Monthly list of documents released by the NACA during ..


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Monthly list of documents released by the NACA during ..
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United States -- National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
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1724 F Street, Northwest
Washington 25, D. C.

M.L. 258

September 30, 1948

The following documents were released by the National Advisory Committee for
Aeronautics during the month of September.



TN 1499

TN 1503

TN 1505

TN 1514

TN 1532

TN 1533

TN 1546

TN 1571

TN 1668

The Inward Bulge Type Buckling of Monocoque Cylinders. IV Experi-
mental Investigation of Cylinders Subjected to Pure Bending.
By: N. J. Hoff, Bruno A. Boley, and S. V. Nardo.

Bearing Strengths of Some Aluminum-Alloy Rolled and Extruded
By: R. L. Moore.

The Inward Bulge Type Buckling of Monocoque Cylinders. V Revised
Strain Energy Theory Which Assumes a More General Deflected
Shape at Buckling.
By: N. J. Hoff, Bertram Klein, and Bruno A. Boley.

Fatigue of Gusseted Joints.
By: Howard H. Langdon and Bernard Fried.

A Metallurgical Investigation of Two Contour-Forged Gas-Turbine Discs
of 19-9DL Alloy.
By: J. W. Freeman, E. E. Reynolds, and A. E. White.

A Metallurgical Investigation of Two Large Discs of CSA Alloy.
By: E. E. Reynolds, J. W. Freeman, and A. E. White.

Aerodynamic Characteristics of 24 NACA 16-Series Airfoils at Mach
Numbers between 0.3 and 0.8.
By: W. F. Lindsey, D. B. Stevenson, and Bernard N. Daley.

Effect of Afterbody Length and Keel Angle on Minimum Depth of Step for
Landing Stability and on Take-Off Stability of a Flying Boat.
By: Roland E. Olson and Norman S. Land.

Investigation of Effects of Geometric Dihedral on Low-Speed Static
Stability and Yawing Characteristics of an Untapered 45 Sweptback-
Wing Model of Aspect Ratio 2.61.
By: M. J. Queijo and Byron M. Jaquet.

^ ^^: IfS


TN 1677 Experimental and Calculated Characteristics of Several High-Aspect-Ratio
Tap, red Wings Incorporating NACA 44-Series, 230-Series, and Low-Drag
64-Series Airfoil Sections.
By: Thomas V. Bollech.

TN 1684 A Preliminary Evaluation of the Use of Ground Radar for the Avoidance of
Turbulent Clouds.
By: H. Press and E. T. Binckley.

Linearized Supersonic Theory of Conical Wings.
By: P. A. Lagerstrom.

Effect of Length-Beam Ratio on Aerodynamic Characteristics of Flying-Boat
Hulls without Wing Interference.
By: John G. Lowry and John M. Riebe.

Load Distributions Due to Steady Roll and Pitch for Thin Wings at Supersonic
By: W. E. Moeckel and J. C. Ewvvard.

Theoretical and Experimental Wing-Tip Accelerations of a Small Flying
Boat dur. n,: Landing Impacts.
By: Daniel Savitsky.

Determination of Bending Moments in Pressure-Loaded Rings of Arbitrary
Shape When Deflections Are Considered.
By: F. R. Steinbacher and Hsu Lo.

Effect of Pressure Recovery on the Performance of a Jet-Propelled Air-
By: Frederick H. Hanson, Jr. and Emmet A. Mossman.

A Linearized Solution for Time-Dependent Velocity Potentials near Three-
Dimensional Wings at Supersonic Speeds.
By: John C. Ewvvard.

The Rolling Moment Due to Sideslip of Triangular, Trapezoidal, and Related
Plan Forms in Supersonic Flow.
By: Arthur L. Jones, John R. Spreiter, and Alberta Alksne.

TN 1701 Analysis of the Performance of a Jet Engine from Characteristics of the
Components. II Interaction of the Components as Determined from
Engine Operation.
By: Arthur W. Goldstein, Sumner Alpert, William Beede, and Karl Kovach.

