The Christian pilgrim


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The Christian pilgrim containing an account of the wonderful adventures and miraculous escapes of a Christian, in his travels from the Land of Destruction to the New Jerusalem
Uniform Title:
Pilgrim's progress
Physical Description:
2 v. in 1 (219, 5 p. (221 advertisements, p. 222-224 blank)) : ill., port. ; 11 cm. (16mo)
Bunyan, John, 1628-1688
Thomas, Isaiah, 1773-1819
Printed by Isaiah Thomas, Jun. ...
Place of Publication:
Worcester Mass.
Publication Date:
First American edition.


Subjects / Keywords:
Christian life -- Juvenile literature   ( lcsh )
Allegories -- 1798   ( rbgenr )
Bldn -- 1798
Allegories   ( rbgenr )
fiction   ( marcgt )
Spatial Coverage:
United States -- Massachusetts -- Worcester


Welch, D.A. Amer. children's books,
Rosenbach, A.S.W. Children's books,
Hamilton, S. Amer. book illustrators (1968 ed.),
General Note:
UCLA copy imperfect: both title-pages, dedication, final leaves (publisher's advertisement and blank) wanting. Several pages between p. 7-50 torn with text wanting.
General Note:
Vol. 2 has special t.p., misdated 1789.
General Note:
Continuously paged.
General Note:
An abridgment of Pilgrim's progress, dedicated "To the youth of America" by the editor.
General Note:
Signatures: A-G⁸, chi⁸, H-N⁸ (N7 advertisements, N8 blank).

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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214 His

TRANTLS frrri tbe Lind ofDF';-FP,'--CT!(jN f, t"NEW JFRUWhM.

1pn"wedhy lsaiab Thoma ._7gn.
SOld WHOL ESAL F ar d R E T A I L A' 13),1 1; DOK


A S~~~ f tj was walkn bo'Itx

down I n that lonelbu v lhopitable
.Cvrand in a fN iue n
cyswere clotfrd, andI for-got ail
tfedangers aiidtfhe catsof"ie
BAwAI~IIle I~ flpt, I dre~umt a
di~,anld beholAd! at a lile d1Vi Lac frm eLfl a zxija .whu

-8 Ckroian Pilgrim.
Was Ckthed 'In rags, iland hislace ffom hisown houl-C, c,). rying a 1.uok it. his band, cm 1- eivy Uvirdicri upon* his ba While !(,olllng upon till
with 2 mixture of J)11v a"Id furpr)
I -e bcjo 4nd r
Jhfaw fl -fl len-t"T bcjo 'Zl r i observed t.ut he ,vept arA tre Jcd cxCee,-,h1'1g'k, ti t ft 1) i" 110 j c, 1! 1- a Y C t f) C o t 'in h i-e ))e ci-letl out In th(,, angulfh 01
hail 1 do to be fa Cd
In flils iniferailo phg lt fc tumccl horme, hwin, urta
I una
to coixcal the diqrcf-, efh,' 11C,111 h- w i z derided at'dlcplo iched I m-irhran bv his. frlcn sand-rieii, b-m-s. anl rdlcllle and lrifvll
Ven by, thol"', 111"S Own ho
bol,-l. I tli-i-fo tOA notice, th-a ar avc-11 r.,
to aljT-Ies of

.,aid ar]) t et hi forJj ,gV-tho t nrruption, he too
eeyoritunity, eiher of retiring iio hs chamber, or into the neighbongfelds, whOere he fpent his time in praying and reading. In
ono thofe solitary walks, after
hhdra an cried? out, as before, wil great earn(-- inefs, wlia/ elC Ji Z Ida to ve dl' helookedthis
wa antlat with the uiofl eager axiey as if 11 would run to el?4,1ai lyobferved) he was ata

hi lgt. Whilb-e was trthis painful uncertain nty, a perfoni of a very mildi and encouraging, but yet avcnerable apeaance, and whofe namne was Evanj,// came. to m u uflawanei an kidy alk4hi-M, lwhkefl

10 Cz r -J* n P i i' r ih.
z'n- Bc c 'i4c, Sir, I am 11 1f,
cd, by Ills facic3 book
Lanukjllot In v p C I cl It fit L



i 'fe, then, anfwcr,, u the do
lhou not In ffilnt I y t- 1--d c, Avof lc-ave it :" '10d with Llhat lie 1) into Ills h ulds a parcilf1wilt fc] oll
-p'-)u will, was written u lar

ckr,, Qlan

lk'tals, Fl f rom the zvrd!,7,t,' k ter the man ha(I reai tholk a,.Vi A words, lie lookc(I ,civ eat.11(41k, upon Evan ',el 7/i and ear Sjr, fam lie, pray, i mi tP fiv ? Then ]--a ;,el po' nt d
7. th his fi(IgCf oxcr a lain, criquirt-d Ifliebehelda t gate on tlie further fide of it; rid upon the inan's jeplying that e could not dlicuvei any gate, bul hat he faw a glf) ioiis I lut-it ill, I t ver the PlAce to which 1'., l"Ild linted, Afa&z /k, ;f i,,t,,
n then, replied h s f iend, y (11OIor, tuivai kIS thu 11 IgI t v oI' ia\ C iicovercd, and you w ll ly
Ce. t1lu gate."
Upon this I beheM in niv dmain, hat he man began to ru *11.all
vigotic hc was inafter 6f. 'His 11C alld Ch I ldren. illacc Crieft W.ter 111in very pafiiomktt-ly, 11h,

neighbours alfo did the fae Mocking, fomre threatening fomne befeching him tor But Ckn jiian, (for that wa name) putting~ his fingers itito cars, ran halhily forwards, wi regarding either their entreati

their menac-es. Two of t however, whofe names w

Chrz flian i3

nee and Phoble, were rcfolved fetch him back by force, and nning furioufly after hurt toi at purpose, they foon overtook m. But honest Chn 7,2n not ly w I thfiocjA the no fy threats d bitter reproaches of O fimate ith 1-0 inuch firmnefs, that he rced him to return. without his rrand; btitheeven prevailed upon
-12'able to bear him company ir s fli ht front the Land of Beftt I'V'nj by giving h m an account f the noble bleffings N ith which ic kin- ot'Heaven would reward! iely labor. He 3ffurea him, bufvhl vffings Nerenelther ii-,creOf lcfs than an inheritance incorUptible, unaefiled and tha- fadeth not away-an everlaffing ting(Iom, and a life of ceafirig
llclpl)-Ufs-ra(liarit crowns of glo
fnow M'Jnt ,, Ube' 4%s


14 Clzryl"w? pi/ ;Yingent as the noon ijde fun exemption from borrow and po' ntnicnt of every

heginnous fockly Of arc ingds and ofth, I, r

i R men ma(le perIN f, great lers Qf whorn, fie fi, Id', had b faCCd CVCTV danger, an ( chee fupporte,l cveiv fatigue, and palit, for the acquisition of t:, alted Privileges.
To COTIVince bim
,kvou)d certainly 1)e the rcvar4,
1 111' T I IfLil pcrfeveranc in the c f e, ha fie fliewed hi
1IL-cl-A ;mflagcs in wbich they
pronilfC61 "c v,-Ilich Ee I'vid ',,1 11 i, 1, a in book, lie 1,111d oi t1le IF)'),, un d i'd it was
bl- thar anJ all pe
Beii_,, k-ho caniiot IW.
WV 111) much ra-vi

