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Bimonthly list of publications and visuals - United States Department of Agriculture, Office of Communication
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United States -- Dept. of Agriculture. -- Office of Communication
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Sept. 1973 - Nov. 1981.
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--Sept./Oct. (1981)
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Publication began with July/August 1973.
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Vols. for <1973-1977> issued by the Dept. of Agriculture, Office of Communications; Nov./Dec. 1977-Sept.-Oct. 1981 by the Dept. of Agriculture, Office of Governmental and Public Affairs.
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Title varies slightly.
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Includes publications received during previous two months.
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Selecting and growing shade trAe FEE
Home and Garden Bulletin No. 28,
Directed to homeowners, this publication gives info1 aoft ab
trees that are suitable for home planting in the continue alAJ "
excluding Alaska. It discusses the characteristics of detj
green trees, and explains in some detail how to plant an%3
d i

Johnsongrass ... as a weed. (F 1537)
18 p.
This revised bulletin explains ways
to control Johnsongrass, one of the ten
worst weeds in the world. Detailed in-
structions are given for cultural con-
trol such as crop rotation, fallow plow-
ing or disking, pasturing and mowing.
Farmers are advised to use a combina-
tion of cultural and chemical methods
for best control of the weed.
Identification and control of honey bee
diseases. (F 2255) 18 p. 300.
This new bulletin describes the com-
mon bee diseases present throughout
the United States and offers recom-
mendations for preventing and control-
ling the spread of these diseases.
Special sections tell the reader how
and where to send dead bees or diseased
samples of the comb for diagnosis, and
how to compare characteristics of
various brood diseases of honey bees.

Office of Communication.

,, ." .

Como comprar products lecteos. (G
201-S) 16 p. 250. FOR SALE ONLY.
This bulletin, in Spanish, explains
how to buy and use dairy products and
how to use USDA grades in buying.
Tips are given on eight different kinds
of milk and five kinds of cream. In-
formation on grades of butter and
cheese is also included.
Selecting and growing shade trees. (G
205) 22 p. 300.
See Bulletin of the Month.

Controlling wood-destroying beetles in
buildings and furniture. (L 558) 8
p. 20.
Seasoned wood is sometimes attacked
by groups of insects that are commonly
called powder-post beetles. If not con-
trolled, they may advance into the
walls. This revised leaflet answers

2 3

questions frequently asked about detec-
tion and control. It is intended only
as a general guide.
Food consumption, prices, expenditures.
(AER 138 Suppl. 1972) 94 p.
Market performance: Concepts and
measures. (AER 244) 130 p. 850.
Handling and space costs for selected
food wholesalers in urban food dis-
tribution centers. (MRR 922) 24 p.
Evaluation of dishwashing systems in
food service establishments. (MRR
1003) 36 p. 50.. FOR SALE ONLY.
Methods and equipment for eviscerat-
ing turkeys. (MRR 1006) 34 p. 55.
Procurement planning for the commer-
cial feed firm. (WMRR 1014) 48 p.

Balance sheet of othe farming sector,
1IJ73. (AB 365) 2 -p.
1973 -handbook jof agricultural charts.
(AH.A55) 152 2p. $1.55.
The feed-livestock economy of Eastern
Europe: Prospects to 1980. (FAER
90) 140 p. $1.60.
Agriculture in the United States and
the Soviet Union. (FAER 92) 17 p.
The outlook for timber in the United
States. (FRR 20) 367 p. $3.25.
The demand and price situation for
forest products, 1972-73. (M 1239)
87 p. 200.
Research studies on field production of
tomato transplants in Southern
Georgia. (PRR 148) 58 p. 900.
The integration of selected boll weevil
suppression techniques in an eradi-
cation experiment. (PRR 152) 25
p. 400. FOR SALE ONLY.
Artificial diets for mass rearing the
corn earworm (Heliothis zea). (PRR
154) 7 p. 250. FOR SALE ONLY
May be purchased from the Superin-
tendent of Documents, Government
Printing Office. For quotation of prices
please write to Mr. Frank Samay,
P. 0. Box 1533, Washington, D. C.
Alamosa Area, Colorado. 122 p. + 40
map sheets.
Cherokee, Gilmer, and Pickens Coun-
ties, Georgia. 73 p. + 87 map sheets.

Edwards County, Kansas. 64 p. + 36
map sheets.
Hodgeman County, Kansas. 56 p. +-
49 map sheets.
Boone, Campbell, and Kenton Counties,
Kentucky. 67 p. + 73 map sheets.
St. James and St. John The Baptist
Parishes, Louisiana. 46 p. + 44 map
Worcester County, Maryland. 78 p. +
72 map sheets.
Leelanau County, Michigan. 90 p. +-
39 map sheets.
Phelps County, Nebraska. 91 p. + 46
map sheets.
Hancock County, Ohio. 94 p. + 41 map
Alsea Area, Oregon. 82 p. + 43 map
Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania. 89
p. + 68 map sheets.
Collingsworth County, Texas. 56 p. +
69 map sheets.
Scurry County, Texas. 56 p. + 46 map
Structural design procedure for corru-
gated plastic drainage tubing. (T
1466) 42 p. 650. FOR SALE ONLY.
Barriers in synergized-pyrethrins-
treated paper bags to prevent migra-
tion of piperonyl butoxide into corn-
meal, flour, and CSM. (T 1475) 14
-p. 300. FOR SALE ONLY.
A simulation model of farm sector
social accounts-with projections to
1980. (T 1486) 46 p.
Interfiber competition with emphasis
on cotton, trends and projections to
1980. (T 1487) 93 p.
For subscription prices write toQ the
Superintendent of Documents, Govern-
ment Printing Office, Washington, D.C.
20402, for a copy of Price List 36,
Government Periodicals.
Agricultural Research.
Agricultural Science Review.
Agricultural Situation.
Agriculture Decisions.
Extension Service Review.
Farm Index.
Fire Management.
Food and Nutrition.
Foreign Agriculture.
News for Farmer Cooperatives.
Soil Conservation.
For purchase information write to
the Motion Picture Service, Office of
Communication, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250.

