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Bimonthly list of publications and visuals - United States Department of Agriculture, Office of Communication
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Soybeans in, family rmeals i
Home ad Garden Bulletn No. 20
This new bulletin describes the nutritive value of soybeans in nine dif-
ferent forms. Soybeans can make a valuable addition to the foods
eat. They're used in main dishes, vegetables, salads, hr uds, s up, dK
serts, sauces, and snacks. A number of menu sugg'estions & e inclu.

Family fare.., a guide to good nutri-
tion. (G 1) 91 p. $1.00.
Whether you are just learning the
skills of food management and good
cooking or are an experienced hand in
the kitchen, this booklet can serve you
well. This revision combines good eat-
ing and good nutrition. It packs the
results of years of food and nutrition
research into a ready handbook for
everyday use, then translates this
knowledge into taste-tested recipes and
well-balanced meals.
How to make jellies, jams, and pre-
serves at home. (G 56) 34 p. 400.
This bulletin gives general procedures
for making various kinds of jellies,
jams, and conserves, with and without
added pectin. It also includes r'ecpes for
marmalades and preserves made with
no added pectin. This revision updates
the sections on equipment and con-

tainers, making and storing jellied frai
products, packing, and sealing.
Selecting shrubs for shady areas. (G
142) 16 p. 0{.
This revised bulletin describes and
illustrates 30 shrubs that can be grown
in shady areas throughout the United
States. It includes information on the
use, shade requirements, and soil and
moisture requirements of thc shrubs,
and on their hardiness in different
How to buy meat for your freez.
(G 166) 27 p. 35'.
Consumers have three alternatives i
buying' meat for their freezer" buyb.,
a whol carcass, side, or quarter; -
ing whohesahe cuts; or buying ret i
cuts. The purpose of this slit,!lily r-
vised bulletin is to help the consumer
com .pare the costs under the alt :r a-
tives and also to point out a num i

Office of Communication.


of other points such as costs, grades,
kinds of cuts, and yields of usable meat.
Soybeans in family meals. (G 208) 26
p. 35.
See Bulletin of the Month.

Controlling the Mexican bean beetle.
(L 548) 8 p. 25.
The Mexican bean beetle is the most
destructive insect enemy of beans from
the Mississippi River Valley eastward.
This revised leaflet discusses the
beetle's development from the larvae
stage to the adult stage and methods
of controlling infestations.

Supplement to market structure, insti-
tutions, and performance in the fluid
milk industry. (AER 248 Suppl.)
147 p. $1.75. FOR SALE ONLY.
Migrant response to industrialization
in four rural areas, 1965-70. (AER
270) 17 p.

Trees of Puerto Rico and the Virgin
Islands. Second volume. (AH 449)
1,024 p. $13.45. FOR SALE ONLY.
The poisonous timber milkvetches. (AH
459) 15 p. 35. FOR SALE ONLY.

Calories and weight the USDA
pocket guide. (AB 364) 99 p. $1.00.
Better foods . better packaging.
(AB 367) 14 p. 30.
Protecting crops and the environment.
(AB 368) 28 p. 900. FOR SALE
Balance sheet of the farming sector,
1974. (AB 376) 51 p.

Solid waste management in wholesale
food distribution centers. (MRR 994)
57 p. 90. FOR SALE ONLY.
Storage and shelf life of packaged
green onions. (MRR 1015) 21 p. 400.

Improving the export distribution sys-
tem for fresh fruits and vegetables.
(MRR 1027) 75 p. $1.15. FOR SALE
Tannery costs: Fresh versus salt-cured
cattle hides. (MRR 1032) 18 p.


U.S. textile fiber demand. Price elastic-
ities in major end-use markets. (T
1500) 66 p. $1.30.
Factors associated with level-of-living
in Washington County, Mississippi.
(T 1501) 46 p.
Econometic models of cash and futures
prices of shell eggs. (T 1502) 32 p.

New Zealand: Growth potential of the
beef and dairy industries. (FAER
97) 145 p.
Dothistroma needle blight of pines.
(FPL 143) 5 p.
Annotated bibliography of the horn fly,
Haematobia irritans (L.), including
references on the buffalo fly, H.
exigua (de Meijere), and other species
belonging to the genus Haematobia.
.(M 1278) 134 p. $1.35. FOR SALE
Finding and keeping a healthy house.
(M 1284) 22 p. 600. FOR SALE
3-bedroom masonry house, plan No.
7197. (M 1287) 1 sheet. 250.
3-bedroom house ... with carport, plan
No. 7196. (M 1288) 1 sheet. 250.
2-bedroom duplex, plan No. 7200. (M
1289) 1 sheet. 25.
Soil survey laboratory data and descrip-
tions for some soils of . . New
Jersey. (SSIR 26) 103 p.
Soil survey laboratory data and descrip-
tions for some soils of . . Penn-
sylvania. (SSIR 27) 81 p.
Soil survey laboratory data and descrip-
tions for some soils of .... Ari-
zona. (SSIR 28) 383 p.
Report of the Administrator, Rural
Electrification Administration, 1973.
(AR REA-1973) 42 p.
SCS national engineering handbook:
Section 15, Irrigation- Chapter 4,
border irrigation. (Unnumb.) $2.60.