PII'PO11 15
nd transported at the pro pcff of u rnan glories, and of fuch a )r0fullon of the moft cxalted blifs, l-iat his frierid Clzi7han could :arcely travel faft enough I or him. tit, as they were hutryin'- along ith more eagernefs than 1-111t,,on, licy cameo thebi-ML of aiiiry flough, which lav ill the III-ddle
the plain, and was calle(I t"Ae cit' icr

of themn preceiving it ; fti both pitched in al~mofl up ~i iddle in mnud and dirt, b
t hey had! time to fpeak, and C ia, on account of the cumber bu rthen whichhc- bore on his began to fink very f~all. 'ITi wvelcomne accident fo miuc~h wounded poor .Plable, that he.
tefted hie i'ould advance no f 'or all the Joys of Paradlf :ife
cordingl he flirue out on fidec"oi the floug which was: to his Own houe anid t~urned
Anirldiately But G
trced all his Oforts to reachlth polite fide, whicV- after fI IUgli n e ataly did, t
Lewasnot ableto akend dI'h'
by reafonof is u4i .
rithe~n !o in this emI
fitcaoubeore 1'ifperf n
*pa4andwhf nmeM Ni

P119 17
ial I;d. came forwards tobis af'itan-c; an(l iFt(,r mildly, rcb.ik- imm foi not taking more c, i-(htfr( he ff -j ,)ed, took him gcwly t ic han t, .Id drew him ou, tipI 1 I til- clirtIty t '(Ijilo W Olat I)C;i C11'

ay W C. t )-,v it hippe-ic

1---t It Was r I"
i'ed' t 1w "_1 1 'v 1
III le; forahliollgh to h;,, c
-ie-ige' Many
"llhojis of good ltons
t- T-1 : Powed u oil r, it '1'

tlic w
pt- -4111' fi I
')T 111d t'011
n% (-d oric le
rcn J :l: run to-c
:1 c 'M 1"*,:
n'i ill

!k Lr(!


After bad been tas
iaj-,ilyiifl 'fedto gain the bank,
[iis journey Wit."I M7eat
a"CHIMS. had not howltvcr
b4orche di Fcovred a periWi t a crofFrtcr tlic pki;i to Ljm. Tl-(
-11, -1-1 il 1 71 , Ilan s IIAVII Wll 1, , I Wi,
ind lie dwe!t III III- .oIll.,:1 ()
;al poboT"Cal t c citvo J
()I hat 1-- fol-c L:v%', ilr

i,, it d!:-

li-1101 -,:(I


Chr:fl7'a.n Pdp-im.

How now, faid he, my bo fiW-id- Jfther art thou trn'l with that heavy burthen upo.i liack d" Fleavy indeef' -)ir, plIcA Chr fllan; for j li c e firength enough to ge.- it (,ff' lelf, no r is there a man coui:-v who is my fhoit"ders. I arn
c ad C.

Chriian Pilgrim. 21
gdjifi, whom I believe to be a very worthy perfont, to yonder gate, when tie has informed me, I thali be di'redled how to get rid of t in a fhort time. "Mr. Evangdfq1! replied the nther, he bath, Ifee, al ready direded you into the jlougli ojD pnd, where you have been
bmrdto forne purpofe; and if you continue to purfue his advice, you muff encounter with many othser diffcklties and dianaers of the

h~2 Chrlltian Pilgrimn.

viel'any O~irinquifhuVC fons) by poring too long up-,on :nvfleriouis bo ok, which youI 1-n your hand, But, I can d you how y ou mray get rid ofV burden, not onlijy Iwithout all trouble and danger. which propofe to -venture into, b', fuch means as are attended i1th gcr et fafet-1, content andl IL1ure. "' kC2 '7hijha' eager ly IrqLI in~g h m to Co'I"-m1uuicate Luc valizahic piece of iniormat "My dlear friend, faid "CO. !fiman in yonder elegant I town, whichh is called the tow. AMoralit) lives a very grave judicious old gentleman, w name is Leeali6. He has rel
foe rf.ind-s who have loaded with the fame oppO burden. andi I amn certain Will

t ) 1)crform tre fa% oar for a i i o;-. il should L -)ea t1la. lic Ls "'-otll hc ]:" L.
ioil, Nr. i verv "I I
YOU:I 0-E v ILlp'ms 411 tlld
of' yetulllill'- lw'--" J,

The I a v, I
hwleft folt C o felld
z t I c in a vti v Tit r But li tt.c F"'vrclt
'W"iV TC) \,TV
You 111"A"
tlic rcal' rull, by ul lld O i
he artful
atlu t cn :he i!l houtc

24 Chr:,rl an Pdgrl"?n.
toishis." CI-,-A'anfolJoN-,-cO
diref-1ions ,:,ore haf
Ifdom ; for vhenhe came pr near 6c Hl (which w i-, c IoiintSjt. ti)he obfcrved th ""S prodig'ouflyffeepandcrt 1'i t wl eribctook notice, that fice of it which lay next to th,
-ted over it in
ro ery d a,
Yous rr-., .,nncr, he was att"raid to re ixyfarther. Flis appcrc
however, Nvere Mcreafed "'Ond expreffion, wltn he f, %v Plountain suddenly tot',!r f;:fn, wilk a dreadful noife r c " I fil
rilngth inler, and anr-y fljfhe i!gL! 111K c"atinually L':azj'
him f-, m the fides f t
Ould 1.4ve confurned I Ilftant. He Ilrove to "i", rLd regaM 1,:s former path; bt ,5tirden N ,as rimv fointo'eraldy vy thatiecould scarcely 1',ir -1 a

C r '41'an pi"6r7 25


it. In this deplorable fituation, he discovered Evangelift agaiD advancinc, to ineet him, at j ght of whom lie was ready to fink into the grouncl w Ith fhame. 11is
fr eridly v iitor at fn ff beheld hu-n with a severe and inclig-lant eye ; upbraidln him with the grcateft folly and iugratitudc, and telliaig him, t at he had begun to rejeft

the v,1,3ijiI,2, 0 tile to -w feet fron! tf:
jf P-,-ct'. But u lion Pro fl, i-ate before 111111, -,vit
(, I p-)-ound humiliiv arili8-f
and exclairning I

agony of horro; Moe is

For I am vtterlv undon? EvarF c b)f/ caught Ium "ClIft"s, by the ,I-IdanA up Lorli the
fa,, jntr
Be, no,,
bi J'k)r(I r all 772',,Zn cr cf '/ ,,Is 1,7ven to h'"?z zeko i? al aiid
bli ues M, He ,!I ,n p
ceded to inform him, tho Mr. L(-I(Ibtywas aformal impoilcTlal,(1113,1 I' Ot 11- c power to rc,Ieve 1-11171 ur ariv utl-wralfireffed pilgrima 111-1 been f-Alfelv ana
bv : ,r. TF-Orla,/"' conl rm Nvha lv I-lac" 1,11a, he ioudIv appealcd to th ,,--ciilon of
-C Up()Tl -,VII'C') tjje j'IT"I',nin, flafaed from tlic of c e
Tnourita I 1 with rcdwi !cd iUTy. and v.-as fuccceded by a vlcc A"hlc refern'blied an awtul Tpe:iI, of thunder, all'i jirono" crcd f'Alowing,

