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Greeley, Horace, 1811-1872
Greeley & McElrath ( New-York N.Y. )
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fi ,. -- :4-fi -- 5 o .W i -j: & W .fr -'

.,r .2I x TRIB

S-5. : A A._J :.,.

10Mm W15UL FUCiU., OV S r:elStT
... ..- '- M.JESSUP.,ecretary.
.. tce--The Second Manhattan Building Asocia-
don wil- liold'iAt tsivelft monthly meeting at No.. 430
b idsbhe-sfe,(Mgsdnic Temple; Sept. 20, at 8 o'clock. There
was resolution offed tle last meeting t' the laws.
Also, thdere-wilFe1 an election for officers for the term of one
yea.r. enberill pleeI attend. B order.
-.'.:.'...:.^ :, *. : .-"' :.' 3.W W. ESTQN, Secreta ry...
V> iW i ndustala Homs .Assoeiation, No. 3.-
0. ei win.-be .an Excrsiozn. and- Pic-Eie'tb the,' grounds af'
-"," A'l cir;Ascatdti6r at WKiefield, near Willimisbridge, on
-, '5ODAY: Sept 20,1852 ,Thd Harlem Rlroad cars will
av ,the "ity. Hail forthe grounds, at 7 o'clock, A. M.,
-t0ppiig at ,,reome Houston 8th, and 16th-st, .' Wallace's
a S. c~ tilibn.6 hired gid ort~
celebratedd bras ndcoilion nd ha been engaged for te
Vwca`ion. Theire- will be appropriate addresses delivered on
",..unds, -Members can rocure their ticket. gratis, at
6wingipIaesq viz: B. Baldbwin N0d.48'. Co tlandt. st.;
,iany; No. lfPamk-row ; D. Owen, Ne. 414 Broad-
NO- W-.B, 31Smitn'No; 1-Nassan-t:; C, A. Cooper No.
:".e'BarTow-st .,J. Commnerford, No., 454 Bowery; J. F.
S- -Wfell.. Not SAvenne B';'J"A. Handsuch, No.,586 Spring,
x. n&at.the jnextregular meeting of the Assosiaion, on friday
. t ai Sept.., St. 1No.163 Bowery or of theConduotors
n the cars 'on the morning of the Excurslon, at half the
'.".m fare'., ,"- ... : .-. ,:
Sould the weather prove unfavorable, the :ecson will
Sul woauiEther 1fpf. f day. wl
:W .... w. LIN.STE!)C.ainma. -

A;.iA|L.9QNI with much pleas-
-LY.'ure; rospeatilmlv aenoneeste the Public that she 'will'
",."ve t' G&&ND. CONCERT *
S.., T .. TESDAY EVENING, Sept. 2l- 185,
., r..s Benefit of
f .- f'the .
7 .'S., wn beassisted by ."
-& "... FULL ORCHESTRA and
!- ..,..'. ,. : : ... GRAND CHORUS.
.( :* *.,'- {. \ i nK! f {.t *:.; ;., . *. ; .. ,- --. ..' *' *. .
: ..5::,?:;.'". "- TROGRAMMEI. ".
ART I. -
2. oavatla-.o ---.-. ---. ---. .... Wbb....... e
1 lttio, fomibliinasi'lgee--" Si does]
render m0opli s,-ang by, Siglg SANGIoVlic.
e andSi9 ., GvE -1..:.r..o : ;-'s";....... a,.. .oit-- in
3.cavatinie-' Una1 vote! pos fs" rm thii
S Babibere stwg by MADAMAiS'ON-.osin
.- S 00 ta ft.m Don. Pasqua. ;.4 '0 e 5 ,"sug by Big. o .ANG.O.INM R .

6 "S. olo ,"h -ol e, sung by MAD. ; -
~~ A BONi -and composedby........... o
B. D"-t'.. r: e.sfictele-,Un maes" sumg .
by MADAAMJALBONI and -Sig. ROVEz. ...Rossni'
01 qv. -----------Vrd
an ~ un byi 0,AD-
., ,-. AME.A.LB9N I.R.oyvR ,and.Si.
i-i:-,% .o" SAI GIOVANNI.,5.b .e ..;.. .---, ..... .... ."- ,
U*. 31 3 G 0and Rondo from Ceierehntolar-"b-Na ut all
afihco;" sungby MAD AlBi AL5ONIred
W- ..-,a 1. D es -o .. ..-..,
- ..... '~i iL.-in of the Fire i *, .of
".' -- ~~i5k~s,~t~d ant the pinolpal" Musl frs.
..,e (?.. ce Two Dollarf)' .a. go m -a ..
a. y at the A ),.oWI.L k SoN, ..

*";'' " f l f : "" '. '." i-- ..- : O n ',*?? i*....-.-. -**->* ; -. -*
V. .-.C .. .- -.... N:'.
.L 0 *,i 'b .. K J 5 ,5 |t ej 4

TICKETS for the Cono st to be had as follows:
One Dollar Tickets at JOLLIT S Music Store, No. 300
Broadway. and atthe office of the Representatives of the
Fire Department-for which a check for a seat will be fvten
SReserved Seats-Price 82.
To be had only of -
SMessrs. HALL & SONS, No. 239 Broadway,
where a diagram of the Halt can be seen.
SJAMES PRYEB, No 250 Front st.
J: N. PHILIPS No 85 Pike slip. -
S P. H. TITUS, W.,38 Market-st. ''
Last Concert but One of theAaries.
MADAME MARIETTA ALz0N1 respectfully an-
nounces that her .
FRD .will take place on
FRIDAY EVENING, Sept. 24, 1852
-whenshe will repeat, by particular desire,
NADAM ; M. ALBONI wil be assisted by
S Tickets-One Dollar.
*, Reserved Seats-Two Dollars.
To be had at the Music Store of WM. HALL & 80N,
Broadway, corner of Park-place.
To al), other pat. of the House, One Dollar, for which
a certificate 'for a seat. will be given, at JOLLIE'S Music
Store, No. 300 Broadway.
Doors opea at U'jo'olok; Concert to smmese at 8
eoeI k. '. ,' "
Free admissions are suspended except only to the Press.
The public are cautioned against purchase 5ag Tickes ti the
.J MILLE URSO. Pupil and Member of the National
, Musical Conservatory ofParis, VIOLINIST,
announces to the citizens oi New-York that she will have
the honor of giving her '
THURSDAt EVENING, Sept. 29,1852.
She will be.ansfied''by
an eminent Composera.nd Pianist, whose Miusical Gomposi-
tions are well known a a d appreciated both in Europe and
America, andwhbose celebrity as a Pianist is not less ap re-
ciated in Pa-ls and wherever he has the honorofperforming.
The services of
M. SEITLINGER, Vtcallst,-."
who received a special comnmision from the King of Hol-
land as Director and First Tenor of the Choir in the King's
Chapel, has also been secured for her Concerts. -
S:- 'he also the pleasure of aanouncing that
Madame OSCAR COMETTANT', Canbatnree,.
Swill-assist in the Vocal Department.
Wi this assistance, and the many kind and flattering
lettershe n.brinmes with. her from the lollowine notabihitie

Nassau-s., iew-.x,.or ,.:.'
0 Complete. "
Will be published on the 1st of October next, -
Based upon the practice of Surgeons in the United States,.
and comprising a biographical index and historical recordaof
many of their operations for a period of 200 yers. By
HENRY H. SMITH, -1. D. lllusated th upward of 1,001
engravings on steel. Thk6whole O" g one large octavo
volume. ,
PArTS 1 and 2.-General and Elementary Operations, ius
well as those upon the Head and Face. ..
PAR T 3.-Operations upon the Neck and Trunk.
IPART 9Qp.raion Qn tho vnit inar Organu of the
Male arndaFenale. ; :acs o
PART 65.- Operations Practiced on the Extremities. "
A Bibliograpticsl Index of moat of the Suigoical Papse,
connected d with the attached to each Part. ::
The Plates will be presented either tinted or in colors '
Price $7 50 tlnted-'$15'd colored to nature. :
For sale by all the principal Booksellers.
Philadelphia, Sept. 17, 18652. AMBO & CO.1
S CHU&BERTH CO., Music Dop L_
SNO. 257 Broadway, N Y, request thpublic to inlW
their Immense stock df Musiso far Voic, Piano, for 2, 4,5
bnds, for Organ, Violin, Vilolcalco, Harp, Orohestrsa,
in every style, for vrtaosos and beginners. The greatest,.
leotion in the Unfited States of 100s 000 worth. Orders of,
foreign sad ArAnian. MaWA will be ,9aiaedl .t wo '
- promptness,- ..,.-
a full description of the geology, climate, products, native
ag culture, mineral resources, society' and. principal citi'"
of that new El Dorado. with a Map of the country, and Sla-.
tistioal Tables showing the regulations oand results of miniUg2
operations, cost of passage, necessary outfit,.and every pati'
ticular of information requisite for those desirous of emi'
grating-the whole forming a completed gide-book to tlffl
Gold Mines. By R. G. Jameson, M. R. 0. S. E., two yeAd*3
a resident in, and late Medical Superintendent under H"'
Majesty's Commissioners of Emigration to, Australia. 12 ,
Price 60 cents. CORNISH, LAMPoRT & CO., ".
-/ Publisher, No. 8 Park-place.,
GREAT,. INDUCEMENTS offered '1ii,
Canvassers and Agents, to sell the new and 'FoPui.
Pictorial work on California entitled California Illastratia.
8vo., price 62, 48 splendid tinted engravings. ,r
Also, Saigent's Life of Henry Clay, edited- by Hor.&e-
Greeley, pice $1 25. .
Bartlett's Life of Franklin Pierce, price 75 cts.
Young's Improved Adhesive-Letter and Invoice file, priW'
$1, or $9 per doz., retail : R.F. YOUNI,, C'
(successor to W. Holdridge) No. 140 Fulton-st., N. Yotk.

AS COOK and Laundress, by a young
'Woman in a respectable.private family; has best' of-
City references. Can be seen for two days at No. 20 Pacifih-
st, near Boerma, Brooklyn. .-
AS COOK, by a very respectable Woman
in a private family or genteel boardis house ; is aacws-
tored to bulh. Apply at No, 169 Maiberryst., first floor"I
bagkroom, up stairs..
A S CooK, by a respectable young Wom?
an, who is well experienced in cooking and baking"-is
also a good Washer and Ironer. Can give good city re.
ence. Can be seen for two days at No. 73 lhth-st, barwian
6SthB end 7th-avs. -. .,".
AS CooK, by a steady Woman who u -
derstaods her business, in'a private family; will asist
at Washinr if required; has lived with a private family li
this City for eightyears. By applying or addressing a note
to No. 1 Sixth-st. be attended to.., -,:
A S CooK by a respectable Protestant

~1~R~, ~53 ~ mc TWO'CEN4TS.
" R ,- 2 0 . 1 _.U.. .

InQu sEeaNo. 14Jane-;.. TURIRs.-A practical Cotton Manfcturer, wh
____ ____ hosben engaged in thel business for the last twencV year.
or Ciamba rmatd, by a re- 0 t fifteen of which he hais been eployed in buildisi-
l.oman; good referen3e will begivene !& so me ofthe best mfieo 9 fw- nlanc lHm
between 20th and 21st-ats. G&ea be eedobuim Stateas i oorc tpied&nthe
pLvz6kn f business, end Isnow US15of- obtaininga
___ __ i..tatiOn as SU p.erintedant of Ir 'm reapecble C.ottof
E V Nn WIMAW a tMif teAinD -Esblhment. nHa n-o objection to ,go
ILE You"e WOMAN, a outh or West. Can produce undoubted references as to
s an excellent washer and Ironer,. character, honesty, ski and ability. Letteraaddre.sed to
hug tomase herself generally useful P. M., tothe eare of C. Mosher, Esq., No. 77P1R-.(pos-
coud a plai Cook end; excelte6nt- paid,).will meet with immediate attention -
nrence can be givenL" Call at-No. 63:
MAN, 0 .. No..,, pARTNER WANTED.-Several thou-
W of'f steady 'hbts I b~si nd dollars to invest in an active Partnership, in any
o d 9 uinesswhi.isrespectable and lueralive. Addris 0. R.
as Chambermaid avd Watleesror ., Tribune Office.
Is a good washer. and Irouer. The
given. No boarding-house keepers 1DRIVATE INSTRUCTION.-'An ex-
Aeenwich-sft., comer of Liberty st. pelrtenced Classical and Mathematical Teacher, bear-
s. lJ__og ample'testimonials, and offering undoubted city refer-
oughly conversant with :e, e employment t or three hnua day. Ad-
ch ahd German lanugc ges, beian also -_ dress. TUTOR, at-the TribunnOffide._ .
fi lar and with good knowledge of ERVANTS WANTED-10 or 12
as f eacherin a school or iua prlvtte
s. i the given. Address to L.m k.i smart Women and Girls are wanted for good places
s Anow be given. Address to L waiting, at No. 47, near Grand-st. Good
,- _wages given. J. RIDGELY.
to a situation as Vegetable Gardener table fmies, for a large number of Children of both
horse. Would be willing, to miake Mxes ; also, of Women with Infants,. at low Wages. ApIt.'p
ference given. A note for J. A. left safionto bemade at the Offie of the(ommiKonen of ,
tended to. .ranon, in the Park. l-
wanted by a young Wo- 5TEEL ENGRAVERS WANTWD.-
I housework in a sm1l family or n Wanted, good Line and Stipple Engravers, to work by'
t wi'thtU.ewaabtng ando 9enings Good the week. Good workmen can find steady employmnA.-
eq d.: C at No. 94 Wett A dresG. S, Tribune Office.

.-'- o.PARENTS.-Experienced Teachers of good qaitfi-i
s : 0one a plain Cook.d first rate and recommendations, can be procured at the house
0 other as Chambermaid aud Waiter -now. occupied by thestudents of Union Theological Semi-
1bmg and ironing. Tte beat of city nary,tio. 220 6th-av., between 14th and i5th.sts.
.pa. Apply at No.1,32Til,
A competent, steady Wo- JL yong Lady, who has taught several 3 ears in one of
ughly undertacbder business. todo the first-class schools in this city, would like to form an en-
u the washing adr busoninsg ofa to do aall agement either as teacher in a school or as visiting Gov.-
on those who cand rocingthe of asal erness in a family. Besides the usual English branches, she
5y. Call atNo. 3East Broadway, will instruct in rench and Music. The most satisfactory
AM, and2 P.M. references given. Address R.LE., Broadway Pout Office.
By a young Woman, a J .T SCHOOL AGENCY-By E. H.
iber-maid r.for general housework. WILCOX, No. 293 Broadway.-Constant negotia-
wichat Bee ercitrefer tionscand engagements by the best Institutions, Families,
ownich-st. Beat of city reference Teachers and Matrons throughout the Union. The right of
negotiation belongs to subscribers. One percent in advance
B a yon gGir l a stu cancels advance expenses and procures the required cornm.
By a young Girl, a situa- pensation soon as possible. Secured by a transferable check,'
,ble, Seamstregs, a good'Shirt-maker, good for all educational orders.
ChPi'a Nurse Can be seen for two ... .
2lo, No.'26 Clinton place. W .ANTED-A Man and his Wife to
To go South as a Waiting i v go a short distance in the country on the Hudson
T O sig iver Bailroad. Te man must understand driving nd the
ady.or Family. Inquire at No. 311 care 'of horses,. and know something of gardening Hiaswife
acre.r, for three days. must be tidy and understand cooking, washing, ironlig, &c. ;
... and.both be willing to make themselves generally useful In
A young colored Man, a small family. English,. Welsh, Scotch, or German.s, well
i old. as waiter in a private family. recommended and well qualified, (others need not apply,)
ouhted recommendations as to capa- may secure a good pace and fair wages, by calling at o. 20
iety may call at No. 43 9th-st. ?erch tts' Exchange, Hanover-t., on Wednesday next
from 11 A. M. to 8 P.M. P. S.- 4o objections to colored
A middle-aged Woman, people.& *.. .
neni an preferred ) to attend to the ANTED-A Partner with $500 or
mg and kitchen work of a small pri.
No. 71 East 2th-st, between the ward in a profitable business-establshed. Ad-
G-No.-. 71at "9h 1 dress T. P. DDVIS, Baltimore, where information ivill be
By a youg Womana 'given. (Letters must be prepaid)
mBy a young Woman, a st i ANTED-50 first-class Salesmen, as
mbermaid, and to ussist in WVashing
geswork generally, In a small ram- VW traveling or local Agents; pays .100 percent, all
onces given. Apply at No. 140 East cash. No. 317 Bowery, or No. 43 Courtlaudt st.
A situation by a respecta- "* ANTED--A Situation to learn the
nan, in a respectable private family, V V Carpenter's or Plumber's Trade, by a respectable
Sdo chamberwork andwaiting Can youog man. Apply at No. 77 Henry-st., Room 17.
tyreference, Inquire at No. 312 8th- ANTED.--A Book-keeperin a Manu-
--- _- --: .V fc ing concern. Address, with reference, &c.,
A French Lady, (a Paris- Box No. 3.372 Lower post-Office.
dy to assist in the English Depiat t-
aii-if aching' is required. Address, (.Zf.t ,,fOflfb.
.s, Di '3Uxosn-square Pet-Office. ... v^^^,^^ ... ...
A situaitnbxdy a re spect- JT OST-On Tuesday evening, 14th inst.,
> 'doethe cooking. was ng and Ironig- in or near Metro elitan Ball, a Gold Bracelet, set in
I has. had experience in same ca- ametb yst and. pearl. The finder will be liberally rewasdeo
yeais," Can give the best of ci.yref. by returning the same to No. 164 East 14th-at. '
107 King-st., nearHudn-a, onet._-_ --_,_ __.......

A GRADUATE of Oberlin College,
who is an experienced teacher, with the best recom-
mendations and rfereuce, desires an opportunity of teach--
tig in private schools-and a situation in a family where
.he can teach for his. board Address J. M. B. No., 63 Baro.
jA VARD, who will bring the best recommendations deo-
siring to obtain occupation as a Teacher in' New-York, re-
spectfully offers his services to gentlemen wishing to secure
private instruction for their sons. He is permitted to. refer
to Rev. Samuel Osgood, No. 86 West llth-st.; Mr. W..Mktllen,
No. 33 West 15th-st. ; Rev. J. F. W. Ware, Cambridgeport,
Mass.; President Sparks Rev. Dr. Walker and Prof. C. C.
Felton, Cambridge. Address GRADUATE, eare of V. B.
Palmer, Tribune Buildings, New-York.
A LADY, just arrived from Paris, where
she was educated, is desirous ef obtaining private
tuitions in families or school#, or to give lessons at her own
residence, in French, English, Music, Drawing, kc. Terms
moderate. Apply to Madame 0'FERItALLE, No. 48
Franklin-st.k'. .
A G E N C Y--114 Nassau- st.-Clerks,
.- Salesmen, School Teachers, Men on Rail Roads and
Steamers, Boys to learn trades,gPorters, Coachmen and Rar-
Keepers, will call uand Register their applications. Persons
at a distance from New York will enclose fee, $1, free of
postage, and they will be promptly suited.
An experienced Assayer and Valuer of Ores and Met-
als, who fully understands the most approved methods of
treating all auriferous substances. having carried on Gold
Mining, is dtsirous of forming a .Pairtnership with some re-
spectable capitalist for carrying on the. Bulhion business in
SAustraila, where the advertiser has already resided for three
years. References the most satisfactory, can be given as to
capacity, integrity and respectability. Address, prepaid, to
MERIATOR, c Me of Mr. Curran, No.375 Pearlst., N. Y.
vass New-York City and other places, for one of the
most ably written and splendidly illustrated works published
in the country. Those operating South will find the work
well adapted to sell in that region. Address, postpaid, S.
DRAKEB & CO., Hartford, Conn.
BOY WANTED-To take care of an of-
fice and run errands. Musthave a good common school
education- A German lad, the son of a widow, preferred.
Will board at home. A line addressed this office, stating
where he can be seen, will meet with immediate attention.
%, purchase, about two thousand dollars' worth of good
left off Clothing, in large or small quantities, for which the
-full value will be liberally given, in current money, on ap-
, plication, personally. or through pnest, to JAS. MORONEY,
' at hi, store, No. It Orange-st., near Chatham-st.

. ...:- --_.--.-" .--- --- --I.. .. .... ... .... - .A..u. w au. s-, wvu 5s It private i ny.. tse -,. 00K
S"-AUEtR T ".-,. .afixraitre Washer and Irnnd a good Baker. OOVa.,Kga WANTED-One who is a good
THALBERG V". .' kT'MPS ,. not so much .an object as a comfortable home. Can be sen, C Washer and Ironer and Baker, and not afraid to work,
CALABAG oTSr two days at No. 144 21st., .between 2d ad d-av... fis can apply at No. 37 Henry-st., Brooklyn.
she o e haksmieavraj~- lse ASSAT, co;back room.
she hoe he:.hberdeatbQ "p'easm will be, kindly responded acxcoom .. .. iT
to b t emisiaLpublsofNewYok A w o ....ll.. Th e k .dr spn i SI SMAKER -WAN IED..-A Lady
'a l ia.:MIle.. CAMILLE, URSO. j-Q, CHAMBERMAID and Waitress, by wishing to establish herself in the Dreasmakiag
havingltenlyprreda Price: Murat's country seat, at a very respectable young Woman. Is competent to ful,'.. business, can hear of a good opportunity by applying at No.
MasTINEE MUSICGA, tMwhic& LOUIS NAPOLON fil Has no objection to go a short distan e 116 Fourth-av. None need apply but one competentto su-
was prasenrshehas.bethepl"e of being complimented e-.n e best of ity reftence from n l; e -perimtend the business..
.by thedPremoent an&:-b -theq`PRI-NVo and PRINCEBS plose. ,a. at No. 224, E.t 11th-st., firsnloor, up sinks.
L-MURAT, who as a tokenof dinirTbt-her performance CHIL1REN'S .....CD SER- "
on.the occasion have che falt nh.hs .an lS S CHitDREN s NuRSEand plain Sewer XPERIENCED SER TS.Fam
.leghiss desirous of pro ig firsslass Protestant and
.-Intrbdnolion ana recommendati? W 4yrspectsdfamn- __ rto Wait on-an. old Lady by a Protestant young W. '' "
libsiinNew-York and PhiladepnA.. -4. man. G.ood o-y r fer;., Cal at No 201,West 15th-ti- other Servants as Cooke, N"rses, Seamstresses, Chamber-
5 : -The programme andylaus for chMuraoftickets&e., in the rear, or add-,i',nnote to f. B 2ftr1om to 5 o'clock,_ mleps, t, can findta large and superior th estion, wihe on-
- l- be- announce.- .. '-" xceptionable city references to the moat respectable ft-
,ddnoueaurigthepreaent-'wk, two days. ... -.lies. at MANNIN..S Office, No. 10 Til.,ry--p ,Broklyn.
'"'.- 6 OARDEN.-JeTO .X. SUFTON, A5 LAUNDRESS-or Cook, in a privatke --. .. ..or .c
i&^1^^^ARNE W INTED-"Sp-^ ^ Peiciesal
s.jHiS VEI m .G, V.0 ,_ family, by a respectable Prtta young Wem-T! A'TNE wA D -'pecia or as-
| termed ROBERT MACAItEo. -p-- laundress Preferred. Can he:mseen. dys, at 4o. tirve-The adveier arwe-engaged, in the city1in the
Robert e.J. & Browns I Marie -;.t..t M |Court-at, Brooklyn. Thitale of referencee given. t..-iufantdr s an saoe .fa-standaird n.e, of Goodst, wel eatab.
Robe^k_4qqg^ in 1 .CourtiB"t YTL. AA Jt` AG gven. If, 4L--^ ^^ $
XO.. ..- ,i- --nt.' NUSE o S"msteasI o t t he and profitab. 'They are desros of enlarging the
-..I..,.l..- Mies.n Lv . othi wit oritoa ,bus .' iness.asi"ita mnow Yb do "toSOWadvantag Any
a o t li '" -o :DIVERTI-Sti -.U-O7&
.... . ..... .... .- --,. ... ....... ... n f. .te d tidy b yon r ......i .til .a.oo d ..op. ... ...nas
A:.,,-at enelS--------h.#r. DOOII .&,..o .lm ds Net, ,~- ..t J~ S~~A satefroereo ......
U~~I~p~aa2; sone~Iobs#ne. ftne- gihss. anwt* H, relriibue
SOL'& rew,,,,, ..:.. ... .It ... 4,>: a:. i : . ;. ,.;:,;/ : .... :. ::/ .- : -
&De 4o.. if.... O

S :.-..._ IS .. ST& ND for
K3'*8LEj-heinsa~ried ,'sue~ess0r0 o tha lat.e-fir^n 6
uessrs. w.a ien &, av ends retiring on.ttihaf;6'l, f
tober ieit,-iborm:-thp 1anc ud bDusinessian which fiegaff1
been succeasfolly esg 0 .,l~tetp~miid broad, since 1315 tan''
: offeesaor-f tee *' -Set shment. I
is well-knownu s k%%%m i6 tohro :t
United States. and never was in a "tttr pfSaix ford i
transaction of a good emd profitable business than it now en'
joys. With superior advantages in impoeling certain k ds
of goods, and connexions abroad for purchasing and-m .
factoring equal to any other house, having at present a
largely reduced and well assorted fresh stock of mostly
staple and salable articles, a league of an excellent and "com-
modious store, at a very moderate rent, this establishment
offers an opportunity rarely offered to those'wishing to enter
at once upon a safe, lucrative and well-established butainso
Application to be mrede without delay to
WM. W. WARREN, No. 27 Kilby-st.
Boston, Sept 11, 1852

A GENTLEMANand WIFE and four
or five single Gentlemen can be accommodated with
Board and pleasant Roems at No. 11 Vaek.mst., near St
John's Park.
ZIL -Mhis Hotel I by far the mot ah7, spacious and z e
tel public h e-ta th City of Panama.
JoMH D. BoWLE8, PMS rMlea.
A GENTLEMAN and his Wife, and a
few single Gentlemen, con be accommodated with
Board and well furnished and airy -Rooms on the second
and third floor, in a genteel private boarding-house. Call at
No.. 116 Leonard-st., between Bioadway and, Elma-st.. Good
references required.
accommodated with Board in a pleasant Room in a pri-
vate American farnily. rA1so, two siigle Gentlemen, a& Nu.
7 Cherry-st., opposite Franklin-square.
A PRIVATE FAMILY of three per-
sons, would be pleased to accommodate one or two
Gentlemen with partial Board, in a modern house, with
bath, &c., or would accommodate a Gentleman and Lady
with Board. Apply at No. 92 Seventh at.
highest education, deires to find Board and Lodging in
an American family, where his services as Teacher of French
and Latin would be received as compensation. References
exchanged. Address Mr. EMILE CHEVALIER, at this
Front Parlor, and Bedroom adjoining, to Let, with
Board, to a Ge tleman and his Wife. or two single Gentle-
men. Apply at No. 2i8 West 14th-st., near 8th. av.
OARD-Large rooms, with bedrooms,
furnished or unfurnished, suitable for families orsingle
gentlemen, at No. 29 St. Mark's-place, 8th-st.
BOARD-No. 189 East 15th-st., neai
BOtuyvesanpark, in a private family, with eommom
aions suites of apartments suited to faminei. Also two 3
three Rooms for single Gentlemen. Th House is new, with
gas, warm and Gold baths, ba.
BOARDING-At Nos. 45 and 47 East
Broadway, one pleasantroom and pantry for a Gentle-
man and Wife. Also, pleasant rooms for "singl Gentlemea.
Hot and cold baths. References exchanged.
OARD.-Famlies and single Gentle-
B men in search of Board will find delightful suites aom
single Rooms at No. 37 West 22d.-st., near 5th-av. Refezenes
required. Homse new, with all improvements.
OARD WANTED.--A Gentleman
and his Wife (no children) wish to obtan Board with
a small private family, where no other boarders are taken.
They require a parlor and chamber adjoining on the second
floor of a modern-built house, with use of bath, &e. House
to be situated between the Bowery and 6th-ars., and Bleack-
er and 20th.-sts. Address Box No. 2,894Poat.Offioe, stating
terms, situation, &e..
B-OARDING.-To let, with board, in a
private family, a large airy room with pantry, on se-
send floor. Inquire at No. 14 Vandam-gi. References ex.
hanged.i. _ge.
BOARD WANTED-In a private fain-
ly, with. a neatly furnished Room, from the 10th of
October next. by.ayoung Gentleman and Wife. Terms not
to exceed $8 per week. Address STANDISH, at Tribune
Office, stating price, location and other particulars. ..
BOARDING -Rooms, single or in
~i ttes, with hotel or private table, may behad at Union-
park House, Nos. 22 and 24 Rast 14th-at., and at corner
Krbadway and 34th-st. Thase are -holee locations, and the
terms are moderate.;' __ '

BOARD.-Desirable suites of Rooms,
. handsomely ftrnlshed, for G emen aie nd their
Wies, also, rooms for single Gentlemen, can be obtained
in the first lasm modern ui. t -new house, with baths, ga,
&., in the vicinity of Uion-smare.. The loelalon itsdesr
able; and- for eonveteni b onaee be- n heCars an0d
ste pae the -door. Appyst No. I tg-o' ., a hea
_:. :.-. -: . : ,*' :"-"^ .- ,. .... .. ... = -: ., :

OARD-Rooms for families ad sng!e
ntlmen, at No 164 Eastt th-t. Ho is niew, witti
Sthe mnadem improvement. Refereuameoiz&nged.

B OARDING.--Families- and single
Gentb '.nma mae obtain ih. a rivts
-bome- Iarer roomu,.hatn.vJaIp a ::r iamI

,VY~. m .a w jo aandlni.p .qft foe a m t be.e
B witlbord sand ~sNbe.
a. 81a-mo r of Pael-4. 7 '
BOARD.-Thatspac iousand elegant new
hoWuse (furnished with new furniltre m Awghout) N.
264i0th-t,.nearls avia now r ady fr reception of
boarde o Families or a"ngl gentlemen a(om_ dad with
ruites or ingle rooms, furnished or unfrni with ful
or partial board. The house hasthem enie mpevememta,
",.batha -." am
>OARD-Two Gentlemen can beaccom-
B ^ modato wjthi handiomely furmiahed with-or
without partial Bo.ard, in is pr"vt fjamily OEM^44h-v
dear Union4quary_ Bathin hous. . f
OAtD.-Furnished Roo rr etvith
board, at No. 320 2d-av. Houonew., with modern ir.
.CHASMBERLINS North. River Hou* No. 2
WashingtoDn-Atvnear Washington Markee.. A. Aew permau
aent Boardeo can be accommodated withdrd at $ Is
erweek. Alwo, arnfished Booms to Ii wi'.lhior without

B OARD.-Good Rooms and Board at
No. 63 for transient, day and permanent
OARD-Can be obtained at- Nos. 82
and"84 East 23d at., with Rooms ui4table f4r married
or single peiNens. The houses have the modbmrn improve.
ments. '
' OARD in 23d-st. near 5th, a .-A fam-
iJ ly wishing to engage Board for the fall and winter il
a private family, can obtain a suite of Rooma.-handsomely
fihedwitnhall modern-impiovemess--b" addrebsing
ELLEN, Tribune Office.
OARD WANTED-Near South Fer-
B ry, in Brooklyn, by a single Gentlemain, who would
fish his own room. Address H. G. E., No 170 Broad-
way. '' _
B OARD.-AA suite of Rooms,1-2d story,
sufitable for a gentleman audtis fa'il'i or gentleman,
with every comfort desirable to uiiake an igreable home,
Apply ar No. 15 Warren-place, Charlea-st, near Greenwich.
av. stage route; also. contiguous Co Fourth-st. stags route.
.-man and his Wife and two or three single Gentlemen,
can obtain Board, with pleasant Rooms, where there are bat
few boarders, in a convenient location, five, minutes' walk
friem Fhlton Ferry. Applyat No. 57 Highst., Brooklyn.
BOARD in BROOKLYN.-A few per-
sons can be accommodated with pleasant Rous and
partial Board at No. 178 Atlantic-st., Brooklyn The front
parlor, w.ith. a consulting room, wi be let to a respectable
OARD.-Fine 6omso to let'of the sec-
B ondfloor, at No. 83, "two d&io east of the
C U l l a m o r e H o u s e .. . .. e '
B 0 A R D-French.-'Plasant Rooms,
B furnished dr unfurnished' m-ay be obtaied near Mad
ison-square. in a new house, with all modem im provements.
French will be taught at home or at private residences. An
omnibus and railroad route is near the door. Re Ferences
exchanged at No. 49 West 24th-st., near the 6th.av. N. B.-
Also board for a few gentlemen. ..
OXARD-- Mrs. TO OKERE- oIo. 97
B oSpring t, (dirst door west of 3roadiway) has to let
RomA suitabl e for families or.gentlemen. :
" OARD.-In the large commodious
houe No y 197 Fulton-s Good-board from $3 50 to
$2 50... ." .

Gentlemen and their xr single.Gentlemen ma
obtain pleasant rooms, with large pantries.attaehed, in a
first class house, and where there are bSat f.jb Hrders. Ref-
erences exchanged. Apply at No. 2f9 licks-et. _
OARDING.-A very5 dd.iiWe front-
Room and Bedroom, on the-second floor, arevacant at
No. 63 Barclay-st., suitable for a family, 6o ap"sty of three
or four gentle en . ., -'-*
OARDIN"G-A Gentleman and his
.,Wife c~n: obtn ppleasant Rooms, famished or uafor-
urshed with'board, in a house wherethere are a faw se'ect
boarders. Alo6,two or three single gentlemen can'have
full or partial beard, with the fiee use of the bath, onrea-
sonable terms, by applying at No. 224. Greenst, near References required.:-. '

-DO .-paAniW entlem ,cin be ac-
ci date- with 4pla0 Uor en second flooreb.
*IU^6, partiaj board. 'm a prf l.fayly tef-5g ere are" b.
&'w boarders Apply at No:-'; > e 1jlths, betweenW-
Bmroudway and University-plaPe. ; : te"e.c -.-xaged.
,O.AKJ G, for t ,O_ --or
t-w0i eofri feaUnion.
.10 ,'.es.roomn.pu noccpiedi at h.e nuwa .afidc.iaorei.diousini

AF %-I -MI^ G.,-^ ^ Go3^ Qntlea
'.. : .. .
men with their Wives, ,an beaQ, oModatdd with
full cr partial Bonrd, in the modern bhilftli4-ostry house No.
446 Broome.r-At., second duor west of Broadway..
Gentlemen and their Wives, or single Gentlemen
wisbing permanent arrangements, may fled desirable Board
and Ronms at No 144, within ten minutes' walk
of Fulton and South Ferries, and five of the (new) Wall-st.
Ferry. Omnibusts paa the hyuse..
1 OA RDING.-Elegant suites of Parlers
and Bedrooms ;- also single Rooms, newly and richly
furAijhedk, ow ready to let for the winter, with aas, bath,
&c in the first-class brown stone bouse, No. 76 West 23d-at.
OARD.-A handsome Room on the
secondfloor, with large pantries communicating, un".
finished, can be had, with Board, at No 546 Houstoa-st.9,
a few doors friom-Broadway. Also, an upper Room, suitabli
for one or two. gentlemen. Persons appreciating qieteess,
wirh comfort and gentility combined, will de well to appI
as above.
BOARD in BROOKLYN.- Gentlemen
S and their Wives can obtain large, pleasant rooms, wittt
patries attached, furnmished or unfuroished. Also, a few
Si1loe Gentlemen can be accommodated withpkreab fast and
tea aod dinner on Sundays. Those who wish to find the
comforts of home would do well to cal:at No.1656 Adams-st.,
five minutes' walk from Fulton Ferry.
OARD and ROOMS.-A very pleas-
ant. Room on the second flnor, to let to one or two
single Gentlemen, with or withoutpartial boabd. Inquire at
No. 149 Wooater st. Reference required.
F antly situated, in a small family where there are few
boarders, No. 26 Jay-st. References exczhanad.
SINGLE GEYLEMEc.-Two ftmiihed bed-
rooms with large closets attached, wdh or without break-
fat*; family ori rate. refrrencea given and r'qniied; every,
attention paid to comfort. Appiv t,
Mrs. C. M. LWVALDS, No. 3234th-rav
men and their Wives, or single Gentleme, san
be accommodated with pleasant, airy front Rooms, in a
private family, where there are a few select h_ .dasr. The
house contains all the modem improveomenitsi,,hot old, as
shower barhs, And location pleasant. D aer fe n deim
oa Sunday. Inquire at No. 59 West 21st-_m.
ROOMS-Hotel corner of William and Frankfort-st.
-as5 cents per night, or $1 50 weekly, with conveniences of
gas lights, Croton water and water sets on.each floor. Of-
fice never nloaed. .
% Breadway, comer of20th-st., New-York--Is this day
opened' for the reception of guests. It contains two nun-
dred rooms, replete with every modem convenience, and ilt
famrnished throughout in a style of elegae, at lea not snr-
passed by any 'otel in he City of New-York. It will be
kept on the American and European plans combined, an&
the restaurant and table d'hote will be of the most superior
character. The location of the House is in the center of the
most fashionable portion of the sity, aid the poprietoner will
spare no exertion to make their house one of the first-claw
of Family Hotels, while, at the same time, they will beo
happy to receive as guests those who may temporarily visit
the city.
N. B.-Familiem andjpartie supplied wih meals at th
shortest notice.-New-York June 1 852.
DONADI & CO., F-oprietorm.
NE or two GENTLEMEN and their
0Wives can fid Rooms with Board. and for single
Gentlemen farmished Rooms with or without Board, at
No. 91 St. Marks-place, or 8th-st. References exchanged.
Hot and cold baths. There are two lines ofastages passing
the door every five minutes.
l to LET-With or without Beakfast and Tea, at No.
259 Greene-at between Clinton end Waveru-plae. The
house has ali the modem improvements.
R" OOMS _WiThous board veij desirable
JLV. for one or two single geuL men .tin ,a privat housen'
where there are i o Nardera. Inquire at Nopv3- Wes 3e
s5, between 8th and 9th-av. _
JI/-Several very please Redms to let to a e-gle
men, without Board at No1lWa '-plae over
Washington-square. o- . .

R OOMS to LET.-A large basement,
with roomy pantry atteaoed, 4 "feIhL'iand e attil.
turmsbhed. Us of warm cold and shor'it.- Apply at
No. __
00M OMS to LET-Furni-s-. and un-
.. : -



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A.. Udii m ot e nd a thei- S. & N. t16e5"est-ia-t-Tthe-hu--r-, of y i ut r j reiq.reg atI.

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S I-- f-PICEStoBiblea aE-AT. ^-pSTdp I b0nutst house- ....... th ostl ft e Bya at N.o. s
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RLJ Near th 4t.Apytio HUSE.T B ,RNARDji oFeirm.aijolzii r k yn. i j)N*-4 AdoiBBxN.17O'83 Y;ebfle stai *' ?&a ji ^"eg Rohdins1Wfl^nkb&W^ritmttic^s^rd^wl
-- I~aH-iestef af o a ih-- or Dwelf. .*l '" No'. 10 'loostx>toni Ire. baemn Gohi Goeaf ~ wi, la~ ,.. .;. -....^ .**- man__ ; _.- ^,; IS. lik 't tai ,; Md ^ e an Gymnastic C,,
r wsoitehtaev bIfiDtng arl themoecr mnents-. o iaea SALE-Two odeC. hiunt I /o er area ;A. .VI^;ELI .Otne tO SW~ekvos 'NdT.2 4l44pa&rten'ag&oT5)rkos
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Oh t4 PiC~tNpl'tr 8. -J. .. '. av., i l h o o M a, Se

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-*yvr^w^ -- eMaztmn -am kqdra
.'j. near tE -A H'. IB K .gh.,.S rfetlr..It;s ra o her. ; rom a m .
,.'A T- In...W4 4p,1 .sel r1s. ..,d e t.,.tiY ..... . 5 ,. ..ran...o .

