The New England primer, or, An easy and pleasant guide to the art of reading


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The New England primer, or, An easy and pleasant guide to the art of reading adorned with cuts ; to which is added, the Catechism
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Easy and pleasant guide to the art of reading
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1 v. (unpaged) : ill. ; 11 cm.
Westminster Assembly, (1643-1652)
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New England
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Christian life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Catechisms -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Readers (Primary)   ( lcsh )
Natural history -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Animals -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Readers -- 1805   ( rbgenr )
Catechisms -- 1805   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1805
Readers   ( rbgenr )
Catechisms   ( rbgenr )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )


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Date of publication based on binding indicating publication in the first decade of the 1800's.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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PRjv, xx; 6. Ti4in up a hc ay be fllwuid g,,, and w 4d 60 will Wit dcoort

NE Vl- E N G Ll N D*

Gide Me Atoff fa(,It. *


**ATECf1 M
1, 1 X
*C I I D v a E

tu v w x y

AT UO U Y -a c i o u
blr d f g4h j k I m n P-q r s
Dnble Letters.
fi ft f h' d fl fb A St

a Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff'Gg Hb 0 Pp
a Sfs Tt Uu I/V Ww Xx
Ty zz

*Tit, fi A fl

Eafy Syllables for Chilren.
U b eb ib ob uS
ec ic ot lie cd id Od ud Sf ef if of ufeg %~0~
tI 01

m em I~n 0- u1M a f en i onl tin v,) p 1 cp Op u~
2r cr ir or U r
as es is os Us
at li O t
ar ev I v ov uv
ex ox u
2 c z 1z 02 u

F-a" Syllable-S, far Children
be bi
bo bt
ci co ec di do, du
fa fe, ui
fo f A.,
ga ge I ct
g 'go gu
k he hi ho
Ja bui
'ka JO ju
ki ko ku
a 10 ju
a ru e rni rno IV. u
ne no
'pa T'e pi
ra re PO PU
ro ru
'ro fu
ta te tI tu
va, Ve vi
wa we vo
wo U"u
ye 3,0
za ze 21 zo:.

Words of one Syllabic.
b e all ape are
C1 abe beef bef bold
d at cake crow cup
h, I af dead dry 6uUl
D 'r eat eggs eyes 4u 'ace feet filh fawl U ate good & iafs g-reat U and hn -i head heat-E is Je ink i fle lobtb
r Kick kind kneel knoa0w.
S a rib lamre land 1011N4.,de mole moon mioutk
Name night noife roon 0,I once ozic curc
Paf pair pence Puad
Qt!iart queeni quick o,-,J
Railn r ,I fe r, e~ rut 'Aint lagye fea t Cold
1*akaz talk Winle Chr -%ft

Vain v'Ice vile view Way wait wafle wQu
Words of two Syllablei.,
Ab4't ab-hor au-thgrl
Bab-ble be-ulle 'bDld I
4n y
Ca-pou cel-lar JpZat
Dai-ly de-pend du-ty
Ea-gle ca-ger eb-clofe
Fatn-er fa-mous fe-malc
Gath-cr gar-den iei ful
-nous ate tu blan d
-fam in-deed in-crtafe
a-CO6 jeal-Ous ju-lcp
Labor la-den ]a zy
Words of three SyllAbles. a-mend-inz
Baxba-dws Len-c-fit
Cal-cli-late can-die-flick
7 Dit-fi-cult drow-ff-nefs
Ea-ger-ly, elli-ploy-Ing

W Words of (our Syllables.
)U -bit-i-ty ac co rn- pa n y
a-lam i-tY ca-pac-i-ty
-i-Ca-CY dil-i-pent-ly
d.i-fy-ing ev-er-laft-ing
Ir IeL-ru-gmry fi-del-i :Y
Wo'di of five SY114hies.
A-bom-i-na-tion Gra- --fi-c2-tioa

De-ter.-nin-a-tionMor-!i-4- a tiori -d-i-fi-ca-tion Pti-ri-fi-ca-tiom
The LoRD's Prayer,

0 UR F.Aih -r which art in Heaven,
HAllowed b-t thy nAmr. rry
kingdorn come. Thy w!V. bc Idane Ora earth .s it i, in Heaven. Qivc,,tA, thA day our daily bread. A i fbr We, us our debts as we forgive-76ur qCDWS, and lead us not into wmptation. But debv''er uf, from evil. For thine is hc kin6do-n, the powcr and the glory for.,
cvcr. Amer,

In d-daw's fall, We finned all. Thy life to, ri en This Book attend. The Mo.-on give
i n t m c ng h t ,

Thedrio-redrown, The earih around. By Ravens fed. ~Uriah's beavu Made David feeik

S, run~s the Glofs, r. ln'slife kLocs

NJ My Book I-earf1 rid. Shall i.evcr part.~

ye ob feels the rod,
Yat blcues God.

Proud Koak's
I1, troop
iWas fwallow'd up A dog will bite,
A Thief at i. t

Thc~gptansJ vR
Wa i cft rd e

LaI sin to

In Roj a fa) e f Frlave the
ro11difn Mal
WhaTes r the fea
GO o. VOce Obey
Xerexr thegra
dddie, ge
And MoInft ),ou

feE1re &f.,11

Did hL~hette

-f he idlee fool,
Is whipt at school.

vapi fvr pridel.,
Was fet aldc.

a t Peter denies
His, Lord cries. N

Whom Cod appo'n's.

Young C b 4) 7 'a j
David, jofias,
All werg pit-US.

The juof. w^i

Felix afralcil.

