Family Correspondence, 1861-1864


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Family Correspondence, 1861-1864
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Raysor, Michael Oliver (1837-1864)
Raysor, Sallie Johnson
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DIED, at the residence of his uncle, A. Raysor, Esq., on tip
morning of the 27th January 1864., in Jefferson County,
Florida, Mr. Michael 0. Raysor, in the 27th year of his
The deceased was bozn in Colleton District, S..Boitl....
Carolina, the 18th April, 1837, where he remained 'imil he
attained his 21st year, when he emigrated t@ PFlorida.. .:in
1858. He was one among the first to volunteer in lie de-
fenzae of his country; took up arms at the ftrat outbreak
of ou. revolution. He attache himself to the Jefferson
Rites, t Qompany H. 3d Florida Regiment, in June 1861, and
shared with them the toils and hardships of camp life.
His sufferings were very great on the march through Kentucfl
ia the fall of 1862. At the battle of Perryville he was
captured and fell into the handsof the enemy,
where he suffered many hardships. He partiopated in the
battle of Jackson Missa. and from thence to the memorable
battle of Chiokamauga where he received a wound in his left
hand. He received a furlough, and returned home the
29th September last.where he received all the nursing and
attention that physicians and relatives and kind friends
eculd bestow. But, alas his frail constitution was so
broken and shattered by disease that there was Aeo hape of
rieevery, and after four months of ruffereing and agazy
from chronic Diahoea and Rhe.atism it terminated his
hort career upon earth, in the morning of life, in the blocm
of youth. . He had been a member of the Methodist
Epioopal Ohurcah for several years., His last words were:
"I am going hose; I am going home toE Heaven"
Dearest Mike, theu has left us
Here thy less we deeply feel
But ttie Got who hast bereft us,
He oan all our sorrows heal.

Yet again we hope to meet thee,
When the day of life is- fled;
Thea in Heaven with Joy 'to greet thee,
Where no farewell teagr is sheA.
Sarah Jane Johnson Rayser (?)

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August 4th//61

My Dear W1ife

I received your letter on friday & hasten the earliest

opportunity of answering it, & you wanted to know the reason I did not

write to you also how disappointed you were But the reason is that the

cars do not make but three connections in a week & this letter if you

receive it will be three I wrote to you, my dearest wife I am sorry

that you is Rreavingf so much you know that you is all & all to me &

if it was not for you I would be willing to die you know the situation

of our country & some body will have to do the fi-rhtinp & it is as much

my duty to defend our state as any body else,, you seem to think that i

undergo a great deal of hardships but believe me my dearest wife it is

not as hard as it would be in virginnia because a letter from you does

one more good than all the comforts of life you could send to me and if

I was in virelinnia I know I could not hea.r from you as often as I could

now there for my sske make yourself as hap-.y & bare with patience the

race you have to run the AlmiThty will guide & direct us by day & by

nir-ht. Dear wife my hard ships is not as hard as you suppose it is

true it is not as comfortable as at home but it is a great deal better

than I expected the place we are stationed at is a very pretty place

& shade trees

(The rest of this letter is missing)

(This letter was written by M.O. Raysor, a soldier in the Confederate

(The first part of this letter is missing)

know #1ben it t;kzs place sometime I do not think we will move then

,cain I do but time will shewr Col PilwTorth went the road on friday

to look out a good ca}-xlng. rlr ce .u ,:Ld not find one but will ao bp

tomnmoroM: ,rain & see '.^.t he cnr do Thee is ncth2 wne .v down here

worth your a.tte-ntion so I!, I -ill bring this to a close hop-n.

it may .'ind you q.ite well as it lecve me, but before I do you ..,,,t

tell me that secret you wrote me that you nc,,ew would make me so pro.,ud.

I wrote you beforee thiss cbout it but ao ,o,..t bhi"m.k you have time to get it

before Ryle left 'ut will be looking: for one from you now\ every dasy It

does do me so moh p;ood to ret a letter from you. It c..akes the tinme

fly off f ster So you must write to me nften & tell -e all, the nfvws

Give my love to sll the family & if you see George tell him to write to

me Ci"rite soon to your Pver loving and affectionate Hlusband

M.O. Paysor
Fernand ina. ila

Care of Capt Giraudeau (?)

Sept 19th 61

Dear Sally

I will drop you a few lines to inform you that I am well &

hope this will find you quite well, also enclosed you will find a fifty

dollar bill of treasury note, which you must take good core of, it is

the money paid to me by the confederacy, only twenty five dollars of

it was paid to me & the other twenty five dollars was Moodys but I

give Moody the note for his & kept the fifty dollars, that is the only

way we could make change do not trade it off keep it, for it is drawing

eight per cent interest, but you can see for yourself what it is Tood

for by looking at the bill, I could write more but T am in a hurry to

send this to you by Mrs Lingo she is down and will go up to day how

is Mr Johnson &c, write soon as I will be anxious to hear from you give

love to all your husband

M.O. Raysor

Jacks on,. lle
Mr rchh 7th/62

My Deo r 771 14e

1 will now wtite you a few lines hoping it may find you all

quite well The did not make the connection at lake City, xut we aot

off from there about twelve oclook that night and arrived at this place

(Jacksonville) this ;.rninY before day. The yanks hove not cut us off

as yet we will leave abo';;.three oclock this eveiniw for Enterprir:e

I am quAite well (:. am glad I left T"hen I dd because this place is in

danger of heing taken & we lost all of our provisions at Fernr-ndnr'.a

and in frct it is worse than we heard it was. There is no news of

importance only the CiciJe a a ho ner; run into smiyrna the other d&1

that is good news if we can save all the cr o I hope we will I am in

a hurry therefore I must close, Tell the Johnson to send me the Gav-

Mfews once a week and you must write to me often. I will write to you

again soon I am well hope this will find you all the

write soon to v r husband

M1.0. Raysor
New Smyrna Fla