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Bimonthly list of publications and visuals - United States Department of Agriculture, Office of Communication
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Bimontbly 'List go


__ d --Visuals

of orid nited States Department of Agriculture
fice of Governmental and Public Affairs

March 1981 Publications Received During January,-February


The Sodium Content of Your Food Home and Garden Bulletin No. 233
This publication provides tables showing the sodium content of common food andl selected nonprescription drugs. It also informs us howk important it is to avoidl eating too much sodium and the effects it has on our bodies.

NOTE: Single copies of publications Standby Electric Power Equipment for
other than those listed FOR SALE ONLY the Farm and Homne. (F 2273) 10 p).
may be obtained free as long as the supply $1.25. permits from the Office of Governmental This revised publication provides us with and Public Affairs, U.S. Department of information on standby electric power Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250. equipment when an outage lasts long and
Prices are given for the convenience of causes problems for the farm and the home. persons desiring to purchase these publica- It also tells us what we need, how to operate tions in quantities and for those who make and maintain it; and precautions we should frequent pur-chases of government publica- use. tions. Remittances should be sent to the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, except as otherwise noted. HOME AND GARDEN


How to Prevent and Remove Mildew. FARMERS' BULLETINS (G 68) 15 p. $1.50.
This revised bulletin tells homemakers Controlling the Greater Wax Moth... A how to protect clothing and household items
Pest of Honeycombs. (F 2217) 11 p. against mildew by keeping them clean, by This revised bulletin describes the getting rid of dampness and musty odors, Greater Wax Moth, stages of development, and by giving special care to some articles damages to honeycombs, and measures and surfaces. It also gives instructions on
used for controlling them. removing mildew.

How to Buy Meat for Your Freezer. 0054-So., ESS, Division of Information,
(G 166) 27 P. USDA, Washington, D.C. 20250.
This slightly revised bulletin helps the Cheese Pricing: (AER 462) 41 p. consumer compare the costs, grades, kinds Trade Restrictions in International of cuts, quantity and yields usable when Grain and Oilseed Markets: A Combuying meat for the freezer. parative Country Analysis. (FAER
The Sodium Content of Your Food. (G 162) 41 P.
233) 43 p. $2.00. Citrus Fruits: Revised Estimate, by
States, 1974-75. through 1977-78,
SEE BULLETIN OF THE MONTH Production, Use, Value. (SB 643) 14 p.
Stocks of Grain, Oilseeds, and Hay: Final
Estimates By States, 197.4-79. (S13 649)

Economic Indicators of the Farm Sector:
PUBLICATIONS Income and Balance Sheet Statistics,
1979. (SB 650) 114 p.
Loran-C Radio Navigation Systems as an Rice Stocks: On and Off Farms, Final
Aid to Southern Pine Beetle Surveys. Estimates for 1975-79. (SB 652) 11 p.
(AH 567) 15 p. $1.50. FOR SALE Chickens and Eggs: Final Estimates for
ONLY. 1976-79. (SB 654) 61 p.
Rating the Risk of Tussock Moth Cattle: Final Estimates for 1976-79. (SB
Defoliation Using Aerial Photo- 655) 43 p.
graphs. (AH 569) 22 P. $3.75. FOR Food- Consumption, Prices, and
SALE ONLY. Expenditures. (SB 656) 90 p.
Insects and Diseases of Vegetables in the
Home Garden. (AB 380) 53 p. $3.75.
Hydrologic Data for Experimental
Agricultural Watersheds in the
United States, 1971. (M 1383) 509 p. MICROFICHE
Highlights of the 50th National 4-H Con- The following are available FOR SALE ference. (M 1392) 11 p. ONLY from National Technical Service,
Horse Publications and Visual Mater- U.S. Department of Comyherce, 5285 Port
ials: 1980 Listing. (M 1393) 113 p. $4.50. Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22161. Food and Agriculture Research Grants.
Fiscal Year 1980. (M 1 396) 68 p. Cost of Reducing Grain Feeding of Beef Swine Publications and Visual Mater- Cattle. (AER 459) Accession No. PB 81
ials: 1980 Listing. (M 1397) 47 p. $3.25. 132193. 27 p. Paper $6.00, Fiche $3.50. Beef Cattle Publications and Visual Foreign Ownership of U.S. Agricultural
Materials: 1980 Listing. (M 1398) 88 p. Land, February 1, 1979, Through $4.00. February 1, 1980. (AB 440) Accession
Sheep Publications and Visual Mater- No. PB 81 130031. 38 p. Paper $6.00,
ials: 1980 Listing. (M 1399) 36 p. $2.25. Fiche $3.50.
Highlights of "A Comprehensive Fewer, Larger U.S. I Farms by Year
National Plan for New Initiatives in 2000-and Some Consequences. (AB Home Economics Research, 439) Accession No. PB 81-191021. 19 -p.
Extension and Higher Education." Paper $5.00, Fiche $3.50:
(M 1401) 6 p.
A Revision of the American Species of Trends in Fresh Fruit and Vegetable
Hibiscus Section Bombicella(Mal- Transportation, 1963-75. (ESS 1)
vaceae). (T 1624) 53 p. $3.75 FOR Accession No. PB 81129850.12 p. Paper
SALE ONLY. $5.00, Fiche $3.50.
Modeling Southern Pine Beetle Popula- Consortium on Trade Research. (ESS 2)
tions: Symposium Proceedings. Accession No. PB 81129983. 32 p. Paper
(T 1630) 174 p. $5.50 FOR SALE $6.00, Fiche $3.50.
ONLY. Terms of Trade for Developing CounNOTE: Single copies of the following tries: A Commodity and Regional publications are available by post card Analysis. (FAER 161) Accession No. 81 request from Publication Service, Room 130957. 30 p. Paper $6.00, Fiche $3.50.