An Alphabet or Leffors for Chi'drn.
AWife Son iakes a glad Fa-:
ther bu a foolifhi Son is, the heivjnd (if his Mot her.
U ETTE~R is a little, with the
-,farof the Lnrd, than great ticaf,~re ruble therevwith.
IuntiS r'fiall yrwo~
jbrand -art hcav) iadca
r." ivyc ou Teti.
-70nt the abominphbie ilhirg
-wic4 hate, faith the Lord XC a mqohe borsn a.
4' amnofee tbtkingOO JE5-N Scis bouniuP
in bc eat o aChild, but

VE not t c lioly Sp".r]r it, left it deprt fr ;m thf-e. 'a. G uLTNESS becoi-nes God's
H ho,.6e forever.
is p"A for me todraw near
un-zo ,God.
JE? Ehybeart whith alldil.
for O,-E Qf]c a.-c the f I I fe.

L I ARS will .-ave flneir part ia
rhe lukt wh;ch buTns with
firc apd. briW'onc
4 N y a-e : he affll fionp
A/ Ihe blit
Luru dch ers tt an u ,r of ihe,
OW ls accepr I
Kj of fel V a,:,
rk.";W the day offal ('C.
Ncw 01he mosrb fpci-.kzt
0 EJT of the abundanct of I

LU tii 411 x -WW
i keret, and thy Fatherw jes in fecrer. w41I reward th SOpeniy.
11rongfladfft in the qitgi

S LVATION beloagath unto 'the Lord.
RUST in God at all times; fie people pour out 'Youl icrs before himn. "T TP te w'kd God twill ti ,'rin a horrible teapft.
0 to the wkked; it will be i wihhim, for the
wadof his haads will be given

10 HO RT one another daily,
W x w hile icis called to-day,
'~left iaFV of you be hiardened throw' the deceit~dflnfs of fi.
WNGC men, you~ have o
heY ercor1e die wicked onec.

Z AL hath confuvired e

Dwly to GOI) and oarNegbr L OV L-Ciod wich IIyour foul wi all your keart an~d tTrnJ4 And love your neighbo as yu1

be faithful, juft., and kind. D-,a wi~ t heras udh~ tnother dealwihyL,
What you're unin tingorcie be Cure you neverdo

-lbe infant's Grate liffore *id Ur meat,
B~ LESS mt, 0 Lord, and I
3) y food (trengthen ne t
tk:ve thee, for Jefus.Chirift's. f4kk

TDhSIRE to thank God, wh 51 gves roe food to cat ever dla of my life, Airrn.
Learn 1b.-fe four lines y Heart.
Have co.-r-mnt~ion with few, Be intim-ate wit ONE, % Deal jtdly with al i, Speak evil of none.

NTOW I ay medcwntroteep,
VPriy the Lord my foui
to k p
If I fhould (lie before I wake, I Fray the Lord my foul to take.-

jn ?? uNive quefio-:, &%I allfwfr4.

V BO wa3 the fij ft Man P Adam.
Who was the firft woman? Ez e.
t-- o was the fi4t Murdeter F Cain.
VhO was the firft MAI tVT ? Abel. ik 'ho was the firIl Tranflaecl ? En xh.
Vho was the o:dcft Man ? Me ,h.felah.
j1ho built the Ark ? A Zj.
h ho was tho moft faithful nian P
V110 was the meekeft NNn ? Alqfis.
Vho was the patientell Man ? /O TA w1eilled with the aAge i of Goo. ?
Who led Ifracl into Canaan ? 70&ta.
Who was the ftrongeft Man ? 6ampfon.
IvVha killed Goliah ? David.'
VIho was the wifeft Man ? So!ornon.
Who was in the %bale's Belly ? Yura4.
Who was caft into the Lion's Dtn ?
'Who faves lofl Men ? US CHRISr.
'Who is JESUS CH it ls !Asjon ofGOD.
Who was ffic. MokhcrcfChrid ? Ma ,y.
Who betrAyed his Vafttr _7udas.
Who deny'd hfs Matter Peor.

Young Cbildiehl too tvia die.
rG %y God may (uc anaflfgt
A wak'ning beto me !Oh th~at by eatly grae~ I migbt
Fo'r death prepared be.
Fi EAR thou the Lord od prze him~
Than fhiing old and richelf (Jte
For when tOw wordly 'Tcfeicr'& pa0l.
The Love of Godwill evmr laft.

de D- "'ATT'S CradleHy*r

'- HeavenlIy bkeflungswithout nmer,
sleep, my babo, thy food andiaiet
c Hol n Vorne hy friends provide,
All thy wants ar wefnplyd
h How miuch better tbriu'rt attended,
Than the Sun I Go.d could 4r,
When fhorn hnvaiinie defended,
And betcme a hild like thee.
SVoft anid taly is thy aradip:

ha Taft da~xnted, but wit odru
patience dird courageoufly for thegof4 e of JESUSV I L

Afew cfays bfr i et ew h

Swhom~ Go~lhtdery6ut
Lay up his laws hnyorha

fr~ you to tokupn

when~r~ he s ean gne

Gave over ais olenye

topyfoan o p i. AM
Wherfe1,among my rob~ 4

who- I fdu iave beh i id,
T6at you way read and undaritand
Aa keep it in your mind;Tkat as you have been heirs of that
whicb once will wear Away,
Yout alo may poffefs that part,
which never iJI decay,
Keep always God before your vy%
,with all your~ whole intent,
Commit no fin in ally wife,
but keep his commacidment.
Abbor thAaflarjnt WhOre Of Rrnae,
and all her blafPhemuief,
And driik not of her surfed cup;
obey no her7 decreef.
I G~vye hatior to yoisi nnher dear,
remember well her pain,
And rcornpn ce in her age,

Be always ready for hc help,
and let her not dt:C~y,
ersn well your father al),
Awho fhul have bets yonur ftay.
.ve cd your fettici to ;hecbor
A riches do Ariie,

