bring them into an estate of salvation by a Redeemer.
Z 21. Who is the Redeemer of God's eleet,2
A. The only Redeemer of God's elect is the Lord Jesus Christ, who, being the eternal Son of God, became man, and so was, and continueth to be, both God and man, in two distinct natures, and one person, for ever.
22 How did Christ being the Son of God become man?
A. Christ the Son of God, became man by taking to himself a true body and a reasonable soul; being conceived by the power of the Holy Ghost, in the womb of the virgin Mary, and born of her, yet without sin.
!Z 23. What offices doth Christ execute as our Redeerner.?
A. Christ, as our Redeemer, executeth the offices of a prophet, of a priest, and of a king, both in his estate of humiliation and exaltation.
). 24. How Doth Christ execute the office ofa proft?
A. Christ exeeuteth the office of a prophet, in

the image of God, and are enabled more and a to die unto sin, and live into righteousness.
o 36. jhat are the benefits which in thi lif accompany or flow from justifcation, adoption, sancetfcationg
A. The benefits which in this life do accom or flow from justification, adoption, and sanctill tion, are, assurances of God's love, peace of science, joy in the Holy Glhost, increase of g and perseverance therein to the end.
Z. 37. W at benefits do believers receive / Christ at their death?
A. The souls of believers are at their death [ perfect in holiness, and do immediately pass glory, and their bodies being united to Christ rest in their geaves till the resurrection.
S38.' What beriefts do belieere receive Christ at the resurrection?
A. At the resurrection, believers being raised in glory, shall be openly acknowledged and acq ted in the day of judgment, and iade'perfe blessed in the full enjoyment of God to all eetef
39. Vlat is the duty which God requirot nan?
A. The duty which God requireth of m obedience to his revealed will.
Z.140. What did God at frst reveal to iaan the rule qf his obedience?
A. The rule which God at first revealed to a for his obedience, was the moral law.

A. The moral law is summarily comprehended in the tenl commandments.
42. What is the sum of the ten commandments ?
A. The sum of the ten commandments is, to love the Lord our God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our strength, and with all our mind; and our neighbour as ourselves. .
6. 43. Whatis the preface to the ten commandments?
A. The preface to the ten commandments is in these words, I am the Lord thy God, which hath brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
44. What doth the preface to the ten commandments teach us?
A. The preface to the ten commandments teach. eth us, that because God is the Lord, arnd our God, and Redeemer, therefore we are bound to keep all his commandments.
Q. 45. Which is the first commandment?
A. The first commandment is, Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.
46. What is required in the firt commandment ?
A. The first commandment requireth us to know and acknowledge God to be the only true God, and our God; and to worship and glorify him accord. ingly ?
47. What isforbidden in the first commandment?
A. The first commandment forbiddeth the deny. ing, or not worshipping and glerifying the true God,

and glory to any other, which is due to him ad
Q. 48. What are we especially taugkr by these -w [before mne]l in the just constrandlment ?
A. These words [before me] in the first c mandment teach us, that God who seeth all thin taketh notice of, and is much displeased with, sin of having any other God.
49. What is the second commandment?
A. The second commandment is, Thou shalt make unto thee any graven image, or any liken of any thing that is in the heaven above, or that in the earth beneath, or that is in the water un the earth, thou shalt not bow down thyself to the nor serve them: for I the Lord thy God am a je ous God, visiting the iniquities of the fathers u the children, unto the third and fourth generate of them that hate me; and shewing mercy un thousands of them that love me, and keep my co mandments.
9. 50. What is required in the 2d camomandnent 7 A. The second commandment requireth the r ceiving, observing, and keeping pure and entire such religious worship and ordinances, as God ha appointed in his word.
t. 1. What is forbidden inthe second common
mendcod oma

A. The second commandment forbiddeth t worshipping of God by images, or any other w not appointed in his word.

what are the reagons annexed to the Oecond commandment ?
A. The reasons annexed to the second comTgand. mnent, are God's sovereignty over us, his propriety in us, and the zeal he hath for his own worship.
9. 53. Which is the third commandment?
A. The third commandment is, Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.
54. What is required in the third commandment?
A. The third commandment requireth the holy and reverend use of God's names, titles, attributes, ordinances, words, and works.
!. 55. What is forbidden in the third command mnent?
A. The third commandment fo biddeth all profaning or abusing of any thing whereby God maketh himself known.
S56. What is the reason annexed to the third com. mandment?
A. The reason annexed to the third commandment is, that however the breakers of this commandment may escape punishment from men, yet the Lord our God will not suffer them to escape his righteous judgment.
57. Which is the fourth commandment?
A The fourth commandment is, Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God: in it thou shalt

do any work, thou nor thy so nor thy daugh b thy man-servant, nor thy maid-servant, nor thy c tie, nor the stranger that is within thy gates; for six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the a and all that in them is, andrested the seventh da wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath-day, a hallowed it.
58. What is required in the fourth comma

