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MAY 1976

Growing iris in the home garden
Home and Garden Bulletin No. 66

This slightly revised bulletin describes types of irises, their growth, and planting, care, and propagation. Also included are descriptions of some diseases and insects of irises, and
recommendations for their control.

NOTE: Single copies of publications other homeowners-describes and gives control than those listed FOR SALE ONLY may be recommendations for some of the more
obtained free as long as the supple permits prevalent diseases that can be identified and from the Office of Communication, U.S. treated by the homeowner. These diseases
Department of Agriculture, Washington, fall into two main groups: Leaf diseases and
D.C. 20250. Prices are given for the con- diseases of branches and trunks. venience of persons desiring to purchase
these publications in quantities and for those Controlling household pests. (G 96 30 p. who make frequent purchases of government 4c.
publications. Remittances should be sent to This revised bulletin describes major the Superintendent of Documents, Govern- household pests, their habits, their breeding
ment Printing Office, Washington, D.C. places, and the damage they cause. It tells
20402, except as otherwise noted. the housekeeper how to control these pests
FARMERS' BULLETINS and emphasizes the safe use of pesticides.
Aphids on leafy vegetables: How to control Growing boxwoods. (G 120) 15 p. 35c. them. (F 2148) 14 p. 35c In this revised bulletin stress is placed on
soil selection and preparation. WXhat to do
Aphids, often called plant lice, are small, aoil selection and preparation. What to do soft-bodied insects that suck juice from ater plnting is discussed in sections on
watering, pruning, fertilizing, and
plants. Aphids cause heavy losses to com- t a'ing i fotibwd ar
mercial growers of leafy vegetables. This translanting. Diseases of boxwoods are
identified, and the treatment or control of revised bulletin describes the feeding habits, v iie and th t tr o
distribution, and reproduction of four types arios insects and pests that attack boxof aphids. It discusses natural controls such o is discussed at length.
as insects, diseases and weather and control Renovate an old house? (G 212) 21 p. 335C. measures such as cultural practices and use This new bulletin suggests some points to of insecticides, consider when people think about renovating
HOME AND GARDEN BULLETINS an old house, such as, is it possible, or would
it be worthwhile. Because many houses that
Growing iris in the home garden. (G 66) 10 might be candidates for rehabilitation are old p. 35t. houses of wood, much of the emphasis in this
See Bulletin of the Month publication is on wood structures. Also,
Maple diseases and their control-A guide emphasis is placed on how to view the house,
for homeowners. (G 81) 6 p. 35. from foundation to roof, and how to look for
This revised bulletin-a guide for the condition of important items.