'- .-i.t,)a ve ...y desiable ..a.nd plea t b '-n t bulig,a"d-"' atig an B A M; Prangepand text i, KRs S. LEH LN N, T eacher d
r n A 1OR SALEai nowto toate or'who sruetioriniii enC Bh, vdo'fr Leteres re ft^.& c r "t toie Geraantnglia Lnue s, ot s t hini
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__,_, ___.____._ F______ _.o. .the.Frenoh language,'and litora1 at i SIGN No. t Brgadwayowhero the host-ink

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",4 half j6119 f hom fr io no5to 20 p t u. o. dath. wn. 'N e beggiven-n the arts of Drwa 1

!i; a -rHoue,No..2 Hen e.0 .3r 1 5466akbP, .pl.js: oPaymbntaadvan d.. .. -, "
5Jfo5O A m'4hem frtom Ire' "- st., N iS UiENd 5 W-
a e l. aThe l dg e''leri' sebois rai ..s ad at East 16th-st.,. earner Irvisp e, l, r
2~ .. .- t aB.. -" .....'E8, Pa-cs, a-d for three years i .n, thehbest shoo l so fthis e M na Se. 670 pla ee wl
,I o h drNo. A0
1YXS goii.xad a.,. th-ree storyor 1e-)oy hehs xelntwc~mndd,.:*d' P ,, R ,C RiLS.B AR:i '

aily a oaisal temdrit'a aB COU TRY 4l and 9th-vav., will rpen ond 'Monday Sapt..S.1-N
.,i: - -'------- :- te LEdT ou opio l. On A d rt eit. fuby an ts.d'e
A"e 'ofag VlP wN so will ymavt'iua'woe emh, ej 1 uT dicb ] l-i'u nentoveisruction in the rench oR ELangi

:, ,. ,., .-k,.... ...- .*..... v.... .. -_______ .'WELLING. .Noiw a 59'Clets. dar.ble mnls t ee a~ gs ___ ^ ^nsB ttOY8 wit eeatrb nlna Wiia^ .^oddo ntly.r onfo M^ ^ _
.St .. ld -aora om 37t5s, arby W7t ernrmoBu^ek4 F OR SALE, Very'Ltiw- new l use, air mos lphisiDepan tmeltua tan T ittani Msiot P -r a

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Vi'aB manufaetuoong'pnrposa- 'er Lre

lightede 'r on -hp sideps--e L .' 'I" containing .front 'id hek> b~sement, fontiaud baik per annum. Addi'ess 4o-x.No.. 346 resrt.iice, Hartfno t acso herptoso t hi wN.9
"-, en"'ti tunsi bpres .sprlrbitigeabhtedon& nise ntichbo eFrench Classes for Ladies and Gentleman. I
.... UU o e saerme,*ith marble m tetls. folding drors, French sash. 5 dustl CbEii
S.:2^ WrY4 i'Pdrsessia 1immedietlyy. 9D Ao00. q a' N2 d of 3. UoY.e TR,- ROBO PrAEhndo' P
..in34h-st neardSo-th 10ah4st ,-Willamsfbu ghT. B N.T ADIE M n 6 B w he e Aera r n
Prtnelea and lust fenlamnre ininPak. th eenry'iiarn t

':" q;. ggpj...d.'a ey~pleasant seillhealthk. l~etsdaiiino Brooklyn, Re [OIR"SALE-=- With immediatee pos~ses.-: wiltbbmine'ze th eflh of 4$.pt' 'CIir his cisntaining ,wong'ldies in Ne-Yatupoilses s traool: in.,stbeuo tia7 ew
r" te, abovit,4wiles from F.ilofo rarky en y gie s ine t.
bat2 5 Y oOaFnN N.N or at N' '1' leg the higher branches, theeLateinClassics,,Orai.4
.- : _. ______r_________es_".,'_o ___,__8_N.. P _s ____e__ ..': soe, the .large.. three-sto.ry bruck .dwelling Roh ad'a bi bbed tult eeai .' Ie4, may be obtained, anlo rsaoli~ahmtc
i .0 12 "n 2 o'clck. 138 e-t, ra

.Lbt'in-f1e, No..03 Weba fut-stor d hl y t. oppo- "bo store of iwadH r
tto ofntld- site thePak of thhhalvo-oiualaSsinaty4.,"'aw. in peret y 1. ,- .. m and litear qng aieas.. Addrers encs.TR
LRT+.,ur.e& Room . otdar; wails allpainte;d ;iepbuib in a s ty m-al and o -K-KtEPI _____Arad_______

_..o ato ~ o~~b dt ~r~l aiy baths,' water elosata,,bot-bir'.iimieh;,I.di' Fdr key, and' bie- ""I ,O' EP NO. '- z-,This ::impo t 'o 28i West 21 ~sc. ..
A".....:#"P ; t-." I /'"&t:" .o..... Hoo .:t wes of'.. m, ision to-'view tike h'onhbapplytb dan.'rLS, 1 ceie n lin. b'ranches, rcti.callyutaught by D ATTON'S INSflTUflON fo.
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e- a a TF d 1'No. 55 Broome . 5 by oa frompal. The two Depaatments, Collegiate and Prm),
- .... eas-rrwithin.-0 few blocks. The Blooiningdala ate a 100o Good pro-p~tt for.ini.rov~emanst. Also twae Or three enees gfi.ven. .- :: .': . .ae r.. o O D Y etS uisa rpr~ota
I .f ".o.'.1 .011at$500. .-Apply N.o." 4"4 lfh-av., or A o. vaatLts 5y10. nuieo A& JJR q house or for' admission to any. coIlep: Tha..[l numbb
vsnn Lt by10. Iu~uie fl l 'JLC~IIR,.o: . S, OO~C LASSICAL No 4and' M ATHEM ATIC L ps is limited...Cireularsth contaningfurther in
. . : -. = .. . .. . . . .. . . . . . . a n g i s t i a e x O r n d s ] L I 'm a y 3 4o bSi x t h a v e n u e n os R M S (n .m ay. .ei o b t a i n e d .. .a t. t h e .. . ,:r.e s,. .C R U M p ll E '
.store, No. 862 Broadway, Tar. 14th-at. oor at tha LnstiN
;......ttLE With immediateposspssion;, "O.R:SALE 6r.- :LET-'NoT~ splendid square ... ...... _______________
oh1 ds .. The I mnsttuton, noddA bytheabove titletor
*::,tf.r.cipt, txg r R ooms,. Celia;,. Kitchen. Stablehand (larrisge between 7th and 8th-vav. They are. replete With all the yswill oceupy its new'. building, Nos. to 3d as, oppOFSORSHUTR' 1
faret o h o. RIG and PAiNTN ACAD-EMY, "No. 491
'"".i.! '.' b, o w:-ith Peach and Chernj itees, &b Ir. A kood wall modern ho rovements and now ready lot o~cnpaundy. Apla difice hasbeen. in peace of erectionn !during the "way, is now open for the' reception of pupils. Per.'
4b.t acd,' B~eebe.'s.eopking range.- Rent moderate Inquire i muhs.ndi uit a ustnilTa 6 auo s .adtoP .....n Dawn fo Pal
C" :P ,4o=E?", 'wo'.174'W-ater st, or at_~oJOHi MET -. '.O SALE-A beautiful Conntrjr Resi' cuie hundied'feetin'leng~fi, feet wie 9 five stride and from Netere; Paihitlnk In' Water Colors, in
IM. K, .

sC t sne .-t defr ; rnt".Drawin on Stone and Painting in Oil Colors. Sp
'Get attention hasb n e to the mnqaen appli by his pupils, as well a's by himself, may be examli
L ET- tore ...... with handsome -'fis- Con tg of elegant, hose.and _ou-buildings, 4 acres o for gas, Croton water, gh Ma ane vanci on
Fuctu ll b u e Se n Spntyemes 1sir Lmod ccs
.79%ee kor, or will sil oh6ut, goods...-boil gs;For a inme dull eS ,pio inquire f W. Social Course f Female Teachers on
rr' .i".. '. ..... '.. ... ... .;WELLING, No.i9C(}ddr-st, '" ",. This Insiitution'"' will 'ereaftar be kiown the Metro .! neon, and one in theforenonon for Masters.. "
.ii~tan Academy. ' ."Even'ng Class for'Gentleman, from 7 to 9 o'clOck..
',O, ILR"NiTh.-Cottnge in 37th-st. near ,. 'I OR. SAL-E -A -ve-y pleoasant 2t1-story It will have three Departments: ntttonShosadPivmlsrcinpo
amw- at -. nstituto. ,Borai and P te norer i on preab
Housewayat in, nea Gt-a.t $550. I COT TAGE HOUSE, tin one orflhe beat stnighiborhoods 1. Academic. teddt-eatspitdt reri.eaoei
-. .,_Ho_..u near Brotwh-ay at $550.. of South BroosIyn, aonvaniant'toIsta eey h Ue 5.SCHUSTER. P Pr. fsst-
"-fromty of t Collkiet.. ... coui f'se. o S.s .U
'i -' 't-a.a$40. Boo lynfrie. Inqnr atN-1raneo uiaiy
House in .; 86th-st. near s.idgrp e. GRANT. Ththr&atutiettb irnne ata'postBh meia r

'. ",'" 6 none 0innt sB-near 'r.anway at n.... The Erofes.rhips astablihbed in the Acadimie? and'
Lg Bmot 4 yOR SALE-Lot in 17th st., .10 feet ColiegiateDope tai f, AlUBLIC EVENING SCHOOLs.b
' Hos~Stfi 'a 13 d r't- iav at $800. Fp 1. rpfsspVf th engkLad, ag will ho as ~ a
G., P-1ER9 No.%,1S0 Broadway, -near 3d-st. west of IrP sog-placeL; 9 Lots south-west Ianuage and Liteture lie is hereby tvea, that Evenieg$t
i.:6_ _ Profsorship of. th Mod isnLan ages' fitararcrel a on of APprentices or othprs, wedsa ages'-or. .
Bw s a ... .. .. .. Ledi ay 4nd" 41st.s:Lotd Sill, 3Sid, 4 ath 85uhif' -
A-- E AStore in W'lliam-t, be- 87th,38th andS9th.std., Murray il,; S Lots conr-Broad- ..fepsohip of the Ltin., rek .Languges and revnt their ati
Stationery-A andor 'Lot '4, bee, ~ 'I' --- - dl ilb
way a d. a7thfsto;a 6 -Lots .oneadly and ;; Pmmr ad of and. OAdeN ; &Y6 .E.V EeINO, the b 'litidt the D,
e-" l taF ^ do^ Vth^^ ^ ^ ?^ '! .. a~d W ih ] qefo We ieid th
i -il oLots. order 6th-t.. and 42dst .Los on 5th and Sadis a ,.Pi.dfeoo of Meotha .i%;.e, -eandi,. thdeosph Vth Wn oto the
;- .f 'T, ftyr -b. s..sii Renit lo6.-'anid po'seasion given tAe lst of ava. and Reservoirsquareo Apply to -ro.e ri of Ma/y. : ...., . losophyy f. a iar rmi.'f'.foutteanwbekih1 hb'rodmasbf thai
'o ospartmeroft d v'.". t0'-Antaddreed" to Box < aNo. 3,105'-P- 0., wll a- .G. PIERCE, No 1,10 wAy. Proe.rship of Chemistry ,and Physic. .. -IVth'Ward-Ward SuhoilHebuaeNo.10Jam
" .... ....: -: :' _^:: -_ -:.... "":: ....: .. .. '*- ---- LTT R SALE or to LT --FT A^Elizabeth-, I''* ProfessorShip. ofMoral, Intellectual, and=PoliU ~ io h -1-. : ..tween Chatham andMadison-sts.
to.7 P ' 1 J in
SALE or: 'to.4 L seT a o c-Eliaeh ofsrhp ;IntUll, anio I htf
Ed a -i l-osophy.`--n.,,, et : ife Pe s i i' '' tee htemadMdio .
f. ,`. : --L-T-j:. R:;BOOKLYN. e~i tw0x"Sbl"lds, o.90..
lie'' .o0td O !'i. _l- ..:fin ish ediar e n ih rh, of ..fivb minutes, wailk of tm, m ddp ; ren *i. The p7oil of i .th. e Ins"w o n fll. ae dth.Wa-rd co lH s o. ,i a
....L-aj.ea-ir-lh. Ied i "ato 40.-f- roms on conditionW.:.and egeblr tut.& "s o0 gpver tmee -.entioneo'abve- wian of
F.......... Vth . . i of w ard-W ard Sebdol' House, No. 26, ceiro
W osfgt n -Paink ard Cjtintn-ay., Each RHoo a o a.snice ..'iataly.'r Appy to WILLI Am -F.'DA Co ouasello t Law, Metropolita Academy. "-.. ,"- ; "om s .. .
Z ot& y idbamis ent wl with"' mode &ci;ljprova, FOr' 'NThe, pou5Es 'of -t he Institution. will Asmble ii the old Wadof rh e bist l H No. 2 Cl.rk
,-:. neB. tdy o p-on.nor .t-si e .f6t.Bt. 500 e ,t es -ofrh E __beh0Wil -. .--_'' .. -- .... : ". n MONDAYTh p of Mr.nsluo Foill .et-be le h e < o-4sf m IIth Ward--Ward-School House'No. 22, 86thrk
-1f.- ^jwjhiprto p'ini0?quieof te oar r T.I J.'S..& OR SALE CHE AP on LETfu- rooms oon id.nWede iay, the 1st of Seplamber s twoeen I.ringand Brooma-seo. .
Fr i n ouf Tj for'., lin s on action. -addross I S
r' ,.o for? inforreaion'idC..' l ;. ] th Ward-Public School House No. 3, coiner of
f FW Houe, onyr-ami 2o'o'flri om
jitn thpmises, or. h JOH itit SnEWest .6th.t., wh STEPHEN J. SEDGWICK, Seretary-ofthe Faclty. and Grove-scs. ' "
.'-- cellardeigbt roomson ei&h floor 's 5 feet by 48; CL ASSb Ward-Ward School House N0o. LndlW-
D.rp LET, rent moderate- -A new fofur- sillentfor $900 a yearP Prina $5,tO0 ; $,50"" or $4,000 can C. "' A L FREN-elany-st.' ,
rem aft on irgae. qur U. RENOL, or G. GSH SCHOOL, No.809 roadway.-A.FLG XIth Ward-ard School House No.N5o Steton-si
b d -basement D.welltng .with modern 'tmprove- FOUNTAIN, No. 157 Eet 20-st. fall termt of this IstitFitionR will EiAnce
a n nLE rth'side ofn61s, 2a00 feet westoflth SALEo on MONDA Sept.. Mr. Foignetbegsleave i' tWird-WardSchl House No..,.. 22
S o he prms, IN. ARLEN-sFor r -i ieiids'a the publicthat ha has completed hf 4h av. Ward Slool House No.
_ _ _ _ _ L. -tb6 a o to lspmay XIVth ardywar aSchool House N.c 17 Ok t
.. ...'..-. : . -, .8 ... o a House and se LT oeon thde, no. reset cornr of 4th- ments forth eisuingseasou, which will fSoo o s
o1-.T Fmyaff l av. and128th-st The Houseowas built by.te present owner increased advantagest ousdeparment. Hos. n earGrand..
Sf T a Pamy hl o m and occupant-he being an architect -for his own conve- In containing h elishment uner ts favobl XVth WardWard School House No. 20, 18t
.- :. e .b. -story 0use. Inquire at No. 123 Charl. nience. o- It is brick, three stories high, 30 feet front. Thet "pices, 'M, foijlvitols himself of the Wca sionr sy, that 65hav, - -
ton-st. or No. 171. West.. ". '" is aine Garden, Shrufbbery, Ie.,' on the premises. For par- o ys Will b :received at' any stage of their educiq XVth War Ward School
t ..t ticuars .apply from 1 to 2 o'clock P.M, to E. H. BROWNE, thoroughly pripared-forCollege or Business." The p 1p t"'" .
'or ithoutteam pow- No. 71 all t. be limitedin number and select. XIthWad-WardSchool Ho No.,20tl
"A ,,.V, I.r-,e. a l second or third Storesote l rabrik 'C. The French Lanageisspokenln the sthiol, aId 4 "kt 2d-av. ..' . .
'tUtding on 27th' sti. near lth-av. Suiteble for heavy work. OTS in the CITY of BROOKLYN, throws dl. The istuction is practicalntos f e a d Sd Mch Ho e e

i .-t.qid r ..the ofleof oundy in the 9th Ward. and situated between the tsre t g effortsare made to reandaer ec s alio..rsper f a .a'av id a a Eur T
28.[ I w o 2by #ne(t, with cptabeipal thoroughfares and business streets of Broofr lyno eo Ybnearviz.anhdoeamon. nedies deIneerye brnc ofes FEMALESa 'rnc 'uto
e j etelW f np ufet, the Fulton-av., Atlantic-st. or Railreade eand thePnk Road. UDaltoN. an3 polite Englhsh education, will bup po, Notice' is als given tatn evening Sahools t
..- bqdof YOGS- TEIR, No. This highly favorable location of the lots insure to he value those desiring a complete classical education education of femae will ed n Monda, the
4 9 .. . ... I of them an increase a beyond comparison.. A great may or every advantage which slnny. t tt in the FemaleC Dprtmate of oli..
___________________ the lots have been eld lately,- and all those desirous oNravy antae whed Maenyo.rGic L dIthoes 's N r, (.ae
san offer.It Wr
Vj.iQ$LTEP-WeH-l.AiAhte -1d ROOM 0S /, .with chasing with a small captala eheap aie: finely. itugted home ,'r. C ma bead o er. J ML' ', os -War So HuNo0.

^^Ite0^1-^igli indl N^App- SEQQirculars may ever JOH M~IL .j Al^W II .^te
......w, iout Oan of should on no account neglect to dOso at one- as necessarily Broadwayo; DELUn o CO .No. 51 Broadwa o teen Chatnam and Madiss-i-s..
at 51415 No a szI eo. thalots will rise in proportion to the improvements carried 250u oha OpOCKWO or o Sti, No. 4 -VIIthWard-Wd Sool Hose No. 3n 5
______________________ ________ on at the place. The prices differ -at present from 25 to H. oMLLR, 'No. 45 Broadway; p d prig-st-
-lava een ercted tere of More tan HALL Ho. MIL0 R 'No.a4drwwaayC ~S t ad-adSholHueN. ,Ldoj
-roted there manyjare now In hand,, and over nest .nea reersitys idence
4- Mau)00 owulert of lotsinte d to build during this and the folow- A IL. Ith. Ward--Ward School House No 5, Stanton-
,;... :,,'-fi' PjB ... '^. ___","' i.. .- "! ig year. Sine.the first'of Sptemr berthe railroad cars-stop tTM N S c O of no H er heriff-st.
. 2 .' '-NTY-, . .dPart. of. a house pleasantl, y thee every morning. at 64 o'clock,-by whibhl all business men.' XVtp Ward--Ward School Hous. No.22,4e iSohs
..p .n't 'e artof the cit. For four or nudtoth:South Ferry in, less d.hnte'n .inuts. Atl 'b snow open s for the %reception of Pupils. C0 6ha i
.. 0LdIRoo ..wi Bgseiep.t aKitdhen, and tee use of bath- o'clock A.M andat 7 olckP.M. the t-an Moves the atte ndance-on schoolsabs heretofore. SIthW a WS h
.o^ozo n a s a isu.ait t'a ]bera1 rcntllbeepaid. A- South Ferry forNew-Brooklydh. Te' i .. -S.-- oCU tdMMINGS, e Ns___o._'_,__._ _8t-_a v.______
B.. ... .. Pou- Ofce . The map of '.New Brooklyn can alwayl be sedn at the Cl. 'scA school for IScolored pHrson bpBne4',
,'i-, '. -,at[: Fam w ,- bebokstore of Eydam'&.FrledenthalW, No. 287 Boweiy, as alRe
w e, aeS aa r, .. lnt, O ser anso f a ee ne -a i' a' n io. and DAY SCHOOL, No. 97 The mpso he- Competent and experienced teaches hovebene
.. NthDtBSoar.n.l' Fami wrthe a MFor irt her. particular inquire at ALEX YDAM'S isses PALAC will ra n thbir tband everything provided thatma be rrd o

*v Land HOffiiis-int-Sthe-Itailregog Hose New-Brdk Dt'-'-.L; *6
.f 'o'." m athon th neber Land Ol.intheRail Houe, New-trookln or else of Young Ladies onMONDAY, Spt. 6. theseschol, and afford thorough msrucin to t
u el on WM RADDE.'No. 322-ftroadway, N -JACOB H. SACK- -fee ofchare.." AI,*'heation'for edmisaio o must bM-
11909 f .,W S tq prfe'd,. ddess Box 1,108 [L ELo1 s to S
ca.e .... ', F M aqat New-York; C.'L..aA9&SMAi0Z1 N0. 249' J E IOR. aR--P tnd
Z _Offi_ _'_, Philadblphia. ..Initidtoln ',. whch good order is maint b 'CJD l WtM 0'OONNEL
fgtise .o'' A ESI rettmdnoI.imd *aliidim rvovenetn secured b 7 eU .L.BAe tT FL
1R' LE io a a instru will be pleased and served at the 0o WHALDS."
Maymoxt Oceo ofus BorbfEb-tbSt 1,82
1.XNTe o'Afleasiitta next Locatio ms he .... T LIFE FOR ME."-So sung the poet, anid sd sings and Classiel Schusol, No. 15'He'hry. at.. C t Ei
sto&et. adr Noa B.1,672 the maut-at thiFarmi Agency, No 35 WVaU st., where an as. SOLOMO JENNER a on .df.i-., Sept 1 .
",t ins.: -e Ieest'addefes box No 0. sortmo.bof the greatest variety is constantlybton hiud, wait, R V Ei F
',O. 4. Fwlli---- D" EU LAS-SI D 1
-" ;e- -e9' -of his'' 9-ve ola'gT age t) ASSET wil rail
'i ,: oW. 1' ntaz: ..... .......... EXAS 'L NDS--Several irabl servicesto ofh veall lW n Pars,.of'2 hs end. AW'.
"Sal.-: i1 e dd abl-' i4,alvNo. 1 -2., Fetnch ed S pantish C as onply the 5h inst. Ha,
parcels of Lan organize a new class fofo beginners oR or about thM
ARM .:.'SAE," j_ pme~sOctober.s fors thee pardicoularseapplyh ataceisRefreideen
folowin 4bods: Dr "Goods, Clothing,- Hadwa Boots rd d .12th-st. LeRoy, Broadway ac" h :P.
hos aea GasQuaeusware, Paints, D gajd Med- Dr. B -. Mcready hrllopher-st.; M. Beau fl ie 0w e 9 .
.'i kko, Qli e 6ior sale a vauiiabldFarsh ofabout .ctmes. Apply-to I. EGOLF, N tY.o o 6 Colgate, No. 72 Vall-s'44. J.
two orchards and good beild- . a hit. rlaasleyNo.Y10 N N 72 APID WRIT 'NG". 'are.
'~~t~ ijhj;P~ge~~liul~v~i~i'ta morning and11Sinsebsgh ''''' N ~~rksi 5 oso l~M
wA. ih Cino.nearl.resaid with heavy rail,P 'OQ OYSTER PLANTERS. s ' I AN B ttoD young Gentleige toiwhomu the eacqusiio o
.... .iebeb.,lEG otd DAY SCHOOL for YOUNG LAD E% No.hou,) would ho in' f ,"by an eptre.y orLgin
.... le dot. ig T.hala-nd produces good cropsof grain' scriber owns two miles of the verY best hore-for 6 Broad- North of: Union-quare. Kra. LEV T w
b.mill recentlygoo devredt'h ,of. ige grai ab oim
,. dig wheat,- and is. sepiror men- planting Oysters upon York River, in the 8ltat6 of5 Virglhi 8 P rincip NL rth ool Uni' bearep r. o cm nins in the-'Vi'r biight f e
"1',ftib Aragl i- ..'oi in "a.go prodnc ve -farm will which it is universally conceded is the river if the 'intt Seipt Applibahtieo "sf full particulars, an on ro r
,-,cdi.t.eften'h i e'o ere!th'at will suit him aa wail as this. States, in. which the finest and most, highly flavored Oye trs -ePrincipal at the usn
...the Cilga Valley itvd rrpr~d uive. .I Iteiddom & 'ers -for are to be found. When he says that "Caphosie" isthE name ama.'.' '...-. osand all day on Saturday WV. 5. Mcc AU't
tanko.tkln--it -.hasodurdiig thaiprasentetason,whichi has of his farm,. he.has. said all that is .necessary toreaoinmend T 'S- SYSTE3 of
been so dr in most sections of.the-untry., Severa' gbn-_ it to a great many. persons iA New-York- andit andlghbor. LDSMIT S Y
ilemeni-whe have traveled extensively the preuept season h,_ who hav, aen enggdm the Oyster 3de.. The MANSHIP-There is no system of pe hR
ta. "-.ia i thoL'drops, u4i6e in-prononcing those In Virginia law forbids 'non-residents of the State' to plant equal~to Mr. G.s a system and no teacher able b pr BOardin D"$ s S frsYongK LD i
"'. $1t6j -.q't y, and hotter than,.Aat theyhaveseen Oysters in this river. Under,this: state Of things the sub. it is the.enthsr. Let el badwriters take lessons A. G moved to No. 1 21,ltiplca where it will' r'
'- "... ..... : . .'.. . scriberthinks ha aydis _.ofa par of his shore upon Pr purchase is copybooks for home practice. of hs @ e u
I X:'- $ id.b the.i. laywi sh t.rso'ne fartt e inform very advantageous terms, to-those wishing to eng age in the cents. For sale at. the 'rooms, No. 289 Broad.way. M .1 ... ......... .
4" 0' ii-'- l thefhe"ri bpfdr goifig to see it.1ll inquire Oyster rb.erp s,.by ibldingdlokiwink .rer 4 P0rtiooof AD W OA ''l UTGERS F. ALE I. pNSTIT1
&N ... )&'Qi".2 .ladtt.p a Gert;ain in.-refot- 0 .Wland 'en4ug ft t6 ea h for the U.DSON A CADE.Y I A RI :
GO, st.230' sNo. M260 Madi n-st.,.New-York.- The next
r, .-I.s -4fl$ ; w .k& .. .'jaeb. of erecting diS, and',st d vega- SCHOOLfdtegeS.Thisinstitution, Oo MO
t." -"'8 '0? .. co. bbas for te Notnem ,tiark. The: Iud ,.is admirably peite Trinity Church, Tosn of Hudson, Hu 18e of Septe r 8 at o ourse ofnstest
44.., ..: T,=.P.A"....l1 adapted for ga~rdening . .o. ,engsiuisi onjh suh will .be opiened/.on the '1st 'of Septemher The Ik oni brcsth e wof lbetem gde f'a'2.the r ourgh of. iibstrantl
adaiedfo gardebxpurposesl ling. si"d g t sout
fi._ '. N Y A ,- T~~ 4 2-TEIQ.~ ome side of the river, nearly ethre miles wide,t'which sirvesto rb althy present .all the oavantages and:JerQ a ,_8br ti" aldaiartina'w hara p t blents 4
,~~i 'telil hhe e alth -two -f Htbon, and J l del rl en ee
affording most efficiet protection against sad laf 'teaand having'cmmucation f smulbus wi0t ba
0 w, Thetb Qthas apj n sg ta f sdrata t e"ae, 'half hor' The ioursa o stdy include s t
I: .I.I ,i .dw 25. bySS ,;'i Log2S. bynhaltthis bqt C, lies gas e s of gaining a residence in the State,- and-of acurn'''Fren h&'Spnisih the Classics arid Mathaemt[led or f ug houses in th.a vi.cinity of- the Institute.. -.
,".,.mv n: water, fm ke",o~r.e ona boda nd Ire A large poriflpp_ .. li p, j.... .. us~e.]fthe right to-plants Oysters aufnd ofpuc es.o]trading genera y in..atences 'b mdand terms,t whichth .A eyare very Threasonablep a p11' .o Circ~lars speplf.r..'g!tij$o cp i~ of .std.dy:.and thb
1~ ~qtrhikHnaedLtN.SS a'tt :s. ai ofb "-t, he wl em wodld '6otjbe n o w-Yr .ee_'.'atday, from' 2 'to 5: P.M., : 1 tin ma..ub 'h pp- -' ,.I~ e, or.fu, ht.i fnt
,e.! o I3,-,. d.:'.,' el-Otherwise. 'He is not partiuarl a usixdst t ANTHO Y.'So ..08 r da. J 'E, *s. uap',be o~hp ?,,'l .. itf g~h
id .H ensi st at.. near iseamxin-st.p pg i pIsbyn.... .., ."tal 'a~ .. if one wotld hika to pucaeajotiiIrc' .... ... ....Baonten vec;'w' rbg"ikii"i-ct ~i :
... ....b 5nothastorerof ercffa Jugl F his selling,. the subsic'iher wl c ~~ l Q $
fts usv irtoc nS6 d o ,ieroho lec"keri 5!d .te~ upivr~~n tJe-rms. Leltars'a isW. .iso .totr...,_, ., tef rn-4. t:Wiiiiisist as, foraslljbe rti J :B Y6 N:134hana 3hs.-h Sh
....__ _ .tsl.'ElsisI k :stltht.6f Sasept heime, '-at which time hae il leave tr :cho"em,, tMems lr oAn- N.L Thompsbon",Pree '.,. ,. '., Thomas Wilitais
tl2~~ ~ 0" I'O ? ~4 ~Mllat orNe-or, na ato 1f inn ]llsqolafil ; 'Mess."-'Lockwood's, No.4111 aj 'James -Hahirdos,'-.' ".' ,' ", .iPh-E benisui'Geuidh
,hlaleobtrs-svxlgsttltlu. Byrsfrig ed. .esr Raynpi'.s, $o..76.BowerY4N A. "ames Oi, -~ ... '... 'Gs.' t 84' M 'Gle"arzu
I t nd L T to ..ueptil e ]b JPeu, -ofd titan .:Iland,1.hts w'wlerisabulr '
reha' or..o. to .. f..... .RW %G I~l .. AG... J. 1,IN DU N A.8,P ali.-Ko a .' Jc xfrj I
*C.......te.e'a.t a de.s ate A I idlessons54nI atin,, Greask, Matha mcitic AAB.Hle,'' ua'ibn.
'! """ .......: ,' Si ,~SEATS~opriga OJ AP 1 m'L- ll .r i OCap D~biln& did.'"iI' vii. : olisi''i~zratra, :at theresidence:.,.[~ p, ,, of his pupil; or. a, ,'- uk-t 6 l S E EC LSC OO Tot nv s-ziE
'-:. -t-55- -flR -rflT m~ M t t'. fl'r .aasa .a -.. . ..... ,,5..,.55 -& .... ....aW'P .~ .... .... .......' r'iruil jst~ % ilijy D petnnt'y

Sn.r-- h" ."- ,vJ ns:,.. ... ..-t S C U te!acherru -Tehnj nd- Mingd l.aM. d tiof' in"s ofIhf l L
'House and'j 5ir tlro'1ocai offerIns' eftasdr tlifsEfr Eff -
falptb4 idn Chstltdn-ts.-; 1vwp a~ 25 w.
p h 43'' pisE. New ING.--A so tu, beautiful bud p- t",- Itt
Also te t Rue. and Lot Nd. Wa. fordinga greaternumber ofl private "inst
.......... W) i 'f. beaut.t sii.ts.lbg.0'n' ;ihs.' eehoi' .whb di e am 9CH UI*i O Ci:ms
;"- eib .i i a .ty of thecityae I i er tha `uthor, u fl'" M
6y ~ d, W elciek i 'lh 'ild at C. CL. M didy i 4he~stme ets
. ... ft ",., .:Pure,4.r.Q..eiqfeast areusi oo-eaig Con~, family scoo yfo sh The n imtor-wni)
"- Z' / Bte. ea notchelos are jWv:'aD Who *IV ",tus ple 14i. t
. ..... .. c up... .. .
he renh a En g-is -e0'. e'.t......
--"l Ias i. r4' nlo l ,.""........... ...\,O 0, to ii t4

gM 'a Myt Ia ha s z A*oJP
'W-00188 Bea ibiomatio von yt .egati nu..

't61t p tlgl er ytE named, on te pounds, ao, :by. Mosars. WVA 211B,5 Ir-I. an r, N~o., 1,( nadoay oonn5r .. F11404l VIPJ5ao~t~~a
JIA~8tX, lqe. 195 VIO t,' Br ln-I --. ....... IE NO *5 rdway. ',B~~d

20, 1852.

Aan.... r4,.The 6 M..t w t'._. .
32In Pd-p n i j....ttE

'I whenM.ll..a t'W fea their
,. a f *u ch, for
bthi -T HVE NART S A R jLI. %lfvois e&ia ote

Itut-:i.i EsCI t]jpl9i .4' '*A4 ,i# tin sixtls- the v'e b.estmn "d...sobsmdt
addp, s_?_ do ad coi. sold on favorubhlaten-t.-Second-hand Piano-Rortos taken
indicemeriateducation.i rpiiils are 'ticeij' "agei y t.-, -m exchange.. acro$oA wrs~^ Yre
a nt e 'utj _t.aea.-amre e ,vedt "." ."bv m' b I .ani ta Y r "k.
S by refer ~touthe .Gire qiar., P.tttr iAY ~~ A ~ ~4$~4 hs o i
has rhy I "SCHOOdtfore far nia' '
lwr DiveiPs-o. ear-bs Grand-st andus Q d o at 6.. w. itin.~W ona d -
whennAir. T.!"rC\willbe C BF o sea t6 hi

rers "', J -" u'... ,"" this '!'
8h ^Loge plne1s~inte4t3 'l iruted hin' afthe fi 'ati ^ ',ceae-^ e t^ 1*0
5 toOman htsbEmn npnarplaprigt rY
ean be obtained at43 iARD& CO'S"Booistote, No.- k rM.- O
.vanted. 152s alton- G.fE:H.LCOX, No.. 293 BretawIr. ageats r'&-, ASCOC 113kwu.
No. 21 N.Y., or byNaddress WA. N.WMN, Principal. :, Ji!5^4- y:Ya
I GRATflA NGfYi2noitkk W 3t lf s of t
exp-- -Pof | 1 K jnliniiol 'n, tJ:LiJaar-i SHAFTI~tifr Sale, all in c aed order. May hboseen '
hchsin. s E 8 b' II ' taTite's.nor.k',b s owned byh
I ~ ~ ~ i'aet wiEny"- .eoy: ",oFny,, p P arera- JAMES I J,, "-of"teb. Nrthn"'HBte' foet of
idden,- ~ i^e^d-t the 'ag' bseven'yen j dhis -id de .'at red a qur anrd wpYtbtK,;:"oPyhi.r ma- le'f' term of
caene* b dniwiwsa;d'fi4 n -I ~yar n9idaulbs ~oaltrn -En -inecis,2-ors

ifthe ' Cro'wen'k ot lioksira, In Broadasay4 Lee 'ai '1'ysibr', InDi--O 1Q11
bo his -'. G, :S .....cle..TN G RODS.-O

swYor 'II." 'H;LEGGETtS'4L SSL^L Sdk aETIR'S Paen Tn*t&lbisnCnntr
adway. 44 itesaet n he4 d the bile ieeral hen-
.V FRENCHiand :.-E.NGL[S!........ SCHOOL--Nrh-e.. ".d toetinonials o ave f]B reid which eminent isel
L R omer of Broadway and 12th-st, wW be reopened o& MK tN-", istile imeneexiress their' uied'-af fe6 t.heior e dod
atNo., i DAYSept'' at 9A, M..- ,'Cireulars at.Lois*'0d's,'No. ' a"ibgether.the.baet4eviid,' tiuiieue"' off msulated
INDrA'Y Brosadway ; tvn~s ad B tten'a, No 6917 Broada ,rf an& at more', netly and pratinsatnly a ituclheWW'; ..ebsadinig, anA
:sDilf3.rasQiden~eofjbh~liJpa 0t1$LJo' Tonis^ mdutebdnismieal)' 4%Uvprtrli^iS'J ~ ti o-

) App imii DA t 1 Wcat ons nipiy tlo qecd te i m.ral to b
Srtheir interest to -ein le thiUC o
O. 46 B ACADEMY, Nb. 8u6 Broadway, next to Grace ' ,' LUCa&LJIU&.LYON &-"o;Qaeo.e-t
Itpen o f. Church. will' open for the ensulngn'sesasoon, 0 S .' on"W E0 '158.. Q ....... .ay-st.
DAYO tiW,at2t*P M .f&r Ladles, at 8Sfur C U~dren, C.ItWKWRS ,SRWINO "1AQEI&CINE- "
and and at7. for Gentlemen 'Fdr .-rmp, a'c.)'se'e Card c fTrers. ' 'q Tere i.i.Dlonjer any 6paridbn.Sitmdin.ithee inv al-
Sandu It is with feelings of more'athan unl..kda and atssrae uatbe labr-reavig mahines, which"xtczt ea'ei inds of seam-
roianth lion tat .1 announce tie commencement, of the ,Cl seasJ.rr- ,Ingin a style of great beastty and d"rabili r.'Thy'ejae adapted d
tb issaion.. Having -removed' to the ne w bildi ".:jus : any Jkiidodf..eW.g,..nd are_ soedby. adina_ .oentheirbec
: '- erected expres-ly for this-purpose- ; ea1 s o'w ofre4 or rha. ,cussomwwurk. The great demand.,fpr 'thseochines, and
?~ u p se of my pupils the meat elegant. coBvenient and u)hplete .thanuniverg.aiatisfaation thayT ha.alven. vi,-in praile o i
' establishment edyer erected In 'this iy ; thee .xpe cof, .for.,'which ei. s.o.nly.:. ^ t.w beh op
sage and many'years enahlingme to tnowao'"dn' o'eide for .pr ecwp ted. ,ithe. poauzga. ufl* ;for the s.lp:,$&$hose ma-
bhe Prein. k L

there. in the fullest manner. It is my intention1' p. make ts wht chieSat.Nis.t.o8, -bSrc dyway."heyre t-..v,:e seen in
S4th-ar. si~Suh an eetsblikhmiht' should .le, pla for, oo;m tl and eptratien, andlwhiprert-.prop *yjl he lahp.o demon-
physical improvement, oemnected 'wit intl cedit a' d bone- tratesata.hpi.i.t.llity t.anysne w wi-. all call
Ldy' faciall reeraeion; and'it will 'be'mp'artidiar'a omake ..". '
'to the gaod' depdtineot : aaid go ral tin-
e. ofthe :ptvenestbf all wtho maybeldid e b char a
pend the !" T ile Glk eias for Odeitlt m ein .will'be array .ege b.n.aneu.tirely C n t../fl, ,ta tb m s r : .-; #.- ....
lasess of e now system *whfclii'will &reatly faeilitste.the "a
'tha'rog~es, an NIAJ

(inlod- add very, much 1to the ac`onyenience ofP the pupils. tast A U S T ALI A an. .F
g, er any much space would be taken by describing the system hare, GOODS.-Merchanis,'Comginies'ahd" ln'dirdaa fit.
by nl-r! &VI "Mud -akn' y'dWs

ato. the ubi rul Isreferred as frnhgadescripon out for thbse marets can find'a- ftulla'td'bmpleee aas.-
IRESS, ofithe new method and its advantages'" e t f M&ner's'TiPck, iU re, u t
All theonew Dancesof she present aid former seasons will, le 's Eoge TiaJsT.efe;.hs, ick,Ah ls hb-,Re. Gtadof
be introduced. .:' " lery ..:, Edg To.' ls,~ Ftr arS.' T .. a. 4tii* 5 dtoa-dof
r the Private soirees fur pupilsouly; semi monthly. i < .'. CHA jopL9pnflb Iton-si.
..Pin _t re.arpe no less r~h'ds, ehii te.6n 'Ijses,wh.ic.h'pass'd 'e~tly in C.urbS,' snp'aror, gatvanld t'lhli'cltrtred n
ry, open' ficistof the deeror. rwltthin 514atw9, e"tr'ee N ue. s'of it- ;tel~y finishad'back'ats, tbetus,.elqht-fe;rrked .eels, Ie., Ie
ir of pu- East BIoidway, M.disd n;t:, .ad'that.neiglbsrhod, directlyy McGLARY &iPOWIS,.BeaeeO 5 alN.Y.
rmoton to the 'Ac' adenmy: hid. affording tbe, patrons in thiat part I RATESQ and^7Ti'Mil? FETrRS44 ICEL
dru~1ggist equal facilities with the other po.'ions. a .RAlnO ad^,.. jyR..KO .-M Kj-
otheor. po040i,011 s. AC1 Gratr-ct e EYS Gate and' Feeder Maitor No. 84
vF'oo l,,t o FicesCr c.Bidrn thr hot ~1IigD

S.OOHES'DANCING AC4DErY, s.tree dbo wet .e '&ons
|Brad- -.- i new Assembly Roonis, No.S6L Broome-si., [,-now.n, woududo wealluocall, asoM ha is rdest.tlhu.poterPsSa"
cara. open for the season .The most fashiooabl sty so, iucludidg hvaet n enipneussare'smrisS "sa. '
1$-., r b a~'sknK & N WMA Pincorl vaiey n

Clas e,vary variety of weltring of.chls country' and E{rope will be ___s_________________
Prasti 'taught in"-he shortest pos.ible.$tlime, and most reasonable PEXI[C.AN SPfTR*"iR S i 'stnia-Bi. or the
Pactimu. 'new c ass will b'i formed on Monday, 201th inst., lV|I;'--r-,' Mr :aud:" "a^|% jutn
eimS for spriva, tapupils. Two new classes for the general term, Californian Menial 'and"P&i5^ bu tr'
d at hi Tuesday, 21s. Ladies and childn meet at 3 P. M.; gen- geioend'fie in lts 0 suitii r
tilemen 7 P. M. Also, a new l, on Wednesday after GUTMAN BROTRa.4 s8 t.'l aup stirg.
le. . -6 -'h!. .L..