words with fuch a dreadful d fis, as perfetly flunded m
horror-" As many as areon works of the law are und curfew ; for the God of truth declared, curfed is every one continues not in all things are written in the book of th
'to do them !"'-Gal. iii, 10.
terrible words had fuch an Upon Crflian, that he looke
infant death, and cried out i bitternefs of his foul-"I am l forever loft !"-But EvaneiL furing him, that although his was great, it was not unpardona
his hopes began to revive.
cordingly, after being caution not to turn afide again, and reC ing an affeaionate Godfpeed his benevolent direEtor, he b to refumle his journey, and tra


ed forward& -with t1le lltmoft'irnatience and anxiety till he regain_d the padh be had left. In a fh6rt Zile. afterwLrds he arrived at the 'ate I over wnich was written in aTgl ca ,itals; Knoc4 anda,,I all e opeiied zinto ITou." Mat. V.i. 8.
e Idid as the infcription dire&ed ind repeated ls knocking.feveral, times. At hil a grave perform. whofe name wa Goodwill, came to the gate, a-,) d ;if!,,r being inform"d WhO he'Wd ,'Tid thathe was tnivellip', to Mount Sion, very reaffil! adulitted, hi-n. But when Chr.?jha7 was cilleEtn7, the other pulled him forwai '.,ith great feeming V to-,k n-,cu I Won observed to be
y precut ion for near fl't "itt (hu, on the outside of it) 1 a. 10fly calille, from



vhence.i company of cl',--irl-er t I ie command o I Bt PrIMCC of' the U-if-Dal
Crcd fuch 2 row"", tl a- I-,
III ;;tf it

i. 31


!fc(l '.Lkned io kc,- p hich 'bcn-l
opll' ti 'alul apoi !,,, %,:A',
-aight a, a 1PIc, an't llot to re Mro an-, of the i-us
al S It IIVI WO,
t, I p
1 caf ',!,. 1,cuiL 'er, to ge, rIA (,I i !s

CaTn", i ) "I Tp it: i

no, \vu,; NIN I I
to Cl[l ri -ils the hoi i, ,
was t1he o, and whe-c "All it dngs be.
C'A 'W !.im

32 Chnfii(za
and,,encouragement. Ht ac ingly did as he was dire&ed was received by the Inl-r wAffiegreateftkindne a n
pitality. The firft tlii sg wa3 fhewn to him by his ge holf, % as the portray tufaven person, i-,':fh hi&eye waras fl _,aver,, the L,,i1 Lis hauJ, tht- Ltv 7 o ti j L, le N%:r' Nell 112's 1 1-'
lx M'A his back, ; 7'- L dazci ",,I ui goid ovcr h1s 11 jke particular noti e piece of painting, laid the 1--Ilk: ter ; becatife the perf-011 it C fents is lie, whom alone the of tile Place to wilich th, 1_1 aft selling, has a-athorifed
'de n a iv doubtful or
iltu-ttion. He is the fa.."-Lil
-Unt of tlw moff Ijigh, and pi tile ud-'-411c rylellt of his


r I I

Ch ~rzi~z Pilgriml.
Having faid this, he Chr/iia into a large panrro floor of which wAas entirely ed with duff, Hie then calle elderly and hardly f voiure arid commande~d him t' which, when the other- had t,o, thle room was in fl a n ly wk Itit fuch a cloud of duf,
,poor ckrj/Ian was airnol utamodefid4ife1 who bring ordered to f etch fom
anTprinkle the floor; h
was prefantly fwept and lea with the greateft eafe. This lour, the Interpreter obferved an emblem of an unr and unfan~tificd hearpt:Th upon the floor reprefented the iiral depravity which covers defiles its every faculty ; the who firif began to fweepde.
ihLwcf worhs, which may

chryiiall P? jto difcover our guilt, and alarm our conkiences, but cannot re,-nove the one, or relieve the other; and the davzj l -who bronght the wat ,r andclearifed theroomwithfornuca cafe, reprefentecl ilic race of the 94 ell Whofe nill(I ail belikific:al i2l"eucc*s never fall to puiif'y t" 'c hearts of thort N811o finccrely be. I;Cve the truth.

In a Etile room acljofli n', t r I o u r, Ch i ?*#' a n was clirc l f'clve two chjljren, CJC
v,! loin w s fittii g in .,I
Gneof thein ap"'gre ,c
f "i "is and dif*Contcnted, bir, the
ivas rernjykaf-" '
few Minutes n Came their 9
E(ir, 'A* I th a L. o" I I rV
-cl ; and alk- 1 tJ""'
er lie woul
i, ;.at be fi- in t'-e bafl Let or c
tent hinifelf %v;th a Ittle at pr
2A have fornething better, io larger qoilnti y hereafter ? J
et I ittle ci
q"' -cature, faid he, wo,
rather wait; bLlt the fonL:
fer iva rnLl 1c .otiic ot crhcfnr!t cdadl the frUlt OUt Of his gov( rrio .
hand, Without pul 6119 hitrifvl tlle trouble of an anfxer; a -while lie was eating it, looL.ig it oil his ith an 4lr


the na!:: !i of lilofc t "v Were P


(4 ap;'etit('s aanA tile 'otler -F !,ae ciil; rei'U L'he woril to coi e,

"n Chriflian Pdjr2m.
%A-bo 1. 1 rj,'ier contend t- Olem. Wid 1, A Patic-i'it md, vcll foan pe-t'eion oi e-,crnal iclicity'l.
the 0

'1.'m n' Xt cond,
c,:i -ipai tment, in which wis a fire bitrning agai ft and a pcrf,)n ffaidill on orl Oi it, NVIV) Was ContiIIII "tj I v ing wa',cr upon it in grcat III B.!z tll more he cn,,7cavon cuinguiffi it, the fierc(:rbi- ter was the flime. This g] inNre faid the Interpreter, i.s a r -fentatlon of the irtexytinguil ardor of divine grace in Cie I of the righteous, and the-p who ve nly endeavourstoquc 'I is Salaii, He then led his gue the backfi e o-' the all, w
lie faw a person who had a of oil In his hand, which he gr

Chr liou P('19rim. 19

11Y erilptlel into tbc fire, by an imperceptible conveyance. This woithyrrion faidlic is an etnblem o the blefled /' who
-1 ', US
cOrit'nualiv enlk, ens atid ftApports the gooi hopes ar;6 refoltitions of* hil P"Ople, 6v powerlul thouah in,'fible I nfluencesot b Is grace.
this apartment Clzrifl4n
0' ewn ittc a dark rooln, itt,

40 GhJu Irm

Iro cewth Iisee On imegrud, hlis edT
his bralt, h~is arms Vfe tgtrandutingn
ftiI gnans s f ii~~71r'~

w1CLC, IV /

0, Al
Kv a.-ld hc; ror. Ile by
e i r to i fk- 1, rm Nvho he
-a,4, iv ii I c I i Ck eiz x, cry readu) v
I faid ihe
liat I w,_-e v ,is not."-" ,A thor, (,Prc. idid theothcr "fi he, a vcjy fair and roindir, pi- fc!!or. both M MY wn e,-o )mi m t-'Ofe ot othcr
And what art t1joll
A wretch, fald h&, a ovcr ,vhcimed q:"j 'confined as vou nc, never, neve r to
How C::, OU