Horse bots: How to control them. (L 450) 7 Single copies of the following publications
1). are available by telephone (202) 447-7255, or
tPrevention and treatment of the disorders send post card to Publication Services, Room cause( )y horse bots concern thousands of 0054-S, ERS Division of Information, USDA, horse owners in this country. This slightly Washington, D.C. 20250. Please include zip revised leaflet describes three species of code with return address. horse 1ot flies-common bot fly, throat bot A short history of agricultural adjustment, fly. and nose bot fly. It discusses both direct 1933-75. (A B 391) 21 p. and indirect damage caused by these flies and Strategies for balanced rural-urban their larvae, growth. (AB 392) 12 p.
Planting black walnut for timber. (L 487) Farmers' use of forward contracts and
10 1). 35(. futures markets. (AER 320) 24 p.
This revised leaflet describes how to Households eligible for a national
produce good quality black walnut trees for farmworker program under the Comtimber. Planting irocedures are given in prehensive Employment and Training
clearly defined steps, from choice and Act of 1973. (AER 324) 34 p.
preparation of the site, planting and spacing Dynamics of land use in fast growth areas. of seed and seedling, to the tending of the es- (AER 325) 48 ). tal)lishe(l plantation. Price spreads, costs, and productivity in
MISCELLANEOUS PUBLICATIONS poultry and egg marketing, 1955-74.
Wheat in the United States. (AB 386) 57 p. (AER 326) 27 p.
$1.45. Developments in marketing spreads for
Quaking aspen: Silvics & management in agricultural products in 1975. (AER 328)
the Lake States. (All 486) 51 p. $1.45. 29 p).
Domestic rabbits: Diseases and parasites. Relationships of food costs, expenditures,
(All 490) 36 ). 65(,. and prices, 1960-74. (AER 329) 9 p.
Fire-weather observers' handbook. (AH The winter fresh tomato industry: A
494) 152 p. $2.65. system analysis. (AER 330) 63 p.
Hog houses farrowing. Farrow to finish, Handbook of agricultural charts, 1975
plan No. 6157. (M 1322) 2 sheets. Spring supplement. (AH 477 S-1974) 42 p.
An analysis of floral wholesaling facilities The agricultural situation in Eastern in Los Angeles, California. (MRR 1042) 38 Europe: Production and trade statistics, p. 1970-75. (FAER 117) 15 p.
Packing and shipping mechanically The agricultural situation in Western
harvested lettuce. (MRR 1049) 5 p. Europe: Review of 1975 and outlook for
A modular shell egg grading and packing 1976. (FAER 119) 33 p.
plant. (MRR 1050) 18 p. Supplement for 1976 to statistics on cotton
Method to measure the length of unginned and related data 1920-73. (SB 535-S 1976)
cotton fibers with a servo fibrograph. 93 .
(PRR l;2) ; p. A systems analysis of the hog-pork subsecThe USDA-DHIA modified contemporary tor. (T 1535) 59 p.
comparison. Sire summary and cow in- The distribution of shortrun commodity
dex procedures. (PRR 165) 70 p. price movements. (T 1536) 68 p.
Poultry market statistics, 1975: Annual PERIODICALS
summary. (SB 550) 56 ).
A nomenclator of Gossypium. The For subscription prices write to the
botanical names of cotton. (T 1491) 114 p. Superintendent of Documents, Government Nutrients and algae in Northeast Colorado Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, for
Lakes. (T 1515)4(.9-a copy of Price List 36, Government ~Periodicals.
Ecology and silviculture of western larch Agical Ol
forests. T 1520) 96 Agricultural Outlook.
A revision of the new world mealybugs of Agricultural Science Review.
the genus Rhizoecus (Homoptera: Agricultural Situation.
Pseudococcidae). (T 1522) 88 1. Agriculture Decisions.
The North and Central American species Extension Service Review.
of Meibomeus (Coleoptera: Bruchidae: Farm Index.
Bruchinae) (T 1523) 54 p. Fire Management.
Goniozus gallicola fouts, a parasite of Food and Nutrition.
moth larvae, with notes on other News for Farmer Cooperatives.
Bethylids (Hymenoptera: Bethylidae; Soil Conservation.
Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) (T 1524) 27 1). SOIL SURVEY REPORTS The rational of sequential sampling, with
emphasis on its use in pest management. Soil surveys are available from the State
(T 1526) 19 p. Soil Conservation Office.

