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Greeley, Horace, 1811-1872
Greeley & McElrath ( New-York N.Y. )
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TM T .YE URX"S SUILuix*AON61L 4oa1m SIL sr0 AND KAJI o
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8%1feM rl tz"e pr~eft^ya Afly^ ova"oe at the..~; __________,_________^ _________________^j^ ___ ______
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iv 3ji X 8 NEW-YORK, FRIDAY, i.MBER : 7, 1.2
aaa PR *utM (fyTreDta In advance cwfatre In all. --------___________________________________________!_____________________.-___________________
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p- pera. .
.Iwhw-m daud-ifre : : ", ADAME HENRIETE8ONTAG'Sh IME W and VALUABLE BOOK for M IIJSE and Chambei maid
-I- -m are hiher.I.L iEiT, ORAND CONCERT IN AMERICt-Th, N AMlLTE8 ad CHOOLS.Dr.Brewer'a GUlDi A j ir ms and Chambermaid, hyAtpeat&ble
IBSI EW-YORK WEBSiy pu lie ar w areueetfully informed that the FIRaST GAAND TO SCIENCE; or, The Scientific Knowledge of TMings. cn yo ~ .il in a private family c5 faiih g
WE~FORH! C U"TRY CON5C.ERT of; Familiar. '490IpgmPrC 2 ~t. ~ at. yN OWs 7ha tenBl
M4ia4lw.Y LARG lH AV.:&IMKUET SOT COUNTRY, MADAM EAG N'T Theobjeato 'Dr.Bewer'a GndatoSatend is toe Cw o
act seen Bior li Guido to~l icttrs It'a te
toi lplublished erSVW7 VILtDAY Moins, 4athe low price of viii take plase on plain..scientifically and 1i the most -niaase eid tntlei i 1
W annum in .W, nte Hht copiae for 10 oenty MOND ,Y, SUoPP. 2 at manaer,h about 2^0o q,,esdono of the common phenom- a'of
a ooeadesfor g ^ S iMSi and? ??^2 the.^S ^ paper tn noams am.' M
Ao L Lth ta ea . I. ROPOL[T i ie.s ilr tothosesubjoved: a i va family
kltd. bte time fa r irhia b it is per a Advertimmai b -.' 4 Assisted by Wby does light-nig urn beer and milk tour A pply and 9e1mst,, byar8
i wlMCl] be ECRrgeT,.enWtb per lle, tb -rMr. CAbL ECKERiT, ay-im, it re CA oes. hturno hn i euar 8
... .. "=' , :. T~Lalte Conductor of the Padian Opera Hous, Park Whyr inl mortarlew tradhesivehrw I, uu .
SIGNOR G. POZZOIJNI, Why are coals b aca--anW white-leaves green- -loleta spain
i. it enor frm the Imperial Opera, t. Petersbug, blue-and n b a give
Eu Very ThBDAT and VaIDAI' mOrUg J U N ALFttED ,A ,LL, the Pianiat. It contains anuamount of useful Information. never before E t No. (3Roby-mt, 4titfl~or, room No
r alnum. Two lieas .or 5. Ten for OW. Myas w PAUL JU(,bIEN., the Violinist, eollect-d inashape so convenient for stu.y, easy-for
h 6Ml |ate alinee reach inserti-.. ,. , THEI.TALI&N OP.RA CHORUS, reference. Th questions aresuch a.are. familiar to every EAMSTRES by respectable;
am .m ". male.and female,) and..& Orndr'Uiehestra, eo=ioftg of person, and should be understood. by everyehild Who hba A m derstandadve~p.K.,, aso ahe-'.
...... NeW. YOReK- cnaIu,-IVWNb ," seventy ]eformersf led by Mr. Carl Eckert. not been asked by a child some such questioau as these C 0-.81 Thompiii-st.')n' en" ortwoa
an the departure of" -eah'id tamer. ",. which follow ?
I eeroa aSc y P~ROGR&MME. I Why .ioesa candle show light? ROTE.TANTYoU WoM-^
P rice 6 cents a popj an year, to any as 0 2 PAktT I. 'Why is ice cld and fifehot I
I itan or $.. te4s-titl enlt, pots*.e incd" I. Overtureia to "Der Freyehut" ............ Wobr. Why does. water. oil and freeze?, o, ma s o
By the .a.d Orchestra Why does the birldr ee damp linen?d for
]HEL NBW -YORK TRIBUN 2. ARIA (T vedrai aventurata) from "Ii i- And how often is a child caled("'.troubleome and foolish a . We. .. '
~iiaht d e ar t he deparoure o fo eT e M Steam ers lo- rats"s a a... .. ..... ........Bellini. L for saking such : silly., quetions I" The object of Dr.. D .,
'ea G. G. P.ozzoLiNi. Brewer's aGuile to Science is to supply an ors to ahove LAN
" ie ents per copy., 83,. ARIA (_Comeper rmesereno)from "Laoen- ,t0 such questions, in langqa e so simple that every child -2usgc and bha a penhoweedgp of clh]
S ...EVa McELRATH. Publishe. nambua...... Rellin. ay understand it, yet noto a-ildish as to effand the 'sci dhes Sar
,..i____________eere_____fid____________.MADAME BENRISETTB ONTAG. e le M. o *a.-erii ,.a ppe o tee
: adtjeial .f o.rlaeir.e, ad 4. kji#ars on themes fionm Lucrezia Bor. In orde gthe l bteook behe par+Icular to give the correct P i E theist
-,;~~~~. -i I) so .--0806 ... e. ..aMa0 i r
o........ B o....................... De Meye. DMtl : "Brewe 'a GUide to Science," pbished by _
ALFRED JAELL. FRANCIS 0 SO., N6. 2 Broadway, N.Y.,
Re ".Se ....... '. Ekert's SWIAS SONG, expresly comr- sad aold by aU. BookelEP's.r aN CtI and B.take ce M R hs
S,_ bauery.. Rooms., 0 A.--Nxw-YoR1 posed by Carl Eckert, for a tp.o Ct doied p eetarle on.rdn aa.
ept. 17, 1862.-he members of the Ch eery 0. U_ MADAMEHENRIETTE SONTAG. ACRED MUSIC STORE, No. 389 i w ou aid eelta e garhen and
state o ^f ,,]Rpew. Y^li,-e heresy. noifid t".. apWopeat gthe FART,'ato
aeof C iee ork ahey nii ae at t2 o'coART. 1. 8 ' BROADWAY.-It A., NOVELLO has opened.a store 5 per month ".Direct
tom, No. 4T8 Broaway, tl DAY, at 12 o'clock precise- Overtkre to" Der Sommernaotr aram .Mndelo the above address, far the supp y of his cheap musical J- EjLtT, N-ewburglh ost.Ofl,
I t atteAdte oiferal of our ain brolter and C2anceVnor, A By the Grand Orchestra. bdcations, as !a London, facludin ORkTORIOS in P If.
ker f Excelsior Chpter, No. 28, .U.. SERENADE from "Don' PasqitIe".... oDon eti.. pusce,e and iu. pLrrs, forn' MU8iCAI OtE, IIOS. ML.USy
.' y order o( E. B. Brush, G S. Si.. G. POZZoLINI.' . hscerAi e ofaP InOart. fo IIU&I[O"O I and. -

*on ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ frh aseudrvfr~hiftrposeiyT HoeE. S. BANCKEE, G. 0. of the C. '8 ARIA, "Luce di quests alma," from "Lil- ArTe R er oft COGUlG; 1 foris AlN and ..
..........................................o k. Ni................-..... .... ...... ............ .... onisetMl. CATRO bIC CRURCE '218 ; USIC for the ORGAN and e- es ; would p refer' to lye in*ons family.
A...t Meeting of the' Bardee.g1 1C MADME. ERIETTE SONTAG ] NO-FORTE, includinE MOZART'S cslbratedconpo- Cook ad xellet Washer and Ironer
Uconal Hioabe, LcnBSraneh, New-Jersey, o'express.thei FANTASA' ,LaFills e me.t".Ailard. siti.. ]MUSIC for GLEE CILUoS, CTORUI 5OCt11- i'a firt-rate.'.iambdrihrid and waiter,
sentiments to Mtssrs.'$TOKE8 & PETIT, respectin. this, TIES Land SINGING CLASSES," SONGS,' GLEES, d sewing. Both can give gad city referent
theirb'r5ebyo as ec prorJi torl, Gend. PE rZe GANS& iVOuT, P.AU Srrvo GENTIL, from La Faeorita".. MADRIGALS, and a great, variety 6f other. music, in score .al 21,.Brooklyn, thrd di
ol'e a_ Vecte d Di .Se, I` S .JK. iulme, of ';: 81r. $. P o ro t .I. and vartr at rdduced rice. Catalog gies may be had grati o
w1ya ctt Wi of BALLAD, ome sweet ome".... Bishop .on applicatit n at NO.8' roaway, I .Y. .... n .. :
IN Albanya, wS electedry site Judge 11c. BALD "Hom swee floz .... Bisrhoap. ,- N J~;pt Srvns
;j^, ms. avaniia Secretary, it wasM M... '0 .ENRT TNEIrTAGn SRrvUn tsA, SOTT
Relhed, That a Committee be appointed to draft rsolu,. latos anra....O MANIFS TON fil asa
A JII, with Wi [ations dt. S rav fra .............. Rhode, Jg o Aen~o t :#o Ei lv ro s tfoi
T b Committee reported, and it was'. MADAME-.ENRIETTE SONTAG. .An Exposition of viewart rpecting the principles, fast cy W iiodwages given.o good Servants.
olecauses and pecxprealiari ties involved in. Spri meio our Grldt Spirit manifestations.l &.
ea 4e d a. .o That we e-press to Messrs. Stokes and Petit our Conductorat .........-----..-'......Mr. CARL ECKRR .. .... ..
S pkaaure, in the success of their. endet vors p t to promote theM EL. togetheN 1 alst Nens a
Amfert of tire guestsof the National during the present sea ede.r,...c..n..en b egb d..... aMr.THDOE aZSFstdthee wih ereon pahnonals and om a Ne.eae 1 aYnc nn Lady,
am nMunications, by Adin B allou. *'.. a)a el~ ~iri on Lde
0en an our deirm forytheir future prosperity The ries of Admission have been fixed at If a'Spirit o an ansel bath spoken to him, let os nat fight alaist in i lo a o aiin th n
ge ASPAAed Thpet thend superior ranet iof' the tabar, the' OS, F ith G]so a d.:tine Go
Resu med Tha.e.tdg the exceIllerioar loatinee the taryr em the' TWO. DOLLARS AND ONE DOLLAR. .o.,- Are they eat all siniaterirs spirit-F" R... eieve 'at every a 't ec eperiented: in teaching is requiredi.
g ei t c mh according to location; spirit, but try the spirits, whether they be of Gd." Price so cents
ene' andcleanlies, toher with ieexsiv With both the Two Dollar and One Dollar Tickets there Founr ie.le byTOWLEeSlchWELLS, on t 131 Na VEBau-sLt nxYer. .tegie. I ona P
osn9uprsed se and pleasure ii bathing, cannot l be given a Certificat&e bearing a nCumber corres undlngi Ao. E1.D I a Y.
but mae the National House a fvorIt resort especially L- L.with the secured seat to 'whtbh the holder ii entitle?. PHTLOPOPHIWo'' SPIRITUAL INTERCOURSE
wthein ey shall have competed those imerovemento which The Admission Ticket is to be'left' at the entrance door ; an Explanation of Modern Mysteries. Price 50 cents. [,.choo, Lady to iti.r.p the prepaiao
.l@eaetary English branceRs, and to take" ch
their experience during thi'seasouas ld them to ent- the Certificate for the Secured Seat smalaiin the posses. FASCINATION, ORTH PHILOSOPO H& ng pupisOewho speaks French
ORS motion, sion of the holder, by whom it has to ba exhibited to the ING, (Mgnetsm Illustrating. the Principles of Life in, s B, with referencesUaosquare tO
Resved- That the proceeding of meeting bsigd Ushers wearing badges cJrresponding in color with the connection with spirit and matter. Price 75 coat.i
b ew iei,. and pobliabed. o Certificate. ... .
-b h o slenr a~Puised. GA" VORPsdn Visittes will-please occupy'their seats at~ o'alop- 8UI R&AT1 THEQLOGY AND LiPe, I T&B, ANTED 4.: .Cook, Chambe
cGee PET GANSEVOORT, President. the Coner co cERpyS c deduced from Alleged Spiritual Manifocations. !c p S ;d Wdaiter.' Noiiced a ply except soc
.; .-Juge os. H ME Vie-P~~idnt. sely, when the Concert will commence.
No Checks will be given until the end of the first pal of Pice 28 cents. t' their busnet a at o. a 'a.
Dr. OF SCOTT WILSON, Secretary. i. 1J~ concert. ENTAL' ALCHEMY.' a treatise on the Mind, Nervous
r. Whav to the Use of TSertiry.. If People n SALE OF TICKETS. System, Psychology, Magnetism and Diseases. Price 50
wiut Ibs to w the value of an article, they must examine i 1o relar sale of Tickets will begin o FRIDAY, Sept. centm. y Woman, who. $ of doing it well.
thezubeleis--The proprietors of the Porous Glass Filter I7, a1 8 clock, A. M., at the & Musc Warerooms of ,, P E HOLOGY, OR THE SCIEN'CE OF THE SOUl,-'u, and. ,ri ,ashi~g will he don
imnite all who with right and pure water for family. or MESSRS. HAL &r ONS, ?nd .ebets.
]mechanical propose,, to examine it, pledgng themselves' to Corner of. Broadway and Park-placek
Senvicae every oae of-Its utility and value. Lady Homse- Nen TC'._-For the convenience of- the public, it hs sbeen LE3TURES ON T-HE PHILOSOPHY OF MESMEIL- 'N0 ?h, esen.
ceaPe your atene.n is patiiuarly invited. Lady de.erHmined % nu on FRIDAY, sep .L- Two Dollar I s:AN4D CLA MVOYANCB, wi tinh i in it ;t: E x firsC class I
." all, No. 16 Broadway. r T kets oaly ; ad on Saturday and Monday, tept. 18 and 25, pre ss Price 25 cents.
the One Doling Tickets and those of ihe Two Ticet.l SHADOW L AND, Oa THE SEER. By Mrs E. Oakesu~~iikihges ~eie lo i
,' Eoem.xrm-VAC TA b whc aermie nod mtPie ens i. s;,: cae hut reed, sewers .w~ill be taken. 'ApplI
w. epo~ I' xroaaVIA CNYRA SAIL whib hav raminad nsol..Smth- tice 5 cees. mdi kin, o120 Atl
EOAD,NE]IW.JIiRSEf.--Twiee, jadilfo New-York to No written 'application for seats can possibly be-attended MESMER AND 8wEDENBO}RO; terdoctrines- :a,.Court. Brooklyn. r..'.-....
Euastep_ Pa.' Leaving at 8 o'clock A. M. nd4 o'clock P. M. t, unless from persons living out of New-York',m~rd, yPoBs. rc 10
gfficekNo. 74 Broadway, New-York. or open at 6 -to commence at 8. paed'"B lrouBOh.Prc 0D
Jhtd 4mlgyeu. Ntel.2 once Ganel- N-cr.-anELbe AKD-&AD fISNT iS nsv FO LectRS eLs. Prclnos .13 a~u NwYokp?!,nhirtth ..uIroaers; also, a middle.agedw~atet of tema,
~. ee. Ik" dstuislishell hy thea Commissioners of Emigrat on, CONCERT.--The Snberintendent of thu Tlaket De- FOLR&WES.O.11asa-tNoYrk PrindhevabgdpamntfaSemI
_heau esasiway. be foand large numbersof L~borers an4 partm~ent beesto inform the public that bhe have sa werks on Magnetism, Psyoeholugy and Spinttualism. A, l..Y at No. 117LeWis-st.i "
5mrv~nt a. vsr low rates of wages, and perseas ean hays il b re WO DoLLRTC.T de_______ivery______ ___ to-?ayNCH&DY, ackctstomedns1
oredersfll ed hby~ griingt the Superintenden~ and send- 0 iad frdlieyaodyscustomea teMsi ~SM ES RATO
1 mmm~tmemar to ay i~eps~l eftheparty. tor of _LAERYbefre he U. S. Senate, in a neat octevo 'ion, is desirous ofobtalilng as ituatiou in af
uqikd 'No ha '.arged Is empIoyers. MIESSR'S I L[L d SON, p'mpl'let of 32 pages ; at 2 5erhned ; 3 cts. sirngle.--: }:" 5 bole. *She is competent ufteacbiao, besides her
JAB. 1'. A ANI' Sulerntdeat. No. Sl9Broadway, opposite the Park. Alco HduN. HORACE MANN' and HeN JOHU 812830, English. Geznan,'h[usic, and Drawing Go,
- The sale of the One Dollar Tickets will commence to- GIDI)')NGS's; speeches on the VUGII'IVE SLAVE BILL.. Wim can be given. Addres, post paid, A. :,P
W Sngsaewe ()enrt- SHERIFF' S S ALE of lOUSE morrow Saturdayy ) UNCLE TOM's CABIN, in various styles of buildingr;'B efateratown, Marylgb&i ____'___"
Imdu LOT Nc. 120.Norf,lk-at.--The two-story brick froat- MADAME ER P SOHAG' tHITER ndAT-SLAVE;GODY;J' TTITORYSOF well-se"
Reuse .and .rear buildings, sitnate on the easterly side of ENITIESNTG SAER n AT-SA.R' HOPOI GIW1 wvantaingepoyet
Norfolkst1., betweenStanton and Rtivington-sts., wi~ll-esold J.I. CONCERT.-NOTICE.--l answer to many applii t FRICA ; GOODELL'S DEMOCRACY OW' CHR[S-8 -serAnt nGow' waniEn~ wemloymntat
at pablis suction, by ADR[AN H. MUILLIR., on SATUPi.- eatiuna for orders_ io attend to-da. 's Rehearsal, itis respect- TI&lNTV,"2 vole.; BARONEy} ON- NtLaVEIIY, (price re..: ?ON'S Officep.,Nou.~ Boadway and-145 Bowery.";' n
DAY,; SepiJtI1, at the Merchants' Exchange, at 12 o'clock., ully stayed that it is a strictly private one. Only the per- duced to 75 cts. single eny; &BTS Argument on the ,--yearly. schasriptien, 0cts.; otherwise, 25 cis.
: ................ ___o__ __ 0 professionally engaged ton the Concerts hal b d- Fugitive. Slave Act; LIT't, "EV, Uncle Tom's'Guardian .-.Plenty of m~u and have en hacd_

( wcarranxed for .... [frt THE. .. ... ..
I'.ludnustrtal Home Assoclationm No. 3.- mitted. ,Anel-moel: ic arranged for the Piano-Forte ) THE TWO '
Thsiertiillbe an Excursion and Pic-Nic to the grounds f ALTARS (berty Tract No. ,by HARIEt ECc11R A GRADUATE of Oberlin C
this Asit-ciation at Wakefield, near Williamsbridge, on .JENRIETT'P SON PAG'S COL*- STOWE; 1 per lte;) together with. an aaewrtment of AnLt. hoisaxenced teacher, with the hast
Slavery Books, Pamphlebk Truid. E~ivngrav o.' t rb
JMOIDAY. Sept. 20, 1852. The Harlem Railroad cars wil n CERT.- The SALEI of TICKETS will COi- Booer s, Pwaphlee Tats Engravings, r at mendatonsand neree desire san otu
n~! eitherr "is a. ra .pteh-r, for sale siauatto te ,fl,
eave the 'City Hall, for th pounds, at 7' o'clock. A. M., MENCE en FRIDaY, Sept..17. at 9 o'clock. at the Music wof he American and Foreiln Anti-cfavery Doity p sio
topptoe at Brosome, Hl ouston, 8th2 and 1oth-ats o. Wallace's Store of Messrs. HALL & SONS, No. 2o9, coier of SBroetyd
-'Boa- oihamricn ndForig-Ati-laer
celebrated brass sod. cotilion sand has boon engaged.for the way sad Pairk-place. I ekan-st. 'WM. HARNED,.Agqnt, hla ec o i or drs .M~.N.
eccason.' there end he appropriate addressesibdehvered on _____________________________________- th ay4~.
thegrounds. Memhberscaprocnure their tickehks. rstils',at ADAME SONTAG'S CONCERT.- irin____LaG.-x1-por thi y. ... ,pUT of.. .

hithe wi acer ve B.aBald 48 0oandtat; T weMlE ER L EF"the Spir t' THE ? .'Mheiwhat it -W ....
the toilowingplaes, vi: S. BTadw, No.48 Cotitat.; cJake pla"OF TICKETS.-On FRIDAY, Sept L7 will ee.. "tee r rld- her s.A&ad, what IAt" p 30 ye Ersa
It. J. TiffiZ..j o It Park-row; D. Owen, Na. 414 Broad- be-sold the .' ?W OPDOLL4'R TICKET .,. ly. On S* .,. -a Et rtym LoosFe tn d "Cvinp ti; terialism hand SPiz-
as .,inBith -NO', Lf -tNassau-pt ; C0 A. Cooper, No. DAVtil COMME- 'dite SALE of the ONE DOLLAR te iitM ; liue rofertLd ;Khilta: e atthiobrti /ee.ation aa g Teacer wi hn g Ne

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ pcdlptr hi l*ls taron. gentlemen______ wishingT WKSi acuae o banM ^^r ierra^
.. .rr'ow-t. J. Commnerford, No 454 Bower ;J. F. SrC w-!androp ork Conference; Spiits are men, aaerltt
Weslla No: 80 Avenue. B; J A. Handaiuch No. 186 SpringRE. TICRET, and' those of the TWO DOpLARi TIwKEo Men are Spirits; Bwedenborg's Fleaves andvasellg;Bcp.No' Wesit h .
iud,,at, the a xt regular meeting of the Aso4iatio. on riday whih have EMAIED UNSOLD. Broadway. tim by the Spirits, &e., &a Published at 81 So perannn Nto t'Sm a v W W ael CM
evening, Sepi. 17th, 4 N.. 1- Bow-y orof the C.odacters W. HALL SOS, No. PARTRIDGE, No. 3 Cotlndt-sat., Nw- W Wared Pi
he rnthe AtAnN of th MDAME- ithl 1e SONTAG'S CONOEtTS. ord x Fll, aambrld e.A assION R e r
m=1al fare. -Th .X EMS .a n 'CHO.'AUA
-Sohuld the weather proveunfavorable, the oxril i-The MEMBR of the ORCHESTAauknd CIO- EOERILLA C, tEF oL, TWE a n bibie t oSew- York
F:optponed until the first fair day. RUS are eiorired that the FIRST GR&ND.- PRE ,AA Aoi. k OF Wt ei dirro s one i aB en
en or d of the Committee. TURI REHEARSAL will take place on FRIDAY, ddpt. BY CAPTAIN GRANT.
.J.w LINSTED, hair Hea r y7, at ME ItROPOLITAN HALL. Rehearsal to immense T.. day pulshedi. n lustraftd.hae teo ae fa

F RIT AYEVENNG. ept,17 Ifia. DOOMopenat 7 councne at7i Prque adDrea Cir BYC rlAPTAINllyG" re ealld,'ad ina caatmastiotanaeasstitterl Aine a ooTt, t ndhaSOoice
'I^T^N 'at !0 p b eaekenaFly. Cirles draytr Sealthed illusty^^ rae.^ S ,CT. rENLSH A
.... t arosre wnlesa~ store 0oul make imsel
'=________________________________________ I a -r- This splendid work of ficiona is eaiclated to obtain as uaefh to'is employerina hasgood city reference. A
ib wide a papularity in this country as It already kas done in resadB. F. ,No 48 Fa., or this Ofline a
Metr paWv WAL LACK S LYCEUM, Broadway. Engld. It ba powerfully and truthfully written Picturew re i.
Sa 1 -P. W. WALLACS, Leaee.-J. W. LTr Ste of Wr in all Its phases, and hasl received the oau naifi p t M enN4ed.
Metropol itn Hall. Mas r.,--THIS EVENING, Sept. 17. will he grfonA indorsement of the whole English Press, as a workIllist, SITUATION s wanted, as
GRRAND COON R EST-MADM iE A CURE FOR TE[z OE:&eRT ACHE. in its com position and never excelled in the absotbingin
MARIEeTTA ALBONI respectfully t aneos og the Old Rapid ...... W. R. Blake Miss Vortex .. .Miss Cramer terest wh it awaend in the mind of the reader. From man. ethn e
oliiel Public of New-York, that her Young Rapid ......... Lester Jeasyuakland.Mrs..uckland among numerous notices we select the following Fancy and Vaiety House, to act park of the lime
J OURTH GRAND CONCERT A HAbDS1JMS HUSBAND. Alltue vivid deserpiuons of the the tsuessor war, aadthssraphic sltng agent if desirai's, by one ho has an acqo
wilT cald place 'Henry Fltzherbert... Wolcor, I MrWy adham. MrsSuckland pieturiza or the soldier's life, that teat such a charm to Lever's wr'h apotion of the Westrn trae, and can fuli
SI H V f N I N t. 17, 1, Oo open at I7, comence at j. arqet and Dreo iss Gt. Charles O'MalSley." are equalled, aud ina a great many iussca testimonial Address W. H.T., at this Offie.
On w aich o besion Hp.le, 60 ennt. ; Family Circle2 ; Orchestra Seats, 75. urVassed by the "Guerilla Chief. or the Romance of Wair." There "
OnAM which ALcsion wl mara s the "wildess." e war, fia way so exprosi it, in h SCOTCH or ENGLISkMAN,
JUADAME M. AL SONY will beassisted by ARU MRCNM SU .the romanti tdayi-g, the fierc cruel.ty, and the recklerjsbrave.ryeof
SIGNOR ROV E[5R ARNUS Manage a ro Etr the bandit tief, are mingled in a thrili,ns manner with the achieve. A address an4 regmiat habits. wanting employm

SIGN ORPHAOI NNARNUS' S AMERIAN MU- theT resai datin, theOrc crultyh, an theK rekls cifr.Con ___
SIGNOR SNGIOVNN, B -PT. BARU, Manager ad proprietor -a al N ments of theeoreos ad honorable soldier. It is the most i.SCHEDE'S, No. 24 Whit
SIGNOR ARDITI, and a GREENWOOD, Jr. Assistant Manager,-C. W. CG&RK9, tene y iaterestina episode efwar that we have ever read. [Critic.- between 6 and 7 P. M. References required.
GRAND ORCHESTRA. Director of Amusements.- The new Price Drata of E &iE Price 50 cents.
'To g eeeat to the several pieces in the poSramme, the ORPAN'S DREAM, wi be produced HIS VPNIG A ]so now ready. a New Edition, (K AGENTS WANTED-T,
CHORUS OF TH ITALIAi OP t 7j o'clock. THIS AFTERNOON at 3 o'clock, the M.P. DOW JR'S PATET SERMONS. I2volumes. P-
r has been engaged. AD, end the LIME RICK BOY. Admittaee the hole per. Price, 50 cents'pervol. vs NwYork iy and other pce, foro
Admiostnce to written ae phdly iltastratad works p
z .-. .A-- so Signer A ReI. Museum, Halls of StaTmary..the Picture Gallery, Chinese Ne rly y,' in rhe..ountr. Those operatam Soath wiO find I
vO &'-] a..... .Saloon, aLiving Animals, the Entertainments, &i., 25 cents, THE LADIES' NEW OOK OF COOKR, B wel apted to sell in that regin. Adres, pos
SPROGRAM Mrs. S.J. Hale. A DoAKI C O., Hartford, Cone.
1. Overt ure ofa Fenmuhb ........ ees.... Reissiger. 0 GARDEN.-The Annual Festival at Castle Gardea Showing the True Charabter of Both. By Mrs. Sarah J. ,R
X Cavatina from the Barber of deville, Lar- for the benefit of the Rom au Catholic Orphan Asylums will Hale. Illustrated. H. LONG & BROTHER, 43 Annet flee in Wall-at. A young man who is quick
ge al Facto-amn" sung by Sig. Ruvere .... Rossni. take place co TUESDY EVENING, 21st inst. Tae Pro- who_ 3 eor_ be saried wiathng _odera___in
me Sro -............ ev a .a.... 0. B G o lin. carej and eery arrangement made to conduce to the com.-, drs x7Ptc
Bagb.HADM Ticet SOne Ooand Chrs W^^^ ^^^^ ^ ^^ ^ ggd t uic rnhadDaig h et
L 'an vAD pSONI and ^ thoru. rt and amusement, of. visitors. It is hoped that the gne- COO ... WANTE DT tak are of
4. %% = TT~r-O fm Be,--a-o-....-'-..-........DoniMern. te. AN D -T tcse care of
S Srng t by MADAME ABONI,e erwill notbe ow withdrawn. i AS CooK,. Wasbher and Ironer, by a re- fi and run errands Musthave a good om
Signor Sagovanni and Signor Rovere specsbl Girl in a private family. No objectnons to nation A German led, the son of a widow, p
& souvenir Americana, Fantasia for Violin, EW-YORK HORPICULTURALL South er West. Beat of rererence.gven. Call at No. 42 Wille 5od athome. A line addressed this office
composed aid ps formed by.--- AZSIS N SOCIETY.-Tha FALL EXHIBITION will open at West Broadway, up stairs, second floor. Can be seen for wher he-can be seen, willmeetwith immediate si
4LR O DE 'S OR AN D V A R IATIO N S' ......... 1 zde -., L' s n
D'S Gaby Md&ME ARBONS-I. Metropolitan Hall on MONDAY AFTERNOON, Sept t -o days.
PART i1 2' atu6i'clo ando continueM .open tree days thereafter, ASCoK, by a Protestant young Wo0 XPERIENCED SERvANT-
Soi from Seiramide. Band. a ssi from 8 A. A. 10 P. M.- man. She is'a good cook, and washes dad erons fir.
L. CANZONE from Is La Figlia del Regi- As
Senw" a --------------------------i NE ARTS.-The splendid Line En- ate would take charge of the housekeeping of a small ut er Servant, s Cooks, ures, Seamstresses, C
Sung by-MADAME ALBONI and Chorus. HE DESTRUCTION OF THE TOWER. family, or da general housework. Call at No. 169 3d av.
r, za fro Eiir d'AmLTr, HUnai LLr- O __AN_ HE TaUCON OF beE of exceptionable city references to first class famiii
]Romarza from Eisire d'Amcre, "Una Far- OF AB AND DISPERSION OF THE RACES,' To be seen for two days. they have served, at MANNINO'S office, No. 10 Ti
V i- -a---ti-g, by William Von Kaulb-Dh, in the Panig bye Wi Vo Kalah ihew Iroesser b
tiv J L anea, swig byP' SigorSanin- -' eguraved y Proeso Thapber, aftcert Ahac~baa ri~ A good specOe Wft SCABR AIDher Wanditroer, by a -m tiBrof buyn. w n .nwdeioao
S0. Chorus of Ltombardi....Grand Chorus ...... Verdi. at Berlin, hasJust been received and is for sale by atfMIL respectable Woman ; understands baking in all itsof
IL GRA. ND RO^DO from Sonuambuta. "Aa SEITZ, Printseller, NO. 233 Broadmay, up stairs. branches; no objection to general housework or to go in the C re dd. f.
mm t reese," (by titular request) ... elaa lin cost o is capable of fIltirg the above situations; uner-ee
N -YOR FIR DEPDA RTB-OT. eu Lst~yands aI kinds of housework. AppJy at'No 39 8ih a., near Eaneknt Sor a few hatrsas Visiting Governaes in
a- rnXm IJiMtziotHoratio-at. Good city reference. Can be seen till en- or cgvn She teaches the usual English branch
aIDM E A-One Doc.orb ausi, French and Drawing. The best testg
ro gagad last patrons will ha given Address TeA
iets for Eved Seats (Price V4o" DO amn SICKENS'S BLEAK HOUSE, Part A CooKi, Washer and Ironer, by a re- No. lStuvesano.,carero dth-t.
be ad 'at the Music Otre of W OL CEIAM A L ION, mo VII.--YIARPEe & BROTHERS, Ns. 329 and 3,31e l ce T ie oun
Mo. 29 Broadway. corner of Park-plae. rearl at., Frankin-sq uare, publish this day, C en for two days at No. 68 4 eh-ak., 2d floor, fdrront ptaf
TO al."other parts of the House, une Dolart for whib I
a numbered seat will be gtven, to be had of.AMUIs 0. THE SCBOOL FOR FATHERS : An Old English Story. room.r
JOILIHE) No. 800 or"adwa". By T. Gwynne. 12mo., paper, 40 cents; muslia, 60 centain
It is with extreme regret that the Manager of the Con- story of town and country life in England during the I& S good CooK, Washer and- Ironer, by hvf 7, I as Tea-her of his f ative lauaager Math
t Is compelled annoue that, owing to the numerous century. h plot depends onthe contrast itwee a dilapt- aL respectable Woman, with good city references. No Arcnecture, md Land Surveying. He can give g
once. A;'pply to A. F., No. 37 Bose-aLt-
plications for tickets for the ensuing Concert, the free dated man of fashion in London, and the' bluff, jolly fox objections to go in the country, Can be seen for two days
r -witathe exceptionof the Press--must be entirely sue- hunters of the xural districts. Is is quite out of the Fun of at No 89 11th-at., between 5h and 6th-avs., Iu the rear. OTICE to COTTON MANU
Wpended. modem novels& The narrative is lively and flowing, with N --- p-- C a
IDoors OPM at 6j oclotk ; Con et 10 40110am20 at 8 many scenes of mingled humor and pathos. Its style is COOKWasher and Iroer by a re-se o an
o'elook,- beautiful, and often exquisite. A .OK as nd wne. y Gadn teD a
it. A pp mectable youni Woman. Inquire at No.221 7th-ar. bou fien of which he hasbeen employed in
ANNA HAMMER: A Tale of.Cowtemporry German beat of city reference can be given. ."d opUing sme of the best mills in New-Engla
fIL R P 0A L O AI, N H muhpersVt-T Bb. AfTraslated1 from the G erman of Tmme, by Alfred 0. een i the Southern Stares lie or six years occupi
K &DAUM At -L6_p., with much pleasure, respect- Guernsey. 8vo., paper, 2& cents. A good specimen of the 5 CHAMBERMAID or Waitress., by a samendofbusnee and is now desirous of obt
th p. t .. i th......Hgato sh ive t t~ contempt rary peculiar fition f Gemlitert re. A11 giiel Hsstuattaione as Sp erintendant ofC st mt respectable
S'a vivid picture of the interior of Gman- lie, and i respectable s irL Has gn reference fromhlast anufetuig Establhishent." Has no objti
On TUESDAY IVENING, SE PT. I., 1029 with passages of exciting interest. lThe translation, bya floor, frontnroom.a thoes anrdc bt er
For the Benefitthe WIDOW and ORPEAN RUND accomplished scholar ofthis city, everywhere shows cone .__r_'._,bnet,
ofithe eniu ieiy n si pr n doztcEgi-
NEW-YORK FIRE DEPARTENT. enioudelity, adisin pore andidiomatic Englis CHAMBERIAID and Waitress, or to B.P.M:tteesreofC. Meshe, Eaq.,No. 77Pine-a
.& _A W-YORK .n t D^ ^ ^ ^^.II. .. paid,) 'will meat with immediate attention.
Upon which Eoccsion .t by a reseMable s Gir Go, "
IMAs M- A. jUNI will to aidsted: b: BLEAK HOUSE. By Charles Dickens. With Maustro. A ___renbya_____tab____h___l
O Rnns. PaniVIl. limo., paper t2 cents, rafJrencs wi't be given. Can he seen for two days1 Apply -RIvAT& INSTucTION.--A
IGNO01 SANGOOV lt cannot fail to hays tens of thousands of readers, at No. 113 Henry-sr., second floor .__
U'IG.: i4NO S NGOV NI A 'D [taS a -. omi. Adv. -...................JL-"perianced Classical and Mathematical Teach
O.'e dev"eurs.... a aOumbar at a sitting, sad., like O"Onfdeoursalvmbe ataisttiakadeineOAier, MAID, orea. to dofo A theLREgen- MAD, ratmdoe testimoniamllste andia offe ringrinor trundoubtedo c ieid
Tic; qlkets-Onme Dollar. Bids fkin to take precedents of say of its anther's prodactions. oral housework of a small family, by a young Girl late- 'es iessitz~ttes Triuneoffce
Reserved. Sests, Two Dollars. To be had. of the Repre- (Sueotoa Times. ly trom the conunsy. Can be seen at iNo. 28 Sleecker-st. for
wi~angemtatives enof the Fm~dire Departmentb, h.anagrad of oti ens,a n as po-s 0 Ib d in rued mihhsbs.Teca ,...arked, such. asickeas oy.e--alyca p-r..ray. two days. TA~N A 'I--nr
... he Rapists..witheavida....a.eterisinadobservation, af reub handar- US OACBMAN, in a piaeamlbya tl, mxeorareume.tChdr
7 at~. .' dart spirit. med of a seaius set. spoiled by aver-raticaesat or con-ma also, or Women wvithIfns a o m
i''veutional hbsbt. (Beaten Ses. respectable Man, who trnly, understands his bualiess. niltio to bes made at the Offieeof theod~mineonors
N L IBiO'S 6A.BDEN.-.-OEN SEFTON, Cones tutty ap trt the mark, and abundant iadiratiou am lr iven T'he heat of city reference for the last fiten years. Inquire ItontePk
that the work is to beaone of srerstand aei~tinslaiterest, at No. 354 or Nio. 1881 BroadwAy. ~ i h ~k
Macaie" reop....... -Sn,:.owne Ma ..=.e-. Mrs [CO01oGRAPHIC ENYLOPAEDIA A G.OVERN ESS AND NURSE wanted who 5 ,PRANO WANTED--In a C
spears Spanish. Inquire at No. 14 '$ane-sr., N.Y. .ulIn the up sin part oftact.None but tht
t T ihiflowed by a B tiLLT" 1 L. m~-r..,r L OF SCIEN CE, LITHRA U.jl AND ART. System- seeds.CUGHM apty the liuefi
Faa de Dies---------Miles. Lavigue and Leadaf aricaly arrasges_ by 0 Kec., with five hundred quarto S gonel ai HO USEM~AID, or' as C3hamber- addess CHuRCHie Mnee at h Tbs 77lare.i
Fas Sam~ul ~ithu'ania---.--.-"-.--.--..........Mle'. roctot Steel Pltease, b lbs mostdistinguished artist of edermanv. maid ina small f-i milbya nespectable young We-. tTEFf E NGLeS A
l[as de Dadx, Os Ia F lle de IL Air.. Mile. DeMalse ti ..'Mesa The text trans ated and edited by Spencer F. Baird, A. man tias no objection 0o o 0th country. Apply at No.EN AV!R WAT
Admission Si.eenta Coors open at 7 ; commence st 71 M. D., Assistant Secretary of the Smithbaisnan Institution. i04 11th-st., near 2d-av. Wa, ted, good Line and Stipple_ Euravers to
4.ADWY vola., 8vo.. text, and 2 veils. 4ro., plates., ure rh"week .Gu- 4 workman caa finnd steady empiloy
A. tlaac Fen darTS Oi Sti VuLs --Bound in half re
O _])__W' _-TIE=&T m.-7 !lfor. Morocc. srtnkled edaes. Sd0 bound ice half Turkey Mo- A S eea ~usEMAID,.-or aS Chamber-' Acdress S. rtibune Offce. --

RS.-H A LL.^s v *VTNoS e. nn_-- b poromad- mn gilt fbach and edges, 146; bound in fall Tarkey. Me. m d and Wai res, b3 a respectAble yanug Woman, T EA C-a E R -A Gentleman,
LINS.-THIS EV NINOoIE %pt. will be performed 0o, gilt babks and odges. -i Pnhiheiadby in aprivate family. ilityadAuntryrefrenes Ifrequiiedd tacin A Mteman
THE D I 0U RUDOLPH GAWRIUGUI, Call at No.100 st27th-t. - inehig Bl', thmtcd
"aPLqt.ojlurke.. .1A.ClisItuo eo.isosae_________________
THElfc O.. smurle.^_M Gi?? k _oi iS sNo. 2 Barela-st, (Ator Home) New-YtorL roe0rable S
B i,-E.ll Ba.t 8 S NTTHE SEY,.by an experienced disengaged al preen inarp aa
De BionvilleElenam t e Btbyn,Bro kyn, wishIs"1 emloyme' fur two .or eme ho
S,-p .... TIEDDY THE ig. TILTa6 ..3a-0 .,.0 -. Ow READY.-GODEY, GWR Ae Ameran Wm nd do plain afenon. Hetgvelee in the .'edin.
Doors opin. e at 7mmeneat Boxs an Parquet 50c HAM. and NATIONAL, forOctober. EADAND Arened to W M ERICAnd d oise saeng. IAnteI ad TardO .lruthe bslie. .... A
Fsmiiy and Uptpers Cireleij25c.; Private Boxes, $5 and $&. I. ARTS. a splendid romance; price 50 cents. THE bepromptlyattended to.__
D8 MINSTREL' HALL t Lc bO eint iAHAM by M. ASy NuSe for the Sick, by, a persoi of. Acu.-Wney.i
V444,Broiw Y- .-Oqef EVEEVEEVENI C n' ." icelbcents. IbEVEN NIGHTS, an expood ofN o al Clasical Schoolofthis city, en,. .
W 4d4hi1rank) to Music Life: rice 25 centsi FREe'. LEAVES FEONI THIE I -. 1.e6prexptnience under the firit physicritm the eher. He must he competentt give I
j o w jaadnthi opan ue e a tad o u r C n es 5IA l O F A B RO A D W A Y D A ND Y illK utr at ed ; p seoe ..-ty o0 io m ,kee iper to a sm a ll fam ily A ply at N o. 7 ,a ns hip A sup e test i m o ia ls wjtl be _kq u
M ret6 D 8evatons G., .e k A D w,. pen, 2 St.71chidI2e&"SW it B. I M mIU 44 n uo da heiv If, aedontwit ,oI SedO gtion to keep 9o ,. e
Iip w .606 t n 8e Weok "56 'o a*... . .. ..I fd
....o {R ~ ~ te o B C w # W f ^ A i w '- '- ; '" "" ... . . ; ':;&,^<.'^., >'.'..= ,.* '. - ' :" " ". "' '"i ---... .' '- ... -'

.. .. -- -I ,'

B OARDINO'- ii0, a:d ^
wiath mmay -obtain eiafffe onfmfoof
,. w a r Isi -al I ,l p '""e e n. '
"B-~~~~ba0 WiYf 44~ 1% Lt 3V1*^.^ ^(~B. ^ r~
fe use og b l i eman ad Wife. and threeui sglre n, o-& is
*coneose w ..ith bosrd and ^ luaamat 500tb Ee.U .
'- - . . '~. -a ."-. ,n .- . .A 0- -) ..e I .- '
i. PRICE TWO,- (ITA QS, OARD.-Thtspatiousand.elg naew"
C A .. T B house (fu"uhed wits new fanitue t Ni n..
2Ih4 lth-a., near Ist av, i now ready for the Ji" n5
boarders. Faafiliesor singlegfntlemea acooaua w
or O PARENTS. Wahed, a Boy14 or Ramites -or. ,single iroomrn,, fmoished or, anfri wiNN .r
or a PARENTS-Wanted, a Boyparial bad. The house haste modern rm
.5i- 1yearis of age, to learn -.the Soak and Stationery tatha ...&a "-. ip -,
od refer- business. One who resides with his parents, near-Chaan- -_ - --------- -* .* -
and 7th- berist.- Address INDUSTRY. Tribune Office, 8tat1ig name O A RD.-A Gentleman and his Wife
andaddress. BO'b____________ ______ abe a!OipOdated with a pleasant back P.F. aj
spec- TT-. SCHOOL AGENCY-ByL E.. H ouardato.SMart-. -... ,.7
las good 6 WTICOX.' No. 293 Broadway.-Codinstant negotta, OARD-wo ientlemeD Uan beaccom-
dons and engapementa by the bist Insitttion., Familiea modated with handsomely fished m .
at Mi -RD- wo lientlemna eec -,7
TeacheS. and Matrons throughout the Union. The right of withotut.SPt ]6 .Bord, .in a p.Ilyate.fafly at No. 2 6
ire of negt!ition'belrmgs to sinscri-he-s. One perce in advance ear unon-square at n ho -..-
i7 refr caelsa. a advance expenses and, pro ares the required cm- .,
14. penatioaoos pdihl. Securd by a transferable check, OAsRD.--i''shed Rooms o 1e...
goodfori alladucatio ial orders..' '
... ..... . -U beard, at No. 520 2d-av. lonse new. with modeaim' 2
y-- g -~ANTED-Th, ee Waiters for private nvemet.. .. :
p'.. familiesaand one fr a boarding-house; aes' li OARDING.DOWN TOWN---A&i3
__- Alo, four profasied and six plain COtv,. three Seasmressee pD
rdahes four()liambermalds, dine general work Girls, three Lau" rL CHAMBERIDIN Nofth- -lver House, H. "24
l dreBed three Nurse..A. Apply at the S LECT PROT ashington- l, near Washinigton Market. A few .rt*.
.th.qq ESLANT AGENCy 0. No. Carmiae-st., 'o at.the, CATi- sent Boarder@ can be ascoiniModated with Bo'ard jff s
4'.1 OLIC AGENCY; No. 106 Chamnbers-st. p er weeSk.Al Alaom f'aihed Room v to let with or ot-r .'
r: s- WANO S EMPL1O\iE&T-A Man OARD.-In the large eonmindiqup
W who'~has ^^ ^ b^ o u I^ W
lirsry i" refeence has been engaged..a.a Porter, and hV good-city
In refareih e. Has' as.snlfamily, ,'ere, and' will work very 1 --Good from"%$
in a .r- faithfully for a small recompense. Please relieve a family .".. ...
3044- from distfies by a notetoqA.K&',,o.23h,7.h-av.B ORD at a FARM U6USX. F
H its' ANTED--A. situationia a wholesale or six persons can be accommodated h oa.i,'withi.-
Dry Good@ or F o thecomfwte of a home, a' a genteel Farmeu'Resoeim iu
Under-. r.- an young Maofsoma retired and very healthy locility in the Statoof o i--
famn.xeine h itsaarhand. n is willing to make ont, about 90 mileso distant. aafgiveni-an
fStatesg r Addre o Jm. W.., s 'i -ome cou",.try trade. For particulars inquire of A. 8- WHEELE__. .4-
*'' -- : - 1 W- '* t d:c * No. 25^ jtoaet-^,-Byookiyn'o.2
eY. W 1RANTED-At N.. 114 Nasau-st., a OARD WA"T D.--A fiir.iised Par
'" x'" V V,_. Tallori,.to-g .4foty nile.fOmm ..ew-York.:. .!;Asingle OA1 .
an man. B -. T orkt gAlfo Meon railroads and e- mAinge l.3 lo r and Bedroom ou the second floor for agenlemaa.
@ Want gQ.yrA. -Almcauo droeds.and steagui rgs
Want i os a ,0( a*0r-. G i ws as koek,-chaalmermaid.&c. ; .. ao wife. Loeato in oher SeventhWard oreferred,
'el1iT. Sf'INK, Agent. frne'eoari.'AldsL.0 f~
and e ..statingfull par, .wtc a o ...
and: canh ANTED-4 ..Tinsmilth-- w'he thoir-, --S- A
D-. ffGE W. roughly understands the Stove bhsinem'; one having a B o .-Goodtn-. tor"ts giynd i
ornfrom complete set of tools preferred. Agod s-uation with au No. 63 Fulton-t., fr tianient, day and permen
--. ; '": terest in the business will be given to one that will unit, by boarde, __rs. ... : ;. "
41th apPlyngat No.;206:Chatham at. ... B OARfl!iD BROOK LY^^ &ffB^
Iinr. fir.:s- ANTED'-At the Soap Works, N man and his Wife. and two or.three siigle Gpo eneu:
Apply''th peAntoliios.-(pV Uca -
-.Apply V 9 let av., Box-Makers. None but those who can can he acnmloaen wyit pl eaanom(ni -..
.W., make Sor the genele men) by ap yigA tN.-0We"-41. ill
-- make handsome package need. apply. t us'lko t es.
PI B- . ~~~~~~~thr~ee, minutes' walk of h .mm riy.],fetnem- ..
I School W ANTED-A secona-hand Washing- quired -My n "'
L DePart V_ ton or Sith Printing Press, medium .ize, Ap- QOABD WANTED-- In .he7th Wsrd
.ply PIWM. MURPHY, No. 257 Bro.adway, ap stAina wst of Rutgrs. by agenlmen. rspeble
oe. ANTED--A young M-an to mke out fa H le -wants a font Parlor oil dt"..
-ad ? VV bills and collect. Inqui, No.:,69 ... .... .fu^ wished. dd s C hatham-squade. P tOflPe s
- ,to!, -
mu~cty conni8~aekao;. .:":, r
aeo't W NTED tE D 'aAon -IMME--BOARDs$(fton8
.ag *Cir^ "aVCISL- ---M A.P
'eferred -. DTATELY-A. good second-hand double or single airous ofplsssnt sn&air" rooms wouldfi~d it.o th".,
ice. Cylinder Printing. Press,. suitable for working newspaper. advntags to c at No. f4 a Ifiab"L t. ii
.Oneof Hoe'"s preferred. Address N, stating sizis audterus5. O .. .-.1'
,rmaid at this office ... ..- -.- *.,,-,. O-ARD-Can be oh inoed .at -Nbs. 82
h I.P"-d'84 East 23da.-t.. with Ro'qm'-futae tio I
h -' W ANTED-Two .orthree Retiai .Dry m ,an Esa.Te-hTne tidte
G- Goods Salesmen, of thorough ersoeoad or -- T he ol 4:
table busineas'habits, fporthe duty ede. T m.i...ti""App.y.. 4-...
L Ats No. W Broadway1 .up-esarsirs, Omctery nibsW, from 9 "to -~~O~Ds-,Mrs. FAULINEN,
Lyte 1 1 ok. One H sinry. Sales,-an.-wanted. .-' -.- . d Ea. ..
Apply T D--- ..A Youth imatt office. -Ad-- -urished with was..Uroton wae 443 j,pax.
a--s Wr o o ow, C. C (. at.located- ,no' Unona .--. .,
ime-. itiAinowSha.nd-*p pl-t .e.' .0r a B c lsoAEomus., ,at

yimoe- ,V V 'Milliery" Sto. Apply at No...39 Johb-st. from" hJ~iNo. iS0 Orchard-st., to let to a Genitlenmian and i. ..'
antic-st., 8 to 10 o'clock A.M -'* with Board. References exchged,, .... ....*'(
'-3 1 ".IJTANTED-A young Man, ,a German- B DOARJ^in23d-8t. th-av.-.i-Afa ^"y "
L-30 ." ... preferred, to do the work about a cottitry wishing to ehgaes Boerd fer the fall ttid wsntr'e .
I to au- place in the suburb ofthe city ;. must uniardtandweU the private fkmii ".ah obtain a'.suite of ^ ro handsomely
sundry. care of hlcres.. Address No. 231 Broadway.. furnished, withs alltoderii improvemeeraS by adIeIZui UI
--- IANTED 1MMEDIAT ---An.As-.. ,ELLEN, Triune Qi.. a-.
cO'ui-. .T istat in te"Mde Department of.a Public Q 10ARD near GRAMERCY-PARK <,
milor Bhool, wimhi an hour'arideof thu city. Salary *fr2O Ap and UNION.-SQUARE-Good Board. with excellent
iwn yan. plb letter,, to..0 WARING, oars J. 8. "Redfiald, corner accommodations, .a" Be obtaiead at F o. 2.7 4thav.,: for
ad refer- Beekman-and Nsau_. Stat. name, netdbflce, age, refer. door above 211th-st., east tde. the situation is vr y pleasant
it-Office, enicas, and where teaching. 1-- -' -, and oonvenient'to husindas, as carsanrd sfages gre chu~attull
lec-e X1,AN~PeD-To pUTWttO^For Cash, a pass 00ng thdorePectablerefprences venandr<
,lmrted .aWr2 YACHT, of noo tBn OARD WAN LED-iearSonth Fer-
C.M&- tera left at tlis'oflfce, addressed YAOW". a a ~gterm, d ry, in Brooklyn, by.a single- Gentleman, who would
Term wherethe vesBelmrny be Beau, wrllbeastei.dedto^ funui ahiS own room. Address H. G. E, No. 170 Broad-
N. B.- .- way. .'-

---e ,m 1.auc, tOf a U1Uejam B OARD.-A handq9me ROOM-1 0o1 the
-lege- "-.. .. M -. l s second flor, with large pantries comimncal.ngfi f .
o tech StOR SALE, at a. Great Bargain--The nished or unfrihished, can be had, withi-Bord, at No B51.
ofteach. Sto ,Fixtes and Lease of a Bedding Store, in a lCuVton-Bt ,a few doors from Broadwia-. :Atoa ppo f'. p
toh-irtee an La o w
tawhere goed location and having a good run of custom. Rent low. Booth, milaBle itr rone or two gentl en.. Persaonms .' ,
*3 Bre- 0Yty
63 Bar. satisfactory reasons given for selling. Apply immediately atingqquinfess, with' comfort anid gedoi $,i eem a u
SatNo.-34i Bowery. : : de well to apply as above. ;. 7 ..I, ..1.
3AR- eT 1 MILlINERS-.Ra"Me Opportunity OARID.-A duiii ,ofoiiE d'a i
Yeil', re. hesax, x ,t9 7 'on ..,
rate business localiry. Posses'sion given, 1-iay rl!, i v -
t quire on thpremises, Jo.160;Spring4-t. p ply ,a Wans.Jra(S.;% en
! .Amqfer 9.. U .. ...
id~ :,O t4Tbe adv. r benngte, Sim!! 1$q~ oue
SM W W.VUU owner of a'' very Valuable, 4s ti ;" J .
of V. B. Macbi is for manufacturing an articleof extensive-se mcl i ad his Wife and two gl
which is now made, entirely -by hand, would .lte to a. l aiB.a. dw a aa where I l
one half interest ;to a good thorough. young man. wli 1' del 1i a convenieAt 1ee tn, five m"w
iltoR Ferr. py q ._.,.gh 4W;'% .kln. ..i, ,
want- takethewhole control of t e business. The baines i fm ltn Ferry. Apply at No. lgh roln
Four Ron & f S;r kautsi _MLt_ --Wanted, y a Gehtle "a
B :0and his W tnea-- yr .. r f6rr It-or-
will mee m-"'? ? i. -u tin a privatefmiily,.wh.rse there are but few qr no o T .
Vil meet M: 1i lM1,50 Terms not to exceed $8 a week isegon between Breone
e, sand Blercker-ats. Refeireict.s exchanged. Addeu M.iLP,
Sales- A GENTLEMAN and his WIFE, or Broadway'Post O-mce.
ment. or two and three Single Gentlemen, can be accommoda- OARD in BROOKLYN.-'A few per-
as tray- ted with pleasant rooms and. board at No. 52 Vaxisk-stB, p -
aintanee opposite St. John's Park. n can be accommodatedwith pleasant R ans :a
.......... -partial Board at No. 178 Atlamic-st., Brooklyn The froiet
Sample A GENTLEMAN and WIFE and four parlor,.w'th a consulting room, will be let to a-respectable
g sA a or five single Gentlemen can be accommodated with r'b)cian. ,
f good Board and pleasant Roems atNo. U Variak.cst, ner St OARD.-A private family, o0enpying
rh-t, may John'sPark. B a commodious. handsome 3-story house, in a delightfUl
a1-* A MERICAN HOTEL, .Panama, N. G. location, fitted up wit gas bathing-room, &a on stage
route in South Brooklyn 10 mioutest walk &rom either
J TL hisHotetl ? Uby. farther modlrytspadot and em H Bamilton or South Ferries, wish to obtain as borders, a
0 can- public bhme In the City of Panama. Gentleman and his Wife. end one or two siogle person ;
s of the .JOEN D. BOWTAL. Proprleot ror ms large and pleasant, furnuished or anfuroisaed, asmay
Publsed 1be requires. References given and -required. Address H
the work GENTLEMAN and his Wife, or G., Brdoklyn P. 0., will meet prompt attention.
paid S. two single Gentlemen, can be pleasantly a'commo.- "--
dated with Board and a pleasant Room on second floor, in a OARD WANTED-For a Lady and
an of- private. family. Inquire at No. 246 West 19th-st. B her Daughter. between 2d and 6th-avs and 4th"" O "a
t1ah-ets Private family preferred. Addrb=. . CLMAIM%
figures A DELIGHTFUL SU[JT'E of ROOMS TribuneOffice. "
ry. Ad- L upon second floor and upon third floor; also, single Pia
Rooms, with full or partial Board. The proprietor has two [ OARD.-Fine Rooms to let on the see-
new and elegant brown stone Houses, having all the mod- ond floor, at No. 83 Spring-st., two door east of the
an of- emn improvements, newly finished, and every way desirable Cllamore House.
in school for genteel Families or single Gentleman Stages pass
preferred. within one block for all part of thencity. &pply at homus OARD in a PRIVATE FRENCH :
s, tating Ke. 57 West 2-d-st, first block from Broadway. B. or two sgle Gentlemen desirous of
B FAWLY.-BOne ortwo inle Getee eioso
station. Aacquiriug a practical knowledge of the French Languag
0. K. A GENTLEMAN and his Wife, and a wIl fnd an opportunity of so doing by inquiring at No. 1
A few single Gentlemen, can be accommodated with 12th-st. near fniverslty-place, where th-y can be aoeommo-
-Faro- Board and well furnished and airy Rooms on the second dated with partial Board and pleasant Roomqin a private
taut and and third floor, in a genteel private boarding-house. Call at French Family.
nambar- No. 116 Leonard-st., between Broadway and Elm-st. Good
with n- references required. 0O A R D.-A very pleasant suite of
5, whereB
.wyh., A FRENCH GENTLEMAN, of the Rooms, n tneeecod flor, can be obtained by ap.
.E3highest education, deires to find BH ard and Lodging in plyig at No. 4 West
an American family, where his services as Teacherof French 0 A R D -French.-Pleasant Rooms
several and Latin would be received as compensatiun.- References A -r nc.- easan oms,
exchanged. Address Mr. EMILE CHEVALIER, at this B furnished or unfurnished, may be obtained near Mad-.
San en- office. ison-square. in a new hoie, with all modem improvements.
a family French will be taught at home or at private residences. An
together N ELEGANT SECOND-STORY omnibus and railroad route is near the door. Reirepces
LmoniaR F exchanged at No. a9 West 24th at., near the 6th-av. N B,-
kGH]RU Front Parlor, and Bedrobm adjoining, to Lek with Alobadfraewgnem .
Boar to a Getlean and his Wife. or two single Gentle- Also board for a few gentlemen...
men. Apply at No. 2t8 West 14th-st., near 8th-av. B OARD in SOUTH BROOKLYN--
'rench OARD-Large rooms, with bedrooms, Gentlemen and their Wivedor single Gentlemen may
miniatra: famurnished or unfurnihed, suitable fbior families orsinl obtain pleasant rooms, with large pantries attached, in a
merican gentlemen at No. 29 St. Mark's-place, th-st. firat class hbuse, and where there are but few boarders:. R
ematics, e________9_______ _________ erences exchanged. Apply at No. 219 Iicks-t.
od refer- B OARD-Rooms for families aOnd single j\- ,
gentlemen, at No 154 East 19th. t. House new, with OARD.-Double and single Rooms- at
,FAC'- all the modem improvements. References exchanged, No. 19 Union square, (west side. --This houseoo is Cn-
ducted on the Englishs and American plans combined, where
rer, who OARDING.-A very pleasant second the comlorts of a domestic home wtll be found. This hour.
t eyaw% L iory front Room and Bed-room to let, with Board, to contains all the modern Improvements and furniture all
il in tleman and his Wfe, at No. 7 East Broadway, m new. No children taken. References exchange.
ad Eas aide, between adutgehi d Jefferat n-o -..Est ra yo.
adinthe sOARDING.-A very desirabl front .-
tSaining a OA RD.--A Small private family, Room and Bedroom, on the tcond floor, are vacant at. -
3 Cotton
n to go pleasantly located, have two rooms on Sd floor, one No. 638 Barclay-st., suitable for a family, or a party of three '
ces as to. frntihed, and a back parlor, on Ist-floor unfarnishbd. to Or four gentlemen ..
rested to rent to a Genlema tanad Wife or single Gentlemen, wither
5. (post- without board, at No. 67 11th-t., between 6th and 7th-av. F[UKN ISH ED KOOMIS to LE L[-PIkas-
Retfereces exchanged, antly situated, in a small family where there a fw -'
-boarders, No. 6,.Jay-at. References exchanged. '
-nex B OARD- o.189 East 15th-st., neai .. ......-
n, ear-. syvesani park, in a prva fami, with ommo- URNISHED ROOMS to RENT-T
Lt~yrefer- tioe suites of apartments ,oiled tofamtin as. Also two. o. B" one or two single Gentlesien. without Board,.in alpsi- "'
say. Ad- three Roons for single Geutlemea. TheHoue Is new w,]it vate family, at No. 817 6th-av., near 14th-st., with usee ;
Ias, warm and cold baths, &c. beth. Reference required and given.
espec- OARDING-At Nos. 45 and 47 East -L'RST CLASS ROOMS can be ha,-
Sof beth Brond way, one pleasant room and pa.try for a Gentle. 1" with board, for gentlemen and their wives, or single/-
A *" man. aad Wife. Also. pleasant rooms for single Geent eme. gentlemen, at the elegant restdeace. No 91 Prince-. west. ^ *
i of Hot and cold baths. References exchanged of and near Broadway. Tapestry, carpets and baths. N. B.--
A splendid'back parlor and bed-room on firstfioor. ., ,.
isaemi B ARD.---Families and' single Gentle- Fp Y
church D matumamhot Board tl ddLigtflsuteana TF URNISHED ROOMS to LET' With :,
nee emi- ongle Rooms atNo. 37 West 22d-st., near 5th-av. Rewwr .e Breakfast and Tea, in a pleasant location in Brooklyn
he given. rquired. House new, with all improvements, within three minutes' walk of the Soubh Ferry. Apply I -
COELMAID,. No. 73 AtlantmcM uPses cornei of-
"i OARD WANTED.- A Gentleman Hicks-v.
S....-- JQ and his Wife (no children) wish to ebtt'u Board with
work by a small private tummlj where nO other boarders are taken. F[ URNISHED ROOMS.--Two Gentle--
rmens.- They require a parlor aEd cham er adjoining on the second J" men and heir Wives, or single GPentlemen, ca,. .
floor of a modern-built rouse, with use of bath, &t,. House | aceomtbordateeo with pleasant, airy front Rooms, in a
----- ; to be situated between tle Bowery. and 6th-ar.., and Bleack- private family, w ere there are a few select hosrdesn. The

expe- & nd 20lth sts. Address Box No. 2,894Post-OmNe, stating house containsall the modern Improvements, hot- old, a6 -
p- terms. situation. &c. howar bahs, and location pleasant Dinner fr %atweME
Classics Sundays. Inquire at No. 59 We 2st--
Le i OAtDING.-Gentlemen and their ,r s w rt.. -.
hfor his Wives ad single Gentlemen may obtain rooas, with G ENTLEM EN'S 9 FURNISHE!D
rU. bu-ord in the modern buit houom No 2S West 28th- L coraer G ROOMS-- ffote corner of William and Frakfert-o
e of Broad way. Taer emF- have each a fire-place. and have -z5 cents per night, or $1 S0.weekly, with convenieneeBaof
be-n newly furnished this summer. ath, gas, &Qo., la he gas lights. Croton water and water olseton echflor.. Of-
L i ed i- house. .. " never lesed ... -. . .
sietau IOARDING -To let, with .board, in a N;wTEWand ELEGANT PARLORS-wd
2.0Ad- private fapl, a e air0 k room with, t 1. BEDROOMS, smglyOrinsltesforfale.l cs
scod floor. J n=a G~admat NP eteeI oswlbalIom~ni
S cheinged.r: J ;: *i, orw15houiboi.^ Inh iS,3th1- .4 "
, ob ted ,- '. ".ui ..-. ... .. wwft-on t t~i. ^ ii4 ww--. ...

i A". .'
_.. 2:.;.



S^ Bthowvy, 8rner of2Otk ew-rk-t thi day
jbit )the recepiow of ,g g t tont om two m-
U NOW6* hpet^ withebbaein csnvenice, ansI
ethroeughoutin 0 16f eleaaae, at least -
f ibiy anyv oteV bii^ City off New. York.: lrtwiUl"
kpt on Amnri. a" Europead plans comblhecjw f'*i
the'etaurant and bl6;d'hote wi be oth a a
haar. ,Th d okaf'the e Hou'st s-i the n of tIM We
Moa.pfaoh* abWr.xpAf. the city and
44W1e Aoeae4 piiifakc their houe ane Lethe rfirat-claas.
l o p whilel, at the, same- me. they wll b
&&Val .i*guieatpst those.whowxmayempoarily vliit
m au d parties WpIed with mealasatthe
ghorte*aotioe.--New-!erk Jeee-- 1852.
-,I s' ... ( IpO NiADE k GO.,-PN prietdrg.

N TA'PLY:' 18.,N D' IOOM[S.
_-WANTE,-_Wi& --Breakfasts, -between Bleecker :
eamd.lpItita st ~paian4earBotdway. Address .tatgidg'
tteornis raboB.8.l~r.en-a Post-p.ilon.-
to-LET-With-or without Breakfast and Tea, at "N.
h between Culnton and Waverleyiplaieal- 'W
ifee alth.ine modenm Imipro.vements. _. ,... ( -
OMS to LET-FFurnisheda.-duI-L
nimcfhe4/to Bgle Gentlemen, without
nstipear Broadway. Address 0 l.Trihune Office.'
4...0t-' to LET: WV,.BO&RD-
4Stabl for families and ",glte Geni.(tleme, in a fin--
mlan house, repletp with all the modem improvements, NHo.
falfWest 14th-se. Rerenoenclmanged.