Citrus Fruits, Revised Estimates, Byv Clinton County, Indiana. 141 p. + 32 mat)
States, 1974-75 Through 1977-78, sheets.
Production, Use, Value. (SB 643) MasllCutIdn.13
Accession No. PB 81 130098. 14 p. Paper ma
$5.00, Fiche $3.50.mashe.
Potatoes and Sweetpotatoes: 1974-78 USDA SCS
Production Disposition, Value. Stocks Suite 2200
& Utilization. (SB 645) Accession No. 5610) Crawfordsville Rd.
PB 81 132201. 33 p. Paper $6.00, Fiche Indianapolis, Indiana 46224
$3.50. Sac County, Iowa. 130 p). +- 84 map sheets.
Economic Indicators of the Farm Sector: USDA SCS
Income and Balance Sheet Statistics, 823 Federal Bld(g.
1979. (SB 650) Accession No. PB 81 210 Walnut St.
136087. 114 p. Paper $12.50. Fiche Des Moines, Iowa 5030l9
$3.50.Hardin and Larue Counties, Kentucky, 158 p. + 72 map sheets.
:333 Waller Avenue
Soil surveys are available from the State Lexington. Kentucky 40504 Soil Conservation Office. Barrien County, Michigan. 192 p. 9
Yuma Weliton Area, parts of Yuma map sheets.
County, Arizona and Imperial USDA SCS
County, California. 104 p.+ 99 map Room 101
sheets. 1405 S. Harrison Road
USDA SCS East Lansing, Michigan 48823
230 N 1st Avenue
3008 Federal Building Cottonwood County, Minnesota. 142 p.+
Phoenix, Arizona 85025 50 map sheets.
Logan County, Arkansas. 100 p. + 42 map USDA SCS
sheets. 200 U.S. Courthouse
Jefferson and Lincoln Counties, 316 North Robert St.
Arkansas. 107 p. + 118 map sheets. St. Paul, Minnesota 55101
USDA SCSDimnValyAeNvdprso
Federal Bld., Room 5029 Diamod Valleka, aneda prte ofn
P.O. Box 2323 EConEreka, .+1a Whitsin
Little Rock, Arkansas 72203Conis12p. 8mashe,
Camden and Glynn Counties, Georgia. Tuscarora Mountain Area, Nevada,
82 p. + 92 map sheets. parts of Elko, Eurej~a and Lander
USDA SCS Counties. 462 p. + 32 map sheets.
Federal Building USDA SCS
355 E Hancock Avenue P.O. Box 4850
Athens, Georgia 30603 Reno, Nevada 89505

ORDER BLANK: Detach and return to Office of Governmental and Public Affairs. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250. Wr'tite or print inme and( address plainly on the other side. Order not more than 10 publications.

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3 1262 088617096
Guilford County, North Carolina. 77 p. + North Ferry Area, Washington, parts of
48 map sheets. Ferry and Stevens Counties. 118 p. +
USDA SCS 73 map sheets.
P.O. Box 27307 USDA SCS
Raleigh, North Carolina 27611 360 U.S. Courthouse
Emmons County, North Dakota. 185 p. + W. 920 Riverside Avenue
121 map sheets. Spokane, Washington 99201
USDA SCS Adams County, Wisconsin. 142 p. + 57
P.O. Box 1458 map sheets.
Bismarck, North Dakota 58501 USDA SCS
Hood River County Area, Oregon. 94 p. + 4601 Hammersley Rd.
13 map sheets. Madison, Wisconsin 53711
Federal Office Bldg.
1220 S.W. 3rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97209
Aurora County, South Dakota. 148 p. + 58
map sheets.
P.O. Box 1357
Huron, South Dakota 57350
Bowie County, Texas. 128 p. + 78 map For subscription prices- write to the
sheets. Superintendent of Documents, GovernBrown and Mills Counties, Texas. 170 p. + ment Printing 0 ffice, Washington, D.C.
92 map sheets. 20402, for a copy of Price List 36, Government Periodicals.
Oldham County, Texas. 124 p. + 75 map AGRICULTURAL- OUTLOOK
Navajo Indian Reservation, San Juan FIRE MANAGEMENT
County, Utah. 110 p + 18 map sheets. FOOD AND NUTRITION
Salt Lake City, Utah 84138 SOIL CONSERVATION



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