The American spelling book


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The American spelling book containing the rudiments of the English language, for the use of schools in the United States
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168 p. : ill. ; 17 cm.
Webster, Noah, 1758-1843
Worsley, William W., 1780 or 81-1852
W.W. Worsley
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Lexington, Ky
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Rev. impression, with the latest corrections


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Children -- Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
English language -- Pronunciation -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Spellers -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Children's stories   ( lcsh )
Spellers -- 1823   ( rbgenr )
Children's stories -- 1823   ( lcsh )
Readers -- 1823   ( rbgenr )
Textbooks -- 1823   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1823
Spellers   ( rbgenr )
Children's stories
Readers   ( rbgenr )
Textbooks   ( rbgenr )
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Kentucky -- Lexington


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by Noah Webster.

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University of Florida
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13Y NOA9 W 1,13STER, ESQ.


wrrmlorypilm 8v C. N ALDWIN 'FwoHNLEXINCITON, Ky.



OWN wM'- 7

DWrid C7erk's 4VL-Prr RF.M ,Asrwm, that an the fifteenth day of Selittoober, A, 1317, and io t: "'rty- mood year of the lti deri!,Ien of tile United tt os cd nwrica. NOAH t;'STE E off the iiai(i hsttict,lhath deposited in this offfifice t L. s 1, ) 13 'k
I ut e o a oo the right, wnerof be claims as author, j the words following, to wit;
'P)v,A ,,Pwiean Spelling Book; containing the Rudiments of the En i e 1w the use'of Schools in the United fitates. By Noa

U, conion- v to ihe Act of the Congres'. of the Vnited Stateg,
j(!je(j' .' kt act 1,,t 0w eiwo,,ragemen, of leartung, by securingibecopie (if Mar Citarts, and Bo4 )r tri the authors and proprietors of cue
Cvp:t,' (Im w; i;w t;, ie t',erai wortioned." And tu, A I alcd, An Net, s,,pple eurarv to an Act. eul tled, t 2.1 tc,
-ecuring I it, I
= n ent of Learnn)g. b Ih copies 4ff Charts, at)
the a,)flmr wid pmprietors of suct, copw Wag the tinne 4hmviin nlewinilvd. aril e wndujg the benefits t"t4, I ,'Lhe artsbf' de
i swgpn*,mraviog, atict etchiuS wt-i-Lcal and ower pitats."
Clerk q the Liabict q( X=achuseas,


'i HE A-31FRTCAN SPFLTANG TtlooK, or first Part of
G, ,_:tnat;caJ Institute ofthe EngLi!i Llnruag
d, encountered an opposition, which f",
)WIcallons have sustained with success. It hL)W e.
aiaMtalned its ground, ail i i rvinivation h-ts been
!Pnc do.Lflly extci-led and est;J111; %ed, until it lifts become tln
R prinxipal elementary book in the Unit zi SIIV23. In
e in
-re it Part of the northern ms it is -C, book 4 1
t e kind used; it is nincli iv,. d in i'; e i,,:: MId
En- 11 Suae's; and its ai- ri '1,s 1 delicate a jair.-,p vi, I in,,'nar dimiancl. FL evinced Dot ordy by this
d but by a fact, that in 1311 iy %-'en
mv -; !s tr-cle to riv,,! have aN cwi 1 uciLictl il:-:r work wn a i i so tae of thena h,,
pn -- -.i,, 'v copied'a
ie ?7 ;!z!)C;;v;In M ost 'I-- 11c,..-,. f!_:
Of the Unitc:i Sa., s, ;,Ad t o pu!)!x vffit h",
cted the or', 'I
jrw I ta.)re c&ciai.-ily fli n tic
tj nastiess of Ole law.*

ie saks of (lie Ampr;can Spe.,Wn B),)!-, since it ,, i, j- ,
a rount to morcthiri i,ivii; mll,'_TONS 04 Cotii,3-.-ard 111V
t iacrea -. i' great advent !,P expe! len, il:
ZT inz 1hi- lvo:-k. -;A-) of the sc!"em"nof ?m-,-.-c]
'r, ;,hcxhi"1;tS the tt, bqq r i
S xit cn,
y'l, a ma.-k over v-ic!) The r:
-. -toocoln 1,,%
il to c1lil Vie e"
erstandin,,. X tberu the !-_ast
m in ',Vaixer, SheriAan, and ni:,-19 of i l wo-d. in oar a corre(
talizlit 13V -A tintu-11 di-okion of' ;h- wi 1
1 n for rhcio g the accent, than by a mina an i or,
of characters.


Gtitude to the public as well as a desire to fhr
clls with a more complete and well digested sys
elements, has induced nme to embrace the opport
l-hen the first patent expires, to revise the work, give it all the improvement which the experience
many teachers, and my own observations and refiecti
have suggested. In the execution of this design, c has been taken to preserve the scheme of pronunciati and the substance of the former work. Most of the t bks, having stood the test of experience, are consider as susceptible of little improvement or amendmentfew alterations are made with a view to accommodate th work to the most accurate rules of pronunciation, an most general usage of speaking; as also to correct som errors which had crept into the work. A perfect sta dard of pronuciation, in a living language, is not to b S expected; ard when the best English dictionaries difl
from each other, in several hundred, probably a thousand words, where are we to seek for undisputed rules? and
how can we arrive at perfect uniformity?
The rules respeetin~ accent, prefixed to the former
work, are found to be too lengthy and complex, to answer aty valuable purpose in a work intended for children; they are therefore omitted. The geographical tables are thrown into a different form; and the abridgment of grammar is omitted. Geography and Grammar are sri,nces that require distinct treatises, and schools are furnished with them in abundance. It is believed to be more useful to confine this work to its proper objects the teaching of the first elements of the language, spelling and reading. On this subject the opinion of many judicions persons concurs with my own.
The improvements made in this work, chiefly consist
in a great number of new tables, some of them are ini tended to exhibit tile manner in which derivative words and the variations of nouns, adjectives and verbs, are onrmed. The examples of this sort cannot fail tco b very )srful; as children, who may be well acquainted with a word in the sinular number, or positive depee, may be perplexed when they see it in the plural number, or 1)mporative form. The examples of d-rivation, will

-'03.1 youth to observe the manner in xvliMl v,,ri,:i.
sprln froin one ra6cid word, and t!lu.i !f yst
it) some knowleip-1 of the furmviiion ef 1 tmn n I I
R wi'uner ni w.Licla syllabl-s ZU'O autl(
Ice d the S 11 '.;e of lv irds.
Ofr-ading, care has been i tiol
1'- 13 not u 'vrd ar a,
C .' r i ':;' 1
Itio I'Ll'i'y of objects, Useful
e ta
arnes of places, ri V ar introduce, d into tI
th 5 "1 1 p red to exhibit thei r ju t or, i i '
an lo: 7 according to the un -,dogics i i)D) common uswres of th(, coolltry.
an 7i _:-] names has not, in ev( ry in
be :i A nierican authors. I v1- u
ordwg-aphy, yund Fe i
'scoverers oi- early trmvdi -rs
1 Mv Cls in the IF; j I" I ff'% LOW d(tes 11! er j)
.11 this
Con to ',;e 1, not to Le ZAus pn' Rre stramer'.
of the nilu, S

1 1) made in colv i'v ii'
ulilirll 7s accoj 1, k
th orthngrap!, q::
-it ;w tru
of a jlacp, th ,,t w1i; h plixe.-T 11 -.-e 'mi, N-S r L11; hit
I ve that, in 1(' 1, Ilry i Aorll:: I, !I v 1, r 'I'FC(t It ',,:, h we".1 11 Iny em aN, til" R
J' rs.
pooi n- of currectnoss and urt' 'ormity in tbr of a hfzok of 1 ]I w '..
IV ()f a(I"! t" r(


to insure these desirable objects; and it is believed such measures are taken, as will render all the f impressions of this work, uniform in the pages, well
cuted, and perfectly correct.
In the progress of society and improvement s
gradual changes must be expected in a living lang Iand corresponding alterations in elementary books instruction,become indispensable: but it is desirable t these lterations should be as few as possible, for they 'casi onuncertaintyand inconvenience. And although p (ect unifrmity in speaking, is not probably attainable A-y living la euale, yet it is to be wished that lthe yo
of ~ country may be, as little as possible, perplex
with various ditTering systems and standards. Whatev may be the difference of opinion among individuals re peting a few particular words, or the particular arrange ment of a few classes of words, the general interest of e ucation requires thUit a disposition to multiply bolks an systems for teaching the language of the coutrv, should not be indulged to an unlimited extent. On this dopos
tion, however, the public sentiment alone can impose r4
As the first part of the Institute met with the geAr
approbation of my fellow citizens, it is presumed tht! ( bour bestowed upon this work, in correcting and impre,
ing the system, will render it still more acceptable to public facilitating theeducation of youth, and enabling
teaches to instil into their minds, with thefirst ridiment of the language, some just ideas of region, morals, an
domestic economy. .
NE!qw-HA2VE. 1801

rutir R THE
ell e
ENGLISH LANGUAGELANGUAGE, in its niore limited sense is theex"Ssioll Of ideas bv articulate unds. In a nv)re gerieh al sense. the word deoot, s all sounds by which anirrj JL'
Xpress t! f,*r feelings, in such a ni aner as to be undc,-- I rOu tood by thi ir own species. x" Articulate sounds are those which are fornied v 0 4 iuaian voice, in pronouncing letters, syllables and woro .
and constitute the spokeit languaLe wkich is caddies I I o the ear. Letters are the ni .rks of sounds, 0;
iirst cleaments of written Liwuage, which is prstntud ta
ilit, eye.
'i t In. a perfect lan-,mge, every slrnpl- sountl wnuld hpr ssed bv q diSt;TICt c!iaracter; and no ch.u,,wi ,r v,
lim-o zn--,r tian one sound. But 1-in-uw_es are DC)t tL., lish Lanarua-e.,
1)1-lrf,,ct; and I lie, Eng 1 In pax"icuiir, IS,
th-s" respects, extremely irrecular. 4
The letters used in wrifinL, when arranffed in a 'n 11)) V custoniar order, co'llpose AV11"t is called ati ""-;" ;"o"
The English Alph.-11)et consists of.twvnty-six i 0
sin"Ie characters ; and for Nvant of ovi ,rs, certair, slaiv! Is sounds are rep-, ,seated by two 1, i ers un'tcd.
The letters or sixi-le ch'tract lri are, a b, c, d, e,
k, 1, in, it, o, q, r, s, u, v. iv, x, JILL
compound &iracters. represemmig dlAinct sou lds. ; e' en, S!,' th rilljere is also a d'stinrt sound d bv, r7, as in loag,; an(t anotlier by s or z, 'Is ir:d on, azure,
Winch sound raight be rerireseuv-d 1)v Ii.
Letters are of two kitids, voimcls and consonants.
A vowel is It siniple articol:-ite scoun(), form-(l without
ilie b-olp ofanoth,',r letter, 'iv openim th' ruxltll IC a par1cular manner, and be---nn and cornPlet O w'!!, t!" sqn1f.
--)osition of the organs; as, el e. The 1 -ers wYclj I-! present these sourids ire six Lilt e*!c'1(?f
characAers is used to expres-, two' (,Wmore sii ds

.dIn Easy Stnadof rnuc -17

e as in defy; the sound of y, in the la-te xN
n-ged, termninates in e, and is really dipthouna.\
A tripthong is a union of three vowels in asyrf-m
~it itmay be questioned whether in any EnglishI jord, we-( ronounce three vowels in a single aiticnlaltion. Inl the
'ord adieu, the three vowels are not distinctly sounded.
"~B has but one sound, as in bite.
C is always sounded like kr or s-ike Jr before a, o, and
and like s before e, i, and yi. Thus: t. ca, ci, C2co, cu, cy,
ka'se, si, ko, ku, sy,
At the end of words it is always hard like k, in pulir.
'henfollwed y i or e before a vowel, the syllable slidt
lito the sound of S.4; as in cetaceolus, gracious, socal
%-hich are pronounced cetashus,graslhus, soshal.
D has only one sound, as in dress, bold.
F has its own proper so-Lnd, as in life, fever, except in
f, where it has the sound (if V.
ZiG bef ire a, o, and u, has always its bard sound, as in gave, g-o, gun.
Before e, i, an~d u, i has the same hadsound in sm
words, and in ohrthe s w-id 'fJ. R-ut these varieti-a 'are incaable of being reduce-d to any eeraI rul1e,ad a are to be learnt ony y practice, cbservetin, and a dic,tion'a7ry, in which te s-uonds are designated.
H4 can hardly bt- siid to haive any sound, hut it dIenntes,
an asp~ration or ,nmte of bre-:h, which mod"ilfies the
sound of the foilwn Iv.-Vowel, as In heart, heave.
I is a vowtl, as in fit; or a consonant, as in bnub..
.J *s the ma~rk of aCopn rowndor u inn of swis, Iie nmy be rep ~reeted by &dzk. or tli, si Jt g, us In

K1I ba ut ones seun,as in king; adefore n is always

L has b;ut on., sound, as in lamne. It is silent before 4-,

il-ha but one soliond as in man; and is never silent.

one sourd, a

f'Ir1n SOUP(,', Power of --1-1 a"C' IS ali'Vap fj,7()WfCj
sourd G"T,

r- as in S, Oje Z as in rose- C
El osier.


p d

OU r d, as ijl 'vcjjce j*

x -12 as in or

Is or of as In

01M, of

us in ai L s its
:;()Und us;uq,
7 as in 7'r-,freeze. A
T -e sound
P;)-ii "", i r
) S"Ime rV,-,- f, .
&31111d '()W

ffie so"ne 0r
mine "'r
-3 ,nt

11 a

lifter Ve j, nasal souncl' as in S Ag; 11 1! V --i f
ater takes t1le sc und of i. iS 4 i r
i, iiger, szron r, you.ig rthe s(,iuplo i'i,,
Mid the last syllable Is sounded, t,

I ll'Is nne soup'-, oni-I -s ;T' slie'l ; but
by ti, ci, aid cc, before a vowcl,'as LI
o s up,,'s, aspimat andvocal-aspirate, z"Zal, -as ia Lhose, bathe. )re a, 0. allu r, are pronounced like ska7
szoF, sculpture, scrilll ,Ie: before e, i, y' I i k e
oi s, as in so-Me, scept!c, science, scyth.i.t. Tilus p

seasee, SCI, sco' scu scy. J Ad, se si, sko sku, sy.

Formation 4 f and Sentences.
Lelters form svllvzbles s--I-lIAIP.,s P-rin wordsand won,
rm senterxes, wivch corapose a discomse.
A syllable is a lptte-, or union uf letters, which r
ter, d at one Oripulse of voice.
A word of ow- 11 1 ble s called a monoF.Olable.
of 'wn a disSVIlable.
a trissvilaMe.
0 f m I a polys3,llable.

Of Accent, and Cwknirt.
Accent is a I forcible sncss or impulse of voice on a Ieter or syllable, & tin pnshinz it fr6m others in the samr -ord. When it falls on-a vowel, it prolongsthe swind,
in Ylory; when 'it falls fm a consonant, the precedingowel is short, as in habit.
Tite general rule by which ace-nt is related, is, that
io stress of voice fills on thia salable of a word which
render,;: the articulaton most e asy to the speaker, and niost agreeable to the hearer.-By this rule has the ac'ent of most words been impercel.,tibly established by
1 ,na and universal c )nsent.

nEasy Sta.dr of Pronunciation.
Whna w.ord conscits of th ree or more syllables,
o paigre'qnires usually a secondary accent

riuihabe rom1 thle reuiaenof u-naccenteo s bits; as superfiuhx,, literary. ,In many compount! woyrds, the parts cf which areportant words of themselves, ther is very little 47.%t tion of accent, as ink-oeard, church-vard.
Emphasis, is a particular force of uterlance given particular word in a scntecec, on account, of its i-ij

Cadence is a fell or mfdulation of the voice in read or speakinc-, especially at the eG4' of a sentence.
Words are simple or compound, pjrimitive or deni tive.
A simple word cannot be divided, without deslro3i the-semse; as inan, ch~id. house, charity, faith.
A Compound word is formed by two or more wor( a~chinm--icc, hook- binder. O Primitive words are such as are not derived, tbut co ititute a radical stock from which others are forhod; grace, hope, charm.
Derivative words are those whichl are formed ofW primitive, and some t-rinination (or additional sy llabi as gratce-less, bope-ful, c harm-ing, un-wulcome.
Spelling lathe art or practice of writing or readirng t prOper letters of a word, called also omthograpnv.I
frigtables for learners, the best rule to be observe f is, to divide! the syllables in such a manner as to gi thef learner by the sound of the letters, to tihe sor~md of Ibt words; that is, to divide them as they are divided in a ju6 prounciation.

shiesi .' U'' IhU~ of i~aac~o. 13
Ceeng Fry to the following Ifork.

ed Ln.Shtort am*

are, name, late. a What, W, 1.
Ltir ee here, feet. 0 not, fr-om.
t;-, fi nd. 00 Prper.
iVrfl note, fort. 6 6 6
inj w' eu wtue new. o or oo move, room.
dry, deiy. (Jo Short.
~eadShort. 7'
2 2 no b o Ik, stood.
ici Man, ha a bu,h, full.

roi pit, pin. 6
tun, bill. Sir b" d.
,ord glory, Egrypt. 10 Come, lo. :
B,, ad aor awc'. her. j
Ic 3 SLon- a.
1; bald, t-all, 9
coSt, Sought. e there, vein.
o1" w law. Long e.
ibi1 Flat a. 10 10 j
4 4 i fatigue, piqme.
rj ask, part. oi dipthong; voice,joy.

xe0" ditpthong;- loud, now.