V'j t~nd from tihe needy, naiked taw',~
turn not away your eyes.
dfror he who~ doth not hear the cry
oa cf tbafe who ftand in netd,
Will cry hirnielf and~ nt be-heard,
whecn he does hope to tpnee ,
If God hathI avn urb$ieai
anti bleff,:d well your 4,.
Remiember you are put in truft,
and Ihould relieve the poor.
Beware of foul anid filhy Nufts,
let fuch thinsae no ptace.
-Keep clean yo~ir vreffelu4in the LORD,
that he may youtwubrace'.
You are the ternples of thiel LOR,
for you atre dcarly hough t.
And they who do dcfdlethe fam;
will surely coriit to Daught.
Be never proud by any mrean~s
build not your hue!ohg~
Nut always havt before your emsi,
thtyou was born to die.
D.-fai not hirl who hired is,
But pay him 1til wih6 tday,
his-wages foi his Pti

03 youz tN' faUm to thlem again,
when tey do~ (tand in mi-ed. Impart your portion to the poo)r,

And fend th rbcf~tn (ot,
of thatwihyud)et
A&k council always of the wife;
give ear unto the et'i,
Anid ne'etreufa the tiweet rcbuke,
Balasthankful to the ,OLD)f,
wrtt pI~aye and with praife. Beg'ng of him~ to blef your ok
And Wrir m& your ways.
Scck fit. I fay the living GOD,
and always him adore.
And then be fore that he will ble
)omir balk et and you~r flore. And I befeech almight~y GOD,
to Teplen.4h you with gracr,
That I may meet you in the heavln ,
and fee you face to face.
And though the fir spy Wdy burn,
euntrary bom knl

according to my mind, let I dohope, Thikt whenlha Ileav'ris
thail van)fh 11ke a ftroll,
fha'] fee you in pelfca fhape, in body and in f ul.
jAn(i that I mav e.lp? your ljVC
nd you enj,)y the land,
I do belcrch the living Lord
to hol-d You in h Is hand.
'I inugh he;e myzbody be adjudgd
ir. flaming fire to fry,
I jy foill -1 tru!1. will (tra;ght A(v-nd
to dwcll ilv ih GoI vri high,
What tho'this c-arcafa Irrart awhile ?
IVI)k tho, thi ; life dvcay ?
My loul I hopt, will be with God,
and iive with him far aTe. I know I am a dinner barn,
from the oTginalAnd that I do deferve todie,
by my forefatiier's fall
But by our Sivrour"I pr-rcirlis b"oud,
which on the crofs was (pilt, Who finely off.-rfd ti,$ hh life,
to lave our (ouls from. gult.

a-)d al)-wh- -n h-rntiiAff.
When I l'h4ll (cc him face-to face, and I'v-c amDng thir I
juft. 00;
Why then should I fdr death!* gri hvc Chrift foy me did Te
Foi King At4d CrFar, r ci and jovrii the foice of dta h mu!i trv
Wh -,n I am c iairt!d to the flakr, and f, gg ) s gi td rnt- to"ind ;
T ei pray the Lord rwy I'cul in beav's
may e with salary ctowit'd.
Co-ne, welcome ,, c.eazli the cnd of fearg,
a-n to dic,
Theicc-irthly fljn,!.A will I-endmy ((-,ad
up to the Lmd on h;gl .
Farewcll mY'ctIJ&Crt to 1 'e warle.
where Von nuft -'.IL iem-Ain,
The Lord of hcft's be yourdcfence,
mr4tt ap in.
Farev elf, my tluin and loving wife.
rry 6,ilditri and my friends, I hope in 14caven to fcc y,,,u all
when a:l things have tY.e!r ends. If ) ou p on to Izrve t he Lord
ai vou huve now begun,
You lkil waik safely all your dqs'

V I 1 U U Ltli yIJI 11 LIQLW
God grant you fo to end your day's
as he halt th'nk it belt
"Oo 'fhat I may meet yoin t tthe heav'ns gri where I do hope to reftV sEs Ior itile C K IL D P.IN.
rfHOUG H I am young a little one-,
Tlf I can (peak and go alone.
'I neft I muift learn to know the Lord,.
VM And learn to read his holy wordI.
Tis time to feek to Godi and Fray, art, Fr what I want for cviy 4iy.
I have a p~rciousfou *to o4sve 'I And I a motth botiy have

And haft~en to ernpity ;
There is a dieadfulfir HI
Where wiked ones ut a4wdys dwceI,
'I here is a Heae full~ of jy
Where godly owswill iwdys Ray
To one. ofth my fou'muft i
As i mmt wen I di
Whcn Gad who ma&ri l. #4


Hle gives me life, and g'ves mue breath A"n he can~ fave my flt hmorn 4satft
By jcius Chrifl, muy only Loth,
According to his holy word.
Ila clothe, my back, and -keeps Me

lie raves my bone and fle II, from harm.
lie give me bread, and milk, and moat ~jAnd all I have that's goud tocat. I~Whin lain tick he, if he ?Ivaftiv
Can make woe well and give me eats. Il e gives me flecla and quiet reft.
Whereby mty body is refrefli'd*
The. Lord is good and k Ind to we,
And "cry thankful I amuf bt. I mutt not fin as others do, Left I lie down forsow too; For God is angry Wv'ry day
Wih wicked ones wki6 o aftray,
I [4ft not take God's name in vain;
I mutno wok, I uft not play
Upun Gd's holy Sabbath day;
SAnd if my parents fpeak the word
I Enuft obey them in the Lrd
Not flcal, mar lie, nor Wafte my -das

