Fessenden, William Pitt. Letter to son James D. Fessenden. Washington, D.C. Feb. 17, 1863. Includes transcription


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Fessenden, William Pitt. Letter to son James D. Fessenden. Washington, D.C. Feb. 17, 1863. Includes transcription
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Mixed Material
Fessenden, William Pitt (1806-1869)
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Civil War in Florida, 1861-1865
Description -- Saint Augustine (Fla.)
Misc Manuscripts
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North America -- United States -- Florida -- Saint Johns -- Saint Augustine

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University of Florida
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(Sec Fessendeni,U.S. Treasury, 1863
To 1Lis son in Sta.ugustine.) uashington,Feb.l7,1868

My dear James -
I enclose you a letter from Mrs. ^ardiner,
If she tells the truth, and I see no reason to doubt, as
she was always considered an estimable and worthy woman,
there have been most shocking abuses at Sto Augustine,
by our officers, which Genl. Hunter ought to redress as
quick Pnd as far as possible. You may say to Genl.iiunter
hatl her son in law,Buckingrham Smith was late Secretary
of Legation to Spain, a gentleman and. scholar, and
always loyal to the Government. 'The excesses and abuses
committed by our officers upon the people there are
disgraceful to us as a civilized people. I shall write
Mrs. Gardiner that I have forwarded her letter to you.
I hope Genl. Hunter will act promptly in the matter.
YFe .re going on as usual,here, and I have been so
overwhelmed with the business of Congress that I have
found little time for anything else. It is said that
Hooker has taken hold of the Army in earnest, and is
fast restoring order and discipline to the Arramy officers
and men. Sumner was withdrawn or withdrew himself, as it
is said, because of his unwillingness to serve under
Hooker. Franklin is in disgrace, and it is believed that
he will be courtmartialed. I have no doubt that he
deserves to lose his head.
There seems to be an unfortunate state of things
existing among you which does not speak well for the
contemplated attack on Charleston. You write that the
Army could go at once, but that the Navy is not ready.
Mly intelligence from the Mavy is that the Army can
render no assistance,Pnd that whatever is done must be
by the Navy and this intelligence is by no means
encouraging. I hope there is no quarrel between the two,
The General or the Admiral who hesitates, now, on a
point of etiquette, or considers his own personal
interests at all, when so much depends on success, is
unfit for his position. Every personal consideration
should be at once sEcrificed to the great end3Defeat in
this attack when made will be fatal.
(Family affairs, onepage)
hIay God bless andpreserve you
Most lovingly
Your father
James Do Fessenden
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SCHINDLER'S ANTIQUE SHOP, Est. 1921, 200 KING ST., Dial 2-0853, CHARLESTON 5, S. C.

J 3 April l958
Dear Mr.Yonge,
We have a t 15.0 san excellent letter from U.S.Sec.
of the Treasury W.P.Fessenden,to his son James D.Fes-
senden who was with the Union invading forces in Flo?
rida, deploring the excesses of the Union army under
Gen.Hunterand taking steps t o have them corrected.
Other interesting war news~not connectedwith Florldt
is included. Sincerely,

o L 2

_____________________________ ^.*ft.-:

Mr. Julien C.Yonge
P.K.Yonge Liby. of FloridalHistory
U. of Florida
Gainesville, Fla.

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