'noon, for children, commencijg at 3 o'clock 'ie.....-'-:Ab- y-F W I ,'S
y after- wANCING and WALTZING ClASS- P'ttEt r. ,tn-. Rich'sS, IMPROItfoENT.-
ntyat- "9-ES .MONTAGUE .HALL, Bro '. ,,(so ''ST-ESIrNS &a'Aek&LYVI* successors to.'Riclttie, are the
ipiy at- near Jfontague.p/aee.)-'Mh5 LiANNAY would .intkoymi, hei(.t 11" ; .'fll & rdtt'f"'iefSALAil"hI"aiER': S&I*"mbinin
uenljon- patrons and the resideelsof ,Brooklyn. that .sheaill jp~pa ;" :'bhr 'pht eUs': Dp6ba No.146 Water 1:; fftw0erk.
or' classes on WEvDNEnDY. Oct 13th, Ot; 8ji o'pdL. '
Soirdes drig-theseasd"n.P-ti.lari fEture' verte i ORNELL Mancturers
iloin. anents.s.,.- ; ..:., ^ ,. '.: \.:;: ,, t .:. '' of TIN TOYSa of every aniety.:" s '..Y.
- s accyH'-.an1WeLnit wre rJanssnelrooit o exo

---- ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ F 'J"- 'd**, Ti*.^ x^r ^ ^- .- --.,.-fac aan n -W-arae;, Rii~asboea'TODlaco Boxes
A-DNoA- ,i M G R-A VI EiER-D S kA.R and.Spectac1le Caes. and flf.:k.s.epaaqffe.are.
the edu- L'-DIN'S.'DANCING ACADEMY, No. -54 Clinton- Office and Sampl-e.q nRpom,.f..-Mt.,salNagsau, N. Y.
ocatodns : pace..-FAREWE LL SEASON.-Mme. G. intedingo r o- rro .6t f K t .
ened on turn to Europe, takes this apnportunity of her giati- L.
chool in tudeafo her numerous pupi t'nd' their families for the kind X.'ERS,'&I--HA,-YDEt!-&4I NNDBIRSBIt-i Foundei
22d inst., patronage she has so long eSjtyed. Her clasesswill cdm- and Manufaturers, "offef for iheir ,st, No. 219
male de- mence on SATURDAY, October2iner r eleaganup, t"S Peael-st., a large "variety of Cro ;Faue,.Goago Cocks,
were private monthly Soirdes will-b4 given a usual. Days Oil Gups Patent Oil Cans, H ie P.ipes, Gpliigs, Buie
i-st, be- and hours: W ediaidays. a6d gaurda.yA .'tSk'fo Misse Cocks, '&c.c. "' I o. '. ' "
.. ,and Masterfs; ;Moidays, .and-. T.-ur.sdays, at. 4 .IM for la- .I
f North.: dfiesan3'ge6iiliseiSrbtdlAdiii^raiinfitfimmaataned . CATCHM'AKER"S' 'add ERS'
S '- t ................ ....... .les;.j rn.I ...g Lathes of all. siz &, ,i-na : oio.te0 fmanute.
-stna . ured and.fez sa'a by.W4i.H..:dA5SE ., .....Chathaos.
ner. : : aiso- c " three r.. from Chambers-at:, New-Yor....
.-st, be! iu-ac._______________
Hudso A PIANO-FORTE T of supeorir tne eilltlton.0I0 I
-and finish, latest. tyle aof ease, made by oieaof the .. 1 e- D R IE E NTS arse.insefted i
't., near rnars in this aand wgarroteefor toarq^ v
oetave in p effectt os a;it-lsnaew. It ;i; s and.vqry ti
c, coer low, as the o%ner is Soon to-leave the city. I t aj b been.e -_/F hE-'- a, Anoh' Y.uopU4 p V
P&r afew das N. 78Hudaon-st., from 9 till 011'e'lock'-w
at., he'or A. M., andtfrom 7 till 9 P.M. ______" . ; A r.ENTION.; '" ATTEJpIc t--Scott
7",1OJLEAN PIIANO FQROTES--No.-441 h-M &Graam socntiod:Turrist-M aSn
.. w between iHoward and '_Grdte.-A ners, Transpaereies, &c.,- b ACK iiWANWMLLER, at
B., r 3 aavay, Pt. ,Hoa d s ,ilr.nd.
-t .near their old -br ad.'- No.1i:N aa bo dl.
4i6d1ididasortmenit of Haloet, Davis '&.I ..'a.rnd idu l sdmireold.aIN.- 19 .:au.s. bi.. '-,.. t, n an-
Snear Pianosis, (some 'very, rich styles) wich'h.larged, assormuhtr'of Ann-sts;. .. I an
Dostn and New-A urk Piand, of'-Siu 4 'Al"o. a fIser .ul ... TRN-1t f the .... Y--a nd
i e p!y of second-hand Pianos, tnclutingT. GilbertI &CGAs URNING of the'
,, near WitR-'or without the'Eolis's, alltuf w icrarie forse tte I LSSof;SEVENTy- V r ould
,-near west prices.-Pianois t' i NCOLN & THOMPSON. 'suffii' tWutci o ng ovry travel' tw m or her.
.. .............. .. olfwi one DAYS Patent Idfap.rre ryqr.which cost
N OF ,RADBURY'S BOSTON and .jEW- biutaitniind danialwa ..b# IsfobUd$t s .iOIi'sisns
'TO- :B YORK PIANO W REi-ROOMS,;No. 423" Broad.way, .2 Courtiandtt- .. ... ,.."."
for the thrie doors above Canal-at. Assorted Piauos, of approved OOKE
20th in- make, with and without the. sElian, as cpeap as eldewaerBeRO. H .ERS& & CO,
gSchool Geo. Hews, Hallett, Davis & GCo's., Light & Newton's, I&., .A GENERAL COMMISSION ME.RCANTS,
I&e. P leae call and examine. Orders from broad'puncctu. .#'b Sri .
sat, be- ally attended t. E.G. BRADSURY... .- .. JOSEPH J. ,COOKE. A GO- .:
_ark ---OR-SL-_-At- o 7Agents for.tha purchase and: shipiment of .ierhandise for
laTk-st., ?OR SALE-At 'No .- 'Barcly-st., the'OGaliffornla and Oregon Markets.NozilSrQeenwischt., door to the Astor,'Howue-a variety of 6Q and 7 NeWYorek..1 :. .:,: i b JOS-- 1 ,GOOKE,
t., near octave rosewood Piano-Fortes, warranted. to' give hatisfatc- .j"4'1- &" .. .' G$O I. 0-QOOKE.
dcon inevrgh rafts008^ ^ ^^ on an ranalsoo In
lion in ova respect, or no sale, for csh or approved pae e.r sght drafts on"San Fransisso ..
-at., co0r.- Pianos on hire. JAMES TdOMPSObNs. . "-
, nar -_ &' -H. BARMORE offer at'their LAK BoOKs, 'PAPZ ST-
BTIONERY 'STOkE,. iNo ir Ajid-apmer-FEL&Nf-
S,- niear *J -tiaanufactory end wardroom., No. 348 Bledcker-si., iIS' &LOUTREL sell all goods in. heixrline a nolew prices
co;er'bdf Chiarles, on assortment of'elegant Piand-Fortes, make o. pattern anystyle of Book, rqe4Q;'princ Cards,
ColoredI with the metallic frame and, reverse bridge, and 4U other Ccul, B ls, Checks, Ir.v'lps-.Copyi Prpess
-st. u mndrimiprovements. C ctors' Time Books Wri.ti. rs .p4pp, Note
&n= C. .F1SCH'ftr (late Nurki & Papers& a C0ncy1 Stonqry1alclas, .Ch(lt Cards,
~co'nduc~Pt T O C, lPO.oetflios, Wi'gDe kAcountBook.ofa.kiesMani-
Spupils, Fischer,) manufactoryand wararoom, No. 170 Green- fold Letter -Writers, Golk-. ens, Ie :O.,. o0- t5 just
made at ich-t., b- corner of PhDay.t. Pdno.Fortes,w arrantd, wi ', ,-FRANCIS, i;:LQUQREL,
reverse bridge and patent tube, well calculated for keeping trationers, Priner4 apd BobLudes, in-lane.
u tuniorepired, and eaxhanIge .
IN.B.-rmlso.$olian Pkiano- cetosfor male. I
hoosk .fines p ROP PiESS WO'RK-AI eads of
hooi DANO-. O ES-.-The finest ksort- :shieetmetalstamped.t&.pattbrn;'also'D.ibes made by
''DIETZ; RTHl&C.'b.S'Wi~~~t
a.. ment. of .Plano-Fortei in the city my be found at the DIEZ ..R... E CN. 8...... Wa..-. L
cN t a siou wareroomSofN. P. B. CURT IS & CO., No. 447 1 RUGQS.-GREENLEA-F & KINS-
INCH roadway,.'eonsgtihg-dfGrgne.-i Hewts celebrated Amer-
pen hise an Patent Action-Pianos T. Gilbert & Co.'s pop lar iDo- LEY, No 62 Vesey.-st. N..."' .
ill also Uan Piano-. GibertVimnd'oteh' Boudoir. Also avyeatyof ChemicalsOilDsIre,. atwhels
l0th of aew and' second hand-:Piano' 'f d e or, to t. olNo.4 oniberaltermsi etq-. gi S CobtryMerchEsNtoro
No .3 36 U0tosaway.. . . .. .... : ."-" .. Manufacturers; ia SA F.GREEN EAF,
P .. ...-- ...... ..A.... Ell_ .! C.El. 'E' 'A.. n e x
manyi pI NAnOS for SALE ..- C H E, .AP--"An. ex- by D EED WHEATA .Genesee White Flint.
6e)entaewu octave Rdeawdod Piaut, 'mad by Do- d "den Aus.
a beau- vid VanXVsinble, for sale'a a barbiin"and four secitd-had SoU
lies- per ones -at _50175Iad 1is: .. fotrsa at1 S
.al JAENY..BENARY, No. 392 BIO T9' "G 1U"I";2Wrff"8
' ~~ry . .. . ..," -...- "..... ..1.2 r
of form .VJj..EMP-ORUM.-.MALTIMCE STRAKscRaopen- .haveroA'4iind-i4areeagiin
tL.N ',ddnjti('fine' Piaino-Fote nda smoek'oeifi&- a losatdb. *o uluir-t., MewYbks 'g kO S Iar
place. e. n. .i rebsted a m td to ll' ;' -"-'
S HENRy Manager. No. 29B ady C EORGE W.. TUTTLE m Imorier of
i E R'S --- ' -"' -----English, French an4nd te .a ?ac" 4i". Novetiel
a is is re- F t. F H. -NASH; Who has bebn for and Toys, beth useful and', f present&
ipen on JL more than twentytfie'e years engaged in teaching me- Emp9rfim, .No.fl n&.9.d.d__y, ..i. _.
s ic' in-this'-cit" and'ealkihert,'bgs leave to stake to his T"B' '-H..A dealer in D SaSh
U friends and the publi gienrally, that he has on h nd a va
UTE ryof chohice-Pidfrort(eleted by himself.),f New- .. ? aand. Blinds No. 566,Ciff-st., corner of Beekman New-
cademia York and. Boston.rlanufacture--lby the baes makers, which York. J. B. H. is prepared to furnish the above articles in
AY, the he wil lbe'-at' hanaistslia'i Second.han Pianos any quantity.rtqiili jm* -4z*-il warrant every article to be
ion em- for sale orto -let., ,N,-?.-.sesb giv, n 'f&'S glng an ni Plano M represented. .Oderafilled and sash glazed atshort notim.
Io e mduc- forte; Eiesa ehtlrV'aNe G -, Cs-,seg aPsosonobe om ..
ustrated' ofwhih-'dueedbt i ae'aiin'beiva :' F N-." N. 4 NA t LA IN li4 A
yeradto t ... : .. room B -!t1, Newr York. ,ING LDI .-W. DTET.CH.;H 'o.e.85 Duane-st., .
paa 'I -paisad epae---ksn&dsif plte erjit god inth
a bord: M ESS'RS "T LIGHTE & %1wTOSN; i episa p" t k I _-nW 4.'- "&
stet of Ia' 0-FORTES, fhareaexe their [ ELYSE,"NGRA4N13 RII
eermiohf .ecrqaddemad ad th K PRNT-
irmaioi .bust"s. ad, o.iened 'a' .Wareroom in .Broadiway, o.0..6 . N "'OFFICE- No.441fltqp:,--Portraitt, Ril.-
stewina where .we sh oil -cqnatantly .keep a. choice I splectio is W-dirt He ipdaBdX'Mag~aS 1vortrZ;usiness Cards,
PFiagoq-rortqs, Sum 64 to 74 octave In Rusawo'stl a ewith. dd, t'si. V^ Cnd"a.aenpr.. 's.: n I
idean.. 4l ; ..thcblatept improved pattemai.'. elshaIP also co4 utfa e - oggrop Ira,
keap a fusl msort ent .of.1[ns.trem. s at rounhl M eHt* P ......... ...histo i"" ..... .. osd ..
e- d Waresooms NO. 22 Csl-.s1-All ,Piuoorta ----HEAP 4EN RGDone
i nanufactur are .warranted ln ev ,peet .,,if ,. o, s.oe.eoel.plankf0ca ar..4fn apfoat-.er7ln orig.
l ^tocall and examinSe.. ll-fl o da "-: -: .- -.
t... fl .. . .......^aw ./J .Jil J ... -. J -*| ^ hSPb iFf E[- 'Rfefttinnot'.. reW eh &i _nl.d Blueig J.L No
y -.- "r.-: ec a.. -," ...' .a.e.of.p^^^ N& ^O
r./ -'lr fom y0"n*t,- K 'ri f~nf g 'en .o p tr nim M *0, .-j L .. . > ", -*" .. ... .- .. "- -* *-- ----- --
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xdt fth-prh;.P$T;wR~3I~N. bisdoteabnsbeen..OJmii*-i5 iimproved b3 the sulssat.
Saoon.- tr that be w0t,20iNod n,1ef.or to any other cam..
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be im oonen-tsseUtas tqustity,_tisej meenr'-may be Idaferred... g_._ as, G.oats am__ .r_.'!, S : e a.P Pewdr [ -o of _
I upl aatlJ.such denl m-ararre.moyead- T., I ' reu v m par, Ivountry mn ..,l ai$ snshren 0 8l o an
".H Wu-. 5 1 %~h'PS!oJr4.
C ~ ~ ~ ~ o ofta---
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cha m reumu&UPi agato caat '"afrTABiwe flmy
r pjpptpty,.tianchdost vq[&. lalton 'dt M ( oe JI ltA AM ied
1.e1- Art. = 7 W
me a -en pur '. &-u_
St NOM4W*, ea.t knv:;


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0-^ 0 5550 U~i4IP41S&0OS '

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done ot _MA1 k alleke 'a-, ,, ^ rSs ....

11 On dael sthewirey -be e*amfd d' n
akein Will eltE4.
400 fast a d, W d U
Win' Ie,-t it TheL 44-.
mlan ta flsass a em has h rtia h~Asoiffwlantlm l1.10 InS (500

o m :' f V a~
to other q t iihIV4 ~ beO
geected 7 d e. d t -
_,~1~2.~An ~ og eman e 0a item. wm
be boated e 9i .08rini
Ofnoew an am3.eM ow, en i b ack,'E rUW
wire vnmust Odte U t~fie lgt t'~go~n
Its hardewA t I ohs ae .n a.. be e a .L
6: CUEth ihw wi .Jrs atOf the o~ra~ian of
wplicina,-pkaf. 12 I: a {;(.:'1(l ;, r :f; 3. [; ,, ,:
IS.-Suo Ilot s ha ve thebaious tesats _Vfator ..
will the_ at..,w..ozid ry ir f0i nt~o ti_,
Bill Value "thqn. be toa)h op i b
hinda. .- -w:r 01 '
14. The 2Q' ffl b ed fopr ,yaPn
longer. 5 eoontimcd~aioft
sables, anj more defective skA ye me h
.u .p.of-su "t" V

wineafemo w ao 0s 7
M e n .re d e v .
will tebW~e d Z oAhb'2ic*At00r'ee bd.

-5 The M 'snolrigned, eetheEngmeeanofthe-Jeddge,-will.
be theaol'esjudge of the ably a .... ,ill i-
patamire. between~th==- to4~ ilaat01B ld[ ore,
pa.p" 'am Alt .-n thsr e

beondeS, e e r
17. Proposal, vb "
next; the we.!- edIndth9 a Nstgai
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bem imfcrebdlilfb a*tal befornlafil MM2b0,*(d~

BOl; y; As R

waved t& s No tB~ Pprd., .1 e jum O;re M
e ,a .#. tf em in era
hanmg the epinal .l.ey
&ACwMina-o ikillf &Borkl00
^g ..63 s.t!f^ s0' i saf^ d? w atij6I NdtI

Phtinf k. u f-01' bate'wsfen ithrandenomiotteF

on the lowe ]s P j x .F ,
1ewp5 pr'|l cgne^^ qugllleiUtd i l ill^^'.?t*
Boak apeP i slesi weito anidl qualities.
iad Pa wh Bne, .ca iars end white aithe besat wWity. ',
ll:~ dJC'lI dt-r
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Uwac o twa MIX vetDi~5b
ibwikeb a q~dob0y WO35
Itrqureis M n iji~a d zot i4 rstctt 01
1.- WMA~iKdl
Grocers -g re P.liy"A &NKftn W UVW&0
starch. A .~ ..s ,

. ...... . ..- . -... . ..... .. . .. .. .. .. .."Pi V i

AothA, and all.ts a cra l %7abit cavities pr joint
Je AI al t~ d

& w 0,i_ oel 1d
Z'g the Ur f k a at.

-e0,' 1 A P M.-.--. 6t
STROYf &l 5 ara an o i les a sdbof.

tred -far the .de er t f Bo he 4.o tr, i ni awoli e,

loeaethd ato nee who may favor hiwnhabith their patios orjoaageint
f wat od hie, iaia eN. Bgbh e y f i'k f o a :0 eh ,.
rsh n i C-lo41 C &,frop rie ~.
wAy, TS--0 k, D Ranhli~ lFb clebi, Nl 4 01 ,
=ans. D E'a a 15
& ,We4 aL- s-
tna.; a a grave, hona c


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n ohn Asaor,

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oar 17an ei

bLT ;an';.?, M ;rk COme'll !'',' Joh "W
e. SlfetBBo H^CT25boiB^ :. i n-.,idrew1
V-Nort.Wm.W.Corne! Dad.
.... P. ,I,., ,vdia .
--I -'-D I I ,""d
p r1 .Wi .HO' .... ..
Wortv 0 6eir -, Davidr 1.1,
V~an tt~nayi iho e r:i
DavT rs


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J'*, -*' *-h i 7


VStrikeBr, '^

".. xAenes,
J. prnley,
Wi low,
a ,

LIC ;. NEw-YoRa Jan. 28, 185.2.
It o h, requirements of the, charter: .. .
&noan of,'.en .uWnno.rmaked .bff'Deceimber : ..' .
-a 4 ... .. .. ..... .... ... ..... :.$321,866 U ,
Lroit W, r .mim aa 0 fn h&, d nhlndNav.. -; ''' d; ;
"igati .and Transportation riskA for the year ,
>ji-nan Deeember 1-.853 .;.. .: j-.. ;. 621,809"0Ir
S'Tbt amount of Premius.i--..----:-... ..**, 94a,675:40
nt of tEaed Premiumsa during
0, WA.,..1W92,8952 ,a
jn"I-.. 9,601 14
v0 Ii h pi S %""
De,...,:.... ..,M6IT

id r .; '7-am r .. ..-. '..$15.4;654' i71
f f. the.r os of -, flmethCon 'April, . ...
1849, gt -1-t .Dio lker, 1850'for:w idh cr -
5cm s N rei.Sn dd ai t uint ; 1-....... 1' 12, .050 -.

6 s A tA s o the ,Iomp on-y the 31the a..t Decem- .
5t1 ge';f:: n:: :::: .......:.:": .. ....:.:: .. .. .
a ibIr18mesaoe mu4folow ,7,1, 17 .
. . . ........ 8848 11 '
Sean o Stopk ....eL* ..s .. -.....,. ..... I.. ;. .% 88,8300
it ] um n accontttc b cldsed hy Notes orCash,
'i a f M a upd Mutaial,.In.fn Compatnies. -
~v ~C.........,....
y ' 2 atlt.o 'e f t e825'2r"
ip fv tt r Risksconneccta4 tob
fThe Board. f aj o.i fba' p a D evlda.
oFtWe fo iiT en toA ithessea 'mr"m f tt kas
185kfr whch cero ates will be issjego

!^~~~~ asn*,^^ ^^^^-
othe Mt wcp 'he oreti .*.ed I bI". '
.1tiask~ y.s 0a a-..
- ikr % Coo,. 1 ancia;8kidfy
:q e .1_2_; -1
,.a" S l-Eo ay,~-t- me'

.... amzes 8
sa.nk ce, i.,wV .C .ulbert, *, a
eo B.riT .E1 i WoIL _. wie .y, Wa T'Janaes- Step a .,"
aJolBKit o g, Thsodftr Civae, Samuel L. Bu,
SAlfEbd alEVAbphemrt.ITay r Francis L .eo, ..
CrxBHurd, 8. B. Chittenna, BenjA'Mumwfo.r,
41 .n j~nKct. P~5d O':?- >1 'Wm..K.'4othzR
rewter I. B. Wman, Josiah OJLow.
.... o I. EE~O~C-ejs. .
:oi S .. ,J ^.'.E! E -.:"Pres eidc"
-I ^t i& fa^ ^ E; pie:,

0;S -Wely tJ. S -The 8sfe, na v and';J.fijpY p S eAtaER Cjptsiu EJahu n 8 ok
'lsBi-lPlex P pierlo ,Rt River on,.WEDNKS-
!3 DA JY', i pl#hbic, V 4t1oclook,. P. *M. pre'i,,e1y, For
frePigt plo b oar, at.Pier No, 4, we e all bilsuf lading
'wtU ig4ed, rd ao frisaaeagff. agtih&.Lffib'-bf I .
0.s 5O'pRD,5TPILSTON, CO.,'No 43 South-st
"The; slsll 'ilan Uoo~n SA^R. 'AY '25( thStpc
srBngers d Buffr no lqtenfton at tjarleton, as ar-
eaiw hav beeffiiodivWith'ZtOi So. M. R. 4L. to dis-
A. ext a &.tr..rafn immea.d.ntey on the arrival of the
Rt in .i1 +J K ',: :j ~.. 1;2 '.:,. .. _- .. :
Stighitet tdFloda wl. he frbnishd as follows:'

YI -EII[HE ;fTy' .LiXN E-Thrdugh to
_ir N..-. F G [SG:'. at reduced .fratesvia ASPIN-"
F bI d'PAINAM &A'--the ne n splendid double -en-
,usa etekipship- A1EB- 1-N* Ai).' j,80.Ltan', .burden,
SD. ilsoD. Eq '6Commander, wip leave for AspinteI
direct on. ljtTUt i.AY,; thA2'd September, from; r'eptr -,
No& SortbhWiv r, a 3 o'clock pr cisely. ,
1*Tis 0 iW r 0 I'&evaawnll noobbtt'Anithe New-York anad
SanFr cisco Steamship Lioels. steamer at.Panams,.aq ad-
rvei n'inuallhsfxailurin by.usaid Cam p sotfat.ta.'en-"
gersa guaranteed a thrAugh passage by steamers, 'utmur.
fit6d foff sbed,- venfilationt i d *z ed r'ifdationn 'ec:
t H erra Nevtdp wjil i.]lagai on TUES,.4Y,.19th
b,_ct 01b ,Don PadebgAtn'1aoa.wthilhnowe nen d sapf'idi '&
"temip City of Pi tsburgh. Fo freight or p.a'sge,,apply
- .0 S: M0 I L HOWA&D&SON ;&PtiratOof-y. '
aWMMvn, tabs

.i 4 PANY.-For New-Orleans, viaE Havana, thesplen.
dd amhip CRESCENT CITY, D. D. Porter. U..S. N..
Icma drS.-will.-NaiU faom ithegi at. ;ifooqq asnt,
WWI h p d RESqgN LI .Y, I q.
n V faJ $ f lIEal2!OI
N_ >n--aONDAY- et; 2 p'dbiok P.,M. preoely.
0a.. JO W" 'AiAlO .,, .
,*it- oe B rh...o.:.......^...................... S"^''U ,'
Freiht taken to ow-Oleans at 30 senta per eublafoa.
5hp erw' r i6t)1d6t.Bd t&intppsly tamnuolvetf
N ht Si pa 6yl bll. lgriv, Lad..
A tte'Co mp nW ks o
1i b Uls pf lsin siiAed after the .shipI na a ,.
r .oROBEBTSH. t77 WeItMa..,.r, WU. MB. .,

M il


.omoin. this line are the following; .
ARCTIC,. apt.L;e-: BALTIC, apt. Comstoek,
S". AD-I. IATIC,'Capt Grafton. "
These shlps. have been. built .by. contract, expresly for GOT,
Siemrnmenst bervie-.- Every care' has been -taken i tieir soa-
.trptton,. .also .in their ,Egingoea,.tainUre strength, and
.peed, 4nd' theii'asecomiodanione for-r pasaeige r4 e aUna-
qualed for elegance, and omfofrt: ,Prxceoffpasmage frio
New ornk-to Liverpool 'in" fiBt'-cla ca bi.i $20 $ .'in seond
do., $7) ;axexluive oaetf, extrp nine; qBtataroQp4,,$3Wot- frbin
[Liveipoolr to New-Vork,- 0 and a20: expeienoed rur
eon et dNtoach. oh-Noberrthbqee d ii.tilpifo&6.
RqM NZ~r.OI. ,:, ;", -1 R *ILI.ViRp~d, O ,
,lqm F.d.ay S" d e iiy... 1y4l..
Satd g... .Ju..'. ly 24 1 9..;. ..Jay 18, .?182
I Satrdy........Aug. 1,1852 Wedqesday...e.Aqg. 1 5LW
i8aturd'y`^.,.A 05Pg;.2l1 tWededy 2.fniS o5/
.iyfAdAy........ 8pt. 4,1852 Wednesday......Sept. 8, 1865
daturdaedh. .;. .eppt18; *l8.2tWedtesday~ .~~.2 Sept5A 5 l852
aturday........ Oct. 2, 18b2 Wed day.....Oct. 6, 1852
itid.d.y.....oct. 80, 1852 Wednesday ...Nov. 3,1852
,atrddy.......Nov.13, 1852 Wednesday. ... Nov. 17. "1852't
Satd .......Nov.7, 1852 W.ednesday.. .. Dec. .1, 186. -
i ,dt,,iy.-.4-D`.% ec1.-10, 52- Wednesday,. ...Dec 15 1853
anrdy........ Dec. 25 1852 Weduesdy ..... De. 29".-126
F For fIigsihtbar 'Be apI0(toi.; a I
',DWPD K.. CO LNNS&, CO., No. 56 Wall-a, N.r. ;
5 1 BRoW. is l It! APC O., Liverpool > 0 5
,I/tit~f0,_1 '(,"J E,,.
a- H MEM O 00G OETS&ONohIsuptingt
re-i,~~itd~l W"1 'a',~: -ol P!, .1 PIT~
: ir" H. DR EI a '
YVS e enetof t#teams hipawill-oot bhe0.dd~ocnntab eforgld.
'a Pe.e d,.-,- ,. ....1 ...c.:
-lvsr u-ift -i. j-- S-- .lh .,`... t--. : ci.u .. -hA
Sewn btlls q-91eiingf are sigpbT~rtpr.,.
eftlrq1 11in Oiensswdj A'' ~er-

E x tsi6:

CITY p r QWG'0,0
., J I :- R(
, jrTTfVVN n J (urITEni

P8.-Tnt^OJ~ bIE01 nd'PHTlEo-
ai K leG 'd*a 'i tt-'K .":

l-ante ff yfli y N 'o v.25.
W 0 PA.... ..... .. not. 2.
1 a.- as "al d ', j s.* -

W ...,u a s.. '..a '27. ,
P d- eF P. 4i
MIA. ...Ok Y6F14o E'[]Poo,..
......I I . iW ". r"^ .":::'i 'u

.. .ySw P, ..I KTd iep o.... .6 -ui......

terateohdt- tate., i 0 ;f ay.o

eiwnd) 0d" thlel pincp lontinental
41 t d $

in tile ulnled t er m0 a l.

.1 Ehi jehf io
Iai in, fo;, 2 ;ffrd 5..
)f gthWL Oflflli/rh ; .imike,: s,.

, OL Ts. o F .,, LiverpooL

.-The Gqa.gow and New-York t...
i f-Yok8ean-,

IfulnOw Stes$dstp eipG otGOWj L "
ree, tRobert ,i, Qomnander, will
ridn 2 &Io;lDSSESDAX. 29
DA, 20h Nov., at 12 o'lock, noon .
onoStatt RoomiA.S..;;.pg f
ship t1t40; .O C.n s),...... ...7 .. ,
.. ...a.. .. ,..'.a.. .": :b
ward! fee inc1 d.ed. f '*
UIebl$ VSktlL4 o.i raadwai',

ins, 'Wr: Fambshalbfn. ea~bilasiai wissl '
iT. TPHtMAS L on ithp olth Octoir8h.'
$7'., The Petrel. has been built ex-
chmnute, "and hastoWniseMt~itf4 andi
h plongeanhoersbpl_.omf.ll ae l
D gTI .--o, at4. 2 _eit c k o open.
xV Ao't a


F p0& tA^s^cI^aMe-i70 ^h^ .LADY
.ept~keja *05 Mhndii gpcs~i~ f -immedial e .p5 0*oi'
mAde. I Q

F h6tIdSG Nq,.60 Nor, -

fkNkb rp.t-at,,..USSELT&=NoT.ON
^^eger^^^n~t^^If ^ NEXT.~o

0 h .de i &hK.L, N. 45e-:
r. fOcon d;IP 'i AkUE

,.Me -pFl .sie.Lp Pe. cIi cerpt, I Flre Nyei--
M or o reight or psed. i'unequaled atommoda e 25th.i

sow 'at* el ances ar l coamolrt.applyr to .O .
e are rested on ba ard at LE A. 1.
0W.. dj D L.1 T E'otst,, A SLL -,NORTON,

JL dMiktl pr eta stBAI t~ e-The splendid end
fhio rtew aar will Depat w pt. e U. S. Mails for Buogpw
posilvely qw5,1ATURDAY4 -podt. 2, at I1To1QdkK'M: rin

aerl be at ovthe foot ofCealst. No berths secured till pai
For freigt or asagea, veri' finequ aooAmmodatnw
tiappyon fo elegance ra dr r 14 at River, or to

,.... SOFsOlILFTON & CO., No. 48 South-.t.
Pa engrs are, requested tp-be 6n Waard at Ili A. M.
6162h iuhl# W AN mfwi s "e tes ^PACIFIC,

JIKn^-acktof 26th Septeibe6r -The splendid and

applyori bo aud, at Lpier'No. 14 E9ast River, or to
Oi LIVERPOOL-'The i favorite
Samshbip ;CITY OF GLASQQOW, William Wylle,.
ommaoder, will' safrom 'P'hi adalhisa for Liverpool on
SATURDA.a,- Opt. ,-.aV,9 :' olok-A.M9.,from Queen-wt.
SPapage i-A.fterSal oonStatieroom .....,.'.....$90 .m
F- Passage in Midship 'aloon Stateronm....... 65
Passage .i. F rw ar ,S.dlPoono. ateroom ... ... 55
Passe gepr will be provided with Railway Tickets to
,Philade phia.freeof..expense'sbythe Ageut .
*: .TOMAS kCHARDSON, No. 41 Exchauge-tiece.

jIrH .BRrtISi and. 0 NQ ,TH -AMERI-
X^? CAN'.RdrA f IL8 STEAJWSHIPS, betweeD
NEW^bpE atd.! L~ l'YERiOO direct anA between
BOSTON ad LIVERPOOL.-The Boaton phips oily ea.
itn, t lend amd receive mafls'and aasengers,
L*EEAAIA, Capt-. . AFRICA, Harrmison,
.. PE.RSIA.-jB_ _t. -"", *.!.-l .EUROP A&.1..'Lott .
C AVI C. H. Jndkiis NIAGARA, J. Stonw,
AMERICA,i W. ShUaon, ;..- CANADA Lan. i.
S CAMBKIA, J. Leitch .-
: These, dvliemy ir cear'-white.ight at mat headt grii
on st irboard b.ow, red on ort bew.. .
&ribu Em NW -YOR;w-
* AFRICA 31arisone fin. NE-O Wedntnday, Aug.2f,
CANA I Lang from BOSTON, Wednenday,:Se 1,
A5fi Gdkins, from NE W-YO Mli-.14day e.- 1 ,
.AmtRCA,..Lh,.opon fm .BP STO WN aySt.l
EUROSAl trBNEW.`bYORJK Wedlunediy, eo p Se t2
NIAOA.R tonae, BQSTON, Wednesday, ept.29.
;AFI4Cimn,-fM.;N E-YO[K W udayt.f.
ClANA PA-.Lx.1 fRom.;BQSTO N, WdAnqsjiay, Oct. 13
ASIA -' udk1nfr NEW-YORK,' WnoaoedcaayOt 20.
AtrskC ---8h-sp .r.BOSFON. We(iAnsday-GOt27.
NIA6 A 4%R frm O8TGPV eafse@Ady, ..Noi: 10.
AF A .C WfiVm f0EW-OKWe'dnesdO Nv ay, No. '.
CC A .N0.O.O.-Oedua, 24.
t&SiA~uslala, dhNF"WVedfi ATidiy, 'DeI

from N19WI dda V .
o VD rxdj3 OS-T-O3 vrol-i

s l, ote "to e pi r. eg oo 'ea.
idbigo it ^in eo.:hared ,an Bptiei byooud e amount bl
ai exsense -5 22

,. S edibn oe pE e .n a bo f r&W. Y*r C.;,. .1 .- ) ..
in l 2etears and newwepapers mxat Dau *hrough the
.' Wotfi E abs.- ty 1 or frei e Ap or t ae, Bri.. t; d y .
,E -.C UN RD0 Nb. 4Bowling~i'reaa.
ohp"1 saiGhrorian, acidl oher; Foreign' Goode receivedI
and brought in common with Brnitish .Goode. ThrFough bills
of ladind aipglveai isHair~e 'for New.Yorki. ^ "' -a *
NE'WACH.- By order of tne, British T~reasutry,, watehea ol1
foreign mnauiuititie-beasi them nama5 eor' .nanrk5 oin f'Flngl '
manufacturern sll be hereafter admittedin England-in 'tra
wsitu .for thg-'itndted States' and other countri-s. *-* Fn cboon
quence jf which Frenchoand Nwlss watches may beshipped
At HIavre for New-'York or Bosin via Liverpool, without in the Mik, M heretofore, of being eized byteEngUs
CatomHou nse .. ...
W e`ir ... .