In idle ta!cs and rool"M plays,
I mull obey my Lord'& COMMALF1,1f,
Du lomeEhl'10 w thrInY little hands,
Remember T.i-; Clearor now,
Inc ja yputh, while time will it Allow,
Young Samuel ,hat littic child,
He ferv'd the Lord.ltv'd undefil'd,
ILm'in h;s Fervice God employed Pat Whilb Eli's wicked chddieQ dy'd.
When wickcl ciuldeed, m(kck4nSfaid,
To a good man, Go up bad h-ead; ,,
GOD was G-fpicds'a with 1,4em, and
Two bears which thern in pieces rent.
I muft not like thefe.children vilc Difpleafe my GOD, invielfdrCo;
Like young Ab pii, I M'"R fee
That gocia tniugs may bc found in me.
Young kirg( Jolla 11-AA nat blefs'd youth
Ile fought Lae LOSA; and lov'J l4qtrulb,
He lke a king did 3H his
And fqllow'ci GOD with a, 1141'Laf
The little chilcirca they dd ting
lotannA'3 to their heave,-,IV KiP9.
'hat b1cifid ch ld, young w6rhy,

Did learwiGOD'sword moll heedfull
It foem'd to be his tecrzation.
WVhich tri-Ade him wile unto falvato' By prav'rs and tears with faith u

Titefe exatuples were for me;
Like theiv gool children I molt be.
Give me true faith in Chrift my Lot
Obedience to his holy word ;
Nowotd is in this world like thine, Tce es onc Io pure, fiect bod f An6i love thV wo)rd abc a fimegold.
Mie n heart in thy frtutes iounc
And mitake my faith and love abaun Lord circumcniic my heart to love th And n~othinrg in this world above th
Uet me behold t~t plcaferl face,
An 44 ke myfou to grw in grat
Aditek nowleige of my LOR
And (4iouc Chrif, and of his wor


it T kf
in, SHORTER CATECHISM. U f,,eel itpo~ by 14c Ri'erenad Aferzbly

Q.WX HAT is the chief end of

O~A. Man's chief erd i6 to glorify God,
and enjoy him foiever.
C, Q. What rule bath God given to i eiicd us hiow we may glority alCo Id ;, him ?
d. A. The word of God, wh-hi
tained fia the lciiptuics of th ol4d n
n new teftamnn, i; the ony ue o4i
ef teus how wt may plu dai
Enjoy h4m.
0. What doth thkript irenc.
paily teah?~itr roi

whAt man i s to beivca.crrig Gr;d,
ion~ what duty God requiic6< ofan
(). What is God ?
.1. God is it fpmrit, infintek eternalI id unchngaI-in his b*ein~g, w.[-

dom, nower, hoj4nerg, jwftice., goodness and trulb. ,
Are thCIC MOTC G o& than one
A, There'is but one only, the and true God.
Q. How many perfans arc thefe in the God-hCAd ?
A. Tberv are three pewtons in the God-brad-, the Father. the Son and the Holy G'Ir)J.'dfid theft thice, area-,, G,)d, Lhr, 14Mt ir fjjbltanCe eqoal iia pnwcr and poory.
\Vftjat arc the decrees of G A
A. 'I hc dcc tes of God are his eter nAl purple, according to the council Qf his o W h wili, whereby for his ow glory, he heth loreoidaincd Whalf, ever com-s to
Q- flow doth Gid execute his d crees?
A. Go! e5, rrweth his decrees in th % ')rks of ce&uon a tl provicitnce.
0. What it the work, of vca:;on'
Th-- woLk of ci nation is God making -I thitigis of nothing, by i

word of his powex, in the fpace of fix
davs, and all very good.
S Q. flow did God create man?
r, A. C-4 crealed man, mAle and female, ahfte hi&, owdf unage, in knokvlc~;ri-hteiunefs ancl holiness, with
dovninion over his cteatures.
Ihe Q. What are God's wormkb of pi oviIh ience ?
on A. God's works of prvienct at-.
in .kM01 holl, wife and poweiful preS? CfVTng and governing, all h6ermaturs,
;dAltei actions.
,te Q. Wsa- lprci.J ia of providence mfc, id Gu'd exercd'e towar4s'anj in the
ilate wherein he wa, creatd?
aL A. When, God created rpa~i hcenred into a covenant 6f life with bi nri de pon condSUtori of perfett obedlice, )rb3iddirj him txv of aicetree of
Snowvlrdge of good ~ t?& aa

n ,Did our fir ft parents Continue it
e late wherein they were created?
A. Our fiftpacrt,,bein~g ltftozho

fUeedom of their own. will, fall froma the efftt wherein they were created,, b~y tinning againift God.
Q.What is in?
A.Sin is an wiant of conformity unto, or tranfgreffiun of,' the law of God.
Q.What was the fin whereby orur firlt parents fell fromx the eftate where.! ia they were created ?
A. The fin whereby our firif parents fell from the ettate wherein tE'ey were created, was their eating the fotbiddcn

Did all unkind fall in Adam fitit ttan grellcn I
A. The covenant bing made wit Adam, not only for hirtfelf, but for h Foflcrity, all mankind defended fro him by ordinary gmrtion, finned him, and fell wirl 'hi in Ai fit

Int lnwhat ftate didtlie fall btin mnakind?
A., The fall itought mankind in~a

Rt t of Rnt antd uiter.
~ .Wherein oon iits the finfulnefs
oftoat eftlate where into mani fell ?
A. The finfulnefs of that eftate
whereinto -nar, fell, confifts in the guilt
i of Adam's irff fin, the want of origin-.
ofat nIghteoulnefs and the corruption of
lli3 whole 1ntura, which iscmol
or(ailed original in toehrwt l
te actual tranfareffionswhcpredd
fijoi It. a
tin Q. W-hat ih themuifery Pf tatfat v era wlprcinto man fel? Idc A. All mankind bythe fal lot com
muni'on With God, ar ne his wrath~ La land cu~fe, and to made liable to all the

wi L the pains of bllfocj
rh Q. Did God l~eve all makirn to
fro perifh in the flateof fi n miery ?

