Getting Started Resources for LIT 4192 4192/Section 07CG/ Spring 2014 Money, and the Making of Modern Caribbean Literature

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Getting Started Resources for LIT 4192 4192/Section 07CG/ Spring 2014 Money, and the Making of Modern Caribbean Literature
Rosenberg, Leah R.
Thorat, Dhanashree
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Gainesville, FL
Department of English, University of Florida
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COURSE DESCRIPTION: This interdisciplinary introduction to digital humanities and the use of historical research in literary analysis examines two often overlooked labor migrations that profoundly influenced the shape and timing of the emergence of modern Caribbean literary culture: The immigration of Chinese and Indian indentured laborers into the French, Dutch, and British West Indies between 1838 and 1917, and the emigration and return of the Afro-Caribbean workers who went to Panama to build the canal between 1904–1914. Both groups worked under difficult conditions for exploitative wages, yet both managed to accumulate savings that bankrolled their entry into the educated middle class. Moreover, the new cultural forms and political aspirations they introduced to the region profoundly shaped Caribbean literary production and anti-colonial political movements. In this course, students will learn how to use archival material related to these migrations, including historical photographs, oral histories, and newspapers to enrich their understanding of Caribbean literature about these migrations, including the work of Jamaica Kincaid, David Dabydeen, Claude McKay, Lisser, Maryse Condé, V.S.Naipaul, Ramabai Espinet. The course introduces students to the digital humanities and digital archiving. It makes extensive use of the Digital Library of the Caribbean (, an open-access digital archive, whose technical hub is at UF. Students will have an opportunity to add their annotations to the finding aids in the dLOC collection and produce a digital humanities project as a final project.
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Course materials for: “Panama Silver, Asian Gold: Migration, Money, and the Making of the Modern Caribbean” an interdisciplinary Digital Humanities Course with the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC, Spring 2014, taught by Leah Rosenberg at the University of Florida

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University of Florida
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University of Florida
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LIT 4192 4192/Section 07CG/ Spring 2014 Money, & the Making of Modern Caribbean Literature Getting Started: Wiki, dLOC, Library Reserves, Tools, and More PBworks: Our Wiki PBworks will be the common platform and central tool for the course. Basic Tools User Profiles (for changing notification frequency for Wiki updates) The PBworks Manual can help show you how to edit, add videos and invite users Permissions (students are writers) PBWorks sandbox lets you practice editing without worry as you get started Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC): Presentation slides and video, overview and introduction to dLOC dLOC User Guide dLOC, various resources guides, etc. Digital Humanities The resources in this section will link students to conversations about 'What is Digital Humanities', debates on contemporary DH issues, and DH projects and scholarship relevant to the class. What is Digital Humanities? DH Projects and Scholarship Traveler and guidebooks, example from the US with The Negro Motorist Green Book Digital Humanities Quarterly, Interactive Media Guidelines with artist statement guidelines Exhibit presentation Electronic Course Reserves and other local resources Amherst College: o e reserves o print reserves (4 hours) at Frost o Black Studies research guide


LIT 4192 4192/Section 07CG/ Spring 2014 Money, & the Making of Modern Caribbean Literature o Amherst Kingston Gleaner trial access University of Florida: o o Library Guides (or LibGuides) on the UF Latin American Collection o Library Guide on Open Access Collections including dLOC University of Miami: Africana Studies Library Guide : Zotero: Bibliographic/Citation Management Zotero is a freely available bibliographic and citation management tool being used by the instructional team. Panama Silver group library Students who want to use Zotero as well can find Zotero online, which has rich documentation and online video tutorials. There is a Zotero workshop guide and Amherst guide that may be of use. Other Tools and Resources for the Class Project Exhibits TimelineJS for timelines Omeka o Omeka workshop guide Other, possibly of interest: o For commentary, thick commentary ( thick and thin tweets ) o Panama Canal Museum collection inventory: Video tools for guest lecturer s Amherst guidelines and resources for final projects