Soom e Gentlemen, at No.'
71 St. John's Park. References ex-

I..4 7 ORS,, b-ElC y-fr. ts., ... .a
I.5 jhole No 193 tthzot, between 8th and 9tho.
C~l^^4^^'Alslo, small zooms. Them houme lies

Ill ... ... . .. Ii
-iii'nin S In in' .^ '^ 1 C

E` IH suitsm 'toof Rooio6 s 'inh the five build-

preo .'.I in- JO5SElPH J;`COOKE'& h ,O. -
-GrgdJbiv 13: sjheexi^hst subl~o th e us 4f~ln~,Iof ippin

6oe, aln.o &*,vt t coY Ivn t fore. ie

waluatlon, the entire Furniture centeined there.e-_ is
-ealgl O ehfteb? 1Tuuda eiBA2r and a^.l b. ii i' o ; *
',elpbecpw h e.'sm. jdae oim, : .. tie odI,'les
pee dmp, .nxs e y bptse~enite '- ..... -'---
kUE-oIeT- -.t f:r. ,-

,oalesn', thC ebi ie 5tirom tFba e t 1ii p16 e ans
.el n possibly be iadeff iiat nlelit occupation; Ai--'-
-aplyothe-paamiu 'oroa'--- -"- "-" ...

n tIori 'A O a hIo a82 Hhnry.stdl
th seven eooms, "lte "t.mOO he'nrhri". ure orsii-
-exej ~ i IUd ~ a tcml
zfe^w nd4fwAa Wo iaLcgJ

ieep Io e 4pjJat thg'hoe~item &"c. nm .I 4,

ogiyn-h, n Po e n- -pro
~5e,t .. ldelT... aB -S6''jo7en-t dr s4 ..
4..2 #.I Wi

"$'TEA ,P-O" WEK ai~d. &O'''1: I'b/ to : '"LET- ... .

i oiL Ae 0. rt e v.o utable. f- a_ u a n o .a i snp -

0Ll~dtroadwhyat $150 Ap-
tily to j., q 2.i:l No. l(q ;Broadway, ne .dimt,: .
:rn O LET- A ^priv~ate, B~oarring' House,i
Furniture i bes old to the .pers a .enttog e ho1sTe A
.n.rntn the houe0

Aoodn pf nw.. vr denorable idcetion.;
In thblow'fw^ -T^ l~''ws of *Broadway.
?l Teafep^ddydtme PIrNG HOUSE. TnibaoneOffice.

' t ,.K , qI',: !iOO qt
war gI Bd is -h.s let on 'reasonable
l.t.rm ,. .. ,
en "ff-c es,6q: 1k"maie"oe n, " Ri oo-u m ar" .
Wi~~~~ ~ ~ '~" 'l 6-4.

L-O t" n n c-B eo.AD.e in" & near
Ouse 1felin At'dsl -aA Rntija fr a fe4aio'ab i 46m o, gg

]sgaien nlttc s. sis IOne of the fiheis buaihes ostauds in the
'nquier on the premises or.: 4 f y'

-, ,-- J ;: B A N S, J o.1 :B oadaway
rpr. LET -Ag ir The first stry ad
JLnquia oan the prems or of 3 e

Sth ablne loth-aVi.' TheT'Yeni dirb, l"&'to a gioid'11te int. For
artinculars, inquire of S. H. RO.BEITS, No.t9i 6th-av; cor.
-, ... .. : :.: . , :. ', ..-..... X ..U .. "
r[) .L]32., modiirate-A n-A o.r-
f w m d. r i' improve-'
mennta ritiataedopn-horth alde-f'S d l2-1. f Be rt-pst th-.
w.v Apply oh- sxe premiale r elC ^ A^lTAlB4ItRIl,,.8.
COoI )l e "dt--6 *M r. X i ? f'-;,;.; ..-,

J*oaidu0, euctable for 4 Statiocney orN
Tove i --.Anhte aadrcesed to, .px No. f .0..t.- ,0 will.
T. Ieas p .,.i. .. ...T !r ... OU .. ... .. . .

O' LE"- To a Family, half of a small,
..L. nsern lInq S etotxR > 'In e'atNo-. 12 Chal. -
;on-et. r'N i l 17 W eqc at . ... . .. .,. ... ... . ,
t lE .... ..: -.- .. :. i -- -*..." .. .. "* ' ----.-
TO' LET-With or without steasm powe
_'uildfg bh .t~h.% ;'near ]It.-a v, uitable for heavy work.
Inqui n~ 'tb'ffle~ oiF s "" ... 6

O'IiEUP-ywp Lofts-25 by 7-Ofeet, wth.
kIngi0 Qf.YO 10111 & CUTPTR, ino.
*84, -%.aot,..wly.

T- ?,-i.UAUte4g- ROOMS, with
P9n a Ifquirewof
N-. o. 181 L" -i.
'1 0- tI"C.
-I i .I ~ w. . .. ,In I ;A .

t'di(lle aU tpbr-a it~r~iiiil r,4u0rooklyn, for
a alt-r 9, df threat or,
4four Rooms. in a pleasant location. Rent not :to exceed $125. -
,Addredi 'BRU Tribune Qffice. L ... ,.
-S bE., WANTED- Ofn6 or aboiUt sth
-for a "Woleale"oce.y'bainea,; located o0L,,( brtI.tDdt.
-Dey. or Fulton-sts.', below C- reenwib-eLt., or on'Gienwich,
Wtw -figton, or West-ste., between F ulon and CQurtlandt
,sat. WdresaBoai 0,S302, Post-Office, in'idl-Mohday. -
:- a small Family, with-
V %e*out .tifdrpn.'ftr tkix fionths, from first November
.-ext tlgentesl fbintnhbd house. Location in the neighbor-
Shood of Washingtonsetuare, preferred. Afdress Box 1,108
J'aet-tUffce. --
.. i' .'- .,rt..-fah ..o a use pleasantly
7V4 n part-at the city. -For four or
Rve a 8oon -wi aa em.n an d Kitchen, and tI.e se Otf bath.
.:oom, jn-a-d',trable locality, -aribeiral-rent-wl-be paid."- Ad-
eeieaam fl^ Om< i .pt,, .. ,,l,.o st [, ; i '; I :,- ..- i -
i7y NTED-L-To purchase f' -for easi ,
V VT-.uoderate two-story House, with half an acre of
"nlRuaot ow e ie fro h tPe W-Ybrk. Addilrs Ltoi
up-psta'ffre a. 'hast-p ei
JHARt' afie bfie fthi Paeiiving parfticulars, oq the
^TPuny d~n^gf~id, which yI bf attende*t:,,

~J6ILts~tats.. fo~ jaiL

~ fE *^-/~* '< .... ,,-*,',,-'-^k, :,.' ..... "..
the Fl l iamsbnr. be-
Stween the Fltabn&ia d- ad
le. .q k S di'*
-to be d f.. lc-- On -no location Ith ath~fu ii
- orth ti'w h the purchasbr o6-66 iof ttn.12
Onbave o te
"tract i e 1 when loaion is chosen, and the rematii.:
-4er on bomadnd-mortg e, if desired. Mapsand p &tepiul, -
be ba iff-,,*'1 1. 0 o PR
'ean he h ad.^Ha ,, co1raerqpf.Ghad -ndl rtiui I
afrt8,A'IN &HINE corner qfr4
teen-st., ~ ~ 11 todtmKf4&~ tH No.

..hhndsoma -
29ths eween the -Stb- ad-9tI av;-m ld fr0tipng, the.

.sno I %-t. asgs
enear~difdv.t0. .4 e .. -"-. v in. ,
A .lso, 3 iter: ar o e m In S'st st, near Lipnd l:.' .
Al dE- n Sbr nrt

injgJieve. y i&W'owl.


: ailroad at Toag 61he Ioilad orodeas goo Iosf. ogra
fThe udAt ,"-i~g ui4g~e

the different kinds, including wbeal4 and is superior mre- '
aow land Any one wanting a pood productive farm will
ot often have one offered that will sit him as well as this.
OhroTiogaValtey is vMyer5o-hitite- It keFiboniaffer' fo n-
ant ot ran-it has not ariEg the preset me., which has
een O dry .In mo;tid t ttel country Sevcbrl gea.
temen, wh have traveled extensively ohe_.preent season
doad taken notice of the crops, unite in pronaounci those in
teis valley equni to any, and better tha. ot ey have eea
esta e here. ""'. ., '--" ." J ,.' .' .
Any one in'the city who maywish for som farther inform- i
Siofen hreordtothle, fatm before going to l see.t will inqrt.,
(f .W.. B..7UYTE. & CO., n. 2Caourtlandt st, upi
aIrs. Ptie'*.O-O. T. pATi~lSON & CO..
Lawmencevllle, Pa., Sept. 4, 1852.

s&] N.,!. .

(eonsdry Inadoi, ing the bi.llpge'pLnto',, Wun, ,a~gr
imlwohv ris ai4 ale etesiv ppplyhe ofprodatsiengasn

iu fie 0! "mdbushels .p g "j. esjn. of keep nilm
i tend notinter, 15o aiei and cattle.* Thejviniage
Pt cnt~btaatout isi timrivizw.pod
aBevallthy as an. aton a new-ngeland" therisr Bll-
)ad.aow building .within-one-mile ofsaid larm,-which-will
Aymmunehate itOtw ad ihord.s fifr,'. leaMiot
Leopicnted to'Be0 ready for the iars ti ll en ti.
rlrnd is-com j, lefi, 'wlhich will be'n' tlT;$ c
cop |l .ir o ,.h' ot paribcul"r.2 t eac u.hser" (n
Sof 14tINdM A. SU T.-'_upu,.ondd
L eo i PS,. Wisconit. 1..

igt aceed'eiaeYiVullha ert (W
em .f-rd,)-." .he. r" '
YB Ddg.4toijf'5 e fP aisd Rose-ep
i 1ge peaoirciozr e ye Th e i -

'/ TR~IV~ATE 'SALE: The ts~o-J
in ek &ttibHrick t nsi and Lot. N. 140 Gme6n-
icl-sl bietkadhi S -i'in haritbn-i the houlfteis .
r 40 f tj;i.t le t Is 80, t fde eeet'i depth . .. .
Also, the three-story brick House- andLdtLt' No' ah-ii
gton-t in rear otJil fi--t e above ; me.ze ofl;oa- 6?'All fee*
dftptKfeife 6fIlot 75 felet in depth, w idtohCd ab
1 iW fine order.: One-half thrp&rchaie i;nmone'ybant"i,.inv
lond ad mortgage. : ',-For ;prie atmK urthe, pan-iciars r"a
*ply to ANTHONG J. .-BL EI .?.Aucts6unoeiNbin.. .'
*oadrst. t, ;. i' .

J j dnotie bnik House, -Barn id houSed, with about
t reeoaresof -Landwelli f.ulted, .hd all.inveery fihe orderr,
Shge qrf.wii I6UFlnrieg Mill.:U.ftWo' -n bf Atone. 'sftatad '
a ..5eck about eoe mile frotOy3stHr iBay Village, and-.
tI T4 afnro ear -Cove. --The dweli house will ace
bi ...trobrda ..s. Ltation 'ery ahble Fie
--thng, ..& c, ., is well calculated for a lumber yard
eyi ILe dor 'on-tyhewpremssern. Tbis propertywilI
ifor property the western part of this State
,e MIULaged fow roery arpo s,,tapbyto
ne int.^,Fgr, p ri .0 thurtherypartimulari,.apBly to
%K, I .B oKf4pn er,.No. 7 Bron tlst.
E. "GRO E~ -' for SALE-At
taIteSnR. frnNting, on,,tbe New-Ybk1 Bay,,near, .
e idW V dk6 tfse. _lm Tree, abodt 2 Ies beto th'.
n-rowe, embiiig 2"ides "of htffani, inluidihg the 'Ced-h, "
S.1 h o tid hisck, wlith letters pateu.nt foritpemgrant there-
an. d h Dls of-'this lpeers fabt toaii*n; thi ;
Bn 1havjnghbebh ocodpied for- the last fivb ye dur the.-
s gmeeasonsm am a place of reiott for beasbkthiing ad b-
U I i ent.;, .. .". .o ..... .,,". ,,,,
I farthessparticuIars, inquire of J. DILL, near:qortMrni'
-E W premises or of S.- It.-'LORD, No. 165"
To *B .New Y065-o.Dated,'Sept. 9 18."2- - .

- for SALEdritheYI'ILAt o0f TARhiYTOWN.-T.ihe
*h use is large. belt in Gothic'style, twoatoties and attic;'
in-buldi gia 46-by 38, with-witng in the sea, I9-bv 30,-
S d. tores ,has been ;buit e years ;. repleth 'ith sati he ,
'"m dern improvementss: , situated east ofithe Dttech \I
'-C surob, overlooking the villaeJ and commanding a view of
.. tI BNoth River. from the HavetstrSw0; als6, a'
p.! if oviei 'fte..ronoit, Ny a'cknard the rdngei of moua'ai ':i
o. nd. A variety of shru'bfery, and fruit .juist cbmiag
in ;o being. Is easy of access and within1 fire minuteki'
w lksi f the Posht-Office, storiesi chorcbe., &oc. WiU be sol!.
SwttfflO,to'50 acres. o sb 'IVila'Site 4AfrbmI t'5: acreB t witl
Sfide view, of-the riverand:;su rounding-country. Fopap-.
-: hul- We pyqtp,.AR-,.WAS. iq No. 211 Pearl'srr. br
r':onth,,premises, to .,*., ',-;.: ". ". ....8 '. G. MALLOBY.

A.ST .. M.yR lIA .VILLAGL.--
; 'l Abqut.:.2 .,Lpt.(e.mainingm!lesold)m varyl in. I ie -
i n ipe-eilg.thof'a re tosixacres are offered for SAIB
hei.o~t orable term. -.Tenaer ceat. down.- and. bal-
) Er e r'.f M i Marc i, Title perfect. These,. lots
lccupy a ver althy and beautiful. location, near asd iin
ku. view of the- East-River, and in the itmmnediate vicinity
iflthe residences of everal- 9f the emist.*wealthy and re4
Bpbnotabfe 'cttineEof. esigester-Coupty., Also A ine fishing
Pw Wiih Ohine qdrl of ,ta mile.. Several houses are now
*bulding,- e "lots seilin rapidly. Fo -mas and other in-
fohrmatioh app'lyR W.'IfNTON-, N': 5 Trype-roW, near
-i pORl -SALEX A`P 6iu: ful'Go' Lhc" Cof-
'B.tage House and .Lot forFSale or to Let, situated in
2d.av., Lear42d st. Terms'evasi"y,'adpart of purchBasenonhey
', ab zemais ,owbond;and-r mortgage. 7Apply at No."9 fHeter-
-&t.i up stair,. after-..JP.M. - .... ..
IE- OR SALE-Four acres of .ro0nid. in.-
.j-.-the. village of Fairmount, adjoining the vUaie of Mr--
;'i8n3ia, in Iplomsof7.9 by l tO felt-dilstant'one -haflfitle from
0 thhlBpt. App)y to AUGUSTUS-.P. WOODDRUFF, West
F .s',ad joining thepremies. . '
-OR SALE-Two onehi Undred" acre
F 0 0 lotsqf-?WEed Ban io..ttictxto's6hoLtbeEot oneand a
"half..'l from the. village an&.l 10. miles, from this ci'ty.., In'
--Ith i B g6 ..there. are churches, .p-, n. schools,: mi-ials, &c.
hi E stha from 10 to;, acre cleaved -onm-i,. and logs
er I Pon each. lotreqouisite for all ,-building purposes.
-Fo ter .apply to. ', . KI.,;-No. 1 .Eat25th-st.. ,
- ^ i ur= tlo ur,,u8 0 on', two"
S!" Lots,.Nos. 1P78 and -Wft-Elizabeth.Bt: ;The lots are 25x
100 feet each, with a four-stiry.:brick House with under-
se])arm on front and rear, bu t in a ibstkntiLil -isimner, and
fished for tenements, The buildings are nearly new, and
producing large revenue, Appy to ;.'. "- 4
i .. "" JAMES'H: THQRNE,N6.68 Walker-st. 4
OR SALE.A ve'ryydesriable residence
o in the pleasant village of Tarrytown (corner of Wash-
inton and Franklin-stalT;:Lot, 134 feea; fquse two-
sdtories high, with atic' basement and, cellar, an fileld-i .
with brick. Piazza- b 'th-eesides fou'r marble mdntel aid''
-grates. It was built in 'the best 'm'aidierfdr- the'0,nir'rs-.'o'-'-.
.eupation three years ago. The grounds are handsomelv"li-id
out, with choice fruit and ornamental trees, also shrubbery,
vines, &c. &c. A fine `cistern and a -well of the best water.
Possession will be given-if desired, isi thirty days aftersale.
got particulars, apply to Mr.- WM.M. WATERBURY, No.'
31 Pine-st.; New-York, -or dnthe pjiremises to the subscriber,
.I.HoMAs B. MABEE.. .:,, ..-:- :

ORr SALE-A beautifuL.Counti-y ,esi- i
S.dence,.in the village of Warvyiek,' Orange County.
coi listing of an elegaetb house arid out-buildings, 5 'acres of
lan L. fine orchard and gardens fruit aod ornamental treesof
evev iarYtv Price. $5,0n0, )wilth is not thIe value of the
Buildings.,. For a more full description, inquire- of W. R...
-WELING, No. 59 Cedar-st. ,-
': OR SALE-A very pleasant. 2j-,story
-n COTTAGE HOUSE in' one of the best neighborhoods:!
of South Rrooklyn, convenient to stage routes froin all tilb
Brloklyn ferries. Inquire at No. 112 Broadway, of .' I'
. ..... .. S.. W GRANT., "
F" Oi. 8A LJ$-4An elegant free.stone -i
t-h iree-tory.and basement House; ,fi-lahed in- the veiy
meemodem style with gas, bathl, &e. situate ia the fines'
pt of Uniont., ooklyn. .
-- Jls, a two-story and basement Gothic Cottage, -iVtlh large
tare, grape vines, shrubbery, &a.., situate in Bond-sa., near
i-ermeirhoinst., iBroAbklyn. A Iarge part of the purchase
Smoey on eaCh.oftk.e premiescana remain n bond and morn"-
la g S ",. > .' ...*. -- .. .. .. . ..i- - . _
SA ', n 1 aaes ofheavJy Timber .Land, Ituate In the town
Pfqalisb y. H er ki T '. for saleor exchange. In-
ste NY E Lo" o i s usell'or-at-Law, No.' 127
ulton- t, N. Yor of. WM. YiREP, No. a West Jro&t
iray. __ **.< I *. _ i :-I. j. 5*^ *
A new 3-stpry brick Dwelling House and Lot. on 3d-st,
Best South Pi'th. It is finished-in good style and is valued at
$4. $400, and will bejold for $3,500, ifIapplied for u6o. Two
minite) .walk fr,.m Peck-slip Ferry. For further particu.
.lars iijiii 'ire of'THOMAS HINJS in 2d st., near South-id.-
", QR SALE.-rAifirist-class Hotise o- s a
JFL. ful'llots finished., in modern style, No. 28 Suffolk.-m.
Ales, thrye 'st' cas Hoiiuses, built on two lulll ots, with a
near shop and small'tenement buildig, in 4t.-t., between
let and 2d-av ; and several newly5,pispec tenemsnts, rooms
andbedroomm, &nd .Wtdtes, In 15rh-st.,between Avenues A and
B; hnd in 42d et, between 8th-and 9th-ea8., to let. pply
to R. FISHER, No.179 iseA-si N. Y. 'Offle hours from
6Gto 9A MI.andtfrom 4to7"/P.M. "

OR SALE-Lotit1l7th at.,- JO0 feet
west of Jrving-place ; 9' Lots toutbhweiel s aer of
Bi B divey and S4ih-B.s: Lots in 32d, 3d, -4th, -,5"'36th,
57tL 38th and 39th ste., Murray [Hill'; 3 Lsts cor6sn'Broad-
ia] andF 87th-st-; 6 Lots corner ,B'oadiway aad'48d-st; 6
'.Lots corner 6th-av and 42d-st.; Lnta on 5th and Madisos.:
i, ave. and Reservoir-square. Apply to
!___ ____ .it. G. PIERCE, No. 1,104 Broadway.
:POI":SALE, Very Low-A new House,
rJ_ ontaining front and back basempnt, front and back
i parl)ra sitting reos, 3 bedrooms. &hc, finished in the best
roeener, with marble mantels, folding di nrs, French sash.
rric Lke%. ,4 /: THOS. RuBSON,
S' .4th-st, near South l0th-st, Wtlliamsburgh.

F.O"' SALE-With immediate posses-
i. n OS, the large three-story brick dwelling House and
Lot,i in fee, No. 0 We i2lst-st.. .delightftuly situated oppo-
site the Paik of the Thewiicel Seminary, nw in perfect
Sorde ;walls rall pnted 4- bvery full and complete,
bath, W tater cloeta,0 n s &. For k'ey and per-
ismion to view fe bouse, t.ppl to JAS. N. WELLS,
SEiq4. 167 9th.av.; or to WILLlAt. H.ARS IL 4F pliff-Bt
S 20iBt 1222 Le -,t.,e"w. ari"by ; ,
iO. o'od operty forimprovetnei. -- 1ore n .
F ,lsi 1 00. 0.lzicI ~ k ~ i

OP&.ORSALE or-to LET-Two- piendid
Nos e49dahd5t Welttdfi
[n5tee .7u and '8- They. are, replete with aU.the
Tod dyIor occupancy:eAply.
t'T S i n er areMPaiVfture, M .
:.AEd W.MILLt for SAL9-,
Sia ,miles fro. Mnrrlstownl*-Rfeij-

[i Q' D gti. N o. antlig abtia
1W Ict ---' -H g..


.-"-ANTED .to PURAHASE- Aboa
W an'hour's ride from the City'by Railroad, a place i
.. fin S.toa 20 -acres'of gobd Land with a cu.mfirtable HloUn
aind buildingpe, within a;fei minutes' walk from the station
Address B., Box No. 1,710, N. Y. Post-Office, stating term
location, &c. .

0 0 ,0A' mall w ..,of2Oa rwa
to e s from thepDo t lhabt
a rtioulard
Ife t.T aid&gwNmt. 1 No. I N wti
Af-- for S ,LE or to ViP V,
M hree-sto -rthree rooms deep, basment.ani
n,,er-cellar) modern House, No.' 26 West 3lse-st.,for Sali
.f-Letlow until May next. The neighhorh- s is good
J1hafluae.has- the late improvements, under cellarw,.afl
room, &c., &c. For particulars inquire of A. M. LYQ, ,
9 Merchant. Exchange. .
.-OUSE and LOT for SALE-The sub
.JL scriber offer I fo sale the prooertv oca -p ed by him a
SC eder Groyv, C4'dwell opipahip, EsBex Co. N J., natlstl
]g ofe icQmforiable Dwe-lllht?.IoAsE, nearly new, 1..po
0 bouse,'Biib,;a1dbur alres .fi La, being about-@"s"Lle
~ e e is mih
in f i Pateaonn and segh' Oifl ew5X, i 0 'he Jess? a
'. om ptoni TutDufkeR Oa. ,UU1 'rebfrpn,S. PE51 -TI
o 0 ofthe lubecriber' on'the -fro i 9' 41.. .
Ceolar 0,O. -#.pe5 jl7.L8q CaAtICARLE- DOD H
ARLEM7.-For ,,LKL or to L i .
L HBotieandib Lots, on_ .o..rt..-westcorder!tW
i. id 28th-at The Hoe wzos but by the presentoa
ad a mdicspnt,--Le being n Ihlt't-fop' his own
4enc.' Jiti birick, three stdrie'ily 3150 feet front -r
id a fine GIrde,; Shrubbery. &s.*cn the-premises. lobr
t culars apply, from 1 to 2 o'clock .4., to E. H. BORO .i
,o.7l, W '.,st.,,- in I ti m : : W'

-i- tble 9th-Ward, and situated.4etween the tareet
Spal -b6oqughfarvsiand 5ud- -i tateet *,of '.rooklydI
e a pltou-av., Atlantic-at. 0rpJEra8d, and the, Plank-R,
.bia I.favyraile location t .e.ti.ure to the i
menlily f'aviireaple lboyoind u,.Q5
0 o em nreae _beyond m op A great man=
t e lotajhave heen sald lately. and-all those desirous of-S
c laSip With /.small capital lys iteated) '
8 oul 0on Jto account negle t I ax i 84 809
.,toa 0.a.ense., uceas -
ne a Idtsirftfte eiti d'proporti'on '.vements
Ii a aith5 61]e. --The prices !W a resent from t
.I $ 75;,'-*itb-the exc6ipidon ofc dr' l-tt. Mi .than 90 IBij
- h e been erected there, mnan ae n0row Ins hand, anddi,
2 0 owner of lots intend t9 b g .tpad the fo9l'w
8i ea." 'sice the first ofe Qf t.rlife railroad cars.
t ereever& morning at46 o'clock, by which all bsine"s
m n 0ide tlthe South Ferry'isileti thdn ten minutes AA-
d 0 lok.A.M. an4d at 7 o'iclsioku.mi the train leaved,
M tth' Ferry for New -Brookilyn .:" i ' .
The map of .New'Broekoa n a ,fai alla 'heiseen at t]
b okstores6f ydm F denthal, No 287 Bowery, as
Mr. H. E. .oSkm ann's,. 'S 3X- Y .D--
YFor frurther,.tiuWa4i i~quifratR.9t7 A.EX.EYD A
iLn L OM ffice in thp1un HoqNi-rOoktn-or ei
M RADD-1 N.i 6r oaBdw ypNY S..Sf&Q H.
JAK. ; Np,-Y.6rk;.,C.il4,!*.M)EMtACflER, No.<
A c.-ipi., n hrlodlphin a d

-^nHE FARM~E98"'UjPE' 1'.'VH
-'LIFE FOR ME."-S6 be potasnd io si j
t ian at the Farnm Agency. 'N 41 a'.i whare ah
Srtx.ment of the greatest variety i onoettntlyOnhuad, wA
in for purchasers. e. ,i in i -E ILB
EXAS LANDS-L$veral desirte
_T pa~cels of Telaa Landsi.lreefferedefor barter for]
folowing.goods-~ ":,.Dy. Gopdsi -Qlo.jhing,l Hadwaie, Boo
SIoet, fiats udCaps0 Qu enw!e4wjp.aits, Drugs and M'l
cinep. Apply toM-,.,-XGOLF,-No,;,j Aan-1t.,N Y, or
,n. N ,,41,._ ; 'M4,-Market-st., Philvt
.1 b- r.1 W&A8E, TS td :COJUNTRV
.-SEAT$ rA!jrGLEN VERNOR.--That splendid vi
Is ela e pcop 'is ig't.e Ifarmas.of Messrs, Dfbrow, Lyonp-d&
Sorpgan. s noqwh4n aid out in lotsI.of from 'hone-quirter 1
i file acreofferijngx.tatrdinarv inducementsto those seekt
)in the bet Jucas'ioms, It occupies both sides of the Ne&
-H vei Railnro d be'we'Sn bMt1 VesEQo:; andt lPihamville, a
f*in a greaternurmber oateligib!e building.sites;.and mou
SeAtensive' vfW f beautiful sdcnery, than any other -nec
tin n the viclnty of the city:" It has, among other vahia
-bl features, a commanding, postid i on t .herpilroad, exde
Jet water .iapid 'ad'vure stre-ms easily adapted to orni
Minbahd n h'ility.;" -This, &Arpn&-i ra1b'o'diy brouF
ta close.,' Beatcol are A nre ad i lable i
Ubl -o.parties takIng-lota for' cah, iithediate.ipossees
giyen. Avenues wjll be of the bestcls' as to gi, aig. &8
and be laid out according to the nature of the groywa il tb
n- i st picturesque style6l tulds obvidtie thd e- esdit-of deo
c.uas ad high .ades, which indvitablyvdamage'adjcent lot
T ,e experience and facilitiess potsesscdb-,.fhose '*asociatea
'In his enterprise. together withits a'nuotiamed.antural -a
va t-ages, iill'iniaure this being the mbdel, village.- Any ii
Sformation will be Lheertully gaien by the g eatillmmn abiv
in man.- o the unds, i b ds: WATK[N8t
- !3l ;*- .9- oadiway." .... . 7 ,... in .. ..-

:' LLA GE RiESl D EN CE for~ S.14-LE-
Y The subscriber offers for sale his homestead, situated i
the vitJage of Clinton, Oneida Cqunty, N'- F-. Iteoesists
a noon' houenanid about 'seven acr-es nf the ,esf' naod in th
State,- with a isiieorehsrd'of'cultivated fruit, a good garden
Inl almost evei-ytbing desirable in a ,ilage pr-,perty. Irt i
a quarter of a mile from the centerr of the village, in which
iai fi-ve churches, a mile-'from'.H'aniltb]nCQlige. and there
,.quarters of a mile from the Clinton Liberal, Lusm'tlite. bht
i male and fex'ale departments- and severstitier ....e an
female school. with all i-f wahIeII it -ia. acu d e fin
plank walks. ;To-a -gentleman:haviigf a' fdiily if-sons
dasghtersto educate, or who desmtes'akresidence,3n ohe
the moat p]fasant and ,thivine vilages in the Stat,.tHis -o:
fers a very favorable opportunity.- i'"- Ei' "i-n '-

J HAIE and MiwlE. HAUSE wish to obtain a 'few
mpr' pupils aPItheir residence on'Tozpbkins -plae, firt house
Snor of Deg'rawsT.,eBroiklh",' Ladlies wilbo waited upon
atitheir own boeispeim, most agreeable ,o them. ; I .
rEaMS"-ForlPiano ana"luitar, $Si2per quarter; Harp, 125,.
'. per .qua.ter!;.- ,iing&g.Lesids ie lI-raian, $12 per, an-thnr.i
.Clnl.en .under twelve years of age Instructed-in. the
Srudimente of Music for $6 per quarter.
W! 'is H 4USE wil also give lessons in the Freiich and
Spanish Languages- te'nsm $5 per month.

!T1 iR. and Mad. NOEL BERGIER con-
tinue to give in ftr.uction in the French Language and
Literature, and in Musi oi:n 'the Pisaio'rte; "at the'rest
tepces of their patrons or at thdr ow., : 9 4tt-av.
,"Ffeudi Clasi':t&rLadies au'dG6 tlme'.;:='':

UaIC..n- .-A Lady, who has great expe-
,i .L rieDce-in teaching Piano and Accordeon, with Nidg-
ing, and whoseexertionis with her pupils have hmet with
ood'suceess, ban'attend to a few. more pupils. Residence
,N 0._. ?55 7da- t ... .... __"_._'_ .. . .

.-. -

:.!; .: ''.,- 1t^M^te .... *;; ....

: .'*ZATUTION for YOUNG LADXES-Splngler lniqtet,.
(Unhion Park.) Rev GORHAM D. ABOTT, Prifacial. I
The eighth academia year will .commence WB3DN1E3 &
DAY, Sept. 6.' .- : ,
The appointments and arrangements of this Institutioin 4mre
of he high.est order. It Professols and Teachers irs, P ib .
r-, fraintings and Apparatus, its range end: stem of nf.
.srbctioni-and its courses eo Lectures, are of a character to
Insure, as far as 'human Instrumsntalities: can an accome-
plisbed, Christian education. .. : "
Pupils.. and applicants for admission, are expected t6'be
punctually present at the opening exercises. ""
Circulars may be obtained b letter, or at the Institution,
and personablnterviewa with the Principal, after Sept. k."
New-York. Aug.,19. 1852. ,. ....
"SVILLEPLAIT continues to gi
*A e instruction in thb Frerch language, and literature'a
the, residence of hispuvils,or at his own, No. 22'4Wit
Twen ty-eighth-st.,near Broadway.. .
A 1HOME in. the COUNTRY ft
L.OYS within aixtednn miles of EARTFORD.- l
i. dvertiser will take only; four boys and. those under;t
Years of age, and will devote hip.- whole time judiciulooml
. their moral, physical and;. intellectual. training. Terms itsf
peria ,ium. Address Box No. 346;Peost-Office, Hartford,.
Reference, C,. C. Bean, Esq.,at of the BoaNX,
,i Education, minthiscity. .. ',.
tOND-ST. ACADEMY, No.. 59 Bo0..
,.J t., W. PARKE I, A.Mat., Principal -The Qext sem
W" commence the7tlt of Septi. Circulars containing teXe. '
branches taught, references. &c.,. may be obtained atlow4
boeostore of E. FRtNCH, No. 135 Naasau-st, or at Not
SBroadway. $ 1.
', OOKrKEEFNG,-Thi8s import
i. iL a Scine, in all its branches, practically taught 3y..
LEVIlS, At hip Cbuntig' Rpoi, p0 264 Broadway; 14'.
pupil receive privatein.structio, and actually keeps a s .-
artnership 'boois, e mbracing- all the business transactioneof
%an Iextensive,' mercanitile fiose. T-eims moderate. Refer.
r'enc s given.a.lnden... hie.
4. -+ . ,, i's 9'
is now ope'i fnr the. reception of Pupils. Classes'add
tndance on s0i9ool s M lereto'fore. "
S C N"T: CUMMINGSNo. 1435th.' .
GLISH SCHOOL, No. 809 Broadway.--A. FO[GNEB
PrcipaL.-The faltered of this .uslimcuion will com neri
a rc8NDAY,-Se~t-6. Fe4ignerbgswllfima
o. ONDY.ep. .6. M. Fignet begs leave to infsqi
W s rten-ds dthepfulietheas whe 4biih ctpleted his i
meigto for. th'e lebs'ia.g seMpno "which' hill afford to his pupl
.... .. .. . .. 1 1 -4.. ._ _
ilncieased advaantagesin tte various departments. ',
':, I continuing hm -establishmni i Ubauer' its favorable a"'
pices, Mrr Fdigoet avails hiinselffoftfie odcaeion to'ay, th
bbwill be received at any dtag'of their education,
tho roughly prepared for Collegeor Business. The pupils w"i
bel mited in 1umber'and select... ........ : .
The French Language-is spoken In the school, and taught'
throde hours daily. The instruction "i's practical, and the msisp
unt "t g effoi's are made ..t.rpderacholaru perfectly athoama-
In e8ery brainchb of aFench education. ; .
II t1lhe English department, all thp studies deemed egaen-
ial toa soli.d. ane. polite English education, will be pursued, Ji
aid 0tboe depiring p complete classical education wi-llienljoy
eve]y advantage *hich' any ether Ciassiial Schoolit thIi ,y
an )ffer.s, ... -. he 'l o f ,.- i n-- "- .?
Cclarsmaybe, had of Messras. JOHN MILHAIU;-..#.
: 183 roasdwa y;DELUC & CO. No. 581 Broadway a.'d d 1i.
260 Fotth-av..;,RO.E LOCKWOOD &SON, No. 41-1 'B d':5'M
ws ; 1..&,H. MILLER, No. 645 Broadway ; G COQGE '.
HaA Lot No,.809 Broadway, :or at Mr. F.'s residence, ':N. 164

X"C ELSIOR'--.'Parents wishing to fitid
SJLi a Institu1ion, In which -good order is minsitas jd.b;
readkWifdtei*.ahd rapid improvement, secured by V.0rU
Instruction, will be please'in and served at the C AP2i'a
andiagffal B cbIhdl4 .No, .
1 0r: i' SOLOMONW JENNEH, P -infpll ".
JLiN Imd.DA-YSCHOOL, No. 97 Thom '4k4T.-.phe
fisn a PALACI-E will reoDen. their eatablts "
Youpg Ladies on MONDAY, Sept. 6 S :
86 NG ahd DAY ES(j6OL for YOUNG .fAD i ,.No
Broadway~,.poirt Union-square. Mrs. LMF..iftBT ,
ciPal--his School"wIll 6e reopeno.d on'M}l8D&AY,
September 13 Application.for full particulars, and-forproe-
pectis e", may be made tQ the5Principal at the a^|"addre

eYlt ttlSl.ssyThem. Is ,no'system of PSai i
equ lto r. ..G/8a~ysem, and. no teacher as able-t-impart
- it as|th e authnt hetal, al writers tabe lessoinipf .l. '
[ or ucha~bm i jctsp ,bookB forblsorbe praatiBe.:p :l. 25
cents For, salngttthe rooms, 'do.219 adinidwy. *^ I
X CHOOL for BOYS.-,-Thns Insiettione, Btuate ~o -
posile Tii^, h,,Ton, f [TeBdt H.udsohar g .,
idll ,0e,, Opened' on the ds of? 8eptembef. Thldfin bih '
I aaltho s.a. presesi.. all the- advantages of th:"isfenny I.
*- iouhh wi~htbupit0.miniesofaHobokeet and -Jaertacit Fen-
':.Btesjand having"n..nmunitatino by smeibus w-tfr -'
e. .ery half e hou.p The cnaks o an td Mat c'iac~e."l i,'. -
$ksi~ch. Spanish, the Classics and Mathehmtiatl'lf ifr~ft

19 :,yb uo a h y.The.. p .c
F'-. InY', a m 2 : J b's

kid, J91to1St 4-'. i~y
^ tldghsBoardi a
y u elfor Youn al ee nWdedy oe ,g

ISSES. L.- M. & M. R. GRE19N
l .. will reopen their School for Young Ladies, at"No. 1
Sth av., first house from Washington-square, on MONDAY,

S SIGN, No.569 Broadwaiy, where the-elt i*structieo
will be 'given in the aits of Drawing and Patintg sat a
F term. Payments advanced ' .
I S 1 S SNOW will opener Day
L.l Schc ol for MiKsei and Young Ladies on MONDAY,
thi ]3tb Sept., at No 86 4th -av., between 10th anid'l 1th sas.
,Applaclions may be mad6 from 9 to 11 A.M. Refereonc-
F Rev. Henry W. Bellows. ;. -

I;.M SS TO WNSEND'S School, No. 46
,I East 16th-st., corner Irving-place, will repen. aon
SMonday, Sept. 6. __ . "
i^ TRRS. H. D. WARD will be ready tn
C. jL receive her pupils Sept. 10, at No. 870 Broadway.
JJJL DAY SCHOOL, No. 218 West- 14th-st., between 8th
Aand 9th-avs, will reopen on Monday, Sept. 13,1852,
1 I ADAME SEILERT, Profedsor of -the
]- F. rencb Language, and Teacher 'at Madame Ch6ga-
Sray's celebrated School, wshes to fill up some of her.leisure
houxr by tuition. either ip a private family.- or in a Sho.l
Ma ra wil kindly giVexhld necessaby refarenmes;
Si 8 SE BE &T 'N b'!4A' .odway;, eoner 26th st....
0'lj VIbGand PA1NITTN, ACADEMY, No. 491,.Broad-
wa?, is',now open for the reception of pepile. Particular at..
ten'ltioi in.paid 'tb .tm ing. sod CDrerin. from Plaser Casts
Sand from Na'ture; Painlihg in Water Colors, in Pdatitl.
Drwi.g a. Sotne and '.aiirgiin Oil Colors. -Specimens-
b- ibs pupils, atb well asby hlsIf, may be examined';a hi
S t ,I a . ... ...
Separate'Classes for Ladies. X '
0Gntlemen's Class fibm 4 t0 6ao'clock P. M.
Sr. 'Srecial Ceurse for Female Teachers on Saturday, after-
ncon. and one in the forenron f.r Maeters. '"
X'Even'".4p Class for Gentl, men from 7 to 9 o'clock.
'rnstitutipus. bchoole ard Private Instruction promptly at-
tend' d to. Porraittr painted. to o dizin ithe above mniention-
ed4tiles. For parniculars se' circular.
.' S. S HUSTEi, Prfeesor,
S: opposite the American Art Union.

and SPANISH-Priof. 'A.. BASSET will reopen-, his
French aod. Spanish Classen ono the l.5h inst. He will also
organize a new class fbr beginners on or about the .15thof
OcQj ber. Fo the particula s apply at his residence, No. 364
Broadway. before 9 A. M and after 6 P.U ..
J. EDUCATION'of BOYS, No. 259'Grene-st., between
Cidton'aid Waverly.-place, J. H. PATTON, A. M., Prin-
cipal. Th. two Departments, Collegiate and Primary, open
on MONDAY, Sept. 6. Pupils are prepared for the counting
houseodr for admission to any c -liege. The number of pu-
pilsI is limited. Circulars containing further information
may be ohtaived at the bookstores, CRUMtrIE'S druggist
store, No. 862 Broadway, cor. 14th-st., or at the Institution.
pAINTING in OIL. taught by BEN-
L JAIIN 114-H. COE, .assisted by FREDERICK P.
SHELL, an accomplished young artist, No. 1 first floor4
WNe 4. York University A large and valuable collection of
pai tiris by Durand, ahurch, Ward, Hiuhbird, and several
ether eminent artists.-are furnished for models, and pupils
are taught to make accurate copies from them. Please call
and'see if this is so. Instruction in pencil, crayon, pastil,
wAtfr colors, perspective and drawing trcm objects and from
ties is hereby given, that Evening schools forth edu-
cation of Apprentices or others, whose ages or avocations'
pteevrnt their attending the day schools, will be opened on
MONDAY EVENINao,the 20th ins, for aterm of four-
teen weeks, in the rooms of the male department of the fol-
lowing School Houses: : . '
/ IVth Ward-Ward.'School House No. 10, James-st., be-
tweed Chatham aed Madis'n-sta
VIth Waid -'Wid School House No. 8,1Elm-st.,near Leon-
ard-st" . .
.VIlth Ware -Ward School House No. 16, Mn,st.,near
S. Montgomer-st. ..
VIIIth Scnool Hhuel Nao 23, bClurk-@t, be-
teen apriogand Broome-sts. 6
IXth Ward--Pubfic ,Scbool HotumeNo, 3, corner f Hudson
.'- and Grbve-sts "' ". *" '" ', udo
Xth-Ward-Ward School ,Huie No. 3, Ludlow-st-, near
I : : Delancy-stel I- - "- ,. - ...... ..
XIth Ward-Ward School House No. 5, Stanton-st, corner
XIIt, W.vard-Ward- Schpol House No. 22, 86th-st., near
: 4ih av.' Ward School iouse.No. 24,-Hartem.
.,XIVth VUard-Ward School House No. 17, Orange-st.,
:! near Grand.
XVthWard- Ward School House No. 20, 13th-st., near
S ih.av. ,I
XVlth WVard-Ward Sehool House No. 30, 24th-st., near
Sth-av.'. . .
XVUIthi Ward-Ward School House No. 25,. 20th at., near
I 2d-av. ,. .. .. .
XIXth Ward-.Waard' School House No. 13,, near
8t.-sav .. -. .
N .i 'I "-FEMALES. -
Nice is also given teat .Evening- Schbols for the
education of femaleswil t-be opened on Monday, the 20th in-
staInt in the Female Departments of. the following.School
Houses: ".' .. -
IVth War-Ward' Scbool House No. 10, James-st., be-
. twin Chatnan'aaid Madisban-ts.
VIIIth Ward-Ward Scaool House No. 23, Clark-st,
between-'Brqome and Spring-st .
Xth Waid-Waifd- 8iodil H'ouse No. '3; Ludlow-st;, near
; inD6 lcy ft6.V - r I n I .
XIth Ward-e..Ward.School House No. 5, Stanton-sti, cObr-
ner Pheriff-st.
XVth Ward-Ward School House No. 20, 13th-st, near
6 .th-ayV. .. i .
XlXth Warid- .ardechbol 'H-non No. 13, 40th.-s1 near
th-lv." -
A ecbool-for colored peoions: will be opened iu Cloreid
Public School House No. 2, Lauren_-st., near Broome-st. '
Competent" ei'e.pefiie6ced teachers- haye been engagecd-
and everything r:bvide' haidt ma bh `requireS- to conduct-
these ebooan a f&affojrdf thoroughist, mtction to thepunpils,
free of chare. .Appiication for, adnission-.must be, madq as
the Sc6ioo tooms ansoon as the SchoolJsare ooened.
C. J. DODGE, -......- WM. O"OONNF .
..... ... .. ALDIS.
:... : n:. amittee on Evening School.
Office of ordvof E.aatnon,ISept 11, 1852 .
ROVYAL:. L-Mrs. & p. K'DR'S
: Boarding and Day School for Young Ladies-is-re1
muvd to No--121 Clinton-place where it will reopen-on
MONdAy,!SthRI t. i.... v
.CH.OL fo' os..-B. A. SM,. l,-
tI rilipdl ofLelceaster Academy MaM., wilt spea'o
Weobesdaey, tie. 15th-of September next, in Fair Haven
n p eo]frb.. The nnm bgrwidl. bp fm .-
[ e."Th' tmoi b- delightu,, and pupils
wl Jfiric ,lic~th fe .'yof. Mr. S. a plleasanth.ob e:and
o enjo, f)ate5aIltM. ti' p gt -experience and su0cm..>as
teacher are a sufficient guaranty that the very best o ;In-
1 gtrnetion wtit-bena8fo1lIed; -Far farther information -dd..e.
5c:4 d "" iVro" essaof.u o oI ;~:

Dr s. liod ,, 1.N t4 Whonps ;s
L 8f n -lt h S -et mq, N o. 20 Bro ad way w av A,.c
^jS~ Fltn~~iBOGCeoreAllen, Woreser3 Men

,T J M. BA&COMBER,.A1 ,M., Qontinues
q 1resonsidn Latin, _t, Mahemaw cs and Bng-
1',* b ah .teramurk, at the residence of his pl.pils, or at his own,
o., 49- Grovnet.
OSEPH ARTONI, fi rrl(iy o'f Yale
d1 College, continues to give instraction in the Italian
a language and literature at the residence of his pupils, orat
i hia own, No. 79 East 15th-4t.
-; notedrA cole oplete. beautiful and, practical work.
(printed m cors} adapted to private instruction 220 pp.
octavo Price $1 25. Let those who cannot avail them-
i yes of a course of lessons undoe tjhe uthor, bhy this book,
a oodtea~iid ..dfIL a .., 'Sold 0 C. MAUU'S Couiting
e bm foth'Prtice of Book-keeping,N.3 Broadway.
is P ta, under '0 W OW 0 .esits . 0 B ,
*u ATE INSTITUTE, No. 218 4th st !corner of Mae.
deugal-st on Washington-square, (GEO. W. CLARK. ,A.;
14 and JAMES FANNING. A. Priucipals,'eoaimbnein
S Itp tenth schnolytar on MONDAY the 13th ofSAept. L52. .
i- ,The Principals having refitted the furniture and rooms
ir for recitation and lecture, throughout the Institution,it win
i-` be in complete, order; for the reception of its Professors *
a Teachers and pupils on the 13th of Sept. '
HI i tshoped that .the, rpupil Will be punctually present at
t]1e opening of .theserhool., '. '" :
Personal interviews with thae Prlncipals, and Catalogues
onitaiiig names of patronsm.d pupils ot past year, together
S with p.slans of instructlon ,regnlatios, terms, &o., may be
I had at the Rooms of the Institute, from Sept 6
- .' trangers, who have'lately removed to the city with their
h, families and desire a private High-8chool for the education
.of their sons at any period of progress are invited to visit
r.: the retired and delightful location,,and learn the advantages.
S of this Institution. -Pupfls of the. Juvenile Department are
a. under the especial care and instruction of one of the Prin.
vr ailuals. ____ **-~.- **' **- _ *
" _. opened a Day School foz Boys at No. 340 Bowery,
on e block from Broidway and five doors above. Bond-
!- *t4 Hin terms ($75 per quarter) will necessarily kesp his
PBt sool very irmall. Having rerided more than two yearsin r
SEronpe, and having studio d and taught for many years In
thpcityof k New re f.hilmelfqualified to do jut.
'etothose'sho miay la0i his-hands. Besdea SpeU.
InI- Rtadiig, Witinm,,dTKiAfhmetioe there will be taught
thout extra hageis.Greek, Latin, i French, Spanish, Gee
P mta, Itahan, DyrWig,Mul a .d Gymnastics. 'Circulars
at Lockw66d. Io. 411 andiowen'No t.599 Broadway..
S .lay rod I ot Beys. 'Twdnty-five asuhscrlers waited.
T1rms.s15 a year., Addre. J: MAC ;MULLEN, No. ;11

I Broadway, between Howard and Gtand-ats. A
spleLdid assortment of Ballet, Davis & Co's muctla admired
Pitaos, (soime ver) rich styles) with a large assortment of
Boston and New- i ork Pianos of various makers. Aso, a full
sply of second; band Pianos,.Jintluding T. Gilbert & do.'s,
wiib or wittiouit tie olian, all vf whicts aro'fos plb at the
lOWes: p.ces.-Piaia6 to Let. ',LINCWN & THO.MPSON.
PR(FESLsTeN.NAL MAN, whto is
obliged to 1-.ave this city, will :sell a good falt-taned
i. tae. Pino, mrade by Dubois & Bacon. at a ver) mod-
erate price; also, the whole set of Haydu's Quartet for
stribhed instiumenth, will beurd. in foar books, and the'
. while of Mozart's Quintets,, Quartets. Trios an d Duos, in
fiveb jks; will be suld cheap. Can be Seen at 962 7th-st.
YORK PIANO W RE-ROO MIS, No 423 Broadway,
'three doors above Canal-sat. Assorted Pianos, of approved
ui&ae, wirh asd without the'JEolian, as cheap as elaewhera.,
Ged. Bews, Hallett, Davis & Go's., Light & Newton's, &0 ,1,
&L a 11 lease cal &"nd examine. Orders from broad ouaoctu-
alyk attended to , : E. G. BRAD ULURY.
OR SALE---At No. 8 Barclay-st.,
i next door to the Astor House-a variety of 6J and 7
ocrtave rosewood Piano-Fortes, warr-anted -to give satisfac.
tionA in every respect, or no sale, for cash or approved paeer.
Pianos on hire. JAMES THOM-SON.

J1 & C. FISCHER-, (late Nttnni .&v
0 Fimcber,) manufactory' and wareroom, No. 170.Green.
wieh-st, corner of Dey. et. Piano-Fortes, warranted, with
r evrae bridge and patent tube, wiell alculated for keeping
in tfine iano-ffortes tuned, repaired and ezabangeod.
Ml B.-Alaso2Botan Piano-Forte fct or ale.
PIANO-FORTES.-Th i finest asort-
S ment of Piano-ForteB in the city may be found at the
aroaUs warerooms of N. .P. B. CURTIS & CO., No.'447
Broadway. conauetingof Oebrge Hews's celebrated Ameri.
San _atent Action Pianas, T. Gilbert & Co.'s popular Mo-
lian Piano, Gilbert's and others' Boudoir. Also a variety ef
aew, and second hanu Pianoa for sae or to leMt. No. 447
Broadway. .
JX SCALES-Y3. F. WARNER& CO., No. 411 .Broad-.
way beg to invite public attention to their stock of RUSE-
,Vvatheir stock of RI)SE-
WOOD PIANO-FORTE-, just manufactured from-their,
newi and greatly improved' scales. These instruments ern--
brac rome points of excellence entirely original, and not to
be fund in any others made in the United States ; such, for
example, as sundry n material improvements in the sca'es, the
globularr. s ccheted, tubular bars, &c., &c. They are made of
the 'ery best matorsals and by the ablest workmen to be
found in the country, are warranted in all rejects, and are
soldpn favoruble terms. Second-hand Piano-Forte talien
in change. V Wareroom No. a 11Broadway, New-York.
_JL ,cellent new 6 octave Rosewood Piano, made by Da-
vid an Vinble, for sale at a bargain, and four second-hand
oneslat $50, $75, $90, and $125.
J HENRY BENARY, No. 392 Bowery.
ed the splendid'ttore No.-629 Broadway, with a large assort-
men' of fine Piddob-iFortes and a stock of first-class Melode.
Ons. I Purchasers are invited to call. i
i HENRJY C WATSON. Manager. No. 629 Broadway.
R. F. H. .N:ASH,.who, has been for
more than twepty-.five years engaged in teaching mu-
sic io this- city and elsewhere, begs leave to state to hio
friends and.the public generally, that- he has on band a va-
riet of choice Piano-fortes, (selected by himself ) of New.
York and Bosto. manufacture, by the besa makers, which
he ill sel] at manufacturers prices.. Seepnd-band Pianos
for sale or to let N. B.-Lessons given in Singing and Piano-
forte. Elementary and Glee: -lassestwill: soon -be former
of which due notice wiUl be given. :.. F.H. Nt'S., -
1 : ., No..510.-Broome-mt, New-'Ytrk.L-
consequencee of the incrased demand, and unrivaled
oplarity of their PIAN.O-FORTES, have extended their,
gusi ess, and opened a Warero'tm hin Broadway; 'No. 605,
wheve we shah .sonstamtjy .,keep a choice. selection of om
Piano-Fortes, frdmn6J io 7 octav ifi'Rosewood case, with
al tie latest improved patterns. We shall alo .continue to
keep a full. assotment' of Instruments at our Manufastory
and WVareroojm, No. 22 Canal-st. All Piano-Fortes of our
manisfacrtre are .warranted in every respect. Professors,
aznadeurs and those who anticipate 'purchasing, are rospect-
rfUllyftnvited tocall.and examine. All orders from the alty
or ountry punctually-executed. .
FORTES.-We have now on hand a large assortment
'of aew and second-hand Pianos fbo sale and'to hire. aPisnos
feom-$5 to $500.. For hire from $3 to $1i per mouS. "No.
869 Broadway, New-York. 8AFFQORD BROTHEL,
S I3] Broadway, one door .above Thompson'. Saloon.-
Persd.ns atout pur .fiasii g-P,;oa are invited to call at thiA
m Wa enrt.m of-oB.E, r E & CO.,1 where they will find
B s t Rosewood Piano-Fortea, of modern style.
v intremnlt wa-ranted for two years, Should doubts
-bm e ntereI.o4 as to quality, the paymentt may be deferred
.sDlj]smh doebv ara removed. Old Pianos received in pasf
l ylent in- tieweones. ,New and second-hand Pians to -f f.
: M ufaelsrv. Now. Sit. 315 and 3il Ihvinston-rt .

P IANO-FORTES.-Persona about pur-
JL chasing Pianos will and it to their advantage to call at
R Gfem :& .Cops b4anufatory, No .194, Falton-st., (weit bf
KBroadway.) A general assortment of mahogany tnd ro -
W o0 PlsRta constaMtly on hsand, which will be sold low .for
.wh or t*"rved p.aver. Dealers supplied on liberal term.
.. GLENN r3 4O., .194 Fultont.L

J The origmai Prtna@ loe i wMe ieltouW)bdibs
fe~tft' eai andBrtvd itelfasuIeior{ntrelneni to tehor
er olrm- k4 ddMa ed only of the sole agent, WM.
S 0 olN0ie. 38 Broadway, (opp tUme rL)

-Mtr, Y NG' S BHoorLrfor BOYS, will be pnedi
wyo. Sk st MOwIDAY, the fth of septe, be
when MWe .. Wfll be happy,io fsee his former ppilafand
any new ne who may propose to fill the vacancies thaftimay
exMt.-New-York, Sept 3. *

193 Macdougal-st, corner Clinton-place, will open en
MONDAY,.Sept- 6, wth superior facliite- for the instre.-
tion of a limitednumber of pupils, in all the branches of a
substalal and refined cozmnmeroial or cillegiate educatidon
__ ISAAC G. HUBBS, PrinipaL
SCHOOL, No. 292 Hery-at N. Y, nowin itssixth
* y*a of succeOsful operatIon,' ll reopen o Modday, Sept
6, iwth every possible advantagefor sound classiegl aod dm:-
rcl education Pupils are received at all ages T fhim
I..tituntionhas been oineeservedly conimended by n'lany of
the Clergy and other well-known citizens, am, may be een
b3 reference to the Circular. 'Parents are invited .o call,
examoe the vprioAclazses, and judge for themselve'ofthe
ytem pursued. Being qulte near the Grand-st. and the
D sIon av. Ferry the Se ool is reachib without difficulty
by pupils from Willtamsburgnh.
0G. P. QUACKENBO, A. M., Rector.
--Prof. ,,- Johaon, Recor.. T!he :thro -Depart-
mebnta, the Junior, the Upper Bnglish- and th.pClassioal, re.
open sliultaneously on onday-'bpt.p 6. 'Ppla are .-
ee4ved at the age of seven years amid upward, an prepared
for. the counting house, or fer','adhi imn to any College.
Circulars may be obtained at A.pplpton's, LoOwood's, or
Cowen's bookstore, in Broadw4" and at Raynor's, in the)
owrv. .. GEO.S.PARKEL PriicialL
Sorneo of Brbadway and 12th-st..will b.reopened on .MON-
DAY, Sept.6, at 9 A M. Circulars a jopk.w9ppds, No. 411
Broa way.,; Ev 'anaBi.Brittan's, No 697 BroadIwaysand at
th residence of the Principal, No. 273 .10th-stnear Tm
k -ns-st .ua e.g ,. ... . ........ ... ....-,'*. -

Wooraning efouls.
]A. this early opportunity-respectfally to acquaint privae
faniliea8and the'Princlpals of Boparding Schooli, thathis in-
teition being not to attend at Brooklyn this season, he will
.devote the two afternoon he attended. therie, in -vn. i -
stuction in his profession, either
atltheir residences,'or this now room, No. 54 East Ith-st.
near Boatway.,. All orders left at his resldeuie,N6.o 88
West llth at., between 5th andk6th-avs., will be punctually
attended to.., . .. ". : .
y ES at MONTAGUE HALL, Brookly'n, (Court-at.,-
,near Montague.plae.:).--Mh S. LANNAY would infdrm her
patrons and the residents of Brooklyn that she will 'teopen
er clauses on WEDNESDAY;. Oat 13th, at S3 o'clock.
Sor6esm during the season. Particulars in "fute advertise-
m ento .. *" .... .. .......... .....
.plAce.-FAREW.ELL,S-ASON.-Mme. G. intendingto reo
tun to Europe, takes this opportunity ofexpressing hergrati.-
tue to her numerous pupils and their families foc thekind
patronage, she has' so long enjiyea. Her classes will oom-
Monde on SATURDAY, October 2, in her,-elegant.roomm,
where private monthly Soirees will b given as usual.. Days
and hourn ; WVednesdav. and Saturdays, at S for Mises
and Masters; Mondays and Thursdays, at 7 P. M., for Ia-
dies and gentlemen. Schools.and private families mttendsd.
Brboklyn Claimes for Yeung Ladies at Mr.B-ERTEAU'S,
No 43 fierrepont-st ,.
," ISS PARKER has just received from
Pails the ,following new Dances for the season:
S cane, L'Espagnol. and a new MayourkaLa Garrinna,
whlfch she will teach professionally at her Aca -emv, corner
SBroadwav and 13th-at. and ether residence, No 207 Bowery.
Mr, PARKER will introduce them at him Academy in 8th-
avenue. ' '
'_V ING ACADEMY, in Broadway, coner nofJ3th-st.-,
A[M[S PARKR wvishes to inform her patrons and families
residing in the vicinity of Union-square, that shle intends
formining classes for the instruction of Ladies. Misses and
Masters in Darcing. at her academy in Broadway, on SATf-
URDAY, Oct. 1, at 3S o'clock.
Days of Tuition, Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Miss Pa ker will give lessons in all the new and fashion-
able styles of dancing. *'
TecH. maoe known at the Academy on the days of tuiticn,
er at Miss Parker's residence, No. P7 Bowery.

i- jjiano-for.tts.
A7 P1ANO-~ I^ORTE f superior ton
A and. finish, .latest tyle of case,. made by one of the
best makers in this city, and warranted for two years.. seven
octave, tm perfect order; it is new- ; It will be sald very
iiw, afi the owner. is soon tQ leave the city. It can be seen
..foria few "day atNo. 73 Hudson-st., from 9 till 11 o'clock,
,A. M.,and lrom 7 tiil 9 P.M. -

S TOOLS --Watch Materials, Stuba, Tools and
SFiles; Turning Lithes of all sizes, &o.. imported, manufaw.
turdd and fo 'sa'e by WMN H. FRASSE, Np. 56 Chatha-
It.. threed&or' from Chambers-st., New-York.
". i '-: tA iisjcidaluotut; '-'' : ..... .'. : ,r
T- J irIan'runw.
4 and Graham Associations furnished with FlagsBas-
nker, Transparencies, &c., b? ACKbARMAN ik MLL,,-'.at
their old stand, No. 101 Nassau-st., between Fulton and
A nn-sal .., . -* . ...
0 TURNING of the HENRY ChA Y, anut.
S.L.BLOSSof SEVENTY.-FIVE 'LViVES.-Thit should be
m; licient warning to-every traveler to provide him or hew.
selfdiith one of DAY'S Patent Life Preservers. which oa*
but trifle, and can always be found at hit estabUshmein t
'" No. S3 Courtlandt-s .
-oo-i BRROTH{ERS & CO.,
S". SaSn Francis".
Agents for the purchase and shipment of Merchandise for
the California and Oregon Marke's. No. rS3'Gramwieh-B.
New-York. JOSEPH J 'COOKE, ,.
SJ.: J. C. & CO. offer sight drafts on San Francisco ik
sums to suit.
LEY, No 62 Vesey-st., N.Y.
Sj Chemicals, Oils, Dyes, &a., at wholesale,
"on lberal terms to 4iruggists, Couti y Merchants, Orooae.
Manufacttdrers, Artisans, le. SAML. F. OGREEN LEAF,
D ROP PRESS-WORK.--All kids ef
sheet metal stamped to pattern; also Dies made by
,DIETZ, BROUIHEK & CU., No. 134 Wil iam-st.
EED WHEAT.---Genese White Flint,
Souls, Blue Stem, Mediterranean and Golden Am. 0
tralian Wheat for sale at the State AEricultural Warehouse.
LhJNGTT: &' GRIFFING, No. 25 Cliff-at.
QLASSWARE.-Whitall, Brother -
Co.,' have on khnd," ii are constantly recelting, drug.
R .itoand perfumers Green Glassware, of all descriptions at
0o- 1 Fietcher-st., NeW-York. I.SAAC SHARPLES&
G'EORUE W. kTUTTLE, I.lmpor'er of
S English, French. and qerman Fancy Goods, Novelties
and Toys, both useful and ornamental, suitable for present.
Emporium, No. 345 Broadway.
J IB. HARLOW, dealer in"Doors, Sash,
and Blinds, No. 56 Cliffs at., corner of Beekman, New-
York. J B. H. is prepared to furnish the above 'articles in
any quantity or quality; and will warrant every article to be
as represented. Orders filled and sash glazed at short notie

S 1GILDIIbG.-,W. :DIETRICH, No. 83 puane-st., re.
pairs and relates all kind s of plated or gilf goods in to
cheapest and best manner.. .
L tL [NO OFFICE No 141 Fulton st.-Portraita, Bil-
Heads, Diplomas, Books, Magazine work, Business Card*.
Wedding. Vtitting and at Home Cards, Autogra iHs, "&. Ai
N..-For.ale:Coperplate Presses. B.iL O e. u.
.on rouiph plank for 4j cents per foot-over tin or shin-
fles, S cents and warranted, by GOODWIN, No. 283 Sprin-
at.. near Hudson. --
SThis article hea been so much.Improved by the subttnh
b her that he warns'ts it much superior tib any other con-
pounil in the United States. while it i. also free'from delete-
, rious'stuff., See Dr. Chilton'a certificat- of ito purity, an
eh ;lahia It is putup# Intin -iahd sold ak Les prid
than thie common ... ..
Also, for sale, pure Double 'Refined Salmratus, Sup. Caeb.
odai Cream Tartar, 8oap Powder, (dry), and Sal Soda.
Country merchants and others ca" obtain the above of any
wholesale grocer or druggist in this city. Writbp.aienarly
for the genuine articles. Warrnted free fiom adilteratioG
For ale in an- qmaJtit by the manufacturer.
; *"TH MA"AJS 11 WS. Nbf 136 Cedar-st., N.Y.
L; i the origlxa4 tInventorrofthe ChemicalYeast Powdew ,
whichhI prepared anid old by him at Noam. 68 and7Ot>Wasb.
Ington-sLcNew-York, in tIn cans. Those wbirhf prbas
thoiud uee that they get that with the above na.a.,
WASHIN~* FLUIDh^Nelsop's h
V -nese the only gen"ine.I ypieet fqx sad

Grc. S g O~WiS1I. ^4 11 tarn.J

A |D Ee S nre lsertod
-,! 2m- 5 -- b papem ln other- sitter and towns at V. 3.
SPALMRFR'B ^5lvqgtdslnAlipunF TlbnaBUIII~g5M4,

-" J, 1WORKS-Copper dnplicatesof.Type, EPgravigs, n .&
at a slight iadebhkiAtereotypd"priasm -printers' job cea tl,) .
. eopp4 on hand, and ElectrotypedW order dt the sameo.riae
Sas m-thepeefimen. books. Batteries afor. sltVering, gildig ..
Si tots.made tooorde,'- and idstrwtion given
e -" --'" ""- .". JA W ARD, .
1' .', .. lJet g>t-Metallerdie t,INo. 61 Ann-a, *,- :

Cl4PAKESmCQO 5AM= Peatl-sL., have juet'%. 'O
vei theieB-owdeln~mRaft"; richeatanmrffhoai
n Ap "rHaug&.m-aleai d expressly to d 'dowat e t -
SVario a i4biatme. 6f the s6 mo fdntique: a ,d eh- --
dwte gs .ea4 so wor -ah -


W. .5 M -,, ,., .

e F: HARRISON hau removed h1B
e Manufct~ory and Wareroome froia Fo. 23 Ganal-sL
.No. 37 Mer-er-st, near Grand-,t, *hen mayUT be Camda
splendid assortment of Piano- Fortes. - .