A. The fourth commandment requireth the ke ing holy to God such set times as he hath appoint in his word, expressly one whole day in seven to a holy Sabbath to himself.
!. 59. Which day of the seven hath God appoint to be the weekly Sabbath?
A. From the beginning of the world to the res rection of Christ, God appointed the seventh day the week to be the weekly Sabbath, and the fi day of the week ever since, to continue to the e
of the world, which is the Christian Sabbath.
60. How is, the Sabbath to be sanctified?
A. The Sabbath is to be sanctified by a holy res ing all that day, even from such worldly employ ments and recreations as are lawful on other days and spending the whole time in the public and p vate exercises of God's worship, except so mue as is to be taken up in the works of necessity mercy.
61. What is forbidden in the fourth comma .Ten fmd
A. The fourth commandment -forbiddeth t

S ron or careless performance Ot the duties required and the profaning the day by idleness, or doing that which is in itself sinful, or by unnecessary thoughts, words, or works, about our worldly emiployments or recreations.
62. What are the reasons annexed to the fourth. commandment?
A. The reasons annexed to the fourth commandment, are, God's allowing us six days of the week for our own employment, his challenging a special propriety in the seventh, his own example, and his blessing the
S63. Which is the fifth commandment?
A. The fifth commandment is, Honour thy father and thy mother, that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.
64. What is r required in theifth commandment?
A. The fifth commandment requireth the preserving the honour, and performing the duties be.longing to every one in their several places and relations, as superiors, inferiors, or equals.
Q 65. What isforbidden in the fifth commandment?
A The fifth commtandment forhiddeth the neglecting of, or doing anything against, the honour and duty which belongeth to every one in their several places and relations.
66. What is the reason annexed to the ffth camnandminent?
A The reason annexed to the fifth commandment, is, a promise of lon life and prosperity, (as far as

hall serve for God's glory and their good) to such as keep his commandment.
67. Which is the sixth commandment?
A. The sixth commandments is, Thou shalt kill.
Z 68. What is required in the sixth commandme A. The sixth commandment requireth all law endeavours to preserve our own life, and the life others.
i. 69. What is forbidden in the ,ixtA comma nent?
A. The sixth commandment forbiddeth the t ing away our own life, or the life of our neighbor unujustly, or whatsoever tendeth thereunto.
(. 70. Which is the sew enthcommandment ?
A. The seventh commandments is, Thou shalt commit adultery.
71. What is required in the 7th command A. The seventh commandment requireth the p servation of our own, and our neighbour's chasti in heart, speech, and behaviour.
72. What is forbidden in the 7th commandment
A. The seventh commandment forbiddeth all chaste thoughts, words; and actions.
73. Which is de eighth commandment ?
A. The eighth commandment is, Thou shalt steal.
74. What is required in the 8th commandment.
A. The eighth commandment requireth the la fid procuring and furthering the wealth and o wad estate of ourselves and others.

A. Theo eighth commsandmnent forbiddeth whatsoever doth or ma~y tin *justly hinder our ownu or our neighbour's wealthy or ou4ward estate.
Q.76. W1hiJS is the ninthi coinmandment?
A. The ninth commandment is, Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
Z 77. What is required in the 9th commnand',*ent
A. The ninth commandment requireth the maintaining ad promoting of truthi between man and Man, and of our own and our neighbour's good namie, especially in witness-bearing.
Z78. Ifhar ifor bidden in the 9th commandinent ?
A. The ninth comnmn forhiddeth whatsoever is prejudicial to truth, or injurious to our own, or our neighbour's god nme.
S79. Which i- the tetht commandment)?
A. The tenthi commadmen is, Thou shalt not covet thy~ neigbu' hosote, to shalt not covet

maLid. serat, n'or hi unor iis as, nor any thig

A. Te teth cmmanmentrequireth Full contentment with ou on condtion, with a right and
chaitbl frmeofspit toards our neighbour,
Z 81 Is any 7nan able perfcty to L&ep thte camandpsdze of God?
A. Nlo mere man sinc tIe fall, is able inthis life perfectly to keep the commandments fGd

0~ 8:3. Are all the transressons of the law, equa

A. Some sins in themselves, and by reason of veral aggravations, are more hinus in the sight God than others.
Z 84 WFhat cloth~ every sin deserve?
4 A. Every sin deserveth God's wratht and cur both in this life avod that which is to comie.,
!Z 85. What dot/i God require ofs~ tht we may ei Cape hisivrat and curedue W us-for zin
A. To escape the wrathi and curse of God duet us foi, sin, God requirethof us faith~ in Jesus Chris repentance unto life, with te diligetit utse of a the outwrdnd ornar eans whereby Chri
com~eicaet t usth beeftsof redemption.

by we reteive and rest uo iaionefo sbalvatio as fie is offered tos finth Gope.