Explanation of the Key.
A figure stands as the invariable representative of a
ertaia s nirnd. The figure 1, represents the long sound .fthe letters, a, e, i, o, M. or en. ,Ind ?I ; number -2 th.Iijrt sound of tlie same characters; munber 3, marks the sound of broad a,as inkot; number 4, represents tile sound of' a, iaf!t' airaicr 5, reyresents the short sound of broad a as in not, we/atl; nunher 6 represents the, sound of o in move, commonly expressed by oo ; nirbenrr pa ii 6hirt swmr'i nO 0;; "a' a-c, hPIS/' flaben 8, represents the sound of v sh, yt, made by C, i, and
I! in Jsr. bird, come, pronounced rvrr, hiord, cum? nuni-

.iAn Easy Sttndard of Pronunciation.
h ber 9, represents the first sound of a made by e, their, vein,pronounced as there, an : number I, r sents the French sound of i, which is the same as e
The sounds of the dipthongs of oi and eu ard represented by fignres, these have one invariable s and are placed before the words where they occur i Stables.
Silent letters are printed in Italic characters. Thl head, goal, build, people, fight, the Italic letters hay sound.
S, when printed in Italic, is not silent, but pronoui like z as in devise, pronounced drvize.
The letter e at the end of words of more sylla than one, is almost always silent: but serves otte lengthen a foregoing vowel, as in bid,bide; to soften in notice; or to soften g, as inhomege; or to change sound of thik from the first to the second, as in bath, b In the following work, when e final lengthens the for ing vowel, that is, gives it its first sound, it is printed Roman character, as in fate; but in all other cases printed in Italic, except in table 39.
Ch have the English sound as in clarmn; except in 38th and 39th tables.
The sounds of th in this and thou, are all distinguish in the 12th and 37th tables; except in numeral adjeeti
The sound of aw is invariably that of broad a, and of ew nearly the same as u long.
N. B. Although one character is sufficient to expre simple sound, yet the combinations ee, awe, ewo, co, ar weli known to express certain sounds, that it was jud best to print both letters in Roman characters. Ck an are also printed in Roman characters, though one al,, would be suffaient to express the sound.

bye Stajandard of Pronunciation. 15~
ais e
uae onmn Letters. Italic. .TN Mes of Letters.
i~ a A ia A a
cuib B b B be
C CC C ce
Tbi d D d D de
;hav E7 E e

MOu f F f F lef
wgG g G 'je
Sy~a1-1 I H h H1 he, or aytch

Inl j J ja
eh k Kk K ka
for" IL I L el
III TIN m M4 em
n N n JV en
t0 0G 0o 0
p P p P pe
qQ Q Cu
r R r R ar

ur U u U u
Ri v V v V ye
w W w TV 00'
x X x X eks
Y Y y Y i or ye
7- Z z Z
V jaad
ff, flI,fi, flffl.
*Tiisota lettc-r hut character standing for and. Chil
10'teetore should ba tau2'ht to call it In4; oact and-pe--.

.4n Lf!sy -2-;, ., ("'ard of

L E: S SO N 1. 1
ba t- e 13 i b o bu by ak. ek I'-,' ch. ul;ea ce; ci-! co C11 cy !nt et it ot (A
da d dI do du dy ;. cr er ir (-;r ur
f 4 fl'- fi I*o fi'l ty az cz Iz cz uz
ka k -- ki ko ku ky

ge a c, e cii k I
ha 6? b' 110 Lu i; V, 19, a life rili Flo pill ma ine ill i m o i i ii, fl, a 0 iiu
na ne ni no im rv va e v; c, vu
i Ya re ri ro r, i r N7 1, 1 E -O; VW
ip! 11 brr, i "- r 1 Jrj ta. fe t] to fil tv
iva we i7v I x-vo 1"'11 Ivyj
lit, 1) PrO UTI P:'O i "I
la 14 11 1 -) I t 1 1 gi-C 1 -'0 1
-a p,-,, pi po p, il 8' 1 SO S" C' e I t': C

i- J 41 1 'D U U, 0C u c il'a Q, f3 f".

!(i 03 UJ
ef lif
al el it ol ul ag eq SPASP-2
19 oly "o,
"t A eln IJI OLTI U111 sta ste sli sto Stu
C'I i-I on u I
Qca SI-e SCI sc"o SCU oil 111)
tha the thli 0 o -C u i;; os I'l S tia tre tri tro ti u t
v I v
c t

1;u Lasy ',,' alzdard of Proauiiciaiio2z. I' I
sp 10 splu sply
uk SPle
i t Wa spre spri spro spru spry
ur ra stre s tri stro stru stry
u z N-a swe SM swo, swu sivy.

ff"ords of one Syllable.
A fignire placed over the first word, marks the sm
j t!l ta alltliatfol1ow in thatcolunin, untilcontm-,lic uJ vu !1;-,1K:r k,;ure.
He, b6,r bA o- ('I n cap bit d5t Cl"! I i ,,, dog diu, bell gap cit gut
f), hug men la Lit hot
lit- pen map, pit jot Pff io, utw, ten rap sit lot
w) lo- tug wen tap wit not

'Ki:1 C)') 1ACT Nd Hd op b6t bdt 'I
3! 1 jo! bad f d did to get cut
inob lad I, J lid lop let hz rob inad rod hid mop met nuL
',I I sob sad ved 1-ld top yet put t

'i" t I lit b"11A M ', I br"p, el6d %eid lielt blit I iu! k (I Imed drag plod clad I s vit li) It Laid fled flag shod Oad
)-It ji1t sand shed stag trod shad fl Lr'zio;v IV.
t -16.,, -fi 4 blAb cfliib d-"mp biArnp bend
;1")Cr s!iut (Irib club carnp Jump lend
s:-iijt crab drub laml;; iwnp meFicl
01- stilt b grill) vamp pump snd

: .dInEasy Standard of Pronunciatio.
'ind b61d cll biP b~nt best bIid hold fall fill dent lest grii mind fIbld gall hi1 lent nest ski kind sold hall kil sent jest swi wind gold tall mii went pest trit
Jce dice fhde bide cage bhke di mace mice lade ride page cake fin trace nice made side rage make pi! pace rice wade wide wage wake wi
G'le chpe pipe c6pe dire d~ite drive pale rape ripe hope hire hate five sale tape wNipe rope fire thte hive vale ape type pope wire grate rive
Dote file dame fare bore bone nose mote bile fame mare fore cone dose note pile came rare tore hone hose vote vile name tare wore tone rose

lihnk bldsh lfdet brace price brine flank flush sheet chace slice shin frank plush street grace spice swmin prank crush greet space twice twine
BPnd bldss crime brbke blide blhm grand dress chime choke spade flame stand press prime cloke trade shank strand stress slime smoke shade fram.

Wi?.,jj Easy Sicivdard of Pro til Iiwhon.T

bi'i rioke g1hre bra" ve hie'ce minice bletAd grii rake s hare crave fence since hireed ski ,Ie -snare grave pence prince speed ~ SW ake spare slave sense rinse steed
rid Ill kflre h-11 rich less dcike li 1eJ di CL in,11k aim h as held mess mule Tife ff ptfact aid hatgift kiss rulesai
f. I fan ice h athi dull miss timne male
1) 11) left ale aod d till tush tune saVe iv self ace elf wil hush mu1te heroive vi lseape pen eldesk maze rolbe
ye !lade S; qnke trlct clAnk 'clAmp blAck ye ra-de glatze ac crank champ cracwk
,,oiave craze plant shank cranip match )se wave! prate sanig plank. spasm patch )SC uk sla-te fanig clump splash fietc h iesae shape rang thuimp crashi vetchA

MIneI sire strife bride bick srv
spie quire fife- chie kick. spike( VInIe spire tri te glide chick s plice ti gripe mnire ,quit pride click strike
n s~p miesquire vice lick ride
in sripne spite sp Ike trice stick wide
'~Exarpk of the formation of the plural from
the singular, and of othtr derivatives.
)(1 Itire, names Icamp, camps I slave, slaves
dt Jame, damnes Iclamp, clamps brave, braves
gal, ales Ilamp, V ins, :stave, staves

scale, s,.j.
3 scap, s ,a I p s ca p e f mate
-, S I- ''
Cap!- '17
111aps I state, S I., 9-vapes 't, plailt
0, Flanks

10 .gradesl baA banZs I
I ELON 'Sri'
X- 'Ike' n R
UU, Chaps, s Ii a Jk- e, sjla!
S jjl-, j lanks spade, s,_,,j
ote P!p
Islol-w, o0p lp
iJ es re"
blots libld, folds hive
u cubr's lub
I [C! I clubs ra Ipme, pifj(
;-;" e v0te votes iufle
ConeS 'in]
Inc's bo.,,,,,, mills
13, URI b I I Is
ik, I el
C1101-c, cholkes ma ',,,,r Ita)
ch&' s a
lives graie, ,r
I gr
i; bives kes smite,
es I)rick b r ic
-jv('s Cji, I
k- I kJ? C
lvoes druve, dioves bride
a 00e, "robes, fire. fire-,
dd, Spot f.i n
lad, I)Ofs el Sads flg,' fl,, T,
TABLE lj words qlaues, acc&:b d on the
I When tube stress of A
a,,d is Owe f2 OD 2 vowel it
mariieJ fjje j1_1_ I -' 11 nece,95!an I yIon 0
Oa a cOr. 1::
IM-larit, t., e 1) 'Ien t -stresg(g, Voice r.1
s rn ar is
kel by necessary short, zj

All 1 uj Prol'tuicljfi:u .
I_-i gilres are placed over the vowels in unacceuteJ sy!ia-, Wine theV are short. It must be observed, ho,,vev,,t*, tl
u Iiccei fcd terplinating syllables, almost .11 wels at-c
it n acei 1 ort.
oui like i anJ zi &I Thus,
bill at is pronounced ul, rural rurul,
S.-m et liet fiy -.
is the general rule in the langirag-e; ori ;In ltinfr doul tI JII Viis Cause, V-,t "flo-t i a.i-T,a,)e,,-ure or of the mouth. wi-,!j Los," 0!
ans. acid c itl I Ni more ca je 1 jgll t, oih

p 'I rixht, notal-a W-c" 1 ;;I; :w ""In, to ia, -I ropor e
tie I "icco-1 th -wv 1 01- Ili
SN-11aDics vt "'0
a,, ; 4, k" ll j 'If
I. lations"ll'o q,-e, the vu ve f,,,i,
a .
j OV i Uf the acc- Jeii fl,ij i'-s ull 6 0 worizi t l t fuilow, tul it i
r -,J ict ,' by caotljcc fi. Urc.
ker (rio De OTO sa cred.
I er gi ant 0 VQr ge cret
der gra Vy PA v In SI"), dy
or SI
ZY gru el pa le; t
i er Ito ly p so )e V
u el bu man P. lot F der
H a, S" ry
al i Vy I nt
.c ct i dot po et
1 ty Vy Ple Cept S""'I pid
y er ju ;-V ru d e At ta per
j p .
ra po r ju l1,p qui e t tra der
i tal 1 -,dy ra r ti dino-s
ZY re at to ry
-)at 11 -- 0-al ri der to t', t
;I grant- ar ri ot
E 0'1 ru by C-l a,:t
Ion f, cip'; ker ru in to mul i
mo J sh ru lor fil tor
mo m -,-A ru ral va C: A

2- 011 j
cut ler t mot tC"
a ry dan ger hi- ,e'
V, per d"&r 11,p py
TZ tal di- --.e, nut u
1-0 Ca der rjurs
I drun, lj cr 11ull If
wa far el der dred p jm 1
7 tva ges e m lull ter -aa nt,
rs irl sect
"-4 gr em Pan tr
P pat te
eij ter in to C ,,
ab bot pA roi
tor 4
nct or e er Pell Cil
got k, vol
f" I r, per) 11V
c2V red
fan tc,!-,) P"
E In P-1 I r
Inall P'I
fer ret I a, d I A
'er Pil grij,
lan tern
PlUT'q M
flarl nel 1,,p Pq
ban ker 1,' pet Pup py
:", ter ]-.It ter rain rj,,
ba I J,-r flut ter let ter rqr) son,
t1st &an tic., lim ber c tor
full, net ]if]] ner rem, nant
g7q lop jit
it ter ter ren del"
blun 911111 111011 luck y ren ,t
,der gan der
buffet gar r ?t n"tul Mon ru b lj i
bur gess g,, I t 1,y Rian na ler
eir rot ib bet 11 er sal iad
9 ron s
Del gip sy ard y at
ch 1-1) inan glin mer merr. 6er Sat in I
Cll-- D ter gli I uller ry scan dal
Ot ter 1-if"er SCIA t
ci)'Jit ter let TY" t' n er
i c"il dren S I dow
ner Mar der
ly is
Y son tet)ce
hat ter

tit I p herd tan ner wed ding horrid
I lingo tat her Wiilt jocky
t n nial tern per will ingY jol ly ~
rs V ver ten der wis dom. mot to
1f ten dril 'art less onl set
I en ten ter art ist of fer
e der tim ber af ter Of fice
ter in ertrench er chap pr pot ter
ro(n uger trump et coin meuit rob her Cii ir It tur ky con duct cler gy 1
1,.y leni did vel loin con cord er rand Pe ion dor vel vet con gress her mit
ir n ter ves set coa quest ker nel
Ur mer Vi tC4im con Sul iner cy I
Cl b ec vul gar con vert per feet
:1 den, ug ly doe tor per Son
fly f fer ul cer dross y set mon
P e I lea un der dol lar ser pent
In try up per fod der serv ant
mn Mon ut most fol- lV Ver mm11Ia ly ut ter fop pish Ven om

Easy words of two sylkables, accented on the second.
N. B. In general, when a vowel in an unCented Syllable.
hands alone or ends a syllable,* it has its first sound, as in prort; yet as we do not'dweUl upon the vowel, it is short aneak. When the vowel, in such syllables is joined to a co,-n
a ant, It has its second sound, as address.
But if a vowel unaccented ends the word, it has its second
a nd, asin city.
bhs a like a maze at tire
bide allude as pire be fore
c dore a lone a tone be ha~ve

v c I oat,

o I t V 1) Ci
lit U '[ 16
j I i vo I l I i u i A 7
I SO t: 1C
ro S d

c 1!) r 1!;' (1 M 11
v 1 In
I CY 1110 "'O c C,
ii i(' Par i-- 1 i
de r,, Der i o ;n4 Id

P "") ar I s
dis *!-e re bz (1(1. Al 1.:-k 1w ):11
c+-- re e
1' "'Ob4? r e it
,i te re i E C(A
Tv p
d lr: r ,. ly cwl '4c
fbrc a re mi3, I co:; Ft '-w
cri gage re ple c ;I: wt
C11 17 1 O'c re ver- coi, !-!17'L 'I tot se duce d:, 4 11
ell sue sub lime d- '-ct i I v t
"a fice su pme di t"'I A 111'
4-1-1 tire su preme de pn,,; in pi-rA
e vade sur vive de rar.-C uwt rust
for swo-ml tr dfiel de tect f-" o I

ho ,'im Easj Standr-d of Pronunciation. 25
lect re press un bend re volve j
truct re tract un fit re volt
uiir re tren ch un hinge de spond
Se eck ro bust un hurt uri lock tA it romance un man -conl cert
tr res se dan de ba'r de fer
'~mit se fect de part di vert Send sub ject d is arm iii verse ~ct tend sub wit dis card in vert
dict sub tract emi bairn pt r vert
j ct Sus Pease em, bark pi' v-rse
ci tect trans act en chant re ter it te!st transcend en large coni fi ,r e -ant trans gresslmz za de ter
t trais plant an arm ii fer C6 x tre pan un bar in ter
lit ait un apt ab hdr in tend
jy words of three syihdui-s ; the f 'i ceral o z;
'~the first, and az weak accent on h/thi d
S ,ci fix ln na cy si mo a ad a in an t
At ety no tary stu pif y am i y I
cemi ey nu mer all tu te far amn nes ty adem nmu tri inent va can cy ar ro gant at lect o ver plus va grand cy bair ris ter
per y po et ry a'b do men but tei' 11 e ry pri mna cy al I-- gro be,_n e fli ti fill pri ma ry ad mi ral big, 'R 'p en cy pii ri tv a] co ramib' ot ry
n-y re geu cy an i ma! bul, ter Ay
o ry ru di ment an nu al Cal i co
tzi ness se cre cy ac cid elit eel cen dar
bra, ry scmn fi ny al i niet cal, in et