Soil surveys are available from the
State Soil Conservation Office.
Clay County, Alabama. 46 p. + 49
map sheets.
Talladaga County, Alabama. 101 p. +
63 map sheets.
SCS-USDA, P.O. Box 311
Auburn, Alabama 36830
Eastern Santa Clara Area, California.
90 p. + 49 map sheets.
Shasta County Area, California. 160 p.
+ 140 map sheets.
SCS-USDA, P.O. Box 1019
Davis, California 95616
Clark and Floyd Counties, Indiana. 100
p. + 70 map sheets.
SCS-USDA, Suite 2200
5610 Crawfordsville Road
Indianapolis, Indiana 46224
Chase County, Kansas. 65 p. 60 map
SCS-USDA, P.O. Box 600
Salina, Kansas 67401
Estill and Lee Counties, Kentucky. 87
p. + 64 map sheets.
SCS-USDA, 333 Waller Avenue
Lexington, Kentucky 40504

Charles County, Maryland. 94 p. +
42 map sheets.
Garrett County, Maryland. 83 p. 52
map sheets.
SCS-USDA, toom 552
Hartwick Building
4321 Hartwick Road
College Park, Maryland 20740
Shiawassee County, Michigan. 113 p.
+ 43 map sheets.
SCS-USDA, 1405 Harrison Road
East Lansing, Michigan 48823
Coal County, Oklahoma. 60 p. 4 40
map sheets.
SCS-USDA, Agriculture Bldg.
Farm Road and Brumley Street
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074
Northampton County, Pennsylvania. 120
p. -- 52 map sheets.
SCS-USDA, Box 985
Federal Square Station
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17108
Charlotte County, Virginia. 97 p. +
63 map sheets.
SCS-USDA, P.O. Box 10026
Richmond, Virginia 23240
Brown County, Wisconsin. 119 p. z_
47 map sheets.
Rock County, Wisconsin. 160 p. + 56
map sheets.
SCS-USDA, P.O. Box 4248
Madison, Wisconsin 53711

Note: Single copies of publications other than those listed FOR SALE ONLY
may be obtained free as long as the supply permits from the Office of Communi-
cation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250. Prices are given
for the convenience of persons desiring to purchase these publications in quanti-
ties and for those who make frequent purchases of government publications. All
remittances should be sent to the Superintendent of Documents, Government
Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

ORDER BLANK. Detach and return to Office of Communication, U.S. Department
of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250. Write or print name and address plainly
on the other side. Order not more than 10 publications.

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For subscription prices write to the
Superintendent of Documents, Govern-
ment Printing Office, Washington, D.C.
20402, for a copy of Price List 36,
Government Periodicals.
Agricultural Research.
Agricultural Science Review.
Agricultural Situation.
Agriculture Decisions.
Extension Service Review.
Farm Index.
Fire Management.
Food and Nutrition.
Foreign Agriculture.
News for Farmer Cooperatives.
Soil Conservation.

The following materials are available
by purchase only. Purchase slide sets
from Photography Division, Office of
Communication, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.
Order filmstrips from Photo Lab, Inc.,
3825 Georgia Ave., N.W., Washington,
D.C. 20011. Narrative guides for lec-
ture notes accompany each.
The real facts about food. C-192. Re-
vised 1974. 159 frames. Filmstrip
$15.00. Slide set $35.00. Price in-
cludes cassette and 50 copies of a
companion publication.
Gives current facts and figures to
give the viewer an understanding of
what's been happening on the farm-

and around the world-to push the
food bill up.
The peaceful revolutionists. C-191. Re-
leased 1973. 195 frames. Filmstrip
$20.00. Slide set $50.00. Price in-
cludes cassette.
Shows the role farmers and others
in the agricultural complex have played
in freeing the American public from
the need to grow its own food.
Revelations of a register tape. C-119.
Revised 1972. 71 frames. Filmstrip
$10.50. Slide set $18.50. Price in-
cludes cassette.
Tells what influences a family grocery
The $150 billion food assembly line.
C-187. Revised 1974. 58 frames.
Filmstrip $8.50. Slide set $18.00.
Price includes cassette.
Gives a quick tour of the people and
businesses that get your food to you,
rain or shine, in. any season.
Fuel for food. C-196. Released 1974.
94 frames. Filmstrip $11.50. Slide
set $25.00. Price includes cassette.
Explains why the fuel needs of the
farmer are so critical and so important
to you.
Agriculture U.S.A. C-197. Released
1974. 137 frames. Filmstrip $18.00.
Slide set $35.00. Price includes cas-
sette and 25 copies of a companion
The modern farmer forms the leading
edge of an industry that has become
one of the world's most efficient and



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