The School of good manners


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The School of good manners composed for the help of parents teaching children how to behave during their minority
Discourse to little children
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36 p. : ; 16 cm.
Moody, Eleazer, d. 1720 ( comp )
Patten, Nathaniel, 1752?-1834
Printed and sold by Nathaniel Patten
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Etiquette for children and teenagers   ( lcsh )
Conduct of life -- Juvenile literature -- Early works to 1800   ( lcsh )
Etiquette books -- 1787
Catechisms -- 1787
Children's sermons -- 1787
Bldn -- 1787
Etiquette books
Children's sermons
non-fiction   ( marcgt )
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United States -- Connecticut -- Hartford


General Note:
"The following institutions were compiled by a late famous school-master in Boston ..."--p. 2. Substantially derived from an English work of the same title written by John Garretson. Cf. Welch.
General Note:
With: Mr. Moody's discourse to little children. Hartford : N. Patten, 1787.

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University of Florida
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Good Manners.

opofed for the help of Parent-teacbk Children how to behave durigtc minority.

C A ;6' A/
P ;0 0 fAy defre, Ow.
n de he was b tv
himfe4f wye t e of bbW
-vyho e'fomii, this- yo enquir
$I _h
finipling is, i Saw xvll- 55, 56. hat
'Y?'4--Ms;%"'re honoured ly his good carriage '. 'Wkcrec fre4of but a me n, care4 or breeding
d race ro; 1 ejr parM as well as n9wempf
cv plAm This little hook, is compofied./or th
pare-fas in le cbiq 1heir ckildre); how
a jn'4heirplaces, during hcir mrrori y. And mh ; commended t fchoo -mqfltrs, andmifcc it i4q-their jchoo, as- what Zs
WI'411t P'ine'-prope to be tavht tbere, ahd W,4t-4 fii -4;!-frraittvp -,'child
Nvay 4e fhoiAd go, and when he is uld hly not

z&-rc coVfiedby a late.,

'b ve, bren -triwdi and VIY w'd %ij
a ha W"V; fo b friendnd. tbis.-editor ahl,) 'qsAV04.2 Lin

F AR GOD andbeievin iAR S2 Reverenice thy parents. Subidtto~thy parent Submiut to thy fuio < rkfife not thy itaferoi Be courteouis with th qas Pray dJaily and devoutedly.
wovrf ,.ih the god, Im~itate -not the wik-ed.

W,"t '0 L
S H A P. 11. waiWikg One Hundre.-Jand Six ,-v three R:zz'esfar
ens Bcbaviouy, viz. It lbe jUeetingffamfe atllcoe ; at the I'able ; M Cuxpany ;
'in Diycourfe; at Abe School; when-Abrovd; j axd when among other CbiUrm : IVith a;z Admmoan to tbem.
ir 41ou
the' Behaviour at the Meeling fc
ENTLY walk, to thy f at or Pew k
run not nor go wantonly'
NN it Wjwra Aho it art ordered by !hy superiors, Parents or

SWt rtotfeats, but continue in th.-place whcre yonr
plate Vor thecafing of anyone thatflards neav

rift too, loag that is lent thee by ano6er,
a, 41 thyfelf, rtzlllme it, to him that lent it to

... meeting houfe, dpecially in time of
0. ry on 6e minister, let it not Nvildly wanderr v)
qv-r4fon. or thing.
to-t6e word3 of the minister :, P.m,; 1 1 iiV4 'V -bcal hepriyeth, A / leaff In' thy heart; an-I It! ten, tlLit thoik-rfqyeftrcivt!mb4 -r.
Incetv 4MUIC when tke Ai, n -s-if the" Wevv v" f hOr
li""g VPOII Ivha-t YO

a 0
Re never covered at honae. especially 1? f4rg rr f1rasiprs.
if thoz-),pafreft by thy Varents at any art I 4-ce ft them, ;Xlwr by themselves or i&ith w wards them"
If thou art going to fpcalc to -thy pxrezi4, ana
engaged iiydii ourfe w'M company, dnw back aw lq;' it
thy buflilefs wil ahvw-. ; but if thou ing"t fure to whif er. V. : I
Never fpcak to thy parersts without fome Ti&7 ofPLC-,
viz. fir, madam, &-c. according to rhtir qq ljlvi'
Dif ut ,no' nor delay to obey rhyparctTts co!,O"t; Ii: 4"
Qo not out of Doors without t4y prcnwl :auq a iL Tq, suru Aithin tht time by them limited.
Come not M"o the room wbere thy- p4ro'MS --I;-; fttarigers, linlrf's thou art called, ii4,t -,a, ,,t bidding go out ; or if flmnpri c6mc! y I 1,ilu with the-m, it is M-,Irwrs 'A Lth kln% 'Ut With'11XW
fe r 'Ifal and courteous, but'h%' ii, CL mineet-mg ca riage orhmguage tow
Quarrel riot nor cout'41nd with t y 11 IjjA live in love, pCa'Ce;jrnkI MiltyGrumble not nor be dit oatentA rents appoint, fpeak or do.
.Rear with uwekncfs and p4tIq-LIfx':t. 1- or fai'levviefs, thy parents m-pr3 t1_10' it ffiUrLltd- hfLppcn tb--t dvq b
01-cinl'h-tos Beha'zw4w#6

cVO, Mr. aot to t e tA6 'J hout I


t ", ho aaft eat givenk thee be not the firft thait eust at.
S- not at the table ; if thy fuperiors be &cfourfiwg, Ve,& ntWuh the Matte-r ; but be fA-cnt, except thou

It thmy thie from the feraits, call to teA

Eat nt too faft, or vkith greedy behaviour. Rat n~ot too muich, but moerately. to make others wait for thee.
Al Akrot a nodle xW'th thy tongue, mo-uth~, lips ()r
eating or &rnlkinz.
4trent nthe facc of at)y one (efpecially thy fuperinot t~Y fingers oT napkin more than neceffity

thy bread,but beak it;bt not with floving,& o ith 6e fa*wherewith thoui ta.Left up thy

P #) l eat in the face.
4 T4, o-ghnot, nor blow thy iRofe at the table, ifit 71 w ,,voii(- ;hut V there be iaeceflity do it afide, and 06 di lbw n hebe,.or on the backofthy chair.
am it -isa tofilhy checks, be content

hot Mtat he ~*; but cat it witha fpoon.

t not thnoeys upo them~eo anoteui 0r

Bend thy body a lttle downward to thiy plate, we hu ,movtc1 any thirtg that i ac! d tothy mouth.
Look not earrieftly on any i that is eating.
Foul not the tabe-dotld
Gnaw not bones'at t% i-thb but clantrT wt
knif'e (dhlefs they;be very fmafl onesand huIi L g it
Drink not nor fpaiith ny ting i

'Before arR aftfthou -rkfq ~ et~ f napkin.
Pick-not thy tec-tk at te abe, ef h6W

Drink not 6ill thou haftqite emtied th drink often.
F~rown not nor mner if there be anyN 4
-Ach thy parents or f ir 4 thyfelf haft non ivn thee.

When than rifeft from the table aln, ~d x

NW thanks are ob.reunda

~sngnot liar hum in thy mouth, wAle thou art III CoinPany
Stand not wriggling with thy Wi~y hither and thi6ber, but
*bady a,.d upright.
'ii ot wantonly like a mimnic, with thy fingers or
Fconh1ng or fneezing,. make as little noife as po16,6ble.
If thou canift not avoid~ yawning, Ihut thy mouth with .Ithins~had or handkechief before it, turningthy face afide.
When thou bloweft !thy nofe, let thy handkerchief be lafthd ind make not a noile in fo doing.
tGnaw not thy nails, pick thems~ jnot'n 'jik them Uwith t~hy teeth.
S~pit not 14 the room, bv t in thbt &mmter, or rather go out
at7~n on the chair of a fuperior ftnnding behind him.' (.
pi jot ipon the lire, nior it too wide with thy knees
ta tAy back to axy but place thyfeif fo that none

-, 4 no letters, books nor other writings in liompiny.
tk e benecceflity, and thou afleA1 leave.
Ainor lokupon the books or writings of any
~auteowner invite or defire thee.
',om iot near when another reads a letter or any otherLt thy icontenpe be moderately chearfal, neither
4agnynor frowning.
aj bsh not load1, but fitly finite upon any occafion.
Stand no-, before f.Veror. with thine hand. thy ets; fcra not thy head, win not tirwi~*ys
sytokgig before thee.
kin wihtyfpzo nteht t 1
1014 tle7iht(or upe haia4 alk&ee to tt

0 0 0
Lool not -boldly or wiffifully in the face Ofthk rupo*
To loA upon one in company and immediately per to anoilier, is unmannerly;
Whifper not in cornpany.
Bu not afixorig equals fioward and fretful, but gentle, and aFablc.