Capt 'J
For fret

Ing wi


Pier fo
:at FElm
gun atl
to We

WjVlER.-'The enid ndM -""TMBWtsai
IKAE, Capt Wmi. Browi, and EMIRE SATSEj,
q4I~: Brayton- leave on alternate' ha y.- (8iu a
u i HR., near the Battery, atP o
h Iapply on board, or at the officeon Pier No. V.
jE BOAID8-N, Agaent. No. 70 and 71 Wet"

4mins seave 'pier foot of Duane-t. as foUoWi :
7ssTRAi Nat6(A..X;far- Duankfrk,.coctoti wift
n5*6 ate for Cleveland, Sandumky1 Vol sa!S
_.d railroadito Cincinntl .and Whbiqap : :. :-
TR'Aei at 8 A. M. fr all A taotions.
i AisN ar'. P, 1.i..vaP ePierr6nt, for. Delwar:: : '.
PAIaN at 5 P. M., via Jersey.City -for Delaware.
I'BESS TRAN at RP. M, for iDunkrk, conmet f
fiBt-clh steamboat for DEtroit d'ie4t eONRetlM e
reaw Train. f0r Chicago. I L : i :;"-.
teNT TpAI at 6 P. M. via Plermoat.
F ; GHAS: MINOT-ulseriIlntM"IeL

W.YORK and ER IE iaitdElMEt"
i.,4?AANDAlGOA RAILROADS;-Trk.. rvloa'vc
i Aieane-t. am follows-:
4tAeB- At 0. 'Cauddlgum, RMchemteroa *
Pllearriving at the above named plaep the samin
ai llTranlns A..M.,q.toppin|[0.eridghl.
.xprets-iLeave*. atiS6PFAi,,Mrarrivingat'4 tnandil
.04 net earning, in time to'take the 7f train fm
aI ^Bufifaloaand; Niagara' Rala. -* j'' -* -'" '* 'i ,T; '* a*: a.;
Ihe.quickest, cheapest, a nd inmost eaomznfprtable roU .
) brr y o 6 a n d C a ib .d W ~ s t ': , . .
SW.G. LATH AM, 8upt. C and E.,R. ,

r1-*#SO N RIVE '.4 -1L 0 J.---
H 'E B- hILRetI ^'M ^
ep "a leave 1b ry ation dily (Snday ex.
,epted vany~ and 'rpy a.5Fo,..WE; .".- o'i .':1:" -
Ex s N TRAIN at 6 A M., through in,4 hours and eonneot
Ing w t l -eanhing .iunfaloaor 5oateaysat8:o'ocsamt:'
evening ;i-.MsiL, TRAIN at,8 A. M.-THROUaGHs WAYTaIe
at 1 an ,4 OM.R.EXI-RSS TakIs at ; R, M:;_axid ACCOM_',
MODAT o TAIN at 7.30 P. M.-Paspengers taken at Chain
*bers-'st. Mgria-st ',GC brtOp hier-Wt, -"14tb -rt'idad LS1 it. 't.'BPIa
DAY M. RAIN at; 6 .M. froaf Cnali-at.-FA.PaS--iM
to Alb<4Fs; I. 5 6:to Trby-a6 -50 to. *Mntrea1-;8: 1a 10 i
Bufial '$17 10 to Chicago, &o.-Ticketi and baggae cheo k
for psi pfios.Wesot ande North can be antaime&at-
.Chant ^ .- ;GEORGE STAl.paintdn~
I, I .t -K.- and rind, NEWihtra yE.I
A B RAP.-FALL ARRANGEiENT.-Sept. 20 1852.
orai TRINSew-Yornek leave Der. the cortoerSinf iealdt."
and Br dway. Acoenmovndation ad Speciatl At7.00 and
'.11`3 A '.300aiid 5 t P. M.. through to Nesiw-aven.t
At8 A.. J tRnaid 6a0. P. M., for Poat Chiester.
i The I. I M. oai n iconinection with train N1ova^ I'
afn .E Hartford and Springfield, and with train oyer the.
*CanalI ad a a
lExPAuhSiTRAINS for New;H-Fven, Hartford, Sprinefreld,
'Bonton, Ribi&naetlcut River- rid Vermont Railroads to'Og-
Sdensbura d..Montreal. .
AtI8S8 a8tospisgfat Stamford and Bridgeport, con-
necting. V%,housatoic. asd .Naugatuck Railroads at
Bricp n -Ca-alRdiirbad at New-Raven; and act3'
' P. Mto., p'mg at Stamfbird, Norwalk and Bridgeport, con-
hetg w Hofatunic ani -Naugatdck Railioads at
TrhiaBff New-York. 'Accommodation and SpeeiaL
At 5.3, end.9;35 A. M., ad 4.20 P. M., through from'
Nnw -B8 :"" .. .. ... .... .
At 5 S0.W-,& and at 3-45 P. M, from Prt Chester. -.
The 9 35,A M receives passengers ft m ..orwgfield nd
]asrtfurditlr Canal, Railroads, at New-adaven 'The 420'-
P. M. recives pasOengersa from Hartford and Springfield and
the NortItdhtI tIroad. -
EXPRES TRAINNS leave New-Raven on arrival of trains
, fre m Bos a. 1.15 and 8.50 P. M., .(topping at'IrHhgaatrt, -
Yorwalka t asm fori;) leaving Boston at 8.00 A. M.-anad
1 445 P. M W I G ,'-J:! .'.-., ..": : t ..
See la1 i-of advertisement at the Station-Hogae and
prinoipel eo. G EO. W. WHISTLEJR, j14,-: capt, .
...- N w-w v..e .elp10, .1 52 .. -. .. .. -.... ,, .
f^^E]?^^^Ai~^ADA 4 fff iE

J BYE'r-Throuagh from New-York 'rio n Pa., O
FrVotr H0 s6i6i6Wfacuiig Aug;-2. LeaV6 pia i r
jivs Dr,'p at DACKJET, (c a to utae
-ldidatle 'Kit 'A. MAAV. and: Wl^
ve oer U. ,e ng, Ye prI& p b
i'S We VM.:! 6 ,r a i "A

$!X^ foa~ r^ Hi~jAloEftej A s r N6ba'
thtofa p agia bo atPhaedqhqI tt =} lne
a-'- ~ ~ ~ 1 _.w P _ah e E.. Ep~ bs.Aa

i!, aP, .ifWarn.-M .


i/at, ^^ ^ ^^ fb^^P^ e

I .' 'N.* .211 lipra d hoarl' j
E "ilw Aot r a t e o. (a ibl B0irncular. Idres .
e- ''.''i 'O.. 9,1 0., 1,
^^^^ECAM~-fwf Mi Sd3Rf0~l~L.datTh& inew;.!
1ms1 nwsp qM vie&nMtd offq-1 t'A e at
*opor"d MiTN' iru ar.
0TiOfH .wllal wtpsegr onlyfrom New-York for 8YDRTEX
Si B i 'o'ill MELBO NE; utmnl, in OCTOBER. .'..

^?5 ^ieatan'Saloobi 'a

.-.... Peak. ,".. w 11.-tOT --Bo'n "
5 t* I Ii), dnilsieee

* ao as f S t heg ripK8 OpEj.a ,_Can, :.a'alif ...
W 8LOTN&CO,B-tn.

S ,,.. Col, SLEIGH, Charlottetown.B H. Inlland.,
I .:. 0,: j f i B]sRS.OS-r t MlEi iRlc,10 oJIO? ".
^ ; . ,, ". ..- F 19 aebc an d5 M ep treaL. ,
,1 NMIs *.wions makif o amoN-l oafo on I.on-

& Mr,' #' ,,a to t^S .e i.. :f_i qanpccnfeerii,,?^. r^ |t_ giOT.B1R .
'No. 163 B0utR--t., N. Y. N. B.-'.il persons hNving hills of
^*'Aaan. lading ai. reqnetjfcgQqt(a00lthe~fitlto~hdeaf.ig5tu '

JLD SURGICAL INSTITUTE-For the treatment of
Ubional diseases, and for the application of his Body Braces;
Spin Shoulder Bra,3es; Spinal Props; Brace Trussoe- Pile
Spring and Travellig Companions, i with or without hisa gal-
vanic attachments); fi..the-,iare of vocal, pulmonary, digee-
..tive, nervous, spinal and female weaknesses, and for ruptures,
.droopingiand languor." Also,.for the support of ladidas enceinte
,and during confinement. No. 21 Merc6r-dB. 10 doom out of
Canal-st.: Nsew-xYrk.- '.b :. ,. '::.: -
5 DR' B. BROWN WILLIAM,*assist6d
b Dr. A. D. OLMSTEAD, aaEectropathist, No 506
Broadway, by his new. mode of medical treatment, idafl.
urDin s4ccesfui eallyRhieumatie .crofula,'Bontichhtis'
Incipient Lung iseases,e Nelvou: aaffections of the Heed,.
Stmaci .Liver, &c, Deafniess, Weak Eyow, Blidnees. Dye.
pepia, better, wdth a'llgrdedaaf Eruptive Dinease%, Ulceri,
'an S6re of Loog Standing, and Cancers, by correct conusti.
-utional 'and local treatment Houi for co0usiltation and
treatmeti from 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. ".My dtUghter has been
mo'deaf for five "yea rm ','that we. feared w.ig .would lose her
voice. Dr. Williao.s, in two weeks, rested her' perfectly.
.)to : Ey great satisfaction and utter astoubhment."' Mar
garet lamp.ey, No. 127 Clinton-st.- "DrWlWtlliamo cured me
.ofa.Scrof"litic and Rheumatic affection of the knee 'joint,
which disabled me frtom liking for a- long while, in three
Svii.tsan d that; too, sfter three of the best phyiaicians hiad
tried ip vain to help me., -
._. 7.P.: B, STOCKWELL, No. 247 Broadway.
i..HO UGHTON 'S PEPSIN.; th .trueDigesive .Fiuldor
8Gastric Jui.ce, prepared from Renneg, or the-Stomanach bf the
O O after directions from Baron LIebig the great Physiol"g
ica'aCheneist,. by.J. 8 1HOUGIGHTON,M. D., Philadelphia,
; Pa.' ;l. 'is a_ Gareat Natural Remedy for ,Indigetion and
D Bp psa,curing after Nature's own methtdiby Natires owa
a gent, tie GastricJuice. Pepsin is-the chief element or great
-Digeoting Pxinciple of the Gaatric Jpipe-th. eSolvent ofthe.
Fod,;, te parlfumg, presetviiingnaap saistilating agantof the
tom.ach ando intestue.. It is extracted from the digestiv
.:Itfnach. of Ith" ox, thus foriang an artificial DigeadtveFluaid
precisely like the natural a iastid' juice; in ,lt' chemical
powers, and furnishing a complete `ad perfect iabstitute
fonit. By the aid of this preparation, the pains and evils of
indigestion ,and dyspepsia are removed, just as they would
he by aj healthy etoinnadci. Itl*doan^ w- id'(rT'fo d-s41ep0
tidcs' ng cases of Debility, Ehaciation, Nervous 0ecline
nxd Dyspeptic'Condumptionh'sppoled to be oh 'the v6irge o
hie grave., .The scientific evidence upon which 2 it ,t.baaed
in in he higBest deg e' curiouJs and remarkable. Whole-
a ale'dl retail Agenta J. BAJLL& CO., No. 100 Nasan.wt.'

TY,,DISEASES'of the KIDNEYS,- arid all disee m ardint
DlSG ESTLI,.R 0 ,aFAI ULTTI or .W.1I3stW in-o,.s
FLU-.T IT-i t' l:IT bfth6"ST04(dHN G SWas.
-'N12Mi I of'hh'a 8lDZ', RRI'D an~d ,DIFiTOI YL
SBIRETl~ JiF k JLW fl W0.IJG At-tho HEART CHOK. -'
'(orsFQ'C &TTN.G .EN SATIONS.wben inz LYI-Ne.
'forehd SitHT, iFIEr It.aaid DI(LL P.N'int/ne l-f BiD"
the SKHN, EYES,"ad PAIN in the SIDE'BACCH.1B .
ZIlMB, &c., SLUDIP m LUR134S1 of fEAT.2, BWRI-.1 "
StheFLESH Coat, taltIMAGININGS of. .'Fh
P EFREB1.0Nof SP IR1TS, can be off" jIycned
...... ; -D1L :.0 OOFL.&ND'S ,-...- ...'-"
-a f CELEBRATED CERMAN mln' *a '
f. iAOthe German Medicine Store. No. 120 Arch-st., Phili.
Theit power over the above diseases i tno egcelle&d, li
. .qualed, by any other preparation in the- United St-te, m
the cures attest, in many eame after. -illful physician had
a f i l e e t a t t e
These Bitter are worthy:. the attention oflnvaid. Pee-
wseing;great virtuesin the rectification of diaseasee of the
liver aid ieser-glands, exerdisi.g Ithe-_tosat searching powers
i weakness and affectionso of theft. vma orn, they as
withal afe, ermitain and eia.t .
From the Botoi Bee. .
.The Editor.saia Ddo3. ia :. the. ae
..Dr; Hoofland's .celebrated .erman .* t__ for the e e.
a of Liver G om plafin r i ladin ei '- ye ps i ,-hia /-Chron e 0 'er
vou.Debilithtis deservedly one of the most popular mediJ.:
cinef of the day. bhese- hitters have. been thou
and and a friend at our elbow says he has himself received .
e'n effect at!d-l mancnt? cure' of; Liver Co6mpliih.ft6iA
lse wei of thrnis redyi We are convinced.that, in tho on.
.f-thewe BitidOtIrst 'paitTt -iusitaoly g8i6a' trt'enh an
vigor,' fapt wortl.f, gp la.oonsld eaton,. hey.i._..t
tli aise i ed&-' einid-canbe ued byara
osliat) Stlhiobh with "hety .-u any d iee.g faty.
We -.g. fronx.:a ae. ndIto AM
h .5v ,,M' ......1..E XI.EN... -a ,
Hn C. H IELN R MaoTr.of the .fla of .end..

'~:i1& uce I k
dto se a ofO"!v& an
tire organ, and tha powerful Influene U setOsanO.UPo
n" iaa-r-' lanieml." T x.'- ul.; Ib lt e.,IE-";' -
1^^ o.# ..

-- : -= =- :=. .. . :.' 4. ; - . . % '- =-7 .- .. '- ... r ,i; 7 .. .r .. . .. .. .. .. .. .. ...

xapteEq f 1 ankl

&Ek~~Yr. W8,4ow:
4 O 0, OA oUSEb (LWd Bd.13
A.M ,Fa(i ON N K QU. 17'9OW
wddleto~wan RED BANK.-ThM popul2 r
Pt erN t MRiver ,." oia,. 22...
.10 iW rork,: J F-1V :,Frow ,r8 Bto Web

2 iS IA26? 'u f2, A.

2,51 f 332. .Mar...
T B e da, ,2 2-
a1g o, 9,M4' S DO.ep ,5 a

iIDYS eahexpe~~tsh~anrERO L-.IIUD -
-*^W id I -D AN :nw' ri'
0Up HOM KEi rORT Athing aro Hamton;4e, 7ev
tu faotol^apxunoed*e st *A. ,li.nnd Bpbi~nBOirt.,;i
a e.1 g ai r,eave Keyt ,erat P.M I Si
0.R S.0rWaBU" tYjE G:ILAowff O '
wC PK kiaBA^'OiJETS, LMBrnhyPOk
(Mif~ton,) nlIED BAflL>TIhe new and eini
te at HOFIAB irN rCapt. A. H.Haggerty, wfll
lee aoNew29aven r',T.w-R29 A8v,. o
0 Gmhir New YorK.' {'i 'J 1 i '- From Shrewsbry
M So, ep. 13, 6O A.M. Nonay, Sept. 13, P.N.
4f7 l .. Tuesday, .. 14a
isay 1 &.8 ., W dagfsay, .. 15,g
T ib "' '16, 6 .. Thursday,; .. 16, 9U.M.
Kndi*O -* .. 17, ... F~rfi y,.;,: 17i1... 0
-e, oK lon ,

18 7| aturday, .. 18,11
Monte iay 19,1 .8 ; .8uudb,,Y se 19, 12 M.
21a1fot f ud*g.. o-AyM .. 0 .M

:,.. aesday,:. ... 21,
Wedntsay," 22, 11 Weidoaedy, .. 22, 4^
T l~ ay, ~.. 22 11 .,. theomaday, ..23
2'g 1.4. U 11P.M X Friday,h 24,' 4
S y, 25,k.. Saturday. 25, ..
,:. 6,LM oy, .2
Ma y, .. 2, 6 A.M n S ny, *. M a
T ay.' 28, 7|'.. Tund"ay, .... 21 4
aym,. ;29, 8 W'needay, 29. 4 .
TTH'y, .. SO, 6 Thursday,. SO, 94.M.
i atase for Squam wveill run in cunection with bal.-
a to envoe pasengera to all parts, of tNhe tnntry.-
on Ni are ewbid ti-tBg o above boat oan the aewsan

B s f vP8 DOCK] amd:MIDDLETOWN -The new and
!d steameri..'QLDEN OATE, Capt. H. H-.Cnover,
will eave pier foot of ERbinson-st.. h. r ., daily, Suniday1
on'eanes tew-ork. ". Leaves Shrwb'ry "
mev. 8pt. i 19?A.M Thneaday;- Sept, 14, .4 1 P.M.
M, nesaw'y, 15, .10 "* Wednesdaly, "1, 1 5.
9H iday, .;.:.6.610 .':i Thursday. 16, ,5
-r.d 217,10, .. Friday, 17 6
Sa~day, ^J"-,..1, 12 .M. Monday, 20 8 A.M. & 6
.. 20, 1 P.M. Tuesday, "" 21, 1 *
day, 2, 8 A.M. Wedeaday .22 22,
aneay, 22, 9 '" Thursday. :. 23, 03
'day, 23. 10 "- Friday, 24 4
2 71: TuMday .. 28,M
da 27, 2 .W ed ne ay .:: I, .
a rt 29 9 A,' T. r y
T' 9 :T p: : ; j.
1 ;t~nwill.- be in oepies Lk i6ri~vplof .the foat, to
td ,nps Passentersa llPaf, L.ountry. o r.....

- se e. ..= _f e.m -os aa b

jS D SPI au"-.~ MIhere LTaWf N-e NEW-OR w and HA
LEM RAILRAd, leave the City Hall Station. NenH.Yorn,
Daily5 (Supdas ;exqepted ).:t ,atos'loc A MA ~iMall a airaie.
to Chathhm Four Corners, connection th Wectem Ralroad
willr Alba y, fndoTroy, Lebaf o ph p a r Pltt dQ progt
feld and.oth intermediate Stations. .. .
e At velok, PN K M. .A o einddavies *Traih .o ChGaoatb a
.tnes .. 9l with We rn Railroad .6ng Eas
-o'o 1 K. M-. ra2n 'to0 8athi W aster.. -aUrol- to
,(n,, atfda steig to Etheno tBrrivitearly, thie nme fter
I, are 'OtiorgS1,* T e d y 2 1 'et. .
.,-:.. ..8]...-. ..say 2 ,-: ,; .2 .
24 1.1j... Moday..7U3 -

SUPREME COURT.-In the matter of .thea -
plication of the Mayor, Aldermen and Commonatjy oftheslf ..
of New-York, relative to th OPENING and LAYdINGOU3 of-a,: .
Sthe Nineteenth Ward of saideity.-The undersigned, Commissioners--
of Estimate and Assessapent in the above entitled matter,; hiareby e "
give notice, pursant to the requirenenti of an Act of the Lei- ..
ture of the people ;ofhe StateobfNew-York, entitled A Act :'..'
amend ali Act entitled an Act;to reduce several laws relatdin4pujW. '
ticularly to the City of New-York.. into one Act," pass# April .
1839; and also the Actentitled "An Act-to -amend. an Act aniitil..:., .
an- Act in relation to the collection ofAssessments and Taxesa n h "
City and County of New-York, and for other purposes, pEqmemd Ma5X .
14, 1840," passed May 7,1841, to the owner or ownere,occupant o3 *"
occupants of all. houses, and unproved or u.iApioved-aipdaiaff '- ,.
thereby, that they have completed, their..estimate and asa.sme.6e4 r, ..
the above entitled matter ; and that all persons who am .tret-ats, .,,:
affected thereby, and. who may be opposed to the same, ar nes1te' .. .
to present their objection'a in writing, to MOSES .f A _T J... 'I
Esq., the!Chairman ofthesaid Commissionert, at the office of t 6h 'i"'
A. Weeks, No. 58 Wall-st, in the City of.New-York, within thir :
daya from the date of this notice And that the limits embrace i ,"d': '!
the said estimate and assessment, are as follows, that is to ,am AR' -- '
the lots,'pieces or parcels of land, situate, lying and bei ilath-
Nineteenth Ward ofthe City of Neaw-York~and bounded, desepnet l '
mad aontafinin as follows, thiatis to say : On the aorth ,y RI i tlaA '
rerly .line or side of Sixty seventh., (6th- h-stej ) on .tse ponath-'bntSt' "'*E
aortberly line or side of iForty-third-st. (4Sd.-su.)_t iat tkw .t .
Westerly 4line or side of Sixth-ai. (6th-av.) on'the west by tketwi4 sOr,.
irW-.line or side of Eleventh-av. (llth-av.) as laid down ion the ma;
ated- by the Commissioners of Estimate and Assessment t4iha'
above entitled matter.on ftile as aforesaid in tho Street CQommpissiO .
r's office, and which said map is entitled, Map :.of-property M -
quired for and. beanefited by the dpenia and layinB out 6f aPub] (
- q5ire, Xnown as Bloomingdale Sqihre, in the NiueteenthT.War_ '.
the City 6f New-York." And ie" said Commissioner fuA br'_?i% -
e0tice that their report in tbhabove entitled -matter will bi 'w --oh "' "
ind presented to the Supreme Court of the State of New-York If
, Special Term of the said Couri, to be- held at the City Hall of th-e1. --
City of New-York, on Saturday the 3d day of Octobe r, 18 at t*%., -
openiiff of the CoUrrt ob that day '-and- ththerland :tfiin o -
s oon thereafter as course. can be heard, a motion will be ma9thal!0 21 .
Sal report he confirmed. --Dated New-York, July 1la L M.
OS; !. MO8ES MAYNARDJr,) 'i.
." JOHN A. WE ,,-....
Ee_ 3 J.Pei P. meAttorney t. .'.
SUPREME COURT.--inthe atto tL 4-'
phlicatiou .of the Mayor, Aldermeay and Cou pa^lty, of .th 0 .
City of New-York, relative to the"'OPENINO of ONZ H .RIA.B ;
AND TWENTY FOURTH-ST., from the OldCharcb oeiato .th "
5th av., 'i the City of New-York.-The ndereigned,. "miees,_aB .,'..,
of Estimate and Assessment in oh above entitled nattrs her. ,,-:.
give notice,pursuant to the requirementa of an Actof. th.'Le a .'."*
ture of the people of the State of New York, entitled As t " '
Samend an Act entitled an Act tO reduce gveral -laws reati i.part. '.
ularly to the City ofNew:.York, iint one AeL" i aa'bedas-pri1V,-8AP 5 ."
and also the Act entitled An Act to amendan Act entitled an Acd .',
in relation tothe collection of Assessments and Teas 's 1 trl-C .
and Counte -f Sew-Yorkt,and for other :;,, p. My 4 =
t1840," easedMay 7,1841 to the owner or owners, oleapantotr bt or
cupants of all house, and improved or aniinprowid h rlaad ifi "
thereby, th&t they have completed their estima de a.dsaaesmes ane .
the abovs entitled.matter; and thatalliem h rsa w ait_ r hs
fected thereby, and-who may bte oppsaod.tb.he-.A. I.-L
to present their obji:tiomna in rrTiti.u. B. EXR Y .BaK91 A*
the Cairman of the saidCNmmsisiinoiers. 'at .tBli aii 0 L-.
Osborne, No. 147 Mulberry-st. in the City of New-York i
. thirty days .from the date oif thi's-notic- -. d =& i 5 thtF'INtt-i1 1
braced by the said estimate and. as.seament. are a follow 6-A "I, A.
. lota, pieceaorparcels ofland, sifs and"bei iUrse T4'sPi.'
t. C6 p ity N ew-york, and incitded within 9.the-4 GDoWio dIa '-5,"
Wit: On the east by the west ito e'id* ofi in-
i restZby the esaferly ss ".is ofi-otc'a. aeiths '*tIn '
atw of cebtremof.-the block'bwtween iWl-,%W asd I055SIO15
on the aj"nth, by tbse lineof the centre ofLhe bloti* iMth -
4nd lSd-at5 ias the-eanae is lnild ---oa th 7 amat--wahd-be --
Sap&i ahsd by the said Co~aisiionere Q on 55 e.ofrsal_ S h/ty. :

i UoSqed at tdh m er e n- wata. bai.the-l lSill? Ij -.
Oh 0 5tt ofIew.O'k tadeSaPlspa~da
Uloattq a...
day.,C rar -, -- ,Nbe

a M .i- lid ritwlIh
IfiaieXt D meA#oGasg


..... .. '-gig ,
,- ~~ ~ V l . -. MV,=/, Y U N ................ . ............. .. .... .... .. .. .... . ,Nf .... .... .. ......... . ....... .. .... ... .

' ..J-. ... J, '.- . ..................... :.- ..... -,a t ._i .r i 1 i '.


B p W M pS ^ G .N I _&.s.a .fi :.

.A ... i 9 .%Ti-S W .... I' .... ..
LmfipPELE PLfCTO.5 PAOfpRfETEpal ary

,. Ya NPRINCE f .ER 1, = _, .

'h "ts 8cO nd _/orrtheiSr friend n eioso

nfp htains Ogto4n t -htaea
iinf yt, to: 'R~olnt' Road 1rofe -
A 4' o t and20 fac

Lii Packets -'leave ,tj-.. k.pevery alternate Thae--
_= .e' .. a ,- : ...... ..i. .. -.. ..

. .EW-HAVEN.od- -aNd "f" LON3
^i' rWedfin dy 7 e'

.... ... a ,..m . ...P-M _
Le'an, far Ga r
r .S ..t .Pr ...i ..a... ..prt. 6.5 P P ,1, A.o
coinon d on ntW 11-i RI

ae n va f a-.. ._~~e "
" a yt e !Iw-Lea ns- z~ ,,j ~d" t6m -. y .'-f.:..
gesTraittfer L3sna,_joistiettcutiRiveE a~ullf ^af^
PMensangers leaving Newporith -rviNerk dte
l ngtdoimcte inmoing~op Brrivigt ytw-Lhaidonrke'Bthla
Train f m qnaywst~ 3,Q B.'^^embai^ff 41i4 lio'
"New iNw.
N' ,conet .7,ki

vplri ofiha B :oo ^Spp~~efve l wrfaM^eno.lp
.tL.'. ne t .m.-lfati Nw-:oudA n at6 .w A. nl and 1H.4f
p' ei,. r New-.raesamwte e-!. n:g: .
the A M or -od1 p M. -vt I . ad .-by-the a30P: M. -Trainfi fn New-London al

C Rew'l-,vee,-T:ngnst.17,x152 '. . -
(0)^ ^ ^^ "^'"

HAJ 8EiIAISIb^it-lB~D~dHOT^TS~i-By t~igbaeii^
TRAV..L.",, .^rp.e P.e.k -. 3B P. -M --.
TrUgh tis 8. .via,. Pk ba44d ew-Hven BRailroa&
,- .=: .s. & h,-666 .. o
.. DAges~t. T .

ManIEXPRESS LINES-Through in 41 hoiai-NwJeher "
,,Raihrad lea"siietvYotk-at6A.TM. f6cf
of o"tlndt-lt: 9 A. W 7and y/: Mi IeftyiA ^1&w
.Philadelphiaat 2and:9 A. .tad,,P. ft ffoot
; Fare reduced to for I -.l _a-u .3j.i OA
... . ...ZsHI o..Ta,.,
.. h tickeltsold in the above Irags, thru lo gage
V V IMn the 9 A- M. and a p. oP _L h ew.Yor-h b
wi... through conductor s. .,, -. .-.-!
: I;.W, and -DIRECT U) ' .]
NIAGARA FAILS-SA'ILROAD..--On. .and fte r Molid;:
AuguS2, 1852f Paxqenger Trains wlrun e fcl.owg.
"i, 3:. EzreaLo.,s Ie seV ..# A- u"sr '" 6.,0 "
1d s' Ma 0aJ
H Way.:Bpre, .....- .SP. .
":.i : gt i , I .RETU IRNIN$G. .
g lbt --"ExpreUMa1L leaveNitagara r71Li At 770JA.M
:'2d Accomnkaodio- 3.30 P. M.
Id Express, 510 "
Connecting both ways at Ro.hetar, wli thte refalu
rain.i oa the A, bany and:Rohester 'Balioaed.
Passengers by this Routn, leaving Afaa.y oy the 6.1 A. UM.
Express T rain, or the 7.0 A.M. Express Train, will a.
rive at RochesterIn _time for the Tr"i' leaIng for Niagara-
Falb0s a5.30 .M.,_and will-reaoh Niagara Falls at 8.34 P. M
Passenger. leavixg.Albany by.the 1030,&A.L, LXpresq Trai.,.
will arrive at Rochester at 6.17 P. M..- where they canremaib
over night and proceed to Niagara Falls ext morning at 6st'
or9.34, and reach there at 9.07 A. -M. or 12.58 P_ M. .; .
Passengers leavingAlbanyby the 6 30 P. M- ExprewTraia,.-
will.arrve at hooheeter at 6.13 the next morning, have au
hour for breakfast. leave at 6.3f A. M. in Express Train fot
Nliagara Falls, and arrive there at 9.07, A. M. .
Passengers leaving Albany in the 11 P. M Express Trat
will arrive at Rochester at. 8;45,-have 50 mlhntee for break.
fast leave for Nia.gara ails at 9. A. M., ad arrive. thwe
it a 68"P. arM.
Returning,.Paueengera leaving Niagara Fall by either of
the Express'Trains, will reach Rochester in time for the Ex.
pre" Trains East, and arrive at Albany, New-York or Boe
to. several hours .sooner than by any. other route.
Train on this Road are run in direct eonneotibe and iate
thdesanmeddpt at Rochester, with the Booheetorand Albanj
Line. The Road passes along the Erie Can l, through the
most beautiful and highly cultivated porion of Westai
Vew-Yor).,an throub/ the-large -Ali of..Brkat A
~ Oh elargevillage. of Sro~kport, A
bion, Medinand Lockport
The cas are all new and unsurpassed.
Passengers to Niagara Fals will take the. ,Cza on the rigat
l oaheater Ddpbt. WARD" COLRUN, lupt
-1. 1852.

May 31-unti.l further notiae-piassdnger eteamner and tra mo
will rv n as follows: .
WARD.-One. of the fistat-clas steamer, OUTHEIB .
STATE, iwill'leavb" Buffalo daily, Sundays e8epted, t n
P. JM., and Dunkirk at 12 at night, reaching Monroe .at 2.
P. M. the next day, and proceeding to oledo athe wsme
afternoon .
An expre7 tru.,l ;.:IeaLveMonroe.,t 2?,M.".,o o.,si
arva of tde boi at ]iy, Mondays excepted, reaching Chi.
#ago the name evening and connecting at Chicago.with rat
lams steamers'for Milwaukee and 1ther port on Liae Mieha
Itan, and: with Canal packets and Railroadi weterl from
F_ RS T~ N, aWstry rt
-'WAtD ..-Expre.stli'wiL]]L leave Chidag'at 9 P. M., idiy:l
Saturday ite, and, reacb 8 next .morning,
S-An e xress sear W11 ]l leave Toledo every morning aex
eept.Sun ay, odop' le Monroe on arrival of the trains o
rChia"o-and .rephb Diltandk d B'ffalo Beverbl'hourspre
vicus to the time for the firstTxpjWf frtaieM at foe -w.
ork, 11J any and Boston. .
The Lasemr~n c4 trc'ns at lftonro6-qpilj-gjeanet eat Wll-e)
Ire1 ioiW a46 ~ h~O
ACCOMMODATIONS. 4AjL %.-Tit, AHi .-t0dL-i9WBS0.,-
WA- RtD. A.wDi- l J eawvv.Tepldeo9. :Btnday ex.
apted, it f A. ,iM.i .ndetin at-iTolledo. tja.-'i.line o-ef
steabe~aifro Cleelan' ad. Sandoosky, an~d topping mi a!!
the way atatios, will reab":Chicageo t 8t P. M: '
GOING EASTWARD.-Leave Chicago daily, Sundaya
exerted' at 8;A. -M., stopping at all stations, and arrival'
at Toled a't 9 P: M., c.nnecting with inteanierw to Sandupky
'and Cleveland, and -. ing'the' ian'time for all thmore
log trains from thoseplal es. ' - -
A packet-boat leaves Toledo at 8 A. 1.-for Fort Wayne
nd port on the Wabanh CanaL JOS. H, MOORE,
A'rian. June.i, 1852. S.. erlnteadeBl

IN PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogatd :
Sof the County of New-York, notice is hereby given to a.l eeiobde-". 1 :-.
having claims against JOtHN DARG'-lateoftheCityofNew-Ydrk1 \ 1 .
deceased, t6 present the same with vouchers thereoftc the subeki, i- .
her,at her residence. No. 2b2 Sprh g-st;, in the City of Newr-orki.i.r ..
on or before the 26th day of February next.-.Dated New-F '
S2st day of.Augut,185t [au23 lawfimM] MARTHfA, DAR i .
J, e Dom&ckad Esther.M., his wife, against liza .. j.Domim
-JaeN RencldBand adrah L. his wife John P.:But Er-ahd- In ch-'
-'E.; kis.wife. aryy DoDminick, Ann Dominidkj Wilhtai B. i o-Baaa- "
_dtargarettahis wife, Jane Dominick, Harriet Dominjaick, Georg& G '
,DoA.iaick Apd Sara.h S s wife, Fxancis *Domidick and.Anne-his.- wif.." .
*James Doih&ick and Sarah P: his wife, Francis Jacob Domiiick- -.
John S. Gilt, Receiver, &c., Frederick T. Feet William -ardd .iia f ..
Louiza F. pardon his wife, Willam Dunni'g, Assigee, "C i]'" '
HalUenbake Francis Richard Domioick, Ada Dominick, Thaddeui
Dominick and-Juuiis Dominick.-To the 'above named defe4danta A i.
-INICK : Yu are-hereby summoned and&reqired to answerithe, sup '
.plemental lofoplaint in this action, which' was filed in the, ofie A .
of the Clerk ofthe said Court, on the day 'ofthe date.hereof,.and:ta ;,
serve a copyofyour answer to the said supplenehtal co iplai t on,
the subscriber hereto, at his office, N. 20 Nassaustreet in thed 'it .
of New York, within twenty days afterthe service hereof 6lds, lsv, :
of the day of service; and if you fail to answer the saoi complaint
Within the 'time aforesaid, the plaintiffs herein will take -judgment
against you for the relief demanded in the said complajnt.-Dat4 .
New-York, July 3,1852. Yours, &c., -. .. ,
jy5 Iaw6mM J." M. BALDWIN, Att'y for Ploinfiff "' .,
'y awo~ J. "t BALD '. c, ,
UPRE.fE COURT, City and County ofNew , :
York.--Robert Rogers against -George W. Prescott.. S 3"i.':' '
isons for money demand on contract.-To GEORGE W. PRES- .
COTT: You arehereby summoned and required to answerthe corn- '
plaint in thief action, which will be filed in the office ofthe Cerkof' '
the City and County of New-York, at City Hall, Newv York C[tyaand ''
to ser.e a copy of your answer tothe said cimplai'nt on thesubsornber, i .
at No. 57 Chambers-st, (first floor,-) City. of New-York,..withist-.' .'
twenty days atter the service of this summons on you, exchsaive oL.. i..-.,
the day of such service; and ifyou fail to answerthe said domplaxnW .
within the time aforesaid, the plaintlfin this action will take judg-
ment against you for the sin um of inety-ine_60 100 .dollars .with in'.
terest trmim he 20th day of July, one thousand eight hundred and ".
fifty, beside th'e'costs ofthis a- ion.--Datad Augusf 11tI,185. ":
au16 lawll'wM "W B..WEDGEWOOD. Plainutiff'sa attorney . .
SUPREME COURT.-In the matter- oft ..
application of the Mayor, AjdMrmen and Commboialty of'th-.' -
:ity of New-York, relative to .the OPENING of ONE HUNDRE3D'.1 .'
AND TWENTY-FOURTH-ST., from the Old Church Road-to-th
6th av., in tbeCtty of New York,. The undersignued.Commissionera. .
of Estimate and Assessment in the above entitled matter, hereby
give notice, that they will the office of GEORGE L.OS-' "
BORN, No. 147 Mulberry-st. in the City of New-York, on'TUES- .
DAY, the 21st day of Septeiiber, 1852, at 3 o'clock iin the afternoon,
for the purpose of hearing, in opposition to the Esti mate and Assess, ? .? z
ments of the said Commiasioners, any person or persons who meng0.
consider themselves aggrieved thereby.-Dated, New-York, Sebpt '
HENRY BERTHOLF, Commissioners.
HENRY E. DiVil, Attorney. 8 OSil

wl~i I fl, ihMlWilrM i.ffq~l IrPJ1 r. -AdK i r~. r.w. iI.i~l[

C-41 .-


i I IN ;4*14 F





I .w v^Ba-e^ '^T

I R#tT ll ILil

&L m ., .tV .5 .. .WOAv aL ].. .,a.-- , -4 1.l ,. ,4. . ..





I ..... .






----- -----



.. . . .... ..... .. .. -4 rr I*7 - :,





a ttil-n-.I-' e [., e I C IY OF *LAS(O1

wattle int .e eg. ,ama ..,.p nit- a t58 His .._ 1 a aftar Stateruoo ,
h;)o ,,$.OK & a,, ~ adti 5p"''" "
5,." "" '.= ... alial~-.., s -a a ~'. t.,J, '..... I -5 Ga; r AgciilNo,41B56t2er~bsi.,tet.a.Yatkt5' .] 5 olrw .d
.[-1t ved on the 1s of May,6' 5 + fro S I net1 ,,e-'niaTE M ;,: T,, ,
wA" toN i ode.,weeSt a net lcte Id'

agi-e asn"d--rewidenace'". In-- hedsse c t-Jret 'Oft?23J':q JH an.4. Fr om Phlladte'lbalafl ;
Sho13 hade.ftX D,,4 G, .... w t AhS 'GO

.it .. .. t ,~~M 'tp', ... .. . a ....i~u .,$ 5, fq ,s. o ,. ... a. ts5 anssgoo
Mall the to y- C. j 4r1IF F,'APtlllEtk
D~y N., rOlmiiin 'NB JyitLmASG

SandI t iT facilitew
a. T &e"', a d b tsVISar -winfwM' r-t-R AT.
tT and rr P 'Brtwmdut~whidi ,i5l leave@ Pan. 4Lrh e Ea M In.
Jim....A '8 C, 4 ai Rates of l p
h"-. "SM -gopelpta + : /'" S ae roe01edA.u
hisr tq 0A OrK o., ind 2 bertw$8 mdh

sin 4as ed)pass..eik
hroug with oreased
elIwh S poli-s#irsitr a-,
No 1 Wa" bgfuu l ii'"ai 'i .. ...:" ........... .....~, '"' .... H ... CM-
E YE X A'a,_K B U'"' -...,..... v" .-

tndrII l Bfrpat...... f,,t Sta.ra...- -... 5- 1 3"'EAM Bli
cases of the E~o 4~enaae (ix(apt Sun. eaigaa~l at the t oaneeng ,=-, v~~ oe
S .ta ress onyc ta h ett of Ma y, 0t te r p reL 1, r i e the u ..
anyp, rotamuto9 ,,'l"t:teiIf 51.'St.amer! 5w-.or. ay.' efero ":, mu ep;afnd, on0 SAhore

eo'S oi ut k on .pa.n b h~rt ,wea nd'imE enat_ 58bls f fare, frpom IPaeama toBa 1Sa mnofa p the moat S ab'[- io&
:v U, 4Vit~
Gigtrho. b hwen.'I a'a loca.t~ ed 'favraletema d F 1imiFrm1 a a.
Is =s Ey

A ll tapaid b 'A e eo f th e a a d
e i' n, 'B.,-None bul professia nal buMSi m :' SW 1.lawal
ell t

..... ...o$9 ra,1 a '...... '"'5fft S '' s.n.o.... tho a -q 'a -:
. __ _Ido, Wfine .a'..
2 1 1 Lit# 0M 5 2tun a el t A ook f -s 1-:-inEW. ;k

Z3. vt".arooftnetand

St. agndIt andSwk9 WatchesYrepaired 'Ar'icuar oa, a N
led warreniled or taidialRafornif "
reu14M 0, af 46 0 5 is an and t e pahni-W,111. B S-TIN N -)84 alf t.1:3~



3 4K
thee, s 6brbLg hU ,. teo .....
Se hew^ t emSa laiml th~l b^e e~f"an H

ffiti !a.?*t re*t4
iU~n~Bic", ien Dein ave
,4M thrVn A prod1cAmk e ilaeeeuo fp'Dip 6.

