Digital Humanities (Outline for Quick Overview Presentation to Graduate Classes)


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Digital Humanities (Outline for Quick Overview Presentation to Graduate Classes)
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Taylor, Laurie N.
George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida
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Gainesville, FL
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Presentation outline for a quick overview presentation on the Digital Humanities to graduate students. Presentation focuses on DH as "what you do with it digital resources". Overall orientation is on the socio-technical practices (people, policies, technologies) with readily connected technologies and communities for UF people. Presentation includes a review of resources at UF with the UF Digital Collections (UFDC) and SobekCM Open Source Repository & Curation Software with their many communities, as well as DH communities and projects at and connected to UF.

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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Digital Humanities, Outline for Quick Overview Presentation Definition of DH DH is what you do with it Humanities in and for the age of Big Data o New methods o Collaborative teams o New ways of working Navigate through UF technical ly hosted libraries & digital scholarship proje cts with active communities = stuff o Has a lot of stuff, but not a dead archive o New stuff added daily o Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC, ) Baldwin Library (new Scholars Council for multi institutional collaboration ) Judaica Library and collaboration on Florida, the Caribbean, and Latin America Many more: htt p:// tree/expanded (and all with connected Curators ) Intellectual infrastructure is much more than technologies or stuff, and includes communities and wa ys of interacting with the materials and the communities Simple: Contact us and permissions linked from the bottom of every page More: students with deposit, etc. Register for a free account (just login with Gatorlink, but anyone can r egister, so supports collaborative scholarship) o Create Bookshelves o Save Searches o Send or Share Items o Submit materials o Edit metadata Data about data Abstracts for books Intellectual access Types of access: o Material o Functional o Meaningful o Transformative Usage statistics on your items Permanent preservation and access Build, contribute, and participate in collaborative projects based at UF and elsewhere: DHWG