M 0 T' G fu p, r I or s fpc al n ot til I th ou ar t fp ake n M.
-AHold not thine -hwid, nor any thing elfe, before thr 'mu'ath whe ft thou frtikeft.
Come not over near to the pc&,ri thou fpea-eft to.
Speak neither very loud: norioolow,
SPA, clear, not 11,1111int'ring, ftumbl;n nor drawlill'
Anfwor not one diat is fpeaki ig to thc-e until done
Spea not without Sir, or fot- title _0
vvTiicb is due to him to whom thou
Striv-- not with Superiors in argun ,rits ot
Ifthy filperior fpcak anything wli, !rein
rnlftakencorreanot nor contradicthim, nqrIOWat hearing of it ; but pAs over the error without 1mce Or ix
Mc:,tion ftot ff ivolous or little things alnent fons or fdperlors.
I C thy fitperior dmwl Or heiltate in. his W* "-Ov ilot to Clp hi.,h' 0-ut, or to prompt hirn,
Come not too near two that are
i'a fect-t, much lefs raay'fk thou alk abuat confer.
a tIty par at otoatUr to, Ifty P*
C Q, nor 6r j

to it as if it %wert to t vein not. t#+M *Q tr h ark W
no;x-, Wv qq. h OM "t

rp M

ingi a not C thy countenanc-C as tho' thrzr
ldft not hear it.
'Boaft not in difcourf6 of thine own wit or doings.
Bexare thou utter not any thing hard tobe Mieved.
Interrupt n- t any pne tht peaks, tho' thoa be his fa

Corniag iiito coinpany, whilil any topic is difenurfed oh, h4,rvot what was the preceding taik but hearken to the

r I Idor.
t 'Qikiac, nf any di f,-mt pLKon,, It is rude and unrnan rr.rl .to pcint at him.
Laifgli I-lot iA' or at thY 0'.."11 Story, wit orjefl.
not any con-iriptuou or reproachful lai-u-a-c to
though vcr-v nwan or inferior.
e not carnt:11 1'- A tall ihg 'tD jiii'tify tiii-ic'Gwn fay.

C t 6V wor(IS [IC Inoue R abou t thofe thing, "Nch onlythec,
qik gain the words-)f A ftiperior that. afkffi 11-eth with t'ye.
1011, or ta
Of Cbi1a'j-,)7,r Beka-viour at tke
MV at coming in, puflin- off thy hat ; eftpeciafty ir,
-tiiy inafter or u!-her be III the fichool.
01Wr t bra-immediately take thine own fcat ariAkone place, to aitother, till, :2iool time brMy Orang r come into t' e school' rife- vp' and bow,
WiM In thy place again keeplnp- a Prof6und

t' 6 kb.oOl*itb a 41rapZer,, y nit 6 4 to ehiem.
not confidentl hem t
ly'_j t rru t not MtOcr while' At ngtr o, vif6k
A);'fu h iii tttr-anO I b,- fit lAii
accable ani f1jC4 t (-A
ti t14 t W PLY

G 00 D N A" F T S.
If tity Inafter fpcoak to thc e rA up and bow; ma thin; i-u cr ftan4Ing.
B.,M notadoud in making compl iinvi. A boy's tongta f-uld ntver be heard in Cw fchov! but in aafwcring a quc tlwl, or fitting, 4is Vffbn.
If a ftran er fpeakto thee in fcllool, ftand Up and aafive f with refpe l and c-remony, both of Nvord and gelture, if thou fpakeft to thy m.oler.
Make not ha le (Ydt Of fC11001, but fo orlv go ',A-4Cn thy turn comes, without nolfe or hurv.
Go not ru -Iy home thro' th 4'rects, R land not tawn with boys to Aay thee, bat go qaxtly home, and widix"ill convenient halle,
-Wh-a it Is time to return to feboo! igaln, be fure thcre 16'fcafort, and not loiter t home wkilft thy in at fchool.
Divulge not to any person wh itfbever, eltfewhm, thing that hath pATed i-i the febool, either fpdken'O
Of U41drens Bekaviczu- -ben

not finding, whiffling or hollo"iig(alft
Q-11arrel notiAxith any body thau meete#,qr doff r, take.
Affront none, efpccially thy elders, bywo A
jeer riot at any perfonwhatfoev er.
Always give the.,Yight hand to your rqmijqio L
either you meet or walk with tbcm-them the walling meeting or v-vaMugr with,,thew I is the upper hand, t46' in wal4iag Qiir Aperlor A444, thtn be at-your left JIRDd. Bat Y 4M6 pbrii:rnsr N -4, fte er, the middle place! s the i4
r iy walk at his f;t1ter's right
i 41rx Walks at his left.
Lky fopqiors leave twP46 befo4t)i i k tiy im!
WO 0 1 afs at once.
age, where t C"T"t P
a wtc oe

I z 'rS C fa OL7,S
Pay thy refpec~s to all Othou, mectcft of tine acqtualutance brfriea& -.'
pull off thine ha t to perfbns of Oefert, qualIdty or office.
If a fuper,,or f'peak to thce in the trcet, aiw~er him with thy head uncovere-d. 4
Ruin not hadlily in the treet, nor go too slowly wiag nt to and fro, nor uife &ny ?ntick or wanton poibires, &euthcr cof thy he-ad, hands feet or bodyr. .Stare niot at every itoufual perfon or~ thiing which thou

~Throw not any thing i/-lhe treet as dirt, .one&, &t, Offend not the inaftd,',r fcholars ofhaother fchool
f -ir ,eLa-vioar amog tbf Chddrehl.

A rTear as ma~y e converfe not with any but thb' thlt
are good, fober and virtuous. Fq11 comsiuozcaliim4

J nt qarelfra, ut rather paieutly take, than
mVeiv ixfyoauay wrong.

,k ikd a~ions, or indecent exreliions.
ive-alivys o him that ecleth thee in quality,

Ac ~rifia tqtae there words or aiaions as jeffing,.
*f~ tho hat refonto believe were d~efigned -as fucah,
n ~ ta *thbycompanions innocent arnrLh.
KAY ampaionhe a littletoo grofs or fircaffical ii
fpc r yt t~venot to take notice of it, or be movedi

Ab Pe ut ty cmpaioneither by word or deed.
juflyraningboys thy equalss fcctofy as i

roaiw-Tta au within, ttdabot Lfnet f igw

G 0 0 D MA N N EIR S.
Avoid finful and unlawful recra fions, and all f-qrh as prdjucucf- the welfare of body or mind.
Scorn not, laugh not at any for their natural infirmities r)f bo3y or inind ; nor because of them, affix to any a vexrig ttle of contempt and reproach, but pity fuch as are fo ii4ited and be thaakfial that you arc OLIICTWiil diffinguiffied and Evoured.
Adventure not to talk with thy companion -,'bout thy faperiors to raife dilcourfe reflc&ing upon, or Muching ano their's parents or jn,-JIcrs ; nor publiffi any thii)g of 04ae cqi family or hout Ili-old affairs.
idmanitm; to CAUree. aef
HILDREN, th6c are the chlicf of th6fe rvle4 of bc
hav"otir, the obiervatIon whereof will deliver you, froin the disgraceful titels of forbid and clownifli and entdl' upon the mention of you, the honor of gente-I and w ",_9 bred children. For there is (carce a fodder fight t an ciawru'fh aird unmannerly 0114. Avoid themfore "Ail-4 onnny- Be humble, (41), greatestt difigen" "0 vile an ig-I iniffive andobedient tothoie whofe atithority by I.. 1 40
providencehaGi ajj4ltcla"to your fubjl .dicm- fu-,h volparents, xnafters or, wwra, whofe COME4,ands and kws, no ot4er ter dency Own your tr neft good: Ue 40a q-'ob "2
fcquious and nafpeftfal, never bold, infoleat or fai ther i words or gettures- In q your body be fir occAort pliaMe, and ready to manifest a cf remotiie theim-ard reverence you bouf* ,o:4 above you. By this means, tly a timigly Ar4i-,TIvI A4KUf-,., torahig, yoarf lve ; toa 4veetand yfuitlosrT flitirm and relatiow, your InInds ;kt J ",hich i4 io indi(penfib! I y youf.d lity z *Q WA
further retatioAs will be wrf t*ejvffth
W ri iQ ptexwre. When it fhall p1q*," thkqp
years. and under vmfl *f
kimare to y-oar and at'
-$60 w ii ffiall MR, thu
the r

monwealth, there will remain in your well niqna,
no prel-uni ptuous folly, that mayprompt or tenipt you to
be other t'iaa faithful, obedicritand loyi] fubje&s.
Be kl -,d, pleasant and loving, not crofs or churlifh to
Your eqa-its and In thus behaving yourselves, all persons
Al -exccedUigly 1--fire your familiar acquaintance : every.
wilib rt ad,!and willing (upon-opportkiiiity) to ferve
and affift you. Your trends will be no fewer thin all that lcn-),,v you, and observe th exccIlence and i'WcctIt!fs ofyour
port-nrnt. Tols aNo (bv an habit of
pbI3gin,,) will fit y3u for converfe aaA fbci ,,ty and facilitate
d-id advantage your dLaling with rn ,n in rip,-r years.
Bl mce'k. courteous and affable to your inferior, nor
-,VVud or I-copiful. To be courteous to' the meariefl: is a Aru,, induxofa grc,-tand entrous mind. B u t the in Utitig
."ajjdfCo-BfU1 geAt":1n.LV), who finally hath been hir4felf,
originally) "lowignobleorbeg-arly makes himself itohis
:, .- -I fcorii
qua.s rediculaus, and by his iriferiors is repaid with

ci-tefitilyeloferving thcfemetbods of life, yourfupe,
.TW) P w!tIIqdecdefleeI-n you; yourinferiors h6oUr and
7 ,I '-'
V08 Your equals delight in you, all that know an4 'You, fhall pralfe and leflica you : Your example t,-, w, rrcip iunded as a pattern of ingenuity and obliging
'N havioar, You w l b-- valuaffle and well efteen-ved iR
V, ry 6inc, atioa and circus lance of your lives: You
101 bi---Wit with th ma.-nes ofZood children, good fcboa rs cood niaft,- rs, ,ood fubje6ts: Praife
n Ai4i be. vourattcnlant all your life long, and your names
'iafl out'livc tti'e envy of the grave ; the encomium of eve,
jry survivor, fhall enibalin your mcinorv.
C il A P. 111.
eftbeir ives Ivi ir,