^ at~nri .ft ,
SA S T R A L &- and CALIF )RNI[&
GOODS.-Merchantii, Companies and individual fi.
tig out for those market can. find a full and oo.mplete di,.
ooitment.of Miner's TeolB, Pickas shovels, Hari* Is. Cual
lery, Edge Tools, .ire Arms. &a., kc:, at the aid stand of
S CHARLHE8 S. LITTLE, Nos 33 and 34 Fulton-st.,
.4 Wool Flux and Bilk Machinery, mnanuftetured I
Cr i &Co. Manoheaster imaorted to order. Pa
i m-Now-York._ Address" for psnes, &A their aat
igeento tth.Uaited tate. AS. COK & CE .
... .. No. 84 John.-, New-Yod. "
SSHAFT'ING for Sale, all in go3d order. May baseed
in operation at North Bergen, N. ,.. in the Arsenal Building,
Wic ins a3 by 100 teeth, two atoieg high. and owned by
JAbMES HARBISON,, of the NortnerEm Hotel, foot a
Cdimrtlandt-st, New-York, of whom a lesue for a term of
ye*gs'way he had upon favorable terms. Engine is 12-horme
power. Call in the afternoon.
.. G H TN I NG G ODS.-O Vt1t
STREETER'S ?atent Tnaulated Lightning Conductor,
the safest aid best ever offered to the public Several hun-
V dred testimonials have been received. in which eminentseo.-
a entific men express their unqualified preference for this ttod
as altogether the beat devised, the most perfectly tnsulated
more neatly and permanently the building. eaMd
most economical. A silver medal was awarded to this Gon-
Sdubtor at the Conn. State Fair, Hartford, and a diploma at,
the Middlesex Mechanics' Fair, Lowell, Man Local a enta
ar4 being appointed in every city and county in the United
Stt 8es This agency is an object for efficient business man.
Aptincations promewptly attended to. Peisons in New York
ana vicinity wishing to protect their buildings, wilt find it.
Sfor their interest to examine this Con doctor, circulars, &a.
: ... LUCIUS LYON & Co., OfficaNo 4 Dey-s.
JL--CHINERY DEPOT:-Steam Engines, from 10 to 8W
horsepower; Iron Planers, Vertical and Horizontal Drilli
SElugine Lathe, Trip Hammers,. large -Shears, Power
Pcnohe and other lrge varitieetie of Machinitet' Tools,
8; 4016tatly on band;' or in such pri6gress-that orders may be
n1mpiled from the works at a .short.notice. High and Tow-
pr',e._ Steam Eingines aend Bolers, of any- size, Steam
.1a it"Mfll, Sugar Mills, turbine Water Wheels, hafting
Puieys," Cotton and Wool] machinmery .iad.'to order. AltI
baye'nhand, and make to order,' Locomotives and Freight
Crs 'Thee-ssex Company, o.f Lawrence.'Mass,, having oae
ofithe largest mnachine-shop in "the United Statei, *ith ex-
te"sive facilities for manufacturing Machiner, are enabled
.'to Wnmikh a good article, and-offer it at a very low price.
fo Gn d OADON McKAY. Ages '
; Offie and Machiner D p6t, No. 51 Broad-ast, Y.
t 6t ,
... : Cuitl. ,; j ^arbtiarj, .

HAIN PUMPS, Iron and Woodes
V Curb;. superior alvaniz.ed Chain, with turned an&
'finly fi, nihed buckets, beingn, eight-forked reels, &s., 44.
m nufatttref wholesale and retail by
McCLARY & POW sB, senaa Fall N,.Y.

IL LEY'8. Grate and 'Fender "Manufactor, No. 3S
roome-at., three doors west of the Bowery, adjoining DL
Cone Church. Builders and others who are about purehas,
Ji%, would do we]l;o eall, as he is confident that his pattL
for ariety and heapnessm. are unsurpassed,. ,
M [EXICAN,1SPURsi -suitaFlte for tha`
S .californWian Martet1 and Pacific coast trad, jest re-
' eiW*ed and for sale in lots to suit purchasers, y y "
,GOUTMAN' &. BROTHER, No. 85 Ce1er-st., 'up stair.
'JLt VER'S Patent SeIf-Settlng Revolving RAXTTRAP.
maidfactured and for sale at No. 25 Fultoit-st, corner ox
Weter-at., up stairs. Also every description of Wire- work,
. for library, skylight and church windows, sieves and riddles,
. coal and and screens; brass, copper and iron wove wire, for
sets, grain, sugar, rice, &c. - .'.
STEARNS.& MARV~ir. sucmsbeors to htich & Co, are the
only manufacturers ot SALAMAN DER eAFES combinin.
boih patems. D6pht, No. 146 Water st,,,ew-York. '
.p: ITUS & CORNELL, Manufactilrers
SJL. of TIN TOYS of every variety.
_'hmFcy Jepannrd Tin. Warn; Planished Tobaaco Boxes
an spectaclee Cases and all kinds r f Pressed Ware.
ance and Sample Room, 37 John-.t., near Nassau, N. Y.
.. ERS, &Be-HAY DEN & SANDERS, Brass FounderS
n dl Mlanufacturers, offer for sale at their store, No: 219
Pei l-st., a large variety of Crotoc. Faucets, auage Cocks,
'OilCups, Patent Oil Camn Hose Pipes, Couplings. Basi"
Cooks,-&c.,&o. & ". .

m '

li, %, 11 -



.... E

. _.!-.4:": ,' : ;z I. .... i I I. .'" P". ,- ,. .. .. .. .1


pf~ a~ TUS I t,,illaP ru Mi e

1 A y *l^ W :P-Dr1 etMMowAwr ira li% Ir
: Co+..111 Phd istaeis it Kill oe

riawoilyunaffecteo by eytpmimoUt
Itr.equires no ddoeenotadhere tothe iron. Sold bi
L UI 4 E9 W FW68-u1
*a e. 16 t ..o .,.
Ut.rtch. 'li~ .. 0 U . . ..
IT EEAV.SSiteSo o Caomelin
*7 & .+bRJ~b a i 2|j .. a|earl... U. SrHotel Build
AIgL for r1s fm. gton-tNew.York, ao'e propP etoo
aor the waited StIV 6f th ENGLaSH VERMIN DE-
STROYER, warranted uperior to an other article esver of
Tered for the d~ta'o o Ants, ?edltgs. Roaohes. Worms
JNothb, and allinecta thatcraw! or inhabit cavities or joinr
Sf _w o~d, furni~tures, trps rubbery4 & e. ,, or sale ma above,
in eottes as o i; 4.ant sdo$1.oadhere to the, ird S1. b'
'd*l t ieo lufirel4d & Cl..Oa ro5eto Me2r-

ebant f ifvta? outlon-It.IBdt-; 0. W. Kei-ro! ')t; P.oprid.
tA&EisTS--4ew-York: A.B.& D..saiiau whojle.ale rag-i
V,+,iP g NIZA. t, w klynt; X o 19.'.t':.- Build.
f a~y coffBo

,.ce, a,_'N. James--M. Mrs.iM. LiyedsNo, 175 Ftil-.
"'tn ap. j ejle Cokrove, iNo. ,^ M~yrtlv. .; ThonieqJ.1
D- .wflaen Drllg~ista~id Ohamlal, No. 26 GraoadL. ^
I ftr&TO'NS of WIiRE WANTE^hSi-

f theID.GE OMPANIIS' for the 6ontNiict;on bf tM" wirf.
SsbLes of ite 6a.ike&. Suspension. lridge 6f-800, ,febeapan, 1
b arpcrd v -shqia g e ra t ov g u y othl e r a rt ic le e v 0 1
"'.f::'tT brage# ro rn 1wg ,ditfi- '
'W"-1Z'ihiret" Of9Not10oize, o Ohat 20 feet lb
Wetih exactly one pound. '1 'oa ch .W
The~dkees tonweigh noleaa than 18 lbi. An offer foin
a w to40o bs wiLUtbe ee. tl y referred. ,. 1
". $;.The @ire'oa .tB6-6 ntsfied a tth a lime coat,, * t bvetl boLh elids of the. 1tne thtekneu. " : ". 'the
. 4. It ruau be, ntpebd ia tlhree holeas,or nearly as hard bai
V pn g-wrt e. " ;. . .. ...... V
Si, p: TebO ion, mi t have been manuf-actured ofthe bestqueli-
1 $ otecarcoal bloom. which will make hard wir of geat
.iasticit, sItengh, fibre, and to-gbnesG ... : | i.
S": 6. T~e-blobm must have been anutbfactred of cold-blast
hOarcoal nig, andnoi of anihraciie iNg, norof hbt-bMatrlr.
. 7,-. Satisfactory Yviehce'.U lbe ea'ired befkre:and of
"he qality ofl:ea Jron^ of h .c e .wfir u to be drawn.
8 a. wbft wre muiItbadra aKon bi lks of no lsM tbhan two
s t indi tpctor .M '. 'C W-" T . '.' 1. . f
9. It munt be putnp In bundle of200 lbs4u near aa oanb
ameon viboutniuall skeins ,
.T L Tbeie ire is t6 be delivered In tl five equal portions dr-
ag the montliofMay, June, July,Au t and September
i -MS^n1ery the w W e be e kan ned' p.d temdibe
tae following manner Ofevery bundles, or t,000 lbs one
_. jiwD..betBelected+ a.and-apended Ibetween: (wo'.posts
400 feet apart, the one end attached to a apatan, by whiahtit
will be gradually hauled oni until it break The condition
-mw is, that this wire t iuat ot break'wit', a greatr defleo.
OBn than 9 isohbea, wta nb. ii equivalent to l1,i3001 T.ir90,000
IiaDrperfcipa inph ofaolid wire section. Ir it itqts tnasi
_fliinrth~en amlnatio of t9at 1,000lbs; in respect
,rcketheir'qnalfite, will be. continued; buA ifnt itwt *
-ijcted aM, dplaceE at, the disposalofth cojnitrator: i
e..-. egrds4eoughne'lndafigbrea eaehend of.t'skeinWillI
*)e tetedeby, ,inare over the Jaws of a large pair
i w ad-sar iers, an'd bending 0, ba6 again. The:
isatrtan4 this test without thle least eigi .af failure.
adBzMl sd elaicity will at w e uam time' bd kam-.
Sued by bend 6g and sidaging, also 'by hamtmerinhg, '2aigt
.n__hiti...teen .ds,. which foBBUlin l+.tq0,heippra% n of
13 b^uch lots ~a&~ier itood ilbi vkIrfbu5tera'jUai~isfool1
.Wil) then be accepted conditionally, apld. 8 per ceht. of its
fTll value will then be 'paid ,to the sontraetov .n- bsakabl.*
9-T. e n esr oanti (ilo se reserved Aor n our month
Jm*ger. ,bot ndd it that timeh during the construction of the
.abp, any more defective kein betis dbtheicovered, soub akeins
'll be Qjetdt anhav pb.aeds at the contractor's dislpoaal
Sitofer brol ldor hole, iled or no.t makled, "in uih conditioa
Sas itey ppy n to -dunne the progress -of the worA.. ie
-9 e 4 f'* wire, together with tha 'labor hxpeedei."upon
it, will tae,.p and- ntd of the 20 per. eat. reBrved- .
.15 The. ffeiaigbed, a the Engineer ,of,.he, ,ndge, will
.6 the soe judit I of'the above tetray he wllr ia t d'as.b n irn.-
partial uewpire between b tis 6bnractorand the Brige to-
anies. a d flona hi" "eei.ion; there 'Shall be-no appeal.
9.. :16. mutposalt for im brtd wire will alI.obeac epa d. nm-b
e5dl'Wlbt WIIbeuaed en twe Ceeanalda e,&iB
ie teinded, if iim ported by 'ay of New York. K, '
17. PrTlosale *IllI be received until the Ist o Otobei
axt;. th fVare)to be directed to the inreigned. i
"an. ..dh shuld be mered n elops
lti6s ala tot' k8e Wire.", + ..'.. .. ..
;K ohsd'otitrcaitort,-wh' s propas are ieeppted. will i
le .lnformed otithe fae byd mail before or on the 10th ofOb-
.bernex~t7 ,. "+ : + JADAN A. RIOEBLINQT .
fegineer of the Niagar edallsARatlroad SuspesaionByidla.
om.. i]_. .-.- 4' ,. ,o ,l'.1 . I, I. ._

+ RKt LALU tor BUILDING a 81W-
*JL ; EtR'% .'IiW&ARK, N.,J.--Sealed Preoboala will ]e
(teelvedat-tJi- C1iy Surveyor 'and Street Cow miitioner"'s
Office, corner .Boad and-Marketf-ate., (up fA4)ta 'intt...ias-
y, tp Bka of Septmbt s.nE af..o'iloekP.Mt, for
ne i c 9 jbt ira] feetofciroler Swer 6 fee6kin
Mietei4adabout 1.350 line'alfreei df. ircular no.; 4 fe t
liaidtih'h,-wilh'the iecebaery receiving Baaiht n Cul-
r.. isz :.:rt' .JiO * .. *~~j j .
.".'. The work will be divided Into two sections, one of whiek
." MlLeontin abpi5,S0 .lnealfeet,ef the 6 raetsewer; with
"freaciridg-j bae's aid nulvert, a nd .ilts othtr setioen I
-abbitv,830 tckd,,bfPhel6 f#ee sewer, and 1,350 feet of the'4
f'ttJewer, with .receiving basis -and culverts.. Proposals
.: Ei be aemtped per runuingdfoc for fdrnlhiogithe materi-
S;. ale ana buildingeach section separately'. o all cogetiar;- aas
S' : foranv part th atmayben Maired to be b-jilt on ple6'and
1"9-Tdr' aimy'pArtiHereof, bultf upon timber foundation, or
,*i1iiott it ;'dao, 'or recei ing bieins complete. .
P )alim andpixefilek may be seen abd 'spetficatto m obtained
0*M6aofioeof ,- EDWARD CAIiTE.R, .'
.. City Surveyor and Street Commisaioner.'
4Ul^~lS WIMDO 0 9 &D E'S'., and Paper i s
heRa,. wholesaile and detail.' Cornices Banads Pin, Cbrd
-asele,.. LhAGE A&i' MUShilN 0 RTA I N BuOf 'andV
White Hollands, &r., &c. CHILDS & SMITH,No. 4409
rearil-t., a.rne tof William, near Chathamn /

.ifmit, r, ac. ,.'_ ; ..
'f E Dl^ WARE-
.- R Alk lizes sanB patterns, froemi to $30. i Also,
i]e healthy, neat SpAin Mtkettesaep, npw knpwn to be the
68 at' as well as c6heipe kt nw. made 4nywherer; Prime
erni S"t "s $20. Old Ma ireBses aejedto comfortable,
elastic Belas, from $5 'to S(2. '. B.'-Evry, ertiqle war-
muted. Butels and Semioaries suppliedd' on fai' tfkms.
5pbfiBrgddway, abovv'Speiag-at-,'w estfide. : ,."1
mIRXITURE.. Wil' be- aowiv at ar- 1
JL1 in. No. 29 Bepkmanst., Offize and Coupting Hoase s
iS,'ReVolving Chairs. Stbol,' Cushions, dofae, Lo ea,
Lookingj.leftses, Oil PFiainogs, Extenaioa Dinin= Tables,
Card 'Tablei, IHair and'. Hubk- MAftriesaB, 51 d6oen Chairs,
BurMa us. eczetaxies, 500 :Bedsteads, Wadrobei and Faini-
ture ta ted. -; . .. ,. ...,,, . ...
d &6L doies f ktxa N~-Yir-; aa
.ph0letery and Fealther St6re.'-The atte6ftionofl^faeMi.e
but ul-aseing .resp- Stafagly. invited to thb large wild'ent -of t ed Mattrese;, Prailleses, Bed-
&i,'ts, AL1 if :whG. h iab've bqen pguhad64 at low
aasb,pricesimnd.will be solld'at such pricesas to make it an
ilduilenlet for'<o cell nd1 ekiaine the'abbv t aok pre.
Vices to mqkingtnheir unrhtaesl Obodi sent to )a6 part o
oity, moo n Williamnsbuih -efeo .O
Sa reoareWda nd.maeL i .,
Medoorbi o Zeus 7
he subscribea air lagelar en aged i the manbifa-
( qyeipjP gole n G auraUg Fluid",.anpheiei and all
Se van( ieas 0laips fMr burning the various material
above-menwioned, as well as oil. --. .,
m-]eaeui'aoufttiurkeaof the ilboae, -they ealfr Bsedlasl-in-
oaeomet to cowtrt dealers to make 'theiir pozhaes ee t
o, U7 Fulto.nrt.,, C-HAS. STAgPg Jf,., & O.
MWauntrn r -f Plmt tt _cnt Ie-e .' ll. al
W: e l Agpntes fortheUnited 8itN9.1. 256 Peal-s,
11 AMENTAL, ..NA M ELJ aid
1... 4ttge rSeta. Al, descriptions ofthe. lst quality 'of
et 'Cbttge a~d' Chamber FurnittMa, .aIways 'n
hand, of our own manufacture, warranted lto& bte the sl
te^red i, Cit lowest parkwetpries furniture
warefu. 1 at l.a sh ortest noico, and articulor 'atta-
lionai.. t l a .psiin Stig -t In the C ,ity-, it h ts
BU( galaugehiae*Rn~e.lill~a1 findbt greed t ttdair ad-
vantage nmd \,emxamne. ouiutesivca 'ad",varted
01r unt before tuIgaal a.,eiwhex.. -apA1Up.S -
U ,No. 412 BroedwajEs~aia^ af near, ran4-ftt a
e bauU expresslyy for- this countr, tfdu n-WW.^
te-Pai, Candelabras, _ou. r ia. .,
GI&aawwl ,Buscuit Fi;tires. Lain reated. nd re-'
paired-the best French Oil (rape seed) 25n. ch61 ka' *
qtriil. .H'~ 4^ ^O1YILiS, No..445Brzoadway.^t '
feOWCn, ,t-jCS^,- .A large .ajsortfixen^t
Oapk Silver--' .:, ., .+ ":d ,: ',.. eid.r of Slia

G. :.E~~k

oe...:I. t^ill 8ud :WYK,.k PB ts d I
5 ^ % % ^~l t e N o 1 0 l ma _w e h i t, N w Y r o ,.^. j o

0, fr liable 0 o willrbe "iv--)
satll a B*pd free of. SX5 i l wbo Intend t- I
0"RIlS d6-4m' I utfilal 71.
J- J aa e.c the4~p lo t basl ft"J r.
Ift. Jo No. e b he-- 0Iu't
r 2? 0 r4O ~.- ,., .thodef4 QV"
mtap I. :t P- mO.- .0A. ''

; J O.eM r _.BDlAER,t ..!e, nD i t, woUtld
Sqest thsel Ethe tnfitel, andmTr. lland mre tsetoa
all who may wfaya wh
So--3 WDauhitoI splae, Jd Iaihtelw-Yurk Uito.
Swr~r ] r wjltepheviaoly .justed to
3', s k ..Y- keEtopi nd r Br.o,
sheens-Drp. Out Wiitmq Halwued r-goonns to ths
W-v ~ -SabeesmonaustRo ma S Ir
"oon 1oRe.SY. EeH oa tnpiteland r-itr-oll pmd,

Y E9Eand tho IEhR.- reLnl
7 WLS Ifitnmary dor the axciosive treamen of dia-
5 fthe Eye ndtlafor is -obep da&4, (exqqptSo
K a r.ioxt 9 A.''nd. u P, M.i]3 '1.
..7Ae. n.ces,which has Attended Dr. Lutenr'1:diepov.ryis,
yDejfpew, discharges and noises in thfi eid pernm ently
Sur d, ithout risk or pain. bhort, weak and imperfect
t ig h t re r o re d : . . .. . .
All letters 'must be post-paid, andacqntain the fee of Rl,to
ie attention. N. -None 'but 'i4 fetliahal; buaineasi
attended to daring office hours.
1 .S.-I.PASSPORTS; (or atl pvrta& of the
orld--Idipe'bl traveler -shued by .
j N,0^. J f~P^ .;otary, No.-66 Breadwayj
I"LLIAfA P.. MINERM Attornyry-at-
y, v .. Law, W +. en-a.
^^^ Wi V, V _
JRnrunrancs nptanie,
SI .1. C:apita, 200,00a Dollars-.
.,. h ',,DIRECTORS. ,, ,
Uehfremuan HkIsted, Charles Sandforbid' John T. Firi, .
John Ha per Cheter Drigsga, AaronArnold
wn ray, : Samuel B.AVthause, W'ti.'Tustlow,
Wm. B. Skidmore, Bernard Smyth, ,, Crowell HLddmt,
Wilson G. Hunt, JohnW. Marsereau, John McLean,.
Leonard Kirby, lHelms M., Wells, Stephen V. Albro,
George T. Cobb, ,Matthew Bird, Daniel Drew,
-Frani. W. Edmonds, H. M. For-rester, Washington Yale
Lews Doty,., ; Reuben W. Howes, Joh W. Rumsey,
3enj.wF.-Cae ,' ,John B. Dickinson, Francis Godiae.
JOHN WRAY1, Secretary. : "
..1 BURANCE COMPANY, of New-Haven Gom1 i
-BRANCH OFFICE, No. 18 Wall-st., N.Y. e
: C'AP[TAL, 850,600.
,i i 24i Company Inanres LiveStock, saech as HoreN Oattl, |
t ., &c&., from death, oceasloned either from natural uai
.r scideni, o;dleaase of any description whatsoever.
; uoI T.]LO I.' TNOLDS. Sea ta
-Ins urance Buildings, corner of Walland Willim !
:,i,; Offices, NoB. 10 arid 11. ground floor.
)7 fit Company,having their Capital of$150,000 paid I, In
,sus, and leetdurely invested, are prepared Ito Inmre agalun i
,ossf and damage by fire, onfavorable term. '
The chaiter of this Company provide that, after payitn
Titeve't to the stockholders, at the rate of 7 percent. per a-
naum, fosir-ftb of the rmanithig profits are t6 be divided
AmongbthesWuIredMinsitbrip, -beai-ing Inteteats which scnij' i
.to, be redeemable whenever the aacumul&tedprKit i
,ad !apitel 1onIl $1,000,000.. ,
maea S. Ho.wlands, Robert 5.Mina '
*I n'tephen Waitney, .Reuben Wltaerm,- i
Wt l. a. iel.B. Farinr ..... Edward C. Cen i 4
R Wil .ae Joesiah.,Oakes,
. .*... Aig~U CC. Downing, Jomeph Gaillard, Jr.,
S. Gazatfwa Lanar 'n ; Ja.mes M. Waste.b '
,- .WliamH. Aaptiwlla.... George Curtis, i
,. William Butler Dunn1,. I George T. Aie, .
S Charge H. RuSiell, David S. KenAedy,
.. *1ea Towsend, .- J6hn J. Astor,Jr., 1
John A. Stephens, Frederick A. Delano '
James.a Warrn, i 'James 0. Bell 1
Arthur Lea", Daniel Drake hmuih,
M ortimer W. Hamftoa Frederick 0. Fovw,
Denninug Duer, ... Peleg Hall, '
Johna 8teward, Jr., Robert S:. Hone.
-, OBERT 8. HON. lPreldd* .
DUNGAN I. CUTY. SSecretary.
:.': tUabh Capital .15JO000 Dollays.
S Insurers participate i. the profits. .
This Company -havin .omple6tted their orgainsatlon, wit
e8mnuenCe buses on Monday, -2d August next, at their
Tresept location, corner of .h-av: and 23d-ar. .'.
,.Pbibis'fskued o all description of Merchaid* s, tore%,
f.*.fling8,- Furniture' Ships i6- P6t," &., en as favorable
,_eht. 6as other City Oaices,, wth the aIvan-tap to Injerers
oDf athare in the profits of the Company.
I' .... DIRfECTORS. -
M. HopperMott Ga1ritt S..Mott, Henry B. Bolster,
rJa..lR.DelVeachin, JoeMphrBougnatn, Al eh.Ward,1:_...
,W.-m A. A.Wheeler, James W_. Ogde., John. A. G ...
,Josph- w- ". ra e, AJahel A: Deiman, Bepen W. Jonea,
Jbhn S, Meyer,." Henry D. Crane, Williat J. Brtley,
.rart Lyma .MarkCornll, John Waite, ;
John' UerihaD," W R. Stewarfe, William Winnlwo,
Erastu8C,SandereGn Henry Duboia, Andrew Ward, '
eo. W. Van l1ort, Wm. W Cornel, David-L. Sayrea |
-i61nW;:Hweb, smG oinsH. T'udhar," : :
ek, a-z ,.-- ; ,M_+HO?.E.l M.fl'T, 1 .&sl,.at ]

F .m.' ry'the 'annbnmcei.lelt thaf ouu-Fall eatr are1 ready.
Gentlemqs weayry.of their Sumgr Hat ine oew, 4 our es-
. tabltshmetit,+ erpetrate a Sts'Ze" in head gear at once ap-
propriate and becoming. "WARNQCK'8,, Hattera,
+ .. FNo..76 Broadway, Irving tous,.

-AS9fRIONABLE BH A T S .-legia t
rlenc'rSilk Its-at$&S-S'lee'than Broadway pr-i,-
Not Hats at $25 0. :.,: :. '?, ',B LOWN
No. 168 Canal-at., one door frem Sullvan.
.NDIA RUBBER SJiOEiS.-e-20u,oo
pairmof DAY' Patent Vuleanized Rubber and Japanne
e es. o 0.,* .' .. ,
S..hes,.gbodi, reelvedthea frt premium t i river medal a't tis
lat annual Fair of the American Ifistitute.' .
1 Exporters andexteatve dealer'a&e advised te sasve'a
fit in ordering ,and ,parhasing. Day's facilities. equal 00
peal-8a day'. Buyers are autioned that the combifaaioh '
are again -at their old-Sme ofthreatening prosecution to my.
utommer--all ft effect, that, they aeyatllU for oa yea
moreplundedi the pockets of the people.,
Ode Manufaeturer of India Rubiber Rboe in the United
Sate4 owner of :over 20 patent rikhL, Warelokis, N6. V
C ou rt han d t-pi., N ew -Y ork _. ...__ ..... r .: :
RERO, No 339 Broadway, will open an Teasday. the
21st of Septemier, Fall Millinery, selected by herself im
Paris. ______________
HE BEST PLACE to get MEN'S and
J. BOYS' CLOTHING, ;ready made or,made toorder
ifitt Nob-i ultbtn-t At thfs estblih" ent yoi-n will find
a large assortment of fashionable ready-made Clotting, also a
splendid assortment of'Goods,.which 'wil'e made to order tn
astyle that cannot be surpassed. 'N6.81 FPUILTON-ST., N.Y

anid SILVER PLoATfD WARE.-A 'Avery large
meaatmept of the n&weit- style. of rich Jewelry;, of every
Pattern; fine gold and silver Ladies and Gent'es Wathes;
Silverware of. he 'isandard -of dollars. at *very moderate
prige, n .be found ,t-T. W. P-. [CHTMANN'S Jewelry
Ste, (e1tabihe .83) Ne. 170 Canalt.s Watchia Jew-
alry and SlvewJare made to brderand repair The fiMst
ofEnglh.isd,8.dSw/a Wiltchid iepaitred with lorticlar ca'.
a d. warranted I' Cifomia gold taken idd excbhngo nd
m adenp to order.'. ; . . .' .'

S| 00 KENTUCKY MULEgS-Of large
I u .sia,Asye thl day arrived, and fftrsaleby.C..'
SJSSON,. cer. J.erpey-.v. dSoult, 3d-st,, Jersey City, or I
Smile on .NewarIi'lk Roa.d jftome Jersey City. Cotaintldy
0 o3 hand Shipping Mule'i broke and unbroke.

SIN-C PAINTSWarranted pure-
J The NEW-JERSEY ZINC CO., Warehome No. 4
Dey-gt atmp preparaeto epply thbir Zi- Painlte at the t l
o Wh, t ground o.l, 9. per po n&
SNo.-2Whioeg tl no10.perpoesd
De.S~ate eesd 9%ol71 -epom&d
Brow .an d hlak, ground-in t e q9 && p oqS'.
Dry White of Zin. 6c. pr epu ,d.
After thorough tet in ,lurop a nd'thUnited t e S
been found to retain itelbeauty and pirottive qualitieaon
I or tk s any other paint. For whiteness and brilliamaoy it
uznrivaled; it to free fivomallpoijonoupproperties so coosees
alid dangerous in other pigment, wil' cover-equal weight-
from, 40 toO 100 per cent. more apace than lead, adie ther
fre much cheaper to the customer. As ni'.mside paint,
.ill ot tr yellow, even whn exposed to the smpherou
peadf dcoal fire or ,the foul air of ships. Their White
Z ground in varnisheprodnies lcpeorcelain finish. Yhd
In a few hours form a hard and solid metallic eting, mom
wood, b 'age oedther motailtcwerfices, eam careerb
ft, th e ^rdioper~es. They are specially adapted
fogr ma"# o at ee' a efoad to reMsit the sorred-
Igati f t t deoptructiv tq ether.poaint& wea
W-r suppliee : eral tinu
S MANNiG, Awnl, N.4. 45 &De-.

Om .an. .Ua .n.s "-f -"
| -F !LY US. MAIL LIN E--he n ar.d f
:I. D.eami A, Mlson .: Beerry c emand p1iaD,"
irel lpy- ForT freight, apply o Mp~be.s ^fcolll.3

tn m erto oils)at the effie of
I- ? _P "FRD, T .LBSTON h CO, Bfo .,art'.i-
EpJP';1 CITY L1NE^-TbhiTgh *to
LI~ ^A ^ reduced filas, *^4lspI
WALL ffd.4tAM d-The nsliad.lnt'eW.n
S 5 as!"a~lttplit rRRA NEVADA. 1,800 lts., ude.
j. D. Wilson,'ilqr|Boeolaiader, will 'leamed ~Aii'B
|eNo.SNrth Ri^i, t^s^c &ieclaely
*The Sierna Seva &lj ^Sonuectlutatha VaYS
San' ranciiso Steamosiph Lke',,seasteamr atlPanamat aibd4-
+var-red in another lun1 by-i d C p.__-, go__.reep.msae i

; ,. ........ ,.,; ... ... :._ .,- ... .... .

S'AR BELLA, CapH L GrahLta, Apier 0: 6 N.orth RiLVe
"..n take a.few more paasengers, if im.nediate aplhaatio4
.r ,ssengers W .ll a ol bewon, bod ari on TUESDAY NEFh
the 21st inst., it'12 o'clock M. Apply on board, or t..- .,
E. B. SUTTON, No. 84 wa)1|'B
*p OR PURT'P aElil L'[tP,1A USTRr L,
.L,--Clipper Line,7.-+-The, new.clippershig &SQUTN A,'-
tri 4tmequaledicdoiiodaitih ns, 'W11l''ill onthe 25th 'i
Fox freigh~t ar..paisag6, jalpily on board, if-.r No. 10 &oJltt)
w'T. TDUGA'N, No. 43 Front St., RUSRELJL & NORTO
,ST. 3Sl.d O SH.. or LLLOT. a&RKE LL, No. 146 Pel.;
. LINE-Packet of 26th September -The splendid a
Utorite packet-ship SIDDONS. 'CapLt. Luther J. Brigg .
nail as above, her regular day.. S
- For freight or. uasaeab, having very'fie'accmnmodati
apply on oard, at pierNo. 14 Bast River,,orn, .. :-
'SPOFFORD, TILESTON & CO., No. 49 SoutliL.
Mail Steamship -ARCTIC, Captain Jaes' 'C. -.
his steamer will depart, with the U. S. Mails foT Bi9
eit aly on SATURD &V, SAot.l8th, at 12 'olok M. N
oer bertb at the foot ofCanmal-at.. No her-hL secrned-
Tor. For: feigt or g havi oneqaleS nom
Ho" fp eleganc e and comfrort,-applyt .
'" "EDW. K:,COLT[NS& P. o8 a!
Passengers are requested to be'on beard at 1f A. M.,.
T e stalnship PACIFik will esoceed theAACTIi, nd
MR -I is j
-a UtoIer 2j852,, r ',, 1 ; ,'5?1'
FO R LIVERPOOL-The fav4fite
JL.Steas ahip CITY OF GLASGOW,'-Viam..'le
Coiimatder, wi lsil l from fi e 'ahdclhia for livere! on
SATURDAY, Oct. 2, at. 9 o'lock A.M ^ Qun
whaif .. , "in After Saloon. tternems...: ,
'PNsege imMidship Oiab6i0i Sitaer,1m......... 6
Pass&us.hin Forvqard Saltos ttaoronoms, ..
'Possa.erkg e l 6be rovids with ailtray T
.... T A X RIC 0.RDSON, fo. 41 Exchange-pls.c'-






an GAdOW.-The Ilso ad 13ew-1(g SV
p Comatanr's1powerfinew Steauiship OL Wj ,
rons and 0, orse-power, Robert Crn.g,. Co ae, w
ail ftom New-York For dht4gow on W'VD9I AkYt
Sept., und on SATURDA 20thNov., at 12o'clo o
(i, First Cabin. .Saldon State Room ui ;.. .. ,. ..
First Cabl Midship State Rooms)...... .. ,
,. ** ew ~dc i l',....., ;;. .... ,..::."...A... ....,s ees*'
Steward's fee included. .
A'pry.o J "oSYMON, No. 2B arosdway.

ew-Vork, sole and onl, authorized Agento for the SWA&
a.d 21st of every month alterliate1Thlssdy. ...
n/rgig the alWiltby any o AI'satbove maga cent shios,,am
|ifaprmed that Mewsf. BOWA.MA.N -GR L JU & CO. mari
t eo-oly Agents for the ibove ships in this city.. ,
Tby alst issue .Ds fi*. tpAmv n rand uward which aor
PiyajD e at sght in any town through Ireland,and Grea
/ritu ..B:...OWMA., GLONNflfjLX M COMN 83' .
South st., N. Y., and Regentso Road, Liverpool. -
!,#iyeooi :Packene leave tNew-Yor 6hUi 2ft ofca'oi
M onza. ,. .
r -London -Peakets leave ,New-Mork;rei. k altlinale Thira.
day ,. i . .. . r~. ,
^ .^Or'ptteagfapplyasaboe t -
S IT.REL, 800, W 9Anmoeepamanoder, will sal
BERMUbDA ano' ST. THOMAS on the thOct ober, 8d.
.ovembet, abdith Decemb k i. Pssage mb e to Barmud1,
I3 0;'to 'it., $70. The Petrel has been built eOi,'
presly for agtopItbal ;limtel andi: hWas *el-leidvtd am a
Jaree state-rooi' with plunge and shower-baths, Wilta '
I tg~hl;'attowTratei. "a~tly to: : r y:"" '
I V CPUNAID, To, 4,Bp wlm?-gneemn.,:.
,+ rAJL.t F STA X s.11A, Wpi, A L.1
IL AX. NOVA SCOTiA.-The new'and pie..
stamsipe dIR .JOHWHARVE Btonlt A~ssreserfy ,on h
ine, and furnilshea in elegant style for the b,somqodd
of ;paeengers, will meave; thi6ndlofJIon WhaeiE Los o.
for Hplifax, every SATURDA, at oclook P.,M, a
la.trHalifa for lito d er. US AY 'ts lo,
P. M. Fare-FIrtt. 1b.1, J m ft hre--
Pab iVE!--ng"k,0
C-cAR J;~* ;w~ Iie^sS3e a
Bisbin wi hditsI 5s= l IeallAi5 ra"G.
l to CLARK, JO A -. It It.MTV

I *zmb M4iLD ~^IIIi1*

t 6 hr, 6ti H i RJs~fu '.S .0 ,RY, ,
LAND, DOC, OC OCEiIA t, f1 t. l r& .
D SOCK4 Mid(DUl t-I sllwa: L

l Wtli ^ F oeeePISwrork. I
1hWJZ0nS0P? 2j Ta. kddy, 8ftL 13, 7 AJA4".
....* a y', :-, 6 4 iWednaesday,. --. Th ..1 9 .
T..zrpuly, ,~ -, iii. --, nl -sti4u ,; tP'r l -- "I
SSafrdmy, -- 18, 11 A.M. Friday, ." 17, 9
uew a,..L.,,,.--^ J';l I|.P i ,Miznaay, -- .2.10 ""'
I reiqi% .2L ;"ps -"Tuen&* 0-0,20: "".10
hunsday,. Wednaiy0, -- 22, 1 P."

!1E:ea5da:y s 35 -^' a.3 .a,'. Tsesejay- - 2eS 7^ -1
1 Thim s," "8).,41 W,, sea, .y 29 "
1 a yi; Sa 4 y.: .Tn9 4 Sd y. '. i, 2 8 -
On sUNDAYS, weatherpe rmitting, Me EDI i LBWI
wMi ran to KEY PORT, touching at Fort H iton; leeW.
q.4, M .,aan N.o atd-robt9:`
I ~ ~ ~veKy ert at 3P'.M.AL

....., ,"+ "am ; 4 '.w. k ....w .
I sury ".H..wSBU7HrY, HLA"Nt
r WI, lo tf i Mey roiL P 1
i (M^d^we iS RAW ew an ^
Fr~ Nnow oldi1 Fr-eK

!i i ., ds ... a ... .._

I sa, . m 1 o a, I .
&W a=.' 11 ..v 7 See 1ay,7. 1 .81 .
.- .. 11, .de3Peiltsl,.j$. 391. M.'-
d -n .1.2 Monday .... 3a,. 1 . ,
lte te.* '-,yf *
Friay 1 24 -1
S-I_ -- 2t 1..":l:A r-id 24(I8,1- .. '
S-anday 2 .. 6 2, 6 A.M und .
,To eday,s.. 7, 7.Mon- .....
w .lsn sd ..' o 2, 2 'I ,. ,-
iThurdiay,.... 0, 6 Th y ..
The -964m W Bq "sw r^r Y
8l5S sll= te ,
Saowe I ,
I . T in. .
Dee GHT -to VERMONT and NEW d
&__AX^ na U--& ""t.6 S- __ 0& a I .

-Trainms leave pte fot of Du*ne-#tA. follows ; '
XPRESiss TtAiN t i 't M': for "Dunkik, conneting with
splassateamh(mit. lned,, Sand._ky,, T .
mioie, anadrailibads to Cincinnati andOClhagoe
IA.RAIN I-at 8 A. M. for all atio.. ... .
VA..TRAiN aSt3 P. M., via Piermont, for oelawarm.
VvlTirAN 'at 6"P. ., l.via Jersey ,City for Delware. ;.
IGHT. EXPRESS TRAIN at 6 P. M., for Dunkirk, conneas
.Wit3tfirst-clS steamboat for Detroit 'dre'o aenmstlga
th Express Train for.Chicago.
MiSaI-AWT TAiwIt 6 W P ". M via Ferlont. :
C C A SN MI INOT.uperintendt."
T EW(itaud O E^ ik,' aud ELMIRA
San- d.CANArDAIGoUA RA[LROA'DS.-Trains leave
r foot of Duane-at. .as follows ..
)ay Expreis--At 6A IM. for Canandatgmfa. Rochester and:
tara 'aJls,, arriving at the above named places the samnt
nin. Mail Tr[ins; leave at8 A. M.K stoppln over's eight
lim ira. . ;
1i1ht Express--Leave at 6 P' M., arriving at Cansndal'
t st7.4i ae xt morolug,.in timd totake the 71 rsip, toib
creteer, Buff l1s&' ao sgaie Falfal .
. rPti tis.-". 4e...- cAtr.stu and.mokfeomdo+tr.rta K. 1 :..
w- ."Yorh andCcda est.
LATHAWi. SOup-i C and H.R. R.L

-jL Trains leave Chaibers-st, statiLon dail", (Sundays e
septed) for Alb any otfid'Troyas fol0ws' '- '
X XPRESS TRALN At I A MA., through tn4 hourl- ansdeounpet
fig with trains reaAihing Buffalo 6r Muftrel tiat i8 -o'clock. idim
evening.-MAIL TRAIN at 8 A. M.-THRoUGH WavTRAISI
at 1 and 4 P M.-ExPReSS TRAI' at 6 P.'M., anid Ai M.-
MODATLON TRAIN at.3,1 P. M.-Pmsengers takeu atCham-
bera st..'Canal-8t Ghristoptier-4Lt., b14tW-dt.' id 31sat e.--u'
DAY MAIL TRAIN at 5 P M-F. om" Cnal-st.-FaRgB--$l 50
to Albany-- $l 56 to Proy-.S.6 50 to ontrpal l-l8 10 to
Buffalo-I1' 1T '6 Chicago: Aei-Tickei and ba gae hecko
:ipaital .pleads ".ept-ai. It d' otie.e, at
SSWKK 19 XkRK.. ,4neiitaent1
narbre-st.. P i"Tn
8,1852,. TrLrns out ofNew-VYork leave, near srnamerofCana
aL,'dtBioadt~isa ay,. ,
Ac.OMMODAT ON ALSD SPgCCiAl.-At 7 andt 11.30 A. .M., a ,
1f6P. M <(pes to Greenwich, .addlping atallaUStations
beyond,) atd 5,36i P..X, through to New- Haveg..-
stjAtS5"P. M., -f:r Norwalk -at 8.50-AM and .30 P. M
1wr f.ort Cbeser.. -1... . _L .. . -
-The ''LIS0 A StM. rms In connectio w6ith train from New.
Haven to Harford and Spriongfield, and with train over the
iCalalroad '- ... &
Expr es Trains for. New-Haven, 'Hartford, Sprinelidata,
/oso i, and by C'Ohieoticut River to Ogildensburglh, Moe"
treal r ib
The I A.M. stoppIng Bttrifordahd Sridgepor esone .
ing With- Htousnnlcuand-Naugatuc.lRta loads at. SBitdpor,!
d '.uCanl Ritlr7.'aadt A e. i -aven.-and at .3 P.'M. top.
,insgattainf. pid,. onpkpZtp nehe wth,
toustonle mid augairuc tellrbad at rudgeporf,
Ac6itJMMUOATiON AND'StUCi4L.-At 5.30,.!7 a64 9S5A
M, and'420eP..M., through b.fom New-Haven. v a
At 6 A. M. from Norwalk-at S50 A.M. and .3,45 P. M
from Qort Chester. . i .
The 9.35 4-. M..receives passengers from 8pringaleidand
ttUtord and Canal RailroadI at New*-Haven. The.4.20 ,M" -I
receives pasengers hom'Hartford, Springfieldiand o .
\ ,ail ro ani & .' _. :. t, ... .; ' ; : 'o f .. .
` EXPR.ESs TRAINS. LJEAV NEW-HAV v ,,on ".val O c.
Strains, from Bostton at 1.1-5. ahd 8.50 P. ., Vt."(slpl get
I Briogepori Norwalk and Stamford)-leaving Boeston at 8
M d 3 .45 P M -- .. .. i "-
See iare ..biU of advertismet a. the ,tation-house m -
irieipa'hoatls. GEOe .. WHISTLER, Jr. S8upt:
and after Wednesday, Aug. 18,1852, Traiins will -Do 4i fol.
lo w ;S:- :.. :* *, ^ ,: :** ..* , . ,
Leave New.H-aven at 7.30 A. M., Accommodation Trai.
for. New-London, stopping At allitatiohs 11.25 A. M-., -EH
pres TrairI for Guilford, ConpnecticotJiver, Lyme and New-.
[ )uindos coneetingiwit .the0steamboat. ald-.raflfaidrlineu
fpr Stoningtn, ProvIdence .an Newport. 6.55P. M., A.-
".emtuodiatin Taii.n fIr ew;-Lohdon, tijiping at i.. eta;
tion s -
"Lesve 'ew-t ondon:'at 6.80 A. Mi., Acoo dmlaon Tra.el
for New-Haven, stepping at all stations. L0,40 A. M,.
ress Train for Lyme. Connecticut River, Guilford adNeW.a-
eaven-Passengers leaving Newport, Provrdence -ane! Sto-
Intlcil Ithe morning, on arriving at New-London, takethhiI
tra lin for New-York. 3.380 P. M..Aqcomm.otio,, Train fo
SNew-H-avei. st opping at aull station '
Th 11.25 A M. ExP. ressTyain. eves. New. Raven .on tl
ahival ofthe 8 A. M. e ipreM Train frrom New-York. e'
ThLe W. P..f 4 .,odatiop Tra'in. eavbeiN4W- laven. o,
Wthe nfhe S 0 'P. M. Exiresw Trae fErD Nawor-dk
The- Trains leavingNbeWLoudpn-at 650 A; Ml manO10.44'
"M,, connect 1at New-bIHave6 'ith Naw4e rk46orkin at
9.W A. M.,and 1.15 P.M ,, ,
"Pasaeegera bv die S 0*id." Tiro from etI-Iondon, ai
tak~e. the, Expreps Tidihs. tINew-4ayen' f9;,'f~ a4
SSpringfield, for New-ork, th6same evening.'
'Elaven Augui RIHARD N.DOW, Supt.
:l'Jew-Haven'&An us ,i7, 2'. .* "

VI JERSEY-Thr&ogh frmi New-York to ^aattnw -Pa., -s
Your Houra, eoaqencing A.2. Leave Ver t]o.l",Nor-t
I eer, per ,MAmem ItliD JA lIETirE asdh tnter
mediate pAcesat 8 A. M.12 M-,ad n .f 3. ndi.t
^lester a 1P."M. Retutn-~i~n Pe iP llabg (op1 1
sai.e.Esmton),6 l S Ru M. and S.i PM.. -

r PHIL':DELPHIA, fim. Pier No. I, Nor-th Rivm,
footo9f Batter Lplee, by desiboat Jobs cotter4-Two line.
Mfy; Morng Linef reavesi it 7 A. M ;Afternoo Exirans
Line at 2 P.'.,,tdiropgbi toqhaaI odetoh/eAjm4jA;hoeA .ram
S1 aldss ears. 3, 2id olam le, by 2P. M., only $2. RetmW
ing, leave Philadelphia from fobtbf WidAlt-tact 8 A.M.; W
PrM. Emigrant Line hby r boatoTnaport from Pl
' .! t 6 P.M. I l t.t;;.-, ; i ,t., AM ad

""EW and DIRECT ROT' t6 NIA-
I m. .. L O-RO.HE tTEM MM ., .
a ONGr WinIT.ay

N Mi .. -;W s -F~ vn' ...... : A .M.
,Wiiys w1s1L

j3^ ^WaExnssa^- sa^ n '

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lea M P.M5
oa ig ea. Ab ia U wi... a.
.:I .. inso" by-""any; ;:" "A.
fxprese twin, 4oi the 71'b. 3 rel l ia* 1AM
i ma l Rochesterin thee -r a vin for Naga .
In atE prO PT.,ansd will N7 F ljOk PS x
dw~s~ingat Al~.,ixresra,
' ,

irm. snlvhtdR aner to a q5 be a ot-e r avee A

I lNt( en [ait;R an rriv there st9.m '
Pa___iLl.per s, .g Albany.the 117.P_. M-. Expreso .a .
Iw T arrive lltRochester at ., u P MSwxprf ins s .I
i ,sa-'fve fon MtNi Mar Faiq in 9. _5.A ik -NIm t h-d o r sl
ati& Pi. .it.
& Pwpnpng -Yvn1~lgrI akl hub
nl h TiC hester h .ludtm r the -

I to se r -s Sourjsoner than by ao. other mit-s.
OtasRSnAbf"rMAccli tl eai'idik nll Iatitat
!lh .n ld6potat ester, .1if t h est .r d ban
Ieanst, be&tiful d S .... .-

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.3~---. .



Cone ye who scoff at.6baok's magiclOre-
S lfreuch there be-co ie: nk rd the proofs .behold;.
Letters by hundreds, sent froudrevery shores j
S'Alid royal1tifts for-demstinies fretold.
Come and hehold the signatures of Kjings,
.. Th5e namenB o1 learned men, of slatesmenlwise, ,
SAnd if their sanction no conviction bingo,
Jividge f r your,'eves if Sweden's prophet lies.
SHe claims 'tis histhe future to foreknow,
The past with all its mysteries to explain,
The path of wealth,, love, honor, health, to show,
And to the mourning peace to bring gain. ..
' Daring his residence in ithiim cunity; Dr. C. W ROBACK
1 has east upwa d of 2o,00 nativities,, and given advice,
t founded onvAatrolopy ed Geonmaney,tomozethan LOO per-
Ssons He may he consulted at all hours, at his residence
SNo. 6'White-st, N. Y.

I f"i. atei. Cnr. I$
L CUR ESTABLISHMENT, at Bennington, Vt4
I (one hour's railroad ride from Albany and Troy,) l mow
open.. Mountain scenery nensrpassed&

i ton to this instittion take the Morri and Essex Railroad
Sat:the foot:of, a 8 and 1H W, and 4 and 6P.M.
_ eturmig, leave Water-Gure,statlonat 7 &ad 8 A.M. l and:
SoathOdraneelstS3and M P. M
i .-Dr. QULMBY continues to receive .dina". a; fch
f establishinent. A few Boarders aim be W No
S18 East Broadway, New-York, L i
S TRALL receive e.atients at the com,:odt.ou City ft
tAblistimentN.. 15 ipa. l gh-pst,;(.s~eeu .men lrge4yIA&now
Sb'ilding.) A spciJal 'department forte laechanieal and
.Surgieal treatments of' female dise ieltpl d ement, ',
i under- the charge .of Drp. TBRALL ^adH FORD.
kIRS. L. N. FOWLE, M-. D., wll
iJ nL snmt with ledte medicalUy, at her residence, No.
1M East Broadway, frm&A6 A.M. tol P. 9 .

!IN .PURSUANCE of an order of Jee'- C.
JL Smith, Esq Snrroiate.of.the...County ofUXin, notice is here-
!by given according to law, to.all persons having claims. asist COO-
*V-Ltf.U* :tgitBBF;- iate of the hOir i to68akb,deceaid,
!that they are reqairpd to exhibit the saine, with thevouchers there--
of, to. ta sicnrer, Charle J. Lowrey at- his aficei NW.1 F.ulton.
it., ii tWie Crty o0 Brooklyn, on or before the 17th day of February
eext.-D~ataib~ar-a0le. .. +2 ." .._
jacoB B. B .O& RU I,, I : Igieceori -
Sjy~lO-:lp ". CH'.LES J. LOWREY,
-N FRSVANCE of,;an order of JESSE C.0

*erebygive acc r to wulaw, to all perso s vI ci ua, ..
- P ^ rte al t'B lyml,: de "
4mat the are required to eo.ibit the same, with- Vou _
th s hrjaltthlrWoK Qi fiids bunhe i t-
ba.t, earme-av., i the'City of Brooklyn or bfore the
6N [---t tyIord Br-t 1m
. t--de 61 rjan szti-Da'ed 1Y .""16L
manunu>P N.-xBewu fz ssetBe


-a%. .s L
d teamship CR.ES0NT CIY' D, D, Porter-. U. ,.
:-nmstnaedr, wlusafil from the. po"r at :oot ofWarr:u&,
N.R-n Mu ONDAY, Seo 27.. at 2 o'lok P'."preaSoly'i
...- RATB i Or PASSAiEL'FbHj VAli EN1t NEW-o3LmASS
SAlter Saioon,,:B: drtt,,., .. .;.0.'.

Berthaa .n5.Ct w^- -s
pea onl takeim on. fregh6-', g ---- .......-.....-tS.
eight aento New-O A t3n at w 0 ceuen peru c ubc foot&
Shippers of'frefitht ae!' qqubit6d,.to 'uiailyithaeminreIcas,
with the Cqmpany's bill, o w !aL, .y be traden
IapIltation at the office., NaS ortot-nir i idte mW Y ed
EO bills of lading signed aftI. the ship hafail-ad ... o -
For freight or passage appl t61 . I
S M ROBERTS 01. 17,Wef t ,7 pr. Warren.'

I L T he neV, and elegant Steanmship 81,SIERRA NEVADA,&
i.." Wilson, Comxr.t!&jidw, .ti .ieaoe.New-Vork on
TRHURSDAY, Sept. 2S' at3S P.M., precisely can necioqg
A lt Panama witbh tha1 ne oi.hiubl" en;hgjnj siteanseip COIR-.
TES, T B. Cropper Comumander, whiqh vessel leaves Pan-.
-"nae on the arrival df thtd imsp, I Foepalmaeaply to
,... "DVI, BROOKS A Go.,.
.. '; General 'Age nila olVd0'Beavir'-St., Nb*-t ork.
IAN"R-BII `L iE 9 fori SA
the FRANuCISO.-Tb hieTpiiLl lino gIVingclketo for TOM
iml the Poerf.ii double engine steamship,
NO..uRThERN- LIGj-T :N1)&. tp will lieavefrom Pier No,!
2 t'th Rlver t3 lo .M precisel yon MONDAY
- Sept; 20, for Spn.mpa d. ,-l.Net'e, connecting with the,
Pacific steamer on the" transit rout, having hut
12 miles pf lang. p( 'I ptrtati On. These steamers are uni.
vwaled in their arranrents, .and ventilation. Pasengersn
san rely uiponIgolaectr oe.uwithO the. p tmost is ath, FIor,
5 ori- informatl f on a .of artoeD.8...ALLEN.hAge.
Lir ^ ^j^ S ^ top.-XM Agent, -

toted,.6vb n bi"urdene. J. artstero, U. S N. Com- J
adrI Fl 011FAo NY, 'soere 20ng with the Pa .IC UI
MAIL STEAM1SHIP- dOMjPAN"Y-Only through U. S
A~aill Line for CAtaI1F0PftNr4 andlRGOtl01poej
recndely Panma-hplendid new and double eonre u.ia

mal Stnder, LlhiP in ia .Pthe ma stest eameinve the II
/ oisa ,r,8 tI ud passengers H. J. Hartateimmeiately for. N., C

stanoder,. w 'llbeio uma l be d sparza on the part of the i
linoim's malig andq Passengers and saill-immeidiately for. San
Fianolece- o slote illfbe spaercdon the part of their
Companies to send their passengers Ahrouh, wb exped.|i
/tioe, comfort inideaftyr.. g', h 'with .
SXadler Saloon, State-oRdeb...i.....Osseo.;.....
Lower Aft =4 Forward Saloon, do*............. 5os&:
ideonddCabln'Standees........................... 4
SSteerage.. ..... .........................
I' nger-wll, be landed at the Railroad wharf, Asp Mi.
Swall, Transit ofthe Ithmus at the asenger'. e-
/ese. Perons securing through passe, Ib1he United
It derMall Steamers from .New-Yor; hav'e6 preference oi
accommodatton o6n bard 6f the-Pocific Mail Steamers.
A ,ate. of fare from, Panams to San FIrancisco oean theal
favorable term. oPr freight or Passage apply t
PHAJRLHA. WHITN E Y, at theOfflice oi the Ce00.
P No.l Wert-st., corner of WarrenL N. Y
N ".B" 8;are requested to supply themselves wtt3
the C_&#Ys Bills of Lading, which twl. be signed at thL
office between the. hour ofl and 1 o'lock on. the day ad

T [HE PEOPLE of: the STATE.f ..W ;-.
T yORK,, by the race of God fte6An indt'-i o 0
person t itertated in'the EstaU~f'W0E, fC~qFig of tyie
City, of ew Torit,,deceased" aah reei boegtted tW dI.uf aL-
otherwise, sand s reerin : yomg n ad-'etach 3 bGCelsreh* l
ad r qeiredter aeMeAy to t be&id s siea' before our Surrogate of thL
omuty of New-York. at his office in the Ci1 of NLW-YT;K-l, a0 "it
iietentq- day of Qct< ber n, t, aW eleseb o'clock in the hbuMddomif
ita day, then and there to attend the. fina fletementof thea
'o 'ot m.@& pm lig of BeOjatoin.Gif omre tnd Rufas Ilh, ibt"m '
E ,gtpirs and ste.eoftheLast
=mato Dbe AreuQattssalxe& 0.. dt
]. ,. r r o f onr id C o'j.ty t be CidofIhi
T.J Yoik, the twelfth day ofJuny. ia-4thtYlali S
thoumnd eiht hundred and fifty-two.

iET~w' W~A LJJ~j XL IJ^ ~jJJL y cf~'Tp a1 | 23i Aoli
S .. .- ,- a -
.. . .. .. .. ... . ..... ... ... ... ... .. ... .. ... .. .. ...-- -, - 7+ "- + 7 .-- - --+"=... ....a ... ..... "7. ... ........ .. .. ... . . .. . .

. It .....

f I

O R' SHREW...y RED B.i'.:
r 4ow *afI,'Aoct'IfiOAN 'DUtl1.,-E -b i.ft
S PORT'" W 4O1Y.. re- !
iplenldit steamer GOLDEN GATE, Capt. H.tUokaqU i
wf' leave pier f-ot of R obino-t. N. B, d ly,( (S uniys,
g r et,) anfollows:. '. .
-4L-.j~ aew--Yr-kol_ :.,_: ',
-SO .-14 ... wi '.ai. 1 4. 1 4 ..-
,.,-le l~q .. ,,'-- 16,: ... -5,
- a-t '' S- ^^Sn-
Is. i .