to everlaff* elife, did eniatacovwiineant o ae odlie hmotci
aflate of n and il L-y, and t r~'

thcm into a Uate of fallvation by a Re-' der.mer.
Who is the Redeemer of God's elch ?
A. The pn!y Redeemer of God's cle &, is t ,e Loi d jefus Chri R, w ho being ht etex nal Son oU (;oi,. becitme
nd to was and continues to be God and man, in two diffina natares, and one prrfon foiever.
Ho ,v did Chtift, being the Sonr
0 U od, Lccome man
A Chiiii LLf- Son of God becam rrran, bv akn, ,, himfell a truc bod and a Yealorrable foul, beirg Conceive by t -e power of Lhe ITCly Gi crft, inth womb of the virgin M,3z y,,and born o ber, and ) eL wit hoat. fin.'
Q. W'haL office doth Chrift execul as our redeemer ?
A. Chriflaso-ar Redeemerexecutet ,e I.fficc of a Prophet, of aPrw*cft, an of a K;np, b(,tb in his deflate of hurnili
c -altation.
aticri anc N
How dotb Chrift exeOute the a I fice of a Prophet ?

te A. Chril1 CXCCUtcth the offi-e of a 2

d' P'rophet, in rtveaing to us b his woidc
a114 spirit, the will of God fikr our fklvatigfl.
be Q. How doth ebhri II execute thc ofbe fc of a Priefi ?
An A. ChrIft tiecutiCeofcefa be Prieft, in hi on hilceoofrn u if a
refacricc to fat,%fy divinr e it iccand reconcile us to God, and inmkigobn
Q. How OothChrift xecute the ofom fice of a King ?
odA. thrift executedthe ~OFRk of a 'e King, in fubduing us to himself. in rubmtaig and defending ug, and in re'Itraiia. n o ing and conqueni ail his and our
cut Q. WhLerein did Chrfts huilitionl
contift ?
tat A. Chrift's humihaion corififled in an his being born and thatin a low conn~idition, made under the law, undrrgotoing the mifaries of this life, the wrath
Sof God~and the curfoadeahef ecrofs

In -Tn7 burled, and coatinuingyuneer
t~~~h ~ ~ a 11w fdet for a time.
c,- Wrin conififts Chrit's exalA. Chift's exaltation confiftcth in a, 6i -,ig agoin from the dead on Cie Li f, in arcdtg up into Heaven.
ad at the right hand of God Stil th, and in c tuning to judge the
13rl at the laft day.
fl ow are we made partakers of tet edrmption piuchafed by Chrifl ?' A. We are made partakers of the pturchafed b~y Chrif, by the effedtual application of it to ub i nh-, faiirit. sbhs
t. How dotli the spirit apply to us
!hcrdemption purchalcd by Chrift?
A. The (pirit applieth to ui the redro,_iption purchafed by Chn(Iftby wqrk. faith in us, and thereby uniting s toCrift in our effeauai falling.
0. What is C~&aual calling
EX fldual calling is the work oF ULc.I'S fDiitwhrebay convinciqgusof

our fin and' maferI, CIlighten-flg out:r ninos in the kriowledgeo~f Chriftand
reniewing out wils, he doth Durfuade and anahie us to embrace )elus Chrift
freely offered to us in thie gofpel.
n Q. What bceeits do thof'e who are
S effiktually called partakeof in this iife?
~Thofe who are efTcauidy Ilo4aled
do in this life partak!3 of luflification,
*adoptinnd ii wftilication,and thefiev
eral benc fit& which in this life do ei.
t her accompany or flow from thern.
Q. What is Ju~lification ?
A. juitiricattis 'an a&k of God's
free grace, wherein fie pardotne al
a our frns, and acccpleth us as righeu
inj his fight, only for the righteorafnf
of Chrift imput4 to us, and received
?by faithi aloe.
Q.What is Adoption ?
A. Adoj~tioi s an a& of God's fice
grace, whereby we are received inrlj
teatnumtber a have a right to all the
rrvilega of the fis of God. F Q. What is lfanffiation.
f A. Sarja'ficatiun is tria wor' ;

IICUc grdic, w nceo wc ary ae viewed in the whole man, after the image of God, an~d are enabled more and miote to die -unto fin and live unto, iighteoulnefs.
Q. What ar* the benefits which in thib life do either accompany or flow from Jufi fication, Adoption, and Sinc"ilc:on ?
A. The btnefits which in this life do either accompany or flow IJCm Juft: Ficat ion, Adopt fort, and Sinfiificai ion, ar- a ffurdnce of God's love, peace of Sconficnce. joy in the Holy Ghofi, incr_4eo 9 g-4 ce, and peta verance therein 1b 01e end
\N, 1;at bane fits do bel ievers receive from Chrif! at their 4ceath ?
A. T he r. uls of Believeis art at their ethmade perfect isn holinefs, and itnt-dat~Jy pals int-o glory, and -heir
1,)-:tsbeing Hill 'xiiicd to IChrift, do ir:! in-1- ir grzvc-int :l the refurrueIion.
0.i~ \Vca teni s do be', evcrsr1; fon rIl Wt tle R C i LI I IC; iiq?
A, t~erfrcfit Je'i

being eai l'-d up to tlorv. U, m us ve-) acknowle4&dund acq I i I -,tied in the day A oi Judgmcnt' and rpaue iaei 1-6' Y bldred in the full erjoymen', of God to all eternity. [quicF, of ni ia ?
n What Is t ,C Cluty wh ch God reThe eu-v wh ch God if quivTs of
man, isoabeJie-ce, c) his vt-vc,:e1 wil).
Q. What d:ki God at fi, It i :vcal to e, man ro- the 7ule of disobedience.
A. -1 he i ul& whic Ti God at fir It vr.
eaed to ni-ir) fr h s (Ybvd ence was
the qIO A
9. 0, hur:n is t1ke Moral Lavv fummarik, cnnprc rnded.
A.The NII'Tal Law is fUinmav 'v cnmvichenOrw in thr ttn Cornman(imrnz .
Q. "A'bat is theium of hetenComA, 'I t:e (urn (if ibe Ter. Commandment, i to lovf- lh Lord cui GeA with ,ll cur Ycii,, with all (,ur foul, with all our filength, and with all Our
raircl. 3" out n-ghbov as o"lirn!Ves.
Q. \Vht is the ptefac to t, e T-?