G Vd, AAVvi<-- m Cbildrcn.
ELTE VF -Av!kl is GOD,
is Me#) t, never ou

f ?0 aD 14 XN E R SP e affured that the Sacre(I Scriptures (the written word of God) are truae; an~d that the things cotihed therein, will be found to be real things.
If God dto open your eyes, and bring yo to falvaim, it will be'iy flight le t in b4 the word.
Therefore read if, and Inufe upon it, anneer rcad it witboutlooking up to God to fpeki-inwhattyoisotofit.
And whenl you go to hear the word preached, be fure go to hear God-, and Elleirwith dilgence to every word that's,

Make it one ma nwokand tty at it agati f g~r, to meditate, and in~ meditation to conclude wha ir f~ is ;anto afkoth the LORD)and your own caii concerning YeOx flate; and gve no re&t tither' tll putt that great queffion~ ou~ t qac~in,. wee f1jnd your eternity
Be fure that in isthe greateft e~l inf'pWol thtno aflion canihurt u if fin do not

kniow from its i vqa ~et iing out of -orbw, brng that before GOandpray againftitda and rei-olveag t it:Pr ther will b n

Study to I~ai knwJ IR ve a R ostlntoyou ; and untilfyoucanfay, nw other thns are but lof in compariftmo r.'

;d c im fe b you'rs,wite),our wk"m

W ~rib t ndgaif or,-fwt rt '
ylth~n e, ndgveupyurlfttbhrl

Be ~lienttoImprove time, and fuffe-r not Pretiotis Ihotrs to trn awaya without improvement.
Be affred you have awful work to do, tilily )-u'et the pardon of tin and heavefi affured.,
M ake it a part of your daily work to call your heart to nn account; and do not.zany momentary bulinefi withoat proposing of 4-me grounded end tlat will bear you out in it let the ct be even what it will.
And if youl lovr your life, beware of tvil company, a I deadly ifchief; rather none than il nF -xhllh zh~re be in every place, have no fellowship wihthemn, do not keep urith then, if poffible, for~ thte Deiil baa phoned rmany a mxail tius.
Nw i ie~ryou toolertote tordthliFrifruits, th mrnrin t of your age, the prime o~f yonir days.
Lahoof to qproc yourflf honefibefori o xdnn
Theway to be upright is to walk before God. Set God cblryoetioethazt eethdtiinot ony Viible, but
tcethuhts and fecret works.
fr apt~ e~att~fbojda~ anui ept Ay
iro Ppr.s for teir Uf ,*d Com~fory ; zvbicr fferioifly and #~vrfied ispo an -well ronAle~ed ofwiwld tend to the ptr.-Wtion f4*uh. l, and be, a awt *apmt muchb Jtv arzd C~m4~rt to bi& Souls.
t Tke G OD the FAHRto be my diifefel good and
*hft end.
Jtak GOD1 the SON, to be my prince afnd fa*iour.
-aeGD the 14OLY GH~OST, tob myfanffifler,
Jft~her'vie and comaibrter.
I tkee WORD of GOD tobemy rulein all my acAqthe PEPLEf OD to be mypcopci $ acn

I o lkewfe deot m eae unto the LR ~
whole felfailIaA;Ihae ad d Icando.
Anrdthis I ciee o-sfar as Iknw m
Ieat, Fncer!v orc dc

-0 0 D Al I N 2VR R S.
1,ESUS CfIRISY-aloue, foraffillanceand acceptucc, C- 11 A P. IV.

1. GOD's Na,7re i7i -vair.

T HISis a fin that children arc add ded Li-ito; to fay,
0 Lord, 0 God, 0 0 Cbr a, & in their
fommori tilk, apon every frivolousocc;!fion; but it is exprefly for-biddea in dic third Commatidmeat : The wordi of which command are thefe, T-boajbalt izot take the Ptame f ihe -Lordtwy U12d i4,vai4 fur the Lordzvill not bold ki,* gidt1 fi ibat t,!;.,tb k' r Vat N. Therefore be warned to take liced of this firi.
Hewi!1noiAq1dbingu. hkfs, 'rhat:,' he will fqrely hold him guilty; To be held guilty before God, notes t**things.
i To be ander the merit of everlaffing wrath t*4 in God's name in vain, yaa deserve the wrath 01h and infiritte GOD.
z Gu lt notes ati obligation to wrath t TaMug Go& name in vain, bfflds yoa over to thejudgment oft*,grrn day ; When thoa comet to appear before Gc4%., "'Mik4' and it he- demanded of theej guilty or not guilt alone will prove you to be really guilty.
And certainly, however the breakers of thIs CSA= uk Wav escape paniffiment here, y t they JhA finJ tk?'r, i6*1 ju4ujea.
,*' TJIS is another (in wh ch children arc
and are to be warned against. Mat. x i'
--'At P. ij,6, .
i4e;,iword that =an1ba11jpeqi, th gi
ey M4 'W izn oc
MY' in the d-y fj-dgment 1. Do yoii believe this, 61mj4rz Iu4 ih you yet rpeak idle words, vain wordS*
0 have a care of thi ejU,
caut lh 111,
is, 40thor vn*
I -, Ta

3 C 11 r) (5, L
-I n 11 T tr L11 L11 P ",T an d ,jijingjv, witli a p urpore ta i
c,, : ve. Of li f, th c are three lOrts, -ccz.
t-porting Ii-.
A pt!rwLiLu'S 111-1.
I "in officic)U6 1i" is that vvhicti ;s intencled td prevent'
foin c dangci or pruc ve fwnc good either to our felves ov Pulghbours. Thus Rabablied J lb. I',,. +. Aud that wo'man mentioned ILI 2 XVII.
z. A fportln'- ht or a 1; Injt 11, i& that),vhic'n am to,
ma4 mo inrrrv, or to pa!. away precious thrie.
3. A pernicious Ile, i_ Ovit whicilia made for fomert-64,
-4an 11 fe
JiLur(fiiI, gviou, intent, a alii,.L OUr rielglIPOU, AU the
W;s Pf -lying are finfd.
-v Ing tongue I, one of 011ings theatre
an ibor ina"Jj bjn o' rd, P I ov. % i. 16, 17, 1 a Oi-9
And lgam, Frov. zz, L-,-r- 1;Ps a7v ah
!iAl.' Ibe L" "%nd 1% in, S _k
i- the inar of the DeT t) jM III tv c ip'?e Dc-ail
r,?t im t 2e tri d, becalm i&re is ?w lrutb in him-; ,lie, 12C#01cei bersa 1;arar-i
rwj ofij. L r .are rccl oned uaong tl; grofl7cfl of
hilncrs' and mu"t go to the fiam'L 1-.'61! tli tt tht v are going
jtq, V'fs arb told, P Cv. Yxi, 9. te" fid &

aMiidolaters' ardr!i 1, 1A k S,';al! ba c ikir paTt in a :d
A ]Lr is abhorred both of God -md man ; lie is abh( i.
4 d of God as you were bt, -o told, I .;) V I
_y; I' I are a5 '
i n 16'1& 'Lord, Prov. x:li. 2z. Ile i : RY,
David could pot endure a liar in his iIght, Pralm
He 112at 'z urrIC11, decei, lkag, ot d zvrl/ --'n 7ni L:vfe. 'Ti3
ia of po mpmi ;s til U" lyin ncitiier% ,iM 11'e patience len'd his i h to a'liar. Y'mndri
ijudgrnent to behela 0-"CF Oi "its %VA& to v ut4 ,f Mnd,"if they 'Wi rc'' Fl.kiinfelf th

-COOP M14NNEP, '17.
faitb Lie!;,er) is fp4* '-WitN li ez. h^ath a' tr &xte
-aboutan tell a llf for no hayt, but' fo
good (1a vs he) 4! rz 6t to do it, tliougli it were to fave all world. Thnu-h ibmc faints -i.d holv fervant- of GoJ have ui-cd-th-- oilic-ious l1e, as and 7,acob, GenXxvjl. 8, to, and Abraliani, G',w. 2, Yet theirfaulm were not recorded for our iumation, but fot our eaatlon. Caution IV. Of o iceae a zd-iva, ,tnn eeckes, a4d 'hy an [