,a"' dineArh-1ia "one C door below.Stk, .ilaips.. .
8SP le dealerU generally throughout the eeuutrv', ::.-:
orae. iqt rsa i re b n."tand. ti bEo- taa
R1MTioidair A U 1H..ig .

at Naw Bn g corner Breedwyai. W.
Ia.S.k ; Z di.

--row after years of baldness. Refer t R. Cone, *Trmenf
Hose, BIAston. Price, one dollar 6h.sitt y e am.f 't
comdtry. R G GR&Hh No-. A --t.

.1 SSM1^Ea WAaEU
"- C .KE -.ST.ABLISHMEN -.t Benn.St-^ .
or .... ride from.xAbany aend-T rI
.q._ .. un.ta.n _enery ., .. .. ; .-- -.a
/tors t thi iiUdtui ORANGE, NE~W-3FBRSBY.-Tfil<.
,.:._- -Ch .n'lesm:H.-RaCputr Broad ..- ..

' e.Tto!h i-taket a .b MarhdLand.E-a f6Se.
-.'-h- g, Leavp Water-cure Stotion a 7 had. 8 oA.M~a e .

._ K-,, ULS i:-.,PR ,OD. ..U . .CED :..

W-D,. QUIMBY ,ontnoes to receive patient .a ...i
or injureth~org ta ^

establishment. A few Boarders oai be aocom. odteA c '.;
187 Eat Broadway, New-York."

A IITRALL receives patients at the oominodlowi City Bn,' >
tablimhment, No. 15 LaighRst., (reeently enlarged by aNei..
building.)! Aspecsi] department for the an.
B urgicl treatment of female diseases, displacementa, t '
"a n.der the charge of Dru. TRALL and HOSFORD. -'
D RS. L. N. FOWLER, M. D., wil.V
i oiiunt with ladies medically, at her re.iddeue. .o.
SEat Broadway, from 9 A to l P.M. w
| i sc lr Notiyes. :
.- -M .., .

tice of the Supreme Court-Notice i. hereby giveQpuruan ..
to mhe provisions of the Statute authorizing attachments againttt.abo_'
scondinf, concealed and non-resident debtors, that an attachment ha .. "
isued against the estate ofGEORGE F. SMI-TH, now or late a.ei.s ,
dent ol the town of Guilford, Chenango County, an abscond. .ii
. concealed debtorand that the same will bie-sold for the paymentoff.
hio debts, unless he appear and discharge such attachment afcoW*-P
jog to law, within three months froom, thle first publication of this.
enotoe ; and that the payment ofany debtasdue him, and thedelivery. ....
tohim, or for hispse, ofany property-.belongiog tohim, andthe tran.-
fer of any property y hirm. for any purpose whatever, areforbiidem.
by law, ao( are void.-Datedthe 4th day of Auguot, 1852. "'?-- ' "
ARREN NEWTON, Attorney for Attaching Creaitbr.- -'1' .. '

N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogabe"
of the County of New-York, coice is bereby iventoa.l person
Having clas aaoaiDtJOeHN L ESTEVEIate of the City of Nw-.
Yor, deceased, to present the same with vouchers thereofto th.
subscriber, at her residence, No. 11 Thomas st.y in the City of New-
Yorkon or before the 8th day of March next.-Dated. New-Yorkt
the4th day ofSept 1853. CLORICE ESTEVE, Adminltratrix,.,d
s6 labrnmM* .. "
i N PURSUANCE of an order of the STrrb t
of the on r of New-York, notice is Lhereby givento all'personB.
havins.claiis against MATTHEW BA RNARD, late of "the"ity'ey
New- York,!deceased, to present the same with vouchers thereof to.
the subscriber, at his residence, No. 66 Charlton-st., in the City of
New York. on or before the 16th day-of February next.-DAte
New-York,. the 13th day of August, 1 852.
aul6stawomfl* E. H. BATNARD, Administrator..

RN PURSUANCE of an order of the SurroNat -
tofthe Cousty bfNew-York, notice is hereby given to al person,
having cimos against ELIZABETH PINKNEY, late of the Ciobt a
New-York,aedeceaed, to present thesame, with vouchers heereoftpa et
the, subscriber, at his residence, No. 193 Fulton-st.,in the Chtyo''"'
Ntew-York,,on or before the tenth day bl ,December nextDatijlbw.2,,
New-York,a the twentyninoth day of May, 18de. : '. .
m311awEmM NJAMES D. PHYFE, Exsfcrwtbr "3 y,
n. fulaw31nbl

. 'N PURSUANCE of an order of JESSEr O.?.'
SMITH ECq., Surrofate of the County 0of. Kings, v notia e ii
herebyby given, according to law, to aol peieonob having claim agatsa'
JOHN J. DARLINGTON, late or tl e City of Williamsbuorgh de- ;
ceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with the.vouchfe
'thereof, to the subscribers t heeieoe office of Joseph G. Palmer, No. 6Ct. *
Chatham st., in theCity of New-York, on or before the lst day of'
December next.-Dated May 34, 1853. . : : .. .
I t: da i ,1MARY A. DARLINGTOTI, Administratrix. ''
[m31 lawmM*it GEORGE B. CLARK E, and Adofinitrafor". .
th subcrbe,.t. is. esdece N. 66 h, thu-s.- n he_ Cityof. ,. :..

Pou hkieepaie1 Newburgh, Counzeue, _old Spring, Cern.
wall ann Mi.ton, from the foot of Jay-st,ayery afternoon at
Si Oelo turning, willleaver PBghkbepide everymora.
Iag at 6 'clock. (Sundaye exaoepted.)" Meleb rved on board.
O EtJLAJ MAILLUNE, via &tonh -
and ODORE, ofthi-linrie. now run regularly as hear
ofor te.ately leaving Pier No. 2 North River, fires whar.
above- attery-plac, daily Sundaym aexepkted, at 5 P.M.
tind, ingtonat 8 lockc' P.M. or-on arvl of the magl)
tr c leaves Bogton at 5 30 P.M.
Th eamer PERRY leaves :Providence ftori Newport.
daily ex cept Sundays, at9 A.M. and 6 P.M. New-Bedford
eand too passengers proceed immediately on the arrival
of tbe'iail train at Manfield. .- .
For t ight or assag apply atthe o eNo. 10 Battery.
pace op,'omarf the tarte

rrr-~ '

S^ LiIYER4*Y- MEN-A.$5af50.-
Mjj willl psy theabove s-mr-thesfie ote so
ir1edlby' cempetent Literary Commi tep

&e%^^b,?NS8^8dav:%g(^ t8 at which
S the awsrtb.wllbepaidan...$k./# Cuompetitrs
/ this liberal prize are requested ,ansi. ertheir real names
sad asidresasric't r Ba~ir ^ -wPchwill not
be oene exfe^|~jfl ^ bing accepted.'
Ben '^ ^ ttAiili NrANTS'^ CLOTH-
ING, AT "Izu'.--Ga1Nrr opens: to-day several
easeeft "t"tBatd.Infants' Clothing, invoiced fedm'
"rf w mt three weeks and arrived thuiraweby.
.Tbm, s ,wk isthw Fall Goo iW tasam ..'.
dual have rfi~ffjxLhim-b within, W-'e present 'month e.'enbles

lonthae ^4kntante' Glothing that has eveyr he~eQephfited a(

bit0io.;n .aiU e ji a'114 sdris tl moeratiof.t. -thexi.
vlottethe s t54ffihikco.tit, ryr~g... U, ,n-

f'^it&6fVestst^Panfalosnsl.Sacksf, FrockcoatgQvr
eteac &e., byC t; cBoyis: 'of all es, are not s-rpassed
.i^eleggnce: by the choicest dbtchig in' the most fashldn-
atile establishment.t in t'arls' or 'Lendon.' In.:thiss' infanta'r.
Oatfiatig Department everything that ean attract the eye of
Use taetetal mother, will be fQoUd. In'ahortj, thbei display at
GEswsN's Bazaar thus naarks the commencement of a new.
era in the Juvenile Clothine business. The prices in al cales_
are marked athe lowest lgure. GONaN'SeB"i.L&Aj;--'_"
St. Nichblas Hotel, No 513 Broadrat. '
GEmN's Fall Styles of Silk, Beaver, Felt .ad ottir.Het.g,"'
as well as the latest 'style of' Gentlemen.s Caps, can be bo-
talned at.^ it a ;:e. ," ; .... .:
w-s:tm t'Prit.h Fashions for Gentlemen's
Clot ilh, fmt'Bs'Faal, are out Do you ask where We
will ao.wet$'..W.T.JESNINGS St Cosa, No. 231 Broad.
way. '1)4elink otf read y-snade Ves. Pantaloons,. Sacks,
,rocks.'u5toi"iiBuasness Coat., &c, embrace every species
'ofmaterial'and every ttyle introduced in' the French and
Englishh Capi'als up to the latest dates, or which are likely
to he'popular during the fall. The Cassimere and other pan-
taloon-fabrice:,.present an :infiiute variety of pattern and
the Vesetfgs are rich and beesming' beyond aU precedent.
Of theacut anbwtorkmaushiu, of JENNrNGS '&S Co's ready
made bpareLitseems unnecessary to'aueak. The community
not oi mn Nd'work, but~in althe p.iecipal cities of the
Unio.,f owafdllw*ell that for twenty-ave years the. ele-
gang, tn.heigh' ikihi6om and the fair prices of the ready-
msdi#.tliigsgof.thia firm, have been proverbial through-
c"ttise lenm'J ,. and -readth of the land-while their gar-
ments olld:to'meihfir withimrequaled disoatch, hare .een
-promousiced pzqdIamx 'fit, work, and material.,
''.. ,' W T.. JENN rNGS & Co.,
',, '.' No, 21S Broadway, Amesican HoteL
ESABLISHMENT, i.o. 833 Broadway, comer of Anthony-st.,
.cppste tht,0r5.adw4ay Bank and Theater ---A.low me the,
isaa.e.of.Jai g .gmy card before your, notice, akthe same_ Uhmybest services a Tailor, together ivith
'-'..:" S.. .may tre. I believe I am doingithe largest
val"iilf r'tsO^ th'ng Business in this port, and beg to re-
'oi-. i& ers attache d to the U 5. ship ,North Carolina,
j 1 J ipri, h ntow, U:S. ship
Futirc shalI fehideb~ted i fyon .will.
name my SNlishimeut to Officers who may be in want of
Outft or, di H eitilat 1 am maiiig Uniformu and Un-
dress for tha;~v a~fud"Miarzi 'Csiips, according to Wihe writ-
ten and pdintd ia&lnWictiOag and drawings to the latest regs-
lation, aseev l from the NavyDepartment, Wash-.
ington,'D.C; '.. / -.. GEORGE P. Fox.
$100,000 WORTH NEW FALL, ioobsjust
i opened, at the Ladijes; Fashionable Dryo., 0 M..
BonDNis,2,.32 and-st, corner of Ozchard, consisting of .ro-
c -adl Silks o.$h ejaref.t.styles and very richb' frocm 5/. to 12/,
a'ad 20t. peiyu'd;Plain and Changeamle Silks from.6/, to
i. k.t5n5di ,..51 g rdar Plaid dilks, and Flaid-taw-Silks, very
!. rei.on 0SB ; 0 'eong and squareBShawls, all new'patterns.
" ed iCaqiidre .'id XVoolen Snawl,; French Mariaoe a
e3pt~i~i~f'6tbrj color; Cashneres and DdLaines of
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-For Freesdesf, ""'
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WIlIAM A. GRAHAM, of North-Caroliuaa.
rThe Tribune is served in this City, Brooklyn, Wil-
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to the carriers. Namessent through the Post-Offiae or Penny
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for CalifornIa,
We shall issue THIS MORNING The
STribunefor California, Oregon asnd the Sand-
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Latest Foreign and ftmestic News since the sail-
ing of the last steamier; Money and Market Re-
ports, Marriages, Deaths, &c.
Single copies in wrappers, ready for mailing, can
beahad at the Desk This Morning. Price sir cents.

The next number of The Tribune for
European. Circulation, will be issued on WED-
NESDAY MORNING at 9 o'clock. It will con-
tain atltheLatest News up to. the time of going
, to' press. Single copies, in wrappers, ready for
| mailing, can be had at'the desk. Price Six Cents.
The Europa' sails from this port on Wednesday
'at 12 o'clock.
Whig Documentsfor the Campaign.
We jsk the friends of SCOTV Rd.
GRAHAM to call at our office and examine
the : following Campaign publications.
Friends of the Cause call aid seeio
don't want to supply every hk9 &ii your
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Cause-by HENRY C. CAREY," the. leading essay
in T7e Plow, the Loom and te Anvil'"fr f p-..p
member, is issue ed as a' Campaign Tract, (16 lkrge
pages,) It.*shows the .effects of British. Free
raade on thei. Isditstry, Thrift arnd Prosperity of'
Ireland, as proclaimed by her Patriots and by im--
partial observers. It appeals especially to the

feelaci and -judgment hi Irishnien. Price $10
er thou.and, $1 2.i.per hundred, 2 cents singly.
*',, . . ..* _
on New-Hampshire Democracy and Catholic
Emancipati6n-16 pages. Price $l0per thousand,
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' Proeetion and Free Trade .Considered"--By
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S'.**Edtorw of Wl iioourial ,will ohrt. us by. n0btin this and
Miser Tract. Bold by us. Copies will b,e sut hem ifldesired.

WiEg State Convenrton .' .
r A Whig State Convention for the Nosmination of Can-
didates for Electors of President and. Vie-Ptesident, aud for
' the offices of Governor, Lieutenant-Governor, Ganal' Con-
missioner and State Prison Inspector, will assembly at the
City of Syracuse, on WEDNESDAY, tha 22d dayof Sep.
timber. The Whig Electors of the respective Assembly
Districts are requested to appoint each one Delegate to at"
lend such Gouvention.

BY TEtEG t I.,WO have an account
of the receptiont of General Scott at Pittsburg,
and of an enthusiastic Whig mass meeting held
on the evening ofhis 'aiVr!i that city. From
Boston, particulars of' a shocking murder in the
town of Natick, Mass. A Mr. raylor was killed
outright, and his wife lies' at' thpoint of death.
The murderer, Casey,.has been arrest. Several
disasters and accidents, in varibus qdrtfers, are
-reported. ____. .....______ .
I?.81 GERRIT SMITH'S Liberty raartg5'
having riseived no reply to a letter sent to Mer.
Hale jncljulian, requiring them to say thatt",
consider'Sia~ry illegal, not susceptible of'being
legalized', &c te&liedd a new National COn-'.
"vention at Syratcui on the 30th inst.-We have
t ot considered Mt Smith inclined to waggery,
Wb-t, really, if he had undertaken to hold up the
Pita.burgh and all k-rd movemeats to ridiosle,
we don't.see how he souldt hare dt e it more el-
fsctudilv -" t '.* *'. .:

.. .. .... ; .. , .. .

' ours I '-But no! that is just what 2Th
Post. is rigously, ".do'!.^.It
would fain have its readers beijiee, thia ad, c-
mi'ration of Gen. Pierce's achievements, or
opposition to Whig principles, or some-
thing else than belief that Gen. Pierce will
be a more thoroughly pro-Slavery candi-
date than Gen. Scott, has caused these
changes. Can this be, honest ? '.: All our
" worrying" has been simply attempting
to 'worry" The Post into candor and
fairness. We regret to say that we have
" w 'oried" it to no purpose.
Wa copy in another place an article in
which The Times, of London, favors the
people ot the United States with some
friendly advice as to the manner in which
they ought to behave themselves toward
Cuba.' It is the opinion of this leading
journal of England that the prosperity of
this' country, which it admits to be solid,
sudden and dazzling, has been' achieved by
peaceful industryoandbold but well-weighed
enterprise. Accordingly, our true policy
I is to continue in the same career, and not
! lose ourselves and ourrirtue in wild and dis-
- honest schemes of foreign aggrandizement,.
Besides, continues our venerable admirer,'
if, 'tempted by the agreed of dominion and
of extended territory, America should thus
trangress the eternal principles of justice,
relentless retribution will pursue her crime;
she will be condemned by' the public opin-
ion of the world; and even if forthe pre-
sent she escapes the punisahiiens that
awaits her, she will be left alone to-wear
the brand of piracy in the eyes 'of other
and holier nations, and especially, of En-
gland, a power exemplary in moderation
and tenderness for the rights of others. Of
this peculiar honesty which .hnddi ^o ia-
diant a luster to the history of Yohn"Bull,
his greatnewspaper cites a special instance
in the case of Madeira... That 'Island'
John; has never stolen ; therefore he is a
glorious example for the imitation of the'
United States. '
If there is any cause for disguttji.en a
lecherous old rascal boats of the purity of
his morals, or a notorious usurer or thief,
assuming the smirk of piety .audr philan-
thropy, descants on the beauty ofthe gold-
en rule, a lecture on national justice and
respect for others' property from the or-
gan and apologist of England mry well
provoke a passing sense of nausea. What
hesitation has the British Gvernment
ever-manifested when the Interst of Brit-
ish shopkeepers were balanced'ag raist the
rights of weaker nations ? : 'Wen has
'England refrained from an advtntageous

' seizure of new territory thaticould be
|safbly accomplished ? Where.' 1i Britlsh
hbiAtoy a0e the monuments'0of tha 'tien-
i' d$ reanco so the eternal principles of
jisticewahic 2-- Ti"es, with oparisaio
gxraity, preacehes for our edificati*%? Are
tbey to be fendt in reland, or in Izndia, or
i ChIIIRSi? 'WastlzMshte opiunawar tbat


ddwn .Mills are closed, mines abandoned,
-fur"aea sold by ih/ss~e11f? -Thu growth
.qo t6 country in the production of wealth
and in real power is checked. Farmers
lose the home market without obtaining
an equivalent foreign outlet for their pro-
ducts ; artisans are driven to become farm-
ers, thus increasing the amount of bread-
stuffs and provisions to be sold 'while di-
minishing the number of buyers. The
spirit of restless adventure and grasping
cupidity grains strength and influence as
that of peaceful labor and solid progress
declines ; the population scatters abroadin-
'stead of concentrating ; as is natural to a
people that will not sit down patiently
while its circumstances deteriorate,
thoughts of foreign.conquest and territorial
extension take the place of that honorable
devotion of the national energies to the
great wortk of the national development,
which, as experience demonstrates, a true
system of American.Policy must of neces-
sity produce.:. ... .
Such is, in brief, .the history of the ten-
dencies which our English oracle rebukes.
British free trade is at the bottom of the
matter ; iV is the disease, and they are but
the symptoms. The' Times, that with airs
of pompous infallibility lauds and worships
the one, with equal airs, hightened by a
delicate tinge of moral indignation, inveighs
against the other. :"With equal claim to re-
spectt might the Father of Lies lecture his
children on the enormity of the falsehoods
whose telling he h'ad/himself inspired.
It is perfectlynotorious that the system
,of electioniepertig adopted by the Loeo-
Faco party inthis country is a system of
duplicity andimposture. It is as huge as
the theater upon. whichbit is set in motion,
and coextensive with the power which that
party essays to wield, and too often does
wield. The very name which it assumes of
,, Democratic," is: its initial fraud. And
this fraud of itself alone gives to the party
its chief strength, and is the means of
maintainingg ^its ascendancy wherever that
ascendancy exists. It is a most striking
illustration of the influence of a name to
blind the ordinary understanding to a cor-
rect idea of what the thing is to which it
is attached. The "Democratic' party
ewes as much, this hour, to its name as
does the scoundrel, ruler who rides upon
the neck of the French nation, to the name
of Napoleon. Without that, its days would
be numbered. The simple word "Dem-
ocracy" excuses and even justifies every
absurdity, every false doctrine, every im-
posture, every movement of the party
leaders, and covers all as with a holy vest-

meant. '0No religious fanatic ever clung
with a binder tenacity to his belief than
do thousands of well-meaning men. ';of
to-day adhere to the party claiming t
be ,D, mocratlc," simply because, lt
thefr estimation, as it wears the tame,
It mustt be thing to^ via. dencte.

shoulder. It repudiates all iing free-
dom, every moving agency ef human
' melioration, becomes affrighted 'by spec-
tres of reaction among the oppressed of
our own shores, and, in the person of one
of its boldest and !most distinguished
champions on the floor of Congress, de-
nounces the idea of fratenity with Euro-
pean republksnism, and the efforts of
Europpe patriots, praclaiing tW the


in the Senate are to be fi.le4 ."y the member
^ea 'fwAte^ ...... .. ,.
d nd then the House must send upjto the Senate":
' the names of two out of the fowr highest candi-
dates (Hubbard, Crosby, Chandler and|
from which two the Senate must choose one to b .
S enator. ' .
Now, the House cannot elect Senatori si it .
pleases-it must choose from the highest candi- .
dates double in number to the Senatorstob .
chosen-that is, where one only is to be chosen .
I he must be one of the two highest en the popular '
vote ; if two are to be chosen, they must be so- ..
elected from thefoeu highest, and so on. Now, a3 .
four are to be chosen in the Cumberland District, '
but 0only/ two of the regular Democratic .aedi-
dates are among the eight higlest--two'Tempet- '
dance Whigs, two Liberal Whigs, and tfwo' Lib-.
eral' or Wildcat' Democrats, making up the i
number from among whom the four Senators ar .
to be chosen. Now, suppose the Joint Ballot
should elect the two eligible Regulars and these
two Wildcat;,' how is that Gov. Hu.-
bard 1 Whom will it make Governor?
We can only see one way opest to our friends
opposite-namely, to rally all their forces united- '
ly in the House, and send up Hubbard anid' Chand- -
ler to the Senate, which jof course cutte of Mr.-
Crosby and leaves the choice between .Hubibar
and Chandler to the Whigs; 'But this secures
Hubbard's election, which i%:i. jt what tha
Wildcats least desire.A.d aiYdozenrofthem
in the House may'by unitig' wi( the hia ,
send up Crosby and Chan.dler, and thus put Gov..
Hubbard's nose completely out or joint-compel-
ling the Hubbard Senators to decide between,
Crosby and Chandler. And we should na. won4er-
if this should be the shape thing's *i. ultimately
.-The'vote is a very large 'one; and' 'Masle.
Law' and "anti-Maine Law'-have thrown every
thing into.confusion except the vote for Congress,
which is probably a fair test of the strength of
parties. It is only about three-fourths returned,, -
but we believe that-counting for Pierceathe vote -
cast for both Democratic' candidates in the.
Districts where two were run--hin majority in the
State will be just about Two Thousand; it can-
not exceed Three Thousand. If Old Chippewa-
is n't good for that number i,-mappol of .Ninety
Thousand, we shall be sorry. ...,.

Hunterdon C ., has been nominated for Congressa
by the Pierce men of the new Hid District, corn-
posed of Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon and
Warren Counties. As this District gave Case
over 1,000 majority, Dr. Lilly would seem to ham
a chance in it.
-The Whigsof East Jersey will hold a Mass
Meeting at Newark on the 20th of October. It
will not be a small one. .
The New-Hampshires Pat-iot gives cur- -
rency to the following, and makes it the text of '/
some three or four paragraphs of the grossest
abuse of the individual referred to:
"RAscAL..r-Horace Greeley has lately issued -a
tract in the German language, for the deception of tla
Germane." .
-This is simply ad. wholly untrue. Horace
Greeley has issued no tract whatever in. the Gtev-
man language, and has had nothing whatever to _
do with designing, writingror pa.blshing w.y mech
tact--and, moreover, can't re d Grma, ..

OHIo.--H. V. WI.SON of Clevela.Lug
the Pierce candidate for Congresainthe Cujaya ..
District, i which there are w. three regai-
cendidates-WilsoC, Wfiilaw qasp Wiu, sAnt
Edward Wade, Free Soil% I
--A Hae Electoral TIcket ha. .ee. minaiaa .
w iyth Miltol Sutfil ^b Jusftq of fiS!IW W

/' :
i ',--," '

S ~ ~ ~

"* 'MADAME:':S&N-iJ ?TBRADnY --Thls
Unrivaled Qu&'of e ". tsB saN aton G t.
en Monday'ItBtr 'ahur Portraib to him umnrp "a%
collection of. hiia now on eskibition at No. 20^
Broa. a. ...'.to...' T
w.~ OTh^Bumeous visitors at the Roomns
nfV't.u555S y general Depdt, No. l3 ChambenCJi'
att-45 d eis. of.. th proved Wah~eue ton. ',
Ha f ,r having p ayp, fral to its a ffdh ] atrdye'btzt aSia on the bulbs aed.orootn6g 'a.b i9:.'
9J4o j toheprirncipalDrussoft. in the; Un.itedidt. .L

gt.., r, ,..nuD.Liquid.Ha ".--y W.
.bo The sineo qoa'moreao, housekeepmg, i
is the P aro n GlaeaFlter, oldbatted is l O lxnl s16 Broad-
way, for $ p 50. Pure water-le-s, antrp"reemnlepah, em
through this Frlter.-.ieag notondemirile..-u b '.'roa'solutily ne-
SceS flilro" good eookivg,: elean".w~h ng< &e besides .being a
roet promoters biHealn l iparptreony Llquld beawae of
Wthe ave fai .Jt al.. at Broadway and we
w. TheiSnA e 'o''EP-AosIs.--)- '
' is ie Poron'Galmfldter. aom ma'e dretwdful slaughter oad.
t .... iOf~thtft.ivelers, by water ;,"t :
w':ay for IBut for every one they killt p
through Lds Fitr-sN!SBoo.ewdertandrhiBePitU, i me-
':..... Mas. rora couritleas number"
'eu' b go .O ckf a gl enemies to slumber. b b. a
.ra '.po- meoBed-bugsperitsh rats apd mie t be w.
*- ; Die before- they've tasted twice. .
lUep6t for LYoN's Magnetic Powdera (without peison)::for 1-
the destruction of noxiom insects .andi LYON'S d Magwet
Pills for exterminating.rats and mile, No 434Broadway. ;-

.. g .bbif assie tsh.g.ou.d.s. e w ..h .

PIt''yea e 0isouDen stheB8
t"we bid supposed thiit~welied fdt adequgt^
.........for su.pporti him at the N h IS maler
u hpve been worh cmpsidtairni But havm. g,a twq
!kl q:raaopn'for gIvip, ,$lnxour own votesh'ae
- erese~tinc(lied to placniut n 'Stre. upon'tbe lteasons
cother.menIn adlfferedtkqparter of.the Union:
e", e to give him theire.!r [ B.-.Popt$ --J
it..It is a shamethat the honoredtnane|
Yof BRYANT should: be use'td c Cloak such.|
knbaveries as the above. have en
'charge&^ with discourtest to him whet'
'obliged to repel with emjifiasis the calum-
nies of the Politicalr'ttickster who writes
as above-calumnies: which' Bryant prob- -
sbly never saw till he read them in the-
printed journal. .^ ^ :./
-5We are not &tiial "wvotred"' by the
mode in which: the cantasi for Pierce, is
prosecuted In the.&^Souith.. All we liave
desired is. .that.said' ,course should be un-
derstood at thev North'. "We submit w^ht
out, complaint -to' the loss of Georgia'ohn
the .. g -,
the assumpton i, that Gen. Scott is :tt.e
Seward'2 candidate, and that his ele'6on
wouldible.a 'Fiee Boi!.triumphl; te
onfryiontend that it is not right th#I-e
sho- ld- at the same time lose Ohio o4 t.he
t! ty contrary-assumption that he isjnhe
pro. Slavery candidate, and that his c-
tion would be the death of Free Soil an-
victions and principles. We are wr' g
our adversaries should make all theefcan
out of us on either .tack ; we only Op~jct
to their taking States"away ftom us on both
at once. ', -;,*
The Post is perfectly aware that, but
for the cry of "Free Soil' and 'Seward,'
Gen. Scott would carry two-thirds of the
Southern States-'that Pierce would be no-
where. It knows. that its: Southern "allies
are the attacking. party- that the Whigs
of the South stand on the defensive, and
would very gladly throw' the Slavery .kues-
tion out of the canvass could they bd per-
mitted to do so. 'It knows that a large
number of Members of Congress and'.other
notables or would-bes at the Soutk -have
abandoned the Whig party and gofre in for
Pierce, expressly on the ground of his
(Pierce's) being more reliable on' the
Slavery issues than Gen. Scott,' while not
one has publicly changed from Pierce to
Scott on Slavery grounds in all the' bioad
South. Ought not t'ese facts to be
But The Post is "exult
over the proclamations of the Toofubses,.
Gentrys, Jenifers, g.., that (though hith-
ertb Whgs) they shall gq for Piorco-or,
at least, against Scott. L Weu,. Sirs,!' we
-sary, '.since you consider tlitse 'changes so
auspicious, you will let your readers
know why they prefer your candidate to

dhoep heavenly^|uT~ej^mof iderain n
dgrigii andB honesty" weBretwi-ned for the
i:British ar ? Oribi""iit in' the recent grab
of the Island ofRuasan, or in the Mos-
-'quito humbug, that we aro- to find a' pat-
:tern of political morality'of the true Btit-
ihk-stamp? "'
' But as according to the Catholic dogma
tthe rites of religion are efficacious'though
githe priest who performs them be a rogue,
i0o truth is truth, though dropped from ly-
'ing lipsu and wisdom is wisdom, though ut-
|tered by a charlatan. And so, whatever
|we think of The Times, we hold its doe-
trine to be sound and its advice good. It
|is true that the. only solid and enduring
;I;greatness of a nation must, be the work et
tft. own industry and 'attention to its own
JTlftars. The United States prove this.
'|Our built up at home, on our own
*soil, in the benignant air of'free institu-
Ituiions and of peace. This power of foreign
conquest and war would not enlarge but
Diminish and vitiate. Moreover, national'
injustice is the deadliest df poisons for the
^nation that commits it. But labor and en-
.teprise, the increase and diffusion of
weahh and of intelligence, the triumphs
^:of the thinking head and the creative
hand- these will not only fortify and illus-
tate our country, but are pregnant with
i future liberties of the world.
:?One branch of the subject our London
cbtemporary prudently avoids. That is
;le connection between the policy 'of
B$ritish free trade and our deviation from
ie~ career of peaceful industry which it
cpmmends, for that of territorial aggran-
dizement and slavery' extension, which it
condemns. And yet this is the essential
point of the story. When we had a pros-
perous and expanding industry; when
44ery spindle and every forge was busy;
*hlien we were building new mills and fur-
lwces, and opening new mines of coal and
in; when our furnaces found ready cue-
tomers at home for their surphlu products,
tyad every day concentrated the population
by bringing the tiller of the soil and the
artisan nearer together; when we were
tfiIas' daily adding to the wealth and the
power of the Union-then there was no
occasion for hypocritical advice like that
o4lwhich we now comment.
'ZBut this state of things was net destined
tojicontinue. The system of The Times
prevailed in this country, thanks to those
viluble allies of the commercial policy of
TE.lgahd," the so-callod Democrats and the
present supporters of franklin Pierce.
British free trade was establlshe4 with re-
suats analogous top those it has produced
elsewhere. American industry is struck

But the selfa-ie~ |a^~~
reafly no betwr than ajz old bawd making
sRDttitmOMQoUS precensiirns to chastity. I&c
is a stupendous confidenc4V maebin., con-
, stantly rolliugon, whosema nagear swindle
at every step. The term P,-Democratic"
sanctifies everyenormity and every iniqul-
ty which they choose to perpetrate. Many
of them, thoughlthe biggest rascals out of
; the State Prison, mount rosttums, pen
stupid essays, and dilate in the newspa-
pors with an air of mock- honesty, asmooth-
faced, sleek, white-cravated, superfine pro-
tension of regard for truth, justice, and
popular rights, that would shame all the
moving spirit out of a Q.uaker meeting for
a month, unless it was the spiritof indig-
nant rebuke and condemnation. The devil
grins at many exhibitions of Loco-Focoism.
What, for instance, can there be in the
spirit that animates thb. Satanic Press in
common with the spirit of independence,
of reform and beneficence, that gave this,
nation its .existence, and to-day animates.
ten thousand~hearts all over the world, witlz
passionate deMxes for the amelioration of.
human condidonsithe fredem of mani^nd
from slavish subjectibn' to self-constituted:
rulers, and the advancement of human so-
ciety ? The ultimate idea of all which
finds compendious expression in the term
Democratic" when applied to political
parties. Pah! If spurious Democracy'
in this country is an idol that the artless
worship, so is it the sovereign to the cring-
ing, the obsequious, the mercenary and
the corrupt ; before whom th6y bow, and
at whose feet they offer their gifts as they.
would offer them under other circum-
stances to a Sultan or a Czr.r
We labor hopefully for the overthrow
and utter destruction of the great carcass of
sham Democracy, in the confident belief
that what it, covers and actually repre-
sents is really one of the most offensive
.things on, earth to every enlightened mind
that is warmed by the impulses of a gen-
erous heart, We see in it nothing but the
fossil remains of a once living thing. It is
to us but the embalmed body of a once fair
and beaming nature, instinct with a fer-
vent soul, and a martyr spirit, but whence
the informing and inspiring genius has
forever fled.
"Why should this worthless tegument
endure ?" Democracypar excellence here,
to-day, in this year of grace 1852, while
professing progress, and the welfare of the
people, and the guardianship of human
rights, is the monsi ruthless trampler upon
those rights, the most indifferent and soul-

less spectator of the urgent wants of labor,
the most inveterate conservative, anti-pro-
gressive organization the country holds.
Ltmef fl^ ba.f^ ..
unless it be to, encourage the growth of-
a sort of hen-roost robbing disposition
toward our neighbors. So far as the in-
terest of labor is concerned, what, does
" Democracy ,' propose, but to let it alone,
to take care of itself. Our people fail to
obtain the natural and just reward of their
toil, and when Democracy is asked to con-
sider those interests, it looks wise, shakes
its head, and declares that Democracy as'
expounded by the resolutions of '98, and
more modernly by Father Ritchie and
Father Abraham, and other shining lights
down South, is not permitted to
do any such thing. That to be guilty of
so heinous an act as that, would be very
aristrocratic and "federal." Thus sym-
pathetic, thus helping, thus fraternal, and
we may a 1d, thus sapient, is "Democracy,"
where the vast and vital question of the re-
wards of labor is concerned. This is its
answer to the toiling millions whose inter-
ests it professes to espouse, whose, ears it
is eternally trying to fickle, but whose
backs it will not do the first thing to cover,
nor whose bellies will it move a. finger to
So, too, is it in regard to the urgent de-
mands of millions of our population for
the beneficent exercise of the power of
the Government to facilitate internal
transportation over natural channels,
where Government alone has the full pow-
er to act, and upon whom devolves the sole
duty of acting ; and for such protection on
our vast inland seas as shall render measur-
ably secure from certain peril, and often
from swift destruction, the uncounted
millions of value, and the endless stream
of population that ik borne upon their ca-
pricious bosom. Here, too, does fossil
Democracy refuse a helping hand, calmly
ignores, every claim, neglects every duty,
falsifies all its pretensions, and coolly
responds that here, as in the question
of the protection of labor, its inflexible
rule of conduct is enunciated in the max-
im, the devil take the hindmost."
If "Democracy" is asked to take a
Kossuth by the hand and express its sym-
pathy with the great cause of human free-
dom in other lands, and thus, by the cheap
expedient of expression merely, signify to
the world that a little of the old fire of '76
burns in its bosom, and that it has, at
least, the. remains of a heart in which
some feehle glow can be excited; it delib-
erates, hesitates, and finally shows the cold

" .................. i

'-- -. e... i.. .......... : o ---, "I ; .
[woril4 the *tqetW~ifeijg ti%^ent e'^, thtPi

't hat t. -do 0 e dvnoti'- a.fr4Iom
Suclii lA^,a'| ReicnDeno-
.racy of0 Bfi2 on the.ju-sffom tof oUr. .i.
Nationa~beading aad~j~t~ bn~f jz 4Q
republicanismcof the Old ^ W ld "
But we hzwe no 0.nee t6 Htutlkll ..l.O "
of our statement, that th@ Pepx. ta e :
ty is false, hol'iw and-insincere inh xrol...'-
fessions. We asserted in the' outn t .7-'..
its system of electioneerg-is a Syst ". ; ..^
duplicity an4 irnpos>i^,4 JIt is-so bcausefl *'^
of its groundless pretensions to 6^ e^a 3
cratic, rr^excellacc. Bat it is sr~oai eKti
cause neither its pratois nor its pressaeas;
will avow the trut-in regard to the act.a. : '5
position of the party uponii mmeditfe,vi< '^
tal issues. before the country, i th.i- elec,? .,
tion, where she position of the Wings sor ,'
perfectly distinct and avowed. We ialluide, -
;to the two leading questions of Paioeoa *
and River and Harbor Improvements..The .
party not only chwats in the n~aniet is. 5; \
sumes, but upon the measures immediate-..
ly att issue in the canvass. We .do 'not? {
know precisely to what extent .patisatv;,'
long.-suffering Pennsylvania is having her :^
gullibility tried iittsi canvas, inor, whe '-?' .'
er. Pierce is represented, in her decs :l4 -
manufacturing districts, as in favor ofspre- 'i
tection and a new and higher tariff, bu-t we-
';presume the fraud of 1844 is being ptay --l /
'over again with such an abatement' of it. .
" burlesque extravagance as is demanded by a -
judicious regard to what must be in sonm e. ".
quarters a. sensitive remet.brance^ o-fthat .
monster no!itical juggle, T'h" while we........
are not -entifely familiar with what my :
be transpiring in theamore secluded regions
of Pennsylvanitwe do know that, on the ',
River and Harbor question, the "Democ-
racy" of the North-West is belying its nai-
tional creed, and making professions upot. ,'.
this subject which are intended ass.a. aud I
upon tho0e whose votes it is expected to ,,^
influence thereby, and which will be .
discarded at the end of the campaign as ..
! the trumpery poles and staging of a pyro- .
technist whose exhibition is ended. :

'Fourteen Whigsand eight PiercjeSena li
ators are ascertained to haVebeen chosen' lats '
Monday, leaving nine no chuice.,i-. ..
The House stajd~s84Piercet to 67 .Scott, vyer
nearly. .Last year we had 4.or 5 Whig Senatir s
and about fifty Representatives, since which t~ths '
State has been redistricted, so'as to leave us but ......
Sktrtyofiue Representative Districts. ,' .'
The election isnot halr over yot: In'ictK,r 't.*
most ontical part. qE it i s.ti". ti t
When the new Legislature meets,next January5 ^ ," '
the Senate will of course be organized by tlhe, i .
Whig., the House by the Opposition, unless the -
old feud shall prevent. Then the nine' vacancies

". :~ -:i :. ,; ... .(... .......: ..^..... ........... .. ..... :+*.+. r--, ---^ ...... .. .