11.X01 preTaCC to trie ton Lom.. rnandments is in thefe words, I amth Lord thy God,, which have brought thee oijt of the land of Egypt, and ot 0f the hotifc of bondage.
Q.What 4doth the preface to the

ten -ornmandiments teach u~s?
A.'I he preface to the Tvnpomrnad.
Inet teach us, that, becaufa God isth Lordi, and our God and Redeemeer, Commaandments ?
Q.Which is the frtCorshmandment?
A. The firRl Commanndmnent is, M~on A& a4 have no other Gods &/fore mue.
Q. w lax is tequired in the firit com wand m en t?
A. The filrt C ia~tdmenL requireml US to know and to acknowledge G A to be ti e only' true, God, and our God, and to Worfhip and glorify him

Q.m~a~t is forbidden in the firft

A. The fluff commandm~ent forbidchb th-, denying, or not worfhping

and glorifyiog the~ true God, as o
and out God, and the giving that worf lip and- glory to any other which is
due to him alone.
Q.What are we Ofpcially -aught
by tnele ivords (before IMe) in the firti
A. Thefe woids, before Me, in the,
r, ift Commandmnent, teach us that Gcc Is who feeth all thing;, taketh notice of,
and is nauch difuleafrd with the fin of
? havoirg any other GaL.
Q. Which is the fecond Couvssand&
went ?
"a. The fecond commrandmnent i;,
nhf allrt make unto lheo ny prw
image, wr any likeRnji of a 'fl thin' that in Heaven above or that is ill t, e.'th b
nealk or that is in the watersf iur e earth,' thou ftsallt ow dowit thyflj them wor It roe them. ; ]or I theLoed thy G tn a jealeta God ; zrifitig t iniquities tke Jat hers upons the thlde stte i and fourth geerao fw 11*, .'at h
fne, andfiei~ mclcyuxtteka l
,that loac mae, a,-d heep in,y or"den

Q.What is required in the fecood

A. I he feaond corrnmindrnent reqilr ty the facelvrng, ob(crving andI keepin- pure and entire all fuch religha" wi ai~ and ordinances, as God haw~h in his XWord.
0. W ,-,at is forbidden im the fecond
C~nrna~Ir~? I
A. The feond commandments forbiddeth the worflripieg 6f God by iW. ages. or any other way not appointed ina hiswrd.
Q.What are the reafonS anncxcd
0 to the fecond commandment ? I
A. 'The reafons annexed to the fecoxid commandment, are Ooti's Sover. gnty over us, his propriety in us, arnd te zeal he bath for his own~ worfh'p.
Q.Which is the third commandmet ?i
A. The third commantdment is, Thou ':gmatt net tako the nwmg, ef tM Lord thy
-od in ain Ijoy Me Lord toit mot hold him
4/tka aketh hir naMe in W~ita.

W.\hat is Yeqiuired in the third: con~andment ?
A. Tius third commnandm~ent recu ireth the holy and rcveroend ufo of ( 3d's namues, title, attibutos, ordinaice%, Word arid XV.Mks.
Q. What is forbidden in the third conmandmeint ?
A. Tho third Commnandme~nt forbiddeth all profaning or abusing cni any *thing whoreby God maketh him. fc'I known.,
Q., What is the reafon annxcd t the third commandment ?
A. The reafon annexed to the third commandment is, That however the breakets of this commandment mav ofcapa porsifhmrrent fron mien, yet th~e Lord our Ccx will not fuffer thtuii to eficape his righteous Judgment,
Q.Which is the fourth comman~dA. The fourth eomndtuent is, Re. meisr the Sabbathi day, to keep it lroy, days ikalt thou& labor gad do all ek hut the Sevarti day i4 the Sabb us..

w. Trd tky God, in ik thou Ji'lt ntot do anyj
Iork, thou, nor Mhy Jon nar thy daughter, f4 tsnan/emant nlor thy maid frant nor thy ctti nior Mhe rangerr that is within thy~ gates ; Jai in fix day the Lord made fIetn12n and Ear-th, theJea, and all Mhae in them is, and rtefled Mhe ferventh day wherefore the Lord A, Jd the jabbath day,ad heoowed it,
Q. What is' requited in the fourth commdndmnt
W, A. The fourth commandment requireth the keeping holy to God fuch let times as he hatri appointed in his Word, exprelsly ( ne -Ahole day ini 'feven to be a holy Sabbath to hirnfclf. V Which day of the even hatbGod appointed to be the wetkly fiabbath ?
A. fitorn thec begin nirg of the world to the i efrrre.~on of C hrift, God appointed the feveth dlay of the week ~be the weekly Sabbath, and the firft day of the weeck ever fince, to continaucto theend of the xorld, wh'a is