T IIIS is another Iin hir children -ae addict-d% i,' and to be warned of, 'I his : s a fin th-at doth g"atly corrupt youth. The Apoifle ?,,xdcautions you agai-4ft 44Eph. iv. zq. Let m cor,,: Jt red aw cfpour
,tnowb: Aad Oaap. v. l. Nei!hertilllyineji, ii,P-l yorfiyl lzp &--c. Have a car, Tak,- h,- d, children,
things for the pra&ice of them will areatlv dcbatfcii Y2":zi Therefore you ffiould inuch rath-!r Improv6 yiqW;1biip-tn rcadiftt, the bible, and othrr book, -of piuy,'whi*19oWtendency to ruake you wite unito&lvatiort
C3 ution V. qrArsol Z& a, 'd Rj,1, tzW"qi4-Wk-? -"z

X 111Sis another vice wheri unro youhg. ifte4i.*d- t46'
much. addl6ted : But exprefly forbiddeit by.o& viour, Mat vr, 34 S-Pnr mr' 57t-llfi rathly) but letpvr comi.vi4nicaeiriz be yeayra t 9; ', *4Y ,wbaULever is nsure -1 ba,- c,,vzj tb 2f f,-uil; that M, of Devil that evil oue. 11-ve 3 care of fwearini lw and troth ; much more of 1-wearitig by tt; "d ot
Cautious V1. S.A qj
CADIIAT11 breaking ii anothc't. r mmch. eu .6
too generally pronL- nato. .'Thev f6flrth odi4idtm, rmwmber the Sab az Drv to keep it 1-nly! Bik iiW* rp4k rrly ikereto is the pradic, of very inanychiktieu anA!
s:" ? Oh! thel Irl ve a care playing At
Jay, which is the chn Ilaies labbath dk ; Ct
ffiewhc4cda)in,-C' iq#sexcrcif :

77 S C H 0 0 L
Lo rj- dpy, I ays, that be oftcri found that the- due obfivrra, fxof ,of tile dnty of thi, day, had ever joined to it -a blt fflnga ,.,on the rQ11 of his thi-Le ; and. t4e week fo bcgau, "s bilt ff d and Prof I Aeother fi4e, be had
.Perous to him : but if On t!
.Menrieglige-lit in duties of tbi5 day, the to-ft of the weekytas, tijibikppy fQ that he could easily malke an -eftiinatrt OfUs fucceffes, by the ma-aner of paffing.thisday; andthis, lays he, I do not write lightly or iaconfiderate y, b-ut upon long and foundobfervatiun and experience.
Alat writertells us th:,,t a Friend of his 'oMerving a :iyom? ,nvxpofing fruit to fale on Ole Lord's day, advised h re, w leat-e that pra&ice and to attend the public war-1hip, and ferve God on hi,, day. The woman replied, that fheiook more Mioney on the Lord's day than on any day i4 the week, and that fhe could not live, if 1he did not do
_kh4s. 'J o who. i -is replied, If-you would leave off thii
aelh*ve d keep the Lord's 4ay holy, attending t c pub,2;,4"P ; and wlicn you conte home fpend the t1ine in
dw fcripture, and pri-yer to God, arid praifing hint 'i"'. his Mcrcie's, God will fend a bleVing on your labour ,va tli-,r4-of the weck, which you cannot expeft 1 6 long as market of his fabbath. ThewomanhearkenE ,ihi4a4xi ai dfornetiiueafter thankedhim for it; hi5,,vords true ; for ever fince Ne kept th3, ?S;Aa4b day fhe fold more on M onaays and'Fuefdays than vAd to da-,91,the week before, But arcaterthingsare Aq"hc Obtained hy observing this hoINr day than tc mporal

Alid C( If piritulal and eternal bleffings. ve ovcrtoollider alfo the J judgment wl ch ha -41
tk.W wilo luave proftwed that day One peaks of fourlegil W"ng ff r -r 4ime
fous, vho on the Lord's dayin the wiatL
vaoi4dTo top? ty at foot-UI on the ice ; bilt that b O Toder zhfln, .,and they were all drowned, 'Till repriUd that two belongingto N. Bngland,,-w461M 4e f4
JprAae to 11 ram bn the tord's day'; "bfW iV* '"S *S i and
Vvio 6" their bode finote ftw, ,V
b otb &6, ilrt
3CW*11 f6

13ut Sabbath breakers "pofe themselves to that whkh i4 worit han any tcnipw-al'udgmems, v 7.. to fpi4 Atual aLJ etmal j udgments
Caution VIT. qr SleaL;7g.

T HIS is ayzotL r fin which ch ildren are prone unto
tho' tis forbidder, in the elg'k'i coin rna idraent Thc, ciAth co min an dine nt is J ,oa i.v d. To Iteal is to t'L, thut vArich is aalother.s "Without tkolr J.cave. Oh chi] 44ren, b_- captioned ; galaff 111C 111a of ; A"I *Ot the value of i pip from any one ; specially froin yokir parcrrt ")r n1a'a-ers, forto firaI fr-cnl t tlri i i a ^4-catfiti, tho, f-onie may C ount it non at AL A th](4is thofe fingers thatfliall be fhut out of llcanvcn. a Qor. vi. ,-, Zyow ye n9l ibvthe z4p iingdwn f G6d. -,Re tzrv NCLIiavtors, 11
-var avimlmi erj, nor em;n,4.-e, fclf-pollamt s) Apr ArAuliirt I I&M IVCJ THIEVES (WhkI wplacedl
in thc rnkldlc of tWe ungodly one5' as if tficy were word of thein all) wr e4-'nwa ,s, nor hwUka';'4y

Pf Di, Aedi na ti7 Pa* es'
to anoth ;8
mon mn ang child req, and indeed 'tis a
obed' nce to Aa
v"rilldren M the 6fth corrun-vidnAent, which tlel jr, mot) er, B ut ak6 -4mv many cW ru t 4 vm, late th'6 great c-omnWndme'lat ? DifoBedierrg '" fo fpul a flu, a5 that it is ptit i6to thal hu*' qt"a 'Rom. 4. Z9, 30, -3 1, Bi;TPId "i4 fornication,
*vr&r, debate, dereii, malig**


- r Lo ali Untirntly dvmbW 44at bbth*iF,' t1ij. iRl"
da s" in: t-". 14 44' r
!an Inthe.-Lmd

W_. ---

Tbe S C H 0 0 L s(
out into an awful eternity) bitterIg la:n nncd anil ven, rnuc i be failed tnat GDD-provokiiig iii, viz. dY-o6,de)2(",' t,) :.5eirparcnts. Ltt children tilke heed they be not dounc!
amongfuch: But let theriAwa-vs remernl er. that word,
111 V1. I Unldrer, qhgYqaYjare.,r.,s in the Lord; or
C H A P. V.
Ccn!,,i*v II9 aAort, plain

D 0 ywi kvow -v,,bg is God, and who zn rde you d vd 2ts
all ?
I I aow t liat the Lord he is God., that he nWe us and
vat we ourttives.
Who is be ibat hz2!bpro --fediouftozv iJe bitherI6 ?
Th L-ord h--ith upheld ihe from thev.,omb hith f r-to.
ffrom are you 2ound to arrjhip andjerve ?
The GREAT GOD, who bath made and preferred me, Wbev are ou to jet jouri y to Jbir bappy wo)-k if ervix
While I am a chilli, in days of my youth.
lf,'b kt rale have -J% to dzre ll ya& &-wto ferve the Lord?
T hq-Word of God, coi)tained in the old and now TeP, I -kme how toferve tile LofdAatii6k, is the only rule to dire
)Vbw i, God ?
IW Is a moft holy, iiiife, merciful, juff a3d -glAY fpiYen, be is Alnughty.
A e i beve mor, Goeli tban one
'Oiar God is but one ; the Father, of "Whom are all
-Wrigs ; the Son', jefus Chrift the Savimir, by whobi are all t*gs ; and the Holy Spirit of Trutit, whom dic Fa, c:r ;, mJ5 in the Son's name to fan6tify and comfort.
;P7mt'qvorks lw! Cad done
GlA mild---the hnavtns, and the earth, and tlte WA" S
and all that in them IS.