S+ 2 0. 1 P'.:mP mda y 1.''' a .
S es.ay, 22, 9 -. .IaBnerday. ..23, 3 :"
sday, .. 024, 10 ., M' day. . '-" -
~-2i,'SP. 5e~dnayI, 2,5 L. 4~*
I~~~~t ednady,. Bl5.
nesey, :- 94 .M 1iadm, 302 o 5.~
T1trday, ..3S, to.0
a., geswill be in read'iOsso 11the arrival of the Boat, to
qyey peasengers to 6l parts e eon

'PNEW and ee~~F ntet'fnei. JI^A
-ll I~S8KIDDY oAmeha~d l of Jby~ *a -1 o'clock,
.Di"A ?^0b. MO.%DK IAPE4trkqm i F &I
3 ? makwthe" I 16hmng land.iitgs. el F'oin ew-
IL / ptbke~iL.~uz -i Oats il. -qdHdm
rtotb~sei x-otaI soR
rnuing D o in ateiatre dayi,' making' he 0.e iandina.
S beat!is ProvIe.-twil-.iF piU'sfPatent MetAlxo FAe
a. ore O The owffet feel. -nfi tent that p ngenr
0.) m4nqitpcrt her-lbe;o"sodmo fertabte b6itt
ri ver., S.WCT MC QUITTGg&eaut, No. 1&9 rront-s.
Ia IANY1 '-,^fl 'Ij&BANO)
SrPRINGS.-Tiaor&frlNHW.YORK ib E
X .... ......ft PA ",. Ha-- 8. 'i q^ ^ ;... )
ily, (BItodays axe Ie, HB1J Saetiouj0 Net-ok
'htamfOADC.0 eqph.uaC

gW~~~~In, intlner forleh lon k 1prng wilJ tak te 0
clbhckthp A.f qo Tr .o etb, _orting8 tih Wemstern Raiod
dlt and other Iyrm d' t;.4Stat T ... p ...
At 9+o~ch Lp"M' At Xi" datiton rrt"o iii

'P. nt" 'Dr a h'e o rain ,eto II
el rR IRspykromt R o.. . ..
1 bprA ln1iul4.11bk am wl a ke lbD8*U S 1 ahe tioAD t
eon- Sio,-6 quo, w.Min early 'asmt ett
.r- ,!Ii l IT I LI) Seper lutemnisal

and FXPREMS UNES-.:ThT~nghfAl hon -New-Jernev
ailroad viaJse- y0 le vairifh.or M fot
of CoPtlandLib.erty-.t.aheP.r...-rt- Laeve
WahilooIphia-lt,1W .aid 1%-A. _-lf fr.'-. om foot of
_ aJut r,-1 46d ;W.' ,to l- ftSla. mid t$ 2 tfor
through tickets sold in-the ijove linthei d idhronghhtoaj-
arried in the 9 A. M. nd.f. MP U ie fromoNew-Yot
with throuetb eonduetors ': .
a SI-neilfor-then nbtile pM -n-er -almniernd trains
wtrota as followed n .
WARD*-Onl of the, Wb ral-casss steamers, rjjJdTH1RB
STATE, will eate Buffalo daily, Sunday' exepted, atI
P. M., and Dunkirk 'st ,_12, at night reechS"'Moroe at!
P. M. the next dy. and proceeding t6 .tdi the esm
afternoon. .. . :... .
An express traAi wl.l, -leave no at 2 p M or on the
arrival of the boa daily,, Monday excepted, teaching C01
sag thesame, evqng., and conn at Chcag.o with .
Ias a.1 a n m-r k rM .w.aukee and other ports.on Lake Mis
lgw* and 4w'th Canuia] tiaokets end.,_,ilroaw1rtM
WARD.-Epraess trains will leave Chicago at 9. P. M., daily,
Uafturdaysaxcepted, and -reach Monroe at 8 next momiiu
An express seamer will leave Toledo every 6oining ax'
Sept Sunday, -and leave, Moiroe on arrivaiof ehresidni f6QO
Chicaoh-and .readh$ a Dbnkins- and uiffalo seveil hourpre
i -.ons ,tp.te .time ,or .;he- .first-Expresm trains east fQr New
,xor-k,.-Albsny'an-.,B neto .. .
. T.. Steamres. and trains a: lonoe will connect each wa.
Mg ar a loafs for- Detroit and,- e. o.. .
WARD.-This tain ill] leave Toldeo daily, Sundayq ex.
sept., at 8-. ., ,onnectin at qldo. wth a .te ef
ite6manier from Cleveland anda Sandusky, and *topping #4t al
*ne Wa stations, will reabh'Chicago at 8j P. M-
('OIN0 EASTWARD.- Leave Chicago daily. Sunyl
e'0 -a* t ..8 A. MI., stopping at all tatons, and arrivinl
ST o1do it 9 P. M., connecting with steamers to Sandusk
ianuCleveland; and earrving there in time for all the morn
Ing trains from those places.
A packet-hoat leaves Toledo qt 8 A. M. tfoor Itor Way
anidportono the'-witbash Canal. :JOB. H. MOORE,
.dau.Junel,1",1P...... Smeerutmandet

IN !URSUANCE of an order of jES (o
S:SM IT Eq0.,, SCrrote f ieon of t cino sores
^en t10 a ainst RICH'ARD -DO
A .3.i lte of the City of Vro0klyn, decased, tlat they armrequaob
,to xMb the sae,with the vouher t thereof, toQ thesfakeribeg,t-is
ofice^JCounfity-Treaurer's Offioq, iW the City HBiBwi- tq City-.
.rooklynon or before he te th day of January neXt.-Date 4..J
th t86m.. CRAWFORD C. SNMTH .i.
0 aifsta~iitr*7
Nc PURSUANCEYOf an' order of the Sugrrogat
JLof-the County of New-York, ntice la heretiysiven to abl ereo e
having claims against MARY PBLRKINS, late of the Cit VilWIT
eork, widow, deoeas-ed, to present the same with vtouchers theireo
to the subscriber.-at his .raydebce. No. -260 Suria st ,ii the 'City
NXew.York, on or before the filth day of March next -Dated .aewk
York, the sd day of September. 18W. -
"3 law6mF WILLIAM PERKL NSgxecutt, .
IN PURSUANCE of au order of the Surrpate
I' of the County of New-Ybrk, notice is iherby ven'to-ai bersoa
having claim against ERNEST KASS, late of the Ciy of New: Yorki
baker, deceased, to present the same, with vouchers thereof, to "
subscriber, at his store, No. 9% Broadway, ia the.City of New-York-,.
on or before the twelfth da offJanuary nqxt.--Dated New-York,tb
iahth dayof July, t1s. JOEHN SBSD8 ieeaut,
J i9 awm:'mF
N PURSUANCE of an Order of JSSE'C
SMITH, Esq., Surrpgate of the County ofi0? notice is hereby
livet, according g to iw, to all persons having claiinaiant JAMES
BROWN, late of th e Cit of Brooklyn, deceased, that they arena-
quired to exhibit the same with the vout-hers thereof t tihe subscri-
ber at the office of Gilbert t& .Story, number 67- Wai --reet, in th
City ofNew-York, on or before the 27tb dayof'Novamberaet.-Dm]
ted,May 20,182. WILLIAM BROWN, Admianistrate
m2l law6mF* *"
N PURSUANCE of an order of the Surrogate
of the County of New-York, notice is. hereby liven -to all person
having claims against -THOMAS BRADY, late,.of the :iity of New-
York, baker, deceased, to present the sarme, with 6iochew-there4
to the subscriber, at his residence, atthe"corner of4th-av. iS'AM*
at., in the City <,f New-York, On or before the 1lth day of'Decn3.
next.-DaTed New-York, the 10th day of Jusne, 1852.
jel-lawimF-* .. JAMES NAGAQAN"xex g- .
N PURSUANCE -f an order of th110 .& D
'of the County of New-Yoik, notice hereby giyo.ven. P1 ersoS
having claimsBagainst GEo)RGE W. AITKN.,qatE 61ptheCit 0r
I ew-York, mason deceased, t- present the sate 'Vwith`Vb"ojeiS
Sthereof. to.the s.ubscrihers, at the.offlce of'lHEtRv .aITK K-1 i No.- l-
Exchange.Plac., in the City of New-York, on uorbefare.theareat.W"
third dsv o February next.-fat.'1 New-York, thelath-s,
gust, 1852. S&AH T: AITIN, .-. -'.
au21J. law6mF*' 1. HENKY AAITKS; .as tfo'
IN PURSUANCE of ari order of the.Surroga0
of the County of New-York, notice is herebr, a'n era e p ues
havies csini against BERNAR, HAN'LGAN,.ai ofthe Ciy ab
New-York, butcher, deceased, to pre.entr hibl4 ; i with vouchers
Thereof, to the subscriber, at the office ofWilliam Hillyer, at N. 16
Rivington-st., in the City of.New York. on-or before the .9th.. dat
January dexl.-Dated New -,ork. tbe S2d day of July" .
_j23 aw6nFr ELIZABETH HANIGAN, Adri"a6&atrax.
IN PURSUANC I of an order .of ,Suarogat.
of th.e Conty of New-York:,;,oUti-e.a ehreb I t5t alI1tPeijoL
having claims .against EBE'I.L i. HUNT, "late of' lif.e Jth --'f
New-.Ytrk, broker, to present tfe same, with ,vouqierB thereofi:tI
i the subscnbers, at.the.otbie of Winthrop; & Johnsao% a1 Wi.ip
Sliiamst., in the Cit6 of New-York, on or'before the. thirtieth -:da
of December next.-Dated New-York, the twenty-fourth day of)
June, 1862. ROBERT.E. aPTHORP, A.pdi'astrtato foo
j ea &wbnF* 'W. T.EWT MPLETON JOHNSON, EtenL.Hn nt.
Ni Butterworth. against Jpriathan Lawrence and Maria Bk hi
Swite, Henry Cogill an s4jai.-Pckerig., Executonr sandAdminstratoe
of Thomaa Swale. (deeaased,- -um,,ns. for rehef-To. the abbve,
ilamed defendant : You are hreby buma onid and required to'
ewer tbe complaint in tis action, ofw*hich'a-copy' is herewith so aer.M
I upon yonu; ind. rve.'a ciylot your -ashwer ti the saicdosfiiplb
I on .the Bubso. f .at:.-hisoui'e, No0 2otNasalnet, .liithe-Ci'J F
NewX- W#j.~~tBkttwenty dai- after :heiaetric hereofr-axclusive:of
the day, qfsoc. sse.rieapd if .o. .ailto- answer thd sa4 coampl irL
Within. te trb. t a preand, the Pl citthis acrtie will .ply o t7.
i Counr fir thie 4reliefd"MLdpade- C( it4p'ainL--daOte.' to
J N Jb HNiSEDGW IC p I ttr6 e. . a -, .
The summons ndr-copip t1_* '-Aon were "fila'" Ofice
SoftheClerofthC ftr e City nd' tNe-orkat eCtyli
in said City,on the 26th day olaurst 1852. au7 law6w *
I EW ytJi -FKSIUf4tr) COUT1 r
t sig cjih bC: Hati Sdoie 'She n 7 and Thuao 'heeier, agL
Lanwrere Cirwi erd '.'To .YW RAErVE CRtAWFORDO- Yonoar- a'ithitehe ti..o&a'hwerid tihe jbplaintit fin 1 'hC.-
Siton w ahich wa. filed'in ti'tAs ourof-orthe' Cek a o4.$ 7nd1 r
I of(.trhe ;Gity -yd-Cpunty 6.New~trA ,Y-onk6 thel, ~~I tya tafiplabiher5
i18% t'nd*1 ,It oereo^aCop), ur ros atia~tWaro^neilieompeinea
I irest fcii tew at-stdy office, *-itA'era lr, 15., iIts *e City aQ&
N ;Yor,I within twenti day-,a at sI~ervce pf thqp aInmeosB on
yt'ur-exclislie or~ the lat ol ouch we'i e a sd t yo Ufail to answer
the anid ocan- wittn the tee norenaad, the.. plainttfs in thiik
Sartiotu will ~ ta dgiudemc1 ssainyost for the m oI3 $2.B74 60, with
e o letsda ;of8e^rher 182 &tite 0 6t
ti action.-Dte Sept. 16, 185
SE 7'law6F* "' "A. L."PINNY, PIaintif'ksAtterney.
1 CiUPREME COURT-S'itae and Count# of
-PANY 'gaindt'ADRIAN 8' HO iMEas andH f'HE NASII.IL;.
INSURA"NCE and TttUSe CO'-Somrion.- for Relief-eCorn ntoSer'
S--To the Defendants : You are hereby aunonted nd reqtiired *2
i answer the complaint in this action, which wall be filed i the ollee of'
the.Clerk of .the City natid ..Ou.nty. of New-Yei-Ok, ati the City'r1
i Hall. in,, and to netre a copr of.iyooj answerto the: said
I complaint on the .subscriber, ,at hi., office. No. 66 W.ll-'et, in saidl',
,City, wit,.n twenty days asfts. the service ef, this esumonu.o
;on you; eXcIuitvet of the day ,of such service; and if you- laiSa
-to answer the said complaint within the tine aforesaid, the plaintilfa
Sin this action .will applyato,the Cnurt ,for the relief demanded in/the
complpi -t. -D a!ierdN w-Ynrk,Se etZ.7,;1-852: It.t. .
ErP Y E. 3DAVI3,'.Puitr's'l Attorney, No. 66 W-aliBtrt 7
i TYon will 'urthlietakelhrs'fce ,hat the ce5iplat 'n thin action. waf-
[ i led wilh the Clerk and atthe place mentione-, an the .6h
:day of Sept 186l HENRY E. D&'Vt&^atiffYS Attorney '"
I Bl7 Aaw0-F :.. .D ....3. .t's. +....... *"'.,

on 'hk1epsl NhwbirJ; CdouzzensCtld Spring, Oora
1a] andT Milton, frIom .he Ax at of Jay-st, every afternoon at
I o'clock. Retunin W11] leave Poiighkeepsle'every more-..
C at 6 o'clock. (Squn yq cepted.) Meals servedon board.
REGULARR MIL LINE, via stonin-
- t, : od B68+ba PROVIaDENCEA w NEW- BsFo
OLRDand TAUATO'J&%!tosea C. NDERWIff
nd OMMODURE.eo his lin e nw ran.reguLarly as here, .ae rnat8m leaving No. -Nortb Rlver, 1'6t waory
.ov-.Bfittery-place, daily, Sundays excepted, at P.M.,

C i Sejtoningo Br-t.on d'loeave.J on altrnatedasthuud1y
Oteain, which leaves BogtonA, 8 th P.MB- ,,
.'.The steamer PERiUr leave 4 Prvidbn6ie 1fefNewV' d
daiy, except Sundays,,at9 A.,.an. P.M. New-^idfor
and taunton passec "er .ro0Wdlifmtdiately on thean va
of the mail tre~uLo.M 1, 1. 1, . .. ..
-Foro freight h r I i'&ppbly at th s o ;.iwo. 10 iattex"
Ior oreig ep on hoarded I, o t o '" P
t.. on .OARD. Aeon, i. , 7 W el..
i BUS.1.4 N ..Vi. T.WPUKT 4and
IrL FA"!L aklVdgit, he splendidr and tperloy.gemamrt
SY. STATE, 0apt. W :"rov and EMPIRE STA.T3j
C t eujamin Brazyton, leaveon'-alternate days, (Sundpw
). ted fronf Pier No. 8,.N.K.,,near the. Battery, at 5-P.M.
ror rreight, apply on board, or at the office on Pier No. S. ,
TTA1DAE & OAR DEN. Agents. Nam 70 adYI Wiml:

qI u 5 iUpc iauteb anb to Loan.
S.NONEYo OAN-On Bond and
.L Mortgage, on prodjctitie city. property, in sums of
$1,000 to',000 BApply to' 'B'ELTDEN & COLTON,
.. :.. ... .' ... .Brokers, N d. 113 Cham bersa-stL
j ........ l b "i ,, ,-+:-tI^^ '. ,: '*' "" _
t Eoal5
COAL--The ,iubsciber has In yards,
nd e Ins Ieau-tly discharglhxig all the 'vatous kinds of
i Anthracite and itumitnous Coals,$ viz: reach Orchard
Olack Heath. Letdh, Livaerpool Orrel, Cannel, Sidney,
sc_ oe., al of the very best quality, delivered In haaedw
border, and for sale low. JAMES. L.WORTH, or Thompson, aod 6th-av..aor. Amoa.
Down town office No. S6-WaU.I "
o.i ,- ed, A' j- gand tove, screen-
I .ed oand, delivered in good order at 85 p.r tin; les from
Beatswlhen dicahsrging, Yard N.. 383 Rivington-st.
.... .. .... M.-O'ICONNOR.

pUAL.- .,r-I.l coltifnne to deliver, best.
../." Re d Asti, screened, from yards. dry .andar :cover at 3.5
i5 per tun...; 5froim. boat.,--Yard'.Kineand Greesnwiecand"
Goeiich' and itingo. . PETER GLINTON.,
i p ltrs'rS' N, t'L-. Tb-h PenMsylvhtis
L Cou. ,C 4ipa s; preparoedr to deliver to falailfe I'
any part ..f thiwcity, .Brooklyn -and.WVltliamaoburh, frotfi ilt
i Canal oats, ani everal.- yards, the. .varioos sines of Its
I iFtt-tdnCoal, which 1I-p nperiopr Anthracite for domestic
sa' A ipply at ls6e yards, .of ..4hf-S.. and 9th-av.
West-t.,- near Morton at the foot of Governer-st.a Eaal
river ;. foot bf North 10_-it Wtiliamqlurgh; .foot. oF .od,
st,',' Brooklyn, or .at e othOce of the,dCompany, corner ot
Briotiadway andWl-D A' The 6Coal will b' doveli red at j4 7.
lpeT tun, of 2, We.ll. fr"om th xiCll-l anf t at P 21t '
eeleened' thevard.i .' .". ':: " .
i tIe NmUT" CQAt.o The Bu eps (dId .all attentioV of
tijertaAe6to h-ir mal] Nut Red Asti..Co0alfro a ie.Spoha
,d lJeWijs'VeifiS'a '' dirable6arLicl, at thu periodof
nhe ear oto'r to aI,'d 'nge.'. For'ale iby the cargo, e.ithr'.
sat Richonde .rhippeL d from Pot Carboih by Canal. All
otler fizes1i'f tbhe'a-tnme6c dile desciption of CPal, finished,
withalie~patcbamnd'in~flne rder.r A'4lrhsa
I T-FlYE'R & CO., &b76,Walnut-tvP hi delphia:

L . . .. ''Ilk, x INAT.
e by Mrs. HA44ES; 11tb-'v ell-known medical and busi-
C es 'nairvo at,,- rs...e........e.n the means-of sayv-
Sirg from a premature grave'1 gre't ndriber every year, s6tne
of the most-afisriteo Islties and geantlemei in this city Idd
i county; Let every diBsemdieHPersoi"tcil at' No. 116 Spring.
; t t atd be titartalented Clairvoyant. ., -,
BAX N .G. L '; E i L
iIJ SUKG ICAL IN'STfTUTB19-FQ- t tie- trsiatm_ of
SLt,,rooalt diaeaeb. anpd forte kp licadioz'bf his"Body BfIikeO;
, Spio 8hbuder Braee ; Spinal Props.- Brace Trusses. Pile
< Spr-mn, aT.idT e>Voel~i Caii ppas-lonsi,' -tor'without his gal-
I vs.irc atrc-han, eats). 1. .the e.r-of .vocal, pulmonary, digea-
tlive,n'r ypOus. spiloal and female-w.eakneases, and forbiaptures,
* dr.%pi.g a. W aapgpr. AaT0O, forithe support of ladiedeneseinte
, ie. duailg, oW&t enent., No. 21 Mercer-at, 10 doomoutof
Canal-mt r . . ,...

I iDR.H7Bf-it, WILLL[AMS, stated
,L. by:Di. A. D. OLMSTEAD, BB Electropahflt, N0 .0
i B.oadway, by hisa:aew mod, of .medical: treatment, i dailHy.
6'13rim successfully Payiy, Rheuuiatsma Scrofula, Bionchilt*,
S[jncipemIn.Ln- -Diseages;, Nervoug-affections of the- Heas--
: Sto. m.ah.,iea,'.. .Deaes Wqak .t, BltidAesa..)ys.
i ppia5lt etr ., with. ail grades of Eruptjvye Dieaee ,Jlcera,-
S otionar andef Ld Staeaig,. aHd Cour, rby acorec Gonsati.
; treatment fro0m 9.' W i 9;' P.a. "'M na'Ughteiaa'ee
i o dtteaf fivr ye.yart th"at 'e feared she--would lose her
; voice. Dr. Wiite.,'io tuo-weeks, restored her perfe-tly
i to my great atiafactipt,. aid' tter astouishment.'"I 'Mar-
I garet PBlaniJey ? p7,, C]inton-et. "Dr. Williams.cured me
; of a Scrofuoitt, ard*theiuaia dc alffe-eion of the kneb joint,
Which disabled ie frel0 alkjg fo:.a-long while, in three
viits and that, oo,, ( etthe, beilt phyaiuimnehad1
_Iqf t phyl iads'1ha
tri~d ln'vAin'O igo i 16 6.: ...+1 ..... .
0., B4tSfOCKWMELLNo.247 Broadway.

HtO UGHTON 'S 'P'PSIN. the trune Digestive Flid ox,I
I Gastie J uice, prepared~frilm enet or the Stonah of the'
: Ox, after directions froA Baran Liebig, the great Phyatolog-
ical Chemist, by. J..i; VO UGiTON,IM., -? Philadelpetia
Pa. This is a Great Natural .Remedy for ndiasgetion and
I Dyspepmiacuroig after Nature's ,wn method+ by Natue's owl
j agent, the Gastric Jui'ce. P; eps is the ohief eleieit or great Psin.aple of-the .aetrit Juice-the Solvent of thLb
; Food; the purifyngi- preserving and stimulating agent oftha
I atoeacb hand intesatnes:. I I is extracted from the digestive
j stomach of the o0y thstformintg an>'artifioial Diestive Fluid
j precisely like the natural galtic! juice, in its clh'mical
I powers, and futnishings', complete and per-ect substitute
efotik By the: aid of th is prepanrtion, the pains and evils of-
Indigestion and dyspepsia .-are removed,'just as they would
be bya healthy stomach. It is doing wonders for dyspep-
tics, curing cases of Debility, Emaciation, Neirvous Decline,
I and .Dyspeptic Conumprintonostapposed'to"be on the verge oa
ohe grava. The ecieutifia evwdenc-uponwhinh it Is based
i LhOP the highest degree curious and remarkable. Whole.
sate'M~idtai!Agents --J BALL& .COOiYNbl'00 Nissanu-a
i .

. .. .

t A

, . .. . . .. .. . .' 1+ . .

.1-h I







v I =

M-1 -

3AtdrhreyoGeneral drJeZ ate-ol e fYfoY rii ist
OFy ALBANY.--Ln pursuan.e of 4 oraeorfthiS aourt-r
j the.State of tjew-York, ma4 o & the98;h" d f1 he
."... . : 0 +d . ,Jali
derhighed, Receiver 6 t"re -CanaJlfiaak of r a^V,
SsaidCanal-Bask, and to II t" s .6 oi e, e;tT1i -
Sthe usdersigned as such ReceiieFiflithe (ba erer.aitflij alb -
on .n0pa.e.or hbil surrendered ou + ih"J.iI11rpiai- d h -id.
per cent., tLat they are rPqwred .to. reo^1nhaa gluotes ,orbill aod
certificates for payment ,, the _.t ,i< .-- .
orf .lbn 9,within.twro ye-ars ,r the' L .'I..acF".^
:faultthereof that they will be preclided ?lrm t'r I t ei-
Sprovided for the payment of the raid notis or bill knd'cr i* '
anid from all Claim by reason of holding the same, and the," t -
Vfund will b disposed of under the direction of theaidCsurt-ftor '
benefit of tfie other creditors of the aid Canal Batnk. in6 su'h a-nnl
As may be hereafter determined. For the greater convenienediW
those, holding .the said bills and certificates, the Receiver hilmasdeT
arrangements .by which the .Aame will ,also be paid on predentwea.n-
.lxe. CommfiercialBank in this city.-Alhany, June 1,185S, ,., .. T
SJe7Tafws,2yF' ANDREW WA.JTE.Rae '
IVS UR-EME .COURT.--....the matter ofh il
:.applictipn,.of the Ma0yor, Aldermen,.and. Commontlty of th..
t fty of "ew-Y-rl, relative t o the OPENINGS ,f ONE' .8UND5 JgElb
AND TWEleT.-FOURTH-ST%, from the Old Cikrch'rolad t
06th av.;- in te'ity f New York- The un .ersigned.Cbrtiijaioneps
,of Estimat6 a-md A-ssssmentuin the above entitled mIate ,'h.I1b,
Ifive notice, that they will meet at the office of GEORGE L'E "
.BORN, No. 147 Mulberry-st., in the Gity of New-York'; onTtLk0j
DAY, the Slat day of September, 1852. at3 o'clock intlie afterni"oon5
for the purpose of hearing, in OUpostit n to the Esati a" dajLa--=q6eg
,ments of the said Comrnisioners, auvny person or persons who %^.
consider themselves aSggrTieved therehy.--Dated, NewlYork,, UpL
1,1852. HENRY IECKMAN, ) ....
HENRY BERTHI)LF, Comiisioner
, .;., ?:". GEO..L. OSBORaN ,",'* ." .-..
H oens E. Davtas, Attorney. 10"r-.,'Pt'. ".-
S UPR^E~ECO FR'T,-rnUthis e^
plication of the Mayor, Aldermeanad, ti n ..i t *,i
of New-York' relative to the OPEINING and LAYING 0'VOUT-To
theNineteenth Ward of aid city.-Tihe rndaraisined, Co .sionm
of Estimate and Atsessment in thm above entitled 'sttter li.i
!ive notice, pursuant to the requirementss of an Ar i'f 'is "ie Is ,-
ture of the people of the State of. New-York, sehited "A.,t'AI l
:amend9un Act entitled an Act to reduce several lawd c thit l-l
ticularly to the City of New-York. into. one Act," pa.ed-rApril- t
,tL39;s nd also the Actentitlead &A ACt to kmend an Act enti i
'an 'Act in relation to the Uollection ofAssessmenta and Tureax'In thE
i City ind County pf New-York, and for other pu rposes, pjed1 0
14, 1840," passed May 7, .1841to he. owner orowners, i.anio .
occupants of to httOU*s, and'improved or animproved laida'aM
; thereby, thatithey have completed their estimate and adiessness "
. the above entitled matter ; and that all persona whose i itrsesa i
i affected thereby, and who may be uppooed to the same, arerequ "
i to present their objection" in writing, 1u MOSES MAYNARD,;Jr i
SEsq the Chairman, ofthe-said Commiosionei., at the office of Jol
A A. Weeks, iNo.-6.Wair-sL, in the City of New-York, with i.-tr
. days from t e date of this notice nd that the lm pbRei
: thle id estimate and assessment,. re as follow, t'hwtisSa ,
the lots, pieces or t parels of land, situate, tyin and bi
SNineteeth Ward fthe City f Ne w-York, and bu
Sand containinl ab'follows, that is to sa : On the northjbL'th.s- ]
rly linerorsideof Sixty seventh-a t 7L-t. (h-sf) on the s i L
northirly lne or aide-of Forty-third at. (O-4d )ooi thit'a .S" -
westerly line or aide it"Sixth-av. (6th-av.) on thi wia,
ary line or sideof Eleventh-av. (11th-av.) as aiffiioB-tl@iixi
; aed by the Commissioners,- of Estimate and assessment in
! above entitled matter, on file as aforesaid in tho Street Comminsio
Sr's office, and which atid map in entitled, Map of property -
euired for and benefited by the opMnins an. hLyiuA. outnofrlJ
iSquatea, knonaS Bloomingsdale Square, in the NinstehtbS WW
the City of New-York." And the said. Commissiooera furthsr-i!
Notice, that their report in the above entitled matter will. b -a
and presented to tbe Supreme Court of the State of Nw,
Special Term of the said Courit, to be. .heMd at the 'City H pf
-City of evw-Yoirk, oh Saterday. the ad day of Octabsr, iiso' 5
opening of the Couft on "that day ; ind that their and he0r: -6
soon thereafter as coon eJ can he beard, a motion will bs mi as
samid rtMn .conirmed-_.d-Dated New-York, July 13jio:s .
.. JOH A. WEERR's, -omm:EKS G
JOSEPHS YO 1.. .. "... .... '
E a1.L DATsMs, Attorney. I 4l NtW.--
UPREME COURT.-I the-matter-of"
i plocation of the May0r, Aldemen r ild Ckh 1n-akyl
Sity ofNew-Yoik, relative to the OPENLNG of ONE lUIDRE
AK TWEINTY-FOlTRTH-ST., I-omi th's' O hldC reCh RtaR'c e t
6th AT., in the City of Now-York.-The undersigued, Vpbmmu so-
Sof Estmat, and Ameesment in the above entitled matter, h1r
give notice, th reqtirementa of in Act of the LeaI= s
Stare of the people.of the 4tate9of New fork, entitled An Actt
amend an Act entitled anAct to reduce several lawn ralatingsP
.larly to the City of.New-York, into .Ac..pasaed ADl_.1i
and alAo the Acit titled An Act to amend anft i4 d 9 a
.in relationto the collectiooa fmAaestmeta add .Tna 'bm h^C
&ad County of-New-York' and for bther.. purose, ias'sd M06 86M
1840,' passed May 7, 1841, to the owner or owners, O-eapantor o
aupants of all loues.. ont.4-mlrUved or a wnimproved lands nff
thereby, that they have coalmpiled their estimate and Uasee"iant-
tbe above entitled matter; and thatall persons whoseiataredt a -
Afected thereby, and who may be opposed to the ama. tare;eMnU i
to'present their objections ii mwoiig, to HENRY BE.KMAN, .
the Chairman of the said C.mmissionern. attAhe:6soi V t mlisty l
Osborase, No. 147 Mulberry-nt. in isht CS of>S t w-YaAk _ot 1)
thir-y days from the daie of lhea notice. And that theEito a ,;
' braced by the maid sstisaia"te a,~d ~swmi.ta~o ureas lfoileea.._ ~t,
Iota, eiereurarrcele of"lahId, ifuda~tndl I~elinls ha~tse1sl .W a* ,
.of th City New-York, and. included within tisa 'olluowae BmitS'
mwit' On theeast by the asatar-ftin. or mid. of ist-av. I .olt -
:westiay 515arbaal-fah orsiltl s1gthilv.; eatthi woths* l
Iiin ef thie cen tre' _~ l..bteul hsa+.I + II
]o5 ss somith, ;y bth,.,-hi+lofrth caRnt- of the block h ~w,sllt
.eltaml d-.tL as umee. r'-it. 'lald oat: on the .".1 ,
'. a~ sed by +"4eilnimmioserm,"u. dlela;' d, Iq
trest CommiBiseoer' o4cu of tbe City of Nsw-Yo fi ths
SasiulasioserB doi frtnhr gis uotice, ttttttbhsiS55tsV5 i^^5abb
e.titled nttter will beamd sad 'eBsTsdtl uthsSoprodta6 C 'dw
the Stats of New-York, at a Special Term of lbras @ s irslio. --
held at the City HalI of the Cityof-Jw-York,noS.tucia,. & 9
dayef October, IWat tbs apeiu-nof the Coaoros ayu~vf~
Ibatihee *nd t1b5,., era mui ihsrel'sha~lM osuess sduih fcP
aseticewil bsmadstla eat -Jport b'. cossr.-Nwadir--hlsr
r, UMm .:' .,: *m lil l.zBM l .):,!.,'/ .. :+:-^.' ,,^o,
,- L D R g i, jO Hodr. l, le all .
1.. m O ra o I iO i . . ,: .: ,, !


' '~ t~

' 4
p .' ~

uu z oEs5 XFOTXOE6.
...' -W y RK M KROOLTAN TALO fa ia
i iBTABBW RINT, No. 333 Broadway, corner of'Anthony-t,
o eppdtiith% Broadway B.Sak and Theater -Allow me thir,
".e yof placing w0y Cardbefore your notibei at the same
tim.tfferdg you my bestnrviocu as a Tailo rtogether with
t resources of mo y I baliaev6 I am d 1og thelargeslt
]nl' Officer's bloting Buuues tin tbiu port, and beg to re-
fer ycu to Officers attaochd to the U S .hip North Carolina,
U ship t JUA*PPt U. 8. ship GerAhahtwitbwo U.'S;llt
4ulton, U. S.rlgPerry. &c. I shall felniodebted ifyou
nams pfl4Mlshw'enit to Officers who may he In want of
Ouefit.o 'quipDn.eI, tbnt I am making Uniforms and Un-
i rAwrf the.Navy and Marine Corps. according to the writ.
tenUan4Kpinted ijstructiovs and drawings to the latest reia-
latfon as .e4ived by me from the'Navy Department, Wash-
wto C. GeanIORE P. Fox.
S' 'BoY-See, Father, see! what is the matter, '
.*; Ag the-atoreof ,KNQX the Hatter I
.ee wbat a crowd Is rushing in !.
"What iU the pause of all this din ? ;
VATfIB- FThe reaon why the people flock ; ,:i
-In sucb numbers at the store of KNO, ',
I .w ^ IeaufewetheHathemakes, ., *,
.With the blocks of town always take '., *
,.;''" Becase his sa.yle is more sbebidh .
", Than thatintroduced by tbaher
S Of hatters Heia Hat are exeeeding fine,
Light and easy to tjihe ed- la bis line
None has surpassed his taie or s iU,
And as he improves the. never will.
His Fall Style is out, and goes with haate,
S 'Tie adapted by all me. oFtaste.
.' It i truly elgatii and what is more,
,, '. It soldt for dollars only Four,
.. 'IWhic& makes it;" .r e Excelsior."
'il att his pbet in the Sun Building, Fulton-st.-
: 4 < le Iis 1Fjl atvie of Hats..
ventvntR atrAFFERTY & LEASK, the enterprising
,Tihatham-st., the star of the Broadway aattel-1
._. 6 n the wane. The public hs f.nund out. that
C -"a twcan get up as elegapt stores, and as nat, testy
".d,4rab.. e'tats, at a dollar less on the pries. We under-
sto.gthat-it is in contemplation to present Metsrs. AFFErta'
TYr'&.LBfSK wirh a serviceof plate, for their effbts injria - A Hiat'tie th, point of perfection at which
t Thiy'cdrtainly richly..deserve this teati-
notixal, fora pwre A h,,glopsy elegant specinen of Htt we
hin'vheVe ee,.tban that which they produce They have
fWr'st'ts*, 6 & t' 6tcorner ofObatham and Pearl and one
afeIo& C -tppoiite Chambers.
,, MVJCK.--The most conspicuous and
at t.d establishment on Third-*a enue is the Hat Store
dr'(40idCi, No. 230, cor. of Gramercy.park. His Fall
Beaver Pelt id Silk Hats are as elegant', as hisastareaad
that iasayita ph Mr. MuRctha%.avidentlythe ao-abe '..
qality. ,We, ..notice her:bas offAred a prize Of $50J fur the
beastaong4 filve eft the beatit and nttllty of the'RHat
Thiu we is a "t bona 'fide offer, and we know of
mIan wi i, k '1tithf kipki;L ..... "'.'
..... i tioe's :Faldl Styles of Gentle-
miNo s Hats now' ready, unsburppsed by any tlor e'gance or
ti.,te /The public .are invited to'examine bfoie purchasing.
emrdoe .. .KLLGOG.No'. t28 Canal. at
,Tio LITERARY MEN-"-& 5`0 PRIZE.-;-
Uv9cnwill Pi y the abo#e sum for the best Poem, -t be io
d. 4ed bya competentLtetLterary Committee, desoruptive of
t.iheat.ITbisa poem must bea written in thetballadistyle,
original not;to exceed 85 lneso;,ad must b shant ij.idMr.
C.-G,-urchi 9N6.130 d-ai:, by th lati of Ocrqtber; afi#l6&,
tiime the a dvd will be jaida and made known. -`CocipetltorsM
fer thisit t e a arequeisned, to annex rhefri eak n meas
NtAd heir.po s, .der'a seal,, whioM wilt-not
'V #exicepc -in the case o the,.angobeng aoeWptad.
PT B E R, H A T.--LZA-Y & Co.,3.
-7andtitwiducenroffashiosn:for Gentleen'stats, Nos.
# .,,' Astor Houaei Broadway. ':he. pattern for Sap-,
'tW 71. itslines eto rules of -art neJe tnae.
c,-p etioitoi.ta,;,svmmetricform. ,.Believing .the excite-
intent for.n i'oroities to hbave abated&, theattention of our'
entleoenznwearers is solicited 'to thi quiet an.uUnOndbh* v
style fr pteminber, no w offered fr thelr, acdeptaihe! ai4
Aa -.. ... , . ., q,, ". ...a .
.. ,,., !" '.... : ,: .. '. . .1 ',, .' ,:; ^ '. .

,., If u Afieurish df tjtrnmpet often ,,an-,.
gasa sqrry show Sometimes a particularly npiovititter
.btfHais thua ushered bhfhie the public. In this waytbha'
5 Br, dollAnman" sendeavotra to te public by prode in.
#We old Ckasiniere Haln andocalling It something new.pnd
lhfe .i bwn ineation. 'But 'the t~ick doac thrive;'5am
snahWlbne ,lied Truly, the M&r.o: the je;ny .Uzicdl&dket,
iiiust' bi; faided .to think thatliuch a paltryy ariifile of at-.
tp ".tnk to, bring t a style, of, Hat, fashionable ten yearn
ago, s slon.ethisg, original, an4d5 rf, is own invention, would
su.ceedwith a discriminating pWblo. If yon want a good
Huat at EsPENCuEIOD'S, No .t0, Nasau-st. comer
ofAnnm-t., and see if hia Hats, tt *3 50\ are dot better, finer
aizd tastier than any Hat sold in trsMawayj for $L.. '.
ANb "SsAY.-Webster defines the word
Rat as, covering for the head; but ME..O, norertoftBroad-
wt, slid lan alL-t., Oec]ares that Hat should be rendered an ,
,.iil $ .rdrie heade To us it is of little moment what
debit6in pbil61bgl it.ay agree upon, so lon& a' we have a
decent tile muttd to.i-fia ephalon .A Hi t's a Hat, and we
qeftsoeifibc.>.ddhbe. ned into any thi g eLse, unlea yo.
1i^^ titn4an~rd i6,sjd th "titert who can fiii

,I -'.m... BAn.. .-G-N.N open to-day., at hs .
5l yi,,several cases of BOY's, Youth's
a Infntt O voin dfrom Paris within the last
. w^,:'. i reoeiveth is wetk by the Havre samear.
awithrei Fall Goods in the same line
..h~ has..rsschedrhU rithff me present' montb, enAbles
Si, 10sent tA'J&FW"rublidofNeykYork he re .
Mo 1%xte'ive 'a-rA. attractive assortment of Boys'
i a1 '_ti' ltlnts' ulothugnthat has ev-r been exhibited at
."to the parents of New-York. He respeoully so- .
.is he Ladies of the city-for they all understand and can
a piecit: the value of such a stock-to visit his Bazas at
ti earliest opportunity. e d assures them tWat the exhi-
bi;onwil be entirely uoni cedaented in thi s country, and ia.
vitea them tq. call and judge for themselves, both asto. the
beas ty tdSt yle ot the articles, and tue moderation of
-it e prices.. ..
DTbeIefet s, Veasts. Pantaloons, Sacis, Frock coat, Over-
caitp.&.c., &.c for Boys from ten to sixteen yt are of age,
'4tsurpassed in elegance by the choicest clotbias in the
jekhioinable establiabments it Parts or'London. In thie
Ifi neeD'ptme t w everything that can attract the eye of
t tate bi mother, will be found. In short, the display at
GtfWif'a, Wraaar thus .zarks the- commencement of a new
or&..i-the Infanti',- Boys' and Youths' Clothing business.
rfbepricea in all cases are marked at the lowest possible
S. No 513 Broadway. St. Nicholas Hotel.

Tm 6bthu -novelty produced ini the ClOrthig bbuahess
tifs se as.n"(,8.he stIe af Fall Vestas just introduced by
&eo. No 231 Broadway. There is noch-
I e0g90ib bi or.-bflasSi About them, but they have an air of
a i f.ion;. Which arrest the eyee in a moment, and com-
N, thensinof tasteto" adan their Suprioiity. The Fall
"fal sbns. introduced tbis week' by the same. firm are alto-
e."pr ntqhbni.cut apd material. JENNit INGS Co.'s gee-
*l stpkW Fall and Winter Readyv Made Clothing is now
Be 'i;dtiher spacious establishment, and comprehends,
d, the most extensive assortment of Fronk,
Desnd Busiessa Coats and Sacks, Vests and Pantaloons
ever ofierbed in this City. In the OC der Debartment the fidnsc sl'
Oldtie CaWimere', &c., will be found, and full saits or parts
bf'a i.s' fuiitshed in a few. hours to gentlemen with
#r 8ad$patch is. a. object. In tmis branch the best cot..
teia'g..e 'n.p!'oed, and the principal is advised bh every
er .of the slightest changes which may oacur in the
e aneabroad W. P. JnNNINGS ''
77.7. N. o. 231 Broadway, Apeitcan' Hootel.

typer cent saved.-JAMeS OSToM NoS. 36 Libbrrty-
.4 for Iola dew and large'asortment '.of Lacese Em-
1U W UliteOo'ds;, Dress Triiumings, Boinnt Ribbons,
Ipwe'TT ,&c Merchants who ,wish to
M .p fi -R t'., ,yp Faying cwah for the .aboe goods,
a Le;,eTO, 0my: stock before purchaingo.
.. *, .*'. "J ~ASs OTaOM, No..36Liberty-st,
-*" ', b next door to Post-Uffice.
I. ft IsF4T .. FOSTER is on1 hand with
oe of the hetpasortmentai ready made Clothinig, and. Fur-
alutng Goods ever produced in ut i market- Cill and see
Mi tb-dea l sty lea of' fall ad winter ol6thing, andyou can-!
DO-i i t prc has ohe firs at such extremeln y low priee
5f ,' ...orpatltion.' No-.7.Courtlandt-,, .,
FINE -INDIA SHAWLS.- D invoice re-
eirk*, tibs day, in value from $300 to $800 each
0 td, amdog wt ch are-some of the most beauifel
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.... .......- .TiFFANY & CUTTING, No. 321 Broadway.
Ov.SuVJuJlt "lAiN .ES.-B uy e rs are invited
__ .17 Q 0 !, I. V ". I '- i '
W', ..-..jqein t,-these goods, at'%aie, Sc. and jo
Dam ..e da' Devartrment. .
S. .,'.'"'.'''' TWEoDY, MOULTON & PLIMPTON,
Importemrs and Jobber, No. 47 Broadway.
TIrl ADMIRARI.--The .x J ,tb. 'be ,pit-
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,Two e6BEAT 6 WONDER-S !--That some
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SvtxL -f 4pu, No 40 .Joba-st .N.Y. "The .nder-
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LSadiJ Satin Boietefl6t, 'i .E-l Boinets Ladies Satin
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fact e.ry imaginary satle and ..maike whien he will offer at
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UW*Oiidd tit the aeteUndt6af ai W osuht lyra
~ aotr'drsa.ea-'to his greaitt tt4 tie
nt-ad imu p'of 0cy#'st
hbnns oarHA for milliners .f, D
".... '. No.40 Johnflt. ',. A .
'FAMIL- kGRocEaEs, TEAS, &c -,,,
F0Lp,4w Neoq.26 0 sad 453 Greenwich ana No. 7BVqaays
lbain ator tlarga saornth jffine geen and' black'd.'
wlhto pt Wfj iSunar, Jva anad.ther Coffee, and fa nLi
iceriea, &t &6 waUbhbe office br' sal at thea lwt mu ket
,... V. b'% ,' p." ,?t ._.,' ". r +'"+;, + the.. .l'l .,,.

;N w rn-.. .-,.,; m x-. .. w w; FRID4Y. ... S . :, . .. V -


,' .' Theya oreted for.tle B:o tir A". .0.Sed .nlife'aapr.g,
Ere time.lit& Atnia one.bright plama
.t That limu eraspia g-flae -.u
D Death walkhi besidelarheisladowL
: ~Theofdij ..iw!s,& ..myhows..
While Tnoee P Icey a sir spoiers shalt
Beneatb hera adding fl a wera;
Yet somtbi. .of th. lovely one
Atiatlon still -e mine.-.
A brilliant badow of herself
Below tie skies remains.
Her form is dust, stilled are those tones
More dulcet thau a the Jute, .
Her image triumphs eve. deeti, '
E .'9 .. Da erreotyped bvy ROOT. .'
O GallebNo. .63 Broadway.

: ; "Where is my li-dtle b-other goae!" .
*:", O Qnridarling daughter said; '
H, ., er mother wept. but I replied,
"The little child is dead!' ..- .
"Ohno! p apt! mybroter livese, '
And see his dimpled smile.".
It Was the boy's daguerreotypie, "' ".
In OURNEY'S magic stylet'- .' "
Taken it No. 349 Broadway, i.aet(fLeondt. 'a'
unrivaled Queen of Song visited Jno v'a .National Gallery
on Monday last, and added her portrait to his unsurpassed
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Broadway, cQrmer .f Fulton.,, i'.
[ ', Ladles returning from the country,
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S. '. '- ' MILLER'S, No. 134 Canal-Bat.
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roadway, corner of White-st., are receiving daily from
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CJiA-st, sole. Apents for the VictoriaMilJ-i and-. Agents for
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PAD for the radical cure oF Hernia (or Rupturem) applied at
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w Southern and Western Merchants
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os LiQuIo D HAIR Ds 1Wolr t' hatr or whiskers the mo-
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ea be wahed immedlately wit -ttit-A14 ing the color,.
Improving the texture and confe-infg'Qlastioity to the hair.
U ib 6 edor sold at CRa DOOo's,.No.6 A4tor House.-
rivatee om .or applyng the. dye. .. .

Maunfactory for these articles is celebrated Ir al paer of
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i tjapeesecan. axbi1' suited. .ie Hair Dye is epplied
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WaT oythe a4draes-beware oftemitations ____
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toots halirfrem any par of the body. LLquldy'l duge
'Whte a H ,Olo,. t U, Walkent., near I ,way.
Wt Fo'wLns 4; WELLS, Phrenelogist
'ad PublsIre,. GUiana Ha L5o. 151 Namaun-t., NewYork,
, Mi.No. 14S5WMdliatou-^Bnrt, t .

1r My husband was eured of Cosump-
tion by WAtiS's Ne;vous Antidote.. His cough' was so bad
I thought it must choke him. .No itdngue 'can describe how
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MAY HIIL, dLi. 124 Perryst.
Sold by all the Druggists. Dept No. 18 Ann-st
If 't were done-when 'tirdine,
S ..Then weree beht it were done1quihkly,,
Means, kill the Bd-bugs'every one'
Before they 'comne too thickly" '
w This w6rk -sbourd -be,.
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tain death to rats. '6p'6tiNo424 Broadway.' Piim 2 centk
per flstk or box. .
Office of the Associatiob for the Exhibition of the 'Indus-.
Stry of.All Nadons,Naw'-Yor No'. Bosdway. $'
. will be received at this Office until Tuesday, 21st inst for
: the Cast Iron work. either in who' e or in, part, for the.
Building for the Exhibition of tie Industry of All Nations,,
to be elected in, this City. The work is. plain, consisting.
chie.fLy of columns with their... base. pieces sand connecting
pieces, and girdles, weight from 1,600 lbs. to 400
lbs. The ends of the columns,.base pieces aond'onnecting
, pieces-will re,qire'to,be,faced in a lathe. .
Parties offering will sete..the price of the. casting per
pouud, facing inluded,,also thbe price per. pound without
being faced; so chat tip, A9cifation may accept either-the
one.or the other;, thvpy.wyil als" state hoW many tuen they
wilideliver~per. week, .1 I.......-. -. ." . .. .
" The wbole .quntiytefi castipgs required will be about.
; 1,2201 tuns, aand is to be delivered on the site of the building
I on ReBervoir-squa'i,'.lbetw#en 41tb 4%d 42d-st., ou 6th av .*
SAll patterea will.bhe furnihed, by the Assonciation. For ft*.
ther particuIars. Working drawiig snd specificatibns.'apply
at thia Office. 'B, der. WM WHETTEN, Secretary.


S.... ., FoP r .President, '
WINFIELD SCOTT, eflNew-Jersey.b
,t' ,. i. ;.-'. .. '. .' ,'" ,* .'***
WILIFAM A.. GRAJEAI, of N.of.laCula.

ST Thetribnes is servedd in this Cit4', Brooklyn, Wil-
' liamsburgh and JerseyOity'fbr 12icentaiper week, payable
Sto th carriers. Names sttrcughhe Pc fie or enny
SP will be promptly placed on the Carriers ,books.

I BY TELEGRAPH---The State Fair 'at
Cleveland seems to be very sece4sfuI.'
Sis crowded with strangers, among whom wn d not
Stice.the names of many distinguished politicians.,
i Another horrible railroad accident is reported;
this occurred on the evening of the 15th, at
Almond, o a.the New-York and Erie Railtoad.
Se%- Ias'd the letters of our correspondents in re
ltion to it. The cholera at Cincinnati and at
Buffalo has appeared or is greatly on the deo
crealee, 2e..liaav soame later news via New-Or";.
sleanB fri.h MMxic.o. Rebolledo had proposed to
auende.r,6ogjparantee of the lives of himseif
and comPa'iOti.'V1Dhnii Wehster has sued the
:City of New.Orleansfdt425,f000c.his fees in the
Gaines case. The Survey *fthe. railrnbad from
'Portland to Hidfaxi 1a'a-.y g rapidly. Twelve
stores and several dw..eJling ...q burned at
Ravenna, Ohio, on the 15th inst. Mayor Perry,
of Albany, died yesterday of cbdltv inokbuis.

'.w Wewish any doubting, ftint lheartd
Whig could have been at Consdcitutioq fal
last evening. So large a Ward Meeting,
and such enthusiasm, especially durting,.tq

glorious speech of OGDEN HoFFMiA5,.
I I . .., ,"" ;i
S ,uld,,have dispelled all his apprdhensinW
Mi thhwed pout his '.coldness. Messrse a
M0ADE endMKY, epike well ;but HOrr-

William Wright is one of the Senatorial
Electors for Pierce in New-Jersey. We
venture to say there. is not a sincere, intel-
ligent Democrat in New-Jersey who is not
heartily ashamed of that nomination. The
assumption by which the Democratic party,
wins most of its adherents imports that it
is the party of Labor as against Capital--
of' Poverty as against Wealth-yet every
Sman who knows William Wright does
Know that it is Money, and nothing but
Money, which has given him this position.
SHad he been a poor man, who had always
vbted the Democratic ticket, and had soli-
cited this post, his request would have been
scoffed at. But he is very rich-is known
to be lavish in the disbursement of money
for.Political purposes when it may contrib-
Sute to his own advancement-mploys a
Large number of workmen, mainly Whigs
,-and it is hoped that his .money and his
property influence will largely contribute
to swell the vote for Pierce in New-Jersey.
There is.not an honest reason which can
' be. rendered for this selection which-is not
Sthoroughly discreditable to its 'authors and
Sa rebuke to their Pharisaic pretensions to
Democracy.: .
Mr. Wright was, during all.ti0. honor-h
able portion of his mature life.,1aWhig,
and professed the most unbounded devo-
tion to -Whig principles and measures.
Yet in' 1842, when the Whigs, of, his Dis-
trict bad fairly nominatedl.,a modt estima-
Sble and capable candidate for Congress-
a man whose qualifications were out of all
proportion to Wright's-the latter did not
hesitate to become-a bolting- candidate
against him, sustained by' the opposite
: party and by such Whigs as is bi.' ledger
influence' and the persuasiv&'emight of a
Sten-dollar' "bill 'could swerve ..'fi their.
: party integrity. Thus backed he was
Selected-notoriously, by the lavish expen-
Sditure of money. We don't say who sup-
i plied the money; but if the truth could
i be,.Ascertained, and we ha to bet ten
Sthortsand, dollars that Wright ,paid' it out.
Sof 4his own pocket or fifty cents'that some-
'body else was fool enough- to .squahdder it
!for his sake, we should 'unhhdettihgly
i g'e4- the odds' rather 'than take thdem., At
i aft evoiits, the District was thoroughly de-
btuched by an utterly u precedented, out-
Ia. of .money, which sowed the' seeds of
'eudUr~ing.and wide-spread eonugtion. If
Mr. Wright were to devot' aft ;his great
wealth to purposes of the pye4t philan
threpy, he could hardly counterbalance
:the moral evils which that contest has oc-

At the next election for Congress, (1844,)
,the Whigs declined to provoke another con-
ltesh. with, his wealth-having" the great
Railroad Monopoly to fight at the same
i nitenthe person of the P61k candidate
for Governor-and' the Opposition, having
iso vehemently supported him two years


cant for office upon the inauguration of
that lamenteA patriot. We do not know
certainly, but believe he aspired to a For-
eign Mission; but, as that could not be
bad, lie asked and obtained the post of
Secretary ef Legation for his son, with
which, it was distinctly understood, he
would be satisfied. Yet from that day
forth his Political course was a puzzle to
his Whig brethren in few-Jersey, and he
was very strongly suspected (we know not
how justly) of having secretly contributed
advice, tools and money for the renewed
disorganization and corruption of the Con-
gressional District in 1850, when the State
and the District were thrown away-the
latter most unexpectedly and shamefully.
Yet Mr. Wright appeared before the next
Legislature as a candidate for U. S. Sena-
tor, claiming the vote of the Whig Mem-
Sbers, after they had tried to reflect Mr.
Dayton. and could not, on the ground that
he (Wright) could get Loco-Foco votes
Enough to elect him, while no other Whig
could do it. The Whigs stubbornly refused
to go for him, even on a single ballot, and
continued to vote for Mr. Dayton until
' CoMn. Stockton was ultimately chosen, as
was inevitable. No whisper of 'change of
views on his part was then breathed, and
every body understood that, next to his
own advancement, Mr. Wright was de-
voted to Whig principles.
At length the plunge has been taken!
Mr. Wright, finding that he cannot ex-
pect anything more from the Whig party,
has determined to try his luck with the
other. Every man ..who will support
and vote for him this fall knows that his
Democracy'. hatH, this extent, no more.'
If his aspirations had been freely grati-
fled on our side, he -would no more have
thought of voting1 for Pierce than of turn-
ing Mormon. And now, whenever they
shall cease to need him, his new allies will
no more think of trusting or promoting himni
than of making a great man out of any
poor creature they may bribe to steal from
the printer a Whig ballot which they want
to counterfeit.
Well: Mr. Wright's money and his in-
Sfluence as an extensive and liberal employ-
er will be cast into the scale of our adver-
,saries in this contest, Buat all this is now
open and above-board, which isa great gain
over the underhand operations of the last
two years. And, as the history of Judas
ihas preserved( many a frail Christiam from
idenying.the Lord that bought him-as the
treason of Arnold excited a horror and
-loathing which well nigh prevented defec-
d tion ,from .tha .cause .of Independence
thenceforwitrd to the close of the struggle-
so, we verily believe, this shameless aposta-
icy will arouse among the Whigs of New-

Jersey a spirit' which cannot be beaten.
They have hitherto 'been careless and apa-
;thetic-henceforward they will spare rib
,exertion and regret no reasonable sacrifice.'
ffw ol.T"il h, urir b m-A.fsl,, n if thin


ed for Scott and you can give it! Take hold,
every man of you! and so organize that you will
be sure of polling every Scott vote, be the
weatheras it may Do IT I

VERMONT.-The Montpelier Freeman
(Hale) has returns of the vote for Governor in
213 towns, which add up-
For Fairbanks (Scott).........-- ....22,008
For Robinson (Pierce)-..............14,097
For Bralnerd (Hale)................ 9,047
Fairbanks lacks 1,136 votes of being chosen.
The remaining towns can poll but some 2,000
votes in all, and will barely effect the result.
Fairbanks has about 8,000 plurality. Though
nothing was said publicly about the Maine Law,
yet it is bound to go in Vermont, and that well
known fact swelled the vote of the Pierce party.
The Freeman divides the new Housx--
Whigs.-100: All sorts ..92
SENATE.-Whigs.. 22: Allothers.. 8
The Joint Ballot makes all right.
CONGREss.-Meacham and Tracy (Whigs) elect-
ed in Districts I. and II. and Sabin (Whig) has
about 1,000 plurality in District Ii. A plurality
elects next time.
SThe Maine Election, Still Favorable.
The news from Maine continues to eome
in cheering. We present below returns from 200
towns, which show a majority against Hubbard of
7,004, to 1,335 at the last election. One thing is
established, that there is no election of Governor
by the people.
THE SENATE..-We have had no reports since
yesterday to cause us to doubt that we have car-
tied a majority of the Senate. On the contrary,
a gentleman who came through from Banror yes-
terday, says that it wits asceitained previous to
his leaving, that the Whigs had elected 18 SENA-
TORS. The Senate consists of 31 members; if
the Whi have carried ]6, they will have a ma-'
jority. t is altogether likely that we may have
chosen 18.
REPRESENTATIVES.-We present below all -the
returns which we received, up to the time. of
goiner to press, for Representatives, and they show
a Whig gain of TWENTY-TWO MEMBERS. The
Loco majority in the House, last' year, was
CoNGRESSMEN.-Farley. Whig, is elected in the
IVth District, by about 500 plurality. We have a
Sdespatch from this district, giving returns from all
but thirteen towns. Farley's plurality will not
fail below 500.
In the I',d District, Gilman is making a splen-
did run, and we are not without hopes of his elea-
: tion. In 25 towns he has gained '1.277. There
was about 2,000 Loco. majority in the District in
1850. If he gains in,the same ratio in the towns
yet to be heard fromS'he is chosen.
We give 11 towns in the VIth District, which
Show a It is possible that Rob-
' inson is elected. This we know, that we have
: elected three members certain, and have a chance
for two more. The Congressional vote shows
that, with.a united and'determ ned effort, Maine
oes for Scott and Graham, and we dlaim the vote
fMaine for Gen. Scott in. November next.
[ u.ton Atlas, Thursday, 16th.
Some of our exchanges seem to fool
no little pride that a couple of live Cierman Princes
have seen fit to visit us. One is probably a
brother or cousin of the Duke of Nassau, the in-
dependent Monarch of an immense territory on
the Rhine, 55 miles long by 33 wide; the other is
from a little 'principality, which was given to Nas-
seu in 1806, and to Prussia in 1814. What the.
'extent of Weid was, we have not the means at-
!hand of deciding,, but its capital, Neuwied-a.
bright spot in Germany as a place of perfect lib-
erty of conscience--is a town. of some seven
thousand inhabitants. The. Prince of Neuwied,
"who is here, is probably a relative of Prince Maxi-

milian, who traveled very, extensively in both
'NOrth and South America, some years since, and
'made fine c-llections of natural history, which
are now in the modest palace at Neuwied. The
ruling Prince is a man of about 38- years, and ia
chitaren are' respectively but seven and nin years
of agq. W'. .



VJTH DISTRICT-Eleventh ,Ward.--
Chailes M. Simonson, William Green, Charles Parley
Peter Hamill, Witllam C. Emnis. FifteenAt Ward,-
Proscott Hall, Edwin J. Brown, Edgar S. Van Winkle%
James W. Underbll, Samuel William Johlison.--Se-
eenieth Ward-Allen Hays, H. C. Miles, Peter PFak4
Bern L Budd, Jbohn Orr.
VIITH DISTRICT- Ninth Ward.-James
W. Booth, James W. Hale, H. Howard Caratll, John A.
Cngler, Hewlett P. Leake. S.rtuc Ward.--Lewfis,
Woodrunff, Stephen Munn, Mason Thoinvson, Ctharls
Rrote-A. C B t fleesatak
Let, JaIr-S. Blle Win, PrMor, Ja
iE "fl union. . .. .. ." ,.

I ^,.


MANfs5 ppeech- waat tran|cendentc. We
every voter cou.d have heard tULst
,igM, and that the pol1 was to open thi
morning, .
-By the way, we are happy to ait&t
tha MrN HOFFMAEI,. iho has been sufer"
ing from an sfeeo6n of. the throatat
nearly recovered'tlid will devote huiplf
to the canvass henceforth. Knowing ,dud
loving .Gen. Scott 'as he does, he ise.,a
most effective cantaseer we ever he -
and will arouse whirlwind of enthu=sis
wherever he is heara.. .
.... ';.- : ... : - f L *
n The Whig Prisary Meetings yester|y
were very well attend ', unusually que,
and every way mora- respectable th' "r
usual We should say, that. nearly oni-
tenth of the Whig electors voted, and nud
quite so many Loco-Focos, and that not
more than three-fourthis of the votes were*1
put in by men w-vere paid for it, or
were bought up in 'd6otes to vote as somi.;
employer or striker'A'iired. There wis..
a. good deal of moneyippent in stimulating'
the patriotism and sharpening the discrim-n'
ation of the Sovereluns, but rowdyism was
unfashionable, drunkenness (owing, per'.
haps, to the unseasonable hours,) ,waa,t all:,
but unknown, and good feeling was general.'.
In many Wards the more active Whigs
came together beforehand, agreed on can .,,
didates to.. be supported, :and had no contest"
at the Election-to the -great disappoint-:"
ment and chagrin .of '..the gamblersoand.
sucker&. On the. whole, no Primary Meet^;
ing of either party had been held in our !
City for ten years which could compare
with this in fairness and decency. As we
have a j ryful hope that ihis is the last of
the kind, we are glad to see the hoary rep-
robate so serious and .exemplary in his dy-
ing hours.
.-6-What. these Elections portend, we do
not entirely know; but we believe the re-
sult secures good nominations -generally.
For Shesiff, it is reported that exi-Ald.
JAMES, KELLY of the lId Ward is the fa-
vorite. Should he not be nominated, then
ZOPHOR MILL of the VIIth Ward will be
-and two better men than these are hard-
ly to be found in our City. For Mayor, re-
port says Hon. J. PHILLIPS PuirEx stands
prominent. For Congress, the reports are
favorable to the nomination of JAMES Bow-
EN, (down town,) JOSEPH PT VARNUX,
(XVth Ward, &c.) and JAMES. BaooKsI
(up-town.) From the other Dktriets we
have no reliable advices ; and, indeed, we
do not know that those above named are
to be nominated, but only that such are the
prevalent reports. On' the whole, we
look for the formation of good tickets.

before, were ashamed now, to start a can-
didate against him-so he was suffered" to
walk over the coarse.,. Mr. Wright served
1o.ut his four years in Congress without giv-
ing one good reason why, ho'should have
been sent there, and then retired unregret-
ted by any body save the Political mercena-
ries who had reaped so glorious a harvest
from his first canvass.
SIn 1847, a Governor was to be chosen,
-an4 Mr. Wright, who had at least been
thoroughly Whig throughout his Congres-
sional career, as ever before, was nomi-
nated, after a sharp struggle, in a rough-
and-tumble fashion, by a Whig State Con'
vention. It was well known thMit many
Wbigs would not vote for him, but it was
supposed that his election would thorough-
ly heal the breach which his run for Con-
gress as a bolter had created, and for the
rest it was thought that his money would
carry him through. The calculation proved
fallacious-the Whig opposition to him
proved stronger than had been anticipated
-he got no Loco-Foco votes-and was
badly beaten. We Idid what we could to
avert this disaster, exhorted Whigs to sup-
port him-and blamed those who opposed
him. We thought him a weak, ambitious,
but well- meaning man, who had been badly
advised in 1842, but whose aberration at
..that time should be overlooked or par-
' doned, in consideration of his subsequent
good behavior and inflexible devotion to
Sound principles. When the contest had
:,,resulted in his defeat, he renewed his
pledges of devotion to the Whig cause,
.and declared himself' an unswerving sup-'
Sporter of HENRY CLAY for nextwPreiident,'
; regaini ding the great Kentuckian' as not only
;,most deserving of the office, but as the
i man whose principles and measures were
tiibest calculated to 'secure the greatness of
obur Country 'and the prosperity of her
SEvery word of this. came from the
depths of the writer's heart. He un-
doubtingly believed, as he had always be-
lieved and stilt believes, that the principles
and measures propounded by HENRY
CLAY, and so gloriously maintained by him
through life, whether in triumph or in dis-
aster, are the true principles on which our
Government should be conducted and by
Which our National prosperity and welfare
miay best be secured. How insane, then,
must be the ambition, how utterly ignoble
and shameless the selfishness, which has
placed him on his present pedestal-a
spectacle for Scorn to point her slow
unmoving finger at!'
'jK!r. Wright warmly supported Mr.
"4s4y's nomination in 1848, but acquiesced
in-that of Gen. Taylor, and was an appli-

nomina.tioa doee not arouse them to extra-
ordinary activity, swelling their vote and
ensuring their signal triumph.
Letter from Daniel -Ullhmann.
The following letter from Mr. ULLMANN
appeared in last evening's Buffalo Commner-
ciatd Advertiser. As one of the friends of
Mir. IULLMANN, who would gladly hare
seem his name on our State Ticket, had
circumstances justified the belief that its
iuse at this time would conduce to success,
we may bepermitted to say that Mr. U.
has done nothing toward placing his name
before the public, and asks nothing, looks
for nothing but the triumph of the Coun-
try's Cause. For that cause he has untir-
ingly labored, and will continue to put
forth his best exertions. Hear him:
NEw-YoxK, Sept. 13, 1852.
DEAR SIR : I have received your esteemed fa-
vor of the llth instant, and have duly weighed
its contents.
You are right in presuming that I have noticed,
in the public prices, the various recommendations
of me as a candidate suitable to be supported by
Whigs for the chief Executive office of our State,
I em informed that this movement originated at a
time when it was not publicly known that our
priest nt Chief Magistrate had been induced to re-
Sconsider his determination not to be a candidate
for se-nomination. 1 certainLy am profoundly
grateful bo those partial friends who have con-
nected my name with the candidacy to that exalted
station, but l cannot conseirt, under such circum-
itancts, to be a competitor for thle nomination. [
have always regarded the ascendency of Whig
principles as far transcending all personal conside-
rations. We are now engaged in a political cam-
paign in which'issues vital to the welfare, happi-
nes and glory of the American people are to be
determined. The great system of Protection to
Anmerican Industry is to be vindicated ; the ques-
tion of the further improvement our Rivers and
Harbors, and the issue, local to ouw Srate, but of
increasing importance, of the early finishing of
the Eeie Caral Enlargement and completion of
the Lats ral Canils, are to be decided. The result
"iu November next will settle, -for along period,
the policy of the Government. Does not, then,
every sentiment of patriotism require that we
should enter into the contest a united, harmoni-
ous and enthusiastic party ? By that course only
can the supremacy of the good old cause be estab-
lished. I should be deeply grieved if I should be
the cause of disturbing, in the slightest degree,
this entire unanimity. While, therefore, tender
my heart thanks to those friends who '.have
thought proper to suggest my name for considera-
tion, I feel constrained to say, that my sense of
public duty requires me to-declare, in the most
explicit terms, that ( am not a candidate for nomi-
nation before the Whig State Convention to be
held at Syracuse.
You can make such use of this letter as may
seem proper to you.
With great respect,
SI am your f iend and fellow-citizen,
Hon. B. THoMPsoN, Buffalo.
IOwA.-The Official Canvass gives the
following aggregates of votes east for State Of-
cers and Congress at the recent Election:
Whig. Oppastiloa.
Sec. State.... Jenkins..... 15 027 McCleary...... 16,884
Aeuditor.....Porter..... 14,7s8 Parsee ........16,818
Treasurer... Horn ...... 14,942 Morris-.......16,783
Majerities--McCleary- ..1857 ; Pattie.....2,030
Morris---..-.--.--- 1,841
Diat. Congress.
I..P. Vials-------- 7,850 B. Henn .. .9,453
II..J.P. Cook-.......7,777 Z Clark .........7,114
Majorities--Henn .....41,603 ; Cosk ......-.663
-The Whigs of Iowa can poll 18,000 votes for
Gen. Scott if they organize thoroughly and work
efficiently-and that vote will give him the State.
Wbigs of Iowa the vote of your State is want-

INDIANA.-HOn. Daniel Mace ha's b
renominated by the Opposition as eandidatlsir
Congre' in the Lafayette Distreict.
'PENNsY LVA .-w-Doctor Nathael W.
Sample is the Opposition candidate forEed*4M*
in the Lancaater District.
Delegates to Whig State OCaveatd
Oswego Co.-Henry S. Conde.
kesgoesery Co-Charles WalraB PSaVaJti.
Whig Assembly Nomlnadm s.
Omegeo Co.-Cl'arles A. Parkirs.