:te P m na -- of ;Mer-
b4r Co.a has 44* Qposition
candidate'.for t6h M. .Distrt.
ntXII Jo B.7Iarin is the,
Opposition c .
Heand t has&W heen re-nominatedi
,'ulle4 a Wtrtct, by thie O p0o 0

_t -rtskiyY the W th nominated
tDsrstelBieber, of !KiAztown,a, ,their candidate
f',r C-ongreit" -.r r -
^jlEEfm#^ioicial canvass giveaS
tU.h (P 4f WStaors in Bennington-onl
of hk orit their: number(at!"
ortv) ^ t Mstr 20 Ioddw-th#.
-whie a knt majority, '(tday-mbh

H-(. MIneTe. Jane'^ ^ h .been
moil0 )naltdfia, :W4 I ed& rfi Presidential
tj.ietMro inpri M$i Hia ison who has
-accep i '" : & tt onges-'mthr&Ista DiS-

AS.GiBWIa ge.;Whig candidate f1r Con-
,, .: inb"Snteubenvilrd Districtf. ;
W. Opjtesitaio, .after repeated balloting, have
i ....d .Pliet B. Wods,. of'Trumblt o., in
-no.M! ; inatflAk0t b & sti.n Mr Giddings. .
.p- M. z 1j j
^~1 iw --1JJ^
e, ,vi + '-- -- .. ..."+ : ::!: ::":+.
o +..._ s-.Wu ,Tpnxs-..
'EL-T-. ig+fl of we lHdAsosembly District of West-:
ehs tr X.oim t.t4hatflhe .hotel, Mousnt Verno, on
Tbh%4ifta s .tfptqe jtpts of eleotihg Delegates to
.heo tate a 4,ougj,~~hlhal Conventienu, The re"lt

Warms 7pwuslhip, held at John upohason's.Hotel, West
ParriiBVffiege,.William-EathgatO, Benj; Hortono Henry
srip UBon,aaB2Tsppswa&d&Wa..jbhAi6owere elected
Belegates'dtheAM meet at White
Plains on tfeid'UVfrkea.3:Bmuel MoK^i^y Jepse Lyon,
Dr. ksro tldacuixAliare anx' Patrick Corbitt wire
elected Delegates to he onty Convention. :

INDIAiA ftobe2 Gegory, of -'La-'
Fayette has IrVcervtdth Whig nomination for
ong ?res*ltWi. ist.

,'- f .t^ B| 6OUNTY IT.NHE.F-ELD.---One'
oef 1 rget:aad most spirited meeting ever held in
i : si Couil,:tdok plae on Saturday evening, the 1et.
Sir. R.. ,G.'Smit was caled to the chair, ad H. L.Bus- .
wellwas appointed Secret'ry. Toe call of the meeting
'wa read, when It was moved by Hon. ri Bowne that
DANI..L L.- CLAWsON be unanimously elected Delegate
to the Syracuse State Convent'on. Carried. Mr.Abram.
.. Vandersee wast then chosen alternate. The meeting.'
was addreese&by Win. .& Robinson, Esq., and Hon, E.
^. Culverfts their-usual- forcible and happy manner-
dIfring wbleh mant.ndwico.erw, were Introduced to the
flsetinp 'Song 'them was Daniel D. Tornpkiir, it,,
codayotnt4ip ..jcv. Tompkinhi of the iEmpire
State-wt comes- out for she Hero of Chippewa and,n
Club, wandaft .. gvegretiiipgy -era' BSang by .the Gleen
lthreatdtmaen., three for Scotland
tiraham,tt,6.weeth~g~adjournedatalatehonr, arilhthe
greatest .hthusiasm onrd deturmhimtoon-yshbwljisg-
isnistetabletokexss that old Richmond meairk'tofaiiithe
usaIc of thajldof November next. --3 .';'l ^
le0 e ktes tyr thif State Conveution .A .
PutanM ^ G.--eJosen 0. Miller-.chosem n

tn Saturdar. 18th *. .. .. '% '.* ...-

C. nw di tE ..-,:.-: .,,: ..-.".?

-Crew B.H .t el:, hid.-+:; .-i..+ .. . - --" :, ",;^ .... ,,
Wea%-DaeLStewrt.. i
W*- B, .. .,:.tte ,.fie .l, .

NS o S44tnri^mNT a w.i. S mi1th
Kig~s ",:W rig.2. bharles KeseydJr, t n.
-4rew B. Hpdg~es.'

WoS/+ St go,,Smme!: bean ... pto.;....o
^te ei^G~w.1 blt; ;i *
l e c oa lk -i e ore W T h u rbe r. -. :.
Wilt One^^
,OO e f..--r a ll g..ew are ,n e. ..
rseudw EAL-4-E. B^;. D-ves W0tie Fhn r
sauuwseto8Zt fc Vair rfDuseL mi

.O...wek t... D C. Littlejoh h n
K.. g .P -t a.... g go.,Brgg Waldo B.. Hutchin..
Weshseis Coe.-SaRnutlS. Beman, HaMpton.

J "lectordhti .ket _i .compostatof:. -. .,- i s. g
!: GH6. y ,

W>'d : .J u "' .V +.i- ^ BL lta .: ::+:: of Eb -i.. :+ "*7] *
enaforil... G, F., FE, E fL, A *6 O Un tom ts
-.'.(hse E epresssrtV, lltu tersbrd : h e e i to
:AS. Sp.pwAw, jtp++of!dDaK o fmoz&
A. Mcpe~ll cf-Roted JNs Ltkxaos,.Q kl5
)Avr I,,. rEtas oz .'J-I. Js.GL zaaor o-K. ofa Barren.
AnBLiBX 6fI^ ilr1$iN-MW BLINN orYCampbelL.
JOH Wiqft; '-OCA_6d)epv-: '";".

.e... '. .' e, I F L .-

Ayseiatte-Alt ltgw tldeon o. father Second Ward.

w a rd '. ,..'." i. ' .r t:- ".. ': ', .. ....... '- '. . : -
a,.- V o Je
*THE. U4i Aw,-a -Whoift
C ub"oftp tan o
.ththe CState "em -- ar
40t attend Iee massR meeting this evening, to he held in
.the Equban Icstltute building, hayve determinedIto
.-attend, ant e- Broadway Housed atseven
oclociin ......hL p.. ros.o to- thq Ferp
ry. T.inr:eetng proi.ises to be a laHgeand interest-
ingone. L ilW, ou ew York^ W are at

Sccaslon. ,. _- __ .-_ ;"_ ... ...
x.yor 'kstk,,Lt ]ihs'rudkr (SBi-a
-Celonub ai Dr m inn ffatr,-
*fAy ewflttDeeiIeds, corner of and btk
1v.5 rand flas nntan
D3oelegatehtoStter hine.t.on at Syracusep Wiliam S.
DPaviSon a of ,f;e SItaenth Wfrd. ; Alternate, Charles
Ltivnn wtu i b iig, have[ d -in o.
...psperf'eS fI -*.4.r&Wwy-NHtie.owal Ait se
n -w V kliitess. ^^'---'^"w'; a a '

l -.TS~wroN; N. J., Thurday., Seg;. 352,ws.^
The -State Temperance -Centeredst-
snsalnd by niany,qf our most influential citizensF-.~
tvill bahiltt'tsfcis iity on Wednesday next,22d-
'instan%. ouirt% nls^ebo be a large gathsrlg.
.Seveiul -f'4 -, .4 -Ae appointed as many as
'J4fty an4felk18egates. Hon. Tasm-
'bhays consenxted& t^|k&art-in- the proceedings.
-o.NEAL Dow, ofhi ;'3andI N. HAVENS,
mEsq., of your City, ap ah'j^^pSdted^ By a
.ecmenttOn of th&" cokn of 25th~t Alance,"

-A- tietowidotsiifh^iN N
l be madetwr ba 6- a
,-sIeci 9%veranveeAliance atSriacu Wila m a'ns~
desirable, eerQts;ht asrd, generaanateChrleksc

'sould be th$flyd ibtia-tonventioa as possible.;,
We are allgh~fa$e with the cheering newAI
*omwa Mttw. MyIdlad.' atxDow writes me:

.5.Tke Election^ r, law is glori-
-dofy.a :.e !bfethrough-

Th a tilSi%^timake ot 1Got^te^i
-camdidh e tw,- nW -ainle.-L4aa& is-

d sl e i lth' st.tkn 'either Httubca r4b
1 .oabyV. at.;.. as -., Devi's worst loccm." iome
4(L. ^ - 4a.^A^nethi -rnad iTfl 51U' Wemesin



%oJgASA A-&-MlWi J.M-%P

'! .0dce. from all arts of the World, Court Proceed-
inr ; hl^ p or f "Meeatig, &c., tam obliged to leave '
unread,not from lack of' Inclidtioa to peruse them, but
from sheer want of time; still,' I do contrive-to worry
through the greater part of your relrsheet, by stay
in at homeS.evenlings, when should otherwise be look.
- insgabot town ; but. every now and then you double
Jthe dose by an extra sheet or supplement, and that
quite does me up. I can't begin to read it. I think,
therefote, I shall have to discontinue The TWbnenu. '
*"*; '". : Yours, &c.. JOHN-H. SMITH.
.*' -+ .'- '.,' "' Response:
,DzAn J.OHN-Your case is distressing, but it is
'bypr means so'peculiar as you seem to imagine. It
; anot in The Tribune alone, nor even in Reading
-generally,that people labor ..under a difficulty akin
to ycure. For instance, your brother Baxte
- Smith came down here from the country the othe
day, and stopped at the Astor House, but had to
quit, was too much for him. The
food was- very good and abundant-in fact, too
.much so-and that did him up. He didn't eat
more than half way down the- bill of fare, while he
: saw others on every side who had got very near
the bottom of it, and were still working away
when he left the dinner.table, so fullthat he could
hardly stand or walk. He had a tquch of the
Cholera the second day, and was threatened with ,
Apoplexy-so. he had to quit the Astor abruptly.,
:and take board ,at a chophouse, where he only
Sate what he called and paid for, plate by plate.
H`adhe staid, the coffin-makek would have taken
Shis 'measure, before this time,. : -
,Ten there was your coAsic, John Z. Smith,
who came, doivn and bought a ticket to Barnum's
Muaeum, and found -it a regular: gouge. He,
.,thought he was going to lee every curidous object
in the world, and perhaps he. might have done so ;-
,but,.after looking his' eyes almost out ofhis head,
for nine or ten hours, and giving himself &tortur-,
Sing head-achbbe, he had to give up, leaving half the
objects unseebn, because the attendants began to
blow out the lights, and told him it was time to
shut up and go home.. .
And then ..your nephew, John .Wilkins Smith,
who .came do.- n with a sloop-load of turnips, sold
them satisfactorily, and thereupon resolved to
treat himself to a salt-water bath, which he did;
twut,'staying in two hours in order to get the full
.worth of his, money,e .came out with an age,
and is now suffering severely from rheumatic de-
bility-. His cise is even harder than yours; for
you can stop The Tribune, and hlie has been try-
ing'to stop the "ague, and can't,. .
:--There are more such, cases, ,but let them
pass. We will stop your paper, very cheerfully,
but we can't stop putting in.fmiore than any one
patron will be likely to peruse. In fact, we can't
Give each reader what he wants, of the news of
the day without giving his neighbor a great deal
- .that he don't want. Nor can we give any one
iuet.what he needs to-day without inserting many
-thigs that he, probably would not want to-mor-
row.0&iBwe-must try to present a bill of fare
from which 'various appetites may be satisfied,
though each raiiity ,lave a good deal untouched.
Good by, John '. -" ___.. [Ed.

A CELESTIAL- STORY.-The City of Cal-
fong, In the Province of.Honan,:.b-peasantly situated en
the south sideofthe HoangHo~or:the.GarqtRver, whose
yellow and turbulent waters aO- ftsmuch the pride and
,- glory of the long-qued Celesita Ike naiUy muddy
hdfl. of the MississippI is of the Kentucky : boatman.
The.City of Calfong has lately been-thelssene of a re-
a-kabe tumult and almost bloodshed, In Sonlequenoe
of certzan:iranactionsB of Its authorities, which we wilt
brhieI+y rate, It seems that they shoor there, every.
second ya, i t Board of Mandarins, some twent)'In
number, 4r1L&.ar .entrusted with the affairsoftheot
government.- .fleseManarmns are remarkable% er e
cally of late yeass fora-reckless pursuit of their ofl

interests and a c.vrs"plndlng disregard of those bf
.the people. Thb"J are alo remarkable for th. i-
(. [strong love -of tea ad.. the et eateas; but ."i
,Is nArhan n"t dnfnlilm in, i li)miniansw QhI"&an *th"Aw

Thsw nnrj......O~--
i -' A new weekly paper in the Geran -
language, entitled Deutscher Republikaner, has
made its appearance at Syracuse. The first num-
ber speaks like an independent, manly journal, and
we bid it welcome. It goesfor Scott and Graham
and against the sham Debcracy.

e.:rTh Spiritualists are to have anoth-
er Convention at Womrcester, Mass., on the 29th
and 30th- inst. Adin Ballou and A. Jackson Da-
vis are announced as speakers.

A Crucifixion.
Bonn, as probably many of our readers.
know, is a pretty little German city of some 13,000 in-
habitants, beautifully situated on the banks of the;
Rhine, twenty miles above Cologne. It is the seat of a
Prussian University, which annually counts more or -
less of the scions of princely houses among its students.
Prince Albert was educated there, and the son of the
heir apparent of the Prussian throne was lately record.-
ed'on the Pedels books. There are two faculties of
Theology connected with the institution, totally distinct
from each other4-the Protestant and the Catholic fasul-
ties.. Since the revolutionary movements of 1848-9, the
severity of the Governmi having driven the people
from politics, their excitdhRt is forced into other chan-
nels, "and has token, to a great extent, a religious
form. -Enormous masses of people are to be met with
in. summer, in long processions, under the guidance of
.clergymen, bound to the hundred holy places, where
:are, carefully preserved the wonder-working relics of
canonized- Saints, long since molderlug in their cof-
fins. Very naturally, this excitement is in some caees
carried to great extremes, and we translate from the
W.etfalische Zeiung a remarkable: instance of, this
character, which. lately occurred near Bonn, In the be.
ginning of ugust last:
"A young theological student of this place (Bonn)
, went outtoGodeaberg, (a village some four mile s south
of Bonn) taking with him four nails eight inches long,
a hamer. anid a le.i. Having dined at the Hotel Bils-
. ner, hewwalked but Into a. neighboring grove, sought
out a tree, which bore some ;resemblance to a cross,
and crucified himself upon it. First he nailed his feet
fast to the tree, driving each nail four inches into the
wood. He then, after driving a nail into a branch on
the right, and filing.- itso-r, extremity sharp, nailed
his left hand to the Pdoppostke branch. Having thus
fastened both feet and hii left hand to his cross, he
stuck his right upon the sharpened nail. The first
ai tempt appears, to have been Uinsuccessful, as his hand
was sadly torn. Whether, overcome -by pain, he now-
called for assistance, or that people by chance passed
by, lt matters not; hb e wasoon after found fainted away,
hanging from the nails.- As, however, those who found
him had no tools to draw the nails from the-tNee, they
cut it down and carried it iSto the village of Godes-
berg. Here he was sAparatdd from his cross, put on
board a steamboat, brought back to Bonn, and placed
in the hoepial, where he lies in a fair way of recovery.
The writer gives the- physician who attended him as
hi. authority, and, adds that the facts are well known
throughout the city"' ..
Cer'emontes of the Catholic Church.
Last evening Rev. Dr. Cumminog delivered a lecture
at- S. Pauls- Church, Brooklyn, in aid of the Catholic
Orphan Asylum of Brooklyn. Admission was by tick-
ets, at 50 centi'each, and the large building was quite
The subject of the Reverend lecturer's remarks was,
"Why Catholics ue RItes, Ceremonies, &c In their
Worship." He contended that it was not by the soul
alone man should worship the Almighty. On the con-
trary, he was beund to- worship God, not only inter-
nally, but to accompany his spiritual adoration with the
worship of that portion of his being whish- was not
pure spirit. God endowed man with, not only Intel"
lectual faculties, but he also gave him senses. If man
were obligated to subject his reason and all the forms
of his mind to God in worship, by what right could he
remf or keep away the worship of his body-to say,
as it were, to the Creator, ", I will worship you jut so
far, but no further-I will bow my intellect, but not my
knee 1" When Christ established a Church on earthy
le have lta certain formjust iuchaswe received it froim
hib hands and those of the-Apostles. If God oomrmand- |

Ied A. to dot certain thing, nomatter what, we wAee not
o uly to do It, but to do It in the extra manner
Sha"It he desired. So with the. Chureh-. -he Church
i .the-truthn and we ware in duty bund to receive
r isa the mqpnehe '.d orditned- When
aie S^or attti&Qd :eur Ab earth, hie instituted It

ductlon to the Citizens-Whiig Meeting-
Mpeeches ff Cien. Scott and others, &c.
'- PITTSBURGHo, Saturday, Sept. 18, 1852.
Gen. Scott arrived in this city this
morning at 1.o'clock. A large crowd escorted him from
the railroad dp6ft to the Monongahela Hotel, where he
has taken lodgings.
This morning at 10 o'clock, a large number of
citizens assembled in front of the hotel, where
the General was introduced to the citizens by Captain
SGeneral Scott responded in a short speech,.in which
he passed a high eulogy on the people of Penusyl.
vania, and the Pennsylvania regulars and citizen
- It was afterward announced from the balcony that a
-meeting would be held to-night, at thesame place, when
Ihe citizens would be addressed by several distinguished
Whig strangers. The crowd then dispersed.
According to the foregoing announcement, a Whig
Mass Meeting was held in the evening, opposite the
-I.oaongahela Hotel, at which-ex.Governor Johnston
The meeting was addressed from two stands, by Genm
Scott, Senator Bell, of Tenn., Mr. Sharpless,- of N. H.,
6 Capt. Robert Porter, and others.
*'"The meeting was larpe, and bonfires, glee singing, and
coher evidences of enthusiasm, gave token that the
,Wligs were out in full force.
-OGenm Scott will remain here until Monday morning,
-when he will depart for the West, via Cleveland.

I Delegates to the Whig State Convention.
' ROCHESTER, Saturday, Sept. 18, 1852.
SThe following Delegates have been cho-
en to the Whig State Convention, in Livingston Coun-
'ty: Ist. District, Henry Tilton, of Moscow; lid. Dis.
Itrict, Col. S. W. Smith, of Dansville.
-it Whig Delegates from Syracuse.
SYRACUSE, Saturday, Sept. 18,1852.
SThe Whig Convention of this Assembly
SDIstrict was hold to day. George F. Comatock, was
Chosen Delegate to the State Convention, by a vote of
eleven to six.
Whig and Democratic Movements at Buffalo
9Delegates to the Whig State Convention, etc.
i,.- BUFFALO, Saturday, Sept. 18, 1852.
.- At a Convention held this afternoon, for
1the 1st Assembly District, Erie Co., Hou. A. J. Baker
VjaS chorsjn Delegate to the Whig State Convention,
id A hM. Clapp, of The Morning Epress, was nomi-
iated for the Assembly. Resolutions were adopted, in-
structing the Delegates to vote for Washington Hunt
(Fr Governor, Daniel Ullimsn for Lteutenant-Governor,
nd Orlando Allen, of Buffalo, for Canal Commissioner.
-The Democrats hold a mass meeting to-
eight Mr. Marshall, M. C., from California, is here.
-Ihn Van Buren backs out, and lends word he can't
p. me.
N 64Whig Delegates from Livingsten County.
, Ro0rzESTE, Saturday, Sept 18,1852.
'T!Srhe following Delegates have been chosen
I'tothe Whig State Convention in Livingston County:
"iat District, Henry Tilton of Moscow ; Second Dis-
|tct, Col. S. W. Smith of Dansville.

'Arrival of the Southern Mall-Fast at Charles-
; ton-Yellow Fever-Fatal Affray, &e.
1 BALTIMORE, Sept 19,1852.
The mail is through from New-Orleans.
There is no news of interest.
Three deaths by yellow fever occurred
at Charleston on Thursday. Friday was observed as a
4,ay of humiliation and prayer. Business was suspend-
l..d, and religious services took plaee in all the
;I' A fatal affray occurred at Natchitoches,
miouisians, a few days since, In which Mr. James L.
Houghtling was shot by Thomas Rvan Houghtling died
'a.few hours afterward. The difficulty is said to have
ori.iglnated in the settlement of an account.. Ryan has
Sescaped. A reward of 6250 is offered for his apprehen-
.1 1he cotton worm has made its appear-
"ance in the above palish, but as the season is pretty
well advanced, no serious injury is feared.
Zffemo the White MeontalM--Ser1on0 AeoI4
dent-Heavy Snow Storm.
:-"" S rGFIELD, Saturday, Sept. 18,1imi
-i A gentleman, just down from the White
mountain, reports that John W. Fowleir and wife, of
,llford, Connesiicutand a Mr. Beebe of BrooklynMew-
W-or, wee trowfl from a carriage on Friday morning, Fraseonla Noteb, and. all were .seriously hurt. Mr.
-:^:Sowas dinelicate health, and ae result inhis emse

tis feared, will be fatal-
IOu dr informant says that he climbed
Mout Washington on Thursday morning, in, a blinding
-w.orh m .,and that he aud hLt compo=ons-came nea.
W.-g The season to over, and the .regularstes
I 1 SL Johi-qI 4 an 0 gu9Va2aW bq a Seb

-: .. : ::..:,. .... +. .. _...

L Dx.. D. ..POrTDS, U. S. Ny. wro- to occupy and improve, in the _wM a onof
N---- -"" ---- which they are w without a neghbor, an off
LATER FROM PORT AU PuINCE.- Bythe civilizattion and consolidatfi toeeutel a.pbbs.leA aevf
... devolved upon the sons rf men.- But -h.-p._.e. 'U1. "
bark Charles E. Leax, Capt. Harper, at Philadelphla, umps of tdueir indas... mand. B pdrt perl t
from Portau Ptel, which piacshe left oa et luast., s o r tapid ed pelMrW t that teywTuwiseMIi %va a
we learn that the old coffee crop was fialhed, andthe tendeacyto trn-aside the naton orn Uttsdy- {-
Ineirsl t$ ward 6oarl, ad to enlist It i gSb tbtfwl
littlethat cameto market from telntrior sold at 12@ ward sow adeo stni b ntbu .f i
e4 per 1,000 pounds. Logwood was 45 to *18 per heded It4de and aeSlatgra sti ggUL day by day
lo0opounds. Doubloons S StoW 1 Amerisa Pre-^wo hf "i.n.l.n rt.po. .a
o5 were In pet Ogre at ineaoo of a lmited 5 A a of ae',,,V, i_ I.rpflIpSP a shraw.
-Idmad, smtlwpatl s wohis m ot b tel rt t. sieu flt i ecoeA.
r n o uW W to i 1pp rs, e I t u q. .t. t r. .

to givejit a beard pnh in little Jersey t, i 4i
TheTemeras.ce men will steerletsrof-paii ti-
sanehip, i*T.h.erference with. P&ftesrdh.itpohi.ewj
but they a. resolutely deteraiin&ir vpqt. for
Maine Law sun (ofeither patj oro l o party) for
--the State Legislature. -Weire c,- e with quite
enough Crime, Pauvsei8-- T. axt.tion for alcohol
now. Next winter, th aiieaeaa system will be
overhauled. Aat.sf well said.-" It is aston-
..ishing how long .rotten post will-stand, if nobody
shakes it,.'P"st
shakes l, -;.Tuly yours, T. L. CUYT.LER.
.. ..~ e, Maoeoth Grants ....
a won ondent asks for information
0.e history and existence of the bMaynooth
_Gt. Hse desires it should be in fewest possible+
i-odes. And here it is:
."When-the laws of England converte dt a priesth
1m.nto felon and set a price upon his head-the
,same as on that of a wolf-theyeatthe sene time
Made it treason in teacher to teach
the Alphabet. Of. courato. eneducation was per-
secuted as a-guat'th t- .; :.Butthe. Kingdoms of
France, .SBj ,a r &- dor ptblh.andd en-
dowed coHegesxflor the. education of Irish priests.
SThousans .ffo:edqd to these colleges, and, having
receivejo4Akir education and ordination, returned
.tatheir miso,0ns at the hazard oIbsinc their
h s. ,,eycontrived-,for;the most part through-
thi eli'tyof their. flocks to escape the wolf-law,
r du&an alIm btigani to prevail lest they would i-
Vrdhuce ito" Ireland the feelings of- odium -,.that
Sperildedtle tibontinent against Enigland. ", ..
Then ..eas- conceived the .-notable. design of es-
5 tablishing andendowing a college for the educa-
tion'of Roman Catholic priests, under the indire0t-
surveillance. and Control of the Government; .The
college ws a end.isqm;f C30,000 ayear.asa.
annually v'ted, for its, supports- Visitors- were ap-
pointedi of whom the Duke opLeminster, on whose
propme4t he collegee stands,, was one, and the.
;most perfect security was given that the college
.wo6uld1not be interfered with.
Thus, at the very time when the laws of Eng-
l'and-would not recognize the existence of Cathol-
ics,s;the :Government and Parliament of England
wp re paying yearly out of the Consolidated Fund
Tri the education and preparation of the Catholic
priests. They paid it willingly, too, for some
time.; but .spme thirty yrae. ago it was found that
the Professors, who succeeded tihe Foreign loyal-
ists, were not over` and. above squeamish in the
expression of independent sentiments. Then
arose a great din. The violent Tories, who were
most willing to pay as long as there was a hope
the pay would corrupt, made yearly motions for
the discontinuance ofthe eidowmnenti This went
oni for years, amidthe disgust of the. country and
the Parliament. The minorities in .favor of these
motions were contemptible, but as bitter as con-
temptible. At length when Sir Robert Peel was
iat in .offic,-aid had further designs on the:. in-
dependence .of the Catholic Church, he began his
measures by passing an act establishing the grant
.as permanent and raisingit 50,000 per annum."
his iSnow the Maynnoth Grant.
.Th' e object to which it is applied is the edsca-
tion ofthe Catholic Priests. The education is not
gS$4uitous'butthe pension is greatly reduced, and
thefacflitiesg vastly increased. At the same time
- a'nt although the. establishment is superior to
very other of the ,kind in Ireland, there are sev-
real Roman Patholic Collegesin a very flourishing
Siid2 prosperous condition, and- neither Maynoofch
.n0the G -ant is any longer ipdispensable.
Too Much-Headtnsg.
To the Edifor of The N. Y. Tribune:-
- ., I like your piper, but ishal.l have to
.isep it I have'to work for my living, and I can't find
. time to rend half uin r .h.ot fl ..- .., ..Ft-..... -

r se- A-Ir
NJU -Am, DAY, Ilily V.A


ni aly .are, these Mandtrins..Rv become proverbiat
forte keennes'witk whic theydueent out anyoppor-
nnityuto get Into ltopalus pockets yythtegisr.
the way ofmoney.. For instance, a man of integrityrandL
responsibltyoned~s~-.d.tfiem.o.grant himn pri.
loge ofrunning boatsa.a a regular ferry across the Hoang
Ho; they received ; proposal,; Sonsidered It awhile
and finally rejected: i,- although the man offered .
sum of inne thousand dollars per yea for the privilege;-
but the fraud oftlething was, that some of the Man-
darins thems0elieawent into the boat business sesaretly,
got.another man to -ask for the grant, and gave it ftor
onlythree:thousand- a, year. Thus they put six th6u-!
sandL or more per year, for ten years, into -thef1.
owa, capailous, sIlk pockets. Again, they gave to-i
some Tartar merchants the privilege of making '
0causeway. over-, a marsh near the city; but onoo
they saw that every body would travel over the cause"".
way, and the merchants would make much money o.f .it,
Sand so they felt an itching to get a finger in the-jdb`i
But here one of them played a deep ,trick upon ^j
others, for in. China all our proverbs are reversed, and-
there is no "honor among thieves., This smariManda
lin,.well knowing the price of his fellows, bought:upte
whole lot for about forty thousand dollars, and the sala
ble and bef66ooled fellows ejected the Tartar merchants.
and gave the causeway job to other parties. Here
however, the Governor of the Province interfered, and.
the matter Is not. yet settled, although it Is generally,-
Supposed that the Mandarins have really caught a Tar-
tar. And many other tricky jobs ofthis kind have they
dene, plundering both friend and foe and robbing the
treasury of Calfosg without shame and without mercy..
. Of these we will not stop to -speak, but go on to relk&-i
the grand coup of these Mandarins just before thi .
--terms of office expired, and which has caused so much
excltemdntj In the 6ity which they have so sadlyj'ii.i
governed Is a. l ongk and tolerably handsome .-strdt,+.
called th&Wydwal. It runs through the entire:'lty,-
and is the .main- avenue of travel, especithlly fortha-
many strangers' going to and from Canton. For-ma'ny:'
years the chief mode of travel has bean by the sinai '"
Tartar horses so common there, for the street is gdder-id -
a oly sO muddy as te be Impassable by pedestrians. '-This i
hoise.-travel being a lucrative business, the Mandarini-
set on foot a scheme to get a monopoly of It, so that
when they went out of office, as they were sure to do
soon and forever, they might retain the sourcsFotab
independent fortune in this monopoly. As they could
not dispossess horses by horses, they got up and;'?
for a long time continued a series of repreiehta :-,
tlons to make the people believe that It would be niichs
better to ride on camels. In vain the horsemen, denied
it, in vain the people remonstrated, In vain the residents'.
of the street protested that the ugly and dangerous
camels would ruin their property and spoil the street;
the thing was fixed-the Mandarins were interested -in
camels-the monopoly of the travel of Wydwal was too
rish a prize to forego, andI so they passed a law that .
camels only should carry burdens in WydwaJ, and the
horsemen should be driven out. The Governor of the
Province of Honan refused to sanction such an outra-
geous swindl;,-but the Mandarins insisted, and would
not retract. Then there arose a tumult among the peo.
pie ; the camels were opposed by force; the Mandarins;
were hooted beyond the, city, and so high ran the e x.
citemen that a Commissioner had, at last advices, ar-:
rived from Peking with orders to inquire into the whole -
affair and report to the Emperor. If this Is a fair speci-4
-men of the manner in which municipal affairs are-
managed in the cities of the Celestial Kingdom, we canai
only say/that we are heartily glad that no such'Bo'ard of$
tea-drinking Mandarins exists in our favored and ean
lightened City of New York..

We learn that BARRIJE, the Napoleon of mern -
agers, has concluded an engagement with GAT;- '.
SMINE HATES, to give sixty Concerts under his-
his direction;, inm California, Mexico, Cuba, the U.
S. and Britieh:Provinces of N. A. Mr. Barnum
pays her $50,000, &nd-one half tlhe net profits. -
Sig. Mengis and other artists are also engaged,
and the party sails for California in -Novembser.

ferte redemptibon ofman-nct' forte InstrAuM-iunof
'Jtenge Ls Ac rdin tn-thetpachini -oft'st G at-
liq urch, Christ instituted his Churh, n'lot as:a spirit-
u ea merely, but adtoasi visible reality,^ Henceethe
j r outward forming' theworshlpof Cat0oa., The
-ite nd ceremonies of thel Church, were thameans aby
SWh he as invisible became-visiblq.. By the's means
reacheded all her elildren aid communicated to them
l'.sefnpress she had received from the Almigity for
!h"iflhvaton of all mankind.& For a scriptural atiuor-
-7t$r the use of rites, ceremonies, &c., he referr.Y to
-ie 1st Leviticus, which was an entire detail of the reg,
ul0ios as to ceremonies, costume, -&c., appertaining top
tatlewish rituaL
"the Church was sometimes laughed at because she
m'mae regulations relative to occasional fasts. The cus-
tomn of fasting would no doubt be ridiculous had the
Church been made for angels and not for men feeling
Sand thinking as we did. He thought there was nothing
Unreasonable in aubjeeting ourselves to the trifling de-
.ptivation of curtailing :our .-eating and drinking to a
s al extent, stately, in- order to show our subjection
-.t.God. Sometimes it might seem that the use of cer.
.tat outward forms (taking them insulatedly) was ab-
4-s b or tifi-ng. The antwer- to such objections was in
:tneral terms this The 'Church was firmly believed
:(_ be infallible, and when+. he: said solemnly and offi.
h y that such and such was the will- of God we had
Snp, right to question her command, We were bound to
b' -.obedient to her teachings: -Christ said "He
that will not hear the ChurchW let him be to thee as a
.hathen and a publican."'- -He was, not to be under.
stood as at all defending what was called "superstition';"
though in truth were there, a little more superstition
SnowV-4atys there perhapi*-would be less Infidelity and
...mori faith. Superstition was Ato0 religion what manure
was to a flower-strong .oiol-to a rare plant. There
were many observances enjoined-by the Church; hear-
"S'g mE3ss on certain days, stated fasts, -&.I. &a. And
there were many thatihe Chureh did not command she
-.&tber tolerated, while for the practice of others she
would cut off from all communion with the Church." It
tas anot every kind of observance professed by roll.-
'gloue denominations that she approved of. At the time
-.of the Reformation, as it was termed, great numbers
.were cut off from the Church, not because they gave
*their adhesion to the doctrines promulgated by Luther
;,and Calvin and others,'so much as by reason of their
practicing horrible penances, teaching the doctrine of
,the justification of suicide, and other excesses which
they indulged in under the pretense of worshipping
Even human actions acquired an Importance and
Solemnity from the circumstances and occasion. The
raising of the hand when taking an oath sanctioned the
bath. So the raising of a hand might be a matter of life
and death. In like manner the raising of the hand in
Sthe ritual of the Church, might be one of the most sol
Semn rites in the Church.
The Reverend lecturer explained at some length the
origin of the use of beads,' and stated It was owing
to the ignorance of the masses-In the middle ages. The
people could neither read' nor write, so St Dominick
Introduced "bead&" as anaistitance to the devoted
when repeating his prayers. Each bead, as it were,
represented a prayer, to be repeated by the person
praying, and in this manner "beads" supplied the ab-
sence of books, and were juet commensurate In this re-
spect to the wants of people who could not read.
The Reverend Speaker also referred to the stained
glass chancel windows of the old Cathedrals of Europe,
glowing with scriptural representations, and the various
- paintings that adorn the-walls of Catholic Churches as
, modes of teaching, and memorials of departed virtue
-and pfety, intended to influence the conduct of our own
life by their remembrance. and imitation. Men often
soughtwith eagerness some trifling memorial ofdepvarted
genius. Leaves from the VirgUllan laurel, from Tasso's
oak, were treasured with an almost religious fidelity.
Why then should Catholics be sneered at because they
cherished with the liveliest affection mementoes of their
dear Savior, who suffered all for them I It any wished
to know why Catholics swung censers redolent with
fragrance; why their priests were costumed in the
richest robes; why the .rarest flowers adorned their
altars; why the most delicious music that art could
furnish swelled through the aisles of their churches-
she reason was because they believed the real presence
of Him whom they knew to be their God resided in the
Tabernacle of the Catholic Altar. That was the answer
to all such objections.
From the large number present during the delivery
of this lecture-of which the above is only a brief
synopsls, a handsome sum was realized for this very
deserving philanthropIc institution.