God = Ide all things verygood.
Now tbnv, camefin, ) rrow, aArd djatb i4to tAe
Adam's falt, in M W ,4zfinned and
glory of

si t-s any want of conformity unto, or tranfgreffien of the I'L"V Of, ( od.
IP'bai do you and I defe -vefor 1:n ?
The wages of fin are death and dic wrath of God.
9-r al bolTes haveyozt of being and1lofrom'
deatb and tl2e -vrarh y'Go ?
-The love of G )3, who gave his only begotten Son, that whof'oever bellcved in him fho4ld not p( rilh, but have-, everlaffing life. I
81kat did Chr ? the Soz f t',odd6 A"I ordee to t& redcemiiig
Chnff became our furety unto God ; fo he undertouk i the c urfe Ili u ar itead, "d died to redeem us from- fin and wrath.
I-Vbo are 1brv lbat AaIlAa ,etbt benefitspurcbafidhy, Cb4
Such as are convinced of -fin, righteoul-nefs and ofjudgl--, '%
and that receive jefus Chrift as their, Prielt ,d King.
How mujlyou livr 'you-bopr to hefa-ved 4
I 1'. jf Ive in aII purity, -61tanfing thyfcl' 6com"A' fif thin-5 o the qelh and f liit, perfecting tiolixiefArs-the kai of God.
110 Vu areyoa to 'WO;Aip and renve the great (;V ?
I MtTft worship and ferve God i t spirit
all nty heart and with all my foul and with all my
O'bat is'the 6efl e:viden, e ofyour Ir-,e to
The keepirrg iiis commandmentF, ahd cou-nckg Ofthem a plealpre.
1#4-- M'My are tv _e
-4%tte we ten Commandmentq.
'vt exflIenijum ba-ve you f the
t ikUch usually goes und" r tl P'06
[ Vhicb let the child ii o icp ,
w h jofus C


Baptifin, as entering into the cliurch c if Uirid ; and, ille
tora's i'Up Qr a's ecnfirujia anj C01-pfor"Im), II s there.

They muft bv twneduit o hell, wlzh all th ;f that orget'
Wbat ab.-I b"Comes ofth, gor v, or tly 1i)Nt fear God, Wj
fer-ve bizv
T1wY all go to lwaven, and are for m:r f*ced in i ivers
of pIv4v-s Ood's rigbt hqnd, _VT C 11 A P,
4 ,V07',4,110NS from MRtPTURt.

ij 4 dwiVe ,Auaaage iv Ioxek. Firft, I&
lbfpqw xtsdi-vg Ik&)W, fkev kow fo plpadtv as by readber mallet-, Secondly, In ibal I" rebr !Icy are
1-49 any a oe
k4rodwd gv 'be G-wids -'d P -i-ciP""s f P-kvov, One G 0 D.
A V We i ot ode 1, adwr
Jfath not one GO'D
created u
Butbe uot ye ca,14d rabb for r'ne i, your mafler.
*vCn Q!iRl 8, ; and all ye Ate bveLhren : for one is your

The LORD he is God ; and thcre is none clf lif44e&
fOar 0 Ifi-1Q, t4eLORD our God is one Lord.
Ani the Loril, and there is none clfc. btCideS Wt%
An idol is rwothiagio t4e world, and there is no otlict
0Qd J w o*!, To os tliere j but one God, the FatlierA,
jjfwbDM ire all things.
1A I For there is. oac GO, and. there is ncne other but he.
Seeing it is one God, whic)) fhall j uRify t e rir 1

9e.-Now a MqXvaot is not a W4.itot of one, btit (30 4' isOne Lori., o"Ic faith, c"t ) qpti(m one (. oaaaqF
*fall, who 4 4 4*rq & all, gAd i :yo,#,- A
Or re is (M ,

0 D6o A 4N A S.
Tite Lord he is the true God, he is the living God,. van everlafi bg king.
eePrisin txGodbed i. e. the Father, tke Sir, and The Rad G1h9j.
0e Cherefbre and t !ach all ntons, liaptifing them G il the namec o Ithe Father, of the Son, anid of the
Holy Ooft.
There are three that bear record in heaveni, the -ather, the Word, and the Holy (il ; and thefe three are one.
A nd Jefus, when he was baptifed, went ftraightway out of rlhe water; and lo, the heavens were opened uaito him and he fw the Spirti of{ Goddefcenidirig like adoveand figzhtin- upon him. And lo,~ a vooce froit heaven, faying, This iSinyvbdaoved S oi,in whom I am well pleafed. Vligrace of our Lord jefts Chrift. and thlov 1of God,and the commnieon oft1e Holy GhIoft, bih yo all. Amien.
And [ will ptray the Fahr and l l .cqv y uac the r cmftorter, that he mtay abide with youoe$ie~V the Spirit of tyuth.
Of th~e _4t;ri~ees~ c/ G D
1. OffGQD's Eternity.
B) UT ilwi aemnffadbvtetrpde f
U)the Prophets, according to the cormn r~rofh everlaffing God, made known to all nations frh vio,

Hat-thu o known, haft thou notherta LitngGoter, the reator ofthenoflr e p
fqnehnot, n ithr she weary ? Thee s iit f

of hs -uderfandiicA

16 S C 1 1 0 0 L f
11,1-ow Unto the King eternaL i1ninurtal, ir)vifibte, the onI.V Nvife God, bch( rio,,r:indgloryli )reicra-id cver. Amen.
Azid A6raharii planted-a grove in Berfhebaand called thure on the namc of the LORD, the everlasting God.
For tliu. Ja a the hizh. and tofty one that inhabitetir eternity, who"C narne i I foly, I dweltin th -t high and holy placc' vvit'h hini alio th;a ii of a contrite and humbk .fpiriti to revive thc hc art ofthc contrite ones.
Or G C) Us potency.

A N D when Abrain wa ninety years old and nine,,
thc Lord appeal d to Abram, and faid 4nto him, I am LhcalmlgFty God ; walk before me, and be thoa per fe&'
I am alpliaand oinega. the bcginnir7g and the ending, E16 the Lord, whichn. andwas, andwdch istotometheAnd, I heardas it wcn : t e volco of a rc: ,t multitude,
I -, LI t -c -'of' mighty
.4 4 'at the yu, Ce of n1any waters d th Ic, t epinLs, 111ying, Allelujuh for the 1,-)rd God pp F1 reign
A'jid I appeared imto rnto U ac, 2nd unto
Tico the nairic ot'G01) alinighty ; but by the name
11 I' IOVAH I not known to ttlaciri
-hall f "ion, anJ he ffiall drink the
j"i. vyvs I --f- his Jeftrua wrv of t c aja ipmy.
Ali, Uord'Godb, bchold tfi;Do ha6 niade tll,- Heaven an:J tlqi ,64rth, by, thy great poiver and ftrttc cd out arm, and in clothing too hard 'or th--e. The great the QCKI, the Lord of I 10fit, 16 his zame great in no. vwprlav III work.
.4QW to h t bic-, to do exceedin- hWHhRflV
i or think, according to the p6A I c,4- thilt w.or 'et'h- be glory n
t4u 544rp j ajI'a end.

ta o '

'Cn ny hide himfelf infecret places that I Rlhdl not fee
tim, Thiith thp Lord,.
Whither fl~ia I go from thly Spirit? Or whithecr lidl I (-eforn thy pz'efence ? If!I afeend ut- it to Heaven, thrni xart thc e ; if I make My bed in hell, behold th~otk~art there.,
If tae the Wings of the mexirng', and dwell in the utmcf' parts okth e i even there 'flt:21 thy hand1 lead1 ne, and th rih hand fhal hold me. 1 f- 1 4Lay furel y the ctarlknefs f cover me, even the iiig~t -flall L! light about mu~.-Y~
thedcl arknefs hideth not from tiee,, but tlie night fhbeth as
the day ; the darknel-Band the, lighta-re bthlikcvno hc
And (he called the narle Of thle Lord that fpake. ut
her, Thou Go4 fieeft me -.for~ ihe fa~d, U-aye lohr
looke44after him thatfethnfij.
Thy Father whirl feethi fcrea Ohi~l rear 1-oe

Which is his bo Y, the faies fmtUhat51ctalinll,
IV. Of GOD'i rj J~ee

A ND thou, Soloirmo, m~y fon, knw t-o he,

the fa tt er, a n e ro v e h my i ha p r e
wh wilin mid; f r th od f,.

he wil caf ee off rerto

z r, ne H 0 0 L
Of tbe W!ldom of 0 0 D.

G REAT is oar Lord, and.of great power, his ua&r,
0 tile deptli ofoc richc b-oen oftllewii d( mand knowledge of God 1 How unfearchablc are lis judgjp nits, aml vz is ways paft findiag olat!
To God only wiid, be glory throilgh jefqs Chrift foreOftbe Ho"i'-pff ef G 0 D.