A. Repentance untole ifs avg grace, wher by asinner outof true ses f is sin, anid ap prehenusion of the mery o dinChri$t, doI
with grief :nd batrd ofhiss, tur from it uno

88 What are thie ou-mr and ordiar means wnrb Christ comnicafetk to s the 7e

A. TIhe outward and ordinary means whereby Christ communicateth to us the benefits of redemption, are his ordinances, especially the word, sacraments, and prayer; all which are made effectual to the elect for salvation.
5. 89. Ho-_, is the word made efectual to saaiation?
A. The Spirit of God maketh the reading, but especialy the preaching, of the word, an effectual means of convincing and converting sinners, and of building them up in holiness and comfort, through fjth, unto salvation.
90. How is the eword to be read, and/hard, that it mnay become effectual to salvation 1
A. That the word may become effectual to salvation, we must attend thereunto with diligence, preparation, and prayer; receive it with faith and love, ly it up in our hearts, and practise it in our lives.
S91. Heo tk' the sacraments~ become effectual
A. The sacraments become efectual means of salvation, not from asny virtue in them, or in him that doth administer them: but on)N by the blessing of Christ, and the working of his spirit in them that by faith receive them.
Z. 92. What is a sacrament?
A. A sacrament is n holy ordinance, instituted by Christ; wherein, by sensible signs, Christ andthe benefits of the new covenant are represented, sealed, and applied to believers. QZ 93 Which are the sacraments of the Kew Testa ment?

done on earth, as it is in heaven,) we pray, that by his grace, would make us able and willing know, obey, and submit to his will in all things, the angels do in heaven.
Q. 104. What do' 7epJ for in the 'fourth peition A. In the fourth petition, which is, (Give us h lay our daily break) we pray, that of G-od's f
-gift, we may receive a competent portion of theg~ things of this life, and enjoy his blessing with the
Q. 105. W1hat do wiepriayfor in thefifihpetition
A. In the fifth petition which is, (And forgive u our debts, as we foive our debtors,) we pray, God, for Christ's sae would freely pardon all o sins; which we are the rather encouraged to as because by his grace we are enabled from the hea to forgive others.
Q. 106 What do 7veprayfor i the ixrthpetiticm ?
'A. In thie sixth petition, which is, (and lea us no int eptation, but deliver us from evl,) w pray, tha~t God would either keep usfromiibein; te mpt44 tosi, or support and deliver us whenwe are tempted.
Q. 107. What dot the cmwlion of the Lord's pirey ,e ch uss
A. Trhe conclusion of the Lord',, prayer, which is' (or thine is the kingdomt, and the power, andte gory, for ever, Amen,) teacheth uts to take encouraeetin prayer front God only, and in our prayers to pr inhi, acibinigkngdomn, power, and glory to hmAnd in testimn of our desire, and assuran~ce tobe heard, we say. AMEN.

Some short and easy Questionsfor Children.

Quest. HO created you? Anse. God.
SQ Of what are you made ? A. Of the dust of the earth. Q What doth that teach you? J. Humility.
Q For what end were you made ? A. To glorify God. Q Are there more Gods than one ? A. One only. Q How many persons are there in the Godhead i A. Three.
Q What are these A. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Q In what estate was man created? A. In a holy and happy estate. Did hlie continue int that holy and happy estate A. No.
0" How fell he from it? A. By breaking the covenant with God. How many covenants are there? A. Two.
Q What are these ? A. The covenantofworks and the covenant of grace. Q. With whom was the covenant of works made? A. With the first Adam.
What was the condition of the covenant of works A. Perfect obedience. Q. With whom was the covenant of grace made? A. With Christ the second Adam.

4To be seals of the covenant of grace. Q In whose name was you baptized? [Holy Gb A. In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of
SWhat do;th your baptism tech you.?
A.:That I am filthy and polluted by nature, and
there is cleansing virtue in the blood of Christ
for me.
Q What becomes of the wicked after death?. A. They are sent to hell.
What sort ofa place is heIll
.-. A place of everlasting punishment. Q What becomes of the righteous after death! A. They go to heayt .
% What sort of a place is heaven?' .4. A glorious pce, where the redeemed will for
ever be prisiftg God.

QANCTIFYwe beseech thee, 0 Lord, these K creatures to our use, and ourselves to thy ser vice; through Jesus Christ our Lord-Amen.

Grace after Meat.
OD's holy name be blessed and praised for this
present refreshment; and for all his mercieW bestowed from time to time upon us; through Jesus Chist our Lord-Amen