By Telegraph to TheNew-York Tribune.
555.5w TelegrQ h Olites, corner of ileneer end Beaser-.te

a business. Robert Owen, the Socialist, has annoimc-
Phi ladNe t lmself a candidate for the Parliame.tary reprent..
C Pheiadelphfa. NewsTItemsulion of Oldhsm.
Cok. oss~denco +iThe 1. Y. Tribun. .Mr. John. Stuart,- Queens& ~ ns+
- PHILADELPHIA, Saturday, Sept. 18, 1852. John t, Queen's. uasel, ;
Ytchiefly a violent Tory and opponent of Chms-
Yesterday morning, at an early houra ceryReform, has justbeen appointedVce.Chani '
Irishman, of.rather rougb appearance, calling himself of that Court.
Michael McFarland, and hailing from New-York, was Q fiR Porter, a useful me er of th
5 G. Porer, --mte^mfx l -ei'b r o -h
discovered lying in the- ard of the unoccupied_ a .
City Day Police, was led hca case, and he andga ford Kent, has just died, and bequeathed 1IQ,000tonhi
Constable Osborn had him conveyed to the PennasyLra. relatives, and a miion and a kalf to the Queen. .A
rais Hospital; One ofhis hips was badly dislocated, The militia enrollment has been goig_
and his head and- face shockingly contused.- To get In- on.' It is believed the regiments will be #iHed withet
to -th yard, he had to climb a wall, and in doing so rolg to pulsorybaL
must have fallen. Access could be obtained te the wall o puo ball ot
through a court, running from alongsldeofthe rHenry Byron, long a Parliamentary Re-
burying-ground of the Holy Trinity Church. A chair porter for the London press, Is appointed British Go-
and part of a broken box were found on the outside of the sul at Hayti. .. -
wall. The Injured man gives a very unsatisfactory ac-. The clearances from the port of Londo0 f'
count of himself. HIs story is that he must have been for the week again show an increase. There were fie t
thrown over Ihe wall It is strongly suspected that he to Port Philip, of an aggregate burden bf -3,42t tn;
-and perhaps others-was attempting to rob when the two to Port Philip and Sydney, of a jonlatburdei bf 9,3a
mishap befell him. tuns (one the Cleopatra, steamer, 1,500? tuns); two it
An Irish woman named Isabella Wall, Sydney, of 1,661 tuns, and one to Adelaide, of 52E1 4td
aged 28 years, died at the Adelphla-sat. Station-house The exports of goods, and of wines and spirits, hamv
last nig t from the effects of habItual intoxIcation, been considerable ; but although a reduction offredm*W.
When picked up in Washington-square yesterday af, to 25P' cent has taken place in the-rate of frelgh.
noon she had two diseased and emaciated children there has not been so much activity aswas nianlfestd-
with her. few weeks back. The demand for passage is alae ,r-
Large numbers of our military are now their diminished.
in attendance upon the encampment at ]aol. The Government returns show the number of
Scene ia of the most eenivening nature, emigrants from Liverpool during August, for Ameria "
The weather continues lovely. and Australia, was 21,907, about 8,000 oves the oorres-
... .1 1 *r -ponding month last year, andindependentf pasiengs '
During the week ending yesterday 197 by private ships.. To Amerlcatheemigrantowere naslt
deaths occurred In the City and Liberties of Phlladel Irish and Germans, and Scotch to Australia.
Phia. Adults,.84; children, 113; of consumption, 24; The West India mail, per steamer Med-
dysntery,27. ______ ______ way, arrived on Sunday, 5th, with L$1,16-%7368ot fireig6
ACCIDENT ON HE HDON i of which 6.185,700'was in gold, `&nd *.5,36Aatia Dat.e
ACCIDENT ON TtHE HUDSON RIVER fro Chagres are to th9; H a9;
RAILROAD.-SWITCH TENDER KILLED.-The flag man Ja, llth; St. Thomas 17th. : '
and switch tender at the first station house in East Al- On Saturday, the 4th, TI Livenr "o6
bany, was literally cut to pieces this morning on the Chronicle mentioned that a Liverpool firm .were ahbofl
rad. He was In the waterli-ouse when he beard the to build an Iron propeller of 10.000 tuna, to'navigitte k.
nine o'clock train from Poughkeepsie approaching ; Msb.u an So prop as we can learns theo navigate t .wa
he jumped from the building with tie intention of get. Missippi e ert Sa' a
r at p ased.n .far -. xPortation., or, .if the project be'"1 o ly entak-
ting-tothe station house before the train passed. In fr .e haein or, if the bed au h
this he erred, for he was lhastantly caught iup by the tned, it has as yet proceeded no furtdi than mer
cow catcher amd carried a distance of some fifteen feet, ta :
when he fell on the track, and before the engine could Dublin and -Limerick papers-.mentie0 r .
be checked, the locomotive and the entire train passed an elopement that has just taken place from Ktlkenicj'i
orer his body. He was picked up lifeless. and has caused a good deal of sc adal in that virtuot. .
[Albany Eve. Jour. 18th. region. The Lotharlo ii Capt. H y, an .offlchfr: ci4.hb
,- --. 71st Highland Regiment, and the fair but frail lady hithe
LATER FROM HAVANA. Lady Elizabeth Bryan, daughter of the Marqjils Con-
-. yngham, and wife of a country gentleman, to whosrnath
Arrival of the Crescent City. ha.-been married scarce three years. When lst ieea ,
-TherU.rS.Malosthea i Crescent Citthe fugidres were on board one (which ?) of she LiWv-
The U.S. Mail steamship Crescent City, pol mail smeamers for America.
Lieut. D. D. Porter, Commander, arrived yesterday Another murder has just taken" pjacaia
from New-Orleans via Havana, with passen. County Tipperary, Ireland, a landlord named Calla&hat-
gers, and mail, in four days and a half from the latter yan having been shot on hies owfpropem, atkNbw-
place. Her dates are to Sept 14, three days later than cTle Board of Trfo dem returns r, ug
our previous advlces, have just been issued, and show the total declared vali
The steamship Pizarro, belonging to of exports for the month of AUKgutat, &60589;168, w 4l6
"for the corresponding mouth o~fJEFlS-y4-n~d`185 -..thog.-
Cuba, was lost on the night of 11th inst. on the bar at wfrte r ores pod frg moti6,0"29,569dand -
the entrance to Marlel. On Friday,- the foreign Consuls at-tL &
There were very few ships in the port port of Cork paid an official visit to Gan. hMansel tft .' I
of Havana. The city was becoming healthy. newly appointed Commander In the Dlstilcb ao-a a
Admiral Purvis, Clommander-in.Chiof on the
All the New-York, papers are excluded t ion. The Admiral received them on biard --L, B.I .
from the Island but The New.York Express. hlp Ajax with 'a salute.-of 21 guns, and hoisted th t
Amme lean flag ln comp nlimen to Mr. Mitchel, U. B, '
Previous to sailing the following letter onsul _a ..
was written by Lieut. Porter in reply to a communioa- i u nited tes d Gub, a i
lion from the Cuban authorities prohibiting the landing Fromn The London Times.
of Mr. Smith, Purser of the Crescent City: It has ever been -the delight of hstorlaan
HAVANA, Tuesday, Sept. 14,1852. and philosophers to trace and work out an analog# bo-
GENLEMrEN-I have received a communication from tween the peculiarities of climate and scenery, and. tha
you to-day, enclosing one from the Spanish Government, character and disposition of nations. There is. ome-
in which Mr. Wm. Smitb, Purser of this ship, is an- thing singularly wild and extreme in the physcsl p. P
cused of writing Infamous reports for tha newspapers. nomena of the American continent. The meunlaMin
and prohibiting Mr. Smith, from going on shore, as if literally pierce the clouds, and pour down from th-v- -
the said Mr. Smith had committed some erimiual act. snow-cappea summits rivers that sweep their uicos.-
The injustice and absurdity of this order will be appa, trollable course for. thousands of miles,. and bear wib -
rent to you, when I assure you upon the honor of an them, as trophies of their might, trees of a girth aiS L *
officer, that Mr. Smith has never written or composed growth unknown so the European observer. Tie set-
any article for the newspapers, and it was due to the sons are as strongly marked. A summer' of rag _ig
gentleman in question, first to inquire if he had written almost intolerable heat is a winter of l ;
any article Injurious to the Government tie less than Arctic severity. AU things there 0.tand' o
Citizens of the United States are not tafrald to ex- representshe course of nature as the result of a siio.
press their oplidons on foreign political matters, espe- of violent and uncontrollable lmpplses, and tIn -onble
ctinly In their own territory, where freedom of speech tho silent and unvarying Iaws which regulate alke. .
is allowed to the meanest individual. Tne shortness of the fall of a drop of rake and the course of the mighi
my stay here will not permit me to go Into a discussion Fatheraof Waters. .. "
of this matter. I merely wish to state te you that an Teere never probably was, sinme thebeginlnnof I'
indianity has been offered to the American flag, through world, an instance of such solid, sadden, and 5sarn
the ship I command, as an officer of the United States prospertty'as has been achieved withintte la I yl f
Government, in placing on board. Police Officers to Iy the Unite4 States of America. Bypesacef.lisadj
take charge oftWlm Smith. I moreover inform you that and bold. but wel weighed eaterprlse they ha' S
-will not permit the Police Ollicers to stav on board vaneed to a degree of material w-e l-being W't h s, eb-
under the circumstances. That I intend to sail at 4 t who only .now as world from hooks, a
o'clock, and if any atteminI are made to prevent me, min aimbit incredible. They have but to persjyam fs
the Spanish authorities 5wi have to answer to the Uni, -rcl mie cours, and" there te no .lt. t-
States forth result. Your obedetnt ser-vant, ".tahle beforethem. There have sn iml t tiude p



.. , . . ... ..,, ,_ .

tTmIon Democndtc Koesl a at An d t a, Ga,- I "FYS ," ".-
Mail SobO Chatham Wrecked, &O q flAYS '*
A Union U T"okI8pt.19, LATER FROM EI
Union Democ5aic Mass Meetlig O : Atlane, GL, on.-Saturday morning, Ho& .]
t. L. CharjooP~res4inti A C'6tMtite .of Tfirteen P.. r. '
Ws aPponted" repotbtulI fio14 am mdb a report --
which wa adopd with fw dfentit"voteO, oof IDate: Liverpool,- Slt. 8; Lofdon, V ; il.
demain g gthe policy Iftlzb SbtthdrwR$itswWID of the
,g ey, hi re ]M
;rty, iYBIusIng to comprod2- 3 th Eteaora fTlket..
,The report also Opposes the. -n. .....n of another
icket a eWofford preaea rflh Y M t The U. Se. Maa steaAti- p Padt whih-
,I favor of a new Electoral Tickplt, wk' was voted
do almost unenmonsly. judge VgIaLok e e l ,o* from Livrpmool Sept 0 amet4 s st F.X Iq..;
quently in favor of the majority report rived at this poaS at 5 P. M. on tisthdn s aerfit
Mail schooner Chathamn thich left beat trip for severs,! months pa. Th' &44if es c ,t
harletoxM h iust, with the mails for Kes Wast and "north about." and experienced vriaWL winda- m
? ^|viSna^al1 wwasdmwreaked ondT ^ the
vanswo g fwwrecked~e o ~n the a12thret went 1Oneg .q rn4b11s weather during the pacaae. She iaied Toy la
ofW U s-edr sgaevere gale. Kii, 1185 iSght a.21 A. XIlon aYra,4halarvd h
lopt-mallsaveed. Aboat:waslent from Sig. Augustm. I1n at A. on saturday, ,aid:arrlved lia" ..
on the 15th to bring.the mau up. The gale war.very se-Kersey atI L45 P. M9, having m ae Lirhn 1m..60"" .
verT, b5ipt hriediraton. : hours and 50 minutes, mean time.,
The'U. mail steamship Southrne+. The GreatBTribstamnshtptAsok.
-Captain W. Fbter, arrived here at six- o'loa,,1ri A this,
morning. b ow ch g er ul, fat 426 371,. long. 12m, going lPka'n.or ,ar
The body of Cot.- Brown, chief'engimer' steam and salt, the time and locality givnilO 6 ai ,
on the Brownsville and Columbia R aIlroad, was fond over all Bifsib she left LLferpooL
on Saturday,.onithe plantation of Mr. Wjrlck, In the T e ha e ,~.
upper part of.Rlchl.and Districtj and brought to Colum. W Ve aga t& note a death O
bia on Sunday. e ral edpolidbalnewe. Tb m r .at
+ 0-- 1"h w erii t esn ."'" m....a-f....,- ,
The Canadian Clergy Reserves. :however; is ..teresing.
e QUEBEc, Saturday, Sept. 18, 1852. The following" peroni --me patse.u-ti.
The address, asking the British Govern- 'in-the Pacific: .
ment to relinquish to Canada the control'of the Clergy J. Armstrong- and lady. Mr. Birmnr i lady ,G- B. m -
Reserves, was- carried in Parliament, last night, by a and lady. A.. Johnson. aori lan& tat.
vote of yeas 54, nays 22. The vote of Upper Canada, -Noah, S'.FJ.Jambs,H.1W. Try m'M-ormeshetm ,

The Colera at Rocheeter. tisCkmw Mss Pal M ," e '
ROCHESTE, Saturday, Sept. 18,1852. E Esign. .rk". . h '
The deaths by Cholera, durhige the last ToratonH. BaHl. R..w. MGavoc Jt ff r, r. '-"
three days, have been only eight. The fine cool weath. CatsreodMr and sh e J. G MonI Jr., 3 S. M er
er is fast dispelling the drease. ,,^r^^ A8i11:-^w h&
Rladys, M. Thom,nd P. IadySeat, Mr. oo4ht he.

SI f theea e l kJCarson E:RLbWghlryl F. Ward, J A. Hughes, aR G. :
-eah 0o-th 5pe ri~ an ,~nceM J Holmes, M~ss.o Hbmss Si Hlpgn,ff C. A Bar.
Death f the Patent Bridge r. Mi M r. Shepbsrd Mr Blty H R
SPRINGFIELD, Sept. 19,-1852. r Wheatley-Mr. BownJ. M lS ik
Mr. Win. Howe, the celebrated .patentMst Jrn, W. Bal MasDon, ReMRafG a Mr.-. ..
Bl, :D wiMs 3 -, ....W
bridge man, died last night at his house in Springfield. FattMrs. Ladsbezg and .child. frMnt hhJ. ilnt ,i .
-IsfsdselntedsaetraussMand lady, Mr..; Ma Cett, k.Mr.PrenAL. ,a-
Hrrible Murder in Nack asa.ehsn, W. sho m W. Bal. Samnel O; J. a -R
iJ.C. Prince, D. B. WHebster, 3. H:" Haseldesn, t .
BOSTON, Saturday, Sept 18,1852.. dea",, Mrs. T. o. Lessvin, Ms E. W. ish r. C
Mr. Taylor, a shoemaker, living in Nat- doroff B Mrs M. Cohen. Capt Sith, Joln"Nottj Ga'
cbk, Mass., was brutally murdered lasit night in his o en Harrison, Mr. Adelsdorfet. i W
house, and his wife mortally wounded, and is now lying --- -- -
speechless. There are evidences about the house of a ENGLAN .
desperate struggle having taken place between the
woman and the murderer, after her husband was killed. The history of the four dysrv s e
A man named Duncan Mathewson, who has been in the.1Paci" silMr i.. altether bank. Nothing ira t
the emp'oy of Mr. Taylor, was arrested this morv n ingN pd oi E .afaurs, and nothing abroad of sNtii
in this city, charged with the commission of the crime, importance to elicit remark. The London+ papers f A
ie was just on the point of sailing In a vessel bound to ceased to publish suppl emn ents forMra wpee r p
Plctou. A coroners inquest is now being held on. the a adk t POI o ter
body of Mr. Taylor. Great excitement prevails in ardrs onfreew the bopokutcetof bringingireip tkie
stlck, where Mr. Taylor and his wife were much the funtas of news are dry. Even :
rsc- letter on-the Peruvian Guano question had provokplt
Murderer Arrested and Identified. nothing mo re startling than a leader or two in T
rBOSTON, Sept. i, 1852. Times. The feud between Toe Tiies, D-ir.'"mi s
Mathewonwhowasarrste ~ his Advertier, an Mfons, B~onaparte," thoujh daIty.-rnww.
lgmrbttrhMatthewson, hosen inas produced s ntng .
city Saturday, for the murderkl Mr. Taylor, in Natg k, elher. y t
the night previous, has been discharged. Thomas Ca, The occurrences most noticeableapetshe. "
sy, an Irishmn about 19 years old, has since been a-me s a
in hi cty chrgd it th cmmsson f hecr me. tnsofteBItis nsoclthitng fbo te Addf uofl6
rEsted in dniidb r.Tyo emreemporitao Sincet aict Belmark.T, ahe L e~a

Mrs. Taylor remains speechless, but identified Casey by week, at'Birmigham. Large nun eof tlersi wer
signs. She is not espectpd to recover. Tue murder- attracted by both'. We observe"Pr" je0o..i1'w~r .U: '
ous blowst were given with ana, which was found among the a ase ns in attendance on isefor '5.a
covered with blood,.on the premises. Casey had beel n TheaBishopportunityloh
at work for Taylor making shoes. He was committed shops (o the EpigOpal hTch) .
for trial. Tai eor and wife were poor and edsrious of Western Now.York and Michigan have been Ia
with .a family of four young children. u Liverpool for a few days. On Sunday, 5th, theypreach-.
--- ed in various places or worship, and o nton onday attend *d
Another Serious Railroad Accident, ed ed the meeting of the Society forh the diffusior of th -
ALTBAY, Saturday, Sept. 18, 1852. Gospel in foreign part. At he latter the Blhopof...
AdeeA gravel train of cars on the Hdson d nuld belIeve buthat14he smalo
gravtel trn, wof cat' nteH do hc' arrised n thiseateningeabihuerehasorroduced,- n

city Rairoa, n urdeeutMr.a Tspeeallyps away. He sever dId believe tint $o -
against a wagon and horses, in consequence of which Bull ana Brother Jonathan wouldquarreli about a ci
the driver, a colored man, was thrown on the track, fish. Hs had from the first believed that It would es
mnd his lower limbs horrinly mutilated. His life Is de. as it hadsin mere talk, and beforeaanther yeariwasom
spared of. The horses were also materially injured would only be a subject of laughter. heers.l
lesaac Newton contradicts the report Murphy, the man arrested at Dublin. f. a
that the steamer New World, lying at North Paltz, has forging bills on the StateBank, Hartford, Con., s ful
been onfire. He says itwasput in circulation to injure committed for trial.. th.

,.. ,6 1. -- om Iaretfo pbi.up-ye..
.... .... ......p re.... ktd _~kq A7;.14_np. .
arwork, baaf ewitten theM $Pau "i A ca,'921ive 40iui" Po a

f ossr whT illj^ ^ ?& mauno^OB o aee som litatacutaamna ,^ e~rd. ~ ~lyad llmp SlnT tsa,^Q a8 jQtlpe feand amxou5 4^0Alle
lure wt .bp -w 4 p u l of lw *z -,* wu Wnilm be efys an.d... "eua inhr 'a kl h -- W .- ' .. 'E"- ' .
4. ,.N Yr I... ..
wbe "htea "... IT .L epot.. l' '' ....... ... "i"" ird "
tow..' P9R 9 , creua .u annxeepqP4Api du 9A Ki. *x r ett ep i iu
Teere --.are a rp ent two ... 9C. Po.ol 9rP.dfr ff.....4 I' re"'d I 'ep" tj4,"t...&...wit the rae siritiipt hhe{.
eve~~~T .Peftr"on .tp.:" g. .,Mu -0,d: Xq
srtsthe niteed y haeaohee'uf fuef t %6611ly

tIcy ofoouest. It ii open thon obw down coin' aomi ce sate- hoath i 0 nuod9 naundm erlei ;4b.981
lreai&w trtlou ta # nrcl p ton tata 01 -r -' ..-p-em r C.... e. rm talent atkr'ui aew- fr 4"nps) a.t. -1e. o to ajitJc nil
ftali1s MeisJ,~
"give uep f Ite y^ (1, fooed & S fg th oe o a morn ati d ta. 'cu a p

pq3?n,^^r~f llew). The.T4h1e band I. Cumben C PLr I-0 a
owe "Flike that of tber tWred a BSrn a CenA lo gauuean y aen ten pbe Tiherli' t at ouEsiN uta %lotld .a p
It.t I 3xta#T pa.p tti ._elynpg Md r Gat
points 46 In Mhe p m areO k Viatdnot Oar at 3r- 3K
onaxs a ams;O~tb3lht7mbsitt teutitary ImprudezftAtid'delpode ae&hhPrlgI Gaae;'-jtOlie.tdep~~~ Ter
a Dbaveieo, s~d Caate. aq.;, tectLo- 4.Dna Z'1 Wday, d,000 a I Oteriee r'. 95, Ol4! *ISOIr A

'fornt j andeto l rrg b"w-toyn maxondVGtti w ^lh at ,. to he p cobeets, asoumha g a aeBaaaobCn'ar .. ajadorif p1 1o a;t50a o expile 4d o vit r
selve pte aebkA2S W b aaron tract P w PnPowaeetbaonBe tiitin Ma! a00 x dpe au O atep--

tAi ori^ui-hod the!a r o It Et rcsD
hfedu p iae thaphin e au t a. Lke, ilias We. teda' imdr All ;
selves a. w bh. on pt vessel- t toYhW H ait wa taeI s, esDolby Sw aioto 5. tib tt Qo- a
andou Kebelter .4ib Ple~jsFair.6*f'dL ildjtenj.5f2 Ord'eawtt*@R

id ya. me, ee.= re.
lathefonthe ^ Au. ehi dn e te o e

.wonl. eiig&^^yf ^^td T bl^ ;%&y Inl~k t.f^.T.dTii-lnte u-gt:6.
ndge 8ineetoxls. 'd*eeldeT trb -' ht7' -Advices fr6 Vienu.ieonf.rirdie-,thlistate- fd.aiie ne)_ L*$Tp e4.nuheers d, lrtters fhrOm a rd pStoat.eft hed. theN c bcteommu rkcatefd oosauo tr yryyaNt letter

Iodeatiw jT'aehzsimPc ir aiI. ,l ,ep..liet ,; ,neXuitrhh iF e r .... h ......... .tItteon, 1 e 17 de a leidn I

rpiarypeculoa fojfty o riXP CED WAis 5 ndICftiipeo dfedt tH J-Ea the tiOTATIO f(ihdofo Bof' ui Codii .)ht nia Tohnprim tih-t~t d~ i is moirebwii~gt tha 6eiserf
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panned.eK ?^^ -We ha oe hthsevrSaOh le t ijcsare, sto repayb the.l Ooereitsnesuith d ebt to Melo^' 29 &mnoi W5 lprixe a 7N18 /sl~ 6 ,da/ p ome roau-O en GRAIN market nhas be o r he t he; Mdi
S~ewi~ aB~anah t6prfla~7 prpgess Baoz n k; 2d[c't~ewihr uaw. Hay po ^fh depbreciha dted r- "seans cote i~tosiflons g fin asho~tdcing arged dstantip bed afafra n bter sh itddhatlbefore wintr hrarm
a bnd wick '' i'andhan arelited n
wldtan. Aight tort *f -gate e d t d h k cy bu. t The, m33db meet *es t ia he 6e- Mt

cdnsltltes lt~eh unsf ~ pzkteWltipthprlss ten d fla~adow ss p 4acrcture, tid in theosruothr ione oraladfor; cus I, 4mo~ierla ableuiuyoChebeaue -hrie witna eas 'cLlS e eotDtl7tfths. Odod Soutd1dn thoe bedhi
dofidightJ bhian woterinof te policy of jS4pan the thichs tn hr puwtl,,e i~teltu ein airth he fino oi R dsia; aio Land, Mdfner. Wagne beicla 6 u ns a~ ~ ~ ep an the ten deia.+25 ben7V ey~
Do o sld te a-ven tur .- OV.6-1o'g-y- t

fomercnd tfjirei'8 n dth ereforeng wapci have iita 7Wht- visl to or. of'Mrk'Snustijaohasorpron isedair,- -----ewt I' <:. mesdrlk r~eforWetedry ID an d C roiteplated sitl of
myakn A..O sort:P of. ".ui, d or... order., ... a.?_-.. eo ;r the Erwnpp O M R [& ILTOIENEfblfrfoti
svye nmo ei ca dvie b e rontscne t,&ma a o epresenin sthe'injlrd o ps consepus n es whwitt cvb P C l T e 0 ahere isbntinp rqved iqeity

^ h \ ^prS % ab~ !~ one aiv^c.e "S ^ e r .^ u h~ e^ .ey .......... Pa.,a 'h rereauo ge re rm e amto
mop T be^ sitiii al the*tfrrlwn ie of ugawhi chm disappearedte on duri.cttho otius~u.Notaa~tin t hi ed fte ry. utUi ntenuh o
sad oliticians of the country? .. .. revou... H. .. . ht as -.tI vM sh. as chne ocup ato 8f pe ow
"Tnhe ects.1oxzpp. tn. r seflc ny'hee ow ondeke tTith :Kossuth ifothey-will asiitiii'the rocov- COeTO
cvrte ~ ~rn te .nrea._ the Isa,, , t.y.ns recrwnli...d ..S,/- ...t .o.,..: .
Atlantic and Pacific.. e.erst boot on whch they' 'T-esay ,boy ntvw it.pi cest Indiajfaoro saydon e -.t war d ati ns i;other Dart ie e and o t ol
o el btes ,. e aeby-f rhat
have cat.t. i.y05 .,aa from the isnlan hdoubt- O Augsburg Gazettestes.- s.ht1teentW" .e.les ofu-the p bt adre
4.--.Venr coiate 9 _r__i

tsopnt,, .'vy estige of Spaniih 4.- Austrnan.Envoy. at:rui dragond an eged w 20 ese o specrnsetied but Louis Bonapbrte _]
riorsensi..t oln ttlhevtrn ri sde tn haed Beetgi0nsdn-int- rsein ii- asfol lo s g Dul th BROP Ee. `_ Th bn nu e rs
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degns 'lzliolf bitsndd' vo x-bi00'l op ini i tto d o iS itt Freio prad Hy u gtr n tes Mid I 7tae f iTrade o h t o j
Statecs,,,;iwhlqi;#ln ses-ittcoutse Monda; Tihe U. S. essel- of-war Hyamcinth was 'of, T wiOe & ul ee t aa nd eireay -B aiity te r
there areftpally're ,oj s wJAme q.n.Frsqiiirp po. ssnar!' at Tntl ot on the 31st Aug.. f4cif OnnteebndwreAeia::mots ~ ts nrdMita-ae a
Cnta oodt & w irt thepuieta r same tor m bnut e 1 tl0000. P wrrcesI becqaumtedFar Ce de e f h e 'nwi be
ofO t? as a ttiwenipatoe ctedikethe ,- e Roa orever 1OrlesanS; F o e ;mipan 'L, the bFoair i of bo b Min ;'a a Lo rd al y, isL 1
GEiedNYe51. ; e pni'tt ,ihr 6 ands,c.. Middling, 5ed; ; Inferiorand Ordh-
Ame eettg Cto Ji m .Gixs- foib howB 0t it 1n' rf. o. ..a nary,, @d .i s
GRadI terllue :Cornmaxket c

jmiged ~tnoxjsum Artegrqa fewopoar, thlr4 vilsuey. f gie aise fro m 'Berlterli pstuiates-th at l the ar- dainuntiofbutsines 7-,98andk5tc ptinueqitwinghclo dterte s ea repoiatesifromA onstabingnoplevea cont
dnunes Wheat to limioad inqir at id. tbeis com municat od tO you ba y am y at Iotten
4n6teacmitxo dhbny f U13 $ntha r o shi of the nr ansr o b70 i. decline. God Fioourcae d l' erfra th 21
man~~~htwahreef4ennf6 m uh t" e1, n hths o lltinik: ' @ / second qualities heavy. I.di 3n Crn on spotk asd PI-ions out ioh a oa
cnquest 1o, l >zar 4r qea qson io! Fthtyf thde, bt y e afor but 7rttlo on hand. Syn c ""ulf i "lian
aothind' 'l'wj~u~ou 4isr haom of the Antit lss a in 1 UNEXE &I! El) W G T Q v (cr Bras. & Co.)i Indan Corn, prima
voapwrtijws c~iasitlbelongseat fr"om the sevete or-W hv o h oab n al ifl a thtln eliow / 9/6 ;, Mixed, ;ai'o p6 ri r- t gdttheSritsa ndapharborhhe Mditrns
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F but *L Ppei~ieefor to taki-P#babefPPsascwilt onOen4hea cmmow. wgei ca3 com othqed more of tf atten io wuean
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i4alf by otrpdnedi o omuld. r deptio save ryaincd Aseve rifanl 'lleytotreigre --

idlo'/ stoyn her L aeitliy~itft aervseB~tholwa dpe^^l in5 anadii~At-terSipeL )Atd'!rthat you wini^d not'
woere the m Eu re one.tthal.lnFd'r.. a pp rt tendeav&or,1a trefe- *d fetauie idtmatan d 1mfFf
'slow lasteflito ringft u opipewth~Tet oefr~~x

[rgo0-s "-I of -Payeti"sLtffd~iog"of -1632,on thepant of those She--metk o ~wndnt~eh~h'h& n
,. :]notes poepitenttly.dehi.ii. reagi~hacate..i Witi, a~ytgw' :a nrm
..for 'to thbi doe s irabsih ea d or. *Bi p e poag s siy -n peat othe n dt eao ewnn .
for '__' gBl ei')k d d'fire 6doretiaminlbsw di$ n otepit
T 'thatth tieo 9tea arr esta .tvernt meflt thel2 You ae -i a b Rifoe rd
nb*' -'w seq 'ou 'te f'- tW ; deaiofn g a l..G
en o Theje Wid F preil z.t awt- thoe interview thde a*,' .. tr Eh t te ai r flt ecitu
fthe,]SdpBrhinie .:Ci t n Hw n.rtJabktisdn i inv i,'tof ecin we II at aoh er' n'whtch eeiTf h_ u cict s 7
ida. ;fon.Jpohb.hW, En tonal and a several, oterg enotleme 'ai n i ho an ao ith b w h po
ei w"iih r o r..tim e. apat connected. Withthe he-'-o~- r kino t er Yan. Sow .t ag 'a 8 aat a 4
ness lb:7 d , B" -illy id 'ht 'gf av-. 0 r oa -do-ns
s toe! ro it "i ei "fld thee bndtan that he h- s ed pofitae a ti & r *fc -t d -
.-.':neu W- Weon roi.&,.. b pp' "...

tan he . ,tem, iteg. d X h F "to loa. updon him as tbhefr it Lf can b A oataeiisthei e jan ied
a iedland that th 'h eud Co h Tonstder all h e s atid asdin- onipte B punstieu LjB : p rti .ttsa
352.i ble by friedehlpran trusthe '1He hoped they w "dehoe m- tdes onpse, h ru lingltn e n U akien, theohthd.- -
pn o .ratiehds w da d, y and m tytheut of. e te in a ith perpeatl6bed 'by,' Le&iona,., n'if
fiorm-. ishle udto .i n .u .nd.. . t .. -he.efbra t co teo an .o ilal il t Di 'c

n and a t pe e aeisi amo g..?t rangers he I t tilatenedl buoto .. n .; his opon an t hehow
r'way l s as i ifen ds, leas hing t in t f. Hos, fe ar A e sir
.. . -r f- t .. . L .y U t

th -btat whatwas aid i.hould be- jus thi same s'if. Y t f o te p oodu ti iS,__
mean,1 ito *af p illy's own- home in Fo ,- atrou L and R eform ers hdnyi-h teAi -
t di s With to the idainy terfinh h atiyne^3
y f. the B itd' bdtw tis, asih iswer to this invittiofn, decli.noed. o t I
Iidrm a. ICa oekuMe, as.he ohnrid a ad co, the;don b there Sat iad t y adto wcreao aeuwihbe who eii.eean oo ,b
reta cnuq wished wmernt e t.i,.. Inreply to a uestionwftya a tsh and-osl for hi ogWIg ro ent
Jont'e',, s did not come, Billy sqid-lirat. he..zmight have-.iib~'hiej'dc~osbrt ieriw ud
s disu' gou ht hia dead flesh here, bu could' not ge g Wm .to ,fot be' a t-dfitiib ac 1of trai ' .
essi tan come ltve :r '"" "" e ".. ..... .. .He...
Taer- Themoi .iroer ou ald he .wat j vrade to seth myn o W t aesth eaha*ho
fTn. wt were'preattse u even Withou t Sam 'Jone.s . .p io Y'te gre at bard a n ysoup wi.lif .
Bn Blyi ten remarked that hel camel r o ndfrs0 'isp te tphapoh ig ofp tha n p ,
er t r i nw I hnd L ife cTuan be.. s ,hrpai inwn @. ygle
toa -a uF the ,rat ies. The' omoen that had-ima thoad m n e'o4 pLte i-:l te t L eB r ne -'
itdes ;.. tteti were d ers, ati] without cmiang here thew,. wherefy', poopl & ie We ti t not a Ce1,moon -
3 edad: o a tp o find out te trth. -. uee sre to, onroom dtfthoe Seh'h l 5
.ie' r acond. tiitog w then otereda intod a le gt he ane abut- ca ue wih h.idt iiid e ko ia t
-a'ited ftieibua pointed addrossto theseIndlansrt .. .
$2 hera and io ih lai b re them' hthe inu ofhe'. tod of i fk df
asa 132 bi" .. .... te Un o .ed Slts Ghovernmht on the ou -piof toatbsnotthe ptiidu s owntro dudttar 5

oee ni $ i, D utn ownthe panlptde IttO ~ h~oset, whc |i ",yihci~ ,ai^^ B lc
'han of h ea dd 4n4 ofhe.eoinda nationn on theothor, a e. Semi re -proict that, as bfa as isudiriLaniebe the lila- '-/ -
ranaf. noios, ic",n'tbiit.ehto'the s/d, sutrrendered their country of a nit. Ho can you votp onbr ^
lePer- o the.UiedStats,and sgroeed to remove WestoftheL
undern-. esisb lsi, .tq a..cointny',prepaiod fqrnthem:isa b the Spo fityear es ae as8mch an E -
heo has Govermni..n....n ... But when the _time .....for removal came a.., moatavnaiosyte o osonhi~~~T!J
tS Pe~ru" grat maniyofthe4Serinoles refuseo tg~hsbigc- flostithkwohe101 c~ t a~r
testlon witim tocarry out. thetreaty madeby their head-noo eiyah-tt ftetmenetad-p t~acr,~
a e- bhalf/of. th.e..wnole ,uglon.., T~hisproduced, tronabte,.apd. -.. i cpjy-g h on~stnp
dohib a dastis ily'ng ar, 4est ru.tive so the thirfes. ,o arn 'b mi 0, fain
siin. wJhitoesad Indians,'.broke 'ut It isatrue twato6 si e ubwhat i 15 6sLa e p e a
Jatied" h e" -who 4a4 made thetreaty .wtor4'e. '-ead,ibut th.i 'ofe
w it asty Ntsuof was as much i altver Ia,er die,but ,p s W i a
eaep live:" The "treate'betweei'oun own and foreign' i ipn fe po o
ones~of, Oov ermuptcot n~ue.tQ li~ve,,tbcugh'tbhidrmaker's die.-.cooqac'et eWYi dl hld6;fi ii-'
F hetr i pf. wat .wIthti SeminoleNat/c He,
T-1 o t rel w"`temLnm who signedit. ," "4 16fee
ia,per o. Ther.thainhe ature Of Irtaf

Iancy,. trsangiments whichhsad been made from time. toitnime spint ap d d es
of-thil ii Flo io a d by u6flCiers of the Government with Si'mi-, v l De cry8Ioe he
under nolis vi .Is misetnderstood. These arrangements wore. there ewo
rd7' exUeak any chain97n -1; jt':

ofte~' t empo lany only, and not permanent like treaties. G en.eve.y one r"leo enjoyment fthsa iin
envant. Wortl [haQ Son.? 4pwn to :Fioridaan4dmade, such an an-. o a ovddt uti -V
Sa te r eg.hd, autd it'es h optreaty, and' ifjthe. '.S'mt noeg. eiwin -.,"
dsla com e ra: he Uitd .ae..,

to f Ch isobe'natold it wa .they. were .de .etoov ed, .The',lands hde t.avh-W o:tasuWh
ATta~r. mold I Te 'psthe U evend.Stausb g~ tetySm'ot isl' beo nh to .,eMavI ite0sy fhout idg at--lt et~'hard-tan a yon-mu.bltoitt

ovirde thBlGo rsrnejt, and aeothepropetofp motos
armym, noce en.. If no treaty-hed been madfe to0"thiis affact't. ~ ~rqho~ieo
a way the tgd dStI es mihmight hav r itted'th'e Sofil d"le1o 6. to nthe-- t
ire de-U nk.i but now. thertpinhpe do. it wmn tiph.t tphecousemqta h w hich- is not S oltfu .ysa lowiuatheme
h,,thn. of thte of rlosida, "whicli St terutiundstheirnRo- whic he'Ly pbuta aund CLuu a OT
allows,. mova.l m j according'.to tth e trotty;..- Th& emTh teu are" 'ou fl ere~e f e io
hisrin- C: ib Ly Iooas iner then ,ppi.alqn,;;tto e .is:.a t re o t d e
[aguldi '.a., ila 4' ysiudia'ted'iu thn far Northiwest.. The Comins tre,15006iism nt et de l
Ldi0,_ inOf -- i bMadtaiked-to iatetiib
...............4 ~ie......................... C -'f th ti- 1r

ge ow ogeg to tie eminoliw.. happy country, but toey were more than blap y$-'
herpS. "Tbe tate of Florida w s;Ag@W ',ng'v ery.tImpatient, and the.-at iral iucresse, and the p Aq OL
ganehis. bQd threatened to send a forceofbher, own anddnriyete eas than in 1841tpao w F"
fhoe.op Seminoes out, If the, United States' did not do it for and that the apion of fi t
Vay them. This was the stateof the. cssewbicbi s' of'o tisa 60.oaoretAth'&-
.iveA to.. tpuihe ...l.ioe .B.ees d. w ps -l pire State. To this extentis heppuhdi N .
.f-,qc- o --tC c 1hepp~ ions tnbieinelh th em'aeke-be. of 'nlj
^ : ~ ~ ~ hf ,.. b SfS fa^ ^ g^ oxid I^.U.Ol^ n ^ ^ ^
5 ear wab .ke.put aes. bperegn~the i. 4 t .bd^ed iti roina
oalutl- ^the 1a5 ;er would be sit destroyed. Ic :is natural foray, a Lou edL i"^e~~rm~e wo~ld^ a^Q ocrd.apiif, enah -- t
.fhigh. to love his riatlie homire, andh tie (6 Conmmnissoii&er sustaln ou Iclii A finWiit "tnsi' 'amer r,'
uar lied tw same feeling. wieh.oher' me; hut ohe pu B which is far spent, hut which, I s l
regular,;h 0m-feelin. t A

at' tbh'' .cthsged home~twolthr.e., mepjin hllis ',le and-woulcfi ppina be Prolonged fur.sbegoo4'f.Thecg h nyy ^
sfgn'ed' lso ,.ait anytbip!nJ1he ejponduem u eyenu WPaheJQ
' .'a, a io.le were red hI.; e indta n I e c of Md ep e
a 'fr -t Fitidd D'Iot,.ppartp .,be aptIng sely;-,they o.itld beogh Rbteos vlviovenil1ks*oio1.-
Ie was see m b'$.elji6eg. go 41.. 9 :h.bad advicea of bad; monr :? 0:)nede you so sic;t'? -
g 4i[j.' '] en" i thI LTfited.; Unn& Swtae .9c011 'pejriitbleam t ;stay. i' "u t convictin that all noen
giand 'Foridt. it iwgul' bebe.t fr the , emigrate ut n y famy would 4 t, cri lye "
pt.'Ths athaftadgone west ol the Missilppi were doing headed ina in hman Pideak: T fd "}aiw.ellas O vei they did In Florida. arid better hanthose Wis Godwi aid thatf h htae h
SHup~- b dobw remaiiig 'ing in. -bat Statei'., 'Thi 'nG'itirm'ebtws" ih in lisa r o enogbrurand bw ichIsiy h
At I flyd .-oziqhpe !nes &beirlng efrL,

Su' toward'Smoifs, eand would. if"' be ing eo entitled to Wan ele
ama a they pqscaebly removed:,.do much for the'sting9ont tribute a.nal: l ^or.ti
idtiweas ti ib0, In their new hodie,' ....' e-.. ..... u id. e.aden uet W e Jo. if ha-
of the -.The thenceldredijnterdiertr'. ervi .'. . -1
a pat ;I Araha'm, who resded, fourteen n ears es-ot- th .., t itetCus dOi9i3inyour .-a ,
e'd.y by. Mlsslspi as td th pris-ernty. he e'oruoyed -out theatre m pto fulf eawoahisubjec Shoul yoe :f
r.n.yl-. Abrahga confirtd'whilst h.idbeehiadildd of hi -quanitamong the land
neary,. The'qomm!io9ne.rB salt ,bhat the. whfle Matter asless, lymig ndFte n and.mnpo-
e "n" thiais The treaty of 832inds the Sm les teve lobi t-thogh, on the mot liberal alowac,
Sae. w and,' if they do sm, i gill 'tbe iwell ib e; if they d 'orli yuch a re would; greatly subsrv u
yd g, en;ecIaus1e

toieat, 'nqt, but 'difficulty;, trouble .and banger await wallin rg, because, many wouldjie redeemed
i athem. Gen. Blake.ha4 .bpensent to tbepr.,trsaythis. irovety and vice, and sush an;.examplowou-d'liAvo^: ,
'd also adio doubt be htdd6da it.,'"If any hdyadsidid he "Pthoulc sntme gas.
Id- "fii cortrarfy to what the Commissiber hadi' ni w ia,; Lnd:M ply fos aomnation of h age; and
s beenn bad told an, untruth; and' if. they .dId hot' believethe th refb shahwoln;eus-le'a Jteefsti-io ^ :
t, Commlsiner now, the very soon would. l ilo ai would en
, The Commissioner then ni il'b troPt.q. mnsenf.
rison- ply whn;hen asin better healthom, ed'bad: timeto Con- hContrary, wituld iofiealoP Wappfnea; and, 6jf'felvthj---
te to Arragemts werthen 'made to csall on the ires more gently for God andumanty.. .
strian det ofthea United States soon, ho said Col Lea, I But ot n coure could pursued, and no o
in' Pte' 'ave 'gijeat pleasure Inspeaking with them.. :Gen., Blako pxe doig w byoIghteo
riAdaLe'" would 4tt/nd tO alt tistir inats and reasonable desires 'n o d'ihti 'eitatureforLandLimtf' -'
PC .while in thes city.' The Iydidsrdas then hook hands and' on, wic al ftire enoplj would bo'pohe'd '.
,. retirLede r .. .h i . l. c h. ave thc isawttp.suliqaQ;
e, B' ore'leaviNg the burililnkthe&y were .conducted into oing l?,. for^evena fp
the rInho itaoce oubyeaus o

ofd the Qoo uaxter(GnJtey*'s 'ma r'0"^'
h the Geoeral havig known Billy. Bwlegs and Otb on r cotefoor d ise' 'aid;
ic :: two.of is companions in Florida They seemed pleased h oding trity s to
with this recognition, and adssered sundry little qiis- right s dohshewl do0wen ropa0!^, ^
1 t' lions ad to tbher past health, 'Ac: Tor done qoesthon casu- do n1. lil '' Tho rumselter atwaym rtesupon a
e',du aly pul by>Gen. Jesop. ".Are yee. goingftc te ooencry. argument, that. if he does not sell, others will; and, a -
og ,esz nanhiss.B0W! g ,.thb

t.dis- ..LEnnlisk suddenly ttoppedts aodm ooleadredbnoAbfrahmh" lnto
wh':rbie .fore wi i & n. ei-YS ha

live th, reply, which wsP,. :'i do t ot. kh oyelOt' Thie he ;ow ifpias.E-ynaI-- j asto- '-
eopise. 1' v --aTon wasot renewed, and .the iyndial@soon e w .ip ss, .i -
.people al ,',' .....s.a. .'.s.fch '....intb ld. .tidnero he.n ga ...
.P., T are expected to leave Wshington. on their by hq htuihudoemaios profit outo ".
'dpro- return home about the sa5ih.. instant, embarking for'. apd so s thr hyas '_m.-?-.'
She Charetoi orSavannah at MewYork... They axe sto1p- I bii a-a
voter, ping at B'rowns HoteL th l ..not the mn'
'tlA hydiBtW 6 W o tesrrtn'h a "wul'
; ... ..... ...; baddress if: itidy'e '

bvon . . *'A p" .*.e ....Im so.''' '' -' i -.- - ,-
eolig : h, but net Edifying Ci . ma'....-.'A..rd e em d .
arboyl- T",y:haejuitbeen. ptblicly.hanging a- r TOnpea iRacal. l ica& -
isalo ["foddb b ui.... ""fAnioij 61i dl' .gint