The Primary MIeedags.
Yesterday morning the Whig Primaiy
Meetings were held throughout the City. Iftle or no
disturbance took place. The meetings were generally
held in other than places where liquor is sold. Them
are no 'contested delegations. Every Whig had aa or
opportunity of depositing his vote. Tickets thus nomi-
nated by fair and peaceable means contrast most :fA
vorably with those of the Oppoadioa-obtained gaKer.
ally by corruption and violence" and the free flow of
rum and bood-and will moat successfully command
the popular vote at the next election.
s Delegate--Firt Waord.-James Green, William K.
Hawley, Jacob Diefenbocker, George. J. Dean, laJmt
Silvey. Second Ward.-James Kedey, William W.
Sutherland, James E. Carer, George- C Hermanau
Thomas J. McCarthy Meet at No. 13 Datch-st, Friday
1ID DISTRICT-To appoint a Delegate
-Third Ward-A. Grade ing, Cham M. Hoopl,
James E. Wood, Andrew Noshit, Juotas T. Stagge
Sit.A Wad -P C. Van Wick, Geo. W. Wiiamns. Is.
,ael Willtams, G(eorge Kellog, Jr., Wm. Rowe. Meeat
ihg at Fierence's, cor. of Broadway .and Walker-at, oa
Friday evening.
IlID DISTRICT-Fourth, Ward.-Chm.
Chan berlin, and alteinste Win. H. Spa-ks.
IVTE DisTalcT-Fofic/ Ward.--Ale-
ander B. Shuliz, aed aiteratu Win. Hlit.
VTH DIS:RIgcT-', enth Ward-Arehl-
bald Ball, ard alternate 0. S. Watkins.
VITH DiSTW.CT-Eghth Ward.-Jaa.
M. Murray, and..altpna'e Jobathan W. Allen.
VILTH DispthICT-Ni'Jr- Ward -Geoo.
P. Nelon, ad '.NAo'ao D. Thayer as alternate.
yIIJTH DISTRICT- Certth Ward.-Ei-
she R. Belcher, sud Richard Scott alternate.
iXTH DISTRICT-Eleventh Ward.
Peter V. Husted, avd Richard G Hunt, aiteraate.
XTH DiSTRICT- T@ appoint a Del-
eoate- Twelfth Ward.-Walter Brady, Henry Reesiats
Robert Srogdill, John Lon hurst, Joth R Farrlngtaon-.-
1Nintmnkth Ward.-Victor B. Post, IBaase Adriacef, Salm-
uel M. Cox, William Haldoo, William Wright. Meet i4
Overs, 3d-av., arove 86th-sat.
XlITH DisTRICT- Th/dirteenth Wasri.-
Jacob E Howard, and alternate John Cooper.
XIITH DISTRICT-Fourteenth Ward.-
Johbv MicLone, and alternate John P. Fieanders.
XlIITH DISTaICT-Fifteent/h Ward.-
Fres'k A. Cot',kley, and alternate John C. Green.
XIVTH DlSTICT-T--7O appoint a Del.-
gate-Sixteenth Waird--(none named on the ticket.)-.
Twtentietih Ward.-James L. DOyton, Frankdic Grei
Jibn Brady, Charles D. Turner, J. T. Couvealorem
Mef t at Deiree's, cor. 25th-8ts, and 8'h-av.
XVTH DISTRICT-Seenteent4 Ward.-t
Cbarles G Dear, 8ad alternate Wim. H. Van Colt.
XIVTH DISTRICT-- ighteenih' Waird.
-James Brooks, and Geo. F Nes 'trt alternate.
Sell, Cbar)es Thomas, John A. HBrper. Thomas OodV&
Hiram Gsiflfn- Second Ward-- H. Gunoer, W. We4
John MeCabe, J. H. Talimaoge, Georee C Meiary.
UD DISTRICT- Third Ward.-Archi-
bald Cocbhane, George F. Macy, Jacob P. Marshall,
James L. Boawortb, George W Thacher. hstit Ward
-Daniel Stanley, Gen. W. Williams, Geo. W. William-
son, Geo. Mason, James Sullivan.
hID DISTRICT-Fourtk Ward.--Augus-
tos P. Green, -William Adams, Robert P. Slproasm, Ales-

J . .. I

- I


amder Fisher, Mamuel Leoter, Doctor Trspheaga
Cba, les Ce, agk'li, Jnoseph Mazetta, Walter S. Piaodik
Mithael Naddi, Samuel McCrqckea.
Ward, Joseph B Taylor, John H Steele, William .
Clary, Alfred R Booth, Thomas Flender, James Wlse%
David Harris, Augustus Brett, William H. Mards Jame.
M. Tuthill.
VTH DISTRICT-r-Se'vent h Ward.-Taau:
L. Phatt, Jared L Moore, Alfred L. Kaylor, David L>o-
gar, Robert McGowan,. John Malligan, Sdward S. tfe-
Pberson, Daniel Coger, Wm.-A. Freeborn, George Owe
lisle. Charles P Field. .
VITH DISTRICT-Eighth" Ward.-Jo-
seph R. Faaett, Harvey Hart, James C. Starges, D. L
Baker, Feancia McDermot, Win. B. Schenck, Obed
Gridley, Joseph Tiebout, R. W. Anderson, Jbka A.
Loaid, John R. Lockwood.
V IlTBDiSTRICT- intI4, Ward.-J9ameu
R. Ball, Chas. E. Andrsqn, George Youngs, Philip' Pa-.
rington, Henry Jay, Edward .& Burdeu, lEgben MWtl%
Samuel Cowan, James Webb, 'Wallace Plerson, 8a.
gene Ward.
R. Hobby. John R. Weed, Edwin Lebars, F. Cuvsemwy.
er, Win. C Bradley, Augustus Welsmainn, John J. Hitl
Francis Godine, John HJok, Chas. Nichols, Jaokna
IXTH DISTRICT-Eleventh Ward.-.
Win. Chambers, G. G. Pinl, Wi. Briogham, Joab
Ganglaff, Lewis Baird, Jaiob W. Seaman, M-rk Gottea-
burg, Nathan Roseman, Jothua Davenport, James Wat-
dron, John P. Phillips.
XTH DISTRICT-Twelfh Ward.- Galea
T. Porter, G-orge B Over, Isaac Halloway, -damnoad
Yerni, Nathanitl IQewey. Ninuteeaah Ward--R. 'IL
Johnson, Daniel Boll, M. S. Adee, Isaac Caryl, Alexisl-
der McCotter.
XITH DISTRIcT- Thirteenth Ward.-
Aaron H Sharp, Corniellus Laforge. Whitman P. H4l
lock, Washington Gaylor, John Spencer, Michael Baitl
Owen Didlv, Jbhn Burk, George Concklin, Wm.a
Anderson, Vincent Laforge. ,
XIITH DIsTRIcT-Fourtesntt Ward.-
Hiram Purdy. Horace V. Sigler, Aaron Hardman, Tbem
B. Frith, William Kennedy, Cbartpes F. Mayers, DCL
William Allen, David S. Clark,. Benjamin W. Rphard.a
Washbington Fink, William H. Kuhn.
XIIITH DISTRICT-F.fteenth Ward.-
James D Oliver, Benjamin F. Bowers, Chas a. Strong
Otis D. Swan, Francis Dykers, John C. Bishop, 8, IL
Furbuab,. Wildlam G. Sterling, Hlumphreys Miller, Johs
L. Weston, Simeon Baldwin.
XIVTH DISTRICT-Sixteentth Ward.-
D. Walker, Edward Hopoer, C. P. Edwardst"' JoAse
Russell, John Hopper. Twenteth Ward.t-Jacob De9ey,
James,-Turner, Thomas Nanton, Daniel Russell A.War-
ren Smith.
XVTH DISTRIcT-Seventeenth Ward.-
Jae. Robinson. N. T. Hicks, Aug. L. Brown, A K Buack-
bee, George Murphy, John 0. Halsted, C. Vanderbllt,
Lewis J. Kirk, Christian Schraud, Richard Jackson,
Henry S. RIpley.
XVITH DIsTRIcT-Eighteenth Ward.-,
Gilbert P. Sharp, We. C. Burke, Thomas C. Asoeo
Matbew Rotheray, Andrew A. Bremner, Noam C. Mo.-
tot, Tbomas Asten, N. B. Mouatfort, John Ridley, L
Cornlsb, John J. Chaopman.. '
The Assembly Convention will be hsd on M'onday.
evening, Oct 3.
IHID DISTRICT-Ftrst Ward.'-Jimesu'
N Croft, J. Clitz Morrison, Benj. D. Quigg, William
Thompson, R. 8. Collins. &-cwd IFtard-James EL'
Welsh, ElishaH. Mansfield, James Gallalher, DonMld'
C. Henderson, Dewitt C. Cammeyer. Third Warg.i-
Charles A. Stetson, Joel B. Nott, Wfl. L. 8hardlo%
. Willis patton, Justs S. Redfield. Jifth Weard-Wtr-
ran Chapwan, James Kenredy, Andrew W. Lesgatt6
Charles C. Nott, James C. lGulsk. Efgluh Ward--Gill-
bert Dugan, Win. Utter, Wn. Lawson, Walter Betts,
Albert R. Smith.
IVTH DISTRICT-Fou'rtk Wartd.-Ed-
ward Perry, Benjamin F. Buck, James McDonald, Ja.
H. Moaseran, Joseph Conlrel. Sink Ward--'O W.
Brennan, P. 0. Van Wick, Charles Foote, Charles Ad-
ams,fIsrael Willtdms. Tcti Wfard-E. T. Ryder, Alex.
Graham, Isaac P. Walton, Samuel F. Barrel. A. H.
Doughty. Fourrflalh Ward-Benedict [,ewis, Jr.. Johb
W. Scbenck, John B..Scoles, Samuel Weeks, Wia. S.
W ood. "" ,. ': ' ".
i VTH DISTRICT-Seventh Ward.-W- m.
D: Mm-ply,Wm. P. Andrews. J. D. Walier, Jaqei
Saffen.- D. L. Peltee, Thomas Wliliams, Jr. T&L-seask
Ward.-Ssiil' Atkinson, Jamss Madden, JosephlSBad-
'man, James Mahan, John Parot, James PearsalL
[Tke DelegatS'frem Wliamnsburgh will be incledet
In thlaDistric.. J

Mf. W o ur DML TR..UN- . ..FJU1 AZ ,f.. ,., .-a
*NE~-YO~ B~fiY RIMW; P)A. SKTEMlfllf;IBSO;

F' t tVIIITH DISTR&4' eLfths Ward.-'
S'kacellus Eels, Wal.r Brady. Willasmo H. tjqdilL, 4.
, Judaon, Thomas earnley. EiUeAte'th Ward.- 'Vn.
Z '. Jackron M. Gi Hart, A'entder McuI1ao, Peter Q.
Sharp, Thozn iaMorton. NiWeteeA Ward.-J A. Van
dp'.p,, JwraBewLy7 Win. A. Dooley, William Halden,
tW il .Bm Darlng.
Tb bngresdnnal Conventions will be held an
'LhridySept. 30: I[[d Diatilet, at Gerard &ouse, cor
.a of Chamberas.-st. and West Broadway.; IV h DIC
#t, at Florenoe Hotel, (LovPjoy'e,) corner of Broad
r .and; Vita Diatrot, at No. 120 East
S*aroadway ; VIt Diatrict; Henry Clay House, corner
S-of Avenue A and; VlIth District, at Deleres',
1. 25t4t, corner of Sth.av. ; VHIth District, at the "In.-
4de,"-48th.rat, cor6e8 of 8h-b.av.
FIRST WARD.-Alfred E. Crooker, Pe-
.4aerR. Van Honeten, ILK. S. Townsend, Josephi A. G t4 dl-
,.-er, William Clark. .
SSECOND WARD.-Gideon Clifton, Joseph
a. Taylor, Thomas F. Riley, Charles Bo"twlck, Iano

: TBIRD WARD.-Chester Lamb, Daniel
B3owly, Archibald Coehrane, Robt. L, Hathaeway, James
FOURTH WAiD.-Archibald Ball, Jr.,
DeiBnts MoLaghlin, Dewitt Alatyne, Peter Hausten,
JPhflip J. Dowa y,
SFInH WARD.-John B. Frink, Thomas
S,. Smith, John M. Bennett, Samuel S. Wyqkoff, Thorn-
,m MeCann.
SIXTH WARD.-Go.- W. Williamson,
I C. W. Schaier,O 0. W. Srenna4 William Bryden, John'
SEVENTH WARD.--John Coger, James
P. Freeborn, Geo. A. Buckingham, Matt iev Bird, John
44. Grtiff-n.
EIGHTH WARD.--James Gridley, Louis
.atber, Cnatlsa S Tarabu'L Juihn Gautier, John Wildey.
NINTH WARD --James Birni, Solomon
rawes, Jobs Poul, Aia Butmar' Jacob Aakerson. "-o
ST'NTH WARD.-WeI's Wilson, Samuel
4 0. Betts, John Lalor, William H. Sparks, Jr, EliUas
*V[omt?. *
ELEVENTH WARD.-WilliamGray, John
'aiameron, Beijamin Harper, John Ryan, William D.
TWELFTH WARD.O* Samuel A Hills,
;Mareellua Eells, George B. Over, Hugh Misterton, W.
#:i3topd I
THIRTEENTH WARD.-Edward Sophers,
John Cooper, George Smith, James Cohen, Gdorge For-
; FOURTEENTH WARD.-James Johnson,
Cbarler A. Stewart, Francis Degez, John P. Flenders,
"Lucium B. Allen.
FIFTEENTH WARD.-Robert D. Weeks,
3. Whfen Green, Thomas C. Acton, Isaac M. Phyfe,
VWllllam Tiylor.
SIXTEENTH Ward -W. Hodgkinson,
i"d Rt Jaques, Roberc H. Shannmon, G. W. Camp-
1bell, William GoAd.
sait, Nathan C Ely, Merwin R. Brewer, Giorga W.
X'rts, Jaimes B irrleq.
bltt,Wm. Darling, George A Peckham, James E. Rob-
IJon, James PlQbreaua
*harles S. Barberrie, Joseph Keen, A. V. Barberrie, J.
,- .BeLsns., '
1 TWENTIETH WARD.-O. Taylor, James
titsl C. B Leete, Charles Rose, Hugh Tarnmer.
The County Convention'meets Sept 28, at the Broad.
,way Hose. ,
FIRsT WARD.-Robert Silvey, Thomas
Desbl. R. S. Coflhis.
SECOND WARD.-Matthew Fordham, L.
'C:Dleant, Henry C LyoB8.
2 TaIaD WARD.-Jimes A. P. Hopkins,
N Lucomb, George W. PAlmer.
: FOURTH WARD.-Wm. H. Sporks, John
Edwarra, John Latbrop.
FIFTr WARD.-Joseph W. Meeks,
. Archbld C. Reynolds, Geo. T. Rodrm..
SIXTH WARD -James B. Taylor, Caleb
4. Marshall, Reuben Lovejoy.
SEVEN'i H WAID.-J. B. Webb, B. C.

eveuldgei Teomas O'Brtn .
EIGHTH WARD.-James M. Murray,
James Casumsr. 'John Reynolds.
f NINTH WaRD.-George B. Springsteen,
Mletol1as Carroll, Taomaa Lovett.
TENTH WxARD--N. G. Bradford, Samuel
lngbam, Jr., Wm. S wartn.
"ELEVENTH WARD.--Daniel Herrick,
ohn S udlow, John P. Conklin.
TWELFTH WARD.--Samuel Botts, Hen-
r Beekan John Germann.
STHi .1EEMT WARD.-D. A. Forbes,
SWmin. Bruneage,.Thomas C. Goutd.
: FOIRTEETH-, WARD.-John Kellock.
,John Hoope, David Sherwood.
3um, Jr., Dr. WI. N Biakeman, John P. Hone.
L' SIXTEENTH: WARD.-D. Alonzo Cush-
iasp, Joseph Tucker, R.abert Smith. .
&'rantis D1lly, Anthony Lamnbrecht.
EIGHTEENTH WARD.--John Newhouse,
-Jbha H Whie, Win H. Stansberry.
wards, H A. Maynard, W V. Legratt.
-TWENTIETH WARD.-Henry Houston,
Daniel. 0. Conover, R. B. Leete.
The Mayoralty Convention meets at the Broadway
;ouse, Sept 27.
r .FIRST WARD.-Edmund Griffin, Alex-
u nder Mason, P Closey, F. D. Bigelow, J hn Griffin.
S SECOND WARD.- Amos J. Williamson,
U. P. Munsey,iJames Duke, Solomon King, Benjamin L
,Chombe, .
hie -WARD.--Royal G. Millard, Sim-
4co Outweter, 0. W. Stunevant, Benj. C. Benham,
8i ap .' .R M a b ba : -
",FURTH WARD -Dennis McLaughlin,
wirlam 4t1 Sparks, David Welch, George W. Bennett,
Jamew Farley.'.'
Ve FilFTi WARD.-John F. Rodman, D.
S Raiddloph Martin, Isaac B. Batchelor, John L. Galb,
John C.Ohver.
SIXTH WARD.-Joseph Carlisle, Wil-
112am H. Spaiks, Geo. Kellock, Jr., William Rowe, John
. WiLiars.
S, bEVENTH WARD.-John J. Levy, Wil-
alim H Arthur, E. W. Morgan, W. B. Worrall, Dr. J.
-EIGHTH WARD.--George' Boyd, Fran-
S -Cliwbfeeier, Daniel Marrow, Howard A. Baldwin, Mah-
: lonCenney. : *
Ni4NTf WAiwRD.-George B. Deane,; Jas.
'W. Farr, Charles Albertson, Andrew G. Cronk, Wm.
F. Perego.
TENTH WARD.-James Griffith, Henry
Smith, Wm. C.King' land, Robert M'Coy, Wm. Van
,ELZEENTH. .WARD.- Samuel' H. Do
w'at, James Lucas, Seaman Johnson, Julian C. Harris,
-eorge W. Barrett
S .'WELFNB WARD.-Charles S. Miller,
feodordE. Whitlodk, Feter Randell, Abraham Wake-
.ann, Jatkes A. Baluwin.
rTHiRT% 'H).1 WARS.-James Dewey,
SAlexander Ferr' J. E. Howard, Lawrence Hamey,
JoHn H BrIfrse "
WeUlam. S. Gregory, E. T4Northrop, Paterson Jolle,;
.'Geige Hulburton /"
FIPTEENI H WARD.-Robert LenoxtKen-
iady, Samuel B Romaine, Jr., Norris A. Phelps, Sam-
uelfM Phifips, Robert M. Rusiell.
SIXTEiTTH WARD.-John McTntyre,
Joha Farrington, E. Furguton, Joseph Rogers, William
-'Crul8ell. ,.. ,;"*

James Cois, Wm. H. Ribl.,h Jamea M. Dennis. Joseph
-C. Ptncknby. -
; '7 EIGHTEENTH WAitD.--.William Earle,
Csarles P. Miller, Dennis Mctabe, Wlniam H, Adamn,
^. Wn'.J. Dads "** '
,tE KTEENTH WAID.-GGeOrgrFeft'er,
' .J. M. Bymnes, John Colvin, Samuel HlddSri Oharies
Bak-r. 'at' .... .
PWEI^ISTH! WARD.-Wililiam' ~~,
J-amea Andrewa. Jr. Wm. Prior, W. Gladil', ,oTsep.h
-Jons. a '
The City Convention meet September 29, at the

3Broadway House.
SI RST WARD.-CommittCees--Henry
Jurgens, George Moore. John Gifford, Levi Leonard,
JoBnp BartlettJ. Kennedy, Dr Aedrews, Henry Rob-
-'inqn. Jame. Dersick, Geo A..M. Brown, J. B. (tefeau,
IWn.. Black, Edaar BlWha, P. Murray, W.'l Waite, P.
d[eaMey, John Hogan,.
S'ECOEND WARD .,Orlando Fish, Henry
KiPlteman,1 Edward McGlianis, Jospeh Manning, Alexr-
S THIRD WARD.-Alanson S. Jones, Gfee.'
W-. .Pai', Robe Foraythe, Thomaa Octwater, James
9 -r b=I A Ptfl y-,i.-.i 4 A..i A A U1L

Son. James Hovlgton, Nathaniel B. Reeves John Bal,
: H. EL Rtmans, Win. Mayereau.
SFOURTH WAR.--JiReh Bull, Jo0shria
Thu"rston, Archibald H4ll, Jr., John K' k. Wain. Wolfe.
FIFTH WARD.-Charles Tappan, Benoi.
S. Foster, John McKinmina, Peter W. Neefus, John &I
Terrn, Georte A. Barney, Wi.m Canniff, 'reodore
A. Ward, Barton Thorns, James EMcKeanie, Deanis
SIXTH WARD.-O. W. Brennan, Jas. B.
Taylor,. Gee. W. Williams, N. C. Everett, Wm. B. Itbo
inson, W, H. Sparks, Wa. Barker, John Wllliams, Gao.
Kavanagb, Charles Adams, Aramld Biabridge, Dr.
John b8immon;, J. H. Evers, W. Florentine, Andrew
Smitt,.P. Patterson, John Mclntyre.
SEVENTH WARD.-Abner Chichester,
Wnx B. Crosby,. Jared4 Linsly, Joseph Hoxle, Hemam
Boyd, Isac Newtin, E Plaitt Albert Iforehouse. Peter
oUelr, John Wight, Samuel Kenny, Coronelius PoiUlo;
Thomas aH, Bemis, John Casey, T'r.s. I. B xr s.
EIGHTH WARD.-J. Welden Fell, Amos
Leviness, aleb S. Merritt, Edward Caney, Joseph C.
Divine, George Douglass, De Witt Young, Geo. Fraser,
NINTH WARD.--Charles Crane, Edward
Barlow. John Crefghton, Wm J Gladden, F. Santal
Charles L. Elldbt Oliver T. Wardell, Chartei Lozter,
Smith' Ackermasi,' Mortimer Lane, Henry W. Huat,
Russell Newell,'Gdorge Taylor.
TENTH .WARD.-William Scott, Lewis
Katon, Jscob Leon, R(chard King, James Weir, Albert
Nicolay, John MoMahon, Augustus Weel, Thormas H.
SWainwright, Fenry Otten, Francisa Blxoese, Abraham
Baker, John T. Barnard, Joseph Bennett, Thorn Hyatt.
ELEVENTH WARD.-Robt. Buckmaster,
SWilliam Willis, Oliver Laflin, togcr Hogan, Gasitrit Nel-
sob-, John Van Tassell, John Landers. High Dunn, John
R McGowan, Jr., Adam Stagner, So'omon Foot. -
TWELFTH WARD. -Thomas Carijey,
Louis Belloni, Jr., Galen T. Pouter, Jonathan St4rus,
Henry Beekman, Edward Bosey, J ames Linahan, Qeo.
H. Holmes, W. G. Graham, Robert Stogdill, Albert
Westervelt, Hugh MAsterson, Abraham Bertholf. '
THIRTEENTH WARD.-Gornelius Price,
James Upson, John Ferris, John Birmingham, Wilt tiam
Sopers, Francis Dudley, John Goram, Jasper Van Pelt,
G. W- Seymour, James Lockwood, Fraancta Rogers,
Win. Swlnearton, George Lanmsoa, Toinoms Sickerson,
Benjamin Haskell, John English, David Tappen.
renus, Walter Welch, William Lyons, John Burnish,
Joseph Peppenger, Daniel Simoson, Thomas Crane,
John L Martin, Frederich Cook, Abraham Pirtch,
Thomas Karr, Ralph L. Anderton, Archibald McNaugh-
Henry H. Anderson, Linus W. Stevens, Philip &f. J.)as,
Samuel L. Griswold, Henry A. Kerr, Snith Barker,
Levin Cowley, Th',mns Denoy, William B. Walsh. Aa-
drew J. Garvey, Dr. William 'Turner, George W. DilN.
SIXTEENTH WARD.-SrPphen Merritt,
G. D Hupper, HenryMay, Tayl r, Robert H11,
Jesse Mitchel, Alfred CArhart, T. C. Stevensain, Wil-
liam Stuart, A. Bridgfoan, Edward Roe, William Ma
Combs, Mat. Hanna.
, SEVENTEENTH WARD.-(Charter and
School.)-Geo. H Franklin, Stephen Clark, Herman
Mass, E. Edwards, Jr., John Sheridan, Wm R. Lou.
don, James Goodman, M Weitich, Gen. Eider, -5.
Reichart, Thos. Staniford, John Vanderwater, Edward
Phidllps, J. P. Treshman, C. B. Tappen, Jonathan Wt-
ley, John T. Underhill, W. F. T. Onapman, Win. Havil.
land, Win. Baltz, Jos. Van Velser, B. Merritt, Wm.
W. H. Rudd, Jas. Eldrldge, Ira A Fowler, Patrick
O'Brien. Benj Blonk, Root F. Mitchell, M-tthew Odefl,
David Perrin, Justus Earle, Edward Robinson, Jahn
Blair, James E. Watson.
NINETEENTH WARD.-Charles Golden,
A. Vanderbeck, |J. C. Coulter, I. Churehill, Peter Van
Riper, Benjamin Weaver, David Morrison, Wilianm
Hough, Martin Clsco, J. Stewart, Benry Dexter, "rhoa.
Hosg, Jr., W. G. McKay, A. KIng, Isaac Clark John
Miller, John D Hoyt, R Ravnor, J R Webhcr, Jacob
Schiltlr, J. Foeheur, Thea. F. Myer, Edward Dayton,
Levi Hart, J. J. Doane.
TWENTIETH WARD.--John Doud, Thos.
Guy, George Reeds, Frederic A. Parked, Wright Glad-
bill, Henry Hutchinson, Geirge Andrews, Edwin S.
Weede, Francis Shafer, Morris BenetS, Francis Momn-
tire, Hugh Turner, James Britt, Francis M. Curry.
FIRST WARD.--Joseph Jamison, Henry
D. Townsend, Henry T. Cleveland.
SECOND WARD.-CIark B. Wheeler,

Thomas Delano, S. Parsons.
THIRD WARD.-Jonathan Edgar, D. B.
Brown, George Hudson. '.
FOURTH WARD.-Archibald Hall," Jr.,
Charles Chamberlain, John Vance.
FIFTH WARD.-George J. Cornell, Al-
den J. Hale, Albert L. Decamp.
SIXTH WARD.-N. C. Everitt, John A.
Tardy, Charles R: Swords.
SEVENTH WARD.-John W. C. Lever-
idge, Joseph T. Mills, Thomas Truslow.
EIGHTH WARD.-Louis F. Wadsworth,
Wm. Bloomfield, Jahn G. Vose.
NINTH WARD.-Edward Slosson, Ed-
ward P. Clark. Wm. Mason.
TENTH WARD.-Richard Scott, Peter
S. Titus, Theodore Stuyvessant.
ELEVENTH WARD.-William T. Mack-
raill, Lemuel Bourne, Thomas MeLellind.
TWELFTH WARD.-Thomas Carnley,
Abraham Wakeman, John t. Farrington.
David Saffen, Robert Richardson.
Thomas F. Peers, Alexander Y. Pringle.
FIFTEENTH WARD.-Ogden Hoffman,
John 'ML Knox, John A. Weeks.
SIXTEENTH WARD.-Henry B. Bolster,
Robert Smith. Alexander Knox.,
send, Cornelius Miner, Frederick Frye.
ard, James LH. Pinkney, A. J. Willard.
NINETEETH WARD -William H.Aldis,
Charles E. Birdsall, E. B Peet
TWENTIETH WARD.-Thomas Childs,
Jr., E. Harrison Reede. Henry T. Joilie.
The Judicial Convention at Broadway House, Sept. 20.
EIGHTH WARD---John Wildey, George
Carpenter, Abram Van Saun, John T. Wlllston, Jos.
NINTH WARD.-Elbridge G. Baldwin,
Jacob L. Sebring, C. H. Delamater, W. S. Cunningham,
Charles Holder.
INATION -The Delegates to the Fifth Coagressin'al
Convention assembled on Wednesday evening, and
nominated Aid. Wm. M. Tweed for Congress. The
Swackhsmer Delegation from Williamsburgh were not
admitted, and Mr. S. will run for Congress in that Dir
trict The NlVational Democrat, the Democratic organ
speaks of this nomination of that party as follows:
"In the Fifth District William M. Tweed was noml,
nated. Mr. Tweed is a member of tAe present Board of
Aldermen. We can't write anything mire severe
against him. We shall wait and see if A his ominatiton
is rotfied, and if it is, the net scene in thA disgraceful
affair will be his dqfea."

Ward.-The Delegates to the Opposilirn Assembly Con-
vention of this District assembled at Wetherell's, in
Grand at., last evening, and nominated David O'Keefe
as the Democratic candidate for member of Assembly.

Whig Delegates of the several Aasemblr: Districts of
Kings County met lost evening for the purpose of nom-
inating candidates for the Assembly and Delegates to the
Whig State Convention.
IST DISTRICT.-The Convention of this
District, comiprisiug the Eighth and Ninth Wards of
Bryoklvn, Wllhamsburh aud County towns, met at Slel-
lenberr Hfotel, on the Coney Island Plank Rtoad, and
nominated C. M. Bigga, of Wiliiamsburgh, for the As-
sembly, and John D Prince, of Flatbush, as Delegate
I to the State Convention.
lID DIsTRICT.-The Convention met at
the City Hotel The District Is composed of the First,
Seqond, Third, Saith and Tenth' Wards. Waldo B.
Hutchini was nominated for the Assembly, and Charles
Kel ey, Jr Delegate to Syracuse.
I!D DISTRIcT-CComposed of the Fourth,
:.' Fifth, Seventh and Eleventh Wards.-Conventton met
at Davis's Hotel, in Hudson am., and elected nidrew B.
Hodges Delegate to Syracuse, and Luke C. Ryder Alter-
"nate. The nomination for Assemblyman was ,not, en-
teredlnto .. .

THE SxvENT WARD.-Tbe Seventh Ward Lundyt
Lane Club held a meeting last evening, at their Bar-
racks, corner of Madison and Rutgers-sts. E. W. Mot'-
gan, Esq., Presidens of the Club, presided on the occa-
sion. Able and eloquent addresses were delivered by
Hon. E. D. Culver, Ogden Hoffaan, Theodore R Tom.
linson, and James Wlson Greene, Esqa., whom re-
marks were enthuidsdaeally applaudea. The meeting
Swe oge of the largest and most spirt gatherings we
'ahve sgen awce the preseamt e taamsala ssls

namm of the Delegat elected to the various Convem.
lIona wil be found in our advertbing columns.on the
There was a large and excellent meeting of this Club
lat evenIng. After addreues by Leonard Lathrop,
Esq., Hon. Geo. Briggi, and Daniel Uilmann, Jr., the
Club marched, with music, in large number to the
Fifteenth Ward meeting at Constitution Hall.

CLBM -One of the largest and most spirited meetings
of the campaign thus far, was held at Constitution HUll
last evening. F. A. ConiAling, Esq., President of the
Club, in the chair. The, Ninth Ward Club, in large
numbers, and the Scott Life Guard Association joined
the meetinand were received with cheers. The Hall
was filled toi _tutmot capacity, and earnest enthusi-
asm was manifested throughout the evening
SLieut. MAY, who served under Gen. Scott frm Vera
Cruz to the City of Mexico, .was the fir at speaker. He
was glad of the opportunity to speak of the merits and
testify to the humanity of his brave.old Commander,
who gave food and comfort to the wtdbws and orphans
of the enemy, bereaved by the sad misfortunes of war.
He said many things within his own knowledge, favora-
ble to General Scott.
SDANIL ULLxAN, Jr., was the next speaker. He ex-
pressed his pleasure at the good feeling evinced among
the Whigs present from the different Wards. The
principles and spirit that stimulated them formerly,actu.
ated them now, and argued victory. He alluded to Gen
Pierce and New-Hampshire politics in fitting term'.
After some further stirring remarks, he mentioned that
he had traveled about 4,000 miles through the country,
since the nomination, and from what he had seen and
heard everywhere, he firmly believed that Gen. Soott
would be elected-
Hon. OGDEN HOFFMAN next addressed the meeting
His face had been strange to the Whigs since the nomi-
Snation, but not from lukewarmness. He had. been
suffering from a severe affection of the throat, which
hid prevented his speaking in public. Mr. H. delivered
Sa speech In his usually eloquent and effective manner
which strengthened the confidence and aroused the
Sdeep-felt enthusiasm of his hearers. He paid attention
to the principles of the Whig party-Protection to
American Industry, Internal Improvements, &o.-and,
especially referred to the war of 1819, In which the
speaker was engaged. The war, he said, was caused by:
the determination of this Government to protect Its:
adopted citizens, and. Gen. SCOTT most emphatically
enforced that intention in hta defense of the Irish Prls-'
oners. The brilliant services, of Gen. SCOTT are, he'
said, ingrafted into the history of this country. The,
flag of their glory had only illuminated the virtues of
the man in hiasplendid civic career. We love him, he
said, for his many virtues, his humanity, and his respectP
for the religious belief of those who may not have sub-"
scribed to the same opinions with himself. The brilliant
effort of Mr. H. was received with great applause.
Mr. H. J. Raymond, Schuyler Colfax, Fred'k. A. Tall.
made, and Horace Greeley, also addressed the meeting.
Simeon Draper, Esq presented the Club with 250 ofS
the beautifully engraved Scott certificates. Nine chsers1l
were given for the donor, and the meeting adjournedi

Delegates to the City Convention assembled at Tam,-
many Hall last evening, pursuant to call, for the pur.t
pese of nominating a Controller of the City, a Street;
.Commlssioner, a Commissioner of Repairs and Sapu1
plies, a City Inspector, and a Governor of the Almcit
House ; and their labors resulted in making the follov-
ing nominations : :'r' .
For Costro-ler-Azarlah C. Flagg, (formerly Control-,
ler of the State of New.York.) jt'
For Stree Cammissaafes-James Fury. .
.For Comssioner of Repairs and Suppies .".Q\Q
mew Purdy. ,?!

After continuing In a stormy session until about 2
o'clock this morning, to agree upon the remaining noan
inatiqn, Whe Conventon uadjourned ash Wedjaesdrq.
evening nexl.


By Telegraph to The New-York Tribune.
s;iemr Telegraph Ode, corner of Hanner and Eeawer-ses
1 MaIne Election.
BOSTon, Thursday; Sept. 16,1852.
A dispatch from The Portland Adver-
tiser, dated this evening, says that the Whigs
will have six majority in the Senate. For the
House, 126 Representative Districts return 57
Whigs and 68 Democrats, and there are 26 Dis-
tricts to hear from.
Congressional Nomination In the room of the
lato Robert Rantoul.
BoST Thursday, Sept 16, 1852.
GEORGE HOOD, Ex-Mayor of Lynn, (a
Free Seloiler,) was nominated for Congress by the Dem-
ocrats of the Second DisOtrict, in Convention yesterday
at Salem. He received 82 out. of 132 votes cast. iMr.
Hood was openly opposed by distinguished Democrats,
and much heat and excitement was exhibit in the
Hen John Wentwortha Renomliated.
CHICAGO, Ill., Thursday, Sept 1852.
The Democratice Convention of this Dis-
trict nominated Hon. Johh Wentworth for reileotlion to
Massaachusetts Politics.
BOSTON, Thursday, Sept. 16, 1852.
The Democratic State CommiTrtee have
organized by the appointment of W. A. Williams, of
Worcester, as Chairman; Sam'l R. Glen and E Hamil-
ton, as Secretaries, and A. Hobart, as Treasurer. A&
Ezecuive Committee of five was also appointed.
The Provisional CommitTee of Demo-
cratic bolters metyesterday, but effected nothing.
The Democracy consider the nomina-
tion of Horace Mann for Governor, by the Free Sollers.
a virtual surrender of the State to Attorney.General
Clifbford, the Whig candidate.
New-Vork State Temperance Alliance.
UTICA, Thursday, Sept. 16, 1852.
The New-York State Temperance Al-
liance adjourned to-day, after passing resoludtiona to me-
morialize Congress for the prohibition of the importa-
tion of liquors.
S. The State Fair.
CLEVELAND, Thursday, Sept. 16, 1852.
The city is fast being filled with peoAle
from abroad, who come here to attend the State Fair,
which i, aboutto take place The following distingulsh-
ed individuals have arrived and taken apartments at
the Weddell House: Bon. S. A. Dounlas, Hon. Lewis
Case, Hon. S. B Trevitt, Secretary of State, Gov. Wood,
Lieut. Gov. Medill, Judge Bacon, of Detroit. Hon. Z.
Meriwether, U. S. S Kontueky.
Yesterday afternoon Messrs. Cass and
Douglas delivered addresses from the balaony of the
Weodell Houme, to a large assemblage of attentive
Cholera In Buffalo, dceo
SBUFrFALO, Thursday, Sept. 16, 1852.
The deaths by Cholera in this city from
the 1st to the 12th inst. are reported at the large num-
ber of 309 ; since the 12th, however, it has almost en-
tirely disappeared.
Mrs. Davis, of Woman's Rights notori-
ety, ts here, and lectures to-morrow niabit.
Mr. Stanton, the Free-Soiler, is also
Railroad Collision-Five Lives Lost and Thir-
ty aInjred.
DYJKIIBK, tiuraday, Sept 16, 1852.
A serious collision occurred on the New-
York and Erie Railroad yesterday afternoon, bet seen
this place and Hornotllville, by which five persons
were killed, four severely, If not fatally, injured, and
some twenty or thirty slightly hurt. Tree of. he
killed were named James Cullens, (an oilman,) [homas'
McElroy, (brakeman) and Matthew Sil~mam, a passen-
get. The conductor was severely Injured. The cause
of the accident was as follows : An accommonnlon
train, fearing to meet the up train from Nev-York,
which was behind time, stopped at Almond, but neg-
lected to send a flag back to stop a freight train which
Was following it. The accommodation train was eon-
sequently run into with great force by the freight tran.

S Collialon nla Annapolis Bay.
S BALTIMOR, Thursday, Sept'16,1852.
SThe steamers Columbia and Maryland
came in oellisioa about 3 o'clock this morning i in te B
of Anapow A bybwhbch both boats were, ba9 InJure,=
The' constenaltin atueg the passengers was very
arML biei a an I iarml.n

Ohio State Fair..
T CLEVELAND, Thursday, Sept 16, 1852.
The Ohio mtate Fair is larger and better
than any previous Fair in this State.
SThe number oft entries on the first day was 3,000, and
the total receipts of the same period $5,000.
The town is alive with visitors, and lodgings are very
scarce. All the trains arrived crowded last night. The
rush will be greatest to-day.
The Stock and Mechanical Implements show most
favorably. New-York sends large contributions to those
The display of horses is unusually large
.,and choice.
Everything thus far has gone off pleas-
antly. The Fair ground is spacious, and the ar-
rangements very complete. No pickpockets are as yet
at wozk.
Hon. J. P. Hale and S. P. Chase are in
town. Mr. Hale addresses the Mercantile Library As-
soclation to-morrow naght
Daniel Webster will not be present to
deliver the address, and it has not yet been decided who
will act as substitute.
CLEVELAND, Teuraday, Sept. 11, 1852.
The crowd increases-the number of
,visitors to the Fair grounds this morning being about
15,000. The receipts thus far are about $10,000.
An exhibition of horses which took place to-day was
very spirited; the competitors were mostly of the
Eclipse and Morgan stock.
The cattle are the beet feature of the Fair; almost
every County in the Stale sends its contribution ; the
largest specimen weighs 3,300 lbs.
Professor Mapes, of New-Jersey, will deliver the An-
nual Address at 3 P.M. to-day in place of Mr. Webster.
N ot a single accident has thus far occurred; 48 cars
are now on their way from Ravenna heavily loaded.
"Conviction and Sentence of a Postmaster for
Robbing the Malls:
S NZWCASTLz, Thursday, Sept. 16,1852.
Archibald G. Hastings, Postmaster at
Millasborough, Delaware, charged with robbing the mall,
and who pleaded guilty yesterday to one Indictment,
was this morina enteoced to ten years' imprisonment
in the peoitentry. Upon seven other indictments
against him, a nolle prosequi was entered.
Pennsylvania Railroad Loan-Steamer Asia
bSpoken-& New- rork Pilot.
SPHILADELPHIA, Thursday, Sept. 16,1852.
The $3,000,000 Railroad Loan was ta-
ken by H. C. Fisher. for the houses of Bering Brothers
and Rothschilbs, at $103 20 for every $100
Ship Saranac, arrived to-day, reports ex-
changing signals with steamship Asia. on the 10th, in
lat. 41 30, long. 64. On the 11th, off Nantucket, took a
New-York Pilot from an English brig that had been
blown to the eastward.
Navigation of the Ohio-Health of CIncinnati
CINCINNATI, Wednesday, Sept. 15, 1852.
', Heavy rains have been falling East and
West of this place dui log the past two days.
'The Ohio River is rising from Pitts-
bug to Cairo, and is now at a good navigable stage for
meu tuum class boats.
The weather is cool and the city healthier.
,No cases of cholera have occurred duTr-
ii'the past few days.

S From New-Brunswick,
BOSTON, Thursday, Sept. 16, 1852.
Private advices from St. John N. Be,
sIgak encouragingly of the incomoing harvest, which,
taVored by fine weather, promises to be above the aver-
age ef previous years.
SWe also learn from the same source that
tbe survey of the European and North-American Rail-
way, which is Intended to connect Portland with Hall-
fax, via St. John, is rapidly progressing.
I The Fishery question gives no uneasi-
gees at St John, and the opening prospects of the
Province are decidedly cheering.

U"nIted Stotes Convention of Unlversalits,.
.;,' SESSION Or 1855--SEcoND DAT.
rThe mass meeting of Sunday School
Scholars and Teachers, in communion with the Univer-
sa.lst' Denomination, was held yesterday morning in'
Metropollran Hall. The Hall was thoroughly filled at aa
esijy period, the audience being composed in good pirt

of the members of the Schools; there being seven
sclidols, comprising about eight hundred children, most
of whiom had assembled at their respective churches and
nmarohed with their banners and under the direction of
thi, teachers, to the place of meeting. The presence
of 4s many of the rising generation could not fall to
lenda peculiar interest to the exercises, and add an im
portaee' to the whole affair which attaches in an emt
oenft degree to all movements affecting the interests of
thilelass of the people. The arrangements were well
observed, and order was manifested in all the proceed.
Sings.' A large number of the mere eminent clergy and
liyl4 of the denomination were present and participated
In the exercises of the time.
SThe chair was taken by C. C. GORDON,
Eeqj, of Brooklyn, and the meeting was opened with
Sprayer by Rev. Mr. BKowN, of New.Hampshire, who
implred Divine guidance for those who were engaged
in tha teaching of youth, and for the institution of the
Sabbath School especially. He asked the blessing of
God upon the generation rising in our places, who were
to see the triumph of the Gospel in every pa rt of
the globe. I
The fil st hymn for the occasion was then
sung by the congregation:
How large the promise, how divine,
S To Abram and his seed !
Ill be a God to thee and thine,
Supplying all their need.
The words of his extensive love
From age to age endure;
The angel sof thpron isoe prove,
And seals the blessing sure.
S Jesus the ancient faith confirms,
To our great fathers given ;
He takes young children in his arms,
And calls them heirs of heaven.
S Our God, how faithful are his waysl I
His love endutres the same;
; Nor from ithe promise of his gpwace
Blots out the children's name.
ThiPs CRnAYRPIMttw I nR road the fnllowirnp


1 . 'T.

church. I have been in the church these twenty years
-for I came in under theTadmintnittratloa of Father
Sireeter when he was in his 'prime, gleaning the fields
ot gospel truth in Ihe fulMnea of his strength; and
when I first came In I, too, longed to preach, buat I found
the pulpitt w too high for me, that I eould not attain to
It So I sought, found and embraced tihe 4uday School,
and jolnea it in an everlasting covenant, never to ba
ro-ken. What did I find I A school in k miserable
r oom, with a few children and few teaebrs. I tatked
with the Church member, who were all excel.
lent men, but they were opposed to dthe Sunday School

Sdetl restt his cause. ..
Durivg the excitement an orde 4 a s given stoppftn
all the printig presses In the city, exceOt oned', ferS
purpose of publishbing Official DocumendU. VnW, h' '' .
ever, has been recalled. h*?r '
General Urquiza, the "Provisional Direotor of th
Argentine Confederation," In tee appeal to whicoi Io
Herald refersaddresses the nation as follows:
ARGENTINES I Tne agitators who caused the rWa ant
hutiltiottn ot the city of Buenos Ayres: who occadiea.
the fearful tyranny that oppressed the entire ArgentisM
Confederation, again raise up iheir head, auder
bshade ofthe liberty given them by the Great Al l[i' Ar
and they aspire to substitute the Tyrant who was dii
strroyed at Caseros.
Their inilquitoust plons are not disguased; ant I
Constitution of the Republic, the liberty of the st
Confederation are nothlog to them, since they thea
selves are to impose upon is the yoke of their Inqutous
pr tensions.
The pans they have entertained for many yearsahA
had an opportunity of mantfertlig themselves, ia cos*-'
quence of the Compact celebrated at San Nicholas ht
los Arroyes, establishing the bases of the Natiotial Or-
gaizaltion. '
They have chosen, as instruments of action, rash matd
inexperienced individual' ofithe city of Bienos Ayre'
who confide In their words, not comprehending the
tentions concealed under then.
SCarryin g disorder to the very bosom'of the Pro*t-
cial Representation, they restrain the liberty of its doe
liberation, and wish to impose upon the repreasutatva
their criminal desires, instead of the resolutions ktahe
ought to be the result of a prudent and reflective dis
The Insults offered to the circumspect Deputies, to tie
ministers of the Executive power of the Proviace, in thi
very bosom ef the Provincial Representatio, and evea
the threat of an attack upon their persons, diirbt
against them on retiring from that sacrera treat, leava
not the smallest ground for douwt, that the Chamber od
Representatives, and the very Governmenti itslt ara
coerced by a group of demagogues, that had us arpedL
the name of the peopleaf Buenos Arres .
In suoh a state of things, I should be wantingto thL..
compromises I have contracted before the whole na-
tion, and which I have sworn before God and the ciua-:
try to maintain, should I still suffer, at moments i-
solemn. the national will to be diuregarded,1'aid that
the patriotism of the City of Bueios Ayrea should ba
placed in doubt by the perversity of a criminal oirci&.
Consequently, I from this moment assume the pod.
tion pointed out to me by the 14th article of tW,
Treaty of the 3lst May, and vrotesdog before God aad'
the Fadoen, not to employ that authority, except ia a'
far as it may be indispensable 'for thie estabishmea"L
of legal and orderly- liberty, which has bee Inter%-
rupted in tbis Province of Buenos Ayres by the dema-,
gogues, I will resign it as soon as the Goverimient'
finds itself in complete liberty of action, and I ftr-'
withe submit myself to the verdict of the nation, 6in
the ersuing Constiltuent Congress, as to the resolution.
I now adopt
Portenra I He'wbo dell ered you from the tyra. mV.
of Roeas, can never be he who makes it reaooar fti,
himself. Still less will he suffer an antnational party tI
exercise it over you.
General Urqulza will ever and only pride himsaai
with the appellation of the sincerest friend of your 1bk.
ertles and of your welfare.
All ye who so wish; all ye who do hot participate Is
those ideas of disorder, propagated by the diminadtiv
circle who do not find shelter, either abroad or amno g
their compatriots, run and pace yourselves at the sh6
of your Government: surround the virtuous Portaa%
woo since the year 10 has never belied his patriotai
has never belied his respectable name. Follow the Is-
spirstlons of his prudence, and be assured that yor
tranquillity will not be altered.
SThe army which gave It to you, securig your iber-
ties, is still present with you to guarantee the6n, and t '
preserve them unimpaired.
Inhabitants all of the civilized Buenos Ayres I Fear
Snot that the scenes may be renewed which one dir
filled you with consternation. All your rights shall e
respected ; and to attack them In the slightest degral
it will be neceAssry to pass over piles of dead bodhil
which shall be left bythe army which I have tee h"nor ,
to command, and that will always be the glory of thb *
Argentine Confederation.
Order, respect and confidence in the natIonal a*.'
thority iS all that is required of you by hIm who gavt.
you liberty.
Order, peace, union and liberty will alwas be tle die
vice of your compatriot and friend. .
JusTo Josn asnn UnquTvA

FROM MINNESOTA.-TheFrankin, Capt.
Blakeiey, arrived in port from above on Wednesday '& '
She went through P. at. 1al without difficulty. Thkrer ar
been a rise in the Mississippi above Lae Peoia, of seer c
inches. The lower bands of Sioux Indians ha!e oseted Is'
the alteration proposed by theSenate in the terms of Sek
treaty, but the upper bands are rarhershittiah, sad insist thaf ,
they will do noh'ng sill they see the r oney- Gov. Haney
is expected down In a few days to hrry ap the p&asyfaLe....
There can be no permanent diffi0unty with the IndisaiatUI
matter. The Indiana were all out harvesting crahberrie o .
which there i said to be a plentiful crop.
A frieixd at Stcilw ater wnte uflandredate o ft.e^9( hlk

"Crop here are good. though late. Core hwsaffwae M"-.
vetroy t in 'drefit't P6otaOea we not very bea 5-f o.
the quality is excellenLt' You may form same.
drougthnttfiner, that a few djajsa dnee avJgB4uiV9
as fie ta thire different a diOt a, 'aiif h6 w brnai' y
if it was November instead of August. It ais ramssaala
tact, connected with the drougth ad low water ia the dri.,
that all the sm lal&"M a o n arVaa, are two feet r c
than nunL' t IGedIi AArtiinasae IL

m-, : "

DaaDetk rf the Mayer of Albany.
S'ALnA"N, Thuraday, Sept 16,1852.
hbenezer Perry, Esq., Mayor of this
aiy expired at hbls residence this morning after a brief
NlN. His disease was ch olera morbus.
f Iutitnatd by Daniel Webster against
0 CIty oMNewOrleas--Yellow Fever at
"1amlebton-Launch of as U, S. teamer
l;leghasy, &c.
BALTIMOn. Thursday, Sept 16, 1852.
,early a week's mails from the South
received this morning, bringing dates as late as
S' All the news of imuortanc has been anticipated
b ie papers received in New-York by the southern

a/e Picayune says it has intelligence
the heaviest planters in the State, that nearly one-
I of the cotton crop has been destroyed by rot and
'aniel Webster has instituted a suit
at the City of New-Orleans for the recovery of
000 as a fee for legal services in the Gaines case.
j" here weie five deaths from Yellow
,r in Charleston, from Friday up to Tuesday last,
Sthe Mayor of the city, under direction of the
incl, bas issued a proclamation setting apart
ay next, the 9&h inst., as a day of humiliation and
L'he U. S. steamer Alleghany, designed
bre employed in the exploration of the Northern and
jna Seas, was launched at Norfolk yesterday.
She German Turner festivities are coa-
ded, and ta New-York and, Philadelphia Societies
Sfor homesh morning...
Gen. Scott left this Lmorning for the
pst, by way of Pittsburgh. His reception here has
n quite enthusiastic.
,Lth of a Well Known Publisher The
-Wreck of the Steamer Caspian Great
Fire- at Ravenna U Ohio- Congressional
2G BurFFALo, Thursday, Sept 16,1852.
G! George H. Durby, the well known pub-
.her, died here yesterday afternoon.
'rrThe hull of the steamer Caspian, lately
'ecked at Cleveland, has been raised and found beaten
Pieces by the rocks. Her engine only has been

A great fire occurred at Ravenna, Ohio,
ie moroieg of the 15th last, which burned down 12
Iores and several private dwellings, hut little of the
bntents being saved, so rapid was the spread of the
amwes. The loss is etlnmated at from $40,000 to
60,000 in buildings alone, the insurance on which is
'artial. The town presents a deplorable sight.
S Hon. John Wentworth, of Chicago, was
nominated for Congress, yesterday, by the Demo-
,ratic Convention.

resolutions, which had beest prepared ,40'. codes.
tiob at thi meeting :
Reoived, That we recognize in the Snuday S,4IlSJ an im-
portant and necesAary aid in the relgiois educatoa &f oar
children, and also in diffaing the rineiples of oar rti-4
ious faith; and again wauld commed this iastitti an to th5
confidence, and support of all who seek the acwsmplish-
ment of these ad."
aso/eed, That the saday School should be regarded a*
a branch of the Society or Church, and be placed eantiely
uner its direction and control
Resolved, That the prosperity and permanent IMcOesi of
the Sunday Schnool enterprise must chiefly depend on pa-
rento and the ruardiams of the young.
Resolved. That it would enhance the umefulaesa and ef-
ficiency of this institutioD, iftome more systematic and
thorough plan ofinstruction could be adopted i eurschools;
asd that a Committee of five be appointed by she Ctair-
man ef this meeting to devise some measures which hall
meet this want, and report at the Sunday School meeting,
to be held in connection with our U. S. Convention of next
Bev. J. M. AUSTIN, of Auburn, spoke
to th first resolution. During this annual convocation
there ad been many meetings, but he was confident
that all would unite with him in the opinion that this
was the most interesting and important of all. Behold
before us this beautiful garden, blooming with the love"
list of flowers; this Garden of the Lord, filled with
many choice plants; contemplate It; is there anything
this aide of Heaven which is more truly beautiful? Da
the angels around tha throne overlook down with more
pleasure than upon a scene like this I These children
are placed in our hands to be trained up In the knowl-
edge of truth, in the ways of usefulness, in the paths
that lead to Heaven, in the love and adoration of God
How great is the work I How important is the response.
billy that rests upon us I One of the great character.
stlde features which distinguish this age is the Sunday
School; it stands conspicuous for its important and vi-
tal influences upon society and the world. Commenced
about the beginning of the present century, by a soli-
tary individual in the City of London, it has inereused
until the extent of its operations and the seope of its
work covers the greater part of Christendom. We
feel that, under God, the perpetuity of our
faith, the very existence of Christianity itself
depends upon the success of this Sunday School
work, and the faithful manner ia which we
shall discharge our duty, in a. religious point of
view, to the rising generation. There is at this time a
dangerous spirit of skepticism abroad in the world ; not
that old repulsive, outspoken, reviling kind that is at
once disgusting to the Inquiring mind; It is not this
plain old enemy, but in the fact that it is politic, wily,
inslduous, consists its power for evil, and in these In-
sidious approaches lies the danger. In spite of the son-
victions of the mind, this insidious foe will enter into
many hearts, and by degrees remove the pillars that
support the Chritian fabric within u. Do not
lay this tendency to fall before the assaults of
skepticism, to the natural depravity of the human.
heart; indeed, it is exceedingly dishonorable to
suppose that an all-wise G ,d has enjoined certain
religious duties upon our observance, and at the same
time so formed our dispodsitions and directed nur
duties. We are to attribute this apparently nat-
ural indifference to the subject of religion, to the
erroneous manner in which that subjuct ordinarily
presented to the mind, as especially to the minds
of children. First impulses are very certain to go
with us through life; they are not easily got rid
of, even by the most perseveriag effort. Ina regard
to religion, these first Impre sieons have generally been
osoqg tujojtd ol puaodstpc, L.nlamaau.e9 eM ;e quq 51ft.'
such as to render the weoie subject repulsive to'
youthful minds. How few of us, educated in the old
ways of our fathers, fail to remember that the first im-
pressi'ns received Into our minds of the character and
attributes of God weresuch as filled our hearts with fear
instead oflove of this great being Cannot you all re-
member how these first Impressions chilled your
very souls? Such early lessons Indispose the
heart for the reception of any easential and correct re-
ligion. It seems imposslble to fill the heart with proper
views of love, so long as it reatain these early erroneous
Impressions of the character 'and attributes of God.
And again, there is another reason for the slow progress
of Sunday Schools, and that is the Indifference existing
as to religious matters in all parts ol the community.
The error is, people are too apt to consider religion aa a
thing of ezpdieney-an outer garment which may be
used or not, as circumstances mey seem to require. It
' is too often conticered as a matter of barter between
God and the soul, to see how smalt a service Go4 will
receive in exchange for an eternity of bliss. Under
this view, the n ird cannot be well prepared to receive

correct views of religion, and of love, without which
all religion is merely apempty foc n. It is a gra-t.
work, then, which is committed to our charge, to ae
the younar child and start him aright in the path
of life. Whabst is this duty ? What should distinguish
our Sunday Schools ? What is the nature of the duty
,f Sunday-school teachers I To set forth correct views
of God; to explain his divine character and its perfee.
tions ; to teach the great truths nof God's love ; to show
that he is essentially good, and kind, and merciful, and
just-that he is a God of love. With such lessons be-
tore him, the child will quickly learn to love God, as a
being whose 1 ive is eternal and impartial. Thus con-
vinced through the reason, the heart will be ready to
love God before all things whatsoever. And, then the
second duty, to love thy neighbor as thyself, will follow
as a natural consequence of this condition of the heart
How beautiful, then. Is our Senday-school work; to teach
rod as father, kind, tender, fu'l of pity and mercy. The
child will easily learn to love God as a father, for from
the earliest moments of its recollection it has
experienced the love of an earthly father, and has
grown up under the smiling light of maternal eyes
and in the hourly experience of parental kindness. If
they are taught to know God as a father, tbey will love
him above ail earthly love. And it is an easy duty to
teach these v-ws, for the child is prepared by God
himself, to receive them. As .1 have said, they are the
garden of the Lord; he has prepared the soil ; we are
to sow the good seed which is to bear abundance ot
golden fruit. It is easy so to train the heart, if we start
early enough. The twig yetr clinging t) the original
acorn is easily bent whichever way we choose, but let
it grow up a knotted and gnarled oak. and no forces of
man can change its shape. So error gcows with
our growth and strengthens with our strength,
1ntil it becomes imobssdble for us to entertain
correct views of the nature of God or of our
,.wn duty. The Sanday-sehool teacher has a great
and noble work to perform ; no duty can be more non-
orable than to train the youthful mind to chrisaiaai.ty, to
virtue, to Godliness. To aid the child In briniang into
exercise his capacities for self-re'iance and independent
action Is a great responsibility. As the child endeavors
to attain to freed m of mind and independence of ac-
den, let the teacher watch every movement, and lead
the young immortal ariht, direct its footsteps into the
path designed for it by the Father, the path that leads to
sooduness, to virtue, and to happiness. Toe speaker
here remarked that he had but just entered upon this
important subject, but others were to speak, and as the
dime was short, he would leave the matter for others to
continue, merely impressing upon the minds of his
hearers the ideas he had advanced.
The children then sang the second of
the h3mns for the occasion: 0
Let children learn the deeds
Which God performed of old;
Which In our younger years we saw,
And which our fathers told.
He makes his glories known,
Bis works of power and grace;
And well convey his wonders down
Through every rising race.
We'll tell them to our sons,
And they again to theirs,
That generations yet un born
May teach them to their heirs.
Thus shall they learn in God
Their hopes securely stands,
That they may still record his works,
And practice his commands.
CHARLES F. EATON, Esq., of Boston, was
the next speaker, his remarks being predicated upon
the second resolution. He had been invited to present
,he subject of the resolution to the meeting and he
should do so with all his heat. He considered the sub-
ject matter of the resolution of themoat vital important
to the Universalist denomination. I have, said he, had
tbis resolution in my heart twenty-five years ago, and
have always deplored the fact that Sundiy Schools have
Snot been recognized as a distinct branch of the church,
and kept under its control I observe in thp rose-
'ution the word regarded," and it reminds me
of an anecdote of the eccentric Dr. Byles, of Boa-
ton. He was a Tory, and it was thought necessary
to place some restrictions upon him; so a guard
was placed over his movements. Soon after, the guard
was removed, but something occurred which induced
a return of the soldier, who remained for a brief time
and then went away for good. When the Doctor goj
his liberty once more, he remarked to his neighbors,
In his peculiarlydry manner, that he had been guard-
ed, regarded, and was now disregarded by his friend
Such has been the condition of our Sunday Schools;
they have been guarded against by some, regarded
\ with suspielon by others, and disregarded by the

thehurc has never recognized Sunday R W1 a0 .11
she Ought to haveA done. Was it the COdur habst b
1M771 took the children under her-wnga ,W-srk taS
Churea that eestabtised the Sunday School? Or was*
that single, eanest aim, who saw the ds4a5*81 v -11M
oul of chlmren ail a 'Iound him; who hired a re"
paid for it h(nmelf. and taught themi as bes e heaql4
saml he estabelisbed the germ of one oft e ijS
impoitAnt eiitutlons aIn the world Was It .i
Chbrah that unbarred the solitary ell,j andM earvl
hope and Joy to the forsaken criminal, the outeat eof
all men y No; It was a Howard and a Fry whe weM
the apostles of the jail and the peltenttary. Was k,
the Church that, eighteen hu-dred years ago, foatowL
the poor lumatie tob'his solitary i en-eat where hh rn-ad
spirit might find peace and commune with those who
were siUmuering in the silent tombs ? It wasonet tw
Church ; it was Jesus of Nazareth who sought adtt
foua4 and saved the poor wanderer. Wait the Gflmo-
that ftat took the part of the debased slave, and te-
dared like Paul in the ears of the oppressor? MNi;It
was a poor and humble man Ion a printing offlee 4
said I will speak, I wilt be heard, I will not retra-aet:.a
he bas been heard. I do not say this in a sphtt of fa&q-
aoinog, for I love the Church with all my seaL Tie
Churnt, with all her faults, is ten million miles alead ft
the world. I can say with the p.oet, "I love a
Churches, Lord.". What is the Church I It a eao-.
pany of men, women and children, banded todtir
In love to God, to Chrlstia"Ity and to humanity ; a sbad
of men, women and children who would imitate oe
blesed Savior, who came from heaven to fouad StO
Church, and through the efforts of that Ckhurch to *sT;
the world, I hold that all persons belong to the CkSc
away from it we are not at home ; ia it, We are In O'T
father's house; here-come all thet memBters of W:fisAt
ly, to sit by the old heartustone, to revive oupvos I"
the old fire, and to go out thence to warm an 4 Sli6g*
en the world We would have this glorious Cu.gae
everywhere established, and the Sunday School evsfl-
where established with it, like a fruitful vine maMd
the constant care of the husbandman. I holdthd
when a child comes into tea world, a voice from
heaven is heard saying, take him and nurse him aMi
rear him for me, and I will give you your wages Do
we love the doctrine that Jesus taught; do we love the
Gospel, which we all pray for and which Ve all aeed6
do we love the glorious character of God, which is tih
theme of the songs of the angels ? Teen let oar heart
be drawn out toward the children of men ; and in ow
social and relliouna capacity let us bMesntheaL. We
shall soon pass aw*ay, and be numbq d with 4 S
dead; they are to fill oar places nint lb 6'ri. O
blessed Master, my ciiM dren, when buc twelveiyeara de
age, was able to lead ip religious convawlpen, a
startled the doctors of the Temple by, his. wo'derfl as-
guments. Let us rememberthat good eduation, anin
consecrated by religion, can do ntibtfflng `towast
saving the world ; that while we flute and carve a"
adorn the Corinthian eolumn, and shape It to form a of
beauty, we must recollect that all our labor is In valn
unless we provide for it a solid foundation. Let usa
plant these sproutslnthe garden of the Lord, that wMe
we are,gore from this sphere they will grow up ilt
trees. of righteousness, giving shade and food to
weary traveler. *
[The extreme presiuse oupn. .Ur columns forces a
to leave the conclusion of the report until to-morri

MEETING IT UTICA,-A gentleman Informs ustha th
telegraphic report of the meeting of the Tempera* .-
Alliance at Utica Ii incorrect in regard to the Raumbh
both of the Counties represented and the Delegates pa-
sent. Tha number of Counties who had preie.adve.
there was in fact twenty-three, and number of Delegate
fifty or fifty-seven. ,

Proclamation of Gen. Utquiza.
From The Buenosa Ayre, rald oe Jualy 0"
Since our 1ast publication, political ereat
of the most starring and Important tInterest have trans-
pired. We expressed a hopesin the lat e/rald that thb
oifficulfles brewing between the Legislative aad iA]ea-
tive Department might be amicably settled. This hops
has not been realized. An open rupture has takea
place in consequence of some severe reflecttons by tIt
Legislature upon the acts .aj thee G'tvernor, in c inane-
tion with the compact of San Nicolas,. mis Bxcelleaq,
with the officers of the evera Departments, resined..
Their resignations were amuepted, and the Legislate's
proceeded to make provision for the emergency.
At tbis juncture Gen. Urquiza interposed'hts anthea-
ity as Director of the Argentine Confederation. Ea
' declared himself the source of authority, snd Proteetr
of. the Province, dissolved lbe Legislature, ordered lbs
banishment of some haif-dozon of the leadersof tI
opposition, declared a Provisional Governmenon ad,,v
inststed the Governtr and hit Mitietera, whr ais resigBn
lions had been accepted Ny the Provilsonal LSgfslat*.&
Sueh is our present political condition. Toe svet4
leading to this result, and the reasons which t14me.
Gen. Urquiza to take tbis step are ably preaeotead In;
official documents puhlished, inaour iuqti.or a _. '
..ha-made bte appeal to 'the natton, '^wtt i e i

icrii "
,"** ,-^i ,* '

t.- FR. ANCE. R,

'r e^ .- ; ". -- W', Thur. da f" AOL 2; 1 2.
w. t Iw e t:io itvedry t pisreu
aof thee S Rps Oeason, SaErhati th YSMaSoW the
dl fleiat NehtESBU and fa tfask Ij"lOde Sato
; a t.. J#mdeatd senso Ih iraoeiz4 pofite, W.d
ia.The fall life and movement of Paris hm
Ieetn Ie pl-e4 by succ I ysW Amjrttbamu, ad the city
r at pale, fqded opajee. ejis op. pared with the
: it vivacity of 1Itg auidgmy With the coming.
d o..M the warm weather t June the wealthier porfhd
V e ii Idle pojni6ttbtmoved out to its viifryt nouae- ;

9.0 A ameg~~o ne! ;~vot oe
; .hertfoll Weow p e went of the so-canted LegWl.-
t" e presently after hat of the Senate; thl r
a ttes of law and medicine-youth df high
Sesol on-migrated deinto she provnses,' c.if ing -
., ,- uigapcounts of .metropoutan a expnseoe, thoumenta,
more faithful ones of metropolitar jMleauarea to
4 ug' ac.quabntance. ,Within 6Is t9 P,10'YWeeks tte.
oeenan aud boarding aujiday sg4!Pia closing their
xte iisign of.which we daiyie, h theitreets white.,
to.bed, smiling girls with wm ilest c"n their heads atd
91dfmlof gaily bound60 t. qgdI_ pr y home from
'q ,elbroapfr I: jq t e greatr heateas of Jwl
SwA4ugut, a& moflh*tIaerous world, the usrata ji t,;
:?,,ow the spd'b... Welth and fashion, went ofT 4i
., :l'dI4f ^ and to cia and, ttanuRbenasa,
A' t1tl'tzt: and his Court left the dusty.
t llyaedafor the deep sbades 91 SL Olo in ; gn4
%lI 6 another exodui country 4rd kuAsegwP 44.
.....'. .t -g of .the h" tlng easo ,* hu t; . ...... ., '
Si, thbelow all theme "wprlds' thee dtfferedtolakuea
-iewr4evinbbdy' theretdmaiza thabttdrbi ia0i.a oqa4
t$qyth$geart irtinae41L. w ao 4 4- tri$ t the' one
r.b5caU$jtyr.f zekr wQr1sOpc*Ratm. .These 'worlds' also
dene 'dayIn the~wt.ek tiklrae like the rest. Oa Sunday
lwesurei*fwoider l g start out everyhalf
^$pwT&Qpaiqo41he various railroad d8pO.s about the city,
'l.ssrioglthem ci by thousands and tens of thousanads
Awl Asierde. St. Cloud, Veratllds $t:Geii, even to
Vrnao lepperfor neto7 suburban rurall-
Aestbe aatra. s thexd'itration of ah Patisifta ctk
MeT; e ] ,dese i adn '6ruon str.eeW on that de;p
;4ikd th*
bi:ll g tt'.. jaa.... inmpbone contemplation of his
is. ... ..Ag .. tihc6 '-11) shud .i.i
] ef.fd a was Theoffieial
yhaue ,p .'ai. ao$3 tq ea repeated last win7
iAts whe*tdImtfbdvhalatl% tehiporarily and knU
^jeifieiel^,c6'ie tgS6be rtoemit aIilanuhs. a''a unftl9r
"k'ii ie tridftm-ibud' b^ aug stt even tbat mrugh
a ^~fi~r^AY .,Oerpttgiletter fronaoqurPari4
n~rrespopdp9 ;'^%derd,7I9 9u4negf yqw chrop_1
JMl;,piitlet _w ,being illustrative of thetimai
aj $qvt$~j~lj~h0 T tha, arhet,

ttlh" of, daylnes'i r speay 0
A, AlpSin u ^hea
4E iLL S'*i n a' it' are dyi'tfq thT.;, 8dyrflO
''wttixit*^fidfi~a6ings. Exepi aPes,,w
A dnerfiAdvgorqf the inde~k69Gr

4a the4 feODn. The jPays, ed4e~b4yLs 6uenoniere,^
Sh r81ios ^ bptsw atbl ins~ n granc rql4g greateL,|
*twtajoI ra^ w^ A u ta4t4^? iei swaggertog:

^rm ahant,&1li~*IrIIIq{&f evs;rn^ ln~oae' 5Inj
9fLurgteKe ,qj Itqe latter eJiauSS i'of this; Vromtsei It; ap
krdciuslong~llwt of MflZHbutid sconfadning mnydi.
'Sfiih^^hedI ztiiare, whus9' sekrices were qngaged In sIj
*Sp744444 #~fWYatur&: .'and,. science. As^ a fnrther;
.hsiI~tO!tcfr jdlgqdinsi iweounced a reddetion of the
^ttbsele *' I | i^a^ atyear. (jaenontere~lcs
^dk'r-in.e-G*. .^ V to 11e reap Jdaati a repubileac'
inj the first day ff.Dqerftber he was a protester agatnsa.
thae eep'd'dzt ; new~c is'the unquestiohiog adula~or of
ski Got~rnmentvIJ tcf. As a writer; he has an easy *

oeing st" leJ a tendency to the seuLtmeistal; as a.
poitician, hha oppituions toorder, warranted to sauif',-
if not, hw't64et6eini-back raed aittges thepiq ; as a flatter
'#, rh Aas;qkp9nt and ftcile suppleness of genu.:
or40q40otrsvjb.hwnan. Consequently he ii in Mhgh:
Aeis 0Ur9rt. He has. received a elo8ss' f leglonary
.ca r'hbe Prnce's own hand, and C.C nvr hbas'
aiyartyj:.rn.ed not tQ.O continue holding tp'the
oed Arthur to .public ridicule. He is the Pet of the1
ZIysed his paper is' ecoime Par j elZe/rCiothe e..Il-:
'9i.:: pr .l ro n ihis god4.i..d he is his!
; : ... -. .. '", ;*. ". ,, ,, ... .......... . ..

j The enistittibsel edited by Dr. Veron, one of'the !
wsjes; ,,,shrewdest and. most self-conceited men in
France, jwa, as y our readers all knew, the 'foremost'
sAtelin journal previoustothe l e 'p d"uiff6retokendi
htdsdvised 'tiat 'Wmesure, and when it .'was executed i
litdead 'l and so fair' was ppossiole defended it. But ,
4 i .erou, either, frOi.self eonceit or honesty, would
emetness tve adice tb the Elysee, sometimes hold
eislons emptrary to _1s policy; consequently his old ser-
: e6 were. forgotten and he fell isto disgrace. His pa-
1 j; .has received two warnings, and Is only a sub semi"
t 6teal -orglkn. As a property, It was, six months ago
'; ze most valuable newspaper in the country, with a
y icbculation of about thirty thousand eopies. At
pTe sen, Its stock, if offered in market, would hardly find
furlhaeh ers'at hay price. The corhpetidon of the Pays
...eatenp to, diQiIAli its worth still further. Hence the
tuuggle to counteract the Pay. ,.
,. Tae lattenjoarnal'distributed' itk swelling prospects
lnhbe1g; test, profusidn at first by means of agents
*ko itei, at the, corners of the streets, thrusting
tow thediands. of every passer-by; -nd thpn by posting
g great handbills in glaring red 'ndi yellow, on tr e dead
al1's df the city ; they meet the eye at every turn, side
.by. side w$v4 .the, adveittsement of the celebrated Dr.
Albert, wh6se, I speciality,' deliaecy forbids me tj mu-n
"O9.1 Pasbing by the Government, barracks ia the Rae
'. gboug 'Puiasontdre, I saw.',.o less than seven of''. hg .coloTed promiUes of the Pays pasted on its
0i41. 1Tp),d further to the attraction, other posters
1ot sppred, anpotcing for its f teuiletn Alexander
D k jsa9n",V wbrk, lsaac Lequeden, a fantastic. romance
S Iepoh. ... Tbisreontnce, by hbe way, is greatly ptefd
I n.advance byltq. atiur, whno .tels us ti; i hts best work.
to meetthe tacics of the PaY8, .the CGtstitudinl re-
dtce. its tubscription price one.haif--,ahat il, to thirty-
4, fxatpci-s, suent will; not pay the expenses of
iperp,"sts .taj x,'pr ..tng' and distribudton. Asan op-
sfiton paber w.malclo.tmly suggests, Government souid
? [Dr. VeronandhiLs fellow seocholders by subserdb.
for 100,000 copies Advertiseaetas would indeed
'.'toward mnai7g4up tq deficit, but they are a small
mouiep of ip9( e to a Pa *ias compared with a Lon-
d4p NP New.-York newpqper, sad.n. the present case
ill tot,. probably, pay t.he salaries of editors, fkeUle
t Pol ." . .,
hav .new given youIn brief the position of the bel-
erent, adtual, ad ex-serl-offisjl journals. t its owe
ci the mai toptcasof. .treatment wite, ther ibrethre of
ne press, and a source of amaement to by-standing
0a.ils at large. Neither of. thbe papers ca bear the pe-
e 'aisry saefifca which each at present sbmIalts to, i.
bhpes of crusxbting ,thep, other, for. any *teat length of
Ife As the Ceotitttutf4 has mach the firmest oasiW%
at' ttia;iJtwi itli stirvve the Pays, unless tfte: latter be
stbpoVrted 'by unid1rhand aid frem. the Government.
Ue whol; aair ha. its Importace asna padesae in the
Itoykof''6, t FrOech pres--a history which is alP
v -a largh domtribution to" the. history of causes of a
6rehtutiry of French Devoiaos
h& not'y et 'a liat.ate.
'Ambntj*o pfsR Oleio %be support of
Sbe Pays is the ioll CpMsgwgan^;flt wrote the
cater o ay th at the Piri.p.nsea.Usrtem (I prfadp, de
initattttdsh des AsskmStm s) as deif.uedsn the C'nAdtU.
aeItbf 1848,iwounild have bro.ught,f ce, It two years
tohs*Swm 6f pillage and uenmivars, qJaughtera .: .
esed tdt hay thae teo article t. which this passage
appears was.tin the highest degree favorable 'to' hbe
sentt Government Girardin, of. La resse, .made
#bb|taSBuhe th' text of an snidle in which he charges
.a ie 9s.ags ao with virtudliy calling the French
LtIRp9 o* thieves. a~nd eeln-throats. He repels
*^bketwarmntb, sad elsimsl that the
ol ^th" { "ofrfay e5might have takenplace
a muly,{ y.. e ta,,e. ace peaceldi.y, for the
ay ad *1 cns, t ute. .t.brliofles,.with the elect of
.'. i6th of December, 84 WQ.0 ave mat utained order ;
C thelimmnenme majniy' of t*Qleetprspasthey proved
k 134a would have bad the will :eagte. I. it. main'
te h e.. 'and in the eonfinrlog of .te It.p.blic. Tee
M ese'stmt have been anything but pleasant reading at
i. Cloud for. some months pat. The 'atleloil[.dm to
apjWMri~ "lfc~i'esday ; last evening the Prsssreqlvetd
erom the lnltn r of Police I4q second warming, on the
ground thstnarticle In question "contaled coalum-
:'! '. ti, inasnuatlons against the ants of the Governpmae$
The chrresIoihdew4eod TA.- Lende Mn, rit'^ ^.