A ND one criccl unto anoth, i-, alit-, ia"d holy, holv, holy,
is the Lord of Ho iis, the whoic earth 'is f 11 of his

And the four beats had each of them fix w1nas about
li;m, and, hey were full of qes within and they rcit n-I day and ni pht facing, holy, holy, holy, Lord GoaAlrnrg ltv, which w !s, and is, and is to Come.
B canfc it is written, Be ye holy, for I am holv.
But thou art holy, 0 thou that inhabiteft the Praifes of

Who fball not fear thee, 0 Lord, and glor-fv thy name,
For'thou art holy.
Of the 7:iAlc'e (f GOD.
-T T TE is armk, hi-s work is pcrf a :_for all his ways are judgment: a God of truth, and without iniqui
SW not the judge of all thc.carth do right
Bu- I t hini that -joneth glory in this, that h underPask4cth pi d knoweth Me that I am the Lord, whic exvA A--6(c kindnefs-, Judgment and rightecuenel-s in the
flftr; things I delizht, faith the L6ra. A,, cle- ilt-7;
--c that by no means ir the -1
ing th Lorqqity of the fathers np.on tho children a id up)*-, X,
6e children! 'children, unto thet ird and f tirili IIIDrI'iI7U.
He illaff jud&the world in ri
fit r i Uda m(;M t6 the, ptoplc ify Upri g4tnef .
d in the -, _-&arcrk -r
own by thelu cri C_ h
his Ivt4 -'4, -7aion SAAI ; Th =Z tb

foret Goa.
(,k)' 'I i "ail woand tlie head of bis ene mlc s, ahd the hairy fcafp of iuch a QnC aS gOCth Oil Lli If' UIS
Of tL rrufi, anzi it,' GOD,

A GCXD of trutlhanl wiwout fniqoUy, jull and right
iks enJui-_,th to all
-Whicl, hcaven;md e rth and f ,a, anti all that therein 3: vvnich i7t tpc th trLth Iforever.
Now.! IN bu :hadnezzar praii and cxtol and honwr the Kill-of heaven, all-wlhofe vx, ks are t:---' and his ivav3 judgawnt, and thof tUt vvAk in prido he is ftbl ,t&abafe.
All thy comma Aments arl--truth.
ThoL wilt perform thetruth to Jacob, an-d thcnte cyto; Abm .am, vbdch thou baft,4vomuntoovr fatherifrom the,
LYS of old.
.,A nd hadi raised up an horn of falvation fcT rm, 11, th borie of thy fervent ).v6d As he fpake by the moi th 6f-h;5 holy proph ts, that ha, e been fince the VV6rjd,_begU% That we should be faved from our enemies, aA& *6M ib-9 hand of ail that hatc us. To PerfoAm tike me-I to )uy- fathers, axid to remember his holy- co*ftatlI t cath wh-ch he fware to our f ther Abraham. Thy fll!pels reacheth nito the clouds,
I will =Jke novn thy fithfulnefs to all enq Y*Mto Thy faithfuln, Ci alfo in th con nationss oft, e ts.; ftt my falthffilucfs aind my mercy thall be WA

I Vcls is- ix-vto all generations.
-e lel r ;OD
XT. Qj tI Yfc
NINM the Lord pafied by before hirw=d Prnrl" 11he, Lord, the Lord G ami TAons,
e r4g, and ab modmin t ip
Jbr lhoufan&, 'fijtrving


God the Creator itf the Workl
T TiOUeven thou art Lord alone,, thoa halt made he2ven, the heaven of heavens with all their hoft., the earth and all things,,that is therein, the feas and all that is

*~ 4c is before all thuags, an by hita all thi-g mullft For every houl-C is builded by forne man, but h(, that VLOus al things is God.
49D i~ Go vrrnor of the World, in his 'WrAS of Pros'dery-HF Lord reigueth, let the earth rejoice~ let the M U_j 4ud of th ils be glad.
i 'le ,ilwg's heart is, in the hand of thv! Lord, as the, river rw Lter~l truit it whitherfaevcr he will. I
T~he lot is cafl into the lap; hut Ohe whole 4ifpofing
Uhlig all things by the word of his power-HMS
lonxulethi over all.
Wbo reth 01l things after tle counfel of his own will.
vh Statge ofla Mwgyere Ihe Fall.
heated Man in his own' Umage, in the image of -c 4~ h, ale and female created he them.
i thsiA and God faid unto them. lie
I' X tiply, and replenlifa thae earth and fubdue it,;
onvesr the flfh of the fea, over the fowl
unovr every jiving thing thatt xnoveth Up~on

_AiO put n the ssew man which is renewed ins age ofn fhitshs created 41m YcTft01the niew man, which after 'od is and t~gruehnefs.
laeI ond, tha God mae

op~~ IAN~S Wherefore as by one man fin entered into the world andl death by fin, arnd fo death hath paffed upon all men, for t~t all have finned.
~For iince by man came death, by man came alfo the re-. fiirredion of the dead:
For as in Adam all aie, even fo in. Ch4{l ft fll all ke wrade alive.
0 Ifract, thou haft dellroyca thyfelf, b-at inirne is thine

I Thiy Pi father hath fiinied.
Th Wfay (f-Fir/len Mlan's 2Zecovuery lyCbo
Will put enmity between thee and the wdoau, andfe
I twveen thy feed an herffeed ; it fiall bruie:tiy c 1 and thou %halt bruife his'heel.
And flue aihaU bring frtba fJbn, and thou hl ,0"ip b a In e j efu s ; fo r he- fh a fave hi speo$j e rm f*-''
Far unto you 'is born tis day, inhe c;y f, Saviour, which'~ Cift the Lord.
For the Son of Man 16cm to fejk an~d li .

This is afaithfut fayin an wrhyof
that Chirift J(efiss cam~e~ int hbwrdt ke ef C whomt I a~m chief.
N either is 6 e~ fat ioi n n oh cther name nra4er hseav~en gl aoy 4 nf efved.

S C ti L
For w muft all appear before th- ji'logni"t-feat of
cbrift, that t-Very one may receive the thm"'i 11,jllc in dis body, according tu that h hat done, whcth,!r it b, good
or 63.

0 R %ve ki-o iv 6at if our cathly hotife of this t aberna11, .1 -tavc
-rc di 17folved, we I a', building of G! d, an
hl uff not ma6c with hands, eternal in the heavens.
F.)'C fllaLh iz;-.- feen nor car heard, m *ithcr hv-t it cnter
ed into the., h ,art of atan th tbing3 -"4ich Gud nath prepared for thern that love him.
Of ml,
HE rich man A;4 and wks hariel-And Irt helt hei
-Tfift xip his eyes, being 'I torments and eceth Abrawim ahr off, ,Lnd Lazz rus in his bofom And he cf wd and f dd Fat4er Abrah= have in, ,rcy on me, and fend Laza-rus, that h may dip the tip of bis finger in wat,!r, au",
"tool my tong& : For I a*,ii tormented in this Flame.
Whei-e the worm dlet not, and t i ireI3 not oucachea,
Aa thefe Iffiall v Lway ilito everlafl;,J,
KeAqi ftbe P.akeoms in fLv 'Verld ta cow,
'jib 1 ,vf
-flaffin, Lifi!,
Wizh'tre n G!.)rv.
Wit h F-Yerlafih)7,14onour.
Wit five4a+ng tib rryWit h Litht.
+ -Wia E I er lmffirtg Domi-a; CAA.
TA- curl, S rf tle JIIichrd,
t W ITH Evcrlaffing Shah,10With ri4Aing Denith.

With SlaveryWij1h urt&i, m BorAa Cl.

0 0 D 211.4XN ER .
Cjmtid;zg rem ou1 Exbortaticni,
FTWI thy thoughts be divine, awful and godly'.
L et'thy talk belit~tle, honeft and trute.
Let thy works be profitable, holy aad chiaritale. Let e-,y rnanners be grave) courteous and cheafu. Let thy diet be tem~perate; convenient and frugal. Let thy Apparel be Ibher, neat andcomnely. Let thy will be compliant, obedient and ready.

Let thy rec eationis he awJit, tbief and feldom Let thy me~to 'faah etn fri

11 0 0 L or
Yloflholy,,wiq goQJ, long faff-cring,
0 F Whem, tko L2 -11 wh 0m, to whom I s every thing,
He At6e the IAIOAld, and all that 11 therein.
Man Avas made uprizin, bot, ioon fell byfin .
WC -;K do frOrn POIJUtCd I)arCnt3 fj)Fing,
Am in- our flclh there dweIlcth 110 good t1ting.Norl Rightvou's ire, but all of cvk:ry fort,
r flwc fmn'a, and of Gud'3 glory are come flirt au God fo lovczi us ffil- k didgi, -c
His only Son that we thi-ough hina might live
T1% Sdn -of God becam : the Son of Man,
n ikht be the Sons of God alain.
Tic', God and Ilan, tht, anlyAlediator
ofINIcn aitcl tlz ir Creator. 11c gave hinifelf (or our cternal good,
Atid mi-Vd. awav our fins with his own blood.
Vm1al love Was titis ? 'twa lo%-c beyond dc, rcc,
'11 Oi-cend,,:d dies tuv fet OfFenders free.
It's God that 4-iilifi-es, who fh rllcondcmn ?
I t"3 -011tift thatly'd, or rather rofe again, WhOANO fit-, at God",4 right handout hig4
Aodi aiefccdes for us'contin.u ally.
Wt bj bpe Spirtt through hitn- icmc,
hwk accqfs uhto th Holy Orre.
I'c"Ve'liglieve oO 4-m hat to fave,
-, V -f re -,mf li e to ave.
at laft ct r
F m aot*q that 2 Vail$ Vlth God above,
But ta, tb 1nj-,1V,,'Chri11, w1illch ""Orks by love.
fhAt we do love zherLordi Wjl n m & kov itte precepts:offis, -word,
r Lord hat flicWn whb t fk'rt, U'r goo

cS t1sim with
SpcA-41 6f ndn,, nma ti efo 2b h
And wlleuvwklkv,"e-mn hR- -4 66& P
The lmperf t t I ( pl
c iA -)Wf)
Afi--ribeth -A
Im f,