Ini Easy.Slandard ofFrnei'i,
Can is ter en ti ty len i ty ped i

can ni bal ep igram lep ro sy pen can o py es cu lent 1ev i ty pen u.
capi al ev ery lib er al pesI chast ity fac ul ty lib er ty pil lo. cin na mon fac to ry lig a ment prac f* ciizen fam ily lin eal prince clar ify fel ony lit any pub li clatts sic al fes tiv al lit er al punc( clem en cy fin ic al lit ur gy pun g( ~clericeal fisher y- lux ury pyr a cur ren cy gal lant ry man i est rad ic Cyl in der gal le r a 'odrr
del i engar ri son man ner ly reg u detri ment gen e ral mnarin er rem e d if fid ent runner y med ic al rib a] dif fer cut hap pi ness mel o, dy rev er dif fi cult her aid ry mem o ry rit u dig ni ty im ple ment mes sen ger riv u 1, dd i gent im Pu dent mil hin en sacra div id end incere ment min er al sal a r dul ciini er in di go min is ter sat isI ec stacy in dus try mus cui Ian sec u I ed it or in fan cy mys te ry sed i ef fi gry in fant ry nat u ral Sen a t eme~ent in fi del pan o ply sen ti ei e gy instrument par a dox sen tn em bas sy in te ger par a gon sev en eb, o ny in tel lect par al lax Ai la. emn bry o in ten est par al lel sim ii em e raid in ten val par a pet sin gu I ~em peror in valid par ity sin is t en emy jus ti fy pat ri ot slip pe5 enmity leg a cy ped an try subi

led j' Lasy staasdard of Pronunciation. 27
pefl ma ry ur gen cy hos pi tal prod i gal en pie muent wag on er lot te ry prod i gy
es ti mue try wil der ness mon u mnent prom in ent
ilI a rind bar bin ger nom in al prop er ty
u s try ha ony o ular pros ody
raeI po ral harps i chord or CU py Prot est ant
ICA doCY cod i cii of fi cer quad ru ped
b -e meut col 0 fly or a tor qual i ty ib 1 f;y com edy orn gin quan ti ty
IncI a mient corn ic al or na ment quan da ry nig I o ju gal or re ry cer ti fy
r a ic al con tin ent ot to muan men cu ry I ic an ny con tra band poi i cy per fi dy
a bond con tra ry P01 i tic per ju ry t i ty doc u muot pop u Jar per ma nent
U ton y drop sic al pov er ty per tin ent
i (I ia ny glob u lar Pon der ous ruga u late a] e g'ar gloss a ry prob i ty ten ma gant er-ee.
U ;
ah TABLE V11.
ra I asy words of three syllables accented on the
Is second.
fl1 baise ment de co rumn im pru denut
Z ree ment de ni al oc ta 'vo
a 1'i ance de cri al op po nent
lure ment de port ment p0 ma turn
1) pa rent de po nent pri me val
r r ri val. die ta tor re ci tal
b) maze me-tt di plo ma re Ii ance
tone ment en rol. ment re qu. tal
o e qua] en tice ment re vi val
t onfine ment e qua tor spec ta tor
e won trol icr he ro ic Sub scri ber
eci pher ii le gal stir vi vor

t,-,s ta tor di Min ish pro tect
tes ta trix d;s sent or PU is sa, trans la tor dis tem per re du!;(l
-i guisil
trans pa rent dis th i re fresh
I nal n qu
tri bu nal di ui re li,
ver'ba ti.-i do, mat le re luct a --ol ca no do Ines tic re mem
un e qn- A dra inat ic re plen
an n UI e ject nnv 1 re Plev "I
1,CM don e.n bar rass re pu n,
el's tl",n et'n, bell l*sh re Pub Ii
J Ct ed em paril nel ro m.,
gres sor en comp ment se qumend ment e quip ment spe cif j
ar el er rat ic S- ren
1? p C
en ix es tab lish to bac co
CeOl allt flys tell. le transmit
;;],I in ces sant traf s gre,;
rn bly -m ei't tri uniph
in ck Mpht,
it tach nient in cum beint um br,,,l la
tend ant 1, ll t
ab a L6!
g In sip 41
be gin ni J a e Co'ni
be vvil der in trirl"s;C ad mo. ; h
o bab it i, 1 Val if] as ton i"'I
.101 lect or r t t, de rnol i-h
con sid er IAO I) -;fic dis ,Olv er
-01 n g-7A r.-c tur nal im rilod Coi act or pa ca ic .0
T e cant -,r pe dant ic Ina pos tw
fill 6,1-nt 1)0 Lin ic im ror
le liv er pre cept or i! co: t
le I r I t Pre tr,.,] er U,
If- t-cl it inl
1C 11

tect da Easy Standard of Pronunciation. 29 S TABLE VIII.
S sy words of three syllables, accented on the first esh and third.
9 a m6de o ver take in correct t v o tee rec on cile in ter mix n a gree ref u gee over run
en es teem su per sede over turn i m i neer su per scribe rec ol lect S ma ture vol un teer rec om mend
> por tune un der mine rep re hend i corn mode ap pre h6nd su per add
t er cede con de scend un der stand
Si tro duce con tra diet un der sell d s ap ply dis pos sess un con cern C is be have in di rect dis con nect

h; av words of four syllables, the full accent on la i first, and the half accent on the third.
,, minary dil a to ry preb end a ry p 11o ment a ry ep ilep sy pref a tory isl u ga to ry em is sa ry pur ga to ry
S re vi a ry ig nomm iny sal u ta ry S c cu racy in 4i ma cy sanc tu a ry ~n c ri mo ny min tri ca cy sec re ta ry t d mi ral ty in vent o ry sed enta ry d d ver sa ry man da to ry stat u a ry
1 i mo ny mat rimo ny sump tua ry
S legory mercenary ter ritory
~cer e mo ny mis eel la ny tes ti mo ny
custom a ry mil i ta ry trib u ta ry
d4 i ca cy pat ri mo ny per emp to ry
lif fi cu! ty plan eta ry sub lu na ry

-W dit ja u Slaitdardo Prortuixiallon.
n tro ver 5y promotitory contuniaev mon as te ry vol uit ta ry con tu me ly ob sti na cy obduracy 'dromeda
prom is so ry com ment A r7 coil I a y The words het-e-ro-dox, lin-e a-rnent, pat-ri-ot-ism, sep-tu-at, bavc- the fall accent on the first syllable, and the half ac cent on t1te last.

Easy ivord& of four syfla6les, acceded on the second.
I ob seu ri ty cap iv r, al y
M Ilu I ty ob fain a ble ce Jib a cy i v rno ri al pro pri I ty ci vil i tv cen ku ri 6 n se cu'ri ty cli mac ter ic ent
col 16 gi al so bri e ty co in c'
(,ojn mu me ant va cu i ty cot lat ter al
coin H-111 ni ty 'va ri ety coin par is on ccj i gru'i ty, ab stird i ty com pet it or cort nu bil al ac tiv i ty com pul so ry cor po real ac cess a ry con jec tur al 1.1-(! (1 it Ii ty ac cess o ry con spir a cy Cri te n 011- ad min sister con stit u cut
10, gi c ad vers i ty de cliv i ty
ill tit ri y a dul te ry de lin quen ci ri ah af fill i ty de prav i ty rI tu t, ty a nal o gy di am e ter
his to ri an a nat o my dis, ar, ly
Ii bra 6 -it) tag o nist di y
ina te ri al ar til le ry ef feet u al ma tu ri ty 'a vid i ty ejec tric al
ine mo ri A bar b, i r I ty em pyr eial U11P r cu ri at bru to I i ty e pis co pal out I Ous IY ca Lml i f v P pit 0 me


"'la -L ,av k I,0;!,c'(,t'd oj
e q, u i v a lent lb I I i Y VC Md i ty.
quiv o cal -,tu mer ic vi cin i ty
gel oni I- p 0 tel it 'a P61 o ,-,"Y
F, vent u'al' par tic u lar a Ims t cy fA tali ty per Ret u at as tiol 0 gy
fi r tit i ty po lit ic at as Lroi i o iny fes tiv ty pq lyg a my bi og ra I)hy
fi del i ty coin mod
po5 ter i.ty
for mal i ty pre cip it ant con com it at nru val i ty jJre 4ic a ment de moc ra ev gi-ain niat ic at pro fund i ty despond c
a- bit u at pros -per i ty e con o my hos til i ty ra id I ty ge om e try nu inan 1 ty re cip ro cal hy poc ri sy hu mil i ty re, pub lie an ma jor i ty i den ti ty sab bat ic at we trop o lis r raens i ty sa tan -ic al in] nor i ty im ped i-m ent scur ril i ty mo Pop 0 t u rid ic at se ver 1 ty pre domin le vit ic at sig nif ic ant pri or i ty i ton ffev i ty se ren i ty tau tol o gy
-na lev o lent sin cer i ty ver bos 1 ty ma Egg ni ty so lem ni ty ad ver si ty I mil len ni um su prem a cy di ver si ty mo ral i ty ter res tri at e ter ni ty if i cent tran quit li ty hy per bo le na tiv i ty ty ran nic at pro verb 1 at ie ces si ty va lid i ty subserv i ent

Emy wor& of jonr sylloUes; Ihe fill/ acrent 01, ii,, third, and the lt'a l' ocernt on the firsh
An te com ment a tor
c6 dent
qp par a tus me di a tor

I ;2 Jniasy Siarsdard oj f-ronuncza oin.
-sa cer do tat mem o ran dum
su per vi sor -ori ent al
ac ci dent al or na ment al
ar omat ic pan egyr ic
cal i man co pred eces sor
dot ~i ent alsci en tif i
enIergcet IC sys tem at ic
f1n da. ment, al cor res pond ent
1In "M et do0 hor i zon tal
mal Ie fac tor Itni r sal
maII i fes to un der stand ing
?mos pher ic o ver whelm ing
,' Having proceeded through tables, composed of easy I ,k from one to four syllable-, let the learner begin the foWlowiM, tables, which consist of more difficult Words. In these O(tfl ci will he much assisted by a knowledge of the figure,
If the iistrdictor should think it useful to let his pupils read
so~me of the easy* les sons, before they haveu finished spe'ling, he
mydivide their studies-let them spell One& part of the day~, F Jd reed thu other.

MW i Difieut and irregular Monosyllables.
tI would recommend tii table tlobe read sometimes across the

M~y clay rail flail brain
day way frail snail chain
hUay ray wal laird grain
lay bray mail aid slain
say StrT nail maid train
may Slay tra"il s111ir rain
pay Spa, y bail swear ma 11,
pray jail ail wear phdil
sway'. pail hail bear, sprain
fray sail tOil tear st:em-

An audant of ro~alcatian. o twain tray change squeal creed
vain gay strange beer heed
wain slay blaze peer mead
paint play be deer knead
quaint beard pea fear reed
plaint date sea dear bleed
;aim tale tea hear breed
claim staid flea near plead
main laid yea rear deem
waif paid key! veer seem
stage brad leap drear cream
. gauge air neap clear dreamrn plague chair reap shear stream
vague fair cheap steer beam
bait hair heap bier steam great pair steel tier seam
gait lain kneel year gleam wait pain teal cheer scream
plait strain feel heard fleam strait gain keel- blear fream graze blain deal ear ream
praise drain heal sear- team r~ise fain, meal smear least
Sbaise faint peel spear feast raze taint reel tear yeast
aize saint seal queer beast s ave trait steal deed priest brave haste veal feed east
knavwe paste weal need reef
reak waste zeal weed grief steak baste peal bead brief
pray chaste beal lead chief
spy taste ceil read doaf vry traipse eel seed leaf

Stlftaubh"4. Oj At

1': u f gl. -eve
leash ht
I-eve, 11ege '+'1(L Ok eg
sk O'e 1W ICY
beel e M) t
( S fly
lo eo Squeal,- cry
reek freeze -Y knife
cheek snv"ze el'aib
4vop v- breeze lie e
v7 -ea die smil
aea-k ea-s(' stile
C r I-le p I
s Malc eye gullf.
chee buy .1 i
se Mild
0 q'CC flqeze try
please, fry W- la
se.z- p -bride
liws tease '11'ry de
speech b;'rh cle'all guide
Aeach gui
wien se
en bearhL
h by fro
reac doe
crease f'act, tic
hic toe
-bleat ('A"all foe
At bow
trMt dean *1 crht raow
;J!"Ntt 9 tow
,h eight ror
i"'at V*
Icon Ielki
I 1-wat -Shj(+j
'("t tiAt 9i", C, t heave vv bl
h" c eave fi

,a Efasy Standard of 'ronuneitaon. 35 slow roast loan hoarse rue know coast shown source shrew
grow toast old coarse spew
snow more told board stew
stow four cold hoard tew strow pour mold gourd yew
dough dor port sword cheb~w
hoe floor fort holme clw sloe roar sport oaf ewe
mole boar court loaf slue
pole hoar goad due meiv
sole oar load true cure
foal soar toad you pure
goal oat woad glue your
roll boat soap sue rude
poll doat froze dew prude
toll goat close few shrewd
boll moat prose new crude
soul bloat chose pew feud
scroll float coach leu rheum
coal joke poach view muse
shoal oak roach flew bruise
bowl croak broach grew use
knoll cloke folks screw cruise stroll soak coax brew spruce
troll tone foam blew use
brogue own roam drew juice
rogue known comb knew cruse vogue groan loam crew sluice
most blown shorn hew fruit
post flown sworn strew bruit host mown mourn shew suit
ghost sown force slew mewl
boast moan course blue lure

la"d of' Prom"ImIalloW. I

11 ?tj An Easy Slam Skill olt
S Y) ". k- -v a [v c dolt
j,.q-eck CIJ11
Jtcll 0 Iroult Incolit
rpC";t PI(ch coat
I (roullt F 6 P
Ai itch dost t t, i itch cArl
(I e'b t
telu niche burl pence )hlegin l C cba 4
j ylee, i-lk sl lige druin
n h cringe
AV C C p nk,
"q I at Ch cit que fring
CaSI, (Irench prisn"
g in P s e Plum it cl jSlj
I C I since Inuch j
h sketClj such
;tral touch
brick burst
1 Mod blond scull)
splil itick stuff
4 Wd I)W!"'
1 stead rf)jj,"J
t N Ilk AN'I(-k I
t e (1 t 11 C 14
A skill q
Ot spit
d it
brea i I 111P
dread -it twit -tru"Ilp
Spread Ie
d baild I!N C
Aired church
head pie( (I I I lift ridge YOUIlly
Clea! ,,e (I S
,,,w' ft IZI)e gulf
I ; re(flal stone nympli
bridge tNN it
n home byu,"
c ri bolt
ck belve rl k
1 41.111 colt

.dA Easy Standard of Pronunciati~. 37
drudge lost sawn squall cough
trudge tost brawn yawl trough
shrub war, spawn awl fork
scrub fort yawn haul cork
bulge nort laud stall hawk
gurge taught fraud small balk surge caught broad crawl walk
-purge brought cord brawl talk
plunge sought lord bawl chalk
curse ought ward caul stalk
purse wrought gauze drawl calk
law fought cause wart daub
shaw groat pause sort bawd
taw fraught clause short warp
maw naught torch quart wasp
raw form scorch snort want
paw storm gorge bald sauce
saw swarm all 4cald hubxl
awe warm tall off calm.
gnaw born fall oft palm
straw corn hall l oft psakm
flaw warn gall soft quam
draw corse pall cross alms
chaw horn ball dross bask
claw morn call moss,, cask
craw fawn wall loss ask
haw lawn maul horse mask
jaw dawn scrawl corpse task
cost* pawn sprawl dwarf ark
Perhaps o and a in the words cost, born, wrm, &c maybe onsdered as coming more properly under the 5: But he 1ids that follow them, have such a effect itlengthenin, the y able, that it appears more natural to place them rnde ure 3. A similar remark applies to a in b .ar t These words, wben unemphatical, are eessarily short.
I essarity short.

3- sll Easy standard of P) ... knock
a-i In Cra( ape
bark starve dau nt carn dropped
dark arm flaunt can drop
hark harm haunt darn crop
mark charm jaunt arn shopk lark farm taunt yarn wanshock
park barm vaunt bar wan
\ spark art cast far swan
arc cart past scar gone
shark dart last spar swash
stark hart vast star watch
mart blast tar wa
clasp part fast czar was
sp tart mast car knob
rasp start mass car swaknob
smart pass ja wad
gasp swab
grasp chart ar wadodge
hard heart bass barb dodge bard staff brass arb lodge card chaff class garb bodge lard half glass marl podge guard calf grass msnarl bond pard lauh arch chsnarl bond yard crat march cance fond branch shaft parch dance pond
lanch wa starch prance wand 'l~hwaft" ai1 ac strong
staunch raft harsh lance wrong haunch draught charge glance botch
b large trance tch
blanchat barge scarf scotch
craunchhat barge laste mosque
carp pant pars$e swp blot harp grant arse dock yacht
sharp SL alve mock scoat
scarp n t
carve aunt sle-cok hl

S in Easy Standardof Pronnciation. 39
salt spool woo roof stirp
ma!t droop proof loof chirp
fault scoop woof soon jerk
vault troop loose hoopt perk
falsc loop goose coop smerk
bronze soup moose poop yerk
S doom group spoon full quirk room hoop* roost bull herb
boom boot root pull verb
loom coot foot wool fir
bloom hoot shoot bush myrrh
groom toot book push fern
wo mb moot cook puss earn
Stomb food hook 'arl yearn i brQom rood look pearl learn rpoon brood took skirt stern
boon mood Jbrook verse kern Smnoon move crook fierce quern
noon prove flook pierce search loon groove rook pierce perch swoon noose shook herse swerve
bourn choose croup terse wert
poor, lose wood verge s6n
tour boose stood serge run moor ooze good dirge ton
boor ouse hood virge won
cool coo could vert done
fool two would term one
tool do should firm come
stool shoe wolf germ some pool loo hoof sperm bomb
*To cry out f Of a cask.
I Unler this figure, in the words skirt, &c. i has the sounu
of second e.
SPtonounced wun.

tJ' roalti,
oJicP,* foil, ONV
ciomb Inonk- boil PI Ib droWsp
I otnb b 0 "k r
coil u cloua 1
to"Ple '10 4
Cli join t lcrowd
Shirt )ir coin, ou loud
flirt spongd I stout
heir oust proud
A ort trey grill trout s1hroud
girt boy boull(I
t $ley gout,
spir prey joy t houllal
toy Pon ,
rey Clout pound
k'I f1k 4 COY round
'k NveIg rout
Vor cloy sliout sound
lkd buoy spout groillia
Ileig in
st reig" t ScOat
aoubt foul
V;o Veign, volec
aloice'' bolit- t fovVI
blood t arou "h
tem 1-4st our CO'%Vl
j (;st S. 1,
ro A I ei(rht g
I r n broWIIWe *ht IAoI"zc towl
st %Vpz(fht bounce
Jy V , C down ounc C
fr C, ht
orl W101 oullee
front tf-tr 0, A, 110 ow fro", p
feint CIONVU "11011"C",
ro!lt ONY A
veil D go1v 11 ConCil,
W 0AI(I OY ("oXV town AIOIIC i
'love, l1ovV
oil bouse slotich
spoll boVV louse Vollell
hove YOOVV g
soil Inoust" owit"C
glove sow 1011111rf!
broll aouse
to l '(I.