' r4,has receive-d Pn9wfrvO pthe aut orties that if W".1
.. e'ripstance of false aawsappears in the journal for
wlewrites, bh wttlubaaB4' prsncee Thiucr-
tirdeat was called befdt'i*-s% tieat'ioi" Minister
Oft to& some months 'net'45 lamss a
mwt 9f epistoaryw corres6oh4 q.: i .
Tb", ewkr dnies .sll found W'e'ruwerwthati
0;ra be recall M. l It it
Upn W tJ;O French,'- ea:p r $hy
lkIme^ 'iiiil the pltift urea' tjih pa
reason i ,ro 4
P- Thu hteerosts of that .o4
4- .. o s;4a _. -
r~ ~ ? ~ wevsabtds


planationsu General HBy .isu.observed thatI
.epokn of b a a severe a nd. bar iaban. He i
he said, that he had shown ue.erity, but it
conscientious perforMance of his duty. HI
" -head oft brave tt'oops, ardently devoted to
' reign, anid it became hiebm to act with energy
means of bripeing'to a clo'e a war in wh
'so many difficulties to contend with. "IL'
'be added, '-sa the greatest scourge that ca
.n humanity, and consider that a severity
ly to'hasten the triumph of one of the eon
ties is the best sort of humanitLy that can b
' B He then alludedto the charge that bad I
against him of having, in cold blood, orc
.time the execution of eighteen persons:
soas, he said, were condemned by the.
bunals,' after a patient examination int<
againstthem. He had nothing to do wi
esmnnatlon. He had the power, indeed, i
the execution, but the circums taces wer(
to make clemency consistent with duty.
was necessary, and he allowed justice to ta

The Kevolutlonary Socialists-Firsi
Dictatora and Doctorrs-Plerre
Loults Biac-The Soeialst
S angles and Gods.
Coemeajndse of ThM N. Y. Tribum
I delineated in my last letter
principal divisions 'of which the Socia
tionary party is composed. We found
Revolutionary Socialists a &rst fracti
shouldd call governmental and dictatl
chief men ef that fraction, taken
Sto age and order of dateare Pierre Les
i and Louis Blanc. Notwithstanding
I marked diversity of., ideas, characters
dents, these three men.have many point
mon, which justify my' placing tha
SFirst they are thoroughly convinced
political attempt (revolutionary or not)
not for its aim to give to Europe, as
their'dogmatic language, the solution,
Slem of the organization of Work, 'thatJ
: secure education, labor and subsiste
Greatest number,, weulJ' now-a-days
SciVns, and even without an object capi
iug out the devotion of the masses;
they are perfectly right. .. ..
Tbey think too, that new efforts mu
to elaborate and unfold the science of
nation of work; that a calm and set
ganda must be organized in order to ea
Masses apd.give their minds a more
food than the negative idea of a more
Sverseal suflfrage, and. oiomething less
This word of every meang, reootf lion
SThey Ibel great interest in ,practical e
Which are made to realize ASsociatioa
I scale. They go thus far in their.. eon
of the conditions ftr the levelopmenl
cess of the new social principle, .bil
i there. They cannot Five: a eategorie
tion of what this principle qxpe
oier-hastv and violet revolution, or i
:tion of secret societies. '
SPierre Lerux's, Cabet, and' Leuis I
;upon another point which makes' thae
ious among other fractions of the re
ipty ; they believe the realization of
Xiil pinciple caenot be worked out '
bverament which is centralized an
taking th. lead pf the masses and orgar
They believe still, and it is one of thei
illusions, thatsuch a Government can
revolutionary, movement, and that
Wutd iistean to the word Liberty, Eq
ternity, in such way as to willingly
quietly submit, to a qauai dictatorial G
Except these points in common, noth
dissimilar than their 'dOctrines and thS
inga. So much is this' the case, 1
obliged to take thies separately if I ha
idea.:of their viewsand tliefr position.
Whatever be their differences, they
tie emigration, here a good example o
a common work. They have tried to i
te tile efthe Socialist Un'o, a, aociei
\ i have sent you the programine, "ad
published as a first production of' tb
Sl&tleseay by Thord: Les Aigle" ei
'thegEa ad Gods. '

SSince .that time I have heard nothiio
er..of4the)-$oiiaist Union or its mm grqatlyafraid that the three c
. ct;tainl. '-the most competent among
and best' qutlfiedt t write, and'd att&
eorts the 'le t ltiIgent and pract
euith 'iomeivmhable metm hindrane
a vilCwth aomeJinvi*ble hindrance tA
'aA.Stl' f i'&A-' vall^ I J^ A.

fee their rights of citizenship in a freel
moBtUnhly pay4i A l jadarvpe^ Jargi
those who were enisted, bave proved th<
the lUue*tivewtmp disettidd.t7
Some months ago, when the foyveranment
first blopnm pf qpi: plepy. a r 9mtqr..o a
would Issue a Je e' forcing ~t~li' erya
4qs and 'i ij1o0 litdays, 1fll. of a,
Governmen t 6,eed a conamuniqi64o fte e
rihtA a td dtyt o ''that point were confined t
of good example. by ordering eesatioun'of I
public works onthose days..T I tis cone
quote a. passage from the clrriar'of the
War. which appears this wee4"Xith6e Art
By the to.rtS df the circular tl'd"AK be im
eontraets for the execution of, he; public i
.laboershal be canhtd on on Suedays ad r
,ld-y If, from the urgency, of'the case,(
other exceptional eircumstrnce'At. dearnib
rule should became neesOi6j, a warra
proper officer must be 1sk0'or1," '&c.1 '
is dated Aug. 13. On thJidaty, Aug. 15,
tov.rument employ wer busy, from dayr
getting up plasteri.fures, hanging lampsgl
rooms, aetng military iantomimes, &c. ,'
The Mwtnseur pUolshes, a programmed;
'dent's journey through the Sout h of'France
St. Clolud 'ith'l15'h of this months, t 'r
16th ofi.October. ,Except at Bordeb,'hk
hbae of4wmore. than one day. .The .ae s I
ecaieso. itrary to other reports, that t
'grains will' be gond this year A decree
coicedes,'to a private t omplhyh he"riht
and holding for thirty five years,;"I an edfie
C ception of nattil'onal, xppitiones, anditaed
publico ceremonies a od -r civic and mill
the grand square dfthe Chmtips ily,6-s
.stc.tien ofi'this Frenh,'Crystal Palace i
mendedd w't4i two months, ,and completed
years. aaTe'ia.onal exhibitions of Indu
1tn fie ki se 9'setg take place in It at sucn, t
'ti.Ment appotlnt. Ia the case of a&iMi
t fMon, (Worlo's Fair,),. the Company shalt h
ti, fix the pilee of admission, but on, cond
'das ou day in the week it shall beJfive seou,
dys not elexced thre francs. ' '
1I quote the fou[bwirg frem tbhe.Miniter'
addressed to the Prefects: ." No.dibemPio, no Incident not recorded
uter, en-tbe published witbdth'j o" assen
publieatieni foreign to t.iee.rotds,.'dil 'fl
cation ofthe circular of the 12thL.Judly las .
you sole and responsible jdge of ,those '
'any way embarrass 'thei prllov 'of .he G
You iwaglne-from thif how'n"uch we are 1i
oft what takes planed. In the C6uncil.Genehal
refJv-ahe. cmpiyu-ntary. t.. Louts- Nipoael
' .aor0nuanece jlsued by the Pi
tepartiulfenI 6fte ki ne; tKhQ occasion of 11
,,Ing that wais held at a Prbteiaht asehoot.
thesppparent purpose of heating rel4iou
preaching:" '"All religious meedogq h
,ifoization. fn other places than those S
w*rihip, formally prohibt6lte in the arror
'Seibit Quentln,_ sand. particularly in the (
Fresury la Graad."
';1W The 'French Government
,.to mailpntain the right tof Peru to the Lobos
aitified to the ship-masters of Havre, who
Sdnus'of taking part in the gnano spoili, ib
.i afford any protection t6 'French' vsSels'i
[e eekto t:. islands'to Jbad guano:'"' ANy'
.. Frenh, captain who'nuMghtprect ed on sue
tio.w.o.'nald therefore runi the risk of puna
Srtbbpr.. Ajs Frace and- Englavd hava boti
I thi clils of' Per. It follows that the' Unite
I, lot'id otherwise. .
1'i General- Hay nan i still
SA 'short time since he' dined with a large
house of a great capitalist. Toere were so
'.officers and other persons of distfuctio.
Sin the course of the eveunidoune of them,
emn ieo.aipllmenti 6 Gen. Haynau on his i
I whlch be- sad, had bl.en 'servl6eable nhr
o'f, s..vereign, 'bilt also toErope in gen
'detlcately to the reportt, which, had bee
i against him on the suhjiect of the. ill-treat
m male! 'Get. Haynau replied a follows : .
1 -" "[ intended to leave' to history the task
ij tttle6,but'i ams thankful to you, Sir, for g
i'pportunity'of contradicdogan infamous
ia'qulietrue that a' female was floated. 1
on the alidicatfon of the predecess
peror^ in ordtr to express hli- jqy, h.d a
Benting hIm dressed up, and with her nard.
"went through the larce o" interment, wir e
rsgeu' Insults to that illustrious persona,
tais chef d'escardop who was In the plan
th'e affair, arrested the Countess,'and 0rde
flugged. ad"d
This is true, but I declare, on the honal
(sue- manr AoWe'ur comme ua lftaire), whlc
I cred, that when this occurred I a dis
tyKleafues from the' place,,..and whien I i
: kresaed ai~sppro atIon of the conduct of
a.d' placed 'Mit nT"der 'arrest" Atterlsoms

found, under a center of the tower. The chain by which Il is C" ". g br ... --"- .h bd made It
byof whic-h awered Is capable of sustaining a Weight of thirteen icheagsray was, at last date, on the OO ne
,thy have a. 12s, thoughthe weight of the tube Is only three. Nat" bW return fbm ialinco, which Pueblo submitted to and four ha
be' ilhstanding the immense size of thaortnrument, the hblnmat .o.e tha e ; Corporation of the same declaring to the spothec
i society a ahier Is such that it can move either In azimuth hn..s thrywere forcibly compelled to take part in become lI.rp
.leU e r p toa am altitude of eighty degrees, with as much te. movement QfRebotledo. New reinforcements have mined.on p,
.e ad apidity as an ordinair elescope, and from been 6sent from Jaiapa to Orizavas Coatepee and Toyam- obtialing a
g'moreeith- *. nature ot the mechanical arrangem ipts,. with far aPD' his 1rew.
aifesttions, grater cetainfy as to results. The.sllgbti force ap- The Idiaans have again invaded the en- ,hDrs la
, 'p I .ed to the wheel on the iron ral!, causes the Instmrn- ..vros. Z-scas, betwen te h ad 1 a.. nd s xqe/181
f0" eoe etto.."...."--'.__ _. "vv. --ecasom, bteien the 9th and 12ch ue, and rni 's e
eoe. tourove m orehzontaly trxnd thke senkral ower sss h*fredin t-p dof omorarete twesy-seven torn' g the
.... *,-hilea.wheel atihe.rightha t e b rv o N of the
.r ,t~. udel sdatAtd pof the o.,se.rver, bytt ar tyng ,
'clx 4h e aufglg dnptrdbn of 6 e-.irdnea1 powers, enatlea titasa' var I LAmfde,,
iceS o u elevate or depress the object-glass with the tar.goNow i t-t... .. .. '. W,.aniin at-wsftrgo- the l-nt pl
spect to fin- latest restrsion and fsci t.Ioeas, ;".in f t is t goeekto ,Iondertd in qu epa '' wa
wthe r ;i --atrlever'.. -? -..-- Iveaepa:.. -' : -. ".&""
.teal- r ever the latruma e finhlipe a vey A a .. ...nen ..peceed wA
__& ._ &I. I.. Mm.. ..Z- &L_ ... ... eC*1 S A iro v "Patin ,, in -* .w.n w-h- 'p _-ce .d w .


4ee~ry1J Attefle~~tfoevlaee Iap the mapiIng power of hnovel'', | inntIs. city
nxnhmern o.. q.ite faverableto a serious and thwroutghttee u ttrmet t Ist-only ieeedi.y. to state that, though c de ,querice
eir clamto siono h nrhipBl_ aqjtmu, of re-ol4i-gs,( ,s uhosn. t l'e totlrfs at-tlitcater,
p. pr~a & iuppjefpay jiAI o fi 4.tWl%~~1
tins 1o san f-the n. aye p,4re "e'arated the 7ebu''liP i the same .ayas Lord services for I
wqsin'th ~1Ony ociahispn, ae iti' upoersC oo d by.the leess
topet W HoSeaoilIt ha.nalsoseparated so me o 0nthe.doubts'aire e C"
ibout.that Ith ..m.. .n. In I in the. Great Bear, and shewp* d._dnotly aelear dis thcq I-bredp4on
ec p un uJ. Cabet ha gohas 6ck Amb ,' ma in- Amei oe o'
a-.. go. .50 or 6.,desreea between them, with sievoraiotber,
decree, te 1 eipenmental cpmumty of flavoo. .p rr| stars oeeupylng the intervening space. Ordinarv read, t lh. ord0
iffsct thatits Leroux is prepauhg to lecture at Bnghtoi rhi ern will betterunderstad thextaprdinrymaglfyIng eBuc
to the setting courseeofJ lectures; which will be giwen unt th T Wpot oA the tieleope when w Inform them that oy re txe
labor ohtihe ;itrosage. of Mr.- Cunninghbm, candi f r a quarter-inch letter can bread at the distance of af16w days a
eionletsa.fn WstmiSter at tihe .jate electionp, is tobe hal f e. .. .. VeraCruzJ
f hlenst: a d -for iet-. wjlt ha given b~ r "-Thh ptrparatlons for this really national work have IsteroFWar
ny moamid. / 'ofe sa -- ",beei progressing for the last two years il'der'the u. quired to hkn
rofaawsoat the same,tim--meroux "! 1isr} he rre i.
earted .in all 5Q at e seinetie-Leroux, his .the pitendence of Mr. Gravatt a engineer and math, required in (
wok '" oand. his brother-ini41io-the. one- preseoti, themtt
works "qNgos hoi- 'ne ft 'ur r- I. prenll at' oth/ matlcian, but ithis only about three months .since the Dt1en ill n a
*ellgious hol- !nW dMewa t 4tuth under 1ef.e caled seai ,he ieuperstrbethrei at Wandsworth.eommen was oonr This e
or from"any otbet under the face,-as vmenw. a'd the thiua& Ua ed, and It it already near omnipletition. Wenquder,, commence t
rd"-fre'inthi ti der thte face, kowedg., As ,,to .Louis I'flo pt 0ldP2 that the Obsbrvatory io likely to be endnwed ba quence of il
It fom the "who has made great progress in the Englistn ..its liberal and eillgt tened ereatot. Lord Roase heias is |' before an ov
'1iC;_ritar ,usga., s to ake part/more than ,ha ied the Observatory, .and. expressed his admiratione .evor.
ery n hither oe, i the pctica efforts of tk doe an mtrestig invention. ,. D. Jqu
intePractucat efforts of''a qutr
igh ip ar men's Associaions ,'CQ6perative Store pi-blishbed a:
uan g efa- :. ..e ,.r '- ; M, ... ..
S 'war present at a festival given by the' Lond s, / MEXICO. deiog, .a
pf1;e Presi- ,.ti0nspbn the ocantheoeEjn he prominnul onn .. -n- H "1r.b.
M. leaves at.the closing of laMt Parliament, ofthe act ct ktdvltlonenry Ifoevements and Diangers-Te-. .uhew
eitUrn on the tfioiqd by the Queein, legalizing the Associa ` 6'. hnaniepes--ttlovements In Va ioues Partsf t pe-son.has e
id makes n ,n w' wlhic h itherto nolJegat existence. i the Country. :/.i .to
e _hrvestafq ". .'felspeak at'anothertiMe of that act of the M'eXnCO Thursd'y, ept. 2 1852. whih A
a xxxco, Thursday, Sept. 2, 1852. m hch*ap
he harvest- of 'w""'hic"h .. '" "- a~
of thts weiL "a c.Qp6er tive co'ference preceding the fesealt For some time pastwei:hav6e had fresh 'almvnle.eog,
tf'ori mustr ow return to the general charac of i. evo .. onou_ er-,ily.a. pae ito pytieeo
ce for btedrdln 1the eftb0 attempted byft e Letoux, Cabet, and i9 rtmar ty take placeht irio pr.dtice
I to serve for Blanc, for the foundation of a Socialist Unip4i4 a 'ald such was'even expected 14many, in the capt- connon wit
taryfetes, : London. 1 hall dbsttln fro ji edging defirN" ly tal, and about a week'. go the population was in froreitonsa
." The !wnr ^.heir.intentions by some'goneral declarations tU -'ac'ed buta vr
to he the published programmed contains, but 'c a conderable tate of excitement;; B much ad it acotrded tay
Iwithin'twurd forbear uoticing'eierijtke'programme itsel 'ot that the Judges who hold their Courts in the 11cr'seance
air.ay adof in the publication ,wili accbanpaoies it, ver' Palace, closed them for one day, aid retired to! odte iornrv
itne 5 o' sat'sf'ctiysymptoms, tdfcagnn contact
t. ehib saitefactoy" y m..m, .dibatingit cleIt their houses,. This -excitement has now, how- "'.lal~ays t
thd watha r anin o tu ered' a d it is generally believed that' The Go
iiqbha.hat bi h oddu 's, and to"commepee '.again.the eter.ale'd i ' service 61-thl
and ot o$&r trine ofvgue aspirations, the eternl, adrotd of nothing of the kind will occur. Some arrests have place a. the
S.. abstract deities, Liberty, Equa.lity,' Fratdtu T again been made, and a few of the diaffdcted .alriicuh' mu
lal~ 4,ircular, 'tand tth istecied the c
nheldirthe and -theeternal aftaks on GojernMent.andf 4 military have been sent awae ad r h pee e
. h ioon whichawete til now die sierting'poia -of a .... is quie a .. y,and forthepresent' rijlcrw thwl
S " Sail or '..n. l."th"t" "w all is quiet, i I ope we sha",l be able to weather:, ua hi
ei _1.... c tfuorts,iandftinal~ ht e ee m';t/ .... thue~exc'pt,
n thep recommience tha war ith the vere an-- 6 the storm. Nevertheless efforts are continually Thus the
tayr thie appit- rco : ene hat war with the very' arms 'the tomad. lbterg
which leaves could not ward off old 'defeats, and to try to fa being made to discredit the General Government. careesness ien
which can in -.a quite'new. situation" siating the ques .. "'There is a combination au individuals who act in one place, a
yernmen', jut as ;Protestantism;, Liberalism and Radical concert, talk with ill who will listen p reach u. causeda man
k'ely to kuovv a D .; .. ,. .. .. ..'tt. comm'it an w
,sartfrok hadeeem. r i g 'Irs the doctrine that Aitita is an imbecile m an, and exsminehim
I'n ap.t fro The freedom ofEuroe ilthe great result their constant endeavor appears to be, and doubt-' supporters 0
in Tohe 1i.i* te Socialist Union ioutild'dcome wb; 'tb att less is, to hasien the approdn of anarchy. Fow : I will not'
refect of the 'Catholiimateaetro vr yunt ainteapoe.o iarh..H ,]O 13ft
t was'a meet 'tlicism as the abettor of every tyrannti, farthey may yet succeed is still a problem, never- ew initi
touse, "with 't9o, swear an inimplacable 'hatred 'to priests thelesd, howe-er .sanoiuine the hope may have atowhon
is reading or ^kigs'; such is the sense'o the Bfrpt publicatio b'fhen that no more serious interruptions of public,
eld, with-ut th ttUnion, The EogU/s clWd Gods. 1 am so8 1 ranquiflity would happen, siuce the result of the :
appointed for 'tosay. it, but all ths is uboldt tbrele centuries t affair of Guadalajara, people begin to despair, be- .
Adiiuement of old and ami ovemint thus begun prouiisee to ca -3e the3 ptIceive tha& the Governmuent dnres I : We hi
immunee of ciafisM only whet it .has hitherto obtained, defeat not,'or cannot, take the necessary measures Sb i
C.X.a3. Xi ; B' -an ',yi'tsrabge tb.moL eOf Mexico 1
Ki*gs A ^ and npriests, absolute, monarchy a 'bring the persons principally concerned in it to t eboll
in onder k Cilptho ft ii. Qtkaiot soa 4tetrial to the n, puaiishment,,but rather maitbses a dispusitiuon to
I sa and mdoirganizatio a compromitie its dignity, end confess sit weak-! Pro"Ided 1
were destr? tril Alpsocatien, Se th-y were,to Protestantis I neas bys4QnJy acknowledging their acts. 'guaranteed
alt iA wIn4o1 t Liberalism w4i iicalism 5 they are behind t We-haye nothing decisive from there, other TA V
hatd mayro1' *ce a itury had' ien cathete by the effor thann we know .already, and all is tolerably quiet 'Th dub:
h11ea-1t an~ :turx of' trstetantsmin
e Socelttantism L iherelis i a dd Radiculis there n uw, notwith ntdiog ihe Santanistas are The ii
Jshmeet asah egu n' its work., fpaer b
'wheii Sociali m rushing there from all parts of' the.Republic, vio- .paes, Tb
i recognized iWhees 'Sociafism commenced its work, and i '1 leudy endeavoring to get Santa Anna na ed as tiep having
id States can- countries whpre its action was, the most efica I, Dictsator and iwake revolution generic; ut ac- Thei t
clnous, min Frafce, in England and in Germany, abs'; cordinie to the Monitor, "cheir efforts in this res- Governmen
in Paris. solute monarchy, Catholicism and the aristcrac. ',pect will be fruit as, as they have been *Ap to the Affairs
f Ithe fbij.lbhd already.sefntheirpawnundermine present. A decree. has been puhlisheo by the usion.
eaddiminshed by the efforts of Protescentismi legal State Governmnrut annullPig the* one to The I
present, and Ltaliem and Radicalism, which through wha' which so great oljeiions were raised ;by the ; rivagesin':
whila ptulg they t ev al th- thbprty of the pirues 4nd the lihert' Revolution ist, and which imposed a toll pageg) s I he,
military ak~lt 'of' commerce had already triumphed ever King;, ;oh alt goods takern to the lair of San J.a fott eslno
errf uely to anti aristocras. '. -'that State. It appears, however, it i~s too late ,e~ono
aBrcal, lued Th ii.berty demanded for Europe by the So- ,to attempt to coticili Ate those 'people by such L
n etnlted a 'cidli"t Unio~n is some~pthei, thing than that which? ^ means now, ai~d it is believed the General hay- '
metu a fe- : lot its organs end promoters the accredited rmncadootigoptontatsm- .
ofdoing ra e joprnels, ttmJrlp~ep laid fnandmcen, (and. certiailyf 'ful inunurecrion. It is even said here by the best The a'
;ivln~ metis' a quite different thing, is going on.) Why, then, authorityty, that the probable result will be that this port
calumny. It' does 'Socialism imagine .it can make co'mmoui : Portillo'Will be induced by the Qoverunment to hcumafrom
'LieT^ Conts cau with Proteslantirn; U ieiraiiet, end event "'esign, and the presenti State Governexent, will wsm
iur~ofoy m Rediceleinm-that, is to say4vijdi its accredited' 'reeognizahd auhinit to the Gent ral Government, outward pu
ru hoesehiold 'i""^ tidse asnr' f naie 4gis gig dtustmswj o on until some aihr fe- a '-
hie mostoutf- 0a oilim on in; h salse pepers,j 4aw may caeire a share of the spdils. Ii' the in- periunced I
',Q. The cap' und 'financiers, masters of C-xchanige and of the A4rgents of ()uadalejara are allowed to remain retarded h
e.haaring of mlarkets of unbounded competition, any very~ '.ith potver, (aid it appears they will.) we roust A. Mlon thi
redl her to b~e, eager allies I No it has found in them itsr tast ||'moat abandon our hupes of stctbility for the Cu- evening.
t urious and powerful adversaries. 'What^ is, then, I luui, as the persona concerned in- that. affair, ,
^r of ^ a olie to be' sia of a policy which consists in making AbV'huld thee be energy 'anywhere, would 'be se- Bayou
i I hid as-^ one's auxiliaries of one's most dangerous 'euc- I 'rely ponieled. Citt arcail
utanari I keg'i8.aeh t other tlneiatie! lees dangerous.? i Thtduioi sters were to resign ont the 31stc alt., ercutauIon'

er and other valuable favors. :.'I
If BaLavnna--Arrests--Priohiblton', of
NewLVape'rs--tr, Thrasher. '
mee.of The N. YTribune..a .
HAvANA, Saturday, Sept.11, 1852.
the departure of the last steamer,
ult., nothing of very great interest to you
3d in this' place that I am aware of., Tae
is been exceedingly ratiy, which siream-
kept many of the news circulators at homee;
have little interesting matter to communicate
aders per this mail
lie journals of yesterday published a state-
be number of deaths in the city proper of
ring the month of August, by whichl t; ap.
t3 persnas died, which is about double the
ber at this reason 6f the year. Tbe popular.
seven wards to which' the statement refers,
,000 to 140,000 souls. Of the number'stated,
ed to. the white population and 416 to the
the number of soldiers who have died, not
the statement,. I am- not fuJily informed.; but-
Sunfortunate class the mortality has been in-
ater. l
to this subject, the Diario de laZ'Marfna says
resenting, 'as usual, a statement of the mor-
ir city during the month of August, which
many painful remembrances throughout the
unn ecessary tor us to make any comments
reat 0iaproportion' between the births' and
causes being known to. everybody. We
nark, however, that 'wet trust that the worst
and that the next statement wil be more
r than the present." ..,
1 to political news, I have little to say, not
ird anythingg respecting the trials of the
More arrests have been made, and at the
some of those before arrested have been
papers of the United States, with the excep-
Crtntica, 1 Pedayo, The New York Express,
wgton, and The- Tru Delta of
v-, are ptonintted to be circulated here, aad
I in the PosttOffice. The French Consul ls al-
aple number .f the buirrier des Stat iUnias.
aptain-General has notided to the agents of
can steamers, that should Mr. Thrasher, on
New-Orleans, come passenger In any of. the
bich touch at Havana that steamer will not
Sto anchor; further, that. should Mr. Smith,
of the Crescent City, return In that steamer,
treated in the same manner. Mr. Smith-
ter to ene'ofthe New-Yok papers relAtlve to
itch has given offense to his Excellency-
oYdfr farthe non-return of that indtvidwul.
plain trath;'nelther of these orders meet the
i o9 the calm and sensible part of our penin-
atlon. Yours, &c. ,FAITHFUL.

!ta gives the. following list of the person
sent at Havana, for political offenses, on the

rdo del Cristo; Francisco Valdeq. mother, sister
ahsito Rodriguez; Jose Baibia ; Dor Oagsie. law-
aide Castilo, procurad jr; Feroando C aavedra,
aciulo V. Palominao; Joaquin Fortun, captain in
?; lelfonzo Esoada; Felipe Brinas; two ladles
Principe uLorenzo Palmer; N. Facerile ; Fran-
Delgado; V. Priuco ; N. Wonves; Ramon Palmea,
meon V. Garcia; Eduardo Fronds; Francisuo ho-
I Hernandez Perdumo. captain of cavalry; Juan
anvido, planter; D. N. faula; Joa4uin Leal,
an Miranda lawyer;- Manual At ala: Joaqoia
er; N. Alvuadida, lawyers; AugustinCruz; Jope
ntemioand his father: N. Baesra; N. Caral; N.
Luna; N. Lopez: Thomas Santa Cruz; Pedro
D. N. Miranda, captain; D. Hilariostiana Cruz;
o ; Senora D. Carmen Guerra and baher daughter,
latter being a native of the United Statea.

BERMUDA.-We have The Royal
is 31st of August. The only items of general
t we find are the following:
:TON, Aug. 31.--The French frig-
Ie, (46) armed a, flute, now used a a hob.o
;apt. Risley, last from the Island of Gauda-
hotnd to France with invalids, arrived off
s on Tueseay evening last. When visited
ith Officer for the East REd, Joseph Stewart
1., M.D., it w.s reported to him thatfever
is" appearance when out 11 .days, andthat of
5 comprising the crew, 40 were then sick;
d died-and that one of the medical men and
;amy were also sick ; that the wind having
It and unfavorable, the Captain had deter-
stting into tbese islands .for the purpose of
idulonal medical assistance and comforts for

let Instantly 0communicated these facts to
wey the., Governor, who lost no time in in,
i deputy inspectorofho.spttal, Dr. H lloitch,
Seirecumstances, who immediately went to
then anchored i-n Mirray's anchorage. In
see the captain of L"ArKde, as we are in.
5 advised, after replenidsaing hiastores, to
Ount delay to the pnothward He,hodwever,

.fr the beefit. ofhtmStstesawafert In.-in
of these Invasiqns. Ma-etzek hbaoffere
and bis company have volunteered. thet '
this object. 'I I
iy of Vera Cruz has opened a
for the puroose of aiding that" Sate to re-
er in the same. Up to last dates,'8 000 had
tbede. ' ;
neral Government gave an order,
go, that the National Guard of the S.ate of
should be placed at the aisaosal of the kinr
'. In reply, the Legislature of that State re.
ow whether the sprvleesoftbis Guard were
or out of said State, withholding their eonu
answer should be ,given. i
evening the Opera -company re1
heir labors after a month's rest, (in qons06
be holv year, or y ear of jubMle,) doubtlessq
'elflowing house. They givLe LcUik do La'u
n. Angeulo the Ex Governor of iJallso haq
maniteato to the people of Guadalajara con1
nd lamenting the revolutIon t hep, i.stating
be attended by disastrous consequence,
,s tbe causes of it to two facts, as fqtlows :
isit., it will be sai& that the boldne0,of a fea
sabled them to overthrow a well settled ad-
ponssisn-- abunsdant physical saud imral ele-
t auopout.. This is. oinas o thosee, phenomena
are imnpOssibJble ,to explain, yet itq solution: is
Ii for those who will understand Th. Gocernoec
iceived a grtnd idea 'and' determined to out it
with a firm 'hand. thits wae the establiahmeano
. This newinsitution immediately came into
;t inveterate habits anod. met with resistance
)ses of the people upon whith it Driccipally,
rss welltreceived by'all the lovers of order, aW
tem'asecuitvthey had not enjoyed for years-
w thine tbi, institutih possessed' defects which
anbt intended to remove as it was one of Itsfay-'
le it be remembe- ed that this institutian cameli
ith the views of the mases of the people who,
ie most depraved )
eriment had also a great desire to organize the
a National 4uard, elevating it, and giving it a,
Smoot eminent institution pf a Republic; buti
mny that were summon d' for' this oarviceat-:
alf with pleasure, they became.displessed at their
which those were treated who committed faults,'
;orous collection of the contribution imposedon
ed from the service.
re are two causes of discontent which, tngetheri
Ir with which the fovernmeit proceeded, the
in not having the elements of defense united iSl
nd 'the i fidelity of a part of the armedl forde,
i, blinded by resentment, to forget his duty andi
rtion which [ am sure he will repent when he:
self, because he was formerly one ofthefirinmeat
r'the Gov'ernment." I
trouble you with speculations as to who the
tes may be; nothing certain can be.learned,'
nay be appointed. Eo..
[By Telegraph.] '
Later-from tlexleo, -
fEW ORLEANS, Wednesday, Sept. 15,1852. {
Lve receivtce dates from the City!
tothe 2[st ult. ,.
9d6 had proposed to, surrender,
b e,lives, of himself and companions .were
era rUz' Legislature requires an!
al Eurrender.
isurrection continuess at various
e Intuopeuts occupy Cordova, the' authcri-
fled to Orizava. ,. : ,
Jonimisnlinet from the Generall
itto Jthlap,, had returned unsuccessfuL., ,
i at Guaalakjara were still in con-'

Indians were com"mitting great
Zscatecas. '
ajacaLegislatnre demand an extra
ongriEss to settle the Tehuaniepeo question.


tesmer Black Warrior arrived at
it Thunrday morning in four days and four
Havana, binging dates to Sept. 11. Oa her
msage the Black Warrior crossed Mobile Bar
n tbe 8ih Inst., and on tbe following day. ex'
Sseayere blow from the S. E., which greatly
er progress; reached Havana at 1 o'clock
i 1lth, and sailed again at 6 o'clock the same

ia was quiet, and the health of the
V Improved. The regulation prohibiting the
of newspapers from the United States eon-
)' Ca.' '.
re indebted to the Purser qf the
ribr for the proroptdeltvery'of Hatanhand

LELake Superior Iteiss. 1 '"
; : rorm the L ke SupOrir nuocal hfSeit. i e p
COPPTAR ARItVED.-The uedetpts, i
CQopj`er st-this pn'r tbr tiet past mofth lRgd e'' b4en lit
Sas tbey are, usually at thltesas on r Of:yea:T The o.rF
lot ibthatbs atrfvd alnee t Iaa,-our'1tk t` i aiby m uthe o-
I pellr MatatAn, to day, c usatig g of l 1arra5ni
I MaBfs, equ'a-te oart 22 bettusrF p o rr tho N. e
mnl'. The Cliff shinti is raising tdlfl4urfane, 3eadpv
I for soipmert, about 00 ns prter mon the Mnafppotaa
CnOFpsn, over 0 .tuD&osamrntb, and tbhe North-West.
about 40 t 1us per mo' 'A lat e ugtumbe pof the mine'
are raising copper, but for wat o f. goo summer roetq,
theycarng fy tranport the minute lto thLe ia laths-
Switier, which brings all of their i tsinm, ..
'spring. *. * / -*
IINDIAN PAYMENT. -The Ojjhwap of this
vicihty wtre paid their annuities at this pitce last MenB'
day, ait d for a day or-two they were a iAh people. We
1 YeV nevir witnaosed a more quiet orderly gaathertligu'
this kind In the Indian country. There was no drunk-.
eceess, mono iIsi, bo Aiturbance ef any kind; athe In
diana wbon wanten to spedd their money, bou.qght what-.
they wished and departed for their homes in poat,
To ere ha s been a mirfe it Improvement In this respect
Ans well as in the gt-enral cOnaucklof toe Indians wtihin.'
afewyear.opart, At thi bs pa1mentseaverol hundred do- .
Iars have been laid aside for investment In land, and i-'
'seemts to be th-i Intention to provide for themseelvt"
resting places and bomes against the day when theirA ..
duilies. ,irease, anr^ they will be derived of'evetrS .
tender me'ct asod protection of the Government, ,
SD 'Fatal R, ilroad Accident. t
Coermpeadbnce of The N Y. Thbune. s
fALMOND, Wednesday, Sept. 15,iit.'
If yuhave here no better correspondento'
I Write to give you some particulars of the dreaifl ab
eldet on the New- York ad Erie Railroad, which.'oj.o
urred about 10:o'cloek last night at this plece.
The accommodation. train running, east, was just
starting from the d6t8O near a minute before its timqW,
*hen it *as' run into behind by a freiMht irain,1whiekla.
"a said to be running by telegraph, off its regular tintA,
The locomotive plowed itos way through th passetget"
car of tlie accommodation train near its entire l "e et
andof thie 11 or 12 persons, Including passengers aU
hands on tbait car, nooba escaped unh-ro One, *o-a -
tobuary, ft Hornelirltdme, wa instantly killed. lJt-.
icElroy, brakeman, of Canada; Thos. Mcfullen, oil.
max, ot 'Dunkirk; expired in a' few minutes Matijae*
aB. Btiluann.of Friendship, Ailegany Co. and It. oreer '
said to be from Adolson, died about 8 o'clock thi mo .
ug., WlhlIte Wickham, Jr, of Wautage; N'J., ios a
living at 1 o'clock P. M but in a Very critical cop-.
dition. Mc t ca py ne mill rieht, of Jeffersol..
ad John Clany,t Irishman, of Waverly, are badl1
icaldec, 'but -some hope for their recovery.--'
Billy Do nnell, conductor in the accommodation train,
Is awtly buResd, but may recover. One or twoothe -
escaped wish light scald'-"ndbrulses. Thb' enie -'
the freitht 4aon equas by The furnace- otor, a'dd- e6a.
caped uLhurt The ireman jumped off soon eaoigrht '
save himself. The seene, as. described' by'the inhabit.
aets who hear theicreams and cries of the scaldimg'
pasTefgerr, was h art-rpendirg beyond degree. All tho ,
dead tat were not killed by tieconecussion w ere scald-
ead by fhe scapIDg team fmom the locomot ive The-
.idvs of several hands with the nalse on wete picked'
uiphis runnom ing. . !
A.d DoWl'wao sito blame? One eonductor'*aited ta
niomet. for his time to leavep-the other (_t itrsaid),
though off the regular tinse, was running by hulegraptlf.
ie orders down a grade of fifty feet to the mile, wh% 4
h heavy traiti at atremendouap eed and Ly orders
to reach Borneilsville, four miles istaflt,ln abot tie, '
minutes from the time of the collision. these are the
reports,here.t If true, theyLmay exoneiate both con-i
ductnie,but don't release higher offliers of' the Compa-iL-
ny. in truth, since-the 23i i ut, the last change of t- h
on Qua road, the trainsthave been almost as often out of'
time a'sin tithe, slid there Is a growing feeling In one-
coarmutlty of IniecnrIty In busting themselves onv Si
road. ltKespelctfully yours, S r., LxuB,,
We ad a portion df the letter of enoth-
or correspondent:
I The moisaetum of tche freight train was so great, that'
it carried the acconprodatioa train somne twPty4vb o Ti
thirty rods. Two baggage care, and one passenger cdt,;'
are a totaluwreek, anti the engine of the freigtybrta'
very nIDneh damaged.
The freight train, It appears, was some three hours'
behInd time. As we are Informed, It was ordered'
'throuiuhcto iformellevllle by telegraphic dis juehras'soaa1^
'as possIble. It caine on to the Summit. whlch is sevez^
cities west of this place. There it switched offuatil the-
aScI rumiflation trsin psase4. It then took the tracks,
and followed the aceounmodhtioin at the rapif rate (ami
report aays) .of fort or forty fivetreiles to the hour *aO~i
this: loss resulted In thIs fearful destruction of htuat*'
lIfe and property. Now,' 1 do not know 'where the'
bldiuc lies., Quae thIng, however, is certain, liths ere''
Sleere soeaheueh- The accommodation train waa s- er

actly in time, as all em to a@rree, therefore the.blame
cannot be attached to the conductor of thattrin. Ia
examnniDg,the time table 'of the Western "iEIon, w e,
find that the aoeommodstion .traIn Is to arrive at Hoi '
nellsyfiilejust eighteen minutes before thesiAhIt express)
fero the West This, alone, Isauffinleat to ba!uoeta "

Ahelhespital at Port--Island for .e a omoda-ion
thpe Ik,,&C Forty. eases we are Aald were. moved
there on Tburaday, four 'of wlh b died that -a
midshipman and tlftree seamen-sice: whloh fouiive
difo. ..*. .. . '.- .e i
.We now understand that Capt Ritleyw ill l6ae4 i1
muda for Ha-iax as soon as he -can' laves ths 'le6at.
Pon's Ihlana brought back to his ship, and'af 'H."-,
steamer Kite has been employed In this e .ic- i cdm
-pieny wie tbAe schooner Oilve Branch, we presumiA that
tbe sick will be should.. the we
'prve tavoijbge y the .'"he"
T Aii Ah.--A'i gsad accident dcdIttct(
t"A5Don thebioflnigofthe 16tb, to she Vimtorikta i-
er that plies: bewben ti: San 'Fernando' and Por SpLti9,.
whae, tbe wa about halfi way op ber jretnavt-sag.,
Jr, ma tag Fernansle, by the colptuAg, o a i .y
wbich four persons were filled on 'the' spot and fa-r
t .did .afterward from the wounded received. i. ':
DiMERARAa.-The Colonyn is at--engtkl
relievt oa from the scourge of yellow fever and, rainy
-weather; and a fine crop warexi.eted to hb reaped.
k'. 1 Apubq wpeeting had b.-en ;htOd to petiio SIlOA
'Inent on the su ject of the distressed state of !le-floto-
niDy,.and t? representithe ibeceseity qf'aicreax la- I
bo;7 nd'a radotlion of the duty Mna i sit plates
-a it En'latdto enable thb plinters' nt 0nita
with ieir ,foreign rivq)ls; at which WrG..f waatGhatr.
man. Thoe: ptesent represented thre-fot of We-h
. interest of the Colony. -' "'
Two vessels were about to leave for the gold mined
9uf AubtrIla. ', ; "
I MARTsiuqUE.-rThe yellow fever eob-
tivued to rage violently at' Speia
; CQomiri.tisier,'9oilajing 6f the-most eminent madiea,
men In the leisland, hadbeen appointed tolnvpstigae iS,'"
causes of the epidemic. '_ '
The Overland ronte to C0iofsrnIa-Th.
New Pass.
MAiPLESTOWN, (N. J.) Wednesday,Sept.5, 1# s
T the E&ior f The N. V. Tribune, ,
As you frequently publish notices-of the'
i route to Callfornia; I ,end you an extract ofd 'ietsek.
yesterday received from my' son, Davi4 i. Vat, Dyje
.who has traveled from Co0ticil Bilut&i td' .'.
season. You can publish.or not as you inay tink -
pedient. .' HENTY VAN DX.,.
' Wea crossed the summit of the Sierra Nevade
Mountains on the 1st' of July; having erqssd 'the
'Misioliri on the 28th of April, so' 'thit we, have.
made the trip through in eighty-Ibur daye---khe
quickest ever mudewvith cactler-the ayerag.
length of time for horses'and cattle being about
' 1'5 days. 'Ours' was the' first party to -cross 't '
Misbouri, and the-first in, with the exceptionA of
' soje few mule trains.' Horse-trains we droqppe'
astern ; horses cannot travel with"' oxen. FPoCp
the sink ,of the Huib.old t River, we strucn- ,out
1upon, 'a neW track. -- You may have not iced som
'time ago'a letter in 'Tke New- York T-ibune det-
scribing a pew pae-s through thedSierra Nevada. It.
-was deemed a hoax by tnoat, and I. presume p
-still, evehbv'many Californiand. bat' I.knoA. it,*.
be tr ue, as I had the honor of pros in' ,hn irst
,0x-tradin, and I have passed gr4i. tng'sh int-at
'places upoh the' road, Ineed,'tlfe .,neb grp 9 '
hitherto ipsurnimuntable obstable to't6 e reatiP'
"-6ificR'ilrcad is now .do1ne away. -. ...
V The ascent and descent are so gadual;that W
would scarce need any grading whatever.' .1 will
"desciib6 the road, for "a few hundred miles, for [
-de6mr it a matter of importance to the whole'
United States. The road oesceandsthe Ha'ibaidt
-River to the sink. and thus far the routo"i.l.ei
krown, and-there can be no question about i4.-
Hence the. old-'enigrant road strikesacross tni&
eldeiet in a south west direction to Cetson Val.
ley and Carseni Riv-r. '' '. '".
By the ew v routewe take d westerly coUrse
across the desert to the Truckee RiVer. Thd
dese rt htre. is 'about,40lnn.iles widui. riostly level,
and offering no obstacle.. Toe ;load then
aflcends the.. Prucke 'about 40 miles. This is s
repi, mountain stream, and it passes through'
e$daii^ deep 'pulihesi or more properly chnons (pro-
couined kanyniiBs;) but here rhtre is no grekt
difficulty. We leave the river' turnidg gto thal i
right, and follow up the valleys. 'Here theta
are some rtdges to cross, but of 'no' great hight.
u n t il w e re a ch th e su m m it. '' -
Froth where we first strike the TruclbeA the-
ascending grade would be about.thity 'feat to tha
mile ; T hence we heve a very gradual' decent 'fto'
aboht five miles, into one oltdie most lovely -VaI
!tys .4that toe eae of ,mqo evtr Iooked,'tapbn
Tlireiugh this valtdy"' flows a small stream,'thdi4
hured waters-' of the Feather. and acrarnento
Rivers_. The road can fo.ilowtloihy'cowi.'tr-,ri itq
source to its mouth ini Sah .an.isuc. J -f

that officer, .'u'at.8s its i i m Europ. the gamblers of'l,.'tJi resignation ha. beei accepted : b it the t-anedin f
I{IiS c'aege, the he1 -,
e further ex- 'e xcgatge, the.eads of great fiancislci nuncestat tey wilt conriaue a offi e w" aa
he had been' xauep, t e rae the enemies -4ocialism haa mainly 'itil the departure p"aCket Tne aGusi- we a
uld admit, to struggle with. And it fotets themto return tuiozol cf tie 27th ult., on alluding to Ctheir resig- Bek War,
It was in the to the;kings and priests, who have proportionally ; nation has the following : , ,... Mobile pap
the wagsabUe ae
a was at t les interest in hindering ;irism develophent.a'. it .j -', ,We e .itho ized to dny the asseortion` s df some
t eir fove- plays atupe's game.- And what a moment does journals ot this city reapeciting the aisoord whtetich they Bf-lh
Sasn the bes, i .t choose eto play this' melancholy game Pre- supposeto exist between she President and .the M iutters. 'lu
eardar."; d cisely the very moment, when the journals and' I the .,ter have resolved nut to retain their posts after
ichlth the ajet it Is because that In lL tlasut theypresented orresponwds
0me inflicted financiers associate themselves with th e old pow- th r'reignation in a colede note u t which was noted .
which is lie.-: ers to recruit their diminihed forces, fora strug-j taken into cousiot-ration by K resident having S.
par: ... .6 e rre,16 ,n1ha i1 o..~c
Iteaiding par-I gle against the Common enemy--iRevolutionary i tamed from toem their consent torenaip in the Camtnet, ' .
epraidce" .ocialia if onli the time neeessary .tor hlt to choose such paer- on the 28lh
been brought. There is in this a manifest nonsense. I do not son. as might meri his confidence to replace them. has occutrr
lered atone e so far as to say that Socialism. revolutionary These gentlemen, notwithstanding their promise. h ve we...a r
gnl er .e. o '"ar" as g weather he
mThee per- Socialism, above all, would have greater advan- coninud to insist on redriing, and within a few d'y setnce as
military tt-- have fixed on the day abovetndicated."
0 the charges ; age by following an inverted 'o tcy. that is to 'It is tntirel false that orders forzheezits of any per- therefore II
ltb their con- hY by trying- to asesciate with Catholicism, is evn ednthought at-' so that such allegaluns tO your tea
5f preventing Monarchy aen d .Aristlcracy"' ainit Mercantile. can,,t be con si.eree.otherwise than as a tale forget oy The pabi
!?^ S Mifni the^ ^^ Prs o'eate x
not sacwh as; Monopolies, either of the Press or 6 the Ex- hbe fuitful imagtinations of the enemies of publt peace, -Ts
An example i change ; but I do affirm that every effort of the whos e force ot opposition consists in "tha inveaion of meDt of t]
ke It coalr"e.'. revolutionary Socialists. which haa not for thl one or moi e iiputures, according to the endihey may Havana di
[Gagant main object, of its aggression, these two monopoZ propose to themselves." pea. r that I
liea, which have sprung from the efforts cf Liberal- ''bislast peragreph is in consequence ofa state- u .. .
ism and Protestantism, passes by the real points ment o01 the ktg/o that an ill feeling had arisen Monmo Ib which are to be attained, and even setpplies the between the Mliuuters and the President, in con- i on of the
tLra o- enemy with new forces, by forcing him to rssoci- sequence of the opposition madeby the former to isfrom 130,
SLerx-- i ate himself with powers tht, on the' contrary, his design of exiling a certain designated person. 397 beiorg
Union-The! ought to be his rivals. The Minister of Relattons, some time ago, blrck. Of
S' If you ask ime what is the principal cause ofall pledged himself in private not to resign until the included in
Sthe losses of revolutionaTy Socialism, I should 'ehuantepec business should be settled. We am.,Dgthat
igust, 1852. a syy that it lay in this error of tactics. But this may therefore consider it so, though we shall filteiv greu
the three lyinthsero ofint :.ButysRelative1
the three' point requires a thorough explanation, which'I not kow yet who may have obtained this privi- I Rasftvels:
:list Revol a. eavetomy next letter; JULaS LkcHEVALIER. lege. .'n Upon pi
istevolu-n g e a n.. --- --- The "same Mihister published, not long sce, It, ino
Samong the elespe atWandaw th Common various explanations ot certain articles of the as letl to
ion, which I .'. hae. In Js ,laandaner on ,which propositions for the Tehuatte-pec island, It le
.orial. The ,- nThe"anecessan.i-.i 'Road should be maoe. In one ofthese the Mins- i upon the pa
h 'A a neceay impeections' of, and th ter st'ated'that the Government would reserve the right deatihes, the
i accordaig difficulties attendant upon, huge reflectingg Telescopes ot fixing th0 time Jor the opening of these propositions would. rem
roux, Cabet, like those consteited by felrehel ,l .,ad Lord oses, We may considerI bellevi, that the contract has teen has passed
the most ha led to an aconstrutempt, coynsruct anachro dRir ,:-, disposed of, subject, however, to the approval.t f ihis consolatory
the most haledto an attemptwtocosaaructh g ach nromansti ntrus Congiess. Mr. Sluo, as luformed you, had presented "Inregarc
and antece- met which shalrival those giantleinstrment h in bis proposals Tor this road some time before the issuing i.b having be
its in corm- power. The new Telessupe, conetructed for Rev. Mr. of .ihe batorementtoned basis by the Government. Oa prisoners.
the publication, however, of thoee bases, I Understand ,sawsustime
n together. ,Craig, Vicar of Leamington, under thesupeinmaeence his agent withdrew themn and has sabmitJat othrs it lberate-d
otogpther. agent^ ^ ^ witr W ^ thm n hssbtte te s, I
that every ao Mr. W. Grevatt, F. R. S., is placed upota aite of two i !said, inthe name of a Company composed of Mexi- All the p
i thth hav acres, on Wandsivorth Commonn, presented for the pur. csi aend foreigners. I suppose the bMexicans are mere- on. of La
w ..h pose by the Earl of Spencer ia perpetuity, or so long as 1 Incluped. for the sake ot appearances, btai this isthe TAs Wasthi
they say in the instrument shall be maintained. only wiy to obtain this privilege from Mexico, new that New-Omlea
"' 1i '' he-bea' become' so much frightened on'accoal t of the,.' are stopped
of the prob- The central tower, consisting of brie,, Is 64 feet' he ha e so much frightened on ac t of the ae stoppec
ist say, to : hti 15ti feet la diame"ef, and we ghs' 21 $nns. n .Every suggeston fin an armed force of the UnntadeSrtes to lowed a st
is to say, to precuton has been ake in ih constrution of tit pr.tec0 the work, (in the trekly of Mr. Letcher,) and Also, the C
ace to the buldiog to prevent the slightest vibratlbn ;*bat, if ay the Ipudent. and unnecessary excitement caused by the Amenit
If"Y te sticreon but-hascreet frianas ofr mat treat as also ibs way to'
be ineaica- disappointment in this respeetshoald arise, adIonl the er bt discreet friends of that tre .'as ao his way to
bl ofCan- weight can be obtained by,, loading t. se..eral 11... on account of the threats held out should Mexico resisL steamers w
thois of caltl- t wa.p,. can be ebtaund by aloading ths seteral fl'qrs,Tisepol
a-d n this and the most Terfect eteddliess wi, -e the se : Thee people are stubborn, possessing that peculiar dim- be. allowed
SBy the side oabtis sustaining tower hans the Tele- position. thqt will consent to lose .all before they will ;be the purser
hich shs dd dive'n into anything. Os thelli.taWt i. foureld rp ihe'iwill he
i",h,.a.. Mco"e. TAe length.of the maftt tube, W Thl'lis shapDd od e, w .t aythtng. 0. the.31tult, fourse-led prop. iheWil be
at be madeO somewhat nike t qar, l i76feet bat w n oemc seha' bd beon sub aited to the Government but I 'wrote a ]e5t
"theorean n e. o narrow end .a, 7f.t anepndiece have nat .'been' able to learn for a cercalnty who may lavana, wi
e r g at the narrow end an d ewp.,at the other te total have obtined the privilege The Moiftor, however, ,t..he
jolts propa'. salegthin usetilbe 55 t. Ihoelgnof thedeweap .h 'saes tht 'tnceh
lighten the is to prevent th dendbniationi of m I pr o by a purely Mexican Corn- o tell t1e5
substantial ture, which takes place during the night, when the h. p t Garca) ppars to have h preference, PP rati
r less uni- a strnewentis mostin use. Its exeilor is of brIght metfa1 ye others tlink that Mr. Sloo's will be accepted, farpopu
vigue than ithe interiorispalnted black. fThe feal distance will The Council of Government met on the
awsy actie. vary from 76 to 85 feet. The tube at -its greatest ir.- 9th h. nt,,for the purpose of taking Into consideration THE t
g.04'8" cumfexence measures 13 feet, anithi# part Is abouti4 the report of their Committee in favor of catiing an ',.l D
xperimenseu m s0 disussingDI
per ine, teet frbm the object-glaas. extra session of Congress, and, after discussing It
Sin a small .Te determiriadon of this point waV thi resultt of re- warmly for two days, oscldied against it by a majority n conuinem
aprehenetion 'peated experimreits and minute aildearefut ealenila- of three 'votes. Therefore there will be no extra ses- 3d inst. :
t and suc- Itiions. It was essential to the objectin.view that there sion. There never was anything more heartily despised Leis Edna
-t they stop shokioldnot be the slightest vibratioi,,ni.thepimstrnment. than this Congress. "id witse Cg
.al explana- iMr. Gratatt, reasningfrom ana09Y4ped-he The foreign- merchants of Mazatlan have yer; Juan V
oct-from an t.ofhparmet porre msionto the parfl ihkofanInstrn- ruanized a military foretar their. own protection, raie'Fra
'rem the ee f e orex ding the range eofisite, adnd thus aidta g composed r ot ople Of all". etions, nd commanded bya. fom ertiry
.tronve firesearcb. By hiTovementh
i og r B. r c B i, t vira Preach an,.Spanaish merchant. All wai quiet there at 'qiseolarisi a
lne "- h .ae.d o te af tubre l.netrqgzed, by that at.he last dates-; b t I doubt not resistance will be made lawor-R
-. p ''a f ._u l r. i era 8n d jo re u lt tog t ar te, h oe er b ys M r.osg s C ral O am Ri e ...
rsct- t o ra aied ITa tohigoe et4s readiness and against the authorities, should the contrabmd trade be pez ; Manuel
Insp ouctoie- re sibonto attained. The ohiet-glasies Pare of English aiterfered with. tozn t s
t.h eGonaal pse e ga dth pO.
avoletionary. ntruetlon. The make g or the large fint glass aeas . .. _, __us
the'new e- e riusted to 'bhr C banee, of Birmnpg npj, who at first T appears m that Rebolledo tIs alone, he Pzto Jes
except 'by a eitateid twmanueefasure one largertuannine inc thes in having been abandoned by th hree of big patiza r wo its Qi
td powerful' i awste~r, [Titan being urged, howbier, by Mr. Crag, hccametii~edafpiayingseeond fiddle, and have asic pfor Gr o.; N.
imgthem e h as suceededeeinmprodeCing on e24:ieifhes~perrfcy themselvea -These three wort~bieu-Vatrgas, Caobee and n~~~z
rI e imo' ,e n lir, and homnogeneouse In stre ure.- 'i., SralceIo-atered the town of Orizava on the' fqt nllt, L roeo
e porcabee Beleie this, there Is a aeconqir f'pjb t'egless of the but on being attacked-by the- areidton madeo no aeemp t 'L isa,tel
ais os o st iiej.iitiser thons,'esst by the tham es Plate last Corn- s violeaceother tbh taking the arms' end horses of '.
he masses O y, iahe asto ofwhich te observermay use at his op- the polir e guard, their principal object being to circulate FROM
nuaiity, Pra- lon.' 'The maelner in which these objeciglasses are in ai4 town .vaious proclamations of the former, " .
Sacceptv or tied iyto the tbe is marvel of alrtedletnvenu By Vrs. These proclamations staee that t er *W P if hI I

_ P alned _h tub 'et _.o a lih .pdorm n.-Y ")s ls s prdr 'n d tpadrpo thatte ercoftenewal sfii
rovernment. qeas ntwtete screws, numbered. adeordling to the of hostislite is due to the Governor and Legslatere of hits-t the
n in- .m.c re nrs o. ihe day, hey sn. he sei.n. o t intent to any Verao Urtst. .. will be remembered thatthese fellows, E,
air proceed- ngis thbe observer _may require1 by hfr Metrely calling wish Re oiledod at their head, offered to lay down their ; ]M
'"shreuld be et- the nemher of the screw o be toneh Tee qb" atmis should _there be previously guaranteed them 5te L'Armic
give. _.. en e.-jlasses also-move raeduna groiuvep to. wherever, it their ave "and the enjoyment of all their privileges, pitsl ship, C
t wKtv- u sy, beO .sonsdered that a more 'dttiijc view caos be The Statl.. as Vera Orus, however, replied ;hat they loupe, ann
a.inled..Tt e tube. rests upon a light wooden frame meat first surrender, sad depend upon th'e mercy of the these Iseatid
have set t g O rb, ,with .ron wheels atteched .satisfitted toa sir- l~e giswatvor Thgs they refused to do5 arid are deter- hy the Hela
,f accord for '0 hert)o rldway at s distance olfft. two feet from trmSied tholdl Out a time tosser. 'en.oter .Ecu

l 01eration the fact that UI a doWn grade, at the rate of
-fify fit to the mile fIom the Summit to Uor.fllsille.
and that the exprieB's1tato arrive tn"Ho rnelllelli-jast
., eighteen milnute'agif& the accommodation, jnd also the
fhe, that the f04 train on this tdiion was crowded
in between ths'Wecoommod action -the express, makia g
Sonly nine minutes diflFerenceA Ithr time for arrival,
"we do, not wonder tiat therb was a collision of two
trains, b uour surprise is, ghibt. all three of tte trlans
wrado dahed to pieces, freight cars, human beings

'the freight traln' of the Michigan Southard fliilroad was
4 64p_1 o9e'bvr the 'Calumet Bridge, befad gallytowa on
4"tCday, aftetroon, the axle otOD& Of'the freight esrs
brokkand twe car .was thrown mff.thebridge, carrying
w wbJthtree other ars, antng. which was one tilled
'%iWl- enigrant passengrt *Tnhey' fell 'b itom up, and
V-we almoat enireiy demolished, as the distance was3
.e flfteemor nke feet. it was supposed that the.
p55enjeerp wereawelv allt killed. As soon as tiae loco.
i3Botivecouid be detached, it went to La Porte, and in
abq: t two hours, returned with all the physicia'tkti;r
,eond _6e6obtained. t rs Meeker and HFigday amputefdF
the leg of a mnn, whose ankle was .orusbed an
drned .tbe wounds of ad others who wore injured.
STey. werelth ,placed in cars andtbrigh t'0this o t,
land, p'ed nkner the care of aompetpntpersons, atthe
, ezn6ae of the Michitan Souterh Company! Capt.
George-M. Cray ahd Mr. Morriso visited the sufferers
S yeyqerdyfrequenty, and arranged fort all their wants.
Oter passegerT, .who were ;not hurt, .but who hadilost
prop4ty :y the segident, were promptly reimbursed by
t she Company here., [Chicago Tribune.
..-" V' '::.i Y. .
r Thejinivetgation .ordered by the Canal Board, based
upon thetrormation submitted- by the Auditor, is pro-
0 ceedti at taue are not k-whether 'and' 'bM who!i )hSe.tfe has
n.if.eredby a squander of its 6CAnal 'und, bat tahh
section of the Democratic party sHalt be absat or
least damged by the- donitroveruy. 'With, this view, in
theipodntmenF6f'Counsel, intead of taking care of
the public interese1,, Meears. Peckham and 0lin (a
BuD.. and a BarnbPrnjr) wereselected expressly to
guld interest of thefr aespecdve factions. Anud,
while in fact these gentlemen"ai6 actingg as partlasna,
,haKantl FYnd wil be further depleted at the rate 6f
-SWO-J0for their services !
EnoughI the inbanutiMme has bee diloseld'oe6 show
I hlbdt6ta sedtiovs fInted to get out of the Investigationi
-at soon as they epn, victimizing the Auditor, and leav-
lng the Canal Officers to continue their "wasteful"' oer-.
|- tlons ith inpmnity. __ [AIb. Eve. Jour.

wai enllvned on Saturday, by,.%: arrival on, the W.
-Galton, from Florida, of an embassy of Seminoles n
..routs for Washington, to hold' converse with Prestdeut
,Fillmore. At their head was the Veritable Billy Bow.
legs himself accompanied by two autbchiefs, Sepdke,
rYuholo, the representative of Sam. Jones and tribe, and
.John Jumper, a chief of the Arkansas delegation. In'
the su-ite o these envoys came three attaeh6es, Fire.
Sbatchle Emarthler, Vacose EmarthlerandlChoco TU*
-tenuggee. .
S The town was all agog to see these Commisaloniers of
'Sheled. Men-and dressed in.their fantastic artw .of
-- calico tunics flahnel breenhes, mocaslins and turbahbd
heaidrgei, 'itriped iall over with bands of beads and
abwy. tapes, these delegated authorities excited univer.-
al iteiest "The whole body is under charge'of Gen.
'Blake, 9. S. Indian Agent, who, after three negotiations, .
Y inji1*tuded ttem to accompany him to WashtingtoLn. :
BHereated, with, them last at Fort Myers, and stire. r
thence on the 3Lsat nit. Their routes dhiteet for the capi.
tal, to miMe'defiatw arra6igements wih the President foj
the removal to the Wedst of all their .ribea in Florida.
If the suite, we must not kbrget to mention the inter
.preteBin inteQlligeit old negro, by' thenarme df Abra.i
hamn,.HeU Is .quivea venerable, dIgnified looking peri
sotnagei asort bfIndiainized major dono, with tls face
setpfitwlthwwoaly-moustache. In the history of the
rSeminUles;i.tahiift qultea conspicuoui position, as the
} frmeieda d bduukielorf Ailkohopi, ri d is known by the
a. ^^t ; et3eattr'is~eam Kiej r. Gnu. Blakeob.
teui jy |tAx ,, where he stayed with Mikonopi
un 19ilea*. Fgor.the position he holds, he isinvalu.a '
ble.; Uq.Biegsda about live feet nine inches.higt and of
orditnasy srengti'oef. duiid. gl. aaa of
Bis eowrinteSflet-Q exhibits good taature, ixtPreet In
eonyuetnbtio aend passing evete.uMt w sufficient InzteW.
geubeF In dIdes he was elight dltilihguisbed from the
less nQted of ,his followers by therilehness of'color in
appwaeland'a haddreas set off with raven plumes. Ha
i'is said to have quite .a fondness fur the social vices of '
iacb6'and BqUop, azid lets pais no opportunity of in.
Bdul gi too fteeli in the latter He presents nothing
grahil or elevated 3it his face or bearing, and is more a,
confratttban-otnersIse to that wild majesty, we are
wopt to ascrlba to these lords of the forest.