1, incd w-dinfl ttle
ln f%):ivin-' g evideno-,s
I imvv deirdea arld 'VC.CL '-,ke

42 Chrj/hian Pilgr x.~
tations, of divine goodne forbearance; -I have do
pite to the fpirit- of'a he has for ever leftr
have tempted the Devil t
3ne, and hie will not lo hold ; I have defied the a God Almighty, and lie has forfaken me !"-" And is th
hope, laid (Chrihan ?glirnpfe, replied thie-man feeble gli'mpfe to cheer myU
py foul. I have fo harder
heart, that I cannot repent I am fo perverfely blind tha not believe '"-After fayi he funk into a gloomy file
would not return a fingIe
anv other quell ion w hich, .
pofed to him.
In the next apartment
which Chriflian was coni&a~a 1'faw a man rifing haftily out

C r ;flian PFgrI'M. 43
and ol-&rved that while be (IrAEig hinif-lf, lie fhook and blel exceeiingyly. Being cus to kn.)w the rLifon of it, he OwRrea to ak the wan hunt'elf, 1ch he immediately doing with at eagein Is--" This very lit, f aid the poor wretch, while

Ccl in thee arms of firep

44 cb?- Xalz P,
1 had the moft terrif-vi which was ever fmin powers of imagination. a few pleafim; iny wanton fancy i
lti, Cjf without tile feafi fion of arty danger, on the heavens were Overfp an awful gloorn, and it thunder and I (,n I? I fa, r 'ble m. zrincr, as me To;. Looking upm-,,rds, the clomb; convoNed m fual rate; aml befor I co my!'ClFrotim! to fur-,-v I'll o th-blackening prot, c i,
- ,,cre earned v t e bl trUnIpet, which w-as 4") ,!i Joud an,-l piercing '-ii ,J f'.,,med to shudder at !I j

clis "U'1 1enly C 11
f: CaU 0

Ck r //:

(12cafful chain a majef-111!-oriecl Upon a CIOUd
thOufands anj
fld-ri- g spirits, \vel-v all Up, n the vin(r pre" to CV-CUie his order', I
l"I'd 11 1-('c,,)Id blafl of a t;umf "P,'er ;jnd firmer than the and
1 rI lc cincd capable of
t 0 t"C verv center of the
'4 r i*fi I e de(i d,
J6--rnl mq-,j nd
In tI I I I be,,c tv;1111'11119 of In eyccks we,
torn founder,
tw-lt-ed a, A fell, tilc a"'I thit
r of a 0
J ed, oce, ii and tt.
'r-1, their gravc
t',C 7 nunibcrs s a': n cj

Iterfial ared e

-e of
I C,
1, "Ird

46 Chrii/han Pilu
but others (and, indeed molt nDamerous part o covered fuch terror and their very countenances eafily to be conceived, endeavoured to conceal, bury themselves under t fragments of the rocks a tamins. The former were caught up into the air, an off by congratulating arg tend the perfon who fet cloud; but, to my un horror, I, poor unhappy was left behind. I look them, indeed as many o with the molt painful an follow them but no fried came near me to aflu1fi How hall I relate what f The belft beloved and o i ten Son of the great Sov the univerfe, (tar it washed

Chr;iian P4rim. 47
browned upon the cloudi-tbe ml Id and compaffionate Jefus, o would ha re been my fiviour Tedeemer, if I had not wilfully Perverrel)- rejeaed his profFerercy, h with an air of
able majesty whichaweAt'he crin", cardi to' reft, laid open MYfleriousand importantbooks .ife aiid (icath, an d w1th a voice Ch rcftr,- bled the found of diftthunde-s, bade the world draw r Ind come to iudginent. It is OfFible to dercribe the horror 6e aaguiffi which racked and ured cry breast upon bearing dreadFalfummons. Buttbere 11,) refilling hiscommand, "911 the inceff; nt flafhes oflight-' ,hiclj Played before him, preconvenient diflance
judge and the tremPllffteysat the bar. As for

my own part, I ,-as fo Inue 'fied at the 1"eric befotc I- 71111 Fulch a pv;lit I
.,:I 'emning rccoliccic Palt iniquities, which rile M the &ce llil, avenging g,%oqs, tilat I !IA' y the ufe or my rcal )fi. 4
-s waY iind that and an C11"Ica"'Otifed to .nccz] a't I might ef-ape tfic,
'Ch t e: nei'LC4 to :1'v'o c4n M -if Ito

iA;ent, t lc ev(. CA hl"..)
lp")n C1,111d Vas cellf;
upon me, z fa
at ihe approach ()f a tcf' laft I was '0 P
in the oozy channel -a
-11ofe fri,, Inted 1vaves !y,'
-hc a' m",


one h
alit! 111" '
fifiri.-Li oi i 1 v -t-j
"-,IPTY lV"CtC!' W'101C
i-C Ore my i*c"'t b jj" r
pit, likeau ucei*

,50 Cli ?yh'a P, 4*
ef fire, fending forth- fu V mes and clo i(ts of pitch i:
'Ch deftifed blackncfi, 4P
2 Nlany who fio '.I n 7\-ere inflanOy dra, g(d I (Ireadfil alwl bv a tro(I.,
fpeffies, and wlicli-jea burning waves; and I was upon the point of b(-; tia. ged after them by an o ',io.i
who cane flying,
1-""rce as ten fuyl 1) d a,
4 Hell itselff, wl&n
to God) I w;Is rl'
rer arryis of fleep, ard
mi a drearn which ha,, a in
i n e o t m y ferns H tid(A Fsgloomy
""as fc, rnuch afl'cc
-at his looks were ,0ITI into a Jilent folemnity, Aic covered that he felt many Ida
ficins, leaft

:i gf--,trldofhlsbL;i-tic was mtroducre aggrecable kind, 1 Id
I d to rel ievo the
)ns which he b, ,! 'eceiv,. l two prcceecli!l, P"'- H(- vv z con"u,"ied into a
on tii fiu:rthc


fide of W' Ch was --.-bailt a
palace. The wall I S
finePf and ha-deff inarbI el
Pile in which the edIfic, was,
I rilFted, equal to the r"
i)f th,- materials ; for the wh' I it afforfled adlifplay of the n
.tagn cCnCe, RIPPOrte-I b 1.1off. Coire& and uncricom T -.ip citv. In all ""i n
'n tfie Porticos
persons whohad the
cxi querors ; forthey Nveytt .1'
-.1 Inow white robes, wh' ch
,ed with gold, and !j-Ir
i were furrourided Nk th 11
: 7 deathsaths of laurel, B
Oie Mon gates, which -d ilit(V
r:dens In the front of the 1',
9, id a band of armed m
and menacing l,,oI:-, p!
ij,. -' nated, that they wcre
z I:wd tu oppofu every cn I C

to en'cr. Many
Avell looking perfon, were fbmai :I CCOM ilged at the Fgl t of thc fuFl Vln!rans hat. t
imZ Me
lc rc- 'I 1-cre
d7l, T'foil Ot 7