An Easy Standard of Pronunciation. 41


The following have thefirst sound of th, viz. as in
thick, thin

S Thrbw thowl hath breadth bath truth threw rath filth lath
youth thrice pith frith wrath
sheath thrive with* plinth thrbb heath throne theft spilth throng both throe thatch thAw thong
oath throve thill cloth tooth forth thing thrid moth through
fourth think thrill broth 4arth highth thin thrush sloth dearth
three thank thwack troth birth throat thick tilth north girth
theme thrift withe loth mirth
thigh thumb doth thought third
thief thump smith thorn thirst faith length thrust froth worth blowth strength thrum thrall month
growth breath thread thwart thirl quoth death stealth warmth on ruth health thrash swath south teeth wealth depth plth mouth
thane threat width hearth drouth
Ir this word, th has its first sound before a consonant, as in mithstavad; and its second sound before a vowel, as in without, w~a us. But in other compound words, th generally retains the sound of its primitive.

p1.0 ajttcta
tite second soun 4 th, as M
'hefOLUDIviftO thou. 00thc
T tecfh blithe 0111C they
those 21T,
thy tithe tile, In r
b at! e tile Ou
lathe these illcuce
thou-4 thou
thee breatlic -it
Clothe V) ( tfi
1n(Aw Olat Ijjooth b
t c d if tj?, lull
o'c -Ill-St tle "r ."J
h, I I a,; of V'Ottilt "
T1.0 110'" j '0111A. SjT!W w Onis Xrc 011 nd uncl
!'I, i s '07", 11N, jllc c
TIn, is Abe re"1 011 W zar '
hr Ole
Vy 4 I; AS Of
de att"s- t
IAS sain
bay% S
llay heap,
I a -- bralfl brai"S tears
(I ay ayb cjoains. te3"I
Chain, jj .
lays I jr
P, pams pearS
ays I Vain,
PON, t
cree ,
sways trait, trait's
,strait, -, chiefs
Vvav:5 chief,
nIfI.JS ke Acal
speak5speal's "ail, ke V, We sheavc
a-jI knavc klli ,
g re e 1, greens f leave's
weep, lie
'Weer Ylcta yields
seam, Volk

I -, SoZ -Solils
fty, de
Cry, 'Cries les, oal, coals
!smile! sn'

At Easy Staildrd of Pronuncition. ,
sky, skies toe, toes bowl, bowls buy, buys fop, foes rogue, roguesigh, s ighs oo, bou St, posse flight Ihts gl, glows ost, hos
light, ighs iw, flows tost toastsight, sights blbw, blows coast, castS life, lives snow, sn ws door, doors wife, wives hoe, hoes floor, floors
knife, knives foal, foahl oar, oars

Lessons of easy words, to teach children to read,
and to know their duty.
No man may put off the law of God:
My joy is in his law all the day.
0 may I not go in the way of sin!
Let me not go in the way of ill men, II.
A bad man is a foe to the law;
it is his joy to do ill.
All men go out of the way.
Who can say he has no sin?
The way of man is ill.
My son, do as you are bid:
But if you are bid, do no ill.
See not my sin, and let me not go to the pit.
s Rest in the Lord and mind his word.
My son, hold fast the law that is good.
You must not tell a lie, nor do hurt. s We must let no man hurt us.

44 Jn Easy Standard of Prouncwiation .
Do as well as you can, and do no harm. Mark the man that doth well, and do so too. Help such as want help, and be kind. Let your sins past put you in mind to mend.
I will not walk with bad men, that I may not
be cast off with them.
I will love the law and keep it. I will walk with the just and do good.
This life is not long; but the life to come has
no end.
We must pray for them that hate us. We must love them that love not us. IWe must do as we like to be done to.
A bad life will make a baid end. He must live well that will die welL He doth live ill that doth not mend. In time to come we must do no ill.
No man can say that he has done no ill, Forall men have gone out of the way. There is none that doeth good; no, not one. If I have done harm, I must do it no more.
Sin will lead us to pain and wo. Love that which is gobd, and shun vice. Hate no man, but love both friends and fo A bad man can take no rest, day nor ni ht

nu Easy Standcard of Pronunciatin. 45 XI.
He who came to save us, will wash us from
all sin; I will be glad in his name.
A good boy will do all that is just; he will
flee from vice; he will do good, and walk in
the way of life.
Love not the world, nor the things that are
in the world; for they are sin.
I will not fear what flesh can do to me; for
my trust is in him who made the world;
lie is nigh to them that pray to him, aid
praise his name.
Be a good child; mind your book; love your
school, and strive to learn.
Tell no tales; call no ill names; you must
not lie, nor swear, nor cheat, nor steal.
Play not with bad boys; use no ill words at
play; spend your time well; live in peace.
and shun all strife. This is the way to make good men love you, and save your soul from
pain and wo.
A good child will not lie, swear, nor steal.
He will be good at home. and ask to read his book; when he gets up he will wash hibuids and face clean; he will comb his hai~ ord make haste to school; he will not play by ~he S way, as bad boys do.

When good boys and girls are at school,
they will mind their books, and try to learn to spell and read w 011, and not play in the
time of school.

"In Easy Sfan"rd of Pronwiciallon.
Men they are, at 011i rr-h, they. will sit, kneel, or 'ta;Id still; and wken t1v3y are at home, will read'i some good booli, that God may, blegs them.
A s fort' hose bo v, audgirls that-mind not theirbooks in 'I Jove not Ole chiirch and school, but play witlisuch is i ell tale- te l hes, ctfrse, swear, and steal, fh -Y'will cotne to swnk! bad eud, aud must be whtpt till'they-It nl nd their ways.

Mord5 of 1 ,,q syllabus accentedd all? the irst.
ni ter tai lor
c re 1 innte. oat meal tral for P*O'I fro t 'ard pak ry trea ty
!)'Iro "'oot gntte ful pl ou5 tvea ry 'wast ly priev ous pea pl wo ful 14r,?w er ,,no mon Plu 'inaq,- ivrl ter I O'C'm ty [jain aus -pa revt %vain scot brok ea b i nd mo9t pro logi(e yeo man boat swainhoar y CM) ta sence
bow sprit bu mor j-hu barl ab bey
brave ry, Jew 0 r] fle -M ple
Ca Me j oi Cy roga ish asth ma.,
Cheap ert kwave ry re giort arccle
d"n ly -niht hood Sea Sou bal ance
dai v 11 VCr S-Ti",41A ly bel fry
va con la bor S ti (' C bash fal
m0i Id le -1011 stee bish op
*M)N-i f, mity or bol ster blern i P hs
eve, Mnfr 11W ter cont tf-r Mus ter
fa vor im ter slave iy trin) sto
q'I, vor pv a sles sho?,,t iler J)rIck kt


An Easy Standar-d of Prouacialion. 47
bI ud geon damn son grave el Mel on belFlows ,dan gte gruin ble mer it
bis cuit dac tyl. guin ea min gle
brit tie, debt or gud geon mis tress buck rain dim pie hand ful. mis chief
bus tie dis tanc" hab it musk et cam el doub le has soc nine tin, cap rice driv en hav oc inns ter
cap tain dud geon heif er mar riage
c'en sure dun geon heav y ney er chap el. drunk ard. hin drance nim ble
chast en dust y bus band pad lock
cher ish clogue hum ble paniph let
chum ney en gine husk y pen ance
car ry en sign mm age pes ter
car nage en tr~ails in stance phlren zy cis tern, er, roL in ward pis mire
cit y ,fa sh 'tn isth inns ,plan et
clam or fayr ish jeai ous pleas ant clean ly f& 3 set jour nal peas aitt
cred it f it ten 'judge ment pinch crs
crev ice fes ter- knuck le prat tie crick et fer riage knap sack pun ish crust y fid die Ian guage' pnz zie crys tal flag on Ian guor, pic ture
cup board free kte land lord pur chase eus tomn fins trate 1ev el prac tice crib bage Fur lough Iiin it phthis ic
cul tUre fraI chise luis tck punch eon
cous in des ture lunch eon quick en cut lass ;gant let inad am ram ble
da m age gina gle- Mal Ice rap id an am ask glis ten mant gle rat tie
Ldarn sel grand rur mas tiff* reb el

t 8 An Easyj Standard of Pronuiwiation.
rel ish tav ern ter mark et
ri r tenipt er -,au tOn ID mas ter
ris ell teni ant fault. y mar quis
riv er till age for tress par cc) I V et, tip ~Ile for tune par don rufie tres pass, gau dy parlor
res in troub le geor gic part ner samn ple twiiik hog gorge ous pas tare
salin on trans port lau rel psalm ist
satch el. trun cheon lord, ship scar let scab bard ven om haug"h ty Stan der
sens sorsv yen ture morn ing Also
setven nigtvint age mor tab at way Seep ter vis it mort gage bon fire if spec ter v is age naug-h ty cob ler
crib bi ict uals saw yer clos et
Scutffle venge,- ance tor ment col leagueSinl ew vei son wa ter corn et
sin pi vine yard sau cy corn rade Si gie web comne saii cer con quer
step tic wed lock An swer cock swai
smnug gic wick ed barb er con duit
span gHe wran gle brace let' cop-y
spig' o't wrap per cart en Coll trite,
spit tie tones tie chai ben cof fin
spin die wrist band craft y doc trine
supe weI onm char coal- flor id
su't le wid geon flask et fon dle
stilr geon zeal ot gr land fore head
sun geon zeal ts rhattly foi
tab ent zeph yr ~gar Tnent fal ch'on tab on slUgAh ter bar lot grogr a tan gle bor den~ han vest gos 1111
tat tle cor ner -)?I; d Ic e bogs h,-

An Easy Standard of Pronunciation. 49
horn age spon dee coop er shov el
hon est wan der cuck oo squirrel
hon or wan ton ver mi vir gin
knowledge war rant ver dict w~or ship hal loe squander ver juce won dier
lodg er yon der virtue niigh bor
mod est gloom y kern el ou
mod ern wo man conjure coun cil monstrous booby cov er counter nov el whol len cir cuit coun tv
nov ice bush el fir kin dough ty
prof fer bo sorn comn pass drow sy
prog ress bush y corn fbrt mount ain
prom ise worst ed borough show er pros pect cush ion dirt y flow er pros per bul let govern bow er quad rant bullock honey power
quad rate bul ly sove reign oy
squadron bulwark stir rup voy age
stop page butch er skir mish am
THE time will come when we must all be
laid in the dust.
Keep thy tongue from ill, and thy lips from
gmile. Let thy words be plain and true to
the thoughts of the heart.
He that strives to vex or hurt those that
sit next him, is a bad boy, and will meet with
on. foes let him go where he will; but he that is
kind, and loves to live in peace, will make
friends of all that know him.

A clown will not make a bow, nor thank you when you give him what he wants; but he'that is well hred, will do both. He that speaks loud in school will not learn hisownbookwell.nor letthe rest learn theirs; but those that make no noise will soon be Sise, and gain much love and good will.
Shun the boy that tells lies, or speaks badi words; for he would soonbring thee to shame. iHe that does no harm shall gain the love ofi the whole school: but he that strives to hurt the rest. shall gain their ill will. iiHe that lies in bed when he should go to school, is not wise; but he that shakes off sleep shall have praise. 1He is a fool that does not choose the best boys when he goes to play; for bad boys will cheat, and lie, and swear, and strive to make him as bad as themselves. Slight no man, for you know not how soon you! may stand in need of his help.

If you have done wrong, own your fault; fo he that tells a lie to hide it, makes it worse.
e' that tells the truth is a wise child; hn he that tells lies, will not be heard when h J speaks the truth.
When you are at school, make no noise, b keep your seat, and mind your book, for w you learn will do you good, when you gr to be a man.
Play no tricks on them that sit next von

In -Easy Standdrd of Proatncitio. 51,
if you do, good boys will sh tun you as they Wjutd a dog that they knew would' bite them.
He that hurts you at the saetime that he
calls you his friend, is worse thani a snake in
I!th grass.
Re kindA to all men, and hurt not thvselEf
A wisc chld loves to learn his book, butI
flvi fool would choose to play with toys.
~.Sloth keeps such a hold of some boys. tha-t t'vIv lie in hrd when they shone Idgo toschool; bia a boy thatl want to b-- wise will drive,
lepfar from him.
Love himn that loves his book, and speaks j
1' ood word,-! anid does- no harm F or such al
iried rnyd the god al t dayf o thy life t Ue iA NO all as far as you cani; you kno-v
1not how sooii you may want their lhelp; and
e. ifhe that haq the good will of all th-at know lnin,
sh~!1 not wa indi nt a frin i timen of need.
)D 'If you want to be good, wise and strong,
read with care such books -aw7 have been M nd- by and good men; think of what .or y on1 read in your spare hours; be brisk at
pl jay, but do not swear; and waste not too
)U :-much of' your time in bed.
but, Jf-rds cf t~vo sy. daIics accented on thr S'econd
'114" j Ac ire af fair ap, roach a stray row a basel af friftht ar raigin a val
a buse a gainst a rise a ake a dieu a muse as si,4'n a way

1,52 J/n Easy Standard of Proitunciation. all-y en crouch un tie a far
aw ry en dear un true a larm
be lieve en treat up right gyit ar be lief ex cise ad jou'rn in graft be nign ex pose a byss re mark I be siege in crease at tack 8ur PassI be iow in dict .at tempt ca tarrh be stow im pair a venge re gar~d ho Lea in fuse ad ept ap prove
con sign in scribe be head a inoUr con Plain mna lign be twixt bab oon I cam pain ob ta'in bur lesque bas soon Corn pose o pake con teinn be hoove Con1 41' n ob lige con tempt buf foon coI CeIt per tarn .co quet ca noe con' Phepte Vail e not' h car to~'ici coijtu~e pre scribe fi nesse dis prove con stran pro pose ga. zette a do dle ceive pin suit gro tesque a loof I ceit pro rogune liar anu emerge Increase re cst ve- un meusc im inerse. I,- Iigh re ceipt qua drilled affirm lc' pne re course so jourin de sert le scribe re pair be cAuse de serve dsilrn re pose a dorn a b6ve
Ie sire re prieve a broad a mnongo d~vise( re straint de fraud be comne hslimi re sume de bazich be love ;Iis course re tamn per form con vey (its may re sign re ward sur ivy
--Its ownl sulp pose sub orm in veigk,iy a trati scribe trans form O
disI~se trans pose e cI~t ap point
UDps close ad vance a noint

Jn Easy Standardof Pronuncicizon. 53
a void re joice com pound pro pound
em broil sub join con found surmount
enjoy disjoint de vour al low
de stroy ou ac count, a bound
de coy a mount pro ounce an ounce
pur loin a bout re ounce ca rouse


Examples of wotds derived front their roots or P primitive.
Prim. Deriv. Piim. Deriv. Prim. Periv.
Rainy rain-y grass, grass-y froth, frotb-y
rust, rust-y glass, ghns-y drouth, drouth-y
leaf,' leaf-y ice, i-cy size, si-zy
1 stick, stick-y frost, frost-y chilly cllill-Y
pith, pith-y Snowy snow-Y cha lk, cbalk-y
le length-y fog, fog-, -Y
ngathy y dowD, down
slight, S11Olt-Y wood, wood-y gloss, gloss-y
storm, storm-y room, room-y I worth, wor-thy

Plural nouns of two syllables, formed from the singular of one syllable.
lace, la-ces brushy brusli s house, holls-ts
face, fa-ces 'Price, pri-ce: hurch, chm-ell"es
pace, pa-res slice, sli-ces box, box-es
I trlice, tra-Ces spicey spi-ces fierce, tier-ces
cage, ca- fas grace, gra-r vers-es
paze, pa gcs Press-es lodge lodg-es
nw e7 no ses dress Oress-e.s W tcb, watch-es
ro-spq ni.,7(, Ill'1-7TS noise, nois-es
"Jwse, clirs-PIS I, fis I I e s ,Oice, Voic-es
purs-es bon,,o, hors-es charge, char -cs it corp,,, corps-es sense, sells-CS

Ja Easy Standard of PrOlluncicition.
loss, 11933-es callsez CaUS-P9 fringe, frin-g sarch .1111-e, faTce, far-ces ridge, ridg-es;
Ifees-es s cours-eg dance dar-ces
cheese, cl C,

Words formed by adding ing to verbrs, and called Partkiph--S.