Among theirvisi s to the curious things o f- itheci
was that to the compositors'and press rems"of of
SGeorgt:" Atthe bokxs and man.eiieit of the type,
andathe tkll 'with *hlch the co npositoi, plaidd tle let1
terms together, they looked.. with an unintelligible winter. '
et, tbt women; ior.. their benefit, 'the parear was set fn:"
*motion, and sheet after-sheet -thro "aoff, read for
p rupal-, they gazed with admifraticni and- astonish.
'.mee -. *.... I .. (Savannah Georgian.

W. The- fo 'ew g is an extract of a let-
-ter frgm S ,Johni, 'Sept. 11:
",We have no news of interest here. The Fishery
.question is very quit, and appears how to be much btac-
ter understood on 'both sides Oar harvests c.ining in
well, provisions abundant, weather fine, and people
-contented. The surv&ay of .the European and Nrt'h.-
American Railrsod i, going dn with split, and, all things
-considered, our prospeets are detcidealy good" '.'. ':
0FROMB THE BkA'Y.-Sihce our last there
have been five or sirxarrivals -from thff Bay of St Lsw-
ren'ef. A"4 i&ben was the Gild'eur Rile, Capt Bart-
lettj wfh, was. taken. into Charlittetown, P. E. I1, by
.4the butter Tlbgranbh :She was, detalnbd: six days, and
was released by the 'Lieut. Gov6rnor ot tht Islard.
Whon the'.cwtter'-first "seized the 0. R., ten men, fully
artned, were placed on uboad. Capt. Bdrtle tt had at
nztervtew with Admiral Sey mour, at Oharlotteaown, who
treajefd him very gentlemanly.
The Isabella and ltaska were among the fleet driven
-out o.the Bay of Chaleur. [Gloucester Telegraph.
F I .....
-State, Agr sultual YFair-Award of Premlmhs.
W.e publish the folliwiug additional
aw ards: ."* : .. *. . ...
MasREs'-lst. M. Beyden$Jr.,BDe Wit, Onondaga County,
$i15,t 2d, Obadiah flowlaet, 0 wasco, Cayuga Counay, PL0 -J
STALLiros---stne l Par Old.-ist, uheales W. Ingaisoll,
Lodf, $10 ' '
MkTtCHaD-. 'HbRSEs--Carria.0e -lst, Banjamin Ashby,
Aubirn, $20; 2d. Olney Gould, Albion, Otileans, $t5;
"Spe.iat6o H. B. Mdore, Rochester, span Gray Hcrses, $20.
ID atler o. -ldt. iJdhn iBryden, Kirklanid, Oneida County,
.-S2 ;i 2d$l''AkfHolieB, Hdstings, $5 . ,
Tazx tRuefARMa' A-RSauS.--lst. Squire M. Mason and
-ctbets$Nei-Hartfdrd, $25.
GOiDits.-"ltst,'M. 'G. Vamrney, Prospect,'Oaeida County,
Dip .awd il0. 1 ' '
CoArMnn.1.--Cltrk &'Jerolman, Whitestown, sorrel
horso, $10.
SinG&LJE Mzaa.sLlst. W. V. Willougby,. Newport, Dip.
.aud$lo.' .....
Foe iGN-HORSEs.-Blood Stallion, E. Adams, Vergenes,
Vt., tbffctHkewkHa .Jr.;, Din. and $10.
Aj't WoR.-6-Besft'Stllion, Silas Hale, South Royalton,
Mass, Green Mountain Morgan, D p and $ 10 ; Best Draught
StallonrJohn' 0G Wilson; Guelp, C. W., John'JLong, Dip.
and $10 , "...
JACKS& AND .:MULES -Jaksca-P. Ward" Oswego, $301,;
jMfek-E .H. Kellog, Clinton, $20.
SH Ep--Long .. Wooiet dtBuck, 'two years upward.-1st.
'Hauseford &, 'Brodie. Adams, Jeffersion C6utacy, $12; 2d.
James .A. Jacksoe,, Gilbertxihle,' OtsegQo County, i. Buck
eMdeslfto years old-1st, John A. Rapfbone,, Spring field, O.-
sego Cowty,-$12; 2d John McOndsld, Warren, Hekiuner
.Cou7tgt. 4. Five Ewes over two years old-lst. Hunger-
fo rd &'K ,daT nJ Ctvr7on $12 : 2d4'$harlee
w. ^ if'itklKaS 4tidd '.C6untY, hi tnwesnr' dtn
years .l. 14, funagerfbird & Biodi*,"' Adtths 'JeffzTsdO
-Co0 U dR J42d. MeDoenell, Wr-tn n Herki~ir1
Coun~w Jled)Bvncks 'wrv tdW years 6UIZt-i
7 '. n, i.4 .rkier,, Counuty, $t2q .d.' Z BR. Wak' e
BnaO, 3e;i0rnebomty.,.O. Oucks Under qtvdo'yecrh..old-
1st. Z. B,. ej,-, erkimeer-C6un*y,. .2; 2d"Zi B
"Watbem ,, Hr-$imL&: Couaty, $.0 i ne n ever 't.o
Ieari. "o sl-\'...b V' She-woodt Anbrk, $i2" I2d.'
H9eninier Co~umti,40 bie~e Ord&
.Z. W.^Wakebasn. it 41NrCoal,?$-P sViv 'Ebe8 zhidr
*two iear old.-14- .Z.- B.:; Wakteman' HMerkziber. dont,
*12; oitWfWi.' iobsn, Westmoreland .Merinos, Bucasl
Sever two years od-'lsLt. J. D. -Patterjj^Weqtfild, Chau.
-tauque t $12; ,d. Sharp & Tilor, Lockport,
*0 / .dr & j fraeid-it. Sharj, .'Y Taylbr, Lckport'
12- 'knrb"' G1 DeRuyte2 Madmon Cmuty,
12. oiW .0.Asb "yea"s- ot -lst. J. D Patterson,
-efik uhu..uun$.:$20 ; 2d. Sharp ana Taylor.
q lko .1 sd ,two: ryears.oLd-lst. J. VW.
HaselL *Hovsick_ Rtinelaer 'ounty, $12; 2d.'] E.
'"neeu ,,K ensevflle, $10.', . ',*,..,. .,,"
c V Llst of'Pateuz .. , ::-..-
.ieA&from the Uitd Stiates Pqwseni 0 $p
*J. 'ding Sep1t. 14,18A52 . "- :
L's.0 r.h._lulr prepared for The N. Y. Tribunns 'y
Samuel Aldrich, of Springfield, 'Vt~5 for
,Improvement in Clotgiespi.s. Dated Sept. 14, 1252.
S. L. Egbert& Sr W./Green. of Willeughby, Ohio, for Ira 4
mprovepeyt; Cq4tc ng fuoints fortWashig Maohines, or
esther roe, ,.se at 'Se,,, 82.
_'a Stn w .,akeO4"41,paten., ,Mass. for lmplrovefnanmts i
' z trindug-Pireae leg4.p. 1tS ,"
Be H _nG iulc.unati Ohio, (or improvement
Chafle_ I' :James.Keele of. Hence,,. KYjo Improve.
\ ment.It Seutt Machines, : aied SepH l ',18. '
T.Wna> TRichards, of New-Elaven, GniGa. for Manhinery
emplnyek : in the manufacture of Cotled,'Wire FPerjulea.-
/ Dated l,14, 1852. .'-,. : ,
or'B be" Rob lins, of Lowell, Mass, for Improveuint ii
SUbutt;,Ghtrd4Aqt&Lobmr.L Dazed Sept. 14,1-852?. '7 -; -, 7 ."
Benj',$SInedMan, of West Meridea Conn.,,for Cnn .....
: S .achinefor" ,-oi".forte-M. nnals". Dased Sept "

WWWrMbte, of Whiniksburgh- N Y., Assignor to Jatmesr
-Ca4-, o6f New-Yotk,-I. Y. I For Improvement in Door'
,Locks-.'1Attd Sept. 1115 :. .
Geo'' $jKRichaoAk of West'" aoRiry, MaKta, Assignor Wd
-Baldv ne-inptounr^' walpl.n,wMasi. for Improvement in
.Forgig hi#"., a .t4d pept. 14,. 852.
i Ssiet .b6 6,N Y., for Design for A Cook-
iog Stev.-" .1 aw i:: b:l .t __. '' 85 -' .... t 141'.
j ItagS1 14te r
| iMgS. te. Dnea Sp jL4," '1857. Ante-dste& Msrphi I4
4 Couri a*.,. of .Ginciunati, OCui, fobr.
Design-for Farlire ;qv ate,8st.14, oliS. '
iamuw D Wi. ld o . ,XNat 2for, Design'fora 0
S Steve. 1, 1502.
S. .Veddern rt r wim Y., ,&aDe. for a Cook, Sfov"1
LD 1y, ..ofr y i.r., T^ W ",. .
i 4 lr., of sae place, for Dos fo arlor ItetoI-
V w Dta w t u, 15.5.

wOrking closes I The rich can spend the hot season in ; DIATH 'BY DROWI .v--The Coron er
bt country at their own beautiful places, or luxuriate at. ed an inquest. yesterday at pier No., N. R.,upon i
mgnlficent hotels on the sea shore, or among the hills. ,.boty of Andrew ^'eidhleeon, a sailor, who belbngjd tWth4i' W
ad mounitsaihs. lot so with us. If there was a large ship Belena, recently (rom Bremen, now lyine at chat. pier..,
P t Co, on SMaturday last, was missed frorh the vessel, add
Pik Inthe Ci..the'bechanic andlaboreraccompanied no ing was. hearn of him 'until yesterday'morning, whea
With. his family could reach it in time for a itle ecre-. his hodty was found floating in the dock. A verdict of death
taien after hia exhausttg and closely pconfied diy's by drowning. under circumstances unknown to the Jury,
wtin fsr rexxskstndandclsLy oaidfi dy'
t(ll was over, but now he sla debarred orf any such. w r e e... -.-- ,
dealibful amusement for it takes a full hour or more [Advertisement]
frm th ee center of the City, to reach wbooi,nds,'teln CHEAP AND ELEGANT GooDS.-Ledies;
fields and bbabing brooks, ard the same to come eant, ifouu w uld see sometinie, beautiful, cnll and examine, the
I-evilrg little time fdr r6ftreshiag ourselves before re- neW srdck offalf Goodsjustreceived at TowLE''s Columbian
thlog to sleep Besides, most uf us canntaffijrd this 'Hall, No -81l Grand. sat. Their tssrcm.entof rich -ilk aand' d
eztna expense of rairoal iding 'or seamb.)at skiing. other seasonable and iahioriable dress goods is really ig',
I] a large Park w-re In the City, we could walk there ifticnt; and wonderfully cheap Spleudid Crape snd Casa-
Sby 61 o'clock in the eveilng, teke an h-mr or two of mere Shawls are selling at tbit sture for ahout half the prices
i elcrcise, and then get home in good time for bid. Oar rA ceanaer by cathen. be pueoadwa ed cheaper at. Li olumbiand ho thld
latnilie, the cbildren, esoeclally, could go there early ta hVsn nho pttei hes ch e a C h
t morning;, or at.midday, ,r in the alternuoon, as moant ban) therlace in.the city.
convenient. No one the rich know how we [ Advernisement.']
pant for fresh air, ereen helai, tret-s, and sbrubadurlng q T UATM. e fi pa of ls
theheatanddustofrJuly, Augustand mostofdeptember. P IBItUALISM--SOe first page of this
Yours, rospectfilly, paper for a list of books.
'A HA Ra-Woanrrp MffcHANqic.
, They order these things better In Ea- ; .. .
rope." We will for the thousandth time, and in order COUR CALEADAR-Tais DAY.
to keep it before the people," add a few words upon COMMON 'PPEA h.---NOS. ,43, 76 to 100,
the Parks of four of the -Great European Capi'as. in Rui COURT o. 313 443' 537, 53. 539 51 543
Lindon there is one- series of them, consisting' of St. 64S, 546, M6 549; 550. 551, 5.52, 453. 57
4 w e ',81" es le. P&E MI C ouRT-Spe cial Ter 'm. --Nos'. 10, 60, 6 .5,"67, 479
James:, 87gacres; Gxeen,.56 do.; Hyde, 360 do; andi Ken S181i,24, 26, 3C, i48 58, 28.-No 60 5 67 47
asington Gardens, 300 do.; amounting to more than 800 .
padres in the aggregate. In another part of the city, a .' ' USi DISTRICT COURT.
. .. | .. .:. Bedre J u ge Betts. '
mile or two north of St. James's Is Regent's-park of 450 ILLS OF 'I teM T.J Tho Gi and 'ury
padres, and' east of the City proper, surrounded on ce into Court, t Ms foreign, w-h dctme against
all tides byna dense population, lies Victoria park, of 300 G urge Youtg.,'of the hip Fidrlin on a.charge of asaaist
acres. Theseare the great 'pirks of London proper, .tth a oangerous weapon, In craper,) on the person of.
T dmap.Dixun; and against George Young. Thos WiVlson
be ides which there area great number of open places aId Oeige ;Matin, for an attempt co. mah a revolt on
Geuse Maim, ur a attmptto, mate a revolt non
like the patches; which go by the name of parks In our b Ard said vessel. The Jurj then retired for furtherdelib-
goodly City of New-York. Such are the open spaces of rat-ond .. d
the Temple- and Inns of Court, of Chrlsis Charity E a'aRUIT COURT-BeforertJudge o o ..
. Titmas C. M. Pat..n, admitattater, &c ,.Of Peter Mortun, deceased,
SC4hool, where Charles Lamb was a pupil, the Found T agt the Island Insurance Co.
linog Hospital, &c., &c. Over on the oiher side of the To recover $50u, 'alleged to have been
Tbames again, 'there are Greenwich park (200 acr6s,) inured, in Sept, 1848. on irno safe, country, and other fixr-
) tires contained in store No. 276 Pearl at., in.possessioun at
Vauxhall Gardens, the Oval park, Surrey-square, Sarry the tiome 6 Edwaid Fdiey.. then executor of the eacstate.
,Zological Gardens, Iambeth Palace Garcens, &,. al 1ia
Zdological GadnLmbt aae '' Filley kept in the same store, and insured $3#0st0 at
open t.kpp deendena,'s ,ff we, on his-stock of glass vare, &c. The,b,ilding
open to tfhepeople. &'aush cunt-nts were destroyed ,in April, 1819, and the
In Paris, besides the great number of Places, are the C'mpany paid William hid loss,' and -als paid ,494 on
GrdenoftheTileries,67acres;theChampsE as t-erlcy.ts aljegd, on the part.of plaintiff. that an.
Grd over th ilri,6 acres ; the CuampAMarslarge yss angement was made with the agent of the Company that
of! over 80 acres ; the Champ de Mars, large enough for a lparate premium should be paid, and was paid; and receipt
reiews and horserces; the Boulevards, hth sur gier, to msure$00 on the Iron sfe and'fixtures, and a
'Io o cleuoe should he introduced into,.William's policy covering
roun d the. city; and above all, on the east and-west u .the the risk: The, C company, atter ward refused, tb pay said $500,
clrt, respectively, the Parc des Vincennes, 2% miles and this boughtt' la defense it is'said that the Com-
pu biy2 r sptvd an the famu uc a ny did nut-know plaintiff, in the transactioni (the deceased'
long. by 2 broad ; and the famous 'Buis de Boulbgne, all ad fonnrmerly kept in the store.) and- trat it had paid Mr.
open to the- people. .Flly the apiount of his claim-that one p'orsbn cannot insure
Berlin, a city now of 43,000 inhabitants, besides'a hisiprcperty in the policy of aaotber,.biit there. mast be s.e-
Berlin, a city now of 430000. Inhabitants, besdesa pate policies 1 hat rhe notices served after -the fire, spoke
great number of small squares and public places, and 6f this property being William's-also that Mr. .ioore 1oue,
several flne public and private gardens within the' wall 4 clerk, had no right to give:the recei t in:the form heo did,
91an t.Mat there w 'o greent'with the company to insure
of she city; pours its thousands gn-Sundays and holidays thb fixture b e.
thio ugh the-magnificent Bran'denburg gate, into the he Court charged that blair.tiff could maintain bhis action,
g 1e B u the Conmpany having notice that the good's belonged to the
wjie.-spreadiPg forest of the This-'garten. This magnfi- o estate cf Peter lorton although included ia the policy of
cent park, adorned by running waterss apd lakelets, by Willam F.-that he would have a right to soe on a contract
ane rip 'ofconversations and witrpn memorandums be-
ga 6des, shrubbery and statuary, is a smoothlevel plain tween Messre.F.. 6nd the officers if the Company, of which
soiie two miles in length ny one in width-devoted in the.Crpnni y had notice. Verdict for plaintiff $571, being
~principal anti interest. -
.'tefi.rms to the recreation of-the people. prcial and intet.
; ienna, proper-is but a small city in extent, though COURT .OF COMMON PLEAS5SPaOtAL Tiia-Before Judge
wi its'V orstaedte,6r Isuburbs, it covers'a large space. DECISIOON.
Between the city and the suburbs, and nearly surround. Johaena Steinman against Thoma Bell and Horatio Brush.
ingithe former, is the Glacil, upon which'the ancient John Steinmatn brother of Jonaona,
.. l t o r f a gave to her an assignment of the goods contained in his
wahls look, a strip of ground from. a quarter to half a grocery and liquor store, i W d sabj t to a
i ~~g-rodery and liquor store, in West,Broadway, sabjestA toa
milb in width, laid out with avenues and-walks, and mortgage of $if(i, given by him onsaid stock toThomas M.
a rned by o g rows of beautiful tees ; but Roche. itshe being desrou'ot selling the stock, an arrange-
the glory ment was made bh which 'Me'srs. Bell a Brush. who are
.of ins nals th6 Prater-so lustig is ira. Pratelr, says auc6oneer,' were to sell the property, and pay Mr.' Roche
Mehltopheles-a series of low and partly wooded his $it ot ofth firstsol. -Afterthe sale she orhade them
Aslyig n te nrt sie o te ctya paying R the 4$100,. on the aronuc thatithe mortgage was not
_. slia 'ii Iflyg on the nrth aide of the ciy, add forcedd dun. Roche indtmnsfind Bll' & B a id tasy pats him the
yi.Y rma of the.Danube, rendered beautiful by the finest .$100, handing th balance to plainiltEShhe afterward sued
" ran es of trihes the loveliest gardens, and elegant places The' p, esent Is a motion for a new trial. The Court cnn-
of pmousement In this noble monument of the wisdom 'ide4 that a new agreement has been made, and ic was not
andipatemnal care of former Austrian monarchs one can Seceart that the worgeage ahoui have been due. New
prals-m ted, on payment, ,by defendants,ofotsofome
wadider far Sway0from-a ll the noise and bustle of the trial and $!0ofthis motion. ctof.
city, and leave alllife behind, save -an eccasonal wan- COURT OF GENERAL SESSIQNS.-Before Jedge Bases and
derer like himself, the birdsan~d thenobleherds ofdeer, A-id Ms..d s ..t..'.
:-whbi(th will came at his c a-dtll o [o and SENTENCXS.
splmendidpatkisor atd rEdward Chamberlalo, recently covict-
,il' B splendid pnk is over four mnles.tong and free to ad ot assault nd tatter, upon the perso.'of High O'Brien,
everyy well-behaved person--it i a place for the people, was sentenced to the Penitentiary tor months .
'-A ~thihegret cpitls o wth ites Ph~ilip Godfrey, who was convictedon'" Wednesday for
Maln wtht e BremtcprJeo, withticgn Hsalover, eip. fnlss~prctnnces, was sentenced to the Penitentiary for one
[!li !prattan, Munich, Augsburg, Nttremsserg, .Boa; in Tzaut F'o PzutJtft.--Siboin WiakinakisL ,Gla/nrau, was
sho Avey Eropan ~t, a ~ mercan, wn, tr1ed-oa an dic.rlotent chargivs him wIth pierjury ininaking .
6eryEuroeancit, asallAmeican, wo-hve a flsedathas o Ia t nerbipof. cloth eog, valued atl t,Os 0..

V It d them testify, has its public grounds fokrthe it adema that the prisoner had procured the arrest of one
recreation. ofte. people, which, in proportion to th e eserwhrim hecharged withstealott e clothing
ownomim, but, on. examination it was' show that never
extent of the cities themselves, are large enough to. beoI ged to him, and further that Kaiser bought it' Tha
make any le.Y0orker ashamed of the litd Ter .om yJu ever did not thik theprisonerg't of wl
petj4 -and rendered.aiverdict of. Nu ty i t -
Tbumb patehes-ofgrundi which we dignify#, a Ti -'h. courtt then took a r excess till Tueaday nexA .when thf
ParkI, Unlon-park, Tompins park, &c., &a.. .M of thetermwibe continued "".
' 'Talk about despotihs i o 'far a providing for the a EiKLY.I ....R.... S.SiIONS-Bef.e Ju.e' .o s and
. Umo oent i-' gbb TUIF siLos-~ S-iereil ur. M6u
- i oeent~recreation of she people goes, the despotie. -. ' iiebsSTw. nd Senia,.- ''..
. IovLrnmnens of Europe are Worth a thousand Demoe-'. 4. he.epllpwisg .persaons.weria arraigned
ac IB such as we have, as outorreaposs Anant above yesterday, and severally pleaded not guilrto the indtct.
gmf ngIAW Mla w ments found against them Jetn Parker; W nM
Slr we m auMdtetaalsttcqwitktfa o mttema WOMMMo

CITY ITEM&S,. ... itn > all' o0 lots '25x1000. Bat,, "what are you
... ... : toate tb dtbohutitr uo isthe quelidn both of corpora"
A. 'J Dsfestrw's, ftwe-LyLcS 4- 'frk's) 2i 0 Wbrt. 0 5
le152. 6 A.M. N ion. K 5 P.Va. THE POLES iN'AMRIcA.-Promptedlyy-
Be~~L16 55 6.' C
ep.1e ...5.- ', love 4fittite.ebuntryia.n ti fdona fAling, the ex.e
cassar.M &s,, c vC THIS A. AND uVBWe. es otPoland; namnering oversixty, aisiambledln New. -
MetropolitanHalIl-Ma.ame AlbousP Grand Concert. t, ?I on Aug. 151.55" s iafterathorogh discusson of
CIwO't Oarden-Robeit Macaire; Batlat n vyertinsemeut. o* on Aug. 15 a aft a horogh diacuson of
Wailark's Lyceum-Cure fLrtbeHleartAchq;.E aadnoweHasbasd. tieir common iierests, uxiltied themselves in a body,
Brnsdway Theater-Soldier Tf'Foriune ; Yuns Couple, &c. Under tht name of "'THBxAssoCATION. OF THU POLISH
Barnum'n Vessea-Orphan's Dream- The at P ; Limerick Boy. ExILExsIN" aMwaicA.' A, Comadittee, cmPosedo uf dye
Wood's. Minstrel-No. 444 Broadway. Concerts every eveani. ,. pee sons, eleotea b, a majority/ here uddersiged, in as- '
' -- a iordance with a duty luiruatiW-d to' them, presented to
MADAME SONTAG.-We learn that the.: the As0ociation, rules and regulattdns desdned'to govern
demand for tickets to Madame Sontag's first concert O its further progress, whicb,.after having been fully di.
Monday nextis very great; and that in order to obvie- swee, on he uce Igeettg, adopted as a
irovisoibmallaw of the said Association, sanctioned ..
#m far as possible their monopoly by speculators,, oply &e general wish, -. ".
the $tfckets will be sold to-day, and those "at :Ldn i The principle upon whch the abave AssociationU,
an~ud Monday. The place of sale, is advert 1 grounded is fraternity, and'an Indomitable fadth in the Mondi.,. The place of 8&10L void 0.^
1. ...I i. ..- olineaof the natinnial cause of Pola'd, as well as the
ij another column. faith in the unavoidable future regeneration of a dear
i Madame Sontag has also been obliged to refuse all fatherland. ..
applications for admission to the rehearsals. This is a The most sacred dauty of Athe Ass6ociation is, then, of
tery proper refusal. Only thoswhoar e'fngag pro-course, to assist .fair As their means will allow, their
fesyipropera wrefuald the. ed pro- destitute counteymeni, either, already in Anierica or
feslonally will be admitted. those who. mey arrive; furtf er, to unite all patriotic
-j Polish elements spread Over America in such a manner
SB'r Madame Sontag,:CquntWes Rossi, in a, to.enable us to become, together with- similar eorpo-.
o.a-nd'A r. Coinsy r.tions in Europe, a pillar of the regenerating and free-
company with the Cqunt,,.rand Mr. Collins, yesterday i Poland..
1 O oa d
Anooining visited the CIjHl l, and were received by iirs? ofo
morning visited theCty Hland were received by view of the solution of this problem, as a first step
His Honor Mayor Kingsland, and conducted through tW it, the above. Association has decided upon the fol-
the principal offices and apartments of the building .1wing: y nbor i Polad, irrespective of his po.
I ic Polanid, irrespective of hIs po-
D lhical or rqllgioua(,faith, provide d he be an honest man,
DiSTINGUISHED ARRIVALS.-- ETRo--cn become a member of our Assocition, for as cal-
POLITAN.-Peter' S. Van Uensselaer, New.Hamburgh'; 4ren of one mother, we: must, If honesty rules 'our
hearts, feet the same love for' this common mother.
Cbl. Otls.Vaughan, Buffalo ; Hon J. Bragg, Al I- Every Pole desiring a free Poland, deserves alone to
bama-rn XJ.H. Marsh, U, S. Navy; G. UcteyU.S;'Navy; earthenameofaPole.. .
t6ear the name of. a Pole.
Ji G. Hellenway, U. S. A.; J. C. Grayson, U.,S. N.; Hon. 2. Every' member of the Association Is subject to a
J'N.BeebV.; Henry Edwards Egad; William, t of oneshilling per wek at least, excepting those
L.yo Mbie. .. who are really unable to afford it ; on the other hand,
L:yon, Moble.. every member is bound to such voluntary gifas a his
UNION-PLACE HOTZL.-Baron of Morner, Sweden; patrlotum dictates ad sitiad'lon allows.
Admiral Vansittart, London Mr., and Mrs. SBcautz 3 Tie Cd)mmittee of the Association, as its represent-
S .' active, will establish a currespondbrce with all a-her-
Hamburg; Capt. Peagilly, Truro, Eng.; N. J. Henwoodo Assoclatibbe or individpls, either in Ame'rca, Europe,
Penzame, Eng.; Samuel Laiwrence, Boston; Peter V. or wherever thev are, working In behalf of the future
'janiel, Richmond, Va. freedom of Poland, and to make efforts in procuring all
S VIO os -Hon. M Porter and family possible Polish papers and books for the special use of
I IRING.ors-Hon. J. M. Porter and family Pa the members ifthe Association.
Fx-Poitimaster General N. K H&11,. Buffalo; Col. 'King, 4 It,will exert Itself, with the aid of American citizens,
"Washington; Capt. John R. Rue, Philadelphia; Beti- In finding out work and subsistence for those of their
nardo de Alcazar. brethren who have none. We hope that "those who
AME AN L-Jadge Dibble andlady, Batai have sacrIficed everything in order to fulfill their dutmy
ASOCR HoTuLE--Jdgen DiJbt and lady., Batavia.u toward their country and the cause of Freedom, will
'ASTOR H'ousEi.-John J. CAttdenden, Jr., Kentucky; meet the deserved sympathy in the noble hearts of
Gen. M. Hunt and lady, Texas ; Dr. Henry Rannel and Amelcans, who .use to ereet every political exile land-
igo t' ,osiabe'sors
fapuily, Charleston, S. C.; Dr. Vtitar, Cincinnati; H. A. on ther hospitable shores.
f Countrymen I let us riot forget we are in the very
Whippermane, Hamburg. ' lad where the lame of our Kosciusko, Pula5ki and
-- many others cannot be effaced from American hearts ;let
i NBLO'S.-Mr. Browne, upon his re- is therefore bsideavo,-, even In the misfoirunes of exile,
atpearance at NIb os Weuaay e n, wa tU main worthy of esteem of the citizens of this laad
appearance at Nlblo'sB on Wedupsday evening, was of Linbrty; let ue endeavor also to, deserve the name
greeted with earnest applause by an-audience'which cf worthy and faith ful sons of Poland
entirely filled that spacious place of amusement. The Afrer having, tbus, explained the essential ground oft
d~amaRobet Matirewas ~rfotad,'in wlob r fibrts and actions.: we -invite all Poles who ar~e'scat.
dma Robert Macaire was 'erformed, in which MRn.'t iAe rh in
Bkowue was sustained by Mr. Sloan as Jaques Strop i i the same pat'ldrica and'wheelg, ad to love thWiork withjo us f
IAtestole pat'idziin feeltngsi, and to work with us for'
and Mrs. Held as Marie. The audience called Me. tihe. relief of our' destitute fellow-ejiles, 'and future
Browne before the curtain at the conclusion of the Heedomof our ever dear fatherland z
b avdlstned to a brief address, in which he as. X. KACESKI, A F. Kcz UI,
at ed them that he had come to end his days with them. Dg L. SPATzEKI
He Was warmly applauded. 1ye.-Yerk, Sept. 15,1852; 499 'Broaeway, up stairs.

SHOTEL LIFE.-On Wednesday night the FIRES.--Yesterday afternoon a fire about.
gests of Messrs. Leladof the Metropolitan, w'clock a fire broke out in the iron foundry of tt.
se bedt ofI r th eonvenenthe ball room pofithat, westabis. t~eorge Birkbeck, ip near N-trttt Moore. The
senbled in:the convenient ball-room of that establish, flmes pread rapidly for-few minutes but were soon
mbit for a social soiree, which provd t be one of the .sbdued by the firemen. About $4100 or $500 damage
imas usaned, to he utldlfi. ,
most delightful kind. Dodworti's Band was in attend- weanstained-to the b.uildgng-
mostde~l~tfl knd. Dowort's and as n atend F'Th~e alarm office last evening abuut9 o'clock for the
aice, and, wlth the indispensable accessories of beauty Eighth Dipnict was false., "
mad luxury, made up an evening of rare enjoyment. i ,
Ta ehe BaIte- of The N. YE Trhu: ; i SUSPICION OF. MURDER.-Ofiicer Loc-
'head, of the Fifth Ward, yesterday arrested a 'man-named: ,
i WHEN SHALL WE HAYM! A BIG PAK ?1- Jares SBuik, on suspision o hishaRVI heen'eng .gd .with,. .
What h beoe of the large Park proiedothers now under as in themmde air. ead, which
haddt half agoe by the CorprgPatio poise not sangea tookr place a s- orb time since in Orange C~o. The prisoner
arid a half ago by the Corporathn ?'. Is it not strange was taken before Justice Bo art and roommi ted,.prep .ratory
that in Europe where kings and aristocrats rule that he'belng teat to Orange Co. for eaminatin'on the charge.
thb common people, the laborers and mechanics of tt5 't SELLING LOTTERY TICKETS--Officer.
'cciea have large and commodious parks prtvlded for p fttraon Lfrthe Lowrr PTlice Court yesterday arrest al
them, in which' they can exercise and breathe pare alr men name Daniel B. Hrdges, who it is all-goid keeps aa of
afier the hard day's toll is over, while here in America .s at li-2 Cpnert. for kit tery O.llet t Mitnss .e RHe i
.w'iere the people themselves nile, no such luxury- ies, ashrangwdri thehig y. sl Thteacruoed witMhie aiheMc- Rg
(.tcessity, ,Iought to say,)-can be had frbthe poor hard" i to-ihy, befdie Jubtice Bogart.

A t the Befivtnied Dutch Church. harlem New -York, Sept. 15,
byRt-v. J(.hb a Spinr, ASA K. TUTH FDL, EbQ.. formerly ofl atea-
:se eril e, Albany Co, to Miss Matt hvliNTuN, daughter of
ID4niedl B WV inton, ofthe former place.
. Nn edi.e-day -ept 16,:,by Rev. 'Thmhis krmitase, Mr. CHES -
"TvBNR '% ELD lo Mit,t FZ-.BT ,t-i ibEV.ERLtY,all of thib city.
li RBiphumnton. pn, the.everiag ,o. Sept, Rev. D. Platf,
HESDR.I'k C. WEAVFLrof..Giotop.. Tompkins Co., N. Y.,to
al 0S CALPHJIU.tN M., iesnt ,dsal''1t'r of Ho" Charles Rich- e' X-b lidtso*r,;'J i il natCO N-T "
Si Trenton. srn Tburaiay, Sept. 16, by Rev. Jnhn Hl!,'D.D.,
Eiv. EDWIN EM SkiLSON,fGree'eaTstlB, Pa ,to MAfY LOUBI.,
yrpntget daughter ot Hon. S. D. Insgham, ofPa ,'lat8 Secretary of
ta ruedasuy, -
i NeA-L,,ndon, Conn., Sept1 14. at St. Jarmes Church. by Rev.
t.A Hallom,JADIES F. MjRGA.N, Eaq., of toindean, EngsL.jad,
to aits ANAAI MORGAN, oefihi city.
: .k. E. D IE DD .. .
. CnWednePdsyevening, Sept. 6. AMANTEA SPE'CER,daushs
ter f John V1. aurd kHritet'R. aged I year and 8 months.
The reliivessrxid friends i of the fanely are ivited to attend the
funeral, ou Friday afternoon. at o'clock, from the resi.oeoce of
her fdthert,'N. 57'Degiawst., bbiween Court and bnmilth-ts.,
Sept. aP, .1852, CHARLES RIDGWAY, in the 38th year of his
age. rV
Thle friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend
hi'fuceralftom his yIe residence, Nf,. 134 Reads-et.. oa Frilay, wne
17t instant, at 10 A. 0., withdet further noti-e N. B. -The mem-
bert ohSt. Geonrae' Society as respectlullrinviled to attend.
On Wdedcadyty,-pt. L5, WILLIAAM B.LUWVLN.only chilidof
Josoiah W. and KIthqriL.e.Tbompuon ased. 14 muthn and 14 days.
Tie fienids ot tic th tdily are respectlully invite d to atLteud his
funeral, frons vhe rcdidenca of his fatr;er, No. U112 lompsoo-st., to-
,ir. tw (Friday) ai ternuonat 3 o'clm-:k.
AtL eyrv'Uor Mille, ept. t1, of' consump ion, CHARLES D.,
son 0' B1'aemin S. Walt. t., E-q., bged 35 years
On Tuesday, &rtpt..;t, JANE tLIZfABFTH HOAvE, infant
auetbtr if Timothy A. and Geo. giana A.' Howe, aged 2 years and
11 ii ie s.'L i -.. .
At tiskiiny Faslls..Oneida Co ; N. Y., Septll, MASOS NBARKER,
ofcozigseeohefthe lBuid, age472 years.e I
. 'Ah! why should bitter tears be shed,
I.n.e In dorbw o'erthe wuutded -od,
S' When, verily, there are a') ead .
01 all the children of our GOcd?p'

Sales at the Stock Exchange....SEPT. 16. .
$5G.C io U. S/.6, 't8 ....s90. 5183 3 00 Florence & Keyport .... 61
4,0(0 Oliio6i,'75h.......... 61 h 60 do.............b40 52'
,6 (O Ind. Satetr a ct.... 98 50 Harlem Railroad.... b60i 7-2
1,0U lnd.J0ual Pref.5... 484 d .......4.i....."... 7211
10,f.(0o Pen"i'State 5s...... 9k 1 20 o do.............. 72S
2,00o Virgiti 6 ..........111 1500 do............. s607
4,600 'doi..............- 11t 5'-0 do....- 7... 7"
2,6iUOCityn5B,'70..........2041 5@ Penn. Coal Co......b'0.1165
1,00i Eria'qconie Bds.... 98. 100 do ......... .,.b60.116t
1 C-t, Eriek'"Atge. B ds. ..K4'- 100 Cumnberland Coal Co .. 7
4ctoEriteUonv.'Bds., '71.. 98 200 do................ 733
.' eel| -do.4......-...b6e0 984 0 'do ............ hb30 74
1.00o do. '62..........9 50 do...;....-......,90 7 4
1S ot' sdo....-.:. ....e.. 99 300 do.:...........90 73
2.iClovel'd &.t&Cit. R R.190 50 do .............b60 74
1,0ioOClev.,Coi.&Cii.Bds.,l6 50 do.............a30 70$
6 ah k America.......... 120 50 do ............b60 734
'l Otitnn ffhnk............104 0 do................ 73
7 Ohio Li'* Traust ......106 1300 Erie Raiload .......s10 86-
]O'lcrriu tnl.... i 7M 200 do b L868 '
37h'N. A. Tr t..........23 100 do-.........i-i3 86
1CO, dQ b...... b023 fi60 do............. b30-86
125 d-.........- 400 Stoninston Railroad.... 601
1i.0 Montgoery Zinc....... 3 250 Reading Railroad.;-.... 95
475 Nicarag.q Transit Co.. 28h o do-9......h. 5
i100 doL s s.O........30 28O I 0 .do........... bli 096
60 do.'.......... 28 250 do............. b6Uo 9.4
io do.,.......... 28 100 do.. ---.--...b45 95
756 doa '-. ...' .bl0 28l' 115 Hudsors River 72k.
200' do........b30 282 S 9 Roch. & Syr. R. R....22
60 no ..-........ s0 38 200 Lone Ibland Railroad... -36
i00: do............ E30 28, 500 do...........- b4c$261
100 do........... 28 i0 Michigan Central R. R..LL2%
60, do.i ......-.,..... 27% 0 Roch., Lock'port & Niag-
100 do.. ..... 274 ara Falls R. .......106
100 Cantoa CO.`t.'.......bl0 81 200 Mad. & Ind. R. R .-.....106
$4 X0OVirgin 6-... 11$.......111 30o Randin RR.......b4m 9534
5 C(0o Ohio 6 ,....... .109- 100 do............. 95;
1, (-0 ErieR I d M.tgBdd. Io4 i 0 Erie Railroad........b3 "86
Ilt N.A. Tru... ........28 650 do............. 3086,
50 Floreice eyporit... 51 150 do.............. 3 863
6 New .lersii'Zinc.-..-. l. 1-25 do....-........b30o 8
200 Cumberlafd Coal Co... 73 : 60 Nor. & Wore. RR...s30 531
200 do.J.". ....'bat 73 % 200 Lens Island RRt...g4m 26 -
100 do...:|: .. h30 1 7s4. 5I0o d...........s ... 26$
150o do... 73 do .............-26$
60 do... l....;b3074$ 11o0 Harlem RR.......3 72
SO do- ..... ub30 74)4 200 do................ 71%
50 do'-- .....bl0 4 100 do.............. 74
950 Montgome.i'iic..-.- 3 100 do.-.....*-....660 75
100 Mich. Centri RR..... 1123 20 Hudson liver'RR..... 725
00 Readings RH 9;....a106 5 t5 Stointo RLR....... 60$
: THURSDAY, Sept. 16-P.-.
I n the S .ck market there was a strong
feeling at the^ ning, but the supply of stobk: exceed.
ing ihe dem iithe quotations are not generally sue.
ta-ed. At theulecond Board, the market was dull in
some insctnpequt better in others. Of Reading,. 1,100
sBbares sold, clqipg firmly at 95/t. Cumberland.Coal
wasain denise!and 74 was bid, an advance of%4
cent; Erie wS eavy, sad sold down to 86.4. The
business of thdfsad thus far in September Is very sat-
isfaeitory., H5i4 was heavy. Full prices were bid-
for Ssoington"sd"Norwich. The market is firm for
Government StoaiB, and the Sixes of 1867limproved it
cent. All Statetpcks are "firm. Virginias were in de.
mand at 1 1. there is more inquiry for Indiana Car
'nal Preferred 5c,'and the market advanced 4 f' cent.
There is 'b.ut little inquiry for Sterling

a remitters lpelie'qif the Penmnsylvania Central Loan,
Is declared for foriilgu.account, the supply of bills will
be leter:"- w :qwote lO Francs 5.15*
be letter. W4tqiAiote. i014]0c-FaceSS
5.13^. -., '
Freiglhts 1Liverpool are held morh e
Irintiy. For Grai 6&d i asked. We note engagements
oft 2,000 orS300(iOt]L Wheat at ffi4d. in bulk, 5%d
in shbip's bags; 0 or' 30!'bales Cdttbu 5.32S3-t.-
To London, 2,000 bbis. Flour, 21 ; 100 tes. Beef 4/6.
To Havre ti pwkof mate_-y ha5wit bel" CAMU at

.E.-'OR -a-2 Y,


I -

Abjaham M. -Schermnerhorn agt. The American ULfe
lns.utranube and Trust C Qompay 'anud e);hora. Judgment,
for plAintiff With costs.t 'Ti bond of thte plain ift to be
caqc-9.led adL surrendered, anad the defeadant trustees
Ored to convoy the lands and property claimed by plAtia-
tif-to him, and to account and pay over to him atll m' -
neys received fstnce.the commtencenoaen of tbhi,
Sn accounzit of svch property, after dedueftting the costs,
expenses and reasonatile charges for managing and su.-
peritttdIdtngisuoh property.
The judgment is to provide.for a reference to take
and gatt, an account if either partly desires t. It is to
be drawn up by plaiotiff's counsel, and to be settled
upihts attire of eight deys aftor service of copy of pro-
pou.d judgment before one of the Justices of this Court,
and to bh entered in Erie County.
S We afDex the official statement of the
toils collected on all the Canals of this State in each
of the following years, viz:
1st week in Sept. Total to Sept 7.
1846......s.......... $81.t481 $1.589.259
1847......... ....... (5178 2,32t ,61&
S3848................. 10-?,612 1,7t8.8l[
]89.................. 96,057 1,76i2,I40
&150.................104,621 1,767,421
S1851.................. 103.204 2,041.451
i 1852.................. 103,534 1,840,495
'Decreaseftrom 1851 to Aug 31.............$201,290
Slncieni for the 1st week in Sept., 1852..... 331.
Total decrease...................e. 00,956
ihe Boston Traveller, in relation to -the
Money -market of that city, says ; '.
There is no variation in the M -nay market, notwsth-
standoing a sl'iIIbtly increased demand caused by the
spekiulative fever niw exi-ting in Statb st Six par
cent. cuntinuns the ruling disc-unt rate with etock col-
laterals,. boh .solid and fancy ; where, the latter are
pledged, a wide martinn Is always allowed. The pros-
peaci for the future still looks quite encouraging, and it
ti generally thought that the abundat supply of capt-
tal will continue, with further reduction in rates of in-
terest.: _
THeRSDAY, Sept, 16, 1852 '
ASHES-There is a steady demand far Pearls at $5 56J.
Pot ae s aliable at $4 621. Ssles uf70 bble.
CpTTON is firmer. l,500 bales changed hands to-day at
very full prices. '
FLOUt AND- 'MEAL-Our market for the low grades of
State and Western Flour it steady, with a foir hdmome and
Eastern inquiry, and a moderate shipping demand. Good
brands'of Obhio are in request for es port at fuail smices. The
ifife )or grades are scarce apd. -u f-'r demand for shipping.
Thebhumu trade are btbiog more freely of the bettergrades.
Caeliadian is fi-m and in- fail demand for the Proviaoas.
Sal4s of 860 bbls at $4 37J for Old and $4 50 for New. the
fits sale of the season. The sales of:-Domestic are 6,500
bbll. at $4 25 for State, $4 3! If4i4 51l for mixed to fancy
lMhiongan and Inaiads, and $4 37ik$4 50 for common to
good Uhio. Southern laian better demand fir shipping, anl
the puppjy is still mio4erate o .Sales of 2,000 bbls. at $4 443
$4 2I fo-r mixed to very good brands. and $4 75@$5 374 for
Fancy. Rye Flour is scarce at S 3 b7. Corn Meal is 'les'
acti ye at *. -36 for Jersey .
GA IN-There is a better demand -fr Wheat for export,
particularly for prime, in part to arrive, and at rather better
prices Southern is scarce and wanted. The sales are
nk,t,0o bushels good Lo prime Geneaee at $1 09@$l I L ; 13,000
bushels minxed Michigan at $1 1,2; 1,04'0 inferior -Michigan at
&2Aq ; 2,500 bushels Chicago for oistilling at 1&74c ; 32,50
Bedand '% white Ohio, to arri ie and on the spot, at 96 97c.
for the former, and $. 0Olt&$l 07 for the latter. Some large
salem of Genesese have been made, to arrive, on private
eima s Rye is rcarce an a wanted. Sales of 1.200 oiushela at
84Aio, afloat. Barley is scarce and wanted at 76 78oc. Oats
aie in demand and are scarce at 464)48o for Westemrn and
State 'aind 4iAiSo for Jersey Corn is neot plantcv, the de-
m'ard is less active for the East, anod there is no inquiry for
export. Sa'e of 17,000 bushels at 70c. for unsound, and 701
B1mJc for Westem mixed. No other kind offering.
W.tISKY-Tle market is ashade better, with a god Ade-
mani,,saT..eales of 550 bbls at 24c. fir Ohio, and A24O. for
Priup ; Drudge is inactive at 24-o.
PROVISIONS-Our market tor Pork is rather lower, the
demand is.-fir for the home trade with 'a modaate shipping
inquiry Sales -of 40 bbtl in lots at $l7@$17 124 for
primp..19 l125$19 25 formess $16 75@$.?7 124 for rau.nps,
and .21 .50 for clear. Beef is without chance fo moment,
the retail demand is good auad saes of 25 bils at $IW$16
fei MeMs and $5&$7 for ola prime. Dressed .logs are salia.
bleh ,t POI9e Green Hams from the block, corn-naand 10-c.,
do. Shoulders 5c., and Sides 9c. Lard is firm and 6in good en-
wanRd in part to go out of market. Sales of 250 bhis. asd
lit at 11*211 and 8_0 kegs at lljBtt1. Butter is better,
the supply is short of the demand ; sales of Western dattei
at 7ieic.j,|Ohio at 144@l16t, and Orange County at 2l224c
Cheese is in good demand for export and the trade, at 6
tic. i .. :
VOeOL is steady. Domestic Fleece ia in good demand,
with moderate receipts. 30,000 it sold in loss since Monday
at.36uS&c. Lamb puued is yet scarce and wanted. Soma
-lots gold' at 36l@40c. Foreign Wool is quiet. dome parcels
of Clothing Woolahave been sold, but are not allowed to bh
reported. Carpet Wools are dull and rather favor boera-
Mlarkerkc -...Reborted bll Teteprcpk-
ALBANY', Se$. 16---Rceiots for thl past twentyl-four
hour. FLotL_ 4,000 bbla. COaN, 7,000 bush. BAJ'LaY.,
Stikb0bush WHEAT, 8,000 bush. FLOUK sales of 4ytjl bbl..
at ptevloot rates. WORST I,00 bush. sold ak -AQ8c.c for
Geeses. CORa u samewhat ,ower with few taes c ,,-SO.
bunh, mixed Western said at 67c. afloat. 'OaTsrno wais.
BfaLET sells at 7980c. for two rowed,_sales 5,800 hal.
Tm*THY SEan is lower;Reaped sold at $3 76.

g e e -i 'f p e d id eb .... S iep t is L
Remlfle Mf PedshN,...11fl. 15d
By Nest/s Riser Mete-28i272 bush. Wheat, 11,921 de.
.Coar& 2,92 bblts. Flours 65do. Ashee, t7 do. Whiky, and SO
BriBeta Rads-185 b5i. Cheese and 263 do. Butter.
i New.eHmt Llrvdr--6 boxes Coese, ald 14 do.

CGaOry, bigamy-; *n Harrion, grand larceny; Charies
SImesn, 0; Q hslesGray, do. 'The Grand Jury ontinume
,in session. "... ., ,-

! uBObxLm cT C6UT"-"RtLc GaiswooD Presidius.
T e m case of George Cochran against
Shftb-(Wands, for breach 'of contract, was commenced,-
_ bt 1r concluded. ,
-.'Th CalS derfor to-day (17thi) is Nos.2, 5, 159, 24, 2, M,
27, 28; .31, s2.
r iWTQUEST.-Coroner Donly, of Grave-
,ea b'6el. an inquest on Wedneaay upon the body of a
\04oed man, found in the water nar Fort Hamilton De-
c appeared to beh about twebty-five years of age, and
w 6drea8e1-in the gasb of a sailor. The jmry returned the
vjdict of .'tDeatb fiom some causesorcaus unknown to the
ji ri", An ether body drifted ashore-ytesiday, upon which
a ALeAtill be held.

ictitnpment will commence on the 27th inst., and continue
r' iurte days at East New-Yo'k. The troops consist of
Briadier General Durya's Brigade, comprising throe regl-
*1ents, one of avaln and artillery, a-d two ofCinfntry.
viz 13th Col. Abel Smith 14th, Col Jesse C Smith, 70th,
Col. Philip S. Crooked, on the 2?th. Gov. Hunt will review
the troops. ''

ig of the Whigs ofthe several Wards of this city, ahld
it' evening, for the purpose of electing Delegates to
meet in Convention with 'Delegates from the Seventh
and Thrteenth Wards of New York, to nominate a
eCndidati for Congress fdr th 'Filta DIstrict, the fol-
-lowing entlemei were cniosnti First Ward.-H'B I,
Gee, J. H. Isfaacson. Second Ward.-Daniel Chlohester,
'Wi. H.iGuischard. ThOd' lard.--John Rose, George
C. Preaton. "
meeting ,pf the County -Delegates yesterday afternoon,
at Stelldbwerf's Hotel,. MilC. M. Briggs, of Williams.n-
brgh, received the nomination for Member of Assembly.
From what we could-learn, thie nomination is satlsfac-
tory to the Whigs of thiq city,. Mr. Brigs is eminently
qualified for the office.
Convention held yesterd.hyat- Stellenwerf's Hotel, Mr.
John D'Prince, of .Flatbiish,,was chosen a Delegate to
the Syracuse State Cdh9eftfon, hnd Mr. James Hanford,
of Wlllamsburgh, wa'i chosen Alternate Delegate.

EVENING SCHOOLS.-The committee of
e Board of Education h*ave made arrangement to open a
frnte ey.ening school on, Monda evening next, to continue
throughl the winter. Pqblib '.hlool N9. 4, situated at the
corner of South 4 antfl 0iifhs:.-,isto be dccupid forthis.ur-
p6se. -,Mr. John W. B`y', Pincipal. of.he First. Ward
B;hooand Mr. Wm n.ABt 06ftheW'ad 'rd Sdholo are
to be tfie teachers. Ba'r'(ii .redsUtjghed fortheir
aliliyfis'a teachers. Tlie', o'br.''ddaoi will also pro-
videm'e -school with -Jahtfkobs arid stationary are
required. ^ .^ ^

WHIG MEETING,-This evening the
Whigs of Jersey City will'.assemble at Washington
1all to' bear Hon. Frederi0k T. Frelinghuysen and
othersdelivet addresses. -'These meetings eash week
until the election. *Eminent: speakers are engaged for
each occasion.


^ The paving of ihe principaulstreets in
tl s village is now fairly, nvder way, under the direction of
t h Town Committee. The'eontractors have agreed to hbirn
'*al finished by ninety dayd frbm the commencement Much
-anr dAt iddue to Edwin A. Stevens. Esq, for the energy he
,'h< displaynd in fre arding this and many other matters for
thes beaefit a the citizens of Hobosen.

n Leneardsvile,Tf. Y., Sept. tbhyr ev. L. B Starr, Mr. WIL-
L2 ASM STILLMAN ofPlainfield, N. Y., and Miss SUSAN BRAND,
of LeOuardsviilieN, '.
S. lo.nFntirld, N. Y., Slpt. 7, by Rev. L. B. Starr, LEWIS DAY,
i 'iiitihrd, N.y .,and MhizokMai Fi5SHER.ofPlainfieldN. y.
"i : Uztdilha Fotks, N. Y.. Sept. 8. by Rev. L.B. Starr, -r.
N4Tfi At. IEt ii.. LAKIE, CI U'MB,of Unodinl'Forks, N. Y.
At A Ibany, on Tusoday. Sept. 14. by Rev. R. T. Wade, Mr. J.

from ctie trace; hbut to-day there has, been cerl.,ialynMTbok4
inquiry and 846 hhda. WVet Iuoi have been sold, in so '.
'in--taic rs.act d advance, making the quanitity oru the -akWeeK
2.6t5,'hhds. O19T0O baga Maera, Matihutiosand BengeLat'
atoniou baTe mostly found buyers at full prlcs to 6d deairen.
270fuhres, 80 bbl<, Porto Rico, and 1.1i0011Ioxhes yiJIuA*Ha-im
vanafferfed psiblicly were nearly a In bbehic in' above tne
value. This bes been a quiet week lb Fireigo, the siles
hivrg' been conlonud to a cargo of ,:fsO boxes yellow. HB' .
vale (No 17t at 24,6, afloat tor Tria8.t and 30 boxes land-
ed St 37/6/'40f/6. In the Contiuental ports usiniss is inaeo-
ttvl. Advices received to-day from St Petersburg notice
small forced sales o. white Havana at. Rn. 2j.o* 2Pa. .
'ALLOW is firmer today a 389/'139/3 oft the spot,. and
88/9 lor the last three months of the year. '
TEA-The. e is mure inqair for common Couognufor export '. '
at 8'o. V 1b Other aians min moderate demand, witroft mta-
terial change In prices
TIN extremely firm at our last quotations Tin' Plites in
good c.emad at 21/6@i3/ tor I. C..Coke, and 28/&29/ I, L .,
Cbai cnaL
STu p PENTINF-BFouh isvwanted by our drawers, whbo have
paid 9/ fr 2.0(0 bbla. in warehouse. Spirits scarce, anm
British has advanced to 37/.
Ii WHALF.BONE ni-tbing done.
AMERICAN STOCKS'--The supply of Federal and. Stat..
Stocks is meoerate and held generally at limits ubove r '.'. ,
market prices. I Railroad Bpnds little doing bdve'd .om" -
trasbctirons ifil rieJ Rahoad First and Second-Mortgage a" t ,
105J and 9.6, -. ...,
Wright, Gendy & Coa.s .Liverpool ,lrcinlar ..
Per A iagara j" 'No. 34 CHAPEL-ST, ld Septj 1852. .
Our circular aAviies of the 27th ult. reported the CoT vr b '.
market as closing that day with sales of 10,000 bales. Oa
the following day the demand fell dff, and tLha usines wa-. ,..
regtrite tt i o 5,000 bales, occasion- I purchases b.inf effdtetld
at a slight cor cessin on the'quotations of Friday t .Th&NLU-
agara arrived about midnight. but her advices produced no-
change on the opening pnces of Monday, and operations
weoe restricted to 6,i000 hales. tuesday's transicriobhs were.
to a similar exten%. The Pacific's accounts to hand'on
Wedntsay had no influence .either wa, and tha sales of
the, iay summed up 7.VI0 bales. Yesterday 7,10u bales era
rerptted to have changed hands Holdecs continue to tnqet
the.inquiry with qualitv as required. althonnghn^eooudstaltfe
COTTOS iis.difficult to be found in. quantitv, auB''d- yseib -
ho'4ing rack sock in the experttioa"' of advanced'rates '
ruling btfrH impoqrtu of new COTTON d'ca 'take Rlace to any
exien t. On the .whole, the market may be consideredd firm.
but'without aiii'mation .' ... : .
The -total, taies of the week' (as P details in annexed
statement) amount to 5,8';0 bales, of which speculator'
havb taken 138,11t..and exporters 54460, antd" include 85.290
Ametican, of which 6,870 are to specslacers, aid 3,680 to
expbrters 3 ... t -
Tbe import for the same time is 27,452 bales, of whick
20,1M6 ae American. '
PRICES To- DAY -New-Orleans Fair, 6j4d. to 64d.; Mid-
iling..-,d ; Otdinarv, 4+d. to 5d V 1. Mobile Fair. 6d. ;
1Miudlitg,'54d. to S :; Ordinary, 44d to 5d lfb. *tlaatia, '.
Fair, 6a; lfiddling 5 -d ; Odinarv, 4id. to 5d. I 16. '.
To daythereis an improved inquiry, and salesreach 10,00 .
balei, (2,001. to speculators and exporters,) the market clao- -
ing firml, although freely supplied by holders .
1 he actual stock of-COTTON on hand made.up to last eveW-
irg is on excess of the weekly estimates, but differs so artt" '
fling as sercely to call for comment;- the surplus tboig ft '
Brazil. WestI j.dia and East India descriptions, while'i. "
Amenioan it is slighnlv helow the week ly estim tes. ..
Sd lit Ie-ot novdlty has occurred since our last issue, that
we are almost deprived of further arument calculated to is-, -
tenejt those engaged in this l-rauch of commerce. That the -
present season a sh. uld have advanced so far without casual-
ties bf any kind to the growing crop, is wit-out precedent
but is regarded here as the most fortunate occurrence for the'"
future course of tar1e, and it is to be hoped nothing may 0o-
cur to dispel so flaftAring a prespeft fir a large supply. U.
like form-r years, we are more likely to 'receive correct in-.
formation on this subject from the mere fact of so little o i,
our present stock teing hel. on American account, and hence.
the chances ef over-estimating the probable yield -of nextA
season than otherwise, a circumstance closely watched an '
this side, and causing much firmness with speculative hold&
ers as well in establishing confidence among spinners gone-
rally. The latter although fully engaged are making bo t
small, if any, inroads on their stock, but continue purchase
in this market for present necessities. de report from Mancheater continues highly satis.-
factory, large orders offering for both Goods and Yarns at
fua prices. The business doing is however limited in extent,
from the fact of preduoers being unable to deliver in any-
thing like a reasonable time. Stocks of 'both may be said to
be exhausted. '
The E ,stern accounts are not of a cheering character, but
have less influence than under other circumstances would'
manifest iieif.I
Our Grain market bhas not exhibited any marked' chaae .
since ewo last. The weather has teen broken, although aoct
altogether injuious to crogs still in the field. gf which them-
is not much now remaietnig in this neighborhood Specula-
tive demand has for the time being apparently subsided, aud "
consumers purchasee soanngly of all articles. WHEAT ha .
suffered a decline of 12d. 70lbse. and thl l'quiry for IN-
DIA)* CORN has been limited at. nominal paicns. FLout at
good quality ishe'd at2l/ bbl., below whichprice bnyes
are part with stocks,_ oonosoqlentlyA qnietfeel-
Ins prevails. A good deal of neatc d and otherwise oat of con-
diinqn :Fldur is offering, a;irregniar rates At to-day's market
the attendance was but moderate, although there was a fair -
bosuiesa doing.' WHEAT was more inquired for, withbeac
bhasee innvalne. FLOuRs *a in good demand frrha tente-
rior, atfull prices for trmet qaalnty. INDIAN CORN on the
spot was neglectd, but for cargoes to arrive there was more
Inqdiry at la rates Subjined is thae usual table of lB
Hlmrt eF'rt. ric r.e . F .
"A.HES aCO It moderato request, Pots at 24ffi, Pearls.$! Sif

to 20lecwt.
BARK-Sales of 150 hhds. of Philadelphia firsts-are repme.
ad at?/ P OWt L
BEEsWAx--The n-maiketis bare; nominal pricflee /.
jB 7 15/. .. ..
TALLOW-NO transactions have taken place; ,
L*an has eban gedhands at 5 s!, '..wP t. ftor about.S .ifa# .
rURPEN11ra- iSu Bm' tefl supply,.-..nd-&r want .of o :..
"tRf'iLSdFatbc ri~te- oman,.. ,,-wt; .W..ff1.
ins feds theb6mdte iiilted. l -
TIAR has been in better request and sales embrace 11W
bbls. atill4 ,1 l bbLt
IEsme nMWOMs forMer rte ef 3/4 fov C mmsw aimf.,

_ .... T I

Ue.; 500 bbls. Flour, 5Ga, and 400 bbls. Ashei at s4.
j There S a moderate busiaessm doing forntMferala. The
slp Nebraska is reported sold at $25,000. '
There is a more active demand for Mo4.-
ey,s is usual on Thursday, but the supply is equal to
the demand. Some of the Bankng houses and some of-
the Banks are less flush thansthey were a month since,
4 the Western and 'Southern deposits are how being
rawn on freely. This depletion will continue to go on
f r seme months. The Wesmrn Railroads in course of
,astruction are absorbing a good' deal of Easteraeapl-
taI, but it returns rapidly to us. The current rate to-
day is 5 per cent;, and some loans are making at 6 per
cent. on call. Paper goes at 6@7 per caut. for first-
cdass names, with occkslonally a transaction at a lower
The foreign news is not important.
Conisols closed at 100%. Bell's quotations for Amer.
ican Stocks are :
Redeeatblea Pfidea
U.S.5 eint.Beods.................18IM 971 09
U, S. 6 V cent. 1862 103 0104
U. S. 64 cent. Bonds............... 1868 s108i10oi
U. S. 6 seent.,Stocka................167-1868 l106Ij107i
N. Y. State 5 ceat Stock...........1i58-186i 97 a W
Pennsylvamia Stock. ................. 87 N 88
Pennsylvania 5 cent. Bonds....... 1882 95 t 95
Ohio 6 y cent. Stock....................170-1875 104 a105
Massachuisetta 5i cent. Sterling BdA.. 1868 109l 1q[ll
Maryland 5 V cent. Sterling Bends..-. 96I4 97J
Virglita 6 fP cent Bends.............1. 886 9j9J1
K antucky 6 jP cent. Bonds............ 1868 99 l10e
iTbniessee 6 cent. Bonds........... 1890 98 99
Conuda 6 f cent. Sterling Bands...... 1874 113 @114
'.Bbton City 5 cent.-Bonds....:.....a1858-1862 94 95
I -6 ontreal City 6 cent. Bonds....... 1857-1865 8 87
. Npw.York City 5 cent Stock....... 18M5-1970 95 0 -
''There' no 'material change in the Bullion market,
which, as regards Dollars, is still supplied, a'portlon'of
tbe'Meicaen remittances being yet unsold. 'Bar Silver
is still in for the East, and supply moderate. Prices are
steady itfdrmner quotations. Money is easy, and with-
out change.
Foreign Gold in bars (Standard)...... o.... oz.... S 17 9
Foreigh bart (Standard)-.......... oz....0 5 0O
Gold.Cuin, Potugat pieces ................eaoz.... o.3 15 4
Gold Coin, Doubloona, F attiot... 4Ptozs ....3 14 0
Gold Coin, Dounloons, panish............ oz....3 17 i 6
Gold Coin, Napoleonse......................oz. ....i 15 0
Gold Coin, 10 Guilder pieces............... oz... 3 16 0
Silver Coin, Mex. ad S. Amer. Dolt...... ', oz.. ..0 4 J0O
Silver Coin, Spaniis Pillar Dolt........... Voz.... 0 5 0
The Bank of Republic at Washinton is
withdrawing its circulation.
We notice a private sale of $30,000
Missouri ,ixes for banking purposes. Also, $20,000 City
of Norfolk 6's at par and several parcels of Railroad
bonds, in the aggregate $50,000, at full prices, including
some Buffalo and New. Yotk City at 92.
SWe understand that the'Dfrectoris of the'
Cumberlapd 'Coal and Iron Conmpny av their meeting
labt evening, resolved.that the ahate-hdliaBrs iall havd'
the right to take the reserved stock, amounting to $1,-
ob,0o00, to enabled the cooinany to complete its capital
of.$5O,000.,000, It is stated the'present stockholders will
have the right of taking the stock of 75 per cent. and the
amount not thus taken will be distributed to the public,
The impression seems tube that the whole amount will
be absorbed by the stockholders, and that the stock
henceiorth will rule at much higher rates.
: The6 amount received at the Sub-Treas-
ury is $93,065; Paid $63,244; Balance, $6,693,751.
Up to a late hour this afternoon no in-
telligence had been received in the street in regard to
the Pennsylvania Central Railroad Loan. The par-
tie Interested in the bid were anxiously awaiting the
result of the opening, and the ability of our Philadelphia-
neighbors to manage financial affairs was not very high-
ly cdmplimented. Had the opening come off in New.
York, the bids would have been declared and half the
bohds resold at a profit in lots time than has been taken
by the Phlladelphlans to make the awards. At a late
hour we received the announcement that the loan bad
been taken by H. C. Fisher for the houses of Baring
Brothers and Rothechilds, at $103 20 for every $100,
as wiil be seen by a telegraphic dispatch in another col"
'The books of the Lebanon Springs Rail-
tead Company are to be opened on Monday next: .:
;Tbe following decision by the Supreme
Court for the Eighth Judicial District of this State, is
published in theBuffalo'papers of yesterday:

---- ---- ,

. .. -
_^ ___ .. -..: ' *.* .. .. .'1 .j^ O T


Baring Brothers & Coo's, Circular.
Pir Niapzra J Lobnon, rifday; Sepa 8-s p.,,Ig'
Wentinue to'elms e want of active inm the ea-r
eoial and Foreign Prsduce nearkets; while nudor the!,innftw
ence of extremely-five weather. the Corn trade has beeat
veWY dull Cotton maiontaias ita value. Mbneny rmain"e.
very abundant ; the Bullin ia the Rankt ofEngland amnns "
ed try the laot return to 91 2871.96 New Dollars 4/j1t-"
Bar Silver 5/ f'. Consnle left. off' l4P'10t4 for f oney 9B
tbw Overand Mail, which left Botnayon 24th July, w
have received advies from alcutta to -14th Julya"d ato
Ilauritias to th Jlne. 1 J d .' 3
COCEtAsaL is neglected, and of 270 bafr at auction tbis
week, ha. ely ore-haf has found boyPra on ratheraasierte.r m "
Tesenriffe 4 @44/1. Hooduruas Silver 3/753/1 1 ; B' ak4/j .
The presei t stock is n 1,2(h bag- against .5.452"-bgs last year
ICOCOA--Sulas have been cr fined to 100 bags Trinidal a
32/ fornmid. to53714for good red. -.4
.COFFEE-W e havebad a fair Semand from the trade, ant'
the eraterppa rof9-I assta Ma8 begs Plantarion Ceylonat'
atcor han fuamoued buers at full piices. and 800 bags Natvy. '
lhe changed hands ast4o4'1/544/5 .Oalfh bales Mocthas. ,
public sale broupbht73/6@'8/ for fair to good clean sarbled
cargoof 4,600 bags good first Rio bas been sold floatingeSt
craet terms. believed'to be 35/3j -w t At the Trizng
' Company's fl'.ts2ale, held at Amsterdam ea S30th ultimo, the
hole quantity (M43 379 bags) found buyers from 24@33 fen '*
fbr ordinary small bpan to good brown, being for the comms ,
ki, da rather under the vacations. 242.440 h ia were'toe .
offered yesterd ay astRcterd amst. i he reFnlt- f whlh:we oia
lharn to-das by telegraph. From the utherCoatiientalporta,
we have little ofintereet to cnrommunicate as buyers h old oL
penning the resui' tef the Dutch sales The sale, it is ssai.
has-gnne off weil, and color sorts rather dearer.
S.-.COPPCR-Smelters are unwilitue selers at 102 10/i"
file and Cake, and 105 10j for besttelected. Shelzn .
lil1- Yellow Metal 9d.,
T e CORt trade ha seen dull through the week-the Sat-
ural result of the very floe weather; and rapid progress if
nmake ig In he Barvent in tho North. where theCronuar '
m.ost favorably reported on. The supply of English WHrAT
t n Mondny conhisied mostly of the new crop, whicht'was
ce) tainly in a very ba( e-,ndition, prices raogife:fom f 1om41
36/ for red, and 2/@44/ for white. Fiae old WHEAT boSt -'
English anid Forelin, was held firmly for the previous velnet' '.
but other qualities were 1/ 2 /-/ cheats er to seU 120/65 .'
theextrme quotsations for United States FLOUR. Sprint ,
CoRs ienerasy fim There has beenvery li tle doting- i.
Floating cargoes of WHEAT or InDIAN CORN, and both mvA
bie crnsidtere rather lower .
COTTON-Hlders r coinus firm, but the sales.,with-lus
- nbt Pxceed 1,4( 0 bales at f rmer rates. At Liverpool them
ba been .a moderate business doing. without ch-nse sin val-
ue :. md. Orleans was quoted yesterday at ia d., 1b
'DRUGs,&c.-Trasmactions have been quite limited in th
absence of public sales we notice all sales of Castor OR'
at 24@31d.: ordinary Ceylon Plumbago at ,5/, and Beeswax .
.from 6 12/6&8. 750 beigs Pegue Ciutch at auction: on
Wednesday, were withdrawn, .18/, only having: bean bidt
Gambler held at 19/. Camphor dull at 90/. Turkey Opinut
18/. Qu'ckeilver.2/7@2/8. ,. .
HEMP-St Petersburgh and? Manilla unaltered. 1,700 bales
Jnte have bioughi an advance'of [0/ ftr the better qualit#e
selling fr.,m 1.l4/r'414 for common to good.
*iNDiPO-T Vd,-c..qs.from Calcutta ,-to 14th July, received
3 oi Sltatlmo,,reportnp.,weather as unfavorable for the
Moat of there .'li1 ,
plant, n'. there has bee -n active speculative inquiry
imce. tMoast of the'holdeas,4ihowever, having withdrawn
frbm. the market, the busijesshas been confined to about 700
chests Bengal, at the extrenq prices ef. last sale for bought,-
.-min lots to ld.'r.2d. advancee for entire marks.` The next sales
are fixed to commence on fith proxin. o, and 6;5,0tchess are
alreadydy declared. Our stock on 1slt instant oonsisted of '
'80,044 cheots and 1.279 serons, ag" ast.37,292 cheats 1.891 sen
rmnson o tSeptember. lIt. . .. j
-Tre IRON trade has become more' active,'and a large
business has been done In Welh.: Bare at 5 .5/, and ia
Bpils at 6 ^ .tun. free on hoard at the, works. Scotch Pi'
bhas aio been dealtin largely. aed' mixed 'numbers are qnbr
quoted firm at 4513&45/6 on the Clyde.F. reatn ifi limifedre. ,
caebt, and with an order in han.Id wecould to-day hap'-
Swedist somewhat uer tl.
IVORY-..i4 tuns 'lepbants,' Teeth ahauction have bel ., .
realizer d at P bout the previous value, pricds ranging from f.l:
'l0iSS 35 b per cwt. 3", .t
LiNrEEo-We notice small sal of Galu0-, 44/0 >
acargoof Black Sea fir arrival at 43/3 o,. dfli4erad, wd on.t. .
of Fgyptian on the way at 40/9, Cnstfieightfaud.l-. -.
-lurance. --
LuirSEE./AKES&tWe"l'qudte best oblongg Ne S.'Q t >. '..
Barrels i8'71/6s ,10/; Boston in Bag is.2 .4 ts-','
Orleans in rasks 7 '10/, "ad in fair request t .o- ,"
dull a- 7 151. -
OILSt--All kinds of Fish are-dull; we quote'Spo -' .-
h, So. tberm 3.3S 35, Seal 323i4 10/. Cod 5$.i.. -
Ciive is now held firmly at Stlr55. Palm 29/ '. Foregi'n
RApe quiet a 33 6 tor refined, and 31/6, for brown ; for thi ,
ensi of-the year something 'has 'been done toreefied at 34/. "
Linseed has sold more freely at 29/ S>29/S on the spot. an& '.,.
27y3)27/ 6 for monthly eliveries from October to Jasuan -'
Oext : it c9o0e5 firmly at 29/3. '* " .i,.
JI~CE is very quiet Of 2I 50,' ba's at 'uctio :0 'ae.v o ."-'
hafi bes funtd 'nuyprs at rather essIrna-es'-'Angal R'J'-''
10/61 Medna 8/63)9/6,Aricad 8/d8/5/, Moul $S" 9-)6"s.
$ALIPET'R is firm. The tao'e'nfnont-It" d'rintoa4.d
fo 4(0 tuna to-day, the p-ine not yet kM'^, A&t auction
2,00bhags. Mlisr8s, retrectimg t1 lbs b ' .24/3 We
qojo e her gal 355/329/. with soles by prickYtra'c~tct of ap-
ward s-f S,(Itoh bacs wtyihin that. ear ge "--., od sta
SPELTER- A speculative Ade sod' hai'TeiftBa, adao
1 .5( 5U, ftus as 5.d to have changed handsat acprices ranging .
fiom .6 7/eBi6 15/, and it is nowkheid it the& rate
fslt er. '. '
SPICES-We notice sales of 260 bbls. Jamaica Ginger at; "
iS/SIoJJ23/i with 0 cases Malabdr at 3.2/i32/6 S$-.50 sags Pi-
mrento a43-d.r5|d.; and 520 bags good heavy Malahar Black
Pof-pet at ad., with,71h bigs. tood white 'Sisga.ore' at -
6d.,60'i., ai d a few baga fine relliche-r'v atu 1/l45l/3.' r -'"
SouxR.-,'e t Lvetiiad 'a moderate demand this weeik -

7-of1NOak1111w r mrerti' yir et~brh a, VolMILew jTork" 11111erva, reovm, Fal gRiver I"JW.OF"h
Vil f .tff 0pew abllJa." nmnst, Naylar, 07enlgot, n gn, wn l No.An!
Mjlml~. P~p~r~. 7O219 ", ew-Grle eP1. 4 Cid, u Tl geode
e. I- - .t 9n. - ,
S Ji- m & t 1.... ..G I E P--.- ,- e am.,"o E.TA-' 8* and Indies; Ise1r e. 0M t D --

Wik, o- Yor k;.Ia.hW. C.L.Bayl s, T ipisdartIlf hoo
MOTy at p.16 m d Lar R-4A0D-h~- .,*-- a a~kkC to V czgte. wiseam e w H.eo ,^i.'_ n doy. vaVe,13t] ,< IM f
"Am. 30 Whae 316liuBjRdoilwfor wea ofOW*-la.t,< irtar... alami^ -" Sept. 14 ArrrS Q sr1 DkLR
]Rkiardsonk Mrotboln 09s, 1o~.4roulai W IF
a l* iiallpaJrs tbwz CooC9h e., 3d, i.A B1Si-evt 1^Arr. mr. C. L. Layie^.ot1 P -Joeph Ih B., ohi : Ja eehh
jtflJ~aar~j LIVRPOO, 9h MO, 3. 1W. 1By ee~ pbia 14th. sloop Chief SimmnnS7 Now YnOTk. *-CUT:
ft thIs Mor n 0 e the ba been very one A COARLESTUN, Sept 13-In the Offivg, hip Joh Rtile, Horatio I W
IrdktritW A in Irland to "care the crops in good Gon'd- iscol 7;) brigsA.hirdWTurksnIshndr; ;e Barbdoes,frAuxa Cayes.g Went to seabr. Mgn Woodh.W Jacksoville. aF..;. Pat-
1 IlattbedayshveewIIItie buArn bIChasbeeno. ClioSvennah ; whalink sch".Virginian,Harriet Neal and Lou JonedoM lP o sst John S. I
aW Mid the saleoforp d p withe4sbbls. rmand 60 black fiFhooil; *chra. Mary LaPw.on, s d. ;Keand at blc fish o. Wild, G a Lan-ion,
]ba panlS Lim sbip: most uf which, from New-York, have New-York ; Ceylon, New York for Rangor-13thh ust offCapa Cod yers. d. t' F bie do.
v! atM/1 i^1jpso17/and 181 boi,sandlPartis lat 19/aad twed in here. Abho arr ship Parliament, from Liverpool. ORD, Barlow.MilltomPointfor -; Gazelle, Conrb.PbiladslO
-f Ot"Oe nttir k. rave been q-ite neglected Cid. sbipe Dolphin. Eat Indies ; Trimountain. St John, B pis er Noburyport is brigp Vidave Belle. (Br.) Dawon.1 Fred. Be
4t owr market thi morning we had oonly a a brigs Flrs, Mananilla. Aqpinwafl ; ochre. Elizabeth,Alba-, I o f St J N Cbilor, Li.ekb*.t. do. for W schi'i.
p nr to bny fine W neista than on T isdav. and such we do SALEM, Sept. l--Arr. bark r oobirco. Buenos Ayres. j.iffora, but the Boaton; Preser, avlaced rathe more d is poe my; Wiberam NE)d(o
O~cHtt Iceanerbut L~adin aoatieabioe mre e ieC--*~~ do~t fr Salm; Nacd Blkefore ,New Yrklfoe.orlaad; lnhn A T nt TknnforCosta JohaA MA
@Xacxt* [cheaper -but ,amadien qualities being more or lessSaem .J' .A
lrtedand oofmion warrahr lowerwhther Dlaaste & State, Garder do. for atucket; Richmond. HallNPhiJ idol- Pie. SN
P hip or e "VeY f-W samples of god Flur were on CLLo.-The hip Atetic, t t port from New.0rliai. r t P o Orleans, rSalemn; SaL*. Br Yor /0;,^atg^v Mot
au sd.,pweh, were heJd for vezy fill prices, which the Ports thton the 6th inst, at 8 F M., in lat. 28.Ion. 79. came in con- lvup.osdoflirRock land; S JUSTICId fo
Bakerd .ti ot'reaeily comply with, and on the whole, butact with Br. bark Calista. The A. W oasthe starboard tack, wn Bso 09B. Wre David d. for Prln Alar VinM t
JR m~esrsord l E.. the ship heading N. N., W.. the bark on the opposite tack bldlpi o otn 4h ayWs.CoieRc
b-ial..R without ed.age in value or demand Old amd was struck on the starboRichmpnd, having spli foresail'while biting up over .P
J TNDXANCOR WBhu hoei au rdeadOd ^^hmt A^id,- 14th, alln f the abo/?e exciept Mary Wise CinR
Q JPAEAL qvite neglected, but choice new met rather m. -)rd futin the mhte and vine of bar crew came on board of' 's WI.J.Va1rs ..irh
t~tin hanealir i te ee. &furir avaceof ing dkrk und ishe soion out of'sight they remained on pl~j ound.Ti
s40'inion than earlir in the week. 4 farcher advance of oudi~e~ee ofy^York, (see disasters;,) bark Montauk, Brtown, Ncpw-yrk,(D 6disaB. onsDCapGienritiElhleBaian
our damage 1U, be the lot s of" flyin 'ilabom, and a 4 onsiderable Yr,(e iatr a
111.r viter demanded fjr Fgptian BEANS cheeked busti- piece of the cutwater knocked off Sbortened, Bai and laid by for ts. Win Tv
St6M Old OATS continue without Inquiry, and for new the the bark through the night but did not He@ her untildayliht, ani GLOUCST S R? -Arr. s W HsA from
._erdleddull at 2/41 2/5 for white, an & .Y /324 rt aay. then h .e was eight miles reward W ent to her. found 'he nad r, fro
]iWortm from abroad since thit, day, week : _HAT, lost hermain topast, main mast below the top, remand fore top k .i14hrohiev.-SWHENRY R. COSTARo
i yaquaht oe mp; INDIA N C O&N, 78 0rqNerte r;;, FLOUR, 15, 31 bNisil yard m ain top sail yard, to e hi rrson Beverly
02P qandl~tebsac;s.NDIpNrt: N 1678v qutrttre oFLOUR, N ; e~ curses. bulwarks cut, a number of stanchious bruke, and plank- f r Now-York
mo 1-145auks Exports.wqlr;"fCONi~ T S d~:.? kNB UNT' Sept. 14-51d.i brig Helvellyal Goldthwaj' Wil- New.'of.eti~tZ8._______
E34, d i AT-- 1 .. shear damage badly; otoesd fhsfoeolwrdorbt
ii4 u HET.amid put his men on board. He thought to got in to Saysannah, as it miniOB1 F. SeC. 9-
This day's' value of AmeiicanWea el: tore an s nwnot ar off, al d repair his d In St 10. Ion 79 3 1e1
3yemivs)Jvenia white WHB&T,. 6//406/6; extra choice Gen-. w the bark Grampue, of Beirut a aeering north The calista waS ept. 'i- r Wm. ti. De War. 1;1hh Alle
Some, peftctly clean. 6/0I. Ohio FLOUR, none; fhiiadl. from lHonduras. bornd to Jersey, 10 days out, loaded with mahog .\ Sid.bri An D BhSba lei Cbm Ia, W' pride e
pls|Bd .linlore,20/ti21/ Westerns and Canada, 20/ any and rosewood. 'aelphiaI H. W. Benedict, do.; John Wesley, Albany; Osc .
W20l6 t Patials sndlid ura R'01916. Inferior, 161/1t7 and 1' SepJ 14-A bi Louism. Baton, istck, Houte*er
311SVbill; I FYridcliw I 37/VSH P80t6 or 26/eI618 frow Now-Yr,Y^ Is LntA L h olktelt urcn earao0^ Dart,~^Te^ ^ call of' 0 r~n^~~te^
.-f, b;WD1 COAN-Yellow, 29/S09/6; 1 lixed, none. therDouble Headed.SfotiKeys, near athor andh wtei
.Wi~ rer eter te coutofte op narrow escape. She lost fore and malin topsails and fore-stay mail bePh.iee n
111.iyt4^.^??i "O'vs the.tesenni of the Crop come f~^dr~i~fe:wf~~' T^ Senatorr. Phillips, Dighton for. do.. 61d. schr. Hope W. Gan d Phil- of the viiBe~,wdl ltd;t from double reefs. Ner decks were filled with water, starting mid- Seao.P,|I
(a "Ale;wakatvaue naterd.ship house. cabin Odoors, &c. No amg a endsoee o LE
-: ;' ---- S~bnt there my have been ome. Spt. NorS S~tthe ,NORFOLK. Sept. 14-Arr. 4cbrs. Volant. Oslborn. N. Ynr -JAEM.UR Y. OATA W.LEN
"='cargo, but there may have been some. Capt, Norris states thathaa A h
58' ']rowM JShpley & Mo. s Circular S gale was terrific; that be was tully prepared for it; had his ihip be- Hap Mclnm. bar-uonJ Ba fin.
fsenaaot te.] LIVERPOOL, Friday, Sept 3,1852. she ween th eaa boun d to Rio;sBr.rschuer. Faeicame roond James M
SAytolike ato. Thinks he had not the worst of the gale. Batiorvoud
There tre been a steady good demand for COTTON since Tim RZZ axMONAKCatBrwhihlf oYrk1hofbudo arx
"aeptueof the last steamer, with an improvement of Awgsut. arrived at Galveston in 16 days, after a pleuasat passgof NWUYOTSet 4ArbigPtoRcy! hl Jas4
1b.e in Fair Oz leans and Mobiles, paused by an export fair leading winds. About the time of the hurricane shewasff the aet. c Jo
U i f ibr thse qualities, but witbont the learn; ad~vauca in N E. Pont vfAbaco, but nothing ofthe gale was felt the.]NTUKSpt 4Arsc.BaSaeGdnri.' .
61164 liecmptions. the" sides for the weak easding last even EXxRA021 FROM A LETTER to Ellwood Walter, Esq., Secretary f bWRDOD et 4Ar cr aeHne;Ujhp er&
Ing eg,87bales. with 13,10 to pecuators, and 5,460 the board of'U,,derwrters,dated HAVANA t shr,, aielMaCit.
*0 1exportere. I infiTn med you, on the 3d inst., of the disaster ark P L PH Sept. I&- A.ship MayFlower. C keo
We. aay Le bustnes in estimated at 10, 000bales, of wh~ch Charles Brewer, and to the ship Suffolk. On the following day I domiderry0 bark Piedmonteh Wm Piotoe, N. G. bg fe .
",aeto the trade at the foliowi~g quotattions: Irair Or- Pwedletonard .sFwndDayuPdrthmtuthe N Brewer had e t o
_Jlas4 ia; af. Mbio 6d. ai Ulad, d. liid.and beerA iun ashore in the Bay of Cardeuas, to prevent her fi.lmg ibr
asa th. a oie,6d;FarUlns d;Md sze pumps sould barely keep her free. I haveochartered the tsara rvdne uimn adn, otn- jo ~rs y
Ahsg Orleena.n5 11-16d. ; ladling Mobiles. 5i -.Middling Prittis to prot eed at once mind receive the cargo (ofJhewnagranite)oWimington,'dNllce; V Walter
r]alw~lr, 9.-j6d ; Inferior and Oi~dinary, +4.&q v16 to take it to Penscl.T1 ~r ii)m iuh on oti otB iig da on
-U e sdanceswith a ltely established c m the quar and repaired. She i buteixmonthsold.T i t. 14-Arr. Br. brig Onslow Higgin, oseph
4Brly reirn of trhe Stock of Cotton la this pnrI hai been T e ship Suffolk. (from Boston to New-Orleans,) was lightened NS. Clbri S'yrfarderas. Harvey
1a11G Lr, d prove@ to be 617.0,0 bales, of which 470,9011 are by taWing out six or eight launches of care, and landing it'at Car- PROVIDENCE.Sept. i4ht, Rr. bri Z r Hrington.11- JameW.
American, bein within 9.000 bales off hefprevious elat S imtes dense and the ship was fCnawl i got offand brought into Card gcjw, the S. Aug. 8 ; MEephy.

and~em aa a 027O isad now/@ i j b a tl b to brital ye IOB A suve wilb ed n h eut Mr nHly hldlh. 9. Diknsn "a^dy Ph4 of J1S O TH)Iapc
The total steeIl ac tbia period of l -t year was computed sHnP st aibrtha. atm Bosrve for wialparaio. Ju:l y 2n Jortin, JHof
06 7,260 bales, of which 470,8.70 bales were Americatn moist vrobainly will be that she wilcoerudtthspttobr- ebi;W.TmaDvPiaepia;lppCmmJnV
22-dea ndfor r l hr ired, ard eathe r gods reahipped o F r-olphin J1. To a Javis
ThoY s and o Tere is ancer bark, snid to be bound from Jamaica to, the l e comid. schr. Seneca, Ward Tp ' c
a,"'Sttes. went a ore on the Reef near Cruz del Padr eN ,r a
v -- We h no in our CORLN market worthy of notice. of thhe 7Phain. A I p, of ; 14h ii J. W eI
WEIkAT Pontibesh n fair demand at 5/ 41# 5/ 9 for Red,to 6/ We bare just heard, that the ship or brig Edward, ofAlexaB
1T8ep'7 orWhcteof FLoURgaesdoffafreely at h/6b21/ is Ptbore on the rocks near Cardenas, with masti gone, and wl pale b a
for Western Canal, at. 201521/ for Caneada, at 20/6021/fCir bully be total loss."
PhjateeJphia. ard B5o]leiworei and at 20/9029a6 for Ohio. SHI P ...... AI .....from 'Boston. for Valparaiso, Jl2hFBVA pe
f nt peheraV an` e in t e o e cageddahi h at Soy a. F athFOL Horn at anc bo u JO5N d a ll, waks w

e 1 for.I allow and m Kied*, and at' 29/6r 60f quarter forswold. seWered $emniad Wad.A an ecto held at .w5
.o I- .. e o at,,d.- I
B.BARK Etp A. PoAsol, BMrtet, from BoBston, at Panama, Ann betwen the Js6d V on viharm 7
31i$a. sales; of TURheNTINE are confined to 2.50 bIe. ati the met a gale when 7 days out. lost the greater part of ther 1thrbo 1 inst1l' i p; of H Scanp. of the t the
.dvzied preie of 8/6 P cwt.. whte 2,000 bbls. Americoa bulwarks, and received other dome, but not suLffcient to induce Jame Whi e H. MaLfor the' alltion o I-
_iaiii have obet n 1/Wspose A of at 31A ihfor common Up to 1al Capt. B. to put barL.Aftor discharging her cargo of provisiaos, D. to he varaonv D. C. nmei of s o 'cloek
4e wwL it 1/ fine qualities a Fresh Pond icel&ck, she will proceed to Callao for reaeirs and load polio 101. Th ti J'e1 ed-JAME KELL re HS ej
v w ane attheChincha slalnds. Thereportinthe PanaBa papers Jn ot es V pel Mo
shgip2h hrdarket0 enr .Pampero"arrivingfrom Botom with damage was intendedor C4pe Griin ele 6 v G. W
th, he d n A Parsive The C. a tis hwbrig h dupe, fheade d
Jame thetrad have b sch a. Haila th P.at_ d water bird th0 Iroe WeThebycrifyhar t d thee not been Deesheeriwer
f1tsome eergspas. Tha. r~un masters are full of oilders, and Blue SAM. SMALL from. Philadelpihia for Slmwiheago etdbyaejryof8:lce.
wsdueafting iurthe'r oaes, partly from mnabiltyr to exasute aground on the inner bar, inside Cape Hemilopen, about 13tin.,DLGTSOARCZ'11
the *,,wi' bin a reisonabbl perioe,but prin'ip#Aiy on account and would have to dischitrge belbre mbe could be got JAMESeinthewokmnEL wgefwh hiAeX.Eoa.E. CA Rzsn iIngat ncoroppELI
piected to be artanged at too Pat quaitterly meeting Tite da- rIn i~to on Wednesday morning by. one of the Hamn tna.fryTOAhJ CALH.J
inad. for -Rals and Plate Iron is excessive-t the former arts boats, which- stove and carried away all her larboard qatradMYRLY
now .quoted at_ X6,o A6 51 per tun in Wal~srtand the latter stern nearly to the water. The steamer afterward towed brahoerD A
at Governor's Island, and in letting her go got fou fhragiad Matthew rhmL .Dnini HnyC yn
a& t~o :.1/to'&9 -in Liverpool; speedy delivery for these carried away herjibboom. Duringtemrigsewa gi a ONY
J kl ud o f Ir o n t mis im re e ti e atie M er c ha nt B ar I ro n t o q na t- in to b y th e G o v e rn m e n t ac br. S u n b e a m w ih ic h sto v e in a ll h e r st r i e n C i t n J s p T ; o T o a F w
ad ateM l01 per tmai in Wale al ad Scotch Pig Iron 467 per board bows and carried away her beat bower anchor. Chre otiiIasArs
ftle mixed bumbecs F. o. b. in Glu8ow, ca-h Present Se5 ana. TiaimONT, Sumner,1 from NewYokwtfluer aCI:Jms
fttitill "ih6 L~vierpo*: Merchant. Bor Iron. A$ 1C/ Pail molding sand, hauled in at the wharf at Calais nigh fte8him ..~imo.MPMsa. ae ue 1 1










"*.h, ^ ^ / ^ ". ......... t ..........^ ^ ^ ^ ,.H.^P ......^
LIVERPOOL. i~day, Sept. 3,11157.-O Mre iel-atNors. ra a. -
4ftNrs. : The eameeselon of 2/ to S/ lately advised for B& .W.H.M.oA, WRY 16,1852.--Sxa: In consequence of the ship Jamqe-fo o9oc~h h olignaepesn eeoc,- `M
mhas led to more activity, but there r uil nwid d to r"rst the Th rd Wardoin the variou Convent'-
zr r P~k ae m~ n~uL struc-k on a coral shoal to the northward 6f Carimata, (hitbtoIWI
dPe ,n niLleve, not lad downing any hartaasustained conu'derabledain- A. GRACIE KING. JAMES E OOD, P? ilm
ReIsLARD'.,. ago. Ii orw arddyou the particulars, for trans--msion3thH CHAS. X. HOOJE ADRE NESBIT. N &t t,-
]Pin Cii4zzsz Is in increased demand, but we remain grophica I Office. JUIST TG.tce
%*tht supphes. .Feb. 20.1853.-At noon, in lat. ; 3 S., long 108 47 20 E., (agreeing MAYORALTY:
IN. hrd4QUERCITRON BARK have been sold at 7/. There with the bearings,) 14 fathoms water. fine clear weather and nooth Jae. A;P. Hopkin, H. Luwomb, George W. Palmer. DEL
,0 nbnserB forbagsBatte/6 sea, with a moderate breeze, steering N.N E. half i., at 1.45 COUNTY CONVENTION: FR IC A
Wh .O,*3,S 'ebtgej i nmorat struck an a coral shoal, there not being at the P.ia.
]JhmI pL 3ebusiness is uimportantL ^o th''l '" k b-tthue iMthe leat idia- Chester Lsab, Archi Wd Cochrnme, Dan-el Bowly, ~ ~ tl .^ SINL K~!"
PA O e aisdl.tilia of anythima, although a look out was alot While on the sh~oedl
TAILLOW iemains dmit. Bthe'eastern Leema Isnad tPore N N E.. Pyramid ame.and S. 69 E ,aaLNesbit. J.Pres
lUefhas become scarce and has advanced to 21t. oue Twin S.4 W. ( io) whi p th sha i at CITY CONVENTION: Sal
]I&ADSTUFFS-Notwithatandirg a contiianeaeof f 1ne 3 15 .,long 108593 green with treehronom o G. Mard. 0 W. bturtevant, Simeon Onfwater,
4weatbar, Flour &Ad Wheat ard in6 increa%d demand, and aC rma'a~n 'av8'.(ind hooat~w Boenj. C. Benham, Samuel R. Afabbatt. Robert D ekJ io re.Toa .AtB
ql~et~ex Flor ad Weat re i inzewad dmand aI days from Gaspar Island. I have, "c (Signed) -
yria. e alities of both are. rather dearer. Indian Corn in To Capt. MAssi. s. T. FITUZxae. JUDICIARY: IlaaM.PyeWilm yor
aeh& and i nominally held for a advance of I/to 2/ T7he AVeo- edrf-d Sataardtof Tuesday says p-"* We bnheerstard Jodathan Edgar, D. B Brown, George Hudson. CITY:
. ;,At late pticeit here is a good inquiry. a rock wa" round yesterday, in the ship channel, off Round Hill, at a CONGRt-IONAL: R. Lan
depth of 16 feet at low water. This ia the same rock probably that Cbaries A. Stetson, Wm. L. Shardlow, Jiel 8. Nott Sae
aniaB M~ia--Mthe ship Sarstosa struck upo lastopring. It is singuljar it was never Willis Patton4 Justus Si. Redfield.AAORLY
--teshp8raoastukupnlstsrn tissu-,t t(e li I ; U~ lMediscovered before. W e would state that by the side of the rock the A s M LF:j0.V
LIN er BY MM" o n TRBoRTHOr. MiWIg EL water is seven fathoms in depth. A buoy will probably be plae n Acih obae aobP asal ereI.MT
'Areti ................ From N.. ork.vSepv1-..nie ,tp.oc.
S '.- James L. Bomworth, George W. .hacher. Ogden. Jon Mo Kp J
]M Auj~is........ _Fom .Yok..ep 20.Irr &piuaLTra Goodenow, Goo. W Palmer, Robert Fvorsyth~e, Jae
]lik Warrior ........ Firom N.York..3ept 2a..For&Haanwa. l Ayr. at Nantucket 13th, schr Extra, Bearse, Shoals,H.ith goebA. H Tvlr, UtiwaSwanJames H.DBrae,1 JohnC Bi hop
laew.. ...... From N.Tork..Sept 9-A..For Liverpool. upakvl eot tCahm1tsh.H mloPte-POi
Neadas............ H of ant; 65Shupbak Oi. "I Asher Alkio, Cornelius ALon, James ovato4 S. B. For..e W.. G. eran
Normevd .FromN.ork..Sept 23..ForSan Francis". A letter from (Capt. Adams, of ship Ww. C. Nye. of N. B., re- N&h'l B. Reeves, JoL
itedStateF"-...'- rom N. York.Sept s..r &pinwai ports her at Honolulu, July 12 Capt. A. state& that he pat ia to Wm. Mayereau.
]Mnbodt ...-....From.N.York..Sept i..For Havre, land his wife, who wap sick. Left the sea of Ochotak, June4, at GEO. W tHATCHER, John GW
31aeht .............-FromBN.York..Sept 29.-For Liverpah. which ume the weather was cold and suowy, and the sea fal of ice; DANIEL BuWLY, Inspastowof hii a
]Blr.. ......Fo otn.SetS.FrLv saw 00 whale8 in the Sea; had recruited- his ship, andwabonTHS13W A& Eetar Zh
............. From ..For Gissow. to Kodac to cruise till February.

ji. A. Pippo. ri M ---DELEGATE TO PYRACUSB : ALTEANATE:; ^w,WJUop.1,JO. _______
--tMiLd. fro m Lon detter romship.Montrealnof. B., reportserLatEHonWILA HAUL
11la .RvaX e Hland erv antr. Danelad y aijlaWad.-- 3AteORiALTy: Elconhe

4i^ Ste P Sheppard.ilad, fro daugtersMs and .spnrt.w Sailed fromCal cutta.Muly 1 3,shipRWal polefo Bosto., .b e(ine tof we
Xavchlden ,, agon iservant; Francisco. opinean, .d. .laduy o fHawJort. 8.Mesos. out,. 9syno0 sp.oo. 'T
Saui ,ledIO at. Jun.4e-, bark Antelophae, Davi roBe. eryhina.n' er

h uao to comp---e cargo f J ohB Frink. ThomESith, John M. Btt, A b o--
At VlparisoJuly31,barkMar ad yrikrfom aitoradosoo Sa uelP. -ok#i Thmas-cMr.thbr.i

]UMMr i ,M .3AlAdsea. -- .X JD ielt a May n Sab^a, from P a p ;orSawC NcSSON L:1^e
41etsr-- r---- G05 -Bor *1a rancisco Warren Chapman, James Kdanedy Charles C. N6tr certify and ol a he fron ackt ad 3, s
Biaven BAa.on.Wa.64erdat ..|ioe a A aile d int.,Br.bria Spitfirepe, from Boaton for Ia- Andrew W.Lee James bet
^__.^' 34 MT-Mer, of Na ntucket -rs. L a IL Ua Bda, ready for men. JDICIARY y d o ,Tt at er l
d an lant uAt Buo Ayres Aug.,ip Gondola, Atkin, for New-York 14 Go. J. Colk AldenJ. Hate Albert L. D DELE T A
d1""""1fays; barksbtuckeye Tibbetts, for Salem 4 days; .rgtJ. o .^mei le ~aa ie "AM. amp CALSGDJN.WLIMHVNQT
. AtV alprai s or JuNyw31, brk, M ays.JohF.Myrick, Rndophror ohnL. Fra.

S.AeINE JOURNAL.a a h. u.rigLydaStoer, Shepherd, from Port- 1
......-10-,.. land. Bid S6h, bark Grampus, Harris. rBosto. Inn B. B. Batchelor, John C. Oliver. J. W. I
PO-R ,... 41sT ....OFNWYR. "Ne0ve sea 1. arrat Cardenasllotinst., B.bark Carlspitf rowerr, frmBston, fro SEB

rak,,,,a11BllebrEa. Tsl ReK... ..r-S.S.Wd Wil...B iam S, redry James M. Wsa. Gard
la Bued. o A phBe- TaxI Alfred R. Booth, David for New-York 14e L.O. B.role
Cleared... or, "iltuky Tbet. o aem4dy; .Wiht r,

17r 9V__WIsTi Din Liverpol; C. H WarNAL, Arr. at Quebec 10th uat., rhipgsJames L. Bogart, HowerNow- John H. teele Thomao Flander, AingusCT
At St. Jhn. enfr oson Joldamc H. Martin, Ja e metm, ark raus ar. o
q*p, Ra TiBi, h aO. Palermo-, R.JL .... utKhM dlan Art atrdoU. ,1th inst., barig Fora (len, weey, Porla CHARTER.
gs-ler'exnd, Sond. Croseph St. Andrews. J. H. Boung, frght I Chr l Ta, o r, J Wm. H. CawJn x

Mri--tudrd B Cosy,flill Sth J arw. w J. m .Rf B eis w~ms rr. MtHaaar 1t E ia~. bZrigc forane Zl.0 l, thllsW/ey hrdj Sp.Iblwe h inro C ATll lD c
3%writo, MassaC, N. P, A&. 0. Benlon; Warcitsa, ,owel, tSt. MbdreR 6acp .A, e t.erry, peJhntn 3
3jar C o, sa & Co.; er i V.(Br--.) D Liverpool, Green, Portland ; Mary, Wallace, HalifiL 9th, Sarah Hash, Bry PEr S Foster0 o .u.Bdotol.a tlPbil. ; Chilton, Fennell, Portland. John ABim George A B ey, Jame MOE-
bner-Triumph, Mason, Philadelphia, J. W.MKee; M. Platt At do. 1th inst, Corelia Ward, for New-York next weee A W en

S^.^'^.^^ ^'K A~~~~to,. 15.nnell, abotdshrging;uHampf ton, froung Bodga for S. r;us J B.Wlimo C. W^ca~.T0CWHFLOXwth^w o^
Iftek>ij). Berlin,, X.- C., master ; Alexandria, Sears, Philadelphia, J. 1.1, H C

8iuP~ig~~t~,(f~ano~h.Webt~,Hal~u~ada n ath n a s~la fro r S ew Yr~iiorktlt soon;oen James amitg. Jaksn fo CJALE G.NIDY DE&L>I~
W McKe e; Argo Westbrook. Providence. EL U, master; Jan* an. al ell, 11 A. Mr, paon; tames Nai
1andl~oron Godfrey. Wilmington, VanBrunt & Slaisat; Plato. Ham- Phdadenphia, 14g; Franklin, Cook, for Boston, do.6; b

319 Baii&, to J. W. ElwelL Lewr~~xs Bryant anbJuan dip3u fur; R scoe Fcranilco-26, Philad selh a, nextSO IL:*-^------ -------------
3111 OBa(tmore; Maiiler.& Lord; TradeWind, Ra 4 7att, a lrdericks. n t, a ou-t dI, N T.
hwg, amesHaL- Sguin 3 win, MIUM9 J~A1WR& Loden;wesek ; Maria, Ingraham, disch. ; Fawn, Smith, wts. Octavia, Sy m- nL
36staii Kelly, philadellphia, J. W kKeo. nil, mrti;sha hblaGae ihg MdsRocfo MOxhWrd-AaWigPmryE8tlue n
Kew-York; Mary Elfen,rEarl. cad. for N. Orleans. the V Adamh Warrae onWThursday, Sept. 1il ba held on h" EVEiIso
SAl. ved. CId. at do. 10ti Par1na, Betts, Trieste ; 7th, Mount Veron,I6CAod'9 A, K,7 the following persons were unagim-sl 1wt-G eo. E
WoeHitrbam, New-orleans ; 6th, Cnn Johnson, Lathrop, A.ew-Or- d to represent the Ward in the The [owing of JO'HtP' Hpb
BItsaskl Black Warrior, R.GW.Shufoldt U. S. N., semma150r, lease; John Beason, Winchestefrk ri-r SYRASSEMBLY :
Sam Mobile and Ravana, with mndse and pass to IAviNWton, Cro-Cardenas. ~
Oberon &-Co. Bid. from do. 9th, Ann Johnson, It. Jaeas S. C. W. ROSE. Sec W. 3I B&RRI E Cdi
g"&neahip City of Richmond,eunCharlestond. to Mall- Ar. at Matanzas 7th inst.. bark Ranger, Fog, Portland. I W S E 1
r & Lord. Left Chaarleston Saturday, E. Arr, la ee a ,I r2. at do. 4th inst., Br. brig5,t. Helena, French, N. York. M. E
,pie of wind fnro X .i. to Z. for 36 boom 1n r MAYOA LTY: J4 Jdg m
SLondon, (packet) Hebawrd, London uad Portsmouth Aug. 17,Andrew SmtCl.cb o. en.Lo. I
19vokenWm.. xbee,
-with wmoe, and 430 pao c to Grinnell, oMinturu 1 & Co. Aug. 0, off CONY . J., With
shelr ]liard, 'was incompanywathgshd AZLUpi, Of Now-York, Aug .S. 1, brl|ulla, *r Bry Cla, fo. Fri; G i oW. Schaf, 0 WB- =4.
abue co, abort of provision and was supplied by steamer Panama at PAan R
abi Puzogustui, (of Yarmout,) Webster, H amburg 36 ds, with amafrom SanuFraijcisco, 31tatult. Wm z eJh og
,"ssd o and 196pass. to Schmidt& uatchne. Aug. 17,1 lat. 59, Ion. Aug. 16, 7% P M., steamer Golden Gate, about 24hoursfr San CITY: 041 a
spoke Lady Knight, Cheat. from Newcastle for New-York. Francisco, ahi wel]l-il0th, 11 A. M passed steamer Notenr rm Jsp alse ila i prsGo a
ob kip Sout h C aro dnua, (uf Bath Sa nfurd, H avre 49 d s., s mdse. and Panam a for San Francisco- od saw a l 16,mSr s elena S the S. S. the R ow e, J l E i-ha N ew
=9 paM;e, to J. W.. ElwelL Lewis from San Juan do] Sud fu San Wnrt moon &team CONGREtor0N &L:
ShIip Duabhu, (of Brunswick, Me., Sgoodeld, EHay", 47do., blmlast or lndeelndeace, from 1an Juan fui ban Franciscoalb tae .W rnaP .VnWcC-re
and l6 pass, to Merritt a pCraofts. PaSama. at Panama. Charles Wdrd ps-al W t evol
kh'Angenora (br.) Wilon, Cork 39 do., adlastand4i2 ass. to Sept 4,lat 54oS. Ion. 43 10, bark Criterion of Boston, 6do. o o< tGeaCi er: 171 h ad
Arim-,el), kinturs & Co. St. John, N. B., for liverpwml, (so reported, but probably theHo-NC.Erik JhA- 'rdy CalsILSig
. hiokudseu,r(packet) Nel~n., Glasgow 40 do., mds@. s60 Blrtou, Davis, for Glasgow.)

*mm.ST tri'Dusho &^ B ^ L Dimon. bepE 9.RE C lat. 2 o..7.wspssdbr lenr f adnr f6ASMLY o i
Sh klaip Sil S cGreeu mai., & Di ,n (packet) Spencer, Liverpool t Aug 10, dsU T New-Yorkep 9 lfor Raggedat K.3sland.waS l on SbaA t. 9ca G. Wb n
gdpaos& to Everett; & Brown. 4 deaths. Sept. 13, off Point Judith, schr. Sarah Matilda, doomms rx a- Oog aoJmsSmGo
hip-S1basson. Thompson, L verpool.Aug. 10, imdso;and 27 Pass., gor r Norwich. C HAATER
^ EThosiopkel kaw.'Aug. S2g, lat 4a60,Ion. 3fig, passed Aug.11,off'Seal Ilands, P
8lrk Recovery. of L7udon7 bouandZ. 29thlat. 46 38o 0Io 38 40. for uiverpoc I James Baker. Rhn E. -filiano.w W. kR. Bowawls,
)l~eed Frenc.h brisauthie No. 29. bound. .gi sat, laru 46 05, Ion. 43 Aug 26. lat. 21 61, Ion, 83 55, was ensi m esn n.N m akr onWlim.Gog i- ~h
4g, ozebanged msinals with ship Constellation. hence for LUverpnol, Orleans for LUverpo hre Anl anbig, rJb *kna
%]Wl 3d an the Banks ; saw. A fishing sehr. with a black ball in head 4.B,- i, W lr1D~6 nre itb
of foresail 7th, an tbo Banks. in lea. 67 W., so* a fi-shing aschr.% Domestic Portme Jh q- F
-wilbb~h ttarkad white topmast. 19th, lat 40 32, Ion. 66 10, exchanged r &t ^" onMcay
ulal vit eip. .,eno oud .ALBAIN',Sept. l1--Arr, schra. Henry Clay, Nye, New.Bedford .-RNA
". ,~au rhnI a u eit alawi t .Z. hence arkbound Z ,I -I ..1, - I _. ,_ __L_-










elandiqgto. the nontitand wOG -I .-.
arkMa,(t em.) D n)er, Br, men .38 do., in bllut, and 14 PI. C.- Atria, Pine. Baltimore; Gover Wra.ton Roa, Alle JUDICIARY: Wih te
Vass. to Pol-Co. Sept. 43 35,Ion. -01, spokeebrigGt end H. P..Simmens, Weeks. Philalphia;0rcollo,JohnaFA- J.W.G Lade, Josph r mi Thoe. Inlow. Ha
*Bnburs (3 e' rpmGtom tembra No rk.3;d. oul B. lbPati Riolenick, S.U, An, Clark; Brown CONGRESSIONAL: !" f-----------------------------------
]BrigJ e111Wiley,(,Brr. ) Dawson, Liverp oo l 40 do, salt, to T. Do- Baker; Jos Turner, Kelley; ateripr e. Gro dn ;Yanee lad, W m. 0. Murphy, J am sSsflio, W m. D.; or Co
,Woke. Sept. 3;'obthd Mtcuhuabarit, spoke 11ihingscehr. Krt~ha, Sorry; Henry Laurens, would ; E. H. Nash, White Lows4,Ba I
" W.H. Mableed,)ith"3 ,) Baltmore do, qtoal ett; Abbott Lawrence, Allen, and S. A. A.ppleton. Ryder, Now-A
S e r H a4l rObu B a t m r ~ s d s t ~ l l r Y o r k .T e le g r a p h e d 0r ig a C lio fro m S a v a n .n a h C p T m fob ;a s L l t ; J h v l l p n a e i4 9 o
Philadelphia.,^^" Md. leabhip Amria(S. hmo. Liv'^^ ldfi-- ^asn Alfre K i t10 lVoCE-B ordnrteire.
8Sa r. Sarah Victoria, Johnson, G eorgetown le ,0. 8 ysd- m aysr oolderhi*. a. sleamshive
restoB. Biom. .- ;: Tvfa Balilczx Ckerokee. (Br. )Megher, Halifax via^ewYok; N
AestILSlooSft.-. w York; ^V. a bip DavidLoan Win. A. Freeborn, A bt. isee^&R&
Ber.So. ayor ffrlsVigiia3do, it pste- ouisaelDogr, Calcutta; Oneco, Lewis Peterson', Newr-Terk; barks George Carlisle, d
nobhr. 6o. ayklor, ne o, -r VO' b.wih ya~ndotte, BryantBarbadoea Zidon, Thurlo Hillsboro,. L .;C ARE : hc
;z w $y1 nhob e ,-----Gou l ud. r v dence a :,a .A deh aL- oug riW hite Piilia oellbis; Elk. Eldridge, do.; brios ~rl b e h c e t r l e tM r h u E .A C o b o @t
behr!,eAdr eanThmponFald R ividner, as. a. litst, Br0)Gr f-wood,-Sydney. C. B.;% Brie. Baxter, Philacelpi; Pt oli, Jrdlnly onWN ifo
fz thr 4 mD~aythopon, FallRwrt4iALer -tog.. bomdle. Fir-Helen 11arili, Pierce, do.; Wm. McGiivery, Thismad P. Clifford.d~;Jop u* Sm en, Hm11 ata
11111 111 1de, D y o A l t ~ n s al m a o P a ria W hi ri C r esby r Ea St lo rtj H a rb in ge r, H ov t, C a la i s; T rie t C r e i m e u u s a e t Z h a e 2 %W t
Nebr. Awa.ridrgle, Rowland, Philadelphib 4'dq;, seal. M L ari r rnfr;Xuh ecdn;wr- e alr ik ahI
"Yc]. Nutt-, Cho". New London L day. _n son. Richmond ;,eowB~akerPiaewi;Crela rn-Erak JnCsy hs aln
911br.M ~*NWitl 11114 Psekard, ftbdwiek N84, 11 do',6amdW.. Am, INew York. Z E.".MO G N
l46,. AsMW. P,6reakNorfolk, 8a.. 6ALhm.HdBOt. oast, EALTIMORE, Sept. 1,--Arr, bark Marylnd Davi Botn; JOHN KBRIDGE. jsiMP't" wfere
l z5ie ADbt efr BNtw, Roeolla 9.dcb_ .Ib .rines Mo e. C J Co usena, dot JoeLLAM 'IlPlephus,3 0 EDWAD. AmU 8 .
:. -o Wpgr .. "Q .r,' = 11a.11,.,-,.fi ,o 0AM,.- -14,1 6. ., W .;1 .OW.0k



-Mammr. DUNCAN, 8HRMAN & 00 Bankea-
New-York. isse Credits and Bills of xcbAM in
lihoa the following plaeiss heWa~at
Vldparao Saim Fmahmm

New- York,
hils *ay demared a dividend Of tbfe!, Aollsn per
. ,,psyq ,to t wae k .. ... .or ,g;
Ive-, so vemaund G__-T- i PB Secretary.
COMPANY -Notice to hereby given that the Boiks
f Subunrtpuen to the Capital Stock of the Lebanon Sprngs
Rai)reo d Comraniy wil, be opened on the 90th d f SKP.
rEM BV R. inst, at the office of Mears. BL kTCHPORD
tAlMSFORD, No. 30 WflHam-st, near WaU-st. in the
Miy of New-york

asorment. Buyers are i ted to test our prife fee
Imponere abd Jobbers, No. 47 Broadway.
CORJLOVA PtAIN& Very superAor
,d-wool Negro Plans, of A mericn ma afaeturel Im
sale by NESMITH&C0,
Nom. 62 Broad-st. and N NewrKI
styles 9-8 French Prints, d ,ch colors, in din
the robe pattern. just received. by
MJBSMITB k CO, Nom. 52 Broad at and 50 New-st.
E. Lagmmot & Son manufacturers. for sale by
NESMITH ic'CO., No. .52 Broaat and Vao 5 New-st
UNNY CLOTH.-90 bales Calcat-
ta Cloth, for sale by SPOFFORD, TILESTON AL COm
No. 48 South-8t.
ACE GUPIPS.-A lmago assortment of
L Lace Gimps, of the last Importations, Jost received
arid for sale, of the latest styles and prevail ing colors forth
present season. A good auortmnutof colored ard black Vol-*
vet Ribbons; large stock uf Woolen Ytrn and Englimb Wor-
orfcd, first rate quality. in colors, constantly omL hand at the,
old-eatablished store of 0 AL Rt.BODDY9
__________________No. 64 Cat~arineq*^
Dry Gos

0. WIL(00N & CO., No. I
L e COU-RTLANDT-st, (oppoatte the National
Western Hutei) and
Nos.I!and 13 DEY-st,
New-York, have now in store a & assortment of ey det-
to which constant additions wiJI be made by every arrival.
Our stock wll comprise a Large variet of
English, Belgian, Frenc. German Q Amerian Cloths4
Gamanimeres. and Doeski Sbil and Woolen Veatingi Satio
eta,. Twee-do, Kerseys, Pilot; Cioth, Barges, Tiimin an&.
all other goods appertainizg to thia ainpartmentl to wt w
call the attention of many turers of
and others. we have also, at tll times-un hand a large ad
elected with great care embacing every description of
goods in this line; Silk, Woolen, and Cotton Home and
Half-hose, Wrap-pers, and Orawers; all kidaefGlovesanf.
Mitts Chtdens' Socks, Hoodhk and Sacks, Woole Tans4
&c &.
Also, a Department devoted expressly to
in which we offer a handsome &ottment.
Aloe, a full stock of
In our WHITE GOODS Room will be fomd 61 ta W
choice ar d deairaole in tbr line
In addition to the above, a full stock of
De Laenea, Ginaham Merrimacir and Coehem Print, Den-
ims, Stripes, Brown) and Bleached Sheeingo and Shirtinga^
&c. &c., at the lowest market Vrces.
We invite the attention of the closest buyeni fOR six,
month* and sort arealt. %
N. B.--Coats 'Spool Cotton, Merrimc and Cockew Printo
Is thrown i____
PRINTS A very ,xteoadv assortment. Biyeram-
requedea to test thsp, ic' we are stllicgthaw at
Importers and Jobber, No 0 Broadway.
N BROADWAY. 4 doors above Sprinx mt-In tbank-
ing our numerous kind friends and patrons who have so Hbaw
rally supported us during (our first) tho Paseason, we be@
to inform them and the public at Lorge, we have Gonz.
pleated our fall importattous. and have, as heretofore, a igz
mense variety of Llne n Gods (only) to offer them, wio
we ww ant to be of the best and purest manufacture, having
been, by our orders, manufactured expressly for thi atab-
liibment; and in addition to our largb stock of Sheeting%.
Table Linens, Table Cloths, (some of which are really be&%*
'fl,) Pillow Linens, Napkins. Dovlies, Toweltnf@, Stah-
Crases, Shirtings, &a., &a., have imported largely o Frenob'
Shire Fronts, in plain ptinru n mbodrd AsC
bric Handkerchiefs, Io plain, pitdmdebodrd a~
Lace Borders, to which we slct.oratnin

J. tbbon /lka, velvets feathr, n d llnr o
ribbons adapted for drew and lniltrm ng;lofe
bonnets, neck ribbons, wristleta o o ar the richest quality and desfignadlretvait vrW
Utbtted tn this country. 'oraevey*apatw leae
off retail at No. 90i owuryton fH trr.M .

ADDING.-The original Stu' Wad-
V ding both Blacki nd Whte. manufactured b V EL
RATHBONE, Chatham Four Cornery. MOREHOsk K
MERR ITT. No. U4 Pine-4 Agents.
W Whitarook Mills regular superfne 37 Inch ajga
Water Twist do, unequaled tor fineness of tealure and paw
feetion of fabric, for ole by NESMITH 6L GO
No. 5 Broad-st. aad No. W NewIL

0altz ba Skactiono
A M. MERWIN, Audtoneer.
Trade Sales Rooms. No. 13 Park-row.
FBIDAY, Sept. 17.-FALL T&tU)F SALE 0on6luded
W. A, CARTER, Auctioneer.
ivll CARRIAGE,-On SATUDAY, 8ept 18 at 1S
o'clock, in f, ont of the Ne-Baven ,%ilroad freight Dd6t6
coruer of. avd Couttlafidt-aley.
Two pair Hore---one pair Browa and one pair Gray.
sound and kind, aeven years old
Four Coaches, modern sty I, second-hand, lied with drab .
ALBERT 1. NICOLA Y, Auctieer.
DEREMPIORY bALE of about 250
JL desirable BUILDING LOTS, 4t the now and beau&
l1 villages of StrattonPurt and Flammeraburg, at Auotion -
.LBERT H. NlCOLA wil sail go MONDAY, Septonti
ber20, at 12 o'clock, at the Nerchants, Exchange, abowt
WO beautiful Building Lots, ]mated at l trationport an&
Fammersbnrg, between Colege Point aniubing, =4
only eight miles from the City of New.York. Them Low
are all fifty feet front and rear, and one hundred feet daep
&O aWe without exepdton She boa Lots that have ever bow
offered to the public in this vicinity, an the picturequ!
romantic scenery surrounding them cannt beffurp"aiied
The convenience of accom from the City of Now. York, Nod
greater with the healthy location, will make these places "
most desirable for all perns seekis g a country residence, a
well on safe and profitable investment, and must rapidly In-
orease in value. StrattouportanA Flammermburgare loatea
on FuinB opposte Harlem, and half a mile north ofs
Flushing. n:D1g Bay i__s noted for its wild fowl, 6ih and
ilams, and one of the most lumd me wagor pri*6
leges of hal a mfle in length.
The land in nearly level, undulating a little toward t
Bay. The air is highly salubrious, and there to an abuls&
anloe of pure spring-water; theme places are accessible saw,
eral thmes a day by steam oam a ana stages, and they promise
to become the most flourishing v gswti egtM #
the city of o.Yr
Terms of WJe : $25 and the auctioneers fees on the day o,
sale ; $25 on the 13th October, when the deeds wi be dew
livered, and the balance can remain on bond and mortrW
fcr one year, at 6 per cnt
Tile indisput ble. For maps and fhlI p a st arote
to JOHN A. FLAMMER, Esq., No. ] et ls.stSrf:
Offlees--No 40 Wall-st., from 10 A. M. 11 3 P. 1- and No.
244 Grand-t, 4Ufrom4P 4 .PtoQP. AL
.- D. 8 HOUGH, Aucrioneer, H*M
ILL SELL TH(S DAY, (Fridayk:
W Sept. 17, at bim new Salesroom. No W Broadway,
betwe*,n Spring and Prinee-sta, a Jugt assortment of Hourg.
bold Furmimre aud Househeeping Articles, Fancy Good4-
&c compraisg Mahogany and Roa-wood rurniture. Chsak
btr Sets, Bedsteads. Medttr.a-s, Aiar3le-to Washand&'
Bureaus, Card and Ceoter Tables. Parlor Chairs, Caoe Sea;
do.; Ottomtns. Sofas TUOA tEes. Kickers Hat and Car.
ver Stemds, Book CaSS. Wardrobes, Work Tables, Orml.
se)B, Three-ply an, Tngraia Carpets, Lampo, 0illoyan.
&c.a &c ; all of which will be so d w tbout reseive.=- M
HENLY T. LEEDS' Auctioeer,
__ No. P8 (hamtberu e., Bear Broadway,
W ont reserve, at 10( o'clock, a large anor#me& of
Wines. Branries, Liquor& and Uears, must of whichaM
now in Bonded Warehouse, and are well worthy the atten-
tPon of Hotel-keepers, Grocers and Restaurants, and whiob
consists of Chefrris, Madeirc Rum, Gin, Scottshand 11M
Whisky, e c. Also, Clarets, Champagnes. and Liquears;
aso 406baskets Champagne, choice brand@; alo 100 -roan
Wime-bc ttes,,t.Dglish ad Amencn ; also 315,000 Cigam
For particular see Catalogues. Catalogues now ready.

The Springfield Mount Vernon and Pittsburgh Railroad
Company offer for sale $250,000of their MortgageBonds,
with Coupons.
The Ponds are in sunm of $1,000 each, payable the It day
of January, A D. 1868, with interest at 7 per et, semi-annu-
ally, in the City of New-York, on the lat day of Januarv
and July of each year, where the principal is also payable.
They are secured by a first and only mortgage, to George S.
Coe, Esq., of the City of New-York, trustee for the bond-
bolders. The amount of Boods thus t j be issued at present
under the mortgage is limited to S500,000. They are con-
vertible into the stock of the Company at the opton of the
The mortgage covers the lin of read from Springfield to
Delaware, a eistane of 48 miles, reaching, at the latter
point, the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati Railroad,
and on the real and personal estate of the Company be.
tween and at both places. This part of the road to under
contract, and the greater part of the work in done. and it
will be finished and brought into use about the lot of June
next. The local subsciptions applicable to tnis division of
the road amount to a little upward of $50(1,o0". of which
about three quarters ha, been paid up. And the entire cost
of this division-including two costly bridges each coating
about $100,00--will be aout $870,600; and the Company
have a further suoscription of upward of 8401-, 00, appli-
cable to the Eastern Division of te road, extending to the
Obioard Pennsylvania Ruad near "oudonville, a distance
of 64 miles
This road pasnes through the central part of Ohio, densely
peopled, and as productive as any otber part of Ohio; &ad
it forms an important link in a through line from Now-York
til Cincinnati, by way of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. An
examination of the map wil' show that it ocupies a position
equal to any other in a State.
"Propo, als will be received for any amount not lea than
$1.000, until the 24th day of September at 3 o'clock. Pro.
posals to be addressed to Menlo. DELANO, DUNLEVY
& CO., No. 18 Wall-at., indorsed Proposals for Springfield,
Musnt Vernon and Pittsburgh Railroad Bonds Ten per
cent. of the purchase money will be required on accepting
the bids, the remainder in equal monthly installmevto of Io
per cent.-purchasers at liberty to pay in ful. interest an
the bonds to run from day of payment
A map of the road and an exhibit of the affaire of the
Company may be had at the office of OELANO, DUN!
L VY & CO, No. 18 Wall-st. And all necesary informa-
tion will be given by them in relation to the rcid end its
securities C. ANTHONY, Preet a., M. and P. & A. Go.
New-York, Sept. 9.1852
SALE.-These Bonds are payable lot of July, 1862 at Ohio
Life Insuranjce and Trust Company, in this city. Interest
Coupons attached, payable half early. at same place. Thep
are secured by a fiyst and onll mortgage on the Road to
Charles J. Steadmon. of New.yoik. and are Iadorsed by five '
of the Directors of the Rood, the principal and most wealthy
biin' manufacturers of Lawrence County, Ohio At leas
850.400 worth of property pledged for the security of only
A50,a,00. Refer to George S Coe. Esq Cashier For sle by
Metiro DELAN O. DUN LEVY & CO.% No. IS W&U-st..and
Hartford Bank, in ConneadcuL
Railroad Bondt
RAILROAD7 7pr enta.
per cents.
CITY OF MILWAUKEE Ijpeenss. Principal and
interest payable in New-York. For sale by
STRACHAN & SCOTT, No. 61 Wlliam-sL

OFFICE of the NEW-YORK and
PANY, No. 66 Wall t., q. Y, Auguet 17 1852.-The bookf
for subscription to the balance of the Stock ofthis Company
not subscribed for previous to the passage of the act for in
,aed mai pay by the GoovemmGi will be oped
thetr office wa above, from the 10th W the M of
.>er next, inclusive, by order of the Board of DiracorL
WM. L. YOULE, Secrotr.
I= Franci8c, iams to sut For sale by
AMOS R. ENO. No. 99 Ldbert.
Bankers, No. 28 Place at Georg Pvar Letters o1
ardt apon, us wre given byoucresndt, az.
DUNAN,8HERAM &GO BnkrstNw-or

dstount at No. 9 Wall-at, corner of Now-st. Sat
ODG-th1.rdn astern, one-igbb esy osakr n
other kinds Proportionately o.kGRYSJHSO

J BOLD oa the mot favorable $ams, by COLBMAB
k DRAKE, No. 63 Wall-st., new Hanover-at
160. 8%. and 40 amn Warrant gnaranded to be genqm*^
mad receivable at antyLand-Office hu the United Btateasam
tantly on band Warranfa forwarded to q0, pwu of&W
senntry at the market Price. on the receipt of "wittanna
^Wr -Of the Florida and 1812 Waat. nd also of the
MedAwn War. for wbiab the b st = pce wiU be Id:
also. i1ois Patents for the War of 1812- by G. H. Am
lgaup2,ft a x0WHiiia doopian ttf *4

... .. .. . B.... ..........

R. COBB & CO., N6. 29 Wall-at.,
a Stock CoUUM/ion and Collection Broker.
STOCK8 bought and sod: state, Raroad. City, fnd
other LOD negotiated&
COLLECTIONS -ade in all parf of the United Otago
Bd the CaBadam with promptneft'
PROPOSALS for LOAN.-$100,000
The Dayton and Michigan Railroad Company offer for s
)00,000 of their Morcguge Bonds, with Coupons.
They are in soms of $lt eachc, payable the lot July, 187
with interest at 7 per cent semi-aunuall in the City m
New-York, on the lst January &ad the lot July of eash you,
where the principal sum it also payable. They are secured
b7 a fist and only Mortgage, or Deed of Trust, to Joseph S.
Varnum, of the City of New-York, in trust for the boad,
holders. They are issued under acts of the Legislarure of
Ohio, authorizing them and the mortgage t. secure their pay.
mezit. The amount of bonds thus to be issued under the
mortgage is one million of dollars They are convertible
into the capital stock of the Company at the option of the
The atmount of Honds at present to be Issued under the
mortgage in 18O0,000, of which only $100,000 will now be
offered for sale,
The m, rtegoe covers the entire Line of the Company, their
property real and personal, commencing at the termination
oft-te Cincinnati and Day n Railroad at the City Day
ton, Ohio; thenke by Troy Piqua, Sidney, Lima, Perrys-
burgh, Maumee City and Toledo, to the Michgan .tate lne
to the direction of Detroit 140 miles long.
The mortgage provides that the company shall only ion
and the Trustee certify under t, $366,060 of bonds ant,
after the Read is fitisbed and in operation to Sidney, 38
miles, $200,1000 more after the same to finished and in ope
ration to Lima, 65 miles, and SO OD as the Road is completed
from point to point, and the money needed to purchase irm
rails &c.
Is the first and only lien thereon and the only debt of the
Company. .. ,-
That part of the lin lng between Dayton and Sidne
Is nearly fgraded and bridged, the rails have been purche
and now in the course of arrival-will be completed and in
operation by the first of.Jane next
An arrangement bso been made with the Cincinnati and
Dayton Road to run it for the present.
The entire line frem Dayton to the Michigan State Nne,
equipped for one year, is estimated to owt 65.000. That
part lying between Dayton and Sidney 1650,000.
It is the purpose of the Company to complete the Una to
Sidney first, the residue from point to point continuously am
the means of the Company Will permit.
To complete the Road to Sidney the Company has an
available stock subscription of &boat $400.000, which has
been mostly collected and expanded an the line. To raise
the remaining means this loan is resorted to.
Active measures we in program by the Company to raise
the necessary stock subscriptions to complete the entire
line. A considerable sun has already been subscribed. The
entire line. it is expected, will be placed under contract for
graduation and -masonry early next you, and completed
within the year following.
The Mortgage gives full power to the Trustee to take pos
session of the Road, its personal effects, franchises depdt
giounds, &a., and to sell tie same to the highest bidder, to
raise money to pay either interest or principal in came of
The country through which the Rosd passes, with it
connecting link to Cinetnnati is not only unsurpassed at
unrivaled by any other of equal extent in the Union, in
fertility of soil. capability of sustaining a dense population,
awd in all the elements of wealth and prosperity.
The report of the Auditor of the State of Ohio for 1851
shows that about one-fourth of the entire taxable property
of that State was found in the twelve counties throngb
, which this line passes from Toledo to Cincinnati.
The Southern portion of the line passes through the most
popuous and fertile portions of the United Scatem; half a
century age it was an unbroken fo-est
At Sidney this line crosses the Bellefontaine and Indian*
Railway; at Lima, the Ohio and Indiana, which will rove
a valuable tributary, opening to it the immense trage of
the, region around Fort Wayne, and that west and north
of it
AtToledo it connects with the Michigan Southern and
Lake Shore Roads. The line.will soon be extended to De.
troit. At Dayton it connects with the road to Cincinnati
south, and to Indianapolis wet, and Columbus east
This Road wid probably pay its shareholders quite as well
as the Cincinnati and Dayton Road, whose stock is now at
or above par.
An examination of a map of this Una will show that it
occupies a most important position nearly, if not quite,
equal to any othe in Wat State.
Sealed propoIas will be received for any su not lea
than $1,000 until Sa ..rday, 5
3 o'clock
Proposals will be addressed toteAet fteCma
ny, Messrs. Wl WSLOW, LANIE cC. o 2Wl-t
endorsed "Proposals for Dayo adMihanRlra
Twenty-five per sent. ef thepcaemoywilere
quired to be paid on acceptingtebdtermidri
equal monthly mnstallments of 5pe nt Ayprcai
w i]l be at' liberty to pay I llaoneItretnth
Bonds will run fromthdaofpye.
The above $1O0,04.0 will be wMasltl a ihu
reserve to the hihs idr
A printed i~bslit, with a map adalnesa ifra
[on in relation to these security anehdbyaliga
the ofieQ of the Com;npany's AetN.5 alaNw
York. J NO. G.EF&,Pedet
New-York, Sept .82

L SHIP.-Notice Is heib given that WILLIAhe
BUNTING, who reside# io the Ci of Williansbnr.
Kings County, JOEL W. I'OOT, who resides In tC
and Couunt of New-York. and EDWARD H0 WEL? Who
resides in e tockbridge, Brshire County, State of Mameachwo
Baits, bave or__e lml t biunr the name or
firm of BUNTING & FOOT, pursuartto the provisions of
the Revsed Statutps rf the 8tate of New. York, for the bay6
ing and selling of Paper, at. d Iaterals used in the anufano
tureofpaper,,vn accuunt of the s*id firm and on commiwioi&L'
in the Citj ard County of New-Wrk in which all the pu-
ties interested are the said WILLIAM BUNTING JOB8,
W. FOOT. who are fhe general ptaeri, and the said EDa
WARD H OWEN, who is the special partner; that tho
said Edward H. Owen has contributed the sum oftenthow-
sard dollars ws capital toward the common dtock and that_
the said partners' ip is to commence oi the sixteenth day of
September, 1852, anff 18 to termkiate on the sixteenth day br^
September, 1857.--Dated, New-York. Wo j 0 Jdh -at., aepf6-
L EXitlbg between GEORGEMo RGAN and TROS.
BENN.T. under the name-of MO. & 13kNN~rr
ama doibg business e9 Maobinitrs at No 278 5th-stwasdiv
solved t.n the 2Ist u14.All .ousadndetdetote0M
aft wild b oceredby an roete fr
M^46 V E o'G 1 Ne10-O'
; ^w-f^^.9,.Z3**,