Ve I t tv

chriflian pz I.. "n.
'rn -. and a lorcafl jd t(, Ak
1 a-d !!Pon the al"lled me li(-,n, and after giving -iid
WI(juii"Is. till !'! S
S .1h-noll exr.auffed bv
d, hehappilv gainc th'
A5 loon as Le v.,
the gardens, lie wps
7, t e pdacebi- tile Fil
i )f crolden hjrp, to c 1 iin upon his vi&or) a,
him to enter and re cej Pl ds of his valour. Art c k), b i t was thus, glorious ed, Chr.illian told the in, With a fir le, that he perfe, 'f 1, &H ,,)od the meanfn of ji Ila,' feep, and that "'Chopcd t fit by -';e cxamp'e in the h:'s future adventures. I' us ;i:)d returned his
t"-"x;1kS for hc civii-Ales

hc )ecran to r.-fiame his

")ad alongwli;'h be trav.;
fc ccd in on either fide, -UritV of piljims, with 21-rY Joftv ami fubtlantial wall- 1'0
went forwards xvith a
tiffj! iul beart, though at the farne
"t without Coll Htrabl P dhfun accoorit of the burden "P" 1' 'lis back. Batwhen he came to;," elevated crofs, wInch. fto,,)cl
eminence a fcw miles elfell 11111enlterplcf-r's bis bur-'enly f*,-.,,] fim his rhouldaad continued rolling
T e fide of the bill till it
bottorn, where it infi-Il the mouth of an oCUre ar4 1 fav,- it no Of jo an,
fafl 11pon ILS
-Ice lnDn.l


If d

lilin in a ous h Yry, to irad really ic)-'K ,,rdc


only an illusion He way and
a,-,I 1: 11injoat'houfand
c -i, o t v -v c t 'I, e r
e ic o Lie v'_ c t c t
-but,-whct; lie
delivcran(, was no

an -en01 In the


f"S. fon;clirj"

im! % +ofe W,
his bur cn, 'Llddcnlv pree;r ;rn' and

!A lie jilorc."


A r:'iis -unteel r"'Uta6o flr Ppe4 him of 11;s ta*ccreJ m -lit", Cloth! inin "I a
robe, which they had brow," them for that puryol
pri!- e of g1wy, 21 A
inark upon his I'Orehn a I lizz-a a roll, \*iih a f( I which thev orderecl LIm fr(,.It ly to perufe in the, cuarfe

agand to deliver it in ihe arriv-ed at the celefli31 This done, lie would w] ha11ve entered into a further
annwlth then, but wilec rri,,-ig to begin it, thev
their radiant wings,, and otof ight in an Inflant. But a I appy Z'reverfc what a glochange was this for poor ta!he was before enctimwihan infuppor! bit load
hfhoul'I bu!,t flow
W nVel at In1s ahndwa- at lierty to c %crt h i fe If :47a; nft Tobfin.1ion, and every dan;helh he might m-eet W~ ithII
Y.Before he was fo coc'erWihraps, th at he was affhamed
C i~i;but he no)w appei~ri a noble habit, in which no
'Iul j L Iy 6 i "pNC him.- III li~e was before inI a Rlate of the

60 C;'.;- Tan Pilgrox
moft painful uncer-airty', great reason to doubt of b,.A hen he canic to the en :ournicy ; but nmv he hdf I
11; Orl h"s forel:-ad and a limd, whch wouIrl not !aj cure l-Im zidmittanre ti,P v ni, c rcache".1 tl t c 0.

1. fo, rn a r v I v n r n ou.-:. "Irnl !!c J ; C)CC t'lat

ed ff cc 1 cn 131 1 -,, v fn c: 71
thc 'tc
on i ;r ells. Tbelrnjl )(.. S"'&"" Silo"A Pnd Pr j'-Be, rz of a compefl-nonate t be dtOll be -, as able t.) them ; baL after J u 'A Opel


returning 1,, ln or
olnus anci drow"V anJ v
fl"!ep ala;n as'faff as re
it little fartlicl lie
Y GiIIIIIII men, who can.e 0 er the wall, on the lef(' Z!,eroal. TheirnaffIeSWI-re and Hypoc'r2'/i and

.n Ch!',Y,'ian zr.

taken tbem, he exI-)II)F Ilat t 1-win pretty ft CCIV OTI 'I I C I M etv of their not CWIMICI In" cat(" 1:1 a -ir and c 11
and tuld ,-i ti 17 io fl
to !"', roai 'd lone
i, , t .; C A

(I I Ic
n( rc .'-,an a
1. -(- tl he
o well to mind ins c,
-and tlaat tb-N, coldd ... 1. wilat ic gained by co

Trient which had been gl\ cov,, r his nakcdncl s, ai,. t
-oil w1iich lie carried in for they did not receive 11 0 iv h I c h had been iImj)rfcE-d% his forehead. Aftcr affarin tut,,,.-ithout effe&, that the

IN. 63

In lookul

t,, pr)cire aAl"!,. ll !

a they all
i, foot 0, q

64 Car ian P"' -? ",I;
witer. Formality I
inc, that tli,- wh
11 up tile etnjr, txc. W c i!,,v fleep and crL.q,-:y.
J) )tllt Of ret") 1,11
came. B t d' i f
':q ways, V-11C
caliedD, .,,o-er and Dtll'.;
one Jed to the il
01 '-r to the left, 2::1:11 1, -1' t',at they both inet main road on the othe., 11fle hill, they agreedto firikelot as thi,'-Iing their much flic and lh fateft. But he wh, t :e way of W107 r, 'A'-;' Xj
f-1!11%, into Jiatnlels ar,,-' the cther who took- Cle
11'-71olz' Nvas f-00ri Ic il
fuli of daik, niouni 1:', friLlitful pceclplciesarric)]I .' lie lllunnbl d and fell, a7- imore. As to Ckrilian, ;Vl


wlth a LcartT
t Or th
.11 't _'i lie -as f
jI I jlirlil "T 0 go,
('0; clt:iibing


n, Ac by t
t it 14)
Hing his ro 1i ouIt ()I D s reaA IT] it great
rifiderable ti e. But
it oc ng ftifficiently upiil, and bein(y ii4ewife iv t :d he because urowinl-nfibiv fell luto a i1mvm that ; ,t(x a
wo- pr
h'-1 t'

C6 Chr7fiian Pi ,,rilm.

bacl not been awakciw(l before fun,"et, by a volCC cried in ms ear-" Go fil thou Iug-gatd, collider her ard Stamug, th
li rn the 1-101111d I Lhe Irurcy 11-nag-Inable, lie jua, bcft of hIs way up the hill, oii. e thlzllin of hisroll, wil Ul(,!)I)(,'d ,wn his hand wb

Pt. When he 11-1 i 9,1"'lel tbfmirit, iefa v two nien, % iio %, ere
,Ictl ." 117ru I I and runto Me
'et hiM, as f tncv
'llied by art enemA% Tl- blood Pi torfaken thAr chAs, I tie very
Itood uprl,Ilt o-i flicir licad"
Mrofuliv diftened,
CVe a s altnotl fiarted f roi; i pockets, and they often lookf