'ar the slave toman in Richmo.d, Vat'.fdr: dpoisdningh h tM Editor of TheN. F. nea
ch ex- mistreh and'.ke.Etamiener '.which sfieetis toap- I n
s3, be- prove f Hantging iin the abstract, thus criticises p e of t 1, it. i t
c th. -the performance : ' 0 The London Times pubishes a. letter, from an Aunensu *...
ntinn- JaneWilliams was executed on. Friday last, secord- cornespoident4 coitrotehihgg Mr. Robieson's"beor'of the' -""
owned leAg to Iran sentence, in the presence the largest, andd
orem- i aIs laid the vilest Mnultitude that ever collected round o. iiei e '
Scn sucha tcene in Virginia. 'Srie 'died with he same bcti 'gnmen tsB ititit inticetyfro anoailetEiblenth -
i mn tel'ntefiaiilty which uharacuenised'the commission of last number. of. The Nec-Eglainder"
id vig-. her cul ;e, sulered no palt, and. evnced no emotion. .You oblig tbe author othe article in
ci-tde- The t.ader will find the particultre'under tise 1o0lal frGo t tf' :
' headthis da' per. We don believe tt th Leg- that it was wtn andsenttono
al. isature' of Virginia could av. witnessed them without May last although itdid ot appear tilAugu-con .
Sas comg at once to th conclusion, that such a pectacle quenlythe wrIter could not have bon indebted to -
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CO LT C E S g cdoaD defendant, with the b o lhe o.P c rin 55 LD
C. r.. t 'i Monation will b e In at use'the yw"tilegea mail jo y of b oeiglaoith .f oldforth' dl
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- C .p~otet ll 1Al~sea. Al1 each- .. me'w a-ranstitin.; In th to .f buili,
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... .............. Nro. eeb6irneredbyJ sii~ide d iohi

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.... thd~t~lection, ie .dl lad .bif "." i ie i to e '
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?../ ou) t~I ~r~i nt ..1- ?!, is1 ' the nmelll0nfiioo 'i'

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4l49u' 'tt.Wrt s:"~-..&W'' 1i-t -tower ofV a~ aAtai e bel and, 'Sock.t'h
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M!s5iefae,1, .n6 5

ronibit- oy,1 wn,01,1.a 6-Cam-. & '. g ba r; t do. BC,,$31; 650 do. B
i-in 5 Mime 0$ 3h. Nav.06s, '8-2.6,3.ilQ, Bu er $499;' b l- S d.. ,.
n'nffe, R. R raph. 13%, ; 50 dia.; tts;l -b6. 13ili ; I odCRWgj4
lishioos, in bS, S133; 100do, caeh. i -1g -5.13d ;Ie-)I3._:&--
SiKS~~~n ~ ~ dr ? ^ -W W 64, 276y Penn. ft. R.147; ANWB ^. Ci((are, $4,808;13 1 do Ci
'.etng, 40 de., I 5.47.;..6U 2i iOn s. nQana ba t el C 4 $ b
46,1t ral vd., .e1-, bs3.: 4 .2.,' ..jan qosa; 3l 2 ;ad 17Mo'-s .- d.
. A n r i d.. ees.-. i, lCf'l irarr b ;t lt 3rB o1
.43 '. 3 Rk.,si' '4 t '"Sbhtyiy k .A j 4k.. c t.j ';- lOO 1 ,
- I T $64; 0 d-.B1k.bin Fw^ex,;
ng the R R., e 1.4 "" ..",' .... 'F"
the eaner 6.687; .$.20o Seb. Nas. 6!,!'8,78 ; $l1,Bo.d
p'c0u be S cri .5; Wo l 1d69, 9'. 5 't ,. Wei,$246; 97 doC too5- Wo Phil 5
pty-iJjtttd. t ReadigR ` 1 $. pdV6 id -70do. EpRm t. 7 $
y6,Ido-- $io R eeti ,r:,l7,dl i I !7.7dh. Pe
b4. O~tOaeneeve r -ed .'794t 27d dicaPenXZ R.l47- $
sm~ Uni O dJsi 0 13d do Ipecact $ d d039; 7 Ntd djid
[y bmtt union CaDaJJ2%: 100 do. do 13%ss 59 do Wilming R saw. 35. 04 do Lac-Dve- $3i90-;`t44cd&
S' d.- do. So -v.-Prof.2 6 d. ;5f 3 do. Madder $60 do edic Pr
58% 10tea0doSob 8evN v Sb, t9; .hli $1,9E5; 16 do.- rarge- Lead.
5*even- 4W5a. 66ie6 ao. Irard Life and Truat 241 ;' tLIl3.
e ve veryP : .' . t.I i "4-0,; iI do. o 'WThe, Ptock Mket has --07:very- B ..n
.stiede ai;ng to$"= 6:daj a.adadpromtniss are aa mu
['more fair' "for .a ifu i0 iiku Z14
i /. ""'*?^ acbntkue buoysuy 'Nicsrhgne 40,^ ^
n. [was the most-active, and. adva-r eI;
tor: bdy V,;n enerbtpartyibeiteb yh bd
Sgene 'a. '. thpc 7 tselSern. $The sales were
)me f' im' 8:111RUD today &Ad r'-O. kir51s,6$2.

aand po- .oibt e t a ct i advance of"i i 'ped-at.on.the -5aah 9ale do. ia$ ';2d.H
e ias :had od 2,per cent. ,on. the time, baigln. E o 18
ed y a freely offered, and declined s1/4, with'sal'ea S.o
b uaioA 'ret esbuoysnt, and Radvdpcod l!
tuao i of was the mont bunyaot of all the Stocks, and ss,389 o s
't! wadI r p ent., with salen of 1,450,1 shares.. Ther-1 i t i o RJs
i doubt of the, nt d.P
eht igthlfsd, dividend will be a large one; and'the; stands 6f $2'

videtly on Iderabby stodogthened, Ctxmbell
01 lnrge, proved /4, with sales/,' of- taes i43c ;'sh.
he l' &ad' Worcester was' iteadyi, i iasaf TOl g '
qsst r he enMadison and
i.g:o hae. Madison sIand Indlanapolis Road rmS) and -; is4. e d ia
Ut ft "Y' P, 7 '.451Ado. Srnms go,

;tx Werj w 8tll a cheap Stocskwthl" its splendid'proapectre. i $
$ I Bo'ds were n demand, but few were offered fr
,.. a' C 'adprleesareupwardln 'their tendencyd f
d' ' :. o r ni eie Stocik t ild at feul nateS ad; nand.t
. . . . ... ..... .. ] d o...$ .65 ,266

-'i led considerable strength tbroughorut th day.. A n c i o 0 .a f
nt foro a i 've inquiry is still going on for Invet
thn.wa -- qp

inings at prva bas ad the sale re to a
SChrads68 do. Rope, ope,$1,-
on, W. aroad, but from the interior, seeking ,
i8'd'e. l~Satard"S
rooiinent profitable investment, is very large, an Sl
ed .Whig crease, thogh-large amounts are constantly a
sod de. s Maio'n nda a oi.Rod r g ndI L o P Yimento', $&53 o;g d.- rat

Wsm, lhs .In foreign Exchange, the rates for
TI: bin. g closed for the steamer at a decline. o le S t 9 't
br the c were sold at 10x cent. premium, and -tid, a d .Ti^i$
$5e $t,; 343; do6W
.itr waasfrom 1%03,1,8 The rates have Badownwardted ^^^
Pitter- eicy, as thbe supply of bihs in on the increase.b ydo. $no50 d
se. $2 ;7,7M;60 du159 do. Wi 26
in r The steamer Arctic tobk only $326,780. : 1 f
that this 'in-specie. Theexports for the week, fromN .Yok -
'ed.' by sty
r-, and in s sre as follows: 6 .316LL 2
Salso two Brg Elizabeth, Brazil, American Gold
no ,tuns Brig Elizabeth, Brazil, AmerIlcan Silver ... 5 b5 a? ,r t n0 C
fe ry'-boat .BlgJG., 0 Colby, .Gibraltar,: Frc Sllr. 1
' Steamer Arctic; Liverpool, American Gold 3, PaS
Hi steamer Arctic, Liverpool, Engeish Goldm 2 TT $ i 2 taVn
.. .$ . ,- sold toay, par fo n ne
pehed on Total, Sept. 4 to Sept. i.'............ 60 e sa' P
n',,, Bank Previously reported...............
subscro . ... . ad' ,pf S
d FrIday, T dtal for 1852'.-...-,.............l,8 S 9 0o
AIaente Wednesday' steamer will not probably $3-97. a. $26
eiiiytrade :hi' h
i for the t1e, Pensylvanla loans .will supply a suffice
iefssd' of bills on LonTdon. Besid. ich. there 1-io

\ ing fir shipment in Cotton already, both h
rla 'dtho aNew.Orflealn. Shpperis bought td-day more
Than uw sal for the early season. ;are ti
ab J, iG.s on Paris offer at 5.1a3'W5. 1& i n s
Stae r i;LvrpoAeia Gd .. 019,00 FeAmrica

.S Amsterdatm, 41Li422 ;Beme 9 Hbr U l
. St
4 .... 640 361i@36If .ai, 37
..,.., o Money continues in abundant supply, w "sd`
....B 6'"5 One or two parties asked higher rates tou
.'::.::.: 7 loans, but the general market W8s a a
S600 rate--5'6 cent. for loans at short all,
T~a o 82 .... $9k8. ,0L.964

750 cent. for the discount of prime paper 90 d
e was mouths. Names not generally know tra, 068Xly etn Me.aeyeFia afl
iiess at The Philadelphid 'Ledger sttete d
r Iot.f the bId of C.tH. Fisher,' for the Pennsylvnareaa e| a'4
c^moMasi .loan was made fot the whole ,amount, ex
~dull ; the supply
Jla t th e.' a the Company e .uld' not divid.eit, d 'h
aldat o hhe.. .-trewblbb. made for small amoih at hihera k t a
for :.Mixed;ommpt, qd so- 4

'The loan is to run to 1880, at. 6 'cent anual inte oina
SSatur andis ued In Coupon p .Bondiof.0ef 61,0 h onert
ho been Ible into stock any ime before Dec.. 1860--V .coi a" '
PROY 151051 hre5- icr
S ChairleS H. Fish30 r............:..$3,000P0o
tlthe spot. Chbarles & Hene Boie 0....... 1000 1 05 s. at 19. fr Mess, and 7forP
S,. . L. ery........................ 3,00 .2 7; ef is quiet ufirm; the supp
Jr h fl Bi. .Jon.3..B6dd..:...............:.... bbat 2 6 f o
Baptiist John Bacon..................... ...8,000 d Prmetheatterpicefogo
i corner of Blatchford & Rainsfourd,............. 10000 67 nomil and arket quite hare.
fture-room. Blatchford & Rainsford..... .... i.. ,00 87 some 3000 bba new have ben s
S Blaktchlord-d & Rainsford. ..... a.... 1-07 15 the fist sales f the seasn.
; Edward S. Clarke.......IV........... 10,000 1 0
S Edward S.Clarike................... 10,000 1 04 S of4
S Edward S.-Clarke................... 10,000 .1 05 40 kegat Btters
i Board A G. Coffi~, President............... 40000
hle County Cammann, Whitehouse & Co......... 25,000 10. Ceeseis telling at 6 .
tI476 H1o Cammann, Whitehtuse & Co......... 25,000 60 HEMP-Thedemandismode
U176 ; Ila- CnrIns.nW-ateb$1e17C5.D
75; tt a Cammann, Whitehouse & Co......... 25,000 1 10 Amrican, sod in loa
iq o tasfot Cammann, Whitehouse & Co......... 2000 160 FRUIT-B Ra ved
it ; 2d, real Cammin, Whitehouse & Co........ 5000 00 500 bxe have sold;bt Zante.
e 79 Cambles&Bro..................... 00,000 1 165 1 vance; 1,500 boxes sold in 3
,28.8.- Rosenga.rte& Dennis................ 10000 00 Southen Dried Apples sold at
rd, $L,08; Rosengarten & Dennis................ 10000 300
-Roaengarcen &Dennis................ 10,000 400 L-EAD-50 Tuns Enlihare re
Roseeugarten 8 Dennis..... 10000 500
SJameisT. Yourg........... . 10,00 1 05
S James T. Ycoung.................. 0 05 PHILADELPHIA MARE
r. CHAS. Db Coppett &Co.... .... ....... 14,000 200 18-Business as been exceeding
gbhterof'Mr De Coppett& Co.;.................. 14,000 1 0 Is Inaie A sale of ghny
S .P. R.dioward & Co..b................ 2, InBA
John RuEiaun Paul................o 15,000 1 00 orted- The FLOUR maft i
AndrewWyle...................... 20,000 blowp. et brands at $4 50 per, bbl., i
SAMELIA A.J. Coffia, President............... 30, 2 00, .-te fur fresh ground. The den
E. S. Wi elen & Co................ 21,000 bo
)'attend the E. S. Arbeen& Co................. 20.00 'do.. MEAL are ry scre, and no sle
,this (Nfon-' E. S. Whelen & Go............ .2000 do. der or otice. Te dead
SO ; O 'S. 'Whelen&It Co................ 20,0 Sale of 12000 bushel
CKWOOD, Thomas W. Rogers .................. 30 2 00 Whie at $02. dei
IE nd wd. S Randy..... 3 scarce ............ard more inquired after. S
lattE o '1 TbmoassBidale & Co.............. 50.000 1 52 er Yellow t .,ot Aloto
viethe, at Ohs it bn8s Biddle &.Co................ 80,000 207
Tbst. e ,Thonias Biddle & Co............. 80,000 287 -chane. W SKY-The demand i
his passage ..Thomas Biddle s&.Co................ 800C0 3 03 i bth hhd ad bb
Thomas Biddle & Co........... 100,000 32
ter of iies" Jphr Stewr1...000 1 00 ...r.t.
'.3ohn Stewprt. Preeldent............. 20, 00
>ecaYall:,. [Hnry R., Gilbert ....... ........ 5.000 2 50 NWORLEAS Sept 7.-The
d -.8 .3 ;J.M. Baldeman................... 50.0 ere 20 bale-middling at 9C.
S B C.arpeter...................... par. t hebusinessof tneweek
Sen Do e Launey & CU....................3,000,000 par & bo thereceipts of he same period ha
S"'Drexel & Co.................. ...... 200,000 55 Q4 -atockon ad 38000 bales.
BstbOey & Kennedy............... 100 2 75 averbeen sold h
SB Jrk oy' & Kennedj ........... .... 1000 at $4 or Ohio.
Berly & Kendy............ .... 1000FREIGHrs-CbtoniakenforL
BARDf Barasey & Kennedy................ 2000
S '.M. Creson......................... 300 New-Yo2 ct.acaunt
1 60; Mrs. lonDunbar..................... PROVIDENCE Sept.18. 1852-
0. Benson & Co& ....................5,000 1 02
i Bnson & Co....... ............ 10.000 2 et.ced firn.WooL-
, ged 92, JhhS. Riddleb........................ 115000 1 03 qir for Fleecead ales ave b
I .IHy'men Gratz-, President ............ 50,000 3 06 to2c. The stok of lee
RiVORT, B. M Nvers & Co................ .. 10,000 122 10 bet rades of ed'eearly A
1 4 r. John S, Riddle..................... 259
S42 years. ... Ctarke & Co..... ...........1,200,000 255 3. rm e ales the week have
ied 93. e Julius Hull......................... 5000 par. IN CLOTS-The maret wasui
a's Compa- Edward Tagart... ....... 32,000, cen par ti vea the closeof the week. Fr
ktakenpe t .Wm. Suith.-Jr.......... ... 000, 5 wrdtendency.
with 418 of In Freights, there has not so muh been
"i tarvatior .
! They hid d o'e today as during the previous two days Cotton By orth iver Boats-13596 b
illlgat gping forward to Liverpool at d. 18000 bushel
'. Foat, Wheat have besen engaged for that port 5d. bagged
F. vias oneu nL ate .
i wea CiC by shlp, and 3,000 bblh. Flour. at 1/4%. Hea.v B a b1cae
h w previous rpte. To London, we observe engagements of y e-avn ailrodd-989 b
3. 1,000 busb.Wheatat t6i/4d.; 500 bbi Four 2, and heavy tr
.By 'eow-o-kane R
Goods pa 17/6. To Glasgow, 6,000 bush. Wheat at d. I- 18.-24 hd
PT. bulk. To Rotterdam, 260; Ashes, and 60t. 3,260
a R. a0nd Mahogany, 22/.6 ; Honey, 3 ct.; and 60 al
C. 28937 do. Butter, 786dn
,. .B30 18 3 of a cent. To Callfoinia, there is a good amount o
.:";i 18 ing forward, and eippes continue to fill up readily. A
...b30 29 Lubecnbrigwas taken'to load at St. John N. B for Hll M e T
.28%.4 .. .. '1
..ta0 285 at 82/ 6; anid an Ameocan ship from Quebec for H other Liht ... Ftom .York.S
.'. .110/. Pruesiean bark from Norfolk-to Amsterdam, 40 1 o ; F !
...; -a:i8....
..... it5 for Timber, and 820 for Pipe Staves; an Ameran Europa.- N.ork.
..86 big for Lisbon, $13 and $16 for light and heavy Pipe S' N ..
:..arSfr6iibodt...... ''.Fr
.... 86 Staves ; a foreign brig for Cadiz, $13 ;. an o rk.
;.b60 86% .'.*mf.ok'
;...b108 "Marseilles, $14 for light Pipe Staves; a bar from St ...... FroBoto'
....... 86 ary's to Kingston, Ja., $IL 50- for Lumbe another ow.
V ^^0 7iS of 200 tuns for Nicaragua, $1,800 fr th rn t a O a I
frond. sit3 brig of 185 tuns burden for Monroviar 3 h;
..'...b60 55) 5 nfoMoova8200
;-. 54-- out and several Guano freights from the Paci
.-...05 thprevious rate. The ship.Nebraska, of th
t:::::: s, buit at Newburyport, years old, ha
...bl097 at $25,000. .....
"-t..& 73 In port yesterday- Barke.......
...... .7 Steamers.............. 27 Brigs...... 1
...b30 74 Shlpa ................183 Schooners ..
Irnad. 79.. Pkade'phiJ
Total................ s.. ........."..."... 7'27
.s s A chton, iarea
C ... The Southern Rivers are in full
."...: so0 quite inLcontrast to their low state at thi tired lat year,
"" .nad-the'consequence, more rapid delivoy fo
...;-3 | from tlhe Interior, which will forward the sht~ments yoO
'hors. .- 3 Man
t.kOO -ISpbrit8 of Foreig' Dry
"'" B.ft ... .. fnw v, ha,.- Hamburg; J C". o 'R_ _

,R R..U i0 .: : W '? c W- Y "-.--. 1 .8 5 1 .. 1.
-. Total entered attthe Port......895,76
-05-94 '-, 1.9,22 "-y. e Z7Lea m. ."
97%-ToUal thrown upon the market- .. 90.05.946 .
..biO 27 -rom lJaluay 1. 18'-' -_ 15.;of-
I..bto 74 b T6talentered 5at-1th Port '5; ,8 9W-
74... ] ni.ot oth nupoonthe C r C ,f-.
Cm ?
.'_ J . .i'6 )ipoctsioh er h n D G or

~ ('n~j~ Al~O~l, aept17, 1852.:, k '
f Gb 49,98.-,B .'; tpkgriq. p.v..F.s $ l
1 44 ,040,0 Cloth oB d$0it.'"-!. en" $ 2,34
d..... ... L,$1.-

11 a'-t ,, h-
eased hea s and d-
upply is fair. Salesoff
time, and $2L 50 for er.
. s limited. ales, of I1O
4xtra: '.,ob 17 for
dRiven!;?jRi-r Ms i
BehfiJAam~fate in demand;
Id this. wee, arrive at
'arebiPARLffldgI are in do-
'. an.-^iniK acTe daand
ft W' for Jia eX and
better ad igod demand.
western dmeat 2022c.
ate! 200 bale Dew rotted
iecire416e 221.2j. at which
Curants 'n es to
va at.8 20,000 M.

0ortedojoliat $ 50.

r,'Satwri y, Sept.
074i&46,da COTTON
tl_.ip iit,,tCd
ra bi COAL at
taris Aa ic1iona''&v been re-
il; Saa of.
b la th geral an
4ad both for pment
Y, EIv~and
W of -eith e com uL-
r Wai.'tha increase
at5.6.r bush5, ando
iafid a71f74. Co i
ales of 500 bhesSouth-
f good.Southr OATS sold
tiEs' -anffd`.oyisioNs o
t.modera e.alesat2
- ;.
.Repjorted by Teegraph
a iales of TON to-day
and gqod -.middng at 10
foots up0 bales, nL4 d
Oe been l bale The
iGco is firin. 1,100hhd.
OurstOe'i 19000 hhd.
iLls sell .' 6 2 cet.
rerpoFot XCHA-NG
premium.. d 60 days on
OTTON-I,100bales ive
steady rates: and the mar
has been cohsiderble -
sen made ta advance of
)9 io'thsirket i light
. Ogne',; aua there is but
an. TiO m ket clos
been 40,0 PAINT-
et at-thebginng but O
es wrOTeiro wth an up-
000 pieces.
roduce...SPT. 18.
6ls. -_Flo '`= -o. Whisky,
17 baleirWool,21 box
v'. Wheat, -and 2.702 sides
a- Butterltdo. Che
sher -'
oxes a and 19 pack-
toead, for 'tieekending
aitle. 13 do.'Cow do.
'g, 5,45LLs.dreddo,
agose Poultrry do. E
34 bush. Grai 220
r. 23les Wol.

Sept 2O..For LSduJaji (L.C Aj
aept 20..ForSpinwa
Sept 2.. For Havana.
Sept 2..Foriverool
lep~t f.S. o
Sept 23..Toi San Francisc
Sept- 23..Fr'pinwa
Sept 65..yor Hv M
Sept 25.. Fnraa,
Sept 29..FbivpooL
Sept 2g..For Gasow.
730MM 3EOPR.
ir New-Yor
f for New-YTr
r New-York
r New-York
. for Nes-Yor
-A. yTern4,
; H. A. Schack
s Girard, dd;.
rik; C. U. Tay,
ew-York, Mr'
w York; J;
ewYork ; S. St
ieht, do. ; Ma r
-York; A ,oJete
w-York; r a 2
w, N. York ; E
lis; M. Ward,
Baynd Smith,
tter, NeW York
ter, New-YoTr .
i.-F'isd]i r,,'dLi
eman; New ; M
rec.ewdr; .Hartig
ler. Mr.:Stii r

;n LJ'zdWta
T; CM'x T Eja
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.^ ^e~ers^IS.K.Comns, .aNdoeokthnt3Pn. tr't ~heast part. of the.Islanders Martinique, lat. 14. N, Lon.60.56, bark( GW. HortoBEark~ard* N~ew 0tlanes schr8 E. Aru .S : ,* rd v u^ t,,e UM-.ANY, O.O.'
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xl citii)-is" Coolo erni, Chaarlest '"1hdy : Sale. Bb~oe 'od;r et- Pior u P~- eh'- .. Z .. i 9 :.e~e'o Y.o

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rrL: ; u : Twe r3d~p~en, an t-ss o..n.:'..i; M014DAY, Sept.-..e o-,N ,20;. a.D ai.. .D o'f 1s ame 'm. ~ acm oumn r; s .6itono h t.4 1 -'.: .. --- .n. -
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S d r x a n l s "'b d a d s o nb e fo re _n th ii.-1 -7. . .. m ~ s r i ,
DUCKET,~ofepemsr Sept 15. -Ayr. ..... ........m EW M LD()MPN
v e sdl .Av c ~ wit- ,: v, JiMO, moeltrb V-1... ...... .. i N wYr
a, Alchre.1M.and *WYr n 'jf
"lbii 'BOW*. ,r .sal[ '. _: r i RI. VIM_ sreie-mi eeedn: ., h, m..,,

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^ i: E11 Tf -- ,>-- e. g per. c nt.,ere
.1116a t ,afi .DU N, A EN R- &dSU iBaakB "
, w- o'i. IaM' Cr.dits.. nd i

y^ on'S IL MWI
6IGH B(A tpa_ . .

_^ ^ T o. saleby....
..... ., m O ENO.Nd.y99 ,Lberty-n.
d &-AEE]R COMPANY, Ameiicu
jBanikers,No, 28 Place Si Gorge, Parfi Lettes of
redit upon usuare given .by our correspondents. Me .n
ARn ..HERMAN U 'oC Ba n Yw-YorL .
U_ d.icount'at No. 9.Wall'.s., .ner of New-e State%.
one-third- East..ern,, one-eighthn Jesey, oe-quarter" an /
other kinjsproportonately low. JEQAOEY &JOHNSON.
J. 1- SOLD on the mort favorable.temu, by. OLEMA/
IL DRD XENo. 63Wall.- ,~ anover-st. .
: "80, Sa,' d 40 acre = d1:611"SO b.^ e vins
.ad. receivable at any Land-O00fc an the U _d 'taes a. "'
tia.itly on" hand. Warrant. for.arded7.'taU part of tbi,
sbuntry at the market price..on the reeltofmittanoe
- W -Of the Florida and 1813 Wa,. and aso of the
Mexican War.sfor which the highest cashprice-wil be paid:
salso, .linois Patent@ for the War'of-1812; by--.G; -L IHU-
TELBT, No. 3 Nassau-st 8 doors from Wa*;st.7 -

V.) all-wool Negro Plains,,of. Amercan mnmufactue fr
.. .o. 52 Broa-skt. and .*!New-st.
T RY .GOODS.-Flannels, i Blankets_,
J.L. Clod, "Casmneres, Alpacsas, Caflbmeaea, Blaask
Cttbs, Cassomeres Blacl Silks, &a also aramse'd Print@,
Blaike" s, Muslis, Linenhw. Tble ioths. "Hdt. &afor
sale By .W. MAITHEWS & GO." No. 52 and 54 CathadIne-st.
T T1 GNT- PRINTS.-;Severalne
JLJ sales 9-8 French Prints' i dark, rich colors, incldiug|
the robe pattern, just received. Fer sale by.
.iWESMITH f CO., Nds. 52 Broad-st.and 50 New-st.
E A JLammot S &on manufacturers, for sale by. .
: NESMITH. & CO., NQ.,52;Broad-st. and No.,50 New-.."
.^ .UNNY CLOTH.-90 bales.-'CaClut---
k. ta Clot furlale5by:SPOFFORDI" TILESTON CO.,
No. 48 South-t. ." .,.-
; *.*! .* 'Dry Goods. .* .- ;'*;
T 0. WILSON-, '& CO., No.. 12
-L 6, COURTLANDT-.t" (opposite the'Natonal and
Western Hotels) and .
Nos. 11"d 13, DEY-st., -
Ne.w-York, ave now in Store a full assortment of every de-
nczip on of n "
" to which constant addltions"iill be made by every arivaL
Our stock will comprise a -large variety of
TA.l"LOR'3. GOODg, -
Englis, Bblgian. French, German. Amerioen Cloths,
C"ssimnres. ar0d.Doeskins. Silk'and' Woolen Veal. gs, Satin.
ets, Teeds, Kerseys, Piloi CIoths, SeSrgee, Trimmrings, nd
all oihar goods.appertainingj t th'a department. 6 whioh-we
oal Dh.en~0 mafnuicturer. of ..
.and others.. W e baye also, at all times.on hand a large and
.ielected'iiW4th, great care, embracing every description of
goods Inthii ale ;-Silk, Woolen, and Cotton Home and
( Haif-hose,-Wrappers, and Drawers; all kinds of Gloves and
SMi~t" Chfldren. Socks, Hoods, and SackP% Woolon Yar
I&c. &c.. -
[Also, a Deperfcmeat devoted expressly to.
[** : *, . ;. *. "2, SH AW LS,. : : ,'<"
[. In. which we offer a handsome esaoitment.. ,.
'... A~lBo, a fHBtocko0f ',
[ ... ... YANKEE -NOT.IONS;"..
: Iin our WHTE GOODS" Room will1 be. found a!l that S.
c~hoices ad desirable in' tbi= Una ." . ..
I. Tn addition to the above, we have a full stock of .
[De Lsines, Ginqhams, Merrimack and Cochieeo Printa, Den.
Iime, Stripes, .Brown and Bleacbed Sheetingg and Shirtings,
[ &c. &c., at the lowest 'market prices., ;-, ,'.. ".' *'
SWe invite the arrention of thie eloseat-buyezs, for cash,. r
[months and shortereult.. .. .. ... "
[" N. B.--Just. received,- 500 case new. styles Merrimest cmd'
., Coeheco Prints. ., ';. ** '.___" __ .* . ..
IT ACE GIMP.S-A, !arge assortment of,

. A Lace Gimps, of. the last mportatlions, Just received
, md.d-for sale, of the latest styles and .prevailng colors for the
present season., A good aso~rtment of colored a d black vel-
vet Ribbons; largi'stock ofWoblen Yam and English Wor-
sted, first-rate qualkt' in, colors constantly on hand-at the
,ld-etablished store of G &.R.'BODDY, .-
No.-64 _Mkheflne-t.t"

W : ] .
_L JL "We woudcl ateUio Io thq Mlaqa angt
Booi :. Seshe, and ilioeB eo sl-- S' t S5T
a o c0at .4 i "o_- .. .."

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..4#4AY, wil, A 9A _., AY I-7 .

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'm andre w ihout exception. te b .e s 1 th gate bn -,
. a ffu LOWm,.e'nm~.. .locita idn, -a' 8w. gvuqp tn
Fam~e. sabi.b'. ,for a_C p-ionA"Je poimt mid. "
, offered he~ fr pu Yblc tii'veadm lan^R ,pdy hx,
an- rewthoutexc0p;An -the b ^i^ ^OijW
wbe convey nie.e of 'dao 166 the _d. W af lanorttob-
gets rwith, the hi8 len4 will 7 a- e -"" e ......
znostlerible' for 1 pera^i^m^siMENV
, w6a1 as safe and profitable ivear m b .

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bral tinies a dsy. by sea .boats and stge, .ad thiey promise
wthe ain of Newdyo '- .
on erms of hs e $.5 and the aineefee oh he day o
ise; h 25 on. ue 13h O ctobe,;whefnthe.. _eeds w lh be d "
l'vered, and the bala.ce can e.ain o braid ._dmortq
for on'e'year, at 6 per sent. 1 ....!.. .... "(
ltle lndispun bie--,. For- m aprs an dfwsU p t. r apply
to JO JN A. A MR, ESQ., No. ].87 _w-est .s1- or 7t
"c .. ... AL'B ERT H. iLA, loneer.
_Office--No. 40 W~aU-st., rbm 10 A, M. to SI.J;, and NOT
2441grand-rt.,from 4 P. M. to-9 P. M .... -f .....
to beu"h. tCflurbhnjriig*Q7^4_,, :Mft0

;"t AKE NOTICE.---That -te -i-rm o '
OTers ofIL &~ CO. $1 a this day doeteimi bvte day ofua

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.iere HUMBanLDT.,Juet recei aed by the saer, a ehoic
.ot o- rich Ostrich,' rabouta and Plume de .Gque of th
lateTt Paris sptles. J- H. HOMEad .M No. 64John.s.

85Graud-elt. d door east of lenez-st., Ne"-ToxlL--Cnhe^
tphoJtory and Feather Store.-The. attention of fmliq
about purchasing 1i1 respectfully, invited .o .the ..large an
,eeautlful assortment"of Beds, Mattesse., Pamsas Befr
itoeads, Cots, &c., all of which' have been, purchased at low
6sh prices, and Will be sold at .sc1A. prIeasto;make it a for frl to m all ad eP.Ut.e4abv0e.9ok pro4
' vioua to making theix .pu-hases. .Goois,:any part off
A.tKe" ,Bropn.OnT.d.,!U...h,..of Of
-' .-: W.,CRA W~lJG^3N186tGnrd_ 6_
g ** -. _________01pre -fIALD,


,L' New York Featiher and Hair C~leanirig" ]tablihment '
o. 11 9 Wp'-t, betweeut0and b7th-av l,-New-Yorkh
CHARLES TROIT$CH. Prooifetor.-.The sber-i
petfricHv i0f.rm3 tbe public that t hiaEetablibhent is no
openi for'the reception of'orders e Plumeh'nbhere em-
ploted,. i that used in, the. cel ri. $stMhmentM,
Berlin, and has never befn;re'bee'nf emp~loyed' thief .eo un.
try baving _been imporied~by'the Pizopr.eaEereuly foe.'
this tstblihm ent, :-!:.. '-.-" .......
The advantages h~ere presented are the thoroughi and. enth -
purificationIf feathd'rs ftmo dust' .andi-.all- impites, r-
moving lrom them perpetually,..all. disagzeedibl odor, ares.
imparting to them the greatest sBo:oees, elasticit and beauty,'
Beds used by the sick are entirely" freed fiom the unplea.,
ant smell that almost always attends them." Ptilows Cusai-
ions,'Matretses,andTic sofalI ind,. leaned ud
order. Lace Curtains washed and hang in modergtyl
Paper hagig,. &Bc. &'
BJ[.a--The subscribers are largelye&g.8ed'1 the nufato
tuae of Phosgen Gas,o- Busing F.uik. pcsaspohae, and _x -
.the. varieties of lamps.- for burning, th .e. various mae-isa..
abov a-m lentiohed, 'aswell a oil a e "-.. ...... .
Beivg:manufacturersb0fcthe- boye_.,they. s.eri-q^ Ip h
ducements to .eo1unt: .elerrOa:to- .mape their .u t o, aft
rian manufwilpct:!8 of xaueMredOgis

Jq Sole e Yo for the td Sta.e. Noar. 25earl

fCottage "Sett,. All descriptons ofrthe-lt _quality of |
Ornamental Cottuge andi. .ur..ntture, always om f
hand, of our own manufactire,dwarrnimd to be. theisee ..

offered in thisaCit, at the lowest market prices: turniturm
carefully boxed, at the shortest ficife, A'Aindrtular te-
tionpaid; to..shipping.. Strangers n..the'-Ciy,'<..wishing to 'i
purchase a genuine article will find it- r"e1y'to their ad-
vaniae to'caU)and examine. our ,extesve -and yref
.assortmient before purchasigelsehere.- MATH.W. .
GILLIbrs, No. 462 Broadway, Eat. B4d%, near,'andst. .

' A.^ MECHANICAL- APSNwptera JD jire.
eeived- made expressly for;. this,.. :un:oy, n i-nmd -wa
ranted.-Paris Bronzes, Candelabras, oCloks China and Bo,'
bohemian Gl ssware, Bisduit' Fi eurd. La.pfi leaned and req
paiied-the beat French Oil (rape seed),25c. cheaper thaM
sperm '. DARDONVIL No. 445 -Bro.dway.
S HOW CASES. =A.A li-ge -"assortment. j
S co"tAntly on hand; 'also- cas, s ade toord r of SHvl,' "
German Silver',.. Rosewood 'Ma&ogny, Black;: Walnut, &a;-
NB,-Cases to let for the Fair,.by B. K. 'P.F-IBE82 N&o
A12 Gran.-at., 3 doors east of Brioadway, N.Y "
ings, wholesale;,and- retail. -.Cornices, Band J n oS, ord,
T ''e LACE AND MUSL-N `VLR [.lt Buff and
-'White Hollamds, &(.&c. .GHILD &:S3MaS H, No. 4$-
. earla.t., coiner of William, near hat am, .

^S~one flanteb an0r to tvan.
N ..n": a'nit
(] 0TO LOA N--on n
<.V7^XJ^J Mortgage,.on productive city proper&.
ty, in B.BO,.of .1.000 to 0.000.
BELDEN' & COLTOft, Brokeri.- 96. -113 ChamberssLet

a .. A

Z IN-C PAINTS--W toaffted,-1piire.e-"
The NEW-MR6SEY'ZIN OO-,W9-ehonse No. 46
Dey-A., wre supply their-Zins .Pains at the f "i
lowiagprices: .
Vo. 1 White, ground!rkl 6. '- ljer'poim& ,
No. 2 WVhite, ground in oil, 8c. per pound. -,
.. '-'. No.-White, ground in oil4e, 7per p"und. I
Brown and Black, ground in ofi, _Qo. per pound i
'. ..- DryWhite of Zino;6.pey po4nd ..
thro e:t find' 'u67b 16 am W.
ar than any other paint. For whiteness and brilliansy it k- li
unrivaled; it iiteoe from. all ppiflonoinapyopertde oomo
"ind~d g'arou".M other' pijme .a'wiff- ov ,r-!e~ual_ .eigb,, '
from. 40 to 100 pe. ent. more-.spaef ,. than;lead'and to therO. ;
tb..much ehes~,ro a e.p~.e. ."dopaint,&
iwl ?nut-turn ye owl;even Wheln.ei owd W the l-pherou i
= of coal, fire or the foulair of tfpsj .their Whift-
Zno ground-in va'.shprodunissh the p.rcelain inish. I
In;,a few heou form .a- .adiaid g&olfd metalic coating i
wood, brick iron and other metallic surfaes, are remarkable :
fr their fire-proof prpea." They ase speially adapted& .,

prgmo.nerSJ ifor, SALuedtrt .d o orpiner^

soundu an famsr agooa uaddle' Horse, well I~b ro toHane |
15 bands, sorrel, or btown color.. .. .. ...
11 mrin p oe CKY f MaST- Of largt |o
.-Jv V s ias,:hve this day s~vd;,a"-' f" ae by C.< I]':
SI 8SO N cor.' J e ey -:. an d: 3d %t'f Jfe ney City, o r_. ..
on an fdS on l okefa. ulnb.O e-". -:vi
____i__ -"ly: b ** siss I .01

t -.WAL.--Tta subscriber ha. 1i yIna rd I
VA- h a .nd aectmativ. ff~heqrglUq a&U the Taoi kadst
Aturftei and Bia ou Co9i, T10' "i; eah Orc ".
, Black Heath, L., igh.,, Li.rpoo-Orrsk .vCMMGL C 4
t. fe ,all of Aheha ery beotouais dlverdi aiim
.44fLm Wo. hmsnaa6th4M. :=6; ALMOL.
uDownptown officeo.i2 WanrL'. |
^fOAL.- R e'dA IgD3 Stove, screen '

C:u lA otl^tie^wr b4a
.. d." . . !, :. $&.
Red Ash, creened,. FM -d dr aeover sat
2 per tan. fi omboat Yar^m KmujadOreenwtch ancP d Rfgtn". -CLINT. .f I OI ON. ,
; TrrTON Atll fite^^ IV
Any art fchi cit, pug.,y a1d ilit:sb''W frite
1.0ai Boa and_ _vern= .... tbe vadom Ofrom

.fc, Brookly, or st- the otd of, tb ~pn, ornmerf
!. y.a .wadz.m, .. b v ".a t

thetafle w6bf two rhi dmoNi ershCaJixten~j
.is .4fL445kand "

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