TN 1702

Analytical and Experimental Performance of an Explosion-Cycle Com-
bustion Chamber for a Jet-Propulsion Engine.
By: Morris A. Zipkin and George W. Lewis, Jr.

TN 1685

TN 1686

TN 1689

TN 1690

TN 1692

TN 1695

TN 1699

TN 1700

M.L. 258

M.L. 258

TN 1705


Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Plastic Flow in a Tension
Panel with a Circular Hole.
By: George E. Griffith.

TN 1707 Effect of Reynolds Number in the Turbulent-Flow Range on Flame Speeds of
Bunsen-Burner Flames.
By: Lowell M. Bollinger and David T. Williams.

TN 1708 Theoretical Characteristics in Supersonic Flow of Constant-Chord Partial-
Span Control Surfaces on Rectangular Wings Having Finite Thickness.
By: Warren A. Tucker and Robert L. Nelson.

TN 17i0

TN 1712

TN 1713

TN 1718

TM 1182

Minimum-Weight Design of Simply Supported Transversely Stiffened Plates
under Compression.
By: Alexander Gomza and Paul Seide.

Analytical Method of Determining Transmission of Particles and Radiation
through Great Thickness of Matter.
By: A. R. Bobrowsky.

Experimental Study of Effect of Vaneless-Diffuser Diameter on Diffuser
By: Guy R. Bradshaw and Eugene B. Laskin.

Influence of Leading-Edge Suction on Lift-Drag Ratios of Wings at Supersonic
By: Clarence B. Cohen.


The Problem of Torsion in Prismatic Members of Circular Segmental Cross
By: A. Weigand.


Libraries in most of the important cities throughout the country, as well as libraries
of schools, manufacturers, and other organizations dealing with aeronautics, are supplied
with Reports for reference.

No. 804 Air-Consumption Parameters for Automatic Mixture Control of Aircraft
By: Sidney J. Shames.

No. 805 An Analysis of Life Expectancy of Airplane Wings in Normal Cruising Flight.
By: Abbott A. Putnam.

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4. REPORTS M.L. 258

No. 807 A Method of Analysis of V-G Records from Transport Operations.
By: A. M. Peiser and M. Wilkerson.

No. 809 Principles of Moment Distribution Applied to Stability of Structures Composed
of Bars or Plates.
By: Eugene E. Lundquist, Elbridge Z. Stowell, and Evan H. Schuette.

No. 810 Analysis and Modification of Theory for Impact of Seaplanes on Water.
By: Wilbur L. Mayo.

No. 813 Correlation of Exhaust-Valve Temperatures with Engine Operating Conditions
and Valve Design in an Air-Cooled Cylinder.
By: M. A. Zipkin and J. C. Sanders.

No. 815 Method of Matching Performance of Compressor Systems with That of Air-
craft Power Sections.
By: Robert 0. Bullock, Robert C. Keetch, and Jason J. Moses.

No. 817 Nitrided-Steel Piston Rings for Engines of High Specific Power.
By: John H. Collins, Jr., Edmond E. Bisson, and Ralph F.

No. 818 An Experimental Investigation of Rectangular Exhaust-Gas Ejectors
Applicable for Engine Cooling.
By: Eugene J. Manganiello and Donald Bogatsky.

No. 819 Formulas for Propellers in Yaw and Charts of the Side-Force Derivative.
By: Herbert S. Ribner.

No. 821 Effect of NACA Injection Impeller on Mixture Distribution of Double-Row
Radial Aircraft Engine.
By: Frank E. Marble, William K. Ritter, and Mahlon A. Miller.

No. 822 Calculations of Economy of 18-Cylinder Radial Aircraft Engine with Exhaust-
G(T' Turhins G'-rFd to the Crankshaft.
By: Richard W. Hannum and Richard H. Zimmerman.