Miller and Seminole Counties, Georgia. 44 Lexington County, South Carolina. S5 p. + p. + 43 map sheets. (G4 map sheets.
P. U. Box 832 901 Sumter St
Athens, Georgia 30601 Columbia, South Carolina 29201
Plymouth County, Iowa. 75 ). + 67 map .
sheets. U.S.D.A. films are available for purchase
USDA, SCS 823 Federal Bldg from:
210 Walnut St Sales Branch
Des Moines, Iowa 50309 National Audiovisual Center
Washington, D.C. 20409 Ballard and McCracken Counties, Ken- All weather wood foundation. (Color, TV,
tucky. 81 p. + 43 map sheets. 10 minutes)
USI)A, SCS This film shows the actual construction of
333 Waller Ave.
Lexington, Kentucky 40504 a house using treated wood foundation and
the advantages that accrue from this
Henry County, Missouri. 73 p. + 59 map technique. PIroduced in cooperation with the
sheets. National Forest Products Association and
USI)A. SCS Anmerican Wood Preservers Institute. (1972)
P. 0. Box 439 Environmental school, The (Color, TV, 7',
Columbia, Missouri 63201 minutes)
Pawnee County, Nebraska. 74 p. + 63 map A series made in the schools of Detroit,
sheets Michigan on "()utdoor Classrooms". Shows
USDA, SCS school with open area developed to teach
134 South 12th St. children about plants, insects, bird and
Lincoln, Nebraska 6808 animal life. The actural voices of various
Lincoln 6 8 teachers and students can be heard telling
White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. their story. (1971)
Parts of Dona Ana, Lincoln, Otero, Farmer for the world. (Color, TV, 2 -12
Sierra, and Socorro Counties. 64 p. + 13 minutes)
map sheets., i
USI)A, SCS Tod(ay's export growth is one of the great
P. 0. Box 2007 historic developmentss in American
Albuquer(tque, New Mexico 87103 agriculture. Ilere it is in simple words and
dramatic pictures to inform and entertain.
Venango County, Pennsylvania. 86 p). + 53 Filmed abroad and told in terms of the people map) sheets, who are using our farm products for better
1SI)A, SCS, Federal Bldg li ving around the world. .in modern GerBox 983 Federal Square Station many and Japan, in old-new Spain, and in
I larrisburg, Pennsylvania 17108 teeming India. (1968)

ORDER BLANK. Detach and return to Office of Communication, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250. Write or print name and address plainly on the
other side. Order not more than 10 publications.

OF 2148 O G96 O L450
G66 O G 120 O L487
O G81 0 G212 O M 1322



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4 3 1262 08861 6890
Think like a mountain. (Color, TV, 28 How to buy poultry. C-202. Released 1976.80
minutes) frames. Slide set $20.50. Filmstrip $12.50.
This is a picture dealing with rare and en- price includes cassette.
dtangered species of wildlire and the Forest Designed to help consumers buy poultry by
Services concern with protecting them. various classes, types, sizes, and grades. Also
Mountain men, cowboys, wolf trappers, and a gives tips on home storage and cooking
hermit on the desert recall the changes they preparations. have witnessed in the land and its wildlife, Limits. C-204. Released 1975. 93 frames. the former abundance of species now con- Slide set $20.50. Filmstrip $12.50. Price insidered endangered. (1972) cludes cassette.
Your way out. (Color, 161, minutes) Traces the growing awareness of
A training film for forest firefighters. Americans that our natural resources-soil,
water, timber, wildlife, and scenic
When a man is surrounet or overtaken y beauty-which at first had seemed inexfire, and he is imminent danger of injury haustible, were not without limits and had to or death from heat radiation, he can survive be protected against exploitation. in his fire shelter tent. The film shows when, Livingtwth changepC iat. where, and how. (1967) Living with change. C-205. Released 1976.
74 frames. Slide set $18.50. Filmstrip
SLIDE SETS AND FILMSTRIPS $11.50. Price includes cassette.
The following materials are available by This presentation is designed to help
purchase only. Purchase slide sets from families and individuals adjust to economic
Photograph Division, Office of Communica- change which has been occurring at an
tion, 1.S. Department of Agriculture, accelerated pace.
Washington, D.(". 20250. Order filmstrips Rural building: A better way. C-201.
from Photo Lab., Inc., 3825 Georgia Ave., Released 1975. 103 frames. Slide set $21.50.
N.W.. Washington, D.C. 20011. Narrative Filmstrip $16.00. Price includes cassette.
guides for lecture notes accompany each. Shows how a hypothetical community used
Home canning-Do it safely. C-200. Releas- the Rural Develop)ment Act of 1972 and other
ed 1975. 73 frames. Slide set $18.50. legislation to upgrade itself in the areas of
Filmstrip $11.50. Price includes cassette. human and economic development, com(Gives step-by-step procedures for home munitv facilities, and environmental imcanning of fruits and vegetables. p)rovement.


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