That the best will be ours. Sound, color,
16mm, 18 minutes.
This film covers the exacting han-
dling, processing, and labeling require-
ments that meat and poultry packers
must heed in preparing their products,
and the inspection controls used to
help insure that the requirements are
met. It shows the shopping, handling,
storage, and preparation steps that
consumers can take from the foodstore
to the home table, to get the best buys
and to insure that these foods stay as
safe and wholesome as they were when
they left the packing plant. TV cleared.

Minigardens. Sound, color, 16mm, 15
This film is designed to create in-
terest among urban dwellers in the
possibilities of growing vegetables and
flowers. The back porch, a patio, or a
balcony, can be sites for a few growing
plants to beautify your surroundings
and provide highlights for meals. The
endless joys of growing things are
presented in an informative package.
(Produced by Walter J. Klein, Co., for
Burgess Seed Co., with assistance from
USDA). TV cleared.

The following materials are available
by purchase only. Purchase slide sets
from Photography Division, Office of
Communication, U.S. Department of
Agriculture, Washington, D. C. 20250.
Order filmstrips from Photo Lab Inc.,
3825 Georgia Ave., N.W., Washington,
D.C. 20011. Narrative guides for lec-
tures notes accompany each.
What's happening to food prices. C-
192. Released 1973. 153 frames.
Slide set $35.00. Filmstrip $15.00.
Price includes cassette.
This presentation gives detailed in-
sight into the situations that have led
to the current high food prices.
Effect of air pollution on plant life.
A-58. Released 1972. 105 frames.
Slide set $18.50.
Shows effects of air pollution on
three different types of plant life, and
is broken into subsets according to
those three groupings. Can be pur-
chased as one single set or as individual
subsets: A-58-a Vegetables and fruits,
35 frames, $13.00; A-58-b Field crops,
36 frames, $13.00; and A-58-c Orna-
mental plants and trees, 34 frames,

Note: Single copies of publications other than those listed FOR SALE ONLY
may be obtained free as long as the supply permits from the Office of Communi-
cation, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250. Prices are given
for the convenience of persons desiring to purchase these publications in quanti-
ties and for those who make frequent purchases of government publications. All
remittances should be sent to the Superintendent of Documents, Government
Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402.

ORDER BLANK. Detach and return to Office of Communication, U.S. Department
of Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 20250. Write or print name and address plainly
on the other side. Order not more than 10 publications.

E] F 1537
0F 2255
[D G 205

SL 558
D M 1239

El MRR 1014
D AB 365



3 1262 08861 6691111111
3 1262 08861 6619

Safe use of pesticides in and around
the home. C-118. Revised 1972. 45
frames. Filmstrip $5.50. Slide set
$13.00. Cassette $3.00.
Gives safety information on the use
of pesticides on a small scale.
Getting the things you want. C-186.
Released 1972. 30 frames. Slide set
$13.00. Filmstrip $5.50. Cassette
For young children, to give them an
understanding of using their personal
resources-time, energy, talents-to
achieve a goal. If you are a parent,
you've probably spent considerable time
trying to make the point this presenta-
tion makes with artwork, narration
and music. Very basic.
$130 billion food assembly line. C-187.
Released 1972. 47 frames. Filmstrip
$5.50. Slide set $13.00. Cassette
Meet the people and firms that pro-
duce and get your food to you, rain or
shine, in any season. And get a quick
tour of other things that happen along
the Nation's food assembly line, such
as how much land is used for farming,
how much food we each get a year,
and how many cattle and other animals
are grown for food.
Tillage alternatives. C-188. Released
1972. 48 frames. Slide set $13.00.
Filmstrip $5.50. Cassette $3.00.
New designs in farm machinery and
improvement of herbicides to control
weeds are now giving crop producers
more alternatives in tillage. These
alternatives and the results of a 28-
State survey are discussed.
Safe use of pesticides on the farm.
C-189. Released 1973. 48 frames.

Filmstrip $5.50. Slide set $13.00.
Cassette $3.00.
Gives safety information on the use
of pesticides on a large scale.
The peaceful revolutionists. C-191. Re-
leased 1973. 195 frames. Filmstrip
$20.00. Slide set $50.00. (Prices in-
clude cassette).
Discusses food prices, living stan-
dars, and tells what took place in agri-
culture and related fields over the past
25 years to produce a revolution that
has freed the American public from
the need to grow its own food.
Remote sensing-A new look at agri-
culture. C-180. Released 1971. 40
frames. Slide set $13.00. Filmstrip
$5.50. Record $3.00.
Takes a look into nature's agricul-
tural secrets through a revolutionary
space-age photography that scientists
are using to detect plant diseases, in-
sect infestations, and drought sooner
than a farmer can by walking through
his fields.
Tomorrow's America. No. C-179. Re-
leased 1971, 58 frames. Slide set
$14.00. Filmstrip $6.50. Record
$3.00. Cassette $3.00.
A story of one community's success
at raising its economy by increasing
employment, halting out-migration, and
increasing the quality of life.
Recipes using non-instant, non-fat dry
milk and other donated foods. No.
C-169. Released 1970. 49 frames.
Slide set $13.00. Filmstrip $5.50.
This how-to-do-it tells how to mix
non-instant, non-fat dry milk and how
to make seven dishes and food drinks
with it. It's primarily for use by
people who work with families using
USDA-donated foods.


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