call, call-ing al-1,ay a]-lay-ing
a1r, ajr-ing com-pla i, com-plain-ing
I faiDt,, faint-ing al-loxv, al-low-ing
feel" feel-irtg fin ish fin-ish-ing
see, see-ing lav-ish, lay-ish-ing
beat, beat-'u6u
Words in which e fnalisoinitted in the derivat' 9
chanfre, chan-Inu ex-change, ,-ehang-lng
glance, glanc-iig d
t, dis-pose, is-pos-ing
prance, pranc-mg gen er-ate, gen-e-rat-ina
arace, grac-ing coD-verse, con-verg-iDg
give, gIV-lDg con-vince con-vin-cing
Ilvda-ing F-e-rate, op-e-rat-ing
ng dis-solve, (fis-solv-ing,
solve, Solv-ing im-i-tate, im-i-tat'ing
tri-fle, tri-fling re-ceive, re-cciv-ing
ri-fle, ri-fling perceive, per-ceiv-ing
shuf-fling prac-tice, prac-tic-ing

Fh- m-inDer of expressingdeg rees6f comparison in qualitie l)-v adilm, grandest, or r andst,; called Positive, Comand Snperlativepo,. C(,, ,,2191- Superl. Pos. 'Comp. SitpeLrL great, great-cr, great-est wise, wis-er, wis-est Und, kiiid-c r, khid-gt' Hple, rip-er, rip-fft
bold, bold-Lr, bold-ust rare, rar-er, rar-e.s t rich-er, ricb--,est 7rave, giav-t r, rav-c-t livar, near-er, near-pst' chaste, chast er, Olast-4-st cold, cold-er, cold-est brave, brav er, brav-est
x arui, %v,-Yiu-er warm-estj vile, vii-er, ii-est

, q

r ln Easy Standarid of Pronulnciation 5~5
Words ending in ish, expressing P degree of quality less than., .the positive.
red-dish, red, red-der, red-dest
brown-ish, brown, brownl-er brown-est
Iwhi1-tish, white, whi-ter, whi-test
green-ish, green, green-pr greest-est
black-ish, black, black-er, black-est
blu-ish, blue, bin-er bin-est
yel-low-ish, yel-low,, yel-how.-erycl-ow-est
Formation 'of veahs in the three persons.
Present Time.
Sng lar number-. Plural number.,
S 2 3,
I love, thcu lovest, N! loveth, IWe love
you love, hie loves, 12 ve or you love she loves, (3 they love it loves, J
I grantthou grantest, h e granteth,j W"e grantyou grant, hbegrants, ye oo she grants,' grant
it grants,, 9 they grant, Past Time.
I loved, thou lovedst, he loved, )We loved
you loved, she loved, ve or- you loved it loved, hyloved

Familiar LeSSon11s.
A dog growN ld r rks; a cat mewsan~d puirrs; a cock crows;, hben clucks and cackles; a bird chirps and sig;an ox lows; a bull bellows; ;a hlon roars; a horse neiglis; an ass1

n6 A Easy Standard of Pronuiion.
brays; a whale spouts. Birds fly in the air by the help of wings; snakes crawl on the earth without feet; fishes swim in the water, by means of fins; beasts have feet, with hoofs or claws, to walk or run on land. All animals are fitted for certain modes ofi living. The birds which feed on flesh have Strong claws, to catch and hold small ani-i i nals, and a hooked bill to tear the flesh in pieces; such is the vulture and the hawk. Fowls which feed on insects and grain have mostly a short strait bill like the robin. Those which live on fish have long legs for wading, or long bills for seizing and holding their prey, like the heron and fish hawk. Fowls which delight chiefly to fly in the air. and light and build nests on the trees, have their toes divided, by which they cling to the branches and twigs; those whichlive in and about water have w ebbed feet, that is, their toes uited by a film or skin, so that their fPeet serve as oars or paddles for swimming. See the dog. the cat. the wolf, the lion, the panther and catamount; what sharp claws and pointed teeth they have to seize little ani ls, and tear them in pieces! But see the geItle cow and ox, and timid sheep-these useful animals are made for man,-thoy have o claws, nor sharp teeth.-they have only blunt teeth,-in the under jaw. fitted to cro the grass of the field :-they feed in quiet an come at the call of man. Oxen submit t the yoke and plow the field, or draw the Cart
-the cow n hoe teven. to fil th

.3n Easy Standard of Prorunciation. 57
farmer's pails with milk, the wholesome food of men;-and the sheep fields her yearly
fleece to iurnish us with warm garments.
Henry, tell me the number of days in a
year. Three hundred and sixtyfive.-How many weeks in a year? Fifty two.-Howmary days in a week ? Seven.-What are they called? Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday; Sunday is the Sabbath. or day of rest, and called the Lord's day, being devoted to religious duties.-How many hours are there in a day? Twenty four.-How many minutes in an hour ? Sixty.
and sixty seconds in a minute. Time is measured by clocks and watches, dials and glasses. The light of the sun makes the day,
r and the shade of the earth makes the night.
The earth is round, and rolls round from d west to east once in twenty four hours. The
day time is for labor, ard the night for sleep and repose. Children should go to bed early.
Charles, how is the year divided ? Into
months and seasons.--How many are the Vs months ? Twelve calendar months, and nearS Iv thirteen lunar months. What are the
e ames of the calendar months? January,Febrse mary, March,April May, June, July, August, e September, October. November. December
January begins the year, and the first day of o that month is called New Year's day. Then
people express to each other their good wishes, and little boys and girls expect gifts of little books, toys and plums.-What is the lunar month? It is the time from one change
i '__

58 n ILasy Standard of Pronunciation.
of the moon to another, which is about twenty nine days, and a half.
John, what are the seasons? Spring, summer, autumn or fall, and xyinter. The spring is so called from the springing or first shooting of the plants: when they put forth leaves and blossoms, all nature is decked with bloom and perfumed with fragransodors. The spring months are March, April and May. The summermouths are June, July and August, when the sun pours his heating rays on the earth, the trees are clothed with leaves and fruit,. and the ground is covered with herbage. The autuntal mouths are September, October, an d November; which are also called fall, 1rom the flil of the leaves. Now the fruits are gathered, the verdure of the pants d.cays; the leaves of the forest turn red or yellow and fall from the trees, and nature is stripped of her verdant robe. Then coms dreary winter. In December, January and February, frost binds the earth in chains, and spreads an icy bridge over rivers and lakes: the snow with her white mantle, enwraps the earth:; no birds fill the air with the music of their notes; the beasts stand shivering in the stall: and men crowd around the fire-side, or wrapped in wool and fur, pre pare to meet the chilling blast.
Prefer solid senseto vain wit; stud.vy o be useful ratherta diverting; commend and resoeat nolthing so much as true piet and virtue-Let no jest intrude to violate good manners: nev utter what may offend the chastest rar.

.dn asy1 Staakrd of Pronunciazon. Ili,
Wordy of three li~be~ he fuill accent on the
:,first, and the kdf acecent on the third.
Note. nhlacntderitinee ee ezeut,8,
inle, u~e. ide, the vowel has its first sound genemntll'v, through not dwelt upon so long, or pronounced with so much force as in the fall accented syllables. But in the terminations ice, is, ile, the vowel has generall its second sound, and the fial e is superfluous, or univ softens e; as notice, relative, juvenile,-pronounced ntis, relatiV, juvenil. In the former case, the
final e is in JRotan; and in the latter case, in I talic.
iDi aphragm pleu ri sy am or ous
Ani pli cate fjui et ude an cc dote
di a loguew rk.tu ma tism an ti quate
aid de camp ru min ate ap ti tudle
e go tistu scrn Pu Ious an o dyne
jfa vor ite so rt otis ap er ture
for ci ble spu rious as ylum
fre quen cy su i cide her e rage
rfu gi tive suit a ble blun der buss
feasi bk2 va ri ous cat a logtt,
sglo ri ous u ni form cal cu late
a he roism u su ry candid ate
d ju i lee Ad, jec tire, ean die stick
:Jul ve niL- ag gra vate car a way
live Ii hood -an a pest cel e brate
11l1u bri cate an in ate crnt i cisra
lu cra tive ap e tite mim e tar,
be I dic rous a~ tl tude court e sy.
Lu mili ous ab die ate eul tiv ate
night in gale ac en rate dee a logue
flu mer otis ad e qtuate dee o rate
ohn 0di ous ac tu ate ded ic ate
Piety prc vi ous ag o nize def in ite
ie'Vpagan U aler a del egate

60 At hm y Standard af Pronunciation.
dem on state im 1 1 ous pen te cost der o gate in fa mous, quis ite
I per,
des o late in'stig ate pbys ic at
des po, tism in sti fiAe plen i tude des pe rate in tim ate pres byt er des ti tute jeal Outi y preside cut
m a gone jeop ar dy er
ep au lettC jes sa mine Prisoinley priv W
ep I oeue las si tude quer u Ions
e o 9 uence lat i tude par a sot el e vate lib er tine ral IC ry
m pha sis lit liate ran cor ous
em u IOUs mac er el rap tur ous en ter prize mag ni tude ra velp, aus In Otis man u script tl tude
ep icure, mas sa ere a tive
ti 0 vate
e M ate med I cine
ex eel leact med it ate re quis ite
fas cin ate mis chiev ous ren dez vous,
Iab n lous nict a phor rep ro bate feb ri J'UC musk met on res i dence
flue tu -ate nonr ish ment Tes i due I I 1jr be low ped a gogue ret i Due
'en er Oug pal It ate rev er ence "ij t1e man pai pa ble rev er -end
u )[18 pal pit ate rhap so dy
g .ad a ate par a ble rkt o rie JI (frall a ry par a dise rid i cule
iflu I sphere par a digm sac, ri -fie e Ies it '-Ite par a phrase sac ri lege
ld Ike, r Cifiel-par a site sal'iv ate
'-ir ri cane par ent age sas sa firas
.1"T o cr te par ox Ism sat ir ize
ii a,'- rv pr r; _-;4- eli ger

;l S1 ble Liu da ble crock e ry
-wP a rate phn A blf, Aor i Zoo
a phifn por phy I ]on gi tude
-tdt [told er Arch I tect no,11 it, te
;I Im I We r gu munt ob lig ate
sill) ii kif e M' 11-19, Illefit ob io qu' ":N I u s a r t I I ob st;i cle
SUOju ga -ly 0 net ob stin ate
s i j 1) t bar ba rism of), vi Otis
qul bar ba roUS oin jit Ous
S V1 I Cal, ('1111 al op e rate
C,11 pew ter op po site
sr,-14',ff Aui chativ-1 16r or 1 fice C"o, chan co ry prob a bl.3
(),U11rkfi ati, P a- lous
c tt o)t,, g/mst It 11C.SS pos 'i tiv e syl 10 giwa tir ce ny -,Pot e l tate
I- pmt* I'l gate
tnil ta Ize: Ina-T Lin al tau lamlowit was, quer ade I Yoph e cY
tel C seope, pae tj Sall yiAr IM hine
ten a bl,- phar ma cy pros e cute
YI ro ty- p1Ar to ment por rin ger treachery OIV r' sp lt4 ry pros Per "us tri fi ate ",A] dir man pros tj tule
turpi.t.Wk -,d mi'llac, Sol e cism
'i bot a ny Sol I b4c
kx!", lt, _ate col 10 quy vp1his try
1)j I 10 dwq com ph ment v ol a tll,i frAIj li-b at_ com plai sance voq ue laur cor di'al, coil SO tille tow ft I f,-) f-ii t -o coin Roll a
pfl) Oat
cor po rA co i tcm plate CtIte

0. tU4,e coa fia cate prill C1 Ple,
lor t; 1 -1 -a te cor o 4cr s,-rv "de

Oor 69 fav

q- min ak- o"M pa ljlr r* .11 ICY
firm a ment voto Q 1 1) c IS S OP
C, c -OV C61 or I lot.
-)r 0,0V ern CSS xO
X11, cu WN
-ir staucc oi
cir cud,_Vc t poig na n CY Ouil tiful

TAb,1, _1W XX.

J Ty on, hc qr lite conD ,el o0jy fzttlwr, j
not the law of thy mpffivr.
If ihnq-r, cofim Illee to cciptscnt thou Pot.
L 1* It ftkt -mmy Wit"I them ,; refrain if, y
fcct-c a toevil, -uid:p:qxkc to

',I MAot woiqdn ,iliuir owli, eYM- biit ire
1 u_-6
#at I Oak Y
ig", i6o, beelake iW is poI4 Nit h6nor Iiiia wlio is Tion-and just. Envy wrt khi rkh,- L"It, iv 'With
y forhme, Follow pqace wih, A
&,m direct 1by steps.. 4

ylapt y is th 11, br I- Of"
10011P Value than rubies. fed 71b oi'd;k4" 1.,In 6'r I
hand, anA in ht r left bmd, iloi 'ii'bjlor. 141f. s
I aTe pleasdJut, ami *11 lJVr p ,L S _%, tierul she shO yrtgnote t4t e: $4e sh, tjl Mug Jh e itoh, 'o
ckrl when thou dost embrac(t

Wq Y 8 o f xi c I t I e 4 ljfcas8mt, and Tead to lifc but.
Lite ove Thercf4) I-': pily .. "'llf.
A T lika'N', flwn safety and
-'Tj, -:A ward. AM my dM_,la is upon t1he
4 and upon suc! ijpexcO Vil-taC4

--d of P
Uords of Wccmjcd,,,n the secon(
Co l PIC 11 I't ilils pris ;,)n Ic quaint S
VC P11cm mat
u pre SOVII) jj T
1) ra, iv 'J, re
:1 3 pro du wvc
pw ilcr w J) g res s iw,
11 -1), 1 r n ge A-, ImIs ive (I'S v-i He
re lc I f Ve
r rG : r r cl, fill 'ent
(:01N' Otis C I ta.i ulc rhm III-M
1 7 1 ex cid p-tt,- S11i P V I Id;
c c I lr;4 (1c S! IT;': i o
d 6p (I
44,r k, (,IT, f,-z 'Z ic it (Li-;- In t
11 1 d, a i or J n poi ".3
IVP Int -os t-lwc
-'I P e x Po-'o I e 'I,
'Ims m, Ivr
''-e durc ex llci-5 ii e mi 1"o r t !tp
po tii-,Jo- cheq wer va.,
soi o ro,Js' 4 ,' ,s czftvb Poli ;t part mf- J Tio s m ra dl', J-)'-rt Iiivat
Ii Ips, lrp tc di ns ter
'jc ".iiowl ( d-v i n to ols em 1w]. -0
in c.eil a p' s
c j 1: i!I c"J.cole re uIcAl Araf
I 1Z., I dcia urp Sid) al 1--j-1
df ; fi.,)II ch! Iii j t"Ce av co)z t-1.
is S!'K I 'o i writ ol"s I or in fir
A op C)res siv, sit

The fiol],Ovc in are accol/rd of [Aefty-st ond third

Ap pv t 'it coa jims -,,cur enilwa mire
ad ver ti's'ief dis, ap pear ac (I (I I
as cekla' itt ter taht co a 4-bee
colt U4 verle raz cc tc;-r Inale C011 tent i
an",11011 aAe &WO 1AII, coun tel- In-Ind i

)rd 'fit le"L
2, 'exce"di, lhm ?;//"Ucs
T! IE wick-ed f1ce NOwn tioman purl-su-iJb, I'm'
the aiv o, as ti, ti-on.
Vir-me IL I-ti(Oh; bUt SiZOS a q,,j ro
T.1jelakv Of,01*'Wise is a romi-talnof'Mc 01 I-froill'the '-snares of f1c4ifli.
,ot-tcn by dtkcik is' Oon st d; lic
heAhat, ;aUi--cr-cth',y la-bor;,shall ilkrczisc in ricbf-S.