68 CIy1("?I
edbehind them asth--v feon as they can-.enear Chriflian enquired the re their hafty flight. Thc 116 lions! faidthey.- Wcwpre tothe celeffial city, Bot dt, is full of &iler. The fuit wenttFe more dan er w e met with. JUR. beh7nIl ii couple of lions ; w:iti:,,i- aw
,,flcep, we cannoT tell Lut peEf thtru to rulh af tcr us moment !" Th is fai(!, -vi' waiting for a reply tLey forwardsinfuch a viAcill that th y fell down the 11 1 were both dashed to pieces. Wn was fc, much liitiirl Lit the account they had giell and fo much alarrned i t th (Icn dciLru&ioji into wh uh ft-' irsl-ad precipitated thein, t
S at a lQfs what oour e to,

Ckrijhian Pilgrim. 69

critical iflant le bethought
ef fhs roll. But who can ie the terror and agony which kced his heart, when he difcovthLat is roll was loft, that roll kchwa-,s the conflantaffurance of ise and his acceptance in the

g hJs hands,lhe flamped, lie idoud, and upbraided himrfeif1 oufan-d and atifand times for unilp1)ldonable tolW in not being careful of fuch'an invaluable or.At laft hebei thought him, t e might probably have It filte arbouir ; and, upon
,h aethe beft of his way
lokr, Arefully along' eaLch
o;f thewa a he wNent, and en-h% Jin~himfelf in d~Ivif Ilr ?or having beenI F~I) tipid tol leep and fnore awayv his, tiin a place in which 4~ was Intend-'

ed he fhotild only reft h When he came to the arboo* Leart fluttered with hope an4
an hnhe entered the (iu i, rbndin every joint, as A' lnment was to determine hs cr dea th: But'what a L Jd of iroy overwhelmed him, w dilcove,,red his roll under thel ke flew to the precious objcek


ibl Ing eacer ha R(!. aria, having.
v .c 11 re(I it i n his boforn-he
--I)pt U*)(>n his knees, arfd with
la111 efs in i is eyes, ret urn tc 11 "'flufadd thank% to heaven R-floringtohim, whathePrizL 'Vond the xicfws of both the
Afte, big flcfl tranfporis had flih ',' !w rtfuirw(I his Journey, -aii(f JIW 'W(I op thc, hill the fecorJ Inc, rn '--h a!acritv4 that a.
'It t (IiA of Onc cv.-ning I)o

Tz B, tatjul,' wh ch X I I C)d al"itAl rlofe to the roae. 4k'n- as rr zch Ldle, therefore, bmt to pl-ocor'c &11n' ttalwp' Ire r"P b, a. verv r paffag % aa tuOolig from tti, p r',J, ITII it;

10 t2 f v?
Ile (-'fpl ec two I 'Ons at je end, W111ch k crC as 11
We -,,Is the t
cr h imu] v
L! OUIld'
c 111 :lnt th-- '
h miled upon him,

m iinA) from liml). B it the pdrle Iname vas perIV in" Ch !L ff ; he VV&S in, orli point of reba, wit to him to
with the
hirm, at
tiln tl;at t lions Were and V,;erc placed there onto try the fAith of th,,fe who L-ti-avAling to Zion ; fr) t1-:-vt if k(,Vt in tiie midft of' q& road, I -- A care how. he "IC
01 cnine forwards with(,6- I,-( ii J Iqu followed his 6IFCC- vith fi) Tnuch courage aml
althotigh the liwl i
lo near li'm on each fi,!,- a .,POIL to leize him by thf- fl-111 ts of L 9 irment, tl,at lic PA! :,l dir"n ry fdie'v. VIICTI.hc can ; to
gitk l, b"'iOl-C whid, the fialidiva, lie enqinn: "l to

74 Chr;fiian Pikrzl?',
the building belonged, and vh er he tn z I it have leav to I
there fill the mornun!z.
poi-ter rel-Ced, 6) it the police built bv the lord ot he hill for
refrefh ment ;tnd fe'cu'rity ', f
grins ; and theri proposing fcv iiecelFarvqueffto!ico )cer:iL-i(,charafte and the bufinefs
new vifitor, to all which C" '-'/17
returned the nioll fatIsf a(--t(,iv fw, rs, IjWung a bell. The 101 of It in tFantly broualit to the d a verv *date and ti lautifttl vitg W11ofe eve, though as plerciil,' aneag.e's,;Was as mild and gentid
that f a dove. ani.her counteiia as calm and unruffled asa furrim
e,. cnirm Her naine wa D:
POa. Ving informed thut 7'
7 (IN P qUC'fjeda lodaing 1-1 the
ace fhe courteously enqiiimd w T be was, from whence he Caine,

,ither he was goina ; the likec alked h*m who dirc,11ed him the road, flow i1t. got I A 01 the den WhICh flie kficW he TnUff \ brought upon his flioulders I'll his native place tile citV Of 11i"47,oit. Whtn hp hadanM her enquirici M the M(A '[I !T"d tine xce ptionab lcvnialt rier, Q !iled fur I ei three differs; and lovely Vir'I'MI
all- tti(,!? all
I, , ,, t, t r,,
z the
11,,ii ; ,amc were Plely 1,,mper'Ice fac e of
idnirat oa the""AK, I fdrl(-t it ]it- ;macl the hunniltv
fdi apojjj -, th,,- vigoc-,, -a-I .1 IfIIV1
..P 'jul hope oi all cillei-P6
anduc 1),Iticllt 1--f dution a rn4rtyr. Tne ciw( k of I -n1141w was adorlICLI WiIii the f ch-,

76 chr "flzalz
eft bloom of health, h fparkled with an hunetl ji her ]I tubs wer'-Cjut ed : it i and vjgri r. V ia Uiaiit_ ip 7nore ciia win, thd ,i c:rt.,cna; ior her lovely CCL. t was as mild and c-,cri fprIng, and as cLearful and ing as thf-morning fari. A had int
as their eldest filter had irit tlicm whoCkriflan- -.san(j

n they all un*(l In
'eartdv x,.-elcoirc, an(l 'ox ILAlf'l tcted him it to tllc ra' e.
he bad been pr,-,-;,i. d upori.
hl ifelf, a cup )! v ]',C -was Ok, Jcd to him by 1-;e hand of
-e; ar I ,,a' ta7, d w1w;i 'h
Vz neceffary refreffi-rc;it, the ie.,s renewedtheir enqui;rcs conna tho nature and the ruotives 0
journey, and tberemirkable A
relicss WhIchhad hitherto atled it They were fo much,
N,,ith.the accwii-I: lie gave -I- t h ey con 4 I v ed a very
Im for hiu ; and afterI in as
rjfn(!,v and a mannci:
iltt ,; h, d I)ecn M,imakuly achim tor rli Any ycelrs.
-tlx fwc ,t analovely .,rz,,;_Cr,(jjj'Icd vcry carefil[ly

78 Urfijanrz
wh edher lie was a married& finXl one; ard being that he had a wife and children, wherefores the, with the moll enga,, dernefs, did you not perfhi to bear youcom paniv. w' rtliv Man, fuc h as'(1 3o emull feel his happine bled, -when he can hare it, faflshul partner of his bcd, tenderi and endearing offt their inutual lovereplied, with the wcar of a in his eve that he fiad done moll to engage then to~ hti, B-'t whether It w a to the bad example, andt0 prevailing influence of 'It nt eiburs, or to any other
ad h rea(tIe~ts and per wer itieffetiual :- Ac fiace, he fiid, Avhich ga