Reep cnfcience pure and vold of all offence: Preparefor.death with fpcedand diJigence-Bleft ane th dcad which in' the Lord L 41Q, Their works do follow diem aff0edly, 'The d4ys is coining whe-i the dcad fhallheaf The voice of -Chrill, Ara fbrtlivvith fhall, qppear. All thy t oliiit whofe woiks are good aii : Ali they to death who do in S n. dcl ht. As eve ry man hath in the body dofiq, So fha,11 hit; fentqnce xt thQ laaday rur Thc wi&cd hall be turned lilto liell,
AlieQU5, fhall witli (-'1kCiff forever d el
Zbe L 0 RD,'.r '.Prayer. A V

U UR Father,, W'hjC4 artJnrheaYen, 11 11 t e TAY
n4rp t4y ki n*jn vome j thy
ezr6j j tds iyi 6aVefi, -qjye USAMS day QL d;Wbrjia and fSr ie us-our trcfp Oi,as.;ve forgiq t iutfmt pa agzWl us ;, nj, Cadps-,not into ttmptali6h, 'tNt ver ils f orn evil tj ncj5 AC the gloxy, for rvm Alilfv
Rel, zImighty. lp lt
licm t, God. the

who wa cznceiycd hy ie jiol (, ojl 'Lo f
_y fulfired#Dd Tot
ag* 44,the aef 1 an the. igbt hm6af aqd tlie Fathei I Z he ffiall colne'to f4dje, botiv tbe 1 11-K Reve in the HolyC Aoft, thecatholKgV64, t,
-fs of ftitt 'J
ni" "otf-fints, the f0q aon of
t b1XI y, And the I" eve, taIan.4 Abrvimgpra W vYerh?
lp 'our beavenly Fathe' 1 .OW
bou or me ta r
wlih, thy' lv, ,
-de ;g melin tw Ixit!
4ne M,-4,,,MY In,

my underf~anding~, ftrengthcn mny memory, fanc'ify inw heart, and guide me in my life. Let the duties of this day b~e cheerfully undergone by me ; aind give me 'grace to ap ply niyfelf to my iearng, that I may be bedIient to thofe who have the care of my eductio Q;' it, behave myfelf fobWrly, and v hgood in nne:s to ev'vry one; antd that I
w lan~ innocext an inofenfive~ life. Lord prote~l deend 4dl ryrains ndfiends -and grant that
e of= ay fall into any kind of danger ; but 1et all o,.ur
b r e6 by thy goverflace, to do always that _T -ighcqysin hy ightthrnghjefus Chriff our
OHto hdr with h ce ad tr Hly' Ghftbe all

jYn E-ving Praye#P ,Chid.
4wo d tdalighty, bywhl proidence V liave heen
mere4 thisday from alldanigers that I might have
ht- Ihmbly beec het co*nine th watchJ*"fil. r~ionc oerme this niht Ari &lothou, who art
-Ivi -eady bear thnIam~ tpry, tao down

Vt 'f'R ckifm'e i and giving ffiehofe

,rb'zz~~~~i* W~V.AAgddos n f thy great mercy keep znf I ; th f~e. An grnt tod, thatr I ma1y fo ftkt.

vly-vefei i hi iftha*l fantfnlyt tan

Mr. Mood

DJ S- C0 U,- R-S 41


The jFourth t I


O)SM Not' S of
son" imperfect

C'J Jjcjren in York, v"y 5th
Ptrachtd, to m
17 21 after Cate'
By ibtir 6,
bL. -3 31, M NIO a"'j-'-vbCx
F-rom #,f ibex
h mid
3 'andfit b2m t 1 t;:?en P'Ojog vie
-too 1 nv -d tb
4 in bis r, bf 'n -e
-j I _Nayn, recez ibat
"e jach WAO in butbim
re ,i veib not 10 rtc i -ull

;e t1lat
a OtIley Cbild"'
-ents, 3A' bjh r
Paj _0,,r I CIA*11of htt e
I k Notvct: chrift 'Ye T"
Love or 9 ef, goo 141C. has, a 9T (jj)ubXl
the Text, W201 f I "
d CrIldrelz
ibey he goo
't I, Y1111

t. 101M

A y7vrt' AdAefi

y are fo wic-ed a WhA&
fai j and especially if an S to
1-mv t-hould be hearing.' He takes Notice how you b have
-Yo rfclves tjjome: Whether you are dutiful to your
A loving to your Brothers and SiflLr ; or_ V) Parevits, an
ther yos be dhobedient and fretful, rude, or Ile miad s what you fay and dowhen you are Aina4 as you 4fe goifig to ScNol. He fmq how you /a; dig Nig;,t, wl ether you are willing fo fay yoh4- 'Iie chifm ; and on Sabbath Doy Mor"i h()W'v0ut1m4 -' 11 ywa
T;rne, whether you get alone, anilrerd Ai d th* 2 48'
Pray ; or art We, and do nothing, ot'pttv,
-ml yo Li do ad Day. You r ad L ORD bearken. d and be&4,o6rd a Boa X rv ;,4
fav, aaado, and think coxpi ,, and qvJ'q!vevrr you Chn' Notice ofallCfi ldreR.
Firft, Berajwfe be ij?,veq-'V6kere' VrAn',?. III t4c Eoginn'ingg ofthe
0 Lord iboa ba)?fia cW *ji, Inv dow h fitt "qg avdl zb "b

I bebindfi*

C 11 1 LD R E A.

cLi'- be in two Places at once ; but ChfiA can. He 1 wws your TIv'is. ile knew a Thowand, Years ago, v.,hat ),on ivould be thinking ofii6w. Helknew how niany T nit'5 ,,on wculd i,,;Ifh in your Hearts, 0 that Go4' Spirit would help the MMIRcr in preaching 0 tiiat I i-aight get forit Good to Day and the like. Az-'I 'he fets down iilihi, Book. Heknowsall the
lpw-4 vou peak, gooJan8 bad ; and frorn wb:a 11,ai-tthey Col ne Y-)U can't how lie can bc CV1.111y v.,hcreat
one_, bur lie is fo, hc ii all ovoe the World, here and Ayion, and at the farthcA Part of the Sea ; we muA belic e 14 'S lleavcn, an"T 14ell, at tbe fame Time ; in it. e 1 111
tlj 1) k, a vX11 a i;i'tlae LiOi He fees al'I the SZi-r, vwty U th m aO dovqi. Yct if
V. in Chr] a, aud are tlmlyf xry for your SUN, they
R ,tfed out Put you r g6bd Thots NVOrds, alid
A' 'tioAs v, M be fut &wvn,'amd never blotted out. Thcre i l JZK4mi viough in. his buok, to fer, down all the good, 41 139 011C by ) Gll more Room than there v o uld b Ln
at 14ible, If it were all lean Paper.
_i CY-3k'ren, you are chrift's DifCiple', his Scholars
3 tie t- -at Yod love him. It may he your Parents
t4AIiktow hA Von love jefus Chriq; but he k
%%t' 'ray I alone, you may fay a Pe tr did, Lard tk ,u
7 ik., thou that I la-v, ibee. And if
then be Airc he always observes 5 1 h ninth of Matibe-w, and the fourth
Y, x 'Vg i1vir
j us, k4,
:,Jqpoin Yr Lleart, ? He obfcrvesevery particular Qh2.
'tT 4v oniA idadticl, once, that ufvk o go alo w, uniopray ; and ChAft,,Av hiniFand toljii n*
I If, not *4 W k, Chrift'Coqlx1jec h, tl b ut In 4., fi L ",- I
boint, ory l 16 ,C to ,et alode ainong a M tjl, kv,
nd -a' inay Ctu it, f,-S*
yony'W" Y
lot, 141,11
4X, -1 t if you iro ini hi N n' k,
gk faw Y01i

tctoralv' L tle CliUrcm o-re o9m7n;tfrd to b,'o- a trfi 5 -c lie takea Notice 6fthc m. In fm e PI Ce s A is a 8;,',,7phgrd appointed to e.- the Sh -ep. ChrWi3 the, 86 ep b, i i Yourrodly Pareqts arc the Sbeep, an4yo thL The Devi W it, that goes to ca
away I I "Ty yi
b V his T(-uJ,T)t Lt;()1jS ; but ZVOU love Chrilt, he W vl'atc4 over you, to 1 :cep you frorn. Satan's Temptatior All th'-- AagJs in Ileavua couidnot ketp you ; but Chr ean. -And li does k -ep you Ptom a great mviy Harj You are Cfirift's awri ht-le Lams s, aud you are now-i Pyrl", w%,ni you qorw- to "Jeeting, and li J f jjl you with !s Word: FL brou ht you h(!re jcd you. How f ve t %vill this be to th. m th4t loob "' Wj4 You arc foin- Of thofe otber S.6L 'p that, vrere, Fold of 6o ),,-,vs, which Chrift ftys' He =- q 4 'iky t Shepherd will look after his ShL-ep. ra-At 4 3 flf Chrift, ia the form-,th of aid tht e1eventhv-"'jWA
feii bis &'*;:k,'12ke a Sbepberd; ; &cvlgatber M 'khis 4mff, avdc,&rp tbrm ii h,!j Pjj' ?,v, and tbolr ib,72 are w;z4 )"94e,,yg. If th.-re be a behind, or one that is Weakor -Lam,, or Sick, 9 3, th'-, S ejbcrd will took after it So Ckrilxi hvip you, when you have S6uls &k Sm"m-d6ti't'help yonrfel'v'es. th WIP.
the'Xicplierdffights him away Sa Ch-tff
he comes td'tompt you, 'ev r o
yull C y io ; mioiv
p ot'goottf repts ag-Ao% z*44 ht % ,ilil
YC Lit "Ire o0A