1-dIc-n(,ss will bring Vh v -to powerful bot I y indus4ry nd pru-dence t1fou s 1kIf b 'WI4 d ivitb
Wealth ma-kefl) ma-iyfricnds; ut tl I)OOF Ir.c
for-got-tcu by thetr mL 6"Ivor,5.1
A pra-de i kt t n Ln fo re, ,TA ibe r-v g 1, andh'd
him-seIf; but the thou"'I;t-less pass on an

rra'm lip a. ('11*I'l in 11w w"I", lie hnulkf 0' a,
V ilc5l I Ic zl Old ho w 1,.O dc- r..
Wilere thcre is 7 f) wood Cw ilr- go-eth Gilt, I M)i
where dw .-e is lic) fl-,
A wod IA-I) li&,,
tiffes W141-ver,


.]n Ea- y Slan-dard f Pronaliciail'on. 6
He that cov-er-eth his sins shall not pros-1yer, bij
I,(- that con-fess-etl) arid for-sak-eth thein shall fiii
The rod and re-proof ,Ive wis-dom ; but a chlb
left to him-seif bi-lij ,-cth his pa-reats to share.
Cor-i-ect thy son, arid lie will give thee rest'; yea
he xvill L"ve dc-light to thy soul.
A man's pride shall hring hini low ; but hon-o
sh:ill up-liold the Imin-ble in spir-11.
Thf, c 7t that mock-eth at his fath-cr, and scorn-el
to o-Ley his inoth-ur, the ra-vens of the val-ley A 4
pck it oul, arid the young ca-les shall eat iL
11-Y the bless-111 of the up-ri-lit, the cIt-y is cx but it *S o-ver-thrown by the mouth of th(wick-ed.
110 coun-sel Is, the peo-Ple fall ; but In th( nwkt of coiri-se.1-Jors there is safe-ly.
'I"he wj, -docn of t e pru-deol is to ua-der-stand III'way, Imt the 61-ly of fools 1! de-ceit.
A kvi. e man I'Car-cih arid de-Oart-eth from e-vil; bui
die fool ra-,eth and is co!)-fi-de lt,
Ee not hast-y in thy spir-it to be an-gry for an
'er rest-eth in the bo-som of foois.

ffor& Offour S 111(1613s, armited On /lit- firstA t
dos pil ca ble mis er a We AJ mi ra Me el i '-I bir 11,11V I (P11) ble
(-u r- te ly (,s ti iwi ble p-d ii 't live
n ca ex pli ca tlic pit i a ble
Ih!l v i III? fi- u ra tl%,p prof er a b1c ly I z mcnt a 143 ref er a h1p 14 lit er a ture rfv o ca bia! I i i I -tr (r- a bl s i j, n j) ji f Is

6o Jn Lusy Iuadard q),

L1,7 illonal tv
"ut f-1. a hic ju (it ca turv uom !71 .1 we I i'm p"'r a ture va.1-1 "i ble op f l' a live v al ij a ble I ^I, a bir proC 4 a b1c
cr a ble or iii'd a We tol i r a Ide
;tll ner, a hie 4n suler a We c6p u la 61'c

f have lh., kiy'accent on 111, thl'i'd

N, ri cu, tur- tab er na cl,, Arcli I tf-(:,t uzu 'In-1; qua ry tran ;It o ry "tr ol fra rv zq) o, plex y Au dlt'o ry par St too i iy

0frb of four s?.-Ifid)Irs th, J*!// accem' on
second, ayvl hay'wxcia ou 1he fiw)-IA.
-!,,,Ae. The terrfjination, ly, ry, aiul ly, have verv little aclit.
,I Sa ble lin ine d; ate vir to 1-1 t us
cil IrM hfe jilt pe ri w(s I o Ili mill (JUS
pn, pri a tc iin pla. ca, ble Ux 0 F1 Oil, aft oi N hati-, in tu I tive as I ;i r i i ri i s DI 1 111 We 1:1 bo ri OU's aC CCI ol':Itf J rf-.Niaf.e me Jo di Otis ad mi ,i Ible ;i I h" vi ate )m s 1-c ri Otis a (I (-.I I tor 'j;JS ci,"i o ri oil,,, Do (o ri oils a do I I ur ate co:n mo di oils ob se qui OW, ac. n We
('0111 Mol III cate 01) pro hrl 0115 2'_ ra I diz In co:1 c I "li's CCOCC PC Hil [A Wl", d]s 11-an clji -e ii Com pa ra h"C pre ca 1-1 oils all) big lk (,its d ido ra bie It] bri olls am phib i ous (F" pu ta ble spwi ta, 31C Otis. a nal y sis C' I' l'o lie OUS tor va oue Otis ar fic u late harino m cois Ni ca n ous as sas Sill itc

I Oil,
t i tude ml liet (I ml ; C tl )rnl ty
;111:11 ill it) dll tri ')Us sit!) or dill ate
-1 u I Ite ill eil it O;IS
ca a boi.i ill kfe
cc I. I f I celte ill I h Litt
L(., com, '.110 (1
Ca Uls I'l-o Ithe ill lit i wis a 11oll y llv) Is
( o u kle m Vill (i I& a poc a
ill N I i bIP, a 1)o(- ry pha
i cr Otis a Jos phe
;r "Ile J-,cr ;j)lc LI ous col- rob ) ratc-, CW i p i r a i i e re (lie a incitt (t. iiom 'll te CO I i):i. i b!c per 1)!CX L ty- 0c mx) (ra ble
cmil J :ml i mj s 1) ro mi,; C11 (Its dc Imp u late
('ol -I,: it l! li)te l), I -h io l d" Golt so laleit sii:c ti Ous re Cei) ta ck pre po [C.I. ejil
CW1 fk m ft!q !ivf, 1-1 (lic 11 iOus ro, l I've
'- 'o)il tellyt i We "i lilt] i t!lklo r,--. ol i s ,e c 1) ti ble 'id Ill* I Si ble Ii, Hit I tiv. te-"l lwiltl Otis Co.1 a ble
(i hf) er I iWilt u o;ls vers I 'We
J( i'l v ;i ti e N-1 Si fll;h su "Icl. IM Otis
MI'l 11 1 It vo C:fe v o! I.,, s!i ,ier la five
e 1) 1 Le ll c ris Vo Ily til wl pre % Crv a five
4, impli a Ily 11 lt;U I Un Otis ac coin pa ny,
'I ci I it ate
dc b: mAl c ry disco v er ys
it! mt i rism colt form I ty 0?
il Lis trl alls dc Iora. i iy em brold er y

TAI-11,1", XXN T.
ai%- llivo st!itas Pflomi-An in.
Ccicv. vwl0l, Ilmilhood. -,Illd, of,C
Till,- I d),it 1, fit- JS 1101[11-i r'll lvlCi llw t-eth, lie b ,-:il, iiwA. wi5l, fruit. and i V r;I 60 vI of C At-s c)!l ph:n-. The little boy will -nakeanoise,
haqvw--, stick, or :i whip. T e little girl

68 /h Ea, %q Slandard (f ------------i loves her doll and learns to drc s it, She cbooses a
cloi;et f6j. her babv-hollse whcre ,]w sets lieu (loll In a little clia"r, by, th, iid' 4 i t-ablc, fLull'shed V, ith
cqt -UPS as big as ajilimbic.
As S001) as b4i. v larve cilou"ll, illey run awav
fron') 101ne, "r0w Wnd of' play, clialb trees to rob birds, ]I", -tc a- their Clothes, and %yl)ezl they Come
home, 'their parents oftell chastlsc 111cm-0 how I
lhc rotfATjakcs Oteirtlegs Smart. These are wilighly I)o.vs. who love play bi-tter than lbeir booli -criwl
who rob the birds of their c "Is,-POOF little, wbich do no b rm, NOj*,ch till th ir w'ib i1tv
i Meet Melody of their nok s. awl do nvich ,ood by
devom-111g the worms, and other jckscct- Which dcp
sit, lite flrvii, and licroage
Cb ?rj("S, 11,91Y 111.'aly barley corns make an ijwh ?
I Twelve.
Tlwee.-How mamv 4whes are in a ff)ot
-I [ Jw nmlw fect in a yard ? Three-flow immy
'Yard-, in a rod, perch,,or, pole F ve and a
flow inTinY roCis fit ii mile"? Three hundred 131(1 hrentV.-Ifow 1"viny rods '11 a furlon, ? Forty
I How many in ? Eight.-,-How wmlv A
wiles m a lea,-iie ( Thre( .-lfov many liiics i 11 in ,b ? is a Cubit,? The jf 111,dl) of
f the arm from the elhow to tbe und of the lont,(Ist
winter, which s ahmit A fathom
is-& distww, a tC., TF a iwwns fin-ers w1hen
the am-w, are ext(-aded, which Is aboift ,,Ix fe, 1.
lett ry, tell me the gil!s jn a, Fourwo Ipints male a quart, fow quarts mAe a g.Mwl.
Barrels are of vai sizc ; so!nc cw& 1K)
tban tvve;Av Seven aliofl-,, sorw, 1111viv for Ourtv
two" o 'Ihcrs thirty six. A lvq,,!waJ co-t-imi ,;--J
tfirce. b-J we ij mfly (.,I'll
fl-fe im-ne or a A bo d a!)o a onc
linArf-'d 'I A N 71 A p1pe 111visr f( i r A IT( or ab U t O lc lvl -Jrcl RA
I e;lf



TI-Ords 0jfive Sj#(ibks ; the fuu avcmf on the Second, atid &iy* acceid wr4he
Co t4m po ra ry pre Par aAo r
(IV claill a to ry pro h1b it.--oFY
am a to rv id tj
re S,. a ry'
peiis a to ry tu mult 11 a iy
bc tu a ry vo cat) u la ry
t, pis to ]a ry vo-1up fu a ry
(,-x clain a to ry Coll S61 a to ry
cx plan a to ry de pos it 0 ry
ex tem Ito ra ry de ato ry
fie 1'ed It "I Fy In vol tip ta ry
m c -i di a ry re pps it 0 ry
In f!"Im Ina to ry 01) S( rv a to ry
pre Ie 11b cr a fil
I na ry
('()I'll Pij m ca. ble i
I ju in a cy
(- )ru mu ja ca tive In suffer aJ.-fe
lit I 1 0 Ja ble III dis -0 111 ble
I ,-r spi ra to ry ill y1j] fjVl- a I)IC.
U, -el (,I- a cy
dv tlluti er a cy,,,,.
'Ot 'it nil 1)U
C 0 11 3id er a ble ]it tem per ate ly

V it TJ 1 A 'J, tell me )v,- ,Ial,-v P:;
4 mo t c othf-r co* o, u 1'"; d :j1i p""If" vv],: -!, iuA Coin, ;,! ,J 0i;- h r ,c-t vl-!t! h uoii j -I it)
''i'd Dimcs "old do !,j-,s are t,
(:,,- w-i coi per Th-c are

cot I illll -rian;1er Ilk,
S t
.- ,
sl 1;,
it A

4o a I
v I-S cari-, Ul
If J0,11, 'I
11 )-,y Owy
: ci A C,;vv fLi.v ;. cl p- !-I-., -w'11, bc F'-l- t I it,
flw fy!; Ck
yc I' c! il, nol c, im
'K. 1"t cocl

I it ho vc16w.
jci 1nt j,'( it -I CT) F:w 11 4 "A r J, a I.,
11 y ol-vo :111d iA

A", ou- i-1 1A
i o HS --k-,NCio A, i ;
-N.Sit ca 0
,w t)A'; T Ie klil IV,- With
c:w-k, 14k- t o;,c Nv'14
cuzl -iA)IW 114d) llts
1.;A4 J ;,'
f 'I I "S oat'jn- iwA-O-l f'd o.3
mul to pica, pri-,,.rvo lt, kcl cidli, 11,4
lwArl, to, v.!" J, 0, il',

wi cl M":1 -1", coq, :,Ior,

I It.

ujj, ,l all 'wj. ';I
p TA B1,v' V1 H.
lhr.,firsf and

hi i ty r(,g u 1141- ty
'(I I Y re pro lien s U?
0 C I tra I'l e ty rep re svzi,,.ta tive
dic ta to rj d ,; )t Is f2c o IT
v I cu le '111 sell I fy
m por tu III ty S11 a] I iY
;-o "0 ri e ty sim I, la I I ty
f op pol. tu I'll ty s 11) u I ar
tu V- -i t a nwnt a
i ty 2
spi C l I tv cjT c(lil'i MIA bf c
prQ'i I IDby te ri m pre he-l zi
mo fff, Iii a! coil San t v
p(,I. flil i ty coil tra Ofict 0 ry
tes 6 mo I'l al cred I bIt fy
(if R lilet I ic al
_v a 471) i v al
el rv
1,1 pha b1A Ic at ep dem le al
all u fyt fe al e van grol Ic ai
its ar -an ment a tlve ftl If hil I tv
moil 0 Syl la I-Ace veil V al 011'Y
p!au Si''hil I pi t;d I fy
pol v s1l la ble I I I! t un Wt,
pop I-ar i tv im Pei- cep i [Ae
p O.S Si Im, i t v. ill tel Iect u a[
pr] Ino -el) I tu.e In tro dtle I o rY
prif) cI pal I (Y 11) tre p*1,1111 i 1;,
a bil I ty -;iSt 1 1.1
pfoh ir re I I
Mod I a-Al I t Y rwig na nim I v
punc tu al I ly in (-, t n p"IV.,; al
l 'I Lin IM Otis a t 1 a 16; n .11

j -,(v: 1-1 1 V, 1,011.
all I I -11) lor roc a 6'vip
a pos to, W uwt a pbor A i
ar is toc r: Cv P 0 I'l otj-*k I
s !ro Itou)
cat, e I Og no, 3 it
c. I I r I li v. I ol o gy,
0 1 a trig o zwm v lj-y
"y 45'
01 o g f6l
r"s st ty
Ids m at ic d
sblv a e o


13e noi-a-)\4w; f4r, s otw fife, 10hat sllall'valor, '
--Wha t ye sh-M
'11[on--for ailhcr ktio-,vah that yc
Bellol&tlle fbids (,I, the ai,-: Por fl-w-v not.,
eit4ey"(10 flwy re-ap, L M' -qthcu i Ao yet 10"r

%Tlsi ter C w 1'1 4 of ttw il I w ) gro k; they, i oil Dot,)nt-,Jlwr i wy -,ill i I 1 :1!14: s "f9'.0n t4c,C.
i (mJ thiti p' of,Th v4krolm nofniixio is for t1w
this t1fit, kii!-doln of hi a6 I I am(
ts ngLteO'us- CRIS, lap& l"these 11hings shall be wldO
Ask, and ffoall lnto you: Seekaifd 3-C
sh-all fiud : Kncwk Lmiall be opene(t
Love -Ypur ('DeTwes; Ahern flult forso -Ou,
do good unto thein thoth-M16-yoll mid pnly lth, that scornf 114'wsv you -af-i'Ll twrserklte yoli.,

Jn Ewag Standard ofr Pronwuaewtso. 73

iWhen thou prayest, be not as the hypocrites, who
love to pray standing in the syua~ogues, and in the streets, that they may be seen of Men: But when thou prayest, enter into thy closet,, and when thc~u bast shut thy door, pray to thy Father who is i secret, and thy Father whs. seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.
Lay not up for yourselves treasures on 'earth,
Where moth and rust dotih corrupt, and where theves break thronagl anid steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust death corrupt, a-ad wiiere thieves do not break through
an steal : For where your treasur&. teew
yoar heart be also.

O'er Savour'e Golden Rile.
ALL things which you would have 'men do to
you, do ye the same to them; for thi's is the law and
the prophets.

r In the following words, tion, ti'zn, liat, another, are pronounc 44 citun, cluil, chur.
C6?zr tier fus tian corn bus tion
bhs4ion mix tion di gres tion
christ ]an Ce MW ial al mix tion
o,1L i And in all words where t is preceded b)y sor Ix.
In all other words tion is pronounced shun; as are also cion, !A yan, si n. Thus, motion,, coercion, halcyon, mansion, arm pronounced mothun, coersn, ha4ihn, mashn. Cial is pronounced shall.
y~e Worc& of two syl/bires, accenledl on tha frst.
1M6 tion por tion sta tion
na tion po lion he tion
n 4o lion ra lion, dic lion

I Casy Standard oj' Proaunczatim.
fac tion men tioli ses Sion
i fie tion mis sion WD Sion
frac tion pas Sion une tion
fric tion pen Sion hue tion
func tion, Sanc tion 6p tion
man Sion see tion Ter Sion
Words of three syflables, accented on the second.
Ccl,,z sh tion corn mis ,,,ion pro tec tion com mo tion coni pres Sion pre eny) tion de vo tioll con f"- slou re demp tion pLint a fion COIYI SUD,,-)p tion re flee tion Pol III tjo.n eon ven tion sub jec tion pro pol- 40011 eon vie tion sue ces Sion I-(, la tl0H cor rec tio n sus pen Sion sal va tion & ception as per Sion fi du ciai Al".1 114crip tion as ser tion A mis Ioll Jl ree tion a ver si on af fee 6011 1 S
(I is I *!Ic tion con ver ion af ClIc tio(I ex cep tion de ser tion as c !n siwi ex Ilres Sion dis per sion a.s t it !I,(. tie, re ver sion
at fen flon ob jec tion Sub ver Sion coJ lee tion pro 1'es sloa sub Stan tial Words qf four syllables : *fullaccent on the I
lhild, a#d the kl'accenf on thefirst.
i Ac cept tion cal'cu k tion
ac cu sa tioa eon dem na tion
ad mi ra tion col) gre --a tion
ad oW tion Con sh t4 tion
ao, zrit va tion co;i Item pla tion
ar) pro bit tion, culfi V_ tion -,IV o ca tion d -W_ la ra tion

.4 Pas$ istandSad of Pronun(acatort.
dsola lion res o hi Lion
ed ui ca tion rev e ]a tion
Ielo0cution revolution
em u la tin sep a ra lion
ex pect a tion sup -ph ca lo
hab it a ion trib u la ion
ini clin a lion vi o la tion
in sti Lu tion i'is it a tion
med it a tion ap pre e sion
mod e ra tion corn pre heni sion
nav i ga lion con de ,-cen sion
ob serv a tion con tra dic tion
per se cu lion ju ris d"w tion
pres erv a nion res ur re lion
proc la ma tion sat is fhc lion
pub lie a lion Aug i i a tion
reform a tion M1 t~r a, to0
Words off ye sy/labbels, arcented lon zh ft an,

jAm pl i C Chlion con fed e ra, lion qudi I fi ca lion con grat ui la lion ed ifi cation con so ci a lion
as so ci a lion or gan i za tjlon
multi p-Ication c6op eratlion con fini u a 11011 glo ri fi ca lion
rat ifi Ca tion pro nun ci a tion
Isalic Li fi ca lion pro pi Li a Lion
st g iii fi ca Lion re getn e ra lion cir cum lo cii tion re nun ci a lion
cir cum val la lion re ta I i a lion
c~ mem o ra lion ar gii ment a Lion
6ozxI, il-i-nI? a ~i' hve the cecand and fourth s- flables culted, ank! br-?' ov"--ag o~ q-ton. has an a"Ccert 0- thae fij toird. and ffzh 0'able3.' (]oi -8b-stan-t;i-a-(?iOa follfAs I

715 sJ Lasyi taiwdard of Proswiciaion.