C1, ryfi~in PgrirA. 79
Outtei-ab ic pain; for Le bad fuch Pbius concern for their weltare, kt hie could aim1oll WIth hiifelf uirfed for their Likes, if happily ,A y might efcp the wrath. to iie [. ThUsfriing lie ibvd a td of tears, anfd all the 'father Wthe huffban appeared at once ithei, FMOH natural and affe~lnn OUtS. The fV1iPAthifing heart ofit felt t1,C weight of every ord1 hie uttered; but while t6eC LCIidiv tear was trickling down 6-cheek. {he eriecavoured to .hilteanguith Ikhe had innocentCxcitcd in his hree, ..eprl her warmeft hopes, that the f~cdiv-ine influence which bad "~iundhint into the road to Zun, would foon Lav e thie fatne
upon his failtv. ZShe ad(d, that fhe ha(I Lowtj Mm initlC~eol the kiO1, atid that fhe

Pro-iie was nicide to tho allJ the 'r Children.
\Vhen their Cwtv -"i end( d. they ivc.-c itif, ""-i" Jervant in walillig wat upon the-tatdw. 1) it wiLit flownig gratituric of' poor Chrifian he
the princ.cly entcr,, i rine ri t was plovided forLini, t deedato ufc the language OT lpired wrlter,,a feaff off it I andoi wine upon the lees w fined. As lie appeared ho to be a little confounded, I)v a playoff maanificence to -whic w had never been acculloint I
Such laid his truly geuerot amiable hofteff'cs, inch is th. freffirnew which -ve ii, vt b ..dered by the (Ild of III pTepareJor every I id pi I
you may co Wer, it as VOW,

CAryflian Pilgrim. -8
iour fifter Temperancye, who alqs does the hoinours of the table, readily help youz to whatever

things we have bee part~kIof, [aid Piety, MU11 ratu1Aly Inld us of te pince front whole Outy we received them, and to 6on Ithe palace itfeli Moeon,. It Inot therefore be difagebl eto worthy gueft, at leaff I hope Qbei eve foI, to devote the r'e*nder ot the evenig o is inernr" ChrAr ftuj*j1C$id, that lie fo fairfron tw 'i-##any ob'ee (rJ1to it, that it wa3stht very Wking ewied for. Upon this, 'one of,
ladies related one Circurn-ce, and another enlarged u~pont Condo anid a third, eali of themr. PlyVing her part of th counverttfciflI fuicban edifyi1 nd ~jen.

tertai ning mnner. thatC declared he had iiever i mre agreeable company_,
S'oecou~rfe of his life. Itaince of wvhat theyN !-aid wa thle lord of t~c hill, whoprincc ofpglory, had heena wis warrior, and~ lain iJ hrad -the power oef death,t with the inoff imminent d bimfeft;-that lie had u de, the fevereft hardfhips, cotnred the moft for. dangers, from the ptireft ad difinteredled love for his P
-that at laff, fromirthe Jam rous motive, he condefed fall a facrifice to the malic enemies, and to fuffer a pain ignomnious death upaonth
-that after he had been fu to the glqomy horrors o fth for threedays audnightsfuc

he was again -reftorcd to life, I Qd foon aftvrw;3rdkcarn'ed OF-in a 4k, krnphant mannevtft the ce-leffial
6ZIIfI6IIS, Where he itill fCrIJCS bCI.ve4 aria adored!by attending angel,, and by the1pixits of juit int n Iftalle Pf!ffc41;-itYat, foine of th fluniv had, Iyoth, feen and fpolcti "With hini fince his glorious rofurre iloti, and heard, h1in. dc'cl;ire, that his love to faithful pilUT-111), Was fo. warm and aGa101.1.11 thathe woubd not dwell [in t4e ce' leffial city without theni ;-and ,at, ly, that to confirm his gracioliq promife, lie had-a&ual)N pref'Cri-ccl Inany Ui them to princely dlgnltjt arai honouTs, thougL by bIrt4 thc Were. ITIere beggars and vagaboue. 4nd-derivedtticironginal from the diingbili.
In thisagrecable copverfi tl()rt tlIcy pall"edaway the 61ve t1li

At ChryjIas Pi~grim.
u Ait, when after devouatly falling mtvcm sto the ft )n of' beavui, flhey al e

w~las conua~ted, ipaciois~ room, which ae
-'f~rr fin ; and "tws cle
*IiribrotPeace. Hereuon (Itlhc foftelt don, our wer gni-n foon zrefiiped hiindft glenle arimof feep, andf 'he to'Ils anid dangers ofth When t1he~ cheArfisi rays o morrning had dififed their gl mIItre over the tops of the m tains, they all rofe fromtherb and return ing thanks tokim watchful Iprov idence had rt them~ duri ng the luwbers o night, they again rcme hemrfelve-s to his unwearried; ef s, 'to fecure them from thed
-s and allurements of the

Ckrozan Pdgr?'2x.
ceefUng day. This. 40ne, Chr!fiian WouW Willing4y 6y, yefurned bi, tourney, I$u his geperous and lovely bofl ilecl upon his
Contin"Ing Whexe he'4mt till they had indulged hj m ;4 ght of tile Many aznufipgan4.jn ruffive Cl)ttofitles which the palace affordett. As he could ript decently 01-1k fach a trmwing offer, and was not Yet entirely recoveyed from the Var' ous hardthipsaud fatigues he had undergone, he thanUiliy consented. Ac ordingly, afte.6inner, they conduEled him MtO the j4mftum. Here, among zerabl.e other vatitkies, they fliciv ed him federal records of the rnoll vener;ihle antiquity. In tme w' th6fe he reAd the Pedlgf( f Ot tli Lord of the Hd 1 1. md fvv Lhat lit! was the well beloved and the unkbegotten Son of theUczent oj-flav- ;

Q likewif foiiiid "ery C1 C
flantial and aflit4f Ing detail vanous exploitsheltad pcrf and of the many diffin-ui and princely favows,-which he conferred iipon hundreds of La'tlif I fervent In anoth I u
faw a p:vrilcular account Ail 0-ortliv Oeeds -%bich had in, Itzed the narres of m ln- v who had tiavelltd to ZiUT.I e him ; as fbi inflance. they hz4A duc4 oppofing kingdorns, flop the moilth- of voraclotts I' walle4 Unhurt in fltrnib furn, dc ed thc elgt-, A t h -,v n fword fu flaiwfl ne thock of incrous hofls,, an pat to fli wholearrn'tes of inrulting at' III a III-Irl, lie reaa a lift of r vxtraordlniirv pror,! ,ecles and diffions, which had berm Pan allyanc.even literally accomph

Ciriflian RIS7-1'm.
ed to the amazement and confuC 1 of deridijig' iAdelil and the
fc iual confolai )u and unutteralejoyof the faltfif A. In another part.ofthc,,Ifuj u they fhe sled him a number d curi(Atit!" Wit ich were equally to be aiLmIred for tfieir antiqzm3 and as the fuccer, Ful M(trurncntsivh1cbfiadbcc4 t !Plop d in many atcmvvemen fuch z the lc-iorfS I v
(105 ro'd of N'Torcs, u hich bafflo-4 the Vil of all Ole In'*g1clang of E6 i iefiltUt.1 and nall
-,vIlicli i1ou virgin, _7eal p(Ircof thc Jnl itlou% SlOW pitchers, trumpet, and
Jam vith whicli dic valiant G7d'011 put to fhght 111C "-.; aml ,-, of AliW.(ill'the ruffic gni rl Ivith "vhich
tINVI re 01ree h';ind I CJ "'ca, the humble hone- -bi art
a ,, Vldl \V111ch. Sampfon Pcw the

88 e'Anflian Piljri*.