L iii le C 11 1 L 1) 2 E IV.

or, n1i liow could be f' mcrice wicku(I Oblid-en
14 WA!, and Ud(-1111drenu) F,: ivcnlif tic had not takea
A, Nt)tjC tjj(1rn ifl, Zjcjg tjjCir 1,11 e, ? Yotj ;!Cad in the aild 11C fourteenth, Gai bri 'z
e-wry' Worl i !O v, eve yjm-zt M,, --, ibcthff It
o,: or "t &, Evd.
oftile Do 'trlllc, is for TfarH;,- 5 to Childrer.
Btf dutiful to
-ql C-ild-cit 'od ; be duZ,f'n; Fari nt- P*-- dil;,;ent -at th- Work, -on are
i t 1hout Love and mind yror Boo:z uille all 0 pp,3,1, tuattivs tor-id. Do all t ic Good I you cai. Be quickand faithful, -,viliCa )-ou are fcn ,--)fa-) F-r-, aniL Be fure don't.
fa to pray alone, and l"I'VIfililig, every Dav.
Farki r
ill jeer91 1 'd t"'; r,,t;CL,- t:Licb ).etb i-I rel, '61'. 'Var llbz; Ofcalv- Th' k'ofizeii abcut Icius Chrift.
3 he tj E 'S 1-,kCjj,
lir to us a CbiLl is
r u,,i(p11w-,; t'i, M gb,-, -Fatbo

y. 044 4 VLc, u) Sin Iiii, 'o dl lir o fi- -rc t, tb ll ch, 1
CaN!t 4eewi ew i-011, Mav Vtlltdi e to jo 'what vou -1, 111
15 n0 11cl Place in all t1w World- AfIve YeA '." Om 1 m, to do VveWt r e TIP-- p Ibt:r -Y-011 mud 1) 1 F 1j
-keep You from S11T. Dna ,
Dut-4 D T icqlaiori( that i ad, auy Tilore yon W(-IM'
Illjoo -,ng Oil yon. If you do, Chula w, ay t Ycw ;,I the Da ofTL, --iient, Mi tt
rai 'Wen, thal ff your Va4:
1-crf AL yo ur j ud
14 1 -L& efs
vrnt'3 wi I 12ar wi h ypd in o r Wk Clizil 11414
Ome to ?V"" tiufv ajl avs when you call
1 yqu lap
%vtr,- to
'oil pll a) ilay at Home '11
id You play hrift is aliva.ys there.
'I T I!, 1i I I Ow'
q k
me it- ijdk 14, Day of j a d1g, w- ,Ca
-4 Year. ImOy

aiA.all the World fluill know t good Cydc% You Tiave beca. AII the C' ood Ciat ever you did, or ra or thfuglt w;Il be read b4o! all Angri and Men.
Tlw! fccond Propol1661 Is, That Cll-C;,i 107: -s gc,?d
n dw r4. I .
Q-1le ft;oll- TI L? Ore ?
-0 6 mc of tile Marks of guod Childr-i Af-ver. TLI fo al 0,
Tlicy arc afi tld to Sin al ne, ani in "No Da -k, as much i f c ve r v Bo y were lool.i ll ; upon tLit-i. ')uch a recarel of what tht!v fpe ik, -in I what i liq i iink. G( od art- glad wher, Sabl-a!l, CoIncs, that thr-Y may and Ilear Go--l's Word. Th :Y don't dire to &6* mutter at th, r Parents, even, tho' th -y forlbear to rf4r theni for "t. Thevfe,17 God, who will pun fh dren in Ilell. The f-tv with thernfeNes, I h-0 m6uj Parents, or any Body, flioull be angiy "'Ith mu, tk J fliould. "Fis t;Ie P'lzr of God, that kccps Some Parents won't correct their OJId run, wickcdfy : but God will take fach,01il, rcix4flto Hands. Good Children think- of th"s, an't They think about their Souls, when thev 0 k are 11 Id foine times that they have no their I icat ts are fo wicked, tkat there chu r )eq;i there. Theya-3for ) for their Sins ; fori v thqJ , t i iv ofTeu&-d God an'd ChrIII, and grieved th -' f 161 y 'Vat love to think about j cfqs Cbrilt. 'I tl M a Thoufuid 'Yi ines as they ate lying up andyo' '2bout from one W,
lit their Parents or Brothers A
(1, S z"', ; 1, 0,
gone ; think where tbev are now. Tihrvxlt ,Iii ,' J fus Chrift, inarv. t1lan -any Thing.
all tbeNxor3d,_ --wick it 11
-t really&'Fh!ng6. 'llicy don bd,
a Heaven awl a Ifell t
But good ChildrepAo. I V
i""i 1,- -jif) hurt, in it;
qjr 1,
.ear t

fi- bis Fatberga bem 611- "a Vat4t* giws hii We CWd a -Larab, he viffbe ve
-4-Aalt Lxq4: p QvrifL luve-S little Chlidr

Wcua4y, Chritl lovc%go Childrrn &-raule t4i e are CM4N that -c bere, it 4'!Ib c ft wl oi, tbrw ia a Seat, theatre 1-01# t" It mw bcAc'
Y: gow". -40en ia'ap this 'tv thl m. I M 'y 6r.a",th'f--.c bqt yo'q' : A_ wa Chkili

4; tke


V'Av''I -6, Urqp'qi


dis Qr tha e pIC449 to Chliff aA it they d W,
don t care whahe tLak um or
th C C-11
but ph-,:Lfe tbmi lvcs, rt eIr m. il*
But gQQd ( Wdr--IA aTc Of
11 40-61 and Prax, Mflr jnk and Bvcnipg bv iV3,ic CIA

A thg.n do to ; they -do it toplca e hiiii. A,% Ilr!
6iVs ibat picaFdkis Fatber, 0 A ) hi 11" and
wl not be love them tb n
and laffly, Cbxjffl ,, lilt], CW& he' ',Vi ',&W ihw. Heapi:ib his Diii I w e ch kz re J, h .4ers j N 4e- 11aVes thl= rpOy0
tqke:xC kt ,A rid i Ow
to tds P 6-6

in d-v -Noc'I Lkve A&W, I j mbs,
you to





U, fe S n I Ifthc wo_/I Children that arc,
and become goodChIl(ircii, th hr
He will forgetand-f(-rII;Ve Al th- S i
-n I I ittv N
remc, -h-r tbeir Sins, and _-moan th
ge t ana, r i V C, Hc % -11 fa reniv
,,-ct II,_ W,11 for -1,
V"rty Frk ar.J e' htecnth, Fy1tri
t im &- t
!i ; bIrr,' -:b,4s T '))m 17,-7 aw! I zodj ,q
C7 a 'I 11,01f, n_?, t ff
iz!rwl; LOPD my GOD.
af!er 11,a! I

I did R-,,;-qaCb ro"ah, I-phndcl
m,; Llrar Son ? is be afL-j,- x:i C6i!d ?frr1i,-cr 1 -111 aFairfl re,,rembrj- 7ilj- Bo-Wc,'S ,,,,re
b.'PI ; 1 av Y.Airdy ba ze Mo-cv cn bilm jazib & Lfrd. So Clirift ivill fpeal- e yi,, if you beconic -0,a
-Cid!I-n. Ht will P is fn V Ckild, T will im V
ve Ale rnb; ThB I tell you to encou[rige Y
T v)' you hive twt-i vcr, wicked, yct ifyou return to hii-n
-ou ", -is ofhis Lov-e.
will re Leivc 3 ic, tli,, Arn
tife third, of CaUtIOII. 111'I'd ;;)gt,'F'5!a deky: 7g Ir knlne
Ifvo,-' P,_Iv j', offoneFortqight, or one Day
fo 11PY Cut yru C)", or ;] Ive you up ; and bear %vhna 5,Q.a covie to be in Diftrcfs.
C n
,i, 1,9K .6 %le110,110t ;;00d 9 ZU W C r.-- C,41to ,, ey rnig
r 0 b
i'le, -fillgl r 1, Ver IiWP.. rI ',I w Davsall
to GCO and

widi",z P /!Vzv le yon ffiink f v-,u do earnA Y_ lczA-*b. I in t,, Izll do It for you Your P;ir nti4lll
ovcc 'n't? Afk; c
t 0 r ,,V -VOU You-