Familiar lessons.
HamNyt is a good boy. Come here, Henry, lei me hear you read. Can you-spell easy words? H~old
your head; sp~enk loud and plain. Keep youj book clean: do Dot tear it.
John, keep yoiurseat, and sit still. Yourmust not, ya. word, nor laughs, nor play. Look oni your book, learn your letters, study your sson.
c~ris, an o~jcout? ry.One, two, three,i Ab ur, five,, sixsven, eight, nine, ten-Well said; nowI ,pefl b'ird. B3-i-r-d. Ihow the birds sinv and hop

nests too, and lay e s; then sit oa their eggs, and hatich %otn birds. Dear little birds, how they SuA and pl jay. You must not rob their nests, nior kill their Yon:it is cruel.
Alos es, see thie cat, how quiet she lies by thc fIre. Puss catc(hes mice. Did you eveor see pu:s wvatchng for mice? Hlow still anid sly! Shte creeps aJow fixing her eyes steady on the p lace where the mous;e fies. As soon) as she gets near enough. sh-darts f'Orward, and tseizes the little victim by the neck. Niow the little m-ouse will do no more rmschief.
See the little heipless'kittens. How warm, and quiet thwey lie in. their~ bed, while puss is gone. rj ake then in y our ha.ndis, don't hurt them; tfhey: are harmltess, aid do n~o hurt. They will !no( bite, nior scratch. Lay them down softly, and ltA them go to sleep.
George, the sun) has risen, and it is timre for youl~ to rise. See the sn, hv)w it shiiacs : ii displs h d Aness of nigh~kd ma-kes all nature gay aind cerful. Get uip; ChLe washi 1 iur a.d
cob your hair, and get r(eadyv for hreakfiist. IV hai are w to Ivkve for hre-daht? IIIa an ik

i d e boys Swr--"Imc c pr Ic"; toA ; we I
P4 C, *,I.
;iwl ilork, 1101d the knif i'l are
Lo 111 ( 14w pi1-11c s-'I-eat ()O'he brow. You the,;- or :o"V 4 COI'll C01% gro vs lit the II
VA" I it is i' Ctit ',Iil(l PLlt'M tO tll(-! ba!'R
J oo of file, cilrs' -c:lt to
the mi'll ',iJ i i,
I gri, Is, f, aud tile butter ,,eparatc i
fiolfl Ow loar. Floor is Avell-with iv,Owy or ih .th a little e ;A or leaVeu, s rai-,cfj, and [I I Vlt ; i is Called doulh s baked in an o,
or patf, wid makezi brelid.

THE sisri,"Ps.
Enily, wA -A the flovVerS tl
_W le gar p. IN'll
-lit Pow the ttilips ador,(thc kordei O'le alleYs-', dres"Ing 1:11cill wral ga. 'Oy.'. Sooil [' 'w'ccl piuks,4611 deek the bed"'; and 01C fragraoit n perfo,ae the air Takc c ire of file swect-willid tile ',c5 i Ili] i, and tile avtc!yilsj t. Sf-c tile. ho;wy!iu% vvi lds aboill tile C(Anvi, a! d (dimbs'al the Ill-Ir"in oftlic wl jdows. Now it Is In f)looal' I fra' ralll tile air atwl ld'if ; hoWswec+ "the iierfti
-ifter a ,e:it;e. shower, or mtii(kt tile -,off de -; of Ich ("il'Irms of N o tth.'vvhe i robe
CciIC4 ; qw 'h is Ow blowti, of 4ice, whell
i ":W)Jcst a Id a sweet teiiyer.-Cotne, my cb
let met hear your zso;v,

71e Rose.
711p had he"n waxiM. lately wa Vd in a howr,
Ti l ". I ,-,a v.,,vcv'd :
A Icoffjjf 11 Oishnecocs, I-r'd tile, 11(liv'r, down it, ['e v ld

173 Ja Pronmu"
The cup was all filh], an d )hP 1(,P% us ere aU Nvet,
A ... I ,- d, v a 11 v 1 ,
il i"d k ti4l
T, Id
011 tho flmjri lliu; bush wilere it gfew.

I ha filv vizld ii unfit a t wi
lor ;I-Dost-ay, w and druwn'd
Alldfla) ",gitrwfviy- too "oviv, ala-s!
I bnapt it- -it f.1A to ih' rXnd.knd I is the piljle s part
act hy tltc fle olhvi 14 x\Tm,,iu;,. awl breakiti. a hent c, ,e,
t dy to .Yro, I "ign'

Thi-S hv9,16ful ra e, I'mi I -b'Ael, it k S,
1, Migia h-av, hloon'd witt) ihe nww, ahi -,; Nwi ih(- tua, thm i, wip'd with a Ltfle'addre s,
INtay bL*,4v'd, pcrh tj),, by a ,uule."

J 111 rise lit the mcnow-, befimcF, (Iresik the Itoruers I of 4hv'flo rr beds, Imll up the iioNious N ce&, w-Aer thic 4 a i 1-st v foots. ce how th vhujtl, witfier for i
*afft prptii nit, fit(ie, tLe lemes twhrivel j
and froo&: Bri114KI litlix, wate' 'Aoi refresh thent.
'Ihv plants ImAL green mul fresh ," the Nvced-; which-,"41.141" o-r rob,hed their ",ots of moistiire, arc 4ml d, aitd flie, 4ant :Nvill, :Docsllle fic-,trt
r:1;t"re I I'Vood olit tile llokiolls pas,,io ls fronk
thelic-art, Y)a w(jild the hurtfulpiwits front ainow,
I ncTldt the virbics-lo e, ki dnes,
flowc G'

'lleekAt-, m6desty, "00(hwss. IA--them 111rive, alal
)rod4 c fA, naolra l fru4.purc. lt'appiucssandjoY',

Look to 'at lambs, EOW IDIAPMA and playful 'lwvv c to the t,"glit; hw plcatzaii ,the
t"S I ow grateful they are for your
care. Julia, let me-hear youx sow,

The Lamb.

How it A,7-v1d ind sbrmik "m Oe WJ ,,rvjc7__ b
rhcn H, -, l bef) ... O"d W!tlllfw c0d,


411 Standartiff Pro"iUnciall'oft. 7!

Sf,, rai,(1 it, an(l tomb'd with the inrocelit's We, 'ley I c 0", -;
it, (4tA,)rl. tN 4 pr
B it t t6e elkder iell f w'a', affbi ilej t4 late,
It blea* and ihCd '11 hOr hl'UdSt.

The,:ijorahlt4hen. as the, coie sl!e
A Wep;ng 'I" i" pmcin o er it laid,
ThUS 11, Sli it dw ivhcate mitud,
To ifie len-I)CM ot Jonuile LullaY'11

T ,:eip!ev libe Ihvc, tile rude 'hoH( to mmain,
o delli'd The lulie ( lvh ch lVoldd bale"
Site', lo,;, all I llhc:om and kindnes, ai-eNam, The iloor buflerelsgi-avc."

11-,irrict, brin- your b6ok, let, ine hear vou read
WILat book hale you ? Lut Ine see : a little volull)c of' poelos. [low Inally Call Noll w eat'? Let me
hear my dca 11arrief peuk OW".

TA Bird's X 1.
Ye,,. liffle liold ,it: fw %
\,,(I ijjj.t l,- Y..l olte, t o- lho-p. fi)ur
e r (tjj, 'I V l jm) e at last;
pow lmlo th; YO mors.

chi,-P. cry"all(I plwlr, 'IS %-u will,
Ali simpiQ ietwk 'n in vain-.
Ymir Uttle win--,Are lwflfrk-,'d till,
How call vo i firec(iajo obtain?

What note, of -ro, ley ear,
1, v the-ji 611"n Illu, !i l-t
At, es and se- ihx r iaiher dva,,
I llt s luj&i luld roimf, i e-k &c;r nest'

An 'I is it I wh caup their mcian ?
1, ho ,> oft Ill h;,,tt,
40 Bew-wii .i, oak have Lod l-,e Onwrt
To fi'leu io Owlr4g, S sweet ?

If from tr tejir er Trntl;vr side,
'ri-elch 40"Id raIke me F ',
1 11 -IT 1' kn; %,, 'mould he, beWe.,
To Weak her hearl, 14) smit, to dilAnJ hall I tl,,:i Frt,'O prove,
I on, hul ,- v, fo,,e a, aV
No, no; ?well.... It,(,, a ni lo, e ;
ee here t!"N' aw fa'-, The praT.


All, ,ear.

Co a- air
w ileRI,

y"ZI must"Jet mu '11 ar AvIla volt cw
your %V( 'OM'F
Ij st
is j j, k .Y
r hamiv ivith a -iw.c(H4J
-Y -Ity
cry p o vvi r(
s I I es., You. hon and

trk -,III Your papa.' handkorcluief' vci'
6("I% v 0 Lt -Itt I i Al 0 Vtl t Ui 44 iA fi-ock fOr V6M-fl-i lcthk! hear you repeaL

On a G64ful""ch in hisCage.

'Ew wi, wlwa I -;i fr e.,,4
'D 6um I w i t' v -fam,



to d'affi.

Soon pa s'd dw, -w( -,, i,,Wt% Thank I i M-- t,r ;l'l Am! lharl loc 1 2"' ef, I'm) flose, Awl ( 4- A
Awl I- 'f -'o ha : A-'T' "o, 1 ss' Mid "K PD voar pr!"Ilvr sti l.

-0 -- - -- - - -

Alh ay Standard of Pronzum-ia.tiOn. 8

Prcpsconcerning- the social relations.

ART thou 9 -young- man, seeking for a partner
for life? Obey, the ordinance of God, and become a us~eful member of society.' But be not'in haste to
M31rry, and let thy choice be directed bywisdom.

!,er own beauty? Is she given'to inulch talking and ~oud laughter?7 If her feet abide not at homte, a! ter
e es rove with boldness o;t the faces of mntr
thy feet from- her, and sudler not thy heart to he e-,ared 'ythy fancy.
But when thou ilaes ensibility of heart 'oined
,v; h soft-iess of manners; an accoinplisfie-d nd wtid religion, united with swectne~s of temper, modest doOrtmenit, and a love of domDestic life-Sach L the Woman who will divide tfic'orxolvs, ad double
thle 9oyi of thy life. Take hier to th1YSelf;- she is wor-)thv to be thy nearest friend, thyT companion, the
wif'e of thy bosom-.
Art thou a yo'in woman, wishing, to know thy
f iimre destiny'? Be cautious in listening to the addesses of men. Art thou pleased with- smiles and
flatten v;4words? that mnan often smiles
adld flatters most, when be would betray thee.
Li5tell to no soft persuasion, till a long acqupintmene, and a steady, respectful conduct, have given thee proof of the pure attachment awd hiororabie, views of thy lover. 1, thyv suiter addicted to low
vies i he profane ? Is he a gamblerI a tippler 9 a
neitrf? a, haunter of taverns? has he lived in
ileniess and pleasure ? has he ac-*ufired 'a conte mpt iflaty sex ia vile co-upany ? and above all, is he a
3oerat religion ?-Baish s-uch a man from.- thy
o)resence; his heart is false. and his hand wo uld lead
tnece to wretchedness and ruin.

82 3n Easy Standard (f
Art thou a husband Treat thy wife vvitb tenderre i i rove her fa- It- with gentleness; ness and re5pect 4 Z3
-be faithful to LQ1 in love; give U! !hy heart to hei, .'l confidence. an ;. hi r ci j-.
Art thou- a vlfc I R(--Tcct tli-, 6i"sbnnd ; oppose
)M unrcasoiiNMy, I)i;, Ii will to his, and
ia!H)c Nv ce co-ord; st--d
ifli V,,a
io lo 'e 11im i(;t- Uiv own --)k(-,
W" ior It"s; h*J( Iii's fa(dts be coc 'f ait in thy 1(1 '
d( -iute tti,, time lo I.Le carc and education of 0,e Jear plorlge- 01* I'lly love.
-A 0, OAou it Tedch Ihv children obedience( ;
dw'm in Useftil
flwin tcach them the
fli. ricepfs by ON-nn
altv "e ; P' Le:oCk t '!Cm rcliaion. Science an3 vintic v,'d fliwui spectacle ii I-fero'-;(w a.-3 ""iov idoi c cWl secure to tllem Ila- ilo O CTw.'.
A! Honorth
f:Y with I'; N I
Pc I
"j Ll r S.
jmtli-tt r to i;"r
Ail i1wu a w, i Yi r 'I 'Lo tl v
i -kilier, for lit, 0 ('V ':J", a'-d lo hv ln' ghct% 1"
Su", I i; i_' u dw f Ov !!1 ,)1!11 i-; wi,,( ter J an Ike of Pei-i"'a,
f. A of i -iEe'-o' ill(, 'irv f' fl on "r Cs wkcii !'or Olv 4'10'_! C"r tf flne
!:e.' 5.('vee from her -I io Uwlor tj)"*t. Iippnrt then" in

h rc -.
,,v: ('e ol y cx., n Ale, bliall rt pay ',II)F piety Ai Itil 4) c and duty.

I't Easy &anldard ofPrmciio. 3


come down; but the younjjjr Simce-box told
him ph ndy he would not.. Woni't you sai
- the old Man), then I will fetch you down; so
- he pulled up some tufts of Gst an the
at hi.-; but this only made the Youngster Y laugh. to think the old Man shcmld ptedto b eat him down from the tree wit grs onl
Well. wvell, said thif old Man, if neithe-r
words nor grass, will do, I mnust try what virtue thereis in stoii~s; so the old Man peited
hmheartily with stones, whic son made
the young Ch-tp hasten down from the tree
and bei, the old M'an*., p)ardone

Tfgood words and irnilh mraiRh' ilnt
d-dam th-? wicked~,th1 must be dealt with in a mor;?
Isrv re 727ann~r.

84 An Lasy, Iandard oj' Pranuaciatwn.
fn all words ending in tnv, unaccentel, ir is silent, and o bas
its first round. Nlanv others e words -tre coi rupfed in-vulg- pronuuci-.ttion;fi;11w is calledfolh-, &-c. for vvhich rea9011 the words of0m, cl-.4 arecollectedin the i(Alowing table.
1'jAr row cal lojjs itar row win dow
i h-1 lotv 'bel lows hot low will DOW
1,11 ioiv It ar row shad ow yet low,bur row c,,tl lou, shal, low L& row
el [low m-d 1mrs spar ro,,w fol low
fel low Imir roto tat 101C Mor row
F fill low inead oiv wbit lom sor- row
fii r row mel low -%vid ow wal low
ilir row Win n0w AVII low swul low

in tbe fifflowing worm, s; sound, like xA. Thus, confu-s;on iPronoonced confz zhun brrt-ver, bra-zhur; 0-sier, o-z ;, r.
ri- 40n, rizh-firt; plefs-vre, 101ca-zh-or.
Note. 11) (hi,, and Jif, following table. The flores stiow t1w
accented syllables, Without 111V otter direction.
-41,11 S it'r coil Ill Si on It lu Sion
cro sler Coll fil,11011 in tru Sion
gla zier de In Slott in fu -Sion
0 Sier d If fil Sion pro fit Sien
ra sure ef 61 Slott oc ca sion
Ito sler, ex (.111 Slott Ob trul Sion
I 'Vis foil
111 Ile ex plo 8*011
fu Sion C Vit Slott Mens tire/
am bro sial a I)rt Sion pleas tire
ad!w slon Cor ro Sion treas tire
at Ill sion de tril Slott let's ure
co Ile Sion 0*1, 1.10 Sion az ure
cot lu Sion M closure ab sets ion
CO.k clu. sioll v ro.,,ioli cot lis Mn

CIS ,()It M cis 161Y
u lys lan '11 fis IWI
CIS 10,11 pre cis 10-1 1,10 C1$ 1011
I"Is J'orl pro vis 10il il I' CUM cis Ion

The Compounds and de cs the sune rule.



n Countr yMct'dandher. Vil a7.

WHE N men suffer their. imagjnation to wnue cheni, with the'prospect of distant and uzicertain in-1pro cme its of their conditio!j, the Cvjucwly sus Lin 1,C:1 I 'losses, by their inatte0faii to t1toe affairs M which thev are UnmediaWiv
A cv mtrvIMaid was NvJklw "cn difitieratelywith a pail of milk upon her hv ui. wlic-i ,ie fell it-Ito the followl-)2 trala of rellechon : Tie nx):.Ty forwhicb I sliall sell this milk, will caaole inc, to ini-I stock of e4 ,., to three lvindred. t, '.4 Ilif)r wl),if may prove addle.,and w1i i f rujay be destroyCJ b Nerimawill p odiice at lea-A two bui)dred and

tifty chickens. Tie clllck-c-i xvil I 1w ht to vI", 1'
market ab6ut Cltri iwis, vfici,
a "ood price; so tliO b. AL.-d"lY 1, C;;iI;'11)' i
;ka 11111' MWIC"t to plitchase a 14 j A 1
Green-let i,,w 'reen bu,-ot!i- i
_xI I,
-n le 'on ,,Iiall be. Irt 113'
Ivill go iodic fill" vdwrt' all tile )-out)" fe Wv, 1"Ill
t'' ll iIc Irw i6ra I bot I QhiH ie lj 'f'S
Ae C C'.-N o"e oftllelli, u;d v"idl fdl-d'W '

fliM1,41t, ,Il Coil'd TWA ""h b With 1A(T
k Icit do[, p;i, ,cd lit lict: imugioa i otv,' hcn dov'- l k Ilklc III(' palt Cd lillik, ;IIA wilh iL Oil iqaIagkI' fl"I

1 11 J,
AVoras in wIticli rie. vr'c, fir, Ce pron"mic'd "hP ,n,]
"A 'm 1 11 Tlw li'irbelf'
b""S' ark rron(mile'd, an',ih' lit, f upshvs.
will b, -Iftlicif, I to dirvct tlv to 1 right ProultuciaGill, 11,011out tli tinqziishinq the Silvilt: 1( lter,.
re eVNI it an Slent ex pa f"Ite
('10"Is III, clolls f41 (1 fjotl
pa t1l"'It 'i ,.I t 10 u I'l 'IC MIS
uo ) i)t tial 61 1'0 C1011,
Spa CiOUS Sclelice III gra tw(c
.'P t-1011"i Con SCI(111 ; 10 qua cious
S I "I,, C1115 lip pre ');Ite I-le go Ciate
SO Cial 't,-, '_"o Culte pro'ca cious
"M IOU's ra pa
Sa (h C' Ciou"
It iP vivilt C"I p i cious sa g-) ciou,
A ap 11olis Coll so Cutte se qua CIONS
fi i C tious dis so claie te DaCIMIS
fic, GOil" e um ciate vex ,I I it lus
Imp tial excru (nate i I va clous "

C, .0 vi
OuS pi D circu'n" _thn ti
i;l Clate pru dei; ti l con sci en t1OL
i ou sen t, qun ti
lial sub sta i tiat.- co, t' den tial
wi.i ciate own nitT cial jwi I am tial
I's sell fial cc 1 tu mh ciow f P4, i tl len tial Ill i-e C tl'm'- ("i, l ct Ci(*]S,' prov i dell hal cell 6, j)-; 'wn ta hous rev e:- en 7 ai
Ills clous res i (t_,i! tia v
I im Cious e qui u6cktial The compou: 1,! 6 natives follaw the sw-na ruc.
TLe words offour s.N!!ah[ei :76 the half accent on t1w IFABLE 111.