Ph]IlIflines, heaps up on heaps (hepherd 's fling anid flone which the Otr'pling Diavd id bled the pride of Cobak, the g tic champ on of idolatry-awl tremendoils fword with which Lord of the Hill will flay the, of fin, when he ari fes to take finial venrgeance ol Is Clenries

The ]afl plce~ the d him into

hoffenfive and dee tiv, anj
141Ch Wer allf t-b UetejeIf'ltemr, o h nofP gi

aned a mny men, for te fr Viefthe Lo~rd of th Hill, as.
t~te 3, farsin the firmamnent of

thing ~ ~ & ofalws htthey Thewed
hima rfugen fnItof armour, Whchwas intendd for ltinifelf Ad theyacrigy eie i
"ke isdown, an eay it to his

!e ng& to put on the nex mornIng; for they affured hji that he ~Would have ficitnt occalion for It, befuie he had advanced mucdh fiIber in his Journe~y. Tfie 1111t

go (hrifliai Pdgrmt.
confiflcd of a created lielt fiDely poldhed, a blazing inade of Mvlainant, and gold, p-netnible breast pldte (4 fllinin g greaves be id fie received a fivord uf fu rable temper, that the hay. e COUld iielther.turn nor br edge of- it, and aiiot -ier we a different make, which 'J'as

(Arf7tiall Pilgrim 91
Praver, and was vernaikably
I in cloic fight 'ng. In theP
r of th fl ew- wa .a beautiful of the prince ofglory, and ddherent fields; or'. CtympartS around it;, his moff Fewarkaexploks were dell.-ned arid
holf'COI ww4i, juch. adnilrabie e, as to excite Ahe noblelt fejoenis in the kn'nds of thof who
them with attention. I fikcremarked, that in the ji )Iboird r whiciii9twed the cirfercnc of tl* flo ehi,'the fol6%,in- words WCT,-OIAwv4vC)I in tbe
it Oc a:ut, fu I c ha raam% I -ever bevIz. Tuka- unto % wt ibe Ulholearmour pf" "', that Von
he able mwitliff iind In thee'vil
-and having done all. to fland. .tind, theN-46reihavlng YQUT loiDs rt obout with truth, and havin F
the breast. plate of vightcou'..

-- 40

92 chrjflia Pllr?
nefs, and yourfeet fho preparatt on of the gof~e above atrimg the fi wherewis ;h he Itali b queudc all the fiery a wicked-, and taketheh falvatiori, antd the w fpirit, whic~ih~w pra yiing always witha44 fupplicatIon I n the in
wthng thereanto wih

fer the aietadtu

ofd the Mzrean tea
ba iett om- wee

krg everying whchmght iute to eniven his hopes, and
he fhoud nt leave the till had fhewi himi the DeldaMoutais ;which could~ not

9 4 Chr!jlian P? PlnmO.
tall, they faid, to affoM nioff delightfid and anitna I)C- as, being much nea CA-11 at r ty, than the pliw I Icn was. Accoreingl. as the new rden fan had V
the Vapours of the night, veiled the face of nature, t hun-to the top o
CO" the PI
putting a tcla! 1'.11110 IiS defied him to point it tile roulb. Micn he +
his-eyes Were fud&!id ithed with rihe mott CrIC fcene they brid ever beh Id Lore him roic a majcfficiie mountains, whofe gentle,,: Were inte.rl'perfed ulth groves, luxuriant vim!ya Ilowery ljwns'; the latter, were b fpang4k&wtth innu flocks, th, Jc led.'the flakes A ritiv fallen fn

coldWkeiiediftilh t*he tents

I 4 e ehee and ther t fuch
Cment dillances, that it -was ef-odifcover, that the flocks
wereeded with tbe titmolt care
aneidaritv. T he ladies farther iformed hin i, that from the ft"11mits of tbofe deIlghtful mountains meiight dilkern the gate of the c-lia.4 city ;-a profpeti, they faid, which thegd dthepe would 'dily inrdc hibecaute tbe contry they occuied (which was ilke(wife called Liminvtao'. Lnd S) beon~ged to the Prince of Glory, adwas intenaded, like the palace in' whichhenowwa for the reffhmenof weary pigimsi The

96 CAhrij~izn Pl#grz*14
leave to reum his ou

firingto pt {,, to any uc dela ys, or o check th a u Oblferyed In flm~, they >co him tothe gateo the pa ac, after cationin~g him to tak how he travelled down the~ and informingim, that in the ley of Huyjlzation, which l the foot of' it, he ildf exp meet withi fevcral d$ifilties dangers, they prefented hirm a loaf of the fiinefl bread, a bottle of genaerou~s wine, an clufter of ralfins, and then bid


ther pilrma 4goneby the ace, about andi hour or twob Avho [aid his name was a

As tWj) Mh ht ratmiioned lj ipof ChriTian'.,. fl(lt rduveriak 16)n; t1lankincy the 1)o--Aplf6f his rivilliv, he rtrr ck '11110 iht r(4d imrntdiatek, and madc the kft o!F Iii, way.' But iis lie had folind It dIffi,,-IIlt Colliniq Lip the hill, lie found it dan-eroL s q, ing &wn, ; for with all hig CIre, fir- made federal flip% before' 1;,Q r.ached bottom. Sc) bard I's th tjk if) defend mto the Ville of Humil?W110?z Without flumbling But t1wre po(w 0?711ian had a fcver-r 11J.1 than any fie had met with fwfor L ; fvr lio fooiier had fie entei-eU th -_ *fley, but #c djico rcrcd a I, hideous D cmon advancing acrof's it to meei him, whife vcry uppLdrlice might have JIfm.vezi the of t h "! Ito at'! ft I lie r i. H

~WCkrjftiai. Pilgrim
was clothed with flubbhrn which defied th~e point~ of weapon nt~ divinely temt his jagged and wide c wArings refeni ed tho _fe of 9
sfeet were armed wi h the 0 ed talons of a vulture ; and u' his tnotth, which was as wide terrible as that of a raging lion fied flames of fire interming with pitchy clouds of f.moak.T narilef tils horrid monfler Apollyn When Ckr/ifian i
beheld him, hews~a f6 mnuch terf ea, that hs tottlmring knees co fcarceI fupport biml from groud and he was more than h dOCTITI~med to retreat and aban all attempt, which he began0I atasdefea. Batwhner ledfedtt be had noarmourto, lend his~ back, fo that to a Tnull have lain hbim eum'ixely o