H.fow is the 5abbatlito be faiEIM

A ht Sabbath is to be wfaiihcd byt a hlyrefing all that day,even fromn Inch worldly employnicwfs and Tcications as. are lawful on other days, and pending the whole~ time in public and private cxercifesof God's worfhip except fai much as is to be taken up in ths works of neceflity and mCICY.
QWhat is forbidden ini the foturth cornmandmetrt?
A. The fourth commaridment forbiddeth the orn'ifiin or careless er fortnisrce of the duie's req wred, and the profaning of the day b~y iciienh, or doing that which is iun itfef sinful ; or by unnef4ary tbouhts, words or works about wotily oumptoyiiits or rcrfeationis.
Q. Wb~ia a= the realon; anni~xe4 0' the fourthu conaamqi ?
A.The aeafors annsexed tothe fourth commandmett are God's allkwigs fix days oflthe wee forour ownliploymnicn2, his chaegn pc~

lopriety in t!-,n (event'li, his own ex. !MPInntesa'nd li'sb efVngxhrSa bath day,
Which is the fifth commandnicot ?
A. TheVih comman3irent :S, r1c".
or thy Father 'and thy, Mother, thr, thy dav.i may be long own the and, vjAt(-h the
J.crd thy God givetk hee.
What is rcquiTed in the fifth
A. Xho fifth commandt.nent requireth the prcf,,rving of the hor)OT, and performing the duties belonging to ev.
cry -ine i ri t,- eir felvel al places at d I c a' lor ,as fup-criots, i-'nferiors.or aqua'!.
W hat is forbidden in the fiftn
commani-mtrit T
A. Tkkc fifth commandvirtit forbodeth the negic(A-ug oF. or acting any tFin agai"if, thc, ),onor and dutv wh:ch Won to e-very one in their
several Phiceb and rrlat;nn .

the fifth comm;ndt-new ?
A. The reason anncxcd to the fifth

(2. What is the rtaf,:)n annexed to
COM10iindmcm. is, a porn4c of lorg

life and property (as fair as fliall feiv for God's glory and their own good11< to all fuch ?,b keep 11is comndmen-rt.
Q. Which is the fiictI command.& Ment ?
A. The firtb commandment isThous .fa& not kill.
Q.- What it required ina ti-e fit commandment ?
A. The lixth cimmandmnt requireth all lawful endeavours to proferve our own life, and thn life of others.
Q. What is fo dden it, the fixih commandment ?
A. The fixth commtntxmesn foibideth tlbe taking away of our own life, or the life ot (or neigtibor umnjiufty, and whatever tecndetb- thereveto.
QWhich is the fovenib command-~ ment?
A. The,, feuth~ commandment i T'iz fia It notf tTmrt ada/~.eY
Q.What is required in the fewnrth corn'-ratldfeft?
A. The fvemth commincdmenrt iequircth the pi cfervation of otmr ow/

at .),d our neighbors' chaftitY, in heAit
f'pech and behavior.
Q.What is forbidden in the fey.earon commnandment ?
A. The seventhh commandment forbiddet1 all unchafte thoughts, words
and attions.
Q.Which is the eighth commandiment ?
A. The eighth conimandiment is,
Srhoz jhclt izetfical.
Q.What is requited in the eighth
commaOd meot ?
A. -the eighth commandment requirceh the lawful procuring and furthoing the weailth and outward afate
uf ourselves and others,
QW'tiat is forbidden in thc eighth

A. The eighth commandment forbiddeth whatfoever doili, or may unjuft~y hinder ujr own, or out nc 1 8
oo~r's wealth or Qitwayrd estate.
0 Which is Lhe nin-.b contmandA \A. The ninih commandniem is,Tk,'A

f7iat tA~i kear fw; fe witwjs agip tiq4~

Q. WVllat ig rcq~iired in~ th ninth
cQfrimandamnt ?
I A. ITIe ninth commandmn utnequir.
rth~ th maintajiig and pro tngo
truth betwi~en man and ma, anad ofour own a~nd our neighor's good name,
;I cfprcially in nfh-ating.
() Wfrat is orbde iq e nintha
A. TIhc ninth commdricnntfosbideth whatfoever is prejudicial to truth, or, injurious to ou~r own or out neigl%.
bur's good namie.
Q. Which is then tenth~ ctad. h meat ?
A. The tenth3 cetmnien 7u
1t not covet May righb6or's haue.m dm izal n ~ot covet ty neighbor's wile arhk mranfervant, no- his maidftrvan, eHi
ex, norkisa%, nor ay thing i
Q.Whatis require ini theten

% A. The tenth commandmetit re-i~ eth full contentment with our condit ion, with a tight and charitable f ame of fpirit towards our aleigbbor, and all that is his.Q.What ir fordidden ir. the tenth
A. The tenth commandment fotbideth all difcontentii witb our own eftate', envying or grieving at the goo-lofour reighbor, and all inordinate emotionss, and afedions to any thing that is bit.
t Q. -Is any man able perfectly to keep the comi~nandmnerts of God ?
A. Nop mre man fm~ce the fall is able in tis life, perfettiy to keep the, commnd~ments ot God, but daily doth break tem in thought, word and deed.
Q. Are all tranifgreffiona of the 9law equiIly heinous?
4 Some fins in ilemfel ves, and by re*afon of feveral aggravations, aie mote harieous i n the fi ght of God than other, Q.What doth every fin dcfetve ?
A., Every fin deferviss God's wrt

and cuirfa both in this life, and t. w h;,,h i to com~e.
Q. Wnat doth God Tcqure of uA t ITa t Ave may efcal C his wrath and curfe due to us for fin.
A. To efcape the wrath and cuf of COfd due to ua for fini, God reqL*ireth of us faith in 'efus Chrift, rcpcntnce untolifo wvith a ditigcrntula of allouL,. ward ontang whereby Cbrift cornmuni. cattth to us th1e benefit of redemption.*
."What is faith in jefus Chrift ?
A. Fdiith in J efus Chriff, is a having grace whereby we riteive, and rftt upon himr alone for falvation, iss heo is offered to U-1 i a the g4e1i.
Q.What is repenice u n Ii hfA. Repentance unto life is a favin Race, whereby a finner, out of a tru fenlo of his fin and appre; the mercy of God in. Chtit bohith gritif and hatred ofhis fin, turn from it unto God, wit full purpof~e f, and endeavors aft wii obedience..',
Q.What are th outward! and or
nsty means whereby Chrifwt mnii.