The Fox ami the Swallow.
AWSTOTTE inf4nns, iis, that the following
S lke a by Es,-)p to the S ioilaas' 0 1 a deI CilinfLly their ministe.-;, who, were ac,
e. 4 Auider; i Oi cw-ioio iwe,,dth.
r ;wVf-)Ss 11 rl
Vl)" SwIm'n" ver, happened to
b" e tti ia so-nc weeds that, 'grew near the

88, At Easy Stuadard (y' PI-0jiml(.1,01,10n.
baiikumwhich li(-"-: ;;.Ti ,Ye, to cNiricnfe Itini-i
613if As fie 10 ulll to NA hole "INN 11 of
ffies wh' Ch -'Non, ga1I*;11- '11i'll
a swauo\v lt;Hllk o!"C Cd to
drive them :wa,_ :w nw:i i Jd h(-, FOX; for
if these 1W C!Kt! C I cv i%, NN!ilclt ;ire. alrcad-v
!1fliciew k- or 4,3 :wAo6i(1r worc kp),_,r swarin
ofeve'ry rellaluii- diup ol' Diood io la Nq IV.
i. enda1withthe
I c)-onant.ib. Thu"PI, I
-f'oaarc r,, itw I u 9,ves&- tit, iffigh, 1, : ji, 11_11, ,,, se words will'serve
a, 1,n 1")I. the rollwkl'us, c 1 Ov 14, pf r di tion.
-Zjw ("141 cs pl, cial r m cious.
it clott il I Aft tious fi tion
;110 t cu t tilC1 clent
I i1o'l It ci A tv si clan
Ili (WiH W.t o'l C ill tious i
c 1. pri clolli llr fi CIMIS i o (11 Io:)
-1111 6 11 't !,t Sf, (11 lo"Is
(it 111), lit Sol sti t I al
co r Ili tloil im I ri I lon Suf fi ci Cat
COA tri 60 1 no N I ci e 'q Ili cious
Ip fi cielit of it trails tl 0.1
tp It cious 01 i-,
c r- tion o i ab 0 1.
fio l

nil, 1;'I""r ',
t oil t,

'Jen ius n roj u dicial eo) a 1i tion

"t,1.u o' Cw corn lie ft tion
'I ~ ~ or el0 prp0 .
ad ei L tos p 'eo h on W) f i d)In i tion
P~ SI 60a I1WU t 0i i ti1 t (ipf 0 Ai tofl b utl i ion- su per Ii 6dl dis po Ai tion Ir -i -jo ;u p ;er stion -rac ,ILinr
b* tih ion sup, po ,' tion a rithamt c
Qx Po sA Lion 74 su T tp ious ac a de mi cian Inn po si tion av a n' ciouIs SUP pos I ti lious op position ben efi cial math e ia tI*cian
The compounds and derivatives follow the same rule.

T. tlip fbliowin words, the congonant q terminates a syllble; buit perhaps the ease of the learner ni~y render adieet

itiquor ati qui ty
A qi y i quefy in Iqyl
a u I e 1i qui date, ini i qui tolls qtiuid la quey ob 1i qui ty


Never sn~eak of a man's virtues to his face, nor of his FLuit I ts beh',n- his; back; thus you will e juaflv
aid 1attery which is disg-usting, and slander which

'f you : re ruoor, 11abor will procure you food and
i Y ou are rich, it will strea'then the body-,, o nv orte the mi- d, a- ,dke you from vice-Every
rna~theefoe sould be busy in some employment,

90 .11 -Easy Stanldard of Poueao

.4 ~ ~r


The Cat and the Rat.

A CERTAIN Cat had made- such unmerciful
'havoc among the vermin of her neighboubc~rhood, that n1ot a single Rat 'nor Mouse- venttured to appear abr-oa. Puss was'soon convinced, that if affairs re,mained In thoir present sitaion she must be totally unsupplied with' proxy isioni. After mature deliberation Ohel-efore, she r-esoived to have recourse to stratagemo. For this purpose ljc suspeided herself from a hook wI her head downwards, pretendiu-, to be dead. The Rats- and AMice as they peeped from their holes, observe ing her in this dajigliag attitude concluded she was hanging for some miisdemeanor; and with great ioy immediately sailied forth in questI of their preY. Pussz as soon as a sufficient nu mber were collected to.,,ether, quitting her, hold, dropped~ into the midsbt of them and very few had the fortLun to make rod their retreat. This artificelhaving sui [~ needed so well sic was encouraged to try the event
of a second. Accordin~gly she whitened her cut atl
ovr yr'ir esl na epo lir tilI l

~dismgise lay concealed it b~ of a meal tub.
This sitaaem was executed g I.r withi the
sam11e effect as the formnr But 0 d experienced rat, altogether as cuninga a, %rary, was !not ~ easily ensnared. I dou't much like, said he, that wVhite heap yonder: Something whisper,, me there is ischief concealed under it. 'T's true it may be meal, but it may likewise be something that I sliuId aot relish quite so well. There Ican be no harm at least in keeping at a proper di-seamce f1 cauio, 1
ant sure, is the parent of safety.

In the following table, i before a vowel sounds Jikey at th he-!
1ginning or words, as in junior, .fihial, &-mninion, whic-h are
,pronounced junyurfllyal, dominyon.
FdlIio mill Ion III(-eni IOs

S0 ie* pill ion ci .1i ian
say ior pill ion corn pan ion
seigii or trill ion con nex ion
Iun ion trunn ion de flux ion
at jell val iant do-miii ion
gen ial cull ion fa mil jar
genl ius runn ion o pill ion
Atnx joust, scull ion pa vii ion
Well ium bull ion post ill Ion
ii ions c611 ier pulnc til io,
bill iards pon iard' ras cal ion
bill ions 6D ion1 re bell ion
brill iant' be ha'v iour se ragl io
bagn'io coin mutt ion ver miil ion
til ial par hel ion aix it itt ry
t flex loll p- cul jar fil itt lure
...... flux ion con ven ient p- cidri ia ry
S. Pronounced sol frr Pronaunc,-d ank-shus.

a), i'; Ip BrarnVpclosely pursu- d by a ppek of Dogs,
t1fhpr mAtr tbe cov, rt ofa Pramble.
rejowed in this asylu' ; and fbr a ixhile.
s very h,-)ppy; but soon llound that if he tL ''C"Wed to stir, he was wou,,ded by tLoms f" p I Towever, makNA r;ckles oii everys-ide. 1, '111,m-'of n ecessity. he foreliore to cormi,, ; anfl comforted himselfwIth refleeflig t h -a t no bliss is perfect; thit good and evil re RI xet4. an(] ffow from the same fountain.' These Briars, Mdeed, said he, will tear myFor
skin a little, yet they keep off the degs. For thf sfAke of the good then let me bepr tbevil with patience; ench bit ter has its -% oof ikid these Eramblc ,. dioughthpv wowA m, il-.-h, preserve mv 111 froln dai:,rrr.

Jfl Easy P, w ,ortlciaf n. 93
The first s3u -id of th, as in -thjn7c.
the o rei-if c aa tthiir tie I ell tjl j
hi. ic
r, (her Ole a ter en thA A asm
Ja Cinth by a clath an tip a thy
the SIS CaWi o tic Pa renth e SIS
Z Dith ep I thet a rith vie tic
thidn der I b y rinth an fith e sis
meth od. leth ar gy mis an thro py
an the ml plj tb'o ry pill laD thil vy
dip thong Sym Pa thy Cn--D thar des'
eth ics am a ranth the 6c ra Cy
pan ther am e tbyst t'he 010 gy
sab bath ap a thy the od o lite
ht im ble can the rus ther rnom (- teT
this tl,- math e sis an thoF 1 ty
thurs d, .y syn the sis ca thol I Con ri -g Pan U On my thol 0 gy
t ip tho,
en thi-Al e tb6 re at 'or tho- ra pbv
i :ith wart call tha r;s by pothe sis
S he troth ca the drat li thog ra phy
thIr ty u re tfira 11 thot o my
i t1lor OU(P4 au the'n tic a poth e ca i y
thir t a pa thet le ap o U o SIS
ozz Syu tbet ic Pol v theism
thou sand a canth us N b 11 o tlI6 C- I
il the' isill ath let ic ich thy 61 o gy ly ;I
Dr 0 ry or n; thol o
me t4eg lin
S3can j .,3and 4D f fh, as in thou.
er hith, Or e r
I w r f-If h 0-n If-ath er k"-On er
hna feaIi er fit- flwi- ww-th er
Cloth (,r g It!) P br lh ren neth er

I Oii.

lveth er with r bro'li er be 1ti6ath
x!dn ce ther r. t ly er
. -r t1lea i, r 1,r:;- Ab "r to cr
outll ml 1"A r tim-'r sn)ota er 16,a r;thi-ns
42r -r 11,0V er les
p6ther oth
da' i c r broth f4l be tAAh
Tile denvAill u fellow the same rule.

I. Al

iHi wit to .'i'ther up ?om 1"C', wll ch 1Sh j

j) towards Cwi

dit i 'as Ilf
a:jd went on.-Mica lie w;i flt'i v out of sight "I'VI hearing, the hero from tite tvc( (r,!t6 01, my friend, what said On bvi kc z-(,,,ned to v;hisper vo i very closely. fir (lid the
other, and ,ave me this good plece of tihic(,, i- ,vor to associate with a wretch, who in! the fiou i, of dan,er, wiM desert his friend.
'Words in which ch have the sound of k.
Chnit ChM-lc or ches ter
chvie choI er Oct! i lny
sefierne schol ar chi tn ra
ache Moit'arcil pa, to chi at
Chasm 'rolls c4a, mel ion'
earism. SOM ach tri 1)a'c chi-is
cli6rd ph tri arch clirto aint le
loch ell cNa rist me chan 1c
s c 110", o I all ar chy ca chex y
oi i chrys o lite cha 111) c Ir,-,te
vlioir char ac ter' 'auiach ro II)SID
(-10 rus cat e chisin sv;i ec (to che
te trarch PPn ta tcuch pyr rhich i us
cha os Sep ul cher a m ph I b ri c as
cho rat tecti nic at me'l an chol v
poch, at chy my, ch ro P61 o
o cher all cho ret chi rog v; 1).by
troAlee brach'i at cho rog r, Ph
ii chor lach r y mat, cl i ro noin e ter
christ en roach iiiate the om a chy
C!)em ist sac cba- i,' :? aii ti ba'c chus
f3ch o syn chro iw m (- A e che't ic al
cll 'I ice micli ael mas bac 010in 'at iav,
1('61'd lite ch6r is ter cat e chu men
D 1-, V114 chron i clo ich t4v 61 0 U
"AL --- =7 =---- --------------------- ---- Y -

-it Easy Staiidardj' Proiutiiciat 1311.



FABL11", V U.
TIte Two Dovs.
I IT STY and incoaSiderate con-wcfions 'are genci,:d! attended widigreat disa3vantagus; and intich ol man's good or ill, fo tunc, depends upoii tb,
(: )oi, 0 lie makes of hi, friends.
A -ood-natured Spaiuel overtook a Surly Alasfi t he was travelli Tlp-m & li",4hroad. Tr oI 111r 111,
a1;!!io;iA an entire stj' !11 11,1. to lgcr, very cn.illl ar co4ed lum', and if' it wooM be ito I NLerruption, lie l A. lie should be -!ad to lw; r lum company on hi, NvaN. Tiger, who happeiw(l uot to be altogethci1;1 So wowlin a mood as uso d, accepted the lro,,(,-:tl, :iridthey very amicably pursued their journey to,,Oiier. In the midstof 4 eir conversation, they arrived at the ijextvillage, where Tiger began t,

1 display his majjgnant.disp'ositiw.i, li) an uprovol ,(,d attack upon every dog he met. The villagers 1111, 41 immediately sallied- fortbwith great indigtati on, to
cue their respective faN orites;, and'fallim, upon our, two friends, without di, traction or mercy, poor Tra y was most cruelly treated for no other reasoit; Nit his, I beim, found in bad company.

lit Lasy ,,Urtdard of
Vjr-'--of Freac'hori-ixal, in r71Jh h olm lhkzesh, and inccented, fike e long
Chaise fa ti-uB inag a zine
cllan, ois-* in trigne bomb a sin
chan ere ma rine' mm (1a rill
cham. lade der nier brig a ilir
I paign police bom bard ier,
hi e ry buc cx ler
-a chsur ma c tri
CM cane On v er 11 can noij 1- r f
chev is ance cap a pie I
I PIP- chiv al ry car b1m ior
Shire deb au cliee cav a tier
10' cor de lier'
a chine chev a 1*,-r
nit ren a (114 r
i cash -ev chan de fier
11 1jan cier
an tiqm C*.-ip 11 chin
Pronounced shammy.

We m3v as vvell expect tha t God w',11 make I K ri ch wl-' 'h ut as Chat he wd] make us 00d
a,I-d happywith-ri ourowi)endeavors.
Zeno, hearing a youn'- rnaa very
i, '; n, t! at men have two cars and bu' ,
lilerefore they shoul.4 lie-ir mach a:-,d s, eak !;'u
A man who, iu co npa:ly, engosses the w1l
cr,:, ion, gives oe occ; ff-r the cbnn
iwi i-- -"urni-n- a dc -ree of sut erioic-I all as his numls.
e"Ce, -ice in V!,
r ;aj 7 "01,
:i, J:m,,d)1e as It 'is sple;.d4and v-i.;i
Fict:oi seldom leaved a mau ho.icst, hoivever it

993 J21 EaOv '-tadard of I i-onuflciaia,

The, Partial Jiadi'e.
A FARM ER came to a neighboring Law yet" expressing great concern for, an accident which he said had just happened. One Of your Oxen, continued hie. has been gored by an unlucky Pull of nd I should be! glad to knowi how Iam to make you repari mia. Thou, art a very honest fllow, replied the Lawyer, and wilt nortbtink it unreaSolnalble that I -expect one of thy oxen in reuIM. It is no more than justice. qgoth theIFarmer, to be sure; but, what did I say
1 mistake-it is 'qowr Pull thathskildo of myq ox-n. Indeed! s yvs the Lawyer. thait Alters the case' I must inquire into the fair. and if-And~ if! s-aid tht Farmer-the business I find would have been co!nClde without an if, had you been :s reatdy to dW justice to others als to exct if 'on them.

.4a L asy Slaadard oi' Pronunciation. 99

Worls in which g is hard bef0te e,,i and
_z (23 dag ger Ieg:z-d --herk in
]or 0 111 m gee,
9Y P,
Nd 'bucrgy qu<
aer y g gy
cra- ge rag gi d 1bg gy
dip- ger r i gr, aer CIO' gy
Ave dre-gy rig gish cog ger
drug -A rug ged dop- ged.
drug gist scrap, ged doo, T
Z, g ger
fl tggy sera, gy d og gih
-fiap gi 1) her sliag gy jog ger
11) bous Slu- I n
Z, flog ge
rd. 9' n I
-id d S.11ag ged. pir get
gl ri mg gle sprig gy tar get
ect ger pg let -9
sta c, _- r gir dle
nnea ger giz Z.i rd' swag oer be gin
ge'vv gaw, gim hwt swag y Wag 01'e ey
t! hl-i-nsh trig "er 16croer head
tog d Jag gy twig gin or g-111 IOUs
ti big 'Jn .11po, 0*_d. tviig gy to ,
u Z, ""I ? I geth er
brag ger knaggi gy wag gish p6t ti f6zger
The fallowjrQ are pronozinceI as thou h they were -written With double TLus,, finger is pronou need fng ger.
ger fin g--r YcHng er lono. est
,;iger I c'o yowixc -t stroijb, er
r i crer lin 'Tuist J&g er m6p- er
it h th ei r co m pounds and d derivatives, are most of t I e I tich g has its ha rd s .-J before i v. i'ut to 'these' miisl be added the derivatives of rer'bs
m 1,e lan-u-go in v; 'llI
Al .Ilg in 2-. Thns firorn di.-. onme (litgebt, d;g-gtist, dogged,
T, o Lc. in which g is Li rd before_ and i.