Lth to ut the benflis of redemotion
A. The outward and ordiriary means
whereby Chrilt communicates to us the atehisordinanccs, efPecial!y the words, faciairmnerit and prayer ; al I which are made effec.
tual to theeltff far falvation.
How is 01C word madit cffoaual
Wo falva'Juns
A. I he Spirit of Gjd Triaketh the
reading, but cfprciall the preaching of the word, 2n effc1lual means u.-con.
VITIcingand converting finntj, arid of building thern up in holincls aud cornfoyt thro, faith unto falvati('n.
0. How is the word to be icad a"Id
heatd, that it may become effCtiual to
salvation ?
A. That the wotd rri i- become rffc&ual to falvatiou, we, mull attend thercunto with diliget- ce, preparation and prayer. receive it with futh and .1ove, lay it up in OLrbeariband prac4
twe it 'n Ourliv' S.
How 6o ibe facrarrients becorne
ifc;Uual tucaus of falviinum.

A. The sacraments become efftatiatj means of salvation, mt from any virtue in them, or in him ih3t doth adminifter them, but only by thr HCM lg of Chrilt and the wmkng of tne Spkit in them who by fa th rect-ii-e thern.
What is- a sacrament ?
A. A sacrament is an holy ozd;nance, instituted by Chrift, wherein by fenfi ble figns Cr
Viri It and the benefizs of the new covenant are represented, feared 4a4 applied to belieVefs,
What are t e faci agents of the new Teftament.
A. The iactaments of the now Teftament, aye baptifin and the Lard's' upper.
What is Raptifm ?
A. Baptifrn is a facrement wherein Che walking with water, in the name of the FAther, anci of the Son, 1ko the Holy Gholt, do6 signify and it our ingrafting into Chrift, and parre ing Of Lhe b0titfilS of the covenantibf grace, and our engagement to be the Eold'b.

Q.To whom is baPl*. in to be adA. Baptifmn is not to be admoini flered to any that are out of the vifible church, ti they profefs their faith in Chtift, and obedience to him ; but the infants of fuch -as are mitrbcrs -of the vifible church ate to h~e baptized.
Q.What iq the Lord's ftipptr ?
A. The Lord's fupper is a facratnrnt, wphertin by pivrng anre ceiVing Isto 8 and wint a( Chrft's appiik ment, his death sf h'eAwed foi th, a oih wvorthly #eceiversarr not after acorporal and carnal marine,, but by faith
-Dada part aketso aT is body and blood, with all his benf fits. to their [ piritual tiour Chbinent afid gro~vth in i gace.
0. What is iequl ed in the worthy receiving of t~he Ltsrda fuPpperP
A. It ts ;ceuiced of thcrn that %Atiud worthily partake of the Loi4's fpe,. that stey exxamsne Chfinelves, of their knowledge to di~corn the Lords ody, of Lileir faitii to feed uz?on him,

of tbc r rcpcatanct love and new o7O 41ence, itA cc,.ni 4 u iwcrthily, tiley car ind ( -iqkyadgaicnt tothcmcjvc5.
is plit)'CT ?
i A-1 clf -Iiria UD of Gur dV"LI:Cq o Got for fhi,,g agczabir to Iis w il in [he naine of CLrA with co J :ffi )n oi our fins, and thankful ack"ow!e6g wint of his merctes.
0. Whai rule tath GA given fqr" ow &Te&on i- piayct
The whole wotd 0! f, -d is of U e t3 d rea us in prayer, buL the lp -,Ciaj iu e of DireEbon it that futm 6f psa gr "Viuch Chrift" taught his 4dikiplea, f omtrjon!y tailed 0c Lo, d's piiyer,
(2 WaaL Lkts the preface to Lh* Lold's Playet teach us?
A. The preface to the L ord's P i aye r w hich is, Ozer Z*her whi hayt in Hcaveo, Lcz cnet!i us to, Ciraw ne.r unto G'jCP w ithAn buly i evcrence and confidcracq a3 cli.:dreri ioa father, alik and ECAM ro hC(p US, and that we Ifhowuld 'pY.IJ wi b and for there.

/Whet dlo we pray for in the

A.In the firft petition, which is~, Thz,',owedbe tky .name,, we pray tha-t God
-would enable us Antd otlicmt to gtoi if y him ti ail that whereby he makes h-mIfel known ariA that ha, would diipole alt things to hisow'n glory.
Q.W hat dzo we piqa for in the f!c.
A. I the fecond petition, which is Thy kingdoii omr, we pr~ay, that 3atan'
kno m my be >deftroyei that the kinguorn of gfa ue wy be advanced, ~ourtrdves and others urought into it:2l and kept in it and that the kingoo of gloiy *t h aft4
Q.What cio we pray fo i tr

A. la tte third ct4 or hc
Thywd beJ~reoeath as fit i
ex CP Yta God ty fitsg
Id mke ts ble and wirn to
obyad luhmtio his wilui
f g,,, as the Angelsa o in Heavn

W hat do~W wte ray f h'I~ .f r) the forhptii hiebfi is, Q.i a tis4wey satr y bread eN r

Wehat epa o iu hefft ink thei$ fifth p t'aUwhch* Amdbrih uj ou dtsaiw Jriv a

de~ar, w pay tht ,, fT hiti tak woud foa pado Lall u f~ins

12- What ql(jth the conclufien of the
s raver t4nach us
A The concluVion of the Loid's tAay'erwhicb is, Foi thim is the hziz dor and the power, and the glor),,Jareutr, Amfn,
tcachcLn us to take our encouragement in player ficim God only, and in c ur priivcrs to praise him, Aicribm- kngdorm, power-and 41oy to him ; id in teilimony 0 cui defirt and affuranco to ba hcaid, we lay, AMEN.

I N I S.